How Will MetLife Change TRICARE Dental?

On May 1, 2012 TRICARE will be changing the TRICARE Dental Program coverage from United Concordia to MetLife. This means that over 2 million Selected Reserve and Individual Ready Reserve members, family members,  and survivors may soon see some significant changes to their dental coverage. 

NOTE: The change to MetLife is for family members, members of the Selected Reserve and Individual Ready Reserve, and survivors only.  The Active Duty Dental Program will continue to be administered by United Concordia. The TRICARE Retiree Dental Program coverage will remain under Delta Dental.

According to TRICARE, beneficiaries can expect to see the enhanced dental coverage at a lower premium share under the new contract. MetLife will distribute program information, provider network details beginning in first quarter 2012.

Highlights to the benefits and enhancements are listed below:

  • Coverage of posterior resin (tooth colored/white) fillings.
  • Increase in the annual maximum to $1,300 per enrollee (formerly this was $1,200).
  • Increase in the lifetime orthodontic maximum to $1,750.
  • $1,200 per year for services related to dental treatment due to an accident as defined in the TDP handbook.
  • No cost shares for scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) for diabetics.
  • Coverage of an additional (3rd) cleaning for women during pregnancy.
  • Expansion of the survivor benefits to surviving spouse and child(ren).

To check if your dentist is already part of the MetLife network, visit the Metlife TRICARE Dental Program website and click “Find a Dentist.”

Additional information about the contract is available at and benefit updates are available at

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Warrior

    I did not see one word about Retiree’s??????

    • milchap

      “The retiree dental care program will remain under Delta Dental”

  • Lito C

    Active duty always getting shafted!

    • Roger

      WHAT are you talking about. Active duty is fully covered at NO COST to the military member.

      • SGT

        NOT our families. And when does a person typically need the most dental work? as a child and late in life. When do most people have kids? between 20 and 30? how old is the average soldier? 24 and more then half of us have kids. So I work harder for my pay then anyone else in the country. Don’t believe it? Compare us to the only professions who work as long every week or sacrifice as much….. Contractors who make 100k a year starting? FBI/CIA field agents who make 80k a year starting? I make a little over 30k a year after 8 years. And I get my dues? Don’t think so.

        • SGT,

          LMAO, so don’t reenlist if you’re unhappy with the occupation you picked, and then go and become a Contractor and/or apply to be a FBI/CIA field agent.

        • Steve

          I believe this is a voluntary position…correct!

    • infantry wife
  • info

    retirees plans fall under a different contract which is administered by Delta Dental.

    • Rudy

      I’m a retired Active Duty. I would to apply for the Delta Dental for my family. Please send me WEB site thank you.

      • milchap

        Go on line and Google Delta Dental. Follow the links.

      • Tammy

        Hi there, thank you for your interest in the TRDP. You can visit our website to enroll in the program at Also if you have any questions you can call our tollfree number at 888-838-8737. Thanks!

  • guest

    Active duty dependants monthly coverage pay is around $12-13, then when the servicemember retires, for a family of two the monthly payment goes to $69 plus change, and you have to wait a year for major services. What a ripoff!!!!!!!!!!

    • milchap

      In my experience, it is a rip-off only if you pay full price. My DMD charges $685 for a CERAC. Delta Dental pays 50%. With using Delta Dental to its annual limit, I am saving money.

    • Berta

      You do NOT have to wait a year for services if you signed up within 30 days of soldier retiring. This information is provided to the soldier at pre- retirement briefings that Spouses are strongly urged to go to since there is a whole lot of information given at these briefings. Delta dental is still cheaper & pays close pretty much the same amount as other insurances do. I know that we would be paying 2x the family (of 4) monthly amount if we chose to take employers dental insurance as it is $100+ every 2 weeks.

    • guest

      I recently went through TAPS and was shocked dwhen i saw the family rate for dental coverage! almost 120 for 3 people per month the you still have that co-pay! they give you a retirement check but after taxes, health insurance (dental inclubed) you only recieve about 75% of your 50% at retirement!

  • Brian

    Why not cover implants?
    Better all around in the long run and will save money by scale.

    • milchap

      I think they do. At least my wife had a tooth implant that was covered.

      • armywifecannon

        With Metlife, they cover 50% of the implant cost. Not bad.

  • Theresa

    It seems that the families get a better deal than retirees. Being retired there are more of us who become diabetic, need more deep cleanings & other work. Right now we have to wait a year and still pay thru the nose, which some of us can not afford. Once again we get screwed & I’m talking about medically or over 62.

    • milchap

      My wife and I have Delta Dental, retired version. It is true that there is a waiting period, but our coverage has been excellent. Cerac implants, posts, new teeth, etc., all in addition to semi-annual checkups. We have been very pleased with the coverage.

  • SEWM

    I use to joke, that I am staying for the benifits,, ha ha, little did I know, when you age and reitre the only thing you really get is Tri Care,, which is pretty good. But as you age your EYES AND TEETH, are the first to go..!!!! Delta Denta is way too high and covers very little… Going to pick up my glassses today from WalMart.. no vison coverage on this either… Thanks.

    • CharlesBryant


      “Eye Exams

      TRICARE covers one comprehensive ophthalmologic eye exam every two years. You can receive these eye exams from a TRICARE-authorized optometrist or ophthalmologist.”


      • IDMTmedic

        Unless your fighting for our veterans benefits right charles? Raise the rates every year is your answer. You do know that your opinion will be posted all over this forum for every answer. I would encourage everyone to follow Charles and his posts!

        • retiree

          Rates are going up every year – that was in NDAA 2012. Limited to the percentage of COLA (i.e. if COLA goes up 2.2%, Tricare doesn’t go up over 2.2%)

          Oh, and your first sentence/question is nonsense. It doesn’t matter what the Veteran is doing, they see the same increase.

          • IDMTmedic

            According to NAU “Up front the premise that military health care has seen rapid growth is very suspect in light of the disclosure last week that medical inflation, overall, had only increased 3.8% in 2008 and 3.9% in 2009. Once again it seems that DoD has no qualms about trying to balance their budget on the backs of retirees. They totally disregard any promises made or the fact that these retirees have earned their promised benefits and many count on them to maintain their quality of life”

          • CharlesBryant


            What you posted has nothing to do with this subject. This is about “TRICARE Dental Program coverage from United Concordia to MetLife.”

            The news listed Highlights to the benefits and enhancements for Selected Reserve and Individual Ready Reserve, and survivors only.

            Just why you are complaining about the listed enhancements?

          • IDMTmedic

            Enhancements is a nice word. Your all about corrections not enhancements. In this case for the benefit. Most cases just correcting misguided vets with bad info right? No concern, no worry just the way it should be. Pay more because we should according to you. No cuts? Yaaaa ok.

        • CharlesBryant


          Not sure what your argument is! All I did was point out that Tricare does cover “Eye Exams” and link that FACT to the Tricare website. Should I have not pointed this out?

          • IDMTmedic

            Here’s my argument with you and Retiree. Where is the passion that you fight for our benefits? You state facts and errors in posts that may or may not be true. Sacrifice is a given in military life. Those that died are not here to fight it. Your arguments are based on legal issues and not moral or ethical. Neither one of you post on the issue that congress is trying to negate the sacrifice of all veterans. Charles states he wants more payments because he has a good life and if we paid like civilians then we are so much better off. Retiree is more realistic and says that he does not agree with raising fees but it is a reality. I would say yes it is coming and regardless of the financial situation our country is in, we as vets are not a burden! So either STFU or take a side but don’t play both.

          • CharlesBryant


            “Here’s my argument with you and Retiree.”

            LMAO, why in the world do you feel the necessity to have an argument with our FACTS and opinions?

            1. The subject of this article is “How Will MetLife Change TRICARE Dental”.

            2. A soldier made a statement that there was “no vison coverage on this either” talking about Tricare.

            3. In that I wear glasses myself, I knew this was untrue, so I looked it up on the Tricare website, pasted that information here along with the link.

            4. I did not post my opinion, just the ‘matter of fact’ that Tricare does cover an (eye exam) every two years.

            5. IDMTmedic, let me suggest that you stick to subject of these IntenseDebate News blogs and stop making what others post your agenda.

          • IDMTmedic

            My agenda is vets. I would say the same thing to you about what others post IS your agenda.. Your posts are in response to other posts and defend nothing in regards to the frustration vets feel. Post facts all day long Mr. congressman but apparently you left your uniform at the door.

          • infantry

            Metlife. Crap. They only. Let ur kids. Have. 1. Xray a year. Just found this out at the dentist. Today. So. Yea. Really. Wow. Great change…… plzzzzzzz

      • Gladys

        the glasses is very expensive,I can’t go to the optometrist, because I don’t have a money for my glasses, 3 years don’t go to the doctor ,I can’t see.thank you for our sacrifices.

    • bob lee

      Yes I agree the Delta Dental is a rip off because you have be a member for 1 year before you can file a claim for dental care to get a pro- rated portion of the money payed for dental care refunded.

    • D Lynch

      I have Delta dental and you are right, they cover little to none…exactly 50% co-pay. Then there is the $52.00 a month premieum. I guess that is to bribe the Congressmen by the K st gang in D C. So they don’t give the patient a fair shake!!

    • USN Ret

      I have Tri Care and I do get my eyes checked once a year thru them, but I have to pay for my glasses. I agree delta dental is a waste of money I went to met life for a dental plan. It’s not cheap but it is good coverage.

  • Berta

    If going to MET LIFE is going to save money. Then why not be fair about it and switch everyone to it? I am tired of seeing active duty getting the better deals while they still have other perks to supplement their income. The active soldier is seen on post/base so no money spent by soldier for his dental unlike retirees. Your retirees should be getting the enhanced plans 1st since they are having to pay for everything out of their small checks. (no housing allowance, food allowance etc, clothing allowance)

    • RetE8

      Yup, amazing considering the pay differance now to than also. My base pay a an E8 with 27 is the same as a E6 with 3 years now. Yet ALL retirees no matter what era they retired or grade are subject to ALL the same costs Co-pays and increases. It is some deal to go from free for life to pay more than is really affordable. I don’t have a problem “paying” just that its compatable to my “pay”

      Right now I have to wait another year to get a molar pulled and some sort of implant cause I can’t afford any more dental work on this ins this year. So I deal with the pain till Oct.

      • the general

        if you have affordable dentures in your area check them out, thery are about 1/3 of the costs of a dentist.

    • Tom

      I’m retired too, but the active duty guys are still getting SHOT AT! Whether we were or not while we were in, we’re not now. THAT’s the difference!

      • RetE8

        U gota be kiddin, when I was shot at I didn’t need dental work homes! after VN I hung around a while longer bubba, still no real dental work needed, or received except cleanings, from 64 on to 82 I wasn’t worried as my retired old man and family was still getting that “free” for life benefit., well homie now its a different story, forget the “being shot at” stuff, they were called “benefits” for a reason dude, for “when I/we were being shot at. , and now I need the dental work homie, Man!!

  • guest

    Nothing changes for retirees if you read the article.

  • G. F. Merna

    Watch out for MetLife–they just raised the premium on my Long Terrm Care Insurance over 33%– a $1,450 increase in one year!!! And all this resulted in a lousy $7.00 as day increase in my daily “allowance” when and if I should ever live to collect it, and I’m 82 now! God help me when I see the increases yet to come. You know they are hoping we will drop the insurance, then they get to keep all the 15 years of premiums and we get to keep Zip! Let the buyer beware!
    Jarhead “Mustang” Marine

  • carmen c

    seems that active or not, everyone is in the same boat. no matter how hard you worked, saved, paid your time in, lost special times with your family/ friends, you still are waiting for someone in gov. or other to take what you have earned. I keep telling myself its just stuff or services and someday we will all die and have nothing to take with us. Fight if we can, but the truth is we are out numbered and anything and all will go one day or another.

  • KCP

    We are facing thousands of dollars in dental bills because of the crappy coverage we receive from Concordia. I am literally having to forego necessary dental care because the $1200 cap was reached on the first visit, and our dental care credit service is maxed out. One visit alone can cost thousands…. so much for taking care of soldiers and their families.

  • patrick

    The dental plans are just too expensive. We find it much wiser to set a fund aside each year to use for dental and we have actually been able to do this and meet our needs cheaper than the plan you offer. Try a little harder to get us a better plan. We are very happy with the medical but the dental care belongs in the garbage can.

  • D Lynch

    I have Delta Dental and am allowed $1,500.00 a year but crowns are $856.00 each and root canals are $700.00 and bridges are $650.00 and this is under a civilian premieum of $52.00 a month. There is no rollover for the amount you don’t use. The aforementioned proceedures require a 50% co-pay and I dont have the 50% and therefore I loose what I don’t use which is about $700.00 a year. I can barely fix one tooth a year and need attention on 6 of them and I have dry mouth syndrome due to prescription drugs for heart problems. This whole dental business is a pile of crap and robery and we don’t get to rollover what we don’t use yet paid for. Medicare should cover dental but they dont. if you are on medicaid you get your teeth fixed for free. I wrote to my congressman for all that will do. If all the Medicare recipients would write their congressmen, there may be something done about it. I am also a veteran and can’t get zip done at the V A.

    • D Lynch

      Medicare cannot pay the V A doctor as a federal agency cannot pay another federal agency. This is so they can keep the federal budget artifically inflated. Although 3 times they did mess up an pay my V A doctor $135.00 each time and I have the Medicare report on it.

  • Ret Guest

    Retires get a monthly penson for serving our country for 20yrs or more PLUS out of that large monthly amount (haha) we have to pay for Tricare and Dental. Why even give us a paycheck if their going to take it all back for Medical. Active duty has NO copay but people on a small montly paycheck has to pay for everything. Don’t see how staying in is any benifit.

    • J.S.

      It’s better than nothing, but it’s not enough. The problem is our country’s values are in the toilet…collectively, we’ve managed to turn people into commodities under fear mongering baby boomers who want us to believe it’s either their ideas or communism. Time will be the true test. Unfortunately, it will probably take some cataclysmic event much worse than 9/11 or the great recession to force the change in our polarized and incessantly biased national culture of greed for instant gratification (at the expense of others).

  • Retired Navy (E-8)

    I’m getting ready to join Delta dental because I’m diabetic…and need extensive dental work..(three broken teeth) that were treated with fillings while in the Navy that back in the early 70’s….now i have no other option but to pay through the A.. to get dental work done…but I guess something is better than nothing…..I just wish I could get what a congressman ( allot better medical and dental coverage) than us retiree’s get after retirement. CONGRESS WAKE UP take a look at what the retiree’s really need after serving and defending everyone in the United States Freedom!!!!!!!!!! get us better dental coverage and why not switch everyone over to the METLIFE COVERAGE PLAN!!!!!!!!!!

    All comments and support our welcome……….

  • Lynn Harris

    I have found a way to bet the dental system. I went to a dentist and he quoted me $8,700 to repair my teeth. I met an individual who introduced me to a student in a dental college. I went there, applied for the same work to be done to my teeth and they quoted me a price of $1,400.00 after insurance pays their part. I am very pleased with the dental college staff and students. I would recommend all of you look for a dental college in your area. Quit paying for all the personal amenities the dentist are charging you extra. You will save money.

  • SGM Youknowwho

    I retired with over 25 years of active duty. My rank was E-9. I am now 80
    years old. I have always paid for my dental work. It coat me less than if
    I tried to get it through Tri-Care. I stayed in the Army so I could receive the
    benefits. what a Rip-Off. I just hope this does’nt happen to our younger

  • AF MSgt Ret

    I am a retiree who needs to have all my teeth extracted and dentures fitted. My cost-$8,700.00. Delta Dental pays-$1,200.00. Balance I have to pay-$7,500.00 Where does that come from?

    • Floyd

      Where is the benefit for having Delta Dental? The system stinks.

      AF Retired

  • Firstloader

    Dentist are a rip off put you money in a dental saving fund of your own and pay cash for what you need. paying Delta Dental is just not worth it. Congress could care less, non of them have ever served , there in is the problem with the military, there are civilians running it.

    • Floyd

      Total agreement. It should be a requirement that ALL in office should serve their country.

      AF Retired.

  • c2o5

    Maybe I am missing something here….

    I am in the Army Reserves and have served 16 years so far and have experienced the Medical and Dental coverage from both my civilian and military (Tricare Reserve Select) careers. Without fail, the military benefits are better than what our civilian counterparts get offered.

    Why is it we feel we should be awarded better coverage at lower premiums? What gives us this right? I would be interested in hearing your thoughts. I am not interested in being blasted by someone who has not figured out how to separate emotional connections from their response. Let’s look at this topic holistically.

    If we get better services with lower premiums, sure I will like this, but at the same time, I must also consider what the tertiary effects are: larger write-offs required by the clinic, additional budgetary requirements for the government, ….

    • CharlesBryant


      Yep, I agree. Many here just don’t realize how good Active and Retired Military really have it.

      • IDMTmedic

        Then I guess they should pay us like civilians then right. Treat us like civilians then pay us like them. Overtime, on-call, differential pay for after hours, separation from family for a year or more, no breaks or scheduled lunches. I mean what’s not to love. You have the potential to be killed in your job? Shot at, eat dirt with your meal? Fair trade? Only a few realize what has been sacrificed to get these benefits, so yeah I guess you and a few others DON’T get it.

        • CharlesBryant


          Correct me if I am wrong, but you never retired from the Military, correct?

          • IDMTmedic

            20 yrs.:)

          • CharlesBryant


            Sorry, the Scott Mulder I knew, is 33 or 34 years of age.

          • IDMTmedic

            No problem Charles.

          • IDMTmedic

            If your trying to figure out who I am then ask, beating around the bush won’t help. If you would like to know my deployments ask away.

          • CharlesBryant


            Feel free to download your DD Form 214 and DD Form 215 here, along side mine in order to move this off of this forum.


          • IDMTmedic

            I don’t entertain your links. Feel free to discuss right here.

          • scott

            Bottom line. Do military work harder and risk more then your average civilian? YES. Do a lot of civilian jobs offer much better dental coverage? YES. The RIGHT??? Two tours in Iraq one in Afghanistan as a 9 year 11b vet. and I can’t even get my kid braces because I can’t afford the thousand dollar differential? Yes me and those like me have earned the right to have better coverage then Joe Civilian. At a minimum I have earned the right to choose. If I want to be cheap and pay 10 dollars a month for crap insurance or pay 50 a month for great insurance. I think getting shot at blown up losing friends and missing my family for nearly three years out of 9 earns me a little more benefits….

          • scott,

            So the benefits you are recieving are less than your Enlistment Contract specified?

        • AlB

          We don’t have a”draft” anymore. No one is forced to join the military. If you don’t like the pay…get out. My husband is active duty military. Does it suck sometimes, you bet. But it was his choice to join. As far a dental insurance goes, it all does not amount to much. We had dental insurance in the civilian job world and it was pretty worthless too. Life isn’t fair. Quit sniveling.

          • Idmtmedic

            When you join then your BS is worth listening too. Talk to me in twenty years. And shove your sniveling worthless opinion up your non serving as#

    • Eldon

      I retired from the Navy in 2005. Didn’t have any dental insurance as I heard it was not worth the cost. I guess I should have listened, as what I read with delta dental, it didn’t sound to bad, as I had just paid $250 to have my daughters teeth exray, cleaned, and then there was the filling for the one cavity, oh yea, about 250 for that. Figured, dang, I best get coverage. Got the Delta dental for $60 a month, me and my daughter both covered, figured it was good.
      I had my teeth done with exrays, cleaning yad yad, delta dental paid for all. Good deal, yeh, I went back for the one very small cavity, found out delta pays a very small part of that, I paid $34 that day, thought that was it, but no, three weeks later I get a bill from the dentist, delta dental pays $18, I had to pay another $36. If I have the work done they said i needed, it would cost me close to $1000 my cost. And that is just repairing ONE tooth. Come October, I will start putting my $60 in the bank and save to pa;y cash. Delta D can KMA…Tri-Care is great as far as I’m concerned, but stay clear of Delta D.


    • Amber

      This is not a very tough question to answer at all…..we deserve better coverage at lower premiums because we make more sacrifices than civilians. My husband has made 27 months worth of deployments in 6 year. Risked his life for our freedom. Sacrificied time away from me, our sons, friends in a war zone! And when isn’t deployed he has CQ, NTC, weeks out in the field etc. So please name me a job people sacrifice as much as the military and get paid as little! And maybe only ACTIVE DUTY individuals deserve these benefits if you are so willing to give them up!

  • shame

    I am a military widow and disabled vet. I pay $120 per month for dental coverage on myself and my two children. They pay only a 5th of the cost for braces and most work I have to pay 50% for it. Insurence, I was lucky to get grandfathered in to tricare prime or I could not afford to take my kids to the doctor… I have medicare I am FORCED to buy in order to keep my tricare benefits. Is this why my husband paid the ultimate price for our freedom? Is this the benefits that were promised to us if we made the ultimate sacrifice… I’m told I should do my share and I cannot even afford to send my daughter to college because unfortunately our sacrifices were before 9-11-2001. Thank you America!

    • Simon

      Your husband was the one in the miltary, not you, why do you think your still entitled to receiving benefits, what did you do other than being a military spouse? why should you be ‘owed’ anything?

      • IDMTmedic

        Simon? I believe she said she was a military widow and “disabled vet”.

        • Simon

          If that’s the cause then why did she have to be ‘grandfathered’ into Tricare Prime-and she’s not being ‘forced’ to pay for Medicare-both programs are entitlements—all beneficiaries whom are eligible for Medicare enroll into Medicare, Medicare pays first then Tricare pays the balance–and shes questioning her husbands being in the service……Don’t see anything about her service. I would luv to be paying only 460.00 a YEAR!!! for insurance, pay more than that in 1 MONTH of healthcare premiums in the civilian sector
          I WORK to pay my health insurance, hardly anything left for food, rent, etc., basically quit whinning and BE GRATEFUL for what you have!

      • palmettogirl

        OMG! I can not believe you just said that. A spouse serves just as much as the military member. Our sacrifices are under appreciated. I’ve worked full time and raised two kids….Very often alone, since my husband is always deployed. I have had to move every 3-6 years, thereby loosing any possibility for upward mobility at my work or a meaningful retirement plan, while my husband got to enjoy climbing the career ladder. So to say the wives don’t sacrifice is really ridiculous. Our sacrifices are not appreciated but they are great. Perhaps you are just sore on military wives(b/c there are some out there that deserve it) but to say that a dutiful, hard working wife has not made great sacrifices due to the military life is grossly absurd!!

        • Simon

          A lot of people raise children on their own, w/out government benefits, we don’t get tax free food or other items tax free, we don’t get paid housing, we don’t get free medical care. A lot of husbands and wife ‘sacrifice’ things whether or not they are in the military, that’s just BS. How much money would the government save if they didn’t cover the active duty service members dependents?

          • Rebecca

            Wow…. You’re a douchebag…

          • JustFYI

            He’s a troll.

          • Kate

            If the government didn’t cover service members families they wouldn’t have much of a military. And you choose to raise children on your own we don’t. “Tax free” doesn’t mean anything, price for price it is cheaper to shop at Wal-mart then it is at the commissary or BX…WAY cheaper. We don’t get free medical care. We pay a smaller amount for insurance and then we’re required to use base hospitals which have hands down the shittiest doctors available. That “paid housing” + pay = around $55,000 a year for my husband who’s been in 10 years. Without the housing it amounts to about $35,000 pay. And thats for 24 hours a day on call, for being shot at and shelled, for 6 months out of every year being stuck in the desert away from family. Oh and about that family, perhaps you’d like to try raising 3 kids alone while trying to make it in a career field you can’t ever get ahead in because you move all the time. Or being so far away from family that no matter what happens you handle it on your own because there is no one else to help you. You try living on 35K a year then. You civilians are the ones who have it easy and you sit around and complain like we’re treated like kings. Climb out from under that rock you live under and join the real world.

          • Phillip

            Simon! it must be easy for you to sit back and reap the benefits/freedoms that the men, women, and their families provide you on a daily basis.

      • Kate

        Yeah Simon, our husbands are the one’s in the military we just sit on our @sses and eat bonbons and watch tv while they’re off doing their thing. I guess we don’t deserve anything for raising the kids and paying the bills, keeping things running when he’s gone, dealing with no husband/wife 8 months out of the year, crappy housing, etc. Are you retarded or just a moron?

      • Shocked!

        Are you serious right now?!..How about she doesn’t have her husband anymore? He fought and died for YOU, to get on here and hide behind your little computer screen and disrespect not only his wife and family but his memory as well…Get a life! Better yet how about you do something as unselfish as her husband and the millions of other service men and women who died for your freedom!

      • Caress

        read for comprehension. the first sentence says she is a disabled military vet.

      • SFC W

        read her first line widow and disabled VET. that means she was military as well dumb ass

      • Todd

        Is that a mature response Simon you idiot. You treat my wife that way you lose your teeth. I served thirty one years and I will be glad to show you how an old man kicks you ass for treating a widow badly. Her husband served believing he would have his family taken care of. You on the other hand sound rather whiney your service probably reflects that

      • Navy Nuke

        Hey Simon, I’m still active duty you scum bag. If you don’t like the benefits I and my family are entitled to then that’s too bad! Why don’t you “Man Up” and join the ranks or are you too busy wallowing in your tears of self pity? I’ll even let you come join my unit and I’ll redefine your idea of what constitutes WORK. However, until then, why don’t you just keep paying your taxes and contribute to my retirement.

    • Janice Hatcliff

      I also am a military widow. My husband was in the military 32 year. The new changes in all thing, do not seem right at all. With all the changes causing us to have to pay for heath care and many other things will make it impossible for me to meet all the need payments. I am also disabled and so I cant just go out to work. I take about 25 meds, had liver transplant and so many other problems I want list. Our loved ones who thought they were doing good for us and that we would be well cared for must be turning over in their graves. They and us need Military support that was promised when Robert joined the military.

      • Jamice Hatcliff,

        I can’t remember a time when Health Care was Free, exception being when I was active duty. Once I retired and everyone I know that retired before me paid for their Health Care, with another exception, if there was “Space Available” at any Military Hospital then and only then was my Health Care and Dental Care free.

        Unfortunately it seems that 1000’s of retirees think that once they retire everything is still free and then when they pass away, they think the Government steps in and gives the surviving spouse all of his or her benefits.

        What a surviving spouse is left with when the Veteran dies is up to the wife and husband and what they did before the Veteran dies.

  • Ann

    I just recently ended my time in service after serving 11.5 years and had some dental work done. As for the plan of Tricare and United Concordia they said I was covered during the visit and had a balance of 253.00 due to the Dentist. So today I return to repay the balance due and it is now $1,478.00 due to the Dentist. I say this, to that, this is just not fare to the veterans at all, and I am going to do all that I can to see that this is taken care of even if no one wants to listen. I will eventually get to someone’s nerves and they will then hear me. So let’s not get upset, just try to fight like we have always done for our country. Someone is bound to here our plea for help and be more concern with the outcome than the government not doing anything at all. FREEDOM, yeah is not free.

  • John Newman

    I’m 79, retired Aif Force and having two dental implants next week. Cost: is $9890.00.IIf you plan on retireing in Northern California make sure you have good teeth or a lot of money.

    • Jim


      Good dentures are way cheaper than that!

  • Jan Herk

    What ever happed to our benefits our husbands earned for us in war and service for 25-30 years??? Just robbing the poor for the rich seems like to me, But ya cant fight City Hall they say!!! So much for the enjoyment your spouse worked so hard for his family to enjoy!!!! Golden years came and went,

  • Rayshell

    From my understanding we as dependents are being ripped off. We’re being given a met life plan that almost compares to Medicaid which most dentist won’t accept because they’re not being paid as much. How can you promise our families things and take them away later on?? It’s just not fair!

  • Audra

    I am a military dependant and we are most definitely paying. We pay for out of pocket expenses for a lot of the same stuff “civilians” pay for. We also pay a monthly premium for our substandard care. Nothing that we get is free.

    • Ashley

      Wow! If you are a dependent you are a “civillian” as you say. I am a dependent and I am a “civillian”, I am Ashley and I am married to someone in the military, you should be grateful you have medical care. Cry to someone else chick, you knew what you were signing up for when you married someone in the military.

  • J

    I am active duty E-5. Just had a kid,only bread winner at home for the time being. So currently under concordia just had to pay two hundred dollars for my wife to have her wisdom teeth removed. Not only is it is expensive but it also puts financial strain on family with a single income. 60/40 is bs! Anyone here know what the future holds with MetLife?

    • wife

      First of all way to go only having to pay 200.00 I had to pay 500.00 for mine. From what Metlife has said we should get more than we do now. thank god.

      • Lisa S

        You can always try and get your dentist to send referral to oral surgery at military hospital closest to you and see if you can get your family member in there for FREE. It is tough and takes time and patience, but it can be done. $200 is not a lot. Just be thankful it was not $2400 for all 4 wisdom teeth extractions. Thank you for your service. I am a military wife and am thankful for all the services and insurance provided our family and my husband.

  • Jimmyjets33

    Trying to find a good dentist is tough enough, tring to find a good one who want’s Metlife is very hard. It might be easier to find other dental as he is limited to what he will take. Metlife NO

  • Renay

    Really….I work full time have three kids and I have a lot more to do when my husband is deployed….I think the only joke here is you!!!! What kind of comment is that. It is hard work being a military spouse.

  • Kelly

    How frustrating! We’re an active duty family stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. With this new plan, the closest pediatric dentist covered is 35 miles away. And, the closest orthdontist is 63 miles away! Simply unacceptable!

  • DWS

    I agree with C205!
    Life is expensive. Get over it. People have money for what they want to have money for. You can either chose between Direct TV, SUVs, Coach purses/shoes… or have nice teeth. The decision is yours.

    • J.S.

      There is a difference here ACE…military personnel fall under the ‘Unlimited Liability Clause.’ They have to go and put their lives in danger for the country. Is that not worth getting more affordable dental coverage while getting the same access to care as the rest of the country out of harm’s way? Your comparison is way off as well. Stop assuming that everything is a personal choice of balancing wants.

  • ACE

    I’ve heard from many people that MetLife Dental isn’t a bad plan to have…what sucks is that those of us in the military are not being covered under MetLife but a slightly revised “military MetLife” program. Our children’s dentist accepts Metlife, but will not accept the military MetLife package as it covers less than half of what they charge for services. If they accepted the military MetLife package all of their MetLife insured patients would get the same lower priced services and the dentist would go out of business. We are now responsible to pay for a HIGHER percentage of services not covered. How is that enhanced dental coverage???

  • Bob

    Scroll down to read a letter from a Monterey CA dentist.

  • MadMom

    This coverage is supposed to be better…but it’s not! My daughter has seen the same dentist for the last 3 years and she is GOOD with kids. Not only is this dentist not in the MetLife network, there is no pediatric dentist within 50 miles of me. What a crock!

  • G-town

    My daughter had an emergency visit for a toy she had stuck on her tooth. She could not eat or close her mouth. The dentist was surprised she was not in any pain because it was so tight. When we were switched to MetLife, they said she already had 2 yearly visit under United Concordia. Leaving me to pay for her regular check-up. I was told MetLife do not give patients an emergency visit as United Concordia. This is not a good change at all!

  • R Lopez

    I don’t like this met life insurance. All of a sudden the entire family has numerous cavities and now I have to pay almost 1000 dollars for all the procedures to get them fixed. I never payed this much with united Concordia at all. There ripping us off. I wish we had a choice to keep united Concordia. They say it’s better financially for us but it’s not. It’s favors the insurance companies.

  • Mandy

    My children have had the same dentist for years and we had very little if any out of pocket. Now our dentist is not in the network with metlife. I switched dentist becasue I have 6 children and it would add up fast. Took three of kids (new dentist only will see 3 at a time) to there 1st cleaning this year and I got a bill for $33. They had a cleaning and regular exam.

  • Tammy

    The same thing is happening here in Hawaii. My son broke a front tooth and had a root canal and cap/crown with about $200 to me. It became infected and he went to the dentist who gave him antibiotics. May 1st came and that dentist does not take MetLife so we called around and my son now needs another root canal and our copay is $500!!! They need to buff out the bilirubin deposits inside the tooth that have turned it gray and put on a new cap/crown. I wonder how much that will cost. . . Who can we thank for this switch? I only hope the dentists taking care of my teeth (active duty) will soon start taking care of my husband and children.

    • Tammy

      And I’m paying for this dental plan WHY?

    • robyn

      Sorry about your situation I am equally frustrated that our dentist once in network is now out of network. What a headache trying to find another and make sure you out of pocket expense isn’t outrageous….I swear I have a part time job figuring out dental and tricare coverage for my family.

      • Tammy

        Robyn, I just posted an update to our situation now that we’ve moved to Maryland, it should be the newest post. . . You might wanna look at going to United Concordia on your own. I’ve got to call around and see if I can get my son’s braces cheaper than $4600+.

  • Tammy

    We need some contacts of lobbyists that will make our voices heard, MOAA or one of those. Write Congressmen, start a petition on

  • Active soldier

    I joined the military to take car of my family, put my life on the line for a measly $1300 yearly coverage, wtf, that’s nothing when a doctor quotes your spouse $15k for dental work, screw this, so glad I’m getting out of this crooked business, yes military is nothing but business, I held up too my end, why can’t y’all!!!

    • Kmac

      You are not alone they ripped me off as well. Ruffly 13K out of pocket because of this crappy insurance.. its definitely NOT what I was promised when i was told that my families medical AND dental were taken care of..

  • army wife 10yrs

    People who don’t work and get medicaid have better coverage than the families of those serving their country! That is insane!

    • Charles

      army wife 10yrs,

      “People who don’t work and get medicaid have better coverage than the families of those serving their country!”

      I seriously doubt that!

      • An Average American

        Oh it is true. I am speaking from the view point of being a medical social worker from 1988 – 2002.

        • Charles

          An Average American,

          Pick a State and show me this.

        • missy
        • missy
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        • missy price
        • missy price
  • jtlm

    My husband served 26 yrs in the Army and Air Force . He is since deceased, why shouldn’t I benefit from his service. Dental care is still not cheap even with the Dental Plan if you need extensive care! What about those single parents whose children need dental care. Do you want to take that away from them also????Your talking about choices, when taxes are placed on our salaries, dental plans, etc…..We are not getting anything free, believe me!

    • Charles


      Are we reading the same article above? What I read was “beneficiaries can expect to see the enhanced dental coverage at a lower premium share”.

      I don’t see where anyone is taking anything away from anyone.

  • kristins18

    My husband is active duty(deployed) and I got a letter saying he’s not eligible for dental or medical coverage. He’s not eligible either for VA benefits. How is that even possible? Plus would met life cover veneers to cover my teeth for an.accident that wasn’t my fault?

    • sally

      The other divers insurance is responsible for your injuries

    • retiree

      Who did you get the letter from? I recommend you go to the TriCare office at your base clinic and talk to them, as this does not sound right. I was always entitled to dental while on active duty, and my spouse also had dental.

    • Lynda

      Did he get in trouble?


    I’m proud to have served as a military dentistry in a time of war and I am immensely honored to have deployed with an infantry brigade. I witnessed many events and ventured to many places that I will never forget.

  • MetLife Dentist

    What patients do not know is that MetLife has reduced the doctors fee to the level that it is not affordable for many doctors to contiue with them. While United Concordia was NOT known for paying high fees to doctors but the fees were structured in a way that assured certain quality of service that doctors could afford. MetLife heavily cut the doctors’ fee and as the result so many doctors simply cannot afford to accept it. Those doctors who are in MetLife network have no choice but to provide fast and generic dentistry. I do not know if military is saving any money by this switch but what ever saving there is for military there are a lot more profit for MetLife becasue they force low quality service on their insured.

  • Heather

    I’m sad that I can no longer go to my old dentist (that I liked very much). The payment really isn’t that much cheaper 10 dollar a month instead of 12. I would rather pay 12 and continue to see the dentist I have been seeing for the last 10 year than to have to find a new place to go.. I’m disappointed in the switch to say the least.

  • kim

    I need to get get my wisdom teeth out and my copay is almost 700 dollars and people are right the ones on medicaid get better insurance then we do and it unfair they ain’t the ones putting their lives on the line why should they get better insurance then us. I am a army wife and it pisses me off that i have to have the pain cuz i don’t have 700$ but they don’t.

  • Marina

    What is the age limit for dental coverage for Active Duty soldiers children, my daughter is 17 now but in few weeks will be 18, and she needs to get her wisdom teeth pulled but starts college next week? will she be covered or do i have to pay from pocket, not to mention i have twins and the other just got her braces off, and most likely if not will need her’s pulled aswell.

  • Kmac

    Dental in the Military in regards to spouses and children is HORRIBLE.. they dont cover much of anything. We were in Japan my daughter needed braces because her jaw was hurting and teeth were no lining up. We were told she needed braces by 2 different Dentists in the states before we transferred. Well the dentist in japan, knowing they had to pay for it, told us she didnt need braces. We laughed at him. We then had to bring her back to the states, during our tour, in order to get her braces. The Dentist in the states couldnt believe they wouldnt put braces on her. I am VERY disappointed in how my family was taken care of by Dental. I pay 30 dollars a month for 18 years and i get NO benefit from it.. Dont get me started on the switch and how much that has cost me. I have spent almost 13K dollars out of pocket for dental for my wife and kids. These thieves should be ashamed of what they do to military families..

    • George Moore

      Obama care! Wait till you give 22yrs and they start taking it back!

      • bavaria

        Military dental care for spouses and children has actually gotten much better than it was back in the 90’s. Very little was covered back then. We paid a lot for procedures that are are covered now. I agree that it could be better. We had a struggle to get braces for our older son. The younger one never did get braces, although he needed them. I don’t know what this change to Met over Concordia will be like. All I know is that my dentist does not accept the new insurance… so I will have to change dentists. Soon to find out what retirement is like after 26 yrs of military life.

  • LAj

    This new MetLife plan is a load of shit am does not cover anything really but basic cleaning busted 3 teeth playing softballl had to get them fixed I met my yearly max in one visit am payed 590.00 why don’t things life the military’s family cuts get brought up in politics don’t msnbc care About the fact that my guy died for this country but like so many families that their husbands fight for our great nation we get shafted and it’s like oh well it’s not important BS News needs to run the real truth on allot

  • Calvin B Marquez

    Good thing that they will experience better dental coverage, as what is promised. Dental care is one of those investments that should be considered because we all know that toothache gives the worst pain. I just had an appointment with an orthodontic braces and was told that he has to pull some of my teeth off. See, the agony!

  • Larsen

    The cosmetic dentist in colorado has been known to service both retired and active military personnel. MetLife’s extension to TriCare is a welcome one for servicemen.

  • RyanDonovan89

    Hopefully this change wouldn’t affect a lot of people especially when it comes to their dental care. I heavily depend on my medicare for dental treatments. There’s no way I’ll be able to afford checkups from my dentist veneers in lexington without my card.

  • Mila Lim

    This dental health care plays a big role with some of broomall dentist clinics. They serve as an attraction to those patients who wanted to have a regular oral health check up.

  • briggetta

    My husband is in the reserves and is currently deployed. My husband gets deployed every 2 years. Does coverage for his dependents cost money while he is on active duty? We never paid for coverage while he in active duty.

  • HannahWilson22

    I hope that the west columbia dental clinic was serious when they told me that this will bring positive effects. More people would probably be able to receive proper dental treatment because of this change.

  • jovitscot618

    My dentist rockford il offered to me a dental plan in which I can save a lot of money on my monthly dental check-up.

  • Bobby Wise

    The addition of METlife in Tricare Dental is a good one of course, having been able to also provide beneficiaries lesser cost for dental care. The dental plans in new york that we have for example, has been very useful to my family.

  • AbbyPlew

    My dentist in Tarpon Springs, FL hopes that this will bring better result and good changes to the beneficiaries of under the said insurance.

  • Jim

    I have a question. My wife has dental coverage from her work. It will pay up to $1200.00 toward orthodontics. Can I use the Tri care dental from MetLife? How much will they pay?

    • Jim,

      Shouldn’t you be asking the Insurance Company that question other than a bunch of people on a message board?????

    • Chan

      Tricare dental will only pay for dependents under a certain age. Like kids.

      • Chan

        I mean Tricare ortho, not dental! The ortho only covers up to 1750.00$ of total costs of any ortho work but it’s not for people above 21.

  • Shannon

    I moved to Fort Campbell KY and I finally got my dental benifits to kick in and two months later it changed to Met Life. Well I had finally found a good dentist for my kids and than I had to switch dentists because they didn’t take Met LIfe. . I had been paying so much out of pocket up to that point, and now I’m back to having to find a new provider. Everytime I call and ask about insurance coverage, I hear the same thing, we don’t take that insurance. I mean what is the point of providing the insurance if no one will take it in certain areas. I have been looking for a new dentist now for two months again. I can find several in Nashville, but I don’t feel I should have to drive an hour and a half for decent dental care, or just because they are the only providers who will take my benefits.. All I know is my options are limited now since the swiitch, and the coverage is not near the same on what is paid out..

    • stephanie

      I am having a hard time finding a dentist also. If you find a good one, or one at all, please email me @

    • Becca

      I’m in the process of changing dentists also. I have called to get a list of providers for both my children and myself. If your kids are 5 and older, the dental office next to Lowes does take our insurance. My problem is my son is 4 . There are only 2 pediatric dentists in town that take Metlife. One on Madison and the other on Dunlap. # to it is 931-2221-0050. good luck!!

    • Shannon and stephanie,

      You do know that Tricare will give you a list of Dentist that do take Met Life.

    • Ang

      Hi Shannon, We were at Fort Campbell, KY for 10 year’s and we used “The Children’s Dentist” for our children and I know THEY DO take metlife, hope that help’s!

    • Gladys

      I have the same problem,I want to change ,because he not do it nothing just clean and no check he said all is ok,I have pain ,I want to find another dentis,but I can’t find.

  • Amanda

    If people spent less time bickering and complaining, and more time calling/writing to their legislators, perhaps some issues would be resolved. Be resourceful! Go to an income-based clinic, a dental school, or buy your own private dental insurance. Find solutions, don’t add to the problem.

    • Thomas

      Amanda really….that is what you think. Don’t face/ confront the issue at the lowest level, but go to the top levels of government and begin working it from there, while waiting on a solution, spent more of your hard earned monies to pay for a benefit that you and/or your spouse are paying for each day with their service to their country.

      Please reevaluate your thought process on this issue.

  • Brant

    I have a question, i am active duty and my wife needs all 4 of her wisdom teeth removed, they are getting bad, she can barely eat or drink anything and is starting to get to where she can barely talk cause they are affecting her jaw, they are putting her in alot of pain. we have asked around to see if wisdom teeth removal are covered and we can not seem to get an answer. any help pls?

    • Sarah

      My son is getting his wisdom teeth pulled and it is covered under Tri Care Prime because it is considered a medical procedure because they are compacted. Of course had to go through the steps of getting a referral from primary dr so it would be covered.

  • Ssgfouts
  • frank w. scales

    I currently pay $71.97 per month for dental coverage. I would like to know if this is for me and my wife, if so my wife passed away in December of 2012 and if so and who should I contact Thank.You.

    • John

      Contact Delta Dental. They will reimburse you from December. I just went through this. They are very helpful and will process the check very quickly.

  • Joe

    Metlife is the worst. United Concordia had Sponsor and spouse coverage but now I have to purchase family coverage at twice the cost and I do not have a family. It is only me and my wife.

  • angry AF guy

    fuck your dental plan and the $3000 we have to pay because you don’t cover it.