Retiree COLA Watch

Our friends at the Military Officers Association of America maintain a constant watch on the factors that determine the cost of living adjustment for military retirement pay, VA compensation and pension, and social security benefits.

According to MOAA, the inflation rate rose 0.3% in August. This marks several months of steady inflation increases, which will most likely result in a 2012 COLA rate of 3.7%. This will mark the first COLA increase in two years.

However, there is a proposal to change the basis for COLA to the Chain Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (or C-CPI-U). According to Tom Philpott, adopting the Chain CPI to adjust entitlements has been recommended by every group looking for ways to address the federal debt crisis. The new index could reduce the COLA by .3% with a 2012 COLA rate closer to 3.4%.

Keep tabs on month-to-month inflation trends on MOAA’s COLA Watch webpage.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Warren

    Yep and with the raise on TriCare fees it will all but be mute anyway..

    • Guns

      We get a raise in one thing and the costs of the other things goes up.

    • mike w

      The new rate increase’s only effect new retiree’s so quite complaining already.

      • Richard

        it will also apply to the old retirees also but our increase will happen in Jan. the new ones will have to pay the increase now

      • John Jones

        Sorry friend, the new rates effect everyone, except new retirees receive a little less.

      • cavtrp

        The rate for meds went up 1Oct this year. Another shot in the back.

        • GWW

          I use Express Scripts and all but one of mine went to “0”.

          • Glenda

            Does your doctor have the write the script as a 90 day supply?

          • Glenda

            Does your doctor have to write the script for a 90 day supply?

      • tracey

        new rate increase on what? I know my tricare rates increased! tripled!



    • David

      Not in place yet, Section 709 of the 2010 National Defense Authorization Act will freeze the co-pay. The Act has been passed by the House and is awaiting further action in the Senate according to 4th District of Alabama Rep. Robert Aderholt who I wrote concerning the raise in co-pay. I’ve written to Senators Shelby and Sessions on the same issue. Please contact those who represent you so we can freeze co-pay for a bit and get a better solution.

      • David03ret

        Oh no…”awaiting further action in the Senate”… Maybe my grandsons will benefit.
        Good follow up on your part, thanks.

    • Shirley

      EXACTLY like my two son schoolteachers. Lots in common, huh? Raise in pay and then raise in their insurance premiums, which is more than their raise. aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    • Jimi Prettyman

      EVERYTHING, and I mean everything has gone up…but COLA!!!! A gas tank cost you $ 60.00 (for a 15 gallon tank). Big Business & Banker have been given millions by govt,, the Congress & Senate have adjusted their raises, and have they ever put their lives on the line in defense of their country, Have they ever missed a meal, or had a sick child SICK, with no means of paying medical needs or bills…WELL HAVE THEY, yet every now & then, they throw us a CRUMB! A crumb that dosen’t even come close to what we really need or deserve! Think about that!

      • John Jones

        Friend, instead of complaining on here, why don’t you let those jerks in Washington know how you feel. They seem to think everyone wants less done, and to reduce all those things that help the middle class and the poor. Vote those Tea Party Jerks out of office.

        • John Jones.. you’d need a touch of reality… the “people” in Washington just don’t givea damn what you think, feel, surrer or want. Call them…go to the offices they have. Patient Mutes listen while you talk..they don’s answer questions and event they don’t give a crap..they get paid 60,000 a year to mumble..tanks to youse…

    • Marie

      Moot – not mute.


      Elections are coming Elections are coming….oh don’t post that the Already imposed 8% increase in all areas “supposedly” might get a raise
      will actually be a reduction….coupled with the increase of EVERYTHING I EAT WEAR OR DRIVE…..LET’S ALL GO JOIN THE DEMONSTRATORS, AT LEAST IN JAIL, I GET FED, AND CLOTHED, AND OFFERED ANY PROFESSIONAL HELP I NEED TO RECOVER….from drugs, alcohol,ignorance, needing an education,….all free to inmates and illegial immigrants……oh they are not illegal, just undocumented to sound more politically correct as to not offend those hard workers whom crossed our borders (illegally) get treated at local hospitals for free, apply for food stamps and get them, don’t pay any taxes to help support the very system that pays for their undocumented existance, cry racial profiling if we go where they live and ask for identification?????????

    • John Jones

      This isn’t anything new. When I was a young airman, every year when we would get a very low raise, something was always reduced elsewhere. I see so many things today that they call new, when in fact we had back in the 60s/70 time frame. Just newer people saying it.

    • H C in SD

      Moot Point, as in the Moot Court, not mute as in making something quiet.
      Let’s not remain quiet about this. Raise some ****!

    • Trying to explain or articulate the raise to someone outsde the norm..they have no idea. the fact is.. we are going to get screwed no matter what.

    • tracey

      I heard that, my Rx tripled when I went to p/up.

    • Charlie

      You mean “MOOT”

  • Chris

    What the government giveth, the government taketh away. Why bother with fee increases and COLA increases its all creative accounting 101. Who gains? The computer accounting and contracts.

    • Bob S.

      especially this government. Now they are backing the protestors around the nation.

      • Ole Vet

        Per Ronald Reagan, “Government is not the solution, government is the PROBLEM!”

        • Sally

          totally agree

        • George

          he was dead on target when he said that………….but not a ‘bulls-eye’………….if he would have said ‘ i’m going to do my part to screw you now, and for as long as I can, I would be able to accept his proclimation a little better……………….NOT agree, just accept.

        • Government sure is the problem. We worked for our government when they give us a raise they shouln’t raise medical. Hard as we worked medical should be free for our families and veteran. What kind of country we serve when cause we can’t serve nomore we pay more than the adverage person for medical.

          • John Jones

            Friend, I don’t know where you are coming from, but both active and retired military no longer can complain about our medical treatment. Yes, Tri Care can be a pain in the butt, but overall we get pretty good treatment for our families. As a older retiree who remembers what was promised when we joined the service about free care for the rest of our lives if we served 20 years or more.

            Yes, I was upset when they first started charging retirees for treatment – but this is better then having to pay a lot more in the private sector.

            It took me 23 years fighting with the VA for benefits, but now I have 60 percent, and I really get some great treatment at The VA Center in Chicago.

        • John Jones

          Yea, so he started the process of breaking up unions and making the rich, even richer.

          I am still waiting for that trickle down economics he promised. It seemed to stop at the rich.

    • bonnie

      This is pretty obvious to me. If you get a raise you pay more taxes which o to the government. The increase in fees are not deductible. There you go again – we have less money to live on and the government has more to give themselves another raise.

    • Al B


  • Black9

    The people that has worked their asses off and the people that defended the country always get the shaft…

    • Shirley

      shift the shaft

    • Ray R.

      Very well said, Black9, very well, and it is the TRUTH the Left love to inflict upon those that gave them the Freedoms they enjoy to destroy OUR AMERICA, one Communist/Democrat vote ata time.

    • ronald mcgrail

      how true, we all gave some and some gave all but they don’t give a dam about us retired 32 years of service 70% dav

    • Seabee ChiefKen

      Amen!! We get the shaft and all of our idiots in Congress get the gold.

  • George

    Yes I beleive we should get the cola, VA, and pension increase. We served in our country and was wounded serverely. We deserve it. They need to think of us the same as they think about themselves.



    • 30 year man

      That is a BIG laugh! HA HA

    • E9clyde9

      What if the choice is “no changes to the retirement system” or “no cola increase?”

      • John Jones

        Friend, as my good old mother use to tell me. “Son, just keep on pushing, someday it will happen”

    • Mark

      Please don’t forget why you joined in the first place. I hope it was to protect and defend our country. I am a disabled Vet also but not once did I think the tax payers owed me. I did what I did for my kids future. We were not forced to join and we knew the risk…and benefits.

    • M Hernandez

      Right on!

    • donnieboy

      Why is it you never hear about Congressional benefits put on the table to be cut or removed? They seem to vote themselves a raise every year and try to keep it quiet when people are out of work and the economy is down?
      It is a shame that I fought for this country and took a beating: totally disabled and they want to cut my compensation, retired pay and pay for my healthcar? Congress pays nothing and wowo, what a retirement benefit they recieve????????? It’s terrible how big business runs the government and gets all the benefits, tax cuts, whatever they want. Our representatives represent themselves, not the people and are ruining this country to line their pockets. COLA 2012, probably not……………………DonnieBoy

      • retiree

        1. They voted against getting a pay raise the last 2 years.

        2. They, unlike you, pay for their retirement in cash. As well as SS and health care. Oh, and they don’t collect until 62 (if they make 20 years in office, they can collect at age 50). Oh, and they accumulate 1.7%/year, not the military 2.5%/year.

        3. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me the story you’re posting a comment to is about you getting an additional amount of money next year. And all you can do is complain?

        I’m not arguing that the current Congress is bought and paid for by businesses (thanks to the recent Supreme Court ruling that corporations can spend unlimited money on elections), or that they are great and wonderful – the current congress is dysfunctional. But let’s at least complain about real things, not e-mail chain hoaxes and Faux News soundbites that are false.

  • Les

    For those of you that think President Reagan was so great this should bring back fond memories of his cost cutting slashes to cola. Remember Graham/Rudman. What’s changed?

    • E Oliver

      Reagan gave us an across the board 18% increase in pay. housing allowances and all the bennies. So beyond anything else so what if he cut the corner a touch on COLA? He didn’t take away our health care benefits.

      • tracey

        I also remember Congress getting a huge raise that year and then ours went to practically nothing.

      • Lewsir

        In 1981 we had Reagon, Johnny CASH and Bob Hope, in 2011 we have Obama, and no CASH or HOPE.

    • John R

      Reagan was the begining of the end, for the military person, and the working class, take away what they have earned, and then keep the carrot just in front of their nose, that way, you keep them wanting, you keep them willing!!

      • John Jones

        Brother, thank you. People think Regan was so great. In 1981, Regan gave the military a 17% raise, the highest I can remember. Then he turned around with the stroke of his pen and started taking a benefits. I was sitting in the VA Hospital taking my retirement physical when the technician was handed a messege that Regan said no longer could military retiree’s could receive treatment other then those service connected. Although, a veteran could walk in with only 90 days service and get treated for anything.

        It took me 22 years to get 30% and another year to receive 60% for the same items I had back in 1981.

        Myself, I think Reagon was just one above Bush, he wasn’t even a Class C president. ‘A VERY GOOD TALKER.

    • CLP-D

      I have always thought he was a jerk, cause no one remembers that he let Graham/Ruddman reduce our retiree benifits nearly 60%. We have never used our VA Home loan because we no longer had the income. My husband suffers from severe depression, that is not recognised by the VA as a desease. Please let them wear my shoes, live where we live, and do without the way we do for just one month. They will leave running for home faster that you can say “don’t complain with your mouth full”!.

      • Fred

        Severe depression is not recognized by the VA???? Really???? Thats a first for me. I am service connected and compensated for depression. Your husband may not be because he was diagnosed with it in service. If he was, you may want to refile with the VA.

    • Lawrence Nall

      as I recall, we received more pay increases and increases abnove the inflation rate under eagan. Under Carter we had consistently got single digit raises 6 to 8 % while the inflation rate was 11 to 14 %. Under Reagan, we took the military out of proverty (33% on welfare under Carter) and for many enlisted put them into the middle class. So your point is?

      • Shirley Connolly

        We received 3 raises under Carter.

        • John Jones

          3 out of 4, that’s not bad. Did he take any other benefits away from us?

    • Fred

      Don’t forget, he also brought about about the high-3 and REDUX retirement adjustments under his watch. This did away with the straight up 50% of base pay retirement after 1980. Reagan was no hero, just a puppet like the rest of them.

    • Necole

      Yep!! I remember that!!! I was a struggling E4 then and my separate rats got cut to little of nothing because of the Graham Rudman Act. You are so right!!

    • mikeskysoldier

      Reagan ruined military benefits, remember, why should we subsidize px and commissary, they should be money makers, just like other businesses. He sucked, then, and still sucks today!

    • Lou

      My disability was cut in half thanks to him. No tests or examination and received notice that after reevaluation my disability was cut in half

    • Devil Dog

      Where is your mind, Lou? I don’t know what country you are talking about ,but during Reagan, my disability went up. And besides the Pres. has nothing to do with your disability compesation, it comes from the VA. All I know is that the ******* you people put in office two years ago ,IMMEDIATELY AFTER INAUGARATION,made an executive order that there would be no cola increases for two years for us on SS and military disability payments, which is unprecedented since colas went into effect in the 70’s. thank GOD for Pres. Bush who gave us a cola of 6% before he left office. I guess he could see what was coming down the pike with this “messiah” coming into the white house.—–Your evaluation comes from the dept. of the VA, and has nothing to do withe Pres. Get a grip.

      • Shirley Connolly

        That was not the President, it was the Accounting folks who said there was no inflation.

      • John Jones

        As I remember, the president, stopped pay raises for a lot more government workers – remember, we were government workers too. Just in uniforms.

        The president is only one man, the one’s to really blame is those sitting in Congress and the Senate. They are the one’s who pass the bills, he only signs off on them – yea or nea.

        I am 72 years old, and I have never seen a sitting president treated as badly as this president. Is there a hidden reason for this? Be honest with yourself has there been any other president treated so bad as this president? Don’t give me any crap, that he has taken or is trying to take anything away from the middle or poor class.

        • fighter 2

          John you are excactly right even congrees are saying Damn the citizens we are fighting this president no matter who we put under even if it means that America will not ever be the greatest nation on earth what the hell did we fight for??

      • alex

        yes you have your poop in a group the knuckle heads running the show are willing to cut from us and give the raise to themselves two years in a row thanx democrats run for the hills 2012 is right around the corner

      • retiree

        As Shirley says, the reason for no COLA the last two years has nothing to do with President Obama (or Congress), but the computation of CPI-W in the 3rd quarter – which is what matters. In 3rd quarter 2008, gas prices spiked, and the housing bust and recession were just getting going. Result was a 5.8% COLA for 2009 (largest COLA in 25 years), just when the economy tanked and everyone else got zip, or fired/laid off.

        Since then, CPI-W has not exceeded the 3rd quarter 2008 CPI-W in the 3rd quarter of 2009 or 2010, so no COLA. As the story indicates, this year it’s on track for a 3.5-4% COLA.

        No politics / politicians involved. BTW, President Bush had nothing to do with the 5.8% increase, as I explained above.

        You might want to start researching topics before commenting.

    • Rvee01

      E OLIVER stole my thunder. How greatfully I received the benefits Pres Reagan brought to us.

    • Jim SJN

      Hey lets make sure we are truthful in this discussion. You know the “whole” truth!! Let’s go back to the “honorable” respect of Carter and Clinton terms. Both of their admins changed the CPI formula, which in turn cut the COLA increases by at least half. presents the current dishonest reporting of price inflation, versus what it was before Jimmy and slick Willie took their hacthets to the calculator.
      As far as Reagan being the goat for our sufferings with the bennies, I came in in 1965, it was years before Reagan was president, that I reinlisted and noticed on the enlistment form that informed that there are no guarantees. Hmmm!!!! The slide against the servicemen has been in being a long time.

      • John Jones

        On July 1, 1965, the military received their first decent pay raise in years. The reason for it was that Congress Mendle River’s visited an Air Base in WI, and found 12 military families on food stamps, that was the beginning. That same year, the military papers came out with a center fold explaining just what the military was receiving in pay and benefits.

        Their thoughts were that the military people didn’t understand all they received, i.e. housing, food allowance, clothing allowance, medical treatment (this was really up there. Stating that our pay was figured on what our medical would cost after we retired, receiving free medical treatment for life). There were other things, just can’t remember all of them – I am 72. Based on all of those, they said we were receiving thousands more then we thought – Ha, Ha.

        Check it out, it was in all the military newspaper inserts between the July 1 payraise, and end of the year. – Note: Back then we were paid on July 1, that was the end of the physical year then.

        Congress could never get the budget passed by June 30, so they moved the physical year to Oct 1. They still can’t get it passed after all these years.

      • retiree

        Hm. BLS, site of CPI-U, CPI-W (used for calculating COLAs), and other statistics, posts their formulas and raw data, so you can double-check their math. Shadowstats nicely posts numbers, but you have to pay $175 to see any details, and, as near as I can tell, he doesn’t post how he computed or the raw data.

        Which do you trust – an organization who posts all the raw data and the formula, so you can see exactly what they do, or someone who charges you for his opinion, but without any backup data?

  • Dick Culligan

    It is nice to finally see a COLA increase; however, with every increase our Medicare Payments increas, Delta Dental just increased its rates, and the band plays on!

    • Harv Goninan

      You hit the nail on the head Dick. Cheers Harv

    • Shirley

      Years ago we found it was cheaper to pay for the dental work than to buy the dental insurance. It made no sense.

      • John Jones

        Years ago, I only had to pay 21 cent for a gallon of gas. This year I had a crown put in and it cost over $800, of that I had to pay a little over $400, delta insurance paid the rest.

        Delta insurance only allows $1200 coverage, at least here in IL. I pay them $37.– per month, is it really worth it? It is I guess if you have the cash available to pay large dental expenses, but if you don’t, I guess the insurance is best.

  • Jack

    I’d have to check, but I think the “inflation problem” (and hence COL) was solved a couple years ago by REMOVING FOOD AND FUEL COSTS from the index!

    And of course they want to liken military service and hence retirements and medical benefits to those of the civilian world. In my military career I did loads of 70 plus hour weeks w/o overtime etc.; but as Black9 just commented the people that worked their asses off and defended the country get the shaft.

    The only voice a military person has is in the voting booth. Remember that in 2012

    • Robert F Hahn

      Jack: Agreed. The “formula” for CPI to calculate COLAs recently eliminated Food and Fuel…they were SIGNIFICANT especially the last 2 years. It was a badministration ploy to implement income reductions by no COLAs for the Military, Federal, and Social Security retirees and restribution of our “wealth”. i.e., our COLAs into govt coffers instead, in the spending like no tomorrow that happened since Jan 2009. All part of the overarching, long-planned conspiracy of our so-called commander in chief, who has disgraced our Country, who WILL NOT place hand on heart during our National Anthem or to the Colors, stabs taxpayers in the heart daily, and bows to foreign, especially hostile, heads of state. disgusting!

      • John Jones

        Really, your comments are really not worth comenting on.

    • joediver

      They also taught us to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and to shoot….

    • retiree

      Please go the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) website and look up CPI-W, the mandated measure for COLA. You will see that it INCLUDES food & energy. There has been no change to the COLA formula since the mid-70’s. The reason for the 2009 5.8% was the jump in energy prices 3rd quarter 2008 (when the COLA is actually measured). The reason for no COLA the last two years is the general deflation that has happened, specifically in housing and energy.

      At the end of this week the 3rd quarter CPI-W will be announced, and we will know what our COLA is going to be.

    • John Jones

      You should also remember that you weren’t drafted into the military. When I joined, there was a draft, all able body men had a five year selective service commitment. After that, in most cases you didn’t have to worry about serving.

      I once told a Wing Cmdr when asked about how I liked the military – I told him it was a job, and as long as I was paid I would go whereever I was told to go. That is the way with all military – we joined, and they have a name for that it begins with a M—

    • Guest

      Yep, remove Food and Fuel from the equation and lo and behold you also remove Living form the equation. How can you live with no food? How can you live with no transportation? I do declare, they must take idiocy pills down in D.C. The whole bunch of them.

    • Larry

      Amen Jack. You hit the nail right square on the head & so did Black9.

    • well-duh

      Unfortunately lots of civilian jobs have that same unpaid overtime — and get booted before long term benefits kick in. Not everyone is a CEO with golden parachute. So its the injury and danger factor they are compensating. Be glad for what we have. In civilian world injury compensation has mostly converted to 3-12 months care and a single lump sum of 6 months to 20 years salary for all continuing disability. The upper end being for getting legs burned off and 70% burns to rest of body. World just expects young folks (<35) to go back to work at some point if they survive…or be very very conservative in living and medical aid.

  • Pete

    Why dont you look at the Obama Healthcare bill. In 2012 Medicare from Social Security goes up from $96.40 to $104.20 or 8.1%. In 2013 it goes up to $120.20 or 15.35%. THEN – in 2014 it goes up to $247.00 or 205.5%. That’s right 205.5%. The increase is 2562% over 3 years.

    • 1Cav

      That is not correct, check with medicare they show nor predict such increases.

      • Diane S

        Depends what state you’re in, Washington state did & will continue to increase the cost of Medicare to Seniors… my Mother has to pay a bit over $90 this year & they cut some of the prescriptions from her plan! Try that on a fixed $600 a month income. A Vet friend of mine in California said her’s was not effected however she is also a permant disabled Vet.

        • retiree

          Medicare is a national program – rates set by the Federal Government. Medicaid is the state-run program for the poor, with funding split between the two.

    • Tony

      Sorry Pete, you’re wrong, check this url:

      • Kevin

        Interesting reading. Take a look at that link everyone.

    • JustARetiredDude

      From 96.40 to $247 is a 256.2% increase, so you lost a decimal somewhere. However, I agree it is a bit much…so, what’s new with this broken government!!! Congress spends the money to break the government, but then they want US to fix the problem. I say vote every one of them out of office and get some new blood in there.

      • John Jones

        Please, just don’t vote the Tea Baggers back in.

    • Yelm

      Wrong, wrong, wrong! Go to… to get the stright dope. Cost is not projected to get even close to what Pete estimates.

    • Mac

      Thanks for the numbers Pete. Are they for real? If the rates are going that high that fast we will be in the hole very quickly.Where do these numbers come from??

    • Leroy

      Everyone that wants these entitlements needs to ask the most important of questions……where exactly is this COLA coming from? It is coming from a borrowed debt to China and elsewhere…..our country is broke, and we are outspending our income. We do not have a surplus to give any raises….ANYWHERE! It is time to cut out all the FAT and start living within a modest budget. If we ran our home finances this way, we would be in prison like Madoff!

      • jack

        why don’t we start with congress, lets lower therepay and benefits after that tax anyone making more t han a million a year and guess what wouldn’t have to borrow from the china. do you think it is an entitlement
        to pay veterans that fought these stupid wars I am a viet nam dissabled veteran and I am asuming with your attitude you have been in combat

      • acwao371

        who’s fat, why it’s the FAT CATS at the top and I agree lets cut some fat starting at the TOP

    • ATV

      Stop watching FOX & believing tea party emails, Pete. I was in the healthcare admin. field 30 yrs. & your info is totally untrue. The only premiums increasing lately are from Medicare Advantage Plans & they are administered by private insurance companies, not the federal gov’t. Private insurance is for profit with obscene CEO salaries, huge marketing budgets and shareholders. The Obama Healthcare Reform Law will soon force private insurance to spend 85% of the premiums they collect on healthcare. The federal gov’t spends 97% of premiums from seniors on healthcare. Private insurance spends 60%-65% of premium on healthcare now. Take profit out of healthcare.

      • Larry K

        Your exactly right ATV, I retired at 20 years and went into selling Health insurance, I quit 2 years ago as I could not put up with the scams that the health industry offered people. Imagine a 60 year old in good health, wife has a health problem but their premium from Blue Cross was $850 a month WITH A 10,000 deductible. We have to get away from the private insurance companies or no one will be able to afford healthcare. If everyone in the country had what we retired military with Tricare has or the Congress has everyone could be insured and it would cost Billions less.

      • R.D. Webb

        Why don’t You Quite buying THE ******** from the LIBERAL LEFT !
        Even the C.B.O. agrees with Pete. Fox News is the ONLY ONE Telling it Like It Is. The Lame Stream Media has called the T.E.A. Party every name under the sun right along the the LIBERAL LEFT. If this President was a Repub. the Left Wing Lame Stream News Media would have Crucified The President by now. So Where is ABC (All OBlama Channel) NBC (National Oblama Channel) CBS (Constant OBlama System) at ? With their Noses up OBlama *** !!!!!!!!

        • Kevin

          You need to check out this link

        • Jim

          total nonsense

        • Indy

          LMAO @ R.D.Webb. You Tea party baffons are delirious.

        • John Jones

          R.D. you can belive what you want, but you need to start using that gray matter in your skull, and stop listing to FOX news and others who don’t have the middle and poor class interest at heart. I am really sorry for people like you who cann’t tell the difference between truth and lies.

          WAKE UP!

    • Referrance please I can not find it only in E mails were in reports other then E mails.

    • Jim


    • mikeskysoldier

      Thankk God Almighty we have Obama in this financial crisis, can u imagine those roght wingers in charged, we’d be f’d!! Does anyone think that Bush could help us now, or his twin Perry? C’mon man! All the righties want now is to cut, and they ain’t talkin bout wars, TO&E and benefits, is what they’re lookin towards friends.

      • John Jones


      • Devil Dog


    • dsgt gch

      B4 u start pointing at the current president, and administration, let’s be real………….just like whp ever comes in after Pres. Obama will inherit his residuals, he had to take on someone elses mess. At least he is trying to make it right for everyone, and not just the rich, and OIL COMPANIES………..thats right…………all this mess that has gone on sonce daddy bush, and went on down to that ‘son-of-a-bush was about them messing up finacially with their oil investments, and them making ways to recoupe by any means necessary…………………

    • UH34D

      Nobody knows what the rate increases are going to be for 2012, 2013, 2014. The misinformation provided doesn’t help anybody.

      Our son, a Marine and Iraq combat veteran made an interesting comment to me a few weeks ago during one of our conversations. Our son stated ‘we own nothing’ and we all live under some form of government, some good governments, some bad. Hopefully we will remain living under a good government, not perfect but, at least one that keeps us safer than many countries governments and provides us with more than most others.

      Military pay and benefits, veterans treatment and disability payments here in the US are excellent compared to other countries on this globe. But health care in general is a real problem for us. We have to rethink how health care is given and provided as the current system is going to bankrupt America, hence increases in Medicare payments. If the system goes broke, then what is left?

      • G.I.P.

        What planet are you living on? Must be nice not having to rely on the benefits promised. So, Mom and Pops, think again.

    • G.I.P.

      GG – Isn’t that just “ducky”. What’s next, take everything and hope we croak so our esteemed elected officials have more money to spend on themselves. Disgusting.

    • doug


      Check your facts before you put a comment like this.on the web .This is not true..Not dealing in the truth is one reason our country is in such a mess..

    • buddy

      Unless the law has changed i believe that the cost of Medicare can,t go up more then the COLA.So that to me means that with the figures you have we should be getting COLA of at least those percents each of those years.Now like i first said unless they change the current laws.

    • John Jones

      Let’s look at what the president’s Healthcare program really does. It helps all those millons of children who before couldn’t get treated because of no health insurance, as well as the milllions of other people under the same situations. In the next couple of years, if the repulications don’t get their way will receiv so many other benefits.

      Yes, it makes everyone one have coverage, but there are so many people how can afford insurance that don’t have it, and when they go to the emergency room, we are the ones who have to pay for it.

      The one who seem to complain the most about the program, are the one’s who can afford good health insurance.

      Just remember, in this day and age, just because you are working and have a insurance program, doesn’t mean tomorrow you will be out of work, and coverage too.

    • birdfarmer

      I went on Medicare July 2010 and I am paying the the 2013 rate now and I pay for Tricare Prime every quarter for my wife. I guess next year I will be paying for Medicare at a new rate plus a new rate for Tricare for Life and the new rate Tricare Prime for my wife that started this Oct.

    • Bob

      Praise them as heros then screw them on benefits. What else is new at the land ofr OZ

    • Mont

      Where did U get this information? I called S.S. 2 days ago & asked them how much the deductable will be for 2012. They said “It hasn’t been determind yet sir!!!!!!!

  • Pete

    Correction 256.2%

  • Warren

    Write your irresponsible congressmen. They get their $5,000 COLA each year even if they didn’t vote for it. We have a bunch in Washington that have two mouths and both are lying. I never got paid for overtime in the Military. Just be back tomorrow and we will do it over again. I wrote three 6 weeks ago and none had the guts to reply.

    • MAD

      Congress could not care less. They are only concerned about themselves getting relected.

      • Retired

        A BIG AMEN!

    • JOHN

      These people in Washington D.C.are probably going on a crash diet. They need that cash to pay their over due grocery bills. We the people don’t need any cash because we are well taken care of.HA-HA

    • 1836eig

      It’s a hard choice to make; play a round of golf or take care of business!



      • JLP

        You are correct. Every time I write all I get is a blanket statement as to how they support the military – but they never reply to my questions. This last time I wrote them – they didn’t even respond. Well guess who is not going to get my vote!!

    • don

      did the same got the same as you no a disa. vnv no 9-5 jobs just 24-7

    • HS-AF

      I totally agree with you Warren.Until they have to live like the average citizen they have no care for anyone but themselves.


      True. We and our families seved and we never complained and got a monthly check and was proud to serve our country and defend its freedom and would do it over again I think the leaders in Washington should have to do a 4 year tour of duty and 16 year at there job and then retire on a limited budget and then they could write their elected officals

    • gary

      Warren is right in this accounting,but Warren you forgot 1 thing.. That group in washington also has the best health care in the world and they don’t have to pay a damn thing out of pocket courtesy of the tax payers. So i say if the washington IDIOTS get free health care then so should the rest of us who served in the armed services and those on SSI/SSD

    • Larry

      They don’t have any guts Warren because they’re empty inside. No heart, no liver, etc. Just empty space like whats between their ears.

  • JMG (Army Retired)

    Theres’ room for restraint throughout the DOD. Excessive, irresponsible spending needs to be curtailed. But…I take the opposite view as regards military personnel spending. Until civilian job descriptions include such job essential elements as: mandated, repeated, frequent extended work without access to family and friends; repeated chance of severe bodily injury up to and including death; forced (occasional) housing in sub-standard conditions for self and family; etc. military service members and veterans deserve much more than the average, civilian “joe”. Annual COLAs are but one example of what our government and each taxpayer owes us for volunteering to defend their ability to live the quality of life that non-service members do. If the government wants to treat all people fairly, then re-institute the draft. Until then, I’ll continue to speak out for those that deserve more – in prestige and compensation.

    • roger

      i agree with JMG can you see congress going to the field and telling their family good-bye to leave to go to war and not knowing if they will come back in one piece or even at all….

      • Dave

        They have been in congress so durn long they are too old to get the recruiting office door open.




    • jack

      you have made a point all politicians turn a blind eye to. Thanks

    • Danny

      Yeah i wrote to my congressman too, well yeah guess what! I get back in contact with you, week later, i have another contact for you to call maybe they can help you better than i. Well they get paid 165K a year for what. Nothing but sitting in DC arguing with each other. Yep 2012 is right around the corner Ky congress.

    • Ssg TAP

      Amen, I would love to see someone who has been elected to try to figure out a no pay due becuase of a screw up in finance. I would love to see the smiles and fake comments when the prividge of a hot shower is by lottery. i would give my comp and pen check to see one of these career do nothings give up there slot to a private who was extra muddy from filling sand bags for a few days.
      Some people have no idea. Some do and I apologize for lumping them in to the worthless crowd. And last I want to see the reaction of their wives/girlfriends or both when they get the call in the middle of the night over a long weekend to go to work and not know where. That is commitment, sarcrifice, and the best job I will ever have next to raising my kids. The fools in DC have no clue (for the most part).

    • H. Hauber

      Wow, Well said,, I believe in the draft and that every person should spend at lest two to three year in the military.. Maybe we could get rid of these kids that want to be a gang banger’ .. We need to start with the youth . Face it look at what we have now.. Most of our Congress never served a day in their life in the Military.. We need real men to work for us the people…
      H. Hauber USN CWO Retired

  • So is this raise supposed to go into effect January 1? This wonderful genocidal government has taken over $700 from my VA Disability over the last 3 months and over $150 from my retirement check just this month.This raise will not even put a dent in what the govt has recently taken. They need to send send me a few bags of groceries so I can eat again.

    Sick and tired of this CAPITALIST RULE IN WASHINGTO

  • edieppa2

    I just want my COLA computed at the same rate the politicians compute theirs. No more, no less.

    • James Richard

      They don’t want to to eat! The name of the game is population reduction!



      • Michelle

        “Give you a 100 dollars and take back 99…”

    • Michelle

      Roger that

    • Srbela

      Just the “ONLY-JUST- THING ” for the Congress to do. YUP! I agree, no more, no LESS. When was the last time we got that, HUmmmmmmm, can’t seem to remembersince Veitnam!

      • retiree

        the last two years – when Congress also did not get a COLA.

        Simple to find out if you go to and check the law, or check the Congressional websites. They also have not had a COLA since 2009.

        • jcherco

          but look at how long they serve to get retirement, and how much is it. they serve 1 term to retire. i served 2 years and still feel like i got the shaft.

          • jcherco

            correction 22 years

          • retiree

            False. They are under FERS (go to the Senate website and check the FAQ). They don’t vest until 5 years, and they don’t collect until age 62. Their accumulation is at 1.7%/year (vice our 2.5%/year). so, at vesting time, they have earned a whopping 8.5%, collectable at age 62.

            If they serve 20 years, they can collect at age 50 – and at 20 years they have earned a 34% retirement check.

            Oh, and they pay into this, SS, and their medical plan (FEHBP), which they only get while serving or when collecting retirement pay.

        • Devil Dog


  • Don Moy

    vote all Congress out and Obama too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Disgusted

      done you can count on me

    • Harv Goninan

      fools if we don’t

    • Dee

      Why don’t we vote you out. President Obama is not the problem it is Congress but it is people like you and the rest of the ignorant people in America who will blame him. All of you make me sick and I wish there was a way to weed out all of the stupid people in America. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it….

      • Jon

        Phuck u Dee!:). Go Obama! :).

      • James Richard

        Hmmmmmm! And what pipe R U smoking?

      • Nam Vet 72

        Seems like you have had something in your pipe and smokeing it !

    • Jon

      I say vote all of congress out and keep President Obama! He’s doing his best despite all he’s being blamed for that he either didn’t do or the current congress refuses to vote on!

    • Pam-Disabled2early

      Ok Don, let’s get real. Obama is not the problem here. Have you not looked at the crap he has been handed? He is doing the best that he can with the bunch of children he has to be a babysitter to. The COLA issue was already determined with the previous administration budget. It makes me sick when I see congress members who make more than the president. They get theirs whether they vote for it or not. Those who don’t actually push the button are cowards and should be the first to get booted because they will never fight for the people. Those who do vote for their COLA should be the next group to get booted because they are there for themselves. And to those who actually vote no should be given a chance to stay and prove themselves to the people and not to special interest groups. When I was in middle school 30yrs ago, the President’s salary was $200,000. I was old enough to understand that it was paltry for what the job description entailed. The salary has barely doubled in 40yrs. Obama is working for his salary. I can’t say the same for congressional members who fight like 3yr olds.

      • Devil Dog,USMC,DAV


    • joediver

      Ti me for a clean sweep. Sweepers, sweepers, man your brooms, give DC a clean sweep, empty all trash in receptacles provided on the number of unemployed.

    • brian

      Amen to that Brother!!!!

    • jones t

      obama didn’t start this 8yrs of bush can not be cleaned up in 2yrs with out congress’s help

  • FLG

    Great comments from all but we all know this is another DC goat-rope situation that always happens to all active and retired military personnel. Alot of changes need to be made on Capitol Hill.

  • Tim

    The problem here is that we have a bunch of (I’ll use a military term) dickheads changing the rules and promises given to military personel when they dedicated their lives to serve and protect the United States of America. ____I think every member of the HOUSE and SENATE in addition to the PRESIDENT should have served in the US MILITARY! (No room for protest organizers) Stop the lip service.

    • James Richard

      I’m with you, Tim!

    • Fred

      And not as an officer.

      • Chief

        How about half a career as enlisted and the other half as an officer like some of us?

        CW3, USA, RET

    • T Shoe

      i for one are not voting for incumbent

    • Brandy

      I’d go for that! I sure as he’ll didn’t vote for Obama!

    • DAM

      You are absolutely right. I have always believed that every Commander in Chief should have served in the US Armed Forces. Never thought about the HOUSE & SENATE, but that’s a great idea, and I wholeheartedly agree. Only then might they feel any humility, and have some empathy for their fellow man. In my generation (DOB 1942), those of us who served possess those qualities; those who demonstrated and spat upon the GI’s do not.

    • E9clyde9

      I think their service should be infantry, either Marines or Army.

    • Linda

      Tim is 100 per cent correct! No one should be Commander-In-Chief, when he has no military experience.

    • Impeach Obama

      Here’s the protest organizers from Oregon that Obama says he supports.

      For over 30 years the state has been controlled by lunatic liberals… However, five counties that voted for Obama flipped to vote for the GOP. You are damn right, there is no room for the Community Organizer in the White House!!! IMPEACH!!!!!!!!

      PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Portland police cleared the way on Southwest Main Street this morning, arresting eight Occupy Portland protesters who refused to remove their blockade. Mayor Sam Adams and police asked for the protesters’ cooperation in getting the street reopened earlier this week, but the group held its ground until police officers moved in at 6 a.m.

    • Seabee Chief Ken

      It’s all of us retired veterans who made it possible for all those *******s in Congress to have the freedom to get rich and get elected so they could get richer by accepting legal graft known as “campaign contributions” form corporate lobbyists, PACs etc. Then they have the nerve to refer to our monthly checks as “entitlements”. That’s all BS. We earned it by doing something they didn’t have the courage to do, put on a uniform and protect this country from all their friends who are now using our foreign aid money they give them to by weapons to use against our men and women who are now in harm’s way.

      What did they do to earn their expensive perks so they could be jerks and beat up on seniors and retirees when they’re down flat on their faces.

      I’d be more comfortable seeing our young people come home and stationed in airports, train stations, bus depots, ship yards etc. on ALL our borders, fully armed to the teeth and ready to deal with any threat that tries to sneak in.

      Spend a few billion dollars and line our borders with sniper towers and claymore mines and then let’s see how many get through. Radical, yes. Necessary, definitely yes.

      I’m proud to have served my country for 24 years but at the same time I’m ashamed of these morons in Congress. Their answer to solving this countries woes is to screw us all over. They make me want to puke on their high dollar suits. May they all burn in hell tomorrow so we can have a chance to start over.

      It worked in 1776. Couldn’t it work again?

  • Carl A

    This increase is just enough to put us in another tax bracket anyway. The bigger the increase, the bigger the tax. Veterans should be getting more of a tax break, I would take that over a 3% COLA increase.

    • gunner

      Happily, I don’t have to pay taxes on my VA disability compensation.

    • Mike Caudle

      This is the smartest comment I’ve read so far.

  • James Richard

    It’s time for Congress to take a big fat reduction in pay and benefits for their inept handling of OUR tax bucks. And, as far as their retirement benefits are concerned, no Congressman should collect retirement until they have served 20 years in either the house or senate. What’s fair for the little man is fair enough for them. What say you?

    • Bev

      I’m a widow of 2 years. married for 50 yrs, 5 children. Would live military life all over the good and even the Vietnam time which was hell. We had a wonderful life, good & bad. Now I have the memories. We made it through thick and very thin times, We lived our 20 yr military (A.F.) lived our retirement, Somehow we made it, Everyone look at the good times, enjoy your life while you can. Don’t let it pass you by. Save for the lean times. I miss the military life Find something good each day.

    • Disgusted

      I say enough is enough, you are absolutely correct and as I see it if we continue on this path, we have seen the end of our military dedication as we know it.

    • RetGrunt95

      I agree. I can screw up our economy as good as these congressman have, and I would do it at a much lower salary and less perks. Shall we incorporate ‘pay for performance’ for these fools? No performance, no pay increase.

    • Rudy

      I belive that they should not receive any retirement, change the law to restrict them to a max of two terms as a Senator and six terms as a representive.

      • michelle

        We have term limits. You retire at 20 years. Most of us don’t stay over that. So why not make those so called Senators and congressman who are suppose to support the military terms. Heck, some of us fight a daily battle with scars left by their service and we don’t get jack if we didn’t retire. I welcome any up in my comp, it is the only income I receive.

    • Larry K

      It’s time to vote every member of Congress out of office, but make sure they do not take their retirement fund with them. If they serve one term they are able to get their retirement for life, quite a bit more then a military retiree. Kick them all out and put in term limits, they were never supposed to make a lifetime career out of Congress, that was not the intent of the founding fathers. Vote them all out and make sure that the term limits are TWO TERMS FOR A SENATOR, 4 TERMS FOR A CONGRESSMENT

    • Harry

      I concur with James however:Since they receive 100% after one full term I do think they should have that reduced to 40% but only get that when they reach 65 years old ;)

      • retiree

        One more time:

        Congress is under FERS, same as the Civil service. They gain retirement at 1.7%/year, vested after 5. so after “1 full term” (2 years) they have nothing. After 5 years, they have the right to 8.5% of their top 3 years, payable at age 62. After 20 years, they can collect at age 50. By law, the max is 80%. Oh and they pay into this program, as well as Social Security.


    • Dixie Berry

      I say that I agree with you. Every year it is the same thing. ” Let’s increase our pay because we need more money, but let’s consider how much our fighting men and women should get since they are the ones that give up everything.” Congress is quick to give themselves raises as well as raises to their staff, but we, as current and former military do get shafted. I haven’t had a COLA increase in 2 yrs, but more taxes are taken out. Now, they argue about an increase for next year, yet all our out of pockets benefits have increased so what use will that measely 3.4 % do for us except give us less to use? Congress, decrease you pay by 15%, increase your out of pocket expenses, and then continue doing so for 3 yrs. Then, after you have done it and see how we have had to live, maybe you will be more considerate to us.

    • Veteran

      Oh no, not 20 years. It should be term limits. If they are doing nothing that benefits the Veterans, but screwing us all the time; why give them 16 more years. If they did nothing in their first term (4 yrs), then kick them out of office with term limits; no exceptions, no waivers. Why give them 16 more years, unless those are 16 years served on active duty.

    • JOE

      THATS A BIG 10-4 JAMES

    • ronald m

      a men I have e-mailed our montana peoplr on the hill and not one have replied we need to all vote to clean house ans senate the nwhole bunch need to goronal m

    • Yes , I agree

    • marco

      i absolutely agree with you. these are greedy politicians. they do not really care with us. They must pay their fair share. They’re paycheck supposesd to get CUT big too.



    • Abobhk

      LTC? Naw

    • James Richard

      Congressman should lead by example and take an immediate 30% reduction in pay and a 30% reduction in retirement pay. That would be a good beginning for being “Fair and balanced”.

      • Diane S

        Not only that but they shouldn’t get a staff & office for life like Nancy Pelosi, they should also just get to contribute to a 401 like most people & live on SS like everyone else, it’s no wonder we’re going broke.

    • Black9

      You are right Col

    • gary robinson

      you what LIGHT Col.. i can say this now your full of CRAP

    • moero

      wherehwere your prayers when bush took us into two wars?

    • Jon

      Phuck u LTC Doo Doo Brown! Go President 0bama aka ur boss! Phucker!

    • mikeskysoldier

      Another ignorant remark from another rightie! There is no one on the right runnin that have half, that’s right, not even half the brains OBAMA has. We all know it, and can see it. Bush has put our country on the brink, never forget that. He sent our troops into combat without all the necessary equipment, especially uparmored stuff, then put us in a theatre we didn’t need to go, costing us a trillion in cash, and God knows how many lives, Iraqi and American. Call a spade a spade, look at Haliburton, electrocuting guys, no bid, huge contracts, C’mon man!!!

    • david

      Sad to say so LTC, this started long before Obama got into office. bush messed it up and they blame obama. I’m just saying.

      • RETIRED


    • HMC, USN (RET)

      Lt Col Brown, it probably best that you don’t reveal exactly who you are, but i guess you re probably white and probably a republican, and probably a closet racist/tea bagger. Why don’t you and all the rest of the complainer point ther finger at your last President and blame him for the situation we are in now, and try to work with this President who is trying to fix a FUBAR.
      You agree that the congress vote their own pay increases??? w/o asking, You agree that the previous admin succeeded in closing our commissaries and xchanges and bases. When was ther last time you visited WRAMC. . You have it twisted, you just don’t like the fact that our President is an intelligent black man, And this country is in the the skids, because ther money went elsewhere. overeases to pay for a war that has cost us young lives. Come on Colonel, be a man and get your head out of your ass. It’s not the President, what do you want the man to do, He was left with one hell of a mess. but just like everything else in history, a black man has been called in to clean up the white man’s mess. you might be one of the henchmen.



    • Jerry Swedlund

      Just a reminder, all appropriation and financial bills start in the House of Reps. So, you should start there, not with the ultimate signer of bills into laws.

      • Fhp007

        Jerry. I doubt that most responding here are inteligent enough to understand the concept of how legislation becomes law. Give up. Those that don’t know, never will. Those that understand have given up trying to explaing the process to the dummies…

    • Oceanside

      What are the other side offering Mr. Brown?

  • Jack

    What James Richard says makes sense. That said, I have “morphed” into an advocate of term limits, or “non-professinal” politicians. With few exceptions they tend to grow into Barbara Boxers put-down of Gen Petraeus addressing her as “M’am” vice “Senator” – a title Ms. Boxer believes she “earned.” They become an elite group who are out of touch with the real world, and many have not held a “real job” let alone any level of responsibility, leadership, or administration in their lives.
    Let them get a retirement the old-fashioned way. Work for it!

    • CPO, USN, Retired

      Small detail….it wasn’t General Petraus that she insulted. It was Brigadier General Michael Walsh who, as all us military minded people know, used the correct term for a female ‘Senior’ personage. Her small minded and insulting treatment of a flag Officer of the U S Military was rude and disrespectful to the nth degree. Just wanted to insure that the insult she gave was properly attributed. Other then that, completely agree with the post and most comments.

    • slygem

      Check your facts, Jack. Like most others who spew on here, you too are wrong. Do the proper backgrounding before saying Boxer did a put-down on Petraeus. It wasn’t Patraeus to whom she spoke.

  • LouG

    As a retired USAF CMSgt having served 28 years and being promised free medical care forever, I’ve learned to live with all the broken promises our Government made to us. If I get COLA, I’m happy; if I don’t, I have to lump it. I’m fortunate I receive some medical treatment at a military hospital, but the expensive treatments are in the civilian sector. When I see what Tricare and Medicare are charged for my and my wife’s care, I want to cry, scream, etc. I’ve written all my so called elected officials, and receive the standard reply. They support the military, veterans, and retired military. Yet, they complain about the increasing cost of health care for all of us, active, former, or retired. The majority of our elected officials have never served. They have no idea of what our WWII, Korean, or Viet Nam vets went through. They claim to know what our GIs in Iraq and Afghanistan are going through, because they get secured tours there to observe. Let’s face it fellow military; nothing will change, it will continue to get worse!

    • James Richard

      I’m a retired Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman with 22 yrs of service. Our elected officials continue to provide us with wagon loads of cow ****! Their due some cow pies for a change! Stay tuned for one helofa revolution. My motto is “Keep your powder dry”!

    • retired USAF

      Chief, Are our elected officials going to Afghanistan and Iraq to visit the military or is it so they can get a months tax free income by visitng a couple of days?

    • mrcava

      There is nothing new under the sun! Nothing is going to change until Christ returns.

    • ByronP

      Amen To That LouG! We Can Fight For Our Country But The Country Will Not Fight For Us Vets!!!!



    • Guest

      I agree with you 100%. I was in my 29th year and after a tour in Iraq I came down with Diabetes. Funny how after I came out with this the VA is doing a massive study. A few friends that I have in the Airforce all came down with diabetes after they came back from Iraq. All are being put out of the military. I want to know why it takes the VA so long to approve compensation for a disability that the army gave. Its a never ending game of chase your disability check.

    • HMC,USN(RET)

      you know you are pissing into the wind right. how is it that the congress gets to vote and pass their own pay raises w/o asking. and get the crumbs that fall. don’t hate the Pres, how would you like to come into a command and have to clean up the mess left behind from the previous Chief. coulod you do it in a tour. change of command, “I had it, you got it, I’m gone. The repubs are so screwed they don’t even have a candidate, i love to see white, “powerful” men fight amongst themselves against one powerful black man, who happens to be the President, why hasn’t anyone called “W” on the carpet for leaving this mess, And expect The President to fix it…now. Watch the movement in this country. people are fed up, and it’s not Pres O’s fault,

    • LLS

      Very true. You said it well. I think elected officals should have had to do at least one tour in the military with a least a 6 – 9 month of that in a combat zone to know what it is like for the price of freedom for our beloved and best country in the world

    • Logsdt

      It is changing. This week Wallgreens sent me a letter stating they would no longer fill Trycare perscriptions because of problems with new Gov Regs .
      How many more Drugstores are gong to follow?

    • VPChief

      LouG Right on!
      Read VPChief below. I think, if I am right then it’s time for our generation and the 2 millon + retires to take to Washington.

  • Thanks for doing the math Pete. I heard plan had bad news

    but first time I have seen figures. I think Wall Street protest

    is in wrong city. They seem to need an injustice to rally

    against. The ones I’ve talked to really think when Obamacare

    kicks in it means everybody can book an appointment with

    a doctor of their choice and then get free health care. Are they

    in for a surprise! Al Sharpton just arrived to lead them today.

    If I get a COLA, I think I need to buy more ammo.

    • TazMage

      I’m getting a gun first, should have a long time ago, but I had kids around the house then, but they’ve grown up now so I guess it’s time to go get a gun and ammo…

      • TOM


    • Kevin
    • mikeskysoldier

      Obamacare insures your family will be protected from being denied coverage, and your neighbor and relatives too, when they get terribly sick or injured, and they now can’t be suddenly dropped to fend for themselves.. Don’t fall for the bs, it’ll give everyone health coverage for the 1st time in America. C’mon man, don’t fall prey to their lies, Obamacare is great for you, and your countrymen, period!

    • cajunvet

      Did I read correctly???? AL SHARPTON???? That f’n idiot needs to go back home!!!!!! What the hell can HE do?

  • David

    I think we found where the cuts should be make first! Salary of US President —-$450,000 For Life . Salary of House/Senate members——–$ 174,000 for Life Salary of Speaker of the House ———-$ 223,500 for Life Salary of Majortiy/Minority Leaders———$ 193,000 for Life Average salary of a soldier DEPLOYED IN AFGHANISTAN –$ 38,000 Average income for seniors on SOCIAL SECURUTY –$12,000.

    (Retired Navy )

    • Chief

      The so called, “Occupy Wall Street Protestors should be in fron of the White House and the Capitol protesting this. They are in the wrong place.

      CW3, USA, RET

      • anotherDAV

        They sure are. We are all in the wrong place if we are not in front of the White House protesting these salaries. BS everywhere! WE NEED AN AMERICAN SPRING!!!

    • George Dailey

      Not to mention that with their inflated salaries and retirement benefits their taxes go down due to special deductions (just as Wall Street). In the meantime, my retirement benefits goes down due to increases in withholding taxes based on the same benefits from 3 yrs ago. That equaled out approximately $1,000.00 over the past 2 years. That’s merely a down payment on my rocery bill (and I’m skinny if anyone thought otherwise).

    • Joseph C Moore

      Thank you for the figures David. As a 30 year Navy retiree, I don’t receive any where near what these MISREPRESENTATIVES (all the above named) get. Most of them have absolutely no idea of what a career serviceman goes through and as I stated, they are misrepresenting the electorate that pays them.

    • Mac

      There is something bad wrong with this picture.The protestors should be protesting this outrage.How in the world do we get this wrong corrected.If we vote them out and vote in new members of both houses then they just join the same gravy train.

    • seabeebugs

      My husband and I were just talking about this the only one who should get paid for life is the pres and vp and thats only because of all the stress and not all of them deserve it . But what a savings we would have let the rest of them join us lowly people that have to work for a living :)

    • ByronP

      Thats Right David!! And Give The Us Little People More To Live On That Fought For This Country!!!! Iam With You On That!!!

    • LMS

      Thank you David. The people in Washington make way to much . They should have to retire after being there ten years if they have not functioned and they promised and should have to pay taxes as we do and and pay medical cost as we do. They get to retire with way way more than they deserve. They are citizens just like any other citizen.There would be more money for the government to use if they did this.

    • SFC(RET) DJ Simon

      Amen brother, but you are preaching to the choir. Are you kidding me, after 22yrs of service and retiring as a senior noncomm in US Army, I make under 25Kper year and they say our pension plan is too generous. I don’t remember seeing any of them in the mud,the jungle,the snow, uprooting family or facing hostile fire. What is wrong with this picture. Talk about out of touch! Man, to think we vote these idiots in place.

    • ROBERT


      • retiree

        PLEASE READ MY POST ABOVE. Congress currently gets less percentage retirement than the military (34% after 20 years, vice 50% for the military), pays for it, and pays SS and for their health care. Oh, and the earliest they can collect is age 50.

        Amazing to see folks post false information here AFTER being provided the facts.

  • Thanks for doing the math Pete. I heard plan had bad news

    but first time I have seen figures. I think Wall Street protest

    is in wrong city. They seem to need an injustice to rally

    against. The ones I’ve talked to really think when Obamacare

    kicks in it means everybody can book an appointment with

    a doctor of their choice and then get free health care. Are they

    in for a surprise! Al Sharpton just arrived to lead them today.

    If I get a COLA, I think I need to buy more ammo. :o)

    • Brandy

      I’m stocking up!

  • Rod B

    The t

  • Arthur E. Schuck

    Congrats TVJ: Yea I read it too. They always figur out how to change what they promise!

  • John Tunison

    Sorry for double post. I’m new at this because
    recently became an invalid and have to do my
    complaining on an iPad from here on out.
    Site monitor, pls take this & my 2d post down.

  • Jack

    Herman Cain has it right in two areas:

    He accused the anti-Wall Street protesters of being jealous of other people’s money and turning themselves into victims.

    “Part of it is jealousy. I stand by that,” Cain said on the CBS program “Face the Nation” Sunday. “And here’s why I don’t have a lot of patience for that: My parents, they never played the victim card. My parents never said that we hope the rich people lose something so that we can get something.

    “No. My dad’s idea was I want to work hard enough so that I can buy a Cadillac, not take somebody else’s,” said Cain

    Cain didn’t serve in the Military, but he sure has his head on straight and understands the real world through not just his considerable education but in the “school of hard knocks.” (I don’t condider community organizing as real-world experience.)

    • Disgusted


  • Jack


    When a reporter asked Cain the other day, what he thought about the demonstrations up on Wall Street, Cain said, “First of all, Wall Street didn’t write these failed economic policies — the White House did,” and then added, “Why don’t you move the demonstrations to the White House?”


      No Wall Street did not write them their F**king lobbyists did! THEN their F**king congress passed “legislation”. THEN we got screwed…
      Learn how the system works.

  • Clark

    I agree with all these comments. I spent 40yrs. in the military and I feel like all people should even get a better break than others (non-military) and I remember the bigist COLA I got was in the 1980’s when they had a 7.5 Cola increase and I beleive that all are troops deserve an increase like that again or more because they are putting their lives on the line for America and for their family and children.

  • gunnyd

    If Obama has a say in it, our pensions will be “CUT” by 3.7% Remember, Obama thinks the military is overpaid.

    • Phil Johnson

      President Obama didn’t say that. The Republicans in Congress said that !!!.

      • Devil Dog,USMC,DAV

        Wrong Johnson, listen to the gunny, you might learn something.

        • can369

          The party of NO is in this guys head. His motto is just blame OBAMA regardless of the truth. What branch of the military was he in? Probably NONE! The only fight in him is with his wife or girlfriend.

  • Dan

    IF Obama gets lucky or steal the next election I would highly recommend anyone who is not close to retirement to get out before they get burned some more. I retired when Clinton got elected. I wanted to do another 10 to reach the 30 mark but couldn’t take his DADT and the base closures going down due to the peace dividend they perceived after USSR collapse.
    Just wait till Obama gets everyone out of the middle east and if you think the military is threatened now with cuts you ain’t seen nothing yet. I don’t even trust the Republicans to build the military infrastructure back to a decent level.
    The Congress and Executive branch have only two basic mandates, to protect the Constitution and the Country. They aren’t doing either.

    • Jim SJN




    • Phil Johnson

      Did you vote against Bush for his second term?

  • Rick Swanson

    We seem to be hitting our heads agains a brick wall. I have read all of the blogs regarding this unfortunate situation and can not add any more constructive comments. However, I will add that I agree with most comments (except the ones that think josting politicians will help; plus the one who wants to buy ammo). As a retired Master Chief, I was implied numerous promises upon retirement in which I have not received, one being free medical and the other was COLA increases. Neither one has materialized, but I am greatful for the bounty the Lord has provided myself and my family. Don’t worry, be happy, and just make your voice heard come election time. Regardless of who is in office, however, I believe nothing will change. I am not submitting to defeat, I am only being real…

    • James Richard

      Master Chief, you don’t have to agree, just agree to disagree and VOTE!!

  • Michael D

    They all talk about spending, cuts, more spending, and more cuts…
    Has anybody thought about the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars being
    spent on these companies, with government contracts, for doing
    the same thing that we pay the military to do..i.e.; KBR and other companies
    in Afghanistan, and other places, for handling the jobs that we train our
    military to do. Such as dining, security, just to name a few!
    Yea let’s cut the military and pay these companies two and three time as much.

    • Phil Johnson

      That’s one of the aims of President Obama but the fat-cat Republicans won’t let him because they are owned by the rich contractors.

  • S. Smith

    As an AF Widow elgible for Tricare For Life I had a prescription filled this week at my local pharmacy. I have always paid $9.00 for a 90 day supply, this time it cost me $15.00 for the same medication.

    • Pensacola

      Use mail order. It will be much cheaper.

    • bob

      If you can use the internet and if it’s a generic drug, home delivery will cost you nothing.

    • OldSalt Widow

      My $27 for three month medication went up to $75. Shocked me! But, I am thankful for everything I get. Thank you to all who served our country over the years!! Thank you for keeping ME safe and allowing me to live in freedom. I can never repay you!

  • bill chapman

    This is just another ploy by the government to stick to us…They say they will give us a cola and then find a way to rob Peter to pay Paul…It is us who are getting robbed…You never hear of congress loosing any of their benefits…The military paid congress their benefits with our blood…I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of congress and this current so called President sticking it to the American People….

  • ParaMarine

    More ammo as John said may be needed. Divide and conquer seems to be the theory going on in Washington. Now they want to do away with Captalism. Lincoln said if America falls it will be from within, and I think we’re getting to that point.

  • Eldon

    Yes, a COLA would be nice as everything goes up if we get one or if we don’t…I’m sick of everyone trying to blame President Oboma for all the problems, sure he may have created some, but with “Our” Congress not wanting to pass a D— thing because they are “Republican” and the President is a Democrat, what ever happen to being an American First, and putting America ahead of polotics……

    • queenrosered

      Eldon..I’ve been reading all these posts and yours is the most insightful and truthful. I KNOW how frustrating it is. My OWN VN Army vet husband has a 100% service-connected disability rating, so gets ALL his care from the VA.
      That and his SSD allow us to live pretty well.
      Obama CANNOT fix what Bush, Cheney & Rove screwed up for EIGHT years. Nor can ANY President, Rep. or Dem. with all the OBSTRUCTION from the majority Congress being the opposition. Oh sure..they COULD put aside politics for the sake of the country but NOOOooo! That might give the Prez an edge in 2012! So EFF the “little people”, AGAIN!
      I HATE to see Obama taking the blame for things NOT in his control! He is the most RIGHT leaning Dem in office in a LONG time..That’s what’s so misunderstood by too many.
      At any rate, if my hubby gets a 3.7% COLA, it will mean apx. $118 a month more in our pockets.I can’t complain.
      As for the belief that EVERY member of Congress and the Prez should have military experience, I disagree. Reeks too much of a “military state” and a great warrior would NOT necessarily make a good President. And vice versa. Strengths and weaknesses should be realistically taken into consideration. I would submit that for a P-Word (ending in “Y”), Obama sure has managed to take out some TOP terrorist without rattling sabers. Thanks guys, Good Luck to all & Thanks for your service.

      • Dave

        The economy was doing great until Nancy Pelosi got a hold of the Nations purse in 2006 unemployment was 4% then Democrats took over congress ad the country went to pot very fast.

  • Chief

    I am sure it will be disputed whether there was any inflation at all just so they can have an excusive to not giving us a raise going on three years now.

    CW3, USA, RET

  • We were all a bunch of naive bastards weren’t we?

  • Jay

    i understand congress gave themselves 3000. a month raise for thier cola raise

  • Gary

    Raise or no raise…there are 400+ congressmen and women and 1president that need to be rode out of Washington on a railroad tie! Start from scratch…my grandmother cooked from scratch and it always tasted better!

    • James Richard

      Amen, Gary!!

  • Don

    Well thats about par then tricare goes up from $460 to $520 then medicare food, gas, electricity, and anything else. Good bye raise.
    Retired MMC

  • bob

    The liberal left got the man they wanted into the White House in 2008. The Tea Party has been demeanized being called racist ( of which I have yet to see ANY video of a Tea Party person saying anything like that ). It’s now time to swing the pendelum the other way in 2012. So much depends on this election. It’s time for the people to truly represent us. We need to do the best job to elect those who back the Tea Party principles. 1 Caveat. They must be electable or it doesn’t do any of us any good. Obamacare MUST be defeated. 2012 is our only chance. Otherwise we are cooked as a nation. Get anyone you know who didn’t vote last time and can’t stand the buffoon in the White House to go register so they can vote this time.

  • danny

    first let me say,that barbara boxer is a donkeys @@@. how dare a blow hard as she is to correct a general. she has gotten a big head and does not work for the people.
    got the in crease in tricare this month,$30.00 bucks a year. i really can not complain about that! i can complain about our tax dollars going to third world countries and never getting repayed!! the money NEVER makes it down to the lowest village. just look at them.
    time is now for a change of command for all. they have failed at their duties as out lined in the constitution. the military change could do this.

  • Milton

    This is the same process may be used over and over again with the American military, they use us up. If we elect to serve over 20 years they start wearing us out with fees for this and that. I too have written to my Congressman and Sen. with the same form letter, thank you for your concern we support the military at all the veterans. What a crock. If we want to change things we need to do it in the voters in the voters booth. The military does have many a program that can be reduced or cut altogether to save money. They don’t need to do it on the retirees back. It’s time now to register our disapproval and vote them all out of office.

  • Edward Hurst

    First of all, I want to say that I am a registered Democrat and have been all my adult life. However, I don’t vote straight party lines and have not for quite a while. I vote for who I feel is best for the Country. Most of the time it is for the lesser of two evils. I will mention this and hope that everyone remembers it.
    During the elections, I specifically remember the military absentee vote that was NOT allowed. The democratic party fought against allowing it. I am not so proud to be a registered democrat anymore. For the first time in my life, I am afraid for my Country. I am ignorant about history, but I remember one of our Presidents said “we won’t have to worry about our Country being destroyed from an enemy, it will be destroyed from within” (or words to that effect). Our current democratic party is doing it’s best to destroy the economy from within. Never in my life, have I been so concerned with the actions of a US President. I will stand behind him on the Bin Laden take-down but I have seen little that I can support him on before or since. This Country has existed on the principles or our founding Fathers, God, Guns and Guts. He, and others are so eager to take them all from us. It is a sad day when the voter does not know who the Presidents running mate is, or doesn’t know what a POW is. It really should be a requirement that a voter be required to know a bit about what he/she is voting for.

    • bob

      The quote was from Abraham Lincoln, first republican president

    • Jim SJN

      Call it fascist tyranny. Look it up in the dictionary

  • will brockman

    What else is new! These government yahoos sit around their big conference tables and think up ways to screw the average people when corporations and special interest groups get all the breaks.

  • it’s we need you now…screw you later…

  • jim mckinney

    bitch bitch bitch

    • James Richard

      That, Jim, is what is called FREEDOM!!

  • timg99

    Probably the majority of we retirees are from the Vietnam era. This is just another big “welcome home and thank you for bleeding for us” while we stayed home and went into politics. Somethings never change -20 years from now they’ll be screwing over the vets that are fighting now.

  • fatefullightining

    Bush and Obama froze VA and SS because the government was broke, or going broke. I’m supporting four people [two teenage males that eat like bailing machines] on disability [wounds received in combat, ‘Nam] with no COLA for two years, BUT we dropped a lot of cash on Goldman Sachs, et al. So much that Bernanke was asked a week after the money went out,”Where did it go? Who got how much?” He said he didn’t know. They all got bailed. So, an increase in costs in the street [again] now gets reflected in benefits, finally. Is this where I say ,”Thank you massah.”? It is totally corporate welfare and it is the only bipartisan act the Congress and the Executive can get behind with the exception of perfecting their imitation of swine, giving swine a bad name.

  • David E. Benedict

    I’m a retired CPO USN and have been through all this crap before and it will never end. Military personnel are always the first to fight for our country and first to be denied benefits including pay, disability compensation and medical care. We’ve been promised so much over the years and then promises broken – just like the American Indians. As an American Indian I’m used to this type of treatment. Welcome to the broken promises club.

  • wtchdg22

    obama said on 5 september 2011 “but i want to be absolutely clear – we cannot and we must not balance the budget on the backs of our veterans and as commander in chief i won’t allow it”. so there you have it. he lied as usual. we put our lives on the line so that he can lie, so that he can live high on the hog, so that his henchmen can get their pay raises. we need to take our country back in november 2012!!!!! we must unite, we must not forget what he and his henchmen are doing, for that matter all of the politicians, all 536 of them. they don’t care about us, all they care about is lining their pockets. obama told fiat to forget about paying back 14 billion, yes, BILLION of the stimulus loans because fiat now owns chrysler. so he bought the union vote. he thinks the military is stupid and is not on to his lies and deceit. UNITE, UNITE, UNITE, VOTE THEM ALL OUT IN 2012!!!! let this be our cry for taking our country back, UNITE, UNITE, UNITE AND VOTE THEM ALL OUT IN 2012!!!!!!

    • Rick

      It’s delusional to say “we need to take the country back in 2012!” We say that every election cycle, and not only do things NEVER change, they get FAR worse! These forces of evil are SOOO entrenched, that ONLY violent civil war will EVER dislodge them! That requires militias with snipers who are every BIT as proficient as ANYTHING the corrupt and had military, paramilitary, police, and para police can produce! It also requires the aid, assistance, and active support and participation of the military and police. Based on our past experiences, and what’s going on NOW, it does’nt look like that will ever happen! If anyone decent like Ron Paul DOES get in, and refuses to kiss dirty Israel’s ASS, he can expect to be assassinated! They did it to Kennedy when he made noises about distancing ourselves from Israel, so why would’nt they do the same to Ron Paul!?

  • D3864

    This is nothing new. In 1963 Kennedy gave us a pay raise. Of course he took away overseas pay. I was in Germany at the time.

  • Voix Velour


  • Jay W. Bagley

    The President will use his executive powers and stop any increase as he has done for other programs, even two years, even though the formula works out for an increase

    • jlp

      He might let this cola increase go thru. It’s an election year. After that we won’t get one.

  • W. L. Mays

    A point we may be overlooking is that the United States of America is a government “of, by, and for the people” and the people (military personel are a vital part of this group) are the ones that are to set the standard. To this end the excellent information and opinions shared in this blog should be continually made known to our respective representatives coupled with the demand for their accountablity. Voting out the current “politicians” and replacing them with new “politicians” will in time, I believe, leave us in the same perdicament. The most effective method, again my belief, is to require the “politicians” to perform their jobs just as the members of the military are required with the same results for failure to do so. A successful recall election (which could be likened to non-judicial punishment or a courts marshall) of a politician is far more devastating to her/his career that simply loosing an election. Through the recall process, I believe, there is also a loss of benefits though I will have to verify this. It also sends a very strong message to all other sitting “politicians”. Let us continue communicating with one another and also include our political representives, friends, family and others that are like minded. If you are driving the car (government) and drive into a tree (political system) don’t blame the tree. Drive better so that the tree does not become an obstacle to progress and justice!

  • P. D. Quick

    I am bent over and at attention for the “Bamanator” to do me.

  • Mitch222

    Ron Paul 2012 is all I have to say…. The only one that will bring us all home… Having no raise in Cola for the last 2 years really worked well with gas prices almost doubling… Ron Paul hates Government spending, but will never take anything away from fellow Veterans… He’s the only Veteran in the race, if you didn’t know…

  • Mert

    Write to your State representative and tell them how you feel. Send the
    article. Do something. They give it and then take it.

  • I agree that a Cola raise would be nice and our politicians make too much and that Obama got screwed by Bush’s mess. he tried to fix something that cannot be fixed in one term in office. Our generation also is to blame. We have unions that will not take lower wages to turn a widget or deliver a letter. There goes their jobs overseas. We have people on welfare who will take a check for free but God help them go into a store or place of business with a help wanted sign on the front door. We did help mess this up. I am also retired enlisted and a disabled Vietnam Combat vet. Lets just stop p-ssing and moaning and be glad we are not the old who cannot afford to eat or the Vet who has no legs or arms. A cola would be nice and I sure could use it. BUt stop the complaining and realize America is still the best place to live. If you do not like the way it is run for office or leave. I am so tired of the BS that everyone wants something for nothing. Sure Tricare is going up. What about the people that have no medical ? There is always someone worse off then the people who are complaining about Cola. At least we served, had some good times and great friends and if it takes no Cola for future generations to not have it as screwed up as we have it then so be it ! It is not getting any better- Just think how it would be now if Palin would have won ???

    • 1836eig

      Do you realize that over 90% of the jobs that are going awol overseas are non-union jobs! Now that truth is not convenient to use for the far right politicians, so they never mention it.

    • Jack

      Palin has a son who just completed a deployment, and understands the military. She did a GREAT job as Guv in Alaska with tremendous bi-partisan support in the legislature. Palin had “real world” experience working her way through college and later running a small business. She topped a political career with her huge support in Alaska as Governor. Extremely intelligent, sharp, full of common-sense, we would not be in the downhill spiral we are economically were she in office rather than the community organizer.

      • 1836eig

        Right, she would’ve got bored and quit by now!

        • Conserve

          No because the Democrats could not have file false complaints against her as VP. Like they did when she was Gov costing both her and the taxpayers of Alaska loads of money defending against false claims. Democrats one step lower then the slim on the bottom of a rain barrel.

      • max

        get a life man. If that person had won the election we wiould be in deep do do. If the Republicans get into office, oh brother I hate to even think about it. Bush had 8 years to mess this country up, now you expect President Obama to get it straightened out in just 4 years. What’s between your ears???

    • Jim SJN

      BTW as a historical eference point, the union movement in the USA was initiated by the CPUSA

    • max

      right on!!! I agree with every thing you have said. I served for 20 years 13 days and I don’t regret a day of it. I have been retired now since 1974 and I havn’t missed a retired paycheck,havn’t paid a dime for any prescriptions, or paid a dime on any doctor bill since. I have tricare for life and medicare. what more could I ask for? I served one tour in Korea and two tours in Vietnam. I have all my arms and legs and a sound mind, life is great !!!

      • Don

        Tri Care for life people will pay in 2 more years. I guess you have no wife that is on tri-care prime. Retiress getting out after 20 years are like 38 years ld and will have to pay dearly for their healthcare till age 65. Why do we have to pay after serving and the lazy on medicaid pay nothing and even get free housing? I lived on base and they took my BAQ so i never got free housing. Those lazy are gonna get even more under Obama as we pay more to support his spending and support of the lazy having lots of kids. Life should be good for anybody that served 20 years or more and i was promised free medical all my life when i retired in 1993. Then they brought in tri-care. I pay for meds by mail at $3 for no brand meds. That will go up soon too.

    • ron

      You say it pretty well, but I think most of us are upset about this because we are being forced to make these sacrifices while not much is being done to force the welfare roles down or curb expenditures through compensation to our elected officials. True, we did vote them into office; and, we should have known that none have been as honest as we would like but the fact remains that we already made the sacrifice ( some with their lives, some with body parts and all with hardship and time lost or wasted in combat. I too am a retired military veteran with combat related disability, and I can still work but there are a shitload of us who can’t – I didn’t say won’t – work and they need all they have earned and some.

  • Fred

    Amen to that brother!!!!

  • johntidyman

    Congress never disappoints, does it?

  • 1836eig

    What cola? talk on the hill is of curtailing cola until the retiree hits at least age of 60. It’s just another cost cutting measure that I can assure you won’t hurt your congressman/woman one little bit.

  • billy stone

    When I consider the Tricare increases, and the COLA deal it reminds me of the days when our annual uniform allowance went up. Just so happened, the costs for uniforms were raised accordingly. I could kick myself in the butt for entrusting my future to the government. If I had it to do over, I’d do one hitch and get the hell out. No way my 22 years was worth it. I (like most veterans) I have had to fight for everything promised to me. I appreciate the fact that there are a lot of veterans a whole lot worse off than I am. I struggle internally because I know I have a bad attitude, but it just seems that we have an ungrateful nation with such an untrustworthy government that neither of them deserve a professional, committed defense force. Other times though, I think most people appreciate our dedication, but when I see something like this COLA and Tricare deal it seems its all just verbal tribute. I personally don’t understand why there isn’t some public outrage, but the simple fact is (with the exception of very few civilians, and veterans) the public doesn’t bother itself with what’s happening to it’s retired (or disabled) military.

  • Concernveterans

    Those Veterans that voted for Obama should enjoy their pay cuts.

    • Realist

      Yo! you know it’s all inherited from the previous administration:-)**LOL**


    They gave me $50 and took back $49

    • Realist

      Gunny, How true, How true!!

  • I believe we sirvied James Polk we will Obama,We,American seem to want to follow in europe’s footsteps,So how that working in europs(socialism).Cola was one of the first thing this president stopped just before he bailout wall st and the banks.Money people first that were the contributator’s are.We the people first to be cut first to be messed with,we have no power,expect to see 10% cut in SS,VA and Retirement benefits that what they do.Listen to us,that select in what they hear.They use flowerly words and no deeds.They pit us against us Racism,elderly cuts,VA cuts,and the rich can pay more and not hurt us the worker etc we then elect them and that it samey same.

  • Joseph harrison

    They could cut our retirement colas to 1 percent a year if they would stop taxing our retirement. That makes more sense to me.

  • Bill O’

    I’m a Nam disable vet! Hippo I read your coment’s.. We have every right to complain. You might think everything is right with the world, but what i have read so far on this blog a lot of VBet’s disagree.

  • 1sg JC

    Hopefully there will be enough money left over from our big 3. what ever % increase of COLA to buy at least one box of 30.06 ammo as I am probably going hog hunting , to have something to eat. I hope the only thing our sweet politicans can find to eat is crow or perhaps an oily bird.

    • jlp

      One of our great politicans stated that if taxes are raised then he would not be able to afford to feed his family on $200,000.00 a year. He needs to make what a military member makes.

  • SCPO (SW/AW)

    If we receive no cola until age 60 and keep receiving TRICARE increases they will have effectively taken away our retirement in exchange for healthcare which was already earned. Now with Obmacare and the mandate to have insurance what choice will there be? Maybe we should organize our own march….

  • pat

    Give it to me I deserve it. I’ve sat on my ass all my life. I won’t work, I won’t learn a trade or even try. I won’t do anything except collect welfare. I deserve it.
    Every war since Viet Nam took me away from my family so that I could serve. Now being retired I’m really getting “served”

    • 1836eig

      They’ll make you fat and happy, cause they are here to serve people!

  • mike

    it another way to say were gona scerw the veterans they keep it up then wonder ay no one enlists

  • Rick

    Politicos use the Consumer Price Index (CPI) to measure inflation. The CPI is notoriously unreliable because those who use it are thoroughly evil and corrupt, and because it does’nt measure price increases in the things that we most need for survival and everyday living! These things include, but are’nt limited to gasoline, utilities, food, and medical care. When these stunningly evil and corrupt jewish secret society government scum tell us inflation is 0%, think at least 5-8%! If they say 6%, think 12-16%! This is fact, not opinion!

    • retiree

      Rick – please go get mental help.

      Then go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website and look up CPI-W (the measure for inflation for COLAs). Gas, utilities, food, housing – all in there. There is no Secret Society, it’s done by statisticians in the open, they publish their entire figures, so you can also calculate it.

      • Rick

        No secret societies!? You’re delusional! If that’s the case, how come I have’nt received a COLA since 2008, but they CLAIM it’s only been two years!? During that time, prices in Northern Arizona have gone sky high, and I’ve lost something like 30-35% of my purchasing power! No secret societies!? It’s totally ridiculous for you to make a bizarre statement like that, unless you’re trying to marginalize me because YOU belong to one of these societies yourself! The masons, the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, etc. The list goes on and on! Nobody should HAVE to go to the BLS, and some don’t know HOW to! Inflation and prices should be upfront and in one place where everyone can find them! They need to put ALL of this info in lay language, and the CPI needs to stop LYING about inflation!

      • Rick

        I’ll get “mental help” when YOU finish kindergarten (in about 10 years), and pull your delusional head out of your ASS!



  • Trell42

    wow u should check out the counselor in St. Paul Mn.(Becky) she acts as if she has to pay for further education that we have earned out of her own pocket. I gave up also. I would rather wait and hopely when I try again i will have a different counselor.

  • broncovet

    I hope Seniors and Veterans remember this will be the first raise we got since a Republican was president, that is, if their is a Cola this year. Of course, the Obama followers put the “No Cola” blame on the CPI W formula, but whose failed economic policies was it that did not work? Obama’s. We need a Republican president and congress to get the economy working again. Even if we do get this years Cola, the average with Obama will be a mere 1% or so, because if you average even 3.5% with the last two goose egg years, you have Vets and seniors getting poorer, and others getting richer.

    • 1836eig

      Ah yes, but it was a Republican president along with congress who put us in this fix in the 1’st place. Now you want to try that failed experiment again!


    • jlp

      Now you know darn well they are going to give us less of a raise then they are giving active military members.

    • Rick

      Sorry, but the Republicans and Democrats are the same assholes calling themselves by different names, and perhaps dressing a bit differently! I’ve been a member of the fastest growing party in the U.S., the American Independent Party since 1980! It IS the corruption of even USING the CPI, that’s kept us from getting a COLA for YEARS! That’s FACT, and has NOTHING to do with PARTY!

  • bquinn

    Personally, I’m looking forward applying the 3+ % COLA increase to the 20 % supplemental insurance premium increase and the 8.1 % Medicare premium increase. If my figures are right, I should just about break even.


    I see some of you younger people are WAKING UP!
    The truth is YOU have no representation. None. That’s why YOU do all the work and someone else reaps.
    The thing I regret the most is that when I got back from Viet-Nam I did not join in any anti war protests. I should have because I knew the truth. I was just so glad to get out alive.
    Occupy wall street is a good start even if it’s lame. The fat cat rich WILL throw you a little more money and some programs if you get out and burn something. That’s a FACT. It happened in the ’60s and ’70’s…

    Sad commentary on life in America I know but that’s what it is. It’s been that way since the beginning (colonies) and I guess it will always be that way…
    Funny thing though the programs ALWAYS benefit THEM more than it works for ordinary people (Medicare, Rx Drug Benefit etc.) There are always strings attached leading back to THEM!
    Keep it in the back of your mind: YOU will very likely always lose the game…

  • Margaret/surviving spouse

    I would venture to say if all government officals donated one weeks pay per year we wouldnt have a deficit in our county’s budget.

  • Phil H

    Remember when there was a budget surplus under Clinton and then along came Bush and the gang of 4 who got us into an IRAQ War under false pretenses and started the deficits that plague us today. Who benefited, big corporations, that the Republicans cow tow to.Now they are making big about slashing spending that they created. Not to say that the Democrats did not help along the way. Now you see the Republicans presidential contenders agonizing over whether they can please the Tea Party, the Evangelicals, and each other but no focus on jobs, the economy, foreign affairs etc. Democrats, blaming the Republicans etc. I guess what I am trying to say about voting at the polls is vote for who? I am an independent, retired and fed up with all of our so called representatives.

    • 1836eig

      Absolutly correct

  • DLB

    Always they take from the bottom to balance their error. Think about, they’re cutting at less than 1% of the total US Budget (Us) and they cut..03% of the raise they would give us and that is supposed to cut 4 Trillion from the budget. Give me a break. We’re only 400-450 Billion of the budget and 0.03% of that is 1.3 Billion. If one has an idea of 14 Trillion or 1400 Billion, or 1,400,000 Million if they would cut our pensions. But we are talking 0.03% of a 3.7% raise they think they will give us. We are a grain of sand in a five gallon bucket. I am not stupid enough to believe they can balance the budget with that cut, not even close. Even with medicare, Medicaid and Social Security cuts would not add up tp 2.5 Billion. Something else is wrong in their world. There is so many next right things to do for the few people who lay it all on the line. Hoo Haw!
    Retired Seabee Chief



  • DLB

    I am no rocket scientist, just an old retired Seabee. Had to get that off my chest.

  • ron

    Go figure the politicans who put us at arms way think we do not should’nt get a raise, but they serve 1 to 2 years as a politican an get to retire with full benifits.That makes no cents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks

    • Fed Up

      Even Anthony Weiner, who RESIGNED, is getting full benefits and a million in retirement. That’s something bigger to go figure!

    • retiree

      As I have posted elsewhere, that is completely, 100% FALSE. Go to the Senate webpage, under their FAQ, where they spell out the Congressional Retirement system – FERS (same as the Civil Service).

  • dinstaar

    term limits, obey the law, so they have to give us what the cpi says they have to give us. we will be fine. vote for the law makers with military experience, not the inexperienced and we will be better off. jus sayin from an old retired msgt.

    • 1836eig

      Fine, but very few of them have military experience!

  • mario jocsn

    I was reading all the comments and one of our bro is right..Come 2012 we need our vote to count.To count against those who put us,the veterans and the retirees that served this country unconditionally in the back of the bus!!!!.I served for 26 years in United States Navy.When i joined they told me that,when i retire i won’t have to worry about my medical….they lied….your brother in arms,.BMC(SW) USN Retired

  • david

    if you protect this countr you dont get a raise.if your in the sen,or house you get 3,000 per mo.and the people never get to vote,whats wrong with this picture….we the people need to change this sence they work for us.and we been without for two years hello.

  • chuck

    my wife started her medicare in 2010, she payes $110.10 per. month. I started in 2011, I pay $116.00 a month. I called social security , was told congress past abill in 2007 that would increase each yr. beginning in 2009.

  • Carlos de la Parra.

    I urge everyone to send letters to the president asking what happened to the promise of not taxing seniors who earn below the median income.
    Lots of us are waiting for him to keep this promise, I hope we don’t die while we wait.

  • Mike

    Let’s be serious for a moment. You can always tell that American consumers,soldiers and veterans get it in the keyster with no grease. Commercials are always saying “on or about”, “up to”, “in the next 10 minutes you get x,y and z for free”, etc. I’m sick of false advertisement and false legislations that are meaningless and unfruitful for this nation. It is just another form of control to keep us enslaved to economic slavery.

  • Ron

    Check this out , the politicans that put us at ARMS WAY do not think the VETS should not get a Raise.But then again they work as a elected offical with in 2 years they can Retire with full bennys

  • Fed Up

    WOW! This is fantastic news. With this HUMONGOUS increase I can stop eating cat food for dinner.

  • Well a bit of good news. Finally made it too bonafide Retirement and disaility. My mil retirement and VA helped with med care and the bread. Soon I’ll be looking at possible VA pension. My day in court was denied by a judge lost out 100,000. So COLA increase will be welcomed. But Dol WON’T BE HAPPY, NOT receiving 3rd party reimburshment. I MIGHT seek a sut to help compensate the bill of 750,000.00 this is being paid by the active Tax Payers. The other guys insurance and stay there ground. Local attorney stated Jurys no longer side on the wrong. So it is what it is. With the Cola increase I’LL be able to buy a fishing license or worms. Give a fish the family has a meal. Teach him to fish and feed the family for a life time.

  • Clint Chapman

    Ya’ll want some cheese with you’re whine?

  • Clint Chapman

    Aw, I did’nt mean it….

  • Frank Tapscott

    I retired 30 years ago, do you think anyone in gov. gives a damn whappen in VN so many years ago, no they don’t; could care less about that, alot in gov today were just snot nosed kids then; Obams and his ideas need to shoveled under. I don’t want their increase if they begrudge it. Let Congress get their big healthy raise every Jan 1st and to hell with us.


    On the other hand

  • bob

    why not change it back to where it was years ago and give us 10 percent closer to the real inflation rate. This is crap after having no increases for two years. Look at the inflation charts by commodities and note almost everything is double digit. Question is will Congress cut their pay, their beneftis for active and retired if you say yes you may have problems.


      It’s non-inflation inflation. Why anybody can see that…
      Non-war wars. Non- government government. Non-sense sense….

  • mtgoins

    Finally after 2 years we have a chance at 3.7% COLA increase and now they want to change the formula so that we only receive a 3.4% COLA. Why doesn’t Congress and the Senate take a big cut as well. Don’t believe they’ve gone 2 years without a raise of any type. And is anyone sick and tired of this President and his Czars? I feel like I’m a Communist country everytime I hear Obama talk about a another Czar elected to office. I agree with others on hear. Should pass a rule that anyone who serves in Congress or the Senate needs to be prior military. If not, they aren’t eligible to serve in that position. They can’t say they understand how we feel until they have Truly served and walked in our shoes. Most of these elected officials were silver spoon children who have not ever had to worry about a place to live or where my next meal might come from. Remember 2012, and lets make this President and his hencemen a 1 term bunch.



    Good night and good grief. Happy election day everybody! You get the government you deserve…

  • Ron

    so far I have tried to post something but you guys think what I want to write is not socially acceptable. I would guess the truth HURTS


    Just wait until OBAMA and his HENCHMEN get through – all retired guys and gals will be standing in the breadline!



  • James Bishop

    Anything or anyway the Govt. can think of to screw the Military & Veterans out of money & benafits, they will do it!!! And I promise you, that you can take that to the bank. The only thing is, it does’nt make your life any better or any easier. It’s been that way since the 60’s. I wonder why?

  • cunningham

    i am active duty combat trained with three combat tours i am supposed to go on my forth combat tour in december should i send my congress man or women or just go on protecting the chickens while they get rich and cut my benifits what say you?




    I went almost 35 years before I was talked into applying for any type of assistance from the govermnent after I got back from NAM I didn’t want to hear anything from them they screwed me then and I was sure they would screw me again I finally went after I did have something wrong with me and they told me I was unimployable ? after working for my self for over 35 years now what ?

    • frank

      Danny I did the same as you did we tried to take care of ourselfs that was our mistake. When I did go and make a claim to the VA I was turned down stateing “after 31 years we highly dought the the truth of your claim” A little while after that I had to go to the VA Emergance room and was take into the surgey and had open heart surgey. Know they take very good care of how every they told me that I unable to work any longer. I don’t know how old you are,but you may want to look into ss disabilty. You should be able to go to VA and claim C&P for the reasons they stated to, make sure you have your medical records. Good luck to you and don’t give up.

  • Jay Morris

    Please remember these comments when you go to the ballot box, it is getting soon. I thing we still use them.

  • saltedflakes26b

    There have been a lot of good thoughts and comments. Some of frustration, some of anger at the government to honor the obligation “THEY” made to us. I don’t really blame the president. He’s a rookie with long time professional politicians, i.e. primarily Nancy P. and “good ol’ boy” Harry Reid. Making our “No Confidence” felt at the polls …PLUS term limits, will get rid of the professional grafters and PAC-ratters. Lately there has been some collusion between the donkeys and packy-derms. Example; the speech and comments made by the House Majority Leader (R., Virginia) that “Americans, exercising their rights to protest the gluttony and skullduggery of Wall Street and Big Banking, were wrong and totally inappropriate.

  • saltedflakes26b

    Continued: Protesting the manipulation(s) by Wall Street, declaring COLA discrepancies unacceptable, declaring we have been and are being basically cheated by the Bankings industry, and just plain freedom of speech, are our Constitutional Right(s). This is my opinion but I assure each and every one out there, I will do my best to see changes made. If these people know they won’t be around but “X” number of terms, it will disrupt their long term plans to shaft us. I thank you all for your service just as my daughter and granddaughters thank me for my service. The day of reckoning is close at hand …it’s up to us.

  • michael

    Maybe if this kind of stuff hits the national news with the names of those behind it then maybe their phones will ring and their email accounts will run over until they stop trying screw out of everything that we have worked so hard for.

  • Pete doesn’t know what he is talking about! Go to AARP and read the article:
    “Myth of the $247 Medicare Part B Premium”. to get the real scoop.

  • Larry Saula

    In accord with our current VP “BFD”………….

  • Been There!

    While they are cutting, cut all the security out when they are no longer president. Who care about them after they have been in and done their dirt anyway. Truman never had all that fuss and bother. He lived a quality life after being President. The elected officials need to serve 2 years, then GET OUT, and hold a different job for 20 or more years and get retirement from that job, not retirement because they were elected. That should just be their part of serving, just like Jury Duty.

  • SP4 Chapman

    The cost of food has increased significantly over
    the past few years and the amount of my check hasn’t.
    Why does the government that I defended treat me so
    bad.? What did I do to seserve such such a harsh
    penalty.? I can’t apply for food stamps ’cause I make
    too much, but still not enough to be above the poverty





  • Elise

    @ Pete: Well you know why they have to compensate so much in the future for the “Obamacare” plan? Because when all of the illigal imigrants find out that the health care will be based on your age and will not matter if you are a legal citizen of this country or not. (true, I read it in the pages myself) AND that if you don’t have any type of health plan that the governement makes you carry, they have the “RIGHT” to garnish your wages,bank accounts, or social security to TAKE what they need to pay for this atrosity! If there is an illigeal who is younger than you are with the same kind of cancer as you, they get the treatment no matter the cost to save their life and YOU get DEATH counseling. Isn’t that WONDERFUL??? I hope my sarcasm translates on this thing. lol

  • rich

    Yep another government flim flam….in the right pocket out the left.. Are these clowns living in Nepal or something. 3.7 percent inflation my ass. Prices have been zooming especially in the daily needs like food, utilities, insurance, fuel etc…….more like 10 percent. Another gimmick in the food pricing is downsizing the contents…….leaving the price the same. One example ice cream was 1/2 gallon……now the standard container is 1.5 qts, or a 25 percent reduction in product. Orange juice was a 64 oz container, now its 59 oz or approx 8 percent cut. Since this administration hates vets and the military in general…’s a nice large group to hammer. Enlisted retirees do not get large retirement and the back door increase to tricare and any long earned benefit is an insult. These lefty economists factor in reduced house prices to skew the real inflation rate, since the housing market tanked, it lowers the average on inflation…..THE MAIN PROBLEM IS THE AVERAGE CITIZEN ISNT BUYING A HOUSE EVERY WEEK, but he does buy food, gasoline, electricity etc. Time to purge everybody who just wont correct the export of jobs, factories, end the bribes, pacs and cronyism .

  • Rob C

    Congress and the President can toy with military benefits because there is no voice from the veterans to protest loudly and clearly.
    e getting our news on this COLA issue from the Military Officers Association -like they speak for all military personnel (yeah right).
    And there are so many vets that live their lives overseas -there is no Congressman to write to so the voice there is pretty much dead.
    Why not screw over the military? I would. The ensuing rumble is muffled and short lived.
    Just my two pennies.

  • Mary

    Do Older Retiree Military or survivors get a fair shake? I am 93 years old and unable to climb stairs and have no shower downstairs and bath on the Lew. As a survior I qualify for home bound help…but can not receive it for I make to much money!
    Now with no Cola, greedy increases in all areas…taking the priv. promised to us away. How will any older retiree/suvivor make it.
    I bet you if all Military retirees ran the country there would be a better USA!
    If we could go back in time and not serve our country I wonder if Obama would even have Hawaii as a playground to use 3 planes to get all the family, dogs and staff . His on Mother-in-law has no worry she is staff and will have retirement and security paid by us.

  • wej_II

    Shoot I just wish they would finally figure out that I was well over the service connected disability rating they set me at and send the difference for the last 4 years. I could afford a down payment on a nice house if they did.

    • wej_II

      I am still trying to figure out how they calculate inflation as my bills have all gone up 13-17% on average not 3 or .3%. Fuel and electricity have gone up more than that.

  • Edward Martinez

    Fourteen million Americans are out of work and this administration is giving away our bank, our money, to Muslims, who will only ask for more (and hated Americans). Obama gave $700 Billions to banks, the Car Industries and Wall Street so they can reward billions of dollars (not millions – billion of dollar) bonuses to CEOs who did great jobs in bankrupting America with overwhelming world effect. Obama’s chimera, has announced a multi-million dollar giveaway for Palestinian students to enroll at American universities. How many American kids could benefit from these U.S. taxpayer gifts? In addition, Obama is giving Gaza Arabs $900 million reconstruction dollars (which will be used by Hamas to buy weapons) and 20.3 million resettlement dollars to immigrate to America. Why bother to tell retirees of the increase in COLA only to pay for the increase of Medicare and to share our hard earned retirement paychecks and entitlements to Muslims.
    I, too, retired from the US Army having served 21 years in defense of my country and was promised free medical care only to find out it was bogus promise. God bless America, the military establishment and retiees. Our voices can make the differences during election in 2012.


      Did you know there are 40,000 empty houses in Detroit, Mi? The city used to have over 2,000,000 folks in it. Now there are 700,000.
      Your politicians did this to you. You voted for it didn’t you? NO you did not but that’s what you got.

  • Edward Hurst

    Part of the problem is that a lot of Americans will not take time to go vote. By doing so, they allow a bunch of young people that are totally clueless to be bused in by untold numbers. Some even voted multiple times. Then, there are the more informed voters that will not take the time to go vote. I pray that the last four years will get everyone’s attention and they will wake up.
    At first, I liked Obama and had intentions of voting for him. Then when he said that America needed a civilian fighting force, every bit as well equipped as the US Military, I understood what he was trying to do. I was also very disappointed when Michelle Obama said “For the first time in my life, I am proud of America”. First time? Who has she been proud of all these years, anyone? This is not about Black and White. If Cain wins the nomination I will vote for him in a heartbeat. He seems to have a head on his shoulders and understands what Obama is about.

  • Edwin

    Luego de haber leido todos los comentarios ‘de hecho justificados’ solo tengo que aportar una pregunta: Que piensan las nuevas generaciones con respecto al ingreso a las fuerzas ARMADAS? A caso los congresistas estaran al frente de combate exponiendo sus vidas para defender la Nacion? Cuantos dieron sus vidas para defender esta NACION? Es Justo restarle al seguro social y luego aumentar al medicare el plan de Salud? A estos congresistas no le hace falta nada de eso y muchos no tuvieron agallas para servir en las Fuerzas Armadas

  • Greg

    It is clear that every single one of them in Washington need to go. The only ones that they take care of are themselves. Hell I cant even get the benefits that I was entitled too when the Army retired me. Im tired of hearing you only applied for VA Comp in Feb. It hasnt even been a year. I want their job so I can provide for my family. I gave the military 29 years to be shit on.

  • Ron

    Regardless of which COLA method is used (3.7% v.s. 3.4%) at least we will get an increase finally. If I were to guess, I would think the COLA method would not change until 2013. But who knows, if the Republicans are in power, they may not change the method on their watch.

  • xservuce member

    Anything tied to government control is of no reliance when under weak leadership. Why do you think congress voted themselves, several years back, annual guaranteed pay raises? It is times like these they would not have gotten the raise. The Government will find a way to increase the cola as soon as they find a way to take it back. Make no mistake you will be paying for any increase through increased taxes and other government or benefit costs. In either case we are caught on the short end of the deal as always. Our current administration is more concerned to point fingers and place blame than to find a way to combine efforts for a brighter future, the foundation for failed leadership.

  • frank poe

    when obama ran for office he did so on one word change,I never voted for him,because one word didnt tell me any thing,so now all who voted for him see the change he had in mine did nothing for us,except making folks go into bankrupsies and cost millions troubles for all but the rich. who made more off our back.and kept the military in deep s–t.

  • Jim

    it might make you feel good to complain.the people who need to listen to you never will.they have everything down to a science in their has been that way in my 68 years on this planet.

  • Retired USAF

    IWe seem to blame the President for our problems but we all know it’s CONGRESS who’s behind it all not OBAMA. They make all the rules to suit their needs which is GREED most of them are Millionares and with their retired Packages/Medical they will continue to be. They should come and go as the President Max 8 yrs and should pay into Social Security/retirement plans as does the general public.

    Retired USAF


    Now THAT’S what we need! Another republican “administration”. BULL. No no a democrat “administration”. BULL. WAKE UP! THEY don’t want to fix it! Too much gravy…So easy to raid the treasury. So easy to steal from UNBORN Americans! So easy to raise OUR taxes. So easy to cut THEIRS. So easy to break promises…
    What we need are 10,000,000 people packing (PAC?) Washington D.C. DEMANDING an END to it.
    WE need a NEW government that really represents everyone. THAT is in the Constitution! One that can’t be subverted by oligarchs and corporations ( Are they people??). Hell, are WE people??

    WE NEED AN AMERICAN SPRING! We CAN have a better country.

    BTW I see where Sen. Tom Coburn had surgery. I don’t think he’ll need to take bankruptcy because of it. HE has good benefits but would like to CUT yours!

  • RICK

    I got out of the marines in Dec.1991 with disabilty and the severance pay was not to be taxed as the IRS informed me,so they still took over 8000 dollars from me and I still had to pay another 1200 in taxes,everyone I call passes the buck and I still have not gotten my money back,is there anyone out there htat know what tree I can shake because send help soon.

  • Msgt,s wife

    you all have said it very well. When they need us we are there. but no longer n eeded we are quickly forgotten.My heart aches for those who have returned from Iraq and afganistan wars whohavecommited suicide were forgotten till we raised our voices and made them aware of the problem. Let us continue to raise our voices sooner or later they will hear our voices on their deafened ears. II praise you all for your service, honor, courage. my prayers are with you all. I am a 22 year veteran’s wife. I was the backup of my soldier. Plus We also gave one of our three sons to our country. For the grace of God he came back safely after 3 tours. Bless you all. And most of all thank you.

  • James

    Why do people always blame President Obama, Cola increases have been in our Economy system since 1968, and for Tricare and Delta Dental increases its about $1.50 a monthly for a single, which I have. We are still getting the Federal health care.

    • James Richard

      Because, THAT’S WHERE THE BUCK STOPS. Unfortunately as it may be, the President IS the Commander-in-Chief!

  • bob

    Dee— I have something you can smoke!!!! OPEN WIDE

  • HappyBill

    The Uncle giveth and the Uncle taketh even more!


    If Money-bags, Religions, Medical Monopoly and others think it is a bargain to bribe political parties? Doesn’t it makes sense 4 us 2 pay 4 political campaigns with tax dollars, and jail and confiscate the wealth of Bribe-givers and Bribe-takers; whether it’s called donations or bribes?
    RM Candelario CPO USN-RET


      You would think so….

  • fedup

    I am so sick and tired of applying for the benefits that are being offered for military disabilities. Every time you go through all the paperwork and research for theses benefits, then someone says you are not qualified because of this or that. Whereas, the reasons they say you are not qualified were not stipiulated in appying for these benefits. Those individuals that put out this information need to fo their research before putting the info out, and having you go through all the “rigamore” to gather info to apply. Do they make up qualifications as they go?????????? Please send me a response!!!!!


      You might want to give DAV VFW or a local vet group a try.

  • Pete doesn’t know what he is talking about! Go to AARP and read the article:
    “Myth of the $247 Medicare Part B Premium”. to get the real scoop.


      Medicare is a RIP OFF any way you slice it, It is just a government program that promotes the interests of PRIVATE insurance companies. THAT’S THE WHOLE REASON FOR THE “GAP”. WAKE UP!
      WE can have a single payer system AND one reasonable premium for ALL!
      The insurance oligarchs WANT you to confuse three issues: Socialism. GOOD government. “Free Markets”.
      The oil and gas oligarchs WANT you to confuse: Better Gas Mileage. Green Anything. Alternate Energy. The Environment and “Free Markets”. Taxes.
      The Department Store oligarchs WANT you to confuse: Sending jobs to China. Cheap cheap “products”. Minimal wage jobs. Taxes.

  • Pete doesn’t know what he is talking about! Go to AARP and read the article:
    “Myth of the $247 Medicare Part B Premium”. to get the real scoop

  • James Klien

    COLA? really? and a whopping 3% 0r 3.4 or 7%? well I am amazed. All of the comments I have read are spot on. Throw us a bone, while the kings and queens in Washington dine on the meat and do not suffer. 2012 cannot come fast enough for me. I am a Vietnam veteran and was an MP IN Saigon in 1968…like all of you I am amazed at the thought process of our leaders who make these types of decisions for us. It does no good to write to your congressmen they do not respond, or if they do you get a presigned standard letter telling you how much they appreciate your service. The COLA We receive is never up to the actual cost of living we face each day, or does it meet the needs of our seniors like me for prescriptions etc. I am a 100% disabled individual and I am so tired of the garbage we get from Obama


      Letters don’t work. Emails don’t work. Standing shoulder to shoulder in the National Mall has a chance….

  • VPChief

    For those of us that have been retired for some time the watch word is PARITY (you know equivalence, equality, par in pay etc.) for your service between retirement pay then and now for the same pay grade and time in service. With all the acceleration in service pay scales of today is your contributions to fighting and protecting the US during WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War worth less due to the corrupt and broken policies in DC.
    I THINK SO and you out there that this applies to should too. So you zeroes at MOAA or those that track this stuff how about reporting back to the retired troops and tell us if we are being shafted.

    • retiree

      Not certain what exactly you’re complaining about, but if it’s that the COLA rates don’t match the active duty pay raises, there’s a reason for that – since the 1970’s they’ve been governed by two different laws. COLA is set at the CPI-W 3rd quarter, military pay by the employment wage increase.

      You’re about 35 years too late if that’s your complaint.

  • M Tyndall

    Quit your bitiching and stuff the ballot box.

  • VPChief

    Correction to VPChief:
    Hope you all catch this – REPLACE “I THINK SO” with “I THINK NOT”
    What ever, or which way you know what I mean!

  • richard lucas-retired disabled vet


  • Leo Johnson

    What do you expect when there are a bunch of People running the show ho don’t know what their doing .You get SNAFu.

  • bill woods

    And HOW much does a US Senator make in a year ?!?! ….plus paid for expenses, of course.

  • steve

    The military, as usual, is getting the shaft. After 20 years of deployments, putting our lives on the line, working 7 days a week , at least 10 hours a day, without overtime, being away from home & family, the government still wants to cut our throats. It was great when we were protecting our country at the risk of our own lives, but the over paid congressmen, senators, & president can’t give us a COLA raise. Taxes, food, utilities, gas, everything continues to increase, except our retirement. Why don’t the government employees, most of whom, don’t need the money, give up some or all of their salaries to help the economy. If they had to live the kind of life we’ve had to live to protect our country, they would be more than willing to give us a lousy 3% raise. The first in years. I am so sick of the military always getting the shaft & expected to “give” to help our country. WE’ve given enough!

  • Ronald Fredette

    I so agree with so many of the comments-I just wonder how these changes will occur? Well first thing you have to run for Congress -woops now your one of them,and not with standing you sure are not going to vote yourself of all the greedy unfair ,benefits you just procured from becoming a congressman .
    I am sure it will never get any better in my life time.

    Best answer is keep voting them out until someone catches on-

  • GARY


  • Alfred Rodriguez

    I think there should be a cap on salary or wages on any other non-military employment. I hear that some sports are losing X$$$ in the millions for not playing due to pay arguments and debating of pay.
    In 20 years of military service and retirement pay does not come close to what they earn in one season of sports.
    No other employment of work should earn more than the military’s low ranking soldier.
    Plus, we shouldn’t have any military; being retired or other wised ETS homeless. Mr. President, commander in Chief, Mr. Speaker, Congress and Senate of the house, alone with governors and mayor, city councils — what is up with that ?
    USA Retired

    • retiree

      So you want Government control of wages and prices? Remind you of anywhere?


    Now you are thinking GARY! The forth branch of government is THE PEOPLE!

    • James Richard

      Well said, Belowzero!


    All that campaign money, especially money from the oligarchs, MUST be paid back somehow.
    It’s called favourable legislation. It’s called tax breaks. It’s called de-regulation. It’s called tax breaks. It’s called government contracts. It’s called grants. It’s called subsidies. It’s called pork barrel.

  • DocG

    About the supposed terrible increase in Medicare payments for seniors:
    check out
    Try $117.10 in 2014.
    “A lie has traveled around the world before truth has chance to get its boots laced up.” a paraphrase of Mark Twain


    DocG , Medicare is a little confusing and it is meant to be confusing.

    Part A is “free” in as much as there is no Premium. Our taxes over the years we worked pay for that part. But wait there’s more!
    Part B. Part C. Part D Those are available at extra cost. The participant MUST pay
    a PRIVATE insurer premiums for Medicare “gap” coverage. That gap was put there as a concession to those Insurance Companies from the very beginning. Medicare is a government program started to insure that the American people would fork over extra money to get a government program NONE of the Insurance Companies wanted in the first place.
    You can be SURE those premiums WILL increase as inflation ramps up!
    What we are discussing here is the fact that WE did not get a COLA increase the last two years running. What is more, inflation the past twenty four months has been pretty steep! The fact is that for US the way inflation is measured is obviously much different from the way it is measured for insurers, oil and gas companies, utilities, groceries and our other expenses. It is that discreprancy and it’s basic unfairness that WE don’t like.

  • L. Ray

    I like President Obama and I feel the changes that is occurring has only been directed one way and that’s at the people that has put their lives on the line for this country. Each and every year I notice we get representatives from the communities acroos the country that either have never serve in the military or wanted to serve this country, but want to lead it and then turn their backs on the ones that do serve.
    I love this country and went to Viet Nam under the pretense that if I am to give my life, then let it be for a good cause, but due to surviving the war with wounds and coming back here to see my Government deteriorate to what we have today is a disgrace to me. I hope we can get a better understanding for the people and by the people and especially the veterans of foreign wars.
    So tell congress to get off their butts and do the right things for those that have serve this country.

    • L. Ray

      Correction Across

  • I love Cola Coka Cola

  • rem

    Most of the comments dump on Obama but totally overlook the fact that the recession/depression was brought on by the republicans and their flirtation with wall street and big corporations. Even right now, after all we’ve been through in the past 3 years, republicans still cry for no more regulation of the financial shenanigans, and no fair taxes on those who are lucky enough to make loads of money in their sleep. I’m a combat disabled vet but i did not serve my country so that some greedy sob, who did not serve, could rape the country i love.


    It is strange to me and should be strange to any one with a working brain that when it is time to “bail out” Banks, Brokerages, Financiers, and any body worth a billion dollars there are NO qualms what-so -ever. “YES YES! HERE IT IS! YA THINK YOU’LL NEED MORE? WE’LL DOLE IT OUT IN TRANCHES! YES! TRILLIONS! AMAZING ISN’T IT? BUT YOU ARE WORTH IT! YOU’RE TOO BIG TO FAIL!” A double standard…
    The same is true for Foreign Aid. Also true for obsolete military equipment and WWII bases that should have closed years ago! Geo-politics has changed.

    Another thing that has changed is that Americans are getting older. They won’t be able to work and pay taxes much longer. The tax base has shrank over the last 40 years too. Some folks ( politicians ) like to have their cake and eat it too. Without taxes to tap and spend you can borrow or you can print money….

    YOUR FUTURE IS DIM. I think by this time next year there WILL be a lot of stuff hitting the fan. There won’t be any organised opposition.There will be NO real solutions
    offered for fixing what went so wrong. WE will not get much of a raise if any BUT you can be sure THEY will! So it will only get worse for US and OUR country.




    Here is some more food for thought: Why are WE (tax payers) expected to be the Insurance Company for Wall Street billion-aires and foreign countries BUT WE can not be our own Health Insurance Company??? What the puck is up with THAT??


    @debtanchor DO YOU OWN STOCK OR SOMETHING?? I like it with Meyers Dark Rum in it!

  • 23yrvetcris

    LouG is right on as were other commenters. Barbara Boxer feels she earned the title of Senator but she fails to realize that active duty,retired and veteran military did rightly earn their medical & other benefits as promised for their service. Her arrogance and that of other freeloading and crooked Congresspersons, like tax cheat Charles Rangle, shifty Freddie & Fanny overseers Frank & Dodd and tax cheat treasury secretary Geithner are appalling.


      Yep. now what?

  • afretguy

    Congress needs a WAKE UP call from ALL of us both Active and Retired. We are a HUGE voting block and we DO vote!!! We have not gotten a COLA for awhile and now that we are due one, these clowns want to change how COLA’s are calculated! I say HOGWASH Congress!!! Stop using the Military as a scapegoat everytime YOU want to make cuts in the budget. You need to look at all you clowns get and start cutting there. We all defend this country and deserve WAY better treatment. Many of you in Congress do NOT know the 1st thing about seving in the Military and MOST of you need educated. I will be happy to come to WASHINGTON and EDUCATE you! Start doing the job that WE THE PEOPLE put you there for!! WE THE PEOPLE will CLEAN house come Nov 2012. A word to the wise should be sufficient!!


      But afretguy these people are PRECIOUS! You can’t expect THEM to do without. They have POWER. They have AUTHORITY. They have $400 haircuts. They’re SPECIAL. Don’t you SEE that???

  • Ray C

    All military personnel “Active or retired deserve more in money, medical benefits and respect.
    As far as Obama and Congress and the Senate are concerned, they all need replace asap.
    The protesters as far as I am concerned are memebers of are socialist colleges
    and need to exercise one of the many freeds we fought for in all are wars, if you don’t like it here leave and take your communist professors with them.
    All financial problems could be solved if the true “Americans” tell them that we want them on Social Secruity and they are not getting any other retirement, and that all of their retirement benifits will be put back into the Social Security benifits of those that paid into it all of their working life, along with the Medicare benefits that they own. These are not entitlements to anyone who has paid into them, and still pay into them, working part-time or full time.

    MSGT R J Calzo USAF (RET)

  • walter

    Lets all forget about voting democrat or republican. Lets all review how each of them voted in the past. That is the way they will vote in the future. I am an ex vet and heard all of the lies that were told to us in Vietnam. If we the people have any power left. vote for the candidate who will help the people get jobs, have a decent retirement. Have to live on the income the average person does and if you earn a decent income for working then don’t let the govt. take it all in taxes. Support the necessary things in govt not a penny more.


    They LOVE you when you are young and strong and stupid. Not so much when you are old and weak and smart.

    All my comments here are intended to raise your awareness of just how screwed over you are. Know that YOUR government’s priorities DO NOT INCLUDE YOU! I am truly sorry if I have offended anyone.
    If voting fixed things you’d t hink they’d be fixed by now. This crap has gone on for DECADES!
    Just down the block from the White House in D.C. is the RESOLUTION TRUST CORPORATION, a fossil from the ’80’s. You remember? The Savings and Loan Scandal. Big bucks “bail out” of some very wealthy people. It’s still there. That crap NEVER goes away. It sits there sucking down money forever…
    The whole town is like that A social black hole sucking up wealth. YOUR wealth.. Add to that New York, New York which pretty much does the same thing.

    If you haven’t already done so you NEED to go see D.C. Just walk around and look. Skip the tourist stuff and concentrate on “official” D.C. Watch how it works and how it ties together. Astounding. Amazing. Crime. Mega Evil…


    These people must think the military is full of idiots. Fuzzy math and political gamesmanship seem to rule the day. When will all of them stop running for office. They’re there! Let’s show them the door, and put someone in who cares about the country, and not just occupying a seat in Congress, and the White House. Let’s try to find a military leader who knows how to lead, instead of someone who has never really held a real job.

  • Gulf War Vet

    WASHINGTON—With gasoline prices dropping a full 26 cents from where they were a month ago, a new era of confidence and hope washed over Americans this week, confirming the United States is once again the greatest nation in the world.
    Of course they would like to recalculate the COLA. Community Organizers aka Obamanomics like to level the playing field.

    And last but not least, who would have guessed two years ago that banks no longer want to be known as banks?

  • Onion Rings

    Broad based frustration cheered on by Obamanomicmaniacs… Joe… Say it ain’t so!!!

    The White House wants to make it clear that President Barack Obama is on the same side as the Occupy Wall Street protesters – and that Republicans are not.

    “If you’re concerned about Wall Street and our financial system, the president is standing on the side of consumers and the middle class,” Obama’s senior adviser David Plouffe said on “Good Morning America” Tuesday morning when asked about the demonstrations. “And a lot of these Republicans are basically saying, ‘You know what? Let’s go back to the same policies that led to the great recession in the first place’.”

    Plouffe warned that “most Republicans in Congress” as well as “all of the Republicans on the stage tonight in New Hampshire” – the GOP presidential candidates who will participate in a Washington Post/Bloomberg debate Tuesday – want to simply “unwind Wall Street Reform.”

    Taking the same message to the “The Early Show,” Plouffe also argued that before the Obama administration’s financial reforms kicked in, ”Wall Street was able to write too many of its own rules.”

    “Taxpayers won’t be on the hook for a bailout any more, we’ll be more transparent,” he said. “Consumers will be protected on hidden fees on mortgages and credit cards.”

    “The president stands squarely with the middle class in terms of trying to protect consumers and make sure that happened doesn’t happen again,” Plouffe added.

    Obama’s senior adviser also offered his two cents on the Republican primary race and Tuesday’s debate at Dartmouth College, saying he believes it’s still only the “first or second inning” and that he expects many more twists and turns between now and early January.

    “What I do think … you will see on the stage in New Hampshire tonight, is all of the candidates subscribing to the same economic policies that led to the great recession,” Plouffe said on ABC News. “They want to let Wall Street write their own rules, huge tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations, not invest in things like education and rebuilding the country.”

    Plouffe spoke cautiously about the challenges facing Obama’s reelection efforts, predicting a “a very close election.”

    “I mean, some things aren’t going to change between now and next November. We’re obviously in a tough economy. We’re going to have a very close election, as most presidential elections are. So we’re going to fight for every vote and that’s what we intend to do,” he said.

  • j.B

    Looks like the true answer to all of this MAJOR BS connected with OUR pension COLA’s, and S.S. lies in the CHANGING OF THE GUARD in the White House.
    Anyone who honestly believes Obama and his wife are REALLY concerned about, and retired Military…need to visit the VA MENTAL clinics ASAP.

    • retiree

      You realize no President or Congressman has had ANYTHING to do with setting COLA rates since the mid-70’s, when the current formula was placed into law?

      I don’t understand all the anger on this board – we’re getting a COLA, looking like 3.5-4% range, while most folks I know are trying to hold onto their job. And everyone here is complaining and blaming the President/Congress/Whoever for not providing more?

  • don

    don they can all kiss my a##

  • Retired 06

    First thing that any good well trained Officer and NCO already know this will be blamed on OBAMA, Monica Luinski, Clinton or (fill in any liberal/conservative you choose). It sure could not be blamed on any one who believes like you do. For myself I find a shortcoming in those who started the war and poor economy, not ending either and then relying on their well trained followers to keep the negative going. READ…, READ both sides. The problems are in our unwillingness to understand, stop the blame game and act like educated leaders. I stress EDUCATED. When you went through any military school you learned something because it was ment to be difficult but you did it. If you failed it was YOUR failure not a Black Liberal Sgt…….or ……?.

  • I am not blaming the govt for this. But the govt said they would take care of us after we retired. All you hear is wanting to cut from us and we(the govt) will never raise Tri-Care well that w*** bull also. Let me see Congress gets 10K raise a year we get maybe $720.00 yep thats fair we work our *** of so they live like kings who done the work. You think about it cut there pay and let them live like us.


    The parable of the Bee Keeper: A bee keeper puts out his “supers” and baits them with a little sweet honey comb. He hopes the BEES will come and work for him.

    Sure enough they do. They work hard all spring and summer flying all around to gather pollen and nectar. By the end of summer they have amassed a great store of HONEY. One day the BEE KEEPER arrives with a SMOKE pot and a sting proof suit. He patiently applies SMOKE to his hives. Soon the bees are helpless from the SMOKE and the combs can be taken. The Bee Keeper has reaped what he did not sow. If the Bee Keeper takes ALL the HONEY and leaves none for the BEES they will die over the winter. There will be no HONEY next year.

    Now the BEES in this story are YOU and ME! The HONEY is the wealth WE create by working hard. The BEE KEEPER? He’s the thief of Wall Street and D.C.

    The SMOKE is all the lies told about how the economy works! The supers are what he puts up to trick US into Depositing OUR HONEY IN HIS BANK. HE HAS TAKEN ALL OF IT…

    WAKE UP!

  • Tony

    Keep praying, ask GOD for exactly what you want and need, and be thankful for what you already receive. It could be worse!

  • frank

    people that serve in the military deserve more then what they get now and a cap on social security income isnt acceptable let them make as much moneyas they want at 62 they spend it and help the econemy grow as far as wash dc if you looking for a change its not going to happen beprepared to live with it.

  • Lynn3765

    TRICARE fees are increasing 13%…that is a 10% DECREASE (+/-) in retirement pay and/or disability overall.

    What happened to capping TRICARE increases to the COLA?

  • 2/77th Arty

    2/77th arty.We can’t “pull the string too hard now”. Let’s take what they give us now and wait till after Obama.


      KY or or Vaseline?


    HOW TO FIX THE USA: If you want to SELL it here you have to MAKE it here.
    You have to pay a living wage. You have to pay your taxes. You can’t pollute the air, water and land. You can’t maim ,injure and kill your employees or customers.

    Every year two people in each state, territory and possession get a letter. “Congratulations you are this years Representative for your state. Please report to Kansas City, Mo. for 2-3 weeks of Federal Service. Here’s your round trip airfare and per diem. Don’t be late.
    GONE are lying politicians campaigning for public office. GONE are lobbyists
    corrupting said politicians. GONE are all the crooks running wild in government.

    We the People of the United States of America WILL pay for Retirement and Health care Insurance so you crooks can’t subvert it and steal from it.
    The law WE make will impose SEVERE penalties for gaming the system. You cheat you lose it ALL.

  • Dave

    Local cops and fireman always get their raises and never lose any benefits. I sure wish the military was taken care of even half as good as them.


      That’s because they have UNIONS!

    • Phil Johnson

      You’re wrong buddy. In many states with a Republican governor, they are passing laws against Collective Bargaining meaning that people like teachers, firefighters, and policemen have no protection from local governments who don’t want to allocate any money for raises. Check out whats going on in Wisconsin and Ohio.


        OK. That’s because they HAD unions!
        CON-servatives hate paying taxes and they hate paying the help. They would bring back Slavery if they thought they could get away with it!
        If the American people don’t WAKE UP and really change things they will be in soup kitchens en mass. Some of them already are if you know where to look….

  • Ralph Morris

    BMCUSCG RET. A capt. and I worked 72 hours on a seach case one week end with out a break and I never saw an over time check. Thanks for keeping up with the rest of the world. As for as I know the week end is still counted as leave days when counting 30 days per year. Congress works four days a week sometimes. R. O. M.


    $ 15,453,000,000. The federal money Farmers will get from Uncle Sugar this year!

    Some of those farmers live in cities and have NEVER turned a a teaspoon of dirt.

    But WE can afford that just like WE can afford ALL THE OTHER EXPENSIVE CRAP. But you can’t have a COLA. Sorry maybe next year….

    • retiree

      1. Did you and all the others miss the article you’re replying to? We’re getting a COLA.

      2. The reason for no COLA the last 2 years has NOTHING to do with the President or Congress. COLA formula (for military retirees, VA disability, SS recipients, federal retirees including Congress) was set in the mid-70’s and hasn’t changed. CPI-W 3rd quarter. Since the big increase in 2009 due to energy price spike in 3rd quarter 2008, CPI-W (which includes energy, food, and housing) dropped, so no increase.

      Oh, and I have no problem turning off agricultural aid, along with the tax breaks & subsidies the oil industry gets.


        Prices for everything climbed the last two years. We got NO COLA. In fact my Health Insurance premiums went higher two times. I also got a tidy TAX increase coming out of my check. The net result was a CUT in retirement pay! When I retired 10 years ago gasoline was 95 cents a gallon gold was $285…

        For those CUTS I compensated by buying my clothes off the sale rack. I am wearing a $3 Wal-mart polo right now. I shop for bargains elsewhere too. I NEVER pay full retail.What they don’t understand is that CUTS work both ways. I can CUT too. When I CUT THEY hurt as well! THEIR wealth comes from ME…
        My indignation stems from the fact that ordinary Americans are held in such low regard. The clowns in circus (government) are playing to a different audience…

    • clarence askew

      what the f–k is going on i went to gulf war 1 back in 1990 and we went through the enemy like crap through a goose and the king promise us $10,000.00 after that 100 hour war but the government told them that we were not mercenaries,i sure could use that fking money right now that,s for damm sure.

  • steven king

    My question is if we do recieve the cola for 2012 when do we recieve it. I need it like now. anyone knows? Vietnam Vet Steveo

    • retiree

      1 Jan, same as always. It’s the law. COLA set by 3rd quarter CPI-W (30 Sep), effective 1 Jan. Been that way since the mid-70’s.

  • JPM

    Ive read alot of comments, and the truth is, no matter what we VETERANS say, nothing will change, there going to do what they want and thats that, were being put on hold. [ever tried to call?] there stalling and the years go by, we get older and pass, and thats what they want,, Ive fought in vietnam seen death on both sides, and I get 12,000 a year, to them its plenty? let them live on that.

  • JPM

    whats happenning to our Country???? i thought our Veterans were to be respected? instead we live on a small budget, very [[small,]] and the ones who fought are being treated like criminals. all we want is a fair income were not stealing money from the Government our leaders are,, and us and our Family suffer for that, sometimes im ashamed of my COUNTRY, it is so sad to feel like that, all those who died defending our leaders CARE???

  • Les K

    Let’s pay our representatives and senators the average pay in their district. This will cause them to work harder to get jobs in their states and help pass laws to make business succeed. And as far as the health care is concerned – I am all for it if our congressmen use the same system or we use the one they are on now.


      LET’S GET RID OF THEM AND RUN OUR OWN GOVERNMENT! It did NOT start out this way and was NEVER meant to be this way! Representatives were supposed to be CITIZENS and NOT CROOKS!

  • scott

    We all have served our country as we were asked to or as we volintred to with the understanding that we would recive our retirement and the needed medical that we require now. Most of congeress and the senet have lived with the golden spoon in there mouths for to darn long with us taking it up our butts . I say enough is is enough I moved three times in my time of 26 years but until two years ago i was finaly was able to start to save for my retirement when I turn 67 if I am able to but at there rate I wont be able to . (THIS SUCKS ) and I took 26 years of my life away and from my family and I am still shit to them will you just wait till the next election and lets see a change or it will be time to leave this screwed up country.


    Occupy Wall Street, The Coffee Party, both are evidence of a deep resentment simmering in American society. So are these comments. WAKE UP! Realise you are supposed to be the beneficiary of government NOT it’s victims.
    Also KNOW YOU are the government not the clowns in PUBLIC office! WE pay them to serve US!
    WAKE UP! Like it or not YOU are a part of the OLD Revolution of 1776. Do YOUR part!


    The oligarchs and their “servants” don’t like it when you rattle the charging handle of YOUR RIGHTS! Get a copy of the Bill of RIGHTS and the Constitution and READ it! If you don’t understand some of it get a lawyer to explain it to you. These old dusty things that nobody reads are the very FOUNDATION of your free life!
    The Greatest Generations KNEW this and fought and died for it. WE can do no less….
    If the founding fathers of the USA were here today and as active as they were in the closing years of the 18th century (1700s) they would ALL be taken to Gitmo and you know it. That’s how bad things are,

    When THEY inflate their funny money GET A RAISE! INFLATION IS A TOOL FOR CUTTING YOUR PAY. It’s as simple as that.

  • Rich

    I agree in part with Warren. A few months back I posted a comment asking why members of Congress were not willing to take cuts in THEIR pay and benefits. I did receive a response, but to me it was in the form of what I consider a mass produced “rubber stamp” letter. The questions still remain unanswered.


      Don’t you SEE the arrogance?? Do you NOT understand how “off the rails” YOUR government is?? WAKE UP! When you can’t get a representative to answer a question YOU DON’T HAVE ONE!!

  • Phil Johnson

    You guys are all blaming the wrong prople. You should be blaming the people who only want to protect the filthy rich at the expense of the rest of us. Don’t you know by now that if the aren’t super rich, your Republican Party doesn’t care about you. Wake up and really try to pay attention to all the head-butting going on between the party for the little people and the party for the big people. It never ceases to amaze me why most of us veterans never vote for the party who cares more about regular people instead of billionaires. The Republican Party insists on calling the rich fat-cats “Job Creators”. Well when are they going to start creating the jobs. They’ve had their tax breaks and gains from their big stock portfolios for all of the Bush years and they’re still just pocketing the dough. When you guys vote, remember to vote for the ones who will help you and not just wave the flag in your faces.


      I have voted Democrat for 40 years. Lately I can’t tell a difference.

      I can also remember when Tricky Dick Nixon started all the S**t that affects the working class in the USA today!

      Google “the Powell memo” and read how all the crap you experience today got it’s start 40 years ago. Talk about high crimes and misdemeanors…

      WE do not have a government. WE have a joke AND a criminal enterprise!

  • Henry

    He%#&**ll, as a Vet, I saw it coming, so I killed Medicare Part B and now don’t get anything taken out. Raise, not for me. Get your GD hands out of my wallet.

  • Devil Dog


  • Wayno

    Regards our so-called democratic political system…there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between tweedle dumb and tweedle dee….that’s the real reality.

  • bob L

    untill all the people in congress with more than 6yrs. in office put out in the work force. Nothing is going to change. Who started paying politisions till they die .If this how america does bussiness sign me up.

  • mar

    As far as i know it is the first time since i retired 23 yrs ago from the usaf that i have not received a cola increase. And now on S.S. and have not a cola increase. All under one administration.. I understand things are bad all over but you have to take care of the ones that did not mind working there tail off…Now I get the slogan “change”…Uhu!

  • retiree

    CPI-W is now out for Sep, at 223.688, a 4% (by my calculation) increase from Sep 2008 214.935. So the COLA this year should be in the ballpark of 4%.


    The real reality is that someday soon you’ll be sitting in a rocker without two dimes to rub together waiting to die. Your politicians won’t care. Your kids won’t care. Your country won’t care. I thought about stuff like this when I sat in that bunker in Viet-Nam listening to anopheles whining in my ears.

  • SGM (R) Sid Katz

    I earned my retirement after serving 30 years and 26 days.
    Missed birthdays,Anniversaries,Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    Nobody gave me anything.
    I Have Earned Every Penny I Get.

    • sandra morris

      I agree sir, so did my husband. You all deserve a heck of a lot more than they give you…….a wife of a retiree………..

    • Animal

      Me too SGM, I retired as a MSG with 3 combat tours. We need to vote these people out who want to cut our pay.

  • Rick

    Now Barack says we’re leaving Iraq , except for a “skeletal force” by the end of this year. I hope that everyone knows that this is just a reallocation of boots to prepare for the REAL war, which will be the invasion of Iran andor Syria! As long as there is still a secret society members, or an oil, banking, business, arms and munitions manufacturing, or construction scumbag left on earth, the world will NEVER know peace, justice, or economic equality! Remember, you heard it from Rick The NCO first!


      Right on brother!

    • Patrick

      I think it’s already end game. Unless they screw up magnificently, somehow.

    • Spirit

      Rick, I don’t have a problem with other religions, but you sure seem to.
      What do you have against us Jewish people?
      WE aren’t the cause of the world’s problems.
      I hope you learn that one day.
      And if you consider yourself a Christian, ou should have alrerady

  • Mari410

    I only hope this COLA happens. After two years without on all our income coming in, but prices going steadily up, I often feel we will be living in a Tent somewhere soon. As it is, we barely make ends meet, and we combine all our appts. and trips to coserve on gas cost. Our heat is always set at 66 in the winter (we live in Colorado) and do not use any air conditioning to conserve on utilities. We even turned off the gas on our fireplace and never use it any more. We always eat at home, and do not even get fast food to save on expenses. I cannot remeber when I last bought any clothing and am wearing only what I have anymore. Our expenses for entertainment and purchasing for anything but grocery’s is non-existent. So any increase would help!

    • Rick

      I know just how super painful it can be! That’s why I’m amazed at vets like “Hippo” who would have the nerve to say something as dumb as “people should stop complaining, and wanting something for nothing!” Many of us spent most of our lives with NOTHING, and were already pretty bad off! If we had’nt complained, we WOULD be the “worse off people” he speaks of! I did’nt lose my arms or legs, but I am also a Vietnam combat veteran who was under rocket and small arms (door gunner) fire 15 or 20 times, including about five times during which I BARELY escaped with my life! The heat was regularly 115 to 120 degrees, with humidity in excess of 98%. We never knew when somebody would try to kill us, the mosquitoes were TERRIBLE, the rats were bigger than pit bulls, and the four inch flying cockroaches ate the rats! Both of my shoulders were seriously injured through numerous dislocations, and the right shoulder is now so damaged, that I can’t even shake hands, or squeeze some honey into my coffee cup! If any of us complain, most of us have incredibly good reason! This (not OUR) government left us sick, injured, and wounded, in body and spirit, and then left us without even the service connected disability pensions we needed for bare survival! Most would have done far more than complain, and I think the restraint American veterans have shown, is admirable! People get paid when they work, and they should be especially well paid when they put their lives on the line for their people and country. This has been the case with police officers and firefighters, but never active duty military, or veterans, disabled, or not! To ask for, and, if necessary, DEMAND what you’ve earned, can NEVER be asking for something for nothing! I tried to post this to “Hippo”, but I guess the period of time allowed for posting a response to him has expired. I thought that you might like to here an opinion that was totally different than his, and I believe far more logical and compassionate! I wish you and your very honorable veteran husband the very BEST of luck. You deserve so much better!

      • Agnst Govt Wast

        I just go my retirement pay statement, so much for 3.6 % increase, how about a decrease of 3.1% everything stayed the same except for income taxes. Retirees can’t get a decent increase, but our illustrious congress get a automatic 25% for doing what, all they listen to is their rich cronies who make more money in 10 hours than a average family makes in one year, but we cannot increase the taxes tor the rich they might have to layoff employees that work for their companies (at least the ones that have not outsource. they have to vote along party line, what about the people – who are they, they are the ones that cannot afford $1000.00 a plate fund raiser, the one that they do not care about because they do not give the insentives to do whats right for the people that they were elected by. Now for the nation debt, we have to cut the programs for the low income families, but what about the trillions of dollars that WASTED by congress for pet project than on help the rich by jacking up the cost and completing the project to minimum safety stanards

  • ger

    wasn’t it a democrat controlled congress during barrack’s first 2 years?? just wondering??

  • Barb

    Why pick on police & fireman. They also risk their lives just as our arm forces do each day. How about the congress who get life time pensions & free benefits for life. Or the teachers who get life time health benefits and are guaranteed their job for life after 3years and 1day.

  • Don Goodman

    Tri care going up 1000% so forget COLA increases. You will pay almost $1000 a year soon for Tri-CARE PRIME AND EVEN TRI-CARE FOR LIFE RETIREES WILL HAVE TO PAY.

  • Don Goodman

    Dems have controlled the economy since 2007 so i blame NOTHING on Bush. We had a great growing economy until 2007 and Frank Nad Dodd were the 2 worst in control of banks and housing. Clinton made the law to let anybody wanting to buy to get a home and it took 6 years then for those people to not pay.
    We also go billions in the military to upgrade equipment that Clinton Cut and security of planes,Airports, and fences areound bases. Clean Up of 9/11 cost billions when we didnt monitor terrorist in this country in the 90s. Not cheap after 9/11 to make a safe secure country like Bush did. Thank You Mr Bush for our COLA raises and security of the country. Now retirees get screwd by Obama.

  • 1sg

    Retiree need to start asking why they have to pay medicaid taxes when they have free medical for life.

  • Wild Bill, from NC

    Both repub and Democrats suck there in bed together. Sure the federal work force no cuts except for new hires big deal. This what they both think of the military screw them both.