Worried About Pay and Benefit Cuts in 2012?

According to Military.com’s DoD Buzz, members of both parties in Congress are gearing up for a protracted game of political chicken over the potential threats to the future of DoD’s budget.

Although we will surely hear threats and warnings of the looming sequestration and its impacts on military personnel and weapons programs, DoD Buzz reports that lawmakers probably won’t act until after Election Day – and may not even do anything until the new Congress is seated next year.

Since the impact of the sequestration will not go into effect until January 2, 2013, military servicemembers, retirees, federal employees, and their families are not likely to see any changes in benefits or pay in 2012.

While the threat is real and sequestration will likely happen as planned, the basic political strategy appears to be to avoid making any cuts or take action this year. The plan on both sides seems to be to win big in November, as each party assumes they will win the White House and enough congressional seats to undo the $500 billion in reduced budget – even if they have to do so after the cuts go into effect.

So, it appears benefits and pay will be safe in 2012, but that doesn’t mean 2013 won’t bring huge changes to TRICARE, military Retirement, and military pay programs.

Read more in the DoD Buzz.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for Military.com, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • David

    Congress and the senate should do 20 plus years prior to recieving any retirement or benefits! This should fix the budget! If they are elected out. Oh well no retirement. Works two ways.

    • jayvanderford

      SPOT ON! how can we have folks that pay nothing into the system, make laws and rules they themselves do not follow running this great Nation? one other reason that he 2d Amendment was placed in our Constitution, and unfortunately, it will likely be my children or grand children that will be tasked to return control of this Country to it’s people as was intended.

    • Karen

      Well Michelle you really do NOT belong on here whinney vets at the VA huh? Well if you did not have those vets there where the **** do you think your freedom of speech comes from yes a lot of us signed that dotted line. And many of the people here were drafted. Let me tell you something Io am retired disabled vet. I served in Gulf. My husband was 20 yo and we had a 13 month old when he died of undetermind natural causes ie a military f*ck up! And my husband now also ret disabled vet! Lets see what we (also meaning my fellow vets and AD men and women) did for you let you serve one day ppl like you can not handle the military or is it you were turned down to be in? Is that why you are a bitter person against us who actually give you and your family all the freedoms and rights you have? Let me tell you as a military member you are paid like ****, go to places you are shot at, belittled as a woman especially in uniform! I have seen many ppl lose limbs and lives fighting for dirtbags like you! Let your pay that you earned for yrs get screwed with or your medical lets see how fast or ****** off you would be! As a man vet I stand proud. And will fight for what I deserve and my fellow vets deserve. God Bless all who have served and all injured or lost their lives. Michelle you are a piece of work! Disappointed we have risked our lives for ppl like you! Proud TO BE A VET!!!! Oh ya and Congress how about YOU taking paycut? Or not getting paid for a year?

      • Jerrie

        I agree with you Karen. My father served 29 years, fought for disability got nothing, he just recently passed. I believe that congress is so far removed from reality. They should give vets more not less. My vote is to make their job a volunteer position, maybe that would help them see better.

    • Jerrie

      The entire congress needs to be changed. Salaries should decreas drastically, benefits minimal. They should only be in office because they care about this country and the people.
      My father spent 30 years in the army. He recently passed with complications due to service but he fought long and hard during retirement only to be given 20 percent disabilit. I have no sympathy for congress, I say remove everybody and start over.

    • The entire congress needs to be changed. Salaries should decreas drastically, benefits minimal. They should only be in office because they care about this country and the people.
      My father spent 30 years in the army. He recently passed with complications due to service but he fought long and hard during retirement only to be given 20 percent disability. I have no sympathy for congress, I say remove everybody and start over.

      • I agree with you 100%, except, that the American people should oust Congress and not bring any back. Also, any legislator, except for our President, Vice Presiden, Sectretary, Treasurer, Military members, should only be paid if they go to their sessions, in which they make decisions for us. I think it’s downright ill that these people get away with bucking our President and not even saying they’ll test Obama’s suggestions for at least a year, I’m sure he’ll prevail. Obama is one of the best president’s we have had in a long time. America let’s vote that our President can make a decision for the people if we do not agree with Congress. We could have an election of adoptions of policies and let’s show Congress that we can make our own decisions.

        • Brandie

          Are you crazy? President Obama is trying to take control of our country just like hitler did. Can’t you see that? What good has he done for our country? Nothing!

  • Nancy

    Amen to that David, as a women receiving suvivor’s benefits I feel Congress also could stop receiving subsidized health care, paid for by the tax payers who do not seem to deserve the same benefit paid for by their own tax dollars. Our volunteer military should be the best paid, the best equiped, and receive top retirement benefits, for active duty and retirement service members. We citizens also need to demand more control over the Congressional pay system.

    • MRL

      They dont need lifetime heathcare… most of them earn more than enough to pay for private heathcare.

  • EJHarris

    Revise the Senate’s and Congress’ pay and retirement program to reduce the budget! While you’re at it eliminate their ability to take their campaign warchest when they leave office, it should be immediately given to the General Fund to REDUCE the deficit!!

  • Terry D Stout

    Trying to control congress is like trying to control a snake by the tail; it can still turn around and bite you and most probably will.

  • Bryce

    They’d better grandfather all who are presently in the retirement system and all are are on active duty or there won’t be a military without a draft.

    • Guest

      Yeah, come out in the real world and find a job. And if you do land a job, try to live on that wage because most of active duty won’t be getting near the paycheck they are getting right now. Even the Gov Contractor jobs have dried up and with the ongoing civilian employee cutbacks, good luck.

    • Retired 95

      I hate to say it but if the draft is reinstated because of low enlistment rates Canada and Mexico will no doubt become safe havens again and let me tell you I hated those track stars that beat a path to Canada.

  • Timg99


  • jsub1960

    The good ole fed – take and take and take, until they want.

  • Keith

    As long as Americans continue to vote for a two party system, we will get the same results. Vote your conscience and write in candidates. I saw first-hand the enormous amount of waste and self-indulgence within the DoD for over 22 years. DoD could cut 20% off their budget and still be able to provide benefits, standard of living, and high quality equipment and resources for the service members. People on post, start paying utilities – that will save a lot. Stop pay raises until our fellow taxpaying Americans (how we get our money) start getting employed with decent salaries and they too can start receiving annual pay raises. It is incredulous that people who are paid with tax money receive a pay raise while many of our fellow Americans receive pay cuts and layoffs. Increase the monthly TriCare Prime to 100 dollars/month and co-pays to 24 dollars – most if not all of us retirees can afford that and that would save even more money. It is still $200-$400 less than what the non-military retiree is paying. It is not about saving money, it is about how can we take from the peasants and give the bourgeois in Washington DC, Corporate America, and Unions.

    • txpal

      Agree, you must have dollars out the butt. I did my 28 years and still having to pay for medical which I was promised every 4 years would be for life. We didn’t have choice of going or not, remember we had a draft back then. Reason I stayed was the promise of free healthcare and retirement all earned. dumb-as

    • cyberlyt

      Sorry, Dude but I think you need rethink what you are thinking and writing. Most military retirees were paid less for doing the same job as their civilian counterparts and there are some jobs that don’t even have a civilian equivelent. When you add to that their inability to stay in one spot long enough to network with others, the separation from families, training injuries and battle injuries, it is very plain that they have earned their benefits up front, the hard way! They were sacrificing long before their civilian counterparts encountered this recession. Telling them that they should sacrifice even what little they have is grossly unfair and won’t improve the governments bottom line.

      Most of the retires I know, work very hard just make ends meet, they are not even close to being well off, or affluent.

      You sound like you are a DoD Civilian or a DoD Contractor….

      Although paid by taxes, we pay taxes too.

      I agree that there is waste in the Military. Some of it is caused by civilian contractors taking advantage of the system. Some of it is caused by companies not delivering the high quality equipment they promised to deliver.

  • blackmer

    I don’t understand why they want to take away from those who protect and serve they already cut spouses benefits which that is fine but to cut benefits of those whom are retired is ridiculous and for those whom are still putting there lives on the line is outrageous. Congress really needs to walk through the wounded warriors battalions they should spend a day in afganistan even then they would realize that the military service members don’t make enough. One bullet one ied can changes these men and womens lives for ever some will always need tricare because there bills word be outrageous. How would they be able to live as it is most military service members and there families live pay check to pay check. Its pathetic that this is even an option. Okay so you want to cut funding for there weapons programs you really think that’s smart. Then think about this when terrorist get weapons that are better than ares how are we going to be able to defend our nation. Sure somethings we can do with out. Congress should find other solutions and deeply consider how much and what they take way and from where. Sooner or later if they keep messing with the military there wont be much of one why would they fight with everything they got if the people they are fighting for are trying to take from them!

    • Guest

      The vets are a captive audience, if they don’t like it they cannot quit being a vet. The active duty military, they still need so they promised to continue the raises for the next two years. I don’t particularly like it as my wage has been frozen since NSPS crashed and burned in 2009 but that is the life of a gov employee. Most military live paycheck to paycheck because they live far above their means. As for the weapons systems, your logic doesn’t make a lot of sense, majority of the weapons damaging the soldiers are IEDs made from our own crap we are leaving behind. I seem to remember being shown by one of our EOD folks how an IED was made using one of our 2 liter plastic bottles. We don’t have the money to maintain the infrastructure we have so buying new weapons systems that are generations ahead of our closest technological adversaries doesn’t make a lot of fiscal sense at least when the entire country is battling a recession.

  • Concerned

    Politicians always protect themselves and use the backs of the military to do that.

  • Phil

    Elect a new President. This one just doesn’t understand that a strong military is the backbone of the freedoms we so cherish. I’m not a Democrat, nor a Republican, just someone who wants to see people in Congress and the White House who understand and comply to the Constitution of this Great Country of ours. These people obviously don’t get it. Again, as I’ve stated many times, eliminate the fraud, and we wouldn’t have a debt.

    • Guest

      Apparently you haven’t been on a military base lately. Some of the goofy crap money gets spent on is downright shocking although with the paradigm shift in how we spend money, hopefully, the goofy crap cease for the most part. Wishful thinking on my part but I can always hope.

  • Mike

    Does this really suprise anyone. Tell me one time in the last 50 years our government has done anything to benefit anyone except themselves. There is not enough people in our country that can make an informed decision. Our young people especially, they can not read, they’re taught in school that we a re a bad country, It’s okay that your mom and dad are the same sex, and we collectively except for liberals, are evil. Once again, is it any wonder we’re in the predicament we’re in? Until more people take an intrest into what is trully happening to our country and the liberals want followers, not thinkers it will only get worse and yes our grandchildren will be in for a very rough ride.

  • Savvy Cowboy

    After spending 22 years in the military and retiring with honor I am appalled that cutting benefits is even being discussed in Washington. Our brave warriors are the best and the brightest ever; they make huge sacrifices to keep us safe and free. Cut their pay and benefits and they’ll leave in droves and we’ll be left with an Army full of “Beetle Baileys”!! It’s time to clean house in Washington DC!!!

  • William Church

    You know we can make all the comments we want about Congress and their privilege and it means Nothing. What Congress will understand is influence and MONEY/Votes. Period end of statement. We must urger or organizations to pressure Congress and let them know we are UNITED in our vote and will work against any one who cuts our benefits. They will understand when ONE MILLION veterans march on Washington and stand united Democrat or Republican. Shame on us if we do NOT do this.

    • retcpo

      ok lets get ready ton march Im with you

  • Darrel

    I’m getting so dam tired of these people in that office trying to screw us, why do they want to mess with our benefits, why don’t they go after welfare, and other dead bet areas like giving congress retirement after one term in office and leave us alone. We have shown that we have done things for our nation, what has the welfare people done except take and take? Maybe if they will make them work for their free money and take a piss test. This should take a big bite out of our budget.

    • jessica

      the more people on welfare the more their benefited which means more votes for obama…….first year voting and guess who I’m not voting for obama why because an 18 year old girl knows what pleases majority of the united states and knows a dollars worth more then those congressional assholes. last time i checked majority rules and majority of us are not pleased with what their doing and yes that is a phrase in the bill of rights (I’m not mad at you this whole situation pisses me off lol)

    • retiree

      1. Please see the many other posts – Congress does NOT receive retirement after 1 term of office. http://www.senate.gov/CRSReports/crs-publish.cfm?…

      2. TANF (Temporary Aid to Needy Families), which replaced AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children) in the 1990’s, is time-limited and has work requirements. http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/ofa/law-reg/final

      TANF total cost (FY10) amounted to $17.3 billion (note FY10 deficit was $1.2 trillion). Total entitlements amounted to $34 billion. http://dhhs.gov/asfr/ob/docbudget/2010budgetinbri

      For comparison, DoD healthcare costs for FY10 – 52.5 billion http://comptroller.defense.gov/defbudget/fy2012/F… (see page 3-2).

  • Austin

    I do not understand. Our military has done everything Congress and the people of our nation have asked us. So why are we getting benefits slashed?

    Meanwhile, Congress is not doing the one thing the American people are asking of them: Fix the national debt. Yet their pension will never be touched and their health care never slashed. In the the military, the leaders of Congress would have been relieved for not finding a budget solution, and reassigned to a terrible assignment. In the civilian world, they would merely be fired. Yet they continue to go in every day, wasting our taxpayer dollars on their huge salaries, taking money from lobbyists to fund their personal projects and breathing the free air provided to them by a military they continue to beat up. Makes me sick.

  • Old Sarge

    We need to start making “Cuts at the TOP DOWN” They are all Millionaires and should not even be receiving any pay for their work, And “NO RETIREMENT for Politicians Either” They just show how this country is being ran by the BIG DOLLAR companies not the people………………………………… _Just tried of the big companies running the country!

  • Don Soltman

    William, Remember history ! The last time veterans marched on Washington DC for their WW 1 bonus, they had a tent city. “Major” Douglas McAurthur destroyed the tent city ,ran the vets out of the city, I don’t remember how many were killed and injured but congress didn’t care then it doesn’t seem that they would care now…. hold off to 2013 and get reelected first then screw us a bit more. Vets do need to unite and flood congress with Letters ! Not emails, Letters ! I would march on Washington DC in a vets protest. I’d hate for history to repeat itself.

    • Old Sarge

      Yes I would TOO

  • jose


  • ken

    7stripenco24 yrs with service. Did my job well or not have been premoted. Right
    Retired niw and get the shaft.
    . sounds like todays Washington.

  • Shawn

    Hey Keith, you find it incredulous that people who get their salary from tax payers get a raise when non military people are losing their jobs and taking pay cuts??? You want to add to the cost of Tricare and make them pay utilities on base???? Well civillian people dont go to work everyday and have a chance of an IED blowing their legs off or giving them severe brain damage or paralisis or God forbid DYING. Or leaving their children and wives and parents for A YEAR or more alone. Dont dare compare what those soldiers do to a civilian job. I dont know what branch of service that you retired from but your military brothers would be ashamed of you! God bless every one of out heros protecting us.

    • kc2201

      you tell um shawn. don’t mess with the military pay and benefits Democrats and Republicans.

  • Freedom And Family

    Messing with military pay and cuts are stupid. We are the backbone of Americas defense, not only are we working round the clock for Uncle Sam, the President , and our people, but we are also the lagacy of tomorrows freedom. Cutting out military retirements and benefits may cause problems in the off duty life compared to the classes we have learned from on duty. I dont appreciate that lead political figures only serve four years and get a $105,000 a year retirement. Their the boneheads that want to shut out military retirements that get what… $19K a year for twenty+ years of service battling in war, terorrism, exercises turned real world. Many of us have been in the war zones, we been there, we missed out on our kids growing up, we missed our spouses, some of us lost our spouses because of long warzone tours, we lossed our loved ones and friends to terrorism. I havent heard a peep of Congress over in the war to know what its like for us who serve in uniform. Congress needs to be drafted to a war zone

    • Bill

      I have read all the other comments on this page and really agree with them, but what can we do to change it? That’s the big question. I’m proud that I served more then the 20 years. But why in the world do we put these idiots in office? Let these folks live in a fox hole during the word wars (1 & 2) to keep our country free from other nation’s wanting to take us down. Maybe a few in congress have served in our military but are being blindsided by the rest of the group. Let them face the hard ships and crap that was in the world wars and Viet Nam and along with all of the stupid wars of today. These folks in office get paid their salary the rest of their lives even with medical benefits after serving only one term with other benefits in which ours is always getting cut every time we turn around by these folks that we put there to work for us. If they would do away as suggested by other comments “ONLY GET PAID WHILE IN OFFICE” and then find a job would save a lot of dollars. I will say that the great folks that served for more then 20 or more years of today at one point in when starting their career of service where told that they will get FREE MEDICAL ETC after they retire. NOW SEE HOW THAT IS TODAY!. Forget it! They are still trying to take away benefits that where promised. If it keeps up let’s see how many young folks are going into the military to keep these folks SAFE so they can take more and more from the folks that serve them while they can make stupid decisions to save money. Enough said on my part.

  • Thomas

    Whatever happened to the word “GRAND FATHERED IN”???? We need to track the clowns doing this and vote them out, strength in numbers can do it!

    • Bob

      Thomas is right, all of us GI’s would get together we could vote out a lot of those clowns up their, instaed of the Tea Party, How about a GI Party

  • jsub1960

    Military pay shouldn’t even be a topic of discussion on The Hill – yet they can bailout failing companies, fund unions, send aid to third world counties that would just as soon stab you in the back as look at you, and continue to spend and raise the debt ceiling….honestly this is some of the poorest leadership I’ve seen in a while – and I use the word ‘leadership’ loosely.

    There’s no reason I can think of where we as Americans have to continually fight on our own soil the very gov’t we vote for, elect, and pay the salaries of, just to do the right thing.

    No retired or separated military member I know has ever asked for more then they were ever promised, yet are continually used as a scapegoat for lack of an effective budget (and) near zero constitutional priorities!

    • “KELLY”

      Not much more can be said!!!

  • ron

    NEVER vote for an incumbent in the WH or congress. Is that too hard????

    • CavScout62

      Right On ron! I have been saying this for years. Politics should not be a career and there should not be any benefits when a member of either house leaves and goes back home.

      • TNG


  • jmsmaxwell

    The only time that politicans do not talk about benefit cuts is when there is a
    war in progress or there is a chance they might actuall have to serve in the
    military. Every time the Democratrs get into office they talk about cutting the military budget, reducing the troop strength, cutting benefits and cutting development of new weapons. They call it a “peace divident” but based upon
    what they throw the money at I have a few other names for it

    • kc2201

      It’s a Republican Congress jmsmaxwell.

      • jmsmaxwell

        Unless a miricle has occured in the past few minutes it is still a Democrat controled Senate and a Republican contorl House. Pluse you have the great golfer in the white house. The democrats had control of both houses the last two years of Bush and with his help they spend like foolishely and reckless. But they did pass budgets, may not have followed them as they should but he did pass a budgetr. After they had
        control of both the Senat, House and the White House they have not even made an attempt at passing a budget nor had they slowed down
        thier excessive spending and raisign hte debt celing.

    • Rob

      …and it’s always a trade off: cut the military program (ie…F22) or cut the benefits. Benefits usually get it, because of the concern for the military program (read: cartel) employment. Hmmm….I thought the government couldn’t “create” jobs?

    • mark jones

      Check your history, Democrats do what you say, but so do Republicans. You can go back at least as far as post WWI and I would imagine further than that. The fault lies, not with Repubs or Demos, but with pol’s in general

      • 33WSGM

        Valid point – and if you include Ron Paul in Republicans, the cuts would probably be much more severe. The biggest issue is that Republicans would at least share the savings by reforming unearned medicare structure/benefits as well while Democrats refuse to touch entitlement programs even as they slash earned military benefits.

  • Chris

    Ok congress you want to start hacking away at my retirement, then lets hack away at your beneifits and retirement, I’m sure you have a few dollars you can give up. There is so much abuse and waste out there that do you really have to cut military retirement pay and benefits, really. What about all of the abuse in other programs. You see it all over same things everyday but nothing is being done to stop it but you want to hack my retirement. All I got to say is start hacking military retirement and you will wake a sleeping giant that you will not be able to stop and you can kiss your job good buy.

  • deb

    I’ll send letters. Somebody give me an address! We are only gonna make a difference when we all work together. Strength in numbers. We know this. What would happen if everyone refused to go to the polls. What if we refused to vote??

  • rosemarie alperti

    So sad that all of these are happening. When was the last time you heard a good news? nothing! It’s all cutting budget for education, military etc..etc..Congress is cutting a lot of our military personnell. Adding more to our unemployment. Letting go even servicemen that has promising career, good evals, outstanding performance etcc..just because you can’t balance the budget. So sad and very frustrating…what happened to America?

  • mark crawford

    SSG CRAWFORD (ret) i know i’m going to vote!

  • SICKENING!​!! Military retirement​ is not a Entitlemen​t, it was earned! Our benefits aren’t some kind of charity or handout! Congressio​nal benefits = free health care, outrageous​ retirement​ packages, 67 paid holidays, three weeks paid vacation, unlimited paid sick days – now THAT’S welfare. And Congress has the nerve to call a Military retirement​ an Entitlemen​t? If you are sick of their stuff, and ashamed of our “leaders”!​!!!!!
    Let our voices be heard.

    • Sally

      You are so right. It is sickening. My husband served 2 years in Vietnam and then retired from Army National Guard. He earned his little bit of retirement.
      It is not welfare. On top of that, he is constantly running and fighting in his sleep, cries when he watches movies of that war, etc. Give our country’s leaders a cut in all their benefits.

      • Phyllis

        Same with my brother..nightmares, flashbacks of VN, problems from Agent Orange, asthma, etc and gets a measly retirement and 60% disability. I veterans that NEVER went overseas or in a war zone getting 100% disability for sitting in a chair at Hdqtrs.

    • JERRY


    • Raymond Mead

      We all knew this was coming in 1972. The cost of maintaining a “high tech” military was becoming expensive even then and the time I was only making about three hundred bucks a month. Someone has to pay the bill for all of the stuff that we took for granted throughout our careers. Now we’re the tax payers just like everyone else. Every retireee complains about congressional benefits. While they are paid much more than the military, cutting their pay wouldn’t make a diffrence. The cost of running two wars is the culprit. The cost of doing business has become exorbitant and now everybody has to pay for it and unfortunately that includes us. Washington said ” in creating the soldier we did not cast aside the citizen.” Well fellow citizens now we’re like everyone else. I’m not taking the side of the politicians but everyone thinks of “us” first. I’m afraid we’re going to have to pay our share as citizens now that we’re retired. You have to ask yourself if you served becaue you love your country or to get a check for the rest of your life. If it was the latter you sold yourself way too cheap.

      • Retired Veteran

        Partly right, we are still covering our cost as Citizens, even while on active, guard or reserve. We pay taxes on our income, we pay taxes on our retirement checks, we pay taxes (for those of us lucky enough tto still be working) on our income from our post- miitary jobs. And, we are still paying into all of the social programs that are funded by all citizens. Who got us into the two wars? Okay, maybe some of the idiots in intelligence should have lost thier paychecks for providing faulty info. But, How many of the inhabitants of the countries that we are curently or recently in now have a right to educaiton, right to work, right to have a voice? Sure, some of the reasons might have been fualty in the begining, but, how wrong are we now to bail before the jobs is done? Thanks Washington, Hollywood, and Main Stream Media!!

    • Sandle

      You are right on target with your message. In fact, I wish we could fire Congress. They are a waste of a conversation. Although Rick Perry was a goof ball (my governor), he did have one intelligent idea that being a Congress man or Congress woman should be a part-time job with no benefits. They should go back to their home state and get a real job and live under the laws they created.

      Hey! We just decreased the National debt.


      • MSgt T Retired

        Right On! That is right on target, but since most are lawyers, and they all make the laws, unless we have a revolution, the necessary changes that the average citizen knows needs to be made, will NEVER be made. They make the laws to protect themselves and their benefits. So while the rich get richer, the poor continue to get poorer.

        I remember back in 1978 when Carter was president, he made an example of the military by freezing our pay and benefits. I was earning only $500.00 a month (taxable), and that same year congress gave themselves an 8.8 percent pay raise and the President got 6 percent. It made me so made I got sick to my stomach! I have never forgotten it, and I was living in a piss whole in Korea at the time!

        It appears that nothing really changes. Ronald Reagan did more for us than any other president I know of! Perhaps a revolution is what our country needs. I know of some 20 million people out of work, and millions others who lost their homes who would think it’s not a bad idea!

        • Dan

          This do nthing congress that is presently seatedto make the the laws we follow, truely I feel they are only looking out for themselves.These laws protect the wealthy by the way how many of those holding seats in congress would be cocidered wealthy. If you are one of the fortunate 98 % that pay their way and the taxes that keep this country alive you will understand that this country is run by the wealthy and that they protect each other. They pay little to know tax and the tax code is designed to allow for the rich. Their really needs to be an overhaul on the tax code to have the weathy to pay their fair share. This country would once again have the finances to be in the black, they wouldn’t continue to take what they say are loans from social security. Don’t get me going on those thieves we have in congress.

        • CharlesBryant

          MSgt T Retired

          “I remember back in 1978 when Carter was president, he made an example of the military by freezing our pay and benefits. I was earning only $500.00 a month (taxable), and that same year congress gave themselves an 8.8 percent pay raise and the President got 6 percent. It made me so made I got sick to my stomach! I have never forgotten it, and I was living in a piss whole in Korea at the time!”

          Sorry, but you have been living under a misconception.

          1. Our pay and benefits were never frozen, and for a matter of fact, we received a 4.8% raise in 1977, a 7.1% pay raise in 1978 and a 5.5% raise in 1979.

          Source: http://usmilitary.about.com/od/militarypay/a/hist

          2. Congress never gave themselves any pay raise in 1978, matter of fact, from 1975 up until 1985 their pay remained at $44,600.00.

          Source: http://www.senate.gov/reference/resources/pdf/97-

          3. As for the Presidential Pay, in 1969 his pay was $200,000.00 up until 2001.

          Source: http://www.presidentsusa.net/presidentsalaryhisto

          • IDMTmedic

            Charles you leave anything else out of that equation? How about the benefits they receive? You know the ones. Lobbyist that aren’t on the books, the free dinners, airfare, cushy deals for hush hush. Noooo that doesn’t happen right. Not our distinguished leaders whom are mostly lawyers and very adept at hiding, evading and generally getting rich off of their office. If you would do some research and please inform all of us about how many millionaires we now have serving in our government? You have many facts and I am sure it’s just one link away.

          • CharlesBryant


            “Charles you leave anything else out of that equation? How about the benefits they receive? You know the ones. Lobbyist that aren’t on the books, the free dinners, airfare, cushy deals for hush hush. Noooo that doesn’t happen right. Not our distinguished leaders whom are mostly lawyers and very adept at hiding, evading and generally getting rich off of their office. If you would do some research and please inform all of us about how many millionaires we now have serving in our government? You have many facts and I am sure it’s just one link away.”

            IDMTmedic, what’s your point. Soldiers aren’t Congressmen so what is the point in attempting to compare them.

          • IDMTmedic

            You tell me. You just posted the pay between the two. Does that mean we won’t get the link for millionaires?

          • CharlesBryant


            “You tell me. You just posted the pay between the two. Does that mean we won’t get the link for millionaires?”

            I made no such post, and no on the link. What a Congressman is worth has nothing to do with me or you.

          • IDMTmedic

            Ahmmmmm jeeez I could have sworn I just saw…..ahhh ok wasn’t you. A congressman is worth only what WE pay him. No link??? Wow your good at that usually!

        • Phyllis

          I am sick of supporting illegal aliens, anchor babies, welfare receipients, unemployed, congressional reps, senators and can’t claim a dang one of them as dependents on my taxes and I pay more taxes that probably any idiot in this administration. Appointing aids, czars, etc that were not even paying taxes is a crying shame

    • SFC Jennings/ Ret

      It is time to tell the children play time is over and it is time for them to go home. Let your vote count in November

      SFC Jennings/ Retired

    • retiree

      No, Congress does NOT have either free health care or “outrageous retirement benefits” unless you think FERS (the Federal Employee Retirement System) is outrageous.
      Please go to the Senate website and read: http://www.senate.gov/reference/resources/pdf/RL3

      Also read (for their health care and other benefits): http://www.senate.gov/CRSReports/crs-publish.cfm?pid=%27...

      • IDMTmedic

        Retiree tell me what their benefits are that you don’t have on offical record? I would venture a guess of maybe 50%? Jobs after office? Your delusional and act like they work for a pittance! The books or official records are only the surface of what they receive.

        • CharlesBryant


          Worng, retiree is not delusional, he is only leading you to the water, which you have failed to drink.

          • IDMTmedic

            I have had plenty of discussions with Dear Ol retiree. You both talk out of the sides of your mouth. You can’t take retirement check and benefits and then argue that they need to be cut. I think you both are chasing your tails.

          • CharlesBryant


            Which of us is talking about cutting our retirement bennies, neither of us is the answer to that question. Do you have anything to add, other then just looking for an argument?

          • IDMTmedic

            Sure I do. Retirees that decide to come on here and correct other posts due to grammer or misconceptions are doing so out of spite or an FN politician wannabe. WHO gives a rats a## about what you or retiree think about the way things should or could be handled. Last posts I read are you correcting mistatements by other vets, agreeing with retiree about cuts in benefits or congressional pay increases verses the latter. All I see is you and him taking the governement side for cuts. Grandfathered or not. NOOOOOOOO FN cuts for the military 20 yr retiree is the argument!!!!! Stop picking apart the facts other Vets post on here. It is a sounding board and don’t need help from mfrs correcting spelling or posting links that defend the governments side of anything. THEY don’t make money!!!!! They spend ours.

          • retiree

            I’ve been ignoring you, as you have nothing to say or add, and spend time attempting to put words in my mouth, then argue with that.

            However, let me be clear – if we go to Congress to argue for our benefits, and then provide them with false information (which myself and CharlesBryant have been trying to correct), they will IGNORE us, because they KNOW the “facts” we cite are wrong. They do NOT get retirement for life. they do NOT get free health care. No enlistment contract promised free health care for life. We can all still get free health care (space A) at Military Treatment Facilities (yes, there are access problems, but that’s a separate issue), just like the “free” treatment retirees got in the 1960’s.

            You can chose to ignore these facts, and waste time living in your own world, and accomplish NOTHING for the retiree community. Or you can learn the real facts, put together real, fact based, logical but passionate arguments, and present them clearly. You know ,the way you were taught in the Military. Or at least the way I was taught in the Military.

          • IDMTmedic

            Retiree they are ignoring us already. I am certainly not living in my own world. I understand your wanting to correct certain statements, however most sound as if your here to argue with other vets about the benefits congress receives. Which is more than you seem to acknowledge by your posts. Regardless, maybe you should start a new post with that discussion in mind and post all of your links to the sites mentioned before. I for one am for NO cuts in ANY retiree bennies. I understand none have happened yet but the article we are discussing on this thread shows that it is about to change in 2013.

          • CharlesBryant

            IDMTmedic, 1st Half

            “I understand your wanting to correct certain statements, however most sound as if your here to argue with other vets about the benefits congress receives.”

            I think you are not seeing the big picture here in why several here are making corrections to many statement posted by other members.

            Let me explain! Most (90 + % of the arguments made here for not making any changes to the Military Retirement system are based on false, untrue, erroneous, inaccurate, incorrect, specious, unsound and wrong assumptions.

            The whole attempt of a few of us, is to enlighten those making these untrue allegations while giving everyone the links to the facts is so people can then verify what is or what isn’t true.

            Anyway, IMO, after you throw out all these erroneous reasons for not messing with the Military Retirement System, I have yet to see any valid reason(s) for not making changes to the Retirement System for the next group of enlistees.

          • CharlesBryant

            IDMTmedic, 2nd Half

            “I for one am for NO cuts in ANY retiree bennies. I understand none have happened yet but the article we are discussing on this thread shows that it is about to change in 2013.”

            Ok, you’re not for any changes, so please make you argument without using erroneous information.

    • Frank sumner

      Amen! I’m so sick and tired of our military members Retired and Active Duty being asked to sacrifice for twenty yrs or more and some politician serving one term and payed for life! I listened for twenty yrs, yea son if you re-up for another tour after twenty you will get free medical care for life! Well that boat has sailed and nothing was done to correct it! So now we pay for it and now they want to say ” If your retired and of working age you get put out of Tricare Prime and go get your insurance from your civilian job and if your on Tricare for life over 65 turned in your Medicare you will now have to come up with a enrollment fee every year! Enough is enough when will someone stand up for the military men,women and their families! We need to vote the bums out and cut their retirement on the way out!

    • Sandra K. Ball

      we all are getting tired of our goverment in Washington thier immoral acts thier stupidity of understanding you can`t keep taken from the poor and the middleclass because (WE DON`T (HAVE THE MONEY))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MSG (Ret) Delgado

      MSG Lee, I fully agree with, Congress and Senate members get a healthy retirement package while the people that have given half their lives in the Armed Forces protecting our nation get the scraps of the table as they say. I sure hope that they realize who they are attempting to screw over; we are still strong and around if you know what I mean, and still have some influence.


      MSG Delgado/Ret.

      • retiree

        You might want to check out their retirement package – it’s not as good as ours.

        • IDMTmedic

          Define not as good as ours? Considering their pay is about 4 times what we make or more.

          • CharlesBryant


            “Define not as good as ours?”



            “Considering their pay is about 4 times what we make or more.”

            LMAO, a lot of people make more than us.

          • IDMTmedic

            Yeah apparently you lived a non-stressfull military life which explains alot.

          • retiree

            Got it. You want a constitutional amendment that no one gets paid more than a US Soldier (what rank?).

            Sorry, but the Military is NOT the place to get rich. People will ALWAYS get paid more than us. That’s reality.

          • CharlesBryant


            I guess this is your way of asking me for my military history to see if I am worthy of posting here! Why not just list your requirements for those to post here?

          • IDMTmedic

            LMAO also. Your a joke. Nice argument!

          • retiree

            So the facts are a joke?

    • ron

      amen brother

    • medicman615

      Amen, MSG(Ret) Lee! The pay and benefits, including retirement and disability, that were in place at the time of our enlistment or commissioning were and are contractual elements the government used to entice us to serve. The reason we put up with pay and retirement packages far beneath our civilian counterparts was, at least in part, the reason we agreed to assume such outrageous risk. All those American adults who are now complaining about military pay and benefits had the same chance to join that WE did!!!

      • retiree

        1. Please provide enlistment contract indicating retirement pay and benefits were promised. There are none. Yes, there was implicit understanding, but my enlistment contract mentions none of those benefits, and specifically denies all recruiter representations.

        2. No they didn’t have the same chance. Total military is about 2 million (including reservists). Total adult population is about 150 million. Most adults, even if they wanted to serve, could not – because there are not enough military positions. Oh, and the majority of the military will NEVER get retirement pay (only 18% of military earn retirement).

        I’m in favor of defending what we have, on the grounds there’s implicit understanding, that it’s reduced pay for reduced service, etc. But if you go to Congress and try and argue there’s a contract, and they know there is not, you lose.

    • J. Edmundson

      I gave 26 years to the Marines put evrything in my personal life on hold for those 26 years. I did marry but my wifes father and the commanding officer were very good friends and they decided I needed to settle down with a nice girl and so I was issued a wife. Don’t get me wrong my wife is a lovely person who has also put her and our daughters personal life on hold, in order to support and go where ever the miltary decided I needed to go. Just saying I agree with you our retirement was earned not an entitlement, I would love to see any person in congress go through what most of us retirees went through, and not just us but our familes too. I can’t tell you how many times my wife had to quit a promising career in order to go with me. A couple of times she tried to stay behind, but I needed her to help me understand I was doing the right thing staying in. She told me I knew you wanted to be a career man when I married you I can Take whatever they dish out, so that you can give your all to your country. The time will come when we can retire and you can be proud of your service to your country and your country will honor you and your commitnment.

      • IDMTmedic

        Talk to Retiree and Charles, apparently no clue about those sacrifices. “Not in the contract”

    • earl

      Congressional benefits are the ones that need to go away. That would save us alot of money.

    • Walter

      I am a retired SFC and totally agree with MSG Lee. It’s OK for congress to get pay raises when ever they seem they need it, or get free medical benefits. Hell, they are just civilians like the rest of us. What makes them so special. A lot of them didn’t even serve in the military. Hell the guys on the “hill” get more bonuses and gratuities then we do.

    • Laur Sandridge

      If it weren’t for our military, all the Washington high-ups would not have all the benefits they have voted in for themsellves. But you can bet your bottom dollar, when “cuts” are talked about, it is always for the men and women who have given of themselves, their families, etc.. It is never that the big wigs will take a cut in anything. We need to totally wipe out the current regime if they do not intend to fight as our men and women have fought for our United States of America!!!!!!!!!

    • Adelaida Ranrattan

      I agree with you whole heartedly. I worked long hours and at times all weekend long with maybe, if lucky two to three hours of shuteye. Just to get back to post and stay late doing inventory of everything that had to be accounted for before going home. Then get up early next morning feeling like hell to drive to work and start all over. Lack of sleep and driving. That’s a dangerous thing to do, but we had no choice. Yet they call retirement an entitlement.Just like you say it was earned, It was very well earned.

  • kent

    DoD does not create the budget and problems with it !!!!!! The President and congress getting involved in everyones wars caused the money shortage !! At who’s expense ? You are right the Military, the ones that are told by the President, to go fight for some God awful reason is another country is to blame. Start wars, send troops, get killed and or maimed, wounded !!!
    The government starts conflicts and the ones who do the Presidents bidding for him, get the shaft because it costs so much ,,, DUH come on people get a grip. Gosh I was TOLD my Agent Orange cancer was all gone, reduced benefits, then surgery on what ( I was told) is all better ??????????
    Don’t slow down on foreign aid and wars, blame the troops…….. WOW !!

  • SeaJim

    Congress has the nerve to call a Military retirement​ an Entitlemen​t?
    ”Entitlement” is the proper term – a legal term – meaning the right to receive. The “right” is whatever Congress writes it to be. There has never been any law enacted giving free health care forever! So you/we have entitlement to whatever Congress decides on. That is part of civilian control over the military. That is the way it has always been according to the Constitution. If you don’t know that [ or never knew it ] it is just too bad. You should have read the Constitution long ago…and perhaps never have enlisted or accepted commission.

    Read more: https://militaryadvantage.military.com/2012/01/sho

    • jsub1960

      If anyone needs a lesson on The Constitution, it’s the current CinC on down!

      Like I said prior, no current or former military member has ever asked for more then they were promised…contractual promises made when we signed on the line to defend the very country that these self-serving politicians continue to abuse and defraud.
      So according to you, it’s okay to serve my country, contribute, sacrifice, and do so with zero complaints – yet only ask for the benefits we were promised when we joined.
      IMO you need some reflection and perspective…..

      • retiree

        Please provide your contract stating you were promised health care for life (or retirement). Seriously – there are many organizations that would be interested.

        I have mine. No mention of “health care for life.” No mention of Retirement benefits. And it’s “the sole contract between the US government and the Signee.” It “supersedes all prior oral and written presentations.”

        I also note that the present CJCS has stated any retirement benefits would be grandfathered. Thus it would only affect those who have NOT joined yet.

        • IDMTmedic

          That’s why nobody will be joining. Unless of course the military decides to give HUGE bonuses and education ENTITLEMENTS to get people in and keep them until of no longer use. What would you consider a big bonus to keep people in? 20, 30 gs in most cases?

          • CharlesBryant


            Right, no one will be joining. LOL What did they say would happen it DADT was repealed, mass resignations, no barracks or shipboard riots, no mass gay rights demonstrations on military installations, no massive declines in enlistment or re-enlistment rates, and no declines in morale, discipline and cohesion.

          • Garreth

            Morale, discipline and cohesion WAS affected. Just no one was willing to give up their career to make a lot of noise about it.

          • IDMTmedic

            Hard to make noise while serving don’t you think?

          • retiree

            To quote CharlesBryant here –
            “no massive declines in enlistment or re-enlistment rates”

          • CharlesBryant


            True, but you don’t see anyone voicing there opinion by not Enlisting or Reenlisting do you.

            Source: DOD Announces Recruiting and Retention Numbers for Fiscal 2012, Through December


          • CharlesBryant


            Bullchit, and in 4 months since the repeal where is the evidence of this? Bullchit, when DADT was repealed, just what exactly happened? Nothing, the same gay’s and lesbo’s are still there as they were before the repeal.

          • retiree

            Ever hear of Selective Re-enlistment Bonuses? They exist now. Note that there has NEVER been a contract promising free health care for life. So this is NO change from the current status. yet I read that the services are still filling their enlistment quotas.

          • IDMTmedic

            Money and benefits fill the quotas.

          • retiree

            “That’s why nobody will be joining. Unless of course the military decides to give HUGE bonuses and education ENTITLEMENTS to get people in and keep them until of no longer use. What would you consider a big bonus to keep people in? 20, 30 gs in most cases?”

            Which is what Selective Re-enlistment Bonuses and Enlistment Bonuses are. Which have been going on since at least the 1980’s.

            Do you argue just for the sake of arguing? I really can’t figure you out – you’re protesting that I pointed out that DoD is already doing exactly what you claim they are going to need to do, and have been doing it for decades.

          • IDMTmedic

            Let’s cut to the chase retiree. I am for no cuts for the retiree. YOU on the other hand are for? That’s pretty plain and in english. No link required, no facts to dispute. That’s my argument with you. Let us all be clear on your stance. Easy enough right? Charles, same goes for you. Cut or no cut.

          • CharlesBryant


            I agree, and must say no one is talking about cuts for us. Now you cut to the chase, and explain what you are talking about.

          • IDMTmedic

            Charles did you read the article we are now blogging about? “Worried about pay and benefit cuts”? Now either you didn’t read the damn thing or your blind to reality. MY stance is that the cuts ARE coming and retiree wants to mitigate that which I understand. He may want to minimize that by providing facts that won’t mean a damn thing to our elected officials, however it should be NO cuts ever! How is it you figure that no cuts are coming for us? I’m going to get you a shovel so you can dig your head out of the sand!

          • CharlesBryant


            “I read that the services are still filling their enlistment quotas.”

            You got that right.


          • IDMTmedic

            Funny we can’t afford the DOD budget but give re-enlistment bonuses and enlistment bonuses and ENTITLEMENTS!!!! Funny how GOV finds the money to pay a SRa 30gs to stay in for 4 years and pay his college. Ever heard of bait and switch? Dangle the carrot until it’s force reduction or involuntary separation.

          • retiree

            We have always done this. It’s part of balancing the force, has existed for decades.

            The US military, unlike businesses, does not recruit leadership from outside, but grows it’s own. So it becomes necessary to balance the forces – you have too many in certain year-groups & specialties, and too few in another. So you offer incentives for those in the overage categories to get out or transfer. You also offer incentives for those in the undermanned categories to stay in, so the problem doesn’t get worse.

            And you can’t just adjust accession, because if you don’t bring in enough folks now, you won’t have enough 15 year veterans when you need them 15 years from now. Instead, you get rid of those who are overage across the categories that are overage – through selective control of re-enlistment, Reductions in Force, and Selective Retirement Boards.

            It’s not bait & switch, it’s how it’s been run for decades. And, if you haven’t looked at your enlistment/re-enlistment papers, it clearly spells out the details. Officers serve at the pleasure of the President. Enlisted have fixed terms, and no guarantee of re-enlistment.

        • Steve Spurbeck

          I am retiree with 22.5 years. I firmly believe that those who hav ealready served should be entiltled to pay and benefits. I also disagree with pay raises. I would gladly sacrifice all future payraise for the sake of our country. I also support any adjustments to the current retirement system provided all current retirees are grandfatthered in. If an enlistee knows the facts going in than they can make a choice to enlist or not.

      • CharlesBryant


        What ‘contractual promises’?

        • IDMTmedic

          Free burial?

          • CharlesBryant


            No such thing in the Contract.

          • IDMTmedic

            Exactly, why not start charging vets for their own funerals and maybe for the plane ride back to get buried. Make the soldiers pay for their own food while deployed. Those in the contract? Common sense doesn’t appear to play into any politician does it.

          • CharlesBryant


            I will admit, there are many “benefits” so to speak, that I would get rid of which would help, but I’m not going to get into that. This problem with “benefits” has been getting bigger and bigger each and every year. Since 9/11 it seems that any bill put forth in congress that mentions Soldiers is always passed. I think the years of yes, yes yes, are behind us.

            As for having the soldiers pay for their food when deployed, is already happening and has always happened, in that their Basic Allowance for Subsistence stops.

          • IDMTmedic

            True enough Charles, however making soldiers aware up front that they MAY NOT get a retirement prior to joining instead of back tracking and threatening veterans benefits to keep up with spending is at best WRONG!!! Many things are not included in contracts and ask an 18 y/o what any legal jargon means and you will get a blank stare. Most have never written a check let alone sign a contract. No excuse, it is what it is. We can nitpick all day about legal issues but what remains is the veterans pay and benefits. Politicians run their campaigns off of our backs and pledge this and that for us. Well I’m not asking for more and those of you that feel we need cuts in our benefits then why not be proactive and write your congressman and tell them you will collect signatures from vets willing to give up their checks for the government. They can name a bill after you for giving back to the US. Collecting retirement at 65 from the military is BS. Social Security was paid for by us for exactly that and they spent that too. Nothing is safe anymore.

          • CharlesBryant

            IDMTmedic, Part 1

            “True enough Charles, however making soldiers aware up front that they MAY NOT get a retirement prior to joining instead of back tracking and threatening veterans benefits to keep up with spending is at best WRONG!!!”

            Huh, based on history, only about 18% of those in service retire. I’ve never known anyone in the service that thought they were going to get a retirement check after 3 years in service or anything under 20 years of service.

            “Many things are not included in contracts and ask an 18 y/o what any legal jargon means and you will get a blank stare.”

            Legal jargon hell, the Enlistment Contract is written at a 9th grade level. Joining the Military is no different then any other job, you learn more and more as time goes along.

            “Most have never written a check let alone sign a contract.”

            Ok, so what, most people in the world can’t read a train, bus ticket or plane ticket.

          • IDMTmedic

            Since when is anything in a contract written for a 9th grade level? Unless I missed something most contracts are written by lawyers. Nobody expects retirement after anything BUT 20 yrs in the military. However most of the BS now being discussed is the entitelments that WE now receive. Don’t be a BSer like your not asking for cuts in the benefits which you have already stated you are for. Grandfathered my A##. That’s like saying we are safe FOR NOW. Better read the fine print on that BS. Even at a ninth grade level according to you, I smell more than the usual BS. Let’s say only 18% percent by your account get retirement. Probably high but let’s put that into some money terms. 18% equals how much of the deficit? Of course let’s talk about those dam freeloaders who are signed up for Tricare Prime. Add alot more percentage right. Well MMmmmm just how much of a burden are we?

          • CharlesBryant

            IDMTmedic, Part 1

            “Since when is anything in a contract written for a 9th grade level? Unless I missed something most contracts are written by lawyers.”

            Hello, we are talking about the ENLISTMENT CONTRACT – ARMED FORCES OF THE UNITED STATES DD FORM 4. Yeah, you missed something alright.

            “Nobody expects retirement after anything BUT 20 yrs in the military.”

            Then why did you bring it up?

            “However most of the BS now being discussed is the entitelments that WE now receive.”

            Bullshit, no one is talking about taking anything from me.

          • IDMTmedic

            I brought up 20 yrs retirement because you stated 3yrs or anything under 20 you tard. I swear you are in denial or maybe oldtimers?

          • CharlesBryant

            IDMTmedic, Part 2

            “Grandfathered my A##. That’s like saying we are safe FOR NOW. Better read the fine print on that BS. Even at a ninth grade level according to you, I smell more than the usual BS.”

            Again, my benefits are locked in based on every single thing I have read.

            “Let’s say only 18% percent by your account get retirement. Probably high but let’s put that into some money terms. 18% equals how much of the deficit? Of course let’s talk about those dam freeloaders who are signed up for Tricare Prime. Add alot more percentage right. Well MMmmmm just how much of a burden are we?”

            Your leaving out the Noncash and Deferred Benefits.

          • IDMTmedic

            Benefits are locked in????……LMFAO…Oh thank god it’s everything you have read. I feel safe.

          • CharlesBryant

            IDMTmedic, Part 2

            “Well I’m not asking for more and those of you that feel we need cuts in our benefits then why not be proactive and write your congressman and tell them you will collect signatures from vets willing to give up their checks for the government.”

            Huh, what the heck are you talking about?

            “They can name a bill after you for giving back to the US. Collecting retirement at 65 from the military is BS. Social Security was paid for by us for exactly that and they spent that too. Nothing is safe anymore.”

            Don’t know about you, but I have not lost any benefits since I’ve retired. I get my military retirement check, Tricare, Social Security, and Cola raises for both. My benefits have only gone up never down, and no one, I say no one is looking to take anything away from me or those on active duty. Everyone keeps forgetting that most all our leaders are saying that those serving will be “GRANDFATHERED”. Do you understand what this means?

          • IDMTmedic

            I sure do understand that. Did you sign a contract stated that we will be grandfathered in? I haven’t lost anything yet either, but I guess you missed the proposal from Sen McCain? You think that was a mistake? THAT was coming from a veteran. Raising fees and LOSING benefits such as tricare prime is only the beginning. Sure one step at a time. You either fight it or agree but don’t play both sides.

          • CharlesBryant


            What proposal from McCain? Do you have a link to that information?

          • IDMTmedic

            LMAO, guess you are delusional. You know the tricare prime thing? I’m sure your links are forthcoming . Please try and defend it with retirees budget expenditures.

          • CharlesBryant


            I supply links to what I am saying all the time, now where are your links. Don’t try and spin this back to me.

          • IDMTmedic

            You up to date yet?

          • Draftee

            I agreed with IDMT medic. Look at the American workforce. They lost their pay and everything one step at a time.

            All I can say to you veterans is welcome to the real world of the American worker. You now know what it is like to have your pay and benefits come under attack.

            Of course, many of you didn’t like unions and did everythingin your power to undermine them even though many of you took a union job that had been fought for and die for by past union members. Many of you also took a government job like the police that offer good pay and benefits and do you give thanks to the unions, no you do not. So do not tell me that you military people fought for union rights because many of you did not.

            P. S. Don’t complain about your medical benefits coming under attack considering that many of you were against afforcable health care for the rest of the country. If the rest of the population can’t gety affordable health care, then neither should active military or retire-miltary people.

        • Garreth

          Mine had two hot meals and a place to sleep at least 2 hours a night. Course, that was a long time ago…………1968.

    • Ron S

      Written like a person who has enjoyed the benefits preserved for you by the men and women who served and even died so that you can write this ignorant drivel. There are very few more demanding professions than that of a military person, and those that are equal to or exceed the sacrifice are much more greatly compensated. Military personel give up the right to call in sick or just not show up for work. They give up the right to decline an assignment or transfer. They give up the right to simply say that would rather not die for their country. You misuse the term entitlement. This word has been used by the Republicans to denote something obscene. Military men and women are entitled to their retirement because they have earned it through their service, sacrifice, and blood.

      • Garreth

        I remind you that military retirement is actually deferred compensation until one hits the 30 year mark. The reason for that is that one is subject to recall to active duty until then. Then it is retirement pay.

      • Draftee

        Tried being a coal miner or a construction worker. By the time, you have 10 years in as a construction worker, your body is shot to hades. If you are a coal miner, you can forget about the government at all levels helping you out when there are health, safety, and labor violations because they are in the pockets of the coaling mine companies.

    • CSM

      SeaJim – your just another example of a nut case throwing out an opinion to people who don’t care what you have to say. I signed a contract, under the Constitution of the United States, was sworn in, according to the United States Constitution, and retired as a CSM. I know my entitlements and I DID read the Constitution of the United States of America boy. No one cares about your dumbass opinion. STOW IT son!

    • phillip

      Conress is so full of sh—–t they are defenitely the ones that need a pay cut. We as Veterans were promised our country would always be there for us,I personnally fill let down and I mean let down cut all politicians pay from the top on down.

    • MSG USA (Ret)

      I am reading a lot about this “Contract.” When the framers of the Constitution wrote it, a man’s word was his bond, and very few written contracts were the extent of business. No, those contracts were temporary reminders of a bigger promise discussed and changed occasionally between parties.
      Now we come to the 20th and 21st Century. We are still (or should be) expected to keep our word about more than what’s written on a piece of paper. I don’t know about the services on the 25th of January, 2012, but in the 26 years I served, all the recruiting literature talked about those health care benefits and retirement benefits in exchange for 20 or more years of service. Enlisted people were REQUIRED to attend reenlistment talks which reminded them of those benefits at the end of a career.
      Now, in the law I studied, that constitutes a verbal contract at least. And it should be binding. Or, are we saying that the word of the United States is no good?

    • Seabee

      Hmmm! Does this mean you do not think a widow/widower and surviving minor children have Entitlement to free health care, if their spouse died serving their country? I think it is earned!

    • medicman615

      Your position is somewhat skewed, SeaJim. Those benefits that were promised such as the retirement program that was in place at the time a person enlists or accepts a commission are contractual elements the government uses to entice people to place their lives at risk for the duration of their service, while doing the bidding of our elected officials. Military personnel settle for peanuts compared to their civilian counterparts for the most productive years of their lives, at least those who perform the contractual requirement of at least 20-years service. The retirement package is part of the bargain. So are disability payments for physical losses incurred in the line of duty and any and all of the other “carrots” our employer, the United States government, dangled in front of us to entice us to join. There’s no doubt most who join are patriotic and military service is more than just a job, but the vast majority of even the most patriotic are not independently wealthy enough to forgo those contractual elements that were put in place to make it possible for us to serve. As a matter of fact, seldom to the independently wealthy serve military careers. All of those things that it has suddenly become popular to refer to as “entitlements” are exactly the same as the pay and benefits any other employee receives. The employer advertises enticements to join the company and any employee worth his salt would be damned angry if anyone tried to change the rules AFTER they had worked their life away!!! Funny how the overwhelming majority of those now calling military pay, retirement and other benefits “entitlements” never served a day in uniform. Each and every one of you rotten maladroits who now wish to reduce or eliminate those benefits had the same opportunity to join the military and reap the rewards WE EARNED. So many of you laughed at we who joined the military, citing our relatively low pay and the significant risk of the loss of life, limb or eyesight as evidence of our folly. I know many of my high school buddies felt that way about my decision to join and most of my fellow soldiers recounted similar stories. And now that the economy has gone in the toilet, you feel it appropriate to rob those things from us you thought so trivial before! How dare you think of removing what all of us paid for with our sweat, many of us paid for with our tears and quite a few of us paid for with our blood!!!!

      • IDMTmedic

        Medic let me introduce you to Retiree and Charles. I think you will be very interested in their responses.

    • Carrie

      I agree that military health care and pensions are benefits that can be up for change; however, I have been a military wife for 12 years. My husband has served for 14. At the 10 year mark, we seriously discussed if he should go indefinate or not. He decided to because he loves what he does. But, the benefits that were currently available played a big role. Now he faces serving for 20 years and getting nothing from that service. I know that there are layoffs everywhere, and it happens in corporate America all the time. But he has devoted himself to being moved numerous times, placed in danger, and seperation from his family. In the end of it, don’t you think that deserves to have extra benefits attached?

      • IDMTmedic

        Carrie, I don’t believe it’s extra, it’s earned! Now you have a few that say that it isn’t in the contract. Actually more than a few say that. He will not get nothing for 20 yrs however it may be less than hoped if current trends continue. Politicians and weak veterans will make that possible! Put your little bit of money away now and save because military retirement and health care are on the skids regardless of moral responsibilities. It comes down to legal BS. I say fight and fight and fight for no cuts. Start writing your congressman and see Charles or retiree for the facts but no advice. ;)

    • Donnie

      You ever look at what a congressman /woman make when they leave office? What health benefits they have when they leave? They can spend 2 terms or less in and get a whole lot more than a servicemember gets after spending 20 years or more.

      • retiree

        Please before posting read the list – CharlesBryant, many others, and myself have continually posted links to where this is thoroughly debunked. Congress is under FERS, same as the Civil Service. They pay into their retirement, pay for SS, pay for their health care (FEHBP). After 20 years, they have earned a whopping 34% of their top 3 years base pay. By law, they are limited to 80% of their top pay on retirement. To get to 80%, they would have to be in office over 50 years. Oh, and they collect that paycheck at age 62, unless they have over 20 years, in which case they get it at age 50.

        CharlesBryant has posted – the average retirement for Congress (those who receive one, having served a minimum of 5 years) is about $40,000.

        As I mentioned, their health care is under FEHBP, which means they pay a few hundred dollars a month for it. Once they start drawing retirement pay (age 50 or 62, depending on how long they served), they get the privilege of paying for it again. Not $520/year, but a few hundred dollars a month. Between the time they retire and the time they draw benefits, they are not entitled to any federally funded health care.

        • IDMTmedic

          Learned alot by that post, Thank you retiree. Still don’t agree with you but very enlightening. Still see a huge gap but you don’t?

          • retiree

            IF you’re referring to the fact that our benefits are better than theirs by a large margin, then yes.

            If you want to talk about their pay (base $174,000), please look up GO pay on the dfas website. Many GOs at the 3/4 star rank make as much as Congress (GO pay while on active duty is capped at $179,700/year). GO’s on retirement can make more than Congress by a lot (since our retired pay goes to 100%, and since without the cap, a 4-star GO with 40 years who was a COCOM commander will receive $247,053/year in retirement pay).

            If you’re referring to Congress getting paid more than the average military – I’ll repeat that if you’re interested in making money, don’t go into the Military.

          • IDMTmedic

            $40,000 for at least 5 years? I’d say that’s pretty generous!!! 3 and 4 stars deserve that pay after a lifetime of service. Never said I wanted to make or deserve what a congressman makes. If they choose to be a public servant and are able to get elected I’m all for a DECENT living. 20 yrs service to our government deserves a retirement.

          • retiree

            $40,000 average. After 5 years they would receive 8.4% of $174,000, or $14,616. $40,000 means on average 23%, which means on average 13.5 years service. Basic math.

          • IDMTmedic

            I call it basic BS. 20 yrs or nothing.:)

  • Mike

    They are always finding ways to cut the benefits from us that went to war and those that gave their all and earned these benefits. While they sit on their butts increasing their own benefits at our cost. Regardless who is in office now a days, political corruption is our governments way of life. We just decide who will be the next God Father in the White House.

  • R. H. Hatcher,

    Politicians start the wars, but DO NOT fight them. A veteran is the one who sacrificed for the country, not someone sitting in a leather executive chair making decisions on which young men go forth to be killed or maimed. The veterans earn and deserve everything they were promised. Cut the billions in “aid” to other countries and honor the debts here at home.

    • Louie

      SOLUTION: if we quit being 10, 15, 20 plus year vets it will stop????? I am tired of seeing vets slapped in the face. GO to ulsg.org and see how we are treated for 20 yrs of serve to D.C.

    • Draftee

      We have plenty of military veterans who fought wars but then when they become politicans, they don’t do a thing to stop wars.

  • Panzer Chris

    Politicians are slime. Lets look at what can be cut: Federal foreign aid to Russia, China, Pakistan, and numerous other countries on our “dole.” Second, combine federal agencies and cut the over head costs, reduce the number of federal employees through attrition (retirees, firings, death you name it.) Third, convict with heavy penalties those who are convicted of fraud, waste and abuse. Fourth, go after the tax cheats, you owe XXX$$$ then pay it. I am sick about companies cutting tax reduction deals. Fifth, consolidate federal purchasing. Sixth, term limits in Congress, no retirement plans ect. Seventh, quit paying benefits of any kind to illegal aliens, or deduct an equal amount from their foreign aid. Eigth, limit the number of federal welfare dollars for illegitimate children to two. Nineth, out of work? You go on a graduate unemployment scale reduction and then you must take a job. Tenth, do all of the above every four years.

    • Janet C.

      Well said–you got everything said that my husband & I have been thinking since do nothing OBama took office. If this spend thrift gets re-elected then this country will be a 3rd World Country. Thanks Panzer Chris for saying what you did especially about the welfare dollars for illegitimate children.

    • mic

      Smart.. Too bad it’s just a bunch of vets and current military members reading this. It’s a shame, really.

  • Dissatisfied Veteran

    Nice try, Tri-Care rates up for 2012, Pharmacy co-pays through Tri-Care up for 2012, Cutting all spending on what is determined to be non-required. i.e. Auto Hobby shops, Aero Clubs, Golf Course Snack Bars, Rod and Gun Clubs, Base Theaters, the list goes on. So even if what is reported above is thier version, 2012 does see cuts and decreases. Look our for 2013 if the Dems win the 2012 elections. No tonly will teh military get gutted, So will your rights as an American Citizen! Current adminstration has already laid the gound work and laws to invoke Martial Law any time they want!!! Think you have no rights now, wiat unti the pull teh plug on teh constitution. Laws just recently passed barr spending National Istitutes of Health (NIH) on furthering gun control. Another similar finance authorization act stated the same. Current administration was quoted as saying,”You can put what you wnat in the laws or acts. I can spend what I want when I want, adn where I want. You have no authority over us!” So, if the current administration gets another 4 years. You can kiss your inalienable rights as American Citizens GOOD BYE!!!

    • Harvey

      Right on. You can add Tricare for life as another thorn in the side. Now Osama Obama and his cronies are making us pay a fee for that which will double in one year. I just dont get it . Get rid of aide to countries that dont give a flip for us, get rid of the czars, and cut out the retirenment benefits , and benefits for the president and congress and see how fast sh.. will change. Talk about fraud waste and abuse , its called Osama Obama.


      You want Obama in in the house for another 4 years?.. are you crazy? the man is not for the military, veterans or even us Americans. As a vet myself he can take his change and shove it where the sun doesnt shine.____Unknown__

  • jonashly

    wars are started by old men and not so old fools and idiots for self gratification
    wars are fought by the young and are the ones killed and injured

  • J Bonilla

    Unbelievable. First McCain , he wants retirees to pay $200.00 for Tricare for
    life, promised when I enlisted . I’m ashamed of him, since he was a prisoner of war in Viet Nam. I was in Viet Nam too as an Infantryman. I went through hell.
    Why you rich people don’t work for free? Why always messing around the
    military? We sacrified our lives, and this is the way you pay us. I”m sick and
    tired of all you cronies. Always stabbing the soldiers and retirees in the back.

    • KEITH

      I agree Mcain is receiveing 100 percent disability and receiveing 250 thousand a year i am gratefull for all who have served before me and after me that is why i am able to do the things ican do. Iserved 20 years and had to fight for five years to get my disability so iwounder what senators and confressmen go through NOTHING!!!!!!

  • bill stone

    Such an idiot am I for trusting my government to keep it’s word.

  • Retired USAF E-9

    Sure doesn’t sound good for us retirees, but, for all of you out there I have a few words to say. What did you expect? 2 years ago this country voted a Republican majority into the House and added several Republicans to their numbers in the Senate. And the country did this after George W. Bush and his Party brought us to the sad financial mess the country is currently in. Ask yourselves what the end result of that election was – nothing less than a Congress that has been hell-bent on placing obstacles to just about every piece of legislation that Obama and the Democrats have proposed to fix the mess that those same Republicans left for Obama. For those of you who have taken the time to become educated as to what has been going on in D.C., you know what I am talking about. For the rest of you, I say this – VOTE in November – and this time, vote such that Obama and the Democrats are voted in with a clear cut majority in the House and a minimum of 61 in the Senate – otherwise hunker up for lots more pain if the Republicans are voted in with a control of the House and Senate.

    • jim

      I’m a E-9 USAF retired also, you better check out all the cuts that are threatened to us,its not the George Bush past,its the present leaders that don’t respect the America way,and want to destroy the United States Of America.they have taken God out of everything our nation was founded on. MY MY Chief don’t be fooled by wolves in sheep clothing

      • Retired USAF E-9

        Agree with you Chiief about cuts that are now threatening us. I also agree with you that this country faces its greatest crisis since WWII and I believe this threat is ourselves. Chief, you can’t argue the fact that this country began its down spin in 2008 (when Obama took over). You will agree with me also, that one of G.W. Bush (and the Republicans) biggest mistakes was to have us fight 2 wars without paying for them (remember the nice tax breaks that we all received?). I supposed they were all hoping that the additional dollars we all received would generate enough revenue to pay for the enormous costs of those wars. I honestly believe that Obama is no less a God fearing and patriotic American than you or I. I do believe that he (as he should being the Commander-in-Chief) truly has the nation’s and in particular us the middle class best interest at heart but it takes non-partisan attitudes in the Congress to correct what ails the country. You will agree that his administration has had little of that. To me it seems that this Country would be better served if Speaker Boehner, Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnel (to name a few) would remember that we owe our allegiance to America first and to their Party second.

    • Retired USAF E-7

      Yeah vote in with a clear cut majority so they can take my money and give to someone else that, and continue turn us onto a European state. No Thank you. I like being an American, I do not want to be a European.

    • Military spouse

      Are you really serious?????

    • jordan

      sorry guy but your so wrong. oboma wants to control everything. u cant blame bush anymore. oboma has had 3 years and he has spent more in 3 years than any other president, in fact he has already spent the budget for 2013 and 2014! sure he gives people money food etc but only because he wants u all to be enslaved by the help he gives u. oboma is a f**king socialist! im a disabled vet myself and i would sooner die than watch oboma destroy America further than he has! so if you like socialist then you go ahead and support that dumb ass if you love america and what it stands for you will vote out oboma! how disgusting u made me sick to my stomach

      • dave

        amen Jordan … these obama idiots kill me .. may as well blame George Washington for this free, capitalistic, mess obama “inherited” ..

        He was the one who said he could do the job, and didnt. Was it tough, yeah, than dont run moron!! Dont campaign for a job for which you are CLEARY unqualified and then blame the person you took over for because you couldn’t do it.

        Obama is more than a socialist .. hes anti american. None of his values, ideas, or policies are in line with what our founders wanted. That makes the president of the united states someone who doesnt believe in America – sad, pathetic, unthinkable, but more importantly – true!

        • Spartan

          In my opinion Obama hates the military, even more than hates the USA. If he has his way our military will be ranked in strength, and size right after Monaco’s.

      • J. Poole

        Completely wrong.

        Jim P.

    • Craig C

      Retired USAF E-9, you are delusional!

    • HateDemcrats

      You AF Liberals are all alike. The Democraps had overwhelming majorities for four years two of which tied the Bush administrations hands. The Democraps will destroy the military just look at the sad state the AF is in now
      E-9 USN Retired

      • dave

        @ HateDemocrats – thats because the AF ( especially the AF E-9 losers I worked with in the past ) live in a world much like the democrats – pure fantasy .. not any kind of military bearing, drive, desire to do what is right, just continue to suck off the system so they can make life better for themselves and blame everyone else for problems without offering any kind of solution. I was beyond disgusted at how the AF “functions” .. it has no business calling itself part of the military, just like democrats and this administration have no business calling themselves Americans!

      • Hate Liberals

        Right on Master Chief!!!!!The AF has allot of Liberals because they always look for the easy way out, ask someone in the AF why they joined, the answer always is (because I don’t have to work that hard). USN!

        • Draftee

          It seems that Wall Street has a lot of conservatives because they are always looking for the government to bail them out because they will not take responsiblity (personal and professional) for the damage they have cause to this country, and they do not want to work hard. Look at Haliburton. They would not have gotten filthy rich if their boy Dick Cheney had not rigged the private contracts in their favor. You, Hate Democrats, and Dave need to get your facts straight. It is Republicans and Wall Street that have destroy the military.

      • Draftee

        The Republican Party filbuster everything that the Obama tried to do plus the Democratic never had an overhelming majority; otherwise, they could have override anything that Bush would have veto. Get your facts straight and your head out of the sand. The Republicons destroy the military. You military conservatives are all alike when it comes to being stupid and dumb

        • Volunteer

          I hope 0bama is continually Opposed, Obstructed and Blocked at every turn every time he tries to bring our country closer to some Marxist Utopian State. North Korea, China, Russia, France, Greece…. so many examples of Socialism/Communism failures.
          Most Americans don’t want his “CHANGE”. I know I absolutely want 0bama to FAIL at EVERY policy he tries to enact.

          • retiree

            Please go to a library and check out a copy of Karl Marx’s Das Capital. Read it. Then tell me where President Obama’s policies are Communist.

            Also, Communism and Socialism are NOT the same thing. Please go to your local college and talk to the Political Science professor to explain the difference.

            Did you know Germany is the #2 exporter in the world (was #1 until a few years ago)? Did you know there’s more startup companies in Norway than the US?

    • R.D.Webb

      You are an IDIOT ! Do you Not Remember 2008-2010. Obama and the DemoWhores had a Majority in Both The Senate , The House and The White House. All they did was to jam a Health(Kill)Care Bill down our throats that Nobody wants ! Obama spent 1.6 TRILLION DOLLARS in his First 6 months in Office. His Tarp Fund to stop Unemployment at 8% DID NOT WORK ! ! ! To Top this Off He (Obama) said of The Military (which He is AGAINST !!!) “They are all Volunteers and Should Have to Pay for Their Own Health-Care. Don’t Believe me then read The following :

      Bad press, including major mockery of the plan by comedian Jon
      Stewart , led to President Obama abandoning his proposal to require
      veterans carry private health insurance to cover the estimated $540
      million annual cost to the federal government of treatment for injuries
      to military personnel received during their tours on active duty. The
      President admitted that he was puzzled by the magnitude of the
      opposition to his proposal.. “Look, it’s an all volunteer force,”
      Obama complained.
      “Nobody made these guys go to war.
      They had to have known and accepted the risks.
      Now they whine about bearing the costs of their choice?
      It doesn’t compute..” “I thought these were people who were proud to
      sacrifice for their country, “Obama continued. “I wasn’t asking for
      blood, just money. With the country facing the worst financial crisis in its
      history, I’d have thought that the patriotic thing to do would be to try to help
      reduce the nation’s deficit. I guess I underestimated the
      selfishness of some of my fellow Americans.”

      Please pass this on to every vet and their families whom you know.
      “Nobody made these guys go to war. They had to have known and accepted the risks. Now they whine about bearing the costs of their choice?”
      And you want us to Vote Oblama and his minions back in

      • Mac, Mac

        You are right, The Great one Hates America,

        • ANCHOR


          • retiree

            Please take your conspiracy fantasies elsewhere. President Obama was born in Hawaii (a US state), has lived in the US the last 14 years, and is over the age of 35.

          • Bulldog61

            Then why doesn’t anyone step-up and admit they knew him during his college days.

          • retiree

            Which has WHAT to do with him being born in the US?

          • retiree

            Not that it has ANYTHING to do with him being eligible to be president, but:

            Title: Old friends recall Obama’s college years

            And before anyone comments about his trip to Pakistan – please see the other link I posted. In 1981, US Citizens could freely travel to Pakistan.

          • Larry

            yes and it is also a fact that he traveled on a Malaysian passport that makes him a dual national at best, and by the law that makes him in-eligible to be president of the untied states.

          • retiree

            Interesting, since he never was in Malasia (he lived for a time in Indonesia, which is a different country). But he never traveled on said passport, nor was he ever a dual citizen. http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/passport.asp http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/l/lawyersues

            Requirements to be President (Constitution, Article 2)
            1. Native Born citizen
            2. Resident in the US for the preceding 14 years.
            3. Age 35 or older.

            He meets all 3 – thus eligible.

      • deltadog

        Concur with just about everything you said R.D. However the part you state is Obama’s response is not quit true, according to Snopes.
        I think Obama’s bad record and policies speak for them self with out us repeating inaccuracies we receive in Emails without checking them out. http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/veteransheal

      • CharlesBryant


        “Look, it’s an all volunteer force,” Obama complained. “Nobody made these guys go to war.

        They had to have known and accepted the risks.

        Now they whine about bearing the costs of their choice?

        It doesn’t compute..” “I thought these were people who were proud to
        sacrifice for their country, “Obama continued. “I wasn’t asking for
        blood, just money. With the country facing the worst financial crisis in its history, I’d have thought that the patriotic thing to do would be to try to help reduce the nation’s deficit. I guess I underestimated the
        selfishness of some of my fellow Americans.”

        This is all bullchit and was debunked back on 12 May 2009.

        Source: http://www.factcheck.org/2009/05/would-obama-have

    • Independant In Utah

      Are you kidding me. Blame Bush, getting old. Do some research and see who started this mess. Go back to Mr Carter. Go back to stupid legislation that forced banks to make bad home.loans. I am so sick of the blame Bush game. Your pres has gone on more vacations and road trips and spent more money than the last five presidents. I say we need to start over with people in DC who care more about America than re election. Get over the repubs vs the dems. Time to get AMERICANS in office.

      • retiree

        The CRA did NOT force banks to make bad loans. The greed of bankers (and investors) for more money, combined with the reduction of oversight (repeal of Glass-Steigall, the Government refusing to provide oversight of Credit Default Swaps, etc) resulted in the housing boom/bust.

        Regarding President Obama’s vacations: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/08/17/evening

        BTW – all those in office are Americans – it’s a requirement for the job.

      • Draftee

        Bush Jr., has gone on more vacations and road trips and spent more money thatn the last five presidents. Get your facts straight.

      • USAF Retired E8

        Checks your facts on vacation as with most of your other statement. ERROR, AFTER ERROR!!!

    • ANCHOR

      ARE YOU NUTS??????

    • Todd Sudick

      Duh! Obama HAD a majority in the House and Senate for 2 years and did squat. If you want to see your benefits reduced–go ahead and vote for Obama-it will be a self fulfilling prophecy!

      USMC Retired O-5

      • retiree

        He did NOT have a filibuster proof majority in the Senate, except for 35 days of that.

        • Lucy

          Your wrong……..he had 2 years and he also stole the election with Acorn and other community organizations! He wants us to be european…..the new leader of France wants to increase taxes on the wealthy to 75%……how much more do you want! if it’s so bad here move to france!

          • retiree

            do you have any clue as to how the Senate works? It takes 60 votes to break a filibuster (and we don’t have real filibusters today anyway, but that’s a separate issue). Including Independent votes (2 in the Senate), the only times the Democrats had 60 votes in the Senate were Jul 7 – Aug 25 2009 and Sep 25 2009 – Feb 4 2010. Other than that, the Republicans had enough votes to maintain a filibuster.

            And regardless of what the new President of France wants, he does not control the US. So I really don’t care what they do to their country. Please point one statement by President Obama advocating a 75% tax on incomes over 1 million euros in the US.

    • American!

      You must be kidding, right? Who in their right mind would push a lame duck medical bill through during an economic hail storm, or stimulate banks that can put a family out of an over priced house to only leave it vacant to rot, or allow his military to turn into another hollow force with bad guys in the wings waiting us out. No way Jose, if they are in office now – vote them out. We need a green team without the status quo. That way, maybe – just maybe, they would realize they represent us and not their on motives.

    • Jason

      Ron Paul 2012. the only way we can retore America to its glory and be proud to be American

    • seedpod

      A retired AF 0-5 thinks you possibly are on medicinal weed. To vote in Obama and have a Dem House and Senate would be the end of our country—not that Obama hasn’t already screwed it enough

      • Lucy

        You are right! Thanks…….4 more years of Obama would be very hard to recover from…Why doesn’t he pull out his check book and pay more in taxes………..nothing is stopping him…..start writing, but leave ours alone.

    • Bill SGM USA (RET)

      Chief, you are sadley misinformed.

    • CRW

      No, you better start at the top and that is Obama, you always critize Bush. Well look here he has been gone quite a while, meanwhile Obama is bailing out auto, loans, banks and overseas countries. Then he takes 2 trillion dollars and never discloses what was done with it or who it went to. Face it there are both good and bad Democrats and Republicans. We just need to hope that the good ones stay and the bad ones on BOTH sides get the hell out of there! And the Congress, Senate and House need to fall under their own laws to include taxes, social security, health care, and travel. They seem to think that the American people are there bankers and that they can take and spend what they want. Well, it is well past time for the American people to stand up and tell them FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE! THEN MAYBE WE CAN IMPROVE.

      • retiree

        “nd the Congress, Senate and House need to fall under their own laws to include taxes, social security, health care, and travel.”

        Not certain about travel (and not certain what laws that govern travel you think they don’t fall under), but Congress pays taxes, is under Social Security, and pays for their health care via FEHBP, just like all the other Civil Servants.

        Oh and in 1995, they put themselves under almost all US laws. Hopefully this year they will also put themselves under the laws concerning insider trading.

    • Retired

      Really…Do you believe a $600B dollar trigger was put in to scare off Liberal Democrats?

    • nobody8u2

      Don’t blame all of the problems on who was voted in , our government has jack we the people for a long time. The only way to cut costs Is to begin at the top because if you cut from the bottom the whole infrastructure comes down on it self. Remember it is the representative of our interest (congress) that are supposedly speak up for the little guys( the rest of us) and if you look back a few decades they were the ones who stayed in office after passing bad checks at the Bank that their paychecks go to. Look it up, almost half or our representatives walked away free for the same thing I believe all of us would have spent hard time for. Lets see if we the people can get these travesties of justice working equally across-the board. Ya know , when you hire a person to cheat, you don’t point fingers after thy cheat you!!!

    • Retired USA, SSG

      For those who think Obama had two years and hasn’t done anything, I say Bush had 8 years and gave us the biggest deficit in history. Not to mention that Bush INHERITED the biggest SURPLUS from Clinton era. So Bush spent the surplus and left our nation with the biggest deficit. But yet Obama should do his magic and have this nation back on track within 2 years. Go figure!

      • CSM Retired

        Son you are full of chit. No wonder you retired as a SSG – your an idiot. Yes Bush made mistakes, but obama has CREATED not inherited – CREATED the largest debt ceiling in American history. More than Washington through GHW Bush COMBINED!! And nobama is asking to increase the debt ceiling again. I don’t understand how you libs think – you should all go and start your own country because you sure don’t belong in MY USA!!

        • retiree

          When President GW Bush was in office, he created the largest debt ceiling in US history up to that time. President Obama asking for the Debt Ceiling to be increased was part of the deal last year with Congress. Even Paul Ryan’s “Balanced Budget” didn’t balance the budget until the 2020’s, and would have required a debt ceiling increase this year.
          http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:USDebt.png http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Federal_Debt_19http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:US_Federal_Outlhttp://zfacts.com/p/318.html

        • Draftee

          CSM you are full of it which is probably why you became a CSM because you are a bootlicker and plus you valid the Peter Pan piniciple, because it show how incompetent you are when it comes to knowing the facts. You can leave the USA, no one is stopping you. Of course, American corporations are leaving the USA because they think they are above the USA and have no allegience to the USA.

      • Lucy

        You are wrong check your facts!

    • Glenn

      Always blaming Bush for our deficit. Why not check out what Obama has done for us. So we are less dependent on foreign oil, big freaking deal, we are still paying $3+ for a gallon and always will. Since Obama has come into office the US military has taken serious cuts. What’s going to happen when (not if) we have another World War? We could fall to another country because of our soon to be small military and less than advanced technology. Say what you want about Republicans, at least Bush didn’t triple our national deficit in less than a year with hardly any benefits. A strong military is the backbone of a strong country. Make us do more w/less, take away our benefits, and watch our country crumble in war. At least American’s have the right to bear arms so if war does break out on our turf we can make a feeble attempt to hold off our adversaries. I may be just another E-7 but I can’t afford to stay in a military that has fewer benefits than we already have. Republican, Democrat I don’t give a crap as long as the US military is taken care because w/out the military the US will fall!

      • CharlesBryant


        “I may be just another E-7 but I can’t afford to stay in a military that has fewer benefits than we already have.”

        So just what are going to do?

        • Lucy

          Thank you for your service!!! Hopefully we can get Obama out of office and make our military stronger then ever…..if we don’t we will all be sorry some day!


      At least under George Bush we got a pay raise and money back in the mail remember? This president has taxed us, raised the debt limit 4 times over Bush. You need to get your facts straight YOUR LIBERAL AND NOT BRIGHT.

    • Redleg

      I am amazed that you made it to E9 with an ignorance of who is doing what to whom. Obama had a clear majority for the early part of his Presidency and the best he could do is drive a poorly conceived none read Medical system that will decide if you are worthy of any life saving procedures or due to the budget, allow you to pass on to whatever after life you believe, in down our throats. Get your head out of the clouds this is not a republican or Democratic issue this is a American issue and it is going to be solved by our citizens, all of us. As far as I am concerned we can clean house of all our elected officials and CTRL-ALT- DLT. As retire Army I relied on the expertise of the Air Force personnel every time I stepped aboard one of your planes. It will take us joining together once again to fight this new battle at home that will determine the future of this republic. We have been fighting someone else’s battles for years, it is time to stand tall together, to end the class warfare and make this country strong again.
      Redleg (MSG Ret.)

    • Republican Guest

      USAF E-9, what planet do you live on? Yes, the Bush admin had some federal budget increases in response to the terrorist attaacks of 9/11. What else would you expect under thsoe circumstances? However the deficit has more than doubled under our current socialist President…Obama. His “Vote for me and get welfare free” campaign of 2008 won’t cut it in 2012. Yes I will vote in November. I will vote for anyone but Obama!!!!

      • Lucy

        AMEN! We are with you…….wonder how people will feel when the terrorists are all over our country ……bet the liberals would beg the military to help them fight back! and would most likley ask us concervatives to do the fighting for them. Obama loves to spend money and wants more of ours……let him pull out his check book and start writing! Nothing makes one feel better then to earn what they have and not have it handed to them. Think if how it makes you feel.

    • Dave USN, CPO RET

      U can blame Bush and the republicans all U want and over look Clinton and his faulty, looks great home loans in the 1990’s. Also, under Bush, There was a democratic control. Please take a good look@ the 400 billon we spent each year on illegals. Obama is not doing his job, bottom line.. Lets bow to the mideastern countries, worry about some Marines urniating on the dead, while the living carries our troops and throw them suspended over a bridge. Obama has given us more pain in 4 yrs than Bushe, 8 yrs..

    • steve

      I am a retired Army CSM and you better do your research. Obama is on a quest to destroy our families, our religion, and our nation. In God I trust and we need to vote the obamination out of the white house my friend!

      • Draftee

        For a former Army CSM, you really have not done your research. It is Corporate America and the Religious Right wing evanglists who are on a quest to destroy this nation and the world in the pursuit of profit and imposing religious values on other people. You got your rank by being stupid and dumb plus validating the Peter Pan principle of an incompetent person rising to the top.

      • USAF Retired E*

        Research as you failed to do!!!

      • Lucy

        Our family is with you! We pray he does not have 4 more years! If Obama wants to pay more taxes by all means pull out his check book and do so! Instead of taking it from those that work hard for what they have. In a middle school a teacher did a survey……she told all the students they will have a test next week and to study…….Janie worked hard all week studied like she was suppose to and got an A on the test , Susie blew if off did not study and got an F …. the teacher told the class all those who got an A due to hard work maybe would not mind if they helped those who got an F by giving points to them which would give everyone in the class a C ……ask your children or grandchildren how they would feel about this idea! Mine said Heck No…..thats socialism

    • medicman615

      I believe very, very few politicians of both major parties have had the welfare (and I’m NOT talking about the program by the same name!) of the American people or their direct constituents at heart from the time they decided to go into politics to present. How many “regular” guys or gals have you seen elected to any position of significant power in your lifetime? Wealthy people of both party affiliations are the only people who get elected. They’re the only people who rub shoulders with even richer supporters who fund their campaigns, none of which are significantly grounded in fact or relevancy to the real problems that plague real Americans. I honestly believe the only way to even start to get circumstances to return to a government of, by and for the people would be to scrap the entire mess of rich career politicians. Ever wonder why the rich keep getting richer and the poor continue to go the other direction for the most part? It’s because rich people BUY politicians of both predominant flavors in order to ensure laws are enacted to maintain the status quo with regard to power. Our founding fathers tried to design a system under which the problems of inequality and class that had plagued virtually all previous states throughout the history of the world. They tried to introduce real opportunity for people of any means to better themselves; the very concept most recognize as the “American dream”. They made some horrible omissions with regard to blacks and Native Americans, but the strides toward liberty and autonomy they made were, no pun intended, pretty revolutionary. Shortly thereafter, the same forces of evil that had controlled the rest of the planet for time immemorial began looking for every loophole they could exploit to return power to the “haves” and wrest it from the “have nots”. That trend continues still today and the tipping point beyond which the “common man” has any tangible capacity to alter such events grows near if, indeed, it has not already passed us by. I truly worry about what may happen to the United States if the abyss between rich and poor grows any wider. As a 100% disabled Army veteran of over 25-years service, I doubt I’ll be able to defend myself from either side of that equation very effectively.

      • IDMTmedic

        Well spoken medic!!

        • Lucy

          You should admire hard work and sacrafice…….maybe you are jealouse that you made choices that did not put you on the right path!

      • Lucy

        The poor keep getting poorer due to handouts! and lack of true effort…. Welfare was originally designed to help the mentally disabled and physically disabled ….it has now become a way of life to those who expect a free ride….wemon have 5 kids knowing they can get paid more to do wrong! They move to states like Calif because welfare pays more……wake up and see what these handouts are really doing to people..

    • Denny 2A Teed

      What you Delusional liberals fail to remember is Bush had a democratic congress to deal with in 2004 until the end of his presidency. You believe Obama was responsible for the demise of Binladen and fail to realize that was going to happen with or without him. If Obama had anything to do with it, It wouldn’t have happened until the Fall of 2012. You probably beileve he created 3 million new jobs since he took office, Where are they ? Handing out food stamps? Tzars?

      • Denny 2A Teed

        He has already created more debt than all of the previous Presidents. He has already adulterated our Constitution beyond the point of recognition. He has obliterated the face of the United States in the eyes of the rest of the world. “Don’t Tread On Me” is now “Walk All Over Me”. It wouldn’t suprise me if he wiped his dirty hands with Old Glory towells. He makes promises he can’t possibly keep without totally distroying our economy. He has done nothing to repair the damage done to our Social Security system that the Johnson Presidency has done and made a sham of Medicare. Anybody with an IQ of over 50 can read between the lines of his speaches.(eloquently written lies). He is wrong more times than the weather man, lavishly spends more than Bill Gates makes and kills more Americans than Alqeida.

    • Mad Dog

      wake up get you’re facts right. the demobamas spent us into this crap hole!

    • AF&Army 1SG

      Hey dummy…..you dems had the congress from 1954 to 94…….and created the biggest financial mess in every overblown entitlement program. You had 2 yrs of Obama with dem congress and did nothing, especially with the idiots Pelosi and Reid. Bush was no conservative, that was the problem…open borders, cut military funding………then along comes the “bama”……..who is a disaster to the 3rd power…much more deficit……no oil in Afganistan, but he’s running his meals on wheels army there. Holder’s criminal “Fast and furious” gun running. Obama’s ripping off tax payers with Solyndra. Where is the half billion he gave them? What’s with these b.s. czars?……dont we have Dept secretaries? Obama is a marxist hack who was financed with overseas money (illegal) and the bundling by Soros, crooked voting with ACORN, Black Panther voter violations in Phila……also dropped by Holder the racist. Obama is pulling funds from military and medicare………to do what?…….Meanwhile he wants another trillion in loans from china………go watch his 2008 campaign ramblings……..about bush spending, while he is 4 times worse. Wake up, Obama is a nightmare.

    • The Gunny

      I’d say there is enough blame for eveyone. If we keep spending the way the Democrats would have it then we won’t be able to afford just the interest payments soon little lone pay for anything else. The Democrats are not the answer and neither are the Republicans. Until we have a congress that will work together and respect each other’s perspectives then this will be the result.

    • Vietnam Vet

      You need to take a closer look at history and economics. The Democrats denigerate and reduce military effectiveness and conservatives repair and rebuild it.The democrat’s answer to everything is bigger government and more taxes and spending. History proves this to be the wrong approach.Granted the Republicans left a mess but the Democrats have made it very much worse.A balanced budget, reduced debt,less Govt interferance in the free market is the only answer.

    • rose anne volpe

      agree! People have short memories, unfortunately. If you don’t study history you will cause it to be repeated!!!

    • Retired Army W-3

      I feel sorry for you and this country. You can continue to blame George Bush or you can open your eyes to the truth and see what is really happening. Obama and the Democrats had the majority his first two years and what did that get us.

    • Walt


      Finally someone out there really can see what is going on. (I think that’s two us now!) I can’t echo your comments enough and fail to understand why the American people will not come to grips with our sad and impotent Government. I don’t blame our President as I think he’s doing the best he can despite the continous obstacles the GOP has thrown in front of him.

    • Larry

      Sad to see an E-9 get snookered by the Democratic sound bits. The true facts are not the what you have been reading. You need to get the true facts — vote Democratic and you will lose big time in 2013.

    • Active Army E8

      0bama had a majority in both the House and Senate for 2 years. If 0bama gets re-elected we will certainly get more pain. Gasoline has gone up 85% since Marxist 0bama was elected driving up everything else. 0bama is the worst president in history and hopefully there will never be another as bad.

      • retiree

        1. Last I looked, we live in a capitalist society. Neither President Obama nor any other President or Politician controls the price of gas. That’s set in the free market by supply, demand, and speculation.

        2. As I have told others, please go to your local library and check out a copy of Karl Marx’s “Das Capital.” Read it. Then let us know specifically which ideas of President Obama are Marxist. For bonus, check out and read the works of Lenin, as well as a political history of the Soviet Union (which was Communist, but not Marxist), and tell us which of the ideas of Lenin President Obama is attempting to put in place.

    • Bill Rolland

      When the last congress and current POTUS decided to give free health care to all regardless of means where did you think the money was going to come from? Quit blaming Bush and the ‘pubs…and wake up.

    • Retired Army

      Its sad that a retired soldier would think this way.Obama is anti military always has been.When the democrats had the majority when he took office they sat on their butts,would not pass a budget.He has plunged this country into the biggest mess in history and you hang onto his shirt tells with his re election speeches he has bene making for his whole term.Obama is Anti Guns and if you reelect this man,you will see worse things happening to this country .

    • A.M. Deist

      All one has to do is read the responses to your comments to realize that the United States is going to fall, and fall hard. We have a divided country and millions of Americans with guns that are unhappy about our leadership and our class warfare, with Republicans wanting to continue to let the wealthy control their votes and their ideology, and the Democrats wanting to share the wealth. Neither side is totally correct, and neither side is willing to compromise. Chief, what I have never understood is how a military member can be against socialism when his or her very livelihood is based on a socialistic system. In the case of enlisted, they pay you a clothing allowance, a housing allowance, subsistence, base pay and give your family medical care. At least they did when I was enlisted in the 60’s. That certainly not capitalism.

    • Linda

      If its so bad here maybe you can find another country to live…..the liberal democrats want everyone to be taken care of by those who work! They love to spend money like there is no end……if you want to may more taxes for them then by all means pull our your check book.

    • Steven Lemon

      Well, my friend, in case you forgot, FOUR years ago, with the help of you liberal veterans, voted into office a senate and a president that immediately spent a trillion dollars and has spent five times that much since then.

      we have millions more on food stamps, the price of gas doubled, unemployment increased, food prices went higher, the economy grew slower and YOUR party spent the first two years spending money and passing a bogus health care bill.

      No amount of SPIN (retired military or otherwise ) is going to change the fact that things are right now WORSE than when Obama entered the White House.
      You can save your whining about how the mean old GOP won’t let your boy president and his useless senate do anything.

      I don’t remember Ronald Reagan crying about the Democrats obstructing HIM.

      But of course Barack Obama is no Ronald Reagan.

    • mp5811

      Are you kidding? Obama is the cause of the problem. The path that he presents is bankruptcy and a weak America. He cuts the deserved benefits from the military and keeps them for people he thinks can help him. He has no idea what he is doing so if you want to see a world superpower self destruct in four years then go ahead, vote for him.

    • Vincent DiPentimA

      When Obama and his Democrats took office they all blamed Bush for the FINANCIAL MESS they inherited. well , the first four years passed, and Obama got a second term, and along with his Democrats raised the national debt to the highest level in history and still want more spending. Whoever gets elected President next time can certainly place the blame for a mess he is getting directly on Obama and the Democrats.. Vincxe DiPentima Palm Bay Fl

  • Guest

    We can fight back by advising all the young guys we know to NOT go into the military. Before long, when they are begging for volunteers they might begin to understand who and what we are. In fact, the time will probably come when we have to use the abilities we learned in the military to prevent the who country from being taken over. I really believe that. Everything Zerobama and the Clintonss have done is leading to a socialized government (better called Dictatorship), especially if the Liberals of the country have anything to do with it. By the way, if you use write-in votes all you do is take away one more vote that can be used to kick out people like Zerobama…Write-ins never get elected – all that happens is you allow the bad guys to stay in office. Vote for Gingrich- the one guy who will stand up- to anybody and who has proven he can help straighten out the counttry.

    • Sean

      I agreed with your first comment until you went on you liberal rant… You are but one among the many that the pied pipers rely upon to spread fear and misinformation. Tell me: What have the “liberals” done to you? Did they send you to two meaningless wars? We’re they responsible for the financial implosion our country experienced? We’re they at the helm when our country’s financial institutions imploded? Do you understand that just as many conservatives are calling for deep DOD cuts? No you don’t. Because you don’t really want to know the truth. You would rather regurgitate what Fox News has programmed you to think. Sad, really.

      • Guest

        If you look at what their doing to the retirement plans/packages, it won’t be may more years and you won’t have a volutneer force. Latest plan before DOD and recommended by a think tank funded by liberals is: Complete your 20 years, retire somwhere between 38 and 46. But get no benefits until you reach 65. Who will stay until 20 knowing that you have year or longer deployments with (if your lucky) 6 months between. Current trend for newly enlisted is: join, get trained for a career, bail at 6=8 years. Oh, and you can throw in a re-enlistment bonus thats through the roof for all those that don’t stay. Troops can’t be bought buy throwing money at them. The establishment is allowing them to come in, get the best training for the “Hot Jobs” and then letting them walk out the door.

        • retiree

          You’re referring to the plan by the Defense Business Board, which is composed of business leaders, not at “think tank funded by liberals.” http://dbb.defense.gov/

          Also, many enlist (and for many years) for only one term. Only 18% earn retirement. The military has ALWAYS been heavy towards the young.

    • Draftee

      The military will just go out and recruit gang members like they did during the Occupation of Iraq because they did not have enough troops because they were kicking out all those gays and lebsians and people who are Muslims and/or who have an Arabic name. Now, the Pentagon has a gang problem just like the rest of American society.

    • rose anne volpe

      There is so much Democrat bashing I can’t believe it. The only party that helped the PEOPLE is the Democratic Party. With Social security, medicare and medicaid. The Republicans flushed us down the toilet every time they are in office. Gingrich was thrown out of congress on ethics violations- let’s give him a blank check! Romney ignores the mortgage crises and says-foreclose, let a businessman buy the house and put someone in who can pay the rent. I don’t see the retired republicans returning their retirement SOCIAL security checks, or not using Medicare. WAKE UP!!!

      • Lucy

        What planet are you from…..find another country to live in! Wake up!!! If you want to pay more taxes for those who don’t want to work pull out your check book no one is stopping you!

    • crimprof

      I agree on holding back enlistments in the active army; but, that is exactly what they want. They want a strong Army National Guard and reserve force. They have found they are much cheaper to maintain, deploy, and then forget about when they return home. Why someone would enlist in these forces now is beyond me.

      • Linda

        That is what worries me…..we need the wonderful men and wemon we have and if they continue no one will think it is of value to join Very Sad! All liberals should have to serve !

    • Linda

      wouldn’t you love to see Obama debate Gingrich! Obama would melt off the stage1

    • Linda

      Wouldn’t you love to see Gingrich debate Obama…Obama would not know how to respond, it would be priceless!

  • william

    Nancy understands that Congress is a mirror reflection of the apathy and ignorance of the general public. She is headed in a good direction with her comments.. Many of the other comments by other contributors show that those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. It is everyones duty to note how the representatives vote on congressional bills and its impact on the military. Many representatives wrap themselves in the Flag and then do noting for the military.

  • MSG (Ret) John Bales

    What happened to “Give and YE Shall Revieve”?

  • Keith King


  • BTPhD

    DOD can absorb cuts. ALL parts could lose 10% since there is so much waste. Remember Future Combat System based on technology that still has not been proven . How many tens of billions down the toilet? However, retired military are a nice target. Like others, retired military have been made promises that at some point will be impossible to keep. However, let us taget cuts that will cause few of us pain. Congress should not have any retirement benefits. Those of them convicted of corruption should be given the max as an exmple to future transgressors. Officers and NCOs were held to a higher standard! Nobody in Congress should go the front of the line ahead of military whether active duty or retired. We permit illegal aliens to draw benefits. THAT is plain stupidity. We provide aid to nations that hate us and our way of life. America needs people running our fovernment that have the courage and conviction to make the hard choices ahead. Unfortunately, our sitting president and most members of Congress do not fit into that category.

  • Mike

    There is one easy solution to sequestration. Let the Bush tax cuts expire. It’s time to quit asking veterans to sacrifice more, particularly after 10 years of war. For the first time in recorded history, a nation went to war and lowered taxes, at least twice. That cut trillions, squandered a surplus and spent trillions more.

    I’m not for raising taxes on families making less than $500 grand a year, but the Republican establishment has seen to it that their beneficiaries get to keep their wealth while the rest of the country can sacrifice. They call it capitalism when it’s really influence peddling and thievery.

    Establishment Democrats are no better. Both parties allow lobbyists to write policy that screws the country. They sold out our country by moving so much of our manufacturing base overseas. The great bargain that arose out of WWII has slowly dissipated. The true patriots are those who served and it is we who should push for pragmatic change.

    Has anyone notice the wealthy who are willing to pay more in taxes and noticed the real difference between them and those who want everyone to sacrifice? The former earned their wealth, while most of the peddlers didn’t.

    • Draftee

      It is time to quit asking the American workforce to sacifice more particularly after 30 years of the failed trickle, trickle policies of the Republican Party

  • Robert

    We the military are the reason these politicians are in office, and we need to exercise our might and remove them when they believe they can tamper with our hard earned benefits! I am a Nam Vet, and sick of their non-serving ways! Make your vote count!!

    Robert U.S. Coast Guard

  • c2wc

    Vote them all out of Office and start with a fresh batch of representatives at the same time make lobing illegal. Stop all Lobing and any member caught trading votes for money or favors goes to jail no benefits when in is released.

  • George

    Get that Damn Communist out of this country’s Presidental Office, better yet RUN HIM OUT OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY>

    • ANCHOR


    • yabba dabba

      AGREED fucking anti christ

    • retiree

      Please go to the library and look up Karl Marx. Read his works. Then you can provide evidence of hat policies of President Obama are Communist.

  • ddd

    Congress and the turds in govt making $100,000 + need a major pay cut too.

  • Glenn

    Respondents. Do you remember, as I do, that each time our military has had to endure major funding cuts, reduction in forces, and reduction in our war fighting equipment the democratic party was wielding the knife. Most often not so when elephants were in the house. Entitlements; What are they? Military retirement? Veteran’s medical care “provided”? Social security? Medicare? I think neither. I paid dearly, through cash deduction from my pay and sacrifice in the field. I am sure you did also. I am sure you know which party needs to be representing our needs, so vote your conscience.

  • thinktank

    I would like to say thank you to every man and woman who have EVER served in the military, those that take care of our military when they come home, (the VA hospitals, military hospitals, non-military hospitals and all the families who endure), and everyone else! We all are in this together people!! Military needs us and we need them. However, I do think things in our budgeting needs to be evaluated! I do think this means military as well, service doesn’t equal WASTE. If downsizing is the answer to cleaning up the budget with the military then why not stop with the bonuses instead!!! Stop with offering sign up bonuses, re-enlistment bonuses etc….I personally am trying but I can tell you it won’t be for a bonus!!! I understand the purpose behind the bonus but putting out someone only to offer others a 20-30k sign on bonus seems a little counterproductive!! Also, paying off extravagant student loans for folks who choose to attend high end colleges….hmmm. I’m not saying don’t offer loan forgivness at all. Or not offer any bonus or loan pay back and just bring back the DRAFT!! Make it equal selection ability for all.

  • thinktank

    As far as military retirement goes, well, retirement was set during a period when people did not live as long as people do today. Maybe consider delaying the actual time for when retirement can be collected or only extend to 20-25 years post retirement (with perhaps with exception of disability pay). These are just projected ideas?? Is our budget such that this can be sustained at the rate we are going? Of course what about drug testing those who receive welfare benefits and take it out of there expense to pay for it. Also, require those that receive some welfare benefits (to volunteer and be productive in other ways if possible). Certainly, cut down on aid to other places(i’m not saying cut out just cut down). Open communication accepted…

    • one old seabee

      As far as military retirement goes, well, retirement was set during a period when people did not live as long as people do today. Maybe consider delaying the actual time for when retirement can be collected or only extend to 20-25 years post retirement (with perhaps with exception of disability pay). These are just projected ideas?? Is our budget such that this can be sustained at the rate we are going? BAD LDEA

      Of course what about drug testing those who receive welfare benefits and take it out of there expense to pay for it. Also, require those that receive some welfare benefits (to volunteer and be productive in other ways if possible). Certainly, cut down on aid to other places(i’m not saying cut out just cut down). Open communication accepted…

    • ron

      well suggestion,,, congress mess it up, they should first cut their own retirement pay,, and benefits,, and medical,,,,but a piece of advise for them,, dont mess with us seniors,, and military retirees,, for what it is worth ,,you push us on the corner,,,, you wait and see what will happen,, not a treat,, simply pure facts

      • Larry

        And I guarantee they will not like the outcome of that exchange. Do those fools really believe that the best trained fighting force in the world looses those talents just because they are no longer in the Active Military. Also are they so stupid to think that many of us can pull together a force that would make the Afgan’s , Iraquis, Vietnamese and others run for cover, because quite frankly if it has to be done here we are no longer saddled by leaders that only want to do the politically correct thing.

    • medicman615

      Some of your ideas have merit, but I do not believe it fair to grandfather such policies. It isn’t my fault that the government offered me a retirement nobody could live on for the rest of my life after I toiled away for peanuts for more than 20 years. Members of Congress make a killing while in office and then collect a retirement package, after serving only a few years in most cases, for the rest of their lives at an equally exorbitant rate. Don’t try to take away what little we EARNED. Make your ridiculous cuts on new recruits and see how many join the military!!! Then the next time war breaks out, how about you and other like-minded Americans step up to the plate and serve for little or nothing?!?!

  • Les

    I cannot believe that someone with enough intelligence to write a column like this can possibly say that Republications are worse for the military than Obama and his peacenik cronies. Those who are currently in the Whitehouse, want to strip the military as well as any other worthwhile government endeavor in order expand the government to programs that provide extra monetary freebees to those who are unwilling to provide for their own support. Obama wants to transform this Great Nation into a Marxist state with him as dictator. Your one good advice is for everyone to go out and vote in November, but your advice to vote democratic is misguided. Vote for anyone with Republican behind their name.

  • R NcGrail

    nd MedeCare…

  • R McGrail

    something happened to my previous comment…
    Cut Congres’s pay and be ifits First…the can all go on Social Security and MedaCare..

    • retiree

      they are.

      their retirement system is FERS (same as Civil Service), their health care is FEHBP (Same as Civil Service). They pay into Social Security and Medicare, same as all of us.

      Note that their retirement pay begins at age 62 (unless they have at least 20 years in, in which case they can collect at age 50), and accumulates at 1.7%/year (NOT the military 2.5%/year). They vest after 5 years, but, as I said, don’t collect until age 62.

      By law, they are limited to 80% of their top 3 pay maximum.

      Oh, and in 2010 the total cost of Congress (to include staffs) was $1.8 billion. With a $1.2 trillion deficit.

  • Jocko10

    Finally, someone hit the nail on the head. Reduce the deficit by cutting foreign aid by 1/3-1/2 or more, and you will have resolved a huge problem in cutting the national debt. How many times are we going to wipe the slate clean of Third World debt? I know of at least twice we have wiped Mexico’s debt with the U.S., and then turned around and gave them more money! How many times are we going to finance the continent of Africa, or most of Central and South America where they mostly hate us gringos? How about the Middle East surely the Saudis’ can pay for their own security, and so can the rest of the OPEC nations. And where is the repayment for the blood and treasure that was sacrificed in Iraq? Those SOB’s gave oil contracts to the Russian, Chinese and other foreign governments; are you kidding me? And then we hear of how more corrupt our own elected officials are. They get the skinny on the stock market and we don’t. Imagine that, only in the U.S. Congress is insider trading legal! Oh sure, they want the vets to cut their costs and bear the brunt of the cost reductions. But these pigs just keep padding their greedy corrupt pockets. Yeah, let’s cut military benefits. Let’s go back on our word that you will be taken care of after your sacrifice. Let’s start kicking out our soldiers, marines, sailors, airmen that are no longer of any use to us anymore. And let’s reduce the size of our military so we can repeat what should have never happened in the first place. But since dumb @$$es are running our country, how about having another war where we send the soldier, sailor, marine, airmen back 2, 3, 4, tours of combat duty; because we are such cheap b@$tards (except when it comes to them) and my goodness, we don’t seem to have enough bodies. So let’s turn those individuals into walking medical cases too! And we won’t mention that the Department of Defense estimated that around 265,000 military personnel are suffering from some form or another of mental disease; really? And why not cut them loose and let them deal with the problems themselves? I remembered when I kept hearing the mantra that “small and mobile” is better and more cost effective, really, for whom? And let’s not mention the king of all $hit holes Afghanistan; the country where the police and military sell out to the highest bidder, meaning the one who has the money. Just ask the Russians and British about their “allies” why they occupied that toilet? And we won’t mention that they continually murder our military personnel out of hate or revenge. Ten years and nothing to show for it to better the pathetic people of that hole. I am beginning to believe that god did create a hell on earth and called it Afghanistan! And then the worst betrayal of all, when your discharged from the military family; and no one gives a damn about you or your loved ones because, you are no longer part of that military active duty family! Believe it or not, it happens to retirees also. That is why it is best to move away from a military installation if you must begin life again as a civilian. I found the VA Hospitals away from bases are more caring about the vets. I wished to express my undying admiration and respect for those that served and are still serving in the military for allowing my family and I to sleep safe at nights, knowing that you are standing guard over us. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!

    • Blackcoat

      My sentiments exactly. I would hope that congress would pass a bill requiring all members of the House and Senate to enroll in a HISTORY course, and make it a requirement for them to read your post. Excellent post. Clear and concise. Semper Fidelis. Blackcoat.

    • IDMTmedic

      WOW!!!!!!!!!! Well spoken!!!

    • retiree

      Foreign Aid budget FY2011 – $58.9 billion. FY2011 Deficit – $1.298 trillion Cutting the Foreign Aid entirely amounts to a 4.5% total reduction in the Deficit. Certainly it should be looked at, but it will hardly solve the problem.

      BTW – DoD budget in FY2011 was $548.9 billion (base, without the OCO)

      • John Ulstrom

        I keep hearing it’s just this much or just that much ONLY $58.9 BILLION. We need to start somewhere. I served 26 years active and reserve Navy, 26 years Federal Civil Service. I can come up with, I believe billions in savings that wouldn’t alter readiness or retiree benefits, all by myself. I sent a long list of cuts that could be made to the “Super Committee” I got a form letter back saying they couldn’t agree on any cuts. Ridiculous!. I’m running for Congress. If you live in Texas’ 11th Congressional District please vote for me. John Ulstrom

        • retiree

          Good luck on the run for Congress – we need more veterans in there.

          I agree we need to start somewhere, and we can cut foreign aid. However, it will NOT solve, or come close to solving the deficit problem. As I posted above, DoD is #3 in the budget. In addition, this money is split between acquisition/R&D (future efforts), operations & maintenance (current efforts) and personnel – to include health care and retiree benefits. And the personnel side is the one that is growing the fastest. We need to figure out how to sensibly cut defense spending, provide for current retirees and those on active duty, and still provide a good defense.

          Gen (Ret) Ron Fogleman, former Chief of Staff of the Air Force, has suggested moving more of the forces into the Reserves, to preserve benefits. Right now (or at least when I looked a few years ago), Reserve Component Air Force provided about 60% of the airlift, but at a greatly reduced rate, because when they weren’t flying they were not on active duty. We’d still need a core Active Duty element, and a lot of study would be needed to figure out the split of functions to maintain readiness, but it’s a great idea for starting the discussion.

        • Larry

          Buddy you just send me your information, and if you need backup just let me know. someone has got to get these lunk heads out of washington D.C. or we have got to take them all out and start over.

      • IDMTmedic

        Thanks for the info. Did you read the post?

    • medicman615

      I have no problem with American military operations in Iraq or Afghanistan. The only problem are the ROE and the goal of the operations. Those people have not been able to live together peacefully since virtually Christ’s first coming! I say we conquer territory and HOLD it, along with the natural resources that might offset our expenditures on the war on terror. When will America realize our policy of swatting deserving peoples on the behind and then rebuilding their entire country and subsequently absolving them of all debt is a losing proposition?!?!?! I don’t think anyone in our country should bear the cost of the war on terror. Instead of raising taxes or cutting services, we’d ought to pump every bit of oil it takes to pay for the entire mess out of Iraq. The only commodity Afghanistan seems to have of any consequence is opium. Perhaps we could seize a gigantic mountain of that to convert into pain medicines for thousands of veterans who will live the rest of their lives in constant, severe, intractable pain!!!!! Then we could slather what little tillable areas that exist in that God-forsaken place with enough nuclear waste to keep them from continuing to flood the world with heroin, the proceeds of which are used to support terror. And why worry about what our “allies” think? Until they start paying the bills, they can keep their mouths shut.

    • Chief T.

      I agree Joko10, however I favor a complete cut in foreign aid, 4.5% reduction is better than no reduction at all and it is a start in the righ direction in getting a handel on the problem.

  • j c haen

    when they cut us retiree’s they need to cut welfare, food stamps and all other social programs

    • Grimm

      Amen to that!!!!

    • Draftee

      Let’s cut out corporate welfare and corporate subsidies. They cost far, far more than all those other programs combine.

  • Michelle

    Anyone on this board pissed at your pay and benefits, please, you need to get out. YOU knew the pay and possible consequences for bieng in the military. Yes, the life and death consequences, the deployments away from family and so on The only exception I give is to those vets that were drafted otherwise, you need more money, and sympathy then get out. The rest of serve for duty, honor and country no matter the pay. I’m sick of your entitlement whining.

    • nobody8u2

      Well who the F**k do you think you are? This country went without a war for 25 years, do you think it was because the military went on vacation? People like you piss me off!! I don’t care that there was only one 100 hour war while I was in ,but, I did the same job weather or not we were at war. I stood the same watches, spent the same time away from my family as the people who proudly serve today. I had 1 son born while I was deployed and didn’t get to meet him for 6 months, Keeping you safe at home.
      I am rated at 100 % disabled and cannot work If this kind of injury happened in the private sector I would have had to go to court just to keep the same lifestyle I have now. No I don’t live in the lap of luxury, I almost lost my home two years ago. Sooo get of your high horse, enlist and see how much fun it is. Don’t judge me until you can fill mt boots! By the way , there hasn’t been a draft since the Vietnam War 37 years ago!!

    • John

      Michelle …. the only thing that should be coming out of your PIE HOLE is a big THANK YOU for those that serve on YOUR behalf

    • djj

      Then DOD advise all entrants up front and in the clear so one can make a decision to serve with specific facts, like, your entitled right up to the time we are done with you, then you are on your own, and your country owes you nothing for your service…So, really the only thing it takes to be a good and honorable patriot is just pay your taxes and obey the laws….OK..lets all just stick our heads in the sand and just be happy…

    • Grimm

      E-7, USAF RET.

    • Linda, Retired USAF

      So Michelle….were you active duty? Evidently not or perhaps you had such a cushy job you never did 12 hour shifts or had to leave your family behind for extended periods. I have to agree with Grim, who called you anti-American. Really? Are you serious or just being a foolish girl? I am proud I served my country & retired. I am proud to live in a country where I can walk down the street freely without a head dress. We did our duty to protect all others in this wonderful country. I’d like to keep our country free of all that would terrorize us. That means we must have a strong military. Along with having a strong military you must provide for those people who would be willing to risk their lives for those who would prefer to stay at home “all comfy”. Is that you?

    • Erin

      michelle, whether or not you have served is irrevelant to me. Why don’t you go visit a VA hospital and try to tell those soldiers that they need to stop whining. I’m sure that would go over really well. You don’t like it here, than MOVE! You can’t support those who have died and those who also have given so much for YOUR whining. Please, yourself, you should be ashamed. I am in a long line of military family and I will be damned if my brother, cousins, father, grandfather, stepdad are denied benefits due to them because of lazy pieces is crap like you.

    • willk94ever

      Your welcome!. Just wanted to return your thanks for having the right to free speech so you can belittle and degrade us because we chose to serve and feel that we deserve our retirement!

    • DGN

      F U Michelle, why don’t you run to Iran, Iraq or Afganistan and say this bulls**t. No, you scared, I guess you would be because your A** would be stoned to death. Women have no rights in these countries. You on the other hand have the right to speak your mind because you live in a country that provides all the freedoms many other countries do not. Why, because of the service of our military. Without us you would be in the same prediciment that millions of others have to suffer with. Instead of calling us whiners why don’t you just say thanks or were you brought up to always be a slim bag?

    • Spartan

      Michelle_You must be a liberal Democrat, they hate the military

      • mfcoburn

        Not all Liberals hate the military. I served 5 years, my brother 4, my Dad 20 and my wife is on year 13 of 20. The services involved are USCG, USAF, USA. You can be liberal and still believe in National Defense. Just because someone is not a republican does not mean that they don’t hold thier oath to defend the constitution dear.

        my 2 cents

        • Draftee

          You can also say that just because someone doesn’t want to join the military or can ‘t join the military for a variety of reasons, it doesn’t forfeit their right to freedom of speech.

      • Draftee

        Republicans hate the military, look at your last 3 Republican Presidents and you have plenty of Repulicans Senators and House of Representative members who don’t care about the military.

    • Bruce

      I don’t know anyone that ever thought they were going to get rich in the military, but we served anyway. We did it so you could say what you want. SO why don’t just say thank you and find another place to blast someone else.We only want what we were told we would get nothing more and nothing less. It seems Military is great when you are threatened, but hide them away and forget them when you feel safe. Why don’t you go fight the next war and keep all of us Veterans safe.

    • IDMTmedic

      I’d be more than happy to take you to a dump in Somalia and let you share your views.

  • Michelle

    Anyone on this board pissed at your pay and benefits, please, you need to get out. YOU knew the pay and possible consequences for bieng in the military. Yes, the life and death consequences, the deployments away from family and so on The only exception I give is to those vets that were drafted otherwise, you need more money, and sympathy then get out. The rest of serve for duty, honor and country no matter the pay. I’m sick of your entitlement whining.

    • kbman

      You are quite the dumbass.
      I served 30 years and retired, what have you done?
      I bet you voted for Obama.

    • Big Dog

      No, it is not “whining”, it is called the freedom of speech. Obviously you have never spent one day in the military or you would know that.

    • Dave USN, CPO RET

      What branch and war were U in MICKEY?? What year did U get kicked out? Try 2 wars, 24 years, 8 deployments of at least 6 months. Yes, I made the choice and I will never regret it. We,The ones that served and gave U Candy A—es, like u a right to write defication like U did, Should be angry @ what the govt is doing to the VETS. We signed a contract to give our life for GOD and Country and earned our entitlements and if U do not like it, Go to a mideastern country, where women are not allowed to show their face, let alone speak TRASH.

      • Brenda

        TY for your service. My husband was a 38 yr. vet, several wars, many deployments so he could get extra money at retirement & drew his check for 9 mo. before he died. Yes, he made the choice and he never for one minute regretted it, but he also was promised many things every time he stayed in for another 4 years not the least of which was his medical. If I live to be 100, it will be enough to repay what he gave for his country. How many elected government officials can say they put in 24 or 38 years for what they get at retirement? It’s not entitlements-you guys/ladies earned every cent of what you get back!

    • CSM

      Hey Michelle – is your last name obama? Really?? you obviously never served in the military and seem jealous of the fact that we veterans have earned entitlements that you will never understand, or deserve! You are a dumb ass broad with your head up your duffle bag – You wanna whine? Come see me!!

    • Steve

      Tell that to your Congressman, who when it comes to entitlements steals the show. Of course they sacrificed didn’t they. I hope enough people get out and they have to fire up the draft. If they did you’d probably head to Canada like all the other cowards!!

    • Howard USAF Retired

      How about the ass holes in DC, they were not drafted into their jobs, yet they can stay in for one term and draw their benefits the rest of their life. If you have not served on active duty I say to you, enjoy your freedom and shut the hell up.

      • retiree

        No they can’t. See the many other posts CharlesBryant, myself, and others have posted on this. Congress is under FERS and FEHBP.

    • CJN

      You’re the dumbest cow I’ve come across in a long time Michelle.
      I’m sure you’d give a sh… if the government was talking about taking half your pay away next year at your “I get paid every Friday job” Since you don’t even know what our pay and entitlements are, just shut your non serving pie hole and continue surfing on another website
      USA retired

      • CharlesBryant


        I am retired, and no one is talking about taking half my pay away.

    • staff

      and did you serve your country

    • redhat 31

      I don’t think those fine words “Duty, Honor , Country” will put food on the table…Money will. I don’t think words are incentive enough…Cash along with “Duty, Honor, Country” provide incentitive. I mean really who is going to work for just a pat on the back…come on Michelle…Effort = Income. No income no effort…then what…who’s going to serve under those conditions…no one. But being a reasonable person I’ll settle for what the Unions get..See how accomdating I am..

    • Katie

      I look at it like this I agree Michelle. My hubbs and I came from middle class families and had rought times before he enlisted. had no health insurance because we couldnt afford but werent able to get medicaid either. got the bare minimum food and sometimes going without because we didnt have alot of funds to pay out of pocket with a job thats paycheck to paycheck but asking for food stamps gave us $15 a month really whats that milk lol. and even living on the bare mimimum in bills house phone and car insurance rent , no cable etc. I am GRATEFUL for the benefits and pay he will recieve; health insurance, tuition assistance, BAH, etc etc it is what we are not accustomed to. I personally cannot wait to go to the dentist and eye doctor. as I havent been able to go to either in about 7 years. I am glad my newborn son will be able to have his healthcare taken care of. I am tired of hearing military spouses say that they cannot live on what the government gives them. How not is it the brand new carS they have in their driveway? or the 2 ct ring on their hand? I just know I am grateful and love to hear other people that are grateful as well. He is very happy to be serving our country as well as our friends and family that serve who came from the same background as we have. I guess it takes the lower class to make an upper class military.

      • John

        Good for you and your husband Katie.
        CWO3 John Ulstrom USN/USNR (Ret.)

      • CharlesBryant

        You go girl.

      • 1sgt

        Beautiful example Katie and very well stated…. God Bless you and your family….

      • IDMTmedic

        Katie maybe after he retires you can post on here and let us know how it’s going.:)

    • IDMTmedic

      I suggest you send part of your check to soldiers who have died for this country. Tell their families that you are sick of their whining and that the cost of ONE family member is not worth the benefits or the pay. YOU have no FN right to give exceptions to anybody because your WHINING is written for one purpose and one only. You sound an awful lot like another BSer or two named retiree and his butt buddy who try to speak for everyone as a veteran. You speak your mind as much as you like. Put a mirror above your bed so that you can look at your sorry A** face every night and maybe get a clue about death and the real cost of war. Politicians say it every speech and have yet to back it up. Including tonight every president vows to take care of our veterans! Michelle, guess your going to volunteer to fight for no pay or benefits right? Sign up, grab a rifle and get dirty then and STFU and do your duty!

    • OS1 Holt (RET)

      Its people like you that need to be put on the front lines for awhile and get screwed every time you turn around. Its because of your attitude the would is in the shape its in now. And your right, we did know what we signed when we did it, and this crap wasn’t part of it. we did our part of the contract we signed and our country is trying now to get out of it. Well all i have to say to you is “screw you”I can’t wait till the next war and they get your ass over there because we ain’t going. Then lets here you cry about you having to do your own part in the world. You are a selfish, low life piece of scum that us as a military don’t new in the U.S. so why don’t you just move out!!!!

    • medicman615

      If you serve for nothing more than duty, honor and country, Michelle, please provide me your contact information so that I might get with you. Persons of such strong moral resolve are few and far between. I can help you set up an allotment so that you can send all that immaterial pay you receive to me!

    • jesscia

      no offense michelle but you need to look into your research a little harder……your defending the congress and what they do, yet your not part of it. your getting pay cuts too and congress isn’t. are you wrong for stating your opinion no thats what a solider fights for your rights but remember that when you lay your head on your pillow every night in peace.

  • glad i’m retired

    Ah, so nice to have our civilian and military leaders throw us under the bus so quickly.

    Dear General, strap on a pair and fight for you guys. its ok, you get your big juicy regular pay and benefits fit for a king. I’m sure they’ll figure out a way for you to keep YOUR retirement pay AND a nice consulting job.

    thanks for nothing

  • K. McKee

    I can only read some of the comments without laughing. Everyone seems to forget that the housing bust is the result of Democratic policies that were in place long before Bush took office.
    History has a way of repeating itself. After every election where the Democrats are able to elect a president and a foreign conflict has ended there have been major cuts to military budgets and reductions in manpower. Without fail these cuts have led some 3rd world dictator to view this Country as weak after the reductions and a new crisis breaks out leading to huge military spending increases and a scramble to bolster manpower.
    With these cutting benefits military service will be a lot less desirable and a draft will result. Drafts are a terrible way to increase manpower as history has shown.
    I hope that there are enough retirees out there, who realize what’s happening, to elect a president that isn’t intent on kissing the a***s of every banana republic dictator while cutting military benefits so more can be added to the welfare rolls.

    • john fitts

      right on!!!!!!!

    • S. Myers

      Evidently all the bad decisions are those of the democrats..Where were you
      when Roosevelt elected to gear up after Pearl Harbor? Or when Bush put us into Iraq for reasons only he knew about? I don’t think politics has a damn thing to do with common sense.

      • Steerforth

        Mr. McKee obviously believes the President is a foreign born Muslim. I’ll bet he’s even waiting for the tooth fairy to put 25 cents under his pillow for the tooth he lost for putting his foot in his mouth. Regretfully, I must say this as retired educator: Mr. McKee’s comments are proof of the failure of American education and schooling.

  • NoFaith in Country

    It all boils down to “We have had administrations that totally were neglegent in balancing a so-called budget”. Now…someone has to pay. Guess who? Period. Thats what happens when you have a party with “NO IDEAS” and another with “BAD IDEAS”.

  • Spartan

    Why not do away with the BX and Commissary, bring back the old Indian army of the19th century Suttler, who can sell rotgut liquor, rotten food, clothes of a poor quality bring back the old Soap Suds row where our wives can do the laundry for the troops and the officer’s families. By the way why not bring back floggings instead of article 15’s. Do away with medical care for the troops, and have a barber bleed us instead of a MD taking care of the troops, and us camp followers. (Retirees) Why not bring back Frederick the Great Prussian style military discipline. Think how much money that would save! Then the politicians could afford to give their selves a huge pay raise.

    • glenn

      They did away with Floggings?????????????????

    • IDMTmedic


    • Draftee

      Why not bring back Spartan and/or Roman discipline? Why not bring back the death penalty especially the Roman one where you execute a certain number of troops because of the failure of their commanders? How many people would wanted to join the military if they were going to get killed by their own side though no fault of their own.?

    • Draftee

      Why not bring back the British spit and polish where you had to even wash the coal bucket and the coal inside them plus polishing the reverse side of your buttons and the bottom of your shoes?

      Why not bring back the British crime sheet or called a roll sheet where things of a trivial nature were put on it that you could be sure that you would be deny the chance of earning a good conduct medal and getting a promotion or a coveted assignment because some officer/NCO doesn’t like you for some reason (like not being an Evanglist Christian) and/or they were power hungry and enjoy putting people on a charge.

      Let’s do away with medals since they are too many of them and basically they are given out too easy to high ranking officers and NCOs. The late David Hackworth stated that the armed forces should do away with it present medals, create a bunch of new ones and then make it difficult to earn them.

  • John Medina

    I agree with a majority of the comments but let’s all be real…cutting congressional pay/benefits wouldn’t put a dent in our defict. Stop attacking congress and provide some insight…it’s no different than if a member of a family loses their job, cuts have to be made. Just because we are part of the discussions doesn’t mean congress doesn’t care. They are just trying to come up with a plan and nothing should be off limits. We are in a deficit everything should be considered. I served 22+ years with pride and believe we all have the freedom to discuss this but for our countries sake lets not attack our elected officials instead lets band together with solutions and forward them to our representatives. Voice a more positive approach to success….. there are many options out there beside them taking pay cuts. That would be no more than a gesture but not a solution….Wake Up everyone….

    • IDMTmedic

      Hey John next time you put a pressure dressing on a congressman let me know!

    • one old seabee

      …cutting congressional pay/benefits wouldn’t put a dent in our defict, but it would show that they are willing to “bite the bullet…er….ah….beebee.” Instead of giving themselves raises and cutting our bennies. A whole sh!t- pot of “dings” add up to a dent, and as you stated “everything should be considered.”

      • retiree

        Congress has not had a pay raise since 2009.

        • IDMTmedic

          You mean on the books right?

          • retiree

            Forgot – never argue with a conspiracy theorist. Any argument against them is part of the conspiracy.

    • ron

      you feel that bad about it,, go ahead ,, and donate to them

  • John Medina

    II agree with a majority of the comments but let’s all be real…cutting congressional pay/benefits wouldn’t put a dent in our deficit. Stop attacking congress and provide some insight…it’s no different than if a member of a family loses their job, cuts have to be made. Just because we are part of the discussions doesn’t mean congress doesn’t care. They are just trying to come up with a plan and nothing should be off limits. We are in one of the worse financial times of our existent and everything should be considered. I served 22+ years with pride and believe we all have the freedom to discuss these topics….but for our countries sake let’s not attack our elected officials instead lets band together with solutions and forward them to our representatives.

  • John Mednia

    Voicing a more positive approach to success may inspire the positive change our country needs. Attacking congressional pay and benefits would be no more than a gesture again it wouldn’t get us out the hole, we have put ourselves in over the last 12 years. Wake up everyone stop whining and send in your ideas and be part of the solution. Just like all of you I would hate to see any of our benefits but cut… so instead I’m going to research and send my suggestions in supported with facts not emotional misdirection.

  • John

    Michelle you need to come up to the 21st centry. I am a Vietnam Vet I worry about the way Retiery’s are treated may be you didn’t retier so you don’t care. The last time I checked drafted or not you had no say as to where you were sent. If you care about the freedom you now have like freedom of speach freedom to travel freedom of press freedom to fly our Countries flag then you need to thank a Vet. When was the lqast time you thanked one. If you don’t care about your FREEDOM move to CHINA where they will tell you what you can and can’t do.

    • Draftee

      Whyt don’t you move to China, John. Guys like you just want to shut people like Michelle down and I thank people like Amy Goodman, Thom Hartmann and organizations like the ACLU for keeping our freedoms alive. Too many times, it is the veterans (like Richard Nixon, Bob Dole, Ronald Reagan, Bush, Sr, and Bush, Jr) that want to take away the freedoms in ths country.

    • Draftee

      You go to China, John. I thank people like Amy Goodman, Thom Hartman, and organizations like the ACLU that preserve freedom in this country. You have too many veterans like Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bush, Sr., Bush, Jr., Oliver North, and Admiral Poindexter that spend too much of their time taking our freedom away.

  • robertro2


  • joyce irvin

    if congress would pass a new bill to cut the practice of hospitals being able to charge whatever they want for so called take home drugs to a patient who has been in the hospital (on observation) as the result of the doctor not finding a proper diagnosis of what is happening with the patientand is never properly admitted as an inpatient but treated as an outpatient.Then when Medicare wont cover so called (take home drugs the normal medication taken by the patient on a regular basis) Tricare has to pay as billed without being able to make adjustments to the prices charged by the hospital.Then the retiree has to pay their yearly deductible plus 25% of the balance. this cost me $444.37 for a 3 day stay .i brlieve an investigation should be made into this (law)

  • Harry Thomas

    You can not say anything about this admin with slandering. The Georgia VA so called health care is very poor and a waste of funds.

    If you don’t care to print this that fine, but this is the biggest reason there is never ant improvemet in the gov.

  • small town texas

    im joining the navy should i or shouldnt i?

    • Visham

      Do what makes you happy.

  • Visham

    Poor memories lead to ignorant rants on here. Where are the weapons of mass destruction? Ten years of spending money hand over fist for WHAT? !!!!!! Does anyone have an answer? Anyone who served over there knows there was a lot of contractors getting rich doing close to nothing, along with their parent companies. Open your eyes , Romney is the 1 % and Newt is a Lobbyist former speaker of the house removed for ethics violations. What are we left with ????? Anyone ?

    • Vors

      Saddam had WMD’s, we know cuz he did something not even Hitler was mad enough to do, HE USED THEM!!!
      That’s why he had to go.
      Hell, I’d take Hitler over Obama, at least he knew how to fix an economy…

      • ROBERT


        • CharlesBryant


          Yep, you’re right, but who in the heck said Iraq had something to do with 9/11.

    • John Hanley

      Oh dry up and cast your vote as I will cast mine! I don’t need your opinion to decide hoe I will vote and as you well know, evereyone has an opinion just as everybody has at least one critical part of bodily equipment. We both earned our right to vote and will be well advised to take advantage of it.

  • BoriquaPR

    we re all imigrants ….. unless u are 100 % indian or native …. were did ur ansester came from …can u say MAYFLOWER…. oh by the way …those who were onboard the MAYFLOWER …were not ask by the native american to show their green card or passport ….. so look back in history go back to school and re-study the real history of AMERICA ….. I think the second time u read it, it will be fun!

  • Firstloader

    Remember who was driving the bus when it went off the road and killed thousands of people, The republican party and George Bush. Democrats came in apologized for all of the damage, however the cost to repair all of the damage and to get the bus repaired and back on the road was very expensive, but we are rolling again, slowly but moving. Be carefull with those 3rd world comments, because people from other countries come ther to shop now because it so cheap to shop here, that’s what we use to do, go to cther countries to shop, and we are no longer at the top of the list in education , or health care, and if congress and the president continue to mess with the military we will no longer be at the top in military might. Better Learn to Speak Chinese. Think about it.

  • Willie Williams

    We better stick to our present day President, unless you want to go to the poor house or join up with the homeless, we are just now getting things going the right direction cleaning up what Bush & Chaney caused along wit Newt Freddie Mack and Freddie Mae boondogelll….Willie Williams, a solid Democrat forever….

  • Emi

    Our country is going down the tubes. If you want to put blame on this, just go back about 35 or so years. Investigate how we got into this mess. Every time we run into a shortage of money, both partys voted to expand or print money to cover the shortages. It happened when bush was in, again with Obama. Now were are in trouble and need leadership, both parties turn there backs on the people who put them in office. I think they think more about GLOBLE DOMINANCE than they do about the problems we face. There is plenty of oil in our country and the refineries are over loaded with fuel. Instead of lowering our prices, they are sell it to forign countries and keeping our prices high. So who do you want to blame, washington or big businesses. After all they are controling our country. The 100,000 job Obama created in forign countries, won’t help us. Just one more thing to think about. Do you vote straight dem. or rep. If so you are the problem. Putting the best of both parties in office will keep our country running.

  • Retired helo pilot

    The vitriolic anti-Obama/Dems comments many of you (military retirees I’m assuming) posted are pretty shocking to read. These comments are unworthy of you and your service to the country. You act like Obama just made himself king in Nov. 2008. He won an election (in which our fellow Americans voted) and elections have consequences. If you don’t like him or his policies then you have a chance to vote him out of office this Nov. But here’s a fact – the military will be taking budget hits whether a Democrat or Republican is in the White House. DoD has had a blank check since 9/11 but those days are over.

    Every Vietnam, Iraq, Afghan or other combat retiree/vet deserves every pension dollar you receive and vets/retirees suffering from combat-related physical and mental injuries deserves free health care. The rest of us (me included) can probably pay more for Tricare, maybe based on the rank we retired. I also believe those stationed in the U.S. and overseas in military housing should pay for all utilities like most Americans. Yes, we sacrifice for our country and deserve retirement benefits but it is an all volunteer military and we can walk anytime our enlistments are up. If we choose to stay in then we know what we’re getting into. Some retirees sound like they’re entitled to everything they can get their hands on (whether they served in combat or not, and let’s face it, the vast majority of us did not serve in combat, even during the past 8 years of war).

    I’m not a fan of reduced pension benefits but would entertain the notion as long as everyone had to sacrifice a bit for the good of the country. We’ll see what the politicians come up with. And no, I’m not delusional but something has to start somewhere. With 15 million Americans unemployed or underemployed and 50 million without health care I’m willing to sacrifice.

    • CharlesBryant

      Retired helo pilot,

      I can say I mostly agree with what you have said and will just say most of these replies are just rants.

      • IDMTmedic

        BS and BS. Government gets more money off our backs and spends more. How about FIRST they spend less and stop using our bodies as credit cards for the economy!!!!

      • IDMTmedic

        Charles did I miss something or did you just agree that you are willing to give up some pension? I could have sworn you said you were not willing to do that recently. Mmmmmmm must have been someone else.

    • Jim Grimes

      Are you part of the ” vast majority ” that did not serve in combat ? What did you do , provide at taxi service ? I served 25 months in combat in Vietnam and I feel that those that put their butts on the line deserve the benefits . You must be an Obama supporter .

    • Richard

      Perhaps many of the anti Obama people would curtail their criticism of him if he acted more like a servant of the people rather then the self service politician that he is. Perhaps if he actually honored the constitution rather then try to circumvent it to push the programs that he feels “we” want, we might be more respectful of him. I say of him because most of us if not all have respect for the office, just not the person who occupies it. Perhaps if he gave less of our tax dollars to his special interests, reduced the size of government, or dumped all his czars and special assistants we might have more money to take care of our veterans. As someone who fought in two of our wars, Vietnam and Persian Gulf I’m insulted that he feels no shame in reducing the budget on our backs but open the bank vaults for all his favorite projects. After being forced into Tricare for Life I’m paying six times the premiums for less then half the medical coverage. Thank you congress and Mr. President. I should not have been surprised, after all once you retire you are just a drain on the system.

      • ex Navy

        Give some definitive evidence that the President does not honor the Constitution rather than a sweeping ad hominem.

  • Eric

    President Obama doesn’t want to cut benefits, retirement or pay from the military / fed government. The republicans are FAR more likely to enact cuts to fed / military pay, retirement / benefits, etc. President Obama wants to cut out “waste” NOT lower pay to federal employees and the military. Seriously, if you’re concerned with your future pay / benefits, etc don’t vote republican. The “Tea Party” has taken control of the GOP and they are not what America needs. President Obama wants the wealthiest Americans to finally start paying their fair share and create an atmosphere that rewards hard work and creating jobs here in the U.S. The republicans call this “class warefare” which is a crock of shit because the wealthiest 1% have already won that so called “class war”. Republicans want to reinact the same tried / failed “trickle-down” economics policies which resulted in the 2008′ recession that President Obama is still trying to dig us out of without the help of the tea Bagger controlled GOP. They think if the rich get rich all that money “trickles – down” but it doesn’t work. If it worked if would have already. The economy needs to grow from the bottom-up NOT top-down as the GOP advocates.

    • Nancy

      I couldn’t have said it any better. You hit the nail on the head Eric!!!!!!

    • Ben

      Couldn’t have said it any better than that..

    • Rich

      Be careful drinking that Kool-Aid. Democrats have always been much harder on the military than Republicans have. Personally, I don’t trust any of them.

  • Burg105

    Everyone has their comments and thoughts; and while not everyone has stepped to the plate to serve; you still have the right to your opinions. However, I believe that if you have made a decision to serve and retire after 20 yrs or more; you should be intitled to every benefit and pay amount available. I also know that some of you took the 15 yr at 40 percent retirement package offered in the late 90’s and are upset about your decision. Serving you country is the utilimate previlige and scarifice; and from that you should be able to receive the best benefits no matter who is driving the bus. I hope to see each one of you in the voting lines. God bless this Country and the people who Serve Our Contry.

  • reg

    How soon we forget its the military sacrifices that gave this country its freedoms we have from 1776-until now.

  • Military Sacrifices

    Are you entitled to your retirement, benefits, healthcare and living in America as a free citizen? If this is how you feel then every conflict should have been won by the other side so that all of us would be entitled!

  • ed kapka

    why don’t congress vote on taking a pay cut they don’t do anything anyway

    • CharlesBryant

      ed kapka,

      Congress hasn’t had a raise since 2009 and won’t be getting in 2012.

  • Mike Klapperich

    I think Congress needs to take a pay cut and benfits reduction first before the military. What the hell, do they deserve better than those who fought for our freedom. Theymake TOO MUCH MONEY NOW!! for what they do and accomplish for the people of this country. Look at the polls that the american people have talked about, the congress has the lowest approval rating in history, so who needs the pay cut???

  • Arton

    nummber one

    thank you US ARMY

  • Angel

    I feel many time that it was a total waist if time serving my country when my country don’t give whats rightfully mine. The benefits that each and every of is VETERABS earned with sactifice and blood. I guess congress has their heads so far up their rear… They font give 2 **** about us, “The Veterans” we are the strong walls of this country and always have been, not congress, not some over paid politicians.

  • Angel

    I feel many time that it was a total waist if time serving my country when my country don’t give whats rightfully mine. The benefits that each and every of is VETERABS earned with sactifice and blood. I guess congress has their heads so far up their rear… They font give 2 **** about us, “The Veterans” we are the strong walls of this country and always have been, not congress, not some over paid politicians.

  • Angel

    I feel many time that it was a total waist if time serving my country when my country don’t give whats rightfully mine. The benefits that each and every of is VETERABS earned with sactifice and blood. I guess congress has their heads so far up their rear… They font give 2 **** about us, “The Veterans” we are the strong walls of this country and always have been, not congress, not some over paid politicians.

  • Angel

    I feel many time that it was a total waist if time serving my country when my country don’t give whats rightfully mine. The benefits that each and every of is VETERABS earned with sactifice and blood. I guess congress has their heads so far up their rear… They font give 2 shit about us, “The Veterans” we are the strong walls of this country and always have been, not congress, not some over paid politicians.

    • Draftee

      How many people in Corporate America felt that it was a waste of their lives when their companie doesn’t give whats rightfully theirs and those benefits of every American worker was earned with sacifice and blood of the previous American workers and labor union organizers. CEOs have their heads of their rear ends and are definately overpaid.

  • Mike

    Remember it was the Bush and the Republicans that took over the country from President Clinton and a balanced buget. They cut the Tax’s for the rich and they deregulated everything in sight started two wars which one meaning Iraq was unnessary and it cost our country many lives and billions of dollars and brought the country down to where we are at today. Now they Now they are screaming almost daily how President Obama has done nothing and ruined our country . So now my fellow soildiers in arms remember this when you go to the polls to vote and also remember from day one they have done nothing to help our president and our president is only as good as his congress and the GOP has done nothing but abstruct everything the president has tryed to do.
    Semper fi

    • DPK

      Remember President Obama and the Democrats had control of the Senate and House for two years and did nothing but place more and more regulations and expand government. Where is the Balanced Budget Amendment!!! Now they blame the GOP?

      • Bill

        You must head in the ground or some place else. If you thing Obama is doing all the right things for the county.

        • Leon

          Bill he is doin the right thing we can play the blame game all day long but when you really sit down and look at whats going not in the meeting but the day to day operation of this country then just maybe you can see this president has did more than any of his former president has done the democrats have work to do and so does the republican why is everyone mad at obama when it was bush jr. and senior that screwed it up clinton got it back bush jr. fuck it up and now obama trying his best to balance the situation and no you can’t get it done in 4 r 8 yrs thats how bad it is so even if obama don’t get re-elected which he will can’t nobody beat him man didnt put him in and they can’t take him out you come to washington and i will be gladly to show you what we go through day in and day you probably wouldn’t know where to start lol and probably wouldn’t last a hour less known a day good day sir #teamobama.

      • MRL

        You mean try to replace regualtion that the 2nd Bush Admin de-regulated?

      • Draftee

        Wrong, the Republican Party filbuster every thing that came from the Democratic Party and Obama. They were not going to cooperate at all and you should know that by now.

    • Russ

      Mike, Evidently you only blame the President if he is a Republican……I blame any President if he is incapable of getting people to work together. He cannot! Ask yourself who got things done (even if you didn’t agree with them) Reagan, Clinton, Bush 1…..why? Because they were able to get both sides to agree. Obama has failed miserably at this and it is 100% his fault as the buck stops at the President’s office. And to think I was dumb enough to vote for him……

      As far as McCain…I am very disappointed with him. I sent an email to him almost 9 months ago about the possible retirement disaster and he just sent me an email THIS WEEK!! He said that we ALL have to pitch in and take cuts. While I agree in theory, what other job requires you to leave your family for up to a year at a time, move to different cities every 2-3 years, miss family holidays, face extremely dangerous and deadly situations, and so on and so on…… Add to that the government promised the retirement and used that as a recruitment tool. If this changes for existing personel I would imagine a lawsuit could be instigated…

      • IDMTmedic

        I’m still waiting for an email from that $#$##^&***.

      • Obama is not doing what you are saying. Congress is not going to pass anything Obama says, unless Congress gets their way then, we’ll all be up the creek. Please educate yourselves on the truth. Our military do have lots of privileges and some of them should be considered, like housing costs, especially electricity, water and sewage. All Americans pay these costs. Also, there should be a crackdown on welfare fraud. There are lots of people who are on welfare who are seen driving brand new cars and dressed to the hilt. Their children are being neglected. Yes there are a few welfare recipients who deserve and need welfare but, we would save our country a lot of money if we were to create a task force for welfare fraud. I’ve seen and heard of welfare recipients who are addicted to drugs which tells me that we’re contributing to their addiction. Enough is enough, do the right thing. Also, fire Congress. They’re a bunch of jerks and only work for the rich.

    • garymc

      If you think the big “O” is so great then how come he pushes the continuous killing of the young defense-less young through abortion, how come he fills his cabinet and czar positions with socialist(communist) and ruins the moral fabric of our military by filling it with homosexuals. And it now looks like he may not have been a natural born citizen and therefore not qualified to be president after all. Saying always faithful does not fit your ending salute to your comments.

      • Tom

        Republicans are morons. First of all Obama filled his administration with wall street, here is a copy/ paste.
        “Mr.William Daley from JP Morgan Chase as White House Chief of Staff. Mr. Gene Sperling from the Goldman Sachs payroll to be director of the National Economic Council. Eileen Rominger from Goldman Sachs named director of the SEC’s Investment Management division. Even the National Security Advisor, Thomas Donilon, was executive vice president for law and policy at the disgraced Fannie Mae after serving as a corporate lobbyist with O’Melveny & Roberts. The keystone of the business friendly team was put in place on Friday. General Electric Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt will serve as chair of the president’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.”
        I haven’t heard the President speak on abortion in a long time. There have always been gays in the military, and he has shown his long form birth certificate. When the next Republican President arrives, I hope we show him the same disrespect that this President has been getting since day 1. I would like to be the first to spit on the next Republican President.

      • retiree

        Gary, please go to your local library and check out a copy of Karl Marx’s Das Capital. Please read it. Then tell me if ANY of President Obama’s initiatives are communist.

        By the way – Chester A. Arthur, 21st President of the US, was born to an immigrant (Irish) father. President Obama is, under the Constitution (Article II and Amendment XIV) a “natural born citizen.”

    • jessica

      the debate shouldn’t be which is the bigger idiot republicans or democrats?? we should all agree on why were all getting slammed with these cuts and congress isn’t. hmm benefiting our country my ass were benefiting you to make sure you live more comfortable and lay in your real silk sheets every night while we stress how were going to put food on our table for our families every night. I’m in the army and do not mind helping with a pay cut but when my job is so much risky and going over seas to the drop of your dime thats when i get mad. if i have to have cuts so do you. also with the welfare system…..come on really ??!!??!! they can run our country but can’t realize people are scamming for welfare.. idiots. do 20 yrs like the rest of us also like everybody said if you want to benefit our country so bad.

    • sonia

      true words written

    • Carole Long

      Wrong the congress is only 1/3 the Senate and the President have thumb thier nose at Congress. can do more then 1/3. Second The United States was a respected Nation till that A hole took over went on as butt kissing tour of Europe. Oboma hates the arm forces he is a Socialist. Sorry but your wrong on this one. Hard to see how anyone in the service would want Oboma.I’m voting for Newt. I will keep my bible and my guns he can keep the Change! I support America and want to keep it free. People in Europe are fighting for freedom Oboma wants Socialism class warfare which is insulting to a person on so many levels. This President will be voted out.

      Carole Ann Long

  • Cdr_Rogers

    There is one thing for sure. Senator John McCain R-AZ hasn’t helped us. He sent a letter to the Super Committee stating a revamp and reduction of military benefits is needed to help the economy. It is very hard to believe that Congress can brainwash a Viet Nam vet, retired Navy Captain, into giving away things we earned. Unfortunately he is not up for re-election in 2012. We need to look at the voting records of our representatives. If any one of them voted for their pay raises over the last 5 years they should be voted out!!!

    • MRL

      Any pay raises the Senate or House want or changes to benefits should be voted on by the People

    • Draftee

      Bush, Sr, Bush, Jr., and Ronald Reagan was not very helpful when it came to providing more aid for Vietnam veterans suffering from Agent Orange. Furthermore, both Bushes were outsourcing military jobs to private contractors so the military was being crippled because it could not relied on itself to provide services to the troops.

    • Larry

      John McCains father is probably rolling over in his grave seeing what his son is doing to the military. I believe that the NVA were successful in brain washing the POW’s at least this one.

  • Wake UP!

    No budget = No pay for congress!!! Wake UP!!

  • RetUSNChief

    Wow! Here we are, paying for benefits that were supposed to be free. And now they want us to pay even more. I guess Congress needs more money to run all of those “entitlement” programs. You know, the ones like the Lifeline Support Program?! This particular program provides a free cell phone and free 250 minutes of air time to people on welfare. All you have to do is prove you are receiving food stamps and/or medicaid. I don’t know about you shipmates but I have to pay for my “luxuries.” Like cell phones, medical care, dental care, etc. Well at least someone is benefiting, just not us!

  • George Hossfeld, MD

    As a citizen, know that there are many, many of us who value our military as they should be. I never miss an opportunity to stop an airman, soldier, sailor or marine to thank them on behalf of a greatful nation. I do have to say, that a number of you have been very brainwashed. If you think the liberal (ie Democrats) are your friends, you are badly mistaken. The Republican party has always stood for a strong military (Cdr Rogers- do you really believe that John McCain wants to lower your benefits???!!), continues to do so, and is your ally. Again, thanks for all you do.

    • Tom

      I know Darrel Issa does, and he is a veteran that don’t give a crap about other veterans. Back during the 1940’s the Republicans tried to kill the GI bill calling it a socialist program. The Republicans don’t care about the members of the military, they like the military because it helps their corporate interest.


    I have been saying this for a long long time clean out Wasington.Get those SOB out of congress AND hope we get a American President.

    • retiree

      We have an American President – born in Hawaii, resident in the US for 14 years, over the age of 35.

      • Dwayne

        We sure don’t have an American President now. He was born in Kenya and if you type in CatholicBook/ Baronius you will find his original birth certificate.

        • retiree

          Please take your conspiracy theories elsewhere. He has had Hawaii release both of his birth certificates, the Democractic AND Republican administrations of Hawaii have testified he was born in Hawaii, the birth announcements in the papers then (info provided by the Hawaiian Government, NOT the parents) have him born there, people who knew his mother remember his birth.

          And the Kenyan birth certificate – a fraud, proven so.

          You may not like President Obama. That’s fine. But he IS the legal President of the United States of America, born in the US, resdident of the US, over the age of 35.

          • Mike

            I guess you missed the story about how the birth certificate was forged. Why did he have ALL of his records sealed? Why does no one come forward who knew him before 1996? No classmates, no girlfriends, no friends period. How do you explain the fact that he received financial aid for school as a “foreign exchange student”? I’ll tell you, his past is a lie and he is not an American at all. He couldn’t even go to grade school in Indonesia unless he was a citizen of THAT country. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

    • earl

      I agree with that.

    • Bobby

      We have an America President congress is the cause of the problem…They are for the rich,,they trying to take from the rest help the rich…

  • L C Wichman

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said. Most of those in congress are all ready rich or soon will be with all the freebies they get. Most couldn’t hold down a regular 9 to 5 job if they tried. Its easier for them to go career in government and lie like crazy and blame everything on the other peopleoutside of governmment, saying we are piggish for demanding more.

  • LTC Ashbaugh

    I am amazed that any current of former member of the military would consider Obama a “supporter” of our armed forces. As a “Manchurian Candidate” who came from nowhere, he did not support the military during his election run, and has shown even less support (except for the PR value he accrues when military forces accomplish a rescue or terminate an enemy). He has been intent on gutting our forces, regardless of the future consequences.

    Those who have served know that “super weapons” will never replace the Grunt on the ground (if history has taught us anything) to seize and hold ground. Not our Navy with all of their firepower, nor the Air Force with bombs and missles – Only Army and Marine force, generously applied.

    I would hope that someone in the Pentagon would have the intestinal fortitude to tell Mr Obama that we need to retain our forces. Maybe stretch out promotions and cut recruiting, but keep the best-trained fighting force in the world as a deterrent against a revived Russia, a rising China, and turmiol throughout the Mid-East, Latin America, and the Far East.

    • ron

      well maybe someday , us american will wake and smell the coffee,, i hope it wont be too late then

      • ted

        I am retired Army Special Forces and I disagree, and feel that President Obama is an excellent commander in chief. Smart and thoughtful! Just thought it was important to show that not all soldiers are on the “i hate obama band waggon”.

    • medicman615

      The viewpoints you presented here certainly make sense to me, sir. I wonder how many privates we can put in boots for every aircraft carrier, nuclear submarine, stealth bomber or mountain of overpriced toilet seats our military decides NOT to fund. Soldiers don’t get rich from military service or war; defense contractors DO.

  • Kathie

    It’s really too bad that Clinton can’t run again. I wonder if his wife could do a good job, I think she would she would have her husband to help her make
    the right decisons. She seems to be a very smart lady anyway. I pray for myself and all others that our pay will be left as is and stop taking the problems that has been done and make people pay for their mistakes. I am a widow and
    would be on the streets. I am sorry if I seem to be poor me but I do give to others even when I really don’t have the extra cash.

  • kevin

    yeah they love to blame bush still. But what I dont understand is why barnie frank isnt in jail him and his cronies where responsilbe for the the collaspe, when the housing market crashed it effected everything, bush kept telling congress and frank what would happen……………and it did

    • AF/Army retired

      exactly……..that is why dodd and frank are no longer running…….fear of the jail cell. Bush was off target, did things poorly, but the remnants of Clinton hacks in the CIA purposely fed Bush bogus info on Iraq and WMDs…hence the mess…..but bush should have demanded oil from Iraq to fund our military there……..he completely tripped up……..But now Obama is many times worse……..deficits, hates military cuts funding and cuts medicare…….while Holder has shown his criminality multiple times…….gun running, voter fraud, poll violations……Obama”s czars are thugs hired to circumvent congress. Whoever gets in, needs to remove every Obama resolution, remove every obama hiring in every dept, no matter how far down the management chain.

  • W. Moore

    Some of us can not afford to lose there Tricare or pay higher cost. My pension is very little and lost cilivan job and not old enough to draw Social Security. Need to get a president that want fly all over the US and over seas and spend all that money. It takes millions to fly him to different cities where he could make a speech on television. He is only speaking to a few hundred picked people in each city. Taking vacations to other areas with separate planes. He has not once spent time in his home town since he has been in office. What did it cost to upgrade his house that he has not been in for 3 yrs.

  • Phyllis

    Military benefits, disability checks, tricare, GI bill, all the VA benefits, housing allowances while utilizing the GI bill, etc. I really think this is a GREAT retirement. Then you work for the private sector or the federal government in the upper grade levels (GS 11-15) and get another retirement check.. When the government decides to make any and every cut in the budget, the federal workforce and the federal retirees are the first to be looked at to not get a pay increase or COLA however they are the first to get increases in their medicare and health insurance payments with NO increase in pay…….No I was not deployed or in combat zones, however, my federal job required me to be on call 24/7 and every time the military deployed my butt was in the office day and night. There were a lot of Friday evenings when I had plans for the weekend only to be called in to identify soldiers with certain skills to deploy then messages to be sent to commanders identifying soldiers to get them ready for immediate deployment. SO I guess we all have our gripes and feel we are not compensated for our sacrifices.

  • becky

    My husband served 21 years in the Navy and retired a senior chief and he has to (pay) for his health care which he was promised would be free to him for LIFE!!! Get rid of the greedy Bas**rds on capital hill…..a friggin monkey could run this country better and it wouldn’t cost the tax payers a dime!

    • Larry

      Becky want a job as the Secretary of Treasury I am sure you could do a better job of balancing the budget than the tax cheat we have in there now.

  • IDMTmedic

    Ok ahmmm I know I am somewhat argumentative but everything you have read says???…..Jeezuz was that written at a 9th grade level?

  • Larry

    Once again I will make this statement not sure anyone out there is listening. We earned our retirements they were not handed to us out of some generosity of the Government. When the past and present congress men/women and the ex presidents give up their lush retirements, I will consider doing the same. Consider that the military gets paid on active duty 18% of pay that the civilian jobs pay, and they don’t get shot or killed to do their jobs, don’t come talking to me about giving ups S***.
    Further when will all the Retirees and Vets out there finally brake the chains on your minds that make you sub-servant to the congress and the political machine, do you not understand that if We the veterans joined together we could put who ever we wanted in the congress and the white house.
    When we all get together and forget about the VFW, Legion and all the rest of the organizations which really do nothing for us. and we have every Vet and Retiree in this country show up at the white house, demanding fair treatment watch how quickly they stop talking about taking away what little we have.
    LETS get real folks, ranting on here you are talking to the chior, congress does not read this blog.

  • Spine

    If they are going to mess with retirement pay (which they shouldn’t) they need to start with only officers and leave the Enlisted Backbone alone! Enlisted pay along with Enlisted retirement pay has always been minimal compared to Officers and I could go on and on and on……..enlisted families struggling with divorces, bills, on and on……..you all out their know exactly what I mean!


    It’s the same ole, same ole stuff we hear every time they want to ‘sock it to the military.’ It just never ends.

  • Pam

    I am disgusted with all this. A congress man or senator that leaves office is still taken care of and the ones who fought to keep freedom are just tossed away like thier trash. We struggle to put gas in our cars for work, and put food on the table for our kids and they get all the benefits. I think they all should take 6 months and live off thier pay. Pay for thier own drivers, limos, dinners, drinks, pay for thier own gas and groceries. Pay for thier own parking and see how that feels. Pay for their own maids and butlers who do all their work for them while they sit and destroy the simple person working hard to survive. Maybe our budget can get back all the millions they spend on themselves for once and get us out of debt. Leave us small enlisted retirees alone.

    • Larry

      Very true Pam, but we need to go further than that, look at what the Great Secretary of Defense just did to us before he left office, has anyone got a new rope? Also I can not believe that the General(s) that are now leading are so gutless as to allow politicians to do what they have done to the military and all they can do is wage their heads and agree, where did the guts of the military leaders go, all we have anymore is a bunch of wantabee politicians for Military leaders disgraceful

      • SGT.T

        SGT.t here;thank you Larry I was beginning to wonder what happened to the military following orders from civilians.It seems if civilians are so curious as to what is occurring they should join up and get involved then maybe they would get up off their pitutts and realise just how much we as the defenders of freedom matters. this is not a video game that is available and can be turned off or ignored. And to all of the other vets thanks I was in during viet-nam(also a female) and I caught just as much or more hell as you great guys I cared for in mash units and back home.

    • retiree

      “A congress man or senator that leaves office is still taken care of”

      Please see http://www.senate.gov/CRSReports/crs-publish.cfm?…

      They don’t receive ANY retirement until they serve 5 years. Their retirement accumulates at 1.7%/year of base salary (i.e after 20 years it’s at 34%). They don’t collect until age 62, unless they serve 20 years, in which case they can collect at age 50.

    • Terry

      Pam, you hit the nail on the head. Wish every of comgress had to live on my pay and benifites for one year.

  • SGT.T


  • ex Navy

    So what’s new?ex The U.S. is controlled by plutocrats who care only for their unwarranted benefits. Surely there is enough evidence indicating making fireman, policeman, teachers, lower drawer federal employees receive cuts and unemployment for middle class and working class to wake up and stop voting for the party controlled by plutocrats. But for that to happen people must inform themselves and not be swayed by GOP appeals to ignorance.

  • Carole Long

    I have never served and I hope you will take what I have to say to heart. I have nothing but the greatest respect for past and present men and women seving in the arm forces. They deserve raises not reduction. The best health care should be free to them. When someone puts themselves in the line of fire and puts country first why would they get any less. They can cut the aid to people that don’t even like us and put it in the defense budget. Why are we funding birth control to Africia put that in the defence budget.. Our Commander in chief has no idea What it means to be respected because we have a strong Arm Forces. He is a Socialist through and through. He talks a good story but shows nothing but distain for our service people . The marine story in iraq being one of them. They deserve hours for what they did. They don’t deserve the sect of state saying she sorry for our actions. This was a interneral thing not a public whipping. We could cut what we give the anti American United Nations that Oboma bows to. Thank you all for what you do.
    Carole Ann Long

    • Terry

      Miss. Long, thank you for saying what you did. You are correct when you ask why do we not take money sent to other countries that despise us anyway (Aid) and place it in the Defence department.

      • Margaret

        probably because we already spend more in the Pentagon than the rest of the world TEN TIMES OVER…………. a little overtop and u want those warmongers to get more???
        Is WAR the only true American way? Are peaceful folks then less American than u ?

    • Linda

      Your are so correct! Thank You for your thoughts!

    • Shawn

      Carole i agree with you that military should not have to pay for these items.

      However please stop spouting crap about Obama being a socialist. I have served my country and i can say that one thing i find most offensive is putting my life on the line for people that refuse to educate themselves…..

      I voted for Obama and when i did was actually worried about what he would do with the military because of what democrats usually do but this man has impressed me with what he has done. Maybey you should look at the fact that Paul Ryan actually voted for the sequestration as did most other republicans.

      And yes i know this is and older post but still needed a response.

      • Guest

        Yes responding to older posts. NOW, read the WH response to the CUTS to military past and present and the BS with his administration……hope and change? Lmao…..transparency?

  • ex Navy

    Sure is a lot of name calling against our President without an ounce of evidence to support it.

  • SGT.T

    I do have great disgust for the total lack of common sense that we seem to be allowing to overtake the airwaves. have we ever had a complete deaf sitout so as to refuse to give place to the lies that are being perpetrated on the people? By the way the Pres? of where the Cole was bombed ..what Yemen ? he is coming to the US for medical treatment due to an apparant attempt some one tried to hurt him so he is coming to be treated in the Us hospital Does this mean we wil be paying for our enemy to have his privacy protected by our security forces thus we are once again paying the bill? Do we still have a President in charge or has he asked someone to stand in because his wife needs him for a dinner engagement?I have a problem with inept people who say they are running the company all the while the company has been closed for almosrt 3 yrs having bellyuped?what happened to our country,who stole it?
    or who owns it now …

  • K. McKee

    Is there anyone who has a firm number of people that are actually receiving military retirement benefits? It would be interesting to see the numbers on a state by state basis.
    It is interesting that no one in Congress has had the nerve to propose cutting Congressional pay and benefits as a first step in cutting the deficit. I realize that this would be a very small step but every journey must start someplace. I also realize that they are one of the few organizations that can vote on their own benefits.
    I would be more than willing to take cuts in my benefits if these idiots were held to the same standards to which they hold us . A retirement after 20 years, a minimal health care program and an independent organization of military retirees that would control their future pay and benefits.
    I think that there must be enough military retirees to make a difference if we could only get a solid organization together.

    • Terry McC

      Bravo, you nailed the subject to the wall. All those folks in Washington should nothing for serving one term, I don’t believe the President should be payed for the rest of his life either (along with bodyguards and health care). We the people have been getting ripped off for way to long allowing Congress to vote for they’re own “perks.”

    • Bill Downs

      In my 22+ years of active service in the Navy I was always a proponent of “leadership by example.” Unfortunately, our congress hasnever subscribed to this type of leadership and in fact it’s difficult if not impossible to identify what type of leadership they have.

    • retiree

      http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/BUDGET-2011-APP/pdf/… page 26 lists 2,090,154 retirees, of whom 984,720 are medicare-eligible.

      Retiree dependents and survivors: 3,319,433 of whom 984,720 are medicare-eligible

      Regarding Congressional benefits -see many other posts by myself and others. Bottom line – their retirement and health care benefits are worse than ours.

      Regarding changing the way Congressional Benefits are voted on – please see the Constitution. Article I spells out that “The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States. ” Article V spells out how to change that via Constitutional Amendment.

  • Lem G.

    The DoD procurement system is in dire need of a 21st Century Overhaul.
    The DoD’s budget is SO huge that it would take the combined forces of OMB, the IRS, the GAO, the FBI AND the CID offices of each branch of the military working together to scratch the surface of all the unnecessary duplication, waste, fraud, graft, corruption and negligence within each fiscal year for each branch of our armed forces.
    THEN — get rid of about HALF the admirals and generals that are completely superfluous to include their staffs. If they are not deployable, haven’t been in a combat unit in the past decade, have their 20 years in for retirement and basically just taking up unneeded space and ripping the taxpayers off the need to be REMOVED forthwith !

    • SunflowerMc

      Considering the current economy, dumping around 500,000 people, some who need to work to provide food, shelter, etc…, for their families is your brilliant master plan?
      More job competition, more foreclosures, and more people falling under the poverty line is just what we need right now, NOT! (no I am not talking about the generals it just amazes me how you might think the civilian workforce attached to the military gets any military benefits, they don’t). 2011 US government spending chart: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:U.S._Federal_Sp
      Seems to me that my household is paying for benefits out of each paycheck that won’t be there when I need them, and it costs more for those than for the DoD.

  • E. Ress

    The Congress of the United States appears willing to make cuts to pay and benefits across the board, except when it comes to their own. A military wide community should have a letter writing campaign to our elected officials asking, no, demanding that if we get cuts then they to should bear the burden as well.
    Start with the house, the senate then on to the white house (Capitols left out intentionally).
    Next, vote every one of them out and put in people that really might care about the sacrifices that we gave and the sacrifices that you are giving now. Also, vote in people that believe in term limits.

    • Linda

      You are so right, and for those who want to pay more of their hard earned money in taxes to the govt to waste, by all means pull out your check book and do so!

  • gggg

    Once again US Army will safe USA…..LMAO! Don’t forget to send DVDs “DO IT YOURSELF scissors and scalpel included”. I thought that is why Soldiers were getting broken, burned, going to war, not see theirs kids and spouses for some time, sleep in mud, not eating well, jumping from airplanes and etc. to get those benefits for life! And statistic shows that retiree do not live long because of all those injuries and stress. They already in 90s took away dental benefits for spouses and children. maybe I don’t understand something…. but government has money to bailout banks, to raise theirs pay, get sweet congressional benefits, send billions in aid to other countries, not to forget of abusing the benefits. So, it seems veterans who requires medical attention needs to find a good good job to pay medical bills, mortgage and etc…. Veterans needs to sue government for injuries. I think it is gives all rights to do this.

  • >Lucy

    If you want to pay more taxes there is no law to stop you ….pull out your wallet! and put your money where your mouth is!

  • Lyla

    Congress will only keep taking their millions from the K St. Lobbyists to pass more Trade Agreements like NAFTA/GATT to outsource the rest of our jobs for which reason we can no longer afford to pay the military. The Congress needs to be recalled and replaced by real Americans . Patriots who will stop selling out our country. Congress has tons of money to give the third world and transnational corporation that propose to takeover their agriculture. Plenty of money to rebuild Afghanistan and Iraq. Afghanistan and Iraq should be paying us back as Bush promised!