Where to Turn if Shutdown Happens

4/8/2011 UPDATE: In the event of a government shutdown, Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) and Marine Federal Credit Union (MFCU) have both offered to cover any gap in their member’s military pay on April 15. This means that although the DoD will only pay members for April 1-8, these credit unions will cover the second week of the pay period for their members who are currently on direct deposite.

The Original Post Begins Here – News of a DoD document outlining plans to deal with the possible government shutdown hit the web causing concern for military servicemembers and their families. The specific concern is the DoD plan to deal with military pay.

The 13-page draft plan prepared for the services and defense agencies says “All military personnel will continue in normal duty status regardless of their affiliation with exempt or non-exempt activities. Military personnel will serve without pay until such time as Congress makes appropriated funds available to compensate them for this period of service.”

Since my original blog post on the subject, congress passed a fifth continuing resolution that extended the deadline to April 8. This means that the April 15 payday could be impacted. There are two things to keep in mind if the government shutdown occurs.

First, the longest government shut down in the last 20 years occurred in late 1995 and lasted 21 days. In the worst case scenario a shutdown would result in a delay in military pay, but servicemembers will eventually get paid.

Second, if the Fed does shutdown there are branch specific financial relief resources military servicemembers can turn to for temporary financial assistance. 

Under no circumstances should servicemembers turn to commercial sources for financial assistance with dealing with any pay issues. This is the kind of situation where servicemembers can get easily sucked into a payday loan and get themselves in financial quicksand. If the Fed shuts down, your first steps should be to contact your landlord, creditors, and utility companies to explain the situation and then contact your service branch’s relief organization. They can offer short-term loans to help bridge the gap without causing more financial hardship.

Click here for a complete list of Aid and Charity Organizations.

Take a moment to let Congress and our government officials know how you feel about the budget impasse.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for Military.com, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Mary Hise

    God Help America and especially all the troops who protect us. Seems like time to hire a high school math major and put him or her in Washington to clean up this mess. The idiots in Washington sure aren’t doing the right things!
    Mary Hise, wife of Capt. Howard L. Hise, USMC Retired.

    • Akers


    • Col Cox

      Concur. I’m a 61 year old retire Colonel, 100 percent disabled and unemployable. What am I supposed to do? I devloped Lupus after having too low of a Vitamin D3 level for years despite taking daily multivitamins and working out to stay in the conition the military required. How to I explain this to my creditors. Time to get rid of Congressmen/womenand Senators and put peoplpe in charge who understand the simple principle that if you don’t have money in the bank you can’t write checks. …even if we must raise taxes and add new taces on gas, cigarets and alcohol. When I was active duty 40% of my $43M budget went for diabetics, 30% wents for smokers. I’m not either. I resent our Congress and Senate. They’re like chuildren who can’t get along and follow the rules. Had I done what Bill Clinton did as President when I was a commander I would have lost my retirement and gone to prison for 20 years. Does it make me mad? Hell yes. It’s time for a change!!!

      • you got that right this is messed you

      • Hank

        Why do we want to raise taxes, we the people did not do any of this. Congress and the senators did. Why can we just take some of thier money for doing what they do best.. NOT A DAMN THING for the soldiers. Let me see.. No pay raise, No Cola now no F**king pay check..

    • Tim

      Thats for sure. This will turn our nation upside down if they stop the military’s pay! I spoke to one senior leader and he said it would be the begining of the end.

    • NANCY

      You said it, especially the one that is charge of the country.

    • Gary Moreland

      I’ve never heard a more true statment. Thanks to your husband for his service. Gary Moreland, VietNam Vet

    • Hugh Jorgan

      Spoken like a regressive (republican) retiree. If the retirees would die sooner we would have more money to kill foreign muslims.

      • Active Duty Captain

        Your an idiot, and what a disrespectful POS. I am assuming you have never served in the military, or was kicked out. To say that retirees should die sooner, is blatent disrespect for the past, present, and future military personnel. You have NO idea the sacrafices we make.

      • Hank

        Naw you are completely wrong. But if you would do us the honor, i am pretty sure you will not be missed. Who in the world could miss a complete A**hole.

      • dragon6ix

        Hugh Jorgan…you are an insensitive moron!! Pure and simple. You obviously haven’t pulled any service time!! And if by accident you have, you were obviously booted out!! You’re the reason for the hate in this world!!

    • heknowsbest

      There are so many Democratic idiots, including Obonzo the traitor, that if each one of them put in $1 we’d all get paid. Being retired, all my income comes from ‘the Gubment’. I’ve already started contacting my mortgage and car loan companies to find out what their intentions would be if I couldn’t pay them for awhile.

    • Bill Ashing

      I think that may be the problem. maybe if what’s good for the goose is good for the gander applies. If they where denied pay until service members were paid in those situations they might be encorraged to get off their rears and do their jobs.

  • Tammy

    What happens to those of us that have allotments such as car payments and will housing cooperate with us if we live on base/post?

    • HSH

      If you bank with a military friendly bank (such as Pacific Marine Credit Union or Navy Federal Credit Union) they may be willing to cooperate with you. However, I would cease the allotments if you can just in case they are not willing to negotiate.

    • Tara

      I was thinking the same thing Tammy.

    • bmr

      exactly what i’m worried about…. just a mortgage, 2 cars, school tuition etc.

    • susan

      I feel for you I have a son and he has a young family. What gets me the most is they are willing to give you a loan But is it interest free? I mean military families should not have to suffer because the government can’t get their money straight. And is the government going to pay for anything that bounces while the service men and women
      are waiting to get paid?

      • Nic

        why can they afford to give loans? If they shutdown, take that money and make sure the military gets paid.

        • Tom M

          See < http://www.nmcrs.org/about.html >
          Quote: “Welcome to the Web site of the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society…Founded in 1904, the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society is a private non-profit charitable organization.”

          These are NOT government offices. They’re private charitable organizations set up with specific recipients/benficiaries in mind.

        • Susan

          The loans are given through teh relief societys of the different armed services.It is funded because when you shop on Base at the Exchange or Commissary the profits go into the relief societies.When u use a Time Share through Armed Forces Vacation Club a portion goes to the Installation as well.Its servicemen helping each other,not the government.

      • Susan

        It very well could be interest free.Or there may be a very small interest amount.You are talking about maybe 3% for roughly two weeks(usually).What it does is help to build up th funds for servicemembers who have emergencies. Think of it as helping another soldier when times are rough.When you shop on Base the profits go into these relief societies.

        • Brian

          USCG mutual assistance is interest free, and funded by member contributions. I give every year (almost everyone in the CG does). I’ve used it in the past and there is an approval procedure so these loans can’t just be given for frivoulous reasons. This is one of the reasons it is such an excellent program.

          I can’t speak for the others, but they are likely a similar set-up. There should be an identified program manager in your chain of command that can explain the specifics better for the other services.

    • Lisa

      I checked with our housing office here when I first heard of this. She told me that it is the press trying to scare government workers and that if the military were not going to get paid, they would be one of the first to know since they are government contractors. She said if it came down to it that mass emails would go out to housing residents and that they would not be charging late fees or anything like that.

    • Walt Lilley


      As a former Air Force First Sergeant I could assist my airmen by contacting their creditor to advise them of the situation. 99% of the time the creditor would give the military member a grace period to make a late payment without penalty. As long as they were notified of it and could document it none of my airmen ever seemed to be penalized. We also used the Air Force Aid office to assist and the member just paid them back over time. The worst thing someone can do is ignore the problem that is when the creditor becomes angry and the military is forced to step in to assist the creditor with getting paid. Communication with teh creditor is huge and make sure you get the representative’s name, the date you contacted them, the time you spoke to them and the details of the agreement for late payment in case there is a problem.

    • ford

      Usually you can call the financing company to defer your loan and it can be deffered…. As far as housing on post the payment can be delayed without penalties, of course they will know since it is under federal. If you have credit cards to pay your credit card payments is attached to an insurance so you really dont have to pay until this whole thing get straigthen out. I know it is hard but at this point whatever is about to happen can possibly happens. Try not to stress over it cuz believe me we are in the same boat. It is gonna be okay.



  • anna

    this extends far beyond just our military. this would effect anyone with any kind of federal job and I didn’t see any links up there to help those people out. In my own family’s case, my husband would be out of his civilian federal employment which he is required to serve time in the National Guard to keep. He would still be required to continue drill status apparently which would make finding a substitute job nearly impossible. NO family (especially not any kind of service member’s family) should ever have to deal with such nonsense!

    • john

      wah…part of the contract when he enlisted, was to do what every other service member is being required to do, which is serve without compensation until congress and the president get the budget worked out.

      • vlj


      • Jaxbran

        How about we take your money and see how you like it. Yeah they signed a contract but also the other half of that contract said they would be pay. It is ppl like you I cannot stand my husband risking his life for. Why dont you go to another country and live there since freedom means so little to you. How dare you belittle this service men. You make me sick and you ar a discgraceful American!!!!!

    • mee

      The National Guard is STATE run, NOT Federal… you’ll be fine!!!!

      • Sounds to me that person making the original comment is talking about a federal civil service job…if so, she is right there aren’t any links for addition help or aid. Her husband will be furloughed until the Government votes on a budget. I myself am in that same situation. We can try the Army or Air Force links but they may only apply to active duty personnel.

        So who’s the IDIOT now!!!

      • Jaclyn

        Umm, no… there are plentyo f National Guard jobs that are Fed positions… my own husband has a job that I’m guessing is similar to hers where he is Nationa lGuard but serves as a Technician at an armory here in TN and guess what know-it-all… IT’S A FEDERAL POSITION!!

  • Beth

    even­tu­ally get paid?? When? I have too many bills that come out each payday. I can’t pull this money out of my butt. I don’t have the money to pay the bill’s and take care of 2 kids. If we are late on these payments they take our vehicles, Then how will my solider get to work? How do you expect them to work with no gas to get there? Our men and women are risking their lives and this is how their re-payed.

    • juror

      Thats why you shouldn’t have car payments lol

      • R. Calvin

        Juror, No car payments? Really? What about a mortgage? Let’s deal in reality. A good portion of the public either leases or is actively paying for a vehicle. Many do so in a responsible fashion. While it would be nice to afford to purchase a vehicle out right, many don’t have the means to do so.

        • Erin

          Check out daveramsey.com to learn how to live without a car payment. It’s not as hard as you think if you take the time to learn how to live below your means.

          • paul

            I am SOOO sick of hearing people talk about Dave Ramsey…its a cult people! WAKE UP! “Here, sell all of your stuff to get out of debt and while you are at it give me $50 to tell you to do this.” People like you are so weak that it makes me sick!

      • paul


    • CS1

      what part of seeking help from the relief organizations didn’t you get? remember to talk to the debtors first. This is a problem that can be overcome if you makethe effort to contact the people who can help.

    • Jamie W.

      Call your creditors as soon as you find out what’s going on and explain your situation. A shutdown is never a long-term thing; at worst, they’/ll be paid a month late, and you’ll get a doubled-up check at that point anyway, so you’ll be caught up. They would rather have your money, even late, than your vehicle.

      AFA gas and other things: hold cash to pay things out of pocket, then swallow your pride and go to a church food bank or something similar – and also hit the Army Relief Fund. If the food bank thing really sticks in your craw, keep a list of what they give you and replace it once pay starts coming again. Also, if you have the credit, take out a Military Star Visa immediately; just pay off whatever you put on it ASAP. If you wind up not using it, put it in your sock drawer for any future emergencies.

      Most importantly, don’t panic and don’t freeze. Call around the MINUTE you know what’s happening, and if you’re not sure come the first of the month, hold off on paying bills you’re not already late on until you DO know.

    • MsFineIam

      Amen Beth you said a mouthful that should mean the world to all us Americans…after all without our military we would be completely belonging to China and the Middle East. I personally banned all china goods and all Gas shipped in from other countries…I know i got off the beaten path..but this is partially the reason our country is in the shape it is in..we need to boycott all outside imports until we get some companies back over here…and the Fat Cat politicians need to start paying taxes and they need to be reduced on their pay by at least $200,000 out of their pockets to start.

    • jessica

      i know what ya mean. we live on one side of post my husbands work is on the other end. i have 5 kids we get food stamps. how is he spouse to get to and from work for up to 90 days? he sure the hell isnt going to walk…he also has child support going out to the ex wife thats taken out of his paycheck. if she dont get paid then she cant afford to keep a roof over her head and cant feed the kids while they are in her care. there are just so many things it effects….so if its all federal jobs food stamps is fed. prgram so does that mean we dont get food stamps? wow this is just pain ass stupid…



  • Kenneth Landay

    AER Loans are a short term solution, to a potentially very LARGE Problem! Not only that, but not everyone who applys for it gets approved.

    • Sierra

      And how long will those funds last when the entire branch is receiving “no pay due” on their les.

      • Susanne

        Not only that – there is no way AER could process the onslaught of applications in any reasonable amount of time for people to stay current on their bills. Besides this can not be the solution, to saddle young military families that are already struggling with yet another financial obligation to be repaid in the near future.

        • Kris

          I would agree with you on that Susanne. An AER loan only goes so far, and it goes towards soldiers that need it the most. There is a hiearchy. What about the avearge service member that is somewhat living paycheck to paycheck? Will AER pay for our car loan, insurance, diapers and formula for our children. I know some companies will understand, but there will be other creditors that may not be so understanding. Many service members are upset, because we still have to work full time, until Congress decides to pay us. Other agencies, their staff can’t and do not have to work, until the furlough is over. Something is wrong with that picture. We’re working for free now?

  • Tim (Retired Marine)

    if the government shuts down, the first part of shut down runs like the va hospital, the first is disabled pay, than retirement pay and the last is active duty pay. obama needs to fix this quick now that we have entered another conflict.

    • quila35

      I am a retiree as well and it’s the “Tea Party” that is doing this from what I have read…

      • Charlotte

        I hope it does not affect the disability pay. That would really hurt me and many, many more. If the government wants to stop paying someone they can stop paying all these politicians.They cost us way to much and than they give themselves a raise when we on fixed incomes get none.

        • Jessica

          If there is a government shutdown, the politicians don’t get paid either. Why don’t they stop being dumb, and wasting money on extensions, and settle it already so our only source of income doesn’t get taken away.

    • Marcia

      Is this what you get for serving our country? The government is playing with peoples lives and lively hood. Take a step or two back.We can’t take another cut. We’ll all be on welfare. Maybe thats the answer…..

    • GulfWarVeteran

      How will I be able to pay my electric bill so I can use my service-connected, VA issued respirator? It’s not solar powered you know!

    • Ironhand

      Greetings Tim, From one retired Marine to another, I do agree with what you have posted here. Additionally, the guys and gals on the hill in Washington, always have difficulty agreeing on anything which involves the federal budget. As for being Fair minded about this situation, that is not going to be first and foremost, for those who make the final call on who gets paid, and who does not.

      U.S. Marine Corps, Retired
      “Semper Fidelis”

    • The Squid

      I am appauled that the Commander In Chief stated that he would veto the proposed bill that would fund the DoD until Oct. 1, 2011 (HR1613 I think). The Dems should have proposed a budget when the were in control of the House and the Senate, plus they had the backing of the WH… One term President, I think so! Conservative movement is coming and we will all benefit!

      The Squid
      -Semper Fortis

  • ABCinUT

    Myrna, Why does everything go back to the assumption that people don’t like Obama or have something against HIM. The concern is with the government, of which he CHOSE to be a part. Now, he needs to put on his big boy pants, play the game he voluntarily chose to be a part of, and do something about this mess. Jealous..not hardly. Ticked off…of course.

    • HSH

      I concur! He wanted to role with the big dogs up on Capital Hill, he got his chance, and now he needs to actually do the job!!! Rather than travel the world and start a third conflict when our country is facing shut down he needs to be in DC negotiating with Congress!!! At least pretending like he cares.

      • JHR

        It is all good and well everyone now decides to jump on the President’s name saying he is this and that. As an effective leader, I am sure he can feel comfortable being in another part of world knowing the people who work under him should be capable enough to make decisions in his abscence. President Obama is NOT the reason why the gvmt is shutting down or why the US is in the state it is now. The former president made a mess of the economy and the country and everyone expects Obama to fix it… He is not God and he cannot make bread out of stone. People need to understand that degrading him and his role is not going help. contribute something progressive if you gonna contribute

        • american seabee

          Ha Ha its hardly just Bush’s fault there were creditors giving money to people they had no business giving it too. People in low income houses living off welfare and food stamps looking to buy a car a house and other things they had no business buying. Thats why we are in this shape. As far as Obama is concerned he is the President of the United States of America. A country I hold dear to my heart and fight for in good times and bad. For money or no money. I have bills they wont get paid but I will not turn my back on my country. Another thing about Obama you should know before you blame everyone else is that he also bailed out banks, insurance companies, and do you remember GM now Government Motors. Also how about a president who is never around because he is always on vacation playing golf, going to India, Brazil etc. This guy has spent more in the first two years than any other president that has proceeded him. Learn the facts stop talking out of your ASS! USN SEABEE! HOORAH!

          • WARDOG

            SEABEE to SEABEE you are misinformed. I have a buddy who is secret service; believe me when I say that is what THEY want you & everyone else to believe. HOORAH!!

        • Carol

          I concur JHR!

        • Vbarh

          No need for me or anyone else to “jump on (bim)BO. The SOB should be facing treason charges. He’s an arrogant sob that doesn’t now nor never did, have a CLUE about what the president’s job entails! He’s not even a US citizen! At least the mainstreme media is finally pulling their head out of their *** and starting to understand that he’s a genuine loser and is in so far over his head he can’t see daylight. And enough of the BS about blaming previous presidents for the mess we’re in now. Yeah, some mistakes were made, but this idiot has put this country into a nosedive that even the BEST politician in the world would have trouble pulling us out of. I think we’re starting to see the beginning of the end for the United States of America. God have mercy on us all.

        • valerie

          So, you saying that Obama had NOTHING to do with this problem? I hardly think so. Least we forget the bail-outs, Bush did not give bail-outs to the car industry or to the big AIG fiasco, Obama did. However, this budget thing needs to get fixed and it’s not going to get fixed as long as we are at war.

        • ajhowey

          “progressive”? As in “socialist”?

        • Mags

          You say Obama isn’t responsible, the “former” President is. Do you know who controlled congress during the last term of the “former” President????? Yes, the Democrats. By association, he is responsible since he was one of those democratic politicians contributing to where we are. Read up onyour history.

    • M.D. Austing

      Amen, ABC !

    • vet

      well lets see if he has taken more vacatio time than any persident, spent more money than any in his two years in term and has spent more on world issues than our (UNITED STATES) issues. the problem is that pepole votes for him for his speeches than his actual experience.

    • Govt in chaos

      As far as I remember the commander in chief is the person responsible just as the Captain of a ship is responsible and an aircraft commander is responsible for ALL things happening on their watch.

      • Wolf

        As far as I’m concerned ANYONE who votes to shut down the government should be impeached as treasonous. When we elect ANY official who refuses to do a job for the People and, instead does what a few whatevers demand is a traitor to his/her oath. They get away with it because we all concentrate on one person, who himself is not without fault. For almost three years, half the government openly violated their oaths for self interest and to hell with the American People!! They are your culprits, too, along with a very inept and unethical media. If an old house is rotten to the core, you don’t fix one little freaking piece of it and leave the termites and stuff there. You clean the whole damn thing out.

    • TomP



  • DEE

    This is exactly why there should absolutely be no shut down!



  • J bellofatto

    What do you tell the spouses of service men and woman when the relief organizations run out of money. Or better yet now you have a loan to pay back. May be interest free but add that to your bills.

    Our government has put us into a spot of hard times by continuing to do and fund thing that need be shut down. Our president has led us into an abyss to which we can’t swim out. It is up to that government that wants to shut down to buck up and make it work.

    • Jessica

      OK, JHR, but whether it’s Obamas fault or not, do you think that most people know to blame anyone else? I’m not an Obama supporter, by any means, but I know it’s not his fault. However, anything that congress does resulting in shutdown will fall back on Obama, plain and simple.

    • Gloria

      Our President is cleaning up a mess that he inherited. Stop blaming the president of something that took decades to create. He is doing is best to fixt it and doesn’t need all the negativity. At least give him the opportunity to fix a problem that he didn’t create.

      • The Squid

        You can stand there with your head burried in the sand and not see whats going on around you, but not I… The policies and bills brought by the Dems have brought nothing but reckless spending, record deficits, and outrageous regulations on private businesses. What has this administration done?

    • J White

      You tell the spouses of service men and woman to get off the coach and get a job!

      • Squid

        My wife works a full time job and is getting a BA, so not all spouses fit the barefoot and pregnant stereotype.

  • JHR

    I think this is unacceptable. If the government foresees such occurrences, they need to put some thing in place where the funds can be distributed to the persons being affected. People are out there serving with their lives, the least you can do is pay them what they deserve. Why should they wait until you decide what you want to do??? Are you going without for the same period of time you are asking them to go without.

    Stop the crap and pay the people

    • Rebekah

      you said it right!

    • dbc

      If any service persons pay is suspended or delayed then all those in govt who are responsible (or irresponsible with other people’s lives) should automatically have ALL the benefits and perks suspended for that period of time including travel expense, drivers, vacation pay, regular pay, health benefits for them and their families. These people can’t keep playing with our lives and theirs go own as usual. When are we going to stop them!

    • TomP


  • verna

    I, feeling sorry for all military men and women serving this conutry, they work very hard for use 24/7.I lost my husband last year due to mititary causes and live off public ********* and social security payments and its not enought for me; but i try to budget my best i can with $16 food stamps per month and $900 from SSD. yes i feel for every one. God Help us.VML

    • Genghis77

      I am in the same boat. I get only $550 a month in Social Security Disability because I owe Medicare money from a hospitalization 3 years ago. (used to get $1300) I get $16 in Food Stamps also. It sure won’t buy much, just a loaf of bread, peanut butter, jam and a half gallon of milk. I live in a small travel trailer without plumbing or heat. I have had the inside temperature as low as 14 degrees Farenheit. I keep warm by spending 20 to 22 hours a day inside my sleeping bag. I am a Vietnam Vet and neither the VA nor anyone else will give me any help.

      • Tophawk

        Well Genghiss77, it is difficult for me to believe that you are struggling in such the manner that you say you are when there are Veteran programs available to help you especially if you do not have adequate heating for your home. There is a program called HVRp that you can google for your area and get assistance. You can contact the local food bank and the Disabled American Veterans for food. As a state Veteran Representative, if you can not get in touch with your local state Vet Rep., Please reply to this email and I will contact him or her on your behalf. Please seek out the benefits that you have earned.

        • Genghis77

          For the past 3+ years, I have sought help from the VA as well as other Federal, State and County agencies. In January 2008, I was refused admission to the VA Hospital and that was the beginning of all these problems. The local food banks provide me with some food. But most is of no use to me as I cannot cook it. I am not Service Connected nor will I make such claim. My father lost his left leg mid thigh, right lung and teeth when he was machine gunned 6 weeks before WWII ended. He also got TB and spent over 3 years in the VA Hospital in Chicago (Heinz). The VA gave him 60% Disability. and he died at age 44. It would be an affront to Veterans like him to make a bogus Disability claim like I have seen so many do and have had VA staff want me to do. While I was in Vietnam, I was a Microwave/Tropospheric Scatter Radio Repairman. I never saw combat because this was a safe MOS. I have been to my Vet Rep and the only help offered was again to get me Service Connected Disability which I do not want and will not accept. Nothing of my present medical or mental problems (Depression and PTSD) are related to my time in the Army. I was in a PTSD group at the VA with 8 other Vets. All 8 were 100% Service Connected as well as retired. 5 of them were schizophrenic because of heavy drug use prior to their time in service. Not a single one of them had ever seen combat. And all eight were disabled from drug addiction which all still have. I live in a very rural area of Oregon and not much help is available except the food bank at St. Vincent dePaul. If I lived in Portland or Eugene, plenty of help would be available. But I live in Myrtle Creek about 20 miles away from the VA Hospital in Roseburg and no help available. I have tried every avenue over the last 3 years and the result being told they can’t help me or frequently no response at all. By the way, I got PTSD when I worked at a rocket manufacturer and witnessed an employee burning to death from a rocket motor igniting in a curing room as well as being the first person on the scene of a plane crash in which 4 people died and were dismembered.

    • Guest

      If your husband died due to military causes, most likely he was receiving VA disability compensation. Please visit your local Veterans Services office to file an application for VA Dependent Indemnity Compensation (DIC).

  • MSgtWifeOohRah

    Thank you for clearing that one up SgtsWife! Perhaps some people should do a little research on how the govt. works and not just pick a favorite. Our govt. is not run like American Idol. The govt. has shut down before and may very do so again. Why would someone think that people are making it up and say so publicly without researching it??? Do your homework myrna!!!! Since you are one of “the most educated people!” By the way, we do have things to do that involve our spouses on the front lines!

  • Retired USAF

    You are so correct. This is a type or terrorism of our own by our own. If they can get away with this, where will they draw the line? This is scary.

  • Kdollmilitaryfamily

    Well said, if this happen….is this going to effect our medical with the military?? I’ll be having a biopsy and spinal surgery here soon. Is there something I need to do (besides pray)??? What about my meds that I need to have??

    • shay

      yes some surgeries will get put on hold you might want to double check on that one before the 8th

  • bobbierobbie

    Not everyones pay covers so much as their basic needs. This isn’t 1920 sir. The cost of living is through the roof. The $ bill isn’t worth spit. Don’t be so judgmental and pig headed. Slavery is over. You work you get paid. Not eventually but now. How about we get prepaid and then let them expect us to go to work and see how that blows over.

  • mark12ministries

    You’re an idiot. If you think this is political and not financial, then you got a few screws loose. So you’re an Obama supporter. Where is he? Oh yeah, he’s on vacation in Brazil.

    • tankturret12

      Dear Mark12ministries, I don’t understand where you are coming from on this issue !! The problem is absolutely POLITICAL that then makes it a FINANCIAL matter since the congress will not put their bipartisanship to the side and do their duties they swore an oath to do after being voted into office by the voting citizens in their respective districts. So, where do you not see it as being a political matter ?
      Actually the main problem here has to do with the citizens who are voting our elected represenatives into office. If the voting public were to put aside their partinship politics and vote for who can do the best job FOR THE PEOPLE and not for their political allie the system would ghange quickly !!
      So Mark, whom do you vote for when you go to the polls to vote ? Do you vote for who will do the job for the PEOPLE or do you vote for a party member because you are not willing to open your mind up to what is really happening in Washington and elsewhere ? Good Luck in the future Mark.

    • TomP



      • Clay

        You are such an ignorant. Talk about a chicken leader – Bush didn’t kiss the feet of the Muslim leaders of the Middle East. He didn’t break his back bowing to our enemies. He didn’t apologize for the United States all over the world. Obama is a full blown idiot. As far as Bush and his vacations – he had a full working office at his Texas ranch. He was not on vacation much of the time he was there – he worked from there. As far as I am aware, Osama has no office other than the WhiteHouse. He’s just goes on EXTREMELY expensive vacations with Moooochelle Cowbelle Broad Bessie, plays basketball or golf constantly, constant parties in the WhiteHouse, takes off to vacation in South America while Lybia burns – give me a break. You are obviously a liberal with blinders on.

  • CPabs

    You are so retarded, have you looked at what the military gets paid compared to the outside world. I don’t know about the AF but in the Navy we work 24/7 and get paid less than the people in McDonalds. Get your facts straight.

    • Getyourfactsright

      Actually, no you don’t. The average person at McDonalds earns approx $330 for a 40 HR week BEFORE taxes. An E1 with less than 1yr in earns $1467.60 base pay plus $325.04 for BAS plus if they have a dependent they receive BAH (varies depending on duty station)but in VA its $1359. Incidentally the BAS and BAH are non-taxable as is any other allowance they may receive, such as sea pay. They also have full health coverage. In addition apart from this year, the military has received 11 straight COLA increases higher then the private sector. The military is no longer behind in comparison to their civilian counterparts.
      Incidentally, all services get paid the same based on rank/time in grade etc: although allowances may vary. (BAH/BAS excluded)
      Finally unless you are deployed, NONE work 24/7.

      • desertsailor7

        GETYOURFACTSSTAIGHT ever been overseas in the gulf standing 12 hour watches on top of A four hour arm up, gaurdmount, and dismount, in above 120 degree weather with seventy pounds of extra gear on with at the most five hours of sleep. maybe you have maybe u havent but do you really think we here need to be worried that if we are not paid our kids and spouses and for some their parents back home may not recive the financial support that we provide while on watch.

      • Oscar

        You obviously are out of touch with reality. We may not work 24/7 all the time but we definitely work way more than 40 hrs weeks. My mornings start at 0530 and I get off at 2000 hrs on average, I also put in at least four 24hr duty days a month and usually on weekends. Now if we are in the field we work all day and night, if you’re not on guard duty your training. So get your facts straight. You tell me how that compares to a civilian counterpart.

      • straightfacts

        you’re incompetent, obviously. I can’t count how many times, when not deployed, that I have worked two weeks straight, 18 hours a day, with minimal sleep at a field problem or specialty school like Ranger. It’s certainly not all the time, but you are on call ALL the time. Also, most members work from 0630 to 1700 everyday, five days a week, no matter what. That’s a 73 1/2 hour week most weeks. Most E1s don’t have dependents so you can scratch that and we pay about 30 dollars a month in to FICA Medicare. you do the math on that and it’s 366 a week with 33 more hours worked. you need to getyourfactsright.

  • Shelli the Army Wife

    Don’t worry, really? Have you looked at the economic headlines lately? Even for those of us who have reduced our expenses and put a little money back, there is justifiable cause for concern. Let’s talk about postponing the retirement benefits or medicare or Social Security or VA benefits and see just how much calm and patience you boomers can muster.

  • Financially Prepared

    Ditto to Ritchie… if the government does in fact shut down and pays are delayed and your family runs into a financial hardship please take a look at the person you see in the mirror! Bottom line its your own responsibility to ensure your family has funds in times like these i.e. Emergency Fund. So if a car is repossed or bills are late it is due to ultimate overspending as a family not because of the government mismanagement. We as society can not continue to place our financial troubles on the government.

    • 5811USMC

      Tell that to the people on welfare, not the PFC’s or Lance Corporals!

    • DAFVet

      Does the term steady paycheck ring a bell? I guess not.

    • TheGuy UInsulted

      You are an idiot and the reason why i stop reading posts like this. Are you working for free right now? Would you? Then do put the guilt trip on me jacka$$.

    • Pissed Off Army Wife

      I can not believe what I’m reading! We provide for our family due to the pay check we work for. We do have money saved… but you obviously haven’t read past articles…. They could withhold pay up until October and will pay us back pay if they decide to. We have savings and our savings won’t get us that far! How dare you act like that…. Because of us you have the freedom to say what you want…. The military doesn’t pay a ton, and with a family it is a little tight sometimes. We do what we can to save, but like others have said, emergencies happen. And like someone else said, it’s illegal for any other employer to not pay their employees, how is it okay for them to not pay us!? What has happened to our country!?

      • william wright

        when I was in the Air Force as an e-5 during the carter admisnistration, on food stamps. and the government shut down, as it did, what makes you think there is any way I had savings with a family of five?

      • Elisa

        I agree with you..we won’t make it until then and by the time they do pay we will have lost everything and for what because some idiots want to argue over wha twe should get paid. If they wanted to criple there own defense system well they will get what they asked for. Those who work for civilan companies will go under if we can’t pay..sad that it has come to this

      • SoldierGirl20

        They will give us back pay, but it is when they feel they have it, or are ready to pay it back. Though yes we should have money set aside, the military does not make that much. I am soldier and single mom of 3, so it is hard for me to put much aside if any on what we make. Why doesn’t Congress take a pay cut if this is the case. Why are they taking money from those that really need it to survive. AER is only going to last so long and once the funds are gone, there will be no more money to give out. Plus if you already have an AER loan they will not give you another one. I doubt they will stop paying us because it would cause mass chaos. Do you really think that soldiers are going to still go to work without pay? Keep dreaming. You know that there will alot of soldiers that will not go to work if trhey are not getting paid that long. They won’t have the gas money to do it..Plus If I’m not getting paid I’m not going to work..Do you really think my sitter is going to keep watching my kids for free..Yeah right. They need to withold Congress’ paychecks and pay the military.

    • waltone

      How can you say something like that. These are men and women who are defending our ideals (loosely) and our borders and now you are telling me that we won’t get paid? Why not take the money from the vultures and idiots running the government and pay the soldiers. It’s a good thing the military doesn’t run like a union, otherwise where would the president be then? No military to turn to, they could all just lay down their weapons and not budge. Sounds silly and dangerous I know, but what a concept. Wouldn’t that make the government sit up and take notice.

    • GCarrigan

      Actually like most employers in this country the government is required to pay their employees for the services they provide. The real problem here is everyone wants their little pet projects funded and we are not going to play nice if they don’t get funded. The powers that be should try going without a pay check and see how it feels.

    • Elisa

      I can see your point but take a real look at how we get paid and realize for those of us with kids to raise and college tution and husbands who are always gone sure saving looks good on paper and although we do have savings the bottom line is this if you willing risk your life and are expected to do so without pay why the hell would you keep doing it. Would you work a civilan job for free? This is a FREE COUNTRY..the only thing that seperates us from the others is those who serve do so without hesitation but for crying out loud we should get paid.

    • angry wife

      Some of us are financially prepared and still worry about how we are going to make it…I have a baby due soon and 2 other small children. An emergency fund isn’t always enough…and go to work and get a pay check on time so y can’t a man who serves his country everyday and puts his life on the line? nice to pass judgment…ohh and by the way not all people overspend it is call being paid less then min. wage for a 24/7 job. take the average pay of a soldier and divide that by 24 and then 365 and see if u make more or less.

    • Disabled

      I just contacted our bank and we all will be paid. All banks are to be notified and they have not. So relax, bank manager said just rumors and not to get excited. To double check my information contact your own bank.I cant believe nobody has commented on this before now. THINK.

      • Erica

        I contacted my bank and they told me that I would be exempt from making my car payments until the freeze was over.

  • guest

    You’ll all get paid eventually. I was on active duty for the last one, it got a little hairy. It’ll be ok. Tell your debtors to %^&* off thats all.

    • chase

      I do like your style as far as telling the debtors to back off however, that isnt going to stop them from kicking you out of your home or taking your car away from you. A lot has changed probably since the last government shut down.

      • Tomj

        I too was in during the last one. I had a house payment, 4 kids and a wife and a car payment and I lived through it. We ate everyday, my electric never went off and nothing was repo’d. When and if this happens, your creditors will know and they will not attack you. All of mine back then understood and waited for their money (with no late fees I might add).

    • Bella Porter

      Not to mention screwing your credit up because you are a few weeks late or a month late on payment. My husband is active duty. We have a little money saved to carry us a month maybe. But we paid off all of our debts that we could to get our credit cleaned up only to have it threatened by this crap. It’s not fair.

  • 1SG Dowdy

    For those of us that are active Army National Guard AGR status, all the programs in this article do not apply. AGR status Soldiers are Title 32, you can only apply for all Army Emergency Relief programs if you are currentily on Title 10 status.
    So the Govt thanks you for your service and your 5 tours in Iraq and Afganistan, but good luck making your mortage to “Wells Fargo”. Because Soldier Sailor Relief Act does not apply either.

    • AmericanSoldiersWife

      Wells Fargo finances terrorist organizations anyway….let that one go.

    • beenthere

      Not all AGR are Title 32, if you are an Army Reservist you are covered under Title 10 and therefore are entitled to all the benefits as Active Duty Soldiers in the Regular Army

    • AGR guest

      We are a NG AGR family here too. This is so sad & scary! :(

  • ActiveSoldier

    I cant believe you actually took the time to type this mess. Obama personally is not the problem. The problem is how Congress takes the American people kindness as a weakness and think we are suppose to take things sitting down. As an active duty African American Soldier I am disgusted that you would even try to make it about Obama. As all the other people who have replied to you have said learn how the process works befor making a comment. Congress votes and then Obama says Yea or Nay and right now Congress can’t even decide on a budget so it has not even reached his level yet.

    • OifVet2003

      Not specifically Obama, the democratic majority of house and senate in 2010 has caused this. Obama and his cronies just sit back and watch the mess

      • Clay

        Obama does meet with Reid. And you can’t tell me they don’t discuss strategy.
        Obama SHOULD be OUR president, but he is the Dem’s president. He showed early on he is not a non-partisan president, but that he is only president to the liberals.

    • SF_MSG

      Really…who gives a shit if your a black Soldier, I’m a white Soldier…and no one is making it about that crap we have in the white house…you and I both know that he sucks…..but it’s bigger then the “O”…all i can say is it is on his watch….Soldiers are Soldiers are Soldiers….being black or white doesn’t matter….get a damn life…it’s so old white this i’m black I have it so bad routine….we all have it bad….

    • Danny

      Did you really feel the need to express that you are “an African American Soldier”? Do you not believe we are all equal? And on the subject at hand, President Obama has had his say of Yea or Nay. He has already approved short term budgets to get us here. Think about what you are saying before you go off and protect this president you are apparently so proud of.

      • stephanie

        Thank you Danny someone needed to say something! We as soldiers are going into a financial scare and mr. African American Active duty soldier over there wants to stir up some other issues. Regardless of race we are all about to share something very personal together so maybe than you can feel a sense of being equal. Although obviously we have gone through this before, I would say that Obama is greatly to blame because of his lack of intrest for the military. While he protects his politicians and their pay, I can’t wait to see how military members react if this issue goes longer than a month.

        • TomP


          • Clay

            Can you type without capitals? Or is it just your rudeness? What WTF does all that have to do with this subject? Your posts here show you to be someone who wants to stir things up instead of contribute in a meaningful way.

    • Ho Slayer

      The American People are weak. Maybe they’ll decide to grow a spine and demonstrate discontent to their equally weak government. Then we’ll see who the government trys to call to defend it . Good luck trying to activate the “volunteer” military who cant even afford to put food on the table or keep a roof over their familie’s heads.

  • leticia

    You work to get paid and be paid on time and no body wants to work to be paid late just because of any reason , Get real , Dont let people work if you have no money to pay them. It is as simple as that.

    • AmericanSoldiersWife

      Funny, if you owe them money, they’re on your butt in no time and they get theirs, regardless. Ironic huh?

  • Old Dude

    I bet those that are causing the shut-down will get paid! I am a Viet Nam veteran and if the service members do not get paid, Novemeber 2012 here we come. we will vote you out!

    • Tim

      My Brother, Being a Vietnam Vet veteran myself ( 1968-70 ), I share the same feeling as yours. Just feel our government wastes far too much money, our politicians, are way out of touch with the people their payed to represent, get with the program, thanks.

    • guest

      Don’t only vote him out in 2012 because of this one issue but do so for ALL of the things he didn’t do while giving our money and time to every other country out there.

    • Gmoney

      Thank you old dude for thinking right! Why don’t the congress give up their pay for some time and let them see how it feels to work for free.

    • Nay

      Vote him out? Mr. President didn’t do this old man, you should blame the one that spent all our money into the war. This man is just doing the damage control, may be you didn’t like because of some other reason.

  • Andrea

    This may seem silly but Washington needs to put a couple of housewives in charge of the budget…they now how to make the tough decisions on where money goes, what they can afford, and how to set budgets for everything. This whole thing is silly. How can they expect us to go without abpaycheck. When most of us liven paycheck to paycheck.

    • palmettomom0221

      Yes! Us housewives can get it done! A lot of self righteous people on here saying that we all need to buck up and its our fault that we didn’t save, then it must be nice to have any extra in their paychecks, not all of us are officers and are paid well. Most of us aren’t!

    • william wright

      you don’t put my ex in charge of the budget, had to declare bankruptcy twice because of her.

    • Squid

      Or perhaps putting the most successful business runners in the world in charge…. by that I mean the Board of Directors for Wal-Mar… In 10 years, they have open over 2000 stores!!!

  • dj lucas

    What, Obama and family can afford to travel to South America when this Fed shutdown and military nonpayment crisis is looming? Have fun watching soccer, Obama– your days are numbered! Have lots of fun before your term as president is shut down!

    • NANCY

      Anyone who elects him again has no idea what is even going on in the world. I for one did not vote for him the first time or will the next time.
      And no I am not a racist, I don’t care if he is purple, yellow or blue, he is doing a terrible job!

      • G Dubya

        Just because you say you are not racist, doesn’t mean that you aren’t. This comment does not make any sense. And I bet no one else would be doing much better as President at this present time and probably they would be doing worst.

      • Genghis77

        Both George W. Bush and Obama should be brought up on treason charges an well as a majority of the members of Congress. This high Deficit and huge National Debt were created since after the Clinton Administration which had a balanced budget.

        Obama is just taking endless vacations and never misses a media opportunity.

        I voted for Ralph Nadar of the Green Party. Mainly because he was the only candidate that didn’t have his hands in Corporate pockets and is far from being a millionaire.

        Ever since Reagan, presidents have been trying to make the US a Democracy. Democracies are oppressive governments, that are ruled by the elite. That’s why the Founding Fathers established us a Republic.

    • DAFVet

      I honestly think that impeachment should be considered, since he is clueless. Maybe he is clued in and just doesn’t give a crap. I bet he thinks that this is just a four year vacation for him and his family. What a joke. Thank you long time citizens/first time voters for putting this joke in office.

      • beenthere

        It’s really unfortunate that you would disrespect the man, our president on a personal level. If you really want to say something why not criticize his policies specifically? Was George W. Bush on a perpetual vacation with his family? With voters like you and many others in this country, things can only get worse. He is our president and deserves respect just by virtue of the office he holds. Please keep your veiled racism to yourself.

    • Doug

      It is not the President who is the cause if this, it is the Republican majority in the house that is the cause.

    • Ranch

      yep.. keep on voting for those Tea-Partyin’ lying Republicans…

    • Hope&Change

      We’ll still be paying for his pension/benefits….

    • Maria Holden

      Obama deserves a vacation just like everyone else, and he is using his own money, The financial instability of not just the govt, but the banks as well has been a long term problem, due to greed of the american people, particularly those in charge, How dare you! I am really tired of folks trying to hold the President and his family accountable for all the financial problems that we face, Why shouldn’t he take a vacation? especially when everything he does is seen as wrong. To hell with all you that want to lay the blame on him, and you should be ashamed of yourself, for your comment, What about all the other senators, congressman, etc, that are still living it up like nothing has happened. I guess they aren’t responsible, even when they pass these bills that aren’t worth a hill of beans, and don’t help those that need help, only the corporations. I say the vacation is justified, and quite frankly needed by him. Dealing with closed minded individuals is stressful. He only tried to help this country at one of the most difficult times we have ever faced. So stop your rhetoric about him taking a vacation. You sound real uninformed.

      • H8OBAMA

        You are a moron point blank! All his trips to hawaii were paid for by tax payers! NOT HIM!!!! Go shoot yourself please and do the world a favor!

      • GUEST


    • Bill

      They not only traveld to South America, but encouraged Brazil to do more off-shore oil drilling and exploration, so we could buy their oil. And they can’t even afford to pay their own Federal Employees and Military. Wow, what wonderous economics they practice on the shores of the Potomac.

  • Patriot

    If the govt shuts down, which it has in the past, our legislators will continue to get paid. I think it is time that we start arresting and convicting the people who are putting the nation in such dire straits. If we the people start putting a few of these unscrupulous people behind bars, maybe we will stop attracting them to run for public office. No more politicians. We need business people in Washington quick!!

    • Concerned

      Patriot, that name suits you! I agree with you 100%. If we did that it would take about a week to straighten the government out. All the career politicians that are only in it for their pockets would leave so fast all they could take was their fat bank accounts. I am a Cuban born American citizen, love this country and by working hard appreciate the opportunities it has given me. I know what happened in Cuba like rights and guns taken away from the citizens, bit by bit, and looked what happened! We all need to get our heads out of the sand and see what is happening and what we are letting happen to this country. We are ass backwards by letting the government run us!

      • Former Navy

        EXACTLY! And term limits on these politicians isn’t the answer either, just don’t vote them back in!

        It’s funny how we can bail out the auto industry and mortgage banks but we can’t pay our service members. Sounds like somebody has their priorities mixed up.

    • Belowzero

      Well duh…

      Americans are so stupid.

    • Dana

      Why can’t we just do it like in the days of yore….the doors get shut and noone leaves til it is finished! You don’t eat…..you just handle your business and let it be done!

    • DEW

      I agree with you Patriot, but it hasn’t been WE THE PEOPLE for a long time, the fed has been turning that around successfully for years. WE THE PEOPLE need to wake up and start getting things back in perspective.

    • Aron B

      I couldn’t agree more. Even my civilian friends say the same thing. Hell, I’ll volunteer to drive the bus to take the bastards to Levinworth.

    • Maria Holden

      I agree with you Patriot… The legislators will not miss a beat, or a pay check, perhaps they should, then they will truly be in touch with the people who voted them in office. I believe we should arrest them for stealing and theft from the American people. We need business people, and teachers running this country, I love this country, served proudly and honorably for this country, and it brings me sadness to see the great disparity between folks of different political views. So, I’m with you, let’s get rid of the crooked, lying, cheating politicians, “DOUBLE TIME”

  • Doug (Ret Army)

    myrna, did you just get off the boat. The gov has been shut down many times. Where were you at the last time?? You say that we are the most educated people. I would like to think so, and at one time I would have said yes. But we are not any more. At one time we were #1, but now we are #21. If we keep doing what we have been, who knows where we will be at. You say we are the nicest gov in the world. I would like to think we are even though I know better. Did you say “Obama”, you know I world love to get into this right now with you. But there are more important things to talk about then “Obama”. I did my 24 years in the Army. And I would gladly do it again if I though it would help. I will give up my pay so our troops will get theirs. Would you do that for your country myrna. You need to get a life. Wake-up and smell the rose’s. Our country is having a hard time right now, myrna, and you are not helping at all. Thank you, myrna or is it–lost in space!!!

  • william

    i have dealt with the army emergency relief fund in the past two years.unless their has been a drastic change in their institution i would highly encourage using army one source.along with letting land lords and utilitie companys and of course your bank. know what is going on,unless you are a E-7 or above do not use the army emergancy relief fund.they will want their mony back in full the following month.other than that take your chances with A,E,R

    • nadine

      the following month? I have had to use it, and it was deducted from my paycheck in installments over a period of 11 months, not the next month and I was an E-4

      • rjmr3114

        He’s just saying that ranks of E-7 and ABOVE will be expected to pay it back in full the following month.

        Ranks BELOW E-7 will be given the payment plan.

    • AmericanSoldiersWife

      You’re exactly right! And, they won’t “ask” for it either…they will just take it from your paycheck with no forewarning.

      • Erica

        They don’t just take it without warning. When you are given the loan they set up the payment plan with you and go over everything as to when and how much will be taken out.

      • Darrah

        There won’t be a paycheck to take it from!

    • Erica

      You do not pay them back the next month. They give you an interest free loan that you pay back over a course of time.


    Where is Obama now? On vacation, running away from issues.

    • velvet


  • Shari

    Not a lot of brain power going on with you, huh dear??

  • At ease!!!!

    Soldiers do there job to protect this country every day and follow orders. The orders no matter what it may sound or what it may carry. The smallest thing you can do is not mess with pay. I ( a SGT) could not think if this country, being run into the ground so fast, could even think of doing this. Two WARs man. And now a third WAR looming. WOW. When will yall get yalls ass in gear and work together.

  • twilliams

    Turn to the Lord! Christians Unite and rid this secular government from our lives.

  • Guzey

    it’s cool i didn’t want to pay my mortage or car anyway : (

    I’d speak longer, but i have to go and buy loads of ramen noodles so I won’t go hungrey

    • Belowzero

      Now you are thinking! Buy Beans and rice. Dry milk. Ammo…

  • laird bradley

    This ( unfortunately ) is consistent with the treatment
    of vets ( perhaps especially “combat vets ” ) I’ve seen , since my
    service ( Recon , 3/22, 25th Inf. Div. , USARV ; ’68-’69 ) ; some
    things never change !!!

    laird / starcluster / le’

  • Tiffany

    That is good advice, but sometimes; kids get sick, or you get sick and your rainy day money is gone and then this hits. then what? I saved and had to spend on emergencies, more than once.
    With holding pay due is illegal for any other employer to do.

  • rightnow

    What we need is peace in our country, what we need is peace in our government, what we need is peace in our homes. And how do we all suppose to get that, well we need to get out and vote. Stop complaining about all the situations that is happening now, because there is little to none we can do about it now. If we want to have the government, President, the Politicians, and the Democrats, that we think will do the things that we want to be done, we need to get out there and vote next time around and see if it will work out better for our country and our family, because bottom line, besides GOD… they are all we got !!

    • Belowzero

      Yeah vote. That will fix it…

      When’s the last time that happened???

  • Carole

    What about people like me? I’m a civil service employee and disabled vet, sole support, and a homeowner. You think my bill collectors are going to accept that I’m not paid so I can’t pay them without it affecting my credit ?? You can bet they’ll be quick to start hounding me if my bills aren’t paid on time. I have no AER or anyone to fall back on.

    But you can bet your sweet *ss Obama and his government workers will get their paychecks. This whole situation sucks.

    • Belowzero

      Could the light be coming on??

      Indeed, what about you??

  • Marc Conder

    I was A/D overseas when we went with out pay for 2 different months, it was bad enough making my landlord understand the American government had sent me abroad, however neglected to pay us, lights, telephone, oil, all the same. My German neighbors picked up our bills until the US Government did its job. I am less forgiving now, I was not in harms way. Today, many are, it they neglect to pay our A/D people, its a few month until we can vote them all out, regardless of party affiliation. an entire new lot could not be any worse.

  • Genghis77

    Ritchie, your statement for saving is spot on. So, why didn’t the United States Government save 10% from all its income? Why, we would be rolling in money rather than having a $14 Trillion Dollar National Debt.. I think the days of the US existing are numbered.

  • Carole

    What has been said to us federal civil service employees is as follows: Mission essential personnel still have to work even if we do not get paid. What also has been said is that the government may not reimburse us for the time we do work.

    • Belowzero

      You have been Drafted! I think it’s called corvee (corvay). Whatever, it’s donated labor. Don’t do it…

  • Carole

    (Continued) So if we refuse to work, we’re fired. If we work for no pay with no possible reimbursement for hours worked, it puts us way behind on our bills. If it lasts for very long, landlords and bill collectors are not going to “take a raincheck” so to speak.
    There are so many people out of work, homeless, or near homeless as it stands right now. When Obama took office, he threw money out there to “stimulate the economy” and it backfired. Now it’s gotten down to this? There are so many abandoned vehicles on the side of the highways, probably because their owners can no longer afford their upkeep. So many people live paycheck to paycheck trying to stay above water. It’s gotten to the point where no one can afford to put away money for a rainy day, as someone stated. The government has gotten us to this point, while Obama and his family galavant all over the world without a care about anything else. This is nothing more than BS and needs to come to a halt.

    • Belowzero

      Let’s see…10 Million Americans in the D.C. Mall…No shouting. No signs. Just a heck of a lot of people…

      How about it?? Cherry Blossom Time in America…

  • Brenda

    Obama on vacation??? Not hardly. Now if he really was on vacation we’d know. Let me guess, you think Fox news is real and Glen Beck is just a regular guy. Keep voting Republican and you can kiss the VA good-bye and retirement. Most military are low income compared to the people the GOP care about. Wake up.

    • Belowzero

      Well, another Enlightened Soul! Thanks sooo much!

    • Pamrojo

      You people who are applauding ANY government official – especially OBAMA need to wake up. They don’t care about any of us. They’ve proved that over and over. They are like the kings and rulers in their gilded castles. They have no idea what is going on in the real world. Look at the wealth of every single Congressman and Senator. Are ANY of them less than millionaires and you know how they got there? Most of them on the backs of the hard working American citizen (remember – the illegals aren’t paying taxes and this shut down will NOT affect them.) I get sick when I look at America now. I am 59 and I have seen so many changes in the America I grew up in and not many of those changes are positive ones. This country IS going to disintegrate and disappear like many ‘GREAT’ nations of the past. Just look at the history books. Apparently history IS doomed to be repeated. And most of us regular guys are at the bottom of the stack and we’re going to be suffocated first.

    • tanidiota

      Yes. ON vacation! Oh i guess Fox and other media made up the videos of him on vacation jackass! Let me know how it goes when you’re money’s not worth anything because we keep borrowing and spending that the dollars worth is less than other countries currencies you idiot! While on vacation Obama is telling Brazil to drill for oil we’ll let you borrow $$ and we’ll buy the oil from you! Ha! What a joke! Instead of doing that here! Way to go! Thanks for voting for Obama!

    • Maria

      Brenda, Finally, someone with some real insight. Obama is being targeted and under unbeliveable scrutiny, for every lil thing. Hell If I could afford to go on a vacation I would too. He is using his own money, and after all that he has been thru, deserves a vacation. Rest and Relaxation for Refreshment to keep having to deal with the Glen Beck’s and others that are constantly attacking him. I pray that we all wake up and really get rid of trying to lay blame on him for everything going wrong, we need to look at both parties, as they are the real shot callers, that will still get a paycheck if the Fed Gov’t shuts down. REALLY, FOR REAL., Yet we keep voting the unscrupulous politicians into office. I say fire the entire lot of them and let’s try again, with teachers and economic professors, and those that can think with rationale, instead of their pocket books.

      • DCCS

        Yeah…Air Force 1, the stand-by Air Force 1, The cargo plane that transports the Secret Service vehicles and his vehicle…all paid for by us (the tax payer). He doesn’t have to pay anything out of pocket for this trip. It is however, neccessary for him to continue to be a President and reach out to other nations. He seems to be on top of most things. What is really upsetting: Congress is (or at least was) on break. Budget is now 5 months over due…why did all of them take a break if the work wasn’t done?

        • AmericaSoldiersWife

          Accidentally disliked your comment. I actually agree. My apologies.

    • AmericaSoldiersWife

      Where are you getting your news from? MSNBC? Give me a break, all career politicians are not to be trusted. You can find every group of people in the GOP, who are patriotic, conservative, freedom loving Americans. You obviously know little about the GOP and how much we enjoy our own civil liberties and the opportunity to reach financial independence if we so choose to do so. All the liberals want is for you to keep living the pipe dream that entitlements will pay for your retirement. Voting Dem. will surely melt all your little entitlements away. Your Pharoa;’s ObmaCare is one of reasons we’re in this. Retirement? That was gone a long time ago.

      • RETUSAF

        If this shutdown were to shut down banks and wall street it would have been fixed yesterday. If it were up to republicans service members would receive room and board and that’s it. GOP, the party of the rich. They want to bring back the souplines of the great depression. The democrats put programs in place so we’ll never have to see them again. Republicans repealed the Glass-Steagall banking act, attacking unions, social security, medicare. Read the news, republicans in Maine and MO. are trying to repeal child labor laws!!! Republicans will be after military benefits (entitlements) next. Where is the job creation programs republicans ran on? They don’t have any. This budget stuff is just busy eyewash while they do nothing. When the country falls apart who but the military is the last line of defense against the people? Piss them off and they will let the wolves in.

    • Mondin

      Good post Brenda. Most people just blame our president for anything without thinking it through. Guess they only watch Fox news.

  • Shelley Schaaf

    I have the best solution to our problems. Have Congress not draw their pay! Maybe that will make them sit up and do something. They want everyone else to cut back—-cutting their pay at this very moment should be the ultimate! They are the ones that got us into this mess! I am a disabled VET.

    • Belowzero

      Take it another step! How about NO Congress?? Get rid of it. What the heck has it done lately? Look under SNAFU in the dictionary and you see the word “Congress”!

    • Maria- AF Vet

      Shelley…. BRAVO! I have the same solution. If they had to work and not get paid, they might be inclined to finally sit down like adults and stop all the stunting when they don’t get what they want. The American people are the ones suffering. I say fire the whole lot of them, and start over. Congress is full of old folks, who don’t like to change and are set in there ways and have become a burden to the American people, and we are tired of the nonsense. How much do you think we could save if we didn’t pay them? I think as elected officials they should be on the lower end of the pay scale, then maybe they could look at the real issues. if they lived in the manner that the majority of us do, I’m sure we would see a lot more issues being handled with common sense.

  • Rcg

    I am the wife of a deployed soldier, and hearing that we may get A “no pay due” I must say was not too shocking, although worrisome none the less. I love how the goverment “supports the troops”. I’m sorry but some of us who are not officers do not have money saved for situations like this. The US gives other countries money left and right, ( money our struggling country does not really have ) , and yet the troops getting paid can wait til the children in congress quit quarreling about it?? Wow, how comforting to know that these “adults” are running a country….

  • Bob Nowlin

    How in the world woud Congress people like Shelia Jackson Lee get to Houston nearly every week to but in. Every time we look at the news “there she is”.

  • Christina

    Ok so military and retired won’t get paid. Does that mean Congress, Senators etch get paid? Those of us who are retired there is no help. You can call your landlord, electric etc and Tough Shit is what they are going to say give us our money.

  • bambi

    Is John Kerry gonna continue getting paid… what a bunch of B S//

  • James

    We can ill afford another war.
    Unless you are already wealthy:
    Our economy is crippled.
    Our manufacturing footprint is laughable.
    Our children are suffering for it.
    We are under-represented in government and overtaxed.

    Government need to stop spending frivolously and start pulling back jobs and money to the homefront.
    Big Business needs to cut the price of goods and take a hit to their own profit margins wherever possible and bring the jobs home.
    We need to rebuild our railways, reopen our mines, fabrication plants and factories.
    We need to reinvigorate our farms and fields.

    We don’t need to change to a ‘communist society’, but we need to kill the greed. FAST.
    We need to educate our children and we don’t need computers to do it, we need parents to step up and be parents so our competent teachers can do their jobs without some spoiled child rebelling in their classroom.

    If America breaks, so goes the world, and one of the first things for our freedom loving society is that any new masters will want to break us of our free spirit.

    And we need to do all this as soon as possible.

  • ibsteve2u

    lolll…where to turn if a government shutdown happens?

    Why, I figured we’d turn back into a representational democracy wherein the power of your vote is based upon your right to American citizenship rather than the amount of wealth that you have.

  • Gary E

    What about disabled Vets and our meds. We just die and you’ll pay us back?

    • Brad

      You got disability? I’m still waiting after 6 months for a determination…Yep you’re catching on, ” have a nice day and thanks for contacting us if you’d like to speak to a VA representative please dial SOL ….

  • Gary E

    Sorry about the repeat. TBI

  • Rick

    we wouldn’t be in this mess if it weren’t for obama. I am a disabled VN vet and trust me no one is jealous of your job. You have to be brain washed or just plain stupid to work for obama.

    • George

      I find it interesting that Obama is at fault and probably the Democrats but when the pro veterans congress was in control the VA was fully funded for the first time. This probably leave out the Tea Pary and the right wing. The only time when the right is concerned about the debt is when they are out of power. Bush did not have a balanced buget.

    • FutureSoldierPR

      I believe all humanity is to blame for this, not just blame Obama in fact everyone who voted for him has more fault than him himself?

    • velvet

      Get real this started long befo Obama

    • TomP


      40? In Texas cutting down branches. Give me a break.

  • Barbara

    This has happened before so it is not about President Obama.People please get agrip and stay focused!!!!!!!

    • kat

      obama was the one that decided there would be no more extensions, and that today is the last say. so, it kinda is obama

  • Belowzero

    Yeah right. Last time that happened they called it the Dark Ages. The word Inquisition also comes to mind…

  • gov emp

    As a disabled veteran and current federal employee, my job is now devoted to serving those who serve. My base has thousands of training soldiers and wounded warriors. My mission is to care for these hereos on a dialy basis and have been deemed “MIssion Essential”. If the government decides to lay us off,(since they have already frozen or pay, considering the DC boys get anything they want and outrageous pay) what do they expect us to do, let the base fall apart? The bills to pile up and then get back into the rutt we are barely trying to climb back out of again? Cut Washingtons’ pay and take care of those who take care of you I say!!!

  • Mychelle Ostrow

    We can bailout Wallstreet, but we can’t pay our retirees and active duty servicemembers??? Just love the priorities our law makers demonstrate..NOT!

  • Dana

    Yes, let the Christians take over….they know how to swindle money from anyone to get the job done!

    • Sara

      @Dana, fisrt of all, it’s typical for people to blame Christians when they make a mess of something. This nation has turned its back on G-D and its Judeo-Christian Heritage, and now expects something good to come out of it? Second, false prophets and false Christians are ones who swindle people. If you knew G-d for yourself, then you would know this. People need to stop speaking about things they don’t know. I do know that G-d is allowing financial judgment to come on this nation. Not only will this affect the military, but it will affect the entire United States. So maybe you should stop bashing Christians, and start thinking more about what you are going to do.

      • Dana

        @Sara….you really are brainwashed in all that crap aren’t you? Let me guess…you give your 10% each payday, but are still in debt right? You keep up the good work…..you’ll enjoy your pine box, just as I’ll enjoy mine.

  • Belowzero

    America! Wake Up!. Pull your head out of your bum and have a good look at what’s been done to you!

    Then roll your sleeves up and put on your thinking caps and FIX it!

    YOU can do it!!

  • joe

    “country joe & the fish”give us a -*u*c*k* and uncle sam dont give a damm cause we are all gonna die ! dont ask why

  • ernie

    Would Congressmen and Senators have their pay and benefits cut off too? It is time that we pass laws that our Congressmen have the same benefits that the people they represent have, including insurance, haircuts and all the other goodies they now enjoy. They should not have such great retirement benefits but have to set up a program like the people they represent. Maybe this could help the budget and clear up concerns about social security if they were under the same plan we are.

    • Former Navy

      And God’s people said AMEN!

  • Brent

    Here we go…. They are going to destroy America military. OK listen up people. The truth is that it was the Globalist Bankers plan to destroy America all along. If you know the gov’t owns 70% of the stock market and hides the profits in slush funds then using the controlled media to tell the people they are broke and need to raise taxes. S. Florida already woke up to this long time ago and billionaire Braman saw Mayor Alvarez raising taxes and funded a recall vote. Now Alvarez and crew are out on the street. They planned to build a police state with of course lower wages for all the returning military. They are going to do some big things and whos side are you on? America’s or the military industrial complex? Americans have prepared for this and WHO’S SIDE ARE YOU ON? The winning side or the losing side? Because the New World Order is going down hard.

    • Sara

      @Brent, you have said a mouth full and summed it up in a nutshell. Hope people take heed ;)

  • Linda Milburn

    There are places for the active duty to go to get help but what are the Vets suppose to do who depend on that income to live on? I guess we’re just on our own huh? It figures, I’m not at all surprised.

  • Brent

    Please watch the movie ENDGAME… please visit IVAW.ORG. Also visit AE911truth.org. Please watch the movie OBAMA DECEPTION. Plus 100s of truth movies all for free online. Peace my brothers even if your caught in the matrix I still love you but I am just trying to do the right things. NO FEAR peace

  • Anonymous

    Nicest goverment in the world. Bullsh**!
    I served in the army after 9/11. Said goodbye to my family and friends.
    they discharged me on a medical.
    took me 8 frigging years to get an examination to determine my benefits.
    That was over 3 months ago.
    And now there talking about a goverment shut down which could delay my benefits even longer.
    What the he** did I do to deserve that.
    I jumped thru all the hoops and made all the connections to get this far.
    * **8 long years***
    Goverment nice my A**!

  • Tabauren Dortch

    This is my concern. We have the funds to continue to support the war in Afghan, and start a new one in Libya. We have the funds to build bridges and tunnels that we do not need here in the US, and have the funs to pay sports players millions of dollars a game. America is becoming more of a country in need rather than a country who supports. We owe China over 14 trillion dollars. The fall of Rome was because China called in their debt on Rome, who did not have the money to repay them. If China called our debt, the dollar would be worthless. This is where we are headed. This is a serious issue, and expecting these Soldiers to continue to fight is comical. Politician will continue to get paid. They will continue to pass useless bills that requires more funding, but to put our nation’s defense on the side to pay them “eventually” will backfire.

    • Sara

      Right on

  • Maria

    i heard that Obama has 15 billion in some Emergency Relief fund and what about his 1 million he received for that Nobel Prize. Why doesn’t the Congress people let their pay go and hand it down to us military active duty, especially the ones in Iraq,Afganistan. I’m a military wife of a deployed soldier…I do agree that business people should be running our US budget.

    • john


  • Anna

    It isn’t just the immediate doing without that’s a problem. What about all the credit cards or loans who can increase interest when any payment is late? I know credit cards increase rates when you are late even on a utility bill. It is never a simple as telling them to take a number any more.

  • We’re PCSing to Germany on the 3rd of April, then we’ll have to find a new House to live in while we stay at a local hotel we’ll have to pay for out of pocket for now (hopefully we’ll get reimbursed for that), will have to rent a car etc. We have saved up some money, but we still rely on my husband’s paycheck, since i had to quit my job due to the military move overseas.
    so yes, we are pretty upset and hope it won’t come to the delayed pay.

  • quila35

    Ok lets see…with 5 kids, myself medically retired, husband an e-5 and bills upon bills, “saving” money is NOT in our vocab. Trust and believe me we do NOT live above or beyond our means, and there is a freeze on GS jobs so I have to budget off 70% of e-4 pay from my retirement. Single soldiers, yes, may be able to save. Soldiers with families and bills not so easy. So take into consideration that there are diff ppl that have diff bills and budgets before you offer “rocket science” advice that does not pertain to everyone. Please and thank you.

    • RUSerious?

      so you have 5 kids and struggle with bills. Imagine that!

  • Christina

    I agree with most comments out there, but i agree with one the most, what about the civilian employees? i served faithfully for 15 years in the AF , now i’m a DOD civilian employee, i don’t like that my job is in jepardy too. the entire situation is messed up. I pray it is resolved and NO ONE has to work w/o pay.

    • Laura Sullivan

      Anyone who is mission essential and is required to work WILL BE PAID AS SOON AS THE BUDGET IS PASSED!!!!

  • Don’t forget to give those crrok congersman and senators their aid a raise so they can make excuses why checks didn’t get sent out to retired disable and those serving their country so they can party , dring and cheat lie and whatever oh and take trips on tax payers.

  • matt

    We did away with the gold standard in 1974 so why is the fed shutting down? It does not make sense to me to even do this if nothing is being backed up with gold anyway. What do they want us to do; go AWOL and find a job or something? I do not understand?!

  • Eagle021

    Have the troops to clean the house out,and throw away the elites.Then the underground cities can be used as waste bins.

  • Eagle021

    Down with the New World Order! Revolution is what happens when you stop paying your Army…LOL

    “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation.
    One is by sword. The other is by debt.”
    -– John Adams
    “If your outgo exceeds your income, then your upkeep will
    be your downfall.”
    — Bill Earle

  • nadine

    Well.. considering that most service member’s pay gets messed up atleast once during their enlistment .. this is nothing new.. instead of Military Finance screwing it up someone else is..
    Plus side.. it will be back-paid from time of “freeze” and why worry about it now? Unless you already have a few bucks saved you really can’t do much but wait and see and worry about it when/if it happens.

    • We didn’t get paid for two months over the summer and we aren’t getting paid in April regardless. Finance has done a number on us and we’ve just barely managed to stay afloat. Thank goodness we got a ton of bills paid and taken care of during tax season so we won’t have such a hard time in April.

  • jdd

    I swear to God, if Obama Bin Laden gets four more years… I really think he is trying to see how bad he can fuck things up in this country and why not he can just keep blaming Bush for the mess. 20 years and 1 month of service to this great country and sometimes I wonder why!

    • DAFVet

      If Obama gets voted for another term, then the people of our country obviously have blinders on.

  • Pamrojo

    Take away the retirement of the Congressmen and Senate who are drawing full pay after only 1 term of office. Take away the perks, including their free medical care, their inflated staff members (like Michelle Obama’s $6 million staff – what a load!! Take away everything from our ‘elected officials’ except their base pay. At least they would get more than the military will get if this shut down occurs. If you look at all the ‘benefits’ these government officials get and the cost it would make you have heart failure. And they tell us to tighten our belts and be patriotic by smiling as we do it. Tell that to my mother who is living on $933 Social Security a month and has to pay out over $300 every month in insurance premiums. If Congress is so pious, tell THEM to tighten their belt and lead WE THE PEOPLE into the future. Right now the future of being an American isn’t looking so good.

    • dustydanny

      A little insight but first I’m not taking any politicians side, most of them are in it for themselves no matter what they say. As a DOD employee of 31 + yrs I have looked up what you assume to be true about their retirement. Go to http://www.factcheck.org/askfactcheck/does_a_unit… and see for yourself. Then to reassure what I’m saying go to http://www.senate.gov/reference/resources/pdf/RL3… this is the official CRS report for Congress. They don’t get a retirement after 1 day. Get over this myth.

    • Judy

      I really think we are going to have to stage a major protest here and make sure our congress receives no pay and benefits until our military does. Further more, they should receive no better pay and benefits than our military. Why do they think they are better. The only way to get rid of them is to strip them of their rights like we did the people of Wisconsin.

  • john

    if you have a couch, i suggest you go engage in some kind of congress with it…

  • soldier boy

    well here’s a news flash for ya Ritchie, i have a son who is deathly disable at 3 years of age and depends on life support and meds that is life or death to him so go blow smoke out your butt thanks. ARMY SGT

  • Steve

    The Air Force no longer has the funds for me to PCS in June. They are making me wait for orders until the budget is passed. What a MESS!

  • T. Tagmeyer

    This is The “Preamble” of the “Great Depression” of the past. Those that cant remember, when the fed crashes, ALL FUNDS ARE LOST. If your a vet, and reading this, a BANK is the WRONG PLACE to keep money, and the form that savings takes, needs to be invested in gold, which is rising at an astronomical rate. The U.S. dollar is worth 40 cents today….tomorrow it might be worth the confederate money that wallpapers my cabin. This being said, we have started War number 3. But dont worry, HILLARY is handling our Peace talks with 3 other nations, and the Chinese are volunteering to bail us out with a loan that will last at least a week! Remember the romans Gentlemen and Ladies….and how they fell.

  • J E C

    You should reach down, grab your collar and pull your head out into the light. Active duty protects this great nation, and our retired and disabled have given years of our lives and parts of our bodies to protect our way of life. You do not take our pay, retirement, or disability money. It’s not that I am against anyone, I am for active duty and veterans. How can you expect future generations to fight for this country when you show that when it comes down to it you through us on the scrap heap? Guess I better get off my soap box.

  • Evil Tom

    I work for the DOD if they think I am going to work without pay they better think again I was working back in 95 when this happened it totally destroyed my credit,screw that never again.

    • Laura sullivan

      If you are mission essential and refuse to work, you will be fired. YOU WILL BE PAID EVENTUALLY!! My hubby and I survived the 1995 shutdown,

  • Richard Tucker

    Know the difference between politicians and lab rats ???? People might actually like the lab rats…We should empty out Washington DC, make it illegal for lawyers to hold public office, put some working people up there and start solving our problems..Politicians care only for themselves and their personal interests, they are a totally wasted species, used to lump them in with used car salesmen, but then started feeling bad about offending the car salesmen..

    • T. Tagmeyer

      Join the “Tea Party”…..times are coming.

    • T.Tagmeyer

      Mr. Tucker, POLITICS, lets “Break that down”….POLI, from the Latin meaning “Many”. Tics, are small, blood sucking INSECTS. Yet SOMEWHERE in my LIFETIME of service as an Infantryman, I remember 1 thing, amoungst this cabin full of Triangular folded flags…..”I SWEAR, TO DEFEND, MY Country against ALL ENEMYS, foreign AND DOMESTIC.” No-one “Unswore me” from that oath…..I fear my brother, I have used the “soap box”, then the “Ballot box”….Now, all I have left, is the “Cartridge box”. God help us….all.

  • Mercyhm3 PGW Vet

    The government has our tax money and can pay for BS but can’t pay our soldiers and others? I’m sure our senators and congressmen will still get their paychecks. TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN AT HOME FIRST! How do you morons expect support of American citizens if you won’t take care of us first?! It’s time to decentralize some more of our government. Obama, sorry to tell you chief, but you aint gettin 4 more years.

  • FutureSoldierPR

    You’re clearly an uneducated person yourself. And probably not american, or maybe just a little kid.

  • T.Tagmeyer

    Well, its not as if the soldiers are not used to waking up with a sore A** and a nickle in their hand.

  • T.Tagmeyer

    I want them HOME…..a nice carrier, an airstrike on WASHINGTON could add a whole new meaning to “Stop-loss”

  • LifesWife

    I feel that Congress should not get paid and they should have to take some tpe of pay cut for letting it get this far. There are too many lives at stake for them to be playing around with the budget! Oh they found money to go to war and later help to rebuild yet another country but cant find money to do right by the one they live in!

  • Former Navy

    Some of these people are living paycheck to paycheck. I’m glad you had it to put back but some simply don’t.

  • LifesWife

    You must not have a family! You must not have a car! You must still live in the house you grew up in and walk from point A to point B! My family and I are overseas wher the cost of living is high and we have to use our cola to pay for our ele. bill which runs us $400 a month because it is hot and if you turn your air off mold will grow in the house! Now you tell me how we are to save for a rainy day!

  • Former Navy

    All this talk about where to go to get help…WHAT?! Our service personnel shouldn’t NEED to get help. Talk about distention in the ranks! The fed wants these men and women to put their life on the line but we’ll pay you so you can pay your bills when we get this issue ironed out… Well sorry Sir, I was late for watch because I was on the phone with the RELIEF CENTER filling out my app! WTH!

    We the people, gov and civilians, should all be under the same rules and benefits. We put these people into office we should be deciding how things go. Why are we letting them run this country into the ground?! Vote people in who will make sound decisions for all of us, not this group or that group. We the people is WE not them and us. The Gov needs to be held to a higher standard than this or our people don’t get paid because they make poor decisions. We should be telling these officials ‘you have 4 years to make things happen otherwise your out’. Then we should vote accordingly. Term limits aren’t the answer, smart voting is.

    Think of the stress some of these people must be under. First they’re getting shot at and then they’re told that pay might be delayed. Now they’re concerned with their personal finances. When we’re distracted with something like this we’re not paying attn to that IED.

    We need new people in Washington D.C. and soon.

  • ray

    gov. $ hungy do you want pay 5.00 & up for gas ! check back 30 years when gov. personal wanted a rais everything went up

  • Stop pushing the ‘PANIC BUTTON” Chicken-Little. The sky is not falling. The government is not going to SHUTDOWN !!! I think people in the media enjoy working people into a frenzy; and some people love being worked into one. IT AIN ‘ T GOING TO HAPPEN !!!

  • eric

    maybe if they took away one box of cereal of the allotted five boxes a month for people on welfare the government would save a bundle of money. was it delta airlines that saved something like $1 mil a year by ommiting one olive from each salad served in-flight? its not rocket science gents. lets not look to our service members and families at this point to give up yet even more to help our great nation.

  • JV

    Don’t worry, Obumma has a plan….**BS**

    • TomP



  • Child of the King

    To all of you who are worried about govt shut down/other cares in life; Proverbs 3:5&6-Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your lives-Amen. @ twilliams, so true!

  • eodltc

    Posts on this thread are great for venting, but if you really want something done, contact your congress-critter. They only act if we citizens keep the pressure on them. Let them know specifically what you want of them, such as they should do their job and pass a budget, for example. And let them know that you are charting or tracking their votes and actions. That is our process, that is how our system works. Take some of your angst and direct it at the real problem, the irresponsible congress.

  • 12-n-out

    Reminds me of those who say “it’s easy to build for retirement, just put aside X percent of your paycheck into a <such and such> account and don’t touch it”. Easy to do if you make enough, but the ones who need it most are the ones who are barely making it from one payday to the next. You can’t put aside what you need to survive. One more reason I got out after 12 years.


    If they don’t want to pay the military the military should lay down their weapons and tell them in that way either #$%^ or get off the pot and start doing what they were elected by the people to do. I feel certain that they will continue to get paid even though some or most of them can do without it as they already have enough to go on. Sorry state of affairs by thme elected officials.

  • Joe Troopy

    Hopefully some brash Colonel or Brigadier will take the opportunity to road march his troops to DC from Belvoir. Then have a Division stand at “Sling Arms” in front of the Capital steps. Someone needs to remind the Government that they have a job to do. The same way our military has a job to do: “protect…. against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC….”

    • Salty Sailor

      I agree! I wish all the military and government employees alike who find themselves without pay, take a self authorized furlough and all meet in Washington to give them a piece of our collective minds and do a little old fashioned revolutionized justice!

  • Ol’Salt

    Just keep fresh rolls of toilet paper on the hangers and we’ll all be alright.

  • Sharon

    You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Let’s all work the solution to this mess. We are all at fault and finger pointing at this point will get us nowhere. Read the manual – the Constitution! and read the other manual – The Bible. It’s all in there how we should live and work. And those of you who bash Christians. Don’t knock it till you’ve studied the manual !

    Our first problem – the Govt is corrupted! Start over!!!



    • Former Navy

      And yet here we are…

    • Salty Sailor

      This is precisely why the government will shut down…our elected leader isn’t doing any leading at all. Instead, he knows this is his one and only shot in office so he’s milking it for all its worth.

  • RON


  • John Boy

    BETTER IDEA!!! BETTER IDEA!!! Why NOT make the US Senate and the US Congress and all of their staffs as well as the staffs of the executive and judicial branches go without pay until a plan is drawn up to make sure this sleight of hand stupidity is taken care of???

    Without pay, my butt!!!

  • The same sh** happened when Carter was President.. same except that this kind of debt that the Govt has gotten itself into is very scary. I pray for my uniformed brothers through these ordeals.

    • TomP


  • RoundandRound

    This is like a drill. It will reveal who is really in it for the service to their country rather than their wallets.

    • SSGWife

      Really? Yes my husband gets shot at and sent to all areas of the world for the fun of it! He serves his country with pride but yes, like EVERYONE else, we have bills to pay and kids to feed. Do your homework. Military pay isn’t great. He and his brothers in arms do what they have to to defend our rights. However, we all need jobs. You want to take a bullet for your neighbor, just because of the “honor” or would you go to work without a paycheck? He’ll show up and do his job but we’ll be without electric, gas, food….etc. Next time he has to choose whether to stand and fight for your honor, I’ll be sure to remind him that ya “it’s all for the wallet.”

  • Sra Yarbrough

    You need to take an english class you idiot.

  • former army

    Gee. How about cancelling all aid to ILLEGAL ALIENS?????? They are costing millions of dollars in healthcare alone, not to mention the BENEFITS they are receiving, like food stams, etc. Not pay our soldiers?? Take another f&&&&ng vacation Dumbama.

  • Trish

    You don’t seem to write your comments in a very educated manner. Maybe you are just nice.

  • CKundert

    So here is a question what if down the road (in the near future) our Govt goes insolvent, and goes a long time without paying it’s troops, think of the consequences to our nation’s survival. I suggest this should be a warning all, and we should all begin stocking up on basic needs just in case our 15 trillion of debt, and the excessive printing of money finally comes to a head. May God have mercy on our union.

  • Joe Henderson

    Loyalty ends with betrayal.

  • Fed-Up

    They would rather not pay you than to cut their own lucrative percs, throats and six or seven digit salary. (for crying out loud!)
    The Veteran Administration does not make the laws…our government does.
    Our alleged Senators, Representatives and Councilmen/women make and vote on the laws that cut our throats. They do not work for you…they work for themselves and their elite members. Just about every big business our government and Supreme Court has given an “out of debt, free-money/bail-out cards” to them and Coke and a Smile.
    What the hell have they done for you. The original bail-out plan was for the American People…NOT The American Steeple! These are our appointed leaders? I wouldn’t trust them nor follow them or help them accross the street. For more info. go to: FoundationForVeteransRights.com Thank You.

    • GENE

      You are so correct. I lost track on how many milionaires are serving incongress/senate but it is a bunch Worthless thieving bums.

    • Dale Watkins

      very well stated. where is the governmen of the people and for the people.

    • Retired Working Man

      I read with concern all the anger expressed in this blog. The politicians like to play with everyones mind. At the end, a “hero” will emerge with a “silver bullet” and save everyones pay. Some fools will believe and vote forthe hero when election comes. To everyone, everything will be fine…

  • yogi

    why do they wanna stop the income from people who draw disabialty? It is all we have to live on and there is a very good reason we are on it, And to all the men and women who are surving our country what about the families back home what are they suppos to do? Yes Obama”s day is running out. But he needs to grow a pair and stand up to the goverment, to all the people in the U.S.

    • sky

      who is gonna pay light bills and water bills and buy diapers for there babies?

  • Josh

    To Fed-up

    I am pretty sure the Government shut down stops pay to all government employees. Including Servicemen, Congress, the Senate and even the President.

    • WTF Over!!

      Yes but Congress, the Senate and even the President have advance warning of this shut down giving them plenty of time to bilk money from every crevass of our country for their own personal use should the freeze happen.

  • Gail

    The Govt. can give the car companies and banks all that money, there is no reason they cant do the same for the govt. paychecks. What a joke. When are we as Americans gonna stop putting up with Washingtons crap. Stop all the money going for counting how many ants it takes to build a mound, or how many fish swim sideways… when the govt. can pay the paychecks then those programs can get their money back.

  • Joe Troopy

    And I always thought there were 3 things the military would never %*ck with… Bullets, Beans, and Bucks…. as in ammo… something to eat.. and our pay!!!!


  • Laura

    It should be worth noting that the “government shutdown” was actually a part of the House Republicans’ budget proposal, and the $16 billion cut in defense program was part of that same budget proposal.

    And no, I’m not getting this from CNN or MSNBC: http://www.nationaljournal.com/house-gop-calls-fo
    and here http://franklincountytexasgop.blogspot.com/2011/0

    • Kelly Kafir

      Maybe if the democrats would have done their job last year and passed a budget instead of trying to shove that damned health care takeover down our throats, we would probably be in a better situation.

      • Laura

        Maybe, but it wasn’t the Democrats or Obama who wrote the bill marking down a $16 billion cut from defense programs or have been threatening a government shutdown. I mean, they don’t have the balls to, for one thing.

  • Dave

    But I bet they would throw a fit if we did not pay the IRS on Apri 18th. I think if they want us to wait to get paid, they should have to wait too.

  • Erik

    If we weren’t getting paid for that time period isn’t that a violation of our contract and wouldn’t that negate a military service contract, rank specific pay for an alloted term of service.

    • Rhys

      Actually, the fine print of a military contract states that we are expected to work up to 1 year without pay should the need arise. Back pay is of course mandated, but that’s gonna be a long year should it ever happen…

  • WTF Over!!

    Why should I send my husband to work if he isn’t going to get paid? If my employer told me they would not pay me but expected me to be there on time every day anyway, I’d tell them to eff off and I’d find other employment. My husband works darn hard every day, has deployed several times and this is the thanks he gets? It’s absolute BS. If I were a soldier or government employee not only will I not show up (seriously who works for nothing) but I’d get as many people as I could to protest those POS who decided freezing pay was a good idea.

    • samarys

      i totally agree. i work everyday long and hard, and now for what? i have a baby on the way and this is what they do to us. eff the military.

      • WTF Over!!

        Hahaha Most definitely.

        • scanlan1920

          I honestly believe that if this were to happen alot of military workers would really do less and be disgruntal about the whole situation and possibly not do a damn thing and we would have alot of captains mast and many NJPs and possibly way to many people wanting out of the military and riots and people just shutting down. I mean people have bills to pay and responsibilities and people need that financial security thats why a large majority of people join the military. The effects would be devastating and the american people would be outraged and think of the famlies that would be effected. All in all it would really hurt our country as a whole and effect the sharpness and pride of country and military. NOT A GOOD IDEA!!

          • WTF Over!!

            I completely agree and if my husband didnt have 5 years until retirement I’d strongly suggest he didnt reenlist. Seriously, why should he sacrifice for a country so quick to turn their backs on him? And it’s not just the military either. What’s going to happen to all the other government employees who make next to nothing? Atleast service members have emergancy relief funds available to them. To my knowledge civilians don’t have that luxury.

      • chfwife

        Eff the military really is that a statement you would like to put on here. You think that the military itself is stating that we might not get paid. NO!! It is there higher ups. They don’t have the luxury of telling the commander in chief to F**K O** if so you lose many years invested in your career, get dishonorable discharge, which means no american rights on owning land. Also if awol you look at time. As a military spouse you should know the “ways” of the military. So before you say Eff the military ( which is everyone in a Uniform) you might want to look at that person next to you in uniform.

  • Old grayed hair guy

    Your going to tell a bunch of people that access to automatic weapons and lots of ammo. That they still have to put their lives on the line while their family’s thousands of miles away from home cant feed their children or lose their house. And “O” buy the way the very people that decide on this “issue” are still going to get their money and medical. “GOOD LUCK” don’t be surprised if it does not work out all happy and roes y. Like you want it to. Take note elected officials,and start doing what is right for the people that put you there, (The “PEOPLE” of the USA.) remember your a Civil “SERVANT” not a LORD or MASTER.

    • william

      don’t worry the agencys that are there to “help” will fork out what 500 bucks but make it sound good b/c its an intrest free loan. don’t know about most people but 500 bucks doesn’t cover much and in most places wont cover rent/morgage. so im sure lots of people will go to the loan sharks/pay day loans just to get by and get screwed. either way its lose lose if it happens.

    • Christy Smith

      That’s a lil funny. I said the SAME THING. I’m an Army Wife and I k o a lot of Soldiers that it probably wouldn’t take much to make them go crazy. I think I can name a million and one other resources we can cut funds from. I don’t know why the Military of all people would get their pay cut. Please tell me anyone that works as hard as a Soldier. NO ONE AT ALL. Yea ok sometimes they have it easy. But at the end no one works as hard as they do. Let’s take one of the “lovely” congress personell away from their family for a year. Hahah yea f n right. They would cry like babies bc they can’t eat their caviar and take their Wife on a trip to Paris. This countries government has gone off the deep end. We have spent money in places that make no sense. And cut where we need it the most. How can our government cut pay to schools and pay a government employee millions of dollars. Those people’s jobs aren’t worthy of that amount of money. I don’t agree with people on welfare who can work get out and get a job. If u can’t find work don’t stop till u do. I know life can vet hard been there done that. But we have to remember it’s the Democrates AND the Republicans who have created this mess. We can’t keep blaming one side. We need to Unite that’s the sole meaning of our beautiful country. And no matter how dumb our government gets. I am still A VERY PROUD AMERICAN. Because my past and present Soldiers in the US Military has given that right to me. Not my Democrates President or my Republican past president.

  • Snake

    Don’t panic , this is a game that is being played. We will all be OK!!!

  • DaWizard

    Enough is enough! It is time to send a message to the theiving bastards in Washington. It is time we put Congress AND the President on a performance basis! We need a law that fines Congress AND the President $1,000.00 PER DAY for every day after September 30th that the Budget is not passed by Congress and signed by the President. This fine would be cumulative, in other words, for each day they are fined, thats a permanent loss of $1,000.00 from their salary for the rest of their Congressional Career. It would also apply to their retirement. As to their retirement, it should exactly match the military system, ZIP-O for under 20 years service and increases as in the military retirement.

    • Milspouse

      To a point — I agree with you! There SHOULD be repercussions for not DOING THEIR JOB!!! Any one of us “regular folk” would be reprimanded somehow if we were given a deadline and surpassed it by…what?…7 – 8 MONTHS??? I, like most of those that have commented, think that they need to look at programs that are not necessary and cut back there before they take the food out of the mouths of the families of the ones that serve and protect! And curiosity gets the better of me…do these “services” have enough funds for ALL of the military members’ needs? I highly doubt it. Has Congress considered what will happen then? Unfortunately – we – the American public – put these jokers in the positions that they are in. And sadly, as many others have stated, as long as we “eventually” get our paychecks and seem to come out of this “unscathed”, most people will forget it and move on and never hold Congress accountable for their actions.

  • Dave

    I have an idea, why don’t congress go to Navy Relief and other service Emergency funds to pay the military.

    Oh! thats how they got in this mess in the first place.

  • jimbo

    I’m a disabled vet. I’m also a DoD civilian. Not getting rich or anything, but getting by. I lose it all. Where’s the loyalty for what we have done and keep doing?

    The budget’s a shambles — has been for at least a decade. There’s been no shame or honor for all that time. We’ve lived on credit for too long. So let’s shaft all employees, past and present, and pretend to fix things. The public has a short memory and will forgive easily. The public always has.

    Where’s the loyalty? In my dreams, of course!

  • springchickennot

    There’s always Ye Olde Pawn Shop. Been there, done that, in order to survive.

    • Pissed of SSG

      It shoiuldn’t have to come down to that

  • Call2Action

    Let’s takes notes and Vote!
    Report card Fail.
    No passion just performance vote all the ins out!

  • Marine

    When is it that the government will be fixed and the offices will be afraid of the people like it was to be than the people afraid of the government, offices, etc.

  • sharon

    I think that it is appalling for the people who protect us the most,are going to suffer again for the idiocy of our “elected officials”.
    They don`t vote for us,they vote for whomever gives the biggest payout!
    They still get their perks.Taxpayer health insurance,pensions in the millions of dollars,taxpayer-bought car and gas,no upkeep on the vehicle,and half the time they don`t even show up to work,yet the the people who lay their lives on the line everyday,get the shaft!
    Call your legislator,congressman,anybody who is Elected,and let them know,that they can be unelected.
    Democrat,or Republican.


    i absolutly agree with you, everyone needs to stop whining, if you cant pay your bills because you have no money then you need to go sign yourself up for a financial managment class. I bet half these people will be able to buy ciggerettes and beer even if they dont get paid, and yes my wife and I are both active duty, and dont try to live like rockstars like half the military personnel do! Chill out we will get paid eventually and it probably wont last more then a week or two like the last time. The gov’t sucks right now but we cant do anything about it except vote and you all did that, its been a lovely “change’.

    • desertsailor7

      officer or enlisted?

    • ActiveNCOArmy

      your one of those idiots I am trying to force out because you have all the answers but nothing to contribute. idiot .I am active duty, an NCO, save every payday and still could not afford to get 2weeks behind

    • Army wife

      So you have TWO paychecks coming into the house, you didn’t say you had any children, so basically, you are getting twice the pay, twice the BAH and BAS and only have to support two people! Good for you! I’m really happy that you can afford to put money away. However, for those of us who have children, are pregnant with another child, and can only have one adult in the family working, this is gonna hurt and impact REALLY Hard on families. Stop judging those around you and open your eyes!
      Are you really ok with working and not getting paid?! If you and your wife were called up for deployment with in the next 48 hours, are you prepared to go to war, and NOT GET PAID?! Because I know my family isn’t, and I know several other families who have loved ones in harms way and are NOT prepared to have their loved ones die when they aren’t even afforded the common decency of a pay check by our government! It’s not whining at all, it is truly the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Asking our men and women in the military to work without pay, simply put, is wrong.
      Oh, and one more thing, we don’t smoke, or drink in my family. It’ll be amazing if we can even afford to buy groceries. And yes, we actually HAVE been to AER and taken financial management classes. Funny thing about those, if your income to debt ratio is too high, they can’t help you!
      But you obviously have all the answers…so lead on!

    • ceh

      you’ve never deployed to combat have you? you dumb ignorant bastard.

  • cynthia

    totally agree with you! every american should have 8 month amergency savings at least and dont have kids, pets or bills that cant afford!

    • DFree

      I understand having 3 months of savings, but be realistic…circumstances can change things, such as a husband getting injured at work and only receiving 20% of his pay while receiving medical treatment, companies shutting down and someone losing their job, sick kids, inflation of fuel prices and deaths in the family that cause a family of 5 to have to buy plane tickets, single parents because one of the parents left them high and dry and don’t help support the family. Not everyone can have that much saved up, but I do agree that monies should be set aside. I have 3 months worth for rent, car payments and insurance and incidentals but that doesn’t mean I am not going to whine about it. I also want money to do things with my family, like drive to a mountain to go hiking or camping or find a giant playground near a lake that my dog can play with my kids at…it’s not about living like a rock star, it’s about living. Who is to say the same thing isn’t going to happen next year and all the money that you had saved up is gone and you haven’t rebuilt the savings to what it was…then what!? This is just a vicious cycle that will go on until we can’t take any more “change” .

    • lisa

      well we don’t need your advice about having kids or pets so you take your little advice and shove it!!

  • F.O.F member

    It’s hard enough to find a job in our own country that would and can help us sustain our selves, our families. For the few of us, if not the majority of us who have volunteered extensively for tours of duty, this is the only way that we can provide for our own, while still serving our country. Where are we to turn for help when the relief programs that have been set in place for times such as these run out of support? Let’s fix ourselves before we go on and try to mend the rest of the world and their problems, yes, I may sound selfish by saying so, but I have a family to support and I have raised my hand on more than one occasion to do my service to this country without question

  • Jc

    The only way to fix all this mess is to take action and vote!!! If your elected officials are not performing their duties then vote them out!!! But as long as we continue to be fanatical drones voting without researching the true agenda that the candidates have we will continue the downward spiral and eventual collapse of our way of life. I know a bit dramatic but we really need to send a message to the people who represent us that they work for us, they don’t own us.

    • william

      thats the problem, there is no accountability for anyone in congress. the worst case is a black mark on your name in the offical records of congress and they bitch and whine about that. no jail time, no repayment on tax evasion, no punishment of any kind. and what happens for their corruptness? they get free medical for life as a politician, same pay for life at the time they leave office, full retirement after one term, and they are not even required to attend one session (they never have to show up for work and still get paid, like an honor system to show up). we have voted and its the same ole same ole. the reps have been going w/ the flow for bipartisnshipness. and its the dems who ignored this issue in hopes to gain votes and keep their jobs/majority rather than do their jobs and make a budget.

  • william

    good luck getting any sympathy from your utilities, landlord, phone, credit cards and so forth. been down that road before when i retired. told them that i could not keep up with the payments i was paying already and they told me tough shit its your problem and we will not help you. so you can guess what they will say if i don’t get paid (providing a government shut down lasts more than 15 days). so what then? go to the military or others? they will still want every penny back. so whats the use? they would help my family but would let me suffer as long as im still living. had that problem before too. they said i made too much into retirement so i still had to pay back. bottom line is the money comes from the government and we still have to pay back regardless.

  • Marinewife0903

    It sucks that they might not pay it but it could be worse if they weren’t gonna back pay us for everything an they have places to help the military with bills the military family’s will be fine if it happens most of the time u just don’t get paid for like 3 days or so does it suck that the people who keep the country going won’t get paid on time yes but u signed a contract knowing if things happened u were still willing to serve this country this country screws everyone all the time but we all still choose to love here because we have our freedom just realize if the military didn’t go to work our country would get taken over by even worse people we just need tonstand by and help the people who need it that is what the marines are taught to help there fellow marines in need Oorah semper fi

  • jdam

    I might be able to save 10% if I wasn’t paying $4000 a month (between alimony and child support) to an ex, who didn’t stay along for the ride and trying to put all of my kids through college. Don’t be so presumptuous to think that everyone has the capacity in their budget to actually save 10%-many servicemembers are barely getting by. Folks work and expect to get paid! We’re all patriotic and everything, but we all have obligations and people counting on us. Bet you’ll whine if you don’t get YOUR retirement check….

    • nltjharris

      Couln’t have said it better myself.

    • desertsailor7

      im with you brother..!

  • Kcarmy

    Active soldier, I really don’t care what color
    You are what color Obama is or anyone else
    For that matter. I have a problem with your
    Jump into someone else’s conversation
    Attitude cause it offends you but this is what
    You need to hear. Yes, there is a process that
    Happens before it gets to Obama. I agree that
    It hasn’t made it to him yet. But, if he wants,
    As the president of the USA , to get a budget
    passed, oh I don’t know, like a health bill that I
    dont want, I am sure he can make it happen.
    Quit taking up for who is turning out to be
    the leader of the worst presidency ever. Sorry your card
    Has already been played and I call bluff!

    • Howard

      You are just uninformed about how the US Government works. Majority rules in the Senate and in Congress, The President can use his veto power but cannot pass any legislation.
      BTW far the most ineffective and arogant Pesident we have had is the one that just left office.
      Learn the process of your government before you run your mouth.

  • Navy Chief wife

    Obama does have a say…it’s called VETO…yeah for all the old retired military …you can afford to save for a rainy day, what about e-5 and below families? To say that they should save for a rainy day, that’s a joke! Everyone is not retired, and I think that if our government can’t afford to pay it’s service members, then what justification is there to spend millions on each bomb we’ve dropped in Libiya? This has nothing to do with ones financial responsibility, it has everything to do with what is owed to those who fight for their country…and their families.


    1995 when this happened…Bill Clinton was President. 2011 Financial Crisis, and Obama is President. Is there a pattern here….yep, they are both Democrats who have never served in the military! Think about before you vote, next time!! Those of you who aren’t on the Dave Ramsey plan, need to get on it. This situation goes to show that “Social” systems in place to keep food in your mouth, and lights on in your house won’t always be applicable to your needs or hardships. I’ve been in the Army for 9 years on Active duty, and have come to the conclusion that inept commanders and leaders from all levels will still be in that position regardless of how inept they seem to you and me. The only variable in this equation that you have the ability to affect, is you! Good luck to those who will need it!

    • Milspouse

      Well stated Joe! I believe that the office of the President should be held by someone who has previously served in the Armed Forces — or at least has some knowledge of the military workings. Definitely, they should have more on their resume than “Community Organizer”. People of America, next election, PLEASE don’t vote on charm (and I’m not saying that I think Obama is charming – I DON’T) — dig a little deeper, do some research, actually CARE about who you are voting for; and for goodness sake — DON’T base your decision on the TV Ads or the media hype!

  • Jon Weiss

    If the idiots in DC do generate a shut down it is they who should need the assistance, because if they fail in their sworn duty and cause harm to others each of them deserves to be physically tossed out of their offices on their heads. The flippant nature of our politicians over the past few years has grown intolerable and the last time this country had “intolerable acts”, it lead to and armed revolution. Let us hope that the bone heads in Congress exercise more sense the King George did just before losing his American Colonies due to his own stupidity.

  • the government needs to learn how to budget a lot better. stop giving the congressmen and senators raises every dam year and set there salary at a certain rate . and stop paying out the but for stuff like a hammer that the military pays way to much for when dept stores have them cheaper.i think the first people that should be paid all the time is the military serves people. like sommeone said above they risk there life for ourr freedom and they deserve to get there pay check to support there loved ones and them selves PERIOD!!!!!! I served in the USNAVY for 4 yrs on the USS TENNESSEE SSBN 734(B) and loved every min of it.

  • mike dobelmann

    I think something similar to this happened in the ancient roman empire. The politicians got paid but the military didn’t, if I’m not mistaken that empire eventually collasped due to the politians.

  • Zinfulla

    So my question as a federal employee with an obligation to the National Gaurd is: Do the days missed for pay go towards a retirement? Will that time have to be purchased back if they decide not to reimburse the days lost? As screwed up as this administration is, it would not surprise me one bit if they choose not to pay back time lost.
    Honestly, Congress should not be receiving pay until they reach a conclusion on the bill before they receive a paycheck. Let them get a taste of what we deal with.

  • Chief

    Those young Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen out there that are junior in rank and just starting families are the ones we need to worry about. They are the ones who sacrifice the most for this nation and they are the ones that will be reeling from this national blunder. God bless this country if active duty military pay is cut off, for it may have consecuences that last for years. it could be detrimental to our national defense….Chief

    • Guest1234

      Maybe they shouldn’t be starting familes if they are not in the right position to care for them? Wife/kids wer enot issued with their seabag.

      Don’t get me wrong, as a PO1 I am very worried for my junior troops. I just don’t worry any less for the single sailors (whom are almost always left out) than I do for those with families.

      • guest1234hater

        your an ass

  • Juan A. Menchaca (1sgt ret)

    We will be OK, **** Happens, but in the mean time without pay? How are we suppose to feed our families, take them with us the the mess hall? or buy gas to go to work? Take our POVs to the motor pool and top off free? Congress needs to help each other get thier head out of thier 4th point of contact,(that’s Donkey, or simply put ***)

  • Steven

    It’s funny how everyone seems to want to blame President Obama or Democarats in general when it plainly a ploy by the Republicans to grasp power. period. They have control of Congress and won’t compromise on anything but their ridiculous ideals. yet where were all these backbones while Bush and his cronies was dragging the country into the mess that we are now b/c this didn’t happen in the last two years so stop fooling yourself and being led away from the truth. You people sit around like this debt just started with the last election. It’s the same crooked congress people and House of Reps. that are crafting the laws, and by the way b/c of the way they crafted the contingency plan still get paid b/c of being essential personnel and as well as the staff they designate designated personnel. The real change will come when the fools stop voting in the people to be represtives of the public who are only represting their own agenda’s and those who can pay them the most money. And yes I am in the Military and a federal civilian..

  • Deployed Soldier

    I wonder what would happen if the Presidents 100 decided not to go to work because they didn’t get paid. I’m sure that most of them have a hard time paying their bills while living in the Washington D.C. area where rent is sky high and they can’t get post housing. BAH is nice but it normally only covers the rent and not much else.

    I’m not saying that this is all the Presidents fault, but a lot of the bills that have been force fed down the countries throats is most of the reason for this mess. All of them was created by the current President without having a good plan on how to pay for it all.

    I am a deployed Soldier serving in Iraq for the third time and I do have some money saved aside. The amount of money I have will only cover about 1 months bills before I start having to worry about how they will get paid. However, my mortgage and car payment both come out as a allotment that I now have to cover out of my savings.

    I feel that most Soldier and their families have enough issues to worry about without the added stress of weather or not they will have enough money to cover their bills without having to get a loan from the governments decision to not have their end of the bargain covered when the Soldier raised his right hand and swore to serve this great country. We uphold our end of the deal by serving our country and paying our taxes, how about the government take care of their end of the deal and ensure that we don’t have a pay stoppage over something that should have been taken care of before 1 October 2010.

    • AmericaSoldiersWife

      27 of his went on a hiatus just a few weeks ago, WI…but they GOT PAID.



  • AD medic

    Alright, so a simple discussion on the possible effects of a gvt shut down has turned into a bunch of ******* and bashing. I have served 11 years and have learned to manage with the little pay I recieve. Yes, I, amongs everyone else I’m sure, believe the Military should be paid A LOT more for what we do. But until that happens, I will manage with what I have. If the Gvt shuts down, so be it. I will get a second job if necessary, make some cut backs on food, and other luxuries, etc… I have already started putting aside and not buying what I don’t NEED, so be able to have a little set aside for this occasion. IMO, if they do stop pay, then pay us back later, there should be interest accrued, to help with the interest we will have to pay to banks, creditcards, loans, etc… The best thing we can do is keep our dignity durring this possible chrisis.

    • Laura

      Those, sir or ma’am, are excellent ideas. On all accounts.

    • Proud Navy Wife

      When my husband took his E5 test, he had to wait 3 months to find out if he got advanced, then it took 6 MONTHS for him to actually get the E5 pay. So he worked for 6 MONTHS as an E5 getting paid the E4 rate. They did NOT retro his E5 pay back to the date that he took the test, or even to the date he got the results of the test. What makes you think that the military or gov’t is going to give us interest on any late paychecks?

      And you’ll get a second job if necessary? How about you get at the end of a line that’s a roughly 13.7 million people long according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • MC

    First I’ll admit I am not military but I support you all who serve completely and appreciate your personal sacrifices and service more than you will know. I come from a family of servicemen with a long history of service in every war back to the Revolution. Putting our military families in financial jeopardy is unforgivable. But this is vastly becoming a society that underappreciates and even resents those serving it like military and teachers. Guess which one I am? They don’t want us collecting the pay (little as it is)’and the pensions we have earned as we sacrifice for others. Though like mentioned here earlier, Congress feels justified in collecting theirs for life after an often cushy service of 4-6 years. May I also say as an aside I am surprised at the people’s posts here being filled with incorrect grammar usages and mis-spellings. I am alarmed that the service people posting here often exchange “there” for “their” and other usage craziness. This is our military? If you want someone to take you seriously- and you do if you stand at the business end of a gun representing all that is supposed to be the pride and goodness of America you should also present your words and opinions in correct English. Please don’t hate me. I struggle with typing it correctly myself You WANT people to take you seriously. Especially those in power that control your pay and policies.

  • Robert Parker

    Good Day,

    I have watched congress go on and on about appropriating funds for the Budget. I’m ashamed at the way our government is acting and congress should always lead by example. So the first thing the president should do is stop congressional pay and maybe the budget will get fixed and passed. Remember the government has a obligation to it’s people first and foremost. Because without the people government would have no jobs. Now congressional people please fix what needs to fixed, so that this nation can press on with other problems. I know that congress thinks American people are thick and that we soon forget, but that is not true. Maybe It’s time for the American people to stand up and start demanding the government change the way they do business. Start by changing the congressional retirement system and the amount of money we pay our government official’s. Stop congressional pay if we have no budget. The will of the people must be heard and this bickering among’s our politicians must stop. Long live America!

  • Genghis77

    You can damn well bet when the Government Shutdown occurs they will make sure the president, the legislature and all the rest of the high ranking bureaucrats will continue to get paid.

    I have an idea. Put Obama and Gadhafi together and let them fight it out instead of having armies do the dirty work. And if both die in mortal combat, the citizens of both countries win.

  • blacknight

    i don’t think it is right for us to ask the military to work with out pay i think if we send are military to war we still should be able to pay them so they can support there family and they don’t have to ruin there credit I
    am a Soldier and am about to get deployed and i have a family to support and i will do my job when i get paid because i feel that i work i should get payed for my work and not get any money we all in the military will need money to pay are bills and if we get late pay we will pay all are bill late and ruin are credit from a soldier in the army

  • jbnights

    wow this is so asinine,, why in earth would our gov do this ,, what is wrong with them ?our men and woman give thier lives and this what we the family get? congress had better ship shape up this is soooo wrong….

  • Sr. Citizen/Veteran

    Congress should be ashamed of themselves. This is why they are called, “The do nothing Congress.” All they do while in Washington is stall and bicker any action that needs to be approved, ie: the budget, the medical bill, etc., etc. They are nothing but selfish and self serving politicians who only care for themselves. They have too many recesses! During these economic hard times, they should stop spending all the money they spend on travel for all these recesses (vacations.) The president should call an emergency session w/no recesses until all pending legislation is completed. (Watch congress approve themselves for a pay raise later this year.)

  • chase

    All I have to say is thank you it seems like you are one of the only ones on here that gets it.

  • bdyas

    If the American people do not want the government to shut down, then maybe they should look at who is demanding that the “Government Be Shut Down Because We Don’t Have The Money To Run It”. Last time I looked and read, it is the Republicans (old and newly elected) who are demanding cuts in pay, services and benefits to everyone. You can rest assured, some people are getting very rich off this mess and it isn’t the military and their families.

  • Mama Freeman

    This current situation cannot be blamed on one particular party; it is a joint effort at mass ciaos!!!

    I am a Proud American Soldier! Every chance I get to tell someone I am in the Army, I say it with pride and a smile…but right now, I am ashamed of our government. I am not worried about a government shutdown and not getting paid, I know I will eventually get the money. What I am worried about more than anything, my daughters and their futures. If the government can’t get things right now…how long it will take to fix when they finally do!? Will my grandkids (hopefully not for 15 more years) still suffer from this?

    This is not the first time this has happen but so far it may turn out to be the worst. I am a republican and happy to say it…but as a Soldier, I want a President I can not only respect, but look up to as a great leader.

    What has happen to all the great men that have ran this country, i.e. Eisenhower, Kennedy, Regan…The men that cared about what happen to the people of this great nation BEFORE worrying about other countries, the ones that wanted everyone to be prosperous, the ones who cared about others, not just themselves

  • William

    Angry as this makes me, somehow, I am not at all surprised. I’ve always wondered if there was a hidden agenda for the Muslim world.

    * And they are closing schools down in counties around Atlanta.

    YOU NEED TO LOOK AT THIS! Atlanta TV station reports:


    Can you imagine?

    This is enough to cause anyone to spit nails!

    Obama’s Department of State has begun to use our tax dollars to pay for refurbishing Mosques around the world — and provide them with the Internet — while our nation continues to go deeply into debt.

  • AD NCO U.S. Army

    retired or not, your point is rediculouse. Would you accept this from your civillian employer? we sign a CONTRACT, our service for them paying us, why shouldn’t we be pissed off that they may not be able to pay us. Those greedy bastards make money hand over fist, and I guarentee their pay won’t be affected.

  • Pissed off NCO

    I have to say, I am quite dis-heartened by some of the responses here. I personally can afford to go without pay for about 1 month, that is it. but I shoudln’t HAVE to. all of you who have told us to suck it up are morons. NONE OF YOU, NOT ONE would accept this from a civillian employer. you would not show up to work and you would start looking for a new job. We entered into a contract, Service for Pay, how can they breech that contract with no repercusions. When a soldier goeas AWOL or otherwise breaks that contract the Government instantly punishes them.

  • James O’Leary, TX

    This kind of “adrenaline rush” news makes good fodder … but the probability of a shut-down happening is too too remote to scare the spouses and children of those serving honorably in our nation’s forces. However, everyone needs a rainy day reserve fund for any contingencies in life.

  • Simmering Sailor

    I think if all the politicians will still be paid their salaries while they take away my salary b/c they can’t come to a decision, then I say all the six figure salaries those people get should go into the military servicemen’s and servicewomen’s pockets instead. It’s their fault we would all not get paid. Why should I pay someone who is not doing the job we all elected them to do? Their pay should be OUR(military) pay.

  • Genghis77

    You can damn well bet when the Government Shutdown occurs they will make sure the president, the legislature and all the rest of the high ranking bureaucrats will continue to get paid.



    • Jenni

      You should qualify for WIC in the state in which you reside..

      • Alicia

        Yes look into WIC, depending on your husbands rank hopefully you qualify and it would help you with formula, milk, eggs, ect.

  • Daniels

    I am happy for everyone out there that doesn’t live pay check to paycheck. If you have savings and no car payment good for you. So why bother commenting if apparently you are not going to be effecting if we do not get paid. We do live pay check to pay check, we have a house payment and a auto payment. Even if we didn’t have a auto payment still got to put gas in it to get to work. Also I have 2 children, a growing boy who needs groceries and a newborn that I have to buy formula for since my husband is deployed and makes to much to get WIC that adds up. We live comfortably, My kids have everything they need and we have nice things because we chose to have them. We shouldn’t have to worry about not getting paid especially since our soldiers are risking there lives . Hopefully they have this mess squared away by the 15th.

  • katherine

    What about us who have only one monthly check to live on ? I am getting DIC and that is the only check I get, I pay rent car payment and all the other monthly bills, elc. gas, doesn,t seem like a lot but we don,t get a lot of money on DIC. Where do we go for help if we need to??????

  • Terrein

    Have you been calling your Rep/Senator/Congressman? This is a nice place to blow off steam, but I don’t think the right Politicians are reading this column. What amazed me was the “rumor?” says the government was shutting down because they can’t afford to pay the military. But, didn’t the President just add another battlezone? Will the “new” participants get paid, or will they be risking life and limb for free, also?

  • armywife

    I have to say that the people that think saving is easy must not have children or their children are out of the house…….Nobody is to judge me, my family, and our finacial situation except God. I could care less about some of you people and high fricken horse you are on. When you are young and stupid, most people rack up debt and then you spend the next 10 years or so paying stuff off. At least most are trying to pay their bills and not letting them go to collections. My husband has been deployed for 7 months at this point and it really sucks and if the government decides not to pay him and the many others that should be paid, there is nothing we can do about it. The best thing you can do is plead with the people that you pay your bills to and ask for forgivness…….pray for help and trust in God.

  • don clark

    you can bet our elected officials will get paid! Go to awolbush.com to see who served and who didnt. these are the same bozo’s that send us into harms way and have no idea how bad war can be. they get paid, we can wait.

  • Denis

    This Govt shutdown and no pay sucks for you the American taxpayer. For those of us who don’t have debt and have an emergency fund for these exact issues, we don’t have to worry. I feel for you all!

    You too can get out of debt and be ready for such an emergency and have a rainy day fund cause eventually it is going to rain! Check out Dave Ramsey’s financial peace program usually held thru your local church or base’s pastor or padre. You can also go to Dave’s website to learn HOW to get out of debt so that next time you are not troubled by something like this.

    • Single Sailor

      My rainy day fund is not for situations like this. I work for a living and should be paid for the work I do so I should not have to dip into my savings to pay for the stuff I work to pay. This is why I work and not volunteer. This is not a situation where there was an unexpected loss of employment, this is a situation where I as active duty military is expected to work for free while still being on call and put myself in harms way. I am a single parent with two children living in high cost area in a damanding hours whether I have saving or not I can afford to not be paid for any period of time and expect for this not to effect me or my children.

  • Carol Shoemaker

    In a federal shutdown are members of the House and Senate paid? If so, we have a real problem, Houston…

    • Angeleyesih

      Oh yes, they all get paid, including the President!

  • A.B. Dixon

    What about the MCCS employees that work on our nations bases? Some of these workers are active duty dependents, so no money for the active duty and now no money for no one? Who worked this plan out? It just did not happen a couple of months ago. Obama should not get paid and show his support for his military families. No check for the First Family, what do you think?

  • swizard101

    Before anyone’s pay is “delayed” it should start with the Judicial Branch (all judges and staff), then the Administrative Branch (president, cabinet, and staff), then the Legislative Branch (senators, representatives, and staff) for at least four weeks before delaying the pay of any other federal employee (military. parks, border guard, etc). Let them eat dirt first, and maybe they might get their act togeher

  • Leland Darnall

    first and for the record the senator from cal. tryed to pass a bill the if in the event that a bill to fund the gov. was not passed No in congress or senate or even the presiden would be paid . seator colburn objected to haveing it put up for a vote. when you don`t think someone is listing or hears your pain . some of the get it. the repubican party just don`t get it . we sent all of them to work together . there is no I in the word team . although they keep trying to put it there. if they shut down than i don`t get paid either. we are all in the same boat with the same hole in the middle and we all may drown together. with out a life boat or a life jacket thrown to save us.

  • How many of you voted for the incompetent , unqualified, non- citizen spend freak
    Obama? Where has all your money gone? I see nothing good, and things are getting worse by the day. He’s certainly no leader. America doesn’t need OPEC Oil, yet they brainwash us into believing so. LiL’ Bush almost ruined America by letting oil companies price gouge. Now Obama has 2 yrs left if not impeached, why does his wife need 30 assistants? The Va sends out 3 separated appt letters, that kind of waste deletes our money and jobs. I was a RVN vet they sold out.

  • mkeeton

    If everyone one would look good and hard at what has happened since the GOP takeover in November, and remember the fix we were in two years ago and in two years remove those from office that has caused this mess America could again someday be a superppower again CW3 retired

  • Eric

    Well I’m glad the figure heads in dc can keep their pay. While the people who elected them. Who live pay check to pay check suffer for their stupidity. They may not need to worry about bills. But we sure as **** do. Car home insurance food phone cable water electricity. O and I almost forgot GAS!!!! And now there’s talk if it’s not passed by April 8th that’s another paycheck we won’t get. A whole month and a half of no pay. Thanks congress I see why we chose you

  • George E Zuniga

    I was discharged from the Navy in 1983, after serving 11 1/2 yrs. of active duty. I injured my back while on active duty. I hoped to retire from the Navy. As soon as I recovered from my injury is was placed on light duty and was evaluated by a medical board. Then I was discharged with $ 25.000 severance pay. It all happened so fast. As soon as I got home my back got worse I went to the VA for medical help. I had to pay back the $25.000 severance pay so I could get the health benifits I needed. After two spinal surgeries at the VA. and yrs of pain and filing paper work and medical exams I was rated 100% due to unemployability. I feel I shoul get back the $25.000 they took from me. I feel I earned it serving 11 1/2 yrs of active duty. It just dosen’t seem right.

  • chris

    We need to stop paying other countries so much money. Soon we will shutdown like Egypt or end up like Greece. Way to blame the American People.

  • george o

    get rid of these sorry republican politicians who only care about the rich,bankers, and wall street ! next time vote democrat! learn who backs you up. ra viet nam vet!

    • Devil Dog Navy Wife

      Our government is predominantly Democratic and they are the ones calling for the shut down….I fail to see how you feel it’s these “sorry Republican politicians”. Maybe you should considering doing a bit more research first. Thank you for your service, but I fear you have been misled.

      • armywife

        Just sayin our president is not a Republican.

  • Cpl USMC

    It’s ok everyone. As a Marine I will keep working just as hard as I did the day I stepped on those yellow footprints. Pay or not I will love my country and serve.

  • Devil Dog Navy Wife

    There are resources to turn to, but not as many for us military personnel as there are for civilian. Military personnel does not qualify for government aid such as food stamps, etc. Why? Because the federal government was so embarrassed that 90% of their military families qualified for food stamps, that they passed a new law stating that food stamp offices were to include BAH into income, regardless if you’re receiving it or not. Live in base housing? Doesn’t matter! It’s still “income”! This is straight from the food stamp office when my family went to apply. If 90% of the military qualifies for food stamps and is in need of it, what in the blue hell makes them think we can survive on nothing? There aren’t many resources available, we are simply to “stand by” until further notice. They say we will only miss one pay period….just like Iraq was supposed to be a quick war….ten years later, oh look! Yeah, about that one! Libya is only going to last a few weeks….try a few years! How long will this shut down happen for? Hey, isn’t that a breech of contract? They agreed to pay their servicemembers and all government employees; making them work without pay is a clear breech of contract and I would like to inform everyone that you in fact CAN sue the government for that one. The page 13 that was signed stating you cannot and will not sue the government goes out of the window. (Just ask a JAG lawyer; I did). If something like this were to be put out in the civilian world, it simply would not happen. No one would go to work, especially a back breaking labor-intensive job, and have no idea when they will receive their next paycheck. Oh! Don’t worry! We have a plan! Everyone who’s continually saying it’s all Obama’s fault; I can’t stand the guy, and I have no respect for him, but this isn’t all him. He, believe it or not, does not have the ultimate final say in what happens. He may be the president, but Congress can go over his head; it’s called Checks and Balances; it’s a wonderful thing at times. I cannot wait until his term is up. Democrats argue that he is the only one throwing out solutions; let me clear that one up for you! He is the only one throwing out solutions BEFORE weighing all of the pros and cons and considering who it will affect and who it will help, and how much risk is involved. He opens his mouth before he thinks. Other politicians have come up with solutions, I’m sure, but when they look at the big picture, lets say for healthcare, the cons really start to pile up and out weigh the pros. Anyways, God Bless our men and women in uniform, and let us pray that this shut down does not negatively affect our brave heros and defenders of our country and constitution. Thank you all for your brave service! I will keep you all in my prayers.

  • Seriously

    Only fools should focus on who started this mess, pointing fingers in every which way “It was Obama!” “No! It was Bush!” “Republicans!” “Democrats!”, well guess what, stop pointing fingers and start looking at how to fix the ****ing problem. I’m an active marine, currently in afghanistan, and it ****** me off how much the government spends to try to “fix” financial problems, or how much they’re wasting on this “War”.

    Stop spending money on other countries, and focus on our nation, rebuild it, solidify it, Then maybe try to help build up the other countries.

    What good of a rolemodel are we if we’re only withering ourselves dry from within.

  • TomP



    • AmericaSoldiersWife

      Sorry to inform you babe…it comes from both sides of the isle.

  • HiTop101

    I can remember back when I was a little boy in the fifth grade, that the commies would take this country without firing a shot…. I’m 64 now !!!!

  • HiTop101

    I really believe our people in the service are fighting the WRONG PEOPLE !!! In the wrong country !!!!



  • John

    What do you tell the Servicmembers in combat with a family back home?

  • G Carrigan

    Aren’t you the lucky one not having to live from pay day to pay. I guess your not married and have no kids.

  • SGT Berry

    Tis is obsurd, how do you go from handing out stimulus checks to shutting down. You think them field grade officers are not gonna get their money, its all politics. Let’s see how high the crime rate goes up around military installations now. There should be policy letters in place for each chain of command being proactive for this melt down instead you’re gonna write up a soldier for (FTR’s) because they have no gas money and can’t get approved for a AER loan which will take more money then there goes another problem. Instead of spending money on high tech gear that we don’t need put money in our banks and let “us” run this military.

  • Sara

    I would be highly upset if my husbands pay was to stop, even if it’s just one paycheck. I am a homemaker, and bring in no additional income and we have three children under 6 years old. So many people are losing their minds over the possibility of going without a pay check. Maybe those of you who are panicking should stop and look at your own finances before insulting the governments accounting mistakes. Too many people live well beyond their means and are in debt, deep debt. I have zero debt, I own my two vehicles outright, have no loans or credit cards and currently rent housing. I make smart financial choices as well as my husband. Too many young people want all these superficial things and they want them now, and will pay whatever necessary to obtain it. Everyone should have six months of expenses saved for instances that you could go without pay, get injured, need a large sum of cash quickly. I am 25 years old and debt free. I certainly am not comfortable missing a paycheck, but my world is not going to end either. All these people saying if they are late on their car payments they are goi g to get reposessed. That is far from the truth. You have to be 30 days late for it to even go one your credit report, and repossession orders are filed after 90 days late. Maybe people should stop buying things they ultimately cannot afford and it wouldn’t be as bad a situation as they are making it out to be. 75% of Amerians live paycheck to paycheck which means they are living a larger life than they can afford. Don’t blame the government for your mistakes and stupidity with spending money and borrowing money.

    • Army wife also

      I take affense to your comment on how some military families live beyond their means. It’s good u don’t have any seventh that’s true at the age of 25 which says to me you never furthered your education beyond high school and that your husband must be an officer or something since you have 3 kids under 6. I’m not putting u down by all means but some people feel like if the government can get paid during a possible shut down then how come the military who protect our wonderful country and your freedom of speech have to go without. I don’t feel my husband should be over sea’s risking his life and not be paid. Regardless if we have savings or not this is not the situation when we need to dig into it. If we weren’t working then we dip in it. Not working without pay. Everybody’s situation is different… you claim your family will be ok and if that’s the case help another family out if this shut down happens. It’s plenty of E1 to E4 with large family’s who may need a helping hand. I work been working before and after my husband joined plus 3 kids only one under the age of 2. My other 2 are 9 and 11. I work cause now it takes 2 incomes to make a house go round. But I work cause I like to feel like I’m helping my husband not a burden. I was raised to get my own and have my own by my father. I’ve been around too many spouses who stay home and try to wear the rank of their spouses… Well if the spouse has rank and mines do by the way but I don’t wear it… I spend it from time to time… We own and don’t rent. But with all that said… I feel for my military families because this will hit everybody if it goes down one way or another.

  • Navywife831

    Also people who claim they are working for free during this ordeal is false. If this does happen, the government is only going to force essential personnel to work, so everyone else is basically being sent on vacation without pay. If you’re not doing work you shouldn’t be paid.

  • dragon6ix

    Actually, it comes down to 3 sets of people who can’t even talk to each other. The “New Republicans” with no respect for the people, the “Old Republicans” who are afraid of the “New Ones” and the Democrats who are afraid of everyone. HEY CONGRESSMEN!!!!!! WAKE UP!!! You are dealing with real people’s daily lives here!!! We are not rich like you are and we don’t have speaking engagments to fluff our pockets and we don’t have lobbyists giving us perks for this and for that!! Get real and get serious!! ALL of YOU!! It’s time to vote everyone out and get someone in there who really cares about the American Servicemen and the American Citizens. We don’t have “pork” benefits that you want for your state. Delete all the “pork” and we’d have not to worry too much about funding the servicemen and retired people that you are “SUPPOSED” to represent. We all want change, but we want positive change.

    • TomP


      LTC (RET)

  • AmericaSoldiersWife

    To those few who are suggesting that everyone is so privileged to put money aside, I have this to say:
    My husband and I were both personal trainers, doing very well when the bastard hajis attacked. Because of these attacks by these psychopathic wife abusing towel heads, my husband felt called to serve his fellow American. He felt it was his duty to fight for those who couldn’t. I agreed and followed him of course. We took a major pay cut, willfully, with no problem…understanding the possible repercussions.
    Now, once we ran through our “savings” that we had built up, here we are, almost nine years later, still dedicated to fighting the fight that our own leaders don’t understand nor care to define. We now, are like so many others, living pay check to pay check. We are OK with that. UNTIL, this situation. We do have bills, but we do not live beyond our means. We do however have a nasty habit in which we occasionally like to digest nutrients. Occasionally, we might enjoy a glass of water. Perhaps, we may enjoy to replace our children’s shoes they have outgrown. But to sit so high on your horse and point your finger at others for not being better prepared or not being like you….consider for one moment that they are not YOU. You have no idea what their situation is. If we do not get paid, my family, will be in trouble. You can bet that my kids and I will be sleeping in the halls at the Longfellow building on Pennsylvania Ave until we get paid.

  • Tweety

    This is ridiculous especially when itvcan be prevented.

  • Tonya

    Let us think about this…. If a company decided not to pay it’s employees would they be required by law to continue working? Yes, our soldier’s took an oath when they signed up, I know I did, but when I signed up, I was also “gauranteed” a paycheck for my “duty”. I think every government official should be fined for every day they keep from doing their job, just like contractors are fined when they go past a contract date. Then all those fines be used to distribute as pain and suffering punitive damages to the soldiers and families they are hurting due to their lack of performance on the job!!!

  • Russ

    No body knows whats going to happen!!!!! but why not scare everyone. If the US Government shuts down, move to Washington DC and sit on the front steps and let them know what you are thinking. This may be the first, no 2nd or is it the 3rd war we have lost because of inept leadership. I see the cheese burger in the W/H has a new Czar to by pass congress. If one life is lost because of the cheese burger it maybe time to impeach!!!!!!

  • bkbk

    why doesn’t Congress just go ahead and do a CR until 30 Sep; forget about this fiscal year and start working on 2012 Budget or we will be in the same mess. You know what, Federal Civilian and Military Pay is such a small drop in the bucket it won’t make a dent in the deficit. Stopping Congressional pay and benefits, like travel, would make a bigger dent in the deficit then all the Fed Civs and Military together; and don’t forget, they are exempt so it won’t touch their pockets and to most it’s not their only income. Congress needs to take care of our people and stop sending money to other countries until we get our own house in order.

  • Peggs

    It’s so nice that this possible gov shutdown is coming right on the cusp of my husband retiring from the Navy. That transition is tough enough, but now to hear that we might not get retirement and disability for God knows how long. We do have 1-2 months worth of expenses set aside, but when that is gone, we are in trouble, and he is having a problem finding work in this economy. Not one service member should have to put up with this mess, neither active duty nor retired, and certainly not our widows! America, our priorities and our values are so out of whack… and our government is out of control.

  • RickS

    Then there’s the Red Cross.

  • Mel

    FYI the military DOES work 24/7 even when they r not deployed!!!! If you want to get so factual on every one get your facts straight. My husband gets called in all hours of the day AND night. And if ever there is an emergency who’s the first that called. The military. Secondly some of us were not handed our lives on a silver platter. Because of the economy my husband and I were in debt when he reenlisted and we have JUST now been able to pull ourselves out of it and start making progress on saving. So get your head out of your ass, get off of your throne and check out the real world for a change. These people are risking their lives, some even dying for you, so give them the respect and honor they are due!!

  • 10% each payday is equal to $200 a paycheck. That is $400 a month which is equal to my van payment. Cool. My husband puts $550 a month into TSP. We have $20,000+ in TSP. No, not worried because yes, if we NEED it we could borrow off of it, but like a lot of people are saying they NEED that $400 for that van payment or whatever. Some of you are saying 8 months worth of emergency cash. YEAH RIGHT! I am a financial planner and the norm these days is 6 months at best and that would only cover your house payment, taxes, insurance, car and food. It doesn’t factor in your credit cards, utilities, food for your dogs or gas, you have to do that yourself. Even then, you have to work up to that 6 months and that can take 3yrs! 6 months worth of expenses for a 1st class in the Navy can be $18,000 since we use basic pay as a general guidance. Who has $18,000 laying around unless you have it in TSP or a money market account? And we only have it because my husband has been in for over 13yrs.

    As fars as not buying what you can’t pay for…Really? Saving for a rainy day is hard in today’s economy. I do agree that everyone should be able to chill for at least a month. It might be rough, but there are food pantries, Navy/Army Relief that will give GRANTS that you don’t have to pay back and lots of other things to help out. I do not agree with the bashing of people that are young and do not have a savings or who have larger families and cannot afford to save a whole lot. It isn’t fair. Not everyone has the same set of circumstances.

  • Marlene

    Dear Mr. President, I hear you would like to freeze pay rates for soldiers starting next year. Would you also consider cutting your own pay to save much more money for our country? While you’re at it, lets cut down congressman’s pay too. If the people who risk their lives don’t get an increase in pay, why would we continue raising pay for those who take no risks and reap the benefits?

  • Sue Cruise

    I cry for this country and for my husband who was in the US Army for 30 years, two tours in Vietnam, my husband served his country well, no gripes from him about having to go to Vietnam. Now my husband is 70% disabled and we have a decent military retirement check but we still have a mortgage and I can slowly see all of his military retirement benefits been taken away over a period of time. We both are leaning on Jesus to substain us and our military families retireed and active throughout this nation. I pray for our government every day but I feel like they have forsaken the widows of military retirees and the whole military system. God please help our military community and let those corrupt leaders in our government be made accountable for their corrupt ways.

  • Susanne

    yup.. and what about those servicemembers overseas.. with language barriers etc .. why would a landlord in Germany, Italy, Spain or wherever care about your boss’ inability to pay you? Why would a foreign utility company cut you any slack? I think it should be up to the officials in that case to inform local companies etc, not the individual soldier. As with any creditor.. they really do not want to hear your reasons or excuses for why you can’t pay.. they want their money. Even if this one time.. it’s really not your fault. It’s gonna be a huge mess :-(

  • ceh

    that isn’t the point. although yes its smart to save and put away…but our troops who sacrifice all they have to protect and serve us, should be compensated for doing thier job. would you be willing to go to work everyday not being compensated, because your boss doesn’t know how to manage money? hell no you’d be outta there! Its easy for you to say something like thise because one, you are retired and its not effecting you at all…the rest of us who are trying to deal with upcomming events and prepare are worried and struggling..NOT YOU! My personal experiences with the military and money…hasn’t always been great. So if you are going to put a comment on here that doesn’t really affect you in any way whatsoever..then don’t bother posting anything. I guess you don’t really care about what is going to happen to our veterans who are on permanent disability or who are suffereing from PTSD. Or our Vietnam vets who get so little as it is..thanks for your concern you jackass!

  • Brittney Scott

    Heavenly FATHER, PLEASE, in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST, may you keep your hand on our soldiers, their families, and their situations. May you comfort, protect, and provide for us all in this chaotic time of need that we are facing and about to face. We are trusting in you, NOT our Army or Government, but you! So by FAITH we expect you to make a way out of no way. You know the sacrifices that each of us have provided and still do provide for this country so we are asking on our behalf “KEEP US” and “HELP US TO STAND & STAND FIRM.” in JESUS name Amen.

    Brittney Scott, wife of SFC Scott, Perry 7thSFG

    • nls usmc

      Amen brittney!!
      I know many feel that prayer has nothing to do with the issue at hand, but Faith & Prayer are key and have been key to many issues in my life!!

  • whatever

    For those who are saying that some should have saved, have you considered that some may not make enough to save anything! I know I don’t have enough coming into this house of mine with a sgt in the army who is getting ready to deploy and I am having a tough time finding a job and we have two kids. Who are you to judge others because your income may be more than others? Realistically speaking, yes we will all get paid. I am in the National Guard and with and active army soldier leaving shortly for a war that should have ended by now and now this a big dispute over the pay whether it shuts down or not, are we reallly going to be able to stop it by complaining or chewing each others heads off? No, so stop acting like concerned children and understand this is part of life, it sucks yes deal with it. Do what you can and the next president comes along and does what he/she may do. Accept life for what it is and be happy with that, it takes less effort!

  • Judy

    I think our military should decide what pay and benefits our house and congress gets, since they are the ones who decide what benefits our military gets. I think the pay of our congress should be on the same scale as our military. Why should they get more pay for sitting in our office while our military put their lives on the line and recieve a allowance compared to their outrageous pay and benefit package.

  • Randy

    Most of these comments are understandable, however most people dont realize if the true economists and business leaders were allowed to be heard it wouldnt sound much better than working without pay. I took a pay cut to keep a job. Government workers complain when they dont get a raise for breathing. Truth is I am still in the Guard and work a part time gov. civilian job too so I am affected. But not enough belt tightening is being done to recover. Another “conflict” certainly will not help. Get ready for much tougher times ahead. Agree with people who have some savings for such times.

    • Starlt

      The difference Randy is that you nor these business leaders are fighting for their lives in war nor are you/they fighting for the rights of Americans. How dare you say they want pay for breathing they want to be paid for putting their life on the line and for going to work everyday. You should be ashamed of yourself. And given the choice of saving you they still would even though you feel they are to “needy”!!!


    To Ritchie…My husband joined when we had 1 kid and another on the way. They don’t pay you much until you’re pretty high up the food chain because they assume that you are single and that you’re living in the barracks so what they pay you is just money to blow on things. They don’t expect you to have a family to take care of until you’re E-7 or higher. My husband has been in 3 years now and just made E-5…which is much faster than most. We have 3 kids now. For the entirety of his career I have been having to rely on food banks and other assistance to help us out and it is not due to overspending on our part. Our money goes to bills and to take care of our kids. In all your superior knowledge did it ever occur to you that not everyone can afford to put any money away for a rainy day? Believe me, I would love to but it’s not possible with the amount of money he makes…


    …He comes home worn to the bone everyday and for what? To get less than min wage and then told that we might not get paid and your family will be without but you just have to continue working yourself to the bone everyday? This is ridiculous! And yes it is the governments fault because they have been screwing the economy for decades.

  • Andrea

    Savings are just that Savings. The Government takes the interest you earned on those savings already. I suggest if the Gov shuts down, for the President and all members of Congress to be forced to give up their paycheck too. Furthermore, no more special pays/treatments for elected officials. No pension for serving 4 years as a senator, not COLA raise, no annual pay raise unless it is the same rate the Military is getting. Presidents pay should be repealed to during the Clinton era. We need to make sure the top starts cutting at their own income, before cutting off ours. We have been in the military for now 26 years and I have seen our ‘entitlements’ dwindle year after year…. It is time the Government takes cuts first and lives just like the Military, same pay, same raise, same healthcare, same everything….

  • Dave

    Anyone who is paying child support better pony up to the state directly. That’s the word directly from DFAS — you are personally liable, even though they garnish and you never see it. Since you will not receive pay, they will not send out your child support garnishment, and since there was no money at the time the payment was supposed to go out they will NOT pay it in arrears. In other words, if you owe CS on 1 May and you don’t have the money, then DFAS didn’t send it and you need to pay up on your own.

    If you pay child support, you’d better contact your state DHR/DHS ASAP to find out what you need to do if this happens. They don’t care if you don’t get paid, if you are late you are screwed.

    Not trying to sound alarmist or melodramatic, but this is serious, and the bureaucracy doesn’t care. If you are in this situation you’d better make sure you have the money for it.

    • Evie Ramos

      Thanks for posting this. This is very important to me and I googled this topic and found this post. Went through the threads just to read your post! Tthis was very helpful, i’m making sure my husband calls the CS agency to notify of the situation. Thank you very much for posting this.

  • Erin

    My husband is an E-4 and we have plenty of savings to cover our bills if the shut down happens. We actually live within our means and our only bill is a car payment. Even that is a couple of months ahead so if we needed to we could skip a payment. We have 2 kids and I don’t work. It is possible if you’re willing to give up the iPhone lifestyle and make your family’s security a priority.

    • GeeGee

      Right on! It’s nice to see someone in the “younger generation” that knows a “need” from a “want.” My parents grew up during the depression and ALWAYS saved 10 percent of their income. So do I. Ultimately, YOU are responsible for your OWN financial stability–it’s no one else’s job. When you decide to marry (if ever), how many children you have (if any) is up to YOU. I just cooked spaghetti and meatballs tonight for less than $3 for my husband and myself. Meatballs (from the half-price bargain bin because the package was crushed), $2; spaghetti sauce, $.33; spaghetti, $.50 (from a discount store). I pay cash for my cars (and keep them as long as they’ll run), I took a second job to pay off our mortgage in 12 years (and bought the house at the bottom of the market in 1995). I own a basic cell phone and never use more than my allotted minutes per month; I have basic cable; I grow vegetables from seed in my garden. It can be done. Someday, Erin, you–like me–may be a millionaire. You GET IT.





  • Marine


  • ford

    Amen to that Sir!!!! But I guess some of us got use to some kind of leisurely life….. I tried my hardest to save a little at a time, but sometimes it is almost impossible… You are so right about this and this is something that each and everyone of us should learn to do, now that there is a threat of not getting paid I am sure that there are a lot of people getting hysterical over it. Damage has been done so far and all we can do right now is to LEARN from it and hope that the next time something happens just like this we will be ready for it.. Thanks for your insight and saving money should have been learned long time ago by most.

  • Do you have kids and a wife to take care of sounds like u dont even know what that is as a spc in the army 2 kids and a wife to take care of you kinda have to live pay check to pay check this is wrong what the government is doing and in my eyes the people are going to hit a point and rebel against it. I feel eventually there will be another civil war

  • Maryellen

    Ok here I go, that man sitting in the big white house needs to get off his butt, cut the pay for congress to what an average military person gets and see if they can live on that for a year. Then with the money they take from Congress they need to give it to our MEN & WOMEN of the military and let them have it. My daughter risks her life on a ship in the navy and makes 21,000 a year. that is one months salary for a congress men. Does anyone see what is wrong with this picture. let them go without and see if they loose their homes, cars, and belongings.

  • Active Army

    I take offense to the government telling service members and civilians this is a good time to re-evaluate their financial situations. Most service members and civilians are in their current jobs because they are the only one to support their families. This does not only include spouses and kids but often new soldiers support their parents and siblings also. I believe some one needs to talk a step back and help the people in their own country for a change!

  • retired army E-7

    its a darn shame we can’t even keep our gov., running, but here we are in all these countries doing there fighting for them.__how about lybia. why are we spending our money there and we can’t even keep our gov., going. something is bad wrong with this picture.____

  • dmcan

    If the shutdown happens and lasts more than a few days, odds become very good that at least one person will die in combat WITHOUT PAY.

    Can you imagine losing your husband or son and receiving NO COMPENSATION in time to pay the funeral costs??

  • KB!ZA

    Do U call this a Government????????? They cant even pay the soldiers that are PROTECTING our verry own assssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When i was in i was told to ALWAYS keep up our Defence! No matter what! Its a ROTTEN shame our men have to go without pay Is there anyone in the White House going without???? God-Forbid! This country is getting worse and worse as the days go by! Aremeggen is right around the conner!

  • Christine

    This is such B.S and so unfair to the military workers and families! Isn’t slavery days over? Well purposing that they work and only get paid half of what they earn in a month; every month! So how do they purpose the families with children who have disabilities on top of their rent, bills, food and medical cost make due with half the cost?!
    It could be a death sentence to those children with disabilities with financial struggles; some who already have to pay out of pocket expenses for medical i.e (g-tubes) and dental !
    Where are they suppose to turn to when the money is dry through agencies suggested ?
    Alot of people will lose their homes and and many may have to move due to high rental costs! These people who protect us and who serve our country DO NOT DESERVE THIS!!
    Especially Coast Guard because they are the smallest service with limited funds and asked to survive with no pay..
    How do you even consider something of this nature?

    Just sayin

    Anyone willing to start a petition if it’s worth a try but http://www.change.org, would be the way to go and ask your congress and government officials to reconsider…

  • john

    I do not believe that DOD has the authority to continue to work without compensation. Slavery in the US was abolished long ago. Failure to compensate the service members should constructively void all enlistment contracts and subject DOD to a huge class action suit for breach of contract. Where is the ACLU when they are needed.

  • Stace

    I’m ashamed of our government for its lack of values. Our soldiers sacrifice EVERYTHING for them and everyone else and THIS is what they get…..effectively, PUNISHED. And we, the family of soldiers, too! ….all while our government officials wear designer suites and consume fine food and wine …at so much more than our “expense”! Pathetic! SHAME ON THEM!!!!! SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!!!!!!!!! …and they expect respect and loyalty? Cause & effect. They should do the math. I truly believe that they have completely lost their minds. Our government will surely be the fall of this country. All for their arrogance/power and selfishness. “We the people,” my ***! They do what they want anyway — abuse of power. If they’d stop living beyond means, we wouldn’t have to face much of what we do today. THEY’RE not the ones suffering, WTH do they care?! Maybe put someone in office WHO HAS HIS OWN MONEY and knows how to cut the BS, get to the bottom line, and cut whatever and wherever the problem is…..cut out the Cancer, eh?

    • GraceStace

      This user (Stace, above), now GraceStace.

  • Jay

    Our country spends more money on dumb bullshit than any other country. Note, did you know that around 7 million dollars was spent on nascar so the army could sponsor a car, don’t you think that money should of went to our debt, or helping the military, or the homeless here in AMERICA . I will keep it fucking simple for all those government ass clowns, you want the debt to be gone then take my advice….
    1. Legalize marijuana but tax it.
    2. Quit spitting money out on bullshit.. (ex. nascar sponsorship, rebuilding
    other countries that we blew up, helping homeless and disease in other
    I could go on and on but I feel that if our so called smart government would just do these 2 simple ideas then they would see a great difference in the finances of America. It doesn’t take a fucking rocket scientist to figure out that our country is going to shit because of both Busch’s, and Obama. If you go to war for oil then get some fucking oil. I’m sure there are other reasons of why things are going shitty, but in my opinion the people I mentioned are the real reasons. I believe that Obama needs to be gone and gone quick. I wish Hillary Clinton was president, atleast when Bill Clinton was in office the U.S. was doing good, too bad people had to get up in their feelings because the dude got some head. I think that was bad but had nothing to do with how shit was ran, he just needed to get a nut. So, with this all said, I think that if our government shuts down that we the people need to take over and put things how they should be, otherwise this will just keep happening, and we will let it. I believe that we need to stand together as one and regain control instead of letting these government assholes run shit. Oh yeah, show the world your birth certificate Obama, what are you hiding? Our government needs to be quick to listen and slow to speak, because they are all writing checks that they can’t cash.

    • Tip

      The Army has sponsored various NASCAR teams for many years and has sponsored Newman’s for the past two years. Backers of the expenditure say sponsorship pays off in recruiting leads. “Last year alone, the U.S. Army’s motor sports programs generated more than 46,000 qualified leads, more than 1,300 pledges of support from key business and community leaders, and more than 484 million media impressions (34 million of which offered specific Army recruiting messages) 7 mill is cheaper then tv spots and bill boards. also do you know it the the army droped $60 mil in Libya with nothing to show for. $7Mil a year is nothing that would pay those on Active duty a total of $4.80. how what a savings

  • Karen

    Just wanna say to the couple people on here ignorant enough to tell us it’s our fault for not saving money, you try being an E4 with 4 kids, a wife, and bills. There is no money at the end of the month to save. We depend on our paychecks to live month to month. These men and women serve deployment after deployment after deployment alot of times to back to back to back! They deserve to be taken care of! No serviceman or woman should have to be serving overseas and worrying about there families making it because our government is incompetent. They need there peace of mind so that they can concentrate on the mission at hand and come home safely. Come on Washington get with it and take care of the ones that are keeping us Free!

  • billy watkins

    The USSR stopped paying their troops when they collapsed. Pretty soon, there were some real good deals to be had on AKs, tanks, Hind gunships, etc

    Now the US Govt expects troops to fight and yet their families might not have money for food or a place to live? Yeah…

    I wonder if we have a General Franco lurking somewhere? Seems like it’s around the time when we might as well just let the Army take over and run the government. It’s not like they can do a worse job…



  • Stef

    Its called an emergency fund of 6 months to a year. Every military member and spouse should go through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. He is all over teaching the military how to properly use their money so that when **** like this happens its no biggie.


      That’s all well and good, but do you know what the current Euro rate is? I pay all of my bills in Euros, so how many months will 6 months of pay (in US dollars) buy me in Euros? Don’t get me wrong, I have savings, and could last a little while, but the irony is that if the US government was following Dave Ramsey’s principles, I wouldn’t have to worry about it at all, because they would not buy my services if they couldn’t afford them. Stuff that makes you go, huh?

    • lame

      Hey Stef that sounds good but that doesnt work.what about my solider E-3 who has 2 kids and his wife doesnt work cuse of a car crash. he has to pay all the bills in the house himself with no help oh and by the way there savings is gone do to him only being an E-3 he lives well with in his means but still is just making it becuse rent is 600 a month ETLEC is 150 Car is 300 misc bills is 250 food is 200. he has no cell phone or cable. his wife stays home with the kids he brings home 1600 a month but 1500 goes out. yeah 100 a month is a lot to save with lame

  • Moore

    As a Marine Corps wife I am just in shock! My husband has been in for over 17 years. As a Marine he has deployed like most Marines many times. He nor I have never once complained about having to leave his family in a time of our daughter going through the first year of her life waiting to have open heart surgery, missing our children’s birthday’s, or important times in their lives or when our children cry and want their daddy. While our children and I worry and wonder everyday if he (a man who we love, miss, respect and cherish) wonder and worry if he will come home safe while defending the the very people who are making the decision if he and when he will get paid for doing so. These same people who are sitting around fighting to see who can hold out to see who can get what they want. They sit night and day secure and have no immediate danger to their lives. Cont’d

  • Moore

    They think they are stressed, they think they are tired! Go to war, get no sleep, AND fight for your own lives as well as the Marines lives you are responsible for while knowing the people (who are eating warm meals and sitting in comfy chairs are fighting about if and when your wife and family will get their paycheck so they can eat and pay the bills. Believe me when I say my husband or any military member doesn’t get paid enough for what they do for their country, the things they see or the things they have to do. There is no overtime, no there is an emergency or someone you love (even your own child) has died let me pick up the phone and call them and let them no right away. You don’t even get to tell them yourself.

  • Moore

    Yet, my wonderful husband who couldn’t be more proud to be a Marine and to defend his country, to keep the American people safe and his family safe from the people who want to kill us, still feels that way through even our and our countries hardest times. pay them. I think that would be a sight to see.

  • Moore

    My MAIN point being that I don’t care about the $. We and other Marine families will make it through because we are tough and dedicated, and that’s what we do. (Or how we roll as some say, lol). Cont’d

  • Moore

    My problem that I feel that is not being expressed enough anywhere is that my husband has enough to be thinking of so he can come home safe. I always tell him to concentrate on his mission and staying safe and I will do the same here at home. very well depend on that same person. Would they still want to argue if they took some time put on a uniform and had to be next to that same military person under fire? I am sure that to people who are not military families feel this shouldn’t have much effect on them. I say to you, you come and defend; get shot at etc. the country and the people who walk and talk free because you are willing to give up YOUR life proudly so they/you may do so. My thanks go out to all of our military and people who do. And to my husband for doing what you do so the government can sit comfortably and figure out the budget to make sure our economy, etc. will be better for our children in the future. Well, we. can always hope. Come on just figure it out already. It doesn’t take this long to decide to go to war!

    Loving her Marine with all her heart,
    A proud Marine wife!

  • Moore

    As an officers wife you ARE expected to mentor and communicate with enlisted wives and help them if needed. Just as your husband I would hope does for his enlisted marines. As an officer when your husband speaks to his marines I hope that he does not degrade, insult, discriminate and disrespect them and their families the way you have in your comments. I have to tell you as another marine wife I am very disappointed to see our officers wives behaving in such a manner. We have alot of good marine wives out there that support their spouses and take care of their families the best they can while the other is deployed.

  • Moore

    Cont’d . If you feel so strongly and stand behind your comments I have 4 IMPORTANT things I feel you should think about doing. First, you should write another comment to all military wives and the Marine Corps in general saying you are sorry for insulting them. Second, you should become a key volunteer or spend more time helping those enlsted wives get to know them and offer your excellant budgeting skills. Third, you could see if your husband concers with your comments. Take it to his Sgt. Major and see how he feels about your comments and if your husband does concer with your comment maybe the Sgt. Major would like to “school him on the behavior of an officer and a marine”.

  • Moore

    CoForth, please try and behave as an officers wife “should” you are so educated on the behaviors of the ranks. If your husband does not concer with your comment than you should say your sorry to him for insulting his Marine Corps family. The Marine Corps feels strongly about it’s family and taking care of one another. So, let’s ALL try and stick together and help out our families and not insult each other and bethe strong, intelligent, supporting wives that I am sure our husbands love us for and we should be. I am sure that our spouses that our deployed would appreciate any less stress and nonsense that they really don’t need to be reading and know that their wives can be apart of the Marine Corps family with helping, friendly, behaviors and attitudes that we should as wives!!! Thanks to all our service members and all who support them and defend our right to be able to get on here and right our comments!nt’d

  • Flush This Book

    Don’t buy the Republican claims that their continuing resolution would protect the troops. If they were so concerned with protecting the troops and their pay, the GOP wouldn’t add any riders or budget cuts to the resolution that they know Democrats can’t agree with, but they did, so they are clearly playing politics with the military’s pay. Total bullshit and I’m fuming right now that they are playing that game. We are a military family and I’m furious that the GOP is using us to get what they want. Not very patriotic to me.

  • heather

    I’ll tell you right now that Bank of America is not going to give a rat’s butt if my husband is “getting paid” or not. They will charge a late fee on the morgage. Period. And Navy relief will not give that much money out for emergency assistance._

  • Racquel

    This is what I want to add to this….and what makes mad. We are 17 years in and I work. So sure we will struggle but we will get by. However, let’s think for a minute about the Junior enlisted with familes, who are making peanuts. Soldier is is deployed and wife is stressed but like a good military wife doesn’t let him know…or she does and now our soldier is on the front line…worried about his/her family. At time when their mind should on the mission this is distracting them. So lives will be lost because our government could not wake up and act like grown ups and play nice in the same sandbox. We all know someone in the military, no one says we are not fiscally responsible but why are we expected to worry about this AND THE LIVES OF OUR SOLDIERS???

  • armyanglbby

    Sir, my husband, 38 at the time, was out of work for over a year, thanks to the economy, before he joined the military. We lost our house, our car, everything. We used every bit of our savings to feed our kids, pay for a roof over our head, and buy a used vehicle. We never went on public assistance. He was an E1. Every extra penny for the last four years has been spent paying off a mortgage for a house we don’t own anymore, making payments for a car we don’t own any more, paying off student loans for a career that is no more and feeding our kids. We don’t have pets. We don’t eat out. We don’t have cell phones. We buy clothes at Goodwill. We live in on post housing that is for soldiers that are two ranks below my husbands rank yet they take ALL our BAH. We don’t own Ipods. We don’t go to the movies. We scraped up enough cash to pay for a used vehicle that has over 150,000 miles on it so my husband can report every morning. I shop at a salvage store for all our non perishables. Even with all that there is no way in hell we could have saved up 8 months worth of expenses. Maybe we are living the rock star life but I don’t see it. Oh, we had kids before everything went to hell but I guess that was our first mistake of many apparently!

  • tip

    This is going to cuse alot of issues on the 15th of April if SM only get paid half of what they are owed there will be alot of domestic violence. take Killeen. the Army pays SM which in turns goes out and eats shops and spends money in the city. which in turns makes jobs. if they there is not moeny coming to SM, Sally does have to come to work cuse there not making enough money so sally has less money

  • Starlt

    I think most of you should be ashamed of yourselves. Everyone wants to point a finger this does not get us any closer to a solution. How about everyone PRAY for our Military Pray for our Government and be supportive. Who’s fault? Damage is done to late for that it is a mute point. We all need to grab ourselves by the collar and pull our heads into the daylight and solve the problems not keep rehashing the mistakes. Life is about learning from mistakes and setting a plan into action to ensure they don’t happen again. That’s half of what’s wrong now is the blame game. Are we 8 WHO CARES!!! God Bless American and AMERICA BLESS GOD!!!

  • Logicthinker

    It’s not Obama that did this to the person blaming him. We were already in debt so how can you blame the newbie. Blame it on the past representative’s. He is busy trying to fix a problem that was already at heads when he came into office. How would you like to get blamed on spilling the coffee that was already spilled when you got hired that your trying to clean up?

  • trythat

    how about you try being stationed overseas in Germany with a wife and 2 kids that live off post and as many bills as i do then you talk about saving 10%.
    oh yeah did i mention you have to pay in euros and i get paid in dollars. as of right now 100 euro will cost you $144.

    • Familycomesfirst

      but to be completely honest I’m getting paid to do a job,some more dangerous then others but if i”m not getting paid then..I’m not working.people may think its some form of treason or being AWOL but look its simple. not getting paid for doing your job is stupid.so I’m just not doing any work.and when the gov. says its good to go we got it figured out ill go back to work.because id rather go find a side job to pay for a roof over my family’s head and food on the table .

  • jeff

    The marine corps teaches to ” adapt and overcome” time to put that to good use….

  • Mary

    Delay in Military pay should not be an option. Priorities in our government no longer exist. Our Military is stressed and stretched out enough as it is, what the hell are they thinking? Everyone that runs for office talks about taking care of OUR Military, then once in, that all disappears, in addition to that they keep taking away from our Military.

    Wake up congress, you should be handing your paychecks over to our Military, the people that are really looking out for the American people. You should be ashamed of yourselves!

  • Mary

    Are u for real? I am Christian, it’s comments like these that hurt real Christians. You sound like a flower child or something!

  • Ben Rodriguez, Jr.

    It’s time to start thinking what we are going to do with all this idiots,ie Democrats and Republicans. Start thinking about who do we want to represent us in the next elections. All this old fogies that are in office now need to get replaced. This government is not working for the good of the people. They are working for the good of their damned party and don’;t care who gets hurt!! WE NEED SOME VETERANS WHO HAVE PUT THEIR LIVE’S ON THE LINE AND FAUGHT HARD FOR OUR COUNTRY!!! We need to replace every one of this politicians. All we see in the news is this political BS. Think about it and vote some new candidates in. It’s time to get rid of all this BS and get someone who is willing to WORK FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!!!

  • Reinaldo Lopez

    Federal employees who would be suspended because of the shutdown will be eligible to receive Unemployment Insurance Compensation. By visiting their nearest state Unemployment office they get information on how to apply. Most states have automated systems that allow their clients to make their claims by telephone or through the internet. Let’s hope, though, this is one service they will not need.



  • activeduty101

    to tom ritchie and financially prepared you are both ignorant! some of us who joined the military after 9/11 at an older age who had higher paying jobs before the military and took major pay cuts in order to “do the right thing” don’t have the extra pay to just set aside or save money. some of us live paycheck to paycheck! so get off your high horse! i can’t believe 2 people here trying to blame the lack diligence by our government on soldiers not “saving” their money. MORONS! both of you! you want to know where the blame belongs…. obama! The Obama Administration has overturned the old OMB directive and has decided to suspend military paychecks if there is a government shutdown. so in the end i guess the $50 i have left over ever payday after paying all my bills “and no i don’t have cable or car payments or boat or motorcycle or any extras” i guess i should be saving it so when my elected government decides NOT TO DO THEIR JOBS! i can pay my bills with that right? you both idiots and so obama and most of the government!

  • Tiffany ramos

    No matter if anyone one has the savings or can live with a want or need… it still isnt right…. There is going to be so much more stress for military families… As it is we stress about them being gone now we have to worry about our bills…. People can say this and that about this whole thing like they could live and it dont matter to them but there just thinking about them selfs we all have to think about everyone else… That is why we are here because the goverment only thinks about them self…

  • Clifford

    Get rid of all these IDIOTS in Washington, starting at the top like all corporate america. This is NONSENSE, & if we as voting citizens continue to elect this type of leadership, things will never be better. It is past time for each & everyone of us to examine our hearts, & start electing the type of leaders this country was founded on!! God bless our soldiers & their families, & take care of their needs.

  • armyguy

    That’s it, I’m moving to Canada. To **** with the USA and it’s politicians…….

  • Shannon

    call me naieve, but i just dont understand how our government can justify not paying the military, when it is because of them they have a job. our military protects our country and defends what it is to be american. they are already underpaid for the jobs they perform, now you want to freeze their pay until YOu can come up with a budget solution? Most of us ( I am a military wife with 2 kids to support) are already hurting financially. reducing or stopping our pay even temporaily is going to cause us so many problems. e can barely pay our bills off a full paycheck
    if anyone should have a pay freeze it should be those responsible for making the budget happen. They arent the ones dying for this country.

  • D Cal

    rootie toot toot for you. my ENTIRE payycheck goes to bills. Save 10%? U wanna start paying my way? We work hard not to EVER have to go on public assistance, so others arent paying our way. Now your gonna nanny nanny boo boo me for it?

  • guest

    so i was told by my superiors that AER was going to be shut downsince its a federal program

  • Rebecca (Army Wife)

    how do they except people to support their families? especially the ones with little children?? it’s not like our servicemen can just go out and get a side job to help out, cause of course there’s paper work for that and need approval. does congress realize how many service-members they’re probably going to lose because of this freeze?

  • coast guard wife

    This is more finacial then political. **** the reason the gov’t is shutting down is money. The problem is a lot of military families are one income families. I can’t stand to think our men and women our out their on the front line fighting, and they’re families are back home not knowing how they’re pay the bills or feed theye children. You know its bad when the one job your always guaranteed a paycheck can’t even be guaranteed anymore….

  • Randolph

    Why cant I get a straight forward answer here or from Waco? about what happens to my disability check I am 100% permanent and total disabled service connected.I own a home on Va and have car payments too. If checks are halted I will lose everything. all I am asking for is to get a straight answer. so to know whether I should file for bankruptsy or what?being prepare to whatever I might be faced with helps in preparedness

  • Dan

    Do you feel that retired WWII veterans should worse than active duty personnel we did our part when called upon. Does (Tim retired Marine ) think it is up to the President how about King Boehner making a move instead of dictating.

  • bestacever919

    This is just plain retarded! We can send our soldiers/sailors out to war but the ****ing government can’t pay us. I have friends in the Air Force that have 3-4 kids, car payments, house payments and other things. Tons of other countries in the world actually make money. But we don’t. How blind can our government be to just spend and spend and spend? We need a president and financial advisors that actually realize that we need to make money so this doesn’t happen. I am proud to be part of the United States Navy and I’m proud to be an American, but I’m also embarrassed to be part of a nation that has their head up their ass. It may or may not be Obama’s fault but we CAN blame the government as a whole. It’s like watching a chicken with it’s head cut off. You know it’s going to die, but we still listen to its lies about what it can do. The government is going to die unless they are going to fix something, but we still believe the lies they send our way. The military needs to get paid and that’s it. The Congress, President and all other government employees get paid and they just sit in their offices and argue about random shit while my friends are getting shot up.

  • USNAM1

    I’m in the Navy and got to see the message send out which verifies everything above. The paycheck on the 15th will be cut in half. A lot of people don’t think this will happen, but please prepare for the worst. Keep those lights off, those sunday drives to a minimal, and the A/C turned down. The hope is that the 1st paycheck will not be affected, with a re-payment within the next two paychecks after the 1st. Keep your chins up, we will get thru this.

  • Liz

    Why congress doesn’t stop their pay. How are we suppose to survive and feed our children? How are bills going to get paid? Rent? How many people will wind up homeless because of this? They really need to stop and think and put themselves in our shoes.

  • Nay

    No sir, they are not going to take all of your money back all at once. They will work with you on the payment.

  • danny

    We need to hold Congress and Senators accountable. The President will agree or disagree with their decision. If a shutdown meant withholding their paychecks all issues would be resolved rather quickly. If I recall correctly, Congress voted themsleves a pay raise and others were denied a pay increase. The House has the upper hand. And, in my opinion “working class people” are being subjected to a lot of their nonsense. Some laws are necessary but we need our Service members, Teachers, Police, Fire Departments, Public Schools, etc. We should respect and uphold are Senior Citizens, the disabled and our Children. Government money belongs to the citizens and it should not be subject to loopholes, dishonesty, tax cheats and the rich. Find out where your leaders and representaties stand on this issue and callto give them your opinion.

  • Majed ElZein


    • joe

      Screw you majed elzien, you arabic *******.

  • Majed El Zein


  • Majed El Zein


  • Nick

    Actually it has reached Obama, there was a bill on the docket to protect military pay through this, just like when Clinton was in office. The last shutdown they passed a bill to protect our pay, thus time they tried it again and Obama vetoed it. This is not entirely a financial issue. Yes that is a big part, but the dems are using this as a scare tactic to getthere way on other issues. One of those being funding for a program called planned parenthood. The issue is they want funding for planned parenthood, ” and abortion clinic that is federally funded”. This clinin just happens to fall under title 10, which is the same that military pay falls under. This is about way more than just a budget. This involves political posturing and the dems flexing their muscles to the reps, showing that they will not back down. Anyway, another extension was filed, and they have until the 15th to sign the new budget that they agreed on last Friday. But , we will still only be receiving half our pay on the 15th a’s of now. Something may change before Friday, but it is not likely, seeing a’s how my les still says I am only receiving half pay. The issue is being resolved, but they waited a little too long. We will receive backpay, but most likely not until may 1. Then they may even split it into half backpay on the 1st and the other half on the 15th of may. Things will go back to normal, just tough it out until then.

  • soldierfatherhusband

    Ok, this is the deal. I am only a SPC. I have a wife and daughter. I have 2 dogs and 1 car. I have no debt because I do not spend more then I make. I do not spend %75 percent of what i make. Do have a brand new car. NO!! do I buy off-brand food that has the same nutrition as the name brand food, YES! Do i buy used furniture and and shop around for the best bargins that i can find and ask my wife to do the same, YES!!! I also invest a percentage of my money in my retirement. I then invest in a large purchase fund. Car, home, etc. I then put money in a savings account for the rainy day. Such as the possible up comming one. The question is, Why can’t any of you do the same. SPC pay is sad. I make 3K a month with BAS and COLA. I have no housing cost, I have no electric bill, I have no water bill. The army provides for these things. If YOU chose to live above your pay and do the same thing as our Gov then you should fire yourself.

  • SoldierFatherHusband

    On the other hand, If I fail to pay my bills then I stand to be dishonorably discharged from service. That being said, Hold our congress to the same flame. Over the next 6 years remove EVERY ELECTED Person in our Federal Gov. by not voting them back into office. They MUST be held accountable for their actions and for those that came before them if they themselves did not fix it. This would show future “Political Leaders” that they must show the discipline and responsiblity that we expect of them. The position that they hold is one of Honor and they must live up to that honor and follow the constitution and what it stands for. They must NOT! bow down to the corprate giants that promiss that they will bring work to their towns if they vote to give them a huge tax break. If you give a corperation a tax break of 200 million dollars and the create 10,000 jobs at $30,000 a year. 10K x 30K x %35 = 1$150 Million. That is foolish math and = I don’t get paid and have to spend my hard earned and wisely saved money.

    • Mary Fanklin

      I’m a military widow, age 70, and I agree with you!

  • anime game

    Oh my goodness! Impressive article dude! Thank you, However I am experiencing troubles with your RSS.
    I don’t know the reason why I am unable to subscribe to it. Is there anyone else getting similar RSS issues? Anyone that knows the answer will you kindly respond? Thanks!!

  • Debbie

    I say congress should go without pay when the gov. Shuts down and see how fast they come up with a solution to the money problems! They’re acting like a bunch of babies..when they don’t get their way.they wine!! Essays!!!!!

    • Debbie,

      The 27th Amendment prevents anything to stop Congresses pay. The problem, is that each Party has their set of values, standards Party beliefs that makes them either a Democrat or Republican. If my opinion, when they stray from these values, then that is when they aren’t doing their job. I do believe that both Parties need to get together and work these things out, but each Party have a line they shouldn’t cross.