McCain Okay With Cutting Military Benefits

According to the Associated Press, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) sent a letter to the bipartisan budget supercommittee in which he indicated he is open to cost-saving steps in military benefits.

The AP reports that McCain supports President Obama’s proposal to start charging older military retirees a $200 annual enrollment fee for TRICARE for Life. In addition, McCain urged the supercommittee to consider restricting working-age military retirees and their dependents from enrolling in TRICARE Prime. McCain pointed out that the Congressional Budget Office has estimated that such a move would save $111 billion over 10 years.

McCain also said he supports the administration’s proposal for a commission to review possible changes to the 20 year military retirement system and the current military pay and compensation model.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • soaringeagle

    McCain is selling us out since this is his last term as is Coburn.

    • a copon

      he need cut his own neck instead

      • CHELLA


        • mon

          Pretty soon they will want us to work for free! Due to the fact that it will save so much!

      • CHELLA


      • CHELLA


      • Jim

        Didn’t mention how much could be saved by by cutting CONGRESIONAL bbenefits!!

        • BoDick

          Why don’t they cut the Illegals off of welfare, off of healthcare, make them pay taxes, quit forcing Spanish language on America.

          • TOM


          • Huck Fin

            TOM you are so right I see it every day in arizona

          • Bruce K

            Tom and Huck are both right. I see it every day in Indiana.

          • luckygene

            I wholehearted agree with soaringeagle and also jim

          • retiree

            1. No illegal alien can collect welfare or healthcare benefits, other than emergency room treatment (which is the most expensive kind).

            2. They already pay taxes, to include SS. They are forbidden by law from collection – so the excess money goes to the Government.

        • Julia

          Amen to that! There is a lot of Congress who have never served in the military and could care less if you were being shot at while they stayed home by the pool! My husband is retired military and he needs his medical for things that happened in Viet Nam that have left him scarred forever.

          • Ronald Gunn

            I wish you had not said that, now MR. ODUMBO will make sure he cuts his medical as much as he can. Politicians could not care less about the men and women who fought and died so they could sit home by the pool in safety and kiss ass with their wealthy friends. Sorry to say it so strongly but that’s the way i feel.

          • Jason Shaw

            don’t be sorry Ronald, it is what it is. everyone here has a good point to bring to the table but those selfish greedy ******** will never allow that to happen to themselves.

    • Jack

      Your right.. I have heard stories about how poorly he treats his lovely wife.. it if it true, what can you expect from him towards retired military.. sad..:-(

    • Gerry

      That is nothing new. McCain is not the only one. I believe that all politicians regardless of affiliation will always dip into our rights and benefits.. How about cutting their benefits and pensions?? Is anyone with me on this?

      I think it is hight time and about time that “we the People should join hands and set aside our differences and focus on thing..THE SAVINGS OF OUR BENEFITS FOR ALL! Long live freedom and our pursuit of happiness….And, let’s get the money completely out of POLITICS….Dump the lobbyists??

      • Bob

        Start our own “tea party” and do it before it is too late.

        • 86thave

          Isn’t that what the 99% protests are all about? We are tired of being down-trodden by the 1% that controls 40% of the money in this country. And the republican party has consistently stood in the way of any legislation that would touch the 1%. You have to ask yourself why? Believe me it isn’t because they are the “job creators” unless you are talking about the jobs overseas? The rich have had a blast for the last 10 years being protected by the republicans and not paying their fair share of taxes.

          • Bruce K

            Is this why the Oboma administration has been willing to pay two hundred eighty thousand dollars for each part time job? Oh yes! All the green jobs provided with our tax dollars that our President was insisting on funding with our tax dollars. This comes to the tune of 4.2 billion dollars. All those jobs are gone too. The companies took our money and promptly filed bankrupcy. Those part time jobs cost us eighty million dollars each. This President and his friends are not our friends, they are enemies, domestic. Review our oath of enlistment and vote accordingly.

          • Bruce K

            I’m with you Gerry. We need to elect a complete new House and Senate. We need to elect a different president. On the State and local levels we need the same. All incumbents must go. VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE

          • 86thave

            One company filed for bankruptcy-not companies. You make it sound like this was intentional. You have been listening only to fox (faux) news. Get me some REAL facts to back up your statements. Not the pablum fed stuff you get from faux news.

            This whole crisis started when coporations bought the repubican party. Lock, stock and barrel.

          • Hammer 6

            I’m with 86th! You gotta STOP watching Fox News! Recognize that the “enemy” is the big corporations who we all have been the pawns fighting for their right to buy American elections and turn over everything we value over to the top 1%. Fox is there for the sole purpose of making you believe that the “enemy” is the one guy (the President) trying to pump the brakes on the complele corporate takeover. Once everything is gone, good luck trying to get anything back. Wise up and stop outsourcing thinking for yourself to Fox.

      • Let’s start saving by taking away Congress’ free Blue Cross and Blue Shield health coverage. Most of them never served in the military, but, yet they want to take away the benefits of those who earned them. While we’re at it, let’s decrease the pensions of Congressmen who only served one or two terms and then went on to become high-paid lobbyists.

        • Brenda Desmond

          Now there’s a thought! My husband is an honorably discharged ( medical) Marine. He gave an EYE in Vietnam and is a 2 time survivor (so far) of prostate cancer- a result of Agent Orange- as well as PTSD and other issues. in order to receive Tri-Care for Life, he has to pay for Medicare Part B- now they are going to charge $200 fee for TFL!!! There is strength in numbers- the military/retired military should join forces, like the groups which are spreading around the country to OCCUPY New York, Boston, etc. We should have one day where we demonstrate peacefully in front of all 50 State Houses, and Washington to get the message heard! Just a thought!

          • Jason Shaw

            unfortunately the men and women that currently serve cannot protest or demonstrate, under the UCMJ

      • luckygene

        I’M holding your hand gerry, lets get the ball rolling. come on folks who will agree with gerry

    • eddie

      I agree with you, like a lot others have said they all need to look at adjusting their salary and benefits at the same time they look at the military. You cannot trust a single person at our nations capital, they are all in it for their own personal power. It really stinks that they sale us out that way. Why do all our elected officials pay for their health care and adjust their retired pay.

    • ben

      Another socialist. No longer just the dems. We should stand up as veterans and remove any member of any house who would cut our benefits before they cut there own. I’m ashamed I voted for mccain

    • Ivan Samaniego

      For as POW to do that to us is outrages!

      • guest

        he’s already got his

        • Ronald Gunn

          I’m waiting for him to get his and it will be well deserved. He has forgotten where he came from(meaning a pow), and they(his ass kissers) call him a hero. The ones that died in Viet Nam are the heros.

    • Ray

      This is McCain all right! He’s married to a mazillionaire so what does he care about a new $200 dollar a year fee? When was the last time he ever set foot in a VA hospital after waiting 6 months for an appointment…..NEVER, I agree he’s gone next year! I sure as hell won’t vote for him.

    • Lancelock

      What kind of benefits did he get when he was in the military, and after returning as a POW ? Not that he needed them with 5 houses and a rich wife. He has never cared about Vets. What would he have done to us as president ?

      • Margaret/surviving spouse

        He would have bent u over the table without vasoline or the courtasy of a reach-around!

        • Su Flanagan

          I don’t agree with reducing vet benefits. Iam a 100% disabled vet. However you cannot disrespect this mans service to our country. He was in a pow camp for 5 years, Since his father was the Admiralfor WesPac he was offered early release and he said he would wait his turn. Disagree with his politics but do not disparage his service to his country.

          • D A Fernandez

            Flanagan, so what you are saying, just because he was a POW he now can do or,say anything? If anything he should be a voice for the vets. God knows that if there are any Americans that deserve an entitlement it US service men and women.
            He should be looking at congress retirement and medical package. Leave those of us who earns our benefits with blood and sweat alone!

            Retired USAF

          • D A Fernandez

            Flanagan, so what you are saying, just because he was a POW he now can do or,say anything? If anything he should be a voice for the vets. God knows that if there are any Americans that deserve an entitlement it US service men and women.
            He should be looking at congress retirement and medical package. Leave those of us who earns our benefits with blood and sweat alone!

            Retired USAF

          • Ronald Gunn

            I’m sorry to disagree with you but but I have NO respect for this person at all. And as far as being offered a eary release- HE WAS NOT IN PRISON HE WAS IN A POW CAMP, HUGE DIFFERANCE– I have a BIG problem with that. He said he would wait his turn, B S , come on think about it. What, he sentened to three years in a pow camp?? They are in there for the duration. I don’t know who you were talking to but somebody needs to get their facks right before they start talking.

          • So you’re saying, that despite the hardship this man showed in the field, the continued fortitude toward life & liberty, then to perpetuate that stick-tuitivness to finishing his enlistment/commission (sorry, I’m not interested in his complete military background given his political buffoonery) allots him him a right mandating that I’m to allow his current chain of domino decisions go without the proper amount of bellicose outrage?

            Granted, I certainly won’t make light of his horrendous treatment or plight endured during that time. We have all certainly earned our stars & stripes. And it is the aforementioned that I feel I the most right to grievously & belligerently disagree with you.

            Mr McCain obviously has ‘daddy’ issues that stemmed from whatever that whole endeavor was & I’m sure there were issues governing his actions that a parent involved in not only the upper echelon of command put I’m sure the political fluff of the time as well had its hands in the McCain till as well. That doesn’t mean he gets to take his revolver out and shoot the vets first & then himself as a last act of defiance.

            Get help like the rest of us.

    • george

      The one guy who I thought would stand fast for the Military has crumbled to the worst government the United States history. I am retired E-7 with 27 years.I was promised…… I have never been so ashamed of our country’s government as I am wonder the rest of the world is laughing. Until we the people can reorganize, we will continue to pay for Washington’s greed and incompetence.

      • Del

        McCain is selling us out . It looks like he is joining the Anti Military Obama administration

    • Maloni

      That happen when you eat Vietnamese cockroaches

    • Devil Dog

      They keep saying that they want to change the military retirement system to be more like a corporate 401K system. Last time I looked, I didn’t see anyone in a suit digging a fox hole to keep from getting shot and to sleep in. You cannot compare the two. If this thing passes, I expect to see many pissed off military personnel march on Washington to demand what has been promised to us. Shame on you McCain, with you stupid “Fight With Me Speech”. No wonder you lost to a freakin’ Community Organizer you fool.

    • Cdr_Rogers

      Unfortunately he will be coming back here to Arizona – Wish he would stay away.. Of course we all probably know some officer who totaled his career with a boneheaded stunt. This is the first time I have seen a hero throw all he learned and believed in to the dogs. What a waste…. No Respect for that Captian – Never more

    • Black9

      What did you expect. He is a libral Republican.

      • joek44

        Liberal has nothing to do with it. The Republicans only care about the monied folks; millionaires over the working stiffs. The only reason they support the military is for the contracts that fill their rich friends pockets.

        • Denise

          I totally agree wth you. Unless there is big money involved the Republicsns could careless. Money is all they want. Why do you think they don’t want the wealthy taxed at a higher rate. IRS because it affects their pockets. When the say not to tax the wealthy at a higher rate is because it will hurt all of is a bunch of CRAP. The wealth don’t create more jobs.

      • Ronald Gunn

        Not to mention a lair.


        HA funny!

    • john22

      The government has all kinds of money to bail out not only our banks but most of Europe’s as well, but when it comes down to the veterans who fought for this country they want to nickle and dime us. In the last three years my standard of living has gone south. Don’t tax the big corporations who keep their profits off shore-Don’t tax the millionaires, and McCain is right in with this group. What would you expect?

    • Thomas

      I can’t agree with you more. This is McCain’s sell-out of the United States Military! I can’t believe he would do this! After all he went through while serving in Vietnam, and the damage done to him physically by the Vietnamese prison guards, it makes me wonder if that man has developed a serious mental illness!!! I used to admire his courage — now I lost any admiration/respect for him after selling us out (I’m a medically retired Vietnam vet). We all should send him an email or letter expressing our total disgust at his disregard for the military, past, present, and future!!! By the way, His medical coverage is totally free as a senator and he does receive a disability pension due to his service related disabilities. It just makes me SICK!
      Tom, U.S. Navy, Retired

    • Luke

      I served and almost lost my life for this country what they are doing in washington is horrible. So lets start taking from the military that defends this country and when the people start to revolt against the government and the military starts to take the sides of the people watch out. I hope i get to see it in my life time once my son is old enough and been raised. This next election is so important. The spending has got to stop we all need to do our part to get back on track that i get. But this problem is not our fault so why should we have to pay for it.. There are so many other options to save money. If you have been injuried or served your time and earned what you get that is one thing. If you are living off welfare and perfectly well off to work then get your butt out and do what you have to do to earn a buck and start fixing the system that way. To much welfare to many hand outs its a joke. Give give give take take take. How about work work work people are so freaking lazy today it makes me sick. They are also trying to cut back on 80 billion in benefits for compensation. This is just wrong WASHINGTON. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP.

    • will

      think military needs go on strike i bet they will leave our benefits alone then we do not get paid enough as it is. We put our life online for this country and this what they do for us.

    • Bob USNRET

      McCain’s brain got fucked up when he was captured by the Viet Cong. That is why I did not vote for him as president. I retired from the service in 1974. To this day I do not understand how he got elected as a Senator. He tortured when he was caught.

    • Z-man Blind Power

      Now Its the saying “I’M not FONDA of McCain and Jane and all others on his sinking Titanic!!!! Zman Blind Power

      • Ronald Gunn

        I’m not sure of what you just said. Repeat it in english?

    • Teresa

      What about the promise when veterans enlisted and were promised to be taken care of if they served our country. What a bunch of lies nothing has come to pass yet. My husband has been retired 15 years now and we are still paying for all e supposed free stuff. And now benefits being cut back. Give me a break. What was it all for? I don t see McCain asking veterans first what we think. Coward

    • Devil Dog

      I used to respect Sen John McCain. I too served 2 tours in Viet Nam, with out question. Now he wants to take away benefits that I earned serving this country in a time when I was needed. I spent nearly 25 years on Active Duty and the In-Active Reserves. I think Sen. McCain and those like him have gotten to old to think stright. You nevert hear them talking about cutting their benefits!!!!

      • NAVerM3

        Age has nothing to do with it. How many seniors lost everything when Wall Street screwed them out of their hard-earned savings? A lot of those seniors served their country as well. There are some well-heeled 30 and 40-somethings sitting on big wallets while they wheel and deal hedge funds and lobby for The Man. Is that straight thinking? If fate had dealt you another hand, how philanthropic would you be? (By the way, Teresa, I don’t recall the government promising me anything when I was sworn in). McCain didn’t sit in a s-hole in Nam planning to go into politics so he could beat up on his brothers-in-arms. But he does live in a corrupt culture, swimming with sharks and has become what he lives. Remember, it’s OUR government, WE voted for these guys, WE want OUR lobbyists to get US the big grants and contracts and we said nothing when they passed the laws and chose the Supreme Court justices who chose our moral compass. How many of you served, but never bothered to vote, or write a letter to your Congressman, or started a petition, or even read the Constitution? If you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

      • Ronald Gunn

        You will not ever hear them talking about reducing their benefits, only ours. I think we should fire ALL politicians in this country and start over again, There has to be a common man or woman out there that cares about the people that put them in office and not afraid to show it. Until then we are screwed.

    • LOUIE

      mccain, A BIG ZERO.

    • tom smith

      McCain has always sold use out. check is voting record on v.a. and military benefits. he has a rich wife to take care of him. so the only time you here him speak up for the military is at election time.

    • Mark

      Here is a sell out who runs on his war record then screws us vets in the rear. We are watching your votes you so called veteran. While you sit on your fat retirement and 401k us vets struggle.

      You have betraid us and do nor touch our benefits we worked so hard to get and what about the men and women who gave the ultimate sacfrifice. Shame in YOU John!

    • Terry

      Delete Entitlement programs first by 03%, any and all other budgets cut 1% with one exception. congressional salary’s froze for five years. Constitutional amendment as follows. All federal retirements cannot begin until age 55 for military, all other federal employees age 62. President and VP term of office one term six years, Senators one term six years, congressmen two terms 3 years each.

      • Denise

        That sounds smart. To bad that it will never fly. Career politicians couldn’t get another job. They don’t know how to work for a living and unemployment would skyrocket, all those politicians out of work.

    • Omar Estes

      WE think McCain is a traitor to the military cause. He should have to receive the same medical and pay as a retiree. We gave our time and life to the military as well as all of the others. What a turn coat McCain is.

    • PKM

      This isn’t the first time mc cain has tossed VETS under the buss. Check out what he did to the Nam P.O.W,s when he was the head of that commitiy.



      • Ramblingwreck44

        RETIRED; It is very true.

    • Yes McCain is selling us out and what was it ab out four years ago he was tilling all of us veterans how much he was going to help the veteran back when he was running.

    • AF_ft1jahac_RET

      Remembering our leaders on election day…if it was up-to-me alone…I’ll get you out McCain…Mr. Obama, You don’t know what is like to be in the military. Election day is coming…Good luck!

    • Crys

      Thats what you all get for trusting Repubs….they all are robbing America blind while we stand around and argue with each other…politicians and liars are synanomous…

    • Brenda

      My first word to McCain is to cut his benefits, start charging him double whatever he pays for his medical on retirement (if anything!) and see what he thinks then. He has been in the service and knows what these soldiers go through, what they are promised and yet he does or says this. We all know that if it starts at $200, it will only go up from there. I say throw everyone of them out!

    • Mack

      McCain has always been two-faced so this is not a surprise, remember he is also a millionaire and does not need Tricare/Soc Sec/Medicare/Medicaid. I believe he and many of the Social Elite look down on everyone and consider them “Sheeple” . There is a moment in History happening around the world right now called “Protests” and it is the Human Nature in those that are out there that no amount of double talk from Politicians, or News Media or Wall Street and Banks can change. Those feelings being expressed belong the individual protesters.

    • Johnson

      McCain goes home at the end of the day. He has his congressional great salary plus excellent retirement benefits. Why not cut the retirement of our soldiers and those who have already served. The curent active duty personnel do not get ovettime, they are on duty 24/7/365, they are separated from their families for months resulting in broken families, children with one or no parent at home broken health, SO CUT THE BENEFITS OF BOTH THE ACTIVE MEMBERTS ANDF THE RETIRED PERSONNEL.

      • Ronald Gunn

        You are joking right?

    • gary

      McCain has always sold us out, even in vietnam he was not a hero, he helped the vietcong by making their propaganda films. he was a traitor and still is

    • Mike

      I just cannot believe McCain would sell out his own. I will say it this way. these people continue to keep padding their pockets for themselves as well as their own families. I say enough is enough. Were the hell are the people in this country? They keep allowing these idiots to continue to take away from everyone but themselves. McCain your no different than female who stuck it to her own also. The name Fonda ring a bell.

    • ronmclane

      Let me see. Enter Afghanistan to destroy the den of terrorism. Pull troops out of Afghanistan to invade Iraq which has WMD; or which we were told. Halibuton gets non-competitive contract for Iraq (let me see, wasn’t Dick Cheney the former CEO of that company). Multiple deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq for troops. Financial and investment companies almost wreck the world economy, then get government bailouts that create huge bonuses for executives. The middle class wage has stagnated since the 1970s along with the burden of the military on the their backs. Let me see how many congressional children or grand children serve? Come to think of it how many Congress members are now veterans? Well we cannot make the upper class pay, after all, where would the politicians get their campaign donations from. So lets keep taking from the middle and the people who put their lives on the line so the rich job creators are not bothered. We all see how many jobs they are creating; veterans who fought and gave up their health are unable to find jobs after returning home. So why would expect John McCain, who recently tied up Congress to complain about Obama traveling around in a bus made in Canada, but outfitted in Tennessee knowing full well that when running for the Presidency his bus was made in Canada, protect Tricare or pensions.

      • Greyeagle

        Man, I could not agree more with almost all the comments. I am a retired Korea/Vietnam vet and like all vets, we and our loved ones do not deserve this slap in the face. The only jobs the GOOP (Grand Old Obstructionist Party)party have created are those of congresspersons in exchange for handouts, subsidies and tax loopholes for the so called “job Creators”. And since Reagan, they have been doing it on the backs of the unemployed, underemployed, laboring middleclass who’s sweat made them rich and in control of congress. We should all be out there with the 99%. What happened to Democratic Capitalism? Why are our men and women dying for American freedoms when government and society of USA is just more business as usual, not the tightening of belts or sacrifice in support of our foreign country building (think big oil) adventures while ours is fast sinking under the weight of congressional overspending . McCain and all like minded can go to ****!

        • Ronald Gunn

          I agree, but only if he takes ALL OF D.C. to hell with him. I wouldn’t want him to get lonely. I believe no one in hell already would want anything to do with him. I will gladly hold the door open for them. I’ll make sure the door does not hit them when i close and lock it.

    • Joe E. Holaway

      I am totally disapointed in McCain, I worked directly for his father, and I can tell you his fathers views were totally different than his son. His father was a great American and a great admiral. But unfortunately his son is nothing but a liberal, I voted for McCain and Palin in the last election, if he were running today, I would not vote for him. I am happy I found out what he really supports. Himself only.

    • Retired USAF

      Hopefully, everyone who comments on mccains BS on this site will take the time to email him and let him know what we think-I did. Shame on him!

    • Dave

      True brother. He should be shamed for his stance on Military benefits. He’s a traitor to his brother and sister Military members.

    • rick

      We never learned from our mistakes, these are the same persons who promised the military and the rest of the people that they will be taken care off as soon as elected. But what happened next, they cut all of our benefits our pays and so on….and got what they have always wanted big SALARIES and BENEFITS.

    • ALBERT


    • Mike

      All the elected officals do is try to screw the people who vote them into office. The military has earned the right to the health care. It is bad enough that most of government officals never served in the military. They are good at sending our kids to war, why did they not serve? FOR ONCE, LEAVE THE MILITARY BENIFITS THE WAY THEY ARE. If you want to save money, take a cut in pay instead of voting to give yourselves raises.





    • an old SEABEE

      McCain may be ret mil, but he is a traitor to his fellow retirees, he does not need TriCare or any other bennies from the military, he’s suckin it up from the congress’s welfare pot., and his millionaire spouse.

    • PatriotOne

      When you have money and are born with a silver spoon in your mouth you don’t really need the benefits. Had the traitor been some poor Joe in the Hanoi Hilton and suffered illnesses, or injuries where he depends on a benefit then his story would be different. I didn’ t vote for him or O. I am not a proffet, but I saw this coming.

    • gip

      Shame on him. He ought to know better than that. How quickly we forget.

    • Ramblingwreck44

      I agree ith you soaringeagle. Senator McCain has forgotten where he came from. He retired as a Navy Captain. He gets a good pension. It is easy for him to pay more. I will say one thing he did earn Captain. I will not take that away from him.

    • Ross Hytnen

      I have lost any and all respect for this senile old fool. he will continue to draw his va,his mil benifits his congressional helth benifits and yet it is fine for him to suggest cutting those of us he served with.. You have a very short memory senator!!!!!

    • stewburnerYO110

      Dear Honorable Navy retiree McCain,
      After you have drawn your benefits and married into money, lost your bid to the White House, it is only reasonable to expect shit out of a tired old washed up fart as yourself. FO forever.

    • Doc 4 Abn and USAF

      It is a shame…I paid the premiums on this over my entire career. Lived by their rules and served faithfully. Being ‘sold-out’ as a political tactic is just not right. OK for Sen McCain, hefty benefits from USN O-6 retirement, hefty US Senator salary (for life) and benefits, spouse with incredible wealth. Guess he just doesn’t get it. The rest of us are just not rolling in dough.

    • Maddog

      I Agree, and I can’t believe he’s being a traitor to us disabled veterans too, that are using Tricare for life, that we earned the hard way.

    • Ronald Gunn

      McCAIN is like ALL the politicians in D.C., A LAIR, A FAKE AND A THIEF. When I say a thief I mean they take a payheck they do not earn. To me , taking something that is not yours is stealing, and that makes them a thief.

    • Old Navy

      Copy of email sent to McCain’s offical email address;

      I can forgive anything you may have said or done in the past in Congress, but to go along with the Socialist, aka Progressives, on the changes to our retirement and healthcare is one more time of turning on your brothers in arms probably to further line your pockets like so many in Congress and will be seen as unforgivable. This is why the People have so little respect for you people in Congress.

      I did my 20 years and feel betrayed as do others. Check out this link. I have done my part by forwarding this to everyone in my email account.

    • Retired

      Why don’t they cut the benefits of Congress and all their Staff?

  • pjmarshake

    Until Sen McCain and the rest of Congress start to make cuts to their own heafty benefits, they need to keep their hands off of ours.

    • al merrill

      I agree. We need term limits (2) in one or one in each and the Congress needs to have their retirement/ healthcare system revised so it is not collectable until age 65 like social security.

      • Brenda

        Yes, we do need term limits, but that does nothing to stop this particular situation . We all know that if it goes into effect, it will never go away!

    • Concerned Retiree

      I agree one thousand percent. Sen McCain has enough money he does not need his retirement or benefits that the rest of us need to live and have health care.

    • cybershadow

      Absolutely! Why is it they cry foul when someone even mentions touching their benefits, but ours are all fair game?! What a crock!

    • azsky

      I also agree. with your statement.

    • ski
      i need peeps like u 2 + blogs. Totally agree as well as defund NATO and UN before they even think about disrespecting us. Hey Washington you’re welcome
      C Ski
      100% service connected disdabled veteran

    • Ken

      Roger that.

    • Sen McCain and his peers should start with their benefits.

    • Ivan Samaniego

      Yes I agree don’t mess with ours till you cut your own!

    • Ken


    • rob cramer

      Thats a Big Amen
      Sen McCain is a Three time draft dodger he shouldn’t be able to have a say on this subject.
      I have a good idea lets cut his pay and see who will cry their eyes out

      • Black9

        I thought he was a POW?

      • Columbo

        Draft dodger? He was a Vietnam POW; wheere do you get your information.

        • Navy Vet

          He thinks like a draft dodger!

    • Mar

      I agree 100% PJ! This was a promise and commitment the country made to use when we joined the military services and it does not bode well for a countrythat weasles out of its commitments…especially to it’s own military members!


      • Doris Hartman

        you’re absolutely right, when my husband joined the Air Force he was promised life long medical care for him and his spouse (as long as we are married). He signed on the dotted line and kept his commitment for 25 years and little by little the government is picking away at our benefits..SHAME on Sen McCain and SHAME on Washington!

    • L /smith

      Totally agree with that. Why did we serve 20+ years and then get stiffed, when they get BETTER medical and don’t even have to rissk theeir lives!

    • JJNMH

      I agree with you however, cuts from their staff would help alsoand I also agree with all the comments on this subject

    • OIF Disabled Vet

      I agree with you, our wonderful government can have unjustified benefits just for being in a office type of possession and there familes as well, bt us as veterans get the shaft, I am a disabled retired Iraq Vet and frankly I thinks it’s total BS that we continually get knocked down.

      And also another note is I don’t think that our President should be allowed to be Commander and Cheif if your not a Veteran, I think its a disrespectful act for a service member to have to salute the President if he has never served. Politics need to get the hell out of our Military.

      • Brenda

        This is so true. If you have never served, you don’t deserve to be saluted!

      • Doris

        @ OIF, I agree with you 100% . How can someone that has never fought for their country be in charge of actively serving military men and women..It should not be!!!

    • Nina

      He has a rich wife. He does not need his retirement or pay as a congressman

      • Columbo

        Senator not Congressman! Get it right.


      AMEN TO THAT!!!!

    • TEH

      I agree that those in office give themselves hefty raises but ignore the fact that there have been no COLA raises the last two years for military and social security retirees. Those in office need to tie their own raises to the COLA also.

    • Jim

      And this is what we get for him being a POW. God Bless America he did not get the chance to run the United States of America. He does not know which side of his bread is buttered._

    • Harold Smith

      Excuse my language but how in the hell can you cut a measly 10% and I can’t get whats coming to me on my heart problems . He makes more in one hour than I make all month, Lets strip him him down to his scivies and see how he likes getting the SHi%$#@&^ end of the deal.

    • mendez

      that is so true

    • archie1858

      I agree He is just selling out the vets.

      • Columbo

        A POW selling out his own. Time for him to retire!

        • jessee

          He sold out his fellow servicemen when he was a POW so why should he stop now.

    • nickmsr

      Amen, it’s time for the lawmakers to take the cuts in their health insurance and other government benefits.

    • James Logan

      AMEN! If anyone should take a cut it’s the politicians! One term in office gets them lifetime benefits and pensions! I don’t hear them saying they will take a cut in pay or benefits. McCain is sleeping with the enemy!

    • Vicki

      Not surprised. For being a vet and POW, he sure does not act like one. What an a$$.

      • NAVVET

        He just doesn’t get it, as a VET like the rest of us he should know not to mess with the benefits. I guess all that time in the BIG HOUSE on the hill has really gone to his head. We all put our rear on the line for God and country. VOTE FOR YOUR OWN CUTS IF YOU HAVE THE GUTS AND LEAVE OURS ALONE.

    • Islandinthe sun

      Right on! Hands off ours until you end your benefits — Glad McCain is leaving — he knows his time is over. Lousy Senator!!!!!!!!!

    • Retired2011

      I completely agree but until the majority of our representatives actually put on the uniform/fight that mile in our shoes they’ll continue to have no real clue.

      Core Values, do our representatives have any?
      *Integrity? NO!
      *Service Before Self? NOT!
      *Excellence? Surely you must be joking!

      Retired, Gulf War/OEF,OIF,OND Veteran

    • Linda

      I agree. The first cuts should be in Congress!!!

    • Ed Thibault

      McCain and the rest of congress need to trim there retirement from a million dollars to thirty thousand a year and take away there tri care and see if they want to be away from there family . They need to stop voting in a pay raise every six months of 20% because they don.t need it they military does.

    • Ken

      As a thirty year Air Force veeran it is a shame that the Obama and congress tax plan that was supposed to reduce our benefiet is costing myself and My wife (retired civil service) $60.00 additional taxes each month. That’s $120 from a limited household income. I guess they needed money to fund thier pay raises. I think it is time we all clean house in DC– starting from the top down.

    • Chata D.

      @ pjmarshake: My sentiments exactly!!! Who are they to sell us out? How many of them have put their lives on the line for our country? Congress wants a pay raise because they feel that they don’t get paid enough for what they do, what about us? We have to fight tooth and nail for what little benefits we’re able to get, after having to jump through hoops to get them. About him urging the supercommittee to restrict working-age military retirees & their dependents from enrolling in TRICARE and agreeing to charge our older military retirees $200 enrollment fee in TRICARE for life, he’s an arrogant SOB. Shame on him!!!

    • SGT O


    • Ray

      Exactly! I wonder how much these reps and senators in Congress pay for their health insurance? Maybe Uncle Sam pays all for them. I am sure that they are well taken care of. I am a veteran and have not signed up for Tricare For Life, but am doing so starting in 1 Jan 12. Now, I am not so sure if I will seeing that an annual enrolllment fee might be tagged on.

    • Jose Patino

      If they want to save money? Their is not one Senator worth a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year. This is a joke, Let them work for minimum wage like I did for twenty one years in the Navy. I earned every damn penny I get and no elected official should be allowed to take it away. If they are worry about fiscal responsibility let them make cut’s somewhere else!

    • Edb4pax

      Amen! I just do not understand how a former Naval aviator/POW/veteran can come up with this stuff. Most of us other veterans/retirees do not have the financial prowess (Mrs McCain’s business income) nor the HUGE benefit package from federal service (his). I am not bemoaning his service and the benefits it has bestowed. I AM saying that like other veterans, he should retire NOW, leave our simple benefits alone and go enjoy his!

    • Nancy Anderson

      Amen! Let them try to live on OUR retirement! Why is it that they receive full pay for the rest of their lives, along with free healthcare, while we receive a pittance after serving 20 years! Until this inequity is resolved, we are going to continue to have issues in our country. They can’t be leaders until they have walked in our shoes for awhile. Let them live on our military pay!!! And let them have to deal with Tricare! Although it will never happen, it’s fun to think about it!!!!

    • Beliveme22000

      Yea they need to cut their pay making 770 thousand a year that would save some money and make them do their job!


      I agree!!
      Don’t cut benifits on the little guy who protects your way of life and the freedom you have. For God sakes we sacrifice our lives for the elected officials that sit in their nice luxury home and office while the veterns suffer from the injuries and can’t make ends meet for their famliy!!


    • spb

      If I had more than half a dozen homes and a millionaire wife, I would not dpend on Tricare either. McCain forgot what it means to not have enough.

    • terry

      I agree it’s time that the senate and congressman start looking at the pay they receive when they retire.

    • AF55

      My first thought exactly

    • Charles Kinder

      Just the way I think, From the president to the congress they need to pay for their insurance themselves and take cuts in their pay and reitrements and see if they can make it.

    • Steve

      I agree. All Congress can talk about is cutting everyone’s benefits except theirs. It gets more frustrating every day. None of them ever had to put in 20+ years to get all their benefits.

    • JHD

      I agree. Senator McCain you are a Veteran. Why are you not supporting us combat Vets anymore?When was the last time you took a stroll and dropped a twenty dollar bill in a veherans cup. Surely you know where they are. In case you don’t ,take a walk near Capitol Hill.Cuts due to budget problems? Why don’t you donate some of your money to defer expenses and urge your White House Buds to do the same. Sorry. Guuess you don’t know how to give back.

    • oldmanofthesea

      RIGHT ON !!! Just because Sen. McCain’s wife is worth millions and he doesn’t need Tricare due to a better health plan as senator is not reason for him to reduce or alter the retirement benefits of those of us who served & failed to marry financially well. 33 years served and promises of retirement money with a COLA and Tricare for Life with low deductibles for myself and family. Now, since congress has spent money from every pot they have—-where money was paid in with the promise of it being there in our years of retirement and the very country we willingly fought and many died for;
      turns its back on us. We are starting the slide, just like social security and medicare—-we all paid in for this too and congress stole money from all these pots. Do you suppose if their departments that spent 1.5 million for refreshments for 8 meetings out of the year stopped this kind of spending we could save money? Just imagine, couple kinds of coffee, juice, muffins, maybe some fruit costing 1.5 million. Folks, we have a problem.

    • Gunny93

      Yes, I agree!!!! Congress and Sen McCain need to cut their own benefits. They need to having the same benefits as retirees and military veterans have now.

    • LRED

      I AGREE 100%

    • Al Telese

      I definitely agree. Have you seen what their benefits are? More than likely not. CHECK THEM OUT!


      When I was a commander and as I was being taugh to be a commander, the 1st rule was don’t ask or tell you soldiers to do something you have not, would not, and have or not done! This goes one more step… aside from the pay differences… my benefits were the same as a PVT.

      So…. may the “FLY” Party marching on/against Wall Street have something going for them and we need to think about doing the same. That is we need to rally and consider “Marching on Washington” to demand they leave our benefits alone and change theirs 1st!

      I recommend and hope that all that read this fire off their letters of concer to all their elected officials to get the ball rolling. Or… we will get what we deserve for doing nothing!

    • ajtremjr

      you are right when the president and congress start to cut there pay then we could talk, but they are crazy for even bringing this up. they keep this up and they will n ot be able to get anyone into the military

    • Ted Rentz

      He of all people should not institute tghis policy. Clinton gave us that benefit to make up for the promises of past administrations which were never given to veterans and it is a benefit that should be honored for those sserved and defended this country’s freedom.

    • Ronnie

      I totally agree with you on this. Once Congress personnel retire they get to keep their full pay and benefits. No one is saying cut their retiree pay. No one is looking at the fact that military retirees are living off only 40 to 50 percent of their pay. They need to stop this and put themselves our the military retiree shoes.

  • Cuts to earned health and retirement benefits should not be made.

    Furthermore, Congress should adjust all military retired pay including military personnel’s Social Security since the 1980’s based on actual inflation rather than the phony CPI. Failure to do so constitutes leaving in place the equivalent of significant unfair tax increases. ~ richard allbritton, Miami

    • Disabled Veteran

      Wow, I lost 13 Great Men/Marines overseas many years ago. I was with my unit a tour and was due to come home. It saddens me to hear this. McCain must have forgotten his military time and President Obama i voted for as a veteran who was promised positive change. Why? Can anyone tell me Why? Haven’t we given what our country has asked of us? So Tired.

      • Marine spouse

        We all have to remember that Obama did not give any specifics on what kind of change he wanted. We now know he wants America to become divided so we can fall. REMEMBER “United we Stand, divided we fall’

        We have to spread the word and vote all these kiss ups out of office. Hang in there “disabled Veteran” because the fights not over yet!

        • Barbara

          It looks more to me that its McCain and the Republicans that are dividing this country. They are against anything Obama tries to do—just for the sake of opposing him. And they are putting out a lof of propaganda to try to defeat him. That’s the only goal they have. They care only for themselves and their own paychecks–nothing for the rest of us.

      • richardallbritton

        I thank you for your service and honor those Marines that were lost.

        Every President and every Congress since the mid 1980’s has participated in what has in effect been a special tax on military retirees. The tax has only gotten bigger with time. For example, if you retired after about 1986, because of the phony CPI, your purchasing power has steadily eroded because the CPI purposely and significantly underestimates inflation. In effect, it is like a special tax increase on military personnel. I seriously doubt that President Obama is even aware of this, but Senator McCain, as well as any long-time serving member of the Senate and House, knows.

      • richardallbritton

        This is not the first time an Administration or a Congress has pursued policy adverse to the interest of the men and women serving in the military, while declaring their heartfelt support.

        If you want to address this issue, the place to direct your attention is your Senators and Congressperson. I have already written to mine.

        Looking back in history, there have been many Presidents and Congresses that have done their duty by the men and women of the military. Unfortunately, beginning in 2007, we have experienced the worst financial disaster in history. Congress is deadlocked in partisan bickering. It will be very easy for individual members of Congress not to do their duty when it comes to military compensation and benefits. Again, emails, letters, and phone calls make a difference.

    • kathleen lauder

      It sounds like you are not military related. I have served in the military for 24 years. I am not too happy that I and all the other military retirees are losing our benefits. I am on a fixed income and live pay check to pay check.

    • 1836eig

      Also they are talking up a new “chained index”. That will not bode well for any working class or retired American. Senator MCcain just proved the point that all factions in congress are cut out of the same cloth. Next year and beyond it would behoove everyone to grow their own vittles and go BIG.

    • KatieDidit

      Amazing as Michelle Obama is going to the Worlds Series along with Biden to pay tribute to our troops as they CUT AND GUT the military. Look, this is a Panetta/Obama move to make the cuts…McCain should never support it but the blame belongs with OBAMA AND PANETTA

      • Katie, Every President and every Congress since the mid 1980’s has participated in what has in effect been a special tax on military retirees. The tax has only gotten bigger with time. For example, if you retired after about 1986, because of the phony CPI, your purchasing power has steadily eroded because the CPI purposely and significantly underestimates inflation. In effect, it is like a special tax increase on military personnel. I seriously doubt that President Obama is even aware of this, but Senator McCain, as well as any long-time serving member of the Senate and House, knows.

        This is not the first time an Administration or a Congress has pursued policy adverse to the interest of the men and women serving in the military, while declaring their heartfelt support.

        If you want to address this issue, the place to direct your attention is your Senators and Congressperson. I have already written to mine.

    • RON


    • WalterElkins

      I agree, McCain and all of Congress have their own Insurance programs. Some of our old retirees cannot afford to pay any money these fees. As it is now they have changed things around so people on SSN and retirement benefits haven’t received any raises for two years

      • richardallbritton

        Thank you Walter for your response.

    • TigerFly

      The same Richard Allbritton I sailed with back on DISCO in ’71-’72?

      • richardallbritton

        I am that same Richard Allbritton. Unfortunately, we cannot leave phone numbers or email addresses here. However, I’m in Miami and you can easily find my contact information.

  • Claude Rudd Capt USMC Ret

    I wonder if he would have recommended a reduction of Military benifits when he was a POW.

    I think NOT

    • Ben Moorer

      Maybe that would have been a good time to cut back the military.

  • Army O-6(retired)

    Hey, senator! That cut should be aimed at O-6s and above, not the lower grades. Put in that stipulation and I could support the plan.

    • Ben Moorer

      As a retired AF E-7 I could not support the reduction of any of our members regardless of rank. Cannot let it get started.

  • Retired Vet

    When McCain & all other members of congress adjust their incomes and health benefits equal to us retirees then and only then can we have an honest discussion about what is to be increased or further cut.

    • richardallbritton

      I cannot disagree.

    • sandra

      Amen Clean your own house first Mc Cain. Always thought you cared aboutn the Military. What changed?

      • James

        He’s been sitting fat on the government hog for too many years.

    • Jmass

      I absolutely agree that congress needs to overhaul
      Their benefits before they start messing in the benefits
      Of those that have served their country faithfully.. We
      Are the ones that have time and time again left our loved
      Ones to defend this country…

    • sailor’s wife

      you know it is ashame mccain is giving up on the retirees no why dont he give up his pay and his benefits…i have been fighting for 13 years to get my dic from my husband who died ..and he was in vietnam and in blue water they tell me just hold on well i am 61 they have put me off long enough now want to charge me 200 for tricare life were am i going to get it …give me my husbands retireement check and i can pay for it…he retired after 30 years

    • Jim

      i AGREE 1000% Brother.
      if any cuts are to be done let them START IN CONGRESS WITH THEIR PAY AND RETIREMENT WHICH THEY DON’T CONTRIBUTE TO ANY WAY and put their ass’s on SOCIAL SECURITY like the rest of us.
      Semper Fi.

    • McCain and his wife are worth over $136 Million. Do you think he gives a crap about his salary or more about his political influence to further Hensley & Co or Koch Industries.

    • ron

      most of the politians should give at least 30%. they want cut our benifits ,well what about cutting them, we keep getting cut and the keep getting raises.

    • RickB


    • bob

      I’m in total aggrement

    • Guest

      I agree 100% instead of taking away from many to save their own asses. Let the people decide on what benefits they will all get. Jackass’s like Charlie Rangle should get nothing. Why hasnt anyone brought up he hasnt paid his taxes and why is he still in congress? McCain has sold out the military. Yes he was a POW and yes he served his country but it seems he serves himself more than anything

    • Michael

      The Congress will never have an honest discussion about pay and entitlements if it requires them to reveal what theirs are. They will continue to rape the military so long as the voters allow it.

    • K-9 Master

      It isn’t so much their incomesand health benefits WHILE serving in congress that I am opposed as it is the pension and benefits they receive upon leaving office. EVEN IF THEY ARE VOTED OUT! No one should receive the compensation these so called patriots receive for a part time job. They receive more after serving 8 years in congress than I receive after 20+ years in the military. And they think military retirees are the problem? And McCain of all people. But then again, he is already set for life between his military pension as a Vietnam POW AND his pension from congress, so why should he care? Congress needs to take a long hard look in the mirror to see where the real problem lies.

  • Thunder350

    Instead of cutting the “promised” benefits to those who fight and die for our country. How about we make the top 1% sacrifice like the other 99% of us do?

    We could easily have them pay their fair share without it even coming remotely close to affecting their standard of living, and use all that extra money to pay our troops, and give them the right benefits and healthcare that they so rightly deserve. Cutting these things shouldn’t even be an option. IF we absolutely need to cut anything, make it be one of these many weapons programs.

    • Frost

      You do know that the “top 1%” already pay 50% of the taxes correct? The answer is to make the bottom 47% pay something

      • Ex-Navy

        Stop drinking the Fat Cats’ Kool-Aid. I can’t necessarily agree that they pay 50% off the taxes, just because they say so and you swallow their propaganda. What is much more certain is that the top 20% control as much of the national income as the rest of us combined, and they seem to never have enough. What is also certain is that the wealthy have been relentlessly pushing for the ENTIRE tax burden to be shifted to wage and salary earners (which most of them are not, and if they are, they and their bought-and-paid-for congressmen -and women- will find ways to make their income totally tax-exempt). That’s the REAL “class warfare” that has been going on in this country for the last 30 years. As Warren Buffet has said many times, the wealthy are winning the class war–big time!

        • ken

          Ex-Navy, think of it this way, you have to raise funds, does it make sense to take 35-40% of the money from 100 people, or 20% from 100,000? Why do you have to pay twice the percentage because you are successful?

          • Kevin

            Well ken, think of it this way, about, let’s call it half of the people do not earn enough to currently pay taxes. This means that society has determined that there earnings are not sufficient to allow them to pay taxes and have the minimums we as a society consider acceptable for a decent quality of life.
            Let’s ignore the cheats and other ner-do-wells, there has and always will be fraud, corruption and deciet.
            The top wealthy folks are able to have that wealth because of the society they live in. The same society those who have the means to do so could put out a bit more to help support.
            I won’t go into the need for tax reform, etc but I would like to make note that the wealthy have their wealth from the sweat on my brow just as much as from any wise actions on thier part. I just want a fair cut of the wealth created from my labors.
            None of this has naught to do with the topic though.

          • Kevin

            What we have here is the proposal that retirees take a bit more burden on themselves, seems not only health care but retirement pay. I’d oppose any attempt to mess with the retirement pay. They’d just dump it into a 401k type scheme. Didn’t pay out to well during the latest Wall Street fiasco.
            Oh, by the by, retired Army here, VA bnenefits as well as TRICARE for Life.
            TRICARE hasn’t had a rate hike in like never. So, I guess it would be ‘fair’, yup in quotes, to tie fee increases to pay increases. CPI rates or whatever new and exciting method they devise. But if my base pay goes up 2%, then so should my TRICARE fees. If my pay stays the same during a given year, then no increase in my fees.

      • Ken

        Absolutely Frost…I am tired of “fair” being you don’t have skin in the game unless you have gotten off your butt and done something with your life.

        • Thunder350

          Us hard working Americans, do all the work and get paid little to nothing, these CEO’s have done nothing, but collect the checks for the work we did.

          That’s fair tho right? Let the hard working American struggle to keep their home, and feed their family. (Which goes for the troops aswell). But let the CEO’s who go around the world in their private jets play golf, and get waited on in one of their 30 mansions. And then they lecture us on the news on how we need to “sacrifice more”. Where’s their sacrifice?

          “Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies”. – Thomas Jefferson

      • Chris


      • Chris

        Exactly… Why tax more those that went out and built a business, making their money honestly, BUT not tax those that didn’t or those that continue to reap benefits they have earned. I have no problem with some one going out starting a good honest business, making good money and living like it. What I do have a problem with is when they haven’t earn an honest dollar in their lives… Look at what portion of the budget true social programs eats up. We pay for people that have never worked an honest day in their lives to live better than some Vets do. THAT is an entitlement program. The other entitlement program is the politicians. Just giving us our SS back and no longer taking it out would make a huge difference to many people’s lives.

      • RetiredSFC

        80+% of the income pays 50% of the taxes….Thank you. You’ve made our point

      • Steve


    • Bill

      Just wondering what their “fair share” is in your eyes – 40%, 50%, 60%?

      • Thunder350

        Percentage wise, we get taxed more then they do if you look at how much money we have, and how much the government takes.

        And then the 1% loves to hide their money in different countries. So instead of reinvesting all that money into the country that allowed them to collect that much in the first place, they keep it in foreign banks, collecting dust. Glad they care soo much about our country.

        And I love how they call themselves the “job creators”. But who are they creating jobs for? It obviously isn’t for Americans. Oh yea, it’s for the Chinese. Glad they selling our country out to make a profit. (As if they even need more money)

    • retired E-8

      The top 1% has been paying over 60% of the tax to support you libs. I call that more than their share.

      • Thunder350

        I’d love to know where people keep getting these hugely inflated (and inaccurate) numbers from.

        And I’m not a liberal.. I actually support our military (and country).



      • Kevin

        Well, with out screaming, every member of the military deserves the best health care, as do our veterans regardless of injury or illness concurrent with service. The VA should open to all retirees and their families as well as currently serving. Non-service connected vets and thier families should be allowed a buy in health plan.
        ok, I’m a socialist but it burns my buns to see those who served this country struggling just because they or a family member got sick or injured.

    • AF vet

      Are you advocating socialism? Veterans served and fought to defend and protect our Constitution. No where in this sacred document does it mention the right of the government to take someone else’s money and redistribute it elsewhere, even if it is to help those who sacrificed so much.

    • joek44

      it’s nice to see how the Republicans choose the millionaires over the troops. It sure doesn’t come as any surprise. The support the military only because the contract fill their millionaire buddies pockets.

    • Dean

      Way to buy into the ignorant class warfare. The many comments about the benefits that Congressmen receive are much more relevant to this situation. It is a FACT that the military is a Constitutionally appropriate activity for the Federal Government. It is also a fact that, including the “two unfunded wars” military spending is at historically low levels as a percent of GDP, the only meaningful measurement. If we hope to continue to field a sufficient military with volunteers, we better not start cutting the pay and benefits; especially when over 50% of the federal budget is spent on extra-Constitutional areas.

    • Dan Crockett

      OK let me guess, Nope I won’t. Because I know.

      47 percent to do not pay federal taxes. 1% paying their suposed fair share world not cover anything. So lets steal from the rich that make over 250.000 $. about 10% of the top. It still does not cover anything. The rest off us WILL pay taxes. How do I know this, Well there was a a credit to my bank account from retired pay. $15.00 an $ 1.50 in taxes out of for the IRS.

      You need to understandd that those figures re from the Georg Soris/Obama crowed. Lets just deal with facts, not fiction

    • JMac

      I don’t think that will ever happen due to someone (maybe congress or associates) getting heavy pockets. Congress should look at what they waste and set the example by cutting back first.

    • George

      Top 1% PAY 40%. How much is their “fair share”. Divide and conquer. That is the plan and it looks as if you bought into it. You need to look at what the Laffer curve says. I think if we raise the rates, we will get less revenue. I pay 52% of my next dollar as a adjunct faculty member when you take into account Social Security and state taxes. How much more do you want me to pay? I guess you want me to pay 100%. Areyou sure you are not a member of Obama’s staff?

    • DanSeaRome

      What is the “fair share” for the top 1% who pay 30% of all taxes paid?

      Is there a “fair share” for the almost 50% of the country that pay not income tax? They use a lot of benefits, but pay nothing. What is their “fair share”?

    • Jerome Cogborn

      McCain, does not need VA or military benifits, so of course he does not care about us. He doesn’t even know how much his homes are worth not home, homes.

    • guest

      Dont take from the miltary at all. Take it from welfare!

    • roger l.

      99% do not contribute. Only 53% of top earners pay. The other 47% just take.

  • Disable Vetern

    CUT military tri-care while increasing post 911- BENIFIT? This I do not understand? Med-care for government official is the best in the US, why is this not being cut????????

  • dthompson

    My husband and I gave 20 plus years to the military. How many people in the house and Senate can say the same. Ignorance is what is leading our country on how to deal with active duty and veterans. They need to know that we are always the first ones in for a battle, and you never show up!! I also feel that a person running for office should not be allowed to spend on ads more than what that office will pay them per year. I remember my recruiter telling me that if I stayed and retire, that I would never have to worry about medical care again. I guess this is another thing that he lied about!!

    • KIM


    • cw,usaf


      • Tony

        Yeah, I was told the same thing. I remember sitting in the Whitehall street military induction center in NYC. Right before we were sworn in a chief addressed us. He told us that three percent of you will retire form the navy and those who do will never have to worry about medical for themselves and their family. This was April 1964

        • Joe

          I was told the say thing in Aug 1974 when I was signing up for the delayed enlistment program. In Aug 1994 a few months I was having to brief a retired MSgt that he was going to have to pay for his health care in the future. I was a Medical Administrative Spec at the time. It was a very hard pill to take because I was about to retire and was heart broken having to tell him. I know we as retirees, we are blessed with the amount we have to pay, compared to others that are struggling with having to pay for insurance. The problem is that we were told we would not have to pay anything for the rest of our lives if we stayed in. I stayed in not only for the benefits but to do my duty and did it with pride. I fulfilled my obligation, what about our government do the same.

    • mtflyer

      Congress is filled with cowards and draft-dodgers anxious to get us into wars to enrich their defense contractor contributors. They should be the first to go into combat as well as have their ill-gotten benefits trimmed to the bone. We have all been had!

    • Janie

      I agree totally. My husband spent 23 years in the service. Why are the cutters in DC doing anything about their horribles expenses and med plans as well as full retirement benefits after only one term in any office. Their employess get the same.

    • Black9

      They did tell a lot of lies. We see now that most what they said was a lie..

      • Hank T

        It won’t be a lie unless we allow it to become a lie. We need to fight for our rights and benefits we earned. McCain was born with a silver spoon i his mouth and was a lousy pilot (he crashed 3 planes-lets take it out of his pay), husband and politician.

    • quietstorm

      agreed those fat cats on the hill keep getting fatter while we vets slowly end up in the poor house and before you know it with no medical or benefits at all.
      The greedy SOB’s should start with their own wallets

    • You R. Anidiot

      How is this an issue of your recruiter lying to you about benefits? You said you served 20 right? Well how in the hell did your recruiter 20 years ago know what would be happening today. For serving 20 years you sure are stuck on stoopid.

    • William Farmer

      I enlisted in the Air Force in July of 1951. I was told by my recruiter that if I remained in service 20 years and retired with an honorable discharge, I would receive a lifetime of FREE medical care. I spent the last two years on my military service making the same promise to the enlistees I recruited. I had all the promises outlined in directives published by the US Government. It was only after I retired that I learned that the government lied to us. I trusted our government at that time!!! I have very little faith in those running our government now!

      Your recruiter didn’t lie to you. He/She believed what the government told them they could promise.

    • You shouldn’t blame military recruiters, unit NCO’s and officers for lying to the troops that served 20+ years about military health benefits that were promised to them. Many of those who made the promise have been betrayed just as much as those that they encouraged to Re-up. We all believed we could trust our government, and we were all wrong. Nothing has changed where trust is concerned in Washington.

    • JMac

      Sister another lie told by those great liers. (Politians) If we could only have a goverment truly for the people and the country, then and only then would we not need all these different parties.

    • Ring Recruiter

      i was a Army Recruiter for 11 years. Promising free medical and dental was one of the benefits that i presented numerous times. I did not realize that this was a lie until i was separating from the army. This had been one of my reasons for wanting to retire from the military. This administration has done enough to erode our military yet they continue to prove that they can do more!

    • Ray

      The recruiter didn’t lie, congress did!

    • Mari

      My husband and I gave our youth for this country . How many men would like to give up the ability to have normal bodily functions at age 24? Not to mention to give up a normal married life!!! My husband was awarded compensation for his injuries…. how dare our President or anyone else consider reducing his compensation or all other disabled veterans.

    • Retired USMC

      the recruiter way back then could only tell you what it was then. Times are changin. I remember in the mid 90’s about the high 3 retirement, and just found out then there was a high 1 passed years before that…………didn’t even know the knuckle heads passed that.

    • JHD

      Dear Capitol Hill Personnel you draw wonderful pay checks monthly and you financial future appears very bright for you and your college kids. Some of you have never seen an accident nor experienced combat. You are reaping rewards that you actually don’t deserve. When was the last time you say a homless person and asked them if they served their country and after receiving a positive reply such as “Yes I have” did you put a $100.00 bill in their cup or invite them to your luxurious home(s) for a cup of coffee? Don’t think so!!! Sorry if your ego affects your being embarrassed to be seen with a person who made it possible for you to live comfortably while he risks their lives on our dangerous streets. Enjoy your wonderful holiday meals while our veterans eat what they can afford. I hope you choke on every piece you attempt to swollow!!!I

    • Douglas Helvie

      I could not agree with you more, I am a veteran of 20 years in the USN and I am apalled at the rate in which the cowardly politicians are taking away our benefits. And at the risk of sounding unpatriotic(however I am)I actively talk young people out of joining the military because of all the things us reitrees go through and how much we have to fight to keep the very same benefits that we were promised. I came in in 1977 and was also told that my medical would be taken care of the rest of my life if I did 20 years-Well that is the gov’t for you-remember you can always trust the government-Just ask any native American.

  • Hprouty USAF ret e-7

    Any and all cuts to retired military pay and benefits should be tied directly to cuts in our government officials pay and benefits. We were promised healthcare for life. Now they are talking about paying $200 per year for Tricare for life. Restructuring retirement pay. Restricting working age tricare benefits. Let them restructure their retirement also. Serve 20 years in government before they are eligable. Pay for their medical benefit when they leave. Also, earn their leave like the rest of us. Military 30 days per year or civil serivce 4,6 or 8 hours every 2 weeks depending on how long they serve. Forget about the summer, fall, Christmas and, spring break. We pay them to work for us, not to be on vacation as much as they are

    • AKING

      Amen to that! Often times we sit back and allow for our congress and other political genre’s tell society what should and should not be done to better improve our economy. Well, as it stands, who are they to make any type of decision that will have a major impact on benefits received by those who have served a good majority of their young years to serve our country. Bullshit! In my opinion, if our government can continue to spend unnecessary dollars trying to improve the quality of life for other countries, perhaps they should consider using those tax dollars as a means to cut cost and not bother with the benefits of those who have served our country and have sacrificed so much for us.

      • AKING

        I am speaking as a wife of a retired military member. Yes, my husband served in three wars during his 22 years of service and has medical issues that I, as his wife, have to attend to. This is absolutely ridiculous and this topic should not have made it for discussion in the white house. How about cutting the salary and benefits of congress after they’ve served their terms in office. Oh, yes, let’s talk about how these people still receive healthy benefits far after they’ve served in office. Our problem is, we need to revisit our constitution and make SOME SERIOUS CHANGES. Take more from the wealthy and leave the poor and middle class ALONE!

        AKing, GA

        • dlb

          Amen, my husband served 20 years and recently passed away from lung cancer due to Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam. I’m having a battle with the VA to get his benefits which they told him he wasn’t eligible for. We filed a month before he passed away after he was told he was. Now they want to make us pay for Tri-care, I already have to pay $150 deductible up front and 20-25% of all the medical bills I incur. I have one way to cut the budget, ground Air Force One, Marine One and the support staff and equipment that goes with them and allow only one trip every other month. Does anyone have an idea of how much money has been spent on traveling by Mr. Obama in the last 3 years?

        • zsunshine

          Right on!!! As a military wife of a 24-yr retired veteran, you are so right!

    • Paul E-7 USN Ret

      Amen to that !!!!!!! How does a Congressman rate retirement and other “PERKS” after only a few years of service?

    • Mike

      I agree with everything being said, but understand that congress and the senate are subject to the same retirement system as all federal employees. This changed several years ago. I think McCain is tricking the administration. There are too many military organizations that will slam any proposals to modify the current retirement system.

    • Clinton Payne

      You are correct the US Government are Liars. We gave our lives our time to defend America from Communism and this is what we get., ” VAIN PROMISES FILLED WITH LIES.” Now we are old and need medical care and we are being Denied the promiseds that was made to when we enlisted to serve this country. John mcCain has never been for the Veterans and to the best of my knowledge has never supported anything for Veterans. It’s a shame that he was continually elected to cut our throats. The politicians need to take cuts and give up their lavious medical care, retirement benefits and take cuts on their salary like we have to do.

    • Brenda

      And we all know that it starts at $200, but the next year it will be $300 & then up from there-then we will be paying over $1000/yr for a Supplemental Policy that was NEVER going to cost the veteran a dime!

    • guest

      Those who work in government are no better than those bankers who give themselves millions in bonuses every chance they get. Those of us who served in the military and the elderly who depends on their Social Security should never be in fear of our benefits being tampered with at any time, and if this is what Obama’s proposing, he most assuredly will not get my vote.

    • N.Roush

      I agree. They have no idea what a member of the military and thier family go through to serve this great country. My family and I served over 20 years and are proud to have served. Retired USAF

    • SteveB1972

      Back in 1984 when I joined, I was told healthcare would be free if I stuck it out for 20 years also. I’ve been paying $460.00 a year, and it just went up to $500.00 a year next enrollment. I’ll trade you enrollment fees, or would you prefer they triple my fee so yours can still be free? I’ll trade you my right leg for your right leg also. Mine is made out of carbon fiber and titanium. Good deal.

    • David

      The problem is not that they take vacation but that they return.

    • VoixVelour

      For those of us seriously concerned for the national security and the current “ship of state” so off course, it is devastating to recognize that the values served so long by so many has seemed to fade with time. Hprouty makes reference to $200 … only? That is what we see today, and the GOP chieftans are leading the rout. It is unlikely that $200 is more than “chump change” for Senator McCain, given his personal wealth and that of his spouse. Almost as if he doesn’t appreciate the challenge for everyone else, those caught in the economic tsunami. It is likely that many of the Veterans are within the assembled 1,000 people sleeping out overnight to vie for medical and dental care at such a “medical center” in the streets of Los Angeles. $200 a food budget?

    • VoixVelour

      Class warfare emerges in punitive perceptions of proposed revisions of Cost of Living Allowances, the “chain” garbage presumes that as “costs” increase, beneficiaries of EARNED ENTITLEMENTS can “eat cake.” Consider people that UNION DUES are funding political action; 2.5 Million federal employees more likely to die than be fired or laid off, regular raises.

      Time for political banter has closed in with leadership qualities for candidates for election to the Presidency of this nation with the level of intelligence, integrity and ethical pursuit essential to our standing throughout the world, and critically management of our national security not in sight. At this historical junction where respect of the long honed wisdom and seasoned experience of the military leadership and that of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is critical; to wit, the Libya adventure?

  • Charles

    McCain has forgotten where he came from and who put him where he is. It is time for him to resign. He no longer represents the wishes of those who elected him. This is just another example of the Federal Government deciding that they will cut true entitlements, that were promised to those who served, so that they can continue to give more benefits to those who have done nothing but suck on the government teat pleading poverty after a life of doing nothing. Apparently McCain favors this course of action. He cheapens himself disgracefully.

    • Semilogical

      Hi Charles, I have to take an exception to entitlements, maybe I have a different view of the benefits the retired military have but we earned what we have, not by falling into a category that gives people things they didnt’ earn, but by the sacrifices we made in our prime years of life.

      McCain needs to go, on that point we fully agree. It’s a case of “he got his” and doesn’t give a rip about the rest of us.

      • Black9

        He has always been with the democrats on every issue.


      I agree. Furthermore, Senator Levin, democrat, who has supported military retirees in the past , seems to have joined McCain. Shame on them. I read in the paper that their rational for the tricare for life annual $200 charge to the over 65 retirees is due to increase in military medical costs. HEY STUPID READ THE PAPER. WE HAVE BEEN AT WAR IN AFGANISTAN. INSTEAD OF GRIPING ABOUT INCREASED MILITARY MEDICAL COSTS, BRING OUR TROOPS HOME

    • 1836eig

      My take is the proposed cuts will slightly offset the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and or subsidies for the oil and gas industry. And there are many other handout programs that are receiving enourmous bundles of our tax dollars.
      Why is it that some people gripe about abolishing benefits to the needy. Why, because they are a very easy target, with no mouthpiece to plead their case. Wake up people and start smelling the foul aroma of what is being shoveled in your direction.

      • herknav

        Stop with the democrap taking points. 50% of the people in America do not pay any income tax at all. The top 1% pay 40% of the taxes. As for the “subsidies” for oil companies you are really talking about their abiltity ro write off costs against income…something EVERY business gets to do. Obama attacks those with private jets yet he never mentions how much the DoD is forced to spend on their “private jets” abused by government officials and their families (I have several friends who flew DV support missions and took a lot of Congressmen and Senators to prime vacation spots for their “fact finding” missions).

        • Deno

          50% of us are POOR – on the poverty line or treading water to stay inches above it! If you friends flew missions which were suspect to fraud waste and abuse they and you had your chance to report that. BUT YOU DIDNT apparrently. Hardly any of this GWB sickening residue is Obama’s fault, it’s mostly raw AMERICAN GREED!! The oil companies RULE! That’s where the Bush family made most of their money – GWB made his FIRST $11-MILLION in oil. I just wanna know why Honda made the CRX in 1985 that got 52, YES 52 MILES PER GALLON yet today’s hybrids are struggling for 40!!! And let’s not forget that in the mid-90’s the Air Force for sure was looking into building compressed natural gas stations to support a fleeet of base assigned vehicles. Now it’s news on tv that the gas companies are back to promoting it as an alternative fuel for civilian vehicles. The oil companies have all the top dogs in their pound and ostracize those who don’t wnna play by thier rules. McCain is a DIRTY WORD to me and I have lost any respect for him I managed to eak out at all. Palin?????? Ha ha!!!!!!

    • Jack

      McCain should give up all his VA and retirement Benf. I feel that all of those in the Govement That Did Not Service in the Military. Should be Kicked out of office after with only half of the pay as well as half of there Med
      I thank this is a kick in the but by John McCain.

    • Joseph Herndon

      McCain can’t even remember how many houses he owns. But you can be sure he won’t cut any of his military or senate retirement pay.

    • Sarah

      McShame was never about the avg Joe. he wanted to run for any ofc and never do anything else. all he has ever done is to wave the red white and blue til we were all blue in the face. his most important decision was selecting that lame brain Palin—and you think that was good judgment?? say what??!! he has millions and he did not remember how many homes he had in the last pres election. McShame is for McCain, end of story.

      • Deno

        Seems to me his time as a POW are long forgotten. I’m not 100 percent disabled like he is by virtue of his time as a POW so I don’t even have dental care when I need it the most. BUT I do remember my recruiter and subsequent reenlistment advisors telling me that not only me, but my family had free health & dental. McCain & comany took that away. We should take his dental and skin cancer treatment away and everyone else who craps on our support when they needed us! I have an easy one that will pay for Vets: DO NOT PAY Social Security to those who are already millionaires or receive sufficient income to suppport their luxurious lifestyles and other wise don’t need that pitennce except to pad their bank accounts in foreign countries & investments no less!

    • Jack

      This needs to be sent directly to McCain, then ask him to resign and get in the rear of the 9.2 % with no benefits afforded or brought with him! Please send this to him.

    • JGalt

      You can grouse all you want in this forum; but, the only solution is for the voters to take these guys out of office and demand a referendum to adjust Congressional pay and benefits.

    • james lowery

      I Voted for McCain thinking he would be a good Pres, esp.with his military exp.
      On other issues he has disappointed me. I gave 20 years for our country and
      was promised health ins. McCain should withdraw his support for this action. Our government is no longer for the people, but it seems to be against
      the people. Let’s VOTE all the lyers out of office.

    • Doc 4 Abn and USAF

      He grew up as the son of a USN Flag Officer. Had full College ride @ USNA, military flight training. Was a warrior just like us…did he forget. He has always been on the silver end of the spoon. Yes I acknowledge his time as a POW. He should not sell us out. I am shocked at these reports of his alleged support pf these cuts. I was a doc with the 173d Abn in the Central highlands.

  • Vietnam Vet

    The retirees are always first to get cuts. I agree that they could start with cuts of their own benefits and retirement package. We were told when in active duty that it wasn’t retirement, bu deferred compenstion. Now our retirement is said to be a not earned benefit, even though it has been promised to us. THe same with medicar care. In the 60s/70s we were told if we stayed to retirement, we would never have to pay a dime for medical care for us and our family. NOw they charge annual premiums and want to raise those. I understand that those who have not serve don’t understand the rigors of military service and that there are getting to be more and more of those in congress and the white house each election time. But for one who served and was promised the same, it is unthinkable that McCain would leave his comrads behind like this. I guess he has his through congressional service. Oh well, more of the same – we shouldn’t be so surprised.

    • Abqaiq

      Thoroughly Agree- Make all who wish to serve in the House or Congress or run for office do a 3-4 stint in the Military.

    • L>A> Mascola cms ret

      Your right on target. I am elated that McCain (wife is a billionaire or multi millionaire) was not elected President. Shame on him being a military member for a number of years. Shame, shame, hurting or trying to make lifr so hard to survive, especially TFL retirees.

    • mrlee

      Why would I expect anything less from McCain? He is but one of many ex
      POW,s and now he turns tail on the vets. He is violating the very sacred rule of all: “NEVER LEAVE ONE OF YOUR OWN BEHIND”.

      Retired military Vietnam vet!

    • Floyd Dean

      Do not vote for anyone for any office if he or she has not served in the military.

      • Teri

        Ron Paul served in the military.

    • bevhurley

      looks like there trying to give the military the shaft again My husband spent 22 years in the army and died from agent orange on july 24 2010. I was thnkful for the benifit tricare for life I only live and can’t afford to pay for benefits that was promised to all military people

    • bevhurley

      looks like there trying to give the military the shaft again My husband spent 22 years in the army and died from agent orange on july 24 2010. I was thnkful for the benifit tricare for life I only live on social security andcan’t afford to pay for benefits that was promised to all military people

      • nam_vet6869

        My deepest sympathy for your loss, it is never easy and there is always an empty spot in the heart. I have had cancer caused by Agent Orange and I understand.
        You say you are living on Social Security only, have you talked to the Disabled American Veterans abut what you might be eligible for from the VA? There are benefits that you may qualify for and the DAV is the best place to start. VA Councilors are not the best sources for benefits, they might miss one or two.

    • Sandbagger69

      I don’t know why McCain’s asshole actions surprise anyone. He tried to foist that lamebrain from Alaska on America just to win an election. He no longer cares for anyone but himself. He has forgotten us veterans because he has great healthcare and retirement. So screw us.

    • Francisco Munoz

      I wewnt volunteer to the army. I spent 18 nonth n Vietnam and after35 year
      I work at private industry as a manufacturing manager.but since 2000 I could not not work due to varius complication from Agent Orange and now
      Mr.Mc Cain that he is a looser and allways will be a looser. Since he was a prisioner of war he was lucky because after he was lock at Hanoi Hilton he did no has to be in war . I now understand why he can become Presiden of The United State. of America. he does not have the capacity,personality and a Moron, I feel shame that Mc Cain is a Vietnam Veteran.

      • That Guy

        Put down the bottle man.

    • SFC Retired

      I understand that Mr. McCain did the samething to his follow POW’s. Sentor McCain is a disgrace to the uniform he wore and He should never again refer to himself as a Memeber of the Armed Forces Military Retired.

    • Bob Byrne

      Im a Viet nam Vet i spent 2 1/2 yrs there where the hell were they.yhey were giving themselveves rasies and better benefits. Maybe we need a Military run govt. Who will cut there benefits for a change. Bob
      Bob Byrne

      • barbara

        My husband was in VIETNAM, so was my 2 brothers, my husband was in the Navy 20 yrs and died last year, he rotted away like a dead animal out in the woods, I am trying to get my NEHMER befits but I guess that will be another fight. HEY MR. McCAIN send me some of your money, I can not make it on the little bit you send me,

    • Gary

      I agree with my fellow Vietnam Vet. I think it’s interesting that all this is happening at a time our generation is looking for the same promised benefits that were so generously given to WWll vets. For some reason I’ve never trusted McCain…now I know why. I’m sure before he leaves his comfortable congressional seat, he’ll reveal more reasons why.

  • navy vet

    If the government continues in its efforts to destroy the volunteer military, they will have to rely on the draft for any military at all. Good luck with that!

    • Steven Kloppenburg

      If they draft the first on the list should be the congressional relatives. Let their sons, daughters, grandchildern, neices and nephews. How quick would they be to go to war–cut benefits and walk away from veterans needs. I am not a retiree but I know the toll 20 or more years in the service takes on service men and women. Any time spent in the service is the highest form of public service. Isn’t that what the pol’s always brag about–their public service.

    • jerry USAF

      by then the USA will be a communist country so it wont matter

    • draftdodger

      They should have never ended the draft

    • Bigred11990

      All I have to say is WAKE FELLOW military members! Fight back on this injustice against us! Let us run for congress and the senate.. oh we do not have corporate backing

  • Michael Friedman

    Many of the Senators are out of touch with the military. We are such a small minority collecting a retirement check. All of us retirees have given this country 20 years or more of service. I depend on my Tri-care. It makes me furious when millions of so called Americans can receive welfare and other benefits without doing nothing but sitting on their butts. They continue to have kids they cannot afford and the government gives them more money, unbelievable!

    • AKING


      Should I say high five to your comment? Our country is so ass backwards when it comes to making the correct decisions for the best interest of our country. We’re so far behind in education, we’re standing in front of scrutiny, we’re not far off from cutting off our financial interest with our allies and we still have not begin to explain to citizens why we are continue to slip on a downward spiral (recession); yet, we are continuing to focus our primary issues on helping other countries get out of debt or revive their countries.

    • Deana

      I so agree with you Michael…..and on top of all the freebies….now they get “FREE” cell phones and minutes. Go figure!!!!!!

    • Darlene Quam

      I agree, the Senators and Congressman need to take cuts in their pay & retirement pay. They should also have to serve 20 yrs + to receive retirement pay. McCain have you lost your mind?

      • TEX19K40

        “McCain have you lost your mind?”

        Yes he has, years ago.

    • I agree that the military should take care of its retirees. I do have a little say so about the welfare. I did 4 years of active duty. Was married to an active duty Sailor and then we divorced. I turned down my rights to everything that that point so he could take care of his children. I am unable to work due to a disability and because my Ex who recently retired has CUT my child support with no court order, simply because he is choosing NOT to work after retirement, I am required to go and get on welfare. Kudos to those of you that continue to work after retirement.

    • Gary G.

      From a Viet Nam Vet Retired MSG – All retirees stayed in the military not only for the love of our country and a career to serve but, also for the promise our country would assist our lives when our active service ended. I was retired in 1988 and was subject to recall to AD in the first Gulf War – My
      benefits were earned by deidicating 2o years of my life (and my family’s) to service of our country. I kept my promise, now it’s time for the government to keep theirs.

    • yvanis05

      i definitely concur with you on this mike!

  • surgpa

    McCain is a RINO just as well all have known for years. He threw the election to Obama and is now throwing military retirees under the Obama bus. Shame on him.

    • John Henson

      What makes it the Obama bus? Obama has said nothing about penalizing the military for anything. It is obvious to any objective observer that cuts must be made. I suggest they might want to stop building those Christmas tree weapons systems that become obsolete before ever being used.

    • Jim Alberts

      You are correcg to bad the vets could not see this prior to the lase election.Jim Alberts

    • Mark Smith

      I voted for Barack and will vote for him again, Semper Fi he is not the prob its the greedy repubs who only care about greenbacks not green fatigues.

      • BoDick

        You are a dumb ass

      • jessie phillips

        your obumble is why we were not given COLA for the last 2 years, and it looks like we won’t be getting it again this year, now he is trying to cut other benefits, people like you are the problem

        • Barbara

          It’s not Obama’s fault. Everything he tries to do gets shot down by the Republicans and people like McCain. Obama is FOR us poor folks. It’s the Republicans who are messing us over. Some people need to stop listening to the propaganda!!!

      • 86thave

        I will vote for him too. Name calling by the republicans just shows you they do not have anything to bring to the table to help bring back our country’s economy. Saying “NO” does not represent a jobs plan.

    • DR.

      Obama is a bigger friend to vets than McCain ever was. All McCain and his Republicon friends know is obstructionism. They would rather see Obama fail than the country succeed.

    • Charles Jacques

      I agree, but also he is getting ready to retire so he has his and is not worried about anybody else. I quess he forgot who got him out of that war camp? I am sorry he done it all by himself!!!!! McCain needs to remember when all this debt started? Was not 3 years ago!!!!

    • Gloria

      Military retirees should NOT be thrown under the Obama bus! When Congress starts getting the same cuts to balance the budget and the
      top 1% get cut, maybe we’ll have a balanced budget. Congress should
      be the first to contribute some of their salaries and benefits – NOT the
      military – they fought for our freedom!!!!!

    • Barbara

      I believe you’ve been listening to Rush Limbaugh’s propaganda. Obama isn’t trying to take anything away from the military. That would be the Republicans!!!

  • Retired CPO

    It is time to make a simple statement with your votes. Everyone needs to make their voices heard in the simplest terms by voting out those memeber who forget what we vets, our families and those currently serving sacrifice each and every day.

    For too long Congress has not had oversight, it is the responsibilty of every American citizen to watch dog our government not the other way around. People should not fear government, government should fear the people. Congress should take note of what is happening here in the US on Wall Street and around the world. If you think it can’t happen here Congress/Senate, think again.

    • Bart

      Maybe it is time for the military take over and cut down to size Congress and their benefits!

    • Brenda

      Yes, it is time to vote all of them out. Unfortunately, this will be passed before their terms are up, so we are stuck with it. It’s time to make a stand with your senators, representatives & the President & tell the President that he said he would not put this on the backs of our military people, but that is just what is happening. We need to stand up to them now-not in more than a year at the next election.

    • T Lady

      I concur. And you can definitely rest assured Sen. McCain isn’t going to lose any of HIS benefits. And even if he does, there’s the very wealthy wife to fall back on. Not too many of us ‘working retirees’ has such a luxury. That’s why I held my nose when I voted for this RINO back in 2008. Seems he would have been no better than the current White House occupant.

  • KIM


    • surgpa

      How about cutting ALL welfare payments and freebies for illegal aliens first? That would be too easy.

    • RickP

      Well, I guess they just found McCain’s price tag. He is as much a bold faced liar as the rest of those vipers. And what is really really sad about that is that they are actually proud of themselves. They are all “lower than dirt” and they were it with pride.

    • This isn’t the first time McCain has tried to stab the Soldier and Veteran in the back. Just check his record.

    • T R Morlan

      That shriveled ass dick of a human is a POS and does us veterans a diservice everytime he opens his stinken piehole and he needs to just STFU.He was a worthless aviator and he his a POS senator. Just my 3 cents worth

    • ACG

      In order for military to get their benefits you have to serve 20 or more years. All the benefits are in writing and verbal promises, hold them up to it and maybe all military vets should go protest the white house. Tell them they work for what? 4 yrs? and get benefits for the rest of their lives and they are rick prior to office. So stop paying these officials and the presidents and their families after they get out of office then this country could get back on it’s feet.. How many are we paying for right now since they left office and we take care of their families and pay bodyguards for what?? Don’t see any bodyguards for the people who fought for this land just a bunch of money grubbing politicians..

    • John j rammbo


  • Aunt Aggie

    What ever happen to the Grandfather clause? We were sold a bill of goods when we served our time for our country and now they want to change the rules after we’ve completed our service? How will that look to those individuals still in the military? Don’t trust politicians. Politicians have a retirement package ten times better than ours and they don’t have to serve their country for 20 + years – they just have to serve one term and they get much more. No they should look first at themselves.

    • Granpa

      I spent 20 years defending this great country, I for one can not believe how it has turned against the one who protected them. McCain has his health care and pension from the being elected by a lot of military personal. He served, now he has a better insurance plan and pension so he could care less about ours. We need to cut their insurance out and let them have medicare and no pension unless they serve 20 years. Maybe we need term limits and no benefits for all politicians, I have 2 grandsons in the Army now, I have advised both of them to get out when their time is up. one is up and is getting out and the other is in Afghanistan, will be coming home in Dec. When his time is up he will be getting out as well. There is no future in the military any longer. Retired USAF and very angry with our government.

      • “RLB” USAF Retired

        I recruited for the AF for 12yrs and felt that I always told the truth! Now I wonder. I still believe the service is a good place for many not all, but the bill of goods they are selling now don’t think I could or would do it again. The military gave them the security to do the things they wanted school a stable life and to be home with their families. If they want to make laws or change benefits let them walk in the shoes of a military man or women before doing so.

      • chas herth

        I second the motion on all that. I proudly served my country while being told I would never need to worry about health cost for me or my family. Now I am just turing 65 and may be paying for TFL as well as MEDICARE. All which were promised at no cost. And to add salt to the wound there has been no cot of living alliance for two years. Never did I expect McCain of all people to support this. Shame on McCain. I too will be sure to suggest to our young soldiers get out while you can.

        • Great Grandma

          To all Veterans: My 1st husband was US Army (late 30s), then enlisted in the Marines WWII, and now my 2nd husband is also a WWII Army Veteran. So my point? Damned if I didn’t buy John McCain’s POW “torturous” stint in his Viet Nam 5 yr. cell making him a hero and rooting for him as a Senator and a Pres.Candidate over this phony POTUS he handed the office too. Ever since, McCain has not been an American Hero but has milked the system for all it’s worth as a Senator for so many years. We don’t have any “heroes” in our government today…they’re all phonies and very left-wing progressives.

          • Great Grandma

            So I’m asking all in the military to make sure they get their ballots in time for the count and make sure their families also vote…We’ve got to get rid of the entire bunch starting with the WH, House of Reps, the Senate and the entire Judicial Branch (DOJ). Hubby and I are very old now and may not be around for the 2012 vote (I’m in Hospice Care as I speak) and hubby is starting to lose memory. But just so you all know, I’m very disgusted with John McCain…he and his cronies should have been booted out of Congress after their 2nd term…We need to make sure those bozos don’t go any longer than 4 years and stop their perks and pensions when they leave office..make that retroactive for all those who are sitting on top of the world with those extraordinary pensions and health benefits. Sheesh…I just fought another battle and I’m exhausted…seems I can’t reach enough Americans to make a difference. Love you all my Heroes..young and old alike.

    • ACG

      I back this up, every american works for 20 plus yrs and never get ahead, yet you have politicians and presidents that help screw up this country spending monies like cotton candy on vacations and such and big houses. They get huge benefits for the rest of their lives for a 4 yr term and we stand by while they get paid huge amts sitting on their assets?? Average american works 40-50 yrs, military has to put in 20 plus along with all the stress of war and death for this country.. LEAVE THE MILITARY ALONE OR ARE THEY OPENING THE DOORS FOR MORE 9-11 DAYS? WITHOUT THE MILITARY THIS COUNTRY IS NOT PROTECTED!!

  • Paul

    I think it way past the time for members of congress to start to cut some of there benefits. They dont have to serve 20 years to reap money for the rest of there life for not doing nothing,except bickering and cutting benifits of those who have served 20 yrs.Why are the laws different for members of congress and others???

    • Mike

      Congress and the Senate have the same retirement system as all federal employees. That changed several years ago.

  • George Dean

    Though some ‘adjustments need to be made, the true adjustments should be.
    1.ALL government employees and elected personnel be in Social Security.
    2.STOP using SS funds for other than which they were originaly ‘promised’.
    3. TERM LIMITS ~ 12 years max with NO retirement NOR medical ‘benefits while servin
    4. Make TRUE cost of living adjustments to retired pay.
    5.Adjust the ‘retirement’ age for SS ~ as the life expectancy has risen.
    6.Cut these dumb programs which pay ‘persons’ to have children. Limit of 2 per family would seem reasonable.

    • Susan- Army Wife

      You were doing alright until you jumped into playing God. Telling a Family how many children they can have is imposing on basic Human Rights. It is another story if we as Tax payors are paying for the care of those children. As for Senator McCain, he needs to step back and put himself in the shoes of his comrad’s. Cutting the benefits of our Military should never be considered unless every other stone has been turned.

    • I too was for you until number 6. I really hope you are meaning the payments to the people who get pregnant out of wedlock and want the government to pay for them.

      I have 8 children and love everyone of them. We do not expect the government to pay for them. We work hard and do our best to not take “charities” espectially from the government.

      • jessie Phillips

        I believe he was refering to those that have children so that they will receive a check

    • retiree

      1. Already true for the Federal Government, has been since 1984. For states, please contact your state Legislature.
      2. That means cutting spending by about 50%. Feel free to specify programs you will cut.
      3. Not certain what you mean. Right now their health care and retirement are the same as the Civil Service.
      4. Define true COLA. What numbers to you base it on? Right now (and since the mid-70’s) it’s been based on CPI-W, which includes food, energy, housing, medical.
      5. More than they have? Right now it’s 67 for most of us. Remember, that means that plumber or steel-worker doesn’t get it until then.
      6. Right. Done back in the mid-90’s under Clinton.

      • JustFacts

        Item # 3 – Congress has padded their retirement under the Civil Service System. They are paid retirement as for Federal Marshals, Air Traffic Controllers & other high stress/dangerous jobs – 2%/year – verse what normal Civil Service employees retire – 1%/year after minimum 5 years of service collectable at age 62.

    • ANDROS


    • mikepau

      Amen brother, only adding max. medical after serving should be no more than the number of years they served and they have to pay for them. Your 6 points are all common sense points so why would the idiot politicians ever implement them.

    • Harry-Army Ret

      I aqgree with George Dean. I would also add one more statement, that all illegal aliens, and their families, be sent back to their own country.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with all the comments here, what we all should do is write all these comments to McCain and all the other members of the house and congress and let them know how American’s feel about what they are doing..I mean the comments about the cuts to their perks and retirements and everything else that they get free or for very little cost that the tax payers have to foot the bill..Let’s all write these so called leaders and let them know what we think and how they shoudl act with OUR money

    • klsgrem

      I tell them that every time I write them about everything.

    • Waskaish

      all they will do isw round file the letters, they don’t care, as long as they get there money.

    • christine

      I think MC Cain is an idiot. My husband did twenty years but came out with mental issues and unable to work. Our family can not afford civilian insurance. The government just does not care about the military once they are done serving.their duty. All military has earned their benefits.

  • Jeff

    It’s hard enough for us to find good paying jobs, and most of us get by with the health care that the military provide. It’s just shameful, for someone like McCain to suggest something like this. Well, time for McCain and all the other Representatives to be One Termer’s. Don’t want to listen to The People, Or The Great Service Men and Women who gave their lives for this Great Nation. You’re Fired, We’ll find some else who can, and if they make the same mistake too, they will be Fired on the Term.

    • ihpirate

      one termers with no retirement benefits for the little bit that they do

  • Navy Vet

    Navy Vet 1952 1974
    My main reason to stay was the promised benefits. I can’t belleive McCain with his service can really support this move.

    • klsgrem

      He can because it doesn’t affect him. He’s set for life with his congressional benefits.

    • Hawk

      Yes and so were many of us. We can complain here all we like but I doubt anyone like McCain will be reading it. We need to all call or write to our Congressmen and women and our senators and tell them how we feel. I would demand an accounting of what they are giving in this mess. Tell them fine, you list what you are doing to me and then list what you are cutting from your benefits. Not one of them should let this happen without knowing how we all feel about them and the mess they created and now say we have to pay for it at a time we have no choices in life.

    • ard

      Be leave it!!!
      McCain been attempting to cut from vets for a long time now. People just do not pay much attention to what he says, just look up McCain speeches

      • Been there

        McCain is no “Hero”…He was never tortured while a POW…He was sent to a special hospital for “repairs” when he agreed to talk to his
        captors..a few of his fellow POWs wanted to bring charges against him on their release but it was covered up because his daddy & granddaddy had 4 stars on their sholders….Look up his record on voting for veterans issues and he comes up short almost every time.

    • h_preston

      Annnnddd he’s on homeland security advisers…unbelievable! Guess they struck out the word loyalty under his contract with the military.

    • Gib

      I’m a 20 yr AF retiree E-7. I’ve followed McCain since he was first elected. IMHO, he’s still a piece of ….excrement, for a better choice of words.

    • Adam

      Believe it Navy vet, I have never really seen a time when this guy did support the retired vet. I will never respect people like him until he puts his own pay on the line. Until then, he is just another person talking the DC talk, he does not know how to walk his talk.

  • Ken

    McCain is abandoning ship and leaving us to go down with the ship to the depths! Retired Army officer and military analyst, Andrew J. Bacevich, wrote in the Washington Post that the DBB’s proposed solution “would be to transform profession into trade, reducing long-serving officers and noncommissioned officers to the status of employees, valued as long as they are needed, expendable when they are not, forgotten the day they leave.”

    • Old Soldier

      Sorry, Ken…it always was the way you described. Fact of life. Every soldier in every military system in every century fit your description. We are only important while we serve….and not really important as individuals to civilians and politicians. Boo-hooing serves no purpose (no one sees these comments but we who read these blogs). Harping that Congresspersons should cut their pay/benefits is a waste of electrons (won’t happen). Only by using our votes judiciously has any benefit (and really not all that much as we’re only a tiny percentage of voters in each state since the Electoral College actually elects the President). If we had One Vote One Person with a simple majority voting in Congresspersons and the President, we might (maybe, sorta, but not likely) actually have some clout. But if boo-hooing makes you and the other bloggers here feel better, press on!

  • SCPO(ret.)

    Of course McCain has no problem with benefit cuts. His benifits, i.e. healthcare, retirement, salary, etc. in Congress are safe. There is not one instance of Congress cutting their benifits, ever.
    Intead of the 99 percenters protesting Wall Street, they ought to be protesting against the real problem, the Congress of the United States.
    VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! Re-elect no one!!!!!

    • Mike Travis

      Rgr that! But just getting them out of office is not enough. We need to clean up the entire system which is totally corrupt. Imprison those who deserve it and hang the traitors. That will be a good start.

    • Christa Wallin

      I agree 100%, we need to stand up. Its time to clean house!

    • John Bartlett

      I totally agree and McCain should be the first to go….He has done nothing for the state of Arizona…As SCPO says., Vote them all out and include all the members of congress..All a bunch of do nothing people…

      • FRANK

        Although I agree, we are somewhat stuck with McCain since he just got re-elected. I would hope that the people of AZ do not forget this issue down the road. What really gets me is how Congressmen can come to an agreement on spending OUR money on wasteful ventures and when the heat is turned up against them… well we’ll just make some cuts in the military! This kind of bullsh..t has to stop and only WE THE PEOPLE can do it. VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!

    • Steve

      Good Post. I wholeheartly agree with everything you stated. Politicians are taxpayers and citizens of the United States like the rest of us. We hired them, we pay their wages. How is it that they have set different standards for themselves. They get richer and fatter while we the average American get poorer.
      If they were to cut their wages and benefits, we could save in the millions yearly.

    • AFBearcat

      McCain doesn’t need any benefits from his service time or congressional and senatorial careers…he’s married to a woman with millions of dollars! Her family runs one of the largest Anhueser Busch distributorships in the US. It appears McCain has become out of touch with the military members that have supported him over the years.

    • Ramblingwreck44

      AMEN SCPO!

  • Barry Sherman Sr

    it’s a rotten shame, that the politician can serve one term, never risk their lives, and receive full retirement with benefits that are above and beyond our soldiers.
    I served 20 years in the military and am a disabled veteran and still have to pay for medical. I have Tricare Prime and the system is a joke. Always having to pay until the system is caught up or input correctly we are billed.

    The cuts are always made to to working men and women of this country instead of the politicians. They should be the first to be cut then set the example for the citizens.

    • I have admired Senator McCain for years as a fellow veteran of Vietnam. I don’t know that I could find the courage and forgivenness that he has in relation to his prison years. I have assumed that he would be the first to understand and defend miitary benefits, and the last to condone fewer benefits. Military life cannot be compared to any form of civilian life. I can’t even imagine life as a POW in Vietnam. Just what is freedom worth? Can you compare public dollars to freedom and the cost of military lives and limbs? How much are your arms, legs, eyesight, or even your life, worth? Senator, please realize there are millions of citizens who would love to chop military pay and benefits. We need heroes llike you to stand on our side. Maybe you have been in Washington too long. Please smell the flowers of freedom.

    • vonHardenberg

      Check your facts at You are a bit off on congressional retirement.

    • Jon Weiss

      It is not a matter of “who served what” to get any retirement or benefit, it is about integrity.

      I signed a contract…, a contract created by the government. The contract states that the agreement is bound by rules and regulations, and among those are rules and regulations regarding retirement benefits. I upheld my requirements under the contract, the government did not, and now the ones who run the government have mismanaged the system and bled away the money needed to uphold the governments end of the contract. Therefore, they are now taking the tactic of cutting benefits and using the excuse that there is not enough money.

      I did a bit of research and discovered that the Solyndra loans that went bust, was enough to fund the retirement pensions for 31,588 retired E-8 veterans for a year. This is not a case of “not having the money” it is a case of politicians incompetence and lack of desire by the politicians to uphold the government’s promises, in short it is a deficiency of integrity on the part of the DC insiders.

  • jsub

    welp – he’s losing my support… such a dumb move

    • mtflyer

      he NEVER had my support.

    • J. M. Krop

      Senator McCain:
      You ought to be ashamed of yourself. As a former naval officer and POW, you should have the sensitivity and compassion expected of a Vietnam Vet. It seems your priorities are tainted by some motivation I am unable to identify. I hope the tradeoff associated with the cuts you propose are worth it and do not keep you up at night. Sec. Def. McNamara who did not tell the truth about the Gulf of Tonkin which got us into an unwinnable war, and perhaps Kissinger whose only mission was to pull us out, sold out the Vietnam veteran. Now it looks like you join the group that are looking for an answer that is expedient but not necessarily right.
      I pray your proposal fails. Fortunately, you were defeated for the Presidency run in 2008. Frankly, I would not want you as my Commander-in-Chief and I could never vote for you as President.

      • Gib

        I wouldn’t vote for the prick as dog catcher. I would vote for a dog that grabbed him by the throat though.

    • batman

      McCain is a complet as——- he forgets who put him office and that goes for all the rest of the jerks, we should vote them all out and put new people in and if they don”t do the job vote them out etc.

      • Gib

        10-4 batman, keep voting them out until they get someone that don’t act like a spoiled child. Problem is, corruption breads corruption. If we could end that, the problems would be over. These people need to know and realize who it is that put them where they are. We need to terminate the likes of the Pelosi’s, Reids, Kerrys, and the rest of the socialist progressives in there. They are all a bunch of alpha hotels.

        • Gib


    • albert


    • As a long time military retiree(1976) I have observed the system for several years. In the military as well as in the private sector the hierarchic always looks to the ones who have sacrificed the most to get what they have, to sacrifice more for the good of us all. I wonder when they will commit to a sacrifice. The answer is never! Lets make them sacrifice at the poles in November 2012. We still have no republican candidate who has a military background and understands our plight. USAF – 1 Wayne C

  • Randahar

    McCain is finally comming out of the closet and revealing what he truely is, a RINO! (Republican in Name Only) If there is any question as to why the Conservative base distrusted him in 08 it should be perfectly clear now. He’s seems to have become like so many of his colleges, being more self serving than public serving. Whatever it takes to save their own hides and get re-elected.

    • 86thave

      Well, I am a die hard LIBERAL and Democrat and we sure don’t want him near us! He smells.

  • MARK


    • retiree

      They already did, along with their retirement and SS. And in 1995 they put themselves under the same laws as the rest of us.

      Please folks, if you’re going to whine, at least whine with the facts.

    • LOG

      Well that figures !! First it was Schroder now McCain. Sure, I’ll go along with that – as long as those politicians completely disolve thier whole health care program. After all, they have the best salary and retirement program on God’s green Earth. They can afford it. My unemployment check can’t put a dent in their system. Oh!!! Almost forgot – I have to pay income tax on that unemployment too.. Ain’t I the luck one.

  • Old retiree

    If I were a millionare like McCain and most of his cronies I would probably feel the same way he does. Let the little guy pay. I wonder if he thought and felt that way during his vacation in Hanoi. I doubt it. How does he feel about those of us who carried on the fight, and were there and cheered when he and the others got out. How soon they forget. As a former Recruiter I am ashamed to say that I along with others made the false promise of free medical upon retirement.

    • Medserv

      Hey, Old Retiree, don’t fault yourself for making the promise. You don’t make policy like congress. How could you have known that things would have changed? There should be a protest agnaist congress like the Occupy
      Wallstreet Protest ! Such a protest would embarrass congress.

      • Dennis Habern

        I have always maintained that a “VELVET” demonstration is required

        to be initiated that delineates that “WE THE PEOPLE,” do not work

        for Congress: Congress works for the American people.

    • Unhappy Vet

      You made those promises in good faith based on trust in the government. We’ve all learned the hard way that we can’t trust them any more whether democrat or republican.

  • SCPO (ret)

    sell out. cut your own benefits feel the hardships of the veterens out here. Politicians need to come down to earth and remember who they represent. Fire them all. what a bunch of losers

  • mike robischeau

    you all ought to be ashamed of yourselves cut our benefits is totally ludicris we the veterans that gave our lives for 20 years and more were guaranteed these benefits and now they talk about taking them away you senators and congressman all need to look in the mirror and see if the person in it is someone with integrity how can you honestly feel this is fair but i know the bottom line you got yours and the hell with anyone else ….and mccain your an pompous ass im sure when you sorry butt was laying in that prison and your family was getting their benefits you werent concerned about losing them and how can you in good conscience do that to us

  • Mark

    f course McCain has no problem with benefit cuts. His benifits, i.e. healthcare, retirement, salary, etc. in Congress are safe. There is not one instance of Congress cutting their benifits, ever. I spent 21 years in the military in Veitnam and now i’m over 70 and McCain wants me to pay for my Tricare for Life, its no wonder this country is in such mess. Vote him out…

    IMcCain has lost his mind and its time for him to leave office,aren’t we glad he isn’t president of course the one we now have is crazy.
    VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! Re-elect no one!!!!!

    Read more:

  • johnbb

    Senator McCain, you have my utmost respect for your service and sacrifice while serving in the U.S. Military. I was there when you arrived and visited your last places in Vietnam back in Apr 2000…you were above reproach in dealing with those memories and prior captors. However, I know this is not what you want! Please, with utmost respect, don’t break down what is one of the most important things in America…our Veterans!

    • Navy Vet

      He now has my utmost disrespect and I was serving in the Navy on the rivers of Vietnam hoping we were fighting for his release. He should have been overlooked on the list of captives to be released.

  • McCain is no different than Jane Fonda!!! May they both burn in hell.

  • Dick Culligan

    I cannot believe what I am reading. Senator McCain, NO WAY! Well, that is what happens when you are a millionaire and have a half dozen houses and filty rich.
    Arizona voters and veterans better wake up and retire that guy before we all go down the tube!

    GOD, I can’t believe what I am reading!!!

    • Unhappy Vet

      Let some good come out of this experience. Open your eyes and see. Its not just McCain, its all of them. Doesn’t matter which party, they are ALL just as bad as this backstabber. Next time you find yourself listening to the bum’s you support, snap out of it and realize you’re being lied to. Why do you think both parties spend all their time making their followers seething mad at the other party? While you’re concentrating on the party you hate, the party you support is screwing you.

  • Soldierwidow

    McCain Shame on you…………………….how soon you forget!!!!

    • Dennis Habern

      I am as shocked as the rest of the world, when I read what McCain

      is contemplating concerning having retirees pay $200.00 for their

      Tri-Care medical. Of all the individuals, why McCain? It is a maneuver

      that Obama is capable of, if you follow, not a war hero.

  • Jonathan

    I do agree that the proposed cuts to the military retirement system are bogus.

    I have to argue one point to all of you that are making a statement about cutting Gov benefits though. Apparently you do not know how the Federal retirement system works. If they are under CSRS, they get 50% pay if they have the right years of service/age computation. If they are FERS, it is based off of number of years with a crazy calculation that was put into effect around 1982 to get rid of the CSRS retirement system. Neither of these retirement systems are considered “hefty” or even a great retirement…they are just decent and will let you get by in your retirement years.

    Members of the House, Senate, and Congress have far more money in personal bank accounts than any retirement from either of these systems will ever pay out to them. They didnt go into government service to get rich…they got into it for the contacts…

  • I am feeling as many that our elected officials are not looking out for our best interests “as usual”. We retirees and active duty personell are being punished for our service. We are an easy target for them as we do not have the numbers required to fight yet another battle. This one on our homefront with our own “elected officials”. Shame on them, and especially Senator McCain. What a waste. Is there anyone who who supports our elected officials and their benefits package. Maybe we need a new approach.

  • Dan

    McCain is not a republican, he’s a liberal who calls himself a republican so he can get re-elected in his home state. Facts are, only 17% of those that serve stay long enough to collect a pension. McCain needs to remember that it’s not 20 years at a desk, it’s 20 years of sacrifice in the form of deployments, constant moves, spouses unable to advance their careers, plus bullets flying in our general direction and bombs going off. What other job requires you to endure this enviroment? Remember, you get what you pay for.

    • Unhappy Vet

      We’re in this sorry state because we listen to these liars and give them our support. We spend so much time angry at the party we don’t support that we fail to pay attention to the true nature of the people we do support. These guys play American voters off against each other so we don’t take the time to look at them too closely. They encourage us to be angry and hateful to whoever supports the other party. Sad fact is that the people who support the other party aren’t who we need to worry about. It’s our so called leaders. Party doesn’t matter, they’re both rotten to the core.

  • Lodge

    The Senator will feel no financial pain. He is a retired Navy Captain with service connected disability, which he earned thee hard way. He also has a spouse that who was or still is the Budweiser Distributor for the the state of Arizona. He has likely never experienced financial hardship. His dad was a Fleet Admiral. His action is causing me to lose total respect for him. I now see him as a greedy maverick with little or no concern for the military retiree. Perhaps the first thing he should do is relinquish his entire military pay and government insurance; secondly he might consider retiring from the US Senate and donate his retirement pay to the O’Bama cause; that might earn him some respect.

    • anne




  • John

    Any support I may have offered McCain in the past has been sorely place and won’t happen again. We sacrafice our lives for our country and this is the thanks we get. Go figure.

  • Morey Adreon

    Trouble with McCain is one day he’s a democrat the next a republican and the following day an independent. I’m not suprised by his actions, just truely disappointed.

  • Marc

    More important than should they or shouldn’t they touch our benefits – should they or shouldn’t they be able to in the first place.

    Men and women who served the prescribed time at their date of enlistment should be left alone – period! They fulfilled their part of the agreement… and considering the wars fought by previous generations – they did so at considerable risk. They shouldn’t be able to change the rules of the game when the game is over. That is no different than me buying your house and after closing I tell you I am only going to pay you half your price.

  • Patricia

    How will this affect 20 year retired, deceased military widows. Never
    thought I would see the day McCain would do this.

    • B. Krostoski

      The way it will affect me as a widow:

      An increase in Mdicare also an increase in C0-Payments for meds.

      Looks like I will have to pay $200.00 annually for Tri-Care For Life and to top it all of a decrease in (DIC) payments.

  • Monika

    Cut McCains benefits and Congress, why always the Military? He should be ashamed of himself, Traitor

    • JeffB

      This is just typical John McCain being himself,here is a good read for more examples of this “great Hero” Him and His buddy Kyle just voted against the jobs bill in a time when returning Vets can’t find jobs,I guess He thinks constant deployments amounts to job creation.

  • JV24601

    I started an online petition to ask the President not to gut the retirement pay. If you’d like to add your signature, you can find it by using the search box at If enough of us respond, maybe we can keep that from happening.

    • allan

      If you print out all the names of those whom join your petition, at the end of the petition drive, I’m sure O’bamma will put it to good use, hanging it in the restrooms in congress & the senate!



    • Larry

      It’s already happened, I’ve been given notice and the increase is effective now! Additionally, when obamee jerk face came in he was going to lower taxes, well my pay check increased $11.00 per month for two years. Then I was told that this was only temporary to give you more money in your pocket. This year my retired pay reduced by $50.00 per month. The reason stated was a change in the tax tables. There was nothing I did to change my deduction, damn sure didn’t get a COLA, don’t know? I no longer have any respect for RINO mccain. I don’t know what he was trying to prove by this move, but it’s going to cost him with military retirees.



  • Bobby K

    Shame on McCain. I was proud (and still am) to have served 20 years in the USAF. I’m now retired and depend on Tricare for Life. I agree with all the others, it’s high time people in Washington start cutting some of their benefits. I haven’t heard anything about that and probably won’t. Obama, who is a millionaire over, why should he worry? Did he serve 20 years? Let’s stop sending billions overseas and take care of our own. I can’t believe Washington, McCain, suggesting a charge of $200 or any amount for something that was PROMISED to retired service members. What a slap in the face! SHAME ON MCCAN, SHAME ON OBAMA, SHAME ON OUR GOVERNMENT.

    • B. Krostoski

      Tonight I wrote to ALL my represenatives voicing my thoughts on Paying 200.00 annually for Tricare for Life and decreasing my veterans benefits.
      “The promise of Free Mdical for life for serving twenty years and a retirement income” The promise is not broken, it’s shattered! I made it known to all in Washington that I will be EXTREMELY SELECTIVE in whom I vote for. The Sun don’t shine on the same dog’s hiney all the time.

  • retiredAF

    If Congress would take a close look at our contracts we are promised free medical, dental, and prescription for LIFE if we retire but now they are trying to charge us for it.
    This could very possibly constitute a breach of contract.
    It’s true McCain has nothing to worry about since his senator pension and benefits are protected by laws Congress made. They always take care of themselves

    • Ted Leber

      Check your factrs retiredAF…I don’t think we ever had contracts that promised dental for life in retirement. Agree Congress should step front and center and cut their benefits before dipping into military retiree’s benefits.
      s/Ted Leber

      • mike

        We may not have had dental but medical is definately there. We had Champus and then they wanted to change it to Tricare, and then later on they made further changes. The thing is this, us older retired vets (either by years or due to disability) were promised these things. Its like being in a regular govt job where they have CSRS or FERS. If you were under CSRS you were told you would get X and then they got wise and figured out they needed to change it to FERS. The fact is, this is different!!

    • Jim

      Sorry to burst your and everyone elses bubble but a few years back when congress tried to do this some retired took it to court. The court said that the only thing promised was the money. They further said that if a recruiter promised this it was in their realm to promise anything other than retirement pay.

      • Terry

        recruiters recruit people, cannot make promises they are incapable of keeping.

    • Unhappy Vet

      Wonder if you could sue the bums?

    • Terry

      nothing is free

  • Gringo

    Hey!! Senator McCain, start cutting your benefits, money, and other ammennities that you get, along with congress and other senators!! We in the military, retirees, and vets worked hard to get our benefits. Keep your GREEDY “HANDS OFF” what little benefits we have for giving our country and military 20+ years of service. Well, John McCain you have lost the support of me and my family!! I others will not support Senator John McCain any longer. This is just so wrong what he wants to do.

  • E.C.Wentworth

    Something is seriously wrong with this situation, just who do these congressmen and Senators work for, who pays their wages, we the people need to cut their salary and benefits seeing we are the ones paying the bill, I getting tired of them telling us what to do and pay, they work for us, not we for them, they had better stop and smell the roses or they could part of the unemployed

  • Mike Travis

    McCain has deserted his Brothers for a fat job and a pension from Washington. He needs to be sent to the glue factory along with the other dirt bags in Congress.
    Why is it those criminals can only think of ways to TAKE money from We the People? I think it is past time that we remind them that WE are the bosses, and they serve US! If they don’t like it, then they can get on the next plane to Afghanistan and see if they can get the Taliban to listen to them.

    This is just another in a long line of betrayals by our government. It is past time that we restore our Constitutional Republic which includes imprisoning all who have violated their oath to defend the Constitution. after we do that, we can work on the rest. Sending a few dozen to prison or to the gallows might get their attention. We can start with the usurper in thief and work our way down.
    For God & Country.

    • This is just “one more time” that the powers to be in Washington continue to erode our hard earned benefits. Maybe we should all contact an ACTIVE DUTY member and tell them to COME ON Home!! We will tell them that our service to our country doesn’t mean a thing to those in the white house, congress or senate, and it won’t mean a thing to those serving now. We now know that that our governments word isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Let us see what washington’s response would be to that.

    • Unhappy Vet

      You want to ruin their day? No need to waste good hemp rope on such a sorry bunch of rodents. Get a third party that has nothing at all to do with democrat or republican and elect its candidates to run the place. Imagine a world where these parasites are sent home, then cut their benefits and cancel their retirement pay. All nice and legal. Spend what we save investigating them and when found guilty of betraying our trust, seize all their assets like they do with the rest of the criminals.

  • Bill Vasalofsky

    So Obamas plan is to give universal healthcare to everyone who hasn’t joined the military and take it away from everyone who has retired from the military? How does that make sense?

    • Unhappy Vet

      His plan was to appear to give universal healthcare. What it really does is guarantee that there will never be reform no matter how badly its needed. He joined with republicans who insisted that the insurance companies be let alone to operate the way they have done. Screwing us harder every year.

  • Chris

    The BEST investment in our country’s future is our military…retired, active, Guard, and reserve. Screwing around with what we were promised is a low blow (BOHICA comes to mind). Those of us close to retirement or on active duty better be grandfathered in to what we were promised! Not to forget the benefits for those who came before us! I am sick of this budget mess and our countries problems…but, those of us in uniform always seem to get the shyt stick.

  • BK S

    WHy are the hurting the people over 65 that were promised these benefits when they retired ? None of the senators and congressmen have any idea how hard it is today with groceries higher each week and all costs going up. Also no raises in 2 years. WHen they have to use the same insurance and have the same percentages of raises, ( AND TAKE AWAY THEIR PERKS) and have to work 20-30 years without a super pension like they get, maybe they might understand how to represent their constituents!!!


    I’m disappointed with Senator McCain in his recommendations, especially for the retirees in TRICARE for Life. These retirees are up in age now with whatever military-related complaints they may have acquired. Most of those in the ‘for Life’ program were promised medical care for the rest of their lives for free. It is not right that the veteran has benefits taken away that he was promised. This is wrong. The $200 fee may seem minimal, but to these veterans it is an added ‘cost’ of life for something that was supposed to be free. The costs for prescribed medications has already risen, and now they want to add another charge. This is ridiculous. For the length of time my husband was in the service, 23 years, it has always been how can we take back what we promised, and if it wasn’t for the veteran’s groups, we wouldn’t have been able to hang on as lo ng as we have to what we have. I feel like we need to open Sen. McCain’s, a verteran and POW, head to see if he is getting too old for the job.

  • A.F. retired

    I find it hard to believe that a former military commander would send a message to agree to military retirement cuts. He has been there and done that! But then his entitlements are not effected. So maybe cutting our throats will enhance his political chances with someone. But certainly not with those who have earned their retirements. Let’s show him the door on his next attempt at an election…..

  • uaf vet

    I agree with everyone her. I just fired an email and I can’t wait to see what cock and bull answer I get. As for a military, the volunteer force is probably not going to be around. And the DRAFT; wow, I guess we will have to wait and see on that one. . . . .

    • Unhappy Vet

      Bring back the draft tomorrow morning.

    • Dennis Habern

      It is imperative that the DRAFT be re-implemented in order to give

      everyone a chance to serve their country, both male and female,

      similar to the Israeli forces. The military teaches character and

      patriotism, two entities that have been long absent from American civiians.

      Everyone needs to pay their taxes, in the same manner that each

      eligible citizen needs to serve in the military; not in the Red Cross or

      other such agencies, if you follow. In addition, McCain is a disgrace to

      his uniform, to himself, and to the United States of America by advocating

      his stance of having older retirees pay an annual fee of $200.00 for

      their Tri-Care, if you follow.

  • Abqaiq

    What is wrong with these people? Maybe McCain is losing his marbles? Has he forgotten all the benefits he received as a POW? AS a Senator he has become a fat cat like so many others. Men and Women have served and died for this country. Many have served overseas more than they have lived in the U.S. No jobs, everyone wanting to cut SS, Military Benefits and Pay while they keep their own. Time for term limits to one only and the right to impeach Senators, Congressmen and the like. Where would they and America be without the Military? Or does anyone really care.

    • Dennis Habern

      For Abqaiq:

      Nobody in Congress really cares, and our hero from his vacation

      in the Hanoi Hilton, similar to Obama, has shown his true colors.

      His and his ilk are a disgrace. We retirees need to understand

      McCain’s rationale for him implementing such a plan, therefore,

      he should be forced to impart an explanation so that we are all on the

      same page. Obama has the same bad habit: he never talks to the

      American people, similar to FDR during World War Two, therefore,

      McCain needs to explain his mismatched intentions to increase a

      retiree’s Tri-Care For Life rates. McCain is following in the footsteps

      of the misguided Obama, whom has never worn the uniform, but he

      is called our Commander-in-Chief none-the-less.

  • kitty908

    My son is a disabled vet. He holds down a full time job on a phone in order to make ends meet. My husband is a retired military personnel. They have earned their disability and retirement pays. Which contrary to what most civilans think we get is really pretty sad. If it wasn’t for the military men and women and the families that support them during tours in places like Korea, Viet Nam, World War I and II and now over in Irag they wouldn’t be sitting as pretty as they are. Unbelievable that they want to attack the benefits that they worked hard for. I never was in the service but as a wife and mother of two, I really think Congress and the Senate should start looking at their incomes and leave the military benefits alone.

  • We saw this when he was running for President. What is new? He is so “wishy-washy”. I dont think that he would have been a good choice for President. He might have been worse than what we have now.

    • Dennis Habern

      For Susan Lantz:

      Nobody, acting as President of the United States, is worse than what we

      have now. Obama and his ilk, are worthless Progressives and have no

      place in United States politics.

  • vettelady… information:

    give him a piece of your mind

  • Old Dutchman

    What is the man thinkiong of…..Like the others commenting …You first cut yours then maybe mine…He probabl;y will not even notice his cut but I depend on mine…..Good think he lost the last election….

  • Retired Army

    I always supported McCain. Not anymore. I hope that I don’t forget where I came from when I am McCain’s age.

    • Unhappy Vet

      No worry. Honorable behavior isn’t age related. Most people behave better as they get older. You never know about that Judgement Day thing. McCain hasn’t changed. It took this to let you see him for who he really is. Most of us would be smart to take a second hard look at whoever else we support in politics.

  • navig8tor

    You know what gets me about military folks, both active duty AND retirees; no matter how much you get, u want more! What you have is never enough. I joined the military in 1986, and i remain on active duty to this day so i feel I am qualified to speak on the matter.

    look around you…this country is hurting. Millions unemployed and ur ******** about a $200 A YEAR fee for TRICARE. If u retired 20 years ago ur retirement check has DOUBLED off the backs of the active duty folks yet u complain its not enough. this sense of entitlement is part of the problem with folks in this country. U swore an oath the day u joined the military…u agreed to SACRIFICE…swallow ur greed and stop sitting there with ur hands out demanding more. While u worry about ur posh retirements, ur vacation homes and free medical care…many in this country cant feed their kids! U should he ashamed of urselves!!

    • EMJ

      While those that have retired over 20 years ago may have seen their retirement checks double over that time, what exactly has the cost of living done? Perhaps you’ve forgotten too, that they now pay for medical care, that while promised implicitly (as it was never in writing), none the less was reaffirmed by the inclusion of retirees in Tricare to begin with.
      I’d suggest you get off your soap box, do a little research, and support those who are trying to preserve what little we have left so that you might find some security in your retirement years.

    • Theo

      Hey there slick, posh retirement? Apparently you haven’t retired yet. That post retirement is roughly 1200 bux a month. From that Posh retirement check comes taxes, you remember those. Also from that Posh retirement check come tricare and delta dental, those slick aren’t free. Also from that posh retirement you need to pay your co-pays, which might not sound like much at 12 -25 bux a visit, but you toss in your co-pay for prescriptions at 3, 6, 9, or 12 bux per prescription and it adds up. Now you tell me chief just how do you pay a mortgage, food, and the other daily living expenses on 1200 a month. See unlike you, still serving, we don’t get a food stipend, a rent stipend, free medical for our families, free dental for our families, a clothing allowance, an annual COLA pay increase (which the retirees have NOT had in the past 3 yrs) or anything of that nature.

      • Theo

        You also seem to forget their buddy that retirees get paid 1 time a month, not twice a month, like you. Your ignorance in how the VA processes disability claims also suggests how it takes them between 18 and 36 months currently for service connected disability ailments. You also don’t seem to realize that some of these POSH RETIREMENT VETS as you call them, are living under bridges, eating out of dumpsters, and don’t have the simple things in life, like clothes or a place to shower, or even that really cool thing you call heat in the winter. GREED chief, is the last thing alot of these VETS are suffering from.

    • Skip

      Hey numbnuts!! Get bthis strait- I spent three years in RVN. 3/67-6/69, 3/72-12/72. 9 1/2 yrs USMC, 10 1/2 yrs USMCR. Retired 12/1985. I pay $460.00 yr for TRICARE, not $200. When I first went to RVN, HFP was $65 per month, my basic pay was about $165 per mo. I now collect $1006 per mo CRSC payment, and $1429.00 VA Comp with a 70% disability rating. I am a 63 yr old Type II diabetic as a result of exposure to Agent Orange. And you think I have it easy?? Easier than the current crop of vets on active duty?? Where in the hell do youy get off on criticizing those of us who came before you?? Shame on you!!!
      SSgt USMC Ret.

    • Kelly R

      WOW! If you truly are military I can not believe that you would actually say that having your benefits messed with is OK! As you should know the military is not a bunch of rich folks like you must think. If you want to be rich DO NOT join the military! Since you are not yet retired I would be careful to defend the idiotic decisions of our government. You must know that they may be grandfathering YOUR retirement. Meaning that they want to make sure it sucks! So when and if that time comes don’t come crying to us about it. You sound like a politician!



    • Lodge

      Listen Sad Sack!! Why in hell are you in the military? I would like to be able to track your career to see where some DoDo bird like you originated. Don’t tell me that you plan to retire and take all those undeserved benefits you speak of. By the way, there are a lot of retired military that don’t possess the “Hands” to reach out with to demand more.

    • active


      With what you have stated and not knowing anything else about you or your career…I must assume you are a current reflection of what is wrong with past and present military, political policy and leadership. You should know better…
      I have served on the enlisted side and now serve as an officer…Therefore, I have the experience to relay several things:
      1. Don’t screw with benefits promised.
      2. Don’t screw with benefits of those families who served, died/still serving or dying to date.
      I assume you have lost buddies in war, taken care of their parents/kids, and have a 90% disabled vet as you spouse? If not, you contact me and, I’ll give you a pair of shoes to walk in.
      Till that time comes, I would appreciate you refrain from embarrassing yourself in front of vets.

    • Dennis Habern

      Hey Einstein:

      It has nothing to do with the $200.00 fee, but rather it has everything

      to do with doing the right thing, especially when there is “NEVER” any

      mention of cutting Congress’ pay and benefits as an equalizer, if

      you follow. McCain has now entered the class of morons that Obama

      and his ilk reigns supreme.

  • timg99

    It’s times like this that make people regret that the military is under control of civilians who have never done anything for their country except sit on their collective butts and take kickbacks from the lobbyists.If Obama goes through with these stupid plans the Democratic party will not recover. I guarantee that the first candidate after Obama leaves that promises to reinstate the benefits will get elected with no problem

    • Dennis Habern

      Personally, I have never advocated our military being run by civilians.

      In the 19th century Prussia, for example, the king reigned supreme,

      but during times of war, he gave his generals full authority to

      prosecute a war, and in ancient Rome, the Senate gave the overall

      military commander in the field, full-authority to wage war because most

      senators were not military commanders. Many years ago, when the

      Founding Fathers awarded the President of the United States the

      additional title as the Commander-in-Chief, that title had a purpose,

      but today, and for many years in the past, this ward has outlive its

      purpose because there is little doubt that the military would entertain

      the thought of maintaining a complete takeover, and, therefore I see this

      move as a inclusive measure to thwart martial law, because the

      military can at all times take over whether the President of the United

      States has been awarded the title of Commander-in-Chief, if you


  • Craig

    JOHN McLAME !!


  • sgm38


  • neil ch

    Now I know (1) how McCain lost the election and (2)
    How the other guy who is now president won it.

    Hey McCain, we didn’t elect you to stab us in the back

    How can you as a senator deny us ours while you and
    all the rest of the phonies in Congress have yours ?

    DO AS I SAY. . . AND NOT AS I DO should be your motto !

  • Sounds to me like he did not spend enough time as a POW and needs to go back. All of the elected officals want to do is take, take, take. maybe they need to take some of there perks and give it to the Active, and Retired Military for keeping them safe.

  • donna

    We should take care of those who take care of us…that’s the 1 percent of the population our men and women in uniform.. Cut the politicians pensions instead…they only take care of themselves..

  • PBB

    Its time to STOP paying Taxes! Then see how the “Gov’ can operate,its own country “WE the people”.

  • Friend of his father

    Admiral McCain would turn over in his grave if he knew his son did this. He married into money and he could care less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    They have all lost my support. How disgusting of an idea. When they needed us to fight, bleed and our brothers died they were all for that as long as they didn’t get their hands dirtied. This is outrageous and they may as well institute the draft again because for poverty level wages why on earth would anyone join. I went in as a PVT E-1 and retired a Major so I know both ends of the military better than most. I can’t believe that this country could have the nerve to continue to ask men and women to do the fighting and dieing so they can live like the they do. For the first time I may have a little sypathy for the groups doing the occupying across the country.

  • Billy Cooper

    Since when was John McCain ever with the “Cojones” to stand up for anything? I didnt expect him to say anything in regards to military retired healthcare. He should have kept his D*** Mouth Shut. Of course hisold lady is a multi-millionaire, I sure wouldnt be worried about any Tricare for Life Benefits either. So he can spout off his mouth all he wants to. You know, You would think anyone who spent time in the Hanoi Hilton, would be for every service man retired or active duty. But not old RINO.

  • Bandit_4

    Just another Vet here that served 21.5 LONG years, serving in both Africa and SW Asia combat operations. I was told I would receive 1-2-3 if I served at least 20 years. I did my part…now it’s time for this great country to stand up and protect that which I and my battle buddies sacrificed oh so much so that we could retire or move on to a new career before we were too old to do so. Don’t bitch about it now, about 99% of our citizens could have served…so many chose not to or considered Military service to be beneath them. That’s fine, I got their back!

    Please America, each one of us has a responsibility to do everything we can to help the Veterans of our great Armed Forces at least receive those benefits they were promised over so many years of service. Thanks.

  • SmithAFRET

    Notice their is no mentioning of cutting congress’s pay and benefits, or the President’s and his Cabinet, let’s start there our great leaders!

  • dave t leyva

    What the heck is wrong with McCain? If they want to save money put all the congress, both houses, on Social Security. They make enough to make there own pensions. Let them enjoy Medicare and life under social security. They serve one term and get a pension that would keep me afloat for ever.

    • Unhappy Vet

      They get away with this and every rotten thing like it because they keep the voters divided and fighting with each other. A house divided cannot stand. They stir up people’s hatred and anger in a liberal vs. conservative never ending fight. They get their followers so mad at the other side that they don’t notice what’s really happening. Since there’s ALWAYS some issue that people are angry and arguing about, you never take the time to notice that the side you trust is your worst enemy.

  • Leslie Smith

    As usual, McCain has his head where the sun doesn’t shine.
    But do not worry, he will say something different tomorrow or the next day.
    His mind is still a prisoner or war!

  • VCS

    Why can’t we all get along with each other. Work together, talk together, pray together, be for each other instead of being against one another. Why? Until we start acting as one we will not go very far in life. In God I Trust. What about you.

  • Edwin Tate

    EI am a retired Gysgtnter text right here!

  • J DALE


  • John

    I never would have thought that a many like McCain who gave so much for this country could turn is back on his brothers and sisters this way.

  • David A

    The congress has always been this way. It was designed tah way. There is actually a book that is required reading of all West Point cadets during their 2 year. It’s about time we the PEOPLE WOKE UP!!!!!

  • Blind with Vision

    While changes are needed, it shouldn’t be all on the backs of those who have “contracted services” with the government. We basically are losing our benifits that were part of a contract.

    It is past time to overhaul the salaries and benifits of government. How many Billions would be saved if that happened. Just voting them out wouldn’t solve the problem. They won’t bring up a change like that for vote because it would never get enough votes to pass.

    We vote them in an they crap right on our heads while they are walking all over the seniors and military retirees. The youngsters can’t get a job that’s not there so the answer is take from the seniors and retirees and create jobs for the youngsters.

    What a SOCIALISTIC, one way bunch we have voted in!

  • Retired Army

    This is for navig8tor who wrote the following: You know what gets me about military folks, both active duty AND retirees; no matter how much you get, u want more! What you have is never enough. I joined the military in 1986, and i remain on active duty to this day so i feel I am qualified to speak on the matter.

    I joined in 1971 and feel that I too am qualifed on this matter. I don’t understand your point. We’re not asking for more. We just don’t want to lose what we have. I haven’t seen a cost of living allowance increase in two years. What was yours?

  • Daniel

    Things and times change. The government has overspent and now’s the time we all have to pay up. Two hundred dollars a year for health care is reasonable. The promise of free lifetime healthcare was a promise based on past history – it was never in writing as part of a contract or statute. As for McCain, he has his opinion and I respect it, may not agree with it, but I’m not going to start calling him names.

  • Dan

    I would like to see exactly what Sen McCain receive as VA compensation and medical military retirement for his 6 year POW time during the Vietnam war. Then add that to his possible future retirement pay from being a senator……

  • Wally

    Time for Senator McCain to retire.

  • Bill Howell, Retired

    Congress do what your heart tells you do, You keep on messing with the military people, soon you will not have a military to protect you and your family, I can’t wait until election time, we are goling to get rid of all you, (Rep & Dem) We have suffer for you and your family, Now you want to take away our benefits from us little at a time. I have no respect for our Rep’s.

  • BrokeGI

    McCain needs to go home and play with his self. He is past his usefullness and to think I once voted for him. He is out of touch. Agree with others him and the rest need to clean their house before cleaning their neighbours.

  • Hulen

    Obama, McCain and all the other members of Congress are just looking out for themselves. They could care less about the middle class and blue collar people. They have theirs, and now they want ours. It’s a crying shame WE have no real representation anymore. Its all about greed and power. Comments from a retired vet.

  • jarheadjeff

    I wonder what McCain would recommend if he were on Tricare Prime? Also, what fool in his right mind would serve 20 plus years risking life and limb on the hopes that he or she will have anything left in their thrift savings account once the thieves on Wall Street have had their way with it. McCain has lost it. He should just move back to Vietnam.

  • Dave

    WE THE RETIRED are the expendable group, and have always been. All the concern is the NOW military and their dependents

  • scott


  • unknown

    Sen Mccain, you have sold us out. All you thieves need to be voted out of office. I cannot believe what you are proposing. Why don’t you first look to the cost of providing health care to illegals and take care of us VETS first. I cannot wait to vote every one of you out of office, including you mccain. I have lsot respect for you….

  • Sam Huffman

    Sen. McCain is a idot!!!!!

  • David Harty

    Thank god McCain is retiring, he’s totally out of touch w/the “little” people. This is the reason I vote and I research BEFORE I vote. There are many more losers in congress that are willing to stick it to us. We need to vote them out! This goes across party lines. Whenever the spenders(congress) need to save money they take it from those who can least afford it, people like me trying to live on service connected income.

  • McCain has always bragged about being a POW, how many others have had & have what this guy was given. he has never cared about the military everytime he gets the chance to shaft us he has and will.

  • Ken Johnson

    Ret. SMSGT/USAF What is the matter with this guy? Doesn’t he realize that the Military retired over age 65 all ready has the cost of Medicare B withheld from their Social Security payment each month just to be eligible for Tricare for Life? This far exceeds the monthly premiums that Military Retirees under 65 are expected to pay. To add an additional $200 a year charge is an insult to those who were promised medical care for life, not to mention the finiancial hardship it presents to their livelyhood.

  • SFC Chuck

    Talk about a turn coat

  • Tom

    There once was a time when I would encourage a young person to join the military. Not any more. I hope these changes create mass exodus from all branches. Then let the politicians be the ones that bleed

  • Theo

    And if anyone should be ashamed, it very well should be you. Apparently you seem to forget that MANY of these vets DID NOT have the “transition assistance” type programs YOU take for granted these days. THESE same VETS you are bad mouthing are the same vets that belong to vet organizations that lobby congress to make YOUR RETIREMENT benefits much better than what THEY have or have not got in most cases. These same vets, with their greedy hands held out, are the same vets that pushed for your NEW GI BILL. They are the same vets that help put together care packages for the deployed troops serving today. You know those really nice FREE TO DEPLOYED MEMBERS CALLING CARDS, where the hell do you think those come from? Yep those greedy retired vets.

  • Medserv

    There should be a protest simular to the Occopy Wallstreet Protest to bring attention to the excesses of Congressional Benifits and perks. I believe this would truly make CNN, Fox, etc., and embarrass Congress and bring a laser focus on what is not widely publically talked about—the need and demand for changes in congressional benifits. If they consider themselves leaders, then they truly should lead by example or be forced to. How can they truly spout off comments about the national debt, cut programs and benifits for others and yet make no adjustments to the spending that supports their own interest ? Email your congressman / woman and just threaten to protest. This might help to evoke some changes in our favor.



  • Theo

    I retired in 2007. I have been on both sides of the fence. My service connected injuries have landed me 16 surgeries in 7 years. Posh is not something I would say MOST of these “greedy vets” as you spew, is the life style they live. MANY of them are NOT as well off as you seem to think.

    And that 200 Dollars for Tricare is currently 460. That 200 bux is for tricare for life, which if you were not aware IS MANDATORY if you hope to draw your social security/medicare benefit. and keep your family insured. THAT chief is one of those little, bend you over, caviats THEY DON’T TELL YOU. You see bud, if you are Medicare Eligible, YOU MUST TAKE THAT as well as your TRICARE, because TRICARE is always 2ndary. IF YOU DONT pay for medicare, then you LOOSE YOUR TRICARE BENEFIT. So guess what, now you are paying twice. POSH is far from what I would call it.

  • brooksr47

    Nice to be in charge….ain’t it!

  • KM Navy Widow

    I am a widow for almost 15 years. My husband retired from the US Navy after putting 20 years in. I was told that I would be able to have continual medical benefits and Tricare Standard is my only medical insurance. I work full time just to pay bills and take care of my Mother in Law. I just barely get by and this person wants me to pay for my medical? Where will I get the money to do this? I am 57 yoa and cannot get my husbands retirement money until I am 65 yoa. When my Husband died I never remarried. Everything keeps going up in price except my paycheck. Obviously this person has not looked at the full picture of how this will effect all retirees, their families, and the widows that survived their husbands staying in for the full 20 years and dieing just 5 years after they retired. Just looking at the General Picture does not show all the results on how this would effect the military personal and their families during and after putting their 20 years of service in.

  • dan

    thats it; iaam on my way to n.y. to join in the protests on corp. greed; these people have no clue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeri

    Senator McCain is a shell. He made himself look all that good over the border problem, got himself re-elected and now that he has it all, wants to cut benefits for the Tricare for Life people, who in no way can afford $200 a year to enroll in Tricare for Life. They have already raised the co-pay of prescriptions, and as they put it, “a slight raise in the co-pay.” If a co-pay was $3, how is $5 slight? This government is strangling the elderly. The people who contributed the most to their wages, and benefits. What the hell is wrong with McCain? He is supposed to be such an authority on military. He is a loser, and should have never been re-elected. He is a shell. He kisses BO’s AZZ all the time. All of these idealogs will have to stand before God one day and explain the things they did to hurt people, and don’t plan on being saved from hell.

  • Mary

    Shame on you John McCain. Can we charge you 200.00 enrollment fee also.Will you cut your Medical also. What happened to those promises? SHAME, SHAME



  • mike

    I would like to see these cutters live on $27000 a for 1 year as I do then see what they would want to cut or raise the price of.
    These people make me so sick,they go about their days living the good life talking about how much can be saved by cutting and raiseing things on the poor as if they are doing something great.I wish it was a way that I could dislike people that that think way more than I do.

  • Jeri

    Who cares whether he is okay with it or not. He is not God. Get over yourself McCain.



  • Janet White

    McCain is nothing but a LIAR!!!!! He promised to support us IF he had been elected President! I knew it! Never had I ever heard a former POW suggest such nonsense. I am a 20 year retired permanently disabled vet and worked until I was carried off a job while fighting for my disablity. The shame of it is that the Army doctor UNDERLINED my disablity – and it still took FOUR YEARS! I lost my home and was on the street with my family. Thank You to all you dirty politicians! I still believe in GOD, but not in this COUNTRY; who can do these things to 20 year vets.

  • mtflyer

    McCain has sold us out. Evidently he now owes his allegiance to a foreign power (Wall Street). Also I find the concept of having a person who has never spent a day in uniform making proposals as “commander-in-chief” that affect those of us who have served or are serving is a sick joke. That would include Clinton and W (who didn’t live up to his rerserve obligations).

  • lacaco

    McCain should have never been reelected by his constituents, these people that put this senile POS back in office should be happy with what they now have!!!

  • We are the largest voting bloc in existence, unified, we can control whom governs our affairs….that’s from the President down to the newest representatives. Let’s put our act(s) together, and help to determine our own future. Remember, McClain was never one of us!

  • Vince

    Senator McCain, Have you loss your mind ? Needless to say I thank God you were not elected Commander and Chief. Please note that if you new what I think of our present Commander and Chief you would understand my very low respect I have for you. < Retired USAF>

  • Prestor John

    Why doesn’t he try living on a budget like most of us vets do. He has sold us down the river. He has become a disgrace.

  • Baddboyy

    How about all Active Duty and Reserves stand down, see what will happen to the precious freedom these men and women fight and die for, only then will the protected ever realize what the meaning of Freedom really is, and the cost of lives it causes. McCain is a communist anyway, he was the only one that signed the North Vietnamese papers denounsing the The United States during the WAR in Vietnam, and another thing he has a great pension, what does he care about Veteran Benefits. We need to put him and Jane Fonda together, they make a great pair of American Communist.

  • Ktom

    McCain has been a closet democrat all along!

  • Richard

    For a vet and former POW what has gotten into him. I agree. All of congress should be on Social Security, have the same medical we all have and cut their pay down to what normal people get. They are overpaid for the job we elect them to do. They only think of their own pocket and what BIG BUSINESS gives them. It is just all for them and screw us as we have just seen with the jobs bill.

  • MSgt

    McCain, I never thought you would turn on us. How about overhauling the House and Senate’s pay and benefits before you start reaching for ours. What a slap in the face…unbelievable.

  • EagleMan1988

    Here we are, the 1% that protect the 99% getting fked over again.

  • mike

    I am at a loss for words on this one. We set our lives, though we did it freely, aside for our country and then to have him (as a vet) turn on us without saying those in congress should pay for their own and then some as a cost cutting measure, it is total BS!!! He may be a POW and a VET but he has totally lost touch with anyone. We enlisted with the promise of the benefits we have and then to have them stripped away because it costs too much….I am pissed!! We get F’ed everytime cause the high and mighty feel we arent due. I will say this again, this government would not be in place if it were not for us and I would be willing to bet that if former (and god forbid current) vets were to stand against it they would change their tune. R

  • dfmcgillis

    Another striking example of the greed, self-serving, self-ENTITLED quizlings we have placed in office.”The congress will enact no provision for the citizen which does not affect the congress equally” Perhaps not an exact quote but close enough to indicate what the founding fathers of this country forsaw as good and lawful government. After 28 years of service and two years “on retainer” I actually recieved a retirement. I saw action in Viet Nam, “Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom and a couple other fiasco’s our good polititions decided were good for us. (Broken service for you who are counting the years in the timespan I cover. Now some snotty nosed senator who never placed him(her) self in more hazzardous or arduous situations than crossing Pensylvania ave. or using the correct tableware at a fundraiser (usually to beg money for another term, who gets BETTER careaand retirement after only TWO YEARS tells me My benefits need to be cut. GO FIGURE

  • Retired E8

    McCain, I served 4 years active and 29 years reserve time and in the middle of all that I served 30 years on the Philadelphia Police department and you say its ok to take our benefits away, all I have to say to you Mr McCain is shame on you.

  • SCPO(ret)

    After reading many of the responses, I support the idea that if and when the politicians restructure their benefits and retirement, then and only then should they have a say for our benefits. I understand McCain was a POW and I respect that more than most can feel, but right now, he appears to be doing what most polictians do best, that is take away everything that we were promised as military veterans/retirees, but he is making sure he gets his lifelong benefits for sitting in a public office to respresent the American citizen, which appears lately to be the last item on their agenda. Senators and congressmen seem to have an untouchable list of benefits. Maybe they should put their benefits on the ballot and see how the American people feel and vote on that.

  • Stephen Bratton

    Senator McCain and all the Policitians need to take a 39% pay cut plus cutting their benefits and other perks they get. When they do this and stop the huge corporations from stealing the hard earned money of those who make the money for these corporations and allow the Military who serve for 20+ years to earn what they get then I will listen to him cutting my medical benefits and changing our retirement. I served 24 years and along with my fellow retirees are entitled to what we earned when we retired nothing less. Those serving never know if they will be sent on a mission of war and if so whether they will return to their families and friends. Where does the real pay cuts need to start? In WASHINGTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CCCallaway

    I for one spent my twenty-four years doing a good job.For things that I was promised once it was completed. The paper I signed and agreed upon I still have. It will be my duty to see you will abide your promise, it is time all veterans start our march to D.C. and stop this from happen anymore.

  • exGI37343

    Dumb, Stupid, Ignorant, and any other words you can think of. The problem is folks, McCain ain’t gonna read these comments. If I understand things right, we can’t vote him out cause he is gonna quit. (Some would call that being chicken-shit). We are a captive audience when it comes to government policy changes and decisions. We blindly put them in there, thinking they would take care of those that need when the only damn thing they’re taking care of is there own butts and pocketbooks. Bottom line, we ain’t gonna have a government “For The People” until we can elect someone from the street that has been there. The ones in office now sure as hell don’t know what is gong on outside their little protected offices. I am beginning to understand why there is so much security around Washington and our elected officials. They need all the protection they can get because of their stupid thoughts.


    Why is it when we need to make budget cuts the first place they come is to the military. Don’t see anyone talking about how a service member has to serve their country for 20 years before they can recieve a pension and the high ranking officails in congress only have to serve one term and recieve their entire salary for the rest of there life. Why is the president better than a serve member sacrificing there life for are freedom the firsts we take away from or ack mpore from. How about we make this fair. Someone else in the government take cuts to their entitlements.

  • D Siek

    Senator McCain is a disgrace to his record and should be ignored when a vote for his idea comes up. He is hurting a whole group of deserving vets and widows who can not afford to lose what was promised them as they are already
    on very fixed incomes and these increases will put many many in a position where they will be unable to buy food ord have medical care. Do we need to add to the welfare rolls? Let us see some common sense ,better budgeting by the big

  • River Rat BM1


  • trailblazer

    I did 26 years in the Air Force. At 65 my wife and I had to subscribe to Medicare or loose tricare. That was a $2400.00 hit. Our Tricare prime was $320.00. for both of us. That went away at 65 and saved part of the Medicare
    payment. Now it seems the powers that be want have us pay what we
    paid for tricare prime but add an addition $80.00 for the privilege of using them as a supplemental insurance to medicare. Not as a primary. All of a sudden our medical went from $320.00 a year to $2800.00 a year. When you live on SSI and a military retirement $3000.00 is a major hit, Bottom line I have had to go back to work to pay for our insurance. How many more are out there just like me. 70 years old and force to go back to work.

  • Fran

    This makes me sick…my husband and I gave 20 yrs of our lives to this country. Yes, He was the one in the military, but I was the one home waiting, taking care of his children and abiding by all the rules and regulations of the military along with my husband. He was promised that if he served 20 yrs he and his spouse would be taken care of by way of medical coverage for life. I consider this to be breach of contract… husband died four years ago believing that if anything happened to him I would at least have medical care. I agree with all who suggest those in office serve this country for 20 yrs before receiving ANY BENEFITS AT ALL! Cut their pays and benefits first, then come talk to me about cutting medical care or requiring me to pay for care. Shame on the fool and his cohorts who are running this government…SHAME!!!

  • Randy Westveer

    As a retiree I could hold my nose and live with changes to the system affecting NEW enlistees, but where the hell is Obama lite coming from wanting to change the rules for those of us who have been retired 15+ years! Oh, that’s right – he IS Obama lite! Surprised he didn’t become the Obamunist’s SecDef. Congress could save a sh**load of money by cutting their staffs, putting themselves on 401K programs while in office – NO lifetime pensions – put themselves on SS and the same kind of medical they expect us to live with…in short – become “one of the people”!

  • Manuel

    He don’t care and any others Reppresentative or senators.they just
    Care that we put then in those positions. Making emptie promises.
    They don’t care about us. They sleep real good. When we gave our
    Live for our country. And the little that we get,they want to take away.
    McCain is the first one to be against us.HE JUST DON’T CARE.

  • Steve

    Write Sen McCain and let him know how you feel about his decision to reverse his viewpoints on this!

  • Cdr_Rogers

    McCain feels good about calling himself a Captain??? Now he is a Senator and has all the benefits of a Congress Politician – he doesn’t need the military benefits – NOR does he need the title Captain USN Ret..

    I guess he forgot what is taught in the USNA much less what he learned in the squadron and subsequent stay in Hanoi Hilton. He should stay a senator in DC because I’d puke on his shoes if I see him here in Arizona.

    All references to John McCain posted at the USNA should be shrouded in black as the man we once knew is definitely no more… He will never get a salute from me anymore.

  • don

    HE is also a retired 4(count em, 1, 2, 3, 4)star Admiral, currently sucking the life blood out of the system that he supported while being a prisoner of war…..its hard to believe that after Viet Nam, everyone talked about what a hero this individual was for enduring captivity for an extended period of time……do we need to put you back into a prisoner of war status to make you realize that the military has and will always be the forefront of what freedoms this country now celebrate……being a POW is not fun……..but it teaches humility………….remember that John or Admiral or SIR……..whatever your true status is now

    • retiree

      No, that was his father. He is a retired O-6 (Navy Captain).

  • Kelly R

    GIVE ME A BREAK! Or maybe I should say US!! ALL or almost all politicians want to constantly take away from the Military. Why is that? We were ALL promised a retirement after the 20 yrs that we have served our great nation. Also we were promised healthcare for the rest of ours and our spouses lives! Why is there constantly threats to that? Like someone said above before you think about taking from us why dont you think about taking some from yourself! No more high wages, no more big raises, no more expensive vacations on tax payer money, no more great medical, and no more life retirement for you and your spouses. Since you all think we in the military have it so damn great why dont you come and join our club!!! Oh and like us in the military if our spouse dies the living spouse no longer receives their retirement unless we pay 100 dollars a month for most of our life and then that just to get 50% of it! So how about we leave the Military benefits alone and quite taking from the men and women who have fought so hard to protect you all and everyone else in this great land. Not only does it affect the Military member but also their spouse and in some cases their children too.

  • E. L. White

    Any young person that is thinking about joining any of the military services need to have a thorough psych exam. Whenever the politicians want to cut costs on anythin, the first people that they look to screw is the military. Our service members are willing to go to a foreign country, because the United States can’t keep their nose out of other peoples business, and give their lives and this is how our country repays that loyalty, by screwing them out of their benefits and pay When are the citizens of the United States going to wake up and stop going to the polls and voting these money hungry clowns into office. If we would stop voting we would quickly get the attention of these, so called, public servants!!!

  • fatefullightining

    I will agree with Sen. McCain as soon as he and Bernanke and Barney Frank and Chris Dod can tell the citizens of this country where $700 Billion went in the bailout of the Banks [that now want $5 for every ATM transaction] and the Bond Houses.

    In the first week after the bailout, Bernanke was asked to name the banks where the $700 beillion went. He said,”I don’t know.” Then he added, “It’s complicated.”

    I am flabbergasted that a decorated POW would offer up the pension and disability money of Veterans before he would chase down and recover all the missing money. McCain apparently has a higher loyalty to preserving the oligopoly that runs DC and Our Economy than he does to those of us who bled so that they could get wealthy. Disappointing. Out of Character.

    P*ss Poor.

  • rplat

    Of course McCain doesn’t care . . . he’s got everything he needs and has married a rich woman. Thanks for your support Joh,.

  • Wizard of Oz

    Politicians SUCK, they should have to abide by the same time lines we retired military do. 20 years gets you basic medical. These idiots are breaking the bank with their retirement benefits………WHY?????????????

  • A. Bolen

    We can all sit here and talk all we want on these blogs. But until we all get together and let our selfs be seen and heard in Washington DC, it is not going to do any good. We all need to go to Washington and damand the benefits that have been promised to us. Do you think for one min that congress cares about what we write here on this blog, they proble dont even read this. No one but us vets know what we went thru for 20 years. NO ONE IS GOING TO FIGHT FOR US BUT US. It is time we stand up for our selfs.


    I used to admire McCain. I even voted for him for President. That was my big mistake. I no longer have any respect for him.

  • richard claypool

    i like sen mccain recomending we get cut and charged more. Maybe he thinks we all have the same benfits that he gets in cingress or maybe we are all married to a woman with money. What fantacy world does he live in

  • 2 war combat vet

    Mcain wants to do what? When I enlisted the retirement benefits and pay were the promise made to us for 20 years faithful service, PERIOD. So now the govt. and mcain want to modify it and try to renege on an agreement that we honored with our lives and sacrifices? HE DEFINITELY AND OTHERS THAT THINK LIKE HIM NEED TO GO!!!

  • Navy Wife

    Well, I just emailed him.

    I sure hope he understands how outrageous this is.

    Shame Shame

  • I don-t under stand where McCaine is comming from , altho it want hurt him like it will the rest of us that is retired. So go aheat cut us retires throught.

  • Harry

    I see that McCain has reverted back to his liberal self now that he has been elected again. We voters in Arizona just never learn that he is a liberal not a conservative. It wasn’t for no reason that Ted Kennedy caleed McCain his goof friend.

  • Thomas Allen

    All I say about this mess is I knew from day one what would happen if Obama was ever our president. He totally ignors the will of the majority of the people. Why Americans allow this is beyond me. As fare as I am concerned Nixon did nothing compared to this presdent. This is just the beginning of what coming. Retired Marine 25 years of service. Never like McCain anyway being a POW dosent make anyone a hero in Marine beliefs.

  • Frank “the tank”

    Don’t understand the coments that McCain is a RINO. Contrary to what Rush and all the FOX flag wavers say, the Republicans duty is to cut taxes for the wealthy and reduce benefis for the rest of us so the budget is balanced. From Rush on down none have served a day in the military. They all think Social Security, medicare and Tricare should all be cut too. Y’all remind me of the teabaggers who want the government to go away, but “keep your hands off my Social Security and Medicare.” You can’t have it both ways. If you vote to have the Republicans in office you will have cuts in all these programs and even military pension cuts too. So when you vote, there are consequences. They will thank you for your service but when it comes to pay you for your service they have taken a tax pledge that overrides any logic.

  • retired96

    It is a sad day when a “military hero” sells out his military followers. I even voted for him in last election. I have spent my entire adult life dedicated to the military. I think it is shame that these people “in charge” want to take away more of our rights and benefits. When are they going to start cutting back on their own benefits? Everyone should take the time to send a letter to their congressmen. It seem the military professional is a dying breed. By this I mean that the politicians are slowing killing us off through their budget cuts. What happened to a promise meaning something? I stayed on active duty for 21 years looking forward to the benefits I had earned. I really hate being made a fool and have things given to me only to have them taken away.

  • Wizard of Oz

    Our country is lost, just give it up, soon our politicians , who have done NOTHING for HUGE amounts of money and retirement benefits, will break the bank. I hope, I see in my day, the end of all politicians benefits. You need to EARN WHAT YOU GET, LIKE WE DID…..f-ing LOSERS.

  • Why doesnt he propose cutting the benefits for current & former members of Congress? Last I checked, very few of them get shipped to war zones. They keep trying to compare civilian pay to military, but fail to compare the job descriptions.

  • Michael

    McCain needs to give up his retired benifits before cutting ours.For most of us retired Enlisted, this is all we have, and most of us are unemployed. I am a disabled vet with three children under 11 years old. I have been out of work for seven years. I am well educated, over 50 and madd as hell with Washington.

  • Clyde Davis

    I think Mcain has spent to much time out in the sun.

  • Alan

    Why doesn’t our govt start taking some of the benefits away from those that live on welfare and food stamps? My ex wife gets $330 each month for food stamps and she buys nice meals and entertains her friends. lol. She also receives 100% free healthcare with medicaid. No copay no nothing. The whole system is a damn joke…and folks wonder why these people never get a job or get off the govt system.

  • Paul

    McCain did you sever in the Military ? And were you injured ?And do you carry a disabltiy from serving in the Military IF YES Then what the HELL are you thinking,
    Iv’e served over 20 good years for this country, and I would do it again if I could. Because I love this country, and I think all these Retired and Vets fill the same as I do.
    I think all these Politicians should sever 10 years in the armed forces before they take a Office . they will have more respect for all the Vets, and Retired for what they have done for there COUNTRY. McCain please don’t give in.You are the back bone to helping the Military You where their, don’t get into some one back pocket because they need you, Do it for your COUNTRY and all the retired and military Vets

    • Cdr_Rogers

      Mccain was in Hanoi Hilton for a number of years (shot down) – retired Navy Captain – O6 – went to the Naval Academy

  • Herb Anderson

    The rich run the country… the poor take it in the ass…
    The rich run for office and win because they have money to throw away on a position that does not pay anywhere near what they spend to get the position… go figure… (corporate corrupt money passed from open hand to open hand)
    Maybe if we require that anyone who wants to run for public office must have done their time in the military… to understand the sacrifices we and our families make.
    I never thought I would see the day that our country shit on it’s military so much, all at once, and by men and women who supposedly served proudly… (I for one think that McCain is a traitorous, commie ass kissing SON OF A B…. that should be tried for treason under the UCMJ… for colaborating with the enemy in a time of war…
    For most of us, the pension is barley enough to make a mortgage payment, without the medical coverage and base privileges… what do we have except our pride and self respect, for our service…
    They serve on term (2 years) and get full med and pension for life… and it is a damn sight better than ours…

    RMC, USCG (Ret)

  • Wolfman

    Just where are elderly retirees to find this money … this guy is out of touch with reality … Does he think, retirees are wealthy? Cut his income or make him pay for the free stuff he get now and I bet he’ll change his mind real quick.
    We worked for and earned our retirement … now they want to put the screws to us… USAF/USCG RET.

  • You idiots deserve everything you get…as a veteran I have watched you iodiots keep voting this sissy McCain in to office over and over….now its time to reap what you sow. The fact that you deemed him a hero for getting shot down because he was a daddys boy and couldn’t fly. He is and has been a homo all his life hence the Navy (that goes for you jarheads too)….Thats the militarys gay dumping ground. Thanks again Navy for another sissy punk like John Ferry…im mean Kerry. Keep voting idiots you will end up with the government you deserve. Go Air Force!!!

  • Army Vet

    If I had a Senator’s retirement I would agree with Senator McTurncoat. But since I don’t I would recommend he impose a cut on the Senators benifits. Then they would only be breaking a promise to themselves.

  • Lee

    I think it’s time that Mcain should be thrown to the wolves & all of his benefits be taken away.This just showes that he is a coward & only thinking about selfish self.

  • Wayne

    Again Uncle Sam put it to the vet’s that some gave and some of them gave there all! Should we have a MARCH on Wasington as the WW I vet had to do to some of our rights back? When I joined in 1968 they said if you stay for 20 all will be payed, retirement pay and medical for life and we won’t have to pay. Now they want to fork us again.

  • Shawn

    The Senator from Arizona has lost is ever loving mind. Why do the retiree’s/military men and woman get thrown under every cut that comes down the pipe, but the 1% who have every person in Congress standing up for them and defending their right to keep what they earned, but I can’t keep what I earned, what I was promised, and what I and my family sacrificed for. We have some Senator’s coming through Missouri in the next few days, I want to see what they have to say to my face, when I ask them if they support this.

  • paul

    Cut retiree bennies my a–. Lets begin cuts with congressional salaries & benefits; cut the National Endowment for the Arts; cut National Endowment for the Humanities; cut the State Dept., monies that are helping Egypt redo the sewer system in Cairo. There is a myriad of wastful spending those boobs in Washington can cut before getting to military benefits.

  • Concern

    It saddens me, to know that they are thinking about cutting military spending. I am a veteran and wife of an army retiree who gave over 20 years in the military and you want to strip him of his benefits. McCain sit up there with his rich wife and big paycheck. Never forget where you come from and how your bread is buttered…Cut the services of congress and the senate first… You have young men dying and losing Limbs and getting paid peanuts ,you divided what they make a month with the hours they work and they are under paid and over worked and unappreciated…


    we signed a contract w/the govt.(armed forces)we were guarnteed lifetime
    healthcare,if they breach the contract we should get a battery of lawyers and sue the u.s. govt.and throw out of office the jerks who support this assinine
    bill to change things.and while we are at it throw obama out of office as well..

  • Rick

    All I can say is that November 2012 is not far away. Watch how you vote. The people that have been in the same office for years are the ones selling us down the tubes and we keep electing them. Time for a CHANGE. Imagine what it would be like if 75% of the incumbent wlost their seats to new 1st termers. Remember, Obama said It’s time for change, he just failed to mention which way the changes would be.

  • Chief

    Remember The Gray Panthers? Most of us military retirees are now the Gray Panthers of yesteryear. If the veterans and military retirees would unite WE could control the next election. It is time WE organize and get what belongs to us. Chief USN (Ret)

  • AF Vet

    McCain grew a pair and cut all the benefits that you are to give to the illegals.

  • Bill Pollock

    Only after Congress trims their benefits—IT IS TIME FOR THE MILITARY TO UNIONIZE. If they want to create a mess lets take it to them. Washington cannot be trusted–Time to screw with them and their prtected status

  • Elijah

    Armed services members have and still sacrafice life and limb for the citizens of this country. It’s a puzzel that they are unwilling to sacrafice a few dollars for them. The truth is our work force is to small to support all benefits. It is only fair that all citizens contribute someway in reducing the national debt. Think of it as priming the pump for a better tomorrow. I am a reciever of benefits too.

  • E Oliver

    Maybe we should start a grassroots protest, We could maybe camp out on the Pentagons lawn………..

  • Retired MSgt. USMC

    McCain has sold out we who have served with our blood ad sweat to protect this country. I think McCain needs to look at what his benefits are costing us first.

  • logdoctor

    McCain looks like the picture of a sleeze ball that is in the dictionary, shiftless and can’t look you in the face. Who are the idiots who keep voting this garbage into office….????

  • E Oliver

    Mc Cain supporting Obama on this; that is just too much….

  • T.Paine

    well…, whatelse would you expect from McLame? There should be a whole lot of people in congress & the senate that certainly should have theri pay & bennies cut immediately.

  • Robert

    Time for the senile RINO to go. Arizonians, and Veterans, let’s move the centrist into retirement.

    Than, once he is moved into retirement, let propose cuts to his federal health care and other benefits.

    Bet he wouldnt like that, would he.

  • DISabledBob

    OK guys.. I am a DIE HARD Independant Republician. That means I generally vote Republician but do not like all the rhetoric or nasty bs both sides put out. I did 26.5 years active. am 100% disabled vet. I live by a base I use the Military Hospital as my primary care. I pay NOTHING for Tricare for life and under $100/month for Medicare. IF I gotta pay an additional $200/YEAR to maintain the quality of my health care. OUTSTANDING I am all for it. Rather that than reduce my access!

    A good friend of mine is disabled with MS she has NO retirement or VA benefits and CAN NOT GET HER MEDS AT all. over $100/month for meds so all you VETS SHUT it a bit and support our country a bit more and suck it up!

  • Naval Aviator Vet

    Wow; he must be on drugs!!! Always knew he was a reformed liberal.

  • DISabledBob

    HER MEDS are over $1000 a month TYPO

  • douglas

    We must make sure that we tell our children how the Military retirees are treated. We don’t want them to make the same mistakes we made. All I heard when I was in Military is that we live by a Code of Honor and Integrity. What a joke! Where is the Honor and Integrity in Lying to people to get them to commit and then cheat them out of their benefits. I kept my side of the bargain.

  • Pierce

    I voted for McCain and now I’m ashamed. Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate theat issued a letter to Obama opposing any cuts to Veterans’ benefits that can be seen at his website or if you search for it. His new budget proposal makes zero cuts to Veterans’ benefits or actual defense only foreign militarism and nation building in the middle east.

  • NavVet

    McCain…… do NOT change your mind about running again! You will LOSE! In fact, I recommend that you move to another state….. like Illinois so you can live next to that thing in the whitehouse you just sloppily kissed!

  • grandpajohn

    McCain is a progressive, Just like most of the other politicians. He’d throw his Mother under the bus for the “cause”. I have always honored McCain for what he endured during his POW days, now not so much. What a sorry state this country is in, when troops that offered the supreme sacrafice, are now being taken to the Government cleaners. We’ve all been through worse, just be ready to serve again if necessary “Lock and Load”.

  • Mike

    Part I.

    As a country we’ve done far too many things in the past that we couldn’t sustain. Now, when times are tough we need to undo some of the excesses and reckless spending of the past. This does not include military retirement, social security and the associated medical benefits. It does however include the ridiculous retirement programs of the politicians as well as other “pork” spending practices.

  • Manuel R. Villa

    I am an army veteran of 39 years of service and worked my but off to maintain
    wheels,tracks,radiio,trailers in tip top shape to make sure that all equipment
    was ready for full operation.
    Developed hypertension, alot of precriptions prescribed and at present I am on a dialysis program awaiting for a kidney transplant.Senator McCain should know better than put us in a bind.Polititions should suffer also.

  • Mike

    Part II.

    When it gets right down to it I’m more than willing to do my share but, I have earned every penny of my military retirement and the minuscule benefit package that is now under attack. Somehow we’ve got to get together and make it loud and clear that we won’t tolerate these power hungry politicians that obviously only care about themselves.
    I can’t readily think of a single politician that really needs a retirement and/or a benefit package for political service. Most of these people are independently wealthy, have businesses and/or other holdings that provide an abundance of wealth.
    Recommend we take “all” their benefits away. This would separate the real patriots from the pretenders and we would finally get the people in office that really care about our country instead of themselves!

  • POPEYE 39


  • Lou Busato USMC Viet

    McCain……try to live on what ordinary vets and people live on. If he did he’d increase pensions and comp for all war heroes. McCain and all the other politians haven’t a clue……….they’re millionares. We have to all pull together the backbone of America the 99% hit the streets…………they will not stop, because they do not care. We are the true patriots the givers not the takers. It is about time the takers give something to America.

  • SCPO Coast Guard

    What a great venue to express our feelings on McCain’s latest back door effort. It’s a shame that he will not read any of our comments. If were looking for a legislator with a heart I think it is a lost cause. Once a second class citizen always a second class citizen. The proverbial crap rolling downhill.

  • Victor Hamel

    As a Retired Korean War Veteran, I have been told that the Grandfather Law will cover us that are already Retired, but like all Government Programs, only time will tell.

  • Ralph Minton

    It would appear that the Honorable Sen. has forgotten his military roots if this information is correct. He should remember that military members are legal residents of this nation, who made a choice to stand and defend this nation and accepted the risks to life, limb and family in doing so. His personal history and POW status sould be more than enough to disuade him from even considering such actions.

  • Robert

    Besides the promises we were promised for services rendered for protecting our country being broken, AGAIN, the way things are going, picking AGAIN on the military men and women and retirees at such a difficult, potentially inflammatory and chaotic time in America’s history, is probably not a good idea.

    There are hundreds of free federal handouts programs in this country that should be cut before earned and promised pay and benefits are stolen away. I can think of one, the billions of dollars of benfits spent nationally for illegal aliens, just to name one large drain hole.

    Nevertheless, If I were in charge, or a wise senator or congressman, the last people’s benefits I would want to cut is our trained warriors. But that is just me thinking.

  • Robert Anderson

    Is this all that McCain has to offer up to the budget committee to be cut? Being retired military and for the love of my country I am willing to take a cut in benefits BUT NOT BEFORE Congress take a cut in pay and benefits first and absolutely no monies in aid to other countries and no monies of any kind to benefit illegal immigrants. When Congress offers that I’m sure there would be millions of retirees willing to accept some cuts. I pray that our big military “hero” has no plans for re-election.

  • willie USN(Ret).

    I can’t believe that Mc Cain would pull this underhanded stunt!!! If he wants to cut some Medical expenses…try his own and the other politicians before he chops ours! Looks like we Vets have to stay together and get these kind of back-water snipes out of office!!

  • Ard Jot

    McCain does not have a problem cutting from the regular too lower middle class but I never see going after his rich buddies.

  • Devil Dog

    I hope they figure this out before January 2013. That is when I am due to re enlist. At that time I will have 12 years of service completed. I’ll be damned if I will serve another day for this country if this happens. I am so dis heartened by the people that are running our government. They are destroying our country. They call McCain a RINO? I got a new one for him and all of these other incompetent people that are destroying our nation, AINO (American In Name Only). These fools can’t even balance a checkbook like every other American household has to do.

  • Jason

    McCain never had a clue… born with a silver shovel in his mouth, his only constituents are the rich fat cats and corporations that he and his ilk hobnob with. Don’t look for any support from him… check out his record on the MIA and POW issues.
    The documentary “Missing, Presumed Dead the Search for America’s POWs” focuses on Senator John McCain successfully blocking the release of classified POW/MIA documents.
    See also:

    A Vietnam Veteran against McCain.



  • charles s jones

    give the service men/weman they benfits they was promis. they are the one who made it safe for the all of us who didn,t servre.wake up you a.h. lol

  • 2 war combat vet

    I’ve got one more thing to add to my previous comment. It seems HE, being a vet himself, do not serve 20 years plus just for benefits and a pension. We served because we believed in and cherished our country and way of life , giving our lives if necessary for those beliefs. Maybe he needs to take a walk around Arlington and look at the headstones of all of our fallen comrades who would be just as outraged as we are about his recommendation. We were part of the 1% of the population that defended this country and our way of life and HE of all people should remember that fact! Lord knows he had plenty of time to think about it when he was a POW.

  • william

    McCain, boy I am sure glad now that he wasn’t elected as president. Retire McCain and enjoy all those bennies, also I bet he is rated 100% disable by the VA.

  • Dick Sheridan

    You shouldn’t get so mad at mcCain he must have beginning alziemers. He could care less about us he has his already and his wife is filthy rich. Just another of the rich getting richer off the backs of the peop;le who have nothing. I have never demonstrated before but I am putting my fatigues on and am ready for war . Why not if they take the little bit that I worked so hard for what the hell do I have to lose?

  • richard lucas-retired diabled veteran

    bill clinton started this whole mess when his administration started this tricare bullst. those of us who served 20+years of our lives in the military because we were promised that our government would take care of us for the rest of our lives. and why does obama and the back stabing mccain won’t to screw with retirees and the rest of the military. you all see it,there is noone out there for the veteran or active duty. the government officials and obamaaaaaa need to cut their benefits. they’re the ones making the big bucks.

  • Rlk

    I voted for the man. The result is the same regardless of the elected president. He has his military, congressional and any prisoner of war benefits assured. That is if he makes sure the military does not skim any of that. At one time I respected the man.

  • Katherine

    My husband susrved his country proudly and willingly for 33 years. He has now passed away and I am a military widow and a very proud one! It is shameful what Congress and McCain are trying to do to these brave men and women! Let them start by cutting out all of their perks and lifetime benefits athat they really have not earned!! Have they faced war? Seen the horrors that our couragous men and women have seen and still see today?? How dare they put the military retirees down the tubes to save their own benefits!! How dare they think they deserve all the perks for life when they have not been seperated from their families during wartime, but take away the well earned, and I must say, meager retired pay and medical benefits!! What happened to the promises that were made to the military when they signed up? Let’s get real–we have our military scattered all over the world, spread out everywhere and even in places where we are not wanted. This is just so unfair that it reeks of greed and pure selfishness on the part of Congress. And Mc Cain–once a military man– this is a true beatrayal and stab in the back to the entire military community and you shoud be very ashamed.

    Proud Military Widow

  • wtchdg22

    mccain sold us out. i would never have thought he would do that to us. obama said he would never let this happen to us, he said that on september 5th 2011, i have the quote. again, he lied. and mccain, well, he must be getting scenile and so old he can’t think straight anymore. it’s a good thing this is his last term. GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS AND AMERICA!!!!!!!!!

  • Joanne

    Shame on you, Senator….shame on you.

  • ras

    I can’t believe our congressmen are considering cutting retired military benefits once again. We served our 20 years or more for this great country with the promise that ourselves and our families would be medically taken care of for the rest of our life. We spent many months away from our families in combat and supporting roles when others did not want anything to do with the military. Many of my friends said they wished they had our retirement benefits, when the fact is they couldn’t hack the military life and got out early. We served proudly and with no regret. At least let us keep our benefits we earned.

  • Dan

    Never liked McCain and now I really dislike him. I just hope that they start cutting his pay first.

  • floyd sunderland

    I am truly sorry that i ever voted for John Mc cain , i will never support him in any way ever again. the sooner he is gone the better. just another breason
    why i have switched from republican to independent

  • anger-12

    As I write this I no longer respect senator McCain for he has sold the military men and women down the drain, he really doesn’t care about what kind of medical care we get in our older years or the people returning from the war we are fighting now; because he has all him medical bill paid for by the same people he’s trying to shaft and screw. Well, senator McCain I will say this to you some day in the future you will have to answer for what your are doing now. I voted for this clown in the last election now I’m sorry I done that. This dinosaur is part of the problem that plagues this country. I hate to say this about a person what was a POW during the Vietnam was, but he seems to have forgot what we were fighting for in those days. I hope he lives long enough to see this country go down the drain because of him and his fellow idiots in Washington. I used to respect this man, but that has gone by the way side like a lot of other things in t his country in the last few years

  • bmurp98583

    Republican and Democrat alike are using the military. Your just all fools enough to think 50 Senators and a few hundred Congressmen really give a flying flip about you. They will use you up and spit you out. How many of your sissy generals are standing up for you? None because they are weak little sissy boyswho are using the soldiers also. Your leadership sold you out decades ago. Ever since Korean War, they military leadership and elected officilas are nothing but fakes and thieves. You career military people are pathetic, you never worked to make a profit, but you think you deserve everything.

  • Lou Busato USMC

    I forgot to mention most of them were draft dodgers Cheney and all the Vietnam era silver spooned cowards who have all the money. They sent our Young heroes to die for no reason…….just like Vietnam

  • Retired MSgt. USMC

    McCain is the new Jane Fonda to those who served in the Military. I agree that he should burn in hell for what he wants to do to us retired service members.

  • Ron V

    I sure regret voting for him here in AZ.

  • George Couta

    George Couts US ARMY Retire,
    It’s easy for McCain to say with all his money, I guess he has forgotten where he came from and who put him where he is. It is time for him to back off. He no longer represents the wishes of those who elected him. This is just another example of the Federal Government deciding that they will cut true entitlements, that were promised to those who served, so that they can continue to give more benefits to those who have done nothing but suck on the government teat pleading poverty after a life of doing nothing. Apparently McCain favors this course of action. He cheapens himself disgracefully.
    Mr McCain, take another look.!!!

  • Cecil Montgomery

    I don’t concur with the majority of the comments I have read. I am a 100% Army disabled Vet. My contention is that if we overload ourselves with debt then we should be willing to help what we can. However, before the pages start flaming let me finish my opinion. I think if one person is willing to right the debt that has been bestowed upon us the entire rank and file of every government employee should be given the same treatment. We didn’t incur the debt but I think as an honorable american we should think about a few things that got us where we are.

    No one complained when tax rebates werre distributed. No one complained when the income taxes were lowered. No one complained about the deficit for Iraq and afghanistan when it wasn’t affecting them directly. I have always said all for one and one for all. Now it is time to implement that old slogan and get ourselves out of ths mess. A consolidated effort by all, not by branch or department.

  • Chief Van

    How can McCain have forgotten the torture the gooks dealt out to him? I guess when you go from operator to Senator the old rose colored glasses come out since you’re taken care of for life and the hell with your shipmates, especially the enlisted pukes who survived on virtually no money at all when they were active. I remember the year he came home: I was a second class MM over 4 with wife and kid, sea pay, and love rats, and I took home $478.00 a month. I depend on Tricare. If I have to pay $200.00 a month, I guess I will do it, since I’m used to being screwed. It just isn’t right. BOHICA.

  • Greg Butko

    Let’s cut the benefits for Congress. They should have NO retirement. Congress is not supposed to be a career.

    Why not stop waging undeclared wars around the world? That would save a trillion or two. Oh I forgot, a lot of money is being made on those wars.

    Once these criminals start charging us for our earned benefits like TRICARE, it will go up every years. We need to stop this right now.

    Military personnel are the greatest asset this nation has. Politicians are the biggest asses.

    RON PAUL in 2012!

  • Elaine Durington

    This is the third time of trying to put my opinion here and I keep getting deleted before I can finish. I have to wonder how much the goverment is controlling this also. My husband gave up 24yrs. of his life to protect this country. Once again we are getting screwed! It disgusts me to see this travesty happen to our vets that gave their life to their country. My husband has suffered from PTSD and has been battling stage 4 throat cancer and was denied 100% unemploybility because they say his cancer is not service related even though he was exposed to agent orange and many other chemicals while he was in the service. He is 57 yrs. old and has been told he will never swallow again, he has a permanent trach and feeding tube.He never smoked and hardly ever drank so they can’t blame it on that. But they won’t see the obvious. I’m am so saddened to
    see this happen to our service members and their families. I think congress and senators need to give some of their pay and benefits up to help the country’s budget. And oh yeah what about President Obama! If we keep this up retirees will have no benefits left.

  • cal

    they must be getting to do pay cuts for the head shed, another in side trader,i donot expect anything less, after all we put someone in the head shed with no experience,,based on his race and what a fine job he has done, i believe we should do this again, but this time lets put a real rag head in the head shed, not a fake one that changed his name from berry to barak obama.yes his mother is a white or so she clames. they fail to lay clame to that side of mr o rag head, can,t say i blame them.true to his race hes pointing the finger for all the great things he,s done ,not for this nation ,but to it, YES WE CAN he sure showed us LOL him and then that are now hiding the fact they voted for him.

  • Robert

    And who do we suppose are the 279 or so people one FaceBook that “Like” soon to be Mr. McCain.s proposal that they cut our beniftis?

    Left wingers, anti-war, anti-military, class-warfare socialists I would imagine.

    Or perhaps, cowards who were either afriad to, or never served, 20+ years in defense of our country in the military? Probably all the above.

  • T. E. McKee

    I am divorced from the person I was married to during 2/3s of my military career and even though I have been retired fo 20 years and divorced for 26 years, my understanding is that she still gets Tricare Prime because she never remarried. She has been living with a guy for over 20 years. Seems like ex-spouses should get the axe. Did I mention she gets 1/3 if my retired pay and commissary/px privileges? Confused.

  • Rick Ouellette

    McCain has never been supportive of the average military man. Since he retired from the Navy as an O6 and married into millions he has lost touch with GI Joe even more. I do not trust McCain and had he become president the military would have suffered even more. He will retire from the Senate with full pay and benefits ,collect his Navy retainer,and will not be subjected to the Tricare for Life premium that he readily supports. The federal civilian retirement system needs to be abolished and everyone enrolled in the Social Security system. If they want a retirement plan they can pay into a 401K or IRA like everyone else. There should only be a federal retirement system for the military, who already pay into Social Security, and subject to deployment to war zones with short notice. As for McCain, he will be with us for a few more years so we will have to depend on the more reasonable voices in the Senate to hold him in check.

  • mike

    These people that love to take things from vets are not human,they look like humans they even try to act like family men.They talk about how they love their wives and kids and grand kids,but kick vets and other people in the face that are haveing a hard time.
    I think they have familys for show,to help at election time.People that talk about the good things they love,love only their low down dirty selfs.

  • Gerald W. Leavell

    Well, Mr. John McCain, why should you worry about your retired military people? You have your benefits sown up thru your tenure in Congress. You were more than likely one of the Congressmen or Women who voted in those very benefits. I am 59 years old, spent 21 years in 1200 psi superheated steam plants, very hazardous duty, and do not appreciate your stance on this issue at all.
    I now am being treated for Small Cell Lung Cancer thru Tri-Care Prime, and, from what I have heard, I would not be able to afford the patient cost share of this treatment, especially since I would not be able to remain employed during this treatment. What do you think of that? As a retired Navy Veteran I would be allowed to die without treatment.
    Well, Mr. McCain, (Notice the moniker Mr.), welcome to the growing Congressonal Ranks of corporate lackeys. As far as I am concerned, you have outlived your Congressional Usefulness. Good-By
    Gerald W. Leavell,

  • Typical POW turncoat. Sent here to ruin the morale of the retired He must be very proud of himself.

  • Zman Blind Power

    · 7 minutes ago

    Now Its the saying “I’M not FONDA of McCain and Jane and all others on his sinking Titanic!!!! Zman Blind Power

    Read more:

  • Zman Blind Power

    · 7 minutes ago

    Now Its the saying “I’M not FONDA of McCain and Jane and all others on his sinking Titanic!!!! Zman Blind Power

    Read more:

  • Zman Blind Power

    · 7 minutes ago

    Now Its the saying “I’M not FONDA of McCain and Jane and all others on his sinking Titanic!!!! Zman Blind Power

    Read more:

  • Charlie

    Let’s see since the government is ready to go back on its promise to provide a defined set of benefits to carer military people does that mean we can go back on our promise to protect and defend the constitution? Let’s hope active duty members are asking this same question.

  • RAUL

    I have never thought that McCain is a war hero. There is no honor in flying planes and dropping bombs. No Sir, McCain is not a war hero. Honor is having to be a grunt and sacrificing your S for your country. After the war is over, comes the hardest thing to see. Having our rights violated by people like McCain.
    I served in the Nam, and I met a young Marine from Mrs. McCain’s hometown. I would talk to him and he would ignore me and walk away. Guess who saved his life when he got pinned down by enemy gun fire? You got that right!! That brave Mexican with big cajones. Bullets were flying every which way that sounded like wasps. Nobody helped the kid, not even his Anglo friends. Nobody moved to save him. Yuuuuuuuuuuup!! The Mexican stand up and ran about 40 feet and I picked up the racist Anglo. I was told to apply for a SILVER STAR, but I refused like the proud MESKIN GREASER that I am. That’s what we are called in Texas and probably Arizona. I would have refused that SILVER STAR, if I had been awarded the medal. Why? Because I saved an racist anglo, and that was my worst experience in the NAM. That was a fairly brave experience, not flying a jet and bombing people. McCain you are not a hero in my eyes. Now, McCain, you have the nerve to strip us of our rights.

  • Bud

    Can a U.S. Senator be recalled?? McCain will have a lifetime Senate retirement and with a multi-millionaire wife he hasn’t much to worry about.

  • Jcunni2795

    Why are we paying for what the banks and wall street cause, now lets cut the warriors that lay their life on the line to keep us safe and they already receive the lowest pay while they served, so lets see them lay their families, medical, retirement pay on the line to help what wall street cause. YOU ARE LOOKING IN THE WRONG PLACE, LOOK AT WALL STREET, WHEN WILL THEY SERVE THEIR TIME IN JAIL AND BAIL OUT THIS MESS THEY CAUSED……

  • Ironhand

    Isn’t this just dandy. Senator John McCain of Arizona, Captain, U.S. Navy retired, has sent forth a letter in support of the cuts to Retiree TriCare, and Cuts, and or, Changes to the Military Retirement Pay System. This is No bloody surprise to this retired U.S. Marine, that my home state Senator would foster support, in order to gain the trust and admiration of those guys and gals on the hill in Washington. What a turn coat my home state Senator is! So now
    that our the So Called Leaders within our country’s government, want to wrench some more bloody money from those of us who have paid the price for maintaining the Freedom and Liberty, which every American enjoys, to include these Lame Duck Elected Officials. This is NOT a Democratic process by any means people. It is our country’s So Called Elected Leaders, going about doing whjat most all of them do best, and that is screwing the American population for their own pewrsonal gain. Sincerely, Ironhand, U.S. Marine Corps “SEMPER FIDELIS” To God, Country and Corps “Do Not Tread On Me, EVER!”

  • Ironhand

    Isn’t this just dandy. Senator John McCain of Arizona, Captain, U.S. Navy retired, has sent forth a letter in support of the cuts to Retiree TriCare, and Cuts, and or, Changes to the Military Retirement Pay System. This is No bloody surprise to this retired U.S. Marine, that my home state Senator would foster support, in order to gain the trust and admiration of those guys and gals on the hill in Washington. What a turn coat my home state Senator is!

    So now that our the So Called Leaders within our country’s government, want to wrench some more bloody money, out of those of us who have paid the price for maintaining the Freedom and Liberty ofr our nation, and for each and every to American enjoy, to include these Lame Duck Elected Officials. This whole Nasty process, in of a NOT a Democratic nature by any means for the people of this here United States Of America, Republic Of. It is our country’s So Called Elected Leaders going about doing, what most all of them do best, on a daily basis, and that is Screwing the American population for their own pewrsonal gain. Sincerely, Ironhand, U.S. Marine Corps “SEMPER FIDELIS” To God, Country and Corps “Do Not Tread On Me, EVER!”

  • Jim

    Nothing like a stab in the back. Spend 25+ years in the service and look what happens. Its pretty evident they no longer want lifers in the service. It’s time to vote them out of office and put someone in that cares about service men and women who want to serve their country to protect the freedom all of us enjoys. How many politicians do you know that are jumping at an opportunity to reduce their benefits? RIGHT!! NONE!! It’s time the politicians cut their pay and benefits that they feel is rightfully theirs. Everyone knows that won’t happen unless we the voters make a stand at the ballot. MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT!!

  • Richard

    I think congress should have their benefits cut, lets start charging them for their health care and tell them they cant use Walter Reed or any other Military Hospital

  • cal

    now go a head and play that race card, only problem you,ll get from me is i spent 24 years in the USARMY, i am a 100% disabled COMBAT vet, and never even new this card game tell you bros showed me how to play it, and i must say some by no means not all played it will. the best man i ever worked in my life was SFC D YES A BLACK MAN AND A GREAT ALL AROUND PERSON, AN OUSTANDING LEADER, he found him self in shame of his own peeps.yep i have mex, blacks, all walks in my family,the the only thing i would say, is a good days work brings a good days pay, pride starts at home,your not born with it you have to learn it.

  • CWO ( Retired )Michael Bernstein

    I am very disappointed in Mc Cain. Tri-care already cost the if on Medacare is all ready costing us $132.00 per month plus $475.00 a year Tri-Care annual enrollment. I do not think the man realizes that. We are not getting medical services for free. One of the major benefits why I stayed in t he service was because of the Medical ,retirement pension, PX, and Commissary. I earned these benefits and they should not be taken away or put our of reach.

  • Herb

    To think I voted for this guy, he above all should support the military retirees and stop sticking a knife in our backs. I agree he and all other politicians should be made to exist on social security and medicare and for military folks the tricare. It seems like our politicians think of themselves as above everyone else they should be treated so much better than the rest of us.

  • Alkebu

    Question: Why aren’t the members of the US House and Senate offering to cut their salaries and retirement packages. Since they are so willing to offer up military benefits to balance the budget.. Which were so hard fought for and and deserved. It seems that it is always easier for the Congress to cut military funding when it suits them and they never look to their own pockets and take the lead in budget cuts. Especially since the current financial state of the nation is the sole responsibility of the Congress. Their lack of stewardship and deregulation are the foundation of the “Wall Street” bailout. The fault is theirs and theirs alone. The Congress controls all the government purse strings. Until they take the lead on offering up their perks and benefits, I say leave our moneys alone.

  • gcarrick

    I am an Air Force retiree and while I don’t like the idea of this, I do think someone has to reach out and cross the aisle in the senate and congress. If Sen McCain is that someone, I applaud him. Our country is really struggling right now and we don’t seem to be going anywhere.

  • tom

    They could save $111 billion in three years?
    How about we *end* “foreign aid” and we can save $300 billion in three years?
    How about we cut the State Dept in half? We don’t “need” embassies in third world countries! We need to be closing embassies not opening anymore!
    How about we get rid of *all* the illegal aliens in the country who cost us $114 B last year alone?
    Plenty of things can and should be cut before cutting into bone on our military!
    Is it just me or is anyone else thinking that “Washington” is our enemy?

  • David

    All Vets should start a movement to show to the American people the true benefits the elected people receive after only one term in office, much less 20 years!!!! VOTE in the upcoming elections!!!!!

  • Retired USMC Grunt

    Grandfather Clause! Hell yes, McCain, his daddy and his granddaddy ALL lived their life on the government dole. Now he has the audacity to want to cut others while he and his do-nothing minions in Congress live as Royalty on the taxpayers dime.


    What it takes is a petition drive to get the Matter of Gov’t Pay on the ballot in the individual states. A similar drive to give 18 year olds the right to vote took less than 3 months. LET’S DO IT — GIT-R-DONE!

  • E6M

    first of all Senator McCain has his benefit set for life, second he is not a war hero he got shot down on his first mission in vietnam most of his military time was spend in hanoy hilton as a POW. No disrespect intended, he need to make up his mind he is with us veterans OR HE is with those Idiot at Capitol hill & the White house. shame on them.

    SSG E6M

  • why is it that everyone targets the retirees… why not cut pork programs, cut silly junk and start to spend as it should be spent, on the people and not the stupidity. as it is on jan 1st i have to now pay more for my drugs, i went tothe express scrips now for 99% of our medication because its free rather than supporting my local pharmacy, so we can now make them go out of business, and have even more people out of work, in a time when a job is not easy to find and harder to keep, you talk about making it even harder to get by. ok the “working age” retirees, is anyone under 65 according to them, but do you know how hard it is to find a job when people 1/2 your age are also looking, they say you cant discriminate because of age, but when 500 people are applying for 1 job because of this piss poor economy tell me honestly if they are not looking at your age and noticing that you are over 50 years old.

  • Gary Moore

    How the government can change the compensation package after it has been EARNED is beyond me. And the politicians wonder why the American public mistrusts politicians!

  • jim alberts

    McCain has been a R.I.N.O. for years To bad we cant get the real story about the P.O.W s left behind and McCains should know that we left people there and he was elected to help get them back. he turned on us vets and many could not see he had no interest in us. Now you have the proff, good buy to your benefits

  • road

    just wondering what would happen if he had been president

  • bport

    cut mccain

  • SwellKel

    M—– F—–! That is all I have to say!

  • H_Preston

    McCain went to one war…my father went to three. WWII,Korea, and Vietnam (managed to keep good on his word to bring “his” men back in one piece) and this is the thanks he gets from one of his own??? Judas!!! Talk about friendly fire.

  • KPD

    American Patriot Award…..GIVE IT BACK!!!!!

  • BILL

    Thats what you get for defending this great and ungrateful country f-u country that we live in.
    We all need to join groups in protest.

    • Robert

      Good idea, maybe a million veteran march on cities around the country like the current flea-baggers on Wall Street protests would send the appropriate messege to the career politicians.

      We should start in Washington, choke off the city to all traffice and commerce, and see if they get the messege about attacking veterans instead of the other billions of dollars of wasteful welfare programs to those who never even earned anything.

  • NewRet

    I need to get going and become an elected gov. official.


    Well this convinced me McCain is a jerk off. Cut your own sweet benefit package first dear senator before you come after military retirees

  • Chip

    If they want to cut they should start with telling the new recruits and start there. We were told we would have medical benefits from the start. I spent 43 years in the military and I depend on the promises they made to me when I joined. If I had any idea they would cut my benefits I would have planned another route for retirement. This is just not fair – keep your promises!!!!! I am glad now that McCain didn’t become president. Just think 1/3 of the government would have been against the veterans.

  • RVS


  • abby

    cut obama’s and mccain’sl retirement and health benefits. how much retirement will mccain get…million or so each year. a bunch of PIGS! let all of them live off $1125 military retirement a year. tell them to get their damn hands out of the social seciurity pot. how many trillions has the rotten gov’t taken and not paid back? go ahead and answer…no answer…no balls!

  • GentFromAlaska

    The military retiree population recently lost a advocate and voice with the recent retirement of Coast Guard Admiral Stephen Rochon who held the position of White House Chief Usher. Admiral Rochon served Presidents Bush and Obama since 2007. Admiral Rochon had the Presidents ear and as I’m told has raised the BS flag a time or two. President Obama recently named an executive from the Ritz-Carlton Hotel chain to be the new Chief Usher.

  • Greg C

    Yes if I was rich, married to a rich wife and had all his benefits from his elected office I could make claims like that too. Why doesn’t he donate at least his pay to a fund to help pay for these things he wants to take away.

    Like to many others here, 40 years ago I signed a piece of paper, a committment, I had to honor, buck Congress honor what you promised US.

    I know one thing, I won’t vote for relection of any politician, may we can get some real working class americans back into politics, that know how the rest of us work & live.

  • abby

    $1125 is per month not per year.

  • Greg C

    Sorry folks was trying to say Buck Up Congress, my apologies if anyone reads more into it.

  • ksch

    So now we are getting dinged for being able to work for all of us who are able and want to work. I am so grateful for the health benefits that my family and I have, my wife has been battling cancer since I retired 11 years ago, and if not for tri care prime I might lose her more quickly since her cancer is incurable. I served because i love this country, but when can we start believing in what our country tells us. The budget does need changing, but lets look down the road and not past military veterans

  • Cw2 Michael James

    Thank you Mr.mcCain I voted for you in the last election but that won’t happen again . I can’t beleave you threw your brother and sister service members under the bus like this. Are you taking lessons from Hanoi Jane?


    I did my time ,42 years 11 mos. and 18 days. I want what I was promised.
    Talk all you want, you’ll get what you deserve by VOTING. Get your family,friends and all you can muster and VOTE.
    Congress is about to change you life forever. Change theirs first. Those who GET, are the ones who VOTE.

  • Dean

    Way to buy into the ignorant class warfare, Thunder350. The many comments about the benefits that Congressmen receive are much more relevant to this situation. It is a FACT that the military is a Constitutionally appropriate activity for the Federal Government. It is also a fact that, including the “two unfunded wars”, military spending is at historically low levels as a percent of GDP, the only meaningful measurement. If we hope to continue to field a sufficient military with volunteers, we better not start cutting the pay and benefits; especially when over 50% of the federal budget is spent on extra-Constitutional areas. I fear that a segment of our current political class is actually working to weaken the military and this is just another policy that will do so.

  • SGT Robert K.

    McCain has his retirement so he does not care about anything else. When everyone from the president down to the lowest congressperson can live on about 20,000 or less with their wives for three years then and only then should they have the power to screw with well earned military retirement benifits. Most of the people who want to take away our benifits were born with a silver spoon in their mouths and now they want to take that same spoon and shove in up our ass. Wall street is just the beginning so our elected officals need to stop screwing with the very people who put their lives on the line and those who died so they could enjoy the lives that they have now. stop #%$^#*#@% us now. You can cut cost by cutting yourself first.

  • Fred Thornburg

    I don’t know why they have to pick on those who have served their country. I served over 21 years in the Navy in both Korea and Viet Nam and am discusted with all of them. Why don’t we pick on the pre TSP retired civil service retirees. They, like congress, never have been picked on let them share a little. Another thing, why are they so worried about the U.S. going broke with the that 44 quadrillion dollars (computed on current gold prices) in Fort Knox and several other places good for?

  • joe

    Well isn’t that nice of mccain to cut OUR benefits. SCREW HIM. He got his and because of his and his criminal buddies that have ruined this country, he’s ok with screwing us.

  • BTW

    Always said McCain was the real Manchurian Candidate.

  • Sheryl

    McCain and the rest of Congress needs to restructure their pay and benefits. Also, laws need to change where Congress members can’t vote their own pay raises, etc… It’s time they set an example for our country and leave retirees alone. As a retiree’s spouse I have to depend on Tricare Prime for insurance; even though it’s below grade of what congress members get.

  • David Morris

    Mccain would care he’s got the congressional retirerment and hospitalisasion for life so he figures screw the rest of the service men and women who have and are still putting thier lives on the line to protect this nation. His attitude is like every other polititions I’ve got mine screw the rest of you.

  • What’s new!! Were getting screwed every single day..McCain is just getting onboard…to screw us more.

  • Rich

    McCain doesn’t care about military retires, he’s going to get his retirement from the senate. They should think about cutting the senate and congress’s benefits and drop their retirement if they have not served for 20 years or more. He is supposed to be a hero and is nothing but a sellout.

  • wildbill

    Maybe Sen. McCain has forgotten his POW days and hopes that we retirees
    in his age group are forgetting about the lack of representative governing that
    is the norm in our congress today.

  • mdam

    mcCain is closet Dem.So good luck with that.He does not care what happens to his fellow service members.He is a lier.

  • Ican’t believe that Obama is putting our Tricare For Life and Military Retirement on the table. Once you approve such a monster, they bleed you to death every year, just look at Part B of SS. Just think about it. After we pay our Part B and our spouse’s and then the $200.00 for Tricare for Life. We are the group of people that Obama said he wanted to help, some help. I just don’t think he has a snowball in **** chance of being reelected.
    what has happened to his idea of taxing the people who makes over $250/000. Everybody needs to really look at this and see who is driving it and put their butts out in the next election and let kit be known that future politicians;can expect the same and Prsidents.i

  • Norman Hoewischer

    if one looks back over the years, the very same thing can be found each time there is a federal financial crunch, who pays for it ?
    Active duty and veterans.
    I am so sick of toting the sack for the last sixty or more years.
    And for McCain, he has never supported the troops.
    It it time for a march on Washington before it it too late.
    We need a senior military person with name recognition, a MOH winner, a movie star or a popular politician to lead the march to get the most public support.,
    I hope that it is not too late….

  • Stoneman

    Every one ofthese comments are BS – the military pay exceeds private companies in equivalent jobs, the retirement is ridiculous in terms of the benefits paid, most that get out of the military get disability when they have absolutely nothing wrong with them – bottom line – the military needs to redine the retirement benefits.

    • harry

      Who ever you are . you don’t know much about the service.

    • James J. Murphy

      You ought to try and raise a family on ALL those bennies. Ever fly in an aircraft older than you grandmother ? Disability ,I had hearing before I went ,now I say, What ?A lot. I get Zero (0)

  • dc101672

    vote, vote, vote! write, write, write! call, call, call! what do ya get? more of the same. move over jane, ya got company!!!!!!!!

  • Ronald P.

    It is a real shame that as an ex. Mil. that a person of his caliber turns his back on his people. That turns my blood. My God have mercy on his soul.

  • Retired Vet

    McCain you piece of crap. You of all people to sell out the service men and woman. These poor bastards are returning to the states missing limbs, mentally scared to the point they will most likely never be a productive member of society not to mention the hardship that has been put on the family and loved ones. All the members of congress and the senate are getting pay increases while the service members are dodging the bullets. The majority of government has never spent a day behind a rifle laying in the sand but they are the millionaires setting up there giving the orders. I started with Nam and ended with Desert Shield/Storm. No thanks is needed just take care of our veterans. McCain, I used to be an avid supporter, now if I were to see you fall I would step ON you the same way you have stepped on us. Just go away you disgusting piece of crap.

  • JamesSFret

    Done like a true officer. Send him back to Viet Nam.

  • Jerry

    Please read the book “Perfidy”by John (Top Holland) and get a good grip on the real John McCain

    • Harry Bennett

      it is ok for him to say cut out the programs but he doesn’t pay social security and use the same medical.Harry

  • Another promise broken, another lie exposed. The country that forgets it’s veterans will undoubtedly fall. This country is breaking faith with its veterans.As a 26 year retired veteran who loves his country but hates his government, I will vote and make my voice heard. No incumbent or career politicians will get my vote. Letters, emails and phone calls…flood their mailboxes and inboxes.

  • Jerry Runyon

    It is time that we Veterans start marching on Washington — and Veterans Day would be a great Day for it —– Enough is Enough — I agreed that the politiians should be taken the cuts — not only in their benefits but their salary and all their fringes plus reducing their staffs and operation budgets.

    This totally unexceptable — These comments are right on — TIME TO TAKE A STAND.

  • Jim

    How much would we save by cuttine congressional benefits, and put them on Social Security, Militayr retirement, and Medicare!!!!

  • ArdvarkMaster

    The only difference between McCain and Obama – one is white, one is black. Otherwise, they govern like two peas in a pod.

  • Jim

    DOD ,McCain and anyone else who likes to destroy military benefits should be in our shoes.How many of them are disabled vets,and enlisted vets that have little income. they should have my income less than $800.00 social security, only $342.18 military retirement pay. My rating was frozen for three years or more, I got out in 1993. I have to pay for my wife’s medical,her prescriptions,and mine every month that alone is over $150.00. now they screwed me again I have to pay $200. a year for Tricare for life.

    • barbara

      Sounds like me, McCain is a snake in the grass,he is like all the rest, they do not care, KISS OFF is what they are telling us,until election time again, they suck

  • airbornevet

    McCain is a millionaire. He might have cared about Veterans in his earlier life, but that has been a long time ago. He is a part of the 1% and does not care about the other 99%. The only people that give a damn about the Military, are the people serving and their Families. That’s the way it’s always been.

  • mike

    I like the people that are on the streets now. How long can people like me and maybe millions more who have never protested anything on the street and thought that people who do are nuts, sit back and be good americans and cry on the 4th of July when the flag comes by while the country you love kicks you in your hungry patriotic face?

  • USAF ret 30 +

    Mccain is a turncoat beening a Navy brat & a navel officer him self he should know we need all we have and could use more.Let congress cut their bennies they we’ll talk.

  • alvin a

    Well why am I not Surprised this coming from a wanna be President with Democratic left wing swings and agreeing what the Dems professions that each and every time cuts to be made should start with our military. This is why the Tea Party is becoming so popular because there seems to be no difference in the way Republicans and Democrats are steering this country we need to replace these guys before they give themselves another

    • barbara

      I have been saying this for years, they want you in the military, but the HELL WITH YOU WHEN YOU ARE OUT

  • Walt

    MSgt USAF (retire)

    I concur with SCPO(ret.) . NOW is the time to get these politicians out of there.
    Do don re-elect these people. Vote them out!!!!

  • Jake

    congress should take a god lok at there on medical and benfits and leaves ours alone they want to make cuts cuts cut thier own and make them pay more and leave the avearage working class alone

  • Nail24

    The last time I asked a Congressman why the federal government continues to renege on benefits promised to career military, he asked me if I had gotten it in writing. Lying sacks of dung, all of them. McCain is approaching Jane Fonda status in my book.

  • Ret. MSGT Seth

    The vast majority of us retirees have ample money laying around. I’m 45 and get $18,000 from retired pay a year, plus the $51,000 I make at my job, not to mention the near $200,000 that was saved up over 20 years of service. I’m quite embarrassed that retired senior enlisted service members are acting like PFC’s, especially when it comes to free money and benefits.

    • AsUsual

      How nice for you. But how did you manage to save $10,000 a year on military pay? No wife? No kids? No bills? No college tuitions to pay for? And what do you mean by free money and benefits? The entire military community gets less than half of the pay and benefits civilians make, and we’ve earned the right to a decent pension and medical coverage. I’m embarrassed for YOU, pal. You must be McCain’s campaign manager. duhhhhhhh

      • nano

        When you don’t have to pay for housing and food for 20 years, it kind of adds up. It also doesn’t hurt when your spouse works and doesn’t lay around the house all day

  • Ret. MSGT Seth

    The vast majority of us retirees have ample money laying around. I’m 45 and get $18,000 from retired pay a year, plus the $51,000 I make at my job, not to mention the near $200,000 that was saved up over 20 years of service. I’m quite embarrassed that retired senior enlisted service members are acting like PFC’s, especially when it comes to free money and benefits.

  • Ret. MSGT Seth

    The vast majority of us retirees have ample money laying around. I’m 45 and get $18,000 from retired pay a year, plus the $51,000 I make at my job, not to mention the near $200,000 that was saved up over 20 years of service. I’m quite embarrassed that retired senior enlisted service members are acting like PFC’s, especially when it comes to free money and benefits.

    • Nail 24

      It’s not a matter of $$$’s laying around. It’s about reneging on a promise made. I don’t know where you served or how many PCS moves you made for the good of the service: but, most Vets are still trying to buy a home long after their peers have paid theirs off. It’s not free money sarge, it’s a benefit for sacrifice. Get off the Kool-Ade.

  • mccain we do not want you doing anything for us– get out of our live –you are so low kissing up to obama;s programs and military cuts. you know what you will go down in history for now guess leave us military alone.

  • JPC

    Wouldn’t you say this is a conflict of interest since the politicians can vote on anything for themselves…ie raises, retirement & etc. Plus they are the only ones that vote/ tell the working public & the veteransl what they can earn & the programs they qualify for. Is this equality according to what is left of our rights under the law. Even an attorney can’t represent both parties in a divorce as this is a conflict of interest. So let the public vote on the politicians wages, retirement, benefits & medical program we feel they should receive. God bless our Veterans & our military.

  • Agatha

    This is so disMcusting to hear. My husband and I both served our country and My husband died for our country. The government has put many military men and women in harms way. The simple act of serving on a Navy ship has put many a person’s at risk for serious health problems due to asbestos exposure. Did you know that anyone who has served in the service has a decreased life expectancy. You can’t sue the government for that so the LEAST that we as former members of the services of the greatest nation in the world could take care of the retirees and families without too much addo. McCain has let the power of office cloud his vision.

  • Charles

    How about the American people bill Bush and Bush for the nation’s debt. Hell there the ones that put us in this situation. Everything that Bush Jr. Touches turns to shit.

  • Michael Nesslar

    John Macain, The veteran in his own right, sitting in a cell in Veitnam, but know he is on his knees kissing Obama’s backside what a tirn coat, and it all comes down to his being a senator with all the benfits in the world, I served 22 years and have seen ugliness through the loss of a friend in the National Guard all because are reserves are over 75% of the fighting force who never who still will never recieve the benefits that a full timer gets which is bull beause without them we have dick for a military force. Macain can kiss my backside I am sadened that I even voted for him in the last election. All i can finish with is it is time to take America back from the scum we call Government. mftnes50

  • Ironhand

    Starting with the Presidency, the cabinet, staffers and the like, along with all Standind menbers of the House and Senate, and their staffer. These people in our country’s governmental body, Never have to endure the Tricare Cuts, or, the cuts, and or changes to the military retiement system, because these So Called Leaders of our nation’s government, do Not have to endure the Tricare health care system, nor all the hardships endured by all members of our country’s Armed Services, and their family’s on a daily basis, in order to maintain the Security of this great nation.

    So please, you elected types, Go Flip Burgers At Burger King, Where You Can Have It Your Way. Ironhand, U..S. Marine Corps, Retired
    “SEMPER FIDELIS” To God, Country and Corps “IN GOD WE TRUST ALWAYS”

  • tsg art usaf ret

    the only way we can keep our benefits that we earned is to vote these

    bums out there’s realy no other way

  • JRM

    as an amendment to any such legislation insure that term limits for all Senators shall be no more than one term of six years with six years of retirement to be the same as Social Security and that no Representative shall serve more that two 2 year consecutive terms with retirement benefits the same as Social Security. To effect aall current members of the Senate and House of Representatives the same as the legislation effecting current active duty military and retirees.

  • Renee

    How come they can cut benefits of the men and women’s who risked thier lives for a minimum of 20 years to get what little they get, but congress only has to serve two years to get benefits for life and the President only has to serve four????

  • Retired Vet 2007

    I think congress should spend more time finding ways to put Americans back to work instead of picking at our hard earned benefits! More tax payers more revenue. Let’s bring jobs back to the USA and stop outsourcing. If companies outsource, tax them higher to make up for the jobs lost! One more thought, how many congressmen & women do you see on a street corner with a sign that reads “ex-congressman, will work for food”? Now, how many veterans have you seen with the same sign, “Vet, please give”? McCain and the “supercommittee” should consider sutting the benefits and pay of all congress! After serving only 2 years they have better benefits than us vets!



  • nam_vet6869

    I have a suggestion for cost cutting. Senate and Congress meet twice a year for three months. During that time the Elected officials be paid based on one fourth of the National Average Income for an Individual. The time they serve counts toward retirement, NONE, NO. The job is part time, no retirement. They have the same Insurance available as the Military Members do, when they are in session. The pay for the President and others will be adjusted to reflect the wages the Citizens are earning. Any books, articles, speeches Elected Official at all levels write, or sell, or give during the in session time becomes property of the United States, any profit earned on these works also go to the Unites States Government. All such funds will go directly to pay the National Debt and very close records, open to the public to see, will be maintained. Any travel other than official, the President will be required to reimburse the Treasury for. Vacations will be two weeks the same as most Americans. All staff cars will be operated on Natural Gas, electric, or other renewable source and no fossil fuel may be used. Every building owned by the United States will be converted to solar energy and only solar. No more backup gas heat. Thermostats in all Government Buildings will be sat at 68 in the Winter and 80 in the summer.
    When that is done, then and only then may you even think about cutting the retirement or healthcare of even one member of the United States Military. Period.

  • A Fierro

    How would he have felt if his government abandoned him when he was in the Hanoi Hilton? I understand this doesn’t compare, but this is still government abandonment. I don’t care what his military record is, his political record just wiped it out.

  • Cyndie

    I am shocked that McKain is supporting the military cuts! He has always had my utmost support and admiration for all he sacrificed as a POW. I was promised free medical, etc., and much of that promise has disintegrated. COLA increases every year? What happened to that? Our economy is terrible now and yet I dont remember when we got our last raise! Its astonishing how many veterans are homeless and its growing. Our government should be ashamed.

  • ken

    John Mccain I will not call you by the name of Congressman A true Congressman has honor You Have Just lost all of yours so I will say this go on and do youre dirt now and look at what you have done. when no one will go in the milt. to cover the sorry asses in office.and the ones walking up and down the street that are to dame sorry to get a job let Mccain give them more of what he will take from us the ones insuring your safety

  • Robbie

    McCain, he has his own benefits and if he was smart he should have given those up a long time ago; what a stupid bastard he turned out to me. He is not a brother in arms to may any more, but a turn coat . . . .

  • Don S.

    You know, McCain has probabily got 100% disability on top of the federal health insurance with Tricare picking up the incidentials. Sweet deal for him. Maybe we vets need to go protest with a tent city in D.C. However the last time that was done, the WW I vets were asking for their promised bonus early, they were run out of D.C. by a Major on horseback. with troups….. Major Douglas McArthur ! We vets have already done our part ! Congress and the President want even more. It needs to stop.

  • If McCain had little money and wasn’t a millionare he wouldn’t be talking like an idiot. He is typical of most wealthy politicians.



  • disgruntled.

    right…how about congress and the president taking a pay cut…mccain gets a navy pow benefits..and i think social security..and hes married to a billionaire..hes got alot of sand..making proposals like this..i lost all respect for the man..

  • jimi

    We have been sold out! I should of went AWOL while I was in Vietnam.

  • Jerry D Rodgers

    Keep your promise to the vets, cut your own benefits first. Retired Navy man

  • alley36

    I don’t see him willing to cut his own benefits. He doesn’t have to worry about how much insurance is. There are a LOT of retired military and their family members where Tricare Prime is the ONLY insurance available. Not all companies offer medical and as time goes by, those that can afford it will be hard pressed to continue.

  • John Principe

    i don’t know why any one is surprised by McCains vote. Just another politician who’s only concern is being reelected. Now that he is near the end of his tenure his true colors come out.

  • elb

    Wow, let’s hit the folks w/ a fixed income!

  • George Hackett Sr.

    Why does’nt someone tell McCain and Obama,to try paying for their own healthcareand get off the political free dole ride!!!!!!!!Anybody that votes these two characters back in office is either brain damaged or never gets a glimpse atany current events. George R Hackett Sr.

  • Dawn Williams

    McCain needs to take a pay cut and health benefit and see how he feels about cuts then. Our retired & active duty deserve every benefit we can give them. They earned them the hard way. Remember our military is ALL VOLUNTARY!!!

  • BigWIll

    McCai and Gates, two GOP sold out the military retirees. Increase tricare premiums and higher medication co-pay already began. Now the Pres is asking for more is nothing but total disregard for the retirees who gave so much and now they want to take back the little that they gave us.

  • Amrcnfe

    Shame on McCain…he has lost the bubble on this one.

  • Stacy

    An American who has sacrificed his or her life in the defense of this great country is having their retirement cut, but the silver spoon senator or congressman who was elected to a 4 year cushy office job earns a permanent retirement pension that is probably more than the service member made while on active duty? What the hell did they do in 4 years that makes them so @#$%special? And since many of them were too cowardly to serve in the military, what makes them so bold as to screw with our brave soldiers?

  • Al M.

    As I said before. The ones in the service prior to Feb. 1955 are the only ones that medical free for life were promised. I spent a totasl of 29 years in the Navy and of those 10 were in recruiting and I never told applicants that medical would be free for life because I knew that it did not apply to any that were not in prior to Feb. 1955. I do not agree in changing to fees but things have to happen in order for the country to get out of the hole and $200.00 a year is not a great amount to pay.

    • CWO 4 JJM

      I guess I’m screwed. I joined in 1956- $200.a year, What do you suppose it will be next year ? The year after ? I now will be paying an
      additional $50. a mth.along with the wife, another $50.a mth.That’s for Part B and no COLA.That s—s.

  • Krystal Graves

    why are they doing this, because they know that they dont have much time left in the white house so let just **** **** up for the military to people that believe in god and give them a bad medical TRICARE, or any kind of health insurance that wont help them with anything, there saying let make it seems before we are getting out of the white houst that were trying to get our debt done, let do this so when we do get out of the white house that yea we did something for america… no you did not, you are MAKING THINGS WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Domino209

    It saddens me to see all of us comment on this subject. We all really need to make a stand and show these people in Washington who they are really dealing with. Active/Vet it doesnt matter we all need stick togther and stand up for what is right. Who do they think they are even considering putting “Cuts” and “Military” in the same sentence. We are the reason why these people even get to sleep at night we stand or have stand the watch. What we really need is for us to vote in a Rep who knows what it is to go on deployments away from our country, family, and day to day lives to protect what we believe is right. “so they say” We need our own place in Congress not Congress telling us how it is.
    A proud Sailor

  • Herminio Vargas

    This is repulsive. I just retired 6 months ago and quickly found out that my junior enlisted retirement income does not get me very far and leaves me stretched thin. I can only imagine what this recommendation does to my fellow veterans. Can our Government ever be trusted…when they can’t keep their end of the bargain. So much for bragging to the world about how great our military men and women are. Actions speak louder than words, no true substance in this administration.

  • Morkie

    I’m afraid idiots like this and that Obama clown is going to screw us, the veterans, so bad between now and when they get kicked out that nobody will be able to redo anything in our behalf. I really wish we had somebody that stand behind us to start forcing the nut cases and in all of their staff members in Washington to start taking a pay cut and benefits since they can’t seem to leave us along.

  • Krystal Graves

    why are they doing this, because they know that they dont have much time left in the white house so let just **** **** up for the military on their health insurance, and to people that believe in god and give them a bad medical TRICARE, or any kind of health insurance that wont help them with anything, there saying let make it seems before we are getting out of the white house that were trying to get our debt down, let do this so when we do get out of the white house that yea we did something for america… no you did not, you are MAKING THINGS WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Logan

    Our military deserves better treatment, not worse. What Obama and McCain are proposing is absolutely ludicrous. Why don’t they offer to take cuts in their salaries and retirement benefits instead of reducing the already marginal benefits EARNED BY VETERANS WHO DEVOTED THEIR LIVES TO THEIR COUNTRY! Small wonder America is in trouble–the priorities of our government are completely screwed up!

  • Bill

    Dear John….you have been sucking off the American Public for years sitting his butt in congress with full medical and full dental coverage all paid for by the American Public. This is also a guy that will receive more then 80% of his yearly paycheck in retirement. He should keep his wooden nickels worth of opinion. Hey John, IF IT DOESNT EFFECT YOU EITHER WAY…DONT COMMENT ON IT. CLEAN UP CONGRESS AND THIER MONEY SUCKING BENIFITS BEFORE YOU TRY TO DO IT TO SOME OTHER GROUP.

  • JimmyD

    We, as Vets, need to march on Washington DC to show our disapproval with the current attitude towards cutting veterans benefits. We fraught for this country on the promise that we were entitled to these benefits. To cut out benefits and lose our entitlements is a breach of promise and just plane wrong. Originally it was free health care the rest of our life. Our leaders are lying to us over and over. Our politicians (most of them never served) are selling us out. What are we going to do about it? I say next Veterans Day we march on DC and show our dissatisfaction with the current administration!!!

  • Andy

    What’s wrong with you people… you voted for all these non-vet folks because they promised you all the lies and the bubble gum and now that you are only getting the bubble gum you bitch about it. This coming election show them what you can do not just bitch about it. Try not to vote for a football hero of yours vote for somebody who knows what military life is all about.

    • Kelly R

      CANT WAIT! I’m running to the polls!!!! Get a bunch of these idiots out!

    • Damaso

      Agreed, as it should be, time to get these freeloaders out to pasture.

  • jet

    mcain you are a loser.23 yr. navy vet. retire an let someone else stand up for the obviously need to just go away. we fought for our country .what have our elected govt. lazy overpaid officials done!

  • jeanne

    my late husband was a POW and mccain did not give the pows any help so im not surprised he did this he married into MONEY and he is a very selfish person

  • larry

    I was shocked to learn McCain would support such things just shows what to long in Washington will do to a person

  • Ray Hightower

    You can tell we are getting close to pulling our troops out of harms way. When it is time to go to the ends of the earth for God and Country, we are honored and respected. When the need for cannon fodder is no longer required, we are the first to be forgotten. Shame on you McCain….I thought I knew you.

  • B.S,

    Riiiiiiiiiight ….. MUST be true if the AP said it — They were the ones who manipulated the votes FOR the current regime!

  • screaming eagle

    Wonder how far he has his nose up obama’s ass and what has obama offered him? Hell, if I was a millionaire, married to a rich woman,had 6 or 7 very nice homes/ranches, and knew I would be getting one helluva check for the rest of my life as well as a golden parachute medical plan, and say to hell with the citizens, guess what? He is a POS as far as I am concerned since he has chosen to align himself with obama. Just proves there are no politicians in DC worthy to be there. He is an embarrassment to all veteraans.

  • Sweny

    I’ not surprise McCain would stick it to us retire’es considering that he’s got FREE healthcare for life. I had the honor to serve with a Col. who spent 61/2 years in the Hanoi Hilton, most of that time with none other than John sell out the military McCain. This Col. told me he would not support McCain when he ran for president. He wouldn’t elaborate why but it sure makes you wonder.

  • anonymous

    Support the movement to stand up to and against our corrupt leaders with anonymous! Anonymous is behind occupy wall street and all our human rights. But we as a people must stand together and fight the good fight once more, now is the time!

    Youtube anonymous for more info

  • Cmsgt ret. Tom ellis

    Congresss and a couple of presidents got us into this mess and now they are tsaking the easy way out. I am 82 years old and this is not the way things were run in the America I grew up in.The man I was proud of and voted for just lost me.

  • Csb049

    My husband gave his life for this country. McCain should be ashamed of himself, why doesn’t he suggest paying for his and the other congress members health insurance, they can afford it. I used to like McCain, but now, I would not vote for him to be a crossing guard.

  • photo1jimm

    Demand term limits for those that serve “We the People”.
    Vote out all senators and representatives presently serving in Congress.
    Vote in a new President; we do not need four new years of gridlock!

    It will get worse for military retirees as there are few in government with a military service history; the promises so many who served this nation are being eroded by the few that haven’t served …

  • 509th

    why would he or any of them care. . get voted in do a term. . get their full bennies. . and not even serve in the military. . . . what is that saying .. what is good for the goose .. should me good for the gander. . . . .. do away with their benefits. . .. vote them out .. .make them do 20 years in office . . . .. if they raise the 20 on the military raise theirs too…. scum of the earth .. .

  • orionfe

    I agree with the thoughts that the politicians should start looking at their benefits for cutting the budget mess. Thought – since most or all of them are millionaires before they get into congress – they should only get minimum wage for their service! They have no problem taking away the benefits that us retired vets were told would be free for life. Live on that!!!!

  • J.W. Gayton

    Why make the cuts piecemeal for only the military? Why single out the military and military retirees?

    Why not a commission to review ALL workers receiving compensation from the government to include pay and benefits of Civil Service (all cabinet departments), Congress, Justice Department as well as the military.

    Joseph Gayton
    SMSgt USAF (Retired)

  • AF_ft1jahac_RET

    Remembering our leaders on election day…If it was up to me Mr. McCain, I vote you out myself…Mr. Obama, I don’t know if you know what is like to be in the military; election day is coming as well…good luck!

  • Robert Gauthier

    McCain is as pathetic as all the old Senators and congressmen. McCain was the reason other prisoners of war could not sue north vietnam. He was as pathetic then as he is now. He did his job, got shot down and paid more the price. I respect him BUT he is out of touch with reality. I was an infantry platoon commander in the Marines in Vietnam and my men and I saw horrors beyond comprehension to the average person and endured as much as he did. You regress to an animalistic state where it’s kill or be killed, day in and day out, and the man/woman on the ground can never be compensated enough. The retirement and medical compensation’s were earned through blood, sweat and tears, not entitled. I vow to file a class action suit where self serving politicians can stop stealing from the Military as they are stealing from Social Security. McCain and all his cronies in Washington need to heed the upcoming elections. I ask all veteran voters to vote out all emcombants or anyone in politics that has beeen there for 12 years or more.

  • Dennis Cahalin

    John McCain was a coward and traitor when he was a POW and his true colors haven’t changed one bit.

  • peggy mcc.

    i hope they dont mess with our survivors benefits. we dont make enough to survive on as it is. i just lost my job and i can barely get by. we havent had a increase since obummer has been in office. the cost of living has increased but our benefits havent.

  • hbobby2

    Sure he is all for it, since he is near the end of the road of LIFE, and HE got what he could out of the programs while he was still ticking. Milked it enough.

  • algonquin

    McCain was never a friend of the military troops. I feel he harbors resentments for his bad luck in the military . Should never been allowed to be a senator because of mental health reasons. hope not to offend but just how I feel.

  • Jim McLeod

    I was one of the Intell Officers who brought you POW’s back from Vietnam. If this is true about your wanting to cut Military Benefits, I hope your *** gets defeated in the next election. I can see you really care about the veterans you served with.

  • I was one of the Intell Officers who brought you POW’s back from Vietnam. If this is true about your wanting to cut Military Benefits, I hope your *** gets defeated in the next election. I can see you really care about the veterans you served with.

  • Jose A

    I selve as most of you for 20 yrs, I agree is time for the following to follow.
    1. Members of congress should only run 4 yrs
    2. they want to save money, they should pay for medical, dental care like we do.
    3. the same rules that apply to retirees from the military should apply to them
    4. If they one adjustments they should apply the same restrictions they applied to us injured veterans.
    5. For Congress and house members to get only 1/2 benefits from their salaries when they get out of office.
    we need to wake up and smell the coffee they do not care about us, but only care about themselves

  • Teri

    This is like a football game with a red team and a blue team. But both teams and the stadium are all owned by a few rich men. Not only is the game rigged, but the spectators have to pay to watch the game.

    This is not about politics. It’s about money. Taxpayers pay far more on interest to these guys because of the national debt than the amount for all military retirement costs and also for all military benefits. And they don’t care one bit about us.

  • I was one of the Intell Officers who brought you POW’s back from Vietnam. If this is true about your wanting to cut Military Benefits, I hope your *** gets defeated in the next election. I can see you really care about the veterans you served with.

  • I was one of the Intell Officers who brought you POW’s back from Vietnam. If this is true about your wanting to cut Military Benefits, I hope your *** gets defeated in the next election. I can see you really care about the veterans you served with.


    I think ‘navigator’ is full of sh*t…….and not in the military. He is a phoney.

  • AFGUY..

    Like it or not but all of us retiree’s, veterans, and others vote for these idiots so should you really be surprised ? McCAIN HAS A MILLIONAIRE WIFE and a few homes/ cars therefore his retirement means nothing to him.!!!

  • Steve

    If your rich vote tea party republican if your poor or working class vote democrat.Enough said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eugene

    100% of the funding for undocumented immigrants need to be abolished. Welfare checks and food stamps for non tax paying free loaders need to be halted. And a fair revision of politicians benefits is needed.. Before messing with our benefits.
    Unfortunately people like Obama just do not understand the true patriotism military veterans feel. And its disheartening that apparently people like McCain has forgotten.

  • 1SG

    Gee folks. This McCain stand is really quite simple to understand given the rampant runaway Socialism in Washington, DC in recent years. Our illustrious Rep’s and Senators can’t even comprehend what a Natural Born Citizen is. The $14 Trillion Debt doesn’t bother them nearly as much as a retired E7’s benefits. McCain is just another on a long list of Sellouts.

  • SkepticalOtto

    McCain may not to be completely to blame. He may have been hit too many times in the head by the Viet Cong while a prisoner of war. Many never ever recover.

  • Morris Ramsey

    The gentleman from Arizona needs to be recognized as a crazy man that has lost his mind.

    Next thing we will be hearing about him taking campaign contributions from Jane Fonda, and everyone knows we Vietnam vets are not Fonda Jane.


    If this story is true, then SHAME on McCain and he had better find a big rock to hide under because he is selling out those of us who have retired and those looking to retire very soon or in the not so far off future. I never would have believed he would sell out his brother and sister in arms so maybe if he gets enough ‘heat’ from the field he will come back on line and not sell us out. Is partners in the Congress and the Senate is where the cuts need to begin and continue until they pay their dues instead of have it all pretty much tax free and handed to them on a silver platter. I guess it is time for some old fashion letter writing to those former military members who reside in the Senate & Congress and who have obviously forgotten what it was like to serve especially when the promise of the “good life” after 20 years + of service to this great nation. TOP WOOD – Army Retired

  • Retired Patriot

    McCain must think we all have his congressional health plan and his deep pockets…

  • David K.

    And this is why none of my kids, grandkids, nephews, nieces etc… will ever be in the military. Its a shame when they ask me why they shouldn’t serve like their dad, uncle and grandfathers etc… and I have to tell them the system and country isn’t worth fighting for till we get rid off all the politicians or that next civil war happens.

  • REB

    McCain is an idiot like the rest of those money grubbing politicians!

  • peter

    asked around about senator McCain and you will find out that he red coat who gave information to the North Vietnamese Miltary. He is a traitor. Asked some Vietnam Vets. McCain does not care about the military. Hey he recieves a big pension, SSI, and he could careless about vets. As long as he gets his.



  • Sandra

    McCaine have lost his ever loving mind!!!!!!Why in the HECK would you bother the ones who have fought for this country. Tricare for Life should not have a fee. Those on Tricare for life deserves not having fees. McCain, have you seen the physical shape thousand of Veterans are in. You need to give them more benefits instead of adding a fee. Whey don’t you have your own BIG FAT SALARY cut. Boy, that would be a good savings considering you never served in the military. This administration is very disappointing, but you all talk such a great talk to get elected. Leave the Retirees alone. I hope when you retire Mr. MCCain someone will bother your Retirement benefits, you disgusting so call Man!!!!



  • guest

    McCain needs to look at where the government is spending money and stop the bleeding by stopping the free money and leave us veterans alone. clean up your own house first.

  • Teri

    I agree that cuts in mlitary pay should be tied to those of government officials, but it’s not going to happen. Who is going to do that? Them? All the money is going to the top. There will be no middle class soon, if this keeps up. Listen to the young people out there. Read their signs.

  • RVee

    Enough of John McCain!

    The self-serving miserable “lil angry man”.
    He wants all Viet Nam vets to kiss his ring,I think he had preferential treatment in the Hanoi Hilton,he was even offered and early out pass because of his daddy,a US Admiral.

    Hey Mac,thank GOD you married a millionaire and you do not need the Tri-care you have voted to increase on we retired military and seriously wounded in ground combat .You had my respect once,now you have my disdain you disgruntled politico loser.

    An ARMY Recon Infantryman 1968

  • pattipace7

    A retired Navy man had to do contract work in Afghanistan while his Wife, my cousin, died of cancer to provide her healthcare coverage. Retires and their family deserve better than TRICARE not less. And I don’t believe how bad the VA pill hellcare is, is news to anyone. Millions being wasted in already broke cities on OWS protesters whom are an intricate part of Mr. Obama’s reelection campaign.

    • Teri

      By the way there are a lot of veterans young and old at the OCW’s in various cities. It’s not about politics and politicians whether right or left are not asked to be there and are not even welcome. Many do not support Obama. But I am so sorry about your cousin and you’re so right that the military people deserve better.

  • TEAM GUY 27 years

    I’ll bet Pres. Obama will have no problem cashing his presidential pension check for only 4 years of service! One of the reasons people join the military is for the benefits, it certainly isn’t for the pay!!! Sen. McCain, you are a DISGRACE to the brave men and women of this country that don there uniform every day to provide a blanket of security for the people of this nation. Being a soldier is the most NOBLE job their is!! We provide this service out of love for this country, and should not be punished for it. All of you politicians would CRY LIKE LITTLE BITCHES if we even tried to take your benefits away,

  • Robert L. Peterson

    McCain has lost the respect of many, many veterans who gave their service to this great country. He is a veteran and should understand this situtation. Cut all congressional benefits and see how they feel. One tour in office gives them a lifetime of benefits while veterans serve 20 or more years and are constantly threatened by cuts in their lifetime benefits.

  • Bill Beauter

    Politicians should take a cut in pay, and also have to spend 20+ plus years before a retirement can be alowed. Thats what us retired military have to do. McCain should have more sense, being a former militery man.

  • Guy Murray

    Yes, I am a disabled veteran of the WWII & Korean era. What we now need is some able veteran with leadership ability to strat to organize veteran and retired service members to make a statement and if neccessary stand in Washington stating our needs. And get ALL of the combined veterans orginazations — VFW, American Legion, Atomic Veterans, DAV, Paralized Veterans & etc together for one cause, stand together for the service personel active and past services. there is power in numbers.

  • Teri

    OWS is non-partisan, sorry. The Tea Party has been invited, too. Everyone is welcome and it is not a liberal movement. There are people all over the world protesting and they have similar problems. It’s not just here.

  • disappointed

    If the report is true McCain consider yourself fired, and the respect you have for your military service and significant sacrafice a waste. Lets cut the entilements to the people who have never earned them first then start looking at the people that have.

  • neptuneone

    McCain another one that says “I got mine, screw everyone else!” another worthless AZ congressman!

  • There are a couple of things that our elected representatives in Washington either cannot comprehend or cannot explain.

    As they relate to the Veteran, and more specifically the Retired Veteran, the Consumer Price Index and the Cost of Living Allowance seem to have no bearing whatsoever in what we – the common man and woman – consume or realize on a daily basis as our actual “Cost” of living.

    The aforementioned elected representatives wallow comfortably in the Public Sty and have their greedy snouts full time in the Public Trough. They seemingly care not a whit about how we feel about their regular and generous pay raises, glorious benefits packages, and retirement programs that bear no resemblance WHATSOEVER to ours. Are we, the taxpaying veterans supposed to sit by and watch our “Promised Benefits” either taken away or eroded to the point of Petty Cash while the entitlements for the functionally illiterate unemployable grow?. I think that I know how the Native American Indians must have felt 30 days after signing a treaty with Washington.

  • Wm Heaster

    It seems that McCain has jump from the frying pan into the fire by jumping from the Repubilican to the Democratic party. We have entered into the darkest side of Government that can only be measured as totally Corrupt and without motive.
    I thought there was a law that states that “Nobody is above the law” But the Government Embraces the fact that they make the laws so they are protected against punishment.

  • Ron Stupka

    unfortunately McCain did not go to jail for his criminal association with Keating, he was guilty and got a “good ol boy” deal from the investigators. I am from his state and wouldn’t vote for him if he was the only one in the race. Surely he doesn’t need his EARNED MILITARY BENEFITS he has double dipped since retirement sucking off the public thru congress with superior medical care and retirement for life.. Let’s see him offer some of that for congress, bet they will all vote for those reductions

  • Disgusted

    No happy military = no more experience in the military. Good bye the true military dedication, hello to the military that does not care. No more career people to carry us in time of emergency..

  • M.K.

    Life’s tough, pilgrim, it’s even tougher when you are trying to balance the budget with politicians buying votes and democrats to feed that will not work.


    He married his rich wife from Phoenix, AZ. He doesn’t care about us. I’ll never vote for him again. And he can take that to the bank. Why don’t thoes big wigges in DC cut there benees. You can bet that want happen. They are to busy giving them selves a pay raise. It’s time we vote them out. He sold us out.
    Air Force retired over 27 tears

  • Capt Gene

    Hey, senator (lcit), how about you begin with cutting all YOUR benefits first. You know, john, your medical program, your retirement, have your family live on, say, my and other Vet’s disability compensation. Give it a shot, senator. Not all of us who are retired Vet’s, be they able bodied or disabled, are in the house or senate.


  • a

    Wonder what Col Bud Day would say about this…

  • kurt

    John McCain is a ( traitor) to all the Vets as are all who say that we the Vets should pay for you failed leadership. Why are you not reducing your benefits? Lead by example reduce yours first. How dare you!! All of you who are thinking about this. You sleep peacefully in your beds at night because rough men and woman stand ready to do evil on your behalf but this is how you thank us .

  • C. Miller

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it !!!! I resent our legislators, who are OUR servants, trying to cut our benefits when they vote raises for themselves, have everything furnished to them, work part time, and have better benefits than many Americans in this country. I feel that we are not adequately represented. When these freshmen get to Washington, it takes no time at all for them to learn the ropes. If they aren’t millionaires when they get there, they will be when they are out of there. We need term limits for these people. We can trust no one anymore. Even when McCain was running for president, I didn’t trust him. He sounded like he was middle of the road. These people seem to want to cut the military, Social Security, and Medicare which are the three largest caches of money in the country. All I have to say is that, hopefully, we can get these people out of office next year, and hopefully, it won’t be too late. God bless America and our military.

  • Railroader

    Veterans should have the finest health care available at no cost, they have paid their dues, I feel the Government is selling them out.

  • James

    The government truly has turned into the American people’s worst enemy.

  • liz

    He lost my rspect and support long ago, when he argeed to do something else like this. McCain is selfish like the others. He cares nothing about the military that he came from and if you believe he does your crazier than he is!!!!. This is totally loco….Our military time is for nothing anymore…a sad shame. This country will end up having to go back to draft….and will have problems just like dring Nam….it will be all these politicians faults… all need to be fired.

  • mikepau

    Lets cut politicians’ pay, staff size and staff pay as well as all their benefits and freebees. Let’s make them pay for their pensions and health benefits and pay an enrollment fee. Let’s throw in term limits with very little paid to them in benefits once they are term limited. As far as I know, a congressman serving 1 term (2 years) gets a pension and lifetime health benefits but a Soldier, Sailor or Marine putting his life on the line serving 8 or 10 years gets nothing beyond the GI Bill unless they are injured.

  • Teri

    From a LA Times article in April of 2008, before the last election:
    “The Navy has classified him (McCain)as 100% disabled, which makes the pension taxfree. So is there a disparity and health concern in a White House candidate, who if elected would be the oldest man ever inaugurated president, also receiving a 100% disability military pension?” (He received over $58,000 in disability tax-free income that year according to the article.)

  • James

    Are American servicemen really defending freedom and democracy at this point??? Really think about this question people. Or are they risking life and limb so that these thieving politicians, most of whom are draft dodgers and never served this nation a day in their lives, can live the good life, collect fat lifetime pensions, and ride their jets to 3K/head Wall Street sponsored dinners off of the sweat, blood, and tears of those in uniform. Can we really say this is still the America we all swore to defend on that fateful day at the processing center? Served 8 years in the USMC and my faith in the US and its leadership has been shaken to the core.

  • Larry

    I heard dem sen Durbin say tonight that they can’t cut funding for kids to go to college. We, the military retirees are defensless and easy picking. We didn’t all retire at an O6 level, then get nearly $200 K annually for not doing a whole lot. The military is easy picking, but don’t touch any social programs. We paid our dues. I remember in 1963 as an E-1 receiving $77.00 per month in $2.00 bills. I think they took out $3.00 in taxes to make the $2.00 work out even. In Nam I was promoted to E-5 and received $350 including combat pay, tax free. We didn’t get to go to the 66 Bob Hope Christmas show because we were behind schedule. I voted for McCain because I didn’t have a choice. I voted for a RINO versus a muslim Marxist. I have lost all respect for this RINO.



  • herknav

    Sold out again as normal by a Congress and Executive branch with little to no experience in the military. Apparently the words “Duty, Honor, Country” are hollow. If these words (as well as all the other “catch phrases” used by the other branches) are only expected to apply to the worker bees and not the senior leadership (all the way up to the Congress, Senate and President) then they are meaningless.

    While I am of “working age” (nicely undefined by McCain, so I guess that could imply anyone below Medicare age at which time TRICARE for Life kicks in…effectively meaning no retiree could ever get on TRICARE Prime), I am self-employed. One of the reasons I chose the self-employment route was because I HAVE access to TRICARE Prime as my health plan, having served over 25 years in the military. Congress will keep on nickle and diming retirees until retirement is meaningless.

  • Rickb

    I am a veteran, but not a retiree. McCain is further establishing his position as a RINO. This proposal is beyond belief! Those who have served 20 years deserve every benefit they’ve been promised. There is NO other job that requires you to be on call 24/7/365. Those serving in congress should receive no retirement benefit. They don’t have jobs or serve any lasting purpose. . .

  • rickster271

    Thanks McCain, you really sold out your own kind this time. You and Jane Fonda buddies now?

  • Jessie Phillips

    sorry to tell you, McCain is a LIEberal, just like your buddy dims, for the last 2 years YOUR buddies have not given COLA to vets, thanks alot LIEberals

  • D. H.

    Yep, they keep mess with the retirees and the young people looking on won’t go for it when it comes time for another war. Every wonder what would happen if EVERYONE said “hell no, we won’t go”??. We elect these people to support us on these issue. We go because we are proud to serve OUR country but DAMN them slap us in the face after we give all. My dad served and retired on the same promise that I went in for, medical support was an issue. They forced the retirees off the base in his area. I was going to vote for McCain because I was sure he would support the Vets after what he had been through. I guess his comfort zone has had an effect on his memories huh?
    Retired Air Force DV.

  • Will Ret Army

    McCain’s support for Obama dosen’t suprize me. He calls it reaching accross the aisle, this is something he has done quite often in his career, that is one reason he was not elected president. He sides with the dems many times and he should be held accountable. Retirees and your fanilies dont forget these kinds of politians they claim to support us but when we really need them they are AWOL. We need to send them home and cut their benefits to match ours.

  • Grunt

    the scumbag son of a bitch,the same coward that caved as a POW.
    The monkey has to go

  • richard

    go back to the hanoi hilton and getg your shit in order. how can youi recommend cuts to us retirees. cut your senate retiree pension and get with medicare for your care not the over bloared system you washingto big wigs are ubder . get real !

    • richard pavicic

      a few corrections bloared { bloated} ubder {under} McCain you are an idiot

  • SoDisappointed

    This just discuses me that the government isn’t just trashed the economy they want to trash anything and everything that they can. Maybe McCain should go buy a recliner and a new tv and make himself comfortable. Oh and don’t forget to cut ALL his benefits and anything else that he gets. I’m sure he has 100% disability, take that away also so he can save and build that pot up a bit more while he is at it. McCain I can’t believe you!

    • SoDisappointed

      forgot to sub to replies :/

  • RIX

    Their bennies stay secure again, & ours are now screwed – again. Thanks Congress !

  • redryeder

    He took to many wacks to his head with a bamboo stick.

  • Bloodshed

    I am a retired Army SFC and I am also a disabled Vet. During my Army career, I did a tour as an Army Recruiter. I was a Gold Badge Recruiter. As a recruiter, I never lied to any of my recruits. I was always up front and tried to give the truest picture of what life would be like in the United States Army. During my tour as a recruiter, I was under the impression that I would always have “Free” medical care. What most recruiters told their perspective enlistees was what they believed at that time. Please stop calling recruiters, liars!! One of the things I valued the most was my integrity. Most of the other men and women I served with as recruiters felt the same way. We were lied to the same way you were lied to, by our so called leadership of this nation. These people will say anything to get what they want! And what they want is to line their own pocket with as much cash as they can. Most of them (congressmen and politicians in general) don’t care about integrity, loyalty, sacrifice or duty. They only care about one thing, themselves! The sooner most people realize this the sooner we will stop putting and keeping these people in office. Let’s hold an election in which no one votes! Let’s close the polling stations and not allow anyone to vote. Let’s go to the post offices and confiscate all absentee ballots. Then let’s have another election in which we elect everyday citizens to every position that exists today. In other words, let’s start all over again and put people in office who understand what it’s like to have to go to work every day and not get paid enough to pay their bills. Not get paid enough to take a vacation every holiday. Not be able to cover their health care expenses. Not been able to find a job for 18 months. These are the people who will understand what it’s like to be an American!

  • 82 Year Old Vet

    I wonder what Sarah Palin thinks of the Senator from Arizona now? We are waiting to hear what she has to say about him. Might be the reason she decided not to run for the top post and may wish to disassociate herself and the Tea Party from any ties with the McCain machine. Sarah recently said “My decision is based upon a review of what common sense Conservatives and Independents have accomplished, especially over the last year. I believe that at this time I can be more effective in a decisive role to help elect other true public servants to office – from the nation’s governors to Congressional seats and the Presidency. We need to continue to actively and aggressively help those who will stop the “fundamental transformation” of our nation and instead seek the restoration of our greatness, our goodness and our constitutional republic based on the rule of law.” She hit the nail right on “true public servants to office.” Ms. Palin we also want to hear what you think about McCain’s letter to the budget supercommittee. Then too make certain the Tea Party gets the message to all active and retired military personnel and their dependents if still alive, and not lying in green fields because they died serving our country before reaching their thirties. Or still lie dead in sand dunes in Iraq and a dozen other places around the globe. Thoughts from a 27 year veteran including both enlisted and officer service. (See for her decision not to run.)

  • RON

    Maybe all of is disablevets and vets should go to DC and PROTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Larry Dearborn

    I am a firm believer that all military Retirees after age 65 deserves Tricare For Life at no cost. No politician should get free Tricare due to huge retirement money they get. McCain, you have lost all of your respect from me.

    • SoDisappointed

      Medicare is 110.00 a month and they aren’t charging YET for Tricare For Life. But I feel after what is charged to have medicare, why should a Retiree have to pay for Tricare for life??? Makes no sense to me. Maybe we should all just start walking bent over for more screwing.

  • Bill Beal

    McCain is selling us down the river. McCain has outlived his value to the national defense and should have retired at the end of his last term. He was a terrible candidate for the Presidency and he more than anyone else has us stuck with Obama. Guess he forgot where he came from.

  • airborne 1

    I think the government has gone to far in cutting anything concerning the military retirees,if anyone has earned their due the retirees have.

  • ODWright.SFC.Ret.

    Bottom line what a loser (McCain) is, we need 2 4ward all comments 2 his office,news,family & friends 4 everyone 2c what McCain & Congress r trying 2 do 2 use. Remember not everyone has a computer or know about this web site._Will 4ward a copy 2 all.

  • carl

    Hay McCain, 5 years pow, who’s side you on?

  • USN Ret

    What does McCain care. He gets his $174,000 per year as one of those hog-at-the-trough Senator.

  • jessie phillips

    Everyone should write mccain and tell him that we support him…. NOT, and I am hoping that arizona elects a true conservative the next time around

  • 82 Year Old Vet

    I wonder what Sarah Palin thinks of the Senator from Arizona now? We are waiting to hear what she has to say about him. Might be the reason she decided not to run for the top post and may wish to disassociate herself and the Tea Party from any ties with the McCain machine. Sarah recently said “My decision is based upon a review of what common sense Conservatives and Independents have accomplished, especially over the last year. I believe that at this time I can be more effective in a decisive role to help elect other true public servants to office – from the nation’s governors to Congressional seats and the Presidency. We need to continue to actively and aggressively help those who will stop the “fundamental transformation” of our nation and instead seek the restoration of our greatness, our goodness and our constitutional republic based on the rule of law.” She hit the nail right on “true public servants to office.” Ms. Palin we also want to hear what you think about McCain’s letter to the budget supercommittee. Then too make certain the Tea Party gets the message to all active and retired military personnel and their dependents if still alive, and not lying in green fields because they died serving our country before reaching their thirties. Or still lie dead in sand dunes in Iraq and a dozen other places around the globe. Thoughts from a 27 year veteran including both enlisted and officer service. (See for her decision not to run.)

  • Max Dover

    McCain could care less about benefits as he has the best retirement plan in the world! Forget his military service, he is now part of the ELITE society…..a retired US Senator…who receives his salary for the rest of his life, along with FREE health care, FREE dental care, complete openess to ALL military bases along with priority treatment in FRONT of all servicemen and women regardless of their ailment to include Wounded Warriors! Why should it concern him or any other member.of congress……IT’S FREE TO ALL OF THEM!

  • Jackson

    If the Federal Government wants to make changes to the military retirement and Tricare systems, let them….BUT only for new enlistees. See what that does for your all-volunteer force. The government made promises to alot of veterans and retirees and now want to renege on them. Tantmount to tellng us “we used you, got what we wanted from you and now we are kicking you to the curb”. I, for one, am not surprised with this tactic. The military has always been an easy target for cost cutting, except when it comes to new weapons systems, since the defense contractors are a major source of revenue for politicians.

  • CW4 Don Barton

    I have over thirty five years of military service, US Marine Corp and the US Army three wars. I would expect nothing less from from the worthless leaders we now have in the US Congress. There interest in not the people but the money interest that lines there pockets. The new young of this nation must now step up to the plate and save us as in the wall street marchers. To old to fight a war but will support the new war front of the young.

  • James

    “McCain Okay With Military Benefit Cuts” He is a traitor and should be ashamed. At one time I was very proud of and looked up to brothers in arms like him. He may have started his political career with good intentions but (just like the rest) has become nothing more than another egotistical career politician with an exaggerated sense of self-importance and intelligence. They are now taking money and benefits from those who worked for them and are giving them to those who don’t or won’t work and people who are in the country illegally. This must be a bad dream. How could things get turned around this bad when the most intelligent people in the country are calling the shots. I’m afraid things will never get back like they should be until everything hits bottom and starts over if you know what I mean…

  • mfontz

    Should I suggest that we back behind those kids on Wall Street. Once again the top money earners in America are being kept with low taxes and the rest of us pay the dues.

  • Ernie

    I served 26 years in the three sections of the Army (Active, Reserve and National Guard) with pride. And now we the volunteers are set aside because we are no longer needed, let see how long this volunteer force will last with those empty promises and how this country will survive with the draft, God help us, oooh I am sorry we even forget about him to, and are getting rid of him to. Our forefathers must be turning in their graves!!!!!


    McCain, why in the hell aren’t you going after the millionaires that do hide among Senators and other government workers? and leave these people who had worked hard for you and others to be able to take as many vacations as you all like in all the exotic countries. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK MCCAINE.

  • Mary

    Of course McCain thinks the committee should cut military benefits; they aren’t talking about cutting his. Why don’t we limit what politicians get paid? How about we limit their benefits? Why do they get great retirement packages for life while in Florida teachers face getting their paycheck based on how well kids in their class learn? You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. How come when our country was getting sunk deeper into debt, the politicians in charge at that time didn’t get pay cuts? These people are unbelievable, f-ing unbelievable.

  • tstapp

    All any of them care about is their damn party not the country or its citizens.

  • Mike/USAF DAV

    What a bunch of crap! McCain is a sellout. You just lost any respect that I have/hadfor you. Horray for you and the hell with the rest of us veterans of the United States military.

  • treason1948

    to those in Congress and to include the White House, it wasn’t us enlisted that put troops in harms way, it was those of you in Washington who put troops in harms way and they are the same one who got this country in to this mess, not only do you what to make those who served honorably for 20 or more years but you still insist to put it on the back of the lower enlisted ranks who has served. Before you take away from those who has served faithfully why first stop sending troops to defend other nation, stop paying governments money while at the same time providing security. Our government is paying billions of dollars to Pakistan God know how much money we have paid into Iraqi and to the rest of the Middle east, what about bringing our troops home from Europe, and Asia and Middle East and Africa, McCain I did vote for you I will never make that mistake again and for those try and resolve the deficit on those who served honorably. Instead of asking us to give why aren’t all you who are Career Politician paying back all the Pork Barrel spending, I can go on but it just another way that enlisted gets screwed.

  • George

    McCain is just a senile old bastard. His mentality is why he never got to be commander- in -chief and should never have even been considered for the position. A better selection on the part of the republicans at that time might have prevented Obummer and his clan from getting in and destroying this country which all us Veterans were so proud to defend not sure that could be the same thinking of today’s Veterans when they discover they were duped into believing someone cared about them.

  • The Gunny

    Once again, it is time to screw the military…..I guess the brainwashing in Hanoi finally got to him……let alone pay for Medicare at 65 now they want us to pay for the supplement as well… much for Medical care the rest of your life as promised back in 68 for going 20 or 30 years……..maybe if they are going to charge these fees, the Officers should pay more than enlisted, I am sure an Admiral, General, etc…get more of a retirement check then us enlisted do…..but they pay the same rate as us……


    all milltary and veterans of AMERICA should all get together and protest and demand congress to give up there benefits.LET ALL OF US TAKE THEM OUT.AND PUT SOME REAL VETERANS TO RUN CONGRESS. WE PUT OUR LIFE ON THE LINE FOR THIS KNOW GOOD CONGRESS!!!!!!!! I’M MAD AS HELL!!!!!!!!! YOU DON’T WANT TO MESS WITH VETERANS!!!!!

  • navy veteran

    McCain should be ashamed of himself. He receives his military benefits but of course he doesn’t really need it. He is a disgrace to the veterans. I guess he fell under the spell of the present administration.

  • REcon

    Wake up people McCain has NEVER been a advocate for veterans – he married rich, was born with a silver spoon and could care less about veterans- I repeat McCain has NEVER been an advocate for veterans just look at his historical voting record.

  • 82 Year Old Vet

    I wonder what Sarah Palin thinks of the Senator from Arizona now? We are waiting to hear what she has to say about him. Might be the reason she decided not to run for the top post and may wish to disassociate herself and the Tea Party from any ties with the McCain machine. Sarah recently said “My decision is based upon a review of what common sense Conservatives and Independents have accomplished, especially over the last year. I believe that at this time I can be more effective in a decisive role to help elect other true public servants to office – from the nation’s governors to Congressional seats and the Presidency. We need to continue to actively and aggressively help those who will stop the “fundamental transformation” of our nation and instead seek the restoration of our greatness, our goodness and our constitutional republic based on the rule of law.” She hit the nail right on “true public servants to office.” Ms. Palin we also want to hear what you think about McCain’s letter to the budget supercommittee. Then too make certain the Tea Party gets the message to all active and retired military personnel and their dependents if still alive, and not lying in green fields because they died serving our country before reaching their thirties. Or still lie dead in sand dunes in Iraq and a dozen other places around the globe. Thoughts from a 27 year veteran including both enlisted and officer service.

  • Glenn

    McCain is selling retires and future retires out. He must be forgetting the sacrifice our men and women who was and currently willing to give their life for this country. Adding enormous physical and mental on their mind and body. Active military and retiree let your voices be heard–flood your senators email with your concerns.

  • Retiree

    I truly unfortunate that one of only a few honorable ex-military politicians turn his back on his military supporters.

    • Unhappy Vet

      Doing that means he is not honorable. You were mistaken but of course, people like McCain spend lots of money and effort to make sure you are mistaken. A better example of an honorable veteran who served in the Senate might be Chuck Hagle who is now retired. He served as an infantry officer in RVN and when in office he supported vet’s causes.

  • E. Stanfield

    I always knew that John McCain was one of the more stupid Senators. Even being a Republican for life, I wouldn’t vote for him, because I knew the public would not support him, especially after running with Sarah Palin, What a dunce!!

  • 7.62

    All these cuts to improve te economy is the wrong thing to do. The more cuts, the more people loose their jobs and the worse things get. Here is what we need to do to get this country back to where it used to be.
    1. Penalize companies for moving business and production overseas.
    (We used to supply the world, now the world supplies us)
    2. Put an import tax on everything that comes into the U.S.
    (If it is not from here it gets taxed)
    3. Limit the percentage of how many foreign cars one family can own.
    (There is no reason why one can’t be American)
    4. Stop immigration totally, we can’t employ what we have now.
    ( There are more people in California then there is in Canada)
    ( U.S. 350 million- Canada 30 million)
    5. Stop foreign aid totally. Cut their benefits before you cut ours.
    (They don’t appreciate it anyway, they hate us. We’re stupid)
    6. Get the monkey off our back- China. They are communist remember.
    (They intend to be number one and we are buying into it big time)
    We need to make some major changes to survive and prosper. Same old same old is no longer going to cut it.

  • ibsteve2u

    Huh…I didn’t think the Republicans would sell vets out so publicly; their style is more create a debt crisis by combining tax cuts with massive spending and then demand that the next sucker (guaranteed to be a Democrat, after years of Republican abuse) in the Oval Office fix it and so take the heat for cutting vet benefits.

    So I’d say the truth is McCain is being unusually upfront and honest – for a Republican.

  • Pat

    We can post messages all day long but do you think they care? NOT Lets take there care away how pays for it us?

    • Unhappy Vet

      So lets get off our dead asses and form a third party. Then we could run real decent working Americans for office and end this nightmare. As long as the two parties that got us in this mess are the only choices we’ve got, we’re screwed. They have us right where they want us. Imagine sending enough decent people to DC that they could make the changes needed to give us back our country. Imagine America working for working class people again like it did way back in the 1960’s? The saddest part of this whole screwed up mess is that we could stop these corrupt politicians dead in their tracks every 4 years but we just don’t do it. Next time you get mad at whichever party you hate, don’t make the mistake of looking to the party you trust. They are not your friends and they do not care about you. This is a fight that won’t be easy, but it can be done. The other choice is to let the America we grew up in vanish forever and with it any decent future for us, our kids and grandkids.

  • cecil

    seems like Mcain needs to read these posts and listen to the majority all of us cant be wrong

  • Unhappy Vet

    The republican party is always going on and on about how THEY are the real Americans. They run their mouths endlessly about how THEY support the troops. What BS. They cook up a war in Iraq based on fairy tales about WMDs when they should have been going after the people who attacked us on 9/11. Now that they’ve conned the troops into war and gotten what they need out of the military, they show their true face. These are the same scumbags that are after the Social Security benefits paid for in every paycheck a working American earns. Seems like the way they operate is to get what they need from soldiers, marines, working people in general and then turn around and steal what they’ve earned. The Bible talks about people like McCain and abuses of power like this. It says clearly in Isaiah that these scumbags will burn in Hell for this type of behavior. I pray that its true and every one of these parasites who call themselves our leaders spend eternity in a hot damn place.

  • 23yrvetcris

    You are correct Jonathan. I checked into their current retirement system. One thing that a lot of people don’t know or realize is that members of Congress can legally do insider trading in the stock market on information they acquire from contacts and knowing what bills will likely pass. That’s where many of them pad their bank accounts (i.e. Nancy Pelosi’s husband dumped stock before the big bubble burst because he got inside information – in a bad economy Nancy Pelosi’s worth grew 16% – certainly wasn’t from her Congressional pay).
    Revamping the military systems was tried in the 80’s and recruitment went to hell in a hand.basket. Doing what is being proposed by these progressive idiots and self-serving politicians will effectively kill our Constitutionally guaranteed standing military. Mr. Obama and all the other socialist/fascist think politicians will be in hog heaven when that occurs because that one of the things they are striving to accomplish. I was shocked that Mr. McCain has completely went to their side. Although I respect his service & rank I believe he must be getting senile and if we can get someone here to run against him I will certainly vote to send Mr. McCain into retirement.

  • 86thave

    Most of these posts seem to assume cutting McCain’s benefits from the Senate would actually hurt him. Uhh-remember Cindy McCain? “Upon her father’s death in 2000, she inherited majority control and became chair of Hensley & Co., one of the largest Anheuser-Busch beer distributors in the United States.” He is so rich that he couldn’t even remember how many houses he owns (7). HE IS THE 1% ! He will protect the 1% and not you!

  • Selfish

    McCain is a traitor to the past, present, and future military servicemen. Back in 1954, I was promised free medical and dental care for my spouse and I for the
    rest of our lives. What bull shit. Retirees…………..reelect that boy from Illinois
    and you’ll see much more corosion of our benefits. It’s a damn shame that we
    have to put with idiots like McCain and Ubama.

    • Unhappy Vet

      As long as we support either the democrat or republican parties we will continue to see our lives go downhill. If you are old enough to remember this country in say 1964, then you KNOW that we no longer even live in the same country. The only two groups in control since that time have been democrats and republicans. They’ve both had periods of time where they were strong enough to pass what laws they chose to. Neither one of them has done anything worthwhile for the bottom 99% of Americans in all that time. Both parties run this country for the benefit of the wealthiest 1%. We should all abandon these two parties and stand behind a new one that sees things like we do. If that party left divisive issues alone and concentrated ONLY on legislation that dealt with our pay and benefits we could regain what we’ve had stolen from us for the past decades. I’d much rather live back when working people got good pay, good benefits and job security than in what we’ve become. If we keep going like this what kind of world do we leave our kids?

  • SailorA

    I USED to be a John McCain supporter… more!!! His approach is a ripoff of retirees like myself and the federal government workers and Senators/Congressmen need a total rework of their system of benefits before they even think of us!!

  • Bud

    What about the Earned Income Credit paid to those that don’t pay taxes. The Government refunds over $60 billion a YEAR to people who don’t even pay taxes. How about a $10-$12 billion cut per year in their benefits, that they didn’t work for! Contact your Senator and Congressmen and ask why this free giveaway program hasn’t even been brought up for any reductions. Instead they EIC has been increasing at the rate of about 3.5% each year even when the government said there was no inflation (the last two years).


    why do you think he not potus right now he sells every one out

  • Deez

    Ladies & Gentleman,

    I hate to be a BUNGHOLE here, but an overwhelming majority of Americans do not relate to people who have served in the military.
    Somewhere between 1% – 5% of the population has served in the military.
    Military personnel do not relate to society as well.
    Retired members pay $200/yr for Healthcare.
    Active Duty Families pay $500/yr for Healthcare.
    Average Family of 4 pays $2500/yr for Healthcare.

    The Fixed benefit system of our parent’s generation has been long dead & gone.
    Less than 17% of all enlisted personnel who have served make it to 20+years & receive retirements.
    2011 is the optimum year to initiate cuts.
    Because of the current unemployment & economic situation.
    The military budget will get cut “significantly” this year.
    I can constantly overwhelm you w/ stats, but you can shout til the mountaintops, It’s the inevitable. If not 2011, 2012, it will be soon.
    It may not be what’s in your self interest but it’s in the best interest for he county.

    • Unhappy Vet

      You leave out the fact that we’re in this mess due to poor leadership, not some shortcoming on the part of working Americans. I fail to see how it benefits the country to unfairly screw working people out of benefits earned. Remember that while McCain is calling for benefit cuts, he is also insisting on extending the Bush Tax cuts for the wealthy. If you want to do what’s right for the country, return to the tax rates on the wealthy that were in effect when Reagan took office. The steady efforts of the republican party to lower wealthy people’s taxes has a direct connection to attempts to cut retirement and Social Security benefits. According to you, we should all just smile and hand over what we’ve worked hard for so some SOB who never worked a day in his miserable rich life can have even more wealth?

      • Air Force Ret.

        The majority of the rich in this country EARNED that money .. it wasn’t given to them. The issue/problem is the Country is spending far more than it takes in. Increasing the tax on the rich (who already pay more than 60 percent of all federal income tax) is short-sighted and won’t even make a dent in our overall debt. Would suggest that you stop making others to be the scapegoat. We have a debt problem that will take ALL of us to fix … that means we retirees, too.

  • ltcjwb

    I agree with most of the prior comments. When I took the oath 47 years ago, and again 45 years ago, it was with the full knowledge that the law at that time stated that I would be entitled to full medical benefits and a certaim percentage of my pay for life. In part, it was understood that this was because I was placing myself between those at home and those who might do them harm; in part, it was because the pay I would receive during my term of service would likely be considerably less than a civilian occupation with comparable responsibility and/or authority. Deferred compensation, if you will.

  • ltcjwb

    Continued: I have come to believe that we should vacate the District of Columbia of all persons not employed by the Federal Government or elected to office thereof. Provide housing for elected officials from the vacated properties. Require the National Park Service to maintain and operate the rest. Accept the fact that elected officials (Representatives,

  • ltcjwb

    Still more: Senators, the President and Vice President, and appointed officials (the Secretaries and senior staff of the various Departments) are NOT EMPLOYEES. Therefore, they are not entitled to nor eligible for any of the perks that employees receive, such as health insurance, Social Security, or retirement programs. Limit pay for a Representative to 4 times the poverty level for a family of the appropriatet size, a Senator to 6 times the poverty level, and the President and Vice President to 8 times the poverty level.

  • ltcjwb

    Require, by Constitutional Amendment, that any contribution to a campaign for office must be made by a US Citizen who is entitled to vote in the election for which the campaign is run. That way, no one not a resident Citizen of the Congressional District will be allowed to contribute to the Representative’s election. That takes business and out-of-state special interests out of the picture. Same for the Senate – if you are not a Citizen, resident in the State, you may not contribute to the campaign. Any Citizen of the United States could contribute to a Presidential campaign, or the the political party of their choice – with no limits. These sensible changes to our laws would have a significant impact on our elected officials, and make them more accountable to those whom they represent – the people of their home States.

    • Unhappy Vet

      Sign me up. I’m with you all the way.

  • Daniel Lawson

    I am sure that McCain is 100% disablied due to his POW years, retired military and drawing social security, plus to his Purple Heart and POW status he receivews 100% free VA Medical care. Maybe we sould start requireing a MEANS Test for our Combat Heroes. Sad for him, I spent 23 years in the Military both sate side and over sees. The military could save probally 1/3rd of their budget by getting rid of at least 1/3rd of the cililian job force that supports all branches. Their is more time spent trying to get out of work than actually preforming the job. I have been there for many years.

  • jimbo

    I no longer have any respect for this person who was once my hero. He has betrayed his comrades in arms.

  • Michael Muoz

    He is no longer on our side its time for him to go. Elect him out of office AZ.

  • seamarshal

    Why don’t we all copy every reply and send it to McCain! That would get his attention now wouldn’t it!

    • Unhappy Vet

      Do honestly think that HE gives a DAMN about you or what you think?

  • Chuck

    If Mcain was not in poloitics and didnt have to worry about the benifits because he is well taken care of with all the other wealth protecting politicians
    ,he might rethink his position on cutting the much earned and promised
    military benifits that we still have to fight for after serving our country.Not to mention the thousands of service men & women who are’nt even aware of
    compensation and benifits due to them. What happened to the guy that was a POW and one of us?

  • Luis Ramos Jr

    I am service -connected veteran who got injury would his country in Germany and can’t believe what I read about McClain supporting cutting our benefits that I earned. I can’t get no doctor’s appointment at the VA because the folks there can’t input my information right. I depend on the disability compensation check that I get each beginning of the month. All members of Congress should cut their benefits and pay and give to all to the veterans and their dependants for saving their way of life.

  • Guest

    Hanoi Jane and Hanoi McCain, what a pair!!!
    While I appreciate your sacrifice/s and service to this country, I can’t help but see that you have lost your way when it comes to your brothers in arms.
    As far as I can tell none of us are asking for something that we weren’t already promised, or are already getting (little though it is). We have always put country first and excepted poverty for pay, separation of family, limited business/employment opportunity and the stifling of our own pursuit of happiness for the good of the citizenry.
    And the reciprocity is abandonment?
    Though you may have been an outstanding or maybe just an officer within the services at one time, now you have shown yourself as the sand flea that you are; a simple parasite only concerned about the host you feed upon at least until it dies.

  • edward11

    good idea about these welfare recipiens, train them for a military job and let them serve for their benefits. every one in washington could take a pay cut. 25% each would make up for alll the raises they have had in the past. that will save billions over one year. we wouldn.t have a budget problem. good lord why not pay more taxes if you over a million a year. Desert storm veterans have been forgotten, veerry few have recived just benefits. because of cover ups.worse than vietnam,

  • mcholzer

    Everyone in Washington is failing us and the rest of the American people in every way possible. If any of us during our careers had failed to get things done the way these people have failed, we would have been relieved.
    This election we need to VOTE NO INCUMBENTS. Whether you’er a life long democrat or republican, vote your beliefs, but not for those who have consistently failed us for the past four years. This president and this congress needs to go. We have the government we deserve. Lets change it…..

  • Danny

    Another commission….really! I served my country proudly in the Air Force for 20 years. I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE SENATOR McCAIN IS BACKING THIS PRESIDENTIAL MOVE. IT SURE SEEMS TO ME THAT WHEN THIS COUNTRY, OF LATE, NEEDS FUNDS TO BLOW, THEY TURN TO THE SENIORS OR RETIRED MILITARY. Maybe Congress needs to be reminded of how they received their positions and why they are in Washington…..

  • Unhappy Vet

    Third parties have been tried a few times in my memory. They always seem to fail. Right now, we need a third party and we badly need it to win. Both of the major parties are corrupt to the core and neither one of them gives a damn about working class Americans, including the military. Sure, come election time they’ll both be tripping all over themselves sucking up to the military. Once safely elected though, their attitude is to hell with you. Obama promised lots of great things and lived up to none of it. The phony healthcare reform is typical of all his efforts. Promise a lot, give only a pale imitation of what you promised and then claim total success. McCain as we have seen is no better. The BEST thing we could do for ourselves and our country is to send a third party to power and send the democrats and republicans into retirement. They only screw us like they do because it never comes back to haunt them. If it did, even just once, they’d be in shocked panic. They’d even be willing to do one or two small things for the American people to buy their way back to corrupt control. So, if you hate democrats or you can’t stand republicans, remember, they’re in on it together. The answer is NEVER to trust one of these parties just because you hate the other. The one you trust as it turns out will screw you just as hard and just as fast as the one you hate. So DUMP THEM BOTH.

  • Roberta Malwitz

    Shame on our President and all members of congress for even thinking about cutting benefits or adding payments for benefits for military retirees and their families and current active military personnel upon their retirement. We were promised these benefits and there should be no changes for those who have been promised this benefit. If change is “needed” then let it start with newly enlisted or commissioned personnel letting them know what the new “rules” are. Also, I would like to see the benefits received by congress and the President cut and/or eliminated…only having to serve one term and then being able to reap many benefits has got to STOP!!! Think of how much money that would save over the next ten years.

  • Manuel Campos

    If a &200.00 annual fee for Tricare For Life is necessary for our government to handle its expenditures, then we are in a bigger jam than I first believed. If it means my kids and grandkids will have a better chance, I will gladly fork it over. There is definitely something flawed in a system that employs you for 20 years and is required to keep you on the payroll, with subsidized medical care for 45 years, as in my case. The military needs to revamp itself, or else we will be a nation where over one half of its citizens are dependent on government.

    • BeyondAngry

      I currently pay 460.00 per year, goes up to 520.00 in January.

  • Senior chief too

    He does not care about us, he is a retired 06 and probably makes about 60k and his 185k from his congressional pay. So, sure, let’s get some money from the military refugees and congress can have some more to spend. I used to think he was a good guy, but he is just like the rest of them.

  • Jeff Edington

    How can this so called “SUPER COMITTEE”, and Mr. MCain, even consider cutting the benifits of Americans that have made the greatest sacrafices of all Americans! I believe that most of these people that are on this committee and the whole Congress are amongst the 1%, are rich. They say that they are doing these things that are in the best interest of our country. What they don’t say that they also doing what is in their best interest and the rest of the 1%’s. I think it is the time for the so called, “SILENT MAJORITY”, to quit being silent!

  • bjk knig

    My husband spent 26 yrs in the military this all nonsence. The military and the retiress and the disabled are always targeted for cut and trying to get more money out these people is heart less.they put in heir time and some never came home. I would never vote anyone in that wants to this. Large part of these people don’t have anything else. This will only anger people more. We see some demonstration already. I fell if our goverment keeps up with this attitude they are going to fellthe wrath of this country and I believe it willh happen in the nest election. Let taxes people that have and make over 150,000 per year. see how they like it when there life style is compremized and pocket book is is not so fat. I bet then they will change .their atttitude.
    I often feel Money talks bull S*** walks the poor jsut get poorer and the working man takes one step forward and 2 steps backward. as along as we have people in congress that is not looking in the direct of making the rich pay too. After this is their country also and they need to take cuts in their pay to get it back on tract also.BJK.

  • t.Midgett

    As I have always stated, I lost faith in our Government when I returned home from Nam. I distrust every one in Congress. They are only out for what they can gain for themselves. Shame on you Mr McCain.

  • Senior chief too

    Should be military retirees.

  • Antonio D Leano

    Before the congress cuts earned military benefits, they should cut their benefits first. Then cut a few billions of foreign aid to corrupt foreign governments especially those that don’t have strategic importance to the USA.
    Cut a few billions in foreign aid and use it to provide the promised/earned benetis to the active and retired military; extend the unemployment benefits to those who worked so hard but are now unemployed because of the lapses in government law enforcement. We didn’t cause the financial crisis. The rich banks and irresponsible financial institutions – FANIMAE and FREDIEMAC, with the indifference of the FED and other concerned government agencies caused it. Now the government wants us to cut our benefits so that they could pay for all the debts that the politicians incurred for the nation. The politilcians/democrats love to give unearned benefits to the illegal aliens, to those who are too lazy to work, and to people who came to the USA so that they can take advantage of the welfare system.

    • Unhappy Vet

      Lets not forget the republicans. At the same time they call for cuts in your benefits and cuts to Social Security they are calling for tax cuts for the rich. They also still insist on paying billions in subsidies to Big Oil. Are you aware that the advertising done by American business in foreign countries is paid for by you and your taxes. The republicans give away more to the wealthy and big corporations in one year than the democrats hand out to the poor in a decade.

  • rkm

    If they want to changethe bennifits fine, but make grand father them. That way the youngsters that are volunteering can make an educated decision. I spent 23 years with the understanding that when I retired that I would have medicle coverage for the rest of my life at no cost. now I pay a premium and now they want to increase it and cut the cverage. it isn’t right

  • Reservist

    I share your concerns about the erosion of promised retiree benefits. My reserve slot became unfunded and I essentially have been working for the military almost for free and paying travel expenses out of pocket. On the other hand, the bad news is if we don’t cut government spending none of us will be getting a paycheck at all. Government bankruptcy is a real threat!

    • Unhappy Vet

      Then Why in God’s name is the republican party pushing so damned hard to extend tax cuts for the wealthy and subsidies for Big Oil? You will NEVER convince me that all this cutting is in America’s interest as long as we’re still talking about these tax cuts and subsidies. Do you honestly see this as right or fair?

  • Lisa Newton

    Shame on you McCain. I served my country in the military for 20 years, knowing that I would have medical benefits for myself and my family and you are trying to take that away. Shame, Shame, Shame!!!

  • SFC retired USA

    For the first time in my lifetime I an afraid of the United States Government. Those who sit in positions of authority and power are self impowered and we have let them do so. There needs to be much better checks and balances in our so called democratic system. I had much respect for McCain, but no longer. To save our country cut the extravagant salaries and free medical care. not to mention the congressional and senatorial retirement system. We no longer have leaders in this country, we simply have vested money grabbers.

  • Joe B

    The so called war hero. It was a joke when he ran for President and just think how the military would be screwed if he had won. He has been a disgrace for a long time, but no one wanted to say it out loud. Really his cuts are over 10 years? Let’s cut the benefits for Congress immediately and in 2012, 2013, 2014 and you must serve three terms for any benefits.

  • tracy

    McCain never did his 20 or 30 yrs. He got his retirement for being a POW. He’s made his millions$$$ so he doesn’t give a shit about any vet. He’s a turn coat!!

  • Brian Fogg

    I am a retired disabled veteran of 20 years Naval service. I depend on my retirement pay and Tricare for life (and Social security). That is what convinced me to serve my country for 20+ years.

    Please don’t take these benefits away from us.

  • BeyondAngry

    They should go after all the military wives popping out babies as surrogates and using Tricare and the military hospitals to cover it, all the while being paid 25,000-40,000+ per pregnancy. In San Diego it is an epidemic.

  • Vietman era retiree

    When will politicians stop doing what is politically expedient and do WHAT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO?

    Please publish a list of the few supporters we have left in Congress and of veterans running for Senate and House seats for the first time….I want to support them.

  • MSGT Ben Fiorentino

    This means tha mccain (yes I am using lower casing becouse he does not deserve respect) will take his cut in life time pension and medical. A 23 years VETERAN.

  • Perhaps this is McCain’s last stand. I question if he’s willing to give up his and other congressional members’ instant life benefits.. I seriously feel the President and McCain consider utilization of the still existing gas pit in Dachau and put all U. S. seniors and retired military in there and let history repeat itself. Problem solved for the disposable society of U.S.seniors and military retirees. Highly suggest that it be done quickly before the next election.
    BTW, even though the U.S. is cutting it’s military forces, you “innocent” children who enlist and will be needed again for some “crisis”, please seriously be conscious that the military perks are really a myth.

  • Firstloader

    Mccain has always been a sell out when it comes to military benefits, check his record, however he has always been defended because he was a pow. If you keep voting Republician all of our benefits will be gone, because they do not care.

  • rickster271

    He was a POW hero. Now he is a POPP! Prisoner of Poisoned Politicians

  • Dixie Berry

    You would think that after serving in the military and was even a POW, he would understand the plight of the retiree. Why must we be the ones to suffer so that you can waste more on yourselves? Cut your benefits first and continue to cut them annually, no raises, no free healthcare, no nothing. Then pay your own medical insurance while having to pay just to enroll. Once you see what you are doing to us, then you will understand why we are so against our cuts.


    The man is a trader to all who have served and are now serving. If they need to cut the budget so bad then cut their own pay and benefits. However they are too greedy to cut from their own pay and benefits.

  • Joe Meheski, Jr.

    mccain my first reaction to hearing this news as a 100% Disabled Marine is you are a DISCRACE to the Military Personnel, Veterans and to the United States of America!
    Leave and go some place more toward your likeing. And to think I considered you a Hero. What a waste….

  • user63813v

    Why are any of us surprised by Sen. John McCain? He is what he is- a spoiled ego maniac who used his POW status at every chance to launch and further his political career. The only time John McCain comes close to being a conservative has always been about 16-18 months before re-election time. He is what he is. Meanwhile, if we could put all US Congressmen and Senators under the Oscial Security system that we have, the same Health Care cafeteria plan that my wife and I have a government employees, and make them live under the same rules, laws and regulations that they pass and force upon the constituents, we could probably save the country. As it is, we’re pass the tipping point economically.. Basically, we’re screwed.

  • FE C-141

    Did he spend so much time as a POW he was brain washed.

  • Retired CWO

    Yet another kick in the gut to thank us for our many years of service to our country. Just another broken promise about our eroding benefits. It doesn’t seem to get any better but we should be getting more accustomed to this kind of shameful treatment. You can bet that I am going to voice my position well beyond the 2012 election. Please do the same thing.

  • jazzmen12

    Wow. Imagine that–McCain is all for cutting active and retirees benefits; however, I do not recall him stating that Congressional members retirement should be cut also. Let’s face it, we in the military served our country for 20 years to get a pension and they on the other hand, are only required to stay in office so many terms to get a pension for the rest of their lives. Humm…it just does not equate to being fair regardless of how you look at. Again, we defended this country so that they could make stupid butt laws that only benefits them.

  • Mike Hahn

    I think you need to clean up the House and Senate retirement and medical care before you start taking money away from those that have served in the Military. How much money is spent on Senators and Congressmen each year on their retirement and health care?!

  • rjm

    typical politician, he’s got his, screw us. can you believe he was military.

  • Air Force Ret.

    Sorry, but it is time that we in the retirement community do our share in helping keep expenses down. Anyone seen the astronomical growth of military healthcare costs over the past several years? The Country (that would be us) cannot afford to have so much of our defense budget go towards these personnel costs. It’s unsustainable.

    So … what shall we compromise on in order to make strides toward reducing these costs? Putting our head in the sand … or digging our heels in and yelling that these guys/gals had better not touch any of our benefits, regardless of the financial impact on our defense budget/Country is not a position of strength. It’s myopic, self serving and, in the long run, injurious to our cause..

    I’m sure I’ll catch heck for this post, but I do know the world we live in has changed … changed dramatically. We are on a sinking ship, financially, and we all need to work together to get the hole plugged, and the ship righted. Part of that will happen come next November, but we must honest enough to recognize that sacrifices will be required from all.

  • egs

    This asshole spent to mmuch time as a pow.

  • Bill

    I cant believe what I just heard McCain woke up in Hanoi Janes bed last week

  • James Gooch

    I think that McCain should try to find some other means of saving our deficit spending such as two wars at one time. Our life blood has been lost by wars and graft. We should speak truth to power.

    Jxxxx Gxxxh

  • Jake O

    Bonus army happens once again. 100% disabled Vet read this how it happen again and again.
    about the bonus army and how many time and as such I hate the group that opposed taxing the rich. Instead they want to go after the ones who gave the most and recived BOHICA repeadley. I think maybe the people protesting at Wall Street are right on the money. Each year I am poorer because of the lieing CPI index. I am eating pork and bean, I am ready to march again!

  • LV

    I agree with all the comments. But WHY do we not use our most precious Power–to VOTE the Rascals out and change the unfair Laws?? (Instead of drinking Beer and eating Chips when the Election rolls arround?????? Our own fault!!! If you want change use your VOTE!!!!!!

  • cpo retired

    return to the 90% tax bracket for the rich. Let the rich that we protected pay for our benefits.

  • Well, this sounds like the same dance and song routine but the “Veterans” and the military men and women that are and have made sacrifices for this country always have to take in the shorts. How are we suppose to be able to pay for this new medical coverage, when most the jobs out there are low wage and not full time. I am a 20 year veteran I have tri-care standard this medical cover is a joke, I have no idea how we are to get better medical coverage.

  • Air Force Ret.

    Really surprised and disappointed wtih the personal attacks and pure vindictiveness I see in many of these postings. Sen McCain is a veteran … served his Country with honor and dignity. Show him respect for that.

    Now, you may disagree with his assessment and his concurrence with others that the Country can longer afford the largess is gives to it military retirees. That’s fine. But to vilify, name call and personally denigrate the man because of his beliefs, is below us … and should be a source of shame to all of us who call ourselves veterans. Raise the standard folks…we’re better than that.

    • vonokin

      Sen McCain is not a hero and my book and never will.I just do not understand how a former Naval aviator/POW/veteran can come up with this stuff. …
      McCain just like the commander in Chief is noting more then a traitor who sold his soul to the greedy corporations. Been that the “Hanoi Hilton” is close they should sent his sorry butt to Guantanamo for the rest of his days.
      And as Viet Nam Veteran I don’t feel a shame to call this traitor for what he is.Lets educate are self before we honor a phony.

    • vonokin

      Sen McCain is not a hero and my book and never will.I just do not understand how a former Naval aviator/POW/veteran can come up with this stuff. …
      McCain just like the commander in Chief is noting more then a traitor who sold his soul to the greedy corporations. Been that the “Hanoi Hilton” is close they should sent his sorry butt to Guantanamo for the rest of his days.
      And as Viet Nam Veteran I don’t feel a shame to call this traitor for what he is.Lets educate are self,s before we honor a phony.

  • Keith

    Welcome to the real world. If you only knew what my healthcare cost my entire family…

    It has to start somewhere to get the 14 trillion dollars down…

    • Air Force Ret.

      Too many retirees don’t have a clue as to what their civilian counterparts pay for healthcare. Our annual fee for Tricare Prime is less than most families monthly cost for insurance. Now, I think the Country needs to honor its pledge to provide our military retirees with healthcare for life, but retirees need to realize that the cost of doing so has skyrocketed and that we must pay more in order to keep what we have. A modest increase in premiums will still have us paying far less than our civilian neighbors … and receiving cadillac service.

  • Jim in MO

    The idoits in DC paying for anything? You must be joking…they don’t have a clue as to what they’re doing and I am sick to death of hearing, “the American people blah blah.” Did someone tell them that or are they just assuming so they can get re-elected? I believe if you work for the government, they everyone should get the same benefits package. Oh by the way, please include a limo for life and a bodyguard in mine. US Army retiree


    Is the Hanoi Hilton still open? Reserve the TRAITOR SUITE for his sorry butt!!


    MAYBE Sen McCain should get in contact with Capt McCain USN RET. WTFO is all this coming from didn’t we already make some sacrifice to serve our country? What was that old saying from the Brit Navy about God and Jack tar, Both cried for and praised when needed but so soon forgotten when the ctisis is over. Look at our own history and as soon as the need is viewed as over the American GI gets the boot till the politicians screw up again and the need is generated.

  • gene

    whoa guys-don’t you see that he can save 10 billion a year with the cuts and make it sound great by saving 110 billion over 10 years! WOW.! Wonder what they will do with ALL that money? That’s chump cash for the feds.

  • William Utterback

    I’m ashamed of McCain, a military retiree himself. Obviously, along with his rich wife, he doesn’t need to pinch pennies. McCain is mentally challenged by not understanding that Tricare for Life is only secondary insurance which ,incidentally requires Part B Medicare payment to be eligible for Tricare for Life. Now McCain supports a $200 per year enrollment fee for Tricare for Life which effectively negates the deductible paid by TFL (currently $145 for Medicare). So if you have medical care covered by TFL but not Medicare, you have to pay the TFL deductible (currently $150). Part B is forcast to be somewhere around $105 for 2012. Now taking into consideration that Medicare fiscal year starts 1 Jan and TFL starts 1 Oct , you might pay two Tricare deductibles (plus co-insurance) for non covered Medicare but covered by TFL. That’s $105 + $200 + $250 + $250 + plus God knows what in co-insurance payments. I don’t think McCain thought any of this thru. So much for our free medical benefits.

    Willie in Puyallup

  • tyrent

    when will we see that we are our,our own grates enemy by voting these people into power. they make us all the prameses and then reneg.the hole country is going into the craper and our and our voted reps are loving us all the way to the bank.

  • Medserv

    I know of no career where a person serves facing the prospect of death or disability for 20 years or more.Yes the benifits are nice, but the threat was real. Whether we served in a war or not, the possibility of war was there, and the reality of not returning home well, or not at all was real too. John McCain and congress should realize the special circumstances that we served under and provide the very best benifits possible. In contrast, why are Congress’ benefits so well protected when by the nature of their service they are not under the threat of death or harm ?

  • RET. SFC K. Davis

    As A member of the armed forces I think it’s a shame for people like senator John MCcain to forget where he came from. Many great men fought and died for this great nation, which this nation should be truly debted to the men and women that serve every day of their lives. I think every congressman, should be obligated to serve in the armed forces, and then they would definitely understand how veterans feel about these proposed cuts.

  • george davis

    My husband spent 20+ years in the military. Now congress wants to cut retiree medical benefits. I say that their benefits should be cut right after the access to medical benefits are cutfor congress and after ensuring that all of Congress pays for their benefits. There should also be no retirement benefits or medical benefits made available to congress until/or unless they have served 20 or more years in congress.

  • jha

    guys you all got some positive and negative remarks ,but only us dumb asses will read it among our selves and nothing will get done, now remember the million men march on to D>C How effective will it be if we did million VET march on to D.C.. All the wouinded vets the homeless. the unemployed etc. etc… I know we can get more done by mast demo.

    • Teri

      There are already Vets, young and old, participating in the Occupy protests. There are people from the Tea Party, people from every walk of life. It’s not a Left thing at all and it’s not a game. That’s just the media putting that out. And it’s not just young people, either.

  • LeRoy

    what is it that McCain Gates and others in government dont understant about the three songs written that saids fredom isnt free.

  • Unhappy Vet

    There are a lot of very talented leaders who are retired military. Men and woman with all the talent and skills needed to run anything from a unit to a state to a country. If you’re one of those people, chances are you’re aware of it. Do your country this one more service. Run for office and win. Use the intelligence you possess and let your decisions be guided by the honor you subscribe to. We’re past the point where we can afford to have the two major parties continue to control our country. They have both betrayed us and will continue to betray us. Save America from the worst threat it faces, control by democrats and republicans.

  • CaptainCamera

    That’s just peachy! McCain has been the beneficiary of the government ALL HIS LIFE and now he wants to cut ours?? His grandfather and father were both in the Navy…so he benefitted as a dependent from birth. Then HE joins the Navy. He is medically retired so he gets a pension and disability. He is a US Senator getting paid the government and will get full benefits and retirement from that. The people who are making these decisions are not the ones affected by them.

    • William Utterback

      Hi Capt. Camera. McCain would be drawing full normal SS retirement unless he has deferred it to a later date to increase his benefit. If he is currently drawing SS, he is what is known as a triple dipper. That is three Government retirements. (1. Full VA disability, 2. Full Military Pension (concurrent reciept), and 3. Social Security retirement). When he finishes his Congressional career he will be eligible for a Civil Service retirement. I am not sure if you can recieve four Federal Government retirements. I always thought that three was the maximum Federal Government retirements you could receive.

      Willie in Puyallup

  • dyerarch

    Re-up? F%&k you congress.



  • Leo H. Grissman

    I see that some people seem to see Sen- McCain in a light that seems to signify that his term in Hanoi should exempt him from criticism. My take on McCain is that he is a flat liner who is all worn out,he is the epitome of the word moderate.
    Senator McCain may be a hero to some, but to others he is just another politician playing the game of how to screw the Veteran. I had personal experience with this man and unless you can do him a favor you do not exist.
    Its all about the money, not the veteran.

  • Celstock

    BeforeECoInter text right hereBefore they cut ours the Senate and Congress need to cut their health care for life, with the entourage of Secret Service attached to them for the rest of their lives and we, as citizens should be the ones to adjust their retirement compensation, as well as their pay while serving. They are not working that especially hard, to earn the pay and bennefits they are receiving.

  • Stephanie Clow

    Not to rain on anybodies parade, but as a Navy wife and Omsbudsman, we always knew medical, commissary, exchange…etc… were benefits not entitlements. They’re great to have but, not guaranteed. The article is somewhat confusing though, Tricare Prime is currently 458 dollars a year per family, so is the 200.00 meant as an increase? or are they talking about Tricare basic which is currently free? Either way needs editing or clarification.

  • Jim AVCM USN Ret

    I can’t believe McCain is in his right mind. He has to be losing it. No real military person in his right mind would support any of the presidents proposals to cut military and retires benifits, we all have sacrificed enough for the citizens of this country! It’s time for the politicians and government workers to sarifice including cutting their wages and benifits first! Thjis includes the President and his staff!

  • Medic

    Congress and Senate CUT their benefits.

  • MsPostFalls

    He is an idiot! He looses any and all support I may or may not have given him. Don’t know what else to say–he’s an idiot!

  • Unhappy Vet

    I once supported the democrats. I came to realize that they were taking me for a ride. I had to face the fact that the people I trusted were liars and scumbags. Why is it so damned hard for republicans to open their eyes and see that the same is true about the people they support? We will NEVER get out of the mess we’re in until people like us who are its victims stop helping the scumbags who are screwing us. Wake up. Because Obama is a liar and a bum doesn’t mean that Rick Perry is a good man or that Mitt Romney gives a damn about you. It takes an almost childlike gullibility to keep sticking up for people who are so obviously out to dump on your life.

  • chris

    I have been reading every one’s blogs for the last hour and this is what I’ve come up with . I do not care if your republican democrat independent socialist or tea party supporter. we have all got to stop fighting with ourselves . the greatest trick the devil ever did is convincing people he did not exist and that is what we have going on here . The devil in this case is the government. It is not their fault it is ours . government, corporations, and banks did not get us into this mess . we the lonely saps at the bottom did . And that is what our politicians want us to believe and argue about . meanwhile while we argue with each other over these issues they are padding their pockets with our hard earned money . they do not care about us people they only care about their next 4 years next 2 years or whatever they have coming to them . we all want veterans to be take care of right? and we all want what is fair right? yet we are arguing with each other about who should pay more in taxes . or who should be getting tax breaks and who shouldn’t be. I am personally sick of that ! if you truly believe that your politicians are ok for you ask yourself this 1 question . when was the last time your politician called you to ask you your opinion of any topic they vote on down . now I know there are some of you who will say that is impossible to do yet they find a way to call you at all hours of the day ask you for your support during elections time. So don’t tell me it is impossible. I am sorry for any miss spelled words or the lack of punctuation or capitalization .

  • GIMPIE 1

    More crap from the one’s that send us off too do what they don’t have the ball’s to do . They should get the same thing that we get then what it’s like . WE NEED TOO CLEAN HOUSE AND GET ALL OF THE OLD ASS’S OUT .



  • NAVerM3

    All this whining about what the government allegedly promised you. Did you get that in writing? How many of you are divorced? Unless you got a bona fide pre-nup, that promise didn’t mean squat either. And that sweetheart supposedly loved you. You were never the government’s sweetheart.

  • Army Vet

    Headlines should have read
    “US Citizens OK With Congressional Paycuts”

    Congressional personnel pay to be reduced 20%. All congressional personnel going on fact finding trips will use military flights (HOPs). They will receive 50% of their pay after 20 years and 2 1/2 percent for every year after 20 years.

    I gurantee you we will save a great deal of money because at the rate they are going they won’t be in office but one term.

  • Chapy

    I should have known that our politicians were lying to me. Their lips were moving. When I joined I was told that if I gave 20 years I would get medical and dental for myself and family. We lost the dental a few years after I joined. The law let my cheating wife take half of my retirement. Now I am losing the medical too. What’s next? I gave my country 25 years of the best years of my life and now I am old and trying to get a job in a recession. I will be on the street soon, I still love my country but what have we done? Why are these idiots in office? Not to serve this country they are there for their own benefit.


    I say enough is enough when will we be able to take this country back from the Beauricrates that are out with Big buisness to destroy our country and reap from were they did not sow. John McCain is a traitor to the military personnel that he so claimed to serve with. When are we going to make the politions be accounted to the ones they are elected to work for yes work for If you look at it this way an employeer hires a employee and if that employee does not meet up to the standards of the employer then he or she is counciled and if they still dont improved they are fired amen. Every polition is hired by the people and by what I see and read they not one has meant the expectation of the employeer (the people) They are hired by the People and for the People they all have forgotten who they work for its time we fire and re hire congress leave the military retired personnel alone if it wasnt for them you wouldnt have a job and you wouldnt have your pay think about that it all started with Bill Clinton and now its escalating
    Semper Fi do or die
    USMC Ret

  • A. F. Gutierrez

    McCain and Jane Fonda should get together because they both sold us out

  • A todos los vetreranos Hispamos esto no puede ser con el tiempo nos quedaremos sin beneficios Pleases why the President stop ? the fre fly to travel in F1 aroun the world and live in fre house fre gasolinefre food and pencion for life and Body guard and etc.etc Let in 2012 Stop is Check and The people Who is again in Cut the Benefits For The Veterans I am a Verant from Vietnam 37 year to get my disabilitie com. and now This people who live like King and Queen Whant to stolent The benefits whit sacrices whit Have

  • Unhappy Vet

    Everybody who voted in 2008 should pay close attention to this. During the campaign republicans kept saying that Obama was a liar and wouldn’t deliver what he promised. At the same time democrats were saying that McCain was not to be trusted and had poor judgement in choosing a running mate. Both sides were made as hell at the other for saying these things. Looks like both sides owe each other an apology. Obama turned out to be a backstabbing bum and so did McCain. Too bad we had to get stuck with either one of them. We ought to be able to do better.

  • CaptainCamera

    And to add salt to the wound he is demanding greater medical assistance for wounded Libyans!!

  • William Utterback

    My earlier comment which had an example of $105 + $200 + $250 + $250 ——— should have read $105 + $200 + $150 + $150 plus whatever co-insurance.

    Willie in Puyallup


    I say we organize and picket every recruiting office and every military base and do like there doing on wall street every vet, every retiree join together and put a stop to this maddness that the politions have created no military how long will they have a job in Washington infact how long will Washington even be Washington Im not one to rock the boat but I have been watching our bennifits be taken away one by one and it really started with Bill Clinton when he said that there was nothing in writing about medical bennifits for life everyone who ever put on that uniform knows that that is what was told us and from every General down to the last private understood that why does some draft jogger coming into to office and turn things around we need to band together its time to stand up and take back what rightfully belongs to us retirees

  • mtafman

    McCain, you were my hero. You didn’t sell out in Hanoi, but here you are, giving away something that kept me hanging on, both as an active duty airman, and Air Guardsman. Cold War, Gulf War, Northern Watch, Southern Watch, Enduring Freedom, War on Terror. Turkey, Kuwait, Afghanistan. Volunteered for every one. Now I serve in the latest battle; War on retirees. When I volunteered after 911, I took a cut in pay to be activated; to serve my country. Thought I might, some day, be compensated. Knowing in my heart and soul that I was doing something to avenge those who were slaughtered on that fateful day, I sacrificed my family. My son dropped out of school. My daughter attempted suicide. My wife struggled with parents with cancer, all in a few short months. With all that, I still would have volunteered all over again. I know the economy is not in great shape, but let’s find a way to not punish those who gave a hell of a lot more than me.

    Maybe it’s time to move to Iran. At least I would know that I’m not appreciated.

  • JWB

    I believe Senator McCain is suffering some of the ills of his captivity and may not remember reality while he was in the military. As a Senator, I respect him for his time in the Vietnam prison. The men and women in the military today serve beyond call of duty, in my opinion. They are always on the move, whether on deployment or in training preparing for deployment. I believe it is a harder time for a lot of these military members and especially their families. They get the better salary than the $86 a month prior to taxes in 1970 timeframe but they also sacrifice for their country as volunteers. Many in the 1960 – 1973 were drafted and not volunteers, directly. Today, it is a job for a lot of those in the military. Even though it is a job, it is not the same type of job, no matter what the specialty is, as a civil servant or even a straight civilian doing a similar job. Military members are the force that keeps the rest of us free. They move on a second’s notice to places that they may or may not be prepared to go.

  • JWB

    The Senator may have some military experience but he and his wife need to wear the boots and carry the weapons of these troops and spend many months on end in the kitchen and car taking care of everything on her own, hoping the budget gets approved to pay the bills. I believe in December 2007, when Mitt Romney said the economy was going to be the main issue at election time and Senator McCain blew him off with his rhetoric, that was the beginning of his slide down the logic category. These cuts are not logical and not beneficial for the military recruitment or longevity of those who sacrifice their all.

  • don kale

    what all veterans nedd to do is start a military of our own. and declare war on washington and all the millionaires in congress. for mccain he is a discrace to the military. no respect for that traitor
    disable nam vet.

  • Perdon por los horores ortograficos con El coraje que teniaSe me Olvido escribir bien pero yo se que ustedes me entiende Ya es tempo de despestar y ser realista tantas mentiras que hacen los politicos para ganar las eleciones cuando estan alla todo se le olvida Buena casa comida viajes a costa de los taxes que se paga Dinero alos Bancos y la induustria de autos Pobres imigrantes queLe dieron su voto.confiando en lo que haria en el primer ano tenia camara senda y todo que hiso nada. Van a crer en EL de nuevo en 2012. Si ahora Es el presidente que mas imigrantes a desportados
    en 4 anos y todos Oren Y no se deje lleva r por partidos use su cerebro y ore

  • Tony

    I hope that the veterans and retirees from his state see what he is saying and that Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) medical benefits should be cut and he pay out his pocket after his retirement be cut to save money so he can spend on things that are wasted in the country’s budget. Take away all that he gets (benefits) from this country and see if he can maintain his life style the way he expects some Americans to live. He is living off the people of America, so why is he not supporting the Americans that gave their sweat and time away from this country to preserve the freedom for the few that chose follow other ways to help our country. Within 10 years this country will save more then what he wants to take from those that given so much. Keep in mind that those old retires have less than those young retires. Mr. McCain must not know the pay charts or how the retirees get paid for their retirement to be asking or saying to cut the old retirees benefits. They don’t get much, compared to what he gets and his pay check. If he wants for us to sacrifice he should lead by example.

  • Russell

    Mr. McCain, lest we forget, the old “bait and switch” gave used car salesmen a very unsavory reputation! Although times have changed, they haven’t changed enough to make those getting shafted to lie down and be quiet!

  • Estoy muy agradecito a todos lo que se preocuparon por Mi LES Amos Que Dios Me losBendigas a Todos

  • Art

    Starting today : we have to stop and listen, before we make a decision. We have to be aware,of those who tell us what we want to hear and then they do the opposite. We have to decide who our friends are, but also we can’t change our priorities every hour, when in the morning we decide that Vet benefits, Social Security, Tri-care or Medicare are our most important issues and then change to something else later on we are doing just what the politicians/lobbiest want, they are leading you down the path they want you on, keeping us confused and fighting helps our opponents not US…..
    Who has voted to help us out the most. To the day I die I will believe that we were put in this position on purpose, nothing was done, so drastic measures have to be taken. That way they can say “Don’ t Blame Me ” .

    1 Ask yourselves the question who has decried Social Security since it’s beginning
    2 All these years, who has been a advocate against any form of Medicare or fighting Vet benefits, who either under-funded or blocked larger Vet budgets, who eliminated COMBAT Vets that are Class 8 and now on the table is elimination of Class 6 & 7 COMBAT VETS
    3 Who made drastic changes in the G.I. Vet bill to reduce cost
    4 Who support base closings only if not in their district
    5 Who get the most $ $ $ from our benevolent military contractors

    Just because we don’t like the guy 5 States away don’t paint your guy with the same brush. Both political parties have elected officials that at times are our friends, our job is to make them and others our friends all the times and you can’t do that with fire in your belly and blinders on.
    We trusted our Officers and Sarges telling us what to do, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna put that same trust in talking heads or media specialist who have their agenda as their guiding principles, and not Vets, Seniors and our kids
    I live by the principles taught to me by my FAMILY
    A. God
    B. Country
    C. Family
    And that helps me thru my thought process, it keeps me honest and fair and stops me from making irrational decisions. Yes at times I’ve made mistakes but I learn and keep believing this is the BEST COUNTRY in the World
    Thanks to GOD and our VETS

    We can’t always blame others all the time for our problems

    We get pissed when others don’t take responsibility for their actions but do we put that same ethical responsibilities on OURSELVES.

  • SweetCarol

    I do not approve of the cuts in the military retiree benefits. They have to be in the military for 20 years or more or be disabled in the military in order to get those benefits. This is how we treat the defenders of our country who put themselves on the line for us.

  • Ghost of Bob Dole

    It’s NOT going to happen….Unless we chose to allow this to happen.
    There are a great number of retirees. The impact we all can have is underestimated, None of us ever quit when things were tough, Why would we allow a bunch of lawyers in office as congressmen and senators mis-represent us now.

    THROW THE BUMS OUT!!!!!!!!

  • No wonder McCain is OK with this. He has a Navy Capt pension, a Senate pension and benefits and his wife is a millionaire. I’d be OK with it myself. Let the grunts pay, we got ours.
    WaltH USAF ret

  • Unhappy Vet

    Remember this. Senator McCain says military benefits have to be cut. He also wants to cut Social Security which is money held out of every paycheck we ever earned. He also says that the Bush Tax Cuts that benefit the richest 1% of Americans have to be extended. He also supports paying billions of dollars in subsidies to Big Oil. You can’t claim to be too broke to pay the workers pensions and at the same time insist on big tax breaks for your rich buddies.

  • mmak

    You would think a veteran would support his brother in arms. Something sounds fishy to me and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some type of trade off in exchange for his vote.

  • Dr. H.O. Schweizer

    I have been writing our elected representatives for years and all I get back is a form letter response that never address what I wrote about. They don’t read anything unless it comes with a hefty campaign donation.

    • chrispef

      I just wrote my representative last night. just like I have many times before . just like you said you always get a generic response in return . what last night was enough for me . I told my representative if I receive 1 more generic response I will send that onto the newspaper . They work for us the majority yet listen to the minority . How can any of are representatives vote on anything so important yet not find out what the people want. They can find the time to call during election season but not when some many people will be affected .

  • mike alvarez

    What is there for you to gain Senator Mccain?? If your one of us lowly retired military personnel, what have you to say??????

  • OneGunny

    McCain, you just lost my vote. All others reading this… do as I just did. Copy and paste the statement below on Senator McCain’s “Contact Form” at

    YOU JUST LOST MY VOTE!!! For your traitorous actions and your willingness to abandon the retirees of the United States Military with your support of Pres­i­dent Obama’s pro­posal to start charg­ing mil­i­tary retirees for TRICARE.

  • Silver Spur 15

    As a retired service member and Arizona voter John McCain has just lost my reelection vote and the votes of the members of my household. Best I can say of this man now is that he has taken the mantle of Benidict Arnold. I hope I never hear him say “Thank you for your service” again. Adios to you HANOI JOHN!

  • Bigred11990

    I NEVER trust Mc Cain! He was shady in the 1980’s! They call for us when they want the military members to invade another country and fight and kill in the name of FREEDOM! But when they have us on the chess board to cut benefits and deny veterans on the disability payments, and when we do get what deserve we’re dead or close too it! I know a couple of vets that fought for these benefits for retirement and they arrogance, greed,vanity hurt not only the military family but the country as well! What young person will join the military after they chopped it up!

  • Henry Roefaro

    Retired military 20+ yrs. Retired Fed. worker 20 yrs. Just a poor boy from Altoona Pa. who served because father died and sick mother and a young brother and send home my PFC pay to help mom. Marine 1 hitch 1955, USAF 9 yrs E4 and worked hard for the BA degree and not to mention numerious deployments during military actions i.e. Vietnam, panama, lebanon, Desert Storm. Then 11 yrs Captain /CWO3 US Army Special Forces. Many promises thru these yrs from the big wigs in DC. Now that Im retired, they cut my social security pay because I was dedicated enough to serve and work for my SSI. Have Medicare and Tricare and was told “You worked hard for your medical and retirement” They will never be cut from what I worked hard for..YEA RITE.. Now at 73yrs old they want it all back….Because of military injuries I can never walk again without a support. Need the medicare/Tricare to help my wife and I survive. My income compared to those in DC,,doesnt even come close to the millions they make. Why pick on us the promised aged and lame. Where is the honor and the SpreDecore/DE Oppresso Liber. Like one Ol Soldier once said..”Old soldiers never die they just fade away” without any thought of their and their families suffering protecting our country.We should hold dear to us all the old soldiers, living and dead, and not take away our rights now that we are feeble and lame. One thing they cant take away is our unshakable Love of our God and Country…………..AMEN TO ALL WHO SERVED AND DIED (hank)

  • Ironhand

    John McCain has spoken out of both sides of his face on many an occasion in his political life time. Yes, he spent 6 years in the Hanoi Hiton, after he was shot down during the very beginning of his Naval Air career in Viet Nam. With his dad being a high ranking Naval Officer at the time when John McCain was shot down, is the only reason I see, that John was not put to death alomost immediately. Having said all that. John McCain needs to fish or cut bait, with regard to whether he is a Loyal Veteran, or just a Liberalized member of the Republican party. John McCain desires to regain total popularity with all the Liberal minded guys and gals on the hill in Washington. He might as well drop out of the Republican party all together, and join the Democratic party. Either way folks, he has Lost my vote for ever! The political minded types within America, now there is a Communistic, Socialistic group if I ever saw one.
    Sincerely, Ironhand U.S. Marine Corps, Retired “SEMPER FIDELIS”

  • JaneeS

    Wow! I was joking to my soon to be retired husband with 20 yrs of service that we might qualify for welfare after he separates. Unbelievably this could be true for some folks as everything is CUT,CUT,CUT and we have to PAY,PAY,PAY. Well, my husband didn’t die in Iraq, so maybe if he catches a bad disease, he could just be kicked out to pasture to die there. I know about McCain’s service record. How could he say this? Serving in Congress seems to cause diseased minds. Good thing he’ll have his own doctor paid for by the US taxpayers to remove the tumor that seems to have eaten into his entire brain. Then again, he may already be a cyborg using Artificial Intelligence, with the emphasis on “Artificial”. AI seems like an oxymoron anyway, with emphasis on the “moron”.

  • Ironhand

    The comment I have just written and submitted, must be approved by this site’s admin section, before my comment shall actually be published. How dandy is that. Censorship of everything which speaks to the truth of the matter, when it comes to our country’s “So Called Leadership”, from the Presidency, right down to the members of the House and Senate. These political types within our country, have done a fine job of screwing up America as a whole. It is high time that the status quo elected officials, Not be Re-Elected this coming November, in favor for some new freshman Combat Veterans, who are running for office. Out with the Old, and in with the new I say. Sincerely, Ironhand U.S. Marine Corps, Retired “SEMPER FIDELIS” “IN GOD WE TRUST ALWAYS”

  • Howard Carmack

    Here we go again. Just wait until the shooting stops and then see how much our elected officials love the military. If you can’t pay the bills don’t start the shooting. Just once I would love to see out elected officials do by the military what’s right. Not only McCain is wrong but the rest of congress that just sets by and let it happen is just as guilty. Remember the way Rome went?

  • CLH

    I can hear the voice of the old poet once again ringing in my ears:

    God and the soldier we adore,
    In times of trouble and not before,
    When the danger past and all things righted,
    God is forgotten and the old soldier slighted.

  • Steve Sinclair

    He (mccain) is nothing more than a Benedict Arnold! He is a traitor to his country and all the services. Let him live on our retirement and TRICARE with cuts! Maybe he was a traitor all along. We just didn’t know it! God help those retired soldiers who are in poor shape due to the economy. mccain just put you in the 99%, and many more in the below middle class status while he lives a comfortable life. TRAITOR!!

  • Ghost of Bob Dole

    The Elected Representatives did something like this back in 1933 when they passed the Economy Act.

    The veterans responded and raised up a “Bonus Army” led by a lowly Army Sergeant, that sent congress members scrambling out of Washington DC.

    Different times, the Veterans wanted payments for their promise for payment vouchers, but read the Economy Act. Not much different than taking away promised retirement and medical benefits that hardly remunerate veterans of the past and present for the numerous sacrifices we servicemen make today in life serving the nation to support this democracy. Clinton said the promise of to retirees about lifetime health care and retainer pay was not in writing…that’s when this began, OBUMA is finishing the agenda that was started…and we are standing by quietly like good little warriors allowing this to occur???? This is illegal…Reprehensible and Bullsh*t

  • Ghost of Bob Dole

    What are we Retirees and Active duty members going to do? We never accept defeat and will not leave our fallen comrades behind that serve in the next war.. Nor can we forget those that served in the past that made it possible for us to serve today to have the benefits we are outraged to lose or be lessened by bean counters.

    We swore an oath and in part we swore/affirmed that we would defend the nation against all enemies both Foreign and Domestic.

    Rise Up, VOTE and THROW THE BUMS OUT.. Especially Turncoat John McCain

  • CMSgt Gillespie

    I think the first thing that needs to happen is for all retirees and active duty, as well as their family members, to speak with their votes! Vote out the people that are stepping on our meager benefits in favor of giving away benefits, money, and even citizenship to illegal immigrants. That alone would pay for our projected losses as well as fund a huge reduction in the federal debt. Then if we bring out military back from Iraq and Afghanistan, the money saved from being wasted on protecting people that don’t want us, would further aid our economic problems. But, first, vote out the offensive people, no matter their political affiliations.

  • mdibtm

    McCain never should have received any medals for heroics, since all the piece of s–t did was sit in jail in Hanoi. He needs to be removed, without any pay, retirement, etc. from office. And so should the rest of the pieces of s–t that say they are serving in political office. IT IS TIME FOR A TEA PARTY!

  • Vic

    How will historians view us? BROKE!

  • former marine

    Stop crying you get all free if you served you also served to protect your family too too many phonies drawing disability from supposed service connected injuries which is not the case in alot of claims

  • vonHardenberg

    Senator McCain was knocked out of contention for four star flag rank by spending years in the Hanoi Hilton. He grew up as a prince of the Navy being the son of a four star and grandson of a fourstar living like royalty on Navy bases. He is so out of touch with the majority of enlisted, Non-commissioned, company grade and field grade officers that he has no feelings for them. I would pity the man were it not for the disasterous effects of his ill considered words. He is vengful and quite lacking in empathy. Some years ago he had it really in for the Window Rock Indian Tribe blocking legislation granting forgiveness for a late grant funds submission. His actions were, in my opinion, petty and vindictive to the extreme. In essence he is much too small a man to wield the great power he has as a senator. He either doesn’t realize how badly he is hurting his former comrads in arms or he just doesn’t care. It is time for him to go.

  • guest

    I have not heard any proposal or any volunteer from the US Senate and US congressman to lessen their fat salaries and pension. In doing so, McCain can be called as the most hipocrit of them all, proposing cut in vets medical benefits and their family. He have served the country but, hey you, the country has pay you more than any smart accountant can count. You have been overpaid many, many years ago. Why not chop your salaries and perks and pension down, it will bemore than what you can save cutting chopping vets medical. Think about it Mc Cain. I am a surviving spouse of a veteran and if I have to pay more in medical bills, oh well, i have lose my husband and my house, my four dogs and a cat, what else i care about, i am just a number to you. Can you not think of anything better while you are still alive? Oh well, you will not die, you have an excellent healtcare, I forgot..

  • Hunteal

    Now I know what that stabbing pain between my shoulderblades is.

  • Adam

    I believe McCain and his rich pals would screw the retired military at any chance given them, as long as their super rich supporters did not have to pay.

    This is the very reason I did not allow my family members to join the military.

  • viperash50

    There should be drug tests before anyone gets any kind of Government Aid or Food Stamps, and they should all take a cut in all Government elected positions or their aids before they touch any of the Veterans….if they get away with this the next step will be to take SS away from disabled vets!

  • Bob W

    I agree with the post that stated “McCain is no different than Jane Fonda!!! May they both burn in hell.”
    What I don’t understand is why is it blamed on the President. If you check the President of the USA doesn’t make laws this is done by the House & Sen ate. I served 23 years and have a grandson with 12 years in the USMC with a family. I think McCain was brainwashed in Nam look at his VP running mate in 08

  • Steve

    I agree it is time to consider the good lawmakers compensation. What we have here is the fox guarding the hen house. No other job in the world allows the employees to vote to set their own pay and benefits. I think that they should be given a 401 like the rest of us maybe we can give them a .04% match after taxes on a per year basis. And yes there should be term limits some of those old farts like McCain are too old and feeble to be making
    decisions that affect so many people.
    When I think about McCain I remember the movie The Manchurian Candidate. I wonder if he McCain was a prisoner of war
    two long, that it affected his thinking, if you look back it sure looks to me
    as if he threw the election for president.

  • PAUL


    • Jim Butler

      I don’t like McCain, but you should not comment if you don’t know what you are talking about. He did serve and was in a Hanoi prison camp during Vietnam war. Give credit where it is due.

  • Steve

    This is one of the main reasons I did not vote for this douche bag. He has no appreciation for the men and women of our military. Leaders should lead by example right? Then our leaders “politicians” need to take a cut first. Lets talk about their benefits package on retirement and also all the benefits there siblings inherit and the savings that would occur if they took a cut. Such a douche move McCain.

  • ret navy vet

    welcome to the land of opportunity for everyone, but those that have giving 20+ years to keep this great nation safe. our politicans will only do what’s best for themselfs. all vets and this great nation we built are only secondary to their cause. as a vietnam and desert storm vet it is a rotten shame to throw us under that on comming train. look at what you have. start your cuts there.

  • `h`e needs to wake up and see the light at the end of the tunnel

  • Danny

    cut congress pay and senate to half of what they make.that would save a bunch of money.

  • Donna Wiles

    All the politicans need to take the cuts or reductions and not the military or veterans. At the most, they work a four day workweek and get over $175,000 and all the benefits that the military don’t get. McCain screwed up and needs to go now.

  • Sue

    Ron Paul will not cut our military benefits but he will get us out of these endless wars.

  • Greg

    When I called Sen. Bill Nelson to voice my opposition ,his staff told me that we should not complain because it was such a small amount of cuts they were proposing. This attitude makes me send my campaign donations elsewhere!

  • Jim Butler

    Now I realize why that I always felt that there was something about McCain that kept me from supporting his runs for president. He is a damn traitor to his comrades. Good riddance, if he actually retires.

  • Service member

    Delta forces and Special Forces, need to get together toplan a mission to erase McCain from this planet.

  • Sgtbob

    Like Eisenhower, who divorced the retiree from the active service, McCain is following in these same footsteps. We continue to degrade and hollow out the military both active and retired. Our government never learns that a strong military is the source of our freedom – then again perhaps some in charge want the country degraded to 3rd world status – or so it seems with some of the policies being incepted!






  • SSG Buck

    What is it with these senile politicians? Go fight my dirty little war – and when you come home, Screw You!! (U.S.Army retired)

  • William Schildt

    I do hope that will send all of the great comments to Sen. McCain. Shame on him!!!!!!!

  • bill stone

    What is it that happens to veterans once they get out of service? We’ve been betrayed by our own kind, and it hurts. John Glenn is another example. He went totally liberal. My, how quickly some people forget where they came from. McCain should be ashamed, but I’m sure he’s isn’t, and his benefits won’t be cut one bit. You can count on that!!

  • Ken McKee

    You must all keep in mind that McCain doesn’t need Tricare. He has the inflated package that all of the rest of the elected freeloaders have.

  • Barbara

    As the wife of a military retiree, I say McCain has his nerve trying to mess over all of the men and women who sacrificed at least 20 years of their time and the time of their families. That time wasn’t easy for any of us. The constant uprooting—the separations–and the dangers; we stuck it out assuming that the promises that were made to us would be kept. But then—he has it made!! Why should he care—this man who was glorified for being a POW during the Vietnam War. Seems like I remember seeing footage of him laying on a cot in his Yuppie clothes, smoking a cigarette. Didn’t look to me like he was suffering much while in that prison. How did he manage that??? He has no business trying to determine what the rest of us need or don’t need. He’s RICH!!!

  • Brenda

    I have just read all the comments regarding increased fees for Tricare and am disgusted by Sen.McCains idea of a $200 fee. As a senior widow on a
    fixed income this would hurt, as everything else in the bad economy is also
    going up in cost. The politians need to start living like the rest of us and only until that happens will they have some idea of how a lot of have to struggle to make ends meet each month.

  • militaryman

    Has McCain been brain-washed by the VC’s? Long delayed drugs? Maybe just corrupted by the sorry-lot of politicians he has associated with for to-long!!

    It’s time for you to resign are no longer one of us!

  • George W. McCormic

    It isn’t any wonder that this ishappening. McCain and his ilke are all alike. Once they are elected they forget who put them there. But we must all realize they meke the laws, but they don’t have to follow them. They are the untouchables. Sad but true. I believe the time Senator McCain spent in the Hanoi Hilton finally has caught up with him. He should retire. His service to this country was commendable but his roll as a Senator has not been the greatest. Once a politician always a politician. It must be the indoctrination, brainwashing, or the water in DC that effects all the politicians when they are sowrn in, because they all seem to forget who put them there. This where term limits comes into play. Our congress today is a joke, they are all out of touch with reality.

  • Twin

    McCain was not thinking about budget cuts when he was in the military
    and when he was a POW, He need to remember where he came from
    and what it took for him to get where he is today.

    Semper Fi

  • David

    New spelling for Democrat. McCain!!

  • bt1947

    I agree with Brenda, but i think that it should be taken one step further and vote out all of those that are coming up for reelection. We should vote for those that have had at least some time in the military. It could not hurt and it might do some good, for a change, to the country. I spent over 20 years in the military, including Vietnam in combat. It could go back to what we were promised shen we first entered the service.

  • Barbara

    OH!!! Another thought about charging $200.00 a year for Tricare. We already HAVE to pay for Medicare Part B to even participate in the Tricare!!! So–does that mean we should pay for both now??? And like Medicare—will it keep going up every year??? There are some of us out here who haven’t even had a need to use any of that yet—though we have to keep paying out the nose for something we may never get to use. And then you try to find a doctor that accepts Medicare, and it’s almost impossible. It’s for sure that something needs to be done all right. But it needs to be done in OUR favor—-not in the politicians favor (who are already rich).

  • Burt

    Until we all realize that the Washington politicians of both parties see themselves as above the voters who elected them, and we toss the bums out we will never get anywhere straightening out this country. If you haven’t seen what your Medicare Part B premiums increase to under ObamaCare, you ought to take a look. It is a staggering amount by 2014.

  • Thomas L Kretz

    Cuts in benefits are made by the 1’s that put there life on the line, not by the 1’s that pass all the new laws and get the best medical for life, I think they are the 1’s that need the cuts first. They are the 1’s that need it first and a cut in pay. No raises for them before anyone else. Taking raises and cutting benefits from people who protect our country is crazy why they sit and get richer.

  • hobby20288

    What is the matter with Sen. McCain, my husband and I are retired and still have one child at home. Take away our tricare health and we won’t be able to a doctor or get meds. Sen. McCain, were you ever in the military for 20 years. I don’t think so or you wouldn’t want to cut the health care for retirees. These families earned that right for health care after Twenty years.

  • jdf63

    while i understand the need to save some money, this isn’t the way to do it. Let’s look at govt waste, benefits for people who never earned any and start spending in a way that doesn’t increase the debt. If they have no choice then to cut our benefits I support small adjustments but only if all other govt employees, politicians, etc make the same sacrifices.

  • Vietnam Navy Vet

    McCain is a puppet Maverick. He flows where ever the wind blows him. Or I should say his big bag of hot air blows to suit himself. He ditched his first wife….. no stay power…….why should he care about anything else.

  • John Bird

    I just wish I had their health care plan over Tricare, and now you want to charge me more and give me less

  • Dusty

    Senator McCain – have you forgotten. You were one of us and we supported you. Now that you no longer need our support – you have withdrawn yours?

    I guess I should not be surprised but I am very disappointed.

    Brothers No More

  • John

    Mc Cain is an asshole. He has never done anything for the military. They need to cut their benefits for a change and not the militarys. Why does this country keep taking from the people who serve and keep giving to people that don’t contibute anything to this country

  • DICK

    McCain should be replaced DA VET.

  • Bob McCloud

    Nothing new The poltician’s will cut or benefits but not theirs

  • mcclelland

    Korea & Viet Nam Vet,

    What the hey does McCain care what they cut from Active duty and Vet Pay compensation or Tri-Care benefits; his wife is a millionaire many times over and he does’nt have to worry about health care or any thing else, when the congress and the rest of all the beaurcats have to live by the same rules and Pay rules as everyone else does then MABY they can talk about cutting military pay or benefits!!!

  • Barbara

    Sorry!!! I just thought of another way that the military could save money without messing over the ones that have already earned what they were promised. Even when I was still a military wife—it never made sense to me that the military transferred people (the families) all over hell and half of Georgia. Stop that and you could save billions!!!. And those great big bonuses that were paid out to keep certain rates (or whatever) from leaving the military seems to be a waste also. Sorry—but I’m MAD!!!

  • Martin D Kinsley

    Sure, If we all had his retirement and a wife who is supose to be worth over 125,000,000.00 yet thats right. Then we could be a turn coat like him. I know John McCain the great senator from AZ. He has done nothing but feather his own cap. Thanks you back staber.

  • Rick REt USAF E6

    I agree with all the comments that have been made and yes everyone is correct and we gave 20 or more years of our life to protect and serve our country. Now all they want to do is take away ALL the benefits that we where promised to have for LIFE. Maybe all of retired military and all Vets that receive BENEFITS need to march on Washington and both the house of congress and its time for Obama to go and put someone in there that will take of the Military and KEEP OUR BENEFITS AND NOT TAKE THEM AWAY………

  • Henry

    The object of serving in Congress and the Senate is to voluntarily serve the people without extravagent compensation. In these days of being ‘lean,’ I strongly support cutting congressmen and senator retirement to NILL. Reduce serving terms to a minimum. NO career politicians. It should be an outrage for any politician like McCain to even suggest cutting military benefits without cutting his first. He has discredited himself and should resign immediately. He is such an embarrassment to our country. Where are the leaders of this country that support its people? They have to be precious commodities indeed..maybe Ron Paul can be counted on to do his duty as a patriot of his people.

  • GMN

    McCain??? I guess you have enough congress blood in you that you can’t see the the real blood that has been shed by our military and veterans. The very ones that served to give you the freedom that you have from day to day is not important in your life anymore. Well as I see it, you and your congressional comrades are not important to us anymore either. Good buy after this election. OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW!!!!!

  • John Ulstrom

    I believe McCain is getting senile. It’s time for him to leave.

  • plott43

    McCain is selling the military out. why not, he’s rich, it doesn’t affect him. Congress needs to have to follow the same guides with regard to pay raises, health care and retirement that the rest of us do. If they did, they would not be “sooo” fast to want to make all these cuts. tHE “FAT CATS”, need to have a reality check. If the proposals come to fruition, our country will need to go back to the “draft” system. Good luck with that one with the caliber of young people I see out there now. Retirement is earned by every person who spends 20 years or more in the military. 24/7 is the duty schedule – not 9 to 5. That 20 years is a lot longer than working for a civilian company any 20 years and earning their retirement.
    Stand up, Contact your congressmen, Let them know they can be elected out of their jobs which, thay are not doing very well for the public as a whole. stop this president’s unendless ability to put the US deeper in debt.

  • Dan B

    Where are the spokespersons from the American Legion, VFW, Disabled Veterans of America, Wounded Warriors, The Society of the Purple Heart, etc.? Not until the hue and cry is heard from those from whom we have taken a full measure of service will the sycophants in congress sit up and take notice. Churchill stated that in a democracy you get the government you deserve, so we are to blame for allowing our representatives to kidnap our government. We put these charlatans in office, now it is time to revoke their “licenses” and place them on the roles of the unemployed.


    And just think what else would have happened if McCain had been elected president. He said the economy was in fine shape and now he back stabs us veterans. I knew all along he was a looser. He is destroying our country with this action. The CMH should be taken away from him, what he is doing is cowardice.

  • Ray Gillen

    It is quite simple – stop supportiing illegal immigrants.(medical, money,housing and schools) Set a limit on how long a legal immigrant can receive government assistance. Return to the original policy of a sponser(churches etc.) be responsible for them before allowed to immigrate to the United States. Why put the burden on our serviceman and women.

  • Jim

    I want to see them go and get a regular job and tell me that this is fair. When they need have a second job to have health benefits even after serving our country. Without the military there would be no country.

  • mark ret usaf

    We earned it ,leave it alone!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • t,lazlo

    this relic should resign,period

  • Grrrrrr.

    They get to change the game after it is over? We upheld our end of the bargain, we gave them our children’s first steps, birthdays, Christmas with families, even the funerals of family members, now they change the deal? I’m calling BS. I considered it an investment in my country and my family’s future, now they start stripping away the paltry retirement benefits we do have. I think America would be shocked to see what we really get for 20 years of dedication and sacrifice. Meanwhile, no one threatens the benefits of those that sit on their asses and do nothing? Bad form America, bad form…

  • Joe

    That just goes to show you can never trust a politician. Thanks john just wondering who is pulling your strings.

  • Vietnam Vet.

    Why should the veterans always be the ones to suffer,we gave it all for our country and never ask why. take away from all the politicians we served, that has never done anything except take what they want.

  • armywife

    if they want to save money how about they stop payday for 6 months on the president and all politicains for 6 that would save husband is in the army and health care payment went up but it is so freaking hard to get in to see a doctor the same dad gave the army 24 years of his life for what? so they can take it all away,charge so much for not much? stop paying mccain and the rest of them so that retirees can keep their benefits..



  • grb

    Since the republicans have taken over the house, the promised made
    to us,(retired service members) the changed have been flowing
    fast and furios. If they hold they house next Nov we will need to get
    a job. or live on family.

    • txcwo

      Don’t be so narrow minded.. it isn’t just the Republicans that are hurting the military, it’s a mix of all of the idiots in Congress. Remember, this all is because that idiot we have as a Democratic president submitted the idea to cut military benefits but he didn’t want his benefits cut.

  • pssedtvet

    Are you kidding me? WE earned our benefits. And he wants to cut them so they can continue to support crack heads , losers, and corrupt businesses while they get their act together?

  • Jon Weiss

    Based on McCain’s multiple dumb decisions, as well as those of others in Congress my advice to all young people is, it you do want to serve, do a single tour then get out and jump on every short term benefit you can grab, don’t trust the government to follow through on ANY of their promises, and while serving don’t do anything that might place you in any danger that you do not absolutely have to face. This administration is demonstrating more clearly than any before that they have no intention of taking care of veterans, nor do they have any intention of keeping any promises they make, since dollars and political ideology, not integrity, are what drive this train.

  • txcwo

    Thanks for supporting the idiot we have as POTUS, John. Sucking up for a job? You are selling us out.

  • BellaTerra66

    I’m in my 60s, and I was in 11th grade when I began to realize that my country does not exactly tell the truth, about most things. And I wasn’t exactly the brightest kid on the block. So from your recruiter (how long did it take you to find out your recruiter had lied to you — not very long, right?) to all the hype about how all these wars, from Vietnam on, have been about ‘protecting our country’ and about ‘freedom’ — you really thought you might have been told the truth about retirement? The only people our government has cared about for more decades than I’ve been alive are the very rich and the very powerful. And our government cares about us only to the extent that we can keep the very rich rich and the very powerful powerful. We little worker bees.


    Let the government publish the congressman and senators actual pay scale in its entirity plus all the purks and other goodies including retirement package and health care then divide it by the days they actualy work not fact finding mission that are shoping trips.

  • Geoffrey Garber

    It’s time for change, plain and simple. I for one am sick and tired of sticking my neck out for this country only to hear shit like this. No more! I’m dedicating myself to make a difference. We the American service members and people have put up with this corruption for too long. Its time for our voice to be heard!

  • donald wyrick

    I thought that McCain was pro military, boy what a liar!!!!!!

  • JimG

    Hope the AP reads this….military retirees support cutting all free medical care at Bethesda and Walter Reed medical facilities for non service members…especially Presidential Administrations, Cabinet Members, Senators and Congressmen……Let them pay their own health insurance…also a major benefit to the budget committee….no more one term retirement pay for congress….or anyother official…..lets see how much we save there….LEAVE THE MILITARY BENEFITS ALONE……

  • Harry

    Ret Army
    As with the other comments I have read I agree that the The Senators and congress need to look at there own pay and benefit packages first. McCain dosen,t care becuse he is getting his thru his job not thru military. You ask some one to put there life on the line day in and day out for over twenty years and the slaap them in the face. juist some more political bull shit that we always see. As a Vietnam vetern it is the same thing we saw when we came home no change, except that we are older now. How about the Sec of Defence giving up something and the 1% richest let them live on 1900.00 a month.

  • It is interesting that Senator McCain is OK with taking money from retirees. But then, he is a retired Navy Captain (O-6) married to a beer baron heiress and a member of the Senate with sufficient time to draw full retirement from that generous system. He is eligible for full Social Security, Medicare and Tricare for life, but obviously has no need for them, I wonder how much he collects in benefits that he earned. I am a retired E-7 and need every penny to keep beans on the menu and gas in the pickup.

  • Jon Weiss

    Did anyone else notice that nearly every time a democrat talks about saving money it is always over a period of “10 years”? Perhaps these morons need to go back to school to study the basics of government? If they did they would know that any program sold to the public, that takes ten years is merely a bunch bovine excrement, since no budget plan survives beyond the next Congress. That means any plan that any politician puts forth is no safer for full effect than the 2 years it takes for a turnover in Congress. The plan set forth in the article says savings of “$111 bil­lion over 10 years”, but anyone who has examined the actions of Congress, knows that anything that is passed today will be obsolete and void immediately following the next election.

  • Bigred11990

    The middle class is now the new lower class! They don’t really care about us!

  • Disabled Vet..Jax

    He can kiss my A%& on Main Street.

  • scpo scott

    You would think what McCain went through that he would be able to relate to the military, but guess congress has rubbed off on him. Why we need simple folk for contgress instead of the millionaires. These people float around in money and either could care less or cannot relate to the poor.

  • Bigred11990

    We should get the benefits that the Senate and Congress get!

  • We are simply pawns, and fodder, used by politicians to gain power and support for the huge industrial war machines. Our only recourse is to reduce their benefits, restrict their terms to a maximum of 4 years and vote them out!



  • william

    We get into wars that we do not want to pay for with money. We send our young men off to these wars and want to renege on the payments of the cost by not giving them what they were earned. There would be no military to defend this nation if we refuse to keep them paid and their heal care. I am ashamed of this country and the men and women who run things. While they have super benefit’s they dare suggest we not provide the same or better support to our fighting men and women. They have the nerve to want to cut the benefits and promise of those who in many instances give their lives or are physically or mentally named for life not to mention the pain and suffering of the wives and children of those same men and women. Simple solutation don’t order and pay for steak and feed them hot dogs.

  • Russ

    McCain has obviously lost touch with the men and women who serve our country in military service. As a 100% service connected disabled veteran the thought of losing benefits I desperately need to get by every day make me sick t o my stomach. Vote for McCain ? I think not !

  • “G”

    If you are so serious in saving money, then start from the Top (President) and work your way down. How about all of you giving up some (1/3) of your medical and retirement bennies first and then maybe we might think about it. If Government continues to give them selves raises when ever they want to, I don’t see us saving anymony! If you change this retirement system then look out for a big lack of participation from our young. You might as well just go out and start doing what Isreal is doing with a mandatory three year serving and include women in all areas of battle.

  • bijobe

    McCain has been bitter ever since his devastating loss to Obama and he has been punishing the Republication voters ever since, since it their fault not his. Of course, I am sure all of you know that McCain is not a Republication…he is only a liberal. He loves it when the press glorifies him so how to get on their side? Agree with Obama!

  • gulferavet

    how about we start drug testing people that are on wel fare and if they dont pass then they should be cut! why are we paying so many people that can just sit at home and collect a check and never have to work! it is always the military or vets that for some reason it is allways the topic of cuts! never about cutting pay in the senate! How about cutting their pay! i am sure that would be great to make the budget go away!

  • Allen Yanik

    Write McCain, Coburn and the others and ask them why they have deicided to become traitors to the US military. I am wring to them. The President and his wife doing ads and speeches to show how much they support the military, what a bad joke that is!

  • Retired

    I’m fine with redefining the military retirement system as long as Congress uses the same sytem and rules. Wait! That’s right! Less than 10 members of the entire U. S. Congress served. It’s clear for all to see! The burecrates know better! Democracy is what has been thrown under the bus. I’m sure retired E-5s would gladly give up their benefits if they had McCain’s pay and privileges.

  • bill watson

    McCain you turncoat


    I get less then $1,000 a month to live on and they want to take some of it back. that well put me out in the wonder we have so many homeless vets.

  • sylvester pingatore

    As a kid of seventeen I in listed in the Coast Guard to serve my country. I retired after serving 20+years.I am 73 years old and Tricare for life is so imporant to me more now then ever.My respect for Mccane has changed. How he can disprespect the members of the military by undercuting benifits that have been earned in lives lost and time served by our brothers and sisters is just another color of his turncoat.

  • Kevin E.

    McCain is a leftwing POS, his slow onset of dementia is allowing us to see his real true colors. It’s always easy for the rich congress and senate members to rape our benefits while boosting their own. Two years with no COLA increase and yet the prices of everything went up. I am so tired of the government sticking it up our asses every chance they get. We need to give our congress and senate a good enema to clear their minds!

  • D May

    McCain should try living on widows of vetrans get and see how he would like to struggle just to get by the sorry S.O.B, he can rot in hell

  • Kevin

    McCann is a trader. Tri-Care is the only way I can afford health care. Besides I served this country for 20 years. Small price to pay for service to this country. It makes me made as hell when I hear he and others want to cut one of the few benefits we have left. Make him cut his bennies and see how he likes it. WHAT A TURNCOAT.

  • Robert A. Watson

    Save 111 billion over 10 years by cutting military retirement and tricare benefits is rediculous, even ludicrous. Our current administration has squandered 10, 20,30 times that in 3 years. The politicians have emptied the till and are now looking to literally rob military retirees of what little they have. McCain who always professed to have the retirees backs is knuckling under to Obama and his cronies in DC. Fellow retirees we must make a stand and clean out the pestulence of our current administration. We can and will do that at the polls of the next election!

  • Kevin E.

    John McANUS



  • Gatoraid

    I can’t believe McCain would do this to his fellow service members. I’ve lost all respect for the now SOB. I hopre the military retirees in Arizon will remember this and will treat him accordingly.

  • This government is no different than any other. How about we stop meddling in other countries business and mind our own. We could save some money there easily. Everyone should be prepared for another war as always accept this time it will be with our own people. Let me just say you bite the hand that feeds you and you get taken down. The last thing this country needs right now is for the government to turn on it’s military forces. I’m tired of hearing people say we live in a free country because that is just the biggest lie. Congress needs to start with their pay before they begin to dig in to ours. As far as I’m concerned congress is like that stuff you step on that the neighbors dog leaves in your yard…..continued

  • Retired Military

    Screw you McCain…….thats exactly why your not president!!!!!!!

  • Ron

    I agree congress should cut their benefits first and only be able to serve to terms. The Men and Women that serve this country should get the best of care. Most times they were not home with family but protecting this country. I say vote any one out if they cut the Military benefits. I sure the hel will vote against them.

  • As far as the president, he is no different than any other we have ever had and seems to be the worst we have had in a while. He is starting to make Bush look great. We (Military Soldiers) need to stick together on this and fight for our rights and especially what we signed up for. Not for the changes they want to make because they feel they can. How can they break a contract and nothing happens but if we do it comes with either getting kicked out with no benefits or prison time? The standards should be the same across the board. Another thing, fix the damn gas prices and stop putting extra money in your pockets where it don’t belong.

  • GunterCE

    All Congressional office holders, the Presidency, the Legal System in our country is geared towards one thing. The Old Boys Club and its protection. The common American will never be anything but fodder in this endeavor.

  • Jodi Hample

    Not only am I a wife of a service member, but I am also the daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, and sister-in-law of service members. Being part of the military community is a great pride and joy that my family shares.

    It makes me sick to my stomach to know that there are people in our government who want to cut benefits and pay of the very people that protect the government and people. Our government officials have taken a sworn oath to represent our service members, families, and all Americans and yet all they want to do is cut benefits, cut pay, and keep us separated for larger and larger amounts of time.

    It is also absolutely asinine that people who don’t work can get more help from the government than the very people sworn to protect it.

    Our government is headed in the wrong direction. If we are not careful of the people who are elected we may very well soon find ourselves in another depression and find our men in another draft situation (because people are not going to want to join voluntarily).

    • mustang

      the next draft will be ALL Males and all FEMALES now that women r fighting and getting CIB or CARs depending on service! it will come down to a draft again as no one will want to serve w the ideas floating around about retirement tied to the wall street how much has been loss by many even since that idea has been floating around!!

  • JAC

    I agree with every comment made. McCain should have our back as the voice of the veteran. We served our time. When I enlisted I was told, if you stay for 20 years, you’ll be taken care of for life. Now Congress wants to take that away. It’s time for our voices to be heard this election season. Vote your congressman out of office and elect new congressman’s who are willing to support the military veterans who have served and died for our country. There are plenty of other ways to cut cost and veteran benefits are not the answer. Try cutting the salaries of the Democrats, Republicans and Senators. Take away medical and retirement after the first term, reduce the number of secret servicemen they are allowed. LET OUT VOICES BE HEARD IN THE ELECTION, SEND A MESSAGE TO CONGRESS, GO HOME.

  • Donald E Lane

    Our benefits started on their downward plunge when Johnson created his Medicare. Prior to that, (for about 100 years), if you were retired from the service, A L L your medical needs were “free”. Free if you don’t count getting your ass shot or shot at. We just set back and allowed it to happen!!! Now nearly all the benefits once enjoyed AND EARNED are history. We have set back and allowed one thing after another, (I’m afraid to say what) to rip the constitution right straight into Hell. Now, it’s too late and we get what we get :(

  • Linus Nadeau

    I’m native american and served this country’s Military for 20+ years, I’d say my country but that was taken away from us. Promises, Promises nothing new everyone, same old shit different day.

  • David_Snead

    Here’s my thought:

    McCain Okay With Military Benefit Cuts
    It includes cuts in health care.
    McCain is a Navy Veteran.
    What’s he thinking?
    I suppose he doesn’t care about the effects it would have on our military and veterans who served and had certain guarantees promised to them!

    Perhaps his promise to America is just as cold as his heart apparently is!

    Mr. McCain, did it not mean anything to you?

    Anxiously awaiting your response; and so are the American people you took an oath to serve!

    • mustang

      dont forget McCain has his Military retired pay, POW Disable Veteran pay, his wife Budweiser fortunes, his lobby friends for benefits and oh yeah dont forget congress is legal to do insider trading on Wall Street …. but it is totally illegal per SEC for any one else to do insider trading! no wonder congress and senators get rich even if only 2 years inside!!!

  • James

    “McCain Okay With Military Benefit Cuts” He is a traitor and should be ashamed. At one time I was very proud of and looked up to brothers in arms like him. He may have started his political career with good intentions but (just like the rest) has become nothing more than another egotistical career politician with an exaggerated sense of self-importance and intelligence. They are now taking money and benefits from those who worked for them and are giving them to those who don’t or won’t work and people who are in the country illegally. This must be a bad dream. How could things get turned around this bad when the most intelligent people in the country are calling the shots. I’m afraid things will never get back like they should be until everything hits bottom and starts over if you know what I mean…

    • ret disabled vet

      I do not think congress or senators are intelligent I think after 6 months in DC their minds go to slush! :( reason to get rid of all of them!

  • P. D. Quick

    That rat ba$tard was hard luck when he was stationed on any carrier. Then he shot himself down (no the enemy didn’t hit him) and now he is screwing us. I wnat HIS healthcare plan!

  • Army ret

    I am no longer selling the military or service as an option for young people… SEN McCain is just the tip of the iceberg as to how bad the leadership in this country treats it’s Veterans! For all those who serve thank you from a true American and with any luck those in power will some day catch on to the meaning “In Defense of a Nation”…

  • willard vogelgesang

    What does MaCain mean by restricting Tri-Care Prime to working aged Veterans. What if a Veteran is not working. Does this mean to bad so sad your out, so money can be saved. At the same time Obama talks about his jobs bill that has no veterans preference. Ask how many news reporters are talking to veterans about this situation. Tell me how an illegal immigrant can get work but a veteran can’t , you call this America. I will be happy when GOD returns now thats rightousness.

    • disabled vet

      Even though the “government” has increased the number of TriCare Doctors, RN’s, counselors etc. but, it does not help when facility will not let the doctors practice what is required for them to do their jobs to help us veterans and family members who have TriCare and the VA cannot and does not have qualified medical to do some of the procedures! I have tried the congress and senators more a waste of time totally! nothing no good has happened period!!!

    • Barbara

      And what if a veteran can’t work—or loses his job. Even with a job, and with insurance, the insurance only covers a certain percentage of any medical bills. Then you are stuck with the rest. If you had a $100,000 hospital bill—you’d be stuck with $20,000 to pay out of your pocket. The millionaire politician needs to be voted out.

    • Garey

      Actually Obama’s Jobs Plan gives a tax break to anyone hiring a veteran which should help us vets get jobs…..

  • Drew

    I have lost al respect for McCain. He and the rest of the politicians should cut their retirment in half and see how that feels. They should not even get any pension if they don’t serve 20 yrs. I have paid my dues and am close to retirement, I believe the contract I signed was for all the benifits. McCain cut your retirement and give the very few % of the military that make it to retirement 100% of their pay and benifits. This counrty is going down hill fast and the military is paying for it.

    • veteran

      they should not be allowed to serve 20 yrs their minds turn to mush max is 10 years!! or 12 yrs for the 4 yr termers but no more than that need new fresh ideas more often revolving

  • Richard Park

    McCain ought to change parties again because he sounds like a democrat wannabe. This ex-POW is selling us retirees down the river and needs to go back to hanoi!!!!!!!!

  • Bob De

    They put us under the bus for life. Thank U.S. Congress for life.

  • B. Wood Ret. USMC

    I can only agree with everything that has been said. I spent 29 years in the Marine Corps and served in Vietnam. I was also a Career Planner for a while and had to talk to everyone near the end of their contract about all the benefits of staying in. Included in this was medical care for life at no charge. I had ti sign paper work stating I had told the individual about this. It turned out to be a lie on the governments part. I am sorry fot that.

  • Al1

    McCain = McCass
    SALARIES – Keep this one going….

    Salary of retired US Presidents ………….$180,000 FOR LIFE
    Salary of House / Senate Members……..$174,000 FOR LIFE
    Salary of Speaker of the House ………….$223,500 FOR LIFE
    Salary of Majority/Minority Leaders…..$193,400 FOR LIFE
    Average Salary of Soldier DEPLOYED IN AFGHANISTAN $38,000
    I think we found where the cuts should be made!
    If you agree…RE-POST!!!.

    • Michael Crouse

      I served from 61 to 81, my pay started at $78.00 per month. After more than 20 years I was making $1231.00 a month as an E-7 I draw $1453 per month for retirement. A friend of mine worked for FORD and now get $4500.00per month.Just think about that.


      Thats been said over &over. The only way to change things is to use your vote and send the free loaders packing. I vote this way and most people who complain the most do not vote .God bless our soldiers .

      • I suggest people write their two Senators and Congressperson. I did that about the pay + benefits issues and only got one semi-serious response. If more people realized some of these members of the House and Senate are not really looking out for them and voted, these members would behave very differently.

    • 1SG (ret)

      i totally agree. They should look at their own retirement benefits first. Free health care, unreal pension plan. get with the real world and stop giving it all to yourself you bums. We should not re-elect any of them.

    • I so much agree with those #

    • Mary M P

      I agree,it’s a real shame that the only way to save money is cuts to the military and their families. Seems to me if you make these cuts you may have to go back to the draft to get people to serve. Shame on you McCain, you’ll never get a vote from our family again

    • rebas

      Any fees for TFL must be tied to ones income. Lower income retirees should
      pay much less and any fees must be phased in over 3 or 4 yrs. This fee will
      likely come about so opposition to it should limit it’s impact on those with fixed

    • James Stogner

      Ithink that the Presentent and Congress should look inhouse and cut there first. I spent 21 yeas in the military and have had to fight to get most of my beifits. I don,t think it right to take from the retired and disabled vets first. The same goes for the retired people. We have all fought and worked for the little we get. Leave our retirement and medical that we were promissed ALONE.

      James E. Stogner USAF (RET)


      It’s time all politicians share is the cut in benefits the 99% of americans are facing every year, no cost of living for disabled veterans, social security for the elderly for the past 3-4 years. Oh, but you can bet your ass Congress kept on voting their pay raises every year, it’s time to cut the FAT from all the polliticians, you’ll hear their sorry ass’s cry all around the world.

    • James

      I am a Vietnam veteran and i server to Mc Cain. And i am DAV Vet who depend on the money i get. How would you like for someone to take your money from you? That you depend on to keep yourself going. You should be a shame of yourself. You call yourself a conrad in arms how can you sleep at nights

    • Pat

      I served 1961 to 1981, retired as an E7. Was told for 20 years I would receive free medial care, and a decent retirement. Now I know exactly how Native Americans feel.

      We fought the politicians wars, we cleaned up the politicians messes and they get the good life.

    • Larry N

      I agree!!!
      Larry N.

    • Larry