Proposed TRICARE Fee Increases Target Retirees

The following Military Officers Association of America article details the White House’s  proposed TRICARE fee changes and plans for future military pay rate increases through 2017.

White House to Retirees:  Cough Up $13 Billion

The White House released details of its personnel and healthcare budget proposals on Monday, and they confirmed pretty much what MOAA had predicted.

All told, the TRICARE fee proposals envision shifting about $13 billion in health costs from the Pentagon to retirees over the next 5 years.

TRICARE Prime annual enrollment fees for retired families (currently $520) would rise as high as $820 starting October 1, 2012, and rise to as much as $2,048 within five years, with fees based on military retired pay amount.

TRICARE Standard will require a new TRICARE Standard annual enrollment fee ($70 for individual and $140 for familiy coverage) for working-age retirees  and a slightly increased deductible ($320) starting Oct 1, with the enrollment fee and deductible rising to $250 and $580, respectively within 5 years.  These would be flat fees for all Standard retirees under 65.

Retirees and family members age 65 and older would start paying an annual TRICARE For Life (TFL) enrollment fee of up to $135 per person starting this Oct. 1.  This fee also would be graduated based on retired pay amount, and would rise to as much as $475 per year within 5 years.

[TRICARE] Pharmacy copays for retail and mail-order brand-name medications would more than double (from $12 to $26) starting Oct 1.  Copays for non-formulary medications that currently cost $25 would also more than double, to $51, and availability would be mostly restricted to the mail-order venue, with only limited retail access.  The brand-name and non-formulary copays would rise to $34 and $66, respectively, within 5 years.

View the tables showing the proposed changes and associated retirement tiers.

Under the proposal, medical (chapter 61) retirees and survivors of members who died on active duty would be exempt from these increases. When MOAA asked about other survivors, we were told they would be subject to the new fee scales.  The question remains unanswered whether they would all be in the lowest tier, or whether Survivor Benefit Plan annuities might be counted in the same way as retired pay.

Also as expected, the Administration proposes a special commission responsible for recommending changes in the military retirement system for future entrants.  The budget envisions that, once submitted to Congress, the proposals would have to be given a “yes or no” vote, as is done with BRAC legislation, with little debate and no opportunity for amendments.

MOAA understands that there will always be new reviews of retirement and other compensation programs, but objects strongly to subverting the normal congressional vetting process for the military retirement system that is so essential to long-term retention and readiness.

Finally, the Administration put additional details on its military pay raise proposal. It envisions no change for FY2013, when the law calls for a 1.7% pay raise to keep pace with private sector pay growth.  The budget also calls for a comparability-based raise for FY2014.

But after that, it envisions abandoning the comparability standard, limiting military raises to 0.5% for FY15, 1% for FY16 and 1.5% for FY17.

MOAA believes strongly that maintaining the tie to private sector pay growth is essential.  Hard experience shows that, when previous Administrations and Congresses abandoned that link for budgetary purposes, retention and readiness eventually suffered.

“These proposals are a result of last August’s Budget Control Act,” said Joint Staff Director VADM William Gortney (USN) at a briefing for association leaders.

According to DoD officials, the Budget Control Act created a requirement to cut the defense budget by $259 billion over 5 years and $487 billion over 10 years – a requirement MOAA understands all too well.

We also understand that the DoD budget must play a role in solving our nation’s debt crisis.  But what we take issue with is the Pentagon’s first reaction, especially in the healthcare arena, to pass the buck to beneficiaries rather than fulfilling their own responsibilities for efficient management of military healthcare. 

We have a tough fight ahead of us, but our battle now is for the hearts and minds of Congress.

Let your elected officials know how you feel about these proposed changes to the TRICARE fee structure.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.


    • Marv Mooney

      At least have the guts to take it from the entire military. The way this proposal singles out retired service members makes my stomach turn.

    • scott

      then dont vote liberal

  • Steve

    Throw them all out. The so called president and all 535 on the hill!! Enough is enough!

    • guest

      don’t blame the president

      • Marv Mooney

        “Don’t blame the president”, as in “I’m sure he wouldn’t have borrowed so much if he had foreseen that he would be ripping off military veterans to make the interest payments?” Or do you mean “why should he stand up for the military when everyone knows they’re not going to vote to re-elect him?”

      • Marv Mooney

        I agree. Let’s not hold the president accountable for anything that he proposes or does or says.

  • John W. Easterling

    “annual TRICARE For Life (TFL) enrollment fee of up to $135 per person” seems pretty cheap to me. Just because I worked as a Soldier for 26 years does not give me the right to totally mooch from America. I like my lower costs, but I want to also help pay my way. I am proud to be a Soldier and an American. John W. Easterling, MSG retired.

    • CharlesBryant

      John W. Easterling,

      I firmly agree with you. I have yet to hit that age where I fall into the (TFL) benefit, but when I do, I have no doubt that I will sign up.

    • S. Gesick

      My reply was deleted by the administrator…I was merely trying to let you know, I TOTALLY disagree with you!

      • CharlesBryant

        S. Gesick,

        I’ve experience some glitchs on the site today, and just maybe, your post hasn’t been posted yet.

    • Bob Jeffries

      I AM proud of my country, but I was PROMISED medical care for life, if I retired from the service. In 21 years, I sacrificed my opportunity to go to college on a full scholarship in order to “defend ” my country. I was rates “S>S>S>” when I enlisted, and had no chance to get into action, even though I tried . ( ” S.S.S. ” is Sole Surnviving Son.) I sacrificed my wife, my two sons my daughter, and my marriage, because my wife couldn’t accept the absences from home. When she left, my kids went with her. And my marriage ended. But I remained in , rather than lose the 14 years I had banked on active duty. I WORKED for the benefits the service promised me, and i damned well expect them I only have another ten years or so, before I kick it, and ” PATRIOTISM ” has NOTHING to do with it !

      • Laura

        I agree with you 100 percent! Changing the rulles AFTER you have given 20 years to your country-is a little pathetic and totally wrong!

      • donald

        I agree, not to mention how other benefits we where promised have disapeared or where not explained.

      • Bob Jeffries, Part 1

        “I AM proud of my country, but I was PROMISED medical care for life, if I retired from the service.”

        Not sure who promised you what, but counting backward, I figured you came in the service in 1998. In 1967 retiree health care fell under CHAMPUS and then in 1994, our health care fell under Tricare. Hell man, the Military Retiree has been under a pay for Health Care long before you even entered the service. Where have you been for the last 14 years to not have noticed or even have talked to someone that has retired?????

        “In 21 years, I sacrificed my opportunity to go to college on a full scholarship in order to “defend ” my country.”

        And someone owes you something for this?????

      • Bob Jeffries, Part 2

        “I was rates “S>S>S>” when I enlisted, and had no chance to get into action, even though I tried . ( ” S.S.S. ” is Sole Surnviving Son.)”

        You could have wavered this at the time you signed the paperwork, so that the chance was there, you just decided not to take it. I myself had the same opportunity as you did, and chose not to take it.

        “I sacrificed my wife, my two sons my daughter, and my marriage, because my wife couldn’t accept the absences from home. When she left, my kids went with her. And my marriage ended.”

        Huh, you’re divorced, and this the Military fault HOW?????

      • Bob Jeffries, Part 3

        “But I remained in , rather than lose the 14 years I had banked on active duty. I WORKED for the benefits the service promised me, and i damned well expect them I only have another ten years or so, before I kick it, and ” PATRIOTISM ” has NOTHING to do with it !”

        Your benefits when you retire will be the benefits that are on the books when you retire, not something your recruiter told you, i.e. “free health care for life”.

        • Idmtmedic

          Lmao,!!!!!! On the books? Those can change at their discretion remember? Post that contract again. WITH those entitlements.

    • Willie Utterback

      John, you are missing the point. A civilian with no military service on Medicare can get a supplemental (like AARP) for $110 to $175. The $135 proposed fee is only a low ball figure with graduated payments based on retired pay amount going to more than $450. Since we already pay the part B premium to be eligble for Tricare for Life, an annual payment for Tricare for Life virtually eliminates the value of the medical for our military retirement. I am not dismissing your willingness to pay your share for medical. I am simpling making a comparison. By the way, check out the maximum coverage for supplemental (I believe it’s column L). It has some coverages that Tricare for Life doesn’t cover. Unless I have missed any changes, I believe you can sign up for a supplemental as long as you were on Tricare from the time you went on Medicare.

      • retiree

        Just checked – those AARP rates are MONTHLY rates. This a yearly rate – so you still save.

        I’m against this, but let’s keep our comparisons accurate.

    • R.E. Barger

      Tricare for Life at $135 a year is a great deal, but what if they charged you $2200.00 a year? Would you still think that’s a pretty good deal? I think not. What Congress is doing is criminal. Ask them to pay for their own medical care and reform their retirement system, which gives them a retirement pension for serving as little as one term, for the rest of their life!If you’re going to post, why not post a solution or a viable idea instead of infight8ing other veterans because you haven’t been hit by an incredible price hike for your medical care. I am 80% disabled and have to seek out medical care more than I’d like to so I know a little about this issue. Think about what you’re posting and be part of the solution, not part of the problem!

    • Kat

      John, I served for over 26 years and don’t mind paying a little extra as well. You may feel you’re like a moocher but I don’t. When does it end? Next retirees won’t be able to use military hospitals. The point is we were promised something for defending our country and it’s being stripped away.

      • eldon Stroud

        My 66 year old Mother-in-law (who has benefits from her late husband) has already been informed that she will no longer be seen at a Military Hospital (Wilford Hall, San Antonio, TX) She was told she has to go to the Local Hospitals for all her treatments from now on………

    • Guest

      Wow, what a false sense of security. What makes you think it will only be $135? If passed, with not only annual increases indexed to medical inflation but “catch up” provisions to keep it in line with an arbitrary projected budget. I’m sure you’ll see the cost rise by several thousand dollar by the time YOU retire. Open the doors and you’ll never close them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a program cost or program fee go down… I’m sure you (thinking of yourself only) can afford it, but there are probably many who can’t.

    • Douglas Farmer

      Thank God the Navy gave me the opportunity to get away from the life I was destined to live if I stayed in Ohio. I left and never looked back. They allowed me to stay 30 years. It wasn’t easy working in the engineering spaces of steam driven ships, but it’s paying off now. I see so many struggling. They are making it because they are young and still able to work. They don’t have time to look to the future so they don’t realize there is no future for them or their children if things remain as they are. I will gladly pay extra if it helps America succeed. How much do I need, I don’t plan on taking it with me to the grave.

      • Idmtmedic

        Nice, and IF YOU DIDN’t survive? Your plan was what?

    • Terry Thomas

      You’ve been brain-washed MSG. What about the lower ranked man and his family.They are going to the commissary now and pulling out food stamp.
      And what about the increase later on to $475/anuually? Thats bullshit!
      Terry Thomas.

    • Mike

      Did someone bribe U to say that? Did u ever consider how much our politicians mooched off of our taxes. I to am a proud retired servicemember but I don’t want my taxes to help pay congresses irresponsable fiscal spending. Get a clue.

    • george cowan scpo

      must of been in the nat guard or air force, but yoy are a jerk. prob. a pog, and never lrft home. being in the NAVY and moving every 3 years it cost me most of my saving each and every time

    • Retired Coastie

      MSgt, I am a retired Chief after 22 years. I never thought for one moment that I was any kind of “mooch” for divulging in the benefits provided to a retiree. These benefits were a fairly significant reason why I enlisted to begin with. I don’t like the idea of our Gov. playing “Indian Givers” at our expense while there is still way too much waste going on as a result of the special interest groups that sway these very same politicians kicking around these cut backs.

    • Fred

      Well said John, good job resisting the military entitlement mindset.

      • angeleyesih

        Fred, what military “entitlement” mindset are you referring to? The one where when people joined they were PROMISED FREE healthcare for the rest of their lives for them and their family? They paid into it with 22 years of sacrifice. It’s not an “entitlement”, it was a promise.

        • retiree

          Care to provide an enlistment contract with free healthcare for life specified? Care to point out the public law that enables free healthcare for life? Without that, there is no promise.

          US Constitution, Article I, Section 9:
          “No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law”

    • gypsy shoes

      Only after pelosi, reed and all congress and senate ante-up!!

    • Robert Slavin

      I also served for 20 years. One of the promises made to me was free medical for life. I don’t feel like a mooch, but do feel betrayed by a President that never served. I have heard the promises made by the president and the First Lady and as usual it means nothing. By the way Msgt retired, I am 100 per cent disabled as a result of a service connected injury. We didn’t mooch while we were in and sure aren’t now. Robert Slavin, Msgt, Retired

      • retiree

        No you weren’t promised “free heatlhcare for life” – because CONGRESS never authorized it. And the ONLY free healthcare that ever existed (and still exists) is space-A at MTFs. If you are 100% disabled, you are eligible for VA at no cost.

        Timeline for Military Health Care:
        – Space-A treatment at MTFs (free)

        CHAMPUS (1967)
        – Space-A treatment at MTFs (Free)
        – CHAMPUS (no premium, copay and deductible)

        TriCare (1994)
        – Space-A treatment at MTFs (Free)
        – Tricare Standard (no premium, copay and deductible)
        – Tricare Extra (similar to standard, some lower rates, as I understand it)
        – Tricare Prime (premium, extremely reduced copay in many cases, no deductible).

        Some pages of reference:

    • Also Retired MSG

      Damm John have you thought about politics

  • Edward Phillips

    It’s unfortunate that every time the budget battle comes up the military is the one that has to be cut. Everything hinges on taking from the military. But, we are the first ones the elected officials want to use in their campaign speeches as to how much they love and are willing to take care of. Is this there appreciation for our sacrifice? Many veterans are scarred for the rest of their lives for their sacrifice and their care is very substandard and now their care will cost them more. How is that fair? I’d say throw everyone of the politicians out that votes to raise these rates on our veterans! We take better care of those that won’t work verses taking benefits from those who have sacrificed there all.

  • Hemster

    And yet our Congress people continue to get free healthcare via the Military system…thanks a lot Obama…if these fees go through, I won’t be able to afford health care for my family…. Is anyone in VFW, MOAA, NCOA even trying? WTH? a 500 percent increase? Why don’t you assh*les in Congress do 2 things….stop starting wars, pay your fair share, and go after the REAL causes..greedy doctors and medical businesses? This country really sucks now..I’m better move moving overseas…

    • retiree

      1. If you don’t want Congressmen/women to use (personal, space-a only) military health in the DC area – that is a privilege granted by the SECDEF. Not just this one, but traditionally for decades. Note that their families cannot use it, only the Congress persons.

      2. Congress is under FERS and FEHBP.

      3. MOAA for one (and I’m certain others) are fighting this. They have sent out not only e-mails, but encouraged members to write to their congressmen as well as the House and Senate Armed Services Committee Chairs/Senior Minority Members.

    • Richard

      Hemster – I’d give you two thumbs up if I could. You hit the nail right on the head.

  • Great….just in time as I retire from active duty. Yay government! Thanks for the slap in the face after serving 20+ years faithfully.

  • Keven

    I wonder if I could get the 25 years I served back somehow . . .

    • CharlesBryant


      Would you have been better off not having joined the service?

    • No matter if I loose all my benefits I would never give give back the time and experience that I got while in uniform (OK, I might be willing to let them take the day back when I was injured, along with the following months of recovery).



    • CharlesBryant


      Congressmen don’t get FREE MEDICAL CARE. Matter of fact, they not only pay into their Hearth Care Plans but they also pay into their Retirement Plan, unlike the Military.


      • amy

        oh i am sorry they and president and senators ect’s make well over $250,000 a year while in office and then when they are done with there terms in office they still get their pay that they got while in office for the rest of their life …. THATS BILLIONS OF DALLORS THAT SHOULD BE GOING TO GET US OUT OF THE DEBT THEY PUT US IN AND HELP OUR MILITARY. **** WHEN YOUR TERM ENDS YOUR PAY CHECK SHOULD END SINCE YOU DONT DO ANYTHING****

        • retiree

          sorry, but you are completely wrong. The only one who gets more than $250K/year is the President, and he gets the same amount as President Bush did, $400K/year.

          Nor do they (Congress and the Administration, except the President) get retirement pay for life, unless they serve sufficient (20+ years) time. Like our Civil Service brethren, they (VP, SecDef, SecState, other Secretaries, Congress) are under FERS – the Federal Employee Retirement System.

          for one source on this. Please look at their retirement – they actually get a smaller percentage than us when they do collect (which may be at age 62 if they don’t have enough time), but they pay cold, hard cash into the retirement system.

          Folks, this is NOT helping, and may hurt – it may hurt because Congress may actually put us under their system and we would see significant drop in retirement income as well as our actual active duty income (due to paying into the retirement system).

          Instead of focusing on what OTHERS earn in retirement, let’s focus on what Congress said about OUR retirement benefits, especially (topic here) health care:

          NDAA 2012

          “Title VII – Health Care Provisions
          Subtitle A – Improvements to Health Benefits
          Section 701 –
          Expresses the sense of Congress that: (1) career military personnel and their families endure unique and extraordinary demands and make extraordinary sacrifices over the course of a 20-30 year career, and (2) those decades of sacrifice constitute a significant pre-paid premium for health care during a career member’s retirement that is over and above what the member pays with money. Limits, beginning with FY2012, the increase in the annual DOD patient enrollment fees to the percentage by which retired pay is increased.”

      • Another larryyyy

        FACTCHECK.ORG!!! Glad you mentioned them!

        Want another FACT?

        “The fact is, the ANNENBERG Public Policy Center (APPC), the sponsoring agency behind, is itself supported by the same foundation, the ANNENBERG FOUNDATION, that Bill Ayers secured the 49.2 million dollars from to create the Chicago ANNENBERG Challenge “philanthropic” organization in which Barack Obama was the founding Chairman of the Board for and Ayers served as the grant writer of and co-Chair of for its two operating arms. ”

        AYERS and OBAMA?? Isn’t the world full of crazy coincidences?

  • sid silva

    how much more are they going to try and hurt us vets, while the president and congress get there medical free, they need to be put in our shoes, an they will change there minds real quick, lets vote them out, an get real people in

  • Matt

    Absolutely tasteless. Its horrible that the heart and soul of our service members are run from lofts in virginia wine country. I have put up with alot but this is outrageous. Unfortuneatly we had it coming because we never put any preventitive maintence in this system we call government.

  • John

    Let’s see. I don’t mind paying my fair share as a retiree. How about all the illegal aliens who walk into an emergency room and get free medical care and perscriptions. How about all the medicare/medicade people who have no copays on their meds. Oh, that’s right. They vote for Obama and therefore don’t have to pay for their meds or visits.

    • Andy USA(Ret)

      I would not vote for Obama, I am on Social Security Disability. I pay for most of my medications because the pharmacy on Base where I live doesn’t carry certain medications that I require. Unless you are rated over 50% service connected disabled by the VA you still pay a co-pay for medications through their pharmacy. Express Scripts which is the Tricare mail order pharmacy also requires a co-pay. Retirees are not getting everything free like certain people are saying. We have been allowing illegal aliens in for decades. The company I worked for would send a bus to El Paso every week to pick up workers. As far as I know this practice is still going on. Until we enforce the laws that Congress has passed nothing is going to change. Buy mistake one time the Immigration and Naturalization service sent me the wrong paperwork when we applied to get replacement cards for my wife and youngest stepson. The paperwork informed me that it was a 10,000 dollar fine at that time to hire an illegal alien. This was almost 20 years ago, I wonder what it is now.

  • Edward

    I got it, congress and the president have to work in the government for 30 years just like the military and then they get the same wonderful healthcare agreement we get. Oh, and the same doctors, especially when the new pay for the doctors is 30 cents on the dollar. Oh did I also mention, they should get the same pay as the military. And don’t use the excuse for the little pay, like we need the high pay to draw quality people. Hows that worked out for us so far, i.e. Pelosi, Reed, Frank, do I need to go on. I also like the one reply, he wants to pay his fare share. We did’nt put ourselves in this perdicament, congress did. And I bet he voted for everyone of those poliicians including Obama.

    • Andy USA(Ret)

      I love what you said, when I enlisted my first pay was 25 dollars and 20 of that went to buy toilet articles. Until I made Sgt. my pay was under 100 dollars a month.

    • IDMTmedic

      Well said Edward!!!!

  • painedglass

    Irregardless of how members of congress get their care, they are hitting the people who have been carrying this Country on their backs, when they need the extra money the most. With gas prices on the rise….again, and housing
    still in a funk, unemployment still high…it is a slap in the face. How many of
    the Congressmen have lifelong injuries as a result of their profession? No
    Migraines from constituents complaining how bad they suck doesnt count.

    • CharlesBryant


      IMO, I never once thought that Military Retirement Pay was supposed to be a living wage. I’ve always figured it was there to supplement my own savings and investments and to help me out in my second career once I retired from the service.

      • David Cansler

        Charles I read and reread the painedglass comment and no where do I see him calling for, or even commenting on, “a living wage”. He said “when they need the extra money the most”.
        His overall point seemed to be the people that make the rules for the prior service pay and benefits made sure that they suffer none of the pay and benefit cuts that the people who truly served our country are rewarded with.
        But we should never expect our “betters” to do anything except benefit during tough times.

  • S. Gesick

    WTF OBUMER? What about the RESPECT and HONOR we veterens deserve? Not everyone who retired went into a $60k plus job. Some of us are on SSDI and have spouses and children to care for. AMERICANS have the responsibility to take care of those who sacrificed and served our country. The change needs to come from the voters. Obumer needs to be voted out. Same goes for the dumb*sses in Congress who support this stupidness!!

  • Corey Jackson

    Listen people, I don’t know if ur angry at the issues, or you just want to blame EVERYTHING on “President Obama”? Notice I said President? Respect people. If you say you served, you should know what respect for the Commander In Chief should be!
    OAN: I agree with the issues that face us retirees. However, voice your opinion with the VFW and they will make your voice be heard. Join and get involved in the things that happens for, and against Retirees/Veterans. Talk and no action, will put you in the same boat your complaining about.

    US Navy Retired Veteran

    • Dennis Dempsey

      Why the VFW. Why can’t we vent our displeasures to te people in Wahsington tha make these decisions. Why don’t they tell teh big shot union people that there people have to lay for there own insureance an see what happens. I guess the politicians pockets won’t be filled by the union bosses. Why don’t we tell China to be fair in teade and cut some of the thngs we have comning to this country. TEll the politicians in Congress to pass a budget or don’t get paid. How can they raise the prices of everything for retiees and don’t hvae a clue of how much things ar with no budget. How do they know how much to spend. They think we are raqlly dummy’s but come election time we will see who are the dummy’s.

      • retiree

        working with VFW, AL, MOAA, ROA, AUSA, AFA, etc will both increase your voice, plus add in that they can help craft the talking points you use to maximize effect / synergize with others, and ensure you stay on script.

        For example, what do unions and Chinese imports have to do with the Federal Budget? What does the free enterprise system (that controls costs) have to do with the Federal Budget?

        • IDMTmedic

          Well what does the government have to do with the free enterprise system? How much was spent on bailouts? Not FEDERAL money, OUR money! FEDERAL has NO money except OURS! Is that free enterprise? Giving OUR money to companies, countries, or BS grants to figure out why monkies throw feces?

          • retiree

            1. I was responding to this: “I guess the politicians pockets won’t be filled by the union bosses. Why don’t we tell China to be fair in teade and cut some of the thngs we have comning to this country.”

            While these are valid issues, they are NOT related to the DOD budget, and distract from staying on message.

            2. As I have pointed out elsewhere, the big three in the budget are Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, and Defense. Those three will be cut, or the budget won’t get balanced.

            3. Whether you agree or not with the one-time bailout that happened early in the recession, that money is not in the current budget – we can be indignant about the spending, but we can’t cut it. We need to focus on the fight here over the current budget, not over whether or not TARP and the bailouts were good. I’m not arguing that that may be a worthwhile discussion in it’s own right, but like point 1 above, it muddies the water here and dilutes the message we’re sending. My best shot at this:

            NDAA 2012

            Title VII – Health Care Provisions, Section 701:
            “Title VII – Health Care Provisions
            Subtitle A – Improvements to Health Benefits
            Section 701 –
            Expresses the sense of Congress that: (1) career military personnel and their families endure unique and extraordinary demands and make extraordinary sacrifices over the course of a 20-30 year career, and (2) those decades of sacrifice constitute a significant pre-paid premium for health care during a career member’s retirement that is over and above what the member pays with money. Limits, beginning with FY2012, the increase in the annual DOD patient enrollment fees to the percentage by which retired pay ”

            Not legally binding, but it provides moral and ethical support that they should NOT be making these radical changes, especially BEFORE they set up the panel to review retirement benefits.

            In my mind, that panel needs to include both officer (not just GO) and enlisted retirees, as well as survivors.

          • retiree

            1. While we can argue whether the bailouts were worthwhile or not, the reality is that money is SPENT. Arguing about it does NOT help with how we spend in the future.

            2. Again, we can argue whether we need more protection or not from Chinese imports, but that doesn’t affect the US budget, unless you are proposing import tariffs, which is NOT what the original poster suggested (to quote “Why don’t we tell China to be fair in teade and cut some of the thngs we have comning to this country.”).

            The key is staying on topic. Arguing about things that don’t affect the budget (especially those unrelated to the budget and DoD spending) wastes time and dilutes the arguments. They may be good topics of discussion, but they are separate topics from retiree benefits and fixing the federal deficit with minimal impact to retirees, veterans, and current active/reserve forces.

            NDAA 2012

            Title VII – Health Care Provisions, Section 701:
            “Title VII – Health Care Provisions
            Subtitle A – Improvements to Health Benefits
            Section 701 –
            Expresses the sense of Congress that: (1) career military personnel and their families endure unique and extraordinary demands and make extraordinary sacrifices over the course of a 20-30 year career, and (2) those decades of sacrifice constitute a significant pre-paid premium for health care during a career member’s retirement that is over and above what the member pays with money. Limits, beginning with FY2012, the increase in the annual DOD patient enrollment fees to the percentage by which retired pay is increased.”

          • IDMTmedic

            I understand your argument retiree but you have to understand that any adjustment in spending regardless of degree is a step. The saying don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater applies. Basic math says pay your lowest credit card balances FIRST then apply those to the next and so on. Dismissing the lower bills does not negate the latter. It’s a start and ignoring it does not mean it will solve the debt. Like I said DOD budget or any other Government spending is OUR money. You phrase it anyway you like but they are spending our money.

          • retiree

            Actually, basic math says pay off the highest interest rate first.

            Again, I’m not against making changes to the rest of the budget – but we must recognize that DoD is #3 in the budget (right after Social Security and Medicare), and that, unless we raise taxes, there is NO WAY to balance the budget.

            When the entire rest of government can be eliminated without solving the problem, maybe the big answer lies with us, Social Security reform, and Medicare reform?

          • retiree

            the bailouts (which started under President Bush, by the way) are DONE. that money is gone. This debate is about future spending. Whether you liked the bailouts or not, they are done.

            Again, even with the bailouts, in the federal budget, the key 3 are Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, and Defense. Unless all three are cut, the budget will NOT be balanced. You could cut literally the entire rest of the Federal Government and still not balance the budget.

          • DevilDog35

            Where are welfare reform and/or cuts on that list, retiree? I know Medicaid is the medical portion of Welfare, how about the “FREE” emergency cell phones with “250” FREE minutes a month! This program costs US- $1,500,000,000 a year! The fraud and abuse in all these programs is STUNNING! I say give them 10 minutes a month for emergencies, and take DNA samples and drug tests on all the recipients of any $ aid! Use the DNA to prevent double dipping and to track down all the babies’ daddies and MAKE them pay! 1 way or another! Fraud should incur MANDATORY jail time at HARD LABOR! Put me in charge of this thing…I will cut the budget! And the economy will pick up, FOR-SURE!

          • retiree


            Remember, DoD is #3 in the budget – you could cut FCC, VA, DHS, the courts, and the entire rest of Government except SS, Medicare/Medicaid, DoD, and interest on the national debt, and still not solve the crisis.

            I’m not against reforming these programs, but the idea we’re going to eliminate the $1.3 trillion deficit by cutting a $1.5 billion (your number) program is a non-starter.

            Instead, let’s focus on why these cuts hurt the military, using Congress’ own words. Let’s remind them they already instituted increases (for the first time since TriCare was instituted back in the 90’s), and that it doesn’t make sense to make changes to the programs if they’re going to create a commission that is going to study how to improve them. We can also remind them that the TriCare problem is really the US Healthcare cost problem – let’s not fix that problem with TriCare.

            NDAA 2012

            “Title VII – Health Care Provisions
            Subtitle A – Improvements to Health Benefits
            Section 701 –
            Expresses the sense of Congress that: (1) career military personnel and their families endure unique and extraordinary demands and make extraordinary sacrifices over the course of a 20-30 year career, and (2) those decades of sacrifice constitute a significant pre-paid premium for health care during a career member’s retirement that is over and above what the member pays with money. Limits, beginning with FY2012, the increase in the annual DOD patient enrollment fees to the percentage by which retired pay is increased.”

        • Fred

          Hey its retiree! Here we go again–military entitlement…. I see you are still fighting the good fight and educating people, keep up the good work!

    • MSgt Bill Stengle

      Corey – I hear you but I disagree. He is “president” in name only and he does not have my respect. He is not only a fraud but he is doing this dismantling of america intentionally to “level the playing field” in the interesdt of “fairness”. This man has an agenda and is quite cunning – don’t EVER think he is stupid or inept. I am supporting anyone with my money and time that gets the nomination to focus on removing this cancer from our midst. Oh, and have a good day, Corey…

      • Snuffey

        Msgt IBill Stengle I agree with you 100%.

    • IServed

      Corey, you must be an Obama supporter. Lert me ask you a question. Did you respect President Bush when he was in office for 8 years? I fogot, it is easy to say yes now, that he is out of office. I respect the office, not necessarily the person holding that position. NO ONE, you including you, will EVER tell me to respect someone against wanting to do so.

      • retiree

        I’m not Corey, but I can say I have respected EVERY president since I became of voting age. I may not have agreed with them, but I recognized they were the President, with all the hardships (you try leading this country including decisions on nuclear weapons, going to war, etc, and knowing whatever you decide, you will face criticism). None of them did I think was disloyal to the US, much less a traitor.

        We need to get back to realizing people can have honest disagreements of opinion WITHOUT one side or the other being “liars” or “traitors” or other harsh terms. Both sides can want the best for the country.

    • CharlesBryant


      I agree, disrespecting the our leaders isn’t going to get us ‘retirees’ closer to what we feel is wrong.

      • IDMTmedic

        Yes well NOW we have the option to do it.

      • Another larryyyy

        I’d be interested to hear what you feel is wrong, deleted. Or is everything peachy in Washington at the moment?

    • Lynn

      I have sent several e-mails and hard letters to my reps and to a one they kewpt commenting on how they were in full support of active duty servicemembers…it didn’t seem to matter that the issue I was trying to address dealt with retirees..not active duty. When I pointed this out in responses back and asked for their response, they never responded back.

      Retirees are like a stone n their irritant. I am sure they would be very happy and would prefer for us to just shut up and fade away. No, to them, the true “attention” should only be given to people on active duty. Once a servicemember retires they just cross them off the list as unimportant.

      • DevilDog35

        Remind them that you are a retiree and a voter! If you get no response go to the nearest office and stand outside with a sign saying that they don’t care enough to answer your mail, and that they don’t care about military retiree’s!

      • Coho 1938

        I have sent many E-Mails to my House representative many times, I received two replies from my representative saying we must all make sacrifices, None from my senators of my state replied, I Live in Oklahoma, they could at least pretend they gave a rat’s a**s!

    • Dizzy

      Anyone who’s served knows that there is respect for the position but the person in that position must earn that respect as well.

    • glad i’m retired

      Corey, apparently you’re an Obama fan. I’m not. I don’t agree with most of the junk (i really mean junk not just in the vernacular) he’s doing to our nation. I haven’t seen one thing that he’s done that has help anyone. He’s been been a can of gas on a fire. He has not facilitated jack. He wasted 2 years on his idiotic Obamacare then dumped trillions into “incentives” which were either a waste of money or a dubious deal for a buddy. He doesn’t represent America since he does not uphold its values.

      So Corey, enjoy your time as a loner in the military since I don’t know more than one or two of your types scattered around. you are not in a majority and after the screwing he’s giving the vets and Active Duty you’d do well to get out – the pay isn’t great and the benis are gone.

    • Fred Ramsay

      Hello Corey, I agree that we all should belong to one or more veteran organizations, however, unless and untill these National Commanders and their staffs get the membership involved in these very important issues, the members of Congress and the Administration will just give lip service. Just imagine what would happen if we ALL started writing and calling each and every Representative and Senator. They WOULD HAVE TO LISTEN. If any one of our guys in Washington we would have a great voice in VOTING THEM OUT come the next election. Unfortunately right now there is not one Presidential candidate whom I can vote for at this point in time. WE CAN OVERCOME this OUTRAGEOUS treatment of our Military and Veteran population if we all work together and voice our opinions. Our voices on this media do NOTHING, put it writing to your Congressman or Senator and lets watch them squiggle trying to retain our votes. This President has about faced on all his promises to us.____US NAVY RETIRED DISABLED VETERAN and Advocate.

    • bknudson

      I think I will just Blame Obama for this particular raise in our TRCARE costs. It is coming from his White House.

      • Another larryyyy

        According to some folks here, you absolutely must not do this!

        Blame anyone-anything else, but him! After all, he “inherited” the mess he is in. No other president (ever!) has inherited any type of mess whatsoever… just our current commander-in-chief and you must cut him some slack! I mean, who runs for president expecting to inherit anything from his predecessors? It has never happened before! We need to show support in these times of totally unexpected strife and hardship that no other president has ever had to come to grips with, especially because he inherited everything!!!

    • US Air Force Retired

      Before someone gets respect, especially the president, you have to earn it. This is more hope and change. The only change we need is new officials in congress. I turn the tv off when Obama speaks. Can’t stand to see someone look the american people in the eye and say, it could be worse. The only thing worse is if we elect the same people to manage this country once again..>

    • Snuffey

      Our dear leader has done nothing that we can respect! May be his apologizing to Foreign governments for our whole history will do, or burning a Koran by accident will that do?

    • NDCS

      What the hell is a “US Navy Retired Veteran”? Try your Name, Rank, then write Retired after it.

    • veronika

      Thank youi sir

    • D. Zent

      Respect is earned….and PBO hasn’t earned it….dz

    • Jan

      I will say this. Please all veterans get to the poles and cast your votes in November. At least the republicanism party cares about the military. I served my time , I was in two wars. I do not understand why anyone would support this discussing proposal from the current administration. Do you really think they care about the military and especially the retirees? This will only get worst if not stopped. I say express your opinion to your current Congressman , Senator and Washington. Washington may think we are dummies but we know how to vote. I really do not understand why any veteran would support this cut for the retirees or AD.

    • Scarpia

      Hey Corey Jackson should we respect an idiot! so that you can continue to get your freebies at taxpayers’ expense. I don’t know where you come from but you better wake up!

  • Andy Andersen

    We over 65 should be grandfathered. With all the free medical service being given awayin the US and other countries, why do we military retirees continue to be targets????USS CONFORT gets underway to other countries and gives free medical serivce, why cant they do it for our citizens???that would save money for the budget….I feel like a native Indian, more broke promises.

  • FedUpVoter

    The only way to stop this bullshit is at the voting booth. Get rid of these clowns and let’s get some real people in there.

    • Kat

      The clowns just get replaced with more clowns.

      • michelle

        I was going ot say how do you vote for someone who is not an idiot when they all seem to be idiots! Look who we have to chose from!

  • Frank

    I remember years ago the recruiter told me that if I stayed in and done my job even with the low pay in the 60’s my family will be taken care of for the rest of our lives with free medical. Now they change it because they can easy. How about the civilian programs they don’t touch that to hot to handle. Why not just go back to the draft seeing everyone can go. No more DQ’S for being gay let everyone in lower the wage for the first four years and up the pay just like the 60’s.

  • usnedspec

    The real problem is that we complain, but don’t do anything about the situation. Let’s vote for the incumbent’s opponent. I am so tired of these jerks. Give to the aliens, enemies and everyone else but the people who earned it. Complacency is how Hitler took over Europe. Military active duty, reserve and retires need to quit writing the people in Congress and vote their a.. out of office. I am a Republican but I intend to vote against everyone who now holds office in Congress, I don’t care if they are Republican or Democrat. I am only one, what would happen if we all did the same? Then maybe they would pay attention to us. All of these so-called military organizations who supposedly represent the military, collect the dues, but do absolutely nothing. We should not join them either. We need to be heard and we are not loud enough.

    • Kat

      The problem is someone running for a position can promise all they want. If they happen to get elected there is so much red tape that a lot of the campaign promises are not fulfilled. Congress votes on everything, including their pay, retirement, etc. They have nothing to worry about,unlike the average retiree or American citizen. I have no respect for most of them. Not that it matters to them what I think.

    • retired navy

      I agree, we need to start a campaign Reelect No-one, it could not get much worse with all of these millions going to //egypt and other so called friends??

  • Kookie

    Every Election I Listen to see if any candidate is going to support Veterans, but, I never hear what they will do for us!! I didn’t serve, but, my husband did, 30 years. and, I still havn’t made up my mind as to who to vote for because I am still waiting.. And also, what they will do for Social Securuty. and I don’t want to hear”No New Taxes”!! That never happens!!

  • jaydee1958

    Keep voting for the D-emonic E-ntities Masqurading as Saints and this is what you get.

    • CharlesBryant

      jaydee 1958,

      IMO, do you think that if we Republicans are in control of both houses and the presidency this will all go away? IMO, no matter who is in control doesn’t change high cost of health care for Retiree’s.

  • Blaster

    BOHICA!!!!!!!! Ya gotta love them Democrats! They just keep screwing us ole retirees over!

    • CharlesBryant


      IMO what is going on now, has little to do with any specific Party. The problem is the cost of Health Care which has been going up since the first doctors started charging for services.

  • Bryan Dockham

    I wonder when Congress will start paying for their medical???……..or anything else…………..they pretty much get a free ride even in the dining room. I think it is about time for them to pay their fair share and then I wouldn’t get so disturbed about all the broken promises………..maybe(smirk)Msgt Ret.

    • retiree

      They do. They are under FEHBP, same as the Civil Service. They also pay for their retirement plan and pay into Social Security.…

      We need to focus on why they should NOT cut our retirement/health care, and not get distracted about what Congress makes or the “promise” that didn’t exist.

      1. Focus on convincing them we have paid for our retirement / health care via frequent moves, via being the only ones who can be involuntarily sent to combat zones, etc.

      2. Once they agree to that, when/if asked for other cuts, ensure our responses are based on facts. If they ask about $6 billion / year in cuts, ensure our answers are about a real $6 billion/year in cuts (note: I don’t know what the real numbers are right now they would be looking for – the point is telling them to cut things that don’t exist won’t help).

      Coordinate all of this via our Military Associations (VFW, AL, MOAA, ROA, AUSA, AFA, IAVA, etc) to maximize impact.

      3. Recognize that DoD WILL be cut – there is no way to balance the budget without DoD taking cuts.

    • CharlesBryant

      Bryan Dockham,

      Congressmen do pay into their Medical and Retirement, like all Federal Employees do.


  • Coho 1938

    The Democrats hate the military! Every chance they get they and their lap dogs in the DOD stick it to us. When I enlisted in 1958 the AF promised me free medical care for life, I could; have cared less then, now I am 73 and, living on a fixed income, I care a lot. At least we have NAUS, and the American Legion go to bat for us unlike Obama, and the Democrat congress .Their Moto is “Nothing is too good for the military, and the military retires so that is what we will give them nothing” Some people say that we are whining, no we are only asking for what we were promised and what we earned.
    Let’s start looking at cutting welfare, and benefits for illegal aliens, who are DOAs (Democrats on arrival) also, take a look at cutting the benefits for congress, the executive branch’s, pay and benefits, also for the federal Judges! After all they are the one who got us the mess we are in now.

    • CharlesBryant

      Coho 1938,

      I disagree that the Democrats hate the military. If it weren’t for both Parties, we wouldn’t have it as good as we have it now.

      IMO the ‘free medical care for life’ argument is a dead issue which we lost that fight back in 2003. We as retiree’s need to stop bringing up old issues that doesn’t help out plight. The pointing of fingers away from what is ultimately going to happen or saying ‘not in our backyard’ hasn’t worked and isn’t doing to work.

      I feel all those hundreds and hundreds of Military organizations need to get together and come up with valid arguments why we veterans shouldn’t share in the cost of our Health Insurance.

      To sum things up, just saying pointing fingers and saying no, isn’t a valid argument.

    • scott

      everything that obama and democrats are doing is retrobutions for slavery and the american public is allowing it people need to vote conservative

  • R. Alonso

    So this is the way retirees get repaid for service to their country. As for the raise in medical coverage I can understand it. The “GOVERNMENT” needs to step in & do something about the medical costs across the board to include civilain & military care. The one topic left out is are the payments to the doctors going to decrease also ? If so it will make it harder for retires to find doctors who will accept Tricare. Then we will be forced to go with out other insurance which is alot higher. If I had to paid a higher cost for civilain insurance I would have a hard time making ends meet. I already work two jobs & wife works two jobs & we have a hard time at times. Congress also needs to start paying for their benefits also to help offset the cost also !

  • Martel Goldman

    Ouch! Way to go congress. We place our lives in danger to serve our country, and now the White House is telling us Retirees: Cough Up $13 Billion, placing a lot of low income vets in jeopardy of not being able pay their health care insurance, can someone tell what sacrifice our elected official in Congress are willing to make! After retiring they pay almost nothing for their health care insurance.

    • CharlesBryant

      Martel Goldman,

      Not quite true. Congress has nothing to do with the Proposed Budget that came out of the White House, and to the best of my knowledge, Congress has said it is ‘Dead on Arrival’.

      As far as sacrifices made by Congress and all other Federal Employees are that since 2009 they haven’t had a pay raise, unlike those serving our country.

      As for those in Congress “paying almost nothing for their health care insurance” isn’t true at all. They pay much more then what military retirees pay.


  • JJMurray

    So in one statement Panetta says that he doesn’t want to “break faith” with our all volunteer force and then he goes right ahead and does so.

  • john

    Whats new! Ms. clinton thought we should pay back in the 90’s. We ended up paying. When the wars wind down and they want to save, they always hit the Military.and retired Military. They won’t be satisfied till everyone who served excluding Generals, are on welfare. They still will have there perts and then some. Retires we need to come together and force the congress to give up there benefits and join are retiremrnt system. Then and only then will we nbe left alone. Were we to stop all benefits for the congress etc. No future Military or retire would have to worry. They should only be given perts of any kind after serving 20 years and prove they took the job to serve the country, not for material gains. It would seem that they all leave as Millionaries. Far cry than the average servicemen leaves with. He risks his life over and over for love of country.Only to retire one step or so above welfare.

    • CharlesBryant


      I was in the service back before the 90’s, during the 90’s and after the 90’s, and nothing was cut in my pay and benefits.

  • rohug

    We keep electing these professional politicians. It is about time term limits were set for all elected positions. McCain sits there drawing his retirement, drawing his pay as a senator never pay’s for insurance and is about as worthless as any of them. He didn’t step up and try and fight this. Get rid of these idiots. Cut the military raise their insurance cost’s don’t allow them to retire with 20 yrs. These type things have to stop. Set term limits on all elected officials do not allow them to continue this C@#p. If the government would stop borrowing money from the Chinese stop big business outsourcing job’s all over the world for tax breaks and stop giving borrowed monies away as aid to other countries to “make friends”. we would not be in this shape.

  • I am so happy that the elected officials want to put more burden on the ones that served their country faithfully by stripping more benefits from us and making it harder to keep the health care that was initially supposed to be free for life for vet and family. So fed up with the ones that have no clue about serving country running our country. The only ones that they know how to serve are themselves!

    • DisenchantedDisabled

      I’m assuming your a healthy hard working man with a job? Tricare Prime is now $550. per annum. I was laid off in 2008, with no job prospects, I am 70 percent disabled and I need shots every 3-4 weeks, they used to cost $12, now $25.This is not including the prescriptions that the base does not carry! My wife is at the end of a 14 month battle with lymphoma and her co pays were averaging $140-160 a month. With fuel, and traveling costs up we are struggling and wondering where will it end? We are not lazy, welfare recipients, we earned this! Every time the Career Planner gave me the pre-punch-out speech, it ALWAYS included free medical! Now this freebie is going to put those of use who sacrificed for America to pay or do without!

    • Laura

      TRUER WORDS WERE NEVER SPOKEN. perhaps we should start whittling down the insurance benefits given to elected officials!

  • Lynn

    Uhm…what happend to the proposal that TRICARE increases would be capped at the COLA rate? They may be working the fees based on retired pay but what is the COLA is lower than the increase amount? Guess they didn’t look at that…..

  • Lynn

    I am at the point wher eI am thinking of dropping TRICARE least for now. The one benefit I really need, which is vision (as in regualr vision care not injury related), TRICARE doesn’t cover. I put in a claim with TRICARE last summer, using them as a SUPPLEMENTAL insurance, which the TRICARE rep told me what my primary plan doesn’t pick up TRICARE will, and they didn’t even pay half of what my other plan didn’t cover. The TRICARE rep admitted they should have paid the rest of the bill but given the hassle of the paperwork and the amount of time it was going to take, I just paid it myself.

  • Bob

    Problem is with Congress, they approved this. Every current member of congress (dem, rep, Tea party, Independent) should be voted out of office this fall, in 2014 and 2016, regardless what party they are a member of. They are willing to spend 4B on training the Afghan Army, subsidize Illegal immigrants, bailout banks and industries, and vote for foreign aid to all sorts of countries, but leave Retirees in the lurch. Vote them out of office, we don’t need them to establish term limits, we establish them by not allowing an incumbent to return to his seat in Congress by voting him out of office. Plain and simple.

    • bknudson

      Congress hasn’t approved anything yet. This is a White House proposal.

  • Steve

    They are doing the increases based on rank, hence, a retired 4-star using tricare would get the 2028.00 annual enrollment fee. I have no pity. E-7 and below would stay right where we are right now with the 520.00 enrollment, tied to future COLA’s. Unwad your panties.

    • Alan (E-8) USN (Ret)

      Well I don’t know what schedule you are looking at but the one I’m looking as does not show anything broken down according to pay grade…it’s all gear towards fiscal year and your pay….. I don’t know where they come up with their figures but they should be revised because the pay scales aren’t the same for enlisted as they are for the officers….. You know by raising the RX prices it’s going to start putting more and more of a burden on the pharmacies on base…..that’s where people are going to start taking them because they can’t afford the more than double RX cost increases….. I try not to use the on base pharmacy, but, make room because I will start if they approve these increases. NOW THESE SHOULD ALSO APPLY TO ANY CURRENT AND RETIRED MEMBERS OF OUR CONGRESS. As for Panetta, another political puppet on the end of Obama’s strings. He is just totally useless……..he has not guts to stand up for the retirees……and the same goes for McCain lately, for someone who was always 100% behind them, he is now on the otherside, screwing the retirees, he’s one of the congressman behind these proposed increases…….VOTE THEM ALL OUT.

      • IDMTmedic

        Don’t forget Charles Bryant.

      • retiree

        1. Congress pays for their retirement and medical care – they are under FERS and FEHBP, same as the civil service.…

        2. having said that, the proposal on the table would make the military the only part of the government health insurance that is indexed to wages. We do that with welfare, NOT with earned benefits. The 2012 NDAA:

        Title VII – Health Care Provisions
        Subtitle A – Improvements to Health Benefits
        Section 701 –
        Expresses the sense of Congress that: (1) career military personnel and their families endure unique and extraordinary demands and make extraordinary sacrifices over the course of a 20-30 year career, and (2) those decades of sacrifice constitute a significant pre-paid premium for health care during a career member’s retirement that is over and above what the member pays with money. Limits, beginning with FY2012, the increase in the annual DOD patient enrollment fees to the percentage by which retired pay is increased.

        3. If they are instituting a panel to look at retirement and benefits, it doesn’t make sense to make a bunch of changes BEFORE they determine their recommendations and impacts.

        • IDMTmedic

          Only problem with that statement is what you said regarding EARNED benefits. Not in the contract right? So legal BS is just that. As a whole you are spot on! We earned it alright but nothing signed so that leaves us with cuts and cuts. Little by little. Once it starts then the eyebrows go up and it sets a precedent. THAT is my point.

          • retiree

            No, not in the contract. Nor is what I quoted legally binding- it’s a “sense of congress” with no legal authority. However, it IS Congressional words that can be brought back to them during the POLITICAL discussions.

            Again, if people want to argue ethically and morally we have “earned” due to the sacrifices we have endured, I agree. However, when folks start arguing the legality – that was lost 2 June 2003, and the only folks who can change that are Congress.

        • Bannigan Cpt Retired

          Those in the congress may pay into retirement and their healthcare but check out their entry pay scale per year far more than when I was enlisted 70-77 and even as an officer 1990-2003

    • JL (E-6) USN (Ret)

      I don’t know where you’re getting your facts, but go to the link provided in this article for the tables showing the proposed changes and you’ll see that E-7 and below do NOT stay at the current levels, no matter if you’re looking at Prime, Std/Extra, or TFL. Everything is going up.
      This is why this current administration and the liberals must be voted OUT of office. This current man occupying the White House is not doing anything good for this country but is doing all he can to destroy it. The man simply must go.

  • Kat

    I’m disgusted with Washington. Most of them have no clue what it’s like to serve their country, put their life on the line. To be promised something for serving then have it taken away. Washington is more concerned with what is going on in every other country except ours. We do not have to be the peace keepers of the world, that’s one reason we have a deficit. They need to take care of America. I agree with welfare limits and not funding illegal imigrants. The problem with getting things changed, it has to go through congress. That’s why they are fat, dumb and happy while everyone else is getting screwed.

  • Survey

    There is a new survey being conducted that is collecting to views of service members about changes in benefits like the TRICARE fees Obama proposed. It’s at

  • pilotsnj

    I deplore any proposed cuts and or added fees to the military TRICARE for the retirees over 65. The entire matter of any reduction of TRICARE cuts is reprehensible. These so called “leaders” of ours caused this entire budget problem through greed motivations and criminal neglect. It still
    goes on through pandering to big money interests, oil companies and war profiteers. I think it only fitting and proper that 70% of these CEOs, robber barons, war profiteers and politicians that support them be imprisoned with 100% of their assets seized. Surely, there are other much more wasteful programs that can be eliminated before we have to address cuts to senior citizens who have stood in defense of these criminals in our politics so they could maintain their pedestals and their greed motivated fleecing of the United States and its
    honest citizens. I have dedicated all of my adult life to national defense. I am not an idiot. I do know a Ponzi scheme when I see it. As far as I’m concerned all these TRICARE cut proposals smack of a typical politicians swindle. I.e. “Kick the retired military and senior citizens in the pants. They can’t fight back!!!!”

  • chuck hoffmann

    Cut the pay for the damm members of congress, both parties. They have all been eating from the same Pig troff long enough. Time they had to get a real job.

    • CharlesBryant


      Their pay has been cut, in that they haven’t had a pay raise since 2009.

      • IDMTmedic

        That’s not a cut. Just like you say, your benefits haven’t been cut.Just no raises and increased fees but it isn’t a cut.

      • IDMTmedic

        Not a cut just as our increases in payments and lack of availabilty are right? Or I should say WILL BE!

  • Coho 1938

    Doc long, The Republicans in the House have held the majority only since the beginning of 2011, not the whole time Obama has held office. The Republicans have never held the majority in the Senate since Our Leader held the presidency. Hopefully after the next election the Democrats will hold none of the three offices

  • Chris

    Do the Tricare Increases affect those that were medically retired? If so, how?

  • Coho 1938

    Down size the military, so The Democrats can spend more money on Welfare, and non-workers who have never worked a day in their life ‘or worse yet payments for illegal Aliens Benefits. Democrats hate the military until the time comes to send somes else kid to die for as in,Rudyard Kipling’s TOMMY “I went into a public-‘ouse to get a pint o’beer, The publican ‘e up an’ sez, “We serve no red-coats here.” The girls be’ind the bar they laughed an’ giggled fit to die, I outs into the street again an’ to myself sez I: O it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Tommy, go away”; But it’s “Thank you, Mister Atkins,” when the band begins to play, The band begins to play, my boys, the band begins to play, O it’s “Thank you, Mr. Atkins,” when the band begins to play. I went into a theatre as sober as could be, They gave a drunk civilian room, but ‘adn’t none for me; They sent me to the gallery or round the music-‘alls, But when it comes to fightin’,

  • Coho 1938

    2nd part of Coho 1938
    Lord! they’ll shove me in the stalls! For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Tommy, wait outside”; But it’s “Special train for Atkins” when the trooper’s on the tide, The troopship’s on the tide, my boys, the troopship’s on the tide, O it’s “Special train for Atkins” when the trooper’s on the tide. Yes, makin’ mock o’ uniforms that guard you while you sleep Is cheaper than them uniforms, an’ they’re starvation cheap; An’ hustlin’ drunken soldiers when they’re goin’ large a bit Is five times better business than paradin’ in full kit. Then it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Tommy how’s yer soul?”

  • Coho 1938

    3rd part of Coho 1938
    But it’s “Thin red line of ‘eroes” when the drums begin to roll, The drums begin to roll, my boys, the drums begin to roll, O it’s “Thin red line of ‘eroes” when the drums begin to roll. We aren’t no thin red ‘eroes, nor we aren’t no blackguards too, But single men in barricks, most remarkable like you; An’ if sometimes our conduck isn’t all your fancy paints: Why, single men in barricks don’t grow into plaster saints; While it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Tommy, fall be’ind,” it did in the 19th century!!!!!!!!!!

  • Coho 1938

    4th part of Coho 1938
    It would not be so bad if the Lap dog Generals and Admirals in the DOD wold stop Thinking up new ways to shaft us. The honorable thing for the Generals and Admirals on the Joint chiefs of staffs in the various services would be is to resign and go public, and tell the truth about what is really going on in our once proud military.

    • James Doak

      The last guy to do that was AF Gen Ron Fogleman. He got fed up with the politics and quit. He was to be the next JCS Chair too. Gutsy move.

  • retiree

    Some of our Military Associations on this – these are also, in my mind, some guidelines for talking points to Congress:

    (note link on the page to send e-mail to your Representative & Senators)



    • IDMTmedic

      Retiree I like your posts of late. More help as opposed to corrections. Facts are good. Not like you care but more vets will understand it.

  • chuckI

    The administration better be prepared for a fight on TRICARE for life as it is based upon a court order not legislative mandate. To charge any fee will violate the consent agreement that was signed by the feds that started the program. War is hell but fighting for what you have won with liberal pinheads who do not like the military anyway is always a challenge.

    • Doubtom

      Ever occur to you that some of us pinhead liberals have served for over 30 years and in active combat? Loudmouth right wing wackos have no monopoly on patriotism chuck! Loudmouth right wing wackos seem to believe that all military people are Republicans.

      • IDMTmedic

        Have every spectrum in the military and your right. I think that if they “politicians” realize that fact then maybe they could rally around how many serve and how it represents the entire country. Rep or Dem or Ind are important views but divided is only hurting all of us. Government as a whole needs a serious TRICARE cut.

    • Survivor 1

      Yes to TRICARE For LIfe being a court order not a legislative mandate. Not everyone knows how or when Tricare Program started . Everyone needs to wake up and realize what is being said and done. Retirees and Survivors are a set group of people . Take Count for what you give for what is given in return called what you get.

  • Sandy Overfield

    My spouse served 41 years in the military; as his widow I’m so grateful that I

    have T-C for Life. I can understand that the current cost of meds/medical services is expensive, thus we will have to submit to an increase in fees even

    if we don’t like it. BUT, if WE must suffer, then so MUST our elected officials

    who don’t have to live on what WE are earning; they all should bite the

    financial fee bullet like the rest of us. I still believe that ALL elected officials

    should be made to serve in the military, and be paid accordingly, for at least

    one year. That way maybe their heads won’t be in a place that keeps them in

    the dark about what all military members and familys earn, give up, etc.

    Just maybe that would open eyes about what the military does that gives

    those officials safety as they cut our throats. Oh my, what a shock that would


    • CharlesBryant


      That doesn’t make any sense that Senators need to have served in the Military to make decisions that effect the Military, that is their job. The reason is, is that our Constitution gives control over our military to civilians. Why not make those before serving in the Military serve at least one term as a Senator before being able to join the Service?

    • Charles, how about we (citizens) have a say so in whether or not congress gets a raise yearly? Rather than letting them vote on it themselves.

      • retiree

        Feel free to propose a Constitutional Amendment – Article V of the constitution spells out how they are approved. It either goes through Congress and the States, or the States call a Constitutional Convention.

        In the meantime, their salaries are set by law in accordance with Article I, Section 6: “The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States.”

        Modified by the 27th Amendment: “No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened.”

        • IDMTmedic

          That’s called the coyote gaurding the henhouse at this point.

      • IDMTmedic

        Good luck with Charles chief. He is a guy who believes we deserve to pay more. You are right WE are now citizens. Guess he forgets how our our nation started. Founded on principals and ideas not lawyers getting rich. Moral and ethical not necessarily legal.

  • Dizzy

    Although I agree with your comments about Generals, you should brush up with the facts. Republicans are only in control of the House as of now. They took it in 2010. Ds controlled all three arms of the government for the first two years of Obama’s reign and only managed to self destruct.

  • Barbara

    I guess they want ti get rid of the old retired folks- kind of makes you wonder if it was worth it!

    • IDMTmedic

      It was worth it when a war was fighting to win and not a political outcome. Somalia was my first deployment and opened my eyes up REAL wide!

  • Bob

    After serving 22 military years and seeing the US government breach our contract, I tell every young person I talk to that is considering military service NOT to do it. The US government is corrupt from the top down and serving it is a fools errand. The only people that are truly protected, though undesersvedly, are the politicians who claim to serve. My “BS” meter is pegged! Kids, do not serve in the United States Military because the contract you sign is not worth the computer it is wrtiten on. We are out of good leadership in America an that makes my heart cry.

    • IDMTmedic

      Bob I agree and no more of my family will serve unless it is a draft and a worthy cause if I can stop it. My childs’ life is not worth the engagements we are getting ourselves into.

  • snuffey

    I enlisted Sept 58, (part one)_I served 12 years Over Seas, 8 years in South East Asia, one of which was Viet NamI would never join any of the military services now especially the USAF ,the Air Force is now too Politically Correct !. Now if you are not a jock and spend all of your time at the Base Gym and ace’s the physical test he will get promoted, it doesn’t matter how poorly he does his job! The poor Airman has to do his and the Jock’s job, which most likely he performs in an outstanding manner. THE OUTSTANDING AIRMAN will not get promoted, if he is not an athlete! It was my experience in the AF most of the Jocks couldn’t do their Job properly, because they were never there. At one time I had a sergeant that couldn’t do his job because he had a bad back. Then he was caught at the base gym lifting weights, and overnight his back improved. Jocks are all way’s treated as if they are gods. The airman who does his job in an outstanding manner is never given the respect or promoted as he deserves, I understand this is much worse than it was in my time 5 decades to 3 decades ago when I retired

    • IDMTmedic

      Snuffy I’m retired AF and your BS is making me nauseas. Stick to the topic.

      • Snuffy

        IDMTmedic Sorry that you had tell about my BS! The way you talk you must be a liberal Democrat. I was working on 3 different topics I put this comment into the wrong topic. By the way you could learn a little bit about manners!!! Have good day.

        • IDMTmedic

          Far from it. I am not a liberal democrat. The fact you put it in the wrong forum is not my problem and your statement about jocks is very hard to believe in ANY forum. Ok well if it’s what you want to vent then ok. Manners is another opinion. I do respect the military however you picked the AF which I am fond of but have heard nothing but distain from other vets. Little sensitive in that area. My apologies and you sir have a good day.

  • bill


  • mel

    Vet. have given alot, some have givin there lives. Now poloticians want there money too. People I think we need stop this and now before it get started!!

  • 921beachgirl

    Does Tricare still pick up the tab for active duty wives earning extra money by being a paid surrogate.? Imagine the money saved by cutting out this practice.Tricare pays all bills and the couple gets a huge fee for producing a commodity.

  • Stealth Sergeant

    Obama wants to spend trillions providing welfare healthcare to lifelong welfare queens and he wants to pay for it by stealing promised benefits from career service members.

    • retiree

      1. The 1995 Welfare Reform put a lifetime limit of 5 years on TANF (Transitional Assistance to Needy Families).

      2. The Affordable Healthcare act will save the Federal Government money –

      One of the big problems with TriCare is it is tied into our national “healthcare” system – and thus subject to all the problems there. Either we pull the military (including retired) totally within the MTF/VA systems, or we reform the national medical system such that medical inflation is down around what CPI-W is, not averaging about twice what it is. But that’s a debate for a different date – let’s not get off topic – the defense budget.

  • Jeff

    Where have you been Doc ? Obamacare – remember that? Passed when the democrats had control. Now we cant get rid of it.

  • James1776

    This is really infuriating…First they promise ‘free health care for life’, then lie and said they didn’t. Now they expect us to pay exorbitant increases for our free care while not expecting the same sort of increases for any other segment of society. Serious thieving. There is simply no way I could recommend a military career to anyone today in view of the flat lies they tell. You simply cannot rely on Government to do what it promises. Their ‘social contract’ means we obey and they do as they please.

  • Joseph Klumpyan Jr

    As a retired AF NCO and a Tricare for Life user I am requires to be enrolled in Medicare and pay $99.00 a month plus the same for my wife. So were is the free medical I was promised for the 20 years of military service?

    • billcastleberry

      i belive it is time for a class action lawsuit.all contracts have been breached

  • MMartin

    First the military took our innocence, then the war bleed us from our battered bodies and blood; now the politicians want to take our lively hood: our promise for FREE Health Care.
    Ha…. where is duty, honor or INTEGRITY.
    It certainly does not reside in any representative that we due appoint according to the constitution.
    Perhaps they should reread that important document and using the dictionary, look up the word “FREE” and “Integrity”.

    • guest

      They have no HONOR or INTEGRITY.

  • Donald Anderson

    This Country is beginning to go to hell in a hand basket when they have to prey on the people who have kept its freedom alive for centries. The people who signed the Declaration of Independence would be turning over in there graves if they knew what their Country has become. We keep saying we need to do something about it. Well lets start in 2012 and vote the scum out of Washington.

  • Jerry Nelson

    I don’t mind doing my part, but believe my percentage increases for health related benefits should match my annual pension benefit increase percentage. We all need to help in this financial mess our county is in, but it needs to match increased costs to increased payments.

  • SCPO

    We must fight this because this is only the beginning salvos. We have yet to see what addiitional cuts we will get when November gets here due to the incompetence of the super comittee. Another half trillion they will try and dump on us. If congress passes this then we know that the republicans are not with us either. It amazes me that all of them are elitest. Pelosi net worht 190 million, Romney 250 million, dinner with President Obama $38500. So one plate of dinner costs more then my whole years worth of retirement and beneftis. Makes one think. I will write to my elected officials again, although, I still haven’t received a response from the last time I wrote them. I may have to start going to the VA hospital since I do have 10% DAV but I did not want to burden them before this as they already have enough on their rolls. Also, I believe it is time for our funding to be exempt from these sort of cuts similar to the federal exemption our fed civilians already receive.

  • radchak

    Are you stupid? Repubulicans only took over the house of Reps. in 2011, following the Nov 2010 landslide elections! Dems had the senate since 2006 and both housea for the first 2 years of Obama’s election in 08. They had super majorities and the presidency, they passed everything the pres wanted and more. Get your facts straight! Doc Long

  • Just another G.I.

    Under DOD’S tiered plan a retiree under age 65 making as little as $22,590 in military retirement will pay the same for Tricare as a retiree making as much as $45,178. If you are under age 65 you are called a “Working age retiree” regardless of your health or ability to secure income. This plan is not fair.

    • guest

      Or how about the new tier under which a 4 star officer with 38 years of service makes 284k a year in RETIREMENT!!!!!!!!!! Up 80 some %………..Find the article in for the exact figures……. Shameful, just pitiful……..

    • What country

      There are actually people receiving more than $12000 a year in retirement. wow must be E-8 and up.

  • Dave

    I have never seen so much disrespect toward the military benefits by the White House, and the Congress.

    Yes, DISRESPECT. They have no idea what its like wearing the Uniform on a

    month-to-month and

    They think it’s a walk in the park, and now since they (President and the Congress) put the USA in the red (financially), they want to increase the cost of our benefits that we earned, fight for, being separated from our families, not seeing our children being born, and for protecting THEM (President and Congress) from our Enemies.

    What about the President and Congress benefits? Are they going up? But they don’t care why??? They make over one hundred thousand per year ($100,000) and most likely much more with all their perks.

    This increase is just unbelievable. It wasn’t the military fault that we were attack from terrorist on 9/11 and had to go to war. Yes, we obeyed our orders, went to Affgan and Iraq and fought for the USA. The Iraq war is over and we are coming home from war. Soon the Affgan War will be over also.

    And NOW, instead of giving us a BONUS (like they do in civilian life), they say, “Mr. Soldier”, we “over spend” so now we need to hike up the cost of your benefits to save money for the American people. Ok, tell us what sacrifice did the American people (civilians) have???

    They (most) went home ever night to be with their family!
    They (most) went home and sleep in their bed.
    They (most) were home when their baby was born.
    They (most) ……… I could go on and on and on.

    It’s not fair that the President and Congress makes the military PAY for their mismanagement of American people’s money. It’s not the military fault. On day God will judge each member of congress and the president. He knows that this is not fair and that you will have to “WORK” your way to heaven, like SOLDIERS (military) to every day.

    (Retired SFC)

    • guest

      Article in Virginian Pilot today taking up half a page….. Returning Military Members Allege Job Discrimination and the biggest offender is guess…. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!!!! Obama could care less about veterans or any military. Better wake up folks and get your voice heard before everything we have earned is slowly stripped away….

  • Ray

    After 43 years in military, and only getting $300 a month social security and military retirement, how am i suppose to live.. Obamas girls get that and more for their clothes.

    • guest

      Obama has more respect for clothes than VETERANS!!!!!!!!!!

  • richard a dropik

    This is once again what is called , “getting the shaft”, with no way to say a thing about it at all. I am in the VFW,American Legion, MOAA plus several others. A lot of talk but no action. You all know the Military way, just do as you are told. Kind of
    like the Communist Government with a different name.We now pay $200.00 a month for Medicare for my wife and I and then what ever more they come up with for TFL. I guess it’s lucky us, time to celebrate for paying for all the millions that never work plus all the Illegals and of course our politictions and others.
    This is why the politicians pay millions of our money to get elected. 100% retirement, free medical for life to include their families, regardless how long they serve, insider trading rights are ok and on and on. It boils down to the fact you must be one og the top 1% in this country or you will surely get the shaft without question or an have a say or vote.

  • James

    We are constantly being told that our benefits need to be cut and medical fees raised in order to reduce spending. Just for the record, why don’t you senators and congressmen tell us what sacrifices you are making to help cut spending. How much are your benefits being affected ? Are your medical costs increasing also ? I hope your net annual income which is used for everyday necessities is being reduced at the same percentage rate that mine is. If you’re voting to take more of my income than you are willing to lose, then you are just a bunch of hypocrites and I don’t understand how you can sleep at night. I believe mismanagement is what caused this whole mess anyway. It’s only fair that the managers should be the first to suffer to the max before anyone else. I just retired 3 years ago and I had my fixed income budget all worked out. All the numbers came out just right and I was all set to enjoy my life with my wife. Thanks to your mismanagement it looks like I will now have to try and find a job and get back in the rat race. So much for retirement, my little fixed income budget is now down the crapper. Thanks

  • Fred Ramsay

    Just imagine what would happen if we ALL started writing and calling each and every Representative and Senator. They WOULD HAVE TO LISTEN. If any one of our guys in Washington we would have a great voice in VOTING THEM OUT come the next election. Unfortunately right now there is not one Presidential candidate whom I can vote for at this point in time. WE CAN OVERCOME this OUTRAGEOUS treatment of our Military and Veteran population if we all work together and voice our opinions. Our voices on this media do NOTHING, put it writing to your Congressman or Senator and lets watch them squiggle trying to retain our votes. This President has about faced on all his promises to us.____US NAVY RETIRED DISABLED VETERAN and Advocate.

  • Tim White

    What the heck are they thinking. With the economy being stagnet, they want to take this out of our pocket. Some of us are on fixed incomes, and it would be disasterous financially. It seems our service retirement is almost worthless.

  • Grim001

    Everyone should stop and look what is going on..this is all politics. It is a proposed budget which we haven’t seen our Senate pass a budget in three years. What is really going on is they are setting up a chance for negotiations. The WH has put out a very scary plan in order to have room for negotiations. That way when the dust settles they can say they compromised but we still loose benefits we have worked our lives for! We need to not allow negotiations until other segments of our population have started negotiating on their benefits, some that I don’t think they have earned at all…mainly welfare recipients and now the disability program within Social Security which is the new welfare. Just my opinion. If you really want to make a difference support the military organizations that lobby this kind of stuff off Congress’s legislative agenda. And vote, especially this November!

  • Veterans Wife

    My husband has CANCER and is 100% service connected disabled after 5 deployments and 2 years in Korea.
    I know he isn’t the only soldier who could not serve their 20 yrs due to illnesses or injuries.
    He was medically retired and cant recieve his medical retirement check and VA comp because he didnt serve his 20 years!

    Now you want to raise our insurance costs!

    OBAMA its election year!
    Show the military members and verterans that you actually care about them!

    CUT the unemployment for those who have been on it for over a year!

    Allow Military/Veterans to draw both Military/Va comp checks combined we shouldn’t have to be fased in… He was 100% service connected and medically retired

    Allow veterans to transfer their Post9/11 bill to their spouses after discharge
    They fought for the benifets! They should be able to give them to their family if they are dying!!!!!

    • Marlino

      He was medically retired and cant recieve his medical retirement check and VA comp because he didnt serve his 20 years!
      this statement does not make sense. VA disability is not for retirees. If your husband has a service connected disability, the VA is sending you a check. If your husband only served 6 months and received a service connected disability then he is getting a check. Perhaps he is not disabled from the military…perhaps his disability is something other than a compensable disability. Check you facts.

      Read more:

  • Veterans wife

    Untill OBAMA changes the laws and makes them retroactive! to cover those who are over 50% sevice connected who could not retire!
    Those who could not serve the full 20 years to transfer the post 9/11 bill
    who were medicall retired and has the 100% full 9/11 to give to their souse and kids.

    Did you know that my husbands life inssurance will go up every 5 years and if he lives to be 60 his premium will be 1800 a month…
    he is 38 and has cancer, so he cant get another policy!

    Our Soldiers who are fighting and dying as a result of their service… Will it be in vain>>>

    Now he wants to make us pay a higher enrollment fee each year!

    Refuses to pay our dying and wounded soldiers thier Military retirement and VA compensations!!!

    They are 100% Service connected disabled and can’t work!!!!

  • Mark

    Sadly, but as usual, the government is going back on it’s word, again. We were promised free healthcare for life, and after serving til retirement, we deserve it. But now the people elected to steer the government – in whichever direction that is, are deciding to go back on their word, which is the status quo for elected politicians (I cannot use the word “officials”), and steal more and more from those who have zero say, while tossing money away on absurd things like it is confetti.
    Yes, Tricare is quite inexpensive for us, but we paid for it at a price. Now, on top of the (small) retirement amount we were promised, we will have to lose more and more of it to healthcare.
    I’m not saying this math played into me staying til retirement or not, but I am also saying it was not a factor to consider, as, again, it was promised to us.

    Take my word for this – watch out. First, once they start this, there is no going back. We will never see fee’s decrease. Second, there is absolutely nothing stopping them, and every indication they will screw us more, by increasing the fee’s at will anytime they decide they need some money “elsewhere”.

    This is not only unfair, it is wrong. If anything, it should be grandfathered in for those on active duty, or implemented along the lines of “anyone retiring from this point forward will pay…” To arbitrarily increase it against those of us promised otherwise is… well, what next? Decide to start taking our earned retirement for other things? They have the say, we have none.

  • catchesthewnd

    Somebody please tell me that this doesnt apply to existing retirees. If it does then all I can say is “BEWARE THE ANGER OF THE LEGIONS’

    • Just another G.I.

      Yes it applies to existing retirees

  • W. Whipkey

    Please every one write a letter to your worthless congressman/woman.
    And don’t start your letter with “Honorable Senator/Representative”. Tell them
    to do the same with their retirements as they are doing with ours. It’s a
    dirty shame how disconnected they are from us. Any congressman/woman,
    either Republican or Democrat who is an incumbent does not have the right
    for our vote. Vote all incumbents OUT and get all new blood in the congress.
    The same goes for the president. When the current jerk in the White House
    goes on his campaign tours spends more money than we all make together
    in our retirement. A lot of us will not live to see another election after 2012,
    So, please make this one count. Stand up and speak and be heard.

  • R.L. HILL

    I just sent E-mail to Jack rabbits in both houses of congress, white house and pentagon requesting I be provided with some medical petroleum jelly. Suggest all of you do the same.

  • bill

    someone said to me in 1971 when I got home from Vietnam ” Bet on a Vet, and you both Win” . obama and the white house don’t care one bit about the military retirement, because they are out for themselfs..can them all…

  • guest

    my medications are non formulary and I can in no way afford $51 a month for three prescriptions on top of the new enrollment fees, etc. This is ridiculous. All I have is my pension!



    • VoixVelour

      The same Los Angeles Times, same date, 2-20-12, “San /Diego pension ovrhaul drawing national interest; attempting to put measure on June ballot. The MEDIAN INCOME of residents of SAN DIEGO is $63,069; Retirement Pay? Asst City Atty, $307,758; Invest Officer $255,509; Fire Battalion Chief $244,435; Asst Police Chief $242,947; City Librarian $234,091; Fire Chief $229,753; Fire Battalion Chief $228,863; Fire Battalion Chief $217,649; Asst water dept director $214,007.

      • VoixVelour

        As the City realizes TOO LATE NOW the magnitude of UNFUNDED PENSION OBLIGATIONS THAT WERE NEGOTIATED BY UNIONS AND POLITICAL OFFICEHOLDERS, one garbage truck driver and member of AFSCME complains that “morale” is down; “our employees have been giving in terms of pay and benefits, and they feel it is never ending. (????) In the last two years, there has been an 80% increase in the number of retired city employees with pensions of more than $100,000. They retire in their fifties and after a STRESS FREE career without PRESSURES of CONSEQUENCES OF PERFORMANCE. US NEWS AND WORLD REPORTS disclosed 2.5Million Federal Employees, 25% of whom are at pay scales of $100K and up are more likely to die on the job than be fired or laid off.

        We need to have informed rebuttalsto these attacks on earned entitlements.

  • Guest

    So much for supporting the 1% who PROTECT the FREEDOM the 99%!

    (% of military personnel serving/served vs. overall population)

    • VoixVelour

      From the Los Angeles Times this morning 2-20-12. The American Federation of state. County and Municipal Employees, one of the biggest, plans to pump as much as $100Million into Dem/Obama coffers; last month AFSCME spent $1Million in Florida in TV attack ads against Romney viewed as the most potent opponent of Obama. THERE IS NO MENTION by “THE MEDIA” that those FUNDS DERIVE FROM THE UNION DUES OUT OF THE PAYROLLS BILLED TO TAXPAYERS WHO CANNOT REFUSE TO PAY THE UNION DUES TO FUND POLITICAL ACTION ADVERSE TO THEIR INTERESTS. Our service associations need to be LESS TIMID!

    • Jim Fitzpatrick

      I spent my 22 years on active duty protecting and serving this country and I am proud of my service. I do believe that we all have to pay part of our way. We need to have a moral commitment in this country to provide affordable health care to every citizen. We are the only developed country that doesn’t I strongly believe we have a system that let’s the well to do get in the front of the line. I’ll gladly pay a little more if more of our citizens have access to affordable care. We all love this country. Let’s stop carping about a increase in our small enrollment costs and demand all citizens are protected.

  • Ed Gilbert

    Stop the entitlements
    Kill the foreign aid
    Eliminate the porgLet the Czars go.
    Do away with the dept of education, energy and environmental concerns
    Term limits please

    As soon as these are done, lets talk.

    • VoixVelour

      OK. Terms limits are provided by the US Constitution under heading of “ELECTIONS.” They are the prayer of UNIONS. In CA, “terms limits” has resulted in freshman legislators that can barely find a cloak room, and who rely on “UNIONS and other LOBBYISTS” for “education and training” and anyone can see the MESS IT IS. Experience counts.

  • Craig USCG/Med Ret

    Although I don’t like these proposed changes. I think it would be better if the President, Vice President and Congress gave up their high pay and “Special” retirement and “special” health care and went to the system they are suggesting to impose on us, or give us the same system they are currently using.

  • Bud

    My military career was from 1962 thru 1982. My first pay was $83.20 and my last as an E7 was $1426.50 When I retired the Air Force gave me $713.25 in retirement pay along with the promise of health care for life. I spent most of my career overseas (not at my request), therefore could not buy a house till retired (20 yrs equity lost) Was 40yrs old looking for first civilian job competing with much younger people.(behind the power curve there). Even with collage I could not catch up with my peers in pay. I have seen the benefits eroad, commissaries and BX prices are not much different than on the local economy. If my retirement pay from the military was all I was ging to receive i do not believe i would have stayed. Being seperated at times from wife and kids at times was not a benifite, being a war zone was not a benifite.
    So as a 20yr vet in the Air Force, I feel that my goverment has let me and all the othe vets ,that kept this country free and out of harms way, down. All I can say is “thanks alot”

    • VoixVelours

      Amen to that. The Exchange system is an EMPIRE drawing down operational costs resulting from systemic incompetence to dilute the “benefits” promoted as components of compensation. One huge inefficient and indifferent bureaucracy. Our systems of delivery of health care are infinitely superior to the private sector in the quality control through the medical corps willing to make “house calls” on battlefields; and early on Obamites wanted to delete the system and just “roll over” to the “private sectors.”

  • Preston

    Whenever an administration, be it Nixon’s, Clinton’s or Obama’s, tried to reform health care in this country all the healthcare insurance companies lobbied against it and convinced you to loathe it. Now you are reaping what they, the healthcare insurance companies and their lobbyists, have sown. If you feel a need to blame someone over the cost of your healthcare look no further than a mirror.

    • VoixVelour

      Whoa! Obama did not attempt to REFORM HEALTH CARE and he lost a lot of us with the sophistication to understand why he didn’t buck his Very Special Interests among Insurance Companies as the Wall Street folk and those institutional lenders that are responsible for the Economic Tsunami. He would not touch SINGLE PAYER UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE sensibly modeled upon MEDICARE, the most successful and cost effective program ever! As for voters? Many of the same dedicated Democratic activists, as it turns out, WERE! And to the PUBLIC welfare, health and safety, NOT UNIONS. Then along comes the TEA BAGGERS and WHAM! They have guaranteed another term for Obama because they are so whacky and knee jerk meanness is their hallmark, just yearning to cut all social programs, indeed!

    • greg

      Um, are you an insurance executive?

  • W. Whipkey

    This person who commented “DOC LONG” is confused about how the
    congress works. The Senate has been Democratic since Obama took
    office. The House was for two years Democratic. The election of 2010
    the house went Republican. The first two years of Obama’s Reich both
    houses were Democrat. Please keep current if you’re going to comment.

    • retiree

      Please learn how the Senate works. Democrats never had 60 vote filibuster proof majority. Assuming the 2 independents always vote with the Democrats, the closest they came was 60 votes for Jul 7 2009 – Aug 25 2009, and 60 votes for Sep 25 2009 – Feb 4 2010. those were the only times they could potentially override a Republican filibuster.

    • retiree

      Also, as far as I know, the correct American term is for a President’s period in office is “term.” Reich is what Hitler had. Last I looked, President Obama was NOT killing Jews, Gays, Gypsies, and others.

      Please keep current if you’re going to comment – say within the last 50 years.

  • greg

    I think everybody’s missing the underlying problem here. Obama is making a dog and pony show of reducing the deficit. It’s a re-election ploy. Given that he has an inane dislike for us (the military) and what we do, it’s only natural that he’s gonna attack the DoD budget first. That puts the bean counters in a hard position; do they cut monies that would actually defend our country and its citizens – or do they cut support money for those who have otherwise served honorably. This is just another case of the administrations selective definition of “entitlements”.

  • Bob

    U S AIR FORCE 1955-1975 Started out $78.00 per month pay I will be 75 years old this May 1st and don’t have a pain in my body, but really pissed off at they way the Military is treated in this Country, both serveing and retired. I am at the point where I could careless any more, just let the Chinese come in and take over and let the American People Suffer like the one;s that have served in the past and serving now that are in the Military.

  • Tony De Angelis

    You can be sure the cuts costing us will benefit Obama’s welfare voting bloc; i.e., ACORN or whatever their new name cover is, Americare, benefits for illegals, etc. Only a fool would vote to keep this bunch in office.

  • Meach

    The conservative previous administration dug us a deep hole we could not escape & fell in to bottom. We then got some conservative advisers advising monstrous bailouts, Saved the country so far, banks, wall street, auto companies, so well that the bankers & wall street could even pay themselves monstrous bonuses. Now all we have to do is find some presedential advisers to suggest a monsturous bail out for all of us military types & even the working white & blue collar guys who are in the boat with us. Also many laws were broken by Geo. Bushes administration, why have we not yet seen any jail terms from all those in process investigations ? A 100% Disabled Vet !!!

    • bknudson

      I believe the blog is a bout an Obama proposed raise to TRICARE, Not another beat up Bushy and the right wingers.

      You might want to stay on track with that?



  • Charlie

    Too bad you must be a multi-millionaire to have a job in congress. We need some people who knows and understands what life is really about. The whole bunch needs to quit taking from the people and put up a little from their end. Instaed of cutting the medical from the retirees and other military lets cut their benefits and their pay raises so they can find out what it is really like. Get a clue

  • R.B. Mac

    Vet’s stand-up and send your comments to your congressman and other elected officials. SPEAK NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE…….
    Let them know that we are Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and we won’t go down without a fight….They can be replaced

    • madnavywife

      R.B. Mac is right. At the top of this comment section is a let your elected officials know your feelings. Please click it on. It goes automatically to president, vp, etc… All you have to do is comment, and fill out your information. Lets deluge Washington with this deplorable act. Let them cut the toys for boys, not the troops and the vets. This is immoral and we cannot stand for it. Please fill it out and send it.

  • Jim

    I am sure the % Tricare pays will also be reduced, as well as fees increase. As soon as Tricare For Life kicked in, the % of med payments seemed to be reduced. I think that is called “coming AND going” Thanks NOBAMA.

  • Ramirez

    We came into this program with certain expectations. We stayed and did our jobs. And yes we sacrificed. Now the current administration is proposing greater reduction to our benefits. Tell your representatives and the white house, speak up before they DEVALUE our service even further.

  • Terry

    I would say with the hikes and the cuts. With in 10 years or less we will have another WAR and will have to bring the draft back cause no one will enlist. Mess with the retired people and the younger one will never forget.

  • alan martens

    My 42 year contract with the government also started in 1962 and resulted in 26 years in a uniform day for day. Pay was miserable in 1962, but I was guaranteed that if I stayed 20 years I would get free health care for the rest of my life. Now that “free” health care has been dumped on NOT free Medicare. I was not issued a wife in my seabag and I don’t care what you charge dependents, but Congress had better keep up their end of the contract the government made with ME!! All of us who endured years of being second class citizens behind married members better fight for our rights first. Dependents are on their own. My BAQ stopped when we moved onto the boat for a cruise, but my mortgage didn’t stop…the married guy in the next rack kept getting his (larger) BAQ PLUS family separation allowance. I’ve had enough of this nonsense…time for a class action lawsuit…

    • TSgt B (USAF, Ret)

      Alan, not to sound extreme, but the way this “government” and this country we love so dear are heading, the possibility exists that some day, and maybe not to far off, we may need to put skills learned in the military to work. Just my $.02

  • Concerned Supporter

    Geez I was hoping Congress would propose a .5% tax on gas and allocate the money to the organizations that assist military personnel returning from duty, especially the disabled. Guess Congress wants to cheer military members when they enter service and relegate returning military/retirees to the “back forty”.


    I am so sick to my stomach over this rotten no-good congress we have. All of the former military persons in the country fought and some gave all to protect our country, family, friends, and your rotten stinkin butts and this is the thanks we get. and as for the LOW-LIFE, Master Sergeant John W. Easterling, Retired, you must have a relative in Congree or maybe your going to run for Congress but whatever the reason is you are a disgusting puke. Why don’t you just give your retirement pay back to the government then you would be a real hero in the eyes of idiots.

    • BKnudson

      You do know this is the budget proposal coming from the White House. Not congress.

  • Dean Griffith

    I think all the politicians in Washington DC should have to spend just a year in military service and at the end of the year it would be required of them to give up all “freebies” and 50% of their annual salary if they want to continue in office!!! I think I’m being a little lenient here. I also feel to be President, he/she should have served in military service.

  • USAF Retired

    Under DOD’S Plan Retiree’s making $22,590 pay the same amount as a retiree making up to $45,178. Your are a “Working age Military Retiree” regardless of your health and ability to work. There is something terribly wrong with this picture. Shame on those that came up with this so-called tiered approach.

    • Concerned

      I agree. I’m a retired MSG making a little over 23,500 a year. A retired CW5 that makes 44,000 a year (almost twice what I get in retirement) will pay the same for TRICARE as I will. This 3-tiered system needs to be re-vamped.

  • TSgt B

    Take one for the team, you say? Are you a veteran? How long did you serve? Idiots like you don’t understand a CONTRACT. The deal was, when I enlisted (1974) I was assured that if I served until retirement, I would have my HARD EARNED benefits for life. Keep in mind that the average active duty military member made about 1/3 of what someone in the civilian sector made. Add to this that civilians have the freedom to opt out (i.e. QUIT THEIR JOB) anytime they please. When my commander said “Sgt. Beatty, tomorrow you will go on extended deployment”, I did, or would face court martial, loss of pay and benefits, less than honorable discharge, and possible imprisonment.
    Unless you have served, STFU! WE protected and defended YOUR RIGHT to be an idiot, and WE still do.

    Your buddy William J. (B.J.)(draft doger)(traitor) Clinton is the one who broke the deal. The current Moron-in-chief, and his wife, like the Clinton’s, absolutely despise the armed forces. As far as I’m concerned, the feeling is mutual.

    • sour_grapes

      It’s not my fault or problem that the only option for bottom feeders such as yourself is to remain on the government’s tit under their terms. I wish you didn’t serve because the rest of us are sick of people like you, acting like military service is the be all and the end all. You don’t respect anybody but yourselves. You had options in life and you chose the military. You receive fair compensation. Get over yourself.

      • USAF Retired

        One of the reasons we served was that you might have freedom of speech. I wish you the very best. I do pray that one day you might understand what it means to be a veteran and a military retiree.

      • scott

        again sour grapes is a scum bag socialist who is a coward and probbally thinks everybody should be doing drugs is on welfare and loves it

      • dumb akk

        I have had it with civilians saying take one for the team we have taken several for the team. Deployments do not equal 10 hrs a day more like 18 to 20. You want us to take one for the team then start paying overtime we will see how much we get paid then. If this goes through I believe a law suit is in order by all retirees. You don’t have a clue and sucking on the governments tit,my ass, the only reason your pissed at the military is your wife looks at you and sees a pos and when she looks at a real man, she wants it from us. You are seriously a worthless socialistic worm.

      • swin1swin2

        u are an a_ _wipe. I think u just want to see how many Vets u can piss off.

        Have a nice day

  • USAF Retired

    Some of us were initially drafted and not volunteers, some of us are missing body parts, some of us are dead. Some were promised health care for life. Some of us weren’t there when our families needed us because we had to serve far from home. Some of us suffered greatly in different ways. I would say that all of us have earned the right to complain and I am sorry that there are those that don’t understand.


    We all did volunteer – you are right! I started making $90 a month, cause I was married. Did you spend months away from your love ones. Couldn’t go to your local fast foods Couldn’t make a phone call to your wife! One of my bosses used to say, “overtime is authorized”! Even though I lived 5 miles down the road, I couldn’t go home. I don’t know who your are “sour grapes”, but walk a mile in my shoes.
    I don’t recall being promised anything when I sighed the contract (several of em, over the 22 years I served), but some how I knew it was the right thing to do.
    If uncle Sam (both the stinking useless R’s and D’s) can’t find any cuts in government, I sure can!!!!

  • Teri

    Support the only vet running for President – Ron Paul. The others do not seem to care about us.

    • scott

      vote for rick santorum he is the best person to run this country

  • Stock

    I retired 2010, and the marine corps had enough of my medical conditions keeping
    me from running a PFT. I was injured PT’ing with the command and have been paying for it ever since, but they said it was time for me to go, considering I had already served 20+ years. I would have rathered stayed in and continued my service but due to medical issues I am out and find it real difficult to find employment. My medical problems and the medication I take, employers do not want to hire me. So raising the rates and any other way of taking money out of my pocket hurts my family directly.
    I am sure if the Government decided to stop sending money to 3rd world countries, like the billions sent to Egypt, and the others. Maybe, just maybe, we could stop taking from the military veterans and the active duty service members. Just a thought!

  • Paula

    Proposed increases in Tricare fees for retirees, and, I’m sure, for other service members, are outrageous. This was not part of the implied contract we entered into when we or our spouses joined the military and served 30 years.

    If Congress were forced to end its own cheap Cadillac health care program and its lifetime unchallenged benefits for members, especially those who serve short terms, we’d soon hear a different perspective. Congress should never have been allowed to set its own salaries, benefits, etc. Until Congressional members experience the challenges and hard times most of us do, they will continue to ride roughshod over our interests – and this is true of both parties. A citizens’ campaign against Congress’s double standard for us and them is needed.

    • Retired Navy DAV

      I am know there are enough vets out there who helped to put all those self serving, inconsiderate people in office and I mean from the top down. To show them that we have had enough of their crap! By not voting for any incumbents and clean house!!! And also see what we can do to change their medical and retirement programs In line with ours! SO ITS TIME FOR US TO STOP COMPLAINIG ABOUT IT!! AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

  • Stock

    I retired 2010, and the marine corps had enough of my medical conditions keeping
    me from running a PFT. I was injured PT’ing with the command and have been paying for it ever since, but they said it was time for me to go, considering I had already served 20+ years. I would have rathered stayed in and continued my service but due to medical issues I am out and find it real difficult to find employment. My medical problems and the medication I take, employers do not want to hire me. So raising the rates and any other way of taking money out of my pocket hurts my family directly.
    I am sure if the Government decided to stop sending money to 3rd world countries, like the billions sent to Egypt, and the others. Maybe, just maybe, we could stop taking from the military veterans and the active duty service members. Just a thought!

  • Joe

    To those of you enrolled in Tricare for Life, it may pay you to review HMO plans at You will find that most plans do not have a fee, and provide prescription drug coverage. This could be option that is not been presented by the folks in Washington. Of course there are co-pays for different services provided. And you would probably have to drop Tricare for Life.Look at all the options.

  • Torpedoman129

    I am a retired Navy vet with 20 yrs of service. I would like to address all the people on here calling vets “bottom feeders” and “mooches”. We did what 99.9% of the rest of the country will not do, or could not do. It does not matter if we did it voluntarily or not, we did it. So for someone to say that we “don’t deserve the “special treatment” we get, well I can say this. We didn’t deserve to be sent on 9 month to 1 year deployments, but we went. We didn’t deserve to put our lives on the line daily, but we did it. We didn’t deserve to put our families on hold, so you could enjoy being with yours, but we did it. And when the real bottom feeders started flying planes into the side of buildings, where did you turn for support? hmmm let me think… oh yeah that was us!

  • Torpedoman129

    Continued from last post….
    So keep your opions about what we deserve to yourself, because those of us who lost friends and family to war, so that you can sit at home and enjoy the freedoms that we fought for are tired of hearing you “whine” as you so kindly put it.

    We deserve what we were promised and as for “taking one for the team”? Been there and done that…. more times than you know!

    For my brothers and sisters out there….. if they mess with our benefits, I expect we will let them know what we think about it come election day!

    • catchesthewnd

      Well said brother, well said.

  • JBD

    Using a calculation of a mere 2% for a pay raise, these new Tricare fee hikes will take almost half of that raise away every year! WOW! Really? What happened to the proposal to raise it based on the percentage we receive as a raise. Big difference! Instead of a $200 hike every year you might be looking at $80 based on a 2% raise. Much more reasonable and easier to deal with. How about giving us retirees a comparability-based raise for FY2014. That at least might give us a chance to handle this huge increase along with all of the other inflationary costs that are likely to happen in the years to come.

  • Robert Renney

    Why did I even bother to serve?

  • Annon

    So much for maintaining the faith… we maintain it…they forget about it…

  • scott

    sour grapes you are a idiot, probbally a scum bag socialist

  • Randall

    Sounds like our “leaders” are taking the easy way out..Again. Maybe we should get them to vote for another raise since they work so hard..then join the ranks of the real workers and buy their own TRICARE. Or is it too much to ask for the folks affecting our lives to understand what they’re doing to all of the Defenders of Freedom..past, present an future

  • scott

    if you dont like this country then move this country has enough idiots like you

  • retiredairforce

    After 24 years of Air Force service serving mostly on combat army posts and in combat with the army and now disabled I find it beyond outrageous that this administration would balance the budget on the backs of those who sacrificed so much protecting, defending and preserving our way of life. Obama raises our health care costs while ignoring millions illegally in this country and the thousands illegally entering the country every week getting free health care including organ transplants, chemotherapy, dialysis, birth of children while illegally in this country, post delivery care and treatment for life for any birth defects. What many Americans also aren’t aware of is the Democrat’s defeat of the Heller Amendment during Obamacare deliberations which would have prevented Americans from subsidizing illegal alien health care insurance policies. Obama has opened our borders by granting amnesty to every illegal alien who successfully sneaks into the country (most are impoverished and uneducated) who are given free health care which is why our health care costs are skyrocketing which leads me to believe maybe that is where the cost savings from screwing those who gave so much to this country will go.
    So much for those who selflessly heeded this nation’s call to arms as they have been sacrificed on the altar of open borders, cheap labor and illegal alien votes.

  • scott


  • retiredairforce

    After 24 years of Air Force service serving mostly on combat army posts and in combat with the army and now disabled I find it beyond outrageous that this administration would balance the budget on the backs of those who sacrificed so much protecting, defending and preserving our way of life. Obama raises our health care costs while ignoring millions illegally in this country and the thousands illegally entering the country every week getting free health care including organ transplants, chemotherapy, dialysis, birth of children while illegally in this country, post delivery care and treatment for life for any birth defects. What many Americans also aren’t aware of is the Democrat’s defeat of the Heller Amendment during Obamacare deliberations which would have prevented Americans from subsidizing illegal alien health care insurance policies. Obama has opened our borders by granting amnesty to every illegal alien who successfully sneaks into the country (most are impoverished and uneducated) who are given free health care which is why our health care costs are skyrocketing which leads me to believe maybe that is where the cost savings from shafting those who gave so much to this country will go.
    So much for those who selflessly heeded this nation’s call to arms as they have been sacrificed on the altar of open borders, cheap labor and illegal alien votes.

  • mrmiata7

    After 24 years of Air Force service serving mostly on combat army posts and in combat with the army and now disabled I find it beyond outrageous that this administration would balance the budget on the backs of those who sacrificed so much protecting, defending and preserving our way of life. Obama raises our health care costs while ignoring millions illegally in this country and the thousands illegally entering the country every week getting free health care including organ transplants, chemotherapy, dialysis, birth of children while illegally in this country, post delivery care and treatment for life for any birth defects. What many Americans also aren’t aware of is the Democrat’s defeat of the Heller Amendment during Obamacare deliberations which would have prevented Americans from subsidizing illegal alien health care insurance policies. Obama has opened our borders by granting amnesty to every illegal alien who successfully sneaks into the country (most are impoverished and uneducated) who are given free health care which is why our health care costs are skyrocketing which leads me to believe maybe that is where the cost savings from shafting those who gave so much to this country will go.
    So much for those who selflessly heeded this nation’s call to arms as they have been sacrificed on the altar of open borders, cheap labor and illegal alien votes.

  • steve

    sour grapes hates the military just like our current leader and his staff, we were made a promise and now
    they want to break that contract to payback all the money they wasted on programs to asist people
    like sourgrapes, they bailed out banks, gm, and spent money on pet projects and want to make us pay because they cannot raise taxs

  • Wonderwhy

    Texas estimates that their hospital costs for illegal immigrants exceeds $1.5 billion per year. California pegs it at $10.5 yearly. A national immigration reform organization estimates illegals medical costs at $113 billion.

  • Harvey

    Never have I seen a president treat the military / veterans with a bigger slap in the face. This meathead insures the very small percentage of people who enter the military and stay until reirement are punished for a “job well done”. He insures people who never had nor wanted a job in their life are treated better than those who fought and died so these same people can have a “cell phone” payed for by working taxpayers. But he cant seem to find funds for the vets / retired. This guy is a joke. If this moron gets reelected it will take all of our retired pay plus to pay for our tricare,tricare for life and prescriptions.So we have affectively worked, fought and in many cases came away disabled with no retirement as such left. I think its time to call ourselves illegals or a felon and go to jail and get 3 meals a day, free medical, workout facilities, and color TV, and most importantly a free education. NOBAMA would be proud of that concept. For sure our congress and senate havent been without blame either. Example the senate hasnt produced a budget in 3 years, and we wonder why stuff is screwed up.

  • Bob

    In response to “sour grapes” comment “You all (vets and current soldiers) already get so much–more than everyone else–yet complain that you’re not getting enough. You all volunteered to serve, and we thank you for your service. But honestly, quit complaining and take one for the team like the rest of us have been doing”
    Perhaps you just do not understand. The military retirees that you are telling to suck it up spent 20 plus years working for wages well below the average for a similar civilian position (I was paid $120 / month when I first entered the service which was about 1/4 of what I was making working as a common laborer). Pay today (with benefits included) is close to what is made in the civilian sector, however in many cases (and virtually always when deployed) the duty day is 12 not 8 hours with 6 or 7 duty days per week .The monthly pay is the same, there is no extra pay for extra hours. My annual salary when I retired as a senior NCO was just over $60K. The starting salary for an MBA (which I have with honors) is currently $90 to $95K. We also get to leave our families whenever required and often get the opportunity to camp out in weather from below 0 to over 100. On top of that people are frequently trying to kill us.

    True Tricare is a good insurance plan but what we were promised when most of us joined the service was FREE medical care for life, no enrollment fees or co-pays. Not long ago I listened to an Obama speech where he promised he would not balance the budget on the backs of the veterans. Another lie. Of course many vets came back disabled or in some cases dead.
    And now that I am retired I get to listen to a ignorant panty waist-ed punk like you telling me to suck it up. Now tell me how you have taken one for the team.

    • Kay

      BRAVO BOB!! I Couldn’t have said it better!!

    • john

      Right on bob,you got it right. We need to all join together and vote them fools out. They retire as Millionares and medical care with nothing taken away. We retire and watch our pay deteriate to nothing. And if you dont believe that, look at what you got at retirement and what your getting now. The cost of living alone make your dollar far less. I wonder if the board who made these changes all got promotions?? They keep picking yes men for these jobs. Why not pick people who actually live in the system and face daily living under the system. because they probably would raise the benfits for some,thats the reason for picking the I got mine crowed, to hell with you.

    • Paula

      You are right on Bob, thank you

    • Len


      I totally agree with your comments and thank you for putting them out there! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

    • retiree

      Unfortunately, there was NO promise – despite what you were told. What there was (and still is) is the ability to go into a military MTF and receive treatment on a space available basis. Of course, with the reduction in bases, that is getting harder to have happen.

      • IDMTmedic

        VERY true, and less and less available standard patients. Off base is no longer as easy either. Raise the fees and get less access. No brainer and it is only going to get worse.

    • louthe13

      I agree with you Bob. That guy telling you to suck it up, would probably be in the basement with the woman and children if war ever came to our shores.Than you for your service!!

  • flx73

    what do you expect from a president who was never vetted to insure that he was eligible to serve in his current post.
    what do you expect from a president who vows to foreign dignitaries and apologizes for american exceptionalism.
    what do you expect from a president who lies every time he opens his mouth
    what do you expect from a president who attacks christians, jews, catholics, and passes a health care bill that no one read
    what do you expect from a president who sides with america’s enemies including muslim extremists and is now trying to dismantle our nukes
    what do you expect from a president who says the buck stops here but continues to blame george bush for all that is wrong with the country

    for all of you who voted for this man, it’s time to get him out of office come election time

    the government is not above taking away your benefits or not paying you a dime
    in the 1920s the government fired on and shot ww1 vets who went to wa to demand back pay

    hopefully they won’t shoot at us

    ‘nough said. now do your patriotic duty and get this guy out of office.

  • bknudson

    You are incorrect as usual DOC LONG. The Dems owned both houses the first 2 years of his majesty’s reign, and still owns the Senate, which explains why there hasn’t been a budget passed in over three years……………

  • joe blow

    I have worked all my life i knew that i was not going to get rich but i didnot want to sorry about how am i going to afford health care. i am retired but my bills did not retired

  • Rex Stevens

    The President
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
    Washington, DC 20500
    Re: Proposed DoD Budget Cuts Hit Military Retirees
    Dear President Obama:
    The following message is in regard to the proposed 2013 defense budget and the proposed hikes in TRICARE fees.

    I am a 100% Service connected US Army retiree. I am on TriCare for Life. I also pay $180 per month for my Medicare parts A and B. This was supposed to for Tri Care and Medicare and the lower fee of Tri Care was waived because we don’t have to pay for both. Now under budget cuts and contract cuts we have to pay for both. Is this Obama Care? If it is it sucks. Why does the President and members of Congress despise the Military? Your actions show you do. You send us to hell then say to the hell with you we get home or retire. We have earned these benefits. This not welfare. Check your own Congressional and Presidential benefits when you leave office. What injuries and disabilities did you receive to get your medical benefits and insurance. Why is you insurance so much better than the military retirees and the disabled military? What does the President and Congress pay?
    Stop the wasteful spending on welfare for other countries and illegal aliens.

    Rex A Stevens

  • Discouraged Vet

    I am a 26 year veteran officer who served in Vietnam. I was raised to believe in my country and its democratic government. I am proud to have served and am proud of all of you who have and are serving in the Armed Forces BUT I HOLD EVERY MEMBER OF CONGRESS IN CONTEMPT for abandoning the 1% of the polupation who answered the call to serve our county through the draft or volunteer service.

    We as veterans need to GET THE WORD OUT and take back our great nation through the ballot box beginning with abolishment of all Congressional perks, even if it takes a Constitutional amendment to do so.

  • Bill

    Republicans did not get a majority in the House until 2010, and they are still the minority party in the Senate. The Democrats controlled both houses of Congress from Bush’s last term until that time, and they still did not pass a Federal budget. They still refuse to pass a budget. There can be no filibuster on a budget in the Senate. The Democrats only need a simple majority to pass a budget in that chamber, and yet they still refuse to act. Please keep up on your current events and your basic civics classes.

  • I hope congress has the sense to block this shame one more question how come the first lady goes around the country making speaches that we must take care of and fully support our military and veterans how hypocritcal.

  • Maxx

    Well actually;

    No one ever enlisted to get rich. We all knew we were going to get hit. I just would like to see other recipients of government support be engaged as well, like – Welfare, etc… Don’t make sense to hit the ones who served and worked and leave the ones who do neither alone.

    Good evening.

  • tmjb33

    Haha; careful DoD, Tricare for Life sounds like a “promise” much like the one of free med for life as a benefit to careerists. Then came a “low pay” program; now call it TFL; what will they rename it in 10 years when funds fall short? And what’s with discriminating between a “working age” retiree and one 65+ in determining how cost will be shouldered? When it gets to the point a person pays 20/30% from their ret for med insurance (I’m hearing strong rumors of +5K a year; as an E8 I gross 25K) why would anyone stay for a career to see their “retirement” ate up in med plans and taxes? DoD & Congress got on the right track years back when they went “high 3”. REDUX failed (still offered as an option) when retention, recruitment and backlash prevailed. The inability of the DoD and elected Officials to take appropriate measured action years back has led to the draconian actions they deem necessary now. The left-wing nuts and the right wing wacko’s shoulder the vast majority of blame. Obama Care only worsened the problem.

  • madashell

    If retirees share the burden then shouldn’t active duty components? I served 21 yrs infantry for love of country and I would have gladly paid 10-100 dollars a month for healthcare, why does it always fall on the backs of retirees. What they are saying is after I pay my dependants health care I will not have a cent to piss in. I will just go with out health care coverage screw it.

    • scpo

      You cannot do that my friend, Obamacare mandates you have insurance or be fined. Why do you think they are raising our insurance fees, etc, they know that we must get it so it is a win-win for the WH.

  • Retired Vet 1999

    Ok, so Everyone pays new fees, but you must use your employee heath care first
    and Tri Care will pick up the rest. Now correct me if I am Wrong, Isn’t that what we are doing now. So where is all this new fee money going to go. Congress, Pentagon, and Mr. President, If yall want my money please just ask me for it. That would be better than feeding me b——-!!! and taking it from me. Retired Vet 1999 USAF.

  • Harry

    I’m a retired vet of 26 years. Every time a budget is submitted to reduce our deficits the VET are the first ones to get hit. Why is it that the GOV. don’t look within them self first. They are making the money and they have all the excellent benefit. i haven’t heard any thing about Congress, Senate or any other GOV. getting hit. I’m sure this will not happen because they will not let it happen; because is their pocket that will be effected not someone else . Besides that they are the ones making the wrong decisions and wasting our american money. Personnel in the White House doesn’t care about the people they suppose to serve; they care about themselves.

  • retired wayne

    The congress and the obama administration really needs to stand up to the plate and announce that they are cutting ALL non emergency care for illegals in the country…..something is wrong with this country spending 68billion with a “B” on illegals like they are VIPs and now your trying to screw the retirees out of benefits and force them to pay when you have welfare checks going out at tax time to dead beat citizens that pay no taxes and most ride around getting drunk, and smoking dope with YOUR FREE hand outs. Secondly, if you want to cut health care cost, then start with your own VIP health plans.

    People would be utter fools to leave this imposter in the White House. He uses false numbers on the realities of the economy..i.e. unemployment, jobs….and then they continue to hand out our tax payer money to companies like Solyndra and other criminals that are just stealing the money and filing bankruptcy. There will be other companies coming out soon that have followed suit!
    This guy is making a mockery of the workers of this country and trying to play class warfare to somehow convince the welfare bums, illegals and losers that we should give up our retirement to keep them afloat…….go get a job and stop trying to take money away from the military and retirees that earned their money!

    • bigjet

      Are you living in fantasy land wayne. This is the latest culture war and the stakes are the highest this country has ever seen. If this marxist constitution hating and the absolute worst and most embarassing President with the help of the lame stream media has his way this country will never ever look like it as you have know it. If this radical progressive gets his way it catie bar the door it’s over. That’s why this is the most important election in our history. You have two choices. Go down the european socialist model or go back to the brilliant Founding Fathers who did all the heavy lifting for us.
      I have to say if the media actually did its job we would not be in this dire situation.

  • richard

    I I too am a retired vietnam vet, I was there in 65, I would like to know where the $200 plus goes that my wife and I see taken out of social security checks every month for medicare, when we can’t use medicare overseas? And now this TFL is another cost that we cannot afford, another promise, verbal of course, just like promised med and dental for life. Another complaint, the hospital here, naples italy, farms out to the local clinics much to much med problems, thru tricare. I need a biopsy, prostrate, cos out of pocket at a clinic thru tricare is 600 euro, can’t pay it, so that’s put on the back burner, lots more, just to much to put in words.

  • ejhamel49

    We should discontinue ALL foreign aid. Let’s take care of our legitimate Americans! Especially the veterans. Nuf said!

  • dusty

    I must be careful here. This is going to make my blood boil.

    If there needs to be cuts made, so be it, but look every where before zeroing in on the military. Eliminate unjustified spending first. What do illegals cost. What does the congressional staff cost; do they pay their fair share. Dig deep here and look at retirement costs, salaries, benefits other than medical, travel and medical.

    Look for pork and then eliminate it – don’t just talk about it.

    Don’t forget foreign aid especially to countries that are hostile to the US. We don’t need to be supporting our enemies and especially when we can not pay our own bills and meet our own obligations.

  • Bigjet

    If anyone voted for this piece of slime on this blog YOU are one of segments the biggest problem for the mess. What were you thinking?

    Put the blame squarely on the backs of the intellectual lazy voter.

    He is gutting the military for his own interests while telling you he supports you. He has nothing but contempt for this great nation and it is patently obvious.

    I’m going to give you some pearls here so listen. NEVER listen to what he SAYS watch what he DOES. That goes for anyone. Words today are worthless but it wasn’t always that way.

    This man gets up every single day and lies to us in front of our faces on TV and print. Do your homework it’s your duty as a citizen of the greatest nation on the planet.

    You can save this Republic (not democracy) or you can turn it into an unrecognizable nation where your children will never know freedom. It is almost there now.

    Live free or die!

    • Realistic Thinker

      These are the same type of cuts Bush and other former presidents have tried to pass, so if you think this is an Obama item your saddly mistaken.

    • 30yr130FE

      If you took notice, the article ststed that this was due to the mandatory cuts Congress passed at the insistance of the Tea Party.

    • denny

      When the bush started these dumb wars that where the the country started to go down hill but fast . When your oil buddies wanted more oil . whats a few lives and a trillion dollars

  • wjs/USMC

    Let POTUS park af 1 and get rid of about 100 zars , cut WH staff, do away with foreign aid, etc, and live like the rest of america.

  • Saltire

    We’re screwed. The White House is starting to make it’s disdain for the military much less subtle, now.

    This news from the entrails of the White House and it’s budget wish list is not surprising. The first word it brought to my mind, I am ashamed to say, starts with an “m” has an “f” in the middle, and ends in “rs”.

  • Been There & Seen

    How about sending the 6,600 Kurds who came into the United States back in 1996 back to where they belong and stop sponging off the American case you all don’t know it–they are now here in the states using all of our welfare, food stamps, military benefits, social security and more….time for all these people to go back to where they belong and we support our own first!!! Bet you didn’t know that!!! Enough giving to foreign countries…take care of Americans first….

  • top dog

    Yeah….Tri-Care might have to go up to cover the cut’s your House of Representitives asked for, the cuts has to come from somewhere. I would prefer they came from many of em pay but, thats unrealistic, why take money out of your own pocket when you can take it from somebody elses pocket, the house…hell, the whole of congress just don’t work that way. Even at those prices, we still pay a lot less than our civilian counterparts, hell, some of them can’t even afford health care, let alone hospital cost. So, I’am not going to Bi-ch about, it’s not like it’s the first time this has happened. If you want to blame something/somebody, blame the Graham-Ruddman act, they started it way back during the reagan years. But I suspect a lot of you won’t do that, because you all probably have forgotten all it, but I will never forget it.

  • turner

    I have to say that there is alot of bashing here. I always ask why is the millitary and social services the first things hit by cuts. Why does our pollitical leaders look at the free money we are giving away to other countries. We have the millitary personnel that have sacraficed more than most people can imagine, homeless children, and no mental health help for those Americans that cannot afford to get qualified help. Why does our elected officials look at cutting money given to other countries when we need the money ourselves. I would never loan a person money and not pay my own rent.



  • RickUSA RET

    All I hear here is cut cut cut? Why is it that I pay more in taxes, around 35%, than Mit Romney’s 15% on his millions? That is the money he still has in this country not the hidden assets off shore. The crooks on Wall Steet stole billions from the country in retirement funds and other stock swindles yet none have gone to jail for destroying the economy why because they own the politicians lock stock and barrel! The millionares of this country and the Wall street banksters pull the strings of this goverment. When they say they paied back all the money they borrowed well yes they did they borrowed from the Fed at .0075% intrest rate then loaned the money back at .05% intrest to the fed making a profuit that aloowed then to pay it all back at the expense of the regular tax payer! The same stuff ahs been happening for years google Smedley Butler Gen USMC, 2x CMOH, and read what he had to say about wall street!

    • Howard K

      Mitt Romney’s already paid Tax on this money. You Liberals out there want to TAX/TAX/TAX…. Close to 50% of the people in this country don’t pay a penny of Federal Tax now, TAX THEM …..

  • wizard

    obviously you have never served. And it seems that you are self centered! When I was on active duty my net income was 800.00 a month. what was yours. We retirees dont mind paying reasonable costs. What we dont like is promises broken so get over your distain and as Jack Nicholson said in a Few Good Men. Just say Thank you.

    And leave us alone

  • MSgt.B

    You are thanking us for serving, but at the same time you are wining that we volunteered to do so. If no one volunteered, there would be a draft. Every man and woman who does volunteer does not know how it all will turn out for us in the end. That’s why the benefits. The private sector does the same thing. Obviously Burger King does not have retired benefits. Most people don’t flip hamburgers to a carrier. The brave serve our Country.

  • Suck it!

    What do we get that is “so much”? Do you have an inkling of what we put ourselves and our families through? Sure we volunteered, so what? You volunteered to get your ass handed to you when you opened your mouth and gave your opinion. What respect are we getting from the American people, other than, “Hey, let’s cut your paycheck”?

    You obviously don’t know what you are talking about. It’s easy to point fingers and judge. Do what I have been doing, sacrifice what I have been sacrificing for the 14.5 years, then talk to me, you ungrateful piece of crap! We don’t ask for much, and we get less in return. The moment we ask for something, pieces of shit like you, immideately think we want everything.

  • Army Veteran

    Sour_Grapes, you have a short memory. Many people were drafted back in the sixties and did not volunteer for the military. When the US is at war Congress always supports the military but when the wars start winding down, Congress starts cutting back the military and reducing veterans’ benefits. Veterans were promised specific things by Congress but now their memory is short also. When the US owes China billions of dollars, why do we give them millions of dollars for human rights and other programs. We should pay off their debt first before we give China any money. Congress will not make cuts to foreign aid that might be controversal, but instead will cut funds and impose more costs to the military, veterans, federal employees, and federal retires. I believe every individual and group in America are willing do make sacrifices but Congress should not try to solve the deficit on the backs of veterans, federal retires, the military, and the federal work force.

  • 20yrs and counting

    For all those blaming the current administration, remember that these cuts are being forced upon us because the Tea Party faction of the Republican party is unwilling to increase the tax rate of the wealthiest among us, notwithstanding that their tax rates are at near historical lows. You reap what you sow and I weep for our country.

    • WC0300

      The TEA Party is responsible? I beg your pardon? Your a freaking moron. I’m a T.P. supporter, and I’m also former Marine. Maybe if you knew comments made by Obummer right before, and right after his election, you would see that he had plans to target the military LONG before now. He stated in an interview about vets paying more for their healthcare, that we are selfish, because we knew the risks when we joined.
      That prick HATES the U.S. military, but he has no problem taking credit for it, when he isn’t apologizing for it. He is a fucking NARCISIST, and will throw you under the bus as fast as he can, just like he is with our nukes, and vets. He DREAMS of a nuke free world, and while china has increased it’s military build up by 100 %, which is 100% funded by the interest we pay them on our debt, it’s fucking morons like you that are funding your own destruction, by buying all that china crap to begin with. Where is HIS reduction in benefits, or anyone else in Congress? Get your facts correct before you say anything to reveal how freaking stupid you are.

      • 20yrs and counting

        As a tax attorney, I am very aware of the facts. I suggest you review your source of information. The Tea Party made the deficit the top priority. When the administration offered to make cuts (including military and entitlememnt) exceeding the Bolwes-Simpson bipartisan plan and a modest increase in taxes, the House refused. The result was significant cuts, including military cuts. Having made deficits the top priority, what do you propose to cut if you are unwilling to raise taxes?

        • Mark

          While I do not like paying more for Tricare for Life, I understand that cuts and increases in services need to happen. We need to get more revenue, the answer is not increase taxes on the “rich”. The answer is to get more people employed, plus start taxing the 47% , who pay no taxes, simplify the current tax code, do away with many of the regulations that hinder small business, source more domestic energy (coal, gas, oil, nuclear). Bowles/Simpson was not killed by the House, it was killed by the White House.I would like to see a budget that is proposed by the Dem lead Senate, and a reasonable budget proposed by the President ( his most recent proposal was rejected by a vast majority of both the House and Senate (Rep and Dem both agreed it was terrible!

        • Tlmretired

          How about cutting congress salaries and benefits?

      • 20yrs and counting

        BTW, I am appalled at the proposed TRICARE changes. I simply get frustrated when everyone piles on the administration when, in fact, it’s a refusal to budge on taxes that causes such drastic measures.

        • Another larryyyy

          Yes, you’re right, this administration is responsible for absolutely nothing. That is why we as a country elected them, right? I really like their adept skill in deflecting absolutely anything and everything. It is simply amazing to watch.

      • retiree

        President Obama (note spelling of name, it’s only 5 letters to spell the name of our Commander-in-Chief) NEVER proposed the military veterans were selfish and should pay more for their healthcare. From the above link:

        “Sept. 25: Long after we posted this article, we discovered that the quotes were indeed intended as satire. They are the product of conservative humorist John Semmens, who posted them originally March 21, 2009. They appeared in Semmens’ column, “Semi-News — A Satirical Look at Recent News,” at the online publication The Arizona Conservative.”

        • retiree

          BTW, before someone points out the article – yes this budget proposal has us paying more for our healthcare. However, President Obama did NOT say we should be cause we are “selfish and knew what we were getting into.”

          • J vanderHoff

   > Wiki Answers > Categories > Health > Did President Obama say that veterans should pay their own medical expenses for war injuries?
            Did President Obama say that veterans should pay their own medical expenses for war injuries?
            In: Health [Edit categories]

            Obama suggested requiring veterans with service-related injuries and illnesses to use their private medical insurance to help cover the cost of their care. He said that his plan would save $540 million. The plan was dropped, though, due to public outcry and the opposition of veterans’ groups. Sounds like he wanted vets to pay for their own medical care if you ask me!!!

          • retiree

            President Obama (note spelling of name, it’s only 5 letters to spell the name of our Commander-in-Chief) NEVER proposed the military veterans were selfish and should pay more for their healthcare.

            He never stated veterans were selfish and should pay more because of that. The proposal was to recoup from existing private insurance for those being seen in VA for service-connected disabilities (currently done for those seen for non-service connected disabilities). At no time did he claim it was because veterans were selfish.

        • Another larryyyy

          Ahh, thanks for mentioning FACTCHECK.ORG!

          Want another FACT? Here’s one:

          “The fact is, the ANNENBERG Public Policy Center (APPC), the sponsoring agency behind, is itself supported by the same foundation, the ANNENBERG FOUNDATION, that Bill Ayers secured the 49.2 million dollars from to create the Chicago ANNENBERG Challenge “philanthropic” organization in which Barack Obama was the founding Chairman of the Board for and Ayers served as the grant writer of and co-Chair of for its two operating arms.”

          BILL AYERS! Woo, yeah, he absolutely has NO agenda. So, anytime ANYONE on the internet points you to, be sure to put you rcoffee down first lest you cover your screen with Venti Almond Frappa-Mocha.

      • tax em all

        If you are a tax atorney than you of all people should know that the tax system is broken and unfair and that continually calling for more tax burden on the wealthy is foolish. Of course you wouldn’t want your golden goose to be stolen so you won’t call for a fair or flat tax system…then you would be out of a job!

    • Kms45

      You need to weep for yourself. You have no idea what your talking about. Obama is the problem. Pay attention!!!!!!

    • ObamanationIsHere

      Your right, despite the reply from a “tax attorney” pointing the fnger at the “Tea Party” for tax increases on the military? Why isn’t the question really “Why are we paying more taxes?” Taxes are to damn high. Sound familar. Why aren’t the Obama supporters looking at this? Makes you wonder doesn’t it – like maybe they aren’t paying the bill and want to make sure the people that are least able to defend themselves do pay their tax bill.
      Why don’t we just say Obama has created the USSA (United Socialist States of America) and get it over. Twenty years down the road we will crash like Russia and we could say ugh “We didn’t have any idea” right!

      • 20yrs and counting

        Tax rates are at almost historical lows. No one wants to pay higher taxes, but it’s structurally impossible to “grow the economy” or reduce the economy with spending cuts. Romney said as much today when he said if you cut too much, you’re going hurt the economy.

        People talk about needing to cut spending and when asked to name what they’d cut they rattle off silly earmarks. THough wasteful, those earmarks account for a minuscule fraction of the deficit….while it may feel good to slash them, they’ll do nothing to improve the deficit or the economy. That leaves social security, military, and medicare as the low hanging fruit. Your pick….if you are like me and you like your tricare benefits, I suggest you consider the revenue side of the equation.

    • Tax em all

      Reap what you sow is exactly right. Those who have chosen not to work reap what we sow. The government in its infinite wisdom has chosen not to tax the population equally so that that nearly 50% pay no taxes at all and some even receive back more than they pay in. It is easy to point fingers at those who have worked hard to earn more and cry foul but few are willing to look and see that fair is fair and that every income should be taxed equally regardless of amount.

    • retiree shaftee

      weep for yourself because you are a moron.

    • Carlos

      You’re so full it! You should be ashamed.

    • Not Larry

      You Obama-ites need to quit parroting the party line and learn through education, that facts speak volumes to this myth that the wealthy are our answer to entitlements. The treasure department has spoken against the Obama myth. The Buffet rule (you remember him, the guy that owes billions in back taxes and is fighting in court to avoid them), is also a myth once you get past the surface fluff that lazy liberals can’t seem to grasp. When you are in the dark, you are blind to the light.

    • Joh n

      What planet are you from? Tea Party, Republican party, tax increases?

      Have you heard of bail out of wall-street, and Gen Motors, Chyrsler have you heard of the billion dollars going to our emenies? Give me a break

      I blame not only the current adminstration, I also blame the do nothing Congress. Have you bought a loaf of bread lately or filled your car with gas? Have you paid Medicare?

    • Jan

      All I have to say about this comment is you are watching to much liberal news stations. I served 22 years in the USAF and also two wars. did you? I say all veterans need to get to the poles and vote republican November 2012 and every year after that.

      • J. VanderHoff

        Unfortunately some republicans, Graham of S.C. John McCain AZ,& in fact suggested the increases, as some democrats Webb, want to keep them the way they are. Also it was the Bush administration that started the increase the fees campaign. & I voted for Bush & I voted for McCain. McCain out of all of them should have known better. He slapped us in the face. Stop payments to illegal immigrants in the form of housing, food stamps, & education. Stop all foreign aid. Stop all unwanted &/or obsolete weapon projects. Then look at the billions saved that can be used for military healthcare.

    • Jim

      Easy solution, Democrats just quit spending. problem solved.

    • US Retired Air Force

      Does anyone understand what raising the tax on the rich would mean for the average person? You can’t blame the private successful person for the poor administration of government.. I am far from being rich, but understand what would trickle down to my level, when the rich must pay more.
      When there is a competent government in office, unlike the present time, the economy is strong and taxes don’t need increasing.

    • Mona

      ypu got to be one of the stupid people out there you are the reason for this happening not the republicans….dumbo. you voted for that half breed….
      are you a markist? or just plain stupid. have you ever worked for a poor person? where do you think this growth came from? the democrats. you sound like obozo blaming everyone else for his stupid mistakes. his nothing but a half breed traitor and your one of his idiot followers that will distroy this country….go ahead keep thinking this way stupid and you will end up with exactly what obozo wants slaves…..

    • Massey

      And you need to stop drinking the kool-aid!

    • Scarpia

      Hey idiot, are we supposed to subsidize the freeloaders Mr. nobama wants to support so he can obtain their votes. Wake up & die right you joker! Oh, I forgot you must be one of the freeloaders.

    • reganpc

      Not true This is a result of a run-away administration that attacks those that are the most giving to those tjhat support our nation. This adminstration would rather give the savings to the green innititives which as we have seen is a looser.

    • Retiree

      Who do you think supports the canidates running for President or any other government office. You think the Democrats are any less to blame. Dah.

    • USAF Retired

      It is the administration not the tea party that decides where the money comes from. It is the administration that decided to go after military retiree benefits. It is Congress that has allowed our tax money to be wasted by both Democrat and Republican administrations. We will reap what Congress and this and other administrations have sowed.

    • Ramrodswife

      Tax Attorney….I am pointing a finger but not in mirror @ my iPad! You guess which finger! i must be terrifying for you to look in one @all! Since when did us Retired Military become BILLIONAIRES????? Retired Military pay taxes on our retirement pay too! God help us all IF this bastard ( anybody seen his mom’s marriage license ?) gets reelected! We are required to get Medicare Part B! Those fees are also going to go off the fricting chart! Which is removed immediately from our Social Security! Are Muslim military members exempt? ObamaScare says they ARE along with other religion e.g. Amish ….etc! I guess a Tax Attorney like you should make out like GD Bandit! Helping all the wealthy find a loophole…..the rest of just have Find A Hole & Drop in according to the DoD! Or are Buriel Bennies NEXT?!?!?!?

    • Ret. mil. wife

      That is like comparing apples and oranges. Hint…it’s best not to bring up something you are not familiar with and has nothing to do with this topic.

    • Walt

      20yrs and counting–You nailed it exactly! Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m glad to know there is someone else out there that sees what is really going on.

    • AF Vet

      Try again. This is about the entitlement party (democrats) trying to take away from the hard working and give to those who want to sit home and collect a handout.
      “Don’t Work, Vote Obama 2012 and collect your Check!

    • Buzz Bay

      If Congress spent the received taxes as they were constitutionally required and NOT to buy votes among the various constituencies they have created, there would not be the need for them to renege on their obligations to the veterans. PERIOD

  • sick of all of it

    I am amazed at how many people on here do not understand what is really going on! President Obama has been after Congress for how long now to tax the wealthier people–of course Congress won’t do this since they are the wealthier people. No matte what President Obama comes up with Congress says no–the only thing Congress says ok to are the Military cuts. So maybe instead of being upset with President Obama be upset with the ones who are really causing our cuts—-Congress! If they weren’t so selfish and allowed themselves to have tax hikes maybe our cuts wouldn’t be so bad!!! Blame who needs to be blames–whether you like President Obama or not doesn’t matter here!!

  • cali_co

    If McCain would have made it, there would be no Tricare at all for vets….just google McCain and Tricare.

    • Another larryyyy

      He didn’t make it and that didn’t happen. Meanwhile, in another dimension/universe Daffy Duck became president and gave every military retirees free cupcakes for life…

      • cali_co

        He is still advocating for this issue

      • mark

        John Mccain is its biggest supporter, you can google it.

        • proud American

          Mccain was the one the fought for tricare for like and more benifits for retirees, but now he will not be running for office again he has back stabbed all that supported him………I am greatly disapointed with Sen Mccain



    • DonH

      Don’t be surprised if Congress make sure we are grandfathered.
      Over 65 people will be protected. I/m pretty convinced of that.

  • nancy

    Don’t you think it would be a good idea to require anyone running for office to have military experience? I don’t think the commander in chief should be chief unless he has some experience.

  • really Mad

    I feel the only right thing to do,is vote the bums out of office. We the retired military should be grandfathered in if they mess with the Tricare program. 95% of the people in congress never been in the miltary they have no #@**^ idea of the what we had to do for our country and what our families had to put up with.
    As long as their pay check or health programs are not messed with they feel good about cutting everyone else’s.

  • John

    This is nothing more than redistribution of wealth, we are going to have to shoulder the burden of health insurance for those who do not or will not work and wouldn’t be in this shape had it not been for a worthless congress and president. Fortunately for me I worked several years for the VA and have the ability to join FEHB and buy federal insurance which in a few years will be on par with Tricare. With FEHB one has more benefits regardless and next open season I’ll have to look seriously at dropping tricare in favor of FEHB.

  • Bob Isringhausen

    Go to Page 20 of the Navy Times, edition January 16m 2012. Read the article on 1.6% pay raise takes effect; allowances rebound in 2012. Retirees see first increase in 2 years. Finally, military retirees no doubt are relieved that after two unprecedented years of no annual cost-of-living increase in their retired pay they receive a COLA this year. With the cost of goods and services having edged back up through the past year, retirees will see a 3.6% increase in their monthly retired pay starting with their January paychecks. Well I guess they forgot about the raise. WE DID NOT GET ONE Bob from Illinois

  • Doug

    They need to cut some of their pet projects that make no sense instead of always taking it from the people that deserve it the most. They continue to spend our tax dollars on absolutely no beneficial projects. They funded jello wrestling in the Antarctic, did some stupid tests with shrimp on tread mills, and spent $2.6 million on training Chinese Prostitutes how to drink responsibly on the job. I could go on and on. COME ON Congress, it’s not your money or your private checking account to do with what you want!! We need these terrible spending habits to stop. Vote them all out… I don’t care what party you’re representing, this is absurd..

  • Navy veteran

    The solution for this coming November is to vote a Republican, no matter who the candidate is. Forget Obama and his broken promises before our country goes bankrupt. America used to be the land of opportunity, now it is the land of debt, thanks to Obama!

    • WDW

      Blaming the current administration is asinine. The current administration inherited this financial deli mina from Bush and his administration. In addition, the proposed cuts are being mandated by the Tea Party side of the Republican party and is unwilling to increase the tax rate of the wealthiest. Partisan politics is not in the vocabulary of the conserative party. They have done more to derail any progress possible in the name of special interest/super Pac’s.

      Read more:

      • Another larryyyy

        Why is it asinine? Because it hurts your feelings? Every administration “inherits” something from the previous, that’s normal and expected! If the the job is too tough for them, then why the heck to do they run for office? Just so they can whine about “inheriting” a mess? Give us a freaking break.

        I guess the job IS above his pay grade.

    • ammo4U

      Man I love how you blame everything on the President, Vote a Republican the same ones that ok policies or denied the President actions. The same ones that closes the doors on any moves he makes? or the ones that put us in the mess that we are in.

      • Another larryyyy

        Close what doors? Didn’t this president have complete control of congress his first 2 years? So the evil republicans have the congress (1/3 of the government) for just this last session and THEY are the ones stopping the president? Ok, that makes sense. By the way, who is running the Senate, and what have they done to help this president? Or are they held hostage by the scary republicans, who apparently control everything?

    • Retired&concerned

      Why are you just blaming the President? The Republicans and Democrats are equally to blame for the mess we’re in. I say send them all back home where they have to pay for their own medical expenses and take away their ridiculous retirements. It’s our fault that we keep electing people who have no interest in anything but their own agendas instead of co-operating with each other and straightening out the mess they’ve made of our economy.

      • Another larryyyy

        “The Republicans and Democrats are equally to blame for the mess we’re in. I say send them all back home..”

        Now that’s Change We Can Believe In!

  • Evelyn McMullen

    Can someone please explain what is meant by Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3.

    I am widow of Lt Col. on TFL

    • friend

      This web link will answer your question, look at pages 21, 13 and 14 in that order. Have a great day.

    • viper

      I believe that Tier 1, 2, and 3 represent the amount of retired pay recieved.
      Think of it as an income bracket.

      • Jean

        Tier 1,2, and 3 has nothing to do about retirement pay. An insurance co. will list drugs in different tiers. Tier 1 would be the cheaper drugs, mainly generic. Tier 3 and even tier four would cost rthe most. If your dr. wanted you to take “Z” drug, that might be in tier 3,but there was a cheaper drug in tier 1 that would do the same thing you and your dr. could choose to use the cheaper drug.

  • Navy Wife

    I will start with the fact that the President is responsible, every year for Congress to pass/make changes to. The fact that Obama recommended these changes is beyond obsurd and gives us a glimpse of what he truly thinks about the military. “Thankful for our troops” then slaps this budget and willingly expects it to be passed is no different than the man himself spitting in our faces. This will not be passed as is.

  • Ginny

    I think it is time that the people in Washington pay for their own health insurance, and lets do away with their cushy retirement. I never hear of them taking anything away from themselves, so how is that “everyone must share the burden”?!!

    • Floyd Yancy

      AMCS Navy 20 yr retiree, I agree with Ginny, The only entitlements I am aware of is that of the polititions in Washington. free health care forever, automatic cost of living increase every year, retirement pay after only one term. They make their own laws and rules that covers no one but them. They exempt themselves from laws that they pass that they don’t like. forget parties, throw all the bums out.

      • Clark Millar

        Floyd, I agreee that we should throw the bums out, all of them, not just the other guys rep because ours is good. As far as your other statement – please do a google search on congressional benefits and stop perpetuating the myth of congress getting free benefits. They fall under the same retirement system as any other federal employee with the exception of the private gym, haircuts and being able to use the military hospital system which most have not qualified for.

      • POOT

        Floyd, please read the other comments referencing health care cost for civilian and congress, also retirement. For your benefit, I will state it again, congress and federal employees pay for their health care, and it is extremely expensive and congressperson are not eligible for retirement after one term unless it is more than five years and then they are eligible for retirement at age 62. Please get your facts straight instead of repeating what over say.

      • retiree

        “The only entitlements I am aware of is that of the polititions in Washington”

        To help you – the two largest entitlements (over 1/2 the budget) are Social Security and Medicare.

    • retiree

      Congressional Retirement Plan:…

      Congressional Health Care:…

      Bottom line -they are under FERS and FEHBP, same as our Civil Service brethren. They do NOT get retirement after 1 term, they pay for their health care, they pay for their retirement. Assuming HR3813 goes through, they will get even less retirement.

  • Joseph White

    MSgt, I think you are really off base with your “Mooch” statement, which is an insult to every retired military member. I don’t know about you but when I signed my contract, and do not be mistaken your enlistment paper was and is a contract, I was promised medical treatment for life for me and my eligible dependents if I served honorably for at least 20 years and lived long enough to see it. “Free medical care” is a false premise, there is nothing free about it. I lived up to my end of the bargain, it’s now time for this government to continue living up to theirs. I’ve been on TFL for eleven years (that means I joined the Marine Corps a long time ago–Korean era) and it is not an entitlement, it is an earned benefit. Major White (mustang) retired.

  • viper

    I just think everyone needs to remember that no military member was ever promised free health insurance. 20 good years entitles you to access health care at a MTF on a space A basis and that it’s. Tricare is a huge benefit but it is an added benefit. Sadly what can be added can be taken away and can be modified. While there may have been a promise of access to health care, there never has been a promise that health insurance would be free forever. We may not like it, but it is what it is.

    • One pissed off Chief

      EsuggsViper, What a dumb shit you are, I served.22years retiring as a CMsgt. Free health care for life for the service member and spouse was was a promised benefit and we never questiomed that Congress and the Presidents would ever break that faith. One of my jobs was to counsel youg airmen during renlistment. Free health care for life was always one of my primary motivations for them to service a full military career.

      • Concur Chief! Until the past 10 yrs this lifetime medical care has not been questioned. Even Carter didn’t try this!!!

      • retiree

        It may have been a motivation, but it was NOT promised, no matter what a recruiter, boss, retention counselor, etc told you. Only Congress could authorize such a promise and they didn’t.

        that legal avenue was cut off in June 2003, when the Supreme Court turned down an appeal, and let stand that there was no promise.

        Politically, our Congressional leaders have admitted that we pay in non-monetary ways for our retired health care, and politically we should hold them to their words last year:

        NDAA 2012

        “Title VII – Health Care Provisions
        Subtitle A – Improvements to Health Benefits
        Section 701 –
        Expresses the sense of Congress that: (1) career military personnel and their families endure unique and extraordinary demands and make extraordinary sacrifices over the course of a 20-30 year career, and (2) those decades of sacrifice constitute a significant pre-paid premium for health care during a career member’s retirement that is over and above what the member pays with money. Limits, beginning with FY2012, the increase in the annual DOD patient enrollment fees to the percentage by which retired pay is increased.”

        • IDMTmedic

          YES however, if congress let these “promises” stand while recruiting then how is it they should not be held accountable? Your telling me they didn’t know what was being “sold” to us by our recruiters? Cmon not realistic.

          • retiree

            Do you even read what I have posted?

            1. By the Constitution (remember, that fundamental document that overrides all laws), only Congress can authorize funds. They did NOT. Never. Not once. Not even discussed.

            2. Since the Government is (and has been for over 200 years) run under Law, not Equity, by multiple court rulings, YOU are responsible for knowing the authorities entrusted to the agent. Yes, if the US Government Agent tells you something he/she is NOT authorized, YOU are supposed to know that they are telling you something wrong. If you don’t, it’s your problem. You might not like this, but that’s the way the government runs. “Caveat Emptor” to the extreme.

            3. Reread your enlistment contract. I have mine. a) it states it overrides anything said before. b) No promise in there.

            4. on 2 June 2003, the US Supreme Court turned down the appeal, holding the Appeals court ruling (based on the Constitution) held.

            Case is over and buried. Digging it up doesn’t make it alive anymore, it just distracts from the political fight we’re in.

        • IDMTmedic

          Motivation? Guess they just made that up? How is it ALL the recruiters and senior enlisted advisors had the same info?

    • Yonkinator

      Viper, I can tell by your statement that you are a young person. Any retiree that joined the militiary prior to the early 80’s will tell you that all the recruiting ads spewed the benefits of a 20-year retirement and medical benefits for life for you and your spouse. It wasn’t until after we joined that a round of government cuts focused on retired pay and benefits started freezing retiree COLA increases and taking away their medical and dental benefits. There is no such thing as a verbal contract with the government and the ads, both television and magazines, were ruled as not qualifying as a written contract even though they were approved by the services and the government. We were promised and lied to and now we have to rely on a government with no moral scruples to honor the service we performed with the benefits we see disappearing before our eyes.

      • RetE8

        Couldn’t agree with that post more. York With no, or low COLA’s, zero interest on your savings per bernak, higher fees and now new bills for TFL, trying to maintain a lower middle class life is harder to do.

        I think those that came in after 82 are living their reality and go along with exactly what they were “promised” nuttin!!! and are trying to convince the older era retirees of that. I wouldn’t have a real heart burn over paying something, but damn at least consider the era a retiree is from. An E6 with 3 years makes basic pay what I made as an E8 with 27 now, so yeah the NEW retirees can kinda afford the increase, As far as I’m concerned, ANY WWII, or Korean retirees shouldn’t have to pay squat, us Vietnam retirees, most of whom are 65 or older now anyway should be pro rated by rank but still kept at no more than 25% of increaser’sse’s.

        • RetE8

          Part 2
          Continued post

          I live a simple life, no stocks, bonds, no 401K, no roth, and no deductions., just my SS and retirement .But I saved a few bucks, my old house is paid for and my 2 used cars are clear.All I can do now is hold on and see if I can make it till the end without being completely unable to pay the usual living expenses of this life. So far I never took a dime from welfare, food stamps, or unemployment in my life.

          US Army 64-91

  • BigMike603

    When I joined the U.S. Army in 1976, I was promised health care at no cost to me while on active duty, and free health care for life after retirement from military service. I earned this benefit by serving on active duty, and by fulfilling the requirements which made me eligible for retirement.

    THE SITUATION: The U.S. Government has already breached the contract by charging military retirees a yearly fee for the health care coverage that the retirees have already paid for in full by virtue of their military service. Further, the U.S. Government is now proposing to demand even more money from the military retirees to pay for the already-earned benefit. In business law, these actions by the U.S. Government clearly constitute breaches of contract.

  • BigMike603

    THE BIGGER ISSUE: It appears to me that these breaches of contract perpetrated against the military retirees by the U.S. Government also constitute acts of extortion. Therefore the officials who committed these acts of extortion could be charged criminally with violations of the RICO statute, Title 96 of the U.S. Code. In addition, the military retirees could sue the U.S. Government and the individual offending officials civilly under the same statute.

    RECOMMENDED SOLUTION: It is time for us to use the law to compel the U.S. Government honor America’s contract with the military retirees.

    • Charley Bill

      If such a suit is ever filed, please count me in.

    • retiree

      Been tried, been lost – there was NO promise. Turned down by the US Supreme Court in June 2003.

      Please look at your enlistment contract. I have mine. NO mention of lifetime health care. Yet it is, according to it, the sole contract between me and the Government, and overrides any representations made before.

      • IDMTmedic

        Not over. You do see that NOW the planned parenthood issue is becoming an issue and that was decided years ago as well.

        • IDMTmedic

          AND bonuses for a failed company called Solendra for executives to retain skills? A BANKRUPT company with shareholders that pays executives? This was the judge ordering this. THE JUDGE!

        • retiree

          Roe vs Wade? Election issue every year, never overturned.

          No, the legal issue regarding the promise is over, arguing it just wastes time and distracts from our message. The ruling was clearly based on the Constitution – only Congress can appropriate funds, they did NOT, and they did NOT make a promise, therefore any “promises” made were not authorized. As I’ve posted elsewhere, the US Government is held to law, not equity. Multiple rulings in other cases have shown that when dealing with the Government, what matters is what authority the Agent (recruiter) has, NOT what he/she says. And it it on YOU (the person dealing with the Agent) to know their authority.

          Bottom line, the LEGAL argument is over and dead. We lost.

          NDAA 2012

          “Title VII – Health Care Provisions
          Subtitle A – Improvements to Health Benefits
          Section 701 –
          Expresses the sense of Congress that: (1) career military personnel and their families endure unique and extraordinary demands and make extraordinary sacrifices over the course of a 20-30 year career, and (2) those decades of sacrifice constitute a significant pre-paid premium for health care during a career member’s retirement that is over and above what the member pays with money. Limits, beginning with FY2012, the increase in the annual DOD patient enrollment fees to the percentage by which retired pay is increased.”

      • SFCRetiredArmy

        Such hate for the military in your statements. I really doubt you are a military retiree. Although you might have been thrown out. Legalese does not mean the promise was never made. In 1975 All branches of service DID make that promise. Suggestion! Let’s stop giving endless welfare to those who have never given a thing for the Country. How about Ending congressman getting a pension after serving only one term in office.

        • retiree

          1. Not a single branch made that promise – they could not as they were not authorized by congress to make said promise. Because the US Government operates under Law, not Equity, legalese DOES mean that the promise was never made. The President could personally tell you you will get free medical care for life, and you still would not, because Congress did not authorize it. It’s part of the checks and balances in the constitution.

          2. NO congressman gets pension after 1 term (2 years). Congress is under FERS, same as the Civil Service.


          3. TANF (Transitional Assistance for Needy Families) was revised in the mid-90’s. The lifetime cap is 5 years. Like all the Discretionary spending, it will be cut. However, since the lion’s share of discretionary spending is DoD, per the Congressional Budget Act last year, DoD will take a $487 billion cut over the next 10 years.

          Finally, I don’t care whether you think I’m a retiree or not – because the facts above are true regardless of who you, me, or anyone else is. However, if you want to influence Congress on this issue, you better argue from facts, not myth.

          NDAA 2012

          “Title VII – Health Care Provisions
          Subtitle A – Improvements to Health Benefits
          Section 701 –
          Expresses the sense of Congress that: (1) career military personnel and their families endure unique and extraordinary demands and make extraordinary sacrifices over the course of a 20-30 year career, and (2) those decades of sacrifice constitute a significant pre-paid premium for health care during a career member’s retirement that is over and above what the member pays with money. Limits, beginning with FY2012, the increase in the annual DOD patient enrollment fees to the percentage by which retired pay is increased.”

  • Bob

    If I knew in 1976 when I joined the Army that the US government and the people of the USA would renege and stand in breach of the contract I signed, I would have NOT have joined, and would now be a damned corrupt politician myself! Corrupt bastards one and all! Good luck with recruitiing in the future. I tell every kid I know NOT to serve in the US military service because it is a fools’ errand.


    How much do you think the big boys in DC are going to pay
    let guess A BIG FAT ZERO.

    • Lee

      Actually we get to pay for that too.

    • retiree….

      In addition to affects to the Federal Civil Service retirement, including paying more for their retirement plan, it moves Congress from FERS/LE to regular FERS (i.e moving from 1.7% to the new 0.7%/year accumulation)

  • viper

    There is no breach of contract. No one was ever promised free health insurance. The promise is for access to health care at a military hospital on a space available basis. Codified in law June 7 1956. Look it up. Champus/Tricare is an added benefit and there has NEVER been a promise that it would be free.

    • p. Traynor

      I must correct you it was in fact promised. In fact Mr. Day from florida a vietnam prisoner of war now an attorney in florida took that issue to court and won. Yes it was promised but his win was short lived. Then the issue of the people who promised was then questioned. The congress claimed they were the only individuals empowered to authorize that benifit. So all the Comanders recruiters at the time lied according to congress. And now here we are agian facing the same type of low life behavior.

      • retiree

        Not just Congress, the Constitution makes it clear – “No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time.” (Article I, Section 9). Since Congress never authorized the money, no, no recruiter ever made the promise, because, regardless of their words, they were not so authorized.

        NDAA 2012

        “Title VII – Health Care Provisions
        Subtitle A – Improvements to Health Benefits
        Section 701 –
        Expresses the sense of Congress that: (1) career military personnel and their families endure unique and extraordinary demands and make extraordinary sacrifices over the course of a 20-30 year career, and (2) those decades of sacrifice constitute a significant pre-paid premium for health care during a career member’s retirement that is over and above what the member pays with money. Limits, beginning with FY2012, the increase in the annual DOD patient enrollment fees to the percentage by which retired pay is increased.”

    • R. McMasters

      You have used selective facts to make your point, Viper. However, it is in error. Yes, tricare was never promised to be free. But as late as 1992, recruiting brochures still touted “Free health care for life” for anyone serving 20 or more years in the military. Had you served then, you’d know this as a fact, not just supposition. It was, of course, an empty promise, but to an 18-20 year old who didn’t yet have the experience to do anything but trust the government’s promises, it was enticing. it wasn’t until much later that we found out just how government promises of a benefit vs. entitlement work.

      • retiree

        As I poitn out above, regardless of what recruiting brochures said (and I believe they said “health care for life” NOT “free health care for life”), since Congress did NOT authorize it, it was not a promise. Under Law, YOU are responsible for knowing what the Government Agent’s authority is. I’m not asking anyone to like this, but that’s what it is. And on 2 June 2003, the Supreme Court ended the debate – and the ruling was there was no promise.

        • Retired Korean Vet

          Recruiting Brochures were printed by the GPO, and had to have government approval before they were printed. Yes the government DID LIE to unsuspecting enlistees.

          • retiree

            1. No brochure promised free healthcare. At most they promised “health care” Please see

            2. The President of the US could announce on TV that military retirees are going to get free health care. However, according to the Constitution, only CONGRESS can make said promise.

            3. According to numerous court cases, YOU are responsible for knowing what a government representative promises. Congress and the US Government operate under Law, not Equity.

            4. I have my enlistment contract. No mention of health care after retirement – free or not. And it is the “sole contract” between me and the US Government.

            5. As I said, on 2 June 2003, the US Supreme Court ended this debase.

          • Andy USA(Ret)

            Healthcare for retirees has never been free unless you have a disability rating over 50 % . I have paid, while not as much as someone in the civilian world but never the less I paid. Prior to moving to where we presently live I had to travel 280 miles to see a VA doctor. Not every retiree has access to even reduced rate Tricare because of where they live.

          • Ken

            Disability and (supposed military provided) healthcare are two entirely different animals. One is through the VA (a non-military organization) and the other provided at military health care facilities.

          • Ken

            Retiree (fairly recent Ican tell). Two and three star generals and command sergeants major did not and do not need any brochures. As I wrote earlier the free health care was to be provided and is available at military health care facilities. I know I have been receiving my healthcare at military healtrh care facilities (to include two operations) for the past twenty years.

          • retiree

            Never argued that retirees can be seen space-A at MTFs. In fact, as I’ve pointed out, until CHAMPUS, that was the ONLY form of health care provided to retirees, and is still available – modulo the reduction in MTFs around the country. However, that has always been at the discretion of the DoD, as the only authority was to treat military and their dependents. Retirees were such a small part of the numbers that it was a “hidden” cost.

            CHAMPUS and it’s successor TriCare were never free, were always an addition, and never promised to be free.

      • K McMillan

        Ditto McMasters! I was in then and before then. And I every NCO call that I can remember touted “Free Health Care For Life” as one of the main benefits to being retired from the military. Tricare didn’t exist as program and CHAMPUS is a federally-funded health program that provides beneficiaries with medical care SUPPLEMENTAL to that available in military and Public Health Service (PHS) facilities. The key is supplement to – not in palce of…Tricare/CAHMPUS is managed care system like HUMANA and the others The sole puprose of which to remain financially solvent – like the others. Our health benefits were supposed to be with military health care facilities. The problem was (is getting worse) that the military facilities (Pentagon owned) are dwindling (recent closure of Walter Reed) and crowded now. But we still need care and there’ll be more as middle east wind down. One thing for sure what we don’t need is rasies in fees. Some are living from mil retirement and social security only! The politicians are treating us (soldiers) more like the “regular people”.

        • IDMTmedic

          According to retiree we are and should be treated like civilians. Pay the same because we have it so good? All of my retired military friends make so much money they can’t spend it all. Why not just cut off the healthcare to active duty familes and retirees and make them use civilian facilities. Make us pay for our own healthcare and have the base hospital see only active duty. Get rid of retirement after 20 years because after all we didn’t earn it. Make it like civilians and get it at 65. However, if they want to treat us like civilians then pay us what is due for overtime, sick pay, holiday pay, breaks, frequent moves, overseas “police actions.” Have every soldier use a time clock unless in a hostile environment and see exactly how much we are due. I would say after a combined 2 1/2 years of deployments I am a little short on my retirement check!!!

          • retiree

            Please quit reading into what I post what I do NOT say. I never said we should be treated like civilians, nor will you ever see me say that. What I say is that our arguments must be based on facts – including that the “promise” never happened, that Congress pays for their healthcare and retirement, that the Civil Service pays for their retirement.

            Congress has admitted we have paid in non-monetary ways –
            NDAA 2012

            “Title VII – Health Care Provisions
            Subtitle A – Improvements to Health Benefits
            Section 701 –
            Expresses the sense of Congress that: (1) career military personnel and their families endure unique and extraordinary demands and make extraordinary sacrifices over the course of a 20-30 year career, and (2) those decades of sacrifice constitute a significant pre-paid premium for health care during a career member’s retirement that is over and above what the member pays with money. Limits, beginning with FY2012, the increase in the annual DOD patient enrollment fees to the percentage by which retired pay is increased.”

          • IDMTmedic

            How about I read into what you DO SAY without saying it.

          • retiree

            How about you read what I DO say?

          • retiree

            I served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I have attended ramp ceremonies. I have had Civil Service working for me in Afghanistan injured by IEDs. I know of Civil Service personnel killed in both countries.

            Those are facts. Reality. Hard truth. Learn to live with it.

            BTW – great argument (STFU) – indicating you have no means of arguing with me so you resort to name calling. I also assume as a non-lawyer you will also STFU. Which is about par for the course on your arguments to protect our military benefits.

            Instead, why not argue for the benefits based on reality, and what Congress has already said:
            NDAA 2012

            “Title VII – Health Care Provisions
            Subtitle A – Improvements to Health Benefits
            Section 701 –
            Expresses the sense of Congress that: (1) career military personnel and their families endure unique and extraordinary demands and make extraordinary sacrifices over the course of a 20-30 year career, and (2) those decades of sacrifice constitute a significant pre-paid premium for health care during a career member’s retirement that is over and above what the member pays with money. Limits, beginning with FY2012, the increase in the annual DOD patient enrollment fees to the percentage by which retired pay is increased.”

            Recognize Congess never made a promise, but above they clearly (their own words) recognized the payment we make in non-monetary terms.

            Recognize that our Civil Service Brethren and Congress pay for their benefits -therefore demanding we get what “Congress gets” will hurt us, as it would put us under FERS and FEHBP:
            Congressional Retirement Plan:

            Proposed changes to Retirement (affects Congress)

            Congressional Health Care:…

            FEHBP rates:

            Recognize DoD is #3 in the budget, and by the Congressional Budget Act, must be cut by $478 billion over the next 10 years:
            $678 billion
            Veterans: $141 billion
            DoD Personnel (FY11)
            $138.5 billion
            DoD Medical Care (FY11)
            $30.9 billion

            Recognize we (DoD personnel, to include Active, Reserve, Guard, Retired, and Dependents) are part of the problem – we need to be part of the solution, while protecting what we have earned (see item 1 above from the 2012 NDAA Sense of Congress):
            Defense Budget personnel 100% of budget 2039

    • lcook5

      I disagree also. For many years congress and every military commander promised us medical care and benefits after 20 years of service. They stated tat since we received such short pay for our work that we were entilted to free medical care and pentions for life. They started breaking the bargan almost immediately They h ave not stopped since. Congress has doen everything it can to deminish military benifits ever since. The President has done nothing but undermine the military since he has been in office. Hopefully, that will not be much longer. I respect the office, not the holder. I regret every day i spent in the military and every action i took in support of this country. I rick my life for nothing but geedy rich people. Soon you will have for force people to be in the service. I would not volunteer if i had a choice today.

      • retiree

        Congress never promised – and their’s is the only statement that matters.

        Case ended 2 June 2003 by the Supreme court – no promise.

        • Ken

          Sir, I remember that case and it’s a lie! And that’s how the fight got started.

          • retiree

            What’s a lie? That Congress never authorized it? If so, please point to the law enacted that authorized free health care. Again, the Constitution (that founding document that drives all our laws) makes it clear in Article I – only CONGRESS can authorize expenditure of funds. Not the President. Not the SECDEF, not the Supreme Court. Since they never authorized the funds, no promise could be made.

            It’s not whether we like the decision or not – that decision, rooted in the US Constitution, is a matter of fact.

          • IDMTmedic

            Didn’t slavery used to be legal? Alcohol illegal? Abortion illegal then legal? Not over nor will it ever be.

        • IDMTmedic

          Guess you missed every briefing? The fact “it” was never promised? So the fact “they” meaning not congress wasn’t “in” THE BRIEFING, means it wasn’t promised. Ok sure but are YOU or have YOU ever sat in a briefing? All I hear is what you say now but you sure as FK never said anything while serving did you?

    • Stinger o5

      Free medical was absolutely a promise used by every military recruiter in America. It was printed in every recruiting brochure as well. It was a well publicized military benefit because the pay was so low in those days. Funds were allocated for medical as well as retirement pay but, were held back from your pay so you in fact never received that money.But the Government did collect it and allegedly was supposed to use the funds to pay towards our medical and retirement. I don’t know when you came into the military but, I came entered the military in March 1957, and retired in July 1980. The military lied to all of us that entered the military back in those days.

  • Kelly

    I respect the positon of President but not the current individual holding that position. Last I knew respect was earned not given and he has yet to earn mine!

  • A Cros

    The problem is most people will not get off the sofa long enough to join the Military, why should we be punished There is no benefit to have healthcare outside the civilian sector if they raise the rates. Oh and my conditions that we given to me by service, are not treatable by civilian medical, it is listed as a prior condition. SO yes raise the rates and screw the Veterans.

  • JMD

    Just a note to thank all of the people who voted for Obama and this is what you get. Be sure and vote for four more years for this joke and you haven’t seen anything yet,

    • Ron McMasters

      MSgt Schuler,

      I would have expected more professionalism from a seasoned veteran such as yourself. Your point was actually very good as this increase has little to do with President Obama and everything to do with Sen. McCain who actually proposed the increase, but the “yelling capitals” threw that important message off course.

      You are indeed fortunate to live relatively near BAMC to receive your health care on demand. I lived in San Antonio, so I am fully aware of the benefit living in or near that city offers. We hope to move back one day, but that is not possible at the moment.

      As for being afraid, many are afraid of losing their identity and nothing more. But since this is obviously of great importance to you, I’ll sign. And had you provided your address, I may have come for a visit. Sounds like we’re welcome.

      Ron McMasters, CMSgt (r)

  • MSG Baker

    When I WAS DRAFTED INTO the U.S. Army in 1962, I was promised health care at no cost to me while on active duty, and free health care for life after retirement from military service OF 20 YEARS ARE MORE AND congress HAS TAKEN ALL THAT AWAY. NOW I PAY $99.90 MEDICARE WITH TRICARE FOR LIFE. FOR 26 YRS AND 4 MONTHS.

    Read more:

    • one more

      I think those that came in after 82 are living their reality and go along with exactly what they were “promised” nuttin!!! and are trying to convince the older era retirees of that. I wouldn’t have a real heart burn over paying something, but damn at least consider the era a retiree is from. An E6 with 3 years makes basic pay what I made as an E8 with 27 now, so yeah the NEW retirees can kinda afford the increase, As far as I’m concerned, ANY WWII, or Korean retirees shouldn’t have to pay squat, us Vietnam retirees, most of whom are 65 or older now anyway should be pro rated by rank but still kept at no more than 25% of increaser’sse’s. live a simple life, no stocks, bonds, no 401K, no roth, and no deductions., just my SS and retirement .But I saved a few bucks, my old house is paid for and my 2 used cars are clear.All I can do now is hold on and see if I can make it till the end without being completely unable to pay the usual living expenses of this life. So far I never took a dime from welfare, food stamps, or unemployment in my life. US Army 64-91

      • Wally Cleaver

        Yes, I too, Vietnam era veteran, was promised free healthcare for life after 20 years of service. If more money is needed, the government should not take the money from old retired veterans, and break promises that were made. The policy should only apply to new enlistees. Then let’s see how many people volunteer for the military. I bet there would be less volunteers and a military draft would be needed!



  • Mdeber

    We need to VOTE all of them out of office…….our so called representatives are bankrupting the country already by tending to their own selfish interests. Veterans and military people HAVE to act now!

  • richard l. hill

    Think it is time to REPEAL OBAMA and PANETTA. Also, think all in Government should be required to live and work alongside active duty units for six months before assuming any Government position (President, Congress, or DoD). Then they would see the crap our sacred warriors have to put up with, while those in Government live the easy life sitting back thinking of ways to sock it to us every chance they get.

  • had enough

    Has anyone taken notice that the groups being threatend most are the vets and retired? you don’t hear of anyone talking about all the free rides the current administration is giving the illeagls or the welfare pros!! Or the billions we send overseas to help other nations ( many of whom wish nothing more than to KILL us). Wake the F !! up people.

    • retiree

      1. TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) is limited to a lifetime 5 years. Has been since the mid-90’s.

      2. Illegal aliens are NOT entitled to federal benefits.

      3. All parts of the discretionary budget are being cut, per the Congressional Budget Act last year. Because DoD has the bulk of that budget, DoD is taking the bulk of the cuts ($450 billion out of $1 trillion in cuts).

      • Andy USA(Ret)

        Then why do we see them walk into offices all over the country and see them get benefits while my step-son who is a legal alien can get no help!!!

        • retiree

          How do you know they are illegal aliens? Is it stamped on their forehead? Is this State or Federal? And have you personally seen this, or is this something you heard about via e-mail/fox news/websites?

          Again, other than emergency care in the hospital, illegal aliens are NOT eligible for federal benefits.

          • IDMTmedic

            LOL love it when you say fox news is a non-credable source. Only your facts work.

          • Another larryyyy

            retiree: they might not be eligible, but they’re getting your money from the feds anyway… cool, huh?

            On July 7, 2011, the U.S. Department of Treasury’s inspector general for tax administration issued a startling report entitled “Individuals Who Are Not Authorized to Work in the United States Were Paid $4.2 Billion in Refundable Credits.”

            The Treasury Department reports that illegal immigrants filing tax returns using the Individual Tax Identification Number are receiving more than $1.5 billion each year from the federal government through the Child Tax Credit and the Additional Child Tax Credit.

            etc. etc.

          • retiree

            1. If so, they’re breaking the law. As such, they should be punished, and the money brought back. BTW – the federal deficit is $1.3 trillion – about 1,000 times what you report there.

            2. I note you didn’t source your story. The original source is

            Recommendations in that report are (according to the appendix) being implimented to stop people using ITINs (taxpayer identification numbers) from claiming the credit (you need an SSN to claim the credit), and to implement procedures to notify people when their SSN may have been stolen.

            What you post in no way contradicts what I said – that they are not eligible for benefits, therefore cutting the budget for their benefits means cutting something with a budget of “$0”.

          • They break the law by entering this country outside the authorized channels. Then they break the laws in getting jobs. Then they break the laws by taking stolen identities. They are costing us billions in lost taxes, stolen money in the form of taxes and programs designated for the legal poor and emergency room services. They then have children in this country so that they can get welfare via thier “anchor baby”. It is a scam, and they are REALLY good at working it.

          • retiree

            Sigh. Do you people even read? Let me repeat. They are breaking the law. There is NO budget for “support to illegal aliens.” Therefore, crying to cut the budget for “support to illegal aliens” means calling for cuts to a budget of $0. Which results in a cut of $0.

            This is NOT to say we should not go after those who break the law. that is a separate issue.

    • retiredA1c1964

      I couldn’t agree with you more.

      When the illegals keep telling me how they get money bynot paying taxes, because they work for cash. Then send this extra money out of country to people who may want to KILL me /my family/people of our country, Don’t you think that this makes me a little mad. Of course, it doesn’t help that the administration is trying to stop any state that is trying to do something to stop illegals from coming into this country.

  • Retired Coastie

    For those of you who think retirees should suffer these increases, check this out. Obama’s illegal alien aunt says it all … cut and paste, but remove the dashes between the http, or just copy from www to the end;

    • retiree

      which has NOTHING to do with the subject at hand.

      Reality is DoD is the #1 discretionary budget item, and #3 overall. Eliminating everything but SS, Medicare/Medicaid, DoD, and Interest on the National Debt will NOT eliminate the Deficit.

      DoD will get cut – or the budget will NOT balance.

  • NoMoreMrNiceGuy

    What is good for the goose is good for the gander. The executive branch should be on a pay as you go medical plan. Same with the Congress and Supreme court. Congress should be put on the Social Security System. That way they will quit messing with it.

  • retiree

    They are. It’s called FEHBP. Their retirement system is FERS. Congress pays into Social Security.

    • Another larryyyy

      retiree, just curious, since you seem to know everything: how many federal employees are part of a union?

  • Army Retiree (21yrs)

    I would like Mr Obama, Supreme Court Justices, and Congress to remember that they are all public servants. Please get off your higher than mighty attitude and earn your pay. If they were paid according to their performace in office they would all owe money back to the nation (every cent they get). When deciding to give a pay raise or COLA to the active duty personnel and retirees they can’t seem to find where to get the funds; but let it be a raise for themselves (which happens automatically every year unless they vote not to accept it,) and the money falls out the sky or better yet out of our pockets. The proposed increase in healthcare cost for retirees is another attempt by the current administration to show their lack of respect for the military and their sacrifices. The present individual occupying the White House needs to learn what respect means before said individual can receive it. For those who claim retirees, and veterans need to quit complaining: they need to walk a mile in our shoes; better yet why don’t they join the military and serve a goverment that could care less about real patriots.

  • Okie

    Obama will be reelected, period. There are 10 times more civil service workers paying zip for healthcare than there are full military retirees. Add that to the fact that 59% of Americans receive some type of federal payment and that’s it. Election has been bought and paid for.

    • retiree

      Strange how all that money is going from civil service workers pockets to pay FEHBP premiums if FEHBP is free.

      Yes, they (including congress) pay for health care. See… for rates.

    • jim

      I pay a 110 dollars every two weeks for my federal health benefits. Doctors visits cost me 30 dollars and prescriptions cost me 40.

      I am also a member of the National Guard and when activated Tricare is a lot cheaper than federal employee health benefits. I was also active duty covered under Tricare.

      I want to see what civill services workers are paying nothing for benefits. Tricare is almost the same as paying nothing. It is about time the government caught up with the civilian world.

      I guess your free ride is over.

      • IDMTmedic

        Jim how many died while in civil service? Free ride? Got a few widows who would looooove to talk with you!

        • Andy USA(Ret)

          I do not know where Jim got his information but I have been paying for TRICARE PRIME since 1989 when I retired. The only medications I get free are for a service connected disability. In 2011 I was converted to Medicare, the only thing different is I no longer pay a Co-Pay, it has never been a free ride. My Parents received 10,000 Dollars from the Government when my older brother was killed, how can you call this a free ride!!!

          • retiree

            I don’t see Jim arguing that Tricare Prime does not have a cost. however, the current $560/year for Tricare Prime is FAR less than the (minimum) $200/month ($2400/year for those keeping track) for FEHBP. Most in FEHBP (including Congress) pay well more than that, plus deductibles and co-pays.

          • IDMTmedic

            They make a hell of alot more and can afford it. By the way that figure is no longer the case and will continue to go UP!

          • retiree

            Please look at the OPM page on Federal wages:

        • retiree

          Let me repeat what Jim is countering, since you again have problems following the chains: “There are 10 times more civil service workers paying zip for healthcare than there are full military retirees.”

          How many died while in Civil Service is NOT the issue (and yes, they do – I served downrange in both Iraq and Afghanistan with our Civil Service brethren). The issue Jim is countering is that the Civil Service gets their health care for free. They do not. Never have, never will.

          • IDMTmedic

            Never had a problem following chains. Just problems following your logic.

          • retiree

            OP posted that Civil Service gets free medical (“There are 10 times more civil service workers paying zip for healthcare than there are full military retirees”). Jim and I pointed to sources that show Civil Service does NOT get free medical, with sources and (in Jim’s case) personal experience.

            That’s hard to follow?

  • rex

    I thought the VA, retired organizations, etc, etc, loved Obama! What happened, disalusioned? He should not be in Office now! I do not know how he got elected, how he was able to lie and fool so many americans. We all know who is backing him. Not to mention any names , Soros, Buffet, etc. I hope people have wised up by now.

    • Ken

      What do you mena you don’t know how he got elected. The same way Bush and others got elected – only honestly. This ^%$# happened long before Obama got in office.

  • Len Chandler

    This is amazing. In the beginning there was an unwritten word given to all that joined, aww dont worry, you will get medical for free the rest of your lives. UI believe the folks in Dc should be treated the same. They have good super heatlth care, we all know. I am just so upset. I’d better stop. Msgt 26 years

  • Ken (SSG Ret)

    Guys, the bigger part of the big picture is that we as retired military personnel ar living longer that certain groups of people thought we would. That’s one reason why the SGLI was so cheap. At one point, as a group, an enlised man’s lifespann after retirement was 5-7 years – that’s it. Cretain groups of folks were banking on us not living long enough to cash on the health care benefits we were promised (and we were promised them!). Thinsg have changed drastically. Now folks are trying drive us into paying (more) for this manage care program call TRICARE. They’ve been trying to get us for years. Interestingly enough you here any retired general bitching about the increase in fees – they can afford not to! We cannot. It’s time to get out and start raising a little hell legislatively. If for no other reason what do you think is going to happen to the next generation behind us. These guys are going get out with nothing.

  • Gesstt

    All wright!!! Now send us DVD ” DO IT YOURSELF” Free scissors and scalpel included!

    • Gesstt

      sorry, i meant alright

  • Tom Y

    I’m a postman, and I can tell you about half of the population is on some form of medicaid. What did they do to earn it? The answer is have too many babies that they can’t afford, work in a low paying jobs or not work at all. I swear that a lot of these people living in section eight housing are living in a house that’s a lot nicer than mine–free rent and free medical for being lazy–did I mention that they also get energy checks for heating and EBTcards for food? Trust me it pays to be lazy these days. The good/bad news is that it can’t last forever. People are not stupid. When a low income earner, working 2 jobs to support his family, see his neighbors not working and living as well as him, he soon decides what’s the point of working so hard and jumps on the U.S. Gravy train. It works like dominos–one falls and then another falls. This results in the middle class shrinking and the amount classified as poor increasing. The middle class taxes are the primary payer for these programs? When the middle class hits a point/low number all funding programs will cease our prisons will probably be emptied and anarchy will then reign supreme.

  • Mac

    People, send your comment to your Congressmen / elected officials. Flood the system and let them know that we as Vet’s have the power. We have paid the price, and some the ultimate price. Everybody should share the cost. I wouldn’t want to be a recruiter, can you spell DRAFT in the future. They should spend some time in the mountains of Afghanistan or the jungles of Viet Nam, walk the streets in Somalia etc. Only then will they know what Soldiers and Vet’s deal with. SGM 30 years

  • Retired&concerned

    Let’s be realistic about this. As long as we keep re-electing the same congressmen and senators who don’t want to share the pain of paying for their medical care and can retire earlier at a higher pay than most of us who served our country to protect these people, we are going to have these asinine proposals pop up. Instead of blaming one segment of our government for coming up with, everyone should do everything they can to force changes in the way our supposed representatives are protecting their interests and screwing us.

  • retiree

    Didn’t the laws change to make what was legal illegal, and what was illegal legal?

    If you want free health care, you will have to convince Congress to change the law – which I don’t see happening while we are busy cutting the budget, of which DoD is #3 in the budget list.

    • IDMTmedic

      NO shit! Mr legal. You talk a big game but guess what times they are a changin.

      • retiree

        Still waiting for someone to point to the law that Congress passed authorizing free health care for life (where this chain got started).

        I assume since no one can point to it, and since the courts have clearly stated they did not find such a law, that Congress never authorized it. Therefore no promise.

        Given the Congressional Budget Act requiring $478 billion in DoD cuts over the next 10 years, do you believe Congress will authorize the additional funds to support free health care for retirees?

  • Recruiter55

    I was an Army Recruiter for over 22 years (1984-2006) and I was trained (Recruiting School at Fort Benjamin Harrison) to sell “free medical for life”. Regardless of what your DD Fm 4 says – this was an expressed benefit that has been pitched by all military service recruiters since WWII. It really picked up around 73 when the draft ended and we began an all volunteer force.

    • IDMTmedic

      Nice to hear from you recruiter. Now if “retiree” would say that it wasn’t promised because congress didn’t authorize it then I guess the ENTIRE military was working a scam on us.

    • retiree

      If you were taught that, then the Army was wrong. Again, Congress did NOT authorize it, so the Army could not promise it. And the DD Form 4 overrides any recruiter promises. Of course, they could have meant the free care provided on a space-A basis by the MTFs – which is still available.

      I know when I was recruited no such mention was made, and certainly anyone who came in after the mid-70’s (when CHAMPUS came into being) and definitely since 1995, with the institution of TriCare, should have known those programs were not free. Again, the only free service ever provided by the military was / is space available medical care at Military Treatment Facilities.

  • One World

    It’s about time the military started to pay their fair share. They’ve been getting away with free healthcare for far too long and we can no longer afford it. You want to blame Obama? Point the finger in the mirror.

    • Retired military

      We have to have tri care prime we pay a monthly premium My husband and I are retired so we are paying the monthly premium separately. We have to pay co-pay for medications. If we are in the hospital we are responsible for a percentage of the bill. The tri care for life requires that we are signed up for Medicare which is approx $100 a month. We are paying our fair share

    • Tom Alligood

      YOU ASSHOLE, The very reason you can say the things you said is that the military folks you want to take from, fought to keep this great country great. Thank your friends that are veterans for your freedom and liberty. And you have the BALLS to say we don’t pay our fair share? We have sacrificed more than you can even imagine and never complained about it. The same government who is now renigging on our PROMISE of healthcare was the ones that promised us this service. So, don’t you come out your piehole with that pay your fair share crap.

      • Jim Brittler

        The wars Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and elsewhere have not kept us safe. They have destabilized the world, created enemies everywhere, and have cost us an arm and a leg (figuratively and metaphorically) while enriching the war profiteers and their beltway consultants.
        Wake up!

        • Jim

          … and your point is? Is the common soldier, sailor, or airman responsible? We don’t start the wars–we finish them! Whose enriched and who benefits is not part of the ROE.

    • chace

      have you served your country? or are you just another person who knows nothing? its people like you that make this country the way it is and down in the dumps! we need less people like you in this world and more military members! at least they have the balls to serve there country so ignorant people like you can speak the dumb speech you do! stop breathing and help the world!

      • Dorrothy Hodges

        My husband was a twenty year Air Force retired TSgt. I followed him to 6 States and 2 foreign countries. He was gone for 13 months where i was not allowed to go. And we dragged 2 childrenn with us. Now he has been gone for 6 years today and I am still proud that we struggled those 20 years for our country. And, yes, I do deserve my free insurance. Did you serve your country?

    • cali_co

      The military ‘paid’ with their sacrifices, thank you very much!
      It is a contract if you do ‘this’ to receive ‘that’! If you take away ‘that’, you break the contract.

    • Jerjonjoe

      You know our men and women served this country and put their lives on the line. I am sure you have not served.
      They deserve to get what they were promised when they joined. If your employer said you are going to get this and this forever, you would be upset too.
      Sit down shut up and support the men and women who keep this country free. I dont see you doing it!!!!!!!!

    • John

      One World, Please verify facts before you make unfounded statements that make you appear foolish. First, although this government promised free health care to all those who would serve 20 or more years, it failed to keep that promise. The government has provided free health care to no military retiree. Secondly, we are at the mercy of Congress for our health care. When it wants to give the military benefits, it does so. When it desires to take them back, it does. However, the purpose of the benefits is to encourage people to join and remain in the military so that we don’t have to return to a draft to force people, perhaps like yourself, into the military. If we did, I doubt that you would still feel that military retirees have not more than paid their fair share with their sevice to this country.


      • Rick

        Nicely put John. I was too pissed to draft something civil.

      • FWBurr

        Very well put John – I couldn’t have said it better. This a**hole’s tag (One World) says it all.

      • Mike

        Ditto, John. I can’t write a resonse an d be civil about it.

        USAF Ret

    • D Cruz

      Maybe you should go in for 20 years and get your a ss shot at ha

      • bob

        I doubt if you’ve ever been shot at ha

    • bill

      for the idiot that says it is about time for the military pay, he or she must be getting free medical,food stamps,etc from the liberals. Probably at least has a 5th grade education. military does and pay for tjheir health care.

    • Really?

      Pick up a weapon and stand a post! Watch your battle buddy die next to you defending that blanket of freedom you sleep comfortably under ever night! If America truely cared about their Veterans they would find a way to pay for this.

    • Deborah Runyan

      I’m sorry, but this was in our contract. Change the contract going forward, stop shipping money overseas, stop giving billions to the state of Israel, and stop giving all the handouts to illegals. We could be debt free, and honor our obligations very quickly. Oh, yes, and make our representatives deal with the myriad of health care plans that we wade through. Americans should demand to have the program that our elected officials have in D.C.!

    • Ronald

      You are a moron! Ever compared salaries of entry level through executive levels between the military and civilian sectors? Once you do you’ll understand why retirement benefits are important to military benefits.

      • David Paige

        Most military who retire do not stop working. Certainly retired General Officers aren’t working for peanuts. In fact, I don’t know any retirees who said they are done working.

        Retired general officers can certainly afford to pay significantly more than enlisted soldiers for their Tricare. I could stop working on a General Officer’s 30-year retirement.

        • Still working

          Retired is retired! Debt paid in full! There is no us and them in retired.

    • retiredA1c 1964

      One World, I don’t know if you have ever served in the military and lost half of your guts doing so, but I have. I don’t feel that I need to keep having more of my pay TAKEN AWAY from me and my family so that so “elected offical” can keep getting a big fat pay check every year while mine keeps getting smaller. I figure that they ARE NOT GIVING me anything that I haven’t earned in the way of benifets. Eveytime I turn around, they keep taking away everything that they promised without even giving me a chance to have a say in it. With todays cost of everything else, I cannot afford anymore cuts in my checks (paying more for Tri Care).

    • Gary

      Really? Let me know the last time you left for a combat zone and sacrificed for your nation ? They take a portion of our pay and give it back as a VA disability? Make any sense to you? Keep on chipping away at our pension….oh and dont forget we didn’t get a pay raise for a few years either for our pension. Think before you speak.

    • eper090643

      I bet you were never in the military and in by some chance you were, they probably kicked you scumbag ass out.

      • Ryan Paul

        That’s telling him private.

    • retired USAF

      You show how totally ignorant you are….we have paid, continue to pay as retirees….get your fact before you reply to this…it’s because of the ignorance that people like you continue to throw out there that the real issues don’t get addressed. We also pay taxes at the same rates as our civilian counterparts. Do the research, and stop listening to lies and urban legends…we have never had free medical care as retirees, and if you are married…you pay..only the single active duty members are getting their medical care for the Guarding of our Country…so it’s not FREE medical care!

    • Kdawg751

      Thanks for your support one world. (That’s sarcasm!) I don’t know what world you live in; however, one day you might understand how many military men and women have sacrificed with their lives to ensure you can live with freedom in your “one and narrow-minded” world. We paid forward in lower salaries, countless family separations, serving in faraway remote locations, and in the field of fire to secure the priceless retiree benefits we earned…some with his and her blood. Someday you might understand, but I’m not holding my breath.

      • James

        Get real. You sacrificed for the oil companies and the big corporations. We are less safe now that before the first Bush was in office.

        • proud Army wife

          My husband has been deployed 6 times when he signed on the dotted line he was promised certain things for his service, now after 19 years and approaching retirement they are not going to fulfill their end of the bargain. Tell me how you would feel if after you showed up and did your job your employer refused to pay you? And by the way, if you are so unhappy here, feel free to go!

    • Proud to have served

      Apparently this is a person who never served his country or probably didn’t qualify to do so and is being cared for by the state. Otherwise he wouldn’t speak so foolish. Otherwise it’s simply called jealousy.

    • Del Soren

      We were promised free health care for life and I fulfilled my end
      of the promise. I don’t buy taking from the men and women that
      make this country what it is being save and free. If we can give
      billions dollars to foreign countries and get nothing in return and
      all the money wasted, why take benefits from the people that
      protect you??????? Are you paying for your secure life???

    • Guest

      Spoken by a true, useless, “you owe me government”, “Why should I work when I can get it from Uncle Sam for free?” loser who probably lives off the taxes of working Americans. You disgust me. We real Americans are very tired of paying for your laziness, and take note, when the Republicans regain office in November, THINGS WILL CHANGE.

      • Jan

        Do your homework healthcare is not free for military families and certainly not retires. Have you done your research on any company that pays for healthcare after they retire. Oh I forgot that use to be. Well are all those people lazy and expect everything free? The big difference is we put our life on the line and most people respected that so they could have many choices and and not to mention a choice of a job.

    • Michael USN Retired

      What an idiot. Free health care? Come on now you should have served 20 years so you could get some free health care as you say.
      We vets do not get free health care were that fairy tale came from is beyond me.

    • Mare

      You are a complete idiot!! My husband served his country and was wounded at 19 years of age, he is now 64. I have watched him suffer all these years from the severe wounds which he received serving our great nation. He is a strong and proud man who never complains. He deserves all and any free heath care provided him. And I as his wife, deserve the medical I receive and PAY for.
      It is idiots like you which got our present President elected. Spend some time at a VA hospital and truly see what our government pays for and why. Be informed about which you speak.

    • retiree

      NDAA 2012

      “Title VII – Health Care Provisions
      Subtitle A – Improvements to Health Benefits
      Section 701 –
      Expresses the sense of Congress that: (1) career military personnel and their families endure unique and extraordinary demands and make extraordinary sacrifices over the course of a 20-30 year career, and (2) those decades of sacrifice constitute a significant pre-paid premium for health care during a career member’s retirement that is over and above what the member pays with money. Limits, beginning with FY2012, the increase in the annual DOD patient enrollment fees to the percentage by which retired pay is increased.”

      And the only free healthcare retirees get is space-A at Military Treatment Facilities. Tricare (Standard, Extra, Prime) costs money, and Tricare for life requires Medicare Part B, which also costs money.

    • Harold

      What an IDIOT to say about time we pay are share. I served 28 years in the service, 2 combat tours in Viet Nam, been station around the world and countries that my family could not be with me and YOU HAVE THE BALLS to say we did not pay are share? At least we served our country unlike you and OBAMA have’t and you want to make a remark like that? I bet you would not make that statement to our faces for it be a BIG MISTAKE.and tahat you can take to the bank A/O.

    • Jim

      When did you serve your country putting your life on the line for you to say what you just said. How dare you criticize our military.

    • greg

      go fuck yourself and just sit in front of your tv cause you are 50 and still live with your biatch momma,get out and get a life.your probable on welfare ya fuckin hypacrite,I did 20 years and been through 3 bouts of cancer,my dick dont work,I shit in a plastic bag taped to my stomach,and Im 53,and I been paying for medical for 17 years

    • Ed Sullivan

      Screw you, you IDIOT. WE WERE PROMISED free health and dental for LIFE if we stayed in and RETIRED. All the Government has done to us is LIE, LIE, LIE. DID YOU SERVE AT ALL????????? WE PUT OUR LIVES ON THE LINE SO IDIOTS LIKE YOU COULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY STUPID STUFF.

    • Taz

      Hey one word i have a finger to point at you – and it is not the index finger

    • Marc

      I’m thinking you were never in the military to make a statement like that. FAIR SHARE are you kidding. We did what we were told we went where we were needed and for 20 years did the bidding of the USofA. NOW I NEED TO PONY UP MORE OF MY FAIR SHARE. What were you doing in your “20” years of prime time.

    • Retired

      One world have you been to the grocery store lately or the gas pump lately are is your gas free? Have you been watching TV and hear from all the veterans and others trying to find a job. Have you taken notice of all the individuals that have lost their homes because of the economy and not to mention the welfare increase. Maybe if all of theses things listed had not happen because of the money machine been working overtime in Washington.Then ,maybe we could afford to pay more for healthcare. Oh don’t let me forget things will be better with the new healthcare law. We will find ourselves in the line of individuals that has not choice and medical decision being made for us. No I did not just wake up and dream this. I am looking in the mirror and this is what I see. Wake up.

    • Massey

      One World…….your part of the problem! You probably never left your family and have never been to war. Your not even in the military! So go stick your head in the sand or keep smoking your crack pipe!

    • Navy Retired

      I see that you never spent ONE day in the military to watch a serviceman or woman friend die in action or not. To see one be wounded in battle, injured doing their duty, serving the United States of America so that you can say what you just did. How ignorant can you be? Become informed before you misinform. Then you will see that each soldier, sailor, airman, Marine, or Coastie earns every dime they make and so much more deserves every bit of medical that they get. Their families are split up due to deployments-not knowing if they ever will come back so you have the right to say what you said. After 20 or more years of active service I believe I deserve low cost or free medical care for myself and family… it was promised to us.

    • Military wife

      My guess is you never served your country but have enjoyed the freedom you have. The military personell and their suffer many hardships unknown to you. Low pay, absence from their families, life threatening situations. What have you done besides building your own little world?

    • Retired CWO-4 USMC

      And you served how many years? Let me guess none. You risked your life , physical and mental well-welbeing how many years? You have left your loved ones how many years to protect our great nation? You have seen how many friends die in front of you. Bet your on welfare to boot. Yea all for the fair share. When will you be enlisting to do yours? Oh thats right you want others to do the hard stuff and the state to take care of you. Sleep well others are doing your fare share.

    • willybb

      You obviously never served in the military did you? No, you allowed others like us to protect your ass. Well, kiss it good bye!

    • danny

      we can no longer afford obama an his croonies. it is past time for all of them to go. yes…i deserves the free insurance if it was there…but sadly its not! i urge everyone too vote obama out of office.

    • the4cecop

      One World: You obviously haven’t done any military time, but, you sit in front of your computer and pretend you know about it. Let me guess, you have no medical coverage yourself, but, complain when you need medical attention and force hospital staffs to take care of you because it’s your “right” and they are legally bound. Give me a break. I’m sure we have all paid for you too somehow, after all in the military we paid taxes. I’ve probably been footin’ one or another of your “lifes” expenses. Your still around to make comments about the military, because of the military, otherwise you would be “praying to Allah” every morning out of your comfy home in the U.S. of A. What have you done for your country lately so you can slam the military like that? Suckin’ em dry by collecting unemployment because your too lazy to work, or on Welfare at the expense of us retiree’s who are still working to pay for your lifestyle? Give me a break…..

    • Alan

      About time we pay our fair share? You OBVIOUSLY have NO IDEA the sacrifices military members make. Putting our lives on the line EVERY DAY SO YOU can make idiotic statements like this. Our elected officials have NO VESTED interest in anything they pass as it won’t affect them, so instead they are going after the very people that fight for YOUR rights. Instead of hitting the retired population maybe our elected officials should start taking some hits too.

    • tcoyote

      I do not believe this is a valid post. It it were, the writer would have to be a self righteous, pompous ass who commonly displays his/her ignorance each time they opened their mouth. And if that were true, I do not feel that they would be in total possession of all their teeth! It’s obvious the writer is completely oblivious to the plight of others and is only able to spew his ignorance because of those servicemen and women who HAVE made sacrifices in the name of loyalty to country. But IF this is a valid post and Mr/Ms One World actually meant to be a total (but anonymous) ass…well, you may have the ‘freedom’ to say what you want but be aware that right has been given to you by the suffering and sacrifice of many service people that you are not fit to stand with. VN Vet 70-72

    • Tammey

      Sir I respectfully disagree!! As a woman who has served in Desert Storm and has made sacrifices to keep you and your loved ones safe and free, reduced medical costs is not an outrageous request from military members; just so you know my medical costs our not free, just reduced. God bless you and your family.

      • Bobby MG

        You destabilized the world. We are less safe than before.
        No thanks.

    • retireddisabled

      Clearly “One World” is unaware that the military personnel pay their “fair share” not only in taxes, but in harm’s way to boot. And, we do it so that this ingrate may speak their mind. Thank God for the US military who have always, and will always do their “fair share.” By the way – FAIR is a 4 letter “F” word and should not be used by those who do not understand it’s meaning.

      • tom morrow

        Why the F*** would god bless the military. What a complete fool.

    • Col. Steve

      OK, that’s fine with US…if you put YOUR shiny, pink liberal butt on-the-line for the next 20 years or so…and any wars during THAT time, OK???

    • gary SFC RET

      i was wondering just how many bullet holes you have in you from all your tours in viet-nam .

      • Teller Sanger

        So you were too stupid to avoid that fool’s war. Why blame the other guy?

    • sfc retired

      you certinaly never spent time away from your loved ones or looked into the eye of someone trying to kill you, these benifits are not free but earned as part of the sacrifices we went through to allow to open your mouth. yes we blame the politicians they get free medical for the rest ot thier lives after only 1 term in federal office and have done nothing to earn that, think of these huge numbers of people over the years, let them pay to include you sugar daddy who wants it all for himself and none for you, sounds like a pimp to me

    • Wil

      And just what have you done to fulfill YOUR RESPONSABILITY to the AMERICAN SOCIETY? It sounds to me like your another leech on Society that wants the GOLDEN PLATE<KNIFE AND FORK at SOMEONE ELSE EXPENSE . . .in-other words- a Freeloader that is a burden to society.

    • Will Vogelgesang

      You probably never put own life on the line either right, but you will take your freedom and make statements to veterans like you just did. You are a coward and stop telling veterans you can no longer afford it that makes veterans sick when you talk in this manner. You are just another american who only thinks about yourself, your a cold person.

      • Will Hammer

        A lot of people put their life on the line for our country and don’t get these benefits.

    • NavyRetiree

      Spoken like someone who never served a day in their life.

    • Mike

      You are about as bright as your brother Metta World Peace. Clueless and selfish. You no doubt have your hand out and you’re worried that giving retirees what they were promised will take away from your greedy little paws.

    • allen

      what about elected officials who receive FREE health care for life for serving even one term? i served 20 years and by the way, our’s is not free!

      • retiree

        What about the fantasy?

        Note – they DON’T receive free health care for life for serving one term (they, in fact, NEVER receive free health care). They, like our Civil Service brethren, are under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, and pay a minimum of $200/pay period for their health insurance (most pay a lot more than that).
        Congressional Health Care:…

    • one world … pay our fair share? when was the last time u went to work where u could sacrifice ur life? We do blame Obama. I blame Obama for not HONORING nor supporting the flag I served under for 20 yrs. one world … what is ur claim to fame?

    • Retired Military

      I don’t know who is more of a Jackass, you or Obama!!!

      • tnwoman

        I feel sorry for YOU poor IGNORANT DELUDED fools who have been and are being used as CANNON FODDER in these misbegotten wars for America’s “freedom”. Keep thinking it is President Obama’s fault, and the Republicans will be your saviors. Average working people voting for Republicans is just like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders. I have to hand it to them the Repubs they are EVIL, but they know how to use the average white working person’s IGNORANCEand prejudice to their advantage. They have been doing it for the past forty years. I SMH at the blatant IGNORANCE displayed in these comments. Keep on being USED.

    • retired USAF

      How many years did you serve your country in the military? Let me venture to say “none” for you. You don’t have a clue—-if you think a military career is so great and full of “give-aways” why didn’t you sign up for a full “easy” career?

      • Mai Reason

        You didn’t serve the country. You served big oil, big money, and big politicians. I don’t buy your lame reasoning.

    • RJW

      You should think before you open your arrogant mouth! Tell that mother or father that lost their son or daughter that they didn’t sacrifice enough. I hope you can sleep at night making comments like this. You ought to be attacking the millionaire population who pay 15% taxes when everyone else pays 28%…go after them! Personally those that serve this great nation aren’t given enough! For those of you that serve and have served…thank you for you commitment and patriotism.

      • KIL

        There’s nothing patriotic about terrorizing other people and plundering their homes and lands. You’re pathetic.

    • Warrior

      Yo One World Moron,
      Healthcare benefits for Military retirees are not FREE. Military retirees prepaid for their healthcare by their service to the country. Their service allowed morons like you to sit on the porch and enjoy your freedoms.

      • Faker

        You don’t sound military. They have more respect and dignity.

    • Ron

      No, you point the finger in the mirror. Where were you when I was getting my ass shot-off for this country, at home drinking your hot tea. Get a life, I and all veterans have earned this benefit. If your so concerned, why don’t you forfeit your social security benefit for this country you live in and finally you will find out what it is like to work long and hard for something, just to give it up!!!!!!!!

      • Liarron

        Did you really get shot in the ass Ron? Come on.

    • litynski

      Hey, A lot of soldiers are away from their families in harms way and on duty here they are on call 24/7.Usually working a lot more than 8 hours daily no overtime or holiday pay. You don’t understand it’s not a fun life.Your life belongs to the government and I don’t mean like the politicians. I know you will say they don’t have to do it but they do it because they are patriots. Pick on the generations of free loaders that are on welfare all their life getting free medical,food stamps, ect ect.Plus all the illegals getting everything and contributing nothing. Talk to a regular soldier sometime and maybe you will see it differently.You say we can no longer afford it but no one ever says anything about cutting the billions of entitlements the illegals and welfare system is costing, it’s true we should cut costs but we won’t cut it where votes are concerned. One example I saw is a welfare mother with no husband with 8 kids getting $1500.00 a month per kid ($144.000 a year) Her mother is the foster mom.. Attack that not soldiers.

    • caveman

      It’s obvious you are an idiot. The people that have earned the right to benefits like Tricare have served a minimum of 20 years in the military and/or have paid the ultimate price. We have given more than you can imagine preserving the rights and freedom’s that you obviously enjoy. The job that we, as veterans,retirees and active duty have done as well as all of the sacrifices we had to make over the years to protect your freedom, I believe has earned us the right to these benefits. I could be wrong but it’s obvious to me that you have not served your country so you can’t possibly understand what it means to be called a Veteran and what it took to earn that priveledge.

      • Cave Man

        No one cares what you believe. Go back in your cave.

    • Army retired

      With a coment like that you should be sent to Afganistan ediot!

    • CW3DUNN (R)

      You should be drafted and do some time with the military. If it wasnt for the soldiers out defending your @@@ you wouldn’t be able to express your uninformed opinion.

      • Dumb Asgets

        Right you protected our freedom in Vietnam and elsewhere. What a dolt (look it up).

    • hmcmswret

      This uninformed moron obviously never served on active duty, he fails to recognize some important points: 1) We were promised free medical care for our service as compensation for substandard pay during our active careers 2) Our health care is only free in a MTF; have you tried to get into one lately as a retiree . . . good luck 3) We endured months of family separation, missing holidays, birthdays, graduations etc. 4) Some made the ultimate sacrifice. By the time we retire, many of our health problems are directly, or indirectly related to our military service. We didn’t have the option of renegotiating our contracts while on active duty, our government should not renegotiate their contract with us after we fulfilled our obligations. If they want to change benefits for new accession, fine, they will join with full knowledge of what they will pay for health care, and the government can deal with the impact on retention. This slug fails to recognize freedom is not free, someone has to serve.

    • The “free medical treatment” you refer to is only while on active duty. After retirement, the service member must choose what level of TriCare he or she wants. None of the TriCare programs are free and all suggest supplemental coverage until Medicare kicks in. Then the only option is TriCare for Life. This option requires the member to have Medicare Part “B” in order to qualify. So “One Word” the military retirees pay the same as non military retirees.

    • Eldon Meade

      Speak for your self. I was promised free healthcare if I stayed and retired. Change the rules is just typical of the rude lying bastards of the lowest level. Included the deluded person who said it was about time the military started paying for the free health care. Price is paid in blood and has been paid forward!!!! This sucks

      • retiree

        You can still get the same space-available free medical care at MTFs that has always been available. CHAMPUS and it’s successor, TriCare, have NEVER been free, but have always been the supplement to space-A at MTFs.

    • piss off

      It is plain to see this person was never in the service.

    • Cindy

      The large majority of the military has paid more than their fair share. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have helped my hiusband pack up and leave not knowing if I would ever see him again……and watch 3 little girls tell their daddy good bye each time. We have paid more than our fair share. I doubt you have ever spent a day in the military. Look take a long look at your own self in the mirror and ask what you have done for your country. You don’t know what you are talking about.

      You need to look at who really has free healthcare. There are many sitting on their behinds(able body people) and unwed girls having babies paid for by all of us that haven’t and won’t ever pay a penny for the health care they will get…..if they need more money they will just have another baby.

      Freedom doesn’t come free. Someone has step up and defend our country.
      I am proud of our military!! I think they deserve more.

    • Guestnwprioritycu

      We were promised this care when we the older retirees enlisted..

    • Alice Martin

      We’ve been paying our fair share. We worked doing the same job as our civilian counterparts at a fraction of the pay. We travel to foreign countries to help keep YOU safe while you sit at home and complain. I don’t mind paying more for health care but I don’t think it should be such a big jump. Stop paying for health care for illegal personnel and their families. Stop providing security for former presidents and their families years after they’ve been in office! Stop Congress for voting theirselves raises! Look in the mirror!!!!!

    • lone ranger

      You’re a typical scumbag that’s never served. Right?

      • Ranger Dick

        Yeah, he’s a Republican.

    • PC Retired MSgt

      Tell me, have you ever served your country? Those who have and have now retired, have not had FREE healthcare for a very long time. We pay taxes and we pay for our heath insurance just as you do. If we have a job after we retire from the military, we pay for that company to provide what is known as OTHER HEALTHCARE INSURANCE on top of Tricare. The other health insurance is billed first and then Tricare is billed for what the other insurance did not cover. Plus, many former military/retired military have many disabilities related to our service to our country. We protect your freedoms, we were expected to be available at the “drop of a hat” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to perform our duties. We are glad to do this because we serve our country. We are tax payers, so we are part of your “we.”

    • Timothy Knight

      I have to wonder if you served our country, and if the reason for your vehemence is because you were removed from service. My service to my country came at some cost, and I resent scurrilous rabble such as yourself insinuating yourself into matters you shouldn’t even be speaking of. By the way, President Obama has sent many more people into harms way, and now wants to charge the game for his political benefit. You are aware that as a nation, only 1% of our population serve.

    • Retired and served

      If you served your country, which you have not ! you would understand the benefits the Military receives and why. After 26 years of service putting our lives on the line daily and now our young men and woman fighting an even more difficult war deserve and should always deserve the benefits. Think about if your family members were serving and what you would want for them. You must live in a ivory tower, wake up!!!!!

      • Severe Me

        How stupid and arrogant it is to think that you can only serve our country by being in the military. In fact, you are only serving the interests of Wall Street and now you want the pay off.

    • pinoy

      But we already did pay our fair share when we served this great nation, so what are you talking about. Uncle Sam made a promise and we expect that promise to be honored. If you talk about cost saving, tell your congressman to stop sending Aid to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq and stop supporting illegal aliens. Why do the president and congress pay for the medical treatment of illegal aliens and cut the medical benefits of the veterans??????. What did this illegals have done to deserve the healthcare treatment designed for the veterans and their dependents. Could you answer that please. It is realy very hard to be civil. Grrrrrrrrrr.

    • Budp

      YOUR About a dumb ass. I’d like to know where you live hot-shot. You need your ass kicked!!

      • Bud Clueless

        Sounds like a true patriot, hahaha

    • Christine

      My husband and MANY others gave their lives to the military with the agreement that they would have free health care for life. The government is thinking of withdrawing that promise while my husband NEVER withdrew from serving his country. All military HAVE PAID THEIR FAIR SHARE by serving this country, many of them with their life. They get away with free health care because it was part of the deal when they signed their life over to serve this country. Get your facts striaght or don’t comment on what you do not know about.

    • Irm Alderman

      Your’re full of it. Retirees worked for thos benefits. For years they and thei families lived at the poverty line or beloew, depnding where they were assigned. Many Viet Nam era vets and older are now in their 60’s as are their spouses. Many of them live off their retirement and social security. Why punish them.
      I think many of the proponents of the sock it to the retirees arethose that got deferments or coouldn’t hack serving their country. Well, tough. Don’t renege on what was promised. Just because we’re old and out, is no reason to get stabbed in the back. That is dishonorable. Also consider that if you dishonor you promises to us , what about those who currently serve. They can look forward to the same.
      If you’re looking for buck get it out of military contractors like Halliburton, GE, et al. That’s where a lot of our money goes. The only ones they serve is themselves.

    • Alan

      It sounds like you didn’t serve in the military or put your life on the line for people like yourself. We were promised certain things to get us to join the military and potentially give our lives for wars that we did not want nor believe in, but served per the contracts we signed up for. In these contracts were the promises of medical coverage. Please get your head unstuck and educate yourself in what happened. Also, it is incredible that we can spend soo much money on illegals, legal immigration, old people who are allowed to enter our country (who never paid a dime into our social security system, yet reap many benefits). Yet there are prople like yourself, who don’t want to pay us our promised dues per our contracts.

    • col ben dover

      for your information, you anal retentive neanderthal, the military has paid with our blood sweat and even our lifes so retards like you make such stupid statements. i didn’t see you at Khe Sahn, viet nam or at fallujah in iraq.
      i am a career soldier and i sure as hell paid this bill many times over. as for as the retard in the outhouse, he is equall a worthless piece of excrement.

      • Ben Rover

        First, I doubt that you’re a Colonel. The one’s I’ve known would not talk the way you do. Second, if you served at Khe Sahn and Fallujah, you’re way over retirement age. Get out and let some younger guy make a living you fake.

    • ACE

      Amazing how ignorant some people can be! Is it not a fair share for parents to comfort thier small children while their father/mother is on the ground in a war torn country, not certain if or when he/she will return? Is it not a fair share for a vet that loses a limb in combat? Is it not a fair share for those returning from combat who cannot sleep without nightmares, walk in public without fear, or function in society because of the tramatic things they have witnessed or have been TOLD to do? By signing that contract we waive our right to opt out of working conditions we don’t agree with, we waive our right to tell our boss “F*** You”, we waive our right of going home to our loved ones everynight, we sleep in trenches and racks on ships. We opt out of many personal rights and freedoms…so we can protect the freedoms of generations to come AND undeserving idiots who speak without accurate knowledge…like YOU! We do all of this with the promise from our government that after all we sacrifice….our medical benefits will be taken care of…for a smaller fee…but MOST CERTAINLY NOT FREE!

      • Flying Ace

        Are you kidding me. You’ve helped to destabilize the world for generations to come. Your delusional.

    • NERVA

      Get bent, axxhole. This proposal is going nowhere in an election year. And hey… you’re welcome for my service.

    • Ron

      That comment is like finding your brain surgeon paying golf on Wednesdays. If it weren’t for your brain surgeon you would be dead. How much is his time worth? Without our brave military for the past 200+ years we would not be a free country. Nobody should complain about our military until they have walked in GI boots in a war where the enemy is shooting at you or trying to blow you up. I am a veteran of korea and Vietnam, and damn proud of my little contributions to our freedom. I never feel taller than when my grandkids say they are proud of me.

      • Ronnie Boy

        Put it to rest Ron.

    • George

      apparently you were never in the Military we have paid dearly for 20 some yearsof our life and when we joined our contract read that we and our spouses would be cared for for life.

    • Jim

      Obviously you never served in the Military, free medical care for life was part of the promises made to us for ourselves and our spouse. Of course Obama is going back on the promises made to the veterans for years. If they had not touched the funds set up for SS and Military Retirements there would be no problems now.

    • 1SG John B (Retired)

      Stop taking the bait from the trolls, folks.

    • RETIRED MSGT Evans

      Did you put your life on the line for 24 years? I think not!!! Because I and hundreds of thousands did you can post that crap!! You really should know what your talking about. WE THE MILITARY OF THIS COUNTRY have given more than our FAIR SHARE!! Why don’t you attack the WELFARE system that so freely gives your tax dollars away to people whjo have never worked a day in thier life, instead of those who protected your FREEDOM!!

      • Evan Icanlearn

        How the heck did they ever let you stay for 24 years? What welfare system? Do you mean the one that gives all the tax breaks to the large corporations? GE pays zero taxes. Your cause would be promoted better if you were even half literate.

        • Bob

          Evan Icanlearn. Obviouly you do not know the subject you are criticizing. The welfare system the writer was referring to is the one that allows people to draw money from the government simply because they have children and chose to not work. The same welfare system that pays illegal immigrants to receive thousands of dollars from the IRS simply by listing children’s names; they do not even have to be living in the United States. It is a good thing there are people who feel duty calling to join the military so idiots like you do not have to go. Do not critize these brave individuals. You should be thanking them and fighting to help save their earned healthcare for life.

          • retiree

            You need to stop listening to random e-mails and unverified sources. TANF (welfare) is forbidden to illegal aliens, time-limited to 5 years, and includes work requirements. It is also to be cut in FY13.

            In the meantime, many companies do NOT pay taxes (the average TAX for US companies is in the low single digits), we give tax breaks to oil companies with record profits, have paid for 2 wars with borrowing and tax cuts (instead of doing what we have done every other war, and paid for it by taxes), etc.

            Unfortunately, with DoD at 55% of discretionary spending, and the 3rd largest part of the Federal budget (along with Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid), there is no way to balance the budget without cutting Defense. And Defense gets the lion’s share of the cuts because it has the lion’s share of the money.

    • Free health care??? excuse me “One World”!!! what about those warriors that came back from Viet Nam and Iraq with no arms and/or legs, burns, horrendous wounds and invisible scars that they received by protecting your lazy ass and making the United States of American a free country?? What have you done except shot off your lazy, tree hugging mouth, leftist puke!! I put 20 years in the US Navy Submarines and I and others have earned those benefits, I’m 73 years old and still working because of your politics and Obama and I and other warriors deserve what we were promised in the past, until ilk like your and your ignorant buddies came along and voted every be raised or taken away from the very same veteran or wounded warrior that made everything free. if you can’t stand behind our military, stand in front of them and see what happens to your ass…..

      • Tom McNilla

        A true warrior would stand up for what is right and not find themselves in Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan. It takes more guts to say no than to go with the majority of bozzoes.

        • LMY

          If you live in America, you should consider moving to someplace else- preferably one of those communist/socialist countries that take your views into consideration (that was sarcasim). You don’t deserve the right to breathe the same air our countrymen do. You don’t deserve any freedoms, rights, or priviledges that go with being an American. Ignorance is when you use the rights and freedoms at your disposal while chastising those that fought with their lives to protect those freedoms and democracy.

    • Sandra

      You want to talk about fair share, have you served your country?

    • Jim

      Remember the teacher sounded in the Peanuts TV shows (wah wah wah)–that’s what I hear when people like you speak. I love guys like you–uninformed and unappreciative for the people that do things for their country you never would. When it comes to all things military, why don’t you just shut up and say “thank you.”

    • george

      4 fer

    • Bob

      If you are so concerned about military paying for healthcare (retirees were promised this if they stayed on active duty for 20 years) why didn’t you join the military? Perhaps then you would not be so envious.

      • retiree

        Feel free to use MTF’s space-a. That’s still available free, and is the ONLY military healthcare that was ever free.

        Oh, and the most you were “promised” was healthcare, not free healthcare (regardless of what your recruiter told you). Only Congress could promise free healthcare, and they didn’t.

    • Lawnie D. Rasmussen

      One World get a clue. You obviously don’t know what your talking about!

    • Jet5

      Most of us were promised free health care for life….what a lie that was!

    • Terry

      one world you must be a non military man, who has never put his life on line, or had the inconvience of moving your familey every couple of years. If you are, or everhad been a military member, then based on what you said, you are a trator to your fellew members.

    • proud Army/AF vet

      You obviously have a job with union benefits, or are living off your parents or one of the Social Welfare programs our service men and women protect. Most if not all the retirees were promised lifetime health care when they enlisted and it was reiterated at retention briefings and other sources throughout their careers. And very obviously you’ve been ‘educated’ by ‘teachers’ who have no idea what they’re talking about.

    • MarineDad


    • George

      What an idiot.

    • Chris

      One world is probably some useless illegal alien that feeds off our tax dollars

    • 7 tour vet

      When we joined up, we were promised free healthcare for life as a benefit for a career of service that beats your body up. That promise has long been broken by our government. Now they want a tiered payment system for healthcare……wealth distribution. One product….one price. This will be the ONLY healthcare plan in the US where your premium is based on your income. That is pure BS. One product, one price. What’s next, paying for cars, meals, etc. based on income? Nobody should be charged more for the same exact healthcare. It should all be one price. Hell….it was supposed to be free, but that boat has sailed. “A promise not kept is a LIE!”.

    • Served 21 years

      F*$k Y@u

    • Paul

      Real nice! I bet you never wore the uniform either.

    • LMY

      Well, let me say something as the wife of a combat soldier who, because of his lifetime of military service, has been left with a myriad of diseases and disabilities NOT common to those who work in the civilian sector with all their labor protections and OSHA standards. My husband has been perm/total disabled for most of our married life and I have lived the life of a single parent and full-time caretaker WHILE holding down a full time job and pursuing my studies to be able to pay for all the other things we have to pay for just to exist. Let me tell you, we cannot travel or relocate because his physical conditions are so complex and managed so intricately, that ANYTHING can put him in the hospital for days/weeks or risk death. So when you say we haven’t “paid our fair share” — l beg to differ. My husband has paid with his life — I paid, our children paid…What you pay is a drop in the bucket compared to what it cost us.

    • Jim

      You are probably 1 of two types of people. You either live in your parents home and sponge off of them or were born into money and have never had to worry about money. Before you run your mouth about something you know nothing of i suggest you step out in the world and do something. Hey, heres an idea. Go to Iraq or Afghanistan and dodge bullets for awhile. If you don’t have the spine for that then shut your trap. Sincerely, Jim

    • jay

      One world…please put a gun barrel in your mouth and pull trigger!!!

    • Karl

      And the politicians get all of their health care for free—FOR LIFE— even if they serve only one term. Think about that why don’t ya. You might also want to think about the fact that they also get a healthy pension, again even if they only serve one term. Yet soldiers who spend 10, 15, 20 or more years on active duty and are willing to take all of the risks associated with it keep getting screwed because of some a-hole in the White House, who by the way never served a day in his life willing to put it on the line, says we have to pay more than our fair share and also pay for those unwilling to do anything but sit on their butts and draw welfare and other gov. bennies/ I sure will be glad when Texas Secedes and we don’t have to put up with the BS from up north.

    • Dhop

      One World…Ummm, how about you go serve your country during several wars, give up family life, 16 hours days for one year without a day off, deployments, be shot at, or watch comrades die. Then say, our heroes do not deserve free medical care. They deserve every dime and more.

      • David
        • David,

          I agree, people that really think they should get “free health care for life” are not all there.

          Like you, I can’t think of any other job I could have taken that would allow me to retire after only 20 years with a monthly Health Care Fee of $22.44 and this includes the only raise in fees since 1994.

      • Dhop,

        LMAO, joining the Service is totally something you volunteer for. Everyone knows that if you do 20 then you can retiree the day after you retire and begin drawing said Retirement pay. Another item that is well known, is that you also get the GI Bill. All this other stuff like ‘free health care for life” is just made up stuff that some feel you should get.

        My suggestion, is that anyone that thinks you are worth more than what the Service’s have been giving out for DECADES in retirement benefits needs to get out and move on down the road to that job that gives you those benefits based on what you think your worth other than what the Company thinks your worth.

    • Guest

      When you spend 20 years of your life never knowing when you are going to be shot at, being away from your family, moving , ect. then say this about “fair share”.

      • Guest,

        I did just that, and so did my old man, Sister, Younger Brother. My older Brother was RIFTED after Vietnam. Anyway, the Service is for volunteer’s, so you get exactly what you signed up for. I spent a tour in Nam, and then Gulf War 1, and volunteered for both.

        PS: I could have stopped reenlisting, but I didn’t, so I’ve got NADA to complain about.

    • SUPERD

      Military retirees have been promised and earned their healthcare benefit. What needs to be done is all Americans (including Military retirees) need to live healthier and this use much less healthcare.

    • Nancy

      Military does pay their fair share…obviously you have not served the country with low pay, long hours, putting your life at risk…FYI, Tricare is not free, it should be..Wait you will be complaining when your insurance rates goes up!!Educate yourself on healthcare

      • David
    • patriot

      I guess you are one of the coward that did not join the military.
      Tell your lawmakers to include themselves into our regulated health insurance.

  • ManLaw
    Let the elected officials know your concerns. You can do so at the link I provided.

  • Mark

    It seems that people want to blame President Obama for this, and he may be for it, but John Mccain is its biggest supporter. John Mccain wants the price of tricare to be triple or more, and John Mccain wants to replace the current military retirement system with a 401K plan. I’m not Democrat or Republican, but I am saddened that one of our own has turned his back on us. I have more respect for those who let you know up front that they’re your enemy.

  • retiree

    imeline for Military Health Care:
    – Space-A treatment at MTFs (free)

    – Space-A treatment at MTFs (Free)
    – CHAMPUS (no premium, copay and deductible)

    – Space-A treatment at MTFs (Free)
    – Tricare Standard (no premium, copay and deductible)
    – Tricare Extra (similar to standard, some lower rates, as I understand it)
    – Tricare Prime (premium, extremely reduced copay in many cases, no deductible).

  • PStalworth

    I think that the indivuals that continue to take from Retirees and Active duty members and there families join the Military and see how we’ve done with little for so long and now your trying to take from us something the government had promised before we raised our hands to fight the freedoms they get with without even putting on a uniform maybe than they will find other ways than taken from us maybe they should take from themselves as well

  • Tired of the BS!

    How much is Obama, Panetta and the Congressional leadership paying towards the national debt?

  • Brenda

    26 years fighting for this country and they want to take what few benefits we have? Why not cut their (Washington Big Wigs) FREE medical care? Why not take a look at the Welfare for illegals? What the heck is going on in this country that our soldiers are having to pay to decrease the debt that the government put us in?????

  • John

    The time has come for a military union to protect our rights. The union should represent active and retired personnel. It has become necessary as our employer could care less about the rank and file. Sign me up.

    • That is what the MOAA is. However, because of the UCMJ, a union is concidered mutiny. Sorry, that is the lot we get to deal with.

  • MSGEd

    Washington stole the monies from our Social Security Trust Funds to enhance their winning reelection and pumping money into their states called pork barrel dollars. Now the military breaks its contract with retirees with charging us for medical care. Well, I’m breaking my contract with recruiting and selling the military to well qualified men and women I come in contact with on a daily basis. I challenge my fellow military retiree’s to do the same. I have lost trust in Washington, Congress, and now the leadership of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

  • r. rosten

    i would pay for my tricare for life fee if all the big shots iin DC would pay for their medical care. here we go again. give free tricarw for life in one handand take it from the othjer

  • David Paige

    Veteran’s Organizations need to stop acting like unions. They risk bringing down the entire system to prevent any premium increases.

    Setting premiums based upon retired pay is long overdue, as is setting future pay increases to, perhaps, the increase in Social Security payments. Anything else is a train wreck on the way.

    • retiree

      1. That would make Military Health Care for retirees the ONLY federal retiree healthcare that was means tested. Even Congress recognizes that we have “paid” for our retirement & health care through the unique challenges of military service:

      NDAA 2012

      “Title VII – Health Care Provisions
      Subtitle A – Improvements to Health Benefits
      Section 701 –
      Expresses the sense of Congress that: (1) career military personnel and their families endure unique and extraordinary demands and make extraordinary sacrifices over the course of a 20-30 year career, and (2) those decades of sacrifice constitute a significant pre-paid premium for health care during a career member’s retirement that is over and above what the member pays with money. Limits, beginning with FY2012, the increase in the annual DOD patient enrollment fees to the percentage by which retired pay is increased.”

      2. Our retirement COLA is exactly the same as that used for Federal Civil Servants and Social Security already.

  • r. rosten

    now we have to pay for something that the gov’t said we would get free and we also pay for va compensation. why don’t they take all ofour retierment pay so they can sent some more overseas. thanks obama. remember to sent some more money overseas for the people that we kill. when are they oing to pay.i guess the us has a BIG BANK

  • Any wonder why the majority of military personnel who are voting are voting for Ron Paul?

    USN veteran and I am voting for Ron Paul on June 5th in California. If you are sick of this stuff too please join me.

    • David Paige

      We can be part of the solution. TriCare fees haven’t increased in many years.

      1. Have the TriCare fee based upon retirement income.
      2. Recommend suggested increases, instead of waiting to see.
      3. Recommend a reasonable annual increase, say tied to Social Security

      Trying to prevent any increase in TriCare premiums is not leading. That’s not the kind of leader that I want.

  • Patty Ann

    I do not have Tricare but my Dad and sister do. They pay nothing for generics and about $12.00 for name brand. I have an HMO since my husband worked for the government for 40 years. We are retired and I went to my pharmacy for 3 different medicines. My copays came to $127.00. My copay for cataract surgery was $100.oo and I had to pay $1500. extra for the eye correction. I realize military personnel were promised this benefit for free but I don’t see how the government can sustain it. Medical costs have skyrocketed since that agreement was made.. Where will the money come from to pay for all the injured soldiers comming back from Afghanistan.? Something has to give.Pat

    • David Paige


      I agree. Military members go through quite a bit, they don’t get to choose (usually) where they live, they can be deployed (multiple times!). They (we) deserve decent medical care. But one that has premiums which never increase? I think it should be tiered: If you receive higher retired pay, you should pay a higher amount. It should also be tied to retired pay increases. This year it’s 3.6 increase in retired pay. Maybe increase the premium by 1% less than that, or 0.5% less.

      • donald sutphin

        I keep saying we need to get out of afgan.they don,t want us their.our leaders need to wise up.the 400 million a week we are spending there would take care of our problems.a vietnam vet

    • Hank Hana

      Just like Social Security, government mishandles our money with no repercussions… they can order us military to war, promise us specific retirement pay for serving, and then take it away after we have fulfilled our obligations…. and you have the nerve to say it’s no longer sustainable… no one cares about your HMO fees since you haven’t served…. shame on you! Because of people like you regarding these new burdens on us military veterans,manyI will no longer be able to pay for medical insurance. You may think we have no obligations, that, in essence, you are saying we don’t deserve what we were promised and expected to receive to pay for our own financial commitments. And just because we’re not of retirement age, doesn’t mean we have jobs. A greatful nation, indeed… shame on you… you are no different than government officials who have mostly never served… shame on you, shame on you, shame on you!!!

    • frank

      the same way they are getting ready to take it now, they will keep increasing and taking, i am a retired vet and do not get nothing for free, and the vets returning will get a break for 1 or 2 years and just when all the complaints are down, tricare will stick it to them.
      We put our lives and limbs on the line and sacrifice valuable family time which is lost to those in the military, veterans and active military and some contractors earn or have the potential to earn every cent spent on medical expenses and by tricare, which is contracted so your tax dollars are at work, it seems like big business is greedy in a poor economy. The person that made it home safe (physically may be fit, but what about the mental toll) less not forget their contributions to our society.

  • eper090643

    There goes some more of our promised retirement benefits. They keep this up and we’ll end paying them to get a retirement check. I think its damned time to start kicking these scumbag senators and congressmen out in the street and make them start paying for their benefits that they get. With the Medi-care increases coming, we won’t even have a social security check.

  • Gerry

    It’s a BS move, I’m sure there not touching the medical beni’s that congress has.

  • Tony

    I don’t know how ex-military can say we weren’t promised no-cost health care for life. I was an officer commander (in uniform for 32 years) and held command positions for over 15 years. I always told troops to reenlist because of the free medical benefits for life. I have a master’s degree and remember my base pay in 1961 was $230 a month. Civilians made much more, but I stayed in because of life-time free medical benefits, which we do not now have. I pay monthly payments for both medical and dental programs. I makes me sick to see that those are going up to pay for those who didn’t earn squat because they didn’t prepare for the future. I too don’t respect the Commander-In-Chief. Why should I… he has hidden his birth certificate, his nationality his school records and everything else. I worked so terribly hard, but never complained in the USAF. Why, because I knew I would get free medical benefits for life. How dare they say we didn’t earn it. Tony

    • George

      The Commander-in-Chief hasn’t hidden anything. It is all public and you are folding into the Repugnican smoke screen. You should be more concered with the Rove machine which is trying to buying the election which will result in an all out assault on women, minorities, the middle class and small businesses and further enhance the pockets of the big oil and financial entities that were bailed out (by Bush not Obama) and succeeded to recover and haven’t paid back their “loans” but still reap huge bonusesand pay raise. Cry on someone else’s shoulder. Retirees need to stand up to the Tea Party radical right and take back the country we fought for for their “right” to screw the 99%.

  • Hank Hana

    Just like Social Security, government mishandles our money with no repercussions… they can order us military to war, promise us specific retirement pay for serving, and then take it away after we have fulfilled our obligations…. and some of you have the nerve to say because it’s no longer sustainable, us military veterans don’t deserve what we were promised…. shame on you! Because of people like you regarding these new burdens on us military veterans, many will no longer be able to pay for medical insurance. The ungreatful people may think we have no obligations, that, in essence, they are saying us military veterans don’t deserve what we were promised and expected to receive and fully rely on to pay for our own financial commitments. And just because we’re not of retirement age, doesn’t mean we have jobs. A greatful nation… shame on those of you who treat us veterans like last class citizens… you are no different than government officials who have mostly never served… shame on you, shame on you, shame, shame, shame on you!!!

  • D. Bone

    Wow I get a job that pays next to nothing, because they don’t want to hire me because I am over 50 what little I have comes from my retirement, no bases are close to me VA is not free only for my disabity areas. I was thankful for TRICARE I am worried about what is next.

  • carroll

    My wife pays a co pay and medicare pay in social security each month. I did until I became exempt and still pay a medicare sup. in soc. security. VA is $50.00 per visit, $50.00 Blood work and $500. daily for hospital per day.Food cost extra. Mil hospital stay was $195. for my wife for a 5 day stay. Daily rates in Mil. Hosp. for Retirees also. All med outside mil hospitals encounter a Co pay. In VA Hosp. all meds require a co pay. So. Just where is all those for lifetime benefits we were promised to stay in for until retirement? They are not free folks. We paid (some with their life) for freedom and a retirement, if we were no killed in action. Freedom has no price! Enjoy it and stop whinning for taking care of the little benefit that is left for the retirees who paid for it ,for you.

  • boe

    The costs of drugs have only gone up because BIG PHARM wants to get richer than they already are. Prices get higher and higher and it has nothing to do with the cost of production, but just greedy ppl in high places. Nuff said!

  • Proud to Serve

    Well according to Senator Graham of SC, he states it is just a myth that the military ever believed they would get life time health care. He says no such thing was promised. Hmmm. Wonder what planet he’s from. I’d like to see Senators, Governors, Congressmen get their health care benefits cuts. Hopefully they aren’t being told a Myth about getting lifetime health benefits. I mean what do they serve 4-6 years and they get a six figure retirement package and lifetime health benefits. What a Joke

  • wintersoldier

    What’s next ??????

  • Diana

    It’s about time we stand up and protest Congress and the current administration for reducing our FREE MEDICAL BENEFITS FOR LIFE.
    Because the Congress has mismanaged funds, we must suffer. NOT FAIR
    We want and deserve justice for the promises made to us over 50 years ago.
    We must form groups to fight for our rights. We can write to our officials, but we need to be strong and assemble and show them we are not going to stand for broken promises. We need our medical benefits and are willing to fight for them as we did for our Country.

  • Rick

    It is imperative that all military cast a no vote against this President and those
    who will cast a vote for in favor of increasing military co-pays for Tricare
    enrollments and pharmaceuticals.
    Should this come to pass, it will make it harder for military retirees and
    their families to afford needed care at a time when it should be much more
    accesible and less costly.
    We fight, we die and get maimed and yet we are the first to get targeted
    for cuts, when we do not deserve such treatment as we earned the benefits
    with a long committment to the country.
    Please do not vote for any democratic candidate. They squander tax money
    and the first cuts are to the military.

  • HJB

    I was not drafted into the army, when I enlisted into the regular army during the era of ww2 I was told that health care would be there if I served 20 or more years. In 1949 I reenlisted and was told the same thing. In 1950 I was send to Korea and saw combat in 7 major battles being awarded the Bronze Star w/V device and 1 silver combat star and two Bronze combat stars. After Korea I again reenlisted and was told the same thing about health care. I served during the era of viet nam and retired in July of 1966 with more than 20 years of service with the rank of Master Sgt E-8. I was forced to buy my health care after all the promises, this I done by joining AARP until the year 2000 when we got TRICARE FOR LIFE. Now again I am told that I may have to pay some high fees to keep my earned health care. WHEN IS OUR GOVERNMENT GOING TO STOP LYING TO US ?

  • Starr1sg

    Thanks President Obama

  • Gabe

    What a loser! Military families sacrify in so many ways. Not only with fam separartion, odd very odd hours, WAR, read to give their life for the freedom of others, we often live in substandard housing, move like Gypsies, not to mention buy a house yeah right , cannot grow equity because of moves, so needless to say civilians are way ahead in that department, sit and wait for news about your loved one oftentimes unable to talk to him/her for weeks/month. Living with uncertainty << — very very stressful. So shut up and stand in the corner for the rest of your life.

  • Destroyerman

    Shift your address/comments/donations to the people who will react positively to YOUR incoming e-mail and phone calls and letters-to-the-editor:

    Write, call, visit, donate to YOUR congress person, YOUR senator, and any of the specific individuals who are running in YOUR state and YOUR congressional district. The SMALLER the target of your comments and donations, the GREATER the response to YOUR comments.

  • blount

    In addition to the new TRICARE increase, readers need to be aware that one of the amendments to the OBAMA “BO” Healthcare bill doubles the monthly payments to MEDICARE (don’t take my word for this. Google “Future Medicare Payments”). Medicare payments will go to $247.00 per month per person in 2013, after the elections. DO YOU THINK THAT THE DEMOCRATS PLANNED THIS WHEN THEY ADDED IT TO THE “BO” HEALTH CARE BILL?

  • blount

    I recommend that the POLITICIANS Healthcare plan be changed to TRICARE…. Bet they would take care of TRICARE then. You know that we the voters didn’t set up their retirement or healthcare plans.. Congress shall not enact any law for themselves that do not apply to the general public!

  • scott

    I have no respect for O-bama. Respect is earned, not voted in by brain dead idiots that believe they are entitled to every damn thing on the planet. Thlnk about how much taxes 15% of 22 million dollars is (Romney’s salary), the second time he paid taxes on it.
    Our elected dems squander our money on totally useless crap mostly for their on benefit. I thought we were the “UNITED” States, not opposing party states.
    I served and sacarificed away from my family for 24 years just to watch these dickheads play politics for their entire terms. O-bama has not governed yet, all he has done is blame others, totally screw up the economy, divide the country, and throw his arrrogance around every day on tv. He is on tv every day lying to every one.
    We may never recover if he is re-elected by people that have their heads up their ass.

    • Karen


    • Massey

      I agree Scott!

  • Retired MSG Perry

    I looked forward to retirement after 21 yrs in the Army. Little did I know it meant squat. Retirement is just a word, not an incentive. I don’t concider myself “Retired”, especially now with this economy and so called “state of the art” government. I have to have this current job to keep up with the now and future hikes in Tricare. Incentive means “to pay more”? I might make it in 10 more yrs, and retire again just to keep up with my med expenses. Seams that military retiree’s are being punished financially for serving.

  • Massey

    Obama and his wife are always taking about how they care about military family’s ! BULLS****!!

  • anonymous

    I put more than a quarter of a century of my life in the military. And what did I get for it? Broken promises, raising medical expenses that can ill be afforded, and in general, the shaft, along with all my other fellow veterans. Why does this happen? It’s because for the most part, we just take it, and keep our mouths shut.

    There are enough of us to make ourselves heard, if we had the will. We could put Congress at task to pay attention to us. Currently, politicians are only out for themselves. Along with Obama, they could care less about the military, and it’s retirees. We are just pawns, necessary only when election time comes around.

    Yes, it would be nice if politicians could suffer the same hardships that they heap on the public. Were that the case, things would change pretty quickly.

    If Vets want things to improve, your time is very limited! Things need to be cranking before this nation turns into a Communist Country!

  • I must say that this is one “Rude Awakening” for me and one that really has me pissed off. Back in my early days as a recruit I was told by those in charge that if I stayed in that I would have health care for the rest of my life. Well guess what? THAT WAS ONE BIG LIE!!!! For those who have “Retired” check this out. Kind of reminds me of when we played poker as the guy with the winning hand would throw his cards onto the table and yelled “Read’em and Weep.” Now I read this and weep. Contact your representatives and try to get this turned around.

  • George W. McCormic

    In another article Senator Graham made the statement I don’t believe that service members were promised health care ofr life. I am sorry Senator you are wrong. When given the oath in Kansas City , MO. We were all told that we didn’t have to worry about health care for the rest of our lives.

  • Robert W. McMahon

    For senator Graham. In 1948 they promised HEALTH CARE for life. Maybe you were too young. “I don’t beleive anybody were promised Health care for life”

  • Alan

    Hmm, I spent 26 years in the military and when I first joined I WAS PROMISED FREE HEALTHCARE FOR LIFE, then I had to pay a fee for it, now I’m being told by the idiots in the whitehouse that WE RETIREES have to cough up more. Seems to me our elected officials should start coughing up something instead of taking from everyone else. Def. Sec. Panetta , Obama and the rest of his cronies ARE NO friends to the military.

  • Alan

    I have always been taught and I teach my children that RESPECT IS EARNED, it is NOT a right based on a position!! NO ONE in D.C. from EITHER party has earned my respect, they expect US to give give give, but they don’t feel they have to. Want to earn my respect, congress needs to start giving up some of their perks instead of taking from the very people that vote in into office.

  • Maria Mitchell

    Talking to Congress doesn’t get us very far. Talking to God is the only answer.

  • Namvet

    the Military can’t win wth Democratics or Rebublicans. Change to Indepedent now. That will send a clear message were upsent with the status Qua. Now they”ll both partys, have to sweat which way were going to vote. Government neds to be held to a higher standard, They should have no perks, serve for the benefit of the people ,and for the people. And get the same treatment as the people. No more no less. There now we solved the money problem problem, just by holding our Government in check. Think of all te money saved,no more bonuses, no more flying around around the country on our money. Raises kept to the standard of social security etc. Wges taxed with no loopholes. (flat tax.) And retirement the same fr everyone across the board. Serve 20 years and get the same amount be you congresman General or private. Now weve really solved the money problem. Your status in life shouldn”t dictate what you recieve.

  • Dan, USN ret

    I’ve written letters to Rep. Chip Cravaack, R, MN (USN Ret), Sen. Al Franken, D, MN (SNL comedian ret), and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, R, MN (former presidential hopeful). Not just one, but several regarding our eroding retirement benefits (not unearned “entitlements” as the civilian population is being led to believe by the current administration). The only personal response I received came from Chip Cravaack, the other two sent me boilerplate “so glad you wrote, please vote for me again” letters. I’m not sure that we’re going to be able to stop this landslide of large boulders now that it’s started. The “people” voted in the current administration (that’s what we’ve been told), but as far as I’m concerned, the people that did this don’t really vote for anything but most popular and best looking on the tube. Slick Willie is another example of that style of voting, he’s even convinced the public that he’s a great statesman and world peacemaker…..He was building his “Legacy” in office, that is the purpose of the presidential position now, like many other “heads of state” worldwide.

  • Greg Glen

    Overall a sad day. But it is OK for the Presidents Wife to spend millions on vactions, when most in this country can’t even take one. I understand that everyone must contribute. So I propsed that it start from the top. Lets reduce The Presdents pay and all the senates and congress pay by $25,000 to $50,000. I did 30 years in the military and each day as a leader we are to lead from the front and not place our service memebers into nothing that we wouldnt do ourselves. I guess that only applies if you waer a uniform and not a suit.

    This country needs prayer, There is nothing that any man or women can do to get things right except God.

  • Carol

    The increases for working retirees assumes we all have well-paying jobs with big corporations that offer health care packages. What about those that work part-time, or have started their own small businesses, and can only afford to do so because they have Tricare?

    • Alstan

      Those of us who are on fixed income and retired are in no position to take on increased fees for Tricare. Congress is using the Military Retirees as the whipping boy to reduce expenditures. However, they are willing to pay for wasteful defense programs, that have nothing to do with National Security, which is being used as an excuse to take from the Retirees and give to the Military-Industrial complex.

  • Ted

    I think we need to start by cutting congressional benefits – Let our polititions have health care benefits the same as the rest of America – Let them go on Social Security like the rest of us – I would be willing to bet we could save money and have enough left to take care of our military retirees and keep social security going much longer.

    • D Stroud

      I agree!

      • Herbert Franklin

        I agree Ted

    • Marvin

      Ted you are right let congress fell the hurt for a change.

    • retiree

      They do. They pay for health care. They pay for their retirement. They pay into Social Security. On a percentage basis, their benefits are worse than ours (after 20 years, they have earned a whopping 34% of their base pay – and if HR3813 goes through, their 20 years will be worth 14% of their base pay).

      Oh, and total cost of Congress (to include security, staff, etc) is about $4.5 billion. For comparison, the DoD health budget for FY2013 is about $48 billion.

  • Fred

    Why don’t we put all elected officials on Tricare. I believe we need to fix our budget. I had to live on a tight budget the whole time I was in the military, I could not raise taxes because I needed more money I had to learn manage what I got and it is time our elected officials learn the same lessons our military has to learn. In fact financial irresponsibility is publishable up to a bad discharge. But in the civilian world you get re-elected. We need to spend at home and stop giving so much to foreign countries. Charity starts at home.

  • USAF Retired

    If you are under age 65 you are labeled a “Working age” military retiree regardless of your health and ability to supplement your retirement pay. You are not looked at as an individual but as a source of income by the government. As a “Working age” retiree the administration plans to triple my Tricare Prime fee and my Name Brand medications by FY 2017. Since I make $24,000 in retirement I am in the DOD’s middle tier and will pay the same as a retiree making up to $45,178. Oh I almost forgot, based on their plan the I won’t be able to get my non-formulary stomach medicine at my local pharmacy next year. As for Tricare-for-life fees, they are simply broken promises by a government trying to find ways to find money that they have wasted in years past and present. When will the madness stop?

  • ArmyVET

    For all the people who think it is about time retirees, start paying up. What do you think we did for 20 or 30 years? While the ones in government office, spend a few months a year at work and for a few years and are taken care of for the rest of their lives. When are they going to start paying up? How about they, take a cut in pay and pay for all of their medical care. THE PEOPLE IN OFFICE TODAY ARE TO BLAME.

    • lorraine martinelli

      I agree 100%.Until Congress starts paying their fair share we shouldnt have to have ours changed.Its hard enough to get along as it is.

  • wehorn

    “A veteran is someone who, at one point in his life wrote a blank check made payable the “The United States of America”, for an amount of ‘up to and including my life.’ That is Honor, and there are way to many people in this country who no longer understand it.”

    Free Phones, Welfare with NO work/no drug test, Social Security being payed out to those that have not payed in one cent, Hundreds of Government programs that pay out withpout a thpought as to where or why its going their, polilticians that do not THINK long term for their decision making only for reelection. Its a spending poroblem nothing more and nothing less!!

    • Military Widow

      Amen, Brother. I think if we stop all the freebies to illegal aliens and lazy citizens there were be fewer illegals and more working people. If we aren’t making it profitable for them to come here to live, then they will stay home.



  • Patrick

    Alan, I agree! Respect is earned and not granted by a position. Corey, we served and our oath said “Obey the orders of…” Nowhere in the oath did it say respect the commander in chief. The VFW is a tool as are many other veteran organizations, however the almighty VOTE is the key to change. People need to vote the career Politicians’ out of office. Some of our Senators and Congressmen have been in office longer than a 20 year military career. I think these politicians are out of touch with reality.

  • m morgan

    Remembor “THE POWER OF VOTE” at election time!

  • Robert House

    Money spent on AF1 Junkets, AF2 Junkets, vacations, DOD Chief transportation and other white house politicians would put HUNDREDS OF
    MILLIONS of DOLLARS back in the military health care pool. Probably
    enough to keep it at todays level for at least 5 more years. Maybe longer.
    Take the Secretary of State’s plane, staff, fuel, entourage money and you
    have even MORE saved. Government is the problem not the answer.
    Spending by the Government is out of control. They NEVER want to save
    a million dollars by cutting one little item……..that’s a ‘paltry’ sum to them.
    NOT SO !!! You cut a million here, a million there pretty soon you have
    some real money!!! For you retiree’s under age 65, don’t worry about
    all those promises of health care for life for free; when you turn 65 you’ll
    get dropped on Medicare with all the other drugees, drunks, fat asses, etc.
    Thanks America………..I did my time, now you’re in trouble and want me
    to bail you out again. It’s always the Military that bail you bastards out!~!!
    POLITICIANS………..That must be an old term for people that can’t get
    anything done!!!

  • Mike

    I did not realize I served with so many who failed Civics class in high school.

    1. The primary purse strings of this country are held by Congress, not the President (or “The Administration”). The President (The Administration) can only make suggestions. Any presidential veto (decision) of a tax raise (or tax cut) can be easliy over ridden by a 2/3 vote by Congress it they so desire.

    • Mike

      That also goes for spending money.

  • Herbert Franklin

    If the life of all military people which has already been given to protect all
    people so that they may be free and safe from all . What do the civilians
    making such selfish remarks as the military (should start to pay) have to
    say when these put their life on the line for 20 years of there life they have
    never dealt with what a family or military person have dealt with and are
    extremeley selfish people. If you work somewhere for 20 or more years of your life and dedication should be rewarded in some way. That is what the
    government promised when you sign on the dotted line. These people
    have given more each day (there life) then those throwing stones.The
    congress should be the ones taking the cuts and paying for services that
    the government promised when they enlisted these people with free
    medical for the rest of there life. They are going back on promises made
    when these people gave there life to protect a unappreciated person that
    throws stones. This is a person who would not care about others only
    there self. Congress should not be able to rearrange the rules that were already promised when these people enlisted, since they have already given
    20 years of there life or more.

  • Jan

    Army/Vet. I agree with 100%. Well I will say it again. we are not dummies, military retires know how to vote, and we can understand what is about to happen here. Everyone needs to find out in their state how the senators and congress voted for this bill. I say do not support them, put people back in Washington that care about the military. WE know what we gave up and what this is really all about.

  • Mike

    Reinstitute the draft. It will only take 8 to 10 years till ex service personnel will start showing up in congress. In 10 to 15 years there will be enough there that know the difference between service and self serving.

  • david

    let washington lead by example. start with reducing the budget there. next go to the bottom and clean up welfare. two teams one working from the top down and one from the bottom up meeting in the middle. everybody gives a little we might just make it through this. heck they’ll probably find enough waste and fraud to fix the whole mess. one more thing, there is always one more thing. no new spending here and especially abroad. get our house in order then offer help else where.

  • ray

    This administration has set up the military for a fall and all have only smiled. We must vote these people out of office now.

  • pat

    do the people in office pay for health care for themselves and families
    enough said just think about it then they should lead by example.

    • Guest

      Heck no, they always have their hands in our pockets!

    • Mike

      The folks in office dont pay anything. Free health care, free college for their children to any school. they love the power to screw the military once again. If I am not mistaken they also do not contribute to SSA, because we the tax payer take care of that special part as well. Our Government will never lead by example. They would have to give up spending our money.

    • retiree

      See many posts elsewhere, including in this thread. Congress (and the Executive Branch political appointees) are under FEHBP, the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program. They pay a minimum of $200/pay period for their health care (most pay a lot more than that). They also pay for their retirement (earliest collect at age 50, by law maximum of 80% of their top 3 base years, which would take 50 years of working to get to), and pay into Social Security.

  • William Southard

    What? Military start paying there way. What do you think we did for 20 + years. You draw more in welfare then we draw in retaired pay and never worked a day for it.

    • Birdman

      I do not why the retirees have to start paying now. Most are on social security and have to pay for that, but why TFL ? Do the people in Washington pay for their hospital care? I do not know, just asking. When we do get an increase in social security or retirement pay, it goes to higher insurance . Why the increase Washington??

  • mariak

    This is directed to the person that feels the military should finally pay.They have been paying their share for SS and Medicare.As a wife of anAF retiree,I will tell you that not all bases have a full hospital,but mostly clinic.Had my husband needed major medical attention,he would have been transported somewhere in Ohio and since I was working I would not be along.Now as a retired RN who has worked for the DoD and VA for 29 years, I have always kept my own insurance with my family as dependents. That gave us options;any surgery he had was done by a civilian MD,even though he could have gone to my VA.Now that tells you what I think about military care:it takes too long to get it and then you don’t have any say on who your MD will be.We let the Army MD at Tripler take her tonsils out,but only because I worked in the recovery room and went to my medical friends and asked them to do it.As I always heard from the wives of my VA patients and from my husband:this was promised to me! There is no contract and their benefits keep eroding Did you ever serve?Even as a civilian,I feel I did more than my fair share with my 29 years.

  • Charles Sanchez

    That’s right, screw the retired. To members of Congress: we were told that Tricare For Life WOULD NOT cost anything. Don’t mess with one of the few benefits we have left. If you keep this up pretty soon there will be no volunteer force left. As a proud 20yr. Air Force & Nam vet. I’m beginning to wonder why I put in all that time only to be treated this way. We gave up much (some their lives) to protect this country, now protect us. As I see the problem most of the Administration and both houses of Congress have never served. On top of that to have men like John McCain suggest things like this is a slap in the face of all veterans. We need more pro vet Congressmen. Lets start a 100% draft, no exemptions except for those physically or mentally unable to serve. As soon as you graduate you go in and serve two years, dropouts serve four years. Maybe then this type of crap would stop. Thanks for letting me vent.

  • Phyllis Kennedy

    Having retirees pay for Tricare for Life is an insult to all. Not all retired people are rich. What an insult. the Pentagon should have more sense. The retired military paid there dues while serving. Just another broken promise, I wonder why young people still join the service. And isn’t it strange that in almost all cases it is the poor that join the military.

  • Bill

    When those members of congress start payinh for the health benifets they get I’ll be willing to pay, but we will never see that.

  • Niet Nam Vet

    In USA Today,dated 4/27/12 an artical written in The Oregonian states that Illegal immigration cost the US taxpayers about $113 Billion a year at the Federal,State and local levels. Estimated the Federation for American Immigration Reform in 1012. So lets continue this and Jack Up all us Band of Brothers and Sisters that Defended Our Country and have lost limbs, scared faces burnt beyond recognition, Mental problems Etc Etc…Then ask us to pay again…Thank you Senators on the Armed Services Comm. especially Senator from SC. Thanks for nothing…SLEEP WELL…

  • Gene V.

    Tricare for Life kicks in after a military retiree reaches age 65. TFL, like medicare ,was a life-long promise, never to be taken away…Yet, here we are. The politicians are renigging. This is a BROKEN PROMISE. What’s next?

    • BOATS

      AMEN!!!!!!!! BROKEN PROMISES!!!!

  • 30yearCareer

    It’s always the military retirees who take it in the shorts from the US government when they are looking to save $$$…. How bout taking some of the benefits and pay raises away from ALL federal workers (including congress who vote themselves a healthy pay raise each year when the people aren’t watching) Just think of the billions of dollars that could be saved by doing that instead of PORKING the military retiree….. AGAIN… Whoever it was in the government that dreamed up this plan should come forward and tell each of us face to face…. and be given the opportunity of having the first swing…

  • JLDillon

    We will not get the “lawmakers” to pay attention untill we vote against them. Sadly, how many of us that are affected by this will go to the polls? I hope we can get some attention regarding this. I have written letters, but have been ignored.

  • MR. C


  • TONY

    I didn,t serve my country for 31 years just to have my benefits taken away
    if the goverment quit spending or taxeses on riftraft maybe it would support
    the people who support them. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT

  • R. L. Asscherick

    I do not mind paying more in order, my fair share, to try to get the national debt under control, but the things I see happening are not being shared equally. Retired from the US military is not the same as retired from a US government job. I for one am tired of hearing the two should be treated the same. Just how many government jobs require unlimited work hours for the same pay, required one to leave their families for months or a year at a time or more. This is not to mention being required to fight when called upon.

    Give me a break. The two are not the same.

  • James Smith

    I would at least like to get my money back if they are to do thuis to us! All the money in there is not an entitlement, but what they owe us.

  • Howard

    I can’t belive there are so many Congress persons up for relection,but would
    forget the service we hqve performed. Maybe there could be a way to see how
    each one votes. We must remember we will be voting.


  • barelyscrapingby

    I want to know, how, when I am only receiving not even $600 in retirement, because I was forced out due to a disability, I am to afford the $893. I would really like to know where our elected officials come up with their numbers $$’s. It is the one benefit that honestly does pay to have and personally offsets my less than acknowledgeable retirement pay. __kb

  • The problem is there are not enough of veterans. The Congress who are just about out of veterans within their group has no problem cutting benefits from active or retired vets. After all there are a lot of special interest groups that carry a lot of votes out there who are putting presure on congress for funds. They must come up with a lot of money for all those support programs for illegal aliens, drug addicts, convicts in prison, foreign students etc.

    • Irm Alderman

      I think it’s time to put more veterans back into congress. As a matter of fact I think military service should be a rerequisite to be able to make laws affecting thos who are currentlyserving as well as those who have served.

    • retirenavy

      Congress is totally unaffected by any decision or changes they make. They get paid and raises, including no cost health care for the rest of their life.

  • msg john

    msg john a promise is a promise except when it comes to congress.

    • Irm Alderman


  • Ollie

    Go ahead and stick it to us old people. Guess everyone thinks we do not need money for milk and bread, etc. If this keeps going, it will come down to health care or food. We have a lot of widows now who cannot afford to live on their own and have to go to the ‘old widows homes’ in Florida and Texas. Are they building more housing for us? When our husbands went into the AF or other branch of the military, they were promised their widows would be taken care of for life. What happened to that promise?

  • MA1

    The Militaray is a large group we need to vote and force change to this country

    • Roger Bon, Sr.

      I am of the opinion that members of both Houses of Congress, The President (Commander-in-Chief) be required to pay an increased portion of their health care cost when the`se cost for Tre-Care and Tri-Care fo Life are implemented. What’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander!

      Roger Bon, Sr.

  • George

    Well I say report who votes yes for this and make it public. When it is election day we can then cast a no vote for them.

  • Lois Desparte

    Definitely unfair to those who have served their country for all those years and for the spouses. Is this another promise not kept? Those who are already receiving these benefits should be grandfathered in.

  • James

    Bettch ya, congress premiums will not raise. The bitch about $4.00 on house ribeyes. Give me a fing break!!

  • James D. Gates

    I would like One World to go up to a servicemember in any VA hospital that has lost a limb, an eye, or any part of his body in combat action or doing his duties for our country to be free & tell them they haven’t paid enough!1 Or go to to a servicemember that died & tell their spouse, kids, parents,& the rest of the family that they are getting free medical benefits!! I proudly served in the US Navy & retired knowing that I kept my country free, so you can thank me & the rest of my military brothers & sisters for you having the right to free speech, even though not having the common sense to know what you are talking about!!

  • Indianahowdy

    A veteran is someone who, at one point in his life wrote a blank check made payable the “The United States of America”, for an amount of ‘up to and including my life.’ That is Honor.
    While on Active Duty for over 23 years there was not a month that went by that I did not work at least 200 hours, You did not get Over-time you just sucked it up and did what you had to. Four (4) years were in the Navy and was either at sea or out of the country all 4 years, this was from 1964 to 1968 and I was 18 when I went in.
    I saw the news the other night where our Senators and Congressmen/women get a leased car not just any car but ones that cost between $1,000 to $1400.00 a month. Also all of the weekend get aways and vacations the President and his family have went on come on now. People on Welfare make more money a month then I do.

    • Howdy Doody

      There is no honor in Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan. Get out now!



  • vito

    i guessed the term yes we can is not true, i dont see it. every citizens are suffering from high cost of living and yet all this politicians are full of promises. election time is paybackn time. so hear us. your fired…..v2

  • Patricia

    I would love for you to say this to my face!!!!!



    • retiree

      Wasn’t hard to find. All are under FEHBP (Federal Employees Health Benefit Program), to include Congress.

  • walt holliday

    have you as a vet or a family member of a vet had enough of this so called leader ? if so get off your back obama has got to go.i will no longer refer to him as the president ,it is hard enough to live with mr.get out there and quit being afraid to speek out, let them call you anything they may, you know who and what you are. speek your mind dont let anyone call you a biget becouse you are tired of no leadership from the white house.and above all vote.dont just talk about it ,vote, dam it vote.stop this foolish administration vote.and get others to vote .dont stay home this year, or we will surely lose the country we love.

    • R. B.

      Why is it that people like you blame all that has resulted on President Obama and not on the prior administration, for the problems this nation is having right now. Stop being a cry baby and man-up and learn how to spell properly or master your english

    • angeleyesih

      Don’t get too carried away blaming the President. Senator McCain, the POW and the one that the majority of the military feel is their guy on the Hill wanted to completely remove Tricare Prime as an option. He was quoted as saying something to the effect that it would force working aged military retirees to participate in their employer sponsored health insurance. They are all a bunch of ungrateful sob’s. I don’t trust any of them from either side.

    • Gil

      Increasing fees for Tricare didn’t start with Obama. Both Bush’s and Clinton also tried to increase Tricare fees. So get off your “blame Obama” kick.

  • morgan

    it was jus a matter of time this would happen, if our goverment would
    come under the same system, stop their extream us of their private jets,.
    this adm should stop telling us how to eat what to do and correct their spending habits or campain on their own time and do the job they are supposed to do

  • Karen

    I was told when my spouse is 65 and is on medicare he would pay for medicare A B and there would not be a premium for Tri Care.
    I am a State Disability Retiree when I went on medicare the same thing happened, I paid for medicare and did not pay my blue cross premium with the state. So everyone should look into what is proposed for people that do have medicare and tricare or another insurance.

  • Julius

    Why would our Commander IN Cheef stop caring about our military and treat our veterans with disrespect and disregard after all that we have given to our country? Why would our Congressmen and our Senators treat us like dirt? We did what we were called to do. Thank you for so little recognition, and you will receive your rearward and i trust that all the pain and suffering that you are putting us and our family through that it comes back to you fourfold. This you truely deserve. jlt

  • Mike Crowley

    If you want to look at ways to trim the budget, rather than look toward those that spent their lives to date defending this country, how about looking toward those couch potatoes that lay around on the couch with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other while collecting their welfare checks. The government will even put it in the bank for them so they don’t have to get up off the couch! Many have never worked a day in thier lives yet collect food stamps, welfare, housing subsidy, rent subsidy, medicaid, oh and don’t forget the up to about $5000.00 in earned income credit while not contributing a dime to income tax. By the time all is said, many of these freeloaders make more money per year than I do!!! I’ve never heard a word about cutting these programs, yet military, both active and retired, are on the chopping block. I guess one reason for this favoritism and protection is that there are more voters in the category I described above than there are in the military. Need those votes so keep the freebees coming!!! My pride and self- determination will keep me working for mine thank you.

    • retiree

      Please acquaint yourself with TANF and the 5 year limitation. Please acquaint yourself with the requirements of Earned Income (proposed and pushed by President Nixon). Please also compare the size of these to the DoD budget (proposed $525 billion in 2013). Please also look at the cus in the 2013 budget – yes EVERYTHING is getting cut. I’m tired of posting pointers to facts, but needless to say, your knowledge displayed shows you believe random e-mails and rumors more than hard truth.

      The top 3 items in Federal Spending are Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, and DoD. Together they are about 80% of federal spending. Add them together along with interest on the National debt, and what is left over to pay for everything else in government (to include the VA) won’t cover the deficit.

      DoD will get cut – no ands, ifs, or buts about it. We need to be discussing HOW to cut, not running around yelling “don’t cut my program” and yet also yelling “balance the budget” – because it is physically impossible to do both. Continuing to push for no cuts in defense means we are NOT part of the debate. Instead remind them of their statement in Dec 2011 –

      NDAA 2012

      “Title VII – Health Care Provisions
      Subtitle A – Improvements to Health Benefits
      Section 701 –
      Expresses the sense of Congress that: (1) career military personnel and their families endure unique and extraordinary demands and make extraordinary sacrifices over the course of a 20-30 year career, and (2) those decades of sacrifice constitute a significant pre-paid premium for health care during a career member’s retirement that is over and above what the member pays with money. Limits, beginning with FY2012, the increase in the annual DOD patient enrollment fees to the percentage by which retired pay is increased.”

  • Lawnie D. Rasmussen

    As a former US Army Recruiter and Recruiting Supervisor I have a duty to say that there was an implicit understanding that Free Life Time Medical Care was part of the package, and came with all ENLISTMENTS and all RETIREMENTS. I know it must be hard for this administration to understand this trivial promise, but it was made to millions of service members. Stand up for what is right Mr. President. Don’t raise the costs of are Medical Care any higher than the amount of our annual COLA. We do support our country, as always, and are happy to pay our fair share even considering that we have sacrificed so much for it.

  • Beetle Baily

    I have less than no respect for any politician. This government is a time bomb. Time is about up.

  • artkart

    It galls me that the government would try to stick in the back of wounded warriors increased fees for everything medical. its not just unethical. its down right criminal. You see on tv all the time the ads for “Wounded Warriors” Shouldn’t the government be responsible for taking care of its wounded instead of “allowing” civilians to be begged to support our wounded. I have no problem with the program, i just think that it should be so unnecessary, at least it seems that way to me.

    • retiree

      Not that I agree with the proposal (I’ve written my Congressional Delegation against it), but this proposal is about TriCare, NOT VA care for wounded warriors.

    • Gil

      Wounded Warriors fall under the VA and if they are medically retired, then they are eligible for Tricare. But the VA is their preferred source of care for their disabilities. And if the government is taking care of the wounded, that care comes out of your taxes, where do you think the government gets their money for these programs?

  • varie

    Doesn’t anybody stop to think about what Congresspeople pay for thier insurance? How about them ante-ing up?

  • This is a disgrace and insult to the men and women in our Military Services. Obama is has raised military premiums and will add even more increases to TRICARE in the future. We are facing over 345% in additional co-pays and premiums, while Unions that donated to Obama’s Campaigns are Exempt. While Navy Seals were getting Bin Laden, Obama was working behind the scenes to gut our military entitlements. The media did a great job making Obama a Hero for getting Bin Laden. They should have told the public how he is gutting our medical benefits in return.

    • Charles


      Just a note, as we all know, premiums have yet to go up. As it stands right now, I still pay the exact same $19.17 per month or $230.00 dollars annually I paid when when I first retired in 1995.

      Although I’m a Republican and didn’t vote for the current President or will vote for him the second time around, I don’t see this as his fault at all. I will also say that in my opinion, if and when Romney gets elected, this will not change the probability that our health care costs/premiums might go up.

  • Chuck Kilbride

    This president Obama is a disgrace —- to change the benefits and make retirees pay while he redistributes wealth in America to all his illegal alien voters.he is just buying votes shameful.

    • Charles

      Chuck Kilbride,

      Although I didn’t vote for the current President, IMO this has nothing to do with him. Should Romney get elected, the same thing will continue to be talked about.

      Also, what must be reconized, is that since Tricare was enacted, there has yet to be a premium change. $19.17 per month when I retired in 1995, and is still $19.17 per month to this day.

      • deanna

        How much has your pension increased? I’d bet not by much! I know my husbands has only increased by $16.00 per month total since 2005, when he retired. He served 37 years.

  • Sheri

    Oh, if only we had thought of voting in an American in the first 4 years. Obama doesn’t give a “sh” about America or the people that have worked hard to build the country. He is not American, wasn’t born American, went to a Muslim school in Indonesia and has no intention of keeping America free. He is working fast and hard to make it socialistic and plans on being the dictator that he set out to be. Please vote him out and put someone in that appreciates freedom and what America has always been. Obama care will not provide the healthcare that people want (free). Nothing is free and it will cost astronomically. The military deserves to have medical benefits because they put their lives on the line to keep America free. If you don’t appreciate freedom, then move back to where you have none.

    • retiree

      Please take your birther conspiracy elsewhere. President Obama is a natural born citizen, born in the state of Hawaii, resident in the US for the last 14 years, and over the age of 35.

      • Xlandria

        Referring to people who question the fact that given, albeit begrudgingly, facts that just don’t add up, ‘birthers’ does not change the fact that 2+2 isn’t equaling 4 and therefore brings questions as to why facts just don’t gel. We have a right to question any questionable issues. The fact is that Obama doesn’t respect the U.S. or it’s citizens and from the get go when all was checked, NO ONE has ever seen his B.C. That aside, B.O made it appear that he was making it better for the Military. What a joke that is and so is he. No matter the outcome in November, all hell is about to break out and we need to be ready for it.

        • Xlandria,

          “That aside, B.O made it appear that he was making it better for the Military.”

          Made it appear?????

    • Manny K

      You must be Repub and a birther in order to say things of that nature about the POTUS. He was born in the U.S. (Hawaii 50th State), He was educated in an Hawaiian Missionary School (Punahou). He was educated in the USA. (Harvard). He is doing his damndest to make the best of things with a Republican Congress that is obstructionist in every way. I am proud to have served in the Military (25 yrs) and I am proud he is the Commander In Chief. We couldn’t have asked for better. If anything you Republicans that live high on the hog don’t want anybody else to eke out a living. The majority of these young congress people who have never served in any branch but who are now benefitting serving politically earn big wages, get free medical and get retirement benefits that we have to struggle for. The first thing congress when they get back to work is ask for a pay raise. I am sorry they don’t ask., they just pass legislation on it and get their raise. Do you think they think of us? No. they think of themselves first. Wake up young lady, get your “sh” together and get a life. I appreciate freedom. Do you?

  • mark haleen

    i like the system they have in sweden where everybody gets healthcare and mental healthcare, whatever they need, and everybody pays, and nobody gets rich because you get sick. the amercian system is based on profit motive that pits one against the other, where you are a cash cow to be milked at will, unless you curry favore in some way. you are selfish hateful greedy people who brag you are the best. you are not! you are the best at lies and killing people like the murder of the indians, or yourselves everyday in your cities as you cling to your right to have a vote for people who destroy your future and the earth. this is your legacy.

    • Chuck – retired AF

      You sound like some misinformed foreigner. You think your socialist medical system is the best, but it’s so backed up, no body can get the medical help they need. That’s because when it’s free, everyone abuses it. Besides that you aren’t a citizen here and have no say. For your information, we in the military were told that part of our pay was free retired medical care for life, and dental, and free education up to a bachelors degree. After I retired, the dental care was removed, then the educational benefits were cancelled. Now, they want us to pay for our medical care, more and more each year, while Robert Gates goes before Congress and lies to get us to pay for his weapons development thru increased tricare costs. $1.208 billion to be exact. He got caught and is no longer the Sec. of Defense. It’s basically about lying to veterans to get them to reinlist and fight, then screwing them out of the promised benefits after they served. And to the moron that stated that we have space available care at military hospitals, we have been effectively kicked out of those facilities through scheduling practices.


    I just recently retired and I’m struggling from pay check to pay check even with my wife working. I’m having a hard time finding employment in my career field. Right now I’m supplementing my income by using the post 911 GI Bill. I have two little ones to feed and if they increase the Tricare Prime fees it will be taking food from my family’s mouth.

  • Xlandria

    I truly believe that no one should ever earn more than an active duty soldier. These are the ones that make it possible for civilians to enjoy their freedoms today. It is also a shame when our Military people make such little money that they qualify for Food Stamps. I was an Army wife in the mid 70’s and low ranking/new recruits make next to nothing. Until I found work we lived on rotating meals of Soup Beans & Cornbread; Biscuits & Gravy or Fried Potatoes & Gravy. Once in awhile we’d be able to buy a chicken and we splurged on the 15th with a Chef Boyardee Pizza, (it came in a box) and we’d have a beer. Talk about feeling like royalty, why we even had little pets, cockroaches, a common item in all off base housing. Now I’m married to a retired Naval Petty Officer, we pay for the ‘free’ medical plus until he dies his ex-wife gets 1/2 his retirement, which means a whole $600 a month for 30 yrs of service. Kind of gives you a warm & fuzzy feeling. Yeah – not. But I love the US of A!

    • Xlandria,

      “I truly believe that no one should ever earn more than an active duty soldier. These are the ones that make it possible for civilians to enjoy their freedoms today.”

      Although I don’t agree with your first sentence, I used to think the same thing you said in you second sentence. Having thought about it as I’ve aged and been to Nam and Gulf 1 and realizing there have been 94 US Interventions since Viet Nam, I’ve changed my mind.

      I now feel that there is zero evidence that if Vietnam, Gulf 1 or 2 never happened those Civilians would still have those same freedoms today, with or with out me.

  • jack arlauskas

    Nice Tricare It’s a shame how you treat us. We didn”t get a cola raise also. I have a dod job and we also have a pay freeze. But my rent went up so overall I make less when I could use more. Thansk

  • MRImage

    If our country and government wants to stab us in the back….Well…….

    • Idmtmedic

      Yes they do and worse yet are so called veterans agreeing with it. Soon enough our retirement check will be paying for our medical insurance.

      • bob

        just like my retirement income is paying for my medicare insurance…

      • idmedic,

        Our medical care was never meant to be free, and once you’ve retired anyway, there can only be retirement monies paying for anything.

        • Idmtmedic

          Really???? So when fees surpass retirement pay? What happens then? What’s the benefit? Where does that money come from?

  • paul

    TRICARE rates SHOULD NOT be based on retired pay, but the use of it. It makes no sense to me why someone should be charged more for a health care plan based on what they make, but rather should be based on how often they use it. Just my .02 cents worth, but worth debating. Thoughts?

  • Idmtmedic

    TH has done a wonderful thing. However not sure many have used the option to contact their reps or become active in retiree issues. My hope is his efforts will pay off. Have MANY issues with a few on here but it’s a great venue for opinions. Good or &#%%^ up in two cases. Course that is my opinion. Jump in and voice yours.

  • Idmtmedic

    Ooook thanks…..yea very strong argument. I’m taking a stab here…..ummmm Charles? Lmao

  • David
  • Loretta

    The more I read, the more conflicting info I get, just who is responsible for these hurting price increases, Obama or Congress, and what can we do to stop this stupid use of OUR money? Something just has to be done. I have contacted and complained to all political leaders in my state – nothing.

    • Loretta,

      “just who is responsible for these hurting price increases”

      The cost of health care and us.


      “From 2001 to 2012, military health-care expenditures rose over 170 percent, from $19 billion to $53 billion. As a share of defense spending, health care represented 6.1 cents of every dollar spent by DoD in 2010, up from 4.5 cents in 2000. At $53 billion, health care is roughly 10 percent of DoD’s base budget, and without reform it is expected to rise an additional 28 percent to $64 billion by 2015.”

      For the full Story:

  • Jack

    Tricare Prime rates are going from $520 a YEAR to $820 for a FAMILY. That is a cost of only $68 a month. Those in the civilian world often pay more than $400 a month for family healthcare. We are still getting a bargain for healthcare. Yes, it will mean a little less money in our pockets. But, it will be nothing compared to what our civilian counterparts have paid out and continue to pay for healthcare.

    • Jack,

      The figues you site were only proposals, but I agree with you about what the rest of Americans have to pay.

    • Randy

      Civilian counterparts did not have to put their life on the line for their country, did not work for peanuts the entire 20-30yrs they worked for their company, and were not promised free health care if they worked for their employee!

      • Randy,

        Look up what the 10 most dangerous jobs in America is. We active and retired didn’t have to put our lives on the line either, unless we were drafted back in the day. As for the rest of us, no one twisted our arm and forced us to join the military, and then there is that not being forced to reentlist either. Like the recruiters in civilain world and those in the Military, none them can give you free health care for life.

        Congress never passed any Law or Funded any free health care for life for anyone. Matter of fact, that case went as high as the U.S. Supreme Court and lost in 2003.


        Military Health Care:
        The Issue of “Promised” Benefits
        Updated January 19, 2006

        Court Case Lost

        • Idmtmedic

          Look up the pay for the most dangerous jobs in America AND they also VOLUNTEERED.

          • idmedic,

            Your point is what?????

          • Idmtmedic

            They volunteer or did I miss something? What is YOUR POINT? let’s compare those death rates Charles. C’mon stats guy. Number of deaths in any occupation compared to military. ANY YEAR

          • idmedi,

            Ok, compare those rates, then get back to me.

      • David
        • David,

          I disagree with your idea and this is why. Why should I be penalized by having to pay more just because I worked harder, stayed longer, promoted above my peers. Should your idea apply to everything in life, then in the end, we would all end up with the same amount monies at the end of the month.

          • David
          • David,

            I see we still disagree about whether everyone should pay the same amount in fee’s when it comes to Tricare. I think I might agree with you, if all the other Health Insurance Company’s charged based on what you made before you retired.

            I would just love to hear the reasons WHY you think it is fair to base fees on Rank when you retired.

          • David
  • David

    The disingenuous leadership in the defense department is sickening. DOD wastes tons of money, I know as I spent 32 active duty years in the Marines. They (DOD Officials) went after the retirees about 10 years ago but congress beat them back. They are at it again only this time there is less sympathy form Americans so we can get ready to get ripped off even more. Retirees must unite and fight back. DOD could do many things to improve health but they simply choose not to. One example is I tried to get them to stop selling tobacco products on base for the past 15 years. Another example is I suggested some better health programs such as classes on nutrition. There is no excuse for enrollment fees or deductibles. And the VA is another story, what a dysfunctional behemoth, gut it. If someone has a service related disability (non retiree) then they should be able to go to an active duty doctor for treatment. Oh, and TRICARE is not “unsustainable” it is simply a budget choice. DOD officials should stop wasting so much money and, along with the rest of the country, live up to the promise they made.

    • Ron

      I put 32 years in and every year the government wastes billions on projects they never checked on to see if they were properly managed. Leave medical insurance alone and get the auditors doing there job you will see billions wasted yearly.