Military Tuition Assistance Cuts Looming

Earlier this year I wrote that there were some rumblings about the DoD budget cuts possible affect on military tuition assistance. At that time it appeared that the service branches may be preparing to restrict access or reduce the $4,500 annual tuition assistance cap.

At the time I reported that the Chief of Continuing Education Programs, Carolyn Baker, had told the attendees at the Council of College and Military Educators annual conference that the DoD spent $542 million on tuition assistance in 2010 – $24 million more than 2009.  Baker pointed out that increased demand and the growing cost of college tuition are putting a financial strain on the DoD budget. “The current program growth is unsustainable,” said Baker.

It appears Congress has taken this into their own hands by adding an amendment to the Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (HR 1540) that would direct the DoD to report on the effects of reducing the current 100% tuition and fees rate by 25%.

Currently servicemembers can get up to 100% of the tuition and fees covered as long as the per semester credit limit of $250 is not exceeded. Anything tuition costs which exceed the per credit hour cap must be paid through secondary sources like their GI Bill benefit, scholarships, grants or out-of-pocket.

If passed by Congress all servicemembers, no matter which branch, may soon have to rely on secondary funding sources to help cover their tuition and fees.

The language of the amendment, offered by Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO), does not direct DoD to immediately cut the rates, however, it does call for the Defense Secretary to examine the possible effects of a cut. In addition, the amendment directs DoD to look for inefficiencies and duplications of benefits – i.e. servicemember’s ability to use the GI Bill while on active duty.

Let Congress know how you feel about this issue.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • ssg ret

    Why do we fight we are the ones who get the shaft

    • Thunder350

      We fight to protect wall street and their interest overseas. Why did we “help” Libya and not Syria? Oil.

      Sadly our military no longer protects America, just corporations. All these big corporations control our big government with the money they stole from main street. Yet, again, its main street, and those who fight to protect these corporations that has to take the cuts. But it’s horrible and anti-american to want to regain control of those who make billions a day. We desperately need to shake things up back here at home. And listen to what our founding fathers wanted.

      They wanted a free market, which we had for awhile, until it turned into Capitalism, and now Corporatism.

      “Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.”

      “The greatest calamity which could befall us would be submission to a government of unlimited powers”

      Thomas Jefferson was a extremely bright and wise man. He saw the danger of both big business, and big government.

      But hey, we live in a Democracy now sadly, we lost our Republic.

      “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fiftyone percent of the people may take away the rights of the other fortynine.”

      Yup, thats Thomas Jefferson again!

      But hey, lets keep reelecting the same failed politicians back into office.

      “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – Einstein”

      Sorry for my rant – I just get pissed when our men and women have to take cuts, and suffer, and lose their so called “benefits” that their suppose to receive after putting their lives on the line for us. But people like Donald Trump get to live happily making millions a day, (Off of others hard work), while he relaxes in one of his 50 mansions.



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        • Bitter USAF Vet

          That only works if the stockholders have a controlling share (51% or more) in the company. With so many companies buying out their own shares through partner companies, interest groups, etc., the average stockholder has no more say in how a company is run than the average voter has a say in how the government is run.

          I take it you think that cutting taxes to the rich generates jobs, too. If you were an Eskimo, I’d be trying to sell you ice cubes.



      • wakeup

        You keep believing that your vote counts for something . even if you own stock unless you won 51percent you got not vote .. if you read and went to school you should have known that RIGHT… Yet those who gave their live and place their in danger are will be given the shaft if they keep cutting everywhere except in Washington….. KEEP THINKING THAT YOU ARE .01111 percent stock counts for something do the math……


        The stock I have invested in for the last 15 years has been the U.S. Military. Maybe I should have a vote in how the benefits are effected for that corporation. On another note, why don’t they focus on cutting things in areas for people that LIVE off of government assistance, their WHOLE lives? I get up and go to work everyday and I’m having to sacrafice??? Haven’t I, along with all my soldiers sacraficed enough?

  • chuck

    Did you join just for the benfits. How are you going to control all this spending if we dont cut these programs too. If everyone says cut everyone else program but not mine then nothing will get done. We cant just keep spending and spending. Any one that puts an earmark on a bill should be voted out of office

    • chemical1

      Chuck you are more than likely only saying that because you have either taken full advantage of TA already or your parents covered your college costs.

      You believe this program should be one to cut?There are not thousands of other BS programs that should get axed before TA?

    • chris


      I didn’t join just because of the benefits but it sure is one of the main reasons i joined. I’ve been using the TA for about 3 years now and it has saved me so much in tuition that i would not be able to afford. Assuming that you are also in the military, you are mostly aware that our paycheck is less compared to civilians in the same job categories, minus the stress of long deployments and getting shot at. TA is one of the luxuries that I do honestly enjoy and subsidizing it will impact us significantly.

      I like the idea of closing our many outdated overseas bases, or at least suspending it until the funding is stabilized again. While this may decreases our global presence, I think it is quite necessary at this time.

    • Mel

      You’re right about the “Not Mine!” thing. So we cant cut TA and we also can’t add $5 a month to retiree TIRCARE payments?

      Sooooo, where does this money come from?

      • Ann

        Well, if we stop giving free education and medical to all the illegals, I’d say that would more than cover the costs of education and health care of all the men and women who are citizens defending and SERVING our country! The government is ” alarmed” at health care costs of the military but has no problem spending millions if not billions on medical for illegals

        • tinman2k

          Exactly!! Great post!

        • Adam

          I think you are exactly right Ann. It is estimated that between 11 and 22 billion dollars is spend by the federal and state governments on welfare for illegal aliens each year. I think that would more than cover the 542 million the DOD is looking to save on education costs.

    • drew

      I see you are taking some flak but I agree. I was active duty for 10.5 years and the pay is not nearly as bad as people make it out to be compared to the civilian side. We’re already getting the GI Bill, we should consider any money through TA a gift. I’m using the GI Bill now and if they decided to cut it back it would upset me but I also have a clear vision of the bigger picture and our country will not survive at this rate of deficits. When Congress was arguing over cutting the chump change of $38 billion, I proposed a 10% cut across the board on all spending no matter what it was on. And you are definitely right, everyone says cut except what they are using and that’s why Congress can’t get any cuts made. So I’ll even go a step further to satisfy your detractor (chemical), cut my GI Bill by 10%…….I’ll deal with it.

      • wakeup

        Not everyone is as lucky as you…… Some do use the TA to it’s full benefit and if they cut it, it will hurt them…… How about cutting salaries in Washington.. Do you know how many Vets led the way for you to live the way you do today and are now homeless. Because they did not or were not able to have such benefits…. What guides your decision? Stability ? hope you never loose it…..

        • Mb
    • Greg


      I joined the military because I love serving my country and have proudly gone where they have told me and when without any questions asked for 17 years. Now, I am in a job where I can actually sit down and take advantage of my TA and they are talking about cutting it and making me pay out of pocket. Where and when will they start taking care of the people who have been taking care of them for so long.

    • ladyleo

      really spending does not need to be controlled, it needs to be prioritized.

      On top of that (read it for your self) about 46% of Americans pay no taxes. Either b/c they are low income and get all, plus more back at the end of the year or b/c of all the stimulus bills/ tax credits for home owners, ect.

      In the past few yrs the percent of americans paying federal taxes is shrinking. The fed is not making enough money and instead of trying to make it they are trying too cut spending, b/c raising taxes looses votes.

      its all politics!!!! all for the vote. make it a passive solution (cut spending) instead of an active solution (raise taxes or cut all this child tax credit, home owner tax credit, b/c its hurting our economy)

      the U.S credit has been downgraded, and now our interest rate on the money we owe china n who ever else we have been borrowing from has raised!!! – read it your self, check the facts people….

      I am a vet, single mom of two, work full time and go to school full time and i have no problem with them raising taxes and taken more out of my check if that means it will fix the economy mess we are in.

      • matt

        First off your facts are all wrong. Raising taxes takes away from the people that create jobs so then they don’t hire people and the government doesn’t know how to spend money, they are like children when they want something they spend the money, also when they use the poor and say we are going to tax the rich they do get the poor mans votes so your wrong again, you must be a dem you got your sources all messed up.

        • kelly

          Matt, you have fallen for the republican snow job on taxes

        • Bitter USAF Vet

          Wrong, wrong, and wrong. Cutting taxes on the wealthy does absolutely nothing to the job market.
          The taxes that are cut to CEOs, Wall Street jockeys, etc. are their take-home pay. This is money that they get AFTER they pay their wages, “create new jobs” (LOL), and so forth. It is money that is spent on summer homes, another car, a nanny to do the parenting for them. It is not money that is in any way, shape, or form spent or intended to be spent on generating new jobs.
          Also, think of the relative value of the dollar. Ten percent of someone who makes $20k a year is worth a lot more than the ten percent of someone who makes $200k. Even Adam Smith (“The Wealth of Nations”) believed that the responsibility of the wealthy was to pay a bit more than their required sum.

        • Richard

          Matt, you’re an idiot. The idea behind Reaganomics was to cut taxes on the rich and make the lower 90% pay more. The effect of this caused an increase of a $2.3 trillion dollar deficit by the time Reagan left office. Reagan also forced 60% of small business into bankruptcy because they could not afford the taxes he placed on them. Another $1.5 trillion was added during George H.W. Bush. President Clinton came into office and raised taxes on the top 10% while also decreasing government spending every year he was in office. The result was a balanced budget in the year 1998 for the FIRST TIME IN OUR NATION’S HISTORY!!!! The lowest unemployment our nation had ever seen, lowest inflation, and a booming economy, all from taxing the top 10% at a SLIGHTLY higher rate!

          Less Fox news, more reading!

          *All information used above was obtained through the Department of Labor and Statistics, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Social Security Administration

      • james


    • mansour

      yes i joined for benefits, and if you worry about the budget why you don’t suggest to cut from the charity for other country like millions for Pakistan for no reason, leave this poor soldier alone he work so hard more than 13 hour a day for what,
      we are seeking education hats all, 4500$ a year it doesn’t even cover 5 classes

    • Dave

      Well said Chuck! We (you and I) need to hold our elected officials accountable for this out of control spending! That “free” college education won’t matter for squat if our country goes belly up! Think about it people!!

    • gregbell0827

      Chuck, our service members potentially put themselves on the line just like you did to keep the population of the US safe. First of all, I don’t believe that just because this bill was submitted that anything will come of it. If you are a member of a service group (which I highly recommend) they will fight any attempt to delute a service member’s benefits. Secondly, makes it so easy for all of us to notify our congressmen of our feelings on this subject. I believe both our powerful tools because our service organizations lobby congress on our behalf and a congressman is most likely going to listen to their constituents, especially military, retirees and their families. The little bit of tuition assistance that our active duty receive does only pay for five or six classes a year. It pays off for a service member to exit the service with a degree if possible….I know, I’ve been there.

    • LovinMS61

      If folks joined for the paycheck minus benefits- they would have to be totally stupid! Come on, chuck, get real!!!! Benefitsand the training are the only real reasons besides patriotism I can see to ever join the military! The hours and conditions stink and the pay does not even come close to their civilian counterparts!

    • tinman2k

      Chuck, take a breath! Why can’t Congress cut frivolous spending in the hundreds of billions of dollars for worthless programs and pet projects first before cutting anything from the military budget. The amount of the budget for entitilement programs overhelmingly exceeds the amount of spending for defense. Read the Constitution and educate on government and government spending and you will find out that THE only real responsibility of the Government is to protect it’s citizens by defending them. ALL of these other BS programs in spending is just that BS!

    • curt boettcher

      Absolutely agree. I’ve had my salary increases stopped (working at the federal gov), and my VA disability frozen. I don’t mind if they stop all the wasteful spending. We all need to stop the me me me and worry about the country as a whole. We volunteered to fight for this country. That doesn’t mean we should be treated special by everyone. TAke a look at how low the VA disability rates are–especially for people who are seriously disabled. They can’t live a good life on that kind of money. Quit your complaining and get over it. Semper Fi

    • FedVet

      I respect that you point this out. I am a veteran and a federal employee. We all need to be prepared to make sacrifices.

    • Klovett

      I honored my contract.. I fulfilled my promise so how exactly is it legal for the government to break theirs?

    • SFC Dennis Morris

      Really??? Are you that dim. Did you join for the benefits. Every employer includes benefits packages in the consideration of annual packages of employees. We get a MAXIMUM of $4500 per year. That doesn’t even cover one semester at most large universities. You want to banter about $4500 per year. Maybe you do want to keep dumb gun bunnies as cannon fodder, but I would like to educate my Soldiers and give them a working chance at being marketable in life after the military. I don’t think $4500 for education in exchange for combat deployment after combat deplyment is too much to ask. GET A GRIP!!!!!

    • Mark

      The people who serve should receive the greatest benefits for their service. If not, then make everyone serve. Find anothwer place to cut. Leave those who serve this great country alone and give them what they deserve for the sacrifice and service. Have you served?

    • Jennifer

      R u kidding me, Chuck? Many Service Members join not only for honorable reasonings; but also, they join for other possibilities and opportunities that were not available to them because of their socioeconomic position. Maybe these public officials should cut back on their personal spending and their perks. Maybe, we should do a financial audit on these public officials and see how they are spending tax payers’ money.

    • Mike

      Chuck, it is not that we don’t know we have to cut. We know that. Out of all the entitlement programs out there the military is the only one that is constitutional. Medicare/medicaid, welfare, etc. is no where mentioned in the constitution. Yet the miltary is the one that is cut first and hardest. Now after fighting a long war where soldiers have deployed 4,5,6+ times they want to cut our benefits. WOW.

    • Rick

      Well the military wants and need everyone to be educated even for promotion. So now suck it up again. We are under paid at every occupation level in the civilian world. So when shoild we get ours. The worker bee’s (E-1 to E6) And all that benefits you are PROMISED isn’t what it seems. Food for thought; in order to get a good job over $45,000 a yr. you need a degree. When is there time now they cut your resources to do that. That military insurance that they told you about; at age 65 it will comsume 80% of your retirement. So who’s fooling who???? If I am wrong; please correct me. Rick

    • Jeremy

      We shouldn’t cut Soldier programs that better the force. We should cut the unimaginable amout of money we give others countries in foreign aid. How about finding an end to these pointless wars that spend millions a month on. How about ending the Roman like campaign of taking over the world and shutting down some of the bases in foreign countries.

    • marcus

      How about eliminating Tax Loop holes and acessive tax breaks.

    • SSG Shoemaker

      To put you in your place like you need it. Freedom isn’t free!!! We wouldn’t even have a country without the sacrifices our military!

    • Mark

      Yes, yes I did! Do you think this crap is fun? I would assume people like you are not interested in obtaining a degree and could care less about the TA. Well, not everyone is like you. You want to control spending? Just take a moment around you, if you actually work for the Air Force, and observe all the usless crap we buy. How about the way we handle budgets at the end of a fiscal year. Oh yes, let’s penalize someone for saving the government money. Stupidity begets stupiditty, but I digress. Perhaps you should take advantage of the TA and educate yourself so you’re not just another cow in line to drink from the trough.

    • Poidog

      Gosh, guys. I came back from Vietnam in 71. After a couple years of good solid drinking, I worked full time during the day, and attended the University of Hawaii at night. It was a little tough paying for credit hours and used books on the GI Bill, which had just been raised to $220 a month. But I made it through, and must have been OK because I weighed more when I finished school, than when I left Nam. But you do make it one way or the other. If you want to.

      There are difficult choices to make. But the eventual consequences of letting things continue as they are going are devastating. Which doesn’t help a lot if you feel you are the one being singled out to carry the burden. Kind of like the guy humping the M60 because he’s the biggest.

      Somewhere along the line, we’re all going to feel the pain. If you feel it is unwarranted, then get educated about the issues, and get active in supporting what you think is right.

      One thing though about all the comments about foreign aid. It really should be called something else. There is aid we give that is TRULY humanitarian, though I think private agencies do a better job at it than the government does. But foreign aid is really about an extension of foreign policy. It is one of the ways we attempt to have other governments act in ways favorable to the United States and our causes. You can believe there are strings attached. We’re not being Mr. Nice Guy. We have an agenda, and the aid is merely a tool. I’m not saying it is wrong. Just understand it for what it is.

    • audie murphy

      its a whole lot easier to talk from the outside, if you were going to college using this program i can almost promise your post wouldn’t sound like this.

  • Kaz

    Why not cut the multi million (probably billion) dollar “black door” DOD projects that have the slimmest chance of leading to new usable technologies anyway. All of the rampant senseless spending that goes on in the military, and its the soldiers who have to incur the budget cuts?

    • Thunder350

      Bring down the military industrial complex, 90% of all problems in the military are solved.

      “Over-grown military establishments are under any form of government inauspicious to liberty, and are to be regarded as particulary hostile to republican liberty” -George Washington

  • Charles Spiegelman

    In good times and bad the GI joe is expendable all he is is cannon fodder for the Politicans and people who know the GI can’t march for there rights, or become political. Hang on to your hands guys eventually merks will be the military we pay for there loyatity marked by paid not duty, honor, country, then we releady will be a third world country if we want this then say tuned. If not what about an American spring lets take back our country and rid ourself of lobbiest, lawyers and politicans and get on with making this country great again. Don’t Tred on me.

  • Jack

    The military almost requires members to go to college or risk not getting promoted. If they back-off on the money, they should back-off on the requirement.

    • mark.craft

      you’re kidding, right?!?!

    • Lisa (Navy wife)

      Based on the information I receive from my husband, I agree. He is a Senior Chief in the Navy and is continually astonished at the advancement of those less qualified in their position, yet holding a college degree, while those highly qualified are passed over for lacking a degree. Personally, I don’t think education should ever be discouraged or financially restrictive; certainly not when there are so many still resistant and unwilling to participate in continued education.

  • It really appears that someone of there is working very actively to get the draft reinstated. All of the proposed cut are not valid recruitment tools. But what do I know. Be patriotic is a good thing but those being served needs to recognize the sacrifice made by the men and women of the armed forces. Then they should be taken care of. God First, Country second, and then the troops. What would the Armed forces be without troops?

    • Mark Craft

      I remember about 35 years ago when there were a lot of people saying “Hell No, We Won’t Go!”. They went to Canada. Now, that same generation doesnt’ want their ‘benefits’ cut but wants to take from those who DID GO. And Those wo never served think they shold have the right to claim they did. I see something very wrong with that picture, and “Letting your Congressman know” wond help since they have no clue since MOST of them never served either. Why don’t they start at home and cut their own staff benefits and those in other governemtn programs. What wrong – they are afraid of the reprocussions.

  • Carlos

    I waited four years for what the recruiter promised me and this what I get in return.
    This is some BS!!!!

    • therapist

      Carlos, try waiting 20 years. then find that your dental and health cost you so much that you can’t see a doctor or dentist. You are in 3000 debit if you have an accident in September, then add another 3000 in October because of the physcal year.

  • jemc50

    The tuition assistance program is one of the successful programs that has enhanced troops being able to obtain additional education opportunities. This additional education provides better Sailors, Marines, Soldiers, and Airmen for our country. It is a program that needs to be sustained.

  • armychick

    I like how when military members complain its always some brainwashed fool that said “you just joined for the benefits” Well DUH thats why they use these as tools to recruit people in the first place. You say that people that do not join are not patriotic. It takes more that that to want to do this everyday. Lets get real. IF they didn’t want to pay for our college than they should have lured us in with the ideal in the first place. It is not wronf to expect what we were promised. IF your commanding officer told you to do something you best believe that they expect you to deliver as promised. The Armerican GI is always giving giving giving and is supposed to do it all for free. WHat about our kids, families and troops. Wondering why so few want to join, so many want to get out, so many have mental illness and so many have committed suicide. We do what only 1% of the population wants to do and America can pay Millions to contractors but can cut our promised incentives. Give me a break. We suppose to love this country but they are making it easier and easier for us to do it as a civilian.

    • Ninnybon

      That somes it up dont promise something then cut it.

    • SHELLY

      I so loved your reply….i see first hand how money get wasted in the military…a bottle of soap at walmart got $2 the military pays $7 for.. Is just sad. That we have to deal with being away from family members being in foreign countries out of our element.seeing friends die stress level out the roof and so much more. seriously education should be the last go if at all.

    • Curt

      Come on. Nobody expected this horrible economy (except those of us who knew what the president was qualified to do–nothing). You think the DOD and recruiters have some super power to predict the future. God man. You are a perfect example of the “everything has to be fair” society. LIfe happens. They wouldn’t be doing this if the future of this country wasn’t on the line. Do the math. Life happens people. Quit blaming the recuriters–unless you think they are responsible for the economy. Semper Fi.

      • Forcefocus

        Yeah because this country is better off being uneducated right? Service members who fulfill their contract don’t deserve a fighting chance in the civilian world?

        But yeah I understand what your getting at Curt. Cutting funding for higher education in a down market is probably one of best ways to pull the US out of economic stress.

        Because what’s going to really fix this country is more outsourced jobs to qualified and educated individuals from countries like China, because their more qualified and educated to do everything we can, and they do it at a cut rate.

    • SSGT

      Let me be the first to say that the Marines promised nothing more that a chance to be one of the best. The other branches exist for the sole purpose of these benefits. That’s all they talk about. These are things that come and go. However, pride, courage, discipline, direction, integrity, etc go on for eternity. When an employer looks at your resume’ they don’t look for the paid benefits, they look for the character attributes the breed success. It’s quite obvious that the Marines are doing it right, have been, and will continue to do so, because they serve with these things in mind. So, yes armychick you did join for college along with many thousands of others and that is why the Army is by far viewed by nearly one and all as the most disgusting branch of the military because so few serve with honor as you will find to be more frequent with the other services.

      • Bitter USAF Vet

        Wow, someone really likes that Kool-Aid.

        I went enlisted after getting my degree (Aerospace Engineering from an ABET-accredited college) because I wanted to be a part of what my grandfather did back in the ’50s. Since then, any attempt to further my career in the Air Force has been shot down, be it by politics-playing supervisors who only see their shop’s favorites, historically-competitive officer selection boards, or bureaucratic BS. This whole “hurr durr serve for da HONOR and PRIDE and DISUPLINE” schtick gets old fast when faced with how the service actually works.
        Feel free to look down your nose at the other branches, if you want. Your argument ad hominem holds little weight beyond those that cannot see the forest for the trees.

      • Spc

        I’m tired of you marines always saying that your the best. You all sound like politicians. WE all fight the same war and look after our own. I am still in the army and I am very proud of it. Every branch has it’s flaws, but we still have to stick together. So what if people joined for the benefits. I did, and now I’m proud of who I am to this day. The marines are no better or worse than any other branch.

        • soaringeagle

          It’s hard to be humble when you are the best. What sets us apart from the other branches of service is that we can do it all. Land, air and sea. Marines are taught to lead at a very young age. Not every one can be a Marine especially for 20 or more years. It takes a special breed to do that. You are a Marine forever. Semper Fi

          • uknowthename

            The reason why you feel your the best is because you were someone with very low self esteem to begin with, also dont get so excited about 20 years, what have you done to educate yourself when the marines puts your 35afqt having ass out. Did you use those benefits or were you to caught up patting yourself on the back.

      • CWO2

        SSGT, That sounds all moto and Semper Fi, however, the fact of the matter is we have families too! Get out of the Marines and get a decent paying job by arguing I was a Marine SSgt-SgtMaj or a WO without a college education and see how far that gets you! No one cares about what you use to be! A college education is the only way, not including the very few exceptions, to get ahead in America. I have yet to speak to a Marine that has left active duty, being a memeber of the VFW I speak with quite a few old and young, that has gotten a job solely or primarily because of the leadership or character attributes that they gain while in the Marines. While those are great qualities put that up against someone with an undergraduate and/or an advanced degree and see how far that rhetoric gets you. STOP BEING DUMB MARINE ! You need an education! The Marine Corp, as well as all of the other services, demand that the servicemembers and their families give up a lot. Being a Marine alone IS NOT good enough in the civilian sector!

        • CWO2

          I am a Marine, CWO2 as stated , and I am proud to serve but I am not so blinded by what my recruiter told me or the pep talks that I get or give my Marines that I believe that I should not expect anything back from the country I serve!

    • Pittbull

      Greeting everyone. I know that we’ve all been caught off guard with the mere mentioning of this proposal. Should we be upset?? No doubt. Kurt “Semper Fi” War Dawg, but I totally disagree with you brother. We have the right to demand all that was promised to us and then some extra. But I’ll just settle for what was promised to me. I retired at the end of 2009, and began using my benefits the beginning of this year. I’ve lived among the civilains for a short amount of time, and I can truly say that they expect everything, and give nothing. Therefore, honoring the promises of a 100% education is the least that they can do for us. I didn’t give nothing less than a full 110% of dedicated service time to them, so I shouldn’t expect them to crap out on us now, since were exercising that in which we’ve earned. I wouldn’t expected it for you me, armychick or any other veteran that has bled, sweat, and fought for our liberty, and the pursuit of——-. We’ve all seen wasteful spending at the hands of our government. We’ve all endured some form of being the low man when the crap has roled down hill as well. The military service member has always taken it in the rear. It’s time that for once the country acknowledges our sacrifice and help to ensure our progression in life after military service. Sell yourself short brother…..I think not. You, Me, Us, we’ve all earned our educational ride. Why should we suffer when lazy civilians sit on their hind parts a wait patiently each month for a “I feel sorry for you check”. For once let’s refuse to play the role of Peter, so Paul can get paid. It’s our lives their screwing with too. Retired or not, Active or not, Reservist or not, still……..don’t we matter???? Where is our appreciation????? Demand what’s your, and don’t take anything else than what you’ve earned. Good evening and God Bless us all!!!!!

  • KCWest

    I didn’t use my TA to the extend that some of my buddies did while on active duty, but I did make the best of it while I used it. Now that I am out of the service I wished I would have picked a different school instead of Embry-Riddle (I am so sick of aircraft the only thing I want to do with one is climb on board to take a trip someplace). Also for those that are planning on getting out and using your MGIB, weigh your options very closely in the choice for the regular MGIB (Chapter 30) and the post 9-11 MGIB (Chapter 33). They made some heavy chages to the post 9-11, like the amount of time you are going to school is going to be a percentage of the BAH stipend you get. For example if you go 6 semester hours, you get 50% of what your BAH will be for a given area, 8 semester hours will be 0.666 percent or 66.6 percent that gets rounded up to then next whole 10%, or 70%. 100% is 12 hours a semester, so make sure if you are going to live in an area that has a very high BAH in the first place, make sure you are going full time. I screwed myself by opting for the post 9-11 without doing the research on the BAH for this area i live now, to the tune of about 400 less dollars a month. In most circumstances the orginial MGIB (Chapter 30) is the better deal.

    • SGT L

      Very true, that’s the first thing I did when I decided to go back to school was look into what I was actually entitled to. For me the post 9-11 bill was a perfect fit, with the BAH, Pell grant and a local Scholarship I’m looking at roughly $2400(averaged out over a year) a month for 3 days a week in school for 4-5 hours each day. Of course there’s going to be a few months each year that that goes down because we’re not getting interval pay anymore but it’s still more than enough to not have to worry about working so I can put all my focus into school.

    • SSGT

      Either way you view these GI bills the Post 9/11 is better because it pays full public tuition and a little more for BAH. The 1100 a month for 36 months doesn’t come close, since in most cases your BAH is worth that. The MGIB does have a strength in covering trades, flight school, trucking, school, and other such things which Post 9/11 won’t cover.

  • Ninnybon

    Well i extended my service in arng mainly for tuition assistance so if they cut does this mean i can get out of my contract. There are lots of areas to cut but when people enlist for benefits they need to stay. Now if u say cut benefits on any new contracts that would be fare as people would have choice to sign up or not

    • SSGT

      TA was never in the contract. When you signed your contract you agreed that nothing is promised to you that isn’t in writing. No breach of contract, then no termination of contract. You shouldn’t have joined for college, that’s the dumbest reason in the world to, especially since college degrees are nothing when compared to experience.

      • Cturpin04

        SSGT. You’re right. It isn’t in the contract. But if you’re going to sit there and say that joining the military to help pay your way to college is the dumbest reason in the world to join, then you’re quite possibly the biggest idiot ever.

  • American citizen

    How is it that Congress can give its own raises and make it unnecessary for their children to pay back school loans? And, lets not forget the tax payers money spent on the United States Military Academy and Carlisle Army War College to give another Officer another free degree. Why is it that the Enlisted Soldiers (who make the least) are being denied the same benifits? Shame on you Congress!!!

    • Anon

      Let’s not forget all those who attend a military college for degrees that are literally useless to the service (I’m looking at you, Music and Performing Arts! Get out of those nuclear Missile Alert Facilities!).

  • Rommy

    Why not stop the colleges from pushing books out every semester which is the same criteria as before? But I agree. Nothing is sustainable any longer. If this drought continues the amount of grain might not be sustainable. I appreciate all the people who want to do something in America after they get a degree- but the truth is there aren’t enough jobs and your unsustainable. We can hire people over in India much cheaper- doesn’t mean they can do the same job but whatever. it’s unsustainable. Everything is unsustainable unless your making a bonus of 2mill plus a year. That’s not unsustainable. Everyone else is unsustainable. It says so in the projections of the same people who told you the real estate market was a good investment, and that going to war was a good way to fight terrorism. your totally right! your all unsustainable. Funds for education- unsustainable. Funds for new business- unsustainable. Food for the once large middle class unsustainable. Tent’s in the woods… sustainable. beans in the can… sustainable. Slavery ships… sustainable.

  • Cheryl Hubbs

    Why don’t we take that 26.2 million we just pledged to Libya and keep the tuition WE PROMISED to our Veterans. Our Military is why we are safe at home, in the USA!

  • Mary Davila

    So all those men and women who served in this current war, who lost their limbs, their sight, their hearing and other things are SOL??? This is unacceptable. Those people who want these cuts need to be voted out of office as soon as possible. SMH That’s a slap in the face to those who have served and for those who didn’t make it home. I think paying tuition for these men and women is the least we can do for them risking their lives for America. SMH.

    • Texas19

      If they lost their limbs, eyesight, etc, they are no longer active duty and would NOT qualify for tuition assistance. They would qualify for vocational rehab and/or the GI Bill. Learn the facts before you run your mouth!

      • NavyVetMomWife

        Really? Learn YOUR facts before you run YOUR mouth, Texas19. Losing a limb or diminished eyesight does not automatically mean discharge, genius. My brother still serves in the Army and lost his right leg below the knee. My husband has a prosthetic hand and he still serves stateside in the Navy. Both from war. And if eyesight can be restored through surgery to a certain level (which Tricare pays for) then retention is 99% guaranteed. It’s a case by case basis, so learn your facts next time before you lay out a comment

        • Agree with NavyVetMomWife, Texas 19 you need to learn your facts before you beginning make comments to others. There are many servicemembers with prosthetics still actively serving. There is a blind CPT (blinded by shrapnel from an IED) still actively able to do his job and serving in the Army. Learn the facts before YOU run your mouth TEXAS19!

          • timmy

            That’s right willie frank get it right,

  • jeb

    Stop screwing the military.


    this is nothing new under sun , they shafted my great uncle, and my uncle , and a whole lot of my brothers of arms. Who serve this great country of ours and they wonder why so many of us dislike most of them who sit on there lazy ass in DC doing nothing !

  • Ito Biete

    shame on you US politicians who are bunch of @#%$&; you are like third world countries politicians making cuts on what is important for us in the military! there’s no substitute for education and the budget for TA and GI Bill must be incresed, not cuts or decreased or downsize or whatever deductive terms you might call it!

  • LT Perez

    I can’t believe they would even consider reducing TA when Congress gives Billions of dollars of Foreign Aid to nations like Pakistan and Afghanistan. BTW, Congress spends $1 billions a week to run Iraq. How about we quit Iraq and use that money to reduce expenses and keep TA? Or is taking care of the Iraqi people more important to Congress than taking the US Citizens and soldiers that they represented and got voted in by? Mmmm… Who voted for Obama again?

    • Dave

      I am with you. All that money going to arab countries who take our money but hate our way of life and the pursuit of happiness. Its time to take care of our own and do not for one minute think that China is our friend. Read your history people, if they do not care to give their own people the rights we enjoy. What makes you think they care for us? $$$$$

    • J.D.

      What does Obama have to do with this? I am pretty certain the article said it was Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) who pushed this issue through. Congress is the one who is at fault not Obama. Your post was perfectly fine until the end and you decided to show how ignorant you are about politics. How about we as americans hold EVERYONE IN CONGRESS accountable and not try the FOXNEWS way and blame everything on Obama.

    • Stephen

      You’re an idiot. It was Republican Mike Coffman pushing it through a Republican Congress.

    • bmcreed

      Never expect a fresh officer to properly argue politics. I will also remind you, LT, that you are serving under the POTUS, and judging by your rank, you knew that beforehand. I do not agree with most of his policies, but this one was not on him. Also, we are pulling out of Iraq (and have been for the last several months).

  • E-3 Flyboy

    so much for being able to afford college now and go from enlisted to officer

    • Fulton Eugene

      Kind of the point honestly I have be told by several OE that the military is trying to end that program and that they are not fans of people going from enlisted to officer.

  • valerie

    look at the voting history of the senator’s & congressors, you will find it’s the repuglicans that will cut anything except their own paychecks & still want to give tax breaks for the rich! Look at the offical records, you will see the evidence. last year pres obama sent all disabled vets 250.00 extra dollars to cover the gap in the cost of our meds. bush didn’t do s*** except start a false war with the wrong perps! it took obama to catch bin laden in 2.5 years. don’t people know bush was good friends with the bin laden’s? they even had a pet name for him, the extended family member. look up the documentation, it is there.

    • Really? Is that why Obama signed into law the LOWEST raise for the US Military in more than 15 years? As for Bush being friends with the Bin Ladens, do a little research. There are many individuals in Politics (both sides of the spectrum) that are friends with the Bin Laden family. They disowned Osama in the late 80’s/early 90’s, Before you start spouting off fallacious arguments, how about YOU actually do some research and learn the facts!

    • adam

      This 2.5 year statement is ridiculous. In reality, it took the IC 10 years to find Bin Laden. It did not have anything to do with the administration at the time.

    • JCL

      Bush started a false war? Then what has Obama been doing with regards to Libya and the various other behind the curtain operations. And we’re still in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Gitmo is still in operation.

    • Curt

      Totally idiotic. Your current president has spent this country into a national emergency. Bush gave us tax cuts–you forgot to mention that. Bush also gave cost of living increases every year. None under Obama. Your in the military and you think Obama caught Bin Landen. Oh my God. Get out. you scare me. Obama followed Bush’s policies to the letter and thats why he was killed. It’s been in the works for years. What combat/military training do you have? According to you, Obama said “go get him” and the Seals went and killed himi. Get out of the military please.

    • Tom

      You believe everything you read on the net? You aparently don’t know anyone or anything about the Intel community. Give it 10-15 years for it to be de-classified for your reading pleasure. You will feel like an idiot with your above statements.

  • David

    75% tuition assistance was the norm several years ago and there was no mass exodus. If you joined the military for a free education, you got it…look at the value of your intial training, technical school, and the multiple leadership school opportunities. TA is an added benefit not an entitlement. Don’t take benefits for granted and don’t complain when a choice has to be made by leaders to meet the needs of the nation.

    • If you pay attention to what many servicemembers are complaining about, you would see that the complaint is simple. If you decrease TA, then stop making civilian education a requirement for promotion on the enlisted side. Married Soldiers, specifically in the grades of E-1 through E-5 typically cannot afford to take care of their families and pay for college.

    • Fulton Eugene

      Yea but years ago a college degree was not a requirement to get a job.

    • Donald

      It was not the norm 7 years agian at least not in the Army. Uhm initial training thanks you showed me how to shoot a gun alot a good that does most people. How does that help???? MOS training for most jobs arent worth the time???? Leadership opportunities lets see on a federal scale you as a E-9 in the military counts as GS-07 on the federal civlian job without college so you went to the top and start back at the bottom wow thanks. There are a hell of alot of other things they could cut.

      • Tom

        Wow, you learned your job when joining the military. If you came for a formule education, maybe you should have done better on your ASVAB or even came in as an officer through one of the Academy’s. You joined for what ever reason, the education benefit is just that a benefit. Now you don’t even have to pay into it, it is just given to you and you want to complain about it. You would complain it was to heavy if I geve you a pound of gold. Get over it or get out!

        • Bitter USAF Vet

          Another wonderful argument ad hominem. Perhaps, instead of attacking the person saying something, you’d like to attack what they’re saying, instead? That is assuming, of course, you’re able to come up with something beyond “UR STOOPID”.

      • danno

        I’m in the service and I have a wife and 2 kids. I had plans to use TA to get my associates before I got out but I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford it now. Still going to try by applying for scholarships and such. Have to see how it works out

    • Rick

      True but here we go again. Our leaders making decisions that does not affect their families at all. Just YOURS Let Me See; our leaders made the decision to have the sailors on the Enterprise to ridicilous acts that is against comittment, honor and courage. The sad thing about this incident is, so many juniors sailors careers were ended because they didn’t want to be a part of that BullSH!! And even worst; all the big leaders knew and it took 4 yrs for it to be reported. Those leaders were forced to retire. RETIRE with all benefits. Get real. The military is a great place to start. I retired but boy do they still owe me. Also as for the training you receive to do your job; you have to be trained at any job and any level to be able to perfom at a high level. So your right don’t complain; shut up and do your job because I am your leader!!!!!!

    • Ty Dawg 80

      You pompous @$$!!! These kids are dying in record numbers to protect foreign countries who could care less, and this how we repay them. Are you a Congressman by chance? They almost shut down the government earlier this year, and our military almost did not get paid. If you think this is right, then you should be ashamed. If that is how you feel, then you should visit Iraq and Afghanistan, you SOB!!!

    • @run

      When tuition assistance was at 75%, higher-education was also much more expensive. Tutition assistance is a great benefit yes, but to use to the “back in my day” defense…come on, seriously? Pay raises, and even federal funding for everone (not just service members) has never come close to keeping pace with the skyrocketing price of education and probably never will.

    • Joe Blow

      Unfortunately its an education that is not valued or understood outside the circles of the military. That is why it is important to make sure VETs have a compairable education to their civilian counterparts prior to departing from military service. And FYI its our “leaders” decision making abilities that have shaped our world today. Maybe the “leaders” need to go back to school.

    • Allen

      Our Military currently is taken care of very well, with that said we ALL must give up some. The soldier should keep benifits, however if all they give up is a percentage off education benifits when civilians are out of work and out of their homes, not bad. Enlistment bonuses for non combat ratings are a waste as well. Politicians waste is not without abuse and also needs confronted. In short everything needs questioned and changed with our spending. Don’t get me wrong I spent 5 yrs in the military and have great respect for it. The truth is truth and benifits are out of control.

    • bmcreed

      The “norm” several years ago wasn’t to have college required for promotion.

  • One of Us

    Instead of complaining, be appreciative of what you receive…medical benefits for you and your dependents (no charge), military housing (or BAH payments monthly), BAS (monthly), annual clothing allowance, GI Bill benefits (enough to pay for a bachelor’s degree plus housing allowance and books), discounts, tuition assistance, etc. Tuition Assistance (and all the others) is a benefit, NOT a right; be appreciative that you get any sort of educational assistance at all! Many people in the U.S. work long and hard hours to provide these benefits to you and all you can do is complain!!! I would be saying thank you to my employers if they even offered 25% tuition assistance and would be jumping for joy to receive a portion of any of the other benefits provided to me (or my family).

    • Really? So, Soldiers that go and risk their lives and limbs for less than minimum wage should be proud of their benefits? If you signed a contract with a company with a guarantee that you would receive specific benefits and then those benefits were taken away, you would sue. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t, because it would be a lie. The reality is that anyone that joined the military after 1999 was guaranteed 100% TA up to $4500 a year when the joined. Anyone that reenlisted after that was guaranteed the same thing. The majority of us in the military are complaining because while we are out risking our lives and limbs for this nation, the first place politicians are looking to make cuts is the military. Why not Welfare? I’ll tell you. Because only 1% of Americans serve in the military, while more than 40% are on welfare! How about we cut the benefits to those that are getting something for nothing? How about we start making drug tests mandatory for those on Welfare and if they fail, they don’t get their welfare? Oh, that’s right, because every politician would be voted out because that is 40% of their constituents! Face facts! The military gets screwed so dumbass politicians can stay in office getting their fat cat salaries!

      • In addition, in the civilian sector, if you were more than 40 hours a week, you get overtime. Let’s tally up how much overtime the government owes its military and see which is more expensive, our benefits or owed overtime ahd holiday pay. The average servicemember works 70+ hours/week 52 weeks/year. So, pay us overtime, or provide our benefits, you decide which is more cost effective!

    • Fulton Eugene

      Clearly you are not in the military. Military housing and food for that matter is taken out of our pay just look at any military officials LES. Next the free health care is mainly a shotex, motrin, and a cold pack if we get sick. Only when you are greatly injured or very sick do you get any real health care and typically that is going off base for it. Next the GI Bill does not pay fully for a college degree in all areas. Many of these payments look great online but if you look at the amount of hours each service member works and on top of that the very low pay we receive most of those benefits are far from free. Also military members pay into the GI Bill much like a 401K so that is also not free. A service member would know that which clearly you are not. Next as the gentleman stated before you that in order to advance and continue with your career a college degree is becoming a requirement. Since many schools do not accept the ace credits we receive members are often forced to retake classes meaning that school takes considerably longer. Next part of the high military budget does not go directly to military personnel many goes back out for military contracts such as the 12Billion that went to Dell for NMCI. What started as a 6bil program went to 12bil once Dell told the military 6bil was not enough to produce even one computer. It is military contractors cheating the system and that benefit the most from military spending. If veterans could receive jobs after serving the TA system would not be a problem but when as a Veteran you are looking at 6 months of unemployment on average and 16% lower and wages than someone with the same skill set for up to 8 years I don’t think 250 a credit is too much to ask for. Yes spending needs to be cut in the military I agree I just think it is odd they choose to always cut things that effect soldiers rather than the corporations that have made billions on this war.

      • caribeanstar

        Everything you said was on point, Why are these cuts affecting the soldiers but not the true cause of the spending that comes from the contractors that over price the military. I enlisted in 2010 my contract end in 2016, best believe I’m not going to re-enlist and good luck on the recruiters trying to enlist new soldiers

        • caribeanstar,

          DOD Announces Recruiting and Retention Numbers for Fiscal 2013, Through December 2012

          The Department of Defense announced today recruiting and retention statistics for the active and reserve components for fiscal 2013, through December.

          Active Component.

          Recruiting. All four active services met or exceeded their numerical accession goals for fiscal 2013, through December.

          Army – 12,396 accessions, with a goal of 12,250; 101 percent

          Navy – 7,782 accessions, with a goal of 7,782; 100 percent

          Marine Corps – 6,073 accessions, with a goal of 6,058; 100 percent

          Air Force – 6,516 accessions, with a goal of 6,516; 100 percent

    • SGT L

      You can’t be serious..

      “Many people in the U.S. work long and hard hours to provide these benefits to you and all you can do is complain!!!”

      This is the most absurd and pathetic statement I’ve ever heard, you obviously have no idea what it’s like in the Military. You really think we don’t work our rears off?!? You think we don’t sacrifice? You think we stand to lose as much or more than any other hard working American?! The first time you see a unit come home from a deployment and see a soldiers weapon propped up between his boots with the kevlar resting on top, you know what it’s all about. The first time you see a family member or friends name on the KIA list, you know what we risk and sacrifice. Read this, and remember who did what for whom…
      “It is the soldier, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the

      It is the soldier, not the poet, who has given us freedom of

      It is the soldier, not the campus organizer, who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.

      It is the soldier, not the lawyer, who has given us the right to a fair trial.

      And it is the soldier who salutes the flag, who serves the flag, whose coffin is draped in the flag that allows the protester to burn the flag.”

      • SGT L

        You think we stand to lose as much or more than any other hard working American?!

        Supposed to say “You think we don’t stand to lose as much or more than any other hard working American?!”

    • tinman2k

      Wait ’till you get out and you will be singing another toon…

    • sfc davis

      I just got out the military and no i did not get bah for my family,medical benefits gone tuition assistance helped me get an education and help support my family,but as always the soldiers get jerked around.we lose arms,legs and our life and thats the thanks we get.if you can get out as soon as possible and look out for self its not worth your can stay home and get loans for college than put your life on the line for a goverment that lies to it freedom fighters.

    • Bitter USAF Vet

      *Takes a deep breath* This one’s gonna be fun.

      “Instead of complaining, be appreciative of what you receive…medical benefits for you and your dependents (no charge), military housing (or BAH payments monthly), BAS (monthly), annual clothing allowance, GI Bill benefits (enough to pay for a bachelor’s degree plus housing allowance and books), discounts, tuition assistance, etc.”
      –As I’ve already pointed out in a previous person’s reply, it is the benefits that keep enlisted military members from earning less than your average high schooler working at McDonalds. Take away the benefits, and you take away any nonsentimental reason for military service.

      “Tuition Assistance (and all the others) is a benefit, NOT a right; be appreciative that you get any sort of educational assistance at all!”
      –Buddy, I’m from Iowa. On our flag says “Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain” and that has become a personal motto of mine. You’re right in that our benefits are not a “right”, per se, but they are certainly a liberty we receive in compensation for the amount of work and, more importantly, SACRIFICE we put in. You do not have a right to any pay beyond minimum wage; how would you react if your employer decided to take away the liberty of your additional pay?

      “Many people in the U.S. work long and hard hours to provide these benefits to you and all you can do is complain!!!”
      –Many soldiers have DIED, lost limbs, and lost families so that you can come on the MILITARY.COM message board and tell us that we have no right to complain about an often-used benefit’s possibility to be cut. I have two friends who just got back from deployment to find empty houses; their spouses simply left them because they couldn’t take it anymore. They go overseas on the orders of their government to do a job that they don’t have the ability to refuse, only to come back and find that their foundation, the heart of why they serve, has left them. Care to tell them that they have no right to complain?

      “I would be saying thank you to my employers if they even offered 25% tuition assistance and would be jumping for joy to receive a portion of any of the other benefits provided to me (or my family).”
      –THEN JOIN A SERVICE. Enjoy some of the seemingly-greener grass on this side of the fence. You’ll be surprised at the taste after the first bite, I promise you that.

    • AD Military

      I’m sorry but do you have to do everything that is asked of you, or can you just opt to not go to work sometimes? Have you been in the military? Do you know what it takes for a job like this? I’m sorry but I can’t see my kids today cause I’m in a freaking war zone! Seriously, did you just say all that? Does your employer give you an order and you obey without question? No, I didn’t think so. So when you decide to compare jobs, how about you find one that ask’s more of you day in and day out.

    • Pookachoo

      You must not have seen combat

    • dochuck91

      well guess what all of this is going away too. but no cuts for the defense contractors like dyncorp kbr, etc.

    • AFsweeper

      It’s not a benefit, it’s a must have. To get rank in the Air Force you MUST have your CCAF ( community college of the AF). If I am expected to have that degree then the Air Force should pay 100% tuition for it and any classes necessary to get it. In this world today a degree is a NECESSITY! Without it, you WILL NOT stand out from hundred, even thousands of others when trying to get a job. You definately don’t sound like you’ve been in the military so instead of speaking your .02 just stay out of this. You obviously do not know what it’s like to be in our situation.

    • kthx

      Im AD and I agree with you. When service members complain about what they “don’t get”…we sound like a bunch of jerks. No one made me join the military and if you are currently serving, I doubt anyone made you join. If you don’t like it, don’t re-enlist. OR BETTER YET write to the Congressman-and voice your opinion.

    • Angry Citizen

      Freedom isn’t a right either—it’s a benefit of the men and women that risk their lives everyday. I live in an area with 3 military bases and I was these people leave their families for months. One man I knew missed 4 of his daughters first five birthdays because he kept getting deployed. Our military deserve EVERYTHING they get plus more! Maybe some someone should send your dumbass to Iraq so you can get a clue.

    • AR53

      Ur an idiot

    • doc

      you have never served in the military, how do you know what we go through. you sick bastard.

      • jennifer

        I agree, if you haven’t served, then keep your mouth closed, my husband was infantry for 7 years with 2 deployments adding up to 30 months, he switched his MOS to recruiting, we moved to another state for this so he can be home for often, since he missed the birth of our only child and didn’t want to risk another deployment,well we were wrong, he is now working 12/hrs a day, plus some Saturdays while working on his Bachelors with his Tuitions Assistance, well well well, now there is no more tuition assistance, THANK YOU!!!!

    • ron…

      you are an idiot!

    • Proud Army Mom

      You are an idiot plain and simple!!! I am not even going to waste my time, energy or breath on you.

    • crumblerworm

      These “benefits” are offered as part of a contract. It is an employment contract; we go in, work, and sign our lives away to the government and they provide us with services outlined in the contract. We fulfill our end of the deal, and they fail to fulfill theirs that is what the complaint is about, it is broken promises that were signed in contract. Just because we are locked in does not mean that the government has the right to back out of a contracted arrangement. So, these are not benefits or entitlements, they are part of an agreement that should be honored.

      • caribeanstar

        I agree with you, currently im fuming over this issue, I’m part of the Army National Guard, when we first enlist we get a % of tuition assistance which gradually grows, to get the 100% or close too I would have to be enlisted for 3yrs and be employed at least once. Right now Im deploying at the end of the year, after my tour which should end in 2014, I would of qualified for the 100% now the Govt is pulling this BS

        • caribeanstar,

          This article also gives numerous tips for troops on TA.

          TA on the – chopping block:

          “Beside federal education benefits, National Guard members are eligible for additional benefits from most states and U.S. territories. The benefits are allotted, funded and managed by each state. Check with your state National Guard agency or recruiter for the most current information and full details about you territory or state’s education benefits.”

          From ArmyTimes 18 March 2013, page 20

    • SPC

      Your a jackass. I only get BAH and BAS because with just my base salary, I am at the POVERTY level. You should be more worried about your tax dollars going to medicare and welfare than to the soldiers defending our country.


    • Cody

      Okay, when you and your coworkers go out and start getting shot at to protect our government and it’s citizens. And when you watch friends you thought of as family members die, you can start saying that we can stop complaining. Paying for a college degree is the least they can do for people they send over there to get shot at, shot, or die. Thank you, and stop being a self-entitled idiot.

    • Vet’s Rights

      I think if I put my life on the line for my country, and I actually come home, the government better be damn sure to accommodate me; I left my family, my job, my friends, my life behind for my country, and this country I do so much for is content to let me become just a memory.

    • your an ass

      Fuck you you peace of shit.You said,”U.S. work long and hard hours to provide these benefits to us” I pay taxes to fuck head.

    • Kevin

      There is a difference in working hard for what you have and serving over seas putting you life on the line to keep a country free.
      I work hard myself and never have been in the military although most of my family has been in. They deserve to have a “free” education if you call putting your life on the line free.
      They deserve it point blank.

    • Kevin (ex military)

      Hey btw, when my father goes over to fight for, oh,, YOUR RIGHTS, and dies, or his friends, or my friends, he does not deserve to get some education, bullshit we should not complain , also you as a single soldier having to live in barracks till E4 (20-24 months) at the least, look up some info and research first before you sput bullshit you ignorant fool, you are what makes this country go down in flames.

  • The Marine

    Screw u David. Thats bull! People like you are the crap “YES MEN” of the military. Time to open your eyes and take the big green weenie out of your mouth. Uncle Sam has become nothing more than a pedafile in a van offering free candy and puppies to anyone who will climb on board. Then once your inside, he slaps the chloroform soaked rag over your mouth and rails u from behind. Get a grip people!!!! If its a war they want they’re about to have one in the back yard!

  • Opsecalpha

    The taxes that GE and GM owe would cover TA for years. It seems that the military are the only ones making sacrifices for the budget. I agree, we should cut all spending by 10% except for military benefits.

  • How is it that Obama will increase Pell Grants to those who do nothing but exist but he will cut our grants to college and we serve in the most horredous parts of the world. I got a good idea. Since the Navy and Air Force do not really fight this war, why don’t we just cut theirs and keep the Army and Marines? There, problem solved.

    • Raymond Wilson

      Why dont you check your facts before you make a statement like that. I’m talking about your second statement.

    • tom

      What a narrow-minded thing to say, considering these are not wars that are taking place in Iraq or Afghanistan. Last time I checked, wars involve combatants who are attempting to defeat each other for some type of reason or cause. I was an Army person, spent a bunch of time in Iraq . . . we didn’t do anything, really, except roll around all over the country and just live there for a year at time. That’s not a war — that’s an occupation. If it was a war, we could win it if they let us do our jobs, right? No need to discriminate against any branch of the military, considering in the end, we’re all equally worthless.

  • SSG Moriset

    We need to stand up and be heard. I am someone that this will affect. Please don’t cut this.

  • Rachel

    I don’t know about the other branches but I do know the air force looks for college credits and degrees when it comes to EPRs and promotions. If they are going to lower TA they need to lower the standards. My husband is working 6 days a week and about 12 hour days, he takes college classes just so he have a degree before he goes up for senior in a few years. Making him pay out of pocket in order to promote is an outrageous request for someone who doesn’t get paid overtime for all the work he does and scarifies he makes. If our nation needs money, please take it out of our taxes not our medical and education benefits.

    • East0352

      They all require education points to get promoted past a certain point. Normally to make anything above Staff NCO. Some that is E-6 some that’s E-7. Either way this is wrong.

  • LT Dan

    How about cutting the salay of civilian contractors downrange. I am fricken sick and tired of these civilians downrange getting paid 4 times more then a soldier and everything they make up to $120,000 is tax free. Well since they are already getting over 6 figures you should tax them to cover our budget. Why do we hire civilian contractors to go downrange with us to do our job and get paid 4 times more? We have cooks in the military but civilians are cooking for us! We have engineers in the military but civilians are doing the work, we have MPs downrange but civilians are working the gates all for 6 figures tax free. This is all Bull$#!^…..

  • SGT L

    People have every right to be upset about this, it boils down to the Government breaking it’s contract with service members. When we all joined, we may have done it for different reasons but we all knew what we had coming and we all made plans based on what we were assured we would get. Not to mention the fact that Education benefits should always be the last thing cut, but unfortunately the people in charge just don’t think we need to be learning. It’s no wonder the US is so far behind in when it comes to our education system, it’s sad and pathetic. Not everyone joins the service to do 20 years and retire, some have plans for when they get out and the TA is a huge part of those plans for most. They’re screwing with people futures here, and it’s not right.

  • Liz

    I agree that this is wrong, but we’re not powerless here. Write your congressmen! Don’t let them forget that we “little people” vote them in or out….it’s great to voice opinions on boards like these, but make sure you let the congressmen know your thoughts too! They don’t want to lose their nice pay and jobs….so let them know we are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the polls!

  • Keith

    Yet another slap in the face! Thanks

    • timmy

      Hers’s johhny

  • R. Banks

    “OUTRAGEOUS”. “I’m from the Viet-Nam era”: “and I’m willing to roll-over what’s due too me, to let (the young men and women under me have my share), for them too compete for technical jobs being sent to China and India”. “Me being in my earlie sixties, my days are shrinking in numbers”; “but I’m in good health”. “My passion in school for higher education have always been extreamly high”-“and now retired, but very active in nature”. “Those young men, and women who enlisted are looking for those education funds too have or get that American dream that gave them that extra encouragement from our government, and them being deployed into combat and come back HOME barely”; “and now the wants to take that away”.

    Is this, the same America/United States they gave or enlisted there young lives for? NO. And what happened? AMERICA! AMERICA!

  • trock

    When I enlisted Tuition assistance was 75% but it was raised to 100% a while back. To me, it’s not a big deal, it’s just going back to the previous level. Some states used to have a program where they’d contribute the additional 25% which wasn’t covered by TA. Look into this if TA is lowered, there will still be ways to get the 100% covered.

  • Dallas

    I dont mind serving. i enjoy the people i work with. i wish civilian jobs had a structure where people understood rank and knew their jobs, but i find myself frustrated with the military pretty often. what percentage of the population is actually in the military? its pretty small, and of that extremely small percentage how many are actually taking college courses? so take half of 1% of our population fighting for our freedoms, we cant let them go to school for free and use their training to better serve this country? we have the resources and the ability to provide our men and women education. Id also like to see the CCAF offer a Bachelors or possibly Masters degrees.

  • 4EverDeployed

    Im currently in the military and i agree. I didn’t come in just for college but the Army does make that one of the biggest reason why you should join. Don’t think so? Just tell your recruiter that you plan on going to college instead of the Armed Forces and see how quick the conversation turns to how the military can pay 100% of your college. I came in pre 9-11 when TA use to be 75% and the main reason why it was bumped up to 100% is because most the 25% was a lot depending on what you were taking. Now after 9-11 DOD has gotten our new breed of military used to 100% and now they are going to cut it back to 75% and expect Soldiers to still go to school at the same level. Its not going to happen. I do agree with the idea of if your going to cut school funding then don’t raise the education requirements to get promoted or to attend special programs. I do believe its a benefit and not a right. So with that thought process if its such a benefit then don’t hold that benefit against a Soldier when it comes time to promote that Soldier.

  • tinman2k

    Basically, Gates is a bootlicker along with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. They got is made, why not screw the little guy!


    A 100%, wow, it was 50% 10 years ago and service members still were able to get their degrees. And for those of you that want to holler back with tuition is more expensive now than then, I have one very solid comeback. I did when your monthly pay was nearly 2/3rds of what it is now and raised a family of four. You have to make choices in life that are easy, and the one you made that put you military was admirable. You have the capability of overcoming obstacles because of your training, and that is al this would be, another obstacle. If you want it bad enough, you can achieve it…

    • East0352

      You are full of it Chief. 10 years ago is was 75% and you still got a check every month in addition to the tuition. I get 100% now, and still fork out several hundred dollars per semester for fees and books on top of tuition. The schools are getting more expensive in addition I am having to pay printer fees and computer fees, and higher education fees that are not covered by G.I.Bill. So all in all I am still only getting about 75% of my tuition costs paid.

  • Lilly

    Hay everyone needs to feel the pain if we are to ever get any better. I am a vet of 14 years and currenlty have 2 sons serving in the war – and they’re both also trying to finish college. The fact that they’re serving does’t mean they’re beyond taking any cuts – no one group should be exempt. And, It’s not like the educational benefits are being stripping away. Even with this cut, military educational benefits are great.

  • Mr. GI Bill

    First of all, TA does not cover 100% of tuition at most schools. Maybe, it will cover 100% of the tuition at a community college, but not a 4 yr state school or a private school. Example: My tuition at my private school is 800 dollars a credit, and FTA will only cover 250 per credit 750 per class and a max of 4500 per year. So, for most of the men and women serving in the military, they are already paying part of the total cost of tuition “out of pocket”.

    Next, what about the part-timers (reservists and guard). They sign a contract, willing to go to war, receive little pay due to the nature of its structure, willing to respond on a moments notice, and your going to cut their benefits? Currently, they receive very few benefits so in doing this those service members will be hit the hardest.

    As for the people here claiming that the people who are complaining only joined for the benefits are either brainwashed, blind, or not interested in a college education. Whatever the case may be, I will say this, every recruiter (mine included) sells military service on the benefits of higher education, or a 20k-40k bonus (which is now gone). If patriotism is the only “right” reason to join, then every recruiter should either be retrained or fired because they always sell the benefits of military service to get citizens to join (steady job, medical, college, bonus)

    Finally, I will say this. Every day I hear about the unemployment rate for veterans, and the need for college to get promoted in the military. I ask, how will you (Department of Defense, and Department of Veteran Affairs) address the lack of promotions and the rising unemployment rate if these benefits are cut?

  • Adam

    I am an OIF vet. This is not a broken promise. Benefits are not promised in enlistment contracts for just that reason, they are benefits. Benefits change. TA used to be at 75%, and if the top-up program remains in place, you will still be able to use the FREE post 9-11 GI Bill (a new benefit) in combination with your 75% TA to complete a Bachelor’s degree. Personally, I think they should cut all of TA and just have members on active duty use their GI Bill benefits if they want to go to college. I do not understand why anyone would complain when school will still be FREE! I would choose your battles because they are looking at cutting pay and medical benefits…what’s more important to you, a duplicate education program or your free medical care?

    • gbsteve

      You have good points, but they should have thought this one out more thoroughly before giving us the option to give our GI Bill to kids with no indications that the TA would be cut in the future. This isn’t my case since my kid isn’t 18 yet and I could take the GI Bill that I signed over to him back, but considering all of the other money being wasted by our government, this is a very worthy expense and is a shame it’s being cut.

    • I’m an OIF vet still serving in the Army. I earmarked my GI Bill for my 11 year old daughter and after using TA to complete a BA degree. With college costs raising every year, there is no way I could afford to give my daughter the same education I have gotten without doing things this way. I enjoy the TA and would consider it a shame if it went away again.

  • Smart Arse

    I’m all for shared sacrifice, but it seems that the middle class and low-income folks are the only ones making it. Once again, Congress is trying to applying a band-aid when it should be focusing on the real cuts to reduce the debt. I realize this economic mess is a great deal more complicated than any of us could possible fathom and that no one has the solution, but if I were facing foreclosure next month turning off the cable would have very little effect. The education entitlement is such a minuscule part of the DOD budget. If Congress weren’t so politically motivated, perhaps real issues that can make a real difference would be addressed.

  • Amanda

    OK, if these congressmen and women want to mess with military retirement then theirs should not be left off the chopping block either. They get 100% in some cases for their retirement… and they want to attack what MIGHT equate to $2K a month for me when I retire after 20 years? Term limits, ditch ineffective politicians, and cut their retirement… yeah, I don’t think they’ll like that or that it will ever happen. TA was 75% when I came in and if people really want their degree they’ll pursue it at any cost; I believe we should retain 100% TA but at least TA isn’t going below what it was when I came in. I also agree with Ann. Stop giving money to people who do not deserve it either because of legality or merely refusing to work because the government will pick up the tab. Things have got to change, and they need to change more for those not serving America than for those who are!

  • Angry As Hell

    If you are upset by this, and I think all of us who aren’t blindly drinking the patriotic Kool-Aid are, you have to write your elected officials. It will have a much greater impact than ******** on I doubt that many of our politicians are reading these posts, especially since less than 5% of them have ever served in uniform. And has made it easy for you to let your voice be heard. All you have to do is click the link right above these posts to compose a message to be sent via e-mail. Last time I checked, the politicians were elected by us, and work for us. And if you follow what’s going on, you also know that DoD is also considering cutting pay and other benefits. When it comes to cutting the budget, “everything is on the table”…except getting out of endless wars and taking care of our own here at home. And don’t be too short-sighted. Retirees are getting hosed too. It has already started with approved increases to Tricare premiums. The conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya join to form an unbelievable budgetary black hole. And the last time I checked, President Obama inherited Iraq and Afghanistan. He hasn’t even been President for as long as we were already in those countries before he was elected. AND he got Bin Laden and multiple other high value terrorists. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid!

    • timmy

      Why don’t you email them these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frain

    Better get the most of it while it last…

  • Sir George E. Granse

    They made a commitment , they should keep the commitment. They required us to keep our commitment when we joined and we put ourselves at risk, NEED I SAY MORE MY DEAR FRIENDS. I was a Marine a Marine Embassy Guard in Tanzania, East Africa in 75-76,joined in 73. Yes it was a great ride and do miss it a whole lot. Embassy duty was the best. Sir George Enrico Granse

  • Simple citizen

    Unfortunately instead of going forward, we are going backwards. Its look like if education costs continue to increase nobody will be able to afford including our military and we will have a nation of uneducated people and ignorants and the rest of the world will be lauging at us. But there is good news for the richer because they will continue to get richer and afford education………wow …..God Bless America

  • Glen Gassman

    How pathetic is it that our government will take/reduce benefits that were hard-earned by our fighting men and women to fund entitlments for the people who are a) Here illegally, b) Too lazy to earn their keep or (my favorite) c) Too ignorant to earn their keep? While not all public aid recipients fall into these catagories, but in my line of social work I see more hand-outs than hand-ups. How long will it take for the American taxpayer (ie, middle-class, blue-clooar worker) to pay off the Simulus Bills? Which was basically, one huge welfare check!

  • Getting Tired of the Game

    The thing I find most interesting is they are talking about how much they spent in 2009 vs 2010. Well last I checked, there was still a cap for each year then, as there is now.

    What this means is people are actually using the benefits, probably because they keep getting cut, screwed over, and have to deal with complete bull flop. So people are using there benefits while they still can and walk away with something.

    In reality since the cap was still there both years, the situation has NOTHING to do with the actual cost of tuition, like they are claiming. Just tell it like it is and don’t try to pass the blame on others. It is just an excuse.

    If military members are required to have integrity then why don’t they have to? Integrity is not just a one way street.

    And as someone previously mentioned, we have held up our end of the deal, it is about darn time they start doing the same.

  • Tom

    Being an old soldier, I feel ripped off. I had to pay into my GI Bill, now it is handed to them. Then they can give their post 9/11 GI Bill to their spouse or kids. Then go to the VA and get disability rating and go to school on the peoples dime through Voc-Rehab. It is double dipping, I am just a Vet rep (DVOP) and see this everyday. I tell Vet everyday, the jury is still out on this practice. So don’t be suprised when the right hand talks to the left and our fine elected officals figure it out. I am sure those that have been doing this will get a pass. A nother half baked idea comes in for people to take advantage of.

  • Career Counselor

    I have been in long enough to see tuition assistance go from 50% to 75% to 100%. If they cut it back to 75% it is not that bad and you can utilize your GI Bill. I understand that you feel entitled to it but it is not an entitilement. It is an earned benefit. Not everyone gets to use it. If you are flagged for any reason you are not authorized usage of tuition assistance. I think it should be reduced but I also think we should have larger pay raises every year until we reach a point where the pay equals the work and danger.

  • Chivorn

    We gave up our rights when we become a soldier. Therefore, I’m out.

  • top

    i am for cutting spending, with stipulations. i know that went straight from high school into basic. washed out week 2 of basic and gets the same bennies as me as a 22 yr vet, why should he get vocational rehab when he never had a vocation to start. he also quit a job paying 19.00 an hour, filed for state child care subsidies and works at the school va office making 7.00 an hour. thats where we need to cut spending is on these POS who dont deserve it.

  • one eyed boy


  • Craig

    I am a currently serving and using TA. I was waiting to speak with my VA Rep at the college when I overheard another student bragging about how much money he was going to MAKE this quarter in Financial Aid. This is what he said regarding his FAFSA money, “I’m 28 and I can get paid to lie around.” He went on to say he lives at home and has no intention of looking for a job.
    Members of the military EARN every bit of their benefits. You want to cut some funding, why don’t we take it from the entitlement society that think they can lay around playing Call of Duty getting their FAFSA money instead of being productive members of society?

    I understand there is a need for FAFSA. I understand that there are people who put that money to good use to improve their situation. I am all for helping someone out when they are down, that is part of our duty as service men and women. Unfortunately I know far too many examples like the one portrayed above. So many in fact, that I believe they are the majority. It is a system based on integrity, and integrity seems to go out the window when money gets involved.
    Like any AAR I don’t like when people complain about a problem without offering a solution, so here is my fix.

    I propose our government begins keeping better track of where FAFSA money is going. Pay for a student’s college, but don’t give them extra cash that they spend on things unrelated to school. Drug tests to receive aid should be mandatory. If students still need more money, we can provide more work-study positions, and bring back the idea that you work to receive a benefit.
    Requiring mandatory drug tests, and FAFSA auditors will create jobs. We can pay for these jobs with all the savings from not handing out checks to people that don’t need it.

    This is my personal favorite idea. I think we should require a mandatory online finance class in order to receive aid. It would be free, and you can print your certificate upon completion. As a result people might start budgeting a little better and not need to rely on the government.

    Thank you for listening to my ideas. Thank you to all those who currently serve and those who have served in the past. Hopefully together we can come up with a solution to this problem.

  • lvm

    they’re cutting tuition assistance here so they can continue funding education in pakistan. i don’t get it. i listen to npr news every morning, pakistani student are not even appreciative of what this education aid that the U. S. is giving them. So ungrateful bunch of people. why should i support them with my tax money.

  • GI Joe

    There are many sides to this story. Yes, our government is broke and we need to find drastic ways to make cuts. However, there’s not much that the Constitutuion allows for, but the number one thing is a strong military. Now, does that mean free college for all Soldiers? Not neccesarily, but education is good for America and if funds are going to be provided for any sector, it should be the military. The problem is that there are too many different costly programs that require too many costly salaries to maintain. There are a slew of different GI Bill programs, tuition assistance programs and other programs that like many government programs, are wasteful. Call me naive, but couldn’t we eliminate all of this and allow Soldiers free public education with a military ID. I would bet this would save millions and enable all Soldiers an education. But it would eliminate to many government (welfare) jobs I guess.

  • nate finch

    cut here cut there and give it all to the minorities! Boo Hoo!

  • Just Saying

    The point is that the new generation who enlisted did so with the promise of 100% tutition being paid for school. That is one of the tools recruiters use to get some to sign on the dotted line. There are so many more programs being cut as well and perhaps having military active duty go back to putting money into the education fund like it was a long time ago may help. What has happened seems that a lot more active duty have decided to go to school then before..SO now it is costing more..If there is a bright side..At least they still will cover 75%…

  • Retired Chief

    I think it’s all a clear cut case of smoke and mirrors… Members of congress be they Demarcate or Republican or independent, doesn’t matter which, all have their pet projects that they spend billions (yes I said billions) on for their states and none of these have ever been mentioned in any of the cuts conversations. These are what is costing us. These earmarks are attached to bills and are almost never mentioned in the bills name and are not argued about because the status quo is, “you vote for mine and I’ll vote for yours!!” One congress member once stated that if we were to cut back earmarks, we could balance the budget, but this conversation was squashed very quickly and not mentioned in the media again as it’s political suicide to talk about such things in public. Now if the American people were to stop following the idiot with the bell around their neck, blindly as sheeple, and started to ask the hard questions of their representatives, money would possibly go where it’s supposed to and promises made to the military would be kept.

  • Jake

    So I did the math, and that (543 million) would equal out, if spread out to all service members, to about 290.00 per service member per year (total cost for the DOD). That costs the DOD about .79 cents per service member a day. Granted not every service member is using this benefit and if they were the number would be higher (I spread out the total cost to all servicemembers). It doesn’t amaze me that Congress and the Obama administration would want to cut or reduce funding for the military. If there was to be an investment in this country, you would think the “heads” in Washington could figure out that investing in your military and veterans education is pretty important. I mean come on we are talking millions of dollars, that’s like petty cash to Washington.

  • Dana

    Wow there is a lot of discussion about this! I am currently active duty and listening to these people on here talking about its not a right and so on so forth! You must be out of your mind! Everyone in the military deserves TA and all the added benefits that we get! Why you say? Well let me tell you why because each and everyday we fight for YOUR FREEDOM FOR YOU TO BE ABLE TO GO TO SLEEP AT NIGHT PEACEFULLY! You are not out there risking your life overseas defending your country are you no! I am apalled that anyone would say we aren’t entitled to some college funding! Ha that is laughable!! We deserve what little we get plus much more! We don’t make any money so any other benefit that we do get IE. TA is to make up for the lack of paycheck so that we can take care of our family! If we stop giving away money to other countries and paying these outrageous salaries to people who shouldn’t make nearly half of what they make then and only then will .we be able to pay off our debt! Its not President Obama’s fault were in this mess this mess was messed up wayyyyy before he ever came into office this has been going on for many years it has just progressively gotten worse!!

  • Keith

    Not surprized we should let the country go to the red chinese seems to be going that way anyway why wait would love to see the looks on the congress members then our government is just a bunch of Jack Butts.

  • Kevin

    Does it really matter why a person joined? What I am sure of is that KIA isn’t an attractor. I’m sure title of wounded warrior isn’t one either. Most people just want to better themselves and this program was set up to help retain our workforce first and foremost. TA isn’t exactly free either because you have to obligate more active duty time before you can get out. And, I’m sure the military gets direct benefit back by having a smarter workforce as well. Judging from some of the posts here, there are a lot of ignorant people when it comes to the value of educating your workforce. Do you think the military member bails out of the service because she received a free English class?

  • Kevin
  • This is ridiculous. Shame on you Congress for trying to reduce of the main reason why veterans joined to begin with, tuition assistance. That is the reason why I am joining myself and for these idiots to possibly cut 25% of TA is unacceptable. There is so many other programs that they can mess with but this is something that cannot be messed with. I will remember this during election year.

  • Garret Goorhouse

    No one should sacrifice anything else until CONGRESS starts to give up some of their pay. Congress needs to practice what they preach. No one else in the Country gives as much as the military members and their families.
    It makes me sick how congress can vote themselves raises and change laws to suit themselves. Hell they don’t even abide by the same laws they try to impose on the rest of us. CONGRESS YUO NEDD TO SACRIFICE AND CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tim O’Connor

    As a Viet Nam Vet 68-71, I suffer from (PTSD, Agent Orange), after my third (3rd.) try for Disability & Compensation, I just received a decent percentage for PTSD, it only took me forty one years, (41 yrs.), yes thats correct, 41 years. I make it a point to log onto every nite, to keep myself informed & up to date, now I’m reading there is some general, one of President Obama yes men, who wants to cut our active men & women pay, as well as all retirees, including the men who are receiving Disability & Compensation for various illnesses, from Korea, Vietnam, & other conflicts, (WARS), which we fought for our country without asking any questions or regrets. I suggest, that we, meaning all active & retirees, & any other vet who can make it, we should put together a Peaceful (March), and march onto Washington, DC, to show how we are being treated by our own government, and just maybe, the people will wake up, and between reading the newspapers, and seeing the news, they just might come (ELECTION-TIME), wake up, and start to make some sound changes, but this is just my own opinion. May (God) bless our active men & women who are defending our country overseas, or on our home front, I personally want to wish you all the best & God-Speed, Thanks. Tim

  • Michael T.

    If you have served your country whether 3,4, or even 20 years, you should be able to go to school no problems. Even though wat is about to happen now to me is wrong, these kids or I should say adults earned the right to go to school with any cutting into their education. All the spending the United States is doing right now shouldnt effect a person from persuing a career field of what that person like.

  • Serry

    First thing is FIRE Chief of Con­tin­u­ing Edu­ca­tion Pro­grams, Car­olyn Baker. Then Stop the unneccesary wars in Iraq and Pakistan, stop fighting in Libya. Its now effecting our Veterans benefits. They deserve better treatment than this.

  • Dominic

    You know what I think is ridiculous about this issues, is that the United States DoD has given over hundreds of millions of dollars to OTHER countries for financial aid. Why don’t we start cutting those budgets and focus on the people, especially the military, in our own country.

  • jim g

    I am first wondering if I read this wrong … there is a $250 per credit hour limit with a $4500 per year cap? I don’t know many reputable schools with $250 per unit charges.

    I retired and now work for a major defense contrator. Our program covers up to $7500 per year (I think more for MS & PHD/DSc programs). I know it fully covers my MS program costs including books at %100.

    That our service members recieve substandard educational benefits is just wrong.

    For those who think this results from Democratic admin I will remind you that prior to Bush these benefits were higher — during my service. Also retirement at 20 years was reduced to %35 under Reagan and restored to %50 under Clinton.

  • jim g

    I am first wondering if I read this wrong … there is a $250 per credit hour limit with a $4500 per year cap? I don’t know many reputable schools with $250 per unit charges.

    I retired and now work for a major defense contrator. Our program covers up to $7500 per year (I think more for MS & PHD/DSc programs). I know it fully covers my MS program costs including books at %100.

    That our service members recieve substandard educational benefits is just wrong.

    For those who think this results from Democratic admin I will remind you that prior to Bush these benefits were higher — during my service. Also retirement at 20 years was reduced to %35 under Reagan and restored to %50 under Clinton.

  • concerned

    They must cut what they offer the Military so they can give more assistance to the illegal aliens flooding America for free food, housing, education and all else. So those who fight ofr us lose while those who take from us win. That’s Obama’s way of spreading the wealth only it is spreading the misery.

  • USN, Ret

    Here is a novel idea. If cuts in the military budget are required, service members can and will make up the difference, if they want the degree. Life is about priorities. What is yours?

  • Roxanne in MT

    I guess I do not understand why everyone here is complaining so much. When I served during the 90’s, TA was 75%. Between that and Pell Grants, I never paid a penny for any of the classes I took.

  • J.D.

    Yep…..and are so quick to jump on Obama and blame him for everything congress does. It was a Republican that is pushing this.

  • Adolfo

    Are you kidding me?? We put ourselves into this terrible economy. Like those people who lost their own homes by treating it as a bank, we did the same and we thought it would last forever. I didn’t join for the GI Bill or any other ed benefit. Trust me, I’m glad I got them though. If it wasn’t for my degree now, I’d have no clue what I’d be doing now.

    Please don’t blame the economy on why these idiotic politicians are going to reduce benefits for our troops today. Its their fault in the first place. Want to make cuts? Start with their pay checks and benefits.

    • AlleninReality

      How about a lack of an economy. Our dollar is worth 3cents now on the world market and we are fighting 3+ wars. A war used to get us out of the hole but there are too many and we can’t manufacture much more than underwear for our own uniforms. Our manufacturing base is gone, our kids have been dumbed down by an expensive but ineffective education system and now 14+ trillion in the hole. OK we won’t blame the economy, repugnats are afraid to raise taxes so they are gonna screw those on fixed income. Dems aren’t much better, just spend twice as much as Bush, after all, Obama inherited this mess**SIC**

  • JB Abn/Rgr

    Congress is too busy taking money from the fat cats to feather their own nests; cut military benefit funding and allow their fat cat buddies continue to more money than anyone needs in a lifetime. The fat cats need to step up and be patriotic to this great country—accept lower top exec salaries and pump more of that money into their companies and create jobs. These are the folks who need to be on the front lines of the war on terror!!

  • My Opinion

    So, they are cutting military TA…then all recriiters are liars when they say 100% of tuition will be paid…now, why are they on the chopping block first? Why not the welfare lazies(talking about people who are lazy and dont need it), or the illegals getting handouts giving nothing in return, or stop cleaning up NATO’s messes(you heard me right), and how about this giving that ungreatful nation Pakistan 3 billion a year(i didnt stutter)? Why is this stuff not on the chopping block first?
    My welfare solutions: drug tests & mandatory internet/phone tap to keep an eye out on them…if you want those handouts, gov. Should be able to see where its really going too
    My illegal solutions: throw them back overwe dont need a wall, we need posts with snipers given the shoot to kill as soon as their foot hits our soil…provides jobs amd secures the border better..the ones who come in trailers can be dragged out and shot, the drover can be hung on the grounds of treason…hey, illegals are criminals…criminals have no rights and should be treated as such
    My NATO solution: just say no…if they want something done, they can do it themselves..we can assist them, but we arent doing everything
    My solution the Pakistan problem: tell them to suck it, we have our own money problems

    I do think my ideas are radical…but these jerks in the White House have nothing to lose. Our military and their families stand to lose everything. Take care of them before the ones who have nothing to lose.

  • Cturpin04

    Alot of great comments out there, but let me add this…
    The DoD gets knowingly ripped off on almost everything they buy!!! The two-way-radios for instance cost the military thousands! Just for ONE! It would cost a civilian a fraction of that cost. Who the hell negotiates prices for the DoD!? They should get a psych evaluation.

  • Daniel Pena

    in 2008 I seen how bad the economy was and realized that I needed to get in school asap to use my benefits before they were wittled away by budgetary cuts. We’re no sacred cows so get used to the idea of bohica

  • Screaming EAGLE

    People ask why I think that those making a million Plus a year should pay more taxes?? I say they should pay because they will never have to receive a letter from the GOV saying your son or daughter died Honorably for his or her country. Yea thats right the only people who join the service are those who will need help getting into college who’s daddy works at the plant or mill all of his days to put food on the table but still cant afford nothing more than hand me downs for you and your brothers and sisters who know the struggles of life and sometimes have to worry where the next meal is coming from. Its nothing new to us we have been there and done that. That is what makes us who we are. We are american soldiers who put our lives down for these rich JODY’s who stay home and go to school on their little trust funds. I’m sorry if you want to call this class warfare but its not its just facts. We are chewing sand while they stay at home and enjoy the conveniences of freedom we die for. I’m tired of these imperialist fascist politicians until we get a working man into office and into congress we will never see this country as it should be.

  • WoodyK

    I have served in the military for 17 years and I have seen the benefits for TA go from 75% to 100%. The increase to 100% took on a great benefit to those who desired to go to school but were limited by their pay or assignments where going to college were not an option. This was problematic in the early 90s before online college became so popular with unlimited access. Off course less people were going to school before this option was available. Though more people are going to school in 2011 it is an option worth paying for investing in our people. At 100% we are getting better military personnel who bring new skills to current jobs and will benefit society as a whole when they separate or retire. Reducing TA will mean more people will not go to school and they some may use the GI Bill(which costs the government more than TA). Not to mention many military will choose not to use their GI Bill like myself for example who have made the decision to pass onto my children. I can understand if TA drops to 75% as a compromise but will this solve the debt crisis. Then schools which relied on military student will get less students directly impacting the economy and jobs which is alrady at 9% unemployment. Any more the government makes will directly impact something else. Have we looked at all the options before considering reducing TA and has the facts been reviewed to actually weigh the pros and cons of this plan. Just some things to think about. VR/WoodyK

  • bmj

    I am a military brat and 4th generation service member. I selected to leave the service tho after a short 5 yr enlistment plus extension. I now work as contractor at government facility. I have tons of family and friends still serving or retired. I left the service about a year ago. This morning at my job a bunch of employees gathered around which are mostly conservative minded and began a dialogue about how our military is made up of uneducated and overpaid. They stated that our country gives to much benefits to the service members and they’re families who are also poor uneducated thugs or trailer trash. I am sorry that I could not defend my self and fellow service members, because I was so infuriated that I took a walk outside to cool off before I said something to get fired. I guess the tide is turning with the American Public since we go Bin Laden. If the people here had there way they would cut even more. I would expect that tuition assistance to go down to about 50% in another couple of years.

  • Draftee

    If we had support free college education like they do in Europe, Canada, parts of Asia, we would not have to worry about paying for college. State of California had free college education until Ronald Reagan eliminated it. Since then, none of the California Governors who came after him have even tried to make college tuition free.

    You have my empathy BMJ, I have to deal with state employees who are conservatives and are blasting away even at their own unions. If they hate government and unions so much, then why did they become government employees in the first place? What I hate even much is many ex-servicemen who serve 20 or 30 years and got a pension and then complain about the military while knocking hippies, liberals, progressives, and anyone else who complain about the military.

  • MEL

    I’m prior AD & only rcvd 75% TA & pd 25% out of pocket. It’s a BENEFIT (“an act of kindness”), not a RIGHT. FREE medical, dental, vision coverage & mental coverage. FREE gym, swimming pools, movie theaters, parks, softball/baseball fields, golf courses, bowling centers, clubs, BAS, BAH, clothing allowance, GI Bill Benefits, MWR&commissary privileges, fam sep pay, COLA, tax-free at some locations, mil discounts.Did I mention 30 days vacation accumulated a yr (if Ur off half a day, U don’t use leave), 4 sick time given 2 U, fam days 2 make many holidays a 4 day wknd (don’t have 2 use leave), every federal holiday off. All free 4 EVERY mbr of Ur immediate fam. In the civilian sec2r U PAY 4 all that & 4 each fam mbr. I don’t know what mil U served in, the 1 I did was more than fair. Not everyone who serves “puts their life on the line” & it sure doesn’t entitle them 2 Btr Benefits than the rest of U.S.citizens. Most AD work 0730-1630 M-F occ wknds during exercises & inspections. B grateful 2 taxpayers who give U a paycheck& all the other Benefits U receive,BENEFITS NOT RIGHTS,if U don’t like it, get out of MY mil I proudly served!

    • Chris

      You are ignorant, you probably served one term and got out of the military or were kicked out. After 10 years of war, almost everyone service member has “put theirlife on the line” in one way or another. This isn’t World War II, if you are deployed then you probably have gotten shot at or rocketed, or mortared whether you are outside the wire or on a base. Last time I checked I pay taxes too, so don’t act like I owe everything I have to you just because you pay taxes. Do you pay your own salary? I doubt it. Even if most people work 9-5 jobs in the militay, they work 12-16 hour days everyday of the week, for a year (minus leave), which we are never compensated on. Do you really think an extra $250 a month is worth never seeing my family again? Before we take away benefits of military service members that EARN them, let’s take away welfare for those that don’t do jack to get a paycheck!

    • meg

      You act like they dont take taxes out of our checks to… or at that matter paid extra when we joined to recieve the GI Bill… You seem to forget that military does more then the normal working person. and unlike all those people who recieve help because they choose to collect walfare.. We dont qauilfy for free food stamps and stuff we use ARE HARD WORKING dollar to raise our kids. putting ourselves in danger to put a roof over our love ones head. and for those who didnt get a chance to deploy, joined knowing and were leaving to go when needed.

    • Sakief

      You probably should’ve used 75% of your TA and taken a few English classes.

  • DAVE

    yeah, a good amount of good benefits. BUT what about that 25 year old Sgt with kids living on base only getting his 2400 base pay and a few hundred extra in BAS, who plans to finish his degree when he gets out. now the GI bill expects him to take on school full time and support his family with just BAH? right. why not give him 100% TA to jump start his education he wouldnt otherwise be able to afford before he gets out? (yes he could use his GI bill while active, but he wouldnt be able to take on a full load and those benefits would run out before he graduated) PLUS IF CONGRESS WAS SMART THEY WOULD FIGURE OUT THAT THE MORE EDUCATION YOU GET DONE WITH TA WHILE ACTIVE, THE SOONER ONE GETS THEIR DEGREE WHEN THEY ARE OUT AND USING GI BILL, HENCE A GOOD AMOUNT WILL NOT USE THEIR FULL GI BILL BENEFITS…….. WHICH WOULD END UP SAVING THE GOVT A LOT MORE MONEY.

  • dave

    … by the way, congress is running up the debt by the tune of 4.2 billion a day and they are trying to save by cutting military TA of 542 million annually by 25%. yes, lets put our time and energy into cutting $500million programs by 25% until we get this spending under control. in other words, for that day they cut $370,000 out of the 4.2BILLION DOLLARS THEY WENT IN DEBT THAT DAY. if they kept up this awesome work of cutting spending by the same amount each day, it would take 10,810 days…. or about 30 years. great job congress… btw what is their pension like? i dont think i even want to know.

  • Joe Blow

    Stunning…everyone deserves less…no one should complain…..Red Flags to wave anyone?

  • geselle pin

    Reducing the amount of tuition assistance will increase the amount of requests for financial aid which will not be met.
    More and more military students, unable to afford tuition, will drop out.
    Military branches, like the Marine Corps, are being reduced by thousands.
    These service members, unable to get their degree, will increase the percentage of unemployment in the United States.
    I know we can tap into the GI Bill, but it is a limited amount of money that we are working with. To have our education benefits reduced as payment for the job that we do and the time we spend away from our families is depressing.

  • David

    .1%, that’s right, .1% of the $500 Billion Annual DOD Budget is what TA costs at its current rate. Cutting it won’t make a dent, not even a little dent. Cutting the rate down to $175 per credit hour is one thing, but $875 annually for the USMC? Ridiculous. Here’s the truth. DOD has to cut back the forces. 40K for the Army, 20K for the Marines, 4K for the Navy. That’s 64,000 people that need to go. Usually with crime, and physical standards, and PTS the numbers are met, but with the dwindling economy, servicemen are more well behaved than ever, even without proper diagnosis of PTSD. This is an attempt to “cut down” the forces. Wake up people.

  • david richardso

    Since 1978 tuition has went up , ready…..900%. Just like fannnie and Freddie with the housing debacle. Everthing the Gov subsidises will eventually crash. Sadly the military will cut its TA, while our president wants to forgive current student loans for those who have never served in uniform.

  • TEW

    For all those idiots who beleive military members should be grate full and appreciative of the scraps bestowed upon us I want you to consider this… TA in many cases is the only avenue to for enlisted to enhance their education. Officers particulary those who graduated fom a service academy got a free ride and event get grad schoo paid on tax payer dime. In my 26 yrs of service I remember the old days of 75% not including books and school fees and as a junior enlisted member I recall having to pinch pennies while working towards my BA. Now BAH is cut, cost of living is high, and you want the backbone of the military workforce to come out of their pockets futher. You folks are idiots. You are all for cuts until it hits you. wait until these tea-bagger reps begin coming after your hard earned bennies then we will see if you change your tone

  • Unknown

    Instead of complaining? Well we no longer receive tuition assistance. Testament to our inept government.

  • Unknown

    542 million. the price of maybe 20 some pro athletes a year. Lets cut tuition assistance 100%, but lets keep our own salaries going and create a bureaucratic loophole. Soldiers must complete college to gain rank, but lets not pay them to do so, so we can cut 85,000 soldiers from the service due to failure to progress. Guess soldiers (lower enlisted) have to work at McDonalds as a second job, eh? Blind being lead by the greedy. I’m sorry, I love our country- but it is no longer the greatest country in the world. And it used to be. Now, it only is because its my home. This government needs people who care about the ones who protect it.

  • Lani

    I dont understand why everytime our country needs to do a budget cut the governement always go after education. There are other ways to cut. Like over paid politicians drinking 10$ coffe on a 20$ mug, giving food stamps, WIC and section 8 for people who are just lazy and dont want to find a job. Education is what this country needs to move forward. Cutting education funds is that last thing we need and Im not just talking about the Military but Education period.

  • dinnar

    for all those idiots that says “dont complain”, “TA is a benefit not an entitlement”, i dare you say that to those family members and even service members that have lost loved ones fighting for the freedom of this country so that Congressmen and the president could exercise this rights, WAS LOSING A LOVED ONE ALSO A PART OF THE BENEFITS WE GET? i tell you no amount of money or power could ever replace those loved ones lost in the war or the pain their families carry with them everyday..AMERICA should always be thankful there are brave men & women out there willing to serve the fight for its freedom! the TA enables service members to better their education goals not only for military career progress but for when they do get out of the military & for their families too..for the many sacrifices we ask this people to do for us, why cut something that is important to them, especially one that has to do with the troop’s moral. When a service member goes to college, it gives them hope of a better future for not only them but for their families. Of all the spending America is doing, this is the last resort they had to come to, what about cutting down the president’s and the congressmen’s salaries, all they do is sit on their asses and make budget cuts other than their own.

    • dvlchld16302

      As a service member myself…A would like to say thank you! A lot of people wouldn’t have said what you said…or stuck up for us military personnel like that. I really appreciate it.

  • cindyk

    To all those w snide comments, how bout you go sign up. Or maybe your children, see how tough you talk then. Those troops GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO TALK SHIT TO THEM……. YOUR WELCOME ASSHOLE

    • cindyk,

      I did sign up, how many years did you serve, and when did you retire, or are you still active duty?????

    • Evy M.

      I CoMpLeTeLy AGREE with you…!!!

  • cindyk


    • cindyk,

      Speak for yourself, I was treated very good while serving and I recieved all benefits I was supposted to when I retired.

      Note:I disagree with the family deserving an education bought and paid for by DOD. The soldier is the one that sign’s the contract, and the laws in place gives him the GI Bill not the family.

      • SFC C


        Your retired. Enough said!
        OH Wait! What if the government pulls your retirement pay? Who says that isn’t possible.

        • SFC C,

          I’m retired, enough said????? I will presume you mean I don’t or shouldn’t have a voice anymore.

          “OH Wait! What if the government pulls your retirement pay? Who says that isn’t possible.”

          Here we go with the what “if’s”. Not sure, why you’re attempting to work my retirement pay into Tuition Assistance being cut. One has nothing to do with the other.

          My benefit “retirement pay” isn’t going away. It may change in the future for future enlistees but not for me. You would do yourself good if you knew the difference between Benefits, Incentives and for lack of a word, I will call “other”. “Other” being things/programs like Tuition Assistance (TA).

          So what does your post have to do with the post I made to cindyk?????

      • AD Member


        The military family serves the nation as well as the service member. My wife and kids deserve atleast an education for their hardship. The post-911 GI bill gives the option for the service member to continue to pay it forward and give their famlies repayment for their contributions to the nation. TA provided a way for service members to complete their education and maintian their education hope for their families. No disrespect to you sir, I thank you for your service.

        • AD Member,

          Well, I never did believe that when a soldier joins up so did the wife. Like my first wife, after I went back into the service, I convinced her to join up as I did. As to the option of giving the GI Bill to the wife and or kids, that fine with me, what I was trying to say was no too both getting the GI Bill.

      • audie murphy

        cindy k you sound like and idiot because everything you endure so does your family so in your words “speak for youe self!!!”

    • caribeanstar

      I agree w/ u 100%, I’m sorry for the ignorant individuals with their negative comment below. People who join the Military for the Education benefits should not be ridiculed or pissed on. College is expensive if you wasnt born w/ a rich mom/pops, instead of sitting on my a** begging the gov’t for assistance for the rest of my life, I chose to do what i can as a Man, To help in paying my tuition to hopefully get a better job to feed my family.

  • MR. America

    At least the troops are doing a service unlike all the unemployed people who live off of the system. Obama wants to give tax payers money to those who do nothing and take away from those that work and serve the country.

  • stevo88m

    why not cut some of the money we pay these politicians we need to go back to a time when politicians were actualy fighting for the people they represent not just collecting a paycheck

    • stevo88m,

      This is why we can’t get anything done, it always the “other mans pocket” not mine attitude.

  • Tuition assistance is a vital part of our military members’ education benefits. Some have suggested that it is part of a number of benefits offered to service members, and I agree. Why it is so crucial in some ways can be seen immediately. Those that take advantage of TA while they are in the service help themselves become promotable. As the military downsizes, the requirements for a leaner, smarter military implore education dollars to be used. While grants and Financial Aid help to fill the gap, the service as a whole tends to be against excessive debt, especially for student loans if necessary. With more G.I. Bill benefits being transferred and rising tuition costs, active military members need every dollar they can get. What’s more, military members who take advantage of TA while they are in the service have many institutions offering reduced tuition near or equal to the TA total, thus helping service members save money. Finally, any service member who takes advantage of TA and takes classes towards, or completes a degree before leaving the military helps their private sector employment prospects significantly and may help themselves become less of a burden on other federal benefits, such as TRICARE.

  • myOWNcompass

    Maybe I would not be quite so pi**ed off if States were not funding the college educations of ILLEGAL ALIENS.


  • Justin

    what the f*** is going on with tuition assistance!!!!!!!!!!!!! They paid for everything then about mid semester they took it all back and now saying that i have to pay for it because they are out of money. So i gave them a call and asked them what the F*** am i suppose to do its in the middle of the semester???? I dont know but we are unable to help you have a nice day…..