Is Sequestration Real or Political Brinksmanship?

Not to long ago, Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL), Chair of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, wrote an editorial for’s ‘The Passdown‘ in which he explained his concern that the reality of sequestration – the congressionally mandated cuts that will automatically occur later this year due to the Joint Select Committee’s failure to find $1.2 trillion dollars in deficit reductions – is about hit home for veterans. 

The first line of Miller’s article reads: “As it stands right now, sequestration of government programs is imminent.” Hard to say that is anything less than definitive. Miller’s concern goes beyond the issue of how this will impact our national defense, Miller is worried that an ambiguity in the law could be used by the Office of Management and Budget to cut as much as two percent from the VA’s Healthcare budget.

Chairman Miller wrote that the sequestration law was updated in 2010 with the intent to ensure VA’s budget would be shielded. But the OMB seems to be ignoring the intent of the revision.

According to my sources both Chairman Miller and Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), Chair of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, have contacted the OMB asking if they intended to touch the VA budget. Neither has received an answer; it is as if the OMB has gone darkened ship.

Rep. Miller has gone as far as to ask President Obama to exempt the VA from sequestration. The Congressman says that to date he has not been given a formal response other than a statement by an OMB spokeswoman, who stated that “…the administration will provide sequester implementation guidance later in the year.”

The OMB leaves a lot of room for speculation. Perhaps keeping their plans close to the vest is the OMB’s best means of leveraging Congress to find a solution, without actually coming out and threatening veteran services. After all fear works. Last year the government used the fear of a government shut-down with its associated late military pay checks and limited VA services to help reach yet another “Continuing Resolution.”

BTW – I think we can look forward to that happening again later this year.

The truth is, military servicemembers, veterans, and their families are getting tired of being used as political pawns in a game of budgetary chicken, they want no part of it. Most feel it’s about time to take military pay and veteran’s services off the table for good and stop using fear tactics to achieve political goals.

To answer the headline question… Yes.

Let your elected officials know how you feel about the looming threat of sequestration.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • jcampbell

    pretty sad when the goverment(Obama Reed Pelosi) Can spend millions on frivilous adventures,MIchele Obama takes frivilous trips that cost the tax payers millions but they see it as a nessacary cause to cut veterans benefits
    this is the goverment the American people elected

    • terry

      they need to start reducing their own pay and leave the military and vetran pay and benifits alone.anytime congress and obama want to take a vacation they should pay for it themselfs not the public.

      • retiree

        The entire cost of Congress (including pay, benefits, facilities, travel, etc) is under $5 billion. Our deficit is $1.2 trillion. And under HR3813, Congressional Retirement will be cut dramatically (from a 1.7%/year accrual to a 0.7%/year accrual) with a tripling of the yearly cost of that retirement from their pay.

        • NativeTexan

          Those are great points made for HR3813, but it needs to go further and eliminate all unnecessary perks for Congress. It should be a limited time job of SERVICE, not a place to enjoy unlimited perks and a place to become rich. They should put the military and regular Americans on the top of their priority list.

      • NativeTexan

        By the way, Michelle Obama and Jill Biden have chosen to use their public platform to support military families and bring their struggles to the attention of the general public. They have helped impliment several programs in military communities that help provide services and assistance. Look up “Joining Forces” and see what it’s alll about.

    • jones

      I may agree about bad politians but its obvious you have a problem with the obama’s, Hey first ladies took trips deemed to tax payers long before the Obama’s watch. So not such a good point made, lets be fair it is what it is. Veterans has always, even before now, have been treated wrong.

      • nsawoman

        The Kennedys took trips on their own money and took $1 a year in pay and they gave their lives to this country both in the military and in public office., What have the Obamas done. NOTHING

    • retiree

      Don’t you mean Bonner on the House side.

      Folks, the Congressional Budget Act dictated Sequestration – a requirement on CONGRESS BY CONGRESS. The ultimate effect is what CONGRESS chooses to do. since CONGRESS was unable to come up with $1.2 trillion in budget cuts (their requirement to the supercommittee), it triggered Sequestration. Now they (CONGRESS) have until 1 October to come up with a solution. If you have problems with Sequestration, talk to CONGRESS.

    • Malady

      All First Ladies travelled. Did you have a program with Nancy, Barbara or Laura traveling?

    • AmerVet77

      President Obama paid for White House renovations out of his own pocket…but who cares about facts when we’re lieing on this President.

  • Steve jensen

    My brothers and sister vets, please vote Obama out of office

    • retiree

      You realize Sequestration was part of the Congressional Budget Act?

    • jonsey

      Why this maybe the case, let make sure we dont vote some one in that is no better, Repub. or Demo.

    • Willt

      Steve–That’s exactly what I plan to do when I vote in November.

  • jack

    This is all part of Bobo’s plan to harm our military and veterans. Nov is coming, but not soon enough—Bobo has to go.

    • retiree

      President Obama (note spelling of the name of our Commander in Chief) has nothing to do with this. Sequestration is a requirement CONGRESS put on CONGRESS by the Congressional Budget Act of 2011. In order to prevent it, CONGRESS needs to take action.

      • Kim

        Obama has everything to do with this. If he would not have ran up more than all past Presidents together maybe we would not have to be going through. Where has his Budget been for the last 3 years?

      • at sea

        Just going to note this once, it seems that everyone forgets this. President Obama stated that if President Bush (jr). Ran up 7 trillion dollars of debt for a war over a period of 8 years, that he and everyone associated should be fired.
        So what should we do when a President and all those associated run up 7 Trillion dollars of debt in 2-3 years?
        Just asking???

  • SSG Hofmann Retired

    Veterans have a choice vote out anyone who takes benefits away from us. we are strong and united send a message one vote at a time fight for your benefits…

    • Mountain

      That hit the nail on the head! Just vote! Look at the canidates look at the records. Look at your family and ask yourself. What do these individuals really represent and what good will they do for my children? I worked many years for the goverment as a soldier. Was I evil? Lazy? Wasteful? Overpaid? Greedy? Its the old point the finger at the dollar on the ground while they take $20.00 out of your back pocket! Capitalists are greedy!

  • Steve

    This is NOT Obama’s doing, but you rabid right-wingers simply don’t understand how things work, so you’re forgiven. This is the fault of The Congress. Vote them all out. You can vote Obama out too, but then we’re gonna’ be stuck with “Smilin’ Mitt”.

    • jacquesdaspy

      We can get used to the idea that the US is a second rate, mediocre country made up of unemployable college graduates, welfare queens and illegal aliens with more rights than military veterans. A country that will lose seven thousand veterans a year to suicide and nobody knows why. It’s just another cost of doing business.

      • Ken Bennnett

        Illegals have more benefits? with no social security card? thats a retarded comment and has no basis in reality… Same as that shit about welfare. That isn’t your money! its taxes… ITs the governments and they don’t ask anyone what to spend it on… People like you attack the poor cause you think it makes you look like a better American… Actually it makes you look like a weak little crying bitcch. Real Americans protect the poor and the weak and those that are oppressed in other countries. Half ass sissy ameritard’s just complain. And hide on thier couch typing thier discontent on the internet. Grow up! Get your facts straight and help or stfu!

        • Farina

          Are you Kidding? I know for a fact that illegals buy social security cards that are usually made of of dead people’s names. Also who do you think pays for welfare? WE DO! It is called TAXES taken from those of us you are lucky enough to have jobs. And GOD BLESS ALL of our military. Past and present. Because of them we are able to live in a free country. But I wonder for how long.

          • retiree

            Again, you’re missing the point.

            1. What those people are doing is illegal. Please report those you know to the IRS and police. THERE IS NO BUDGET FOR BENEFITS FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS. Therefore, cutting a budget of $0 means $0 savings.

            2. Sequestration is MEANT to put those things most cherished at risk. It’s a standoff, and each side can only save what they most want by compromising.

            3. Sequestration is a CONGRESSIONAL action. Congress created the problem, Congress must compromise, Congress is who to talk to, not the Administration.

    • retiree

      Wow. So many folks rating this as negative, when it’s true. Sequestration is a product of the Congressional Budget Act. They (Congress) put the requirement on themselves. Congress failed to develop a plan for $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction (as required on Congress by the CBA), triggering Sequestration, and have (per the CBA) put a deadline on themselves (CONGRESS) of 1 October (new FY) to figure out how to cut $1.2 trillion from the annual deficit over 10 years, or have the automatic cuts come into play.

      CONGRESS is the players who need to act. OMB is right – they can’t say what CONGRESS will do. If folks want VA and Military Pay & Benefits off the table, better talk to CONGRESS.

      • Bob

        People are rating “Steve’s” comment negative because he made the assumption that he knows so much more than everyone else (typical arrogant Democrat)…but he is forgiven for being ignorant. Then he decided to impose his Democratic BS opinion about a potential presidential candidate. Off the topic, however, I do agree that Congress is way over paid for what they have been doing (or not doing) for our Nation, espeically their retirement for life benefits. It’s easy to cut Veteran progams when they’ve never put a uniform on themselves! If “SH#t” doesn’t land in their front yard…they don’t care!

      • LordRussell

        Congress are nothing but ****’… they have time & again sat in the same room under the auspices to commit to doing the right thing & yet drop the ball. Nothing more than children in a sandbox with bought Ivy League degrees, looking down their collective elitist noses at the rest of us, enlisted & officers alike, no matter how hard you fought for you r place on the food chain.
        Their own pampered asses are their motivation, nothing more. Fault of this mess is clearly previous to this commander & chief. Whining about party balance is a waste. A clear slate of that entire community needs to happen & commoners with literally no knowledge of the BS workings of yesteryear need to go in & wash the walls.

      • Ken bennett

        And don’t forget you all rallied to elect the republitards that have stalled congress so they can claim obama was a weak president…. They have clearly put thier party want and the desire for power in front of the welfare and well being of this nation. You REpulicans did this… You! Just like your administration under George Bush allowed the rich one percent to change the rules so they could give loans without oversight and crash the damned economy. REPULICANS DID THAT!!! Go ahead elect that piece of schit MITT And while you are at it hire a bunch more cops cause you gonna need em this time. Hear me now believe me later!


          ok so Hussain Obama has spoken as Ken Bennett. F this we the american military will come together to Rid OUR GREAT NATION of the hatered that you OBAMA, REV WRIGHT, NAACP MUSLIMS have allowed into OUR COUNTRY.
          You are right on one thing “HEAR ME NOW BELIEVE ME LATER” your war is coming.

          • Ken Bennett

            I served same as you, honorably. I love this country as much as you. I want Americans to be better and you twits fight the idea.
            What hatred are you talking about? Hatred of our elitist section of society taking advantage of the mass of poor in this country? That people with access and parents with money are provided far better educations so they can take advantage of those denied the same benefit? Then pretend they are somehow better and whine that the poor have to be helped from time to time and the government uses tax money as aide? That hatred? yeah I have all that and it nothing to do with ANY of those people you mentioned… I think you are a real racist dude… for real… I hate that too.

          • retiree

            I assume you also referred to President Walker Bush, President Herbert Walker Bush, President Wilson Reagan, etc.

            Or is there some other reason you use President Obama’s middle name instead of his first name?

    • dustime8

      This is the fault of any one in government with power to make change, from the president down to the bureaucrat.

    • Belchfire v-8

      Bravo Sierra

    • Daniel Kimerer

      I think we need to VOTE OUT ALL incumbents and start from scratch

      • mmcm(ss) retired

        I couldn’t agree more!!!! But, I fell it will never happen – who would take care of all these American sheep we have?

    • Yankee Doodle

      Obama is so anti American and anti Military it stinks just like Mexico. Illegals get all the medical care they desire even in deportation centers. Go to any bank in the U.S. and see if they accept a VA card, they won’t, but they accept the Mexican Consular cards given to Illegals……….

      • ArtFrailey.

        Amen, and make them get out in eight years or less. W/ no retirement starting untll age 60 like the Military Reserve forces, who have to serve at leat 20 years.

      • Ken Bennett

        No you are the anti american… Real americans stand guard to protect the weak. The step up when they see abuses and they carry fallen brothers and sisters when they fall…. Not complain and bitch and whine about them like you. You people make me ill. Call yourselves americans and cry about the pitiful amount of money we give the poor… I am ashamed of all you asinine wanna be americans. There is more to it than paying your share of taxes you sorry human filth. You aren’t an american! you were just born here. Perhaps we should send you cowards and criers to other countries and invite more foreigners that actually appreciate what this country really stands for. You republican crybabies have gotten so lost in your private worlds that you forget that we are all in this together. Cant wait till your kind dies out! Have some fkking pride and quit your goddamned complaining! Be an american. Not the couchican you all are now. Step up and do something for someone besides your own selfish greedy person. Yankee you seem stupid perhaps you shouldn’t comment… for real man..



          • Ken Bennett

            What you gonna do something? Thats my real name Mr Anonymous. Something in that comment obviously struck home or you wouldn’t be trying to act so tough… Fine Americans… I pray you weren’t including yourself in that crowd. “Yur sorry ass.” Bwahahahahah. You say it with so much intensity… Brilliant comment… So funny. Thank you. lolol

        • Mike MacDonald

          I too often hear amazing stupidity but I think Ken B may have set a new low in self-aggrandizing idiocy. People like this are why this country is struggling…why have an honest debate about issues when you can simply resort to name-calling and gutter-language? Notice that even though he manages to spell most words correctly and makes an obvious attempt to use proper grammar, he still makes sure to write “America” and “American” without bothering to capitalize. Sort of tells you where he is coming from. I am going to take a wild guess that this is a guy that gives almost nothing to charity, that doesn’t lift a finger to help out in his community and looks down with disdain on those who serve their country. Each time he leaves his rent-subsidized apartment to shop for groceries with his EBT card or to check if his SSI check has arrived, he shakes his head in anger that the people that actually work for a living are contributing to charities and helping out their neighbors instead of being a “Real american” by sending him more money.

          • Ken Bennett

            All your guesses were incorrect… on every account… I am a navy vet I served… did you? You are to ignorant and far to easily enticed to display it. So I I am not gonna argue with you… I was attempting to shame some good people into the conversation.. Open minded and intelligent people… Obviously not you. If I want deflection and distortion of the conversation. I will get ahold of you. Ohhh good your little bus is here. Yea!!! Dont forget your helmet :)


            Navy, that explains it. Vet I doubt it, a Vet of what San Francisco, California, Democrat to the bone Hussein Obamanite Muslim to the soul only because of color and you call us racist. Like your press conferences, don’t forget to read the Teleprompters. Too bad you slap real Navy Vets in the face by claiming to be one.

          • Ken Bennett

            More distortion and deflection of the content… Didn’t I say I would let you know if I needed anymore fantasy comments from you? First you slam the navy then you claim they should be saddened that I am a vet…. Your guesses were wrong, your ranting is lame and weak. And your insults are ineffective and sad. Once again you attack me and not the topic at hand… Everyone please take note that this anonymous person wont argue the actual content just the fringe. Now that is a perfect example of whats wrong with this country and our allowing the republican wrong the right to participate in the political process.


            You want the skinny here it is, the Democrats have successfully run this Country into the ground by giving handouts to the baby making mothers and un responsible deadbeat dads, Big Cooperation bailout’s (Started with Republican’s), illegal’s and foreign countries, while not doing anything to help the working man or woman. While steadily taking away and cutting benefits that was and is contractual by and to an all volunteer force. Deployments for the Army are Longer that 6 months long and can be as long as 18 months, we who have voulenteered have paid our dues. The topic is about cutting military benefits when there are other organizations that can be cut and funds freed up in other areas instead of always the Armed Forces. (continued)


            . Remember President Obama as well all past President’s have said “That America has the Greatest Armed Forces in The World”, well if we are, prove it to us by not every time the Government over spends it is not at the expense of the ones (“The Greatest Armed Forces in The World”) that has Volunteered to defend This Country’s Constitution as it was written by our Fore Fathers against enemies both foreign and Domestic. Nor for US the “Greatest Armed Forces in The World” to be used as a bargaining chip to get what the government wants Republican or Democrat. We also, because of being a Voulenteer have agreed to back congress and the President regardless of Political views.


            No comment to that you ass clown or did the 1st lady walk in and take away your internet privileges.



      • Ken bennett

        Thats a brilliant way to vote… republicans crash the economy and you want to elect another one cause you are a racist. Coward. Get over yourself.

    • key

      People forget about the idiot bush and warmonger cheney really? I served in 2 deployments for what? Obama didnt deploy me

      • 101sgt

        You served in two deployments because you VOLUNTEERED! Idiot

        • Ken Bennett

          He served two deployments because bush and all those greedy corporations saw an opportunity to access an open flow of tax dollars to their wallets. But shhhhhhhhhhh lets not mention the Billions of dollars we wasted to make a show for the voters that we are doing something about terrorism… Our soldiers are dying because of a greed. And now we are the terrorists! Congratulations. Go shoot up some mosques boys… Don’t show any respect for anyone else’s religion. Noooo it don’t matter that we created this country because of that very thing. And that the values of real Americans run parallel to the behavior of our troops.. After all those values are supposed to be taught in the home not boot camp and most of our troops were raised in substandard families with sorry parents. The world felt our pain after 911 and we acted like punks. Now they despise us. WELL DONE REPUBLICANS!

      • Larry

        You were deployed because 3,000 people were murdered on our own soil in New York, Washington DC, and Penna. GET IT!

        • Ken Bennett


      • Pat

        Remember 9/11

    • Michael

      You sound like Obama with the do nothing Congress mantra. The do nothing Congress is actually the democratically controlled SENATE that blocks anything and everything the house proposes.. Clearly, you didn’t know that so you are forgiven for your lack of knowledge about our political system.

    • Larry

      Of course it not Obama’s fault who keeps raising the National Debt by the Trillions. You left wing Spend and Tax Nuts will never get it thru your head that you cannot spend more than you can take in without damaging other Programs such as our Nations Veterans. Oh sure, its not Obama’s fault. Good Grief and btw Congress was runned by the Democrats for the first two years of Obummers Presidency. Remember that? We got Obamacare stuff down our throats. Of course Obummer exempted himself, Congress, and about 926 other organizations that are Union.

    • chewthefat

      Steve. truth & rocco need to have their own private party…..then have a reality check by watching some FOX news!

    • flipperj

      if you think obama’s is not behind this your Rabid

    • richard l. hill

      Open yours eyes man or boy, whichever applies. The President took the damn job, now he needs to quit whining that somebody left him with a mess and get something done or get the hell out of our house and turn the helm over to someone who cares for tomorrow’s future. You will be forgiven when hell get below 32 degrees and not before.

    • Tim

      It is all politicians not just the President he is the excecutive of the company but Congress runs the budget.

  • The operative word is VOTE. But VOTE with your brain and not your eyes…

  • Mark Wynn

    We get what we vote for. The national debt crisis is real. Death-spiral, deficit spending is real. When enough people are on the federal dole to affect elections, we are doomed. Look at Greece, Italy ….

  • Cold War Vet

    Let’s see real leadership. Let’s see the President, Vice President, Congress and all top civilian officials give up their pay raises and take a reduction in pay before you take away what little our military and veterans have.

    • retiree

      1. The President hasn’t had a pay raise since GW Bush was in office. Congress has forgone their pay raises since 2009. If HR3813 passes, not only will Congress take a major retirement cut, but so will our Federal Civil Service, which includes everyone in the administration from the VP on down.

      2. As I’ve recently posted elsewhere – CONGRESS created this problem by placing a requirement on CONGRESS to find $1.2 trillion in cuts, or trigger automatic cuts as they’ve laid out. CONGRESS created the problem, and only CONGRESS can solve the problem.

      • CMC

        Retire, you are right on track. Congress created the problem they need to fix it. People quit blaming President Obama for the problems this Congress created.

        • James

          Obama was part of the problem creating congress. Were you born yesterday? A President has the responsibility to suggest bills and ideas. He may not write bills or vote on them but can help guide and direct them. SO either you understand the gov’t process or put your head back in the sand where you can’t touch the keyboard.

          • retire

            1. President Obama has no say in the makeup of Congress (your 1st sentence).

            2. By the Constitution, all funding issues are Congresses. Yes, the President proposes a budget, but CBA was driven by Congress. Congress placed a mandate on Congress. Congress failed to act. Congress now has to accept responsibility. President Obama’s OMB is rightly holding Congress’s feet to the fire – if they want to preserve certain benefits from their failure to act, they need to act.

    • guest

      I think the President, and all top officials should take a pay frees until the government has ballanced the budget. Let the veterns that has put their lives in harms way get their pay and medical care that they deserve.

    • Survivor 1

      Yes to every thing just said

    • Cdr_Rogers

      Why just pay raises? The VA Benefit are akin to the health benefits the elected Bozos get when they retire. How about cutting their benefits like they cut ours? OF COURSE THEY WON’T!!!! Time to vote the bastards out in 2012

  • Mike Ellis

    All veterans need to remember that this coming Nov. is election time. The Administration needs to provide the people with answers to questions about our benefits. So we can fire the ones that are just blowing smoke and not taking care of the veterans. I don’t care if it is Demo. or Republican ” YOU ARE FIRED”.


    • retiree

      Talk to Congress. Congress nsisted on Sequestration. Congress failed to come up with the cuts in their Supercommittee. Congress put the requirement on themselves, and now Congress has until 1 October to come up with a solution.

  • USN Retiree

    For those Vets old enough to remember the Ronald Reagan era .. he was was MR. PRO MILITARY, pay raises, military funds galore. There is a Reaganite running for President but no one seems to want him in office. It’s Newt Gingrich, and yes he is PRO Military.

    • dustime8

      Newt is untrustworthy and corrupted.

    • F-22 Flight Tester

      Dr. Gingrich is the most qualified, most educated, most experienced presidential candidate ever to run for the office of the President. There are only a few that may know and understand the inter-workings of Washington better than he, and none are currently running today. The Liberals are deathly afraid of him and what he would bring to Washington should he be elected. The Conservatives are too busy destroying each other trying to become the Republican choice. However, there is only one individual who can defeat the current President. It will be up to the voters as to who, and what, they want for our country in the short and long terms.

    • Robert

      Oneida County for Newt — just caught the tail end of soeech Newt gave on CSPAN at the Alabama Theatre in Birmingham — no nonsense conservativism. Spead the word go to and for more information.

    • In 1994 with the Contract with American, Newt and Dole came out with the fact of removal of the VA! Again, here it is, we can’t remember the histroy that is in front of us. Yes, Reagan did a lot of the Military, while cutting the VA, Bush (GHW) did the same and his son, cut the VA by over 53%. LOC has the voting record on it all! So, guess again who your friends are in COngress!!!!!!

      • Art Frailey

        Reagan nor ush ever cut the Va I am a retired veteran, so look up your facts again.

  • Norman

    Have you noticed that when there has to be cuts those that can least afford them are the victims? You have the lower military ranks, the patients in the Va system. Retirees. Why not cut some general positions. Or how about cutting foreign aid to countries. Or pulling out of Afghanistan. Then there are the weapon system R&D. Look at the construction going on at any base. seems those who command want nice parking lots rather than trained well paid soldiers.

    • Rich M

      and cut the polititians medical benifits, there pay and start paying into social security would be the first place to go for these cuts.

    • Ken Bennett

      haven’t we always been the playthings of the wealthy and the powerful… They don’t give a damn about us until they want to get us killed then .. ohhhh you guys are the best! The only reason we are the best now is that all them corporations got to piggy back our troops and receive huge paychecks for outsourced stuff that was already created and paid for by the military. Both wars are a rip off.. our guys died to make G.W. Bush and R. Cheneys friends tones of tax payer cheese…. Why aren’t you guys raising hell about that? WHY!!!! Anyone wonder why Bush signed into law a provision that made him immune from any prosecution for wrong doing during his tenure?? Why don’t any of you right winglets EVER Mention that????

  • guam1971

    Before people post political comments on this article, they should read the following articles at this address:

    and this:


    know the facts about who (political party) supports Vets

    • guest1234

      I would post more, but I only see this as a Politcal statement.


    • Jimbo

      Be careful where you get your “facts.” Remember those sites were authored be folks you want you to believe them and their causes. Read those with whom you side, rose you’re against and look in the middle. That’s where you will most likely find the truth.

  • Papa J

    They have already started cutting programs. I’m 100% combat disabled Vet. I had home health care which was very limited and had it and my nursing care just taken away this week. 03-12-12

    • dustime8

      This is beyond disgusting, have you tried to get help to turn this around?

      • Jerry

        I would contact your local Congressman’s office. He or she will have staff that helps constituents with problems such as yours. Hopefully the Congressman’s office will be as disgusted as I am and get this reversed!

    • M Mattingly

      I am sorry to hear that. If they cut all that you lost from all of us. we will never even get bathed. I saw we because my husband the VET had personal care at home. I have been trying to shower him but have MS and today put me in bed for the rest of the day. I hope that tomorrow will be better. May God bless us all.

    • IDMTmedic

      Ever notice retiree never responds to posts such as this?

      • We’ve got to kick Obama out of office. Him and his Czars are killing this country. Right here is a perfect example. Vote for anyone but Obama..
        God bless and keep you PapaJ.

      • IDlMT medic – I am a retired M/Sgt USAF. Why do you think retirees never respond?

        • IDMTmedic

          Robert the poster “retiree” is to whom I am refering to.

  • F22 Flight Tester

    To those who read this post and the story above…if you don’t think the military, active and retired, are not headed for Obamacare, ya better wake up cause that is exactly where this entire effort is going. The fix or solution is in your hands and will come about in November 2012 if you do your part.

    • SteveInFL

      Exactly. Look at what Obama is doing he’s laying the groundwork for Obamacare.

  • running hot

    had to call about medication today. was told it wasnt approved by tri-care. after 2 hours on the phone and being told, “end your tri-care for life by calling the department of defense”, i got my medication with a $12.00 co-pay. now iam concerned, “am i going to have a place get buried”? funny, i would go back in the military today and do another 25 years. guess ole dogs just dont learn!

    • Art Frailey

      Well, Running Hot, you sound like me. But you know, we should not have to fight for what we fought for again.

      • Ken Lilly

        We are all fools for being military. Unfortunately, promises by our Governments are not trustworthy. Most promises occur only in Election Year, and are soon forgotten, and replaced by harsh rhetoric. Afterall, Congress only works for themselves, either towards their reelection or their own increases. Presidents are elected egomaniacs, they have no concern for anything except for themselves. There are no Patriots in Congress, nor in the White House. But, being the fool I am, I would do it all over again. Low wages and duty 24 hours a day. We didn’t sign up for the “money” or for recognition for our duty, we signed up for a multitude of reasons that come out spelling “PATRIOTS”!

    • Geoff

      A 12 dollar co pay? The millions with no health cover would tell you to cry them a river. Just because we served in the military should not entitle us to make a burden of ourslves for life. Particularly those who never were in harms way and moved on to a second career after the military. All Americans need to give a little.

      • Matt

        Why would you say that? Through no fault of my own, even though I served 20 yrs, never went to combat and still served honorably, got deployed to a lot of deplorable places and still took the same oath everone else did has to suffer because of circumstance and timing? How dare you belittle my service. What gives you the right to pass jusdgement on the few who actually make it to retirement?

      • at sea

        That was disgusting. I retired honorably. I went into harms way. I love my country. I earned my rights. I have gone on and earned my way into a second career.
        I would never belittle my brothers and sisters in the manner you just did. Who packed and shipped the bullets you fired. Who sent you the food you ate.
        Grow up and get back on track with this discussion.

  • Joe

    Our lovely Elected officials are the problem folks, these oxygen thieves get their retirement benefits for LIFE with only one term, and those idiots don’t have to use the same medical as we do. VOTE THEM OUT NOW, and let them know WHY!!!!

  • Rocco Rotondo

    It’s not Obamas fault. It’s rebublican congress. That is who have to go. Vote them all out!! These things can be worked out but all they say is no!

    • SteveInFL

      Nice try but Obama is showing his liberal hate the military colors your got it wrong it’s Obama who needs to get thrown out on his ear.

      • cali_co

        John McCain has been trying for years to kick retirees out of Tricare. And he is the biggest proponent right now to get this passed. The Republicans have been trying for years way before President Obama was elected to force people that are ‘working’ age, out of Tricare. There are not enough representatives explaining that the majority of retirees are lower income NCO’s. An O-6 can easily swallow a doubling of the annual Tricare fee or even take the new job’s health insurance with higher co-pays instead of Tricare. A NCO has to think twice since this would substantially reduce his annual income. Both wars have increased the health care costs massively for active duty and retired military. It appears that this Super Committee wants to ride it out on the back of the veterans instead of increasing revenue by taxing the rich. How many ‘rich’ are in the military?? Vote accordingly.

        • SteveInFL

          Right now Obama is the driving force to raise the cost of Tricare and military and VA health care because he wants to force people into Obamacare and he wants to change military retirement. He hides behind the old arguement that something must be done but yet he makes no effort to reform other entitlements. Tax the rich that’s the only answer liberals have to any problem. To parapharse Margret Thatcher that’s a great idea until we run of the rich people’s money. Trust me I will be voting accordingly come Nov.

        • Look it up ca loco EVERY democrate president since 1975 hac cut the military forces and benifits.

          • Neil

            Democrats cut military armament yes, benefits no. Republicans do the opposite. They increase military armaments, but cut benefits. Get your facts straight! I guess you just hate Obama even though he has increased the G.I bill benefits, helped establish the veterans job bill and not one dime of spending cuts for the V. A. since he has been in office. If fact they have increased. My God Robert, learn the facts.

          • flipperj

            stop reading your lib papers. the dems hate vets and idiots like you

      • Charles

        Amen to that PLUS all the Dems and Repubs in office need to go with him. They have all failed!



      • retiree

        It’s $600 billion from entitlements (to get Democrats to compromise) and $600 billion from Defense (to get Republicans to compromise). The whole idea of Sequestration was to hurt everybody where they care.

    • Art Frailey

      Why should Obuma have all the sayso. He has uped the national debt in three years more than all the previous presidents putd together. Damage is all he has caused. We have notd gone farward one stem since he took office. People who understand finances can plainly see that. This administration has cut military retires pay for two years, and finally gave them a whopping 3.5% increase this year. Last two years, just like the Social
      Security, OOOOOOOO. Do you understand those figures?

    • It is Obama’s fault. All he does is take vacations. He waste’s enough money taking him and his family on vacations to run the VA for a year. You know how much it cost to fly him and his family around? Now we’re going to get it in the shorts for all his political fund raising from now to November. Vote this man out and do it quick.. He is the worst President we have ever had. History will prove that.

      • Neil

        Democrats cut military armament yes, benefits no. Republicans do the opposite. They increase military armaments, but cut benefits. Get your facts straight! I guess you just hate Obama even though he has increased the G.I bill benefits, helped establish the veterans job bill and not one dime of spending cuts for the V. A. since he has been in office. If fact they have increased.

    • Randy Davis

      Its funny there is lots of blame one party does this and the other one does that. bottom line congress sounds like a bunch of kids fighting. They are the ones who need fixing.

      • Charles

        Yep, Nov is the chance to vote the bums out!

    • Dave Tedrow

      That is a very ignorant statement. I thought we were all AMERICANS first. The Senate has a bunch of bills just sitting there because of politics. If they can’t come to a decision they, both Dems and Rep, should resign and get people who want to work together. Way too much POLITICS instead of soluitions

    • CWO3 Dave

      You just dont get it Rocco, politics have no place with the military, we dont want the politics. Dumbocrats and Republicans alike are to blame. We need to quit pointing fingers and just vote out both partys current members, and start over, maybe the independents are the way to go.

    • kurt

      get another republican you get another war with it watch and see

      • Charles

        Guess what, Obama promised to close down the Iraq and Afgan war within a year of his election. Iraq is gone but we are still in the no-win war of Afgan. That means that the DEMS (Obama who can withdraw troops at anytime) condones the war and prolongs it! Would one of the GOP candidates throw us into another war – Gingrinch – absolutely! The other two are as weak as Obama – one who thinks govt is a business and the other who wants to pray our way out of problems! Next 4 years not a great future folks. All of them need to leave – Congress, Senate, Pres.

      • flipperj

        lets see. how many wars have been started by dems? answer 90% go figure LIB

    • Crooks, Beware

      Sorry,Rocco but you are wrong. It is the Democrats and Obama spending trillions to buy votes to win this election. The Republicans have always been for the military. If Obama would stay home and do his job and not spends millions (that could be saved) by flying Air Force One all over the world taking his family on vacations, we wouldn’t have to worry about cutting vet’s promised health care, reitrement etc. It’s the Democrats who won’t bit the bullet, because if they do, they won’t be re-elected.

      • Republicans owe far more to military industries than they do to the military itself.

        Their Congressmen and other politicians get far too much of their election campaign money from those private military companies — then they send American soldiers off to fight wars which make those same industries richer than ever.

        If the tea party in Congress had just agreed to raising taxes on the rich back to what they were when Clinton was in office — and unemployment was low and America had NO DEFICIT — then the military wouldn’t be in the bind they’re in today.

    • AFRETIREDin Orlando

      Listen, if you can’t put a coherent sentence together, keep your lies to yourself. You’re a perfect example of those who support Obama…an uneducated moron who drinks the kool-aid from the Wasserman fountain. Wasserman…she’s the Obama attack dog who feeds you the lies so you can repeat them ad-nausea until some start to believe them. Go back to your HUD house and wait for your welfare check.

    • Mike

      Yeah, nothing is ever Obama’s fault. Always someone else to blame. We have yet another uneducated liberal that thinks Congress is all Republican. The SENATE is part of Congress and controlled by Democrats. You didn’t know that, did you? I didn’t think so.

    • chewthefat

      Rocco—get a grip! Obama had his Democrat House/Congress for a couple years—how do ya think Obama Care got passed? Along with all the other junk that went thru? And ya might be right…”It’s not Obama’s fault” because he’s NEVER in DC. He’s too busy playing golf; on vacation; entertaining; & campaigning…..what a man of the people….what a leader…..I’d say he’s a joke but he’s too dangerous to be laughed off.

    • Greg

      If Obama is our leader, then he should start leading and quit blaming. If he wants cuts in the military, and he is the Commander in Chief, he should cut his own pay and benefits to lead by example. I doubt this will ever be on the mind of this President or any of our Congressman (Democrat or Republican). It has all turned into serving one’s self. It is obvious when we want the soldiers to sacrifice everything and then ridicule them for not wanting to give more.

    • richard l. hill


  • 1 older person

    It’s all the little men up on the hill that go after everyone except themselves. They wouldn;t want all their sweet benifits to get cut. They can serve one year and get more benifits than any vet or common person could see in our little minds. I believe that they keep going on as usual the vets ov this country will get together and put them in a hurt. We covered each others backs before and we can still do it again.

  • Kelly

    Nov 2012 can not come soon enough! I am so sick of our congress constantly threatening to take away from our military and our vets. Before you take away from them, why don’t you all take a look at what needs to be taken away from you first! I can think of a few, pay cuts, no more raises, use the same health care the rest of us use and no more great retirements! Oh and lets stop giving funds to every country out there! That alone will save us billions! Enough is enough!

    • ArtFrailey

      AMEN, Brother!!!!!!!!

    • steve

      stop sending money to other countrys

    • EDDIE

      i agre ,lets stop giving our funds to other countrys ,,do they give funds to us ??? NO,,ARE YOU KIDDIN,,TAKE IT FROM THE US..

    • geoff

      Funny thats what a lot a people say about us. playing “my entitlements good somebody elses bad” is a negative zero sum game that will sooner or later double back to get you.

    • geoff

      Foreign aid is less than 1% of the budget and much of that is given in the form of surplus food and free weapons. not cash. Turn off your AM radio and Faux news and do your homework. Defense and Veterans spending are a huge portion of teh budget. Take them off the table and teh problem will never get solved.

    • retiree

      “use the same health care the rest of us use”

      So you want to increase their health care and retirement? Their benefits are worse than ours. In addition to paying cold hard cash into both their retirement and healthcare for benefits, they earn less retirement than us (after 20 years they are entitled to 34% of their base salary, payable at age 50).

      Congressional Retirement Plan:…

      Proposed changes to Retirement (affects Congress)

      Congressional Health Care:…

    • Sam Riley

      You are so right. Did you know that if you served as a senator for just 2 years you would receive your regular pay for the rest of your life? The military must spend 30 years to get 75% of their base pay which is nowhere near 6 figures a year. Plus the golden parachute they gave themselves: Free medical/ every other heakth insurance they need plus their families.
      They could save billions just by making their retirement a % rather than the whole banana.

  • C Canup

    chopper driver,
    most of you people don’t know how our system works,,,for your info we have a democratic congress and had a democratic house until the 2010 election, these are the assholes responsible for the mess we are in… you better get off your butts and change things come November,,, Newt is the only man running that knows just whats going on,, God help up if Ronnie gets is, and yes I a 100% vet retired and have already figured out if there is a cut we military is the first one they think about cutting, shame on them.

  • marie

    I think it is far past time that Congress et al stop getting ‘life’ benefits.. no other job in this country gets it – why should they??!! that is crazy.. they should lose their benefits just as anyone else does when they change jobs.. their retrement, same thing.. whatever they ‘earn’ while holding office goes into a pot as with anyone else’s retirement and they move it or close it out.. no longer the golden parachute – who are they to judge anyone else earning such craziness.. !!!

  • True American

    When we get a true born American as President then maybe just maybe the gov’t finally removes head out of their fourth point of contact and put this country were it belongs leading the way. We need to add a requirement to the Presidental candiate, must have served at least 4 years to understand of what we go through.

    • D. Smith

      As a disabled Viet-nam Veteran i totally agree with you 100%.

    • VET67

      Remember, if Clinton even thought The President wasn’t “true born” he would have been gone in 07. Maybe Hawaii isn’t a state? Otherwise, read the record of birth as standard issue by Hawaii. And he is not even negro, he is bi-racial 50/50. And not one Republican candidate is a veteran, but have some chicken-hawks in the mix, who dodged $$$ the draft.

    • AmerVet77

      So we should only have Native American Presidents then right, because American Indians are the only true born Americans.

      • David

        I was born and raised here, by parents who are legal Americans, in the good ol’ U.S.A….that makes ME a native born American. Don’t be a retard and think American Indians are the only native Americans.

    • Neil

      Please, not another delusional birther fool! Get help!!!

  • ttom

    Any veteran voting for Obama, is a fool, this isn’t the only cuts to veterans benefits, Tri Care, retirement over haul, and disability adjustments are to happen if he is re elected.

  • Richard C.

    We need to take care of our vets. More and more military are coming back disabled. If anything we need to increase the VAs budget. We have an obligation to take care of our vets since they put their lives on the line so we can have what we ave…freedom. Veterans should be exempt from any cuts.

  • Jim


  • Samuel Adms

    A couple comments are sying that is not Obama’s fault. You are so full of it. O”Blama has no grasp on what is to be a real American, let alone a military VET. He has been chipping away at our constitutional rights from the day he walked into office. Get rid of him and his folllowers in November and that will be the greatest boon this country has seen in decades. Then maybe this country will go back to the principles that makes it a great nation.

    • Marine1968

      Screw your “principles” and vote out those repubs who want more overseas misadventures and lowered VA funds.
      principle. What B.S.

    • Matt

      I hate to bust your bubble but there are Republicans who wish to take away benefits as well. Senator McCane is one of them at the front of that. My opinion is that we are more alone than we think we are on this. Politicians on both sides of the aisle are not out to watch our backs like we might think.

    • VET 67

      I am unable to find one Constitutional Right the President has chipped away. Only congress can amend or chip away at the Constitution. The Patriot Act enacted by congress and signed by President Bush removed some personal rights under the Constitution. Like being arrested and sent away (disappeared) without the rights that should be afforded any citizen. The VA is under attack by congress as we speak, mainly Tea Partier’s. So how did you vote?

    • scott

      u are an asshole….this is all the republicans tea party fault….well they wanted to shut the govt or at the least defund it and now it has come home…fuck the r’s

    • ken

      and you sir, have seen the light!!

    • Sam Riley

      YOU TELL THEM SAM. Did anyone notice that Mr Obama wanted to cut military retiree and SSN retirees funds but welfare(His major voting base) was not even thought about as was the salaries and retirement of congerssmen, senators and none of his csars nore 1st lady’s multi-level staff. They did not even roll back any vacation plans.

      • AmerVet77

        Really, President Obama put his own funds into White House renovations but lets not cloud your rant with facts.

      • AmerVet77

        So your saying mainly single white women voted for the President since they are the largest base of welfare recipients?

    • AmerVet77

      Please explain how President Obama has chipped away at our rights from day one. This country had problems long before President Obama and will continue to have them until it address its real issues of greed and bigotry.

    • AmerVet77

      President Obama never dodged the draft as did Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich…wow its amazing what hatred makes you say.

    • Neil

      You disrespect Obama while he has been increasing V.A. benefits every year since he has been in office, fought for and established increased G.I bill benefits and veterans employment after service. Stop listening to Faux and right wing propaganda for a change and learn the facts!

  • woodie kirkwood

    Why take from the vets? hasn’t the United States enough homeless veteran? We can’t afford to loss any more of our intitelments. Go knock on the doors of the greedy congress and senate

  • RangerPete

    I cannot believe the negative comments about our CinC. OUR President, dudes,has INCREASED the VA’s budget for three straight years, has INCREASED our D&C money 8.6% since taking office. Be real careful what you wish for. Remember, under the gwb administration, the VA was cut during the IRAQ and Afganistan adventures. And had virtually no increases in eight years of the D&C benefits.

  • Allen

    why is it that people want to blame Obama for what our country is going thru, took Bush 8 years to screw up the econamy and you expect Obama to fix it in four years. You of short memories remember when Clinton left office budget was balanced then Bush and rich got richer and the poor defended the country and you want to cut vets health aid. I was in Viet Nam over have the guys were from low income families where was Bush in college be cause Daddy could aford to send him

    • James

      Your short memory was that GB senior left a legacy that Clinton squandered. Then GWB spent a year plus getting us back on track. And then the wars drained us, and the country to a back seat to his administration. Don’t go getting stupid with what Clinton didn’t do. Obama can’t fix our problems if he tried in four years. It’s been 2 idle Presidents for 16 years to build this mess. Obama isn’t doing anything to fix the problem. Time for someone new to have a shot.

      • tom

        gwb jumped the gun and sent us to iraq, when it was afganistan that attack our twin towers. gwb wanted to play hero and went to war with the wrong country which he later admitted. I went to viet nam and got sprayed with agent orange and ended up with cancer, heart disease, and type two diabies because of that, now my days are numbered on this earth. . i didnt volunteer for the service to get that shit. leave obama alone, it will take two terms to clean up our ex-so-called hero gwb messes. obama told everyone that before he was elected. get off his ass stupid.

        • Chris

          Your an idiot.

          • Kevin

            No he’s not, so there..

      • retiree

        Hm. Strange, looking at the budget deficits, it looks like President George HW Bush left a deficit, and President Clinton left with a surplus, which went into a deficit again under President George W. Bush. Possibly because of a tax cuts while running two wars.

    • EQ4ALL

      If you’ll go back just a little further maybe you’ll remember that Pres Bush Sr gave Pres Clinton a healthy economy which he rode for 3 years. Clinton started this Recession by forcing the Banks and lending institutions to provide loans to those who weren’t qualified just so he could keep a political promise on housing. Pres Bush jr tried to get the Democratically controlled Congress to wake up and address the issue, but they didn’t. THEN the crash came, with a vengance.
      BTW, Pres Bush Jr and Sr were in the Armed Forces. Where was Pres O??? Protesting in the streets.

      • AmerVet77

        Excuse me did the 2 unfunded wars Bush put us in that have lasted for 10 years now have nothing to do with erroding our economy?

    • GradyPhilpott

      I think you’re a liar.

    • Tammy

      Obama fix it get real. He is the one who tripled the deficet in his first 100 days in office and now we as military and veterans pay for is. If it isn’t down sizing our military (which will lead to our demise eventually) it is threatening to take away our benefits for serving our country!.!!!! I think that He started it all when he tripled the deficit!!!!

      • AmerVet77

        So Bush Left President Obama a surplus? The triple deficit you speak of was left by George Bush, but I guess we are rewriting history again. It all started when George put us in two unfunded and undeclared wars that we have been stuck in for 10 years now but lets not mention that little piece of history. This economy was created by Bush you can blame President Obama until you turn purple but the facts reveal the truth. As for cutting VA benefits the GOP is forcing that so they can keep that 750 billion dollar tax cut for the rich that Mitt’s plan would expand even more. Keep voting against your own interest until you wake up with nothing.

      • gordy

        learn to speak english, and not ebonics. if you are an example of our so called all volunteer military, than i fear all is lost for america.

      • Sully CMSGT Ret

        I continue to find it amazing that those in the dark blame a po0litical process which is broke. The President whom I voted for has been a major disappointment granted. However the Congress of Republicans and Democrats have less than 5% who have ever been in the military. Thats the real issue, it wasn’t that long ago that as an e4 I qualified for food stamps. How many of either party currently in power have ever had that opportunity. Its time to quit the blame game and get off our arse and VOTE. Change is the only way to make it happen.

    • Jeff

      Yeah and remember where Clinton was (Coward) in Canada.

    • ken

      you sir, are an idiot….

    • John

      Hey Allen you need to learn how to spell. Maybe learn how to use spell checker on your computer. Yes Obama is to blame and so is his administration. Yes Bush screwed this country by laying in bed with the enemy. Clinton screwed one of his aids and never gave the Military a pay raise. He also shut down a lot of bases as well as stealing the china out of the White House. Lets face it we need a real President who is not chicken shit and to be a man and stand up as a true American. We have become a mockery to other nations and its time we go back to our old values. Stop being politically correct and start being real. However Allen i wish to thank you for your service to our country. I think if anyone in this country deserves more and should be given more respect then it should be the Vietnam Vets. Lets take a stand to insure our country is not becoming the next Roman empire.

    • Frank

      The debt that Bush did in 8years took Obama less than 4 years to do the same.

      • AmerVet77

        Its Bush debt that the President was left with but a hater will latch on to any reason to deny the truth about why they “hate” this president. Keep sippin the tea and they will burn your tongue enough for you to wake up one day.

    • nsawoman

      It has taken Obama the past 3 yrs to makes it 100 times worse

      • AmerVet77

        Right because we all know the housing bubble didnt really burst in 2005 before President Obama took office. Bush left him a surplus right? You guys crack me up with these fantasy island tells of how great the economy was before President Obama took office. The economy was wrecked by the Bushes of the world long before the president took office and you guys cant get enough of used car salesmen like Mitt Romney who will play on your “ism’s” and continue to errode the economy so that they can accumulate more wealth. But you keep drinking that tea until it burns you some more.

    • AmerVet77

      Our President is American and unless you are 100% Native American then you could go back to where ever you came from if you cant respect the American publics choice. Romney is a blatant liar but people like you would vote for him because its obvious you hate based on color. God may just let all you haters get what you deserve and let the GOP 1% finish what Bush started and take you completely to the cleaners. Its amazing how based on race they can get a person like you to vote against your own best interest.

    • Desert Fox

      Yeah, your right it took President Bush four years to raise the debt a couple of trillion. However, you forgot to say that we were attacked during that time and we had to respond. You also forgot to say that BHO has raised the debt twice as much in his three years in office as all the any of the Presidents that proceeded him clear back to Clinton.

      So, Sir, I suggest you get your facts together before you put your foot further up yours #$#$.

    • Perfesser

      NO MORE LIES FROM GARBAGE that STEALS LIFE because of NO IDEAS or REAL LOVE of FELLOW MAN……TRUTH…..NOW….IN ONLY 2 YEARS , from 2006 to 2008 , the DEMONOCRAPS DESTROYED the ECONOMY that BUSH had PUT TOGETHER after 9/11 CAUSED a small crash

    • Teresa

      Allen lets remember who is running Congress while these Presidents are in office. You’re right one man does not run this country, but I think Obama sure is trying to – God help us all!!!!! Please go back and take a look at the big picture not just who is President at the time.

    • jim


    • SBartley

      Yes, President Clinton worked with a Republican congress to balance the budget and you should read as to how it was balanced! As for President Bush, he didn’t have to get rich while in office and while I don’t have the numbers, it appears that President Obama and family have spent quite a bit more traveling than President Bush. I am for cutting travel at taxpayers’ expense for all branches of government which could help pay off national debt.

    • Col Bob Hartman

      It is a shame Allen that you are so poorly informed as to the causes of our current economic woes. I’m a 100% disabled vet and I took the time to read the bills and the analyses of primal causes and most are of Democratic origin (toxic morgages, fibancial bailouts, 0 productive stimulus programs, backdoor bonusees although publically condeming the financers,etc) the demos have supported vets, but caused the current debt (nobody made Obama and party overspend and pass economically debilitating legislation uch as moratoriu on drilling and the xl pipeline.

    • richard l. hill


  • Art Frailey

    What amazes me is that the billionairs, the other wealthy and the union people do not see that this is an out and out attemped takeover by BOBO andis like cronies.

    • Arthur

      “Bobo”? REALLY? So how is this the work of only ONE man — and not the PARTISAN POLITICAL BICKERING of Congress? Oh, and you mention Billionaires, “other wealthy” and “union people”. Yeah, THEY need to pay 30% of their TOTAL income in taxes like the rest of us.

  • SkepticalOtto

    They want us when they need us but now they forget.

  • LtDougman

    I would like to see the end of the Electoral College, then every vote would count. The way it is now, the votes may as well be done by a very small number of people in each state. This is the only way to have a true popular vote election.

  • it makes me sick to think that the majority of the congress men never served a day in the military and are soo casual about taking our benefits from us that served for 20 years plus and put our lives on the line. they however serve one term and get a retirement for life 5 times greater than our retirement benefits.

    • retiree

      You can quit being sick – Congress does NOT get benefits for life after 1 term – they are under FERS and FEHBP like our Civil Service Brethren. Under HR3813, they will lose even more retirement and pay more for what they get.

      Congressional Retirement Plan:…

      Proposed changes to Retirement (affects Congress)

      Congressional Health Care:…

    • gordy

      you seem to think it should be the other way around. you sound just as bad as the politicians you are bitching about. that said, what preemptive, illegal police action/war did you serve in. i am a 100% disabled combat vet who served from vietnam to desert storm, i knew the risks involved, did i have to fight the va. to get what was owed to me? yes i did and i won, did it leave me bitter? no. i do not live in poverty because i am disabled and i am happy with what i have. you should be happy to just be alive and not have some one trying to kill you in some back water country. every day i wake up i think, just another crappy day in paradise, but paradise just the same. don’t get me wrong if need, be i would fight against this government we have now, and i believe if things keep going the way they are, we will have a civil war. what i am trying to say is, show them who the better man is.

  • T. Horta

    My husband was a great Sgt/Maj and a very proud Vet. Now I am alone as he was in viet Nam twice and got Agent Orange and passed at a young age. Now being alone and trying to make ends meet. The govt. has always treated the military badly. Pay increases have been little over the years. Like others have said the govt seems to take care of the rich and the middle class and less have to suffer for them. It will take a commopn person to run the Govt. One who is not rich. They are the ones who know how to manage money.

  • Doug

    USN Retiree
    I am a Viet Nam Vet and I feal that all the Military boath active duty and retired served our country with aner. Our elected officials need to suport us as we did our county. I am proud to have served and if I was able I would do it again.

  • George Pfaff

    Sequestration of VA funds to balance shortfall in nonexistent budget that previously included a bill approved by Congress and the President for stable funding of veterans healthcare benefits and war injury needs; Is now being positioned as latest political football to enter political discussion- with Rep. miller and Patty Murray setting “the stage” to create FEAR IN VETERANS-many of whom are elderly and disabled and at same time Calling to include a mechanism to “Exempt” this group from getting “the ax” in budget cutting political tactics. Maybe they should have done a better job and the economy before coming to the rescue for problem they created. Sequester politicians pay and benefits until they act on behalf of the citizens who elected them;

  • Doc

    Restrictions to our electoral system and safeguards to see that our elected officials are legally eligible for office should be a mandate we all should give priority to. Political jargon has marginalized the voice of a legitimate group that are trying like hell to safeguard our Constitution. When our enemies come they will come as propaganda promising services and money from an already overburdened budget. Failing just gives them power to take over as dictators in a crisis situation you will no longer have control of.

  • Bill Osborne

    I wonder if a cut is made, how many will end up homeless? I have depended on VA health care for 20 plus years. If it is cut I won’t make it. That is the bottom line!

    • Matt

      I know what you mean.

    • Rick Avant

      I know too. I depend on VA health care too.

    • gordy

      you would make it if you stopped abusing your meds. are you still living with that other druggie milt (milk man), you don’t remember me, do you, but i remember you. i was your landlord in jacksonville fl. now do you remember, gordy and linda?

  • Mike

    This is just more Republican scaremongering. If the VA gets cut, it will be Congress that does it; no one else can rightly take the blame. They know that by using this false reasoning they can scare and manipulate veterans into getting on board for their elections. I say that is good enough reason to hand them pink slips in November.

    • Sam Riley

      Are you nuts or just unable to see the forest for the trees? Yyouseou must have no concept of what some of we military have to bear for doing our duty to this wonderful(going in the toilet) country. Do you have nightly nightmares that make you hurt yourself or your wife? Did you lose any part of your body, os any one of youe senses? Do you have Agent orange related problems such as cancer? Do you live on SSN? Did you know that the raise in SSN that was given was mostly used to pay for the rise inMedicare?Come into the light. Go be a volenteer at a VA Hostital or VA Nursing Home. This reality not some TV show.

  • mike

    The facts are this if the gov. would just stop all aid to other countries then review on a case by case need we could save a bout 800 billion a year

    • nsawoman

      I agree with stopping aide to countries that hate us, aka Pakistan Egypt Iraq, etc

  • Proud Combat Vet

    Say what you will, it is a Republican Congressman who is trying to get the White House, aka-President Obama, to state that Veterans Health and other programs will not be included in sequestration. All you Bush haters are pathetic! Four years isn’t enough for your man to get the problem fixed? Give me a break. It is very obvious Obama is catering to every special interest group except vets. Open your eyes.

    • AmerVet77

      The Republicans are the ones who initiated the sequestration, wake up. They only want the President to make an early statement so they can spin it for people like you who will believe whatever lie they tell. If you understand economics there isnt anyone who could have fixed this in 4 years or 8 for that matter. Why do you think any creditable Republican isnt running? Mitt knows its the only chance his sorry lieing butt might have because many of the small minded will listen to his lies and look at skin color.

  • Neil

    Look carefully at the voting records of each party. The Democrats have always supported the troops after a conflict. Obama’s GI bill increase and recent veterans jobs bill are examples. Those new policies wouldn’t even exist if a Republican was in office. If you want V.A. cuts vote Republican. They treat the V.A. just like any other entitlement program regardless of the fact that we earned it. “Support our troops” is code for support our war as far as the Republicans are concerned and their voting record proves it.

  • John

    We should have voted for John Carry and Sarah Palin. At least Mr Carry was a veteran and knew the importance of being a True American. So all of you who voted for the joker who is in office now should be banished from this country. I guess he is getting the last laugh. We all know the elections are rigged and he will probably get another term. I think it is time to start acting like true Americans and helping one another. Lets make sure we put a real man and a true American in office and not some Arab who does not believe in this country.

    • nsawoman

      It was John McCain not Carry. Yes he was but he is voting to charge vets for tricare for life. I wrote him and his answer was we have to cut somewhere. Needless to say we are not millionaires like he and his family though he did give a lot of his own being to this country, I disagree with him.

    • AmerVet77

      You obviously didnt see Game Change….

    • Neil

      Palin wouldn’t even know where Afghanistan is located. Yea..she would make a great leader. LOL

  • American

    I say Hue Hefner for President. At least we would know where we stand.

  • aad

    our not an american president…….keeps cutting benefits, so he and his
    pals can have parties every Wednesday nite at the white house……and of course …..Our Not an american president’s wife……has to go on vacations whenever she not making a fool of us on tv(she thinks)………and lets not forget the DOG….can’t fly with them …….over $100.000 everytime he goes with them anywhere…..ah what the hick , you all keep enjoying yourselfs and take it out of the veterans that make it possible for you to enjoy all YOUR benefits….but watch out…….come noverber, I believe the whole lot of you…that are in our white house, will be going back to Kenya.

    • retiree

      Please take your Birther conspiracy elsewhere. President Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961.

      I assume you also complained about President Bush’s vacations, President G. H. W. Bush’s vacations, President Reagan’s vacations, President Ford’s vacations, President Nixon’s vacations, President Eisenhower’s vacations.

    • bubba

      I agree with retiree. Get a life. How stupid do you have to be to keep spouting this birther nonsense. You seem to be very limited person.

  • omar 5955

    So damned much hodge podge from all of you people sickens me; put politics aside and for once do what is right and leave us damned veterans and active duty service members out of the games you want to play. Let’s get on with what is right for this nation and to hell with Republicans and Democrats and party alignment. I could give a shit what the parties think is right by their philosophies but what is right morally for our service members who have sacrificed so much through out these several past generations. One of these days we will rise up and kick your asses out of office and put true Americans in to power who have our nation and the common people’s needs and concerns first and foremost. Your day is coming and it is going to be sooner than later. Mark my words, stop dicking around and do what is right morally and responsably or you will regret what is in store for you and the rest of the elected officials who “serve” with you.

    • James

      Well spoken.

  • Jeanette Eaton

    I don’t know whom or what can be blamed, but , what I DO understand , is that if the VA gets cuts, then prices on our everyday living expenses should be cut as well…..but, it’s not working out that way…..the prices on EVERYTHING continue to go UP.all while they want to cut our benefits DOWN. I agree that if our VA benefits are cut, then they should start with President Obama and work down the line and cut EVERYONE ELSE’S benefits as well. Anything less than that isn’t acceptable , in my own opinion. But, alas, my opinion would NEVER influence anyone in the PRIVILEGED FEW circle. We live in a country that has been known as “the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE. We live in a FREE country BECAUSE of the BRAVE. And whom might the brave be? Our MILITARY throughout our country’s history.. The loss of limbs, sight, hearing, and not to forget life are some of the ways our military personel have contributed for us to remain the land of the FREE. Sadly enough, some of our servicemen and women are and/or have even lost their homes and families …how much more will be taken away from them? My husband was a 100% service-connected disabled veteran. He passed away 12 years ago. My late father served in the Signal Corps in Germany during WWII, At THE VERY SAME TIME his three brothers ALSO served in Germany, as well. One of them didn’t come back home alive. My mother had a brother who also died in Germany. My brother was shot in the DMZ between North and South Korea during the night of Easter Sunday, 1968. I have 3 sons who all have served in the military. My oldest served in the Air Force and my two younger sons, both served in the Navy and had tours of duty in the Gulf during both conflicts…..Multiply my relatives who have served by all of the others who have served and the lives that were also involved or connected to them in some way and you have what it has taken to remain the free country that we are….and now they want to make cuts? There is a SIX letter word for that….it starts with an “S” and ends with a “D” (Hint, hint–the others are TUPI)

  • Cdr_Rogers

    Congress and the White house are getting paid for not doing their jobs. When was the last budget passed? (900+ days ago) When is the budget supposed to be on place? October) What would happen if you do your job like the White House and Congress are doing? YOU’D BE FIRED!!!! Think about that when voting on 2012

    • retiree

      CBA 2011. Same budget bill (by Congress) that mandated Sequestration of $1.2 trillion over 10 years if Congress did not act by 30 November 2011. When Congress failed to act, Congress triggered the Sequestration, and a requirement for Congress to either develop a plan for $1.2 trillion in cuts, starting in 2013 (1 October) or have the automatic cuts happen.

      Thank Congress for this problem. Request Congress fix the problem – since by law Congress is responsible for fixing it.

  • pat

    Our Military earned these benefits you keep trying to take away and so did the families We gave up alot while our spouses were out fighting your war and risking their lives for what? So you could now take it away, mess with somene else. I didn’t vote for Obama and he sure hasn’t done anything worth while. Leave our Military alone they deserve the benefits they earned protecting your sorry ass.

  • Desert Fox

    Well, here we go again, every damn time we get a Socialist (oops, I mean a Democrat) in office the first place they look to cut expenses they latch onto the Military and its Vets to steal from.

    Leave us alone, I don’t mind paying my fair share but I earned the few pennies I get from being injuried while on active duty (Vietnam (’68-’69)and Desert Storm) and my retirement (30+ years).

    Cut your wages and benefits before you stick it to us; the ones that put their lives on the line to protect your sorry behinds.
    Retired TSgt, USAF.

    • Neil

      Republicans are for increases in armament spending while cutting veterans benefits. Democrats are for cutting wasteful armament spending while increasing veterans benefits. All you need to do is simply look at the voting records of both party’s, then decide what you want.

  • Neil

    The President has INCREASED the VA’s budget for three straight years! He has also fought for the increased G.I Bill benefits and the new veterans job bill. You can hate the liberals all you want, but they are the ones who have been taking care of the veterans for their service. Republicans think of the V.A. as simply another entitlement program they would rather cut and even some of them would like to dump the V. A. entirely. The facts are their to see if you bother to look.

    • Randy

      The President may have increased the VA’s budget for 3 straight years , but we vets have only seen 1, count them 1 Cost of living increase in those three years. The cost of living has gone up almost 20% and we get all of 3%. Now Neil , you were saying?

    • G.F.

      you must be a brain washed Democrat to think that way

    • Gordyb


      • GordyB

        This was placed in wrong spot!

  • Cleveland Walton

    I remember as a child hearing the old folk saying Indian giver you know give something and then take it back , the government give us health care that we earned now they want to take it back shame on the government for even thinking about doing such a thing.

  • Deborah

    Oh yeah, cut the Vet’s benefits, why the hell don’t they cut the frikkin welfare benefits to these illegal aliens and people who make it a lifestyle to be on welfare! The government can give illegal aliens social security with out them even as much as putting one dime into the system! But they are going to cut benefits to our soldiers that fought for our country so we could be free! There is something awful backwards about how they are doing things! I am a business owner struggling to keep my doors open and this messed up state built the county welfare office across the street from my shop, my office faces that building, I have to look at it every day I am at work, I see how many of hundreds of people go through those this doors over there! cut those peoples welfare checks, lower politicians wages DO NOT MESS WITH THE VETRANS and what they have earned and are entitled to!

    • retiree

      1. Illegal aliens are NOT eligible for benefits. Cutting a budget of $0 has no impact.

      2. TANF (what you call welfare) is limited to 5 years. NO ONE makes a lifestyle of it. Been this way since the reform in the mid-90’s.

      3. Maybe all those folks getting welfare are unemployed? In case you didn’t notice there’s a recession.

      4. Regardless of the above, OMB is doing the right thing. Sequestration is a Congressional action mandated on Congress by Congress under the Congressional Budget Act. Congress is to blame. Want to fix the problem – talk to Congress.

      5. Want to balance the budget? Top 3 items (adding to 80% of the budget): Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, Defense.

      • Apotex

        Welfare for 5 years? Come to Detroit and tell me that.
        Get rid of the EPA, FCC,IRS,DoE and we are home free.

      • bandor

        Sorry to have to disagree with you but I know several Illegal aliens getting ss benefits and your right about the top 3 but we pay each day to cover the cost of them its mismanagement of this were the problem is..
        Dishing out money to other special interest groups/project

        • retiree

          You’re not disagreeing with me. They are breaking the law. Feel free to report them to the IRS and Social Security.

          Again to all Sequestration is SUPPOSED to hurt – the idea is that each side holds something the other side cares about hostage – and the only way to get the hostages back is to compromise. Blame Congress.

      • Ken Lilly

        You forgot Congressional pay and self determined benefits, plus their own medical backed by their own votes. As for, we the people, we have paid into our medical and Social Security all of our working life, never had a choice in it. As for Defense, it is a Volunteer military of low pay, with possible benefits of death or maiming. As for illegal aliens, it is not zero, but it is welfare. Sequesting is a way for it to be hidden. How many Congressional retirees are now on the take of our tax dollars? And, what is the ratio between individual Social Security and Congressional retirement benefits? All rules are meant for breaking when it comes to Government except for themselves.

        • retiree

          Congress is under FERS – has been since 1984. Before that they were under CSRS (since 1946). In both cases just like our Civil Service Brethren. Their Medical is FEHBP, same as our Civil Service Brethren. I’ve posted links to those many times. They pay for medical, retirement, and Social Security. Last I looked, Military did not pay cash for retirement, and Active duty did not pay for Medical.

          2. Illegal Aliens are NOT entitled to TANF, Medicaid, or SS. The budget for that is $0. If any are receiving it, they are breaking the law. Therefore cutting the budget of $0 results in $0 savings.

          3. Sequestration is about holding what the other side holds dear hostage to force compromise. There is nothing hidden about it. And only Congress can make the Compromise.

    • Don

      The main reason he (the Prez) will not cut the benefits going out to those who seek to live off of the vets and others in this once great land, is he wants their votes so he can stay in office and take all of the lavish vacations and haul his mutt around. Reduce the pay rates of all of those who find a 2nd home in Washington, that are placed there by our votes, and cut the number of times the Prez can take lavish vacations, to once a year like those of us paying for his trips to Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii, his wifes trips to Spain and all over Europe, while we pay $5,000.00 per night per room for her.

    • mark norton

      God Bless U Deborah




    • Tsg/r John

      I concur with the statement if we’re going to cut the budget was cut out some of the stuff that Congress gets like 100% retirement after only one tour in Congress. I spent 20 years of my life defending this country is ways of life I do not regret that for one moment, but I only get 50% of my salary as where the congressman after one tour in Congress gets 100% of their salary as a retirement not to mention their medical benefits.!!!!!

  • Deborah

    I am sooooo sick and tired of the BS , this is sooooo wrong!

  • BEE

    Yes, the OMB is wrong and the President should say more about our benefits. I also believe that he should do more about the gas prices however to blame him for all that has happened is wrong! This didn’t come about over night or within the last 3 years. Do your homework, this began years ago and it is in the works to improving. It also takes congress (REPUBLICANS) to do some work and quit the “NO” campaign as well as waiting on the election. Out of all the republican candidates none of them compare to the President. They are either racist or rich or both. None can identify with any of our problems. Remember they have been in congress or the house for years and never did anything so what could they possibly do now. Vote for whom will do better with the issues and not just because you hate someone because of the color of their skin. NO one is perfect. THIS IS AMERICA!!!

    • APO SF 96375

      Your sort of liberal crap-thinking is what got us into this mess. You will find no reasonable American that agrees with you. Now go back to your government handler and tell them the veterans wouldn’t buy the tripe.

    • Sgt. Stoney

      Oh right, anyone white is now racist, I forgot. Blame Bush right? You couldn’t get yourself to say it but that’s what you were thinking wasn’t it? Blame the Republicans because your guy can’t figure out how Capitalism works. HE’s a real uniter in chief for sure, for sure. All praise be to the uniter. Gimme a break.

    • Jacob

      Not sure where you’ve been doing your “homework” but you’re a little misguided to think the current president’s policies don’t have an impact on what’s been happening with this country and I’m not seeing where things are “in the works to improving” because of this administration. And I’m not seeing where the current republican presidential candidates are “racist”. I have yet to hear any one of them say that things are the way they are because the president is BLACK. Stop using someone’s skin color as a “crutch” as to why things are the way they are. The President could be pink, blue, purple, or whatever color you choose and people (including me) would still disagree with his philosophy about the direction this country should be heading. I believe in a hand up not a hand out. You teach people to succeed and not by taking from “those who have” and give to those “who have not”. This country is great because everyone has the “opportunity” to succeed if they want to bad enough. There are plenty of examples of “poor” people making it big because they had the “desire” to go out and get it. No one that I know “hates” the president because of the color of his skin. They hate is liberal “share the wealth” point of view.

    • LER

      BEE your right this is not a problem that has happened overnight. But, blaming Republicans when both the Democrats and Republicans are responsible for our current situation is not the way to go. Saying they are both either racist, rich, or both can also be said about almost every candidate. The bottom line is that our government has not been held accountable. Yes, we have way too many professional politicians but it is up to us and our votes to help correct this problem.

    • Teresa

      You’re right BEE this is AMERICA and I’d like to see it stay that way. Look at Canada and Germany where the govenment runs and controls everything — no thanks. We need to save our country from this President and I don’t care what color his skin is. Get your head out of the sand!!! Unless you are one of those lazy people who are just sitting around waiting for a hand out, I don’t understand you.

    • Demo

      WOW, anyone reading this can identify you as the raciest, look in the mirror and get some help.

  • bandor

    Just how stupid does the government think people are ? I may have a low income DUE to health issues (military service and old age) and need the care from the VA but stupid I we”re not ! I realize Obama is not the blame but I also know He’s part of the problem the states are in. When the powerful and rich can kick dirt into the faces of the poor its time to make a change. One reason I served is to have an equal say in what my government does and now thru the passing years I like so many other have let them (government ) take that away from me (if you don’t think so say something bad about the government) VA benefit want be the only thing you’ll will lose.
    Everyone saying go out and vote look at the last couple terms voting didn’t mean crap they still put in office who the rich wanted
    If we want to turn this government around QUIT going to war for the rich Stop your children from joining the service and let them (the rich and one in control go fight thier wars.THEN and only then will they start to look at taking away VA benefit in a different light

  • Gordy B

    C’mon guys the congress didn’t do it’s job and the cuts are mandatory.
    and aren’t all of you getting sick of bitching about some poor person getting
    welfare or food stamps. Were a hell of alot better off than they are. let’s
    show a little compasion for those less fortunate and agree that our country
    is in trouble becaause of the cost of these two wars and a banking issue,
    caused by lack of regulation . Also by tens of thousands of people who reniged
    on their home mortgages.This trouble started well before President Obama.
    As to congress cutting their pay why is this even an issue.

  • They want save money all our white house staff including president should have the same benefits as we do,That would probaly pay about half our national debt,they should have to deal with medicare and social security,
    see if they can make a living,usmc vet.

  • at sea

    Alright this Is my final comment on this CF
    The past 43 administrations of Presidents placed 6.3 Trillion dollars of Debt upon us.
    This one (1) administration has saddled us with 6.5 Trillion dollars on top of the other 43 administrations.
    So trash talk or make all excuses that you wish, to cover up your reason to continue to support this abuse of trust.
    Bottom line our trust and our country have been raped.
    November is our opportunity to say ENOUGH.

    • John Camara

      Your right and the we need 4 year term limits . Work to get out the VOTE.

    • neil

      I guess you want the V.A. entitlement benefits cut to help pay for this dept. Then vote republican. Romney will be glad to cut V. A. entitlements plus create additional dept by buying more military arsenal we don’t really need.

      • Kate

        Neil you really don’t have a clue and you obviously need something to do. “at sea” is right – the republicans have been for the military all along but your buddy BHO is the one who is cutting everything for them. Please don’t refer to the VA benefits as “entitlement benefits” because they earned them.

        • Neil

          Of course entitlement benefit are earned. That’s what Democrats have been saying all along, hence the term “entitled”. The same goes for Social Security, Medicare etc. I paid for those programs too, but somehow you think that is different. You can’t have it both ways. The new Republican party dislikes all entitlement programs including veterans benefits and their voting record proves it. Democrats want to cut wasteful military armament spending to help pay for these benefits. Thank Obama for the new G.I bill with long overdue increases. Thank Obama for the veterans job bill. Obama hasn’t cut one penny from the V.A. in fact it has been increased. Kate you really don’t have a clue..

    • Mark

      Please get your story straight. The facts are as follows from Regan to Present:_less than 1 trillion 9xx billion_Regan left it at about 3 trillion (8 years) 2+ trillion increase_Bush 41. left it at about 6 trillion (4 years) 3 trillion increase_Clinton left it at roughly 5.8 trillion (8 years) 200 billion lowered_Bush 43 left it at roughly 11.9 trillion (8 years) 6.1 trillion_Obama Current deficit is 15.5 trillion 3.6 trillion increase_expected to reach 16.4 by the End of 2012 fiscal year which ends October 14, 2012 23:59:59._Obama will set the trend for 2013 and as such should increase further but will it exceed 18 trillion? At 18 trillion Obama will have matched Bush 43. I am neither D or R due to the fact that our elected officials no longer truly represent us. I still vote, but with the “government for the people and by the people” taken out of Capital Hill, it only leaves politics. When are the officials going to stop criticizing each other and blaming each other and take responsibility and do something.

      • Mark

        Remember: No one monitors the government.. oh wait that is up to the citizens to step forward and stop it. Waiting for the pickets, boycotts, and riots to begin to protest where the government has been heading for a long time, which is HELL. I fought for this country and when someone else organizes it, I will continue to fight for this country and for what it stands. I am a numbers person so if you are going to say things such as was stated, then please get a better ballpark figure. Your figures state that the National Federal debt is 12.8 trillion total and it is not. Remember Bush 43 is the biggest spender to date and at the given rate of things it is not expected that Obama will beat him. I am not opposed to Obama bashing, as long as it is factually based. Bash away at any person as long as it is founded in facts and I will have to agree. Remember that not all of us are like “lambs to the slaughter” and will follow without question. I question everything including the so called economics being practiced for at least the last 30 years.

    • rocky

      It’s like an itch that you can’t get to. Once it’s satisfied it’s forgotten and you push onto something else. Listen, everyone has something to say, but the real challenge is when the game changes. Pressure those that we voted for, make it your personal ambition!

  • at sea

    Alright this Is my final comment on this CF
    The past 43 administrations of Presidents placed 6.3 Trillion dollars of Debt upon us.
    This one (1) administration has saddled us with 6.5 Trillion dollars on top of what the the other 43 administrations left us with.
    So trash talk or make all excuses that you wish, to continuine in support this abuse of trust.
    Bottom line our trust and our country have been raped.
    November is your (and my) opportunity to responsibly say ENOUGH. So either act in a responsible manner or take it and swallow in silence. The choice is yours.

  • major

    im a vet and i will never give up my rights we will all stay together and fight for our rights!

  • armyvet

    At one time, this nation backed veterans, it didnt touch our pay, our benefits, and our health care, now because people up above us cant make any sound decisions, take our money and go on long vacation, we the veterans who so proudly served our country when they asked us to, now face financial strain…garbage! we shouldn’t have to, need to send a message to our reps, DONT TOUCH VA!

  • Bob M

    When was the last time you heard of any of those pukes in DC taking a cut or having to trim their bugets. They do nothing but sit in a cushy job and spread BS better than the best manuer spreader I have ever seen. Enough is enough vote everyone of them out and make DC what it is supposed to be, a place where our rights and values are supported—not a bunch of rich, arrogant, worthless BS’ers

    • charles Tringale

      ! back that 100% USMC DIS. VET. P.G.W.

  • Dborn

    OMB is an office out of control; always has been; an office with the power of the WhiteHouse. The administration feels compelled to deplete and demoralize our military and the support our wartime veterans earned and deserve. Voters who support this will not see the reality, only the “free” money being wielded about. We must save our country!

  • Irvin

    Congress and REPUBLICANS strikes again! All they care about is trying to beat President Obama; the VA is just in the line of fire. So go ahead and vote for a Republican. I do know this; when a super-rich Republican Presidential candidate say, “I do not care about the poor” I believe him.

    • My God Irvin, did you get your brain shot out? It’s all OBAMA and his cronies doing this pitiful stuff. Stop the Democrat/Republican crap and point your finger at the man giving a damn less about what political party he belongs to. It’s the MAN – got it? Obama is trying to bring this country to it”s knees and if we don’t stop him, he will.

  • Gunny

    Just goes to show how important it is for all of us to stay up to date on all the issues that affect veterans benefits and for us to stand together as veterans and remind our representatives of the sacrifices that are made every day not only by the veteran but his/her family on a daily baisis. We need more veterans in Washington.

  • Sgt Kinder Retired

    How much more are they going to take away from the Veterans? I am going a 100 miles from home today for a hip operation because there isn’t any orthopedic doctors that take tri care in my town. I’m on medicare and can’t affoed to pay the 22% copay. So I have to go to a military Facility. The reason is that it takes at least 6 months for the government to pay anything and then it’s less than half of what the bill is and now they want to cut Veterans Health care more.. Thanks Obama



    • JLC

      You are correct. This should have been legislated a long time ago. If Veteran cuts ever come into play,then Congress and Senate face the SAME cuts. We might not see any huge increases,but damn sure they wouldn’t always be threatening to take away.

  • fleas

    my husband is being treated for not one, but two, agent orange related cancers. the second one resulted in surgery last month. i am knee keep in a 14×16 foot room FULL of supplies TOTALLY UNRELATED TO HIS CONDITION. i tried to give them back. the VA said, just toss them. the VA hospital system, it seems, is just a distribution house for crony contracted supplies. this system NEEDS TO BE MONITORED, federal employees NEED to be able to be fired. there is plenty of money in the health care system, but, it seems to be designed just to make certain people and supply outfits fat.

  • Dale

    I see a lot of negative Republican jibber jabber in these posts. It’s the Senate Democrates and Obama that are the roadblocks to progress and getting the country in general out of this mess.



    • Neil

      I think you are confusing military armament cuts with V.A entitlement programs. The two are separate issues. Most Republicans are for increases in armament spending and cutting veterans entitlement benefits. Most Democrats are for cutting wasteful armament spending and increasing veterans entitlement benefits. All you need to do is simply look at the voting records of both party’s, then decide what you want.

    • Kate

      Larry if they do that the the Dems will lose their entire voting base. They like to keep the ” DRUG ADDICTED LIFE LONG WELFARE RECIPIENTS AND THE ILLEGALS” happy so they keep voting them into office.

  • Cdr_Rogers

    IF Obama is a leader Then it is definitely HIs fault!!! The buck stops at the leader… nough said????

    • Neil

      Obama has supported our troops by approving of the V.A.’s budget, helping pass the new G.I bill increases and the veterans jobs bill. No, it’s your fault for going off on some uniformed biased hate instead of bothering to look at facts that are on his record. nough said…

      • richard l. hill


    • richard l. hill


  • John Camara

    No the problem is deeper then the current administration. To many political members in HOUSE and Sennet are non military and LIKE THE PRESEDENT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE ISSUE. Sorry about the fact they keep electing non military into office. People who are not PATRIOTS and Believe in the Things this COUNTRY was founded On. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. Ret military must stand UP and Be HEARD. If its not to late.

  • truth

    The VA was created to take care of combat related injuries, not be an option to health care. Most veterans in the VA are not SC, and many that are are FOS, THEY SERVED IN NO COMBAT, they claim PTSD BECAUSE THEIR DRILL SARGENAT YELLED AT THEM , THEN TRANSEXUALS ARE GETTING medical care and medication for their transexualism, when WW2 vets cannot get care. Mnay Chronically lazy men and women are claiming more benefits unprovable, which will eventually bankrupt the VA unless these nos service coneected veterans and lazr nonworkers quit taking benefits meant for combat vets, since when is depression and bipolar , etc caused by the military service. Get and job and leave the benifits for the truly worthy combat vets.

    • steven caro

      I understand and agree about the non-service connected stuff, and even with service connected, i think the VA has to be tougher to dole out bennies, but i for one can say this.. Combat only… I disagree… I was hurt several times on different deployments, and live in constant pain…. should i not have any benefits because it was not combat? I theatre of combat, but not there.. just making it ready for our planes to go do their thing, pilots to have a place to seep, the AGE guys a place to work… I was a Civil Eng., structural specialist… Got blown off a roof in a wind storm buttoning up a portable hanger with a f-15 loaded to the tits inside… thats almost 32 feet just on that one alone…. I try to not go but maybe once a year, and suck it up at home to try to not be a burden… From this past dec. 1, i have been in bed 34 days already this year because of my back…. Had to have a complete knee reconstruction for another one of those service connected incidents in Turkey…. Didn’t miss more that two days after i blew out my knee in the desert..Kept working… at the expense of my knee… it still half blownout and hurts like hell everyday, because i didnt stop working, and they wouldn’t let me…… Get a job and leave the benefits for truly worthy combat vets….. then what about me, and guys just like me…. I hope you are well, and that they are taking good care of you…

    • Marc J

      I’m sorry but you are ill informed about the history of the VA. I don’t deny that there might be VETS that abuse the system, but unless you have specifics, you shouldn’t make such a blanket statement. I have friends and family that died and suffered and some was never taken care of by the VA. I am a Viet Nam vet. When I first went in the Military, to risk your life (and believe me some did’t make it) you would get free medical and Dential care while servicing and if retired, you were to get free medicare and dential for the rest of your life ( for some serving durning this perior they were lied to). Vets pay the price, we are not given anything

      • truth

        show me i writing where the ARMY/ military pormised what you say, i bet yuo have nothing in writing, i served and was in the gulf also, i did not have my arm twisted to sign up and recieved a check every 2 weeks for my work, not all vet pay anything but working and getting a paycheck nobody forced most of these vets, unless you were drafted,
        IN THAT CASE unless you actually served in combat beacause many vets are vietnam era but did not go anywhere close to vietnam,

      • Flyoverman

        And we were lied too. No one from our era should be suprised. SSDD

    • Rose

      I can understand how you feel about benefits going to those who truly do not deserve them and are milking the VA system. This has been going on for a long time with medicaid and medicare fraud. Our govt has a habit of not overseeing fraud and or just ignoring it unless it is a election year. However; I heartily disagree with your analogy that only combat veterans were meant to be served by the VA. The VA was started by the American Legion and it was started to help all Veterans returning from service to their country. And, if you were not in combat and were serving during a conflict when combat was always going to be a possibility than you should be allowed the same benefits as those who did serve. To be service connected for other than combat injuries is a benefit that the American Legion and other service organizations fought for and won. For you to think that PTSD, Depression, and Bi-Polar cannot have resulted from service is outrageous.. Where did you get your Medical Degree? Did you serve your country like I did? I have PTSD, depression, anxiety, and agoraphobia. I did not serve one day in a combat zone. I didn’t get my benefits from being yelled at by my drill sergeant. I got them by being raped by the system.

    • Flyoverman

      Hooah, from a veteran who never got a scratch. Your comments are on target.

    • Big Mo

      Right on Brother. For every combat soldier there are 7 or more support people that never see combat.Forget PTSD and go back to your life.

  • neil

    Most Republicans are for increases in armament spending and cutting veterans entitlement benefits. Most Democrats are for cutting wasteful armament spending and increasing veterans entitlement benefits. All you need to do is simply look at the voting records of both party’s, then decide what you want.

    • Kate

      Neil, go do something besides watching CNN, or ABC, NBC & CBS. Your entire statement is false.

      • Neil

        Please prove me wrong Kate. I can’t help that your right wing Faux propaganda station and hate for Obama gets in the way of facts. I can prove my statement and point to direct voting records, but that seems meaningless to the indoctrinated fools. Did I ask anyone to listen to any station in particular? No, I just want people to do honest research by looking at voting records in hopes that even the indoctrinated might see the error of their biased judgement.

    • richard l. hill


  • C. Johnson


  • I agree with DICKB. VTBO, ALL of them, good, Bad, Indifferent, lets start fresh and VTBO in 2012 and then in 2014 and 2016. If WE, the Veterans, Vote en masse to VTBO maybe then they will sit up and take notice. It’s high time we take away all THEIR Benefits and Perks especially since they have destroyed our financial well being and involved us in USELESS undeclared wars that have cost this country over 60,000 lives, 2.2 MILLION Wounded & Maimed all because of GREED, and hunger for POWER! There are over 20 million Veterans and we all need to STAND TOGETHER and serve notice on these CARPETBAGGERS!

  • pam

    Make the Welfare take drug test, cut the illegals, take druggies and alcoholics of disability, take bipolar children & adult off disability, our government should be under the same medical and social security we are, no self raises, wouldn’t the private like to give him or herself a raise so they didn’t have to rely of food stamps. Look our lower ranking pay…. They are living at poverty level but are looking down the barrel of a weapon. Civilian government worker over Middle East gets over $100,000. a year and are not looking down the barrel of a weapon. We in the Military take random drug test all the time. You don’t pass you do not serve, welfare you do not pass you do not get your check until you are clean.

    • kurt

      need to quit giving welfare people tax refunds because they have kids we pay monthly for them now. i work hard every day and hardly get a refund back and always have to pay the state money, im married and file s/o whats wrong with this picture

  • James

    Let’s cut the benefits of those who are in Congress etc., let’s see what reaction will they get. Those brave men and woman who have served our country deserve those rewards etc. Why are they being punished?

  • Jerry I

    I’m embarrassed by some of this. Get over your party rhetoric. None of this has to do with republican or democrats. Our representatives on both sides are actling like children. As soon as one has the power in congress, they do everything they can to make issue with the opposing party. This middle school cafeteria food fight is being played out by people who are suppose to have the best interest of America in mind. Give me a break.

    Truth, get over your homophobic BS. Gays have served in the military since the beginning of war. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with who serves or how well.

  • Larry

    It is not Republican or Democrat! the problem is that OUR GOVERNMENT has forgotten its PROMISES to its military and veterans. Military personnel and their families endure many hardships in exchange for less pay than their civilian counterparts. As partial compensation, we are promised certain benefits as veterans. Now, OUR GOVERNMENT wants to play games with the benefits that we were promised. That sounds a lot like defaulting on a debt! I do not see the benefits of Congressmen/Senators and ex-members of Congress or Presidents and ex-Presidents being reduced or eliminated. Where would this country be, if not for the military that defend it? We would be speaking a different language and probably not have the standard of living that we all currently enjoy. For all those who take our military for granted or consider themselves anti-military, consider where you be without us.

  • woebegong

    I am 63, a retired service member and this is not any different than what has been going on since I joined the military back in 1968. It is always convenient to talk about how we must not forget the military veterans and then pass laws that insure once again, they have been forgotten. each year I watch a little more of the benefits I was promised when I first came in in 1968 disappear, and this year and future years will be no different. I am old enough to remember when I came in , in 1968, medical care for life was a guarantee for the G.I. and his family, and although Tricare is sufficient, sometimes the red tape you have to run through, makes you question a lot of the practices of the services. I gave up on the VA a long time ago, even though supposedly they are suppose to be there for me, since I am disabled due to exposure to Agent Orange. I think they just hope I will die and go away, so I have done my best to accommodate them. I do not even know where the nearest facility is other than it is too far away for me to make the trip, to receive poor care, should I need it.

    • David

      We hear this story year after year about how our Congress and Senate think that the great and sacrificial our servicemen are. They deserve so much from the United States and it’s people. There so full of themselves and the bandwagon they are on. We have less and less elected officials who have served and we now are going to suffer further. We really need to get the word out to prospective enlistees, that it is a dead end cannon fodder job or career to pursue.

      • woebegong

        I agree, they will say whatever they think will get them reelected to the fat kat jobs in Washington. The system is broke and I fortunately or unfortunately will not live nearly long enough to see an attempt to fix it, by responsible people electing the right ones to run our country.

    • TPEAY


      • woebegong

        You are lucky then. I live 85 miles from the Atlanta Georgia facility, and although there is a small satellite office here where I do live, they don’t do anything for the most part but give you a phone number to call to Atlanta, where you usually wait three months for an appointment. I just stick with tricare and so far, it has been sufficient to cover my family and mines needs. My one experience with the VA in Madison WI. left me cold about them, and I have never been back. I am lucky to have a good doctor in my neck of the woods, who stays on top of things, and I am going to stick with him. I feel sorry though, for those not as fortunate as myself.

  • Flyoverman

    I have no service related injuries. or conditions by the Grace of God. I will never sign up for Tri Care. I will live on peanut butter first. All I ask is the government take care of our wounded and injured, mentally and physically. Frankly, I do not believe my government ever cared one bit my service. What veterans think of me matters. That is all that is important.

  • Kelly Newcomer

    Its another example of our politions not careing, I say before you start cutting our benefits cut your own then come to us. Of course that will never happen. Its easy to talk about this when you are making millions and it dosnt dig into your pockets. Im so sick of congress I could scream but who would hear you, nobody in congress listens!!!!

  • Tom

    Why the surprise? This is an election year and you always stab the ones who object as your political football to paint the other side as demons! Congress will not play this game when the chips are down. The party wanting reelection will reject this type of attack. I can assure you that elements of radicalism in the current system don’t care about military other than to aid radicals who NEVER really serve to get them care not deserved.

  • Don

    Stop giving aid to other countries and take care of America first.

  • tiredofthis

    No one cares anymore about what is happening to anyone else. It’s all about what they can get not what they can give. That’s what’s wrong with this country. That includes people getting assistance that don’t need it or who could work for a living and not getting hand outs. I think they should look at cutting congress first and all their benifits. That would balance the budget.

    • Most of the money Congressmen get is from campaign contributions and other perks — like getting tens of thousands of dollars for giving a single speech. If their salaries were cut to zero, they’d still get rich — being in political power is a huge gravy train — for Republicans and Democrats alike.

  • Ron

     Why do you always use the military servicemembers, veterans, and their families as political pawns in a game of budgetary chicken we are getting tired of being used.

    I am 59, a retired service member and this is not any different than what has been going on since I joined the military back in 1972. It is always convenient to talk about how we must not forget the military veterans and then pass laws that insure once again, they have been forgotten. each year I watch a little more of the benefits I was promised when I first came in in 1972 disappear, and this year and future years will be no different. I am old enough to remember when I came in , in 1972, medical care for life was a guarantee for the G.I. and his family, and although Tricare is sufficient, sometimes the red tape you have to run through, makes you question a lot of the practices of the services. I gave up on the VA a long time ago, even though supposedly they are suppose to be there for me.

    It is not Republican or Democrat! the problem is that OUR GOVERNMENT has forgotten its PROMISES to its military and veterans. Military personnel and their families endure many hardships in exchange for less pay than their civilian counterparts. As partial compensation, we are promised certain benefits as veterans. Now, OUR GOVERNMENT wants to play games with the benefits that we were promised. That sounds a lot like defaulting on a debt! I do not see the benefits of Congressmen/Senators and ex-members of Congress or Presidents and ex-Presidents being reduced or eliminated. Where would this country be, if not for the military that defend it? We would be speaking a different language and probably not have the standard of living that we all currently enjoy. For all those who take our military for granted or consider themselves anti-military, consider where you be without us.

    I’m embarrassed by some of this. Get over your party rhetoric. None of this has to do with republican or democrats. Our representatives on both sides are actling like children. As soon as one has the power in congress, they do everything they can to make issue with the opposing party. This middle school cafeteria food fight is being played out by people who are suppose to have the best interest of America in mind. Give me a break.

    Just goes to show how important it is for all of us to stay up to date on all the issues that affect veterans benefits and for us to stand together as veterans and remind our representatives of the sacrifices that are made every day not only by the veteran but his/her family on a daily baisis. We need more veterans in Washington.

    At one time, this nation backed veterans, it didnt touch our pay, our benefits, and our health care, now because people up above us cant make any sound decisions, take our money and go on long vacation, we the veterans who so proudly served our country when they asked us to, now face financial strain…garbage! we shouldn’t have to, need to send a message to our government, DONT TOUCH VA!

  • Miles

    All active duty, military retirees and other veterans should wake up and stop thinking in terms of being a loyal democrat or republican. Active duty and veterans are being flim-flamed by both parties. They do not give a d–mn about us. We should have one goal and that is to vote every current elected politican out of office and get some new crooks. When my peers entered the Army in 1954 we were told that if lived to retire, every aspect of my health and my family’s healthe would be covered. They lied then and are still lying. It did not take long after retiring in 1979 to understand that the VA’s objective is to “delay and deny until we die.”….come together as block and vote every congressperson and the president out of office. Maybe new ones would get thir heads “OUT.”

    • sbartley

      I totally agree. I think it is a disgrace to members in uniform, military retirees and their families that our country thinks more about supporting other countries and their citizens .

    • VVwife 5 sns served

      YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. the vast majority of Congress does not care about the Military or public as long as they fill their pockets and get re-elected.. It is a disgrace to our loyal veterans and military who are currently serving to treat them llike this. The Illegals in this Country are getting treated better than a lot of our Veterans, many of whom are homeless and sick. And the illegals do not pay for anything. Oh yes, lets not forget all the foreign aid we are providing to the countries who hate our Country. That Money would be enough to take care of our Veterans and Military.

    • Indy Mac

      Amen to that!

      VA is hoping we kick the bucket before we use too much of their resources. Delay, deny, delay, deny. I am in the midst of that now for almost two years. In their denial they didn’t even look into my medical records at the VA Hospital where I’m being treated.

      I have a complete copy of all my records and they denied based on I’m not being/or was treated for some illnesses. Most of which happened while in Vietnam. Congress and the VA don’t give a damn about it’s Veterans. If it wasn’t already in law they would cast us aside like dung.

      I told the psychologist who is treating me for PTSD that if she ask me one more time if I owned a gun I’d walk out on her. She usually was asking about every third session.

  • Tito

    The years spent by many vets during their military careers could have been better used for them to pursue more lucrative lives (perhaps not). But for the most part, they served because they loved their country and took every opportunity to be able to. Now, many of them are dependent upon previous promises of remuneration. Some of them are walking the streets, right now. But for those in need of help, in return for their sacrifices, what is this government doing?

    • Indy Mac

      They are giving the money to illegals.

  • william Dotson

    The problem is with people like you. Can’t come to an agreement on what and who did the best for our country, and keep voting people in for their promises, Now with a system like this we could get some results,People we vote in give them 2 yrs. in office and if we are not happy with what they have accomplished remove them of course we would have to get some other country to establish that policy, Because the Congressmen, and Represenative, Will never let that happen now that is a fact and the reason I know do you see or hear them taking a decrease in pay or their medical health care not no but hell no.

  • reg.voter

    How do we get rid of congress. I never seen such a group of non-vetern freeloaders in my life ! VOTE THEM OUT NOW !!!

    • Wayne Johnson

      The best way to deal with this out of control self-serving congress is to disban the whole gang of criminals and replace them with a Council of Governors from each state. This includes nullifying the Presidency and the whole federal government. The Council of Governors elects a Chairman who serves for no more than one year.

    • Roy

      Where do all of these dummies originate? I pay taxes on my Army retirement, Social Security (Paid into the program for 48 years), pensions and annuities. Congress just sits on its butt, after using my money for thier gain and some foolish people, and tell me give more?
      After 22 years of service and a two tour Viet Nam Vet (I DID NOT VOLUNTEER), I don’t plan to fight anymore. Just give us what we have earned and contributed. What entitlements?


      you right i have never seen so many non military veterans who serve office that are free loaders do 4 yrs get pension unlike those like myself others who did 20 plus yrs retire the way should put their pay and benefits on the table be cut they it to us because we most vulnerable take active duty retirees and veterans pay off table plain and simple we signed up put our lives on line day after day month after month year after year U.S. NAVY RETIRED

    • richard l. hill

      Anybody for going to Congress with empty rifles with banonets fixed poke them in the butt and march them off to that place in Kansas.

  • truth

    Nobody want to pay taxes or increase revenue, so how the heck do you think the govt is gong to keep paing for all these folks that want benefits. Taxpayer who are hard working see our taxes go for unregulated benefits, sure you served but you were paid and unless you were drsafte nobody twisted your are to join.

    What all these VA complainers do not understand is someone has to pay and wanting increase after increase who is left to pay taxes, where do you folks think the money comes from taxes, taxes , taxes but you all do not even want to pay taxes,



      • hummelmaker

        Thanks for saving me all this writing, you hit the nail on the head. Not only that but they didn’t count the cost of the war. Soldiers already knew that there would be a high price to pay with their lives and monetarily after they returned due to mental and physical issues. We SAW it before it came to pass.

    • hummelmaker

      You can’t pay for lost iimb, list time and the sacrifices that these veterans freely give. If you get hurt on your job who will have to pay for it? For you to state that the VA benefits dhould be cut out because we volunteered for service, then you are also saying that people who get hurt on the job don’t deserve compensation.

    • hummelmaker

      If you didn’t serve then you don’t know what you are talking about!!

    • antisocialism

      Yet no complaint on all the people collecting welfare. No one ever threatens to cut welfare payments for able bodied people or illegal aliens, like Obama’s aunt. Why are they treated as if they are sacred, yet people who served their country and EARNED their measley benefits are always being told they may not get them? I am so sick of welfare benefits being lumped together with actual entitlements, like military benefits and social security. People paid into the system and worked for years to earn their way, yet they get the shaft while idle people who haven’t done anything to earn their way keep getting more. They just got free cell phones, for heaven’s sake and are complaining they don’t get enough minutes. Welfare is not an entitlement- it’s a freebie given by government after they steal it from the workers. If we are going to cut, start with congress member’s pay and benefits that they voted for themselves.

    • SMSgt

      How about I punch you in the face for being stupid!! If no one serves, your ass would not be free to make such stupid remarks!! Dumb Ass!

      • IDMTmedic


    • frank

      You miss the point during our years of service to this country, we endured pay that was lower than federal minimum wage. So since we are out, we are paid back with the benefits that we earn. You and others must not have served our country so you don’t understand.

    • Michael

      Military members are folks that WANT benefits? We EARNED those benefits by defending the U. S. Constitution. The government needs to put a stop to unearned entitlements by people like you who are leaches on the ass of society.

    • veteran

      I was drafted, AND I was promised benefits for my service for serving in three wars. And YES I do pay taxes, and YES I and many others suffered injuries that affect if we can work. VA Complainer, I don’t think so. VA benefits promised for our injuries for defending people like you, YES. Until you have walked in a military persons shoes, fought in combat, watched your buddies blown apart, please watch what you say about a VETERAN

    • MAC

      You suck! I served ,Did your lame ass serve? Did you help protect this country with your life? Get rid of the mexicans and philipinos flooding our va system takeing over all the jobs at the va. Go check it out!

    • Robert Hansen

      Last time I checked, everyone that you refer to does pay taxes! And please learn to spell. Thank you!

    • Sgt Stryker

      Nobody twisted my arm, that’s true, but when I enlisted we were just finishing WWII. Remember those guys who came back without arms or legs who give them for their country and you to have the right to say stupid things. I was also in Korea and ‘Nam. Lots of guys spilled blood there and we now have the current war going on with vets who gave a lot more than you ever did.If you have never been there don’t bitch about it or say they don’t deserve what they got. We have a bunch of people in this country who aren’t even paying taxes. I am not talking about the rich folks. I am speaking of the almost 50% of the population at the lower end of the scale who pay no taxes but get much from Uncle SAM. If you haven’t walked the walk, then don’t talk!

    • shame

      Hmmm. I’m a disabled vet and military widow! I just had to tell my daughter sorry, but there is not enough money for you to go to college. Our sacrifices were not enough! Growing up just above poverty because your father chose to serve his country instead of making a better living in the civilian world, then he has the audacity to die for his desicion… Hmmmm, I really should stop complaining, Oh yeah, I also served and am totally disabled… I really should stop my complaining. Mine and my childrens lives were destroyed because of we chose to protect people like you and your freedom of speach and all the other liberties you take for granted… But I should stop complaining! What did I ever do to earn the respect of a greatful nation!

      • Danhunterman

        Thanks for your service Shame. You are probably talking to the wind. We have been there. Thanks again.

      • janet

        Shame, I HOPE YOU SEE THIS! PLEASE CONTACT ME, JANET WHITE at 757-229-3532. I am also a DISABILED VET!

    • an American

      Well, you must not have served your country in the military. If you did and are talking like this then your a stupid. If you didn’t then shut up!!!!!!!

    • chewthefat

      First of all—the VA bennies ARE regulated! Secondly—as far as the gov’t paying for bennies; well I guess we could start with the greatest ‘benny’ of all being the grandiose Obama Health Care Law (DEMOCRAT)—work your fanny off for that tax money “truth”…his whole presidential(?) legacy that does nothing but spend….it’s been a HUGE party for this man(?) since the day he took office. Hopefully his playtime will soon end. BTW; he had nothing but a Democrat House & Senate for quite a while to get the necessary things done but chose to concentrate on the things he knew wouldn’t be passed with a bipartisan House or Senate. Government income from taxes would be increased by allowing jobs to be created/increased; cutting wastefull spending like ‘green’ energy companies that go bankrupt after making the Washington elite millions; giveaways like birth control. Do positive things like more natural gas; oil drilling permits renewed; coal mining; getting rid of Obama Care; etc. REGULATE the EPA. “truth”—get an education on daily life….a few viewings of FOX news might help if you’re capable of comprehending… want taxes regulated more? Start with regulating the Obama spending!

    • Ihnzo

      Truth, as one who is a disabled veteran I can say you are an idiot. Total number of US troops currently..

      United States of America Total 1,458,219 Percent 0.9% of the total population of the U.S..

      Total percent on government aid programs

      If you use those who are supported by Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)–best described as a federal largess to indigent families with dependent children–as stated by the Dept. of Health the data suggests 1.7% of the total population that derive over 50% of their income from Welfare supports.

      The number stated that receive any portion of their support from from welfare assistance–including food stamps–it is 29,900,000 or roughly 8% of the total population in the United States.

      This breaks down to:

      39% white 11,661,000 of 29,900,000 recipients

      38% black 11,362,000 of 29,900,000

      17% Hispanic 5,083,000 of 29,900,000

      The strictest sense of the term though would be those getting income directly from the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services which is about 8% of the total population that receives some form of assistance and 1.7% that receive most of their income (50% or more) from these programs.

      Programs like unemployment insurance or social security payments can technically be counted as “welfare” in some instances though they are differentiated from federal programs like TANF or food stamps.

    • Luikart

      When was the last time you consented to take a job where you knowingly agreed to give your life willingly if necessary to complete a given task? Those in the military face that possibility every day in varying degrees. The care they receive through the VA and the travel pay they receive has been earned with much greater personal sacrifice and anguish to their loved ones that one who has never had the guts to serve will ever understand. Aparently you are one of those gutless non-servers. Respect the Military and the Veteran! They have fought for your right to voice your idiocy!!!!!!!

    • Meat eater

      Most longterm benifits are paid to Vets who sustained a disability from a WAR. Otherwise the Va bills you for service just like any other healthcare system. How about stop paying for the entitled bums recieving indefinite welfare or have a drug test to recieve their payment and 75% of them wouldnt qualify. How dare you say that… we(vets) pay taxes and paid our dues in blood, you ungreatful asshole. Eat shit and die.

    • Greg

      Not true!! We do not mind paying our share, but we feel others should also pay their share. Try spending months away from you family without enough money to send home to pay the bills. The military pays the same taxes as everyone else. Most of the young soldiers are at poverty level and would be eligible for food stamps if they were’nt too proud. You need to check your facts before commenting. Where did you get your information?

      • oif vet

        i recall when i was active duty and the army sent me to apply for foodstamps and i was denied for making $1 to much…i do not believe the benefits should be cut and we veterans do pay taxes each and every time we make purchases in the economy.

    • Greg

      Solution! Let’s make Congress and all our State Representative positions like the military and see how many truly want to serve. Minimal pay, months away from their families, and locked behind gates where special interest groups cannot contact them. If they do an honorable job they get minmal retirement. Any DWI, illegal or unethical dealings and they are court martialed and removed from office. Anyone wanting to stay after 4 years will have to be dedicated to the country and not themselves. Our current system has people wanting to die in the position because they are treated like royalty and get rich for serving themselves. I would like to vote for some vets, that may not have all the answers, but want to continue by serving this country. Dedicated Vets need to run for office and you will get my vote.
      Thanks for your service to this country.

      • Brittney

        EXACTLY!! Part of me wishes they would bring back the draft & let all you selfish jerks get a taste of what it’s like especially during wartime. Veteran’s benefits should NEVER be considered; foreign aid, contractor fees (why pay civilian contractors for jobs our military is there to do), & wasteful spending (don’t waste money going to a certain base for training & half the time do nothing). These are areas to fix — not to mention Congress pay cuts could help too!! I really don’t think the majority of them have EARNED the frequent raises they give themselves.

        • Ken bennett

          Excellent comment.

    • 26yearVet

      What!! Did you fall off of planet dumbass??? Damn dude they are talking about cutting pay to wounded warriors and when we joined we were promised those benifits. And no its not any one persons fault this crap is screwed up. Its the whole damn government thats screwed up. The big dogs dont want to cut thier pay but the Reid, Pelosi, and Obama spending train wants to keep giving to illegals and lazy non-productive citizens. But oh yea lets cut the veterans benifits, BS lets cut all the liberal handouts and then cut congress and senate pay and benifits to military member status.

    • KSoldier

      You are utterly clueless aren’t you. Veterans do not just “want” these benefits that you speak of… they EARNED them.

      Interestingly enough, most of the civilians who “want” free benefits haven’t done a damn thing for this country.

      When the Veterans joined the military, they signed a contract with the U.S. government in which certain benefits were included. Today, the politicians want to re-write that contract.

    • Carolyn

      Assuming you have a job, many people would just like someone else to do the dirty work. They don’t care what sacrifices the soldiers make as long as its not interrupting their life. Our soldiers risk their lives every day and many give the ultimate sacrifice for all of us. Sure they get paid but would you risk your life to have a job? Thank goodness we have individuals that will defend our country. Someone has to protect our country and assist all those other countries from the bullies of the world. It is our job to make sure that we take care of those individuals that risk their lives for us. Would you sacrifice leaving your home, family,and take a few hundred dollars for someone to shoot at you?

      • John H

        I love your first five words

    • Brittney

      I wonder if you have ever even served or married to one that has. My guess..NO!! Taxes come out of military checks just like anyone else. After 15 or 20+ years and multiple deployments from 10-12+ months at a time, they deserve every benefit PROMISED to them when they enlisted. The government had a part to uphold in the contract with a soldier, but GOVERNMENT is not upholding their part. How would you feel if you had done the work, but didn’t receive all your pay? Think about you going to work every day and your boss comes out and says you’re not getting your healthcare coverage that was promised at the beginning or your pay rate has been dropped from your original rate. You would be FURIOUS!! Same thing with a soldier, they are WORKING!! They don’t get to go home every night after 5 p.m. either, JERK!!

    • Hal

      Why don’t you get oh the over 45% of the population that is on dole.. Seems like that would be a better place to start than on our veterans and military folks. By the way, when did you serve your country?

    • Suzanne T

      Give your rant to the millions of Viet Nam vets who were drafted and are now in need of medical services. r.

      Paid. Have you any idea what “pay” these guys got? You are a number 1 lunkhead and a selfish one to boot.

      Suzanne T

    • Gail

      Do not speak about something you have not even looked into. We have not gotten any increases except this year. Which they took back in the form of higher healthcare costs. What ever they gave us they took back with higher payments and co pays. When men and women sign up they are told what they will get and they sign a contract. Why is the govt. allowed to change that. Your congressmen dont pay anything for their healthcare and they get a ret. if they only stay in for a very short time. FOR LIFE. Why should men and women who put their lives on the line for you to be free and live without fear of being blown up everyday be treated worse than these congress people who sit on their asses each day and dont do anyting for their country???. Why do we pay for people to stay on welfare, have more babies, to 3-4 different husbands and dont expect them to give back anything.?? Why arent those people kept accountable? Why are we paying China money every year when they are making money hand over fist. You are gonna wake up someday and you will have a small nothing military and we will be over run. Obama wants this. He talks about helping and loving our military. BULL, he is taking away from them more and more. READ.READ

    • jane

      Evidently you did not serve in the military.

    • kim

      You have got to be kidding me. My husband is retired Navy and we are being double taxed for his retirement. he paid it once when he was active duty and we pay taxes on his retirement now.And another thing we have had to pay federal and state taxes for most of the 29 years we have been married and we live paycheck to paycheck.

    • disgusted veteran

      Freedom doesn’t come cheap. Congress knows this through budgeting. It’s not as if someone sprinkles magical pixie dust on Congress and it realizes it can’t sustain certain cost. It’s nifty when the services sends it’s members a piece of paper that indicates what a military job is worth in comparison to a civilian job and it includes those so-called benefits to shore up the total package value of service. An example of what veterans face would be if you purchased an item at a store, it worked fine for a couple of months, you had a warranty, it broke,you took it back, and they stopped honoring that warranty and told you, we can’t afford to cover it, so stop your complaining, no one twisted your arm to buy the product! If you believe that freedom is too costly, we deserve to fail as a nation. Programs are sustainable if you weed out corruption and buying of votes with needless projects and placating of unions. If our government can’t sustain it’s promises to veterans, it should be a warning of the plummet our nation faces and will never fully recover from. All that we’ve seen the last couple of years have been just a minor preview of things to come.

    • Pete

      What if you were Drafted back in the day, you jerk off.

    • Randy Eisenhard

      As a VA complainer who has served in 2 b ranches of our armed forces, Navy and Marine Corp, and in partially disabled from this service, I have one thing to ask you, HAVE YOU EVER SERVED THIS COUNTRY, or are you one of the generation Xer’s who do nothing but complain about what you are not getting. We should go back to the draft and pick up a lot of your ilk and haul your ass over to Afganistan for a year, and maybe after a few IED’s your opinion my change.

    • mark

      whois this idiot they can not even write a letter correctly, he or she is not a veteran and does not realize the sacrifices a veteran makes

    • Semper Fi

      learn to spell and write a comprehensive sentence you meathead!

      • John H

        well put…my thoughts exactly

    • John H

      truth..or is it troof? If you want to get a point across, I highly suggest you use proper grammar..or you’ll come across as an illiterate, welafre recipient…just a suggestion though…and if you think VA benefits are state-of-the-art, you’re wrong…28 years of service tells me so.

    • Chief

      Truth….. You can’t spell truth and it is evident that you are one with his hand out. You should have spent some time in Viet Nam or the areas that our trops are presently serving and you might just have a different opinion of the dangers our men and women are in. How would you like to come home from battle with an eye, arm, or leg missing. This old AF Chief is the wrong person to listen to your crap. You just need to put your left hand on your right ear, your right hand on your left ear, and jurk your head out and quit complaining about our trops getting what they deserve from the VA. Your best provider Obama now wants us to pay for our health benefits for Tri-Care For Life after we were promised free care just for serving. Wake up and pay your taxes, that is, if you are paying taxes. John

    • miguel andrade

      Anthony, before your comment got it right. If no body volunteers will you be able to pay taxes to live free. no you would be a slave by another country that invades us. The taxes that you pay is it enough to not have fear that a 9/11 happens every month no right. you need a soldier doing war over there so it there is no war over here.
      Are taxes enough when you give years of your life, blood sweat and tears, your doughter always looking for shelter in her mommy because daddy left her to fight a war when she was 2 and now its mommys girl and not daddys girl, disabeld both knees back shoulders ankles and ptsd. can’t go back into law enforcement nobody will take me like this. So I ask you is all this sacrifices that I made for your freedom are worth your taxes. If your response is no you are a non grateful citizen and should live in another country and go complain about there waste of taxes. Oh yea there is no freedom of speech there because there are no us fighting for it (definition of us is me and my brothers and sisters in uniform.) yeah by the way we too pay taxes.

    • alphawolfe

      Be sure that all Veterans pay just as many taxes as anybody else! And you are right, I volunteered just as you chose to work a civilian job and expect retirement so do I. The only difference is that I was traveling away from my family, overseas, combat zones, etc. And I still have to have another career because one cannot live on retirement pay. It is barely enough to cover rent or mortgage payment. If you got hurt on your job, you collect disability, my disability is not an extra pay check. It is a portion of my retirement pay (that I already earned by working all those years) not taxed. Do you want to give up your retirement because congress cannot come to an agreement.

  • lawrence

    Just another good example of cutting off the benefits that were truly earned by those who served…but, it also shows the lack of understanding or the “I could care less” attitude of many in Congress…remember, several new congressmen were all ready to start taking in the goodies even before they were sworn in and were not happy that they had to way for that event to take place…remember…”less for you…means more for me”…..

  • Indy Mac

    Well, I’m a disabled Vietnam Vet and they want to cut the VA Budget. A better idea, is to send home illegals who are receiving free food, housing, child support, medical expenses, and the beat goes on…. Revamp our welfare system… hmmm oh I forget if we did that, there wouldn’t be no democratic voters. So in other words, those who are fighting/have fought to preserve the American way of life are going to be short changed, but the illegals will continue to bleed us dry!!!!!

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  • truth

    Not only do they get benes, every time they go to an appt they are lined up for tavel pay, since when are taxpayers givenmoney to go to there Dr APPTS. thIS NEEDS TO STOP.


      If I’m reading you right, you’re saying the Vets who go to thier Doctor’s appoints shouldn’t be paid for them, right? Well, many of us aren’t paid for it. We go to our appointments, but don’t file claims. Then, there are others who are so badly injured, they require special transportation, or have to pay someone to get to thier appointments. I’m taking it you’ve never served in the MIlitary, so you may not know how much of a beating the Human body takes to maintain readiness, or while performing your duties. Maybe you should be part of our brave team of Americans who defend our land…unless you’re a coward or something………

    • Charles

      Some vets live well over a 100 miles from a VA med center plus some have to make mulitiple appointments for injuries, illnesses, and rehab. You may have free transport, but a lot of others don’t and those miles add up to substantial costs. They can’t go to their local town doctors since the VA doesn’t cover their costs. Wake up and get a grip.

    • vet

      Most people that use the VA have some sort of service connected disability.

      • ellie

        My dad, who was a WWll vet, did not even know about going to VA for his meds or Dr appts. It was after I told him about it. He was paying over 400.00 a month for meds. plus drs. So yes, he deseved to get some help. SS does not pay for meds. He never got travel pay, he did not have a service connected disability. My husband retired after 20 yrs of service, and WE DID PAY TAXES, LIKE THE REST OF YOU, AND STILL DO…HIS RETIREMENT PAY IS ALSO TAXED. Get a life all of you who don’t have anything to do but complain about the VETS.

    • shame

      Your job provides you with benefits and health insurence. If you become injured while working you are entitled to compensation and workmans comp to care for your injuries, which does include travel pay when you have to travel long distances. That is all the VA is. Its our compensation and workmans comp. Now if that protection was threatend wouldn’t you be a little upset. Think before you open your mouth, which is what these women and men fought for… Your freedom of speach and liberties!

    • RDees


    • RAY


  • Mike

    Agree with Miles. Since they won’t enact term limits (except for the POTUS–and this one needs a limit of 1 term) then we need to vote them all out each election. Make them truly represent the people for those few years they are there. No true leadership in Washington at all. Not from either house of Congress or the POTUS–time to say goodbye to all that are up for re-election.

    • Charles

      Right on!

    • Joe Grieco

      First Class Petty Officer, United States Navy, Retired. I devoted my life and my families’ life to the military and to the country, and I receive 30,000 +/- a year in retirement. A congressman or senator does 4 years and receives 135,000.00. Did I do something wrong? Hmmm…Now they want to “tweek and peek” (Navy speak) our benefits and all those who have gone before me. Wow. Also, I hear that the CinC was quoted as saying hazardous duty pay is now only for those who are FIRED upon. Yikes! And that, since we “volunteered” for our service, we should pay into our own medical. Rome fell from within from a dissatisfied people, corrupt politicians, a weakened military and useless money…are we next in line?

      • retiree

        Yes, you did something wrong – failed to learn about Congress. They do NOT retire at $135K after 4 years. In fact, after 4 years they get NOTHING.

        Also, per Congress, combat pay is pro-rated based on actual time in theater (you don’t need to get shot at, only be in theater) Thank all those folks who did 2 day trips into theater – last day of one month, 1st day of next, thus collecting combat tax exclusion and combat pay for 2 months. If they hadn’t abused the system, Congress wouldn’t have felt the need to act.

  • Teri

    Divide and conquer. Right v. Left. Legal v. Illegal. Working v. Welfare. But ask yourself for once where the money ends up. It ends up with obscene profits for large corporations, banks that get bailed out time after time, the rich. Ask yourself how does that money get to them if all the money is going to support illegals and welfare? Ask yourself where did our middle class go all of a sudden? That is the real problem. It’s not about poliitics, it’s about money.

    In other words, take the time to learn about what the real causes are of our economic situation, and then you will understand why there are those who would like to see us fighting each other while they laugh all the way to the bank.

  • Charles Nachbar

    I seems all right to Give food and medical and free education to illegals from south of our border and let the tax payers pay for it but don’t want to take care of the Vetrans that fought for this Country when they need help. I wish I could retire after only spending four years in office, not have to worry about medical care for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t have to put in for Social Security either. Your so called Reprenatives won’t be giving up any of their benifits or takeing any cuts any time soon. Just another 99%er

  • Gary

    Oh LORD please thwart the enemies of the VA. AND the enemies within the VA. In JESUS’ name. AMEN!!!!

  • grampi

    For those of you saying taxpayers can’t afford to take care of the vets and/or how will these bennies be paid for, maybe those in charge should learn how to prioritize…cutting out services for illegal immigrants would cut anywhere from $100 to $300 billion a year from the budget…that would go quite a ways to funding out vets, but polititions can’t be messing with their voting base. This country needs to take care of its vets and seniors, and stop wasting money on illegals and pet projects pushed by lobbyists…

  • Bernie Piel

    I agree with the general feelings in this blog: vote all of the blood sucking ticks coming up for reelection out of ALL offices. Let them know that until they get it right, they have one shot, so their aim better be damn good! While we are at it, we need to take away their “once in life time retirement benefits”. What BS is this? Do any of you remember having a vote on this? I sure as hell don’t recall it. No press coverage either–sounds like another enemy of the state….The Press.

    How is it these men and women can come to DC w/ less than a few thousand dollars in their pocket and retire with millions…..No hype there, its damn straight true! How much did the investment bankers like Goldman-Sachs, pay our government leaders to include a pragraph that no lawsuits could be brought against them for their fraud on the public??

    In a word, GET THEM OUT….NOW! Please, my granddaughters want a decent place to live. Thanks, for listening and caring.

  • Theresa

    Veterans serve their country with honor, pay their taxes and are true American citizens. They deserve their pensions just like police officers, firefighters, Congressmen, and the President. They are NOT welfare collectors who do not earn enough income to pay taxes. Think before you speak and knock those who protect your right to free speech, not defend those who have created the national debt.

    • vet

      Concur with Theresa….also, after serving 20-30 years with below average pay, it was understood that as a career you would have “earned” your retirement and healthcare. Which by the way, I might add that our President is also trying to change. What should happen is if you want a cheap military, restart the draft and let everyone serve at least once.

      • Carolkyn

        Great idea to start back the draft. Everyone should have to serve male and female with no exemptions.

  • Glenn

    I’m a retired disabled Military Vet, getting screwed by our government, if I was able I would not fight in anymore wars for this country as our government has continued to lie to us. They can send me to jail…….

  • hummelmaker

    Well, why do the governors, senators and members of congress get to retire after serving such a short period of time. Their retirement pay is excessive for the short time that they serve in office. This should be on the table. For sure!!

  • civie

    The problem on this issue is that Vets have “earned” what they get…..period. Most have a disability because of service to this country meaning they have sacrificed more for this country then most of you….

  • Art the Hun

    I amn sick and tired of these so called tax complainers. As one idiot state that we voluontered to serve. Whay the hell do you think these men wante to serve. Maybe they cared for their country and loved it so much that they were willing to give their lives for it. I am a combat veteren of WW1 and Korea and I Am pissed at you jack assses who have never served or have no love of flag and coutry. Veterans who have served are entitiled to at least as muchn as these illegals who get free medical care, Free credit cards EBT free subsidised housing etc etc etc. Block votes are the only thing that todaya politician and democrats as well as republicians are interested in. No in those that have put their lives on the line for them. I say KISS OFF f to all of you who do not love this Nation and ithe Republic for which it stands. God Bless America and all those of us who love it so deply

    • foolish

      Is this not a brech of contract. When I enlisted, and throughout my 30 years of Honorable service I was told repeatedly “stay the 30 and you will be taken care of for the rest of your life.” Well I kept my end of the deal, to bad we can’t find a lawyer that has served or a member of congress for that matter, and take the government to task.
      Let me see if I understand correctly. We the people are paying through our tax dollars to house and feed “undocumented” alains, anchor mom’s, congress, and 18 foreign countries.
      I have an idea. Congress should follow the same rules as us poor, stupid folk

    • swin1swin2

      U are a WW1 & Korea vet. What did u do, skip WW 2. I thought the last ww1 vet had passed.

    • Well put my fellow Vet. Thank you for your service. ____KC.__

  • jsub1960

    herreeeeeeeeee we go again…

  • dennis parker

    Art Frailey , I am a retired and disabiled viet nam vet I do remember the regan years. spending many hours settiing in waiting rooms at the va hospitals trying to get help from a under staff doctors. dennis parker

    • Teri

      II remember those days, too.

  • Phil

    I just want to know one thing. Are these congressmen too lazy to go after waste, fraud, and abuse, or just too stupid? There must be billions of dollars from such. I can see it daily right before my eyes. It starts right from the top. There is no need to touch anyone’s healthcare, just go after the cheaters.

  • PMB1

    Why do republicans and democrates not see WE DON’T CARE ABOUT .
    Who is who !!!!!
    We the AMERICAN PEOPLE are the ones you should care about !!!!!!!

    • Mike

      Exactly, What ever happened to “WE THE PEOPLE”?

  • Vic, RVN Survivor

    Dang it–it is beyond time to impeach the current occupant of the White House for Treason and it is time to replace EVERY politician who does not support a balanced budget amendment and the guarantees that were made to all retired, disabled servicemen and women!

  • Retire USA

    If they do away with HEALTH CARE BENIFITS for the US Congress, Supremecourt,& other Legisticallers we could bring part of the problem down!!!

  • W. Whipkey

    Who is this Steve, fourth remark above? Must be an Obama slave. Told to
    do everything the government wants. Get a job Stevie!

  • Jackie R. Kays

    I am a Korean War vet and a disabled, combat Vietnam Vet.
    There are 50 million illegal’s in this country! What do you think that cost the tax payers?
    Yeah, you got it right; they should solve that little problem and leave the veteran’s of this county alone!
    The Veterans of the country have been there and done that, at a cost of life, limb and mind.
    Now they want to cut our meager benefits? How low can they go?
    November is coming…and I plan to be at the front of the line to vote!
    J.R. Kays

    • jim Huntington

      right on J. R.

      Jim. Huntington USN

  • mmcm(ss) retired

    You may be a R or a D, but until you vote each and every one of them I’s who has served one or more terms out, you will not be sending any messages to congress or the President.

  • The Military, in general, has always been the “target” of budget cuts. When I was a MCPO, the Mater Chief of the Navy aked that “all ‘senior’ enlisted personnel” be prepared to help out junior married personnel make their monthly commitments. Why, congress could not pass the Defense Budget before the end of that fysical year and threatened NOT to pay the military. As usual the President Passed an extended resolution to continue “Paying” the Military under the previous fiscal year’s budget. As of late, there has been NO Congressional Budget for four consecutive years let alone a “Balanced Budget!” President Carter’s solution was to just print more money becaused the United States had come off the “Gold Standard” to back the dollar. In a sense, that’s what’s going on today at the Federal Level. And that’s why the United States is Trillions of Dollars in debt. As for the petty complaints above, that’s been the norm for years. Be thankful you have “free medical care” at wait your turn.

  • TetVet68

    As veterans, wartime or not, we are STILL pawns for pols to play chicken with. I say, as a Vietnam vet with ‘Agent Orange’ cancer who has received EXCELLENT healthcare from the V.A. for 3 years now, including the past 15 months for chemotherapy, etc.: ‘Agent Orange’ cancer. Almost a YEAR in limbo, waiting for the bureaucratic side of the V.A. to make a Compensation/Disability rating decision. At 67 and with maybe 3 1/2 to 4 years (average) survival time after R-CHOP chemo, that’s a year down and 2 1/2 to 3 years left, my fate is all but sealed… and as much as I’d like ‘some sum’ to help ease my last days/weeks/months/few years, I ALWAYS express that the younger guys and gals need decisions made QUICKLY, especially those with TBI, PTSD, lost limbs. I would rather DIE, knowing that what delayed a decision for me enabled younger vets to get taken care of FIRST, hoping that the V.A. bureaucrats are using a ‘paperwork triage’ to judge the need for expeditious, timely and realistic decisions… and that goes double for those married vets needing help ( +$$$).

  • TetVet68

    And why are ‘we’ so surprised when a troop who’s been deployed 4,5,6 times in 10 years snaps or folds or goes wild or kills themselves… hell, 1 tour in the Mekong Delta unscrewed my head for the ensuing 44 years, so I can’t even imagine what today’s troops are going through. They have my undying respect. And sympathy. And love.



  • richard l. hill

    Just holding the Congressional and White House pay checks would probably pay for the two percent reduction in VA budget. But holding back their pay ain’t gonna happen til hell freezes over or the second coming.

  • William L Kendall

    As retired Vietnam veteran and realizing that politicians look out only for themselves. Their records from the past and today proves this. I feel before any individual becomes an elected official representing those men and women who have served theire country putting their lives on the line SHOULD ALL BE REQUIRED TO SERVICE THEIR COUNTRY IN THE MILITARY. Until they have walked in our shoes most of them have no understanding of what it has cost each one of us. We have paid dearly for their freedoms and yet they want to take or eliminate some of our benfits we have earned by serving our country faithfully and honorably in the military. With out the modern day volunteer military where will this country be. They would have a war on their hands if they tried to bring back the draft today.

  • Milton

    Rocco Rotondo
    Another stooge for the Obama Admin, and the Libtard, probably doesn’t realize the Senate is Democratic controlled and they controlled both the House of Reps and the senate, but the bozo and his Lemming concentrated of passing ObamacareThe Obama administration is reportedly pushing for yet another $100 billion in Defense cuts, on top of the more than $500 billion in cuts to the ten-year defense spending plan the White House is already planning to enact — ensuring that there will be few — if any — major Obama era defense programs left.

    In cutting our military so drastically, President Obama and Secretary Panetta are effectively cutting themselves and the United States off from any real future influence on US strategic policy.

    Republicans are, on the whole, protesting against what they see as an effort to liquidate American military power., So Rocco, check your fact before you open your mouth

  • Dewey EOCS(ret)

    Yes we get attacked by our government!!!!!!


    I gree with you, thank you for your choice words Navy wife Army Mom.

  • visham

    This is some bullshit !!! How is it that elected officials always try to screw the folks they send into harms way?!
    For FUCK sake, you have to be one evil greedy sum bitch to reduce benefits promised to a volunteer force.

    There was so much damned pissing away of tax payer money I, along with a bunch of other folks witnessed in Afghanistan / Iraq it made me sick. If the policy makers are so open to throw away tax payer money ( borrowed from other countries, that’s the DEBT we have ) on other Nations and their population, why in the name of all that makes sense are they planning on short changing the folks that served ?
    Why cut benefits ? Why not just not buy so many damned bullets/bombs etc ?
    Or better yet get the countries we protect to help out financially ?!

  • alexander

    what we need to do is Vote the Democcrates Out. Harry Reid needs to be the first to go, so Congress can write a budget and stop voting for Conturing Resolutions. I was in the Navy for 20 long years and I can tell times on a destroyer were rough.
    I earned my pension and my tricare benefits. Somebody better listen about one Senator John Mcain. Every time I read in the paper John McCain is thinking about some way to get rid of TRicare of charging some to use it. I worked in the Navy for 20 years for this benefit and the pension and now they want to get rid of both of them Tricare and Pension. Maybe the Army and the Navy march on Washington and tell those Politician

  • texoutlaw59

    I Think That The Country That We Help Should Pay Us For What We Do For Them. And Leave The Veterans Alone. Every Time The Whit House Gets Thier Ass in Trouble They Go Aftert The People That Put Thier Ass On The Line Always Get The Rotten End Of The Stick. Do Thjings Right Or Get The Hell Out Of Office.

    • Ken Bennett

      Perhaps we should bother to ask them if they want us to rape thier country first then we can charge em. And how the fruck is it the white house thats doing this… The crap was dumped on the JOINT CHIEFS BY CONGRESS! Not the freaking president you morons! Typical of republicans to point the blame finger at the dems The republicans had the watch the entire time this nation was being raped by greedy corporate america but you cant resist blaming obama. The is congress and government doing this to us not obama. You rememeber! the same scabby dirtbags that you elected to screw up government so it won’t work anymore… so you can pretend its all the democrats. The major problem with this country is the greedy wealthy in this country that twisted and manipulated thier own rules till it crashed our economy…. Go look in the mirror sorry ass wimps there you will find the piss poor American that let this happen… Grow up you crying bitcches!


        spoken like a true OBAMONITE, 3 years in office and he did nothing, but hey support him for his skin and religion.

        • Ken Bennett

          Did you make that label up or did someone help you? My liking our president has nothing at all to do with his skin color and certainly not his religion… i like him because of how is is handling himself. In the face of all the half ass Americans that relish the idea of catching him messing up. He has done well. I thought he was to green for the job but he proved me wrong and considering the wreckage created and left by a republican president and a republican congress. This country is still not in a depression. Which coincidently shows that Mr bush did not care about the condition he left it in nor about the welfare of this country or its people as a whole. . This President has done as much as he could with republicans blocking every single positive thing the government tried to accomplish. All to try and sway the next election… they don’t give a damn about the people or the effects their blocks have on the nation. All they care about is being in power… and you like it… I like Barak Hussein Obama cause he has turned out to be a good man. No more bowing though. grrrrrr.. Well he’s still a little green. He will do better next term when we oust the roadblocking rabid republicans. And he will be our president next term… eat that! savor it! mmmmm good huh? :-)

  • Rick

    I think we should look at Arizona and some other progressive states and start following their lead. Let see congressman have to pass a drug test. Makes sense to me. They can’t vote them selves a raise unless they have a balanced budget that is decreasing. What an idea.

  • Michael Naccarati

    Instead of giving away a million dollars everyday to some country why don’t we just keep here and use it where it will be used best like take care of the veterans of this country and other things llike social security and may even putting people back to work. I beleive if figures out to a billion or more dollars a year.

  • Paul P

    There are some many lies any more its destroyed trust between all — That’s bad!!! I think its time we start a new country with truthful, god loving honest people and take out the trash — Join me anyone???

  • I’ve got an easy way to get money for the budget. Stop sending out billions of dollars to every country that has an earthquake, hurricane or tsunami. Also stop being the police force for the entire world. Let them take care of their own problems and use the money to support American citizens. Bring our troops home and station them at the borders. Tell American companies to make their products in the USA or be subjected to tariffs and institute tariffs on foreign imports like we used to. And stop using our tax dollars to educate and provide for illegal aliens, the only tax dollars that need to be spent on them is for the bus ride back to their own country. This would make more jobs for Americans and re-instill some pride in the “Made in the USA” label.

    • RAY


  • Abran

    I served in the Army for almost 24 years. When I retired I went to the VA because I was having a hard time hearing what was being said to me. I was given a 10% disability (about $110) which was taken from my retirement . It was given to the VA and they gave it back to me tax free.(what a country). I believe that everybody should get welfare for SIX months in their LIFE time. My first army pay check was about $89 per month, how many people in Washington made less then that? I am still proud of my service to my country and would do it all over again. Like the song says If you don’t love it leave it. We fought to give you the right to leave. Please use the right.

  • edz

    I love this country who I have proudly served in OEF/OIF ( started to be a legal immigrant since 27 Jan 73, then became a citizen 27 May 79). Have worked as a civilian, raised a family, weekend warrior and proud taxpayer to keep this nation going. Over all, This is still a blessed country who has overspent a lot in helping poorer countries. However, there is the entitled lazy fellow Americans who are not doing their portion in helping to be a working American. Entitlement mentality without equal sweat equity is NOT the American way. Hard work is !

  • John Wiseman

    We need to bring our troops home and station them at the borders here in the United States of America. So many people say that the GIs have joined the service on a volunteer bases. Not by draft or forced methods of joining the service in support of the United States of America. But what so many do not stop to understand is that they join because out lack of job availability and a future for them. Resulting in that joining the service is a way of getting some education in life. Another thing is, we send out GIs into situations that now are requiring medical help with upon returning to the states. We need to support those troops and try an help them as must as we can. So why are we cutting VA benefits and benefits?
    Tell American companies to make their products in the USA or be subjected to tariffs and institute tariffs on foreign imports like we used to. And stop using our tax dollars to educate and provide for illegal aliens, the only tax dollars that need to be spent on them is for the bus ride back to their own country. This would make more jobs for Americans and re-instill some pride in the “Made in the USA” label.

  • Wayne L Vincent Sr

    Let’s reduce the size of Government by eliminating special aides and assistants to Congressmen and Senators. And, by the way, why not reduce the special benefits they receive, i.e. let them obtain their own medical at their cost when they retire.

  • mermera

    I read that hot dogs cause butt cancer and I am concerned, as should be every citizen in the great U.S., is that these perilous ‘hot dogs’ are not being served in the dining rooms of our nation’s capitol. Butt cancer would render the accustomed head covering of members of congress too loose to be worn with the usual sporting dignity. Changing hat styles might prove to be too much for the already heavily burdened law folk. But, just in case, I suggest a solution already in common term with them, pigs. A pig, substituted for cankered original, would probably go unnoticed, kinda like the king’s new hat.

  • 28 Years

    We have tried very hard as “American Soilders” but, we cannot break the arrogance or ignorance of a few idots. We know who we are and what we worked hard for, God Bless America……………………..

  • Bernard Corbin

    Better yet, why not cut the Senate’s healthcare plan by a couple percent?

    • schnitzelschitzen

      Well said sir. More to the point, those politicians who have failed us by not protecting We Americans by keeping prices down, to include healthcare, and allowing our private retirement accounts to be sacked, should not get paid, but rather let’s put them on a payment plan while they pay US the Government back. We could find jobs for them like picking fly-poop out of pepper at a pepper factory and they may even graduate to leading chickens out to Sh–. ANYBODY BUT INCUMBENT!! FOREVER SOVEREIGN, FOREVER FREE!

  • schnitzelschitzen

    When our President, and our Congress deem it necessary to go to war for the good of Our Great Nation, they had better deem it necessary to support our troops when they come home. Those who fail us in Washington DC have failed their mission and because of that, they must be removed from their office and We The People must replace them with patriots who care more for America than their own special interests. God Bless Our Men and Women in uniform. Let’s us fight to protect them here at home while they are over there protecting us.

  • Tired of chickens

    If the negative comments I have read about the benefits received by service men and women, then, the makers of the comments have never served a day in the military nor have they ever put their lives on the line for small pay and benefits. Where can the government save money? How about starting doing away with lifetime retirement, at the same rate as they make now, plus lifetime medical and other so-called benefits, for serving only one term. Also, how about all the “staffers,” czars, and others put to work on the govt work force?

    • Sharon Jenika

      I am a veteran and hope to continue getting my healthcare at the VA.
      My worst nightmare, as well as other Veteran’s who served, is to be cut
      off of our medical benefits. There is a lot of fat in the military budget. We do not need 730 military bases around the world. We do not need the American city of thousands that has grown up around Gitmo with it’s schools, Wallmart’s, tennis courts, housing for the brass and their familes and costing us a fortune. Obama was unable to get rid of Gitmo b/c it is a sacred cow.
      How dare they try to balance their costly way of life by denying veterans basic medical care after we have fought their wars to keep them “safe.”

  • Masoli Masoli Jr

    If you have not serve in the military then you have no idea what we are talking about, I am sure most of you would not want to go thru the life we lived in those 15, 20, 30 or even 35 years that we serve to protect our way of life, your way of life. If congress and the senate wants to cut our pay and benefits I will go along with that but they would have to take the same thing with there pay and benefits. They are always willing to put up some one else pay and benefits but they dont say anything about there’s, when they bring up there pay its just that they are giving them self a pay raise. SELFISH, SELF FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Otis Brown

    When are we who fought to protect the so-called rights we are supposed to have here in America going to be treated like the patriots we are ? We join the military to fight the enemies of America, foreign and domestic whereever congress decides to send us. As former president Bush frequently stated ” We fight them in other places, so we don’t have to fight them here in America.” That is fine, but what kind fo care do you provide when we come back without limbs,eyes, scrambled brains,and some never make it back. You want to cut the care, benefits,pay and anything else you can cut as long as you, ( the entire legislature ) never have to go fight, leave your loved ones, or do anything for your country except get richer at the expense of the good citizens that are willing to do what you won’t, or don’t have the courage to do. Why don’t you take a pay cut, and freeze your salary for one year as you have done to us ? I say God bless all of us because we’re going to need it.

  • Danhunterman

    Man every time I see some one say its not Obamas fault I ask who is responsible in this country. It was once said the buck stops here.That is why we elect Presidents. They are ultimately responsible for failure.

    • Ken Bennett

      Because the country was literally screw over by the previous administration….. Obama has only been able to react and try to repair damage.. Right winglets want to blame the current admin cause they simply don’t like him… He’s the wrong color or the wrong party or he has curly hair…. If the majority of you start admitting your failures… We will certainly point out ours… Therein lies the primary difference between Dems and Reps. We will will admit a bad move and you folks will always point the finger at someone else. The buck sure as hell didn’t stop with George Bush he passed the whole mess over to the new administration and quietly slunk back into his tax dollar lined golden parachute. While you guys point point pointed to Obama as the cause. It only took six months before the slimy right wing media started pointing and they were busting at the seems to do it too…. No more republican Presidents!!!!! No More republicans period!!!!

      • military spouse

        So anyone who disagrees with Obama’s policies HAS to be a racist? Get over it. I just don’t agree with his policies, he could be purple for all I care. Furthermore, it’s been over three year’s since Obama has been in office, don’t you think it’s time to stop blaming everything wrong in the world on Bush and the Republicans? He has the job, he’s only made it worse, so he has to take the responsibility. Man Up!

        • Ken Bennett

          No you don’t have to personally be a racist… doesn’t change the fact that most of the republican party is. You don’t like his POLICIES???? What policies in particular don’t you like? Please expand that part of your claim. I like the fact that he like clinton is trying to make health care affordable in this country… Its about damned time. You obviously don’t care about anyone beyond your immediate family if that is your bitch. I didn’t blame everything wrong on bush but his party and his greed and his need to get vengence is exactly what created this mess and none of you people even you want to claim the lions share of the problem… Your republican blinders prohibit you folks from looking at the big picture. Thats why nothing gets done in this place. I mentioned before how I watched the republican media twisting and crying the first year he was in office JUST DYING TO BLAME EVERYTHING ON THOSE HORRIBLE EVIL DEMOCRATS!!!!! I would be willing to accept any of you people if it weren’t for your insane need to separate the country because what you think and what you believe is the only right thing and the any that disagree are sorry lefty libs. Its your parties speech and behavior that makes each of you seem racist… but perhaps its just that even though you all get the best educations and the best jobs. Maybe.. you are all just stupid. None of you seem willing to step up for the poor… You claim to be “real” working stiffs and upstanding americans. Then you cry and wail cause you might have to pay a few more dollars in taxes. Taxes kill us all Dems and reps alike but you cry baby republicans would let children die or become filler for one of your prisons rather than help with a few extra tax dollars a year…. Selfish disgusting lot of you! Want me to man up? You first admit that this started because of your greedy ass party. And then I will be happy to admit how many errors were mad after our president took office. None of you show the office the respect it deserves and that you would demand if a rep was in office. When you crabs took off the gloves so did I… I will man up when your party grows up… Just occured to me… Maybe you all don’t need to grow up.Perhaps the Republican party is on the other end…. so old it just seems immature self centered and dangerous to itself… Maybe that great elephant should just die before it ends us all. .

    • Melisa

      I am a veteran who is disabled, and not being able to work at this time. i do think that this does not make any sense at all. Veterans are treated like slaves, and that is the end of the story. Nobody has no idea what goes in VA Health Centers, till you are there almost every day. It is a shame!!!! Not to mention that majority of disabled veterans, as well as veterans in general are having hard time trying to find in the civillian sector, but, for reason, nobody does not even bother to give us a chance, which boils to the fact that majority of the veterans are homeleess. What the heck did we do when really nobody gives a shit about us at all ???????

  • The benefits for both Veterans and Active Duty Service personnel should be INCREASED. Let’s stop giving away our tax dollars to other countries and to illegals. God Bless America, and God Bless America’s Armed Forces.

    • Hal

      You are correct..It is time to take care of our veterans and active duty military

    • John Beck

      I am with you on Increasing VA Active Duty Service Personal Health Care Benefits.

  • Lester

    Cut the congress paycheck! But that will never happen. Pull out of other countries and take of the people who would have given their lives for this country. Cut congress.

  • J. C. M. RET. NAVY

    It is time that we ( US MILITARY ) cast our VOTE and elect a NEW all new officials in gov. The old off. Cong. & SEN. NO RETIREMENT nothing. UNCLE SAM SAID take care of act. & ret. military. IT IS OUR SON’S DAUGHTER’S MOM’S AND DAD’S !

  • Retird Navy CPO

    Let’s look at oour government personnel. They are rich; which means they don’t care about the citizens to begin with. They do not have to pay for health care; so why should they care? They get 100% of their pay for retirement after just serving 4 years of service, so again, why do they care?
    Everyone can complain about paying taxes;but the rich don’t because of loop holes or investments. Why do they care?
    The constitution as it was written and intended means nothing since our government does what it wants anyway.
    Congress once said that the veterans would be taken care of after giving their time in service however, the illegels must get there pay and benefits from somewhere, why should our governemt care?

    • retiree

      I assume you’re talking about Congress. Our Civil Servant brethren (also government personnel) are NOT rich. Their pay is comparable to ours.

      2. Congress pays for their health care in cash – minimum of $200 a month, often MUCH more. Note that active duty military do NOT pay cash for their health care.…

      3. Congress gets $0 for retirement after 4 years. They need a minimum of 5 years to vest, which gets them 8.5% of the average of their top 3 years base pay, payable at age 62. After 20 years, they get 34$ of that average, payable at age 50.…

      If HR 3813 goes through, they will be moved from FERS/LE scale to regular FERS, and gain 0.7%/year accumulation. That means after 5 years they get 3.5% of the average of their top 5 years base pay, payable at age 62. After 20 years, they would get 14% of their top 5 average, payable at age 55.

      3. Illegal aliens are NOT eligible for federal benefits – any that are receiving them are breaking the law. Therefore there is NO budget for illegal alien care in the Federal budget.

      4. You can still get free care, space available, at MTFs. Those injured on duty are still eligible for VA care.

      5. Again, sequestration is meant to hold what each side holds dear hostage. Yes, they’re threatening defense and veteran’s spending. That’s on purpose. sequestration is a big game of chicken – you hold the other side’s treasures hostage, demanding compromise. The answer is to get CONGRESS to compromise.

    • Rick

      Time N Time Again….. This is soooo true! When is this gonna stop? Re-post!!

  • jeb

    this makes me irrate. I lost everything in the aftermath of my deployments to Iraq. What are these people thinking.

  • jose

    I strongly feel that we should join the V F W so we can have some representation on the hill. not just put us on the hill with no support. we need vets on the side of vets not with the politics that could care less about our health and good being

  • AGENT007

    It is ALL Osucka’s fault !!!!! you dumb-azz !!!!! and it’s ALL ON PURPOSE !!!

  • doc young

    I really believe that if the politicians think they can play with the paychecks of the active duty military, they better really think harder than they have been!!, what are they going to do if the combat troops decide that they’re tired of being screwd with and come home with they’re combat vehicles(ammo included) and just drove up to the halls of congress and told them to QUIT SCREWING AROUND WITH OUR PAY AND BENEFITS< OR ELSE WE WILL START SCREWING WITH YOUR LIVES< RIGHT THE F##CK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • richard l. hill


  • Donna

    I am the daughter of a purple heart recipient who served two tours in the
    Vietnam War in addition to thirty years of active duty service. I am the wife of a retired military veteran who served this country for twenty years. I think it is about high time that this country for which I have come to love make it mandatory for every young man and woman to serve in our armed forces for a minimum of four years. With that being said I believe that this nation would finally recognize the freedoms it enjoys “thanks to our troops”. If all the members of our senate and congress, not to mention “the president” were required to serve I do not believe they would be so quick to take away even more of the benefits that our military members continue to experience. Our military members do not receive 100% retirement, so tell me, when are we going to put our foot down and demand that our congress tell us “what they have done to earn financial freedom for their remaining years” of life. Now is not the time to sit back and be silent. GOD BLESS THIS COUNTRY AND GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS AND THEIR FAMILIES!

    • John

      Darn Donna, Why didn’t you tell it like it is. Well written. As a 30 year AF Chief I do not believe that most of the leaders in Congress could make it in the service. Congressman West (retired Lt Col), representing Florida, got crucified for doing the job that he was trained to do. Probably by some ass kissing General who was trying to save his own skin. Your dad knows the type. It is time that Obama quit buying windmills, solar farms and unions, then we would have money to serve the needs of the military. Hang strong and we will recover in November. John

    • Tim

      I am also a 20 year Veteran retired in 1996. All politicians Democrats and Republicans alike are always making promises/statements to protect the military and vets but when bills are submitted for votes there are always riders that are attached and then the bills are passed into laws but we never hear about the riders just the main bill. These riders can and have involved both active military and vets cutting something such as a reduction in force, base closures, etc. So as for putting our feet down we can but remember when one gets into Congress, or politics they eventually become part of the good ole boy network and we are back to square one.

  • Anthony

    Most americans think sacrifice is not getting fries with the burger, they have no clue (nor do they want to) of what it feels like to be drained of everything but your will to go on,The big question that I think every one of us americans should be asking is how do we do right by them?

    Yet time and time again someone says something like well, they were paid for the work. Realy! how can you pay someone for what they do? how much do you think three to thirty years of your life is worth? How much would you want for living in total fear for everything? not just losing your car or your home but everything you ever wanted, loved, or wished to do?
    To lose the very chance of anything watsoever? cause thats what the price
    can be for service to our land. So very few have looked into the eyes of
    the people at the VA..yes, they were paid,yet they, the young, grow old still
    paying. it never ever stops. So I pay my taxes and pray that the very few that have served continue to have places like the VA, lots of places to cut funding, but in my view the VA is not one of them.

  • gary

    VA benefits were earned, they are not like most of the programs set up by the government.

  • rl 1

    hang in their vet’s..a better day is coming……..when?

  • Baithook

    It is time for congress to get the money to pay for our deficit from all the people who made money on the war. If I remember correctly our supposely leader George Bush said Irag would pay for the war. Where is the money????????????? Lets rain in all forwign add till we are finicially sound. Oh by the way is everyone aware that congress has increasev their wages by ropughly$ 40,000.00. since 2000. or another way to look at this $ 20,580,500.00 annually. I don’t know about you but my wages haven”t increased that much. and they only work 3 days a week. I correct that last statement they are suppose to be in Washingto DC if they are working is another question.