23% of Disability Claims Processed Incorrectly

In a recent audit of the VA Disability Compensation System at 16 Regional Offices, the VA Office of the Inspector General estimates that the rating staff incorrectly processed 23 percent of the 45,000 claims inspected.

The IG investigated offices throughout the US and focused mainly on the handling of the following five types of claims: 1) extra-schedular 100 percent disability evaluations (TDIU), 2) PTSD, 3) TBI, 4) Herbicide Exposure, and 5) Haas (Haas v Nicholson: “blue water” claims from Vietnam Agent Orange exposure). The processes evaluated ranged from mail handling to actual disability percentage awards.

Of the 16 Regional Offices, Baltimore, MD and Anchorage, AK scored the lowest in compliance with VA standards. Both failed to meet 14 of the 15 process requirements. Extended management vacancies were cited as one of the linking factors between all poorly performing Regional Offices. Because of the vacancies, these offices lacked continuity and proper oversight. As a result, procedures were not developed or implemented to correct previously identified problems.

The Haas vs. Nicholson claims had the highest rate of error. In January, the VA released a report claiming the TDIU errors would have resulted in an overpayment of over $1.1 billion by 2016. While this may be true, the VA made no effort to project the amount of dollars not paid to incorrectly denied veterans who would otherwise have qualified. It’s quite possible that this amount might be much higher in the other direction.

Meanwhile, at 83 percent of the Regional Offices, Haas claims had a higher instance of the VA failing to follow VA policy (5 of 6 surveyed failed the standard). Haas claims involve veterans who were likely exposed to Agent Orange but never set foot in Vietnam. Prior to the 2006 Haas v Nicholson decision, mainly veterans who set foot on Vietnamese soil or road on craft up rivers in Vietnam were entitled to the presumption of exposure. Now, the VA is still attempting to catch up to the claims backlog that was caused by the VA appeal of that 2006 decision. In 2009, the decision for Haas was upheld and the VA has since struggled to maintain continuity between offices in how the backlogged claims are processed. The report stated some of these claims were incorrectly denied after the initial Haas decision was upheld.

Veterans receiving denials or low-ball ratings within the past year for any disability ratings may want to consider immediately looking over their decision and request a copy of their VA claim file. If the time passed since the decision is close to the 12-month appeal deadline, contact your Veteran Service Officer to discuss the possibility of appealing it, if warranted. There are both “for pay” and Pro Bono VSO’s. I suggest talking to the Pro Bono people first. Try to find one you trust who will handle your claim in a professional manner.

Veterans already denied at the Board of Appeals review may want to consider speaking with a Veterans Law Attorney in their area, since VSO’s cannot represent veterans before the US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. Two resources worth looking at are the National Organization of Veterans Advocates (NOVA) and National Veterans Legal Services Program (NVLS). There are many other attorneys out there as well. A simple Google search could render quality results as well. Just be sure the lawyer is accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Of course, confident veterans can always opt to represent themselves Pro Se before the court, as well.

About the Author

Benjamin Krause
Benjamin Krause is a Veterans Benefits Attorney and journalist who investigates problems veterans face with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. He regularly reports on veterans' benefits news and analysis on the website DisabledVeterans.org.
  • mamamess

    My husband serviced in Iraq in 2003. He was station in the green zone until he was ready to return to the states. They moved him to Taji. The next day my husband body became covered with large knots. When he got to the states and put in his retirement papers the government said that it was not combat related. He is still experencing the same thing to this day. I have to take him to the ER so he does not choke. This is so unfair. How in the world could they make this statement. He had 21 years and not one time was anything in his records that resemble what he has. Immediately when he got off the plane state side they had to rush him to the ER.

    • Katee

      Has your spouse requested a Gulf War Exam? Any undiagnosed chronic condition is considered Gulf Way Syndrome. Call you closest VA and ask for the exam..

    • oldsoldier

      I’m so sorry for your Family,The Lying Ass government/workers dont care about your family,or your hubby.Write your Congessman,Get all the names/Positions of these people that are giving you the run around (until you folks give up)Scew all those people-THEY HAVE NEVER PUT THEIR LIFE ON THE LINE FOR THIS COUNTRY, as your hubby has and never have they had to weather the storm and nightmares of seperation.I sincerely hope he is treated with the DIGNITY that he DESERVES.God Bless you all.One things for sure..”The Squeaky Wheel gets the Grease”

      • Eric

        Being a Federal Employee I resent your implication that all of us are liars and lazy, etc. It isn’t the employees, it is management and how they direct the employees to adjudicate the applications.
        The real issue is how can you trust an agency to look after veterans when they themselves don’t trust veterans enough to work in their system? How do I know, I am a vet and have seen this. I was repeatedly turned down by the hiring officials at the Des Moines, IA VA Regional Office despite being found HIGHLY qualified by the rating officials. It was only after I found another position (with higher promotion potential) that I found that a veteran sued the Des Moines Regional Office in Federal Court and WON! Seems he was able to prove that this office had discriminated in its hiring practices and unlawfully passed over veterans to hire other people of their own chosing.
        It’s time for a big shake-up in the VA…start by firing every manager who can be shown to have broken hiring laws as they pertain to veterans, and hold them accountable per the fines that may be imposed for such misdeeds. Maybe one day one of these days they will get the hint.

        • Well-Duh

          There all types working at lower levels: some hard working, some not, etc. It is true that even the best work under crippling guidelines and resources conditions imposed by middle and upper VA management.

          HOWEVER, don’t expect too much from a cabinet level agency with all evaluations and appeals falling under the same upper management right up to final appeal under their own private federal court system. Unlike other executive branches, there is a very strong tendency for Presidential total VA budget plan, internal VA budget planning, and allowed claims for each year to match up — regardless of the prior eligibility guidelines and rules.

          So keep in mind that VA management is in fact performing their mandate whether by incompetence or clever malice of forethought. The actual unwritten mandate of the VA is to keep veteran care as cheap as possible while providing just enough care to prevent Veterans from polarizing to action at the voting booth or corrupting morale of serving military. Part of this being keeping a good PR with an image of a well regulated appeals system — no public image of longstanding cases of deaf ear to outrageous circumstances.

          Heh be a happy patriot. In ancient times they just killed those too injured to continue to actively serve. Later they might let you live if you were judged profitable serving in “civilian” logistics support role.

        • 0369MSgt

          Eric, I fully agree with you. I am disappointed to hear how you were passed over by those cowards.

          I served in the US Marines from 1964 thru 1994. I have 2PH from Vietnam.

          In 1996, I was evaluated by the New Jersey DVA for 8 service-connected injuries (not including PTSD) and was awarded 20%!

          In 1998, I went to the VA hospital in Philadelphia and was treated for all conditions in the 1996 claim (even hearing loss). I was issued hearing devices for both ears ( I blew my ears out firing weapons).

          In 2009, I apealed again. This time I was awarded 80% for some of the 1996 conditions. Including PTSD, but not for hearing loss.

          Recently, I have learned that the DVA use their own math system to award Vets. I was awarded 80%, but compensated for 60%. WT….?

          I have another apeal pending. I will apeal all the way to the Supreme Court if need be.

          Good luck to Eric and don’t give up the fight!

        • janet skinner

          yep I agree been to Baltimore VA Regional office many times, after I had gotten my college education paid for byt he Uncler Sam, I had 2 more yrs to go to finish my degree and refiled for more benefiets.and MR BROWN down there said,”the military isn’t going to pay for your education’, so I knew at that point it was over..and now Im sure the statue of limitations has run..VA’s across the board are corrupt..Im now in NC and must go to Salisbury Va & Winston VA. what a bunch of horseshi– you here on the phone when you call..CSR are nasty always..there are not enough employees in any VA who really care about the Veteran to make a difference to the ones who are there just to collect a pay check.. Maybe I will sue them now.I didn’t know I could..

        • james jones

          I too served in the ARmy for 20 years, went to operation desert storm. At the time I had been in for over ten years. During the time I spent in Saudia I developed numerous unexplainable symptons that carry on today. Just as your husband I was told that they were not military related. Just as your husband there are thousand of verterans suffering from unexplain illness and diseases that are miss dignoased and for the most dismissed due to poor management and oversight. The best advice I can offer you and your husband is; continue to report on sick call as often as possible. It seems the VA feels that they can wait us out, and hope we given up. I pray your husband’s case is over turned and he get the help needed. God bless you and your family.

        • James Jones

          This is a typical statement made by federal employee’s. For the most part the majority of federal employee’s provide you the best possible servcie. But that does not excuse the manner of disrespect, like of caring, and knowledge tht is being displayed to veterans and there families. There are countless times when veterans are simply seek anwers to a quesstion and the response by a employee is negative or worst they don’t know the answer nor due they render further assistance. If you report to any Federal employee desk or office there is no hurry to assist, on personal phone calls, google etc. So for you to be affended for not standing up for the injustice you know thats going on in your office or occupation thatn you are a part of the problem.

        • Bill Lambiaso

          Thanks for your service Eric, and telling us how it is. I have dealt with the VA since I volunteered to be a driver for the DAV in 2003. The only ones who do their job with diligence, were prior military, those who never served were jerks (for lack of a stonger word that would be published). I agree that ALL government employees should be veterans first, from the President down!!

        • Mark

          Amen to Thant. I’m a Veteran, I work in the VA Healthcare system here in SoCal. Management here needs to be cloesely scritinized by the IG, especially VAMC San Diego. There is a lot of preferential
          hiring practices, based not on merit, perfomance excellence,& qualifications, but as of late mostly by race, gender, & pre selection.
          I know that most of oure recent hires were not from within, but off the street. I also have noted that there are many in our leadership who are clueless or have forgotten about our Veteran Culture & those of us who are Veterans that are employees. I feel like I’m working for a VA where incompetency is rewarded hard work & prefomance, Customer service,quality & satisfaction has been ignored. Witch Hunts are not uncommon here. Managment fails to
          accept responsibility for their shortsightedness & would rather find a scapegoat, rather than adwit their failures.

          I’m a Veteran, Working FOR Veterans. I hope that our leadership gets a cold bucket of water wakeup call & is held accoutable for thire deeds.

        • Dave

          Ditto. I have worked as a GS Civilian for three agencies and I tell you what, the have some of the hardest working people I have ever seen. One agency that I just retired from with a disability retirement, had people that would have put the hours put in by military folks to the test. These people were driven, not just walking around aimlessly for something to do. They produced. Yeah, you have your losers as with anyplace else, military, civilian or private sector, but the majority should not be lumped in with the shamers. There are many areas that need to be addressed by the VA and once I am finished with my claims and other activities, since I am retired, I will start beating the VA up and making them do the right thing. I will also do likewise about the Army. Get rid of the jerks they put in management positions all the way up to the jerk in the WH and things might get better, but remember, it is all about the MONEY, not the Soldiers and Veterans. Ciao, Dave

      • RETIREE


    • Shadow Mike

      The only way to get the care and benefits your husband deserves is to hound them with letters, phone calls and most important of all is to get help from the American Legion. They have people who do nothing but investigate problems veterans have with getting their disabilities taken care of. Go on line to americanlegion.com. There is help out there.



    • Joseph Phillips

      My name is Joseph Phillips. I am a National Service Officer with the Military Order of the Purple Heart. Please give me a call. 562-826-5712.

      • William

        Mr. Phillips I been in a circle with the VA RO for 16 yrs. Iam vietnam combat veteran that was exposed to chemical hercide in the state and vietnam,I was sc in a long fight from 1996 to 2004 which I got 130% sc ptsd and cheical exposed I was turned down in May 1972 1976 1986 1987 and1989 for agent orange, so i put my claim in and was told that I would lose my benfits if I put in for this new law. I have two more vietnam veteran was told the same thing , Nov. 2010 ro in vig. send me some claims to filled out next thing I know they try take away my chemical exposed and ptsd they did increased me to 60% chemical exposed then I recived a phone call from the rep. from the bva court telling me by phonewhich I have on my home anwser that I already have a 100% and I cant recived any type of claim approved for exposed to chemical 1986 because Iam 100% already! William

    • benjamin gilmore

      PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! Go to your nearest veterans service organization like VFW (the best in my opinion) and have them file his claim. I tried to file on my own when I retired and got denied twice. Now i’m at 80% and I want my claims reviewed because I feel low balled. But do not go after the VA on your own…they just blow you off.

      • Dave

        Depends. When they tried to blow me off, I went higher and higher and finally got results. The VA even admitted they made a mistake. Now if I can just make the Army cry “Uncle” which I am working on, then life might be a little better for me and then for others. I want to make them change the way they do business and make it painful for them if they don’t. Hang in there! I also think the VFW and AL are better than the DAV and would rather have had them represent me. I did it on my own, but have been at it a while. Best of luck to you and hang in there! Dave

    • Janice

      I know what he is going thru I have been fighting the VA since 1992 when I got out. I still keep getting denied for service connected injuries and have had to go thru several surgeries including a historectamy which is supposedly a 30% disability but was denied disability for it. Plus a spinal cord and head injury from service connected injury. All this and I still get denied. All I can say is keep fighting sweety and good luck my prayers are with you and all those who served. Cpl USMC

    • Stephen DeBoever

      This is a small sample of the all the disabled from and during service. Does the Department of Veterans Affairs know of all of this discontent? Most of the comment’s leave out the infamous Veteran Service Organizations (VSO’s) such as the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), the American Legion (AL), AMVETS, Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA), Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH), and the various state sponsored veteran services (sample; California Department of Veterans Affairs)(CDVA), Texas Veterans of America (TVA)). It is these organizations that pledge to represent you to the fullest, and then ask for donations the rest of their non-profit life. It is the collective failure of all these VSO’s that hurt the DVA Benefits Delivery System. In fairness the DVA does not have an aggressive work ethic schedule and according to current law they don’t have to have one. The DVA pays its employees very well, and it has an expansive structure (58 Regional Offices) to handle compensation and pension claims. They need to prioritize the swift delivery of benefits. They cannot, if the VSO’s are not assisting the veteran properly in the development aspects of the claim (medical and etiology proofs). The DVA (previously the Veterans Administration (VA)) has a perfected compensation schedule (with the exception of a few unfavorable changes) which is by law supposed to be liberal in interpretation. I can tell you as an expert in the claims process the DVA wants to compensate you fairly. They wish for quickness, but they have to deal with a lot of incompetence. The training standards lack thoroughness obviously, as it is true that 23% of claims are mis-handled. What has been clear for many years is that the DVA-Office of Inspector General (OIG), and the General Counsel are very pointed and very high percentage of the time come to the right conclusions. Do they have corrective powers? Most likely not. Besides the politicking, bureaucracies, ineptness, and lack of clear corrective goals, the DVA has to pay the veteran or their surviving spouse and children under law. The law can be found in the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR), under Title 38, Parts 3, and 4. The medical administration for veterans is identified in Part 17. The DVA process and the VSO commitment both need professional leadership, and need to bring the Benefits Delivery System into the 21st Century. The lack of seriousness on the disabled veteran community needs to be corrected, as it clearly creates harm and hardships. Easy on the DVA, focus your anger on bad representation like the earlier blogger suggests is displayed the DAV in Phoenix , AZ. If I had one wish in the claims business, it would be a stringent requirement that any VSO or DVA employee checks his or her ego at the door when coming to work, and earn the above standard wages you are fortunate to receive, and above all always remember the service to the veteran is your job and they depend on your position. Thanks for your service, Stephen P. DeBoever, Director, Veteran’s Legal Consortium

    • Michele

      My daughter was very healthy when she joined the marine reserves. In boot camp she was honor guard and excelled, even breaking records. Never ill her entire life. She was the #1 cross country runner in high school, red belt in karate and a “A” student. After Desert Storm she returned and within months developed a brain tumor. Only could get half of it. Two years later another surgery. She was told she could not work and it was not combat related. It is crap and she receives very little to live on. I disagree and I cannot find any resources to resolve it. She is only 32 years old and her life will never be the same. She received a masters degree from Portland, Oregon. I would do anything to help solve this problem.

    • Korey

      It does NOT have to be combat related. It IS service-connected and I hope you continue to fight!

  • Rilla Surber

    Very good article! I would argue that 23% however. I think that the true numbers are probably so staggeringly high that no one would be allowed to publish them.

    The vast majority of the backlog at the VA is due to appeals and wrong decisions.

    I signed a contract with the US Government. I honored my part. Now I want the Government to honor their side of this contract.

    I took my last honorable discharge because I’d become too disabled to work and was refused care at the Army hospital in Germany where I was. I had no choice but to leave in order to get the medical treatment I needed.

    Twenty-five years later, I’m still fighting for Service Connected disability. Still fighting for my life and to walk. I haven’t worked in over 25 years!!

    We as Veterans of this Nation are at WAR with our own Government! I would bet my last dollar that not a single person in the VA, Government or VAMCs were forced to raise their children on Welfare. Forced to try to find, pay for and obtain medical care.

    Yesterday, May 20, 2011, I was again refused antibiotics from Ft. Harrison, VAMC in Helena, MT. for a Staph Group B infection which THEY diagnosed. This infection is deadly! They told me to find another medical facility other than Ft. Harrison.

    We are at War – in more of a real sense than anyone wants to believe for our very lives. My 10 years, apparently, weren’t good enough.

    • Frema3

      We as Vets, need to get together and fight the new administration at Fort Harrison. Things have changed and not for the better. With the old administrator, the Hospital was running mostly without problems, now however, it’s even troublesome to make an appt. There is no more urgent care just emergency treatment only. If you want urgent care, make an appt. to see your regular Doctor. I personally spoke with the patient advocate there and she said WE are doing all WE can to make it better for you vets. The WE makes it sound like she works for the Hospital and not the vets. who need their services. Guess what, nothing was broken, until now!

    • Empire42-2 MP

      I clearly feel and understand how you feel, I too have spent my time in the Germany VAMC., for a multitude of injuries and ailments which, I currently still suffer from; Insomnia, Painful Urination, PTSD., If i hear sudden noises in the night, I go from zero to 1,000 in a second, I cannot run, jump or do most bipedal functions. So, I simply find another compensating exercise to maintain some fitness.

      I have utilized the Veteran Service centers, when I relocated, I have had extensive stays with many VAMC and Army Hospitals, which are on the IG’s list, including being Medical Evacuated from theater, for over 13 years of continuously being denied, and being told what they have told you. “Find another medical facility or Doctor,” this brings to mind what the Vets. from Nam. have felt. “Which ever way a Troop has entered the military ranks, we have done it with Pride, and forsaking the world each of us have created, prior to answering the call to duty, then having the Government turn their backs on us.” I hope the IG’s investigation “Helps Us.”

    • disabled vet

      If you have family, you are lucky. I am a destitute white, single, male with no family. There are NO charities in the US, other than food banks, that will help. me. If I was a minority/illegal/convict/drug user/criminal, there would be no problems. The 27 Atlanta churches refused because they “support the lord’s work” in 3d world countries and don’t have the resources to help everyone here. The VA said that if I was verifiably living on the street, then I could APLLY for a bed in a shelter.

      After 20 years I finally got a 30% rating but civilian Drs agree it should be 100%. I paid for three spine operations and shoulder reconstruction and have been unemployed for four years. The 30% has never given me anything. I left the Air Force under a draw down and have to forfeit the monies they paid me to get out. In 2 more years, if I am alive, I will get $300 a month. Sadly, I plan a dirt nap in August. I am sorry ever gave 12 years of my life for the US of A.

      • Dennis

        You really got the short end of the stick! Like you said, there is nothing out there for you. In fact, prisoners in jail get better treatment than people in old folks homes. I too have to pay for my “disability” with the forfeit deal. That stinks! I don’t call it double dipping when you earn a retirement/annuity, and then have to give it back to pay for a disability payment you also earned,,, System stinks for the little guy,,,

      • David Davis

        You did not put your time in for your country which is the American people. You put your time in for a corrupt Congress and a more corrupt DOD. This whole government appears to be run by money people. Sane intelligent people do not send soldiers into combat without knowing how to fight the enemy. They do not send in untrained and undersupplied soldiers. They do not put their soldiers in positions of compromise without committed support. Since when do you train seals for years and national guardsmen for days and distinguish between who fights for what purpose. This government is CORRUPT and we need to ensure that we maintain arms at all times. Americans need to form a new coalition with its own people and overthrow and vote these liars and deceivers out of office. Elect someone you trust and if he betrays you then our constitution needs to be invoked. The only help veterans will ever get is if they unite together and use the tools they were taught too Remember the Alamo it wasn’t fought by and held onto by thousands it was by dedication and working together. The battle is here at home now!!!!

      • David Davis

        You are not alone!!!! American government is as corrupt as Syria’s is. The leaders of this nation should be ousted across the board. The whole government including the DVA is on the take. You are not the only one who feels that this Nation’s leaders or crooks have turned their backs on veterans and lined their own pockets with fraud money. The DOJ, FBI, and DOD/DVA are run by what seems to be NAZI’s in charge of money, not Americans.



    • willie

      REMEMBER THIS STATEMENT….”Nobody made these guys go to war. They had
      to have known and accepted the risks. Now they whine about bearing the
      costs of their choice?
      Bad press, including major mockery of the play by comedian Jon Stewart,
      led to President Obama abandoning his proposal to require veterans carry
      private health insurance to cover the estimated $540 billion annual cost to
      the federal government of treatment for injuries to military personnel
      received during their tours on active duty. The President admitted that he was
      puzzled by the magnitude of the opposition to his proposal.

      “Look, it’s an all volunteer force,” Obama complained. “Nobody made these
      guys go to war. They had to have known and accepted the risks. Now they
      whine about bearing the costs of their choice? It doesn’t compute..” “I
      thought these were people who were proud to sacrifice for their country,
      “Obama continued “I wasn’t asking for blood, just money. With the country facing
      the worst financial crisis in its history, I’d have thought that the
      patriotic thing to do would be to try to help reduce the nation’s deficit.. I
      guess I underestimated the selfishness of some of my fellow Americans.”

      Please pass this on to every one including every vet and their families
      whom you know. How in the world did a person with this mindset become our


    • vvwifedeb

      Go to your DAV, don’t walk Run! My husband was a Vietnam Combat Engineer in Da Nang and Phu Cat and etc…, also in a Tet offense.Before we had been dealing with the VA reps, and not much was happing (10yrs)! We went to DAV rep, and it gotten taken care of! I hope this helps, you!
      A Vietnam Vetrans wife – Deb

    • tmn856

      Got a claim pending, nigh on a year now. Did all their tests–but, here I sit. The Ohio VA docs will not prescibe pain medications for me, because I smoke weed. California did, and it was no problem. VA should be VA, should be VA, no matter where you are. I gave them 17 years, and they booted me out on a medical–now that the condition is getting worse, they suddenly have forgotten why I was discharged for in the first damn place.

    • jagmedic

      Get the spot lite on your valid problem. find a freind with a fax. then you write one letter repeat what you wrote above- next on the Cover sheet CC the following folks
      cc VAMC MT Drector
      cc Your Primary Care doctor
      cc WRIISC ask for second opinion
      cc you local VSO post service officer (Am Legion, DAV or VFW)
      cc local news paper (attn to a report who wrote on any vet issue)
      cc your state Senator
      cc your Federal Senator
      When the staff read your letter, it will demonstrate that many offices know of your problem. and write to me <jagmedic@pgev.org>

    • Wife

      Call Fox news and embarrass the crap out of them….Keflex, Bactrium(sulfa)
      Vancomycin is the silver bullet… We ended ordering antibiotics from a pet supply when my husband got laid off…fish mox,penicillen…Colloidial Silver5000ppm kills viruses and a lot of bacteria…Tumeric spice in water 3x
      a day…keep everything use clean…hydrogen peroxide toothbrushes, alchohol on surfaces, bleach toilets and tubs…Orfer 999.9% monster slayer
      silver wires distilled water…catch up on utube vidieos try all natural cures…

    • paul currie

      that is not the only problem with the va, I had three doctors at the gainesville vamc tell me that they where not allowed to write letters to the appeals boardthat backed their medical findings that substantiate our claims and they where not allowed to put these findings in our medical records.

      I’ve even had a c&p doctor misdiagnose the wrong ear for my hearing loss, at my appeals board hearing we proved my hearing loss started after I entered the military, but the appeals board officer said that my hearing loss fell into the va’s specs so I didn’t warrant a disability rating, yet they say I have physical damage behind my left ear drum and that if the doctor hadn’t run ct scan he said it would not have been found until they did an autopsy when I died but yet the doctor wasn’t allowed to put that in my file so now I have to pay out of my pocket to have a private doctor evaluate me and run a ct scan and document his findings and then I have to start the process all over again, plus I have been waiting over 4 yrs for a hearing for my back, and yet I was a volunteer. what would they do if people stopped volunteering for the military, I would hate to see what kind of crap they would pull then.

      heinseki said on national tv that this kind of travesty towards our vets was going to stop and that we where going to get what we earned well that was nearly 2 1/2 yrs ago and we have not seen any changes yet and I doubt we ever will, thank you uncle sam for living up to your end of the deal.

    • David Davis

      Good luck on your issues. My claim has been remanded three times. Cue filed again over 2 years ago and no answer to any remands. Bogus IMO that didn’t address my disability claim at all.

  • roger

    It is a shame the way that the veterans are treated.

    • Novus Livy

      What is a shame is the number of unsubstantiated and made up claims being filed. Each of these claims must be processed even though they are without basis. That is as mych a cause of the backlog as anything else.

      • disabled vet

        You are a fool. They don’t care what ANY civilian Dr says. You do a basic interview and are given a yes/no rating. It is a paperwork shell game of denial. A 15 minute interview decided what was wrong – yeah, right.

    • pete39

      My mother said the same thing when she saw what dad had to go thru. “The way America treats its veterans is abominable.”

      That was in 1949 while dad was trying to get treatment for injuries sustained in 1944 on Guadalcanal.



    • richard parker

      its a shame vets dont get the money due to them, i am a retired marine, served during the vietnam era. i got my 100percent, back in 75, they put me on tdrl for 5 years at home. them retired me in early 1980. i have recently filled for my 3rd claim, and everytime they are refused for some restrictions i did not meet, this time, i can no longer walk, got a ton of new issues that are related to the first evaluation. lost so much, even left the va hosp[ital system before they killed me. the va system hospitals are the problem if you ask me, i am finally getting the help i need from my tricare for life and medicare. have not had a raise in 4 years too. if i get dropped this evaluation, i am getting the best certified va legal lawyer. go from driving and walking with a cain to total wheel chair bound in just 9 months.

  • logosreama

    I am a veteran that received low ball rating and sent the evidence where the C&P examiner first examined me in 2000 and said my heart problem existed before I enlisted in the service and the same examiner in 2010 examined me again and said my heart problem started within the one year period after service on presumptious basis. So I sent that evidence into both my U.S. Senators and they sent the evidence into the VARO NYC stating this is self explainatory. The VARO NYC sent me a letter saying they made a coding error and my records were amended to show my heart problem was during service on a direct basis. But yet they not increase their 10% rating, so I appealed the rating requesting an increase of that rating to be upgraded to between 60% and 100%.

    During the C&P exam in 2010 I was given a Luke Stress Test. Early in the stress test I started experiencing severe chest pains and fatigue but the doctors told me I had to reach a ceretain time period during the test, so each doctor placed a hand in my back holding me on the treadmill to accomplish their goal endangering my life.

    • oldsoldier

      It is sad that the VA,and all the folks that work there -DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT SOLDIERS….The Wichita,Ks VA is a great example of this.Thank god,I do’t have to go there on a regular basis.I become severly depressed seeing all those brave people who have served their country-and are now tIhrown away,and NO ONE GIVES A RATS ASS ABOUT THEM….I wish I knew then what I know now-I would have dodged RVN also….

      • 0369MSgt

        Welcome Home Oldsoldier! You and I served in Nam and did a damn good job at it. I know you are pissed and have to right to feel that way.
        However, I hope you will fight the system with the “supporting arms” mentioned in the article. If I can help, give me a shout, over!

        In the mean time…”keep your heard down and your powder dry!”

        US Marine, Vietnam, 69-70

        • mal

          i was on uss topela flagship in nam in 65 66 dont use va anymore retired now just dont trust them they dont listen totally disable from social security now 100% . va say no mri does not lie

          • MRI’s do not lie, but if your VA hospital took the films and it’s a teaching hospital, chances are an intern or possibly a resident read the film. They do lie because they don’t have the expierence to read a film correctly at that point in their careers. Your regional VA office as well as all others do not have doctors hired to correct a mis reading of a film. You can get a copy of the films yourself by going to the radiology film vault and requesting them. One used to be able to get full size copies of the films but I would bet what you will get now is a DVD. Then you will have to find a radioligist outside of the VA who will be willing to speak against a fellow doctor. Almost as bad as the thin blue line. When you find out the truth, you can consider a tort suit for unprofessinalconduct. I’m not a lawyer and this might be a little off, but an attorney would know how to file the case. Then you have the truth, the problem, and a solution.

    • Bill Gray

      The change from “found within one year of discharge” to “occurred in service would have zero effect on the rating. Both serve to service the condition. The condition is then measured as to how bad the condition is at the time of the exam. Think of a “thermometer in words” (minor, annoying, serious, catastrophic). Once a condition is found to be service connected it is rated by the same “thermometer” regardless of how it is found to be service connected (Former VA Counselor-Ret)

      • 0369MSgt

        Bill, I wish I had you as my VA Counselor.

        In 1967, I and 13 other Marines fell off a moving truck in Cuba at night. I landed on my back. In 1969, I get medevaced from Nam for same back injury, but I was diagnosed with RHUMEATOID SPONDDYLITIS…with a CHIPPED VERTIBRAE. I was treated for this condition all throughout my military service. In 1996, the VA diagnosed me with a BACK SPRAIN. Is that malpractrice of what?
        On my knees! I got shot in one while in Nam. The same quack doc who said I had a “sprain back”, bent my knees like a pretzel during my examination. I wanted to fire the FPF on her.
        Remember now, I walk in the hospital, limped out and 3 days later, I could not walk or stand at all. I got 0 rating for both conditions then.
        I think my conditions went from serious to catarophic! I suffered everyday to support my family when I was in so much pain to work, but I did anyway. After Nam, I had to survive at home too.

        I think the rating and the medical system in the old VA SUCKS! Some of those doctors need to read the x-rays and ALL medical resports submitted. Outcome is based on sound input data.

        Bill, thank you for your service!

    • m109howitzer

      LOGO i am also in the varo in nyc ihd claim first inferred in2006. at that time the dr listed my drs and meds i was taking for high blood pressure. he said i will put it down but you wont get anything, all i wanted was a hearing aid, but that dr said your not deaf enough.ok years later somebody said at a dinner did you apply for your ischemic heart disease? i did not know what that was even when i got the ao letters since 2006. now after cabg in 2006 i put in a claim. now a nehmer back to 2006 no respose except its in nyc.nehmer office i would not let them subject you to a stress test like that. they tried it with me once i had a ahrythmia and went down. if you feel something is not right open your mouth and let them know it was also discovered that i have an aortic anurism.my c&p was a joke,no heart questions,only looked to see if me chest was really cut open..what a joke that was , now i am going for a aicd. passed out a few and they finally found out what it was from. good luck with increase.

    • Wife of Viet Vet

      Call Fox News……Media…..make them work for you when you are sick…Call Alex Jones…Austin , Texas… .www.infowars.com……..when you are ill don’t stress yourself out we want you here

    • LeftBehind

      Don’t give up. My husband was 1st told after he applied to up his 20% rating that he would get a 100%. The next week it was denied. He didn’t fight it!!! Now he is dead and I’m fighting the VA as the surviving spouse to get a DIC benefit and they tell me he never was rated medically disabled in what killed him and I have proof he was rated and his death certificate lists this contributing disability. I haven’t given up yet. I hope I don’t have to fight until I am deceased, too.

  • Mark

    I have recently requested a review of my service connected disability. I got out in 1981 with 10% service connected disability. I have to use a cane to walk and have problems with both legs and hips. I was told then that 10% was the best they could do. It has been a year since I submitted my claim and have received numerous letters stating they are looking into my claim. I was told it should have be rated at 60% back in 1981.

    • ken freitas

      MARK, I HAVE THE ANSWER FOR YOU, FILE THE APPEAL FOR YOR 10%, you want 100%………The Secratary od Defense, found A much higher
      percentage of veterans had Arthritis problems then civilians. So file your appeal, if you lose your appeal, go to the BVA in DC. This is the fastest way. to get a legal decision, Remember the VA people have no legal experience, you must be in front a a federal judge to get a legal decision.

    • richard parker

      you are correct, 10 percent is wrong, the rules state that you must have the lose of 1 of your extremties. i am now claiming the loss of both legs now, its been around 8 months and still nothing. got 60 percent for the leg i lost first, back in 74 during the evacuation of 1000’s refugees. lost use of the second leg just lately, 9 months and i am totaly disabled. if i get denied this time, i am going to do a google search for a lawyer that does va claims, i am a member of the PVA, DVA, american legion, even served on the pva board for a year. back in my day, if you had 60 percent or more you had a special id, had a purple sqaure in the middle, it gave these vets front line service, it was great then, untill it stopped, dont remember when, just a letter telling me to get a new card next visit. i have seen it go from great service, kindness and the same doctor each month …now, you get some student, playing doctor. i always needed a nerologist, never did, it was some student which has not made up his or her mind yet what they want to do after schooling. because of these practices i have gotton worse, not better better stop i will write my lifes history soon….hoora


    Why is it that the Inspector General’s Staff can find these errors rating 23% processed were wrongly denied. Why don’t the staffers review all of the claims before the VA idiots have a chance to DENY????

    • Rick

      I agree! The problem is that they are’nt big enough to handle that many claims, and they handle too many other problems and issues also. I do think that the Dept. Of Veterans Affairs has to model itself more after the I.G., and stop INTENTIONALLY cheating vets!

    • Novus Livy

      The article does not say 23% were wrongly denied. In fact it says one of the categories of errors would have resulted in improper APPROVALS costing over $1,000,000,000. Perhaps a bit more attention on your part would give you a clearer view.

  • William Messler

    I was in the hospital for amonth during my time in the army from jumping out of a plane and getting hurt. I have no family left to verify this and my Dr’s have stated that my back problems stems does not stem from that. My records were destroyed in the fire in Missouri which is not my fault because in 1952 they did not give me a copy of my military records. This has become alosing battle, I was retired in 1986 by Social Security because of my health but they want listen to that. Any advice?

    • Mad Vet

      Do you have any copies of any thing in you medical record??? I know that there was a lot of information lost in the fire at the National Records center that took place several years ago. When documentation is lost OR not available through no fault of your own, the VA now has to give you the benefit of the doubt particularly as it relates to your claim for conditions. Of course the state you reside in matters a lot. Some are better than others. Never had a problem with claims submitted in DC… but when I move to Atlanta lets just say that the office is filled with systematic ineptness! And I raise as much HELL as necessary each time I have to set foot in that place. Some folks will continue to piss in your face and tell you its raining… you have to outsmart them and beat them at their own game…. cause basically that’s all it amounts to… just a waiting game! 2 see how long they can keep you at bay without the benefits that you are eligible for until you either die or give up. Don’t let them win! Keep fighting!!!

      I can only say find a wise and eager Vet Rep or a lawyer who specializes in assisting Veterans with claims. Some are good and some don’t give a damn just like the staff and the Regional Offices. Best of luck to you.

    • Wife of G.I.

      Any and all records from ANY time you saw a Dr. or chiropractor for back pain or had x-rays or went to the E.R.? Collect them and use them for proof. If none, then you have no case. Destroyed records, a bummer. But, just may have a copy somewhere else? D.C.? Try there.

    • Chris
    • wife of veteran

      Do you happen to have any pictures of you or maybe with another person during this time in the hospital? I know that my husband had a picture of himself in Vietnam when he broke his foot and his records did not show this accident, but the picture did verify the incident and that helped his case.

    • Terry

      Request your records again. Sixty Minutes did an exposure many years ago where the assh**es working at the St. Louis records center were to lazy to send out info on a records request. They would just send a standard reply saying that “your records were burned up in the fire in the early 1970’s. It was a lie. One guy got a form letter saying that his records were burnt up, and included in the letter was a hand written note that stated “your records are here, they just don’t want to go through the files to get them. There was a fire that destroyed some records, but not all.

    • n.sharay

      William,I would like to tell you that i was told that my records were destroyed in missouri 5 years ago.I live in michigan,and i went to my senator carl Levin in detroit.I received my military records a month later.If need be,and you are close to michigan,come on by,or see your senator.If no results where you are at,make the the trip.Call first,they may be able to help you over the phone,or tell you what to do.good luck and god bless.

    • Wife of Viet Vet

      Get an Advocate…for yourself…spend time looking for your platoon ,intellius, most veterans live within 25 miles from where they started
      when they went into the service. Find old letters social security numbers are on there…no luck again go to the media.. .www.infowars.com…Fox News, keep embarrassing the government for you bad treatment and neglect…

    • W Gardner

      Look up the VA’s CFR (Code of Federal Regulation) that will say “REASONABLE DOUBT.” Basically, if there is reasonable doubt, the VA has to rule in favor of the veteran. I’ve used this CFR many times to get rated at over 200% and then went on to start collecting SMC pay at over $6,000+ a month. If you have “any” records that might even imply your MOS required you to jump then being injured, that is all you need to re-open your claim under Reasonable Doubt. DON’T do this yourself. Find an expert Service Officer who has a fantastic reputation for winning claims and go throuh him or her. It took me 10 years to get what I am now receiving buy along the way, I learned all of the VA’s little regs and secrets and then started filing claims for veterans myself. Study those CFR’s!!!!!!

  • I served in Tonkin Gulf in ’72. During that time, my ship regularly steamed through debris clouds from B 52 raids. Now, I have Type II diabetes and the VA is still claiming that it’s not Agent Orange related (without doing any testing) because I never had “boots on the ground.” I find it hard to believe that in the seven months we were over there our ship never encountered contaminated sand, grit or other material, but so far, the VA’s not been willing to have me tested.

    Aside from that, however, my experience with the VA (in Los Angeles) has been good. My hearing loss is service connected (at 0%, but better than nothing) and I recently had my cataracts removed at no charge because I’m unemployed. Still, I’d like to get tested for Agent Orange and find out once and for all if I was contaminated or not.

    • Ben

      Hi Joe – the ruling relating to “boots on the ground” has changed again in 2009. You no longer needed to be literally on the ground, necessarily. Talk to your VSO and get a copy of your Claim file for your own records.

      • Andrew Heil

        How many times is this going to change and who benefits from it? Then if it changes again, repayment?? I don’t think so. I wonder if the Senators, Congressmen, and all those way above my pay grade are dealing with issues like these?

    • mike

      They now even have a ships listing check it out.

    • Wife of G.I.

      THEY won’t test you, too expensive. Get the list from the Officer at the Veterans Advocates office of who was exposed to Agent Orange (Dioxin) in service, whether in Viet Nam, So. Korea, or any place else. You will be surprised where they have used this stuff. Even in the USA. By the way, the Dioxin will never leave your blood, both the Chemo and Radiation Dr.’s have assured me of this. After giving life time treatments to my husband. There are two tests needed for Dioxin of the blood, Adipose tissue level and TCDD. Only ONE place does these tests and costs around $3,000.00. The VA knows who and I have the name some where but not at my desk right now. Sorry. My husband has already requested these tests and they have not given them to him.

      • Roy wolkenhauer

        Could you get me the info you have on the address and any other info that might be helpful. I have had Porforia Curtana Tarda Since leaving ‘Nam in ’72 but didn’t go to a Dr. till my wife made me in the early ’80’s and they said it was’t agent orange related and not in the 12 month time period of leaving. It is on the list of health related problems from agent orange but it was denied. I am in the process of getting all my info together and turning it over to a Lawyer. I didn’t want to go this route but they force us to.

    • CB USMC

      They might have done you wrong ole buddy. The rules have changed. Contact a couple of veteran service officers, VFW, DAV, State Veteran Service office. They can get you a list of boats (I’m a Marine) that are approved for the Agent Orange coverage as a result of a lawsuit the VA lost in 2009(I think that was the year). If you were on one of those boats you don’t need to be tested, you will be presumed to have obtained type II diabetes from agent orange. Slam dunk 20% and more importantly they will help treat the accompanying problems of diabetes.

    • GoldenDragon

      Getting tested is a joke. I served 12 months with US 25th Infantry Div. In Vietnam. I was present when Agent Orange was sprayed within feet of our position, slept on freshly sprayed ground that night and many others after and generally ate, slept and drank Agent Orange most of my year in Vietnam. Mar 69 through Mar 70. I have a very ugly, incurable, spreading skin disease that is eating me alive. Also, when I was sent to dermatology I was shocked to see the huge number of other Vietnam veterans that was there for the same skin condition. I was even told “off the record” by a high ranking MD at the VA that my skin condition was caused by agent orange. I received an exam and I could tell that most of the effort was spent on finding some way to deny me. I was told that unless I had current liquid filled blisters that i could show on that day I would be denied. This was a very cruel trick because the “liquid filled blisters” come and go. I did have a large percentage of my skin that was scarred and scars from the blisters but I didn’t have any that were liquid filled on that day. I usually break them open and spill the contents quickly after they appear. To make a long story short getting an exam was just a cruel trick and I was completely denied.

    • Andrew Heil

      I don’t see why fighting for your benefits even has to come to play. Then again I am still waiting on my determination, so maybe I will wait til I get mine then I will start ****.

    • wife of viet vet

      The navy pumped river water into the showers…where do they think the water came from….Monsanto bad Company…they deniedntesting my husband…I contacted wounded war project and complained…Dr, Altimus a real battle said that my husband would have needed to drink a gallon to be affected…Well I said I believe the prime minister running mate had some in a small bowl of soup and almost died…they still have not paid for my husband’s hearing loss…40yrs. of trying 10% tinnitus though

  • James Proctor

    Rabid Gander I have been telling them the last few years i’m going to live long enough to get what I deserve. The new breed of case workers learned one thing from the old workers and the was to always remember the three D’s. But for all the vets out there appeal appeal appeal until they finally get the word that your not going to die first. I lost almost 20 years of benefits because I let them do it to me, then I got a good Texas Vets Rep and in less than a year I went from 10% to 60% and since then upped to 70% So keep fighting them just as you did our foreign foes. Good Luck

    • Antonio

      Hey James, please send me the name of your Tex Vet Rep, as I am a Texas Vet also.

      • jproctor67

        Antonio He is no longer with the office but try to find Gary Land The jerk that was in charge of the Temple office said he was taking too much time with us Vets now thank god he’s gone. There’s a rep there names Samuel can’t remember his last name but he’s a go getter and fights for us. I wish you luck

      • Ronda M

        The guys name is Samuel Keels he’s at the Temple VA Hospital in the annex buildings across from the Main parking lot, Building 208 Room 119.

    • disabled vet

      It is so hard fghting for what is rightfully yours. I cry at the thought of trying. I can’t even sit in most chairs so the countless hours of being treated like an idiotic leech who is faking everything is intolerbale because of the physical pain. One hour in a plastic or “ergo” chair equals 3-5 days in bed delirious with pain.

      Getting a job? No way – I can’t even be a WalMart greeter because I have trouble standing/walking. SSA states if you can earn ANY money, you are not disabled. Maybe if I immolate myself on the steps of the VA it will send a message.

      Socialist countries like Sweden look better all the time.

    • richard parker

      how true that is, i got 100 percent, vietnam era vet, going for 60 percent more, 30 for the lose of use of both legs, and 30 percent for my bladder, a year ago my bladder held back 3.7 liters, i thought i was just gaing weight, after spending 11 months in the hospital. it has taken 50 percent of my kidneys, all because the va did not listen to me the first time, so the pva in houston is handling my case now. hoping for the best this time,

  • J. Ham

    I have 3 claims I had denied over the years and they refused to give my daughter her apportionment too. Her father hasn’t even seen her in the last 6 yrs nor has he given child support but they still give him money for raising her…
    With my knee, I was told will active duty that it was due to the ankle issue being misdiagnosed for almost a year but they claim there isn’t anything in my file about my knee.
    With my hearing they claimed I had hearing loss pre military and had signed that I was aware of it but they won’t cough up the document they supposedly have and when I questioned it they said the decibels that have significant loss are ones they don’t give disability for anyway.
    All in all the Anchorage office is just one big bullshit bin. And lets not even go into the attitude problem of the front desk person every time i have ever walked in there…

  • Cleatus

    What about Desert Shield and all the Garbage fires in Saudi? The stench from the stuff they burned was unreal, God only knows what we all inhaled. What about all the chemical we had to work with?
    Messed up my back in Desert Shield, , hospital told me to take Motrin upon return had to have backsurgery, fused my entire lower back , can’t hardly move, walk, stand, what did I get 10%.
    Oh yes we are in another war, one I intend to win.

    • Pete

      If you take “Motrin or Aleve” (sp) be very careful – Taken in large amounts can lead to Renal failure. (Check this in your PDR, {Physiicans Desk Reference}) If the VA docter’s told you take those pain relievers, be sure to keep that letter of instruction so you’ll have proof on service contected injury. I took both the pain relievers for a fractured back (line of Duty) and had Total Renal failure; lucky for me I was only on Dialysis for 6 months or so – before my kidney’s came back to function properly.

    • armygirl

      Motrin was all they prabably have. I got mortrin and cough drops when I pass out due to allergic reaction to a medication. I would cuss them out but I was in pain from where they left an empthy bag of IV stuck to my vain for 8 hours. Also they put a cast on my hand wrong and give me permanet nerve damage. I inhaled enough oil and gas that I have come to term that my life will be cut short with either stomach or brain cancer. My husband who is 30 yrs old (also a vet), I caught him cry sometimes because the medication VA give him is destroying his kidney slowly but will be deadly. We got enough life insurance to ease some pain that our 10 yrs old son will have when we are both dead. We will always be at war with VA..looks like we will be fighting to death.

    • disabled vet

      Same here. I paid for 3 surgeries myself. I got out because I was told that I would be kicked out as “unfit” if I tried to stay in. Turns out, if I had stayed in, my (now) 30% would have qualified me for a medical retirement.

      Boy, do they lie to you. Makes a person think politicians run the….what?…they do?…crap.

    • Sgt Stumpy

      I haven’t been able to breathe right since DS, among my laundry list of problems. I was told that since I couldnt work I would get more money with a non service connected pension. OH YEA almost 800 bucks that doesnt begin to cover the bills. Oh well I could be dead!

  • A. Bachstein

    My father has had this issue and is still fighting it. He went in “diverticulitis” and the claim was improperly labeled “hemerroid.” He already had disability for that, wasn’t even checked in the VA office for ANYTHING and lost 20% of his disability due to a screw up. The VA has stumbled and bumbled over the appeal and we are stuck in the mud of administration troubles.

    My personal claim is listed as “At the Pentagon pending review.” Note I turned in my claims back in 2005 when I was medically discharged. Therefore I cannot appeal because my claims have not been turned down, but I cannot refile else who knows what will happen.

    This is your government repaying veterans, Sheeple of the United States.

  • localwel1

    Well…………..my, I thought I was the only one with a problem with the VA. If you are a twenty year retiree, haha, you don’t even get the kind of consideration you other guys are getting. Even though I was exposed to Agent Orange, I don’t get any disability because of being a twenty year retiree. They call it double dipping! So, there is a limit, a certain amount that Congress allows veterans to draw each month. And it is Congress who manages the VA not the other way around. I mean there are big Ass holes that work there but it is Congress who makes up the regulations and rules for them to follow.

    • C Brookover

      I too believe that if you are a retiree gets the short end of the stick! Been treated like this since 1991.

    • Ret AF lst Sgt

      There is something wrong in your case. Yes, we are not considered veterans because we draw a retirement check, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t elegable to receive VA benefits. It took me 22 years since my retirement to when my disability, but I did win. When I first won and started receiving benefits, it was 20 %, then it was upped to 30%, and I kept fighting, finally this past year it went to 60%. They also split hearing loss and ringing inmy ears to 10%/10%, whic means I recive nothing for that. Although I need hearing aids in both ears. Now there feeling is Iost only part of my hearing while in the service and the worst lost afterwards. I haven’t died yet, so as long as I have a breath of air in my body, I will keep fighting them. All I can say for you is you need to request a judical judge to review your case, I did, and I won. Best of luck

      • Craig

        I don’t know crap from crayola’s but here is some info about receiving retirement and service connected disability pay. I hope this helps a fellow veteran! Also I have been fighting the VA since 2005, I was exposed to asbestos in the Navy, have four doctor’s who say that my two bouts of cancer and now my newly diagnosed asbestosis was caused solely by the exposure on ship. Hell the VA throughout all four doctors opinions as unfounded because “They didn’t review your Navy medical records” Of which I have been requesting in writing for these ever year since 2005. All the while I have received form letters saying that they are working on my request in the order that it was received. Funny thing the agency refuses to send me a copy of these medical records and then denies my claim since my doctors have not been able to review these records. See the irony the VA will not release these and then denies my claim since my doctors have not viewed them! Well they finally sent me a copy of the records only to then deny my claim three weeks later using the above excuse. These are dirty uncaring bastards! So now it is off to another reconsideration all the while waiting for me to die of the cancer or secondary related illnesses! Please read the info below about retirement and disability pay for those vets that qualify.
        Concurrent Retirement and Disability Payments (CRDP) restores retired pay on a graduated 10-year schedule for retirees with a 50 to 90 percent VA-rated disability. Concurrent retirement payments increase 10 percent per year through 2013. Veterans rated 100 percent disabled by VA are entitled to full CRDP without being phased in. Veterans receiving benefits at the 100 percent rate due to individual unemployability are entitled to full CRDP effective Jan. 1, 2005.

        Eligibility: To qualify, veterans must also meet all three of the following criteria:
        1.Have 20 or more years of active duty, or full-time National Guard duty, or satisfactory service as a reservist, or
        2.Be in a retired status.
        3.Be receiving retired pay (must be offset by VA payments).

        Retirees do not need to apply for this benefit. Payment is coordinated between VA and the Department of Defense (DoD).

        Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) provides tax-free monthly payments to eligible retired veterans with combat-related injuries. With CRSC, veterans can receive both their full military retirement pay and their VA disability compensation if the injury is combat-related.

        Eligibility: Retired veterans with combat-related injuries must meet all of the following criteria to apply for CRSC:
        1.Active or Reserve component with 20 years of creditable service or medically retired.
        2.Receiving military retired pay.
        3.Have a 10 percent or greater VA-rated injury.
        4.Military retired pay is reduced by VA disability payments (VA Waiver).

        In addition, veterans must be able to provide documentary evidence that their injuries were a result of one of the following:
        •Training that simulates war (e.g., exercises, field training)
        •Hazardous duty (e.g., flight, diving, parachute duty)
        •An instrumentality of war (e.g. combat vehicles, weapons, Agent Orange)
        •Armed conflict (e.g. gunshot wounds, Purple Heart)

        For information, visit http://www.defenselink.mil, or call the toll free phone number for the veteran’s branch of service: (Army) 1-866-281-3254; (Air Force) 1-800-616-3775; (Navy) 1-877-366-2772. The Army has its own Web site at https://www.hrc.army.mil/site/crsc/index.html and e-mail at crsc.info@us.army.mil.

    • 0369MSgt

      @localwel1 You comment is not true at all. I hope you really are a 20 year military retiree as stated here. I served over 20 years in the Marines and I get military retirement and VA disability. There is NO double dipping rule.
      If you really have Agent Orange go to a DAV, VFW or others and put in a claim.
      When were you in Nam, what areas did you operate in and what branch of service were you in? This is important when you file your claim statement. Don’t forget your VA medical diagnosis for Agent Orange.

      • chuck

        youb mayu get both military retirement and va, but if you are rated at 20% like I am, that $243 comes oout of my retirement to be given to me tax free from the VA. So I actually get about a whopping $20 from the government for my disabilaties.

        • disabled_vet

          How is it that some people are 200-300% disabled? There is even one poster on THIS article that states he is 240%. I recently saw some charts and the upper end can be paid over 100K per year!

          What are we, the poor enlisted, doing wrong?

          BTW – notice you never see Ofiicers with these problems? Makes you wonder.

          • Retired O now VA emp

            No No No.

            No one is over 100%. Disabilities don’t “add up” with simple math. For instance, a vet’s bad arm might count as 40%, a leg might count as 50%, and an eye might count as 60%. But a person who has lost the use of an arm, a leg and an eye would be 100%, not 150%.

            Also, the compensation doesn’t add up with simple math, either. For instance, if a vet is service connected for loss of use of both legs and both arms and is permanently and totally disabled, unable to work for the rest of her life, she might receive as much as $4300 monthly. Of course, a disabled life style, need attendance to feed you, aides to carry you to the bathroom, and nurses to give you your daily pills, is quite expensive.

            And there are plenty of disabled officers. Rank is never even included ANYWHERE in the VA process.

          • Ron

            It’s called these days, fuzzy math. LOL.


          • sharder8

            As for Officers not having the same problems . . .

            I was prior enlisted and left as an O-3 . . . been fighting the VA for over 25 years now. Read my earlier comments.

    • Dave

      That will change. The offset will go away in a few years, so check the VA Website for that info. They should be phasing it in over the next couple of years as it has been reducing the offsets over a 10-year period. Find the info on their website and use it to make your case and see why it hasn’t started in your case. Hope this helps. Dave

  • C Brookover

    I have been updating disabilities since 1991 and have not had a pleasurable experience yet! Had to fight tooth and nail for every little bit I have received. Seems like when applying for disability compensation one must present supporting documentation that hits the VA up side the head. One claim I submitted in 2006 was denied, appealed and denied again by BVA after five years! Needless to say I now have a lawyer to bring the madness to an end hopefully in my favor. The VA is horrible to deal with!

    • CG1998

      did you try a State Vet Rep before paying a lawyer to steal all your money??

    • Navy Widow

      My husband retired in 1976 with two tours in Viet Nam, including one as a dustoff corpsman with a Marine helicopter squadron. When I finally convinced him to apply for disability for his PTSD, which was progressing to the point where he even frightened me, we were told that there was no record of his ever having served. This despite the fact that he had been receiving retirement pay for nearly 20 years.

      When he tried to receive Agent Orange benefits for his heart problems, which eventually killed him, he was denied because the Navy had no record of his having served, let alone in Viet Nam.

      They win. He died in 2007, and his ex wife receives her portion of his pension as well as his life insurance. For taking care of him for the five years prior to his death, I got to pay for his funeral. Something is wrong here.

  • Rick Lipary

    Well, I don’t consider them “foreign foes.” These wars are ALWAYS internecine “civil” wars. When the U.S. intervenes, it’s ALWAYS to help, protect, and enrich jews, big oil, bankers, financiers, construction companies, arms and munitions dealers, and other greedy and murderous scum! I do know that The Dept. Of Veterans Affairs has stolen, lost, misplaced, hidden, destroyed, or altered the active-duty medical records of millions of veterans, to keep us from being able to “prove” that we have service-connected disabilities! In my own case, I flew 24 sorties as a Huey doorgunner in the central highlands. The V.A. knows that Agent Orange was used extensively in the highlands, and that I inhaled a ton of it in the prop wash of our chopper. Yet, to this day I get no Agent Orange compensation, even though I am forced to deal daily with chronic irritability, swollen glands, heavy sweating, breathing problems, and red circles on my chest ranging in circumference from about a dime to a half-dollar. I’m certain that at least some of these problems are due to Agent Orange exposure. I also sustained a terrible right shoulder injury, and found out recently that the V.A. has been hiding how serious my injury was for the last 34 years to avoid paying adequate service-connected pension! It turns out that my shoulder separation BROKE my shoulder, and fractured my clavicle and scapula at the SAME time! Lie, deny, and hope you die, indeed!

    • Empire42-2

      I clearly feel and understand how you feel, Please be nice in your postings, this may be our vehicle for help!

      • Rick Lipary

        Be nice!? That’s totally naive! They’ve NEVER been nice to US, and being nice is what got us INTO this predicament! They started looking at us as doormats! They don’t CARE if you’re nice, or is your claim has all the validity and merit on EARTH! They automatically lie, deny, and hope you die! The advice to copy your records is TOTALLY bogus! When your a 19-year-old NCO like me, you’ve never HEARD of copying records OR disability pensions! Brookover sounds like an arrogant fool! It’s not “pity”! It’s the government and the V.A. disclosing medical info when they know they have a legal and moral obligation to do so, instead of hiding and concealing it from innocent veterans! The DAV is completely corrupt, and infiltrated clear to the top by the government! I did’nt get the disability pension I have NOW, until I fired the DAV, and wrote my OWN legal and medical briefs. I was approved in about one year, on my birthday.

        • Dennis

          You know something,, concerning the DAV,, it seemed after I became a lifetime member, The service I got was like,,,”who the hell are you to ask for MY help!” During one of my exams,, my “examiner” made a comment about an X-ray taken of my broken finger, that there was nothing noted at the time the X ray was taken,,, funny thing though,, those records he referred to have been missing, and held by the Air Force Safety office after I got exposed to a contaminated radiation covered aircraft back in 1976!! He flat out lied about seeing these records !!!! Now that is proof positive they lie! And the DAV?? Forget about it,,, Also,, I had an upper respiratory condition,, service connection when I got out in “92. Somewhere along the line when they updated the computer database, they input “laryngitis” instead of sinusitis and started charging me for my sinus meds. I sent in everything including my original service connection documents,,, and the DAV did nothing to help me!! I eventually called the VA on the phone, and the lady on the line pulled up my records including the documents I sent to the VA and the DAV in Tampa St Pete Fla,,, and they corrected the error on the phone !!! And then the DAV had the gall to send me a letter informing me of the favorable decision in my favor!! LIKE THEY HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT!! I think you are right about the DAV,,, I may have to find a good VA lawyer,,, maybe to sue the DAV for my lifetime member payment,,,, Thanks for confirming my suspicions that the DAV sucks!!

    • jproctor67

      Rick and all of the other Vets with records lost, I learned many many years ago to make a copy of every record dealing with your service history. I have boxes of medical and service records so when they say its lost I go digging and provide the a copy. Also I suggest at least once a year get a copy of all your VA medical records, they have an office at each VA Hospital. I have a copy of every form that was produced during my 20 year career and all of my VA medical records since day one.

      • Rick Lipary

        BTW, I do that now, but what happens when it’s 1970, you’re trying to stay alive, and you’re WAY too young and inexperienced to know these things!?

    • C Brookover

      Luckily I have a copy of my complete medical records. Pity those who did not get copies! Let the VA alter/change anything!

    • Ret AF 1st Sgt

      When I would go to the military hospitals while still in the service with problems with my knees and pain in my hands and arms, the doctor’s would always say it was just auth. and there wasn’t anything they could do, just take asprine. They didn’t even make comments in my medical records that I was complaining of the problems. Guess what?, now the VA says that all my problems are since retiring. Even though some of the jobs I had, could have been the cause of these problems. Won’t give up though.

    • Wife of G.I.

      ALWAYS get the medical records after being seen at the VA, wait about a month first in order for them to ‘catch’ up with the typing. Get from all depts., you will be ‘surprised’ at what you find out.

  • Mike

    yep, a they say they don’t contest ao anymore. Proves once again another lie.

    USS BARNEY Tokin yacht Club 67

  • hmcgee

    ive been denied 5 times working on yet another appeal, the last letter they were so lazy they copied and pasted the exact same thing under each item, how lazy is that! give the vests that job and you will see a difference in who gets benes im sure! whoever they are hiring they cannot make complete sentences nor spell. how lame!

    • C Brookover

      Shows the intelligence level of some of the people handling claims!

    • Novus Livy

      ive been denied 5 times working on yet another appeal”

      And therein lies a large part of the problem. Your claim is obviously without merit and they have repeatedly said so. Yet you continue to clog up the system with your claim.

      And we wonder why the VA cannot respond quick enough to suit the rest of us.

      • Leftbehind

        How dare you say this claim is without merit. You don’t know. It is the VAs problem for not honestly reviewing his claim in the first place and requires that he refile over and over again. I’m on my second refile and my claim has merit, if only the VA could read the evidence. I’ve called two different VA phone lines and received two different conflicting advice. Shame on them and you Novus Livy.

  • hmcgee

    I have found it depends on where you live when you file, if the state had too little money and too many vets you wont get help, some come here to get the benes and then go back to their state thinking they will get to keep getting it. then they complain when they lose it all in their state.

    • Bruce

      What the hell are you talking about? The states have NOTHING to do with VA benefits, it is a federal run program, you better make an appy. with your shrink.

  • Empire42-2

    I think that the problem is bigger than the Government caring for US, It almost seems like there is a quota system. If you (the Troop) gets frustrated, give up, go away and Die! The most that the Government will out of pocket of, is for a Flag and $225.00.

    IG were waiting! Now that the World has or has not ended, It’s time to fix the broken Troops. Thanks.

  • Franco

    I was employed by executive order VRA in 1982.Was treated like FBI most wanted by management and non vets working there at a DOD fascility.I had to retire due to many health problems caused by AO,at almost entry level after 26 years service.My annual appraisals were very highly and exceed performance.IG never found any wrong doing on management side,yet they had records a mile long regarding veterans discrimations complaints,and management disregarding executive orders of training for higher level paying jobs for the vietnam era veterans,who were usualy assigned to dead end jobs.

    • SSG edward l dunn

      You are receiving the same treatment, we Vietnam Vets received, when we came home. Companies would hire you under the veterans readjustment law and you would be marked. Youi would get the entry level job, but you would never get the promotions. I overheard two of my upper management team disscussing an appointment to management that i had applied for, After going through the entire list of recommended people, one of them said, even though he is the one most qualified, you know you can never trust those guys, they can go off the deep end anytime. Needless to say i did not get the appointment. But I sure got an my eyes opened. The country needs you when they need Cannon fodder, but afterwards, it is all a dog and pony show. Guess who they give the dogs role to?

  • ranger11bv

    No surprise…. And as usual, nothing will be done

    • Mad Vet

      Ranger… you got that right. I remember a hearing that was held on the hill and the administrators at the VA lied thru their teeth about conditions and delays with claims. Such bullshit… and for what reason? Some of the staff act as if they are doin you a favor. FU!

  • Don

    Why am I NOT surprised! I recently got a cc.of a letter a lawyer, who I guess works for/at the VA in Wash DC. He scorched both the VA and the DAV for their lack of support and properly doing their jobs. I personally blame the DAV in Phoenix, AZ who are shills for the VA there. I hope the bastards are reading this! The DAV will NEVER get another dime of my money and I have requested they take me off their mailing list and delete my life membership. If the DAV was in business I would call them CROOKS.

    Somehow 36 pages of documentation (from military hospitals while I was on active duty) where DELETED from my VA/DAV file, NOT once, not twice, but on a continued basis. The DAV REFUSED to allow me to view the packet they claimed they were sending up the chain.

    Am I saying the DAV deleted these from my files on multiple occasions…YES! How do I know, the reply from the VA was “lack of evidence”! So I mailed to the VA x 2 via register mail, sig required and a brief letter of why, x 2 copies each.

    Thanks to some lawyer who saw them fro what they are I just got back pay going back in 2005..

    YEA, something is rotten in the VA/DAV and they know it.

    • Wife of a G.I.

      We just quit the DAV for our advocate due to the officer not being able to READ the statement for us being recorded during an appeal properly. Had to ASK the “judge” what the words were. Ouch! We were denied again, of course, and now have VFW and will see how this next appeal in front of a live “Judge” in D.C. comes off (by remote t.v.).

      • 0369MSgt

        Oh I am so happy that you stayed in the fight. As a combat vet, I am sorry you have to go thru this. I hope you win big. God bless you and your family.

    • NoTotheDAV

      The DAV in the Chicago VSO can kiss my backside! They are a figging joke! Let this be a warning to everyone that is from Illinois not to use the DAV unless you have one air tight case closed issue! These people in the Chicago DAV office sent out a form letter that basically says don’t call us we’ll call you, but if you need to discuss your claim take a number and we’ll get back to you. We learned our lession right away with the DAV as we could not even reach our representative month after month after month for years on end. The only way was to contact the DAV National Headquaters which then they would have the DAV Chicago office call us and tell us seven ways from Sunday on how sorry he was. He then would have our rep call us and he would say how sorry he was and then we could never reach anyone in this office again. If another DAV rep did happen to speak with us he would say that he could not help us that our only option was to speak with our assigned rep. (See the games that they play?) Then if you were able to receive a call back from your DAV rep it would be five minutes before their office closed and unless you had your phone in hand when they called your were screwed! There would be a message on the answering machine saying “DAV calling you back” then click! We would call right back an either our rep was “In a meeting with another veteran” or “He’s gone for the day” This happened time after time after time after time! Then when the claims decision comes back our rep blames the entire ruling on the veteran, saying you should have done this and that or you needed to do this or to do that. We learned this after the first initial Board decision, we went to the DAV for guidance and help with the claim and due to his incompetence and inexperience and when he was called out on it just said it was all our fault. All the while we thought that the DAV was there to assist us since they were the ones with the experience? Like I said be warned, never under any circumstances allow the DAV office in Chicago to ever handle a claim with the VA, go to another VSO, anyone is better than this group!

      • gawnfishin

        Same goes for the Phoenix office… Try the American Legion instead, and try to get transferred to Prescott. The Prescott VA is one of the best in the country!

    • Dave

      Yeah, I tried to fire the DAV as my rep cause they were worthless, but they said I can’t. I wrote to the VFW to have them represent me, but they said I was represented by the DAV. I wrote back and said I was third generation of VFW. My Grandfather served in WW I, my Dad in Vietnam and I was in Desert Storm and in Afghanistan in 2003. They decided that they would help me since I was a life member and the reps here at the VA location were really surprised that I got both to help, although I did it all myself and finally got most of what I deserved. I wrote to the DAV and wanted a refund of my life membership, but they said no. Will take that on another day. For my claims, they said submit the info, which was a 500-page report they have on their website in paper copy and still it took more letter writing to get them to give me 100% and they still won’t acknowledge some of the serious medical conditions I have, but that will change. Hang in there and keep the faith. Best to hand carry letters in to the rep if you can, but I ignore the DAV and the others and do it all myself. Dave

  • Suellen

    I am an 11-year Navy disabled female veteran with major depressive disorder and PTSD both caused by MST by my fellow military service members. I am truly sorry to hear/read about the treatment of some of you have received at the hands of the VA/Congress for my experience is just the opposite. I have been treated with kindness and dignity for the entire ten years I’ve been enrolled in the Veteran’s Disability system. My medical needs, both physical and mental (discovered after my honorable discharge in 1992), have been and are still, met each and every time I need to visit any of the many physicians handling my care. Even with the many issues I deal with on a day-to-day basis, I try to maintain a rational and positive attitude and treat the people I encounter with respect. As a result; I am treated with respect in return. Just food for thought.

    • Anthony

      Hello Suellen. My name is Anthony and I have been diagnosed with severe depressive disorder, borderline bi-polar and anxiety with agoraphobia, but they will not service-connect me. I was wondering what rating did you receive for the major depressive disorder. You may contact me at 404-498-4217. Thanks.

      • gawnfishin

        There is a huge difference between severe depression and PTSD. I have both, but only 10% was granted for the depression, I am unable to maintain a job due to PTSD which is ‘Service Connected’. Proving the PTSD only took me 20years after a medical discharge related to it…go figure!

    • Wife of G.I.

      What is MST? I’m glad you are being cared for, so many are not. I believe in men the PTSD brings out the worst and in women they hold it inside. Hope you are feeling better with each day.

      • Retired O now VA

        MST is military sexual trauma.
        Rape can be a bit different/worse in the military because you might work with your attacker every day and even trust them with your life.

    • Randy Metcalf

      I myself have had nothing but the best treatment from all four VA Hospitals that I have had to stay in. In my 34 years as a Disabled V/NAM vet only two times at a VA Hospital have I had a Doctor that I feel was so bad that I told him he did not know his ass from a hole in the ground. All other Doctors , nurses, and other people at the VA Hospitals have been nothing but nice to me over the years. Since Nov. 1998 I have my Disbitily rate has gone from 10% to over 100% plus rating. I am now a 100% + Disabled V/NAM Vet who since 1998 became ill with a rare illness without a cure or treatment. My illness was caused my my service disbitily and is connected to it. I had filed a claim in NOV. 98 and it took the VA till June 1999 to upgrade me to 20%. The A.L. rep was happy that he was able to get me 10% more then my old rate. I told him that this was the wrong rate for what I have wrong with me and that I would appeal the new rate of 20% because what I had was going to kill me within 2 1/2 years the Doctors have told me I had to live. I appealed to my VA R-Office Manager under a special rule my local county VA rep found in the books. I also had filed for my SSD at the same time I appealed my VA claim. After just six weeks of reviewing my claim and seven pounds of medical records I got a call from them telling me that my claim was finished and in the computer for my County Vet Office to view, and all papers would reach me that afternoon. My new rate was 100% plus a Spectial K. The next day the person working on my social security disability claim called me with a question. She needed to know what my VA rating was. After I faxed her the new VA Disability rate my SSD claim was approved from April 1999, the 1st day I was in the hospital. This last 12 years the VA have done every thing they could to improve my life. I am still fighting to stay alive, and I have been not only house bound the last year, but since my last hospital stay of 10 days last month I now have to stay in my hospital bed in my room at home. The VA has set me up with a nurse I see every week at my house. She takes my health report, and draws blood from me, and check my meds. I have a new claim with the VA for a higher rate since May 2010. The VA has all of my newer medical records and hospital records and the VA claim Doctors report since April 2011. I pray to hear from them soon because I now am on my last few months to live if that long. My lungs have a few blood clots in them now. I knew I had been getting sicker as each day went by but I also knew nothing could be done about it, till I started coughing up blood. I think the VA R.O. in Oakland, CA. has worked hard for the Veteran’s in the area they cover. It sounds like a few of the VA office’s are not doing the job for the veteran they were hired to do. We have thousands of Veteran’s that would be more than happy to replace the people that will not do the job that they were hired to do.

      • Randy Metcalf

        Hi, I thought Congress past a bill last year that any one with a 100% rate would get paid in full for retirement and VA disability Comp. , and this year the 70% disable Vet would get both checks pd. in full. ??
        Am I wrong??

        • Patti

          I heard the same thing but you have to have a purple heart??

      • 0369MSgt

        Hey Randy, Welcome Home! I am a Vietnam Vet too. I am happy you got the benes you deserve. I wish prayer and the best quality of life you can get 24/7. I hope you can get outside and smell some fresh air every now and then. While out there, rub some of that sunshine on your face too. Lol

        Thanks for sharing your story!

    • Dawna

      Where were you stationed? Same thing happened to me? MST at Long Beach.
      The VA system fought me the entire way for my lousy 60% and lost my file twice to avoid giving me an increase.
      The system has done this to us! I’m glad you have had a good experience at your VA but many of us have not.

    • Josh

      Yes I agree. Don’t bit the hand that feeds you. Meaning that if you fight the VA you may not win. But If you try to work with and befreind them you will find people that will be willing to help and you will get what you need. this is from a vet who is getting 70% disability rating.

    • Bobby D

      I’m glad that you have had great treatment at VA. I’ve been in the VA system since I retired in 1990. The only problems I’ve experienced have come as a result of cell phones. It seems that the receptionists (?) now just reach out their hands while continuing their personal conversations. Now I just stare at them like they’re crazy until they respond in a humane manner. When they do respond verbally and let me conduct my business I then ask to speak to the supervisor on duty. I once had to ask the supervisor in New Orleans to let me speak with her boss. The reason being, you guessed it, I interrupted her personal conversation on her cell phone. I’ve never had a job where you can spend your whole day talking on the phone and its not official business. Guess I’m just jealous.

    • Jagmedic

      Please share with us NAME vame ?
      and the adjutcator who handing you find car ?

  • M00nbeam

    My husband, a 30-year career retiree finally got a rating after 14 years of persistent claim submissions, re-submissions, re-re-submissions, testing, retesting, lost testing, lost files. We were told by the VA that because he had 30 years of medical records with the Army that they were large and many VA employees would pass them over so not have to read them. The whole thing is riduculous. He now has a 230% rating and finally gets something though all it is is a reduction of taxation on his retirement pay. This is how we thank them….

    • 0369MSgt

      That is all non-taxable income! Check this out with your retired military representative benifits counselor ASAP.

    • disabled_vet

      How does someone become 230%?

      • Retired O now VA

        You don’t. Your individual disabilities might “add up” to a lot, but, of course, no one could be more than 100%.

        There are “Special” compensations for certain circumstances, but the % doesn’t change. For instance, my wife is Permanently and Totally disabled with loss of use of both legs and both arms and a terminal diagnosis, so her 100% is compensated more than a person who is equally 100% disabled for a temporary hip replacement.

    • Dave

      The reduction will be gone in a few years and he will be able to get both. How did he get a 230% rating? Special Compensation Tables? I am after the VA to do that for me or I guess I will just have to file a malpractice tort against them for what they failed to do. The offset should be fully effective soon, and you may want to look it up. I am now going back and forth with Social Security about all this and it takes the same effort as dealing with the VA. Hope you get what you deserve!!! Dave

    • Bobby Berry

      If they are taking your award from your retirement pay, they owe you money. HB 333 eliminated the taking of a monetary award from one’s retirement pay. You are entitled to your FULL RET PAY PLUS THE MONTHLY COMPENSATION.

  • Mad Vet

    THIS IS CLEARLY SYSTEMATIC INEPTNESS AT ITS BEST!!!! I have been in the system for over 20+ years and nothing surprise me about the VA any longer. I am curious as to how the VA Regional Office in Atlanta scored. This office is so inept that it makes no sense. It doesn’t surprise me that they often are faced with threats (bomb threats or vets showing up with shotguns) Not that I condone this action but I can see how a person can be taken to that point! Especially when you submit documentation and it is accidentally lost ON PURPOSE not once but twice! Or better yet, you seek information and get the run run run around by staff there as well as their wonderful 800 number. A TOTAL FARCE. It’s unfortunate that every time I go to that office I have to RAISE HELL to get something as simple as a question answered. We won’t even talk about the unnecessary delays called “deferred items”… Most times deferred for a year or longer… What a fckn joke. Makes me beyond livid and I feel like I wasted my time serving! And as has been clearly stated… Not a damn thing will be done about it. For all of the folks serving now, take it from me, make copies of EVERYTHING because it will surely get buried or lost accidentally ON PURPOSE!

    • Si man

      I spent 20 years on active duty and during that time I experienced a herniated disc in my back with arthritis and stenosis developing over time. I tore a rotator cuff in my left shoulder with developing arthritis; tore a miniscus in my left knee which also has arthritis; I developed sleep apnea; got decompression sickness during hypobaric operations and guess what? I got a lousy 10% disability. Guess what VA hospital was doing my claim?…Baltimore!!! Go figure.

      I still suffer from these issues, but they don’t care. I thought the VA was developed to help its veterans…don’t hold your breath. You fight for your country, you get injured doing it and then you are disposed of, broken and angry.

      I just gave up, it wasn’t worth the fight any longer.

    • gawnfishin

      Every Vet should get an updated copy of their records as often as possible. You have the right to a copy of every page. If they are too busy to copy the record, the must send them to you. Keep your own file in the event of fire, or the records being mishandled(lost). Once mine were misplaced between appointments on the same day!

    • Scott

      You have to love the VA in Atlanta. I have been unemployed for 2 years now and fighting them on a hardship treatment plan. Atlanta states it is a decision made by the local VA and the local VA says it comes from Atlanta. This pawning off of responsibility will never cease, this I know. I recently received a bill that had charges attached for visits, this after the hardship was approved.
      I am getting the run around on a diagnosis for health issues from Desert Shield/ Storm, so I salute the Vietnam Vets in their dilemma.

    • Josh

      People won’t listen to you when you talk to them in anger. In the military we were taught to fight but in the civilain world we need to get along. I would suggest that vets make copies of there records before they leave the service.

    • 1LT DM

      I have only been in the system since 2008, but I feel like I have been treated as “less than human” by the VA, and even by the country I preparedo represent as an Army Chaplain. I was injured at Fort Jackson, on a training assignment. I never set foot on foreign soil, and much to your surpeise, that is where I wanted to be serving God and Country at. I was injured by the negligence of a fellow soldier. I feel like my claim is on the bottom of a mile-high stack, since I didn’t get hurt in battle. All I know is that, like every other soldier, I had to report when i was told to report. I had to be at every 4:30 PT roll call , and every training assignment, forced marched, etc. I did all I was commanded to do. I will be disabled for the rest of my life, but the VA folks in Atlanta don’t care how bad it hurts me to stand-up, or walk, or try to sit in one position for more than 30 minutes at a time This is suppose to be the greatest Country in the world, but don’t get hurt preparing to defend it, or you will be a victim of the greatest hippocricy in the world.

  • Vietnam Vet

    I was hospitalized in Vietnam, ,no records,,,hospitalized at a VA Hospital, when I came home,,diagnosis,,? unknown,, Drs came by the dozens to examine me,after removing part of my lung,, they told me they never saw anything like this before,,they told me Id only live another 20 years,, I said **** you ,as I barely walked out of there. Ive spend 43 years short of breath, chest pains,and struggling to raise my family,and Im still here to complain,,,,,while in pain,Had I known my health would be compromised for the rest of my life ,over a incident that didn’t even happen,,,,,,,,,I wouldn’t have volunteered

    • 0369MSgt

      I am a Nam Vet too. Do you have a DD-214? What branch of service were in Nam? I can give you some points of contact which may help you.

      Please hang in there and give me the above info asap. I will drop the info I have for you back here on this blog.

  • Joe Bellantoni

    I was denied disability compensation because it was NOT service connected. I claim that exposure to Agent Orange has manifested itself in my present medical situation…ie neurpothay, CIDP, and Lipoma’s.
    I was with the 101st in Nam, Aug 68-Aug 69. Anyone else experiencing medical issues now which were not diagnosed when they were in Nam or still in the service? would love to hear from you.

    • Thomas Pittman

      101st 71-72 Fire base. Hearing results only claim in fr that they did give 20 for diabetes and 10 for tinnitus. Go for it bro dont quit we deserve it.

    • tcoyote

      I was in Nam 70-72 and was never diagnosed with anything until this year. I received NO physical examination when I ETS’d from Nam and the Military on the same day. I was diagnosed in December with type II diabetes, hearing loss, neuropathy in both hands and feet and up my legs. It seems as we get older these things manifest themselves because of our lowered immune systems due to age.

      • Dave

        Hey Guys, are you on the Agent Orange Registry? There are conditions that if you have them, you don’t have to provide documentation as they are called presumptive conditions. Take a look at the Agent Orange section on the VA website and use what they have there for your claim. I am going back to get my Father’s disability from Agent Orange for the melanoma that killed him. I think diabetes is one of the presumptive conditions and you don’t have to give them any proof, which is a good thing. Use what they have against them!!! hehehe! Works really well. Dave.

    • Steve McNeely


      With the 25th from March ’68 to March ’69. Diagnosed with Graves Disease in late 70’s and had most of thyroid removed. Have rheumatoid arthritis now and have a claim wioth VA. Articles from university studies have proven direct link with Agent Orange. I have included these with my claim but still waiting to hear after six months.

    • EDD..

      I live in New Orleans and was also in Nam….you won’t believe the crap here….but please hang in there….something is really wrong at VA….

  • Tina Lussier

    My husband has been trying to get VA compensation back in 1973 when he was released from the psychiatric unit from Terminal Island or some Island
    from CA. He was delusional, paranoid and hallucinating when he returned
    and he wasn’t like that when he left for Thailand. He was a radio man. He had a difficulty time in Thailand. He was exposed to Agent Orange. Currently, He has 5 stents in his heart, high blood pressure, diabetes, & PTSD. He is difficulty to live with therefore ; he is more my boarder than a husband. Due to the recession I have him live with me to help me with bills. He re’d SSI for his disability but VA won’t give him his compensation. All we can do is pray that the VA will do something soon.

    • Dave

      Get him on the agent orange registry. If he stepped one foot in Vietnam then he can claim agent orange caused his medical problems. There are lots of conditions that they are going to allow because of the agent orange there. If he spend time in Thailand, make the case that the agent orange didn’t all stay in Vietnam, but got into the water and the vegetation there and in other countries. My ex-wife was Vietnamese and she was diagnosed with a rare gastrointestinal stromal tumor that was one of the types you got from agent orange, but she got it out and I guess is fine. She could have filed a claim for it, but she didn’t want to. Guess she will continue to lose out as she was most definitely affected by agent orange from living there during the war.

  • W.J. Gandy

    My claim was rejected because the examiner disagreed with my orthapedic surgeon. The surgeon said my hip and lower back problems were BOTH probably related to the years I spent walking on 2 bum knees. The exami9ner said he was more than 50% certain my condition was caused by my CLL…. Chronic lemphocitic lukema!… Go figger!

  • E.L. Thomas(USN)

    Will veterans exposed to AGENT ORANGE who can not prove “boots on the ground” due to the inadequate record centers of the VA ever get their just due?

    • Joe

      All VN veterans who stepped foot “in country” for one day are presumptively exposed to herbicide dioxin, commonly known as Agent Orange. This being said, the veteran must also have one of the conditions or diseases associated with exposure to herbicide dioxin. The VA does not keep or have records of where the veteran served, for that is or was the responsibility of the branch of service the veteran served with. If the veteran has material and supportive evidence, he/she will more likely than not have the claim adjudicated in their favor.

    • I sure hope so. I am fighting for my husband who fits directlly in that category. He was exposed when he was flown from his ship (USS Oriskany) on a COD to DaNang for the day, then on to Cubi Pt. then home. His records are totally silent as to this.

    • I am trying to get other fellow sailors on the Oriskany to send statements to that effect, and hopefully that will help establish his route as well. We are on our first appeal, the original claim was filed March of 2010. My husband started with Diabetes II, leading to complete renal failure and about 10 strokes. He now is unable to communicate, verbally or in writing due to the strokes, and still has not been acknowledged as “service connected”. Meanwhile we are broke because neither of us can work. But I am not giving up, and please don’t you either. If you know people who were witness (either individually or as part of a standard “route” you could try the same thing. If I can do anything to help, let me know. My e-mail is ladyesq6@aol.com

  • Pete Hellinger

    Get a Lawyer or a better Service Rep. this is redicalice ! In In.& Ky. the Va services are Pretty Good but when it comes to P&C Hearings they have a Bunch of Na-sayers !! Good Luck Brother . 68-69 I-corp

  • Val

    My husband was in the 82nd airborne Ranger specialist 4. They claim he has not left US and my husband just snickers and won’t saya word. I have woke him up many times because of a recurring nightmare he has. It concerns his get in get out stuff in Vietnam. He said the VA just hopes you die. We put in a claim for multiple illnesses and injuries. He served between 1968 and 194. We have a State VA Rep and he is NOOOO help. Don’t know where else to turn and my husband is sick of it and won’t do anything else. His medical file alone is over 2 inches thick for that time period.

  • Rafael

    I just filed my claim in August 2010’after serving in the Persian Gulf War. So far my experience has not been a pleasant one with the VA and your comments are doing nothing to reassure me. As I read in one of the comments my medical records could not be found either. After I requested a copy of my records, I was told they were loaned to the VA, yes the same people that told me they could not locate them. On top of that, they request a copy on my medical files from an private physician I saw, who would not release them unless I paid 50 dollars. I asked a VA representative and she told me to have the Doctor’s office bill them. I contacted the doctors office to verify they sent them but was told they had not been paid and they would not send them until they were. I again contacted the VA and was told by a different person that they don’t pay for those records. After I tops her I was told different by a VA representative, she tells me that person was wrong. Who is training this people that they can relay false information which in turn does nothing but delay the claim. Hopefully I will not be one of the aforementioned claims that takes years to adjudicate after numerous appeals. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  • GL Clasey

    What ido you expected. Govt. office and workers. Just proves again and again VA is out of control.

  • Art

    I came home from korea in 53 after ten months on line and two and a half years in a north korean p.o.w. camp.my disabilities were far to many to mention. i got no rateing i was dumped on the street and told to suck it up. Twenty years later for all of my disabilities my rateing is over two hundread percent the same ones i had when i first came home.know that the v.a.is going to —- you over but good keep comeing back fight fight fight

  • NoHOPE Florida

    I use to do claims for SSA and got to see many claims vets had filed with VA and I was insulted at the vets who were allowed 100% for ‘medical’ conditions that would make most of us wonder…who did this vet know to get this rating?! While other vets were left behind with serious conditions like mine.
    Don’t come to Florida and expect any better treatment from VARO. Nor any help from congressmen, or those who are suppose to help vets file claims. The only way anything will change within VA C&P will be some nut job going postal or worse in a RO. I ALSO AGREE IT’S MANAGEMENT AND NOT THE POOR PERSON ACTUALLY WORKING THE CLAIM THAT NEED TO BE FIRED. FED EMPLOYEES NEED TO LOOSE THEIR SAFETY NET UNION AND JUST BE FIRED BASED ON HOW MANY COMPLAINTS A RO GETS.
    I tell any young man thinking of joining the military …DON’T!! That is, unless , you want to defend greedy rich in this country. Don’t think so, who started the war in Iraq? I wonder how many disabled vets or active duty are rich?? Betting its a single digit.
    We vets need to band together and become a new group of voting Americans, if fat head ‘tea party’ can become a force politicians must pander to…I’m sure we vets can actually bring change to VA & the USA.
    VET PARTY? VETERANS DEFEND AMERICA? The first thing that must change….term limits for congressmen, no more living in congress…8 years and your OUT!

  • tsssf

    I have waited for 2 years on a decision,they BS around to much. It goes to Decision and then back to Development and no one can tell me why. I to signed a contract and was injured in active duty and they want to mess with my mind. The VA is just running with the devil

    • John

      Edward Bates Atty at Law
      Pro Bono VA/DAV Claims.
      Smart and knows the game and how it’s played.

  • Avelino Trevino

    Will someone please give me a good attorneys name to take on the VA in san Antonio tx.

  • Maurice

    I am a Veteran even though I sereved during peace time I was discharged with a broken wrist and bad knees.I am now unable to work because my legs are so bad that I can’t stand for more than about 2 hours. I’ve been given a 10 percent on my knees and 10 percent on my wrist. They did a bone graft in 1986,and it hasn’t been the same since.For the last 9 years I have been fighting to get my just deserved respect and assistance. I was a professional soldier and took my resposibilities very serious.Why do I have to put up with the hassle just to get a chance to get my life back in order ? If I am awarded the adjustment they will only go back about a year’and I have already lost everything.

  • kelly

    the dept of veterans affairs needs to do a complete overhaul of the people who work there, i am a veteran of the gulf war 90-91, my claims were denied twice so i have filed again for ptsd and awaiting a determination, i just want what is mine thats all i ask, i served hard duty for 8 long months in saudia arabia, seen and did alot of things i could never forget.

    • disabled_vet

      If you get something, let me know. @mail.c**

  • mesaron

    Thought I’d chime in. Was rated in Dec. 2010 – 20% Diabetes, 30% PTSD, 120% Parkinson’s Disease….VA math = 90% Disabled.

    Therefore, they had sent a letter to state that they were considering 100% based on unemployability. Nothing yet.

    Saw my VA primary care doc. the last week in April. He asked “what’s new?” I gave him the prognosis from my ocologist stating that I have 5-7 months to live due to metistatic colon cancer (not recognized as AO connected) and the doctor -all 200 lbs of him laughed until he nearly cried. He said “Well, you’re handling it well”…belly laughed again…the said “well, when you gotta go you gotta go”…then told me he was glad to see my glucose readings in range. He wouldn’t listen when I told him they were within normal range because my private Primary doctor has me on 30 mg. of Actos.

    I know I’ll never see a dime…but for those of you still around after I’m gone…get the BASTARDS!!!!

    • damon

      hows this for VA math
      left leg and ankle 10% each, overcurvature lower spine and i dont mean curved left or right, 20% shoulder injury 10% ptsd 40% chronic knee pain 30%, im rate at 50% total, however a freind of mine was in the same unit in IRAQ has tenitis and ptsd rated at 80% how the helldo these morons figure the numbers when he is not in any form of counseling yet im am madatedto see a therapist to continue to recieve the ptsd rating…..

    • diasbled vet

      I’d sue the frack out of the Dr for emotional damage.

    • 0369MSgt

      @Mesaron I am deeply upset about how you were treated by the DVA and especially that doctor. You are a brave warrior for taking the time out to share you story with other Veterans on this blog.

      I suggest you write a letter to your Congressman and Senator in reqards to you situation. Make a call to their office too. Also write a letter of complaint to the Medical Licensing Board in your state. That “doctor” need to stand tall on the ole’ man’s carpet for that crap.

      I hope you will do all to have the best quality of life available to you.

      God bless you Warrior!

  • John

    I have been fighting the VA for over 20 years to get my hearing loss service connected. I had to prove to them that even though I was a “Weather person” that I worked around jet aircraft for over 12 years. They are now telling me that it is probable that my hearing loss was because of this. They rated me 0% for the loss but told me that I have to wear hearing aids. My question is this if I am 0% sc why do I need hearing aids? Also how many vets who claim hearing loss know that the VA says that tinnitus is not the same as the hearing loss. The VA sc’d me at 10% for the tinnitus but nothing for the hearing. I lost back pay for the tinnitus because they told me that I never claimed it before. Who is running the VA?!!!!

    • PLNavy

      Same thing happened to me. I worked on the flight line for 5 years before the double hearing protection safety standards were implemented. I have documented hearing loss in both ears. I was given hearing aids for both ears. When I recieved my rating I got 10% for tinnitus and 0% for my hearing loss. I guess I am not deaf enough by VA standards.

    • 0369MSgt

      I have been at it with the VA for 15 years for the same exact reason as you.
      I got 0% for hearing loss (I spent 14 of 20 years in the field, plus combat). 1996 (VA Hospital East Orange, N.J. I had first hearing test done. I was ASKED if I had tinnitus? I told the doc i did not know what that is. He did not tell me either. Results 0%! I found out later that ringing in my hears. Well no sh%t sherlock! I have had that going on in my gord since 1967 (fired 105mm and 81 mm with no ear plugs). 2002, second VA hearing test. I got hearing aids. Results: 0%. But I heard things that I had never heard since 1967. 2008, third VA hearing test. I got digital hearing aids. Results: 0%. As of 2009, no rating for both conditions. I appealling again 3 weeks ago. I will keep appealing until they fix there blunder. I use CC on the TV. A DVD w/o CC and I am lost. I ask for a hearing devices at the movie theaters. Shows with the spoken word and I am at a loss w/o hearing aids. Good luck to you John.

      • dan

        i have been at it with the va in philadelphia, pa since 1999,the va said i had tinnitus but i recieved no rating, ten years later I was gave 10% disability and 10 years back pay but denied anything for hearing loss. In 2010 they gave me service connected for my ears 0%, this year they denied me again. They also gave me 2 hearing aids and all the cp tests show severe hearing loss right ear and private ear doctors report said the same thing. I’m a vietnam vet 68- 69 and was in artillery on a 155, I was talking to a cp doctor and he told me that they base their decision on your good ear and that is why i’m keep getting denied. The hearing isn’t that good in my left ear either but it is better than the right ear. I never thought that after Nam that I would also have to fight the damn people that are suppose to take care of us. Everyone said talk to my congress man, that’s a damn joke, all he will do is allow you to use his name on your letter head. I filed again last week, Thanks Dan

  • 1BigPapa

    I have was hurt in 1983, I have had 9 knee procedures now, my doctor and the VA doctors and even the QTC doctors all state the same thing with my current problems, yet the VA always seem to miss something, which as we all know means you kinda have to start over. I have been starting over know for almost 4 years.

  • jerry

    & These are the same morons who want to run Obamacare ? Fuhgetaboutit !

    • 0369MSgt

      @Jerry You have it mixed up. The DVA has NOTHING to do with HealthCare.gov.

      Vetrerans who can not afford healthcare can not get it. All Americans who are suffering can get it.

      Before I fell ill to my service connected disability, I worked for 25 years in Human Services. I have seen the rich fall form grace and come to our office for help.

      When I was a kid, my Mom would say to me, “Son be careful how you treat people in life. Because the same people you meet on the way up. May be the same people you meet on the way down”.

      You complain now about the Healhcare Reform Law now, but you may need it later.

  • jerry

    Do not EVER file an “Appeal” of a VA claim…that puts your file in drawer #13. Never to be seen again. Rather, fill out a form that specifies that you will be resubmitting additional information. Then, keep praying…there are some ruthless cats running the VA show. Plenty of money for Wall St. but the veteran…he gets screwed again & again.

    • disabled vet

      Every year they can put off paying a claim equals more money for pork belly projects. Multiply by hundreds of thousands of claims….

      I think this country DESERVES Obama/Clinton care – then they could suffer from the nightmares we Vets do.

  • Thomas

    God bless the us soldier this weekend!!

  • Dewey

    I went too the VA Hospital in ST. Louis Mo I had an no-service connected pension I went in eligibility to ask why my pension was doped too $5.00 per mouth. He ask what was my income IV told him he stated you are $600 and some odd dollars too much per-year. He had me sign an statement that he typed up asking the VA too stop my pension immediately also telling me I would have to repay the pension received for the last two years back.
    So being worried about my medication that was free at the time would have to have co-payments and possibly have to repay that also. An few weeks latter letter was received from Pay Management requesting the $5.00 back also by amazement without my knowledge I was under the old pension 306 pension and had an limit of $13.456.00 that was less than what I was currently receiving yearly as of now. But the dummy that had me sign my pension away did not even look for an reason why nor what pension I was under guest it was too much work for him, anyway he retyped another letter requesting to have my 306 reinstated an few weeks latter VA sent me another letter stating my request was under review an may take a wile and please do not get in contact with them at this time due to it’s back-up of reviews my questions is why did they take it so fast and now I have to wait for an answer surely it should have been reinstated automatically due to their representatives mistake also he would never sign his name on anything he just stayed in the dark that is one reason I think a lot of vets are getting the run-around some of the the personal they hire in eligibility are not even connected with the VA they or only people off the street that is what one rep told me at Jefferson Barracks in MO. He told me to go back and have him try an get my original pension back he was the only one that could help me because he typed up the request to have it stopped, but he still will not sign his name so what do you all think about the eligibility representatives they hire off the street to help us vets do out paper work?

    • disabled vet

      Contact your State Representitive – go to the office, don’t complain or waste his time. Have a short letter of one page typed out that outlines the issue. Ask for his help AS A VOTING MEMEBER OF HIS DISTRICT.

      • Dewey

        Thanks disabled vet I’LL try that: in the letter that was sent to me states I can try for the new improved pension, but I’M not worried about the new one It’s my medications I’m concerned about it would not cover them. I’m on 8 different ones I am also going too send an letter too Pension Management giving his name and the complete story about his negligent procedures. Hope that will help them understand the situation and it was not my own request to stop my 306 pension. Thanks again

  • Craig

    Si man please do not give up! That is what the VA wants you to do! Believe me I have thought about throwing in the towel many, many times. But you know what it boils down to principle now. If you were healthy when you entered the service and I am sure that you were, then it is the same priciple as if you were injured while working at a civilian job. But the fact is that you sacrificed so much more than at a civilian job! Think of the countless months away from loved ones, the duty at all hours of the time of day, the thankless jobs that go unnoticed that you were and others tasked with? You are not a malingerer, a person that is looking for something for nothing, you’ve paid that price many times over! Do not give the jerk’s the satisfaction! All service connected disability compensation is to provide you with a couple of dollars (I do mean a couple of dollars!) to offset your earning potential that you could possibly be earning in the civilian sector. For me I have been fighting for going on six years as I was exposed to asbestos while in the Navy. I have had two bouts of stomach cancer with the first being at the age of 36. In fact I was the first person ever to get any form of cancer in my family going back to the late 1800’s. Four different medical doctors from four different specialties say that the reason that I developed this disease was due to the asbestos. I have two witnesses from the 1980’s that watched me and other Navy personnel handle this stuff. All the neccesary evidence and all my ducks in a row so to speak and yet the VA in Chicago looses my evidence, looses my claim, throws out my medical opinions since they say that they were unfounded because they were formulated without reviewing my Navy medical records which the Chicago VA refused to release year after year depsite that they were in this office’s possesion. You name it the dirty tricks that they pull is absurd! In fact unfortunately I was also recently diagnosed with Asbestosis and yet the C&P Pulmonologist at the James Lovell Federal Health Care Center refused to bother to even review the evidence that was submitted. He and his staff looked at one CAT scan report from 2006 and proclaimed “You are one of the lucky ones, you have no asbestos related lung diseases” When I said well that wasfrom five years ago how about looking at films from 2007 to now? I said that this is what my doctors based their opinions and diagnosis on. This jerk refused! Acted as if I didn’t exist! Refused to address all the questions that I had and all the pointed errors that he was making right then and there. You see Si man you should also think about the next veteran that comes along and if your sticking with it makes a positive change then it might be worth it. I wouldn’t give the jerk’s the satisfaction, think it over again! God Bless!

    • kevin Burnett

      First – it’s w/ mixed feelings I read these posts -I have, however received a lot of great ‘options’ re: my current claim. The Hx of my exper w/ VA claim is too long to put here, so, briefly: D/C ’79’ w/ ulcerative colitis – went to VA – got treated – UC is notorious for chronic ‘flare-ups’. 1985 2nd bout w/UC nearly killed me, blah, blah,blah. Emergency surg. in VA Bay Pines FL. Guy from Milit. Order Ord. P. Hearts comes into my room while I’m recouping, says I can get u Serv. Con. – brings papers in – I sign – 6-9 months pass (w/ 2 appeals) I get 10% and 2 $7,000.00 retro cks. Previous to this I was clueless abt even the existence of SC, claims, etc. I collected my 123.00/mo for years w/ some guilt that I didn’t REALLY deserve it cause Svc. didn’t cause it – I now know that doesn’t matter. Until abt. a year ago never gave a thought to tryin to increase SC. BY chance, I visited DAV Bost. and was told I cud get it increased – had them file – 6 mos. later was awarded 60% w/ retro ck to cover 6 months (now I did do research this time and was ‘ready’ for my C&P) – I can only conclude – I got lucky.

      OK, what does all this have to do w/anything? I m now attempting to get it increased again – for a related comdition – and have had my first exper. w/ delays – suddenly – the DAV seems not so ‘magical’ as I assumed after them doin such a great job 18 mos. ago.

      Was surprised no one seems to have noted the following:


      For any of you unfamiliar w/ this, they and another Org. has been aggressively appealing a major suit addressing the precise ‘system BS’ many of you are referring to and have WON!!!!! This is very recent (2-3 weeks ago) – it’s Well worth reading abt. An Appeals Court in Calif. has over turned a lower courts ruling and essentially ruled the VAs claims and appeals process IS DENYING VETS THERE DUE PROCESS RIGHTS and, therefore unconstitutional. I read the entire 30+ page ruling and wud encourage many of u to read it. Esp. w/re: to you that are or may be ‘taking your grievances to Congressional Reps, etc.

      At the very least, this is perhaps a short-term situation that you may be able to ‘utilize’. I certainly am. The Link I have listed above brings u to the home page of 1 of the 2 ‘Serv. Orgs.’ that are spear-heading the case – the VA has wasted millions and 3 + years fighting this. My ‘3 cents worth’ to this Huge issue. THX. burnetto57@gmail.com

  • Ernesto

    I’d like to let you all know that in my opinion the DAV, and the VA, are all one in the same. I have been struggling with different issues since my exit of the military. First of all, my exit physical did not show my broken back, my hearing was terrible and to make items worse. I was on permanent profile for broken ankle. I began to have serious medical issues all related to my service time. And went to the DAV to get help. At first it took me three months to get to speak to them ,than it took me another eight months for them to get the paperwork done. In 2006 my injuries became so bad I could not work anymore. I tried and tried and tried again to get assistance from the DAV and all I would get, is “we’ll have to call you back.” Needless to say my wife and I ended up doing 90% of the paperwork. I had to find all the information, fill out forms exactly as they wanted. Meanwhile my conditions continued to worsen! The DAV finally gave me an appointment and told me my paperwork was sent and that’s all they can do. I got a denial letter three months later. I wrote my senators ,and Congressman which was no help. my wife was the one that finally got it done. It wasn’t until 2010 that it was completed. I don’t trust the DAV they get paid by the same entity.

    • disabled_vet

      Ever notice that they assume you have money for medical treatment? I can’t get hired because of my limitations and…guess what…NO medical treatment (records) for the last four years that document my worsening condition.

    • Dave

      The real problem is that they are now co-located with the VA office and not in a separate place which is a big part of the problem. Keep the faith. D

  • bridge to nowhere

    I read the note about the DAV and I feel the same about the American Legion–they remind me of the upper mangement at unions across this country—ever try and speak to anyone in those positions–negative is what you are going to receive–and they claim they represent the vets–bull- crap–try and call them and see how far you get with the receptionist—it almost as if you are a chore to them, don’t even think of asking a question before they allow you to ask one–I was a member–not anymore–ps I am 100% service connected and I arrive at this point all by myself–dealing with those knuckle-heads at the regional offices–and last but least—I have always spoke and treated those folks exactly like I wanted to be treated –not once –was I rude—ever—it is better to serve the illegals coming into this country , than the people who gave their time and lives to protect the jerks–

    • disabled_vet

      …and they won’t even talk to you unless you pay dues. I amout of work for 4 years..who has money for a pipe dream?

  • usmc72

    I got a copy of my medical record after I got out before turning the original over to the VA for a claim. The last three years I have been fighting for my disability compensation and keep receiving letters that the claim is denied because of no record of injury during military service or it is not service connected. Yet, when I sit down and read my medical record I can find numerous pages with complaints from me and treatment records from the navy medical. O now have to file a rebuttal for my legs and other items I have made claims for. Still waiting for a final decision on my back and hands. Can’t get hired anywhere because I am considered a safety risk for other workers and the medication I am on keeps me loopy and somewhat high all the time.I raised a lot of hell including writing sending a copy of letters of how I have been treated to both the Senate and Congressional committee of Veterans Affairs. I hand delivered a copy to my local Congressman’s office. For some unknown reason I suddenly started getting calls and appointments for my exams and even had a few rescheduled and done over again. Staff at the Dallas VA know me by site. For any of you that have not done this, contact the person representing you and send them a letter signed requesting a COMPLETE COPY OF YOUR FILE. Make sure you address it to the regional comp and pen office handling your claim. Send it certified with return receipt. There is a new program out developed by the new man in charge at the VA to shorten the process time. It currently has only a few ailments listed but more are being added all the time. For those of you that can get a civilian doctor and not a VA doctor to do a report stating that your injuries are connected to military duty then according to the DAV here in the Dallas area, the VA must take your side on all decisions. There are forms that doctor must fill out. When you have one Doc saying it is not connected but another that says it is, they MUST decide in your favor.The VA is not required to show you your file but if you ask for it, they must provide you with a complete copy minus anything that would be blacked out as being a national sensitive item. If your file was lost in the fire you have a long road to go. First thing you need to do is prove your case and the injuries you sustained. Start locating people you were stationed with during that time period by posting something on military.com and bing.com search for military organizations. Contact doctors you saw if they are still around or who took over their practice. Best of luck but don’t give up. Even after everything is done on my case I still have one more claim to file. Did you know that if the VA screws up and you are injured as a result of the screwup you can file a claim for it since it was their fault and you can get a disability rating for it and be paid for it? Thats what I am going to be doing soon. I was giving medication to help me sleep since I kept waking up at night from the pain. Started having blackout seizures and woke up in cities far away and didn’t remember how I got there but I was in my truck! Finally one night I had an accident during a blackout. Luckily no one was hurt except for a fence, my truck and a two ton rock I moved with it. If the rock had not been there I would have continued on into the neighbors living room driving thru the wall. Now I have neck problems and trouble with my left shoulder and arm. This is related to the medication I was receiving. I quit taking it that same night and the blackouts stopped. Proving it was related to the medications prescribed by the VA doctors. Good luck to everyone out there.

    • olivia

      When you have your appointment with these “so called doctors” hand carry a copy with you of the illness you are being seen for. Proof in hand so it will make it easier for these “so called doctors” to enter your information on computer so the wizards behind the curtains can give you a rating Good luck

  • carlito

    To all that had served Thank you.
    By reading all this comments sounds like we all are in the same
    boat that are sinking and our own VA system don’t give a **** about us.
    I know there are some VA employees that are trying there best to assist us only to get block by management that control it from the red tape of the top.
    Don’t stop fighting and goodluck.

    Thank you again for your service and your Family sacrifice.

    “Sapper 7”

  • Spartan

    Fraud, Waste, and Abuse at it’s very best as usual! How can you classify a veteran with a disability at 0%? Hmm…………. I’ve been a 0% since 93′ and the real reps are too few and far in between. Good ol’ VA making sure that you’ll never get what you deserve. For those that have given up most of their “social” lives for this country……………….. just realize what this country IS NOT doing for you! GET THOSE IDIOTS out of power and you “MIGHT” see a slight improvement, but that’s just wishing. I understand the plight we are all dealing with, but it will take an all out complete government change to stop all those years of “pulling the wool over our eyes” and get back to the REAL reasons our government was ever invented. Too many wolves in the chicken coop! Time to get rid of them and completely change the laws and rules THEY VOTED themselves without public knowledge. A REVOLUTION WOULD START IF YOU REALLY KNEW WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN DOING TO THIS COUNTRY FOR YEARS RIGHT UNDER OUR VERY NOSE!!!!! Don’t believe me? Ask your “representative” if it’s true that they only have to serve one term to get a FULL retirement from your taxes paid and they get it TAX FREE!!! It’s a law they voted behind closed doors…………….. I know, I was there when they debated about it!!!!

  • ESL Trainer

    Doesn’t anyone recall that saying drilled into our heads in basic: “No excuses Sir/Ma’am.”

    Sounds like excuses to me.

    I’ve been fighting with the Baltimore RO for ten years. Their denial letter to me said I didn’t have medical problems while on active duty, none within my first year after I’d separated, and besides that, at least one of the things I’d claimed, adjustment disorder, isn’t in the ratings schedule. I was also told I didn’t have fibromyalgia while in the service, which was technically true. Up until 1994, or maybe it was 96, it was called -I separated in 84. They also denied several other things. I shouldn’t have to do their work and have to point out what codes are applicable. They should know this. If I can find the ratings schedule, and understand it, then those people with control over people’s lives and destinies should also be able to understand it, and how it applies.

    The VA claims there are many homeless vets living on the streets, and they want to find a way to rectify the problem. Perhaps they should begin looking inside their policies and procedures. How many of the honeness veterans became so because their legitimate claim was denied by the one agency tasked with helping them.

    Instead of the lawyers suing to get people’s cases settled, perhaps a class action suit against the VA for failing to perform as required by their charter, and one for suing the VA for the inability to follow the Ratings Schedule.

    • disabled_vet@

      The VA told me since I was a single white male, the only thing they would allow me to do is APPLLY for a bed in a homeless shelter AFETER i was certified as homeless. I am 30% disabled (civie docs say it should be 100%).

      We fought for this?

    • Where can I find a ratings schedule ………….

  • ESL Trainer

    Up until 1994, or so, Fibromyalgia was referred to as Fibroitis. (Don’t know why that didn’t show in my last post.” I pointed out to them it would have been difficult to have had the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia since it didn’t even enter the military lexicon until 1994.

    VA also keeps telling me I wasn’t diagnosed with some of my medical problems until well after I separated, so, therefore, I’m not eligible. They seem to forget their own guidelines state a veteran can be diagnosed after discharge, but be eligible if the symptoms were there while active duty.

    I just want the whole appeals thing over with so I can hire an attorney, and let him or her handle it. S/he will have a field day with my records, all the failures to diagnose, unnecessary surgeries, incompetent surgery, and medical discrimination.

  • Armygirl

    2004 Ft. Jackson, SC refuse to give me a copy of my medical records and so is the few soldiers that station there. I was under going medical board. I suffered multiple injuries and was going from clinic to clinic. I have to lied and ask to hand carried my records to another appointment on the same day, in order to get my hand on the record and make a copy. It was not surprise that after medical discharge and file for VA claim, both me and another soliders were told by the VA that our record is missing and we can’t file for the VA disability claim. I make a copy of what I have and send it in. They give me 20%. I was unable to pick up a pot of water, cook, clean and care of my 3 yrs old son. I still can’t walk far with with out pain. I hear of the suicides in our recent discharge veterans and there were days that the physical pain and the emotional pain that the VA have cause me could easily push me that far.

    • Harold Harris

      Look, you made it through a war zone, fighting for the freedom of this nation and your three year old son, no way are you going to let anyone push you overboard now!!!

      Fight, join the DAV, (Disabled American Veterans) (859) 441-7300) National Office. They can put you in contact with your local chapter. Please, stay strong, fight on, we needed you then and we need you now.

      • Rick Lipary

        Hey, Army Girl!: DON”T join the DAV! They’re thoroughly corrupt, incompetent, and infiltrated clear to the TOP! When I appeared for my appeals hearing at the VARO in Los Angeles, my DAV rep had a quarter inch medical file on me. My active-duty medical records were at LEAST 5 12 inches thick when I left active duty! He had the nerve to appear at the hearing without even telling me that he planned to introduce such FLIMSY documentation! Forget the service organizations, learn the language and science of the DVA, and represent yourself! If you use a lawyer, (liar?) don’t go with a legal mill! Ask your minister to help you get a referral for a competent veterans law attorney who has a really good track record, is polite, and will achieve optimal results ASAP, while charging only 25%, and asking the court to assess the V.A. with court costs and legal fees. Good luck, and don’t hurt yourself ever! Do that, and the V.A. wins, while you and your child LOSE!

    • disabled_vet

      I hear of the suicides in our recent discharge veterans and there were days that the physical pain and the emotional pain that the VA have cause me could easily push me that far.

      Maybe if we immolated ourselves on the steps of the VA they MIGHT get the message. Heck a Tunisian street cart vendor just did that and spark the revolution that may over throw a corrupt system.

      Remember Jefferson’s words regarding the tree of Liberty. We are overdue. Don’t go silently into the night!

    • 0369MSgt

      I know it can get to be overwhelming sometime, but you and I have a lot in common. I have a 12 year old daughter who needs her daddy. You have a 3 yr old son who need his Mom. I am finally asking for help. I know you are a warrior who can stand up to life too.

      Someone once said to me, “You don’t have to suffer in silence”.

      Like me in 1972, you broke your silence and I thank you Armygirl.

      Here is a number I hope you will keep with you 24/7.

      1-800-273-TALK (8255)

      Welcome Home!

  • john

    NYC VARO is a nightmare claim has been sitting in pile for over a YEAR and they keep saying 60-90 Days. social security came in two weeks why does the VA take so long?

  • Max

    DAV S…S, went in today after being denied 3 times with identical replies, lack of proof on the hearing and not enough extra evidence for two other service injuries,they gave 10% for each other injury and did establish the titinitus for 10%(which seems to be the standard), the mere fact that I was not tested while on my ETS medical, and they wrote in on the medical discharge paper no hearing loss was all the evidence they needed
    Had my claims represented 2X with the American Legion, and figured I try the DAV since I’m a lifetime member.

    WORST thing I ever did, the guy spend 1 minute on checking my ID to make sure I’m legit, and spend 30 seconds listening to me, spend 1 min at looking at 3 denials, and circles 1 thing,(my hearing loss) and yep that’s the way it is, you don’t have anything, bring me some bullets, because I now only have a empty gun (I hope you read this MR 26yr Vet) since this seems to be your M.O., and then go on telling me that don’t listen to other vets, they don’t know nothing, and he goes off on how they claim that the medical records who vets claim that they have burned up were burned in 1971 and I entered in 197,so there.

    The absurd fact is that I never stated that my records were burned or destroyed only that they told me the could not locate my medical records. So after this dialogue of 2 minutes he gives me 3 the same copies of a nexus letter he has stacked up on his desk,and states to come back with the evidence, I did not even told him about my other two more serious medical conditions.

    I was pissed, but there were 2 more vets waiting in the hallway, and since I already waited for 1 hour to see this jerk, I figured I leave.

    Did I feel this rep was in my best interest, HELL NO.

    I will cancel my life time subscription to DAV and certainly will prevent other vets to join this organization, I will steer them towards the other agencies.

    The route I now propose is to send the claim myself, get denied and then go with the denial to a lawyer for further action.

    Any other suggestions welcome, and the vet with the hearing loss from continuous jet noise, let me know if you have found a way how to establish hearing by being exposed to long sustained noise without adequate hearing protection, prefer you leave it on this blog so others can benefit as well from it.

    It seems that it is an uphill battle, but one worth the fight.


    the worse cases of PTSD never recieve va help…..drunk tanks…halfway houses….homeless shelters…..prisons…..these are the avenues…where we exist…and its costs society 10 times more for the vets who have no other options to survive….and WE WILL SURVIVE

    • disabled_vet

      Yeah – the pain from my injuries l;ead to alchoholism and “chronic, severe” depression. Air Force put me in treatment twice but told me up front that they could not “force” me to recover…I only had to attend.

      Guess how fracked up my life is now? The pain and drinking AND depression is worse. I can’t hold a job.

  • Harold Harris

    I use to call the VA once a week and my opening comment would always be, “This is my weekly check-in.” Last week, I received a call from the VA telling me that they were completing my package and wanted to know if my Wife had been married prior to our marriage. Told me that I should be receiving a letter in 7-10 days, so I am waiting, have nothing else to do I guess. Now I read this and find that they may be wrong 23% of the time, with my luck, I will finally be a winner and end up in the 23% group. LOL

  • Buddy

    Mr Messler:

    You “CAN” get a copy of your records that were lost in that fire.Simply write the IRS and VA payroll office in DC and ask for a copy of your pay stub records.They can get your records through your pay stubs.Military pay stubs are permanent.They will need you SS number and of course your full name to locate them.This system is akin to a medical Doctor in the private sector.The file old records in an inactive base when the patient is no longer under their care. Go to VA records.com and you will get in depth info on this.The site will have a report on the big fire in addition how to get your records through the above mentioned.Best wishes.A Nam era VET who is also being long poled by the ultimate enemy.The Administrative wing of the VA.

  • Jbasser

    It took 14 years for me to get service connection issues lined out. That is a long time but I did it. I did use a VSO but I kept in control of my claim.
    There are recources out there with a couple of web sites that specialize in assisting Veterans with these types of claims issues. Hadit.com and VBN are good because they have people who have been through this process.
    Dont give up folks, take charge of your claim. Know what your disabilities are and how they compare with the 38 CFR part 4. and remember, your claim is not just a claim. When you are disabled because of your military service, your mere livlyhood and existance are at stake. Dont let a denial deject you, get busy and get proactive.

    • disabled_vet

      38 CFR part 4

      So many people say “do this” but don’t elaborate. If we knew how…

      Please elaborate.

  • Jim

    I cant believe how our disabled veterans are being treated, I am currently rated at 70% and I have letters from VA Staff Physicians that state I am TDIU moer specifically they state that I am unable to secure or maintain any meaningful employment solely due to my service connected disabilities. I applied for tdiu and was denied, in addition to VA Physicians I have the same statements from civilian physicians. I think our government is clearly turning it’s back on it’s Vets every chance they get. Yes I have appealed and yes I have a Attorney now, didn’t think I needed one since I thought my case was cut and dry but guess nothing is when you are fighting a crooked and neglectful system!

    • disabled_vet

      I have lost/left every job since getting out since I am physically unable to do the work. How do you prove THAT to the VA? All I ever hear is “Suck it up…”

  • David Riley

    I recieve 20% sevice-connected disability for my degenerative disc disease and I recently was granted social security d/a after 4 surgeries on my back. I requested increased compensation due to individual unemployabilty. 38 (CFR) 4.16(b)states that it is the established policy of the Department of Veteran Affairsthat all veterans who are unable to secure and follow substancial gainful emplement by reason of a sevice-connected disability shall be rated totally disabled. This means I should get 100% because I am unable to work because of my back. Am I wrong? any help send to mriley256@yahoo.com

    • disabled_vet

      If you find out, let me know. I am in EXACTLY the same boat. In case they censor, I am at Mail.com

    • VA employee

      In order to be eligible for TDIU you need at least 1 disability rated at 40 percent disabling, or multiple disabilities that result in a combined disability rating of 70 percent. If you don’t meet that criteria, you are not eligible. Of course, if your disability gets worse, then you can apply for an increase if your condition increases in severity.

      • Dave


        Lots of sad situations, but maybe I can help. The best thing to do is to have a civilian doctor examine you and let him/her say what the disability rating should be. That has worked for me several times and I am going to have to do it with the SSA. I am at 100%, but it took a long time and a lot of work to get there, so don’t get discouraged. There is also a rating for sciatic nerve pain and I am at 10% for both legs, but that is rolled into the 2 herniated discs I had surgery on twice and still they sent me to Afghanistan. Then the wondered why my back and other injuries got worse! DUH!!! I had to explain it to them over and over and finally started writing letters to the Regional Director and then I had to send one to the VA Director. Next step? I will keep people up dated. After my second back surgery I asked my doctor to rate me for disability and he said 35% and I got 40%, retroactive so it was a lot of money but it was paying back the SSB I got. Lots of money but don’t forget to get the taxes back. Funny thing about the VA is about 1/4 to 1/3 of the doctors rotate through the VA for residency or provide other services, so they are not going to deny it when your primary care doctor has said what it is. Helps, but still need some documentation support it which isn’t that difficult given your situation. The VASRD has the ratings in there and for one herniated disc – 5%. Two herniated discs, 10%. Seriously, they will give you exactly that, but if you get your civilian doctor to state what he/she thinks it should be, they don’t argue with an “orthopedic surgeon” that has had 50 years of orthopedic and other surgeries. Additionally, using your personal physician also saves them a bunch of money, so if you have civilian insurance, use it and send in the documentation. I had a compression fracture in my back above my two herniated discs lifting paperwork to take to the VA and to my Federal Agency to get disability and disability retirement. And they weren’t that heavy, The orthopedic surgeon that I saw afterwards said it could have broken by me sneezing. Long story on that one. I may just write a book about all this crap and what has happened. Well, I hope I have helped. Post on here if you can so that others can find out what you did and maybe do it themselves. Once I get everything done and they give me what they actually owe me, I can help others get through this lethargic and confusing process. Remember, Congress writes all these rules and they are exempt themselves, so just vote for anyone else that is not in office. Vote them all out, I say!!! Take care, Dave

  • disabled_vet

    PLEASE contact me @mail.C**

  • tina

    Not only was my rating originally set for something that did not get me med boarded but they fail to rate the issue that did. Now I am fighting again to get my rating set correctly for my ailments. This probably would not bother me nearly as much if it were that I could work or even that they would do something with my daughter’s claims.. she served in the Coast guard and can’t even get rated due to thier losing her paperwork.

    • Dennis

      I know a guy that got something called minears? disease,, something to do with the ear,, well, he got service connection for this,,, but, a lawyer friend of mine, and his, managed to get him a 100 % rating for this,,, even after finding out that he did not even have this minears disease !!!! He got like a 200 grand back pay settlement, and I can’t even get service connection for an injury I was actually treated for and the VA has proven and found with an MRI,,,,, talk about ineptitude !!!!!

  • 0369MSgt

    Google Title 38

    VA Home Page……. va.gov/

    VA Vet Centers…….. vetcenter.va.gov

    Records………….. archives.gov/st-lous/military-personnel
    Note: A few months ago, I got a 5lb package of my
    entire 21 years service records delivered to me by UPS.
    I found my Nam medevac orders for one of my claim
    items. I also requested a copy of my entire medical records,
    but I got a letter saying they were “on loan to the VA”. I sent a
    formal request to the VA for a complete copy of said records.
    Stay in the fight.

    Returning Service Members……oefoif.va.gov

    Women Veterans……..publichealth.va.gov/womenhealth

    • Dave

      Do a FOIA – Freedom of information Act Request. That has a time limit and they will get the message. :-) Good luck!

  • Teresa/PA

    My husband died in January, 2011.
    He was rated 100% fir 20+ years……….above knee loss of leg from gunshot, PTSD, unemployability, etc..
    He got his pension all right, but the VA fought him about everything else for 40 years, and the medical care at Seattle VA was bad beyond belief.
    He hated the VA.
    Now, I am fighting for widow’s benefits. I agree that the VA is corrupt and denies, denies, and denies. I also hear that the DAV isn’t so great.
    So where does one get help? I can’t afford an attorney, and are there any good ones out there?
    I’m going to lose our VERY modest little house that is all I have left of our life, and this after losing my husband after three unspeakable years of illness caused by Agent Orange, during which time the VA kept telling me there was no help for caregiver/spouse.I realize many, many are in far worse situations, but I now have nothing but a flag and a mortgage that I can’t afford.
    Any advice?

    • marty grubowski

      contact the purple hearts,they can and well help you,look them up on the computer

    • VA employee

      Contact a veterans organization, MOPH, DAV, etc. You need to apply for a widows pension benefit. If you were married for 12 months or more you should be entitled to a widows pension, however, any form of pension from the VA is offset by any other form of income dollar for dollar. So, if you are drawing social security and receiving $800 per month and you are eligible for a widows pension benefit of $900 per month, you will only be receiving $100 per month. However, after the first year, assuming you qualify, you can offset your expenses by turning in medical bills, and potentially get an increase. Also, they should automatically do a ” death rating” on him to determine if his cause of death was due to his service connected conditions. Death certificate would help your case as they will do a decision with the evidence they have. If they determine is cause of death was due to service connected condition, then you would be eligible for DIC which is short for dependency and indemnity compensation, which will not decrease if you have other forms of income such as social security, however, you will lose it if you remarry and they find out.If they do a rating, you should receive a letter with a rating decision. Hope this helps

      • Teresa/PA

        Thanks for your reply.
        I have already applied for the DIC and /or Death Pension and been denied because we were married less than one year. I knew about this requirement, and it is the only reason for denial. We lived together 19 years in a state that does not recognize common law marriage. I get different answers from VA about whether they recognize common law.

        My question/problem is this: Are there any cases in which a spouse successfully appealed this kind of denial…….not being married long enough? My husband was rated 100% for 20 + years with a service connected disability. All this info has already been submitted–death cert., etc.. I used a VFW SO, who wrongly informed me that there are “loopholes” and that I should be able to get the DIC.

        So……..are there loopholes, are there cases of a widow successfully appealing the one year married denial, and how do I find out about it?
        Sorry, but I don’t have much faith in any of the service organizations I have talked to so far; I know more than they do and they all have a different answer to the same question.

        Thank you, VA employee! Sorry to be so long-winded.

  • greg

    I was exposed to chemicals rated as sensitizers and carcinogens while in the Army. Many of the same chemicals are present in the water of camp Lejeune and would have been created in the burn pits many soldiers were exposed to. Many soldiers have been unlucky enough to have been exposed to depleted uranium or agent orange or nuclear fallout, or pollutants in the sand of the middle east. We know many petroleum products are toxic and the military handles them with little regard to soldiers. Often water supplies are substandard, food is not the best, and you really need to be dying to be able to go to sick call.

    One would think given this history the military would be able to figure out that people that entered service healthy and became quite ill would be given the benefit of the doubt – service factors usually contributed to the progression of disease – which is seldom medically documented due to the length of time before someone shows symptoms.

    I seems that officials in the military prefer to deny claims in order to make more money available for weapon systems purchases.

    Loyalty is a precious commodity – It is expected from those at the bottom – but seems to dissipate the further you go up the pay scale.

    What I find most despicable are those ( mostly in the republican party ) that are accomplished in terms of lip service to the soldier – and totally unwilling to spend a dime in honoring the implicit contract veterans sign when they take their oath.

    Conservatives are the world’s champions on enforcing BUSINESS contracts – TOO DAMN BAD they can’t work up the same passion for those contracts signed by the very people that keep their worthless butts free.

    • sharder8

      I’ve had the opposite experience here in Oregon. The Republican Congressman jumped when I contacted him and I was talking to his rep. within 24 hours. One of the Democrat Senator’s contacted me a couple months later and his rep. never returned my call. I’ve heard nothing from the other Democrat Senator’s office.

  • sharder8

    This doesn’t surprise me at all! I’m now at 25 years of fighingt the VA and it wasn’t until last December’s CUE hearing that we got to the bottom of the problem. I developed DJD in both hips and both knee’s on active duty. When I filed my claim at the San Diego VA in 1986, the VA doctor’s statement was my hips and knee’s were normal. During December 2010’s CUE hearing, the hearing officer happened to look at the radiology report stapled to the doctors statement and it verified the damage noted in my active duty records. The hearing officer claims it wasn’t a clear and unmistakable error, but asked that I re-open the original claim.

    I’ve now done that and went to comp/pen medical in Hillsboro 2 weeks ago. Now I’m waiting to hear the results/findings. Question is . . . will the VA only pay back to 12/10 or all the way back. My VSO notified the hearing officer that we were prepared to go to VBA and her comment was “you’ll probably win there”. I’ve been fighting them for 25 years and another 2 years awaiting the VBA decision if necessary, isn’t that long to wait.

    • Dave

      They will go back to when you filed a claim for that particular condition if you appealed the initial rating. Legally, they have to and yes, they can say it was a clear and unmistakable error, cause they did for me and yet I am still fighting on with some other issues. Keep the faith! Dave

  • sharder8

    Follow up to my original post:

    Funny thing about the comp/pen hearing . . . they paid little attention to my orignal hips claim. Because the hips have already been replaced? They also didn’t take any new pictures of my knee’s. Possibly because the Portland VA has already admitted I have to have them replaced soon? They did check out my kidney’s and liver for damage from the drugs I’ve had to take for the last the last 27 years to walk and my shoulder, (I had an AC sepration in while on active duty and it gives me problems routinely.) The kidney’s, liver, and shoulder, were new items. The funniest was my hearing loss. They could only find records back to late ’79, so they claim my hearing loss to be a pre-existing condition. The funny part is . . . I did my basic in ’75!

    • 0369MSgt

      I apprediate you sharing your story. I plan to fight my case before the US Courts of Appeals in Washington, DC. I understand I can go as far as the Supreme Court. I want back payment for as far back as 1996.

      I hope to see more of your actions here. You gave a lot of motivation. Thanks!


    im getting out in 6 months between the horrible care at VA hospitals i hear we get and this claim mess i really dont look 4ward to getting skrewed over by the army and the VA

    • sharder8

      When it comes to care at the local VA Clinic . . . I’ve had outstanding care from very caring and professional personnel. Same finding from the Portland VA Hospital.

      However, having said that, Portland VA Hospital has a 3 year waiting list on hip replacement. But, you could get lucky and they find extra funds and contract out the surgery, like in my case. Then it will only take 19.5 months.

      While we do hear some horror stories of the clinics and hospitals, I’ve heard far more horror stories of the comp/pen and claims sections.

    • 0369MSgt

      Before you get out please make sure you get copies of all of your medical records, dental records and any exrays. If you have a serious medical condition, you may want to get into the Warrior Transition Program or at least check it out. Get all of the pre-discharge information that you can now.
      You may even be able to but in a VA claim before you are discharged…..just check it out. Lol

      Good luck and thanks for your service.

  • Cherie

    Retired out of AF in 2001 and tapped out and awarded 80 percent disability through the VA the next day. At that time I gave up my retirement pay for the VA disability pay and received from the Air Force a payment of approx 350.00 a month for being severely disabled after the slow return of retirement in 2004, the AF stopped that payment for being severely disabled. Just kind of wonder why? Now over 10 years and 6 surgeries later, still not well and have been trying to bring up my disability even though it counts up to 130% they have a different way of showing it. And denied me any hearing disability and I worked right on the flight line. 100% not here yet. my hair now turning white and getting less and less. Werther you’re in or out of the military you still have the hurry up and wait syndrome . I have been to the following centers since I have been out’ starting with Seattle. WA approved 80% Spokane VA, Beaumont, Tx clinic, Houston Regional, back to Spokane WA VA, to Cheyenne, Wy, Fort Mead, SD, Hot Springs VA, SD ,Scottsbluff VA clinic NE and now back to Spokane VA Wa. All the surgeries I have had are service connected and carved on since I retired 10 years ago.. So what’s up? Hoping that someday soon they will click and say you are now 100 percent. I was one of the lucky ones who tapped out so was able to get all my military medical records and it is still hard to push and get the correct rating. But now as far as the care goes; I have had from the hospitals has been great, just had one draw back though in Beaumont, Tx clinic, they thought I died, I was there though, was funny at the time and scarey now too. So if you don’t hear from your VA with appointment, within a year you better check with them and see if you’re there in their system. I have had not problems with the doctors and care in these past 10 years though. Sorry to hear some of you have. Good luck to all and hope soon we all get what we deserve for defending, policing in awful nasty arm pit places we were sent to, to keep our homeland. America safe. Thanks to all who have Served!!

  • jamesstevens

    Recently retirees Had more income tax taken out of their retirermeant checks. This was effective 1 March 2011. I was wondering why as there was no reason given. The regular service personal did not have more tax taken out of their checks.

    • 0369MSgt

      It happened to me too. The reason that was provided to me (on the reverse side of my DEFAS statement) was that it had to do with the recent tax bill congress approved. This month I got a decrease inmy SS check. I have to send out RECON to get intel on that one. Wait one!

  • Truthful

    These claims will continue to get processed incorrectly because the raters need NO medical experience/terminology what so ever, they read from a book about your condition. These positions are to be open only to veterans but most times the non-veteran will get hired. These raters also have a daily/weekly/monthly quota to answer to so I’m sure in most cases it is much easier to deny a claim than take the time to give it the rating it deserves. Until all of the above is fixed the system will continue to be broken. In my opinion the medical claims should be rated by a licenced professional i.e. RN’s or MD’s.

    • Dave

      Well, maybe not. I know that for my particular situation that the Atlanta Regional Office has to have a medically trained person to review the records cause the raters are usually not medical and just VA Civilians who are just trying to do their jobs, but unless they are qualified to rate me or provide the proper rating, then it will remain a problem. Check in some places for me will you? I thought the VA Director’s Office said they would have that done and I don’t know if it was everywhere. Additionally, I need my records reviewed by a Combat Arms Officer so they understand that the Field in Field Artillery is there for a reason – FIELD Artillery, what part of that don’t these people understand? Yeah, I spend about three years of active duty living out in the field and then they tell me that my osteoporosis which was unusual for a 32-year old male, is not service connected??? I think not!!! It has to be as it doesn’t run in my family, but I got it that early? Then both the Army and the VA never told me and never treated me for it and I was sent to Afghanistan with very brittle bones. Just last year, I had a compression fracture from lifting up some medical records, no they were not 20 yards high, if that is what you are thinking. Just a reasonable amount. The doctor told me I could have sneezed and it may have broken. Could have been paralyzed. How much do you think that might be worth? Hmmmm, in my case, a heck of a lot of moolah!!! Have to get it retroactively. Why is it that they tell me I can’t get it back more than a year for a retroactive claim, but they can and often do take money out of what we get if we owe something. Also hard to claim something you didn’t know you had so they are just going to have to give me a few $$$ for that as I had to take a disability retirement from work. :-( Best of luck to you!!!

  • Navy DOC

    Nothing new in this article for me. I have been fighting the VA since 1989 for my 100% and after appeal to VA Judge in person was remanded back to review for further documentation. After remand I opened another case 3 months ago in which I sent a Letter from VA Neurologist to board stating that My injuries were occurred on active duty and that I can NO LONGER work or participate in physical recreational activity and this has been over 90 days with no answers. Social Security placed me on SSDI for everything that the VA has been treating me for from ACTIVE DUTY INJURIES, no appeal has taken into consideration this SS determination although it was sent with the appeal. I will take this to Congress and the courts if I am denied again because I cannot live with a 40% rating. It is my opinion that it is true that they keep denying us waiting for us to not appeal the decisions or die so they don’t have to pay. KEEP UP THE APPEALS – DON’T GIVE UP THE FIGHT EVENTUALLY WE WILL WIN AND RECOUP WHAT IS DESERVED BACK TO YOUR ORIGINAL CLAIM, BUT YOU HAVE TO APPEAL EVERY DECISION WITIN THE REQUIRED TIME LIMIT OR ALL YOU ARE DOING IS STARTING THE PROCESS ALL OVER AGAIN,

    • disabled_vet

      How did you get SSA to rate you? Everything on their site (and in person) tells you that if you can earn ANY money, even of you “can work for 5 hours amonth” (sic) then you are NOT disabled and NOT eligible.

      How did you get SSDI? please email me disabled_vet (at) mail (dot) com

  • Melvin Fink

    When I finnaly was able to get someone to hear my request for 100% I got a statement from the person who performed the inquiry YOUR FAT , I wieghed 194lbs,stand %’ 11″. I was also given 0% for periphera[ nerve damage and later found that I was Type 2 Diabetes. I also was in Viet Nam and Korea and was exposed to agent orange,which is a presume problem with the Nerve damage. This alledged Dr. when I asked him what his qualifiications were, he stated ” I’m qualtified”. This person also would not take into considerraton the fact that in some cases were we were only seen by a company medic and sent back to duty or LT duty. So yesn the system needs to be investigated of who gets what, There are ome people walking around with a 100% with only a knee problem.

  • Russ

    I was in Nam in 1972 for a month ( was removed because sole surviver of family name) and was told that all my records was lost even showing I was in the service let alone in Nam until I showed proof that I went in in 1971. I was in the USAF. I recently developed Congestive heart failure and tried to get disability and was denied. I have trired to go thru St Louis for records and was told they didn’t exist.

    • Allan

      Your unit should have some daily records/reports/orders that can be reconstructed. These are records that normally would not have been part of your file in St. Louis or listed anywhere on your DD-214. Go back through your Air Force unit(s) where you were assigned and see what you can turn up. Also, consider contacting your congressional representative (House Representative or Senator). They all have someone on their staff who specializes in helping veterans. Other vets have had similar problems and being tenacious is your best asset. Don’t give up.

      • Vivian

        I thought I’d enlighten you, Allan, on thinking our House Representative or Senator have anyone on their staff that does anything!!! Apparently, after all my husband has gone through, they don’t!!! All they have is lies & more lies!!! My Husband has had no help whatsoever!!! I have found out more by calling on my own to find out where his File is!!! The Regional Office stuffed it in File Storage for over a year & if I hadn’t called the ones I contacted for my husband a year ago & was referred to the American Legion, it would still be in file storage!! He is a WWII Veteran who was on a Destroyer Ship in the Pacific for over 2 yrs. Enlisted in 1944 when he was 17 yrs old. Hurt his back while catching 5 inch Gun Shells from another ship in rough water during the Iwo Jima Battle!!! Also, has had two 6 inch long hernias repaired & his shoulders are ruined!!

    • Dave

      is there any paperwork that you kept that would have it? I made copies of everything and have several boxes of paperwork that I thought I wouldn’t need. Yeah, right!!! What about guys that served there when you did? Their sworn statements would work as well. What about your Commander? They should have records in the main archives so try there. Google the army records archive and get the address to write for a copy of whatever they have. Good luck! Dave

    • Guest

      If you were there in 1972 then they are lying, while there was a disastrous fire in 1973, the records affected were US Army discharges 1912 through 1960 and USAF discharges Sept 25 1947 through Jan 1 1964, they pulled the same thing on my husband who retired in Oct of 1965. http://www.archives.gov/st-louis/military-personn

  • Pastor 123

    Most of the VSO’s could care less about your claim, most of them don’t have a clue. Doesn’t it make you wonder how muxch support you can get from them expecially when they work in an office on the VA Property. GET A LAWYER, . There needs to be a complete investigation including the C&P Physicians. They are either liars or incompetent. I had a so-called “Physician “diagnose Type 2 diabetes as Type 1. On being questioned, instead of doing further checks she just said “Yeah is Type 1” Meanwhile I lost my left eye because I had diabetes for months and the VA knew it but did not treat it.

  • Will

    I served in the USMC from 2004 to 2008. I went to the VA in FL sometime after my EAS to have my hearing checked. I had lost a minimum of 5 and up to 20 points of hearing in all ranges, but was told that I am still within normal ranges of hearing. So i was denied any disability, even though I went in with a certain standard of hearing and left with a lower one. I can tell a difference as well as my family, friends, and coworkers. I have trouble hearing people too often, that others would have no difficulty with at all. I am past my appeal time but now am wondering if this discovery could help me. I’m asking for advice from others on this. Does anyone else think I should even try again, and if so how should I go about it?

    • 0369MSgt

      Hey Marine, I suggest you get a VFW advocate or one just as qualified or better, and hit that hill (VA) again and again. Go to your local VA Medical Center for treatment of all and any serice connected injuries.

      Go here for a complete copy of your SRB and medical/dental records:
      www. archives.gov/st-louis/military-personnel.gov

      Make copies of all the very importand doc, but never give up your orig. Always send them to whom ever my registered mail.

      If you can go to a civilian doc for a hearing test too.


      Thanks for your service Devil Dog.

      Semper Fi
      USMC, 1964-94
      Nam and some more!


        I have to admit that the VFW does a great job as advocates, but i received the best and fastest results by going to an American Legion advocate. The gentleman who helped me, did almost all of the paperwork that i had to submit for my case. I just had to lend my advice to a fellow DAV. Good luck no matter which road you decide to take. YOU GO MARINE!!!

    • Dave

      They will give you hearing aids. What happened was the Army decided after some point in time that everyone had ear plugs and should have used them to protect their hearing. I joined the Army Reserves in 1980 and even though I did wear earplugs, being field artillery, I still had hearing damage and tinnitus that won’t stop. People wonder why I sleep with the TV on. Anyway, after a certain point, they stopped giving more than 10% I think because they can give you hearing aids and you should have worn your earplugs around noisy areas or machinery. Guess I am old and since I was field artillery, it makes a difference? Good luck, but you will be wasting you time on an appeal as they will give you hearing aids so take those and be glad they make them small. Sorry I don’t have better info., Best Dave

  • Will

    Sorry I forgot to put this in previous post. If at all possible I would appreciate responses to my email. Send to wtellefsen@yahoo.com.

  • WUC

    I served in a special operation overseas. While in this third world country, I was involved in a terrorist attack. Myself and a number of troop were bombed in a guerilla attack. After being bombed/disabled the attacker came in with machine gun fire. They fired at close range and did unbelievable damage. I was hit by a large caliber round. Many other the other troops received worse injuries. This event and the circumstances surrounding this event has completely destroyed what I understood as life. I returned home completely devastated. I received no instructions from military or VA. After symptoms became too severe, I sought help from civial doctors. I was told that my injuries required much more comprehensive attention. It seems no different to me. The military “powers that be” seem to always talk about soldiers lives like creamer for coffee. I was told numerous times that I should have left military as 100% disability. The VA last claim practically mocked me saying, “My injuries did not occur during “wartime”.

    • disabled_vet

      Don’t need to be during wartime, only service related.

      I suffered a 3rd degree shoulder separation while exercising to keep my weight within guidelines. It is “service related” and was allowed. Sadly, they did a crappy surgery and after I got out, I had to pay a sports surgeon to rebuild my shoulder so I could use my arm again.

    • Dave

      I would appeal that and if you can’t tell them where it is, but it is in your medical records, then tough cookies!!! You have a purple heart I am sure and they don’t give those out for “peacetime injuries” do they? That will shut them up about being in “wartime” if where you were serving was in a combat zone or since it was a terrorist attack, it should be considered combat as you had to kill the guy or he would have killed you and you took some bullets, so they can’t argue if you have a purple heart, now can they? If that doesn’t work, write to the Special Forces Command and have them verify it in writing. They won’t want to say where, but they can say what and if you got a purple heart, and if not, then write to the SOCOM Commander’s boss and see what happens. Same thing happens to “other federal agencies”. :-) Best, Dave For the folks in the Pentagon on 9/11 that were injured, did military members receive purple hearts? If so, that would be pretty good documentation too!!!

  • Disabled Vet

    I have been a disabled Vet since 1982. Initially they gave me 10% on 1 knee and 0% (but still service connected) on the other. Most recently they bumped my right knee up to 60% and then I had it replaced. They bumped it back down to 30% removing a range of motion disablity that is even worse after surgery. State VA rep says it should be a total of 60-80% because of this and I’ve been waiting in “Decision” since Jan.

    This is just typical of VA. Even when their own appeals boards state you can’t do something they do it anyway. If they found 23% (and I believe the real number is more like 40-60%) in error, why should the vet have to reapply or appeal? They know the claims that were wrong, correct them automatically instead of having the vet wait another year to have a claim processed..

    • Dave

      They get interest on the money that they are denying you, so they put it off as long as possible. :-(

  • Disabled Vet

    There is a report filed every week called the Monday Morning Workload Report that has every regional office’s total open claims and other categories. What they don’t have is the number of claims processed. I looked at all the ones for April under Awards and by the numbers the office processed on average 6.25 claims per week for that month. Most offices have over 25% of claims in the 125 or over categories.

    I’ve written to my representative and even both chairmen/chairwomen of the VA committees asking the reports include claims processed and some accountability to us Veterans as to how long claims stay in “Decision”. They say the are only there for 10-27 days but we all know the actual number is 5-12 months (don’t know where they get their numbers).

    Start righing your reps both in Congress and State legistlature and of course to the President. Maybe someone will fiinally stand up and listen that we want what they always promise when campaigning, to treat us better and quicken the claim process. Let’s start holding them to their words

  • NoHOPE Florida

    Never ever give up…they win through attrition.
    13 years fighting the BVA & finally my case is before the US Court of veteran’s appeals.
    If your claim has anything to do with TDRL forget getting any help from lawyers…they don’t know a thing about it…your on your own…I’m now representing myself …

  • jack

    i received 60%for my disability ,denited u.e.b,v.a say my left leg got better,now iam reduce too 40%,my doctor say it worse,without knee replacement medical prof say jounts do heal them selfs,so now i too have prove my claim.

    • Dave

      Have your doctor write a letter saying it got worse and that instead of reducing it, it should have been increased. Civilian doctors work just as well as military and VA doctors too. Besides, then the VA saves money!!! Give it a shot. I had a friend that lost 10% when they identified the disease he had and the chart said 30%, but he was getting 40% since they didn’t know what he had. IT had gotten worse not better, so a letter from the doctor in a letter to a Georgia Senator worked wonders and he got it retroactive back to when he filed the appeal. He also got an increase in his rating in addition to getting back the one that the VA tried to lower. Doesn’t make sense, but you know our government…. Take care,

  • Murice

    Someone need to check TX. VA…………

  • I have been trying to get a copy of my Claim file for over 10 years now. When i finally contacted my Congressman, the VA Regional office in Chicago, IL said they had sent me a copy alread (I never received on and they didn’t have any actual proof they sent it) and they would be happy to send it again if I paid them $169. I can’t afford that and I shouldn’t have to pay for something I know other Vets are able to get. My congressman said that there was nothing he could do since they said they had already sent it. So I can’t get a copy of my claim file. Either of them because they have two (2) on me (because of a clerical error when I first filed), which they have told me of on several occasions. I have been fighting the VA since 1992, and have been kicked out of doctors office at the VA medical center in Danville, IL because I am a female and don’t deserve to be treated there. I have lost a kidney due to my doctors negligence and couldn’t sue because I couldn’t get a copy of my medical records withing the time a lawyer would need them to file a tort before the 2 year deadline in IL. The VA just gave me the run around about my medical records and gave one escuse after another for the delay till it was too late. Everytime I walk into that medical center, I tense up. I had a heart attack at 53 and a stroke at 48. I had hypertension in the service but was denied service connection because it was intermittent. Now I have service connection for it back to 2008 but they list it as cause by the pain I an in by my damaged back. I hate the VA with a passion I can’t even begin to describe.

    • disabled_vet

      Don’t go to your Congressional whore – they represent the State. Contact your State Representative – they support the constituents in their district – that is you.

  • sgt

    I would love to give my experiance but I don’t really think it matters a lot. I can read how so manny of my fellow soldiers are responding and with little responce. They need to be heard openly aznd not behind close doors. WE want someone to fight the wars that other people start with on reword or a feeling if somethin happen I or my family will be seen after, is a bad dream. It did not just start, its been that way for ages. I have been retired sinse 2001 and still going through BS in there are people who have more time than myself and I feel so sorry for including myself.

  • charles

    I have been fighting the va in detroit for 2 years. I will soon need a hip and knee replacement from a spill in Iraq. As a marine section leader i couldn’t leave my guys their and go home so i pushed through un till i came home and got out. I now work 40 hours a week and when i go home can hardly move. The doc that did my first check said nothing was wrong with my hip and gave me 30% for my knee and others. My last doc said i have the hip of a 60 year old brick layer and need to hold out as long as posible untill i get a new one. It sounds like i should get more than 30% i am waiting on the va to look at my claim. What do you all think.

    • 0369MSgt

      Hey Marine: I think you should keep appealling until and submitting supporting documents to them. Go all the way to the US Courts of Veterans Appeals if need be. But Never give up. You know we Marines fight until the end. Ooorah!

      Semper Fi

      • charles

        Thanks I just wanted to make sure i was still sane

  • Marge Canfield W311

    Husband is an “in-country” vet 1966-68. Diabetes Type II, Hight blood Pressure, diagnosed with COPD BEFORE his lung cancer which was diagnosed five years ago!!! He has had his entire left lung removed. I praise God every day I still have him with me, but he is rated at 40% also??? For lung cancer that took his lung and his stamina??

    • georger

      Have you tried applying for unemployability,how can some one with those diagnosis find employment? Have the VA to try and show you where in their system he can be hired, never take no for answer.

  • FRS

    To Rabid Gander. From Simon Beret

    I do not know you but I can see you are a fighter. Sir I was treated the very same way. I even had pictures of my injuries and all of it documented and I was denied many times over. I swore that I would only give up at my last or dying breath. Do yourself a favor ‘KEEP FIGHTING!’

  • DAVID B.


  • Henry Cook

    You folks don’t understand that the executives at VA will not get their bonus if you get your rightful disability rating. Lord God Almighty, they only got about $21,000,000 to distribute among themselves in 2010. They want and feel they deserve more in 2011.

    My feeling is that our complaints will be fewer if VA executives are never again given a bonus for saving money. Also I believe each and every VA executive and his/her staff should be fired as a house cleaning measure. VA regional offices are fools. The Counselors that we are offered are housed in VA buildings, paid by VA and will never make a wave in our behalves. They have lunch together each day and the Counselers are given to understand that they work for the VA and no one else.

  • rschneek

    comment by psychologist at VA hosp in Minneapolis two years ago,” The only reason you people come here is for money.”

  • daniel t gomez

    m y name is daniel n i myselh find the system flawed really flawed i had a blotched operation n i filed against suit against the west palm va. hearing a torte claim after 2. 7 yrs after the operation i find it hard to believe that the system can gat away w/ such a bull shit claim n not take responsibility 4 there screw ups [ well its mind blowing ] if u can help me in any way pls call me @985893684

  • pichardo

    I`m a Viet Nam veteran and I was contaminated with Agent Orange and now I can hardly move my neck and walk Ihave arthritis all over my body suffer from ulsers in my stomach liver problems and uncontrolable Hypertansion , And since I have flat feet I have been operated on my ankles and the Department of Veterans Affairs has denied both of my claims Plus an increase on my ptsd

  • burnetto

    <a href=”http://www.reformer.com/ci_18054651?IADID=Search -www.reformer.com-www.reformer.com” target=”_blank”>http://www.reformer.com/ci_18054651?IADID=Search …” target=”_blank”>-www.reformer.com-www.reformer.com

    Great piece on the case I referenced.

  • jms112294

    Like ever one else here I am a disabled vet. I got medically discharged from the Army in1994 and have been fighting with them ever since.My first claim was denied and they even dropped the original 10% that I had been awarded when I was medically discharged. It took 2 years to get the 10% back.. I have been fightig with them for 17 years now. In 2007 I became to disabled to work and lost my job while on leave of absence due to migraines and sever back pain. I was diagnosed by the va as having degenerative arthritis as a result of the arthritis I had to have c4,5 and 6 veterbra and disc removed and replaced and a metal plate and 6 screws put in my neck and have constant pain in my neck. I have constant pain in my lower bacj too because of the arthritis, I was diagnosed as having PTSD ,and finally after suffering for about 15 years with fatage, sleep problems and constiant pain ans sorness in all the muscles in my body I was diagnosed by a va dr as having fibromilgia.I also have tenitis and hearing loss and like every one else the tenitis is 10% and the heating loss is 0% but I have to have heating aids. I am currently rated at 80%.

  • jms112294

    I used a company called Allsup 1-866-502-8372. They don’t charge you if you are denied and they do all the leg work and go through all the apeals for you. If you win they get a fee of $500 if you get it with out back pay. If you get it with back pay they get a maxof $5,500 in my openion it is worth it because they take all the fustration and hassel out of filing. No I don’t get anything for telling others. They do give referal fees if you tell them who refered you and you chose to use them. But that is only if you give the persons name and I am not worried about that (that is why I am not including my name with the post) I just believe they are a good company and hope someone else can benifit from their help. Your disability pay or retirnment pay is not counted as income for ssd. Only funds earned from employment. I am hoping to get approved for my unemployability. I am currently rated at 80% by the va and the weird thing is that the differance between 80% and 100% is almost double but just as the way the va decides your total disability doesn’t make sence neither does the pay scale.

  • mrs.jimmy sepeda

    veterans like you, we have been fighting for since 1989,the answer for us was that we found out that the law judge in washington has been with holding evidence on our case,judge m.e. larkin we signed over all evidence that my husbands records from his file were removed and fordged, she was to take it straight to washington,and then found out that the documents never got there, we were denied told no new evidence submitted,the answer to all of our problems can be solved, a million veteran march to washington.we are more powerful as a group,once and for all lets be heard,if not for us but for our children who are serving now.texas

  • 0369MSgt

    Hey Doc…..I went to your site. I did not know about your organization. It appears that VUFT and VCS are doing great work with your main body and support elements.

    I plan to join your team in this fight.

    A Job Well Done on the lawsuits. Keep up the fight!

    • burnetto

      Thanks – but it’s not my Org. – I just found it – but, still – it’s a great little win for the cause.Regards KB

  • Poacher

    If your congress rep is ineffective, contact the Houae or Senate Commitee on Veteran Affairs. The Senate Commitee on Veterans Affairs is at http://veterans.senate.gov/. The House Commitee on Veteran Affairs is at http://veterans.house.gov/. Both web sites list the members and has contact information for the staff. I finally got my PTSD rating last month. I was RIFed at 15 and one half years with a 0% disability. The disability was to ensure I could not complete my 20 in the guard or reserves. It took 10 years to get the 0% raised to 20% for blown out knees. I have been out for 24 years but my PTSD problems cam back 7 years ago. All I can say is Keep At It. The rule change on PTSD allowed my rating because all my records prior to 1974 are missing. Of course my 50% PTSD rating was reduced to 30% because of the 20% I was already getting. Keep At It and Good Luck.

  • C Burris

    My husband gets a 10% disability from his retirement. It should be alot higher, but because he didn’t have the paperwork to back up his claim, that’s all he receives. The injuries happened when he was out of duty station in the field.. So the Dr notes and treatments were never put into records. And no way to find where they ended up. Now he has Heptitus C. His Dr says was probably contracted when he first joined the army, where they used that gun to give everyone vacinations at the same time. But proving it , will be next to impossible. Hopefully this new treatment he’s getting ready to start will cure him of this terrible disease.

  • edward

    this is got to be invoving some useless politicians….of course they are all useless

  • Ken

    New problem into the mix. Soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who were stationed in England during the mad-cow disease epidenic there is the 1980s are prohibited from giving blood, and according to the local blood bank officials, it has been determined the prions that cause Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow) can enbed themselves in dna, resurfacing up to 60 years later. THat means your great grand children may develop Bovine spongiform encephalopathy because of our exposure to the tainted food supply in the UK. VA is saying nothing….big surprise there huh?

  • Ron


    Thank you for your service. I am a retiring MSG (E-8) from the Army with 22 years (1988-present). I jumped out of airplanes and wore rediculous amounts of equipment jumping and in doing so I got hurt in my youth. I sustained several injuries from my tenor through Just Cause through OIF. I know of your sufferage in dealing with the VA and system. I enjoyed the comment “Deny, Delay and hope you Die” synario. It is the truth.

    But you know something, there are alot of people out there that are what I call welfare recipiants. They do a little time on active and then jump over to the Guard or Reserves and exagerate thier injuries or health problems.

    I have seen it first hand in dealing with the Wounded Warrior Project. It is sad to see people using the system much like Social Security, Medicade and Medicare. Same with Unemployment benifits. We live in a world of corrupt peoples and the VA and the government know this. Everybody wants a paycheck for minimal services.

    In my own opinion, service records should be reviewed, to legitimize a soliders worth to thier duty to the mil.

    Today it hase been taken out of the records of all soldiers. Special letters of service, as well as letters from Commanding Officers, you name it it has been taken out of a soldiers record and generalized as “1 HSM medal”, 1 Army service Medal, :7 ARCOM Medals, “1 Bronze Star Medal”. But in your record it doesn’t state what you did. Same with evaluation reports. Same with evaluation reports. It’s all political. What you did as an NCO is generalized, whereas an officer has a big write up for everything.

    It sucks, and we all know it. We as soldiers are the whipping post of Congress. I fully agree that there is a problem in our system and checks and balences need to be implemented to get rid of the welfare recipients. You know as well as I do they are bringing all of us down that have REAL PROBLEMS. My best to you all.



  • Kittles and Bits.Congress Gets the Kittles Veterans get the Bits.__Bread has gone up 100% since Obama.Milk 50%.The Farmer Got 2%.__C.O.L.A. needs a make over. 10% didn’t eat anyless than 100%.__$2.90 month does nothing for the lesses while the top get $87.00 increase per Month. at 2.9%.____Before you start Yelling,I Am 100%.But I had for over 40yrs been on the neglected side.____Same with S.S.Disability a child they say needs Hundreds to meet the standard While A Disabled Veterans Child has only a Value Of $96.00__Who’s the Dumb Ass that considered That Brain Child.

  • Don’t stop fighting.There are good people in the V.A. system.No matter where you go that 10% seem to always get in your way.The 90% know who these Jack Wagons But are unable to rid the V.A. of them.These 10% have their own agenda.
    They should have No gain for they have a job that was created because of the Veterans need,(“NOT THEIRS”) Be Gone With Them For A Better Veterans Tomorrow.Veterans Owe Them Piss Ants Not A Thing.{RAID}Did I Say That?
    Who Do You Like Me So Far 10%Er’s? I May Be Known As Dinkiedow.But V.A. Certified Competent! “They Tried To Take Control”! {Fight Back} Semper Fi !

  • Juan Martinez

    have patience with the va it got too many claims and too few workers processing it.my disabilities has taken awhile to get approve and my latest one is my back.up to now I am at 140%,but the va got me at 80% monetary wise.right now I am WORKING ON MY DISABILITY OF THE BACK.I GOT BOOTED out IN SEPT.2010.I got medical discharge after not passing deployment for the third time.I got 35 yrs total service active 4,and the rest deploments plus reserve status.I got curve back,dislocated disc,and a pinch nerve and I got denied for it that it was not military related.They are working on my appeal ,so help me GOD.amen.

  • johnnybnike

    I hope the presidential committee established in the white house is reveiwing all these claims that are true. It is a shame the VA cant take care of our own.

  • B. Dunn

    It is really unfair how the VA can treat all the men and women that have served in the military, you the VA need to get it right.


    When you have this many responses and none of them good there is a problem. I have been denied each time I submitted a claim and have had to appeal. One of the claims was for scars from a grenade in vietnam. everything was in my records, so I checked further. It seems a h/w couple of raters(non-veterans) in the St. Louis office were getting their jollies turning down veterans. Yep, they still work there. They turned me down for TBI even after Doc at C&P confirmed it. I contacted my corpsman in my unit and had him submit sworn statement. It is still in appeal. 2 years in Sept

    The answer is never give up. Do your own leg work. Research CFR 38. Go to Hadit.com. Fight till you die or win and try to help as many Veterans as you can along the way. If you don’t deserve compensation don’t try for it. It screws it up for everyone. For those who do deserve it especially the young vets, DO NOT TRUST THE VA to help you. They are not your friend.

    Some of the VA hospitals are good some bad. There are two types of employee: Those that care and those that don’t. Find the ones that do.

    The Hospital Director in Columbia , Misssouri is one who does not care. A worse coward I have never seen. She even tried to cover up deaths, but didn’t get away with it, thanks to a pissed off wife. Semper Fi and keep up the fight.

  • gene cayabyab

    I was denied for unemployability 2 yrs ago because I don’t have enough proof even thou I have disability of 80% and 100% social security disabled and not qualified for Vocational rehab due to this disabilities, however I found out that VR did not forward their desicion to the VA office so I re-submit my claim but until now no result yet, why it takes that long for them to respond since this is not a new claim. I filed late Jan 2011.

    • Darrell

      It takes time since it all new correspondence must be produced by the developmental section and you must remember that there are thousands of claims ahead of yours when it enters the system. I just got a response from a reopen filing in March 2010 this April 2011. My original claim was filed in March 2009 and most of the issues denied in November 2009. I went from 20% to 80% like you with the VA (still awaiting backpay retro to 1 April 2009 and retro CRDP payment from DFAS also.

      I like you, reopened 6 of my 8 my denied issues on May 10, 2011 for the 3rd round decision with newly submitted evidence as opposed to tradtional appeal process. Hang in there and call 1-800-827-1000 and ask what stage your claim is in. Call around 5 p.m. – 6 p.m. EST time. If it says there is no one to help you the 1st time, dial a second and 3rd time, you may have to wait on the phone for about 10-15 minutes, but it always works for me.

  • Hopp

    I was discharged from the Navy in Jacksonville Fl. in 1996. During my enlistment I sailed on many ships JFK, Roosevelt, GW and Saratoga to name a few. I worked the flight deck on all of these ships and deployments. I was fitted for a hearing aid in 1992 (Navy issued of course) and I still have it now. My claims have been denied time and tima again, can someone point me in the right direction.

    • CB USMC

      My suggestion: Get on line to Vetarchives.gov and request a full copy of your military record. Be sure to follow directions completely. Then have a review of the record to verify hearing loss and extent with a private audiologist. Then have the info explained to you. You have to do your own training in the fight with the VA. Become knowledgable!

      Review decibel levels for acceptance of VA compensation and compare it to your record. Also be familiar with what tinitus is. There is no test for this. It is based on what you tell the VA C&P.

      Then go to your VA health care provider and make sure all your complaints are in their record. You can get a copy of the remarks they make of your visit from the hospital release of information office.

      AFTER you have completed these steps go to a few veteran service officers to see who seems most competent. Check with other vets for recommendations of who they suggest professionally, not who they like personaly.

      Make your decision on who you want to help you and THEN file your claim.

      Get your ducks in a row before you make the claim. Remember you have to do all the work. The VA claims examiner is not going to help you at all.

      If your claim is denied, ask for a DRO review before going directly to appeal.

      Good luck.

    • Darrell

      In order for a claim to be processed according to the VA, there must be evidence that the condition existed while you were in service and you must have CURRENT medical evidence that your condition is bothering you at this moment. With original injury and a record of treatments for said conditon you will always be denied. You need to establish visits for medical treatment for your conditions for post medical evidence. Look at the reasons for their decision and adjust your actions towards using the reason they gave you for denial for your success and victory. Whatever I was denied for that is what I begain seeking a systematic treatment record for and resubmitted taking me from 20% to 80% and with this latest submission I only new two of the six items I submitted to be awarded 10% to go to 85% which will take me rounded up to 90%. Hang in there Hopp. Learn CFR 38 (the VA Bible) and use it for your benefits, I Did. I avoid VFW, DAV, AMerican Legion and those groups, since the VA will only notify them as the go between and often leave you out or won’t talk to you if you have a rep.

  • Donald

    I have been fighting va for three years over back surgery that caused for me not to be able to walk or do much, I can not work becase of the pain in back is there 24/7 and i filled for Individual unemployability and was denied, so I contacted a lawyer from aqua disabilitity and still fighting for what I rightfully deserve, the va tries to tell me this something I was born with, B–l S-it. this has happened after I had surgery wich is secondary to my knee’s and shoulders, which i’ve had surgery on. any advice would be appricated from anyone, who could give avise.

  • paul currie

    what ever happened to the admiral appointed by obama who said all this nonsense was going to stop and veterans where going to start getting what they earned, here it is two yrs later and nothing has changed.
    I’ve been fighting the va for over thirty yrs now and it’s always the same denied, yet at my appeals board hearing we proved that my hearing loss happened after I started serving in the military but the boards remark was that the amount of hearing loss falls within their parameters( the ones they had just set) but yet the docs say I have physical damage behind my left ear drum that if he hadn’t done a ct scan wouldn’t have been found until they did an autopsy upon my death and the va can’t even get it straight as to which ear is the bad ear they say the right ear the doc says no it’s the left.
    us vets need to pull together and file suit against uncle sam for breach of contract and denying us our rights for both medical treatment and financial help for the injury’s and sicknesses we received while serving our country, when I requested my military medical records I recieved them with portions missing proving that they where hiding things that where documented in there so I wouldn’t have the proof to back up my claims.
    if thats not bad enough three different doctors as well as the patient advocate at the gainesville ve medical center told me that they where not allowed to write letters even to the appeals board on our behalf backing up their findings and they even leave out their findings in our medical records. I have the va give me copy’s of my records every two yrs on cd’s as well as any new x-rays, mri’s, ct scans so that I have copy’s and so that I can go over them to see what the doc’s have put in there to see if there are any discrepencies in them, but I will not stop fighting them until I get what I deserve and what they owe me. keep fighting every one they will have to eventially have to pay up.

  • kim

    i am the daughter of a soldier that was serving in the army in 1959 when i was born.that makes me a child born abroad to american parents.i have used the same birth certificate for 52 years till i moved to south carolina from nc now my fs-240 is not good enough it must be certified my original birth certificate for some reason is not any good.i am trying to get my sc drivers license .my nc license is good till 2017.my problem is my husband is 100 percent disabled i am our main driver.i have sent all the papers required and the check to the state dept the check has cleared but i have no birth certificate if i call i get a recorded message that runs up my phone bill.the dmv has treated me like a crimal the vet rep here sent me to a congressman he sent me to the computer.i think its a shame my father who is now gone served his country in germany only to have his daughter be punished for it.i think s.c is the worst place i have seen as far as caring for there veterans dead and alive.not driving in sc

  • a. white

    My claim for ihd has been in decision

    Phase for 9months

    What’s up

    • Darrell

      Did you call 800-827-1000 and ask them what is holding up your claim or make and IRIS inquiry on the VA wbsite? You might want to do this to see what is the hold up. My claim stayed in rating from February 15, 2011 through April 29, 2011 when I went from 20% to 80%. Have you submitted additional evidence to them anytime within that 9 month period you mentioned. ANY NEW submitted evidence BY LAW makes your claim go back to the development phase for inclusion taking you out of your order for a decision to be made. I learned that the hard way, or my decision would have been rendered about a month sooner. A good VA phone Rep made me aware of the BY LAW requirement. Call them or sent them a inquiry through the VA website. THEY must provide you with a response within 21 days.

  • Wflo217919

    I was “Brown Water” Navy 1967-68 “TET”, we were doused with “Agent Orange”, on a regular basis, you could see it floating on the water, I told the cO that if something was so powerful that it killed the trees, it could sure ashell kill a living being! Boy was I right! I have had 4 MI’s, collect 50% for PTSD this took me from the 70’s until 2000 to get! My claim for more than 50% for PTSD has been pending and denied several times since, the appeal is still pending for the PTSD, and the claim for my MI’s is pending since 1993, it was denied and appealed and appealed again, it is setting on someone’s desk since January of this year, was told several times it was waiting a rating decision!? They owe me from 1993 when i first submitted it, (so I was told)! It’s “My money” and I need it NOW!

  • Dwilson

    I have sleep apnea. I never went to sick call for it cause I was told they were going to do surgery. I even had to change rooms a few times in da barracks because roomy couldn’t stand da snoring. Fallin asleep all da time while working on generators plus I was on meds for my lower back. In 08 I had a sleep study done. No surgery was done but I now sleep with a c-pap everynight. My claim was denied because I have know record of it. ANY ADVICE

  • enigmaquo

    Another example where the VFW’s opposition to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that vets have been mistreated shows they are out of touch. Unfortunately it appears all these service organizations make no effort to monitor what is going on. They will also make no attempt to ensure that these mistakes are corrected.


    I have always believed that the VA allows evaluaters who have never ever been associated with the Military to try and avaluate claims???? This is where the problems is and to correct this the VA Must “Man Up” and get “Qualified people to process CLAIMS it’s as simple as that.

    • Darrell

      I also have Moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea. I had no record of the exact words in my service treatment records, HOWEVER on every periodic physical exam I check “FREQUENT TROUBLE SLEEPING”. On sick slips, I complained frequenty of inability to sleep, insomnia, daytime drowsiness (Hypersomnolence). I have been retired since 2002. I complained to my PCP in April 2010 and asked for a consult for a sleep study. I was diagnosed with Moderate OSA with a 15/24 on the Epworth Sleepiness scale. My Sleep Doctor then had a 2nd sleep study for my titration of my correct air pressure for my autopap machine I use.

      The VA examiner during an C&P exam for multiple issues asked me about my sleep apnea and what I use. I told him my model, my doctor who made the diagnosis, provided street address and phone number.

      When my decion of 80% came back on April 29, 2011 from my March 2010 reopen to my November 2009 denial to my original claim filing date of March 2009, I was given 50% for sleep apnea. The VA queried it’s examing doctor to give an opinion as to whether my current sleep apnea was related to my inability to sleep during the night, and sleepiness in the daytime. He opined “it is as like as not” (Golden words meaning service connection) that it is a direct result of inability to sleep in service. He also instructed the VA that those that suffer from sleep apnea could have this condition for YEARS because help is sought. Most people that have sleep apnea also have frequent bouts with depression, anxiety and headaches. Research also reveals that 70% of those with OSA also suffer with Erectile Dysfunction. The more severe the OSA, the more severe the ED.

      Bottom line: Look at your service records and see if you ever checked frequent trouble sleeping on your medical physicals or whether you had entries of complaints about insomnia, or inablity to sleep.

  • Infinity09

    My husband, A Proud Marine,,Purple Heart and other medals, served in Vietnam and he had alot of health issues..The claim process is a joke and what about the agent orange?

  • Allan

    Try Jill Mitchell, Attorney At Law. She is with Heard & Smith, LLP. They are in San Antonio. Phone number is: (800) 584-3700. They also have a website: http://www.fight4veteransrights.com

  • Andy Dic

    I love my VA…I got out of the Army and got 100 percent my first try. I can’t complain…Thank VA for everything you are doing…keep sending me that fat check…For all those that are getting punked by the system just remember one thing…most of the those F…ers never been where we have been and don’t give a shat……I GOT LUCKY AND HAD VETS ON ALL ENDS

  • JJS

    Perhaps the best way to win this VA benefit war is by not going to the VA hospital and not using any VA services for one full year. If all Vets stopped going to the VA hospitals, stopped filing any new VA claims, stopped using VA drugs, and stopped using all VA services the VA would be forced to start shutting down offices, closing hospitals, laying-off thousands of highly paid government employees and returning billions of unspent dollars to congress.

    The VA would be begging Veterans to please, please come back and ask for services – guaranteed.

    If you simply look at the statistics the VA must shrink in size by 50% by the year 2030 anyway (Vets within the system are dying off and not being replaced).

    To my fellow vets, I say:
    Semper Fidelis

  • burnetto

    First – it’s w/ mixed feelings I read these posts -I have, however received a lot of great ‘options’ re: my current claim. The Hx of my exper w/ VA claim is too long to put here, so, briefly: D/C ’79’ w/ ulcerative colitis – went to VA – got treated – UC is notorious for chronic ‘flare-ups’. 1985 2nd bout w/UC nearly killed me, blah, blah,blah. Emergency surg. in VA Bay Pines FL. Guy from Milit. Order Ord. P. Hearts comes into my room while I’m recouping, says I can get u Serv. Con. – brings papers in – I sign – 6-9 months pass (w/ 2 appeals) I get 10% and 2 $7,000.00 retro cks. Previous to this I was clueless abt even the existence of SC, claims, etc. I collected my 123.00/mo for years w/ some guilt that I didn’t REALLY deserve it cause Svc. didn’t cause it – I now know that doesn’t matter. Until abt. a year ago never gave a thought to tryin to increase SC. BY chance, I visited DAV Bost. and was told I cud get it increased – had them file – 6 mos. later was awarded 60% w/ retro ck to cover 6 months (now I did do research this time and was ‘ready’ for my C&P) – I can only conclude – I got lucky.

    OK, what does all this have to do w/anything? I m now attempting to get it increased again – for a related comdition – and have had my first exper. w/ delays – suddenly – the DAV seems not so ‘magical’ as I assumed after them doin such a great job 18 mos. ago.

    Was surprised no one seems to have noted the following:

    For any of you unfamiliar w/ this, they and another Org. has been aggressively appealing a major suit addressing the precise ‘system BS’ many of you are referring to and have WON!!!!! This is very recent (2-3 weeks ago) – it’s Well worth reading abt. An Appeals Court in Calif. has over turned a lower courts ruling and essentially ruled the VAs claims and appeals process IS DENYING VETS THERE DUE PROCESS RIGHTS and, therefore unconstitutional. I read the entire 30+ page ruling and wud encourage many of u to read it. Esp. w/re: to you that are or may be ‘taking your grievances to Congressional Reps, etc.

    At the very least, this is perhaps a short-term situation that you may be able to ‘utilize’. I certainly am. The Link I have listed above brings u to the home page of 1 of the 2 ‘Serv. Orgs.’ that are spear-heading the case – the VA has wasted millions and 3 + years fighting this. My ‘3 cents worth’ to this Huge issue. THX. burnetto57@gmail.com


    I filed claims and was denied on several of them: for example I was injured in the service. I fell on my back and shoulder and they denied my should as secondary to my neck and my shoulder stops me from working. My PTSD was denied because it was not documented. I was incharge of several men and one hung himself and I was one of the men who found him. It gives me nightmares today. I feel responseable because I road him hard. I also use a C-PAP machine for my sleep apnea and the book says it is to be paid at 50% and it is not. I fell that the military is failing me.

    • Darrell

      Actually, Sleep Apnea is rated at 50% for the use of a CPAP machine. I was recently given a 50% rating on April 29, 2011 for Moderate OSA. I had a basic sleep study for the diagnosis last May 2010, another 8 hour study to be fitted for my CPAP machine in June 2010 and it was issued.

      I had no history of sleep apnea in my records, but I did on every physical exam my entire time in service of 28 yrs check “FRQUENT TROUBLE SLEEPING”. I frequently complained during service of inablity to sleep, insomnia and daytime drowsiness (Hypersomnolence). The VA sent me for multiple examinations one being for sleep apnea.

      The VA examiner in my rating decision was asked whether my current sleep apnea was related to my sleep disorder in service. He gave the opinion that “It is as likely as not” (Golden words establishing service connection), that my current issue is directly related to my inablity to sleep. he also opined that most people with sleep apnea go for YEARS without it being diagnosed or treated. If I were you I would check my records and physicals for complaints of not being able to sleep, insomnia, daytime sleepiness etc and use that as your service link, and your current treatment as your post medical evidence of a sleeping disorder. That is what is needed” Service link and present link and ask for a VA examination for sleep apnea and properly FILL out the paperwork to paint a picture to the examining doctor of how long your condition has existed. Hope this helps!

  • pogi

    I want to thank everyone for their service.

    I have a good friend that I helped with his service disability, it took 12-18 months and three rebuttals. Naturally, “it wasn’t service related”, even though it was. Eventually it was accepted once we got past the first couple of examiners.

    As with anything .gov, the answer is always “no” to, first, protect job security and, second, to get folks to give up. Hang in there and keep going after them!

    Once again, thank you everyone for your service. We wouldn’t be here without your efforts.

  • Brenda

    my husband a vietnam vet 1968-1969, just passed away 3/1/2011, he was rated at 70%, but being paid at 100%, now i am being denied , because the death certificate says he died of cardioact arrest, they say that is not connect to any of his illness, he had ptsd, parkinsons,hearing lost, just to name a few but i guess if your heart stops ,you’d better hope they can restart it are no one sees money from v.a.they arer how he got on sss d, because they said he had heart damage

  • King

    I have been fighting the VA since 2003 for total dsability. One doctor in W-Salem who supposedly examined me lied on his report and they tell me that I’m employable. I have steel plates because of a service related injury..spent a month and 8 days in the hospital at Camp Gordon. An orthopaedic doctor installed the first plates putting themin backwards …the second set worked for a while but I’m in more pain than I ever was…taking pain medication daily. I still have to go for examinations. Guess they are waiting to see if I will die first as I’m 82 in July.

  • Terminator

    Unfortunately as I recently discovered, the I.G’s office is as bad and apparently corrupt as the VA itself. After my Congresswoman/man requested an update on an investigation of several illegal acts of the VA regarding the destruction of evidence in my VA files/records the IG’s office wrote back claiming that they had “requested” info that was “never” received by them. yet when I was able to uncontrovertably prove this claim false, the IG did as the VA has done and simply clammed up and now refuses to speak with the elected official OR me. The VA did the exact same thing. 26 yrs I have been fighting for benefits that the records clearly show I have been entitled to, but the VA illegally refuses to grant or has admitted, in writing, to destorying the evidence from my VA files. 23% “error”? Much higher I’ll bet and not so much “error” as “INTENTIONAL”. For more visit my site DISABLED VETERANS DENIED VA BENEFITS at Yahoo Groups.

  • A R BUSH

    I dont understand why I can’t be compensated for contracting a hepatitisB antibod in my blood, which is documented in my medical records. Because of this I can’t give nor donate blood to my family nor anyone in need. to me thats a disability. Iam not able to give the gift of life ( blood ). Thats been taken away from me because of my being assigned overseas to serve my country, which is where I contracted the virus. I need answers.

  • Mike

    It seems to me alot of the people that have trouble getting a rating are non combat MOS. I myself was 11 series with a CIB. Maybe if you wanted compensation when you got out, you should have put something on the line like the rest of the grunts instead of collecting a check behind the line…

    • Mari

      Oh my…one of the competitors that needs to SHUT IT!! Ughh…can’t stand Veterans always wanting to compete…this war vs that war; my disability vs. yours, etc.!! Guess what? We are ALL Veterans!! Guess what else? Va compensation doesn’t say it’s just for combat vets!! BTW, there are many other ways that Veterans have been disabled, just as deserving of that benefit!! Guess what more? It may be some other Veteran getting shafted today and you think it’s good for whatever ill thoughts you carry and it’s not affecting you, but tomorrow, they may be hitting the ones you think are the only deserving, maybe even you!! Sure, let’s not stick together, as Veterans, but turn against each other. Why not? Heck, the VA is pretty good at helping to make that happen!!

    • Guest

      My husband wasn’t ‘combat arms’ he was a Combat Medic, and during WW2 that meant being on battlefields unarmed with a big fat cross on your helmet

    • John

      I was also 11 series and i notices you didn’t put what series. Yes some grunts do more then others. But i am currently overseas and i don’t see to many grunts doing anything besides PT. they have complained about getting injured. So them doing PT and not doing it right they should get VA benefits? I am no longer an 11B. I am now a mechanic and IT Tech. But no matter what the MOS you can still be injured. Learn to respect others and their issues you might get further in life then just an 11series.

    • sorensenkw

      Try to remember all the support you received while grunting. And tell these folks they are non deserving of VA benefits. Most grunts of my era didn’t have your ego sad to view yours.

      Vietnam Grunt

    • Mike Jarrett

      Hey Mike I really dont like the disrespect you are showing here!!! How long do you think you and your 11b comrades would have lasted without all of the service members who supplied you with food, ammo, water, vehicles that run, helicopters that fly and countless others who did jobs that supplied you with everything you needed ?? Your comments here are uncalled for and totally disrespectful of all others who served !!! Also Mike, I cant keep from saying that you SUCK DUDE !!!!

      • guest

        Looks like Mike the “TROLL” fell ofn his 11B high Horse and is now living under the sewer bridge from which he came. H emust be truly “the army of ONE”

    • Gary

      I guess you didn’t appreciate the air support we gave you from behind the lines.
      Do you think those aircraft fixed themselves when they needed repair. I have
      advanced Prostate Cancer from exposure to Herbicides used in Thailand.
      The VA has told me I have 3-8 years to live. You didn’t Die from your Service
      but I’m going to.

      • cathy

        Do you know how many Vietnam era vets including 1 brother who died last year rare cancer , refused to get Presumptive AO benefits because they were entitled but felt they were not> I remember my husband seeing a vet in a wheel chair “Look at that poor bastard” Those are the ones that vets like my brother , friends and husband did not want to apply for SC benefits even though it would of been automatic! I had a friends husband just die Esophgas Cancer , he was in Vietnam driving boats up and down Meking River , she tried to get him to apply but he felt he was “worthy” , she lost her husband of 38 years and she is doing the best she can but I know she is struggling and probably have to sell the house they owned. Why do you Vietnam Vets have to be so hateful to the others that served! We live we die,, fact of life,, humanity and empathy for all our service men and women, I just had a nephew shot himself in the head after he served 8 years in USArmy special ops being deployed back to back, he came back and could not get the help he needed after everything seem to crash and wife left him..

    • paul

      How do you feel about military members with cancer bone disease heart attacks things out of their control that may or may not have been in combat should you be their battle buddy in a time of need or do not meet battle standard

    • cathy

      I have been married to a Vietnam Era Vet 1966-68 stationed in Germany. He was 18 and drafted after high school, He intended making US Army a career until during 3rd week simualted warfare in Grafenwoher,Germany when he awoke with a swollen testicle size grapefruit, he spent 60+ in 2 German hospitals, misdiagnosed as Epidydimitis (VD) but labs showed no VD, his medical care was watch and see! The 40th day with a black hard testes they removed it, he was 19 y.o man. He was harassed for being medically unable to lift etc.. and some of the guys were just plain jerks, He applied for service connected loss prior to honorable discharge and rec’d 10% with 30 due to creative organ loss, he had difficulty handling this loss and felt “half a man” he requested counseling thru the VA but he was told back then “you will get over it” He has never gotten over what happened to him and never wanted anything to do with the VA as he called them “Butchers” One day he had to go to VA for medical and our young deaf son was with his dad and they decided to get food cafeteria, my husband said the smell brought back a rush of bad memories and he told our son after throwing his tray of food ” Let’s get out of here” Our son still remembers this and the side of his dad he never saw which made my son sad. My husband did end up “Blue Papered ” about the time he was suppose to be reinstated . I believe in marriage and stayed with a man who was tormented and had repeated his Army ID number over and over in his head and waking up in sweats, he also mentioned things out of the blue telling our son at a air show ” I have a fear of helicopters because of a bad experience in the Army” but he would and never told us why, I am sure he was medivaced from the 2 different German hospitals and the pain he said was hell and he can not remember much. The end diagnosis of the surgery was Torsion : twisted due to 24/7 missiles , artillery etc.. weeks on end as he said “the ground shook at night in the tents making sleeping difficult” But anyway my life with him was me alone with our 2 children, as stress he would leave for days, excessive drinking and violence ,avoidance and just a very lonely marriage for me but I loved him and stayed , today as I reflect I should of left. But he finally agreed to allow me file for 100% and the VA was rude and ignorant to my husband and me and even said “well he had a VD” I could not believe the ignorance and I said ” That is incorrect as I have the labs taken and the final diagnosis, they misdiagnosed my husband in the cruelest way! What medical professional allow a testicle to become necrotic with blood clots which was from weeks of 24/7 blasting which resulted in a Torsion” The VA also told me “You have to play the game” I said I do not play games, I am here to get the help the VA denied him decades ago and to get justice, I am going by the medical records that my husband has all the originals from his discharge and hospitalizations, and what happened to my husband and the impact it has on his life and loved ones is no game to me ”
      But what pisses me off when I have my husbands Vietnam Vet friends (Now not friends) tell me during the ordeal of dealing with the VA and the attitude and distain they gave our way because my husband had no “metals” or did not step on Vietnam soil or the water and their accusations that were false that he had a VD also the VA rating and service connected is regarded as “Game Playing” It is so digusting all the way around? And we all know the veterans that do “Play the game” and seem to get all the benefits they most likely do not deserve. Ratings for stinking feet, arthritis, broken toe, etc.. some vets have 10 different disorders all rated til they reach 100%.. What a broken system that does not serve the veterans that deserve compensation. I could go on and on.. Lastly: No one has a right to judge another veteran on where he served or because he or she did not do this or that.. The psychological shit the government does to our brave men and women while serving for our country and freedom..Our government treatment of our vets is not worthy of every man and women.. Like my dad said ” Walk in my shoes”

  • tim jim

    Alabama should be right up there with ak I’ve been dealing with the montgomery va for 22 yrs and its the same old thin and of course the congressional an legislative contingent in washington are no help whatsoever

  • Kenb696

    that was a good comment till you cried about the illegals… how the hell would you know how the freaking illegals are treated? I hate moronic comments like that ya racist. Gah! make all us American’s look stupid. Bet you hate the president too… gee wonder why.

  • PattyR0317

    I filed a claim in April 2002 for PTSD for MST and within a year was awarded 50% but they never answered my claim for TDIU and their own C&P psychiatrist said I could not work. They denied my claim for gastritis. I appealed both claims at the RO and they were denied again. I appealed and they went to the BVA. I gathered as much info as possible from private doctors and sent everything to the RO certified with return receipt requested AND to the BVA because the RO in St. Pete, FL lost my file for one year in 2005. In Sept 2007 the BVA upped my disability rating to 70%. I appealed it again. The American Legion attorneys in Washington D.C. found several errors in the decision of my appeal by the BVA and won me another appeal before the board. In June of 2009 the BVA granted my gastritis claim as service-connected with no rating as of yet from the RO where it was sent back for the rating. In November of 2009 I heard from the BVA and they granted me 100% disability permanent and total back to 2002 citing all the errors from the St. Pete RO in FL. My advice is this: NEVER GIVE UP!!!! Always make copies of everything you send in to the RO or the BVA and send it all certified mail return receipt requested and if your claim does go to the BVA do not send copies of documents to the RO and hope they send them on to the BVA in D.C. because they usually do not. Or send them to both. Always keep copies for yourself. I did call the RO in St. Pete regarding my service connected decision for the gastritis and I was told that since I was now 100% it was a “moot” point to be rated and I wouldn’t get any more money for it. It took 7 1/2 years from beginning to end but it was worth it.

    • Jeanne H.

      Hi Patty, I hope your doing well. I am trying to file a VA claim after serving Regular Army in 1980 at Ft Ord, CA an Infantry post. I stayed in the Army for 20 years but mostly reserve status and dual status (a requirement for me to be in the reserves to get and keep a civil service job for 15 years). I got out January 2001 and also served at Weldon Springs Missouri which both were considered “super fund sites”. I filed a claim that they received on 4/11/2011 and without more than 4 letters telling me they were still working on my claim I called my Congressman who is awesome. I was diagnosed (healthy all my life) until 12/29/08 when I woke up in horrible pain to find the news that I had stage 4 (there is no stage 5) gastrointestinal stromal sarcoma cancer. I’ve researched and printed over 150 pages that show the Army and/or Government documents that show that Uranium found at both dump sites since world war II. Uranium which causes GIST for short, gastrointestonal stromal. Please help me if you can anyone! :)

  • accord0117

    I am a disabled vet that served as a 11bpl. Which stands for airborne infantry. I spent most of my career at Ft. Bragg. Besides, jungle training, recon, and ranger training at Ft. lewis, Wahington, I don’t have any civilian experience. I am receiving 40% for shoulder injury. But, recently my other shoulder went out. I am unable to lift, raise arms, or do daily activities due to disabilities. Bad knees, and diagnosed with PTSD from the shrink the VA sent me to. What can I do to get my ratings up? I have a wife and 3 kids. Thank you guys for your partnership and brothers and sisters, hang in there. We are in this together.

    • Darrell

      The first thing you need to do is REVIEW every injury you have ever had out of your medical records and then Start complaining about them if you have not yet. You must have a service injury or illness, and CURRENT treatment to show the condition is existence or recurring. I understand your shoulder issues as I myself have been getting physical therapy for adhesive capsulitis, impingement syndrome and partial rotator cuff tear where I also could not like items and raise my arm above shoulder level. I have been getting physical therapy since June 2010 for this issue. Search your records for treatment you have received that is recent that also go with injuries illnesses and go from there with fresh claims. I know your life brother as I was always an 11B at one time.


  • JOE

    Im a gulf war Vet I also have troops that serve under me that have all type of issues that we did not know that we had and 17yrs later Dr.tell you that you have a alement that was related to the gulf war, you file a claim it get auto DENIED need more Evidence, but they have the evidence from the Secritary of the VA, but they still Denie those cases so that put us in an appeal status, I also receave a ratin 2mo ago but have not got a ratin % I guess they are trying to find ways not to pay retro.Why..Why..Why.. Are We Vets Treated Like this and there NO Open Door Policies Or those computor generated letters say we are workin on your case dont send them use the money to pay for a stadium to have a one on one meeting with all the vets to explais to us on the status of why we are treated this way and what is going to happen in the feature to change the way things are done.

  • Me-MyselfandI

    The government shirks it’s responsiblities to its veterans through attrition, hoping we will die before they have to PUT-OUT.

    The Rich Rule America and that’s no lie.

    Next time Uncle Sleaz-bag wants a war,,,,,GO TO HELL AND SEND YOUR OWN KIDS.

  • Me-MyselfandI

    A whole lot of advice.
    The best you’re ever gonna get from the VA is a rating of 100% for everything that can go wrong with you.
    You could have broken every bone in your body, lost both legs,eyes and arms and still it will not add up to 1 case of PTSD.
    (They even tell you exactly what quirks they are looking for)
    If you hide anyone of these due to denial, you will loose.
    (show them all)

    GET IT?


  • Me-MyselfandI


    a-p-p-e-a-l as many times as it takes

    I went from 30%, 70% to 100%.

    AND keep those appointments(shrink & councilors), they all go on record

  • D. Goodner-Muhlbach

    Dear old Dad is gone now but while he was alive I tried, our family doctor tried, a friend tried with no avail to get him more than 60% disability for PTSD..VA said his problem was dementia..wrong! When you are seeing little Japanese soldiers coming out of the woodwork, check to see if your house is bugged and beat the daylights out of the windmill in your back yard because you are defending your buddies on Leyte, this is not dementia…just had to vent..the VA has disappointed me because Dad always said that the President promised the WWll vets they would be taken care of..it did not happen!

  • San vab

    My husband is a vietnam vet we have been married almost 30 years and have two children, Our son passed away from cpmplication due to duchene muscular dystrophy and our daughter has morphia. my husband says its all from agent orange. my husband last appeal for the 5th time for ptsd was denied but they put in his report he was faking his back injury mind you while in vietnam his job was blowing up bridges and blowing up trees for the copter to land and bring out the injured and he got in a tangle with the block from the crane and lost. the block hit his lower back and still they say he is faking, and they were more worried about his not shaven face, and his blue jeans then his medical. His ptsd was also denied bacause he isnt have nightmares ‘everynight” or seam to depressed….he says they just want him to die…

    • Dave

      Take a look at the birth defects that were caused by Agent Orange. Get on the Registry if you aren’t and check to see if the information on the VA website and other websites doing a search for it. They will have to compensate you for the child with birth defects from agent orange. It is like the many birth defects of the Marines that lived at Camp LeJune that had all of the people wondering what was going on. Over a million people may have been exposed there, and the same with VIetnam. Get on the registry and make them do the right thing. Dave.

  • Gary Moore

    In my case, the neurologist the VA sent me to, was a former VA doctor. I have not been able to feel the soles of my feet in about 40 years since coming home from RVN. Their own doctor told me “I can tell you right off the bat what the problem is, “You have neuropathy due to exposure to Agent Orange.” He told me to file a claim for benefits. I didn’t even know I could do that. BUT….AHHHH, the VA said they wanted me to see another doctor there. So, I said “O.K.” and went. He was an associate of the same doctor they first sent me to see. He asked me what the problem was. I explained and told him “I have neuropathy due to exposure to Agent Orange.” I told him that because the first doctor (his associate) to ME that. I didn’t make it up. I didn’t try to influence him. I simply regurgitated what the first doctor told me. So, he checked me out, put down what he observed and what I said to him. After a year of waiting for a decision, I wrote to the Regional Director and asked him what a Reasonable Amount of Time is defined as to get a decision. Within a week, I got my reply. “Denied. You told the doctor what you had.” The implication being that I tried to be sneaky and influence the doctor. What a bunch of crap. From the tone of the letter, it was obvious that the rating officer was P.O.’d that I wrote that letter to the Director and decided “I show this dirtbag what it means to complain.” First they told me I didn’t even qualify because the records didn’t indicate I had ever been in RVN. I wrote back and said “What the hell are you talking about? Can you read? Have you seen my DD-214, and all the correspondence between me and the VA? It’s on your computer. I was so angry with them. Are they just stupid, or can’t they read. They obviously didn’t read the entire claim, and here’s why:

    The DAV representative here in El Paso insisted that I file the claim for Agent Orange disability on the same form that I filed an appeal for the reduced amount the VA rating officer assigned to me for PTSD. The VA physiatrist outlined all of my symptoms when she submitted her report. When I received the reduced amount, the rating officer noted what additional diagnosis would be required to get the entire percentage of benefits. Every single item the rating officer alluded to had already been addressed by the VA phychiatrist in her initial report. So, what in the heck was the rating officer looking at? I have no idea. Just a way to deny the claim and put everything on hold. Do they get paid extra for the claims they deny? Who knows.

    Today, I went in to speak with the DAV representative here. I asked him if the computer even showed the VA to be looking at my PTSD claim. He called Waco and lo and behold, my PTSD claim isn’t even on the computer. Know what is there? A claim for “Sleep Apnea”. I never filed a claim for “Sleep Apnea.” I have it, but I’ve never filed a claim for it.

    Does anybody know what the hell they’re doing in Waco? Oh, they finally acknowledged that I had been in Viet Nam. Of course, they didn’t apologize, they just said they conceded that. Well, goodie for them. How do you fight these people? Its like trying to fight the tide. There is no name, no face, no way to respond directly. You just have to start all over again. The IG was right. These folks are totally incompetent. And, we (you and I) suffer for it.

    Oh, one more thing about the Agent Orange: The VA rating officer sent me a handout of what the regulations were for proving I have Agent Orange. One of the regulations is that I had to report it within six months of returning to the United States. I returned to the United States in August 1967. Agent Orange wasn’t even listed as a compensable condition via the VA until 1991. I filed for Agent Orange (not neuropathy, because I didn’t even know what that was in those days) in 1984. According to them…I guess I’m just an unscrupulous scallywag..trying to bilk money out of poor ol Uncle Sam. Unbelievable.

    I will never give up. I will do my best to fight these hateful people to the best of my ability as long as I draw a breath.

    • rico4nina

      Trust me my friend… it’s not just Waco. I filed my claim at the Oakland office, and get the same BS. It is VA wide, unless someone can suggest an office that is an exception.

  • vso vfw

    get a vso al of you

  • James E. Henry

    After seeking possibility of re-opening my claim, I was informed by one of the VA Representatives that the United States Air Force was guilty of poor record management. Having lost my orders and any tanagible evidence of my being in Vietnam, I ask if my Pay-Records for In Country Travel and Travel Records indicating my being In Country to draw Combat Pay was available. My reply that I received was that the Airforce keept bad records. 38th Tactical Air Wing,Langley AFB Virgina.- Airman James E. Henry – AF 12938154 1967 -1999 . Any copies out their with my name attached would love a copy- one Airman helping another. I’v given it all I have with no resolve.

  • patrick pitts

    i am constantly denied agent orange compensation also like fellow so called blue water navy sailors. my ship the uss turner joy dd951 has not ever been on any ships list’s of ever being in vietnam. what gives. i did 5 westpac tours where we provided gunfire support for days if not weeeks at a time. we opperated mostly from danang to many m iles above the dmz. and we were supposed to draw 29 feet of water now how can crusers and such ships go up the saigon and da nang rivers. we operated sometimes so close to shore we had to be careful not to run aground. why isnt my ship on these lists’. i have ptsd,type 2 diabetes,cataracts surgery,many gut surgeries and now parkenson’s disease. all which are on the agent list od diseases. but on no we can not get agent orange. patrick pitts stg2 usn retired.

  • michael

    i also am having problems with the va i recieved a letter telling me that my rating was to be lowered from 60% to 40% because of my medical records i dont kno where they got those records when i dont go the va hospital i go to my personal dr. my dr read my letter and said thats wrong there is somethig wrong with my back after 41 years they the va comes up with this i recieved the bronz star for helping save my lts. life in viet nam an they pay me with this it makes me feel like shit no wonder veterans are doing all these bad things the va does not care about us they in the front office have it made especially if they are disabled

  • Virginia

    Thank all of you for serving our United States of America, I am deeply saddened by the terrible Treatment you have received by an Organization that has to have compassion, understanding and take each case one at a time. listening to the patient. Making sure he or she has done everything he/she can to help you make a better life for yourself. Give you the tools for you to help with your suffering.

    Seven months ago I had 3 strokes and a heart attack. Was told I was dying. I told God I was ready to do his will. Then I was rushed to the Operating Room, where I received a Pacemaker. Still in bad condition. I was told when I was ready to leave the hospital.

    I would be going to a nursing home, I told them no that I was going home. I still use a cane and have a few problems. But I have surprised everyone.

    Each of you have been through too much, you have the right to help your Dr. make his decisions. Do everything you can and tell your Doctor whatever you want. He will be amazed that you have made some changes to benefit yourself. REMEMBER we have the freedom to express ourselves and assist in our healthcare.

    God Bless each of you.

  • richard parker

    bingo, thats is what has happened to me, it took 2 tries before i got my 100 percent, service connected disabilty. going for 60 percent more, it will probably be denied like they always do, but not this time. got way to much proof from my private doctors, letting the va take care of me almost killed me. i only weighed 122, for a 6 ft guy, thats dangerous. never been happier away from the hospital in san antonio, they recently moved anyone here in corpus christi to go to down south to harlinger, 75 miles further than sa. after reading all these stories i think i may have trouble sleeping after hearing some of these stories.

  • Robert Ott

    I was entered in the ARMY in 1970 and they took me even though I had flat feet. Is it possible to get disibility for that.

  • VET wife/needs help

    We have been sending in info for 3 years now, for a claim for dissability, my husband served in VIETNAM and has several things wrong with him,we have a file that will choak a horse of the information the VA has requested, yet all we keep getting is a letter asking for something we have already sent,,,now we just got a letter again asking for proof that HE WAS IN vietnam, I just don’t understand,…they have the proof..they sent him there..and they have 4 copies of his DD214………..what kind of proof ?????, I guess they want us to give up, or keep this bull going until he dies, because he is very ill,and getting weaker………….. this country will take CARE OF EVERYBODY ELSE BUT THEIR OWN,…anyone that has contributed to this country gets nothing., but if you have not, or do not contribute you get everything………this country,the law makers, etc….are ass backward…we need someone that is living in the real world to be on capitol hill, because they haven’t a clue,,,,,VA pleasedo the right thing for once.

  • Art

    VA is still in the WAIT long enough & we die w/o any compensation strategy. Had Thyroid cancer in ’95 , 30 years after 4 years USAF service in the Pacific, where atmosopheric teating was still occurring, and later in Germany. Was around nuclear weapons & nuclear equipment. My cancer was in the secondary stage, out of my Thyroid & in lymph nodes. The dormint period for this type of cancer to appear is 25-30 years. I wore dosimeter during my service on flightlines & themeter doses hav been lostt. I have been denied over & over again & I now also have excssiive tinnitus. Still waiting for the latest response from the VA.

  • richster

    I hope that you take a closer look at a p***k of a claims adjudicator at their Reno (Nevada) office named S.Simmons, that idiot ignored the S.F. 513 Report of Consultation which the Doctor specifically stated S.C.C. in her own handwritten notes (thats Service Connected Condition), then extremely rapidly denied my claim. I would not be surprised if some disabled vets use a Second Amendment solution upon those worthless bureaucratically minded incompetent cockroaches

  • Bill Manzi

    I am so sorry to hear Vets having problems w/their VA branch. I have had the exact opposite experience here in Florida and previously, in Virginia. The VAMC in W. Palm Beach is a !st class experience every time I go there(several times per month). I am 100% & have yet to have a negative experience @ that hospital.

  • Air Bird

    The VA is a corrupt, bonus taking, claim killing, document losing, lying bunch of moronic dim wits….put em all in Leavenworth.

  • Cynthia Diamond

    I have had cancer removed and need CT scans for four more years My retired Marine husband divorced me right after that, now if I remarry will Tricare cont to pay for this pre exsisting medical cont. had two heart attacks also

  • Jabbu55

    What really irritates me is while I was being denied benefits there was a girl receiving medical help and 70% VA compensation because she had a hysterectomy while in the Army. Is that service connected? To me HELL NO !! Also there was another girl who was receiving 60% disability for Sleap Apnea.!! I guess staying up watching Johnny Carson re-runs caused her illness. I stayed up many nights and went for days without sleep. I am on oxygen due to my lung problems but can’t even get help from VA for this. I went to my DAV rep and was told that DAV doesn’t recognize any illness caused by Anthrax Innoculations even though a 50 page written report from Walter Reed in DC said ” the Anthrax Shots caused my illness “. I spent 67 days in my local hospital with blood clots in my lungs and legs caused by these shots but the VA AND DAV said everything I had was caused from PRE-EXISTING CONDITION ! ! My CAT scans show my lungs look like ” ground up glass “. I used to run 3 miles a day but no have difficulty walking 10 yrds to the mail box. The VA system is a joke. The only way you can get any help is if you know someone who works there.!!!

    • tony sidoti

      can you tell me what va office aproved sleep apena

    • Maggie

      Look up your facts before you run at the mouth and quit crying that life is unfair. Worry about your own and not others .. There are ways you can fight it but you have to do the foot work… and its long and hard for everyone.. One guy I talk to got Hep C trans in his blood from the Navy.. and was denied he never cried like you did.. He did the foot work and won.. so stop sitting on your butt and crying and stand up and fight for what you want..

    • lulu


    • Airborne

      The VA process may be slow but it works, but you have too do your part, just can’t sit back and watch others.

    • avettoo

      I am sorry that you have had to deal with the ongoing stress of the VA claim process. I too, have been waiting over two years for my TBI claim. While in Iraq, I’ve encountered life changing, physical and mental injuries, one of my injuries happened when my truck was hit by an IED. I have been sufferring with constant headaches and neck pains for years. Tests show, discs in my neck that have been knocked out of alignment.
      Today, having thousands in medical debt, even after insurance coverage, I have not found any relief. Now I am unemployed and do not know how I’m going to find a job that can tolerate the time I cannot work. Going to all the medical appts, constant headaches, shoulder and neck pain. Not finding a treatment and dealing with these chronic pains for so long, is trying to drag me into deep depression.
      The only thing that helps me, is to think about my fellow comrads, that would give anything to trade us places. Keep fighting, noone can cause us to lose the claim battle, but ourself.

      Semper Fi,

    • coastie80

      you can’t compare your claim to what some one else is claiming. you seem to have issues with women. many men are getting disability for sleep apnea and disability for their reprotective organs. why aren’t you complaining about them. girl, try using women they earned it…
      it is not up to you say if something is service connected for a lot of reasons, one you are not a doctor and other you are not in charge, and you don’t know what the f you are talking about, nothing worse than a man who cries because a woman get her claimed approved and he didn’t. many of us have gotten denied and we just keep going…
      worry about your own claim and stop going after women because you were denied.
      call a lawyer and get help.

  • flight deck

    What do you expect when less than 25% of the VA employees are veterans and even less of a percentage are actual decision makers on claims. It should also be noted that the VA employees that are adversarial to veterans on claims are not held accountable for wrongly denying claims at any level by anyone. When someone starts holding these assho**s accountable for their actions things would turn around overnight. Until then were all screwed.

  • x-IlGI

    That all depends on ‘who’ your State Congressman is, and what state you live in. Forgeddaboudit in Illinois… nothing happens for the people, but the taxes keep rising and the govm’t freakers get bigger retirement checks…

  • chilly

    i had issues with the NY regional office/at the time i had suffered an issue which had me hospitalized at Walter Reed /I was medivac from Fort Drum.
    I spent about a week in Walter Reed and from the service.
    i immediately went to the Regional Office to put in a disability claim ,and the person at the information desk told me i couldn’t
    I walked away naive not knowing what to do.This was in 1981.
    I did not follow up until 1984 when i initially filed on my own and received 10%
    This ticked me off i wrote a reburttal and had aVSO representative assist me/i got 50% retroactively,i felt i deserved more since my conditionwas only going to get worse with age.They felt that i have gone away now .They just don’t know

  • Dave Davis

    Dear Members of the Board,

    I would like to ask the board to provide a qualified physicians statement as to why he thinks that being tied between two poles, wired up to a radio field generator, having the hairs burnt off from wrist to shoulders; then being drug over to a post and having your legs and ankles tied so that you are in a hyperextended position and repeatedly kicked in the lower lumbar region of your spine until you feel it crack and then have it feel as though a rat or a snake was biting on you does not constitute service induced trauma and aggravation of a supposedly pre existing spondylolisthesis.

    I also am asking that if this does not constitute a minimum of service aggravation then he should recommend that this be considered as normal progression of a disease. Then perhaps he should himself undergo this type of treatment to see if it would have any adverse effect upon his spine. Also he should then recommend that the military perform this on all it’s soldiers and deny doing it to any that have to be hospitalized as a result of it.

    I am requesting that my records including my lay evidence be reviewed by a doctor that is familiar with torture methods to include induced trauma of the spine.

    Thank you,

  • Bobby Berry

    As of 27 August 2011, the VA is still lingering with my over 4 year appeal. They send me to repeated rating exams because they have no trust in whether or not a vet is lying. While the Phoenix VA Medical Center is one of the best for our GI’s, their handling of claims needs an IG inspection. The claims adminstrator for this region, does NOT ANSWER YOUR INQUIRIES. Instead, he sends form letters asking for evidence he already has, and ordering as many as three exams for the same disability. It appears that this will very soon have to be elivated to the US COURT OF APPEALS FOR VETERAN’S CLAIMS. Thanks to my extensive legal background, I am very capable of representing myself. If you want more info, please ask. The incompetence portrayed by the VA is something to behold.

    • ken redstone

      bobby, nam vet here. what are the chances of getting a higher disability rating on appeal for ao connected ihd?

    • gilbert diaz

      mr. berry my claim for hearing loss has been ongoing for 7 years appealled to bva remand back to ro got another c&p exam less likely than not both times sent back letter of reconsideration havent heard from the va since mind you i sent it certified can you shed any light on this it would be of great help army infantry tow gunner machine gunner army personell carrier etc.

    • Adrian Kaidhaas

      I have been fighting a a similar situation, where they already have more than enough information, that was even done at the VA Hospital in Columbia, but they keep on asking for more information. I finally got a hearing last Nov. 7.2012. Now I have to fight to get the answer on the decision that was made on that same day by the judge. Furthermore they have my compensation rates all messed up, and are paying me considerable amount less, then I am supposed to get according to the charts. I am ready to file suite, against the VA.

      • Lee

        Are you sure that you are reading those charts correctly? If you have three items of disability, one @ 30 %, one @20%, and one @ 10%, they do not add up to 60% total. They only add up to 50%. Have a service officer explain the addition to you. I had to go through several C&P exams for the same things, and ended up asking for more on appeal, knowing that I could be cut. But in the end I got my 100% but claiming “every hang-nail” that was bothering me , and letting them figure it out. The thing for you is to ask for the moon, and hope that you get into orbit.

      • Fred

        you can not fie against the VA but you can file against the physician through the American Medical association.

    • Karen Kennedy

      Funny how the Phoenix VA has been exposed for criminal activity, since you posted this. We have to make these parasites change this tyrannical system. Thank you for sharing this.

  • The VA under-compensates in % rating and acts as if these thing’s are a game. I know dozens of war heroes who should be at 100%. The SSA & VA want people to work with 1 leg in a wheel chair for minimum wage while Mr. Pimp there makes money to play basketball.

  • You get hurt in the military & leave disabled or injured the VA must pay for ruining your lives & career as a result of mis-management.

  • I own the college baseball record for positions played in a season all of them: .370 NCAA vs. #3 CWS Miss. State. .333 2HR’s 3 RBI’s in 2 G’s with the Met’s & Brave’s and I still went in the military because of the fake college baseball stats. There are player’s with 7 Hr’s who really hit 0 & record holder’s of whom hit the same. They are fake. Those college coaches don’t respect us Veterans because they themselves didn’t play pro & in return have to fake stats for the civilians. I know what they really hit .075, .095, 0Hr’s. And none went in the military. Those civilian baseball player’s thought they were too good & in return a military member owns the all-time college record. Don’t worry their not.

  • Lynda Simpkins

    My siste and I are on disability, and our Dad was a Vet, and lived in a Vets home in MI.Our Dad died this pass April, We was told that we may be able to draw off our Dad pinchin or his Disability. The worker at Kent co court in GrandRapids,MI. Told us that we need our Dad’s medical records.That it sounds to him that his death was perhaps from the war. We realy don’t know much on how to fine the Info, Perhaps you may be able to help us. My sister has all of the Info, on our Dad that he gave her before his death. The only thing I have heard is that he has a purple heart and some others, and that he was on porkchop hill. please if you know some thing to help us or you can please help we need it. thank you and God bless

  • elsie campbell

    We have an infection. We had a Bacterial infection in 1997 and we were given 6 months to live. Now we have gone through lung Cancer. The type that is on the list for Viet nam. The Govt. Said he was exposed. Now we are fighting this infection again. I think They don’t know what kind it is. Has any one else had this infection??? We had 8 bags of antibiotics a day for a week. we have had 3 rounds of Levquien. And yet the green stuff still comes up. (sorry it is gross). Any one know what this is?????

  • Polly Broussard

    My father, M/sgt Dennis A Broussard, Sr. (B3181) was in the Sounth Pacific during WWII. He eventually died of cancer because of that, but all financial help was rejected by the VA. Now I understand Congress passed an act to reimburse families of Airman like my dad. I just don’t know how to go about finding out how we, as his family, can be helped financially by this act. Will you help me?
    Dad was last stationed at Seymour Johnson AFB, Goldsboro, NC and retired in the late summer of 1964. This man not only served in WWII, but in Korea and Viet Nam. Please help! Thank you

  • tinmantuzz

    NAM vet here i’m at 30 percent PTSD try talking about the NAM to person that was 5 years old when i was there. I’ve had a hip replacement done and so far 5 heart operations with one more coming next week and then 2 more in december that are related to the heart because it’s not pumping enough blood down to my feet area. I have hearing loss which i was awarded 10 percent i got 60 percent for the heart (ischemic) and 30 percent ptsd. Sounds like 100 percent to me but the good ole army can’t add. I put in for unemployable 100 percent but still haven’t heard anything, tell me want to hire me after all this work has been completed. I’m under 100 percent disabliity froom social security u would think the VA would figure this out. My local representitve to the house RUNYAN wll be looking in to why i can’t even get a decision from these guys !

    • airrds

      noticed your comments, Just one question where you retired by SSA, on SSD. I think that if you where retired by the SSA, and you have been subseqently applied for disability from the VA and have been denied again. you might want to check the rules governing what Va does. If both issues for retirement where the same, you may have already qualified for 100% P&T.
      If both where service connected.. Primarly I think you already qualify for that,
      I am not positive that this is true. But I think I remember reading that it is.The VA should give you that 100%, because the SSA already did.PLease look at that.

      • tinmantuzz

        Thanx for ans i’ve been on SSA since last Nov. I just got back today frin another heart procedure and have 2 more to go in DEC. I haven’t been turned down i got a letter from the VA stating that it might be months before SS could send them the reports that they needed. I followed up and they sent the report 1 week after they requested it. I understand the VA is under manned and with new vets coming home for iraq/afgan and the like i still think some priority should be give go older vets like ww2 korea and NAM not so much because I was there but because the economy sucks and it took them so long to realize that they screwed up and watited until i was 60 to say ok that stuff was bad for u lets give u some money your going to die soon anyway. By the way just lost a friend of mine that was in orientation to get some payback from the service guess what he gets now Zilch just like his wife. Oh wait free burial waht a frigign break !

  • main103brown

    Hello Dave!

    I have been told by AMC that my claim for IU and other issues on remand have been sent for extra schedular consideration. I am presently rated at80%. My claim for ptsd has a GAF score of 40 and a diagnoses for severe MDD and PTSD. I have been on ssdi since 2007. What can I anticipate for a decision for UI or 100%. All medical issues are SC injuries. I also so have a rating of 6.9 for bilateral conditions. what does that mean?…. please help

  • William combs

    Can my VA Doctor write a Nexus letter about VA PSTD claim and is there Regulation that says its ok , and were can I find it.

  • tim anderson

    lavan and niedenberg out of florida they do social security and va comp they are excellent. i started at 10% went to 40% and then 80 % within 3 years. yes they will get about twenty percent but it is worth it to let them deal with the headaches.

  • Jaci

    My husband is a Navy veteran & suffered hearing loss. He was stationed aboard a ship (PC– which has 2 diesel generators & 4 diesel engines, very small & noisy) He was given a hearing aid for his left ear due to hearing loss. The Audiologist at Portsmouth Naval Hospital wrote a letter to the command saying that he needed to have his orders changed to be on a larger, less noisy ship or on shore command. They denied it due to lack of manning. 3 months after getting the hearing aid & being on the PC, he had another significant change in his hearing loss. When he got out, they only gave him hearing aids & batteries free for the rest of his life. (whoopie). Last year he tried out for a FBI investigator & made it through 6 months of grueling background checks, interviews, etc. He finally made it to the physical (which usually is a very good sign) but a week later got a letter from the FBI doc saying that due to his hearing loss that they had to rescind his offer of employment. So my question is that since his hearing loss (which got worse after not taking him off the PC) cost him a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a great job with the FBI….shouldn’t there be some kind of monetary compensation for his hearing loss??

    • tbo

      That happened to me years ago just trying to get my foot in the door with the government in house keeping, but after the physical they said it would aggrivate my disabiity so I filed another claim for an increase in my disability rating, and I won. I used the proof and the fact that they would not hire me for this government job because it would aggrivate my disabilityas part of my appeal.

      • Rose

        that also happened to my husband, he loss his hearing most of it in Marines, then was honorary discharged becaz of, he had job only to be denied that job when they did physical. he then had to take what he could get low paying jobs from then on.

  • Cliff McMillan

    How can the VA rate you at 110 percent disabled and give you an overall rating of 60 percent disabled than withold 90 percent of your payment. Rating gives me near 3000 dollars per mo, they paid me 123 per mo. need help ….

  • walter busby

    i need help on va apeal of pts an agent orange i was around on camp pfnleton ca please some one help





    • Shane
      I am im complete agreement with you. However; I am 73 years old and it is my husband who is catching no fish with the VA. He is currently being hospitalized for prescription drug reaction for the second time within 5 months. As for him receiving benefits for service in Vietnam (US Air Force), the VA has denied him three times since 2009, saying he has not proven boots on the ground. He has no written orders/was never given any. Just told to prepare to leave. I am talking aobut the period between 1960 and late 1965. He has at least 3/4 of VA Presumptive conditions that could be related to herbicides in used in Southeast Asia during those times. Today he is a very sick man and now this with the drug issue is a bit much. Wonder what the recourse might be? If I were younger and had the energy to join you I would. Good luck and God Bless.

  • Because of my knees and back pain, I contacted the VA for retraining in a different field. I received a welcome letter and meeting date. However, I don’t understand how a VA Voc-Rehab counselor can invite you to view all of your VA benefits, tell you that you do not qualify anymore, but if you want to leave without viewing the movies on benefits, YOU MUST SIGN A WAIVER exiting the program? Is it me or what? I just want a good job and be able to make a decent living. What’s the harm in that?

  • BehindTheBack

    Because of stigma I doubt anyone else will post on this subject. Served almost three years in the military – MPs – put out with an honorable discharge – I had a nervous breakdown – never received any mental health care from the branch or from the VA. Put out on the street with 10% for hypertension. Never saw my military file until about a month ago. (*&# personality disorder). I completed college since always struggling and have worked off and on and much under employed from anxiety/PTSD. The branch of the military put me out when I really had depression or generalized anxiety disorder. I filed claim 1 year 7 months ago. I guess I am supposed to keep going down the drain until they get ready to deny me. So I filed a Congressional last week. I blame the military branch for their callousness/negligence and the VA second for their unconscionable delays. There are plenty of people unemployed in this country – surely they can find qualified applicants to bring on board and clean up this backlog! They have no shame. The VA deserves more class action lawsuits for negligence and you have to wonder – is it intentional infliction of emotional harm to make vets wait years for a decision?

    • VA will deny until you die. My brother blew his head off after being denied five times by an outsourced doctor evaluation. The claim dies with the veteran. Interesting that the banks and certain corporations get “bailed out” and yet the heavy combat veteran gets denied, and blows his / her head off. Add to that the fact that the congress and senate and president (friends and fsmily included) make money off the stock holdings in war contracts so they really don’t want to approve a disabled veterans claim. Just the way it is in America. Veterans are like condoms, once used, throw away.

  • Army Mom

    My husband was in the Air Force between 1967-71 and had recently been denied a claim for hearing loss. It seems since there have been so many claims that have been approved the government claims his tinnitus is not military related. Has anyone won an appeal after sending a letter? The claim process already took 13 months.

    • Guest

      My husband did, but he had medical evidence dating to Dec 24 1944 that showed concussion injuries — they gave him 10% on that, nothing on his rather severe hearing loss and 30% on a back problem they had been telling a private disability insurance was permanently and totally disabling for over 20 years.

  • Pamela Boyd

    I have a friend that claims she was put out of the Army without attending a TAP class and I’m trying to get her help, but I don’t know how to go about it. I once had a friend who’s brother was put out of the Army without a DD-214, TAP classes or any type of guidence and was awarded $5000 a month for the rest of his life, but I can’t locate the friend. HELP! Thanks.

  • yvette

    While I served in the military I have had several neck injuries while training in air assault school and other times while out in field exercises. I managed to go to the doctor once in 1994 because I had the chance to. My neck injury which is documented for 1994 states that I had a neck injury and what type of symptoms I was having at the time of the injury. After my years of service I have had constant pain in my neck and chronic headaches that still lasts today for days at a time. My arms get numb and they are painful affecting my current work performance. I filed a claim for va disability but va continues to deny my claim stating that is no continuity of symptoms from service to the present. I am sure my condition is service connected.

    • David Davis

      Find a good private orthopedic and let them take a look with CT, MRi, and x-ray combination they can pretty much narrow down when it occurred. No matter what the VA says you should go see a real doctor.

  • kelly

    I have been waiting 24 months for my claim. It has been so slow and I am very stressed out. I read something and it said that they are trying to get the backlog caught up by the end of fiscal year 2012. The VA has now contacted me twice in one week. YAY! they are actually looking at my stuff. They just sent my records back that I sent and said that they are working on my individual unemployability. If I wouldn’t have put that form in, I would have my money. This means that the new program they put in place is working. Everyone who is waiting, just hold tight because it is coming. finally! keep your head up. I live in New York and they are so slow here.

  • Mike

    I have been waiting now 15 months for my claims, I have to call everytime to find out what status its in or if has even changed. I dont understand why its so backlogged, when it comes to getting you in the service they are quick, but when your injuried or claiming something received while in, put the brakes on and slow (way) down. Our government seems like they dont care as long as the numbers are being meet. I pray to the Good Lord that someone up there on the hill has a way to remedy this current situation which us Vets find ourselves.

    • David Davis

      They don’t care. I have been waiting for 45 years. Most recently for 7 years. Hope that all claims get decided cause the BVA and the court system is more corrupt and affiliated with the VA’s lawyers and judges. Imagine how much their bonus money is?????? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • They lie when they say there was no evidence, they ignore evidence and hope you die after they deny deny deny…

  • W.C. Pank

    I have been fighting for my disability for 28 YEARS. Finally my doctor puts in my report that it is infured that my sleep apnea is the cause of my heart problems. Now mind you I was put out because they determined that my heart problems were too great for me to sat at a desk and type and for 28 years I have had to fight by myself. Not until I went into the emergency room and doctors from Baylor College of Medicine that were working at the VA decided that something was going to be done did they discover the problem was caused by sleep apnea. WHAT ARE VA DOCTORS BEING PAID FOR, TO LIE AND SAVE THE GOVERNMENT MONEY SO THEY CAN DRIVE MERCEDES, AND PORSHES?

    • David Davis

      That’s only part of their rewards. Kick backs from training are the latest. Bet you that some Senator didn’t get his so he blew the whistle on the whole thing. Look and see what both the Legislature and Senate Veterans advisory boards due for veterans. About nothing!!!!! They put on a big show but when push comes to shove how many veterans have to fight for jobs, housing, disability, and real health care. America is going to the dogs!!!! Veterans are being used for the bait.

  • Retired military Vet

    I can only speak for the VA in Oklahoma. I have been provided great care and help.i have had 2 open heart surgeries and fair evaluation regarding my VA claim. It takes time and I had to be patient for adjustments. Oklahoma, with Ft Sill and Air Forces bases the VA is loaded with cases,The VA has never lied to me in anyway and has helped me a great deal. I am very proud of our VA


      Off the topic a bit but after nearly 40-years of BS from the VA denying me USMC Service Related Disability Compensation that should now be at 100%, I found the original VA Rating Decision and VA Letter granting me stating I was back in 1973 at age 18 receiving Monthly Disability Compensation dated SEPTEMBER 11, 1973 that I never collected or received a single check. I’ve been called a liar, fraud, gone through the third degree from VA claims people and somehow they never logged or entered the paperwork properly in DETROIT. When I left the USMC and went back to my job with US Customs, I was granted my 10-point preference though then went on to college, graduated and then kept three businesses going I started at age 22 despite being injured in the Corps. At age 46 I went to the VA with a claim and the pain of being not recognized and being harassed by the VA was as great as that of my service injuries- Anyway keep your paperwork, I found these papers in an old picture frame that I put them between a photo of John-Paul II and my photo being inducted as a Shriner at age 24– a miracle I have to believe, I’m now age 57, that was 40-years of VA harassment!!

      As treatment goes, Same in Saginaw, MI & Gainesville, FL- both VA Hospitals use Trauma Centers and care is top-notch.

    • David Davis

      Healthcare in most VA facilities had to improve as most of the problems stem from misfits in the claims end not the VHA. It has far fewer problems than other departments. Just hope that it doesn’t go down the hill. It would be a shame if they should deny you medicine for 20 years or not change your bedding for a year. I better stop cause I don’t want to give them anymore ideas!!

  • Bobby Garrison

    The VA files thosands of fraudulent claims every year due to some of the evaluators who lie , make up opoinated stories of their diagnosis, or omit
    very powerful information that would give you a much higher rating ( lo ball)
    evaluators are distroying the system, the VA, ,and mor importantly the veteran
    for getting a fair and honest rating. Corruption runs rammitted here at the Des Moines VA Care Center and no one really gives a shit including Tom Harkin who has not answered one phone call in three years.

    • David Davis

      Amen to that!!!! If you get a SOC, SSOC it usually contains information that doesn’t pertain to your claim. It is some bogus BS that they pull out of the air while snacking on fine wine and cuisine supplied by the head of HR. Remember bonuses equate to 100% denials, remands, or just compacted claims. Congress needs to be ousted and then a real president elected.

  • guest

    i have been fighting the VA since 1884
    In 1966 i was taken to a hospital in ROOSEVELT ROADS PR with heart trouble spent the next 3 days unconcus
    Woke in a medivac plane ,spent over a month in a cardiac ward at PORTSMOUTH VA
    VA tried to say it was congenital and i had it when i went in
    fought and fought them,finally gave up and let the case close
    IN 2010 i took a new heart doppler test ,proof that my heart was normal with no congeneality heart was normal with
    Clearly a misdiagnosis in 1966
    But the new evidence made the VA reopen the case in JULY 2010
    I sure hope i hear something soon
    I have been diagnosed terminal and i’m afraid i might not live to see the end of this mess
    But thank you allo for your service and i truly hope that you all get your claims finished soon

    • David Davis

      I hope you live forever!!!!! This government wants us all out of their hair. They want to spend the VA disability and healthcare money on parties, gambling, million dollar mansions, and their friends and families. That my friend is about the jist of their priorities. Money for them, trashed claim and denials add up to more fraud money for them.

    • Guest

      I’m sorry you are terminally ill, but make sure that your spouse knows to file a VA form # 210847 should you die before your claim is fully settled. I’m a widow of some 6.5 months and I just discovered that claims ‘die’ upon the death of a Vet unless that form is filed. Even the Legion Service Officer that handled the claims was unaware of that fact

      In my late husband’s case a back problem that the VA had told a private disability insurance that was 100% disabling all of a sudden was 30% disabling when he proved it was service connected — said injury occurred in Dec of 1944, during the Battle of the Bulge.

    • Nini

      God Bless you all. It hurts my heart to know so many vets personally that are shoved to the side when they attempt to get deserved help from the VA. Thank you for serving our country and know that you all are in the continued prayers of so many that love,honor, and appreciate you!!

  • CantPrintMoreMoney

    I’m a vet, too and we are our overextended. The VA needs to re-write the guidance on comp its not WELFARE!. It should be for warfighters with TBI, Amputations, Blindness, PTSD not Hysterectomy and Carpal? I’m HR. Did my time in AFG. I have Carpal and Hysterectomy. Should I? Probably not. So, if they re-write the code — so be it. For my country. For the flag. Civilians make about 50% of our salary and less if you incorporate passes (many) and annual and uncharged appointments (sick) leave; duty hours (not so many in CONUS anymore) and health insurance. Civilians would not be too supportive if they knew the culture of entitlement CONUS. Warfighters deserve respect. Others not so much. Time to bite the bullet kids. Peace.

    • Servedx3

      If you wish to have claims only avail to warfighters with TBI etc, then it should be upfront when one joins the service that unless they have been a “warfighter” they will get no VA compensations. So firefighters who get burned, soldiers who are hurt in training accidents, or anyone else not deemed a “warfighter” can just go get lost. Great idea. Seems, well…very democratic.

  • richard j.

    v.a. i was called by dav. 4 montys ago the dav.rep. told me i got 100% schedule p/t no more c/pi have to sign off 3 of my claims and they would get 100% schedule p/t generalized anxiety di sorder with panic disorder features how long does it take to get my award letter i have been waiting 4 month some lady there waiting for her to sign i am still waitingrichard wakely

    • David Davis


      It will take about 4 more years cause once you had to wait for 4 months now because of all the signatures required to sign for an award most are on vacation or they ran out of ink and need to be retrained on how to use the new pens. Right now it is expected that HR will have to invest another 2,000,000 in training dollars and the pen project is on hold. HA HA

      Don’t hold your breath to long as most of the VSO reps are like VA people they will tell you about anything to get you off the phone. Good Luck

      • Dennis

        My friend… I served in Vietnam in combat in 69-71, I was with a small spec ops unit and carried out “raids” in Cambodia. The military has me down on record as “handing out medication tro the natives in the jungle,” I did if you count lead, I was wounded, loss of hearing from concussion, plus recently they (the VA) has certified my hearing issues were from explosions much like the IED problems that soldiers are facing now, ( that is how they found it on me, my brain actually shrunk from damage. I have extreme PTSD and have lost a lot of work and cannot hold a job with a company because of PTSD and the issues it causes. I have worked all my life for myself. I own my own business and have 2 college degrees/ including a Masters of Fine arts. Now, the VA still will NOT help me with PTSD. Just recently I hired a Lawyer and I am suing the VA. My Psych at the VA says I am NOT employable and suffer from 100% combat related PTSD. The VA will roll over, but it has taken me 42 years for this and I just would not talk with them for over 10 years after I was escorted out of the Cleveland Wade Park Hosp when I assaulted a Psych there. Good luck my friend and do not screw up like I did by beating the shit out of a Psych in their office while inside the VA. i was only in my 20’s and fresh out of war when that happened. DO NOT GIVE UP!

        • David Davis


          I did the same thing to a nurse, didn’t hit her except with a wash cloth 46 years ago at Ft. Devens. I was medi-vaced in tremendous back pain after being hung upside down on an Apache pole and repeatedly kicked in the back by some SF goon during training. They wired me up to a radio field telephone generator and started cranking on that thing for what seemed like hours burnt the hairs right off of both arms from wrists to shoulders. In any case they said I had an upper respiratory problem elevated temp and was unstable with a personality and mood disorder all this after being tortured by the bast@@@@s. Then x-rayed and told nothing wrong with me then they falsified the med ical report showing two weeks later I walked into the dispensary complaining of a sudden back ache. Found out it was pretty messed up. I don’t believe a word the military or the VA has to say to me anymore. Good luck with your claim

  • Rev Jim


    Glad I found this site ( and article )!

    I am going through what amounts to year’s-long battle with my local VA. I have tried several times for a re-evaluation and increase, but to no avail. I have also applied several times for SSI, and to no avail.

    Upon reading the last decision from the SSA ALJ ( Administrative Law Judge ) I have found most of where my problems have been ( as I should have remembered from several of my Dad’s former service-buddies ). The doctors, physicians, and other VA clinicians who have examined me, have entered statements into my medical records to the effect of: “Upon examination and having patient do several flexibility tests, the results were unremarkable and patient showed ‘submaximal effort’.” – – In otherwords, regardless of how much pain I was suffering in trying to comply with their requests, they recorded their opinions as to the effect that, “I am making this all up”.

    So long as that stigma remains the basis for any future determinations on my disability claims/cases, I am SCREWED!

    BTW: The MAIN reason why there is very little service-record data, is because I was actively DENIED the opportunity to use the on-base/post medical facilities when I sustained my injuries and was in severe pain for many months afterward. BUT, THAT never seems to make it for the record!

    ” Just my two-cents on the VA medical system. ”

    – Rev. Jim

    • David Davis

      Rev Jim,

      The VA and DOD are really in bed with each other. Most of the doctors that give c&p exams, imo’s, etc. are probably given a fifth of whiskey and a couple hundred bucks to deny your claim. Look at all the fraud in both organizations. DOD cover-ups, personality discharges. Wow!! There’s nothing more impersonal than a drill instructor if they think that soldiers with broken backs, legs, PTSD are personality disorders then what is the military made up of? That seems to carry over to the VA. Good luck I’ve been fighting with them since 1967!!!

    • Brian

      Hello – I am confused. Are you talking about SSA/SSI or VA Compensation? Each program has different disability criteria.

      SSA/SSI is based 100 per cent disability and unable to work. Whereas VA disability is based on percentages from 0 to 100.


  • shelly

    I am a veteran parent who is on the verge of loosing my home because I am having to support my ‘destitute’ (no income and unable to work PTSD) 8 year war veteran. The Lancaster VA will gladly give him many types of pills, in large amounts, and counseling every week, but the run around from Waco for any disability compensation is beyond any ignorance I have ever experienced.
    We filed back in Feb. 2012 and waited until May to file once more, thinking the file would be added to and moved along, we were told that the claim date was reestablished in May! They started over? What the what?
    We contacted the department for ‘destitute’ disabled veterans and a ‘Mr. Moyer’ was most helpful over a period of 4 months or more.
    After getting Mr. Moyer’s approval the paperwork only needed to be completed by the financial department.
    Two months later our veteran received a letter from VA Regional Office/Waco requesting a response. The response was clear and mailed back ASAP. He clearly stated that he would like compensation for PTSD and Maliria to be paid to him ASAP while the remaining disabilities would be filed at a later date. This is the blatant and ignorant part of this communication . . . . . .our veteran’s response is not followed as directed by the veteran! Instead, VA Regional Office/Waco, did just the opposite and scheduled him for Dr’s appt’s over the next three months. Why is our veteran being humiliated by being asked these questions when the VA/Waco is doing just the opposite of what they offered? These are exactly the types of things that cause our veterans to feel like lesser people who have nothing to contribute to his own family when he returns from war! These are exactly the types of things that cause our veterans to feel like the only way for resolve is to simply kill themselves! These are exactly the types of things that cause our veterans to react irrationally, in a private and/or public setting, and cause themselves as well as those around them incredible emotional strain, and in this case . . . . possibly having to loose our home!
    I have a veteran son who I will stand beside without hesitation! I wish that I could say the same for this ‘U.S.A.’

    My son fought for this country and this country treats him like a rape victim crying wolf. The VA should be ashamed of what they are NOT doing to help this countries veterans!!!!!


    • william

      Phoenix, Arizona

      My claim for PTSD, TBI, Lower Back, etc has been pending since September 2010. Every time I submit additional evidence to support my claim, the VA kicks it down the road another year.


  • Pete

    Anybody know if a 100% VA disabled vet. With less than 20 years service can get concurrent Pay? What’s the latest news on this? Pete USAF ret

  • ollie

    My wife was deployed to the Gulf War in 1990, leaving me in Gertmany to care for our children, then 7and 9 yrs. old. I ws frightened for her, and the children added to that with questions of if their mommy would return.

    I became so stressed out, that doing this time my friend committed suicide, drowned and the funeral came and went with little sympathy for his family, for fear I was having myself.

    In addition to that, my mother became very ill, from her cancer, upon my wife return, mother passed. My wife stayed back with the children, as it was unaffortable to pay for the funeral, childrens care, and both she and I attend.

    I became extremly depressed fdoing all of this and following.

    I filed for Depression, and Later PTSD. I was denied. Would this be worth the fight to try again.

  • Bush Davis

    This is truly a shame in several ways. 1 We need request that as veterans we do have a loud voice I know that there several VSO looking for our support for there organization. When read letters like The American Legion posted in there September 1, 2012 issue stating that they are so back up he cant handle all the claims? Guest it is better to pay for benefits even if you almost dying for them. Solution is to hire personnel to move these claims forward and assist the veteran financially while they are waiting decision to be made to prevent hardship.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bush Davis

      Here is a good number to call over all please read info



      [Federal Register Volume 74, Number 107 (Friday, June 5, 2009)]
      [Rules and Regulations]
      [Pages 26958-26959]
      From the Federal Register Online via the Government Printing Office [www.gpo.gov]
      [FR Doc No: E9-13211]



      38 CFR Parts 3 and 4

      RIN 2900-AN22

      Pension Management Center Manager

      AGENCY: Department of Veterans Affairs.

      ACTION: Final rule.


      SUMMARY: This document amends the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
      regulations to add the Pension Management Center Manager as a person
      who, in addition to the Veterans Service Center Manager, is authorized
      to review decisions on benefit claims and authorized to approve
      permanent and total disability evaluations on an extraschedular basis
      for pension purposes. These changes are made to reflect the duties of
      the Pension Management Center Manager.

      DATES: Effective Date: June 5, 2009.

      FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Thomas J. Kniffen, Chief, Regulations
      Staff (211D), Compensation and Pension Service, Veterans Benefits
      Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs, 810 Vermont Avenue,
      NW., Washington, DC 20420, (202) 461-9725.

  • Roger R

    Good Morning. I’m a new member so please forgive me for possibly using the wrong screen. I am a “PEACETIME” VETERAN ( a phrase emphasized by the VA.) I was drafted during the build up of the Vietnam debacle (1961-1963). I suffered a crush injury during BASIC training at Fort Ord, CA., and also was forced to endure a 48 hour medical experiment at the Presidio, in Monterey, CA (1/1961 the medical experiments were designed to test the limits on humans due to Extreme Sensory Deprivation). The result of which: (a) developed into feet, ankle and hip damage; and (b) a worsening issue involving degrees of claustrophobia and flashbacks). The VA initially granted me a 40% disability. Recently, post sequester, the VA notified me they are disallowing my claim from the beginning due to obvious error. I need help and would appreciate ALL comments.

    • Fred

      Whose error is it and who will be looking at your “new” claim? Take your record that they will send you explaining where the mistake was and go to a civilian doctor to dispute their allegation. Move quickly and do not waste time with politicians.



  • Patrick R

    I fractured my c6 vertabra as well as injuring my lower back after getting hit by a truck while on duty . I returned to my local VA in Rhode Island for care and to file a claim in 95. while I was in I also had surgery to repair my left thumb. The initial claim went pretty fast although they were low at 35%. Radiology report said straightening of cervical spine and right lateral tilting with molding of articular plates. and my lumbar was”fine”. In 97 , same hospital, my cervical was “fine” but my L5-S1 disk space showed mild early degeneration. I was 24 then. in 99 still having problems their radiologists didn’t find anything wrong at all ??? Where did it go?? I was never able to get past the nurse practitioner I was assigned so that I could see another doctor. Frustrated I never went back. Over the years I got steadily worse but being a single dad with a baby girl I couldn’t afford to take any time to take care of it. I returned in 2012 and was assigned to a resident who knew it all, a repeat of what I left years before. It took a mirical she was off a day I showed up and I was sent for a cat scan of the 2 hernias she said I didn’t have and I had 3 plus an enlarged prostate and a distended bladder. After finally exploding at her I was transferred to another who still denied me a surgical consult for them. I Feb I injured my right hand and it wouldn’t heal and even now is still swollen and painful even though MRI was net. I also had problems with my arms and legs “falling asleep”. Well I was taken out of work to try to get my hand to heal. They finally did MRI’s of my lower back and my neck and found a buldging disk with a fissure at my L5-S1 and at my C6 a disk protrusion effacing the right anterior cord. hmmm what happened to the other results well I messaged the doctor and within a week the results of the MRIs had been changed. I called them on it and they were changed again??? They were changed a third time and at this point I was assigned to yet another doctor who came in and yelled at me and told me if I didn’t like it find another doctor outside the VA. I received a call from the charge nurse, 7/26/13, who pretty much called me a liar till I was able to read him what the original said. then proceeded to inform him about the changes between the years that made no sense. well by Monday the 4th version was in my records. Today while I was there I went down to get 2 more copies of all my records and images on CD. for my congressman and lawyer. Go figure 1995 and 1996 were gone from the computer and even though they were there June 12,2013 when I got copies for myself, this time they were gone and nobody could tell me why. I went right to patient advocate but in the meantime I have a claim in and also have just filed for SS who will be looking for theese records. oh and a new doctor who won’t talk to me or refill my pain meds.

    • fred

      Call in a few weeks and your records will be found. However you have to be tough.

    • John Doe

      I went to my Senator with a VA issue, and a year later, his secretary told me he was powerless to do anything. His office simply transmitted messages back and forth between me and the VA. I wish he would have told me before I had false hopes in him assisting me. You might ask with your first contact, if he can or will do anything for you. Good luck

  • lawrence caple

    veterans affairs regional office has denied my claim three times i’m a honorable discharged iron curtain,cold war, conflict veteran on german land been thourgh you name it combat trained seen people killed in just trainning buildings beside me getting bombed seen soldier getting smashed between two tanks yes 19e armor crewmen tanker my mos a real job front line trained soldier now being treated like i never done nothing for my country some body really needs to get ther head out thers a.. wake up i’m a real soldier tried of being denied of what i feel and know i’m entitled. victory or death we were trained to win or die 2/32 charlie company outlaws ready first ayers kaserne germany the ROCK united states army service connected school boys wake up

    • George Burgess

      I know all about “The Rock” Ayers Kaserne. My unit was HHC 2/36 Infantry and we did real soldiering! Anyone who was stationed at The Rock has spent more than their fair share of time training at Hohenfels, Vilseck, and Grafenwoehr. Ayers Kaserne was my first duty station in the Army and it holds a special place in my heart. Good luck to you and I hope you get better results when you file your next claim. 3AD “Spearhead”!

    • Linda Hardin

      My husband was in Germany from 1971 to 1974 in a Sherman Tank. Asbestos cap covers for the shells and asbestos fibers in the air each time they were loaded, moved or shells fired but the V.A. keeps telling us there’s no service connection for Asbestosis /Lung Cancer. Can’t find anyone who served that can confirm conditions in tank or barracks. They have denied this and pushed it aside till he finally passed Dec. 2013. Guess they are waiting for me to give up hope.

    • dewayne mckinney

      rock of the marne,this is my first on these sites,but i had to jump in bro,i was stationed in aschaffenburg germany,85-88,guarded all the boarders,pol,cech,check-point charley(berlin-wall)persian-missel sites,ammo depos,landing strips,kasearne-gates,bomb threats all the time,,but im a cold-war vet,diagnosed with chronic-ptsd,but my claim has been in appeal-limbo since 2011,june.put in claim 2010nov..i keep getting getting the bump(i believe)because im non-combat..im a mess mentally n physically,,i was a 11b/11m,adapt and overcome,drive on was the way of our rapid deployment battalion,but the proof is hard to come by,training recs.mission recs,border-recs,if you have any advise(any one)email me @ ***@***.***,1/4-4/7inf,,3rdinf.div,,,brothers forever,oooooaaah

  • E LW

    The VA is has made take a second look as to the worth of Thailand veterans. The VA will lie and deny. A airman’s report that AO was used all over the base at Udorn Thailand and we had barracks on the perimeter where AO was used
    next to the flight line. The VA sent me a letter on jobs worthy to receive compensation. I wonder if only certain job titles could get affected by AO.

    • jacks16

      Here the facts about Thailand:
      In 2011 the National Academies of Science released a study of exposure concerning the “Blue Water Navy” in that study the committee studied three groups: Ground troops, brown water navy and blue water navy the following is what the study says about exposure to Agent Orange aka TCDD’s.
      1. In the Preface the committee says “Indeed the committee believes that given the lack of measurement taken during the war and the almost 40 years since the war, this will never be a matter of science but instead a matter of policy”
      2. Exposure may have occurred by ingestion, inhalation, dermal contact, or a combination of these routes.
      3. Even ground troops or Navy personnel with similar job descriptions would be expected to have experienced varied exposure because of differences in environmental concentrations, personal activities, and associated intake characteristics (such as exposure ratio, food and water ingestion rates, inhalation rate and body weight).
      4.The committee concluded that, qualitatively, ground troops and Brown Water Navy veterans had more plausible pathways of exposure (that is, there was a greater number of plausible exposure mechanisms to TCDD’s than Blue water navy.
      This report goes on about exposure: In the report the following comes out clearly: No records or measurement of ground spraying was ever done in Vietnam or Thailand. Your job MOS had nothing to do with exposure. The ground spraying around camps was the same in Vietnam as in Thailand. There is no list of MOS titles that would be considered “working at the perimeter” except MP’s and dog handlers. Interesting I was an Army surveyor lent to the Air Force from time to time. I established as in staked out the perimeter on a Special Forces camp, PLO Tank farm for the Air Force. The VA has had this report for over 2 years now but the policy has not changed. On the VA web site they clearly state TCDD’s were used on every camp, base or enclosure of the United States in Thailand for the entire Vietnam War. I hope this helps. Instead of sharing notes what we really need is a dues paying association modeled after the AARP there is a reason that the VA can act like it does and the solution lies on K street not on the internet.

  • Vivian

    While my husband & I appreciate everyone’s thanks, It would be a lot better if the VA & Government would approve his Appeal!!! Whoopee!!! It’s at the Washington DC BOA!!! However, it’s mandated, according to our House Representative’s Office, that it will be another 12 mos or more before they make a decision!!! He’s 87 yrs old & is in poor health!!! So, don’t depend on any of our House Representatives or Senators because they don’t do squat!!! However, we aren’t giving up!!!! No Way!!! My Husband deserves every bit of his Service Connected Disability Pension!!! As do the others!! Now, I’m trying to find someone in Washington D.C. who can give us the information we need!!!! Any ideas on that???

    • Fred

      Look up Laura Ashkenazi. Call 1-202-632-4603. have your husbands claim # and tell them about his age and about his claim. they have to expedite due to age. insist on talking to Laura.
      Do not use my name as I too have a claim in the BVA. you found them on the internet.

    • tony

      nice job and I fighting as well. they keep denying me and its getting on my nerves. we fight for our country and now we deserve our benefits.

  • Lupe M

    May God give you the strength and guideness to keep on fighting for your rights. I will keep you in my prayers.

  • Lynn

    My husband rode around in a bradley for about 20 of his 25 years of service. During one of his tours of Iraq he picked up something nasty along with pneumonia that affected his lungs and came back with snoring. After sleep study, was told he has serious apnea. Nothing happened. He retired, saw another doctor, had another sleep study, diagnosed as severe, stopping breathing 300 plus times. Submitted his claim Feb 2012. Saw dr in July 2012. Dr at VA asked “do you fall asleep at the wheel?” No? Then you don’t have apnea. Goodbye. He got his denial of claim almost a year later in July 2013. Appealed Aug 2013, contacted our congressman in April 2014 to find out status of appeal. Received a letter from congressman that the VA said they were backlogged and just started 2010 appeals in early 2014. At that rate, my husbands appeal probably won’t be processed until at least 2018. Thats 6 years. He submitted a claim for his back because he had been diagnosed in the military with a degenerative condition. Received a letter from the VA in March 2014 that he would be contacted “soon” with an appt. June 2014 rec’d a letter that his claim was denied. No med appt, no nothing. Just denied. This is part of the VA mess. Its getting them to even process your claim, process your appeal, do the right thing and let you see the doctor before they reject you. When DAV tells you “don’t worry, they always deny your first claim unless you are missing a limb”, something is seriously wrong.

  • papa

    where did they spray agent orange in the usa?


    the veterans affairs are a health care provider who is abusing the soldiers hampton virginia has showed me how the operation goes on its like working with a family if you go to one family memeber and ask for help they send you to the next family memeber and they all are working together so you can’t really get nothing done at this time but i can say one thing the devil is a lie cold war veterans know what a conflict is and this is one with our own the people who work with the veterans affairs all are not bad winston salem r/o i hope you get things together you have the veterans affairs hospital then you have the veterans affair regional office then you have veterans affairs regional counsel after that they have veterans affairs general counsel this is there chain of command and they all are maybe a few are not working against Veteran Soldiers this is part of the conflict they have programs that will set you up for failure they say stress will kill you o yes i almost forgot about the veteran affairs crisis line when you call get ready for are you ready to kill yourself instead of just having a talk they bring up the killing now that’s a conflict to me why talk or ask a trained killer do you wanna kill yourself i can’t understand that one like i said stress will kill you and that’s what most soldiers are i want all my young and older soldiers to not kill there self and think about were the stress is coming from and deal with this conflict we will not lose at the end of the day when the smoke is clear and it’s clearing up we will be the victor 3rd armor division soldier 2/32 armor Tanker germany ayers kaserne the ROCK oldskol and knows what time it is and what is going on and to all my soldiers really that’s half the battle knowing where the conflict and stress is coming from don’t let the head games that are being played stress us out to were we kill our self or others Victory or Death was the unit crest i wore everyday and to all my soldiers we must help each other because we have a big organized operation conflict here in our own country but we go and help other countries and we are backlogged in our own troubles i am going on my 5th year with my conflict (claim) and i just sometimes want to give up but i will never give up soldiers are trained to fight don’t let the pen beat you i love all my soldiers even the once that i had conflicts with don’t let the veterans affairs belittle you or make you feel like your begging it’s all a plan to see the real soldier get weak fight like you have been trained and you will win or die but fight never give up to all my soldiers and veterans who served and serving in the armed forces keep your heads up don’t let some book worms who couldn’t do half of what you done stress you or us out HONORABLE DISCHARGE VETERAN being treated like i have done nothing for my country but i will keep fighting in this conflict till the day i don’t breath anymore then i will rest in peace only GOD can judge me now OUTLAWS charlie company they called me drill private and i will keep on drilling OVER and OUT

  • tony

    VA keep denying my claim. its a shame that you can fight for your country and come back and file a claim for injuries and get denied so many times, its pathetic,this needs to stop. Ive been denied so many times its not even funny.

    • micah

      well what are you being denied for may i ask?

  • Jimel Bell

    The US Government has dishonored the American Veteran for years and profess to be the greatest country in the world and know that they are wronge but do nothing about it., they countinue the same delay and stall tactics just to not pay your earned disability compensation. they have denied and hidden things to not approve veterans disability claims. They are ruthless and just dont care about us after our service to this country. The Inspector General has audit the Veteran Affair Administration and has discovered that VA has incorrectly and unfairly denied Veteran disability claims covering up mistakes and illegal pratices, the US Senate and Congress has done nothing to stop and correct this problem. The greatest country in the world? I use to think so, but wonder why the Government does nothing and just lets them keep on disrespecting and dishonoring it’s Veterans. It is ashamed and I am disappointed. Please do something to fix the problem this is embarrasing. No respect.

  • Richard De Exter

    I spent 20 years plus in the Corps. No Combat. I trained SNCO’s OCS,TBS, AWS, and finally CSC. This meant I was a PT freak. I humped pack and was awater Surviaval Qualifes retriever. I broke my back and felt internal bleeding. The Navy said I wanted drugs. Hell I don’t drink. Five years later just as I was to retire I could not get oput of bed and crawled to piuke every morning and finally got up. Mt PFT dropped from a steady 296 to 225 crippled. Finally a Dr. orgered and exam and the Corpsman was white as a ghost. Don’t move MSGT. Don’t coughj . the Next day after 7.5 hrs on the table my spine was straightened and a huge chunk of vertebrae removed. The Va ignored the DR. , their own specialist ands I flew to D.C and asked for enough disability to see a DR. My big mistake was thinking these people had honor or integrity. My work reduced casualties in the Middle East. Though Col Zinni later General Zinni had advised against entering the conflict. We also were told Osama Bin Laden was made up by Al; Gore the inventor of the Internet. A Communist Dr. in the PRC diagnosed my injuries accurately when I helped the Hmong ( Miao ) with medical treatment and triage planning.. Sad when a man can tell through reflexology what the Geniuses at the VA tried ti ignore. I went paralyzed in 2009 and the DR. at Bethesda said I needed Neurosurgery but retirees were not allowed treatment. In other words I am sorry but no one gives a crap.
    I saved 870 K while in the Corps and 3 Million by showing how a contractor was stealing and passing of shoddy work. So you save much more than you VA Benefits will ever be and Tough Shit. I am ashamed that Federal Employees decide to keep injuries down for Bonuses. We need more Vets in Congress and being called the greatest potential domestic Terrorist threat by Napolitano was how they really see us . To them we are animals to be culled. The 1932 Bonus March is the attitude the Government still has . You are a hero until you are no longer needed. Get a Lawyer who eats these guys for lunch . I wasted 25 years trying to find and honmest Dr. One told me we can’t report serious cases. The Dr. who recommended me for max disability was gone the next week. I do no regret my service. I do regret that men who have my injuries and PTSR commit suicide three a day. Zoloft given to a hyper Vet in Pain causes Suicide. That is why I use Elavail and pay for it myself. Oh and their is no longer Patient and Dr. confidentiality. Obama says we are whiners and wants access to rid us of benefits. I can’t blame him. If Mom is in Russian working as a Communist and Daddy is a Marxist rebel you have a narrow Point of View. His revulsion at white blood is not how Vets feel. We are a Band of Brothers. He is a man who went to church for 23 years hearing how whites and Jews are all the Devil. God Damn Amerika was hois Preachers Mantra. Well we are almost there.. Go on Welfare and Sociall Security . You get about 60 K and no reviews. We are training generations to be lazy. 13 Trillion in money no one can account for and back to Iraq.