VA Comp and Pen Rates May Increase in 2012

Veterans and their survivors may see a cost of living adjustment (COLA) increase in their comp and pen payment rates for the first time since 2009.

Like military retirement pay, the survivor benefit plan (annuity), and social security, the monthly payment rates for Dept. of Veterans Affairs’ disability compensation, and veteran pensions are annually adjusted for inflation. This means that the present year’s rate of inflation is used to determine the following year’s COLA increases.

According to the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), the inflation rate continued to increase in August, which will most likely result in a 2012 COLA rate of 3.7%. This could mark the first COLA increase in two years.

However, there is an effort to change the way inflation is gauged. If this happens the likely COLA for 2012 will be about 3.4%.

Based on the 3.4% rate a veteran with a service-connected disability rating of 100% who has no dependents would see his or her Disability Compensation monthly payment rate go from $2,673 to approximately $2,764. The payment for a veteran with 100% rating who has two dependents (one spouse and child) would go from $2,932 to roughly $3,032.

Stayed tuned for further details…

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Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • dorian

    will there be a rectroavtive payment 4 the two yrs without a raise

    • OneVetsOpinion

      Picture that happening! NOT!!

    • retiree

      Why? In case you didn’t notice, there is a major recession on, costs went down since 3rd quarter 2008. Gas & housing especially.

      Or do you want to give back the 5.8% COLA you got for the spike in gas prices in 3rd quarter 2008?

      • Americanwhoserved

        retiree: Are you really this clueless or just rich and why do you hate veterans? Just go to the grocery store and see the extreme costs in everything.

        • retiree

          Note the spike 3rd quarter 2008. 3rd quarter is when it’s measured for military & federal retirement, VA comp, and Social Security (no, the military is not unique). Because the 2009 & 2008 3rd quarter were below the 2008 3rd quarter, no COLA. Been that way under the law since the 1970’s – nothing to do with President Obama, or President Bush, or Congress.

          What does CPI consider:

          Yep, food, housing, gas, medical all included. So the 2008 gas spike hit at exactly the right time, driving up the CPI-W 3rd quarter 2008. Great benefit for those retired then, but when gas prices went down and the housing market crashed, so CPI-W dropped, and so no more COLA increases (since, by law, COLA can’t be negative).

          Bottom line – it has NOTHING to do with veterans, it has to do with facts, easily accessible by the Internet and Google. I don’t hate veterans (I’m one myself), but I do believe in arguing using FACTS. If you don’t like the formula used to compute COLA, feel free to propose to Congress another one. Be prepared to accept the consequences when it turns out not to measure they way you want.

          Sorry you missed noticing the recession, everyone else managed to see how bad things got. I know many folks who lost jobs, lost houses, etc. Yet you want to complain you didn’t get a pay raise.

    • ed smith

      that was a joke, right

    • barbara

      Yes I want to know that, why not MR. McCain and all his buddies line up to take all they can, why not pay us, probably not they will use our money for more parties, hotels and ladies of the night

  • SteveB


    • dorian

      thanks Steve

  • Gulf War Vet

    WASHINGTON—With gasoline prices dropping a full 26 cents from where they were a month ago, a new era of confidence and hope washed over Americans this week, confirming the United States is once again the greatest nation in the world.
    Of course they would like to recalculate the COLA. Community Organizers aka Obamanomics like to level the playing field.
    And last but not least, who would have guessed two years ago that banks no longer want to be known as banks?


    “Finally, we have indisputable proof that America is back and absolutely better than ever,” Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told members of the press while pointing to a large board displaying the nation’s average prices for regular, plus, and premium petroleum. “This dip in gas prices marks the triumphant return not only of our economy and financial system, but of the supremacy of the American way of life itself. Though there were some dark times when we paid a few cents more per gallon, we’re now paying less, and that means everything is great again once more.”

    “And to think any of us ever doubted the United States was the very best nation in existence,” Geithner added.

    • retiree

      You realize that is a humor site, not a news site?

      From the site:
      “The Onion is a satirical weekly publication published 52 times a year on Thursdays. The Onion is published by Onion, Inc. The contents of this material are © Copyright 2010 by Onion, Inc. and may not be reprinted or re-transmitted in whole or in part without the express written consent of the publisher. The Onion is not intended for readers under 18 years of age.”

  • Jim W.

    I think it is a bunch of Bull Shit that the Vets with only 10 % or 20 % Service Connected Disability gets the Shaft and NO KISS, Enjoyment, or Lubrication when the VA shoves it in.

    In my Opinion most of these people who works in the Veterans Administration Regional Offices HAS NEVER SEEN A DAY IN THEIR LIFE IN THE MILITARY AND THEY GET TO SAY WHO GETS WHAT PERCENTAGE OF THE DISABILITY RATING.

    • cptbob

      So very true. One individual, MICHELE KWOK, a very high dollar VA executive sits in Los Angeles and makes decisions on who gets their benefits cut. My son and I are both 100%, Kwok has tried to reduce both of us numerous times.. my son even died in a VA facility, and was brought back on life support… KWOK tried to reduce him because he lived. Her harassment ended up giving him 160%… but his life is ruined and she makes a big 6 figure income. Get rid of the executives, hire a vet who has seen the reality. Vets first, Kwok can serve lunch in the caffeteria.
      A grunt Captain, father of a Corporal

    • mac

      try being at 20%VA disablty and getting SSI
      the GOV takes out for the VA payment
      so that its like not getting it at all
      for every $ i get for VA disablty thay take it back its like im getting puniched for getting injerd in the on active duty



        • Go to a VSO (Veterans Service Organization) and ask them for assisstance in getting your disability compensation reevaluated. Also check this site ( for the CRSC benefit for serving in a combat area.

    • Doris

      Dear Jim W,
      I too am ashamed of the war all of the viet nam veterans were and are still being treated. I wish there was something that I could do..In want to THANK EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID TO MAKE ME FREE

    • DocAce


    • Mary

      I couldn’t agree more! My husband was damn near death after an accident shipboard that left him in a coma for 3 weeks with a broken sternum broken back and a major brain injury and they medically retired him at 30% he almost lost his life and it changed mine and my kids lives forever but do they give a ****? Absolutely not!!!

  • Nick

    The VA is full of $hit. They tried to tell me for years nothing was wrong with me and I was medically discharged from the Army ( Infantryman ).

    I got a lawyer and some private doctors to examine me and write down everything that is wrong.

    I’m at 80% disability now and I will soon be 100% due to IU… That’s just from one (1) claim… I’m still waiting on the other part or my claim….

    Compression fractures in my back and 3 bulging disk….. And the VA said nothing was wrong with me.

    MF the VA!

    • beach bum

      the VA uses CFR 38 to determine disability ratings. get a copy – you can read it on line – and check your conditions there.

      also, the VA does not care about age with the condition. Social Security does factor in your age when making a determination. when you go to social security try to explore the age thing. i went when i was 49 and they said no. i went and applied again when 53 and they said i was considered fully diabled since my 50th birthday. they do, like the VA, pay you for your arrearages, BUT only to the date you ask for it after you have it. hope that makes sense. bottom line SS did not pay me from my 500th bithday, but did from when i asked after i was 50

      • Tripwire

        They don’t care about age? I’ve had those VA Comp and Pen evaluators tell me several times that it was my age. Not the fact that the injuries are recorded in my active duty records. And I’ve been told I have whiplash from 30+ years ago. And what’s not in the CFR they discount completely, even when I’ve got active duty inpatient records for the incident and injuries. What gets me about all this is just down the road in Detroit there are people who have contributed to nothing for this Country and get a hell of a lot more than I do.

    • Marine1

      The most you can get as far as % wise IS 100% and as far as the VA being fullof it, it seems that they are taking care, very good care of someone that is VERY ungrateful for it.

    • Pattie

      Nick, My fiancee and I are fighting the same thing. Just currous where are you from and what lawyers did you find. Please contact me at Thanks in advance.

    • ricky

      i know what you mean i weighed 145 pounds when i went in hurt my back they put me on pretnazone and said it was a anti inflamitory and gained alout of weight and the va denied me for the weight gain…and the va dr told me that my hernated disk i would wake up one day and it would be gone….iam know rated 100% unempolable do to back surgery and know i have another bad disk abouve that one and my upper neck s going numb and it took me 13 years to get it

  • radioray

    USMC MARINE we are the 99

    • Deathcare

      Yes remind us how much Mr Obama believes war veterans are worth.

      If President Obama wants to better understand why America’s discomfort with end-of-life discussions threatens to derail his health-care reform, he might begin with his own Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). He will quickly discover how government bureaucrats are greasing the slippery slope that can start with cost containment but quickly become a systematic denial of care.

      That Can’t Be Right – Veterans’ Health Insurance
      The government will cover your combat-related injury, unless you have your own private insurance.

  • French Fries

    The Onion is Satire? No way?!?
    6 Dead In West Point Panty Raid Wed, Oct 12 2011

    Did you see the food stamp capital of the West Coast (PDX) arrest the so-called Occupy Wall Street protestors? Maybe someone should read the print edition of the Oct 13th Portland Tribune newspaper.

    Radio Ray is on target — We are the 99 and Obama is kicking us in the face. BTW Happy Birthday USN! 236 years of kicking ass and taking names!

  • ed smith

    I am a disabled Vietnam vet. I had a kidney removed due to cancer. While there in the hospital two other vet were also there who suffered the same as me. I have spoken to many vets who know of or heard of Vietnam vet who suffer or have suffered from kidney cancer. Every time I attempt to associate the condition with agent orange, the VA tells me it is not connected. Does anyone know of any movement by the VA to link kidney cancer with agent orange? Also, should I file a claim in that regard?

    • Carolyn Roome

      Ed they are ruthless! I watched a Viet Nam Vet die 2 weeks ago and he had been trying for over 8 years to get help. Yes Kidney cancer is on the agent orange list, along with pancreatic cancer, colon, cancer, and a few others. They would abort missions and dump the agent orange next to ships in the water, exposing all on the ships. They are finally admitting to that. Anyway a week before he died he finally got his rating raised and now hi wife has to fight over the back payments so she can possibly save her home which went into foreclosure the day he passed away. KEEP FIGHTING and get a Veteran Service officer, hopefully you get one that understands the Lexus-Nexus for military. We did and my husband after 39 months got 100%. Also go to the top! Shenseky. (I know I misspelled his name but the top guy. His email is on the site.

      • KKH

        Carolyn you are wrong. No gastric cancers are associated with exposure to agent orange. The only way you are going to win a claim regarding gastric cancers is to have your doctor site specific research that associates your cancer to agent orange exposure. Believe me, I know.

    • Doris

      By all means file a claim and if that doesn’t work, please notify me at

      I would like to leave my number but for reasons I choose not, but is there anyway that I can contact you?

    • Alex Hayes

      I am a Army veteran ans I served in Korea in 1972 til 1973 . I had my right kidney removed for kidney cancer ! I also have neuropathy , bilateral tinnuitis , gout, diadetes and all the pain that is associated with these ailments. I filed in December 2010 and I am fighting the VA for benefits ! They want me to prove where I served and when I contacted these diseases and how long it took for them to take effect ! They also want me to show where and when I went to medical for these ailments ! I didn’t volunteer for service , I was drafted out of college and I served my country for two years. I earned the rank of Sergeant E-5 in less than two yrs. So i was a good soldier and a medical corpsman ! I hope they are telling todays troops how they are proud of them now while they serve , but later in life they will become a liability ! Thanks for nothing !!!!!

      • Ryan

        “Corpsman” is a Navy rating!!! Basically, the same as a medic(Army). So, you were a Corpsman, E-5 Sargent in the Army? Makes no sense…

        • Ryan

          Meant: Sgt., thumbs too fat to text…lol

        • Al Mitchell

          it makes sense, I was an E 6 sargent in Viet Nam, although I was a specialist E 5 prior to my promotion, I was a clinical
          Specialist with several corpsman that worked under me, so its not just a navy rating I was also a graduated of the NCO Academy prior to going to Viet Nam

    • To claim an Agent Orange disability you have to have served in Vietnam more than 30 days. If you are having problems making your case to the VA in your area, go to a Veterans Service Organization (VSO), the VFW or DAV and request assistance in getting treatment and filing a claim. Remember any claim for disability compensation must relate to an injury or illness that occured on active duty. (This is why your medical records are so important.) If you did go on sick call while in Vietnam, it should be documented in your military medical records. Request a copy of your military records from the military records center in St. Louis. Look for your medical records and any that relate to your injuries. When you put in your claim request a Reevaluation of your service disability compensation. Don’t do this by yourself. Go to a VSO and ask for assistance in filing this request.

      • Veterans wife

        Actually Marcus, all you have to prove is exposure in the dirty water for at least on day on the DD214

      • RICK OWEN

        Marcus, that’s not correct. To claim an Agent Orange disability you must have served JUST A SINGLE DAY in the Republic of Vietnam (boots on the ground including internal waterways/rivers).

    • barb

      SATURDAY, May 14 (HealthDay News) — There appears to be a link between Agent Orange and kidney cancer in U.S. veterans exposed to the herbicide in Vietnam, a new study suggests.

    • barb

      yes file .. keep the filing active until these people honor your request for help

    • davadvocate

      ED – Carolyn is right. I worked that registry as well. I just wished we could have a specialized team that can process unique and special cases like yours, as well as all cases in general. VSO’s are overwhelmed, because they are stationary and traditional. All of us have specialized training and experiences, highly skilled professionals that can put together winning claims. My background is extensive. We have what it takes. How about a “start-up”.

    • guest

      First of all Ed, check the pathology report of the kidney that was removed. I had my right kidney removed in 1999 from cancer. Tried to file a claim for exposure to AO but was denied. The reason for denile even though my cancer of the kidney was Sarcoma it was not Soft Tissue Sarcoma. Mine happened to be soft cell sarcoma. Soft tissue Sarcoma appears of the AO list soft cell does not. I am a veterans advocate who specializes in helping veterans get compensation for their service-connected issues. I do this at no charge to them. Contact me if you need help, Tom.

      • Glenda

        My husband was diagnosed with clear cell carsanoma of the kidney last October. We have filed a claim and have been denied. Our doctor from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America wrote a letter to the VA siting studies as well as listing causes for the cancer of which the only one my husband had was chemical exposure. In his opinion AO was likely as not the cause. He was told in February his life expectancy was 6 months. Thank God he is still hanging on. Let me know if there is any help you can offer. Glenda

    • cachanilla73

      Go to a Veteran Forum with lots and lots of information and help. Good luck.

  • charliemed


    • Rob

      Hey, Charliemed, no matter what your political views are, I wouldn’t be too harsh on Sen McCain’s actions as a POW, unless you were one yourself and are able to sopreak from experience. Fact is, the vast majority of POWs broke and told the NVA what they knew. And I suppose you were there when he left his buddy to die…. just saying

    • Rick Owen

      I am not a fan or supporter of Sen. McCain. However, be it known his service was most honorable. He never ‘broke’ despite daily torture. He was near death but the North Vietnamese learned he was the son of CINCPaC and backed off the torture as he was worth more alive than dead. He was offered ‘early release’ but turned it down saying he would depart when all prisoners were released. As a person though, he dumped his wife, chased skirts, remarried and has not championed vet illnesses from the Vietnam conflict. Why? Probably because we didn’t dump Agent Orange over the North and McCain never spent a day ‘boots on ground’ in the South. Thus, he was not exposed. So…..he has no experience and should keep his mouth shut on the topic instead of backing the Repuglican Senators who never served a day anywhere. Now, Kerry served in the South and got cancer but he’s so rich he never put in a AO claim as far as I know.

    • joe

      You are a complete idiot, McCain was a prieioner of war who went above and beyond his call of duty!! Would like to know how you would have done?? If you haven’t worn his shoes you should not be entitled to an opinion, at least not be able to state it, this county is full of fools like you who have no idea what he and the other POW’S wenmt through in Hanoi. Keep your foolish mouth shut!! Joe

    • Wild Turkey

      Jane Fonda is the one who should be ashamed. She is an out and out TRAITOR.

  • charliemed


  • Nuts

    Not very happy with the VA at the moment. Discharged from the AF in 09 due to extreme pain in my right testicle that i can trace back to complications following my vasectomy. I walk around all day feeling like I have been kicked in the nuts repeatedly, cant run, can’t lift more than 40lbs without making it worse. The VA categorizes it as a urinary tract infection, WTF, but since I have not been hospitalized, been on a long term regimen of pain meds(I’ve been on pain meds since Oct 2007) for had any invasive treatments(how about a needle shoved into my groin a couple times a month for 3 months for nerve blocks) but i’m holding strong at 0% per the VA. Thanks guys, I was 2yrs 5mos from retirement eligibility the AF put me out at 10%.



  • timothy

    I just retired from USAF and have IBS really bad. I spend most of the day in bathroom on stool, does anybody know what rating that might/will be. Just filled a claim on 7 Oct 2011

    • Anthony Kingsberry

      I have had IBS for over 30 years which started from bad food poisoning when I was in the AF at Elmendorf AFB. I retired several years ago from the navy and received 30% rating for the IBS which bothers me everyday. I sympathize with you about the condition. It is a real pain and disruption to normal living.

      • timothy

        Now i dont feel alone, I did not start haveing this problem until after i started to eat the food at the chow hall back in New Mexico back in 1988. Doc at that time told me it was all in my head and nothing wrong with the food. i join AF back in 1987 and never had this problem before, Thanks.

        • Patrick Romano

          Hi Timothy,

          I too can symapthize with you. Was stationed in USAF in Minot AFB, guarding minuteman missile silos< RAF Greenham Common, UK GLCM and we ate some pretty bad food that caused problems, may I suggest that you get a VSO, if u have not already done so. My VSO, (Vet’s Service Org). rep. is American Legion and they have been awesome in advancing my VA Appeals since 2007 when they started representing me I have gone from 40% to 100% b/c of various issues, including ACL botched reconstruction from 1988 surgery in UK. Also, please get your Congressman involved so they can advance your VA issues, it makes a difference. My last BVA, Board of Vet’s Apeal was advanced on the docket and decided within 3 months on the appeals. I hope this helps and AM Legion is only $25/Annually to join and well worth the cost for them to be your POA (Power Of Attny.) to legally act on your behalf.

          Hope this helps,

          Patrick Romano, USAF Vet

          • Alison

            My husband is rated 100% for ptsd, but they denied his IBS was service related (IBS since GWI)

          • Chucky

            Alison, I am also 100% and some of my claims were never completed. My rep told me to leave it alone as “you are 100%”, you cannot reap anything more from the Gov’t. Your husband can be treated for anything at this point. Be grateful, I am everyday! I thank the VA and all the people who helped me get to where I am today. THANK YOU VA! I never take it for granted, I did my job and never asked for nothing in return. It is unfortunate that I was injured and am now unable to have a normal life… but again, I am happy – that I have a roof over my head, food in my refrig and my bills are paid. Remember everyone, we volunteered! We were not forced to join and I for one and extremely proud and grateful! Thanks to all my fellow brothers who served beside me.

          • CorpsmanUp24


            Although he won’t get any more money please appeal the IBS. If he is a Persian Gulf (OIF/OEF Desert Storm/Shield) veteran then you should consider a direct service connected SC. If he is other era see if his doctor agrees that “IT IS MORE LIKELY THAN NOT” that the IBS is secondary to the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and file for the IBS as a secondary condition to PTSD. But do this only if it is considered as being secondary. The VA will require a connection with the disability to an already Service Connected disability and you will need a diagnosis.

          • Chris

            Never appeal!! Trust me. Ask for a “reconsideration” instead. Appeals are nasty, nasty things, and literally take years. A reconsideration is no longer than a normal claim. If all the evidence is there despite the denial (remember, the people working at the VA are human too; mistakes happen), then I would file an FDC (fully developed claim). If you have more info to supply, which I would recommend if possible, then go with the reconsideration. It’s much faster.

          • cachanilla73

            This is very true. My husband was just recently diagnosed with IBS, He is a Gulf War Veteran, so this should be granted as Service Connected, we have his records when he was active and He already had a lot of GI issues.

            We already submitted a claim for it. He is 100% but his VSO STRONGLY recommended to put it the claim for it, the reason? God forbids something happen to our husbands because of the IBS and if it is not service connected all the benefits we as family receive will stop, but if the condition is service connected and something happens to our husband, we as dependents will have benefits.

            It is not a matter of becoming greedy, is a matter of His health. GO FOR IT!!!!

          • hmcs99

            Get the “Final Gulf War Syndrome Report of 2014”, IBS is listed among many other diseases and syndromes, related to the Gulf War.

          • dan

            appeal if due to gulf war

          • cachanilla73

            Alison go to HADIT.COM there is a lot of information and help for Veterans. There is a guideline for Gulf War Veterans and some conditions that are considered Gulf War Illness and if He was in combat in certain areas it should be a given.
            My husband was in the Gulf War too and He developed Fibromyalgia and of course PTSD. He has been recently diagnosed with IBS and even when He is 100% his VSO very STRONGLY recommended to put in a claim for it.
            Good Luck!!

    • Richard Dixon

      As long as you have filed and your claim is now being evaluated you will receive your comp. back to the day you filed. I can’t say what % you will get because I don’t know what IBS is given to the % rate. I’m 100% and if you saw any action at all you need to file, or amend, your claim for PTSD. The VA now has a completely new guidline for PTSD and have eased the restriction and who is to say that IBS is not a contributing factor for PTSD! As said, I am 100% and this is 45 years later and received my comp. just this past May. I’ve suffered with PTSD for most of my adult life and this is from the Vietnam era. It gives you something to think about.

    • Levi

      I too have filed a claim for IBS, I only received 10% for moderate distress. The max is only 30% for the most severe case or 0% if the examine rate you as a mild case.

      • DAN


    • davadvocate

      TIMOTHY – IBS is a secondary problem of a more serious underlying condition. If you present it as “IBS”, it will not stand by itself. You have to present the “PRIMARY” cause and not “IBS” the symptom. The VA approaches medical claims “Administratively”. That’s how they beat us every time. The key is to present your claim as “medical condition” not just a medical issue that has to be processed administratively. Every claim is a medical condition. It is chronic or recurring and affects your quality of life, your family. It is a condition that requires life long treatment. Your are there because you are certain. You are there to “Dominate”.

    • RJ E.

      I would see a G.I. specialist to see why you have IBS. I have been diagnosed with Cronh’s Disease and was medical boarded for it. I faught to stay in and they let me. Usually IBS is an underlying issue connected to a larger one. The people I have talked with say that 30% is average with a intestinal issue. Good luck Bro. Check out the cronh’s and colitis website. It might help you. RJ E.

    • Veteran

      Could be around 30% depending on how hard and long you want to fight. I have a claim for increase that has been in the system for 18 months. Good luck to you.

  • guest


  • Gary Nuckols

    I honor Senator McCain”s service and his time as a POW. However, It is time for him to retire or remove himself from the Armed Service’s Committee, as he has risen to the ponit of incompetence as an advocate of the military, In fact he should just become a democrat and officially join all the other useless SOB’s on that side of the aisle.

    • LeatherNECk

      You got that one Right!!!!!!!!!! USMC

  • Norbert Viveiros

    How much does McCain pay for his medical insurance each month.They sit up there in congress but never think of the poor service member .They have everything at there disposale medical barber shops clothing stores take all the time off they need.They take trips over seas and dont pay for anything the tax payers pay for it.They go out campaining on government time and we pay for it.I guess that is the great american way.

  • setesha

    I am in the National Guard and in October 2009 I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy w/Hypersomia and Cataplexy, asthma, and emphysema. I was found unfit for World Wide Duty and was told by every appeal board I have been to so far that since I wasn’t diagnosed while on military orders and/or I don’t have enough active duty days that my condition is not connected to military service. I know active duty and the guard works differently but in January 2012 I will be enlisted for 10 years and they just want me to walk away with nothing, not even my benefits. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Just wanted someone’s opinion because my guard unit isn’t offering any information to help me; I have noticied that the personnel I am working with in my guard unit doesn’t know much the appeal or disability process.

    • Melissa

      First thing you need to do is get a complete copy of ALL your medical records. Then you need a complete copy of all time you spent on active duty. ADT or active duty for training does not count for service connection. You need to find what caused your illness and then show that the cause happened while on active duty. You also need to learn to read between the lines. The disability system is NOT here to help you. The process is now designed to say NO to you and find any reason to say NO! The Appeal Board is saying no because you were not DIAGNOSED on active duty. That is not the issue for service connection. The grounds for service connection was DID THE ILLNESS OR INJURY OCCURE WHILE ON ACTIVE DUTY? See the difference? The medical records will so the exposure or location of potential exposure. The pay records confirm your status while you were injured or exposed to the cause of your illness.

  • greg alexander

    I will say i now the frustration,retired inJune1994,history of Sleep Apnea,had surgery by a Private DR,in1995 ,7 months after i retired ,have being figthing VA since then because they said i never had sleep apnea was issue a cbob machine canot sleep without it even had cetfified letters from severals of my soldiers because Va request it, they still denied me compensatio,the law said if you had any major Surgery within One year after exiting the service it is consider Service Connected,yet each time i submit its gets denied,so i can related

    • guest

      VA usually send a letter, along with a Form that, has the wording “Appeal” written…Don’t use the wording “Appeal” on the letter when you response..
      Instead, you want the VA to Re-Evaluate, your sleep Apnea or what other medical problem their is…”Appeals” usually goes to the bottom of the pile, a year later they finally get to read your Appeal Ltr…Write.. Stating,
      I want my Medical Sleep Anea, RE-EVALUATED…Not Appeal..
      I had problems with the VA..finally got my PTSD 100%…good luck..

  • Screwed Again

    I thought the VA was there to help us Vets. I was wrong. I retired after 20+ years as an Infantryman. I have a 6″ piece of steel with 6 screws in my right ancle, a left knee that is blown out to where if I move wrong or too quick it comes out of joint, and 2 compressed disk in my lower back. All recieved on active duty. I got 10disability on my back. Nothing on the other 2. They said although they have the records of my injuries on record I didn’t complain and go on sick call enough for them to think itis a problem for me. All you were ever told in the Army Infantry was to suck it up and drive on. 1SG’s gave you so much crap if you went on sick call so you just did the best you can. Being an NCO you also had a sence of responsibility to your troops. So now that you didn’t complain too much you get screw. So to you people still in the service I tell you to go on sick call at least once a month weather it bothers you or not and complain about every enjury you have aver had just to make sure that you get compinsated for it when you get out. This is no BS. Do it or you will be sorry. It will cost you hundereds of dollars every month for the rest of your life.

    • But you did go on sick call sometime, which means there’s records. Request a copy of your military records from the military records center in St. Louis. Look for your medical records and any that relate to your injuries. When you put in your claim request a Reevaluation of your back and other injuries. I would guess that most of your injuries occurred during training. Explain this in your letter. Now, don’t wait, do this now–go to the nearest VA and request treatment for your back and your knee. If they give you any static. go see a VFW or DAV representative and ask for assistance. (Take your DD-214 with you as well as your VA ID card. Good Luck

    • Tim

      Appeal appeal appeal….I got the DAV to help me plus I fired off letters to my congressman and senators but after I explained my situation to Pres Obama in a letter I got a reply from an under secretary of the va on the presidents behalf and was awarded 100% in less than four months. Sqeaky cog gets the grease….be persistent brother never give up.

    • Donna

      * Use your energy to appeal the decision & get assistance & backing in preparing it, ie . . . DAV . . . they submitted my initial application & my appeal for me. They are then able to follow it thru the process of know where it at as far as getting a decision _* Have you appealed their decision?_* They totally denied me with my initial submission, then after my Appeal they came back & said they’s give me 70% if I didn’t claim 3 things. I took it, can’t work, get pd @ 100% because of unemployability, _* Applied for Soc Security at same time I filed for this & finally got paid from the dates I applied. It helped having the VA decision for the Soc Sec Decision (I had to Appeal with them too)_* Going thru the DAV or other service organizations is very helpful to getting the papers filled out. They have done 1000’s of them. That’s who I used. _* Also, up at the VA Hospital there is someone on staff who assists people in preparing Claims.

    • Donna

      I had to cut up my comments in order to get all of them sent to you!
      _* The issue at hand is, what condition you are in right now & @ what capacity are you able to function in everyday life. _*
      * Get as much documentation as you can for that, letters from other people, ie family friends coworkers etc documenting this, & include them. _* Plus, make sure & document for Anxiety, Depression, & PTSD, if they apply _* Address whether or not it exaserbated injuries you had previous to the military, any after getting out, if there are injuries on top of the ones you got in the military _*

    • Donna

      Don’t accept what they say as “The Decision!” They do this to most everyone. They are just trying to get out of paying anything (Social Security is the same), & betting alot of people won’t fight their decision, that it is just too much stress for the soldier_* . And make sure they address ALL injuries, leaving none out_* Did you know that medical records are all they look at. If you have mental health ones that pertain to this, then tell them to look there too. Otherwise they don’t._* Also, go into detail how each issue has changed the quality of your life & in minute detail in all you claim, tell them exactly how & what things you previously did that you now cannot do now. ___Can you work? I”m guessing probably not. So, then you ask for 100% Compensation for unemployablity. Do this only after you get your Appeal has been determined & your % raised.__

    • joe

      Hey brother, keep going to the VA and complain about the pain and keep requesting to have your percentage upped and don’t be afraid to appeal the decision from the VA. They can NOT take away anything they have already awarded so you have nothing to loose by doing an appeal!

    • SFC Zimmerman

      Look Sergeant I do not know who filed your claim but they must have been uninformed as how to refile the claim. You must now refile a dispute claiming argivated by military service. The bandade thety gave you no longer works the screws and piece of steel in your body. You see VA wants us vets to give up and They are full of it. Look up Jim Strickland on the internet and see what has been posted there. You must get better informed to acconmplish this mission and then counterattack the VA with numerous claims use the DAV, or other service organizations to assist you in the refiling of your claim do not give up it took me years and thus far I am 80% rated and have a disput claim filed for my heart condition which they had claimed it got better my Heart doctor stated they are full of it and he backed up my claim and I am now awaiting their decision on my case. If they do not give me the rating I expect to get I will continue to file until they get tired of me and rate me 100% to get ride of my claims. A SGT who gives a Damn for soldiers current and from the past who are veterans disabled for their efforts. Thank you for the service to our country that enabled us to remain free.

    • jimmy

      Wording is the key here the claim you should put in should be for “right ankle strain”, ‘scar on right ancle” “left knee strain” and “right knee strain””degenitrive back disease” “depression” because refusal to be allowed to go on sick call.. you see wording a claim is a big key.

    • CorpsmanUp24

      You’ve received a lot of good advice below. Appeal the decision. They’re trying to say that you don’t have a chronic condition. A good service officer or attorney or accredited agent can help put the claim in the proper prospective to receive the correct service connections. I suggest that you contact a VSO or County Veteran Service Officer (CVSO) depending on the State in which you reside. I can be contacted by e-mail and would be more than glad to try to assist you in finding someone in your area. What you said above is one of the things that I use when I’m filing Notices of Disagreement for veterans. Malingerers and sick bay commandos is what the Gunny used to tell the corpsmen to look out for in sick call. If you weren’t in the military you can’t know the pressure on appearing for PT and other training and drills.

    • dnk2005

      If you recieved a o% rating for the other two conditions you can still get an upgrade. If you got a 0% rating the VA will treat those conditions at no charge. Then you can start a track record of how significant they are. Then you simply file for a reconsideration, not an appeal. The great thing is, if you go to the doctor for these condtions enough, the VA provides all the evidence you should need. Good luck.

    • Lynn

      You need to keep going back to the VA complaing about the same. I did the same with migraines and PTSD and got 40% … It is a long process but you have to stick with it and be patient. I filed in October 2000 and finally got my percentage February 2009 … I got all the back pay and pay for the co-pays I had paid all those years. It is worth the fight. It is free. Does not cost you anything but time to get your just due!

      Hang in there

  • Julia K

    1988 My husband had a cold,sever cough,broke out with speckled blood spots under his skin.Clinic took his blood count.Red count almost not there.Travis AFB hospital doctors say you should be dead but we don’t know why. Nose bleeds,skin rash,leg cramps,backache,neck muscle twitching,bladder,kidney problems,impotence not all at once.Some started as early as 1969,{Viet Nam ’67 ’68.He handled,loaded unloaded,barrels of ‘Agent Orange’} 1995, Had flu virus,couldn’t get better,finally diagnosis Multibul Myeloma.No red blood cells,kidney failure,transfusions,dialysis,5 weeks in hospital 1’st time, numerous stays,3 vascular shunts,steady down hill,died seven months after diagnosis.He kept records meticulously,print outs of all his in country flights.I sent in copies &medical records.VA awarded benefits quickly. He was 57,,joined up,age 17,26years service.Made SRMSGT day after forced retirement,military down grade don’t ya know. He was still working at the time of his diagnosis. If not for TriCare Atena at that time,I would be in debt for the rest of my life. Today’s military should not be cut off from their rightful benefits and respect no matter how long their problems manifest. MR.McCain rethink your recommendation.

    • Has he had a reevaluation of his claim? If not, go to local VFW or American Legion and request assistance in getting a compensation examination. All you need is his DD-214. Good Luck
      Also, don’t worry about Mr. McCain’s recommendation. Consider it a recon by fire round. A shot in the dark just to see who’s out there.

  • warren mills

    Every good thing that ever has happened to vets is because the democrates got it for them….

  • dakanaka

    Obama is not kicking us in the face….you poor sheep….look to blame republicans and their tea party..they are the ones causing this whole mess…why can’t people see this ? are they blind ? deaf ? and dumb ?..must be..everything Obama tries to do is blocked. And it is blocked solely based on the fact that Obama put it to a vote. The Republican Retards are just playing games with our health and welfare, just to prove a point…That they have the majority…but the majority of the people are not rich..we are just middle class, which the middle class is soon to become the lower class if republicans have their way. Sure we need a change in Government, these times warrant some drastic measures, which republicans will not accept. They wouldnt know what to do without their good ole boy system..Its them that are blocking much needed change…You need to be able to read between the lines to see their view of things, and their rich backers…Most people can’t do that, and they go with what they hear…the 1 percent ARE getting richer off of our backs period. Look at the numbers..Until we all get together and MAKE something happen nothing will change, and we will continue to spiral downhill…have we met the bottom yet ? I don’t think so ..not yet

    • davadvocate

      DAKANAKA – I’m interested in your perspective. It’s an angle that we haven’t fully touched. Most of us have discuss the obvious and I’d like to gain a deeper understanding of what you have presented. It sounds like you have a part of what is missing in the larger scheme of issues that should be further addressed, understood and disseminated. I’d appreciate it if you could give the details I’ve missed between the lines. I’m sincerely requesting futher info. Thank you.

      • woundedwarrior
        • NoSlack327

          Michele Bachmann merely proposed eliminating double dipping btw the VA and SS. I wouldn’t vote for her regardless, but apparently you don’t know anyone on AD. Obama is have his minion at the Pentagon (Panetta) cut retirement to make it more equal ti civilians and GI Bill benefits for AD troops have been and are being cut

          • qbnuyawkr

            Saying that GI Bill benefits have been and are being cut is a flat out lie. I can’t stand people like you.

          • ffqbnuyawkr,

            Worse, is some people believe this stuff.


    • Lostone2

      Wow, the title of this is “VA Comp and Pen Rates May Increase in 2012” and you somehow vomit this half baked attempt of proof that you have more than one marble in that head of yours. Please be kind enough to brandish some valid hope or some sort of info on the topic at hand otherwise, Let me have my Bible and my guns and you may keep the “change” sir.

      • Patrick Romano

        Great points Lostone2, Nicely put, I agree with your assertion, enough with the rants and blame game. Put together a valid point on the subject at hand which is VA/COLA increase in FY2012.

        DAKANAKA, please go bury your head back in the sand or go back and lick that toad’s back if you are buying the liberal media’s propping up of this Administration’s and underperformance of Obama. You cannot blame Bush’s Administration for over 1000 days in office for this Administration’s lack of leadership. PERIOD, get a clue you misgudied pinhead. Blaming a legitimate organization that is for less Government and more jobs,cutting the 14+Trillion dollar deficit as the Teapartiers are for is ludicrous. Obama’s ADMIN. has grown Government 33% since he has occupied the WH, this must stop and the 14+Trillion dollar debt must be controlled and cut and bail outs of Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae must STOP…

        Back to the original VA issue, the increase of COLA, if it happens I will be very happy as I am quite sure that my groceries and gas have NOT gone down in the last 3 years.

        • Debbie

          I agree with you Patrick. The increase for VA/COLA is supposed to match the SS increase which is 3.6%. I know this because I already received my paper from SS telling me how much my increase is. My VA/SS is my only income so its about time we get something..especially being a widow for three years…The only good thing is that I will get my military retirement in 5 yrs on top of my disability payments

      • woundedwarrior

        Tea party will rape veterans given the chance. The proof is in the pudding in the link above.

        But ur right, Republicans and Democrats are really both the same if you look at the voting record. Just corporate puppets passing corporate bills and corporate tax entitlements while veterans on disability cringe everytime there’s another government shutdown looming and their pay is threatened t

    • Wade Fisher

      Seems Like the Dems in the Senate are those responsible for blocking everything, even Obama’s job bill. Do your research before you spout off about the House, which has passed numerous job bills that have been blocked by the Senate.

    • Larry

      Whatever dude. You have every right to be wrong.

    • woundedwarrior

      Michelle bachmann wants to reduce our benefits. Don’t believe me? Search army times paper and you’ll see.

      • guester

        You don’t have to worry about her one bit, she is out of the running and back home washing dishes

    • ASF

      I second and third everything you wrote. People of this country will get what they voted or not voted for once the Republicans have their way. Its sad how soon the average American forget.


      • NoSlack327

        Huh? Obama is the one cutting retirement and GI Bill programs. Some Repubs are turds but I know for a FACT that Ron Paul is the only one planning to offer making the VA more efficient and narrowing the gap between military and private sector pay. Which is a lot more than Obama can say.

    • brian

      your use of “retard” is very offensive…u should think a little bit before you speak…you sound as ignorant as those whom you’re bashing!…bottom line…don’t blame anyone for your problems but yourself!!

    • CorpsmanUp24


      Please take politics out of the equation on disability compensation. If you go back through the history of veterans’ services you will see that veterans’ have been screwed by both republicans and democrats (and Bernie Sanders-Socialist). I have been involved in veterans issues for close to 40 years and have seen problems in every administration from Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 42, Obama. We have not had a Cost of Living increase since 2008 in the disability compensation rates. The new GI Bill is screwed up with late payments, failure to process claims (GI Bill), backlogs on Disability Compensation claims, failure to do what the law says on Blue Water Navy (all administrations) except Bush 1. I also forget what administration was in when General McArthur opened fire on the veterans’ in Washington D.C. Oh it was FDR with a democratic congress. Forget politics when talking about Disability Compensation. It’s “Tommy this and Tommy that”

    • americanwhoserved

      The republican party hates veterans, they cost too much. They love wars, they enrich defense contractors who contribute heavily to their reelections.

      • Terry

        Actually as a Vietnam disabled Veteran, the ones I have found the most supportive are the conservatives and the Tea Party people. They have gone out of their way to thank me for my service.

    • jayjay

      At last,somebody got WORDS OF WISDOWN

    • SAM


    • In It

      Please stay off politics and help each other with answers that really mean something. Try Not to bring your opinions into this forum, it is for helping vets.

    • In It

      It is obvious you have NEVER served this greatest country on GOD’s green earth. I am a patriot and I love my country. I don’t piss on the American flag or hang out on wall street waiting for a handout from the hard working folks who have made this country. We are the 73% and you Libtards are the rest. We are middle America and we are capitalist who work for a living.

    • Fred

      Well said. I couldn’t have said it better.

    • tony

      Yeah, keep drinking that kool-aid that Obama keeps pouring down your throat. buddy boy. If Obama was a pirate, you’d be on his shoulder asking for a cracker.
      Oh, and by the way, you should try using more ellipses (…). Try to use them correctly because it’s annoying.

    • Terry

      Obama has had majorities in both houses of congress for the first two years. His party still controls the Senate.
      The drastic measures that are needed should be to cut taxes to business, in order that more jobs may follow an increase in business. Business’s do not pay taxes …people pay taxes. When a person buys a product from a company they are paying the taxes of that company.
      US companies pay higher taxes than any other developed country on earth.
      Our government passing all theses laws and the bureaucracy passing all the regulations, restricts our opportunity for economic freedom.

    • stephen johnson

      Obama is a marxist, you know it I know it and so doe’s bill ayers . So quit blaming the rep, RETARD !

    • Huey010

      How true what dakanaka says. He is in the know. I wish more folks were

    • debbie

      I completely agree. The US congress is supposed to abide by what President Obama requests,,,,but they do just the opposiite.
      Get wth it US CONGRESS

    • scott

      stop going baaa and stop being brain washed by democrat mind control. come to the light side luke

    • Doc Reaper

      What is really sad, is that you can not see that this is not a Obama, Republican, or Democrat mess. This a government mess and it is all the their faults. We cannot keep putting blame on others because they may not be on your political side of the street. We as Veterans have to pull together for the better of us as a whole. Last I was over in Afghanistan, the enemies weapons that are killing our military forces don’t check your voter registration card to see who you vote for.

      Now they are giving us an increase and I am thankful for it. However, it is still not enough and they (Gov) can do better. SO lets stop fighting with each other and correcting grammar mistakes. Dakanaka could have medical issues that effect him in that area. I know I do and I can think of more important things to correct. Lets take the fight (not literally) to the Government.

      • P3 AV8R

        The only one with any sense in this whole thing is Doc Reaper. It’s not any one person or parties fault. Now just get back to the reality please.

    • Garry Becker


    • Vincent Lowers

      The original tea party was a group of spineless cowards who committed crimes in the dark of the night , and were such low life scum that they disguised their cowardly asses so that if their plan to be traitors failed, the local minority of native Americans would be blamed. Saving these pathetic losers from the consequences and FAIR prosecution for their act of cowardly vandalism. The world would be a bettewr place if the tea party and ALL their families were only seen on milk cartons for the rest of eternity.

    • Wild Turkey

      Think back to a year ago when the Dems had the House and the Senate and they didn’t even have the nuts to pass a budget. As a matter of fact, Harry Reid said they didn’t need a budget. Then all of a sudden when the Repubs get in the picture, they need a budget and make a big deal out of it. Seems like they should have done that when they had total control, but again, they did not have the Guts because they were afraid they would pass something that might make them look bad so they had to wait until the could blame the Repubs. They could have done anything they wanted and did not have the Guts.

      • Les

        Does anyone know what filibuster means. Mitch McConnell said on day 1 of Obamas term his main job was to make sure Obama didn’t get a second term and he filbustered everything that has beren proposed in the Senate and it takes 60 votes to pass anything. 250 house members and 41 Republicans in the Senate has signed a pledge that Norquist, a billionaire, demanded that they go along with him and the Tea Party or else their PACs would kidk them out. So John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are shaking in the their shoes so 83 freshmen from the house dictate policy to the Speaker. Forget the pledge they made to thjeir constiuents and the United States of America. Remember Congress passes bills, Not Obama. Whether you like Obama or not for whatever reason, let’s be fair.

    • disabledvet11years

      Can I just blame the 1.5 million dollar prize Mr obama got just for being elected… I mean thats a lot stamps for his relatives is iraq….

    • Palindrome

      Only thing you said, dakanaka, that makes any sense at all and to which I can agree is that nothing will happen until we all come together at the table ready to do whats needed to fix things without trying to add any pork or foolish nonsense from either party.
      Facts are facts and you cannot say the Reps blocked Obama’s plans back when the Dems owned the House & Senate….those ruling Dems blocked them.

    • Roger


    • Mark one

      Where in the hell did you come from, the Obama administration? Are you one of those occupier rapists, molesters, druggies or just plain stupid? You want a hand out, you won’t get any sympathy from anyone here! So take youe bull shit and get the hell out of here!

    • dave

      It is so simple why people can’t see it, it is because this is a democrat party and we are all sinking on the socialist ship. He is selling the US out to the UN, an his class warfare. the only one in the dark is people like you. Worse president since carter.

    • Don R

      Stupid is not curable. SORRY

    • gavar

      you’re the one being led blindly. You undoubtably are neither retired military or on social security. I talk with and deal with seniors and military everyday that are struggling to get by. They never had these issue until obama started his health care and cutbacks. Most doctors won’t except SS or Tricare anymore, and over the next few years their will be less. So good luck when you need those benefits, they will not be there.


    I have a question??? My retired veteran at the age of 52 just recently died of colon cancer. Anyway…..He applied for disability through VA. From what I hear from other vets. they say there is a link between colon cancer and asbestos. He served on a few ships one of them the Kitty Hawk years back and talked about some of the ships having asbestos and having to handle it. I’m just surprised that when they do the retirement discharge they don’t do a full blood count? It’s believed my husband had this cancer before he was discharged! Not only that what they then called airway restrictive disease is now called COPD which I am told is very hard to determine on x-ray if it is truly COPD or Asbestos.
    If anyone has any interesting links I can go to concerning these matters I would appreciate it!
    THANKS! :)

    • eober

      Did you have an autopsey done? How long after retiring did he get diagnosed with colon cancer? You should check with your local Veteran Service Officer (not a VA office), it is usually a county office or sometimes a state office.

      • Veteran’s wife

        I am very sorry for your loss. My hubby is with the DVA and a disabled vet himself. He advised if your husbands claim is still pending (at the time of his death), go to any non-profit organization like the VFW and have them re-open it with a substitution of claimant. This may entitle you to receive the benefits he has been waiting for, up to the time he passed. Hope this helps.

    • Abbey

      Try I had a lot of questions concerning COPD vs asbestos
      and they gave me a lot of straight-forward information plus have a monthly
      Note: asbestos starts in the lower lobes of the lungs
      Our COPD was just recently denied, but will appeal due to smoking !
      Good Luck

  • Terry Taylor

    I think it’s sad that when one retires after 20 years in the Military they cannot spell or put a proper sentence together.

    • woundedwarrior

      ….because the number one goal of the military is to teach proper comment thread grammar.

      One would think you would have learned something about respect and character from your time in the service. At least enough to know when to troll and when not to troll..,

      • Ryan


    • American

      You are a dirtbag!!! If your goal is to ridicule Veterans discussing the way we are treated than you must be from the aclu or a liberal. Your Drill should have skull drug your a$$ across the tarmac until you learned how to respect others!!!

    • Jerald

      What did you gained by remarks?

    • C Clarke

      Really? After everything that Vet said, that is what you could pick out to say. You are sad!

    • P3 AV8R

      If you had been exposed to some of the stuff we had in the gulf maybe you would write like us also.

    • Larry

      My ability to spell andt form proper sentences had been given a head star by the time I graduated from high school in spite of the fact that I had attended elemery and what youn now call middle school, in a one room country shool. The same goes for the other two in my 8th grade class. The US military had no obligation to improve those skills. The Army trained me to be a member of a team with the job of protecting our country.

  • Earl

    I would like to know why we never got the increase over the last few ears. Everything from a gallon of milk to gas had shot right through the roof. I oils also like to know why Veterans like myself who are injured to the extent we can’t work, and we are getting kicked to the curb when we need the help…. Frankly I have been loosing faith in how we have been being treated.

    • anonymous

      The COLA believe it or not does not take into consideration things like food, fuel and medical costs as part of the adjustment. Sad because those are the very things that effect us the most. The system at best is out dated.

  • jim jackson

    The Social Security COLA has been set at 3.6 % for next year, IE 2012.
    Why is it that the VA is going from 3.7 to 3.4 % ???

  • john boe

    stop blamin other people either Obamit nor mccain, human government is truly useless, all of them their nuts are located on the soles of their shoes. Only trustn in God and do your homework fellow veterans, do not put your trust on another human being like you and me. This is true freom above.

  • Jim

    I am happy about the possibility of a COLA adjustment for us disabled veterans, as it is obvious that the cost of living has increased in the past couple of years. However, as is always the case when the numbers are so obviously placed before me, I’m surprised to see how much people receive for a 100% disability. Not because they don’t rate or deserve it, they certainly DO, but because of how little some of us receive who are rated at 60%. 60% of $2,673 is $1603.8, yet those receiving 60% are only getting $974. Because of the economy, and greed of those in ‘big business’ and ‘big government’, many of us rated at 60% are living with that 60% as our only source of income. I still cannot complain too much, because I know that some people on SSI/SSD are receiving even less that that to survive on. Yet I haven’t driven a car or seen a dentist (outside of the VA Clinic, one who is allowed to actually FIX my teeth) in more than a decade . It’s just kind of disheartening, ya know? If you’re in the same boat as me, at least know that you’re not alone out there.

  • russ

    Has any one heard about the vets that was in agent orange would be getting a one time payment of about $25,000.00 We were told that but can’t find anything on it Please let me know if true thanks

  • Russ

    Has any one heard about the vets that was in agent orange would be getting a one time payment of about $25,000.00 We were told that but can’t find anything on it Please let me know if true thanks

    • Karl

      The news story I saw referred to vets who were exposed to radiation in nuclear bomb tests in the late 1940s to the 1960s. These vets have the option of getting the one-time payment or filing a VA claim for 100% comp. I did not see anything about Agent Orange in that article.

      • Veteran’s wife

        Contact a non-profit to see if you qualify, they can help you apply for benefits for free,someone like the VFW or the DAV. You must have a disease related to agent orange, you must prove you were in the dirty water and/or exposed in Vietnam during service. (The diseases are parkinsons, hairy cell lukemia and aschemic heat disease) I believe it can be alot more than just the $25000. you spoke of. If you previously applied for benefits with these conditions, and you can prove this, you get back pay from that date once approved. I knew of a man who received almost $250,000. back pay for the time he applied for his heart condition due to agent orange. If not, at least you may qualify for compensation begining now. Good Luck.

        • Terry

          Personally I believe the American Legion is the best bet as an advocate for someone seeking disability for Agent Orange exposure, or for that matter any disability service related.
          Be prepared to wait 2 + years.

    • CorpsmanUp24

      Russ, That story recirculates all the time. It’s an Urban Myth. What probably happened is that someone got a decision that service connected his Agent Orange Claim and got $25,000 or so in Past Due Benefits. It took off from there. Or it could have been a settlementin the radiation exposure case. Agent Orange is still fighting for the Blue Water Navy.

    • Bill

      I’m rated at 140% and I no 10% is for agent orange.I ave lost a kidney and have multiple surgeries to romove sisk /boils, If there is some type of payment I sure would to hear about it. I”ve been “on the registry for many years and have never heard of this .If you find more information let me know,

    • Mark

      If this guy took a one time payment he would have to be crazy ,because he is intitled to a hell of a lot more than $25,000.00

    • Chris

      Sorry Russ, I’m afraid that isn’t true. I have found that on the VA website, they have a full list of the conditions associated with Agent Orange. And honestly, it’s very easy to find most of the info you need there. My advice…if you served in country and suffer from any of the conditions listed on that page, file a claim with the VA. As others have said, I’d recommend a service organization like DAV, American Legion, VFW, etc. They are often very helpful in making sure you provide the VA with all the necessary information they need to complete your claim.


    To answer the initial question…Yes we will get a 3.4 % raise..not near enough in my opinion but its better than nothing..

  • Robert

    Quite frankly I’m fed up with both democrats and republicans!
    Have you noticed that when ever a politican is asked a question that members from both parties dance around the real answer and if pressed on a specific issue you will eventually hear them say ” Here’s what I know” or ” I can tell you this” and then they get right back to the same old party line and what they are telling you has nothing to do with the question!
    I also think that anyone that enters the armed services to fight for U.S. the should be taken care of for life especially after they have been willing to put their lives on the line for all of U.S.
    Hows that for spelling and sentence structure.
    an Air Force Vet

  • Bob

    I have a problem with the way the V.A. Adds!
    To them 1+1 does not equal 2. It equals 1.5 or 1.3 or something equally as stupid! So, to be rated 100% is almost impossible! You almost have to be dead and I think that’s exactly what the V.A. wants. They think that if they stall you long enough that you will die and then they don’t have to pay you the benifits you earned! Then all the politicians both democrats and republicans can give themselves another 9.1% raise in 2012 just like the did last year for doing NOTHING except to occupying a chair!! It’s pathetic!
    How many vets out there got a 9.1% raise EVER!!!!

    • American

      I have a total rating 130%, but my rating is 80%. One is rated at 0 one 60, one 50, and one 20%. I have lost two jobs and am having to change careers for the third time because of my injuries. My voc rehab counselor has been an evil person to deal with and is no help at all.

  • Persist

    just a few notes to all of you fighting with the VA.

    Obviously, if I’m here trying to advise you all, I’ve been through the trenches and survived. The DAV, those reps that are supposed to advocate for everyone irresponsible and cost me tons of cash for not advising me correctly. Three years after they took 500 bucks a month, with constant pressure and inviting congressmen, general counsel (DAVs) and just plain pressure, I was able to get my money back. Small victory led to others.

    Despite the problems, don’t think about dealing with the VA without a rep. Just watch their every move since they can commo with the VA more efficiently.

    As for the VA, they’ve denied me benefits I’ve never asked for. I’ve received other people denied claims in the mail. Truly, their system needs improvement. But, I’ve been 100 percent since day one because I knew what they looked for when filing my claim—just couldn’t get the perm status until recently.. Getting permanent and total proved challenging but appealing via notice of disagreements and doctor notes will force the VA to reconsider. This is all highly dependent on your disabilities–so don’t expect 100 percent if your disabilities can’t warrant it. If you’re right, you will win–it’ll just take a long time due to the many claims they process.

    Many times, the C/P exams are your best chances for making the VA see you’re sick despite the fact your condition may not be chronic and you may feel pretty good the day you see that doc. You have to remember your worst day, and regurgitate it to the doc. It’s unfair that they can assess you on a day that you might find yourself feeling good so you must remember the bad you go through. It’s a game of chess but the odds are in your favor as long as u believe your conditions are service connected. Persistence pays….seriously. IU is also a good alternative but you can forget about working beyond the adjudication of that claim. DEA and Champva are benefits you get when you are permanent and totally disabled. You can be 100 percent and not permanent and as such, wont qualify for dependent education programs or champva aka ch 38 benefit. These are valuable programs that allow your dependents to go to school at little to no cost. They’ll pay you to go to school–I mean, they’ll pay you for your dependents to go—everyone wins.

    Lastly, if you’re being denied repeatedly, yes, get yourself an lawyer. Make sure you request a hearing so YOU can be heard and overcome their objections or learn what they don’t know about you because they never looked.

    Good luck all.

    Retired 20 yrs/100% P/T

    Research, persist and be polite. You’ll get more with honey, I swear you will.

    • mitch pickens

      Right on! When discharged in 1958 i was told, at the discharge physical, that I had at least a 50% disability, service related. Upon returning to civilian life I filed for disability. Received a letter stating that my records stored in the denver office, had ben destroyed in a fire. So, no benefit due.
      I refiled several times over the next 50 years.
      Four years ago i just happened to mention this to a VA officer in Salida Colo. He walked me thru the process and made sure i did everything right.
      Four mo. later I received a letter form the VA, stating that my disability was approved. The clincher was that the letter also stated that my discharge records clearly showed my entitlement! Wow, guess they were restored by devine intervention!
      The message here is if you are sure you are entitled, dont’ give up. As stated in another post get a good (and honest) rep to help you.
      Good luck

    • americanwhoserved

      The DAV and most “service organizations” are incompetent as is the VA.

    • Chris

      I cannot stress this enough: NEVER get yourself a lawyer!!! What an absolute waste of money that is. Shop around for a good service organization instead. The big ones (DAV, American Legion, VFW) all receive annual training on the latest laws and regulations, unlike the county organizations.

      I’ve had DAV as my service organization for 11 years, and in that time I’ve seen good reps and bad reps. That is simply the nature of the beast I’m afraid. Do your research (trust me, it’s out there) and make sure there is a nexus between your condition and service (don’t file for a condition that is not related to service, is not in your service medical records, or cannot be linked to another condition such as right knee affected by your service connected left knee).

      And to those who want to bash the VA, keep in mind that Congress makes the multitude of laws the VA has to follow. As I said above, educate yourselves.

  • crystal

    I feel sorry for those who are fighting for years to get on VA.I was fortunate that comp and pen only took 8 months from the time I filed untill I got the notice that I was approved and I didn’t have a lawyer.I’m not trying to brag because I would rather be working than on full disability.

    • CorpsmanUp24

      You can work even if you are rated at 100% service connected permanent and total. The only way that you wouldn’t be able to hold a job and loss your 100% rating is if you were rated 100% based on Individual Unemployability. That’s one thing that you’re never told. That’s why you should at least consult a Veteran Service Officer (VSO) or County Veteran Service Officer (CVSO).

  • Chris

    20 years and I am up to 20%. So how much will my $243 go up?

    • Michelle Bova Cruz

      with dependents or without? I think its between 50.00 to 100.00 more a month not sure though since I havent found an confirmed report.

  • lawrence

    I am rated at 20% only because the military lost the my medical records …therefore, I cannot prove that the severe disk problem in my spine began while in the service….I have a major risk of disk dislocation in my lower spine and it all started in my upper spine and was recorded numerous times by visits to the dispensary or Army hospital all of which were lost….it is also interesting how they came to the decision that they did…because I had a broken neck as a teenager and it was not serious enough to keep me out of the draft….but, the VA determined that it had to have happened after I got in the service since I would never have been drafted if it occurred prior to my draft fiscal…sure…..!!!!

    • CorpsmanUP24


      There are ways that you can get the lower spine service connected, but, it will take an appeal on your part and a doctor that will be willing to put in writing these six words: “IT IS MORE LIKELY THAN NOT” that the current (doctor must spell out the condition) spine condition was caused by the incident that occurred on active duty. I would suggest that you discuss your claim with a county veteran service officer or a veteran service organization service officer. Or you could use one of the accredited agents/attorneys accredited by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to represent veterans. (They are not VA or government employees). It’s a tough fight, but, as the Senior Chief (E-8 Navy) said above don’t quit.

  • Michelle Bova Cruz

    Question…I just recently added my husband and my newborn son to my dependents. Will I receive back pay from the date my husband and I were married or will it just start from the date I filled the update? Anyone know?

  • Senior Chief

    If you take your time (mine took 4 years) and use their regulations and appeal every decision they send you in the end you can win. BUT be aware you must have some type of proof just as in any other law suit. I was told by a VA rep right after being medically discharged not to expect the VA to do anything unless I was ready to fight tooth and nail. I did and won.

  • Michelle

    Does anyone know if the VA back pay’s for adding dependents to your comp? I just added my husband and newborn and I dont know because the guy putting the information in couldnt answer it. Thanks! Oh and what does it mean when the VA puts a claim in that you never asked to be put in? I just checked my ebenefits and it says that there was a claim put in for comp in September but I wasnt seen for it? Is it a follow up for a claim already put in or do you think it was a missed claim from something I put when I first signed up…It was for depression and I was treated 3 times while on acitve duty. Just wondering because Im confused.

    • Terry

      Hi Michelle I am a 100% permanently disabled vet and can answer your questions that your rep should have had answers for. First of all when your case is approved and your rating is 30% or greater your spouse and dependents under 18 years of age are added to your case. You also get ID cards for each member over 10 years of age to take advantage of base functions such as Exchange, commissary, and MDR. Just make sure you make all your appointments and reply within 2 weeks to anything they request from you. Also join a disabled veterans group they will fight your case for you and do all paperwork and get you the highest percentage. Also claim everything that you think is wrong with you since you came on active duty. They have to pay you for everything that happened to you when on active duty. Hope this help you my fellow disabled vet.

      • Terry

        My suggestion is to contact the American Legion Veteran Affairs group.
        They will bend over backwards to help you.
        Yes you should receive back pay for your dependents if your over 30%.

      • cachanilla73

        The ID cards for dependents are for Veterans rated 100% Total and Permanent also the dependents get Chapter 35 Dependents Educational Benefits.

    • Brian

      To answer your question about dependents, yes, back pay includes dependents pay as well. Also, depending on when you filed for comp, you will have added COLA for each year added to your back pay. If it has been less than the last two years there was no COLA. As for the claim put in, the VARO often examines your overall case and adds other claim that you may not have applied for in order to keep ahead of you filing something later on. This does not mean you will receive comp for it, it simply means that they looked at the overall picture. Funny thing is, if you are overpaid at some point and have to pay the VA back, you will be charged interest in some cases. If you are due back pay, no interest is accumulated. Hope this helps and do not expect to receive your back pay or a decision very quick. It took me from 1999 till 2005 for a full decision to be made.

    • Bill

      As for your dependents once they are verified you should start recieving extra money for them. Depending on your percent of disability the amount will change. The doctor you saw at the v.a. may have ask for you to be reevaluted. Good luck young lady and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

    • Chris

      You may add your dependents on at any time, so long as the children are under 18 and/or are going to college (age 23 is the latest they can remain on your award in this case). Now, the back pay portion is tricky. Yes you can receive back pay, and generally this will only be from your date of claim. However, the “initial” time you are rated at 30% or higher, you will have one year from the date of the grant letter in which to add your dependents to you award. Why I say it’s tricky is because let’s say the very first time your award is granted 30% or higher, the VA was able to go back in time 5 years (just as an example). If you provide your dependency info within one year from the date of that initial (key word here) grant letter of 30% or higher, the VA can go back those five years to add your dependents to your award (provided you were married and/or had children at that time. You can’t add someone who wasn’t a dependent at that time after all). I hope this part makes sense. It can be confusing at first…

      Always remember to inform the VA of any dependency changes, especially a divorce or death. They will take the money away from the date of death or divorce, for example, and no there is no interest accrued. Sorry Brian, but that part is not true.

      As for claims showing up that you didn’t apply for Michelle, chances are good that is a “future exam.” This means one of your conditions has a future exam that needs to be reevaluated in the future to determine if the percentage assigned should remain the same, or if the condition has improved. Nothing to worry about. Just go to the scheduled VA exam (once you’re notified of it), and go through the motions, so to speak.

      If you all want some great info, check this site out: I happen to have a copy the book and it was a great help. It answers just about all the questions I’ve seen here so far. Hope this helps answer your concerns Michelle!

  • fred brown

    Folks if you all are so upset about the 2012 cola increase don’t take the money . That will show Obama who is in control. The hypocrite clock has started ticking. Just take a quick moment and inform the v.a that you would not like the extra money for 2012 it will be ecstatic . Who is with me on this one!!! I’m ready lets show him he cant give us money and have us take and then talk about him behind his back or in his face. We want stand for this. We did not get a cola increase in 2010-2011 and we are going too inform him we do not want a increase for 2012. Come on group who wants to help me with this petition. Just think we could save the american people millions of dollars, we could use the money to pay down deficit.Folks a 1000 days in office is nothing. If any of you went around the world in a thousand days I’m sure you want be able to talk on every subject or fix every problem.

    Respectfully Submitted

    Fredrick L Brown

    • ahagen

      No thanks Fredrick L Brown, President Obama is working for all of the American people and he has my support!

      • A VET


    • ken

      obommer is a cheap hustler- he,s trying to rune this country. he,ll do anything to get re-elected. i,m 100% since 92. just send me your cola dummy-

    • Stinkfinder

      Are you retarded?

    • TCHY

      Sorry Fred…but I’m a disabled Desert Storm Vet of The 82 Airborne Division who was exspose to cemical
      weapons while I was there..and got the letter to prove it from the pentigon…theres NO chance that I’m going to turn down what I and my fellow vets deserve!!!…if you dont want your inrease why dont you show everyone you have the nuts to give your whole check back…lets see how far you go then!!!

    • Rene E. Pena

      You know, there are numerous problems with all three branches of this government and to blame any one in particular is moronic. This government sends billions of dollars a year to other countries in the name of foreign affairs (whatever that may entail) and yet our own citizens sacrifice to make ends meet. If you want to give up your “cola”, that is your choice but I am keeping mine because I deserve it more than some scientist studying the reason frogs mate on lilly pads or some foreign program that benefits some dictator. Veterans have errand their complensation for whatever reason and for you to ask them to give it up to make some stupid point is totally idiotic. Go bark up some other tree and leave this one alone.

    • guest

      For anyone with disability pay, you better check your new pay for 2012. You will find out DFAS has screwed up big time.. They have taken the disability from your paycheck so your total pay is going to be far less!!! I imagine their phone lines will be bombarded tomorrow with this screw up …. frikkin idiots!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SSchmidt

      Just shut up…there are other ways to voice your concern…giving back money that we rightfully deserve is plain stupid…but do what you need to do…

    • warren

      Learn how to spell.

    • A VET


      • A VET

        PER MONTH…

    • David

      It’s not the Disability Benefits(which are EARNED), It’s the Welfare ENTITLEMENTS which are hand outs…By the way these ENTITLEMENTS are no such thing…they are PAYOFFS to keep the people under Democrate Control… These ENTITLEMENTS keep the people as SLAVES to the democrats. Wake up AMERICA! The white house plan for America is the Ghotto-ization of America…

    • Min. Ron Richardson

      Tell me one thing the President said that he didn’t try to do? I am tired of those folks who rather listen to a lie rather than hear the truth, Fox Network strikes again. The President has no power over the purse strings its Congress the debt is on their backs not his. Min. Ron Richardson

  • Doc Reaper

    @ charliemed, your butt should be ashamed for even referring to McCain’s time in Hanoi Hilton. What he does on the hill and what he went through in Combat are not even close. As a Vet who served in Combat I am ashamed that a somebody could speak of something they know nothing about. He went through hell like all of our POW’s did. You would sing like a bird also if you went through what they did. One thing you should remember that he let others go home before he did. Even though he was offered to be released because of who his dad was. He stayed and took crap you could never fathom. You want to bash his politics fine, but mind your self when talking about something you have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Bilie

      AMEN! you tell ’em!!!~

    • axehandlebill

      I was a Doc in Vietnam and I was torchered too and I collect 100% totally and permanently disability, End of story? NO, I’m still paying for it in pain and I mean pain everyday of my life.
      I’m sure Mr. Cain is hurting too, but we can’t let on or cry about it now can we? We just pray that nobody else has to go through what we had to go through.
      If I was president I would close all VA hospitals and give every veteran a special credit card that he or she could use at any hospital or clinic of there choice.
      This way we would get better care and save the tax payers billions of dollars. (example) I had to go to the VA hospital 3 different times for surgery on the same thing, did this ave the tax payers? hell no; and that is only one problem, there are many vets being used as Guinea pigs.

    • Darrell

      As a Viet Nam vet myself 67-69, i applaud you and say……….very well put !! Many ( and i include myself when i say this ) will ever know what these pilots went through after they were captured. He did his job and did it well as we all did, and nothing to do with politics at all………….!

    • Rachkien

      McCain like all other pilots who bombed anywhere in Vietnam, north or south, are war criminals and deserve no respect what so ever. And in all fairness I was a war criminal too. I was drafted and survived being a rifleman in an infantry company during 1968-69. That war was a criminal assault on a non threatening nation. The Gulf of Tonkin incident used to justify and escalate the war never happened. LBJ lied and he knew he was a liar.

    • A VET


    • Min. Ron Richardson

      Sometimes a man stays beyond his time, no matter how heroic he was then, he is out of touch now. He no longer stands his ground but lets the t-party and the money that supports them to take over the party. Those in the GOP have either took money from the No Tax Pledge or from those who say Corporations are people too. Then we have those who are scared to open their mouth and put these fools in their place because they are scared of making the money changers mad. Jesus took a whip and ran them out the temple courts, we need to run them out of Congress and the Senate. I am tired of being considered a party member, conservative, liberal, or conservative, I am an American

    • David Davis

      How he can turn his back on fellow veterans is pretty disheartening. I too went through torture but hope that I can help my fellow veterans as much as possible. Using ones political clout to influence government to expedite veterans claims and medical treatment would be a priority. How does it look to you?

  • 00000

    I have a service connect diability which I have had since about 1982. It is for IBS only. At first I got only a 10 % rating. IN about 1998 it was increased to 30%. I hope this info helps the IBS suffer who asked.

  • G.Klein, Ret USAF

    Sure glad I never served with all of you boo hooer’s!!!! No we never got rich in the US Military, but did not starve either, if we paid attention to what we were being told during retirement or seperation briefings we might have been much better off than we were eventually. For God’s sakes!!! Leave USN ret, former POW, alone, what is the matter with some of you??? He did MORE than go on the battlefield, he had to go where he slept and still maintained his allegence to our country. For those who are stumped as to what to do about your service connected conditions, get a good Service Officer, ask around to other Veterans, not all SO’s are that good, but many are SUPER!!! They will help fight tooth and nail to get you what you deserve. And let us ALL remember that we ALL wore the Uniform of a USA fighting man or woman, so let’s stick together not bash each other on a personal level. God bless our US of A!!!!

  • guest

    richard benett, you are obviously the one who’s the bigot. obama has the black agenda at heart, rather than the american citizen’s. i refuse to apologize for being white. obama has been a serious failure as a president. he did not serve in our military, so to me, he’s not worthy of making decisions for our military. it’s not a black or white thing, because if we had colin powell to vote for this next election for president, he’d get my vote. he served his country quite honorably, unlike our current “community organizer”. now go fix yourself a big pitcher of nig-nog, and get ready for martin lucifer king day. also known as “hate whitey” day.

    • jason

      Bill Clinton, Herbert Hoover, Calvin Coolidge, Warren Harding, Woodrow Wilson, William Taft, Grover Cleveland, Martin Van Buren, John Q. Adams, John Adams and Franklin Roosevelt Did not serve in the military. Also Franklin Roosevelt was the one who Got us out of the dark days. So does that mean all those people mean nothing to you? By the way learn to spell Martin Luther King Jr. Day. And it’s not a hate white day it is a day that someone took a stand to segregation and white people was on his side. Also it’s a day where everyone is equal no mater there skin color

      • Hawk LayndStryder

        Uhm….. Recheck your history. Too of our contrie’s biggest leftists and bigots were Woodrow Wilson and FDR. WW gave us the Fed and League of Nations which was directly responsible for Hitler coming to power and the Fed has caused notiono but runaway inflation since its inception. FDR gave us the internment camps for both Japanese and German American citizens. FDR also gave us the worst social welfare system this country has ever seen. He did not spend our way out of the depression; WW2 cuased the creation of jobs which enebled us to work our way out of the depression. Also, name me any black cabinet member of any significance or any for that matter that these two bigots had on their staff. Save your rabble rousing revisionist history for the dumb and ignorant.

  • boof

    Tea party = Hardworking, creative, intelligent people trying to make a living and carve a share of the American Dream for themselves and their families by working their asses off …….. often 6 or 7 days a week and well over 8 hours a day. Usually the whole family is involved in working so that the business will succeed in an environment that breeds lazy, self-aggrandizing, pseudo-intellectuals or professional welfare junkies who, despite their cultural differences, have banded together and bled the government dry by earning phd’s in entitlement handouts. Try getting one of the educated-yet-otherwise-useless vermin or a welfare addict to put in a days hard work in one of those businesses. It would be easier to brush the teeth in a saltwater crocodiles mouth. The BIG difference between a Tea Partier and one of the handout artists mentioned above is that the Tea Partier PAYS the government money rather than the other way around.

  • Bill Baker

    First of all, Obama is the worst “president” in the history of the US. Secondly, there would not have been a tea party is he had not rammed the Health Care through Congress. This one bill alone will sink the US economy. Bigotry has nothing to do with it. You should be thanking the Tea Party for showing how the democrats carry on business. Four more years of this idiot (Obama) and we will be doomed. Seems to me that you must be the bigot referencing the kkk. How stupid. You say he is doing the best job he can. Well, guess what, that only shows how over his head he is. This guy complains about Congress not voting his way. Yet while he was in Congress, he always voted “present” but never for or against a bill. This guy has to go.

  • don’t beg

    Hi, i never wanted to be kicked out of the AF or have cancer. Be told when I would die. One day someone suggested I go to the VA, didn’t know what they were. A week later they crack open my head and remove a huge tumor that the military admits that my job gave me. Here comes chemo and seizures and a child to be raising too. 5 months later a check comes in the mail for 18K+. I called the VA to ask what for, they said back pay from day one. Then two yrs later another check came for about 5K. I called and asked what for. They said, oh, we forgot you had a child. I asked for nothing but life.

    • “NSN”

      God Bless,You Brother,All The Best. “NSN:

  • Dan French

    I do remember obama said he would take care of the veterans, have you seen any help from him? Please tell me anything The Tea Party done that you would call them KKK. Perhaps it is because you are so unformed. You need to find out what the Tea Party is all about before you make uneducated, uninformed statements. You might also look at the fact obama is even a worst president than Carter if that is at all possible, the worst in history.
    Dan French
    Alta Loma Ca.

  • grunt

    both sides have to work together to figure this out but there to busy thinking of the kick backs they can get if things go there way.
    They have a history of lieing to and cheating the Americam people.
    Untill the truth is spoken and there is no separation among the masses,nothing will get better.

  • Upset

    who is the bigot here? What does Obama’s race have to do with his inability to lead this country? Man are you up in the night!

    • A VET


      • A VET


  • Dan

    I think all the Tea Party Republicans should not accept the raise in their disability compensation since they hate government so much and want to end government’s influence on our lives in every way possible. Their leaders would love that since they could use the money to give to their rich corporate friends who in turn give them campaign donations.

    • Mike

      I think he Reid and pelosi retard follower should give up their welfare, free lunche, free living, food stamps and go to fricking work and pay taxes right along with the rich peopl since it is the middle class worker supporting them all.

    • Joe

      I don’t think you get what this country is supposed to be. Maybe you should stop hating and read the Constitution. Then read the Federalist Papers. If you have an open mind it will enlighten you. Otherwise you will end up as a Socialist, that doesn’t get it for ever.

    • David

      I think you are completly out of touch with reality…but then again, you are a big government liberal, aren’t you.

    • D.R. Irwin

      I am a Combat Wounded Viet Nam Vet. I was wounded by a flying Mortar shell. I received multiple fragment wounds over 25% of my body. My left arm was broken when the four fingers of my left hand were blown off. I was also hit in my right lung with shrapnel. That wounding severed my thoratic pulmonary artery. My heart stopped beating while I was in surgery. My Doctors could not revive me; but, after a while God restarted my heart. My pulmonary surgeon tole me later that I was his first “Wonder” patient. I live in pain everyday and I have Severe PTSD. I think my VA Compensation should be what the President of the USA receives for his salary.

    • Matt

      Or how about all the fat cat left wing dems check the box on thier taxes to give more!! Or how about the left wing dems not vote to give themselfves a pay raise!! Always trying place blame on the R’s but unwilling to look in the mirror and see what is really going on!!

  • aaron

    Its not a surprise to see an increase the year before presidential elections. If America wants change then Ron Paul is the ONLY solution.

  • norm sevigny

    Every year the V.A. goes through a funding process which could be possitive or negative. A bill was on the congressional floor to make funding manditory. Sen McCain and every Republican voted against this..remember this when you vote.

  • David

    Drink some more Kool-aid…funny how the liberal mind jumps straight to name calling to deflect the truth…Obama has been the biggest failure as a President and a leader.

  • richard j. wakely

    when will my rate be safe i am 63 years old s.c. for 13 years help

  • richard j. wakely

    does anyone know if i am safe from the v.a. lowering my rate i am 63 years old and been s.c. for 13 years

    • Guest

      Why would the VA lower your rate? Are you now no longer disabled?

    • richard j.

      thank you the dav rep. called me told 4 days after c/p they gave me 100% schedule p/t no more c/p 3months have going by i have no award letter do you know how long it take they owe me 7 years back pay help

  • Jeremy

    You are a retard, why does it all have to be about race? I would love to meet you in person and spit in your face.

  • Guest

    Great Country.
    Great President.
    I support our Commander in Chief.

    Under President Obama’s first three years in office:

    Al Queda’s Osama bin Laden… dead.
    Libya’s Mummar Gaddafi……..dead.
    Cuba’s Fidel Castro………major cancer, resigned as head of state, health failing fast.
    Venezuela’s Chavez……………major cancer, struggling to remain in power.
    North Korea’s Kim Jung Il….more than just ill, he’s dead too.
    Myanmar’s evil Than Shwe …..out of power after 50 years in a coup.
    Syria’s President Assad struggling to stay in power in the largest rebellion he’s faced in history…

    We have the best covert operations team in history.

    Yes, I think our President is a hell of a President- and has the world’s dictators on the run.

    The facts are the facts.

    • wayne

      yes all those things happend. However most of the high profile accomplishments were due to Mr. Obama following the President Bush’s plans.

      and then let’s see. Bush did not have a plan to give cancer to other countries leaders so how did Obama accomplish that?

      President Obama has increased yours and everyones stake in the US Debit by a toon of $20,000 per year. by the time he leaves office january 2013 will have increased every US citizen’s stake in the US Debit close to 100,000 US Dollars. addtional to when he came to office.

      I look forward to voting against him. He has proven that you can promiss everything. he has also showed that he can spend money in a way that would make a drunken sailor blush. and know that his has stopped the Iraq War the soldiers will not have jobs when they get home. with his record on job creation we need a new president.

      Facts just the Facts face them.

    • WOODY

      all started by the president before him AMERICA has them on the run not HUSSAIN OBAMA the seals killed OSAMA not OBAMA SO HE HASN’T DONE A DAMN THING

      • retiree

        So did Walker Bush, Herbert Walker Bush, Wilson Reagan, Milhous Nixon, or other leaders go by their middle name? Or is there another reason you don’t use President Barack Obama’s first name?

    • SoDak84

      yes the great wizard did all of those things by sitting his ass in a chair… the facts are he happend to be in office when they happend. just because he was in office when the sun came up doesnt mean he made it happen.

    • Palindrome

      If that is the way you think I am real sorry for you. Obama had nothing to do with any of what you posted except giving the OK for the Seals to get Bin Laden. His hands were tied in that situation anyway by what Pres. Bush had set in motion and that America would not have accepted less. As for Libya again his hands were tied he had no choice but to act though he tried his best to stall for as long as he could which resulted in so many more deaths than were necessary.
      Concerning Syria Obama is again stalling what is inevitable which will result in a major war in the Middle-east as he is doing with the Iranian situation
      Pres.Obama is not GOD to supernaturally give cancer to anyone or to cause a world leader to fall ill and die

    • Viet Nam Cambat Vet

      The facts are “you are an idiot!!!” and apparently drank two cups of Obama Kool-Aid. Wake up…This guy is un-American and there are a lot more “facts” that prove that than “he-is-a-hell-of-a President.” If you’re NOT a veteran, don’t get on here and rant about what a great guy he is or he will lead you to the slaughterhouse and apparently you will enjoy it! THINK, man!!!!

    • Everett

      Seriously…. Are you truly that stupid to think our President is great…
      That’s a joke… He is a joke..
      Obama care??? Really???
      An additional 5 trillion in debt… How could you leave that off your list..

    • demi

      It’s amazing to me that you all are giving Bush credit for putting things in motion and taking the credit from Obama, but on the other hand you dummies refuse to give Bush credit for the state of the economy that Obama INHERITED. Ever heard of the concept You gotta SPEND money to MAKE money??? It’s only like the most basic of BUSINESS concepts!!Which is what Obama is doing. Obama’s BIGGEST accomplishment: BRINGING OUR TROOPS HOME!!!

    • dolora

      Everything you said had nothing to do with Obama you moron. Obama gave 7.7 trillion dollars to the banks and the banks still didn’t let people modify their loans. At least when George Bush gave the banks money, there were strings attached. Not with Obama; it was a free for all (the rich). It would have been cheaper to pay off all the people’s houses that were in foreclsoure at the time then give the banks the TAXPAYERS money.

    • David Davis

      Do you really think that Obama can take credit for any of this. We win wars with more fire power not better. Look at history it will tell you that.

  • Rene E. Pena

    What a can of worms you opened!!!! This “Administration” has not accomplished much other than to make the American public realize that politicians will promise anything and everything while telling them what they want to hear; based on the type of audiance they are addressing. President Obama, once he took office and became privy to “all the information and situations” the president faces everyday, probably realized that all the promises he made during his campaign were going to be very difficult to keep. The fact that he stated, in his words, “…inherited” the mess we are in as a country is a complete copout. There was only one president who felt that the situation of the country was his responsibility (“The buck stops here!”) Accountability is what we as American citizens need to expect of the people we place in these positions of government. One much remember that this country’s government is structured in three very “separate” branches and they were designed to keep each other in check. To blame on particular branch and to use the word “biggotry” is pretty darnn idiotic.

  • Rene E. Pena

    The problem is that “WE” the American people have allowed the people in power to take advantage of the privelege of serving our country. It is no longer about “We the people” ; it’s more about what is in it for me!!!! Wake up! The control of the country is no longer in “Our” hands. We lost that a long time ago and it is way out of control and no ONE person can fix it.

  • Phil B, Viet Vet

    Any COLA increase will help.

  • Seeyouma

    my father died when i was 2yrs old. he served in the korean conflict & received a medical discharge from the army. i didn’t know anything about my father because my mother never told me anything about him. my mother recently pass on & i found my father’s DD-214. my father was receiving VA disability compensation but as a child i never received any VA survivor compensation. i am now 35yrs old & my question is, am i eligible for VA survivor benefits back pay? does this also apply for SS survivors benefits too? please can you help me?

    • gavar

      Call the VA and SS. I would not thinks so, my father was a Korean Vet and we never received anything military benefits. Me and my brother received SS from the time my father died until he was 18 and I was able under the rules at that time to receive benefits until I was 23, at 18 the benefits started coming to me and not my mother. More than likely your mother was drawing the benefits for you if you were a minor. Your mother would have filed at the time he passed and she would have been receiving the benefits for you and any siblings until you were 18.

    • cachanilla73

      Was your Dad 100% medical disable? because there are more benefits for the dependents of a Veteran rated as 100% total and permanent, if you went to college you might be able to obtain retro pay for the years you attended college.

    • Proud

      If you didn’t serve I don’t think you should be claiming it 35 years later.

    • tdhowell

      You need to contact the VA or a Veterans Service Office. Call 1-(800) 827-1000.

  • cindy

    Just try living on a widow’s benefit—-now at the age of 65 one has to pay 100 dollars for part B of medicad so one can get champ benefits. Sorry folks but my husband died for this country -now we are paying with out many benefits-as a widow one gets 1/2 of the monthly benefit now minus 100 dollars so I can get champ with a yearly deductable-WHY ARE WE BEING STOMPED ON?

  • Just because

    Thats so true about sen. Mccain when all of his buddies were getting skinny, he was getting fat. Think about that

  • frable

    To the Guy who states things that our good about The Commander in Chief. Good Country. Yes , when we grew up it was a good Country. It was all about the people and not me””’. President Bush and the Special Forces knew , if I knew that Bin Laden was in Pakistan……Yes , I can prove my statements, but because of violating the Pakistan Air Space was the only reason why the Navy Seals didn’t get the credit they deserve sooner…That’s a fack JACK…..Now if George W. Bush would have done in Lybia what OBAMBI DID WOW……….The Liberal Media would have crushed him and asked for his resignation….Bad enough people like Woopie Goldberg think Mr. President Bush was involved in a conspiracy to take down the world trade Center….WOW…………….AND SHE HAS FOLLOWERS that believe that BULL. Now the rest of the shit about people or events is NOTHING that the Bambi without horns….OBAMBI , CAN OR DESERVE ANY CREDIT FOR…..NOW WHY IS THE DRONE STILL IN IRANIAN HANDS>>>>>>>>>>>>because President Obama WAS SURELY told about what had occurred and was for sure told we can blow it up or attempt to retrieve it???ETC.

    • Roger

      You need to go back on your meds!

  • Joseph Diggs Sr

    When there is a benifit emcrease there is joy in a Veteran’s home because it provides hope and the means to survive. To those who didn’t see the need to “Serve” their country please except the fact that a Veteran gave you the right to “Be disagreeable!!!!!

    • gavar

      Amen to that and proudly they served

    • MYRA


  • Joseph Diggs Sr

    My Quetion is,How did this “VERY RACIST” comment get Posted??????? Are there anybody monitoring the “POST” that are being submitted??

  • joseph diggs

    The fact that Veterans recieves periodic increases should not alarm the public because these benifits are earned by Blood and Sweat.

  • James Bales

    how many nam vets are having the,re disability statis cut back from 100% to 40% by the veteran affair , even after the statis was stated as being total and permanent? I even recieved a letter from them stating this and was told to disregard the letter.when I asked about it.

    • Terry Carithers

      I have 40% SC disability presently, I applied for an increase Feb. 2011, I have letters from two of my VA Doctors, my rate should be increased to 100% according to VA guidelines. I received a turn down Nov. 1st, stating there was no increase in my diseases. My Endocrinologist wrote a letter for me stating my diseases,(Diabetes) and (Per. Neuropathy) Both were severe, and my diseases are progressive, I have called to ask questions, I think my only recourse is to hire a VA attorney. I am so sick, and my pain is awful, the C & P Doctor I had examine me, told me agent orange had nothing to do with my diseases… I asked him about the diseases being on a presumptive list, and he said the study was bogus…. I want to ask for another exam, and report him for his statements, I understand now that he is in charge of the C & P exam department in Winston-Salem, NC…

      I also have been awarded my S/S disability, this past July, It took me almost two years… All was based on my SC disabilities. Why won’t the VA look at the S/S claim, they asked for the report, and supposedly got it in April of this year….

      I am so furious, They owe me almost 24 months of retro pay, and my 100% rating.

      If anyone out there has any suggestions, I sure need them….

      Thanks to all my Vietnam brothers and sisters out there…. We are the forgotten ones….

  • Les

    Did you see what the bils are and you didn’t say anything aboujt 119 filibusters the Republicans have posted in the Senate the last time I looked. That means you have to get 60-m votes to pass anything. Mitch McConnell sid on Day 1 the main job of the Senate Republicans was to pass nothing no matter what the Democrats proposed. Can anyone say Norquist and Tea Party. Isn’t it funny George Bush signed anything and everything until the Dems took overe Congress and the vetoed the first thing thewy p[roposed because it didn’t jt didn’t benefit the rich.

  • richard j.

    richard j. wakelyrichard @ when will my check or back it is now april- -sept.

  • richard j.

    how long does it take to get my award letter i benn waiting 4 month and thev.a. owes me 7 years reto

    • hmcs99

      That’s if you were awarded anything…’s been widely reported regarding the backlog.
      What, if anything, have you proactively done for yourself? No silver platter here, you’re going to have to fight for it.
      There are many organizations out there to assist you if needed. Keyword is PROACTIVE. NOBODY is going to chase you down.

  • Jose

    I was medically retired in 2006 and in my original claim I included numbness in both hands and was told there was no service connection, since there was no medical evidence during service of this condition. No medical exams for this symptoms were done during the claim period In 2011 after various complaints to my VA doctor I had a doppler exam and was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome, a condition that can cause numbness in the hands. Is there anyway I can claim this now?

  • richard j.

    if you were marrerd in 1970 and she left you and got marredto someone els you seen heryears later about1983and said just leve me alone i dont want nothing from you told me later she has been living out of state and was going to court dovers now that i just got 100% can she take any of it

    • CyYentz

      Richard, if she left you and married someone else, either she’s a bigamist or she divorced you. If she’s a bigamist, she goes to prison and you don’t give her penny one. If she divorced you and married someone else, you’re legally not responsible for her and she gets absolutely nothing. She’ll have to sue her second (one assumes) husband for her living.

  • Ron

    What about us non-service connected Vietnam veterans on pension who are only getting 1020 dollars a month? We can barely afford rent & food not to speak about auto inssurance & other cost! We developed cronic conditions that there are no cures for. And for 2010 & 2011 there was no yearly cost of living increase for us! What about the 5.4 percent incease that was never given to us for 2010 & 2011? Do we get that which is owed to us in backpay which amounts to about 110 dollars times 24 months for a total of about 2640 dollars in backpay for those 2 years? Also we sould be recieving 1130 dollars a month instead of 1020 dollars a month. I want both Houses of Congress to see this comment please, and maybe they can remedy this outrage to us Non-service connected American Veterans! Let Congress see this comment please!

  • mabel georgiades

    got rating decision not military minded now wondering how and when they compensate family, veteran deceased?

  • mike

    Well ,going to nam for 14 months, and then Germany to tare aspestos from heating pipes for 4 months, and now on oxygen tanks,,,, good News, no Disibility.. I’m ok, great fine, bummer i’m dying…..anyone wanna buy a home cheap..

  • rich. j.

    i t took me 5years before i got my c/p from the v.a. then 10 money for my 100% p/t but i got a good reto check i wish all the luck u.s.m.c.

    • E.M.

      Rich – my father served in Vietnam as a Marine active combat. First time trying to access VA help for him – lived alone until dementia made impossible – in hospital now – needing long-term care. I am at wits end – suggestions for where to go, who to contact for most helpful response in what to do? Thanks

    • richard

      call your v.a. j. f.k. get a rep they should help you good luck u s m c.

  • David

    Four more years of Obama, the last president of the USA. 1) economic collapse 2) allowed foreign poer (N. Korea) to hit us with a ICBM 3) Collapse of our Government and way of life.

    Retired, USN vet,

  • richard

    is there an age that the v.a. will not give you any more c/p if you are 100% p/t no more c/p i am over63 years old

    • richard

      yes after 55years old it is much harder to take, lower, your comp. good luck u.s.m.c.

  • lawrece Lodato

    I just started receivng $1030 non service connected VA Pension…I had applied for my Social Security Retirement which is only $630 a month prior to getting approved for my Non Service conncected va pension..My social security retirement will start in March 2013. My VA pension started in Dec 2012..I need both and will still be below poverty level..which will be taking and shold I cancel my Socia Security pension due in 3 weeks or can I get both?

  • Marine0311

    GARNISH IT FROM MY BACK DISABILITY SETTLEMENT??? she makes 3x as much as me!!! Im poor, not a deadbeat. anybody got any experiences to share??? post here,Ill check.

    • Marine0311,

      Surely you will base what you going to do on what someone tells you in a blog.

      PS: State Laws are also different in every State.


        With each being different, I can only speak re: California. I owed back child support and no agency ever approached me. I made pmt arrangement with my ex, had it approved by the court and everyone is happy. Especially my ex,.,…lol. As a side note, it would be a good gesture to give her a large down payment, it will certainly place her in a good frame of mind when you negotiate your future pmt plan.

    • Kat

      Thank you for your service. Sounds like you need a good lawyer. Check with your local VA website. Or google ‘Lawyers for Veterans’. There are lawyers out there that just deal with Veteran issues. Don’t settle. It isn’t good for anyone. Hang in there, and practice patience. Whatever you do, don’t let them ‘own’ you by ‘acting out’. When it comes to legal things, they always take longer than most.Hope this helps.

  • charles lytle

    they dont give a damn about va pension receivers-they are waiting for us to die

  • Jim

    Applied for the agent orange disability. what percentage should I expect to be rated at?

    • Jim

      This was for vietnam in the late 60s…served on the Ogden LPD-5 (on the automatic list now).

    • Jim

      I have been diagnosed with the eschemic heart condition and have had heart attack. the VA has linked it to agent orange and I’m on the automatic list for USS Ogden LPD-5.