MetLife Takes Over TRICARE Dental

As reported late last year, MetLife will take over managing the TRICARE Dental Program and begin providing dental coverage for more than 2 million active duty family members, Selected and Individual Ready Reservists and their families on May 1, 2012.

Editors Note: This change does not effect TRICARE’s  Retiree Dental plan.

All TDP enrollees will receive welcome packages and new enrollment cards.

If you are currently enrolled in TRICARE Dental, you will probably not have to do any paperwork or take any action during the transition. Unless you’re using automatic payments from a checking account or credit card to pay your monthly premium, in which case you have to contact MetLife to reauthorize your automatic payment.

For those not currently enrolled in TDP, MetLife will begin open enrollment applications today, March 21, 2012.

In addition, MetLife’s TDP website with customer service contact information and phone lines went live to support enrollees today.

According to a TRICARE press release, TDP enrollees will have access to MetLife’s network of more than 164,000 dentist locations.

The TDP will have a $1,300 annual benefit maximum and a $1,750 lifetime orthodontic maximum – both increases from the previous contract. It also offers expanded coverage including an additional cleaning for pregnant women, and survivor benefits for eligible family members.

For more information or to enroll in the TDP go to And, for more detailed information about the covered services, limitations and exclusions beginning May 1, 2012, please download the TRICARE Dental Program Benefit Booklet.



About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Bill Lindner

    Will this effect the retiree program now with delta dental?

    • tdhowell


      • Franklyne Cox

        retirees should get the same protection and benefits as the active duty. This is unfair that retirees are treated differently. We gave our limbs and health for our country. So why are we different. You can’t find a dentist that will accept Delta Dental due to payment history and benefits.

  • Hopefully we wont change the dental plan change again and again and again

  • Milton McCary

    Is this going to applied to the Retired Military ?

  • Mike Riley

    Can’t download manual to see what is going on .

  • Queen Adams

    active duty family members, Selected and Individual Ready Reservists and their families on May 1, 2012.

  • Hickelbilly

    Here Am I, Kilroy was here.

  • frank zimmerman

    this is not a good idea. metlife has a age limit for braces

    • Laura

      I agree. I had a bike accident last year and knocked out my two front teeth. I am in process of getting implants and ave braces to hold my temporary teeth in. MetLife still won’t cover the braces due to the age cut off.

  • rand

    During Halloween, I bit into a tootsie roll pop to get into the chocolate center. It cracked my tooth. 1000 bucks later, have a new crown on it. That was one expensive lollipop, just sayin

  • Harry

    If obama gets in we won’t have any coverage medical or dental over 65 End of Life Counseling “CHANGE” ain’t it great

    • Jfo1474

      What make’s you say that? Why would it change?

      • Bud

        Yes Harry I think you are a bit off base on that one

      • Frank

        Hope Mr Obama gets re-elected so we can have more change. He is the best president ever.

      • Frank

        Hope Mr Obama gets re-elected so we can have more “change”. He is the best president ever.

    • Realist

      You might have something there Harry, but right now your fears are unfounded. Try to steer clear of the MSM and concentrate on how you may take advantage of what coverage you can keep for now and maybe we can see some “change”

  • DShirley

    Thanks Terry, good info.

  • Steve

    Taking over Tricare Dental Program is the best thing that could have happened to a worthless program, run by DENTISTS for all these years! Anyone that even romotely connects with anythig Delta Dental controls, I feel sorry for you….
    My experiences have been as a retiree and that worthless Dental Perogram offered us, with a mandatory 2 years membership minimum! Then camer the battle of paperwork, then the arguements of no coverage, or the worst type of materrtials to be used for an7y fillings, etc. I could go on and on…I pay out of pocket and actually save money, instead of paying the premiums deducted automatically from my pay?????

    • Linwood

      I agree, why I did not sign up. when I read what was not covered, Then I wondered what was covered. Then I was lucky enough to get a job that dental was part of the health plan. My only cost than was 20% of covered services. At the start , there was no monthly cost to the employee. When I retired It was $30.00 per month. Now I am full pay at the dentist.

  • James Bonhote

    This does not effect Tri Care Dental for retirees.

  • Sandra Adamson

    Unable to download the dental manual. It appears to be unlinked.

    • Natalie

      Agreed. 26 weeks later the link for the dental manual upload still doesn’t work. Please make this available.

  • Jose L Vega

    I am a TRDP retiree, paying well over $700.00 dollars a year and getting benefits for maybe 150.00 a year. Can’t afford all other benefits as stated on policy.They virtually do not cover anything. Now, I am awaiting for the next fee hike which is a constant every year. Where will it end? Now my TRICARE for LIFE is being also threaten. 34 years of service for my good retirement benefits.What I earned is being slowly taken away. Thanks for my service.”SEMPER FI”

  • Steve

    If this does NOT apply to Retirees, IT IS WAY OVERDUE! That is about the worse shaft job ever for Insiurance on Dental, too bad they allow Dentist to control that, and the assigned Dentists…Still wonderig why no “conflict of interests” (Delta Denatl Program is a rip-off!) were ever brought up by the DoD? Maybe the payoff is just too sweet??????????????????????

    • I agree….



    • Laura

      Agree totally! Thank you for your service! I have been I the military 20 years now, had an accident and MetLife doesn’t cover the treatment recommended. The dental offices I have been too tell me our legislators get everything covered!!!!! Why do our legislators get better care then our military members????

  • Earl Staley

    E Staley
    I wonder when Obama Dental care will take effect and everyone will have to have it or pay a fine.

  • MSgt Bob

    As a retiree, I’ll put my two-cents in here anyway. Delta Dental for retires never was a good price each year I looked at it—BUT when I saw MetLife getting involved here (for anybody) I cringed. I am with them now for second year (civilian version) and all they do is nitpick. I had (civilian) Delta Dental for several years with minimal trouble. They are all my dentist of 21 years participates in and THEY don’t mess with MetLife. My employer changed to MetLife (probably trying to save a buck) so I got stuck there—and paying the extra non-contract price off-sets. At least I can use flex dollars for the difference to make it more acceptable. I didn’t read any contract fine print here to be fair. Most plans are similar, whether you take the “basic” or “high” plan. Personally, I’d be quite happy with outgoing TDP-Delta if they would have just lowered the premiums for ALL service members/retirees! Oh well….

    • Gary

      I am a SSGT E6 and I must pay Delta 494.48 for the 1st year , then 423.84 from then on at 35.32 per month . Broke a cap and Dentist said he could not fix it. Seems as though he could have drilled a hole in exsisting tooth and built a post and put the cap back on ( I guess to much time and not enough money ) he wants to pull all my uppers and get me some dentures more money I have had these front caps for 35 years. Any way I just paid De;ta 49 bucks for Xrays and Exam out of pocket to Delta so much for them.

    • Cindy

      Wait, I think you are confusing this plan with the retiree program. This is the TDP plan that is currently with United Concordia that is for Active duty family members and the Reserve component. Delta’s TRICARE Retiree program has nothing to do with this change. MetLife won the bid from United Concordia who had been administering it for the last 10 years.

  • Jerry Walker

    I have Metlife now with the company i work for and it SUCKS, talk to any dentist and he will tell you the samr thing, they don’t pay nothing and they can’t evere get them to send the check after the visit?? You can’t hardly talk to anyone who speaks english either. I would rather have dentures than to try to get Metlife to pay anything, they SUCK.

    • Karen

      I don’t know about not being able to speak to someone who speaks English part,but they do suck.I’m on the phone with them now and this is the fifth time.They know they are suppose to cover more than united concordia too,but now I’m having to hassle them to pay anything at all.Way to cut down on expenses on Obama’s part huh.I truly feel like we’ve all been set up.I’m just going to start calling every week until its paid though.There is no way I’m letting them get away with this!

  • Michele

    None of my doctors will be PPO anymore, so much for better coverage. Nice way to say thanks to our military.

  • Very confusing.

  • dee

    as a widow I think its awfull-Delta Dentist won’t even let me have coverage

  • J Nelson

    Unreal, now noone in our area accepts MetLife….we had been with the same dentist for years now try to find a new one with 6 kids, no one is taking new patients!!!! We had our appointments already set up for June and now have to wait longer to get into someone else…

  • Tim Ski

    we are all in trouble when obama care takes over. Thanks for you support of the Troops American Government. You really know how to support the ones who gave their lives to your freedom.

  • Ken Wade

    I am a Vietnam Vet,,,,,,,,,,so don`t get me wrong.I have my bank send the $19.95 each month to the wounded warrior project and even bought O Riely`s Killing Lincoln for my Grandson so the money would go to them.But they(the VA have pushed the Korean and Vietnam Vet`s to the rear and are doing everything for the Iraq and Afhganistan vet`s which they should).I have been trying to get a pansion for 3 years now and they keep telling me to show us the reports.We had a Company Clerk with a Royal hunt and peck typewriter and all he did was type up body counts.I thionk all vet`s should Unite and form something like a Union to fight the government for some clarity and help with these problems.Where is Obamas Czar for the Veteran`s,and it`s not just him,it`s the Congress running around taking credit for the super work they are doing for the Vet`s.This has got to stop and get taken care of.It is frustrating to fight City Hall but I won`t give up,just as I did in firefights.We need to Vote this Dictator out and put someone in that is going to do what the people say`s,not what he wants.We should paint him GREEN and put him on a rail.

  • Ed Jones

    O well the Military Man is snasfued again by those whose backside we fought and died for. I was lucky I did not die….yet. At my age I am in the zone and could get my pcs at any time.

    Don’t for get, November 2012 is fast coming up and if you don’t vote, you will get another kick where it will do the most good and you will deserve every kick you get. I think it was President Truman who coined that phrase, but he was right. Just do it.

  • dn112097

    amazing that the GOP have the majority vote in D.C. but the president is doing the damage hmmm well lets leave the pres alone and elect represenatives that can get the job done

    • dlsmith7

      So, the fact that all of this was put into place when the Democrats had the majority in both the House and Senate means nothing?

      • Stewart

        Humm, I thought the Republicans are in control of the Senate. One of us must be wrong. You want to guess?

        • Stewart

          Wait, make that the House. Well, at least I was close.

          • 33WSGM

            But the Republicans only took the house in 2010. Most of this nonsense is because of the trajectory we were put on when dems controlled both and Republicans can’t change anything back when the Senate blocks everything they pass.

          • retiree

            Most of President Obama’s 1st term, the Democrats did not have the 60 votes to invoke closure on filibusters. The only time Congress was in session and they had the 60 votes was 25 Sep 2009 – 4 Feb 2010 (58 Democrats, 2 Independents). The 7 July 2009 – 25 Aug 2009 (same composition) would have fallen during the August recess.

            The rest of the time, the Republicans had 40% (sufficient to block a closure vote).

          • Eric

            No, still makes you an idiot…

  • Dave

    Does the editor’s note mean that retirees still have the Delta Dental?

  • michael

    Blame the government is too big politicians. People buy into that propaganda. Let the private company/contractor run it. This is what you get when medical/dental services are bid by profit company. It is has been going on before Obama become President. Vote for the smaller government and this is what you get. Screw you, I need to make money/profit.

    • Stew

      Vulture Capitalists are destroying this country — making the military a cash cow for private contractors/mercenaries, are vastly shirking our middle class buy shifting the financial burdens on them while the 1 percent class are paying less, are giving us the worse health care system of industrialized nations … and this for starters. And of course they are reducing our benefits and breaking their promises.

  • The Tricare Military Retiree Dental Program was awarded to Delta Dental of California, not for their desire to be of service to, or in appreciation of, the service and sacrifice of retirees, but rather for the contributions to political campaigns.



  • Florence

    Retirees plan does not change. For all who blame our president, think first of when these changes happened, he was not incharge at the time… so stop with your toxic views. Changes occured when the mega corporations and the rich 1% took over govm’t programs. They figured out how to make more money and save some for the govm at the cost of less benefits to the masses

    • Voix Velour

      BULLs*** “OUR President,” who makes up the group to whom you refer.
      You haven’t been observing? Our US Ambassador and three staff, two of whom were USN SEALS, were murdered in the consulate of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA despite much ADVANCE NOTICE of the conflict in that area of Libya, NO ENHANCED SECURITY, and the LAME AND DELIBERATE DISTRACTION OF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION that it was but an EMOTIONAL OUTRAGE over VIDEO not even known by those not in the area to whom it had been circulated.

      • Voix Velour


        If you are posting here, Florence, you might have some concept of how the rest of us feel, those four AMERICANS were murdered, they were not afforded the protection that any idiot would assume, and it follows that pattern of “no response” to that attack in Yemen, that spurred the “courage” for 911, and now those many days later, OBAMA in sheep attire does a pirorette on the “world stage” to perform his “magic leap” upon the “debate platform.” Are you really proud?? The man is a dunce of high order and has moved to conceal all his academic records; now ask yourself, Florence, who does that?

      • ravengotu

        So you want us to attack and spend more money on a worthless pit in the world. You are are fools. But wait..We will be in Iran soon and will hit the hornets nest

    • Not a jarhead

      Your absolutely right. To bad to many people on this blog are so misinformed about the truth. Incest is a terriable thing.

  • Jim

    Question: Do military retires (20 years of service or more) have the option to go to the VA for dental? Or do they have to take what is offered?

  • David Katz

    EnIs Champ VA covered under any dental plan?????I always see tri-care but never see champ VA How come???

  • Slagle

    Do you all realize the government buys whatever program you have??? Probably not!!!!

  • slagle

    It all comes down to the almighty dollar!!! The Government has no idea how good of service, heart and committment their current carrier has!!!! Would have to say??? ‘their loss’!!!!!!

  • SHerrera

    I am here at the dentist office now and handed my conordia ins cards to staff. Only to find out metlife has taken over.
    When receptionist tried calling regarding benefits metlife indicted we had no dental insurance. So I call Concordia they give me Metlifes number and they can’t pull up our info with husbands ssn. Speak to a rep ad she indicates she can see our coverage. My thing is we never received our new dental cards…nor did we know our insurance had been changed. Very frustrating process!

    • Patti

      Same thing happened to us. Took my grandaughter to the dentist & told them at the time it changed to Met Life. they said they would change it. But of course didn’t. United Healthcare denied it. I called & said I told you it went to Met Life. They said we’ll rebill. Met Life, they said no record of coverage. My son who is active duty gave me the printout showing she is covered. But there is no address, no group#, no phone #. If you call the Tri Care people they will send new cards

  • shelly

    All I need is a address for the new dental. does anyone at all have Metlife address

    • Laura

      For dental claims:
      MetLife-tdp dental unit
      Po box 14181
      Lexington ky 40512

  • Michelle

    We just were swapped to Met life-we are AD AF & the dentist we currently had didn’t cross over to accept Met life so we now pay out of pocket for things like a cleaning which was previously covered. We live in Alamogordo Nm & the dentist that does take Met life is full & not taking new patients anytime soon We are not happy with Met Life at all! Maybe when we move to a bigger town we will have more PPP’s for dental.

    • Karen

      Met Life sucks!

  • Deby Coon

    Good dentists don’t accept this insurance…. go figure!!! I know this because I have been in the medical field for over 30 years!!! Good Dr.s don’t accept these companies because their coverage and pay are crappy!!!

    • Patricia

      So true!!!! Spent 26 years in the Air Force in the dental career field, now I work at a civilian dental office. I have learned a lot about insurance. The office I work at we are NOT PPO for any insurance. We would have to schedule 2 patients per our 1, what happens to the patient, poor quality of treatment. The least the insurance companies pay the better they like it. Sometimes we have to fight for the patient to get insurance to pay. I do my best to help the patient.

    • Jake

      Now that the military is down-sizing again just wait to see how much is covered next year. Us unfortunate enough to have bought into the old recruiters statements about coverage for the rest of your life are really being shown the door now. I don’t think it will be any better when we start getting dumped into the Medicare Programs. Maybe all that will be left is End of Life Counciling (if they have time for it).

    • Not a jarhead

      Your probably a quack too. It’s the AMA and Insurance companies and you who want bankrupt America. It’s pretty sad day when France is rated #1 in health care. Thank Ronald Reagan for screwing up health care for military. If you like being fucked in the ass, vote Republican.

    • Vern

      My dentist told me that the Delta Dental for Tricare was not a good as the as the one Delta Dental has of it’s own that it sells. But this was several years ago.

  • Chief

    Tricare Dental is ridiculous already. My dental insurance cost more than my health insurance.

  • Donetta

    Wondering where I stand with dental coverage. I am an unremarried former spouse. What if any options do I have? I get very frustrated with the lack of dental & eye health coverage. If there is any coverage at all it is normally very minimal. That tells a person your eyes & teeth are not that important to have good health coverage.

    • William

      Does anyone out there remember how Congress Cheated all military personal out of their medical and dental benefits (promises that were made to all military prior to 1985; when Congress stated they only verbally promised service people free medical and dental for life if they served our Country for 20 years or longer. There was no Grand-fathering with this – they stated they never put it on paper, so they did not have to honor it. Lying through their teeth each to all each and everytime a person went to re-enlist and ending up doing 20 or more years in the Uniform of our Country. Shame on Congress then and Shame on them now. Let’s send their children to the front line, lie to them like Congress lied to all of us! I wonder if any changes would be made on how they would treat military and their families if their children were forced to serve and on the front lines! Good Luck with that one as well. Bill.

  • mboykin

    Sounds like more complains then anything. Can’t get the list of dentist either .

  • Merle Grimes

    I’m seriously hoping that a lot of people who needs dental treatment will benefit from this. Also, this should increase the amount of dental patients, especially in our dental clinic at myrtle beach.

  • Nelia Norris

    I find this very convenient with our health plans. It is never a hassle in terms of paying time especially with our dentists darrington .

  • Mary Newton

    We had our dental arrangements paid with the goal that we won’t be having any situation in the close fate. Our dentist in goose creek sc offered us foremost bargains, and we’re absolutely euphoric about it.

  • Dia

    This costs SOOOOOO much more than United Concordia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AbbyPlew

    This sounds so positive hope with the changes it’ll bring more improvements. By the way I heard summerville dentist do offers the same services such as metlife.

  • Karen

    I really thought this would be a good thing because they provide more coverage,but after Tricare switched to Metlife,they stopped paying the bill for my braces.The first time they said there was an error in their system and that they’d fix it and call me back.The second time they said I was coverd for x amount of time,and they tried to send the payment and will have someone call me back in two days.Its been 3 or 4 days now and they still haven’t called me back.So now I have to call them back today to see what happened AGAIN.This is so frustrating,but I will keep calling until these cheapskates pay!

  • Nikki Parkins

    I think the taking over was not a good idea, it just worsens the case. Anyway, i suggest to take a look at dentists in longview texas , they are good dentists!

  • Tina Billie

    Met life is definitely a horrible company. My daughter was covered under her dad and they didn’t pay the bills correctly. Now that the military has switched I am faced with calling them monthly to ensure all bills are paid to the dentist.aTt

  • Smone Wiggins

    I cant even get in contact with Met Life the number that they provide on the insurance cards are invalid. Very horrible company

  • nick lynch

    i didnt see that on my LES they stoped paying a dental program. a problem between DFAS and METLIFE. i got dropped while i was goofing off in some other country. i came home last night with a bill saying i was going into collections for non payment. they told me i needed to call DFAS, so im on the verge of losing my credit rating dental care and oh yeah i just had to re due my sf 86 guess ima loose that too !!!! thanks so much met life for the help. military insert smile here ! because when i tried calling to clear it up they said pay the bill up front… sorry im not an 0-4 on that pay with zip10001 bah! i dont make that much in a month! pay you back… guess the kids are going to have to practice dentist on each other. so all and all thank you for letting me down thank you for not helping me when i was down. you hurt me and my family over a paperwork error. and you do nothing to correct it. god bless you!

  • Angry

    Horrible customer service, not paying their portion of the bill and nobody will call me back. Been dealing with an outstanding bill since September! The ortho is now trying to make me pay it since MetLife doesn’t seem to want to. Not fair!

  • Jamey

    I thought I was alone. I just received an outstanding bill from Metlife wanting almost $300 since last July 12. I honestly didn’t realize that the automati allotment was not established by DFAS as they normally do. My wife called Metlife and inquired about the bill. They (Melife) have been trying to draw out funds from my LES, but did not suceed. They then mailed us the bill with ZERO explanation…just a freaking bill. They advised my wife that I needed to visit DFAS. I did just that, and now DFAS told me that I needed to register on their website. Well, I tried doing that with ZERO luck. So basically the new takeover from Metlife has been a pain.

    • Jamey,

      It isn’t Metlife’s fault you can’t get your own allotment to work.

      Just saying.

    • Chad

      Jamey I too was in the same boat as you, I came off ADOS back in October, never received any notice from Metlife and Metlife refused to budge on my $400 bill even though they admitted there was a glitch between DFAS. I got creative and this morning I found the Metlife for military has a Facebook page. I posted my issues on there FB page. Within an hour they cancelled my $400 bill. Here is their FB page. Goodluck!!!/MetLifeTDP

  • Chad

    I went off ADOS back in October, never received a notice or new dental cards from Metlife. January I received a bill for over $400. Metlife said there was a glitch between DFAS and Metlife but still expected me to pay the bill. I went on their Facebook page today and explained what happened. Within an hour they took care of my bill. Here is their page:!/MetLifeTDP

  • Dennis

    Really, I have never understood dental benefits. Why is dental less important than other parts of the body. With talks of the teeth posioning and infecting the heart etc., and only 1.300-1.700 dollars a year allowed, when a client have more complicated dental .problems, where does the rest of the money come from.

    A mere 1.300 a year, for risking ones life, protecting the freedom of the United States. I wonder why none of these free people lobby for the fighting man. Sometimes, I truely wonder about democracy, thats ran by a few cooperate privileged, supported by the republican congress.

    The fighting men, during WW ll, should have let the Japanese, take over their selfast butts. Then, they’d be begging to give 5.000 dollars in dental health!


  • S.J.B

    I have carbon copy receipts stating that I was definitely enrolled in dental insurance; now that I am trying to set an appointment I can’t because I don’t have dental coverage and they refuse to fix their mistake because my husband is not available during any of their business hours to do so. My husband is a Nuke student and still in the beginning portion where they spend on average 15-20 hours a day in a high security building with no phones allowed. We should have OPTIONS for dental insurance. Prisoners have better coverage with less hassle. Worst customer service as well, extremely rude and condescending.

  • kirsten

    yeah it is ridiculous that they will only pay that much a year for dental, for an ortho it is 6,000 they do not even pay close to half, and 1,300 a year, for anything else what a joke !!!!

    • kirsten,

      We all have the option of going somewhere else.

  • ggmar

    This company is a fraud, i foresee them going into bankrupcy very soon. They do not call back and refuse to pay any bills. Get out now!!!

  • Kath

    Hi there..i hve a question about my dental tricare..i just found out that our tricare dental not automatic husband enroll us recently..but the problem is I Visit my dentist few months before we enrol and they did root the dental clinic send my billing statement i owe them $$$ i need to pay that out of my pocket or they can do the reimbursement?

    • Kath,

      If someone makes a mistake that is the only way you’re going to be reimbursed. Same if someone dies, and then you take out an insurance policy after the fact.

      Of course this is only my opinion, and Delta Dental has to be the one to verify what I’ve said.


  • SBids

    We found out from the orthodontist that MetLife says the gvnt cancelled the policy May 1 2012. Anyone else come accross this?

  • kat

    we were enrolled in Tricare United Concordia for years and when Metlife took over, we didn’t think a thing of it since they continued billing us.

    My husband is the sponsor and when he went in for a routine checkup, low and behold, he had been dropped for the policy. Somehow magically, I-the spouse-am covered but the SPONSOR is not. Whatever fairy-tale land bullshit that is, we now owe for his checkup and cleaning.

    When you talk to these representatives, they are the most deadpan and lifeless bunch of robots I have ever had the displeasure of encountering. I hope they do get bankrupt and go down in flames for their mistreatment of the military.

    • kat,

      You say they continued to bill you! When Metlife took over is when the mishape happened and only and only you were then covered and not you husband. How come you didn’t notice the change in the amount of money you were then paying after the mishape.


    • Stephanie

      Did they fix the problem? I am the sponsor as well and I didn’t think anything about it and now my dentist is saying I’m not covered and owe almost $600. I went to the benefits website and everyone in my family is covered (husdand and 4 kids) but me, the sponsor?!:?!?!

  • fish3cats

    my wife lost her crown due to decay underneath and it broke may 2013, met life policy says it covers it but since she had the crown originally put in april 2011 that they wont cover it cause of a 5 year rule! Thanks met life we didn’t even have your policy till 2012 and my family and I apologize for trying to use our coverage, feel free to continue taking everyones money.

  • Daphne

    Our experience with Met Life has been HORRIBLE!! My husband is active duty and had 2 dental insurance plans in His Name. Met Life is primary and requested information on additional coverage and it was both mailed and faxed to them. They did not want to believe I am a housewife with No insurance except my husbands, even though they saw his name on the insurance card, so they continuously denied all my dental claims and have not paid since November of 2013!! All because they Really Did Not Want To Pay. It gets Worse!! The dental coverage premiums are supposed to be auto paid from my husband’s paycheck and Met Life has record of this on file. However, they did not take the Family coverage amount, only the Primary and decided to Cancel the Family coverage even though they assured my husband all was fine and have record on file of the conversation and told us they do!!! Completely their fault, but they called every dentist office and told them to send all the money back to them they had paid. And of course, the dental offices called us. After nearly 20 years of Military Service, METLIFE is the ABSOLUTE WORSE EXPERIENCE with a dental program we have ever had!!! They will do anything, even fabricate their own story, so they will not have to pay!!! Hoping the government Ends MetLife Contract as soon as possible!!!!

  • Wesley Parks

    Our experience with MetLife has been HORRIBLE!!! They say we are covered but will only pay claims for part of our family, they make you jump through hoops to get the claims that they do pay paid, they lose paperwork that you provide and their costumer service reps are rude!!! One placed me one hold only forgot to hit the hold button and laughed at me and talked rudely about me to her peer. So what do I have?? A monthly bill for family coverage and several unpaid claims, one for braces.

  • Sixto Figueroa

    Here’s my take on all this, try to keep up withthe details: I just discovered that Tricare dental took $105 from my retirement check a month early since we’re already covered for October and November (because we paid the first two months ahead). After speaking with one of their reps she said that a check should be sent back NEXT month for over payment. I told her this is all very sketchy and asked her to provide me with a letter stating the same. She agreed to do so and kindly, but very quickly hung up. I got to thinking, who else are they doing this to? So I started checking into the big picture. 2013 military statistical report shows nearly 2 milion retirees nationwide (I’m sure this year is over 2 million). If we were to take $105 from each one of these fine men & womens retirement check and pile it into an account for 30 days with a 4% interest you’l end up with $210,000,000 (which they will gladly give back to you since it is your money after all) BUT the ineterst will yield about $8,000,000 that absolutely nobody gets to claim because after all they used our money for their scheme. Conspiracy, urban legend, faulty system, call it whatever you want. I CALL IT GETTING RIPPED OFF AND NEEDS TO STOP! Nobody should be allowed to take someone else’s money and say “aaah its just my system, I’ll give it back to you in month. THAT’S CALLED STEALING! It doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are, there’s only one set of laws, and big companies are not exempt from it.