2012 Retiree COLA Update

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the national inflation rate is still trending upward. Of course anyone who has been grocery shopping lately could tell you that, but, the BLS reports that the Consumer Price Index for April is up 0.8 percent over the March CPI, which bodes well for COLA in 2012.

This is important for military retirees, and those drawing VA benefits, because the CPI is the indicator used to determine the annual cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) and adjustments to VA Disability and Compensation,Vets Pension, and other VA rates for the following year.

According to the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) the April 2011 CPI is up 2.9% from the 2008 CPI. The 2008 CPI will be used to calculate the 2012 COLA since there has been no COLA since 2009.  This means that if the trend continues the COLA for 2012 could be quite substantial. This will also mean an increase in VA Compensation and Pension programs as well as social security rates.

NOTE: The COLA referred to here is the annual cost-of-living-adjustment for retirees. It is not the same as the Cost-of-Living-Allowance for active duty.

Check out MOAA’s COLA Watch for the latest trend analysis.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for Military.com, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Boatts

    How about the presidents vacation over the holidays to Hawaii

    It’s costing the taxs payers 1.5 million. Great way to spend our money

    Nice job. According to the fox network.

    • detroit jazz man

      have you ever taken a vacation? of so STFU!

      • Unknown

        I’ve taken lots of vacations! But I wanna take another one with your yearly gross pay! How’s that sound? Sound l;ike good use of your money. You worship obama it sounds like. He’s has wasted more money on himself and traveling than bush and clinton combined! A nation in debt does not allow it to grow, it allows other nations to surpass us and spit in our faces. Look at chinas growth for example, that’s where all the jobs have gone. Socialism does not work, period!!!!

        • debbi

          fyi china has a loose trade agreement with us and that was a Bush deal. Congress did not build in that they had to buy our stuff too. I am not pro liberal or hard fast Conservative but so many want tax deals to be in the USA a deal at city, state and federal levels to get a company to even stay in our state as ks borders mo same street two states every deal is with the devil as the sm business owner is not the real culprit the big guns are ATT Version any company that is not mom and pop hovers under the umbrella of “sm buss owner”

    • seymore

      he should have to pay his own way..1.5 million for 17 days is stupid.him and his ugly big butted wife and kids should have taken the same plane instead of making all those trips.he is a joke and disgrace to the United States..abo in 2012..

      • deborah

        when did you go to the school of dense? plz vote for any of the rep lams this year as they are all a joke. I want to see the President beat any of them he is at least intelligent and his family has nothing to do with the job he does. After all if being ecstatically pleasing was a requirement the first Bush had a gma for a wife and his son only was missing a dunce cap to complete his look and so much for his C average.

    • marie

      So why is it okay for all other Presidents to go home for the holidays except for President Obama? He was born and raised in the islands. Hawaii is his hometown. George Bush spent more time at his ranch than the White House, but I guess that’s okay because he’s the right shade of pale, right all of you FOX network groupies. You really need to get out more and read.

    • greg

      thats the problem you were listening to fox news…….get a life

    • debbie

      what is cheaper for him to fly all of them in and have them vetted or for him to not be kept from his family after all that is a state that votes in in USA or has Fox forgotten this. oh and for the name and town crew Debbie Thomas Belton Mo.

    • matt

      Every President takes vacations…so what?

    • Dave

      Any President is required to use Air Force One for transportation. But any cost during a vacation comes right out of the President’s pocket. Go look it up. It is open freely on the internet. And stop getting your twisted news from FOX and FIENDS. The spin and demonize everything that doesn’t support free loading large corporation.

    • Boatts,

      President Obama’s Vacation Days
      Posted on January 11, 2010

      Question: Has President Obama taken more vacation time than his predecessors?

      Answer: According to one count, Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush spent more time on “vacation” during their first year than President Obama did. Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton spent less time on “vacation.”


  • Would ne nice to get an increase in retired pay. It will off-set some of the cost of Tricare if they decide to increase the rates.

    • Audrey Warren

      I agree as it looks more and more likely that we will have a Tricare increase.

    • Jim Bob

      Hey SMKAS,

      It would be even better if you’re retired military and Uncle would quit deducting any service connected disability monies from your retirement check. Taking retirement money and deducting service connected disability money from the monthly check is an insult to anyone who served, retired and got hurt while serving. JH


      It would be nice for us permanent DAV”S to get a COLA after two years of this phony cic denying us. All I live on is my DAV pension and SS, both which are affected by the dummy in the white house. thank GOD Bush gave us a 6% raise in COLA before he left office. I guess he knew what this marxist was going to do to us when he got in.

      • Dracon

        Bush didn’t give you anything, you earned it. And Bush wasn’t authorized to grant any pay increases by the federal government, Congress does that. Remember, Congress spends the money, not the POTUS. If the POTUS authorized spending ALL military would be out on the street courtesy of the illegitimate prevaricator currently infesting the WH.

    • Lynn3765

      It won’t help if they go with the proposal to increase TRICARE rates equal to the annual COLA.

    • Assess

      It is very likely there will be an increase.

    • Gues

      Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike, voted to increase Tricare costs based on COLA for that year, like Medicare and Social Security. What a rip off.

    • jaminano

      I am a 100% veteran, recieving the VA pay and SSDI 1,380.00. I am doing well with the money I recieve from disability. I have my wife on Tricare prime paying my $19.17 monthly and Delta Dental $35.36 monthly payment. We are not ********. I do not pay the Medicare part B $96.00, (Which I was told that I have to, in order for my dependent to recieve Tricare, which is a LIE!!!!!).

  • nnn

    Well its about time.

    • papa54

      amen “nnn”
      the cost of living has increased many times over,, crap gas, food, clothes, house hold goods and to many to type out. a nice cola is what we need and it will allows us to spend more,l, i thnk thats what the country needs,, it is more spending ,,supply and demand,,, with a cola i might be able to buy some fencing,,, wow that means some poor joe has to create the metal, run it thru a string to create the fence,, then someone hired to put in the fence (he sure wont be anyone who’s built the fence on our border with mexico).
      some general must have stopped in for a quick 3 burger and once he paid 5 bucks he cried that was to high,, hell,,look down here,, poor broke and disgruntled by our Govt helping rebels in lybia but lets the Syrians kill rebels and leave the dead in the streets… yea we need cola and now,,, the govt has pissed away 3 or 4 years dragging us thru the mud,,

    • LastFreeAmerican

      Doesn’t matter if we get that raise, I’ll like it, but we should have gotten them for the past two years. No matter what Obamaclown does, he isn’t and can’t buy my vote for ANY Democrat, period. They are the very fact that our Nation is in the shape it is in with their Tax and Spend and special Interest giveaways. He still hasn’t helped our Border States, or tried to stop Illegals, just what did he swear to do when inaugurated? I’m sure it was NOT to destroy America, but you could never tell by His actions. No respect for him.
      Whebn people say “he’s our POTUS, and should be respected blindly, as our Leader in the Military” I respond with “We weren’t necessarily respecting the Man who was leading, but the Position he held, ie., the Uniform and Grade of rank, but not the man himself.” That was taught to me in Basic Tng in Ft. Ord CA in 1965, and still holds true to this day.

  • mako1017

    That is great news. It will help offset the cost of Tricare WHEN they do increase the rates.

    • ritoky

      Forget the increased cost of Tricare, how about making up for the $50-60 increase now taken from the monthly retirement check since the tax rate has been increased by Obama & company. Not only haven’t we received a cola in two years, they are now taking out more for taxes so Obama can support his middle east buddies. Shameful president.

  • Brian K Pearce

    It’s about time that a raise was considered by this Aministration as it has not given one to the Retirees in a long time and they promised and campaigned on the backs of taking care of the Service members, what a joke!

    • Robert Stickel

      We don’t don’t get a raise. But our elected officals give themselves one EVERY year. What’s up with that? A bunch of very greedy basturds…..

      • sdexnorva

        Congress has cancelled its “atuomatic” pay raises for the last two years.

      • Roy Smith
        • Roy Smith,

          “I am on social security and medicare as well as tricare for life and military retired pay and all 4 are constantly getting hit on.”

          I keep hearing and seeing people say and post this same statement, but it has yet happened to me.

          1. Since I started drawing Social Security, my payment has always gone up, never down.

          2. I’m not there yet when it comes to Medicare.

          3. I’m not there yet when it comes to Tricare for Life.

          4. Since I retired, my retirement pay has never gone down only up. The only exception to this, was in 2010 and 2011 when COLA remained the same.

          Anyway, my question to you, is just what do you mean when you say these 4 items are always getting hit on?????

    • Joseph Blloechl

      All elected officials should be on Social Security and not the current plan in which they get pay-for-life after only 2 terms. Then we may see changes in both the military retirement and Social Security systems!

      • anon

        Help if you got your facts right. They are on FERS, the Federal Employees Retirement System, same as our civil servants. They also collect SS, since they pay into it. For medical care, they are under FEHBP, the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program, again same as our civil servants. Also, they voted not to accept the annual pay raise for congress this year.

        For those complaining about the COLA / lack thereof – COLA is set by law as the increase of CPI-W on 30 Sep. This law was passed back in the early 70’s – the current administration (and the last several) have had nothing to do with it. The reason for the lack of increase was the 5.9% increase in 2009, due to the spike in gas prices on 30 Sep 2008, when the CPI-W was measured (per the law).

        • Mari


          You are wrong!! Not all are on FERS, as some of the ones in the system, before FERS, were grandfathered!!

    • sdexnorva

      This is not an administration decision but rather of the Congress which set up, in public law, the rules for pension increases to be dependent on the CPI. Please put the “blame” where it belongs.

    • HJL


      You are wrong in what you say. The administration doen’t give retirees a raise, it is determine by law according to how much inflation rises. It is totally different from a cost of living increase that active duty gets.

  • XParaman

    I know that my money does not go near as far as it did two years ago, that last time we recieved a cola increase. Its really putting a bite into my pocket book. A nice big one would be nice, but I see them coming up with some excuse not to give us one for another year. or so. They can give countries money, forgive Equpt money, but are killing us with no cola. Thanks OBAMA

    • KFoster

      Obama is not the problem. It’s the greedy Congress. I fail to understand how they get retirement pay for life and not participate in the SS plan like everyone else. How can they be held accoutable for anything when they don’t have to suffer the same as everyday Americans to include veterans who have put their lives on the line for these ungrateful beaurocrats.

      • TCronauer

        There’s a slight misunderstanding that shows up frequently. There was a change in 1984 that all congressmen, senators, the president and vice president, all judges etc started paying into social security. Their retirement system prior to 1984 is the same as any other government employee – CSRS & FERS. Politicians are required to participate in their retirement programs but they still treat military retirees horribly. We should be the ones to vote on what type (if any) raise they get each year.

        • ron

          anyone entering federal government after Dec 1983 has to be in FERS. But regardless, SS only taxes the first 102K of your pay. Congress makes much more so they still get a break and only pay on part. they also get all the other freebies. and whose auditing those personal accounts for using aircraft and other things for personal trips. even Obama’s wife and kids are to pay for their meals, rides on AF1, and other things. but what’s the bet they never get checked.

      • thuumper

        It was VOTED for by a Dem. and a REP. Congress, and only they can change it. So call e-mail them tell them if they dont change it we will Vote them OUT

      • while it might be true that congress is a bunch of greedy communist ******** obummer is no better he has no idea what a veto is. him and a whole lot of career politicians have got to go in order for this country to survive

    • Randy Metcalf

      If we could get a real COLA which had the real price of what we have to pay to live in 2012 that would be great. By the time it shows up in our retirement and VA comp. payment the costs to live will be much higher. I am a 100% plus Disabled V/NAM VET and I remembet that Mr. Dole reported to President Bush that the VA COMP. needed to have a 25% higher payment because it had been over 50 YEARS since the VA COMP. PAY HAS RAISED other then the COLA. I assume that also means the retirement check is no larger than the COLA. Congress has no troble in voting a YES forr a raise for them selves each year. You would think that we should get one at lease every 50 YEARS!!!

    • FRush

      No, thank your Congressman. You knowm the one you voted for. And it’s Mr. President or President OBAMA. He’s still your Commander In Chief. Show some respect,

      • I’ll agree to “Mr. ” if you’ll answer this: How is Mr. Obama eligible to be President? If, according to the Senate resolution, approved by the whole Congress, and aggreed to (with video recordings to back this up) by then-Senator Obama, which allowed Senator McCain to run for President, states that natural-born citizens of the US requires that BOTH parents must be citizens of the US? And, the US Constitution states that only natural-born citizens are eligible to hold the office of President; So, why is he President?

        I’ll respect the office, thank you. No sputtering, no name calling please.

        Have a great day!

        • BSWAG

          Man stop beating that dead horse already, there is no way this man isn’t a citizen of these United States. Respect the office and call him Mr. President. Love him or hate him, racist or nonracist, he is Mr President and there isn’t anything you can do to change that fact in history. Get over it already! Damn!

      • thuumper

        You need to respect the Office but NOT the man

      • mike

        how can you show respect when vet haven’t gotten a raise since 09 and he has no problem giving money to ppl who don’t need ie other countries bailing out banks and corporations where is your common sense

    • dee

      and where in the hell is the money for the COLA going to come from? I guess you are satisfied to let China give you a raise, just as long as you get one.

    • DWeeks

      You should thank the republicans.

    • Guest

      What they’ll do is soak us on Tricare for our spouses and selves, and for those who are 100% VA disabled, they’ll raise medicare part B premiums (now at $96) which they made us sign up for to get VA care. That alone dropped our VA/SocSec comp by $96. Anyone here still remember the Great Lie? “If you stay in until you retire, you and your spouse will get free medical care for life”. That was still taught to recruiters even after Champus and then Tricare put the lie to that promise. And I was put out on disability retirement BEFORE they changed the rules. Even though I am a combat vet, I cannot draw double retirement and VA pay because I was forcibly retired before I hit 20 years (18) and my disability was not due to a war wound. So pogues who never left the states for 20 years, yet were disabled in a car wreck on base at 20 years and 6 months can draw both retirement and VA comp but we cannot.

    • billy

      are you crazy?? OBAMA has nothing to do with COLA increases….just so happens that then inflation necessary to trigger a COLA increase was not present in 2009 and 2010. Just because you didn’t plan for the future dosent give you the right to bash the POTUS.

  • mamamess


  • Tim W.

    Has congress recieved a raise since 2009 ?

    • Rick

      You better believe they get their raise every year. Let us Vets vote on their raise!!!!!

      • gawnfishin

        I second that!

    • papa54

      amen is right,, they always vote theirselves into a raise probably bout 30,000 a year,,and once them dumb asses leave office they still draw that money,,, they have thier own bank, and also a different insurance than anyone else has.. oh i’d say its part of their benefits… and yes ya are right,,, all of those sand eaters draw a lump cash contibution from America each year,,,heres one example…. 52 billion a year to IRAQ before the war .. Syria, Jordan<egypt,
      baharan, yeemee,united arab imagrants, (yes there is a country named that)
      oh and lets not forget afganistan and all them sannigers,, and each one woulod slit our throats in a heart beat..i say spread them billions our govt hands out to Islamic Musilums.. never in my mind can i understand paying our enemies cash that we borrow from Red China..

    • Rickdo

      According to senate.gov Pay for Members of Congress in 2011 will remain at the 2009 and 2010 level of $174,000. No raise but do they need one!?
      for more info see this link http://www.senate.gov/CRSReports/crs-publish.cfm?…

      • What?!?
        No longevity pay increase, or time in office increase?
        Do you mean to say that while the rookie House Rep gets a mere $174K, plus per deim, plus expenses; the 25-30 office holder gets the same pay. I’ll bet not! And the House of Representatives are the ‘Lower’ Chamber of Congress. And then there is the Senate, which being the ‘Upper’ chamber, because they are the more restrained conservatively-minded (well, relatively), as in less impulsive than the ‘Peoples’ half of Congress, get even more as their starting base pay.

        Why is that they come into office, to work for such a paltry, almost non-existent, income; do they leave office as a millionaire? Even the current inhabitant of the White House succeeded in doing this, and he was only a junior Senator with only two (2) years in Congress.

        • retiree

          Yes they all get the same. Minority and Majority leaders, President Pro Tem of the Senate, and Speaker of the House do get extra.

          How do they leave office as millionaires? Mainly because they normally come into office as millionaires. For President Obama, he made money off his book deals.

      • TheSarge

        they need to get a decrease in their pay and the perks they get.

    • Walt K

      I dont know, but they serve one term and get one hundred percent of their pay for the rest of their life, not the people that keeps this country safe.

      • anon

        Please see my other posts on this falsehood. They are civil servants for retirement and health care.

    • Charles P.

      Heck Yes! They receive one each time the active duty military receives one and they don’t complain about it either. The congress of no says yes for themselves.

    • Santoni

      Yes, they receive raises EVERY year unless they vote Not to. Marcy Kaptur from NW Ohio is the only one I know of who did NOT take a raise as she deemed it unethical & unfair because the rest of us are Hurting. Thank you Big Big, Ms. Kaptur!

    • AC2

      Nope they got 2!

      • retiree

        Nope, they got None.

        Amazing how many folks here believe random e-mails, but not actual public law.

  • m. rayment

    Just remember all the empty promises at the poles in 2012,,,,,,should be madatory for all gov.t officials from your local mayor all the way up to the POTUS to serve a minimum of 4 years in the military and then have to go through all THEIR RED TAPE for medical treatment and pay issues!!! God bless ALL the retiree’s, , the families who had to put up with us, MIA’S, POW’s and all who gave the ultimate!!!

    • eddyjames1952

      great idea, some one with no military service will never be qualified to be Commander in Chief. And allowing someone who couldn’t even enlist because of their past drug use ,bragged about in their autobiography, to become Commander in Chief should be criminal.

      • C Vet

        especially if they were an alcoholic and barely made high enough grades to graduate from college.

    • John.

      I have said the same thing for years. 4 years of serivce, we did it and so can they. Know what its like to make a major change in ones life before you make someone else live it also,,

    • CWO3 Smith

      The House and Senate of the US are going to begin to look a lot different in the forthcoming elections. Watch our incumbents; your unemployment status is coming. God bless all veterans, their families, and supporters!

  • Shular J Hurd

    The money comes from people like me that put fifty one years in the work force including twenty one pluss years in the Military.I am still paying tax on my military retires pay and a small vet check for my disability.Im sure you could contribute to these woes of mine!!__ Shular J Hurd

    • Arno

      VA disability is not taxable, check with the VA or DAV.

    • Rudy Quinones

      You may be paying taxes on your military retirement pension but you are not having to pay taxes on your small vet check for your disability. I

      I receive a small vet check wounds ( two Purple Hearts to be exact) that I recevied in “The Nam” and I do not have to pay taxes on this compensation nor even have to report it to the IRS.

  • nate

    You know, it is amazing how the United States could give away billions and billions of dollars to the Middle East countries who wants to blow us up and kill Americans but could not even spare a dime for all the Veterans who serve this country proudly and without dissertation. Where are all these money coming from? I am sure the office of the President does not have to worry about where his pay check is coming from like us Veterans who have to scrounge everyday to just make ends meet. Unbelievable.

    • FRush

      No, what’s unbelievable is you asking these dumb questions. Stop blaming the President and put the blame where it belongs – your Congressman. You know the ones you voted for – Slick!

    • Jack Mehoff

      And neither do that bone headed right wing tea-bagger you voted for. In case you don’t know, they control all the money, the President just sign off on it, when and if the Senate agree with it, Thats how your Government works, you need a class.

    • Sheree`

      When I think about the billions and billions of our tax payer dollars squandered in Iraq, and American soldiers and Iraqi men,women, and children, who have been maimed and killed, I can only ask the question why?
      President Obama has had to clean up a huge mess since he came into office. After three years, the clean up work is still in action. Without lost lives or treasure, our President got Bin Laden. It won’t bring back the lives of those on 911. I thank God that Americans finally have some closure for 911.

      • Uhmm Obama didn’t get JACK ****, our soldiers did it and he bad nothing o do with it!!!!! Period! Point Blank and yes the Obama administration is at fault for the current state of affairs!!! So don’t talk shot if you don’t know what’s really going on, we were nearly square on track with fixing America and the. Obama comes into office and things go to crap and he has even ****** of most of his supporters that elected him…. Should the man be reelected? Not only no but **** No!!! There are many that think he should have been impeached after his first year in office…

        Yes I am a Disaed United States Army Veteran and the only income we have is our VA Compensation and SSDI and what used to cost us $100.00 at the grocery store now costs us $150.00 and yet they say there was no increase in the cost of living? ********!!!! Things suck now and our next commander in cheif will have to spend his entire first term cleaning up this mess we are in now….

        Then he even was trying to screw our right to keep and own firearms and when he couldn’t do that then he figured if he couldn’t take away our rights to buy and own firearms he would try to turn them into very expensive paperweights by making it hard for ammunition manufacturers to supply us with ammunition for those guns because what good is a gun if you can’t buy bullets or afford to buy bullets to go in them!!! If he had his way the only gin owners would be the criminals who ways find ways to buy automatic weapons when the average honest hard working American can’t even afford to legally buy automatic weapons….. It’s a disgrace the current state of affairs is in and it’s all because our current administration has severely failed the people they represent, well are supposed to represent but because they are more concerned with their own pocket books instead of the hard working American we end up loosing and anyone who has to draw a veterans pension or compensation can clearly tell you that things have progressive gone up in cost, everything costs more each year yet we still have received no COLA for over two years and it looks like Nother two years before we will see another one…. Cumulatively speaking most people have been loosing between $100.00 to $300.0″ a more monthly because we haven’t seen our raise in so long and I don’t care who you are $300.00 a month means a lot because it’s a car payment or part of your monthly rent or whatever else it could be used for, here’s the one question… Where is all the money they have saved by not giving the yearly COLA? It’s no small amount either, were talking billions to trillions of US dollars they are saving by not giving us our COLA and that money needs to be accounted forbecaise it’s going somewhere because it’s not going in the pockets of those who served this country and worked their entire lives for the money and were all suffering severely…… There are record numbers if homeowners loosing homes they have been paying on for ten and twenty years, on average in the city where we liver Rees maybe 30 to 40 houses on the market for sale but over the last year alone that number now is up to over 200 to 225 houses on the market and are selling for far less then appraised values line a $180,000.00 home can be bought right now for around $100,000.00 to $125,000.00 so homes are worth less but rent has gone way up so don’t tell me were not in need of a COLA raise because I live needing that extra money every single day and so does my wife and daughters…

        Big Billy

    • dee

      It sure takes away from the respect the civilians in the U S have for the Military to read all the derogatory statements made against our Country and especially today, the one day of the year, dedicated to the Honor of all Active and Retired members. Never bite the hand that feeds you.

  • rig g. sal


  • sam monares

    Just remenber my fellow retirees, Obama promised to help the Vets but again just another empty promises. Let’s review our options comes 2012!

    • Harold Harris

      I agree with you on evaluating our options not just in the White House, but on those that really count, the Congress. The Congress pass Legislation, the President sign it into Law or Veto it. Look back over the past two years and not who has voted for and against military legislation.

      • guest

        Good advice. But how many new wars do you know of has Congress started in the past 2 months?

    • Walt K

      Remember Obama said lets spread the wealth around and the first thing he did was to give money to his wealthy friends such as the unions, the banks and so on.

    • eddyjames1952

      There is no option…..anyone but Obama!could not find anyone worse,well maybe Hillary.

      • No option? Senator McCain is a former Navy Boat Captain, he defended the Eastern Front of the U.S as an officer & should have been this countries first choice. Defending the Eastern front & the middle East should have been priority during war-time. but nooooooo everyone choose different & look at what happened, no compensation adjustment, no lowering of tariffs, crime increased, unemployment increased, quality plateau

        • Diad01

          Check McCain’s record with vets. He voted 28 times AGAINST vets benefits and healthcare. He also voted against mandatory cola increases in disability benefits. He really is looking out for is like he did his first wife until he found s rich one. Class act.

    • FRush

      Here’s another one!!! You should be ashamed Sam. You view your options and start at home with the folks you voted for.

    • Linda Sekeres

      You can thank you trusting republicans in Congress who are screwing us. He puts the bills in for the little guys and the republicans are making sure the millionaires of this country do not pay their fair share.

      • GOV 101 Wrong. The “Republican Party” has given a pay increase every year vs. Obama’s Democratic ideals & principles of 0. The Republican Party is making cut-backs in the house & re-distributing for grant in aids. In the House of Representatives, the cut backs are vs. Democratic proposals for state park jobs which include bird, squirell & raccoon watching & redistributing them where they need to be administered. “Earmarks” Does the little man know a 2nd language? Does he have any real royalties or inventions? The wealthy are being taxed, You pay for value not for worth ACCOUNTING 101. YOU CAN NOT & WILL NOT strip an inventors royalties for a raccoon watcher position at a state park.

    • DWEEKS

      Obama has helped vets more than any other president we’ve had. The republican congress is where problem lies.

      • Retired Chief

        If you mean that no COLA increases in two years, is helping vets, you’re right, you must be kidding. Name some beneifits the OB WH has done to help vets. The republican congress(majority) has only been in place for nine months, what have they done to hurt vets. Maybe you mean the Dem. congress is the culprit.

        • anon

          President Obama (and Congress) had NOTHING to do with the last 30 years of COLAs – the law that laid out how they would be calculated was passed in the mid-70’s.

          What has President Obama done to help vets:
          – Returning Heroes and Wounded Warrior Tax Credits
          – Announced plans to raise military pay and continue providing quality child-care, job-training for spouses, and expanded counseling and outreach to families that have known the separation and stress of war
          – Mrs. Obama and Ms Biden (1st & 2nd Ladies) created the Joining Forces initiative to bring support from the private sectors to support military families
          – Recently announced Jobs Initiative
          – $1.4 billion of the Recovery Act to improve Veterans Services.

          Of course, I realize that, for so many of you here, learning to do research and learning the facts would interfere with your god-given right to see the world the way you want it, but that is your problem.

        • retiree

          One more time – neither this President, nor this Congress, has had anything to do with the COLA. COLA was set by law back in the 1970’s. If you are upset about the COLA, feel free to return it to the Federal Government, I’m certain they would appreciate it.

          As to what this President has done for Veterans, please go to http://www.whitehouse.gov/issues/veterans for a list.

    • KansasJack

      If you are not a 1% and a corporate republican stop crying. It is almost impossible to get any thing through this congress and you can rest assured that the only pocket book they (both parties) are looking after is their own and those of the lobbyist.

    • Rhoda

      My husband 2 brothers and father retired from the military… Common since people the PRESIDENT SADLY DOES NOT CONTROL RAISES… Congress and the Senate do.. He only has the power to VETO BS… Stop blaming OBAMA… for congresses ignorance.

  • Larry A

    Maybe it comes from loans that we get from China!

  • glenda long

    obama has notting to do with our pay raise, it comes from hard working peole that strugle to keep us working,so we can pay taxes!!

    • Cynicky

      Are you kidding me??????????????? Obama has a lot to do with it!

      • Jack Mehoff

        And you know nothing how our Government works do you? You need a class.

      • Don G

        Obama signs it if he agrees. If not, he sends it back with recomendations and his right now is NO pay raise

    • Joe

      Oh but is does, Obama spent out raise to rebuild Muslim Churches, 750,000 million dollars of our pay rise to be exact. It is un-constructional to support any church except the Muslims, (in the eyes of Obama), who we just happen to be at war with. How’s that for real change.

      • DMZ

        Send Him to Kenya and let him be President there’
        and Bring Israel here and turn that Raghead territory into Glass !

    • I disagree, quality is the worst by the working man in the U.S., The royalties belong to China, Europe, technology to Russia, Europe & Asia. The hard working man doesn’t have royalties on medicines, or electronics because of earmark correlation to inventions & designs.

    • Yes he does. The President fills the chair of the Executive Branch of the U.S government. He has the power to make proposals himself & veto Congress if he chooses. Again, Congress can propose and in return the President can choose to to ratify or deny Congress. So the President is involved directly. Those are anti-federalist/ anti-central government/ anti-Republican Democratic proposals, enactments he him-self didn’t pursue. He left the Veterans & the military on the curb. GOVERNMENT 101. -Dr.

  • wayne

    I figure it will not be more then 3% and that will just be enough to pay for the recommended TRICARE increase in the annual fee by Sec Gates. In other words, they take back in fees what they give us in COLA. So in reality, no increase in retired pay.

    • SCPO

      I read in the paper the other day where SS is pegged to get less than 1% so from that ours will be what ever SS gets.

    • CMSgt Retired

      Agree with you, it will be a wash. What we get in a cola increase will be offset by tricare increase, actually we could see a decrease in our retirement pay if the tricare increase is more than the cola. So we will be still going backwards as it relates to retirement pay.

    • sdexnorva


      Take as good care of yourself as you can. Eat right (no McDs), exercise regularly, see your primary care doctor regularly. That way you might be lucky as I am – my only doctor visit is my annual one for a physical.

      I am of the opinion that TriCare fees should go up.

      • Some people have it good, but most don’t.
        I retired after 20 years, but I wasn’t eligible to receive retirement pay, because the VA had classed me as 100% disabled, all service-connected.
        I use TriCare as my provider, paid extra for the ‘Prime’ version for me and my family. I didn’t feel it necessary to drain anymore resources from the already over-strapped VA health system; and I had family with health issues.
        While it’s alright for you to say Tricare premiums could go up, seeing as you don’t use it anyway; I would much prefer the pre-Tricare military health system put back in play. Then, at least, you knew where you stood, and it was all in-house. No Insurance company accountant telling you that your doctor shouldn’t have requested that particular treatment or medicine, because of the expense.

      • Thank you for spending MY money for me. I thought that was my kids’ job.

        If Congress approves Mr. Gates’ suggestions regarding the cost of Tricare, It’ll cost $350-$400 a month for Tricare instead of the $460 per year. A lot of the junior enlisted won’t be able to afford those insurance premiums, nor would most retirees. Hell, junior enlisted with a spouse and just one child already qualify, and/or receive food stamps (or their equivalent) and WIC.
        Now you want them to lose their families’ health coverage, too! How? By raising the premium they have to pay for coverage.

        What a considerate, generous soul you are.

        Have a day.

    • Obama & Congress owes 3 years of compensation adjustment: $45-$125 per month for the last three years. That is between $120-$240 short monthly we are being cut back.

    • CWO3 Smith

      This push/pull bs has got to stop. Let’s start putting real representatives in Congress instead of supporting career politicians and the status quo.


    If we’re lucky it will be 3%, no increase in past 2 yrs but Congress got raise both years. This will hardly cover ACTUAL (real) inflation costs if averaged over a 3yr period. Still on the lower end. Don’t forget that the SENATE would have to approve the measure B4 it would take affect. They are in no mood to do so, at this time. I’ve just gotten lame excuses from both my Rep & Senators for the past 2 yrs. The last increase was 5.8%, which this year should at least be that. Look into the formula they use!… You’ll be amazed. They don’t figure in ‘energy’ or ‘food’ costs.. DUH?!?! ….

    • anon

      Um, no Congress did not get a pay raise.

      And retiree raises are set by formula back in the 1970’s. Congress has had nothing to do with it via voting for decades (nor, for that matter, the President). And the formula is CPI-W, which does include energy and food. The reason for the 5.8% was the spike in gas prices on 30 Sep 2008.

      The shear misinformation going around in these threads is astonishing. Doesn’t anyone bother to do reasearch anymore? Everyone wants to spend the time complaining about urban legands, not facts.


        I suggest that you do some research yourself. The real reason for the last increase was not due to “gas prices” in 2008. The increase for congress income was from BOTH actual salary (which is hidden) but in appropriations for committees other projects. Please don’t rely on figures provided by the Rep’s & Sen’s offices. Look at the actuarial reports from the GAO’s office….

        • retiree

          I suggest you do research. It most definitely was due to the spike – feel free to check the BLI website. And congressional salaries are a matter of law, you can look it up. They have not increased since 2009.

          Of course, many of you seem to be in the “conspiracy” mode – no matter what facts are presented, there’s some secret knowledge unknown to anyone but yourselves on what the truth is. Amazing how many people with no inside knowledge have “The Truth” but no insider does.

      • You’re right; THIS Congress didn’t set the original formula in motion. They only ignore problems associated currently with it. So, they’re just ‘doing their job’. And yes, they voted to not accept the automatic 5% pay increase this year. so that’s two for you.

        What spike! It was, and still is, a plateau. Oh, wait; the prices did drop, … Sorta. And then they went back up. And we’ve now been paying, for months, twice what the cost of gas was prior to your ‘spike’. Without a hurricance, Or a refinery fire. Or whatever.

        So, by your standards, we should expect a minimum of a 50%, or better, CoLA raise? Because food and other things that need to be shipped to stores also cost more.

      • Well anon your dead wrong…. The cost to live in the US over the past two year or so has gotten much much higher and I don’t care what anyone says, we didn’t get our COLA Raises for two years, three years if we dont get one this year too… yet the government says the reason we haven’t received our raise was because the cost to live hasn’t increased…. now you tell me how the cost to live has kept going higher every month but the government turns around and tells us we didn’t get the raise because it costs the same to live now as it did in 2007/2008 it’s a bucket of hogwash and a truckload of ********!!!!! It’s all a lie and what our congress does is not tell us the whole truth and half lies and it’s embarrassing for someone to come in here and say oh it’s not Obama’s fault nor his administrations fault!!!! things are so bad now and our economy costs us far more to live now then it did two years ago….. **** last year a gallon of milk was $2.50 and now it’s over four bucks a gallon, we buy the flavored coffees and they cost us $4.89 a package and now it’s over eight bucks each….. The list goes on an on and on…. We need a substantial COLA raise because every month it gets harder and harder to keep a roof over my families heads and food on the table and it’s not our imagination that things are so much more expensive now then two years ago as our government would have us believe so please dont insult our intelligence!! and I guess it’s just coincidence that things went so wrong immediately after Obama took office and appointed his cabinet…. And all these stimulus packages were great in general if they actually helped everyone who needed them but most don’t even qualify for them and then He puts a cap on how much money a stock broker can make each year while at the same time all his rich rich friends have more loophes then ever to help keep them rich..!!! It’s ridiculous period!!!! And that’s all there is to it and by the way the peoe who calculate the annual cost to live is our government so they can say any damn thing they want and we never know the truth but as many others have stated they all live just perfect ands get so many perks with the job they don’t even need a pay raise so they aren’t loosing anything by not taking a pay raise and also the amount of the raise is dictated by the amount you already made at the time the raise is put in effect, for instance a disabled vet who gets say $40,000.00 a year receives about $1200.00 a year at 3% or $90.00 give or take and oppossed to a congress rep who makes $170k is $5100.00 a year or about $425.00 a month which isn’t much to them but that $1200.00 a year to a vet or someone on Social Security it’s maybe an important prescription or a months car insurance…. So to them they could care less about a paltry $425.00 a month which is probably not even enough for them to go out to dinner…… Give those who need it a substantial raise because we need it

        • retiree

          Sorry, but your long screed is worthless. Here’s a hint – tomorrow (19 Oct 2011), CPI-W for 3rd quarter 2011 will come out, and we’ll see what we get.

          Regarding inflation – for everyone there are some differences, but the government must work with the aggregate. Their measure is CPI-W, which includes energy, food, housing, medical, clothing, etc. They try to balance out the percentages based on actual market baskets and studies of usage.

          Feel free to suggest changes to CPI-W, if you feel it is wrong. Remember, though, you can’t just say “it’s wrong.” you have to show where it’s wrong and why. What do you suggest should go up, and why? And what part should go down, and why (remember that the percentage of goods in the basket has to add to 100%)?

          Is it perfect? No.

          Oh, and things went wrong in late 2008 – President Obama took office in 2009.

          Or you can continue kvetching, with the realization that those in power (who have NOT lied to you – the law has been in place since the mid-70’s) will ignore you because you show your ignorance.

    • ECB


    • Terry B.

      Sorry but Congress inspite of false talking points have taken NO RASIES in the last two years…

      • The annual civilian government employee wage has increased 12% since 2008.

        Now those are non-elected positions but tell us, why do they deserve such an increase when those military government positions recieved little to nothing?

        Unions in government are an abomination to the taxpayers, a leech on the American workers and Veterans.

    • CWO3 Smith

      Energy and food costs take a very large portion of everyone’s budget. It is amazing how some people can survive. It is time to change our representation in Congress. If “they” refuse to change, then we will change the faces that represent us. INCUMBENTS beware!!!!


    Yes Sir, I agree…..Another little 3% & the GOV will take it right back with some other **** I’m really sick of all the **** that goes on. It wouldn’t surprize me if one day all Vets will go after the GOVERNMENT……….

    • guest

      All they have to do is register to vote and show up. Sadly, even knowing that the government won’t count military votes from overseas (look that one up), only 15-35% will vote.

      You give the ultimate sacrifice for freedom and the country won’t vote. Politicans know this, know it is unlikely they will be defeated due to voter apathy. Join a Tea Party, volunteer for a campaign, get up out of your chair and get ACTIVE.

    • FRush

      Are you treating your government officials??? Wow!

    • Allnotwell

      The American Way of “going after the government” is to vote out the ones we think are not doing what we elected them to do. We need a 10-20% decrease in GOVERNMENTAL SPENDING across the board–no one gets raises. We need to stop funding foreign nations by trying to recreate America over in their countries–hold their own governments responsible for their own people. We need to stop allowing illegal immigration to sap our civilian security nets–borders must be closed with a “Great Wall of China” mentality. And we need congressmen and women to stop thinking in terms of “Robin Hood Stealing from the Rich to help the Poor”–most of the “rich” create and support more jobs and opportunities for the Poor to work themselves into the status of Rich or Well Off. Not one gets fed, housed nor free health care unless they are totally disabled. Safety nets only last as long as they are going to school and applying for jobs–two to four years max.

      • You know what really sucks bad???? The fact that the Canadian Dollar is now worth more then the American Dollar…. Here’s a question for you to ponder… Three or four years ago an ounce of gold was a bit over $300.00 an ounce give or take, yet the price of gold as of late has gone up as high as $1800.00 an ounce, but averages maybe $1400.00 an ounce.. And that’s just gold and other precious metals have followed suit and are at their highest prices ever… Now our paper money is backed by the amount of gold and platinum and so on that we have in reserve so technically we shouldn’t have more cash money in circulation then we have in gold and other precious materials to back it… Het even now our dollar has progressively gotten weakerover the last several years when in fact it should be stronger then ever…. How does that work??

    • sakijack

      I agree. The Vet is the first person to get screwed by Congress and Political
      smoke and mirrors. Just remember the storey of Agent Orange and the thousands of Vets that suffered. And, Tricare allowables have been reduced and deductibles raised. Why? Don’t believe the song and dance you get from Senators and Representatives. They all become corrupted by the DC Capital Club. We need to get Vets into Congress, without Law and Economics degrees. Just plain old grassroots experience.

  • Vietnam Vet

    WOW, how exciting,I can hardly wait, I might be able to buy a extra half a tank of gas every month,LMAO,what a joke DC has turned into,and I thought it was bad 40 years ago

    • sakijack

      You’ll be lucky if you can buy half a gallon. Money talks and bullsh**t walks.

    • Angela

      I know how you feel…it’s like more of a let down than an upgrade. I need to add a dependent, but can’t get any help, partly because I live to far away from a RO. Now I’m reading that McCain wants to cut benefits!!! Besides being a disabled Vet, I also worked for the Dept. of VA as a Trauma counselor for combat vets. Now I’m retired from that, and am receiving less money now than I was a few years ago, but the insurance payments keep going up. Plus I was just informed that because I have to use a VA Clinic in Florida for health issues getting medications from them is a joke….Apparently because Florida is made up mostly of retirees they don’t receive as much budget money as other states so therefore vets end up paying for most if not all of their medications. I’m barely making it from month to month. Why can’t we stand as a group and fight for what we were promised???!!!

  • Rod Manning

    If all vets would make a point of learning which politicians support us & which do not, & then vote the non-supporters out of office, we might then be able to wield some influence. Griping might make us feel better but only action gets results!

    • Sandy

      Vote for Claire McCaskil if you are a Veteran and need help she does not stop until your case is finished she is awsome for the Vets Please write in Claire McCaskil for president spouse of Vietnam Veteran

      • guest

        Claire McCaskil is a crook. She has not paid her taxes. This is why we are in this state. You keep reelecting crooked politicians. I don’t care how awesome she is, she is dishonest.

    • T J Burke

      Join the DAV, VFW and American Legion. They tell you who supports. The DAV works hard for Disabled Vets.

    • The ONLY way to get what we want as Veterans is to support federalist ideals, views & beliefs by the central gov. These are Federalist & Republican views NOT Democratic or anti-federalist. Join a group or groups of people with the same beliefs, seek out a representative for the association or organization of which McCain should have been the president not Obama & counter the non-adjustment as being biased & prejudice towards a group by an African American President. He didn’t have a problem supporting the Negro Foundation did he? It’s biased.

    • CWO3 Smith

      BINGO! If you are not for us then you are against us. My votes are going to those who support us. Our governor, Nikki Haley, should run for President or Vice President.

  • Richard W. Fleming

    I’m gonna have to see it. The VA and our government has lied to me so many times over my severe diabetes versus agent orange. They said our ship, an AO recommissioned from WWII especially for Viet Nam, Didn’t handle Agent Orange, yet I have 2 cruise albums/books from 3 tours that positively shows they are wrong. We spent about as much time high-lining as we did un-repping. Show me the money.

    • guest

      You’re going to have to get active. Sorry about that, but it is the truth. We have one of the most corrupt governments in the history of this nation and voter apathy is the cause of it.

      • CAG 2

        They have added my ship to the list. but it took a long time, (after several had died from agent orange ) It just takes a lot of research to get it done.

    • ENC

      what oiler were you on? AO41 went into the river mouths to refuel the LST’s if you know the dates you can get copies your ships deck logs they are legal records.

  • ross

    Thanks for the $20. bucks. won’t make up for the thousands lost in inflation, no cola. Wont pay for a hill of beans.

    • Shawn

      $20 might actually buy a hill of beans…

  • Ken

    funny how the democrats increased foreign aid to 48 BILLION dollars a year and vets got no increase. how many countries are we sending money too. seems like half of Africa is getting hundreds of millions of dollars each. wtf?
    not to evem mention giving money to Viet Nam, really? to Viet Nam? we give them millions too.

    • bill

      the law is it goes by inflation. its not dems or reps that make colas its inflation according to screwy math that determines the raise.

      • Mark Ianni

        The law may be determined by inflation but who is creating the inflation? Answer: Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Ben is creating the inflation by printing money and nothing to back it with. Ultra-liberal-socialist Obammy reappionted Ben Bernanke as Fed Chairman! And btw, inflation is a heck of a lot higher than what the Fed is telling you what it is.

      • guest

        Our colas should be tied to Congress.

    • jproctor67

      This isn’t an “R” or “D” decision it’s a law passed several years ago that tied any COLA we get to the Inflation rate over the past year. But under Obama the inflation rate hasn’t been there but good ole “W” in his 8 years the cost of living increased every year during this 8 year period. The last time we got an increase was when “W” and his reckless crew raised the cost to survive out of the universe for us working class,the rich got richer during this time.

    • FRush

      Ken Ken Ken. Stop showing your Republicaness by taking up their lies and making them sound true. These billions you’re speaking of are in the pockets of the past Republican Administration. Check out the Vice President with the heart that money built. He’s actually a dead man walking, but that was before he got that million dollar contraption called a “heart”. Stop with the lies already Republican, no ones listening.

      • andy guill

        frush frush frush you say Republicans lie please stop watching msm. liberals beat up on Bush for eight years now it’s our time to beat up on you all no one no one deserved it more than you libt&rds stop your lies democrats, no ones listening……

    • sdexnorva


      It’s public law that ties any increases to your COLA to the CPI. Be thankful they do not LOWER your pension when the CPI goes south.

  • Ken

    Oh! Don’t worry we have about a 90% chance we’ll get a raise this year since next year is an election year and they think this’ll help get them reelected!

    • Billy Bob

      Right on – it’s ALL about politics!!!

      • Michael

        Peanutman did that in ’79. He screwed the military with no pay raises, then election yr. he gave the military the biggest pay raise in history to try and buy our votes. Remember the the outcome i.e. Ronnie yrs for 8 great years. I knew him personally, I protected him on many occasions because of my job in the USN,
        Peanutman = Carter Obama = 4 trillion dollar debt, and anoter warfront.

    • dontgothere

      yep. if anyone remembers carter did the exact same thing -no raise for military whether active or retired or disabled – well until it was time for re-election THEN we all got a HUGE raise. some fools actually STILL voted for him. DON’T REPEAT THAT MISTAKE WITH OBAMA AND CONGRESS.

    • EdUSAF

      Ken, you hit the nail on the head. Funny how things bubble to the surface when politicians are fishing for votes when a major election on the horizon.

    • tony hutcheson

      This is not directed directly to Ken, but to all the others who defy the age-old axiom of “’tis better to keep your mouth shut and thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt”. I spent 20 years in the military, am retired, and receiving Social Security, and never once at a re-enlistment ceremony did anyone deliver a draft notice to me. Is the greatest benefit you received from your military service the ability to constantly bitch because someone else may have it better than you? Having worked with a host of foreign governments during my post military career, I can tell you first hand that what we have, even with all associated problems, is still the best around. Shut yer yap and get in the game instead of sitting on the sidelines trying to call the plays when you don’t even know the name, let alone the rules, of the game!

    • CWO3 Smith

      Correcto mundo. Politics as usual.

  • gawnfishin

    I’m not holding my breath, but if we are getting a raise it will be 2012, election year. That will not buy my vote! Anyone called ‘Commander and Chief’ should have to be a veteran!

    • KFoster

      Ever heard the phrase the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few. The majority of Americans are not military or retirees. I am a retiree of 24 years and that doesn’t qualify me to be the CinC. The only way to correct this issue is to get rid of the gaurenteed retirement system for Congress, etc. Tie their raises to ours and other regular Americans and I’ll be willing to be you will have money falling out your rear end. Still don’t understand why this hasn’t already been done. We should demand this!!!!

    • jim

      if that is your sole criteria for ‘Commander and Chief you need to take advantage of the GI bill and educate yourself……. sorry bro,– just sayin — “that doesn’t necessarily make a good ‘Commander and Chief

    • GREG


    • Jack Mehoff

      gawnfishin, If you got a raise you’d never admit it, thats the way you people work(right wing nuts jobs), always wantin cause you think everybody owes you, nobody owes you anything, you are gettin yours, so quit crying.

      • M. Smith

        You have a lot of nerve. where did you serve? If it wasn’t for them and the guys in world war 1, 2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, etc. where would you be?
        You owe them a Hell of a lot. So move to some other country if you don’t do not like these heroes. Go fishin’ in the Amazon.

        • vince

          Jack you are an idiot and the nut job. That’s probably all you did was (gonefishin) in your life.

        • Thanks for the shout out to us Vets M. Smith, we greatly appreciate your support for our cause.. What a lot of these people forget about us Vets is that when we were hurt and injured and died we lost the choice to work and make the same amount of money the rest of American are able to do!!! I’m still fairly young and was forced to stop working and making a good living because my disabilities took that choice away from me and all my brothers and sisters in arms, I was making $120,000.00 a year salary and my family lived pretty well and every six months I would get a decent pay raise and then when my disabilities forced me to stop working and I had to take my full benefits I lost 75% of my income and now were lucky if we get a raise every couple years…. But you who sit here and ***** about what we do and dont get still have the ability to work and earn an honest pay check and yes get raises as much as two and three tines a year and then ***** at us when we complain we haven’t gotten a raise in three years (counting this year) so thank for your words and support.. We do appreciate it


      • BM1USN(ret)

        Jack, you are correct. I spent 20 years of my life by choice in the United States Navy. I was not drafted. I was not “forced” to go or offered the choice of prison or the military. I walked into the recruiter and asked him for the opportunity to serve my country. Not one time have I asked any person on this planet to thank me. I joined in support of my own beliefs, and if I had to die as a result of defending those beliefs than that would have been because I chose to do so. Nobody on this earth owes me anything except the government that promised me the benefits I have as a result of twenty years of service. Taxpayers don’t want to support this idea? Hate to burst your bubble but I still pay taxes, on my income from my second career AND my retirement.

    • sue

      Well now you have your chance to vote one in. We have one who did serve and is on the ballot for 2012. He certainly couldn’t do any worse than what is in there now and hopefully he’d do better.


      What about the 8 years under G.W. Bush…who deserted from the Air National Guard…of all things!

    • namvet047

      i can not agree with you on that issue. when john mccain was running for president, i found where he had voted agaainst more than fifty bills to help veterans. that is why he did not get a lot of veterans votes. don’t take my word for ir look it up. google,. veterans bills that john mccain voted against

  • mel

    i needs my money worse than a hog needs slop.you trick me ones ,but you wont trick me twice.i am not voting for none of you clowns.26 yrs usaf.

    • Walter

      You are right on Mel. If you vote the bums out, you will just vote more bums in. None of them change. The only they think about is cutting the military retirees benefits, social security, medicare and tricare for life. Cut the dollars we send all over the world first.

  • rober

    Okay so make sure we do receive a cola increase. It has already been stated that next year we also have an increase of 30 dollars per quater on our tri care prime. The way I look at it our increased will cover are taxes and the increase in tri care with maybe 2 dollars to spare. For us retirees enjoy your cup of coffee

    • dontgothere

      wow do ya REALLY think we’ll have enough left over for a cup of coffee?

  • joe

    Apparently you fellas doing all this whining about our President of these United States have forgotten what this article is about; namely, your all going to receive a new benefit from the present adminstration.

    Why cant you just accept this gift without looking at the gift horse with such a jaundiced eye?

    Whether or not you can accept this well intentioned man as an American, common sense tells me not to bite the hand that feeds me.

    With respect for all vets;

    a USAF vet

    Thankful for compensation for agent orange exposure

    • Mari

      A gift? You have got to be kidding!! Talk about a SHEEP!!

      • Diad01

        Is this how vets treat other vets? Call them “sheep”? He stated his opinion thoughtfully and you respond with name calling. Grow up.

    • ted

      A Gift?? First the” Gift” is like receiving the game “PONG” to play on your 55 “LED TV; it’s 36 years too late and it just doesn’t make up for the years gone pas, especially after so many NAM vets died with claimis submitted for service compensation , only to be stone-walled. It’s also called “benefit or entitilement” for time spent in the dirt doing the dirty deed. as opposed to working in a REMF’g environment with AC and the O’Club after conducting a 2 hour sorty/mission-.
      Semper Fi
      Mustang Marine LtCol X 33 years served, all with the OpFors-

  • Retired disabled Vet

    Hi Guys, all you have to do is read the news. Obama wants the borders of Palestine to go back to the old days. He wants to UNITE ALL MUSLIMS and degrade the US to a 3rd world country. He does not care if we sell out to China, Russia, etc. He believes we are WAR MONGERS and he wants to make peace with the enemy. OK, so lets remember 2012 along with the Alamo, Pearl Harbor, The Batan Death March,etc. Basically, when I look in the mirror and ask “what has the current administration done for me?’ all I can say is :SHIT”

    • k hawk

      u watch too much news on the fox news channel

      • guest

        You ought to try it. That’s what he said; we all heard him say it. And now he is trying to lie his way out of it.

    • MSgt Swann

      If that bastard wasn’t the president (no capital P) he would have been tarred and feathered long ago.

  • Retired disabled Vet

    what disappoints me is that I do now see any input from all the organizations which tout that they are helping us. i.e. the Retired Officers and Enlisted Associations, The American Legion, The VFW, ETC. Where are all our lobbyist??

    • guest

      The Washington VFW lobby is very liberal and supports Democrats. You are your own lobbyist. If voters go to the polls, we win. if they don’t. you have politicians for life.

  • patton

    will belive it when i see it in my bank account, we have not got a cola in years now, dont even get me started. I salute all my brothers & sisters 4 a job well done.

  • Get real, folks. This has nothing to do with the President. It has everything to do with the Consumer Price Index. Don’t understand it? Take an economics class.

    • SCPO

      Wendi, You hit it on the head so many on these boards don’t know what they r talking about like members of congress don’t pay SS or get full pensions after 1 term. Members of congress have to serve at least 5 years to get a pension in that respect they aren’t any different than civil service workers. it all has to do with age and yrs served or worked as with the real workers.

    • Rick Lipary

      Sorry, Wendy! YOU need the economics class! The CPI is notoriously under-reported by price rises in both percentages, and absolute price increases! Could it be that most of you women favor Obama because he’s half minority, gives you manna from heaven, and fights for a woman’s mythical “right” to murder a man’s baby in her womb without his permission!?

      • retiree

        Try learning facts. COLA is based by law since the 1970’s (either Nixon or Ford) on CPI-W. It has nothing to do with the current or past administration. If you don’t like the formula, feel free to lobby Congress to change it.

        Instead of going off on falsehood based tirades against President Obama and women (in particular women vets), try learning facts.

  • noel cognet

    we also give money to hugo chavez.

  • What a joke! Obama wouldn’t allow raises for retirees and compensation because “there was no inflation” for three years even when gas prices and everything else went up. Politicians got raises during that time. NOW, when election year is coming up, all of a sudden we deserve a raise. This is one reason, among many, I hate politicians of any party. What a joke!!

    • ChuckA

      Obviously you like many others don’t understand that our COLAs are determined by law. Obama has absolutely nothing to do with when we get them. They are determined by a CPI formula. Also, people seem to have forgotten about the $500 extra benefit given to Seniors in 2009 when he was just elected because he knew they would not be getting a COLA increase because of the economy. If people would give credit to Obama for what he has done already, it would far outweigh the bitching.

  • bill riddle

    Does anyone understand how they can compute the CPI and leave out the increases in food and energy costs? Please answer in short words for this simple old soldier . . . .

    • anon

      They don’t. Energy prices is why the 5.8% in 2009.

      Next question.

    • Bill Campbell

      they went to a special school just to be able to know how to short the rest of us and still get there raise.

  • Harold Harris

    As I watch the erosion of benefits locally, closing two military installations including medical, commissary, and exchange facilities any increase is welcome. While I still have the VA for myself, my wife will have to depend Express Scripts for her medication. Because of bad health, she is on more than 20 medications which now cost money.

    When I joined in 1965, I was promised that the military would take care of me for life. Had I never went to Viet Nam, I would be out in the cold because thanks to Agent Orange, I now have a heart condition and type II diabetes resulting in disability coverage which give me support from the VA.

    Over the years, I have listen to politicians talk about how much they care for the Veteran and our fighting men and women, yet when I look at their votes on military issues, I find that the flag is only something that most of them raise at election time. We had better learn that we shouldn’t vote our social interest but our best interest.

    • Tanker

      I have never head so much bs. The military never promised to take care of any of us for life. Do you really need to be wet-nursed? Yes, there have been many implied promises of programs and benefits that have erroded over time. But to say that “I was promised the military would take care of me” is just plain ignorant. Get off your butt and take care of yourself and stop the whining. If your local political representation is failing you as service members or veterans (I am a retiree as well) then get busy as an activists an see to it that someone deserving of your respect and loyalty is elected. The gov’t process will continue to march on until we quit acting like whining little sheeple….think about it.

      • Diad01

        You’re right! When I signed up I thought, if I get hurt doing my duty to my country, I would be cast aside and called a whiner. I’m glad you have it do well. I think the military does owe me. I did my duty, got hurt and now I demand to be treated with respect. People like you make the rest of us bitter.

  • Bison

    The bigG bailed out everyone except the people that really needed help…so many unemployed and homeless vets,what a disgrace.
    The A merican people want to give the vets all they can as far as bennies..now because they spit on us when we came home!! They learned the err of there ways now to late to little…fork up a few bucks that will go a long way to say thanks.

  • Vietnam Veteran

    These guys are going straight to hell for cheating the veterans of this country, and putting them through all the b.s. 40 years and still no hearing loss pay….and what about the fancy way they combine the disabilities and you get less money instead of the full compensation amount….and the doctors are the worst bunch ever…..skimping on cleaning dental and colonoscopy tubes….their budget is lower than medicare and medicaid….God Help us….the V.A. hasn’t…what about the smart alecs that man the front office….Pray for the all of the Veterans and Soldiers….you will do more with that than all the talk to the V.A.

    • Walt K

      January first of this year i lost my air force disable retire pay because i now draw more va than af pay. how can they steal my retire pay

  • mary

    Sure they will increase retired pay. Why not when they will increase the cost of living, ie.. food, fuel, housing, and of course insurance expenses willincrease. They increase given will never and has never improved living conditions for vets. Face it they are spending money they don’t have. Instead of actually helping anyone the offer bogus programs life homeowners assistance, which almost nobody gets approved for. Want to help vets make it mandatory for lenders to refinance housing loans for vets to the current fair market values without finance charges added on.

  • SSG.

    Well is that nice! Sounds like a insider scam, Tricare and Congress new that there would be an increase in the horizon so what do the S.O.B’s due? They make sure they increase Tricare premiums first so that they could look like heroes by approving COLA. I bet they give them selves a nice raise.

  • Jeri

    I wish people stop blaming this administration, PUT the Blame where it should be we went from good to bad with the last administration. we wouldn’t be in this mess if all those that are fighting current administration did that with the last.. Yes it hurts without the increase especially since I lost my job behind a fool who wasn’t paying attention while driving. So a healthy increase in my VA benefits will be greatly appreciated… With all the so called brains in DC you would think after 8 yrs of hell they would work together. kick all the men out & let us women show you how it’s done. At least we can work together & get the job done.

    • andrew j.guill

      I don’t understand what you are saying. If you think the Bush administration did not care for the vets you are living in a complete fairyland. Bush people gave us a cola for the eight years he was in office. Not only that he brought the military men and women up to date with raises that Mr.Clinton for eight years chose to do nothing of us.Also when Bush was in office my travel pay went from three dollars to twenty eight dollars and change and one more thing I also got a cola for eight years on my service connected 100% disability check and also got eight years of cola on my social security check under Bush………

  • Paidmyduesvet

    2 unfunded wars & 3 tax cuts & wall street bailouts with nobody going to jail. All under Bush. The rich are richer than ever and the rest of us are worse off. Who really runs this country? Corporate money. We sacrificed so that the rich could get richer. Get wise brothers & sisters—it’s NOT GOP vs Dem—it’s the haves vs the have nots. And thanks, Senator Coburn (R-OK) for voting against vets time & again in the name of financial responsibility!

    • guest

      Doesn’t seem to bother you that Obama’s advisors are in the top Fortune 500 companies. Is it different when the Democrats do it?

      Wake up, America. And know what/who you are voting for next time. We are running out of pocket change…

    • Mari

      Are you kidding me? It seems to me all the things you are lamenting about on here still continues with the standing POTUS!! Actually, I believe he added some other stuff to get us where we are today, no? Ummm, let’s see if I can post some: stimulus $ that just added to the mess; $ for Libya; health insurance mess…need I go on?

  • MIKE


  • just an old retiree

    why slam the president, it is your elected congress you should be slaming.

  • K HAWK

    This is not the present administrations fault and if you all that are trying to once again blame President Obama ….take a look at what he received when he took office. Put the blam for our terrible economy where it should be….ON BUSH!!!

    • guest

      You are addressing the 1% of the population who DO PAY ATTENTION, friend. Drop the politics. We are well aware of who is responsible. This is no longer Bush’s fault.

      The man in command holds that responsibility, no matter his party. He submits the annual budget to Congress.

  • Dennie A

    The money spent over seas should be spent here at home. Look ay yhe American Indians they need help as much as nany one. This country owes it to them. I am a Viet Nam vet ,Agent Orange has given me many
    medical problems. I thank God for his help/ A Cola increase would buy a tank of gas. Help us at home in America.Thanks

    • MSgt Swann

      Agreed! This Obama government just recently gave 80 million dollars to Somalia. (Remember black Hawk Down) where they butchered American GI’ and all the billions of dollars of ships they have hijacked? Then we give them this money! Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE MUSLIMS.

  • Disgruntled Vet

    It is not the President;he was left with a bunch of issues to correct. Yes, he said he would be there for the veterans, but how can he do anything if the House and the Senate is more into their retired pay, social security, and pay raises??? I am truly “t’d Off” at the media when discussing veterans..the concern is mainly directed at the Iraqi and Afganistan veterans instead of the other vets who served their country. I served, and I served very wll. I was proud of being someone who served their country. I just had people in my command, who were into everything but the health and welfare of their soldiers. They had a select few whom their concerns focused on. There were people who were improperly promoted, stayed on active duty, and were not qualified.
    In regards to the increases alledgely scheduled for 2012 for retirees, and people receiving disability claims, I just pray that this is a favorable result for them.
    I have so many horror stories from my service days. It is a book that I should consider writing with a little research from my fellow veterans.

    • Mari

      They do that to divide us Vets!! However, the VA’s been known to do that, also, not just the media!!

  • Keldor

    I read many of these comments and it saddens me that so many of you VETs are so bitter. Things can be much worse. Be thankful for what you have.

    Thankful in Kansas.

  • Tim

    He promised change and we got it. God help us.My retirement has actually gone down because part of my VA comp comes out of my retirement and I get taxed more. Screw exeryone in Washington. Vote not to reelect any of them and hold them to the same standards the tax payers have to live by. I.E. Retirement and Medical for a start.. Tim inS.C.

  • Bull

    Congress should think more of the retiree than they do, hope we do get a raise it help with gas at $4.00 and milk $5.00.

  • Dumprat

    Like every one is saing I will believe it when I see it. The trind just keeps going on why should we belive it. The laws should be changed so they can not give their selves a pay raise. They should have to serve in the military at least 3 years. That way they would understand what it is like to be put in harms way by people who hardly support us. Maybe they took a pay cut to pay us a COLA fat chance.

    • guest

      You shouldn’t be guessing about these things. It is up to you to know the answers. When people do not know these things, we lose our freedoms.

  • LadyDI

    Stop bashing President Obama. The individual you should be blaming is your past President-Mr. Bush. President Obama has done a great job thus for with the hand that he was dealt. The Republicans are the ones that wants to cause a lot of confusion and division amongst the people. Let target our negativism to the right folks. Give credit where credit is due. The current President is turning this country around gaining back the respect of other nations. I’m a 20+ year veteran who will vote for President Obama in 2012…..

    • guest

      If it makes you feel better to believe that, you go ahead. If you’ll look at the history of those COLAs, I believe you will find them tied to Presidential elections. The last cola offered was 08, an election year. This is not about veterans, this is all about politics and it doesn’t matter which party you belong to. Give the credit to those who don’t show up to vote, to those who refuse to pay attention, to those who vote for a man they know nothing about because he uses words you want to hear, to those who would rather bitch about partisan politics and do anything to keep their party in office. This is how we lose liberty, not on the battlefield.

    • Dale

      Thank you for your service! I am also a 20 yr veteran, I spent 20 yrs during the cold war fighting communism/socialism and although I am less than impressed with former President G.W. Bush’s performance. I find our current Presidents trend towards socialistic government offensive and will NOT be voting for him in 2012. He appears to be having some minor successes with the economy but I believe all his spending if continued will eventually come back to bite US. I appreciate your opinion and respect it but I cannot agree. Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.

    • Walt K

      since he has been in office every nation thinks we are nothing but a joke, we have no respect around the world. so get your head out of your rear end.

    • BigRed47

      Look, we all have a right to complain about our president. Enough people complained about Bush, Clinton, Bush I, Reagan and so on. That is our right of free speech. You are complaining about the republicans so we can complain about Obama and the democrats. By the way, I don’t know where you are getting your information but we are not more respected around the world. We are a joke. And if we are to get our house in order we much cut spending. We cannot spend our way to prosperity. The country will go bankrupt and so will our pensions and our SS.

    • Bob

      You truly are one of the DUMB ones


    remember that food and energy are no longer considered a part of CPI!!!! if there is a cola, it may be enough to get you a gallon of gas to get you to the grocery store once a month!!!! THROW ALL THE INs OUT IN 2012.

    • anon

      Yes they are. CPI-W includes energy and food.

      Please try to use facts in your arguments.

  • twwj

    Like I always the gonernment states that nothing is too good for the vets of this country, and nothing is what they are going to get.

  • Don

    I seem to read a lot of bitterness in the replies. I have a minor disability that is treated in Dallas VA. They give me excellent service and do proper follow-ups. I could use a COLA increase, but taking care of the returning wounded is very important to me. I am still proud to live in the greatest country in the world. It is up to us to keep it that way. Korea & Vietnam vet.

    • Mari

      It is important to me, also, to take care of the returning vets, but not at the cost of the ones that went before!! That is exactly how I believe they divide us!! And so it goes…

  • mike moomey

    I wonder what congress would do if their pay increases would stop? They also get money after they supposely do for the comman man, which I haven’t seen in a long time and leave office to draw a fat check each month for doing even less than they did while in office. We as a people need to set limits as to how long they can hold their job and do away with giving them medical insurance and money even after serving in congress or the senate for one term.

    • nana

      agree 100% if something isnt done toset our goverment straight that this country belongs to all of us . i also believe we should get rid of all in this next election. read up on the history of congress is it now what it was set up for . I dont thimk so it is there the pockets of congress fatter.they get expence accounts for their wives to go on shopping sprees while they are with them so they wont get bored. I would just like to go food and get all the things i really need.

  • Robert T.

    The formula used to arrive at the CPI in no way compares to the real cost of living in the market place.

  • SGM Pompili

    I see the present POTUS is to blame for all of the past ills perpetrated on us Vets….I smell a rat..ones with mental, if not physical, hoods… and don’t give me that reverse racism guff….that dog doesn’t hunt with this old vet that has seen bigots at their worst in the Army and this nation as a whole…but then we are good at scapegoating tose we misuse, minorities, vets and any one that doesn’t fit into the picture this nation’s blind citizens have painted for themselves….”Love of the soldier is not enough,CARING for soldiers is what counts”

  • Harold Harris

    You know, I spent more than twenty-one years in the Air Force and another ten years working for the U. S. General Services Administration and I truly enjoyed every day of service I gave to this country. Not because all the days were good because many were not, but because I love this country and I joined during the period of a draft. I know that many bad things have happened that causes us pain and we often wonder why do they use us and then throw us to the side. They do so because we allow it.
    When we vote, we think only of our local community, we vote for the person that says all the right things, and we do it over and over again without ever checking their records. They convince us to tune away from NPR or even CSPAN because that is just the Liberal media twisting their words. For a while I worked for Customs while in the Air Force and the one thing they taught me that will stay with me for life is; beware of the traveler that try to help you search their bags because they will direct you away from anything that might get them into trouble. That lesson has served me well over the years, when people try to guide me in one direction; I tend to go in another just to see what I might find. On NPR and CSPAN you will see and hear your representatives say the words, not some spin (lie) from a pundit that try to guide your ears and eyes in another direction.
    I read in a lot of these messages, blame on the Administration, but it is not just one branch of the government, but all branches of the government that we have to watch and hold accountable. Like myself, there are many here who served because of the pride that goes with the knowledge of serving, not the money, not the uniform, not even the great food and travel location, but simply because of the honor of serving. When I left the military, I was begged to accept some disability, but I declined because I felt healthy; I was young and stupid. Now many years later, three heart attacks and diabetes a part of my everyday life, the VA has stepped up and provides me healthcare and counseling. My Congress People dose nothing to help me because there is a deficit and spending on GI’s is not worthwhile. But try as they may, I will not be bitter, I made choices and I love the ones I made. If I get a few cents extra in my paycheck, so be it, the military taught me how to survive on less and because of their training, I live a life of confront because I know what I need comes before what I want.
    Now, the next time you have a chance to vote, evaluate your Representative(s), write to them, challenge them with your concerns and demand a reply. Make them know your name, know your worth and know that you are concerned and that you do vote. Then and only then will they really know “What the American People want.”

  • Paula A. Greer

    Does this apply to widows of retired military men? VA turned me down for benefits for no cause that I could tell, so now I’m trying to live on peanuts and find out everything we worked for for over 53 years is vanishing very quickly.

    I’ll be lucky to stay in my paid for home three more months.

    Paula Greer

    • Mari

      I am very sorry that is happening to you!! In order for you to qualify for benefits, it has everything to do with whatever status your husband was under, his service, and other criteria. Did you ask for assistance from a service officer, or someone along those lines, or appeal, if the situation was appealable? If you don’t know the reason why you were turned down, perhaps you could use some help, to at the very least understand. I hope you can follow through…

  • RonD

    I’m stepping on the box to have my say: I served my country and was glad to do so; I retired after 20 years and have for the most part enjoyed having been part of the military. Just the other day I received an email from TriWest HealthCare Alliance stating if I reside 30 minutes from my PCM I may be disenrolled from Tricare Prime effective 10/01/11 unless I request a waiver. What in the world is going on in the retirement community, it appears to me that having served my country was not worth it, and why is everything I have worked for slowly being taken away!!! I have gone to the same military base for treatment 10 years and now I have to request a waiver to stay there, Looks like we are being singled out for cost cutting, if I am disenrolled from my PCM here is what will happen to me: Copays for every office visit, all meds will have a Copay, all labs will have a Copay, All X-rays, MRI and any other needed service will have a Copay, and not only that, should the rate increase for Tricare go into effect that cost I will have to absorb as well. There is talk about a COLA for 2011. I do believe tough times call for tough action, but all the action should not be taken on the retirees.

    • Tanker

      Hey Ron….I received the same letter with the same situation. I did the waiver and was approved to stay with our PCMs at base hospital.
      A few weeks later I received a letter from the Commander of the Hospital appealing for retirees and families to consider transferring their PCM to a local provider as the appointments for the base hospital was pushing outside a preferred 3 week window. LOL…when I was with a local PCM I never could get an appointment in less than 4-6 weeks!
      Needless to say, my wife and I have elected to stay with our PCM at the base hospital and will joyfully wait the necessary time for appointments.
      We value and appreciate the fantastic medical care at our facility. Follow through with your waiver and Good Luck to you and yours.

  • Retiree

    I agree that retirees should get a rate increase however, you cannot blame the President he is only one voice.


    besides not getting a raise in Social Security or Military Pension for two years,
    we have to pay income tax on our SS. this is a big rip off. Kennedy put that in
    BACK . NO! I am for cutting gov. paychecks when thay leave office., they
    make the same amount if they stay in office or not. Wish I had their JOB

  • jemc50

    Military retirees and Social Security recipients may get a COLA, unless Congress enact legislation for a COLA freeze. The whole system is based upon the “full faith and credit of the United States”, which is a little shaky at the moment.

  • BigRed47

    The last time any of us retired vets got a pay raise in either SS or mil ret G.W. Bush was sitting in the oval office. Gee, I hope they can afford a few dollars for us old geezers. I mean I wouldn’t want to hurt them. They have so many more important things to spend it on like buying votes for Obama in 2012. I sure wouldn’t want to take away from that.

  • SGM Pompili

    The budget doesn’t deal with campaign funds, BigRed47….focus if you can on the facts, BLACK and white…get it ????? Obama is the POTUS, not your whipping boy.

  • Ingle

    Congress approves all monies! Civics 101, it is the legislature with control, not the president. Keep your representative and senator informed. Speak up and vote for the right person, seek out the truth, research how they vote, don’t listen to gossip, get the facts for yourselves!

    • Walt K

      lngle yes but The president must sign it into law

  • surfs up pal!!

    Does Obama know about this? Has anyone told him while he was sucking down a Guinness, or getting his “Beast” high sided in Ireland?

  • TJBrown

    Being retired and having to depend on our government to do the right thing leaves something to be desired. I don’t know if any of you are aware that our cost of living has been going up all around us but yet the government insists to the contrary. Gas, food, utilites, clothing etc have gone up and we remain the same with our finances. No COLA has been forth caming for quite somethime now but yet everthing is going up. Or have you noticed that some manufatures have gone as for to decieive us? Oh look, same price some box with one big differance the amount you get inside has been reduced. Ever gone to the movies and buy what you think is a large box of candy just to find out that box is half emty? Well you guessed it Screwed Again with know end in sight. Wake up America and take a stand. If we don’t we are Screwed. Have a nice day.

  • mad dog

    Just watch the congress – I bet they will vote themselves a neat raise. They are all rich and don’t need a raise.

    • nana

      Do we vote for their raises nooo they do

  • Dixie Berry

    It is about time that we were finally remembered. As it is, I barely make ends meet and have to depend on my youngest son to help out. We should never have been denied our COLA from the beginning. If cuts need to be made, make it with those who don’t do anything but collect Welfare money to support there lifestyle. Maybe they will either get off their butts and look for work or go back to their country.

  • Viet Vet Retired

    Stop all that complaining, you have to remember, they’re all Politicians. No matter what you say they’ll fo what they want to do that will help themselves.We served, and did our job.

  • bill

    my inflation rate on many things has been about 20 percent !

  • S.K. Halstead

    I do recall some suggestions that you can “retire” at 50% pay after 20 years of service, but there sure was no promise that I would not have to work any more. I am truly grateful that I do have a pension and my health-care is better than most Americans. Compared to others in the world we are blessed beyond comprehension – no wonder others want to come to the USA. I say we keep doing our part as the leaders of America and do what we are called to do during this difficult economic time. I am more concerned for my childrens’ and grand- childrens’ future than my own. One way or another we will get by even if the formula for figuring COLA increases is crazy and we should be getting more. Let’s keep up the pride that makes us special as veterans and, by all means, elect those who will vote for a stronger America – that does not always mean more $$$ in my pocket.

    • tony hutcheson

      S.K. Halstead: thank you for writing and speaking with a voice of “logical reason”, which I find so lacking in the majority of blurbs posted on this site. God Bless, and thanks for your services. From another military retiree who shares your sentiments.

  • Rita Petty

    Congress gives themeselves their raise when they vote for the increase in the middle of the night. The necessities of life were taken off the COLA list years ago. The promise of lifetime care at hospitals, clincs etc. was promised to keep the military in. Once they got enough in all that went out the window. Then when they had spend all of the SS funds the military was put under that. Then when Medicare was running short the military was put under that. The next thing they will want is to put us under ground as fast as they can. Thanks I am 77 and have been in the Air Force with my husband and 3 sons so as a vet and a mom I do know what I am talking about. Thanks to all you guys and gals.

  • Linda Bowen

    I, as well, believe the only reason we’re getting a raise is to buy our vote in 2012 but I also expect that the years following will be another matter. I would like to know what countries have ever sent (not loaned) us money? I got upset when I heard we sent Afganistan (sp) 1 billion a year for helping Bin Laden. Why do we help countries who hate us, threaten us, attack us, and kill us? I love this country so much but I can’t say the say for our government.

  • Marie J.

    Its about time, we got increases in groceries, energy bills, phone bills, auto insurance, etc. etc. etc.

  • Geoff

    yeah howdy!…keep them entitlements coming. You can donate them to the Tea Party…

  • JOEL


  • PAPA62

    yea, papa 54, i totaly agrree with you , “give e’m hell harry”, what ever that means , anyway, i’m with you on that one

  • FRush

    If you have to ask slick, you don’t need a raise, you need a finance class!

  • pete39

    There will be no COLA increases until morale improves!

    On another note, we have a prez who has spoken of cutting benefits for disabled and retired benefits, while at the same time (one the same show) his spouse is urging the American people to “remember our veterans and support our troops.” in an ad sponsoring the news program reporting his comments. Even in their family they can’t get the story straight.

    Remember this in 2012

    • jsub

      you wanna know what the best part of all of this is?? Obamacare….yeah, pass a law to give 30 million, plus or minus a few hundred thousand, free healthcare…meanwhile, veterans have to pay a fee – which looks like is headed for an increase as well…!

  • skyghost

    A COLA would be very nice and no raise in TRICARE is mandatory. We need this COLA many veterans are hurting badly and this will help a lot. No raise in TRICARE rates is equally as important. WE earned our benefit up front and that did not include monetary payment. There is no way we can accept the DOD or Pentagon raise request. They break the promise of the government to its employees and a major hassel is going to happen it they try to raise those rates. Gates can find another way to cut his Departments Budget.

  • Ellen

    I’m glad to hear that the veterans (ret) are finally getting an increase in Cola – maybe now my ex-husband will pony up the Cola I have not gotten in 3 and1/2 years, as he is intentionally not paying it despite it is in our divorce decree. He is a retired LTC and I had to give up my Army career to married someone who doesn’t pay up Congratulations to all of you, you deserve more than ever. When I went in in 1974, the monthly pay was $184.00 Ihope this covers a bit of what you lost over the years

  • Dorsey Weeks

    Let me remind you. The republicans have the same old song to our benefits and it’s not a helpful one. I believe our options are limited in 2012. Either go with what we have get worse from the other side. It is ashame things are what they are ; but to keep from going backwards I’ll stick with the dems.

  • wayne

    dont blame me i voted for Mccain .

    • Allan

      Just ask around & you will find that you cannot locate a single person whom voted for Obamma, I wonder if the ballot boxes might have been stuffed?

  • Bill Campbell

    Don’t let Obama know as he will find a way to put a stop to it.
    It sure would be nice to see an increase as it would be nice to buy groceries again.

  • jsub

    sweet – just in time to pay for other BS increases coming from the feds…

  • Rich Meyer

    i’ll believe it when i see it.

  • CoolLashes

    I will believe it when i see it. Not like it is going to make much of a difference since Tricare is on it way up. Like most, I continue to be puzzle because I have seen military famlies struggle so much. When will there be a strong stand for our military familes. NEVER

  • wesley cook

    yes our current administration spends money stupidly but non for disabled vets. cannot wait to vote republican

  • Terry B.

    I am not here to defend the President one way or the other however, the realiy is that no matter if the occupant of the Oval office is Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan they have NO CONTROL over cola raises. The control is tied to the Consumer Price Index and COLA rasies or non rasies were tied to the CPI by Law in 1962 and updated in 1973.

    A crappy economy dictated negative CPI ratings the last two years however, the economy is in an upswing and a COLA raise is likely for 2010.

  • Bill Matthews

    Its a congress of cowards, pay raises every year and a bone for the disabled every three years or so for the brothers and sisters who where disabled in the line of duty. Jail and impeach now write them call them, let them know we are sick of their greed! write the media, let it be known we are sick of being treated like dirt. CONGRESS of COWARDS You are a disgrace to America the way you treat our heros be heard brothers and sisters call today speak up, we will not be silent anymore

  • Cindy Baker

    Im a milatary widow and am ashamed of our government for the way they treat our troops and our veterans who have faithfully served our country as long as congress are getting a raise they could care less about the rest of us what are our troops dying for when Obama and congress care for other countries more then they care for our troops and vet’s SHAME ON THEM ALL THEY SHOULD HAVE TO WALK IN OUR SHOE’S FOR A WHILE THEY COULDN’T HANDLE IT………GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS AND VET’S AND THANK YOU FOR PROTECTING OUR USA

  • Nick th G

    Excluding food and fule from COLA means it’s an utter fraud, for starters.
    “Cost of Living” that excludes food and fuel is the sort of fraud that would garner a prison sentence if the private sector tried to perpetrate such hogwash.
    Real inflation is 7-10%, that is what COLA for mil and Social Security should be.
    Don’t worry, Con-gress and POTUS will get their pay raises, that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?

  • Guy Bennett

    Since President Obama states he has reduced taxes twice while in office my retirement pay and gone down $60 a month. I don’t believe an increase until I see it in my check.

  • Andy




  • Sfc Ret

    Gate’s is talking about cutting pay for our active duty,and all the comment’s that I have read sounds like a platoon of fresh recrutes.I served 22 years,and would gladley go without another raise so they could have one.

  • James

    The military retiree compensaton system needs to be looked at very carefully I retired an E-7 in 1983 at $742 per month. My pay is $1524 in 2011. If I were an E-7 retiring this year I’m sure it would be at least $1800 per month. The cola system does not keep up with inflation as it is, and now Biden wants to screw with it some more by reducing it 1% per year. thanks for nothing.

  • vietnamvet

    It is a shame that so many of you are blaming the present administration for our woes. Get your heads out of your asses and think. Why were we in Viet Nam, why were we in Iraq. For the haves, we were the have nots, we made the sacrifices. the haves gained. We vets are survivers because we were smart. Let’s put our smarts together for what’s right. Let’s get a petition that congress senators and repersenatives, be limited to serve only two terms like the president. Then maybe we will see achange in what is done for the country instead of what’s done for only a few ie the haves.

  • Tom

    You know, the retirement system isn’t that great to begin with. It is nothing you can live on…but what the heck. It is nice to get something. I would glady give up my raise if there would be some kind of reliefe in all these taxes. Keep the extra 20 or thirty bucks but stop the insane taxes!

  • A Disabled Veteran

    Three years without cola. This is just the start of cutting our VA pay. These are cuts. Not no cola stoppage. The VA cannot keep pace with inflation. Our interest alone on the Debt is approaching 60%. If everything continues as it has been. It will take about ten years and the cuts now will look like a small pea. These new cuts will be grown to the size of the International Space Station. Micro and Macro economics all looks the same W/ Hyperinflation. I pray this does not play out this way. The Lord is our only hope to avert this., in my humble opinoin. God bless the U.S.A..

    • retiree

      You are aware COLA is set by a law passed in 1975? Current and the previous administration (and Congress) had NOTHING to do with the lack of COLA. It had to do with the peak in CPI-W due to energy prices back in Sep 2008, which resulted in the 5.8% COLA in 2009. Since then, CPI-W has not exceeded that level in Sept of any year. As soon as it does, expect a COLA.

  • OBAMA and the Liberals AND the RHINOS GONE in 2012

    • Diad01

      What does the “h” stand for? Lol

    • Joseph

      The President is # 1 so figuure it out Disable vet 100% PDSD IU April 06 Mahalo for a job well done President Obama


    I am a veteran of 26 years, and have a disability of 100% I will never downgrade the Army because I ask for it. I was very greatful when we received the change to the pay system that changer taking the disability out of our pay and giving it to us as our disability pay. How times have changed, the leaders that we have in Washington arn’t leaders, they are their to get the benefits that the office pays them.When it comes to a pay raise they are first in line no mater how large or small. they are going to line their pockets first. They always try to sugar coat it. My belife is they should live under the same laws as we do. this would make them more aware of the conditions that we have to live on. Thank you for reading this note. CSM FRANK SIVIK (ret))

  • Renate Endres

    hope this is not onl;y a promise , we sure could use the raise , so lets see what 2012 will bring us.

  • Charlie

    Regardless of the official figures, the inflation is significantly higher for those living on pensions and disability.
    Why? The government figures do not include many items that have a higher cost increase than the “average”. This was deliberately done by congress to hide the true costs, and to reduce the government’s obligations to individuals.
    These high inflation items also are a much higher percentage of income for those in the “retirement” category.

  • Skip

    We should write all the veteran organizations that we have paid dues to or became lifetime members of to lobby the congress. Groups like the NCOAA, AFSA, MOAA, Retired Sgts Associations,Vietnam Veterans Association as well as all the congressmen and senators.Email them, you can easily find the congressmen and senators email addresses.

    Doing this together once every month would attract attention. We should stop complaining on these boards and have a writing campaign. We all know how to do it we need to take the time and write or email these groups and congressmen and senators once a month.


  • Gerri Turnbull

    Let charity begin in our own back yard – Just start taking care of our own hard working, self sacrificing, tax paying Veterans – quit sending money to other countries – We blow them up and build them new places – our homeless veterans have not been built new places – a lot of them are living under the overpasses that I pass every morning while still going to work – at 72 years old.

  • Cismet

    Educate yourself people!!!! The law was put into place several decades ago that directly tied the COLA’s to the CPI jeez!!!!! Do you not remember the condition of the economy in 2009????There wasn’t any economic growth…we were barely staying afloat!!!You people are so determined to hate President Obama and your minds are so convoluted that you sicken me that you even call your self Veterans!!!!! If you don’t understand the process contact your Congressman or Senator and have them explain it to you in writing, instead of spewing unwarranted hate!!!

  • MSGT R Moos USA Ret

    Yes we sure could use a COLA increase. I guess if SS goes up they will take it back in the form of a Medicare increase. I just dont understand Mullins & Gates thinking than god they are leaving. Of course I didnt retire as an Admiral or Sec of Def. so I dont have a nice fat retirement to fall back on. Maybe we can get some people in congress & some Secretary’s who are more sympathetic towards the military & mil retirees

  • RetiredinGB

    It’s funny that there are no retired enlisted men in congress or the house of rep’s, yet every year, they get a hefty raise we get squat. I’m thinking we need to get some retiree’s to lobby them? Maybe we will get somewhere then.

    • retiree

      You are aware they passed on their pay raise the last 2 years?

  • RetiredinGB

    Better yet, make our retirement pay 100% tax exempt Federal & State (every state). That would help off set some of the mini % COLA. I would be happy with that too!

  • Don G

    Defund Libya and cut Congress pay and give retirees and VA the raises they deserve. People that never worked a day in their life get fre Medicaid, housing, food, but people defending the country for 20 years or more get nothing? What is wrong with that picture? I hear foodstamps are going up too , so they get more food for free. A retiree at age 38 with kids will need that benefit.
    With Congress split, i think it will be hard to get much, especially when Gates is against us now.
    a raise in 2011 or 2012 will not get me to vote dem. He has his own constitution and it does not include us. Only a GOP Congress can give us a good raise. With high inflation during Reagan, we did get pretty good raises.
    Raises stopped when Congress became Democrat and especially in 2009. He said we would not get a raise for 2 more years, so we shall see. He may veto any raise for us which would be part of the 2012 defense bill.
    Don’t be fooled by political stunts. I change the channel whenever this CIC comes on. He loves his teleprompter where he reads the wrong medal of Honor name, and calls the Corps, a corpse. Read on Mr Prez. Read that we get a 6 or 8% raise in 2011 and 2012.

    • Yeah I know what you mean, I’ve been working hard all my life even from the. Age of 11 when I had my own little lawn business in my neighborhood doing lawn mowing and stuff like that, I enlisted into the Army at age of 17 and put in eight years, almost 9 years and three of them were after I had my back and right shoulder when our Bradley hit a tank ditch and threw me from my crew commander seat and into the two tow missiles locked. In their vertical mounts and hit so har I ripped the upper mount out of the wall and nearly snapped my spine in half and I fought medical retirement for three years before I gave up and just took it…… I also received $18,000.00 in severance pay from the Army which by the way had to be repaid before I could receive my VA benefits which they didn’t tell ms when I received my final papers and Honorable Discharge, which I have three of, then I went to work but when I fell on hard times we couldn’t get welfare it food stamps or help with housing but my fat *** older sister who had never worked a day in her life was getting all of that stuff, she got pregnant at 16 and got the welfare and all that stuff and after every child she would get even more money and not one child had the sane father and she had 5 kids on welfare and everything and it’s always been like that, work hard and build up your social security account and then when you need help they won’t give it to you even though you worked hard all your life…… The thing that was the straw that broke the camels back for me was when one day I was standing in line at my bank and the guy in front of me who an illegal yet he was cashing a $4500.00 government check and couldn’t even speak English….. After that I was disgusted at this whole mess where even illegal aliens cam come here illegally and live on government benefits, I was cashing a weekly paycheck oh $1100.00 that I worked from 5:00 am to 7:30 six days a week to make and was missing my daughter growing up be size I had to work such long hours ….. Anyway now I am rated at 100% permanent and total disabiled and it was a long hard fight to get my fill disability and during that time I couldn’t work and our bills could t be paid and it was hard to survive even with my wife working and as a rest of a few years going through all of this our credit took a very hard hit and is still in bad shape and were trying to fix it and even though our credit score is plenty high enough to buy a home we can’t get financing even with trying to use my VA home loan gaurantee yet people on welfare can buy a HUD home or any other number of programs for them… Anyway were in a sad state here in good ok America with a president that won’t even show even the smallest amount of respect for the American flag…. It’s damn ridiculous

      The SandMan


    Think we’ll get a COLA increase? depends on the polls, if he has a good chance for reelection without the Vets. won’t happen. It’s a political stunt, just happens that it is an election year, we have had inflation for the last 3 years if you look at food, fuel and housing.

  • Dan Burger

    The powers that be will throw us a bone….election year is coming up but do not go out and make a large purchase because the increase will be minimal to be sure.

  • sdexnorva

    I find it amazing how clueless some of our veterans are about how and when their pensions and VA benefits are adjusted. Andrew Jackson championed the poor being able to vote and worked to ensure free public education so that their votes would be informed. Perhaps he was wrong.

  • Tom

    I figure they will give us a raise for 2012 just because of the 2012 elections. They think we are all so lame brained that we will vote for the same idiots that run the government again in 2012. Stop handing out money to every other country and take of our own people and country.

  • Blessed One

    I am a widow so every little bit helps.Blessings

  • David

    Wait and see. The guy in office now does’nt Military and SS to get anything. Need to have it so congress can get their’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wvbandit1948

    I could use an increase in retired pay, but would forgo it if it would get the Communist-in-chief out of office and stop the Democrat’s spending spree.

    • Draftee

      Stop the Republican cut taxes spree at the state and federal levels. The states that have cut taxes are in worse shape that those who didn’t. Furthermore, the tax cuts and tax breaks for the last 30 years have not produce the good paying jobs. You can thank the Republican Communist Party and the American Corporations (Communists) for that mess.

  • emwolb

    i wonder when the last time a congressman or president had ramen noodles for dinner? or for those special occasions popped open a can of spam so they could have something to eat? look at how many homeless vets there are in your county. it’s surprising. we were in viet nam while they were hiding out in college from the draft, many of them i suppose. this whole thing is really crooked. the rich steal from the rest of us. i am proud to have served, now 100% disabled, but i was glad to have been able to give for my country when i was called upon to serve.

  • Sinking Deeper

    Why not give us Retirees a COLA in October, the next Fiscal year. I already lost money in my military taxes, they took $30 dollars. Now they want to raise Tri-Care. So I keep loosing instead of gaining. But rent, gas, electric, and groceries keep going up. All of you when you VOTE next year remember the people in D.C. who because they have money, they don’t care about those of us who do not, and do NOT VOTE for them.

  • sakijack

    Don’t even try to draft me again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yours truly,
    AC-47 Gunship Crew Chief/Loadmaster

  • I guess I will have to do what i must for those who protected me and served me. I thank all who have served and I will do all in my power to protect you and your families from these thieving, k-niving, lieing, cheating beaurocrats. DO NOT MESS WITH MILITARY RETIREE BENEFITS FOR WE STAND BY OUR OATHS THAT WE TAKE. I WILL PROTECT AND DEFEND AGAINST FORIEGN AND DOMESTIC ETC……..

  • Daniel Ingalls

    Where is the American Spirit? Have faith In your government that they will do the right thing. ……………………..I mean this is the home of the brave and land of the taxed!……………………I believe No One Over The Age of 65 Should Pay Any Tax Period!…………..We have paid our fair share through it all!

  • Real wierd

    Obama will be a veteran now he served as the commander and chief hahahaha now that he has served he can make himself a citizen.
    some times I crack myself up

  • Mel

    If the COLA is due, it’s due. No if’s, ands or buts!! Is this a great country or what? Have to wonder at this point!!

  • MikeD

    I am a register voter, retired. Seriously thinking about changing parties. Because I voted for “Change” and got ” Deceived”. I have not gotten a Army retirement pay raise in three years. If the COLA increase is passed. I will increase my TRICARE allotment and use the rest on gas to go to my day Job.

  • Perpexed in SC

    I read a lot about this will help to offset the cost of Tricare. Now let me ask, has anyone has had a problem with Tricare? I for instance was ordered to take a sleepstudy and then send back for a 2. study, however; Tricare has been rejecting to pay the bill because of some none sense of coding the Doctors order. My doctor has moved on since and no longer works @ the AFB, where the sleepstudy was originaly ordered. Now had the go around with Tricare and the place where the Sleepstudy took place for almost 1 year, because Tricare has refused to pay. The Hospital which took the sleepstudy has contacted me and send me a bill worth $800, saying it is overdue and if I don’t pay up they would turn the bill over to a collection agency. I am worried this could ruin my credit. Is there anyone else with the same Tricare-Problems? The Tricare Secretary at the Naval Weapons Station in Goose Creek is working hard to help me out, for the past 2 month or so, but it seems Tricare HQ can’t get it straight. By the way, my 1. sleepstudy was approved with the same code thas was given as the 2nd sleepstudy and yet the 1. one was approved, 2nd denied… MAKES NO SENSE TO ME

  • jim s

    Don’t count your chickens before they hatch ! Obama and his crew may find a way to Use your cola elsewhare.i.e.,A war that is not wanted.It’s time to bring our soldiers home.Our political leaders don’t seem to be listening to the people.I truly hope that a good many of them are not around after next years election.(that go’s for both party’s)

  • rosado

    5.8 divided by 2= 2.9 if we get a cost of living incease in 2012 it’s going to be 2.9 or so so that is 2.9 a year for three year

  • rosado

    5.8 divided by 2 = 2.9 a year
    if we get a raise it will be about 2.9
    that will cover 3 years at 2.9 a year

  • 31YRVET

    If we’re going to “civilianize” our military and come into mainstream U.S.A., thus yet another political tactic with justifying reduced benefits to veterans, we should also reduce the work associated with military service. Civilians as a whole are not required to stand underway or in-port watches or afterhours duty either in country or overseas. Nor are civilians required to stand weekend duty without due compensation. Let’s first examine how we can reshape our federal civilian workforce to include politicians. Let’s lead by example. If we’re going to reduce benefits, let’s remember that we’re all in this together, let’s start with federal civilian employees.

  • Charles

    Federal civilian employees (e.g. GS workers such as postal employees, civilians working at military bases, etc.), need only complete 12 months on their jobs to be guaranteed federal employment. It would literally take an act of congress to remove a federal civilian employee from their job when they mess up. Take the latest rash of incidents associated with air traffic controllers falling asleep at their jobs nearly causing planes to crash. Has anyone heard in the news lately about any air traffic controllers being removed? If you were in the military and “held to a higher standard”, there would be words involved such as “accountability, responsibility and the inevitable UCMJ procedures, thus leading to possible dismissal from service.” Let’s “Look before we leap” rather than cut benefits now and regret it later.

    • retiree

      As someone who has fired a civilian, it is quite doable. You just have to be willing to document a) the standards they are held to b) the facts proving they have not met the standards, and c) that you provided them the feedback and opportunity to correct their actions and get into standards.

      What you can’t do is say “I don’t like this person, they’re fired.” You have to justify their firing. Most people don’t seem to want to do the hard work of documenting their decision with facts.

    • retiree

      Oh, and several of those ATC’s WERE fired, the others sent to retraining. Yes, you can hold civilians accountable.

  • Jazz

    Federal civilian employees on flex work schedules who are supposed to be at work 9 1/2 hours per day 4 days each week and 8 hours each Friday are normally entitled to Regular Days Off (RDO’s), to wit; every other Friday off. Some federal civilians on RDO’s are not at work 9 1/2 hours each day, but rather 9 hours each day. That equates to 2 hours each week per federal civilian employee on RDO’s who get paid for time not spent at work. Multiply that times number of federal civilian employees on RDO’s and it can add up quick. A tremendous waste of tax dollars. Let’s begin by examaning our internal workings with our federal civilian workforce before starting with our military.

    • retiree

      No, it’s 8 x 9 (62 hours) + 1 x 8, for a total of 80 hours in a 2 week period. NOT 9 1/2 hours/day, 9 hours/day. So they are getting 0 extra time off.

      • retiree

        to correct my own math – 8 x 9 = 72. 72+8=80.

  • Earl

    Federal civilian employees are generously compensated. If you make a five minute call after hours, on weekends or holidays to federal civilian employees, they automatically get compensated with two hours overtime pay or two hours’ time off for a five minute afterhours call. Military personnel do not get to share this same perk. Nor do federal civilian employees as a norm perform collateral duties like their military counterparts. Federal civilian employees have “Position Descriptions” PD’s as their often referred to. When speaking with federal civilian employees about their jobs compared to military, they will make comments such as, “Oh well, you wanted to be in the military.” Really? If it wasn’t for the men and women serving this great nation of ours, there would be no need for federal civilian employees since there would be no country to govern. Don’t cut veterans benefits.

  • Jared

    If we are as a nation as a whole going to stand together and as we often here, “We are all in this together”, we must thoroughly examine what our military does for all of us before hacking away at benefits. Let’s not forget that budget cuts will undoubtedly result in personnel cuts, thus the saying, “Work smarter, not harder.” Let’s first examine how we can reshape our federal civilian workforce to include politicians. If we’re going to reduce benefits, let’s remember that we’re all in this together. Let’s begin by cutting federal civilian benefits before cutting military/veteran’s benefits. Let’s lead by example.


    they must remember, there are more of us than there are of them, I am retired navy reservist and also disabled vet. In 2 years i am suppose to start getting my retirement pay, will i have my disablity cut in half when i start getting paid.
    A raise would help, i use the disability to make my house payment. I have 2 reductions because of my son finishing school and a divorce. I sure could use the pay raise. They must remember who keeps this country free. If you don’t love this country, then you need to find somewhere else to live, this is a great country, to bad we have ******** in Washington who don’t give a crap about the ones who keep them free and safe.

  • Disability income is too low. We are superposed to be in the middle class of 70 k year for 100 % Service-Connected. We are still being skewed

  • Navy Vet

    Billions for the enemy,chump change for our military and retired and disabled.Its a shame

  • teresa

    big 250.00 for 3 years add it up suckers

  • Bill

    Vote for Rick Perry, and pray. He is Air Force.

  • jack

    we used to get a cola plus a 1% kicker every year,thanks to a lot of southern senators,who were real,when they talked about the military,and retirees. for example,john stennis of mississippi was always looking out for veterans. by the way,i understand,that it is not politically correct to praise either missiissippi,the south or a mississippi senator,but so what.

  • bill parmly

    HEY GONEFISHIN,, HOW ABOUT REQUIRING him/her/it to be a u.s born citizen hey/hey

  • Michael Price WV

    No COLA increase sense 2008. Cost of basic living has increased by X% thus reducing our buying power. Being a Vietnam Disabled Veteran, have a hard enough time just paying basic bills. Have had no HOT WATER nor transportation for going on 2 years. Can’t afford the outrageous costs for gas. Barely have a dollar left over from paying what I can pay. Get $78.00 Food Stamps for 2 people to live on for a month. Back in 2008, was doing fair and had something to look for other than where the money is to come from. With no increases in COLA, have been falling further and further behind each month. I served my time doing all that was asked of me for over 8 years (8 years, 8 Months). I firmly believe that the government could care less of the military veterans both from prior wars, peacetime, current wars that survive only by the “benefits” promised to our soldiers, All the government seems to do is make their own pockets fatter by taking away what we have earned. Sorry to say, I am ashamed of this Nation for treating Veterans, Disabled Veterans, and current active duty personnel as dirt. Just once, I would like to be able to once again live without forgoing some basic need such as heat for the home. Just once I would like to see the government do the correct thing as providing a decent, livable amount that stays even with the inflation rate of today, not this hogwash excuse we have gotten for the last few years. Just once…………

  • Christine

    If you think that Obama has anything to with any COLA then you really need to do some research on your own. If you really think that the republicans have vet interests at heart then you need to really do research ON YOUR OWN and not just listen to an idiot tell you what to think.
    If you also think that christian values have anything to do with the USA then you need to really do some research on your own. Some of our most noteable founding fathers were not even christian. It was even signed into law in a treaty where they put down on paper that this country was not founded on any religion and christianity was espicially noted as not on the agenda.

  • W L Fugaate

    just tired; Rod M you have the right idea , To get the info you need, go to your
    Rep’s websit, on how he/she has voted on those things that effect all retirees
    While you are there, if you realy want to get mad checkout his COLA after he/she retires. PS dont takeitout on your computer

  • TazMage

    Anyone know FOR SURE either way? Will we or won’t we get a COLA come January 2012? Is there any way to find out FOR SURE??

    • retiree

      Wait until after the CPI-W for 3rd quarter is announced. Current law requires COLA based on that. It should come out around 16 Oct.

  • peter santos

    Is ashamed that I am making less now than when I retired back in 2009…but my child support went up..my taxes went up but yet the pay has been the same,,,,will have to go back to work,,,,

  • Mauricio

    Since you didn’t get enough feedback on what started out as cola for miltary retirees and went somewhere else (something about obama, clowns, senate, congress, paying middle east countries, not paying us, etc…) I just wanted to add my half cent, since that’s what it’s worth today: Lets just go rally in D. C., over.

  • Mauricio

    Oh, and by the way, I’m still ****** by the USFSPA, over.

  • P B

    I am a VietNam vet and I am disabled and on social security disability and we haven’t had a COLA increase in the last 2 years and we could sure as hell use BAD!!! I just hope this Moron in Washington doesn’t go and nix it again because he has already spent the 2.4 trillion they gave him a few months ago, he said we are out of money again and wants IRS to go after every tax payer to try and get every penny they can.


  • Dennis

    If you beleive this crap about getting a cola raise on your retirement check, then you are in for a major let-down. You would have a better chance of throwing rocks at the moon.


    Yeah, they should all be made to do time in the Military before holding public office. Enlisted time, not that skate Officer mess. In the trenches doing dumb shit daily and witness the wasteful spending on foreign govts first hand.

  • RAf
  • duane

    Can anyone truly tell me why it is that when one passes on, your family gets a time time SS payment of $250…What in the craziness of this world is that supposed to pay for…Its like a slap in the face after your gone..

  • duane

    that time time, is supposed to be “one time”..sorry about that…typing too fast while frustrated..

  • ron

    You are saying the cola could be quite substantial. What does “substantial” actually detail?

  • dimaggio0077

    People need to realize we have not had a pay increase since 2008. Government fix cola.

    • retiree

      COLA <> PAY. COLA is that – Cost of Living Adjustment. For military retirees, SS recipients, and federal retirees, the COLA is set by law passed in the mid-1970’s, set at the increase of CPI-W (all urban workers CPI) as of 30 Sep of each year. When retirees got the 5.8% COLA in 2009 (remember that – while the economy tanked we made out like bandits), it was due to the spike in gas prices that fall. Since then, the CPI-W has dropped, resulting in no COLA. This year MOA is tracking a 3.6% increase (http://www.moaa.org/colawatch) so far this year – we might see 4% COLA increase. However, the current Congress and President (and all of them for over 30 years) have nothing to do with it. Remember also, if you ask them to “fix” the COLA, they might – but not how you want.

      • Al P

        Great comment and very informative about the way COLA is set. To many times we blame the president (present and past) for situations they have no control over.

  • LSimek

    Its very apparent,,,,its not a fair system of compensation.

  • BigRed47

    I remember I was told when I retired that my retired pay would stay the same as anyone who retired after me. Well, if I retired today at the same rank and time and would be getting $400 more a month than what I am getting now. Used to be that both retired and active duty pay raises were the same. I have lost count of all the promises that were made to me before I retired. Now I know how the Indians must feel. White father speak with forked tongue.

    • retiree

      Unless you retired before the mid-70’s, what you were told was wrong. The active duty and the retired pay systems have been disconnected since the COLA was set by CPI-W in the mid-70’s. Active pay raises are set by law at .5% below the average increase in wages (although Congress has routinely bumped it to .5% above the average increase for several years).

  • Rita

    Thank God someone is going to help us. Long time coming

  • Dale

    I wonder who calculates these inflation numbers. Everything is so much more expensive.. not 2 or 4 percent, but 20 or 30 percent. Look at coffee, it haw increased nearly 100% since 2008. Meat, produce, you name it.

    • retiree

      Feel free to go to the BLS website (http://www.bls.gov) and see for yourself exactly how CPI-W (the numbers used for retiree & SS COLA) are calculated.

  • jakobie

    Hope I am wrong, but I fear (believe) the ‘super congress’ (the 12 senators which will control spending in this country for the next ’10’ years (ha) in November, their deadliner, will impose a cut in military retirement and also impose a no increase in COLA. They have the authority. They are the ‘budget committee’ right now, not congress. I fear we are in for a shock. As I have said before, they will cut where they are harmed the lease…and the military retirees just do not have the clout!!!

  • david

    Federal taxes on retirement pay keeps going up each year regardless of a COLA increase or freeze. I’m tired of taking a paycut each year in my retirement pay. STOP freezing COLA. I can’t afford it.

  • George Maynard

    The Illegal dumb ASS in the White House so called President has totally screwed up the US Government, Military, and Economy and our Nation. Our Major Banks are failing; Airlines are filing for Bankruptcy, Health Care going to Hell. Wake up America open your eyes, Dump the Kenyan or impeach him quickly. Community Organizer My ASS. Obama Be dammed.
    And One Pissed Off American, I didn’t put my life on the line for this.
    George Maynard
    Brown Shoe Army Drafted.

  • RIpete

    Fear not, they will find a way to negate any increase we get either thru new fees, rate increases or taxes – after all they are politicians

  • One of the 1%

    I suggest that all military retirees send an e-mail to the White House, DOD, Senators and House of Representatives and state”

    “We have advised you how we feel about all the money the government is giving away outside the United States and using military entitlements, in part, and raising fees on entitlements in an effort to correct the national debt built up through the years by lack of oversight on spending. There are congressional representatives that continue to ignore us. What is your priority? Them, or the military retirees who stood ready to defend and die for this country.? We will remind you again in 2012.'”

    Rally troops !!!!!!!! – Show Congress that we are united by voting to make a change in the 2012 election. If not – be silent and fight for nothing ever again!

  • John

    I agree to what I read above and yes our great leaders again are not keeping their promises. They promise everything you want to hear at election time but when they get their paycheck when they are elected they forget about us. I would very much like to see what our leaders in the government get.

  • Marquis

    Throw the bums out of office come next election. We deserve better than this. If we can fight for our country abroad, we can fight for ourselves here at home. Lets take back Washington and our home land from our oppressor the US Government.

    US Marines

  • Joe Johnson

    If we open our eyes a take a look at the real problem we will see former president Bush in the background. This is quite a mess he put this country in and now he and his rich buddies are enjoying the life of riches on the back of folks who put the blame on a President that has to fight for everything he do that will help the middle and lower class. We need to be “Americans” and help this country and country men and woman around us. What happen to that?




    Here it is October 9-2011 and I’m hearing nothing about any COLA RAISE for 2012..Usually by now the people on Social Security,SSI,SSD and VA Pensions know for sure what percentage of raise there getting..

    For the past couple of years no one received a COLA RAISE yet the cost of living went up and up..

    Without hearing anything and no one saying anything about COLA RAISES I’m thinkg it just might be another year without one..

    • retiree

      Did you read the article you’re posting to – which talks about CPI-W inflation at 3.6% through Aug? FYI – CPI-W is the measure used to compute the COLA.

      So basically you’re complaining about not hearing about a possible COLA by posting a comment on an article giving facts about a possible COLA. Think about it.

  • Joker

    how bout this,they at least give us a chance to make a few bucks for what LITTLE work that we might find to maybe pay for a little gas?

  • james

    True americans are raised here,no president should be raised in another country as this does not give proper morals are thoughts that we fight for

    • retiree

      So you wouldn’t have voted for John McCain in 2008 (as a Military Brat, he spent most of his early life outside the US)?


    Let’s see: One bum out ummmmm….another bum in.
    Nope. That’s not it.
    The 2012 “election”. We’ll get ’em then by god!. Hmmmmm…Nope. Didn’t work that time either…

    Oh! Oh! I KNOW. The 2014 “election”. The 2016 “election”. The 2020 “election”.
    WE believe in GOD. WE believe in Country. WE believe in …politicians. Hmmmm….
    When do WE start believing in OUR SELVES?


    $14 TRILLION in debt. The rich don’t want to pay taxes. The poor can’t pay taxes. Working people pay out more than 50% of their meager pay in taxes and fees already. Hmmm…
    Here come the republicans! CUT! CUT! GUT! GUT! Cut wages, salaries and benefits!. Cut taxes for the wealthy (Trickle Down). Send more American jobs to China, Viet-Nam, Mexico. Thailand. THAT by god will FIX what’s wrong with America! Just wait! You’ll see!!
    WAKE UP!

  • NJC

    Am I the only retiree who is po;d about having had to pay a lot more for the same survivor’s annuity benefit than later retirees? A lot of us paid into the program far longer than the 360 monthly payments and bryond the 70 year mark, but when Congressestablished thost criteria for discontinuance of premium payment, it established Oct. “08 as the start date. Result: those wwhopaid into the program longer than the 360 payments – age 70 points get no refund for the XS payments. How nice. Guess Uncle gets to stiff us again, it needs the money more than we do!
    Guess who;s telling the youngsters to not re-up.

  • There has to be a compensation & pay increase for Veterans. Civilian unemployment was adjusted, active duty received a yearly increase with a COLA adjustment. everyone’s “Cost of Living” was adjusted except for the Veterans. It is biased, prejudice and is clearly unequal opportunity. YOUR right, it is the President’s administrations fault and Congresses mis-interpretation of statistics. “Are you better off today then 4 years ago”? No! The funds were given to adjust civilians on drugs collecting unemployment in legal problems. We the people can not count on the president, “fact in hand” in plain & clear black & white no COLA for the last 3 years. “Democrats” VOTE REPUBLICAN & NOTE THE CHANGE!

  • Jeri

    In 2008 we saw a COLA of 5.25%, then just this last winter, they took back half of that, making that COLA just around 2.5%. Social Security COLA remained the same. Why does the military always get hit? Men and women who put their lives on the line or give their lives and their beneficiaries suffer the loss. This is the most immoral act there can be to the military. This is very troubling in that I am sure Obama will attack the medical as well. When does it end? Get this idiot out of office.

    • allan

      I cannot find anyone whom voted to put him in the whitehouse this last election, of course I cannot find what countrys passport he used to get into Pakistan in 1980 either or how he paid for the trip! Could be he was bought & paid for right there in Pakistan!

  • MSgt Swann

    Yes, it sure would be nice to finally get a COLA since the carpet baggers in Washington got theirs. Maybe it will help to offset the increase in federal income tax that was imposed on 1 March. My income tax went up by $38.00 per month.

  • Major Grubb

    What about John McCain, he recommends vet.s paying 200.00 for Tricare for life. Seems like he has forgotten what its like to be a vet. Maybe he should not take his annual salary and only take social security for retirement. and medicare like the rest of us..

  • Ted

    We all need to remember that we have a government for the corporations, not the people. The middle class is paying for everything.

  • james

    thanks mccain, so much for military, thought you a POW???

  • willard vogelgesang

    What does MaCain mean by restricting Tri-Care Prime to working aged Veterans. What if a veteran is out of work right now. Is this another oh, to bad so sad policy. And while Obama talks to the country to pass his job bill,he is taking more benifits from the veteran. The news never talks about this do they. Ask how many news reporters served their country. I don’t even have to ask. I can tell by the way interviews are conducted. ABC,CBS,NBC.

    • cali_co

      Republicans have tried for years to get the retired vets off Tricare by suggesting they only take their employers health insurance (with way bigger co-pay and premiums, hence pay more each month) than their well deserved Tricare insurance. If McCain pushes for limitations, he is trying to breach the contract between the vet and the government (work for peanuts in return of free health care after retirement).

      In fact, if you read about the surcharge for Commissary food coming (Rep. Rush) and the raise in Tricare fees, it makes you wonder which side the Republicans are on….probably not on the retired vets side for sure!!
      Maybe not a big deal for a retired O-6 but definitely for a retired E-6

  • Alvernon

    If the Rep. stop protecting the rich, they wouldn’t have to take from us. money will come from somewhere. I prefer it come from them the rich than coming from those who gave their bodies and is now suffering so the rich can have freedom not to pay their share of taxes. They owe us and should help out.

    • you need to read and find out facts before you step in it——————

      • robert

        the rich owe you nothing and i am not rich if you want some thing go out and earn it. in short get off your butt

    • Dennis

      Why should the rich pay more taxes then the 47% of Americans who pay nothing, just get government hand outs all the time….they get a tax return when they pay no taxes. You need to stop loistening to the BS the dems are spouting.

    • JoeSixPack

      Excellent points, Alvermon. Too bad the neoCONs posting here don’t have a clue.

  • Mike Pieron

    I agree with the gentleman, that all members of govt. should serve in the military first. All the officals up on the hill don’t care about the retirees. God bless all that served an all that is still serving.

  • Doris


  • screwtape

    Alvernon, NO one owes you anything! You sound like one of those hippy rioters that want to distribute the wealth. They need to get a job and stop complaining. All These kids today want is entitlements and their medical Marijuana.


    • Areal

      I am willing to bet you never darkened the inside of a uniform. It’s easier to rant when you never had to sacrifice. Vets and career military deserve all that we can give them. Frigging loser.

    • Hey Screw, the only reason you are not speaking German or Japanese ( WWII) is because of the U.S. Military. The only reason you are allowed to add to this blog is because of previous sacrifices of military members. How much is it worth to ask for someone to give their life for you to rant. I’ll also bet noone in you family ever served in the military, probably because you were raised on a silver spoon and your daddy avoided the draft. THe U.S. Military and its veterans deserve all they receive. Now, shut the front door as you should not be allowed to speak. And yes I am a retired veteran.

      • Rick

        And he is not speaking Russian because I sat on the my GDP (Fulda Gap) 1980 -84 next to a Pershing II nuclear Missile to keep the Russians at bay. 100% (SERVICE CONNECTED) disabled Vet.

        • tony

          hey rick i was in gissen next to fulda aorund that time i was in hawk missiles unit

    • Eric

      If you had served you would realize the price some soldiers pay with their bodies. I have no issue with my tax dollars going to help them have a better quality of life. neither should you.

    • Bob

      Screw is a perfect name for you. You really sound SCREWED UP!!!

    • Patrick Williams

      Screwtape, if Alvernon served in the Military and was injured or retired from the service, then he is owed something by his government. The government made a deal with us – Serve your country, and we will provide you pay and benefits. In this case, WE ARE OWED SOMETHING. We did our part, now it is the governments turn to keep the faith with us. You cannot even understand the sacrifice, pride and community people in the military have. Shame on you – you who have not probably ever put your life on the line for anything – to judge or castigate the noble class of men and women who have worn the uniform!

  • tommy1952

    Why don’t senate and congress pay their Back Taxes? The Rich do pay taxes… think about it… If you pay on your Check of we say 1000.00 and they pay on 1 million… do the math.. Congress some republicans and some dems Still Owe Back Taxes but they have your eyes off the ball..and away from them.. I also read a few area that C.O.L.A. might be 3.4 in 2012.. I’m hopping as well. I’m a Vet as well..

  • Kerry Cregar

    How can the President or Congress look at themselves in the mirror after denying the Vets their needed (and well deserved) annual COLA raise? What are they thinking?

  • duane

    ty to the govt for accepting the fact that veterans are hurting under the cost of living adjustments, cola increase to late to little?,…ill take w/e i can get @ this point just so i wont be a homeless veteran out on the street its gone that far

  • Daniel Hoover

    are they waiting for us world war 2 vets to die off???? you bet your axx they are!

  • ConspiracyTheorist

    In regards to veterans…all gave some…some gave all. The president gave nothing, we’re not even sure he’s an American. Let’s show respect for our active and retired military by putting it in thier paycheck. For those of you who didn’t serve in the military, suck it up. You had the opportunity to volunteer but you chose otherwise – live with the decision you made to be a coward and stay home where it was safe. I am a twice decorated combat veteran who did what I did, not for you, but for America. Now let’s rethink who has an “entitlement”!

    • Brian

      Actually, tens of millions of Americans did not have the opportunity to volunteer for the military for a variety of reasons. Most had physical or mental deficiencies since birth.

      • david

        Hey Brian first of all there aren’t tens of millions in this country? I served to the best of my ability U.S.M.C. but unfortunately my tour was interupted by another force? I went in 100% human, great shape, but it is a choice whether or not to serve your country or not, did you come up with another lame excuse or did you have enough in you to serve?

    • Bob

      Why don`t you suck it up and shut it up. You did what you did and that should be it. Don`t think that gives you the right to judge others. I served two combat tours in Vietnam with the 101 airborne div. and I`m proud of it because I did it for my country, not for bragging rights. So get off your high horse and be proud not judgmental.

      • tommy1952

        your so right.. , navy vet here

    • david

      Hey Vet I am in total agreement with you!
      SEMPER FI!!!!!!!!!!!

    • A Black Vet

      Why don’t we get off the “the president’s not an american” B.S. once and for all! If you’re so patriotic, than accept that we are a country of diversity and that a Black man is running this country in the year 2011, and we may have others of other races doing so in the future. I am a 70% service connected OIF Vet.
      I am retired after 24yrs of service and I am an African American. I am proud of my service and I am proud of my heritage and proud that there is an African American in the White House who is trying to do his best dispite the controversy from people who like you and others who just can’t stand the change of the status quo. Especially the ones in Congress and the Senate in BOTH parties!!! Maybe if people could get over themselves, we could get on with the business of actually doing something to improve this country!!!

      • Angelpaws Vet

        Thanks for your service. Blacks have contributed in every war since the revolution but never got the credit they deserved for their sacrifice. BUT Obama is only 1/2 black he is a Mixed raced president. That is a 1st in it’s self but if he looked more white than black would Blacks suport him as much? I’m all for a black president a color of one’s skin shouldn’t matter but for some people it does and that’s a shame but is it what it is and Obama isn’t a African American Priesent he’s a mixed race president.

        • retiree

          I don’t care what percentage black he is, or if he’s latino, or what. He is the elected President, entitled to all the due respect of that office. The conspiracy theorists / birthers and all the others are basically racists who would oppose anyone besides a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Male in the Office.

      • Wayne C. Mead

        I am retired after 23 years and I am an American. Why don’t we get off this hyphenated American BS once and for all. President Obama is a total idiot and race has nothing to do with it at all. He proved it all by himself. I admit that we are a country of diversity do you? “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” – Thomas Jefferson

    • Wayne C. Mead

      I am also a veteran and the only thing I/we can be sure of is death and taxes. I like this quote… “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” – Thomas Jefferson

    • SSG retired in 85

      Good for you, I hear it all the time ,(I wished I would have stayed in the service)or (you are retired you make a lot of money) Bull Sh__…..

  • Rick

    Since people receiving Social Security are going to see an increase, vets should receive one too. One thing I can’t understand is why there’s talk going on in D.C. that military related benefits should be on the chopping block when something like 47 percent of Americans don’t pay any taxes. So why should those who benefit from our service to keep this country free and safe also get an added entitlement of not paying anything into the system? Everyone should be paying taxes instead of taking from those who have risked their lives in the military!

  • tony

    from what i read social security cola increase is goinng to be 3.6% and vets get the same increase they do so it may will be 3.6%

    • david

      It is election year Tony and I hope you won’t be taken in by this jester by this musilum in office (don’t know why he is ther) oops! yes I do but can’t go into the reason/reasons? If you vote make the right choice, not as others and follow this musilum, he will and is trying to make this country not the strong USA as it was but the USSA (United Socialist States of America)

    • retiree

      David –
      Please take your conspiracy theories elsewhere. This is a site for facts, not fantasies.

      Tony –
      Yes, we should get 3.6% starting with the 1 Jan payment.

  • LEA

    i have been all over military.com just to find something as simple as what will the retired raise be. you would think it was top secret. ss can find out, but not military. we need to know so we can prepare ourselves.

    • tommy1952

      seen one piece on it , 3.4 but don’t believe it till see it in my pocket ..

  • Dick Hill

    I Keep reading all these comments not directed to anyone outside this gripe site. You should be sending your gripes directly to those worthless bureaucrats who are taking away our benefits. I send my anger and thoughts directly to the number one non-leader and the worthless Congress. I recently sent the following to McCain expressing my anger and thoughts.

    Senator McCain


    NOT SURE THIS WILL MEAN ANYTHING TO MCCAIN, BUT AT LEAST I DIRECTED AND SENT IT STRAIGHT TO HIM. Keep your comments coming but also direct them to the worthless bureaucrats.

    23 year proud veteran and American

    • Coastie90

      I’ve been sending email and letters to congress for several years and all I receive, if they respond, is a form letter telling me how much they are doing for me. Now is the time for term limits and a reduction to their benefits. I served 23 years also. Thank you for your patriotic service.

    • ChuckA

      Right On…I got 21 years.

    • a usmc vet

      it not the people congress it the rich and powerfull congress. we vet need to take it back from them and give it to the people. as for mc trader it time for him to GO. and all like him.

    • woundedwarrior

      Michelle bauchmann and the tea party want to cut veterans benefits too.


    • Jim

      Your right!

  • exGI37343

    Folks, I read a comment a while back that suggested the military should become Unionized. Think about it, we have leaders in our retired folks much better than the AFL/CIO, or our government will ever see. I can think of many Sergeants Major, First Sergeants and/or Platoon Sergeants that can do a hell of a lot better than our current “leaders”. Problem, they can’t afford the money to run for office because our current government is keeping them just above the poverty level. I do understand that “Joe the Plumber” may run for the senate and will decide by October 25th. “POWER TO THE PLUMBERS!”

  • david

    Okay Commenting Policy as a veteran retired from the USMC ’67 at 100% I really don’t understand and then again I do! The new word is tolerance, but I can’t accept your policy so I reckon you can count me out from epressing my true opinion and turn you over to the real authority and let Him deal with you and yours……………………….

  • Jose

    I agree with Dick Hill- Send your comments to our ” Do Nothing” Congress.

    All they care is for corporations and the rich- Are we rich? I don’t think so- So make sure you send your comments to the responsible for this crisis.

    • Dick Hill

      Jose, it appears you share common sense with me. Maybe one day we will see common sense displayed in Congressional actions. It is said if you dream enough your dreams may come true.

  • Barack

    Come on buddy. This is why all America will never have a United country again because of racist remarks like that. Hopefully you are not considered a veteran because after that remark your not even an American.

    • Diad01

      Anothe class act

  • 3 Time decorated combat Navy Vet. Our benefits where earned. We should take away politicians pay and see how they fare.

    • Paul E. Mazzei, Sr.

      Chris I appreciate and congratulate your Service to our Country. I am an Air Force Vet and Silver Star recepient and like most complained when there was something genuinely worthy of complaining about. The problem with most politicians is they spend their life campaigning, making promises, getting elected, not making good on their promises and then recycle themselves, I concur with your comments. . Have them paid for performance and deduct for breach of campaign promises. Most of them will owe us when their terms are up.

  • Bucum metmoi

    GW BUSH & his non point man Chaney didn’t give anything..both managed to run away from defending our country during Nam….so our commander in cheif today did do something worthwhile,,while Bush let Americans die in Louisiana and marched thousands to their death in the middle east,,Obama went after the head of the snake that was responsibile for the death and destruction on our homeland….I give him credit for that..and besdies look where Bush and his rich croonies have left many of us all..in a financial mess….USMC 2/9 tet 68-69 3rdmardiv

    • Coastie90

      The governor of LA and the mayor of NOLA are the main culprits of the Katrina debacle, I agree with you on the rest.

    • Joe

      that is total bull. Bush is a decent man and as history will show a great president. Don’t believe all the lies and distortions about him by the liberal nutjobs and media.

    • Stan R.

      Ya know the Bush blame game is getting old really fast. Obomanation has made promises and failed on all acounts. the man is a loser and will be defeated in 2012. The question is who will be the one to get us back on track. That is what we should be concentrating on.

    • RHODA


  • jaminano

    I am a 100% veteran, recieving the VA pay and SSDI 1,380.00. I am doing well with the money I recieve from disability. I have my wife on Tricare prime paying my $19.17 monthly and Delta Dental $35.36 monthly payment. We are not *****ing. I do not pay the Medicare part B $96.00, (Which I was told that I have to, in order for my dependent to recieve Tricare, which is a LIE!!!!!).

  • G. REID

    Be careful Mr, MCain , YOU can be kicked out too.

  • Deborah

    I spent 27 years in the military and I think it is sad they are trying to mess with our benefits. It was bad enough when I had to start paying for medical when I entitled, I was told me medical would be free for life for me and my dependents; what a slap in the face. Congress you should cut your pay and leave the military wife and men alone that have fought for this country and still is fighting for this country.

    • You are so right Deborah…Now they raised the medication on Tri-Care for Life…what is next? Thank you for your post…Lone Rasmussen

    • Guest

      I agree with you and have to add that it is a true blow to my heart that our current active duty war fighters families are paying for dental and some health care. As you said back in the day when many of us swore in for the first time, it was suppose to be free for life, IF you made your twenty and were still alive. Now the OPTEMPO is crazy high and then make em pay for health and dental care, are you flipping kidding me!!

    • Steve

      where was it written that you wold receive FREE md for life? I did 26 and I never read that on an contract during eachof my 5 enlistments

    • j.d. winland

      Don’t you have tricare? I do and I retired from the USN

  • mike

    We let them take from us. So lets stop complaining and do something about it.



    • Very true…It sadden me to see how so many of our retired military is being (pushed to the side)…My husband passed from Agent Orange and too many people are not aware of how to go about receiving the Agent Orange….Thank you for your post….Lone in California

  • I never thought I should see the day when our military people need food stamps, but it is here now…If anyone deserve food stamps it is our military people and not the lazy free loaders who get away with almost everything FREE…My husband passed from Agent Orange and I am now a Senior, the FREE LOADERS are ruin our economy and our neighborhood…I miss the days when I was young and my husband was active duty…Welcome to the Senior world,, it is not turning out the way we dreamed it was going to be, serving the good ol’U.S.A….Thank you for reading and if you wish please write to my email: DesertBreeze46@gmail.com God Bless ALL military around the world and 1 good thing is going to take place our young men and woman coming home from Iraq…Lone P.S. Lone is a Danish name I was original from Denmark, now I am Blessed to wave the American Flag smileeeeeeeeeeeee…

  • garyfl

    We export every manufacuring job we can.
    We import every unskilled illegal immigrant and give them food stamps and medicade.
    We import food we can grow here in the USA
    These displaced workers now qualify for food stamps and medicade.
    We borrow the money to pay for these benefits.
    Pres Obama has waisted Trillions of dollars.
    Obama wants to pay health care for everyone while bankrupting the USA.
    The FED has printed Trillions of dollars causing inflation..
    Obama is a far left socialist/communist who might destroy the economy on purpose.
    Inflation rates are highter than the FED reports. No COLA equal a pay cut clear and simple.
    You get to pay for the Obama spending spree.
    We make China rich by making the USA poor.
    All of this is done on purpose. WHY?
    Redistribution of wealth world wide.

    • yogi

      Obama is preparing to cut the cost for the war in Iraq. He’s pulling out the real fighters and will be replacing them with mercenaries to protect our interests. False, the cost will increase, mercenaries are far more espensive that the professionals of our armed services and less capable with no loyalty. What a president (dope).

    • car

      good grief! did you miss out on the Bush Era completely! I am an independent veteran and can tell you I am so tired of hearing this Obama bash. I didn’t vote for him, but I will in 2012 because I am tired of listening to this one sided show! …. how about instead of using the terms “redistribution of wealth” we use “greed at the top”… China and the rest of the world are not evil. How about we try just alittle Jesus and less Rush (which by the way…never served his country or went to public school).

    • boo

      u sound like a fool , Obama must fix what bush messedup for 8 years, a fool outta see that

    • woundedwarrior

      Most of the problems you listed were caused equally by both sides. 2/3s of corporations paid zero taxes last year. Some got our tax money paid to them on top of that. At the same time they enjoyed this, they shipped our jobs overseas.

      All legislated by bills written by corporations and peddled by their little puppets called Democrats and Republicans

  • Tired of Congress

    Everyone who is not happy with the way congress is acting should contact their congressman and express your deep concern for the way they are acting. They want to cut military benefits and not increase taxes for the people making over a million dollars a year. Most of us have never seen a million dollars. I have told my congressman that it is not right for them to cut the benefits of the ones who have helped keep out country free and died or been wounded in doing so. SHMAE SHAME on them. I have never served in the military and think it is a crying shame the way they treat our vets. I Thank all of you who have served and the ones who are serving.

    • J MILLER


  • E-4


    • Loopdy

      Collin Powell would have made a better president. Gen Wesley Clark would have been a good president, The hanging chad was the beginning of the fleecing.

      Our country has gotten to the point where party has no reason for politics other than a label. Some politicians a for the people, some are for the people of business, on both sides of the aisle.

      Coulda shoulda woulda,

      • agree

      • woundedwarrior

        I used trouble be a Republican…dick Cheney and George bush ruined the party so now I’m independent. But I’d vote for a Colin Powell presidency in a heartbeat.

    • Guest

      I whole heartedly agree. This president have caught hell since his election. I have never seen no president have everything he tries to put forth shot down by the Republican party. I hope americans open their eyes and see that the Republican party has not gotten over losing to the Democrats and especially a black man. The Republicans number one job every since President Obama was elected was to see that he failed as president. They are only hurting this country and blaming it on the president ability to lead. How can you lead when your followers want you to fail. This country will soon realize and I hope it is not too late, that the Republicans are the ones that are going to sink this country, not president Obama.

      • Hilda

        Excuse me, but have you forgotten that The Democrats were in control for the FIRST TWO YEARS of this presidents reign. He did nothing but push for a health care system that no one even knew all the details contained in it. He did nothing for the unemployed for those two years, now he wants to blame the republicans. When has he taken the blame for anything.

      • Curtis

        Can you read or watch TV and no I don’t mean mickeey mouse, get the facts straight this person has no ability to run this country. Do you go to other countries and put down your country or bow!! to other leaders!! This is a man that didn’t even want to wear the american flag on his suit!! get your facts straight!! I was a democrat but have changed to republican.

    • Plt Sergeant Chee

      ” I have served and would be happy to serve under his command.”
      ” But, I think because he’s black and the most world was not ready for that.”
      STUPID? Hafreekun BHO was elected because he is half black and half white. E-4 does not get it; it is hard to figger out. If one does not like Barak Hussein it must be because he is black. Brilliant, E-4….

      • Curtis

        No it’s because he’s anti-american. learn to read and try real hard to understand the facts. I was in the Marine Corps and would never call this man anything but mr obama and the color of his skin means nothing you racist!!

    • Robert Bartosh

      E-4 you are wrong; America has proven that when they elected BHO. Obama’s policies and the FED are killing us. Obama’s ideology is to share the weath – which is very socialistic and bordering communism. He is a horrible president when it come to the economy. I give him big KUDOS for being tough on those that want to kill us. Obama deserves respect because he is our commander in chief but that does not mean we have to vote him in again. As for the replies that say the repubs keep shooting down his policies – they are not in control of both houses so that is a farce. It might be more difficult now to get things through the senate but congress is dem controlled. I think it is time we start to think logically about issues and not with our emotions. We can like and respect someone but that does not mean they are good for our country and Obama has not been a good president on many fronts. Semper Fi.

      • woundedwarrior

        How is Obama any different than bush? He took bush policies and gave them steroids. Bush did the bailouts. Bush pushed the deregulation of mortgages… bush did the unlawful war and the tax cuts on top of the unpaid prescription drug plan… he and Cheney pushed the war contractors like haliburton kbr that poisoned our troops with open burn pits while charging hundreds of billions of unchecked money.

        Maybe reviewing this will teach you that both sides are just money spending corporate puppets.

    • Dennis

      Obama is trying to make the USA just like the scum bag EU and you can see their problems.. He is nothing but a rich kid, who has not allowed anyone to see his school records, no one even remembers from his college. If he did we would see that he is an idiot….and needs to not be a city mayor at the best, and that’s to much for his pea brain to be in charge of….If you don’t know it I hate him and his partners trying to destroy America as we know and love it…Thank God I retired I retired before he became the President..

      • woundedwarrior

        Michelle bauchmann and the tea party want to cut veterans benefits too.


      • OpenEyes

        Dennis. It’s time for you to go back into the deep, dark hole you came from. It’s a shame that you were allowed to serve in our military. But, what’s more astonishing is that you spent more than 20 years in a great institution and was allowed to retire. I’m ashamed of your inaccurate, unfounded and untrue idiotic remarks. Hoping never to meet you in life or death. You’re as dumb as W.

      • jh1957

        You should lay off the fox news Dennis. It’s proven to make you stu pid! With that many inaccuracies, it’s time for you to go to the top of the class!

    • Rick E.

      You just keep on thinking like the way you do in your deplorable comment above and I will trust that you will be an E-4 terminally the rest of your career. How dare you inject race into your unintelligent paragraph. Don’t you think as a Marine you should investigate and weigh the facts on both sides of the issue before you make a comment Corporal? Are you familiar with the term informed decision? You obviously lack some type of leadership qualities. Perhaps you need to go back a notch until you learn how to keep it fair. Now that I have schooled you, let me input my comments formed by many hours of discussion, many hours of research and finally many hours of note taking from sites such as “therepublic.net” or “politico.com.” First of all we do not need a president who travels the entire globe apologizing for the USA not bowing down to European or Asian pressure on issues that forces the USA to lose jobs worldwide. The USA does not need to apologize to anybody except to the people (citizens) of this country. While he expands government to an ungodly workforce level while stripping away the very fabric of free enterprise to appease his far left social agenda and pals. Under Mr. Obama we have lost 2.1 million jobs here in the USA. He brought an already high debt ceiling from the previous administration and tripled it in less then three years. He did this by borrowing more money from our close and trusted ally the Chinese (insert sarcasm here). He has stripped more liberty and freedoms from citizens in clandestine behind door debauchery that maybe, just maybe can be reversed if we can get a president who can interpret the constitution the exact way our forefathers meant for it to be interpreted without putting every word, sentence and paragraph under the microscope. Our forefathers were so far ahead of their time, they knew that the way the constitution was written there would be no debate for interpretation because even the less educated could understand each and every amendment clearly. Mr. Obama promised transparency, but his definition of this word is behind closed doors and that was how he was able to shove obamacare down our throats. Every citizen or non-citizen has the opportunity to receive care regardless of ability to pay and that’s a fact. Every county hospital in the USA is geared to render service regardless of your ability to pay. Nobody should be able to get the highest standard of care for free as long as they can afford something. I know, I have been in that boat before and so has my eldest son. You work out payment plans if need be. In this country nobody gets a free-ride if they have the ability to pay for something. Do your homework on countries that have socialized medicine, the numbers don’t lie. My second son lives in Japan where they have socialized medicine and it took him nine months to get an ECHO appointment for his heart and to this day he is still unsure what the prognosis is. There are so many people from other countries who bring their sick to the USA because we have the very best medicine and doctors in the world. It’s programs like medicare and insurance companies that keep prices grossly inflated. I do not trust Obama when he attended a church for over twenty years that preached hate and racial divide and then bold face lie to the American people that he never heard a service from reverend Wright that was ever racist. Are you kidding me? Right there he must think people are stupid to even make a comment like that. Some of Obama’s closest friends and advisers are nothing but law-breaking lunatics from the left who were hell bent on destroying a republic that abhorred social and communist ideology. Quite frankly I do not want a central government that controls the corporations, workers, money and food or who will continue to promote a welfare system that rewards you for having baby after baby after baby. They encourage this for low income families and single parents who know they can get the freebies as long as they can continue to feed off of the government teet. There is so much more to see, you just need to look. Just be sure you do it with an open mind and a fair objective. Semper Fi Marine and Happy Birthday.

      SSgt Rick Erens

      USMC ret

      P.S. I am not prejudice, I do dislike lazy, criminal, bottom feeders regardless of race, religion or creed.

      Vote for Herman Cain 999

      • woundedwarrior

        Lol Cain simcity tax plan. What a joke. Nice wall of text btw. Sooner or later you’ll figure out Republicans and Democrats are two heads atop the same beast. And they’ve done an excellent job dividing and conquering the American people by pretending they are different.

    • JWR

      Grow up and educate yourself. Bet you’d follow Gen Custer!

    • Barbara

      E-4, you are embarrassing Marines with your inability to put an intelligent sentence together. Mr. Obama’s broad base of appeal is with stupid people, such as yourself.

    • M. Gilbert

      Absolutely! People have short memories….the troubles began the eight years prior to our president coming to office….as Bette Davis said…”What a mess and he had to tackle it with Americans that thought the mess could be fixed by just wiggling your nose. Nothing got done because the president is black and the prior administration has tried to lay the problems at the present president’s feet rather than where it belongs. A big fix for this country is all of Congress should have a limit of an eight year term….period (just like the president). No more career congressmen!

    • Jerry

      ARe you capable of propper speech? It doesn’t appear that way and for the record only children write in (almost) all caps…Wow… E-4, you shouldn’t have passed the ASVAB, who was your recruiter and who took the ASVAB for you? I want to turn them in, get a clue too. Try reading (or looking at pictures if necessary), but do some homework prior to putting your opinion out there. This is about COLA or to expand in the same relm: $$$ for the Military (regardless of branch) and the Democrats have historicly deceided that we (Military personnel) are not that important when it comes to pay.

    • Unknown

      Our president is a fluke, and joke, a closet muslim, a money waster, a big LIAR, an embarressment, espescially when he bowed to muslim authorities… What the hell was that, maybe he was wanting a prostate exam or something!!!!!! Color has nothing to do with anything that’s why people like you are blind… America is paying for what they voted for. He’s on the muslims side and he can’t even release a real birth certificate, he was not born in Hawaii, he was born in Kenya. It’s really fun how computerized the birth certificate he released is due to the fact that the tecnology in the 60s was just a typewriter! This war is a war on Islam and it will never stop! When you have a president who does nothing but travel and run his mouth, it put’s any country to shame. He also puts his nose where it does not belong… Other nations laugh, and not to mention he tripled the debt ratio… I could go on, but this man regardless of his COLOR is a pathological LIAR!!!!!! and anti-american/ hater of the constitutuion. Open your eyes folks because Obamination is killing this nation softly and now trying to do a little make up to gain 2012 votes…

    • WOODY


    • Helen

      Not putting anything on the current President, and respect the holder of the Office of the President of the United States of America, regardless of race. Did not vote for him, am a registered republican, will not put this on him, but will not put this on former President Bush either. These things don’t happen at ding dong January whatever in the year of the newly elected. It’s nonsense to point such a specific blame. From you or anyone else. I respect your diplomacy, but you wipe it out with your finger pointing at the general public. The buck never stops anywhere, it continually gets passed.

  • ed reigle

    if you stay home and not vote this coming election,you deserve
    another 4 years of this man who calls himself “president”………
    get off your — and vote

    • ChuckA

      If I had 100 votes, they would all be for our President. The Republican Party is showing you that they cannot find even two candiates that would stand a chance of running this country better that Obama.

  • 4 America

    It is very very sad that many of you that receive VA/Social Security has the nerve to call yourself Republicans. If you are really a Republican and not just because your parents told you that; then you should not be concerned about a increase. True Republicans are rich…….. bottom line. If you are not rich and call yourself a Republican, you are lost. If no one have told you this before, I’m sorry but I had to let you know. It doesn’t matter what the President does, the bottom line is he’s BLACK and you so call BROKE Republicans are lost and too stupid to see when someone is trying to help your broke azz.

    • yogi

      I am a conservate, however I vote republican because that is the closest thing to a conservative party. I challlenge you to tell me how many millionaires, including those in Hollywood, are liberals, spelled democrat, and how many are republican, conservative. After you spend 10 minutes looking that up rethink your comment.

    • j.d. winland

      Well, speaking for myself, I receive a Navy pension, have VA visitation rights, and I get SS. But, I am satisfied with whatever I get. I have served my country in 2 wars. I don’t know the difference betwen a R or a D, or for that matter a Independent or Conservative. I just know that whoever does whatever, we will all be good. By the way, nice grammer and language on an important topic.

  • yogi

    Just purchased my meds for the month. Tricare co-pay for medications have increased by 66%, from $3 to $5 for generic and $9 to $12 for name brands. I am on medicare and Tricare is my supplemental insurance. I have been assured that Tricare prescription is better than any of those offered. Is that true or are there more inexpensive ones? My my (our, my wife and I) meds have gone from less than $40 per month to near $70. With no increases in SS or retirement in the past two years, this puts a substantial stress on our budget.

  • jwmaggard

    I’m upset that so many gave very important time in their lifes to serve
    yet are now being pushed aset from the 1% who have given so little.
    It’s time for all of us to hit the streets, especially the one;s who have
    given to much, just don’t seat on your butt’s, get involved before this
    country finds itself in the 17th century.

  • Steve (AF Retired)

    The only chance we have for turning this country around is electing Herman Cain for president and ensuring republican control of the house and senate in 2012. 9-9-9 BABY!!!

    • ChuckA

      You got to be blind-sighted on this one!….and I’m black! Herman Cain’s head would explode if he tried to handle one week of what’s on our President’s plate just for the USA. Now try letting him be the Free World leader….He’d be better at running a small business like he use to do. As for Republican control of this country…what do you think got us into this mess!

    • guest

      herman cain has showed his colors and is about to drop out of the race. i just don’t believe we really want magilla gorilla in office anyway. being a pizza man does not qualify one to be president. nor does, community organizer. consider Ron Paul, he’s the only one who has integrity, honor, and values. he’s not one who will be bought off by the big money machine like all the rest of the clowns running. i know we need to eliminate obama, but with mitt, perry, gingrich, bachman, cain, we really have no hope other than ron paul who’s the only logical choice. he’s pro military too.

    • James

      Mr. Cain exhibits far more skills than the Socialist from IL that was a Senator for less than 180 days when he was elected President. I voted for Alan Keys in the last primary. Regardless, long live the REPUBLIC!!!!

  • Ronald Kent

    The slap in the face is the concerted effort by big oil, other big financial, and industrial corporations to always bring the line of prices back in line for the month of October in return for tax incentive kickbacks from the Federal Government to tout the propaganda that their was no inflation for 3 years running, and then Last year when we did have inflation by using the CPI for only ONE month (the scandal), they threw in a new calculation into the mix to include the reduction of spending of high ticket items by the super rich. So, today,,, you see the sell off. Ignore all those higher prices you paid over the past three years, you was imagining it, it was all in your head. You must be a good little sheep and trust your masters.

    • 30 Year Submariner

      You are a SAD individual who can not see the big picture right in front of you. The world is changing by the minute and to get into the blame game at a time when we all should be coming together is counter productive. Lets be Americans instead of whiners. Oh by the way, I was working in my garage and hit my thumb with a hammer, is the George W. Bush’s fault?

      • a democrat would say yes it is

  • Plt Sergeant Chee

    God and the soldier
    all men adore
    in times of troble
    and no more
    for when war is over
    and all things righted
    God is neglected
    the old soldier slighted

  • How many of the retired vets worked a second job after they retired? Am 100% disabled vet and get by very nicely on compensation and SS . If you think you are bad off look around at others who are worse. Yes it is nice to get a raise but so be it if we don’t.

    • SSG retired

      Good for you that you are disabled may be of high rank also,what about a low rank person who retired no disiabilities and makes a little over a thousand a month ???

      • frank

        to guy with less than a grand a month,YEA MAN

    • frank

      i guess with a 100 percent you are commfy

  • 1 old seabee

    I say vote out ALL incumbants; get as much fresh blood as possible in office, DUMP THE HOMESTEADERS!! Maybe we need to seperate the District of Columbia from the United States, pu them on their own, then the 50 states could become RE-UNITED!!

  • woundedwarrior

    Michelle bauchmann and the tea party want to cut veterans benefits too.


  • Richard


    During the first 30-year period, from 1950 to 1980, all American households had their greatest buying power, the Unions were at there strongest, as was the Middle Class, wages rose 78%, prices rose 47%. Since 1980, beginning with Reagan, the assault on Unions and the Middle Class began. From 1980 to 2010 Wages rose 1%, Prices rose 247%

    The average American used to be 20 times richer than the average Chinese now it’s just 5 times and soon it will be 2.5…the Great Divergence is over, folks.

    First they, move the company overseas, more that 12 million Middle Class jobs were also shipped overseas, then they downsized and laid you off, next they give you unemployment, then it runs out and in turn drains your bank account then they take your home, now with no job, bank account or a place to live you get picked up for vagrancy…wow what a bright future you will have and the best part is where wealthy talking heads blame you for your poverty.

    This is why you are broke, and if you voted GOP the last 30 years, you directly created your own economic mess

    • Rambob

      I presume that the “They” that you refer to are the Business’s that could not afford to pay labor rates demanded by the labor unions, also known as collective bargaining units, or the collective. What recently defunct government referred to its self as the “Peoples Collective”? As for my voting habits I really cannot find it in my character to vote for a Socialist party that uses a Jackass as their symbol.

  • Zippo

    Well you knew Obama said there would be no COLA because the cost of living had not gone up any. I am sure his has not, of course, they bring him his necktie on a silver platter each day. His wife spent 10 million in 2 and a half years on her vacations alone, not counting gowns, shoes, pocketbooks, beauty salons and jewelery…that is 30 months or 120 weeks divided into 10 million so she averages about $85,000.00 per WEEK for her vacations… which means every 5 weeks she spends more on vacations than her Husband grosses in a year being the president. Wow! Only in America! Just because the President has no cost of living to deal with does not mean we Veterans do not! Forget your green buddies who voted you into office, what about the men and women being destroyed for their lifetime to support your warmongering ways?

    • guysheppard

      I am a veteran i know the president voted for a raise,hr.4667 but your GOP said No,Not the president please do your HOMEWORK

    • ALA

      All First Lady’s spend money like crazy on clothes, at least Ms. Obama will wears jeans and bring to down a few notches.

    • jh1957

      You need to lay off the fox news Zippo! It’s proven to make you uninformed. The idea that Michelle Bachman spent 10 million dollars on vacations is absurd. Get you’re head out of where the sun doesn’t shine and use your head for something other than a nonsensical, unthinking mass of crap.

    • Ernie Howe

      War mongering ways???? Do you forget the two war criminals that lied to AMERICANS & used the tragedy of 911 to sucker us all into a war for no more than greed & oil? Apparently you missed when bushie boy said “I am no longer interested in Bin Laden as he is insignificant now. Now watch this golf swing.” 4487 soldiers dead in Iraq & for what? That country won’t last 6 months before it’s in chaos again if not all out war! Get a life pal & quit being a racist idiot! The infantry in Nam had 2 colors, OD green & blood red! You must have been one of those REMF Rambos that came home with all the war stories!!!! Get as life & start paying attention to who ruined &b raped this country before Obama was elected!!! But they were white boys, so I guess you didn’t mind being raped!!! In case you are wondering, I am white myself, but unlike you, I don’t look at a man’s color!!!! Oh yeah, check you facts pal, bushie boy took a hell of a lot more vacations to this point than Obama has!

    • deb

      He started none of these wars I am a Vet. and a lot of that money stimulated the economy unlike Bush he went to daddy’s gave contracts to friends that do not hire American’s and this is to every fox loving person you have the right to voice your opinions but try to be correct every once and a while. I like democracy I despise people that picket a fallen Vet’s funereal and so many of you do this in the name of your religion. then you turn around and use Vet’s as a way to fan flames for your causes. flip flopers from hell.

  • Billatwork

    Time for a change! Let’s just hope that Hilary runs for election in 2012 because at least the Clinton’s knew how to compromise. OBOZO doesn’t even stay around when there is an issue needing his attention. I guess this time around he can’t vote PRESENT.

    • phuthangh8

      it’s no wonder you can’t understand the many attempts at compromise MR. OBAMA THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES has made ,you can’t spell his name.Maybe if you could read you’d get a paper and learn to spell his name but then you would have to understand what you had read but then your iq would have to be high enough to ahhhhhhhhh whats the use theres not enough room on the net to get you to understand

      • Steve W

        The first letter of a sentence is supposed to be capitalized, so “it’s no wonder…” should be “It’s no wonder…”. If you want to be critical of someone, you should really check your grammar first and your run on sentences. Please take the President (notice the capital P?) out of the conversation and please DO NOT talk about IQ if you are going to represent yourself with the above type statement. Talk about the issues instead and perhaps some intelligent dialog will be generated. Thank you Mr. (notice the capital M) phuthangh.


      I agree it is time for a change. Get all of those “just say no” tea party loosers out of DC.

    • SUE


  • It will be nice to get a raise…but with any raise comes consequences…everything else with increase in pricwe, so the raise will not off set anything. America needsd to stop sourcing out jobs to foreign countries. Thanks America for ruining our own country.

  • William L Kendall

    Like many of you I spent 20 years in the military retiring in 1974. I choose the military as a career. I spent my time in Nam like many others and lost many friends in doing so. I think about my dad, his brothers, my mother’s five brothers and one sister who spent their years in WWII returned home safely and continued to work all their lives until they died. I never heard one of them complain about what they had to go through nor the retirement pay they received after retiring. The only thing I can say to all of you complaining about not getting COLA or other benefits you and things you feel deserve, just thank God we live in a free country, can complain about things we don’t like, but be thankful for what we all have.

    • Guest

      Thank you for your service & your humbleness

  • Old Fart

    I feel we should vote them ALL out and put in new blood, none are doing what we pay them for, just a joke on the people

  • Army Vet

    Most of the negative comments come from racists and biggots! Somehow the President seems to be getting the blame. The fact is President O’bama is the and was the smartest man who ran for President and I am glad he got elected. Most of you don’t know anything about politics and only can see skin deep. Get a life. 28 year Army vet and pilot…and white. Oh, btw he will get elected again as I see the GOP can’t seem to find a viable candidate to run against President O’bama. They have had 4 years to get one and now Romney is the only one I see who stands a chance. Good luck w/that! Regarding COLA, great!

    • skybenz1957

      I am a retired Air Force Vet. You must be on some good drugs to think tha Obama has done a good job running this country. Most of the time he is trying to defend himself against promises he made while running before. Now it seems that every time a critical issue arrises, he leaves the country or starts traveling around. I have not seem any significant policy that he has implemented since he has been in office. And I am an African American and a card carrying Republican. Your president has been back peddling since he held his hand up!

    • R.D.J.


    • Jack

      It’s nuts like you who are killing this country. Get off your butt and go to work and get a life.

    • Marine for 34 years

      A large number of we patriotic Americans disagree with our President on a great number of issues. Becausse he is black and we are white we are labelled a “racists” by many whom blindly support EVERYTHING Obama does or proposes. My experience is that they are unable to engage in an intelligent debate on the issues and thereby resort name calling and the SHALLOWEST of all arguments by accusing us of being “racists” and “bigots”. i propose label them “SHALLOWS” for that is exactly what they are. Semper Fi

    • Tuck

      You are decieved.

    • Steve

      I am Republican and I have 21 years in the USMC and Army National Guard . Originally I thought Obama was a good guy, only naive. I had hoped to see him run in another eight years. However, I now know that he is a racist. I could believe that he was not a Muslim. I could believe that he was only guilty by association with the four men that are now under investigation. However, I do not believe that he sat in church for 20 years and never heard Wright’s rantings. No one held a gun to his head and made him go to that church. For heaven’s sake, he took his children. Forget Michelle. She has made it crystal clear that she is a racist. Rev Wright is a racist. Obama is a racist. I do not want a racist in The White House.
      If you can not see this ,I feel sorry for you and this is just one thing that irks the hell out of me. He is the biggest racist I have ever seen. I think that you have too many bubbles in your think tank from flying .

    • len

      your stupidity is why this country is where its at you are a perfect example who DOES NOT do his homework you dont want the true facts but socialism,you dont like it here get the hell out of america and let the ones who really understand freedom and this country take it back. you really are the ipitamy of stupidity

      • Druid

        EPITOME of stupidity….dumbass

    • al mitchell

      Obama does not even know how to salute where are u at Mars he is the worst ever bar none-get a life idiot.Everything has doubled since he took office get your facts straight.

    • Barbara Johnson

      Judging by your grammar, spelling and punctuation, you would have to be setting the bar very low if you think Mr. Obama is intelligent.
      Listen to the man speak. He can’t put a coherent sentence together when he is not using the tele-prompter. His favorite words are “uh” and “those guys” (when referring to Republicans). I mean that emphatically, Army Vet. Sit down. Pay attention. Ignore the glow you must be seeing. Now, listen very carefully.
      You may be a 28-year Army vet, but you certainly weren’t an officer with a college degree.

    • NavyVet_non pilot

      What does you being a pilot have to do with this? Are we supose to be impressed with that?? and why tell us the color of “YOUR SKIN SIR” Didnt you just say, and I quote “Get a life. 28 year Army vet and pilot…and white”__An american is AN AMERICAN!!! No matter what color of their skin!_____

    • Jerry

      I guess your head was in the sand during those 28 years, I hope you are misreading many of those postings. I don’t see racism (in most of them), I see frustration, it is sad that our governmental officials can’t seem to get a long or work together, but I don’t really care about that. What I do care about is our Military and the Retireees, COLA, great, what about everything else. To Hell with the smartest; by the way NO ONE on this site acused O’bama of being not intellegent, I want a President that cares about this countries future and knows that the world is not a nice place. Thank you for your service, but be prepared to fight once more as your President has already started the process to down size the Military to pre WW II size. And he still gave us the smallest raise since Vietnam. Wow… And for the record I am currently in the Army with just over 24 years TIS and I have no intension of allowing this country to be weakened by the “smartest” man that ran for ther presidency almost four years ago. Even smartn men do stupid things. Enjoy your little raise (first in thre years by the way) and thank God you’re retired.

    • tiger56

      I am not a racist or a biggot, and I too am a army vet having
      served 22yrs, 3 of those in vietnam, but Obama took on a big
      job to fix the mess that has happened to this country, the only
      thing he did wrong was make a lot of big promises that he can
      not fix for the time he will be President. He is a good speech
      maker, but his actions are not as equal as his speeches.
      As for the Cola thing, if you think you are worth a 3.6 percent
      then that is you, actually for what I did for this country along
      with thousands of others , I know I am worth more than that.
      As far as Politics goes, I do not need to be an expert on that
      as promises are said but few are completed, and it does not
      take a politician to realize that.

    • Frankie33

      And upon what are you basing that he is the smartest person. We have seen no high school grades, college grades, IQ score, law school records. Anyone can claim to be the smartest person–where is the evidence certainly not in his off the teleprompter addresses. He is clueless.

      • Curtis Anderson

        He’s smart because he went to Harvard, you jackass!!!! What more proof do you need? Did anyone ever ask for George W’s grades or IQ scores (which means absolutely nothing)? Sounds like you’re the one who’s clueless, you ugly racist!!!

    • SFC(RET.) M.Ed

      I salute you, Obama 2012:)

    • fanfever

      when he takes your guns and whips your butt then lets see what you think of him he is taking the same route as hitler. Also he is dishonest and deceptive dont you know about the un gun treaty. i dont care if he is purple he is bad for the US and us . I am a decorated combat wounded veteran retired 11B with many miles under my belt with a soldiers medal i am proud of my country and i believe anybody we get will be better than obama

  • skybenz1957

    Reply to William L. Kendall: I respect and agree with you but don’t you think that all of your relatives died in vain because we have politicians that do not keep their promises. Its on thing to say that you will change something and you are voted out of it, but its another when you don’t even try after you get into office. Its like that same ole song and dance routine that we hear from so many politicians who promise us the world and we end up financing their lives in Washington and their respected State. Its really tiring that after 50 years of a person’s life, he really has not seen much significant change in politics that is susposed to represent to peoples of this GREAT NATION. The business people (those who own businesses, large and small

  • Sammy

    All you Republicans are a bunch of liars and cheaters!!

    • Jack

      And I suppose a $14,000,000,000,000 debt imposed on us by insane Obama makes him a saint, right?

      • jh1957

        Obama imposed this debt? Who got us into two wars you moron? You’re an idiot!!!

        • Jack

          You sure do recognize an idiot. You wipe his ass every day.

        • Jimmy Crack Corn

          the two wars did not cost the 8 TRILLION debt increase under his leadership………

          • retiree

            Nor did it increase by 8 trillion under President Obama.

    • john23

      The Republicans are all morons

    • LongbowSSG

      Unfortunately my friend, YOU are the idiot!! Because you believe all the hype the Democrats put out. But you are not entirely at fault. Weak minded people tend to be swayed easily. The number one problem facing this country today, are the labels “Democrat” and “Republican”. Back when our country was in its infancy, there was a need for these groups. Checks and Balances, read about it Sammy. You might learn something. There are politicians on both sides that flat refuse to work on a bill because of who drafted it. Wither they believe in it or not. That is wrong and hurts our country as a whole. Abolish the party lines and then you will see progress in this country.

    • Frankie33

      I would claim to be for my country first, a conservative second, a republican third. If so I cannot in all good conscience vote for someone who despises the country, the military, and promotes class warfare. Which of those are lies?

  • Enl Ret

    The 3.6% COLA will be effective Dec 1 and will be reflected in January retired pay, SBP, Social Security, and VA disability compensation checks. But there are two categories of military retirees who won’t receive a 3.6% COLA

    2011 Retirees: Servicemembers who retired during calendar year 2011 will receive a somewhat smaller, partial COLA for this year only, because they already received a January military pay raise (which also raised their 2011 retired pay). Members who retired between Jan. 1, 2011, and Sept. 30, 2011, will receive a partial COLA based on the calendar quarter in which they retired. Jan.-Mar. retirees will receive 3.6%; Apr.-Jun. retirees, 2.4%; and Jul.-Sept. retirees 0.4%. Those who retire after Oct. 1, 2011, will see no COLA this year. Members retired during 2011 will receive full-year COLAs in future years.

    REDUX Retirees: Servicemembers who entered service on or after Aug. 1, 1986 and elected to accept a $30,000 career retention bonus at 15 years of service agreed to accept reduced retired pay and COLAs as a trade-off for the bonus. REDUX retirees’ COLAs are depressed 1% below the normal COLA rate, so they’ll see a 2.6% COLA.

  • Concerned RM

    Thank God for our President. You are doing a great job ignoring ignorant people who is living in the past. You most certainly have my vote for President AGAIN! Please take care of the military and Retirees. We so well deserve it. Let the Republicans continue to fight each other. That tells us that we don’t want that DRAMA in the white house.

    • Barbara

      Judging by your grammar and expressions, you are in the broad base of Obama’s appeal. Stupid people.

    • Pamela Conley

      I hope Obama’s campaign goes down in flames! He has been the worst president we have ever had. He doesn’t deserve another term. I don’t want a president who makes stupid excuses for America to our enemies. What America needs is a strong leader who won’t turn his back or leave the country when things get rough. We need jobs, not more of his baloney. And another thing…we need someone who stays IN the United States! I am sick to death about him constantly being out of the country. He only shows up when there is a chance for a photo op! He is so narsistic and it really shows!

      • m robbins

        ru kidding me.. If you are going to get on a political soap box you should do your homework. WORST PRESIDENT EVER. Study you politics idiot. What about Jimmy Carter. And lets see, Nixon. We can bring back Reagan. I”m a retired US MARINE, and this president is trying his best but it seems that cretons such as yourself look at the blogs that are unfacted, FOX news wich is bias as hell and the redneck news. If you think its bad in this country, go to Greece, Italy, Turkey or better yet, Russia. Your spoiled and don’t understand a thing about how the echelons of our government work. THE GOP has fallen on their sword. They roadblock any progress that can be made becuase of their idiocy and ego maniacal ideologies. I guess you want the GOP Speaker as President or BIG NEWT, OH, AND DON’T FORGET TO STUDY HIS BACKGROUND. It’s pathetic. Talk misuse of earmarking check it out before you open your pie hole.
        semper fi
        Master GunnerySergeant retired

        • Mary

          My husband is a retired 0369 Master Gunnery Sergeant and I totally agree with you. President Obama had done more to dig us out of this mess than any Republican would do. GW was totally wrong to incur all the expenses he did for the Iraq War based on a lie, plus other things. Now we see the horrible results and untold costs of that war in our Wounded Warriers here are CLNC – every day. Let the Republicans smoke the wacky weed (like GW did) and we will be in a deeper hole. Thank heavens for an intelligent, education, articulate man like President Obama.

          • Unknown

            You need a CT scan on your brain! Obama is the worst and most unamerican president; Hates the constitution, american flag and loves muslims and protects them! remember when that muslim major gunned down all those people in Texas? He imediately protected him in his speech about the incident! It was Jihad terrorism and everyone knows it.

        • unknown!

          He’s trying his best not to go from 14 trillion to 15 trillion in debt. Listen to Mark Levin and maybe go on his show and debate him and see who wins! All the liberals cover for the master liar obama… Failed promises, wasting money, running his mouth, lookingto always be in the picture, bowing to muslim authorities, siding with enemies of this nation and much more! Not even a real birth certificate! Big time treason!!!!

        • SUE


      • unknown

        You got that right! The blind liberals live a life of lies and cover for the master of liars “obamination”. This nation is a mess, and the economy in 2012 will only get worse. If you take from the rich and give to the poor you only make the poor lazier and apperciate money less. Socialism never works. We need a president who is a leader and patriotic!!!!!

    • john

      Are you kidding me? He has been rapping no only the military retired but also the civilian community of disabled folks. He wants everyone to be receiving the same amount of compensation, even many of the welfare folks who have never sacrificed anything.

      • unknown

        Is’nt that sad. I’ll tell you what if I worked my butt of for 25+ years and recieved a good wage most of my life, I deserve it and i don’t need a socialist moronic president to try and make it all fair! Why does’nt he make his wage the same too? Those who are rich got there because they worked hard and invested right and for a pee brain president like Obama to say you don’t deserve to be rich because and need to help some lazy retard on the street is soo wrong!

    • Jerry

      You must not be the smartest person who ever wore the uniform. Get you facts straight, the Democratic party has, throughout history, been the one to cheat the U.S. Military out of there pay raises, COLA, BAH BAS etc… I have been a proud member of the U.S. Army for over 24 years now and do my homework and pay attention to who and what is being sent our way. So please stop being participan on a site like this, you know the Military has been cheated under the Democrats, the last two years alone have been the smallest pay increases since the Vietnam era. Now, they plan on down sizing to pre WW II numbers. I just hope enough of us ready to do what is coming, for all else you better be prepared to learn another launguage

    • unknown

      I do what god you thanking, because your as blind as a bat! I bet you only watch liberal TV and brainwashed yourself with all the liars kissing the king of lies ass!!! Obamination is the worst president ever, and don’t even start to mix the his race with anything because if he was white I would still speak the same way. He got in the whitehouse because of mislead morons and illigal foreign money donated! His purpose was to make America how he thinks it should be… Just look at the money and time wasted on healthcare reform, it’s just to control numbers and make healthcare less available and to allow older folks to die sooner… Read the bill and tell me if you would want your grandma to have that kind of care and not to mention forced to have it or pay a 2k fine. Where is the freedom of choice?

    • Frankie33

      Depending on obama is worthless. Any military person who votes for obama is clueless.

  • Kenneth Jones

    I didn’t expect to get rich when I decided to make the service my career choice, and I don’t regret my decision. I am 100% service-connected disabled, and my wife and and I are both retired. Because of my disability, we receive monthly VA Disability Compensation and Social Security; my wife having retired after 22+ years with a major insurance carrier. We manage to live fairly well, considering the state of the economy these days, and we practice sound financial management. Still, it has been three years since the last VA compensation increase and /or COLA raise, and we do feel that one is certainly due; not necessarily for us, but we are friends with disabled veterans and their families who could use some financial help.

  • Rick

    We all can complain about what we dont get, just think about the MEN nad WOMEN who died defending this Nation. They can no longer complain. If they could be here today Im pretty sure they wouldnt be complaining.

    Airborne Soldier

  • enigma

    With the American economy in the shape it is in perhaps a COLA raise for anyone is not the correct thing. We all have to start somewhere and this would be a good place to do it. This is the fault of our elected officials, none to be singled out as the direct cause but the result of excessive overspending in the past by all. Be sure to vote in 2012, not for the best candidate but for the one who you think will do the least amount of harm. We are all in this together, so tighten your belts and let’s do this. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    • john

      Everyone should be rewarded for their hard work, and not by giving it in taxes to those who suck off the governments tit.

    • Sam

      May be if this person served twenty years in the miltary they would have a diffeent view. Since I retired the government has lied to me by making us pay for Medicare so we are not getting the Health care free that was promised. We should not need to pay for Medicare when we were promised Health care for life. Now we have a copay for meds which keeps goiung up so a pay raise will not even the raise in meds cost. So give thanks to the old retired service men and women that served and kept you free. Vet of Korea Vietnam.

      • enigma

        I left out an important part of my reply. Thank you for your service to our country. Vietnam was an ugly war and those who served deserve the gratitude of all U.S. citizens. Bravo Zulu to you and all the others who served!!

    • enigma

      I served 36 years in the Navy, enlisting as an E-1 and retiring as an O-5, LDO. My point is about everyone feeling “entitled” to everything. If you don’t care for the way people in Congress or our President is doing things then get involved to change it. Voting is the first step. Activity in organizations such as the Tea Party or Wall Street folks looking for a change in the way things are ran is another. How many times have you made your true voice heard by writing to your representative or senator? Things need to be changed and we need to figure how to do that in an orderly fashion. If we don’t, we are lost as a nation. :-)

    • Jake

      In my opinion the vets like myself deserve money more than all those on welfare! Welfare just increases laziness and drug use. Less time working a real job and more time smoking crack and weed!!!!!

  • joe guadarrama

    Everyday we should thank GOD and all the veterans for making this a free country to live in .

  • Rogue Warrior 6

    It’s amazing how Food and Fuel, are not considered in the numbers for Cost of Living… because without either of them, you could not LIVE!! Besides the actually cost of living has incrreased by over 9% this year, but the Gov only increases it based on 3 months… I think our Gov could use a refresher class in Math!!


    I don’t understand why some state’s get a cola and some states dont. The last time I checked the USA is one country not 50 small countries. I feel that all active duty and retired mitiary should get COLA for time served to protect this LAND OF FREEDOM that all the Government people sitting in D.C. dont think we deserve because they need that money to help send their families to other countries for research project for their childrens essay papers for school. GIVE THE PEOPLE WHO DESERVE THE MONEY, THE LIVING THEY DERSEVE FOR PROTECTING YOUR LIVING.

    • retiree

      Everyone receiving federal retirement (Military, Federal Civil Service, Social Security), along with VA, receives the same COLA in terms of this one. Been that way since the 1970’s.

  • Cathy

    Obama is taking us down a socialist path, along with his “Chicago” politics. His being black, white or green for that matter is not of concern to me. The problem is is politics. Stop blaming everything on race.

    • biggie

      Not the blame game it’s the truth this country will not be ready for the race of color (That’s the Facts) served



    • retiree

      Everyone gets the COLA – assuming you have SBP. The same computation is used for all payments – Retiree COLA, SBP (which is really Retiree), VA, Social Security, Federal Retirement. Been that way since the 1970’s, when the current law was put into place.

      If you didn’t get it in your SBP pay yet, please contact DFAS.

  • ret ired

    I served in vietnam and we felt going there was really a question one we fought wiith the whole time. You now men and women are doing tours way past your life expectancy. and back home your not even thought of, the nominee does’nt even acknowledge the war or your service. congress is playing games signing pledges to political action groups, they want to cut your benefits, the va is in shambles and then you have to ask yourself why what am I accomplishing well just like war whether it’s nam ,iraq or afganistan I thyink the hero like thing to do would be to turn in your ID card and inform them your going home to the people who need me and where you can make a difference…..

  • glenn

    us who served in Viet Nam were treated like dirt during that war and we still are. Those serving now are treated like heros, we were told not to wear our uniform while traveling so people would not know we were in military. Last week for the first time I was thanked for my service, it came from another Viet Nam Vet. I think it should be a requirement that anyone running for president must have served in the military. How can anyone be commander in chief when they have no idea what the military is.

    • glenn,

      I wasn’t treated like dirt nor have I ever been. I think it is time all of US Viet Nam Vets move on, in that I am tired of hearing whines about how no one loved us after the Nam.

      For those who don’t know, the Constitution was set up where that Civilians run the Military not the Military. The Constitution also gives the requierments necessary to become President, and the requirement to have served, isn’t one of them.

      Retired 1SG and Nam and Gulf 1 Vet,


  • David

    President BUSH and his wife went to China to watch the olympics during the Iraq war. So; to summarize. Soldiers were dying and getting maimed while he used tax dollars to enjoy viewing the summer games. What a POS.