Retiree Paydays Set to Change

The Defense Accounting and Finance Service announced that paydays for military retirees will be changing to the first day of the month versus the first “business day.” The change will affect the October 2011 and January 2012 payments which will be on September 30 and December 30 respectively.

This change effects regular retired pay, Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay and Combat Related Special Compensation. The new rule also applies to retiree allotments, garnishments and court-ordered former spouse and child support payments. The new rule doesn’t affect annuity (Survivor Benefit Plan) payment dates.

According to DFAS, the 2011 National Defense Authorization Act requires future military retiree pay to be processed on the first day of the month. When that day falls on a weekend or national holiday, the pay date is moved to the previous business day.

As previously noted, the Oct. 3, 2011 will be issued on Sept. 30, 2011 and the payment scheduled for Jan. 3, 2012, will be issued on Dec. 30, 2011. For the calendar year 2011, this means military retirees will receive 13 rather than the normal 12 payments.

Retirees should be aware that the extra payday in the 2011 tax year could affect their taxes. DFAS recommends that retirees speak with a tax advisor, the Internal Revenue Service or their state tax authority to determine if their tax withholding will satisfy federal and state income taxes when they file returns next year.

For tax year 2012 and beyond, retirees will receive their normal 12 payments.

Guidance from DFAS:
If retirees need to make changes to their federal or state tax withholding, the quickest and most secure way to do so is through myPay. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, myPay enables eligible users around the world to make routine changes to their pay information, including tax withholding, that become effective within days.

Customers who cannot access myPay can change federal withholding amounts by completing a new IRS Form W-4 or W-4P, or change state withholding amounts using a DD 2866. These forms can be found on the DFAS website and should be mailed or faxed to the below address once completed:

 Defense Finance and Accounting Service
 U.S. Military Retired Pay
P.O. Box 7130
London, KY 40742-7130
Fax: 800-469-6559

Note: It may take up to 30 days for changes to be made when mailing in a paper form.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Andy

    Hmm ya. This is important information to know because like the article said, we will now get paid 13 times this year (instead of usual 12) so this messes with our tax withholding. And since we are on track to get around a 3% COLA raise, we don’t even know what our Dec 30th retired pay is even going to be for tax planning purposes.

    What’s odd though is that for the entire time I’ve been retired I always got my retired pay on the last business day of the month so I don’t know what kind of change will be occurring with this new 2011 Defense Auth Act. Except for that 13th pay amount at the end of December isn’t this business as usual?

    • tdhowell

      Often your payment date is controlled by your banking institution. Some “military friendly” banks actually post military and retiree pay a day early. That may explain your situation.

      • Ralph Fuller

        Oh my the bank is posting early when nothing is recieved. I think a bank will only post when money is transferred. Since retiring from the Army in 1984 I have always had my money posted as of the last bussiness day of the month

        • tdhowell

          Okay — I have been retired since 2004 always got mine on the 1st business day. BTW — Banks DO get the funds early, but most do not release them early.

    • steve

      The Houdini has his money CZARS cooking the books, bringing in more income taxes, at the expense of the Retirees……If you think they are doin g it becasue of their loe for the Vetreans, forget that silly nortion, face reality……Hatred prevails in this Administration!

      • Wayne Erven

        We will still be getting THIRTEEN checks…I’ll pay the taxes, and get to keep the rest.

        • DFS

          Do the math. Take last years taxable income for one month and then multiply it by your effective tax rate to find out how much extra in income tax you will pay. Take that amount times all the retirees and you will see how this administration is raising taxes and you are happy about it. Remember, you will never make up for that amount of tax.

      • Common Sense

        13 checks vice 12 and you are still whining. I think the “hatred” you speak of lies within you.

    • Mannie

      I’ve been drawing my retirement pay since 2009 and it has fallen on the 1st of the month or the first business day. Either is fine with me, but that is not my only income. That COLA raise (finally) will be nice..

    • Zydecojam

      My CU has never posted early and always on the first business day when the 1st fell on a weekend or holiday. If you are one of the lucky few who banking institution allowed early posting be thankful. It’s about time we got paid accordingly on the 1st of the month. The money is all ready at the bank by Wednesday. Your institution was earning interest on your money

    • david

      Since I started receiving my disability checks in 2001 I have always gotten paid last working day of the previous month if the 1st was a weekend or a holiday. Remembering back as far as I can remember I have always gotten 13 checks per year. So I am really confused now as to what you all are talking about. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Al Parker

    I thought President 0bama said in a labor day speech he wasn’t going to shaft the Vet. Now he is going to give us 13 paychecks so he can collect MORE taxes. Where is the vasoline.

    • tdhowell

      This was part of the 2011 NDAA – passed by Congress.

    • Don Stockton

      You have got to be a regular viewer of Fox News. Nothing the President does is ok with people like you. Why complain about getting your money earlier? Your taxes will be the same in the long run. The article said we would get our regular 12 chechs in 2012 but that would give us 25 in a two-year period. That ain’t gonna happen!

    • Clarence

      This was enacted by the US Congress. I suspect you know that.

    • Common Sense

      Congress passes the NDAA, bright one. However, I will take the tax burden that goes with an “extra” check any day. ****, give me 10 extra checks, I’ll pay the taxes on them.

      • Jim

        No one got an extra payment, just early

    • mike

      He is just a sweetheart!!

    • steve

      are you for real?

    • Skibum

      Really, you’re complaining about an extra paycheck? Hummm, an extra $2400 and I only have to pay $240 in extra taxes. I now have $2160 I didn’t plan on having in my pocket. Besides, congress passess laws, the President only signs them and enforces them. Sounds like you need a lesson on how our government works

      • Jim

        No one got an extra paycheck, just early.

    • Jim

      Actually I think they screwed this one up and are paying us to much! I’m sure the plan was to screw us, but them screwed themselves, which also means they screwed all the people who actually pay taxes. (I know that’s a lot of screwing around, but congress gets caught doing it all the time). I’ll gladely take the 13th check and pay a few more bucks in taxes. If you read the story we are getting 13 checks this year, and 12 a year every year from now on. If we were getting 13 this year and 11 next year, that would be a screwing. Somebody show me the fault in this line of reasoning?

  • Rambo

    Anytime those in DC claim to give vets something, you can bet they will take something away from us. However, they sure as hell won’t do anything that will affect their pay or their “golden parachute” healthcare plans. They don’t give a damn about veterans or the active duty military, egardless of what they say. Their actions speak louder than words.

    • barbara

      You are right as rain. Never has congress cut their pay or retirement.

  • Lauralee Hensley

    Throw everyone up into a higher income bracket so they can grab more taxes.
    Guess those in their golden towers don’t think the servants can think.
    Wasn’t that the thinking of King Charles back in England when my husband’s family was one of the non-royalty land holders there that took up arms against that King for constantly getting the tax shaft from that sort of thinking CZAR.

    • steve

      Yes and that is what we need to do again, but way too hard to pull country together when the only ones working is paying for all who will not work, give them more of our money via of unemployment checks for another three years…….good job Commander in Their!

      • PJK

        I notice there is no comment about how the richest 4 percent in the country have been given tax cuts for the past six years which leaves them in a tax bracket at least 8 percent lower than what they paid under President Reagen!

  • Bill Hull

    retirement pay was normally paid on the first working day of the month. The change is now to the last business day of the month the income was earned in. Blame it on congress they attached it on a bill that no one read.

  • Ron

    The higher income will mean more of my social security will be subject to income tax. I am so thankful.

    • BMC RET

      The last time (1984) that our pay was messed with we were cheated out of a months pay. We were supposed to recieve our checks on the 30th Of Decemberand the new one on th 3 of January 1985 . When our checks were direct deposited on th 3 of January we recieved only one(1) check and a statement for eleven months. So, we must be trying to shaft the retiree again.

  • bwhite

    As a retired MSgt and after, the military liaison for a US Congressman, I can say unequivocally that veterans were the biggest pain in the rear I had in the congressional office. Nothing but complaints about minutae that amounted to nothing more than complaining just for the sake of complaining. I served my country for 24+ years and served two tours in Vietnam as a combat medic and have never asked or demanded anything as my service was without “strings.” I appreciate everything my many Presidents over the years have done, from both parties, without a whimper. Try accepting what you have, not what you feel you are OWED.

    • tom

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Also a retired MSgt I marvel each month at my retirement pay and am thankful for the system that made it possible. While I’m ‘sensitive’ to adverse changes to my retired pay, I’ll take things in stride and save my ire for situations more warranted.

      • David

        The politicians love sheep who will go along with anything they do regardless how wrong it may be. I too am a retired MSgt. I don’t call the pittance I receive excessive or even adequate. If you want to serve your country and be retired and go on welfare that is your choice. It is not mine.

        • steve

          must be one of the hippacrites from tea party, facisist, You all keep it up and we will be killing each other in the streets , Im sick of the greed and people think they are worth so much, I hope there is a god, he surely has a special op area for you hippacrites

          • kevin

            steve can I just put it plainly your and idiot, I can tell you never servered,hmmmmm oh and I can tell also that you are liberal, how much money do you make steve??? I served for 23 years, I didnt do it for the money I didnt for the love of country, but when a promise is made and then broken by the goverment u will hear complaints. I wont go into the things I cant do now prior to my service……but i have been told I am one of uncle sams broken toys, so my earning power to support my family isnt there any more. So what ever i have earned from my military service is important……..tricare will now go up which will take the whole raise I was gettting………so instead of calling people facisist tea parties do your research.

    • RGB

      So what you are saying is yes be patriotic-got it-I am. I retired as a Navy Chief filled with pride and am very patriotic. Not all Presidents have done very much for our military.
      So maybe you worked for a Congressman that was not a crook but most of them really don’t care about us. They do care about other things. Military members do DESERVE more than what they get. The medical portion does cost a lot and we will someday lose that benefit. By the way Tri-Care generally only pays 30 cents on the dollar that is billed. I do know that much as that is part of my job.
      I do appreciate the Navy for letting me serve. Yes, I said let. I received my degree that was paid for and I owe the Navy a debt of gratitude for what it allowed me and my family to accomplish. But yes certain aspects were put on paper and now it is no longer contractual. It is just an agreement stating that the military can change the rules at any time and we have to take whatever changes without a fight or say so.
      Maybe if the people did the jobs they were supposed to then no one would complain. Sorry for you but thanks for your service-twice. Now you can get the good retirement that is headed your way.

    • rowe robert

      MSgt. Hey troop ! I do know the part of complaining ! Hell only took 20 yrs. to get V.A. to reconize extent of P.T.S.D. ! ! I think they were all trained in millitay B.S.! Bob. 1st Inf. Div. 2bn.16th. L.I. Rangers (ambush battalion) 68-69.NAM !

    • OPJK


    • twhat

      I agree with bwhite also. I did not retire, but my husband did. The 20 year retirement deal cant be beat. If any of those complainers dont want their checks, you can hand them over to me. Otherwise, take it and move on.

      • Jim

        Actually it can. A congressman can retire at 80% after as little as 5 years of service.

        Under both CSRS and FERS, Members of Congress are eligible for a pension
        at age 62 if they have completed at least five years of service. Members are eligible
        for a pension at age 50 if they have completed 20 years of service, or at any age after
        completing 25 years of service. The amount of the pension depends on years of
        service and the average of the highest three years of salary. By law, the starting
        amount of a Member’s retirement annuity may not exceed 80% of his or her final

        • Jim

          Edit to the above, it should have been up to 80%. Starting salary in 2010 was 174k. Minimum age to serve is 25. Theoretically one could be elected at 25, serve 25, and retire at age 50 at 139,200 in todays dollars. I would assume he/she wouldn’t have to worry about congress messing with their benefits!

    • hmcm-ret

      I wonder how many retirees belong to a military PAC such as the Fleet Reserve Association (FRA). These folks look out for the retiree and testify before Congress as part of the Military Coalition. Dues are not expensive and you will have a voice in DC.

      • PNCS, USN

        Good man, doc. God bless the FRA.

    • DirkJimmy1


    • MARK

      Worked for a Congressman and you complain about your brothers in Arms??? Sounds like you are a lobbyist not a retired Master Sergeant!!!
      Ever deployed into harms way??? Doesn’t sound like it to me!!!!!!

      • kevin

        right on mark

    • Mike

      How about accept what we were promised! I am getting ready to retire soon and just want the government to uphold their end of the bargain. Such a small percentage of Congressmen and Senators have even the slightest clue what a military person goes through during their career. They want to align our retirement to reflect that of the civilian sector! Sure, I am all for that. Then align our pay with the civilian sector also and pay us overtime, pay us the same they pay the contract employees do that go over to our deployed locations (70K and up) get just to stand around and watch third country nationals work that get paid 2 or 3 dollars per hour.

      Make the pay scale align with the civilian sector also. If your in the infantry you get paid average state trooper pay, if you do something technical you get paid average pay for that position in the civilian sector. If you work more then 40 hrs per week you get 1.5 of hourly pay, holidays 2.5 times hourly pay.

      Why should an E-5 working on complex electrical systems and an E-5 working in the chow hall get paid the same.

      Go all in or leave it all alone.

    • RBen

      What a bunch of BS.

    • PNCS, USN (ret)

      Veterans are citizens also, and any citizen with a complaint (even if it is a “pain in the rear” to retired Marine liaisons) is entitled to voice that complaint to his elected officials. That right IS “owed” to us all.
      Retired USN Senior Chief

  • ericloz

    That’s right, quit fighting for what’s right and just settle for what they’ll give you. That logic will eventually net the veteran a net total of nothing with a tax bill due on April 1st. __That’s smart, just remember that those who settle get exactly what they deserve, nothing. Unless of course, there are others who will keep the fight for you. In my world, you are a coward who sits back and lets others do the dirty work.

  • deleted2965848

    Interestingly, paying retirees on the 30th of September puts the accountability into the current fiscal year. The result being that FY 2012 will only have 11 payment days on the books.

    Kind of a smoke and mirrors way to reduce next years budget for the DoD. But, they can only do it once.

    • qwenbee

      I agree smoke and mirrors, but nothing new

    • Jim

      Actually, it’s at least the second fime they have done it. They did it w/ active pay back in the 70’s. They moved it from the last day of the month to the 1st day of the following month, taking one payment out of the current fiscal year.
      From my post above:
      I remember, I was in Korea and Carter was president. A little budget trick to remove on military payday for that fiscal year. (actually they might have moved the entire govt payroll, I don’t remember) It was either 76 or 78. As I recall they were talking about not paying us because the budget was busted and they got around that by moving the payday to Oct 1st, putting it in the next fiscal year.

    • Greg

      It’s a little bit more than smoke and mirrors. I just did my taxes on Turbo Tax and just for fun I temporarily subtracted out the 13th month of pay. The extra month cost me $300 in additional tax and I am just a retired E7.

  • we get 13 this year….and then 11 in 2012?

    It says it will return to the regular 12 in 2012…so do we get 11 or 12 in 2012?

    • gerald hartley

      You will get 12 in 2012. Your Jan Check you will be receiving before the first instead of after the first. The only thing is you will be taxed for thirteen months this year and only elven for next year. It’s smoke and mirrors to collect higher tax’s this year by increasing taxable income.

      • No polysci, facts!

        This is a one-time effect (until they change the methodology again<—cynicism). You will still receive 12 payments and be taxed for 12 in 2012 and so on since it will occur on the last business day of the month. The change is that you will receive ALL future payment (and tax liabilities) in the previous month (until the methodology is changed again!). :-)

    • PJK

      12. You are receiving December 2011 in 2011 instead of 2012. Next year you will receive December 2012 in 2012 instead of 2013. It is only a few days (one or two or three depending on what day the holidays land on) difference but for this ONE Year we receive 13 paychecks in one calendar year since we received December 2010 in 2011 AND December 2011 in 2011.

      • Old Timer Guest

        Yes, but years ago when I was on active duty they pulled a similar shenanigan by moving the payment day one day forward into the next fiscal year [for the purpose of making it look like there were more savings for that year] we were still taxed for the 12 months. This, despite getting the December payment in January, the next tax year.

  • Joe

    Why do we not see Congress giving up anything or anything changing for them? They are our leaders, shouldn’t they show that they will take a hit for the Country too? Let’s see some of their benefits and reitirement packages be on the cutting block too. They would not be there now if it were not for our Military for someone else would be running this Country.

  • Retired 1SG

    Many years ago, I remember they shifted my active duty pay from last day of the month to the first day of the next month. That year, our W-2 only had 11 months pay. It was to save an entire months cost to another fiscal year.

    I still write in the check book, EOM Aug 11, when it comes on 1 Sep 11.

    Now they are going back, I have no clue, but looks like one day, and one months tax for the April 2012 deadline.

    Cook the books.

  • Don Royster

    I have been drawing military retirement since July 30 1969 and every month I am very thankful and grateful to my country for every cent. I have never had a hitch in my pay for those many years. How blessed we are to have this coming in. One of the best
    things I ever did was join the Air Force in 1949. I try to never complain, even about the COLA or lack of one. In every thing give thanks…..

    • SFC Tommy Poole

      I agree with your post 100 percent
      US Army Retired. since 1987.

    • benerval

      Thank you for what you wrote. most of us get to preoccupied on what goes wrong with the government….and miss how much actually goes right.
      Although i just retired six months ago, I really appreciate that check and am glad that it is there for me. To know that I will ALWAYS have a home, no matter if I lose a job or my other income drops. With that retirement check, I will never be out on the streets.

    • PJK

      Thank you for that positive message! I feel blessed, especially in this day and age, to have the military pension that I have, and I give thanks that I can use it to help others not so fortunate! PTL

    • ROD

      Thanks for the kind words something that we all can learn something from. BE GREATFULL.

    • Nam Combat Vet

      Hey Don . . . I am with you. Thankful for my retirement & Tricare.__USAF Retired Major

    • Sailor retired

      Most intelligent post in this entire string!! Thanks Don

  • RIpete

    The congressional conmen play the shell game with military retired pay and the fiscal year. Now that we will receive 13 checks to pay taxes on does that mean we will only have to pay on 11 checks next year? If there is a COLA will this shortchange us of one month increase? Now is the time to FORCE Congress to either tax everyone Oct-Sep or work with a Jan-Dec budget thereby ending their ability to doctor their financial budget statements.

  • JohnB

    Come on Gentlemen, be grateful and stop the whining.

  • John D

    Come on guys – all they did was put us on the same pay days as Retired Civil Servants and VA Comp. Those two were always paid on the FIRST day of the month. If the first day of the month was a sat, Sun or holiday, then they all got paid on the last business day of the prior month. we were the only ones that had to wait till the first business day of a month.

    • airforcesenior

      I get my civil service retirement on the first working day, not the last

  • Don

    We should all have learned by now that what is given can always be taken by the ones we so protect, congress. And yet we served with pride and gave of our selves our best years only to be taken apart, piece by piece. I no longer can say I put by lifes’ blood and sole on the line. They continue to do one thing and always change the rules. Certainly not for us, the proud and loyal service member. Each each it become a bigger pill to put. Yet they, members of congress continue to reap te benefits of the US service person.
    Let’s see if they will do with less. I don’t think so. What is next for us? No COLA,. No noting. They (the government) spends, and spends. Spend it her at home and those who have served and well as seniors who bilt this winfall for them.

    • Bud S

      Really? Nothing gets better for retirees? What about Tricare For Life, CRSC, CRDP, the Post 9/11 GI Bill, Paid-Up SBP? Some retirees don’t know how good they’ve got it, just always want more. Then you become part of the problem – the entitlement mentality.

  • Wayno347

    When the current White House occupant begins reelection campaigning, remember what The Who once sang: “…we won’t be fooled again.”

  • My annual military retirement income for the most part is tax free, being off-set in 2010 by $19,800.00 = the combined total of the personal tax exemptions (3 totaling $7300) and the standard deduction filing a “married filing jointly” return ($12,500.00). Social Security is not taxable income at my income bracket. YET ! However, not all military retirees are married, must file as a single taxpayer and are taxed at a higher rate. The 13th payday during 2011 is just like an unsolicited advanced pay and it will in effect put all military retirees in a higher income bracket for 2011 that will leave us oweing tax that would not otherwise be owed if it were paid during 2012. The tax rate for 2010 is 15% on the income between $16,750 and $68,000; plus $1,675.00 Hopefully this refers to “taxable income” and not gross income.

    Notice; the IRS has cleverly disguised the fact they’re collecting a flat 10% tax on $16,750.00 + another 15% on anything over $16,750.00.

  • Matt

    So if we are going to get 13 payments in 2011, how do they figure we’re going to get our normal 12 payments in 2012? Will we get a check on Dec 30 2011 and then another one on Jan 1 2012? Something just doesn’t add up here.

    • Pat

      No, you will get one Feb 1, Mar 1, Mar 30, May 1, June 1, June 29, Aug 1, Aug 31, Oct 1 (presumably or Sept 28th if the fiscal year games apply,) Nov 1, Nov 30 and Dec 31, 2012. That is the twelve.

    • OPJK

      You will get 12 checks next year. You received December 2010 in 2011 and you will receive December 2011 in 2011. That is how you get 13 checks. You will NOT receive another check on Jan 1 2012…you will not receive your pay at the first of the month UNLESS the first lands on a holiday or non business day in which case you will receive your check on the last day of the month prior….in essence if your payday lands on a holiday you get paid sooner instead of later. You will receive your Dec 2012 check in 2012 so 12 checks next year.

  • Ironhand

    Greetings, There are ways in which “WE THE PEOPLE” of America, can return our country to the “AMERICAN” standard, without having to ask a bloody soul. The task is very simple. The lame duck political types on the hill in Washington D.C. need know, and be fully prepared to, “Pack Out Their Trash”, when they are Not re-elected to the office to which they presently occupy, come November 2012. The vast majority of the House and Senate need to have their butts booted out of office, due to their consistant inability to do the job(s) which “WE THE PEOPLE of this here United States Of America had allowed them into office to do in thefirst place. Out with the old crew, and in with those who Shall do what “WE THE PEOPLE” want done, and not their party, or personal agenda.

    • Louis

      You must tell that to the idiot that keeps on re-electing the same senators and reps some have been in since stone tablets were used.

  • jc/ohio

    This one is easy , Congress is going to approve a new calendar every other year will also be a double leap year with only or either 27 or 15 days in each month , I hope this clears everything up.

  • jakobie

    Why oh why do people complain! This is just what government does to the military! This extra tax amounts to quite a chunk to the administration for a year. This is just why I advise young people join if you must, get the benefits for joining but in my way stay for more than one enlistment. You will get screwed!

    • opjk

      its nickels and dimes in the budget picture

  • John D

    The article does not say that in 2012 we will get 11 pays. Reason is because we will get 12 pays in 2012. Take a 2012 calendar and circle the pay dates. You must always look ahead into the next month to make sure that the 1st is not a Sat, Sun or holiday. For 2012, there is no pay in Jan; one in Feb; two in Mar; none in Apr; one in May; two in Jun; none in Jul; two in Aug; none in Sep; one in Oct; two in Nov and one in Dec on the 31st. The Dec 31st pay is because Jan 1st 2013 is a holiday. My math says there are 12 pays in 2012. So in 2011 we get 13 and in 2012 we get 12. I didn’t do 2013 as that is just silly. One interesting point is the month of Sep. Under the old system we would not be paid until the 4th. Under the new, and in my opinion, a better system, paying everyone who gets a retirement/comp check on the same date, finally puts us on an equal footing with everyone else. Tax implications is an individual thing. It will bother some and not bother others. As for any COLA which is always paid on the 1st pay of a year, it would show up in the Dec 31st pay as that is the first pay for the following year.

  • Biehlej

    I’ve read all the comments and can only say. We all served our country, so we pay a little more tax this year. Be greatfull you live in a nation that compensates their vets the way Amercia does. Quit complaining, you could live in a country that gives you a “pat on the back” for your service.

    • Sharon J.


    • PJK

      Amen again!

  • Cheryl

    People people that means more money wake up and smell the coffee

  • Sgtmajorcaptain

    Recall that years ago, pay date were the last work day of the month; that was shifted forward to reduce the number of extra payments that sometimes happened; it also had the effect of allowing gov and banks to “float” positive interest where applicable. Today, few people will notice the real tax implications and political act: (1) the tax based will be raised (2) mil retirees and disabled vets will see the “raise” they would have gained that has been frozen for two years just in time to vote. So consider yourself a political and economic pawn, AGAIN. Then ask yourself if the economy and debt is so bad, to the point of denying COLA, how can the gov they give additional pay checks for the next two years?

  • Madeline

    I am not the vet but my husband was and he died for it. I am grateful that he had the courage to do what he did and that I have this much needed income in my older years. I hope and pray that our country will always take good care of our vets and their families.

  • SteveB

    It’s LITERALLY another way to get more taxes. When they changed it the last time it was to save them money also!

  • Gerorge

    Who is doing the math?? what 13th pay?? we get paid at end or month for the month———???????????????????? is everyone going Nuts ??????????

  • Elijah

    The good, the bad, and the complainers. At least it gives an opprotunity for uncle sam to red flag any double dippers.

  • Sgm Bob

    OK, so how is hope and change doing everyone that voted for this clown?

  • Joe

    Even if we vote these vile crooks out of office, they still get all of the bennies they voted for themselves.
    Pay raises and benefits for congressmen, should be put on the ballot every year and not decided by the con artists in congress!!!
    We need to elect a group of fresh, honest congressmen who will change the
    rules on these present crooks and trash their bennies!!!

  • airforcesenior

    Wow; the money will be the same, the tax will be the same! Are you all so ready to fight over any little thing that getting paid on Friday instead of the following Tuesday is a big deal. Think of the bigger picture and stop complaining long enough to realize that everything the government does is not about you personally.

  • Mike E

    I agree with Biehej. I served 41 years and don’t see what the big deal is. Think about all those out there who are unemployed, homeless etc. Thank God for what you have and stop complaining.

  • Hello,
    I just wanted to let everyone know that I created a Facebook Page to deal with these issues and support resources for everyone to us when contacting their representatives. Here is the page name please like it and pass it on. Sailors and Soldiers for continuing 20-year pension plan. Thanks for your support!

  • Looper

    Screwed again by your congress and President again!

  • Ranger John

    ok, the bottom line is that we get taxed for a months pay that we do not get.

  • Don

    For God’s sake people…..Stop your bitching!!!!! You get a retirement benefit that few people have. Pitch in and dont become a bigger part of the problem.

  • Jose Ramirez

    You can bet that Congress is not doing the Vet a favor. More sacrifice. Do what we must, but I will keep defending this country until I draw my last breath. May God bless America always! Jose Ramirez, SMSgt, USAF, Retired

  • George

    This will put us back on track. If you have been retired for some time then ou will recall when they changed from end of month to beginning of month some years ago, we only received 11 payments that year.

    • Jim

      I remember, I was in Korea and Carter was president. A little budget trick to remove on military payday for that fiscal year. (actually they might have moved the entire govt payroll, I don’t remember) It was either 76 or 78. As I recall they were talking about not paying us because the budget was busted and they got around that by moving the payday to Oct 1st, putting it in the next fiscal year.

  • Catfish Fever

    One of the many questions I have about our so called “representatives” (employees actually), is how and why, they can give themselves an annual pay raise, when they feel the need, which happens pretty much happens every year. Also on occassion, we don’t even know about it.

    • sdexnorva

      Catfish Fever, You might want to check the facts. Congress does not give itself a pay raise each year. It is now an automatic process based upon some legislation in the 1889s. Also, for the last two years Congress has voted to NOT give itself a raise. That does not change my opinion of those scoundrels but we need to speak the truth here.

  • MDW

    Drive by Arlington and see if anyone is complaining there…..they died defending our right to elect our leaders. This lot of leaders was elected by us, we the people. We get what we deserve. The only way things change is to vote new ones in, but then again, the more things change the more they stay the same. I bet Roman soldiers were sitting around the camp fire 2,000 years ago griping and complaining about the same crap we do…

  • exkorling

    I, for one, like this new change because I ALWAYS have to wait for my January payday until the first business day after January 1st and being a day ahead of the USA here where I live just sets it back another day. For example, under the old rules, January 1, 2012 falls on a Sunday which makes January 2nd a Federal holiday which means the pay wouldn’t be deposited until close of business on January 3rd making it unavailable to me until the morning of January 4th. With the new rules, I’ll get the money in my account on December 30th or 31st depending on which close of business my bank uses to deposit the money. Makes for a much shorter December pay-wise. Hehehehe.

  • Emilio Reices

    Hey finnaly, congress remembers the VA, by giving us a favorable pay raise.
    as M/Msg Veteran with 28 yrs of services, I have no complaint, always wait for the best, but this time realy make us waith a littel to long to get a pay raise. I have another comments is regarding the SSS, the people who works for them are realy care less with the retaire people, I have a problem created by them, they collected my retire pay for no cost and without waithing for my defense, instead they have collecte a sum of money their mistake. I would like ask for HELP AND ASSISTANT, to see when the SSS will rreturn all of the money retain by the for the past seven (7) months. How can you assist me. And as one of the fellows said GOD BLESS AMERICA. MSGT Emilio Reices

  • Joe

    Thanks for all the information for us veterans – we are blessed to have served
    in a great country! JoeB, Minnesota

  • Harold

    I have recieved a retirement check since l974 and I have always waited for the check to be added on the first business day. I have always laid a little back so I don’t have to wait for the bank to open before I can buy groceries. It seems to me a little plan to bring in a little extra income tax for the coming year to help pay the bills Washington is making for us.. By the way, I have paid over 10 thousand income tax the last several years, and I give quite a bit to tax deductible charities to lower my tax bill.

  • mherrin

    What is FY 2012 Retired-Annuitant pay schedule??

  • Richard MAlla

    It would appear that the Dec 30 payday is for Jan 3 because of the long holiday weekend and would be counted for 2011 Taxes. It would appear, however, that when you view the 2012 pay periods, Dec 30, 2011 is counted again including for taxes. How can that be?

  • Zeke

    I’ve moved to another state and want to change my W2 to reflect that! So I can pay my new state taxes . Tried several times on ” my pay ” Do I have to travel to a military base office or can I do it from my I Pad ?
    Ret. Msgt USAF

  • John Bondurant

    Has anyone actually counted the number of direct deposits made to them? I have and there were only 12 direct deposits from DFAS in 2011.