More TRICARE Fee Increases Proposed

The Department of Defense has been pushing for TRICARE fee increases for nearly a year. This week military retirees who choose to enroll in TRICARE Prime will be required to pay an additional $2.50 per month for individual members and $5 per month for members and family. The increase takes the annual premium rate from $230 (individual) and $460 (family) to $260 and $520 respectively. Currently enrolled retirees will begin paying the new annual enrollment fees in January 2012.

The same week TRICARE announced their new TRICARE Prime enrollment fees, the administration proposed a brand new $200 annual fee for TRICARE for Life (the Medicare supplement for military retirees and their dependents who are older than 65). If adopted, this new enrollment fee would be charged beginning in 2013, and it would gradually increase. According to the White House the proposal would save $6.7 billion over 10 years.

The White House also proposed a new TRICARE prescription medication co-pay structure. Under the plan retirees would see co-pays rise based a percentage formula tied to government costs. According to a report by Tom Philpott, generic drugs at retail would be set at 10 percent of the Defense Department’s cost for the medicine and this would climb to 20 percent after 2013. Co-pays for brand names would start at 15 percent of cost and be raised to 30 percent over an as yet unspecified period.

Let your elected officials know how you feel about these proposed changes.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • E Oliver

    Why not just be honest and cut our military retiree pay in half and be done with it?

    We are the ones who were promised free healthcare for the service we provided. We already saw that go away. Now they want to place more of the countries economic problems on our backs. We aren[t as strong as we used to be but go ahead and load it on, we can still take it.

    • Lauralee Hensley

      What happens when no average Americans have any more trust in their nation? Lies upon lies, that’s all we get anymore.

    • michael

      The time has come to vote out all incumbent politicians and elect those who would put the needs of our country ahead of large corporations, forigien goverments & special lnterest groups that are the cause of our presenrt financial problems. We need to elect representives who will honor past promises & commitments to those of us who served our nation.

      • James


        • Teri

          Ron Paul served and even though I don’t always agree with everything he believes, I do believe he is honest in what he says. I would rather have someone honest in there than someone who simply says what he thinks people want to hear.

      • Brenda

        they also put their needs ahead of what they have promised the military retirees-they get free health care FOR LIFE & it is MUCH better than what we have!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • KenP

          Urban Myth

          Congress Critters do NOT get free medical for life. They do not even get free medical while in office. They are eligible to enroll in an HMO, if they so desire

          And full pension after one term is also an Urban Myth. They are members of FERS (Federal Emloyees Retirement System) just like the clerks at the VA or SS office

          Under FERS benefits are based on high-three and number of years of service, and cannot be accessed before age 62

    • James1776

      Let’s face it, first they lied about the promised benefit, as in pretending they never made the promise, and now they are lying about the cost. I just had a prescription filled today and found my normal copay increased by 1/3. Our ‘free’ care is already costing a good bit. I will be very offended if its costs go up every year while our pensions are frozen or increased only a tiny bit of the real inflation rate.

      • Neil R.

        I think we are beyond “God bless America”. We now should say, “God SAVE America”, and save her from the socialist idiots determined to ruin her!

        Perhaps one way to ensure the government fulfills ‘promises’, real or implied when we enlisted, is to force Congress to abide, for themselves, with whatever medical retirement benefits accorded to the military. This would only be fair.

        In addition, Congress’ retirement pay should be commensurate with the military, based on time served, but only paid to those with twenty years HONORABLE service or more.

        That our President and Vice President should have served in the military prior to being eligible for election goes without saying. In addition, ONLY Congressmen/women who have served in the military, and therefore, have been subject to being ordered into harm’s way, should be allowed to vote to declare war for the U.S.!

        Perhaps, this would slow eagerness to commit the U.S. to engage in petty wars and ‘police’ work for the world.

        While on the subject of voting, only allow Congressmen/women, who previously have had gainful jobs on the economy, should be allowed to vote for TAX bills! This might slow their eagerness to spend, spend, spend for ‘giveaway’ programs!

        • Brenda

          I agree with everything you have said here!

    • mark

      well stated.

    • Bob

      I could be worse. We could be paying what civilians are paying. Their monthly cost is more than our annual cost. However I feel that people retired longer should get less of an increase because they are making a lot less under old retirement dollars.
      I only retired about a year ago and can handle the increase. The increase should not go to all members.

      • Black9

        I guess you will find out what the rest of us have, You worked for low wadges, spent years on the battlefield, was never home with your love ones, and to boot, you will pay for the injuries you recieved while doing your duty. How worse can it get?

      • Tim

        Bob…not sure what your contract states but mine never included increases in costs; my 22 years active duty years promised me medical for my family and I. You’re not seeing the WHOLE picture…I understand that the word free doesn’t mean much anymore but the ones wanting to make the change probably hasn’t speant a day in the military.

        • brokeandtired

          Tim, I think you’re missing the WHOLE picture, too. As a 100% combat-disabled retiree, I’ll be seeing some of these increases personally (like Tricare for Life increase), and I’m okay with the proposed changes. Even if the intention was to give us “free” healthcare, do you want to insist on that at the expense of our children and grandchildren laboring under increasing levels of crushing debt to pay for it? I’d rather chip in towards my medications, pay some enrollment fees, and make some small sacrifices now (we’re not rich, but we certainly have enough food to eat and a place to live) because the spending is just out of control. We simply cannot sustain the current level of spending — it will sink this great country. So regardless of what promises you got (or think you got — I never have seen a contract promising free healthcare after retirement) — the reality is we all have to make some small sacrifices for the good of this country. How about we vets, who have served and sacrificed so much, show those civilians how it’s done?

          • Rick Sebastian

            No. I don’t want my children to pay for my free health care. I earned that “free” health care. I want the deadbeats who are collecting disability checks because they have “stress” to stop milking te system. I want the welfare deadbeats to stop milking the system. Quit giving illegals free health care but charging us vets for a right we earned! Quit giving welfare recipients free housing, food stamps, free cell phones, free medical. Maybe that will shore up the budget a tad, ya think?

            I am sick and tired of the government taking away my benefits and my money and handing it over to people who haven’t earned any of it.

            So quit trying to balance the budget on the backs of vets! Give us what we earned and make the rest earn theirs!

          • brokeandtired

            That’s the thing, Rick. I’d love to see the contract that promised you “free” care for life. I’ve never yet seen someone produce one.

            Sure, we need to cut out fraud and reduce welfare costs. That’s a no-brainer. But it’s going to take everyone pulling together to get out of the debt hole we’re in right now.

            You want everyone else to make sacrifices but think you shouldn’t have to because you “earned” the “right” to free care. That’s what’s going to sink this country — folks who don’t mind collecting their own benefits but want everyone else to make cuts.

          • steven

            Hey how those second and third generation wellfare cases who get pay checks and free medical without having contributed a damn thing to this country or its people! Your missing the whole picture!!!

          • brokeandtired

            I’d love to cut welfare fraud, steven. That would certainly help, but it’s not ENOUGH. The whole picture is going to take all of us to fix — health care is a huge chunk of the DOD budget, and they need to control costs. I’m by no means rich, but I can’t believe that a $200/year premium for the generous Tricare for Life benefits is such a gripe for you.

          • retiree

            You realize back in the mid90’s Welfare was modified, with a max of 3 years lifetime?

            DoD is #3 in the Federal Budget, and #1 in Discretionary – no way to balance the budget without DoD playing a part.

          • CMSgt Ed Beard, USAF, Ret

            I would have no problem with an increase in co-pays if that increase went to halt the costs to younger military retirees.
            The increase could be based on retired rank. E-7s, E-8’s and E-9’s , and O-4’s and above could afford an increase in our co-pays.
            However, if that increase is used to balance the federal budget, forget it! There are billions of our taxdollars already wasted on all those socialistic programs that have been shoved down our throats.

    • Bob C

      If we’re being honest and if we’re trusting in God (written on our dollar), if we belive that a man’s (or country’s) word is his bond, if we have become like the animals in “Animal Farm”, then we deserve justice and not mercy. I trust that the God we serve (at least most of us) will reward US (play on words) accordng to our deeds.

    • hm2

      Dont like ,give it back

    • Bob Riggleman

      I am surprised that anyone would even enlist in the military the way veterans are being treated. Nothing but broken promises. I still believe that the president and vice president should serve in the service before being elected to the highest office!!!!!!!

      • Brenda

        I am sure that they are still promising them the same thing today that has always been promised & only after they spend 20 years in the service do they find out the truth. What a crock-just spit in the face of all veterans & get it over with-they are doing that any way. I have always believed that the President & VP should have served in the military-then they would understand (maybe).

      • steve

        My son has already reversed his intention to join the army. I did 26 and i agree

    • Robert Parker

      Good Morning Ladies and Gentleman,

      Once again we veterans and our spouses suffer at the hands of certain policies pushed be insensitive people in charge. We veterans are struggling to make ends meet, our sposes and children are struggling and our retirement pay is dwindling at a rapid rate. Yet it is not the President that is doing all of this to us. It is our congressional people and the Department of Defense. Those in charge who make a astronomical amount of money running our military and our government. You have to ask yourself’s why is it that congress will not lead by example and change their retirement system or take a pay cut. No they won’t do that when they can suck us veterans dry. There is something wrong with this system, when those in charge are insensitive to the needs of the people they were elected by to govern this once great country of ours. Ask yourselfs why a congressman gets full retirement after two years in office, while the rest of our country sweats and breaks their neck working twenty plus years for little or nothing they call a retirement. It is time for a change ladies and gentleman, yet change must start with us. We must get rid of all politicians, who have shown insensitivity to the people and have lied and told halve truths. Vote all of them out and push for a change in the governmental system. We have to stand up and say I’m not taking it anymore. President Obama is not the problem, because his hands are tied. It is congress who is bringing this once great country to its knees, along with the unrealistic Department of Defense heads who don’t understand if you take care of your military they will take care of you and this once great country. Ladies and Gentleman we veterans have sweated our blood and guts for this country, we have foresaken our families in the process and given our all. Yet our country has forsaken us and sold us down the drain for a measley dollar bill. I pray that in the months and years to come that the people of the United States wake up and say we are not going to take it any more and we want change!

      God bless you all and God bless America

      • Brenda

        Up until the last election, President Obama had a Democratic Congress, so why wasn’t something done during that time? And he has a Democratic Senate. I think NOW is the time to stand up & say NO MORE and not wait months and years-it’s too late then-the damage will have already been done. You can bet that as soon as they get it passed that the Veterans pay for Tricare For Life & pay more for prescriptions that it will just go up, up, up-it will never come down or be taken off.

    • jakobie

      Be careful!. Cut it in half and they would want half of that!

    • jwscal

      This is crap… I see welfare people at the local pharmacy getting their scripts for $1.50 or less for multiple prescriptions. Yet we have to suffer and pay more! I say if they want their free medicines substance lets have them get a free Drug test like us military folks are subjected, to if they fail no more free stuff!

    • Ev

      Chill out. Everyone has to help some to get us out of this economic mess. The government has to quit wasting tax payer money!!! Guit ********!

      • Brenda

        Are you kidding me? No raise in SS OR Military for 2 years should be enough help to fix something that our government has screwed up to begin with! You can bet your bottom dollar that they got a raise & probably no increase in what they pay for their medical!

    • Here’s a news flash for you: All U.S. Military retirees who are unfortunate enough to get a divorce in a Community Property States (i.e, California), will forever more lose 1/2 of their Military Pension checks; so count on it! Because in 1982, the lesbian communist democrat, patsy schroeder (D) Colorado, got on her lesbian mule, rode out to California and succeeded in getting the divorce laws changed throughout the Nation; to where now, all Military Pensions are divided as with ordinary household goods! Yes, I was divorced in California in 1982, and for the past 29 years I have been forking over 1/2 of my pension check to an ex-wife who married someone else the following year! So, for the past 29 years I have been supporting my ex and her husband! The Military Recruiter don’t dare tell prospective recruits this, or their recruiting program would cease to exist!

      • Paul

        If and when you check, when your x-wife remarried the 1/2 split shoudl quit unless there is child support involved …. me thinks!

        • GJ

          Can you say USFSPA (Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act.
          The Federal Government has always stated that while they would follow guidelines set forth by states the distribution of retirement pay had to meet specific federal critieria. (Married for 10 years while a minimum of 10 of those years had to be while the service member was on active duty).
          So do the smart thing and marry them for 8 years, separate for 1 year, divorce at 9.5 years and remarry them at 10.5 years. This will prevent the unethical distribution of a service members retirement.

    • Duane

      I agree with you. The government has done the same thing with Social Security with Medicare!! Keep trucking! Duane

    • We were not only promised free healthcare for life for us and our spouse, they also said that we would receive a COLA annually based on the average cost of living increase in America. We haven’t received either, although we risked our lives in foreign wars. Many lifers never made it to retirement, and others died shortly thereafter. We can pay for a “Bridge to Nowhere”, a tunnel for turtles crossing the road, and give money to foreign governments who oppose the United States’ existence, but we can’t keep our promises to our military personnel. Maybe all of us should write those currently in Uniform and let them know that whatever they have been promised in fighting for our country’s policies will be up for debate in the futue, even though they have fulfilled their contract as a military person. I guess we disappointed our government by not dying on the battlefield.

    • dave

      Obama.What a loser and idiot. Gee I wonder if his welfare people feel this pain. Get this idiot out of office. Lets see no cola pay raises since he is in office and now this. How he looks in the mirror i don’t know. Then again his own party cant stand him. The only change Obama has done and needs as he has promised is his address. Carter ,Clinton ,and Obama one served one dodged the draft and the other has sank our great country. All 3 has hurt and turned there back on the military. Mr Obama get use to the term one term wonder. Please try to get reelected and watch the retires and military escort you out the door. You will never recover from this stupid thing you did. I just hope the Republicans can fix this without hurting the country more than you have.You saved nothing and just cost the GOV more by this. Since you aren’t embarrassed for your actions I am for you.

    • Robert Jessen

      Whether or not we can take it, is not the question or the answer. We will be forced to take it, like it or not! Our government has been dishonest in their dealings since its foundation. Why should it be any different for us ? We honored our part of the contract, but once our part was fulfilled, they want to just toss us aside and hope we all die soon so they won’t have to pay up! Our country WAS great for 400 years; it is over now! Spend, spend, spend, we have danced to the fiddler and squandered all our wealth. Now, we can’t pay the bill. We didn’t do it; the so called intelligent people that we have running the country did. Greed got the best of them. They, like the Egyptians, think they will take it with them.” Greedy dogs that can never get enough.”

    • Jolly

      E. Oliver, I am a thirty year retiree and over 85 years old. I have the age and the experience, and the intelligence, to tell you here, or face to face, that you are a very sick puppy. Suggesting, even as a jest, that our earned
      retirement benefits should be cut back, at this particular time, is something only a very dangerous fool would do.
      YOu must be one of those “nineteen and six” retirees.

    • Scott

      They are the low lives that have sent us overseas and selling us out.

    • Coastie90

      Thank God for Congressman L. Mendel Rivers who sponsored a bill in 1967, that allowed for COLA increases to military pay. Prior to that is took a act of congress to get a pay raise about every 8 years.

    • rebas

      A really bad suggestion. This is a necessary revamp of the program

    • Ben Moorer

      Where will this money go? To help fund TriCare or into the General Fund to help Fund the War?

    • steven

      No we’re not gonna take it any more. It’s time we take our country back and to hell with those elected in washington. I like millions of others were promised free medical and comissary entitlements and damn it the sorry assed government needs to deliver! we did!!!

    • terry

      I agree 100% why the hell serve our country at all. It used to be because of our dedecation to our country. Now I believe the Government is dead set on taking every benifit we earned, away from us. I WILL NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA, NOR WILL I VOTE FOR SEN MCCAIN (ARIZONA) WE PERHAPS SHOULD START PROTESTING LIKE THEY ARE NOW AGAINST WALL STREET. I DO NOT KNOW OF ANY OTHER WAY TO GET ATTENTION.

    • Bruce

      I spent over 26 yrs on active duty and like all retired members of the armed forces. we are getting tired of the goverment taking everything we have… its time that we stop getting screwed,
      lets start by stopping those who are collecting socail security that have never paid a dime into it … make everyone on walfare start working for it .. or take it away, stop paying unemployment to those that can & able to work, quit paying all the illegals anything, THEY are illegal… Stop giving any more to forian aid…. on and on and on .. lets get the goverment to stop giving themselfs pay raises and everythig else they get and bring them back down to earth, they are part of the goverment , just like all the rest of us that retired from the military.. Why on earth do they get more then us retired personnal… i think that we are part of the same goverement …. this country is being run by a bunch of people that have NO Balls, We need people in office that will fight for what is right,, we should be able to re-move goverement officals at any time for cause, just like in the military… you dont do your job your FIRED .. i can go on and on about this but to make it plain and simply all american’s need to pull together and stop paying for all the BS that our goverement is doing and putting on use… if this country took care of just the american people we would not be in this S–T now…. STOP giving our Money to those who do not Deserve it …. Take care of the American people ….. and let the rest of the people here in the U.S. take care of themself’s (( let there countrys take care of them )))


  • USMC Retired

    We’re watching the beginning of the end of the United States of America as we know it.

    • I cannot tell you how many times I have said the exact same thing. I don’t want to be so old to where I cannot fight for my freedom any longer. If there is to be a revolution please let it be now while I still have the breath in me to fight.

      • BobVelon

        Rick, you can bet a revolution is coming… I am 71 but I can still raise a weapon and I have great vision…. I hope you and I are back to back.

      • Teri

        Who is your enemy? How are you going to fight them?

    • DVP

      It has been since the late 70’s or early 80’s! When corporate greed and profit became more important than the workers was the beginning of the end of life as we knew it!

      • john

        Corporate greed my foot! It was congress that made the laws corporations had to live by, they were legal in their activities, it was congress who made bug bucks by enacting laws that they could do a little inside trading!

    • charles guthrie

      You are so right

      USN Retired

    • Roland

      Semper Fi, makes me feel very depressed and helpless.

    • Ed Goodwin, SCPO Ret

      I really believe another Civil War is coming. Only this time it will be the people against the government. Remember the real reason for the “right to bear arms”; it is to protect ourselves from the government.

    • Steve

      The end of the beginning is more correct. I think the beginning happened in the 60s. It has been down hill ever since. Fix America’s education system, put God first in our country, and educate the voter. That will fix America.

      • Teri

        It started in 1913 with the creation of the FED. Look it up.

    • jimw

      Actually many saw the beginning of the end years and years ago. Its good others can see it more and more.

    • mike

      It has already ended, nobody realizes it or wants to admit it.

    • bud

      You beraucrats in washington should have all their benefits removed,and their pay frozen before they even think about tricare. If Tricare is costing this country that much, then think of what our President,his staff,congress and their staff is really consting this country! Of course they do not want anybody addressing this issue!

      • Retired Nam Vet

        Congress and Senators are what cost us but that’s the finacial part of America falling apart. The USA has never been so divided since the 50’s. I don’t know how politicians started getting paid and voting there own raises. They should be voted in volunteers that want to serve the people not suck them dry. I’m not sure if it is going to be a revolution against the government or if this country which was once taken from the indians is now going to be taken over by another country. Either way it is coming. Americans have not had a war on their soil or seen tanks rolls down their city streets over rubble and have to fight on their home land and worry about the safety of their families also. So far we have been able to keep the wars out of our land. That day may come and maybe that will wake people up.

  • Randy Westveer

    This is what we get from a communistic SOB in the White House even more determined than the last Democrat president who turned the military into a meals on wheels service to ruin this country and its military services. Even this Muslim bastard has his way we will lose all our benefits including our retiree pay so he can give more dollars to groups like ACORN and the cdeadbeats who got him elected.

    • Jay

      Right on Brother!!!!! Ubfortunately not to many will follow your advise to get rid of this SOB. I Have seen this Country going downhill with this President so I realy hope that Military Persons will vote with their brains and not on their Political affiliations

      • “G”

        Why not look at your Republican Counterparts who are willing to let this country go to hell and sacrifice all Americans so that they can get their way. So let’s look at the real culprits, quit hiding behind masks and playing the blame game. Let’s get real and really expose the Republicans for who they are. Self Serving.

        • Straus

          Hello “G”
          Finally someone that makes sense. This country is in trouble, so if I need to pay a little more, I will pay it. I don’t like it, but what can I do. We need to start re-investing in this country. Anyways, it is the Congress that makes the decision to cut veteran’s benefits. The President can only suggest….The Congress passes the legislation.

          • Kim

            The soldier has given enough. Let congress and the president give up their free health care and retirement that they get after 4 or 6 years. **** this government treats illegal aliens better then they treat the veteran.

        • Rick Sebastian

          What a useless comment. Blame the republicans, right? You forgot to mention George Bush! it must be his fault too, right?

          You babbled a lot but didn’t say anything. Just like most libs do.

          The White House (i. e. Obama) is the one who proposed the prescription drug increase for retiree’s. Not George Bush.

          Quit drinking the liberal cool-aid and get your facts straight. “G”.

          • Denis Donoho

            your right Bush did start this with the invasion of Iraq and the republicans had control of the congress till 2006, They had 6 years to stop the run away inflation and stop a unnecessary war that we are still up to ears in. There is more than enough blame to go around. The republicans are in control now and are cutting all military, social security any program that give the average individual tiny spark of hope.

        • Ben

          Right you are G take a look at Republican Perry wanting to send our boys to Darn Mexico as if we don’t help those MoFo’s enough self serving rep. they don’t want to take a cut in their pay but get the retirees and we pay their medical they don’t pay a darn thing hows that.

      • fjpor

        This President has done more to help the militray than the last one. Don’t forget that Bush wanted to disallow disability for those in Iraw/Afghanistan who were injured UNLESS the injury was actually while involved in a manuever. If you were in your rack sleeping and were hit with incoming then you would not qualify. Also, females serving there would not be entitled since they are “Not allowed to serve in combat” and I guess shouldn’t have gotten shot/blown up when out on maneuvers. Bush paid a alot of lip service but did his best to cut quietly shoving it into one of his infamous midnight bills. Give credit where credit is due.

    • Roger

      TRICARE’s fees have been rising for how many years? DOD panels have recommended fee increases for how many years? Get a grip Randy, figure out what’s going on around you!

      Repeal the Bush Tax Cuts, problem solved.

      • Henry

        Really? Repeal the tax cuts.. Ok.. It won’t even pay the interest the Administration had spent in the last 2 1/2 years…

        • IBTHE1

          Hey Henry, It is like bouncing checks, the more you bounce the more it cost. Look at the previous administration, we are trying to cover the checks plus pay the NFS fees. Do you think the last 21/2 years put us in the mess? Only an idiot would believe we are in this mess because of the last 21/2 years.

          • Ken

            Fortunately, there are quite a few “idiots” out there who will vote and change the CHANGE promised and not delivered. . .God Bless America.

      • Lonnie


    • Roger

      Take your paranoiac conspiracies back to the funny farm Bobby

    • BG1

      This is the Congress with recommendations from DOD, dumbo!.The President does not have the authority to do it on his own. BTW ACORN is no longer funded by Gov’t $. I recommend you join the Mad Hatter tea party and tell them you want to cut Tricare or you can voluntarily give it up! We are waiting for your next response.

      • Kim

        Guess again about ACORN. They have just changed there names to some other good sounding cause. They are still being very well funded. You should know our government would never lie to us… Right? Not so much!!

    • Straus

      Come on Randy Westveer, get a grip. You know as well as most of the military, this President has been supportive than most presidents. You just want to vent. He is certainly more supportive than the last SOB we had.

    • Straus

      Hey Randy Westveer…..Why don’t you get upset with the people who make the decision to cut veteran benefits. The President does not cut anyone benefits. He can only suggest. It is your elected Representatives that makes the decision to cut your benefits….Don’t get upset with the President. It the Congress who you should get upset with…

    • barbie

      why must you name call? but it was okay when bush was in office and ran up everything and left it to the next man… wouldn’t matter if it was this man or another man we would still be where we are now and maybe worse.

    • Al

      Randy, Jay and the rest of the racist, short-sighted idiots that post incendiary remarks about our POTUS should be exposed publically. READ the article, heck all of the articles about retiree cuts, tricare cuts and defense issues. The DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE is the catalyst for cutting Tricare and Retiree programs. Its all about buying bullets and feeding the overpaid contractors while shorting the retirees. There was never a promise – just an understanding. I still have my original DA 1966 enlistment documents and no where did it say “The gov’t promises you …..” what it did say was that “I promised to defend our country against enemy’s, foriegn and domestic….” so get over it and if you are gonna throw rocks or slanderous remarks…..get it right as to whom they should be thrown at.
      ~A Proud Soldier Who Served Proudly!~

      • Lonnie

        This is the real truth that you won’t hear from Mr. Limbaugh or Faux news. Just read the past and present articles posted here on

      • Kim

        POTUS is a MARXIST!!

      • retiree

        Well said. While some may have had the understanding:
        a) it’s been proven in court there was no such promise since sometime in the 1950’s (if not earlier). The case went all the way to the US Supreme Court.

        b) since Tricare was instituted back in the 1990’s, anyone who’s retired since then should have known that it was not free care for life – since tricare required payments.

        If folks want to keep costs down, start putting serious proposals for cutting defense on the table – it’s 50% of the discretionary federal budget (and #3 item in the budget). DoD budget is about equally:
        a) acquisition (buying stuff like planes, tanks, rifles, ships, etc; and doing research to buy better stuff)
        b) O&M
        c) Personnel (active, reserve, retiree salary & benefits).

        If you say cut acquisition, be specific. What programs? Want to cut O&M? Where – what of the things we are doing do you propose not doing. Personnel? That’s either cutting salary/benefits, or cutting # of people on active duty.

    • Pat(riot)

      Congratulations on your post, Randy. Get your head out of your butt and don’t be a jerk all of your life. Spoken like a certified bonafide idiot.

    • SweetCarol

      This isn’t something that was pushed big by Obama. The Republicans want this and he is going along with it and trying to keep it reasonable. in the meantime all Congress have full pay the rest of their lives with as little as 3 years of service total and have full retirement. They should get the same percentage you get or that my husband got. Republicans are doing the same to social security. What has happened is the government has spent our social security money and has used it to prop up our country and now they want to reduce what retirees will receive. All this is part of the cost of the Iraq war. I can’t complain about Afganistan as there was reason to attack there though bin laden was in Pakistan. At least Obama set the Seals loose on him. Our problem is Congress. They want to cut our pay instead of taxing wealthy Americans. You and i are subsidizing them, thanks to the Republicans. So you are looking the wrong direction for the cause of this. Raise tax on wealthy, many of whom pay no taxes, and there would need to be no cuts or additional costs to Tricare or Social Security.

      • yokota85

        Who is pushing this? it’s the clown in the Navy who is getting to retire this year. AND he has already been hired for a job in the Oboma cabnet. Do I think its all the Dem’s doing .. NO both partys are to blame, as long as they have thier free health care and life time retirement this is not a big deal to them. As one congressman said ” we need to cut where we can just not my benefits..”

    • Tanya

      It’s people like you that are ignorant and without an open mind that makes this country the way it is today. Open for terrorism because of your racist thoughts and actions. It’s a shame that you call yourself an American. We all came from different countries. The only original occupants were the Native Indians and we took their land from them decades ago. Get a life and accept that it took more than the present president to get us in this mess as you stated. Yes we should be grateful for our men and women that serve in the Military better, but it is what it is. Years of cuts have been going on prior to now so think before you speak and know what your speaking of. A proud child of the military!

    • Irv

      I feel the same as you, we need to get our selves together and get this poor excuse out of the oval office along with the rest of his henchmen. All of these bleeding hearts need to get the hell out of the country and all immigrants that are illegal need to be rounded up and sent back to where they came from. All of this shit started with the peaniut picker carter and tyhen clinton with the free trade agreement, all of our manufacturers have moved to china to low cost labor. All imports now need to have a huge tarrif placed on them . I try to not buy anyhthing made in china or mexico but it is near impossible. Our congress and senate needs to grow a set of balls and put an ened to all of this and get the USA back where it used to be. Vote the shitheads out of office.

      • dwk

        When you suggest that we “Vote the ****heads out of office”, you do mean the Republican leadership and all those Republicans that ceded their will to that leadership.

      • dwk

        When you say we should “Vote … out of office”, you mean the Republican leadership and all those that have ceded their will to them. And of course, the Tea Party cronies are an even bigger dreg on our economy and must go.

      • Straus22

        Irv…so you blame President Obama for this! You are an idoit. The down fall of this country, has been going on long before Obama. Remember who was the President before Obama. Remember what was going on in this country before Obama. It all came to a head under him. He walked into this mess. Don’t blame him…Blame the silly Republicans under Bush.

      • KansasJack

        You really need to get the h out of this country. You are a disgrace to the uniform and this country. Get your racist facts correct.

    • LDW

      Sorry Randy, but your are blaming the wrong SOB!! It’s the REPUBLICAN SOB’s who are pushing this you A-hole!!!!

    • A.J.


      Obviously you have never taken a child to the hospital for an extensive visit, and have the clerk tell you the only thing you owe is a twelve dollar co-payment! You are truly a dumb ass to think the President of the United States of America is nothing more than a red blooded American. As a Christian you have the freedom to voice your opinion, why not as a Muslin. Maybe you need to get out of the country a little more before you criticize the most powerful man in the world. Stick with me dumb ass, I am more your speed.


    • fjpor

      This is coming NOT from the White House but rather from the Pentagon. So blame the right people. When they say the “White House” has proposed increases it is from the DoD in the White House hurting their own. They HAVE served but make so much money/retirement that they have lost touch with how the remainder of us live. The suggest increases for TricareforLife will cripple us to no end and result in cancelling many doctor’s appointments et al. As a retiree spouse whose spouse retired 36 years ago when pay was VERY low what he gets from that and SS will not handle these types of incrreases.

    • changeisgood

      All republicans think alike. If something goes thier way then they take credit, things go south, it’s always going to be the President’s fault, oh, unless that president happens to be republican that is. Listen up guy’s! The President doesn’t make the laws, the congressmen, you vote into office do. So stop playing the role of victim and learn to vote on the issues and not the person.

    • SAM

      First of all President Obama is not a Muslim, and secondly our Republican Congress and its Tea Party members along with the blessing of The Department of Defense and the upper ranks of our military are the ones responsible for the increases. These morons think the only way to fix our debt problem is to cut spending and the funding of programs that help retirees and less fortunate Americans. I would also like to point out that 236 Representatives and 41 Senators have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge created by Grover Norquist. To date all, except Representative Robert E. Andrews (D – NJ) are Republicans. Anyone who thinks we can solve this countries debt problem by simply cutting our spending and not raising taxes or doing away with the subsidies to the wealthiest 2% is crazy.

    • Dan

      Who are you talking about? If you talking about Obama man you need a drink or you already drunk. I guest you think Iraq was benefits for Veteran.
      Eight years of unnecessary spending. Can we please stop blaming the wrong people. We were promised so much now congressmen, senators, all of ours leaders cut, cut, and more cut.

    • Porkchop

      YOu seem to be a bit out of kilter.. Obama is neityher a muslim or a communist. Things can’t go on the way they are; significantly influenced by the previous administrations and the greed and uncontrolled actions of the financial community.
      I suppose that mr Obama is a likely candidate for your hateful ignorance. He’s the guy saddled with trying to get the Country on an even keel.. Not an easy or painless task.

    • guest

      I voted for Obama, gave money to the campaign, and will do so again. The proposed increase is so small as to be hardly an increase at all. No one promised any retiree that they would never increase fees for tricare. And remember, it is he republicans that want to cut social security and military retirement benefits. If you want health care that is guranteed for you, your family, and you neighbors, vote Democratic.

    • Walter Crowe

      You got it all figured out, just call anyone you do not agree with a bunch of names and labels. That is the problem in Washington now. Wouldn’t it be better to try to resolve our issues with a mature attitude of compromise and a fair exchange of ideas. No one, not even you know everything but everyone can make a contribution to fix our government, economy and country. Finally, you are not in a position to judge lest ye be judged. Can your glass house hide your transgressions. Yes I said transgressions because no one is pecfect, not even you. So show your president some respect and get with the program to help become part of the solution and not the problem. I for one have had it problem makers. I want to see problem solvers. Walter in Carolina

    • cruz olivarez

      you,re a racist moron, randy.

    • America the Free

      I can’t stand ignorant people like you who can’t open their eyes to see the TRUTH. You REALLY think THIS mess we’re in is President’s Obama’s fault! This is more divisive and racist Bull**** that gets us no where as a country and has all other countries laughing at us.

      The President DOES NOT AND CANNOT pass any laws by himself WITHOUT the approval of CONGRESS. Why don’t you so called U.S. “patriots” and lovers of this great country learn to READ more the U.S.and obtain knowledge about the laws the land. Until then, GTFOH with your nonsense rhetoric.

      Read more:

    • JACK

      You are not as bright as you my think – I know people in politics on a personal level and the last I heard it was a LARGER group lead by Republicans who wanted these increases. Be correct when making a commentstatement and stay off this site of good people who served their country, but than again we your heart is full of hate this is what you get RETARD!!!

    • Bosun

      This isn’t from a Democrat/Communist/Socialist in the White House, this is from a mob of Tea Party mad Republicans in the House, who will do ANYTHING to support their lobbyists’ interests and the hell with the rest of the country. If you aren’t a major Republican financial supporter you can just go to Hell. Veterans have no clout.

    • BSWAG

      I am a retired military person just like yourself but this forum is no place to air racist remarks. This economy was tanking before the current president got elected. They were talking about this way before President OBAMA was even elected. Some people, like yourself want to blame him for everything and It is evident that is underlying racism the fuels comments like yours.
      BSWAG –reitired SMSGT -U..S. Air Force 2006

    • A jordan

      you are a jerk get a life and learn some facts–the economic mess is the result of right wing knuckle heads like yourself. if you had jusy a liitle ability to underdtand facts and the tructh you could see that we did not get into this mess over the past two years–it took much longer than that where was you outrage then? grow up

  • MAD

    I hope all you who voted Obama last time will remember this for next year. Along with everything he has done to screw us over.

    • Me Too

      Don’t fo put in as well.rget about all those pro wealthy congressmembers that were

    • yates

      i am on the band wagon with that also

    • Top

      And you think the GOP/Tea Party won’t make us pay even more? It will be far worse if they win control of the Senate and WH.

      • Chris Bucholz

        Michelle Bachman proposed 400 billion in cuts to the Vets healthcare and benefits, she is also the Queen of the Tea Party and they are truly some of the meanest people out there !! These cuts are being driven by them as they hold onto congress by the short hairs so expect much more than this if they get into power. If you are too sick and demoralized by ten years of war you are no good to these awful people and will be lumped in with all the people on Social security, Medicare and Disability ,in their view vets and retirees will be at the bottom of the barrel with all the people that they have total contempt for !!!

      • Kim

        Spoken like a useful idiot. The TEA party HONORS service. The GOP is another story. The establishment GOP is no better than the Demorats. Time for a true CONSERVATIVE! NOBOMA in 2012!!!

      • retired SFC

        And you back that up with what kind of history? You Dems have always been the ones to screw over the middle class and aren’t smart enough to figure out it out. So go ahead raise taxes on the weathy and when they go out of business and put you out of a job, you can fall back on Blame Bush. Even Dems are starting to realize how stupid that sounds

    • TJG

      Well Mr. Mad while we are talking about who is screwing who, lets look at some facts:
      1. There is a fiscal crisis in this country.
      2. The Democrats and President Obama want to solve it by raising taxes – mostly on the wealthy.
      3. The Republicans wont raise taxes and want to solve it by cutting spending.
      So if you think that these cuts are just coming from the President, and your solution is to vote for the opposition, you might have a big surprise coming.

      • Senior

        this is a perfect example where the administrationis lying when they say they’ll raise taxes – mostly on the wealthy. do you consider us retired veterans the wealthy??

        They spend and will expect everybody to pay for it. The entire budget include defense is getting cut to pay for the programs Obama has already enacted. And this fee increase for us is just one of the many ways that spending will be paid for. Mostly for the wealthy – what a crock! It’s knuckleheads like you passing on that stupidty that are the reason we’re in this mess. Vote out Obama and his party – our nation’s future is at stake.

        • Knucklehead

          There will be a lot of pain going to go around no matter what happens, but Obama did want to let the Bush tax cuts expire. That would have made some difference. Now the Republicans are talking like they will cut – cut – cut. But maybe they are just like all politicians and are lying and wont really make any deep cuts if they get in. I think we have to think this through clearly – after all our nation’s future is at stake.

      • I understand your concern, but unfortunately, tax increases will not pay for all the past debt that both sides have allowed to accummulate. Tax increases have almost always come with additional surperflous spending, and not paying down the debt. If we are borrowing $0.40 for every dollar we spend, this increases our debt not just by $0.40, but also by the interest being charged for 40 cents. Unless we stop the outflow of dollars to foreign countries that is in excess of our sales of products overseas, then we will eventually go bankrupt, even if we give government 100% of our earnings. Government (both sides) needs to be contained.


      Remember our countrys’ problems started 8 years before President Obama.

      • Lets remember during those 8 years, who controlled the Congress. Presidents don’t initiate spending the House of Representatives does. And who controlled this under Bush – Democrats. However, Bush could have vetoed the excess spending.

        • Sarge

          I really don’t care for Republicans in general but to be fair we must identify where the spent money went. Remember that in 2001 the twin towers went down and prompted President Bush to spend , spend, spend in retaliation. Private enterprise thrived in the wake of 911. Contractors such as Haliburton and Black Water security forces usurped the military mission at a far higher cost. The war doctors (CIA) misdiagnosed the symptoms either as a result of design or incompetence and helped to engineer the WMD cover that Bush needed to “get Hussein.” That particular debacle cost us dearly in American lives and financially. Hussein was not responsible for 911 but he paid the ultimate price for it thanks to his old friend George. Bin Laden soon took responsibility for the New York kills and rumors put him in Afghanistan. Now, our poor troops , and their civilian contractor counterparts ,were forced to fight in two middle eastern battle zones and the US taxpayers were forced to foot the bill. BUSH knew he had a blank check due to the AMerican sentiments raised by 911. The Democrats didn’t dare challenge him because they knew he had the support of the American people.
          On top of that, OUR function as World Police did not diminish. We still maintain troops in Germany, Japan, Korea, and a host of other nations. Now who is responsible for all of this? How can we ever get back to the healthy status of jingoism and isolationism we deserve?

        • KansasJack

          You need to get your facts correct. The Democrats only had the house the last two years. And how many lies did the war criminals make to advance their oil agenda? And what about B&R and the Halliburton thefts?

      • retired SFC

        Maybe so but obama just made the race to the bottom on an even faster track. ( Bush 4 trillion in 8 years/// Obama 4 trillion in 2.5) It doesn’t take a genious to figure out who is spending more.

    • MWB

      You need to take a government and learn how politics reallt work on capitol hill. You also have two houses of congress up there. I think the people you want to put back in the whites got us in the state we are in. We americans are a bunch of wagon jumpers

    • Retiree

      I have been retired since 1974 and if any one of you think the the President did this on his own, you should get educated. It is the Congress and Senate that does that to us and everyone else. They have been doing it for years and there is only talk about removing them, never any action when it comes to vote. I voted to oust them at the last election, but it is the younger generation that kept them in. I am in Florida and look at the crooked Governor that we have. He lied like hell when he was running. They all lie like hell to the public. Every single one of them will burn in hell.



      • IBTHE1

        And you will compaign to vote who in… ?

    • RickP

      Hey, lets not forget to sweep clean the nest of vipers called “Congress”. They are more at fault than any president. Politicians are the dirtiest and lowest professionals this country has to offer. They are a blight on the USA.

      • Sarge

        As long as there are only two parties, the corruption will remain. When either of the major parties nominates a candidate for office of any kind, I doubt if a person is chosen because of his/her honesty. Money talks and BS walks. Both parties have one aim: maintain the status quo and give the people an illusion of democracy they can be proud of! heh heh heh!

    • Hm2

      your candidate ha ha

    • Straus

      It is not the President who decides these things. It is the Cogress. So if you want to get up set with someone, contact your congress-person. The President can only suggest, The Congress depenses. Get a grip.

    • Straus

      It this passes congress, don’t blame The President. The President only recommends….It is the Congress that legislates…They passes the laws. So contact your congress-person. If you look at what is going on, if you got any common sense, you would not vote for the Republicans. At least the Democrats are trying to save this country. Look at what the Republcans did while they were in charge. Stop voting against your best interests.

      • Sarge

        Let’s go one step further. It is the House of Representatives that holds the purse strings. The Senate is passe` in regards to spending!

    • John Fox

      Keep in mind that it was the Bush regime that took all of those Social Security dollars. Regardless of who was in office now, the result would be the same.

      • retired SFC

        Lets not forget that Lyndon Johnson put the SS money into the general fund. Now that was a great idea

    • changeis good

      President Obama couldn’t screw up what was already stripped. Don’t like what you see huh? Blame those people you voted into congress to represent you. Because I stand by my President and think that he doing the best he can with what he has to work with, or should I say against.

      • retired SFC

        Of course he’s a great man. He’s spend 4 trillion in 2.5 years. Lets reelect him and all DEMs back into the majority of the senate and house maybe by the time he’s finally out in 2016 he can spend another 10 trillion ffor a total of 14 trillion and the good ol’ USA wlll be in such great shape by all the spending. Because everyone knows that you can spend your way into prosperity. Kinda makes Bush look like a piker HUH?

    • Ben

      Hope all the Military Retired and Active remember his insurance pay fiasco.

    • SailorinDE

      Did you read the article? It specificially said that the DoD has been asking for a rise in Tricare costs for sometime, NOT President Obama. My husband and I have Tricare, and I’m not happy about this at all. I agree that Congress/Senators should take paycuts before Veterans do. But
      Stop blaming President Obama for the country’s problems!! He’s not to blame, we all are. Mostly it is the rich that are to blame for the economic problems we’ve been experiencing. If you do your research, you will see that.

    • carol

      I see Mccain is for this…unlike all of us he has another pension and health benefits must be nice…….

  • Dennis

    Why is it necessary to go after the most susceptible portion of the population — the over 65 group. Adding an annual fee while increasing Medicare fees with no increase in Social Security payments will result in significant loss/reduction of discretionary cash for the group that is most likely to be on a fixed income to start with.

    • Lauralee Hensley

      Yeah, Clinton added the taxing of Social Security and then they have if you work while on Social Security they tax the heck out of your Social Secuirty, so you basically end up with none. So, I guess they’ll leave you enough money to buy a spoon, so you can live on eating the dirt out of your back yard. Whoops, some people might not have dirt or a back yard, so I guess that party will be happy, cause you’ll just turn to dust yourself when you’re dead and buried.

    • shekaty

      People get what they voted for, how many people bothered reading up on Obama? Not many. Just the most minimal investigation regarding the community organizer would have told you this. He is an anti-colonialist and despises the US and Britain, he would never be in the military, and fight for his country so others may continue to be free, and not shackled as he and his minions are trying to do.

    • HM2

      We spend the most on health care..that is why..the raise is minimal in comparison to what we get…stop whining

    • Roland

      Exactly, You NEVER EVER hear of these guys talking about cutting THEIR benefits. They go after the people that have the bare minimum to survive in this economy and it makes me sick. They ALWAYS talk about cutting the weakest in the economy and never talk about ALL the money they wasted over the years. Keep cutting the benefits of the people that served this country putting our lives on the line and see what kind of military we have in twenty years. (NONE). GOD help us !

    • jjjddd

      Because they can!

      Don’t like it? register and vote in every Federal, State and Local election and take your vets hat with you when you go to each poll! Show them who you are! & a Veteran!


      • Your vote don’t count

        • pops0946

          It don’t if you fail to cast it.

    • Black9

      Because, when you are really having a tough time, on a fixed income that is when they come after you. They always said that everything was good with ss, and that it diden’t need to be fixed. They ran around DC putting Bush down when he told everyone that it was broke, Barney and company put him down ,said some terrible thing about him, Now I guess we see who was the liars.

    • pops0946

      Just read the information on increase of premium from Tricare, then as you read further and there is a suggestion to add a $200.00 annual premium for Tricare for life. When we go on Medicare we are having $96.00 per month withheld from Social Security to pay for Part B. When I went on Social Security and Part B I was transferred to Tricare for Life with no additional premium. Why are we being asked (told) to pay more and more when the only more for congress and senators is more in their pay checks and free medical. I fully agree with a lot of the posts I have read here and think that it should be a prerequisite that all senators and congress and presidents should have served actively in the military for a minimum of 4 years in the enlisted ranks. They would then understand what we have endured protecting their back sides while they kick ours. Just Sayin

    • Brenda

      They will not rest until all seniors are homeless & not able to get any medical care-maybe we need to pitch tents outside of the White House to get Obama to notice us.

    • Wendy

      Right you are, Dennis. We are all FED UP with being targeted. Shame on this country, for breaking it’s promises!!

  • CLM

    I would rather have them cut retirement payments in half for all congressmen and retired presidents or have the retirement plan performance based on whether or not the public thinks they did a good job. An extra voting cycle would stop this nonsense.
    Congressmen and ex-presidents write books, get paid honorariums for speaking engagements and Oh by the way why aren’t they having their own 401k plan instead of government retirement.

    • Lauralee Hensley

      I agree!

    • mog

      Its true look a the premium paid for health insurance by Florida governor Rick Scott! The rich get richer and the working man gets screwed.

    • MMC

      I agree. Let those in Washington have the same benefits as everyone else. AND…… they should not be able to give themselves pay raises and benefits. Let’s get them all out and start over.

      • Butch

        I agree they should all be ousted. We can vote them out; I just wonder howm many times we must do this before they get the “word”.
        They have lied to us an we have no recourse, but to “suck it up”!
        let them help.
        This is a bunch of bull ****.
        MSG (SS) USA (Ret)

    • nsawoman

      I agree it they cut congress and white house pay and illiminate the jokers who have been in prison that still draw a paycheck on our backs when the retired military who have committe a felony forfeit their retired benefits, then we probaby would get in the black in a hurry. Also, put the idiots on medicare and be done with it then they can see how the other half lives on a fraction of the pay.

    • Doris

      Yes by reducing there pay won’t hurt them as much
      They don’t think of the big people like congress and ceo’s
      I don’t see why they don’t cut the big bosses pay before the employees .
      Our little deductions in pay Is’nt even there 10% cut in pay.

    • Bill

      I agree 100% I served for 25 years in the Marines and Air Force and as you said cut their benifits in half! I had my Mil Ret cut and my SS cut in half as I was also a federal employee! Shame on me and others for serving too much!
      Let the voting begin!

    • J.W. Murphy

      You would have to live in a “Dream World” if you think those pompous, lazy solons in CONGRESS would EVER lower their benifits, salaries – any “perKs” they decide to reward themselves with. They even ran-rodded a bill through several years back that increases their salaries AUTOMATICALLY – without any further action required by any subsequent session of Congress !
      They don’t know what a recession is ! We’re in a near-DEPRESSION – but they don’t care ! If you took a poll as to how many members of Congress had even the slightest taste of military service, there would be a startling minority who would make that list – and they get FREE medical care at Walter Reed & Bethesda for any of their minor aches and pains ! Their pay will be automatically increased every session, and there is nothing that the general public can do about it other than at the ballot box. The REAL problem is not the Oval Office – it’s in our do-nothing Congress !

    • Larry nolen

      I agree with you!!!!! OR I think the president, congressmen and the senent should receive the same pay and benefits retirement plan the military receives. If I have anything to do with it all of them will be replaced during the next election. Fighting like kids and cant agree on anything.

    • Patricia

      I agree fully with this analogy. I am widow of retired AF Officer, I am too old to get a job, at 77 nobody wants to hire me, I have tried so I have now way to increase my income. If we are to believe our government, we should all be reminnded that they have a hard time keeping their promises, but always have enough for their raises and retirement. Patricia Wallace

    • retiree

      They have a 401K plan – it’s called TSP. BTW – it’s the same TSP as the rest of the federal civil service (under FERS – which Congress is also under), and is identical to the one all active duty and reserve can contribute to.

    • john henry

      I couldnt have said it better

  • Rich Collins

    Perhaps I am wrong, but wont the elected members od the Congress, whom you all vote for or against, have to approve these stabs in the back?

    • James1776

      This is the Federal Government…Does anyone really trust them to keep a promise?

    • ereilad

      Congress never had to serve and most likely their kids will never serve either, it’s the volunteer military now. We only get to vote for the candidates that get enough money from wealthy donors, not likely that anyone that really cares will get elected.

    • Straus

      That is right Pich Collins. The President can only suggest. He cannot pass any legislation. So contact your representatives….

      • Half-Fast_ Al

        Not exactly true my friend. As the president, Obama has the power of “Executive Order” which in effect enables him to mandate whatever he can’t get through the legislative process. Need proof? DREAM ACT ! LYBIAN WAR!

        • garymc

          Unfortunately true but congress can still bring it up and disapprove the Executive Order if it wants to. They don’t seem to do it very often .

    • JACK

      Yes they did – but stupid people don’t understand this!!

    • Dave

      The TRICARE annual increases are a done deal. Already voted on and announced.

    • I think that everyone here should remember that the President can’t do anything without the Congress, and it’s currently controlled by a Bunch of TeaPublicans that just cut fuel subsidies to the poor at the beginning of winter. So do a little research, and see who is actually trying to screw us. Particularly check out Senator Coburn Republican and his cronies, see what he wants to do with our tricare. The problem ain’t with the President it’s with apethetic un-informed voters, and a multi-millionare congress that doesn’t give a shit about us, or anyone else.

  • REALLY!!!

    How about congress takes some of the burden as well instead of passing it on to everyone else…

    • 1SG (ret) Bill

      I agree. Congressman get free medical, meals, and about everything else you can imagine but I don’t see them cutting any thing of theirs.

  • Mack

    This is what happens when “those who haven’t served” decide what “Those that serve” get. If they enemy were at our shores, they would be the first to get behind the military, I mean really, get behind them, as far back as they could get.

    USA Retired

    • Tim

      Thats where they have always been..”In the rear with the Gear”

    • Aviator Ron

      Amen Brother! I put in a total of 25 years and relied on the govt’s promises. Now there are no increases in our retirement and they want to take more from us! We need another Ronald Reagan in the white house.

  • ginny

    Remember all this when you vote this time – and EVERYBODY PLEASE VOTE THIS TIME. That is why they don’t care about our needs – because the military and military retirees have not historically voted in large numbers so the powers that be don’t give a damn about our needs. As a block vote we could change things around and that’s the ONLY way things will ever change.

    • Doc Don

      even with 100% turn out over vote is diluted over many congressioonalk districts.. so let’s just fight hard to get these socialist wankers out of office!!!!

    • Here is my take on what you said and have been saying it for years, but we suck as a consolidated front during elections, except when we all write in this comments and bitch.

      , I do feel that some type of payback is due those 535 professional conmen politicians who enrich themselves and remain in government positions because they cannot give up that feeling of power. Look around folks and all you hear and read is about the logjams that are caused by them in trying to pass budgets and appropriations, trying to find more ways to screw the public, at our expense of course.
      “These men and women sit in their little ivory towers and play their petty games of partisan politics while parents, sons and daughters are getting killed to ensure that they continue to play that role.” While our so-called leaders are spending billions of dollars on weapons systems that the military doesn’t even want, they throw billions of dollars into the Dept. of Education that doesn’t educate a single child. While they waste their time debating whether or not we should have prayer in school, people are dying literally. We, the active and retired military community did not watch our fellow soldiers die and are still dying so that idiots like these could send our country in the tank. WE NEED TO STOP THAT AND NOT ALLOW IT TO CONTINUE ANY FURTHER!!!!! I ask you all my fellow military retirees, set aside your partisan differences and start voting for someone who will represent us retirees, and our country as well. Elect new members, someone who will literally lead the fight to get back our country, our prestige and our pride. How long will we allow them to sell us out by allowing jobs to be shipped elsewhere creating 11% nationwide unemployment? I BEG OF YOU, LETS VOTE AS A UNIFIED BLOCK AND STOP ELECTING THOSE SENATORS/CONGRESSMEN WHO HAVE DONE THIS TO US. It is time for new blood. Elections are coming soon, so let’s stand united and protect what little we have left from the entire menu that we were promised when we agreed to put our souls and lives on the line for our country.
      Do not allow public servants to be elected for more than two terms. It is them, who have been in seats of power for many years who refuse the system to change. Have you noticed that all laws are written, approved and made to protect them first and then allowed to trickle down to John Q.? Stop whining and complaining and start taking our country back.

    • Roger

      If a republican wins, it will definitely get worse!!!!!! No question in my mind.

      • BobVelon

        Roger, I think you are the guy who told me to take my conspiracies back to the funny farm. I cannot find my original comment. So what makes you think he is a legally sitting president? What part of the Constitution that states only a natural born citizen is eligible to be elected. It takes two citizen parents to be natural born. Obama was born a dual citizen. So now you are blasting Republicans saying if they win it will definitely get worse. I see, your the type that has his head so far up his backside you don’t know the time of day… You must be from the communist side of this craze…. See you on the battle field.

        • margiedrake

          BobVelon, You are the sort of persaon who hasn’t a clue. If you ever do vote. do us all a favor and don’t. Clean up your thoughts and language and then find some facts instead of spouting nonsense. Roger had it right; take your opinions back to the funny farm. And you are also a “birther”. Don’t you realize that nonsense is only a distraction to keep from talking about thr real issues?

      • Doug

        What mind?

      • Kim

        It can’t get any worse. We have a Marxist in office! Fools voted him in on vague concepts like “hope” and “change”. These things mean different things to different people. If you were gullible enough to believe this crap last time, fix it in 2012. NOBAMA hasn’t kept ONE promise. I take that back. He’s spreading your wealth. Wake up my brothers in arms. This man wants to destroy America and doesn’t give a damn about you.

      • jjjddd


        • jjjddd


          Not racist!…
          Not violent!…
          Just Not silent anymore!…
          – Unknown… Gold-find…

    • don bollinger

      right on. smsgt retired in 1976.

    • Jerry Bell

      Ginny; It dosent mean a SHI– who you vote for because we cant vote for lobbist. and they control what goes on in congres…Solution: Only elect retiret military to congres , from retired enlisted thru Flag ranked personel who know the world and forign policy.. Just give us our Tri -Care for live and forget about all the medical benifits that the elected officals get for serving for one term; plus their dependents for the rest of their lives.. This would greatly reduce our medicare problem ; and our countrys budget… Think about it…I suppose that I am now on the eye in the sky check
      list and every time I go to the bath room I will be monitored;; but just had to get the truth out.. Thanks

    • horsewithnoname

      How do you expect the overseas Military people to vote, when the communist democrats routinely throw all their votes in the shit can?

    • Ginny you are right PERIOD. How many of you guys complaining actually voted?

    • Jim

      I agree! May I suggest a candidate who, in my opinion would be an excellent choice. I am voting for Herman Cain. He is not a politician and has plans to place our country back on the road to prosperity. If we get enough people behind a great candidate, perhaps we could place this country back on the road to prosperity.

      USAF Retired

  • Alanb

    This is what we get when a non veteran, too chicken to be the military, is elected president.

    • linda

      I assume you are talking about Reagan, Clinton, Bush (don’t consider flying on stateside beer runs during vietnam war military service) , of course Cheney and oh yes Obama and all the GOP candidates this time. How about all the members of congress—how many served (or their kids for that matter)? Cuts have to made and if they were across the board I am willing to give a little, but with big companies and the wealthy still getting huge entitlements and tax breaks on the backs of the rest of this country—well it gets a little old.

      • Teri

        Ron Paul served in the military and is the only one supporting us that I can see.

      • dwk

        Please specify when refering to Bush that you are refering to “W” and not his father. The Senior Bush is a vet, shot down in WWII.

      • Reagan served. He produced propaganda films. He was a commissioned officer. Look it up. I don’t think Clinton served. George W. Bush served. He was a pilot in the AF reserves. He never finished as he got out early to pursue politics.

    • nsawoman

      and most of those in congress have never served except behind a desk. It should be mandatory that those who are elected to represent us should all have a military background. Those running this next time there is only one of them that has served and it would be hard to vote for him because of his views about the illegals.

    • Nan

      Amen. You’re talking about President Bush, right?

      • SOLAR Hater

        Nope. Talking about OBAMA (let’s run the country in the ground and give all the money to SOLAR power president) He will ruin us all if he gets another 4 years.


      Right on Man. In addition to being chicken, he was to be busy claiming he was from antoher foregin country so he could get free tuition. Assuming he even went to Harvard because nobody that would have been in school at the time remembers him not metion that his transcripts are non-existent. Come all of you vets we need to get out an vote this year and particularly next year when its time to elect a real Commander-In-Chief. If because of your disabilities you cannot get out remember to request a mail in ballot. Let us all fight to the end. “GOD BLESS AMERICA”.


    • Draftee

      Even though Bush, Jr., and Ronald Reagan were in the military, they were too chicken to go out and fight for this country. They look for advantage to stay away from the front lines.

      • Reagan wanted to do more in the war, but he was already a celebrity. The draft board was pretty anal about sending celebrities into combat. Duh… I’m not sure how Jimmy Steward made it as a B-17 pilot??? John Wayne had the same problem as Ronald Reagan.

        Bush already had his life slated as a politician, so he should’ve done more. The fact is, they served. They contributed to the war or war effort, and in my humble opinion. This is an honorable thing to do.

        • 1Cav

          Oh… yeah, right.

    • Bob Riggleman


    • VeteranEarningMyWay

      So are you talking about the Republican President who LIED about his served to this country? BUSH who left this deficient after CLINTON left office with the economy in the POSITIVE!!!!

    • terry

      I don’t think he was chicken….he felt the experience would be below the diginity that one of his high views of himself should be showered with.


      Have you forgotten the president that was AWOL?

    • JACK


    • SailorinDE

      As I stated to another person, you need to read the article. It specifically states that DoD, not the President have been asking for a rise in Tricare costs. Besides, it’s the Congress, not the President, that votes for it. Do your research before you go blaming the wrong person for the country’s problems – who by the way, is our Commander in Chief. I guess that means that he is now SERVING our country which eliminates the argument that he’s too chicken.

    • Dennis Habern

      Many retirees and civilians have accused Obama to be the

      Anti-Christ, which is not far off the mark, if you follow. The only

      words to describe both he and his wife, in the words of DAFFY DUCK,

      is DESPICABLE.

  • Ingrid

    free health care for retirees promised but nobody can depend on promises, because all the big shots sitting on Capital Hill have to fill there pockets first, as a matter of fact that is what they have been doing all the time but nobody has ever paid attention about that.
    Everybody can go to war but if he or she are lucky enough to return home they are forgotten.

    • Solar hater

      Clinton made us pay for tricare and Obama makes us pay more. Do you see a trend here. Don’t complain if you vote Democrat.


      promises are like assholes — everyone, especially the goernment, has one. time to stop promises and let our voices be heard.



    • Dennis Habern

      Not only this in adequacy as mentioned above, but what about awarding

      retirees category 6 when flying Space-A, when in reality, if it had not been

      for we retirees, the rest of the categories would not be in existence

      because our enemies would be running the show, if you follow. Why

      should women dependents traveling without their sponsor, along with

      their many children, be awarded a higher priority than we retirees.

      I wish someone out there would take up this challenge and also

      inform me too at:

      Thank you.

  • Rob

    I agree with, the government should be taking some of the burden in cutting their pay and change there retirement plans and make them pay social security too. But someone needs to stand up and make a change. Start a petition, come up with an idea of who decides when they get a raise instead of them voting on it themselves, like put it on the ballot and the PEOPLE vote on their raise every 4 years, and if we need to cut there pay and benefits the PEOPLE vote on it also. They sure wont do it themselves. If there is a cause stand up and make a change. Be active in our country’s future and be the change.

    • Richard

      Just to set the record straight, I did some research on the current Congressional and USSC retirement and medical benefits. Here it is with sources. Make of it what you will:



      “Prior to 1984, neither federal civil service workers nor Members of Congress
      paid taxes to Social Security, nor were they eligible for Social Security benefits.
      Members of Congress and other federal employees were instead covered by a
      separate pension plan called the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS).”

      “Members of Congress first elected in 1984 or later are covered automatically
      under the Federal Employees’ Retirement System (FERS), unless they decline this

      “Congressional pensions, like those of other federal employees, are financed
      through a combination of employee and employer contributions. All Members pay
      Social Security payroll taxes equal to 6.2% of the Social Security taxable wage base
      ($97,500 in 2007). Members covered by FERS also pay 1.3% of full salary to the
      Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund.

      “Under both CSRS and FERS, Members of Congress are eligible for a pension
      at age 62 if they have completed at least five years of service. Members are eligible
      for a pension at age 50 if they have completed 20 years of service, or at any age after
      completing 25 years of service. The amount of the pension depends on years of
      service and the average of the highest three years of salary. By law, the starting
      amount of a Member’s retirement annuity may not exceed 80% of his or her final



      On-site Capital Hill Office of Attending Physician (4 Navy Doctors + Support Staff)
      Flat annual Fee of $503
      Consulting Chiropractor
      On-site Physical Therapy
      Consults from: Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic, military hospitals, etc.
      Free treatment at Walter Reed Army Med Center, Bethesda Naval Med Ctr.


      Federal Employee Health Benefits Program
      Menu of multiple available plans to choose from, some depending upon State
      Nationwide Fee for Service available to all
      State specific HMO, HDHP and CDHP plans

    • Bill

      I agree with Rob. Since the congressional “Leaders” actually work for the people, doing the peoples bidding, it should be up to the people to authorize or deny pay raises. Those that elect them should be the ones that rate their performance, aren’t we their bosses????? Probably won’t happen, but there should be a movement within the US to vote out EVERY incumbant (regardless of party affiliation), until they start working for the people and not themselves…

      • KenC

        I totally agree with Bill. We are so complacent in this country. As one of my old tennis coaches used to say “if what you are doing is not working, change something”. Well these clowns we sent to Congress have not been working for decades yet we don’t change them. We need to wake up before we lose everything that was promised us.

    • Annette Wood

      Like. Yes cut their pay and and retirement pay, and health benefits. Would like to see this on 2012 ballot. So please let’s start a petition.

    • Barbara

      I think any law that Congress passes – they should also have to follow. Their benefits packages should go away once they leave office – like everyone else. As it is now, they have the cadillac health benefits – and when they leave office, they will get their pay for life. If they had to follow the laws they make for us, they would certainly think twice before passing some of these. “We the people” should stand up and shout about how wrong it is for them to be exempt from the laws they make!!!!

      • retiree

        No, when they leave office, if they have at least 5 years of service, they can collect retirement at age 62, at 1.7%/year of the base of their top 3 earning years. And they pay for that, and pay into social security. Oh, and their health care is FEHBP – the same as the civil service. And they pay for it. Oh, and in 1995, they put themselves under the same laws as the rest of us.

        So everything you want to happen has happened – for over 15 years.

    • jas

      I totally agree, it is time we take back country.

    • Howell

      You are so right,,,the present generations must get involved with their government, our own government poses as much threat to our country as many of the advertised threats we hear on the news from day to day, due to their gridlock, affects of special interests especially large donors who have a say in the decision process,,,,we have much more corruption, or near corruption than many of the nations our government criticizes.

    • guest

      i whole heartily agree.limit terms to 6 yrs max .part time pay for part time work.NO BENEFITS! Unless they buy their own.NO RETIREMENT FOR anybody including the PRESIDENT.NO PROTECTION AFTER SERVICE.IF they were any good in office who would harm them?

    • Frank B

      Its about time that the Ex-military / retired military get behind a leader who can cause SOMETHING to chang e in Washington, should be called wash-the -pockets of us who put them in office. It is way overdue for STRICT time limits and both branches of government and somehow restrict the way these so-call leaders from getting a lifetime of “rewards” for screwing us while they were setting in office. And I say Setting in office, because if you compare what they do to what we as the “Subject” work our buts off day in day out while they negociate on wether the congress should have a study session on investigating a fellow law maker for tax evasion or just cover it up and go on . I am a retired Army man and on disability and sick and tired of the corruption in our government. Rob, go get um and we are ready to stand up to the job of trying to get thing back in order.I that can be done before the Lord comes back. Thanks for listening. Frank B.U.S.Army Retired.

  • Ltc

    Can’t someone contact an attorney and file a class action suit based on promises made by the gov’t regarding healthcare promises?

    • Top

      It’s been done Ltc, we lost of couse

    • Ron M

      Sorry, Health care was never put in writing, Gentlemens agreement, to the best of my knowledge.

    • Self Propelled

      We were told that the promise of medical care after retirement was a promise made by DoD not Congress therefore it isn’t a valid promise.

    • TEH

      I like this one. I thought of it myself also. Try this one at the Supreme Court since it involves ythe executive, judicial and legislative branches. TEH, USAF, Major ,retired

    • Howell

      I still have a vivid memory of sitting in a large gathering at a military base when a Major General announced the end of veterans health care as we knew it. That was about 1972 or 73 right after the Vietnam War.

      Retired military should work with their local veterans organizations or form new ones such as the “tea party” to promote platforms which not only support promises made to veterans, but appropriate issues which are not being dealt with by the government, including jobs, tax reform, immigration, corporate accountability, government agency accountability, growing welfare numbers, etc.

    • Arthur Moore

      I served Honerable for 24years and am saddened by the way the government and all the politicians are treating the Active and Retired military. Yes, I remember that when I cam in, I was told I would get heathcare and my retirement after getting out of the Military. This is a stab in the back coming from the polititions in Washington, DC. I am going to look into seeing if a breach of contract can be drawn up by a lawyer and filed. This means the government is going back on their word, I didn’t go back on mine. I served 2 tours in Vietnam and this is what I get. Terrible! Terrible! Terrible!

    • Aviator Ron

      I’d go along with that!

    • Hal

      I’d go for that. Why don’t they send the cyanide tablets along with the Medicare card as a fall back for those who can’t make it on their ever shrinking incomes. Military retirees need to ban together and speak with one voice. We owe it to the younger generation to let them know what they can expect from their own government should they decide to risk service to their country. The word of the US govt. is worth NOTHING!

    • This would be a good thing to do. Lets do it

    • Dennis Habern

      More than likely, if it is not written in black & white as law, we retirees have

      no power to complain, me thinks.

  • FastCruise

    I have but one word – BOHICA

    • flush it now

      e-mail me @, would like to know what that means ok, i’ll say it on this PC, what they going to do about it, kill me, been dead for yrs, since Nam, they can’t do much more to us except take our disability next, U watch, didn’t say anything about that when they took our Cola’s, all 3 of them , & got away with that too, poeple better smarten up before it’s to late, god bless, & save us from a fate worse then HELL!!!

  • Disgusted

    I am so tired of being spit on by the current regime of youngsters. We were promised the helth care due to our low pay. I’ve sent my email to the politicians. Now my ballot will say some more come election time. So will the knocking on the doors that I’ll be doing.

    Flush out the anti-American.

    • Ron M

      Hey! When I turned 65 and had to go on Medicare, my per month cost went from 19.10/month to 130.00 plus with holding for a total of 189.00/month.
      Thank goodness for paid for health care…

  • Michael Trotter

    I don’t mind the extra cost, and I will do my part to help this great nation once again, but what REALLY gripes my butt is the fact if I was an illegal immigrant, my costs wouldn’t change (free is free)!

    • Sharon

      Bravo! The illegals are causing all health care costs to go up!

    • moanamcara

      If you were an illegal immigrant in Washington state, you could get welfare. No matter how poor we get, we don’t qualify because of our retirement check from the government. Go figure

    • hank

      Now, Michael, you are getting to the nub of the problem. If the US taxpayers stopped carrying that load, and we didn’t have ill-conceived siocialist policies promulgated by politicians (the edge here goes to democrats) trying to buy votes, it would be unnecessary for the gov’ment to takwe this action. The policy for years has been to kick the can down the road on “unfunded liabilities,” and it’s time tostop it.

      Sgtmaj USMC (Ret.)

    • HM2

      So what you are really saying is ” if is free is for me” get a grip, move on pay or opt Out +plain and simple

    • Kim

      The proper term is Illegal Alien. Words have meaning. An immigrant is someone who is hear legally. My Korean wife was an immigrant. Calling an Illegal Alien and Undocumented Worker is like calling an Drug Dealer an Unlicensed Pharmacist, or a Burglar an Unwelcome House Guest.

      What ever happened to the Federal governments responsibility to protect this nation from invasion as clearly defined in the U.S. Constitution. Wake up people, don’t go all PC. Words have meaning. Illegal is still Illegal.

    • Brenda

      I’ll say it again, Michael-haven’t we done our part with no raise in SS or Military Retiree Pay for the last 2 years? The politicians got a raise (a big one), doubtful they had to pay more for medical & then all of the illegals get free health care, free rent, free everything because “we can’t offend anyone”-doesn’t matter if they offend the very ones who gave them the freedom they have!

    • retiree

      Illegal immigrants are forbidden from collecting federal benefits (to include welfare, medicare, federal housing). Do some collect? Yes, but a minority, and they are breaking the law.

      In fact, many pay into SS using fake or duplicated SS numbers, thus adding money to the system that they will never take out.

      Now anyone (illegal immigrant or not) who is treated in an emergency room is entitled by law to treatment regardless of their ability to pay. Unfortunately, this is the most expensive form of treatment.

    • Scott MacDonald

      What they are not saying about fees starting for TCL. A retired veteran already pays $115 per month for TCL in the fees deducted from social security for MEDICARE part B. If charged a $200 fee it would really be a $1500 charge for the year. This is a slap in the face for veterans who were promised medical coverage for life and then told they wouldn’t get it resulting in a long class action fight to obtain it only to see elected officials work so hard to slowly erode those benefits while keeping their intact. I hope we all remember this in the upcoming 2012 elections. We need to elect candidates that we can trust… I don’t trust any of the present ones.

  • Larry Sayetta

    It’s time to get rid of a few democrats and the president this november,and I hope all you people who voted for change this last time will remember how our country is going down the tubes. Let’s make a big change this time.

    • Rey

      I am going to vote as I did last time. If you are an incumbant you will not get my vote. And for President you had better had stepped up and did your service to the country.

    • Paul Eason

      It was going down the tubes long before Obama became president.

      • Kim

        True, but NOBAMA put the peddle to the metal. Just think if NOBAMA-JOBS works half as good as NOBAMA-CARE, what could go WRONG!!!! HAHAHAHA

    • runker

      The election is next November not this November Larry.

    • Do you actually watch the news, and read the paper?

    • SailorinDE

      Stop blaming the President for our country’s problems! The problems started during the Bush Administration, and the rich people made it worse. I will vote democratic because they care more about Veterans than other parties. Besides, DoD has been requesting this increase, not President Obama!

    • Carol

      Hello……..McCain is for this too Republicans are at fault as well as the dems the Republicans want to take our ss benefits and give us vouchers???I am sure thier word is good HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHHAAHAHAHAHAHHAH

  • James McRae USA, Ret

    Make it a prerequisite to have any candidates for congress serve a minimum of 4 years in combat arms (AKA trigger puller). Let them find the true meaning of life on the battlefield. Then, if they are elected, allow them to serve no more than 8 total years in either senate or house, but subject them to an annual evaluation (something like the OER or EER that all active duty service members must get successful marks on to get promoted). This annual evaluation should be transparently conducted by the individual’s constituents, not other members of congress! I personally think we have endured enough in silence! VOTE!!!!!

    • Barbara Basa

      Totally Agree with eveything. They should all be made to serve and pay should not be just handed over with all the “perks” they get for life. When a person serves and away for months or even years from Family , no one realizes what a toll this takes on Spouses or Children or parents. We earned our retirement pay and Medical Help. They do not pay for their care at elite hospitals. I cannot help but wonder if they have family that served or serve or have parents they even care about or Grandparents. This is the worst Congress and Senators I have ever seen. God Bless the Military and all its sacrifices.

    • DOC DON

      the military is a tradinal whipping boy of congress and remember is’t the DOD not the Obama administration that proposed the increases.

      The promises we were made were just smoke up our posteriors….. so Quit complaioning and do something.. find out who your congressman is and WRITE HIM TODAY.. E-MAIL IS WORTHLESS.. SEND HIM A LETTER OR EVEN BETTER AN OLD FASHIONED TELEGRAM.. AND ADK FOR A REPLY FROM THE CONGRESMAN HIMSELF.. THEN YOU’LL GET HIS ATTENTION..

      • Yes the cost proposal came from the DOD. Do you really think the DOD would submit a plan that the Commander-in-Chief had not already approved or even specified? That is like saying any other Executive branch budget proposal did not come from the President. You can’t get around it, this all falls on Obama.

        • Kim

          Who appointed the Secretary of Defense? That’s right boys and girls…. NOBAMA!!!! DOD is part of this administration. NOBAMA is the commander in chief. DOD don’t tell NOBAMA what to do. NOBAMA tells them what to do.



    • nsawoman


    • KenC

      I agree; before you govern you need to have served to protect and defend. It’s insulting that a person that has never put their life on the line for this country can determine the benefits of those who did!!


  • MAJ

    Concur with you 120%. It’s a shame that we end up paying for our “wonderful elected officials” incompetance. How dare we not have not died on the battlefield (like a lot of our comrades in arms) and then expect that they would actually live up to their promises. If that wasn’t bad enough they had to stick their “noset picken” fingers into the social security fund raping that of solvency.

  • Frank Briant

    We all continue to raise hell about what is happening to us by teh government that we have served and protected but we don’t do anything about the problem!! If we don’t activate all our brothers and sisters who have served and vote we cannot change anything. I don’t care what you believe in but if our country is good enough to fight and die for we should have a say in the operation of the government. Vote!!! Change what is wrong.

    • Dennis Habern

      Do you think that voting has any meaning? Congress is a country

      within a country, if you follow. Nothing is going to change unless

      every Congressman is fired, to include the President, Congress and

      those sweethearts that call themselve the “SUPREME COURT,” and

      Washington, D.C. commence anew, if you follow. The same theory

      applies in ridding a disease from a human community. Sometimes

      the entire area has to set aflame to achieve the desired result.

    • Mario

      You hit the nail on the head we all need to vote to make a differance

    • Rich

      yes, your right. There are some in Congress that are UN-AMERICAN. But heaven forbid, they get their benefits slashed. Their just playing political games, they don’t care about us.

  • Larry Golden

    Remember to join-up & fight for your country , then if you retire or are wounded & disabled you can again help support your country !! Larryg.

    • HM2

      spoken like a true american


    All the anti-Obama reteric. Did we all forget he inherited this mess from a Republican. Short sighted people forget the economy generally runs a couple years behind the triggering actions. Vote Republican, deregulate all business, then attack the guy cleaning up the mess.

    • Gary

      Firstly, he inherited nothing! He campaigned for and spent many millions of other peoples dollars to get the job. He thought he would walk into a job that only required being able to read a teleprompter, he should have actually looked at what the job was before he spent so much money. Oh wait, that wasn’t his money, so he didn’t really care how much he spent. He’s continued to do just that since he got the job, spend other peoples money!

      • Gary your post seems very emotional(do you have any facts)?
        1. What is the actual deficit now?
        2. What is the Public Debt now?
        3. What were the figures at the end of the Bush Presidency?
        4. What were the figures at the beginning of the Bush Presidency?
        5. How many bills were passed with a Democratic house under Bush?
        6. How many bills have been passed with a Republican House under President Obama?
        7. What makes up the public Debt?

        I know the answers to these questions. I am willing to bet that you will give another emotional response, and that you don’t know the answers to these questions. Please prove me wrong.

        • Mel


          If you know the answer then you would know that this current joke for a president (the man not the office) spent/wasted more money than any other president in history. He did it with the help of an unchecked democratic congress and truely damaged the reputation of the United States. He caused the first down grade of the countrys credit rating in history, taken more vacations, his wife has more attendents than any first lady in history. Wake up Cecil and see the real facts, not the perceptions you dream of.

    • Common Sense

      As far as the inherited mess, weren’t the Democrats in the majority in Congress? As far as cleaning up the mess, what has he done, other than spend a lot of money that put us in debt. The stimulus money was to reduce unemployment. That didn’t work so he then said that he saved jobs. Tell us how you measure the number of “Save Jobs”. Now his new jobs/tax bill also includes money to fix our infrastructure. When does it stop?

      • Judith Chinery

        You don’t want the infrastructure fixed?? The bridges are falling down, the roads are horrible, we need mass transit. If you will look at history, no President has been able to fix things in their first term, they need the second term. He has passed more legislation in the first 2 years than any other President. If you think any of these snot nosed rich Republican kids are going to fix things for you, you are crazy. read Ryans budget plan and see what he wants to do to Medicare. Inform yourself .

        • Jim M

          He CAN NOT be in the military.. You have to be a US citizen to fight for your country. And he sure as hell is NOT.
          And yes, he passed a lot of people since becoming president. And every single one of them cost us money.

          • retiree

            Please take your birther conspiracy theory elsewhere. President Obama was born in 1961 in Hawaii – as proven by his birth certificate, birth announcements in the local papers (placed their by the state, NOT by President Obama’s parents or other individuals), and memories of those who were there at the time.

            Oh, and non-citizens certainly can be in the military – that’s why there are Naturalization ceremonies every year, especially downrange – to swear in new citizens in uniform.

        • Don Fisher

          I agree Judith. The Republican party is a party for the rich. We are in this mess because of a “Service” economy. We serve the rich, and they will pay us as little as they can. The working class also doesn’t need to go to college, so all scholarships are stopped. Only the well off need their kids to go to college. Keep the “servce” people under educated. That way they will never do any thing other than serve the rich. I can’t understand how any WORKING class person can vote for a republican. They LIE more than any democrate ever has. They explain a program as helping us, when it will really make an insurance company richer. Privatize the government and let the corporations run everything. After all, they know what the middle class need. Low wage, bad working conditions, and no health insurance.

          • IraqVet

            …and the democrat party is the party of the intellectually lazy and the politcally ignorant…both parties are duplicit and complicit in hosing the public…Name me one poor democrat in elected office?

          • Raymondg

            You must be the dumbest person on the earth to think that this adminstration is doing something positive. You must be one of those with your hand held out waiting for your fair share of money, without doing any work for it. It seems you have also forgotten who wants to cut the military, so that we becoming a much weaker nation

          • me1

            As I recall Barry took over the student loan program so who controls the money for college? Who told us we have to pass the bill to find out whats in it? I believe that was the rich Democrat Queen Nancy. Sorry but nothing is free and you can hate all you’d like but hating a straw man just allows the real criminals get away with murder!

          • Guest

            If a democrat’s telling the truth it is just to get elected. They only believe in what will keep them in power so they can determine how you do anything yourself since they of course know better than we how to wipe our own butts; Rush said it right, Liberas think we can’t do anything unless they do it for us or tell us how it must be done; Conservatives say we can do anything, but if we need help they are there to assist us.

        • me1

          Inform yourself thats right! I thought the first TRILLION was for all those shovel ready infrastructure jobs. Oh yeah” HaHa guess they weren’t so shovel ready” If you like being the useful idiot in Barry’s comedy that’s fine but I see this as a tragedy. Your great leader has no intention of fixing your bumpy road. Anything more we give him will go right where the last round of cash went…to his cronies.

        • retired SFC

          So your fix is to put 4 miilion people to work fixing bridges. Damn we could have a bridge over every pond, creek and democrate west of New York. Now this is a smart BEM DEM

      • IBTHE1

        Since you asked he question “weren’t the Democrats in the majority in Congress?” NOPE!

        • Bob

          IBTHE1 Yes they were go back and check the facts OH I’m sorry you don’t have a BRAIN!!!!!

        • animus

          You mean Peolsi was not the speaker of the house nor Reid the Senate majority leader for two years before Obama was elected?
          Try to get something right before jumping into a frey.

        • BigRed47


          Evidently you are either stupid or ignorant. Democrats took control of Congress with the elections of 2006. They controlled both the house and senate and added to their majorities when Obama won in 2008. So from 2008 to 2010 they controlled the WH, Sen and House. So put that in you pipe and smoke it.

      • retired SFC

        You’re right about the Dems having control of the House and Senate for two years before obama took office and for two years after he took over giving the Dems 4 years and 2 years to pass anything they wanted to and unemployment skyrocketed to 9 percent and has been there ever since. How much time does this moron need to fix the problem. Under Bush unemployment was between 4 and 6 for his entire term. But Hush the Dems don’t want to chat about that

    • Shame on you

      No problem with cleaning up the mess. You obviously do not get it. The mess needs to be cleaned up but not on the backs of the people that were promised thet if they put their lives on the line to serve this country and sacrifice their family lives with deployments would have some benefits not taxed beyond their means. The government of incompetence should give the example by tsxing themselves instead of the ones that can least afford it. You obviously dont have 1/2 a brain to see this.

      • Kristal Lee

        I absolutely agree with you on this topic. Instead of taking away from the ones who serve this country by putting their lives on the line as well as there families who have stayed beside them. It should be the ones who have started this decline in the began with and that’s “Congress”. They should live up to their actions they have brought us too, and with saying that if they are wanting to cut pay and benefits they should start with themselves.

    • doc don

      OK iT’S not democrat or republican.. IT’S CONGRESS ITSELF!!!!!

      And by the way Bush’s deposit is 1/100th of the Obama deposit…so vote Ron Paul for president..

      • TTDow

        If Ron Paul could just get a better world view…. I really like the guy.

    • Are you kidding me CAVET?? So when Bush, the only president ever to sign a concurrent receipt bill into law (I do not collect CRSC or CRDP) should be blamed for our economic woe’s of today? So Bush tries a trillion dollar bailout that nobody agreed with in the first place and Obama asks for a three trillion dollar bailout and we should just give him a pass because Bush got us in this mess in the first place? Are you stoned or just stupid? This country was founded on certain fundamentals and giving money to the lazy….errrrr…..I mean poor was not one of those fundamentals. Unfortunately I have so-called friends and relatives who refuse to find work because they know they can get 99 frickin weeks of unemployment and that my friend is UNSAT. I They will not seek work untila few weeks before they know they have no other choice and then still some of them still refuse to work due to pure laziness. Are you one of those people CAVET? If you can’t find a job, then move where there is work. Shhhesh. I don’t know what military you served in, but if these are your ideals, you’re in the wrong country bub. I hope whatever service you were in taught you personal responsibility or did they teach you to hound from your fellow service members until they became so sick of you they gave you what you begged for? Not in this country. I hope our next leader is somebody who has a pair, because Obama gave his to Michelle a very long time ago. The only people that deserve any help are those who cannot help themselves due to disability. Your type disgusts me CAVET, you should be ashamed of yourself. I have no problem paying my fair share, but just because I became successful does not mean I owe somebody who has the exact same opportunity as I to pay for his downfall. Every American citizen (and now many non citizens) have the opportunity to go to college earn a degree and find a good paying job through hard work and proper values. don’t go into a job interview with your pants hanging down to your knees without a shave or decent haircut unless you want to work at a corner bar or a tattoo parlor. I will not hire you if you do not look hireable. Get it? I don’t want to pay for some bimbo who has four kids from three dads. Got it? I am tired of the liberal double standard. George Soros an imigrant billionaire who so badly wants our country to be just like his former USSR wants more money, but you don’t see him doling out his billions to help his fan or political base. If you don’t like what I have to say CAVET, well guess what that’s what I fought and became disabled for. Deal with it fool.

      • Hank

        Well said, Rick. Unforunately there are scores of them out there who feel the same way CAVET does.

        SgtMaj USMC (Ret.)

        • IraqVet

          I just hope it doesn’t go viral…

      • CAVET

        Wow!!! Somebody’s been watching to much FOX news. I make a simple comment and you automatically think I’m an unemployed loser (sounds like you have a couple of those friends in their 99th week of unemployment.) I’m getting set to deploy to Afghanistan so don’t pull your high and might card on me. I’m a successful independent business owner, so I don’t know why you would make all those assumptions. What’s the rule with assumptions????? Yep, you did it to you and me!!! Maybe we should have took the approx. $3 trillion we will spend in Iraq and balanced the budget. Oh wait. We got all those WNDs they found so we’re safer. Sorry my bad. Sometimes it’s hard to realize we’re not all perfect.

        • Hobo42

          WNDs, you must have meant to type WMDs.

          Getting set to deploy since 2001?

        • retired SFC

          You’re right Cavet, we should have never gone to Iraq after the trade center was brought down. We should have just turned the other cheek. We also should not have gone into Viet Nam under Kennedy and Johnson. We should have never gone into WW2 under Roosevelt. We should have just turned the other cheek and this country would probably look nothing like it is today, and the next time some piss ass country wants to slap the shit out of us we should turn the cheek again. Then maybe you wouldn’t have to go to AFghanistan. (I do appaud you if you’re telling the truth though) Lets you and I start a movement to turn the other cheek and everyone will be better off. (retired Army SFC with 28 years)

          • anon

            Seeing as how Iraq had nothing to do with the WTC attack, how is not invading Iraq “turning the other cheek” for WTC?

        • Guest

          I believe Clinton also aid there were WMD’s (By the way, that’s the correct abbreviation, NOT WND).

    • TTDow

      Really? Bush created the Fair Housing act that caused the housing collapse which triggered the sunken economy? Ummm… Think it started with Clinton. Check your facts. As for Obama “inheriting” the economy (which collapsed while 2/3 of the government was Democrats by the way), when was the last time you spent 100 million dollars to inherit something? He bought it, he ought to have the fortitude to admit he just doesn’t understand the economic system because he never worked in it.

    • Maya

      Also for the people who are so quick to point fingers at Obama…guess who has been trying to increase retirees healthcare for the last 3 years? The Defense Secretary has according to the Washington Post’s “Post Politics” date May 3rd. I’m sure you recall that Obama has been in office less than that time.

      • Jim M

        So true. However, instead of trying to INCREASE retires helthcare, he is trying to CUT IT EVEN MORE.

    • R. L. Milligan

      It would do you good to research before you mouth off. This all started with the Dems and every time we elect a Dem President it gets worse. The more liberal (socialistic) the democrat… the more the working middle class gets hurt. Get your head out of the sand and read… see what is going on today. If you can read get a subscription to NEWSMAX. If you can not read just turn on the tube and listen to FOX News.

    • James Foster

      As usual another idiot wanting to put the blame on Bush. Remember, it was a democratic party Senate ad house during the second Bush administration.

    • nsawoman

      He had a democratic congress

    • mgunns

      Who is cleaning up a mess? Every time you libs get pushed your memory takes a shit. The cheese burger in the W/H has to hall this one all by himself.

    • Bob

      CAVET your an idiot!!! Go CLIMB BACK IN YOU HOLE!!!

    • h gidd

      Hmaybe Obama bid inherit this mess from a republican lets not take it out on the men and women who served this country lets cut crongress pay and benifits

    • Roland

      Did you forget thatr obama had the most democratic congress AND senate in the last twenty years and got ALL his job busting agenda passed and the economy still tanked. Just when should he take responsibility for his FAILED bills?

    • Martin

      I can’t believe that this guy or (it) was in the military!!

    • Retired

      AMEN!!!! Seems as though everyone has forgotten that the Bushes started this mess. All of it! And you also forger that the President can do no more than the Republicans will allow him to do. Oh, they get theirs and a lot of ours. See, President Obama walked into that office with his own money, he worked for it, not donations to his campaign. He didn’t start the war nor was it his intent to hurt the military, but you can’t say that for the previous President. So, its like “when the white man screws up, blame a black man and make him clean it up”. Wow, still sounds like slavery to me.

      • me1

        wow don’t be a hater!!!

      • retired SFC

        I wondered when I would see a black racist make a comment. And I did. With this kind of chat you’ll never see racism gone. They like to keep the flame of racism faned

      • BigRed47


        Are you really serious? Do you really believe what you are saying?

      • CW3 USA (retired)

        Obama walked in with his own money????? BS!! Check your facts before posting such a LIE!! Try reading a bit about George Soros. Can’t do anything without Repubs? Who ran both houses of Congress from 2006-2008? And then you play the race card? You are pitiful. I will pray for you.

    • 30 year man

      It’s not anti-Obama, it’s pro military retiree’s. The previous administration
      didn’t ask for the Twin Tower attacks, but he did what was necessary, and
      it took a heap of money, but this guy has added over 4.5 trillion to it and still
      wants more. Mean while he takes his 400,000 per and goes to his next
      golf outing. Then he says, you older retiree’s, you pay. Give me a brake!

    • Military Family Mom

      Did you forget that the Republican also inherited a mess from a Democrat, who had tore down our Military, among other things. I am not short sighted, but you are. This current president has burried our Country in more debt than any 6 presidents combined have. He has comitted more crimes, making decisions and forcing them on the people with out congressional approval and gotten away with it, simply because the liberal democrats don’t have the guts to opose him, even when they know he is wrong. They are too afraid of loosing their precious income. Am I MAD, you Dam right I am. Do I contact ;my congress people, you better believe I do. Am I going to VOTE, YES, You DAM right I will.

      • Mike

        Good point. The people who trained to fly aircraft into the towers and the pentagon began their training long before Bush took office.

    • Wombat

      Oh, give me a break. This bum and his socialistic administration didn’t have to put it on the back of us that served and retired and on a bunch of lies and broken promises. You’re just rationalizing why this bum some choose to call President should be allowed to get away with putting it on the backs of Veteran Retirees; poor slob. As for inheriting the problem, I agree, but breaking promises to those who served and risk their lives in the service of this country is not the answer to the problem. And, no we don’t owe this country, President, Congressman and/or Judge anything else; it is their turn to take care of us, no excuses. it is to early to judge Congress yet, as they haven’t approved any legislation reducing our PROMISED benefits recently.

    • Ken

      Sorry, you are indeed wrong here. The “mess” was due to the Congress controlled by idiotic Dems.

    • Spectre

      You really must be the bravest person on earth or an imbecile.

      IMHO IMBECILE appears to be correct.

    • Ironranger

      I’d like to know how in the hell, “he’s cleaning up any mess”? This self proclaimed muslim has already vowed to stand with his “muslim brothers” if/when the time comes!!!
      Yeah, he did inherit a mess, but he’s made it 10 times worse, and he ain’t done yet!!!! In fact, when he was a senator, he, and his fellow democrats voted on all the crap President Bush is getting blamed for. Remember, the democrats ran the house and senate the last 2 years of Pres Bush’s term, and, into the 1st 2 years of his.
      I respect the Office of the President, but I do not respect the person in there now.

      • retiree

        Please point out a single time he has declared himself to be a Muslim.

        Hint – He has not. Nor has he vowed to stand with any “muslim brothers when the time comes.” Please turn off Fox News and start learning reality.

        • conservkat

          Perhaps you should turn ON Fox News because they never said he was a Muslim nor have they ever reported that he vowed to stand with any Muslims. Misinformation and innuendo are unattractive no matter who they come from.

        • BigRed47


          I have watched FOX news ever since they came on and not once have I ever heard them say that. However people who oppose FOX have say things constantly that FOX has never said. Maybe you should watch them for a change, you might learn something.

    • Brenda

      He inherited it all, right? Who gave all of the money to bail out the banks & automotive companies? The banks were suppose to use the money to make more loans so that businesses would expand & start hiring. Has that happened? NO!!!!! Are the automotive companies hiring? NO!!!!!! These are just a couple of things that OBAMA did, NOT BUSH!!! Has Obama offered to give up his salary or pay more for his medical to help our country? NO!!!!!!!! Has Obama stopped traveling or going on vacation & stayed in Washington to help lead our country? NO!!!!!! And until the last election, Obama had a Democratic Congress, so why didn’t he pass a budget then?

    • Guest

      Demacrats are Demacrats! Obama ran on change; not on blame everything on Bush!!. He didn’t ask for the crap he got (Bush)

    • wizard32953

      You are incorrect, we’re still dealing with the BS from Carter. That’s where the housing bubble and our current economic problems started. Now we’ve got Carter 2 running things.

    • Raymond G.

      You must be an under achiever to think that we should bear the blunders of this adminstration. Have a great day.

    • James

      I agree with Cavet, the current administration inherited this mess (shit) from the Bush administration and his father. They have all profited from our sweat, blood and tears. We spent our young lives servicing his great country and what do they do, shit all over us vets. They all gives themselves pay raise after pay rasie and we do not get anything but more cuts to the promises that were made to us for servicing this great and wonderful country. If it were not for us vets, this country would control by all our enemies. Lets all vote to get rid of our enemies the current administration and congress.

    • GUEST

      CAVET. I can’t believe that someone in the service could be so ignorant about how the government works! Vote Democrat and look at all the socialist garbage we get……hmmmm.

    • Denise

      Did you forget that the republicans inherited the Clinton mess wherein began the deregulation of the standards for mortgage qualifications which started this whole snowball effect? Now who’s short sighted?

      • Conservkat

        Oh that started with CARTER who now goes to sleep every night thanking his God for Barry who replaced him as the worst President in the history of our once (and soon to be again) nation!!

    • B. Abell

      Bull crap! Obama has done nothing for our country since he has been in office. He is always turning his back on our American beliefs. He doesn’t respect our flag or anything else that is sacred to true Americans. I would take Bush back in a heartbeat.

    • Jim

      Drink some more of that Kool-Aid my friend. He has squandered the earnings of my great-great-great grandchildren. Can you get your head around the size of the new debt caused by this administration. One trill is 1000 Billion. This is a disater of major portions. We a hitting 4 trill debt per yr. approx. There might not be anything left to save in 14 months. Get off with this he inherited a mess. Watch out for the rest of the commies creating disturbances such as “Bring down Wall Street”. This agitation could be precursor to a communist takeover.

      • CAVET

        You better run now before Fidel Castro of Cuba coming.

      • BigRed47

        Finally, I’m glad to see that someone else recognizes the precursor to a possible revolution. What is going on down on Wall Street frightens me. I may be elderly but my kids and grandchildren aren’t. What kind of America are they going to grow up in. I’m afraid not the one I did. I am glad that both my parents who were both in the military during WWII are not around to see this. It would have devastated both of them. I’m afraid that these college kids taking off for the protests are nothing but the usefull idiots that Saul Alinsky referred to. I think we may not even have elections next year because we will be under martial law due to all the riots. Just go an read the book, Tools for Radicals by Saul Alinsky. We are now seeing it played out right in front of us.

    • USAF Ret Chief

      Perhaps you should do your homework before you make such an ignorant statement…Obama has developed a list of failures since day one, and continues going strong…The earned benefits of the military comprise a minimal amount of the National budget, but that’s where this administration hits first…Obama and his democratic cronies, i.e., Reid, Pelosi, etc, are geared to give this country away through a series of selective “welfare programs’ that include medicaid, subsidized housing, and multiple benefits for illegals, just to mention a few…Where is the reduction in these programs? There aren’t any! Done at the expense of the working Americans…So get smart on the subject before you run your mouth about previous administrations…It’s dummies like you making such ignorant statements that got us into this mess!

    • conservkat

      Please Barry made his own bed. He is going to have to lie in it and so will YOU and everyone else! I personally don’t want fleas so let’s kick the dogs out of the bed and wash the sheets!!!!

    • 34 year vet

      obama has screwed things up exponentially. He has not fixed one thing that you imply he “inherited.”

    • A military Wife

      I see you voted for the chair holder in the White House and that idiot Vice-President of hia. Don’t blame George Bush for the mess we are in now. The stimulus didn’t work and the occupier of the W.H. admitted that there were no shovel ready projects. Yes you vote for that apologizing person who goes around the world saying he is sorry for the U.S., yes we sure need another 4 years of him. How about the half a billion dollars wasted on the Syldra project.

    • Dennis Habern

      Hey Einstein:

      Your are forgetting one important item: Usually an inherited connotes

      wealth, but in this case Obama became privy to debt rather than wealth,

      BUT, because Obama, George Soros and his The New World Order,

      and the Bilderberger Group are bent on destroying the United States’

      economics and captialism system as we know it, so that they can

      eventually insert a one world president after the dust settles and rule

      the world similiar to George Orwell’s 1949 book, “1984.” If you do not

      know how to read, then view the movie of the same name. Obama is

      a direct disciple of these two entities that I have mentioned above. Do

      you think that Obama is running our country? Think again. “The Shadow

      Government” is in charge.

  • Joe D.

    I expected little from this administration but i was wrong.
    They found some soft spots and capitalized on them. There is not
    much that can be done immediately other than prepare to vote o’bummer
    and his crowd out of office. If you are not registered to vote, please
    do so at the first opportunity.

    • Straus

      Hey Joe D.

      Where were you during the last 10 years? I suppose you would rather have Bush as President. Look at the mess he put this country in, before he left office. Now we have a President that is trying to clean up this mess. You are as senile as some of the others in this forum. Remember it was the Republicans, and Bush, that put this country in this mess. Yes, everyone should vote, but they should remember who put this country in this mess, and are currently being obstructionists. Look at what is happening in Congress right now. The Republicans are trying to block everything, President Obama, is trying to do. They want to continue to give top 2%, over 80% of the wealth, cut taxes for them, but cut Social Security, Veteran Benefits, Medicaid, Medicare, and you are okay with this. I bet you think this is okay! President Obama, wants to raise taxes on the wealthy, cut taxes for the middle income, invest in building bridges, roads, rail, and enengy. He wants to put people back to work repairing the torn down infrastructure. Don’t you think this is a better idea….Wake up man….

      • All those who say Bush is to blame, I’ll bet can not say exactly what policies he enacted to cause this to happen. I do not defend all that Bush did but I will show that others played a much larger role. You might want to do some research to find out what role the Community Reinvestment Act and Graham Lehey Act had to do with the housing and bank meltdown. You will find that Jimmy Carter signed the CRI, Bill Clinton expanded it and did away with regulations that allowed the entities involved to continue and expand their damage, creating the housing bubble and subsequent crash. And Obama is not entirely blameless. He was suing banks while working for ACORN to force banks to give out loans to people who could not afford them. And by the way, Bush tried to tighten up the regulations, warning Congress 17 times but Congress refused to work on it. Here are some links for an article where you can click on many links so you fully understand what happened. I’ve also provided a link for a video.

    • Bodick

      Bush Bush Bush, I guess you government fed idiots will be blaming Bush when the undertaker throws dirt in your face. This president ranks at the bottom of the pack which was once held by Jimmy Carter. Obummer could not rate to carry Bush dirty underwear. He has had 3 years of absolutly nothing but spend other peoples money like he was at a county fair. Where do you obummer idiots come from?

  • Ana

    Thank you service men and women!! this is how your government appreciate your sacrifice, by cutting your benefits.

    • Donnie

      If you think the tea-bag led republicans will give you more benefits your crazy. They’re the ones forcing the cuts to benefits. Bush even tried to cut combat pay during the Iraq war. You die hard Republicans think all this is due to Obama but if you have your way you won’t even have Social Security or medicare. You also won’t see their sons and daughters in the military either.

      • Donne:

        Tea Party – wants to cut entitlement programs – That is entitlements are not earned, just given because …… who knows why?.

        I have not heard an Tea Party plan to cut benefits. Benefits are earned for service.

        Please use the correct words, if you don’t understand the difference then there may be a job for you in the White House.

    • HM2

      Outside of the draft, not one person was forced to more free ride pay or dont pay…your choice

    • Hm2

      stop you are making me cry…pay a few dollars and stop smoking and having some beers…by the way which war did you serve?

    • Tom Mislan

      I wonder what would happen if all of our servicemen, in their 1st and 2nd enlistments, would send letters to their congressmen stating that they have no intentions of re-enlisting when their time is up, unless they leave the current regulations on their present and future health care as they are, and not increase any costs along those lines. This result would force the congressmen to consider a draft to fill the vacancies, and I don’t believe they would take that route. We are talking about many thousands of vacancies in our military here and would send up a red alert to Washington.

    • BOBO007

      We can thank the great congressman and senators who are about to screw with our benefits again. We must consider there are only about 8 or 9% of these idiots who ever served in the military to begin with. This is a result of a study by VFW in recent years and it only proves its better to be a poilitician than a member of the armed forces. Their chances of harm is much less and a lifelong job with no one to answer to including the people that voted them in.

  • USAFRet

    Well, on the Social Security side of it; they will have to change existing law that says one cannot receive less one year than the year before. But, every9ne who has posted here is right; congress gets away with too much. And we, the public, have sat around our tushes and let them get away with it.

  • Sam

    This is the result of an administration and a congress that has no honor. You hear them honor our service members of today with the same accolades as they did us through Viet Nam and the Cold War days… I wonder if the active servicemen and women of today BELIEVE like we did? Only a congress capable of voting on its own pay raises, and golden parachute windfalls could renege on the promises made to those who assured the trough they they have fed from from that day to this one. KMA Congress!

    • Wayne Morgan

      I’m really tired of Obama saying he inherited this mess he got from former President Bush (notice I didn’t call Obama President, doesn’t desire it), well I guess he should not have ran for president then if he didn’t want the responsibility of running this GREAT country that he is taking to the third world level.

    • Hawkfeather

      A letter to the President and Congress via CAPWIZ

      I am writing in regard to recent news reports that the DoD is considering overhauling the retirement system and increasing out-of-pocket TRICARE medical costs in order to cut the federal budget deficit.

      The ”Navy Blue Jacket Manual from 1939 until the late1980s specifically stated that medical care was part of the retirement package. May I remind you that 20 years of service, during War time periods is not to be overlooked. Today in the Congress there is less than thirty that can say they served, yet the benefits are always and currently under attack by those whom control which Wars and conflicts we should be connected with.
      we wonder whose Moccasins you walk in.

      It certainly isn’t in the ones covered with dirt, soot, seawater and blood. Your action will wreck the moral and retainment in our Armed Forces. You already know this but your intentions show a lack of knowledge, good intentions, memory and poor political minds.

      The British call their Military active and otherwise, “Tommy” The saying was “Tommy did this and Tommy did that” Today it is “Whose Tommy” What happened to “GI Joe? Of Course its an old Doll.

      Apparently when you look into a mirror you see Halos. Veterans, Active Military and many’ many constituents see you with Horns.

      Please use your heart and good judgment to reverse your horrible plans regarding the Military pensions and Medical.

      GOD Bless America may she continue to reign even under poor and many times incompetent or felonious managers. Ala (ATF) Weiner, Wu etal.


  • John E Thompson

    This mess was caused by Chris Dodd and Barnie Frank and the Democrate congress and do not forget it.

    • dr don

      amen to that… free enterprise will ALWAYS suceed better than socialism.. ref: Soviet Union.. Nuff said…

      • Tech1

        Both of you are not that bright…you so call free enterprise under G.W. II (who worked for “Tricky” Dick Chaney is what caused this mess. Now you clowns wanted to blame the current administration for your woes. Do your part & quit crying this is still America and if we all do our part it will continue to be the greatest country in the world. You wouldn’t leave a soldier on the battle field but you would deny a fellow American Health Care…Why?

        • Draftee

          It is amazing that some of these military people want free health care but do not want the rest of the American population to have the same thing.

          If you want healthy recruits for the military, then you need to pay for decent health care system for the American population. Healthy people do not grow on trees.

        • Mike D

          military retirees have done thier part , and have more than earned the right to complain. They have paid for thier health care 10x over !!! What have you done to help out ? Other than stand around with your hand out

    • Dennis T Knapp

      If all y’all think President Obama is out to cut your pay aor benefits, you couldn’t be more wrong. Admiral Mullen (now retired) recommended all kinds of cuts and …of course..he can afford it. Our debt problem started with young Bush in the White House and was followed up two wars we didn’t need and that weren’t budgeted for, so now we and our kids have to pay for them…for a long, long time.
      Stop Kicking Obama around and tell those damned Republicans to work with Dems in congress to get some work programs started.

      • Solar hater

        At a price of $200,000.00 per job. I don’t want any OBAMA jobs! How about SOME real job creation. Drill NOW, Drill Often, Drill in The US. No more Solar cash cows for Pelosi’s brother-in-law or Obama campaign contributers.

    • Kim

      This is SO true. Who could forget how Clinton expanded the “Community Reinvestment Act” that allowed Dodd and Frank to expand lending and remove any qualifications to getting a loan.
      I remember just a few years ago the commercials. Bad credit, no credit, got a pulse? We’ll loan you whatever you want. Ya, who knew someone busing tables couldn’t afford a $400k house. This is all about Dodd and Frank and a Demorat congress the second half of the Bush administration.

      • Teri

        The Community Reinvestment Act started with Bush, Sr. and was continued by Clinton, then Bush, Jr. There is no difference. Both parties are to blame. Look beyond the blame game and ask “Who benefits?”

      • retiree

        Explain how the CRA could be responsible for the 80% of the failed loans that were from NON-CRA lending institutions? Note that CRA required banks to maintain lending standards. All it did was tell banks if they took deposits from a region, they could not use the fact that a house was in that region as the sole reason to turn down the loan (i.e. redlining). If the borrower did not have good credit, or an inadequate income, or not enough down payment, they could still turn down the loan.

        Greed (especially those who saw housing as always heading up, so why ask for better credit, as well as those who packaged junk bonds based on liar loans into “AAA” rated packages to resell, and who bought insurance (CDS’s) on loans they did not make, in essence playing poker or musical chairs with the mortgages, all in the name of getting a few more bucks.


      Stop whining they all are responsible DEMS & REPUBS

    • Straus

      LOL…LOL..John E. Thompson, are you drunk? You sound as if you are dinking something illegal…

  • petty oficer

    yes to all the gentleman’s comments. The government (congress and the white house ) should have their benefits cut by 50% for starters then send them all into combat training for at least a year before they are allowed to run for any office.Including dog catchers.The government is no longer of the people or for the people it is for the rich and the cowards . They have no idea as to the hardships a military person or his family has suffered so that he the politician can have the best education and homes and monetary benefits that he has grown used to. Hang them all from the Yardarm and give them each 50 lashes . Maybe then they will learn what military hardship is . We can not keep giving and get nothing but bad promises.

  • BC-USN

    this idiot has been no better than the prior one, and more often he’s been worse. He and his “posse” have no clue as to what they’re doing; that’s not shortsighted that is fact. Don’t trust either party and vote for a candidate NOT a party.
    James McRae – you are 100% correct. If they haven’t served in the military then they shouldn’t be allowed to run, and DO limit their time.

    • Straus

      James McRae Guys, you don’t know the Constitution. There is a reason the framers, spelled out specific requirements for a person to be able to run for the Presidency….Please read the constitution guys. Stop talking out of your ass holes

  • Cheryl

    What changes have been made to their (Congress & Senate) health plans and retirement. I’ll bet they are not cut.

    • retiree

      They are under FERS and FEHBP, both of which are worse than the military (for example, after 20 years, they can collect 34% of their top 3 at age 50).

  • SGM cheech

    I agree with LTC, all our military organizations both officer and nco should contact a washington dc based hot-shot attorney firm to file class action suits against the government on our behalf for reneging on us. We were promised free medical care for life and now as we turn 65 years old we get charged for everything under the sun. Lets fight back!

    • Dennis Habern

      If those promises have not been written in black & white and are

      valid by law, then we retirees do not maintain any power to

      rebuke the power of Washington, D.C., if you follow.


      I agree Their must be a way to stick it to the people in the White house who think we will just lay down and take it one more time. It’s time to fight back.

    • Helen

      I will sign that petition. We need to file a class action suit.

  • ralph may cw4 ret

    i have read the coming changes to the medical benefits and retirement changes and wonder as i sit here thinking of how you got into office. you the people of congress who after getting your seat there forget about the most important people who put you there. We the voters. now you continue to attack the benefits for the veterans of all services and the elderly people who depend on what little they get now. Think about what you spend per day supporting foreign lands either in peacetime or in battal. what is that cost per day as the small figure you want to save by your proposed plan. Time to wake up in Waskington as you are hurting the wrong people.

    • Brenda

      let’s not forget that the good old USA is the one handing out money to any country they think may be in trouble-before helping our own people. They are so concerned with the “starving children” in Africa-what about American children & many seniors that go to bed hungry every night. If we would keep money here, we might not be in the trouble we are in right now.

  • Richard

    Its time to get rid of these bums in Congress and the White House. You notice their benefits remaine in place…in fact. The Senate dining room is staffed with chefs and the finest food and the same Congressional people that are cutting our throats eat there for what you would pay at McDonalds. By the way, take a look at some of the Congressional support people–golf pros, tennis pros, personal fitness instructors…(funny their jobs and salaries never make the news)

  • Ken Lafayette

    Now is the time for everyone posting and reading comments to email or write or call their Representatives and let them know our frustrations with this type of rebuke for our service. I just did.

    • jakobie

      Sorry…does not work! Have sent over 10-12 mails to congress/senate. Each is either not answered (usually) or with a ‘thank you for your message. Will keep your concerns in my mind.”

    • Ken

      ME, TOO. DONE!

    • Dennis Habern

      It does no good to contact our representative, in the same manner

      that is does no good to vote. Voting is the elites method in pacificying

      the masses, when in reality, it is my belief that the next president has

      already been chosen, if you follow. This represents a dictatorship

      form of Democracy. Welcome to reality.

  • Russ

    , Do not forget this at next Election.

  • 2nd 19 In Grunt

    Enough with the “it’s all the Repubs. and Bush’s pblms”, both parties are at
    fault. I will say this though, We are swore to protect and defend the Constitiution from all foreign and Domestic enemies…….! I took that oath more than 43 years ago, and I still honor it. I may not be able to hump a ruck anymore, but if any of those PC, socialist’s bast#$%@ get with in my range of my cane….. I will take one of them with me! Am I angry? Maybe I just come from an America that would put up this present BS!!

  • James Murphy

    Are there changes proposed for Tricare Standard? Cap amounts?

  • Ben

    They should charge people that use the benefits more each year.

    • john

      Well Ben, they should charge those who have Medicaid a paltry amount just as they chage we as taxpayers and retirees.

    • Earl

      Ben, If you want to pay more then put your money where your mouth is and send it to the Government. I am sure they will be glad to accept it and spend it ion some other program as they have with Social Security and the money that was supposed to set a side for our retirement and medical care.

  • CWO3USN24

    I did volunteer for the Armed Forces. I did choose to make the Navy my career. I pride myself in my 24 years of honorable service. I am thoroughly disgusted with our elected servants. The Tea party has accomplished major milestones in educating the populace, however folks need to remember to vote AND remember what the politicians failed to accomplish during their tour. Establish term limits, no more than one term for a US Senator, not more than two terms for a Congressman. Let’s hold these rich cats accountable!
    A concerned CONSERVATIVE who is involved in our future!

  • Disgusted

    They who tax the least able to be taxed should not only be ashamed of themselves but should also be forced to drink of the nectar they have obligated all of us to drink from. The promises have been broken and this will in turn be the beginning of the end of our military as we all know it

  • M Darden

    Thats right blame the democrats but please don’t forget who put us in this mess. Do I have to remind you people what this country was like before George Bush was president? Thats right we was in pretty good shape. But when the Bushes left office Guess what? President Obama had to step up and try and clean up his mess so be careful what you ask for when pleading for the republlicans to take over. It just might bite in in you know what!!!!!!!!.

    • Retired CW5

      You are so misguided its scary. You seem to forget that it was a Republican congress that forced a shutdown of the govt in order to get a balanced budget that led to the surplus and prosperity of the Clinton years. Without that the Clinton administration would have been as disastrous as the last two have been and our national debt would have already bankrupted us. Then again, that is what the progressives want. If we go bankrupt as a nation then a national crisis can be declared and the whole structure of government changed. Obama has surrounded himself with socialists and communists and people are in for a disastrous awakening if he is re-elected.

      • Doug

        Thanks for setting M Darden straight!

    • FTMSC Ret.

      Lets see, When Obama was elected to the Senate and the Democrats took over the Congress in Nov. 2006, The DOW was at 14,000 and Unemploment was at or under 5%. The deficit was at 160 billion and coming down as it had been for the last three years. The New Democaratic congress took that deficit and added 1.1 Trillion to it in 2007. The rest is history Mr. Darden and you can’t lie about that.

    • ken

      I do not think you know what the h*** you are talking about who was in the senate and congress during the time Bush was in office.look back and see who was in senate and congress and then sound off .just how was the gov doing then and look at what that s** Johnson did to the social security. I think we should go and get a load of monkeys to replace them with. they can do the same job .

    • Dennis Habern

      Hey John:

      Greetings from Germany.

      I am also retired, from the USAF, enlisting in the Marine Corps in

      October 1958, but I canot recall being promised or reading it in

      black & white that we retirees would have free medical coverage

      for life. Is there a regulation that covers that?

      Please contact me at

      In addition, I believe many retirees still believe that Congressionals

      can retire fully after only completing four years in Washington, D.C. There

      is a regulation that covers this. It is not as cut-and-dry as we have been

      led to believe. Also, I have heard that all Congressionals

      maintain free medical, at no charge until they go to the “HAPPY

      HUNTING GROUNDS,” if you follow. I am not certain of this

      lengthy benefit, but it seems quite unfair for we retirees having to

      fight our wars and return to have to pay for our medical, when our

      Congress pays nothing for life.

  • We need a very large broom and swept WashingtonD.C. clean in Nov 2012 and hope some honest people will surface

    • Dennis Habern

      Hope ain’t going to cut it. Obama’s war was or is still transparency,

      hope and change, but look where it has gotten we Americans,

      especially with a Marxist/Communist/Socialist president at the helm.

      If it ain’t in Black & White and nailed down, forget what was promised,

      if you follow. We retirees require stronger representation in the halls of

      Congress, whereas I thought John McCain was a friend of our military

      only to find out yesterday that he has stabbed we retirees in the back

      by initiating a letter to congress stating that it is okay with him if retirees

      pay an annual fee of $200.00 for Tri-Care. As if we need another

      payment to worry about each month. Perhaps McCain should have

      been left to rot in the Hanoi Hilton when he was a guest there for 7

      years, if you follow.

    • Paul

      The problem is in the hope!

  • john

    Obama is a novice and we don’t need somone in the White House on OJT in such a dangerous world and with the defiti so high. Obama spent money on foolishness without vetting Solyandra! I believe we who pay taxes should continue to pay taxes -as is… I also believe that the 50+% who don”t pay taxes and enjoy the same roads that we do should pay something-even if it’s $10 per month out of their welfare check. Moreover, why are those that don’t pay taxes vote on tax matters and increases for those that do pay taxes? This is as wrong as two left feet!

    • Straus

      Hey John;

      Obama is no novice. He is the President of the United States. He has been very supportive to the military and their families. He has increased benefits, and he is trying to get us of of the mess the prior administration put us in. As for 50% who don’t pay taxes. That is an incorrect statement. 45% don’t pay income taxes…they pay other taxes…State, and local sales taxes, Social Security taxes, Medicare Taxes, etc. It was President Nixon who introduced the Earned Income Tax Credit. It was expanded un President Reagan. Since the economy has fallen so badly, many american qualify for this tax credit, therefore, many do not pay Federal Income Taxes…So get your information staight before bouncing on this President. You better be glad he is the President.

  • 1SG

    Shame, Shame, SHAME!!! 39 years ago I was promised free health, vision, and dental coverage for life. All I had to do was sacriface 20 years of my life protecting this great country. Well, I made the sacriface for 24 years.This is the thanks me and other sevice members get for our service. Unbelievable!

    • HM2

      39 years ago, the the mortality rate was higher/more than now, science has found a way to make us live longer…read, read we LIVE LONGER, thus to pay a few dollars more is worth it. wait till the tricare for life fee kicks in

    • jasesmith

      You are so right. I know also there is nothing we can do. I guess we will have to start going to the VA and wait years to be turned down because we retired!

  • christel Fiore

    There is a famous poem by Kipling by the name of “Tommy” meaning
    soldier.The last few lines are this.:




    TO SHOOT!!

    That say’s it all does it not??

  • Charles

    This is just another bite by the piranhas. They will nibble away at our promised benefits until they are all gone. Once the bureaucrats and Congressmen realize that money spent on the military and its retirees is money that they can’t spend on their pet projects or for their political supporters, they they want to take it away from people who earned it and give it to people who have done or earned nothing of substance in their lives.

  • Joe Redd

    It was only a matter of time before this was going to happen. What makes me mad, is they group all retires in the same group. I believe that the rise should of been pro-rated based on how long you have been retired. Look @ an E-8, & what he made 30 yrs ago, 20 yrs, 10 yrs, & recently. An E-8 today defintely makes more than one 30yrs ago, Why should they have to pay the same rate even thou their annual retirement salaries are different??? Look at all the active duty raises an E-8 got over the years but the retire different. Make it fair across the board. Pro-rate the raise!!!!

    • I agree with you in theory, I have always wondered about this too.

      • mommadukes

        and things were cheaper then too make some sense. things cost more now and the balance for sure is uneven . just make congress and the senate be paid by the states they come from and the benefits too and see what retention they get

  • RickP

    What a bunch of liars and scoundrels we have as politicians, and our president is leading the nest of vipers. Tells you how little a promise means to them. Kick us around while you can……there comes a day when you will have to stand before your maker and account for all you have been and are doing, and I am glad I don’t have your accounting to worry about. Enjoy it while you can as your rewards are still to come.

    • Dennis Habern

      Return the DRAFT, and then, and only then might we Americans

      observe a change in the United States of America. The military teaches

      their recruits the right way to achieve success and if members of the

      miitary deviate from this strict guidance, they pay the consequence

      that the civilian world has yet to be subjected to, if you follow.

      • If you follow

        I am tired of your “if you follow” . Your posts are great but when you add the same comment over and over to each post, I tune you out. “if you follow”.

  • Bill Hunt

    The problem is that we no longer have statesmen in Washington, just politicians. There’s a big difference. Statesmen looked after the interests of all. Politicians are only interested in themselves, and their re-election”

  • john

    Obama is a novice and we don’t need somone in the White House on OJT in such a dangerous world and with the defiti so high. Obama spent money on foolishness without vetting Solyandra! I believe we who pay taxes should continue to pay taxes -as is… I also believe that the 50+% who don”t pay taxes and enjoy the same roads that we do should pay something-even if it’s $10 per month out of their welfare check. Moreover

  • Tim

    I pay X amount a month out of my retirement for medical care which I use all year long and XXX a month for dental care that I use once or twice a year. Why cant they decrease the cost of my dental premiums, and add the savings to my medical premiums, call it a wash and leave me the hell alone.
    If cost are based on the “Group” rate, aren’t we one of the biggest “Groups” there are? Something smells awful fishy around here

  • juan

    And while we’re “reccomending,” those that draw welfare and Medicare should pay something for their benefits as well. Not a lot but something because nothing is free,,,besides, they do not pay income tax and many others draw Earned Income Credit annunally. Everyone should pay something, we all use the same infrastructure, drive on the roads, and so on…. As Obama says, “Everyone should pay their fair share.”

    • linney72

      lets start w/the white house, staff, DOD the house then the senate.
      Retired in 1967

    • donald214

      I hate to bust your bubble but I pay for my Medicare monthly and do not draw welfare or able to get anything from VA because I make over $30000+ with my wife’s pittance. I also pay income tax. If you don’t know what you are talking about, crawl back under your rock!

    • jakobie

      Just think if the ones that pay nothing only paid a couple of hundred dollars how much that would help! Oh…forgive me. Congress would only spend the extra money. How foolish of me!

    • ken

      I wander what I payed in starting in 1949. that is when I started paying for my benefits. and they call it a give you .give you what, just give me all that I’ve payed in that comes to about 285.0000.oo I think I cane do well on that the way I see it. the gov is not giving me a dam thing what do you think

  • Regular Army

    Bring back the draft…no deferments.

  • P Hines CMSgt(R)

    Someone in Congress had to have submitted this increase in a budget bill or and add on. How do we find out who the author is and let all military active and retired know who they are? Saying they (the congress) doesn’t mean a thing to us. Who are ‘they’?

    • J Zink FCCM(R)

      It was submitted by the President backed and supported by the Sec of Defense and the Military Heads.

  • W. Evans

    What has happened to the government of the people, for the people, by the
    people ?

  • James J. Carr

    When are those people in Congress and Senate going to give up something?All they do is fill there pockets by the corportations, wall street, and banks then rip off the people who put service in the armed forces They put 20 plus years in the service for the benifits promised , the find out we should have not believed in anything that they promised. I will never believe any one of them again. 99.99% of those in Washington never served in the armed service. I say throw all the bums out.

  • Silas DuBard

    If Congress lets Obama get away with this, they have lied to us again. I
    retired from the military in 1967 and slowly but surely, The congress has
    been letting the benefits promised, erode. At one time, the military establish-
    ment was a honorable profession, but Jimmie Carter and Obama have made
    the retired military into a whipping post. In other words, we don’t need you
    any more, so will just cut authorized benefits. If I sound angry, I am, big time,
    and will do all I can to get all the current bunch out of office.

    • denise

      Isn’t it funny, that when something passes it is Obama’s fault. It seems to me that anything else he wants to pass doesn’t pass because of congress. Now let me ask you this…didn’t this bill have to be voted on…yes or no? So obviously it passed, so who passed it. Who made it happen? It’s held up somewhere or whatever. Who let the bill pass, who it sure wasn’t the President, y’all know he doesn’t have any power to pass anything. Can’t get anything pass the party of “no” unless it something they want…so who

    • Straus

      Silas DuBard, I think you are senile. The Presidents that got us in these wars have been Repbulicans. Obama had nothing to do with this. Obama has nothing to do with the mess this country is in. I don’t think you remember, what was happening to this country when he was elected! It was sinking fast man. Thanks for this President, he save us from a Depression. He is slowly getting things turned around, but no, you cannot see this. You only see your hate and ill-spirited, and being angry because we have a black man as President, and he is an intelligent, steady handed man, and able to speak in complete sentences. You better thank God, we have him as our President.

  • I have never missed an election and I never will. I will vote against any government official who votes for or is in agreement of an increase in any Tricare increase including Tricare Prime, Extra or Standard. Tricare for Life will be no exception either. I am absolutely sick and tired of this current administration going after the most prestigeous of citizens, the citizens who have done the most ever for this nation post WWII. As a career Marine medically retired and on a fixed income who is absolutely unemployable, every cent that I earn is beyond important for me and my family. As my wife loses her hours and children in college and primary schools, I cannot afford a $200.00 annual fee. With fuel costs out of control and food prices through the ceiling, it’s as if our elected officials cannot understand or comprehend the magnitude of their decisions effecting such a small minority group of disabled veterans. We continue to be the spanking boy of the government elite and I say today we band together and demand that if we must pay for the mistakes of mismanagement then we will through our voices make the necessary changes to preserve the integrity of the disabled or nondisabled veterans who earned these benefits through sweat, blood and sacrifice. I urge all of y fellow veterans to plead with their elected officials that the health of our economy will not be paid through the sacrifice of veterans. I will urge any future military member to think twice about service for their country if the promises of their service will not be fulfilled. I probably would have thought twice about making a career of my service if I knew my benefits would be slashed or revoked. May God Bless our Military Sevicemembers and may God Bless our Veterans. HERMAN CAIN for President. He’s a black man that can get it done and is not a race baiter. Shame on you Obama.

    • denise

      First of all, what does being black have to do with getting things done? Whatever Herman Cain is a politician, just like all the other politicians, of course he’s going to tell you all exactly what you want to here. My moto, “I know what I have now, do I want to take a chance on something worse.” You all know the old saying…”be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.”

  • Myra

    People on Tricare 4 life already have to pay for Medicare which isn’t cheap by any means and now they want us to pay for “Tricare 4 life to boot and raise our prescription co pay/. That doesn’t seem fair a tall. One of these days they will make it that after you reach a certain age you have to end your life

  • betty cheuvront

    how many idiots in washington political scene had a husband die from agent orange or warfare? my husband james k. cheuvront,of cullman,ala,proudly served his country for 31 years [navy].,as did thousands of men and women. and now the sposes have to worry about their checks, insurance and medicine. thanks obana, congress and the senate.we will get even with the lot of you people during the next election. yes obana,and the rest that are young enough to work,the next thing for ya’ll to do is prepare a resume’you are goona need it

  • DGL185

    You people are insane who are complaining, our payments are peanuts for what we get, my employer charges 500 dollars per month with limits and deductibles to get family coverage. grow up, and if you are unhappy stop cashing your retirement checks, then you have a right to whine…

  • Corporate America is protected at any cost, but Veteran’s are exploited, pay is cut, medical costs are raised…….but we’re still serving. This is a sad day in America! We can be stripped of promised benefits that were earned, but the rich cannot be taxed at least to equal of what middle class America is already paying? There’s something wrong with this picture.

    • Jim

      Wat to go Carla. It appears to me that most of the responders have not truly been paying attention. Yep the president has had some sad moments. But He is not calling for the cut in Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Military costs without actually have shared costs. You at who is working diligently to keep taxes low, trying to reduce the corporate tax rate, working to eliminate collective bargaining, cutting teachers’ pay, eliminating/reduing access to education, limiting bargaining for firemen and policemen. etc. Yes it is time to vote but look at what the person you are voting for really stand for and who is his/her real money backer.The folk in Wisconcin and Ohio were/are shocks at what has happened in their state.

  • This is all because of the Tea Party. Yes we all need to vote. To make sure they do not get into office. And I agree, is this what I served 44 years for? We need to stay up for our rights!

    • Scott

      Are you serious??? Really??? Let’s see…the Tea Party (Taxed enough already) is trying to SHRINK the government and get them OUT of our lives and you think they’re to blame?

  • moanamcara

    I’ve had enough of this s**t. It is time to clear out the white house because of loss of confidence. This administration has destroyed America and it’s beginning to look like it’s going to get worse because of their greed.

    • denise

      The administration has not ruined America. Maybe if you all would stop sending all that negative energy into the universe, maybe, just maybe things might get better. And I don’t understand, anyone who proclaims to be a christian ought to know about the prophecies and know that things are going according to the word. So, you all know that it will not matter who is sitting in that white house, things will be as they have been spoken. Man cannot govern himself, it has been throughout history, all great civilizations will someday fall. Selfish, lovers of themselves, not caring about anyone else. The thought process is, I got mine now you get yours. Where is the love for each other? And for those who are not christian then go on struggling and stressing thinking that someone will fix this situation. We won’t, we can’t! And the next person to sit in that lovely house on Pennsylvania Avenue will not do any better. But as it goes time will tell all.

  • cwm

    I agree with most everything I have read here. Two years ago I had Triple by-pass surgery. The Hospital bills and Doctors bills exceeded $250,000.00. How can I refuse a few dollars a month if it will help get this great country great again.

    • Hank

      Hey CWM – because whatever you feed the insatiable goverment will be spent, and a huge amount of it will be spent foolishly.
      Taking more money from ANYONE will not solve the crisis while the idiots doling out the bucks realize they can give themselves and their favorite causes lots of someone elses $$$

      SgtMaj USMC (Ret.)

    • HM2

      Spoken like a true trooper…god bless and may you live a healthier life

  • Mike Lapetina USAF

    Hey I voted for barack hoping for better things but now If could if I
    would kick my self in the a–

    • Scott

      As Sarah Palin said, “how’s that hopey changey thing workin’ for ya?”

      Don’t beat yourself up too bad…we just gotta get together and fix this “obamination”.

  • Bravopickles

    To all of you who are blaming Obama and the Dems – Let get this straight. – It was, and still is, the Repubs and the Tea Party who have been pushing to make the cuts to our benefits, Social Security and Medicare ostensibly to lower the deficit (which they more than helped to increase). It has been them who have blocked every attempt to get the Bush tax cuts removed and fairness added to the tax code so those making 250K + will start carrying their fair share of the tax burden. And yet this is the fault of the President and the Dems…how?
    One last thing. IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY. Will you PLEASE stop calling Obama – foreign born (Hawaii is a state), Socialist, Communist, Nazi (not politically possible) and a Muslim, he isn’t (not that it should matter – lots of American Muslims have died or gotten wounded in the service of this country and many of the 9/11 victims were Muslim.
    If you’re going to state an opinion, base it on facts NOT right-wing propaganda.

    • Scott

      Yeah…Obama and the Dems don’t want to cut anything…they just wanna keep spending it like there’s no tomorrow.

      The “Repubs and the Tea Party” know that if the spending continues…eventually there’s gonna be nothing left to spend and no one with any money left to steal…

      Where do you really think the money is gonna continue to come from? Oh yeah…that’s it…”quantitative easing II, III, IV, V, VI….” we’ll just print more as Greenspan said on Meet The Press not that long ago…back when everyone was worried about defaulting.

      • Bravopickles

        Where is the money to come from? How about the wealthy paying their fair share? How about GE, P&G, the oil companies, etc start paying SOME taxes? How about we do away with corporate welfare with subsidies to big oil, big agriculture, etc.? And while we’re at it. How about reinstating the Glass-Siegel Act to get the banks and financial industry under control? How about reinstating the Usury Laws so lenders can’t gouge the consumer any more?

    • Kim

      NOBAMA is a TOTAL FRAUD!!! Nothing about him is TRUE. NOBAMA IS NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN PERIOD, as the Constitution demands!!! Read a book man. Look up the definition of Natural Born Citizen. You swore an oath to defend the Constitution when you joined the service. It would have been a great idea to have READ what you swore to DEF FEND! What a DOPE!!!

      • Bravopickles

        How often does the man have to show you his birth certificate for you to accept the truth?

  • davidiain

    Please, please, gentlemen. Someone has to sacrifice in order to provide benefits for illiegal aliens, social welfare programs, and support other countries in need.

  • R.Anderson USN Ret

    I know a lot of people have sent ltrs and emails to thier congressman like myself,but I think they must auto to thier trash can!!!! So maybe if enough people start sending things to the news people maybe they can find some-kind of stories to start making the newsw on the life styles of the congress and senate and above in depth that way everyone knows the truth and they would have to start cutting there own stuff, and leave the militaqry alone…..

  • 1sg djo

    Very apparent that our biggest response to these “woes” is to vote. Dreaming about term limits and benefit cuts for legislators “ain’t gonna happen!”


    Do I want my cost of health care tied to the “…government cost.” ? This is another in a long chain of broken promises that have been made to the people that spent thier lives protecting this country. And now really, for the first time in my life, I am worried about my country. Is there a true leader out there to help us, or do I have to do it! BOHICA IS RIGHT!!!! BUT WE CAN AT LEAST VOTE OUR MISTAKES OUT OF OFFICE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TTDow

    I’m just wondering how many of these politicians who are cancelling our benefits and breaking the promises of previous administrations have worked 130 hour weeks for under 50 cents and hour during Vietnam era and about 8 bucks an hour during desert storm as I did. None of us did it for the money obviously. We did it because we love our country. Sad to see it returning to the European style that we fought so hare in the 1700’s to get away from.

  • DVP

    This country needs an enema in the butt-hole that is DC. Everyone thinks it is Obama and the liberals, I got news for you IT”S ALL OF THEM, dumbocrats and republicants! And the teabaggers are even worse. They are all in cahoots to screw the middle-class out of their money so there will only be the rich(them) and poor(us). Hope they remember their history and look at France in the late 1700’s and Russia in the 1910’s. When enough people get screwed and pushed into a corner they rebel and remove the elitists!!!

    • Mike D

      Tea baggers ? you mean the group that wants Govt to stop wasting money and spend within thier means ?? Take your mouth off of the straw you use to slurp up the kool-aid and come up for air every once in awhile

  • MMJ

    If you voted in 2008 to show you were not a racist, In 2012 you can vote for someone else to show you are not a idiot…………………

  • Exav8tr

    I guess the folks doing the cutting don’t realize that most of us on TFL are senior citizens and on a fixed budget, while congrssional members keep getting significant pay raises. Where does that leave us, at the bottom of the swamp. Seems whenever a service member does a good thing, all the politicos are beating their chests in praise, while picking our pockets of whatever change we receive. I say throw any politician out that does not FULLY support us military. After all, if not for us many of them would be canning hams somewhere….

  • Paul

    Now that they have decided to take from the Retirees once again I am wondering what they themselves have decided to give up. Once you start tapping the veterans then i would think that you would have thought it is time for you to give also. What are they giving?

  • siar USN Ret

    There was a push several years ago to reject all “incumbutts” in congress at election time. Lets do that again only this time lets all vote to make it happen.
    These people are our representatives and the only people they represent are themselves. We are going down the road to ruin with congress and the president at the helm.

  • Col (Ret) Rod Chiapusio

    Another sad day for the military—Another promise “reinterperted” When I retired after 28 years, I fully anticipated being able to go to my local Air Force clinic for my remaining years. However, to my surprise, when I became 65 years old I was politely told that I could no longer be seen by my military clinic and all future medical visits would have to be at a civilian facility. I was told, “Don’t worry, Tricare for Life will take care of you”—“You’ll really like it”!! Well, I didn’t like it much, and over time grew to hate it. So much bureaucracy, so much confusing and conflicting paperwork—It became impossible to determine if the billing to the government was correct—Charges could not be explained or accounted for—When charges were questioned, you were the bad guy!! Nobody cared!! Now we are taking a “broken” system and breaking it further—Lets throw some more money at it.— That will certainly fix the problem —NOT!!!! As I said, it’s another sad day for my country and the military I have loved so deeply.

  • Raymond

    Why we all go and sell Drugs, and makeup some money for this abuse; what happen to all the fu…….ng years of sacrice on us as human beens, and leaving our families at the mercy of who? This is a nice way, how U people make people go angry on all fu….ng polititians, bunch of cabrones. What if all decide to go and make a dirty dollar, the nation is not get any better; and this is what are U people are doing. Do things that has never cross their minds, but with what U R doing by taking our money away to cover your lack of leadeship and incompetence. We served proudly, and were willing to give our lifes for this country so U incompetent politiians come and decide what or how U R going to run a benefit that was earn with years of sacrifice…do what ever the fu….k U want. Miserables

  • Jorge Cuadrado

    This is all a bunch of BS. If congress really and honestly want to save money why don’t they iliminate their current retirement, medical, and anything else they have that is not equal to what all other citizens in the United States pay; this is to include having them and their families be required to pay for student loans just like everyone else.
    Congress sshould have to pay for medicare and social security like the rest of us. It just p#^(_&%$# me off when I see that 500 plus citizens pay so much less and earn so much more more (one term full retirement for the rest of their lives) than the 3000,000,000 other citizens in the USA.

    • Jorge Cuadrado

      This is Jorge Cuadrado, The second sentence should have read “imidiately cut their current retirement. Sorry for my error.

  • timg99

    Yeah we can see now how the President respects the Armed Forces. Just another lying politician.

  • Hector Santiago

    Why not cut down on external funding support to all those countries for the amount needed to save and keep supporting us veterans that have given so much for our country. External support should be hold for times of disaster, and some emergencies.

  • Will

    I served My country for 23 Yrs. Went were ever they sent me with no complaints. I held up my end of the bargin. I did it gladly and proudly.
    I was spit on when I returned from Viet Nam and treated like dirt. So why should I now expect any less from a government now run by some of the same individuals that spit on me. They claim to bre so proud to be Americans, but, obviously not proud enough to put their life on the line. Proud in name only. The have no clue what it is like or what the hard ships are, even in peace time. We need to clean houes in the next election, on both sides of the aisle. I am proude to be an American and a retired Marine and a combat Vet.

  • David

    Face it CAVET . Demos,by and large, don’t support the Military. This is not
    pro-Republican. It’s just fact. Inherited from Bush , get real. O has no use for
    us and it’s just like the old saying about lawyers…”Everybody hates them
    until they need one “. WE had better do something to change the CIC in D.C.
    or we’re all toast and those who come after us. Then everyone will be talking
    about hoe great this country USED To BE.

  • Duanw

    I wrote to them advising them that if they messed with TRICARE, my vote will go elsewhere, so, come November all of us need to vote out all the liars who voted for these increases!!!

  • Herb Anderson

    I hate to tell you this, but it is the REPUBLICANS who are demanding this…
    The same REPUBLICANS who send us off to war and then deny us our benefits when we return…

    RMC, USCG, Ret

  • Ken

    To those of you saying “go ahead and halve our retirement pay, then leave us alone”. They have ALREADY halved our pay…compare your active pay statement with what they say you’ll earn as a retiree. Then look at taxes and SS and now an increase in TRICARE. You might as well be saying “go ahead, put me AND my family on bread and water”. Congress serves ONE TERM, and the get paid FULL PAY FOR LIFE. Think about that when you are in the mood for MORE self sacrifice.

    • Scott

      You really need to do some fact checking… is a good source. Congress does NOT serve ONE TERM and get paid FULL PAY FOR LIFE.

  • Criss U.S. A. ret.

    This is why I ‘m moving to Mexico asap. There health care is $250.00 a year including Meds.

  • Karl

    Seems like all those who want to rant about the President and Congress forget that they also demand a balanced budget, cost cutting, the elimination of programs, and bewail the “entitlements” for others. But when our sacred cow healthcare program needs to balance its books they want nothing to do with it. Yes we WERE promised free healthcare for life if we served. Am I upset that our costs keep going up? Yes. But why do we now have to pay more and more? Look to the tax base that must also support this and other governmental programs – evaporating, given away by the BUSH administration and Obama followed right down that rabbit hole too. IF we want robust benefit programs, the society must also pay for them – or we have to pay for them. Simple budgeting. And NO, the President is not a communist, nor a muslim, nor a socialist, he is just a normal everyday politician and we have tons of those on both the right and the left – and both are generally wrong.

  • richard vance

    All we hear is cutting the medicare and tricare benefits. Why not cut some of the most blatant and over paid congressional benifits. They are the ones that are always saying the rich should pay more.Please, any of you with just sympathy for the retirees please bring this up. Everything comes home to roost.

  • MSG, Ret, USA

    All of us must get involved in the political process if we want different outcomes. Most politicians only listen to those who threaten their livelihood – i.e., the VOTERS. If we don’t contact our representatives with our grievenaces and then follow-up with voting we get what we deserve.

  • LT Bob

    The horse’s behind in the White House needs to GO!!! He has no idea what he’s doing!!!! He showed is ignorance at the Chairman, JCS Chain of Command – Sitting in a daze chewing gum!!!! Keep it up Community Agitator!!!

  • hm2

    HM2-Stop whining, we helped the country before now it our turn again.

  • HM2

    I meant it is our turn again, stop buying beer and smokes,,spend it on medicine for your health and your loved ones.

  • tomtookalook

    why is it that every time something needs to be cut or prics need to be increased, it is the military the first ones to get hammered. why don’t the government chop some of those foreign programs that runs in the millions. oh i forgot, we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling. just stick it to the retired military or the ones on social security. maybe the president should go and live where his father is from. he could probably make more money that way.

  • Juan Goznalez

    You cannot compare civilan benefits to military benefits until civilians are required to work 24/7 and absorb the same risks as we do in the military. TFL should not be touched by any government agency or attach fees for us in that plan. Medicare is also going to increase its premiums, what’s next?

  • Biehlej

    Next Obama will change our currency to Euro’s. This is the path he has our nation on. Increase Tricare, cut benefits………anyone out there speal German or Greek???

  • richard barbee

    Just another screw job to the Military. No jobs no cost of living increase
    and no pay raise. And still you want more.We not only need a new person in office. But we need to replace everyone IN CONGRESS -you take the money from everyone else expect your self.

  • Ted

    Here we go again it is time for everyone in Congress to go home, Esp. the ones who have no military experience. I cannot believe the veterans in the congress or senate let this happen, I do not blame anyone for not joining the military today because I know I would not join, esp with this Commander In Chief we got now.

  • AFWounded

    I retire in two weeks due to combat wounds. I’m terrified that I can’t provide for my family, especially when the cost of our health care increases and the quality and access to care decreases. To those who say that military retirees get benefits way out of proportion to the civil sector, I will gladly trade you – as long as you are willing to incur the devastating wounds I suffered on your behalf. I will gladly give you migraines, cognitive disfunction, memory loss, flashbacks, deafness, nightmares of friends burning to death. You have but to trade me places and you can have the all the great benefits & privileges we military retirees have. No? Didn’t think so. But rhetoric doesn’t put food on the table. I have yet to meet a fellow Wounded Warrior who is not disillusioned by our leadership; one hand shakes ours and tells us how proud and thankful they are of our service and sacrifice, while the other hand is picking my already meager pocket so that I can no longer provide for my family. Shame, Sir, shame.

  • cgob

    I read one comment about the President inheriting this financial mess from President Bush. That may be true in part, however, the current President has the power to stand by in preserving some of benefits that militay personnel have earned. I have not heard one comment from President Obama as to his stance on the dissolving benefits of the military.

    As to those in Congress..take a long hard look at what you are doing to those who have served and those who are currently serving. They are the ones who have sacrificed at least 20 years of thier lives for this country and you are stripping away those benefits at a time in thier lives when they need the benefits the most.

    I also am tired of hearing all of the politicians praising the military and then turning around and allowing this to happen. Stop being hypocrites.

  • Larry

    What you never hear about is the cost for the free healthcare (for life) our politicians receive. How much money would be saved if current and retired members were required to pay just $500 annually? Plus their healthcare is 5 star; zero cost for everything!

    • Dan

      Yes our politcians get FREE healthcare for life and look that the reitirement they get and don’ t even have to serve 20 yrs to get it. Lets do somthing about that!

  • BILL


  • Joseph Breaux Jr

    I suggest we all pray! PRAYER changes things.
    Pastor JB,Jr.Joseph

  • Dave

    Gee thanks OBamey! Not what I was promised before the 28 years I served. Who are the nice folks who elected this slash n burn guy? Payback for Sherman’s March!

  • JACL

    No president is going to fix anything. Rep. or Democrat, they all want fame, but do not worry, a Theocracy will be established soon, and no it will not be any of the organized religions, the whole world is feeling the pangs of pain already….so let the goverments do what they please people. No! the Earth is not going to be destroyed, only this system of things is, slowly it is happening now… read Daniel 7:13,14

  • Jim

    If you think all of this is bad and you are over 65, just look at what the premium for Part B of your Medicare will be by 2014.

  • jsub

    You’re welcome – glad to have served my country so you could continue to f-k it up!

  • Sir Jacob

    Hey Mr. President [ Your not even a citizen and a Musilm besides] Why not cut the 152 countries that we send dollars to every year and over 100 of them hate us so start there with your cuts…Cut Medicare Fraud and save billions especially in New York,California etc…Stop paying illegals Social Security, Child support, Homes, Schools, Free medical and so on….Finally, Have Warren Buffet pay the 800 million in back taxes..Your a loser so join a Musilm Rock Band who eats Pork because your great on handing out Pork to all you cronies in Chicago and Unions..You people who voted for this loser are getting what you deserve…Next time VOTE for an empty Beer Can ..better results…USN

  • MCW

    Pay all politicians based on military standards; 20 years equal half pay, not one term netting full pay for life. It would be a start to budget reduction. Regulate 90% minimum attendance/record of voting or dismiss them. Mandate by voters that politicians can no longer add anything to a bill, so that each is clear, distinct, and free from last-minute, hidden pork. So many ways are out there to cut costs and still honor the debt to all vets and retirees.

  • HM2

    To all whiners.. we elected the politicians, we served our country..we are beign asked to pay a few dollars more for a benefit which can cost upwards of a quarter of a million dollars. many people have told me, i wish i had served and retired to enjoy your health benefits..AARP charges some people between $200- 350 a MONTH for supplemental coverages.. yes they rare scaling back, and asking us to pay more…but we served with pride…stop drinking beers, smoking and pay another set of dues…dont be like “IF IS FREE IS FOR ME” crowd. Most of us could not afford regular health insurance…so serve,pay,shut up

  • Karl

    We might also note that this imperative to increase costs for Tricare did start with the Bush administration. We were able to fight it off then but with the Bush tax cuts the federal coffers are getting more and more empty – and if the Republicans will not stand for any tax increases (after they cut them too far) then how the heck is this benefit (among others) going to be funded? The problem is that politicans promise us one thing when they want us to serve and then they conveniently forget about all that when they are campaigning for votes by pushing tax cuts. They also seem to have convently forgotten that it costs a lot (2 BILLION a month) to fight a standoff “war” in Iraq and Afganistan. I would suppose we could have our free heathcare if the wonton spending on Hallibutron, Brown Root, etc were under control – which NEITHER party has even attempted to do. Throw them all out and bring in a new load – but it would be the same problem of wealthy corporations lobbying them and paying them off – so us little guys who put our lives at risk will still get the shaft.

    • Nan

      You are so very, very correct on all counts. Nice to hear INDEPENDENT clear thinking commentary. The vitriol that gets “thumbs up” by the scores is troubling. We do need masive change, but I fear most voters’ passions are being used against their own interests.

  • mike

    The government is not going to cut their pay, raises, and benefits. Thats why they put it on our backs so they can maintain theirs and whatever else they might want for themselves in the future.

  • I don’t know how they expect us to pay all these extra fees – especially those of us on total disability and unable to work.

    Meanwhile, as many astute readers have pointed out, there is no action being taken to cut pay and benefits for our so-called leaders.

    This is a total breach of trust and faith, plain and simple, and it’s outrageous.

  • jrmoore3

    We voters can certainly give our Congressman (or -woman) an ER: we get that chance every two years. We need to vote the rascals out… It is easier said than accomplished in fact. Often the ones running seem worse than the ones in office already. The old aphorism, “Better the Devil you know…,” comes to mind. Not to be to much of the Devil’s Advocate, there are some really good suggestions made in all these rants:
    * Our CIC is seriously an Ass, and that may be one of his better points.
    * require pay raises to be approved within each congressional district, by majority of constituents
    * Get out of Afghanistan and Middle-East war zones. Stay out as much as possible. Go in ONLY as REMFs to the locals and stick to that role for as short time as possible.
    * DoD is more than 50% of budget expense. Cut-backs would HAVE to be done carefully: defense contractors employ actual people who buy groceries and cars. Many critics would literally slash defense spending. That won’t work unless creating another Great Depression is the goal…
    * Expenses for “past military members (retirements, medical, etc.) is becoming a very significant portion of the defense budget. IT WILL BE TARGETED, regardless of other measures, simply because it is a big fraction.
    * Is there any way for all of us in the “old retired” generation as well as the next generation to get a REAL organization going that will address these issues in a genuine way? One that encompasses these interests with lobbying power as well as legislative clout? I’m paying dues, but none of these concerns are on the agendas!
    * Do all of the writers belong to retired military organizations, e.g., Military Officer, etc.?? If not, get on board, ladies and gentlemen!!

  • GentFromAlaska

    My two cents, we should remove the true spending problem (Congress) The veteran PAC should identify those lawmakers who have a proven record supporting the military and the veteran population and terminate the rest.

  • nan

    Listen, please. This is coming from the Department of Defense recommendations. Last time I looked, it was a pretty darned CONSERVATIVE group of folks. Budget Balancing and health care cuts have been the rallying cries of Conservatives. Defense Budget cuts have been the rallying cry of Democrats. As retired military we’re screwd going down either side of the isle. Problem is, when we signed up we didn’t get an airtight benefits contract in writing. We trusted the promises and implicit guarantees. I’m afraid these cuts are just the beginning, no matter who’s in office. It will be annual fee creep. We knew it when they devised TRICARE to start with.

  • Sucker punched

    Faithless. The leadership has broken faith again with the people who should be the last ones that should happen to. Promises were made and they’ve been broken. It’s easy to blame it all on the man in the White House and the folks in Congress. But I’m wondering where my leaders are? I’m wondering why the Joint Chiefs aren’t standing up for us. And I guess I am wondering why our Senators and Representatives aren’t saying “This is wrong.” They don’t seem to have any trouble telling us to put it all on the line. Now it’s time for them to “put it on the line” for us.

  • George Maynard

    The Illegal dumb ASS in the White House so called President has totally screwed up the US Government, Military, and Economy and our Nation. Our Major Banks are failing; Airlines are filing for Bankruptcy, Health Care going to Hell. Wake up America open your eyes, Dump the Kenyan or impeach him quickly. Community Organizer My ASS. Obama Be dammed.
    And One Pissed Off American, I didn’t put my life on the line for this.
    George Maynard
    Brown Shoe Army Drafted.

  • N. Haford

    It is so easy to point the blame on why everything is going up except wages.
    The way I see it my husband served for 30yrs. and now as his widow its hard for me to make it even though I was with him for 29 of the 30 yrs he served.
    All of this started a long time ago….when the baby boomers were younger we weren’t worried about our future cause we were young and had our whole life ahead of us.

  • N. Harford

    Now that we are getting older in our 50’s and 60’s all of the problems we are having now should of been taken care of 20 to 30 years ago.
    But I do think that if all of Washington from the president all the way down would take a 20 to 40 % pay cut and stop paying all of are ex-presidents then we would have money to keep our health care and medicine costs down. If we work a job for 4 or 8 years we don’t get a retirement why should they. The money can be used in better ways. It seems that nobody in Washington seems to care for those of us that are getting ready to retire….most of us are going to have to work the rest of our lives just to be able to make it in this world. We need to find someone who can fix this problem. As it is we are all having to live with our children, just so we all can make ends meet.

  • Nan

    John, you forget Bin Laden was eliminated on President Obama’s watch. Not bad for a novice. I’d say he’s been a pretty quick study at least on military/security matters.

    • jsub

      Ooookay – what does that have to do with our benefits being slowly eliminated???

    • Mike D

      Nan, Obama being the sitting president at the time of OBL’s death, has nothing to do with how the man handles military/security matters. They made a hollywood production out him “making the decision” to go after OBL. It was all just theatre, designed to boost his image. The decision to go after OBL was made a long time ago, Obama claiming he gave the green light is nothing more than pandering for votes. The green light was given a decade ago and was never rescinded.

  • Retired NCO

    50 years ago I joined the US military, I was promised FREE health care for LIFE if I made a career out of the military, I did, and they LIED!!
    For many years it has been difficult, if not imposible, to be treated by a military clinic, as we were forced into TRICARE with co-pays, that is if we could find a doctor who participated.
    Now that I have turned 65, my FREE health care costs me almost $1200.00 a year, plus co-pays on doctors and drugs.
    We now have this Socialist government, that won’t cut welfare, or payments to Planned Parenthood, or illigal aliens, but wants to increase my co-pays and charge me $200.00 more in fees for my FREE health care.
    If this is an attempt by this government to distroy the voluntary military, it is agood start, along with the proposed distruction of the military retirement system.
    God help us, and the USA.

  • Dick Bulova

    I’m probably not going to win too many fans here. I receive Tricare-for-Life and it’s a great program, as almost all of us will agree. But I truly believe there needs to be some kind of “gatekeeper” to guard against excess and waste. As it presently stands, I can claim any sort of problem I wish, and as long as the provider accepts Medicare and Tricare, I’m good to go, courtesy of Uncle Sam and the US. taxpayer. Need an MRI? Sure. Want psychiatric consults for the rest of your life? Hey, No problem. That;s how providers earn a living. Somebody without a profit incentive needs to be able to step in and say ‘Take two aspirins, get over it and get a life. The free ride ends now’.

  • veterano10000

    Because you folkes like the president polisis so much,whi dont you vote for him again.hahahahahahaha

  • skip reid

    when bill clinton left office there was a surplus but from all the past presidents, whenever the national debt started, our national debt continued to climb. as it does today. with tricare tied to medicare payments, it will not be long before finding a network doctor will be zero. the medical community has had a monopoly since the start and until this is fixed budget adjustments will continue. as for as getting us out of this mess, i recommend a flat tax rate with no exceptions on total gross income including all monetary individual recources that combined identifies the total gross income. zero deductions for anything except prorating business improvements such as equipment. i also agree that everyone should be apart of the solution, no more tax funded libriraries. cw2 reid retired

  • Sky Raider

    Now that we are retired, unable to earn any income in most cases, they intend to reduce the national budget at our expense by increasing our fees for the services that we were promised and earned. Lets remember that when we go to the voting booth next election.

  • mike

    I feel I waisted 23 years of my life serving and defending this country, when all that was promised is falling away. The government feelings on us is not “Old soliders fade away,” “Old soliders just die.:

  • christel Fiore

    There is a famous poem by Kipling by the name of “Tommy” meaning “soldier”
    the last part goes like this:
    Tommy this and Tommy that just chase him out the brute,
    but savior of the country when the guns begin to shoot,
    I think that kind of says it all.

  • Donna Hill

    When my husband and I joined the service (62 years ago) free medical care was one our consideration in spending the next 3o years in the service. I am wondering if all the changes taking place will deter good people from enlisting? Seems our country is going to hades in a hand basket at an alarming rate. How wonderful it would be if we could wipe the slate clean and start over!!!

  • Lowther, CMSgt, Ret

    To the point gentlemen and ladies, to the pint . . .

    “Why stand we here idle?” Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775

  • Rose

    I agree with what they all said about congress..they are the ones need cutting!

  • Bill A


  • Bob

    The retired military have to take in the back, while those on capitol hil get richer and richer. Maybe if they could cut of that pay they could help balance the budget. As it always goes, the richer get richer and the poorer get poorer. I know my vote is only one, but I know some congressmen and women from the state of Kentucky will be one vote short this time around. Bob

  • Bones

    I put my 20 in defending this country so the fat cat in Washington can screw us over as we get older.
    How about Congress and the Senate start paying for their Medical and have their retirement pay capped. They should also spend mininum 20 years in gov before they are allowed benefits. None of this bull they spend 4-8 years and get a pension.
    Let stop the handouts to foreign government until we get out own country back on it feet…

  • seabee94A

    Like everyone else, we were all told it will pay off in the end with free healthcare. Stop paying for illegal aliens and take care of the vets!!!!

  • Fred Koenig

    These increases might be bettered received if the president and congress were to have benefits equivilent to retired military personnel.

  • Robert Rega

    I WAS a very strong Obama supporter because I felt we needed a change. So far Obama has proven to be a very weak President. He constantly waffles in his decision making because he thinks he can compromise with those who oppose his decisions. He is now taking money from those military retirees over 65 who can least afford it. For this he is strong with no compromise. Why doesn’t he come on strong when it comes to taxing the huge oil company profits and the wealthiest top 2 percent. Is it fair that Congress can pass increases in their salaries and benefit. without question? If Obama pursues this path against the seniors, November 2012 will not come fast enough for me. Much to my dismay, Obama will have to go. He will have to go

  • Richard

    Where are the Republican canidates. Why aren’t they yelling that all congress members and the president come under the same medical program that we are required to? If that was mandated they would take a different look at the health benefits. I also don’t hear them reducing their salaries to benefit the country and those that they serve,,US, but unfortunatelly they are mute. There is so much that the canidated could go after but don’t. Washington and our political system is bankrupt.

  • Dennis

    Obama doesn’t care he has private doctors, retirement, security and healthcare for his family for free the rest of his life. Try doing something about that.

  • Ralph

    Obama could care less. He’s not on Tricare! I’d like to see everyone in the administration share in the spoils and “contribute” to their medical perk.

  • sfc woods

    Retired tnang you all in washington need to wake up you have screwed the service enough lets see you in combat when no one else wants to defend the good old usa i love my country thats why i served i take it you all don’t give a hoot about this country all you want to do is line your pockets from the ones that made it possible for you to be in washington get off our butt and show us you have a set or do you wear silkand lace

  • Lonnie

    Just found out today upon going to our local pharmacy that a no notice increase in prescription drug fees went into effect as of today. My new drug prescription for Avodart co-pay fee is now $25 for a 1-month supply. Outrageous, that’s what the pharmicist was told by tricare to charge me. I think our good buddies at the Department of Defense just slipped us a “mickey”

  • Maj G, usmc (RET)

    Until Congress is on the same retirement and medical program as the rest of the country, nothing will change and we will be footing the bill. Time to clear congress of ALL the members and elect a government that’s OF THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE.l

    • Lonnie

      That’s a fine idea, but 1’st you have to ensure that a non-career candidate is on the ballot to reall have a chance of changing the status quo!

  • Straus

    Stop acting like half-cocked fools. Stop blaming this on the President. The President only recommends. It is not up to him to pass any legislation. This belongs solely to both houses of Congress. I have never heard or seen where the President passed anything. So, stop thinking like fools. Contact your congress-persons and let them know how you feel. If you look at the real record, this President has been very Pro-Military. Much better than the last SOB. In addition, because of the Last President, this country is in serious financial trouble…Wasn’t he a Republican? As for me, I would gladly pay a little bit more, if the money is used to re-invest in this country. We need to start, looking at what really is going on. The Republican Party is no friend of the Military. Less Republicans have served/and are serving in the Military. So those of you who think The Republicans are more Pro-Military….Think again. They talk a big talk, but they are low on serving…

    • Solar hater

      Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law is given $737m of taxpayers’ money to build giant solar power plant in middle of the desert. Solar money bust! Democrats line thier own pockets and remove from the military. This is a giant scam!

      Read more:

  • Charles T. Christopher

    Bob, You have forgotten one thing. Throughout our enlistment we took an oath to defend the Constitution, to lay down our lives in defense our Country from enemies both foreign and domestic. For taking this oath we were promised free health care for life. This President has lost sight of the sacrifice we and our families paid in keeping America free. We have earned this benifit.

  • R. McQueen

    I realize the goverment is broke, but burdening those who served is not the way. There needs to be increases and decreases in other areas than with veteran programs.

  • Steve Phillips

    Where the “White House” does not get it is that when we were on active duty they kept our base pay low while raising our benefits so when we retired we really didn’t take that much. What they don’t do either is give us our COLA to cover these costs. Three years and counting now. One of these days mark my word another “Hooverville” will return to Washington. We need another “Million Man march” Also now Walgreens will not be able to fill my prescriptions after the first of the year. Glad I still have a car. Wonder how far I will have to go to get them. May be have to fight traffic to go to the V.A. (which I can’t get service at because I am retired) or will I have to drive to the nearest Military base which is well over 150 miles away?

    • chuck b

      Um, I am also retired but am eligible for care at the VA. Having a disability rating puts me there but that is not the only way to do it. Any veteran is eligible for care at the VA but it comes down to what your income level is to determine that. Apparently you earn more than what they determine is what gets you there. My son who has a 30% rating is eligible for care, but that is also because after receiving his four year degree, he is currently unemployed and has no income.

  • Dingo

    It is easier for these bastards to go after the ones with a history of sacrifice, then to go after the POS that have never known sacrifice in their lives.
    This is going to continue until we the proud few, stand up and say NO MORE, Fix Bayonets!

  • jack

    You can Leave it to Congress to Bend us over and shove it up our BUTS!!!
    They have their Retirement and their Health care package and THAT WILL NOT Change…. you can bet your sweet bippy on that… They have there pork barrel projects… and guess who is going to pay for them. … You got It …. It is going to be the military retires…and the military period….We put our lives and our Bodies on the line for this country… and what are we getting for it know…Horse dung and shoved into it and griped at us for stinking..

  • Steve

    Congress NO LONGER writes nor reads legislation they vote on. The President rewards this IRRESPONSIBILTY by signing it into law. I thought this country was founded to require FAIR REPRESNTATION. HA!

  • Well, what else is there? Virginia Beach City Council has decided to start billing every household in the city 10 dollars for trash pick up services. I thought that is what our existing taxes paid for. Oh, but wait, we don’t live in the United States of America anymore. We live in the Politically Correct, Immorally, Socialistically, and Islamic Extremist States of America that lets Illegal immigrants get all the “tax money” that they never paid or will pay as refunds. So, of course, keep raising our fees to pay for those.


    1 billion raised for obama’s reelection campaign. 192 countries in this world and we support all of them, even the 190 that hate us. solyndria, fanniemay, fredddiemac, obama care, 2 billion to buena aires to drill for oil to sell to china. 30 years in U.S.A.F. when i retired and drew soc. sec. i was penalized 25% due to my military pension. now no cola, and additional fees for tricare for life coverage proposed. I DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH MORE I CAN STAND.

  • robert

    I make about 1,840$ retierment I clear about 986$ after taxes and life insurancs I draw SS about 1265$ with the money I have a1600$ mortgage they
    have incresed my taxes from 3,300$ to 9,300 plus I have a car payment of 350.00$ now they want to raise my tricare,increase my cost of my medican
    if it wasen’t for my wife working we couldn’t make it,the bad thing about it we
    have know one to complain to in Illinose there all got there heads up Obama’s
    ass I go to bed at night and pray we can get rid ot this asshole oh yea i pray to
    JESUS CHRIST, not allala

    • Solar hater


  • Ed Goodwin, USN, Ret

    If it was up to me, you wouldn’t be able to be a member of Congress or higher without having served in the military. Maybe then, they wouldn’t be so anxious to attack the military budget.

    • Lonnie

      Or start unjustified wars

  • billy stone

    Obama to an american legion audience just about a month “I will not tolerate the federal deficit and budget being reduced and balanced on the backs of our veterans”.

  • Dst. Storm VN vet .

    This is B_ _ _S_ _ _.

    I did serve dammit

  • Susan Perez

    First almost not getting paid this year, now increasing the fee of insurance! i thought healthcare was supposed to be free for the military! Increasing fees is ridiculous the government should increase their own fees! and actually pay taxes… Who actually approved of increasing the fees and who the hell has been trying to for the past year!!? this is getting ridiculous. From a military spouse perspective i demand everyone in the military to get the benefits they deserve! i dont see obama fighting in afghanistan and leaving family behind for almost a year! hell the whole government wouldnt even get close to go to a combat zone and leave families behind! this is stupid and ridiculous.

  • Mike

    I guess it was eniveatable for this to happen. They have been trying to stick to us retiree’s for several years now. These , so called, leaders of our country are mostly non military and have no idea of what a normal GI goes through. They are babe’s in the woods when it comes to military matters. These congressmen/wemon have only one thing in mind. That is to do what is better for them. We have went two years now without a cost of living raise, I bought medicine today and it is not $3.00 any more, it has been upped to $5.oo by Tricare. Now they plan to charge us for the priviledge of serving in the military during the wars and the time of our life that that we could have made more out of the military, but we stayed in because we thought we were doing the right thing for our country. I guess that doesn’t matter just as long as our congressmen/wemon can continue voting themselves raises. With this administration, our country has lost all of it’s clout and diginity. I am ashamed of our leaders, all of them, and our lawmakers. I will never be ashamed of our flag and our country that I served my time for. These lawmakers are slowly tearing it apart. Shame on those bunch of idiots.

  • KAT



    Promised free health care for life!!! Now we have premium creep. Next time OBAMA STATES HOW COMMITTED HE IS TO THE ACTIVE MILITARY AND VETERANS, JUST REMEMBER WHAT HE IS DOING TO US. Use your VOTE in November 2012 to send the only message that will stop such actions!!!

  • lchristensen

    That lame duck in the white house want to take care of the Firefighters, Policeman, and the teachers, oh, union workers. But not the ones who keeps their asses covered, and free. The congress and the senate needs to be reorganized from scratch, love to do an AAR on there piss poor performance, and restructure there pay scale and benifits, and their retirement in line with our requirements.

  • Lyin’ LiLi

    I urge you to read this. It is a long read but will clarify what DoD’s intent is when these increases take place. They are doing this in the hope that many of us will drop out of TRICARE. THAT is their intention. This whole document is centered around what they “think” will happen when these increases take place. They fully hope that the retiree will opt for health insurance through their employer (if they are employed). They do not realize that many working retirees cover their asses, if they can affort to do so, by willingly paying two health insurances. By doing so, if their primary health insurance has a prescription plan then that retiree (working) can NOT use the TRICARE mail order network for prescriptions. So, if you drop out of TRICARE, as they hope, be well aware if you do have other health coverage with a prescription plan YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO GET PRESCRIPTIONS BY TRICARE MAIL-ORDER PHARMACY. THAT IS THE LAW. Also, DoD states that they are within their right to increase TRICARE PRIME, STANDARD AND EXTRA but not TRICARE FOR LIFE without changing the law.

  • Kate

    Our medicare payment for benefits isn’t enough? Exactly what is enough? The Senate and House members never seem to have enough…so we have to give up our’s for them????? How about if we vote ourselves in a raise? I’d give just about anything to see one of them even try to live on our retirement pay, with no raises and now they want to infringe on our measly benefits…they all, every one of them, need to GO.

  • Clem

    If Obama would focus on creating jobs by passing the Fair Tax; revenue would increase and these increases would not be necessary.

  • Sky Raider

    These comments are good. Now if everyone will send their comments to their congress men/women and senators it might make a small difference. Just remind them that we put them in office and we will be the ones to take them out. It’s a shame we can’t just fire them. I earned my benifits, now if they would just do the same.

  • Les

    When was the last time military retirees and social security recipients received a COLA increase? They want to decrease our net income by making us pay for more and more.

    Let you representative, senator feel the effect by voting therm out next election. Don’t continue to think only other voters’ elected officials need to hit the bricks..

  • Retired U S Navy

    There are several reasons the government is taking our benefits. One is because they can, they have made themselves so powerful and untouchable, that they can take what they want. Another reason is, they have over spent themselves, and have to cover their fat asses. The only way they can go for more money is to get if from John Q. Public. That includes seniors, retired folks, and of course retired military. They won’t go to the rich, because they are the ones that put, and keep them in office, and Obama is included in that bunch too. Pretty soon there is going to be a revolution, and it is coming soon.
    Everyone of the crooks in political office should take a pay cut and go on Social Security.

  • Lonnie

    Where’s my comment I posted a long time ago? Was anything wrong with it or just what’s up!

  • Mick

    They suggest we write our state reps if we have a disagreement, That has been done numerous times, and what kind of an answer do we get?…..we get a pre-written note informing us how hard they are working to protect us and our benifits, they never answer a question directly….it seems they are hiding under their desks, afraid of the fearless leader, and that they might lose their positions. I will remember come 2012.

  • catchesthewind

    Why is it ok for the pentagon to be unable to account for vast sums of money and why is it ok for the pentagon to lose billions on late fees for storage containers? There is enough undiscovered fat in the pentagon budget that would fund military health issues.
    For those of you who read SOF magazine should be aware of the letter from Centurion Marcus Flavinius, Second Cohort, Augusta Legion. Letter sent to his cousin Tertullus in Rome. The letter maybe 2000, give or take a few, years old but the sentiment is spot on.

  • sally seals

    I realize that we have a financial crisis in this country, however, I don’t think the people we have elected truly have a grip on the gigantic emotional, physical and monetary sacrifice people in service and their family members endure. They are doing more than taking money from us they are saying by thier actions that military people are just employees and are disposable. Anyone thinking of signing up should think twice. Perhaps a few months of no more new bodies might get their attention. We can only hope.

  • Ronald P.

    New and better ways to srcew the Military the Soc. Sec. while Congress & the Senate are sitting on thier as— and laughing at everyone in the United States you can bet you’re as- that I’m not voting Dem. this time out, we where sold out. Wake up America is this what we need in Congress & the Senate vote them all out and lets start with a new slate from the top down. These people are Killing the MIl. & America.

  • Willie Yeargan

    What the government gives, it can also take away–this generation is now finding this out. I served thirty years in the Navy only to find that their promises are not even worth the paper they are written on. So much for honesty in government!!!

  • Mary

    Cut retiremnet of the hand full of people that run this countrys government, like the senate, congress and the president and all the other free loaders that hang on their coattails and there would be plenty to meet the needs of the people who fought to have a free country. Also it would allow them to keep the promises that were made to the military when they gave the best part of their lifes to keep their country safe.

  • Mike

    Listen to all of you guys/gals attacking each other instead of being on the same side!! You blame, blame blame when in reality all you have to blame is yourselves because you keep voting like the rest of the sheepeople for the same ideals same standards same people over and over look at how many of them have been on the hill for years!! The president is a PR man Congress and Senate make the rules and yet you all sit here and blame each other, criticize each other, blame past, present and future administrations. We deserve what were getting because many of you sat back and did nothing but whine like your are now. Vote, call, e-mail, write letters!! We are all in this together as a collective voice we can make a difference as individuals we can do nothing we need to unite and not be divided by political differences but one common cause and that is preserve what we all proudly served 20 plus years for!! Freedom, Democracy and our precious benefits which we all cherish don’t just set idle and let them slip away SPEAK OUT be heard!!


    This is just another attack on the contract the U.S made with those who served. We gave our country our youth and years of good health in a contract the government entered unto with us. Must the military unionize to get the politicians to do right by the retired?

    First, it was making my retired pay community property after I retired, violating the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act of 1941. Who said, “We will protect our military”?

    You guessed it, our 4-year Commander-in-Chief.

    • Lonnie

      He actually has done alot more for us than his predecessor did in 8 years. You need to read this site’s headlines and news articles more often.

  • Jim

    I guess I served my country for 20 years and was injured in the line of duty and know I’m being asked to pay more for my medical expenses than what I was promised. And some other person can simply enter this country illegally and have their healthcare covered completely and not pay anything. Does this sound fair to you B.O.? Your plans stink as much as your initials indicate.

  • Kenton

    You all say vote in new……..VOTE WHO in………….they are all the same once in office…”yeeehaa I am in, now it is my turn to line my pocket”. If we could shorten their terms perhaps we could have a chance at less corruption

  • wil

    liberals had better watch this election, they are going to get creamed and laughed out of office. They are trying to line their pockets now, you watch, they will push for their own benefits before they are tossed out.

    • Draftee

      Republicans during the Reagan, Bush, Sr., and Bush, Jr., were lining their own pockets before they had to leave office. Dick Cheney was the perfect example of it.

  • EJWELCH1207

    If all of the current and retired members of the armed forces would simply send a letter, as offered on the blog web site, to the president, representative, both senators, and the secretary of defense and let them know how you feel about the propsoed changes., Maybe one of them or all would get their head out of their you know what. and do something.
    We all feel the same way about how they take care of themselves first with no regard for their constituency that put them where they are; however if we would all tell our family and friends about what they are doing to retirees and to not vote for them next year, then we will get their attention and stop the erosion of our earned benefits.
    The only way we have true control is through the ballot box. We need candidates that will level the field on all levels of government entitlements and benefits. Demand that they will overhaul all the perks of every level of government!
    Money may talk, but the ballot box counts!

  • George

    I know that if the legislator start making legislation for reducing retirees compensation why not start on their pay first. Retirees pay is not enough to live when everything is so expensive.

  • J Reid

    Reference the comment made by Frank Briant , he stated the truth, is right.
    besides, who put this country up 14 trillion guess, just remember 2012 abd vote for brains, this individual just thinks of himself. Just vote 2012 let them know that you don’t like getting screwed and what goes around , comes around, Just Vote. Also, rembemer that were are still providing Economic aid to other countries and according to our (congress) Gov. they come first were last. If we stoped giving aid (MONEY to others can you believe how much money the U.S. do in helping the citizens of the U.S. JUST VOTE

  • Bob

    My friends that did not stay in have a much better retirement benifits from their private employment than I ever though I would get on the outside. I and my fellow SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN WISH TO THANK ALL THOSE IN POWER THAT HAVE SAID WE DESERVE ALL WE GET AND MORE, MORE WHATS IS THAT? MORE WHAT? DO I SMELL A LARGE PILE OF BULL S*i* in the WHITE HOUSE.
    TIME TO DO SOME HOUSE CLEANING. Fellow vets and active duty, guard and reservists get your VOTES ready to go.

  • maris

    I think instead of having congressman,senators and people in Washington decide our future, we need to leave the voting to us the people, that would eliminate us trusting people who only care what will wind up in their pockets,they do not care about voters as long as they win, they could vote which ever way they want not caring about what we want. It would save a lot of big money eliminating their salaries. I for one would not mind taking a trip to a voting booth when ever a vote as important as this, needs to be left up to each individual. We could vote on our computers.


    It must be nice to set up there in the WHITE HOUSE and tell the ones who have served at least 20 yrs. in the service of our country that we have to pay more for medical care. Would it be to much to ask that the leaders of our country to pay more for there medical coverage ana leave the retirees alone because we are not getting rich on mil. retirement pay like the leaders of this great country who get a large retirement check every month after they leave office. I will trade my mil. retirement check with them and pay the increase.

  • jeffrey brettler

    i’ll bet you anything that piece of crap GATES or MULLEN had something to do with this tricare garbage. obama hates the military and what we stand for so please lets get him out in 2012. obama didn’t come up with tricare fees all by himself?

  • Ken

    If a senator or Representative serves only 1 day in office, they get their full pension for the rest of their lives and no one messes with their healthcare. So why do they have to mess with ours?!? They are always talking about cuts, why not be a leader and start with their own pay and the benefits they get!!! Step up to the plate DC and become our LEADERS… it is time for us as veterans to step up and let these politicans we will not lay down for them anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD AND HEARD LOUDLY!!!!!

  • Rita

    This is what the men who gave 20 or so years to keep this country free, so much has been taken from us, All of Congress must go ,plus the President

  • Boe

    Our freedom and liberties are turning to ashes before our very eyes. Too bad American’s have been asleep too long to notice, and now they are taking away benefits and increasing costs that hit the sevicemen and women and their dependents…wow… Thats a fine way to reward us for our service in Iraq. Hope you all Obummer voters are happy with your changes, because the more changes he makes the less change your in pocket your gona have.

    • Draftee

      The blame belongs to the Bush voters who were stupid or dumb enough to put Bush into power because the more changes Bush and the Republican Pary made, the less change or no change in your pockets and you have are responsbile for it.

    • Teri

      It’s not about Right/Left because nearly all of them serve the same masters, the banks and corporations. How did nearly all of the wealth end up being owned by 1 percent? Pay attention to what some of these kids are saying, they know it’s about Wall Street, not politics. The only politician who talks straight about this is Ron Paul.

  • Vicki Gerding

    My husband and we, his family, kept the commitment he made in 1959 at age 17 to put his country first. His country has not kept its commitment to provide free medical care to him and his spouse for life. whatever later deals were made with enlistees is a different matter. A deal is a deal, but I am so dissapointed to say that our country does not agree. I grieve for him, for me and for our children. We believed. Our country no longer does..

  • Steve Pommer

    stevedude77 Ret USA;

    The DoD is so money hungry, and this 112th Congress is so ME, and with an habitual liar sitting in the WH, the active duty mil personnel and the Ret and MedRet retirees, are always th scapegoats when it comes to the military services.We were promised phony promises, then hit with a ten pound hammer, by the DoD saying we need more funds, and the scapegoats are always the military services, and their rising TRICARE & TRICARE
    costs, and keep rising them, until neither the active duty mbr and mil retiree, could not afford it. Congress should reduce their ret, and pay into SS,, and not get the same ret pay, as they are earning, while serving in their capacity in Congress.I am discusted and tired of all the BS this WH sitter,we call a President, and a Congress, who only cares for themselves. Vote them all out in Nov 12, 2012, and put more vets, and women into office, so we can finally get back our country we love.


  • Robert

    I wonder if you have retirement pay left who collects? Also, I think we should vote in the draft so that their sons & daughters will reap what they sowed with six year compulsory service.

  • BOB


  • Richard Kemple

    This administration is the worse in history, another broken promise. Lets put them out of office and cut there liberal retirement benefits forever. There a big joke.

  • wonders among us

    So many great thoughts posted. Maybe it would behoove us to put them togetter for the five most common themes and come to some agreement then take our critical voting mass and send these to congressional reps, the media as someone else suggested. If everything is on the table for cuts as has been said too many times then congressional benefits should be too. If everyone needs to scrifice then let it be our neighbors who get a bit chunk of money (even if we took all foreign aid and reduced that by 10% it would pad some other worthy causes). We have already served as leaders. We can’t afford to stop now.

  • jjjddd

    The Military has Paid for their Medical Care in their own Blood!
    Take a walk through any V.A. Hospital or Regional Center:
    and see the price that has been paid!
    Our FREEDOM’s are not FREE!

    Not Racist!…
    Not Violent!…
    Just Not silent anymore!!!!…
    Unknown… Gold-find…



  • Peggy Alexander

    Dear CLM, I don’t mind the slight increase, but would like to decrease the senators and conressmens benefits since they aren’t on the lines taking fire to protect the USA!! As far as BO he doesn’t deserve a retirement check, he’s already spent it, along with his wife on trips.

  • Roger Fraser

    Its a shame that the men and women that served for this country to be treated like this. I would like to see that our congress and senator take a pay cut and pay for their medical coverage. Why cant the same people that elected them into office vote on wheather they deserve a pay raise.

  • DGE

    Promises made to us the military since before my time in service beginning 1962 was always serve and we will take care of you. Your health care will be provided free for life. In addition you will receive a retirement pay which will keep even with “costs of living” Well here we go once again those who we have voted for or against and find themselves in position to represent us are putting it to us. My retirement pay went down last year as no cola increase but they took additional taxes from us, It always nice to feel the loyalty of our elected officials. If I am not mistaken they must vote note to get a raise each year if they do not get one. When was the last time they did that???? They also are above our health care and retirement pay as they have their own rules and are not giving them up!!! It is time that all go to the polls and it is time to vote all encumbent ‘s out. Put new people in. Thank you a country I served for over 20 years!

  • Patrick

    I guess senior citizens will be next in line when it comes to increasing health care cost… I thought Obama Health Care was going to make things cheaper… RIGHT!!!

    • Sam

      THIS is the real problem Patrick – 1/2 of the people voted in 08 for what they hoped would happen… The rest of us voted because we KNEW what would happen… There just weren’t enough of us… CLOSE the borders so that the vote cannot be swayed by illegal immigrants and other who have Everything to gain and nothing to lose.

  • ECarter

    Before you decide to vote the current president out of office next election. You might wish to take a “hard” look at what is coming in. The republican slate does not look promising.

    Before you leap you may wish to not “jump” into the fire…or someone worse.


  • LaVerne

    Why is is always Obama when you damn congressman is the one making the laws or did you all forget that Presidents don’t make laws it’s the House and Senate. They never vote to raise their expenses just everyone elses and if you are talking about the President you might as well include the Senate and everyone else who pushed this law. Republicans didn’t block the increase so I guess you should say they were onboard.

  • Sam

    Did you know that 51% of President Bush’s cabinet was comprised of persons from the business sector…. while the percentage of business minded professionals in Obama’s cabinet is only 8%? It is no small wonder that these liberal/progressive/socialists are dismantling this country brick by brick… They have no idea what they are doing. Put a garbage man in the kitchen if you wish… but don’t be foolish enough to have high expectations at dinner time.

  • Roger

    Tricare for life already more than doubles a couple’s annual fees with the requirement to pay for Medicare part B. There should never be any additional annual fee! The “free” medical care for life I was promised is just another example of the way our slimy government officials, most of whom never served, screw those of us who have served.

  • George

    I emailed my Colorado Senators Udall and Bennett along w/ our congerssional Rep. Gardner. I stated that I would agree to a 10% reduction of benefits only if our elected officials brought a bill before both houses and signed by the President, reducing their retirement and health package along with a 10% reduction in salary. As expected, no response to the question/proposal.

  • Tim Flaig

    Promised us, “free” medical and dental for life. Now look wha’ts happening. It’s time for the “American” people to stand up and fight for this great country, that myself, and my wife, and thousands of others served for. It’s time to get rid of this islamic piece of crap. When is enough enough. And oh yeah, what is this social security amnesty program, where the illegal aliens, get multiple benefits, without even having to work. Why are illeagls even receiving any kind of “benefits”. As it stand right now, anyone can just walk into this country and take it over. Don’t believe me, wake up and look around. This country need to get back to the basics. Prayer back in our schools. And get rid of these special interest groups that could care less about this country and more about just filling their own pockets. The whole congress and senate needs to be removed. Let’s start cutting thier benefits. The gov’t has renigged on it’s “promises” to the military. Let’s take them back.

  • RICH


  • Avner Sawyer

    It was not Obama that got us in this mess. The last one (Bush) did it in the 8 years he was in office. Now everyone won’t to blam Obama for the mess. I agree we are having to pay the price, but it would help if everyone would help with getting us out of this mess. I mean everyone from the white House, wall street, main street, everyone with no one left our. If everyone helps, it will not be much for us to do our share.

  • Raymond Pasutti

    Well, this doesn’t surprise me one bit. Congress get’s a hefty pay raise, Obama goes to Martha’s Vineyard, and the Military Retiree’s get screwed Again. I hope all you who voted for that Jackass, are happy. To bad congress hasn’t the guts to tell him not only NO, but HELL NO, Leave the Military Retiree’s alone.

  • Patrick Hudnall

    What kills me is the “Spin”. It is claimed the White House is SAVING 6.7 Billion. That’s pure BS. It’s not SAVING anything. It’s INCREASING revenue, to pay expenses.


    It sounds like it is time to “hit the streets” and have a “Million Military March” on Washington if we really want to be heard. Writing or sending EMAIL to elected officials goes on ‘deaf’ ears, so if those of us who have served and retirees want to be taken seriously, then our physical presence is a MUST!!! Letters and EMAILS do not get the attention of the media, Congress or the White House, but if we march are proud butts up to the President’s residence, then JUST MAYBE he or his advisors will get the message that WE ARE NOT going to accept anymore cuts in benefits or retired pay. And by the way…….COLA seems to be like an old friend who moved away, so don’t expect to see him or her anymore. Comments posted about a Class Action Suit on behalf of veterans and retirees is an excellent first step, and I know there are plenty of retired JAG Officers out there who are smart enough to coordinate and initiate such action which will get the attention of the media providing they are contacted. 1SG WOOD, USA, Retired

  • God help America

    Once again Obama has said about America. “I am sorry” or did he? He has no desire to be proud of America. How dare the government screw the military service for protecting America. I am ashamed that the military (active and retirees) are the ones getting punished for the Democrates screw-ups. This next election had better find someone to stand up to this nonsense.
    God help America.

  • L Povlin

    At the present time we have only one recourse, and that is to vote. It won’t change a thing to write to the President or anyone on his staff because they arn’t listening. If you want a change then go on the internet and go into the Congressional record and look at how your own representatives from your State voted and if you disagree then vote for the other guy. Will that always make a difference..well of course not..but it will send a message to those that are messing our country up. God Bless America

  • SFC Remington steel


  • ron

    does our elected reps know what the hell is going on with our military.I dont see any comments from even one of them. If we could start a protest about it maybe that would get someones attentiion….

    • chuckker

      think back quite a few years ago. The veterans camped in Washington protesting against the gov’t and the president at the time (i forget who) turned the military on them. This military operation was led by none other than soon to be General Douglas MacArthur. You can’t win.

  • Bill

    So, what are we going to do about it? Now is the time to do something not just complain about it!!!
    Lets vote them out of office and replace those that havee never served like you know who that don’t have a clue!!!

  • toneyp

    I am retired myself and it is a shame that we have to pay more for tricare prime, see co-pays for meds go up all of the3 other entitlements we were promised go up. but lets not blame it all om our president, and the Democrats. The Republicans are the ones driving this train . the are always crying about the Government being to big. Our deficit is over 14 trillion dollars. we have to find ways to reduce that. so to get a smaller gov. like you republicans want, we have to reduce spending. the dept. of defense is one of the largest spenders , and we are part of that. If we didnt have to spend so much money for the two wars that a republicans started, then maybe we wouldnt have to bear so much of the burden to reduce the budget, you guys cant have your cake and eat it too.dont for get the tricare increase was asked for by the DOD not the white house. Lets not forget our gov. lessons. the executive branch does not make laws, thats done by the legislative branch. so if it gets approved it got that way by congress. not the President.

  • Webb Harris

    I doubt if the American people will ever wake up to what the Democrats are doing to our country. It seems that our government is forever laying a bigger burden on those who can least afford it. Remember it was during the Bush adminiatration that we recieved the help of tricare for life. Maybe someday the intelligent people will outnumber the stupid ones and we can elect some decent people that really loves America Webb Harris

  • L-dog

    I”m with the Marine who earlier stated ” We are at the begining of the end of America as we know it” This is criminal. One day this country and it’s people are going to have had enough, that time is soon.You wonder why there are as many so called home grown terrorist! Perhaps they are just at the point where they have had enough! The politicians who pick on these smaller groups, like the military , and that is why they screw us,we are limitied as to what we can do to strike back, need to look introspectively, cut your shit, not the 14% of military who sacrifice, serve, under promises made and then broken.Each of you, listen and learn, the original inghabitants of this land were made promises by sons of bitches just just like the ones in offfcie now.They were broken repeatedly as history will show.This is the same dynamic! There is a speacial palce in hell for them!

  • Tim

    Go to the hospital and tell them your are here illegally and you get everything free. Free health care free food free housing. If you work you do not have to pay taxes. If you get in trouble, just change your name or better use several names. What is wrong with our with our goverment. We do not need more workers just less welfare. We need to take care of our own first, that is the ones who protect us.



  • Screaming Eagle

    I gave my youth and served proudly for 20 years in combat arms, now this is what I get as a thank you for my efforts. This country also has had many Great leaders. Now all we have is LIARS and TAKERS. We need not worry about Terrorists taking down our Country, because with who we have in Political Office now, MAN!! are we in TROUBLE!!Sreaming

  • Ammovet

    To quote Thomas Jefferson
    1787 Nov. 13. (to W. S. Smith) “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”[4]

  • Julia Huff

    For My husband and myself his spouse who retired after 20 years in the navy many of his promised benlfits at enlistment have not been honored , The 1 most important Healthcare for life with 20 years served in the United States Military .he filled his committment and i as his spouse filled wasn,t long after his retirement in 1976 that these promises of healthcare started to dwindle and have gradually got to the point we will be paying out of pocket for what we earnned for the dedication of serving in the military for 20 years.I blame these greedy politicians whoincreased their salaries over the years and forgetting the promises or not being reminded that a promise had to kept before their salary increases. Tucson

  • ChiefJ

    It will be time to vote again soon.I hope all on capital hill rember what they are doing to the military both active and retired.

  • I. Martin

    Don’t blame all of this mess on the Democrats. The Republicans are in charge and calling the shots. They’re the ones making our lives miserable and making the cuts to balance the budget after dear old G. Bush put us in a depression with 2 wars. We had a balanced budget when Clinton left office. Remember??? He was a Democrat.

  • tired vet

    It’s the same old **** , the government will promise the world when they need cannon fodder; but toss you in the trash when they don’t. The distinguished gentlemen and women in Washington, DC, should take note of world events. Rise up my brothers and sisters in arms! It is time for us to start a peaceful revolution. To shake gongress by the shoulders and get them to remember why they have their jobs. Use your vote, get out and knock on doors! Some how we, the nations defenders, must remind them that they are supposed to look for ways to improve the nation and not step on the people while they do it.

  • Zoso69

    What I’d like to know is how much our esteemed Congress/Senate members are paying for their health care; I’d like to know if they also raise their premiums whenever ours are raised. I’d like to know if they ever have to look at how much of their hard earned pay (sarcastic remark) they have left over at the end of the month for entertainment, etc. Do they actually go to bed at night and say that they’ve earned their pay or are they simply satisfied to know that they’ve lined their pockets with some lobbyist’s money and admit that they are only looking out for their well being and not America’s future…bloodsuckers, all of them.

    • retiree

      check the FEHBP rates – it depends on the plan they choose. And yes, their premiums go up every year too.

  • DAN

    Some of you people must live in a cave. It is Republican Congressmen Alan Simpson who said senior citizens are bankrupting our nation. He said social security is like having a cow with 310 million teats on it sucking us dry. He is on the committee that is proposing all these bills to take everything away from us. As the law stands medicare premiums can not go up unless social security payments go up. Also Social Security payments can not decrease. This is what the Republican congressman Alan Simpson wants changed. Dont forget it was George Bush that took us from a balanced budget and a surplus to the worst economic mess since the great depression.

  • Les

    We fought for what we had(notice I said had). Congress sits on their ass and gets way too much for doing nothing. Something needs to change. And if we stopped sending money to third world countries and used it here, we wouldn’t be in the fix we are in!

  • P. Feysa

    How can anyone complain about the cost we pay for medical?? I’m a 30 yr disabled vet and I’m grateful for our medical care. Compare it to what civilians pay, it’s a sign of the timesa, Tricare hasn’t raised the premium since its conception. I am a retired Corpsman and I work in a Naval Hospital and I hear whining everyday how we were promised this & that…suck it up!!

  • javillgolfer

    As a retiree, and after searving my country for 20 years, 4 months, 24 days, it’s not right for congress to put the burden of healthcare on our backs. I have to say, it’s not the Commander and Chief that passes these new bills/laws, it’s congress. When is the last time COLA was increased for the military and retirees? It’s about time that CONGRESS gets a pay decrease (adjustment) along with realistic healthcare premiums, and be placed in the higher tax bracket so that it shows the country that they do care and will be the first step up to the plate in fixing our economic problems. Only when that happens would I support paying higher premiums for TriCare Prime.



  • Reflection

    Wow. What an ill-informed bunch we have here. The ignorance is staggering, though predictable. I’d suggest some objective reading and fact-finding, but know that’s asking too much. How about this – Take a few deep breaths, relax your muscles, and think about this quote “The only constant is change.” You must adapt or you become the stereotype presented by 90% of you on this message board. Becoming more intellectually engaged and actually thinking for yourself instead of simply regurgitating the venom you are fed on a repetitive basis is a start.

    • TOP WOOD

      You have very nice writing skills, but your quote does not impress me, especially when you remain ‘nameless’, and only indentifiy yourself as ‘Reflection’. Perhaps you’ve never served in the military and just felt the need to inform those of us who care about our hard earned benefits that we are “an ill-informed bunch.” Well DUDE, it is you who are wasting our time by posting your arrogant comments that have no merit. 1SG WOOD, Army-RET

  • J Camp

    Maybe Congress should start paying for their Medical Insurance instead of receiving it free

    • retiree

      They do (FEHBP). They also pay for their retirement (FERS), which they can’t collect until age 62 (50 if they serve at least 20 years). Oh, and they pay into Social Security too.

  • sclark

    I think they are trying to seperate us active duty and retired and disabled veterans but they didnt take into account that we are ONE and thats because we all love our country and respect one another.

  • TOM

    US Congress best kick the can players in the world


    How is it that the US support so many people around world, help them develop a military of their own, and can’t even support our own people and home! You patch a cut with cloth, not with a knife edge chop.

  • Retired Inf/MI Major

    It’s good to hear the outrage expressed here. We served in the days of significantly substandard pay (I remember $92 per month as an E-1), with the oft-expressed promise that, if we survived 20 or more years, we would receive a relatively small pension, some privileges and free medical care. There was no ambiguity: we sacrificed then and we would be provided for later. Now that the bill has come due, politicians (a vast majority who never served their country) are viewing retired soldiers, sailors and airmen as a non-union, non-protected group to be preyed on for all that can be squeezed out of them. There’s an election coming and there’s a simple answer: fire the politicians that want to steal from you.

  • sylvia peters

    Military, let’s take action. Firstly, station ourselves at each recruit center and advise every man/woman child enlistee that they won’t get the benefits promised which are only readily available to our elected officials. Let’s gather signatures and demand representation before congress–don’t tely on status quo reps. …And I’m sure we can ideate sufficiently to make an impact. Wonder what would happen if no one voted in this next election? Default election. democracy, autocracy and who would really care since they’re all “loonies on the hill” playing with our lives.

  • Linda

    I think the Congress (current and retirees) and the President should have to carry some of the burden also. They are making nice salaries (that they voted to themselves) and can afford it a little better than we can.

    I have read that they have a special retirement and health benefit package and, if this is true, they should have to give it up and live on the same military retirement, social security and medicare package they want to give the rest of us. Then see if they still want to reduce those programs or raise the cost of them.

    We, the American citizens, have sat around and let Congress and the Presidential office get away with bettering their own futures without letting the American citizens have a chance to vote on them. This needs to stop. The citizens of this country need to be more informed and have more of a say in how our tax dollars are spent.

    Be sure to get out and vote (now and in the future). Be active in our country’s future!

  • 21 yrs “Ser”

    What a sad day !

  • walt

    Remember, This crap started before Qbama check the facts.

  • Edward

    It is time to take to the streets.
    All of us retirees can march on the Capitol.

  • JAS57

    If we are going to blame the President, let’s start with the guy that started all these unfunded wars and pretty much destroyed this Country’s economy. Now the Tea Party has decided to get rid of this President even if it means turning us into a third world Country. The Tea Party without a doubt is bunch of racist hillbilly’s, and I think it’s a shame so many prior service people are willing to openly associate with these people. My father participated in the Korean Conflict, I spent 20 years in the Marine Corps, my son is in Afganistan now, this will be his fourh tour. I beleive I am a patriot, and it sickens me to here that people think they are losing their Country because a Black man is in the White House. This my Country too and if the Republicans take over I believe we will certainly lose a lot of what this country stands for and I believe we truely could return to an era we spent a lot of time trying to escape from.

  • USAF ret.

    They (Elected Officals) need us on that wall, they want us on that wall… but they can’t handle the truth. The truth is, they been robbing us blind and every other way they can! And the reason they act like this is because while we were serving, we had their backs. And now that we are retired, they’ve choosen to NOT have ours. I wish they cared about us as much as we cared about America. I hope all good people turn out in record numbers and vote these self-serving politicians back to civilan status. I’m in agreement with most who have posted on this site.

  • P. Feysa

    I made a comment a short while ago but it wasn’t derogatory so they didn’t print it


    the comment i made about VOTING ALL of them out if they don’t do the right thing is exactly what i mean. pass laws to help the U.S. Citizens, and stop and i do mean STOP giving housing, money and everything else to those that are not here legally. sure they assist the economy with the money they make, but how many pay taxes. how about the recently retired General that is now the head of the CIA–that’s about as DOUBLE-DIPPING as you can get. remember thle saying during the time you and i were in Vietnam: HELL NO, WE SAY NO. about ltime the American public says what is right.

  • Hal Palmer

    When you have an imitation President and a Harry Reid congress you get this crap. The answer is stop bitching and get out and vote the buggers OUT. Then be carefull who you elect and stay on their backs !


  • Bill

    Keep pointing the finger at Obama for the short falls, but not to worry all the wonderful republicans will ride to the rescue and undo all those evils; yea right ha/ha.


      there’s NO, and I mean NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Republican tlhat is going to do a tlhing for us. replace lthe speaker of the lhouse and the minority leader of the house and lete get this Congress back on track. Also may a certain senator (S.B.) might be a good idea. that’s Wall Streets bigest player for lthem.

  • JaneeS

    I understand we all might need to “tighten our belts”, but whose belt really gets tightened? I see this as a downward spiral, not just a limited step toward helping our economy. More, more, more to come for those who served and believed in the integrity of the promises made to our troops and other people who need it the most.

    We are financially able to make payments under many of these changes, but that’s not the point! I do look and cringe at what recent monetary changes have translated to overall. I am burned as hell about expecting those who have more limited resources to have this Tricare increase forced upon them while other programs are cut as well! This is symbolic of changes to throw honor, love of country and potential sacrifice of life to hell. I cannot believe that some congress members with their heads “where the sun don’t shine” led by the Clueless One find that this is a great start to cutting the budget. I cannot believe that some of Congress actually served in the military and have the nerve to support continued cuts. WTH?

  • Donasld Becker

    USN Retired. First Military Retirees and Senior Citizens have their taxes raised on retirement pay and social security at the beginning of 2011. Now we have to endure a non-military President going after the rest of our benefits while he and his family relax in the lap of luxury. He made a comment about inflation not being high enough to warrant pay increases over the last couple of years. I wonder when was the last time he bought groceries or gas for his family. Vote this person out of office along with his cronies in Congress.


    The main problem I have with this is that congress gets free health insurance after they retire with far less time required by military personnel. What they need to do is start paying and stop screwing the vets. How can a congressment get both a pension and healthcare plan for just 8 years while we have to do at least 20 to get anything. This is BS.

    • retiree

      They pay – they are under FERS and FEHBP. Yes, they vest in 5 years – which earns them a pension at age 62. At 1.7% per year, after 8 years they would have a whopping 13.6% at age 62. After 20 years, they have earned 34% at age 50. Oh, and they pay for that privilege.

      Oh, and they can’t pay for healthcare (yes, retirees in FEHBP pay for their insurance) until they start drawing their pension.

  • Wayne-o

    Seems like everyone is interested in “increases” except the folks that pay us retirees. Never thought I’d see the day when a “fixed” income would be better than the shrinking one we have now!

  • Ernest

    If it were not for us doing the dirty work the Washington Pigs would not have the opportunity to rip the country off… This is how they pay us!!! I only hope there is much better justice in the next world, Which I do believe there is! Honor, huh, I do not think the DC pigs know the meaning of the word!!

  • Congress should be put on the same medical insurance as us. After all they serve the country too. If that happened we would not have to worry about anything being cut or increased. We need to vote every congressman out of office…

    • retiree

      So you want to improve their insurance? Note that they are under FEHBP, same as the Civil Service. They pay for it every month, and more than us.

  • Retired AF SGT

    I think it would be very wise to call your Congressman/lady and ask them, “Will you vote to increase the TriCare fees or not!” Then tell them that you are Military and will never vote for them or their political party they represent if they reply” YES I will!.” HIT THEM IN THE VOTE!!

  • Walt

    When you have the House of Representatives and rules of the Senate minority party either saying NO and blocking everything to help the economy the only place to go is you.You have millions of americans out of work and the Republicans could care less as they get one job. (The Presidency) Anything to help this country is bad for Republican Party. As many of you said “Remember that when you vote in 2012.


    I have no love for the politicians past or present since they got us into this mess by sucking up to the banks. I don’t like having to pay more for medical but what I see and have to count my blessing on is that I have a very good health plan at a very low cost compared to my fellow workers. I am amazed that it hasn’t increased before and it will still be much cheaper than my fellow workers with the company’s health plan. Obama is an idiot but I can’t see where he has much choice in getting this country out of this hole. I do object to the requirement that a person MUST purchase insurance.

  • john

    I think congress and the ones who got us into this mess should look at their own retirement system. The military and the retirees have always been the ones who get screwed over. We served our country when call upon and paid our taxes but our on government could give a rats ass about us. All we are to them is just washed up garbage that they wished would just go away. Now if we were illegal immigrates or a country that hated us, they would go out of their way to give us anything we needed. Just look at Obama’s illegal family members living in the US they are giving everything they need and more. Just look at one of his cousin who just got caught Drinking and Driving! Who was the first person he wanted to call when he got arrestedf, what kind of vehicle was he driving (SUV) and who is paying for all of this we are as retirees. I guess if we were one of them they would find a way to take care of us.

  • Gerrald Swanberg

    One of the recruiter’s and career counsoler’s tools was the free Medical and Dental after the service member retired, well with the B.S., “failed” Civilian Health Care of Hillery Clinton in the 90’s screwed the free health care up big time and now Mr, Obama wants to screw the military and retirees once again. Let’s make him a one term president….

  • Don

    Congress should cut their own retirement and healthcare benefits .

  • Retired MSGT, USMC

    My X wife has been drawing 42% of my retirement pay for 15 years (Calif no fault) and uses it as her casino funds, while living with a boyfriend an banking a half million when her dad died. She often reminds me that she can do whatever she wants with whomever, and still collect. Our second son was born six months after I returned from a 13 month overseas deployment without dependents. Her answer was things happen, and I probably did the same. Today my co pays went up 40% for my cancer pills. check the USFPA website and read about a wife who is drawing checks from three former military retired husbands. What a wonderful world this is…..

  • samuel young

    What are our elected officials giving up nothing. What i get is what I served for and What I was promised for My service to my country. Separation from my Family for a year 13 years over seas And they what to feed us this S*******.Thanks AH’s

  • runker

    The GOP controlled both houses in the 107th-109th congress and there was some some during the 107th when the Dems controlled the Senate. So, for the first six years of the Bush 2 presidency he could do pretty much what he wanted to do. It was the 110th Congress when the American people got tired of this crap and voted in the Dems to power for both houses. Obama has been in office for the 111th and the current 112th congress.

  • Ed Hubbard

    I don’t know why all of you blame the president for all this. You should be looking at all the people you voted into congress and senate. They keep voting themselves pay raises and all the FREE benefits like free medical and a pension that starts from day one!!!!!!! They take from social security to pay for there stuff. We should be like other countries and protest until they are ALL out. Then vote for someone to replace them, with a clause that they have to use the same medical that we use and rely on social security like all of us. Plus use the money in the OLD congress and senate people retirement account to help everyone else. Well enough bitching thats my 2 cents worth. Good luck everyone!!!

  • Frank, US Army

    To M Darden, Can you say 911. If Clinton had taken action against Alkida when they were hitting the US properties and Personnel, 911 would have never happened and our country would not be in this situation. How fast we forget what started all this. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • Rita Pettty

    Our family of five all served in the military. Yes, me Mom too. My husband served 24 years. We do not consider our medical care free. He paid for it by serving those 24 years. Unfortuanately there was no record or anything ever given to us in print or writing so we were outsmarted when it comes to medical care. We told our three children to get out and not plan on a career.
    That is one piece of advice they took and we would do the same today.

  • Ed H

    You want to get your point across to the morons in charge? It really can’t be done. The politians in office today have no honor or integrity. Promises are only made to be broken. I am one of the fortunate ones. I retired in 1989 as a 1SG E-8 with 22 years of service. You received a percentage based on your pay at the time you retired. Not last three years, reduced by a percentage if the wind is blowing in the wrong direction or whatever they’re doing now. Slowly but surely the politcos are finding a way to destroy the retirement system. Want to help effect a change. Everyone who’s retired should do what I’ve been doing for the past couple of years. Everytime I hear of someone who’s considering going into the service I advise against it. There’s other ways to serve your country. I recommend going to college, join the police force, look to your community first and stay our of the military.

  • IraqVet

    Remember this when you vote…big government democrats and republicans are not your freinds…it is their legislation that has driven us into this economic abyss that now requires military retirees to bail them out.

  • ELW

    Remember the last president got us involved in a war, based on a lie. Saddam had no involvement with 911, yet he and his sons are all dead and his country is in ruins! The current President is cleaning up a mess he did not start and is fighting the tea party and republicans that would rather have the country fail or go into default rather than have him appear successful. Wake up America, President Obama needs 4 more years and the support of the nation to undo the mistakes and recklessness of the previous president.

  • gary

    All of you that blame obama for this is so stupid he did not do this it’s the as^%$* that are congress and so on Repubicans and tea party activitists, that are pushing for higher increases, the president (i did not vote for him) only signs the paper it is the others that make new changes.

  • Big G

    Dear CAVET. Hope you recover from your head wound soon.

  • tree frog

    I need some input about reserve retirement. my 20 year letter got mis placed,
    I can’t get a i.d. card, the list keeps going. no will give me infor on this big mess. I did serve 26 years, this shit realy stinks. any reply’s welcome. thanks.

    • Pensacola

      Even without your 20 year letter your information should be in DEERS. You should be able to get an ID card. If you are NOT in DEERS, then you do need to straighten this out. Each service has a personnel HQ command.. For instance, for Army it is in St. Louis. Find out a pnone number for your service’s personal command. Call a customer service rep and ask them what you need to do. Don’t let it sit. The benefit is to valuable. Good lock.

    • TOP WOOD

      Tree Frog…..If you retired from the Army National Guard then your 20-year Retirement Eligibility Memorandum will be on file in iPERMS which all Soldiers have access to via Army Knowledge On-Line (AKO). You should know your AKO EMAIL user ID name, but if you don’t know your password or it is over 150 days old, then you will have to contact AKO in order to receive a TEMP PW. With all that said, in order to retire you must submit your packet 9 months in advance of turning age 60. For every month you fail to do so it will only delay your retirement processing and delay your payment upon turning age 60. If you are already 60+ then you have dug yourself a hole and even if you submit for retirement pay DFAS may not pay you any retroactive pay back to age 60. In order to submit for retirement pay you must be in the Retired Reserve. (see message page 2 for my final comments) 1SG Wood

    • TOP WOOD

      Tree Frog – here is the rest of my message – 1SG Wood: If not, then you will need to make that happen. I hope when you left your last unit of assignment that you were not discharged by reason of ETS (Expiration Term of Service) ??? If you were Army Guard or Army Reserve, then you can go on line to find out what you need to prepare and submit (forms, documents, etc). If you need assistance then contact the Office of Adjutant General for you Guard State, i.e., CA, WA, etc. If you were Navy, USMC or Air Force Reserve, then do the same, i.e., contact the specific headquarters that would ulitimately review or assist in the submission of reserve retirement packets. Good Luck and I hope this INFO helps. J.B. WOOD, 1SG E8, CA Army Guard Retired (41-yrs).

  • Pensacola

    Tricare for retirees and Tricare for Life are 2 of the best deals out there. Ask your friends who are not military what they pay and the qualtiy of their coverage.
    First little increase in over 16 years.
    I thank my lucky stars every day for my Tricare retiree coverage.

  • Mark

    God bless the USA.

  • Walter

    Wonder if they would take a little of this lead floating atound in my body as a down payment?

  • jockitch

    BITCH,BITCH,BITCH! Thats what most of you did while you were on active duty. The simple solution to these problems is just vote these “congress-people” out of office come election time, and stop blaming everything on the President. Take off your bedroom shoes and put on your marching shoes!

  • Laurence Guidry

    Yes, we were lied too!!! Stay in the military and retire and we promise that you will receive free health care for life for you and yours!!! That was bull s__t!!!! What else have they lied about???? Stop sending our tax dollars to third world country’s and spend it here in the good old U.S. of A!!!

  • Ron USAF Retired

    If I knew this was going to happen I would not have retired from the military. I wouldn’t be surprised if less people will make a career of the military now.

  • Yoda

    I agree with both sides that we were promised free healthcare that we will never see. I also agree that TriCare is the best deal out there in comparison. What I don’t agree with is our elected officals passing laws exempting them from the same laws that apply to the LEGAL US citizens they are there to represent. I agree they should all be replaced with new faces that hopefully will work FOR THE PEOPLE.

  • Fred

    The President didn’t do any thing. The Pentagon did us in they have been trying to stick us for years finally got it through. Gotta love all that brass.

  • Rick

    Just a little more insult to injury from our elected friends….

    “What you permit, you promote.”

    The per person Medicare insurance premium will increase from the
    Present monthly fee of $96.40, rising to: $104.20 in 2012; $120.20 in
    2013; And $247.00 in 2014. These are provisions incorporated in the
    Obamacare legislation, purposely delayed so as not to ‘confuse’ the 2012
    Re-election campaigns. Send this to all seniors that you know, so they
    Will know who’s throwing them under the bus.

  • leeann

    Well i guess they will just have to pay for hospitals and Doctors when we can no longer pay for our meds .

  • MSgt Charles Coomer

    Shame on you! You are given a budget, now go to work and do what is expected. Stop stealing from the working people and those military who served. Not very classy of Washington to decrease military benefits in order to fund fiscal incompetence. How dare you allocate yourselves the salaries, expenses, benefits, pensions, while preying on those who have really served. This government has no accountability, ethics, or honor. God save us from you!

  • Paul Taylor

    There is only one way tobe heard in Wahington, D.C.: Vote out every incumbent until they get the message. “Fix our economy and fulfill your promises to the military!” We need to take back our power and now. If there is a total turnover in Congress and a one third turnover in the Senate, do you think they will get the message?

  • oldnavydiver

    Maybe retirees should picket in front of enlistment offices with signs that say, “Don’t swallow the BS. They lied to me and they’ll lie to you!”

  • Im ready, lets quit bitchin and every retired soldier alive march on washington and bring to the light how much they screw us every chance they get while they reap the benefits of our service

  • Dave Sander

    My fellow Veterans,

    This is a copy of my letter to both Sen. Mitch McConnell and Cong. Ben Chandler. As you know we are on the chopping block again for our benefits and the guys seemed to be more than determined to weaken our military.


    I am writing this note to you to express my displeasure in the cutting of military retirees benefits and increasing the cost of tri-care for those of us on somewhat of a fixed income. Please rest assured that I am not the only disgusted retiree or disabled military veteran feeling this way. We have served our country in good times and bad. We have served in conditions that until you go through them nobody could imagine. We have left our families behind and went to foreign lands to protect our beloved land and all its freedoms. We were promised that if we would serve our country that our health care would be free for the rest of our life. That promise has been broken. We do have a cheap cost of insurance and I’m not complaining to much but the fact that a promise was broken still exists. How many other promises are going to be or have been broken?

    I have not seen nor heard of any elected representative giving up their health care, pension, salary increases etc. Maybe it is time for our elected officials to lead by example. Please answer me why when trying to save money, balance the budget and pay for programs that simply give services to people who have not earned them, we (the military) are the first to suffer?

    I respectfully request that you address this issue and encourage your peers in the Senate to look at the veterans as a last resort. Do not risk our hard fought for freedoms. Do not put at risk our military service men and women. Cutting retirement, medical benefits and other military benefits will cause us to resort back to a draft and we will loose our most experienced soldiers, sailors and marines. Who in their right mind would want to stay in an organization and go through the hardships of military life for a 401 (k) that may or may not have money in it at the time of retirement. Its nothing but a lottery ticket.

    If you wish to discuss this further I would be happy to meet with you at your office any time and I will certainly bring others to discuss this issue as well.

    Thank you for your service as our Senator and we will be watching to see how this plays out.

    Dave Sander

  • gail

    Isnt it amazing that they do this to people who are retired???? What is wrong with this picture… But, he wants all the poor to get cheaper insur. housing, food etc.. We worked all our lives to get these benefits, why are they being taken from people who worked to give more to the people who just sit and mope and want more free things.. Our president and congress are turning Socialist.. What else can you call it..I didnt work all my life to have it all taken away while congress and Obama get better everything than the average Joe..

  • Lehman Stephens

    I agree to this as I was promised the same in 54 years ago in 1957 when I joined up. Now look what our congress is promissing for us retirees.
    Shame, Shame, SHAME!!! 39 years ago I was promised free health, vision, and dental coverage for life. All I had to do was sacriface 20 years of my life protecting this great country. Well, I made the sacriface for 24 years.This is the thanks me and other sevice members get for our service. Unbelievable!

  • Mike

    Folks, our country is broke. Many whine, but many have been lazy in electing good people. Few of us run for office. Expect somebody else to do it. And who runs? Manipulators, the seedy, etc.

    The fault is our’s voters. It has been for 50 years. Whine all you want, but look in the mirror. This is a mess “We the People” allowed to occur. No one to blame but us.

  • Carlene Miller

    We all know that they give us all these promises when they are campaigning, but once they are elected they change thier story and do what ever they want to do. When are we going to wake up and get rid of everyone in Washington and put new people in that will listen to us the voters ? I had a Congressman tell me that he had to vote himself a pay raise because he has to maintain two homes. One in D C and one in his home district. I said to him, I did not ask you to run you did this one your on, so why shoud we pay for you a secondhome?

  • ORJ

    I do believe the the giving up of benefits should start at the very top and work downward. Has anyone in the whitehouse and congress ever suggested forgoing some of their benefits and priveliges to help the ailing economy? Why take it from us who have served and were promised health care and much more before retiring.

  • Del

    Thinking of bringing back the draft. Keep up trying to fix Washington’s problem and that is what is going to happen. In 20 12 retirees should look for some of our brethen with some common sense to run for congress since there isn’t a lick of common sense in all of Washington……………………..

  • Tony De Angelis

    Hey, he needs the money to fund ACORN groups and benefits for illegal aliens. Just make sure you get off your butts and send a message Nov 2012.

  • Lutrell

    My husband is a retired Marine with 28 1/2 years of active duty. I was a civilian employee of the Corps for 25 years. He was promised health care for him and his family for the rest of their lives. Now, they want to change the rules………again. This really sucks. When they need more people for the military, I suggest that they hand congress, the cabinet, the president along with all his staff combat gear. Then they can enjoy the fun of agent orange or IEDs. How better to manage a war than having a front row seat?? Also, pass a law that no one can become a member of congress or president if they have not served at least 2 years of active duty military. Oh, by the way, is congress going to be paying more for their medical care?? Everyone should have the same health care program.

  • Tyuman-76

    It’s interesting that our president, AKA “Commander in Chief” was quoted as saying that todays’ military is all volunteer so they should pay their own healthcare costs. Wow!! does that not speak volumes about the value that this non military serving, Muslim loving, idiot really places on the sacrifices that vets have made for our country. By the way, our country- NOT HIS!!

  • Okie1

    To everyone who tried to tell

    To all that tried to tell Randy Westveer something: One can always tell a stupid and stingy Republican, but no one can tell a stupid and stingy Republican anything!!! I am amazed he didn’t blame Jimmy Carter for all of this Republican mess!!!


  • Wallace Riley

    This is how the military’s “Free Healthcare for Life” fulfills it’s promise! Lets face it, promisses by the government, including the military are basically worthless. Former career counselor for the USAF.

  • Charles J. Smith

    When I retired in 87 I ws enrolled in the USFHP and I had no co-pay and no yearly fee. A few years later they added a co-pay, a cost for prescriptions and a yearly fee. I was told by my Senator that this was done to improve my health care. I saw the same doctor in the same office. Only thing it did was reduce the strain on me since I now carried a lighter wallet. We over 65 already pay since we are required to take medicare part B at a cost of over $100 a month. As our income decreases our costs increase. I think we ought to put congress under TRICARE.

  • E Oliver

    Plain and simple folks, we need to take this on the offensive. Start writing those letters. Congressman/woman/ both Senators , and include the White House. I plan on sending a copy to the local News paper as a Letter to the Editor. Of course if my congress critters were to actually print out and read my emails they could wall paper their offices with them……

  • Kristina

    I am new to the military life and health care. I was excited becasue I thought my family was going to finally be able to get good health care. When we finally went through the process and got enrolled I found out that our PCM is at the worst possible clinic in town. It is the community health clinic that we (I am a mental health therapist) send all of the client who are drug addicts or have no income. No one else in the community will accept tricare and we are not allowed to go to the naval hospital for services. I am disgusted that my husband has dedicated 8 years to the corp and this is how our nation treats his family. We as a nation need to do better!

  • Walter McFadden

    I guess you did not post my comment because I quoted what Obama said at the 93rd Annual National American Legion’s Convention.
    While the United States is in a time of fiscal restraint, Obama pledged that the restraint won’t include cutting benefits of America’s veterans. I want tobe absolutely clear:We cannot, we must not and we will not balance the budget on the backs of our veterans. And as commander-in-chief, I won’t allow it.

  • CW4

    Who’s going to defend the good old USA when the economy improves and a majority of the best and brightest leave the military for better opportunities. Not to mention broken promises.

  • Dan

    The person most responsible for advocating increased TRICARE fees was the former Secretary of Defense, who was appointed by the preceding president. It is unfortunate that the person in charge of our military was all too willing to pass added costs onto people who served their country without basing them on increases in our annual compensation rates. Also, Express Scripts will not mail certain types of medications, but that did not stop TRICARE from upping the co-pay for those as well. Everyone needs to write their elected officials and then vote appropriately in future elections. Only way to have any impact on increased costs without matching pay increases.

  • Bill Waldo

    Gee, you mean congress and the president can’t print up more money like they did when General Motors couldn’t make it, or to pay for the ‘wars without end” (iraq, afghanistan) plus all the other “little probems” we stuck our noses in for the sake of “democracy”? Well, let’s start with congress and the president and raise their medical premiums. Then tax their salaries by 10%, like they did with mine this year. After all, my 22 years in the Air Force should amount to more than “take, take,take” from our ilustrious law makers.

  • Joe

    Why not abolish the military and let the politicians take care of the worlds problems. Then our elected officials will not have to be bothered with the problems of those who have paid their dues many times over.

  • SemperFi7

    Like the days of Jimmy Carter and the early ones with Clinton, morale is dropping like a rock. The difference is then we had reason to rhink it would be temporary and corrected as during the 80s.

    Our national financial collapse is yet to fully materialize and chances for any lasting or significant change for the better are slim, very slim. The willingness of current planners to take away what has been earned is too great to withstand the onslaught of fiscal pressures.

    Bearing that in mind and for the first time in my adult life, I can no longer advise a military career to our young folks unless they are only interested in endless sacrifice and paid for by broken promises.

    It breaks my heart and spirit to admit I can see no light at the end of the tunnel, but I can’t. Service today must be in spite of, but not,with confidence that retirement will bring just reward if one survives.

  • Jim

    This is what we get when the country falls morally. No honor, no integrity, lots of lying. We will have nothing left in a few more years with these types of people in control. Pray that we can survive the next 16 months until a new administration can take office. Write your representatives and talk to your children. Make sure they have your wise counsel on voting next time. Talk to as many people a you can influence to make the outcome of the next vote is different.

  • scott

    again lets all thank Obama and the rest of his crew. i have read in a few other posts that you have to be an illegal in this country to be noticed by our present regime. i whole heartadly agree. Mr President, Wake Up!!!!!!! get your head out from between Nancy Pelosi’s smelly legs, let the fog clear, swat the flies away and look whats going on around you.

  • E Blandon

    As always the first place our government looks when cutting expenses is our retirees. We get used after twenty years or more of honorable service and this is the thanks we get by increasing or cutting entitlements for a political agenda to satisfy both parties it’s really sad. Military service is not a 9 to 5 job and it’s not nearly compared to any private sector job. This is mainly significant when family members have to bear and endure long periods of separations which sometimes you wonder if the farewell hug will be the last one when you deploy too far off lands where people are trying to kill you because of what you represent. As a good Soldier that I was throughout my military service. I salute and abide with the new changes, but I would disagree the overhauling of the 20 year military retirement. As one Sergeant Major put it to me before he fade away “I vote”.

  • Vilma Crisologo

    Big and loudest hooray to all who submitted their comments here. How true and how right their comments are! Indisputable. WAKE UP, AMERICA!!!

    One thought – Load all those in the Capitol Hill in a spaceship for a voyage of no return.

  • keith

    Things are so much better off now, unemployment is up, Barrack has wasted billons, manufacturing is running over seas before this administration can either steal or tax it into nonexistence, more and more regulations are coming so no one wants to start a new business. Things are getting better everyday comrade.


    We as US Citizens, active and retired military, need to find someone or an organization that has a list of all military personnel and make sure they know what the hell is really going on. a group this size should be able to influence Congress to finally do the right thing or replace them with someone that will. this two party system, that only wants to up-stage the other is wrong. just elect people that are willing to do the job their elected to do. if they don’t there job would be over soon. keep an eye on all the laws that pass and figure out whom they benefit. sure as hell isn’t those of us that retired after 20 or more years. Also the Commenting Policy needs to be revise and/or deleted. what happened to Freedom of Speech, or has that been thrown out by Congress too?

  • Tom

    why not cut the sentors and rep pay they can just be in office for one trem and get theat money the rest of there life if they die there wife will get it the military is the ones who made this country free why break promises to them when it congress and taking all the money

  • Thomas Whitler

    Why don’t these elected officials start cutting the benefits to people receiving welfare? Or are those people untouchable? They don’t vote and most of them don’t ever want to work. Nadia Sulemon is a prime example: She gets $7000.00 per month for her 14 children, tax free. How many retired military get that. So, go ahead, all you politicians keep screwing those who sacrificed and kept this country free. At the rate you are going no one will ever enlist let alone make a career. So when that happens you who make $170,000.00 per year can pick up a gun and protect this country…oh wait, I forgot you are all too good to get your hands dirty.

  • bob

    This is ridiculous to cut benefits for people who earned them. Gentlemen, I am retired Navy and got a job at the VA. While there are many veterans who put in a legitmate claim, I will tell you that we spend most of our time on guys who were in 4 years or less and work the system claiming any illness they can to get money. The VA was setup with high ideals and very liberal standards to take care of our veterans, the problem is that these rules are abused by many many veterans and we end up paying out money to many people, who in my opinion, simply will not work. The VA spends about $50 billion a year on benefits, Guess what, that’s similar to the amount the military spends on pensions and health benefits for retired. Why am I saying this, the governement wastes tons of money and is out and out wasteful, at least here. They penalize the decent people who work and earned their benefits and reward a lot of veterans who, in many cases, certainly not all, do not deserve anything.

  • Ray

    The military seems to be one of the few organizations that a contract can be changed with only one side of the organizations views. The congress should have to live on half of what they made and have all there benifits cut when we want to do it! Lord help this country if we don’t get a leader who has a strong dedication in supporting its military!

  • TeXan1

    Thanks ERic Cantor and REPUBLICANS Those of you who think the Koch brothers need a tax break and wanted the idiotic republican idea of cuts in military benefits to give the billionaires a tax cut are to blame..

    Thanks again ERic Cantor and my republican friends.

  • Charlie Jordan

    Seems like a “double Whammy” for older retirees, who will likely experience an increased contibution from their Social Security for Medicare.

  • Rick Ouellette

    Before you implement the Tricare for Life annual premium you need to start charging co-pays for medications dispensed to retirees at military facilities. It makes absolutely no sense for a Col. to get his/her medication free of charage because he/she happens to live near a military installation while SSgt Joe Jones who lives in podunk Idaho has to use local drug stores or Express Scripts and pay the co-pays. Note that the VA charges co-pays. This would probably save more money than the Tricare for Life premium.

  • Indyson18

    I am only 54, a USAF vet, but my mother age 77, who lives off her Social Security and a little savings my Dad was able to leave her when he passed away 10 years ago, is covered under TriCare. That’s all she has. She depends on it! She has access to TriCare because my Dad served in WWII, Korea & Vietnam, in the US Navy. He paid for it in 1945 when he spent 5 days in the South Pacific waiting for the Navy to rescue him after his cruiser was torpedoed and sunk! He paid for it when his AKL snuck in and out of Korean waters delivering badly needed supplies to US troops during that war. He paid for it when his oiler and repair ship kept the US Navy operating off the coast of Vietnam during that “police action”. His shipmates, 880 of them on the USS Indianapolis CA-35, never had a chance for Champus or TriCare…they never came home. It tears me up to see what these idiots in Washington are doing to people like my Dad and other combat vets who earned much more than these bureaucrats can ever pay back. To take more from these men & women who were promised better is criminal.

  • Mert

    Send the article to your Representatives of your State.

  • Ramona

    Why don’t everyone on here sign a petition and send it to Congress. It’s no reason for us all to vent to each other. We need to get them to hear us! I’m not a vet, but i’m a active duty soldier’s wife and its unfair how military retirees and active duty are the first to be cut before Congress looks at their own perks, their favorite groups, and all the people giving them money under the table. Lets be smart and start a petition. They cant ignore the masses if the masses are uniformed.

  • Retired Spouse

    I find it fascinating that you have to have some experience to get a job that you are looking for. But to me if you are going to be the Commander and Chief of our Military shouldn’t you have some kind of Military experience..

  • retired SFC

    I don’t believe I have seen many comments on Obamacare. Let me set the record straight.#1 Medicare pays 80percent of what’s allowed by the government. So if a physician bills you 1000 dollars (medicare allows only 20 percent of the bill OR 200 dollars. Then they pay 80 percent of 200 or 160 dollars. (All true ask your physician if you don’t believe it.) #2 Medicad only pays at 15 percent. Now most folks in healthcare believe the new obamacare think that program will only pay 10 percent. Now I ask the question what doctor in his right mind is going to take those folks for patients when it will cost him more to submit the paperwork than its worth. Don’t believe it then ask the healthcare folks. Dont take my work for it

  • Paul

    When I signed up healthcare was an entitlement…then, it became a benefit…now, it’s a broken promise. Why am I not surprised? Because our president is a socialist who believes that those of us who have risked our lives and left our families behind while engaging the enemy should cheerfully give up what little retirement we have so he can give it away to those who don’t have a clue what military families have sacrificed. Vote this president out of office!!!!!!!

  • devon

    It amazes me how ignorant some of these posters are. You want things booth ways. You want entitlements and criticize the President for any proposed cuts. Yet in the same breath you say the President is spending out of control and needs to be more conservative. PEOPLE WAKE UP!! If you think the Republican agenda is going to solve your problems your in for a wide awakening. At this point you need to vote for the lesser of two evils. Right now that is looking more and more Democrat. Reverting back to less regulations, big tax break for corporate America and elimination of so call entitlement programs just sounds like what got us where we are today. Vote for your best interest not for a TALKING POINT.

  • America the Free

    I can’t stand ignorant people who can’t open their eyes to see the TRUTH. You REALLY think this is President’s Obama’s fault! This is more divisive and racist Bullsh!t that gets us no where as a country and has all other countries laughing at us.

    The President DOES NOT AND CANNOT pass any laws by himself WITHOUT the approval of CONGRESS. Why don’t you so called U.S. “patriots” and lovers of this great country learn to READ more the U.S.and obtain knowledge about the laws the land. Until then, GTFOH with your nonsense rhetoric.

  • BigRed47

    There should be a new requirement for anyone who wants to be elected to congress. You must have served at least 4 years in one of the branches of the military.

  • DoneYearsAgo

    Interesting that every congressperson or DoD hack who has spoken about having military or retirees “pick up their fair share” of our budget problem never seems to mention any action against the DoD contractors getting progress payments for not producing (like the F-35 or Coast Guard boats) or building shoddy school buildings in Iraq, or bad water deliveries in Iraq, or on and on and on. I guess military and retirees don’t contribute as much to election/re-election treasure chests.

  • Jack

    you can never trust the lieing government!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jack

    yea honer or military and all the sacrfices they make and then turn around and stab them in the back. we really got a sick government expecially the ones in the White House. the senators and DC gang manage to vote them selves hudge pay raises and then take food out of the mouths of the ones that make so many sacfrices for this country. How did we get such a sick government??????? imigen baby murdering queer promoting supreme justices.
    no one seams to know right from wrong any more!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lynn

    When congress starts to cut their benifits then I ,as a veteran, will let them
    start thinking about cutting Tri Care for life.—–But not without a vote so I can see
    who she or he,is .We have to get them out of office.
    We now see how they kept their promise.

  • It’s the very reason for record low approval ratings for both the Congress and President. It’s how to balance the budget on backs of the poor and middle class and not upset the rich. The middle class is back pedaling to just where they were 10 years ago. Everyone ,but the rich will pay dearly for speanding money they didn’t have in the first place. Greed is not good.

  • Mike

    Vets, wake up! Our country is fiscally broke. National debt is $15 Trillion.

    Our national industries have been gutted and gone overseas. Jobs left and we have a weaker tax base. Less money for government programs. If you want your country back, YOU must act. That is the new reality.

    The formula is simple: vote for independents who know how to run a business and who have a military background.

    YOU need to run for office. Don’t leave it to someone else. Get out there and do it. If you are a vet and you know business, run for office. If you don’t, others will, and they will continue to mispspend our money.

    It is not complicated. But you cannot sit back and expect someone else to take care of you. Our government takes in about $2 Trillion a year and spends a bit over $3 Trillion a year. That is a yearly deficit of over $1 Trillion.

    You need to ACT. Rebuilding our country. Spend less than we take in. Those who can work, but won’t, they must face reality. You have served your country. Now your service is different. Now your service is cleaning up our house. RUN FOR OFFICE. BE PART OF THE SOLUTION.

  • Ken

    You have got to be kidding me…..just when you need a break, at age 65 in my case, they hammer you.

  • steve

    This really pisses me off. I think i will get out my contract that the government signed when i joined and sue the living shit out of them for breach of contract. I lived up to my end of the contract and now that RAGHEAD President we have leading our nation wants to put the burdon on us again. I just wish he would go ahead and strap on a bomb like all his other arab friends and set it off in the capitol building and fix all this nations problems like he said he would. We have gotten most of the terrorist now, so lets really finish this time and get all the wack jobs out of the White House and the senate. He is the biggest Racest I have ever seen, but its not white on black or any thing like that. Its a thing about wiping out the american race, PERIOD!!!!

  • HappyBill

    That’s right just keep charging the retiree. Those on Social Secuity pay for Medicare at an average of $100 a month, a little more pay won.t hurt us since WHAT THE GOVERNMENT WANTS THE GOVERNMENT GETS FROM THE LOWEST PAID PEOPLE. Why doesn.t the government just take all of what we get. Let the government keep us likw we do the CONGRESS. They get free medical — and for wht just to take more from us. Those of us that deserve the care promised are being asked to BEND OVER AGAIN!!

  • Minorb1rd

    It is sad that the powers to be lied to us about our healthcare, I use to believe in the government, now I break it down to see everyone’s agenda, I now ask questions about everything I do or deal with. Now as I grow older and wiser, I make sure my boys get all the information from both sides. They can make their own opinion. If we all research and actually see all the lies, excuses and half-truths, we as vets. can vote for our own candidate. All you vets. and especially boomers vets. out there who are truly retired, get on the computer and make a stand….There are really a whole lot of us, like I said earlier, get all the facts and make your own opinion, not from what you see on TV or hear from other people and on the radio, don’t be a sheep headed for slaughter. I’ve seen senseless deaths, suicide and attempted suicide’s. Be your own person, look up info. about subjects and people in power and make your own opinion, if you don’t do anything, w2hat you see is what you get.

    Retired vet. looking for a real job

  • USA Ret

    Well I guess? well there’s nothing to guess, You can see the government doesn’t care what you’ve done for this country you serve all you want go to different campaigns what do we get? a back stabbing official in the white house whoever that is, I’ll make sure not to vote for that President. Promises are just propagandas everything else are lies don’t trust people in the white house. they’ll take your benefits and use it for personal gain.


    What happened to our country our Government? all the communist dictators took over. The Government don’t even know how to handle finances, I feel sorry for all the Armed Forces. God Bless America!!! yes! GOD Bless America again and again we need it. We need people we can trust in office.

  • Elaine Carey

    I propose that all the politicians get paid the same as the military pay scale & if they serve 20 years then they earn the same retirement benefits, from the same military budget, then maybe they wouldn’t cut the benefits at all if it came out of their pockets like it does ours. I am so fed up with the Washington bozos who thank us for serving then turn around & screw us.

    • retiree

      Another person who wants to increase Congressional retirement. Right now they earn 34% of their top 3 years after 20 years, and can collect at age 50. So you propose letting them collect 50% at age 45.

      And before someone tries to correct me with the “they’ll be paid on the military pay scale” – take a look at pay for GO/FO and compare to Congressional salary.

    • Dennis Habern

      Pin the same diaper on John McCain whom recently sent a letter to

      Congress agreeing for retirees to pay an annual $200.00 fee for

      Tri-Care. McCain is no longer considered to be the Conservative

      that he advocates, but rather the Liberal that he really is. His

      Rear-Admiral father, is probably turning over in his grave upon

      learning of this stab-in-the-back directed at we retirees, if you follow.

  • Ken

    unbelievable! we take the bullets, do the deployments, and serve the country. Most cannot afford this.__

  • Don, USN(Ret)
  • Ken

    Notwithstanding the newly enacted TRICARE fees, the pinheads in the DOD, White House, as well as members of Congress, are now pushing for a substantial increase in TRICARE FOR LIFE, which comes into effect at age 65 for reservists, when people are trying to retire on the pittance they make, and most are, at that point, living off of Medicare and what they have been given from Social Security. This is ABSOLUTELY absurd, insulting, and a blantant lie (we were all promised free medical care for life when we went in if we served 20-30 years, remember?). Even those who served on active duty will be substantially harmed, as most are retired enlisted persons who don’t make much money, even with 20-30 years of service. Is this fair, just, reasonable? NO. I dont see the President, Senators, Congressmen giving up their benefits, do you? Many of us fought in various places, took bullets for the country, and this is what the White House, DOD and Congress do to patriots? Why would anyone WANT to serve with this sort of lieing and taking away earned benefits? Most vets cannot afford this.


    It’s hard to think about how we still get shafted,After all we fought in combat served and protected the country foreign and domestic, but I figured we are still fortunate in retrospect that we still pay for medical at a very low rate for now? no telling what the future holds in the White House. What did we do wrong to deserve to get bullied by Congress, Senators, “THE WHITE HOUSE” I thought there was a “no bully act” Stop Bullying the little people PLEASE!!!! You people in CONGRESS are Bullies… You guys can’t even decide what right and wrong is anymore. Why mess with the medical benefits? it’s how we take care of our lives, FAMILIES and children? The Rich gets Richer the poor? we’re just here getting poorer but we still serve our country ALWAYS… Thank you Washington DC.

  • Larry USMC (ret)

    Congressional retirement needs to be aligned with military pay schedules. Representatives retire at enlisted rates for the number of terms served (i.e.,E-1 over 2 after one term), with Senators on the Officer rate structure (since their terms are longer). The same percentages would then be applied to their pay as it is for those of us who earned it by being shot at for less than $200 a month in Viet Nam. They should also have Tricare as their only government backed insurance available, unless they qualify for VA healthcare for themselves. Congress wasn’t meant to be a career when established by our forefathers. Too bad we’ve allowed Congress to pervert the system the Continental Congress had in mind for what was once a great country.

  • Joseph

    This is not President Obama. We served with with people from all over the world. This was going on before he was elected. Many say “thank you for your service” , but do they really mean it. I served over 26 years and expected free health care. Why not blae congress men and women for their lack of courage.

  • TexasVetfamilyof6

    The country keeps saying we are about to enter into a second recession. We have yet to pull out of the first one. Sure the FAT CATS on Wall Street and in Congress don’t feel the recession each day like us, your average Joe Blow. So why not reduce wages in Congress, reduce their retirement package, and cut back on stupid spending like $16 for a muffin and $10 for a cup of coffee. The waste and abuse that goes on on Capitol Hill is enough to make me sick to my stomach. I wish they could feel the pinch in their wallets the way they propose stealing from us military families.

  • Ken

    Yeah, we can complain, but, we need to put them all out on the streets and change the big money system of compensation and benefits in Washington, D.C. If we had (a) term limits, (b) restrictions on compensation and “costs’ of each member of congress, (c) someone independent who decided what congress gets yearly, (d) a balanced budget amendment to the constitution, (e) the requirement of military service before you can serve in congress, (f) restrictions on lobbyists, I think the pork barrel mind-set would change. BUT it is going to take US to do it again by SERVING in a different way and demanding these changes be made NOW.

    • Dennis Habern

      Nobody has the balls to confront Washington, D.C. with all of the

      issues that are confronting the U.S because nobody has a backbone

      anymore, with the exception of our troops in the field. Everyone needs

      to be on the same page, and one way to accomplish this, is to

      re-emplement the DRAFT. Making it compulsory for everyone to serve,

      men and women, that when their time in the service has been

      completed, then and only then will individuals be permitted to serve

      in Congress because after serving their country for at least 4 years,

      they would at least know what service men and women incur protecting

      their country. Civilians can never know what it means to serve their

      country, if they have not worn the uniform, and a good example of this

      idea is the moron that was elected as the POTUS and currently sits

      in the White House directing traffic, because he does not know how to

      do anything else. Perhaps a few music lessons would encourage

      this pretender to become a RAP artist because he thinks that Americans

      are listening to his bull-shit.

  • U.S.NavY(retired)

    We give billions in aid to countries who are our Allies. No questions ask and no repayment expected. We, that have served our country honorable for 20 years or more get the shaft . Most of the people in control were to chicken to serve in the military,(the president on down.) My question to congress and our president is how much do they pay for their health care? When is the last time they had had a cost of living pay raise? As we all know ours was three years ago. Remember these people in November when we Vote and please all of us please Vote…..

    • Dennis Habern

      Because Congress supposedly works for we the people, all foreign

      aid to anyone should cease, but Congress does what they want to do

      with our tax dollars and therefore, we the people have no say, nor any

      control where our dollars are being spent. The first country that should

      not receive any further foreign aid from the United States, is Pakistan

      and any other country that we view not as our Ally.

  • No matter what we say on the issue in this blog no one but us veterans is reading it. The best we can do is VOTE THEM OUT. If the members of congress and senate aren’t looking out for us get them out of the way!!!!!!!!!

  • tcat

    I am so tired of people blaming the president for this mess. It it congress that must approve the bills. So if everyone would write there congressman instead of crying. We must stand united, we were promised these benefits, so now it is time for us to stand up for ourselves. It is clear that we do not have many voices on capital hill, so we must be our own voice.

    • Dennis Habern

      It is not that everyone is blaming the moron in the White House for

      our National Debt, but most Americans have observed that Obama

      has not accomplished anything positive to combat the sorry state that

      exists in the U.S. because Obama is bent on destroying the U.S.

      along with George Soros’ “THE NEW WORLD ORDER,” and “THE

      BILDERBERGER GROUP.” By destroying the U.S., it makes it easier

      to destroy the rest of the world and insert their non-elected world-

      president to practice the theme of the book and movie, “1984,” if you

      follow: “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU.” Privacy will be an entity

      of the past.

  • G.M.


  • G.M.


  • Susan

    I would like to know why politians have a “loophole” so that they are covered medically and don’t have to pay an increase in health care, some pay nothing. The rest of us have to pay. Since when did politians put themselves above
    all the people they are supposed to be representing? If they want a pay raise, it automaticly passes if no one votes. So the next time there is to be a vote for a raise in social security, teachers pay or anything like that, then we should be allowed to come to the Senate and Congress and our votes would count, too. I thought their jobs were to represent ALL legal residents in the United States, not just their rich friends and rich supporters.

    • Dennis Habern

      What is needed in the United States in Washington, D.C., is to get

      rid of ALL the interest groups and their lobbyists. Eliminating these

      two worthless groups, will maintain a work ethic that Congress has

      never incurred in the history of our country. With the interest groups

      and lobbyists eliminated, Congress would not own any faction,

      fealty and therefore would have to finally fulfill the position that they

      were elected to serve: We, the people: Not some interest group whom

      represents big business, if you follow. What is required in

      Washington, D.C. is a similar movement that is currently transpiring on

      Wall Street. Washington, D.C is the culprit, not Wall Street.

  • Susan

    Instead of us of lesser means having to pay more for the national debt, health care and have benefits cut for schools, social services and less firemen and policemen plus too many to name how about if all politians take a pay cut, say 1/4 th.of their pay. No I don’t think they would like that. They need to try to run a household on what us people of lesser means do.


    why did it cost me 4.01 for a generic drug with a cash price of 19.99. i dont believe that is 10 PERCENT DO YOU?

  • SkyWarrior27587

    Ruck Up! I spent 22 years defending this country and now it looks like I’ll spend the same amount of time FIGHTING for the benefits promised.

    For all you nutsacks who think, “l’ll just pay my share-Shut the Fuck Up! You might have been in a different service than I was.

    Betrayal is betrayal. Don’t take offense-just GO away and “pay your” share!

    Fucking Lib!

  • SkyWarrior27587

    Nothing short of betraying the contract I had with my government for my service.

    May they all rot in hell !!

  • SkyWarrior27587

    NewsFlash! Only the government can change the contract they had with you AFTER you fulfilled your part of it!

    I urge all servicemen and women to think long and hard about making the service of your country a career. I can assure you your government has already forgotten you and your family…what “retirement benefits?”

    Lies and more lies********************************

  • Mudd

    Mudd – Navy retired – write to your congressman/senator, bombard them if they don’t respond, and vote them out in 2012. My congressman is on her__last term, she’s forgotten who she works for. Senator Boxer had the gall__to respond that she ” didn’t have time to answer questions, and she felt__she knew what was best.” She’s not the only one with that attitude. If your__cong’man/senator has been there 2 or more terms, vote them out. Unless__we change Congress and the __White House, we’re stuck with the jokers we elect.

  • Jack Campbell

    My life for my country, squat for all politicians.

  • James D Nichols

    Instead of just complaining about the Tricare increases, we should be more interested in replacing the members of Congress and the President in the next election. We are a mighty force when we work together. At election time let our voices be heard.

  • John Nernoff

    When I volunteered for the Navy I was promised certain “pay, benefits and retirement.” I offered 20 years of service to wherever the military needed me (“orders”) and in turn I was promised free health care for life. This represented a contract — a legal contract. Now the Navy, the “military” and the “government” are reneging on the contract they and I made. It’s as simple as that. The government is engaging in illegal activity to save money.

  • David Chambers

    Replacing the Congress sounds good, but the replacements will probably be more of the same. Living in Thailand with my Thai wife and family, I have to pay for Medicare Part B to qualify for CHAMPUS standard. I get hit double! On top of that, CHAMPUS makes it so hard to file claims it easier to just pay the Dr. Fees. On top of that, here you have to show proof you paid. Medical is quite reasonable because all except the major hospitals require cash payments. CHAMPUS now expects us to show proof of payment through credit card payments or cancelled checks, neither of which, do they accept.

    That means only the larger hospitals where the Dr. have no idea about your families medical care in the past. You see different Dr. all the time.

    Why are the military retirees made to sacrifice so much to mend a broken dysfunctional USA.

    • Dennis Habern

      Hey Dave:

      I am retired from the Air Force and am contemplating retiring in

      Bangkok, Thailand sooner or later, therefore, could you contact

      me soon, at

      Thank you.

      Dennis P. Habern, Msgt, USAF, Retired

  • Carol

    How in the world are we all going to make it if costs keep going up and there are no COLA increases. I don’t know about the rest of you retirees, but my husband and I are going backwards economically. We have got to get rid of Obama!! He is eroding our way of life.

  • Charlie Zea

    My state has three House Reps that are retired military. One that was a CSM and the other two were Field Grade Officers,one was an O-6 and the other is an O-5 or 6. The retired CSM is a democrat and votes very strongly in favor of vets. The two retired Field Grade Officers are repubs and have very poor voting records on vet issues.

  • Al M.

    If i remember right the free medical for life was for veterans that were on active duty prior to Feb. 1955. The courts ruled on this to be fact and it still did not happen.


    Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for The American

    • Dennis Habern

      Nicely imparted. Continue the good work in 2012. Ha!!

  • April

    It seems to me that it’s time we take a stand. It’s always the services we need who get the blunt end of everything, Schools, Military, Fire departments and law enforcement. If we quit giving to those who are not legally in this country and force Congress to have the same benefits we do and not allow them to vote in their own increases in pay, health insurance and other benefits, we will save a whole lot of money. Much more than increasing our Tricare benefits.

  • Jon Silvernail

    To save a lot of tax-payers dollars, lets start by reducing the congressional by two people per congtessman/congresswoman. Using $60,000 as an annual salary with bennies, this willresult in a annual savings of $64 million. Next, reduce the retirement dollars of ALL retired congressmencongresswomen and judges by 20%. This will result in untold $millions. Then put all congressmen /congressmen/women aand judges on social security when they retire saving untold $millions. This should adequately fund military retirement and social security for years to come.

  • George

    This makes me so sad I wish I could cry. I served 26 years and was in country in Desert Stom. My wife and I depend on Tricare for our medical needs..To have to pay additional fees, since I am 70 and my wife is 62 will cause a hardship on us. This is so discourging. It makes you feel violated and mislead. When I look at my granddaughter I know how important it is to tell the truth and teach her the same and to depend on your word. Our country is not keeping its word to the veterans. We must VOTE in the upcoming election and vote for those candidates who will protect veterans benefits. George-

  • Dave

    Yeah! It would be great if our Congress and Senate would take pay cuts like they force us to do. The hard truth of the matter is that they would have to vote and pass it but even those idiots aren’t stupid enough to cut their own pay. It is much easier to vote and change laws to let someone else shoulder the burden. Didn’t the first tea party put a stop to this same sort of thing? I know that I have converted all dems in my family to republicans and we all vote. Always have, always will.

  • justoneguy62

    I entered the national guard at the ripe old age of 32, so what I got when I retired, I was thankful for. Speed up to now, I have seen my retirement check dwindle almost $60. This is the thanks I get for being in the military. Now, my copay goes up under Tricare Standard and later on I will be face a bigger increase under Tricare for Life. This was not under the previous admin and but gee, I wonder if Pres Bush will get blamed for this uptick in our benefits. From the time this new guy on the block with no experience in anything, along with his cronies are making it worse for me and everybody else, full timers, reservists and retirees. I knew there was a reason I didn’t vote for him the first time around, and now have a better reason the next time. All of you that support this guy and his cronies remember when you see your benefits dwindle down, along with your paychecks. Now we will really have somebody to blame.

  • Smsgt Hill

    i want to see the members of congress, senate and president pay for all of theirbenifits, healthcare and pension plan. but of cours we will never no if they did or not, I favor that we vote everyone in office now out of office and the idiots that are running for president now tell them to go to hell, and to all the fellow military members that are in uniform now and they end of their contracts donot reenlist, we retirees that have put the time in for our country are truely beingfucked with a big F.

    • retiree

      “i want to see the members of congress, senate and president pay for all of theirbenifits, healthcare and pension plan.”

      They do. Paid for their pension since 1946. Paid SS and healthcare (and increased payments for pension) since 1984. Been subject to the same laws as everyone else since 1995.

  • bubble head wife

    My husband did 24 years in the Navy 17 of which were on board Subs, Fasties, 6 months gone , if lucky 3months home,I was told I have M.S. didn’t stop either him going out to sea nor me doing my job at home with the kids..We did our jobs 24/7 and neither of us took away from the Navy because of the M.S. or most anything else….I did all the wife duty things for the commands now we retire and think that all the effors we gave during those 24 years ment something…what a joke I didn’t wish for my M.S. but I have it and now the tri care is going up so high it will be hard to cover my meds soon. People just don’t get it, The Military is Not A regular Job..It IS 24 HOUR A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK AND EVEN ON LEAVE THEY CAN STILL CALL YOU!!!!

  • sandy

    i have 2 family members getting food stamps and medical with that they get free phones and 250 min a monh just because they are to lazy to work. it seems in this country you ge rewarded for being a loser it is just not right and the you come in to this country illegally and we have to paymore taxes to pay for their kids to go to school

  • Dennis Habern

    Most Americans that voted for Obama were not racist, but rather, they

    were just plain stupid as indicated by their grades in their public

    schools by not listening to their Social Studies teachers to implement

    “CRITICAL THINKING” in making choices that could impact the rest of

    their lives. They forgot these words of wisdom when they elected the

    moron in the White House, but now you all have a second chance to

    redeem yourselves by voting Republican.



    • Seth

      AND, they stiffed us again!! Retired pay is supposed to come on the first, unless that fall on a weekend or holiday.
      Sooo….they paid December’s on November 30th. A blessing you might say. Hmmmmmm? The CLA went into effect (I believe) on 01 Dec. Get it?? Pay early–don’t pay the COLA. Gimme a break.

    • tom richards

      I agree, Vets deserve free health care more than anyone else. However, Congress does not get free health care. I am a 35 year retired employee of the Federal Gov’t. and a retiree from th USCG Reserve after 31 years service. I have researched Congressional benefits, they are able to purchase the same benefits any Federal employee can — it is NOT free. I think the Congressmen and Senators are out of touch because they haven’t served and we shiuld VOTE THEM OUT!

  • Rick Tipton

    Where are all the VFW, American Legion, FRA and other veteran organizations to raise their voice in objection. I am tired of Veterans and Retirees getting screwed by these half wits in Washington.

    • Helen

      All of the veteran’s organizations spoke up and protested. Especially MOAA and the DAV.

    • Jay

      Problem is that most of those guys are NOT retirees. Most are 2-4 years service and then join these orgn’s. Most retiree’s I know don’t bother with them and enjoiy retirement at home.

      USAF Ret Vet

    • Vernon White

      The only way this will ever change, is if we set term limits for our politicians and give them the same health care we receive. In addition they should only get a pension if they were lucky enough to spend 20 years stealing from the Country. I bet there is not a politician out there that would know the price of a gallon of milk, dozen of eggs, or a loaf of bread? Retirees get screwed because we don’t stand together and don’t bother to vote and be heard

  • scoobette13

    The “FREE” medical care is given at the VA Hospitals, not out in the civilian world. That’s the catch. TriCare is basically a civilian insurance policy for you and your family. YOU were guananteed health care, not your spouse and kids. You can always go to the VA if you want your healthcare and free meds. I know it sucks – for us especially, we are on TriCare for Life so we would have to pay that fee and have kids so have to pay the TriCare Prime fee as well…kind of double ‘taxation’ if you ask me.

    • Grand B

      Retired military officers are not covered by the VA.

      • john

        Just the opposite, I worked for the VA medical system for 20 years and seen full bird Colonels come in for treatment.

    • sue

      VA is not free for retired it is based on income

    • james

      Not true VA only gives free medical if you have a service connected disability or if your annual income is $32,000 or less.

    • Navy

      Did you join or get drafted back in the 60’s Scoobette or were you off in Canada. PART of my decision to stay in while in Viet Nam and do twenty years ,was the promise the government gave to us then, which was if you retired after 20 yearsYOU AND YOUR SPOUSE would have free medical for life like the Congressmen and Senators do after a four year out of harms way term. We don’t get to vote ourselves a raise like ur elected officials do. Nothing was ever said about kids and most retirees do not have kids that young anyway.

      • Eagleye

        You are right. I’m an Army Combat vet 21 yrs retired in the past three years. I was told free medical for myself and spouse. Now I’m being told I can only use the VA for my service connected disabilities. Oh yes and the 32K includes my retired pay and I was also Senior Enlisted. If the medications keep going up, I guess I’ll just stop paying because I can’t afford it and die, thus saving the Government money.

        Eagleye (eagle eye)

    • firebreathingdragon

      Only if you are 50% service connected. Otherwise the care is not free. They also bill Tricare.

    • Vieteravet

      No I can’t go to the VA, I make too much money ($42,500 a year). It’s just me and the wife and she served her 22 years as much as I did!

    • shuppr

      I don’t know about you but the VA charges Tri-Care for my treatment. When they decide to see me. I am 70% disabled and it takes me 8 months to get an appointment andd then when I do get one they charge tri-care. Before I enrolled in Prime I was paying the VA out of pocket 24.00 per visit.

    • Albert Carmoney

      Have you been to a VA hospital lately? I went to one last week and when I entered i was followed by a large woman who kept asking for a dollar to ride the bus home I finally told her to stop panhandeling for a free bus and get out of the Hospital because I am reporting her. However, on my way to report her to security two more large women wanted money from us and I finally got to tell security about it and their response was well it happens!!!

      When do we get the rights for freedom and when do we get a hospital with the appearance of a well run institution rather than a location for panhandlers to rest in wheel chairs and to bother people the moment they come into range?

  • Don

    someone just tell me where we can start the ball to rolling, im a 46y/o soldier whom is about too retire from the army in 2012, lets fight for our rights and im ready i just need too be pointed on the righ path, and i do know i will start with my vote in 2012 n yes im black and its time for a change, cause the change i voted for has not done a thang for us in the military!!!

    • delija37

      I figured all you people that voted for this change are now finally seeing the light!! You should not have voted for Obama in the first place. Good luck to you.

  • steven

    Think we can cut back on the congress health plan, wages and retirement plan?

    • Seth

      Fat chance!! WHO would introduce the bill and sponsor it?!?!?!

      BTW- The BEST way to lobby (besides our VOTES!!) is join the American Legion, VFW and the DAV–as many as you’re eligible for. THEY have the big lobbies for us–disabled or not.
      Their memberships are dwindling. But, as veterans get older they go “OMG, who is there to help?”
      Do it before they are gone.

  • John Stewart

    What do you mean proposed increases. My Tricare prescription cost has recently risen 66 & 2/3 %. My original service contract promised free health care at time of retirement. Another broken promise.

    • Susan

      Sadly those of us who retired do not have any promises in writing. I’d like to see your Original Service Contract.

  • joet

    the Washington crowd continues to screw retired Military while they line their pockets.
    So called professional politicians have waisted our resources to the point where defense of our nation is now jeopardized.
    Its only going to get worse folks…so get ready they are coming for our pensions!


    None of the veterans organizations do anything for us when it comes to healthcare, etc. This is why I don’t join any of them, the dues I save helps pay for my “FREE” healthcare.

  • Retired Army Wife

    Seems like the year for dictators to get their behinds kicked out…maybe we, as American people should take heed and run them out of Congress! Then limit THEIR salaries and benefits, starting with THEIR medical! Make them pay the same as the military does! See how well that goes over with them!

  • Chip

    Maybe Congress should have to remain in office for 20 years before drawing any kind of benefits. But then, that would mean they would have to do what is right by the voters to stay in office. Of course, a RIF would also be nice for all of the staff running around the congressional offices.

  • Franklin D Boardman

    We need to get someone in the media to support us in this injustice. Maybe Bill O’Riley w/FOX I doubt if main stream media cares. While Politicians get free care for life and O’Bama’s health care plan wants to use our tax dollars to provide health care for illegal immigrants why should we allow the govt. to take away that which was promised us. If this is allowed to happen it will only be the beginning of taking away all benefits we now have. We fought for our country now it’s time we fight for ourselves.

    • You are right about health care for illegal immigrants. There are also programs being piloted right now to give out 3 meals a day in schools so they can do this all over the country. There’s another state doing a pilot to give meals to kids in schools without means testing, they want all kids no matter what their parents make to get the free meals so the less fortunate kids do not feel “bad” or “left out”. We are also sending billions to rogue countries with depot leaders that do not help the citizens. And don’t forget the waste in our government entities. And the health care billl: There will be 140 – 150 new agencies we will pay to run and house and pay for supplies as well as approximately 16000 IRS workers to help implement the the HC bill + pay their salaries, for rent and supplies, benefits……And of course the government deciding who the winners and the losers are and obama seem to mostly choose losers when chosing to green companies to give millions to that are going bankrupt. And don’t forget, he’s supporting the unions and they want everything paid for as well. This is just a small part of what is going on in this country. All of us need to be informed, understand just what’s going on, write our representatives. With all of this spending, how can we give our vets what they were promised? Social security, Medicare, union pensions and medical care are drying up and obama and the democrats want to continue spending on new programs. Our children and grandchildren do not have a chance.
      Our national debt is 15 trillion. Google the debt clock and see the numbers live as they increase/decrease. It shows how much each citizen ows toward the debt, how much each wageearner owes. We can tax the rich 100% and it will only cover a couple of months of current spending let alone all of the new programs they want to add and expand to get votes.

  • Ret AFMGgt

    The raise in fees were coming and I am disappointed, but for the price (520.00) its not bad. I work in the civilian sector where my fellow workers, non-retirees (non-Tircare) pay over $500.00 per month for employer health care insurance.

    • Michael James

      You are right the price is a lot cheaper than what non Vets pay but with no job it is still hard to handle. Where are all those companies that claim they help the Vets with jobs?

      • Widman

        Cheap nothing for something that was surpose to be free for life!

    • Mike

      Of course your civilian counterparts never deployed or went to sea.

    • Steve

      Lots of good points and I appreciate the comments from others but I got to say Tricare PRIME is no bargain for me (now newly retired). My company plan is far better and less costly. I also need to say that any kind of fee for my healthcare is a breach of the promise the service gave me when I signed up. Military healthcare is extremely costly and very inefficient/poorly run. A lot of the cost is driven by the nature of combat and combat-training services…things like flight surgeon care etc. In my mind, the DoD and Congress is passing some of the expenses of these high cost services to the retirees and those with families. I understand the motives and that for some Tricare is still a good option but I see it as an errosion of benifits. Don’t mean to whine but thank God I am working and not depending on my “retirement” benifits.

    • Michael

      Paying $520 a year for Tricare Prime is just pennies out of pocket compared to those paying $520 a month for health insurance…we got a hell of a deal.

      • john

        Yeah but when we were in combat and remote assignments, our civilian counterparts were paying off their homes and enjoying the finer things in life while we toiled int he mud. The typical civilian counterpart had the same opportunity we did only they served two years if that…

    • TexasPatriot

      Considering that you sir, are giving the Socialists exactly what they want, which is COVER and understanding. No, I do NOT accept this increase. I SHOULD BE PAYING ZERO. You are falling into their trap by comparing it with Civilian Employment, what’s to then say they won’t cancel TRICARE for Retirees entirely…unless you’er “unemployed”. That day is coming if you keep using like….the price its not bad… 520 will easy become 5200 in their plan to drive us off of TRICARE. That’s what the Socialists want, and if we don’t fight and roll over like YOUR comments seem to, then my 24 years will have been WASTED, and I wished I could have them back.

  • Jeff

    I joined the VFW 15 years ago. Was appointed VSO and was an active member until last year when it just seemed to me like they were doing nothing or little for veterans and the leadership both Nationally and locally were doing nothing but lining their pockets. I was getting tired of seeing the same six members elected over and over to leadership positions, half of whom didnt even show up to do their jobs except to get elected. I proposed to our Adjutant that we get with the Commander and and start a drive to gain some new and younger membership. I was told in these exact words “No, we dont want to do that, we dont want to turn this place into a bar, were fine with our nightly Bingo and weekly dances (for the elderly).” Im a lifetime member, but Im pulling my affiliation and just going to be “At Large”. To all of our Desert Storm, Afghanistan and OIF vets I say, start and join your own organizations and make them work because the VFW and AL is going to do nothing for you.

  • LarryL

    As was mentioned already if you want ‘free’ healthcare, go to the VA. As for being on Tricare prime, they could triple the annual premium and it would still be an incredible bargain compared to the private sector. So quit whining. Yes I served my country same as you, and in return I was afforded the opportunity to raise a family and meet all our needs. Plus, after retirement, due to disability the government paid me to return to school so that I could continue to take care of my family for the rest of my life. I am so sick of the entitlement mentality in this country, and ashamed of those military members who can find nothing better to do than whine about their gimmees. We are not promised anything in this country except life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and happiness starts between the ears. I ‘ll reserve my utmost respect for those who have lost life or limb for our country. For you whiners, you could learn a large lesson from them.

    • MIC

      Larry, I believe you are barking up the wrong tree. If you are soooooo happy with the job congress is doing, go bark up their tree. I’ll be right next to you, with my leg raised!

      • LarryL

        MIC, please don’t misunderstand; I am in no way enamored of our current administration or congress, and my votes come next November will reflect that. My point is that in relative terms we veterans have it made in so many ways over our civilian counterparts, even with congress making changes and increases. But think about this: all the promises made have to be paid for by somebody, and even if you totally clean up the FWA in our government, there is still only so much pie at any one time. I read somewhere once that the average life expectancy of a miltiary retiree was 4 years post retirement. The promises were based largely on that statistic, I’d imagine. SO what happens when more of us are living much longer? As an example SS was put in place with a payout age of 65 when the average life expectancy was 55? My numbers may not be exact, but you get the idea. When it comes to figuring retirement, we are victims of our own success. As an aside, SS was never meant to be a retirement plan, just a safety net.

        • JimW

          Larry, are you sure you are not in congress? You are thinking and talking like one of them! All that verbage based on something you think you read. Don’t be scolding me and those like me. I don’t want anything other than was promised.

    • Jay

      Way to put it LarryL. I had open heart surgery with a by-pass times four, all in a civilian hospital. The cost was a little over $319,000.00 dollars and an added 3 months of cardio rehad to boot. My cost — $0.00. Tricare for Life and Medicare covered it all. My 20 years of lifetime service plus 24 years in civil service is well worth it in the long run. Sure they give a raise and then take it away raises in benefits but, I know how much a “Civilian” has to pay for the same thing I had done. I can’t afford one months worth of meds my civilians friends have to buy and I get for almost nothing. Also, I received $12,000.00 in hearing aids from the VA at no cost to me. I NEVER complain about the cost of “LIVING” when it come to my families health care costs. Go ask a civilian how much they spent a month for health care and meds.

    • StevenL

      Hey LarryL: I served my country for 20 years. Although my retirement pay is pitiful (I retired in 1994) and I live solely on my retirement and VA Benefits, any time there is any increase in cost to me, it is a real PITA and continually eats more and more of my living allownace each and every year – especially when I do not get a COLA adjustment and costs continue to grow by leaps and bounds while my pay remains stagnant. Call it whining if you want. I’ll call it was it is – the failure of the US Government to provide me with lifetime health care that I was promised as a retirement benefit. How stupid of me to expect my Government to honor its commitments made to us poor suckers who gave so much and receive less and less each and every year. I’m happy for you that you got re-training. Not all of us are so furtunate and our disabilities are cripling and then we have to fight with the VA for compensation for service connected disabilities. Well, it’s been 18 years and I am still fighting for a decent living. Now, back to that letter to the VA about my unemployability appeal.

    • Michael James

      If you have been out of work for several months and a retired Vet as I am any increase in costs are tough to handle. That’s not whining it’s the hard cold facts and thank you for your service too. My retirement is less now then it was when I retired the second time in 2003. The new 2012 COLA increase doesn’t cover the tax increase this past March. That is also not whining it is also a fact. Do the math, it will wake you up.

    • MikeB

      LarryL, all I got to say, “Go fly a kite!”

    • chk_it_out

      I agree with Larry, why should we whine when Congress raises the fees on medical care that was promised to me for free when I enlisted.

    • Veteran

      Well I sy if we wish to do away with the entitlement thing lets get the draft back and that way all can particpate in defending the country with no promise of benefits at all. It is a shame all those speaking about this in a negative way can’t understand there was a sacrafice the civilian sector did not participate in and they enjoy the freedom of choice So lets take choice away and this way there is no longer an preception of expectation.

      • Boyd Holbrook

        Bring the DRAFT BACK, maybe it will open allot of peoples eyes and they can see what is really going on. Nothing is FREE.

    • Ken C.

      So, LarryL, veteran basher…you got your’s right? Retirement, plus disability, plus additional schooling courtesy of the US Gov’mint. You and the LarryL family are happy that THEY received their promised veteran benefits. But, every other Veteran who resists US Government efforts to backslide or decrement promised veteran benefits is a “whiner” looking for “gimmees?”

      Larry L, did your newfangled education include the phrase “egocentrism?”

      • Tricore13

        Let’s look at all the parasites getting money whom have never done anything for anyone. Welfare, home bailouts, low rate loans for deadbeats, food stamps, free medical for the parasite, etc…. End all these programs first. Add to this that those from other countries have to only work in the US a fraction of the time Americans have to draw Social Security. Or that the old from other countries can come here and never have paid in to the system and get care. Or the whore that spreads her legs and free daycare, food stamps, place to stay, and higher education…. Stop rewarding the crooks and parasites and taking from those whom did their part.

    • Boyd Holbrook

      How about just give us what we earned per the government promises. Your right I can afford it, but do you like to be lied to? I don’t. If you think this is whining, what will you do give everything you have to the Government so they can give it to other social programs where earning entitlements is not warranted just a FREEBIE.

    • sharpgenie

      Do you know there are many retirees not eligible for VA? The only reason my hubby is eligible is because he was in the Gulf of Tonkin. After all, he only spent 20 years as carrier flight deck crew-oops I lied-he had 4 years of shore duty,

    • ParaMarine

      Larry, try living on $1272 a month retirement and legs that won’t hold me up for more than 5 minutes. VA won’t give disability because I can’t prove it was because I ran in boots for 20 years and have vericose veins the size of a fuel line. State disability I can’t get because I worked in the Middle east for the 5 years before I couldn’t anymore and didn’t pay into state. I cana’t draw SS for another year. I served in Vietnam (2 tours), Grenada and Panama. I was promised Dental, Health and other nenefits if i served 20 years. Whine you bet I’ll whine you pompus ass.

    • Skepticus

      Hey, LarryLoser, stop whining and give back all of the benefits that you have sucked from the government. You draw retired pay, disability AND education benefits yet you criticize others who got less than you!

    • John

      It’s a benifit promised to me…Don’t you dare equate my earned benifit to a welfare entitlement. I was promised by the US Government free (Yes I said Free) healt care for the rest of my life. I was shoved into this current health care system when I retired. To use an old military term…Pull your head out! What does that brain trust in DC get for medical for what kind of service to this country?

    • Tricore13

      Let us look at the truth. We were promised a lot and have been cheated repeatedly. Those that retired years ago were promise the same pay raises as active duty, but have not got it. But those that retired years ago are expected to pay the same amount as recent retirees that make 25 to 45 percent more in retirement with greater educational benefits.
      I did enough overtime during my career to equal an addition 10 plus years of additional work. As for the politicians need cuts first, then civil service which is way over paid and to many benefits. My duties when working next to some civil service personnel was equal to 5 of them, not to mention my additional management of personnel. Their retirement packages are outrageous. Then look at all those other public sector people that never put in on the line or have to move, etc…

    • Susie

      Free for life is not resonable. If you served 20 years, then you get 20 years of healthcare, 4 years, then that’s what you get. I don’t care what was promised. Promises are broken everyday. How many are willing to demand this entitlement at the expense of bankrupting our country. I know retirees that are getting this entitlement but are always looking for ways to get more, when they are very comfortable with what they have. We struggle everyday to pay for our healthcare and I worked for 42 years. It makes me sick to hear about retirees demanding more and more from the government.

    • Bobby

      Larry –

      Although I understand your point of view, I have to disagree to an extent. Let me caveat this by saying “I am not a whiner!” I’m a 26 year Army veteran, and, like you, I appreciated having the opportunity to serve and at the same time make enough income to raise my family and live comfortable (when I was at home).

      That said, the problem I see with this is two-fold.

      First, it’s like the crab in the boiling pot. Turn the heat up slowly and he doesn’t know he’s being boiled to death. Once these guys start taking more and more of our fixed income, they’ll continue to take more and more. Yes, it’s only a few dollars now, but what will stop them from continuing this if we allow it without voicing concerns?

      Second – and probably my bigger concern with this is waste. Most of us who spent more than five years serving have seen huge amounts of waste in the spending of Government dollars. I personally witnessed millions wasted on poor decisions, ineffective programs and unnecessary purchases and travel.

      FIX THESE first before you go asking Veterans, seniors, million and billionaires, and even common folk, to pay MORE taxes or fees.

      If I knew my legislators were being good stewards of my tax dollars I would have no problem paying more. But that’s a fallacy. The fact is they are poor stewards of our money as shown as recently as the Solyndra scandal, and I for one worked too hard for my money to let them throw it away on wasteful programs while at the same time asking me for more.


      Bobby K.
      American, Veteran, Taxpayer

  • Bruce Ey

    Who honors the promises made to veterans when they needed us…”healthcare free for life” was stated and subsequently implied throughout my 21 career too many times to count. To grandfather a change is one thing to welsh on a commitment is another!

  • John

    Medical care at not cost once one retires after 20 years, then TFL at no cost. Now THIS Obamadministration nixs the TFL and says now we’re going to charge the old boys and save some dough. There are plenty of other places to attack rather than the military retirees who have given their best years to the government. How about the 49% that aren’t paying taxes pay a little into the system that they enjoy? They vote on taxes for those that pay taxes and assume no liability….

    • Ann

      Yes, you are right there is no fees at this time for TCL but they don’t tell you that to get TCL, you have to take Medicare part B. Right now, Medicare part B is costing my husband and myself a total of $2,400.00 a year, taken out of SS, much more than what Tri-Care Prime costed us for a year as a two member family.

    • Jim

      Actually if we choose to be treated on a base then we are eligible for free medical. It is only when we use Tricare that we must pay for treatment. Don’t blame the President, Congress is the one that passes bills.

      • Wofo

        Only partially true. You can only be treated at a military base clinic IF the clinic commander chooses to treat those 65 years old or older. At my location, the medical commander at the Naval Air Station, Joint Reserve Base, Belle Chasse, La WILL NOT treat those retirees 65 or older.

    • Straus Davis

      I guess because it happened while Obama is President, it is his fault. President Obama, did not support this increase. This increase was supported and put into legislation by your good friend McCain….So, don’t blame the President….This is a Republican idea…

      • John

        With all respect, McCain is not my friend, and what he supports doesn’t have to be supported by the remainder of the House and Senate – and president. We just happen to be a captive audience and easy to tap.

  • Gunny Rea

    The right to vote is the correct way to solve the problem. We need to get out in full force in 2012 and do some sweeping and cleaning out the cobb webs.

    • Retired Nam Vet

      We need someone to vote for that has a chance of winning also. If they do not come with Democrat or Republican stamped on them they won’t get in. And if they do, are they going to cut their own pay and Congress pay and benefits.

  • Pensacola

    This article is dated 3 October. A few details about Tricare fees have changed since then. should update the information rather than trying to get members riled up.

  • Don

    I went to the VA. They prescribed a Rx, sent another Class III scheduled drug in error. I drove 65 miles to the VA pharmacy and turned it in. They were out of my Rx. I was billed $18 and did not get the Rx. Think I went back?

    • Will The Watcher

      I went to the VA for a routine check up. A year later they sent me a letter in error saying I had Lou Gerig’s Disease. How many cases of stolen health data being taken from the VA in the last 5 years? Even at our local VA hospital, there were incidents of Hepatitus and Aids infections because some “medical professional” didn’t know how to sterilize dental tools.

      Yeah, trust the VA for sure for that free medical care.

      You know what you call a Doctor who can’t afford medical malepractice insurance? CAPTAIN. You know what you call that same Doc after he gets out? Your VA Practicioner. THINK ABOUT THAT>

  • Steve

    I am currently paying $570 PER MONTH for health insurance from Anthem Blue Cross with a $5000 deductible for my wife and I. In March I will be eligible for Naval Reserve Retirement and Tricare. I will be very very very happy to pay the Tricare annual premium.

    • Boyd Holbrook

      You were a Reserve, what about us Career Active Duty people. It is a totally different story. You probably had insurance where you worked and now you will be getting Tricare then Medicare. BIG DIFFERENCE

  • John

    There is always the enemy within that is the hardest to combat

  • JMD82

    I don’t know about other VFW and American Legion clubs around the country but the ones we have here in my little town are hangouts for the NON vets drunks..I refuse to join either one..

    • john

      That is precisely why I won’t join the DAV or VFW, their meetings are filled with cigarette smoke and they are not the most savory characters.

  • tommytheking

    KMA duke of earl

  • tbake

    Some of you say that “the promise” was broken, others say quit crying because “you are gettting a great benefit for the price”. Bottom line is, rules of the game are in constant change. I retired over 10 years back, and yes, medical is a good benefit; one that helped make up for the crappy pay I put up with for the majority of my career (I retired at E8). Retirement benefits were considered when I comtemplated leaving at 12 years for the aerospace industry. Made sense to stay…. (next)…

    • TexasPatriot

      If I’d have my 24 years back, and done it different I’d be earning $200K as a top level senior engineering executive (VP level) — and possibly then some. But I served.
      Now “the people” are trying to screw me over…

      Give me back my 24 years…and I’d do it all over again outside of UNIFORM. If I knew then what is happening now, that VSI/SSB outage back at 6 years was really attractive.

  • tbake

    ….Since retiring, I’ve worked for the worlds greatest computer chip processor corp. I make plenty more than I would have had I decided to stick around for 9; yet I miss the Navy and mil salary was not a reason for staying as long as I did. Many of you are right; private insur is not cheap; my employer has a great medical plan at a cost of about 450 a month for a family of 5. Should people relent to the constant attempts to chip away at earned benefits? I count myself lucky to have a well paying job; others are not so fortunate, lawmakers need to tread wisely when deciding how to address benefits with limited resources and how that affects a retired enlisted making maybe 40K on the outside world. That medical benefit is one that was counted on.

  • Boyd Holbrook

    The sorry @!#$%!@#!@#% tells us come in and serve your country we will take care of your medical for life. LIE LIE LIE. It’s the principle of the whole thing. I can afford the increase but the sneaky underhanded way they are doing this is really sad. We fulfilled our commitment and didn’t ask for anything only what the government promised us. Now they want more Socialized Programs whether you earned it or not. Thank God I will not be around to much longer to see what else they will do to us and family.

  • RMCS Ret.

    Go piss up a fuckin rope duke….

  • Boyd Holbrook

    Afterthought, why doesn’t the Congress give their salaries and benefits back and go on a Part Time basis. The whole country would be better off.

  • Retired navy

    thi9sw is so bad. tricare having financial problems but now we can cover dependents up to the age of 26…. so this increase is going to pay for that. When will the retired people have to stop paying for what washington does to us. That free medical care that was promised if we retired is all but gone. If you go to a base locally here it has no space available for you. So you have to pay tricare. …. VOTE THEM ALL OUT….. if they are a sitting senator or congressman, vote for the other guy.. Forget party lines!!!!! We need to replace them all….

  • callen

    I am not complaining about these increases. The monthly increase is less than a single beverage at my local pub and Tricare Prime is the best medical plan on planet Earth. To preserve Tricare, let your congressman know how much you appreciate it.

    • john

      You are correct, $2.50 additional per month for one is not much but….they are planning on increasing the fees over the years to keep up with inflation…

    • TexasPatriot

      You don’t get it, do you?

      It should have never had dollar signs attached to it IN THE FIRST PLACE.
      And a 5.00 a month this year, 10.00 next year, then 50 a month more a future year, until they come up with some sort of “civilian” care average….you KNOW they are going there. If you don’t see it, sorry you are so deluded.

      Keep voting for Obama then, and you’ll see what will happen.

  • JRH

    A lot of us older retires were told medical care for life for 20 or more years of service. We are the one group the feds can pick on and will not get a lot of feed back! Why because we do not have any pull in WashingtonD.C. For the most part we did not work a “40 hr wk”. We were told where to go and when to be there! We did as we were told and now we are getting the short end of the stick. It has nothing to do with we should be happy with our health care cost, IT IS A BROCKEN PROMESS!!

    • Lonnie Lynch

      You are right JRH.. When I went into the service back in ’54 I was told that the reason that my pay was so low was because they had factored in the free midical care that I would get if I stayed over twenty years inthe service.. My pay at the time of enlistment was $42.00 per month, like wow !! Now the thievings dogs in Washington want to take my one big bennie from me !! And I might add that I have paid for !!

    • Terri

      When you’re right, you’re right. Broken promises. Remind your children and grandchildren that they should never join the military – no matter how much they love our country. Tell them to learn from our mistakes. We signed up because we felt a sense of duty to our country, we served for 20 years, we ignored what would have been best for our career and our spouse’s, and once it is our turn to live the civilian life (that we have protected for 20 years of our lives), they take everything they promised and ask for more.

  • chunk66

    Your a dumb a$$…!!!

  • Randy

    The only problem I have are the broken promises from when we enlisted…I retired in 1994 after 22+ years of service…what I could really live with is a change affecting NEW enlistees…give the retirees the game they enlisted for and change the rules for new enlistees so they know EXACTLY what they are signing up for and don’t change their rules in mid-service or retirement…Congress doesn’t hesitate to “pad” their retirements yet don’t bat an eye at taking ours!

  • Hrt1977

    Ok so these whinning men and women are the ones that give you the freedom of speech so really you are going to talk this way to the men and women who protect your freedoms how sorry of a life do you have.

  • Rich

    The University of Missouri Alumni Association is the most corrupt organization I have ever seen. Someone needs to get control over them. They receive and then use our tax dollars and refuse to be accountable! Similar to Penn State, the administration covers-up wrong-doing! This behavior is undermining the minds of the next generation. Please tell your Congressmen to look into the severe problems at Mizzou and in our Universities in general.

  • Jim

    I guess the Duke of Earl never served our country. I for one am 62 and if my country called again on me I would serve today. I bet he would kick a soldier whom had lost limbs and say it was his or her fault for serving.

  • RoT

    I can promise you that if someone starts taking disability check benefits away some songbirds will be singing a different turn?_It sure is easy to take away from those of us who’ve already given our livelihood away for this ungrateful nation?

  • CC Snuffy

    You don’t have a clue do you? I look back over my 26 years and don’t remeber seeing your wise face anywhere any time. We paid while you played.

  • Bob

    Broken Promises. and no right to sue for breach of contract…that’s what the administration thinks of us. Give away more foodstamps and home loans, education grants and healthcare to illegal immigrants…but screw the retired service man and woman that did 20 + years relying on the promise of our government. It is a scandal and a shame.

  • Randy Breidel

    someone was commenting that the raise in TRICARE was going to pay for dependents to age 26, they are actually charging 1800 additional a year after age 23 which is more than it would cost me if my daughter got sick 4 times and went to the ER once.hmmm but for those with chronic issues probably a deal

  • Skepticus

    Hmmm… I distinctly remember the Army recruiter in 1977 tellin me that if I retired from the military, I would be eligible for free medical care for the rest of my life. Well, that promise was broken and now the government wants me to pay more so that they can spend more! Yes, Tricare Prime is a great deal but it’s not free health care as I and so many others were promised. I kept my end of the deal.

    • Dennis

      I was a Recruiter for 6 years and we never talked about you retiring just enlisting (first term or going back in for prior service). You must be thinking of your reenlistment NCO when you decided to stay in.

    • sergeant stoic

      Why would you believe a recruiter? Why would you still think anything they said is fact? A promise is between individuals, not heresay from entities like a government or a recruiter trying to get someone in. If your enlistment contract said “free healthcare for life” then you have a case. $260 per year is still ridiculously cheap. We should all be grateful we are not paying what the private sector does.

      • R.Downs

        Thats like saying “Do you know what a Gal of gas costs in Germany?” My response- who cares? I care about what it costs me here. We are not getting free anything. I spent a total of 41 years in a Military uniform to receive that “free health care.”

    • Mack

      I guess I’m a late bloomer. They didn’t offer me free care for life but they did tell me all I had to pay was the first $25 and everything else was covered. Of course they also told me that the GI Bill for education would be there for me for ten years after I retired. That was a lie too, it expired the year I retired! All I had to do to get it was stay another four years and contribute! Aren’t promises great.

    • G. D. MacLachlan

      I remember as you do that the more honest leaders of our Country followed this same program in support of our Military, this rule was followed by all of our Presidents through George H. W. Bush. I can put the blame for many of our problems on the following people. 1) Barack Obama, 2) Joe Biden, 3) Nancy Pelosi, and other high ranking Democratics as well as some Republicans. Yes all of there promises to our Military have been broken over the years, but most over the last four years. We have kept end of the deal over the years, and they have’nt.

  • Jim

    I see that it is the same no one wants to mention we were promised free medical for life if we did at least 20 years. When I did my time and served in Vietnam war I did not make the wages that our paid today. I could of made more in civilian world and had insurance, a house paid for because I would not of been moving every 3years to places where I could not afford a house or overseas where you were not allowed to buy. I new this when I reenlisted, but I
    thought it would pay off later in life when I retired. I did not use tri care but now I am 65 on fixed income I thought I would finally use tri care for life and use the benifit I was promised. I would not advise anyone to join today because congress never keeps a promise. You can be illegal and get more than someone who serve in the military. The VA is some of the worst socialized medicine in the world.

    • Richard strong

      I do agree with what you say. I said the same thing when I retired in 03.I served from 1971 until 03. I hated the response, which was, Do you have it in writing! Boy was I P.O.ed, but there was nothing I could do about! I will say though that the yearly premium was (is) better than any on the civ side. That still does not excuse the governments inability to keep their word. The VA has been excellent when it comes to the care I’ve received for the disabilities I have. They also did fine with my wife and her health issue too.

  • Rick

    My guess is that you’ve not served a day in the military to protect the freedom that you now so easily bash. It is also my guess that you live on the generosity of the welfare system and mostly like take full advantage of it, illegally is my guess. When you have walked a day in the shoes of our military and placed your life on the line to protect individuals such as yourself, then just maybe you have the right to talk your smack. Until then you are nothing more than an ignorant individual who certainly does not deserve the freedom that has been provided to you. If you truly believe what you say, then you should have no issues leaving our fine country and becoming a resident of the Middle East. Let us know how works for you!

    Rick, MSgt USAF (Ret)

  • Ret Air Force

    We need to form a Veteran’s PAC. That is the only they will listen.

    • Also Ret AF

      Not sure you noticed, but there’s already a multitude of Veteran’s PACs out there already. Take a look around and join one. Or more than one!

  • Charlie Smith

    Was, waa, waa! You guys cry about FREE (read low cost health care). I suppose you would like to join the rest of us paying more per month than you pay each year. Just a thought from a Korean Veteran that was promised free health care and now I can’t even qualify for VA benefits caused I worked hard, saved my money, and retired at age 65 and have nothing but Medicare.

    • hEnry Paes

      See Charlie the differance is this. FIRST… Many of us RETIRED with 20+ years in. If You would have reported and documented everything in those 20 years what was wrong with you. You would probley have service connected injuries. SECOND.. You got out.. made your Money and sorry to say have to pay.

    • Sgmhutch

      Wa.Waa.Waa! What makes you think that because you are a Korean Veteran that you should be considered in the same class as those of us who served in Korea, Vietnam, and, in some cases the Gulf war and retired after 20+ years of service? You had a choice to stay so don’t give me your B.S. line – we earned it!!

    • edodaniel

      You had a chance at the same medical benefits those of us who retired earned. Surely you remember “re-up for the bennies” with lifetime medical care being one of the benefits promised and earned to compensate for the low pay and long hours and mandatory periodic moves and deployments.

      If you “worked hard, saved my money, and retired at age 65 and have nothing but Medicare” you have no one to blame but yourself for NOT planning on medical coverage for your retirement.

      We are entitled to complain because the government changed the rules AFTER we contracted for the benefits and served our tours. A private company would not be able to get away with what the Government does to military retirees. The Government doesn’t do this to government civilians because they have Union contracts.

    • Top Adams

      Are you a retiree?

    • Bob

      I always hear people that put in 2-4 years gripe about the retirement. They couldn’t handle the military while they were in but feel the ones that could and put in 20+ years don’t deserve what they were promised if they stayed. I was making $78. a month when i started. during my 20 i never was paid even close to the civilian employee. I dont think what i pay for Tricare makes up the difference. But if i would have worked hard like you and saved my money i could of afforded medical.
      Why do you feel you are entiteled to Medicare? We all are paying for it for you.

  • Joy

    I think that instead of punishing our military retirees (one of whom is my husband) they should cut the politicians pay and their retirement, they should also do away with income tax and charge a flat rate tax. That way the illegals and all the other deadbeats that don’t pay the income taxes they should would still have to pay taxes on everything else.

  • boomer

    Retired Veteran 1994.
    Do you all realize that the FREE part is Tricare, NOT Tricare Prime

    • Mack

      Excuse me, but what is FREE about Tricare? You might as well be self-insured if you are going to depend on standard Tricare and if you are lucky enough to find a physician who will take it. Hell, I have a hard enough time finding one that will take Prime and my other insurance. I can’t imagine what going to Medicare will be like. I knew when I retired form the military there was no way that the pittance that Uncle Sugar gives me would ever take care of me. They got a good deal, we got a lot of promises. I’m still pissed off over the GI education fund being yanked out from under my feet! That degree that Uncle was going to pay for, ended up coming out of my pocket instead. There is no such thing as a good politician.

    • john

      Tricare is not free, you paid for it by working 20 hard years, many under adverse conditions. It is at no cost.

    • Retired Nam Vet

      Do you realize there was no such thing as Tricare when I was drafted and then when I made my decision to stay in 20 during Viet Nam, the free medical was at that time intended to be for the retired vet and his spouse at any military facility not commercial insurance or doctors. So don’t tell us plain Tricare is the free medical. I just now had to sign up for medical even though I am not drawing social security and now instead of paying for Tricare Prime, I have about 6 times as much as I did before I reached 65. I guess you get punished for living too long as a vet.

  • Allen

    When is congress going to start paying for their medical care? 100% retirement and free medical care for life, and they only have to serve one term. It”s time to take this country back. Too many Hogs in Washington feeding at the trough, at the taxpayers expense.

    • Sergent First Class

      I agree with you Allen, half of congress if not all is the 1%, never serving one day in our arm forces. I served this country for twenty years plus, because i love the land of these United States. I have a hard time with the 1% serving four years in congress, never dodging a bullet, and having better benefits then our twenty year vetrans. Something is wrong with this picture.

    • Kay

      Allen, Right On! I am a Military Retiree’s widow, using Medicare and TriCare for Life. Like many Seniors, I live on a low income fixed budget. I don’t use any other Federal Programs to help me. However, if the Government keeps screwing me, I will end up costing them more by having to use some type of Federal assistance Programs. Now isn’t that cost effective? What are they thinking???? DA….Rob Peter to pay Paul. I am ashamed of how our Government is so out of touch with the lower and middle class Americans. Kay

  • mike

    I believed them also. Never trust the government, especially the democrats. It is truly ashame that illegal aliens can get the benefits we sacrificed the best years of our lives for without any sacrifice exxcept sneeking across the border. If you’re in the military get out when the enlistments up and if you want to make it a career do not believe a word they tell you and never believe a promise.

    • Willy

      I agree enough said

    • Straus Davis

      Why are blaming the Democrats…This was a Republican idea…starting with your good friend McCain. The last time I looked, he was not a Democrat.

    • john

      Remember when we enlisted came aboard and made $78.00 per month and paid taxes out of that? Surely the 49% who receive gov’t benefits can pay a token of their “income,” it would improve relations with those paying taxes and perhaps caue them to “feel good about their country” for a change. After all, they do vote on matters of taxation that pertain to us and they have no liability when they vote-they don’t pay taxes.

      • Gloria

        I remember the $78.. My husband and I just said that yes he went to war in Vietnam but we have been lucky all these years.The cost of tricare prime cost has stayed the same. 2.50 a month increase is not much to ask of us. The possibility that we might have to pay a $200. fee for tricare for life, we don’t like it but understand why. Since 2005 employer provided premiums have risen 56%. This 2.50 a month for individuals is fair. This equals about 13%.

  • Mack

    So my retired pay goes up $51, most which gets eaten in taxes and Tricare Prime costs me an additional $90. What a deal! At this rate, by the time I die, I will owe Uncle Sugar everything I own! Glorious!

  • pkok99

    I agree with Skepticus.Lets remember this at election time, elect the Liberals and the price will keep going up. The have to keep giving to illegals and people who don’t want to work. They needs there votes

  • Dave

    $200+ a year. Are they going to tell us if there is a cap to what we will be charged or in time take our entire retired pay. Tell us now. And is the medical treatment going to improve-have doubts about that. Congressmen wake up-why don’t you reduce your salary by at least half since you don’t earn it. You just spend everybody else hard earned money. Government money waste-how much equipment did you leave behind in the wars: vietnam, iraq & afgan. How much have you spent on perks, etc. that should have been put to good use. The list goes on and on. Service people it is time to stand together.

    • G. D. MacLachlan

      I gave my country 20+ years and two wars and what do I get out of it. A GI bill that didn’t go as far as the one our troops have to day. A Medical care program that was to take care of myself and family. This was a Broken Promise to all. Our Declaration of Independence said we have the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. God gave use life, We military personnel gave the country is’t Liberty, and our Government takes away our pursuit of Happiness. Is this what we fight so hard to keep? It’s time to tell the Obama admination and the Pelosi’s in Congress and the Reids in the Senate to toe the line or get out. It’s time to take our Government back.

  • Pete

    This is absolutely rediculous. We were promised that if we made the military our carreer we would have free medical care. What else are they takeing from us for serving our country. It is no wonder that a large part of the world has lost confidense and trust in the USA under the Obama administration

  • RIpete

    Evidently retirees must pay the $200 for TFL to offset the insuring of the little tykes until age 26.

  • Robert Putney

    instead of complaining here you should send the same complaints to your congressman, senators, VP and Biden.

    • Retired Nam Vet

      I have and it went to the black hole. I even have a letter from a congress man written a month before it was postmarked and told me I had to fill a form out before the date his letter was mailed to me. Any other ideas?

    • bill

      biden is the VP unfortantly

  • fred

    some of you people forget that we are also under medacare and under the new health care law is is going up to around $250 a month check it out

  • Jane Heyes

    I am a retired Navy man wife. I agree with the USMC gentleman Our country is gone. We will be very lucky if we can make it till we die.

  • GEO From ND

    Congress has to get on the same health care as the retired Military and then see what happens

  • Top Adams

    An absolute shame. We should be the last ones the Government picks on for budget cuts.This is a way to save the budget. hey, give us a pay raise and take it away all in the same year.( We went two years without a raise) Bravo! After we defended this great country for all those years. An out cry across the Nation should be administered. Why don’t they take a look at some of those hefty Congressional pay salaries and their medical care..

  • Age

    I guess you have a Chrystal ball and can tell who everyone votes for. It doesn’t matter who any of us voted for, the government promised me free medical for life when I enlisted in 1977, that is only if I retired with at least 20 years of service. This was 1 of many reasons why I stayed for 20 plus years. A broken promise is a broken promise no matter how you look at it. I wish we could turn the tides against the politicians and make them pay for all the free medical they get, the social security they don’t have to pay into, the free check for life once they serve in federal government–I wonder how they would like those things to start vanishing from their grasp! We veterans need to stay strong and fight for each other and not bicker amongst ourselves!

  • Jerry mills

    Why did you all pick on military retirees to foot the bill. Every day it’s just one more way of screwing the very ones who saved your asses and gave you the opportunity to make more bad judgement, bad management .and none of it comes out of your retirement just ours. Thanks for nothing and I hope you all enjoy your big retirements.

  • John Blackburn

    Welfare programs and illegal aliens are two government expense areas that really should be cut. These women who keep having babies with no one around to support them except the government are costing much more than most people probably believe. We all know about the free housing, free meals, free schools, free medical care, free money especially at tax time, etc. We could and should give them the tools for birth control. That’s all! Leave the hard-working military alone. Save money where it makes sense.

  • Retired Military ND

    I wonder how these people can sleep at night pertaining to our legislature
    They cannot even square up on the final budget. Go for what is good for the country and not your party . What a bunch of idiots that don’t know how to live within a budget. Learn from the mistakes made by your colleagues.THINK, THINK THINK??????????????????/HOW DO YOU DO THAT BOZO’S

  • 1sgt retired

    The real problem is we don’t have real leader ship in Washington.Looks more like kids fighting over candy. I feel we have allowed this to happen .I think i’ve read We The People should have more say about where and how our tax dollars are spent and who gets the fund .Not just a bunch of kids spending out of control . I truely look at the pres down to Congress/senate where is the real leader ship ?Until we get real Gentlemen and Ladies of true Godley leadership this country will continue in decline .Stop take a real look back at where we were years ago and now where does it look like we are going . Leadership today is a joke . Can.t seal the borders ,pass a budget or really do anything but take more from the men/ women of of military . So it is up to us man up stand up take back our Country . God.s bless you each and every one .Remember to vote ! It really count.t

  • sonny roncali

    what i receive is not a gift, i started paying in social security when i was 13 yrs old, i served my country 24 yrs. 2 wars, any cuts need to be done, start with the ones who miss handle the monies trusted to them. they should have the same health care and retirement as everybody else, they are no better than we are!!

  • Keith

    This is McCain selling out. Hopefully soon he is put out to pasture from us in Arizona. HE Still doesn’t know how many houses he owns. Pathetic

    • MSgtBurnett

      McCain needs to GO NOW!!!!!! I “Celebrated” My 17th Birthday in Vietnam and “Grew Up There” FAST….McCain Forgot Where He Came From.

    • bill

      those in Arz. keep him there, they (you) need to do the rest of a a favor DUMP HIM NOW

    • TexasPatriot

      I knew McCain was bad 20 years ago, when I stopped voting for him.

    • john

      He has lost it. He used to stand for something today he is flailing around lost. Sad to see someone I use to respect self destruct.

    • RetArmy

      McCain has become the Jane Fonda of the senate. He honors those in power and screws the troops…

  • john

    And Obama said he’d take care of the ones that fought for our freedoms. Another big humbug this Christmas from Obam!

  • Bill Hood

    It was the republicans who took this country out of debt during the clinton administration, that democrats had put us into the previous 40 years. Once the republicans were gone, the democrats were back to spending way beyond our means andnowwe are paying for it. If you are a democrat, all they do is spend, spend, spend. So next time you blame someone, look back on history. The democrats also like gutting the military and disrespect them. This president should be impeached and tried for treason for letting the Iranians have a top-secret drone instead of blowing it up or going in to retrieve it. Instead he asks, Pretty Please.

    • TexasPatriot

      Who was the Speaker of the House when we ran SURPLUSES?
      He wasn’t a DEMOCRAT!

    • Mark

      You are ignorant. The Democrats didn’t put us into this debt it was the Republicans. Pull your head out of your arse.

  • hbsaber

    I just went on Tri-Care for life. I’m already paying $99 a month that I wasn’t paying before when I was on Tri -Care. If these poor elected officials need to take again then we need to take from them. The majority of the elected officials have done nothing for this country but cause it pain. It is time to cut their benefits and bennies to the bone by letting them only serve 2 year terms with no chance of re-election.

  • Yvnvsv Hvse

    Well … I understand about all the Tricare stuff. But when it comes to 20-30% cost for a prescription of medicine … that can get expensive. One of the pain medications I am taking now … when I pay the percentage increase … it will not take but about two months at my costs for it to equal more than I pay for Tricare Prime for the entire year.

  • bid

    let congress start paying the same%. we need to vote them all out,but i guess we will have acorn doing there thingd.

    • MSgtBurnett

      A Friend of Mine mentioned lately, a fantastic solution to the problem….. FIRE EVERYONE IN WASHINGTON and “Start Over”.

  • John

    Who controls the Senate? Harry Reid and his gang of thugs. Why don’t you pull your head out of you know where and see what’s really going on. You are a typical democrat who blames everyone except who deserves to be blamed. Please don’t vote in the next election. Your not smart enough to.

  • Patrick

    What was it that made Ronald Reagan one of our nation’s most successful and revered Presidents? Low taxes, limited government, reduced regulations, personal freedom, and a strong national defense.

    Oh how I sorely miss President Reagan’s strong leadership in mobilizing the nation’s people to his sound principles for a strong America. Ronald Reagan taught all of us that we control our own destiny, not the government, He consistently reminded us that by getting government out of the way, American businesses and the American people will do what they have always done best — perform economic miracles. .

    • firebreathingdragon

      He also reduced the retirement percentages. Does high 3 and REDUX ring a bell? He was a peach.

    • Richard

      Amen, brother.
      We need him now more than ever. None of the present Republican candidates even come close. But, whoever takes the Republican nomination, they’re gonna be 10 times better than the tyrant we have now.

      • john

        A do nothing congress with the sole stated agenda of making sure O is a one term president is much more of a problem than O ever was.

    • john

      You really need to read your history more closely. Ronnie lowered taxes and then realized it just was not going to work and ended up reversing his tax cuts. I know ,I voted for him.

      • RetArmy

        Ronnie raised taxes seven (7) times and also CUT all deductions (St Taxes, sales taxes, car loan interest and many more) for workers. The removal of the regulations allowed the rich to pay less taxes and lead to all the buy outs and bad mergers that still exist. The George W. tax cuts to the rich was “going to create jobs” but reading all the reports, the income for the rich went up by over 600% and the JOBS went down, 9.++ % at last reading. If the tax cut continues for the 1%, what will the unemployment look like in 5 years. Down and down we go…

        • wanda

          finally somebody who puts out there what Reagan really did….you don’t know how happy I was to see this post

    • Pat

      Amen and well said!

  • G. D. MacLachlan

    I’m old enough to receive Tricare for life and I do. All the years we spent in the Military we where call a 2nd class citizens. Now our Government is trying to make us 2nd class citizens again by taking our promised rights away from us again. They’ve taken some of our pay raises away from us as well as cost of living ajustments. Now they won’t us to pay 200+ for Tricare for Life. It’s time they started paying for their Medical care as well as take away the pay raise they gave themself’s.

  • Jim

    They’ve got your back alright, looking for a good place to stick the knife in…

  • Dan

    Learn how to spell republican and if you want to pay the bill so bad, add extra to your 2011 tax payment.

  • GaryP

    Honor is not in the vocabulary of our senior elected officials. We made a dent last round of elections, time to finish the job this election cycle.

  • frank A DeLaFe

    Here we get raped again by those sneaky republicans and others sticking it the military career people shame on those who controls congress.

    • Jerry

      The way I read the report – it says White House – last time I noticed it was a democrat in there not a republican. This POTUS has been pushing for active duty and retirees to start paying more for health care since before he was in office. Put the blame where it is and remember who to vote for in 2012!

    • bill

      get ur head out of the political gutter, it is NOT one party or the OTHER it is both and more importantly it is certain people in both parties, like MaCain and Pelosi WISE UP


    May God Bless My Military Friends and Fellow Military Retirees. “Top” Burnett wishes ALL OF YOU A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! To our Outstanding Troops still deployed, Thank You So Very, Very Much for Your Sacrifice!!!!!!
    SEMPER FI!!!!!!

  • MJL

    Wait until you get your new bill for the dental program its up to $110 a month I just received my letter today. Hey guys the Government has been screwing us for ye and the politcian’s have had free bene’s all along and enough money to keep at least 2 homes if not more what the hell did we put or life on the line for these a—-holes in washington. I agree wish Reagon was in office or now maybe Ron Paul good man maybe if we all vote for the good just maybe we’ll get better people

  • sr nco ret

    sounds like a mc joe talking bout takin it, This is both parties not just the repukes or the demolitions, ur right it cost to run all specially all the trips, the chefs (that r brought in) ETC ETC ur man has. PLEASE be fair and blame all, get rid of any who has been in office more than 1 tour and start fresh, 4 more years of this guy and we will b a part or IRAN where his true alligance lies.

  • Rich-MN

    Quit drinking the democrat coolaid!!! The Swedes did not attack us but a bunch of 6th century knuckleheads did !! I did my 36 years and watched the democrats ( as they have been in charge since 07′ erode away my service time…

  • Ike Brown

    so, so true. Thanks for telling it like it is.

  • Delta-18-2, 1977

    What has happened to the budget? How much goes to welfare recipients who do not name the father so the deadbeats must support their kids instead of taxpayers; maybe then, they’ll learn birth control. The Republican Politicians believe the 1% should not pay their fair share of taxes. However, both parties renege on promises and contracts to the military members. Only 1% of the population joins the military, it has been voluntary since the draft ended in 1973. Out of that 1%, only 12% stay in long enough to draw a retirement. That is 1/12, or .08% of the population, far fewer than that the untouchable 1%.

    There is a greater disparity between the rich and poor, and more unemployed adults trained in military arms than France had during the French Revolution. The peaceful demonstrations did not get their attention; and there are always impatient extremists who feel the need to take things into their own hands. I do not want my country turning violent against ourselves, the pain and carnage would be oppressive. Fire all the politicians at the end of their current term–that is the only way to get their attention, and the attention of their replacements. Also check out the facts on congressional retirement pay, it is not as good as the military—but lobbyists, and consultation fees are quite lucrative.

    • TexasPatriot

      Define the “fair share” for the “rich”? You can’t can you….! Because someone further down the food chain wants even MORE confiscated and given to them…so that Fair Share keeps rising and rising, until there is no incentive to produce. The rabble rousing against the “1%” are a bunch of COMMUNISTS who want to destroy the Constitution and free enterprise, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

      The “FAIR SHARE” I seek is for every $1 of income to be taxed the SAME WAY. That is the true fair share. Not to have the “rich” pay for everything, including your very existence.

      • Pet Tyger

        Sorry wrong entry.

      • Bah Humbug

        What we need is a flat tax that goes across all Americans. If you don’t pay into taxes, you don’t get anything thing back. Then it would be 100% of the people paying the taxes.

        So many People want the top 20% to pay for them.

    • Pet Tyger

      Who you kidding. One term results in a payment for life.

    • Pet Tyger

      Who you kidding. Serve one term and the results are a payment for life.

    • John in VA

      The top 10% of wage earners pay 70% of all collected income tax revenues with the so cal1ed top 2% paying almost 50% of colled tax revenues and that isn’t a fair share? The bottom 50% pay no income taxes except SS/Medicare with over 40 million getting back more than they pay in. We really need to look at teh definition of fair share. The tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 (Bush Era Tax Cuts) went to every one with the largets tax cut in the 10-15% tax bracket. People really ought to do some research vice listening to liberal talking points.

  • I don’t hear you complaining about tax cuts for the middle class – that was also part of that same tax cut. Or do you watch just CNN?

  • holly20yrarmyspouse

    our soldiiers sacrifice thier health and welfare , years at a time without thier families and seeing thier children grow up , and for those that put in thier two decades of sacrifice , this is how we thank them and thier families !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim C

    Fed up with always trying to SCREW the little guy. We served our country and now that we are in our senior years they try and take everything back by increasing the cost for meds and a annual fee for TRICARE FOR LIFE. I guess our politicians just don’t get it. I agree with Gov Perry, cut their hours and cut their pay with no benefits. Lets see how many of these guys run for Congress than.

    • texaspatriot

      Then…only the RICH will be Congressmen. Which is not far off from what we have now. I could never afford it, to maintain two homes, to travel (at my own expense) 10-12 times a year to the home district, to eat out, which is what they do. Pay to go to social events. A Congressional Salary does NOT go far in the most expensive city in the country and having to live in two places.

      Most people who call for cuts to “congressional salaries” don’t understand this fact.

      What you NEED to do instead is to ban outside financial interests while sitting in Congress…. Congressmen get RICH in office, but not on the Congressional Salary. It’s in the influence they gain with outside interests. No book deals, no insider trading, no property buying and selling….

    • Motma

      Ask Gov Perry about HIS receiving not just his tax funded salary as a governor but also about getting full retirement benefits at the same time. He’s double-dipping (thanks to a loophole) and putting the screws to Texas teachers at the same time. He says he sees nothing wrong with this picture, he “earned” the retirement but he’s made sure our teachers can’t continue to do the same. If you think Gov Goodhair will be a great president, do some more research about his history here in Texas, including the way he rewards his major campaign contributors. He might talk about how things will be different if he’s elected president but remember, this man has been in politics nearly his whole life.

    • john

      You don’t get it, Its not about the salary. They spend millions of dollars to run for a job with peanuts for a salary. POTUS makes 400K. It has nothing to do with the salary and everything to do with POWER and pursuing their own agenda for which they are well rewarded. Most of them would do the job with out any salary but that would make it all too obvious what the name of the game is..

    • chris hall

      I agree with you buddy cut their salaries see how they like it

  • dhoyt

    republicans? sounds like someone hasn’t been paying attention to the behind closed door session that gave us complete transparency with oboma care!!!

    • Mark

      dhoyt you are an idiot. Obama care didn’t cost you a dime. The mess we are in was caused by the Bush admin. You are stupid and a liar.

  • spot at2

    Does anyone know if there is a people sponsored process to ammend the Constitution with out going trrough congress?

    Then we could set term limits, take away congresses perks and so on.

    USCG (ret)

    • c2wc

      Yes there is you must get the amendment passed by 2/3 majority of the 50 states with in a set time frame.

      • TexasPatriot

        There is not Constitutionally set time frame. The Time Frames were set in later years in the Congressional Action. If it’s individual calls for “ConCon” there is no time frame, and there is no approval by Congress. In theory, the Congress in its current form can be even written out of the government in favor of say — regional assemblies. Or the membership can be greatly expanded, or turned into a multi-cameral legislature, with 5 or 6 Congresses needed to all act in unison, or just administering laws for their region of states with similar problems and solutions.

    • guest

      You would have to get 37 state legislatures to vote for a constitutional convention to set term limits, highly unlikely.

    • TexasPatriot

      There is a way — it’s not the traditional way, but it’s specified in Article V. The appropriate number of States must call for a Constitutional Convention. This could be for a specified proposed amendment, or even for a whole rewrite. Then 3/4 of the States must ratify either the Amendments which come out of the Constitutional Convention, or the entirely new Constitution.


  • Marsha Haven

    Did you read the WHOLE article??? It plainly states that the White House has proposed the raise in rx co pays….neither side is innocent in this, so try not to be so partisan. That is the trouble with DC already. Don’t let’s fight amongst ourselves.

  • Sandy L

    My husband was promised, no – he was guaranteed free medical care for life, should he retire honorably, which he did. I don’t mind paying for myself, but he should not have to pay anything at all for his healthcare for the rest of his life. This shows how far you can trust the word of our federal government.

    • poppa1b

      You may not mind paying for yourself but the promise was for them and their dependents.

    • poppa1b

      We went through this same issue quite a few years back all the way up to the Supreme Court and the Government ended up paying us retroactively with interest so it actually cost more in the long run, and there aren’t that many of us left that qualify.

    • Demie

      I agree with you. The same goes for my husband and myself!!!

  • Richard

    Who spent a trillion dollars within 2 years of taking office? Who came up with a health care initiative that no one knows what it will cost? Whose administration pissed away a half billion on a company called Solindra?
    Get real, pal.

    • Mark

      You don’t have a clue which is true of most republicans which is why that party is dying. The are the LCD and are led by the 1%. The Tea party has compromised the GOP and sadly the GOP voters have their heads stuck of FOX news and Rush’s arse they don’t know the truth. The GOP policies are fear, hate, greed and ignorance. You are history since you don;t know or understand it.

    • wanda

      who put us into 2 wars…who told us that there were weapons of mass destruction that would be used against us if we did not war? who made all the cuts that have divided americans both financially and politically?…and someday when the fossil fuels are out of reach we will wish that we had tried the green thing…Solindra did not screw anyone anymore that the big oil companies do.

      • TheRock

        What does all this liberal “blame someone else stuff have to do with the taking of benefits that were promised to the warriors who fought these wars that you are whining about.

  • TexasPatriot

    Well, Straus, so, was that 10% tax bracket and that $1000 REFUNDABLE child tax credit and expanded EIC eligibility written FOR THE RICH PEOPLE?

    Hmmm? The “rich” got more $$ back because they paid MORE IN TAXES. That’s why I hate Socialists and Obama voters. Why are you even out here?

    You didn’t serve. Obviously. You’re a rabble-rouser who the left-wing organizations send out into chat boards to attack any opinion which isn’t Marxist supporting in nature.

    I took an oath against people who are trying to tear apart the Constitution….Domestic Enemies. That means Hippies, and Communists.

  • Siane D.

    I Agree with you!!!!

  • Dennis

    I retired in 1994. Had open heart surgery in 95. I have been on Tricare Prime for years and now at 65 I am paying 115.00 a month for medicare which i was forced to take or loose Tricare. I am now on Tricare for life. Both my wife and i are on medicare and the little bit they gave us for retirement after 20 hardly pays the house payment never mind utilities $$$ My home has depreciated over 50,000 dollars since the mortgage crisis began so i am extremely underwater. and although we have good credit the debt to income ratio kicks us out of the possibility to refinance. As a heart patient drugs are over 300 per month even with Tricare and by the looks of it I will be paying the 200 tricare for life fee and higher drug costs. I do not know about the rest of the retirees but i am tapped out.

  • Pet Tyger

    Why is it that every one wants to take away the ability of retirees to continue to maintain their livelyhood. We all work for a living and congress just keeps making it harder to survive. yes TriCare Prime is a good deal but you don’t provide for the increases you wish to make. How can you raise our expenditures by over 50% without providing a guarentee of the same increase in our income. Where are we to get the addidtional funds to make these additional payments after we can no longer do a full time job. If you can’t find the funds to pay us more then you should not raise the prices as there is no way for us to pay. Does that mean we should just go away and die. How does that go over for support. Join the service, suffer hardships, separations from your family, place yourself in harms way, and go away becasue we don’t need you any more. Good recruitement!

  • john

    Once they get their foot in the door with charging fees (TRICARE for LIFE) it becomes real easy to keep jacking them. This is just the start and it is going to get a whole lot worse before Congress is done with us. If you think the Republicans have your back you have not been listening to Senator McCain lately. At this point in time Mr Military is selling the whole lot of us retirees down the river. If you don’t see an us verses them senario coming soon you just are not paying attention. I assumed they wait to shaft us once they got their wars all over and done with . I never thought they act with only one war down and another to go. Its going to be a wild ride before all is said and done.

  • F. Cortez

    We all have to do our fair share. I retired after 23 years in service and though the retirement pay isn’t the greatest (compared to civilian companies) you cannot beat tricare prime. For the family plan I was paying under five hundred dollars a year. Most individuals (who can afford to purchase medical insurance) pays three hundred dollars or more a MONTH… So I say who are we to complain, be thankful for what we have.

    • ChiefJAX

      Here is who I am. I was DRAFTED in 1969. I went in the Navy to prevent my father from taking action agaisnt me if I had joined or allowed the GOVT to force me into the Army or Marines….. (a story for a later date). FREE MEDICAL FOR LIFE was the number one song of anyone attempting to get you to re-enlist in the Navy. I heard that phrase EVERY SINGLE TIME I re-enlisted even as late as as 1991. For 30 years I gave my country and the United States of America my youth, My Strength, and my diligent service, and alleigence. They still have that from me and have FAILED to keep every single promise they made to me AFTER I retired. I’m no less proud of my service, but I am ANGRY every single time I make my annual payment to TRICARE to keep my FREE MEDICAL COVERAGE FOR LIFE.

      • Brad


        You don’t have to pay the Tri-Care Prime premiums, that is an optional Plan. You can always go with Tri-Care Standard, which is the same plan you had on Active Duty before Tri-Care, and is FREE!!

    • K. Seymour

      I agree, compared to the civilian community we get a great deal. But this should effect everyone not just Tricare prime enrollees. I know someone who got out of the Army after ten years, utilizing VA and pays little or nothing for his visit or perscriptions, but I who retired 20 years from the Navy has to pay…even more now. What is wrong with this picture????When I heard Sen. McCain’s comments recently I let my elected officals know of many things they could do to reduce the deficit…they got an earful. Now let see if it fell on deaf ears.

    • Pat

      A promise is a promise! Why are we paying at all.

    • F Thompson

      Boy, who sold you a bill of goods. Wake up and smell the roses. I did my fair share being jerked all around the world and moving my family with me. You must have had it nice to say what your saying. Thanks to people like you and Sen. McCain, they will continue to pick at our benefits and nickel and dime us to death. What are you thinking man!

      • Retired Marine

        You my friend are exactly correct. McCain, is not our friend, he is a communist supporter and that sickens me.

    • Wallen

      I have to agree with you sir. Less than 500.00 a year for a family health plain is a good deal, but it’s not as if it was just given to me. I served my country for 20 years. And then I joined I was told that I would have free health care for myself and my family if I retired. Yes I can afford the addition 40.00 dollars a year but then does it stop? When are the people we put in office going to start representing us rather than them self’s and the companies that make large contributions to their campaigns?
      When are the American People going to hold them responsible for their actions? and not take no or a long term plain for an answer. Big business and the government can get away with almost anything in this country and that do we do we fight among are self’s and wait for hand outs. This will continue to go on until the underclass get-together yellow, Red, brown, black and white, and make things happen. Because this isn’t about race which they want us to believe it’s about those who have and those who don’t. With all the money some members of congress are making in inside trading they should pay off the governments’ debt.

    • Fasteddie

      F. Cortez……You missed the point!

  • steve

    I’ll tell you why i am complaining, I didn’t vote for this crap, i signed a contract just as everyone else and i stood behind my end and now they want to take it all back!!! bullsh*t I am going to raise the roof until somebody hears, I’m not going to lay down and give up like you are. If we do that , THEY WIN> they will just send us to war and then leave us there!!! The next war is going to be right here in american soil, which side are you on!!!! get all those money grubbing SOB’s out of the government and put some right american s in there. One requirement is you have to have been in at least one war for our country and you have to be American, TRUE AMERICAN!!!!

  • John in VA

    Struas and mark, you both are sorely misinformed. BUSH TAX CUTS: The tax cut argument is often stated by liberals but holds no truth at all. Under Bush, all tax payers got tax cuts with the largest being the 10% bracket that went to 15%. Additionally the lower 50% paid no taxes and under Bush the majority went from paying no taxes to getting up to 4% back as earned income tax credit. Again your talking points are just full on hyperbole. The upper 10% of all tax payers pay 70% of the tax revenue the other 40% that pay taxes cover the other 30% with 50% paying no payroll taxes except SS and Medicare and majority getting more money back than put in.

  • John in VA

    Straus and Mark, THE ECONOMY: The Dems have been in charge of Congress since January 2007, 5 years. In that time Frank and Dodd took over Fannie and Freddie with policies of giving loans to at risk borrowers. This was the single biggest contributor to the housing market collapse which started the whole financial decline. At the end of 2006, Bush had a $213 billion dollar deficit. Since the Dems took over in 2007, that has ballooned to over $1.7 Trillion dollars with an additional 3+ trillion since Obama took over. We went from $9.6 Trillion national Debt to over $14.7 Trillion debt in 3 years under Obama. You can view it anyway you want but those are the facts. Oh and those that give Clinton the credit for a balanced budget, it was Rublican led Congress under Bill Clinton that passed the budgets. Newt and Bill actually worked well together, something Obama can’t do unless you’re a fellow Democrat.

  • John in VA

    THE WARS: Whether you agree with the wars or not, we are there. You can debate amongst people the causes but this much is true, we were attacked by those groups in Afghanistan, the congress saw the same intelligence reports the president had, they voted an overwhelming bi-partisan majority authorizing combat operations. Moreover every reliable intelligence agency (no Pun intended) came to the same conclusions our intelligence agencies did. Iraq was threat. Now the liberals, want to speak anti-war rhetoric because it is expedient to their voting block. That’s hypocrisy and it seems you believe it. You both need to seek some enlightenment on this as the war was bipartisan vote authorizing Bush to use combat tropops of which I served two tours in Iraqi Freedom. The Dems were in charge of Congress since January 2007, and a super majority in January 2009, they did nothing to deauthorize these wars.

  • PellMan

    First of all as a retiree, I was promised FREE health & dental care for life when I signed my contract and enlisted in the Military in 1977. Second of all, don’t you think that there are many wasteful Government spending that should be cut from first?? before you take money out of the pockets of those that have served their country, don’t waste money on Solendra, that debacle alone would have covered the retiree pay increase alone. Politicians just don’t get it, because we don’t make them get it!! by being vocal and making them do the peoples will. The main problem is over 40% of the poeple in this country pay NO taxes at all, everyone has to pay their fair share, even if its 25 cents!!! a year.
    Only the non-productive fall back on the “millionaires don’t pay enough taxes” argument because the’re jealous that they don’t have the money, they think that the producers owe them something just because they live here in the USA, they buy into the Dems “it’s owed to you” (class warfare) motto,

    1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity, by legislating
    the wealth out of prosperity.

    2. What one person receives without working for… another person
    must work for without receiving.

    3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the
    government does not first take from somebody else.

    4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.

    5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to
    work, because the other half is going to take care of them, and
    when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work,
    because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is
    the beginning of the end of any nation!

    • One Person

      Agree and I could not have said it better.

  • Frank

    Complaining. Where do vetrens start? Is it the free medical care for us and our dependents that we were promised when we enlisted and served our 20 + years? I dont see how having make payments or co-pays are free. Dont line us up with the rest of the population who didnt serve because it is not fair. It is there right not to protect thier country as it is our duty to do so!!!!


    I think its time the Military Personnel put its bill forward to give back what the con men in congress have stolen from people who care for their country. They all need to go they feather their own nest and steel from soldiers who have given their life to this country!!!!!

  • Bah Humbug

    So much for free medical for life. First when I joined the Marines I was told that if we spent 20+ years we would have free medical for life. Then came Tricare Prime. If you did not take it your medical cost went up as you no longer could see a military doctor. Now they are raising the cost and putting in a long term cost increase mechinism.

    Then you have Tricare for life. It is really not free now. You have to take Medicare part B which cost over $100 a month. So the price to have tricare for life is over $1000 a year. We give the military the best years of our life working long hours. Everytime congress and the president decide they need to fix the budget (which they have screwed up with pet projects) They go after the low hanging fruit which is the military both retired and active. Thanks a lot Uncle Sam

  • retired123

    going to force retired out of tricare prime, tricare for life and prescripton med and delta dental. the money saved will pay for illigals medical.

  • rrr

    Your an idiot, the Dems have screwed us, look at what Clinton did and now what Obama are doing to the military and our country.

  • Joseph Davis

    So let me get this straight. The people who just approved this budget and had signed into law—–they are not tied to TRICARE——their health care won’t be as ours. It is time FOR ALL OF CONGRESS AND THE PRESIDENT TO HAVE TRICARE. THEY CAN’T PASS THE LAW UNLESS IT ALSO EFFECTS THEM!

    • frank

      Tricare is better than what members of congress get sorry to pop that bubble. I now work for the Senate now that I’m retired from the Navy and no way would I want what they have.

  • Joe

    What happened to our retirement that we[ww2 vets]were pomised with all the bells and whistles?
    The free loaders seem to do better than us.

  • F Thompson

    It’s the same old story. He is a millionare twice removed and his better half is loaded also. Why should he care for the little man. He forgot where he came from and us Vietnaim Vets remember oh so well. He has lost any respect I had for him. I honor his service and what he went through but he has lost the respect. That you have to earn!

  • Jim

    After I have taken everything in to account, I have only one comment, we must take back what the government has stolen from us. It’s time to act! We must band together and fight for our freedom here. We are oppressed by our own government. We must be heard. If we talk, they don’t listen. There must be a politician out there that really believes it’s time to change this corruption, greed and driving government. Stand fast there is help on the way!

  • Bill Jones

    The men & women in uniform have greatly giving to this country in a time of need!!!!!!!!!!!! We have giving life & blood for this country, so I guess we can keep giving because no one else will.

  • Uncle Sam

    I have been a symbol of the best ideals for many years in these here United States. From my earliest days until today. I have stood for Freedom, Equality, and Justice. While as a Nation we do not always perfectly achieve these ideals, never the less I still remain a poignant symbol and reminder of the goals and objectives…. One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All. I also want to apologize, for all those who have not considered these facts. U.S.

  • Dave

    It is always those who have served and sacrificed the most who are asked, indeed forced to do more. The freeloaders and public union hacks simply whine and the benefits flow. Does anyone else think there is something wrong with this picture?

  • Dave

    It is always those who give, serve and sacrifice the most who are asked, indeed forced to do more. The freeloaders and public union hacks simply need to whine and the benefits flow. Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?

    • Howard Davis

      I agree totally. We served and have taken so many “first steps” that we have no more to give. When will those in the congress and senate who propose these increases and cuts begin to take some of them themselves?

  • DRGeske SMS (Ret)

    During my 20 years, 2 months, and 2 days of military service my monthly compensation was considerably less than what I could have earned as a civilian in industry. Following my military service I went to work in the nuclear industry and paid enough in income tax for the following 22 years to pay my own military retirement. Now they talk about an “insurance premium” for Tricare for Life !!!! I think I have already paid the premium.


      Part 1 of 2. The most important asset a person has to count on for continued life is medical care (and also for me God). I enlisted in the Navy with knowledge and written promises from YOU. I took shallow pay, (meaning I deferred my pay (benefits) into the promises that would be afforded me in the future, (stated from our Government the people) for my youth and invested into my elder years from those who wanted protection from harm around the world. So when I read or hear shallow responses of a person(s)/Politian(s) stating that we all should compare or sacrifice our shallow past military pay to present day medical cost, means that written promises have become broken obligations (a Crime) and those people truly do not have a full view. Stop messing with our Earned retirement benefits. These benefits are just like retirement accounts: 401K, saving accounts, or retirement plans afforded by big companies. You don’t like anyone taking your retirement plans away.


        Part 2 of 2. These people/Politian’s that compare and those who have changed and continue changing earned income/retirement savings from military members of the past are committing a crime, in my belief. These people (military retiree’s) are already locked in with no future ability to change their military past income/Bank savings, the youth is GONE, Bank deposit ability gone . Those people/politicians are wrong. In the event people/government want to change medical, then do so for the future groups not the past groups (that afforded promise must remain solid). Grandfather American promises, leave our retirement alone, I earned it! I have a lot more to say and someone should bring a law suit against those who are stilling from earned retirement (our bank savings) and paid benefits through our commitment and sacrifice of our youth for our country. Be Real! I’m not stilling or taking anything that I didn’t earn or worked for.

  • E Fish

    I am a retired Navy Seabee Veteran of Vietnam and Desert Storm i think this is an outrage amined towad Veterans.When i was drafted in my contract to the armed forces they where to provide free medical for life. Now some non-military Washigton Politians want us to PAY/PAY/PAY. Maybe when the troops come home we should put them in wasghton, and on the boarders.

  • Rick Tipton

    Folks, I guess it comes down again for the veterans of this Great Nation to be called up for service.

    Ok here is the plan some one out their must have a child or grandchild that is reallty computer savvy. We need to start a website, petition and an email campaign directed to our current elected officials and the guys running for office again that includes the GREAT PRETENDER Barry Soto

    I say stop sending money overseas. Only allow congress to meet twice a year (less damage that way). Anyone running for office should be required to have served in the Military.
    Then cut congress salary by two thirds.

    I just know we have some old war horses out their that won’t let take this lying down. We band of brothers need to stick together for the good of our nation.

    From the old woodstock days: Time to put down your books and pick up your guns, we are going to have some fun. Of course the gun part will have to be replaced with the internet as it can have a more devastating affect on issues.

    Merry Christmas Everyone
    CTOC USN/Retired

    • jay

      Great idea, I’m onboard


      If you find an website please add my email padidivetwo at yahoo dot com. Mark Collins

    • Abe

      Concur 100 percent ! Need to start “occupy congress” and demand justice for all veterans! Congress needs to cut their pay and not the benefits of those who served! On one hand we get COLA adjustment and on the other hand we get TRICARE premium and copay increases! These SOBs need to get a stern message. Veterans unite!!!


      • Jerry

        Love this! Both the internet petition part and Occupy Congress. They definitely need to be reminded that “they work for us”, they do not regulate us, as they think they can, for so many years now. And it’s all OUR fault, we all have set back and LET them do all this to US…

  • Rick Tipton

    Tell ya another injustice. VA just increased my disablity by another 10%. I was thinking whoopie a pay raise. Guess what they reduced my retired pay. I thought they were not supposed to do that.

    • Sr Chief Greek

      Rick – you messed up. You trusted them – they lied. I started getting my 30% disability in 1991. Yep, they deducted it from my retired pay. Funny thing is, that deduction doesn’t go to the VA to transfer to us as a tax free disability. The VA pays you for the disability percentage. Your military retired pay has nothing to do with it. The military just keeps it. I was told that several years ago from the Navy Finance Office.

  • Roy Frady

    When I joined the Army we were promised at retirement that we would have all of these benefits…for free. I served for 27 years, and over that time, Politicians, who never served, have constantly eroded our benefits and future costs. I have no problem paying my share, but to tie increases to COLA is a slap in the face. What is the point of getting a COLA if they spend it before we get it.

  • Ed Mayer

    WHATEVER HAPPENEDE TO HONORING PREVIOUS COMMITMENTS !! If the financial situation is so dire that previous promises cannot be honored then you should also cancle all congerssional benefits and pension paynents th all preswent and prior members of both houses. Let the states then determine and fund all [pay and bebefits for our representives . then maybe they might actually represent us instead of the big money lobbyists who provide the money to keep getting them reelected. show us you are serious about the budget and we will also do our part. but you must also do your patr.

  • joe

    God is going to fix this you will see / do not forget the ones who have pass

  • jay

    Its time to take some action, lets start a legal suit, get some lawyers involved. We were lied to, were asked to sacrifice, put our lives on the line. Now its “how far can you bend over” lets take some benies away from the politicians and hand outs to people working the system and laughing about it. We have power in numbers,. We need to organize donations and hit them on their turf. Money talks.

  • Rob

    Just another slap in the face to America’s retired warriors. This has me really pissed.

    • Msgt Terry Miracle

      As we are use to saying (BOHICA) Bend over here it comes again. thank you to all of our elected officials.

  • BCardoza

    All I can do is echo most of the comments made so far, except to add, I was an Air National Guard recruiter who, like any good parrot, told my potential recruits they would have a super retirement plan when they really needed it. And I believed what the government told me to say….. today.. I see the promises were just pie in the sky BS. This smacks so much of a legal breach of contract you can smell it all the way from Washington. And so it goes……

    • Sue

      I refer you to Class Act Group represented by Col. Bud Day, former POW, MOH recipient.

      • BCardoza

        That was especially uninformative….explain…..

      • BCardoza

        That was especially cryptic…explain????


    I find it amazing how the elected officials are always saying “we must take care of our veterans” but their actions are always “let’s take away from our veterans as a way of saving money!”. Telling the public that we must take care of veterans is just a ploy they use to make themselves get that warm fuzzy feeling and saying what the public wants to hear. They know that even though veterans are strong in number, we are scattered out over the country and probably won’t make a difference in an election. I think it’s time for more veterans run for office and replace the “no loads”!

  • Gene

    It’s a shame, risk our lives, get wounded, suffer from war time events, and get promises and OUR GOVERNMENT takes away our benefits. What about the political leaders? What have they give up? Oh! They get raises not cuts. I think we needed to change congress and the house put new life in place that really care about the heros of our nation.

  • Randall

    Effectively we retirees will no longer get a cost of living increase, I guess that is better than reducing the amount in which we draw in a month. Really, aren’t we all smart enough to see that we cannot sustain all these things for future retirees? I for one would like to make sure that our future soldiers have something that assists them in the future.

  • John

    We are upset as thousands of others are. These are benefits for all the yrs served (32 and not as an officer, guards and 2 yrs full time, plus activation for 911) so no large pension there. Before you know it with all these add ons we won’t be getting a pension to live on. I agree with others, many of the politicians have not served and they sure reap the benefits, but do not do the job they were elected for. To be the spokesperson for the citizens. They act like a bunch of children haggling over every little point. Time to help us little people .

  • amador roman

    A TFL increase fee for old retired people! How low and ugly can Department of Defense get? Old retired veterans are rarely making a living when retired!
    Retirees already pay $112,40 for Medical Part B!! I hope our great leaders in the White House don’t listen to the Department of Defense. Go get money someplace else. Go after Russia mafia, Mexico’s cartels, China, …etc. Start by becoming smart business men/women. We already have enough crooks as it is.

    • George

      I have never see as much nonsence as i see by some people here who say they are informed.
      1. Bush put us in 2 wars without funding.
      2 Bush gave 750 Billion to the banks and let them give it out as bonus to their presidents.
      3 The House has not supported 1 bill that the white house has submitted.
      4. The House has tried to shut down the country so they can sau Obama did it or did nothing to stop it.

      I am voting everyone out thats in office now , Get new blood in who Might , and I mean just might listen.

      And I did serve 25 years just to have been treated like a second hand Cit.

      Have fun


    Your are so funny. LOL. I want a Class action suit. Start it, we all will support that! Do something about your future.


    Part 1 of 2. The most important asset a person has to count on for continued life is medical care (and also for me God). I enlisted in the Navy with knowledge and written promises from YOU. I took shallow pay, (meaning I deferred my pay (benefits) into the promises that would be afforded me in the future, (stated from our Government the people) for my youth and invested into my elder years from those who wanted protection from harm around the world. So when I read or hear shallow responses of a person(s)/Politian(s) stating that we all should compare or sacrifice our shallow past military pay to present day medical cost, means that written promises have become broken obligations (a Crime) and those people truly do not have a full view. Stop messing with our Earned retirement benefits. These benefits are just like retirement accounts: 401K, saving accounts, or retirement plans afforded by big companies. You don’t like anyone taking your retirement plans away.

  • Albert

    Pretty soon we will be a comunist country, you will not have anything but what they want you to have. But by God They will have their free medical BIG retirement checks and some for only serving 4 years. Will still recieve it. If i do not have money in my checking account I will not buy it. I also know that I was making $98.oo a month before taxs and the civiliand doing the same job was making $950-1000 a month. but what the heck some say we need to sacrafice more, Well maybe I just should of got it when I was in NAm what ever happened to OUR GRATFUL NATION?

  • Paul Connors

    It is a DEMOCRAT Administration making and now FINALIZING these proposals. While the GOP favors big defense, they do so for the DEFENSE contractors NOT the service members. It is the SOCIALISTS in the DEMOCRAT Party who now want to charge us more for what we earned through our service careers. They want to take from us to give to those who support them because military folks, for the most part, are more conservative and not PART of the DEMOCRATS base constituencies.

  • Bob K

    I concur with so many retired military folks that are fed up with our “leaders” in Washington that continue to take advantage of what originally was promised to us military men/women with 20 years plus service. I put my life on the line in the TET offensive and was promised this and that. Well the “this” and “that” have been taken away. The nerve of Washington to start charging for TFL. A promise that is now a joke. STOP sending money overseas – then wonder why we don’t have money at home. It doesn’t take a genuis to figure this out. But you know what – I’m so glad that our “leaders” in Washington get their large bonuses and big paychecks – I mean let’s face it – they have all of us old military retirees at heart.


    The only problem with that statement is what we have to be thankful for is being taken away little by little. You have to make a stand at some time.

    • Jerry

      How may years have we been saying this? When, where and how do we start walking the walk, instead of talking the talk?

    • Gary Maddox

      where is the GRANDFATHER caluse in this. Military Ret. over the age of 60 shoud stay the same.

  • Not a Farmer

    I live 1 1/2 hours away from a medical base to use Tricare Prime. I’m on Tricare Standard. No Doctor in my city is willing to accept Tricare Standard as primary insurance. So I am forced to pay for medical insurance through my civilian employer to be seen by a local doctor. Now my Tricare Standard is my secondary insurance. Even with two medical insurances, I’m billed and have to pay a portion.

  • Southern G

    Davis – I am not “taking it” for nobody if you choose to take it well I am sure you are very popular with the fellas aren’t you?

  • Southern G

    I can only say Mr. Paul is starting to look like a clear choice – I just hope he can walk the walk.

  • MSG Ret

    The problem is self-serving politicans. Some have made a career of elected office and to get re-elected (the main goal) hhave their hand out to corporations who expect favorable treatment.

    Voters should send the feeders at the government trough a message… get ready for a new job because you haven’t earned your pay. Also all the perks are gone and even the preception of wrong doing will be looked at very close. If the budget is not passed in a timely manner politicans won’t be paid til it is.

    Wish we had another Harry Truman running for Pres in 2012.

    I can accept paying a little more for Tricare Prime, just don’t keep screwing with benefits I have EARNED.

  • owlhoot

    The ONE thing I have not heard from anyone is some thing very simple… VOTE Them OUT!!! And keep voting them out of office till they listen People. If we vote politicans out of office sooner or later they will do the will of the people. Until then they will do the will of their bosses… Special Interest Groups!

    • Elder

      OK, but it is taking 4 years too long to vote the current terrorist president out f offce. It takes too long to correct their foul-ups.

  • Dave B

    Our Politicans hav struck again. 200 dollar annual enrollment fee for TFL.
    I’ve earned my medical benefits by serving my country for over 32 years.
    This is the thanks I get. Self-serving SOBs. I hope retirees will be heard loud and clear at election time. I can hardly afford another day with this congress representing me. Washington does not really care about military service members, they really don’t.


    If we military veterans were a union, people in Washington would scream bloody murder if someone tried to take away our retirement and health benefits, but what the hell, we are not a union, just some ole tired and aging military types who gave their all for the country while the union types were getting the gravy. Am I bitter and pissed? You’re damned right! My votes always reflect this, and I hope your votes do too. Vote the bums out!

  • benjamin

    I wrote this letter to the Presedent, and to all my elected officials.
    Dear Sir,
    In case you were not aware, military members, up to 1980, were promised Free health insurance for life. With your tri care for life new $200 annual fee, you should at lease grandfather it till that date, so promises are not broken.
    I know our country is in trouble with money, but we are already paying for Medicare, and if we now have to start paying for tri care for life also, that is just not right.
    I do hope you will take that into you heart, when deciding on this matter.

    I hope you will also follow suit and write yours

  • A/T

    I strongly advice my fellow vets to unite and educate ourselves by looking into the voting records of our senators and representatives in congress. Many of them hide their true color by praising the vets in public but if you look at their voting records, i. e. .. the GI Bill, health and other vet benefits, they have voted NO. Senator McCain of AZ is the biggest hypocrite and a liar. Check out his voting record on legislations passed for the veterans; more recently in the past 4 years, he voted NO on all of them. These folks are career politicians and they should be voted out especially if they continue to vote against legislations positively affecting veterans regardless of party affiliation(Rep/Dem). Their actions (voting record) should speak louder than their words!

  • McManaway spouse

    goverment employee’s have job’s paying twice what most of us make doing the same thing. Their retirement an insurance makes ours look like second class.Obama continues to spend tax payers money saying I feel your pain.
    The military has fought and some died for this country and this is the appreciation they get. We have to unite and say We gave how about You?

  • Jim Haskin

    It’s good to let off steam here about our elected officials and the screwing we retirees are geting after the “free medical for life” promises we were given.
    But letting off steam is not enough. We need to be heard! We have organized people in large numbers fighting wall street and the imbalance of wealth in this country, so why can’t we start our “noisy” rebellion towards these lying two-faced cowards in Washingtion. We don’t have to march on Washington, just sit in the Federal Courts and other Federal buildings until they haul us away. At least we will be soundly heard by the Media (FOX is on our side).
    What do ya say my Brothers and Sisters in Arms?
    Jim, Retired 1976 and feeling the screwing more each year! Let’s go raise HELL!

  • JIM


    • Jim Haskin

      99% of us understand that, if we look at our SSI statement occassionaly. But you seem to be missing the point, or worse yet supporting the groupies in congress when they want to add $200. to the 1200 you mentioned. I’m a retired E7, can’t work and living on my mil. ret. and S.S. I. I don’t know, maybe you are well healed, but not many of of old enlisted are. Good for you, bad for us….

  • Elder

    It appears that we retired vets need to denounce our citizenship and declare ourselves a foreign enemy country. Then we can get grants and cash money.
    I was promised dental care for life when I joined. Now all of the things I risked my life for was lies. Why are the Washington “leaders” not getting hit like this?

  • rspdude

    I have looked forward to 65 and the promises I had for TFL and now I discover it is getting to be far less than originally promised and I will have to fish out more from my lean pockets. None of the politicians seem to be making promises that they will stand by. It’s all a joke, I agree vote all of them out and if the new meat doesn’t get the idea just turn around and vote them out also. I think we need to push back for less pay for them and stop sending our bucks to some other country. Why do we keep doing that, are we afraid one of them is going to kick or butts if we don;t. I just don;t get it.

    • Dawn

      Plus you MUST pay for Medicare too or you will lose tcfl. That’s $120 per month.

  • Mrs Horton

    I agree with all my fellow retirees we are being screwed and we don’t even get a kiss. For my total 31 years, it my husband don’t work we cannot keep losing everything we were promised. I have written letters and made phone calls and i still cannot get the medication needed to have some quality of life. And you know and I know those “Bastards” don’t care.

  • Ted

    This is the Most Valuable Benefit we have . It has already been whittled away at and this is just the Beginning. If we don’t let our elected Representatives know how we feel about this, and I mean in No Uncertain Terms, we will have no one to Blame but ourselves. We cannot recover our Youth and start our lives on a different course.
    Call, email and let them know where we stand.

  • GLC

    Okay my fellow retirees. If all of you are fed up with what is going on in this country then why have you not contacted your congressmen/women, president, and all other elected officials that are involved in making decisions and laws that do nothing but hurt the retired soldiers. Have your family members also write/email them as well. Blogging and commenting is not going to do it we all have to be heard with ACTION so do your part if you feel forgotten, stepped on, put aside like trash contact all of them – tweet, email, send postal mail, blog, facebook…..whatever means you have available. Do not think that others will do it for you YOU have to be heard!!!!
    Keep in mind VETs have free VA health services but not the family members, you have paid into medicare for almost all your working life, you have paid into social security for all of your working life. So why are those that have not paid into these government programs making the decisions and laws that effect us that have??? They fall under a seperate category for healthcare and funding for pay, this is why. WE ELECTED THEM NOW LET US BOOT THEM OUT AND GET SOMEONE IN OFFICE THAT WILL FIGHT FOR US!!!!!!!

  • dannypell

    Where do I start???

    First of all, as a 20 + year retiree, I was promised FREE health & dental care for life when I signed my contract and enlisted in the Military in 1977.

    Second of all, don’t you think that there are many wasteful Government spending programs that should be cut from first?? before you take money out of the pockets of those that have served their country, don’t waste money on Solindra, that debacle alone would have covered the retiree pay increase alone.

    The security of this country and it’s people should always be #1 priority, if you don’t have security/safety, what else matters???? The Military provides that security and guess what, it’s in the Constitution. Don’t you find it a little funny that they want to cut on the military and not cut on other programs that are not specifically called out to be funded in the Constitution??

    Politicians just don’t get it, because we don’t make them get it!! by being vocal and making them do the peoples will. The main problem is over 40% of the poeple in this country pay NO taxes at all, everyone has to pay their fair share, even if its 25 cents!!! a year.

    Only the non-productive fall back on the “millionaires don’t pay enough taxes” argument because the’re jealous that they don’t have the money, they think that the producers or the country owes them something, just because they live here in the USA, they buy into the Dems “it’s owed to you” (class warfare) motto.

    The Dems play into keeping the weak minded on government programs, that way they stay in the position of power, and those people think the Dems are helping them, when they are actually screwing them by keeping them on the Government “teat”!!


    1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity, by legislating
    the wealth out of prosperity.

    2. What one person receives without working for… another person
    must work for without receiving.

    3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the
    government does not first take from somebody else.

    4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.

    5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to
    work, because the other half is going to take care of them, and
    when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work,
    because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is
    the beginning of the end of any nation!

    The sad thing is we are at #5 already!!!

    All I can say is BOHICA!!!!
    For those who don’t know this acronym is means:
    Bend Over, Here It Comes Again

  • Top

    As I sit here and read the comments posted by my fellow veterans whom have served in our Armed Forces, I begin to realize the truth about our country. How did we get to this point? As I have always stated we (USA) are more concerned about every other country and their citizens, but when it comes to our own citizens we (USA) are willing to turn our backs and look the other way. Our word has been the backbone of this country. We have always taken pride in being an American, but for many that feeling is gone forever. Who can we trust these days. Who’s word is good anymore? Who has our best interest in heart. I pray that God will step in on our behalf because our government is literally commiting Genicide and nobody sees it. How after all these years of service nobody cares. You cannot tell me that this is from God. I know that we go thru trials and tribulations, but Father God please hear the cries of your people. We are not going to be able to make it unless there is a Godly change to this whole messed up situation. To all my fellow vetreans God Bless each and everyone of you for your service. Stay Strong!!!!!!!!

  • Ted

    This is the Most Valuable Benefit we have . It has already been whittled away at and this is just the Beginning. If we don’t let our elected Representatives know how we feel about this, and I mean in No Uncertain Terms, we will have no one to Blame but ourselves. We cannot recover our Youth and start our lives on a different course.

    • Ken

      when voteing time comes around stay home dont vote that may be one way to protest against all congreemen and senetors

  • Reality

    So, When we turn 65 and are on a fixed income you need to pay for the “Health Care” we were promised. Tricare for life, but you have to pay for it. We really need to get with our representatives

    • Ken

      just vote them all out or better yet when it is time to vote dont they all lie anyway then see what all the congressmen and senetors would do

  • Jim

    The scam gets bigger as time goes along. From free health care for life, to this. They (our crooks in office) need a sound message. Leave us alone. We’ve been cheated enough! Oh, Senator McCain, thanks for the knife in the back. What’s next? Receiving our pensions when we are 60! Thanks alot. We trusted you. NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • louis abraham

    Congress and the While House are the biggest disgraces in our country. You make promises that you know you are not going to keep. If your word is no good then you’re no good. Should run all of you out of town. I’ll be doing my best to do my part come next election. I’ll be voting mine out. All of them. We need to start from scatch. A kindergarten class could do better than anyone up there now.

  • Jazzman

    I keep hearing all the whining all over again, every single time that these issues comes up and we don’t do a damn thing about it. Ever wonder how come Med Insurance Companies do not go out of business, or pharma, or medical equipment? Cause the can keep charging whatever they want and we will keep paying for it. And we bitch and moan, but come election, you vote for the losers who put you in this state in the first place. Get past the party lines Vets, form a Veterans Voting Bloc and elect who we want to represent us. Not who the corporations and industry wants to represent them. It is time someone took the wheel and drove our issues ourselves instead of relying on others to do it for us. Vets PAC and SIG are great, but they get paid to do what they think they need to do.

    • Pat Bigness SFC Ret

      Where do I sign up – how about we contact the young lady who brought Bank of America to their knees. Maybe she could show us how we can start a petition to reduce Congressional benefits.

  • jazzman

    We need to do what we know we need to get done. Talk is great, but ACTION speaks louder than words. Isn’t election time coming up again? If you do not vote the best person in, then it is your fault if you end up getting shafted, and we all deserve it. I stoppedwhining a long time ago and now just sit back and watch you all do it for me. I have made several attempts to get this Voting Bloc in place. We are a formidable force to be reckoned with guys and girls, at the polls, so let’s unite and get this thing right. If after all our effort we fail, then we have a right to whine and moan. Until such time, STFU and take your lumps. Sorry to be so cold, but it gets old hearing all of you say the same thing over and over.

    • PellMan

      Been taking action for the last 6 years, so I feel I have the right to voice my opinion, if you call it whining that is your opinion,

  • Bill 253

    I have been telling people for decades, that the democrats, not he republicans are our best bet. Republicans only care about the military when it comes to the big ticket items. look for a few more carriers and F-35 to come our way soon, always have the money for that///

    • bone

      You’re mixing apples and oranges. If DOD hadn’t been raped by the dems, we wouldn’t even be discussing this. OBVIOUSLY, you never served or would also have a case of the redass about the broken promise.

  • jazzman
  • Bob

    I am so sick of this s–t!! Why is it, whenever there is a financial crisis in this country, the average American and retiree gets screwed?? Rather than go after all the waste and fraud, and their own personal gain, the politicians go after their constituents. They force socialized medicine down our throats, yet keep their top of the line medical plans for life. How much do they pay for annual premiums, co-pays, and prescription drug plans? They give $billions to countries that hate us and send the majority of our manufacturing jobs to them as well. Thank God I don’t have many more years to watch the destruction of this once glorious country. We all fought to defend this country, and too many gave their lives doing so. It is disgusting to watch so many corrupt and misguided politicians ruin the greatest country in the world.

  • jazzman

    Oh, btw, have any of you shopped health care insurance programs lately for you and your dependents? Even though we are getting charged for what they promised, it is way cheaper than getting coverage from a private company. Just wanted to mention that.

    • PellMan

      Who cares!! the price for private healthcare is NOT the issue here!!
      Broken promises IS!!!

      Don’t let the Dems mindset get you off task, the comment “have any of you shopped health care insurance programs lately for you and your dependents?” is right out of the “Rules for Radicals” pages by deflecting attention away from the main issue, don’t buy into that mindset!!!!

    • Dawn

      My husband payed the price when he gave his life!!!

  • jErnest ledbetter

    you voted them in ,so now it time to vote them all out.the one who has reach their retirement age need to be kick out they can not do their job for their brain is gone,and they only care for them selfs and not us ,so vote them out

  • Atsugi 675

    We need to get those Senators out of Both houses who voted to cut our benefits and to raise our Tricare. Cut their pay in half and their benefits to pay for our benefits. See how they like it since they are the ones who wasted our tax payer money.

    • guest

      i agree. especially all of those democrats they dont care about us. Come on Vets and retirees lets all join together to keep our benefits that we work an earned it so hard.

  • Virginia

    They give a little raise but take it away when you increase enrollment fees and medicine. The retirees make very little to live on and expect them to pay for all the increases with what they have in Social Security and very little retirement pay. The people in Washington don’t have to pay a thing there’s is all free and then get a hugh raise and retirement. They need to live like the rest of us. Food, gas etc keeps going up but our pay keeps going down. Vote all of them out. They promoise to do this and that and when elected go with the flow only. Why have any of them.

  • john

    To see the names of the House members who voted for this thing, go here:

    • Dottie

      Thanks for information. Hope all retirees will look this info up and write to to the House.

  • SFC Pat Bigness

    In 1961 I was PROMISED free medical care for life – if I stayed 20 years. I stayed for 20, I began to see our “benefit” slipa away. I believe it is time we let our senators an representatives know how unhappy we are with this latest decline in benefits. Perhaps we should stand up now and begin demanding the politicians ane bureaucrats start reducing their retirement and bebefits.

    • MSgt Ray Clapsadle

      Semper Fi! to that one. I server 63 to 84 and there were 100000 posters published by the GSA that SAID we got medical for life and this was used as the excuse for paying us 65% of what a Gov Employee got for doing the same job we did. The a–holes stripped it all, invented this garbage system and the Courts backed them saying the government didn’t have to honor contracts that were not in writing (like the government sues every company to make them do). We need to fire them all and that means I vorte agains mine and you against yours instead of everyone saying for everyone else to vote theirs out while voting theirs in again because of pork that buys their vote. We certainly can’t cut and of the $2,000,000 per Representative and Senator that goes to their relatives as “staff” or anything from the 50% of this country that never did anything or paid anything to support this country.

  • Ken Lien

    Okay, we are going to pay more. Does that equate to us having more or better access to Specialist Doctor’s? Or will it remain like it is now, a lot of good doctor’s are not accepting TRICARE because of the bureaucracy that is involved. TRICARE needs to reach out to the Specialist Doctor’s and bring them into our system so that our members can get the care they require.

    • DeVryGuy

      Where I live, it is hard to find a doctor, much less a decent doctor that accepts Tricare. Also, with nearly everything going up, except our paychecks, it is getting hard to make ends meet. Those guys in Congress should take a look at what the average American deals with and how we have to manage budgets an things that we can and can’t do based on what we can afford.

  • 7a full all out campaign against any house member who votes for any increase or any reduction of benefits to retiree’s. I am so up to here that they punish the men and women who have sacrificed so much and promised so little that they would consciously take from every hero who served rather then take from some earmark that promises nearly $800,000 for a Yuppie Pancake Breakfast. Just a small example of some of the wasteful earmarks being doled out to a bunch of nobody’s who have contributed very very little in protecting and defending the people of our great country. I am sick and tired of being first on the list to lose a little more of what is so important to me since I am 100% Service C