Tuition Assistance Remains Safe for Now

The DoD recently released details for how they plan to meet the budget reductions mandated by congress last year. While there were some areas that caught our attention, like huge changes to TRICARE fees, proposed military pay raise limits, the thing that caught my attention was the lack of information about the voluntary education budget — namely the Military Tuition Assistance program.

DoD officials told attendees at this year’s Council of College and Military Educators Symposium that any changes to Tuition Assistance are still be evaluated by the Pentagon..

Many of our readers will likely remember the outcry caused by the Marine Corps attempt to cut TA to $175 a credit and institute an $875 annual cap in October of 2011, which lead the DoD official telling the American Forces Press Service that the “If any changes are made to the tuition assistance policy, they will be instituted in a deliberate, thoughtful manner maintaining the integrity of a joint uniform policy for all service members.”

So, for now, no news is good news for servicemembers who wish to use their military tuition assistance benefit.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Unhappy

    Yea, the Military TA is fine for now, but what about the Civilian TA fund? We are a part of the Armed Forces as well.

    • SFC W

      DOD and DA Civilians are a huge problem in regards to the budget. Too many of them are sitting fat and useless. I agree you are part of the Armed Forces. In fact your the first part we should cut out!

      • Ol Sarge

        Couldn’t agree more. Can the useless civilian work force and invest more in the troops.

        • servant

          Remember when you retire or get out you will be a part of the usless civilian work force. Most are retired military!!!

          • NoPitty4You

            And your point is, servant? Retired military means you had 20 years to use your TA and you have your GI Bill still.

          • I feel as a disabled veteran and a new college student that I earned every benefit that I currently have…I joined the army after 911..I served all my time including a deployment to iraq..I got out with an honorable discharge and multiple good conduct awards. And now I hear they r cutting benefits?..I didn’t tink about benefits not once while I was in Iraq risking my life for the same country who tells me after all of that I don’t dezerve my benefits thhat I put my LIFE on the line to get..GOD BLESS AMERICA

    • Happy

      Are you kidding me? If you want the benefits of the military, then join the military. You should be happy you’re getting a pay check…

  • Watch

    this is just the beginning, they are going to dip into the G.I.BILL after this and then people are just going to have to join for a steady 4 year paycheck with college coming out of pocket

  • praying for TA

    Before i retire….which is a long way down the road…there will be no TA. It will just be something that we tell the young troops about (“back in the day….”). I push my troops to make sure that they are taking advantage now, because it wont be long before its gone.

  • Goun Jeong

    I would like to help with people to have fun. We need to get the education and free. I would like to be peaceful so everybody love friends and not to fight. The peaceful will come over and security to their homes.

    • Ol Sarge

      What are you talking about tree hugger?

    • LT


  • SPC

    First of all, all that is a privilege. Some of us did sign up solely to receive some of that privilege, but come on, are you really going to cry because they are about to take away your college money? There are thousands of lives that were lost in combat who never had a chance to even enjoy a college life. You are a soldier first. Be grateful that you are still in the military and/or your honorable discharge still stands as is.

    • SGT(P)

      This is the most ignorant comment I have ever seen. I joined the military to have money to go to school. After serving 6 years in the military I have learned that going to college while on duty is essential for military development and career progression. Especially now that is required for a SFC to at least have an associate’s degree to have a better chance to make E-8. Those Comrads that had die in battle and did not enjoy TA would be fighting to still have TA if they were alive.

      An education will make better soldiers and leaders in the future. That will help the military evolve for future conflicts.

  • LT

    SPC, you are an idiot! Of course people join just for the college benefits. They join because they can’t afford to go to college on their own. 40% join because of the college benefits. (Mainly the GI bill, of course). It has been one of the biggest incentive reasons for a long time. There really aren’t that many people who would put themselves in harms way for a simple belief. That is instilled in then later

    • Eric Ledger

      40% are NOT joining for the College Benefits—-throw a number out there and try to make it stick as the truth. If you went to 50% then people would question—so I would say your the idiot. If you have the grades—There is all kinds of means of paying for college. Military is not one of them. sound like one of those Northeastern USA Elites Babble.
      Check out how many College Grads are joining the Military in the past 4 years—There are NO Jobs!!!! Oh there are some who still believe in SERVICE–but that was back when media wasn’t trying to find fault with the service and most of our congressman and Presidents and their kids served. Now everyone wants to reap the benefits of living in a free society without the sacrifice.

      • Old Code

        We don’t know one another but I wanted to respond to your post just to say, thank you. LT(whoever he is), I felt poorly represented the officers ranks(FIRST) and all servicemember by being insulting toward SPC and as you so nicely called him on, all the wrong info he tried to post as truth, expecting no one would research it and call his bluff. Thanks again …… “Old Code”

      • Ernest

        Think about what you are saying. Soldiers, Saliors and Marines died on tthe battle field don’t you think that most of them had plans to use the benefits if they had come home? So they have made the ultimate sacrafice. Some of us were lucky but could have been one of us. We earned the right to these benefits. Think about. PLEASE

    • Old Code

      I appreciate all the comments I’m hearing hearing on this post…EXCEPT when one servicemember is agrees with another and decides to respond with insults. It would have suffice and been more honorable and respectful to just say, “SPC, I disagree with you”. LT, I agree with your comments wholeheartedly BUT you put yourself out there identifying yourself as a commissioned officer by your screen name and you exercise your freedom of speech by insulting another servicemember whom you apparently disagree with in a public post for the world to read. My response to you…….”SIR” is Thank you for leadership example that you’re showing !” It really gives the world a “true
      picture” of the character of the officers who leads our armed servicemembers. With words like “idiot” towards a fellow servicemember, you misrepresent the officer ranks to which you are a part of. Conduct VERY unbecoming of an officer to insult ANYONE in a public forum wouldn’t you say so ………….”SIR !”

    • CW3

      LT – how in the world did you quantify those figures? 40% – where doe’s that come from? By the way, who the hell are you to be calling someone else an idiot?

  • Claude Regis Vargo

    Without sounding too commercial, I took advantage of my GI Bill at 50 years old, and boy am I glad I did. To see my successful story please go to I will be at Ft Rucker AL on the 25th of Feb if you are in the area for a FREE all day workshop. More info at I wish you guys all the luck in the world. S/F, Claude Vargo

  • Claude Vargo

    Sorry guys, that was

  • Pat

    Now, if one can find a school that signed the DOD MOU, we’ll be all set. ah, yes, all the rip-off for-profits are on board.

  • boogie boogie

    Adequate college compensation is definitely important to keeping a strong military. I got a better cut idea. Take welfare reform to new heights. Cut all the ones loose that believe they are entitled to govt. checks. We all have to give and we all can give in some way. This country wasn’t founded by babies that couldn’t creatively solve a problem. It was forged by strong people who new it was sink or swim, and that reality is a healthy reality for America and anywhere.

  • schoolnut

    School is a part of how society grows and prospers and by having the benifit of going to school without acruing debt is a large advantage to not only the service member but to society as a whole. TA is a great insentive that helps more ways than one.

  • LTJim

    I joined because I believe in doing my duty, I then voluntered for VN because I wanted to help. After leaving service I found out about GI Bill and used it.

    I am proud to be an American.
    If you were promised benefit a or b – whether or not that is why you a joined -because then the US should deliver. The US is you and me as taxpayers. We stand together and we deliver together.

  • LTJim

    I joined because I believe in doing my duty, I also voluntered for VN because I wanted to help. After leaving service I found out about GI Bill and used it.

    I am proud to be an American.
    If you were promised benefit a or b – whether or not that is why you a joined -because then the US should deliver. The US is you and me as taxpayers. We stand together and we deliver together.