Vets Need to Apply for Disability Review

According to Congressional findings, some servicemembers that were medically separated between Sept. 11, 2001, and Dec. 31, 2009 were low-balled on the disability ratings even though their medical records showed symptoms of traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. In 2008 Congress ordered the DoD to change the disability evaluation systems that led to so many underrated medical conditions of ill and injured members.

Tom Philpott is reporting that in an effort to “correct past wrongs,” Congress has directed the Department of Defense to establish the Physical Disability Review Board (PDRB) to reexamine the records and possibly raise the disability ratings of up to 77K veterans who were medically separated between Sept. 11, 2001, and Dec. 31, 2009. These veterans should receive a letter instructing them to apply for a PDBR.

However, veterans do not have to wait for the letter to apply. All the information vets need to apply is available online at:

Read this week’s Military Update to learn more.

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Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Liam

    Hmmmm…geee…go figure!! When I was stationed at Walter Reed AMC my Bosses were yelling about this..!! So…WHAT did we flatten our n*ts for again..?!

  • Erich

    How does this affect a disability rating from the VA?

    • amtho93944

      It does nothing to help your disability rating. The VA has their own rating system that they go by.

  • Tritonrider

    Last I knew the US Army was still in contempt of congress on their deliberately lowballing disability ratings. Then when ordered to review the cases using proper standards they used the same old standards, and big surprise, nothing changed. Then Congress cited them for contempt, then the election cycle was over and the vet’s were screwed again.
    Does anyone know if anyone at the Pentagon was ever held accountable for disobeying these directives?

  • Pablo

    You know I was discharged and my combined disability was 80% last December I was dropped from CRDP with no explanation after some sweating and having to deal with some abnoxious individuals I was told that I do not qualify for CRDP. This after three years of being under this program, y am going bankrupt now cause I cannot pay my bills, what the hell, they do not know what they are doing and sometimes the only solutions is to either say F___ it or blow my brains out, let’s see what is going to happen.

    • tdhowell

      Hey Pablo,
      Tell me more about your situation. I’ll e-mail you.

      • Jack vollriede

        Please don’t “blow your brains out” You probably were just using that “phrase” out of context….but you are my brother in a way. If you do not get satisfaction from the VA, use your civilian insurance…if that is not possible call Jessica Pinder….She is my OIF/OEF combat case manager and she gives a shit!!!! She has brought me down when I’m feeling like I can’t go on.

        She is at the Captain James A. Lovell VA in North Chicago (by Great Lakes Naval Center) her number is 224-610-1444. she can either help you or find someone who can. Tell her Jack V. gave you her number. If you need any help e-mail me at

        I don’t care what branch you were in, your rank, what medal you received or what you did…you are a here to me


  • Whats the name of that website or place?

  • jacquesdaspy

    The DOD and VA have consistently ignored Congress in regards to soldiers rights or benefits because they can. Congress and congressman are “temps” The DOD and the VA are full time and forever, they are not elected, they are employed.

    The veterans are second to last in the lineup for the federal dollar. If you’re a white male you’re in trouble because your minority is behind the vets.

  • jack

    Need to apply now, before all the AIDS types do. Thanks Bobo Obama. You screwed us again.

    • Frank

      Sorry dude, hate to break the news to you, but Obama’s got nothing to do with it; it has been screwed up since before Vietnam!!!

  • Amtho93944

    Someone educate me. When a veteran gets med-boarded they usually get a payment on their way out the door. Then, if they go to the VA, the VA rates them based on totally different standards and comes up with their own disability rating. When the VA starts paying the veteran, the veteran doesn’t see one dime until the VA has re-couped what the veteran was payed by the military on his way out the door. So even if the military pays out more, which is what congress wants, it will be that much longer before the veteran sees any money from the VA, which is exactly how congress wrote the laws.

    As crazy as it sounds, the lower the rating the military gives a veteran, and the less money they give him, the quicker the veteran sees money from the VA. And since the VA totally disregards what the DoD rates a veteran, then the veteran benefits the most in this screwed up system by receiving a low rating from the DoD. Someone please tell me I’m wrong and that congress isn’t this F____d up.

    • Jack Vollriede

      One more thing…me and my 84 year old dad attended a PTSD seminar (only two there:) and he opened up about things from 1944–1945. Those thing are still on his mind after 66 years. That man is my ultimate hero!!!!

  • mari mitchell

    I was in the marines for 4 years, from 2000 to 2004. Eventhough i did not deploy i was hurt during training. I tried to re-enlist but wa deny because i was not able to pass the PFT, I was put on limited duty twice and then my EAS came up and was told that i would be a bad decision to get out on medical and to suck it up and get out on a honorable which i did and was also told to go to the VA and they would take care of. i received 30% put that was not enough to survive so i got a job doing supply which made my condition worse. My question is was i low-balled?

    • amtho93944

      Very likely. I find that even though everyone operates out of the same book, that ratings and compensation examiners attitudes often reflect the management’s view of veterans. In other words you can request to be re-evaluated, and you can request a specific VA hospital (VAMC) do the exam. But do your research first. Find out from local veterans how they view specific VAMC’s. ALSO, you may have secondary issues due to your service connected issue. For example: your left knee is bad, so your body will automatically distribute your weight on other joints causing them to wear out faster. That sounds like what is happening to you. Find a local VSO to help you.

    • percy

      Just reopen your claims for a higher scd% what the problem?

    • EJHarris

      That may be a possibility but on the same token, without knowing your condition or anything it’s hard to say – you need to get with the DAV and seek their assistance in submitting either new information or a request for re-evaluation.
      Regardless, you’ll need to have a job for pay as unless you’re rated at 100% the benefit is minimal and is intended to meet the medical needs your condition creates, not give you a living for life.

    • Jim

      yes and you are most times. I have seen this over 15 years of helping veterans’ what they have comming.

    • Guest

      Dear Ms. Mitchell:

      You do not state what your “condition” is so there is no way to know if VA “low balled” you or not. Did you appeal the 30% decision? If not, the deadline to appeal has probably come and gone BUT, you can always apply for an increase. Have you been treating continuously for your condition?

  • Paul Jackson

    Lowballed is a very polite way of saying f_ed, I was treated like trash by the military once I was no longer useful to them. Now the VA seems to enjoy treating me the same.

  • Nicholas Roberts

    So if I am rated at 30% PTSD but I was not Med dischraged I do not qualify becuase I didn’t get medically discharged correct ? If so that’s horse spitt and they know it. Not only did med discharges get low balled MOST of PTSD claims period got low balled.

    Nick Roberts
    OIF 2003
    1/17FA – 4th ID

    • percy

      Just reopen your claims go to the doctors and file for an increase

      • percy

        Also go to DAV.

        • Nicholas Roberts

          I already filed for increase back in May 2009 and currently waiting decision and the DAV is also my rep – I was just saying that they need to re-evaluate most of the PTSD claims from that time period because it wasn’t just the Med Board soldiers that got low balled – its either I got low balled or my battle buddies got high balled one or the other

  • Nicholas Roberts

    Oh and BTW presently waiting on PTSD appeal that was filed in May of 2009. Yes that’s correct 2009. Currently at VSO for second time. Please hire more veteran VSO’s . Thanks , Nick

  • percy

    Veterans need to learn one word APPEAL everything; I know the VA. processing is very time consuming. However, vets need to take control of your earned benefits and stop releying on the VA to do the right thing,go to the Board of Veterans Appeals website and search out the pevious decisions as they pertain to your claim(s) and visit website ecfr 38 read sections 1-17 if you understand the rules “which most vets don’t” you can and win all of your claims. Sincerely

  • RetE8 vietnam vet

    I’ve had a lousy 10% since I retired in 91 after 27 years. The Dr that gave me my final eval at Mcguire was sitting sideways in his chair with his tongue hanging out, I asked whats wrong with you doc?, he said he had a stroke 2 weeks ago!! , man and this was the guy that wrote up my final eval to Ronaoke. no wonder I ended up with 10%.

    • Ann

      My husband retired with 20 years in. He also got 10%, finally went up to 20% after a number of years. They gave the extra 10% because of his hearing, which I felt he should have gotten right from the begining of his retirement. He lost a large part of his hearing due to work on jet and helicopter engines, even with wearing ear protection. At one of his hearing exams at a civilian doctor office, he said to the lady taking down information, that the ear protection back in those days was not as good as what they have nowdays, so she wrote down that he did not use ear protection. You really need to watch what you say at exams and ask to read what they wrote before you leave the office so that you can request a rewrite or clearing something up.


    I have been retired since 1989 and I have not had any problems with the need to have all your medical records in order,and you the veteran have to apply for your benfits your self VA. WILL NOT GIVE YOU ANY THING UNLESS YOU APPLY FOR IT YOUR SELF THAT IS THE BOTTOM LINES.

    • Harold Smith

      I have done everything and got all my paper work in what else do I have to do kiss their dirty a$%

      • John

        My VSO helped me a lot, however I was at 60% for 15 years before my health got bad enough for a 100% rating. I will say this.Whatever is wrong must be a valid problem and you MUST stay after the VA. Write letters in your own words describing your illness. Stay with FACTS and dont swear at anyone. Name-calling never got anyone disability. Let them know you arent going away. Also , surf the DAV forums for good advicefrom other vets.


    I just had a C.M.P to revaluate the disability of my back it has been getting worse over the past few years. One thing that was stated in the Doctors report or whatever he is that performs the C.M.P was that I could put my Shoes and socks on. Yep I sure can and I HAVE to do that every day no matter how bad it hurts. Range of Motion no matter how bad it hurts. Means nothing to them. This is BS.

    • John

      I feel your pain. My legs , knees and lower back are all on my service connected list. On my next to last C&P my Doc asked me questions about what I did . I mentioned getting groceries once every two weeks and that it took about 15 to 20 minutes. Well, in her report , she surmised that she could walk a mile in 20 minutes and therfore I could walk a mile ! No increase of benefits. Well, at the advice of my VSO , I wrote a letter with my appeal, in my own words how her logic was flawed and then gave a detailed description of what I could really do and how much it hurt. It took about 60 days till I was granted a new C&P with the same Doc ! This time she was on my side ! I guess I convinced her . This time she helped me. 60 days later I was granted 100% with a note stating I would never have to prove my disability again.No more C&P’s . EVER. I have been a DAV for over 20 years and I think this had some bearing on my case. Either way , sometimes they just want to know how strong your convictions are. Some GI’s really do want something for nothing. Be honest and write letters in your own words !

  • Grandmom

    So what about all of the older Veterans that have been waiting for years to get some benefits.
    My husband passed away last month while waiting for an appeal to his Benefits. He’ll never know if they would have increased his VA Disability or not!
    Is that what the VA is hoping for, the Veterans to pass away and never get their Disability?
    He fought for our country in Nam and has gotten not much out of it.

    • Harold Smith

      I was med. discharged and sent all my paperwork now waiting for the VA to decide on when I will get mine and how much over 5 years now I am 72 and all I get is we are working on it maybe they are waiting for us to die then they can file 13 it and don’t have to take care of it.

      • Grandmom

        As I mentioned I think they hope the older Vets will just pass away and not have to deal with them.

        • Jim

          I have seen with my own eyes how the VA works, I have 2 friends that have fought for this country and they are both dieing from cancer and everytime they try to get assistance from the VA it seems like they are dragging their feet hoping they will pass on. I myself am a veteran and lost hearing in my right ear all I get is a constant ringing in my year and they rated it at 10% when I had perfect hearing when I joined the military. I have ask for a increase but I keep getting the denial letter. The VA doctor even told me some veterans commit suicide because they can’t handle the ringing and it drives them crazy.

          • Grandmom

            Jim, same happened with my husband with his hearing. He was given 10% Disability and they listed it as Tinnitus, but then the VA hospital hearing specialist gave him hearing aids 2 days before he was put into hospice, dying of brain cancer. Allot of good they did for him.

    • Bob

      That is precisely what the VA is doing. It’s called, “Deny”, Delay”, hope they die. And there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.

      • Grandmom

        Yes, they do that so well! But not with the new Vets.

    • karenann

      My heart sends love and divine light to you, Grandmom. The unfortunate truth is that the VA i believe does hope we will just go away somehow, whether passing or giving up on getting deserved benefits. Even sadder, is what our families go through with all the stress and frustration of no validation, little compassion. I happen to be 100% disabled status, yet even now, after years of struggle, they discard emergency room bills as frivolous, just so we can be responsible or have our credit rating damaged. They seem so desparate and overwhelmed sometimes with not being able to do what they perhaps wish they could in some cases. We must continue to send intententions for improvement and quality, expeditious care for all the dear ones with medical needs. The war is truly in our society, It has infiltrated every fiber of family, social structure. We are the ones who must speak for and insist on change. Love and peace for all.

      • Grandmom

        Thank you so much! If only they had helped our Vets back when they first came home.
        Yes, our family had to deal with his hearing loss, pay for his eye surgery and also the anger (PTSD) for all of these years.

    • karenann

      Grandmom, Please find a good advocate and get some benefits for yourself. Set a precedent. Don’t accept beaurocratic dismissal. Get others together to do the same. Claim your power and rights. You will find them.

      • Grandmom

        So far have not found any one that will help me. I’ve contacted so many people. Back to square one and going to start all over again. Calling my State Rep today! Thank you.

        The wives and family suffer through this too!

  • Dale

    I was in Desert storm and Got out after returning. I was haveing night sweets, nightmares, I even woke up one night strangling my wife; while dreaming that I was fighting for my life! I was denied PTSD because I didn’t continue to have such horrible nightmares. My wife and I are still happly married after 25yrs, and I haven’t tried to strangle her again, but I still will have an occasional bad dream! Just live or die with it I guess!

    • Paul

      you shouldn’t have to live with it or just die with it. it’s a crime what our government does to those who protect and die for the freedoms Americans have and our government in its haste is taking away. if not for yourself then for your family, keep at them to get your due. all Vets deserve to be cared for after they have served and honored this country…

      • rayman

        i also have finally been diag with ptsd after 20 years even after returning from the gulf war i was even in the hosp. for this while in service you should never give up because that is what they want i wake all of the time standing over my wife saying your going to die but have never been violent towards her thank god i wouldn’t be able to live with myself if i done something wrong just remember we are all brothers and sisters out here no matter what conflict we just need to stick together god bless take care

    • Guest

      Dear Dale:

      Just because you were denied (and you didn’t say WHEN you were denied) doesn’t mean that you cannot file again. If you are still having PTSD issues, I strongly urge you to file again. Don’t give up.

      • Idmtmedic

        Guest, your a breath of fresh air on this site. Hope your attitude and obvious knowledge will help many. Why not start your own email or web site to give these Vets some direction or counsel. Too many have bashed the struggles veterans have and I am more than pissed at how many dismiss their struggles. Whining and crying seems to be the catch phrase. Keep up the encouragement!!!!!

        • Idmtmedic

          C’mon out Charles, lmao. Post your USUAL BS!!! Non support for veterans.

  • andrew

    What’s is the average process time of an original claim. I think it’s stupid that a veteran should first be denied a claim, and second be made to wait two years for a decision to be rendered. I’m a combat veteran that suffers from p.t.s.d, t.b.I, stomach problems, blood disorder, I.b.s, and a few other issues that the va is still treating me for, but I’m still not receiving any comp & pen. Someone please explain

    • frank

      andrew. son you are in a
      good place now to receive your benefits, I have waiter over 40 years for mine and i still do have them yet, you know its all about hurry up andwait . I just hope you get yours soon. frank

  • Walt

    What about Vietnam vets? I was not allowed to reenlist in the Reserves in 1987, because of glacoma,flat feet, and curvature of the spine,after 4yrs active 12.5 yrs reserves!! After fighting the VA since the 70’s, I got 30%,then 50%, then because I had 4 heart attacks, I finally got moved up to 80%,because they said Agent Orange was to blame! But I still can’t use the commissary!

    • andrew

      That’s not right. You should be rated at 100%. I believe that all returning combat veterans should automatically be rated at 100%. I’m trying to figure out why don’t they give us commissary privliges? What’s up with that? What have we done to have these privliges removed? I’m a desert storm vet that suffer from many problems, that is attributed to the time I spent over there, but they still haven’t given me any money yet

    • Bill

      Keep at it, Walt–File for PTSD and unemploybility–100% Permanent and Total gets you in the commissary—

    • Trying to stay with it too Walt, I’m still in the DENIED state, 2 heart attacks, 2 aneurysms, Cancer removed twice, constant cronic fatigue, loss of strength in both legs making it difficult to walk thru Walmart…Still delays and denial..listening to the “State of the Union address” tonight, the President reminds us again of the sacrifices made by our Veterans…and Considering all the Vietnam Veterans still being denied, I guess All we can do is HOPE !! Walt, lets stay with it and continue to hope for the best..Thank you Walt, for your service..Mike

    • Grandmom

      My husband tried to reenlist after getting out of the Army just 6 years before because he was struggling to find work to support his family. they turned him down because we had 3 kids, only thing is we had those 3 kids when we left the Army before.
      My husband only finally received 40% after fighting the VA since 1972. We appealed, but that did us no good, he’s gone now!

    • Bill, SSGT USMC

      Hey Walt, if you have atleast one disability at 40% or more and another one that would five you atleast 70% with the VAs funny math, you can file for unemployability. Take all you award letters and any letters you have received from the VA to DAV, stay on your case and dont give up, it took me 2yrs and 9 months to get mine, im 90% which qualified me for unemployability with 100% pay.After you get that go to your nearest military base and take your award letter and go to ID section and get your ID which will allow you for base previliges. Also what I did I filed for Social Security and when I filled out my paperwork, I sent a copy of my award letter where it showed I was unemployable and received my first check a month or so later I qualified for social security. Im a viet nam vet and I wasnt aware of all these options available untill 2001. Good Luck and stay on them Bro.

  • Dewey Kerr

    This is what happens when you have Civilian Psychologist doing the initial reviews that have never been in the Military or served in Cmbat

    • robert rowe

      Ya, it only took me26 yrs. to get da V.A. to get from 3% to 100% !!

    • LtDougman

      It does not even help and may hurt to have a psychologist or psychiatrist who has been in the service. I have many symptoms of PTSD and because I was nt in a “war zone” I have no reason to be treated for PTSD. My shrinks were, all but one, VA docs or Dos that are Vets and have been in combat. I was in an airplane that caught fire at altitude and along with several other major problems that should have caused that machine to fall from the shy, I don’t have PTSD from it, even though I have nightmares about it up to 5 times a week and can smell the smoke many times through out the day and night. They would rather we all die without getting what we deserve. Icould not care less if I get it, but I want those wo have worse symptoms to get it for sure, as my symptoms are bad enough.

  • B.Joe

    After you/ve received the inevitable notice of denial of your claim,which is almost a given, you will of course appeal in hopes that the VA will suddenly get religion and grant your claim. Good luck! Take the iniative, ask for a hearing with a VA benefits judge. You should be given the option of teleconference or one on one which was the route I took and won. It took 2&half yrs Fight or surrender!

    • jean

      File a ‘”notice of disagreement,” befor an appeal. This will take less time & give you an oppertunity to provide any further info they request. Appeals take 2yrs or more related to back logs. ALWAYS work with a srevice officer.

  • norman

    if you where in combat and got ptsd, and say you got 50% what the hell is the differnce beteen 50 and 100%. dose that mean your only half f— up

    • karenann

      Norman, Unfortunately, the real difference between 50 and 100% is they keep hanging the carrot over us, making us beg, feeding their egos, letting our families suffer, hoping we’ll go away. It also the difference between copays for scripts (that often make us worse),full med care, tuition for our kids, whether or not we show reliability for mortgage qualification, being validated, honored for our sacrifices. Meanwhile, they’re getting paid, they’re keeping us sick with undue stress because people don’t heal when they’re worried about food in the cabinets, healthcare, etc.Eventually, our kids/spouses get the brunt end, families get destroyed, we end up lonely and isolated and the neighbors think we’re the ones who are “f****d up. How do we break the cycle? How can we become more solution oriented while maintaining some dignity? Thoughts are powerful. So is love and more love and more love. Our govn’t structure will soon change and equanimity will prevail. It must.

      • Jean

        Take copies of your civilian medical records & DD214 to a district service officer ( State certified), then reopen your claim. Be sure you can support the claim with medical evidence, IE: treatment records with on going treatment, meds, theraphy. Ask about other medical conditions related to PTSD, they are also valid claims. Ask about the ,’presumptive conditions related to Agent Orange. If it’s not documented you won’t be able to justify the claim. Intervi ew the service officer, ask what they can do to help support your claim, get approx. time frames between the different steps of the process, ask about ,”C&P exam.
        . Ask about ,”fully developed claims “. After all they will be working for you, so expect them to be able to do the job. Our VA has change in many ways for the better since the70’s/80’s.

    • Grandmom

      Exactly! You either are or your not!

  • I Hope That All You Veterans Out There Get Your Just Do. It’s A Struggle, But Also A Wake Up Call. Maybe This Great Country We We’re All So GungHo To Defend, Doesn’t Have Us As It’s Best Interest. IMHO That’s The Typical “American” Way SMH, It’s No Wonder Why We Are Disliked In Other Countries. If We Can Treat The Very People That Fight For Our Freedoms With Dignity, & Pride How Can We Treat Others, Or Even Be An Example For The World? Charity Begins At Home. America You Need An Overhaul, Before It’s Too Late! Then Who’s Gonna Fight For This Mythical Legend Called America? Have You Seen Her? Or Him? Been MIA, UA, AWOL Since I Can Remember!

  • David

    been fighting them for decades, all my medical and personnel records conveniently disappeared….they refuse to accept eye witness accounts as hearsay even the court of veterans appeals sent me a letter saying ” we have given him months even years to produce evidence of a claim but he has failed to do so…I wrote that idiot back and ask him what part of my records are missing do you have a problem understanding ” I now have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peal and yet they still use every trick in the book to delay my claim.

    • LtDougman

      I feel for you brother, my records have gone missing several times. I finally tracked them down on my own, but still no help. I hope you can get what you have coming before it is too late. Trust in the Lord, you can’t trust your Uncle Sam.

      • howard

        I have also went through this but i kept a lot of my records and reports and the va keeps sending my claim back and i think it just sits on someones desk , i dont know why the va is so slow or why things get misplaced maybe that would’nt happen if it did’tn sit on someones desk so long or passed from person to person. what happen to hiring more peple ot get these claims done faster.

  • David

    What about us that were med boarded for PTSD before 2001 (mine 1994 from Desert Storm). I guess the 10% the ARMY decided I was UN-fit for duty for and the 30% I receive from the VA is all I will ever see. I am glad that they are reviewing it for the service members I just wish I would have been allowed to finish my 20 like I wanted to.

    • jean

      Reopen your claim, provide documentation of PTSD & on going treatment. The VA will consider you ‘” healded,” if you can not justify the claim with on going treatment. Any vet should request an increase in their rating yearly with supporting evidence

  • john raymond

    40 years later,Have had evauation from 4 civilian doctors that stat i am suffering from ptsd and cronic depression yet the all mighty v a says there is no proof .. will not give rateing

    • Grandmom

      You’re not alone! This is happening to too many.

  • gary

    I agree with all of the above I’m a VN vet an they gave me 30% yet I still have night mares and flash backs what is our blessed government going to do for those of us that are pre-2001. let me guess NOTHING.

    • Grandmom

      Exactly! My husband had the same problems and the last few years they had gotten worse!
      Yep! The older Vets get nothing!

  • rcamdennj

    Once you are injuried or not needed you can expect nothing but a hard road from the Government. We deal with systems that have no respect or honor. I feel so sorry for the young men and women who will suffer dealing with a promise. Once the job is done and you are not needed you get the hard road. Once I lost everything
    , that was important to me while waiting for help. Give the politicians a big hand

    • Grandmom

      So true! Where is the government after you come home from war? You’re forgotten!

  • lenore richardson

    my father was 77th special forces and my sister was on the Lexington when the plane crashed on the deck. both of them saw things that caused them to have many medical problems. my sister was told she did not ptsd and my father died not hearing anything his records were lost somehow and whoever he was seen by has died. i feel bad that they can’t get the help that they fought for.

  • FrankBowers-Squeaky

    It took me from 1063 to 1999 to get my VA Disability approved. including the entire folder lost and having to start all over again. Now they do not wish to enact my disability to the original date.
    My heart goes out to majority of the ones writing complaints here. I know it is a long struggle to get any thing and I am living proof of such.
    My last review was in September and to this day they are reviewing that review and was told just yesterday it would be at least 6 more months before a decision can be reached. I have a problem when it takes 12 months for any one to review any thing. It is just a means to drag things out and do nothing while they get their checks for doing nothing. Shame on the lot.
    Frank Bowers, FIC, 100% DAV, Austin, TX 7734

  • jean

    File a NOD,”notice of disagreement,” with your service officer& give the rational of the exam. Any vet has 1 yr. to do the NOD from the date of the decission.

  • Anthony C.

    Those of you that are having problems with your disability ratings,etc,should contact the nearest office of the “Disabled American Veterans”.They are angels on earth and will fight to the end to make sure you get the proper benefits that you are entitled to.God bless them.They have helped so many veterans,including myself.

  • 1966cabledog

    If you were at Ft. Gordon in 03-04 going through the med board process with me, you definately got shafted by the whole process. From doctors fabricating records to downplay injuries to disregarding army regulations and federal law on rating disabilities. You were made to feel like you was stealing from the army/govt because you got injured or hurt. They need to review the disrespectful pissants who conducted these boards and prosecute them under ucmj and federal court. I had 19 yrs 2 mos service and was denied my retirement. I was deemed unfit for duty and handed 10% for the hard work and sacrifice from me and my family. I got a severence check from the army and the v.a. is taking it back each month.

    • Paul Jackson

      I agree 100 percent. I was med evaced to germany then to ft. Knox to a med hold unit. I was injured by multiple IED’s. Once I was at this BS unit I was berated from day one from slick sleeved reservists who’s only job was to find a way to get us out. That three months were far worse than any amount of time in combat

    • Bill, SSGT USMC

      Do you have representation? Have you filed a claim. If you havent filed a claim, go see your nearest veterans service officer and file a claim. While you are at it tell him you would like for Disabled American Veterans to represent you. They helped me out pretty good and there are others that have been helped by them. Make sure your veterans service officer knows the books. If you arent happy with him you can allways just go straight to DAV.

  • Todd

    The VA has it ways of being slow. I was medically discharged from the Navy after losing part of finger in ship door.

    I got 20% retirement in 1994 the VA after 15 years finally just increased my rating to 30% because there is arthritis in my knee. ….I had knee surgery on my knee in 1992 in the Navy….

    I takes a while but you have to keep fighting.

  • ted bialy

    I am a Vietnam Vet, I was told in 2009 that I had colon cancer. They operated on me and perforated my colon, I went into ceptic shock and dam neared died. I am one of the lucky few. But I was in the hospital for better part of 9 months. with a hell of a scare and 2 holes in my stomach. I was suicidel and depressed. I have PTSD from all the crap I had to go thru and still have sever problems today. I filed a claim over a year ago, met with P&C back in Sept and have not heard a word from anybody since then. The V V A is my POA. I sure would like to heard something from them any thoughts?

    • Guest

      Dear Mr. Bialy:

      Do you know if your colon cancer was due to herbicide exposure (Agent Orange)? If you were diagnosed as such and the VA was operating on your colon (for whatever reason) and they perforated your colon and you went into septic shock, etc., I’m assuming that you filed an 1151 claim for medical malpractice. Is this the case?

      Also, you stated that the VVA is your POA. If you authorized a VSO (“Veterans Service Organization”) to be your vet rep, the paperwork may be going to the vet rep and not you. Are you tracking your claim on-line through eBenefits? You can always call the VA 800 # to check the status of your claim yourself. The number is: 1-800-827-1000; when the recording starts, press in: 110. This will bypass the recording and the automated system. Follow the prompts and get into “call waiting” and be patient. Mondays & Fridays are really busy but keep trying throughout the day, or, try on Tues., Wed. or Thurs. Also, that number is open until 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

  • IL Vet

    I am a Viet Nam Vet. My experience with the VA has been smooth. I had documents of military incident reports of my units field involvements. Also stressors that happened that should not be spoken of in public. PTSD 70%. Thanks to my VA Rep. From the time of filing to get to 70%, was six months. Do your homework also!!

  • juan jimenez

    Was denied RBI for Memory issuesI. Va stated due to caffeine addiction. Denied for seizures even though SSI stated I do have seizures. Funny thing is I get medication from the va for seizure disorder…go figure. Lastly, I was denied for tdui but I have been on ssdi for 4 yrs with no job. I am 70% PTSD. 2 purple hearts for striking to IED in Iraq, but they believe I am making things up.

    • Guest

      Dear Mr. Jimenez:

      Did you appeal the decision when VA denied you for TDIU? Also, did you send in copies of the SS paperwork via certified mail/return receipt requested to the regional office? Also, you state that you are on SSI? I hope you meant SSD. You are allowed to have Social Security “Disability” benefits AND your service-connected “Disability” benefits both at the same time. Only this combination; anything else and there will be an offset, dollar for dollar.

      I will be looking for your reply.

    • cj bass

      i stand beside you. i am in a battle too and i belive you
      though myrecords show spine damageand boweldiseases and a nervous breakdown plus radiation exposure , the va denied anything happenedinthe military. a month in hospital witha disease they called hepatitis but all testing shows i never had hepatitis , University of MDsaya its likely radiation poisonng as i repaired nuclear subs and part of myjob was repairing factured leajking collant lines.The navy madethat part of my records disapear so everyone believed subs were safe. 14 of us were in hospital withthe same thingand we were not connected accept that we all worked on that sub.
      the va will do anythingtoget out of giving you pensions believe me.from personal experience, i have been waiting 10 years for legal pension exams. and the dav wontpress theissue for me
      judges give me the riun around passing mycase back to the appeals management the very ones screwingme again and again and again.
      how do i getitout of that cycle?and into a federal court?

  • Linda Oliver

    My husband has a head injury that was service connected in 1968 from a hit and run accident , it took me 3 years to get his benefits. I still think that he is entitled to some compensation for the lung that was removed in 1994, due to agent orange while he was in Vietnam for 2 years. He has never received anything for that, they ask me to prove it was agent orange, what more profe do the need than to see that he was in PT boats all up and down the river in Vietnam , the pesticides were sprayed all the time. How he has congestive Heart Failure, PTSD,Dementia. Arthritis is bothering him now that he is all most immobile, due to all medical problems.

    • Guest

      Dear Mrs. Oliver:

      I’m sorry you having such a difficult time with the VA. Does you husband’s DD-214 say “Vietnam” on it? Does he have his Vietnam badge? Also, if he lost a lung due to herbicide exposure (Agent Orange), he is mostly likely entitled to Special Monthly Compensation which is at a higher monthly rate “due to loss of” a body part.

      I’m sorry I canot offer more guidance as I do not know your husband’s complete situation.

  • Dale A.Greene

    I’m a vietnam veteran and retired USAF NCO and dont understand why the VA is taking so long on my claim? and why does it take so long to see a doctor ? I’ve been exposed to agent orange

    • Guest

      Dear Mr. Greene:

      I don’t know when you filed your claim and although the VA is trying to shorten the time it takes to process claims, the average waiting time has been 12 to 24 months. Are you handling the paperwork yourself or using a VSO (“Veterans Service Organization”; i.e., DAV, VFW, etc.)? If you authorized a VSO to be your vet rep, the paperwork is probably going to the vet rep and not you. Are you tracking your claim on-line through eBenefits? You can always call the VA 800 #: 1-800-827-1000; when the recording starts, press in: 110. This will bypass the recording and the automated system. Follow the prompts and get into “call waiting” and be patient. Mondays & Fridays are really busy but keep trying throughout the day, or, try on Tues., Wed. or Thurs. Also, that number is open until 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

      Good luck Sir.

  • top jones

    42 years of service that what my last retiment letter says, that is ten years active , 12 years reserves , most of that in deserts of the us and Iraq , 20 years of waiting for that first check , well 1700 a month is not bad when you get 17 years of civil service to that , then i got sick and all hell broke out , first a heart attack , then i whole body from the neck down became numb , lost my right foot, then my upper leg , then my left leg strarted the same sss with the toe nails comming off , after 13 operations a local and va hospitals i got a whopping 10% thats is a whopping 127.00 bucks that the marines take back , well the thing is under review by the va , for the past ten years good look with the va system , these people are now down to what zip codes as to where i might of contracted agent orange , some idot is saying seattle wash. so i am going to waco texas and recreate waco ridge if something very d quick.

    • Guest

      Dear Top:

      Did you apply for SMC (Special Monthly Compensation) for the loss of your foot and leg due to your service-connected disabilities? This pays at a higher rate.

  • Leslie

    My son in law was shot in Afghanistan and is now paralyzed in one leg. He was medically discharged over 6 months ago and still isn’t receiving his disability. They told hi thus paperwork was lost then some how got in the wrong hands then all the paperwork wasn’t there then someone put it in the wrong place! This is a disgrace, he fought for his country and was ready to lay his life on the line for all if us and this is how he’s treated. Something breeds to be done for these soldiers. God bless and thank you to all who has served and is still serving.

  • top jones

    what did I expect , I got this very large letter from the VA. WACO , hey top no record of veitnam service ,mag 12 , mag 15 1972,1973. no record I guess I cant read , no record of heart failure , no records for loss of blood flow in my lower legs , two operations in 2012 , one in 2013, yet they have no records , my private insurance has paid the va in excess of 200,000 dollars for my treatments , looks they are riding this old horse to the grave , thanks for taking my va check every dam month , my monthly meds exceed the whopping 129.00 bucks every d month. I am dam glad I worked for my retirement and not looking to the VA for assistance. I am sure most of you got that letter that said they will not pay for your medical visits out side of the VA , rest assured they will not pay.

  • Glenn Belcher

    Can any one tell me that due to the fact I got married in September. An now file joint taxes with my spouse. Will this affect my 70% disability with a 100% pay out?

    I am at 100% do to unemployabilty. I was told when I got this rating I can not work. That it would mess up my pay from the VA.
    Is there anyone that was in this same bout as me?

  • Pamela

    Would like to say Thank You to all who have served.We need to give are Vets, Top care Benefits.I have know a few Vietnam , just about all them have had colon cancer,I am married to a Gulf War Veteran who was a Marine.He is rated 80 percent,he has full health insurance .Son 14 with slight LD disability med are 300.00 a month.I am disabled last 10 years was denied my SSDI.After 10 years they gave me SSI.My husband and i are going into couples counselling, as cannot take the PTDS we all suffer, I love him so much, cannot take much more of this.We are stuck .He deserves 100 percent disability, has so many conditions, which i think has been passed on to me.Are there any other family that have gotten ill cause of Gulf War?

  • paul ferguson

    does any body know how the v.a. rates a disability, if you currently already have disabilities. How do they figure it out. What are the tables for rating someone who already has a disability. THANKS. Please e-mail me with the formula. ********@*******.***

  • cj bass

    i havebeen waiting ten years for pension exams orgered by judges butnoone can forcethe VA tocome thru with them a judge again ordered thema second time to do them and provide help to get records and logs from shipsand ships rosters, theyarent doinganything and the DAV wont lift a finger to press the issue. Theyarerecovering 1250 a month in benefitstheydidnt pay me too, forthe last 14 years. i am powerless tostop them unlessi can locatea good lawyer with balls

  • I havebeen fighting since 181 and the va set me into debtover 200,000 over a 14 yearperiod made 450,000 in tort claims disapearand my cases atappeals managment in dc , the am decidedto ignore the judges orders in 2004 for pension examsand again in 2009 judge jacquline Monroe rdered more exams whioch still have nt happened. They were also ordered to provode heklp to getships logsand ships rosters in hopes that i can get witnesses to state whattheysaw. Or wereinvolved in. The va refuses. The DAV hasnt the gonads god gavea Gnat. they report whatthe va does but nothing else. I am in Hong Kong and inmy opinion what we need is an all outcivil war to force incompetentuncaring politicians outof office especially the lawyer running this nation who perfers to cutour benefitsand deny us whatwe rate.i am 36,000 in debtafter 14 years of recovering money i was never paid. can you beat thatcrap? andi cantlocatea lawyer to stop them from doing it. and i am 100ercent disabled with spine and bowel diseasesand pysd but only social securty recognises it, the va gave me non service connected disability then set me into debtright away and created 5 more falsedebts. forbenefits they claim i got fromthe VA

    i am powerless to stop them. i lost my home and property , everything i had wives too.