New Gulf War Disability Filing Deadline?

Maybe, but don’t hold your breath.

For years, the Department of Veterans Affairs has allowed easy service connection for a few disabling conditions relating to Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses: Chronic fatigue syndrome; Firbromyalgia; Functional gastrointestinal disorders; and other undiagnosed illnesses.

These conditions are supposed to be considered “presumptive.” Presumptive conditions are generally conditions that veterans are assumed to have received due to particular tours of duty or exposures.

Service Regions for Presumptive

These presumptions apply to veterans who served on active duty in the Southwest Asia theater since 1990.  The countries and areas considered for this are:

  • Iraq
  • Kuwait
  • Saudi Arabia
  • The neutral zone between Iraq and Saudi Arabia
  • Bahrain
  • Qatar
  • The United Arab Emirates
  • Oman
  • Gulf of Aden
  • Gulf of Oman
  • Waters of the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Sea, and the Red Sea
  • The airspace above these locations

Currently, the deadline for when the condition must have “appeared” is on or before December 31, 2011. If you have any conditions that are “undiagnosed” and you did a tour in the Middle East, this could apply to you.

I strongly encourage all veterans suffering from undiagnosed conditions to talk with their Veteran Service Officer about filing a disability claim for these conditions. If you wait until after the deadline, the VA may balk at your claim. They could rebut your claim saying, “it did not rise to a compensable level of severity before the December 2011 deadline.” So, get your condition looked at ASAP. You at least need it to be serious enough to cause a 10% disability rating.

The VA is trying to extend the deadline until December 31, 2018. If this occurs, it will be great news for veterans and military members who develop symptoms after the 2011 cut-off.

Here is more information on Gulf War Service.

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Voc Rehab Survival GuideBenjamin Krause is an award winning investigative journalist, attorney, and disabled veteran of the US Air Force, where he served in its Special Operations Command. He wrote his guide, the Voc Rehab Survival Guide for Veterans, after winning his long fight for benefits against VA to help other veterans do the same. Benjamin is a graduate of Northwestern University and the University of Minnesota Law School using VA Vocational Rehabilitation.

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Benjamin Krause is a Veterans Benefits Attorney and journalist who investigates problems veterans face with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. He regularly reports on veterans' benefits news and analysis on the website

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  • regina tobe

    I have joint pain in both hands had surgery on my right thumb already had numerous shots to the point that i can’t get anymore need surgery on the left hand now

    • Johnny Delashaw

      I have had minor pain in both my hands for many years. It has recently become so bad that my Daughter has to open bottled water for me, and shaking hands is extremely painful.
      Did the VA tell you what the problem was?

  • Robert Atkinson

    Perhaps it is just a matter of which VA hospital or center you choose, but my experience with the staff has been nothing but positive. I’ve have many of the presumptive conditions associated with GWI, but recently developed a brain tumor which may be related to GWI. Regardless, the VA has, as always, worked to make me comfortable, provided me with the best care possible and been responsive to my questions. Insofar as the claims process, I’ve experienced no delays or any suggestion of less than 100% cooperation and support. Yes, ill vets deserve even more support and Congress and the President need to listen to our voices.

  • roland wingo

    i have re accuring skin problems since the gulf war i get these it looks like warts but it is not i dont know but i never had this problem before untill i got back from desert storm

    • Sandy

      My husband hs strange , itchy rashes since he was in the war. No reasonable explanation!

      • David K.

        Yeah I have similiar skin issue’s right all over my body, but right now it’s only the right 1/2 of my face being stone dry it’s white like paper and my left arm.

        • Thomas

          Right after Desert Storm, I started to break out in hives all over my body. At first the V.A. said it was nothing, gave me a 0% rating and gave me a bunch of creams with painkillers, this was in 92. I finally went back after almost twenty years, now the V.A. recognizes it as a disability.

    • Thomas

      I have the same problem, go to the V.A. ASAP!

    • Patricia

      Roland, i have these warps that re accure on my back since the gulf war. I filed a claim after coming back from that war. VA all but laughed at me. To this day am still trying to get a claim thru for this problem. Are you having any luck getting a claim approved? If so let me know who you contacted. Thanks, lilbit

  • Tim Bruno

    I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in my bladder 3 months after separation in 1994. I was initially granted 0% service connection due to no “current” medical evidence to support my claim. Needless to say the cancer returned as most cancers usually do, so I have had to file an appeal, of which I have been waiting a year next month. I apologize, but I don’t share the exuberance of an earlier post expressing happiness with the VA and their process. To grant service connection under the presumption law does not always mean you get compensation. I was granted “nothing!”

  • Rob M.

    I tried to address all of my symptoms a couple of years ago and was denied a physical. I was deemed “non priority”. It is a known fact that my military police brigade was exposed to chemical fallout after the marines detonated a weapons cache that was later discovered to have chemical warheads in it. No cooperation from the government here!

    • Tim Stapp

      I served in the the 1st Infantry and have a letter that chemicals were detonated and we and other units were exposed to. If you’ve been exposed it should be documented.

    • Selene

      Contact the VA and request for a Gulf War Exam or go through the VSO for an appointment.

  • Kevin

    Ah yes. I was expecting this. I was in theatre, and now presumptive,,,,,,,, but recently denied-(with symptoms). Why bother pursuing?

    • Selena

      They want you to give up that’s why they are dening Vets left and right. I was denied for chronic headaches, stomach problems, and chronic sinusitis and these were presume to be presumptive. I did a NOD, I am not giving up!!! They used us like guinea pigs and now we are seeking some compensations for our ailments they give us a hard time. Please don’t give up fight for what you believe in. Look what they did to Vietnam Vet and now they are currently paying them for the ailments. Dont Give up

  • K Erskine

    If any physician reviewed my file, they would have no choice but to go along with the presumptive guidelines. Yet, I was denied. Why, Why, Why?

    • Josh

      It is standard policy to deny all claims the first time, it is there annoying way to filter out false claims. You almost always have to appeal them denying your claim, to get it approved the second time around. As for other cases, more appeals are required. Take my knee for example, I spent a year on crutches, and 6 months of that in a cast while in. I now have handicap parking, a knee brace, a cane, I get morphine, ibprofin and Oxycontin for the pain. The doctors are great, but the pencil pushers are morons because with my 4th appeal, my claim was still denied, even with over 400 pages of evidence.

  • Dwayne

    As a member of a Police Brigade right at ground zero where the weapons cache was destroyed; I too was denied compensation. ALL in country medical records were DESTROYED!!! And now we are to have faith in the very govenment that acts like the god Janus. I still suffer from a host of “presumptive” ills. The staff at the SC Regional VA made me to feel like a fool! Somewhere the message has been lost: “Help the veterans”!

  • K Erskine

    There has to be something we can do as a group. It is just so unbelievable.

    • vetfourpeace

      do you have any suggestions? I mean, look at what the “komen for the cure” breast cncer people have done for each other. We need benefits and compensation, yes, but we should always be informing the public about the lack of support and the neglect we have recieved.

  • K Erskine

    I have a seperate appeal that has been active for nearly 5 1/2 yrs. Supposedly something to come soon unrelated to GWI. I really find it hard to believe that the military (DoD & VA) can treat us this way.

  • Adam

    I was with 1st Battalion 8th Marines and suffer from fatigue that has progressively gotten worse since the gulf war. I filed a claim with the VA and they said that it wasn’t a related illness. I have yet to find out what is causing the fatigue and lack of ability to concentrate. Also have memory problems and trouble focusing.

    • Rocky

      I can relate to that. I suffer from the same issues, I have a horrible short term memory, and can not concentrate. They asked me well how was your grades in high school? Because I am going to college under my G.I. Bill. I told them I was a 3.0 student and that is only because I slacked off freshman and sophomore years and took it serious junior, senior year or else I would have a better g.p.a. Now I am failing math witch was my favorite and easy subject. I cant get it through their head. I was denied when I told them of my irritable bowel syndrome and they said thats weird we don’t know why you have that, denied for military related. 4 years later I go to the doc again for symptoms and they say wow we are getting many vets coming back from the war with IBS. Wow you don’t say why deny me all this time saying its an isolated incident. Now I have been rated for IBS at 30% but still then that’s not enough for what I have to deal with everyday.

    • vetfourpeace

      2d Battalion Tenth Marines, I have the same symptoms. It’s a combination of the pills we took, nerve agent exposures, the water, and Depleted Uranium exposure. It has affected your Central Nervous
      System. Did you ever have hallucinations shortly after returning from the Gulf?

  • Boz

    Over In The Gulf War Was With 3RD Armor Division/ HHB5/3 ADA And Yes We Were Hit With Chemicals Bio The Nuclear Was The DU Rounds That We Fired And Killed There Tanks With And The Depo Also That Was All Blown To Hell I Have A Letter From DOD Stating All This!!!!! If You All Get Your Morning Reports From Washington To Prove Where You Was And All The VA Has To Give You Your Percents And Have A Real Good Service Officer That Will Help You Also!!!!!

  • ceverson91101

    Why is it that when I have asked Dr. or the front desk you can’t get an answer of where to sign up for Gulf War veterans illnesses? I have ask three times in the last month. The VA in Marion, In has to have some of the rudest people that I have encountered. Different story when I go to the VA in Indianapolis. Why?? I need to set up a meeting with the new director of the Marion VA. As I told my Dr. it’s not me but what about some of our WW2 vets that may not be as sharp as they used to be and don’t understand how some of the things work. If it wasn’t for me taking my grandfathers to their appt. I know they would not of understood some of their meds or what they had to do during or after an appt. Hell both were injured in WW2 purple hearts and all and one is service connected and ones not ,been trying to get it changed for 15 years. Always falls on deaf ears. Imagine that.

    • Joey

      I hear you loud and clear, when it comes to the Marion, IN VA!!! I still can’t get them to tell me where to sign for Gulf War Illnesses. They tell me to tell my doctor, I did, and nothing came of it. And yes, they are RUDE. They then changed my doctor 3 times, then I’m guessing they dropped me out of the system, as I have not been called in for blood tests recently, nor have they made new appointments when I asked. The place is a JOKE!!!

      • ceverson91101

        This also happened to my father-in-law three Dr. in less than two years. Thank goodness we have kept on it and made sure that he gets one right away. If I were you I would go there (if it’s not to far a drive) and get another apt. Try a lady by the name of Dottie Boyce. She’s great you might wait for an hour or more for your apt. because she’s slow but the upside to that is she’s very good. She has done more test on me in six months than my last Dr. did in three years. Give it a shot you have nothing to lose and good luck to you.

  • Widowed mom

    My husband served in Desert Storm and died of a heart attack 7 years after he was discharged. I get DIC because it was decided that his death was service connected. We don’t receive anything related from Desert Storm, but I am confident that my husband’s death was precipitated by the burning oil fields he was exposed to.

  • ABN173

    How can this happen? I am still active duty but served with 24th Infantry Division during Desert Storm. I have some symptoms but not severe enough to stop serving(or living for that matter). If I read this right, when I decide to retire I can’t claim any related disability from my service back then?

    • ceverson91101

      From the way I understand it you can still claim a disability and anything you get will not be added, but what you get will be calculated to your retirement and that percentage will be tax free. So if your 10% that $123 will be tax free. You won’t get $123 more but that part will be tax free. I would check into it with someone that knows more than me or get the new benefits book that just came out fro 2011 at a VA hospital if there’s one close. If you came call a local VFW or a DAV officer. I hope this helps I have been trying to figure this out for six years and still clueless. Take care and thanks for your long service to our great Country!

      • ABN173

        Thanks, unfortunately I am deployed to Afghanistan at a remote Firebase so I won’t be contacting anyone unless its via e-mail.

        • ceverson91101

          Thank You and stay safe! If there’s anything I can help with when you get back let me know. I don’t know a lot about the VA, but trying to learn. I hope all goes well with your case. The reason I believe I know this about retired service members is because my good friend just retired from the Air Force and he’s getting 10% from and ankle injury and that 10% is tax free. Just understand nothing moves fast through the VA even if the case is cut and dry. Sometimes I think they do that so people get frustrated and give up. I fought my case for three years and finally got it taken care of. If you are a gulf war veteran as I understand it you get into the VA system automatically. Well that’s what they told me anyway. Good luck to you.

    • Kim

      Just make sure that you file your claims before you get completely out of the military.

  • IrishCowboy

    does this also include those that took the VSI and SSB? we were told that there is no VA benefits (such as using the VA hospital) with out it affecting our VSI or SSB………

    • Wanda I Echevarria

      I am not responding to anybody in particular but my husband is going through the same thing. He has all the signs and symptoms of the Gulf War Syndrome. Needless to said we put a claim and I was denied. He has Fibromyalgia, skin rash on his face migraine headaches, chronic sinusitis,sleep apnea, etc.The VA they cannot connected anything with his services of 12 years which include a tour in the Gulf. He has PTSD and in the C&P the Psychiatrist did not notice any PTSD. His civilian Psychiatric diagnosed him with PTSD but she cannot help him she wants him to go to the VA but guess what VA does not want to treat him. There is not justice and like one of the vets said it depends on who has your case at the DAV, or VFW,etc.All I can tell you the DAV representative in Waco Texas is probably the worst I have seen. They don’t even return your calls. If they don’t do their jobs how they are going to help the veterans. I think the DAV they shoul have a look at what those people are doing and how their cases are going so you can identify patterns.

  • george shepherdson

    I hear everybody loud and clear iam also dealing with most of the problems that everyone has talked about i cant seem to get a break i served in the gulf war and i was a fuel handler so i dealt with fumes all the time so iam having breathing problems now i was diagnoed with asthma and other conditions but was denied all so why put in claims if we are going to be denied all the time we didnt go in the service with these problems so some have to have happen while serving our country who can help us?

    • Kim

      Keep putting your claim in. When they do compensate you, your pay will be retroactive.

  • george

    I also have alot of the presumptive illnesses but was denied so whats the use.

  • Csardog

    I have friends (VETS) who help prepare claims for other vets, that have been doing this for decades. One in particular who helped me, told me plain and simple, “they want you to give up, so you are going to be denied, expect it more than once”. ” It’s all about documentation” The more you can document the more they have to read and You have to be persistant, it took me 3x’s but I was busted up pretty good. That was the easy part. It was getting that last 10%! That was what all the appeals were for. OK I’m going to stop before I get out of hand, but bottom line here is if you gave up, it’s your own damn fault for not tryin, it doesn’t take much to resubmit a package, keep a log of your symtoms and when they happen, then you roll it up real tight and you shove it up their …………Be safe, the night is your friend

  • sam

    Why should WE have to be the ones to prove anything. We were all healthy before we went, and we are all sick when we got back DUH?! All our records were lost, or never kept in the first place? I made copies of unit logs, message traffic, etc from the war, and every time I submit them the VA denies them….All the medical reports from my medical company to my stay at Landstuhl are denied….VA says those doctors arent qualified to make the determination they did? WTF

    The VA is worthless….the Doctors in pittsburgh I see, dont even speak ENGLISH…..we need a third person in the exam room to TRANSLATE to the doctor! When I complained about it, I was labelled uncooperative and overly aggressive….Of course! They called security on me to escort me from the hospital! The VA should be disbanded they are Disgraceful, disrespectful,and disgusting in their (LACK of ) treatment of vets.

    • ceverson91101

      Sounds like the Marion,IN VA. There’s a lady in the pharmacy that is a real B she screams at me when my meds are late. That’s my fault how? If they send them it’s always late then the chew my ass because the Dr. didn’t sign the order. Well I can’t call the Dr. and talk to him. Now they became smart and you call and talk to someone that’s not even at the same hospital. You talk to whoever you get and half the time they can’t even tell you whats going on. The same lady has hung up on me more than once. I complained to the patient advocate and he’s worse than they are. I told a representative about him and was told they had several complaints about him as well. Why don’t they do something about this people? All that served don’t and shouldn’t be treated like shit. If you don’t like your JOB quit!!!

    • Josh

      Sounds like you, and the post below mine, you two need a real advocate, not that fake crap the VA provides. Get the VFW to fight for you, they usually actually give a damn.

  • sje54

    keep submitting those claims if you except 10% them thats all you will recieve
    i had to file a lot and finially at 60% i did submit back in 1994 for cronic fatigue
    it wasn;t even on list i still have my submitted claim for proff doing it again. good luck to all keep fighting. the va is like insurance companies always deney claims

  • AF Tom

    I have cronic fatigue and I spent 6 months in Saudi where there was a burning pit right over the hill that I worked. I had to wrap a scarf around my face to even tolerate the smell. I have not applied to the VA for this yet, is it worth it?

  • serg Contreras

    I was a Sgt in the Corps and volunteered to go to Desert Shield and stayed for desert Storm… I was at forward units and later driving trucks from the Aljubail Port to Tanaji on the Border with Kuwait…with Helo parts
    I drove past burning oil fields every day..very hard to breath, it was always dark up there because the sun wouldn’t shine through the smoke…. later received plenty of shots and some so called secret medicine that was never entered into our medical record books even after I confronted the Corpsman and told him I wanted to know why He was not entering the shots and pills and some other medicine into our record books… continued below

  • serg contreras

    Serg Contreras continue

    He said that once we got home that would be done…. when I returned I went to Medical with headaches and why was I forgetting things…. they said that nothing was in my record book… they didn’t have anything at all….
    I retired after about 22 years…. I went to the VA to do my claim….
    I was a No PAIN NO GAIN Marine…I was in pain but I dealt with it… I just took Motrin and put up with the pain the doctor made me feel like I was faking and I had the mentality that these people were on our side that the doctor would understand me and help me, to not ignore my pains and live day in and out with my belief that it was No PAIN NO GAIN…. for so many years I refused to listen and feel pain.. even when my knees were hurting like hell, my shoulder would hurt every night and I would wake up with my arm and left side numb every day…. I have slept on the floor for years I refuse to sleep on a bed, I want to be low on the ground I don’t know why… my wife always said that there is something wrong with me my attitude and temper are not so good…. my joint pain is always there…..
    cont below

    • mark 1sg

      Hi i’m- Mark 1sg- sounds like the same run around I’ve been given, as a 1sg I felt I had to set the example and not complain about every ache, now it has bitten me in the ass as my Dr say the same things. I try to explain I have a high tolerance for pain and have grown use to it, doesn’t mean i want it. Keep strong tell your wife to be Patient with you, I lost mine for these reasons.

  • serg contreras

    so I finally broke down and because of the good of my family and my wife
    I would try to file and do something……
    I contacted a DAV rep,… who told me even before I talked to him and explained my problems….. that I would ” GET STRAIGHT TALK AND STRAIGHT ANSWERS” was I been warned not lie or what?
    right away I got the same rotten felling as when I had my physical were they made me feel like crap and a liar…..
    that’s when I gave on the VA…. If anyone knows someone who actually cares and helps us Veterans please send a phone number to me…..
    Serg Contreras GySgt USMC ret.

    • Elisa

      Hi there! I served in Fleet Hosp 5. Go to private civilian doctors to document and give you a diagnosis. That’s the only way I was able to get my claim approved after many years of going to VA doctors! Take all your studies, labs, MRIs, etc to the private Docs so they won’t order additional testing. This way, all I had to do was to pay for the initial office visit! So worth it!!! God Bless you!

  • lilbit

    the VA is useless to us Veterans (especially us from the Gulf War). I’ve got several claims filed with 0%. Always you don’t have enough documentation, need to go back to the doctor several times to get things documented. Some of my doctors have passed away from back in 1992. So there is no way for me to get documents from them. The government don’t mind sending you to war, but the VA is just a figure head for them. No good for us veterans who are suffering from pains.

  • lupu

    i am fileing my claim for PTSD at present, i understand some of the proof that you say that you need to document the statements we right. I was in Korea when the Lt. was chopped up over that tree on “the Bridge of no return” back in Aug. 1976. Some question i was asked to answer was did i know the soldier name,no i did not did i know his unit, no i did not in fact i was in the tower that an MP let me come up because i just wanted to look around the country side i was young i never seen land like that, in fact he said he should not be doing it anyways, but he saw no harm in it, how was i to know as well as he that i would see what i saw when i did through those BI-NO’s. Even today i still do not believe that happen,

  • S. Lang

    Pursuant to the service members protection under the Geneva Conventions, there is “NO” deadline filing illness or injuries incurred or aggravated on active duty.

    Service member on active duty (time of peace or war) are entitled to hospital care and medical treatment protected under the Geneva Conventions (treaty) and Congress acquiscent into federal criminal statues (specifically Title 18 USC 2441)

    Denial of Geneva Conventions entitlements is criminal, specifically, Title 18 USC 241 and 242



    • Gulf War Vet

      So true, Kelly! I do not want to become bitter, but we really have been forgotten (and foresaken) by all the VSOs, US Congress, and the American public. Many cannot even get our war right and confuse the Gulf War with the GWOT. No disrespect intended to my current conflict (in OIF, OEF, OND) comrades. It is just frustrating and disrespectful that we are so easily dismissed and continue to suffer and die after 20 years with virtually NO progress. We have less numbers than those that served in Vietnam and GWOT so we must be more proactive and vocal. Regarding this treatment, we have most in common with the Korean War vets and Lord help us if we have to wait for a TV show (like MASH) to wake people up…. Some of us cannot wait and too many died already. // Wish you well and all the best. — ASSURGAM

  • Chris

    Vets, do not give up and keep fighting. It is ashame that we have to fight so hard to be taking care of. For many years, we take care of many and in return can’t get any help. I won’t give up, I will keep resubmitting my disabilities until my voice is heard!!!!

  • Sabina

    I have heard my situation in all the comments. I was a medic in Desertsheild/Storm with 2nd Armored Div attached to The Big Red One, and traveled thru all of Saudi, Iraq, even to Kuwait. My squad leader was 100% disabled. We all are made up different and tolerance is different. I am happy not to be as bad off as her, but the quality of life is just as bad if not worst. I still have to go to work for survival. The pain and illnesses make the simple task a war every day, I am still in the war zone all alone. Yes I have gone thru the motions set forth by VA. I am at the 10% Level and have refiled/ re-physical. Im not a pusher nor do I feel like I should stay or keep on Va to process my claim, but thats what I have been advised to do. I am tortured every day by migranes, itching on scalp, back and chest, joint pains, emotional issues, sleeplessness, stomach pains and nausea, but I have to go to work to support my family as I am a single parent. With all the pressures of just making it thru each day I can hardly travel to a Va center to get the help. Everyday there are atleast 4 or 5 symptoms to deal with. Im too tired to fight the government, Im just surviving now and I do feel betrayed. I was once so proud to have been a soldier. Not too many people can endure the issues that camping by the oil feilds for weeks at a time and taking those bomo pills, running from scuds, driving down highways and seeing the destuction and dead bodies hanging out of vehicles and smelling them burning. But I thank God Im still here. To the government and the Va representatives you have alot on your plate to help veterans. What quality of life do we have. Just like the wheels that turn on thing affects another. I am only 50yrs old I feel 75. My mother in her 80’s move better than I. I am on the verge of a heart attack, I truly feel it coming on, because the body can only take so much for a period of time. We need real help now. We served with Pride….accomplished our mission. Government/ VA…May God help you do the same.

  • Elisa

    Hi everyone,
    I served with Fleet Hosp 5 in Al Jubail. I’ve suffered for years with multp symptoms. I was a surgical technician. I am now a Physician Assistant. After many years of complaining to VA Drs., I finally got smart and went to civilian specialists. There I got ‘real documentation’ of my symptoms with real diagnosis. I took those records and submitted them to VA. Guess what? I finally got the disability pay I deserve!!! Guys, take matters into your own hands! Go outside of VA with all of your tests (labs, MRIs, CAT scans etc.) and submit them to the civilian Docs (rheumatolgists, dermatologists, neurologists, Gastro intestinal guy, etc) God Bless you brothers and sisters!

    • Gulf War Vet

      Seeing several comments by fellow GW sisters-in-arms on this topic and am so glad. Thanks to each of you for sounding off. // For all of you and my GW brothers — May God bless us all. //

    • David

      I understand and you are probably correct, however when one can’t afford this kind of treatment and the VA knows it, what do you do in this situation? This is my problem!

    • Kurt

      Hi, Elisa. I went to VA and got tested, and they said it wasn’t related. I have looked for experts outside the VA to use, but I have not been able to find any. Can you give me some names? My symptoms are: depression, insomnia, muscle and joint pain, memory loss, loss of energy/stamina, a skin rash that I picked up in-theatre. There may be other symptoms. Those are the ones I remember right now. I am willing to travel anywhere in the country to see doctors with proper credentials to get their opinion.

      THanks for your help, thanks for your service, and God bless you, too.

  • Mark-1sg

    I go to the DC VA hospital which reports back to Roanoke VA, it seems they do their best not to give this, I suffer from several GWS items and have been denied on all of them because they say it can’t be related to my tour. memory loss, skin,headaches, sleep problems, seizures, they have given me a % for IBS. Just like agent orange they will wait until we are gone and settle with the families for a small amount.

  • Rob

    I been dealing with chronic fatigue symptoms since I retired in Apr 2002. I was deployed to Saudi Arabia from Feb – May 2001. Since I retired , I been diagnosed and treated for fatigue, where the doctors discovered I was borderline anemic. Went through a year of treatments and still must take meds. Think I need to talk wth my VSO, also. Thanks for the blog and God bless our Vets!

  • chad

    i had applied for gulf war syndrome through the v.a. they did not recognize the gulf war syndrome put instead increased my p.t.s.d. will this have affect if later i continue to have proplems (sleepless but tired, joint pains, memory loss, irregulary bowel moments, constant thirst, lots more) i am currently unemployed due to my lack of sleep and the meds are not helping anymore. god i hope they do not treat us like they did the vietnam vets with agent orange.


  • David

    How do you apply or file when they don’t believe a dam word you say or diagnose you correctly. A ongoing battle and I am so tired of trying to convince them what I have they turn everything around so they are not responsible……who do you reach out to? Has any one had any success with a private attorney? If not who? Veteran reps are there …just in your corner and that’s it….they don’t really fight for you ..too many cases….for them to handle they go with the flow….

    • Larry

      VA Serrvice officer (VSO) State of FL Service Rep NO HELP
      Contact Law Firm that specializes in VA representation Fee 20% of
      what is received from PRIOR MONTHS NOT FUTURE PAYMENTS
      FIXED BY LAW. They have incentive to work for you $$$$ Gov’t agencies
      no incentive to work for you no $$$$.Statutory Law for your reference is
      38CFR1117 38CFR1118 38CFR3.1

  • AtHomeMomForNow

    Hi Serg and to all you Veterans, I was in the Army Reserves for 8 years and I did not go overseas, but during the Gulf War my fiance went for a year. 993 I started having severe headaches, later joint pain and bodyaches. I mainly complained about the headaches because it was so unbearable to function. Serg I was like you and kept saying No Pain, No Gain. I didnt complain about it because I worked in medical field and if you have unexplained pain the first thing they want to do is put you on antidepressants and I didn’t want that on my medical records.

  • AtHomeMomForNow

    AtHomeMomfornow continued..Well here it is 2012 and I have same pains, I’m wondering if I could have Gulf War Syndrome through association with my ex and other people who were around me that went to the Gulf. I want to file a claim but don’t want Va looking at me Stupid!! I have been struggling with these aches and pains for over 10 years.civilian doctors call it Fibromyalgia No meds helping. I saw a write up that this is one of the Gulf War Syndrome. I am a 43 yo female with 3 kids and husband and I am an at home mom because I am not able to work. I can’t file disability because I have not paid into the system so I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I do want to eventally go back to work when the doctors can find some therapy that works for me. Any suggestions. anybody!!! any contact info of someone from VA who can help and understands what we are going through…Thanks

    • benhad, enuff

      The Federal for Veterans Dependents and survivors 2012 Edition.
      Says chronic disabilities From Aug 02, 1990 to July 31, 1991 or to a degree of 10 percent at any time since then through Dec 31, 2016. Just thought you would like to know.

    • Larry

      Same symptoms you described; an undiagnosed multisymptom condition.
      Incurable. Lose weight, eat mackeral sardines or salmon, joint supplements
      no red meat lots of fresh fruit lots of fresh water exercise. Fish Oil, Glucosamine Sulfate with Chrondroitin Nitric Oxide Focus Factor Vitamin E
      Vitamin C Pycnogen Vitamibn B12 B6 Melatonin COQ10 will really work but
      takes 2-3 mos. The old sarge 91 Gulf War Riyadh SA Avoid alcohol and smoking. Doctors won’t tell you this no$$$ in their pockets VA no help at all

  • Charlotte

    I served in Desert Storm as a 88M truck driver hauling fuel, ammo and other items to different areas in Saudi Arabia. The farthest we went was KKMC.
    I have experienced headaches, rashes. chronic cough, PTSD, digestive problems and other issues. I started filing in 1991, needless to say I was denied because I didn’t know enough information. Finally, I was getting so ill I tried again in 2007 and was awarded 50% in 2010. I have several appeals in on some of the other illnesses. Please don’t give up. I am still fighting.

    Charlotte B.

  • D. Norman

    How can you put a deadline on this. One of my symptoms is a rash. I had no idea about this until I started reading about other veterans with a rash. My rash has come and go since returning. Now it’s back and has not left. It’s on my chest, shoulders, and back. Today I went to a civilian doctor and they did a biopsy . Should here back soon. The doctor I went to even said it could be from Desert Storm since I was there. This is totally wrong on putting a deadline on anything. I didn’t ever think about the rash being from Iraq. I didn’t put a deadline on serving my country.

  • Jose A Corujo Soto

    Just do fellow Desert Storm veterans just Conmdem Crude Oil until the illness that we suffer comes out drought mufflers and heat up the planet