President, Republicans Eye $23 Billion Benefits Cut

Last week, the Congressional Republicans and President Obama warned that if a new debt ceiling is not reached, veterans’ pay and Social Security pay would be threatened. In addition, President Obama and Republicans also proposed a new inflation index. The index would cut disability pay by $23 billion over 10 years.

Currently, the traditional Consumer Price Index (CPI) is said to increase with the rate of inflation. The new chained CPI is said to reduce payments during economic downturns to reflect spending during that period.

The theory rests on the assumption that consumers buy cheaper goods during hard times. Instead of buying Heinz 57, maybe you buy Generic Catsup. Since the consumer spends less money, they need less money. Therefore, if the consumer needs less money, then the amount of money they receive from Social Security of Veterans Disability should be less.

Now, there are obvious problems with this technique. The most blaring issue is my own question as to what the government will do with the money it was supposed to pay out to these individuals. Normally, people would spend the additional funds on goods within the economy. Instead, the government will take the leftovers and hand the money to whom? Perhaps Wall Street bankers and crony capitalists.

Aside from those, the government is clearly using slight of hand. Obama and the Republicans claimed the money would be a savings. However, it seems like they are stealing from the benefits promised to veterans and elderly Americans. After all, if the money is not paid out and instead saved, then someone gets less money on the other end. We, the people, will get less.

But we all know who will not miss out, our political marionettes and the puppet masters who run them.

Congressional Budget Office: “Using a Different Measure of Inflation for Indexing Federal Programs and the Tax Code.” Pg. 5.

NY Times: “Democrats Oppose Talk of Cuts to Social Security”


About the Author

Benjamin Krause
Benjamin Krause is a Veterans Benefits Attorney and journalist who investigates problems veterans face with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. He regularly reports on veterans' benefits news and analysis on the website
  • wilmare

    Before they start taking my s.s, an my mil.disability compensation they best start in there own god damn pockets , these fat rats running our country are nothing short of being called thugs in my book an i have a permit to carry iron,like i said keep your money grabbing lazy ass hands out of my pockets or else!!!!!~

    • Gunny Mitchell

      Im with you! We should send them to fight the wars they pick, police the streets they wont repair, etc. The Comander and Thief oppps I mean Chief Has never ever served and says “we” all must take a hit. Well he must have a mouse in his pocket because these cuts wont hurt him

  • samgcpo

    There has been no COLA increase in three years. Where’s the savings?

    • John

      Don’t forget they don’t count food and gasoline in the COLA “budget”, in other words they manipulate the figures to anything they want.

      • retired

        No, they count food & energy. Feel free to check the BLI website for the components of CPI-W.

    • swampdawg

      They gave it to the banks and the auto industry!

    • Drizzill
    • Drizzill
    • Gonemissing
  • PTSD Veteran

    Come home from war and have to fight our own politicians again to get benefits we EARNED. Talk about kicking a horse while it’s down. Have vets coming back with missing limbs, physical and mental scars for life and these politicians try to take money out of our pockets. This regime is pathetic!

    • oldude

      Our country is in a hole we fought to preserve our values and we may have to recieve cuts.If so then so be it,I as you faced worse.I think yhay their are other areaes to be cut first but the country needs leadership,Mr Obama is failing to lead and the loyal opatio is failing also.while the Democrat talk big they have yet to produce any cut other then rease taxes.Senator Demint has prosed a plan that is senseable yet ignore in the press,Why?they,our elected elite cause the problem,and now refuse to fix it.The Dems buy votes and the repbes give breaks to fat cats like the corn farmers who want corngas that fouls up engines to get free money,yes I’ll support cuts but ltsshould be of us
      the hits hits,we suffered real wounds and have some bad nights and sometimes days but we love this country enought to die for it,while our friends earn money and postions and education we postponed to provide them with that headstart on us.We lead then and may have to lead now so if cuts are really needed then OK but this time lets us go last A grateful Vet

      • BigBran

        First of all your not dying for this country. Believe me our Freedom is in tact and no one is going to take that away. The Elite is one big joke, The Bilderberg Group will see to that. These fools need to leave our benefit money alone. We are damaged because of fighting their silly wars and now they wanna screw the mercenaries that did their dirty work. How in the hell are we suppose to pay our bills if this is our only income and are totally disabled and can’t work. I don’t see the price of nothing going down, only UP. I can’t stand this government that we have, it is pathetic. Just disgusting!!!

    • JRoan

      I’d like to see some of these miscreants walking around in any disabled vets shoes for one day. It’s like vomit comes out of their mouths when they speak.
      They talk about us as if we’re just as inconvenient as a woman with an unwanted pregnancy …. they put us on par with illegals and others sucking off the government. It’s quite insulting. They put themselves above us all.

      Yeah, like living off the benefit is gonna make one rich. Geeze … it’s tough to make ends meet as it is.

      Another PTSD Vet

      • MKSmith

        As always we are just another place they can reduce, that is unless we are at war. The stupid wars they create in order to push their imperialistic agenda. Always they say we are protecting our freedom. Don’t believe their song and dance. It is about relationships at another level. They have never given a sh*t about any of the people serving as long as they keep working, even if it is without pay. They are a burden our country doesn’t need and we don’t need.

        Yep just another TBI and PTSD vet.

    • Bob Inskeep

      That’s why i think born citizens and naturals have citizernship but do not vote any one who serve 4 yps. service in miltary or guard and 6 yrs. as a teacher 4 yrs. peace Corp. if you didn’ serve NO VOTE! period and you can’t serve as a POLITIAN unless you did one any asshole like USA Today who think it to sweet ” can serve the average served on the line otherwise SHUTUP and sit Down!”

    • Morgan

      This is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard of. What in the hell is President Obama and the Republicons thinking?

      I cannot believe the insanity that goes on in Washington. Simply outrageous!!!!!

  • Jack

    So people cannot buy brand names because they don’t have enough money. So the government’s plan is to take money from them so they will have less. This plan is insane, but it came from Washington, D.C., so that explains it.

  • John

    The whole idea stinks but I’d like to know why your meta tag for this article reads “Republicans Again Seek Veterans Benefit Cuts”? President Obama is just as much at fault here as the Republicans yet you signal to the internet that it’s the Republicans fault.

    • Jose

      It sure is the stinking Republicans that you all voted in during the last elections! They all came in with the mentality to fix the deficit by taken from the poor and the middle class to give it to the rich. All of you freaking duds need to wake up and smell the coffee! It’s funny that now you all crying crocodile tears. The only thing the president is doing wrong is to give up to some of the republicans demands. If you educate yourself on what’s really going on, the president have a better deficit recovery bill it’s just the for about a 17% were he wants to tax the rich and ending the Bush tax cuts which the republicans will never agree and prefer to take from the poor and middle class instead. Plus anyway if you read correctly this article it’s titled President and the Republicans, so next time stop been so bias and read carefully and fairly. This is the reason why I am not a Republican or a Democrat, I just vote for the best candidate at the time after researching and finding out about his ideas, beliefs and what he really stands for.

      • TROJANII

        Exactly, how much in taxes do the poor pay? I was of the understanding that they little/none or even get money back that they didn’t pay in taxes. Remember the big bruhaha Bush caused when he gave a tax refund in the middle of the year, and the “poor” were getting the refund when they didn’t even pay taxes. Maybe EVERYONE should pay a flat rate tax. The poor would pay less, middle class more, and rich the most.

  • tobey

    the **** you say !!!!! let the banks help out ,like the gov. help them !!!

  • jay

    Corrupt Government at it’s best. Send us to war and cut our benefits?



    • JustMeAgain

      The problem I see is that Obama has a huge distaste for the Military & any Veteran that fought for this country! Therefore why should be care if we don’t get paid? It goes with his agenda!!

      Cut the wages of those in congress & see how long it takes them to fix the problem!

    • cricket

      Great about time someone tell’s it like they should. Stop giving our money to WALFARE. STOP GIVING OUR MONEY TO OTHER COUNRTY’S.

    • Butch Hammond

      My Brother, I am in agreement with you!! What would this nation do if the military said, That’s it, no more! You, the congress, house, our President, treat us and our brother and sister Veterans like this, no pay, no benifits, then no more will we fight for you!! What would our leaders do then? Some animals are treated better. Where is the honor and dignity? I can tell you the congress and house and President will not loss their pay!!

    • Mpowers

      We agree 100 pecent….. The Goverment is going up the wrong Tree when they mess with the ss and the Disabilities and Vets pay .. What about the ones who went to Vietnam and lost everything ? And the ones who are suffering from Agent Orange and are trying to get something for that its not their falt the us sprayed everyone. . And what if the Military just stopped fighting for our country ,.. We are all in deep trouble and the Goverment had better watch out who they are taking from or we will have a WAR right here in the UNITED STATES. fighting the White HOUSE.This is supposed to be a Free country .. Where is it Free.??????A lot of people may get hurt over this one .. May God be with us all….

  • mel

    When enlisted back in 1968 we were promise that we and our dependents would be taken care of the rest of our live medically and financial. Medical wise we lost a lot since then and now they are threatening to take more from us. I did 20 years and am 60% diabled, they still try to billed my wife health insurance on me rather than give me my due right. The only reason I am on my wife insurance is a backup because if I walk in it takes hours to get in and if I have go to the hospital, I can go 60 mile in an emergency and pay or go locally and still pay a copay. So now you want to take more from me. Need a change in republicans and democrats. We have lost enough.

    • Mel, I don’t know what your disabilities are but I got a real good feeling you might just be screwed by the VA. At 60% you shouldn’t be paying a co-pay. Have you considered filing a claim to have your disability percentage increased? Siimple to do. Retiries have been shafted for years. You certainly didn’t make the military a career just to become disabled and then have to fight all over again for what was promised to all vets of our genaration. I too went into the service in 1968. But I didn’t make it a career. A year before I was seperated, I knew something was wrong with me but I didn’t even know how to describe it to a doctor. I went through 28 jobs before I was put out to pasture. Never married, never had any children, and had a pretty miserable life. When I was told I had PTSD by the VietNam Veterans Outreach Center here in Dallas, TX. I couldn’t even remember the correct string to put the letters.When I finally filed for disability, it took 17 years to finally get 70%. Now I’m 100%. And I’m still being shafted by the VA hospital system.

  • Glockster20

    I look at this this way, just like local govements threaten that if we do not raise taxes police and fire will be diminshed. So now the Feds are doing the samething with SS and disability pay. Maybe these idiots should really look at what they are wasting with all this welfare they kick out and all the money universities get with having foreign students there and cut some of that along with abunch of other stuff. But no we will go after those who are on SS and of course the military and cut there benes. What CRAP!. Military persons both AD and those no longer serving are a small percentage of the populas. There are more out there asking for handouts because they are too lazy! These people in Congress and the Prez are insane! But this is how they want to get a public reaction!

  • tim

    right on we all need vote them out office try cut veterans benefits people that serve are great country greeding congressmen

  • tim

    cut congressmen pay dont vote for any republic party that want cut are benefits

    • cricket


  • Ken

    We live in a society that professional sport players make millions as well as our government officials and they would rather take benefits from us who have given limbs, our independence, and self esteem. Not to mention the burden we feel that we our placing on our love ones for taking care of us to strengthen an economy that we have already paid the price for.

  • sparks66

    If they really want to save money maybe they should think about cutting their own bonuses in Washington and Wall Street. Leave veterans benefits alone and do not touch.

  • Reln

    Cut the number of Congressional and White House Aids by ninety percent; reduce the President and Congressional travel budgets by ninety percent; and stop allowing the Congress and President from using military medical facilities. Stop giving social security benefits to people who have not paid into the system. Stop providing free benefits to illegal aliens. Reduce the budgets of EPA, OSHA, FDA, Dept. Transportation by ninety percent, and eliminate the Dept. of Education. Miltary retirees and social security recipients have not received a cost-of-living incease in at least three years. Meanwhile EVERYTHING has gone up in price – food, gasoline, everything!! Leave the military retiree benefits packages and social security alone!!

    • cricket


    • drillmouth

      Hey, I was going along with you – until you got to Education. Without education, you wouldn’t have passed the ASVAB.

      • Jeremy

        but if you get the federal govt out of education then you would have a lot better students look at most private schools that don’t have the 1 million regs and standards that public schools do and a lot of times spend the same amount or less per student than public schools do and still come out with smarter students then look at the teachers unions that give them tenure in two years to the point it dang near takes an act of congress to fire them even if they participate in illegal actions our entire education system is flawed and the DOE does not help it and if anything makes it worse and i didn’t pass the asvab with such good scores because of a public school with english teachers that spoke in third person and didn’t know what third person was and misspelled half the words they wrote i passed it because i studied on my own so if they would actually look at all the wasteful spending done by the government in every department and stop demonizing the military and disabled vets like myself then we wouldn’t be in as much crap as we are in now

    • Linny

      You have said everything as a truism. From giving SS to those who have not paid into the system to reducing spending on these departments traveling on our dime. No cost of living increase in 3 years to our veterans, they should be ashamed of themselves. Free benefits to illegal aliens – not one European, South American, African or Asian country would allow such a thing. You go to their country on a visa – when it is up, you are to leave or show that legally allowed to extend that visa. We here in the US let them come and go as they please which directly affects our economy – wake up people.

  • Vietnam Vet

    The people who are elected by the people should look after us but they don’t. They give themselfs a raise and now they want to cut SS and Military benifits. I am 100% disabled most likley from agent orange but I live on my SS and civilian retirement. They have cut the VA staff so we vets have to wait to get medicial and now they want to reduce ss and Vets again. Time for us to vote these so called officals out of office and have the do nothing extra people in Washington and in our State gov. They need to clean house as the cities do to balance the budget.That includes their pay.

    • Elijah


  • nork

    It’s amazing that there are lots of people like myself who survived agent orange and such without being disabled and unable to work. I was an infantryman and it’s amazing the number of clerks and cooks crying agent orange and PTSD… Simply amazing.

    • slinkee45

      You know something… I find it truly amazing that you can be sprayed with agent orange and not be effected by it, also! I mean, this stuff is known to really do some serious damage to people but you got away as clean as can be. Maybe we should do some scientific experiments on you and find out exactly what makes you tick! Just imagine how proud your family would be after they name the agent orange antidote after you!

      P.S. I think they might give you an allowance for your time and troubles but, wait a minute, you might not get that due to budget cuts.

    • FYI-not everyone developes PTSD. Who knows, your job in the infatry might have been out of the line of fire or you may never have been in a situation where you were in fear for your safty. But then again, there were those who loved the dangers of combat and bullets zinging past their bodies. As for the Agent Orange exposure, the conditions the VA allows for exposure developes at different times for different people. Are you checked regularly? You just might be sick and not even know it.

  • TropicalFighter

    I think the VA should not be exempt from scrutiny and tightening the belt. Too many scammers getting disability checks as it is in the VA. Too many people in the VA sucking it’s resources that are simply there because they are “poor.”

    Time to send the poor vets out to get medical treatment elsewhere and save the VA for the service time/ war injured. Nuff said.

    • Jim

      I’m a 100% disabled Viet Nam vet and I spend a little time at the VA clinics but I haven’t seen any people there that don’t deserve what they get.There are quite a few that get very little money and are not able to work.If the vets are not taken care of,people will not want to serve in the military and that will leave our country in a bad way.If you knew how hard it was to get VA disability then you would not have made such a stupid comment.

    • slinkee45

      NO, that wasn’t “NUFF SAID”! You obviously do not know what you are talking about when you say that most people that get VA benefits are “SCAMMERS”! Do you know that it takes years of proving with medical records, doctors notes, proof that the disability was agrivated by the military, and years of living way below the poverty level because of the inability to hold gainful employment in order to even be considered eligible for disability? What person, especially one with a family that they love, would want to drag people that they care about through all of that crap! What, do you think receiving VA benefits is like hitting the lottery? From the way you sound, you are resentful because you probably feel that we are blowing your tax dollars. But guess what? I would take your job any day than having to wait on a disability check because I cannnot hold a job like yours.

    • cricket

      GET NEW PEOPLE VOTED IN 2012. LEAVE ALL VET. ALONE. you are just bitter.

    • bob

      No its not easy getting VA disability, especially 100% rated. I know a lot of people who didn’t serve and all they do is ask their doctor friend for a parking disabled card and they get it. I see people all the time with those cards that look ok,
      I know they could have something else wrong with them but I bet I am right and many are scamming that system. The guy is an idiot.

    • true vet

      I find it hard to believe a vet wrote this, scammers huh, have you ever taken a visit to the VA? If you do tell me after your visit how many scammers you noticed. Even after you are wounded or hurt it takes tons of paperwork which is scrutinized over and over to get the benefits approved. I 44 and can’t even play with my own children so I guess that makes me a scammer, thanks for supporting your fellow vets……

    • warthot6

      I don’t even know where to start with this crap. How could any soldier end up poor after a decade of being behind a rifle? There are so many jobs available for breaching buildings and hogtieing prisoners in civilian life. Besides, a person is what they do for a living. If you grow up without a father because he offed himself from being a POW, then spend a decade getting shot at in 140 degree heat, and get back to meet your 10 y/o kid for the first time with nothing but unmarketable soldier skills, who can blame the country you did so for, for leaving you to fend for yourself? It’s not like the very sovereignty of the country depends on what you’ve done. It’s not like seven tours of duty can be considered marketable–like say, scooping fries or something. These soldiers coming back with no skills should just stop whining and be grateful for their government cheese.

      You really are an idiot. The reason you sleep safe at night is because these soldiers are fighting insane murderers on your behalf. Either say thank you and be on your way or shut the **** up. I hope next time you call the cops they don’t show because your city council is “tightening the belt,” and he had to use his break standing in line for government cheese.

      Empty heads babble most.

    • Don

      Just because I wasn’t injured in a war doesn’t mean I wasn’t injured, Is it my fault Reagan was a Pussy?. I have waited 30 years to apply for benefits and will probably be denied. They did their best to make sure I got Nothing anyway. And wasn’t “tropical fighter” a Bad Comedy movie..Tropic your post!

  • Jim

    If all you people are as unhappy with our government as I am,then don’t vote for them again.Put someone in office who will work for the people,not for themselves.

  • Dusted Eagle

    No wonder 18 vets kill themselves, every day, 365 days a year! I am 100% physically disabled. I lost my home, savings, and family waiting almost 3 years for my compensation. I now live in a 150 sq foot room with no kitchen or living room. I don’t need to live here. I need to move into a box under a bridge and get killed by an illegal alien who collects $40,000 per year in food stamps and section 8 housing. THAT IS WHERE THIS MONEY IS GOING. NOTICE THERE IS NO MENTION TO TAKE THIS MONEY AWAY FROM TOURISTS WHO ARE LIVING IN THIS COUNTRY ILEGALLY, AND WHO SPEND THEIR DAYS ON STREET CORNERS, SO THEY WILL BE OUT OF THEIR HOUSE WHEN SOCIAL SERVICES MAKES THEIR SURPRISE INSPECTIONS BETWEEN 8 AND 5, EACH DAY. BITE ME!

    • TX Vet

      Well I guess its time for me to go apply for section 8 and food stamps since that seems like it is the only thing that is guaranteed.

      • Elijah

        In agreement. But the last I heard, A Vet have a hard time getting food stamps and section 8, because we make to much….

    • slinkee45

      I am not a person to complain about people that are not in this country legally but you are 100% correct…how can they keep giving these people benefits and at the same time threaten to cut benefits for soldiers that fought for equal rights for all americans!!! We all need to write, protest, do something to wake up these jerks that are leading this country!

    • cricket


    • Jerry Smith

      I am with what Dusted Eagle said.

  • Dumb Grunt

    How about Congress take a 25% pay cut and a 50% reduction in benefits to start. They’re willing to send us to do the hard stuff, then they should lead by example, because only a handful have ever served in uniform or have a clue what we have done. While we’re at it, how about a 75% reduction to their expense accounts along with their government supplied cars. That should make up at least a billion or two per year. That should be more than enough.

  • bob

    Elect members who are for the veterans.Not the special interests.Let them feel the power of the veteran.The vote in 20012. Don’t forget the good old boy net work at the local and state levels.Many are members of the special interests and greed clubs.

    • Bruce K.

      bob: Please read your post again. Normal interests are the things I’m interested in. Special interests are those things you are interested in. We have many of the same interests but it would scare the hell out of me if we agreed on everything. You are right. Vote in 2012 and research everyone you vote for. Throw out the incumbents and carefully check everyone. Let them know that they work for us not the D’s or Rs. Thank you. I’m the regular crew chief.

  • cowboyearl

    I think its time to do as other countries have done and have a revolt against the government. Every legal american needs to go to Washington and revolt and throw all of them out. Our country has gone to sht since clinton. Bush sr. DUMB, Bush jr DUMBER, Obama DUMEST. Money to wall street, the 3 top auto execs going to Washington in corporate jets to beg for money. Saying they couldn’t afford to take a pay cut. Obama running all over the country, campaining for his friends. Running all over the world, kissing ass with foriegn leaders. $500,00 every time Air Force 1 and 2 leave the ground. Obama’s mommy living at the White House. Who paid for that. I could go on and on, but i have things to do. Bottom line. The people in Washington have no idea of the value of a dollar. Spend and spend some more. When i retired in 1987 I lived on $8500 a year and still saved some $$.



  • David

    they are just taking aways hard earned money from our Veterans and seniors. they don’t care about the little guy never have never will. where is the governement going to get money to help end homelessness? they are going to forget about all the homeless Vets out there because they are cutting spending on some of the programs that we Veterans need the most. Go figure.

  • stoltztec

    The REP and DEM are only looking after thier own interest, I heard nothing about cutting thier salary or benefits. Plus Obama and his family running all over the world at tax payers expense, also the US gives millions to countries
    who hate us, we give millions to countries in military equipment and weapons
    then after they turn on us and our service men and woman have to go fight them and get killed by the very weapons we give them, where is the logic. I am a 100% disabled Vietnam vet with many agent orange issues. It looks to me they are going to leave all of us on the battle field. I think it is a shame that Obama , DEM and Rep want to hold hostage the military,retired,vets and the people that has given to this country. What really gets to me is people paid into
    the SS system all their life are being put on the chopping block when they are already trying to chose whether to eat or buy their medications each month . SHAME on our government!!!! We need to vote the whole bunch out of office and start fresh with people who cares about Americans and not their own interest. This is a SAD day in American History…Semper fi

  • elguapo102

    Personally I am ashamed to have associated my votes with the Republican Party, who seem to be selfish, money grubbing, spendahoics, ungrateful, hateful and disgusting excuses for Americans! God save our troops and God Preserve America from such political worthless Dolts!

  • disabled nam vet

    VOTE THEM ALL OUT. I do not care what party they belong to. This is the
    only way we can rid our country of this bunch of veteran haters.

    • elguapo102

      AMEN BROTHER!!!!

    • Elijah

      Amen my Brother in Arms. “Its time that the Revolution be televised”…….

  • fruitloops

    The vets and elderly have earned that money why not not cut the congresses and the house of reps salary and work from the top down in stead of the bottom up there are those that you cut ssi or disableity we will not even be able to buy generic ketchup so think long and hard when do us little people get a break from all of the tax increases and founding cuts I get 750 a month you cut that and I would’t be able to pay utilities any more so I will come to your alls house for a shower.

  • Bruce K.

    This tactic has been used by Democrats for every money fight for at least the last fifty years. The reason they use it is because it works so very well. They complain to the Media that Republicans want to shut off Military Pay and Social Security and everyone panics. They have never let it happen and never will. Both political parties are corrupt and should be banned from the country. If the debt limit is not raised they will have to learn to live within the means of the country. They won’t cut military or SS. Besides, what they mean by a cut is less of an increase, thus no pay increase for the last two years. We need to vote every incumbent out. the good as well as the bad. Fire all the old crooks and hire a new bunch. Within two years the new ones will be corrupt again. I’m the regular crew chief.

  • mtimothy

    Are you kidding me? Cutting disability pay is the worst thing that anyone can do. The government created the problems that all of us disabled veterans have by sending us off to all locations around the world to stick our noses in someone elses business because we think that we should be the world police.
    I believe that congress should take a pay cut and receive less benefits, what have any of them done to deserve such high pay and life time free medical for the entire family? I am trying to stay calm but I am very pissed off about them even entertaining the thought of screwing over our veterans once again. Now all of you vets from Iraq and afghanistan are finding out what us veterans from vietnam have been going through for the past 40+ years. We just have to keep fighting all of the ones that want to cut our pay and benefits. It’s just not right.

  • tim

    So many pay the price with little regard for themselves .I guess we should all take our last check and head to DC bring your tent ,plan on a long stay set up soup kitchens.We will all take care of one another if they see with their own eyes what an Army of million looks like.What else can we do they are making us irrelevant. My brother they are declaring war on us.We answered the call before this is about our country not theirs.So let pack and organize a massive trip to DC.What we will find out is who really is in charge of this country.Will they fire on us ,we will see but this is nothing new to us .Besides they will be denying us services that will send us all to grave much sooner why not let them have the blood on their hands in front of whole world.It is time to stand up and be heard not pushed aside like children begging for a hand out.

  • Remember the phrase “Buy American”? Car companies now buy parts from overseas, build out of the country.Same with just about everything we buy these days.Can somebody tell me why the Republical Congressmen think putting the tax system back the way it was is a tax increase? That reduction was temporary in the first place. And I need an explanation as to how the compensation package given to these nasty rich executives takes money out of their pockets to prevent them from creating jobs. It’s there pay checks, not company funds. There is gross profit and net profit. Net is after all expenses are paid, including salaries. If a company can pay a executive $5million, it’s got to be making a Hell of alot of money. Otherwise it’s not going to stay in business very long. Look at Exxon’s 34 billion profit. I don’t remember seeing anything about was that profit after all expenses and investors were paid or was it before? Oh and let us not forget the money they give to politicians of all levels to protect them from the public. Now again, why can’t vets and the elderly be paid?

  • Robert Arnold

    This is really getting scary!! I served my time in the military, spent a year in Vietnam, and have been getting disability for agent orange related ailments. Still, I am 61 and have not worked in three years. Nobody will hire me, and supposedly, I am worth 15 extra points for an employer to hire me. Now, they want to cut my disability benefits that I earned?!! I have applied for 100% individual unemployability, due to my service connected illnesses, and I am anxiously waiting to hear. This news makes it obvious that I will not be receiving an increase anytime soon. Plus, the VA is trying to schedule me for additional exams to see if my disability still is relevant. Take away my money, and I might as well call it quits. Everybody, email and write to your Congressmen. Tell them how important our benefits are, and that there are a million other ways to cut the budget. Quit supplying these third-world countries billions of dollars, for them to turn around and use that money against us. Tell Israel to get with it and get a plan for their own defense, instead of raking it in from the U.S. Again, leave the disabled and veterans alone!!

  • Rick

    Scum sucking “never served” TRAITOR TRASH CONGRESS. I hope Red China seizes every one of your assets in the coming years. You are cowards

  • Rick

    Hey Congress………….Class of 1960’s LOSERS. Have your hero Hanoi Jane run for President. You sucked back then and you really SUCK now.

  • Bill

    People are all saying Don’t vote the bums in, yet the same people get elected every year and those new electees soon learn that corruption is the name of the game in Washington. Congress is corrupt and soon turns everyone who tries to do right corrupt, BRING BACK SOME RELIGIOUS

  • True American

    If everyone would really think about it, there would really be no shortage of money by the Gov’t if the Congressmen and Senators had to be electoed to their positions for a minimum of five (5) terms in order to receive a pension, but instead they spend one (1) term ($100,000 PLUS a yea)r and they get full retirement. That’s where the money goes. I worked for 45 years and am a VeitnamVet and now live or try to live on Social Security, now this is how the Gov’t thanks me. I believe in my country ,Flag and Constitution and Freedoms. I feel that we are losing it all. We give Billions to other countries, why not let them buy OUR GOODS. Every Dollar Americans spend on Foreign products goes to Foreign Countries. At the HOUSTON VA CEMETARY the Management wants to ban PRAYOR and ,the use of the words JESUS,GOD WAKE UP AMERICA AND GOD BLESS AMERICA and GOD BLESS the VETERANS who gave their lives to a lot of NON -DESERVING people who really don’t appreciate this Country.

    • retired

      Congress is under FERS and FEHBP, same as our civil service brethren.

  • Barton

    Get ready Veterans, Military Retirees and families…..the next round of cuts will hurt and hurt badly! We make up 2% of the total population but will see as much as 25% cuts and extra fees in all areas. This so called “gang” of six destroys TRICARE, veteran benefits and other medical programs for our veterans, retirees and families. We didn’t ask for the trillion dollar stimulus, bail outs and large deficits but we the few will be asked to pay for it. Contact your representative and tell them enough is enough.

    • Roger

      Barton is right……we have been quiet long enough. Let’s vote them all out. Meanwhile contact your rep and let them know your disgust!!

  • Lifetime

    I agree with Barton. We the few (veterans, military retirees and families) will pay a heavy price in the next few years. Sen Coburn, Sen Chambliss (both Republicans) and others on the “gang of six” destroy TRICARE and other medical programs for our veterans, retirees and families. We need to contact our representatives and let them know that we have had it! To balance the budget on such a small group of people that have given so much to our country is ridiculous. Enough is enough. Vote them all out next time!

  • thomas j sawyers

    let obama quit takeing vacations useing government transportation and security stop congress from automatically getting pay raises if they don’t vote on a raise freeze all pay raises for politicians for 4 or 5 years and see if they buy generic products .oh yea i’m a 80% disabled vietnam veteran

  • Another VN Vet

    I think the American Legion,DAV,VFW,Am Vets shouid get off there butts and organize a march on let the politicans know the Veterans of this Country will not take any cuts of any kind.Lets Chock DC with Vets like the politicans are Chocking us.


    This is is a mess. I lust heard congress just gave themselves a $3.000 dollar raise. Why not put that money into social security and also congressmen, senators even the president should take a pay cut instead of giving themselves more. I have been on disabilty for 20 years now and I still barely make ends meet with no cost of living increse but everything else goes up (aka) food,gas,clothing,utilities

  • Greg

    Like the song says headed for self distruction!

  • pfennigman

    I spent 23 years in the Army , went to Iraq, am 100% disabled and here is how it is.
    1. I have paid Taxes since I was 12 & am 58 now.
    2. Congress get an automatic pay raise every year, an serve just one term in any elected off in the Federal Government & they get a retirement for life, plus that medical plan that everyone is talking about./
    2. The Pres family went to South Africa to spend lunch with Nelson Mondala, the cost of all the personnel that had to go plus aircraft cost to transport all the vehicles. What about all of those 80- 100% pay hike he gave members of his staff.
    3. I am not asking for anything at all, I PAID FOR IT OR EARNED IT
    4. Stopped NASA to add another 14,000 workers to the soup line.


  • if this does happen I can promise you we will vote in droves and vote out any senator or president who lets this happen.Maybe the streets of d/c will become clogged with wheelchairs,walkers and canes….

  • Elijah

    First they take our Social Security money and spend it, now they want to take our pensions and benefits away or cut them, because they claim that we are not spending what little we have earned. I say during the next election, we show how we feel about their performance and conduct in office. Every Senator, Congressman, or the President himself, who vote to cut or take away our right to what we have earned is out of office this next election. If they really want to know what is on real Americans minds, come see the little people who made this country what it is today….Safe and Free……

  • Jim

    foreign students bring in money for the states. They pay tuition, eat and buy stuff.
    We need more from them.

  • VA Vet

    The “gang of six” plan was just released. TRICARE goes away within 5 years with premiums going up to as much as $6000 a year before then. This part of the plan has to be voted on in Congress with 6 months. Again, these senators never served a day in the military and for them to cut the deficit on the backs of veterans, military retirees and their families is criminal. Let’s all contact our reps and tell them to stop this non-sense. Enough is enough.

  • Disabled and pissed

    If the president wants to cut money from the budget why does he not start with himself. What does he need half a million dollar budget for anyway.

  • Mish Patrice

    Where’s the justice? The soldiers fight for liberty, peace and justice for all. Is this how we pay them back? This is just not right….it’s just not right.

  • Mary Kiele

    I’ve been a caregiver for 37 years and I think a wife. I have no idea what a normal wife would be like. I get no money for all 37 years of no sex and now no money! Wow what a deal! Do ya think something is wrong with the airheads? I am now trying to get help getting one lousy paper to tell a mortgage broker how much he earns as our landlord has all his properties in fore closure. Does anyone know how I can get this paper? I have two more claims to work on and at my age(over the hill type) taking care of him, a mortgage broker, real estate agent and God knows what else can be pushed at me daily is really stress beyond stress and he is calmly only interested in his T.V. and when am I going to feed him next!!! Why not just let the government take all the guys and care for them 24-7. We all go on vacation till they realize our position(Oops I forgot we can’t afford to hire a sitter or pay for a real vacation). God Bless all you!

  • Tim O’Connor

    To All Brothers & Veterans, Whether Retired, Disabled or Active. In regards to current economic & political events, I feel a (Peaceful March), would be in order ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • concerned angel

    i ask the question? if were 1 nation under god then what would god do in this situation? let’s see 1. take money from veterans(disabled or retired) 2. protect only people who take and never give back 3. make young men and women serve there country only to die in a country the devil would not even go.4 ooh lets not forget the best part of it all, their children and their children’s children will never go to war, only to the nicest institutions money can buy and your children will probably be serving 10 to 20.if were one nation under god then why don’t we start acting like it!!!!!!

  • Combat, PTSD

    I wonder how many of these ass holes fought in a war and have gone through hell doing it for their country. They now want to screw the service members that do there dirty work for them. I wonder who are enemy really are. Pray for are enemy’s.

  • Bruce

    Another 1776 sounds real good to me,I,m a 100% nam vet and I’m sick of this government.Where does it stop folks?

  • Brie

    If you have not worn the uniform, than you should NOT BE ALLOWED TO RUN FOR ANY OFFICE!!

    • Bill Gaffney

      A M E N

  • Soldier

    I am not much of a traveler…………but if these people f**k us over on our benefits,
    I would not hesitate to go to DC with other Disabled vets and rally for the cause.

    I wonder how that would look on CNN :) I am not the protesting type either…..
    but god damn them.

  • Mike

    So our commander and chief want to take from the ones who are injured while fighting to give everyone their freedom , huh, wouldn’t it be easier and smarter to just cut his pay in half and every one in congress in half, their budget cut. No one suffers.

  • Grateful but…

    I receive an indemnity compensation payment because my late husband was 100% disabled. He was a wonderful man and he considered me his angel…. I saw him through 8 hospitalizations, 4 surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation several times, and at the end watched him essentially bleed to death. My husband literally bled to death for his country,There is no mending a broken heart and the strain of watching someone in pain for years. Nor can a price be placed on this. The amount of the VA DIC I receive is below the standard of a survivor pension in the private sector (I receive less than 50%) and I believe below a typical gov’t survivor pension (55%)….I think there has been a proposal made by an officers group to bring the survivor’s DIC in line and equitable to the 55% level, but that will probably not happen — and now no COLA either?? don’t these people in Washington see what is going on with food prices, gas, heating oil, electricity etc? (I won’t be ill-mannered and well, most politicians are lawyers and unfortunately, there is often a difference between law and justice. Many in Congress (or their spouses) are millionaires, so they forget how the church mouse has to live….

  • Don

    It looks like another Castro is in the making.

  • Dave

    Read what Castro did when he took over.

  • Tom

    I guess we all should volunteer to take a major pay cut so our lovely representives in Washington will have enough to give themselves a nice, big, juicy pay raise. Again.

  • Edward

    I am a disabled vet and I would not be able to survive without my disability. If they take our disability away, it would make many vet like myself homeless. Is this what we get for fighting for our country.

  • confused

    So the overpayed elected officials want to take my military disability or cut it. How about we quit paying all the foriegn aid before you take from the men and women who fought for THIS country. Maybe 174K average they get paid a year makes them think they are above the rest of us getting 24k a year in veterans disability(80%) pay, this just doesn’t pass the smell test!! We need a new regime in DC 100%, all the Rep and Dems have gotten too big in their own little minds. Pathetic they are!!

  • Tony

    Nice to know the money I depend on at the beginning of the month to pay bills is being cut. I have lost my job and the only income I get is unemployment and disability from the military. Makes me feel like I banged my body up for this country for no reason. Thank Obama for making this Country even worse off.


    Our country babies the illegals. There lead in is having children here to get all the freebies. We give to others why not the veterans. My husband has agent orange in his blood. He didnt ask for this and he probably wont live another 10 yrs. If he should pass away i wont make it . He is suffering and cant provide for me the way he wants to. I have a degree and cant find a job. we are stuck . We have not gone out since i lost my job in 2007. i have no medical insurance! but the children of illegals and the illegals get free medical food stamps sec8 and get this free day care .
    Heres how it is done in sothern ca. Come here have 5-6 kids . go to welfare they get cash aid, and the all the goodies of our tax dollars. Dad lives at home works for cash. all the while they dont pay any taxes.
    The reason we are hurting is we give every thing away. Since we dont have a say where are money goes that is not fair.
    Our unemployment rate is 14.4% here. I am stuck . I cant sell my house it is underwater.
    During the recession we have really suffered. Why is it I go without health ins while others get it free. Just for the mere fact they are from other countries. While is it when I worked i paid for my childrens day care. While others got it for free.
    This sucks!!! big time. If something happens to my husband. We are living on his ss and va award for serving in viet nam, He is pstd. Words cannot describe my shock what he experienced in viet nam. I am in deep financial trouble I am too young for ss. I dont have health ins. Could not possiably, survive . NO WORK HERE ALL the hispanics dominate this aea.

    PLEASE DONT STOP OUR SS AND VA AWARAD!!! if you do get me a job like the one i had making 50,000. a yr.

  • Hal Downing


    The President feels that I didn’t earn my social security check. And the current crop of “Republicans” do not impress me. I feel that it is time to put “NONE OF THE ABOVE!” on our nation’s ballot.

    I’m a 74-year-old veteran, I was born in the 1930’s at the end of the great depression, I know the horror of those times. Bread lines, food rationing, gas rationing and unimaginable financial despair. I worked and paid income tax and fica taxes until I was 72.

    The people who are elected by the people should look after us but they don’t.
    Let’s find our own Candidate for President.

    Read more:

  • Deborah Blackwell

    I agree with all of you. What about from Obama to all his cabinet not receive their pay for another 6 years. Some of them have never served in the Military but yet they are sitting up there taking God’s country for granted and for themselves talking saying that they are thinking about the people. Now days, nobody that runs are for the people. They are in it for themselves and they say we make it the best we can. We talk about Bill Clinton, and Ronald Reagan but they took care of the people. Other just get in the office and make the rich richer and make sure their family sits good. We Amereica have got to take care of the President for the rest of his life. We as veterans needs to come together and pray tha the Lord take care of our fellow vetrans and us because he knows what we did when we took the oath.

  • warthot6

    Imagine a million trained and proven killers exploited by the country they were injured in protecting–all at the same time. It’s no wonder DHS has classified veterans as a potential source of terrorism, warned police departments, and specifically notes the economy as a reason. Perhaps they’re thinking in the right direction. It sounds like they are bracing for the most shockingly stupid, unjust, and self-destructive choice they’ve ever made. Disabled Veterans usually got that way by killing people. Exploit your protectors, and overnight your parades will turn to riots, their shouts will turn to bullets, your patriots will turn to assassins,and your banks will be on fire. You think terrorism is hard to fight? Try planning for random vengeance from tens of thousands of soldiers specifically trained to fight terrorism–all motivated by resentment from betrayal by the government they were injured protecting. Are you just masochists?

    Disabled Veterans have already paid for this governments mistakes with their blood and bodies. Gullibility is not a symptom of PTSD.

    Don’t be stupid. Pay your own bills. You’ll live longer.

    …or to put it in terms every disabled veteran understands, “Every dog has his day.”


  • warthot6

    Imagine a million trained and proven killers feeling exploited by the country they were injured in protecting–all at the same time. It’s no wonder DHS has classified veterans as a potential source of terrorism, warned police departments, and specifically notes the economy as a reason–while banks are allowed to LITERALLY walk off with the Treasury, while refusing to accept it if any conditions are made. Perhaps they’re thinking in the right direction. It sounds like they are bracing for the stupidest choice they’ve ever made. Disabled Veterans often got that way by years of destroying governments by blowing up buildings and blowing people’s heads off. Take away their hope and overnight your Veteran’s Day parades will become riots, your patriots will turn to assassins, their grief will turn to bullets, and your country will be on fire.

    Should a citizenry be terrified to beggar a mobile population of millions of trained killers who’s homes have been stolen by banks, while handing their Treasury over to the banks that stole them?

    I would be.

  • warthot6

    Why shouldn’t I work for the N.S.A.? That’s a tough one, but I’ll take a shot. Say I’m working at N.S.A. Somebody puts a code on my desk, something nobody else can break. Maybe I take a shot at it and maybe I break it. And I’m real happy with myself, ’cause I did my job well. But maybe that code was the location of some rebel army in the Middle East. Once they have that location, they bomb the village where the rebels were hiding and fifteen hundred people I never met, never had no problem with get killed. Now the politicians are sayin’, “Oh, send in the Marines to secure the area” ’cause they don’t care. It won’t be their kid over there, gettin’ shot. Just like it wasn’t them when their number got called, ’cause they were pullin’ a tour in the National Guard. It’ll be some kid from Southie takin’ shrapnel in the *ss. And he comes back to find that the plant he used to work at got exported to the country he just got back from. And the guy who put the shrapnel in his *ss got his old job, ’cause he’ll work for fifteen cents a day and no bathroom breaks. Meanwhile, he realizes the only reason he was over there in the first place was so we could install a government that would sell us oil at a good price. And, of course, the oil companies used the skirmish over there to scare up domestic oil prices. A cute little ancillary benefit for them, but it ain’t helping my buddy at two-fifty a gallon. And they’re takin’ their sweet time bringin’ the oil back, of course, and maybe even took the liberty of hiring an alcoholic skipper who likes to drink martinis and play slalom with the icebergs, and it ain’t too long ’til he hits one, spills the oil and kills all the sea life in the North Atlantic. So now my buddy’s out of work and he can’t afford to drive, so he’s got to walk to the job interviews, which sucks ’cause of the shrapnel in his *ss. And meanwhile he’s starvin’, ’cause every time he tries to get a bite to eat, the only blue plate special they’re servin’ is North Atlantic scrod with Quaker State.

    I figure while I’m at it why not just shoot my buddy, take his job, give it to his sworn enemy, hike up gas prices, bomb a village, club a baby seal, hit the hash pipe and join the National Guard. I could be elected president.

  • Don

    They love to prop us up as Hero’s during campaign season. That is until you stop wearing the Uniform, then you are just a drag on the Economy. Let the rich kids go fight for a change! They can afford the screwing you get later. So much for Semper Fi?

  • Angel

    Wow…this is the worst thing our govt could come up with. My mommy is a retired vet and well…like many that are disabled and will be cut …some wont be living in their homes anymore and the govt doesnt see anything wrong with this…so what are they saying now…its the kids job to take care of their parents if they become homeless? The people that run our govt need to go back to grade school where manners and morals where taught. I just cant believe this…..I hope they realize what they are doing before things get really ugly…and ppl start fighting back literally.

  • john

    Bush may have been an A hole but he never cut my military pay, SSDI pay, or VA pay I was under all them systems under Bush and got COLA increases on all of them. Now when Obama became president we don’t get anymore COLA increases and they want to cut VA benefits and you are blaming the Republicans? Obamas isn’t a Republican so get the Republican out of your mouth it’s the Democants that are hurting everybody.

  • dennis

    I read that the presadent would like to cut military and vet. pay why not pay the pres, vice pres or past pres and not furnish them with guards and see how
    that would fly

  • Mike Swanson

    So where do we organize against congress i think we really need to start
    showing up get in there face as a group and stop being disposable people.
    Congress knows if they cut us to deep it will come back to bite them in the
    ass. And if they do they just cut there throats because people will stop serving well i guess if that happens then congress can go fight the next on EH.
    We really need term limits on members of congress, line item veto so we
    know where they actually stand on the issues right now they have no account ability …problem is however that congress would have to vote on all that so i guess we are just screwed for the moment …although i say i could shoot
    anyone of them and not loose any sleep over it in fact to do so would make me feel all warm and fuzzy. They over spent social security , veterans benifits did not get us into this mess. Congress needs to accept certain benefits they have to pay. There is stuff in my monthly budget that i don’t like to spend the money on but i do i accept it …they need to get there heads out of there asses and work for the people who elected them because they can be unelected.

  • Michele

    I read the references for your article and I don’t see anything about VA benefits being cut. I do see that old school members of congress didn’t go along with Obamas proposals of cutting social security benefits.

  • guest

    I think we are all looking at this from the wrong angle. I suggest a class action suit against the federal government for breach of contract. The benefits you earned were part of a legally enforceable contract that would be upheld in any court of law if it were anyone but Uncle Sam trying to pull this type of thing. If they are going to cut veterans benefits they have every right to for people that have not yet enlisted but the ones that are already in or retired cannot legally have benefits promised in return for service cut when we have upheld our end of the bargain.

  • Lucy

    Maybe THIS is what it is going to take to finally “wake-up” our military! All of the wars since 9/11 had nothing to do with “defending our country” or “spreading democracy.” The “war on terror was created to replace our “war against communism.” It allows us an “easy invasion/occupation” excuse, to go into countries we would have had no chance entering or occupying. The enlisted servicemen/women bought the lies about “defending or country”, and are now finally realizing they have been used only to further the “elitist’s agenda! The rest of the military needs to wake-up and refuse to take part in this “imperialistic” movement.

  • jonny

    you know what i am disabled vet, i know if they cut va checks then their will be a veitnam war in the us…15 million disabled vets do the math alot can still walk

    • MKSmith

      Yep. And between all of us when it comes to that, there is no separation. They better recognize.

    • Morgan

      I absolutely agree.

      There is no way I would EVER go to war for my country (if I were young enough) given how our politicians treat our servicemen and women.


  • roland wingo

    to all veterans spread this to all you knew who ever served all branches the bottom line we must all come togather if it means we camp out in front of obamms house so be it we must band togather all groups dav vfw rolling thunder and put are coc and call it camp freedom under the white house brothers and a peacefull rally to show this stupid goveremant who they are messing with all vets all years all wars must band togather we must write letters send the white house so many damn calls there operators cant keep up with the bitches and clog there computer and when the dumb congress leaves at the end of the day they will feel like shit what they have done to us all

  • Dinah

    Since when have the republicans and Obama agreed on anything! This is not a Republican agenda, it is the President and the democrats that control the house that are pushing the agenda to radically cut DoD to shreds. The blame is placed on the Republicans who refuse to agree with the proposed bills that are being blamed. BUT look at the headlines, “Obama and the Republicans” working or agreeing together…….not very likely. It is up to congress to propose and approve a new budget or else drastics cuts will take effect. The democrats control the house and the Oval office, any cuts that occur or do not occur will be the results of Democrates actions!! As a leader, we all know who is responsible for what happens or doesn’t happen – it is the leader not the private!! All militray members past and present need to now willingly accept what happens with OBAMA as Commander and Chief, if you voted for him, you have no reason to complain. Those who did vote for him, I am truly sorry and hope he cannot get his way with the benefits you rightfully earned. It is akin to him, Obam, reducing your college bebenfits at the same time offering scholarships to illegal aliens under the DREAM act.

    • democratsarefools

      Paul Ryan is a Republican and he accepted this. Please do not forget in 2015-16. Veterans’ pay should not be a bargaining chip.

      • Robert

        I have become very worried about my pay and disability pay both sddi and the va comp. The V.A. told me year ago my reading and math scores where so low. It would cost to much to put me throw college now over 18 later. I worry daily about cuts I have been trying to go back to college paying as I go if my benefit’s stop I well be homeless again at 55 no one is going to take a chance on with no work record for over 18 years The meds alone I take cost over 2 grand a mouth. I guess I well keep the last bullet for my self when the shit hits the fan. I am so screwed now

  • veteran

    your branch chiefs cut pay, they dont have to use majority of the money for weapons & technology. pay increases have always been based on the economy, if civilians get 3% then military gets same. the gov & pres just approve amount dept of defense gets

  • Sherry

    The leaders of this country,have no idea what they are doing,They are only
    concerned with themselves,,we cannot even feed our own children who are starving to death every day.They expect people who have no income to pay for insurance,WITH WHAT!!!!!.For one time ,why can we not work together and make
    this the UNITED STATES again.And not be a mockery for the rest of the world to laugh at GOOD GOD WAKE UP

    • Morgan

      Right on, Sherry!

  • Jeff

    This would be the Democrats and Republicans doing this! I say vote them all out! Everyone in Washington needs to go, they are all out of control and out of touch with reality!

  • Arnold lee Ryder

    I can’t believe with all the money the government spends on ridiculous things, that they have to cut the people who protect our country!

  • Lyle Bell

    Dinah the Democrats don’t control the House. They control the Senate.

  • herschell cruze

    this is a way to kill the older veterans off the va has all ready cut my insulin that i am out of the called me and tolled me that my request for a re fell was denied but that i was not benid my insulin but i was denied a refill.i was getting six battles of Insulin and the last time i got a refill i just got 4 dottles and now they say cant get a refill the last of april i will be dead bythen what elss would you call this .