New Voice Joins the Call for Pay Cuts

This week saw a new voice join the call for reducing military pay and benefits, and from all places the call is coming from the current Chair of the Joint Chiefs, Admiral Mullen. is reporting that according to Adm. Mullen, the administration’s call for reducing the DoD budget by $400 billion by FY2023, will force the DoD find ways to cut the cost of pay and benefits for servicemembers – active, reserve, and retirees.

Mullen told reporters, “we have to put initiatives in place in the mid-term that would start to generate cash in the out years. Two of the big places the money is, is in pay and benefits.”

It seems the Pentagon is making a full court press on the issue of cutting pay and benefits – first Gates now Mullen. But, when it comes from the CJCS one has to wonder if this is actually a warning to the White House and Congress that asking for $400 billion in cuts in defense is dangerous – after all cutting pay while troops are still globally engaged with the enemy seems odd.

Read the full article on – Mullen Says Pay, Benefit Cuts ‘On the Table’

Let the Pentagon, White House and Congress know how you feel about cuts in military pay and benefits.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
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  • Donaize

    Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about – now that we are in our 60’s and living off of our retirement pay, let’s go ahead and cut it – forget the long and countless selfless hours spent to support and defend the freedoms that every Czar, every Congressmen, every Senator, every illegal, every person enjoys in this country – and does take for granted – let’s go ahead and make those who have sacrificed become wards of the government –

    • eduard

      Yeah, and let’s continue paying for our elected officials’ jets so that they can fly comfortably at taxpayers’ expense…Yes, Mrs. Peloshi, it’s about you, too.

      CW3 Gindin
      Balad, Iraq

    • mike

      Well , They have star wars programs to defend the world now from their leer jets. Q: Can they defend our borders with it ?
      Will we have a country left to defend if they cut us all off and set back and play star wars from their seats of comforts, Fame & fortune. More & more & more losses and more less income to keep them in their seats to run star wars from their lap tops.
      Will it all come crashing down ?
      Will people become slave to the state from starvation ?
      Whats next ?

      • Louis

        Ask Admiral Mullin how he approved the new ships built to stave off the Pirates of Africa and Somalia. At 3.Billion each and 50 of them to be built at Electric Boat or wherever , is this what they call cutting back on military funds. The little people always bite the bullet while high ranking military stuff their pockets as do out government rep’s and senators. This is supposed to be change. I wonder whos butt is being kissed?

    • nightrider

      Does this seem like treason? Our own military leaders are talking this way. Do they forget so quickly about the soldiers who performed so bravely it made their careers.

    • abnrgr275

      I hear you and I guess getting shot in some s**t hole on this planet amounts for nothing. Please take back my purple heart…I can’t buy a cup of coffee with it.

      • terry

        Keep your Purple Heart. The pay and benefit cuts has nothing to do with our service to this country and the blood we shed. The pay cut comes from the lack of gratuity being demonstrated by our elected officials. Your awards and dec’s is like an education and they cannot take it from you and you should not give it back.

      • Ashley

        keep your Purple Heart and wear it proudly. That is something no matter how much they screw us they can never take away! Isn’t funny how they can commit “breach of contract with all of us retirees and there is really nothing we can do about it. What happened to my free healthcare for serving 24 years active duty? So quickly they kick us aside to pay for their financial misdeeds. And their screw-ups means we take even more cuts for what we earned. We actually proudly served our nation not destroyed it like the “elected” fools in DC

    • Retired AF 1992

      C. S. you can thank Obama for your $350 tax fee. It happened when he decided that we should get more of our money to spend now and not get it back in April. It really screwed us, we are both retired Air Force. Now I have to have extra taken out of our retirement to hopefully be able to pay the tax man next year.

    • povl g wise


    • d smirh

      I guess this so called ADMIRAL MULLEN 4GOT WHAT IT WAS LIKE 2 SERVE 4 HIS COUNTRY–ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY NOW AND OBVIOUSLY HE WONT SUFFER CAUSE HE DOESNT HAVE 2 LIVE ON A LIMITED INCOME!!!! Lets reduce the Senators, Congressman, and whole entire Staffs income n half-sell there 2 or 3 or 4 houses-reduce their vacations and extra curricular activities–and c how long they can live on $50,000 or less. My husband and I both spent 25 years plus 33 years defending our country–MY FATHER WAS A POW N WW2 and this is what u r gonna do 2 the Military who defend u!!!! GO CHOKE ON YOUR CAVIAR AND EAT A BAD OYSTER–THEN C HOW NO HEALTH CARE WILL HELP U!!!! BUT WAIT—U DONT HAVE 2 WORRY ANYMORE–CAUSE U DONT CARE 4 THE LITTLE PEOPLE!!!! GO 2 – CAN’T REPEAT THE WORD- And by the way we r n r 60″s 2! U SUCK!!!!! AND ANY1 WHO SUPPORTS THIS MEASURE 2 REDUCE DOWN R EARNED RETIRED INCOME

    • Retenlistsquid

      This is exactly the kind of response I have come to expect from some 30 year flag-rank zero who is set to retire on a measley pension of some 15 grand plus per month. And those of us who actually served this country by putting our butts on the line, instead of sitting in a cushy office behind an antique desk while doing absolutely nothing, are left to survive on Ramen Noodles or Mac & Cheese with little to no other benefits. May the Good Lord have mercy on his soul because a lot of us will not.

    • P2V Chief

      Donaize ! You are thinking the wrong way. We (those already retired 20 years ago) want parity. With the base pay differetial between when I retired and those just retiring my retire pay is almost worthles. Remember, no matter when you retired you service is alway the same risk and sacrifice except now in cases of direct combat.

    • klvw

      I’m not sure about the finding “ways to cut the cost of pay and benefits for servicemembers- active, reserve” part. But if they decide to touch retirees’ pay, they better know exactly what they are doing. That trick is going to cause them to have to explain their actions in court; probably all the way to the very top.

    • Peggy

      my husband spent 21 yrs in the AF & I have a son who is a Major spent 2 tours in Iraq & 2 times in Afganistan & is getting ready to go back for the 3rd time & has 3 small children & is an engineer. My family went into the service with thier eyes open & loved what they do to protect this country. Now this country is letting our men & women get killed every day & wants to take away their pay. Get rid of the president, congress sitting their on there arse making decisions about wars while our families at home have no jobs. Are we in trouble. I would say so.

    • JohnDave

      Mullen is an Obonzo shill and a stupid bastard if he does this. Screw him and anyone that thinks like him. Go ahead, PUNK. Make our day.

    • strouse

      As we all know, Mullen is leaving, so he does not care how this will impact those left behind. Rightly so, the volunteer force will decline, and we will return to the draft. As you know, all those reaching age 18 still must register for the draft. It will come back. With a shrunken military, we will be less likely to fight ground wars and more inclined to exercise our right of first strike with air power, including both conventional and nuclear ICBMs

    • bbwoof

      I could be wrong but I don’t think anyone already retired will be affected. I think if this goes into effect it will only affect folks who are close to retirement. Like I said, I could be wrong but I hope I’m right. I have been living off my retirement since 85 and it would hurt something fierce if they start messing with my retirement now. Hopefully we are grandfathered

    • War Vet

      You know it is funny how we are quick to look at the military to put up a good fight on all things we find sacred. We want the military to win the war on drugs, win the war on terrorism, now win the war on economic failures. The military has sacrificed so much in their years and oftentimes have to fight for the little benefits they recieve. I have lost many of my brotheren for the freedoms many take advantage of so this article cause me to do a litle googling. I was surpised to see that most congressman and women get paid over 100k per year, there’s 10 of them on the millionaire/billionaire list, it only takes them 4 years to rate a pension, they get pensions earlier than the military, and if I read things correctly they are paying less taxes than the military. I think if congress is going to do a cut pay and benefits for the military they should go even further by enforcing the same pay cuts on themselves and the other government jobs. Lets also force companies to stop overcharging the military on airline tickets, lodging, housing, industrial materials, etc.

    • Totally Confused

      I am a military wife and my husband is receiving his military retirement and Tri Care insurance. Why would they (Mullen) choose this avenue as the place to make cuts? As a wife, I feel the sacrifices we both made deserve more credit than feeling like a drain on the economy!

    • Jay

      This what I think, Let us start cutting the pay for our congress, senate, Admirals, Generals and all their benfits, they surely can afford these cuts, What a bunch of winners.

    • John Hardin

      I agree. How about we cut the pay of our Pol’s. No retirement for them unless they serve at least 20 years. Wonder how much $ that would save. Then put them under the same medical plan we have there is another ton of money saved. Do you think our Politicans will vote that on themselves??? John Hardin,HMCM, USN, Ret

      • Dennis Habern

        We do not need politicians sticking around for 20 years to

        draw a pension. What Washington, D.C requires, is 8 year terms

        for both Senators and House Representatives to coincide with

        the maximum of our presidental candidates. No more career

        status for Congressmen, if you follow. Out with the old, in with

        the new.

        • devil dog

          dennis- you are talking about term limitations. i wish people would understand that term limits have been in place since 1776. it is called THE RIGHT TO VOTE. if you dont like them vote them out!


      That’s right, Our Bungler in Chief has screwed this country up so much that it is once again the military, active and retired with take it in the shorts. BOHICA.

    • Mac McGovern

      Let us not forget, Mullen’s will not be retiring on the pitance so many of us must endure under the guise of benefit. His quality of life will not suffer, therefore, he could obviously care less.

    • 1luckybum

      I too am a retired nco with combat tours. I spent approx 16 of my 21 years of active duty deployed or away from my family. I missed several birthdays, ballgames and all of the other things that We as Americans take for granted, not because I had to, but because I chose to serve my Country. Just like my Father, my Grandfather and my Great Grandfather. My son feels guilty that he isn’t carrying on a family tradition. I have told him numerous times that he shouldn’t feel guilty. My heart goes out to these soldiers in todays army. I know several that have ten years in and three combat tours already. Is their sacfifice and their families sacrifice less than a Congressman or Senators? I say hell no, it’s ten fold more. What now, take away any incentive for non-commisioned officers to stay 20 years. Whether or not politicians want to admit it or not, The nco is the backbone of our military. Always has been and always will be…

    • Really. Are they f’ing crazy? Time for a big a revolution.

    • SFCCar

      60’s? Try it in your 70’s.

    • Bruce V

      The Czar’s and all their staff much go. The high level government officials should be either elected or vetted through the Congress. It’s time to use our voices to pour some sense back inside of the beltway.

    • gatorgirl13

      Yea, my husband is deceased but signed a contract when he went into the military, take away from the ones who kept us safe.

    • Lenny

      Isnt that Standard Operating Proceedures!

    • Bailey




    • John Dixon

      I cannot agree more. I spent over 27 years in the Navy, spent over 10 years underwater while serving on Submarines over the years. All this time, cut off from my , zero communications. Sure we need to cut the budget here and there, but leave our pay and benefits alone. Lets cut the pay of the fat cats sitting on the hill on their fat asses. No, our Congress does not count towards the defense budget, but there certainly other places we can trim other than the retirees pay and benefits. What about the promises made to us when we enlisted, old Uncle Sam was going to take care of us into our golden years. BS Between what we have lost with no cola for the last two years and the cost of living going up, we are all headed to the poor house. Do you really think the fat cats have our interest in mind? No way. Again, screwed by the people we defended, served to protect, and on and on. We will get screwed once again.

    • clbrz


      • Tejanojack

        Roger that, Bubba.

    • rich

      You are right……..these lying SOB’s dont cut their pay, limos and expense accounts do they……we absolutely need to dump these fascist pigs ASAP.
      How about going after Pelosi for using the “free plane” to fly home every week costing about 5 million per month……..NOOOOO nobody talks about that. Get the illegals off the free school and hospital ride, stop feeding the UN and end all wasted money to foreign aid… Obama’s 20 billion to Tunisia and Egypt. These dirt bags waste billions overseas, while they try to screw the troops…….any vet or military member who votes for this batch of rats should be commited as insane. Dump the Czars and all the overpaid consultants .

    • Tejanojack

      Roger that, Bubba. I beleive the last guy in Western History to cut pay to his troops was King Louis XVI of France. I wonder of Fartbrain Mullens ever considered the training costs DoD will have to pay to replace the mass exodous of early & mid-career personnel. V/r, Tejanojack

    • w. birch

      Go to the president personally and ask him to put a bill on the table to cut congressmen’s, etc., pay, plus put a freeze on the automatic pay raises. That is where the big bucks are spent.

    • Steve

      Hey I don’t see anyone trying to reduce what Congressmen and every Senator get for retirement pay and they never see any combat! But they are the first ones to vote themselves a raise. I say we start there…

    • TJ Tennyson

      I say that it’s people like Gates and Mullen that were the Benedict Arnolds of previous wars. I don’t see that THEY are any better than the A@@H*LES in D.C. If there has EVER been a time fo a Military Coup in this country it is NOW.

    • Nancy

      You never hear about eliminating benefits to illegals. What does it cost us to educate their children? Cut the birth certificates to their children to eliminate the ‘anchor baby’ benefits we end up paying to the parasites generation after generation. We have enough welfare slugs in this country that can do their work. Seems our elected officials are so ready to cut Americans that are willing to work and get ahead. Eliminate the “free” breakfast and lunch programs in public school. It’s the parents responsibility to feed their children. Nothing wrong with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Women need to realize if you can’t afford to feed ’em don’t grind ’em out. Women use to turn to families for support. Now they know they can turn to the taxpayer, This eliminate faily pressure to get out and get a job, and stop having children you can’t afford to care for.

    • I so agree! If it hadn’t been for the servicemen defending our country, where would the United States be? I think that there are other places to cut money in the budget before they think about the wages for the military. I think that they deserve everything they get or more!

    • bb1800

      ADM Mullins is a career bureaucrat and has been out of the trenches so long that he is out of touch, not only with the troops, but with the retirees. At his level, any decrease in retirement pay will be insignificant to his living standard. I think he is a supreme “paper pusher” and politican, but lacks leadership. I note that he will receive 100% of his base pay for 40 years (a recently enacted law), but for combat veterans of Korea and WWII this is/was not the case. I personally think 75% is enough for anyone being paid by the tax payer. He was certainly never a “front line” guy.

    • charles maquar

      i am a retrired viet nam vet,and they want to cut my benefits is sad, they should be cutting the pay of the senators, and congressmen, and they should cut the president pay as well. they give themselfs a pay raise but they do not do anything for the pay that they get. they use their money for big houses and big parties. i bet they could not live on the retired pay that we are receiving now. let them see how we servive on what we make and i bet that more then half of them did not serve in the military.

    • G Davis

      If Mullins has a set they need to be removed

    • NE Fla Patriot

      Hasn’t Mullen done enough damage? First promoting the abolishment of DADT and allowing openly practicing homosexuals in the military and now this. Let’s kick the troops some more, shall we. What a disgrace! He’d be a fine replacement for Joe Biden if obongo is looking for a new running mate. We had better all we can to ensure obongo and his ilk are soundly defeated in 2012!

    • Louis

      Admiral Mullen does not care- his retirement when it comes will be more than he needs in todays economy. I think he has his head somewhere else.

    • Gerald

      You are right,it one thing to do something for twenty or thirty years, and was promis to receive a check for services render.. and now our goverment wants to renege on that. oh’ and buy the way are they going to take a cut…… way and we the service member( RETIRED) have served longer.

    • Doris

      I agree with you Donaize. It’s a shame that they don’t think anything about cutting our pay and benefits. Let some of their retirement and benefits be cut and maybe they would feel different about cutting ours. But all they have to do is serve one term and they are set for life. What a crop of crap.

    • oilslinger


    • Manny

      How about cutting all the benis to Senators, Congressmen, staffers cut from the top, and not the little guy’s that are over 60. Two tours in Vietnam
      as a carrier sailor and we are in 2011, and the VA cannot get it right on Agent Orange..I left in July 1967..they call it now Blue Water Veterans and we still get they are thinking of cutting benefits. This is BS and I hope everyone gets it together and let our voices be heard. We are free because we gave it all. Westex Carrier Sailor! God Bless!

    • Butch

      Yea let all those high ranking people live on what we make maybe we should cut all those Admirals and Generals and live on what we get. They would not be able to live that way, Its always the low man on the pole that gets screwed.

    • Shaun

      yeah i agree with you in many was but the thing is they say i cant join because of one drug position charge, and that was when i was fourteen years old and it is expunged and what needs to happen is for republicans to quit trying to f over obma and let him do his job and to get to the point its wrong that i cant serve my country because of something that was a misd .

  • Let’s spend more time exporting goods, and defending our borders from drugs and other illegal activities please.
    Between ERB, PTS, HYT and advancement, the military is getting weaker. Let’s make a round turn.

    • that was lead by Geoge Patton. But I think they were getting paid. Woud the grunts fir on us That is the question?

  • drmaddogs

    Some things change, some stay the same. When the Industrial complex is hurting, the Military side is squeezed. It’s time to realign our intrests as a country, not as “The Premier Industrial Giant”, cause we aren’t. Putting the last harrah on terribly expensive materials, as the only way to defend our country, has not stopped the fact that boots on the ground have always been the determining factor.
    Things will change, people will not be there, when they are needed, and things will change, yet again. Or maybe we’ll have to go back to the draft. That’s a good way to get armed force members, if you want high tech “driven” by the disqualified.
    I’m hearing a lot about how Service members should march on Wa., as if the Industrial complex cares about “grunts”! Remember 1931 folks, our future WWII leaders formed and ordered the Vets run down squating in D.C..Things change… the Industrial complex doesn’t seem willing to make that change amid some of the most costly weapons system builds ever seen.
    Some things stay the same.

    • ChBr02

      >>”Service members should march on Wa.”<<

      Let’s make that D.C. instead of the state of Washington . Just sayin….

    • usn retired

      just let me know what day to march and I will be there !

    • Michael Schore

      Maybe they should do what happens in other countries–show up at the capital locked and loaded. I’d be for that.

  • j ables

    These people that want to cut the military pay should have to use the same paycut and serve twenty years to recieve their retirement, and be on the samepay roll syestem. You would see a big change in their attitude.

    • another retiree

      You are talking about ADM Mullins, current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, who is military, served over 40 years, and is on the same payrole system

      • Marianne Ciccone Denning

        but he’s an ADMIRAL…check out how much he gets…it’s a hell of a lot more than most!

        • another veteran

          Admirals receive about $100,000 in retirement pay yearly. An E-8 about $32,000 with almost thirty years of dedication and service. How does it compare for him to take a pay cut????? $32,000 that is being taxed and insurance taken out – my family of four with two teenagers cannot live on that amount in Virginia. My husband and I both continue to work to supplement this income. Our youngest still has 6 years of grade school, then there’s college, I hope. We won’t be “retired” from the public sector anytime soon.

    • Marianne Ciccone Denning

      I agree. Every Congressperson should have to do 20 minimum before they get their pension…instead of just one term in office.

      • Frank

        Certainly, these elected officials should get a taste of “waiting”. Just don’t hand them their “checks”. TWENTY YEARS minimum is the first step. The second step would be to take some of their current pay and allowances and put it towards this ignorant and sub-standard goal Mullen wants to enact. (Starting with him first) Also, after reaching the age of sixty(60) or the end of one(1) elected term, should be required to step down and retire, using the militarys current retirement system! I’m sure they would fight that idea “tooth and nail” because that effects them up close and real personal.

    • John

      Let them receive an E-7 pay and after 20 years let them retire under our current system. Let’s not forget to place them under SS. Maybe one our two tours in combat would also be good for them. Maybe the President should have to serve at least one enlistment as an E-4 then when he retires he or she should be under our current retirement system also.

      • dave

        Better yet, let them receive E-7 pay and forced to live in DC with the same cost of living that the active duty military receives! See how affordable that is!

    • anne

      amen on that one

    • another veteran

      AMEN!!! They want to cut the military money, but when was the last time they took a pay cut or retirement pay cut. Why should their jobs be so secure when they make everyone else’s not secure???? Dedication and service doesn’t seem to mean anything anymore.

    • Ec008

      j ables

      I agree with everything you said and I did not hear one word about term limits on them and also receive the same as we receive 2.5 per cent per year after for each year serve in the House and Senate. Term limit should be voted by the PEOPLE not the House nor the Senate. Who would give up the GOOD LIFE STYLE that they have right now.
      We have to many working for them selves and NOT the PEOPLE any MORE.

    • William

      All I can say is we don’t have a leader in this country any more.We have only people that want to line there pockets with our money.And it is all in the whitehouse.Our leaders,what a joke!



    • sdl

      Maybe the senators and congress people and presidents are to give up there very nice insurance and very nice pay that we all know that they receive after serving 1 month or 20 years and see what is like to survive out here in the real world like the rest of us and then set up there and talk about how much to cut our insurance and pay. I don’t think they would make it a week. But we all know that it is our military that fights for these peoples rights , and then they sit up there and take away there way of life. What low life’s we have up there that will walk on the very ones that protect them and expect them to have there back just so you can kick them while they are not looking. But did we really expect more. But we can fight for the ones who are not here to fight for themselves if we are in country and have a voice. Write to your senator, congress person, and the president, flood there offices with mail and emails letting them know we object and we have rights also.

  • dvgef1

    Mullins is an utter disaster for the military. It wasn’t enough to push for gays in the military, now he wants to cut pay and benefits for our military. I know he is leaving soon but we can’t get rid of this guy soon enough!!!!

    • not a happy camper

      He is a complete idiot with no common sense. I bet he wouldn’t vote to have his pay and benefits cut would he? My son served in Iraq with very little pay and reward and he can’t even get a decent job now that he’s back, but we should cut the military pay and let those bas_____s in other government offices that do nothing important get a big fat pay raise.

    • Tom

      I think you are correct and with his retirement looming, I wonder if his pay and benefit package will be affected??? Probably NOT!!! He just might end up being a mouthpiece for some news organization and getting paid for that too…. Not to mention what else he has lined himself up with….RET CPO USN

    • Gary

      Mullins must have a cushy job waiting for him in the Obama administration.

      • reality

        On June 8, 2007, Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates announced that he would advise President George W. Bush to nominate Mullen to succeed General Peter Pace as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff;[7] Bush announced the nomination formally on June 28, 2007

    • Dennis Habern

      Nobody sticks-up for the military, which is a shame because we in the

      military that have done our patriotic duty, require only a little bit of return

      on the benefits and pay that aparently an inept congress, led by that

      moron of a president has never worn the uniform, nor does he have

      any exerience to know what our military endures each time we are

      called upon to fight on foreign shores or reside at home as retirees.

      It seems that the 3 muskteers, Mullen, Gates and Obama in 2012,

      will be bidding Washington farewell in the near future, and as I always

      like to comment on these traitors to our military: good-bye, good-luck,

      and postively, good riddance.


      • Dennis Habern

        What is require in Washington, is a cut in all pay and benefits of

        any congressman, no retirement if they have not if they have not

        served a minimum of 8 years, and no free medical coverage.

        If these factors cannot be met, then the American public needs a

        detailed explanation why our government feels that our Congress

        need special treatment. Remember, Congress works for we the

        people. We the people do not work for Congress, if you follow.

    • nightrider

      Exactly, said the same thing about Gates.

    • Clarence

      Right on, dvgef1! I have NEVER seen such a anti-military Chairman in my life!
      Get Mullen outts there! I have a better idea than cutting pay we served honorobly to get-cut out all this damn foreign aid! America has it all wrong-TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN FIRST!

      • Will

        Not only that. Food Stamps, Section 8 they pay for all that stuff too. They should start there first. These lazy ass women who sit up and have 5 kids and get 700.00 a month in foods stamps and most are not trying to get up and get a job or go to school. I think they should have a deadline of a year to get there shit together, then the benefits should be cut off.

    • Flyboy

      He echoes Gates.and who follows Obama. Military is an easy target to cut. Leadership won’t stand up dor the count!

    • Willy

      What has Mullins done to reduce the dead head admirals in the navy? There are presently more high end “Retired on active duty” positions in the navy than ever. Sorry Mullins I am not buying your smoke and mirrors, why don’t you just do the job you was sent to do – support the military.
      Retired E-9

    • mwl

      And Gates!!

    • J Materatza

      At the Naval Academy, 43 years ago Mullins was a greasy sleazebag, He hasn’t changed. He is a sick man that will transition easily to become a Democratic politician. Or like his greasy classmate Jim Webb whatever party it takes to self promote himself.

    • Ken

      I couldn’t agree more….the best thing that could happen to the military is for Mullins to retire…he never did a damn thing for the folks in uniform in the first place….his legacy will be allowing gays in the military…period.

    • Eddie

      not only get rid of him but the bozo in the whitehouse too!

    • r schuchman

      maybe he will foot the bill after all he makes a lot more money then me ret e6

    • navyrotorhead

      No surprises here. Remember, it was CNO Mullen who yanked ESWS-qualed sailors off of ships and sent them off to Army & Air Force C-schools, much to the displeasure of the ships’ COs.

    • Todd

      He is nothing but a “flip-flopping” bitch. Whatever the topic seems to be he is constantly going back and forth. He’s bucking to become a politician..oh wait, he’s already one!!!

    • steve

      Mullen’s statement doesn’t coem from his worn out, empty head, but from the White House and his Advisers…..We all know it will be the lowere or lowest of the ranks that will get the Ultimate Shaft in any Pay and Benefit Reductions in the Military…The top heavy ranks will CYA, with the blessing of Our Congress. Check their past track record wit their masterful CYA Programs that are put in place for all of them…. While all of this goes on, the Industrial-Military Complex (remember Gen Eisenhower’s warnings)will contine to overcharge and broaden their profit margin, unabated as it is now….

    • Edwin

      Right on, Brother, 25 years of service,some very crude living and survival conditions,no hand to hand combat (thank you ones who were there) many months and years away from family and I would do it all again for the securety of this country. To bad we have people in high positions in our goverment that have no regard or respect for men and women that have put it all on the line for them and this nation.

    • scpobernie

      Mullins is a stinking joke. A pay cuts for him is peanuts, just pocket change. If they want to lower the military budget, just end the wars in Iraq and Afganistan and bring our troops home. Bin Laden is dead or so they say. What’s the point of being there.

    • kphaft

      No surprise……after all…. he is a “black shoe”

    • BlueMax372

      Don’t forget, Mullen’s replacement will be appointed by 0vomit, so he/she/it will be just as bad, if not worse.

  • anonamous

    It seems odd to me that our Government has Didasbled a 5 year old, because she has ADHD. I!m a Vietnam Veteran and this 5 year old is already disabled, and recieving the same amount of money I!m getting. Has this country gone to smoking pot? This child was recently tested and is in the top 3% of her class. Yet they call this Governing. This is purly liberal give away programing. @ I corp. Americal Veteran frustated.

    • anon retiree

      Care to cite the case? I know numerous 5 & above with ADHD, none of whom receive disability via SSI (I assume that’s what you’re talking about).

    • steve

      I can attest you are correct and there are multiple families who know the system and get their kids diagnosed with ADHD. learning disorders, and other SSI related benefits. They have more kids to get more money, then live off the SSI of their kids. Its such a SHAM but no one is doing anthing about it.

    • E-9 USN RET


    • mary smith

      they already cut my husbands military pay the last two mts. He spent 23 years in the navy and is 100% disable. they promise you stuff to get you to join but they don’t even care, We get no help from the military what a joke. Get all the no life’s out of the system and put then to work. All I hear today is young people having babies and we have to support them. who ever came up with this shit I hope they have a massive stroke just like my veteran had and you would change your mind. we don’t even have a handicapped house but who gives a shit?

  • DoubleL

    Yep, just one more reason to get my retirement paperwork turned in.

    • sabrina

      They can still cut your retirement pay. That’s the point.

    • John

      I have been telling military retirees that we will see the day and soon for the past 3 years, we are about to see we won’t receive our monthly checks at all PERIOD. I gave ’em 28 yrs 11 months, WW2, Korea ,2 tours in Nam.

  • Rich M.

    Another reason why I just hung up my uniform.

    • Randy

      And while I served in the NAvy and loved it, I will make damn sure my kids never serve.

    • foxcat hunter

      hang up…..I plan on burning mine

  • 2Tours

    I am part of an Airborne USARC unit, but that unit is NOT any sort of infantry unit; i.e. we would not be tasked as front line troops- Civil Affairs. USARC has plenty of funding that could be trimmed that would save on the costs of jumps, logistics, and “bonus” pay for keeping jump qual current. I’d bet there are plenty of other units that could trim back on some of the fluff too…

  • Jesse

    How come it always comes down to cutting the military pay? When is the last time you heard that the House will cut pay, or the Senate? People in D.C. say that the military makes too much money, not sure what the rest of the country does, but when is the last time you heard of a military member working a normal 8 hr day. I remember when I was deployed, 6 days a week, 12 hr days, NO over time, all for the same pay. Why don’t we as Americans tell Congress and the rest of them to take a 25% pay cut, pay their own medical, life insurance, and get a max of 2 weeks vacation, plus do 20 years to get a retirement at the age of 60 or 64, whatever age they keep coming up with to get their pay. I am sick and tired of them telling us what they are going to do to us, why not have them talk about how they can help out the country. They say we as Americans owe it to our Country, are they not Amercicans or are they above the rest of us so called average americans !!!!!

    • LindaLu

      Cut pay to the senate and house, president, and all federal employees as well as their benefits before you go trying to cut pay/benefits from the military. Can you see Obama in the military? He can talk, can’t see him in boot camp or on deployment, can you?

    • DAV/KAY


    • Gene

      Try 24/7 while deployed to north Atlantic inside Artic circle. any sleep that was gotten was on the wing of an airplane or laying on a cold steel deck. All for $89. per month.

    • bob

      You go Jesse….I’m with you….I to served 26 years in the military and it is the pits when people in congress start talking about cutting military pay and retirement pay. We as retiree’s already lost a chunck of our benefits….

    • Larry

      I remember my deployments as beiing 16 hours per day, seven days a week aboard an aircraft carrier. I guess things have changed that you get a day off. I was a Leading Chief of a 52 man division, my troops worked 12 hours and did not get the 7th day off. This administration and all who work with it our out to screw us. I did 26 years in the canoe club. We need to get this muslim and all his minions out in 2012, and pray that it is not too late.

    • Navy retired

      I agree with Jesse 100% I am retired from the US Navy. I am proud to have served my country. I was lucky and came back in 1 piece. Others were not as lucky. I feel all veterans and their families should be entitled to their benefits and more pay instead of being cut. If the House and Senate and the President took a cut, had to pay their insurances and do like you said a job for 20 years for full retirement instead of 2-4. They would finally get their eyes open to the “real” world.
      Also the money used for foreign aide could be used to help lots of the people in the U.S.

    • Bruce

      You have just said what I have been saying even before the discussion of cutting pay for the Military ever came up. How can someone serve a four year term and have more pay and benefits than someone who has done twenty years with countless hours

    • justanothervet

      Seems to me service members do everything for their country yet we are the first they want to cut benefits for 20 years of service to our country for a measly retirement, yet a president can serve 8 years and retire with 10 times as much as a soldier, airman, sailor or marine. WTF is this world coming to..

    • Allen Bell

      All i cann say here is WOW!!! This is one of the best writings I have had the privilege to read. I am very impressed. Thank you for saying it so well. SFC Bell, ret

    • leftyf

      6 day work week? ONLY 12 hr days? Man, you are getting off light;-] I remember fighting fires in Arizona 20+ hours a day…until the fire was put out..all for the “princely sum” of 35 cents an hour. Don’t get me started about the hours in Vietnam.

      I don’t give a crap if you guys are getting $100,000 a year…IT AIN’T ENOUGH!! If they don’t want to pay you then they oughta keep you a** at home.

      I knew this was coming…I just didn’t think it would be this soon. In five years, the current crop of soldiers will be blamed for all the ills in the US. Watch.

    • Nicholas R. Miller

      The President,Secy defense , each congressperson and represenative has an e-mail address. Let them know I did thru I stated that would be fine “if they cut the ones that should be working for us. Where only can you be elected for four years and maintain an office doing nothing and retireing collecting full pay for life.
      retired Army CW2

    • RetArmy

      I agree with you 100%. Why is it more in the interest of the country to cut the pay of military members, many who qualify for welfare, than cutting the pay of house and senate members that are doing nothing but making themselves the newest millionaries/billionaries at the expense of us the tax payer, with no care, concern or remorse about how their actions are destroying this great nation.

  • tem

    It’s amazing that a senior military leader would cut the feet out from under those who serve so faithfully. Is Adm Mullen willing to take a cut in his current salary and benefits and future retirement? I doubt it!!!!

    • bhudnall

      He doesn’t need to. He has already padded some military contractor who will employ him and Gates as “consultants”. Their insurance premiums will be covered and they will receive an outrageous salary for previous “considerations”.

      • SubYeo

        That’s right! He’ll end up as one of the “Beltway Bandits”!

    • Exnavy

      Why should they care? None of this is going to affect either of them. I am sure they already have their “board seats” guaranteed with some large defense contractor after they retire.

      The money for the new weapon systems, being developed by their future employers, has to come from somewhere.

    • Mike

      Oh , he will be willing if he is tied in with riches, wrote books, has investments. You know the rich and famous ? Its no longer Country, Duty, Honor. The rich are in control in the Government as well controls the military. IN GOD WE TRUST ? SOME STILL DO ! AND SOME Lot Others DON’T (the eye of the
      needle ?) May God Bless Us all through these trials & temptations. What the world needs now is Gods love sweet Love. We all can go back to hunting for our food and shelter if not. Humbly Speaking, In God I trust.

    • retiree..

      i agree those heads at the DOD their salaries will stay the same. Us the little people (active, reserve, retirees, etc..) pay the consecuences. It is a shame that our soldiers will at the front fighting terrorism while suffering pay cuts….

    • Ace

      Bullshit!!! When on active duty I served on the fringes of Adm Mullens’ leadership. He has more integrity than the whole of the Vatican and more balls than all of Seal Team Six. He knows what he’s doing, watch him. Too bad the behind the scenes goings on are not privy to all of us experts, I’m 100% certain it wasn’t pretty. Do Not give up. Do Not fall into the morass of whiners and bitchers! Be smart! Watch!!!!!!

    • Willard Wheelock

      He is just another damned politician, just like Betrayus. That is all those at the top ever have been. None of them will ever live on in history as the heroes they have ignored and betrayed and are continuing to use as cannon fodder for the sake of the corporate fascist machine running this country.

    • AFM

      Well I remember a time when my dad and my father-in-law enlisted during WWII and stayed in afterward even after they were wounded in battle. They loved the military. During their reenlistments the military’s biggest pitch was the military will take care of you when you retire. Free health care for you and your family and commissary, and PX privileges. Those were promised always. When my husband first joined in 76 it was the same story. By the time we retired after 22 yrs that promise was broken. Now we have Tricare Primary and have to pay. Alright we pay about $115.00 per quarter. My son pays 3 times that in his cook’s job at a chain restuarant. Still fine. But we will see what they do next. I am be 65 before long. You never win. I’m scared that my government is killing us all with worry. When will the other shoe drop.

    • Alfred

      Where are the retired JCS ? that looked after their men and spoke out for us.

    • Todd

      Hell NO!!! 4-star General retirement is very sufficient to live off of. I’m a retire E8 and I do my best to be frugal…but I still need another job. Mullen will not have to work another day in his life…well, except for cashing in on CNN or FOX when they need a “commentator”.

    • sgtm7

      Actually, the Admiral probably has no problem taking a cut from his current salary or benefits, or of seeing a TRICARE premium increase. His is pay in retirement will be more than twice what mine was when I was active duty.

  • Tina

    Interesting how Admiral Mullins and Secretary Gates is for paycuts for military personnel during these times of wars and economic crises. The bottom line folks is that both of these individuals do not care about the military retirees, reservists, etc. I am a retired female who served 24 years in the U. S. Coast Guard. I have 9 more years before I receive my reserve retirement, but I am afraid that under our incompetent and uncaring Congresspersons and other major players, I might not even receive my retirement pay when the time comes.

    • max

      tippy toe thru the next 9 years…i gave them 26 and retired in 97 and glad i did alhough i loved the military, it was time for me to go…i was seeing some things i didnt like and left it to them. glad i am not in there while Obummer is in there.

  • jamesray48

    This is a dog and pony show. Let’s cut the big boys salaries and let them feel what we feel. We put our life’s for this country and that is how we are repayed!

    • 1stVince

      I agree with you.

  • SMSgt

    If those individuals in D.C. want to cut the pay of current and retired military – then they should loose the fringe benefits they get and the most important things – they should start paying their SSAN and lets retroact it the day they got into office. 261 members of Congress are millionaires and the top 3 each have a wealth of more than 280 million and 55 of them a wealth of more than 10 million each. To these members of congress their 176,000 a year salary is pocket money. Most of these members in this group invest in the companies who spent the most in the lobby groups.

    • Airborne

      Hear! Hear! I live to danged close to these morons! It’s congress’ turn to that some hits. Look in your back yards before you start screwing your protectors. They just don’t get it!

    • anon

      Sigh. OK, here’s the deal. All of congress (Senators and Representatives) are under FERS. That means they are under the same retirement system as our civilian compadres. That also means they pay SS – and have from the day they got into office.

    • grumpy

      ” 261 members of Congress are millionaires “: that translates into 261 rounds; a significant beginning!

    • Jim

      This has been a sore spot with me for years. Laws are passed by folks that aren’t effected by them. When will the American people take this to task? Health care, social security, military pay and benefits, and taxes. Yet not one congressman or senator is effected by the laws they pass.

    • 1sgt

      Agree to this too.

    • SSgt

      It’s time for ALL Military to march on Washington DC..Enough is Enough. How can you say Thank You for defending US while they have their hands in our pockets. Who’s to say by the time I reach 65 that I will have to ask for Food Stamps or maybe Welfare.

      • soaringeagle

        Organize it and I will fly to DC to partake.

  • John

    You rotten bastards in washington should have your pay reduced to ZERO for what you’ve done to this country! Now you want to cut military pay – you should all rot in HELL!!

    • Raymond Donahue

      You are so right. The politicians are the scum of the earth and I will never
      vote again. For anyone.

    • 1836eig

      No-no, Hell’s too good for them!!!

  • Wayne

    Are you kidding me? Appointees and high ranking officers are all politicians and fall in line with all the rest of the imcompetants inside the beltway!!!

  • Tom

    SEIU obviously doesn’t represent military personnel.



    • KOTH

      I’m with you. I served in NKP Thailand, my orders did say Thailand but fail to say the deployments to near countries that we visited.

      • Guest

        Look to your LES gentlemen. Money never lies. If you can get a hold of your old pay stubs your combat pay will state what theater you were in. There should be a code for the location.

        • John Toni

          60 Minutes did a piece on this issue a while back; many of us were sent TDY without orders or transited Vietnam. There is some good news on the Agent Orange Issue at least for Air Force Security Police Vets who served in Thailand and performed duty alone the parameter where it appears agents were used to keep vegation under control. Check out this link for additional details:

    • jerry



    CW5 ********

    • John Toni

      I tell everyone getting ready to retire to make sure if you snore that U get a “Sleep Study” before U retire because I have sleep apnia and I was denied benifits (50% disibility) because my snoring wasn’t mentioned in my medical record while I was on active duty so I could not establish service connection.
      I’ve also been fighting with the VA for years over the AgentOrange issue; I can tell U that the VA IS NOT a friend of the Vet eventhough they claim to just be following the laws Congress passes.

    • Joyce Huff

      I think they want to weaken the U.S. military. Who is going to volunteer for active duty or reserves if he or she and the members of their family had to live in conditions worse than welfare recipients! If pay and benefits have to be cut…every member of in all three banches of the United States government should be the first in line to volunteer to have their cut!!!!! Bet it will be a cold day in hades before you see that happen!

      • Joyce Huff

        P.S. And why are TRICARE premiums the same for retired enlisted as they are for retired officers who receive far more in their monthly pensions! Everything else is based on pay scales…why not TRICARE premiums.

  • Heidi Burkhardt

    I definitely think, if there will be pay cuts, let’s start with Admiral Mullens, he is a desk jocky and obviously never involved in any conflict. Then Gates.
    I guess the Military members aren’t worth much anymore to them, dying for their lost causes isn’t very much to them. After all, their Asses are always safe behind the lines. I’m not even a Military Member and I think it stinks of more crap from the Politicos. I’m a naturalized Citizen and believe me, no one knows how valuable a strong Military is than I do. I am going to write immediately to the White House with my Protest to this absurd suggestion of cutting pay and benefits for our Military Members.

    • tomvan

      what congress gives, congress can take away. There never has been a guarantee the military could be anything other than 2nd class citizens. As a “lifer” I’ve always been amazed how the pentagon has always been so ready to torpedo the military.

    • R Ristau

      Im sure your right , have you ever looked at the admirals Military Jacket I wonder where all them phony awards came from , not a desk

  • Bart

    Why is it the military has to take paycuts before the do like the house , senate, congress and president? These guys need to put their lives on the line for peanuts which is what the enlisted wages are compared to to those in washinton D.C.? They don’t take paycuts like us. If they do? Then they need to make it public knowledge in black n white (no crooked doctoring of the papers) for the regular Joe to see and keep it simple where everyone can understand it. Then they wonder why so many men and women hang up their uniforms and have bitter feelings toward our own goverment ,which we should be proud to stand up and defend them when other countries run us down. How can we do it when the enlisted it the screws put to us?Wake up everyone!

    • I agree, as a retired 1SG, I took a look at the pay scale for the Congressman who got busted on the twitter scandal and noticed that for the two weeks he is getting paid leave, he will take in just over $14,000.00, just about half of my retired pay for the entire year. Time to start cutting the pay of congress to make up the budget shortfalls that THEY caused.

  • John

    My father was a career NCO in the Navy who retired with over 21 years, so I grew up on bases and traveling. I started out enlisted (E-1) and retired as an Army O4 (P) with 2 wars, but from all I have seen done to service members and veterans, I have advised my children that they will not serve. The chain of service stops with me, and I will not sacrifice my children so someone else can make money. When the pool of recruits dries up from children following their parents into service due to things such as this, maybe they (the powers that be) will see the light, but somehow I doubt it.

    • Joe

      That’s when they’ll go back to the draft. They’re not going to stop using soldiers for the benefit of well-connected private industry. I’m 3rd gen military for what that’s worth.

    • John

      I have two sons and I have ask them not to serve. I served over 20 years and you see what we get for it.

    • Dennis

      WoW just like me, Right on. Say No to service. Tell all you meet and all that say thanks for servering. Tell everyone that every family should say No to Serving. We say No to Drugs well this is Say No To Service. That is what I have been doing. I have been telling my friends with kids and my six children and their friends and families DO Not under any reason Join the services. I help everyone I can do other things than join the services. BE a fire fighter first or a Policeman or college, anything except servicing in the ArmForces.

    • Eddie

      John I agree with you, see my comment. Eddie

    • I did 22 years and retired, my son joined, did a tour in Iraq, then came home saw the writing on the wall and got out at my suggestion. I have already begun advising my grandson to seek employment else where, no sense in buying the sales pitch it they are not going to deliver the entire product.

    • Bryan White

      AMEN: I salute you and did the same thing. Not only did I do the same(retired Senior NCO) When my son went to his Step father (retired Sen. NCO: a Tabed Ranger, Special Forces, Delta) to convince me otherwise. He got mad at my son and agreed with me and told him the same as I did. Why should we sacrifice our children to be done to as was with us. And what is worse is our top brass does not understand what is the problem. All they can think of is lets give them more education money. Spend more on area beautification projects on bases. Talk about the def, dum, and blind sindrome. Don’t even talk of trying to draft one of my children.

  • Lem

    Retire ALL generals & admirals that are over 55 years of age that are on a physical profile, unable to deploy and are NOT critical to the mission of their command. Any general or admiral with 20 years of total service that cannot pass a APFT, be deployed to a combat zone or is superflunous should also be issued their
    walking papers ASAP.
    Remove all unnecessary or redundant command staffs at the rank of 0-7 and above. THEN work the chain of command down to 0-6.

    • John E.

      Hey Lem you have the right ideal I was mobilize in Dec 2006 Before I was mobilized I did perform the Physical Readiness Test known as PRT in Navy Reserves. I performed the stretch the push-ups and the crunch ups very well. However when I did the 1.5 run/walk I failed in my age limit. I have a bad back Yet , When I was mobilized for my training and ran the 1.5 run with my training company. I passed the run Yet I failed the small weapons qualification. I had the Master Chief of the Command He told me I am not mobilizable for any Active Duty because of this I have enough time in years of service-26 years total. So, after I resumed Reserve Drills I retired from the Navy Reserves within six months .

    • bigkahunaron

      I’m with you here, Lem. Most of those guys can’t pass a PFT, but then, they don’t usually take them, not where the troops can see. Also, many of those O–7s and above do about 3-4 hours work a day…the rest of the time is spent politicking with their fellow seniors. I say eliminate retirement pay for senior officers beyond what an E-7 makes in retirement because so many seniors go to work for the defense industry or get high-paying jobs with cronies they’ve met in-service. How many go into politics where they can use the only real skills most of them ever developed in service? I’m not talking the Senate or House, God knows most of those bozos (if they’re Republican) have never served. Check their SRBs.

      • Repub_mil retiree

        So, what you’re saying is that Republicans hardly ever serve in the military? Let’s see a Dem actually stand up for a righteous cause instead of thinking about what it can do for them!

    • Sylvia

      That would certainly clear out the dead weight, and imagine the their response? I think the individuals in those ranks talk big but no action is EVERY done. Cut their retirement pay by at least 50% and see how they like it. I know that they are given special treatment only because of their rank. Shouldn’t all of us be treated equally?

    • Amvet

      My dad’s name was Lem and he was a smart too. I think they need to start at the White House where the Middle East is coming in and our money is going out.

    • Rod McKenzie

      IN WWII 12,000,000 military personnel on duty at the same time less than 400 admirals and generals, now (presentt) less than 3 million in all services and reserve components and we now have 1000+ admirals and generals…..I think we could cut the brass and save money

  • MT.Jarhead

    HMMM…If they ruduce my pay 5%…can I do 5% worse at the Rifle Range, PFT and Flight School and still get an “Outstanding”???

    • TankerJoe

      Jarhead, please don’t get caught up in the politics. You should ALWAYS do you best as a Marine while you are serving. Your way of protesting the dumb decisions that are made in Washington is to leave the service once your contract is up. That’s the route that I took.

  • vinny

    Ok, lets go back to the draft, forget the all volunteer force. We are going to push back into fail mode. people will leave, why take chances with your lives when your own government only wants to provide lip service use you as a pawn on a chess board.




    This is just totally unbelievable!!! Didn’t Washington,DC learn anything after Vietnam and Desert Shield / Desert Storm??? Apparently not. After Vietnam, our troops came home and were totally humiliated for all because they served our nation during a time of war (sorry…Police Action…to be politically correct). After that, they had a hard time trying to fill the ranks in order to defend this nation properly. Then came Desert Shield / Desert Storm, what was and still is considered by many to be among the greatest tactical victories of all time. It was pretty much over before it even started. And when it was over, what did the Government do??? THEY CUT THE MILITARY FIGHTING FORCE!!!! Now, we are involved in not just 1, but 2 conflicts overseas as well as countless smaller operations that we will never hear about and these A**WIPES in Washington, DC want to cut the pay and benifits to our fighting force and their families (many of whom stand in line at the local welfare office to try to make ends meet….only to be told they make TOO MUCH).
    Look Mr. President, if you want to cut the size of the military, JUST SAY SO. If you want this (once Great) Nation to fall under the United Nation’s Direct Authority, again, JUST SAY SO. And if you want the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to become a part of the (so-called) ONE-WORLD-ORDER…PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE SAY SO!!!!! I AM PRETTY DAMN SURE THAT THERE ARE PLENTY OF CURRENT AND PAST MILITARY MEMBERS THAT ARE DAMN PROUD OF THE SERVICE THEY PERFORMED FOR THIS COUNTRY THAT WOULD GLADLY STAND UP AGAINST THAT KIND OF (what I would consider to be) TREASON AND MUTINEY!!!!!!!!
    So, Mr. President, you do what you believe you have to do….because trust me Sir….WE WILL DO WHAT WE HAVE TO DO!!!!!!!!!

  • stephenthedoc

    Congressmen serve 1 term (2 years) and get full pay (100%) retirement from the day they leave office and full benefits. Senators have the same benefit. I think I know where we could save some money. Vote them out and put honest people in office who will be willing to cut there benefit package.

    • anon2

      False. They are under FERS, and while they are vested at 5 years, that means they can collect at age 62, with a small pension. Also, per FERS, the maximum benefit is 80% (but they’d have to work until over 100 to get it). FYI – that’s the same system Civil Servants are under – you can read up on it at to find out what they get.

      Try to learn the facts before posting, so you don’t look like a complete idiot.

      • patricia

        And you need to learn some tact.

  • airforcevet

    Yes, yes, let’s cut their pay and benefits. They are used to sacrificing. They sacrifice their time, their family and even their lives. This will be an easy sacrifice for them and the best part is, they are sworn to follow orders. If they complain or give an outcry we can bust them down to a lower rank and save even more money. Why didn’t we think of this before?

  • John E.

    I see hundreds of millions of dollars going out to private contractors Why not cut this pay or delay these funds over so many years. Instead hurting active duty and RESERVES I’ve heard now a Navy Reservist now performs four weeks of active duty per year. The Retirees need their funding too. I ‘m not eligible for my Navy Reserve retirement pension until I’m 60 years of age which will be in November 2019 I hope my retirement pay isn’t cut They ought cut Congress Pay and US Senate’s pay.No way, that will happen with this Congress.

  • sierramom4

    First….Cut from the top ….starting with the Admirals.
    Second… Consolidate forces. The Navy medical corps already serves the Marines. Do this with the Army and the Air Force as well with support services such as legal, supplies, etc. That will save a huge amount of money.

  • David356

    Let me understand this, they want us to cut are pay. Why is it we never hear any thing about politicians taking a pay cut or reduction in pay. Politicians serve one term in office and have full retirement and benefits but military serves twenty years and get half of our pay. We put are live out there for are country and they set back in their plush offices. We want money to pay for are military lets start at the top, any book deals, speaking engagements, or any thing a politician makes from being in an elected or appointed position 3/4 of that money should go back to the country. Politicians should after one term be happy they serve their country!

  • Hammer

    I can cut 400 Billion out of the budget without coming near the pay and benefits. I’ve served 2 tours in Iraq and sow blaton waste in resources. The military spent 500 millon on base improvements for the bases that we turned over to the Iraqies. At Balad they kept repaving the dam roads. We drive vehicles that can handle dirt roads. The military keeps issueing me uniforms that rip in the crotch the first day I put them on. So they have to keep issuing uniforms . My BDUs that I was issued 7 years ago are still in great shape and haven’t ever ripped in the crotch. They can cut the contracts they have with the security companies on bases and put soldiers and MPs back on the job. These are just a few of the examples that come to my mind. I’ve seen countless more examples. One more thing, I think the people who should take the pay cuts if it comes to that is all the Generals and Admirals. If they were faced with a serious pay cut than they wouldn’t be calling for them quite so loudly.

  • guard one

    Lets cut down on al the nonsensetraveling as well. How many officers were paid to go to the Hawaii Marathon last year? Lodging, per diem, airfare..times how many? This may seem minute but start muliplying these nonsense TDY’s by all of the states and all of the components and it is billions..

  • SeaBeeVet

    20 years is not enough: I’ve done it and they want to reward with less. Others have done much more and are being forsaken by the lousy beltway-brothel-browsers that sneak illicits while we spend years overseas, away from our families (more than 5 for me) and tell us that WE need to tighten our belts? While on active duty, I made $2.00 too much to receive food stamps back in the 70s to be told by the bureaucrats “have another child and you’ll qualify”. Absurd means nothing to these freaks of nature. The pen is haughtier than the sword when wielded by insignificant, malfeasant bloodsuckers. May they choke on the fruits (and oil) bought with our blood that they have never deserved.

  • Buz Allen

    BUY your Guns and AMMO. The NEXT WAR will be here in the United States.

    • Chuck B,

      Right there, with ya Buz, the time has come.

  • bigbadbob1P


    • Chuck B,

      How many in the country have the guts to do a march on Washington? Most of them are afraid of the govt. I’m with ya bigbadbob, time to hold the govt to task, and strip them of their benefits.

    • Dennis Habern

      Count me in too.

    • Dennis Habern

      Include me too.

    • willied

      There you go again blaming the wrong people…the republicans got us into mass deficits because of massive tax cuts (Pres Bush doubled the deficit from 5 Trillion to 10 Trillion). But hey…I’m an independent, let’s not get political! It comes down to simple economics…less revenue that comes in from taxes, the less the states get. That’s why local, state, sales & property taxes are increased. Once they are finished bleeding the turnip they turn to benefits. Republicans love tax cuts more than middle-class Americans…it’s only going to get worse!

      • reality

        bush started with a surplus. Republicans love tax cuts for the rich and they love to cut the programs for middle-class Americans, like cutting education, military programs, elderly programs. They cant pay for that and cut taxes for the rich folks which really means themselves

  • Dave

    I am a Marine reservist who holds a great joba as a project manager for a DOD construction firm. Myself and my coworkers have for the past two years recieved pay cuts or not recieved raises due to the slow economy. Now the Military is thinking about pay cuts. This is crazy. while i get a pay cut on both benifits for military and civilian occupations my non luxury bills continue to increase. Higher taxes for less services, Higher utilities while using less electricity, Higher food cost for a lesser quality food, Higher health care costs for less personalized care. Where is all the money going? It is being taken from my pocket at both ends. Where is it all going? I am sure when I do more work for less pay and pay more for less goods the lost money is going somewhere. I know its not in my pocket. Where the F is it going. Cutting the millitary pay is a bad idea.

    • FireBugg

      i agree Dave this is the kind of situations that is creating higher debt totals. Soon the will be wondering why so many get out of the military and work 3 jobs just to pay taxes and bills and at the end of week maybe have 10 bucks left over
      by far means cut military pay and benifits is a cruel thing to dom especially when there is laws stating we have to have medical insurance .Thanks Mr. President can u help me pay that extra cost after i get a pay cut. Is there a bill passed stating that the legislature and all those are on a set amount and cant be cut well they should look into that and start there they take anymore from us we will have to go back to wild wild west days.

  • Nate USN vet

    How about we cut foreign aid to terrorist countries as well as the elaborate dinners and entertainment that high ranking government officials get from our tax dollars.

  • FireBugg

    Well what is funny is we supply all these 3rd world countrys with resources that cost billions just to come back and fight them due to lack of realizing hey we are a bank that keeps on giving but we need to cut the pay of soldiers that give OUR lives to the wars that reflect on the leadership that sits in a office to tell these young men and women hey do ur job i need your money to pay for the soon to be enemys resources WAKE UP stop giving and start budgetting our own resources so a small guy like my self can help budget my family of 5s household bills and not have to get 4 jobs cause the military took my electric bill away from us or tell my kids hey we have to eat roman noodles again daddy has to pay rent all i ask is the political powers figure out a better way to bring in billions instead of hurting us little troops

  • AF Vet

    This country is being run by idiots. Like to see those who think about cutting military pay and benefits spend 20-30 years being shot at, away from their families, use same health benefits as us, etc etc. That would shut the dumb idiots up. I say cut congress’s pay, make them live on what we get for pay and benefits. These days it is balance the budget on the ehads of the military and retired.

    • Chuck B,

      Get rid the the ones in Washington now with no benefits or retirement see how they like it, the get nothing because they did nothing.

  • Sentrosi83

    I wonder how long it will be before the people in the military stop serving and when drafted, refuse….going so far as to take jail over serving. I also wonder when people will take back their power that is theirs. Is is still “We the people…” right? Not “We the government…”?

  • sandy

    If anyone has any ideas on how to get rid of these politions, get them out of office and change the give them everything free polices. PLEASE let me know. I’ll be first in line. Seems like we have know choice. WE are screwed!

  • Scott

    I know everyone’s up in arms about this, and it’s upsetting. I also know what I’m about to say is going to tick a lot of people off. The problem is no one wants to make any sacrifices in this country anymore. It’s all about what’s best for me. I see it over and over again. Union workers who would rather see their company close it’s doors and go out of business than tighten their belts and take a 50 cent per hour pay cut. The seniors who have the multi-billion dollar AARP lobby working congress to make sure they never have to cut back on anything themselves. Let the future generations worry about it. Stock owners who move factories to other countries to get 3 cents more back per share, not caring about the lost jobs here. The president having to promise (and follow through with) no new taxes to be able to wage war and avoid intense public backlash. That, by the way, is the first time in the history of this country that the citizens haven’t been asked to help out and make some type of sacrifice to aid the war effort. We in the military are the same way. Don’t cut my pay or my benefits, let someone else make the sacrifice.

    • Dennis Habern

      There is a sense of truth in what most commenters have imparted.

      If Congress is determined to cut military pay and benefits, then to make

      the playing field equal, reduce the $174,000.00 annual salary of most

      Congressman, to $50,000.00, the salary of a Master Sergeant in the

      Air Force. In addition, Congressman do not receive an automatic

      pension, tax-free for serving at least two-years, and they are no longer

      eligible to receive health benefits similiar to military retirees. Also,

      term limits of 8 years for Senators and House members; eliminate

      career status to mirror the President’s maximum authorization.

      In order for Congress and the President to maintain a cognizant

      understanding of the complexities of our country, return the DRAFT

      to its place of honor so that every eligible American, male and female,

      graduating from high school have a vested interest in their country, and

      the individuals that do not want to comply with these rules, then they

      will be sent to defined areas to learn what “TOUGH LOVE” means.

    • BKW

      Scott how much more should I sacrafice for my country. I am always in pain do to injuries while serving that was never taken care of do to the poor medical, Do to the high stress and then the high pain I now have heart problems. I was promised for all those 21 years a life of medical care and my military retirement. They took the military medical away 1 year before I retired. So I have to see a civilian Dr. when the military should have taken beter care of me while I was serving. I would not be in the shape I am now. I am only 53. Now you want me to give, or sacrifice how much more. First let me see the polititions, and then the top military leaders give. Then I will see what I might be willing to do.

  • Scott

    My grandfather and the rest of his generation volunteered to go to war and fight for this country. They didn’t do it because they saw a reward coming down the line. They did it because they loved their country and were willing to do whatever they could for it. Those that couldn’t volunteer made many other sacrifices (gas/food rations, electricity conservation, giving up products that they needed and used every day, volunteering, etc.). I can’t see our generation ever making those sacrifices. The fact of the matter is, there are sacrifices that need to be made and they have to come from somewhere. This country is in rough shape right now and it’s because we are so spoiled and unwilling to sacrifice even the smallest amount for the greater good. If everyone just made some sacrifices, select groups wouldn’t have to make enormous ones. Just listen to all the different groups whine about how they shouldn’t have to be the ones to sacrifice. They already did their part. The truth is, if you didn’t have to give something up, it wouldn’t be a sacrifice.

    • GIJODY

      Let me ask you this Scott, is serving multiple tours of 6-19 months at a time overseas away from family, spouse, and children, missing their anniveresaries, birthdays, births and deaths, while living on a paycheck that as often as not won’t even pay all of the monthly bills NOT enough of a sacrifice for you?

    • Fed Up

      The problem with this thinking is that it’s almost always the people who can least afford it making the sacrifices. The politicians and their wealthy cronies find ways to avoid sacrifice. Additionally, maybe the sacrifices would not be necessary, if we would use the billions of taxpayers’ dollars, that are given away every year, at home.

  • ArmyCW4

    When I retire the government will “means test” my retirement in order to keep my social security money. If anyone needs a “means test” it those in Congress.

    They all need to go and we need term limits. No more retiring out of Congress.

    The only ones who serve our country, wears a uniform.

  • Army NG SSG

    Cut our pay huh? Lets see where can we make cuts that doesn’t involve hurting the soldiers (enlisted and officer) who serve this country?

    Let me start with DTS (DUMB TRAVEL SYSTEM): Why should someone pay $500 to fly to the other side of the country (NY to Cali), when they could book the same flight themselves for a few hundred less?

    Next lets cut all politicians pay, cap it at $100k a year, and have to serve 20 years to get a retirement check, and while we are at it, lets cut their retirement pay to half what they made while they were ‘active’. This is what is done to our military retirement pay, so lets make them (the politicians) subject to same rules.

    Now I’m all for helping the less fortunate, blind and disabled, but why should I buy a flat panel monitor from the industries for the b**** for $500, when I can go to one of the many retail stores and pick it up for $200?

    While we are at it, lets stop giving money to all these countries with natural disasters, if they can’t afford to save their own people, tough s**t. This is America and we need to worry about our own problems, not the rest of the worlds. When was the last time Haiti, or Indonesia, or Mali or timbuktu did anything for America? When will they pay back these ‘loans’? Wait they can’t, because they are bankrupt…

    They (the government) is suppose to be “FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE” but all they are for is their fat bank accounts. It’s the corporations that run this country, not the elected officials. It’s the foreign nationals and countries that run this country. How is it that we owe 4.5 Trillion dollars to the Chinese? The Chinese, at one time were out biggest enemies (and to a certain point, still are) and yet we ‘OWE’ them 4.5 Trillion Dollars… WTF is wrong with that?

    We need serious change in this country, we need to go back the the values that this country was founded on over 235+ years ago. We need to close our borders and devote our time and effort into making this country great again, Not policing the world.

    • raymond

      I agree with you.

    • Dave

      AMEN Brother!!

  • Edward

    The politicians could care less about what those who have guaranteed them their plosh life styles and retirement benefits. They rub our noses in the fact that they will never change and will continue screwing us any way they can.
    I agree with every comment on these pages but alas, politicians will never change…kinda like the leaders of some third world countries that have been exploiting their people for decades…right?

  • F Adams

    I served this country for 40 years in the military and DOD Police Force. Medical guarantees were the only reason I decided on a career in the military. When I entered the service my great financial reward was $92.00 per month. Our fanatic assheads in Washington now want to give our country away and we are letting them do it. They have padded the pockets of illegals and enemies of the United States to gain their support and votes without regard for those loyal Americans that have given everything to bring us this far. I would like to see our military quicken the demise of our country by just turning and walking away and let our great leaders figure out a way to protect their behinds when they become the hunted and their security is no longer at hand. Time to awaken the Sleeping Giant.

    • Dennis Habern

      That is one way to put it, or better yet, a military government to

      replace the one that the moron in the White House in COMMANDER

      IN CHIEF of. We need a march on Washington to take back our

      country. Therefore, any organizers please contact me when the

      march will commence.

  • sambeaux

    I was stupid enough to retire at 20 and go back to work for government and retire again. Cost me SS dollars. Its really hard to find a way each of us can effect the change. Myself I promote and support voting NO to all taxes, new or renewal. Once there is enough of us, they will listen. I’m glad I’m old.

  • Batman*69

    you have got to be kidding me!!!! Our politicians are the leaders who have gotten us into this mess. Between the deployments, the killings, the suicides, the surgeries, and all the heartaches AND headaches that the next generation will look forward to, our generation will have to pay for all of this by giving up our pay and benefits while they sit back and screw the working man again, un-f@#$ing-believeable!!! Honestly, we are a BIG working force and they do this with because of cutbacks and whatnots…….

  • Al Cooper

    Log in to where? Login to what? My comments as a guest were erased. even as this will probably be. When I tried the “verify page” sent to the email, it didn’t work.

  • Unhappy_VET

    I have a few ideas to share:Why is it that not everyone pays federal income tax? The IRS reportsthat 43% of households paid last year for 100% of the population. Takein to consideration that 20% of the 43% claimed the Earned IncomeCredit(EIC) and other deductions. The EIC claim netted households onaverage $3-6K above and beyond what they paid in to the system. WTF?If you add that windfall to the other state and federal aid that theyreceive these people make more being “poor” than the rest of us working2 jobs with a 20 year military “retirement”. REFORM…REFORM…REFORM!Cut out redundancy and make Americans be Americans not selfish leacheson our society. If you are an undocumented ILLEGAL alien in this country you will begiven 45 days to registered with you local government office fornaturalization and for taxpaying purposes. If you fail to do so by day46, you and your family will be immediately deported. All bordersshould be on lock down and only those with a need/right to be in the USof A should be allowed entry. Illegal’s are a drain on our society. Ipay higher taxes, higher medical, higher vehicle insurance all becauseof the FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS inability to control our borders. Government contractor spending is out of control! Take a good look atthe contract war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Kellogg, Brown, and Root(KBR) a subsidiary of Haliburton (Special Interest: Dick Cheney). Thisone company was given hundreds of millions of dollars per year tooperate base infrastructures such as lodging and mess halls andlogistics work for convoys and base support in the AOR. They weregetting paid excessively!Case-in-point…a breakfast meal stateside for a soldier would cost onaverage $2.35. The same breakfast meal provided by KBR in the AOR was$23. Lunch and dinner were significantly more…sometimes even toppingout as high as $75. Did any one want to stop this? Hell no! Thepoliticians were in bed with Haliburton through special and personalinterests. For those of us that were PROMISED free medical and dental for ourselvesand family for life…what do you say we bond together and fire off aclass action lawsuit to the DoD? The US Supreme Court knows factuallythat these promises were made. A verbal contract is a binding contract.I say WE put the squeeze on and watch the squirming ensue. The American Civil War was fought for a lot less than the current issuesplaguing our once great country. A march on DC is just the thing toshow the world and the politicians how serious we are and what the”VOICE OF THE PEOPLE” is saying…DEMOCRACY at its finest. As our financial woes continue The United States of American growsweaker and more tired. With so many foreign interests holdings oursecurities it is only a matter of time before we are invaded on our ownsoil. Good citizens if you don’t already own arms and ammunition thetime that you will need them IS fast approaching…to fight ALLenemies…FOREIGN and DOMESTIC. GOD BLESS YOU MY FRIENDS AND WHAT WE HAVE LEFT.

    • oifoefvet

      Saying my comments too long…not as long as this…yet so true!

  • Tim O’Connor

    I served in Vietnam from (68-71), after three tries, filing for my Disability & Compensation, and yes (41 yrs. ) later, I just received a decent percentage for my (PTSD), I am waiting on my (UI), which I filed several months ago. I haven’t worked for many, many years, as many of my brothers. Its about time, we organize, a Peaceful March (Protest), on washington, DC, and let our elected politicians & President see exactly how us active & retirees feel about them cutting our promised benefits. There are so many of us just from the Vietnam Era, I’m more than sure, the (News-People) will have a feel day, selling newspapers. If Washington wants to save money, stop wasting it on, there prized contractors, elected politicians, and many some of our so called Brave (Generals), just might consider taking a Pay-Cut themselves! ! When we enlisted in the service, we didn’t ask our country (why), we went & fought there wars 13,000 miles away, just as our men & women are doing today. I pray that our president leaves our benefits alone & as well as our Health Care at our Veterans Hospitals, we need financial help as well as physical help also. Hopefully we can get together & put together a Peaceful, March & soon, remember, election time is coming, please write or contact your local representatives & president, May God-Bless To All. Tim

  • Frank

    I was in the Army for 24 years. my pay was $62.00 as a PVT1 then went to $65.00 as a PVT2, when I got out as a E7 I was making good money, not great as the outside world was, spent three tours in Vietnam and six tours in Korea. I am still waiting for a Congress person or a Senator who supports what the Military stands for, all they do is bitch about it, but let a goof off of a Pres like young George Bush start a war and tghey have nothing to say about it, it is still the military’s fault because we didn’t ge the job done quick enough for them. The only people making money on a war are the people in high places as they don’t want the war to stop, they just do a lot of talking about it. Want to cut the budget, start at the top with the President, VP, Congress, Senators and all of there aids, you could save thrillions of dollars a year, they don’t need it, they don’t do anything but talk and blame everyone else. At least we in the military can honestly said we earn our money and didn’t do a lot of talking to get it

  • sergio

    We are the biggest contributor to the United Nations and IMF. Both of these organizations are abject failures, run by socialist anti-american idiots.
    It is time we reduce our monetary and military assistance to equal that of the rest of our so called partners.
    This alone will save us billions annually. Now since we are busy and our brave are dying in battles around the world, why are we sending help to the europeans in Lybia. Their only purpose for being there is their investment in that countrys oil, remember the deal made by Gadaffi and BP and the british government to release the terrorist Lockerby bomber in exchange for an oil deal?
    Its time we tell these incompetent socialist contries that they need to go it alone.

  • Rob

    What do you expect from a h0m0-lover


    Yeah, I wonder how many Admirals and Generals will get cut. I ‘ll bet their pay and bennies will not suffer.

    • Dennis Habern

      Just because you are talking about Generals and Admirals, all

      ranks across the board, if cuts are implemented, will feel the pinch,

      both active and retired, but personally, I do not think cuts will transpire,

      but I do believe that there will be no raises, anywhere in the Federal

      Government, for at least 5 years. Reducing pay and benefits is a

      touchy subject that most politicians do not want to approach, similar to

      the immigration issue, it is career detrimental.

  • scott

    I’m late adding my 2 cents. lets cut congressional retirement which is full pay after just one term. WTF think they will make that sacrifice? In the midst of serving i the field lets cut your pay and say thanks for serving.

    • Les

      Scott like so many others you have no idea what you are talking about when you refer to congressional retirement. You blindly repeat untrue crap that flies around on emails without bothering to learn the truth. If americans would take the time to seek the truth instead of listening to B.S this country might unite and do something constructive. Please do your research next time.

  • Angelo F. Abarca

    My father was a WWI veteran and all six of us brothers served. Two of us retired with more than 20+ years. Our three sisters married Navy men and one died at Pearl Harbor. Never heard any disparaging remarks about our service even though there were times… Pay was not an issue even in the ’30s & ’40s. We made due . It appears that some of the senior ossifers are going the way of elected protrusions. Why do Congress and the Senate only have to be in office six years to be eligible for benefits that ALL of us pay for? If the military had personnel that scr—-d the pooch they would be gone overnigght. Leave the military families alone and stop giving our $$$ away to
    those that we sooner or later have to fight. Angelo Abarca

  • Col USMC (ret)

    Watch for Mullen to be appointed to a cushy job by Obama shortly after retirement. Mullen has been drinking the Obama Kool-Aid from day one.

    • Dennis Habern

      Mullen is a yes man, the same as Patraeus, neither of which do I

      have respect for.

  • bobd45

    Too bad neither one has the guts to say that b4 there are cuts to military pay and benefits; we should stop all support to illegal immigrants in this country that are draining billions each year from the Federal government and each state. That would take guts and integrity. Yet, they are willing to hurt the men and women that defend/defended this country.

    • Tailhook77

      Best calculations are that $350+ BILLION (Net) PER Year paid out to Illegals:
      WHY ARE WE BANKRUPT? Informative, and mind boggling!

      You think the war in Iraq is costing us too much? Read this:

      Boy, was I confused. I have been hammered with the propaganda that it is the Iraq war and the war on terror that is bankrupting us.
      I now find that to be RIDICULOUS.

      I hope the following 14 reasons are forwarded over and over again until they are read so many times that the reader gets sick of reading them. I also have included the URL’s for verification of all the following facts..

      1. $11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens each year by state gov ernments. Verify at: zob77

      2. $2.2 Billion dollars a year is spent on food assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens.
      Verify at:

  • Dick

    How about we stop giving the bucks away to all the freeloaders in the US, that should free up millions!

    • Tailhook77


  • H Edwards

    This what happens when you install a “community organizer” as the CIC and fill the halls of congress with lawyers.

  • Tailhook77

    I guess it’s OK with Admiral Milk-It to reduce pay & benes because he’s already got HIS!

    The mark of a true leader is that they take care of their troops.

    Shame on you “ring-thumper” Mullen.

    How RU A.H.’s going to fight a war if no one volunteers?

    I volunteered in ’63 B4 I started my Junior year in college (when ships still had wood and true men were of steel)………… Adm Milk-It has forgotten!


    If they cut our retired benefits, which I see as crazy, then have then cut the retired benefits of all the senators and representatives the same percentage. I’ll bet that won’t fly.

  • Disabled Veteran


    We bled for you. We spilled blood for you. Stop sucking us dry.

  • Gary

    yeah, lets lower the standard of living even more for the retirees and disabled vets, who are not only too old to work but also in too bad of shape to keep a job to supplement their pay… We barely get by on our retirement now….How are we going to survive with the cost of living going up and our income going down…

  • Allen Lewis

    You got it WarVet. Im investing in silver and lead . Silver to barter with and lead to protect my investment :)

  • Ron Whiteman

    They’ve been bought off by the Progressives? Give me a break. And you just noticed that all those clowns with stars on their shoulders have been playing politics? Have you been in a cave. There isn’t one single admiral or general who didn’t get where he/she is without playing politics. Have you ever noticed their 7/8/9 rows of ribbons and medals? Where’d they get those? Even the ones who served in peacetime have ’em. As for the grunts out on the line, most of them don’t get squat. As for pay, these frauds collect more $$ in bennies and base pay than an E-8/E-9 earns in two years. Sorry, but most senior enlisted carry their senior officers, and most junior NCOs carry their boot O-1s, 2s, and 3s. Most senior officers happen to be Republican and put a lot of pressure on their junior officers and enlisted to vote their way…ever notice that the TV station of choice on most bases is Fox? So get off your ridiculous soapbox. No one believes that crap about them being progressive. There aren’t many progressive officers out there and the ones who are are smart enough to keep their mouths shut…I’d recommend the same.

    • Willard

      Ron, you nailed it down! They are the same kind of top dogs that followed the leader (Uncle Adolf) and brought their country to defeat and ruin. Same mindless mindset. And indeed it is the senior NCO’s that keep things together not the above that have forgotten the oat that they and we all took when we enlisted. Retired or not we are keeping the faith.

  • P. R. Atrooper

    It seems like a convenient route for politicians (both Democrat and Republican) to alleviate their burdons by placing them on the shoulders of those of us who have made and are making the sacrifices, i.e. our youth, our health…and in many cases, our lives. I would wager my retirement pay for one year against 5 dollars that I could cut a billion dollars over the same time period by the end of the day without touching the base pay of one soldier or the pension of one retiree. Given a years time to look into the issue and a staff that would cost relatively nothing in comparison…I’n sure I can find another 399 Billion…but again…there are those sacred cows that cost much and contribute nothing.

  • Admiral Mullins and Secretary Gates should lead the way and take an exceptional paycut to their salaries and benefits. The other branches of government should fall in line right behind them. BUT, leave those of us who have already put our lives on the line repeatedly ALONE! Some of us are already in our dotage (or soon will be) and we’re finding it hard to make ends meet as it is! And for those of you who say that we in the military have it too good, why don’t (didn’t) you join us. Didn’t you want to “fear for your life” often as most of us have who made the military a career? Twenty years plus of military/military type service is equivalent to twice that of most civilian jobs, but hey don’t compare, join us and be rewarded with ever decreasing pay and benefits as we!


     It appears to me that the cuts in pay and benefits should first begin with the Bureaucrats that got us into the wars the American Fighting Men and Women are ingaged in, not to those doing the dirty work. These men and women signed a contract to place their lives on the line and the lives of their families on hold to defend freedom in what was once the greatest country in the world and this is what they get in return. Let those who vote in favor of these cuts serve the next tour of duty in a war zone on the front lines. Let them come back battered, bruised, or maimed and see how they feel about having someone sitting in the freedom and comfort of Washington making cuts to their pay and benefits.

    • Dennis Habern

      The problem in Washington, is the fact that we retirees do not have

      a strong enough voice or lobby to fight against these liberalcats, if

      you follow, and our military lobbyists are not at liberty to adequately

      represent us for fear of losing their positions. It is too bad that

      Donald Trump is not running for the presidency next year, because

      we need some new blood to shake-up the establishment, and Trump

      would do it. Let’s hope that he reconsiders to run as an Independent.

  • John O

    I’m somewhat glad that I am 83 after serving in WWII, Korea ans Nam (1 & 1/2 tours. Being 83 I don’t have to put with this crap much longer. I’ll just go to Fort Sam and rest knowing that I can’t get screwed any more. I just worry abouhow what my wife will get on her SBP.

    • Johnny

      You are one of my heros!


  • Hal

    Sure go ahead and cut my retired pay and benefits. After you Admiral, and all those politicians. You lead and I will follow. I don’t believe you are tough enough to walk in my shoes or those of my fellow service members and retirees.

  • Grant A. Knight

    Mullen (and Gates) seem to overlook longstanding committments made in terms of pay and allowances. Reality is an all volunteer force is expensive and the use of contractors (and awarding hefty and inflated contracts to those “merchants of death”) has further driven-up DOD costs. That being said, having served during draft and volunteer eras (I am an Army retiree) followed by civilian service as a DAC, I have seeen incredible waste. Lets honor commitments, re-look for FUTURE service members how we pay and compensate them, take a realistic look at procurement sytems that are funded , do something about incredible and endemic cost-over-runs, and cut out the tremendous waste that exist…because it does. Alsdo, though it solves no immediate problem, stop the scenario where flag rank officers retire. go to work for major contractors, and ensure their new civilian masters get some pretty great contracts. THis is a hell of a time to suggest trimming cots my victimizing those who are serving in wartime, and those who have served. All to easy for a well-paid 4-star to suggest such changes!!!!

  • nick

    The Admi­rals and Gen­er­als get better ben­e­fits that a cut would not hurt their retirement. The military is a retirement system that people really work hard for their retirement.

  • denver hill

    seems about right he retiring so he suggest things like this to screw all the
    people that has worked for him.we need to quit volunteering and make it so the draft comes back and see how that sats with the powers to be when their
    children have to go make the sacirfice and die for those useless slobs in dc.

  • jim

    Since he is such a high rank, does this include his retirement pay, how about all these Generals and Admirals, that retire and go to work for these big companies and still draw their retirement pay, have it offset like you treat disabled veterans with less than 20 years, or cut congress’s pay and benefits, they only have to serve 2 years and they get benefits for life, or better yet quit giving billions of dollars to these countries that screw us over.

    • Dennis Habern

      I really do not care what type of positions that these ex-Generals and

      ex-Admirals after they retire. That is a story of another color. But

      what really matters is the fact that Congress thinks it is perfectly in

      order to admonish the active an retiree pay and benefits, without

      incurring the same deductions. Does this sound American to you,

      or do our Congressman believe that they are above having to suffer

      any cuts to their pay or benefits? I would venture an educated guess,

      that today, 99% of our Congressman, have never worn the uniform,

      excluding Senator Kerry. Ha!!

  • Bob Hullinger

    What a shock! Another senior officer with a hundred grand a year salary suggesting fing the troops is an acceptable way to solve the problems caused by the corrupt politicians who appointed him.

    The collapse of America is inevitable and men like Mullen and Gates are leading the decline. These “leaders” are a disgrace to military men and women past and present. How can a countries military continue you to excel when our so called leaders surrender to antimilitary politicians at every turn.

    It’s a national disgrace that individuals like Gates and Mullen pretend to represent the best interests of the American military and yet speak out to betray everyone who has ever served. There is only one word that can properly describe men of such low character…traitors.


    Why not start in congress. Lets them start paying social security tax, federal tax,state tax and all the other taxes. Why do they get a retirement check after one trm? How about a pay cut for them. Start from the top, why hurt the service member who already is honorabley serving there country in foreign land, FOR OUR FREEDOM…YOU FORGET
    Wake up america. This country isn’t going to last long. Especially with people like that in charge.
    What ever happen to take care of our own first?
    Another political BS job.

    Semper Fi
    Ret GySgt USMC

    • Dennis Habern

      Hey Gunny, as an ex-marine, we need to maintain a march on

      Washington and take our country back from these unappreciative


  • David Tasler

    I don’t know if I can do that I served 20 1/2 yrs and want all of my retirement . I’m 100 % V.A. disabled I get ssi disability also it taskes everything just to make ends meet

  • JLV

    Let’s start by cutting the number of General/Flag Officers in all the branches of service. There were less General/Flag Officers in WWII then in Vietnam or now, and we won that war. Now we have more overpaid “intellectuals” and what have we won lately?

  • David Stickley, Phd.

    Tell the Admiral to go take a fucking flying leap off a very atll building. I say lets take away his pay.

  • Gordon MSG(R)

    I served my country for just over 20 years and retired at the rank of MSG/E-8 and was always proud of what I accomplished. My son with 2 tours in the sand and soon to have 14 years in may be discharged due to a gunshot to the knee. He’ll probably get 30% disability and a handshake. Here they want to cut pay, benefits and retirement because of the drawdown but during the highlight of the war they were paying $20,000.00 to sign on to fight. Our Bull S&%t Gov. needs a drastic ass kicking starting at the top. Didn’t they just get a huge raise and for what? The African Americans marched on Dc and got what they deserved, the women marched on Dc and got what they deserved, The gay rights activivce mached and oh well, hey it’s time the Veterans did the same and march on DC. Pick a day and I’ll be there! We need to let them know just how we feel. Remember the Disabled Veterans marched on DC to get VA benifits started. LETS ROLL!!!

    • Dennis Habern

      I am with you. Let’s get organized. They did it in Egypt, they did it

      in Tunisia, they did it is Libya and other places, therefore why can’t

      we approach the same mentality to accomplish the same thing and

      take back our country from the mean witches of the east that reside

      in Washinton, D.C.

  • Pat

    A nation that turns it back on its warriors is doomed to fail.

  • Tired of this crap

    What do we expect when we have a Muslim sympathizer in the White House who is determined to weaken this country as much as he can while he is there. Every day it seems we are trying to take things away from the people that have committed a life time to the freedom of this county while developing more programs that give free money to all the people that are too Damn lazy to work! This country is so upside down that I’m confident that this so called President will be voted back in office. For those of you who vote for him be prepared for this great country to be continually weakened.

    • Dennis Habern

      Obama is a Socialism sympathizer and this is the usual path that

      they follow, because it is easier to turn the other cheek

      as they do not know how to deviate to face reality. In addition, the

      election of Obama shows the stupity of the American politity that

      blatantly marched to the polls and voted for this moron, especially

      the minorities that will continue to vote for such a creature in order

      to remain on the teat of the Welfare State.

      • Dennis Habern

        Don’t bother!!

  • Always-a-Liffer

    Ok folks, remember The U S Military is the largest consumer of American
    goods & services. I bet the military towns remember.

  • Tony

    This country asked our service members to go to war in every freakin country in the world, many have given the ultimate sacrifice and others life have been changed forever, and now they want to cut pay and benefits. What a disgrace. How about we cut the trips this administration takes because that cost an arm and a leg. All these fruitless stimulus deals cooked up by this administration were a joke. Now use tax payer money to go on a campaign tool and tell more lies to get the votes – FORGET IT – you can fool some of the people some of the times, but you aren’t fooling us any more. The military is all that is great in this country now. I’m tried of being told what I can eat, how much I can weigh, how much money I can have and the list goes on……..NO MORE. This is AMERICA and I have God given rights that this administration wants control of. VOTE HIM OUT IN 2012.

  • Jesse

    Cut the military spending and you will have a Military unable to defend this country, stop helping every to bit country and that money could go elsewhere. I’ve been there don that for 20 years with a year in Vietnam. Who do they think will take up arms and lay it all on the line. Maybe we need to make those in Washington spend a year in harms way, live the solders every day life. You will see a different approach to it, Maybe they need to cut what we pay for President’s, and all political types, with the same salary as what our military gets, with the same retirement, less say the President would get what our top General gets now and there pay would be cut down two grades and all other elected official would not get a starting pay of an E-5 and each time they were re-elected they would jump one pay grade up to more that a E-9’s. No more serve four years and get full pay, You get what the military gets or you stay at home. We need people who want to serve this grate country that a few are trying to tare down. We pay our President a good chunk of change because in our early years we had a President who became homeless after his term had ended. They now make millions once they leave office and some /most make that kind of money from books they wrote before winning the office of President of our Grate Country. It’s time to wake up America, we are paying of people in Washington too much, they live like kings and they want to pay those of us who go into harms way. I do not think so. Talk to your Congressman / Senators, tell them you want changes, I think that would make a few people wake up, A Vietnam Vet, 20yrs Active, 21 yrs as a (DVOP) helping Veterans find Job one the returned from service or lost a joy, .

  • Rob

    You know this is F$%KED UP!! Where are the calls to CUT the pay of Civilian Contractors!! HUH?! We need to cut the amount of money paid to Contracts and Contractors for the DoD first before we start cutting the Servicemembers! I mean what are these idiots doing up there. Old stupid idiots running this country and her military!

  • SSGMcGrory

    This is not the first time Military Pay and Benefits have been cut. I understand the reason why. But I would be a lot Happier about it if the economy wasn’t destroyed on purpose by our so called leaders. Most of which I wouldn’t follow to the latrines even if I had to go. As leaders they should start the cuts in the nice high paying government jobs and civilian jobs which pay many times ours. Starting with the president and congress. After they have cut the nonmilitary jobs to military levels then start on us. Oh I forgot we do not have a UNION! so we don’t count. Thank God we still have a vote for the moment.

  • janehls

    What I learned in my MHRM classes cutting pay is a lazy lazy way at looking at a problem without truly evaluating the organization e.g. purchases, what reductions will mean and the total long term outcome. It is very short term thinking that comes with a lot of consequences. Question is the government considering selling off, merging or completely downsizing the military? With that in mind does Mullen believe he is CEO of a civilian corporation?

  • John in Orlando

    I would do my part and sacrifice with pay and benefit cuts… but I learned one thing in my military career… waste, fraud and abuse is and will continue to be out of control. Pay and benefit cuts is the easiest thing to do and not one corporation and not one lobby will object. We give our youth to this country and do things and go places that most citizens in their right mind would never consider. And this is our thanks from a grateful nation?

  • Jodi Campbell

    I want to know in what job, in what industry, in what field of expertise do you get a full retirement after just one year? One is lucky to get a weeks vacation!! Our troops and their families are the true ones that serve their country. Congress and and senate serve themselves!!! Mr. Mullen seems to have jumped ship. How Admirable of you!

  • Maybe we should call all our troops back home from Iraq and Afghanistan and send over our windbag generals, admirals and congressmen and congresswomen for a few months…send along a special team to record the event, provide them with the same pay, food and accommodations, give them the same mission and on the same pay for a few months…I would love to see them cut the pay and benefits of the foot soldier after they had soaked up some blood, sweat and tears.

    • Dennis Habern

      In theory, the idea is commendable, but in order for this complex

      problem to be solved, bring back the DRAFT so that every eligible

      American, male and female have a vested interest in our country.

  • Carl

    This is how I see it. I retired from active duty after 23 years. I deployed enough times to know what our enemies look like. Where we need to cut money is in future spending on weaponry not pay and benefits. We have the most advanced weaponry and what we need are the people to execute orders to act! It’s time to quit worrying about being politically correct. It’s time to shoot to kill and be done with these so called conflicts and bring our men and women home.
    My father is turning in his grave with the whole gays in the miliotary bull%^$t!

  • Brian C Winter

    Here is an idea….in every congressional district of America we should get as many military retirees as we can to run for Congress…and the only promise they should make to the public is that they will vote to recind all the guarenteed retirement that Congress has now!



  • B. Dale

    Could I once….just once…..hear Congress talk about cuts to their pay and benefits?

  • Alan, USN ret

    Realizing the nation must make sacrifices after decades of spending more than we have, I am willing to participate: as soon as politicians must serve a minumum of 20 years in Congress, the Senate or the White House to get ANY retirement, as soon as they vote pay cuts for themselves, and when programs, like welfare and federal aid for local stuff are cut too. The “promise ’em anything when we are going to war” drum roll, followed by “awwwwww, we can’t really afford to pay those bills” mentality is going to cause untold harm to our nation. Has anyone considered that we have been at war — shooting war, regardless of what they call it — for 35 of the last 50 years? These have been wars that we have no guts for winning and just keep modulating our involvement for political purposes. And the costs continue to mount up and add to the deficit. Our politicians have gotten us into those conflicts and can get us out. That may save a buck or two.

  • Marine

    Does anyone actually do the “math” before they open their mouth. Cutting $400 billion from the Defense budget by 2023 is around $33 billion per year. This is less than a 5% cut in the total annual US DoD budget (without adjusting for inflation). I’m quite certain that size of a reduction can be achieved without the drastic measure of cutting active and retired pay and benefits. Why is it when any government agency is asked to reduce spending. The first cuts proposed are always the ones that will hurt the most… (Okay, yeah I know.., its because they will garner the most media attention!)
    Come on Adm Mullen, step up to home plate, its your turn to hit a long ball. Propose real and achieveable cuts that will have the least impact on the troops and their families. Remember, if we do what is right for our troops, then by default we do what is right for our country.

  • KLS

    I say cut military retirement pay and cut senate and congress pay twice as much. That I would support.

  • Ken

    Every member currently serving should put in paperwork for early separation if they want to pursue this chain of thinking. Maybe that would get the point across to leave pay and benefits alone.

  • calegore

    Instead of cutting the pay of military, we could save an enormous amount
    of money and lives if we brought home those in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN,
    and stopped paying PAKISTAN. The money saved with my suggestion
    would top any cuts in military pay…

  • Noble

    This does not make any scense at all:
    1) Our President use our money bailing out the rich company
    2) We continue to pay for Illegal Immigrant come to United States and continue to have more babies and stay on welfare and we are the one that pick up the bills for this ********.
    3). Our goverment give education free funds to Foreign students for attending school here in United States
    4). Th elist just go on and on.

    Thank you, to our man and women who work hard to serve and fight for our country for our FREEDOM. You all DESERVE ALL THE RESPECT!!! Why hurt and punish our services memeber .


    • Dennis Habern

      What you fail to realize, is the fact that the average American citizen

      has no power to retaliate against the critters in Washington known as

      Congressmen, know this. What is required is a stronger lobby in

      Washington that will battle for we retirees. Perhaps a Congressional

      Admendment would be appropriate to eliminate Congress from

      cutting any pay or benefits. It seems to me that Congress already

      has that guarantee, without a Congressional Amendment being

      implemented for them. I am adament to the way Congress is held to such

      high esteem for never having to wear the uniform of the country

      that they represent.

  • Glen

    Military folks ,active, reserves, and retired should not have to be forced into having their pay and benefits reduced in anyway. The military community is now tasked with more difficult tasks than in many years. It is through the patriotic acts of these folks that we can live in a country with freedoms. These folks should be the very last to have pay and benefits cut!

  • Chuck

    I Serve 20 years in the Marine corps and I’m piss that they want to cut are retirement pay and benfits. I get 50% of my base pay from 1997 and was making it month by month but since this president came into office my pay went down 50.00 a month because they change the tax rate to take more money out. and with no cost o living increase over the last 2 years. so now they want to take more cause they cant control their own budget when they tell us we need to tighten are belt. but these a** wont even take a paycut, but give them self a pay raise and cost of livving increase, why do you think they raise the president pay to 400, 000.00 dollard a year so they can raise their pay more, all they care about is their pocket

  • James Stump

    WOW!!! America supports Mexico fighting the drug cartel-$1 billion a year. We support illegal immigration over 15 million- BILLIONS EACH YEAR. BILLIONS of dollars in Aid to countries that want to destroy us. People in Washington that get better pay and health care than the soldiers. The President spends more money flying around the world-in US trying for the next election. Sorry ! These people want to turn America into a Socialist state so they can tell us what to do and give us what they don’t need. LETS TAKE AMERICA BACK FOLKS. Only two terms inf Washington for these ? maybe they are there for the people not for their personal gain,they forget their job. What if we forgot ours as military men-women. Forget Mullen he is a Gates and Obama KA not willing to fight for the military.

  • Ron Riley

    Screw investing in the stock market. Better be buying guns and bullets. The time is coming when they will be needed in America.

    • Dennis Habern

      Me thinks you are correct, my friend, especially with the a Muslim

      sympathizer sitting in the White House attempting to direct traffic

      like a common cop.

  • MSG, Ret., USAR

    After an active duty tour in the old Womens’ Army Corps, I spent another 19 years in the Army Reserve, always going on a 2-week (or more) active duty tour each year. The military spends a huge amount of money on these active duty tours for reservists, sometimes flying them to foreign countries, to a conference on Waikiki Beach, or to other “boondoggle” assignments. Let’s send most of them to the U.S.-Mexico border, where they can serve for comparatively little cost and for a dual purpose–stemming the tide of drugs and illegal aliens, thus saving the U.S. huge amounts of money in other areas also. Training areas could be set up for rifle practice, various specialties training (including that for officers), etc., while the reservist is not busy at the border. And there’s lots of sand there so they can practice for our future invasions.

  • Adriaan N Roggeveen

    And so it goes. Too bad the Admiral and Mr. GAtes didn’t say that when they took their appointments, spent all the money on “Goose Chases” and now wants thsoe who had to do the chasing, to pay. What a Great Nation of Leaders we had. You remember don’t you? When “The Accomplishment of the Objective and the “Welfare of the Troops” were the most Important Duties and Responsibilities of their Leaders.

    It has happened after every war this, and other , countries have fought. The rich get richer and the soldiers just die to help pay for it.

    There is nothing you can say or do…except say “Not on my watch”…that will ever justify all the words said on Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, or the 4th of July to cover up willful “Betrayal” of the promises made to fulfill the myth of “Manefest Destiny.”

  • John

    Compare military salaries to federal employee salaries. Never mind, their really is no comparison. If they cut military pay, their better be a corresponding deeper cut in federal employee pay.

  • Barbara J. Stephens

    I am a retired Army Warrant. What is Gates and Mullen getting paid to even suggest the military pay and bennies are more than what the personnel need. Give me a break! I spent 22 years in the Finance arena and know for a fact that too many military personnel are living on food stamps and welfare because their pay isn’t enough to cover groceries and housing. Wake up people. We have to vote these suckers out of office and we need to change a few bennies that Congress and the Pres gets during and after office.

  • Phil

    This is so very sad…
    I served for 20+ years and have seen the folks in Washington steadily chip away at the benefits that I and so many others have worked hard to earn. One son has recently joined the Army as an Infantryman – what’s in store for him? It’s amazing that one of the main reasons military benefits always end up on the chopping block is due to greed – particularly the greed of many who have never served and even some who have, but have let their base desire for money and power overcome dignity and honesty.
    I love this country with all my heart – but I do not harbor any love for those whose goal seems to be the antithesis of the values or ideals we were founded on.
    God Help Us! (Please)

    • Dennis Habern


  • edward d thayne

    I retiered with 21 yr. at one point in time I said that I thought that it was a good idea that everyone should spend time in the armed forces. But the more i here from these boneheads politicians we have I dont wish it upon them anymore. As for as the Admiral he should be thought of as trader by enlisted personal that got him to where he is today. As for the politicians a 25% pay cut is not enough but its a start. This Country will asways stant tall, But I cant say that about this Gov;

  • Rod

    How MUCH did you say your Pay was being CUT ???????????

    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will announce plans Thursday to funnel billions of dollars in economic aid to Egypt and Tunisia as part of a broader effort to inject democracy into the Middle East and North Africa.

    Obama will unveil a massive package of economic measures, including up to $1 billion in debt relief and another $1 billion in loan guarantees, during a speech on U.S.-Middle East policy set for Thursday morning at the State Department

  • Retired Navy CDR

    Okay, okay, I’ll go along with a small cut,
    people on the Federal payroll whether currently on salary, or retired pay have their pay AND benefits cut an equal % amount as the military.

    This would include everyone in the
    1) Executive branch, including POTUS (& TOTUS), all the Cabinet members and their Departments, Czars, and all people in those things like EPA, NOAA, IRS, etc., etc.
    2) Judiciary, including SCOTUS & all the Federal Appeals Courts, etc.
    3) Legislative branch, including the Congress, and Senate, and all their employees, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc.

  • JRAY a war vet

    You fools in congress and the ones that are TRYING to run our country are real idiots. They all should be voted out….starting with the top guy that is trying to run our country. That is real crap when they start chopping the military pay. I am a Vietnam vet and really tired of all there crap. We can barely surrive on what we make now. Maybe all those low life congressmen should have their pay chopped. I think all servicemen should rise up against these idiots. Stop giving the tax money from us to the other 80 countries that hate us. Keep our money at home and stop cutting the military. The idiots are trying to play politics. This a….hole that is trying to run the military is just as much to blame. GOD Bless the USA and lets gather together and straighten it OUT

    • Nancy

      My thoughts exactly.


    the Leviathan cost of the all-volunteer military is finally coming to roost. I always knew it was folly to pay 18 year-olds inflated wages for an entry-level job. Enlisted pay should start at subsistence wages until they have proven themselves, at least 5 years down the road. The idea of paying a young enlisted to live off base is another big waste. Put them in 50-man squad bays until they have earned seniority. And if they want some real money, let them go to college, (subsidized tuition is still a great idea), and become a commissioned officer. There isn’t a soul in the country who wouldn’t benefit from being forced to serve. Imagine what 4 years slogging tie-down chains on a flight deck 18 hours a day would have done for our Weener Congressman.

  • Rich

    I spent my last five years at the Pentagon and watched the ‘system’ at work. There may be one or two possible examples, but I’ve never heard of any senior officer recommend a weapon system be cancelled because it was not in the country’s best interests. As long as the program managers report to the military chain of command for their evaluations/promotions instead of to Congress and their country we will continue to see the self-fulfilling prophesy of them using every last ounce of their strength to get the ‘their’ system up and on line..whether or not it is effective…no matter what the cost. “Whatever it takes” to get the next choice operational billet for promotion and command is all that counts; nothing changes.

    • Dennis Habern

      I have always maintained that the military teaches its members

      things that cannot be learned in the civilian world, but one item that

      the military has not learned how to cope with, is its waste and “GOOD

      OLD POLICY” that is mentioned above. A stronger sense of

      montoring is required to ensure that programs that are not effective,

      do not reach fruition in the military, while a civilian companies primary

      position is to cut costs while producing an effective product. I maintain

      that Big Business has a keener sense of reducing costs than our

      military, therefore, if this fallacy can be reduced, so can the elimination

      ineffective policies, ensuring a slimmer cost-effective military.

  • richard lucas

    why don’t the government cut their pay and leave us retired and current active military people alone. i’m also a disabled veteran of the vietnam war. we retirees haven’t seen an increase in cola or our disability pay since Obama took office in 2008. well you voters got what you deserve, now they want to screw with us retirees more. also leave tricare alone. ye we were promised free medical and everything else if we spent 20+ years of our lives in the military. so leave us alone. you’ve already lied to for the last 20+ years

  • marianne

    I don’t mind a small increase in Tricare co-pay for working retirees, BUT the only people who can afford a pay cut in the military are the OFFICERS. Interesting that a fat admiral sitting on his ass in Washington decides to join in with the people saying to cut pay and benefits. I wonder how he’d feel if he was enlisted and could barely make ends meet. I believe we’ve seen it reported before that many of our young men and women in the military are on food stamps for their families because their pay is pathetic and since they are on their 4th and 5th tours out of country, their families are struggling mightily. Shame on Washington, DC.

  • Combat Boots

    Hey, how about putting yourselves in our shoes (Combat Boots). After serving 21 years and still having to work to make ends meet, even with the measly retirement pay. What a freakin joke our government is getting to be!

  • Batman

    I’m retire, USAF, with over 23 years and a Vietnam Vet. I also did analysis in the Pentagon on personnel issues. One of the lies we were told was that f we stayed to twenty years for retirement, all our medical needs, including prescriptions would be taken care of, including our immediate families. I understand the problem we have with the economh and national debt. Military spending is not the primary source of that, overspending is and most of that is by a congress spending our tax dollars to buy their re-election. So Medical promises made were big lie number one. Another big lie was that we were told that military retirement was really deferred pay. That was the explanation why we made considerably less than civilians in comparable jobs such as police or fire fighters. Now we’re told that it’s retirement that cannot be afforded. The big liars is D. C. will tell any tale that is convenient for them at the time. Well, there are many more significant lies that have been told and are continuing to be told, but space limits me. It just gets worse and worse as fewer and fewer members of congress have any military experience and that trend will continue from all appearances, so get ready to be shafted again and again.

    • rgafb

      Same background here. However, my wife walked out after a 32 year marriage (16 years while I was active duty). Due to USFSPA, the “government” stole 40% of my retention/retirement pay and gave it to her. SBP is still intact and they continue to deduct from my portion of what little I have left. Meanwhile, I have chronic sinusitus, tinnitus with hearing loss and a heart condition. My total combined disability rating? 20%

  • eddyc3

    We need the money for “entitlements” for un-documented democrats/mexicans while cutting benefits to hard-working Service Members and those who served. Mullen is a traitor and a disgrace to the uniform. He’s looking to run for the senate once he retires. What a dirtbag. At least he is a good Obama hand-puppet. I can hardly see the strings when his mouth and limbs move. Amazing how technology has come along. A pathetic politician in uniform if ever there was one. Never served a day for my Country.

  • Larry Talley

    Adm. Mullen is a traitor to the Military Service Members he serves.

    I call for Adm. Mullen’s immediate termination from active military service.

    Larry S. Talley
    Flower Mound, Texas

  • rotorhead

    That’s just great…. This ‘limp d— c—sucker’ zero has the gual to say that BECAUSE he’s getting a fat retirement and was NEVER in the trenches as we enlisted troops were…we made his ass look good and this is the thanks we get. Maybe he’ll have a heart attack from eating all that greasy petagon food and do us a favor…..

  • Tailhook77

    11. During the year of 2005 there were 4 to 10 MILLION illegal aliens that crossed our Southern Border also, as many as 19,500 illegal aliens from Terrorist Countries. Millions of pounds of drugs, cocaine, meth, heroin and marijuana, crossed into the US from the Southern border.
    Verify at: Homeland Security Report:

    12. The National policy Institute, estimated that the total cost of mass deportation would be between $206 and $230 billion or an average cost of between $41 and $46 billion annually over a five year period.’
    Verify at:

    13. In 2006 illegal aliens sent home $45 BILLION in remittances to their countries of origin.
    Verify at:

    • Tailhook77

      14.. ‘The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration: Nearly One million sex crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants In The United States .’
      Verify at: http: //



      If this doesn’t bother you then you’re a “Progressive” or just stupid. If, on the other hand, it does raise the hair on the back of your neck, I hope you forward it to every legal resident in the United States .

      Final Note: Imarried a foreign national but took the 1 year to do the “LEGAL” immigration at much cost, paperwork, complete physical, and complete background check……. We don’t even know who these illegals are ……. a good % Mean us Harm!!!!

      • Tailhook77

        If you don’t believe, then go to the web links I provided!

        • bobd45

          Your reply to my post seems to indicate that I have a different opinion than what your figures would lead a reader to have. But, I agree with you and the numbers do bother me for they threaten the future of this country. These are the type of figures Gates/Mullen should present rather than even proposing cuts to military pay and benefits. For the proposal hurts morale IMHO. Your reply would be seen by more readers if posted as a stand alone comment rather than a reply, I think.

  • John

    POTUS needs to realize pay cuts will cause an end to our volunteer military and cause a return to the draft in time for Sasha and Malia to participate.

  • Martin

    First, Let Congress, The White House and their Staffs cut their Pay and Benefits. In the Military the leaders are supposed to LEAD. Where’s our leadership in this country?

  • Patrick Denny

    Well, I think they’re looking at cutting benefits for future members…that’s STILL WRONG! We all believe in what we do/did, with no regrets. Eveyone here agrees about the sacraficing our servicemembers endure and endured. I did 30 years in the Coast Guard, and I’ve earned my benefits…..I say let’s start by cutting foriegn aid, money to illegal aliens, re-vamp the wellfare system, and cut money for certain grants…stuff like that first. Let us stop giving our tax dollars to people who don’t deserve them. Let us take care of home first……I’m sure the senior persons are not going to suffer, they don’t care about us. They think that’s all we’re good for….(beating us down that is). The programs we have now are part of our contracts…or so I hear….apparently, that’s bad info. They are trying to destroy our country by first dogging it’s vets. It’s time for major changes topside! I hope every Vet and Active Duty member gets out to vote next election..I sure will!

  • Gabe

    How about cutting the “pay” for all those idiotic social programs that make folks want more and more from the government? Military folks “paid” their dues, they gave everything, odd hours adverse conditions, family separations, living in SUBSTANDARD quarters, got a call and left where only the gov knew, got shots for who knows what with vaccines that were proven afterwards not to be safe, medical care that was at times substandard i.e. take 800 mg of Motrin and see if it gets better, TDY’s , remotes, PCS orders around the holidays, exercises that lasted for days, long shifts, weekend duty, unreimbursed expenses during PCS, TDY etc., need I go on.



  • Ann Schnell

    We were told of the benefits, we joined, we served, We earned it. Can’t take it back. You will have to start with a new date for future enlistee and hope they still want to join with less compensation and benefits. How about we cut Mullens salary and benefits?

  • Retired 1SG

    I guess if you’re an 0-9 or 0-10 a pay cut seems like an acceptable course of action. But what about that young Sergeant or Staff Sergeant who is running the mountains of Afghanistan and is taking all the risks? Let’s not do a disservice to these young Warriors. Why make their families suffer because our government is looking for the “easy cuts” to the budget. The Congress and other decision makers know that the military rarely “pushes back” on benefits oriented decisions. Try cutting SS, SSDI, WIC, or other programs and see the outrage that ensues – I pause to even call it “other entitlements.

    This is the only country I know where one can not contribute anything in Federal Tax payment, yet qualify for a “Rebate.” Since Welfare didn’t work and has distastefull connotations, we just call it something else: “A Tax Credit.” How original!

    I think Mullen and the others who have a say in these matters need to examine why they’re in that position in the first place and why they are not speaking Japanese or Russian. While Mullen has had a storied career, he has forgotton whence he came.

  • LCDRK Ret

    When is the US going to learn from history? How many times does the US have to put itself into a position of hamstringing its armed forces and then, when a crisis comes up, find itself unable to face it head on? Leave the military, active and retired, alone and focus efforts where it needs to be. How ’bout cutting the salaries of our Congressmen? There’s a novel approach! How ’bout we no longer support illegal aliens and take care of the citizens, instead? How ’bout we support programs here at home instead of overseas? We don’t have to do this on the backs of those brave men and women who paid for the freedom we all enjoy with their lives.

  • anne

    How about first cutting the pay and benifits on the congress FIRST–and their retirees are included in that–

  • John

    Every member of Congress should be required to serve three years in the active military or six years in the reserves/national guard as a qualification to be elected – no exception.

  • Talcol1

    Why cut the military? How about the government job sector. You never here anything about cutting that. My sister-in-law makes over 85k as a government recruiter. Everyone in her office makes over 75k. We are talking hundreds of people and thats just one office. The government job sector is very big. I think we could trim that before we trim the military.

  • gEORGE

    As to cutting the pay and benefits for asctive and retired military, in the wirds of General McCallif: “NUTS”.

  • U3O8

    Admiral Mullen and Sec. Gates, How about you stop eyeballing our rumps and do your jobs instead by negotiating better deals with our contractors? But then you wouldn’t get your sweet deal after retiring. Cut out the overpriced items and duplication of effort all over the DOD. Eliminate POSITIONS, NOT PAY & BENEFITS! Why the H do we need paid propagandists that we call SARCs for Sexual Harrassment Re-Education?! In 28 years, I have never seen any sexual harrassment. Eliminate ALL of these positions and their office space, along with the wasted time by servicemembers attending this BS. Now, you two morons are going to try pushing homosexual Re-Education on us too. There’s a cost to that, IDIOT!

    You can also save $$ by rolling all of the budgets into one and allow the carryover of 50% of unspent funds into the next Fiscal Year. The other 50% would go back to the Treasury. This would eliminate the end of fiscal year waste when bases buy new furniture, carpeting, desks, etc.. when the current items are perfectly ok for another 20-30 years.

    Try thinking on your own Admiral, and throw out your copy of Das Kapital. You are the WORST Chief of Staff in my 28 years, and a disgrace to all of us in uniform, except for a handful of deviants.

  • Raymond Donahue

    Admiral Mullen is a disgrace to the uniform.

  • SubCommander

    Mullen and Roughhead are making Zumwalt look really good. It took us years to restore the Navy to a military unit after Zummie. I am not sure the services will ever be effective after these two political sycophants are gone. Women in command of battle groups, women in command of ships, queers openly in the ranks, women in submarines, political correctness run amuck, etc . I am glad every day I am retired. This is not my Navy anymore.

  • skycop

    Retirees are asked to be quiet recrutiers for the Military. Well as of now every young man or woman who ask me about joining one of the military branches I’m going to try to discourage the. Telling them you may work for nothing, no retirement, no benifits. Don’t join.

  • Dave

    Unreal, this administration has already held back any pay increases for retirees now they are actually talking about pay cuts! What the hell has Barrack Hussain O-bomb-a done for this country anyway — Not a damn thing. We are worse off that we were before he took office….time for a change!


  • JJSmith Ret. USA

    I remember just a few eeeks ago they made a big deal out of a posible 2.5% cola increase for the first time since Obama was elected. Now, look at the garbage we are being handed.
    My rent has gone up 25% since our last cola raise, bus passes have gone up 150%, and every week the commisary prices – well, you all know what they do!
    Why don’t Mullen and the other idiots talking this crap agree to take an E6’s pay when they retire. That would be a wake-up call.

  • Ken Saunders

    How about cutting some of the outrageous benefits from our elected officials??

  • Donald

    Biggest thing that make people joint the Military is the pay and benefit. if the economey pick up they will leave the Military becouse they have benefit to speek of The Military have been cutting the benefit down for the last fourty plus years and wasting money on R & D project that done work like it was serpose to.

  • Jerry

    You people are complaining about the messengers. Gates and Mullens are just stating that if this country does put this $400B cut in place on our military, there will have to be some major changes in expenditures – pay and benefits being one of them. Want to solve this problem – ask the American people, who will all say they support our troops for a dollar a month to support our military. That’s right – just $12/year per person from the US population of 300M would make up for this short fall. But no politician is ready to standup and ask for a sacrifice from the American people. These are the first wars we’ve been involved in where the American people have not been ask to do anything for our country except put a bumper sticker on there car saying they support our troops. Tell me what have they been ask to give up so we can stay the course on fighting the war on terrorism? All the politicians have done is give the rich a big tax cut and pass some crumbs out to the rest of us.

  • Andy

    It seems to me that if the politicians, all parties included, want to decrease this and that then I ask what are they doing to help? Are they getting their own private health insurance as the rest of us are…NO. Do they feel guilty taking an obsence retirement check after completing a term in office…NO. Our nation has always had an elitist upper class that feel they are above the law and the only difference now days is they rub it in everyone else’s faces. NO the cure for our country is not to deny what we retirees have literally fought and sacrificed for, not to mention our families. The cure for our country is to remind the politicians at the ballot box that they work for us and can be fired by us. There is after all a big difference between what is right and what is legal sometimes.

  • Rod


    Does this mean that YOU will be taking a cut in Pay and Benefits as well?

  • Why in the world would you make such an unsound decision. Is this how leaders in the Navy do it? Not the Command Master Chiefs I know. Oh that’s right your a Commissioned Officer that becomes successful at the expense of your men and women. In the Army Generals don’t do it that way. Find a better way Sir, this isn’t the right one.

  • Ann Linton

    What is wrong with our government. Why would they even think of cutting the salaries and benefits of the men and women who work so hard and put their lives at risk for our country everyday. Who give of themselves without question. Who keep our country safe, and have given us our freedom. Who when they signed up for the military were told of many retirement benefits… now they are going to change the rules, rewrite the contracts, rescind the promises,!
    The other night I saw a study that was being funded by the “government” to the tune of $500 million dollars. It was to study how a shrimp, yes a shrimp walks on a treadmill! Who cares right now, we are in a finanacial crisis and need to cut, I agree, but there are definitely other places they can cut. They can start with programs like these, of which there are many we don’t even know about.
    As others have said, cut the amount of congressmen we have along with their benefits and pay. Why should they receive a pension after one term,why do they need drivers to drive them around, they spend more money on dinner, lunch, entertainment, how about their staff, has anyone looked to see what we pay for them and what their benefits are, I am sure there are more of them then needed as well.
    Although we all agree this is what has to be done, how do we get it done.
    We are top heavy in government. We have way too many top brass and not enough worker bees in all walks of government. The top brass makes all of the money, this is where cut should start, not the retirees that gave of themselves and expect to receive the healthcare and benefits promised to them.

    How do we change the fact that congress votes on their own benefits and pay, lets change that so the American people vote on it. How do we do this?

    The question is How do we, the American people make these changes? WRITE TO THE PRESIDENT! OVERWHELM HIM WITH EMAILS ABOUT THIS. THEIR IS POWER IN NUMBERS!

  • smf

    Why do people continue to serve under these people? Quit voluntering for this trash. Let them have to go to a draft.

  • Raymond Donahue

    Imagine a civilian on duty 24/7 and making military pay. It is less than minimum wage. The retirement is our chance to be compensated for all we did. Now these politicians are doing to us what they always have done to us.
    This country will not follow the rule of law, it gives away benefits to those who
    have done nothing to deserve them, it has created a welfare mentality, and even discussing reducing retirement pay is a slap in the face to all veterans.

  • AFCarnac

    If the world wants us to be their police force then they should foot the bill. Every time we go into a country to help liberate the people there should be a bill sent to the new government for the expense we incured for their liberation.

    Why should the American tax payer foot the bill for the liberation of foreign governments?


    They don’t want to tax the rich; 10 homes and 3 boats and then some; yet the military is fine to steal from!

  • Buffy Wells

    My son was in Marine Corps Reserves, went tnru college, and was about to becmoe 2nd Lt. He opted out, had to repay college loans. I thought he was crazy, but now I think he made the RIGHT decision. The Military is being sabotoged. By the Court Jesters(congress), and it’s ilk. This is 1935 Germany right now. We’re not going to be ready when the new Hitler rises, and we’re gonna pay for it, in blood. All because of the idiots in govt. They didn’t listen to Billy Mitchell either.

  • Vaughn Clement

    The military pay has never been on par with civilian pay. The service members accept the lower pay with the incentive that the military retirement will balance the tables in later life. Now for those who are retired after providing 20 or more years to the military, they are going to be hit with a reduction in pay and benefits. As a 20 year vet myself, this is another in a long line of lies and double talk that has already reduced the benefits we were promised during our service years. Right now we have to supplement our benefits due to added costs that have already been passed. Now we are facing additional cuts! How about all the fat cats in government who have received pay increases and benefits while the service members have been passed over for them. Retired pay has been frozen for years, and now we face cuts. My answer to that is, if you want to see a massive loss in military reenlistment and new sign ups cut the pay and benefits. Let the government cut congress pay and benefits! Where else does a one term of 4 or six years provide all the retirement and benefits the congress gets!!! GIVE ME A BREAK MULLEN!

  • Joe

    I would like congress and the adminstration to cut their pay by 10% above what they would propose to cut service members pay. Reduce their retirement by 20% with no raises for at least3 years. Then see how diffcult it would be to make it in the world.

  • Larrry Jones

    Well lets see now no pay raise for the past 2 years and now a possible pay cut for retiress thank you so much.

    Msg Larry Jones (ret)



  • William Holden

    Let face it this is been going on for years. The rich get richer and the poor and even the well to do are gong to get poorer. We as Americans have put the people in power and they have become as bad as the Mofia. We can’t afford to re-invent the system but we can make them change the system, but we need to relize that what ever we do we have to all agree on what it is we want to change and vote on it. I strongly believe that if there is a law that is going to affect all Americans as far as health, Money, or any change that affects all americans it should not be left in the hands of a few. It should be placed on the ballot so the majority of americans can vote on it. Its time to go back to the basic’s that our forefathers started with. I have learned that its not the system that screws things up its the people running it. Good luc,k and God Bless us all.

  • Retired AF 1992

    Just remember all of these government jerks next year. And they should be aware of the mass exodus the military will take when that happens.

  • Trapper

    Mullen is an Obama yes-man. How about stopping all funding of ILLEGAL aliens and all foreign aid before we start taking money from the military?

  • Retired MSgt

    Mullen is a sock puppet for Obama and an idiot. He is doing his best to screw the military at every turn. I believe that was his assignment from the get go, take the military down.

    Obama destructured NASA, changing their assignment from space exploration to Muslim Outreach. Now he is doing it to the military, wanting nothing more than to reduce the military to a militia for the government.

    Come 2012, we need to not only make sure Obama is a one term president, we need to take out all the puppets he has appointed. That is those who are left.

  • g. from Texas

    Yeah, pay cuts for the military that’s the answer. After all, we need more money to buy new allies don’t we? We’ve given all the jobs to overseas markets so we might as well send all our money too in foreign aid. That way we can all get on somebody else’s welfare rolls. How the HE## is it we can’t afford to take care of the military members (active/reserve/retired), but we sure as HE## seem to be able to find the money to help the rest of the world out of their predicaments. People here can’t find jobs, people here are losing their homes, we’re cutting school funding (I guess so we can increase the dropout rate) so young people will have no hope at all of a future. Of course they can participate in the new youthful pastime of flash mob attacks. Yeah even a congressman who sends out his personal…almost pornographic…photos. By all means let us not cut his salary. He’s off to get help with his problem. Betf he keeps his salary while he’s getting “help” with his problem. This country’s priorities are a$$ backwards.

    • g. from Texas

      P.S. Just so you know… I served 20 years active duty and retired, 4 years as a reservist, 10 years federal civil service, 45 years as a the wife of a Vietnam Vet now a military retiree, so I share a good deal of interest in this problem. I believe bet tightening should affect EVERYONE not just some, so until I see that happeing in DC, I say NO CUTS.

  • Jerry

    One word sailor boy. BRAC. There is your wasted billions.

  • SGT. ED



    Wow……..this is one of the most commented too subjects to date and I am glad to see it from those of us who have served or still serving in the Armed Forces. I joined the military in 1968 and retired in 2009 with 41 years of service to this great nation. It saddens me to see such talk from our senior military leaders and from members of Congress and the Senate proposing pay cuts, reductions in benefits, and even the thought of ‘messing’ with Retired Personnel. Many comments reflect my true feelings that being……let’s have the Congress and the Sentate begin pay cuts at the top and let’s re-write their retirement plans that would mirror the military and require them to serve for 20 years before any retirement $$$ are paid out. I’m ready for the march on the White House so just let me know when !!! Retired Army First Sergeant

  • deserthemi

    So let me see if this is correct. Cut troops and retiree pay in an effort to cut costs! Humm, why not cut those million and billion dollars “contractors” pay and acquisition costs? To me, considering I used to be in that game, these employees are making some serious dollars that actually are part of the profits that are generated from these very generous contracts. I would vote to reduce those cost before sticking it to us folks that actually enjoyed serving this great nation! Gates and Mullens should not only be ashamed of themselves but maybe give up their pay and future retirement benefits! As I shake my head, it just makes me wonder what they heck in going on there in DC?

  • Johnny

    Sounds like a revolution is brewing.

  • AMEC Jerome Reimer

    Twenty-one years served when we were the lowest paid and now that we are counting on our retirement to stay alive, someone comes up with this stupid idea to cut pay. What do you think the people over there putting thier lives on the line will be thinking and planning for thier future. WAKE-UP who do you think is saving this GREAT country from being overrun. Don’t even think about cutting pay and benifits. May 54 to March 75

  • Buck Brennan

    What has this country come to!!. Most of the comments made are men and women that have made life long commints to serve this county and yet now we see a president and senior leader saying we need to cut your benifits. Come 2012 this Prersident will not be a commander in Chief , but he will retire after 4 years wilth full pay, medical and a life long security force.he will becme just another Chicago crook

  • Dennis

    Well, we have no one but ourselves to blame. It is our right as American’s to rise up and over throw this Goverment and to reestablish it. But it takes the People of America to rise up as one. But as you know Vets, Almost all of americans are not going to stand up for what is right. To much trouble and work. We should be glade that at the begaining of this great nation people didn’t feel that way, or we would be sing “God Save The Queen”, or even worst. Hitler would be incharge… It appears that when America gets into trouble, We have to go fight and die for her but yet, when it comes to support her Fighter. America goes to sleep. Close your eyes America that why you can say you didn’t know what was happening. CoJCS ddooesn’t care one bit about us. If he did he would stand up and tell the people what is happening. Why doesn’t he because his balls were cut off on the way up the chain. He is worried about his job. Well I say to him your first Job is to your service members… So I say rise up people of America and throw this Goverment Out. All of them, every last one of them and elect new people that will do what we elected them to do. Really, if we don’t then we cannot blame anyone else.

  • nicademus

    Standby to see the Draft come back.

  • JAP

    I am a retired military “Grunt”, served my country 21 years and have no complaint about my military or retirement benefits, so leave them alone. Anyone who wears a military uniform and is recommending a cut on military pay or benefits should be consider a “Traitor”. I suggets that all those high ranking military officers and politicians give up 25% of their pay and benefits and give to that young E-1 – E-5, a 25% pay increase in pay and benefits effective yesterday. Or, better, get off your fore point of contact, done a military uniform, get you a weapon, and replace that young soldier fighting your war. Two months after being in that soldier’s boots I want to know your opinion on cutting military benefits. You won’t do that, because you are a bunch of cowards, and there is no money to be made as a soldier fighting for our right to be free. You need to lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way, most of you should just get the hell out of the way. I fought for my country, what have you done for yours? Nothing, well, then quit.

  • Jack Watkins

    The Public Sector, and its alliance with Unions, is an extremely strong force. (The military is not union, but is Public Sector) Obama is a strong union advocate. Reports are that the Union Organizations,country wide, donated
    $600,000,000 to elect Obama. Such donations could hinder a Politician from having a clear view of situations. The existing economy requires strong leadership, not biased. The President should clear himself of all indications of bias.

  • harley_52

    It will be interesting to see who fights the wars when the government that sponsors the wars decides to cut the pay and benefits for those who fight them. As a nation we (sadly) decided to have a mercenary military and now we’re planning to pay the soldiers as if they were drafted? Shortsighted and foolish. This Administration is destroying the Country.

  • robert

    I know lets gut law makers pay and maybe even get rid of some of the perks. Or maybe we should take them into the field for cover fire. Oh I forgot they don’t cover us.

  • Jack Horn

    If these so called leaders from president down to joint chiefs of stasff feel this is just freward then they can all go to hell I would not recommend anyone serving in armed forces for the likes of them. This presiden t is deliminating all the gains lof this clountry in less than four years. Get him ojut niow.

  • I have always lo ed this country and willingly served and retired. Enlisting during the “draft years” we did not have an option. As with other Vietnam era veterans we have experienced more than any person should. Now to take away even more is criminal. We have sacrificed so much for our country, to maintain freedom, even for our “politicians” they seem to want to ignore us. Shame one everyone of them. We as military families deserve more than punishment for keeping our country safe.

  • Conservative Vet

    Perhaps Admi­ral Mullen’s needs to review the words of a true intellectual and seasoned veteran, who performed his duties selflessly, in the same manner he expected his troops to do.

    “The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive veterans of early wars were treated and appreciated by our nation.”
    – George Washington –

  • Jack Horn

    The past presidents and joint chiefs of staff havealways recognized the sacrifices of those ijn the military and although increases in pay and allowances, SS etc have increassed at a less ,level than civilian work force it hasbeen acepted. Now that we are retirees and cant do their dirty work they are turning their back onus. I say dont anyone enlist or serve in the armed florces until the higher ups realize the consequences.

  • Jim

    I sent a email to Senator Durbin regarding pay cuts and got the usual BS reply that congress replies to all letters about this. Get rid of Mullen and Gates and watch out for the new Guy Lou Penneta he is another cost cutting nut case.

  • Michael Ellis

    How much more of this BS is the american people going to take? We as retirees are getting screwed again. Just remember 2012 is not that for off we as a people need to start looking at who to keep and what idiots to get rid of. God help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Air Force Wife

    Seems to me that Congress and all big wigs in Washington could cut their pay, benefits, personal cars, gas for such and many, many more benefits that the public does not know about. My husband spent 21 hard years in the Air Force serving our country knowing at the end of his hitch his retirement would very much come in handy and NOW it looks like it will be reduced!!!!!!!!!! Why not be smart and make the pay of the incoming recruits lower and not touch the current active, reserve and retirees benefits/pay. Executives in most all high end companies make way too much money and the pulic never knows the hidden benefits that they get. Personal airplanes, cars, etc., stock, it is incredible what hidden bennies they have. In the last couple of years the companies that have gone bankrupt and needed money from the taxpayers money should never have happened. These bankruptices could have been avoided by smarter calculations in the yearly budgeting process. Washington wake up – Congressmen wake up. Do what you are suppose to do and take care of the American people. Slash your own salaries and cut the extra car allowances, plane allowances, etc., that you all receive.

  • T. Crawley, USAF ret

    Here’s a thought … lets say Mullin and Gates both signed binding agreements that both of them will NOT draw a retired Govt (military or other) pension, that both of them will NOT use Govt provided medical care and other Govt provided benefits and that both of them WILL NOT in the future work for any firm doing business with the Federal Govt in any capacity (Board member or other) at anytime … once they agree to those provisions then what they say regarding the rest of us might have some validity and be of interest to me … until then they both can drift off and once again become irrelevant.

  • SGM Pompili

    My father served in the segregated military….I served in the discriminatory military, which in later days, toned down the overt racism and bigotry..I love this nation and the military with all of its flaws…so I expect very little in the way of thanks for my father’s and my 31 plus years of service…many of us are just like old dogs, we get kicked around and still stay loyal…guess that’s what makes our nation what it is…unflinching loyaly and devotion, despite the hypocrites that lead us into death, injury, disrespect and poverty….thank you Congress, SecDef and CJCS…the POTUS hasn’t spoken on this subject with any real I gather we are screwed………..again.

  • Ben Dover

    Wow!, 20 years of getting screwed while active and now the screwing is going to pick up again! Congratulations Nobama you are this country’s downfall.

  • Crump

    Both Gates & Mullen needs to get out of office and cut their pay by 3/4’s and see how they can live on their little pay! They would be the first to yell pay raise!!! But know the big shots who are making a “TON” of Money are the first ones to yell out pay cuts, it won’t effect them at all… A man or a woman puts in 20 or more years in the service and this is what they get for their hard work!!!!

  • John Wallis

    Oh! Another worthless military person that has already stolen his share of money and now whats to take all the rest form within the ranks. Well he should start with the useless ones first….CONGRESS then the GENERALS.

  • village people

    Oh Stop it Russell! Or I’ll B1tc4 slap you!

    • Russell Lewis

      From my perspective, you can only B1tc4 slap someone if you ARE a B1tch… so, slap away… beee-ach!

  • kim

    yep…same old same old…he’s leaving what will he care.

    It is so easy to say cut pay and benefits when he knows he’ll get his full due!

  • Wade

    Cuts need to be made but not to pay – to overpriced systems and programs that don’t work, are not needed or are designed to keep contractors employed. After spending trillions of dollars after the cold war ended, our troops were untrained and unequiped to fight the war America had to fight. The only way to improve the DoD is to take the money from the budget. If they cut retirees benefits then they need to make retirement pay non-taxable by the Fed and States.

  • D Heaton

    Congress is good at cutting our benefits ! When are they going to set an example and cut their benefits. Don’t count on it ! They only know how to increase theirs !

  • It is approaching the time when we need to form picket lines at recruiting stations and to take the opportunity to speak at high school assemblies. Let this generation know about the lies about retirement, health care, and self respect missing at the end. Wish I had never put on a uniform, knowing what I know now. Went to a high school reunion. Less than 10% of my classmates are still having to work. The rest have larger pensions than I do as an 0-4 with 21 years (seven years enlisted).

  • Douglas

    Seems pretty stupid to give combat training and experience to a few million and then tell them “Oh by the way, those promises we made, we are not going to keep them.
    Good thing WE keep our promises.

    • Bob L.

      Been going on for years….What we were promised in the 50’s and 60’s has been taken away, so this is not anything new for congress. We need to fly the broom in 2012, indicating a clean sweep of what is in DC now and a complete NEW direction established, putting the US first and forget about supporting every other country in the world.

  • eutectic64

    Itr is so nice to get backstabbed by one of our own!!

  • Wade

    These are just scare tactics to justify the DoD budget. Will there be an America left worth defending.

  • helloagain

    thanks to mr. bushes war we have way to many military personnal. With this in hand, they wont do a RIF, reduction in Force, as they did after Nam because mr bush has caused a depression, not resession starting these worthless wars. military personnel RIFed wont be able to get a job, find a place to live, they are reducing the GI bill and rising the cost of colege so that is out to. lets keep billions of service members in, give them retirement at 10 years, screw with tri-care, and take money away from retiree’s that have served 20 years or more. dismantle social security, medicare, and everthing else 20 year or more retirees have earned. better yet, lets just get rid of the military, hire it out, and give that extra money to congress and let them complete some pork barrels in their states. we dont need the military anymore, cant pick on’em, and use they as a scape goat everytime congress, or someone else starts something theyshould not have.

  • AlanK

    Unbelievable, I am a retiree in my 60’s and did 23 years in the Army and retired in 1992. I just saw him on Letterman last night and he was saying just the opposite. To paraphrase what he said: “We have to find a way to do more for our military, both active and retired….. He said he is retiring in September, which is none to soon for me. I cannot understand why they keep taking away from the military, both active and reserve, and we have been the ones that have kept this country free. He also stated that since we have such a small military now, many of the battallions and brigades have seen 4-5 tours to the war zones in the middle east. Many military men and women have been in the war over the past ten years with one year home and then back again a year later. Cut the fat from all the “gimme programs” in the civilian sector and that should take care of many of our problems.

  • Dennis Holmen

    We try to make it to 20 years for retirement. The health of many of our brothers and sisters doesn’t allow service to that mark. I was evaluated for disability at 17 years. I fought hard to stay to 26 years. I’m 90% disabled, and now some want to cut my pay and benefits. Please don’t politicize this. We need to stand together and support all who have served. God Bless all our Military men and women.

  • Richard

    I served for 23 years during the Korean and VN conflicts and wasproud of it. Today I would not serve one day an I advise every person on Active Duty to get out at the end of your current enlistment and discourage any young person not to enlist in any branch of trhe Service untill the people who run this country reconize that they will not have anyone to defend their buts against terriost or anyone else. Instead of cutting ourpay they should beraising it.

  • Buzzsaw

    To All of you FINE Ladies and Gentlemen, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!
    I too have served over 20 years, retired in1992, and have watched closely as our rights and pay have been removed or modified in some negative manner.
    Everything that has been said in this forum has, in some way, shown how upset and disgusted we all are about the present conditions that WE face.
    The big question is: Who REALLY GIVES A S–T about our thoughts and problems? Will anybody that has any power in our Upside Down Government help? Is it time for US “older” folks, to come out of “retirement” and take action? Who can give us some real answers?
    I’m over 60 and a retired CWO helicopter aviator. I still work as an EMS Pilot, and one reason, is to help Americans that need my service, and another is to maintain my skills as a Pilot. Is there going to be another need for my skills? Because, I will use them again to defend Americans, but I hope it is not within our own borders, AGAINST the IDIOTS in our Government, but if it is, SO BE IT!


  • floridagma


  • Bill

    Why is it that the militaryalways gets the shaft. How about congress and the executive branch vote themselves pay raises, medical care for life and other perksafter being members for only one term. Before any cuts in military pay and retiree benefits text right here! congress should reduce their salary to the same level as the military. Obama with his spending money to bail out banks and other large companies to create jobs which didnt work. Its time to get rid of these big spenders the next election . Enough is enough.

  • Ace

    It’s been a long standing tactic when demands to cut programs or defense budgets like this that you cut the most critical items first. It’s going to hurt unless it’s given more thought and less impulsiveness.

    I’d love to see the Commander in Chief, Senators, Congressmen, Governors, Obama administration czars, and his travel be cut too – not by 2013 but by tomorrow.

    I’d also love to see some serious oversight of all the programs we’ve had in place for years that haven’t amounted to a hill of beans. Head start and Job Corps pop out as the most expensive with regard to measure of the outcomes.

    WarVet – I’ve been preparing for this my whole life. Those who are leaving the service, don’t be too hasty – my gut tells me that something will change to our benefit.

  • guest

    I am a widow, my husband was a retired Air Force Col. and a POW for 7 1/2 years in Vi8etnam. I am well aware of this Country’s need to cut back, quit spending and save money but do they have to cut the pay of the people that are and have been for years protecting them? There are plenty of ways to cut back the budget that is not nearly as necessary as our Military. God bless America

  • Steven P. Hadar

    Cap pay at the O-6 level (colonel/captain) instead; and cut the staff size of congress by half. Cut congress’ by 20% and stop giving them free cars. Replace Air Force One and Two with smaller and more economical aircraft. Cut the size of the White House staff. Stop all social programs for illegal aliens. THE LAST THING YOU WANT TO CUT IS MILITARY PAY AND BENEFITS!

    • Winston

      Unfortunately, that’s not the last thing THEY want. What you describe will never happen, unfortunately.

  • Jane T.

    WIth guys like Mullin on our side, who needs enemies…….

  • SCPO

    The current generation of military people talk about low pay they don’t know what low pay is. I retired in 76 as a SCPO with 20 yrs. Base pay was $1000. BAh was about $140.00 no matter where stationed Comrats about 40.00.
    My 1st retirement check $495.00
    We never got pay raises yr after yr. no wonder E7/9 stay the longest that is allowed I read that E-9 on 30 pulls down about $125000 a yr in total compensation.
    I guess I should be thankful for what I made at 20 yrs because when I went in 57 a E-7 on 20 was making $350.00.

  • David

    Only a liberal and pro-social government like Obama will do this. So all of us military connected families should vote out those who are against our benefits and most of them are liberal democrats.

  • Lillie

    My husband served 23 1/2 years in the military. and is now deceased . He served 2 terms in Viet Nam.
    I now rely on that income to survive. I agree with others cut the big man pay and see how they feel and how they would make it. We as wives had to see our men go off to fight for our country and some never returned and what did most of them were messed up and we have to live with this rest of our lives. How much more can we take. It is time to STOP cutting our pay. Those men served our country and did it proudly.
    God Bless America.

  • Kathy

    This is ridiculous. Maybe if we stop giving tax breaks and subsidizing oil companies we would have more money for the people that are serving and that have served. Retirees are barely making it now. We haven’t had an increase in 3 1/2 years Why don’t we cut Mullens’ or Gates’ pay, or maybe congress or the president. How in the world are we supposed to live? Maybe congress could go to military hospitals or VA hospitals and get their treatment, thus cutting down on their REALLY big insurance premiums. There are a million other things we could do, especially NOT cutting pay for people that are defending our freedom..

    • Winston

      “Maybe if we stop giving tax breaks and subsidizing oil companies we would have more money for the people that are serving and that have served.”

      That’s chicken feed by comparison to the greatest transfer of taxpayer wealth in the history of the world which began with the bank bailouts in 2008 and continues to this day.

  • Ret. Communicator

    That is insane! Want to cut the DOD budget? Fire half of the DOD Civillian employees, make the other half pick up the slack, and they’ll STILL be overpaid and under worked.

    • Winston

      “Fire half of the DOD Civillian employees”

      No, no, no! Don’t ya’ remember that outsourcing was supposed to lower costs!? Of course, due to budget _cuts_, the local Army base has had to start using soldiers to do grounds maintenance once again, just like in the good old days. Sure, it cuts in on training time a little, but they aren’t training all day, every day of every week. And if those contractors were _saving_ money, how come budget _cuts_ go rid of them?

      The privatization of such functions through outsourcing was caused by the same mechanism it always is and it IS NOT due to a sincere effort to increase efficiency: politicians simply give the businesses who fund their campaigns what they want.

  • LarryO

    Goes to show just how much Washington has lost touch with the real world. The only two things that still make America great is the consumer and the military, to hamper with either would be like cutting your own throat. You do more with more and less with less, but you cannot do more with less. If less security to our nation is what they want then go ahead and make the cuts and see how God blesses America.

  • Marvin McConoughey

    I see that I disagree with the majority of writers here. I joined the military to serve my country, and to satisfy a yen for adventure and travel. Now that I am retired, I can’t get upset over possible small reductions to the military’s very generous retirement pay and benefits.

    I look around and see that most of my age group has less retirement income than I do, even though some made more during their working years. Some also made much less.

    Our nation is under enormous economic pressure and helping out a bit on a personal level seems justifiable.

  • Cathy Page

    Retired CG w/24+ yrs of service – What would these fools do if every military member; active, reserve, and retired, decided to say, screw you, do it yourself? What then? Leave the military; active, reserve and retired alone. Leave our children and our seniors alone. Look at yourselves and wake the hell up America!

  • Buring in TX!

    These are the same government officals who recently led the charge putting CEO’s on notice about out of oontrol salaries. Especially when they are taking millions in salary while their companies are faiiling. I suggest an all out electronic blitz to let them know the American people has the final vote.

  • mark samson

    a new wave of veterans are coming out of the wood works, retirees are not treating well from the get go. or perhaps the useless advancement in our VA care system seem to take a turn for the better, then all of a sudden the rug is pulled from under all those who are honored in combat, died in combat, and those who served honorably…NOW THIS…may God have mercy on your souls…

  • Covey582

    Cut the pay of ALL government related jobs and positions … and retirees … and maybe it will not be so painful. Instead, the POTUS on down will keep their comfy pay and benefits on the backs of the military folks. It’s not what we had in mind by the phrase, “they’ve got our backs.” Cut everything 5% across the board in all governmental programs … everything … then everyone shares in the cuts. Remind me the value-added by the D.C. crowd?

  • Obama was raised in a third world country and he is bound and determined to make the United States a third world country! H ahs plenty of help with our present congress- they are too wraped up in them selves to see starting with the militsry is the first step!!

  • Bill Ousley

    Totally amazing!!!!! Two things seem certain these days (other than TAXES and DEATH)…………one is to ax the military benefits and the other is to allow elected officials in Washington to do whatever they damn well please – right or wrong – and get away with it!! I served my country for twenty years (USN) and have seen this over and over……..and once again we are in the turmoil…….cut military pay (and benefits) and protect people like Weiner………trust me, had this been an enlisted member of the military he would have received his walking papers a long time ago. Instead, he’ll be around to secretly vote on his next pay raise, while at the same time setting around a high dollar conference room and giving the military another reduction. It won’t stop. The American people can not unite long enough to say enough is enough, so Washington will keep doing what they’ve done for many years and we veterans are afraid that “our benefits” will vanish.

    God Bless America!!

  • sam monares

    Admiral Mullen and I joined the Navy just about the same time in 1968! I’ve served the Navy for 25 years and retired in 1993. The Admiral will have been in the Navy for 42 years or more now. How much is an Admiral makes. He’s retirement should be at least over $100,000 per year! He can afford to take a cut when he retired this year, what about the average joe that received $20,000 or less a year? Can they afford to take a CUT??? Hell NO! So Admiral, you should help the average retiree to have at least a 5% increase not a CUT. Where do you get this? And who is your advisers????

  • SSG Ret. Warren C

    Ok you want to mess with future retirees pay and make current retirees pay more for Tricare, before you do that how about all of Congress, all Government Employees, and the President himself, all take an equal pay cut to what you want out Active Duty Troops and retirees to take!

    I’m a retired Staff Sergeant fron the US Army and don’t make that much in retirement to begin with, but I really don’t mind paying a little more per year for Tricare, but the fact that you want to have the right to increase that annual cost to keep up with Tricare costs, is wrong, because retirees are contributing enough to cost cutting by the one timeannual increase in Tricare in my opinion.

    How can the US Government (i.e. politicians)expect an all volunteer Army to stay strong when they want to cut too much from the Pentagons budget.

    Come on politicians think before you recommend cuts that will destroy an all Volunteer Military!

    Staff Sergeant Retired Warren C.

    • SSG Ret. Warren C

      I contacted both my Congressman and Senator for my State, and I could suggest everyone does to express their concerns, so maybe we can stop this madness before its goes into effect.

  • BMC Miecznikowski

    to me, it seems that all responders at this site, being rightfully angry, have missed the REAL culprit to the problem. it’s not a liberal/conservative thing BUT WHAT IS THE RIGHT THING. the right thing is to get off the backs of john q. american citizen and climb upon the backs of those who enjoy the perks but never sacrifice for the country; the ultra rich individuals and corporations. it isn’t that we dont have the money, it’s that they REFUSE TO PAY. whose to blame? ultimately, only ourselves. we, as a people, are stupid enough to continually buy into slogans from polititians that claim to support mom and apple pie, but, in reality, deliver just the opposite. it is the same group of clowns that are going after social security, medicare, middle class workers, and the military. their only loyalty is to the ultra rich and themselves. for all their bleating talk and flag waving they would, and are succeding, in selling America out for their own greedy personal gain. the next time you vote, put a little honest thought into what you are doing as America needs you as much now, moe so, as when you were younger. BMC Miecznikowski, USN ret.

  • Richard Smith

    I entered the military in 1945. My starting pay was $50 a month. There were very scanty increases during the next 20-years. When I went in I was promised 50% of my basic pay, to be increased in direct proportion to new pay raises to active duty. I was also promised free medical and dental for me and my dependents. The big raises in active duty pay didn’t occur until after I retired. To save money they changed the formular for retired pay to be based on a CPI plus 1%. Later they dropped the 1%. Carter and Greenspan changed the CPI formular to almost eliminate food and energy. Later, Clinton and Greenspan further refined the CPI to where it is today. No raise for over 2-years because the phoney CPI didn’t increase. To further put the boot to the retirees, free medical and dental disappeared. WHAT CONGRESSS GIVITH, CONGRESS WILL TAKE AWAY when convenient and after you faithfully devoted years of your life based upon that committment.

  • Sylvia

    Several posts state they would deal with the pay and benefit cuts. ARE YOU INSANE? Quit sending all the dollars to foreign countries; i.e., Mexico, China, Africa, and our “war zones.” I’m sure there will be some liberals who disagree that ALL FOREIGN AIDE should be stopped. Does ANY country send money to the USA? NO. All they do is complain that they are given enough. Support should be here. There are areas scattered all over the United States that would benefit more than the 3rd World countries. I spent 30 years standing behind “my Husband” to support. My dad was in WWII and is still suffering from injuries received he received;1 Silver Star, 3 Bronze Stars and Purple Heart. Yet it took me nearly 20 years for him to start receiving benefits he was entitled to. The only way it happened was I had a step daughter working as an intern for Senator Stevens, of Alaska. as well as Stevens had been friends with my parents. My dad is 95% disabled and his VA benefits are difficult to use and often times are substandard. My son-in-law served in the Navy. After his initial enlistment was up he elected to get out. After he was out for exactly a year and still in the inactive reserves he was called back to duty (to volunteer) since he had a critical MOS (I know they call it a rate in the Navy). While he was contemplating whether or not to volunteer then 2 weeks later, he received a second letter telling him he was to be activated, he quickly sent the original request to volunteer back agreeing to volunteer. He spent 16 months in Kuwait, when he returned home in 2007 he was severely “messed up.” He has PTSD big time, but will not go for treatment, just in case he every wants to rejoin the Reserves or Guard. Out military member deserve better than what they receive and to cut pay and benefits is complete and utter stupidity. Cut their deadweight and make the legislative receive a small stipend of something like $2000 a month and see how they can manage on that.

  • kschad

    STRONGLY disagree with the person who said cut one of the housing allowances for dual military. Would you also propose reducing the dual military couple to just one BAS, clothing allowance, etc? Dual military couples separated do not get family separation pay–a soldier with a wife or a husband does. Marrying another soldier should not be a penalty or affect pay. Having been one of those dual military couples–I can tell you first hand the best reason why that is not a fair solution: joint domicile is NOT guaranteed and often dual military couples are NOT stationed together and have to maintain two households. This is especially true if the MOS are not compatible and the more rank the soldiers acquire–very few places that two sergeants major, two SSGs, etc. in same career field can be stationed together and not all MOS are on same installations. In the end, all assignments are “needs of the Army” FIRST. In addition to that–if dual military couples are jointly assigned–and one departs the base/post ahead of the other—(i.e Korea) the BAH may stop–and if not–is needed to establish the second household. As a retired dual military couple–my husband and I have lived with no COLA increases for a few years now and are okay with that as we are still young enough to work and would rather the best benefits go to our two children who are now serving (one in Afghanistan, and one as a commander who has already spent time in Iraq). But there are MANY retirees who could use a COLA increase as the economy worsens and they are too old or unable to work.

  • GARY


  • noto




  • SSG Ret

    Take care of the UAW, screw the uniformed services. Gates and Mullen will help drag this President out of Office.

  • Blaki02

    I take serious offense to any persons or organizations, including any members of Congress or the government, that suggest that our military people should suffer pay cuts or reductions. Anyone with any sense, especially during the global unrest that we’re experiencing, who suggests that the military needs to have one more obstacle to overcome, mainly reduced financial pay and allowances, ought to realize that our men and women who are voluntarily serving their country need our support, not a knife in the back. It is ludicrous to suggest that for those people in combat, facing imminent danger, they should have their pay reduced. Who else is willing to be available 24/7/365, walk into the line of fire when needed, risk injury or death and then be told “You need to survive with less money because we need to cut the budget.” ? Honor, respect, and support should be the bottom line here. The nation needs to pay for that privilege of having our men and women who are fighting the battles, taking out murderous terrorists, waging wars on foreign soil. That means pay raises, not reductions. Find other venues where money can be cut. I’m sure there’s plenty of areas where the waste, fraud and abuse could be curtailed significantly, if the government would actually try. Our nation should be raising the standards for our military people – not trying to lower them.

  • Reginald

    I can’t beleive that this is even an issue. After years of sacrifice and see team members die, leaving your family for sometime years at a time;
    not to mention the emotional scars. And you want to decrease the benefits. Not sure when the last time anyone checked by most of the
    men and women live below the poverty level yet those with the big pay checks and nice savings accounts want to make the decisions for those
    who have the least. UNBELEIVEABLE!!!!!!!!!

  • TM1(ss)

    I’m a retired Navy enlisted man. I get only 1,200.00 a month for retired pay a congressman or senetor with only 6 to 12 years in office will get about 15,000 Dollars per month most retired 06’s Captain or Colnel’s will get over 4,000 per month. And the enlisted gets dumped on again. Lets start taking away the Benifits of all the high ranking officers and Politicions and give them what we live on every day for the rest of their lives. Give then all the same medical and tiny bit of scraps of benifits we get for all the years we served.

  • Are you kidding me? How many “projects” has the Government payed for only to see that it is a bust in the end? How many defense contractors have made bi;;ions off the military only to see their projects scraped? Did the government request a refund of their money or even a portion of what it gave to the contractors? How many of our congress or senate served in the military? Do they know that an E-5 with a family can receive food stamps in California because they are below the poverty level? You people who We voted into office are supposed to be Our representatives and take care of your constituents not feed money to other millionaires give us a break. When my son asked me if I thought he should join the military I told him Hell no ! This is only one reason why a three generation military family stops sending our family members into battle. Shame on the Adm Mullens and Sec. Gates you will be the death of our military and the weakening of our countries defense!

  • Bill

    That’ll suck in the long run. I retired a SSgt from the Air Force and that’s not much. I do work full time on the outside and use my USAF retirement to supplement my current wages but if these cuts are implemented then what???

    Ronald Reagan, we need you back. (Oh wait he passed on from alzheimers)

    Adm. Mullens needs to go “Salt Free”

  • Lou Howard

    I can see why Adm Mullen was near the bottom of his class at the Academy. this is a dumb idea to cut pay and benefits from an all volunteer military, I served 31 years with the Air Force and did not want any of my kids to join the militrary because of this kind of thinking.

  • HKreitel

    We would like to see the cutting starting at the top of government. Hate to see the political spend millions to get in to a office and then get money for life for being a congressman for one term.

  • Mark

    If they would make a honest effort to cut the fraud, waste and abuse in the military logistics system and Unnessary R & D, __they would save a trillion or more. But the ” tickle my ego” additude of the buricrates that hold the purse strings of this nation are__way too self involved to tackle the real problems of this country. __ I and those like me, earned every cent of our retirement, and will fight this by every legal means nessessary. __ Stand up soldgers, sailers and marines, speekout to your represenitives!!!

  • Doug Hoffman

    Maybe we should get into our tanks and drive to washington, and take with us all the disabled vets who have suffered mentally and physically for this country. The people who are making these decisions need to look at their own big pay checks, and cut those in half. They would still be making more that us veterans who have fought to keep this country free. If you do not show that you are loyal to those who do your fighting your military will become weak and demotivated. Who will protect you and your weath then? Look else where for cuts- don’t cut where it will hurt us all!

  • Delta33

    I spent 4yrs. in the USN and 16yrs. in the USArmy and, I know how resoursefull and addaptable our soldiers and sailors are. Politicians need to think and remember! YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET!. I remember a little thing called-The Black Market-.Admiral keep running your mouth and you can buy cigs from some kid on the lower level of the engine room cheaper than the sea store.100% OR rateings on some weapon systems might fall-off a bit, due to parts unavailablity. The mission should be the challange not pay and benefits. Take Care of Your Military OR They Will Take Care of You!

  • Conservative Vet

    Perhaps Admiral Mullin’s needs to read an excerpt of a speech General George Washington presented to the newly formed congress at the end of the Revolutionary War: “The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive veterans of early wars were treated and appreciated by our nation.”

    – George Washington

  • political obeserver

    It is a simple plan to address these issues, it is time for change in the White House. Mr Oblama’s Hope and Change has turned into Pain and No Gain. He is worried about giving amnesty to illegal aliens so they will vote for the Democratic Cabal in Washington so further destroy this Republic.

    It is time for “A Change We the People Can Believe ” – start now and do not stop until January 20 2013 to activiely defeat this spend crazy Liberal Progressive Cabal.

  • mandinka

    McMullen was where he belongs as a Joke on Letterman. Gates and him have been the worst thing to happen to the US Military since Carter and MacNamara

  • CSM ret.

    I bet a Four Star won’t even notice a reduction in pay or benefits.

  • Retired23yrs

    Ok cut military pay; cool but lets start at the Top first. Do pay cut base on precentage: the people at the top get a 50% pay cut starting at O-10 and work it way on down to about 2.5% for lower enlisted. The same lower enlisted that are on food stamps, at pawn shops and title loans each month. The same lower enlisted service person that has a part time job to help pay bills…Ok let cut their pay and watch as the ranks decrease and civilian crime increase…..

  • Larry Allen

    If the Admiral is so hard pressed to take away what has been earned and promised, why doesn’t he resign and refuse any retired pay and benefits to make a statement? He is not going to do it, he is only supporting the Obama leftist agenda. Probably already has a political job lined up down the road.


  • steve

    Hard to believe one of our own has let us down. Shame on you Admiral Mullen.

  • kurt

    what a buddy fucker

  • S. Green

    I am the wife of a retired Navy member and a mother of an active duty Navy member. I remember when we were first married and his pay didn’t even come close to what I was making in the civilian field. I do not have a college career, nor am I qualified for anything other than mininion work. My husband was an AE for 23.5 yrs. He had job training that is equal to any Specialized field in the civilian world yet his retirement still doesn’t reflect what a civilian person would get for the same job.
    My daughter joined the Navy and her ship participated in protecting the international waters from the Pirates. What else do you want from our Veterans and Active Service members in order to give them what is due?
    If you think that cutting their pay and benies is the answer, then start w/ your own pay, also cut the pay for everyone in the Senate, Congress and other Government jobs. I don’t own a mansion, three boats, fancy cars planes and employ servants.

  • There are roughly 193 countries in the world and we give financial aid to about 150 of these 3rd world countries even the ones that don’t like the US of A and our way of life. Seems to me that would be a good place to start cutting the budget. The next thing we could do is contract with all the countries that we are stationed in to have the host country to pay 100% of our service men and women’s salaries otherwise we pop smoke and they can defend their own country.

  • Coastie90

    I can see the draft coming back if they cut pay and benefits again. I surprised anyone is joining since the allow gays to serve openly. I know I had gays in my units but they weren’t provacative about it.

  • Jama 2468

    Well itappears that Sec. Gates, ADM Mullen, Congress and the Administration have all taken the attitude of the GOP!!1 I’ve got mine , too bad for you!!!

    God Bless America

  • Reader

    Stop all the billions of dollars going to Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and there will be plenty of money for all, without cutting benefits

    • Harvey McNeil

      or find all the money that was lost in Iraq and was never accounted for.

  • Warren Parr

    We military need to form a lobby as that is really what controls congress and the President . It was the gay lobby that put the perverts in the military.
    It is the Afghan/Pakistani lobby that keeps our troops in Afghan . We own Afghan a killing and not converted to Ronald Reagan fans. but the GOP including McCain want the money and vanity.

    It is the Iraq lobby keeping our troops in Iraq. And in fact pushed GWB to invade Iraq.

    Fact is the US government is as Able said/ a government of the lobbies for the lobbies by the lobbies.?

    We Retired and war Vets need to find a lawyer ( perhaps form AG lawyers to form a Retired and Military lobby ASAP.

    And via Military .com start the ball rolling

    Then enlisting the American taxpayers help put pressure on both GOP and Democrat and the President.
    And the first thing we need to do is demand since they are cut happy start with the military academies And ROTC to abolish them since thanks to the gay lobby the Military academies and ROTC are now just Fag factories . This will send a wake up call
    And we will also demand that the gay lobby pay the pay and health service for the gays. and save the taxpayers money..

    And until we Retired yes pvt- to SMG and officers start a Retired /active duty lobby that includes the NG and Reserves we will be screwed . but if we have a lobby we can get them pay back.

  • C. Brown

    It never ceases to amaze me how out of touch with the real world politicians are. Everyone should have seen this coming, when they froze Federal civilian pay. It took many years and hard fought battles to finally increase military pay above the poverty level. It’s shameful that anyone would propose reductions, especially during global conflicts and steadily increasing high costs of living. It’s even more shameful that this is being pushed at a time when an excessive amount of American tax payer dollars are continuing being committed to foreign entities, rather than being spent to meet the needs of U.S. citizens.

    Our elected officials often DO NOT have our best interests at heart. We need to pay closer attention to their political agendas and the way they vote on the issues. We also need to become more united for the common good, more politically savvy, and more involved in the process. The next election may be the time to vote out ALL incumbents (from BOTH PARTIES) that have pursued their own self-interests, have not honored their contract with the people, and have shown total disregard for the welfare of their constituents.


    Let’s look at Congress’ retirement and benefits. They don’t put their lives on the line like the military does. They can afford a pay cut, a reduction in retirement (100%), and an adjustment in health care (create something similar to Tri-Care). If you can take away the military’s 100% medical benefits and replace it with Tri-Care, you can do it with Congress.

  • Bob

    As a retiree w/42 years of service, I remember the promises made at the time of enlistment: FREE medical care forever, retirement pay unequaled anywhere & many other promises. Now to even consider paycuts, is totally inexcusable. A major portion of the “military” budget consists of irresponsible budgeting, ie. equipment not needed, new uniform changes that are unnesessary, major positions at the pentagon which are uselesssuch as , “insensitivety” training, untold millions in cost of retraining because of gays openly serving in the military who have no desire to fight when needed, (I understand an average of $160,000 per person) in addition to changing housing to provide for such, and other unnecessary cost. As others have suggested, entirely too much cost to maintain the Seante, House and the Presidents foolish spending. M. Obama, having 14 or more “aids” when no other president’s wife had more than 3. It’s time to fight back and remove all politicians who so foolishly agree with type of injustice.

  • Dorlon L. Pond Jr.

    To Adm. Mullen:

    Don’t you dare cut military pay!!!!!! As a retiree I depend on the retired pay I get from the military. I can’t afford a pay cut. If you want to cut pay try the top brass or members of congress not thelittle guy!!!!!.

  • James Martin

    What we had at retirement should follow us to the grave, no cutbacks/reductions/etc on any kind. We may not be presently fighting , BUT, we have in the past.
    Ltjg James Martin
    MSC< USN-Ret

  • I have read several of the many comments here and think you guys are all missing the boat on this one.. I believe that the Admeral’s comments were to light a fire under you guys out there to tell congress to get of the stump and fix the country and done try taking it out as military cuts in pay and benifits. just an Idea. If I am wrong then we have a serious traitor on our hands

  • bgoodr

    OK Mr. Mullen, As we were all taught as NCO’s and officers, We must lead by example. Show us your true colors and take a pay cut along with all members of the government elite to include all their cronies. recently I would not let my daughter to accept a military scolarship to attend college to become a Nurse, because of the way veterans and active duty alike are being treated by you as well as the President. So, keep up the good work Mike and sit back, draw your fat pension, watch re-runs of Band of Brothers and know that this country will never again see the Military in the same light as we do today..We are all brothers (active and retired) excluding You Mr. Mullen God Bless America and and help save us from Mr. Mullen and all of the President men…

  • Ernie

    When does our Congressional delegates take a fair share of the cuts?? Reduce the unnecssary globe trotting at taxpayer costs, bring there benefits under our our benefit plans and make them work under the same conditions.
    we served to protect our rights and those of all Americans plus the illegals in this Great countrty.

  • Big Al

    Rough figures obtained from many government (!) websites indicate that there are approximately 25 + million Veterans, approximately 1.5 million active duty personnel and approximately 4+ million young people coming of military age (each year). To these figures you might add the family members (wives, husbands, children). This adds us to quite a large voting block. The problem is, how to get all of these individuals (1) Registered, and (2) Actually cast a vote? Officials in all states and in the federal government WILL pay attention if we can get this “voting block” doing what is the greatest priviledge in a free country, exercising their RIGHT to vote. Get ’em registered, and get ’em to the ballot box! 2012 is not too far off!!!

  • GySgt Birddog

    Why is it, that a congrees or Senater, get full retirement and bentifits, for only a four terms and we have to do 20 years to retirement. They never have had a pay freeze or cut in pay. They do not go to combat, or go thru training as a Service person does

  • berserk1

    The politians are on the run. They want to break the military so they can control the masses. Because of a 10 year war we are a big political force. Good luck with that scumbags. We own you.

  • Willard

    Progressives? Get real. The people running the show and have been for decades to put our lives on the line for them are NOT progressives but the fascit elitists of Wall Street. They do not want peace or progress only endless war for them to line their pockets. It is no different than what led Germany to war and self-destruction. If something is not done and soon their convoluted regression will be the end of us all. I am just grateful to God that none of the young men and women I encouraged to enter the armed forces ever had to forfeit their lives for the corporate good.

  • Timothy Howze

    We have worked hard for our retirement. Cut the pay of the congressman and senators in washington. If there’s anyone that deserves to get their retirement its military personnel. They are barking up the wrong tree.

  • cajara

    I spent all of my adult life in the defense of our country. Growing up in the ranks, it was drilled into our hearts and souls that “Taking Care of the Troops” was key to our success in battle. I, along with thousands of NCO’s and Officers made sure our troops, whether they be Active Duty, USAR, or National Guard, ate, slept, and executed all that was needed to ensure America continued to enjoy our way of life as we know it. You (our leadership) dangled a carrot on a stick in front of our noses assuring us that “When” we completed our watch (retirement), we, along with our families, would be taken care of. Now, you want me to “Suck Up” a reduction on my retirement pay,…and yell out “HoooRahh”?? I use to help out our local Recruiters by referring our young people here in the valley, and at the college I attended to at least take a few minutes to talk to them. I find it more difficult these days to do so. Just want the troops out there to know, look into other retirement financial avenues…..because the Military isn’t on the top ten list of retirement financial securities. Personal experience; Invest elsewhere,…because these guys won’t even give you a reach around!!!

  • David J. Krupansky

    24 Years in the Navy and retirement barely enough to survive on. The last 3 Years the government voted down COLA for retired and active duty personnel. Now I can expect a decrease in the benefits and retirement pay. I can’t see how state and federal government have any idea what damage they are doing to Veterans such as myself. I can expect Tax increases reduction in retirement pay and shopping in the pet section for my monthly grocery list. So much for the Slogan “We Take Care Of Our Own”. I can’t see how these people year after year approve pay raises for themselves and justify it. Sadly I came to conclusion that the government I served for just don’t give a Dam about us. I am even more concerned about the people throughout this country that have no jobs or benefits at all which turning them into desperate people with no way to turn. Where is the country I served and fought for ? The people cry out yet our government is deaf. The country I loved is at the cross roads and the out come to me seems so very much grim. David J. Krupansky SKC (USN) (SW) ret.

  • Knowbetter

    Maybe all retirees should have a march on washington that seems to be the only way to draw attention to the low down ,backstabing . ways of avoiding promise’s both verbal and in print. I realize most of us can not afford to do it and I think thats waht they count on . I am ready for action

  • MSG, USA Ret.

    Make Sen. John McCain the Secretary of Defense, and this will fix itself !!

  • Butch

    If they wont to cut sombodys pay & benefits,why not Start with the presidents. then the comgressmen & women then the Sentors, then they can start with the Generals and work down to the Majors.that will save a lot of money for them to Spend for some thing new, they sure wont pay off any of the debt That the U.S. owes. Or we can get rid of this money grabbing Goverment that we have now.

  • Ben

    Thanks Heidi Bunkhardt for your concern to our military and veterans. This is really a disappointing and scary situations for all of us as a veterans. So I urge you people to take a good considerations on whom you are voting on next election. Politicians that should have a military background and supports our finest men and women in uniform. You know what I’m talking about? Otherwise I may have to find a place to live so I can stretched my only (income) retirement.

  • Elizabeth Beam

    When will the active duty personnel and, especially, retirees realize they have a massive bloc of votes? It’s about time to join together to make your voice heard — I realize active duty cannot openly voice their opinions, but remember the ballot box is one of our most sacred rights — no one can compel you to tell how you voted — So, in 2012, get off your duffs and vote!!

  • Insultedbymycountry

    Been waiting 7 years on my Agent Orange claim. Called me in early March and said they’ll make a resolution within 60 days. Right. Never heard from them yet and don’t expect to. VA motto: Let’em die so we don’t have to compensate. Now Mullen (I refuse to isult the rank of Admiral and call him one) wants to beat out our health benefits, retirement and anything else he can parrot from Obama. Mullen is a bottom licking appointee, simply that. Serving and now dying for that service after nearly 30 years in uniform defending America now means absolutely nothing.

  • William

    Adm Mullen has been a disaster. Obama’s yes man and a progressive liberal that showed no leadership to the military. He signed off on those rediculous new uniforms for the Navy that cost millions. Now he endorses reductions in military pay and benefits. He also signed off on females on submarines and was a supporter of gays in the military. The damage he did to the Navy will last years into the future. Good-by and good riddance!!

  • Charlatta

    I think everyone needs to spend 20 years defending their country, making huge sacrifices…..then just maybe they would understand what being a military retiree is all about. I am getting tired of being kicked around like a nobody. This just stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chuck,tsgt,ret

    I am one who does have bitter feelings toward the government. Their promises we were given when we re-enlisted as it turns out weren’t worth anything. Just like the treaties with the indians. Maybe they should read the delcaration of independence again. It states that when the government is no longer following the will of the people, the people have the right and the obligation to overthrow that government by force if necessary. They think that we work for them not the other way around. Maybe they will get the hint when no one re-enlists and no one joins.

  • SFC, USA Ret

    Mr President, if you are looking to cut pay and benefits, do not do this on the backs of the military people. These are the people who are protecting you and this country. All bottlenecks are at the top! Start cutting pay and benefits from Congress. Let them earn pay and benefits as do every military person I know.


    What kind off Trash is this I am retired after 20 years of able and willing to put my life for this country thinking they will always do the right thing for me! Now Gates and Mullen are recommending a PAY CUT for our TROOPS OUR SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN have done and are doing the same thing I have done put our faith in Country believing our Country will do right by us! They are willing to die if Neccessary for this Country that is what they are asking them to do! and now they want to say OH BY THE WAY WE ARE GOING TO REDUCE YOU PAY TOO! ARE THEY CRAZY!!


    They are playing politics with the wrong group of people. It isn’t our fault the Politician screwd up now wew have to pay for their mistakes. I say the hell with that my son won’t put his life on the line anymore! the Country is beginning to fail our soilders. look like the beginning of the fall of an empire(USA). Just as room fell through bad political moves. Make the Senitors pay for thier children Colleges as everyone else do and stop letting them go for free while we pay for it. take away all of their perks ” and they are many” as someone else said all CG age 55 out. The politicians are the ones dressing in Shark skin Silk suits not our soldiers,Marines,Sailors,Air Force or Coast guards, let them take the PAY CUT’s

  • Thomas J. Reed

    We the People, need to take action over our congressional counterparts, as to take their retirement pay from them and put them in the same status as WE THE PEOPLE are paying in on Social Security ; Medicare ; and killing us with Taxes beyond the call of duty. Watch what would happen real quick like. ???? Where and to Who is my dollar going ???? Will or could it happen????

  • bobd45

    Where to cut? Readers here should look at Tailhook77’s reply to my comment on page 3 of these comments. Rather than talking about reducing pay and benefits of individuals (Congressmen, Flag Officers, etc) read his reply. He shows where a lot of $$$ could be saved, IF we had the resolve to do it.

  • Kalalapu

    Shame on our government that they want to cut the pay and benefits of the men and women that protect our country. If cuts need to be made let’s start with them….no pay, no benefits and no job!! Not the people that risk their lives or the families they leave behind.

  • John L. Wagner

    From all the comments looks like another “third rail”. The fundamental problems are unsustainable “entitlements” (Medicare, Medicade, Social Security, Govt Pensions, Govt Salaries, Govt Subsidies, etc.). Hopefully the powers to be and the rest of us will recognize that an uncomfortable “haircut” in the near future may save us from losing our heads in the future.



  • 28yrs

    Has anyone looked at the pay charts fo the military?? The chart is based on a 24 hr day, not 8 like the public. Who else gets paid for 24 hrs, coverage for disabilty that did not happen in the line of duty. not mention healthcare that is fully paid including cosmetic surgery, free housing, utilites on base disounted everthing. There is plenty o roon for cuts

  • Stephen K. Nicklay

    Thank God and Abraham Lincoln for the VA system. At 100% service connected, I’m still doing okay. I pray for my brothers- and sister-in-arms that the cutters will not prevail. If they do, they are certain to start looking hard and long at the nation’s VA. I say the voters force all elected federal officials to cut back their wages first AND, in the future, any pay increases would be approved by “us”, not “them”. Would get the old blood out of the DC cesspool, mebbe.

  • Leonard Simmons

    they are discusting. They have their own medical system and pay system with no interest in taking care of the folks which have preserved “THEIR” lifestyle. I love my country but would not shed a tear if the whole group fell over dead. No that isn’t a threat but not one tear.

  • Diane

    One way that the government can get more money is to cut the congress persons money. Even when they retire or leave office they still get the same pay. When military retire we only get a portion of what we did while we were on active duty but congress continue to get their full wages after they leave. You can’t beat that never go to war and a guaranteed raise every year while they try to figure out how they can cut everybody else funds.

  • Wayne

    This is truly outrageous to think one would cut military pay, retired pay and increase tricare, when the country is full of deadbeats, drug addicts, illegal aliens and generational welfare moms, that are getting all kinds of perks, but the government, especially Admiral Mullins who is a disgrace to the uniform(thinks he’s a politician and social activist in the military with pushing quotas for senior enlisted numbers of some many black and hispanic females; instead of them earning the stripe). If there are any cuts, they need to stop giving money out by the billions to countries that hate us, illegals and their families that took approx. 69Billion dollars off US Citizens for their freeby stuff last year, and all those crack heads, drug addicts and Lazy welfare 20 year olds sucking off the Government COW! We will be Greece/Spain in a few years if we don’t get the bleeding heart idiots out of office; both Rep and Dem needs to go if they try and cut military benefits of us retirees and active duty, but want to give away the safe to the deadbeats and illegals! My grandkids wouldn’t following in my footsteps to get screwed out of their benefits to give to some other sorry SOB!

  • Peter McMillan

    AMS1(EAWS) ’73-’94. Vietnam & Gulf War Vet. living on my pension.
    Living in a political system like ours is a two edged sword. The Founding Fathers hoped that by setting us up as a Representative Republic, the people would educate themselves as to the qualifications of the candidates and select the most qualified to serve.
    Even at the dawn of the country, special interests have tried very hard to direct the country towards their ideals instead of the good of the people. And the people have allowed it to happen.
    We are no longer have the Freedom defined by the Constitution, but are willing controlled, as demostrated by the re election of the same two parties decade after decade.
    Our politicians are everything we have allowed them to become. They are far and away more tyrannical than King George ever thought about being.
    As I see it only two things can happen. We will either submit in totum and cast off the illusion of a Republic and so us for the Oligarchy we are now……….or get on with a little Revolution.

  • Jim

    The answer is not to cut military pay and benefits for our warriors that risk their lives for this great country . . the funds can quickly be found if we stop all the welfare-oriented social programs that encourage lazy people, who have no goals or ambitions, to live a life that is funded by our hard working taxpayers. Cut wasteful, worthless social programs not salary and benefits for those who work for and fight for our country !!

  • Bob USAF(ret)

    All these comments have the same message: We have sacrificed our 20+ years, and have carried out our duties as ordered. Many have given the ultimate sacrifice, so the rest of the country could live free. We have served, with the belief, that the contract we signed, was a promise by our government, that when we retire, we will recieve some compensation for our service. We see our benefits slowly erode in front of our eyes. The last COLA increase, cut my pay by $40.00, per month, by the time, my new Medicare payment kicked in. Since we haven’t recieved a COLA increase recently, our retirement check has less buying power since the last COLA increase. So it looks like we (retired veterans) have been sacrificing all along. Enough is enough. Let’s start with less foreign aid, especially to countries like Libya. We are not the police station of the world. Cut ALL benefits to illigal immigrants. No I am not heartless, I immigrated myself from Hungary in 1948. Most of all as the previous comments have stated, let our congressmen, and senators, sacrifice along with us, after all our Founding Fathers, served for the good of the people, not like our present reresentatives,and let them recieve the same retirement as we do, after 20 years, and let them endulge in the same health care plan as we receive. Let’s see how much money that would save us, before you start cuttin our measly retirement pay.

  • dolores everett

    this absolutely sucks. The men and women in the military and retires depend on their pay and benfits. Don’t cut their pay, they serve their country and they deserve to keep their benfits and pay. We need to fire anybody who wants them cut!!!!!

  • Dan

    One way to cut the budget is to not pay our deficit to the Chinos. Hell, we had countries that owe the US money and never paid it.
    But the one I really like is from somone here saying let start with the President, Senators, Governors, Representatives, Mayors, and so on. By the time they get to the military they wouldn’t have to cut any from us. Kool. Hey it’s our tax money that they are getting paid with. OUR MONEY.

  • usa ret isg

    all this agitation is to no avail. telling the politicians to share in the pay cuts will never happen, you know that and i know that. so pay cuts to the military are imposed, and you all get your wish. people like mullins and all the overloaded generals and admirals we now have make so much money what the pay cuts will amount to spitting in the ocean, in their pay range it will not even be noticed their life styles or families living. get real, penalize our military production capabilities by opting for less weapons, vehiles, planes, ships, and support equipment for our military? what good will that do? WHERE WE MAKE THE BIGGEST IMPACT IS TO LESSEN THE DRAIN ON THE COUNTRIES FINANCES!!!!!!! get out of afghanistan and iraq and wherever else we have our noses inserted. do you really believe we’ll accomplish anything productive or successfully in either place? they can’t account for 6+ billion $, well thats because they are looking in the wrong direction. check out karzai and all them iraqi big wigs and follow the money trail. then look at the overseas bases we, maintain. would anyone venture a guess how much its costing the US of A just to maintain the small force in okinawa? or the elements we have in korea. what about in europe? there are countries around the world that live on less with their yearly budget then we spend alone in korea. and let me let you all in on a secret, they all hate our guts. every country we have ever supported seems to be the wrong one. we side with the govt’s but the entire population despises us and aLL these countries are draing us with our continous military aid. Bahrain, pakistan (now there is a real ally, i wouldn

  • I do not want to believe that Admiral Mike Mullen is serious about cutting active and retired military pay. I had the pleasure of knowing him when he was commanding officer of a destroyer and I was a member of his commodore’s staff. I truly hope he is doing this as a means to tell Congress that he and Gates have already “cut the fat” and anything further will have dire effect on personnel. I certainly new him as an officer who loved and protected his crew. If, however, it is true: SHAME ON YOU MIKE! I never thought you would sacrifice your integrity for political convenience!

  • Johnny

    Wealthy Americans only care about themselves. See below…,,id=110092,…

  • FHMullane

    This is wrong and I hope there is enough complaining to stop it. This is no way to treat our military. For retirees… this is what they count on and it just is wrong. Many of the people who need their benefits the most were in WWII and Korea and are waay too old to go out and work now..

    Viet Nam vets got screwed once so I guess they will try it again and most are at or near retirement age too. The vets from Iraq and Afganastan have really had it tough and again.. this is how they are paid back.

  • FelIix A. Vega

    I am a retired CMSgt,USAF with tours in Korea,Thailand,Vietnam, Africa(Congo) . This is not even counting all of the Temporary Duty (TDY) spots all over the world.After 25 years of service to my country, I find cutting both pay and benefits for all who served their country with loyalty and sacrifices insulting! I especially wrong to hurt all those Military personnel who have spent a significant amount of their servicetime in heavy combat.Remember at Election time!

  • Larry

    If the DOD wants to save money they need to stop sending reserve units to Morocco, just to have a dog and pony show for the king. DOD spent 15 billion last month to send a Marine Reserve Company to Morocco. Because of a logistics problem the ship with all their equipment sat off shore at a cost of 1.5 million a day. These Marines sat in the desert for twenty some odd days just to end the deployment shooting at blown up tanks with gas barrels around them just so the Moroccan king could have a show of force.
    What a waste of our taz dollars!

  • Clem J.

    How about civilians? Are they going to cut their pay and benefits? In a pig’s eye. The military is always the pawn when it comes to cutting pay yet they do the sacrifices.

  • MandyinJax

    The powers in WDC should have to live for 6 months on the average military salary in standard post housing. I am the widow whose late husband served this country proudly for almost 30 yrs. In the course of his career we moved about 12 times. On same posts the housing was OK, not great, on many it was substandard: bugs the size of dogs, no AC in the south. I made the best of each place we were posted for the sake of his career. I am now receiving his military annuity and barely getting by, I will be forced to leave the USA if my benefits are cut.
    And I agree with other comments about Congress/Senate, they never offer to reduce their salaries or benefits…how self-serving is that?

  • w2lucky

    Mullen you sorry SOB. You’ll be remembered by this Navy man as a self serving rat. I hope you choke on the way out the door.

  • JOHN


  • Wayne

    Admiral Mullens hear this and hear it loud; you and sell outs like you will NEVER be elected into any office as long as I can put the word out on you for selling out the honorable men and women in the armed forces. Instead of cutting generational welfare mamas, crackheads, 20 year old deadbeats with made up conditions and illegal aliens that are stealing from the Citizens and taxpayers of this country, you BOZOs think you can solve the DOD budget by cutting active duty, retired veteran’s pay and increasing tricare payments while 30-40 percent of able body, bottom feeders in this country along with the illegals that are receiving alot of money/perks by sucking off the Government Cow.

    We will not only vote out anyone that TRIES to cut the veterans benefits that they earned, but we will make sure that a sorry SOB/TURNCOAT never gets in to a position of power again! We may vote people in to hold you and the other idiots that are selling this country out as TRAITORS!
    The time has come to stand up and get the illegal off the system right now! This is one of the things that will sink the boat if we keep giving away billions to them and by the way I am mixed Irish and Spanish by both parents and have children by a Hispanic(parents are legally here from Mexico)wife. Too many illegals are here for the free stuff and criminal activities. Stop giving money to countries that hate us and get out of the wars we are in….if you aren’t in it to win then get out and stop making these two wars Vietnam 2 and 3!

  • judith manning

    As a retiree this is unacceptable we are allready scraping the bottom of the barrel with no raises in two years.DOD and SS. Lets cut the higher ups!1111

  • Our government has “gone to the dogs” folks! Congressmen/Senators only care about themselves. When it’s time to make cuts it’s the senior citizens and the military, active and retired, that are the first to feel the crunch by those who “serve us”. We can complain all we want but we’re just ignored!!!!!!! So many wastefull programs, let the foreign countries take care of themselves, time we took care of our citizens. Remember to vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get involved!

  • CSM(R) Cliff Morrell

    Our soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, and coast guardsmen have made a commitment to our great nation. The United States needs to honor its commitment to them and their families. Having pay and benefits on the table for possible cuts is not taking care of those that put their nation before their own lives. Our military leaders are morphing into politicians. We need our senior leaders to stand up for those that they lead.

  • Ronald Bahre

    Well once you cut the pay and benefits of those who are there now or have served so you will have money to buy new weapons who is going to be around to use them ? You really think that you will be able to fill the ranks with volunteers ? You will be back to the draft and then Canada will once again grow its population as our boys cross over as in the Vietnam era, me I started out at $30 dollars a month but that was during the Korean period but that’s a long rime ago I served proudly as I love my country but today’s men and women are serving and then they have to fight our leader’s at home to get what they have been promised only to be told to suck it up your a drain on money for weapons. I hope you walk backwards to get your pay you should be ashamed to face the paymaster with these ideas

  • STSCS(SS) Sid Busch,USN(RET)

    I served 26 years in the Navy,I am very proud of that,and would serve again. I earned my pension,and I already stepped up to the line when I signed that contract to offer all including my life to this country. We in the Military have done our part,lets see our bloated Congress and Senate take a cut in pay and benifits now,we have done our share.

  • joe Martinez

    Dear Adirmal Mullen. I understand your predictment being tasked to reduce the Pentagon budget by $400 Billion. First look inside the Pentagon complex and if you’re honest and sincere you’ll find more Generals assigned doing nothing. There are more Generals then working staff looking for work to pretend they’re busy. Farther check th Generals schedules and you’ll discover they’re out playing golf with Congressmen and Senators, yes playing politics undermining the Secretary of State. So consider discharging redudent Generals that are simply killing time to stackup added years towards their eventual retirement pay check. Please don’t take the easy way out by cutting pay and reducing benefits on the lower pay scale troops.

  • theoldvet

    Washington DC Politicans (Congress & Sentors) all suck, and the supposibly Musslim we have for a President that continuely puts our nation deeper in debit by giving every country that wants money gets it. Just call the United State, they will give it to them. It doesn’t matter if we starve or can’t get jobs, they will take the G.I.’s money and benifts they gave their lifes and limbs fore, and the promises they told them when they volunteered to fight for our country, but we can’t take any benifts at all from the Flag Officers, Congress, Senate members and the President and staff, because over 98% are all millionaires or billionaires. They really need all the benifts and money they can rip off the goverment. Screw the military and the rest of the country. It’s time we the people get rid of this bunch of old and these adulters and weird’os that we have now. Let us (the) active, reserves and retires have what were promissed. We deserve what we worked our “ASSES OFF” for our country. We deserve our pay and benifts we gave for our country and still are trying to keep it “FREE”.

  • patusnret

    I’m ashamed to say I retired from the Navy after the Adm. remarks. What a shame that this man in the position he’s in turns against the men and women that made his career for him. He should be tarred and feathered and run out of town. I agree with a number of fellow warriors that suggested we don’t re-elect anyone! I’ve been advocating that for years….send all the jerks that got us in this mess home.

  • lewy

    another example of the average joe getting the shaft from our corrupt politicians and govt. these high ranked officers are nothing more than politicians/puppets at that point in their career. If they fought for rights of the soldier, they’d be passed over.

    Heres a cost cutting measure, how about stopping the spend it or lose it at the end of the fiscal year!!! I’ve seen furniture thrown out and replaced and excess spent on things not needed only to avoid possible seeing future budget reduced!!!

  • Captain

    They need to cut the “gifts” to illegals and overseas spending and all the pork in the process.. then they would not have to cut the GI’s pay. We work for the government for 20 years cant buy a house we are on the move then when we can they make sure we cant afford to……welcome to this America ……sucks!!!!

  • Smart Arse

    Wherever I go or whatever I’m doing I hear people across america say, “Thank you for your service.” I don’t doubt their sincerity, but words aren’t enough anymore. Every time we face a crisis, it’s back to Darwinism…every man, woman, and child for themselves. The military is less than 1% of the population. Retirees probably make up a quarter of a percent. When Washington even thinks about cutting social security or medicare, the seniors come out in droves. they have lobbyist to look out for their interest. The Air Force has the Sergeant’s Association. I’m not sure about the other branches. We have to get involved. We need more lobbyist. In the mean time…stay lubed…

  • AlphaGator

    EVERY VOTE COUNTS! Evidently, the majority of the voters in this country were taunted, bullied, fooled to vote for “change” and now we’re in year 3 of an inexperienced “leader” with a love for socialism, who has surrounded himself with advisors (check their credentials) that the congress said we will not pay for and our president said yes (you and I) will.
    GET YOUR TALKING POINTS TOGETHER and speak out (while we still can). VOTE OUT every elected official who is not willing to make the RIGHT choices to turn our beloved country around. The liberals/progressives know how to get their points across, conservatives must get off their polite, comfortable “duffs” and do the same!!!

    Not from just the informed (that’s US!), but everyone we talk to. DON’t buy in to media’s avoiding the tough questions and reporting that will expose our current government’s inability to act, decide and spend responsibly. The United States is in a terrible mess and it doesn’t seem that anyone has an answer

  • dvrstev

    Our gov wants to cut our pay and benefits so they can spend more money helping other country’s instead of fixing ours.

  • retired MSGT

    Viet vet

    The world is going to hell in a handbasket. American military are no longer worth their salt. The American Civil liberties Union is fighting for illegals rights who don’t belong here in first place. There really has not been a war the U.S. should have been involved in since WW 2. The Arabs, Packistanians, and all those other countries we send money and military aid to could give a shit less about the U.S.
    Right now this country is in the worst condition it has ever been in. The President is off to Porto Rico to feed his retoric to those people because Americans no longer belive his B.S. Before he was elected he promised CHANGE. Well with all the cuts to the military there will be change all right. Nobody will want to fight for a country who wants your sacrifice but then turns around and Changes things on you just as your approching the benifits that were fought so hard for and were Promised. The CHANGE I see is this country becomming a third world power that depends on China (who own three quarters of the U.S.) People on welfare being put to death for not contributing to the rich, Health benifits only for the rich, Jobs that dont require any real AMERICAN products and are made by foreign (illegals),people. And the government becomming BIG BROTHER and jailing you if you dont agree with their way of doing things. This is what I fought for??? GOD help the U.S. and please let him shed some sense on these politicans before its too late. Please get out in the next election and vote these idiots out of office. It’s the only thing they havent taken away from us YET!!!

  • Rick

    Adm Mullen Shame on you GMC USN RET

  • Del Mitchell

    I got an idea, why not ground Air Force One, and keep the Comrade-In-Chief chained to his desk so that he can work (?) to solve our economic issues instead of racking up frequent flyer miles to such exotic places like Puerto Rico. Then, once this no-load president (again, question mark ?) leaves office, which I hope is soon, deny him his unearned pension & benefits. After that, make sure Mullens, and all the other brass, who never had to do anything, except attend cocktail parties and snobby social functions, get their pensions lowered to what a senior chief petty officer makes. After that, start with lowering Congresses wages and benefits.

  • Keith Blake

    Served 23 years Air force proudly! Just barely getting along and now the head cheese wants to cut our pay and benefits! Get REAL!!! Cut Congress and the Senate pay and benefits.

  • DS_OIF_OEF Vet

    Leadership and congress throw those who put in the work under the bus.
    It is a disgrace and appalling for leadership to throw the livelihood of those who physically put in the work, sons and daughters who volunteered to serve this country under the bus. Sons and daughters who are living below the salary cap of the very individuals making decisions that have no impact on them since they are not living off of half of half a retirement check, driving nice cars, lived in nice government housing while the lower ranked had to get a place on the economy and commute or get food stamps to make it; yet convicted felons having served Congress are getting full salaries which many are in the six figure category like Cunningham and others. There are a lot of Bad Leaders effecting our armed forces attrition causing many good sons and daughters to quit. Perhaps that is what they want, further reduction in forces at our expense being a part of the “Be all you can be”, “Army of One” and changing of the black beret era, the last of the remaining super powers as it is known to date. Educational benefits were changed from the Old GI Bill to VEAP to MGIB to New GI Bill and it continues. Individuals in leadership position with a voice and authority can be dangerous when it comes to our best interest, those in leadership roles with the power and authority to further reduce our benefits is reason why “Thank you for your service” bears no weight. This bad leadership decision or consideration to put such an option on the table to cut our benefits/pay takes “Duty, Honor, Country”, loyalty and patriotism to a whole new level. Such tone coming from Mullen and the likes bring to mind the decision to reduce our forces, when the Pentagon opted to remove sons and daughters who failed to reach a level of promotion based on a scoring system that did not measure a person’s skill level and contribution but rather points that many soldiers in occupational specialties could not reach even when they maxed out in other categories. It is another form of railroading of good sons and daughters in the form of benefits/pay/self-esteem/respect/dignity for their own personal gain. If members of congress, Mullen, Gates and the like had to live in the economy they have created for most, follow the policies and procedures for medical, dental and jobs based on the same pay scale and financial policies as us (active duty, retired/disabled veterans), it would be different, they may not be so prone to throw us under the bus thereby adding to the burgeoning homeless, unemployed, broke families and poor population of veterans who have served this country with honor.

  • Jim King

    This is disrespectfully to a person who has his or her life on the line. We are at war in one country now and phrasing out another country from war, yet a dangerous place for our people. Cut the salary of the Congress Legislators and stop their automatic pay raises. It is time this country come back to honoring it’s contract with the current military force and the retired military person. Stop supporting countryies that do not support this country.

  • Bobp2v

    There some pretty good comments here–I hope they are being sent to our elected officals in D C . They have always looked out for no.1 and now is the time for all vets to stand up and let them know that they are not special.

  • Bob

    And you can bet that Mullen has a new job in the anti-American, Osama-Obama administration

  • OldOldUSN

    The CinC is controlled by the puppeteer George Soros, his media financier, who has vowed “to take America down a notch.” What better way than attacking military morale? This Mullen ploy, along with his vow to improve on “don’t ask don’t tell” by doing away with it, sounds about like the old Navy quip about the tough C.O. who said, “All leave and liberty is cancelled until morale improves” and will probably be just as effective. I wonder if Soros is directing his many media and advertising minions to write Mullen’s scripts as well as Obama’s? Mullen said he received no “push back” from the military in doing away with DADT so probably thinks he’ll never get any for anything.


    Its always the military that seems to always get the hatchet when it comes to budget. But when the fight starts and there needed they dont cry or whimper when ask to go they just go and do the best damn job of any military in the entire world and those that served this country were promised certain bennifits but when Clinton was at the helm thats when our bennifits were challenged and taken without any fight back well if we just sit back and dont say anything then we deserve what we get. If we picked every recruiting office nation wide and the numbers werent meant then someone has to pay attention. They will get there budget cut alright and Mullen will be out of a job right away and Defense Secretary would be answering to congress why. We the retired community still have some fight in us and congress and the house needs to pay attention to the voice of the people. Get mad real mad and then lets band together and fight all this hog wash in a peaceful way. When the going gets tough the tough get going Semper Fi do or die

  • Bill

    Now that I am a 20 vet, and retired you want tell me I am getting too much retirement pay and benefits. Why don’t you tell the Generals and Admirals that they have to take a cut in their pay. I am sure the Senators and Congressmen sure won’t take a cut in their pay.

  • CWO

    Is it time for the second revolution? It should be a slaughter, they won’t have an army, the army will be on our side. All they will have are a few politicians and cops.

  • Alf Harfield

    We are on sacred ground here. I know that they all deny that we were promised anything. But, if it has to be let us petition Congress to share the discomfort. I think that we should start with retirement pay for serving as little as one term of office. We’re on a roll now! How about petitioning Congress to give up their Free medical? You have to speak up or suffer the results that you don’t want.

  • Dennis Habern

    Why has the word cock been eliminated from my impartation?

    It is a legal word in the dictionary, or is this venue another one that

    leans towards Political Correctness in the name of Liberals and


    • Dennis Habern

      My question has just been answered without uttering a sound.

      Despicable like the Obama.

  • D. Polaski

    Hey Mullen how about us cutting your pay check for the next 30 years or so. That would help the current soldiers to get paid. You get paid too much already. All you so called leaders get paid too much. Out to go back to the Civil War period and make you all pay for your benefits that you current get for free.


    We fight these wars at great sacrafice. We ask nothing in return from those we liberate from tyrants like Sadam Husien or Osama Bin laden. Instead we want to take benefits from those who have served and died in their behalf. I say let’s send them a bill, pay as you go. God knows with all the oil Iraq has they can more than pay their way and now they want us to stay even longer. I say you pay or we leave. Let’s make them pay, not those who have served. What’s more is I paid $10,000 in Federal taxes last
    year. I suppose you’ll want more of that also. You suck!

  • i think they should take money from muller frist
    leave the vets alone we fought for our country,and
    all he is a paper pusher.we need to start get this screw up goverment strighted out starting with
    the congress frist then the repersentive next,and
    cut ther pay and see how they like it and helth beneffs too!!!!!

  • Redleg

    This follows a trend towards civilian pensions across the nation-undermining them all the way to undermining Social Security and Medicare.
    I have never looked at my military pension as something which could never be cut, reduced or for that matter eliminated. Same for any increases with Tricare.
    Pensions, medical coverages, Medicare, Social Security, all have become big targets for those in Government to attack and in some cases eliminate. One might ask why:
    The reason is quite obvious. The US dollar is losing confidence worldwide; the US debt is unsustainable. Many countries are buying oil with Euros or gold. The price of gold and platinum reflect world wide loss of confidence in the US dollar.
    Results: fiscal panic within the US government. On one hand, the Gov is printing money like crazy and on the other trying to cut everything deeply. However, it will not save the system because the system is too far gone.
    So expect a lot worse in the near future.

  • Otudor

    A few years ago while using my Montgomery GI Bill to get a college degree (something because of deployments) I was never able to get while in the military I was called for jury duty. When the presiding judge asked if there was any one who felt that they did not have to do this civic duty I explained that I was in college and we were getting close to finals. He asked what this had to do with fulling my civic duty and I explained that “Your honor I am going to college on the G.I. Bill, after 20 years of military service this is something I earned.” He understood, he excused me. I was the only one that he excused.

    Some one else mentioned sacrifice and how we all had to sacrifice a little bit. When ever I was back home after a deployment I realized how much I sacrificed. How much I had lost with my children. How we were strangers. I saw that quite alot while in the military, not just me almost every service member.

    Now, ten years after retirement, my body aches, my knees are shot, although I am not even 55 years old I am asked if I get the senior discount. I look well into my sixties. My year not even a year younger than me, makes me look like a cradle robber. Wear and tear on a body will do that.

    Honestly, unless you have been there, served, been deployed, been through the stress of trying to live on poverty wages while trying to keep your family feed. Never know if that call at 3 am in the morning is the “real thing”, packing your bags getting ready for war, while your family is left behind. I feel you do not have the right to judge or take away things that were promised.

    Korea (Camp Casey), Ft. Meade, Ft. Polk. Germany (3AD), Ft Lewis

    U. S. Army Retired

  • Sgt Airborne

    It’s funny. Everyone wants to cut the deficit. Everyone wants to cut every federal program–except their own. I am a Vietnam war disabled vet who draws disability pay and uses Tricare Prime insurance. I am wealthy by not means. But I will go on record here and now that I am willing to pay an increased insurance premium and I am willing to continue receiving no COLA increase and would even be willing to take a small decrease in pay. If we don’t all do our part, the deficit will never come under control. We veterans are quick to brag about our great sacrifices for freedom, but are we willing to now make a small sacrifice for our country? I am!

    • karsinger

      Sgt Airborne
      The gist of this conversation is that the very leaders that are spouting this line, are the same ones voting themselves automatic pay raises, taking advantage of the US taxpayer by having retirement after one term, opting out of the medical programs they force you to accept, taking junkets to the vacation spots of the world on the way to or from visiting our soldiers, approving pork and then talking cutting benefits. The very same people who have put this great country in the position it’s in, with loss of employment, removal of the middle class, devaluing our money system and on and on. One definition of treason is actively working against the interests of your country. In my mind, this occurs daily in Wonderland. The people who spout this drivel know in their minds’ if every man, woman and children paid taxes at the 75% rate, the current deficit cannot be reduced….and this initiative is just the tip of the wonderful things they are contemplating for the American people…Someone said it earlier “Silver to barter with and lead to hang on to the silver.” I truly hate to be an alarmist, but ya ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

    • RWood017

      Sgt Airborne, my question to you is; when in the hell are the politicians going to make a sacrifice for this country? I’ve put my life in harms way many times for a fraction of what they get paid, oh and let’s not forget, they give themselves a raise. Why would you be willing to take a cut in your well deserved benefits when these parasites continue to give themselves raises, and they haven’t contributed a damn thing to this great nation we’ve defended time and time again, so hell no I am not willing to take any pay, or benefit cuts until they sacrifice something!!

  • tistx

    muller and gates are playing with the military because they both want to have jobs that will not cut any benefits from them. as a retired usaf tech sargent i would like to have one of their retirement pay.

    politics is a dirty game in dc.

  • RDH

    Stop Welfare PERIOD !!
    illegals, Stop Silver Spoon feeding them at my expense, return them at there countries expense.
    Help our our US Citizens first in dire need when disasters strike.
    VOTE all Politicians out who back or vote for this !!

  • Elaine

    I am the wife of a deceased veteran. He died for our country and his retirement is all I have to live on. Now the government or Mullen thinks he can reduce the deficit at our expense. I agree with some others who feel they should cut all the fat cats in DC trying to run the government. They think we are their private ATM machine, spend whatever and cut where ever they feel. Look at all the men & women who have died these last eight years. Don’t their lives mean anything to you?

  • chris Dill

    Adm Mullen, My husband served proudly for you and with you. He always thought of you as one of the good guys. He is rolling in his grave and I am fighting to survive while the dept. of Veterans Affairs decide wether or not I deserve any benifit. Not only did he sacrifice for this country, so did I. I have no career other than supporting my sailor while he supported you. Thanks.

  • Burke

    This sounds about right, just another lie we were told. In my case 46 years ago.

  • F Royall

    I think it’s time for us to have another Egypt and start with surrounding the white house and pentagon, when they reduce or take away our measely retired pey we get coompared to the congress. pentagon and lazy *** officers of all the services. I am a retired SSG, Vietnam Veteran w/disabilities and your’e going to put me on the streets?? with nothing???? It’s time now for a damn good uprising and get rid of all congress,etc and start over again. They would’nt dare to even give a dollar from their pockets, unless it’s for an alcoholic drink or woman..Let’s get them out and FAST…..

  • guapo

    I’ve been retired from the AF for a long time. The retired pay has been just as bad as my active duty pay. At the time I enlisted we were promised free medical for life and yet my wife and I are paying the ssa about $2400.00 a year for medical. TCL is good but we still have to pay for medicines. Gasoline and residential fuel have gone ballistic , food prices are increasing and I see no “Golden Years” in out future. We give life and limb for our country and the bigshots want to reduce the pay we barely live on. They have no idea what sacrifice really is. The government has gotten us deeply in debt and they are looking to us to get them out of debt. I think we could do with leaders that really want whats good for country and not for them.

  • Fed Up

    Mr President, cut your pay and benefits. Mr Congressman, cut your pay and benifits. Gen and Adm, cut your pay and benefits; THEN come talk to me about mine. Cost reduction starts at the top. I spent twenty + years defending my country. I should not have to give up what I have already earned.

  • Eddie

    Is this how you repay veterans for 20+ years of honorable service to their country? Retirees have not had a cost of living allowance (cola) for two years and yet the price of gasoline as quadrupled during this time as well as the cost of other necessities, now you want to reduce pay and benefits even more. This is a travesty and just another example of the government breaking faith with the military service members that will have no choice but to do with less! If this reduction was for everyone including welfare and all the other free programs then it would be a little easier to stomach. If you persist in doing this injustice to the military (active & retirees) where will you find the people to man up the forces during the next emergency! I doubt that very many will volunteer, then the draft will be reinstated and the quality of the services will suffer because, the over all quality of the recruit is not as high as with an all volunteer force where the services can be more selective.
    Instead of bailing out banks, insurance and car companies that money could have been put to better use to help the military
    When I enlisted during the Viet Nam war, I was promised FREE medical care for life and we all know what happened to that.
    I am proud of my Naval Service! What have they done for us lately and, now this pardon me while I get sick!!

  • Johnny

    It might serve our country well to cut military pay. Then the little rich kids would get drafted to defend daddy war bucks.

  • jessrm80

    Benefits, we have benefits? Why when I entered the military I was told that I would not have to worry about medical for myself or family. Here we are cutting pay and benefits. We plan for our retirement, we save for our retirement and then we retire. Now we have one of our own suggesting a pay cut. I started with Vietnam and ended with Desert Storm and this is how my governemnt thanks me. I am asked periodically how can we attract young americans into the Army? News flash young Americans read these blogs and take notice. See how veterans and retires are treated.
    If the Armed forces wants to save money stop all the unessarry TDY that going on in USAAC. SFC goes TDY overseas to do 45 minutes of work, people go TDY to pay for a new car and some go just because they have not been there yet. There is more waste in the place than I have ever seen in my 40 years. They all should go to jail. The Army could save 3 to 5 mil a year. Its not much but it is a start.

  • sly

    If you want to cut someone pay cut congress, they are the ones who make big bucks and then sit back and the tax payers pay there bills for the rest of there life. Let’s get real who wants to defend their country and then get nothing for it.

  • Johnny

    Now you understand what fragmentation grenades were made for.

  • William

    When are we ever going to get some real leadership. If you think Gates and Mullen are loosers wait until you see who they have to replace these jerks. Obama must go before the whole system colapses. The houses is burning and they concern themselves with gays in the military, females in combat roles, affirmative action, diversity, anti-smoking policies, females on submarines, purging leaders that don’t play their games, and silly Navy uniforms and programs that cost the Government millions.

  • Tom Stewart

    I say Mullen can kiss my ass

  • gray

    Why dont congress take a pay cuts and furlows to help cut the budget. The poor and middle classes sure do. So whay not make it for everyone!!!!!!!!!

  • Larry

    The cut in pay some people are talking about is not for current soldiers or retirees.

  • Larry

    Current active duty and retirees will be grandfathered in. Both Mullen’s and Gates are on the way out so do not worry!

  • Navy Chief (ret.)

    Adm. Mullen doesn’t want pay cuts any more than I do, or you do. This isn’t the first time a senior military officer has sid something like this. Suggest cutting the number of tanks, or trucks, or helicopters on order, or suggest closing some bases and decommissioning some ships, and you get a few lobbyists and some Congresscritters screeching. Suggest cutting pay and benefits for active duty and retired personnel and you get tens of thousands of us – tens of thousands of registered voters – sending angry complaints to every political animals infesting Washington. Historically, this has proven to be a good way to get cost cutting done somewhere else.

  • burby

    I’m a retiree that served our country for just 9 days short of 34 years. I served very proudly and always followed orders. I followed losts of family member on both sides of my parents. I agree with my fellow vets, it’s time to tell our elected officals the way it should be. If you want to cut the troops strengths, then get out of the wars, bring everyone home and don’t ever get involved in another conflict. And yes, cut every member of congress and the senates pay by at least 25% or more. I agree for them to enjoy any retirement pay they must served for a minuim of 20 years and that’s only if they can always get re-elected. If not NO RETIREMENT PAY!!!! Sorry boys or girls! Now let’s see who wants to cut the military and our benefits.

  • tomich99224

    Oh, we absolutely have to find ways to continue sending money to foreign countries that hate us. We also need funds so that we can keep paying entitlements to illegals, deadbeats and drug addicts. What better way to do that than to hold a knife to the throats of military personnel.

    Was a time when I could recommend a military career to someone. Not any more. The government will make promises every time it’s time to re-up to keep someone in. Then they’ll renege on those promises first chance they get. Recruiters had better hope the economy continues to suck because if they make cuts to pay and benefits, those recruiters are going to be some lonely and bored people when the economy recovers. Just think of the mass exodus of personnel who are part way into military careers already.

    Mullen is nothing more than a mouthpiece of the administration and he’s doing a great job of kissing ass

  • Ronald B

    Admiral Mullen is just another Admiral that has sold his sole to the devil. He disgust me! Approaching retirement he could care less of the people that got him there, the men and women of the military. It’s now all about him. He is looking ahead to some form of civilian chairmanship or political office I can guarantee you that. He won’t be like the quote from General MacArthur ” Old Soldiers never die, they just fade away”. No he will unfortunately will reemerge in the polical arena. He along with several other Chair of the Joint Chiefs have prostituted themselves by selling out. He is just another one. He will make millions in retirement so do you really think he has our best interest at heart. All we can do is ban together as one and fight the fight. As one cohesive unit we can beat these bastards at their own game. Speak out, let your voices be heard. Nort just for retirees but for our son’s, daughters, and service members still serving.

  • Jay

    As I think of the damage this administration and the previous 3 administrations and Congress have done to the military and their families, I am appalled. These dedicated Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen give their all every day. The widows have neglected in this process. The Democratic and Republicans are all the same. The Tea-party people are in that blend, also. All of these groups forget, the part the military plays in securing and maintaining freedoms requires military ready forces, living and fighting in less than desirable conditions. These civilian leaders and now the Joint Chief of Staff are joining forces to decimate the strength of our country by lowering morale to low levels that will last for generations. Other countries will capitalize on this apparent and actual weakness which will not be overcome. Economy,sports, education, families will never be the same.

  • Mike

    Bend over and take i again guys. It has been two year since our last pay raise for retirees. Just think, some senator or congressman just got full benefits for himself and his or her family! Some thanks for serving 23 years.

  • Robert Vines

    How can we give millions of our tax dollars to other countries and won’t
    to cut pay for our military, something is wrong with this picture. I agree
    these politician should have to take a pay cut, like a 30% and no fringe
    benefits They should also have to serve in the military to be qualified
    to run for public office.

  • byrd

    You don’t hear any of those politicans saying they’ll give up their benes or anything.

    Always ready to tap into the Military to solve issue, as if they don’t force them to do enough now and then for less then what duty calls for.

    War was suppose to create jobs, it did the opposite in this case.

  • Johnny G

    I am retired, and am appaulled at how many people take a bite out of my paycheck. I busted my stones for this Country, and never asked what’s in it for me. I think we all need to march on Washington DC. Could you imagine the gridlock we could do to DC. FLY YOUR COLORS YE DEFENDERS OF FREEDOM. The DOD policy states that my cheating x wife gets half my pension. I have a 16yr old Daughter, and I work part time cleaing toilets at a truck stop, just because I pay my bills. Then the frickin state extended unemployment! That program needs to go away. The common idiot knows if you give a rat cheese the rat comes back. EVERYONE suffers in a depression. That’s why they call it a depression. I choose to work, imagine that if your not a criminal, and can count you can get jobs all day long. Hello to my fellow Veterans, and God Bless

  • Willie Carter

    What we need to cut is foreign influence, cut the expenses of waging war around the world and focus on the cost to the American people, the cost of American lives lost in the wars, not to exclude injuries, some debilitating, and our monies (Taxes) needed to finance those wars. The United States of America can not finance the freedom of the whole world. As we look for ways to cut spending, let us also look at our priorties, what is of the most importance to our nation’s stability and growth.

  • Johnny G

    Lets not forget the loss of quality Soldiers/Sailors the Armed forces will attract. This affects our national security. Russia quit paying thier soldiers, and walah, the entire military arsenal was broken down, pillaged, sold, and stolen. Imagine nukes floating around! People in DC need the remove thier heads from their asses, and do it frickin quick! Good luck my Veterans, and God Bless our entire Armed Forces past, and present.

  • JamesLucius

    I’m really not getting this…if I’m not mistaken…I thought President Obama said he was for Military Families…if so…whats all this mumbo jumbo…What happen to John McCain???…and our support…bzzzzbzbzzzzz….
    Shame on you America…

  • Rex Moran

    Lie after Lie after Lie. When I joined the Air Force in 1962 I was promised full medical for my family and myself for life, I was promised half pay and raises along with the active duty for life. What are they going to take next? BX? Commissary? I never flinched when they said your going to Nam. I never flinched when I was sent overseas for 10 years besides Vietnam duty. I kept my promises. What happened to the people who promised us? Just think, I’ll bet they don’t have a problem sleeping at night because they just made points with their superiors. It is just like the bail outs, this will not solve our 14 Trillion dollor deficite problem, unemployment problem or our any other budget problems. Taking money from anyone else won’t solve the problems
    either. We are way beyond that. But the Government motto is screw the military any chance you get. We are number one on thier hit list.

  • Doc V

    I didn’t give twenty years of my life to this country in the Air Force to have some of my pension ****** away by our screwed up government. You go straight to **** Adm. Mullen, I know you’ll get damn dime of yours. Screw you and the boat you floated in on

  • Green Mtn Boy

    ADM Mullen, shame on you; I should have known that you were an Obama appointee. What are the other service heads telling their men and women. I find it hard to believe the the Commodant of the USMC is going along with your BS. Until ALL, I SAY AGAIN, ALL, members of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial, branches of GOVT give up there retirements, no retired member of the U.S. Armed Forces should be expected to take a cut in their (ret) checks. And furthermore, no active duty member should be expected to take a cut in pay and allowances, or their (ret) pay either. None of us ever threatened or went on strike; and the the CPI raises we received did not make us rich as the formula for (ret) pay has been the same since I enlisted in the 50s. We just served.

  • MCPO Retired

    What do we expect, with Obama as the Commander in Chief and Mullens as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs .When I retired in 1979, the commander in chief was Carter and he froze military and civil service pay to set the example to save money. Carter wasn’t reelected in 1980, Ronald Reagen became the commander in chief and gave the troops about a 13% pay raise
    We need to vote Obama out of office the next election and elect a person who respects the job our troops our doing and will find other areas that can reduce spending

  • A. Matters

    With in 10 years the united stated will be a third world country and that is what our government and the industrial world want. They are bleeding us dry slowly of our money and freedoms. They are doing this while we don’t even know it is happening……until one day BAM!!! there it is we are screwed and there won’t be a damn thing we can do about it. The UNITED STATES will be a fond memory. Well it was good while it lasted.


    I think the cuts should start from the top and trickle down. By the time it gets to the enlisted person they will stop it. The bigger pay cuts should be from the people that can afford it. They think that there’s a problem with foreclosures now, let them start taking our money. Besides, if you start taking our pay and benefits whose going to fight your wars. Lord, help us all!



  • over 20 usaf ret.

    It’s realy funny that the people in some goverment jobs get automstic raises and nothing is beening done to correct t5hat. So why pick on the retired people;

  • steve craig

    please vote for your party of choice, But vote for all new!! Two terms max and they should be out. Our forfathers did not intend for the for these crookes to stay in office for life. They start out trying then get corrupt and we the people pay,pay,pay OUR BLOOD WAS NOT ENOUGH! Ret US ARMY.

  • Clinton Matthews

    Of course the politisions want to cut benifits and pay for the military. They hope that in so doing they can avoid any cuts in their pay and benifits. We eed to do a few things. First bring our servicemen home and stop wasting moneys on trying to democratize other countrys. ALSO ALL POLITISIONS SHOULD BE PAID NO MORE THAN THE AVERAGE INCOME OF THE aMERICAN CITIZENRY.This would cause them to feel the struggle of Americans just to get by. They would of course have a business expence account from which to pay lagetamit operating costs whch account they would be held accountable for and be audited regularly that such expences would be lagetamat. Sorry about the spelling.

  • You talk about a two faced Hypocrite, Mullen is one. I respect his rank , but not him as a man. But then if you think about it, his pay versus ours
    What we make in retired pay in a year is his monthly pay.
    what gets me is why do we nees a civilian police force on our bases whats wrong with our MPs doing the job lets cut out that cost
    I could cut costs for DOD and they would not even have to mess with individuals pay and benifits
    Leave the people alone cut out the waste instead.

  • Mustang

    The brass don’t want the draft because you do end up with problem children – all volunteer force reduces their headaches. On the positive side, everyone serves (under a fair system) and we would have a much larger pool of individuals with an understanding for the value and sacrifice of our military personnel and their families. The draft also has the benefit of putting the advantaged kids into the trenches with the less advantaged – in my experience a benefit to both. And the prime advantage of the draft – you don’t need high pay rates for the non-career force. You get a larger base force for a much lower total cost.

  • TommyT

    Pay cuts and benefits to those who deserve the most? Where do we stop the nonsense? The mentality of the US government is to tax, tax, tax (even take more tax from military paychecks-money from tax) then give away billions as if there is an endless supply to aid certain countries are who are like leaches and now, these same idiots are scrambling to trim non-essentials which military pay is one of them. So, where do they start? The high ranking’s first? Or is it all across the board? But it’s ok because if our troops are all about patriotism then pay cuts should not matter unless someone is merely serving for money and college opportunities. As Vinny indicated, I paraphrase, when there is no volunteer force the draft may be used…and someone will used as a pawn.

  • Edward Kopanski

    I feel that unless Congress agrees to a cut in their pay and allowances it is a hypcritical attempt to place Veterans and Military retirees in the same status as welfare recipiants. I don’t know where Mullen and Gates get the idea that they can give other peoples subsistence away. What is their cut going to be?
    Perhaps we should sell the wheel chairs and artificial limbs that veterans are given. After all you could argue that they are not needed on a daily basis and the Governement can rent them back to those in need or for special occassions like Veterans Day.

  • rangerbob

    guess we need to organize and perhaps resort to other than peaceful means to ensure this aint gonna happen…lets cut Mullins balls off

  • jay vanderford

    this is really easier than it seems, just reduce officer pay to equal enlisted, O1 = E1… imagine how fare that would be and the savings, astronomical, otherwise all enlisted should just walk away and let all the blowhards on the hill fight their own wars, as i see it, we are in places we do not need to be anyway, and yes, i am a retired 1SG so I know what I’m saying, we need no longer let folks on the hill take away what we have earned while they exempt themselves, how much pay cut is the Admiral going to take? cheers to all.

  • Old Sarge

    JUST WHAT WE NEED. Not one of the A**Holes down there in Washington have ever been in the places that our young Military are now. The few that have been in the service are Millionaires and this will not affect them, so they are willing to cut our hard earned pays. I would said that ALL OF CONGREES should STOP their pays if even just one dollar is cut from our pay. They can PAY for their own HealthCare, Stop using our healthcare. They should try living on what a young service member makes and see how they do for the rest of their lives. Let their kids pay for their own school, then have their kids pay back the loans they get from getting a higher Education.

    Old Sarge just making it along.

  • PSF

    General Mullen

    Get our military troops out of the 4 unwarranted wars and you will not need to do any more cuts the congressional report that came out last week says we are just wasting money in Afghanistan.

    Disabled Veteran

  • Leon C. Aaron Jr.

    Dear Members of our Congress, and Mr. President. Why is anyone even entertaining this option? We have been the GREATEST Nation on this planet because of our Armed Forces and their capabilities to protect this country against all enemies foreign and domestic and others who call upon us. I have served our country proudly for more than 26 years on active duty and never questioned the loyalty of my country for what they did for me with my health or my families as a Soldier. My families sacrificed, I endured injuries over these years without complaining. Since retirement I have been the biggest promoter for encouraging our young people to sever our country with pride and selfless service. Our country provides Billions of dollars to countries for some of the wildest reasons. Why not reduce this cost burden before we cripple our forces with pay, benefits and survival after they serve. This isn’t encouraging to ask our men and women to give up their lives or lively hood because we as a nation can’t correct our debt problems. Everyone in our Government the elected officials were hired by the people to protect us, not destroy our way of life or derogate it through cuts just because they can. Please find alternative ways to balance the debt without destroying our military and benefits. Those that serve do it out of love for our country. I am not asking this for me, but for many before me, after me and those that are considering serving our armed forces. DUTY-HONOR-COUNTRY should be protected not expected!

  • Fred


  • NoMoreMrNiceGuy

    Pay freeze happened in the 80.Tthat is when we started to deteriorate. Had a delay in my rotation and delay in advancement. Made progress from the 1970’s had to tie ships up at the pier, riots drugs gangs. I was there and was in two riots one in Alameda Ca and one on the USS Tulare (LKA112). Here is a bit of history from the 80’s Congressional Testimony.

  • EN1(SW) RET.

    I see the writing on the wall. One time I was told to watch what this administration is doing. It’s the old addige, actions speak louder than words. I will now go out and renew my firearms card and get myself some protection because our military will have their hands tied behind their backs. I am a retired Sailor and am damn proud to serve this great country. God Bless America!!!

  • John doe

    I am really sick and tired of the those damn politicians doing whatever they want. How about you dont starve the people who protect this country. I dont see those motherf***s getting pay cutts.

  • Old Sarge

    You are right President Eisenhower state that what we needed to watch most was the military machine, or military contractors to be more to the point. President Ragan used them very well; he spent more money than any other President EVER on the “space war” The lasers that he wanted are just barely work today. I voted for him thinking he would be good for the military he was; Just not the service members that had to live with his budgets.

  • Justme

    Screw ’em all…vote their lame asses out on the next reelection. We have such a lame ass administration running this once great country and all of the congressional asses are no help at all.

  • NoMoreMrNiceGuy

    Mullins is a bent shit-can.


  • Jack

    There is plenty of areas in the army to cut costs without cutting promised benefits! Vietnam Vet.

  • George Easter

    I served 22 years in the navy (retiring Jan 1967. The first apy raise I got was so bad that I lost over $3,00 and we were told that if we were going to lose money we could get out of the service .A good many thought that it won’t happen again so we just stayed. Now let me say what I sujest for our Represenjtatives ; Serrve 20 years for their pension ,pay your on way back forth to your family and the state you go to and back and forth to work , pay for your medical insurance through medicare when you rate it and no just time served for lifetime of insurance , 30 days vacation a year, be away from your family for long periods of time (just one of those thimgs),,pay for hair cuts and other perks . There are a lot more someone else find them.

  • Min. Roy McCray

    America, He that knoweth it to do right and do not right is SIN. We can pass a bill to assure same sex, change the military value, but we can not protect the retirement and benefits of those who have served and is serving. We spend billions of dollars fighting war and rebuilding other home and countr,yet American can not be assured of their benifits. You people are sad, But that how deception is. Sin has become a standard for those who deceive and lie to the American people. But you can assure rights and retirement for sin and Sodom and Gomarrah. Birds of the same flock will fly together. But! I know one day your kness will bow and confess to God in the name of Jesus, for the lies and sin you told the American people. Min. Roy McCray

  • Clay Tant

    I would suggest that the only way to resolve this issue is for all military,
    active, retired, etc. is to get in touch with their representative and kindly
    inform them that if they vote for this, then you will vote them out. 2012 is just
    around the corner. But just talking about it, griping about it to each person
    you see, will not cut it. If you say you are going to do it, do it. Remember,
    its the squeeky wheel that gets the grease. Its time the minority not get
    their way. Get in touch with all your miltiary friend s and start calling. Lets
    for once start something and finish it and finish it so they get the message
    loud and clear.

  • Richard Menk

    I served two tours in Viet Nam and one tour in Iraq. I retired with 41 years of service. If this country wants to reduce my retirement and benefits contrary to the cotract I signed on for, then I quess none of the contracts between our government and any entity are of any value. I love my country, but not the one that exists today. Thank you President Obama and all the liberal spending fools in our government. CW4 RJM

  • Min. Roy L McCray

    America needs to repent, and ask God for forgiveness. This country is going to see a storm worst than what you saw last month, Take all those tornados, and that is nothing compared to what is heading this way. Because we are eating and accepting all this filth and deception. We are ashamed of the CROSS, and the Cross is where your Salvation was won. Any one in tis world who cover the crosss, is not a child of God. Jesus died on the Cross to restore us back to the presences of God. So what ever eyes and heart is ashamed or afraid to look at the Cross, is not of God the Almighty in the nameof Jesus. All these religions and fake,so called Christians,you will stand before God and your kness will bow and confess Jesus is Lord. America has turned its back on God and open the door for the man of Sin, Satan. Now we are doing the same thing to Israel. But if we curse israel,God said those’ who curse Israel will be cursed. . Read 1st John 2:22-23. Min Roy McCray

  • Eagle077

    Ulysses Grant won the Civil War with 2 stars. Let’s start with all the Flags over 2 Stars tossing them in the hat. Here’s a budget cut ………. any Illegals …. anchor baby notwithstanding get nothing – Zero – Nada.

  • OS1(SW) RET. USN

    Now is the time to tell the Civilian Community the Following!!! When someone Thanks You for your service to your country? Ask them 2 important Questions!
    #1 Did you serve?
    #2. When is the last time you Voted?

  • Celtic Trio

    LET US JOIN OUR VOICES I was a career counselor for over half my career(24 yrs) in the military(Army), retired in 1995. I saved the government millions by keeping good soldiers in the Army who were already trained and experienced. Now I advise people NOT to go into the military. I say to my fellow citizens, they can better serve their country and our sacred consitution (which all military swear to defend, against all enemies , foriegn and DOMESTIC) by voting for those who truly love our country (Ron Paul (P), Jesse Ventura (VP)). Also by seeing the truth that those now in power are trying to destroy this country. Let them know we understand that they can save billions or trillions by ending the four wars we are now envolved in. Take care of the wounded they sent into harms way already, and don’t send any more that they will have to (or should) take care of later. Close the loop-hole that allows an ILLEGAL ALIEN to give birth in this country and then gives that NEWBORN ILLEGAL ALIEN citizenship and free access to our resources that we earned and have to pay for. Further, that those in government should stand up for their fellow man and tell the PUPPET MASTERS in the thirty-eight levels above TOP SECRET (and BEYOND), that they will no longer do their biding. Show no more fear, no more anger, use resources to rebuild and heal. It does not take a New World Order, just people who truly care about their fellow man. Start reading, evaluate everything you read, make up your own mind. Don’t believe it just because it is taught by our academia, no matter the BOOK or Subject matter, yes I am a college graduate and graduated cum laude. Become aware and awake. Turn off the television and think, meditate, you inherently know what is right. Question what you think you know to be true. Dig for information and knowledge from every resource, then make up your own mind as to what is true. This is true for every facet of human existance and history lesson. There IS truth out there and you may find it in the most unlikely places. The future will be bright, but only if we make it so. Do not believe the fear mongering. We can make our world into what ever we ….INTEND, FEEL and put EMOTION to. Yes my feet are on Mother Earth, I just see more clearly than some. We are ALL capable of the most extrordinary things………Lets do this together………We are all connected………We are all ONE!

  • Jim Lawson

    Let McMullen be the first and cut his pay to a private. That will be the START. When he does this then I will consider giving a little but not UNTIL he CUTS HIS PAY TO PRIVATE.

  • jay eldrek

    I always figured you were a kiss ass sycophant Mullen, well, easy for you to say,
    take pay cuts, if i had your money i could burn mine.

  • Alfred

    This seem to be a great morale-buster. We had morale booter type leaders doing our time.

  • James

    I too am retire USAF E7, with 3 tours serving in the South East Asian police action, (WAR), Korea, England and Philipines along with short sessions in the US. Three divorces later and countless years of separation from family has been the forte of my career, thanks to the US GOV. The pay from 68-88 was barely adequate then and the benefits have eroded soooo much it makes one think is it worth it. Now you want to take it all. Why pay the military at all? Just try to get people to enlist without getting paid. Try and get them to fight for you then when you feel wronged. You want a coupe, by GOD keep it up. We vets have had enough of you love children. Notice how many of the Government has had to fight for their lives under fire who yet want all the perks of office yet don’t want to give the men under arms their just rewards. Take some out of your pockets you polaticians we are tired of giving you our well deserved pay checks and bennies

  • Rick Alcober

    Under the Obama Administration we have not received a COLA for two years and its not in the works for ANOTHER 2 years. Now they want to cut retired pay AND benefits….when does enough become enough? Maybe its time for another revolution….and protect what we’ve fought for so hard with out blood , sweat and tears

  • eddie

    Why is it that our government wants to cut our benefits, but the government does nothing about the foreign aid they give to other countries. Maybe that is where the government should start first.

  • Gene, USAF ret

    It is amazing to me to see calls for only one housing allowance for married service members. Last time I looked both are serving. Do you want to encourage them to live together without mairrage? Been there, done that in 70.

  • John R

    Retirees have to pay for medical and dental now. Coverage is already limited. How much more can go down? More homeless vets?

  • Loejay

    They are only doing what the people allow them to do. As long as they can get away with it, it will only get worse.

  • Dwight.Nam Vet

    they were voted in….vote m’ OUT

    • Dwight-Nam Vet

      They were voted in, I say we vote em’ OUT.

  • Gene Grabill

    First Gates, now Mullen, I agree with the other comments, let those at the top take the pay cut. When was Gates and Mullen ever in the trenches getting shot at? But they both like to reap in the big bucks and benefits

  • CW4 Eskesen (ret)

    Lead by example…. Start at the Top. Or do you think you are more important than the servicemen and women. I say if you want to impress me, show me you at the top are willing to sacrifice. Let’s disengage from all the crisis we cannot control. It has ruined are economy. Anything spread to thin Fails. The fringe benefits and retirements our President, Congress, Senate and Government Officials receive is absolutely sickning. Wake up America and express your opinions and just maybe we can make a Change. A concerned retiree of 22 years.

  • Norm

    Government is “We the People”. I hope Mullen and Gates understand that when the next “American Revolution” comes around, because the generals and oligarchies will be the first to go..If they take away the pay and benefits of the masses who work for government and the social programs that help the poor whose numbers are rapidly increasing with the decline of the middle class, while the cost of living continues to rise,they will have a real war on their hands…class war that is..Damn the Republicans,who are largely to blame for creating this mess in the first place and who continue to put the interest of the few before the needs of the many. At least the Democrats understand that the sacrifices of Veterans and their bills should be paid for by the military industrial complex that benefited the most in times of war. Increase the federal revenue by first taxing the hell out of the 1% wealthiest Americans (including their estate taxes and capitall gains taxes and stop their tax loop holes) before starting to cut active duty base pay, retirement, and disability and military and vets medical benefits. If any one has been to the commisary or PX/BX, it certainly hasn’t gotten any less expensive there either.

  • Debbie

    this is insane, I have an idea why don’t they cut goverment contract jobs pay. The military promised health care after 20 years and a pension, what about promises or agreements. Not to mention the military that puts their lives on the line everyday to protect the USA .

  • Chaplain Lowry

    I am a retired Air Force Chaplain. I served 26 years. It grieves my heart deeply how such threats hurt morale. Our leaders should be encouraging our brave men and women in uniform, not discouraging them. Presently I am learning how to navigate TRICARE. I have to travel an hour and a half to get medical tests. Veterans don’t want a handout. We want what we were promised and what we earned. Let the government eliminate all the wasteful spending and support our troops and encourage them by taking care of their needs and the needs of their families!

  • Don Wilson

    After serving 20 years in the air force (77-97) the politicians and senior leadership do not care one bit about the service members (past or present). We were tools then and we are still being used. The weapons systems and other BS is more important too these idiots. I tell anyone that asks me about the military to forget it, you will be used and abused. The same thing is happening now that happened after Vietnam, Korea, WW2 and WW1. All politicians are idiots and should be removed from office. Wish you all the best.

  • Treadhead

    I would write someone but there all politicians, and the first order of there job is to be a good liar. And I dont have any use for liars.

  • M Cannon

    This is so sad…another classic example of broken promises by the government. That retirement check that us retirees get…just enough “chump change” for what? Give it to us with one hand and take it all back with the other!

  • Jerry

    General Offers are not the friends of all retirees ,Once you pin on a star you become a politition ,Admiral Mullens is no different ,If you think back to the days when the military paid no income tax untill Ike was president,Once they make General Officer its a whole different program,Adm Mullens is looking for a gravy job upon retirement.,watch and see where he lands.

  • 23 Field Arty

    Mullen and Gates are the worst since McNamara. Lets get a Marine or a Seal or a Green Beret up there who know what its like in the “real Military!”

  • Blake

    Why don’t we withdraw our military from Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, South Korea, Japan and any other country where we should have departed years ago and take the private contractors with them. Unfortunately at the behest of powerful corporate interests our politicians continue to fund this costly defacto overseas empire at great detriment to the people of the US. Not only do our economic competitors get an economic advantage by our sixty plus year protection of them, but the cost of funding our worldwide military ($700+ Bln) is sucking up precious money that could be used within the US to develop and maintain a 21st century infrastructure. Most importantly, the cost savings from leaving Iraq and Afghanistan alone would be enough to maintain all military benefits plus a hefty pay increase; so frankly people like Adm Mullen who are proposing pay cuts and increases in health care costs are going to reap what they sow when solders, sailors and airmen decide its not worth the sacrifice anymore and get the hell out of dodge

  • Larry

    Gates was so happy to announce queers in the military that his voice went up to femine. I think he is one and Mullen might be too. It won’t work! These people never took showers with 12 other men. If they did, they may have enjoyed it, who knows? CWO4, USN (Ret) 26 years.

  • Bill

    I am a retired veteran, service connected I hope the big shots are first in line to cut their pay. I trained men as a drill instructor tell them to be the best for what we will cut your pay if you do good and lose a part of your anatomy or even your life! so if you do good we will take your pay for being courageous. The candy a_-_-_ can do what they want but we will make you feel lower so give us your pay!!! Hope their GOD justifies their actions.

  • wayne

    Everyone needs to continuously bombard congress and the senate with letters. I have done three already and I know I will get the standard answer but we must let them know how “ashamed” they should be on trying to renig on what we earned. If they could give me the 23 years back then do it, if not, hold your end up like I did. It is time to get these appointed people out of the discussion and let our congress make the decisions that they are elected to do. I cannot believe with all these battle fronts going on, the one thing they want to cut is pay. We now have politicians running the military without any leadership standing on our behalf. Whatever happened to Admirals defending their troops and sailors. I saw Admiral Mullen on TV last night saying how this is the best military he has ever seen. So instead of a pay raise, let’s cut their pay. If you want the voluntary military to work, cutting pay is the wrong way to go. If you want indentured servants, bring back the draft.

  • kcsparky

    S c r e w you Mullen! With J A’s like you running things, the surperb quality of our armed forces will be shot in a few short years. I will never advise my kids to volunteer for active duty.

  • Retired Army


    • JeffWE

      If they cut 100% of “ALL” government checks, the money saved couldn’t pay for a bandaid to cover a zit on the massive butt of our national debt! I suggest you take another look at the real numbers. The entiree DOD budget would barely make a downpayment on the trillions our country owes. In a couple of years, the DOD budget won’t even cover the annual interest payments.

  • Irene

    Send all yours letters to your representatives. They get no notice here, except for us who agree with you. It would be a good idea to start a protest march on D.C. Suggest Veterans groups organize the march.

  • always wondered why we are paying 435 a$#@#$les to sit in washing ton drawing $174000 ea. a year. couldn’t we cut that number to 55 (one from each state and 5 voted on across the nation) at a savings of $66mil+. After if we keep the same type in there it wouldn’t take that many incompetant idiots to finish screwing the rest of the nation while keeping tax breaks for the rich in place and subsidies for the oil companies whom we all know are barely getting by with thier tillion dollar profits yearly.

  • jas

    Mullen is simply a traitor to every man or woman who has served.

    • navyrotorhead

      No surprises here. Don’t forget it was CNO Mullen who yanked ESWS-qualed sailors off of ships and sent them off to Army & Air Force C-schools, much to the displeasure of the ships’ COs.

  • their trillion dollar profits that is

  • shell

    what a great thing for an admiral to advocate……..NOT. should be ashamed that he would even support it. Oh of course he makes more than anyone else in the military so, why not.

  • Bob,E-2 to 06

    How about cutting the number of flag officers in half?

    • shell

      concur!!!!!!!!!!!!! seems like there is a lot of fat at the top. All of this really makes me angry. Serving E-8 who earns every penny I get. Absolutely shameful that our leaders really believe cutting our pay is the answer to our budget problems.

  • RON


  • keith

    After we gave our time to this country and followed the orders to the letter of the generals and oh yes the sacrifices the families have made those same generals are trying to cut the retirement and benefits we were promised and earned with our sweat and sacrifices. This is when we need to as a country refuse to let our family members join any branch or reenlist and see where this nation is then. the generals will have to pull there heads out of there back sides and do some real work. Remember the draft and the draft dodgers it wont be a small number refusing to go it will be everyone.

  • Jack

    keep screwing over the military and before long you won’t have a military!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rooter

    So what else is new, use you up and kick to the curb, I say all ploiticians one term and since they earn a pention after one term no matter what their age, wait 22 years to get it thats what they want from us, give them e-2 pay for their term including the pres, and o when the draft has to come back any politician under 35, and all of their children automaticly go to the top of the list.

  • Larry E.

    Are you CRAZY? Cutting Military pay? Cutting Retiree pay? If you want to save money, why not close some of those bases overseas? Most of them are not needed. Also, why don’t you take a pay cut? Our brave military personnel are always the ones who get the SHAFT.

  • Scorpio 10

    It is way overdue,and pass,for a march to D.C. or several gatherings to show a force,from all of the military and all military retirees. It is time to stand up and be heard! Our fable leadership both in Washington D.C. and among the ranks,Sec.
    of Defense,Adm. Mullen,etc need to be woke up! Such as the Senior Adm. of the Japanese Navy after Pearl Harbor stated “Yes it is a great victory,but I’m afraid that all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant”! IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP AND SHOW OUR LEADERS “A SLEEPING GIANT”

  • Maj Brad Benson

    we pay to educate, clothe and feed illegal aliens and Mullen and Obama screw us like this? THEY CAN BOTH GO TO HELL

  • Since military retirees have now been relegated to a position lower on the priority list than Welfare Recipients where do I go for my food stamps or am I too low on the list for those as well?

  • Navy 1951-73

    They can’t get the cuts done by January of 2013 and I suspect that respect for and appreciation of what the troops, past and present, have done for our country since day one of our existence will improve considerably about then. But then I’ve been wrong before…

  • CDRmsquare

    Reading through these posts – just gotta shake my head at the ignorance. Crunch the numbers! How is cutting the pay for 535 members of Congress going to save the current payscale for a million service members plus untold numbers of retirees?

    Those who suggested that “why is it that ‘they’ always cut pay and benefits first”? When was the last time that military pay and benefits (particularly pay) was cut? Anytime during your lifetimes? Not unless it’s a figment of your imagination!! Going back to at least WWII (if not even further) those terrible “politicians”, have always made military pay a priority – most notably over the past 20+ years, even as the private sector has mostly gotten away from raises (relying more on bonuses than raises which help to keep personnel budgets from creeping out of control), introduced “pay for performance”, and don’t worry about whether or not their employees represent a voting block, the way Congressmen in districts with lots of military personnnel do.

    All of the anecdotal evidence about contracts, paid trips to triathlons, etc, wasting so much money… That used to be an even bigger problem but has been substantially cleaned up. The potential savings from further reduction of this “waste” would still be a drop in the bucket compared to what would be needed to maintain the current payscale.

    Bottom line is that the AVF gave us a better military than the draft, but at a huge price. While enlisted pay isn’t going to make anyone rich, it is far better than it was for their counterparts of 30-40 years ago. Officer pay is currently quite substantial, too, given the other “allowances” that, while not reportable for tax purposes, truly makeup a part of a military member’s overall pay.

    Why did so many posts “assume” that ADM Mullins’ pay / benefits wouldn’t be touched? He’s on the same paychart as everyone else. So of course his pay and benefits will be cut accordingly! Does he have to tell you that?

    For those of you who figure it’s time to “hang up the uniform” and get a job that properly rewards you for the work you do, all I can say is “good luck” 1) even finding a decent job, 2) finding a job that is going to reward you to your expectations, and 3) finding a job that has even half the job security of a military job, and 4) finding a job that still provides a pension upon retirement, let alone retirement after 20 years!

  • Since the Congress and the WH are the ones making the budget spending decisions does it not make sense that they take the first cuts, I say they need to all be reduced to ZERO PAY until they fix the mess that they have created.

  • Nelson C.

    Let’s cut all foreign aid, that would save all the money they are trying to cut from the military. Keep all our money here in the U.S. Think of it this way, it’s the same as our dad giving the neighbor kid our allowance. That is what the U.S. is doing.

  • bridget hancock

    my husband john hancock served 28 years in the air-force.(major) he served in vietnam, and all over the world.after paying years into s/benefit, etc etc. it was very expensive, but he took care of me.i am his widow and my checks are getting smaller and smaller. now they want to take more and more. shame on them. shame on them. bridget hancock.

  • CSM (Ret)

    Just another cut from the working class to keep the politians busy filling their pockets. Why can’t we learn that those folks in DC just do not give a damn who they hurt, they just want to get re-elected. Let’s just cut the pay in both houses by 50% and eliminate the retirement and that will keep the theives from staying too long and ruining this Great Nation. Our Fore Fathers never ment to create a retirement home there anyway. I mean we should start at the top and then work our way down. Cut the waste out of all the spending for Defense, medicare, tricare and each agency of the government. Cut out all foreign aid and bring our troops home from around the world. Hell, they don’t like us anyway.

  • Gregorio West

    Mr G. my comment would hacve been long so I will say I strongly agree and support the comments os SMSGT,CW5 , Mr Lem and Chuck B the system sucks I am also retired military and combat veteran this is not justice but injusted,let those Politician get there ass on line,we retirees went from a full checkto a half of check upon retirement remoce part to give us Disability we gave all we could give and we are still given is there on end to the Bull…..

  • MsPostFalls

    I again say–Start at the top. Not at the bottom of the food chain. You want good people to serve–cut excess. Those in Washington DC really better think twice. You are bitting off your nose to spite your face. Don’t do it. Like others have said there were be no one joining your ranks for any thing.

  • Ian

    Admiral Mullen’s don’t have anything to worry about when he retires, he is set for life, the little guys, such as myself, will still need a job to survive, the retirement pay that I am currently getting is a joke, but I am surviving. Gates and Mullen are nothing thinking of the people who serve under them, if this is your way of showing loyalty, you’re both doing a poor job, sooner or later, you’re going to have to go back to the draft because the young people will decide on making the military a career choice.

  • Ian

    Forgive my earlier post, so upset did not proof before sending, I meant to say the young people will not make the military a career choice.

  • MGuns retired.

    Does this mean that our legislator is getting a pay raise that’s why they are cutting the military pay? Are all Generals and Admirals getting a cut also? Are they just passing it down to the lower ranks so they can still live high on the hog? We should stop supporting other countries that refuse to control their borders and continue to let drugs get into the USA. Oh, I forgot that our current President stated “that we knew what we got into and we are just a volunteer force, so we should be happy with what we get”. I glad next year is an election years.

  • Frank 21 yrs Retired

    The Airforce ONE and all support aircraft should be parked. That would save thousands of gal of fuel and keep all the clowns in the DC area . Also keep the big fleet of tank cars parked.
    At this time I will NOT tell any of the young folks
    To go in the service.
    After flying into SEA for 8yrs and flying C141 loads of bodys back . WE DO NOT NEED any more of that.

  • Raymond Donahue

    It matters not that the weak ask us to sacrifice again. We can take it. Don’t let them hear you complain. Show them there is nothing they can do to take our honor and dignity away. We’ve earned it.

  • Raymond Donahue

    After you have given everything now they want just a little more. Be proud.
    Who else in this God-Forsaken country would they ask. You were there when
    this country needed you while most were sleeping comfortably. Don’t behave like them. They know what they owe you but they lack the virtue to stand by their commitments.

  • Garth Chadwick

    You want to cut costs then get our butts out of the middle east. Bring our kids home and quit stealing from those who have already paid the price for their benefits.

  • bjerkebek

    I did my 20+ and now they want to cheat on my retirement? This isn’t make it up as we go. This is real life. I have real bills and a really sick wife. I’m shocked they’d even suggest such a stupid, yes stupid, COA. The military and its members had a deal when we signed on – active, reserve or Guard. Time to pay up for services rendered. Where do I sign up for the class action lawsuit for breach of contract?

    • John – California

      I am a 30 year veteran, fully disabled. I have served honorably and fully dependent on my retirement and benefits. These congressmen and senators were guaranteed yearly income increases, retirement pensions, free health benefits when they retire (even for just serving one term). What is wrong with the picture? Is this how the government take care of all the people who served and sacrificed (for freedom and the American way of life)? Two years with zero COLA. All taxes increased, gas prices increased, all basic needs prices increased, so how are we going to survive? And they have the nerve to propose cutting pay and benefits and increase cost of health insurance and co-pays for all retirees! Why not cut the pay and benefits of all senators and congressmen? Worse, they even bailed out the wrong people. So many UNGRATEFULs……. ABUSERS of the system. The word for them – KARMA …..

  • spectre

    I agree with Chuck B, not only the high ranking officers pensions and benefits
    won’t be touched but also all those you see when congress is in session. I’m a Vietnam veteran retired and in my 60’s. I get a little pension an not my full
    pension now big brother in finance made a big mistake and now I have to pay back for there mistake…now Admiral Mullen has turned on us, it was coming.
    Closing more bases, maybe commissarys or BX’s will be next. Once the government finds its configuration of how to take our benefits and pensions, they will continue to find other ways. God Bless us for voiceing our opinions and comments.

  • On top of this, retirees do not have PX privileges in all PX’s. I was in Seoul and went to the Yongsan PX. I got on base with my ID, however when I went into the PX they told me that I needed a “Ration Card”. I told them I was visiting and just needed to pick up a shirt. The told me that I needed to get a card which can take up to 4 hours. They do this because of the Black Market problems in Korea. They must really have FUBAR intell on retirees visiting from the US. I think the Army needs to clean the problem instead of blaming retirees. I was able to go the Class 6 and get some beer, cigarettes were there as well. I would think these items are more marketable on the Black market than a sport shirt that some old Marine is going to wear.

  • Fernando

    It’s all Politics and more Politics. Of course Admiral Mullen, the Senators, and ranked Politicians in the government do not care about the private, men and women that were injured in OIF, OEF, Afganistan or elsewhere.

    All of them are set financially and can care less of who’s in need. Let’s start by cutting the salries of those politicians running our country, I bet that every single one would oppose to that idea. Our men and women in the military (past and present) deserve more from this crooks in DC.

    The veterans earned every single benefit that they are receiving, they are/were the ones exposing themselves to be kill or injured in the battlefied. I bet Adm Mullen and the majority of those politicians never have seen bullets flying over their head, being injured, or experienced the dead of a good friend in the battlefield.
    Send all of them to Afganistan, put a weapon in the hands, and then send them to fight the Taliban. Our deployed soldiers have to face that challenge every single day.



  • Fernando

    Most of these politicians are fake, they tell the public that they care so much about the men and women in the military but when the time comes to fight for us, they all turn their back and laugh. Cut the high ranking officers and politicians salaries not PVT Mullen or PFC Boehner benefits.


  • Bill

    When did the President say this? Are you confusing him with Rumfeld?Ep

  • Pnutpud

    I enlisted during Viet Nam and retired in ’85. I met my obligation to America now America has an obligation to me. No one of us vets can go back now and re-evaluate our lives because that deal is in jeopardy.
    Mullen, you’ve earned the title “rear” admiral.
    God Bless America and God Bless America’s vets.

  • Bill

    There should be a march in Washington if this is approved. How could anyone logically recommend reducing retired pay when we only got half of our base pay after retiring with twenty years?

  • John

    As I have said before – The crooks in D.C., running our country, will need a raise again pretty soon and guess where they will get it. Off the backs of our Military Retired Personnel. Why don’t they volenteer to go to a Combat Zone and do their part. They can get into shape in their own gym and then post pictures on the internet so we can see their progress! (Please keep your clothes on). Keep voting the same people in Congress back in and it will get worst. They have promised us Free Health Care, but believe me, it is not Free by any means. Anyway, give our leaders a bonus and maybe they won’t vote themselves a raise – who knows! No, No, greed never ends – nevermind! Nothing we say can change anything, so, go ahead, do your thing you cowards.

    • Navy Chief Retired

      Don’t forget that it is the members of Congress who make the rules … not the president. He stands in front of the cameras and makes the speeches and lives in the palace on Pennsylvania Avenue but he is just a figurehead! If congress wants a pay raise, they attach it to a bill and since the president cannot line-item veto it, voila!! instant pay raise !!! You want their pay cut? GOOD LUCK!!
      Guess who has to initiate that and enact it! The congress has the world by the butt and they know it. All that retirement and benefits stuff that they get … where do you suppose that came from? They gave it to themselves!!! If some young rookie congressman is elected and makes noises like he wants to do what his constituents want, the older, tenured ones pull him aside and persuade him to do the “good ol boy” thing and play ball. That’s how it works in Washington … like it or not.
      As far as the pay cuts are concerned, I heard the same hollow promises as everyone else when I enlisted in the Navy. I served proudly, I went to VietNam and did what I was told … I came home and I was treated like a criminal for being in an unpopular war. I stayed in the Navy so I could associate with like-minded people and continued to serve until I retired in 1993. Now I am about to get my retired pay and benefits cut and who is affected most by these cuts? We Vietnam vets are probably going to make up the majority of Mullens’ potential victims. First the American people turn on us, then the American military turns on us … and all we ever did to deserve that was our duty … Thanks America, glad to have been of service!!

  • Cut retirement pay? I already earned it. Cut medical benefits? Half the hospitals in the U.S. haven’t even heard of Tricare. Are you seriously going to cut a disabled vet’s healthcare?
    How about we do an across the board DOD cut. Yep, that means all DOD civilians get cut as well. And the pay cut better me on a sliding scale. The E-1 pays $1 per month, the E-7 pays $7 and the Admiral pays $2,147.63. Now, let’s not forget our Congressmen who are voting on this…cut them too. Oh boy, cut congressional pay and see how quickly this nonsense will stop.

  • M. P. Stover USA Ret

    In one comment one person said that Admiral Mullins a leader, like hell this man is not a leader but a BOSS, and you know a boss takes care of their selfs and couold care less about their workers, but a leader takes care of theur troops first and by cutting pay and benefits is not the way to do it.
    you should be branded a turncoat and be forced to retire from the military, because we neded leaders not bosses. For even thinking a thing like gutting pay and benefits for those like me who gave life to peserve our countery, be puit down by a so called Admiral, you should be reduced to a seamam. The governmnet has already broken so many things we were supposed to get. Please do not mess with our military and retired military men and women. It is time you became a leader and not a boss. I gave 40 years to this country and was proud to do so and my wife served 3 tours in Iraq and thius is the the thanks we get. President Obama should put you out of the military because you are a turncoat and want to destroy our wonderful country that so many men and women fought and thousands died and for what to be forgotten by our boss. Marion. P. Stover

  • old soldier

    A call to arms, march on Washington. I’m flying my American flags up- side -down. Retired Air Force Viet Vet. Haven’t gotten a COLA increase in three years and everything goes up & up.

    • Retirees Wife

      If this is past you can bet we will be flying Old Glory upside down also!

  • Brenda K

    Mullen doesn’t have to worry He is retired Admiral he can afford to live like a king and have no worries about medical bills he get a Hefty check every month why worry about the Enlisted, Reveres and retires they promised to tack care of us now all they want to do is cut cut cut
    Cut you own pay checks leave the little guys and gals alone
    we served and died you you give us what we earned

  • Retired

    There are other ways to get the budget under control. You do not have to cut the benifits and retiree pay. Chance the system extend retirerment from 20 to 25yrs. Slow the rank sytem down to every two yrs. That might get the budget started.

  • Tim

    Mullens looks GAY and of course he want it cut, it won’t effect him!
    Another OBAMANATION!

  • H. Durrer

    After serving my country for 30 years and never going back on my commitment it seems that our country should stand up and back their commitment to their service men and women retired and on active duty. When I was sent in harms way, I didn’t question the decision, I went and did my duty! Its time our country does their duty espically the current administration who in their questionable wisdom seem to not care. After all, our current commander in chief was to busy going on vacation in stead of taking time to honor our fallen veterans on memorial day last year. This is a great indication of what he and the administration think about our military. Its time to quit taking from our military and giving a little in thanks.

  • disgusted

    ok Mr. Mullins lets cut pay across the board. First the president, then congress, then all generals and admirals, last the civil service employees. Then in the year 2111 the military. It seems to me that Mr. Mullins is going with the tide and
    completely forgot the ultimate sacrifices that the military has made for this country. Clearly to me he is playing polotics.

  • Steve W.

    I could see Gates pursuing cutting mil-pay as he is part of the self-serving aristocracy we call our ‘government’, but the idea of an active-duty Admiral ‘nuzzling’ up to that same trough I find repugnant. Apparently Adm Mullen sees that ‘Protect and Defend’ reference to the Constitution as pertaining only to himself and the other leeches in Washington who are sucking the life-blood from this country.

  • Retirees Wife

    The people that are in DC are the most vile people in America. They have no morals, no values and certainly no love or loyalty to our Troops, Retirees or Country. They have been selling us out for years and years. Our Country is on the verge of falling and what do we see them doing? Screwing the most valuable members of our Society. It is time to hold them accountable. They should be all arressted, trail by a jury and then sentenced for the crimes they have committed for years and years upon this Country and its Citizens. They are true criminals and they make me sick!!

  • Scott

    Glad to see Mike “the yes man” Mullen leaving. It will be intersting to see what this guy does next. His AFN commercials sucked too.

  • David Rodriguez

    I served 22 years and the one strong reason why i retired were the politics involved. cutting back on service members pay and taking away benefits from retirees is not the answer. we earned every dollar which we receive from the government for providing service to our country. if your trying to cut back, make everyone who collects welfare take a **** test, if they come back hot then take their benefits from them. there is to many of them i see from my line of work that are taking full advantage of the system. oh, thats right we will be violationg someone rights.

  • jack romano

    cut govt. civilian workers, politicos,and retirees and quit screwing with our warriors. isn”t there blood and limbs and sacrifice enough for these fat cats.

  • Joe

    If you take a close look at the government spending, all things need to be considered. However, I have heard no talk of congressional decreases. How in the world anyone can talk of sacrifices for everyone and not look at themselves is beyond me.

  • richard

    the government should look at reducing the money wasted on the welfare systems instead of cutting the military budget. everyday i run across people receiving a “check” who are no more disabled then i am. they get free housing, free health care and free phones. They have been “leaching” off the government all their life and could work if they wanted to.

  • dclay82nd

    Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen warned against taking the “relatively easy” choice of cutting hardware while maintaining the increasing costs of paying and providing ongoing health care to troops and retirees.

    WHAT DEFENSE CONTRACTOR WILL HE BE WORKING FOR AFTER RETIREMENT…………The officiers and politicians don’t give a damn about the soldier or the family….

  • Congress isalways ready to cut the pay and benefits earned by the US Military for defending the freedom of this country, yet continue to support the military machines of countries such as Israel and Egypt to the tune of billions of US Tax dollars. We continue to provide billions to rebuild the infrastructure of foreign countries while our own bridges collapse. When are we going to tell the foreign governments that until this country recovers from the current state we are in that they will have to fend for themselves. Who among us is going to continue to send money to charities when we have little income and our own children are hungry.

  • Andres Lopez

    Most definitely, if there will be pay cuts, let’s start with you Admiral Mullens, for an Admiral in the Navy you show how much you care about the troops in general, I remember very well all of the lip service that have been paid to the troops by individuals like Admiral Mullens, shame on you Sir,
    I guess the Military members aren’t worth much anymore to all of those high ranking military and civilian personnel. Soldiers, Airmens, Marines, and Navy personnel do not mean too much to these individuals, no matter that some of them died for their lost causes, it does not mean very much to them. After all, their Asses are always safe behind the lines. I salute you Admiral for the little you care for the troops and for the much care you have for your precious weapons and your friends in high places. Thank you very much Sir, I can only wish the troops will remember you well.

  • CPO


  • Smitty

    What gets me is that in the mitilay pay and the retirement pay that take out taxes which is like paying for part of your own pay.

  • Sam Young

    To all in Washington, If you are one of those who have not served make sure your pay [by the way that you have voted in for your self,and not by the people who had no say in your pay] is rolled back before the others who served .
    Ask yourself have your boots hit the ground in combat,I mean really how do you sleep at night!
    Sorry but this the most respect I can show to people like you.
    Take a look around at the Countrys in uprising, I feel the same is not far off here also,it should give Washington a heads up.
    Sgt. Sam Young USMC VietNam 67/68/ 16 mo. and 10 mo. in Naval Hospital,

  • Bill

    Wonderful. I am glad that my retiree pay and health benefits may be cut so we can pay for more important issues like psychological treatments for a NY congressman with sexual problems.

  • Bryan White

    Why must it always be The retired Vet. who must continue to sacrifice. All the medical problems I am experincing now is do to the lack of treatment, or poor medical care I recieved while serving(21 yrs total, 18 of airbourn status with 12 yrs of that special ops). I am currently working for the military at a foriegn country. They spent last year 1.5 million dollars on area beautification, and have been doing this for years at a base not even ours. Thet don’t use military vehicles here. They have leased SUV’s. Their foreign national secretarys all drive around on Easy goes, and mules. Yet I can not be seen at their medical clinic because you now how it is. They don’t have the money, or staff to take care of military retiries. The reason they don’t have the staff is because they are alway off on some mwr trip.(or hung over) I end up seeing a foriegn Dr. Who half the time I tell them What meds I need. This is the start of what needs to be stopped. We do have the power to change this. We know who these polititions are. Bothsides of the houses. Lets get rid of them.

  • retired soldier 23+ years

    I’ve read some good comments and agree with the Maority, politicians should have term limits, should be required to be a veteran to hold office anywhere and should fall under the same medical system the military and retirees are under. politicians could use thier military time as part of thier retirement and if they only recieved 50% at twenty years they would think twice about cutting pay. oh I forgot they vote themselves a a pay raise! our country is falling apart, history repeats itself and we are on the fast track to becoming something else, out politicians are corrupt and those in positions of authority abuse thier positions for persoanl gain the admiral has forgotten his duty to the service member he has thrown us under the bus and yes his retirement is over 6 figures. My flag will fly upside down!!! i could write a thesis on this topic and it would do no good until those responsible are held accountable.

  • J J Smith

    Hope and incompetance prevails!!!

  • Tony Helton

    SHAMEFUL!!! If we “must” make pay cuts lets start with Admiral Mullen. I guarantee he wouldn’t be affected by any pay cut because he would have a different attitude if he were. The “Haves” always want to take more away from the “Have Nots” until they reduce us all to a life of poverty! Totally SHAMEFUL!!! And those benefits they promised me in 1980 was just another broken promise when I retired from the Air Force in 2005…..I am paying for the health care, etc. Side note…can you enlisted men and women imagine if we got paid “overtime” like the civilian world or if we had the same benefits as the people who make the rules (Congress)! We would all be wealthy too!!! Thanks alot Admiral Mullen…NOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tony Helton

    Another comment….let’s cut the enlisted men and womens pay and benefit. Meanwhile, lets continue to pay Boeing, etc. etc. to build plateforms we don’t need! If these aholes at the Pentagon and the Congress just stopped spending billions on BS there would be plenty of money to pay the troops what they deserve. But if they did that they wouldn’t have a fat paying job once they leave the military and the government. They are all crooked S.O.B.s!!!! SHAME ON THE LOT OF THEM!!!!

  • Richard Lizotte

    Does it not seem peculiar that this administration, in the name of “fundamental change” is attacking all the institutions that made this country stand out in the the world as a bastion of freedom? In personal rights guarenteed by our Constitution, to appeasing foreign affairs, to seemingly turning their backs on the very people they constripted in the past to fight America’s battles. We have backlash to established constitutional law from the very halls of the Department of Justice and other national boards and bureaus that have sworn to uphold the Constitution against all enemy forces both from within and without of our boarders. I find these times the most troublesome for the future of our great country,more than I have experienced since my life began before WWII.
    God Bless America!


    Just another screwing from the gov’t. I was promised free medical care for me and my family for life if I retired from the military. Thirty years and two wars later they decided to charge me for medical insurance. I am a disabled veteran but they reduce my retired pay by the amount the VA gives me, so I’m paying for my own disability. Now they want to take some of my retirement back? Why? so they can educate and medicate more illegal immigrants? Or send more foreign aid to Egypt? I once was proud of my country, now I’m ashamed of what she has become.

  • Glenn O. Leming

    Lets bring our troops home and send our President, Senate, Congresss, and House to fight. Let our troops occupy the WHITE HOUSE. I am a 29 year VET, and I lead by example. This is something our Government does not know how to do.

  • Tony Helton

    What the hell, these soldiers, airman, sailors, and marines are provided with uniforms, food and a place to sleep at night. Isn’t that enough? To hell with their futures, their families, their retirement. These people are government issue and expendable. To hell with them….use them up and then spit them out.

  • tony helton


  • Robert S

    Lets go tear down a couple more countries and then rebuild them. That way we can cut our soldiers,sailors,marines and air force pay and retirees pay some mor.

  • Ben M

    The American people should take a vote and cut the pay of congress senate and the president make them pay for their health care just like we do how much money would that save the tax payers drug test all households who gets goverment assistant just like fla is trying to do if positive no funds why should we support durg users with our hard money give them a physical if people are able to work they must be job hunting if they can’t work they must prove it. and if Adm Mullen wants to cut the budget let him start with giving up his pension.

  • DRight

    Fighting with the military brass about money is difficult. They always use the troops as their main weapon in fighting to preserve their posts, privileges and future. Note: And bullets, bombs and missiles are always more important than the troops because they all go to work for the military industrial complex that feeds off the government when they retire.

  • TED

    We military types have always been an easy target for the fatass politicos….what recourse do we have..??..can we strike..?? we have a union to speak for us..??..can we quit and find a better job when shafted by our employer..??..NO NO NO…I know it is impossible to achieve, but I wish somehow that anyone holding office in DC would have to have served in the military…I invite all DC politicos (including Obama) to serve in the military…put your butts on the line…move your families often..or be separated from them often for the poverty level wages they want to cut….I AM TIRED OF THE LIP SERVICE THEY GIVE US WHILE SHAFTING US BEHIND CLOSED DOORS..

  • Ellenson

    They need take Adm. Mullen pay reduce it by 1/2. Maybe he would wake up.
    It is great when your being pay his income. This adminstration and these officers who are enjoying this great pay need to go!

    MSGT USMC Retired

  • AF power pro.

    one thing i noteased is that NONE of the civil service side of the DOD is NOT in the notes from the cur­rent Chair of the Joint Chiefs, Admi­ral Mullen…. WIMP…it is going to go back to like it was in the 70s most all the state-side will be civil service and overseas just be the only place for the military….That may be why if I wanted to stay in at that time I stade overseas for almost 15 of my 20 years

  • Ken

    Thanks Admiral Mullen… thanks for nothing.

  • Pat K

    How can you cut pay and benefits from the enlisted? They barely can make it on what they get. Some have to turn to welfare and medicaid to support their families. I think that the officers pay and benefits should be cut not the enlisted who actually do the work. Whenever something needs cutting they always take from those who do the work and don’t have that much anyway. You’ve heard the old saying, “Can’t get blood from a turnip”.
    Maybe It’s time for Americans who barely make it from pay check to pay check to pass a law that allows us to decide how much officers in the military, Senators, Congressmen, the President and others get paid. Maybe we, Americans, need to require officers, Congressmen, Senators, the President, etc. to get approval for items (such as fancy desks, trips on planes, Presidential dinners etc.) from us before purchasing them.
    Don’t they supposedly work for us. We’re their employer, so why don’t we have a say in what they get paid. These leaders can do without fancy offices, fancy desks, parties, free trips on planes, or better benefits, etc.
    Something is wrong when we continue to give oil companies subsidies when they are making 42% in profits. Something is wrong when Republicans hold Americans hostage to force the President to renew tax breaks for the rich. (Yes, that is what the Republicans did at the end of last year. They refused to approve an extension on Americans unemployment benefits until the President agreed to extend tax breaks for the rich.)
    When is enough, enough?

  • D Curt

    I love my country but hate my no common sense goverment…..! How did these sorry individuals ever get into such high places of authority? CW3 USA (Ret)

  • Thomas

    I would say “Get over it!”…but NOTHING has happened, yet!
    Seems that too many of “Us” just like to bitch just so we feel better harping about some change that hasn’t been initiated. Get a grip on your imagination and your sense of personal worth. Reducing the pay/benefits of the Bigwigs will NOT impact them one iota! They already HAVE all that they will need! Complaining-type posts are self-defeating. If we are to march on Washington, let it be for a MAJOR change to our present organization of government leadership and representation, WITHIN constitutional parameters, and NOT about one person or some matter that hasn’t happened! The “Party” system, as presently applied, IS OUR SOURCE OF CORRUPTION AND SICKNESS in our American society today!
    In short: Throw out the bums…without lifetime benefits! Most spend our time, and MORE than all of our money, to feed their own personal goals and desires! This includes (some) senior military “Leaders” whose goals are to become members of this group of civilian “representative” bloodsuckers.
    So, consider conserving your precious energies by NOT whining to one-another! Start aiming some straight-forward, specific complaints and directions to your federal representatives.
    For those representatives who DO-DO a good job, tell them how you feel about that. Emphasize that you encourage and EXPECT them to continue doing so. If there is something that has HAPPENED that you don’t like, focus on the ISSUE and limit whining and bellyaching. Better yet, eliminate it altogether. By bitching, YOU provide them with an EASY way to avoid the subject and simply SMOOTH your ego, instead.

    Dr. Thom…One of you who cares about all of us! USN, USMC, USAF

    • Chad

      Dr. Thorn, So you’re a Doctor huh? In which field? Medical, or Phycology? A smart man like you who also has everything he needs, what with your highly paid profession and all should leave us military types speek for our selves. This is how it’s done. All the targets Washington is using for cuts are the folks that has PAID their whole life for their retirement, now Washington wants to cut from vets. Right now we’re learning, listening, and talking of this possibility, when Washington starts to make their move, just watch how many Vets ,(including military who are serving our country) march on Washington. They will see messing with the present, and former military vets is not a good thing. No one will see any value in joining the military and then what? Star the draft over again?

  • Mike Madigan

    As usual let hurt the ones who really do the work. The senioer folks in the DOD don’t do crap when it comes to the real figthing on the ground. Those of us who have suffered and scarifice over the years have earned what we have. keeping the best military force in the world is not cheap, thats why we have such a great force. Lets keep it that way. Let maintian this force and show the all that are military is the true backbone of htis country. When we retire, ETS all the expertiser and knowledge that goes out into our country, communties has a huge impact on it all. Lose that you lose to much to imagine.

  • Guest

    I happened to catch Admiral Mullen’s on David Letterman Show recently, and during the interview Mullen stated that he was in the bottom of his class at Annapolis. This I would have to agree with after seeing what a utter fiasco he has made of the Military! It is little wounder that President Obama asked him to remain at his post during his administration as they are two peas-in-a-pod!!! You want to save billions, simply reduce the spending in congress relating to salaries, benefits, and retirement pay for them. You want Social Security fixed, make it their only form of income at age 70! You want to trim costs associated with retirement costs, make it available only after a minimum of twenty years of service. Also I would like to see the accounting of all taxpayer’s money spent to furnish congressional offices! In closing I would like to respond to a picture I saw on the internet showing Mr. Obama leaning back in his office chair talking to his circle with his shoes on the desk. This desk is a National treasure given to the citizens of the United States NOT to be used as a foot stool for Mr. Obama! Thank you Mr. Obama for exhibiting all those qualities of respect you give to the taxpayer’s and our country! Both Adm. Mullen and President Obama should be ashamed!!

  • oldsubguru

    Let these politicians who have put our country in such a fix begin to cut their pay checks and benifits. Lets start with the president an his ludicrous use of Air-force One and the first lady’s tremendous staff. Lets get rid of all the limousines that have seemed to proliferate in an every increasing number during this administration that are used by these politicians. Lets rid the Senators and Reperesentitives of some of their undesered benifits. Lets stop giving aid to countries who do not have the U. S. interest in their mind. Lets stop giving aid to the illegal aliens who are in this country. And finally, lets bring all the high ranking officers from all the services that think a military cut in pay and benifits is a good thing for this country and court martial them for the degradation of the military and the security of our nation.

    • Ret MSG

      There you go again blaming the wrong people…the republicans got us into mass deficits because of massive tax cuts (Pres Bush doubled the deficit from 5 Trillion to 10 Trillion). But hey…I’m an independent, let’s not get political! It comes down to simple economics…less revenue that comes in from taxes, the less the states get. That’s why local, state, sales & property taxes are increased. Once they are finished bleeding the turnip they turn to benefits. Republicans love tax cuts more than middle-class Americans…it’s only going to get worse!

  • Richard

    America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.
    Abraham Lincoln

    I feel ashamed, I feel We / I have severed under the leadership of traitor’s.

    For All who have served or are still at your posts Thank you for your service…

  • Raymond Donahue

    I can’t speak for everyone but I will say I never did 23 years of military service for the money. But…what I have earned do not take from me. It is a matter of honor. Illiad (Achilles, Chapter 1)

  • ClintDP

    Mullins is not saying he wants to cut pay.
    He was sending a message to congress that
    if they cut the military budget by 400 billion
    that will force unrealist demands on DOD like
    pay cuts. And as demonstrated by most post
    here the military active and retired will pitch a fit
    congress or the White House does not want to
    Retired MGySgt

  • GOgravytrain

    I am wondering where are all of the organizations that supposedly look out for the interests of service-members. Not a word from them! Why? With the exception of a very few organizations, service-members and retirees are being duped into believing that these organizations actually care about them.
    Oh, I forgot, they are all retired GO’s who already have six figure retirements plus a cut of whatever dues are paid. Not to mention the lobbying fees or space rental fees at their numerous conferences. They are just there to sponge as much gravy as possible. No matter where it comes from.


    WHY DID i GIVE 26 YEARS OF SERVICE TO THIS COUNTRY and now that I’m retired you want to reduce my retirement benefits . Why does’nt congress cut their retirement and leave us military patriots alone. How about all the early years when we were paid peanuts and had to move at a moments notice at the whim of the service we were in . Never had much of a chance to even accumulate things because of the limits we had when we moved.

  • samuel gardy

    thanks adm mullen i hope you eat shit,cut the pay and things,you moust be a big asshole in the world.

  • Vietnam Vetrean

    The next deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan, let Adm. Mullen personally go out with the Infanytry Units. Tell him to ride along with convoys where there is a 100% chance of contact with IED’s,ambushes etc. If he refuses to do this write the President and Congress and demand that his pay and benefits be cut. Enough is enough, our brave soldiers are getting their brains blown out while these high payed has been hero’s sit on their ass and try to figure out how to screw them. Think about the pain the families of these men are going through also.

  • Dale

    Mullens must be out of his freaking mind wanting to cut military pay. Set an example and have your pay cut Admiral! But he’ll live a country club lifestyle in retirement so why should he give a damn about the little people. Him and all the mindless morons in DC make me want to puke!

  • henry goodfellow

    its a dam shane what our country has turn into, and thanks to all those politicians that sit on there butts. and think of ways to screw our fighting men. there will come a day when justice will prevail. its only a matter of time. the end is near. retired airborne ranger. hooah


    I love this country and it is the greatest country on the face of the earth BUT, when you began to sacrifice your warriors after they have been used all over the world, this PLAN WRONG, THEY NEED TO GET A BROOM AND SWEEP THE WHOLE TOP OF THE HOUSE OUT. This is really not a good thing.

  • Norm Lyons

    After 35 years of service I like many others would take this as a slap in the face along with that cut pay and benifits and you will lose many qulified people and a future of the Draft being reinstated

  • TN_Marine

    Mullens is just an administration puppet, its not his fault. He was nominated because he was a YES man.
    The problem lies with the current administation trying to bring down the U.S. and cripple our way of life. I place most of the blame on allowing the Youth to vote, allowing the current son of a bitch to assume the office of the President of the United States, who has NO experience to assume that position. And he has NO loyalty to the U.S. His mission is to destroy the U.S. military and economic might.
    The voting age must be raised to 21 with the exception of military members. TN_Marine Retired

  • walter h scott

    The military could cut a lot of ways beginning with leased vehicles, on-site contractors who pay civilian prices with sales tax and shipping added to the cost for goods used in the upkeep of military facilities and equipment, put the soldiers back to work in their MOS while in garrison. I also believe the pay scale is too high. An E-l makes also as much in base pay as I do as a Retired E-8, Why should the military pay so much for PCS moves? I usually lost money but I just heard of an E-4 who pocketed almost $9000.00 on a PCS move from Cal to GA.

    When congress decides to cut our pay and benefits, then they should cut their own, expecially in retirement and medical.

    From what I see, the Military wastes a lot of money in their way of doing business, especially when we soldiers that can do the job of a civilian or a contractor

  • Anne Kleinman -Roth

    I wonder if the Admiral will be getting a pay cut? How about we leave the war theaters of Afghanistan and Iraq and save 400 billion in a week?
    Of course, that would be too sensible. Why save American military lives and clear the debt when we can continue to fight for oil, democracy for others, let KLM get rich on the backs of Americans?

  • David Altwies

    This is a bunch of horse manure. The higher echelon won’t be taking any cuts, but yet they always attack the military personnel and equipment and we, as one person so elloquently put it above, put our lives on the line. What the hec has this government turned into, but a facist government. I served under Mullen back in the ninety’s and cannot believe where his mind is going. He was a good skipper, but is tragically turning into a politician more than a military man and non-supporter of the military he commands. I wonder what they would do in Washington if the military decided to say to hec with following orders. Are they going to court-martial the whole military? Washington is really forcing an issue I believe they don’t want to force. I don’t believe they know anymore what “support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America” really means. If they don’t take a pay cut, then they have no right to give us a pay cut or benefit cut. I mean who are these people anymore? Take the trash out November 2012. Call your Congressmen and Senators and tell them they are out if they agree to this. I made a prediction to my friends and family, that if this continues the way it is going, there will be a civil war in this country before the next five years are passed. Now that I have put my email and name on here, it would not surprise me if the FBI or police shows up on my doorstep. Kind of reminds me of history prior to WWII and the Nazi’s.

  • PAUL G.


  • lookingforleadership

    This is just one more broken promise’ Now that you have done your service we no longer need you being a burden on the txpayer. Well I have had enough of this S***. This just shows you that the real crooks and perverts are politicians and riuning the country that they took an oath to’ If the military worked the way civil service does and was paid the same way, the budget would really be out of hand’ As it is, keeping weapon systems in develpment that do nothing but increase costs and keep jobs in some congressional districts is another example of the crime that congress is commiting. It is a real shame the our officers and leaders don’t have the balls to stand up for what is right . What a shame that they have all had their spines removed.

  • Senior Chief

    Has anyone noticed that these two cowards waited until they were at the exit door before they proposed cuts in pay and benefits. Maybe if they would quit making rediculous changes to the uniforms and reigned in some of the waste in high techwe would see some saving. I cannot believe that soime of the systems that we buy from the techies cost what they atre charging. Did you notice thay didn’t need a bailout. Goodbye and good riddance Mullen and Gates.

  • herknav

    Actually, seeing how the system works would make you sick. The real problems are contracts like “set-asides” and preferential treatment for “minority owned” companies (most of which have a woman or minority as a senior partner in name only…just so they can get the contract at a higher price. When you look at a computer-based weapon system like the Air and Space Operations Center (AOC) and realize that Lockheed Martin has the principle software contract it makes you laugh. Why on EARTH would you award a software contract to LM? Why not a real software company….better yet, why not a company with decades of gaming experience (like Activision, Electronic Arts or even Bungee…what they do is far more closely related to the AOC than anything LM does.

  • Don

    I have read all of the listed comments down to here and I agree with everyone of them – I am with you – now that all of you havesaid your piece, just turn around and put your gripes on the internet to all of your friends and alsio to your Congressmen and Senators and burn their ears also – I spent 30 hard years in the Navy with credit for service in WW2, Korea, and Viet Nam andduring all that time I think my biggest pay raise was bacl in the 60’s but Congress gave themselves a 30 percent raise about 5 years ago – did we get one that large – NO – I wrote my Congressman by e-mail the other day on the very subject you all menmtion, SSA, MEDICARE, etc – their pay and allowances as well as their retirement and medicare – do away with all of their pay and benefits and put their pay under the Military Pay system and make them pay fortheir social security (retirement) and their medical treatment plans and only let them retire when they have 20 OR MORE YEARS of service and use the military computation method to determine their retirement – like you say, it the higher ranking Admirals and Generals say our pay and allowances are up for cuts, then they should put theirs up for a large 30% cut before they even think of doing anything to the front line troops – we need to quit being a Mother to every nation that cries hunger – if they are not Democratic, no money or aid – if they are Democratic, aid and help, but they must pay for all of it at no cost to the American Tax payer – eliminate the IRS and go to a flat tax for income tax – that way every dollar earned is taxed at the same level – no loop holes and no tax exemptuons – if all of this could or is done, we could have a balanced budget and get out of the big deficit hole Congress put us in – young people wake up and vote these people out of office in 2012 – make them quit wasting your money on foregn wars, protecting Europe, Japan, etc., unless they pay the bill for such service – think of all the money they could save, but you need a brain TO UNDERSTAND THAT – speak out people – don’t just sit there and get run over – a veteran with 30 years active duty – now retired (I was a CPO)

  • Dennis Burch

    You know we are our own worst enemy, I find it strange that a Navy Admiral that contends that his first priority was to take care of the Saliors under his command would even mention cutting military pay. Yes Admiral we have an all volunteer force now, I wonder what we will have when you finish. Sir it time for you to go you have forgot what its like at the lower end of the spectrum. I am a retired Command Sergeant Major and I worked for every dam pennie I now receive. I went everywher my country sent me and did everything the officers in charge asked of me, by the way are you taking a pay cut.. You have no concept as to what is takes to be a true professional, When you have walked in my shoes and did what I have done instead of some cushion job all around the world then you can cut our pay.

  • willied

    SeaBeeVet is definitely a ‘Have Not”…he needs to take a chill pill…bitter bastard!

  • Bonnie

    I was never late for anything once while I was in the Navy, then on my duty night I started having seizures. 2years later out on medical discharge, was planning to retire.They retired me at 16 years. Now it seems like they want to take what little I have from me and keep all they have. Sham on them, but God bless them anyway SK1 Bonnie, USN

  • H. Gallegus

    What a disgrace. I want to say a new low, but it seems like there are new lows almost every day. It seems like there is so much wasteful spending and corruption at the federal level that it doesn’t take much thought to figure that there are hundreds of other places where we could save money. Is this an issue of saving money or another step in further weakeing our military strength? This is an insane proposal that must be defeated.

  • Rickmoses61

    It’s a dirty shame that with all the sacrifices my military comrades have made and are still making for this country we all love that those (banditst in government) who say they appreciate our sacrifices would perfer to kick us all to the side as if we never really existed. But I say this, not one of them will go unpunished. they will all get theirs in the end. Let us all continue to cry out file because we have all put our trust in a lie. like most of you I really believed that we would be treated squarely. Now we can all see them for who they really are.

  • AF MSgt

    It just goes to show that he who holds the gold makes the rules…looks like we need to take the gold back and kick those political toadies out. I have 18 months left till I retire at 24 years, I am starting to wonder what is going to happen to my pension and benefits. Adm Mullens, you and all the other upper echelon brass need to take a serious look at what you’re planning on doing to the rest of us because it damn sure won’t happen to any of you.

    Didn’t we get rid of tyrany of this sort a little while back…oh yeah, when we declared our independence….can you hear me now?

  • reality

    I guess you did not do your home work Bush put Gates and Mullen in and got us in this world of financial crap by not paying bills and deregulating the banks

  • lilbear

    here how i feel about the cuts. if you going to cut my retirement and benefits, and the kids that are deployed over sea in harms way. all you law makers are better start digging into your pockets too. i’ve seen how it works, all of us out here have work 2 jobs to make ends meet, when we get the cost of living adjustments which figures out to 2 to 3 % if we are lucky to get it and you turn around and vote a sizeable raise for yourself. i think it time for to take a pay cut. its funny when i lose 10 dollar last year, and another 30 dollars this year of my retirement when we didn’t get a cola adjustment last year or this year, but you didn’t waste no time in raising my taxes in the process. see i catch on pretty dam quick. 1977 or 78, you gave the arm forces a 13 % pay increase to get everyone caught with the privite sector, then you turn around and voted a 50 % raise for yourself, so i think it time dig to help out too. just like the health care, i earned the my retirement and my health care, just like you. some of us can’t afford the cost of health care, but i know you can, we the people voted you into office, we surely can vote you out.

  • r0nald mcgrail

    Let us aii call or write crogress the bwhite house every lawmaker and senior milatery who want to cut mimitary pay and tell them to pack their bags for a 6 month tour on the front lines in Iraq….

  • the rebel

    hey mister president, i think it time for you to pull your head out of that very dark area they call your 4 point of contact. your senior officers that are in charge of you military need to take a pay cut, they make 15 time more in pay than i make i 1 year, and they get free medical. i have been out a long time and a general officer makes over 8 thousand dollars a month plus all the other free quirks they get. so you better tell mr mullens he need to rethink about what he wanting to do. i think it time for all those lifers that have more than 25 years to retire and take a 25 % retirement. then the lawmakers that are in office need to take a pay reduction and start paying more taxes so they feel what the little people are feeling and it is time to get rid of the irs that will cut down on the money going out. this can be a good idea to, figure in a flat tax, so the people pay in their taxes that is required and you do not have make any tax returns and put those that fail to pay their part, ie rich, and the high class.

    • willied

      Just fine…saved and invested my money. Just retired, bill free, bought a foreclosed home for 50% off(…$200K, 3300 SF and a salt water pool). Got six figures in the bank. Served 23 yrs & retired as a MSgt. Oh yeah…I’ve been retired for over a year and I’m finacially secure enough not to ever work again. I’m only 42 yrs old! Obama has worked for me in one way…did I mention the $8K tax return I got for buying this house. First tax return I’ve had since the George Hubert Bush. Stop blaming politicians for hard times and start creating your on good fortune. Voting your ideology is ignorant. I don’t blame politicians nor do I celebrate the ones that happens to positively affect me.

  • navyrotorhead

    I guess Adm Mullen forget that his DUTY to his fellow military men & women doesn’t end as soon as he made Admiral.
    Likewise, he has conveniently shunned the HONOR of representing this COUNTRY’s military faithfully, through thick & thin.
    Adm. Mullen should have stood up and fought for our hard-earned retirement benefits but that would have taken COURAGE which he obviously has lost as well. This pathetic example of a military officer who has lost his moral compass will speak volumes of any contractor who hires him.
    Captain James Lawrence heroically once yelled to his crew “Don’t give up the ship!” after being mortally wounded in naval combat. Hopefully Adm Mullen will infamously be remembered for yelling “Sell the ship to the highest bidder!”



  • MSG Hutcherson

    Enter text right here!I’m sure that the congress will see that our retired pay goes up along with our medical benefits.



  • Sonny

    Hey big wheels in D.C. and the Pentagon. You might as well bring back the Draft, because if you keep talking this trash, the all volunteer force are going to lay down their arms and walk home. If this was to happen it would cost a lot more to train a new force and find the folks to train them, who would train them Gates and Mullen, what a joke you are making of our military and the retirees, I wonder if Gates and Mullen know how to dig a fox hole, these leaders only know how to jump ship when the fireworks start, what a shame to all our leaders.

  • Tom

    Financially look at all of the programs that help out people. Are they a core requirement to sustain the government (not looking at military retirmement or military benefits). If it isn’t core, then stop funding it now. Wow, we’ve just cut the costs of funding the Federal budget dramatically.

    When I do my own budget, I look for ways of saving money, If it’s not at the core : housing, food, clothing, fuel, heat, lights and I can’t afford much entertainment then it’s not in the budget.

  • Tom

    I’m sure it’s tough cutting the budget. We want to continue funding polar science projects, University studies, art projects throughout the states, the green movement, but ultimately something has to be cut.

    I thnk even states could look at their programs and find what their core needs are, then cut their manpower to meet their current budget…maybe reduce it a little. But I think we always find ways of keeping all of the programs running because there is no fall back position.

    Even in the military civil service there are programs that are redundant. There is a fall back position, those people just have to find it.

  • rick948

    Does anyone remember how active duty personnel stationed in Southern California in the mid to late ’80’s qualified for free milk and cheese provided by tribes of Native Americans because our military pay was not enough to live on in Southern California? I do. I was there!

    Does anyone remember when prices in the Exchange/PX were significantly below prices at Wal Mart, K-Mart and Sears? I do!

    Does anyone remember when our base pay was less than $100/month? I do, I was there!

    AND . . . Speaking of Congress and our “leaders” in the pentagon looking after us, remember the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act? I sure as HELL do! And so do thousands of other victims of that Congressional dictate thanks to Colorado Rep. Pat Schroeder!

    How many former or retired military do we have in Congress? What are they doing to protect our benefits? Well Mr. McCain? How about it Mr. Kerry? And how about Mr. Cunningham? OH! I forgot, he’s doing time for being too greedy in Congress!

    If Congress is really serious about cutting expenses, CAN THE CZARS! PARK AF-ONE and the presidential “FLEET” for the next year and keep the Obama’s in DC along with ALL OF THEIR ADMINISTRATION! We are NOT paying them to campaign and that is all Obama does every time he leaves the Whitehouse!

    It’s long past time to TAKE BACK AMERICA!!!!!

    • @@@

      Well a little off topic but talking about the prices in SoCal……My Mom was a single mother of 3 getting no child support because the Military WOULD NOT enforce it then and neither would the State of Ohio which he ran to when he got out.



  • watts,james w

    Where did this Mullet come from???? CSM with over 30 yrs taking care of troops that were willin to give aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllll. jwatts


    This is the most unpatriotic thing i have ever heard of.
    This government can’t take away benefits that we have earbed. I served 20 years in the US Army, which wass most of my adult lide. I served deligently and with great respect for my country. LEAVE MY RETIREMENT ALONE.. I WORKED FOR IT AND U CNA’T TAKE IT AWAY

  • Laura

    This is a sad state of affairs.Our fathers, husbands, wives, sons and daughters sacrifice everything to protect the jerks that want to punish them for serving. We the American people do not want our military to suffer by losing benefits, less pay or pension cuts. Guess that makes Adm. Mullen something other than an American.

  • Been There

    Does anybody think the good Admiral will be living off of his retirement pay? Of course not. At worse, he will be waxing poetic on one of the cable networks. There will, of course, be corporate boards to serve on, and the good possibility of a Senior VP position. Meanwhile, for all the NCOs and POs out there – good luck finding a job when you finally put in the paper work.

  • gunny0369

    I kind of don’t understand??? I spent 20 years in the Mairine Corps Infantry! 13 years in combat units, two years training officer candides, three years guarding U.S embassies and two years aborde ship. Who cuts the military most. Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton (ran to Canada rather than serve our COUNTRY and Obama! How many presidents does it take to wake this country up!

    • Mary

      Hi. Thanks for all of your combat service. Being a gunny, u may not appreciate that I am a female Viet Vet (no combat); and a US Navy Vet. Here goes any way. To “wake” this country up, we as a people, need to educate ourselves, our youth; and to remind those who have forgotten that their freedoms come from sacrifice, such as yours. Who is to say that Vets cannot organize and get a walk through the country; our country, the country that we want to reclaim and also to remain free, as per the constitution. I believe that 90% of all US Citizens, non-vets; appreciate and understand what is keeping them free. There are those duds, who have not a clue, (maybe) some members of congress and senate, (I am not calling them duds); that have not served in combat; therefore did not have to make a decision, them or me. Always a “soldier” we would do anything to assist our buddies in combat in exchange for our lives. Enough of my blathering, but I gave a few suggestions. I do not know if you remember 4th of July celebrations, where bikes were decorated red, white and blue; kids were excited; parents involved and I am sure now, some of those who put old baseball cards on the wheel spikes to make that noise wish they had made a different decision. For all of us, we have decisions to make. How to wake up our leaders regarding the serious vet issues, we need to get our boots back on and keep truckin. Hopefully some of the motorcycle vets will ride along side those of us walking and give us a life for a while until we reach Washington and ask for discourse with our leaders. Good luck, all will be well, and again, thanks for your service and you and others such as you should not be made to feel guilty about the “benefits” you receive. Those who decry them to you, need to understand that their right to free speech to protest your benefits; were provided by you so that they, US Citizens can speak out without fear of being thrown into a pit for expressing their views. R/Mary

    • Dario

      perhaps, instead of making more commentary, you should spend more time fact checking what you’ve already said, most of which is false B.S., but I suspect you already knew that. There was a huge RIF after Vietnam, but that was under Pres. Ford, largest Reduction in force size after that came under Pres. Reagan. Clinton never went to Canada or Vietnam, never received a pardon. and had three less deferments the former Vice President Cheney (who also never served). And Obama is still president.

  • juan a gabriel

    This comes from another water boy who does not have anything to do and wants to be part of the bunch of good for nothing officers. After we bust our asses out fighting for democracy now a jerk comes and tries to get our retirement pay for their own benefits, screw them all.

  • Retired E7(USAF)

    Why not cut how much monies are sent to the defense contractors, who are making a “killing” in Afghanistan and Iraq. If the powers that be, want to keep a volunteer military, they best back off or they will have to bring back the draft. If the draft returns, my kids who are draft elgible are moving to Canada.

  • mike

    Mullen, I think you like Terrorist in this country, home grown, some of the best fighting men in the world. Keep cutting Vet’s pay and all hell will soon or later fall on your D.C., why? Vet’s need help not your bull. They were trained to fight back you NUT.

  • CW3Retired

    I agree with the majority of these comments.I am a retired Army Reservist with 25 years of service.Federal taxes take one fourth of my retired pay already and they want to cut it more and reduce our benefits.Let them start at the top.Cut the Generals,Admirals,and Congressmen(Women) first and then see how much we need to cut..If they would stop the fraud and waste in the defence industry they could reduce the spending and give us all a raise which we haven’t had in almost 3 years.

  • robert

    I am retired from the navy reserve and can’t get my retirement until age 60. Now admiral Mullen I ask you this one question? Why don’t cut your pay rather then gamble with our future and security. This is the change that the current administration was talking about? It’s bad enough that I wasn’t allowed to stay on active duty because of HYT requirements, and after serving18 1/2 years on active duty, and with no NJP’s in my record. I had to do a congressional just to get retired status from the reserve. The funny thing here is now they want to take away from my 23 years of faithful service and leave us with nothing.

  • Mickey

    Fine, cut my pay but the president on down better receive the SAME % reduction!!!

  • shirley

    After twenty years of loyal service and dying as a result of agent orange, I guarantee you my husband is rolling over in his grave.
    Bad enough we widows aren’t getting our SBP benefits paid for by our husbands – a service family’s equivalent of life insurance. Federal judge orders them to pay but they are sending us a tiny little check each month instead. What more do they have planned. How much more can they take from us?

  • quest

    Nice idea from a guy whose career never suffered from “a shot fired in anger”. This is the typical ass kisser who never saw any real action and brown nosed his way to the top. Check his bio

  • Retired MSgt

    If my retirement is touched it is clear that a protest has to be considered “on the table;” these godless gang members running our nation deserve prison sentences for intentionally hurting this nation financially.

    France had it’s riots, and they shut down their nation in anger.

    22% unemployment and they think they can lie openly on MSNbc and say we are turning the corner. It isn’t getting better on my end.

    We won’t march on Washington like the “Bonus Army.” They will shoot you! It is far easier to protest with a shut down of the highways leading to it. It is as simple as turning on the emergency flashers… slow down to a crawl… shut it off… take the key… get out and lock the car doors. A $50 illegal parking ticket is possible for those who participate willingly, and unwillingly.

  • ACW

    When was Mullins every placed in harms way, when has he had to work over 8 hours a day. He is just like Senators and Congressmen, sitting on their butts giving orders and doing nothing. Change their pay and benefits and make them serve 20 years for their retirement, put them on Social security like the rest of us and we will all see a major change in business

  • Gerald Simons

    George Washinton said, “Our ability to feild an Army in the time of crisis will depend on how well treat our veterans.”

  • Frank

    I spent over 20 years in the military US Army ground pounder as most of us call ourselfs spent three tours in the nam ,have agent orange in my body have 20% disabley and now they want to cut our little bit of retired pay.they need to see who they are messing with ,we can sure as hell voit they out of their office.cnat due much for admiral but shame on him old sgm singing off

  • CLIFF Z.

    Our politicians have been cutting away at military pay and benifits for years, yet giving thenselves big pay increases and free medical. Their wives get full benifits upon their deaths , while reitred military has to pay for their wives to continue to draw pay at half of the original retirement pay. Now they have increased the cost of our tricare insurance by 100%.

  • Dale R.

    Adm. Mullen and Sec. Gates – what are you smoking? To think about cutting pay and benefits for Active, Reserve and the Retired folks is pure Asinine! As we are still engaged in two conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and playing with fire in Libia without Congressional approval, our men and women need all the assistance with pay and benefits allowed and then some. I for one spent 30 yrs in the Navy and am 30 percent disabled, and have to pay for my own disability benefits out of retirement pay! Our government needs to wake up and do what is right for a change. I am sure they wouldn’t want their extravagant pay cut and loose their benefits! Let’s rethink these idiotic thoughts and if anything – increase the pay and benefits as richly deserved!

  • art

    dc has no concept

  • bill

    I dont know what you people in congress are thinking about when you are thinking about we havent had a pay raise in two years. If you cut our pay and benefits I will have to go on wellfare. I am a retired army sgt. I gave you 25 years of my life just to hear things like this. And now you want to cut pay, what is this country coming to?

  • REB

    Pay and benefits must be protected to retain and sustain a professional force and honor the obligations to our past and current heroes fighting for our freedom. Pay and benefits are a significant part of our military budget and if these cuts must be made reduce those of senior officers while retaining or increasing those of the enlisted ranks. Cut research and development funding as well as operations/optempo funds. Eliminate airborne slots in anything not in the 82nd Airborne Div. Let SOCOM fight for their airborne positions in their separate budget with congress but CA/PSOPS on jump status–reality check on that one. Eliminate the DoD use of the GSA fleet. Accept acquisition gaps for the next decade for major weapons systems and programs. Cease military construction and most importantly don’t deploy troops into harms way unless it is in our nations VITAL national interests.

  • Gerald Simons

    How about that, instead of working together in the halls of our capitol, Pontus and the speaker of the house are talking it over playing golf. Wish I could play golf …..have had 5 lumber and two cervical surgeries,(Service Connected), and they play golf. We need to look at the problem as it really is. It’s easier to cut rations to the cannon fodder than it is to cut fine wine supplies to congress.

    I have a four part solution.
    1. Make all of those holding high government postions pay their own medical insurance and contribute to social security.
    2. Reduce Industry corpporate taxes for those companies that have their bank accounts on US soil and hire Americans to work for them in plants on US soil. Reduce all buisness taxes for all small buisnesses by a percentage governed by the number of emplyees they have on American soil.
    3. Refuse landing rights to all American owened Yachts not registered in the U.S. and paying US luxury tax on their purchase prices.
    4. Raise taxes of the idol rich who do not contribute to the welfare of the United States.
    Gee it’s so easy why can’t the lawmakers think of that…..could it be special intrest money?

  • dmzrat

    More and more things seem to be getting out of control: I often ponder where this situation will lead us.

  • Denns A. Diehl

    I spent 26 years in the Air Foorce and was proud of it and now with all the _ _ _ _ _ the govermment is doing with our pay and benefits I feel so low that I don’t even want to say that I am a American. The people sitting up there on their high _ _ _ and haven’t ever been shot at or been in the jungles and watched their friends get blown up should just take their uniform off and walk out the door and put a gun to their head and turn the lights off. These days we all need every penny we get and that even isn’t enough some times.

    • dmzrat

      All the money needed is right in Washington being wasted by corrupt, inept, immoral and unethical politicians, government workers and the beltway bandits. We are simply an easier target with seemingly much less power and influence.



  • Jim Retired Army

    Well here we go again, cutting benefits to Americans while we send billions to Afghanistan and Iraq in aide not to mention the money we spend to sustain military operations in both these countries and a dozen others. Hell, we still provide a military presence in Europe like we’re still in the Cold War. Plus we’re constantly adding to our duty free list of countries who can ship their shit here for free and of course our businesses here ship out jobs because of it, meaning more people out of work and/or paying less taxes. Plus all the loop holes for the rich to pay less than their fair share. Gee I wonder why we need to take away from those who gave for their country and not just behind some oak desk in D.C.. Republican/Democrat all a pathetic excuse for a spine, especially when it comes to actually doing something for the American people….. I hate Communism but at least the Chinese government shows some common sense when it comes to handling their international affairs.

  • valG

    I wonder what Generals Powell, Schwartzkopf, Patraeus think of Mullins the wannabe, can’t be, should have been, never will be now. Mullins and Gates are losers. We really do need to at least freeze Congress’s pay for at least
    10 years and everyother capitol hill magget. Let’s start with their healthcare benefits first. I am retired military 27 years, and a federal employee, but have to pay for my health insurance. We need to revamp politician’s entitlements and send them a message that we have to change things on the hill desperately. Oh yeah, don’t mess with social security to get us out of what George H.W. got us into. This will be 2 years in the making of no cola increases in VA compensation and SS and now you want to mess with Military pay. Where is the petition to fire these idiots. Rot in hell turncoats.

  • RetNav94

    How far do any of these comment go? I bet no one person in our government seats actually reads these. If there is any that does read these I for one would like to know. Respone to me, I would like to know what you think of all this.

  • Mike (Doc Goody)

    Being a Nam and Desert Storm vet and told when I enlisted that if I completed 20 years or more that I would have medical care free and then have it taken away or my retirement screwed with means that government doesn’t care who they hurt. I saw alot of young vet come home messed up from service and have the government screw them. I’ ashamed to say I’m an American Vet and watch as here in Arizona the government wants to take care of the illigal aliens and not our troops. Impeach all of government and let them get a job to earn their benefits like we had to. Time to tell them no more.



  • EJDel Rio

    How about cutting all the entitlement spending for those who never served. Start with making them pass a drug screen to get welfare,pass military style housing inspections in public housing, and then make them pay a co-pay for their medicaid visit so they will buy a bottle of tylenol rather than go to the emergency room for every headache and fever or call an ambulance rather than a taxi because medicaid pays 100% for the ambulance. Those who served the military suffered years of pay below their civilian counterparts,danger in war zones, long work hours without overtime pay, time away from their families, sacrifices by their family as they moved multiple times. The pay and benefits they receive only partially compensate them for what they gave for their country.

  • Gunny Motar

    Thats just crazy. I wouldnt blame any of our boys if they just said i quit. If enough said it things would change real quick . Im a retired marine 24 yrs 4 fours in nam. I can remember our homecoming, but i still loved my country. Im afraid this ad ministration is going to ruin this country. Be careful how you vote in 2012, o yea i have a son in the marines in afgan. semperfi

  • RMC

    My suggestion for areas to cut are uniforms, while I was at the Pentagon the last three years all branches came out with different versions of camouflage uniforms. Why not have one if we are truly going Joint Forces and have the different services place their badges in the breast insignia location. Another area is pt uniforms could be procured through their services and units they are assigned to show pride and professionalism as well as cut costs in design and distribution. Another area is military members unable to meet PFT requirements, various service continuation officer and SNCO boards should be forcing them to retire or be separated. This would take care of the “FAT” that needs to be trimmed and ensure our military is optimally prepared for challenges of the future. GS and contractor positions evaluations should be evaluated fairly based on their PD and how they actually performed and what accomplishments they made to meet their requirements. If they do not meet them find personnel that will! Too many high and mid level GS positions are filled with complacent personnel.

  • John B

    Who will tell the young men of this country that the military is a good career choice? How many of us retires will tell the young not to join. Its funny that we will be the scape goat when this goverment gives so much to the unwilling to work or the illegals. At some point enough is enough!


    It’s pretty obvious that these people who are going to make these cuts never served in the military, have never been away from their family. Instead of cutting the military pay and benefits, lets stop sending money to these nations that don’t deserve it. It’s always the military who take the hits when it comes to budget cuts. If it wasn’t for the military they would’nt be able to make these decisions. How about having congress pay for their own medical? Heaven forbid, they are a group of people living free off the gov’t. Do the right thing and don’t do the wrong thing.

  • Jack

    Cutting military pay is a shock at the time our military ARMY, NAVY, MARINES,
    COMBAT FORCES. What are they thinkng or not thinking.
    If they are serious about saving money, first quit buying friendships for all the
    many countries we give trillions of dollars to. and we have to borrow money
    to keep our government going. AND they don’t even like us. Retired CPO

  • tony m

    If my pay gets cut then so should my hours.



  • Vernon lopez


  • DAD

    It,s amazing. Back it 68 when the Army sent soldiers to our door to inform my mother her son had been killed in action, I,ll never ever forget her falling to her knees screaming. I too joined the military against her protest and now am retired. She,s dead. That can,t be changed. They,re are good honest people in the military that I,ve met and later became lifetime friends. I feel and stand with you past and present as you feel. These bastards that shoot down our promised benifits are well aware of it. I hope God sees them for what they are and comes to our aid cause we sure need some devine involement. Godbless all of you. KEEP UP THE FIGHT!!!!!!

  • Wade

    These are just scare tactics to justify the DoD budget. Will there be an America left worth defending?
    Cuts need to be made but not to pay – to overpriced systems and programs that don’t work, are not needed or are designed to keep contractors employed. After spending trillions of dollars after the cold war ended, our troops were untrained and unequiped to fight the war America had to fight. The only way to improve the DoD is to take the money from the budget. If they cut retirees benefits then they need to make retirement pay non-taxable by the Fed and States.

  • Johnnie Thomas

    Well, it is nice to know that children are expected to do without a father and a wife can do without her husband and raise the children alone while worrying about her husband who is fighting in action…all this for 30 years thinking the family’s sacrifices will be appreciated in the later years. I went through all this and was more patriotic than most people. Now I am sickened at the way our older Americans are treated. Civilians and military retirees. People do not realize the effect the military life has on families. They should be better treated.

  • dtr

    i think it is terrible to take away what meger retirement funds tyhat have been accumulated from the military personnel especially those of 04 nad below we are just making it . why deplete our meger funds more if i would have known this my twenty years wouldn,t have happened. very upset i think those in high positions should taake a scut in pay as they are prtopossing now. i disagree!!!!!!!!!

  • Pete K.

    It’s sad that’s all- just not the right thing to do.

  • C R

    Chair of the Joint Chiefs, Admiral Mullen –

    I want to give you a BIG, FAT

    **** YOU ******* & TAKE A DAMN PAY CUT YOUR ******* SELF!!!

  • jimmy

    let this ass go reduce his pay and every ass in washington but they do not want to here that our group is bigger if need be we will take washington over just like over seas our group of vets are standing by for the gov to do just that out of control

  • jimmy

    i think mullen and gates been smoaking whacky weed togeather because if that happens they will pay for mistakes like we served too in combat we have enough troops and veterans to take care of people like them two they put their pants on same way as they do except we take up for own soldeirs no take away you two has to go

  • pedro

    so i just graduATED high skool and i want to join the navy do yall think this is the right time to join???

  • LouB

    What a disapointment. A great country served for 32+ years, now decides to cut my retirement. What a shame that each and every politician does not serve his/her country for 3 years (at least) in the military as a pre-requisite to serve in the political arena.

    Go Congress, make this country socialist. You are sure on your way.

  • dottie

    I hope all the fat cats take a pay cut but…that will not hurt them. Do the members of Congress, DoD, President, VP, etc., know how to fire the M16 or a 9mm. I can see Hillary loading a weapon now. They get retirements enough to joke a mule. When they need their backs covered don’t yell for the military and it will happen one day.

    I wonder what Obama would do with a weapon.

    Let Dole try living off of $1125 a month, since he gets a million a year from retirement of the senate.

  • w.kkawalek

    Obama has put the nation into a very precarious position and the nation is on the verge of bankruptcy. Should that occur, there will be no monies to pay our retirement and medical benefits. I retired in 1968 with 23 yrs. If each of us retirees would give up $10. from our retirement and $10. from our medical benefits to help the govt. out of this dismal mess that Obama got us in, there would be monies to continue paying us and I’m sure that giving up this $20. we would all still sursvive. For those that can’t, then I would say, shame for over obligating yourselves.,

  • Steve

    It’s just par for the course with our representatives. These so-called representatives have no clue what sacrifice is for this country. Let’s start at at the top first before we come down to the trenches. It may be time for walk on Washington with every vet in the USA.

  • ED Ssgt

    The redue in pay, SEDtart with the caus! 100 Senators , 435 Congresmen, 9 Supreme Cort Justices, 1 President, That Make all of the disions. I didn’t that is for sure.

  • chris

    I hope you clowns in washington are listening?? We have served our country honorably,and you have the nerve to mention military pay cuts. Politicians have mismanaged our economy for years, so congress,senate,vice president, and especially you obama, cut your pay and benefits first. The Miltary would not tolerate the type of behavior that our elected officials display, they would be punished and discharged quickly. The Miltary has a much higher set of standards then Washington ! Mullens you are no Admiral you are merely a puppet.. you should be ashamed of yourself.—- NAVY SCPO (ret)… but not done fighting!!

  • Adm. Mullen; I totally agree with the feelings of my comrade-in-arms, and you need to “Man-Up” on this one! If you have grown to lazy to put one foot in front of the other before putting it in your mouth; then you would see that it would be more beneficial to close a few of our American Embassies overseas before cutting the pay/benefits from those that also suppout them. Think a little harder on this one before you cause us all to lose!!

  • Dr Bjerkebek

    The CJCS is just doing his job as Obama’s hatchet man. Besides telling 10,000 guys the truth (they’re about to get boinked) is pretty scary. Since he knows the future (he IS the chairman) then I just assume he’s not up to the task.

    Thanks Adm

  • graden fifield

    i’m 13 years old my great grandpa was a paira trooper in vietnam he had to get both hips reaplaced, my 2 great great grandpas were in ww2, honor plack mist spelled one of there names and the outhor wasn’t ingraved

  • l stanley

    It seems there would be other areas within the DOD to make cuts. Having our hard working military men and women pay the cost is unconcionable. How about the folks making all the money war? Outside contracters for instance. WHy not lower the amount of money we are willing to pay contractors for one thing. SO many other options. Just does not make sense.

  • Forrest

    So where are the cuts to our unionised fat cat public employees pay and benefits? How come food stamps and welfare benefits aren’t getting slashed? And what about cuts to the lavish benefits of our ‘elected’ and unelected officials? The answer is that all the leeches I mention above are democrat voters, and are therefore a protected class, whereas the military has always been despised by the leftist jerks.

  • Here’s an idea instead of cutting the men and women who work their asses off to protect their homeland. How about you cut your pay. They are already getting the short end of the stick. Please I beg of you don’t make it any shorter than what it already is. For those that are pushing this. You should be ashamed of yourselves. They’re risking their lives so you can be safe in your own bed at night. This make me sick.

    • Thomas60

      Or maybe shut down welfare!

    • joan clowers

      I totally agree my son is in the military, been in 3or4 conflicts, it is about time the government took care of them, instead of them saving there asses. Cutting there pay and benefits will only cause us to not have a military. Our government needs to disapeere and get all new ones, including the president. Our military is the best there is.

  • Rick

    Police and firemen risk their lives every day and the people of Wisconsin just cut their benefits. Don’t ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for you.

    • Thomas60

      I support the police and fireman, but do they get to go home when their shift is over? Yes! The military doesn’t. Their shift is 24 / 7 / 365. They may get time off if they are stateside, but not aboard ship, in Afghanistan or in many other location around the world. I did 20 years in the Marines and I can tell you, do not try to compare the fireman and police with the active duty military. And as for pay, the military just wishes that made as much as the police or firefighters do. You have no idea what you are posting about and I am guessing you are just some union punk.

  • After I originally commented I seem to have clicked the -Notify me
    when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time
    a comment is added I receive 4 emails with the exact same comment.
    There has to be a way you are able to remove me from that
    service? Thank you!

  • Bob

    Cut Politician and bureaucrats pay and leave our military alone. Cut fat and agencies in the government. Stop retirement pay for politicians and let them draw social security and pay in to 401k plans like the rest of us. Stop paying for the presidents and politicians many vacations and boondoggles. Get rid of the EPA, Department of Education, and other agencies that could and should be at the state level. Reduce the Federal Government to only have agencies that satisfy the Constitution. LEAVE OUR MILITARY PERSONNEL ALONE!!!!

  • Guest

    First cut The amount of Foreign Money Help we give to so many countries, for control of weed, control of gangs, control of terrorists, control of policy, control of immigration, control of piracy, control of spionaje, etc, etc…