Pay Raise Signed in the Nick of Time

President Obama signed the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act on the last day of 2011. The new law includes a 1.6 percent raise for active-duty and reserve — the raise went into effect the following day. This was the last pending pay and compensation issue to impact pay and allowances for 2012 .

View the 2012 Military Pay Charts to see what you will earn this year.

This year’s defense bill also includes several other provisions that will potentially affect active-duty and retired servicemembers and their families. The following is a list of those changes:

  • The law will extend authority for the DoD to continue to offer voluntary separation pay and benefits to those facing involuntary separations through 2018.
  • The $100 a day high-deployment allowance for those deployed more than 400 days out of the preceding 730 days, will no longer be “mandatory.” The wording now authorizes the DoD to pay this compensation rather than mandating it; this change may give the DoD the opportunity to phase-out this allowance.
  • Future annual TRICARE enrollment fee increases for retirees and their family members will be limited to the annual Retiree COLA percentage.

Read the full American Forces Press Service article to learn more about the many other provisions that may affect military life.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • vmrusso

    Is there a retired cola piece in the latest bill for retirees?

    • tdhowell

      Changing the index for determining the COLA was not addressed in the NDAA or any other legislation — so far. It will likely come up in Budget wrangling this year.

    • Arthur J. Schaffer

      I am also .looking . So far I have seen nothing for us. After several years of NO COLAS I guess we are just forgotten.That’s how our government says Thank You . It’s time to start writing letters again . .

      • CharlesBryant


        COLA raise was already added to your December pay.

  • CWFoster

    Did anyone mention the authorization for the military to detain US citizens on US soil without a warrant, arraignment, or trial indefinitely? Any Oathkeepers around? Our CIC says he won’t use this provision, but it was added at HIS request! Enjoy the 1.6 percent payraise, it only cost the 4th, 5th, and 6ththe Amendments

    • CharlesBryant


      “Did anyone mention the authorization for the military to detain US citizens on US soil without a warrant, arraignment, or trial indefinitely?”

      I read the bill and IMO, it doesn’t allow for this at all.

      • AGEtrooper

        The law is 926 pages long. You read it? I call shenanigans.

        • CharlesBryant


          Yes, I read the less then 3 pages we are talking about or I wouldn’t have made a comment about it. It is evident you haven’t read that section at all, or you would have known it wasn’t 565 pages long, not 926 pages.

          • gOOrOOyoo

            TO: CWFoster: CharlesBryant; AGEtrooper
            You guys need the poo-poo cleaned out of your play pens – seriously!

        • Meanynorm

          You just displayed your laziness. I also read it. You don’t have to read the whole damned thing if you use your head.The only is the puppeteer who is leading people such as your self by the nose. The good news, your in the majority!

          • AGEtrooper

            You also assume things that aren’t true. Congratulations on your inability to think. I never said you had to read the whole thing. I know what’s in that section of the law, as I also read it. It’s called “Find” in Adobe Acrobat. And BTW, I have so far made no claims about what’s in it.

        • CharlesBryant


          Yep I read the almost 3 pages I posted about. Oh, I saw 565 pages, not 926 pages. Seems as though you haven’t read any of it.

    • J.Svendsen

      Let’s talk a minute about the JERK in the Whitehouse. Not only does he use two planes to go to Hawaii( at the cost of about $4000. an hour.) so his Old lady can get there a few days earlier. But it doesn’t bother him that all the crew members and secret service people will miss Christmas with their families because his highness wants to show himself over there. What a JERK! They used two airplanes when he went to Paris on vacation so his wife could take her entire enterauge and their families as well on we the tax payers. He’s really concerned about the average american. YEH!

      • Helga

        Thanks well said

      • jsub1960

        Not to mention, and it can be researched, the separate staff and aircraft used for their dog….

      • CharlesBryant


        So what, that has nothing to do with the subject.

      • Lj

        It’s ok when Bush, was flying everywhere?

      • CharlesBryant
      • Scott

        All those crew members and USSS you talk about are volunteers. No one is forcing them to work for the POTUS. They applied and were selected for the job they do. They understand that time away is part of the job, even holidays.

      • No Name

        Let’s not forget Pelosi who stayed in her $10,400/ night hotel room while in Hawii. FUCK all these guys. Get em all out of there.

      • not.a.teabagger

        How many planes did Bush use when he went on vacation with his wife? You don’t know, do you? It was never a factor when Bush was president, now that Obama is, everything he does is questioned. Possibly, it might be that the President and his wife are not allowed to travel together, like in Britain, where they don’t fly the Queen and the next in line on the same plane. Could be the same here.

      • Uptown

        J.Svendson, did you ever think they took 2 planes to protect their daughters?? What if one of the planes go down? Their daughters will still have one living parent? CEO’s of companies do this all the time so their business could still survive if the unforsaken ever happened.

    • steve

      The American citizens to be detained are those accused of treason, and subversive activities…..This is way overdue, and because one is an American citizen, doesn’t necessairly absolve them of these charges…. We have in our country today, more than at any time in our history….MORE citizens acting AGAINST America! The Slick Lawyers have allowed them to make a joke of our law enforcement capabilities, this NEW law should correct that situation, than goodness!!!!

      • 1836eig

        Yes, but it is too easy to call someone a terrorist and now they don’t even have to prove their claims!

      • retiree

        1. As has been said, this law makes no changes in the Constitutional guarantees (4th & 5th Amendment) to US personnel (Citizens, Resident Aliens).

        2. Those protections are not there for the guilty – they’re their to protect the innocent from false imprisonment. Please read the Federalist Papers.

    • Meanynorm

      I downloaded and read he Authorization and nowhere could I find a statement threatening a US citizens constitutional right of Habeas Corpus in any form. In fact it explicitly stated in two separate paragraphs that such an act was prohibited. And before anyone tells me I can’t read, make damned sure you actually read it , otherwise you are proven guilty of gullibility by default

    • sheila

      You are misinformed. The legislation does NOT apply to US citizens. Whereever you heard/read/saw this misinformation you need to inform yourself. It is inaccurate.

    • Mike

      Its really sad all those Clown’s in Washington get a great pay raise and the people that put there life’s on the line get a 1.6 percent. First one in 3 years way to go Obama, see you in November!

      • Scott

        I have gotten a pay raise for the past 3 years…what are you talking about “first one in 3 years…”?

      • retiree

        1. Congress last got a pay raise in 2009. They froze their pay when they froze Federal Workers.

        2. Active Duty have gotten pay raises each of the last several years. This year’s 1.6% is in line with ECI (Employee Cost Index), the basis for the President’s Proposal for this year (and that proposal is mandated by law, since at least the 1990’s – neither President Obama or President Bush before them had say on what they proposed).

        3. Federal retirees (military, federal civil service, SS) COLA is set by a law passed in the 1970’s, and is based on the increase in CPI-W, as of 3rd quarter of each year. It only increases if the CPI-W is over it’s previous 3rd quarter maximum. After the 5.8% COLA in 2009 due to energy spikes in 3rd quarter 2008, CPI-W decreased (due mainly to dropping energy and housing costs). This year it finally exceeded the 3rd quarter 2008 CPI-W, resulting in the 3.6% COLA.

  • jpt

    get a grip cw

    • David Jackson

      Don’t forget..If your lucky enought to have a Commasary or a Class 6. that wil go up twice. Once before the raise and once after…

  • Steve

    The Congress is as culpably negligent as the CIC.

    • matous

      More – but oh guess what they were Dems too!! Oh excuse me I meant PROGRESSIVES. Make gov smaller!!

  • Earl Pitts

    Protect against all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC.. Wake up America!! Compliments Of True American–Earl Pitts

    • lee

      That DOMESTIC part may be very close to happening.

  • RKB

    I understand the “pay raise” will be used to pay for the Medicare cost increase?

  • jsub1960

    Pay Raise Signed in the Nick of Time……………

    yep, just in time to pay more for Tri-Care and prescriptions….amazing!

  • mikey d

    A extra 5 bucks, thx.

  • SSG Brown RET

    Where can I and My Town get a free vacation on the TAX PAYER

    • 1836eig

      Just drive a block or so down the street. At least it won’t cost you much to get there!



    • Scott

      Get elected.

    • CharlesBryant

      SSG Brown RET,

      Many jobs out there like the Military gives you paid vacation time.

  • rcm

    That’s right cw, blame the military who haven’t received a raise in two years, but still put their lives and safety on the line for us. Nice going. You make me sick as you try to accuse those who had nothing to do with this as if they were behind it. I say (after spending 25 yrs in the military) don’t bad-mouth the military unless you are (or were) in there; if not, SHUT UP, CHECK YOUR FACTS, and PUT THE BLAME WHERE IT SHOULD BE. Thank you for your comments. Retired and proud military member who is proud of every service member who has served to protect us (yes, even you).

    • Spectre

      rcm you are a real d.s. putting a low life pay raise before the good of the nation. You would rather have money in lieu of Constitutional Rights. What military were you in? I spent 25 years in and 6 combat tours in RVN. The Constituion is the law of the land, not a perverted dictator. I guess you forgot your oath. Or did you take the oath only to get a pay check?

  • tkd

    You’re lucky you got five bucks, I got four and I’ve been in for 27 years.

    • 1836eig

      Feel lucky you have 4 bucks. Since you’ve been 27 years, I’m sure your retirement pay will at least double mine, so compare that to my lousy 1.49 bucks!

  • Mark

    Annual Tricare fee’s for retiree’s “limited” to COLA raise. I pray this doesn’t mean it WILL be ALL the COLA raise, versus a portion of it. COLA is there for a reason, and to steal it back to pay for a promise they made (free healthcare… which isn’t fee) at the expense of making our retirement pay lose that much value each year is criminal. We retiree’s deserve better after serving our country so long.

    • Randy

      No, it reads that the percentage will increase by the same amount, so if you are paying $100/month and the increase is 3.2%, then the amount of the fees would go up by $3.20.

  • Bryan

    We will all get paid in “Commissary and PX/BX” bucks that you can only spend at the company store. Evey time I get a raise in my civilian job, my company health care goes up to match. This is no different.

  • RLH

    Served 26 years, 3 tours in SE Asia, 2 in the middle east, retired now paying for medical coverage, looking at an increase equal to my COLA. Yet young lady next door has had 3 children in the last 3 years, just lost a set of twins, which would have been numbers 4 and 5, no father in sight for any of them, yet she is receiving aid and free medical care, to include drug rehab, failed twice, as well as assistance in child care, has not had a job and probably can not form her lips around the word. Is this what not only I but all the others that served in the Military, and are still serving are doing it for. It is about time that our government and our overpaid reps had a reality check and got their heads out from between their hip pockets.

    • dave M/Sgt usaf/ret.

      in for 25 yrs,I know what you mean. I suggest a all new senate and congress,plus a new president!

      • skipper

        Yep, did my 30 in the canoo club, and now am looking at Medicare, with Copay, plus deduction from my retirement pay to pay for my “free” health care. What happened to taking care of our own………….

        • Chief T.

          AHOY skipper, it’s called BOHICA.

      • ken illang/ret

        that is not a suggestion, that is a mission that must be completed. the newly elected repub. reps are standing their ground and not caving to the old repubs, there is no room for compromise anymore, we have lost too much ground already.

      • 1SG Ret.

        Dave, I agree. If we would clean house for a couple of election cycles, they would get the message. The trouble is, people think their reps are doing well and it is the other reps from the other states. We need to understand it is all of them and they all need to go. Jack Abermoff (sp?), a lobbyist just released from federal prison said the exact same thing. He said that would be a lobbyist’s nightmare. I am not affiliated with either party and feel they are both equally wrong. We need to send a message to our political leadership that we will no longer accept business as usual.

    • jsub1960

      I feel ya man…the priorities in our gov’t today are either totally missing, or so far out of reality you’d need a third war (heaven forbid) to realign how and what we have, and continue to do, for them….

    • Concerned colonel

      Well said. I know of s few cases just like you presented. Get rid of Obama and we’ll be on our way to a positive future.

    • tom

      Are you a christian and did any of those children ask to be born? They have no way of fending for themselves unless you want to adopt them so you can have the mother thrown into the streets, What would Jesus do?

  • chuk

    And my taxes were cut by about $1.46 for the month of February. I’m gonna go to the Big Island on the government dime and celebrate. (well travel Space A maybe).

  • gOOrOOyOO

    Steve, is “culpably negligent” a double entropy? Perhaps a reference to mere entelechy? I mean, hi-tech moved in on us so fast that most never learned to program a VCR.

  • Lee

    I retired 37 years ago. Medication through tricare just went up from $3 to $5 or $9 to $12 per prescription. My retirement pay in 1975 was about $700 per month. With COLAs it is now $1578. The average pay for a civil servant (gummit employee) is over $72,000, with medical, dental, vision, retirement of 75-90%, no wonder this country is broke. And then then they complain about us getting to much money in our retirement. No dental, no vision and 50 to 75% of our base pay. Congress and senators get !00% plus MDV for life with only serving 4-6 years.

    • Jerry

      Retired 1985 after 21 years (USMC)… Am now a “gummit employee” (8 years). I don’t make near 72,000 a year nor do I receive free dental or medical or eye exams or ANY other medical benefits. I have Tricare and BCBS which ain’t cheap. Don’t be “all inclusive about things that are NOT all inclusive! Just saying…..

      • John

        Retired 2002 , now “gummit employee”. On a good year maybe make 50,000. Can’t afford any of the so called “free” medical anything. Sure would like to know who the hell “they” are that are averaging 70,000-100,000 cuz it sure ain’t anyone I work with!

    • CharlesBryant


      Not sure where you got you info from about civil servants or what comgressmen get after retirement, but you are dead wrong.

    • retiree

      Congress and Federal Employees earn retirement through FERS (except for the few who came in before 1984 and are under CSRS). It is a contributory system, requiring a minimum of 5 years to vest. Congress is limited by law to 80% of their pay for retirement (and realistically, they have to serve 50 years and be in their late 70’s at the earliest to collect).

      Congress and Federal Employees are under FEHBP – the Federal Employee Health Benefit Plan. Every year they get to choose which plan they pay for (yes, cold hard cash) to get medical care.

      • retiree

        Clarification – Congressmen would have to be in their late 70’s at the earliest to collect 80% retirement after 50 years in office.

      • CharlesBryant


        Let me just add to you piece of info:

        “As of October 1, 2009, 455 retired Members of Congress were receiving federal pensions based fully or in part on their congressional service. Of this number, 275 had retired under CSRS and were receiving an average annual pension of $69,012. A total of 180 Members had retired with service under both CSRS and FERS or with service under FERS only. Their average annual pension was $40,140 in 2009.”…

        • retiree

          Thanks. An update to the report I cited.
          Appreciate you trying to keep this a fact-based, logical conversation.

      • matous

        Retirement or pension?

    • Nancy Kirkendall

      This is why I don’t agree 100% with term limits. I say they get voted in for life. Make them earn their hefty retirement benefits. Then, if they screw up or get voted out, they’re “FIRED!” If they’re fired, no retirement and no lifetime benefits!!! Does that make sense? Of course it does and that is why it will never happen!

      • retiree

        Please see my above post – Congressmen do NOT get retirement after a few years.

      • CharlesBryant


        Wouldn’t a better comparison be made with military retiree’s to the average middle class instead of always comparing military retiree’s to congressmen.

        Or how about the same requirements for joining the military, like 4 year in service then you’re out?

    • Marshell

      I Must agree with this, My husband has served for 23 years. Yes everything has gone up. Our medication etc… My son has also served and went to war. He has come home and can’t find work, has no Insurance coverage. what is this world coming to.Congress really needs to do better. I had to get coverage through my goverment job to help my family out, with dental and vision. And It covers more than Tricare. that is a shame after 23 years of services. so why does congress get 100%. Have they went to war for this country and willing to die for it.

      • CharlesBryant


        Yes, many things have gone up, and this year will be the first time in the 16 year history of Tricare has it gone up.

        Why did your son get out of the service knowing that he didn’t have a new job to go to?

        As for him having no insurance coverage, didn’t he make that choice when he didn’t reenlist?

        Yes, you got healthcare through your government job, and if it does offer more then Tricare, then that is only because you pay much, much more then what you pay for Tricare.

        As to Congressmen getting 100%, that is just not true in any situation. Here is a link to get you up-to-date:…

    • Eric

      Have you been living under a rock? Stop listening to idiots like sean hannity and Limbaugh. And I believe it’s ten years for congressmen and senators.

      • CharlesBryant


        That isn’t quite true, let me quote “retiree”.

        “FERS – they get 1.7%/year accrual, payable at age 62. If they serve 20 years, they can retire at age 50. Note that after 20 years their retired pay is 34% of their base pay for the top 3 years, not 50%.

        Oh, and they pay into it to boot, as well as paying cash for their health care (and considerably more than $520/year).”

        Actually it takes at least 5 years of service to reap a small benefit starting at age 62.

        See Link:…

    • Evelyn

      Lee, you retired when my husband did. He’s a disabled Viet Nam Vet, thanks to Agent Orange and the same thing is happening to us. We feel as if we’re living on pure luck or a shoestring. If prescrips go up any further, we will have to move closer to a military facility just for the pharmacy. Like you, we get no dental or vision care given to us, unless he chooses to go to a VET Hospital and we aren’t near one of those either.

    • Ron

      Yes, it did go from $3.00 to $5.00, at your local drugstore, but from Express Scripts it costs you nothing for generic. $25.00 for Brand for a three month supply is not a great expense. I think the TRICARE prescription plan is the greatest around. Ask anybody.

      • Chief T.

        Beg to differ Ron, just refilled my RX at a TRICARE pharmacy and it cost $75.00 for a 3 month supply, way to go TRICARE. Disabled vets rated 50% and higher can get their meds from the VA at no cost so looks like I will be using the VA pharmacy from now on.

        • Dan

          A Tricare Pharmacy is not Express Scripts. Express Scripts is a mail order service for Tricare which does exactly what Ron said. Check into it further. It will save you loads of money!

      • CharlesBryant



    • G2G

      A lot has change in the 37 years you’ve been hiding your head in the sand. I’m a Wage Grade “gummit” employee and only come close to the “average” you so proudly speak of, when I include my part-time, weekend income. You nag about the little guy who has to pay into his health bennies and retirement but let slide the biggest federal expense: our elected officials. This year I might make 70K with both incomes. Two-faced idiot!

    • viatrans

      they shouldn’t get anything when leaving some go on to be lobbyists.

    • George miller

      Believe me, they will not talk to you about it. Vote them out!!

    • James

      I’m retired Army and a “gummit employee” as well; your comments are adirect result of laziness (no research) and the media proganda mill. The country is broke because people like yourself do more complaining with no solution…You’re 37 years old for goodness sake; go be a ” Gummit”.

    • gina yandell

      congress should have there retirement attached to the military retirement system and have to work for 20 years to get any benifits just like those that put there lives on the line for america.

      • retiree

        Please see other posts on congressional retirement system – you want them to go from having 34% retirement at 20 years to 50%?



    • Bert

      Average pay for civil service is not $ 72,000.
      I’m a GS7 STEP 10 and only at 48,000.
      I pay a little over $400. a month for medical and $98. a month for dental.
      Don’t make it sound like we have it made.
      We have it good because we have a job but not made.
      Average pay is about $48,000. to about $55,000. GS7 TO GS9

    • TLA

      And the House and Senate get to debate every year how much should receive. With the heavy debt our nation has, and the desire of each branch of the service to cut back, guess who will suffer the most.

  • Collin

    The only answer to being treated like second class citizens is to vote all the current office holders OUT, and work towards term limits for all federal offices. We need people in office that have served in the military.

    • Marnedog

      Like McCain and Kerry? Right!

      • CharlesBryant


    • argeesea

      LMAO, the last sentence is hilarious. most of the military veterans in Congress are the ones leading the charge in slashing the military benefits.
      Please do some fact checking before making such humorous statements.

      • CharlesBryant


        Do you have any links that support you statement?

    • Mike

      Easy way to get rid of them all but a few. Make it mandatory in order be be a Congressman or Senator, you must have served 4 years in the military on active duty. Make it retroactive that would clear out both houses so we can start over

      • retiree

        Feel free to either propose to Congress or through the state Legislatures (for a Constitutional Convention). Qualifications for Congress are set in the Constitution, and only by modifying them will you get a change. See Article V of the Constitution for how to modify / amend it. See Article I for qualifications for Congress.

      • CharlesBryant


        Surely you don’t think anyone is going to amend the constitution to allow for this!

    • Retired and Proud

      I totally agree.After busting hump for 20 years, I have to worry about having to pay for my medical care. The present government needs to be limited to noi more than 2 terms and not to draw retirement until 55 like the rest of the present force!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • retiree

        Please read up on Congressional retirement. They are under FERS, and draw their retirement at age 62. If they serve 20 years, they can draw retirement at age 50. Note that for 20 years service, they have a retirement of 34% of the average of the top 3 years base pay. Note that they also pay into Social Security. As of 2006, the average pension for Congressmen under CSRS (the old system) was $60,972. For those under FERS (the new system since 1984), the average pension is $35,952. Reference:

        If you want free medical care, you can, as you could in the 1950’s and 1960’s, still be seen space-available in a military treatment facility. However, with TriCare, the options have been expanded, if you choose to pay the costs.

      • CharlesBryant

        Retired and Proud,

        Limiting congressmen to 2 terms is a pipe dream. Isn’t ever going to happen.

        As to Congressmen drawing retirement, please check out this link:…

  • USAF6989

    Well, being retired after 20 yrs. of service and still working to make ends meet I for one know that all the freeloaders of scociety don’t give a rip about why they get what they get just as long as they get it . They do think they’re owed it. So when my money no longer reaches and they still want to squeeze out more I have a plan. Go to jail 3 hots and a cot and let someone else pay. A big change in Washington needs to happen soon or bankrupt we’ll be.

  • SSG Merlin Moore

    I retired after 20 years and get 60% of my base pay before taxes and only clear 45% after taxes. The so called free Medical is worthless because you have to wait for an opening in the medical units to even get pain pills for injuries that you aquried while on active duty, the wifes and kids can get serviced before you even if you have a appointment already they come first.

    • CharlesBryant

      SSG Merlin Moore,

      How in the world after 20 years of service you get 60% of your base pay when everyone of know of only get 50%?

      • Saltire

        Probably a typo….the 6 is next to the 5, if you haven’t noticed. :)

    • argeesea

      an alternative for veterans who were injured while on active duty is the VA. You can have your refills sent in the mail.

    • poolandgolf

      I know I’ve been retired a long time but can you tell me how you get 60% of your base pay>

    • Scott

      Why are you complaining about getting paid every month? If you do not want the 45%, send it my way. As for medical care, why should retirees get preferencial treatment over active duty? I agree your service was important and you are entitled to the “free” medical care, but not before the active duty. You can get your meds by mail.

      • CharlesBryant



  • Mike

    It’s really inconsolable that both houses in Washington get $1,000.00 per. month for per dim, for transportation, meals and housing and over $174,000.00 per year salary for starts just being there not counting all the time they take off. The government after 3 years without any pay raise for the military gave them a whopping 1.6 pay raise. Both sides gave themselves raise for the past 3 years. These are the men and woman that are putting their lives on the line every day overseas to give us our rights to vote. How magnanimous of the people in our government right now. Thank you Mr. Obama, see you in November 2012!

    Retired USAFR military

    • Richard

      I agree with Mike 100%! The Elite fighting men in congress(Sen) feel that because of all the time they take off they well deserve every penny they get. Bunch of cowards!

      Ret. USA

    • CharlesBryant


      Not sure where you got your info from, but the Military has recieved a pay raise every year going back as far as 1976.

      As for Congress, they haven’t recieved a pay raise since 2009.

      • Scott

        Thanks Charles…I was going to reply that I have gotten a raise every years of the 16 that I have been in, so blaming the President for not giving us a raise is bogus.

    • Johhny

      It’s amazing how some of you blame the President for everything, even when you know that it’s the House of Repersentives and the Congress that is responsible. The President didn’t get a rase nor does he get pre dim. If you are so up set with the way things are, do something about it, vote them out of office, they can be moved.

      USA Retired

    • No Name

      I agree. Congress and the Senate should all be put before a firing squad and we should start over. Have you ever seen the movie Eagle Eye? They had it write. Wipe out everyone and start over.

  • Dragonfly

    Everyone blames the current President for everything. Congress IS the problem and until we the people figure out how to make them accountable and have them live like the rest of the military retirees have to with the same health care and retirement plans and get the bastards out of the ELETE status nothing will change. If you don’t like the current administration vote one of the current republican canadates and see how that plays out.” You all haven’ seen nothing yet!!”

    • Scorpion

      People blame obama because he has lied, lied, lied to the American people on numerous issues. The American people are not dumb and the majority see that obama is not fit to be in the office he curently holds. And yes, those in Congress and the Senate are not without blame. I blame them for not forcing obama to produce his REAL birth certificate and other documents he has had sealed by a federal judge because he knows he is in the office of president ILLEGALLY!

      • CurrentUSAF

        What did the President lie about? Please give me facts

      • CharlesBryant


        Please take that Conspiracy stuff somewhere else.

      • YoMama

        Illegally..really! You truly believe they would allow a newbie, African American, no military experience, into the White House as President of this country with out making sure he/she is clear to serve? If you believe that, you will believe anything. Having done that to any individual voted into the Presidency is a slap in the face! I believe many others would have done the same…I know I would.

      • CharlesBryant


        List those items President Obama lied about.

  • Old commander

    Term limits for congress is the place to start, by constitutional convention. CONGRESS willNEVER do it themselves!

    • Viet Vet

      The first place to start is getting the imposter in chief out of the White House along with the rest of those who are intent on destroying the country we fought for and so many others have died for. He needs to be impeached by those who are supposed to be representing us, the American citizens. Instead, for some reason they don’t have the testicles to do this and adhere to the oath of office they took.

      • CharlesBryant

        Viet Vet,

        Isn’t going to happen.

        “The Constitution defines impeachment at the federal level and limits impeachment to “The President, Vice President, and all civil officers of the United States” who may only be impeached and removed for “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors”.

      • retiree

        “Imposter?” – you may not like President Obama, but he was elected by the people of America in 2008. And before you start the conspiracy theory, he was born in Hawaii, is over 35, and has been a resident for 14 years, thus meeting the qualifications for President as laid out in the Constitution.

        • rafael


          • retiree

            1. SInce you state he is “your” POTUS (as in me, but not you), I can assume you are not American?

            2. The Constitution says no such thing. It states (Article II) “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

            Nowhere does it define “natural born Citizen” but Amendment XIV states (section 1) “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

            As a result, the interpretation is that a person must be born in the US to be a citizen. Not born of both a US mother and father.

            As I said, he was born in Hawaii (a US State), is over 35 years old, and has been a resident of the US for over 14 years. Therefore he is qualified by the Constitution to serve as President.

            3. Please read Karl Marx. Please then post specific programs and actions of President Obama that meet those definitions.

            4. As already stated – he attends Christian services and has stated he is Christian. Regardless, there is NO religious test for office in the Constitution.

    • PJO

      I do concurr with your comment for limiting “All elected positions in our governing body to no more than Three (3) terms in office.” I am against electing someone to hold a seat in office till he dies in office.The other point that we may consider is to place every member of the government body on the same sheet of music that the general population has to rely on “SOCIAL SECURITY”. They don’t participate but they sure know where to find extra funds at the cost of the working americans. If they participated on the SS they would protect it with more regards to the general population.

      • retiree

        Unfortunately for your argument Congress mandated that, even if under CSRS (the old federal retirement system that some are still under, those elected prior to 1984), all Congressmen must pay into Social Security. Those elected after 1984 are under FERS.

    • George Miller

      I and everyone I can think of are for term limits. How do we proceed?

      • retiree

        Two options:
        1. The hard way – read Article V of the Constitution, and then work to get an Amendment to the Constitution through Congress and the States, or get the States to call a Constitutional Convention.

        2. the easier way – They are term limited already – they can be voted out at any election. However, before you vote them out, make certain you look at who you’re voting in.

  • AnotherOldVet

    All I can say is, we need to start all over as the founders did. New president, new rep’s and new senate. There ain’t a one of them worth a crap. Yes, including mine, thank you very much. Fire them all, they work for us, remember. Show them the credit they deserve, with the old one finger salute.

    • CurrentUSAF

      Ok why do you want the current President replaced?

      • CurrentUSAF

        Ok Martyh, I like to deal with facts and everything you have said is not fact. The Affordable Healthcare Act actually will save us over 10 billion dollars by 2014 and this is from the CBO. Also many doctors actually support the bill it does not pay them the same money actually it gives doctors tax breaks and incentives to treat people. As far trying to take our guns, since the President been in office he hasn’t even touched gun right and said he wont because it is up to states. As for jobs going over seas the President does not control the private sector and makes companies send their business overseas. He does notmake credit card companies send their call centered overseas in fact he has had meeting with top CEO’s to bring jobs back to America. Once again state facts when you talk please.

      • retiree

        I’m not even going to go into depth at the multiple errors there. Needless to say, you’re wrong on most of the statements above.

        • CurrentUSAF

          Retiree are you saying I am wrong or Martyh. Post

          • retiree

            Martyh. Your post appears to be accurate facts – something rare in these conversations.

      • CharlesBryant


        STOP believing all those “read and send to all you know” emails you get in your email box from your friends.

        1. Presidents nor Congressmen send jobs overseas.

        2. Presidents nor Congressmen can eleminate the Constitution, that takes a Constitutional amendment to do so.

        3. The State Department’s program to preserve overseas cultural landmarks started funding projects under President Bush in 2001.

        4. I can still buy all the Guns I want under President Obama, no changes from before President Obama.

        5. No, the President doesn’t have a private army.

        6. End of life counceling is no more then having a Living Will, Power of Attorney for Health Care, Will etc. This is stuff most smart people all ready have done.

        • retiree

          CharlesBryant –
          Keep up the good work posting facts, something lacking on this board.

    • CharlesBryant


      And why do we need to do any of what you recommend?

    • bdowns

      I’m an “old vet” too and you can do what I’ve been doing for over 20 years now and VOTE THE INCUMBENT OUT. The congress will never impose term limits on themselves, so we need to do it by voting them out every election. When the most senior person in congress has less than four years there, then they will start listening to the people who elected them and not the special interest. We need to get rid of “arty politics” and make everyone running for office and independent who has no party line axe to grind and is only answerable to his constituents.

  • CurrentUSAF

    Ok this goes out to everyone on here who is misinformed. First about the new bill that was signed that detains people if they are believed to doing crimes against the country. The President only signed the bill because the repine would have made it a big speticle of he didn’t and he changed the original bill yo have the CIC to be the one to make the decision because the original bill had the military making the decision. That could have been bad. Now the President does not have any control on what or how many aircrafts he takes when he travel. That decision is made by security protocols. Also he is not the first or will he be the last President that has gone home for the holidays. Now to people who said he lied, ok what has he lied about everything he has wanted to do while in office he has done. Healthcare reform, repealing of DADT, going after Bin Laden, going after Guardian( by the not sending us into another war). Doing all of these with a congress that fights him every chance they get. I am tired of ill informed people running their mouths and disrespecting our President if you don’t like it get the he’ll out. Stop listening to Fox news and do your own researchers on issues. Has this president done everything right of course not we are not perfect beings but is he truly trying to help Americans you Damn right and I support him 100%.

    • CharlesBryant


      “I am tired of ill informed people running their mouths and disrespecting our President”

      I sure can agree with this, and I am a Republican.

      • CurrentUSAF

        Hey Charles I can respect that, I really wish people can sit down and have a intelligent conversation and learn how to disagree and at the same time respect each others view

    • No Name

      Go FUCK yourself you piece of shit. You have your head so far up your ass. Repealing DADT was a bad move. You get the hell out of this country you fuck nut.

      • CurrentUSAF

        Ok obviously you are one of the non educated people in the country. DADT being repealed at first I did not agree with it, then o had to be honest with myself and say I know plenty of people who are gay in the military. I have went to war with them and they flight just as good as a person who is heterosexual. Do I agree with their lifestyle, no but who am I to say the can’t openly serve like everyone else.

  • Guest

    This bill is just like “Obama Care’. Too many loop holes and no clarity. Please read what Fox news has to say.… ol’ Pres has the authority to stretch the law based on “national security”.__I too have been unable to find the long version of this bill. As for Obama and saying he has done everything right…how about spending 565 Mil your tax $ for solar a company that goes broke the day after receiving the money. And where is the accountablity for all of the bail out money that was given out. No transparency there!! Not to mention the millions spent on “Czars”. And I still say his vacation exspenditures are excessive when this country is trying to dig ourselves out of a monetary hole. Yet I also agree with those that say Congress is the problem. The whole fam damily of Politicians are to blame and we as taxpayers just can’t seem to get together to fix our country. One of these days we will come together. Until then all we do is b****.

    • CurrentUSAF

      Hey Guest what bill that is law doesn’t have loop holes in it. The Affordable Health Care act is not perfect no bill is that is why bills can be amended. Honestly you lost me when you referenced something from Fox, they are completely bias. As for the solar panel company it was a bad investment the same thing could have happened with GM of they would have went under. Lucky they did not and the vacations expense is not much at all. President Bush went on vacation every year he was in office for an entire month to TX and moons said anything

      • martyh

        This pres goes on vacations to everywher and takes 3 planes and hundreds of assistants. President Bush mainly went to his ranch in Texas and worked from there with minimum extra personel & only one airplane.

        • Eric

          sorry, you are full of crap.

        • CurrentUSAF

          Once again please state facts when you talk. President Bush took multiple planes when went on vacation. And he has no say so on his security detail because there is a set protcal that has to be followed.

      • mike

        Congress has no business to give tax payer money to private businesses. Period. No one, no how, no way. Read the Constitution.

    • CurrentUSAF

      One more to add Guest is that Fox news doesn’t report that the President did not support the new NDA bill and said he would veto it bit Congress threatened and said they had enough votes to override his veto. So be changed the original bill that gave sole discretion to the military to enact the law to the Oval office. By doing that he can control the bill and make sire it is not used in the wrong way.

    • Lucifer

      How can you say that? Most of the “Affordable Care Act” hasn’t been written yet. I think you should start by not paying attention to fox “news” And I believe you are transferring your dislike for the term “czars” to a misunderstanding of what the act really will mean. I can’t begin to correct you on how many facts you have wrong in your comment either, as they are too numerous to go in to.

    • FredFraud

      He can say that, and is right! Your Republicans are the ones that have put this entire country into this deep pit of “Blame Him”! What did they do for over 20 years, and what are they doing now? The bad thing about it; is you people are using “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” to cover over that pit made by the very clowns that are blaming Mr. Obama for every thing just to get back into office. You’ll see soon that what they did in twenty years; they’ll need twenty more to complete! Your folk (Republicans) has always taken more time off, on vacations then any CEO! I see now that you have your mind completely made up on everything; no talking to you at all. So have a nice day !

    • CharlesBryant


      Here is the link to the National Defense Authorization Act 2012:

      As too your bailout post:

      Czars =:

    • howard

      what do you expect from fox news they only report bs the republicans give them.eliminate the 2 party system then people will have to THINK before voting.

  • H. W. Evans

    I was stunned beyond belief the other day when my prescription came to a whopping $75.00!!! I am a retired AF non-com with 25 yrs of service. Before Obama we could afford to be sick, now we’re facing Grandpa being pushed over the cliff.

    • Fam

      $75.. that’s it? I used to complain myself until I found out my mother-in-law had to pay over $200 just for ONE of her prescriptions. Granted us retirees may not have the best insurance, etc. but considering what some people have or don’t have, I’m thankful I have something.

    • Eric

      please read my comment above.

    • CurrentUSAF

      Evans it is not President Obama fault that prescriptions went up. He does not control what the drug companies do. This is why he passed the Affordable Healthcare Act, to offset costs of rising healthcare

    • Meme

      Use express-scripts it is alot easier on the wallet.

    • FredFraud

      As a fellow Air Force Non-Com with 25 years retired; you did not learn much about the powers of your CIC at all! I think you really need to contact your state Congressional Representative and find out a few facts about his/her powers! If you can recall all those AF Regulations we lived by for so many years; well all are written by or a act of Congress! If you are not getting your fair share; put the shit (blame) on your Congress. Mr. Obama is out numbered, out gunned by Congress, and by a mostly Republican House Of Representatives. Even you like the rest of them; want cooperate with a “Black Man”! Yes I said it! He does not go on TV or around the world or even in D.C. using the race card at all, but e-mail him youself and ask just him whats up with that!!! Blame it all on somrthing or someone else; thats the easy way out for small men!

      • Finkle

        With that being said, didn’t he have an ENTIRE congress with HIM when he took office, and for 2 years after? The PEOPLE voted for the cogress that we have because there was so much inactivity (mind you it’s not better now). How about the then speaker Pelosi? Her Primadona “NEED” to have a USAF jet shuttle her (JUST HER) to and from Cali, whenever she wanted. And Take your “BLACK MAN” comment and shove it up your A$$! Nobody said that except for you. I wanted Condi Rice to run, SHE has more degrees and smarts than most of the individuals on the Hill.

      • Buck

        Mr Obama is NOT outnumbered as you stated. He has Harry Reid in the Senate who can and does block any bills put forth by the house of representatives that Obama does not want such as a balanced budget. No Obama does not use the race card on TV. He gets his minions to do the dirty work. Look at his record, 5 trillion dollars on increasing debt. Semper Fi.

        • CurrentUSAF

          Buck yes the deficit has gone up but do you know it goes up to pay for what has been set in motion in the past. The Iraq war just ended guess what money still has to be allocated to pay for it. Still have the Afghan war going on and still paying for the Bush tax cuts. As for Congress and Senate yes the President has the Senate bit Congress has made it there point to fight him on everything.

        • Ronnie

          Get off the balanced budget bull! This was not a concern during the Bush years when the checkbook was wide open??? All presidents have raised the debt ceiling look it up.

    • CharlesBryant


      What do you pay for Health Insurance per month?

    • Chief T.

      YO H. W. if you are a 50% or higher rated disabled vet you can get your RX through the VA at no cost.

    • howard

      I use express scripts mailorder and take 16 different medications a day and have never paid that for any.$ 0 or 3.00 to have it mailed can’t be beat.

    • Ronnie

      Do you really think President Obama had something to do with the rise in your prescriptions. Read the post above yours. This President pushed for health care. Stop the propaganda!

  • Lawrence J Gilbo

    What happened to the 3.6% cola ? Do active duty personell get 1.6% on top of the cola? They deserve to get both.

    • retiree

      Federal retiree (military, civil service, social security) COLA is based on CPI-W. That was 3.6% this year. Active Duty is based on ECI (Employment Cost Index). That was 1.6% this year. The two systems are based on two different measures, and have been for decades.

      • CharlesBryant



  • chuck-d

    Yes it is amazing how some people’s views on politics as it effects them only see their point in the whole matter. This country was in shambles long before
    this president took office. And congress has been fighting him tooth and nail all the way. Backed the last president who sent us to war for personal reasons.

    • Old USAF sergeant

      Thank you for the truth!

    • af20yrs

      Thank you for that wonderful point. Those career politicians are the ones putting this country in the hole it’s in now. Yes President Obama hasn’t done everything he said was/wanted to do, but name someone who was able to do anything without some help from Congress and the Senate. The sad part is so many people would rather believe a few idiots rather than do some thinking/investigating for themselves.

    • CharlesBryant


      I will agree the country had problems before President Obama took over.

      As for Congress fighting the President tooth and nail, I will agree also. but at the sametime, it is their jobs to do this when they feel something is wrong.

      I will disagree why we went to in Iraq and give you the link to the reasons we did.

    • matous

      Come on Chuck – get your facts straight. The Congress did NOT fight him all the way – HE (OBAMA) had a super majority and damn near destroyed this country. He actually may have. Let’s see in the next few years. Sure Bush didn’t do great either but did OBAMA have to come in and exponentially run up the debt. Seriously, don’t drink anymore coolaid.

  • Mike

    Shut up!

  • Jim Joe

    never been in a fox hole huh!!!

  • Jim

    I guess you get all your news from the unbias NBC, CBS or ABC. Maybe it is you who needs to get a clue. Oh, and you an ass!


    Aww look, little Eric sits in the LEFT corner by himself.

  • poolandgolf

    You must be a government representative Eric. Buzz off!

  • AndyGump

    Dumb ass

  • jsternik1

    Oh my!!! Another Harvard genious who knows everything but how to scratch their own BUTT! You need to go on Mega Vote, put your
    Congressman’s name in and actually see what the Republicans in the House have voted on just to get slapped down again and again by the Democrates.

    • lilboss54

      I agree. But you misspelled Democraps.

  • CurrentUSAF

    Hey Noetruth thanks for an actual intellectual comment

  • Guest

    Your comment shows the narrowness your education has on your thought process. I can tell that by your support to a false belief that the Democrats have the answers. Well, why are blaming the GOP when the weak minded Democrates are who supported this Change! You cannot keep your mouth shut without blaming someone and that seams to register with being a Democrat. Will you ever be happy?

    • Evan

      If I could only have more than one thumb up!

  • Really Thinking

    I agree Noetruth that you are reading and obviously writing at a 6th grade level and are easily brainwashed. Did your education include a elementary grade certificate? Please keep taking those free meds because you really need them. Good thing Uncle is giving you a pay check at the end of the month because you probably couldn’t make it on your own.

    • ArmyJohn

      I couldn’t have said it better myself! Obama & his clueless dems, just take, take, & bleed this great country more & more. Stop the crazy pills No-truth!

  • littlewing

    @Noetruth– For someone who claims to be so educated I wish you could see how ignorant your comments sound. Not to mention offensive. Comparing the average military members intelligence to a sixth grader and calling us brainwashed. You’d better go back to school because your mindset has no place in the real world.

    • N0etruth

      Ah, one of the week minded. I lived it. I taught the longest Tech School in The USAF. 36 semester hours with a 12th grade reading level required for entrance into the program. The basic Army recruit has a 4th to 6th grade treading level. It is a recorded fact! Of course Republicans hate facts! I have a PhD and know how to research before publishing. Educated people do that before opening their mouths.

      • ETC, USN(ret)

        for someone with a college education, your poor spelling and distorted facts show that you didn’t learn much.
        1. It’s weak-minded. WEEK is a measure of time equal to 7 days,
        2. The word The before USAF should not be capitilized.
        3. Your claim that the average treading (your spelling, not mine) level of Army recruits is grossly out of date. Try asking an Army recruiter what the averge ASVAB score is to even get in.
        4. I am a registered Republican, and I think facts are great, as long as they are true and can be supported, not pulled out of your A** to support your personal agenda. Your lack of research before publishing is evident.
        5. As a retired navy Chief, I have seen my take home pay go down every year that Obama has been President. I have the DFAS statements to back that statement.

        • N0etruth

          Yes, I’m not an English Major, I needed a better Pay Check. I am sorry that you are misinformed. I am a registered American, I have a mind of my own and don’t need politicians to tell me lies! If your pay has gone down yearly, maybe you need some financial advice. My pay statements from DFAS go up when pay raises or Cola goes up but are usually offset by Medicare increases. Still they don’t go down?

          Ah, ASVAB, now there is a test that means nothing and the latest news is that Americas’ youth are to dumb to pass it and it’s on it’s way down. HAs anyone ever told you what Reading Level is on the ASVAB? I know and you won’t like the answer Chief! And we won’t even talk about the corruption of the SKT and PFE, Chief!!!!

        • CharlesBryant

          ETC, USN(ret),

          If your DFAS statements shows your take home pay going down every year since the President has been President, then you must be making changes to cause this. I do remember a 1 year tempory tax break given by the President that when it ended, cause my take home pay to go down, but that was a no-brainer.

    • Rocketman

      Littlewing – I agree. Noetruth has no truth. I get it that some in the Army may be below the average military member but many are atleast taking the oportunity to something worthy with the gifts they were given, like picking up a gun and defending us all. Pretty heroic I’d say and there are differing types of smart. I believe NOETRUTH may be missing both.

  • wildbill

    If the people in the whitehouse had to live like the common retiree he wouldn’t know how to live and they would see how te world really is !!!!!!! So fire all of them and gave them what soldiers and retirees live on >>>>>>>

  • jsternik1

    NUTS!!!!!!!!!!! Who cares if they are Pink Pooka Dotted with green hair and tatoos all the way up their arms!! It’s their record not RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mike

    you sound like a complete idiot!!!

  • N0etruth

    I really have to get off here and get on with my life. I don’t just talk a good fight. I have three Congressmen, two Senators and the Speakers Office on speed dial! I write letters two to three times a month. I have been in my congressman’s office even though he is a Republican. I am neither, I am not going to be a lemming and follow anyone who’s sole education is in Politics, they work for me! Rambling on blogs does nothing, you have to get off your butt and make sure your point is heard! Other than stay here and correct the wrong statements many of you have made out of ignorance or listening to the lies of the GOP, I have better things to do. Call your Congressman if your not happy!

    • inphx

      You’re so educated but don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”

      • inphx

        Don’t you learn that at a 6th grade reading level?

    • NCO w/2 Master’s

      You certainly need to take some intensive writing courses in order to progress past the 6th grade rut you’re in. BTW, Speaker’s Office is possessive and so is whose–you prodigious flipping moron!

    • Clifford Lund

      I fully agree with you, but every time I e-mail our senators and congressman all I ever get back is their form letter that says the same thing to everybody. I don’t think they even take the time to read anything sent to them. They are too busy seeing which lobbyist is going to give them the most to vote for whatever they are trying to get passed. We have a congress full of self-centered idiots who are only there for the money.

    • bdowns

      I hear you and I have done the same. But, the only thing I get in response from Senator Kohl, or any of the other people in Wisconsin that I write to on a regular basis is lip service. They never answer my emails, letters and when I try to call you only get the old phone game and never get to talk to the person you’re calling. The only recourse we have is to vote the incumbents out every election. I’ve been doing it for over 20 years and I’ll continue to do it despite friends/family that calim I’m “wasting my vote.” Those who are really wasting their votes are those who actually believe all the campaign mudslinging and empty promises that never happen. Anyone who believes what any candidate says during an election campaign most likely believes in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy too.

    • Bill

      They don’t work for us. They work for the big companies. Actually they pimp us to the big companies.

    • Prudence

      When did the President, Senate and most of the media join GOP?

  • viatrans

    NOetruth: you are an idiot

  • DEF_1943

    Are you for real or just smoking the cheap stuff?

  • louie

    I’m retired 20 year navy with tricare standard. If you’re prescriptions cost $75 or whatever that seems highly inappropriate then go back to doctor and ask for generic. I had same thing happen and when I told doctor prescribe a generic brand or I wouldn’t take it then my cost was $3 (now $5). no biggie. some doctors prescribe brandnames for kickbacks.

  • we had enough

    Perhaps we can all send a message by rejecting Mitt Romney now that he has been endorsed by the traitor to vets and retired military Mr John (allmighty) McCain. He is the reason we have been violated with all the promises as he encouraged and pushed to increase Tricare, Express Scripts and other fees while cutting the military force after all the promises that were made to us.


      I’ve said it before, John Mc Cain is useless. And I live in Arizona, retired Army and retired from MBTA in Mass. Now Tricare, express scripts is no longer offered by Walgreens drug, I went to Wal Mart and had no problem . Except my Insulin went from $6 to $12 . Due to the increase that our politicians.( Mc Gain) lobbied for. Why dont our politicians take a pay cut. It’s time for all veterans to go to the polls and vote all these bums out of office. , 2012 is a New Year, lets make it a memorable one . Remember the slogan, DON”T TREAD ON ME. .

    • CharlesBryant

      we had enough,

      LMAO, you’re blaming McCain for this? Surely you don’t believe one man has the authority to raise Tricare Fees.

      The Fees went up slighty because since the induction of Tricare (15 years) the cost of health care has gone way up, but the fees for Tricare has remained the same.

  • a4624ever

    Noetruth – It is obvious that you are NOT a veteran and did NOT serve twenty. It is obvious that you are a poser without a clue. Just be glad that the real military provides the freedom for idiots like you to write pure garbage and pretend you are something you are not. Now run along and go collect the monthly “entitlement” checks that the real military worked to provide while you sat on your ever-increasing backside. And, no, that check is not a retirement check. I am sure it is SSI or something similar because I am sure you have never worked an honest day in your pathetic life.

  • Bob

    Notruth. From an educated retiree, YOU are one stupid A–Hole!!!

  • Nick

    Well what do you know….NOetruth must be a Democrat, because what he stated above proves that he is an Idiot of the higest standards!!!

    • N0etruth

      You are proving my point, use your words ,prove me wrong instead of grunting like a cave man!

  • Ron

    We live in a world where every aspect of the capitalistic market in the US is out for more money for less product and less truth in advertising! This is most evident in Medicine. I am an Air Force retired Medical professional with 80% disability, all at the hands of the Medical Centers I worked in! It is no different in the civilian sector. I read N0etruth’s blog and even with some grammatical errors, he has finally told what has been known for a long time, the Average Reading Level of the US Military! It’s not their fault, but it is a fact. Especially in the Army. It is just another aspect of the Rich, Top 1% of Earners”, control the US. You will never see one of their Sons or Daughters serving in Afghanistan. It’s all about control!

    The problem with this is our Education has been raped during and after the Bush Years through severe budget cuts and the GOP wants to cut further. We are lacking in Education, especially Science and Math. couple that with the poor Medical System, unless you’re rich, and the outright illegal activities of the Mortgage, Banking and Investment giants, and we’re in some pretty bad shape that may never get better. Especially if the Republicans get more seats because they want to pull Obamas’ Health Care Plan, which is actually helping the 8 million children who had no insurance. I mean really, what if one of those kids who loose health care by the GOP, Who have NO plan, what if one of those kids could have been the best Einstein? How many future scientists won’t make it due to the broken education system!

    I grew up in a poor rural back woods area of Kentucky. I had to fight to get out and paid for my own education. If you don’t know what a good health care system is, how will you know a bad one? TriCare sucks, everyone knows that, but everyone does not know how to make it work! If you aren’t savvy to know how to protect yourself medically, you’re in trouble. For years, the patients in the VA Medical System were so uneducated they had no idea what Quality Health Care was. Now it’s happening again. And the sad thing is that Quality Health Care is cheaper but honorable health care officials don’t run HMOs, Drug Companies run health care and they don’t want cures! Every drug isn’t needed!!! Did you know Type 2 Diabetes is curable? Your Doctor won’t tell you! everything is corrupt and if you aren’t educated enough to fight through it, well, blame the GOP, they want you to stay that way!

    Did you know that the 700 Billion Bailout wasn’t exactly just 700 Billion? Along with the Federal Bailout by Congress, the Federal Reserve gave the Banks low cost loans of 7 Trillion Dollars at a rate of .0015%. If you and I fail, we don’t get loans under 30% interest!!!!! And the GOP want to unregulated the Banks again! wow!

    • matous

      Let me ask you something – who controlled Congress for these bailouts? Did Bush do this on his own – NO. It was accepted by the Dems also. They own it and most gladly owned it until they got caught. During Obama’s first 2 1/2 years who controlled Congress – Dems (completely) so the Repubs have no dog in the fight. They had to eat crap pie and like it. Dems have NO one to blame but themselves. YOU are dead wrong in your assessment. Think again.

      • Myers

        So the Bush years have no blame?

  • N0etruth

    Wow, woke up some GOPers! Use your words, prove me wrong, quote some GOP Ideas, Policies that help the people, fix Wall Street, help retirees and save Social Security? And really, Privatizing Social Security by Investments, do you not remember how millions lost their retirements due to the last Wall Street scam only one year ago??? Come on prove that the Reading level for a private in the Army is higher than 6th grade. Especially when we’re graduating kids who can’t read due to a failing education system!

    Obama made College loans a reality and cheaper. If you pick a job in a service area, medicine, law enforcement, retirement homes, military, after ten years the loan is gone! What has the GOP come up with, NOTHING! I am not a Dem or Republican, I won’t be told who to choose. I vote for who will do the least damage and the most good. It’s called reasoning. No I’m not an english major, I needed a job that paid better! A Molecular Microbiologist and a Geneticist, I’d really like to study the DNA of some of you for the Velo-cardio-facial syndrome (VCFS) is associated with deletions in the qll band of chromosome 22, learning disability and psychosis. But guess what, the government, (NIH), won’t fund it! They don’t want people to be smarter!

    If you don’t like your government,get off your butts and do something, I have!

    • matous

      Do you NOT realize that MORE fat cat Wall Street bankers support Dems than Reps? You speak of what you do not know. The problem is NOT Dems and Reps, it is Progressives in each party. You have the idea that the gov is supposed to make things better. No, you are, not the gov. Do you not realize that the gov has you now by the short-and-curlys because of your great loans? They can confiscate ALL your earnings to make you pay up, even if you don’t have a job, which by the way they are NOT creating for you. Gov jobs are NOT jobs, they are debts. Let me put it this way so you can understand. Pay yourself with your own credit card – how long will that fly? That is what the progressives want to do. Again you want the gov to fund everything. Why can’t you go out and get a private company to fund your work? If it is important enough someone will back it – look at Viagra :). The more the federal gov gets in our business the worse off we become and the more rights we lose. Education is the PERFECT example – the more money we throw at it the worse the system.

    • CharlesBryant


      No one proposed we privitize Social Security.

  • Kevin

    wow, your education was obviously wasted! Obama has done sooooo much for the country….we didn’t have socialism before, awesome change (sarcasm implied). Maybe the VA can help you get your head out of your rectum for free and take your keyboard away at the same time….you sure can’t use it for its intended purpose.

  • Matous

    If you think it is easy pick up a gun and stand a post. Otherwise shut the ____ up. You have not idea what you are talking about. Check and see how many military members have college degrees (technical degrees even) and you will see it is significantly higher than the country average. So what if Bush got us into this mess. Obama made it twice as bad. His hands are NOT clean in this. Find ANY other country where the military truly is created and maintained to protect YOUR rights. They swear to it. What do you defend? Your right to blab crap that you really know nothing about. Quit taking up valuable air.

    • N0etruth

      I did my 20, 2 months and 2 days, my wife is active duty and I am 80% disabled veteran! When you have sacrificed what I have, maybe you’ll wake up from the ignorance!

  • roger

    Its apparent you have no clue what your talking about, I’m a retired Military member, I served 24 years proudly. I went into the military with 1 year of college and retired with a Bachelors degree in business and a Masters degree in Sociology, I was afforded the opportunity to complete my education while in the service and was trained in a number of specialized fields training. I am not the exception rather the rule most military member do further their education in the military because the military needs smarter and better trained personnel to fight and protect idiots like you to have the right to voice your option no matter buffoonish it may be.

  • Don

    I think its bull— to say our military has a 6th garade reading level. Iam a E9 retired after 24 years US NAVY. I found that most people want to play dumb in order to not get extra work, It seemed to me the more you knew the more bull got thron at you. The young guys know that and play stupid. Not much can be said for their superiors if they don’t push these players into education.

    I will say one thing for the Navy, they now and always pushed education, reguardless of education upon entry to the service. But again I think it goes back onto their leaders for this problem.

  • Don Burks

    It’s same old story, the house, the senate, the president or some other group screwed it up or has done nothing to help me. As we all seem to have our hand out. As long as its free keep it coming, but don’t ask me how to pay for it as that is not my concern. But you know the funny part of all this is, “ITS YOU AND ME” We are the stupid ones that keeps reelecting all the idiots in the house, senate and the president. You hear every day I will not vote for that ——–as he/she did this or that and guess what, next term here they are.
    I am not a dem/rep but I am starting to think the tea party is on to someting, or maybe just another shot in the dark.
    I disagree that the reading level is 6th garade level. There is a leadership problem not a reading level problem

  • matous

    What do you think about retired getting NO cost of living raises ever again as our part of handling the budget? Though I love money, I do not see where we are OWED a cost of living increase. There are a lot of retired on the dole and it is getting larger. E-5 1% raise = 100 or so a year. O-7/9 1% might be 1000-5000. In a socialist system to you see the haves still getting richer? That is why the socialist system does not work – the gap will continue to get larger. In a public/socialist system try to keep the rich the same but bring the poor up. It would work. I do not want this system in the private sector though.

  • Doug

    Believe it or not, the VA is a great medical service for our vets. Services have improved over the last 10 years by 10 fold. Nearly every large VA facility is connected in some way with a major university and they jointly do research and delevopement.

  • matous

    Just because you are in the military doesn’t make you right. Wait to see the effect socialized medicine takes. I want people helped too but trust me this will bankrupt this country. You talk about propaganda – the facts are that more rich people support OBAMA and the Dems than have EVER supported Reps. Look up the facts. And if your are linked to the AF then you should know the education levels in the military are more than you portrait. Noone is talking about cutting Social Security to current users but if it is NOT fixed ALL people will lose it and are screwed so why not fix it? Why not have a health care system that covers kids 18 and under? There are other options than one carrier and forced pay. What happens to the millions of current insurance workers? They will DIE if they don’t have jobs – what about them and their kids. Your arguement is circular and gets nowhere. You are gladly handing your freedoms over to the government. THAT is the scary idea – ask Russians, Old Germans, Chinese, Old Japanese, Cubans, etc. Government rule is government prison and nothing less.

  • WAX


  • Retired USAF

    I dont thionk your color has anything to do with you not being proud, you should not be proud of making the totally ignorant statement that you made.

  • Donald Larson

    Believe we should all be contacting our Capitol Hill elected officials and making our voices heard on A/D pay. Pretty easy to do, I frequent http://WWW.FRA.ORG then select “Action Center”. Should they vote against our advice, we vote against then.

  • Rowz

    Just once I’d like to see Congress take a cut in pay or in benefits. They just keep taking from the working class including the military and we just take it. NO MORE!! If we don’t wake up and vote to replace our president and members of congress with people who care about this country and the people paying the bills, one day we’ll wake up and our country as we knew it will no longer exist. And that my friends isn’t too far off!!

    • CharlesBryant


      Congress hasn’t had a pay raise since 2009.

  • RLH

    Don’t forget who is leading the charge in the healthcare increase, our good old buddy Sen McCain. I new his father and mother, they would both roll over in their graves if they knew what he was proposing and supporting. It appears that he has forgotten where his roots are and has been blinded by the glare of the white buildings in DC, as well as the money he not only married into but has amassed since his arrival in that city. Maybe it is time for him to take his money and move to the desert and call it quits, he is not doing us any service by continuing to hang out in Washington.

  • Martin Orr

    the pay raise that pres.obama signed for 2012does that include retired military as well ill be getting my retired pay in april when i turn 60 yrs of age on 4/7/2012 my name is MartinOrr

    • retiree

      The retired 3.6% pay raise for 2012 that was signed earlier applies to retirees. However, that only applies to those retired before 1 Oct 2011. For those who retired after that date, the next COLA will be based on 3rd quarter 2012 CPI-W, effective 1 Dec 2012 (payable 1 Jan 2013).

      The recent NDAA pay raise of 1.6% covers the active duty. If you have a reserve retirement coming up, that pay raise will affect the base pay used to compute your retirement pay in April 2012.

  • CharlesBryant


    “(e) AUTHORITIES.—Nothing in this section shall be construed to affect existing law or authorities relating to the detention of United States citizens, lawful resident aliens of the United States, or any other persons who are captured or arrested in the United States.”

    “(1) UNITED STATES CITIZENS.—The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not extend to citizens of the United States.

    (2) LAWFUL RESIDENT ALIENS.—The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not extend to a lawful resident alien of the United States on the basis of conduct taking place within the United States, except to the extent permitted by the Constitution of the United States.”

  • CharlesBryant
  • retiree

    and to clarify – that’s not new with President Obama. That’s been the case for decades.

  • joehollinger

    The 1.6 percent pay raise is good. The stagnation of pay caused by the limitation on Tricare costs to equal cost of living increases means that this will happen every year. That means no pay raises.

    The worst part of the NDAA for Fiscal 2012 is the presidential (every president from here on) power to arrest American citizens without due cause and hold them indefinitely without trial.

    Who will arrest these citizen terrorists? Our military, who else? Did you think it was impossible for our military to arrest and detain American citizens? You are wrong, they can under certain conditions not a direct command from the President.

    Ever heard of Posse Comitatus? This is a law that allows local law enforcement organizations to call in the Army and/or the Air Force to assist them with a situation that that agency cannot handle by themselves. Situations that shows this was the race riots in Alabama several years ago and the riots in San Francisco (I think) where a truck driver names Rodney started a situation that quickly got out of hand.

    Should the President, through his czars, decide that one group or another of U.S. citizens are terrorists by his definition and he directs local law enforcement agencies to round these people up and put them in detention. There is the possibility that the numbers of people to be so rounded up can be far greater than local authorities could handle alone. Thus, in comes the Army and/or Air Force to help out. Oh, the military cannot refuse those requests.

    So, good ole Obama can take a circuitous route around his not being able to activate the military against U.S. citizens by ordering local law enforcement to do his dirty work for him.

    Have you thought about where large numbers of people labeled as terrorists could be detained? How about detention centers already built, and ready to be built, by FEMA. These detention centers are supposedly to hold illegal aliens rounded up for deportation. Yeah right, like that will ever happen.

    More than likely they will hold people that have spoken out about Obama and his lying and unconstitutional acts, those that demonstrate their allegiance to the U.S., those that promote community awareness, and others that pose threats to him carrying out his agenda.

    Are you willing to wait and see what he does? Why not start raising hell with your representatives in Congress and tell them in no uncertain terms that you are tired of their inactivity and unwillingness to address the problem of Obama, NOW.

    Speak out folks, do research all the time, stay aware of as much as you can and keep others advised. We have to work together to save America. Vote for Ron Paul, he is our only hope as President.

    • retiree

      the law PREVENTS US Army or US Air Force from operating in a law enforcement capacity in the US, without very specific provisions from Congress.

      Please read as well as the new law – the new law (as posted below) explicitly denies the authority to arbitrarily detain US citizens or resident aliens.

      BTW – these sections about detaining terrorists via military were opposed by Sec Panetta, CIA Director Petraeus, DHS Secretary Napolitano, and President Obama, on the grounds they tied the administration hands. They are in there because of Congress, not President Obama.

      Regarding FEMA detention centers:

      • joehollinger

        retiree, please visit the following sites and enlighten thyself.

        I agree that today we cannot believe all the we see or hear. We cannot believe or trust anything that we used to hold sacred. Every aspect of our lives. There has been a complete paradigm shift and many Americans are lost in the past. Worse yet, there are major numbers of Americans that still have their heads in the sand and apparently don’t care about what is going on in government, still thinking that if there is a problem someone else will solve it. For their sake, I hope they are right.

        • retiree

          1st site (I had to google) basically says Posse Comitatus prevents the use of Army/Air Force except in limited situations, and in many cases requires local law enforcement and Governors to call on them. Somehow President Obama is going to get 50 Governors to simultaneously call for military help rounding up citizens? And NO ONE will notice? Not a single member of a state government or legislature will ask questions? Not a single member of the Administration will protest?

          The second is a blog repeating the debunked rumors.

          In addition to Popular Science, Glen Beck has debunked the rumors. Some other items that debunk it: President Obama threatened to VETO the NDAA if the authority to detain citizens/legal aliens remained in the bill. The Military, DHS, DoJ, and everyone else in the Administration spoke against those provisions. Only Congress was pushing these provisions.

          Oh, and somehow FEMA, who does such a great job (remember Katrina) is in charge of this?

          Alternative theory: This is another conspiracy theory from the same folks who brought the Birther theory and the 9/11 conspiracy theory. And has as much truth (i.e. none).

    • CharlesBryant


      Not sure I can agree with your analyses about not recieving a pay raise just because Tricare goes up. Even it Tricare doesn’t go up, SBP, Delta Dental, Class Six, Commissary, PX/BX goes up all the time. Heck, the cost of most everything goes up yearly.

      As to the National Defense Act of 2012, I must disagree and direct you to:


      Subtitle D—Counterterrorism

      SEC. 1021


      SEC. 1022

      Reference the FEMA and detention centers. This is nothing but a HOAX and or MYTH.

      Joe, instead of advising us to “do research”, my advice if for you to do a lot more research on your end.

      • joehollinger

        Charles Bryant,

        The following is the conclusion to a treatise on the subject of Posse Comitatus by Major Craig Trebilcock who was, at the time the treatise was published, a member of the Judge Advocate General’s Corps in the U.S. Army Reserve. He was assigned, at that time, as an operational law attorney with the 153d Legal Support Organization in Norristown, PA. His area of specialization includes the laws applicable to U.S. forces engaged in operations in both the United States and abroad.

        A link to the entire article follows the conclusion.

        As to the FEMA detention centers, KBR was awarded an uncompeted contract for detention centers following the signing of NPSD 51/NHSD 20 in 2007. From the research I did when I learned of this I found that there has been at least two tests of the system for rounding up citizens that involved about 10,000 people each time. Those rounded up were supposedly told that they were arrested by mistake and sent home. I am sure some of the hype we are reading about this is either exaggerated or made up. But, how much is true? We don’t really know and the government sure isn’t going to tell us.


        Is the Posse Comitatus Act totally without meaning today? No, it remains a deterrent to prevent the unauthorized deployment of troops at the local level in response to what is purely a civilian law enforcement matter. Although no person has ever been successfully prosecuted under the act, it is available in criminal or administrative proceedings to punish a lower-level commander who uses military forces to pursue a common felon or to conduct sobriety checkpoints off of a federal military post. Officers have had their careers abruptly brought to a close by misusing federal military assets to support a purely civilian criminal matter.

        But does the act present a major barrier at the National Command Authority level to use of military forces in the battle against terrorism? The numerous exceptions and policy shifts carried out over the past 20 years strongly indicate that it does not. Could anyone seriously suggest that it is appropriate to use the military to interdict drugs and illegal aliens but preclude the military from countering terrorist threats that employ weapons of mass destruction? For two decades the military has been increasingly used as an auxiliary to civilian law enforcement when the capabilities of the police have been exceeded. Under both the statutory and constitutional exceptions that have permitted the use of the military in law enforcement since 1980, the president has ample authority to employ the military in homeland defense against the threat of weapons of mass destruction in terrorist hands.

        • retiree

          Wow, President Obama is good. He time-traveled to 2007 to issue an Executive Order while President Bush was in office.

          BTW – NSPD 51/NHSD 20 refers to the EO on continuity in government, directing the development of alternate facilities and contingency plans by all federal agencies to ensure continuity of vital functions in case of disaster.

          Nothing granting any detention authority, directing the development of said facilities, or anything like that.

          • retiree
          • joehollinger

            retiree,I suggest that you do a search on NPSD 51/NHSD 20.=C2=A0 I know they ar= e entitled “Continuity of Government” and that they are each worded nearly the same throughout, and that they are still in force.=C2=A0 The bears are hiding in the ambiguities included by President G. W. Bush when he issued them in 2007.=C2=A0 These directives were not canceled a= nd are still in effect.=C2=A0 Close scrutiny of the verbiage within these directives will show where the President in office at the time an “emergency” (determination and definition of an emergency is left up to the president in office as no definition is provided in the directives) arises that the president in office decides is a threat to our national being, he can send Congress home and disband the Supreme Court until such time as the “emergency” is ended (no definition is provided for what conditions must exist for the emergency to end.)=C2=A0 Thus, the president in office becomes the unilateral authority for all matters supposedly for the continuation of government.=C2=A0 Throughout these documents all decisions are ultimately left up to the president.=C2=A0 Under this scenario, retiree, we will be ruled by a dictator with total authority to do as he pleases in his efforts to insure our government survives the “emergency.”Check out this site. National Security Presidential Directives [NSPD] George W. Bush Administration God Bless America, Joe Hollinger

          • retiree

            Did you even look at the link I posted? NOTHING of what you say is in NSPD51. To quote it:

            “(e) “Enduring Constitutional Government,” or “ECG,” means a cooperative effort among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the Federal Government, coordinated by the President, as a matter of comity with respect to the legislative and judicial branches and with proper respect for the constitutional separation of powers among the branches, to preserve the constitutional framework under which the Nation is governed and the capability of all three branches of government to execute constitutional responsibilities and provide for orderly succession, appropriate transition of leadership, and interoperability and support of the National Essential Functions during a catastrophic emergency; ”


            “(9) Recognizing that each branch of the Federal Government is responsible for its own continuity programs, an official designated by the Chief of Staff to the President shall ensure that the executive branch’s COOP and COG policies in support of ECG efforts are appropriately coordinated with those of the legislative and judicial branches in order to ensure interoperability and allocate national assets efficiently to maintain a functioning Federal Government. ”

            In other words, the directive ONLY applies to the Executive Branch. There is NO ability to “send Congress home” or “disband the Supreme Court.” Nor does he have that authority, no matter what orders he writes.

    • retiree

      BTW – the Tricare increases are not limited to the AMOUNT of COLA, ratehr COLA increases are limited to the PERCENTAGE of COLA.

      Example – say you get $500/month retirement, pay $520/year for Tricare. COLA is 3%.
      COLA = $15/month *12 = $180/year
      Tricare increase = $520 * 3% = $15.60/year.
      $180 – $15.60 = net $164.40 increase in retirement pay.

    • Victoria Lamb

      Sir, you are so poorly informed that I just don’t know where to start trying to correct your misrepresentation. You are telling everyone else to “do research, stay aware of as much as you can, and keep others advised.” You should take your own advice.

  • emily

    I retired 37 years ago. Medication through tricare just went up from $3 to $5 or $9 to $12 per prescription. My retirement pay in 1975 was about $700 per month. With COLAs it is now $1578. The average pay for a civil servant (gummit employee) is over $72,000, with medical, dental, vision, retirement of 75-90%, no wonder this country is broke. And then then they complain about us getting to much money in our retirement. No dental, no vision and 50 to 75% of our base pay. Congress and senators get !00% plus MDV for life with only serving 4-6 years.

    • retiree…

      Proposed changes to Retirement (affects Congress)

      Congressional Health Care:…

      And FEHBP (the Federal Civil Service health care program) is a minimum of $110 every 2 weeks, plus copays and deductibles (

      Feel free to transfer to their system – and pay accordingly, with reduced benefits.

      Instead of comparing us to non-existent benefits, focus on using Congress’s own words against them –
      NDAA 2012

      “Title VII – Health Care Provisions
      Subtitle A – Improvements to Health Benefits
      Section 701 –
      Expresses the sense of Congress that: (1) career military personnel and their families endure unique and extraordinary demands and make extraordinary sacrifices over the course of a 20-30 year career, and (2) those decades of sacrifice constitute a significant pre-paid premium for health care during a career member’s retirement that is over and above what the member pays with money. Limits, beginning with FY2012, the increase in the annual DOD patient enrollment fees to the percentage by which retired pay is increased.”

      Responses to MOAA testimony:
      Congressman (Dr.) Joe Heck (R-NV), an Army Reserve physician who practiced medicine in the military for over 21 years, took exception to the witnesses’ statements that the Pentagon needs to do this to control health care costs. “You’re cost shifting. It does nothing to control costs by shifting the burden to those we are suppose to be taking care of,” Heck asserted.

      Sen Jim Webb (D-VA)
      “I grew up in the Marine Corps tradition, and no Marine is ever left behind. A great model of that was the Chosin Reservoir when the 1st Marine Division brought out not only its wounded, but it strapped its dead on the trucks. We will not leave a Marine behind. I feel just as strongly about the commitment that we have made to lifetime medical care to the people who have served. They have relied on this – I know there is no written contract – but they have relied on it as a moral contract. I have lived that. I have observed it,” said Webb.

      He noted that the debate on TRICARE fee increases was only beginning in Congress, but pointed out that health care cost growth is a national problem, and not localized to the Department of Defense.