VA Disability Claims Backlogged, Again

By 2015, can the VA really ensure “veterans [will] wait no more than 125 days for a decision on a claim, with a 98 percent accuracy rate”? I won’t hold my breath.

Ooops, they did it again… Veterans and Congress are again disappointed by the Department of Veterans Affairs failure to prepare for the increase in disability claims it predicted. Two years ago, VA Secretary Eric Shinseki knew there would be a large increase in the number of new disability claims from Agent Orange victims and veterans returning from the wars in the Middle East. Despite last minute attempts to prepare, the VA has still fallen dramatically behind schedule, with the claims backlog almost doubling in just one year to 756,000.

The news is not all doom and gloom, however. Since 2009, the VA has amazingly completed 2 million claims. The problem appears to be rooted in the government’s own major missteps in funding and planning over the past 10 years. The initial governmental thinking was that the Iraq and Afghanistan wars would be over quickly. Initial estimates from the Bush Administration was that the cost to taxpayers would be a poultry $100 billion or so. Instead, we ended up with the longest wars in United States history and long term estimates over $3 trillion in cost to taxpayers. The government did not budget or plan for the rapid increase in disabled veterans from these conflicts. This results in an under funded Department of Veterans Affairs and more disabled veterans than ever predicted, in 2001. Yet, by 2009 the government still have not responded to the foreseeable increases in disability claims despite clear predictions.

Insert common sense. Unfortunately, the VA waited too long to hire too few new claims specialists. The hiring process started at the beginning of last year. It added an additional 3,000 claims workers to the team (instead of the 4,000 needed – cutbacks), for a total of 14,000. As expected, over 2.65 million claims were filed since 2009. Currently, there’s a backlog of 750,000 claims, which is double where it was at last year when it hired the new workers. Obvious problems will likely arise from the lack of training and experience such as miscalculated compensation amounts and misdiagnosis. In fact, you can count on it. Veteran Service Officers and the agencies they represent are overloaded with claimants as well. These will be growing pains and hopefully the agency will increase its efficiency and accuracy over the next years to meet its 2015 goals. We will all be better for it.

Your Assignment. For veterans with disability claims pending, do not freak out. The world is not out to get you, specifically (it is looking to cut all veterans benefits with equal fervor). Be proactive and take control of your own claim. Here’s what this means. First, trust that no one will care for your claim more than you. In addition, don’t trust anyone. It’s just a good policy when working with the government. Be sure to do your own research. Always read the regulations or cases for yourself. Second, draft your own letters and prepare your own documentation when you talk with your VSO. Keep copies and log all communication. This will save them a ton of time and increase their desire to help you, since you’re not a pain in the neck. Third, follow up on your own claim and filing dates. This is important. Sometimes people drop the ball when working with so many claims. It is up to you to help them help you. When you get your decision back, be sure to read it over very carefully. Request a copy of your claims file to be sure everything was documented properly. This is a common misstep by many veterans, including myself. Always double check everything, especially now.

Go to Dis​abled​Vet​er​ans​.org to see more of arti­cles on disability claims and Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation.


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Benjamin Krause
Benjamin Krause is a Veterans Benefits Attorney and journalist who investigates problems veterans face with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. He regularly reports on veterans' benefits news and analysis on the website
  • Yeah they are way behind. I filed a claim last July 2010 they said they have all the paper work they need and that it has been before the review board since Nov 1st 2010. Here April 11 and still no news. Service Office can’t find out anything either…

    • Bill

      Don’t feel bad I have one since Dec.2009 and still haven’t got anything back yet.

      • thom

        dont feel bad bill,i been waiting since 08

    • Rick

      I would bet, based on a claim just awarded (filed April 2010 – received award March 2011) that you will hear something by June. When my award arrived, all of the paper work supporting the decision was accurate. Also, I kept tabs on the claim status via our state VA agency. On one occasion, I interrogiated the claim status by using the VA on-line service. lastly, denials come much quicker, so if you have not received a denial letter your still in the ‘que’ so my suggestion, just be patient.

    • BM1 Widow

      You need to be very persistent and contact ONLY the person who is generating the form letter advising about an overwhelming amount of claims to be processed. These managers are pretty ovblivious as to what is being said to claimants by the office reps in NY, Philadelphia, St. Louis, D.C., etc…make sure to get the names of all reps you speak to so you can give them to the manager. They will question them and call them out on the mis-information they give you. Local Vet reps and local politicans are useless. My local politicians told me to go to welfare while I waited for a decision. ONLY FAX ALL PAPERWORK through a goverment fax machine… your local recruiting stations are quite accomodating and your paperwork won’t be “lost” in the Dept. of VA office once it’s faxed that way. After months of nonsense I did all of the above and my DIC claim was processed without a hitch once I contacted the manager of the office.

      • BM 1 Widow

        Enter text right here!If they get enough phone calls maybe they’ll train the customer service employees and processors properly or weed out the employees who are obviously not working and HIRE some people who really want a job! I’ve been trying to find a job for the last 3 months and I’d certainly like the chance to work at my local office but I guess I don’t have enough political pull to be considered. I dared the manager I spoke with to call the VA’s 800 number and question the rep on available benefits so she could hear what the public is being told. Most of them mumble and read off of outdated paycharts, tell you that as a widow isn’t entitled to anything unless her husband was collecting benefits which is totally untrue, etc. Everyone needs to take a stand and insist upon getting their due!

    • Kyle

      I am in same boat now….when did you get your rating 6 or 7 months : awaiting a rater”?

    • help

      I had a lawyer win me a closed period and social security has called several times sent several letters I’ve received several award letters. theyve delayed my lump sum twice now. when am i gonna get paid .

    • David Davis


      This system is and has been designed by Congress to delay, deny, and wait for you to die. The laws are corrupt and the ones that you think are made to be of help for you and I and all veterans are usually the laws that are used to put you on the hamster wheel. Never give up. Just because Congress, and the President are against us we must stand united and vote em all out of office this time. I have been fighting my claim for 45 years. My service records and VA records have been falsified and they know it. I thank God for Cushman’s continued fight for justice. Keep fighting them and pass the word to all the veterans and service members to vote em out of office and get a knew Secretary that works for veterans.

    • joe

      I just got my DAV letter the Second one. First was for 10% now this letter says100% and I will be retro from May 1 2011. You just have to wait and you will get back pay from the day you filed your claim… Good luck

  • Ron

    I applied for disibility in oct 2010 and received my first check in jan 2011. It worked pretty good for me but I had to keep on the. I had to get some medical records on my own, but it was worth it

    • Jessie

      What disability did you claim ? I submitted my claim for EHC..heart
      condition since I have four stents placed in my heart arteries already
      back in Jan. of 2010 and they keep telling me that it’s with the review
      board. I would like to know if there is anyone out there with heart
      condition that has had their claim settled. If so, what percentage
      are they considering for heart condition.

      • Larry

        Jessie, hang in there, i had a quad bypasss in 2002, in Nov. 2010 I filed for EHC due to Agent Orange exposure, which was finally settled this past Feb with 30%, and got back pay to Nov. 2010 but I have disagreed with part of their claim that i do not have permenent A-Fib, which i do, and adds 10% to the rating. You really have to be patient, work the claim, get an advocate to help, and stay on top of them on your own.

        • Brad

          What was your mets if they made you do stress test. did you have LVE measured ? If 3-5 mets or LVE of 50 or under should have been rated 60% not 30%

    • airbornebroken

      WELL YOU WERE LUCKY BECAUSE ooops sorry I am on month 10 . I never used any benefits sinse getting out 25 yrs ago now I need them and it is taken forever. I can see y some take awhile but when your in a chair is it nor ubvious you are not going to get up and go to work in the morning. The VA needs to be real on some of these and quit trying to protect themselves and start protecting us. Want to make sure we are not messing with them, If they sent someone here for 400 round trip it would have saved them thousands on wondering, or send them on a hop for nothing remember a pic is worth a 1000 words, not there I would guess.

  • Stuck with VA

    16 months waiting for a determination here. Filed in Jan 2010 – still waiting. Was told 5 times that they had everything they needed…then asked for more information. Sitting with the rating board since Oct – then asked again for more information in Feb. It’s ridiculous. Heard lies and threats from the VA ‘representatives.’ Apparently we need to wait until we are homeless, then maybe the VA will do something.

  • Linda

    No dear they are waiting and hoping got you to die before you are accepted:-|

  • Richard

    Hurry up and wait…… so what else is new..

  • Tyler

    Don’t ever put your trust in the government. History tells that the government will always hurt you in the end! I’m soon going to start praying that when I get through training that I don’t get wounded!


    The VA SUCKS! PERIOD. More than 2 years for my Lariam poisoning and they told me ANOTHER 2 YEARS!!! WTF???

  • DAV

    I was exposed to ionizing radiation during my service (nuclear duty) and it took the VA eleven (11) years to finally award me 100% service connected disability. Took 2 federal courts, hundreds of letters, both of my senators, my congressman, the lieutenant governor and the governor of my state, as well as the American Legion and the Disabled American Veterans before my claim was ever approved. To add insult to injury the VA only granted the 100% in the past 2 years and I am now battling them over an Earlier Effective Date because they lost a vital piece of information. Although I provided them the missing piece (I keep copies of everything), the VA has kept my file in limbo for 2 years and counting.


      As a vet who, too, has had (and am still having) similar issues as you write, one of the things that I have discovered is that if they have lost a vital piece of evidence and you can get your case to a federal court, the law states that if the VA cannot present the evidence, BUT YOU CAN, then the court HAS to go by the evidence that IS available, WHICHEVER SIDE has it. So, if YOU have it, but the VA “claims” it doesn’t, then the courts will go by what YOU present. This was how I beat the VA in an illegal apportionment case, on my own without any legal representation. I urge you to visit my website DISABLED VETERANS DENIED VA BENEFITS and is located at Yahoo Groups. In the “files” section I have listed copies of many of the laws that vets NEED to know when it comes to the law governing the VA. You can ask questions at my site, leave info or stories, and I personally try to answer as many questions as I can, or find the person, or location where the vet can get the answer if I cannot find, or know it, myself. I make it a point to assist ANY vet, or their family members, as much as I can to include directing them to attorneys who practice VA law if needed.


      when were you exposed to ionizing radiation? can you give me details of the exposure

  • Sharon

    I know where all our Veteran’s are coming from. My husband served 30 years and passed away in 2008. He did not get to enjoy his retirement. Now here I am a widow drawing only his retirement, with large medical bills and I filed a medical claim with the VA and they denied it. The government doesn’t even want to help veteran’s wives. Washington sits up there with a large salary while we sit here with expenses piling up and they say they want to help Veteran’s and their families….I don’t believe a word of it!!!

  • thom

    Write your senator or congresman a congresional
    inquirey helps

    • Midwestarcher

      That doesn’t help I had an assistant to now Govenor Brownback say he could not tell me anything about my claim because it would be like asking the police about a murder investigation that you are a suspect in.. HUH? gives a little more info than the lowsy 800 number as to where your claim is and what they have but not much

  • Ron

    What they are doing is unconscionable. To decide if a medical condition is or is not service connected is a no brainer and can and should be done by your primary physician and a caseworker. All at the local level. And once it is decided, there should be little to no doubt the extent of their disability. After all, like in my case, I was given a discharge for my physical disability, yet, I still had to prove it before I could get benefits. *** is that. Now, 43 years later, when I can’t work, I’m on Social Security Disability, the VA says I’m only 10%. The irony here is, the Social Security folks used the same medical exams and evaluations performed by the VA to decide I’m disabled, yet the VA is unclear on the issue and is forcing me to go through this long wait and the applies process. This is outright BS and I’m convinced is a deliberate stall tactic to save money, which grips my *** even more given how much money we give to (corrupt) foreign nations and to these Global Corporations, all of whom should have been forced to file bankruptcy, just like all the rest of us. I’m starting to wonder who the real enemy is…

  • Tom

    Its been 2009 a claim they should not have backloged had all the evidence and still asking for the same evidence I gave themthe same evidence as before and forget about writing to your senator I wrote to Sen Hutchison they lost my letter and havent heard a word 6months ago. wrote to the secretary also 4 months ago and nothing, not only they dont want to help they want you to die first. All us vet should have a sitin at the VA regional office with our signs saying how bad they treat us. They dont care they get paid regarless if you get comp or not. The more backlog the better, more job security they have

    • Gerald Leonard

      If you are in Texas, as I presume you are, I’m not at all surprised. I gave up trying to get Waco to let loose of benefits I know I am entitled to. I wrote John Cornyn and he refered it to the VA who stonewalled as usual.

      I am now 67 and staying alive just to spite them…lol

    • EDJR

      I have been waiting since 2005. I have been told my records are lost and they needed statements which I provided. I am told now things are in the rating process. Figure that!!!!!!!!

      • tvanhees

        If you have received a letter telling you that your claim is in the rating process then it is not going to be denied and you will get an award of compensation. You are on the clock and if it takes six months or six years you will get back pay. I am a veterans advocate who work with vets from all wars and services and I had one case similar to you. He filed claims six years prior to meeting me and I got him six years back pay at 90 %. Thats a huge check. Be patient after all you are on the clock and like I said if you have not been denied within the first six months then you will get an award. If you need any further help I do it for free contact me Tom

  • Widow

    My husband died in Oct. 2010 of a service connected disability for which he had been rated 100% disabled in 2005. It has been 6 months now, they are still dragging their feet on my DIC….. Wanted another copy of marriage certificate, has been reviewed, gone to rating and they still don’t move. It appears they will make me try his case all over again…..they even spell my last name wrong…but they did get it right on his headstone !

    • James Sohns

      Hi there, it took me 5 yrs to get my 100% and would like to make some suggestions, use the following if you haven’t, Patient Advocate, Director of Public Affairs, Your Director of your area, Network Director of your Area. Go to TV Media with your story, as they hate that, as I was on NBC News with Congressman Mike Thompson and in other Magazines. I’m now in Mn and have brought the staff up on charges, for violating laws. Jim VA made deal with Pres Bush Sr. I will explain.

  • Dorothy Branch

    My husband filed a claim in July, 2009. He never received a dime. He passed away in April 2010. I then had to file a claim for accumulated benefits. It has been almost a year and I cannot get any information other than no decision. The person is right about they hope the person dies and they will just file your claim away and forget it.

  • Terminator

    This is pretty good article, especially the part where he makes suggestions for vets to follow when filing their claims. However, as a veteran who has been fighting the VA for over 26 years now, I can tell you that when it comes to a lot of what he says, while the suggestions are good and right on ( I have followed them for the same 26 yrs I’ve been fighting), if the VA decided its NOT going to co-operate with you, the these precautions may not benefit for you for several yrs. As an example, I AND ALL of my legal reps (attorneys, D.A.V reps, American Legion reps, etc) have been requesting my c-files for over 25 yrs and the VA HAS REFUSED to allow us copies or access to it. This is against the law and I have spoken to several vets who have had the same issue. I have a website, DISABLED VETERANS DENIED VA BENEFITS located at Yahoo Groups that I suggest you visit. I have posted several of the laws under title 38 that applies to veterans claims and are IMPORTANT for vets to know. One of the likely reasons for the VA to refuse access to a vets files is because they have lost them but do not want to admit to it. This is to the vets benefit actually but you need to know the law. I hope you visit my site and Semper Fi.

  • Ron Binnie

    It’s been over 6 years since i filed my claim and during that period the VA refused to look at my claim for PTSD. I have a report from a PhD with all the info VA needs, but they are going by their own contract doctor that submitted false
    I wrote to Patty Muray and got nowhere. The head of the VA group in the senate and still no help. I’m going to have my wife keep me on life support until they pay up.

  • Terminator

    The VA, as I have discovered, is much like the Social Security Administration when it comes to disability claims. The, UN-official, motto of both is, “Lie, Deny and hope the claimant dies”, and unfortunately in all too many cases, that is EXACTLY what happens. We all have read stories about it. And going to your elected official(s) is no guarantee either as demonstrated by my own experience with the VA aid to US Senator (WA state-D) Patty Murray who’s name is Kim Brown. After refusing to assist me despite the overwhelming amount of evidence that proved my claims as well as proved that the VA had lied to 2 seperate Congressional Inquires, I asked why he refused to believe me, OR the evidence against the VA and he said “Because they ARE THE VA and they ARE ALWAYS given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their word against a veteran”. I have the e-mail he sent me saying this posted on my website DISABLED VETERANS DENIED VA BENEFITS (at Yahoo Groups)as proof that it happened, as well as other shocking statements made by elected officials.

  • mack

    Our involvement in these wars should have ended a long time ago.I guess we did not learn our lession from Vietnam.However it took me quite a while to get a good rating,but i got it by getting all my own medical records and keeping copies as backup.In short make a positive effert to get your own records and sign power of attorney over to the DAV.-American Legion etc.They know the rules and will help those who need it.

    • jeff

      you are better off going to the DAV then American Legion. Went trhu the American legion and they did shit for me. And when you needed to talk to someone there. There was enever a person in office,only an answering machine. And they never got back to me.
      And the Brown county rep was no better. Was always off playing golf to busy to help and more concerned with his game. And he wasn’t even a damn vet.
      I would never gotten as far as I did if it wasn’t for my fiancee’s help and her connections. And her friend who was a vietnam vet,also a recruiter, also been thru it himself, and his connections,and now i have the DAV as my legal addvocate. And there is always tons of people in the office who were Vets and are willing to Help. American Legion in small towns, And county reps are nothing but a bunch of “Country Club members” that care about nothing more then lineing there own pockets instead of doing there Job.

  • David

    I was discharged in Sept 2006 with 10%, filed for PTSD in January 2008 and got paid by July 2008 with a rating of 40% total. Now I’ve filed for sleep apnea with a CPAP required and recurring MRSA staph infections, 16 since 2005 inc five days in a hospital and nearly dying, and was told it would be a month before a decision was made. Now I’m being told 6 months. I’m thinking I’ll get paid by November if I’m lucky after reading all this.

    • james

      it took us 3 years but, it finally came in

  • Nick

    To all new Americans thinking of joining the US Military. DONT! Reason is they will promise you everything but once you have completed your service and need Ameicas help. Then it becomes another fight. Whether its because paper was not submitted on time, or a box wasnt checked when you left. I agree when someone said about our government helping any country at a drop of a hat. But our true heroes go through H-LL for the help we needl. Boycot our govenenment and military.

    • Caraballo

      100% I agre. I work at the VA Tamapa Hospital and I can see the frustration of our veterans. I’m a vet with bilateral hearing loss,tinnitus,vertigo,anxiety,inbalance due to fill artillery in the US ARMY but I was dennied since ever. Yesterday May 3rd the majority of house congress in power in Tallahasse voted against inmigration laws,ammendment to deport illegal inmigrants in FL. They refuse to protect and save the jobs for american citizens. Those corupted stand defending illegal invasors coming across the border but never prepare a project to help the ones put them on power as well as refuse to help veterans to get their benefits. Marco Rubio R(F),GutierresD(ILL) and many of the hispanic leaders in power get their seat at the congress to defend hispanic illegal inmigrants but never stand for the americans as well as the rest of our crook leaders. Enough is about enough veterans must stand toguether and boycot.

    • 29 year Vet

      So who do you suggest will defend this country? I would suggest that we elect officials that will do the right things for this country and its vets.

    • Robert

      I think that the problem is that we have not had a President to serve in the Military during a war since WWII and that was George H.W. Bush. Before that, we had Gerald Ford. Our current and past 2 Presidents have seen no combat and 2 of which were never in the Military. WIth this in mind, it seems as though no one cares about the Military or the veterans of wars. Being in a combat changes a person and congress and the President fail to see this. They are all worried more about Political happiness and keepting the peace among other Countries. We give the best years of our lives in order to be world police, only to get pushed to the wayside when it comes to filing for disability. For me, it’s not so much about the money as it is for medical. Current medical insurance will not cover some things because it was pre-exiisting. Now, I’m paying out of pocket for this and it’s killing me.

      • Robert

        I had $10,000 saves prior to exiting the Military in March 2011 and I have ran completely through that. Bills still come as well as the medical supplies costs. The quick start claim that I was told would only take 6 months to complete was bogus as I am 2 months shy from a year now. Something has to give here and I’m pretty sure that the give will be on my end. I think that once we have individuals in a position of power that has served in a combat zone and fully active duty, no one will understand.

  • Stacy

    Are you guys serious? Every time I read comments such as “they lie, deny and wait for you to die,” I wonder what the hell is wrong with the poster! As a veteran, and a VA employee, I don’t understand how you can really believe that the intention of VA employees is to wait until veterans die. What I see every morning is people that chat with others, bending over backwards to try to find a way to grant, even if it seems impossible. Our motto, by the way, is “grant if you can, deny if you must.” You comments are a slap in the face to myself as well as my co-workers who bust their ass on a daily basis, to get you the highest disability possible. Realize that we have thousands of cases and cannot do them all at once. We are working as fast as we can!

    • Retired Navy

      Stacy – the VA’s budget for these disability payments is now $61B!!!!! The standards to get ever-increasing tax free checks for life are now SO LOW that most able-bodied servicemembers are getting them. PLEASE START MINDING THE STORE. Taxpayers can’t afford this HUGE GIVEAWAY!!!

      • dfed

        you are a stupid SOB

      • Madison

        I’m sorry you are feeling like we are singling you out, if you are as helpful and concerned for the veterans PLEASE stay (If you are still there) and we thank you. my husband has been in the system for 22 years and have so many horrible experiences both administrativly and medially you cannot say it the average is good. No one is meaning it to be a slap to those few who are good and willing to help, but unfortunately you work with many who perpetuate the culture of bad issues. (SEE PART 2)

        • Madison

          However, to anyone who is filing 95 or 1151s, first you must make certain you keep copies, never mail anything you don’t get a point of contact signature of who receives it, second do not believe they will answer your claims. My husband had a surgery that went horribly wrong, we didn’t know exactly what happened, despite our numerous requests for his records – which by law YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS YOU OWN, they cannot keep them from you legally except in the case of mental instability where that veteran’s psychologist have valid concern (not just a feeling, but proof by your own admission) that you will harm someone if “I find out who did ‘x’ I’ll kill them” or “if I found out something went wrong I’ll bash their head in” then they don’t have to release the notes part of your medical records, but images, diagnoses, treatments cannot be kept. However, returning to my husband – he (we) were not told what went on during the surgery until it got so bad the senator got involved. then the 2 year time limit to had passed and it makes it harder to claim unknowledge. (SEE PART 3)

          • madison

            Third, follow up on your own claim and filing dates. This is important. Sometimes people drop the ball when working with so many claims. It is up to you to help them help you. When you get your decision back, be sure to read it over very carefully. Request a copy of your claims file to be sure everything was documented properly. This is a common misstep by many veterans, including myself. Always double check everything, especially now.
            We filed 3 1151s for no other reason but an explanation of why and an apology. The ignored that over and over.
            As veterans you are believed you should be happy with treatment no matter how substandard it is. I record my appointments for my own note take afterwards and so I don’t feel crazy for believing one thing I heard in one appointment and a completely different thing in another. They breed concerns that you, the vet, must be thinking wrong. The pateniet advocate & cheif of staff dont help much – take notes, even whenall is well.

      • madison

        I have an idea… maybe keep the adminstration part of the VA, but let us vets go on medicare. The cost of hospitals, land, personell, etc… the inability to choose your own doctor or surgeon, the extreme driving distances (and travel pay), the law suits, the besmudged name of those few good at the VA. The disability pay, VA house loan, grants, etc… through the administrated part. The healthcare workers of the VA would be needed due to influx in civilian hospitals.
        I even have ideas about regular health insurance and such. But if the govenrment wants to save us tax dollars they have to combine some entitlements that can overlap – like medicare from ss and healthcare from va to name 2

      • Retired Navy…We were”minding the store” when we put our asses in the mud to protect this country..Now, in my case 44-years later, we expect to access the benefits which we were promised, which we earned by virtue of blood, sweat and personal sacrifice…

        This is not about whether we are “able-bodied” as you say, but it is about what we earned…including health benefits and in many cases service connected claims which many of us should have been receiving for decades..but we kept our problems to ourselves, and we kept on doing whatever we had to do to feed the kids, keep a roof over them and get them through school just like you probably have done.

        You have a right to your views but get this straight, my fellow veteran, we don’t have to back up to accept what we earned in the mud, blood and the f”ng mosquito infested jungles, dead-assed deserts or anywhere else..$61-billion is a small price to pay for freedom..

        Now, I suggest that you focus on the 15- Trillion dollars which fell out of our pockets when we bent over to pick up that $61-billion in nickels that causes you such consternation..

        Patrick DeMent USMC (USN)..Grunt VN 1968-69

        • VETS WIFE

          WELL SAID!!! my husband was there with you, a U.S. NAVY SEABEE, in 1968-69 now with many medical problems, only 20 percent lung capacity from agent orange, He ran a power plant and they sprayed often , he has NEVER SMOKED in his life and worked as an electrician in the food industry when he got out of the service and never around chemicals after leaving the service, he’s got diabetes, and other problems.He has been waiting 5 years !

          • Gina

            Did you ever get your compensation

    • jane masters

      my husband has been waiting 5 yrs and still waiting; did all the paper work, exams, etc.2 VA Dr.s say he is unemployable!, but still no decision! so far we had to sell our home,cash in MY 401k,and now live in a trailer in fl. THANKYOU TO MY GOVT. for giving us the (BEST YRS OF OUR LIVES)!!

    • rolandagain

      Stacy…I don’t think anyone is blaming you personally, or anyone else that works in the claims department. We’re just unaware of what goes on, as far as handling the claims. Many veterans have had their claims lost, myself included, and have a right to be concerned about it. We’re airing out distaste for how the government is handling this situation. You guys are inundated with claims to process, there is no question about that, it’s that the government is not providing the necessary resourses for revieving these claims in a timely manner.

    • Carl

      If they are busting their ass on a daily basis why have I been waiting six years.

    • Angela M

      Stacy, if your office works as hard as you say you do, then my hat’s off to you but you’re obviously not of the norm.I not only have asssisted other veterans with their claims as far as where to get assistance from., I’m active in my own husbands claim, and when the VBA holds APPEALS HEARINGS that are REQUESTED by the veteran, and said veteran is neither notified or allowed to be at their own hearing, you just can’t justify saying VBA is doing all it can, at least not in California or Nevada. Incidentally, we’re also members of the American Legion, one of the largest VSO organizations in America with State and National Congressional members on board, and we still cann’t get things done in that TIMELY 120 DAYS you preach about. Just sayiing………………….

      • dave

        unknowlegeable help is sometimes worse than none.

    • shooternc

      Thank You Stacy for the wonderful job you do for us veterans, but you are not the one that makes the descission on our disability claims. I for one do not direct my my anger and frustration to the doctors and fine nurses who help us but at the VA Disision makers who do everything they can to deny our claims, If this were not the case then why would we (disabled Veterans)
      even bother to make staments like that ,

    • KAYLA


      • fedup11

        same to me, muskogee had mine since jan-2011 all my exams where done and turned in from qtc to va by 9-23-11 i just got my rating back and its the same all the exams ptsd/tbi claims have been deferred why? the 3rd phase is to get all info for the rating phase why wait a year then start over. i just learned the exam went back to qtc to be redone not my exam just paperwork. 2 months and still no one knows what the delay is. wont say a word. this is truly ridicoulous.

    • The Va in ar has always treated me great. From local Va dr. To fayetteville
      Branson and little rock. Now waiting on claim But by studying the codes they go by, I think they will try to hive me the best they can.

    • Dave Davis


      How is it then that veterans with radiation poisoning, veterans with AO and other chemical high concentration exposures, others with PTSD those that have already passed were denied for years and years appeal after after appeal, remand after remand after remand are still being denied year in and year out by the thousands. I’ll tell you why because all of those hard working tea totting desk pounding jockeys are more interested in bonuses and their paychecks rather than reading lay evidence, medical evidence, and US code and CFR’s. Plus knowing fast letters and m21 guidelines. I’ve seen some of the falsified medical records in VA files. We’ve all read about shredding and documents lost misplaced or whatever. Just remember this if it weren’t for veterans fighting for your GD rights you wouldn’t be in the position you are today. So think about what the Congress told you to do when they said you the VA EMPLOYEE have a duty to assist and award the claim when at all possible. So take that to the bank and remember every claim you look at you should think of as that person is a veteran and a fellow brother or sister that served for the cause in one way or another.

    • feduphurrynwait

      Despite last minute attempts to prepare, the VA has still fallen dramatically behind schedule, with the claims backlog almost doubling in just one year to 756,000
      well i suggest u get ready for more slaps in the face with info like this. theres a reason ppl like i think they wait for us to die. when its a daily pain each breath each day seems like a hassle to keep living and when u see the backlog and the long waiting periods of them keeping quiet and u dont hear anything from anyone then yes i would say slap urself somemore.

      Read more:

      • Dave Davis

        I hate to say it but I’m beginning to believe that the enemy is here at home. Eager to send you off to the service to protect and defend not so eager to follow the US laws though themselves. More interested in protecting a dollar bill than the American people.

    • Ms. Roland

      Stacey, yes we are very serious, we would like to have our money… So unless you can do your job any faster then stop acting crazy….

    • rli

      Kudos, as a fellow rater/DRO I commend you on your stand. I too as well as my fellow workers go the extra mile each and every day. Frustrating…yes as we are called all sorts of things by our veteran comrades, by congress and of course by others.

    • rli

      Does any taxpayer ever know what is actually going on in the VA with their tax dollars. I beg them to look into the goings on of Secretary Shinsecki and Congress to see how their tax dollars are spent. It is interesting how much fraud is going on in serving veterans. However nothing can be done as this fraud is widespread. Innovative initiatives my ass.

      • David Davis

        I beg them to award claims across the board it will be a lot less headaches in the long run. As all these reps are qualified in insurance claims they can get a job in the insurance disability business. Do away with all the lawyers, Secretary, undersecretaries, Health administrators, advisors, Save all of us a bunch of money and guess what my fellow veterans we will finally have our claims awarded and quit wasting time and lives.

    • rli

      Nothing like making a job more confusing then what it should be. Does anyone know that to train a Rating veteran service Representative it takes atleast a year or more.
      VA is being pushed to put these individuals out in less than 6 months. Quality to 98% my ass. See through this because all they do is change the way they look at quality in order to meet these numbers. The backlog is not going to be reduced at the rate the VA is going. We have created another needy society. Please forgive me as their are those most needing this benefit. However, what bogs down the system is those that claim crap like a finger, colds. an ankle sprain in which most people would have gotten better; however they are trying to capitalize on the benefit to make it a chronic disability. Believe me I follow the laws as far as granting benefits based on the law. However, do I believe every bullshit claim we get. No but I do follow the law as it is written. People believe me Congress as well as Secretary Shinsecki needs and overhaul

    • James

      Because from minute one of the application process, every single milestone has been a fight. Pile after pile of records copied and send. Multiple visits to the local VAMC asking what I need to do, even begging to know what I’ve done wrong to deserve the feet-dragging. Even as a well insured private citizen, armed with piles of medical evidence (both civilian and military) from multiple deployments, it is a full time job to navigate the system. I’m going to have to take out a loan and hire a law firm to manage all of it – just to get to the C&P exam and EVEN TO GET A SIMPLE GULF WAR REGISTRY EXAM. I am very angry with it all. I don’t understand why people around me are getting 50%+ disability, while I’m sitting here with obvious, documented problems and am pushed out the door. Tomorrow will be my 7th visit to VAMC, and I expect the same futile results.

      • David Davis


        Remember that this is a non-adversarial department. HA ha Can any of us imagine what it would be like if it was ADVERSARIAL? They will select what evidence they can to use it against your claim. Congress allows this process knowing that it is clearly a due process violation. Disallowance of lay evidence and incomplete procedural reviews. As many have stated you probably are dealing with an under qualified staff of raters directed to deny your claim for whatever the reason. Send your info to DC.

    • James A. Waddell

      I am James A. Waddell, I am an agent orange contaminated veteran of Korea DMZ in 1968-1969 where the Agent Orange and combat actions were all covered up for over 30 years… the VA repeatedly refused to diagnose and treat me for 43 years. I have multiple Agent Orange disabily diseases; Ischemic heart disease, heart attack with stent, recurriing choracne skin sores that leathered the skin and gave me heart problems systemic fasciitis muscle stranging, solid muclesl; can’t walk normal, can not clime stairs, sunket vein synrome, Parkinson’s disease and prostate cancer… but the VA did not help me. I have a new VA ID card that says “Service Connecte” by way of Agent Orange disabilites… But I still wait for somebody to help me.

    • evans

      While u can’t paint all VA employees with the same brush. However, I take issue with your statement of grant if you can, deny if you must. In July 2004 I filed a claim for disability compensation for migraines, back, knees, and eyes. I was denied based upon their assertion that my treatment records doesn’t reflect any complaints of these problem while on active duty. After filing an appeal and five years later I was rated 30% for migraines and 10% for my back, and now I found out that my knees and eyes were denied still. Finally, in 11/2011 I experienced a bilateral patellar tendon rupture to my knees, and they say I didn’t have any complaints in service, but my sf600 has documentation to rebutt their position. EMCM (SS) Evans

    • Stacy..Thanks to you and your peers at the VA who work very hard every day to serve our vets..

      Although the process often is frustrating, time consuming, bureaucratic and cumbersome I’ve seen that the great majority of men and women at the VA centers around the country do your best , act with honor and a high degree of integrity and dedication to serve the needs of veterans..

      However..the “SYSTEM” has a lot of room for improvement..and for better or worse, that likely will be the case for a long time to come..

    • D Snow

      My response:
      Stacy, here’s one for you, how about a WWII 90 yr old Veteran still waiting for Board decision. How dare you speak to these men and women who served this country so you and your co-workers (who you say bust your ass) get a pay check, benefits and everything else due you ON TIME. I’d appreciate an opportunity to speak with you next time I am in Washington, you and your co-workers need a little education. Remember you and your co workers work for us, the Taxpayers. These men and women who served our country and were promised by our Gov’t they would be taken care of. As far as I am concerned you and your co-workers can take your bad attitude and do us all a favor and go home. So let me ask you how long are you going to let a 90 yr old WWII veteran wait for his benefits, till he’s dead?

      P.S. As a Veteran you should be discharged for your bad attitude.

    • Courtney

      And you Sir are a propoganda maker for the VA. At each and every opportunity, the VA RO’s will complicate and intentionally delay disposition of claims which have been pending, in many cases, for years. I know because mine has been delayed for nearly two years in the face of overwhelming VA hospital and other federal agency medical records supporting the simple and straightforward request for an increase in a long established service connected disability.

      A class action against the VA’s unreasonable delays is presently being researched. Hopefully the VA will be left nailed to the courthouse door.

    • Frank

      Hello Stacy, Im sure you do the best job you can under a underfinanced depeartment and under manned. Thank You . We do not all feel that you are all lazy and uncaring. I too have claims in waiting since 2009 to be completed and have been under the preasure of not knowing what Im going to do to get along. I am unable to work due to my disability getting worse and have felt forgotten and lost in the system. Im a Viet Nam Vet rated 80% waiting for unemployability 100% . I have seen family members commit suside after waiting for years to hear from the VA. So you see our side,Waiting takes its toll on our bodies and our minds. We have been threw enough pain. All we are asking for is to speed up this system with the respect we have earned.

    • Patricia

      Stacy, thank you. I think the problem is frustration, financial hardship and feeling overwhelmed. Please understand our position and I personally will try to understand yours. If the motto is what you said it is, “Grant if you Can, Deny if you Must” then that is very encouraging. That gives those of us who have waited for over a year and a half that we aren’t waiting in vain. That we won’t wait all this time only to get a DENIED letter in the mail. Yikes! Thank you and God Bless

    • Mark

      Stacy, you seem to be the exception and not the rule. I have been trying to keep my claim moving forward for almost two years now and it has been very frustrating to say the least. My claim has been transferred back and forth between Los Angeles and Oakland with no logical explanation and the only option I have is to call the 1-800 call center. The majority of people I have dealt with at the call center have treated me as if I’m interrupting their afternoon poker game and just want to get me off the phone (I always try to be very polite.) I have had very few who are understanding and seem to truly want to help and I have always tried to pass their names along with compliments higher up the VA chain but again they are the exception and not the rule. Thank you for caring, if there were more like you there would be fewer frustrated vets.

    • mays

      you must DON’T work at Waco, TX
      …..because they are HORRIBLE at helping VETS

    • big G

      The VETs are saying these things because they are TRUE!!!!! if you all DO the things that you say you are doing …..well i guess you wont have so many complaints

    • Steve Sharber

      I am a Vet thet went into the Army in 1964 o 1967. I had an MST on the USS Girdon going to Korea. I knew NOTHING about the process of filing a claim? In Sept of 2011 I filed one for mental health problems and that MST.Thanks for assuring me that I’ll be dealt with fairly. My counslor told me that the MSTs for men never surface until they are age 45 to 65. I was so very hurt by this event its not supposed to happen to men anyway. I never reported it to anyone! I was so afraid to.

    • rangerwill

      I want to thank you for what you do. I spent ten years combat arms. I have been waiting for a claim for over a year. I am not happy with the wait but am satisfied that it is relevant. therefore know, even though difficult, that the truth will come out of this, so thank you for what you do. Veterans like myself believe that you have my best interest in heart.

    • Crosby

      That is a rarity, a veteran in the VA.

    • uvantha

      Yes deadly serious, do the math, there is no-way the job of rating a veterans claim is being completed properly. Claims files are not being read properly and completely(there is not enough time in the day with the published production quotas). C&P exams are being conducted where the examiner states a condition does not exist when in the file are several test results from the VA’s own system that clearly and unequivocally states patient is afflicted with it. My C&P exam stated I could not have restrictive lung disease because I was never exposed to asbestos? Examiner whent on to say I had no evidence of pulmonary hypertension or core pulmonale. I guess the two echocardiographic technicians (one VA one PP) and the cardiologists who wrote up the test results were wrong!

      I am not the exception i suspect I am the median.

    • Retired Army

      I would agree. The worker should not have to take the brundt of negative comments when the system was not prepared for the increase in claim filings. I myself have had a claim denied and I did not stress. I even had it denied (in the mail) the day I had my first surgery that the claim was based on. We have all been in the military and we all know that things didn’t happen over night. If you have all the documentation, reviewed the regulations, you should not have a problem if it was in your medical records while on active duty.

    • Jim

      VA employees working on Disability Claims are OVERWORKED and UNDER-APPRECIATED! Most of them are Veterans just like myself and know first hand what it is like to go through the motion.

      Most of the delays are due in part to our Medical Files being interpreted and deciphered by interns and aging physicians. Add in the lack of mental health professionals it just makes it frustrating.

      If you need to ensure that your claim was processed in a timely and ACCURATE MANNER, then I suggest that you look into asking your local chapter of Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Order of the Purple Heart to become your advocate by giving them Power of Attorney to represent you.

      When you do this all related documentation MUST FLOW THROUGH THE ORGANIZATION THAT IS REPRESENTING YOU! They have a superior track record and FREE LEGAL REPRESENTATION for Veterans that submit a claim or appeal.

      Ensure you make good copies of your military medical records. DO NOT HOLD THEM AND NOT TURN IN WHEN YOU ETS OR RETIRE! Your medical records will digitally scanned and saved at your final State Home of Record. If you received any treatment in a civilian facility while you are pending your claim send it in.

      Take your spouse or significant other to your C&P exam and let them explain what your problems are and how they have to deal with them.

      Ebenefits is just a tool. DO NOT BELIEVE what you see but realize that it is close to where it is in the decision process. If you have a complicated claim then it will take longer. If you have been out of a job or fired for past medical or mental health issues get your former employer to draft a letter on your behalf explaining your work performance or lack of. This will make your claim for Unemployability easier to process.

      Remember that if you require assistance from your spouse, relative or significant other because of your medical or mental health condition then you should look into the Caregiver Program at

    • Lori

      I served 21 years in the military and filed a claim for PTSD in 2003. I agree it takes time; however, if you have a Vet Rep to assist you and I mean someone who knows the system, you will receive your compensation. I am at 100% and I just realized you can get back pay. I am currently pursuing this.

    • Mario

      Stacy, i have a question. If we do not hear from the VA for about two years did that mean our claim might not be denied??? thanks Mario

    • Guest

      The problem is even worse, says attorney Craig Kabatchnick, who was the senior appellate attorney for the VA’s Office of General Counsel from 1990-95.

      “Our job was to deny claims,” he says. “We celebrated beating veterans, especially those representing themselves.” There was no official policy, he says, but ranking attorneys instructed staff to fight and deny cases—even though the law mandated that they give veterans the benefit of the doubt.

    • Charles

      I am so glad to hear someone stand up for the VA employees I am a vet and can tell you I am very happy with the whole operation. Especially the health care. I have applied for an increase in disability as my condition has gotten worse and even though they are taking a lot of time I know its because they bare very busy and trying to weed out the fraud claims. Keep up the good work

    • K. bran

      18 months for one claim, then it ends up back at the beginning with no explanation other than reviewing again…why? People lives are on hold. You and many others may be busting their rear ends, but that doesn’t mean that all of VA employees are. Just like not all Vets are honest. Thank you for what you do. The break in the system is the Gov’t cutting costs and over working and under paying their employees

    • mikemike

      we need more help then, so the Va employee’s are not overwhelmed. They are always nice but I have been waiting over a year on my claim.

    • doc

      …I have proof that people in your position can’t read, don’t read and make foolish comments and what you said is true but it wouldn’t be that way if all were related or friends or in the same service. The VA sucks in the way they handle claims and the clinic at Martinez, California should be closed because of non educated personnel…FUBAR

    • Dave

      stacey, i believe every word you say because my experience with the VA has been nothing less than pleasant,i was notified on saturday that i had a C&P appointment 100 miles away on monday.when i got there at 8am monday i was told that my appointment was canceled, but a very nice young retired veteran who was the C&P examiner took control of the situation and worked me right into his schedule.he was not obligated to do nobody better tell me that VA employees are heartless and don’t care about the veteran.thanks to you and all others who do that for the way my claim for AO related diseases was approved in aug 2012 in less than 10 it just luck or proper channels?

    • Dave

      stacy: I personally don’t think veterans educate themselves well enough.Most if they have more than one disability they file them all at once trying to get that almighty 100%.My belief is that if you file one the worst one first get approved for that and go from there.don’t worry about percentage till you get connected.when i filed my claim i never call anybody.only called the VFW once to ask about some papers i recieved.Most people who help veterans recommend not to call for at least 6 mo. and not to call your congressman or senator, because if he has his aid look into it, it stops them form working on it and it may end up on the bottom of the pile.Patience is the best policy.Mine took 10 months, and however long rating takes.I for one believe you guys do your best, l have met some very nice people in the VA, also very helpful.Thank You for what you do.

    • David

      I am an atomic vet….1962 christmas island nuke tests. I have a recurrent brain tumor with severe hearing loss. I am 70years old and just went into the va system 2 1/2 months ago. So far I like what I see. I have been treated very well and am thankful to see our returning vets being treated so well…..keep up the good work and don’t get discouraged by complainers…..Dave

    • vasux

      ha! maybe you as an employee doesnt want veterans to die off, but the government does! They would love for nature to knock off a few Veterans so they dont have to pay them! If they really wanted to help us, they would! They have enough money to fight several wars at once, send thousands of people all over the world, ect.

    • Carmen and Benny

      We (my husband and I) don’t agree with the many who say those awful things about “waiting for veterans to die”. We know you all are backlogged from the many claim cases going in. We also know you all do the best you can. We’ve had our claim in for a year now, but we will be patient. There are so many more deserving veterans out there who are also in need of help for their disabilities. God bless you all for what you are doing to help and thank you so much for your service to our country.

    • mike

      Thanks for your service. My claim has a docket for may 2010 and has been sent to the american legion for review and has been there for over a year and they are currently working on things that were docketed in august of 2007 they have gained 3 months in over a year. Once they are done it will be turned back to the va . the process is long and frustrating but i think the va is working faster than the people who represent us are. I must say i have been always treated with respect by all i have come in contact with. both in the american legion and the va. Thanks

    • Jenn T

      I have been waiting for three and a half years on a reopen, and for a year and a half it has been at VLJ. I understand with this nasty mess that you guys are seriously over worked, and although I do suffer about 70% of the time, I understand that you are doing what you can. I’d rather someone take the time to review it, and rate me correctly, than to deny my claim again. The evidence was there the first time, so I keep my fingers crossed that even though you are all so overloaded, that each case gets the special attention it deserves. Thank you for trying to help the veterans, even though you might seldom hear it, we appreciate it.

    • Sue

      Stacy, I’m really sorry, you seem to be so frustrated. Well, we are too. There is no sympathy for the veterans from the VA. My husband is dying slowly at age 63 and all the VA wants to do is reduce his ratings. In 2012 June he was awarded 70%. Also they told him that he was eligible for TDIU. At that time he had istemic heart disease, gun shot scar, (Purple Heart), PTSD and tinnitus. He applied for these in 2011 August. He was just awarded 2014 October 80% but is giving him 100%. But in with the award, stated in the letter they are dropping his 50% PTSD back to 30% and 30% Istemic back to 10%. He claimed his diabetes which they gave him 10%. Ok so they figured how ever they figure to get the 80% but give him 100%. But they said he will be reevaluated and his % will be 40%. Down from $3017. to $640. Per month. So they gave it to him but they notified him in the same letter they will be taking it away. Oh yes, your working your a** off. “Priority Reduce”, his hearing loss was deferred. Til 2014 November. He will have a C&P on that. He has an ascending aneurysm, which is almost at the surgery stage. He goes for a prostrate biopsy on the 6th of November. He lost one kidney from renal cancer. So, my husband and I deal with all these ongoing medical condition and the worry of the VA taking away the income we need to survive. The VA is not your friend. Period.

  • Stacy

    My job is not to mind the store! Veterans deserve whatever the regulations state they should get. Veterans do/ did not think those thoughts while in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc., and it is not my job to shortchange fellow veterans. Your gripe is more towards public policy. I am not a gatekeeper.

    • penemyone

      I’ve found that most VSO’s don’t read or understand the regulations and get agitated when they are asked or even quoted the regulations. I’ve even told them where to look, but they still cannot seem to find them even though they are printed and updated weekly on GPO Access. I don’t know you personally or professionally but I hope you are not the type of person who a majority of these Vets have put there trust in and received nothing. I was “LUCKY”, if you can call it that, and received a 100% rating the first time but have been stonewalled since even though my condition has deteriorated and I have had service connected surgery since my total rating. If I make 50 it will be a miracle. I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t paint the VA picture to be rosey when from the other side desparation has been reached. I will continue to believe the 60 Minutes slogan, “DELAY, DENY, HOPE THAT I DIE” until I’ve seen a change in the VA.

  • CavScout62

    I filed in 2005. Denied. My claim is now docketed at the USCAVA as of 3/29/2010. I have been told by my attorney that now it could be another 2 years before a judge makes a decision. This is Bovine Excrement in the extreme! I’m already on SSDI and it references injuries sustained while in the Military. Not only that but it’s amazing how your records get “LOST” after you file a claim. At this rate I fully expect to be dead before a decision is reached.

  • William

    I filed a claim with the VA in Dec 09 for service connected injuries fractured ribs while being deployed to Afghanistan I completed my tour 12 month tour and was a medical hold ,my left side area was swollen which I thought was from the fall and it was later determined as traverse abdonimal obliquel tears along with back and shoulder injury I was at WTU at Ft.Knox Ky for 3 months and then release.I have all documentation and disc’s,and yet was denied so I’m still screwed .What more proof do I need .William .M

    • vonRyan

      Join the Disabled Americans Veterans in your area…they will see what the hell is going on…

  • David

    Deep down to the military, a soldier who can no longer fight is usless and an embarassment,. So we depend on civilians who do not know the the life we endured, or the ethos of blood and bones when reporting an injury, so they don’t care either.

  • Dave

    Stacy, there are good employees at the VA, I have no doubt, and know some of them away from the VA. I think most of our problems lie at higher echelons, same as in the military. “your neck isn’t part of your back”, “you didn’t seek further treatment for over 5 years, therefore we have to consider that your problems may be caused by something other than your documented injury” or you seek treatment at a VAMC, tell the Dr you are having trouble walking, and for the next two years you are treated for ANYTHING they can find NOT service connected so they can charge your insurance, and your medical condition is deteriorating the whole time, your faith in the fairness of the system is slowly eroded away.

  • Dave

    The above post lost some of the content. Between “same as in the Military” there should have been “The problems are caused more by lawmakers and law writers, as well as the 10% that is found in any organization. When you have applied for a disability and are told “Your neck isn’t part of your back” etc…

  • jeff

    Frigging Great, been waiting since December 11 2010 since my exam for determination for benefits and assistance now I am going to have to wait longer.( took me 9 years of jumping thru hoops to get the exam).
    On the bright side, No insurance my injury is causing my neck and arm to spasm and hurt even more,more pain, and cant get help till they make there determination.
    f’n wonderful.

    • jeff

      with my Neck and Arm problems from my service related injury I get severe painful spasms in my neck that at times almost send me flying into the floor. 60% disiability with bone deteration in my neck which also affects both my arms, My hands and arms cramp so bad because of it I loose control of my hands and they loose there grip. Always dropping stuff from loosing my grip. Its as close to have a broken neck as you can get. Yet I cant get any help till the determination from the physical,xrays, and medical eveidence. I been having to take crap jobs just so have some income because i am no longer able to do the the work I once did.If it wasnt for my fiancee supporting me I would be homeless. Social Security wont even Identify my disability till the VA does. So I have to Keep going and hope that there wont be some miss hap that will make me permanatly disabled. Sucks when you cant even fall asleep with the woman you love in your arms because you have to sleep on your side so you wont be in pain.

      • tvanhees

        Hey Jeff, my name is Tom and I am a veterans advocate and I have been helping veterans get compensation for over five years and I do it at no charge, EVER. If you need my help I will be more than happy to help you. Send me some information on how, when and where you were injured. My success rate for helping vets is above 97%. Help is here if you want it, contact me , Tom.

        • AirborneMp

          Do you still offer help? I only have a question or two… **********@*****.***…. Thank you

        • don

          Would love and need your assistance.

          • tvanhees

            Hi Jeff, send me an email outside of this intense debate thing so we can communicate. I will explain what I do and what I can do to help you. BTW, Ihate reading these blogs and the replies from people who bash the VA.There is so much bum information given by these VA bashers.The VA will help you and give you what you deserve but you (and others) have to go about it in the correct manner. Most people who do not get any help either from the VA or their representative ( the DAV, VFW, American Legion etc.) have run into a representative who is NOT doing their job and theyshould be fired. If they are not helping you to your staisfaction then the person should get rid of them and get one who will help them. Call me or email me so we can get this done. Oh yeah, I do this for free always, Tom. 612-636-8852

  • KLN

    If your husband’s death was service connected you are entitled to compensation from the VA in the form of Dependent Indemnity Compensation. Also, if your income is below $8K and you husband was a WAR TIME VET you can apply for Widow’s Pension through the VA. The government will take care of disabled veterans, but has no obligation to provide for widows if the veteran’s death is not service connected or the vet did not serve during war time.

    • Joker

      She’ll be summarily denied or will die before she sees anything from it.

  • DICK S.


    • tvanhees

      Hey Dick, I am a veterans advocate and help veterans with disability compensation. I do this for free with no strings attached. I am 100% disabled and filed fifteen claims in fours years. Five of those were denied and three of those five were denied more than twice and in the end I received an award on every single one of them so as you can see I know how to negotiate the VA system. If you want help contact me, Tom.

    • Shirla

      Look for kidney failure soon.
      (recent widow)

  • DWKEN49

    I have found that it is a good idea that anytime you send anything to the va to send it registered mail with a signed reciept to be returned to you by the post office. Then they cannot say they didn,t get it

  • rolandagain

    When I was discharged in 1971, I filed a claim in Boston, MA, because I lost a lot of my hearing. I also received a Purple Heart for other wounds. I was with artillery in Viet Nam, and we never had ear protection as they do now. Anyhow, after being examined by the VA Docs, they confirmed that both my ears were bad, but they would not give me compensation. They rated me as 0% disabled, which to this day I still don’t understand what that means. The only thing I can figure what they’re saying is that I am disabled but I’m not going to be compensated for it. That doesn’t make sense to me!! Am I missing something? I should have fought it, but I didn’t!

    I’ve also been walking around all these years with PTSD, but never realized it. I thought it was normal to be this way, because I was in Nam. Later I learned about PTSD, but by then I was too flaky to care anymore. I served a couple of tours in the VA nut ward, but no one ever asked me if I were being compensated for PTSD, which I believe they should have at one point or another.

    Then a couple of years ago someone told me about the V.V.A. (Vietnam Veterans of America). I had a lot of anxiety, but I forced myself to go see them. They helped me file a claim for my hearing, as I am now wearing hearing aids in both ears, and also for PTSD. It’s been 2 years now, since I filed this claim, and received 2 letters from the VA, one letter saying that they have received my claim and it’s on the table (the first letter said that they had lost my paperwork), but please don’t contact us, we’ll contact you! I’m still waiting for an answer. The V.V.A. is really good, as they are not connected to the VA, but they can only do so much.

    I just wonder how many other eligible veterans are like me…..and how much longer do I have to wait for THEIR decision. My life is already shattered! How long does it take for the politicians to approve their own increase in pay raises and benefits…..that’s their #1 priority, (and the majority of them have never served in the military). Other countries are helped by the USA whenever they request it…..that’s another of their priorities. They’re able to assist all these other nations, yet when it comes to U.S. Veterans that have legitimate need for compensation, we are put on the back burner to collect cob webs! I’m still proud to have served, but the priorities have got to change!!!!!!!!

    • tvanhees

      Hey Roland, The 0% the VA gave you is for Bi-Lateral hearing loss and the VA does not compensate for it because even the general public can get this. Have you ever filed for Tinnitus(ringing in the ears)? This the VA will compensate you for. There is no test for it so the cannot say that you do not have it. They will go to your service records to see what your MOS was once they see that you were a cannon cocker then its a done deal. I am a veterans advocate helping veterans all over the nation free of charge, no strings attached. If you need help contact me. Tom

      • rolandagain

        Thank you for the clarification of the 0%, and your concern. I appreciate that very much, Tom.,

      • dave

        good info i get 10% for tinnitus and 10% for hearing loss.

  • J.bowie Sr.

    I served 12 yrs in the military, did the Gulf War, and came back with a few problem from rolling trucks 24/7 with things the troops needed, and moving troops from place to place (though burning oil fields). got out of the Corp back in 1994… saw a quack doctor for a 5 min physical… got “0” percent, finally asked again why I got problems and wasn’t getting anything for it, I saw another doctor, sent in all my problem… ended up with “20” percentage for one of my many problems… and was reject for others.. so i appeal, or course I got no answer back, so I had to re-appeal … No answer, I wonder if anybody is working in that office… more then ten years went before getting the “20” percent… I guess there waiting for this serviceman to die before they do anything for me. Still have blood pressure problems, over what they say you have to have… and other problems… But “No Answers from The V.A.

  • J.E. Bowie Sr.

    The other day at the V.A. Hospital this older couple came to pittsburgh, from out of town, stay over night in a hotel, and was checking on this “Agent Orange” thing he was asked to see about, at the check in, they wanted this and that… he made too much money they said… he stated he was only there to see about the Agent Orange survey… She gave him the run around for 20 minutes, and I was pissed…. finally he just gave up and him and his wife left..
    and I thought to my self… “If this is how they treat a man with a “Purple Heart”… then I don’t have a chance of getting what I need!.

    • tvanhees

      Hey J.E., I am a veterans advocate and I can help or answer your questions. I do this for free with no strings attached. I have been doing this for five years and have helped hundreds of veterans from all over the nation. You may have a whole bunch of things that you can file claims for. If you want help contact me, Tom.

  • carl marshall

    carl i got out in 1970 i field a claim all igot froom them was we dont have enough information also i was wounder i never heard anything from them

    • tvanhees

      Hey Carl, My name is Tom and I am a veterans advocate and I have helped vets get compensation for more than five years and my success rate is better than 97%. Sounds to me from reading your comment that you filed a claim way back in the 70s and if so this is why you never heard anything. Back then nobody heard back from the VA. Now it is a different ballgame, believe me I know this is true. If you would like me to help you I will do it at no charge to you EVER because this is what I do. In four years I filed fifteen claims. Five of those were denied and three of those five were denied more than twice and in the end I received an award on every single one of them and this is unheard of. Why, because I learned how to negotiate the VA system. I have written two books on the subject and I help vets from all over the nation from all services from all wars. If you want help I can help you. Contact me with your email address and we can discuss all this stuff you have going on now. Believe me buddy not all is lost you really do have a chance with my help. Tom

  • rolandagain

    I personally think that all politicians, ALL politicians, should serve in combat to get some degree of leadership and commitment to the USA as a prerequisite for wanting to serve in public office.

  • KEN


    • Tom

      the VA brakes the law and nothing happens what is wrong with this picture

  • KEN


  • jack

    My dad is a Retired Marine Corp Vet. back in 1981 he was duped out of benefit pay for 2 decades. They owed my dad $479,000.00 plus. I am a nursing student and found the mistake and they (the VA) have it out for me. I send letters every month because they have declared dad as incompetent for their convenience and purposes. They have a federal fiduciary that charged dad $17,000.00 for a extremely poor job last year and the year before the VA fiduciary which was the JP Morgan Bank they took a total of $64,000.00. and they invested his money in the stock market which the VA clearly stated in their own paper work that they could not invest his money in the stock market. My sisters want to start a class action Law Suite against the Veterans Administration through out the US. Our dad is dieing because of their incompetent gross mistake. I am sure our dad is not the only one experiencing things like this. We want a congressional investigation made on the Veterans Admin.

    • Shirla

      You need to start a paper going around somewhere. Maybe a good thing would be for all you youngsters to march on Washington or Cleveland or wherever the VA is located, take them all hostage, send them to war, and bring back all the soldiers to take over their office jobs! Just reading about all these stunts they can legally pull on the disabled veterans makes me want to pray!

  • tvanhees

    I am a 100% disabled veteran and I am also a veterans advocate. I help veterans with their disability claims for service-connected injuries and conditions. I have been doing this for over five years. I do it for free with no strings attached. Why? Because I have been where all of you are right now. While helping vets I have heard just about every excuse and story that you can imagine. When a veteran tells me he has been fighting with the VA for X number of years, months etc. I take it with a grain of salt. You don’t fight with the VA for what you deserve or have earned. If you have all the evidence and information including all medical records( civilian and military) to substantiate your claim(s) then all is required of you is to wait until the VA has reviewed all of this material and come to a decision. Of course your claim will not be done in a timely manner. Why? Because there are nearly one million claims filed each year and your claim may be one of them. Tom

  • tvanhees

    Now, to continue. The VA is not out there to screw every veterans that files a claim. If your evidence and information that substantiates your claim is strong enough then you will get an award. If you have filed a claim and have heard nothing within 3 months of filing then you have to contact the VSO that filed your claim and ask them to find out the status of your claim. There is no reas on for this person to deny finding out this information. If this person is not doing what they are supposed to be doing then FIRE them and get one who will. and this person should be reported because they are not only doing you no favors they are doing nothiong for any other veterans the are working with. To be continued, Tom.

  • tvanhees

    I filed fifteen claims in nearly four years. Five of those were denied and three of those five were denied more than twice. In the end I received an award on every single one of them. Why? Because I did not take no for an answer. My evidence and information on my claims was strong and I knew it so I appealed those denials,all ten of them, and guess who came out on top. The name of the game is persistence, persistence, persistence. Never give up and never take no for an answer especially if you have the evidence and information to substantiate your claim(s). to be continued, Tom.

  • tvanhees

    I have helped hundreds upon hundreds of veterans over the last five years from all over the nation and my success rate is above 97%. Why? Because if I believe the veteran has strong enough evidence to prove their claim I will not let them give up even when they feel they should. For those veterans who give up after a denial I feel sorry for them because you have let the VA win and this should not be. This in reality is not what the VA wants a veteran to do believe me this I know. The VA is there to help veteransand I can atest to this. There are mistakes being made by the VA I know this to be true but what large organization does not make mistakes , the all do. You have to remember that you are dealing with human being and human being make mistakes. Thats just the way it is and believe me some of these people can’t even balance their own checkbook. tom

  • tvanhees

    For those veterans out there that are having a problem with the VA and their claims that they have filed quit whining and complaining about what the VA has not yet done and do a little investigating . Call your VSO who filed your claim(s) and insist that they find out the status of your claim(s). You have to remember one thing here, if your claim has been sitting out there for more than four months then your chances of an award is very possible. Why, because if the claim was going to be denied it would have been denied within the first three months so if it is still being looked at or reviewed then your chances are really good. Besides what are you bitching about the clock started the very first day you filed that claim and the back pay checks are great.Tom

  • tvanhees

    I have written two books on filing for disability compensation and have helped hundreds of veterans some bought the books some have not. I don’t push my book I just make it available to all veterans who request it. If anyone out there wants my help I am here for you. This is what I do and will continue to do it as long as I am able and as long as there are veterans who seek help. As I said before I do this for free, why, because I don’t want veterans to go through what I went through and beleive me it really is quite simple if you know who, what, when,where and how to do it, Tom

    • Shirla

      Very commendable. Keep up the good work.

    • Pete

      I have documented my1960 disability with my med records starting from the original doctor reports from the 3 original military doctors to present day reports. It was a severe back injury with severe nerve damage. This nerve damage, without warning, making my left leg simply turn off, many times resulting in fallS resulting in many significant collateral injurues. After 50 years I decided to file for benefits. I have been classes as 100% permanently disabled by SSA since 1972. My DD214 discharge was for a “physical disability “. Medical survey concluded: “UNFIT FOR DUTY with a PERMANENT PHYSICAL DISABILITY”. I am now 19 months into this filing and no answer.

      • tvanhees

        Hey Pete, Did you file your claim through a VSO(veterans service office) or on your own? If you filed through a VSo did you contact them to find out the status of your claim. Most veterans who file claims never follow up with the person who filed the claim for them thinkin that they will be contactedby them if something happens. You must follow up with the person who filed your claim. These people do not intend to not contact the veterans they work with for a couple of reasons.One, they are extremely busy and most times can’t remember all the vets they work with.Two, they do depend on each vet they work with to keep in touch to find out what the status of there claim is. A vet just cannot file and just sit back and do nothing. The must be persisitent in their quest and make a pain in the _ _ _ out of themselves. We should discuss this further, contact me Tom

  • kenn

    Nam Vet hear filed in 96 for PTSD rated 50% in less than 90 days filed for icemick hart dease in Oct 2009 and still wating even though the VA Nuke Stress test showed i’ve had 3 MI’s so best of luck to all

    • tvanhees

      Hey Ken, Have you followed up with your VSO on your claim or have you been sitting back waiting for a reply from him/her? Contact me I will help you at absolutely no cost/free of charge no strings attached. Read my comments on here about what I do and have done. Tom van Hees

  • Janie Thornley

    My husband who is 70 has had problems with knees/legs since he was a paratrooper with bad landings. He was never in the hospital just sent to the dispentry. Natually, after all these years, they can find no records. He also lost his hearing from the same time and again no records were found. I finally proved that with the records i had saved when it was discharged. Sad case all around and I have found soldiers from Iraq until Viet Nam with no records found to suppose their case. Where are they putting them?

    • Shirla

      They’re putting them in the same warehouse with the Lost Ark.

  • Deane Gilmour

    NO kidding. I’ve had a appeal filed for over 2 years on numerous injuries and certified ailments from Nam, and neither I or my VAO has had any word on it status. But of course I’m a Viet vet and the VA board is probably just waiting for me to die. I’m at 20% and all my docs and VAO say it should be at least 50%. It took me 33 years to get the 20 since VA and Federal Records Storage in STL lost my med records. Took four Senators and five Reps in 2 states to get something going. Daily reports were scanty in I-Corp back in 66. Even attachments to other units were not properly recorded.

  • Shirla

    Congress cannot fix anything.

  • DZL

    I guess we’re screwed!! Was blasted out of an MRAP while serving in Iraq, lost my hearing, my sight, broken back, broken neck and TBI, and too many other injuries to mention. I had 21 years in service and retired out in November 2010. I guess I’ll be waiting till RIP VAN WINKLE wakes up to get a rating!!! And then what? In the mean time we can’t pay the bills, my wife is my sole caregiver with no pay and any day now we’ll be with the rest of the SUCKERS who believed our GOVERNMENTS BULLSHIT and are now living on the streets!! AND TRUST ME, there are no options for you either. NO FOOD STAMPS, WELFARE etc. SO remember the motto, be all you can be?? And when the governments done with you they say screw you to me!!
    So, I say to all, don’t join the military, they’ll F*** you too!!

    • tvanhees

      HeyDZL, I can help you believe me I can. I am a veterans advocate who has helped vets for years. No charge to you at all. I’ve been where you are believe me. I filed fifteen claims in nearly four years. Five of those were denied. Three of those five were denied more than twice and in the end I received an award on every single one of them so you can see I know how to negotiate the vA. contact me, read my informatin and comments here. Tom

  • Bill Anderson

    I applied for disabiliy compensation in April of 2002 never heard anything reapplied in August 2010 reference my previous claim. They responded it was an informal claim and it died after 1 year.

  • big ben

    went to buffalo va for tbi exam and they sent me to a orthopedic doc. HE did not know why I was there for. goes to show the va does have a lot of stall tactics for your claim. then a letter for more info. how do these people think or just stall your claim. only been 1 yr . and more letters they are working on my case. And i dont believe aword they say.

  • Dean

    look I also was hurt in Iraq back in 1990. I did not file a clam until 2007 at that time the VA told me that my records had been burned in the great fire of 1971. I told them that I had been born in 1988 so how could that be. I’ve also been fighting this clam scense then I’m just about over the fight I see every day where this country is helping others around the world it is a F$%^&*( sham that we the people have got to fight to get any help from these F%c&s. I’m over this BS with them telling me that it is going to be 6 months then it has become 3+ years. All I can say is we need to fight to get out of bed, limp to work, eat pills to make it throw the day, keep paying taxes and allow them to give to all but us the VETS…………………………………………………………………..

  • Angela M

    For all those folks that believe the VBA is just waiting for you to die;YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!! The rate of Viet Nam Veterans that die each day is over 3,000! Do the numbers folks! I’ve been fighting my husband’s claims for 3 years, he got so tired of talking to Reno, they sent me a 3rd party addendum so he doesn’t have to give his permission on each phone call. But PLEASE don’t give up! It took me over a year to get a VBA travel board hearing done in Las Vegas, after his requested hearing was held in Reno without notification to him or his being there.Persistance does work; and he’s Viet Nam Era too. I PERSONALLY THANK ALL OF YOU FOR SERVING, AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

    • dave

      i think the no. of viet vet that die is about 9 times less than that , but its still a lot.i have found in my dealings with va, that if the veteran did not use the va health system, it takes a lot longer to get a claim approved.i do not know why a vet wouldn’t use the va health care system, because it is as good as any i have dealt with in my life, and if you don’t have insurance it’s free to combat they are not waiting for you to die, maybe they don’t care if you do, because they have their own life and rules to follow.i wish everyone who deals with the va could have a pleasant experience, but i guess it not possible.

    • Dave Davis

      Amen to that Angela. The person who claims she or he has worked hard to award veterans their claims is usually the one lined up for their bonus money too. The government has hired a lot of people that have big arms to pat themselves on the back and stand in line for coffee and donuts while many veterans sleep on the streets and have little to eat and still go out of their way to help others who are more or less fortunate than themselves. So remember these people are not our real enemies their just brainwashed Americans thinking that CFR’s are part of the employee counting future rewards program and USC’s are undercut service connected disability program.


      Thank angela.Finally a voice of reason.STACY!LISTENUP!

  • I am upset by reading all this stuff. I cant belieive this crap…the VA doesnt care…about anyone…We filed for my hubby in july 2010, well we are still in the first stage and waiting for medical records….There is nothing we can do…Its fustrating….Thinking about writing our congressman
    Any thoughts?!

    • Dix Lee

      You can write or call your representative but don’t expect a miracle or even the courtesy of something beyond a form letter. I’ve been waiting almost 4 years for a decision, that’s 4 years worth of “Congressional Inquiries”, which netted nothing more than form letters to me via first rep. Gabby Gifforns and now rep. Ron Barber. Now that a decision has been made, I’m now trying to determine how long it will take some pencil pusher to complete “a full accounting” of what’s owed me. It took me 15 minutes to run the calculation on a spread sheet. It’s frustrating and there’s no one you can speak to directly. And forget the DAV. I’ve been waiting for 3 weeks for a callback that never comes only to call again get yet another excuse. My patience is running thin.

  • angelo

    I HAVE BEEN WAITING SINCE 2005 I have everything that i need and I.m still waiting. i was hurt on active duty and the va said i was not. are you kidding . i have a document signed by the commander reassgining to the orderly room to keep me from being reinjured. this is a bunch of crap what is taking so long. it/s our money anyway we deserve it . just give to us.

  • brian

    Two thirds of the backlog in claims is a result of bad decisions .The deny,deny and hope they die is still alive and well in the va process.Congress should ask for the cases reopened for clear decision mistakes on the part of the va,not for the veterans fault.

  • terry


    i believe most guys posting on here are honest, but i’m sure some are trying to get more or something for nothing. usually, the ones that put down, and cry the loudest about not getting anything are not telling the whole story. keep up the good work, don’t mind the small pecentage who whine.

    • tvanhees

      Terry, you could not be any further from the true. I have been working with vets for over five years as a veterans advocate and my sucess rate is above 97%. The other 3% were veterans who had little, no or enough evidence to substantiate their claim(s). I told this 3% that they needed more or stronger evidence because without it they were sure to be denied. They did not want( or have) any further evidence to prove their case but wanted to send in the claim anyway even though they kind of knew that it would probably be denied. They felt that maybe by chance they would get an award. Well, this did not happen even though I told them it would and this is where my 3% failure rate came from. If you do you homework and have and present all information and evidence to substantiate your claim then you will prevail. But there are those who do fall through the cracks and unfortunely there is nothing that can be done about this and this is sad. Tom

    • I got out of the Navy in 1970 with a back injury sustained when a load of boiler tubes fell on my back, I had hearing loss and I never complained or filed a claim. I have used VA for my healthcare since losing my job 3 years ago. Last year My VA doctor noticed that my hearing had worsened and got hearing aids for me. still don’t have a claim and don’t plan on filing one.

  • stephen

    I was disabled in 1999 when I exited a C-130 wrong and impacted the ground so hard I busted up my hip and my lower back. I thought it healed itself, but I was so wrong. In 2001 while in the “sandbox” I got thrown up in the air in the back of a poanel van and laned squarely on my back and that was it- I was done. I couldn’t move, couldn’t get comfortable and knew something was so wrong. I went and got a few doctors (civilian side) to examine me and they found I crushed my loewr back and did a Bo Jackson on my hip socket.

    I filed my first claim in 2002 when I was getting medically discharged because I could no longer do my assigned duties. I got 30% at first and a year later got it raised to 40%. Now after undergoing a Hip resurfacing procedure and my back still degenerating I am going in again for a C&P exam this week.


  • DLF

    I have had a claim in since 2005 for Ischemic heart condition elevated by diabetes caused by AO. I have had a heart attack, Six stents in my heart, open heart surgery, pace maker, anuerysm surgery on my Aorta (stent), stent in my renal artery and numerous angioplasties. VA has all this documentation from my cardiologists yet it is taking forever for them to make a decision. Be glad you don”t live in Missouri and if you do I wish you good luck. You deserve it and then some.



  • Pete

    Has anyone heard of what I believe to be a new idea for dealing with the VA evaluation doctors? In my case I filled out the pre-exam question sheet. I was instructed to give it to the VA evaluator at my appointment, which I did. I was in his exam office for a total of 9.5 minutes. I was sent to a separate hospital for
    x-rays. I was finished. I asked for copies of his report and got them. I was astounded at what the doctor put in his medical evaluation form. He out and out lied all the way through. My wife was present and witnessed the entire evaluation. It was a sham. I have copies of both my questionaire and his evaluation form. His items were opposite of my answers in the questionaire. He threw my form on his desk and never even looked at it. He asked questions that I answered and he put down answers that were opposite of my answers on his evaluation form in our presence. He filled it out while we were there. My first question above is something I was told recently. Has anyone heard about the concept being used, of sueing these quacks personally for medical malpractice? I think it is a hell of a good idea. I have been waiting almost 19 months now for a severe spinal cord injury in 1960.
    I have never previously file for anything from VA. I was classed as service disabled and discharged. I never filed for anything since. Our current looney-tune Whitehouse and it’s residents scared me into filing. I have been classified as 100% permanent disabled since the mid 60’s. I don’t have the $$$ to hire an attorney but I am looking for a VA oriented lawyer that could help me.

  • tvanhees

    If a veteran was going to be denied the denial would happen in the first six months after the claim was filed. Be patient your back pay check is coming. One of my claims took 29 months and this claim was one of fifteen claims that I filed in four years. Five of those fifteen claims were denied and three of those five were denied more then twice and in the end I received an award on every single one of them. Don’t tell me the VA is waiting for vets to die before awarding compensation. This is BS. If you know what, when, where, who and how to do it then you will prevail. My two books tell you how. I will help you free of charge even if you don’t want my books.Contact me Tom. Veterans Advocate.

  • tvanhees

    Good for you Stephen. Keep up the good work. Every year and a half file for an increase in compensation for each of your injuries. It is my experience as a veterans advocate while working with vets that when filing for an increase that the veteran will most always get 10%. We all know that as we get older things get worse they don’t get better so this is why they should file for an increase. Contact me and I will help you with your inuries for free, no strings attached. I am positive that you have some other secondary conditions that are a result of your service-connected injuries and you can file for these also. I have been doing this for over five years and my success rate is above 97% working with Tom.

    • dave

      i have a friend who has had an 2 ischemic strokes and the docs said that he doesn’t have enough blockage to need stints or bypass, less than 40%, therefore he isn’t eligble for ischemic heart disease.please tell me your thoughts on this. i would like to help him.e-mail is: (thanks again for what you do)

  • British

    Be patient my fellow sailors and soldiers. We don’t have the perfect system, but it does work. I have been one of the very fortunate ones, I can’t say enough about the VA here in South Carolina, namely Dr. Wolinski, I tell ya, if something happened to that man I would genuinely be affected. I recently filed a claim for a rating increase, and it took about 2 months tops, by the 3rd month I had my new rating/new amount deposited to my account. Hang in there, it may not seem like it, but They truly DO CARE about us! I can only imagine how overwhelming the numbers must have been when they actually started to filter in, they have a very tough job, but I have faith, and you all should as well. May God bless and keep each and everyone of you and your families.

  • Jeffery CJ

    I guess that I am not alone since I separated with TBI, SCI, Facial trauma, TMJ, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Hypertension, Fatigue with Orthopedic Hypotension, Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety Disorder, Cervical nerve impingement, Hip disease, Renal disease, Dysophagia, Odynophagia, Arthritis, Cervical Osteoarthritis, GERD, Hiatal Hernia, Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, Meinere Disease, Tinnitus, Hyperacusis, Senisorineural Hearing Loss, Positional Open Angle Glaucoma, Ametropia, Allergic Conjunctivitis, Vision loss, Visual Impairment, Demyelinating Disease, Sinsonasal disease, Gait Disorder, 15 Allergies, Appendix eruption, Genital disease, Illposasis bursitis, Pubis Sysmbis, Bacterial Pharyngitis, Tonsilitis, Rhino Sinusitis and the endless others. The VA is still looking at the benefit claims withou the c-file in Washington D.C. VAMC. Remarkably I live to tell the story after 25 years. The first claim was 2001. Jay Jay

    • Rod Sterling

      You forgot to put in for being born with no pubic hair. People like you are the problem, 57 claims that I counted, not counting endless others. You may have submitted all those claims, you should have also put in for mental retardation for telling people that you put in for them all. Sounds like you were dunked into a vat of liquid oxygen.

      • Dave

        he joined the military right out o 3rd grade

  • Darrell L. Brown

    i sought help for OVER 20 years, was denied by the VA twice … it took me to have a flash back so severe that I was on trial – facing 6 felonies and 26 years in prison before the VA finally awarded me disability (PTSD). 2010 was the WORST year of my life (in terms of suffering) and I will NEVER get back the time that i lost with my kids, family or the wife of 15 years. It sickens me how we VETERANS are treated after we give so much to our country and then that same country denies that we have ailments sustained while serving.

  • Derek

    Advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Three years ago I was injured and lost most of my eye site in one eye. I was immediately medically retired within 90 days, and so my journey with the mighty VA beast began. My claim was started 30 months ago, with all of my paperwork in order. I waited 6 months at which time got in contact with the ever so famous 800#. I was told that the VA didn’t have any type of claim started on my behalf, in other words my records were lost. I was advised to wait 60 days and try back. I contacted the med board secretary who fed exed my claim to the VA and asked for the confirmation number at which time I followed the little white rabbit all the way to St. Louis where a Mr. Diez signed for my record. The only thing about that is no one knew how to track a guy by his name at the VA. So I had to start over.

    When I was discharged from the military I was rated with 60% for my eye, 18 months later the VA gave me 10% for mild eye irritation. I am now awaiting a partial eye transplant because my “mild eye irritation” has deteriorated my cornea into none existence and am now diagnosed as being legally blind in one eye. Obviously I started my appeal process with all of my supporting documents, letters, and so on through my local VA office. This was about a year ago. I was originally told that the process should take 6-8 months, today I was told that the VA is so back logged that I shouldn’t count on anything within 18 months.

    So my question is this; Is there anything I can do to speed this nightmare up, because if I have this operation I will have to leave my job and with this outstanding economy we live in, that can’t really be done without being properly compensated by the VA who won’t compensate me. Please any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    • Dave Davis


      You should probably file for SSDI. Get a pro bono lawyer if you can find one where you live. The other thing is if you can find an honest VSO I really don’t trust anyone. Get to know your state representative forget the senate their a bunch of egotistical … diehards. Your local state representative wants the attention of both you and others he can help mine helped me tremendously while my senator took a back seat and just delayed my claim even more than it was being already. Good luck God will provide a way.

    • richard

      I agree my uncle has 100% he also had a bout with cancer they were making him drive 5 hrs to get treatment untill he contacted his state representative
      That man was great and helped him tremendosly. my uncle lives in south georgia and the file was stuck on someones desk in atlanta. They were able to track it down and get him treatment at a local hospital. So dont give up.
      I have a lung disease from desert storm and have been fighting the va since 2002. So good luck and God speed.

  • pizzajoe05

    whats new on the toxic water case in NC

  • Flight deck

    There is no real excuse for the backlog at VA, consider this the Social security administration takes 6 months or less to rule and render a decision on a disability claim and they deal with many times more than the amount of people that the VA deals with. The VA can make all the excuses they want but piss poor management plus no oversight is the real reason for the poor handling of claims an example My claim is now in its 10th year with 3 remands from B V A and all VA doctors and C&P examiners agree directly service related cant work due to disability and not likely to improve S S D I approved in 5 months using nothing but VA records so what the hell is the problem. Solution Turn the claims process over to the Social security administration and fire all the adversarial road blocks working for the VA that practice the delay, deny, until they die standard adjudication process the sooner the better. With all the overwhelming evidence I have provided there is absolutely no excuse for this blatant slap in the face. There is no acceptable explanation for this inexcusable act perpetrated regularly on veterans.

  • James Proctor

    Stacy I don’t know what world you live in, for years I went through appeal after appeal and there was some very long waits in between. Finally I went to Texas Vets and was lucky enough to get a rep that had worked at the Waco Reg. Office and it only took a year or so even though he had an inside track to the Reg. Office people. Then he was chased out of the office because he was taking too much time with us Vets. About a year or so ago I had an appeals hearing with the Waco Reg. Office rep. I appealled that and had a hearing with a Washington Rep. in Aug.2011 and the is the end of April and my decision in two to three months has come and gone, I’m still waiting. If I was like so many Vets that can’t work any kind of job I’d be screwed, but I took my Social Security money and started a small business with my son-in-law that does all the work, I just own the business. I’m sure Stacy you mean well but I was screwed out of over twenty years of benefits, and I’m lucky that I’m close to a pretty good VA Hospital for my medical care. And yes I’ve heard people in your said keep stalling and they’ll finally die, I’ll not mention any names but it wasn’t local. For all you VETS get a good VSO because there are some very good ones out there. Lastly Stacy get your sleeping pills refilled to allow you to sleep at night.

  • Sherman Rice

    I have read many of the letters, either with praise , but mostly anger and frustration. I personally files my claim for a LIPOMA FATTY TISSUE of the spinal cord on Oct 2, 2001. My claim was denied 4 times; each time I submitted NEW evidence supporting my claim. In 2007 I wrote to each Senator and House Representative asking for help. I received a letter from of 4 who able to get me a Tele-Conference with an Administrative Law Judge, the conference was set for April 8, 2008.. Approximately 2-3 months letter I (as CC to the Regional Office) received a letter from the Judge. My C-File and that letter landed back in Muskogee, OK. The Law Judge instructed the Regional Office to “settle this vet’s case expeditiously”, quote unquote. Two months later I received a letter from the Appeals Management Center (their new name and office for decision processing) that was very accusatory and demanded my C-file, wanted to know how I was able to get all my medical information from the government, did I make copies of my medical file information while active. On January 6, 2010 I was told that my file had reached the final stage (the new Decision Office) and I would receive my answer in 30-60 days since they were “well” staffed now. As today, April 26, 2011 I was informed of the same “status”, however I was just going to have to be more patient. You KNOW what went through my mind and I stopped my mouth from being rude and aggressive. In closing; I was speaking with a VA worker (Disabled) and another veteran (Disabled) about the length of my claim. Almost at the same instance they BOTH said: The VA works on two premises when working claims: 1. They (the VBA) hopes that if they keeping denying you will finally get tired of fighting the system and you will just “surrender”, and 2. They hope you will die before they make a final decision. By the way, I too draw 100% Social Security Disability on LESS that I submitted to the VBA, but they were Military Records. I have over 300 hours of research and have submitted no less than 1500 pages of documentation.

    • Dave Davis

      I have gone through this process for almost 45 years. The real answer is that they just don’t give two rats asses about disability claims. They could care less about what the USC and FCR regs say. If you want to win a claim then you must almost pay them off is what I think its all about. One thing for sure all their relatives that apply most of them are getting their claims processed and awarded in a timely manner. It appears even when someone else is elected the system is so corrupt that nothing will ever change. YOU, I, and 1,000,000 or more veterans are on a big hamster wheel with the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, the President, and Congress watching as many bail out, many die, and most are just continuing to ride the wheel of denials and remands while our representatives and leaders watch and seemingly laugh at all of us.

    • rli

      note a fatty lipoma is just that, it is not a disability unless it is a liposarcoma for veterans who served in VN. You are one of the ones that are bogging down the system.

      • Resonance

        He served this country just like the rest of us, and is entitled to have any injury or medical condition believed to be attributed to his military service reviewed. No one is bogging down the system. With the job shortage in our country, I’m certain that the VA could hire more employees to alleviate the backlog.

  • wrangler122002

    When you know how Vets are the lowest priority in the eyes of the Government, its time to look at who is responsible for not doing their job. If this were one of the Military services, and YOU were behind on any missions or tasks, what do you think willhappen to you and your evaluation? You would get the shaft but as far as Government Officials blame it on “more then expected”. How many wars have we been in? How many deaths, injuries were there? IED’s, PDST, what else is thrown at the soldier’s to defend the nation and when the soldier’sexpect what is entitled to them, they are the last priority in the eyes of the same Gevernment officials that send those troops into harms way. What is wrong with this picture?

    • Dave Davis

      The picture is surrounded by dollar bills. Every denial that a service rep can make or even claim to have made means another dollar on the bonus plate. The reason why veterans don’t get feedback from their representatives is the same thing. The more money they can deny vets the more money they get in their pockets or get to spend for their state. The crooks are in control and soon the cookie jar will be empty.

  • JDonn

    How do people get by? It’s so depressing…

  • Gforce

    Always thought the complaints regarding the VA were a little overdone until I got into the system. Major issues are noted as service connected but 0%, yet medical has me going to PT over 70 visits a year (absent fm work). Had a consult for PTSD, Doc says I haven’t reviewed your record, but…. Next session set for my birthday, clerk tries to convince me I had screwed up an appointment for my birthday!! I’ve worked administration for 30 years on major staffs, as personal staff – it doesn’t get any worse than the VA…

  • Tom

    I too have wriitten sen Hutchinson. I havent heard anything from two sentors and our congressman. I wrote them for help with my claim a month ago and never even got acknowledgement that they received my letter. Tom Texas

  • pineapple

    Got an answer from SandiegoVa. we give you 30% for hear disease but since you get 100% 5 yr. ago we cannot pay you secondary only 100% aloha for all you commards waiting Good Luck I’m satifified with the 100%PDSD IU March 2006 Aloha Pineapple from Hawaii An-khe nam 5/68-8-69

  • charles p. lamont

    I usually start my letters off with to whom it may concern, in this case I should because I feel that know one in the VA really cares. I am a retiered Vietnam Veteran and like all other veteran the VA really hopes that we die off before they have to pay us. I have suffered with PTSD for over 44 years and In 2007 I was diagnosed with chronic PTSD. I submitted my first disability claim on 25 July 2008 and this claim was denied 2 times because the personnel in the Los Angeles veterans administration does not know how to read. On 30 March 2011 I finally had my C&P examinination. I call the 1-800-827-1000 number at least 2 times a week and I get the same messange due to a large volume of call we can not take your call at this time. I have been diagnosied 5 different times with chronic PTSD. I guess as the old story goes they hope we will die befor they have to pay us. I really wish this country would take care of their veterans the way other countries do like Canade. In closeing I want to say God Bless all my veteran brothers and sisters.

  • charles p. lamont

    I tried to send this message by email, however I keep getting a message saying this is a incorrect email address.

    Good morning TVANHEES, my name is Charles P. Lamont. The reason I am writing is I am trying to find someone who can help me with my claim. I found you information on the web and I figured that it would not hurt to try someone else, just maybe I would get lucky and finally get the help I am looking for. I have copied the information below explain my situation. I realize it is long, however I wanted to make sure that I have outlined everything. I have also sent this same information to the President, Vise President, Secretary of the Veterans Administration, congress men, senators, the California Veterans administration. So far I have not had any luck with any of them. The California Veterans Administration made a lot of promises, however they have never keep them. Right now I am at the end of my rope and I don’t know who else to turn to. Each time I write someone I get the same message I have to be patient, well my patients has run out. I am presently under a doctor’s care, I have attended over 45 classes on various programs to help me with my PTSD. At the end of June 2011 I will be doing a one on one Trauma treatment which I hope will help some. Finally, if you choose to answer this email it will be greatly appreciated, and if you do not I will understand. In closing I want to say God Bless you and all my Veteran brothers and sisters.

    In July 2008, I filed a request for disability for PTSD which was caused by an incident along with other things that happened back in Vietnam the 2 years that I was serving my country. I filed this claim because I was diagnosed by the Loma Linda VA Hospital as testing positive for PTSD. In June or July 2009, I received a letter from VA stating that my request was denied because my records did not show that I was stationed in Vietnam at the time of SPC Charles R. Leonard’s death. Upon receiving this letter I gathered documents showing that I was in Vietnam at the time of SPC Leonard’s death I resubmitted the documentation. I especially re-submitted copies of my DD 214′s along with copies of my orders indicating that I was stationed in Vietnam at the times stated. In August 2009 I received a call from the LA office that my case was being forwarded to the state of Washington to a review board for a relook. I was informed by the individual that I spoke with that this could take about 2 months and that I could call back around 15 October to find out what the status was on my request. On 20 October I called the LA office and I was informed that my packet was returned on 30 September 2009 and that it was at the review board. Since my records were returned on 30 September 2009, I have called the number provided requesting information on the status of my request and each time I was told that the request was up for review. On 8 February 2010 I received a letter from the VA office requesting that I submit a form outlining what my stressor was. On 9 February 2010 I send another copy of the same document along with copies of my orders and DD 214s, this was the third time I have submitted these documents. As noted above, this request was originally submitted in July 2008, and the resubmission was in July 2009. It seems like every time I call I am always told the same thing that my request is at the review board for approval board and once it is completed at the review board, it will be sent to the classification board for approval. It is now over a month and I am still getting the same message that my request is at the review board and when completed it will be forwarded to the rating board. Once again I have received a letter from the LA VA office dated 13 April 2010 stating that my request was denied due to the fact that I could not prove that my friend SPC Charles R. Leonard and I were stationed together in the same unit at the time of his death. In the letter from the VA office it stated that SPC Charles R. Leonard was not in the 86th Signal Battalion but was with the 86th Engineer Battalion stationed at Phu Loi Vietnam. I have attempted to obtain orders or any other documents showing that SPC Charles R. Leonard in fact was with the 86th Signal Battalion and not the 86th Engineer Battalion. The only proof that I could find was on the web site Virtual Wall, which showed SPC Leonard as being with the 86th Signal Battalion at the time of his death. I have contacted the Virtual Wall Organization to find out where they get the information on the soldiers who’s names are entered on the wall and I was told that the information is obtained from official military records. Again I requested an appeal for the above action on 21 April 2010. Again or about 26 April I received another letter from the VA office requesting more information. I resubmitted the document the following day. It has now been over one month and I still have not received any information from the LA VA office. One other thing, in the letter dated 13 April 2010, the LA VA office stated that I did not show for a appointment on 7 April 2010 with the Loma Linda VA hospital, I must admit that this is correct, however on or about 1 April I called the number provided and requested that the appointment date be changed to 19 April 2010 due to the fact that I would be on leave from 2 April 2010 to 18 April 2010 in Philadelphia. The individual I spoke with said that this would not be enough time for him to complete my case and that they would cancel this appointment and that I would have to call the LA VA office to make a new appointment. On 2 April 2010 I called the number provided and the individual who I spoke with said they would send a message forward to request a new appointment. It seems that every time I submit documentation the LA VA office comes back with other items that I need. If needed I can provide all the documentation to substantiate this complaint. One last note, it has been almost 23 months since I submitted my disability request. In December 2010 I received a letter from the Los Angeles VA stating that they are responding to a letter from the president and that my case is with the RO. It is now 7 February 2011 and I have not heard anything else about my case. During the time that I filed my original request for PTSD compensation and the 2 appeals that I have filed every time I call the `1-800-827-1000 number I always get the same answer. Finally I really feel that the Veterans administration hopes that all the Vietnam Veterans will die off before they have to pay them. I have also wrote Mr. Shinseki and I have not received any reply. I really feel that I need to go to another country were they really care for the Veterans. I do not know if you can do anything for me and if you cannot please try to help my other Vietnam Veterans.


    Charles P. Lamont

  • nice vet

    I been dealing with the VA since 1977 and it is a mess ! I do not know if any Presidential Administration can fix the systemic problems inside the VA that makes it operate so badly and rob so many veterans of their Due Process rights as veterans and American citizens. I feel if banks operated like the VA then they would be out of business, if the military operated like the VA then our country security would be weak and unorganized. The VA operates like a 1980 personal computer system on dial up.

    • Dave Davis

      This government couldn’t fix a toilet bowl that was leaking let alone a faltering lying department of veterans affairs. The only thing this congress does is turn its head the other way when theres trouble and puts its hand out when it’s bonus or payday time. The AO claims issue should never have been allowed to happen let alone cause a hold up of claims that are being processed now. The government should have to pay those AO claims across the board they knew of the dangers of agent orange and denied it we have a deceitful lying turn coat government.

  • Furstrated Vet

    I been dealing with the VA since 1977 and it is a mess ! I do not know if any Presidental Adminstration can fix the systemic problems inside the VA that makes it operate so badly and rob so many veterans of their Due Process rights as veterans and American citizens. I feel if banks operated like the VA then they would be out of business, if the military operated like the VA then our country security would be weak and unorgainized. The VA operates like a 1980 personal computer system on dail up.

    • Dave Davis

      The government and advisory committees are worse than the DVA itself. Look at the laws that have been enacted and what agency can understand and implement them. There have been so many loop holes generated so that a veteran would have to be a genius to maneuver through them. Congress is to blame. They have generated and failed to oversee the system. When crooks are in control crooks are the ones that get taken care of. The United States Code and the CFR’s for entitlement of benefits is a joke. So good luck. The system is run like IBM’s first generation ENIAC not even close to a TRS 80 or IBM clone.

  • Phil

    I first submitted my claim March, 2009. I followed up every month, then it happened October 2009 they have no record of my claim. Fortunately, I retained copies. I submitted everything once again and gained their acknowledgement it had been received, but I must go through all the procedures, again. Never mind I had copies of the previous ones. I followed through the process and completed all by January 2010. Now the waiting. Nothing. Finally after months of follow up and being assured it was being processed I received a letter from VA stating “the information and tests we ordered has found to be incorrect”. What the heck does that mean? After a protest follow up, I again, for the 3rd time, went through the process finishing in January 2011. I was assured it would be processed within 60 days because of the problems I had endured . I didn’t hold my breath, thank goodness, because, you guessed it, there is a problem, but they will correct and process. Here it is June 2011, 27 months later, nothing. All this time I have used the help of people in the know and they are just as frustrated. Thanks for reading. I needed to vent.

  • RWP

    In Jul2010 my claim for ischemic heart disease was with the rating board-so I was told but had to wait for it to clear the time frame. I hqave still not herad anything an other hav put n for disabilitis after me and have already recieved their rating wile I stil wait. What isgoin on??? Why is it taking so long for some and not others????


    Good morning or afternoon what ever it is. I have wrote 2 different times on this web sight and have not received any reply. It would be nice to hear something even to tell me bug off. So many messages do not get answered on various sights, if the people do not want to really help then stop makeing promises. In closing I want to say God Bless you all and some day we will get our just reward.

    • James Harris

      If I come across your question I will try answer it

  • duane b. fish

    duane retired us army national guard. it has been a lng time since i have filed my claim. the albany va medical center. gave me 100% ON MY RIGHT ARM AND 100% on ptsd. i have heard nothing to this day. i have niouse of my right arm.

  • Jett

    A million claims? I know three vets on Disability. None of them ever saw action.
    Two are hearing related and one is PTSD. The guy who is getting 2000+ per month since 1970, told me the night he got back from Nam that the only gunfire he heard for the entire year was when some guard got drunk and started shooting up the camp. I read his paperwork and he went from never hearing gunfire to him and Audey Murphy charging machinegun nests and buddies getting their heads blown off all around him. He plays golf daily and
    takes a couple of vacations annually. I’m a vet, almost got killed during the Cuban Crisis in an aircraft accident. Was discharged as a chronic alcoholic (started drinking to get to sleep), with a panic disorder and what was later diagnosed as PTSD. I turned down disablity and have worked all but one month in the last 47 years. Still have migranes 6-10 days a month. A million claims? A lot of people bitching are sitting on phony claims. Just because you have a hangnail doesn’t mean you can retire. God bless the guys and gals who really got injured. The rest should shut the hell up and go to work. The doctor at McGuire TOLD me that I should apply for disability, I told him not thanks and I have no regrets.

  • Josh

    One thing that few people learn about is to apply for VA benefits BEFORE you separate from the military!!! Dealing with the VA afterwards automatically puts you in a different backlogged category. If you do all your paperwork, copy your medical records, sort them into health issues etc. by the deadline before you separate (60 days before I think but not positive) then they have to have a decision within 4 months of separation. For me it took 2 months after I got out and the decision came back with 80% and immediately back paid me for the 1 month missed and the current month. This was only last year so I know they can be speedy. I tell all AD Military members I know, when you know you are going to get out start getting ready for this 5-6 months out. If there’s anything that has not been documented/diagnosed Get it diagnosed! Get your records copied, talk to the base VA rep AND if you are in the Air Force TAKE THE CONGRESSIONALLY ALLOWED week long class that ALL bases that I know of offer:
    Transition Assistance Program!!! (TAP)
    This class will let you know of all the opportunities the military can offer you once you separate. It is indispensable, of utmost importance, and almost universally ignored. I’m not sure if other services offer this, but I suspect if one were to ask, they would find that they do.

    • JDAF

      I was in the Air Force, but unfortunately they misplaced my medical records. They found them 3 months after I seperated in Guam.. Unfortunately I am now waiting for St. Lous to send me copies of them and that’s taking about 4 months. I cannot really apply for disability without the medical records and hopefully I’ll get them here soon.. March will be my one year mark, and if it goes past that mark I will not get any back pay. Concerned

      • daryl

        I did the quick claim presses before I separated in Nov 2011 and I’m still waiting on a decision! No fault of mine. They have only asked me for one thing and I got that to them within a week. So that’s not the case for everyone! One year and still waiting!!!!! So Sad!!!!!

        • daryl

          prosses in Nov 2010!!!

    • Robert

      You’re a lucky one. I did everything you did prior to my separation. I filed the Quick Start claim in March 2011. Copied my medical records and everything. Was told that I would be placed in the beginning of a line and that my case would take about 6 months to have a decision on. Here I am, 10 months later and they are still in the development stage.

    • ajs

      You are a rare case. Husband filed Benefits at discharge Sept. 2011, he is still waiting at decision. Been told it he will be lucky to get his claim complete by Nov. 2012.

    • Tony

      you are the exception. I got out July, 2011T, and tried to file a VA Disability Claim using the “Fast track” program, and my VAMC in Philadelphia acted like they never heard of it. They sent me to 4 different offices in the Philly VAMC and no one knew what the program was and told me I had to request a normal appointment like everyone else and wait about 6 months to be seen.

    • Colette

      Josh, di all this 5 months before retirement. Still hearing from VAalmost 24 months later that it is in review. Did this in California, LA. Met someone last week who filed in august in Texas. They sent his to Arizona cuz of the backlog. He got his first payment in April.

  • Don Schneider

    I am rated as 60 % disabled by the V.A.
    I filed a claim for 100% disability based on unemployability in 2000, yes you read that correctly ! I completed form 21-8940 and submitted it through the DAV along with the papers from the Social Security Administration which rated me as 100% disabled in 1999. I have NEVER received a reply from the V.A. The DAV could not find my file and sent me a new form to fill out in 2005. I received no reply from that either. I requested assistance from the DAV last year asking them for the 5th time to look into the status of my claim. They responded by sending me a “revised ” version of form 21-8940 to fill out and return. I did so and included copies of the SS admins findings. The DAV returned the SS documents to me asking what they were supposed to have done with them ? I am now past retirement age. I must have angered someone at the DAV (I’m a life member since 1972). By attrition the VA has side stepped my request for assistance and the DAV is finished with me as well . How stupid of me to trust either the VA or a “service organization” . to you younger vets…Get a LAWYER !

    • David Davis


      As much as I hate system controls especially when they inflict a heavy financial loss I believe that you are 100% correct in your statements get a lawyer. I also believe that this government has deceived it’s veterans and it’s citizens. We are more like pawns in a chess match or as Kissinger said dumb stupid animals to be used.

    • david

      wow that is horrible and very possible. I am 4 years into a wait to increase for IU using DAV. SS came one month after VA denied initial claim. SS stated cause was military related and back to date of separation. Do you think DAV walked that down? No. I am amazed daily at this process. It has been 2 more years since and they should finally be seeing my file lol They are overwhelmed and I know this, does it make all this right/? NO

      • Bill Bruce

        I have contacted my Senator and Congressman. They are going to check on why my claim has taken 11months to complete. Asking for an increase from 40% to thier decision amount? I don’t believe that Veterans issues are being met.

  • Truman

    I filed for PTSD in 2/06 was denied in 4/06. I appealed in 12/06 with a stressor report that I was never told was necessary before. I would get letters about 2 times a year telling me they were “Working” on my claim. Then nothing for 2 years. I started asking questions about 1/10. By 4/10 I was told it was in DC. Still nothing until 7/11 got letter form DC telling me the claim was in REMAND and I would be getting a letter. Received phone call scheduling C&P just 11 days after the letter. Had C&P and got report in 2 days. Now I wait again. Anyone know how long?

  • louis griffis

    Louis Griffis Vietnam Vet. 70-71 Sprayed with Agent Orange at a fire base with a huie with no way to take a bath no water but to cook and wash dishes. Now i have Optic Neuropathy and the doctors can’t rule out Agent Orange That’s three doctors.Now I’m legaly blind put in a claim in 2007 and haven’t heard a word. No help from my congress or senators any suggestions?

    • Carpenter

      We did the same thing !! You need to contact your regional office and find out who the Reps are for your area !! Meet w/ them they will tell you all you need and how to file correctly.. They work w/ you step by step !!!
      CARPENTER Vietnam Vet !!!

  • greg w.

    i filed a claim in oct. 2010, have gotten 5 or 6 additional papers to fill out but no money. the last was if I needed a payee, thought for sure the $ was on the way, but we know how slow the v.a. is.

  • Benjamin

    I am a Veteran and I think it is a extra benefit to even apply for a service connected claim. I was injured in OEF. I joined and served because I love my country and wanted to serve her in time of need. I did not do that because I wanted government money. So in the end if they give me some, thats cool, if not, whatever I served because its the right thing to do and not for anyother reason. Semper FI

    • David Davis

      When you are in need of health care or disability. Trust me your friends in the government will take these statements and deny you any benefits that you might be entitled to. This government has falsified, destroyed, and denied benefits to deserving veterans for years. Just think if they sent you to a combat zone and you made the statement I love my country its cool if they give me ammunition or food if not I’m ok with that.

    • david

      This is being NAIVE and I can only hope you get better quick. Anyone offended or hurt do not reply to this statement.

    • rli

      I to know exactly what you mean. I joined the military because I wanted to. I got out of it what I put into it. Yes I could claim benefits because they occurred while I was in service, however, I believe these would have occurred regardless. Just Honest

    • Guest

      It’s unclear whether you and rfi have suffered much from the injuries you sustained in service.

      Even if you personally feel that compensation for those injuries is merely an “extra benefit” on top of the honor of serving our country, it doesn’t mean that there is any excuse for how the system treats those who are at the end of their rope and desperately seeking the help that they are entitled to.

      I want to believe that you don’t intend to paint your comrades who seek help as unpatriotic. Please consider the consequences of your words, and considering becoming an advocate for those who are struggling.

      Saying “that’s cool, thank you” for the sacrifices of service members is not enough.

      – A concerned lay citizen

    • Dave

      the va knows too that diseases might occur if you weren’t in the service, but being exposed to chemicals and radiation make them progress faster, therefore shorten your life, hope your not broke when you go down with your ship, captain.thank you for your service.

  • Black9

    Oh, The injury that you recieved doing your duty is a extra benefit?Evan cilvians have workers comp to assist them, or would sue because of a injury. I see it this way. I did not ask to go , I went because I was told, now that I have a injury that I will live with the rest of my life, They should help. I to love my country also but doing the right thing by service members is their resaponsibility.



    • Whispering Willow

      Frank, where did u get your info from? My husband is a Viet Vet (Ret MSGT Air Force), who was denied 2 times between 2007 and 2010 as there is no evidence anywhere of him serving in Vietnam although he has 2 Vietnam Medals. We did an appeal and missed the deadline date to submit info. We were able to get the VA to reopen the claim (using evidence of service in Bangkok and U-Tapao Thailand), this past March (2011), which we had to include a new condition which the doc gave him 2 years to live (that was in August 2010). He had a C&P evaluation in May of this year. It has been 5 months since the C&P eval and to date we still WAIT while he withers away. WTF is the PROBLEM with the VA?

    • Kyle

      My claim was recieved by the VA on Dec. 21 2010.( Day after discharge) Although my claim is extensive, I am 2 weeks from a year…… over 6 months has been spent awaiting a rater. I mean cmon this is ridiculous. Sgt. Kyle OIF, OEF, C.I.B., Purple Heart. Give me my money!!!!!!!!!

      • david

        4 years waiting

  • R Martinez

    To all wondering about VA claim process time length, here are my processing times for phases.

    Claim Start Date 12/24/2010Day 0
    Decision Phase Start Date 03/02/2011Day 68
    Notification Phase Start Date 10/20/2011Day 300

    I talked to a VA to check on my status during the decision phase. They said that since my claim was a BDD (Benefits Delivery at Discharge) claim. My position in line for the Decision Phase was based on my claim start date.
    Claims not BDD do not retro back to start date. I am claiming 18 items.

    It a long wait in the system. Information on claim status is reduced to a dashboard, idiot light system. Very frustrating. I hope anyone out there has all the patients they need.

    Iraq & Kuwait Seabee Veteran.

    • Royce

      Don’t feel bad I have been waiting since August 2010 and they still have not updated my status from gathering evidence (waitiing on final les) that I sent them well over four months ago after it took Finance a year to send it to me. Got to love DFAS and the VA ought to make them wait for their pay as long as we have to wait for them to finish our claims


    I am a viet nam vet 40% and 65yrs old. I have filed a claim over 2 yrs ago and still waiting for them on the appeal. I have contacted teh VA, VFW and my senitor and congressman. LOL they all tell me the same thing……WAIT the VA is balck logged.. well sure hope I dont die before they get it done. Guess our President has more to do than to be concerned with those of us that gave our lives or was injured in war. Our Government is giving Thrillions to other countries,, but cant put some of that to get more people to get out claims done? THANKS PRESIDENT AND CONGRESS FOR NOT LOOKING OUT FOR US VETERANS…….

  • dANIEL


    • Robert

      The date will be the day that you initiated the claim. This is provided that you did not break any timelines from the denial to the appeal. You have 1 year to file an appeal. If you go over the 1 year mark, you will start at that date.

  • leonard abner

    have been 100%tor about 2 years 70% ptsd and 30% for unemploy abliety and . I filed for hpyertenion secndary to ptsd . and this was before i got my 100% and they denied me for hypertion and gave me my hearing lose. at the time now they are opening my hpyertion secday to ptsd. This has went WDCand has been remeanded back to RO for review. What is going on

  • Wanda

    My husband had a pending appeal from 4-09, never went before the board. He was exposed to Agent Orange in Viet Nam. He had gotten 90%, but his appeal for 100% just kept dragging on. He died of leukemia last month. Nashville closed his claim and I had to go and sign papers to start it again, but now it is transferred to Wisconsin and I am at the bottom of another list. I now get “$0” benefits for me and my daughter and all of our joint income was cut in half. We’re barely hanging on, emotionally and financially, anyone got any advice on how to speed things up?

  • I filed my claim April 2005, the Cleveland Regional Office would not certify my claim to the BVA. The Cleveland RO just kept conducting non-judicial reviews of my claim, always denying my claim. I have my Marine Corp medical board results and Portsmouth Naval Hospital records which support my claims for benefits. In addition, the VA doctors that I have been sent to five time for C&P’s, state that my injuries are combat related. Whenever I get a letter from the VA it begins, “This highly decorated combat veteran” etc, these medals donot mean anything to anybody, just worthless and so was my service!

    • Dave Davis

      Your on the hamster wheel Jammu. Until Americans march in force on their beloved patirotic non supportive Congress and president nothing will change. Good luck my claim is going on 45 years their good at lying and cheating should make good gamblers not representatives.

  • Bill Simmons

    Here is some great news I just got in an email from the Waco VA.

    Due to a high volume of complex cases that have been mandated by a court order in Washington to review, the process time for all other claims, including yours, has increased significantly. It may still be another 4-6 months before your claim is complete.

    • Frank

      How did you email them? I had same response via phone. I have been waiting 16 months! Please email me:

    • Dave Davis

      Might be a high volume but it’s not to complex all AO claims should be paid across the board. The US govt put all VN whitewater, bluewater, ground and others in harms way when they started their wide spread usage of agent orange. They knew before it was being used if it was that effective as a defoliant that it would also effect other carbon based forms of life including AMERICAN soldiers. Don’t think this government for one minute cares about your disability benefits cause AO has no effect on the dollar bill just you and I remember this hardly anyone of those house reps, senators and yes even vice presidents and presidents were exposed let alone served their country yet the bas…… keep denying veterans due process and disability. Their a bunch of cowards and turn coats wanting soldiers to protect them when their in trouble. I say let em hang!!!!!

  • ed salava

    Well I am with all of you. I filed a claim in March 2011, ment and saw the doc for his information. They sent it back and got all the info now it needs to go before review in Wisconsin and avg there they say is 72 days. I am way past an average. I came home hurt from service in 1985.

    • Robert

      I’m right there with you. I filed March 18, 2011. Here it is January 5, 2012 with the last action completed on my file in October for my exams. I was told at that time that the average for completion of the Development Stage was 311 day. The Decision stage was 107 days and notification stage was 4 day. The total time for completing a claim was 422 days. I called last night and amazingly the average dropped from 311 days to 268 days. I’m way over that average now and they still don’t know what is going on with my claim. I’m currently waiting for an e-mail from a supervisor of the individual that is working my claim to see as to why there has been no movement on my claim. I guess we shall see how that goes.

      • Robert

        Oh…and I did the Quick Start claims process. USELESS!!!

  • ed salava

    Only combat was Lebanon, we do not here about those Marines killed any more. Any way I got my back and hearing screwed up there. I did not file a claim for 26 years or even go to VA because there was no way to get enuff cash to live then. Now days some of you non combat need to take seats. I have been in 2 car accidents, injurred again at wor this time in ’06. I cant get ins. to pay for anything even with an attorney. Accidents not even my fault. I need a back surgery bad. I did get disability but right whebn I did my medical was cancelled because you have to wait 2 yrs for insurance when on disablility. So instead of having a surgery and possibly going back to work, I have to sit and wait. I applied for medical from military but it had been so long I do not know if they will touch me. I just want to say what a world. I serve my country, I pay into medicare and taxes for 26 years, I now get 1635 month how ever I have to pay 910 a month in perscriptions so I cant even pay the rent. The moral of the story is I now wish I would have taken the money from the military right when I got out because after working all these years and paying in I can not get help any where.

  • antiqueed1


    • Frank

      Nice. I like the way you think.

    • Retired

      What does that statement / short story have to do with the subject at hand??? And are you a woman (truthfully)? Just curious!

  • terry

    Everyone is down on the VA. I too have been waiting for a decision about my claim. If people would stop filing false claims, the system would not be so backed up. Stop thinking the world owes you something

    • jro


    • T.J.

      Right on! Now I suppose that by now you have withdrawn your claim. Right!

      • Dave Davis


        Everyone else has filed a false claim only this guy and his friends are truly deserving of benefits. What a joke some of these so called brother and sister turn coats have become. My friends lost lives and limbs. I spent time with veterans at VA hospitals and none of them ever made the remarks that some of these people have. They appear to be the honest deserving ones and screw everyone else. Walk in someone else’s shoes for a while before you accuse him of something you may be yourself.

    • jray

      Who are you to say that people are filing false claims. It’s hard enough dealing with these people who process these claims. People who doesn’t care who you are, what your condition may be, or what kind if shape your home is in because you can not work. Then we have one of our own throwing us under the bus. No wonder why we can’t get a promptly decision, we can’t stand with one another. I’m glad you was not my fox hole buddy.

    • sickofitinMI!


  • Marcus

    Hmm I have a claim in for PTSD, i cant work, i went from drinking to weed, pills, other shit.. I never leave my house I was an Infantryman with the 101st Airborne in afghan. I filed my claim Feb. 2010 I called the VA Reg. office, they told me it takes about a year and should have it in 4-6 weeks…. I HIGHLY doubt it, Vegas VA is by far one of the worst i’ve been to.. such a shame that this country has come to this, I was in a COMBAT Mos w/ a CIB. I mean c’mon I still have to wait this long?

  • David

    I feel bad for every Vet. I’m 40%sc back injury never went back to VA for 10 years until private care said too. Panic and anxiety attacks started up few years out, filed a claim and denied even after CP said Military, Nexus said cause, Military, records of attacks in service, and Social security was awarded 10 years after stating service related. I been waiting 4 years total now and date keeps changing. I feel nothing but shame and I’m tired. I feel for all of you getting out.

    • david


    • david

      another sad fact in this process. My sons get older and claim status changes over time, if you add child delete child, this action pulls you from line and process begins over. TRUE, it happened when son turned 18 and began college 3 years ago. It was one of 20 different excuses given

    • Guest

      Best is one of 378,000 veterans mired in a backlog of pending claims and a system riddled with inconsistent and inaccurate benefits rulings, according to a report issued this month by the Government Accountability Office. It calls for a “fundamental reform of the VA’s disability compensation program,” adding that disability decisions are based on criteria written in 1945.

      The problem is even worse, says attorney Craig Kabatchnick, who was the senior appellate attorney for the VA’s Office of General Counsel from 1990-95.

      “Our job was to deny claims,” he says. “We celebrated beating veterans, especially those representing themselves.” There was no official policy, he says, but ranking attorneys instructed staff to fight and deny cases—even though the law mandated that they give veterans the benefit of the doubt.

      Kabatchnick is now the supervising attorney for the Veterans Law Project, a new legal clinic at N.C. Central University, where he and 19 students from NCCU and UNC-Chapel Hill are defending veterans and preparing their claims and appeals for free.

  • You made some decent points there. I looked on the internet for the issue and found most individuals will go along with with your website.

  • dave

    i am a vietnam vet and i was never sick a day in my life until 1996.i went to the va hospital because i had severe headaches and was afraid that i may have brain cancer.turned out that i had degeneritive disc disease.the hospital told me i could have neck surgery, that meant i would wear a halo for 9 months, or we could try physical therapy, i decided on pt, headaches went away.have not went to any other hospital but va since.2 years ago my health declined hospital sent me to a neurologist and that problem was still there the dr said i need the physical i had to have left me with diabetes type 2 and Ischemic heart disease, both Ao related.i filed my claim i sept 2011 checked on it today was told it was recieved, but they probably wouldn’t do anything with it til march.i’m content with that, because when they added Ischemic heart disease to the AO list there were lots of veterans who had signed up before and are the first priority.the va system has treated me well for years i have no reason to lose faith now.after all what he said, those backpay checks are great

  • dave

    ps got a letter from the va today says they are processing my claim., so i guess i got the right people and info.happy day

    • 31Q

      Mmm I have gotten Several of those letters!!!!!!! That’s just a hush letter and don’t call us!!!

      • Dave

        the one i got 7/30/12 is the one that’ll hush me, is says a decision is made, and it’s only been 10 1/2 that tells me if your claim is ligit. and all info is available you will prevail.

  • guillsam

    yo tengo 50% sleep apnea y otras cosas,quiero saber hasta cuando el VA me paga por mi desability, es para siempre o por un tiempo.

  • guillsam

    I have a 50% sleep apnea and other things I want to know until the VA pays for my desability me, it’s forever or for a while.

  • Ishmael

    I am 30% disabled because of HIV disease and was discharged as an E-5 from the Air Force after 9 1/2 years. I receive $389 for my VA Waiver and $286 from the DOD.

    A friend of mine also has the same condition but is 50% disables and receives around a combined (VA and DOD pay) $1,000 per month, however; he retired as an E-4.

    I know the VA compensation table indicates that Veterans alone do in fact receive $389 from the VA for 30% and $797 for 50% disability. Shouldn’t there be a hire compensation from the DOD for E-5 vs and E-4?

    • Rich

      Injuries and disabilities don’t care what rank you are. Why would you be expected to recieve more than an E-4? Your not being paid by rank, or experience, your being paid for the disability!

  • David Davis


    I am sorry for your loss. Do not agree to pay any money for medical bills. Give them a dollar or two a month make the statement thats all you can afford. Write that you are protesting any amount you give them. It is time to enlist the help of all your friends and neighbors and their neighbors. Have the flood gates open wide to your representatives office. Cause one thing that powerful men want is more time in office. God be with you and yours.

  • David Davis

    Having received a copy of my latest IMO from the South Texas Healthcare System, I am compelled to tell you all about it. The doctor is all credentialed up and has written a couple of articles. He is an orthopedic surgeon and a grad of Harvard medical school.

    In short he makes the comment that anyone with the condition of spina bifida occulta, spondylosis, and spondylolisthesis lytic type meaning cracked vertebrae, your condition was you were born with the first split or unclosed spine. the second spondylosis your back is broken and can’t get worse, it’s already broken. The last part means your vertebrae because of the broken pars which retain it in place has slipped by some %. Regardless of your condition or training or incident everything happened to you before your service. Nothing can happen to you when your in the military you are invincible or a human superman. Then when you get out of the military you start to get older and your spine degenerates and that is where the term natural progress of the disease comes in and the VA uses your adolescent and your life experiences after the military to justify denial of your claims. Remember to tell your children when they enlist to make sure that they are issued the proper superman attire so that injuries do not occur and make sure you wear it at all times.

    • david

      If you crack you lose, if you quit they win. Never give up ever meant so much, its for you.

      • Dave Davis

        It’s been going on 45 years and I’m not about to give up now. They think that their hide alter destroy or shred program will stop us veterans well hell, they burnt the hairs off my arms busted my back falsified medical records and I still keep coming back for more. After all this is the American way we don’t do things better we just do it with more people and more machines. Look out for the Chinese let’s hope our government doesn’t subcontract the DVA out to them. They could shuffle us around for eternity instead of decades.

  • billy henry

    I have a question! I was medically discharged for the Air Force Mar 23, 2011. I filed my claim the same day and I still have not received any compensation pay and it is 1/23/2012 as of to day. I call the VA all the time and I was told that it takes about 410 days to complete. Does this sound right to everyone. Please Help.
    Air Force Vet

    • Kay

      I retired from the Army 31 jan 2011 and I till have not received my disability rating. Today I was told that my claim is on hold until March 2012? What? Are you kidding me. I served 25 years and this is how you treat a veterna who served this country, sacrificed my life and family! Really!!

    • mary

      My husbands claim, as of today, is on day 461. So, ya. That sounds about right. It’s been in the “Gathering of Evidence” phase for a long long time. They said they have everything they need but thats what the site has it on. He’s getting very stressed out.

      • AFvet2009

        I filed my claim 24 Jan 2011, and still am in the Gathering of Evidence phase. (Even though I was told in Oct. 2011 that they had everything they needed to make a decision, just waiting for a review) I called a couple weeks ago and they told me “If we need to schedule any C&P’s we will send you a letter. Uhmmm…I did my C&P’s in March of 2011. The good news is we are on the clock, the bad news is there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Robert

      Well, today I’m at 365 days. It’s funny too. I am told that they are waiting for my C&P results from Gainesville, FL. I filed a request to have those records mailed to me from the VA so that I can have them as a copy to place with my medical records…to which I have a copy of….when i separated from the Air Force. I received the 100 page report from Gainesville/VA center on 2-13-12, and yet I am told from the VA that they have not yet received the results from Gainesville. Now, how can the VA not receive these results and yet send me a copy of my results? The VA also tells me that the average for a Quick Start claim…which is what I did…is 311 days. So, if you’re at 410, another person on this thread is 461, and I’m 365, but was told 311 then go figure what the actual number is. I sure don’t know.

  • billy henry

    I have a question! I was medically discharged for the Air Force Mar 23, 2011. I filed my claim the same day and I still have not received any compensation pay and it is 1/23/2012 as of to day. I call the VA all the time and I was told that it takes about 410 days to complete. Does this sound right to everyone. Please Help.

    • david

      yes unfortunately and possibly longer. 18 months avg today. VA is reviewing and should increase but you never know. I did not appeal my decision years ago because I was naive. If you don’t appeal you start over asking for increase, the game is never close a case. Process takes to long start to finish and most vets know it so everyone eventually appeals and learns over years. I just saved you 10 years lol

    • rli

      If they are telling you 410 days your local regional office is not the norm. You need to contact a senator or congressman to find out why 410 days, most offices are less than 1/2 year.

  • Tim

    WOW, my problem is so small compared to the majority on here but I have a question concerning filing of two claims. I filed my first claim just prior to my discharge in hopes that it would be completed shortly after. To my surprise, I was being compensated 60% 45 days after my retirement. But again, just days prior to my retirement, I filed an additional claim for additional problems above and beyond the first. The second came back and listed just the additional 3 medical issues at 90% but did not mention the previous 8 medical issues I listed on my first claim and was already getting 60%. Should they not have combined them to give me one rating? Or should I be getting paid for 100% for the combined 150%? I know I do not get paid over 100%, but what happened to the claim?

    • david

      Is is 90% total? If above 70 you can apply for IU at 100

  • jack

    the Va system is a joke, i retired after 20 years of loading stores, pulling shore power cables, running3 times a weak, taking stores up steep ladders twice a day for over 16 years.Now has major back and neck problems, djd joints hurt, hit by a trash compactor, causing paralyzed diaphram, retinal holes, asthma problems, rinning ears from working in laundry, on flight deck, breathing problems from smelling jp5 fuel, paint and primer, major depression from work related and stresful divorce

  • trico

    guys this is gettin ridiculous the VA is no longer accepting calls due to large call volume and is now issuing call backs 2 weeks later. i am contacting my congressman and i am starting a petition on facebook. someone need to let washington pay attention.

    • Dave Davis

      Don’t waste your time calling them they have no clue as to what or where your claim is. What needs to be done is cut all the phone lines. The people that enter the data on the screen are just as lost as the person answering the phone. The government is using another scam to put unemployables back to work it’s call the Department of Veterans Affairs Ever wonder how many of these people use to work at insurance companies or HP hotlines. They just read the screen and ask you sir or mam is their anything else that we can help you with? Your better off cutting and pasting and sending yourself and email every couple of days that says we have received your claim and are still working on it. blah blah blah face it your on the big Hampster wheel with no end in site.

      • Robert

        lol. I agree. Sometimes I feel as though I know more than the person on the other end of the phone.

    • Danny Kezar

      Where is the petition on Facebook?

      • Mary

        We have been waiting for two years now to have my husbands claim absolved,with no end in waiting in sight. when he tries to call and find out information he is told not to call,that they are backlogged,to just be PATIENT!How much more patient can we be?He is disabled,but still tries to find work,no one will hire him. Veterans are not even cared about,this is the thanks they get for serving.

  • danjp

    11-2006 filed a claim for secondary condition related to my already on file service connected condition,,some of the conditions on the 2nd included my Documented PTSD,,,NOW here this >> 6 years and counting and NO decisions made yet,,,,they still say they are working on the claim,,wow if its not good when I do get it back,,I wonder how long for the appeal???? maybe 20 years?? Oh thats right they don’t try to wait and see if ya Die or Committ suicide because of the Mental PTSD,,They are a JOKE and yes want you to DIE at any $$$COST>>Its all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • Dave Davis

      They’re not going to make any decisions. They have put you and 1 million other veterans on a big hampster wheel. When this one stops turning the Secretary will start loading up the next one. We are all being lied too and treated like crap. I hate this department with a passion. I think most of the raters that I have talked with I wouldn’t follow them in a fire drill, Most would lead you right into the fire. They haven’t been trained and then they think they know it all. The ones I spoke with aren’t familiar with the English language let alone the CFR’s and M21. Good luck in your fight.

      • 31Q

        Well stop going to the VA if you hate them so Daum bad!!!!!!!!

  • airbornbroken

    I am waiting to be denied like most do and the only bad thing is the unknown. I called the other day and they said they needed a better explanation from doc he did not spell it out right. I swore at them and said u mean to tell me it took you 10 months to figure out that you need better info what the fuck are you doing there. I said now what wait 6 yrs for an answer then go to the back again. She said no but I am willing to bet yes. She said they had 3 days to answer from the doc. Think that happened, yea ok cmon now. I asked here how long after that then she said 2-3 weeks I am on week 16 now fucken idiots

    • Dave Davis

      I’m on year 45 they know how to hide, alter, destroy, and shred the evidence in your file. The one thing you need to do is try and keep your cool when you speak with them. I believe it’s like they are at best your worst enemy when you cuss them out. I learned not to believe anything they say because they appear not to know what they are talking about anyway. My kids give me the run around a lot too. Good luck we all need it.

  • dave

    one thing i know for sure, if you did not use the va health care system over the years, then you better get every record from every doctor that treated you and hand carry them to the veterans advocate, or you will be ln for a long wait.

    • Dave Davis

      Make sure that the DVA doesn’t implement their world renowned plan. HADS Every employee in the VA has been involved with it or made aware of it. The acronym stands for Hide, Alter, Destroy or Shred the evidence. Most veterans realize after awhile that we’ve all been pretty much HAD one way or another in dealing with them and our government.

  • phyllis hicks

    i realized after fourteen years of being retired, my main disability was not included in my percentage. i filed a claim in aug of 2010 concerning that . they can’t be reached by phone, the e-benefit web is a joke. my house was about to go in foreclosure. i have unplugged the phone because the bill collectors are calling all day.i wrote a letter to the President, to the secretary of veterans affairs, wayne county comm, veterans affairs in lansing,and john d dingell. i have not heard back from not one of them. it seems like no one cares. i am very depressed right now, and i do not know what i am going to do. i have never been in this situation before.

  • 31YR VET

    Filed claim Aug 2010. Completed all exams Aug 2011. Per VSR, claim is in development phase. Average time for claim to complete development phase is 330 days per VSR. Mine has been 531 days. Per e-benefits, claim is in gathering of evidence phase. Per VSR, no further evidence being gathered. VSR confirms e-benefits in error. VSR sent memo up stating claim now ready for review phase after sitting idle nearly seven months. VSR states two more phases, decision and notification phase and that’s only if claim doesn’t get kicked back to gathering of evidence phase as they review it and something else is required. I like the excuse, “Depending on complexity of claim and number of disabilities claimed, claim can take several years to complete.” As an XO, I should have informed my CO on work assignments, “Depending on complexity of job and number of folks involved, task completion could take several years to complete.” Adios Officer Fitness Report. Bottom line, stay proactive, do your own research, followup and don’t count on no one but yourself to ensure your claim gets processed. You can be your own best friend or your own worst enemy with VA claims processing.

    • Dave Davis

      31YR Vet,

      You would think that in this day and age the DVA would have had a system in place that they knew where every file was, when it was assigned and how long it is actually going to take to process. I know that having the budget they do that they have more than enough excuses for not doing what they should be than what they are. All I can visualize is a big fraudulent waste of people rushing to the coffee machine and having bagels and donuts instead of working claims. The more people you put doing a task the faster it gets done what a load of crap that is. This government had no plan for winning the wars in the past and they don’t have a plan for winning the battle with the backlog. Good luck with your claim mine has been going on for 45 years now.

  • madison

    HOLY POOP… what a culture of inability, abuse, neglect and harm the government and the va specifically is causing… if we only could all sign a petition to make big things happen… thinking the million military march, or the venteran visit to dc or disabled drop to dc

  • JohnArmyAD

    My claim has been in for 16 months, and I haven’t worked in a lot longer than that. I was so out of it on medications I had to pass power of attorney to a family member temporarily to get the filing started. I’ve been waiting on inpatient records that were probably destroyed, because the NPRC sent a false response to the VA when they requested them initially. I requested them personally and now have to wait up to 60 days for that file and however long the VA takes to do their job beyond that. In the meant time, the bank is surprisingly trying to help me by delaying the foreclosure sales, but I’m probably on my last delay, and that gives me a little over 3 weeks until I need to start thinking about homelessness, dropping out of school and losing my only income in the form of CH 33 benefits and sleeping in my car. For the longest time I thought my military service was a great benefit to my life. Banks and businesses I would have liked to see go bankrupt collect our money, the Fed gets trillions and trillions in a bailout plan, but the people who protect this country and its interests get left to rot. It’s getting close to militia overthrow time.

  • Joseph

    Yes 44 years and you talking about 30 years we disable vet get nothern for thedisease do your home worl Pineaplle from hawaii May 68 August 69 an-khe camp radcliff no seconday pay for heart disease bedoe you open your mouth check it out Pineapple from Hawaii

  • Cap’n Harry

    Don’t quit and don’t die! That is the exact opposite of what the VA wants especially from we Vets from WWII, Korea and Vietnam. When I returned home from Nam in Aug. 1970 I was physically and mentally a mess. My physical health returned, so I thought, but after I retired w/30 yrs. as Senior Captain of a large southern city Fire Dept. I started to experience pain, numbness, and PTSD (3 VA Shrinks diagnosed) I started my ongoing 3 year battle for disability for PTSD, perpherial neuropathy from agent orange exposure, and 2 TBI’s (Traumatic Brain Injuries) from an enemy 105mm rocket and a jeep wreck. I could include much more but you get the picture, right? So like I said at the beginning, Don’t quit and don’t die Brother and Sister VFW’s. Do you, as vets, think we need a national platform like Dr. Phil or Wilcos? Couldn’t hurt.

  • it doesnt matter

    We dont get by. We lose everything!!! This country in disgusting!!

  • Pissed vet

    well I’m in the same position I am T&P and I asked for some aid and attendance just so I could pay someone to help me. I file in july 2011 my case went to decision faze in Dec 2011 and still here in March almost April and it still there and when you call the case management line 202 273 5674 the ones that should be looking into why this is happen all they can say is it should be done in a few weeks….a few weeks my ass why s it taking so long in the decision faze…I think they are sitting on their asses and not caring about the vet…I know Obama has a lot going on but this is something that should be looking into…maybe we should all call the Principal Deputy Under Secretary for Benefits Michael Cardarelli to see what he can do to help us out….when they first messed up my case I called him at home late one nite and the next morning I was on the phone with the regional manager they reviewed and fixed my rating within 48 hrs. I will be locating his number soon so check back…we shouldn’t have to wait this long for them to give us what is owed to us….I will have the number soon…..

    • Veteran’s Abandoned

      You are making feel very jealous since I filed on Jan 2011 and still in the development phase

      Keep our fingers crossed.

  • Veteran’s Abandoned

    Thank God I am not the only one pissed off with the Veteran’s Abandoned or VA.

    I was medically discharged in September 15, 2010 from the the Army with exercise-induced asthma.

    Filed my Veteran’s Abandoned forms on Jan. 31, 2011

    They received my file on April 26, 2011

    It is now March 27, 2012 and I was just told that I am still on the development phase!

    Maybe it’s because I live in California and my regional office is Los Angeles. Pissed Vet is making me feel very jealous since he filed his claim on July of 2011 and is already in the decision phase.

    Keep our fingers crossed guys.

    • povet

      My claim in in San Diego, has been in the decision phase twice in the last year…and stillno naswer. It’s getting ole and i am tired of it. I have tow classmates who work for the VA and they say they get paid over 80K a year to work on the ratings board, and they come to class looking relaxed after a full day of “worK”. If they are really servicing thousands of claims a day, how can they look so relaxed?

    • Patricia

      I too filed in April 2011, at present I have received nothing but 2 letters telling me I am in the development. I did call the 1800 # and spoke with a person, she told me development phase is really anything that is NOT review / decision or award phase. So, don’t be upset that Pissed Vet is in decision phase. It means little in the VA world. Tomorrow he could be back in development. Also, who knows you may be at the end of development and the beginning of review. Keep your chin up. I live in Texas, was told the true turn around time is 16 – 18 months. So, I still have another 3-6 months to go as I am on month 14 now. The greatest fear is waiting so long and then being denied. Now that is the real fear, not the wait.

      • Dave

        if you were going to be denied they usually do it in the frist 6 mo’

  • Dave

    The VA and the DAV have been sitting on my claim since 27 Jul 10. They suck and don’t care about Veteran’s and don’t want to be bothered with calls from claimants. My email is and I would welcome opinions that would prove me wrong. The Detroit VA and the Detroit DAV don’t give a shit about us or out service.

    • Joe

      The DAV does not sit on anything, The DAV has to wait until the VA makes up its Mind. For some reason the VA does send a Letter to the DAV on a Decision very quickly, then the DAV sends you a Copy. The DAV letter is mostly what the VA is going to rate you at and why. Then the VA letter will follow 30 to 60 days later..

      • David Davis

        If we could get Congress to give some of these VSO’s some clout like the VA has in delaying claims then perhaps they might be able to really help veterans. All that appears to be happening is these organizations use some groomed reps or lawyers to represent you in a court case. VSO’s need their own qualified referenced medical reviews officers and a place where veterans can get honest c&p exams and medical opinions.

    • Ms. Roland

      I put a claim in Dec.2010 and according to Winston Salem I’m still in the developmental stage…..
      This is crazy….. I am pissed off to no end. Good luck with your claim and you are 100 percent right about them..

    • Artillery

      You’re 100% right! They say 125 days to process a claim. Mine has been in the system for over 500. They do wait hoping you’ll die before the check is cut. I bet senators that write these laws don’t have to wait 5 days for their check. The Mafia has more ethics than Congress

    • Mario

      Stay away from the DAV they do nothing for the Vets

  • 2Years Waiting

    Our claim was filed in January 2010, quickly denied, then appealed in May of the same year. We were told we would have a decision by December 2011. December came and went and we heard nothing. Then we were told it would be another 30-60 days, that we should have our decision by the end of February. Still nothing in the mail, no contact from them. I followed up again around the first week of March (last month) and was surprised to hear that our claim had been approved January 10, 2012. No one knows why a letter did not go out or why we have not seen any pay, though. Once again we were told it could be another 30-60 days. I don’t understand what the hold up could possibly be now if our claim was approved 3 months ago. Can someone shed some light on this?

    • brian

      Ok here goes united we stand devided we fail. We all have our flustrations with the VA. Lets start telling each other what has work and pull our forces together to fix this mrss. Basicc millitary strategy. We learned we lived it we pocked up ourbloody bodies and pushed on to succeed because of it. Now lets show them we know how to use it.

  • joe

    Always send you claim by Postal Service with them having to sign for the letter.
    Do not just send it regular Mail Never.

  • Danny

    Please share your Story. Help veterans get the help they need by posting your story of how the VA has treated you or a family member and how it has been effecting your daily life.

    • Mary

      The va has kept my husband waiting for over four years now for compensation from the va. He is told not to call,not to write. Who does he go to for help with this matter? He is not allowed any information as to the status of his claim,what a sad way to treat veterans. He can”t get a lawyer as they only help when a veteran is denied compensation. He has ptsd,heart problems from being in close proximity with agent orange.Where can he go to for help in resolving this problem?

    • Mario

      When i went to Delaware VA hospital the person that did the exam treated me as if i was a little kid. As i try to explain my problems he told me not to speak unless he ask me to. I changed to Phila VA hospital and they were the kindest and caring people i have meet. The doctors treated me like a human person. Even though my claim is over a year and i started in 1972 i hope i will be hearing from the VA soon. I had a service connected disability.

  • miguel

    i was volunteer in 1969.i was hospitalized in 1975 and i was granted social security in first claim in 1975. the va affairs has always deneing my benefits and my children benefits. in 2011 the va grant me a 50% for the same condition i claim in children never had any benefits from the va.right now i have an appeal for 14 months and still waiting. the va have keep me on a circle for 37 years and still waiting. everything is a hipocrit the va just waiting for you to die to close the page and save money for the goverment. i know there is nothing i could do ,but i would not let my children suffer what i being suffering with my family since i finish my service in 1971..the va make erros on your claim ,,but 37 years making errors is an abuse ..

  • Brandyn

    i been waiting since february 2010 i have hand injuries that make them nearly incapable of lifting and i cant even get surgery till my claim is done processing i cant work cause my hands dont work right WTF do you want me to do please im at my wits end i dont know what to do anymore i got PTSD/TBI i see psychs and there having trouble keeping me above water i just want to be fixed so i can move on help me someone

  • brandyn
  • Mace

    I cant find a service officer in western Washington state who gives a shit and will help me with my claims. Anyone know a service office who cares and will help me?

  • first of all we are not lawyers, and to make it worse being very sick makes it very hard to think of how to word claims,, and then finding out the people processing the claims are dumber than rocks,, and will deny you no matter what…

    They refuse to communicate, it takes two years just to speak to a human.. and then if you do speak they take 2 more years to make a decision ,, that’s four years, and it still doesn’t get ready to go to bva to some of the moree experienced people are..

    the sick disabled veterans are being screwed so bad they either think about suicide, or giving up, thei rlives are ruined, and can no longer work,, their families uffer,,

    meanwhile the va employees remain clueless and bungle the claims..
    they refuse to ask a question by phone, instead they send you forms asking dumb things, and adding many months on a question that could be answered in less than a minute if they would only speak the the disabled vet who is just laying down at home unable to do anything else, they would gladly pick up the phone and give any info the claims people need..

    If the disabled vet gets representation, the veterans service officer or lawyer does not have time to spend with the vet,,, and often they do not word a document correctly, ad there is no way the vet would know..

    the VA claims system is really really bad, the people there are inept, and don’t have enough processors with either the skills, or ones that care,, they only know how to stamp denied…

    The whole system is a %%%# clusterF%%#$##

    • Retired Army

      I am retired army and do not use the VA for medical care. I have filed two claims and each time have received a phone call to clarify a doctors statement. It is ok to call them and ask about your claim. Keep a file on who, what, where, when and how. Remember the VA worker has to follow regulations as we did why we where active duty. Again don’t hesitate to make a call.

    • louis griffis

      Buddy i couldn’t have said it any better. But think about this. Does a Mexican women walking across the boder without proper papers and has a baby and in less than 2 months gets a check for her and that baby? Or yet a man or a women can play crazy and get a S.S.I. check in less than a year? My Congressman and woman and Senators took my Agent Orange money and spent it on there fine vacations. Put in a claim in 2005 haven’t heard anything yet so good luck you will need it. I love you Vietnam Vets thanks for all you did.

      • Dave

        you need to get some help with you claim.i don’t know what AO related disease you filed but ischemic heart disease did not come into law until july 2010.i filed in sept 2011 for diabetes type 2 and ischemic heart disease, at my C&P the examiner tried very hard to connect the neuropathy to the diabetes. my claim has been approved and is in rating right now.i hope it all works out for you and thank you for your service.

  • i am a disabled veteran and i know how you feel i have had a claim in since Oct. 2010 and for the last 2 and half years all the claim says is it is in a decision phase And everytime i call they say the same old thing. i cant believe it takes this long to do a claim. It seems that the va doesn’t care and people there arent doing their job. thats all i can say.

  • stormtalker

    does a veteran have access to qtc evaluations while claim is pending

  • Mario

    I received 10% back in 1972 i have had back neck arms leg pain since then and is getting worse as time goes on. Send in new evidence over the years and received 20% denied a few times and the pain is yet worse. Filed a few times in the past three years and i am still waiting for an answer. My last exam was over one year and i have not heard anything execpt my claim is in the rating process. I do not want to call becaise they might put my file on the bottom Meanwhile the pain in my back,arms, legs etc is getting worse. Maybe the VA is waiting for me to die. there is nothing we can do except wait.

    Mario New jersey

    • veteran


      So sorry you are having such a difficult experience. My husband also filed and waited and waited until we called our NJ senator’s office. Senator Lautenberg’s office helped us tremendously and the claim was resolved within 2 months! You can get there email on line from the Senator’s website.

      Good luck

  • Will

    I was honorably discharged from the Navy Dec 17, 2011. The VA recieved my claim December 31, 2011. I just recieved a letter stating that they are unable to find my entry physical paperwork from MEPS. I am not sure where to begin looking for the paperwork they are requesting. I emailed the MEPS public affairs office, but it feels as though the VA is looking for a reasons to deny my claim. Can anyone with similar story shed some light on what might be going on or is this the VA’s way of ruling out false claims?

    • Resonance

      Hi Will, call the VA Regional Office that is processing your claim, and ask them to mail all of the records that they have on hand, regarding your disability claim, to you. Next, write a letter to your VA regional office requesting the documentation you stated is missing be located and mailed out to you. Keep a copy of their response. Also, request your records from National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) in St. Louis, MO. NPRC will likely tell you to contact the personnel records center for whatever branch you served in, because they do not have your records. Keep the letter from the NPRC stating they don’t have your records. Finally, contact the personnel records center for whatever branch you served in. Like NPRC, they will write a letter stating they do not have your records. Be sure to keep this response also. I encourage you to submit the responses you receive from the agencies that maintain your records, as evidence that documentation key to your claim was lost or misplaced.

  • Veteran Rob

    The VA Should clear out the VA Disability claims like the Courts cleared out the foreclosure claims. Send them through worry about it later.

  • Dusitn

    Face it yall we did our time and now we no longer matter. Don’t ask and you won’t have to be worried about being dissaponted. Yes this sucks, but don’t think it will get better. We were all in the military did you realy expect diferent?

  • Dustin

    Also don’t worry I do agree with everyone that says this is BS. Helping each other is the only thing we can do. Hell, we almost didn’t get paid as active duty. Simper Fi

    • Dave

      dustin, i don’t think you understand the meaning of military pay freeze, it means nobody gets a raise for a certain amount of time.heard it at least 5 times in 6 years i served.thank you for your service…. almost only counts with hand grenades.

  • jaina

    BULLS**T!!! I have seen the VA cherry pick evidence to support denial and not even acknowledge evidence in support. I have had C&P examiners (where I was not even present) misquote portions of my records or take those portions out of context to support their opinion of “PRE-EXISTING CONDITION” ( I would love 5 minutes alone with the person who made that the VA’s darling ). I have had my awards and commendations listed as “NONE” even after they looked at my DD-214 (they needed more room to list them than was provided).

    IT boils down to FINANCE, PERIOD!! The VA has a set budget and therefore has to have an artificial cap on what it pays out for disabilities. Anyone who has served KNOWS how the finance system works…. there is NO BLANK CHECKS, NO OVERDRAFT PROTECTION. The VA has a cap…. FACT

    Veterans wrote the blank checks… for anything up to and including our very lives. Now we are pushed around and shown we were fools for serving such a corrupt system. Not exactly something you want vets with PTSD to have running through their heads.

    I used to wonder why the VARO had Xrays and metal decectors. Originally I thought it was anti-terrorism. Fact is, they are afraid of pissing off the wrong vet, or pushing them too far.

    • David Davis

      half of the VA people can’t read and the other half are like stones with mouths and no eyes and ears. The government has allowed the DVA to brainwash these people and have justifiable claims denied even before they are reviewed. Come on America take em to court with millions of soldiers and veterans signing petitions and if that doesn’t work then we all know from watching CNN haha what is next.

  • marley

    In our case my husband served 67 thru 69 and was exposed to Agent Orange.
    He was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and filed a claim with the VA for presumptive exposure.
    After many many months of fighting and tons of proof he was awarded 100% with SMC. He only lived 3 months.
    The same story goes for the survivors who would receive DIC payments they are “435” days behind schedule. This also includes funeral monies etc due.
    The system is set up for you to give up.

  • james

    I started my claim in 3/30/2010 and now they have close my case with dr final decision and i still have a dr appt this wednesday

  • Corpsman

    What the author Benjamin Krause fail to realize is the process of claims development. Before one can speak or talk down about an organization WITHOUT SOLID FACTS is simply misinformed and well not educated enough. It’s like a person talking about the Iraq War and not participating in actual combat. Being a Hospital Corpsman and 3 time Combat Veteran who served along with my Marines in the streets of Fallujah taking enemy fire and losing friends in the battle can speak about the war because I was there and experienced WAR at its ugliest.

  • Corpsman

    One of many reasons claims are delayed is because some veterans are claiming disabilities that NEVER existed in service and wish to try to get money and contest that they deserve it for being in the military and blaming the military for their personal problems and now want to be compensated. There are many veterans out there who needs the help and deserves the compensation. But there are others who knows the SYSTEM and wants to get as much as possible from the VA. One disability claim that other veterans are trying to claim is Sleep Apnea. They will submit numerous statements from friends, families, and friends stating that “…I remember when Joe Veteran was on the ship he would snore a lot and didn’t know why he was snoring…” C’mon..really?..or “Although I was only in for 3 years I now have PTSD while I was in booth camp 15 years ago and my drill instructor was yelling at me and now I can’t get ab job.” So many cases are being examined carefully to properly adjudicate claims for benefits for these veterans. The VA is all about helping the veterans.

    • big G

      I see that you are full of yourself and a complete dumb-ass!!, all Vets have the right to file a claim no matter what edvidence is presented. it is VAs job to work the case in a timely manner….by the way…THATS WHAT YOUR GETTING PAID FOR!!!

      • Dave

        Big G: he is not a dumbass, i know a lot of vietnam veterans that are getting paid for ptsd and never saw a viet cong.some of them sat behind a desk the whole time they were over there.i personally spent 4 months of my year over there in the boonies with the combat engineers and the only action i saw was sniper fire.those guys have a hard job, trying to decide whether or not to approve or deny, and hoping they did make the wrong decision,yes i agree all veterans have the right to file a claim but he’s got to be the S. O. B. when his supervisor tells him to deny.Thank You For Your Service i hope you get what you are intitled to

    • Old Soldier

      Wow, PTSD because of a drill SGT? I have recently got of the Army do to physical injuries and multiple surgeries, and have several friends that suffer from PTSD. These men have been shot at, lost men they have fought with and many have be physically injured due to combat. You, where yelled at by a man and couldn’t cope. Its guys like you that clog up the system. You are going to mock Sleep Apnea? Unbelievable. 15 years ago? nothing was going on, trust me I know, I joined in 1990 and just got out June 2012. Step aside and let the combat vets get the proper attention they deserve. Once again, WOW, someone yelled at me….unbelievable….

      • Resonance

        Instead of bashing the next veteran for injuries he/she may have sustained while in the military, why not offer some words of encouragement or information that will benefit them in some way. Veteran’s are committing suicide at alarming rates, in addition to being homeless and unemployed. Each veteran that served his/her country have a right to have their claim for injuries they received or were aggravated by military service reviewed. You may think that their injury is insignificant, but by law, if that injury was sustained or aggravated during their military service, they are entitled to disability compensation for that injury! I encourage ALL vets to disregard statements from people who say your injuries are insignificant, or that you most likely won’t be compensated for a particular injury. If you have the evidence to support your claim, list that injury in your claims paperwork!

        • David Davis

          The reason why their committing suicide is pretty obvious only a few veterans really are reaching out to other veterans to help them. Like this guy it appears as if everyone except himself are suppose to file a claim. I have personally seen how vets were treated when they came home from Nam , in fact many who didn’t serve in combat were treated like dogs of war when they came home in the late 60’s. Unless you were missing your limbs few claims were awarded. Today if your missing limbs and have TBI the VA fights your claim cause you have a mood disorder or personality disorder /what a country. Love it or leave it??????

    • Jim

      You can report Sleep Apnea as a Service Connected Disability but it does not mean you will get it. The process to acquire a percentage is solely based on a MEDICAL SLEEP STUDY that cannot be FAKED!

  • Corpsman

    We can’t grant anything if theres no proof the disability exist. The many veterans out there who are waiting and angry because they haven’t heard anything about their claims are the ones who WANTS the money so they can support their personal lives because they were not RESPONSIBLE enough to plan out their own lives after the military. So in response to this article Benjamin Krause have you ever been in the military and or have actually work claims for the VA? If not ask a VA employee so they can give you the facts instead of writing this article based on forums and other research you used. And with all do respect for all of the veterans who responded to this article please get your FACTS straight before making any judgments of what YOU know. Get the FACTS.

    • Hurting Aviator

      How dare you generalize. Perhaps you should practice what you preach and check your facts. Personally, I have suffered for over three decades, “sucking up” the pain from an injury while on active duty. I didn’t want to jeopardize my flight status. There has NEVER been a moment that I have not been in pain. I lead a successful life and career until the pain had become so great, it’s hard to hold down a job. Medication will dull my senses, so that is not an option. After two years and multiple attempts, I cannot even get the claims office to correct a spelling error in my name.

      • Larry

        Amen !

    • confused

      It’s a shame someone with an attitude such as yours is in a position to have anything at all to do with veterans. It just sounds to me like you don’t like your job very much or the people you are supposed to be taking care of. I also read this article and don’t find it to criticize anyone at the VA, but rather it’s focus is on lack of planning and funding of the VA programs by the federal government. Why are you so angry over this article? Perhaps you just need a new line of work- hopefully nothing that has anything to do with taking care of sick and/or unfortunate people.

      • David Davis

        It’s a shame he didn’t even read and understand. Stacy is the one who complained and got off topic that seemed to irritate me more than anything else. We didn’t ask for the VA to shred, lose, and alter records. We never got any bonus money in the service except re-up bonus money. Did we ever refuse to protect and defend the Constitution of the US. This guy doesn’t even want to acknowledge free speech and bring facts to the front about the waste and poor training of people that can’t even read an article let alone make a claim decision when the facts are hidden because of the VA’s HAD’s program Hide, Alter, Destroy or shred the claims folder. At least when the army trained me to shoot a weapon I knew where to point it. Read the article dummy!!!!

    • David Davis

      Perhaps Mr Corpsman you should take it upon yourself and see what really happened to Sue Frasier and yes look at Cushman in detail with your eyes wide open to how much fraud and lies and deceit have taken place. Then try and cover that up with excuses. They abound how about paying attention to what the law really says about awards of claims and stand up to your corrupt leaders who want their bonus money.

      • Susan

        Do not get political over VA benefits. It has no place in fixing things.

        • David Davis

          I’m trying not to get political over the system. My records were falsified by the US Army 46 years ago the VA had those records in their possession and finally released a file in 2010 now it’s hard to prove the claim that I made in 1967. There is only one way to fight deceit. Today after many have died of AO exposure, radiation, chemical, and PTSD denials our own government still turns its back on veterans. Politics appears to be the only pressure that we do have as our vote may only count a little while longer.

    • Larry

      All of you Guys on the OTHER side of the gate don’t have any Idea what goes on when the SO Called doctor(s) put pin to paper or lack there of I was was told because I refused a RECTAL examine this was a determining factor why I received ” O ” Now check this the so called doctor’s words to me was ” Are you ready for your Finger Wipe” I really wanted to punch Him in the Mouth However I just decline because I had had A RECTAL exam three weeks prior. This I wanna call him a FREAK so bad never wrote it in his report that I explain that I told HIM the Finger Wipe Guy that I had received an Exam a couple weeks Prior. VETS are getting “Pencil Whipped” OH let me not leave out the fact that this all started Late 1990. Let me know if you need some more facts” I’m not mad anymore I’m Angry.

    • Screwed

      Corpsman – You idiot – I planned out my life after the military and it included the use of my hand. I was given a 10% evaluation and no vocational rehab. I have had to re-train into another field costing me thousands that I still have to pay back because the GI bill and college fund hardly covered the cost of living let alone tuition. I have given the proof and the VA and even a dumb ass as full of himself as you are would be able to grant at least 30 % for vocational rehab. My arm from the wrist down was almost completely ripped off and I needed to have part of a bone in my hand removed because it was crushed. I have constant cramps and an entrapped nerve. I can’t grip a glass of water. In the decision letter the VA said that I stated that I had no issues. I served 15 years. Get your facts straight – some people in the VA are Pencil Whipping ratings and denying claims and changing statements.

    • big G

      In response to your email,
      most vet are waiting and angry because you guys are not doing your JOBS!!!! if the VA workers that I’ve seen have been smoking, joking and walking up and down the hall way not doing a darn thing…. MAYBE just MAYBE you if they focus on the task at hand they can clear-up some of the claims issues…. OR stop working and give someone else the opportunity to do something that your NOT doing!!!!!!!

  • Mario

    give the VA workers a brake i am not happy with the wait the government needs to step in and hire more help. We have been in to many wars and helping to many countries. Lets keep the money home for our own problems.


    Go down to Charleston where all the Q&P examiners are young white females. Two of them treated me very nasty. I went by myself and I was not mentally strong enough to advocate for myself. I will never forget their nasty little jazzes. This might be how they treat most veterans despite their race.

  • papag

    I must be one of the exception. I submitted a claim Dec 2011 got awarded 100% IU March 2012. I have received great health care. I have alway been treatedwith respect. I have the option with TFL since I am retired from the Army to seek health care else where but I couldn’t even think about it. This is my personal belief is so many people are filing claims trying to get something for nothing it is causing a melt down of the system. One person actually filed a claim because he twisted his ankle when getting off a bus on the flight line in 1966 causing him to have PSTD. I utilize the Fargo Va system.

  • larry turner

    I do think VA have many dedicated employees who wants to help veterans. VA should implement NON-VA employees to answer Veterans questions as the claims process is developing. This would allow the Vet. to feel more comfortable with the honesty of the process and allow VA workers focus on more effective productivity so the EP codes would not linger. Veterans are assembly processess and have sacrificed to much of themselve or family to be considered in-line conduits. Veterans deserve better.

  • allen

    these people dont care if veterans ever get the disiblities rateing all these people cares about is theirs ownself. and their 1hour coffee break 4 times a day , veteran

  • Denise

    I’m wondering if my fiance was one of the lucky ones that got through all of the C&P exams soon after filing a claim. We filed his claim 22Feb2012 and completed all four exams by the first week of June. We have been told two different time frames by two different people. The first time frame we were given was 30-60 days after the last exam for a decision to be made by the board. When we called the facility in Nashvile to inquire about his claim, we were told it could take up to 6-18 months to get a decision letter. We have since received two letters stating that his claim was in processing and that they apologized for the delay. I’m not sure what to make of the letters or which timeframe we should believe. My fiance served in the Army and was deployed to Iraq twice. His PTSD and TBI are so bad that he can’t handle being around large groups of people and his short term memory isn’t all that great so I worry about him having to find work only to be let go because he couldn’t grasp the job duties and responsibilities.

    • Robert

      Well, I can now tell you where I am at on my claim. I filed my claim on 3-18-11 and as of 7-18-12 I have been closed and am currently awaiting notification of decision through mail. So, all being said it has taken a total of 474 days and I have still not received my notification of rating. I called today, being that today was the day that ebenfits showed my claim closed, and was told that they have mailed a letter detailing their decision and rating. I was told to wait for normal mailing times which in this case is coming from Winston-Salem, NC to the lower part of GA. So…I should receive something by this Saturday which would put the completion of my claim through Winston-Salem at 477 days. Keep in mind that this is the “Quick Start” claim that I filed while still Active duty. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed and hope that your fiance has better luck. From what I’m seeing throughout these posting the average for completion is about a year and a half.

    • Jim Patterson

      You need to also apply for Caregiver Benefits. Go to in the search bar type in 10-10cg this is a Veterans Administration Form which can also be downloaded from

      Fill in this form and call the 800 number on the back. You will become his caregiver and he needs to sign and agree to you receiving up to 1750.00 in pay. YOU GET THIS FOR TAKING CARE OF HIS MEDICAL NEEDS!

      Good luck and God Bless you and your fiance

    • Robert

      Here’s an update for myself. From beginning to end took 475 days. I was rated 80%. I’m fairly happy with that rating and it seems to be fair. While they did take long, i was afraid that they weren’t going to rate me correctly. It would seem that they did a complete job and took their time. While I do agree that this is too long of a time to complete, I would say be patient. I was and in the end it has paid off.

      • Mario


        I have not heard from the VA since 10/15/2011. It has been 13 months. I have collected 10% for 25 years and then 20% for three years. I am service connected. i have had therapy on my back, neck arms legs and i was told that therapy would not help me. I do not want to call fear my file might be put in a new pile. i have no news not sure if this is good. My exam doctors were nice to me in Phila and cared that i was in a lot of pain i gave them a letter from my therapist stating how serious my problem is. I do not know what to think. what do you think? Mario

        • Robert


          You definitely need to be calling. The reason I say this is because i have a friend that I used to work with that filed his claim. He called several times and was told that it was in the development stage. He did this for almost 9 months and on the 10th month he called in for an update and was told that the VA never received his file for disability claim. Come to find out, the VA rep that helped file the documents never turned them in. I do not know where the VA was saying they had it for the previous 9 months when they didn’t. My advice to you is call in about once a month and see what is going on. While the information will be very vague and you may want to bash your brains in, don’t be discouraged. I am assuming that you are doing an appeal, therefore you’re going to natrually be placed at the bottom of everyone else that has initiated an initial claim. You should be hearing something soon though in regards to what they are doing. Hearing nothing at all is a good thing in this case. That means that they have not denied you anything. I would also suggest signing up for ebenefits if you have not already done so. It will also give you a little information.

          • Robert

            Be patient but persistent with this and above all else….CALL THEM!! Don’t just sit by and wait for them to make contact. Oh, I also forgot that you can go to the VA website and initiate an e-mail inquire that must be answered within 45 days I believe as to the status of your claim. This will be found under the “questions” tab. This should help. Let me know if you need help or advice on anything else. I will soon be considering if I want to appeal or not on this.

          • Guest

            “Hearing nothing at all…means that they have not denied you anything”!?!

            This is pure Kafka in the good ole US of A.

            Thanking you for your service is meaningless, if we Americans cannot back up our words with actions.

            – Concerned and Horrified citizen

      • Jay

        Robert, have you received your backpayment since you received notice of your rating? I have been waiting since Apr 28th and nothing as of yet. I was just wondering. Thanks

        • Robert

          Yes. Actually, I received my back payment about 4 days before I received my notification of rating. I found that strange. I just about fell over when I seen all that money in my account. Called the bank to verify that it wasn’t a mistake.

    • Guest

      Please check out the website and the problems is not the worker at R/O it’s some of there Bosses tThe problem is even worse, says attorney Craig Kabatchnick, who was the senior appellate attorney for the VA’s Office of General Counsel from 1990-95.

      “Our job was to deny claims,” he says. “We celebrated beating veterans, especially those representing themselves.” There was no official policy, he says, but ranking attorneys instructed staff to fight and deny cases—even though the law mandated that they give veterans the benefit of the doubt.

      Kabatchnick is now the supervising attorney for the Veterans Law Project, a new legal clinic at N.C. Central University, where he and 19 students from NCCU and UNC-Chapel Hill are defending veterans and preparing their claims and appeals for free.
      hat they work for

  • Mario

    I am tired of all the complaining and the bashing of the VA employees. I am sure the employees are doing their best. There are so many claims give them a chance to resolve our claims. You should know by now the government was always slow even when we were on activity duty. Cut the employees and doctors a break. Wait , your decision will come and hopefully you will be happy. I hope.

    • Vietnam Vet.

      I’m just going to call you dumb ass i think that name fits real good because you don;t know shit you are probably the same ones that voted for Obama.I put in a claim for Agent Orange back in 2005 not a word yet and don’t look for one tomorrow.Dumbass have you ever wonder how a Mexican women can walk across the border and have a baby and in less than 2 months have a check for her and that baby. Have you ever wonder how a man or a women can play crazy and get a s.s.i. check in less than a year. My advise to you is to pull your head out of your ass and smell the corruption in your Government. Any Questions.

      • Mario

        I am not a fan of Obama i believe in closing the borders and I am not a dumb ass and with your attitude your claim will never be settled.

        Semper Fi

        • Dave

          way to go mario! (chuckle)

      • Dave

        if you put in a claim in 2005 and ain’t heard nothing and ain’t done nothing about it, then you’re the dumbass.i’ve never had a claim take longer than a year, so what you are claiming must not be on the list.oh, and don’t knock the president of my country!

    • TBI

      Mario, you sound like the VA doctor I saw last week…ironicaly the VA is good on school benifits, home loans but the Martinez, California clinic has a number of fools that call themselves doctors and the regional office is substandard…as is the Concord Vet Center team leader and the Sac team leader. Unless you walk in their office with knee pads!

  • Donna Mcloud

    I have been waiting 20 months despite asking for a hardship because my disability has put me out of work. I have had to claim bankruptcy, give up my car and I am close to foreclosure on my home. I don’t qualify for any public assistance.

  • BN AFA

    I’ve been waiting for 22 months and have finally went to my last exam. I am trying to figure what percentage I will qualify for with arthritic broken (in service) left wrist. Bi-lateral hearing loss (artillery) and ptsd, anxiety, depression, excessive dry eyes? Anybody have a clue?

    • Dave

      hearing loss & tinnitis is 10% because they have put the 2 together and they say anybody can have bi-lateral hearing loss my friend gets 10% for a broken wrist.ptsd and anxiety go together so if you are a recent veteran you may not get that without appealing because they keep records now not like vietnam.they might give you 20%.i get 20% for my ears alone becuse ihad hearing loss when i etsed.had to fight it all the way to the supreme court, they wanted to take away 10% but i won.good luck i hope you get more than that. info is just from my personal experience.thank you for your service.

  • Dave

    filed 9/ 9 / 2011 got my decision letter today 8 / 30/ 2012 do not know how long before i get backpay or what percentage.

  • Dave

    claims like mine ar plain and simple, still it took 10 1/2 months.all my medical records are in the va healthcare system.they diagnosed my diabetes type 2 and ischemic heart disease and did the open heart surgery.they did not have to search for any proof except within the va.i did not have to go to any doctors.i wish all veterans could have a pleasant experience like mine.

  • Jaime

    I seriously doubt that you are of any importance in that unforgiven C&P chain. Not only I worked with it but been a victim of it as well. Now, if you are part of that system you broke a cardinal rule speak to noone about the C&P efforts to grant or deny claims? Know that out here we know how claims are botched miss-documented and then shuffled and reshuffled in what you call the VA Veterans Appeal System, where people get paid the big money to be in the denial side of things. Don’t be fool i had that same bug bit me once there is no place like the VA; Clap your ankles and “Voila” your approved.

  • Guest

    The problem is even worse, says attorney Craig Kabatchnick, who was the senior appellate attorney for the VA’s Office of General Counsel from 1990-95.

    “Our job was to deny claims,” he says. “We celebrated beating veterans, especially those representing themselves.” There was no official policy, he says, but ranking attorneys instructed staff to fight and deny cases—even though the law mandated that they give veterans the benefit of the doubt.

    Kabatchnick is now the supervising attorney for the Veterans Law Project, a new legal clinic at N.C. Central University, where he and 19 students from NCCU and UNC-Chapel Hill are defending veterans and preparing their claims and appeals for free.

  • Guest


  • Mario

    If a claim is at the rating board what does this mean??

    • mike

      you are waiting for them to decide if you get nothing.

  • asknod

    VA employees rightfully feel they are trying to grant claims but their hands are tied by regulations. What they do not know is the regulations and the M21-1MR are constructed to do the opposite. VA denies 85 % of claims initially. Can it be that 85% of us are welfare cheats and deadbeats? Vets are proud and should be. When denied, they become enraged but often walk away in disgust. They need to know the truth. My new book tells how to outwit them at their own game. I’ve been fighting for 23 years at this and finally took the bull by the horns to find out why I always failed. Once I took over my own claims I won instantly. I won’t say that VSOs are in collusion with the VA but they are far too close or uneducated in how to win. The post about VA attorney Craig Kabatchnick further confirms my belief that this is a sham system that purports to be pro-Vet but is anything but.

    • Mario

      Where can i get this book??

      • asknod

        Mario– has the Kindle and Hardcover versions…. Barnes and Noble carries the paperback . Best of luck on your claims. The book will not guarantee a win but it will darn sure guarantee how not to lose at this game. I played their way for 18 years. Score? VA 5, me 0. After I took over? Me 150% Permanent & Total. The CUE for my back and EED is at the CAVC. with a March 2013 docket.

        • Mario


          • asknod

            Veterans Administration Claims- What you need to know to succeed. By Ask Nod (Pseudonym).

      • Dave

        save your money, he sounds like a crook to me

        • asknod

          If you have Kindle I would gladly send it to you for free. Please note: I invested $6,000 of my own money to do it. I did it for Hepatitis C positive Vets who need legal help. I have a doctor who writes the nexus letter for free. Profits to date? $84.50. If I ever do break even, I’ll be donating the profit to The last thing I am is a crook.

          • dave

            i did not say that you were a crook for sure, i said you sound like one.i apologize, and i thank you for what you do for veterans and your service.i have been one of the lucky ones.filed my claim got paid in less than 10 months.doubled my income.have a dro pending and won’t give up till i’m dead, but with the money i get now i am much better off.thanks again folks like you are hard to find.(btw i looked you up :)

        • p18bon

          I agree. Just a post to sell a book.

    • Bob Larson

      All I can say is never, never complain to Senator John McCains office. (AZ). Everyone should be made aware that this “Pilot” is receiving a 100% disability rating from the VA. Funny….when he ran for President, 5 Doctors said he was 100% fit to be President. What will happen is your VA Claim will be reviewed and then placed at the bottom of the pile. How can this country send its youth to war, wave the flag, and give the public all the Patriot B.S. and then throw them under the Bus when they return home. The next war…..DON;T YOU SCUMBAGS CALL ME, I SURE WON’T ANSWER.

      • dave

        he was a pow for 51/2 years prolly why people didn’t think he was right to be president, i’m sure nva didn’t give him vip treatment, but you would think he would be all about helping his fellow veterans.thank you for your service, hope everything works out for you.

  • Belita B

    OK. Lets get real. When I first came into the system It seemed that every employee cared and did their best. They even went above and beyond. The system turn into a beurocracy within a beurocracy. Today I see workers who are just biding time to retirement. Harsh but it is true. The programs are about boosting statistics. Va Administrators have quite a large bag of dirty tricks. Everybody in my area goes to the state office. One of the issues is that the VA tries to confuse you with the law. They expect you to research the applicable law. Good luck with that. The VA has been taking my disability since March of 2010. It seemed that I had a warrant that I did not know about. It was from 1984. As I had already had my background check from the VA, I told them that I had no knowledge. Their answer was that basically ignorance is no excuse. They said that the overpayment was not due to any untruth on my part but they did not want to unduly enrich me. OK. Lost my job. Unemployment ran out, Got divorced. Am only living on $824,00 per month down from $42000 per yr. Hey! Drowning here. VANAPP and E-Benefits are a joke.

    • Mario

      A lot of Vets are missing the point of VA disability. Disability is to be given to Vets who were injured while in the military not because they lost their job or got divorced. I am really sorry you are having hard times. There are many claims that are fate and the VA has to process each one. Good luck looking for work our economy is really bad.

      • Resonance

        Many vets lose their jobs and families due to the strain that their service connected disabilities have on their personal lives. The VA is missing the point that all vets are not receiving the treatment they need to sustain gainful employment, due to the severity of their conditions! More needs to be done to improve the VA disability claims process and provide better healthcare for vets. The gunman in the Sikh temple shooting was a veteran. Financial strain and family problems make managing service connected disabilities harder. I’m praying fellow vets hold on and stay the course, concerning your disability claims and life situations. Contact the VA regarding your hardships. If you’re not getting the treatment or service you feel should be provided, contact the VA IG.

    • Resonance

      Contact your Veteran Service Organization for advice. They may be able to refer yo to an attorney regarding the legality, concerning the warrant and your entitlement to VA benefits. Also, contact the Attorney Bar Association in your state for referral to an attorney who could provide legal services. And, if you feel like your overwhelmed, concerning your finances and family situation, contact VA mental health. The VA system is not the best, but you have to find ways to make it work. I wish you the best.

  • Louise

    My husband tried off and on for 14 years to get a “bump up” in his V.A. disability,finally just a few months before he passed they allowed him a 20 0/0 increase. After nearly being killed by the v.a. in Florida in 2006,he never went back to them,he had colon cancer,they made him come home with a severe infection,high temp. and leaking fluid. Took the outside drs 4 months to cure it! Now that he’s gone,the V.A. wants his last check back!! Im living on 718. a month,so what i say is SURE they care,as long as they get their pay and retirement and the ones that really need help,they laugh at us like we are begging for something we had not earned. So thanks a lot for nothing!!

  • Keith

    I had my claim denied because VA failed to get my medical records from Social Security when i first applied then they sent me forms again to get medical records two months ago . Now they tell me my medical records were conveniently destroyed by Social Security . Now that they denied me my Attorney can take over

    • Dave

      that,s like having an auto accident, turning down a $20,000 out of court settlement, hiring a lawyer who gets you $30,000, then after all his expenses you get $15,000.and it takes just as long.and nothing is free.the poor make the rich richer.good luck and thank you for your service.

  • Dave

    had a really good experience at my c&p appointment.i met a really nice young retired veteran, that tried very hard to connect my disabilities to get me a higher rating.when people say that va employees don’t care about the veterans, they’re not going to make me believe it.i have never ben mistreated by a va employee be it va or va healthcare, they have always treated me with respect an high regard and thanked me for my if they’ve mistreated you, maybe it’s just one in a million, if not, maybe you should take a look at the way you treat claim will be settled in a few weeks.i’m sure there will an appeal or appeals, but i’m kinda lookin forward to meeting more nice people like ones i met yesterday.everyone have a great day, and thanks to all of you for your service.

    • robert howard

      There was a young lady from Washington, who said she was a veteran, and who actually seemed to try very hard to help me..This was after going round and round for ten years..I know I complain a lot, but, to those individuals fro the V A who DO try to help veterans ( and I know there are many ) Thank you, and God bless you, for your efforts. Just wanted to say that before veterans day, to ALL veterans out there, thank you for your service ( including my son ) and God Bless these United States of America.

    • vablowz

      huh! are you serious? of course people who bash the VA arent going to make it, since even though retaliation for filing a legitimate complaint is illegal, they still do it! If veterans were getting treated bad only once out of a million, we wouldnt have a giant backlog! Everytime Ive called to get some help, they either tell the same lame old lie about the computer being down or they dont answer at all! Im sorry, but this makes me sick!

      • dave

        got my claim approved in less then 10 mo.sorry if you had a bad experience.i’ve been dealing with va since 1996 and never had a problem.maybe they are better in my area.the backlog comes from 2 new wars and the agent orange thing coming into law.hope everything works out ok for you, was just sharing my experience, did not mean to offend anyone.thank you for your service.

    • haze

      sound like he or she works for the va

  • Cam Rahn Bay Vet

    Will here’s another one! Put in claim for AO on advise from my doctors after surgery taking my Prostate and Bladder. Waited two years for denial letter stating they believed my Prostate cancer was caused by the Bladder cancer, not AO. Sent a NOD for appeal after receiving a Specialist letter stating I had two cancers in the Prostate (one from spread of the bladder, and one primary in the prostate). Another year later, and the VA has no record of the Appeal..All this, and now I’ve had to have my leg amputated because VA hospital failed to find a blood clot. Another claim filed as well as having a Torte Claim for Malpractice filed. Oh by the way, due to the cancer which has spread to the Lymph-node, I have a limited time left on this earth. I won’t give up so please none of you give up! Fighting the VA is the last combat for all of us., and we must win for the sake of our future comrades..

    • yankeegroundpounder

      i gaved up with the va, i had fight in iraq in 2006-2008 agian in 2008-2009 as infantry out all the action i was in i find to be a mircal im here.i got out the army in 4-17-2011. that day i filled my problams with the va such as my back and hip promblems . i call the va today to check on my va claim(8-28-2012). they told me my disablity claim process is started all the way back over .becaus i filled for lung diese a few months ago . since my disablity claim is starting all over it will be over 3 years minume befor i see any thing , i love how the va charges me for war injurys to see a doctor . i give up i never go back to the damn va

  • jabe

    what does no open claim and no decision mean

    • Dave

      you need to ask a vso, but it could mean they lost your file and you need to file a new claim.

  • Harry

    It’s the federal government…what else can be said?

  • angelo

    my appeals has lasted seven years. I have used every vet,. organzation, and fired them all. I have more denial for TBI, low back strain, leg and knee disorder and unemployablity. On top of that my file folder was found back in may 2012 in a deceased va satff member house. It had been there since 1992, and the va found another file of mne in a basement of one of there builiding it had been missing for 14 years. I.m letting my attorney, and the sentaor and comgressman of ohio work this out. Hopely I’ll have a favor decsion in 2 wweks at least that what the told my sentator back in august. My case is a hardship case and I wonder what edvenice was clevland using to decide my claim. I hop the va case worker is right about grant it if you can because I have noyhing left to pawn, i owe a monthh rent, kast week my umlity got cut off, i have 0 disposal income and have a few fish and two loaves of bread left. Now fellows that sir is ground 0. Simper Fi. praying hard for all vetrans. 0ra!

    • Dave

      why have you not applied for social security disability? there is no reason for any veteran to be homeless,the va will grant you a non service connected pension.maybe you have circumstances i don’t know about, i just connot understand someone letting their life get that much out of control.when i frist started dealing with the va i went to the hospital, and they sent me to vfw in the hospital, and he filed a claim for me and i recieved $1,000 a month till my social security was approved.i feel bad for you and any veteran who can’t get the help they need and deserve, but i have never had that problem with the va so i really dont understand last claim for ischemic heart disease and diabetes AO related was approved this month, and it took less than 10 months.i sincerely hope you get you lif back soon . thank yo for your service.

  • Marty

    This is about it for me. I first file that the VSO I have, who is a State of Nv VA rep has told me my claim I filed early May 2010 is the sam as 1989 and 1986 just worded better. I recieved a college education in that time so “Gee I guess so”. I waas hospilized in 1978 in a VA Hosp for suscide attempt from my PTSD and my first attempt was after release from active duty in 1976. I then was never checked by Oakland C and P or any Mds. not in Oakland or Sacramento on either filining. I now have been checked since 2010 in 2011 and found to have service connected PTSD with lower back injury and foot damage caused at the local VA hospital. When sent to a sleep study on August 13 2012 to have severe sleep aphnea. Thes sobs have not gavwe me 1 penny. They are waiting for me top die in my sleep. I have been told last week to set an appointment with the VA MD from india WHO FIRST SAID I DID NOT HAVE SLEEP APHNEA BY LOOKING IN MY MOUTH now has changed his mind and wants to see me after the first of the year to get a CPAP machine. Is this in hopes I’ll die first?

  • Dave

    the veteran should educate his or her self on how the system works.if you don’t use the VA healthcare system, gather all of your records, don’t assume that the VA will find all of your info on their own, cuz they even miss some when it’s right in the va system.

  • Lance Cross

    So, what’s the solution? Approve every claim outright? It would be nice to believe that only vets with real disabilities file claims. Seems to me that every vet wounded in action or injured on duty should not have to produce evidence for something that he or she received treatment for while in service; the treatment records should get pushed straight into the VA system even before a service member leaves the military. That would eliminate the need to require vets to submit evidence for something that is already in the system. Plus, get rid of the archaic paper process and get automated already!


      I DO AGREE WITH YOU!!! Why wait, this should come with the vet out process physical exam/C&P and they should submitt the paper work for the vet. SO WHEN THE VET GOES TO THE VA IN HIS/HER STATE THE PAPER WORK IS THERE.

    • john

      I agree, your entire military record is on file and that includes any injury that has been incurred during time of service. All a veteran has to do is file a claim and if it’s legit you WILL GETa settlement and be awarded your disability whether it’s 10% or 100%. Keep in mind that we have more vets coming home from across the big water everyday with some kind of dissability which means that the vertrans admin. will continue to gae behind….Just be patient

  • margie mullins

    does anyone have the names of a few good law firms in northern new jersey who handle cases for veterans versus NEWARK VA?

  • Dave

    well, i filed an appeal today. i’m at 70% now.gonna see how long it takes to get 100%.wish me luck.

    • Ronald Abney Sr

      lol, I’m at 80%, have 3 claims in process from 2 years ago and still no word, I’m not holding my breathe that I will live long enough to even hear an answer from them. Agent Orange really tore me up later in life, 1) pace maker, 12 stints, 4 anrysims, 2 operable, 2 not. Im Deaf 100%, can not walk 40 feet, legs give out and I fall. I’ve had 2 heart attacks, and Im on 8 different medicines daily. 66 years of age. The 3 claims I requested for were (1) include my wife as a dependent married for 42 years now. (2) Hypertention, and (3) unemployeablity status as I am unable to work.. I filed Last year 2010 set 6th, to date, no word

      • Dave

        i hope everything works out for you, i always say i don’t have to look very far to find someone worse off than me.mine is AO related too, but i didn’t have any heart attacks, just 100% blockage in 2 main heart surgery, that part seems to be ok now.i have neuropsy in my hands and feet, and have a hard time walking also.i’m 67, i live in claim only took about 10 months from start to backpay.maybe they are better at taking care of business than some of the other offices.anyway if i don’t get 100%, what i got so far doubled my income, so i’m more comfortable.i’ll keep do the same i’ll say a prayer for you, you say one for me.just a thought, if you don’t have anyone helping you the VFW has been great for me.thank you for your service.

  • leerrm

    Grow the Department of Veteran Affairs to meet the enormous demand from new Veterans for the assistance they’ve earned.
    The Department of Veteran Affairs is grossly overwhelmed with all the new Veterans coming from the Post 9/11 era operations and wars. Many Veterans are in extreme hardship, and some are even homeless, while they are waiting for the benefits they have earned through their honorable service. The President and Congress need to act immediately to expand the Department of Veteran Affairs to help our Veterans properly and in a timely manner. Waiting years for their benefits is not acceptable. Receiving substandard care is not acceptable. These men and women never hesitated when their country needed them, their country should not hesitate in its duty to our Veterans.

    This is just the beginning! Right now only you know this unique URL. Share it with others to get more signatures on this petition. Until your petition reaches 150 signatures, it will not be publicly viewable on the Open Petitions section of We the People, so be sure to share this URL:

    Save and Share this URL:

    • cveteran

      Thank you

  • HSGman

    566 days since my claim…. and still waiting. Unsat! This was over an upgrade claim for an existing condition too!

  • Dave

    i believe that people think that the more disabilities they file on one claim, the higher percentage they’ll get, not so that just gives the VA more to combind to keep the percentage down, i believe if you file your worst one first then immediately appeal there decision to keep the ball rolling so to speak, i think you’ll have a better chance of getting your % raised than you do by filing them all at once, at least thats been my experience.the VA sometimes overlooks conditions that are caused by or aggravated by another conditions.that’s why you have to make sure you doctor puts it in your records, then you have to point it out to the C&P examiner.

  • retired veteran

    I know for a fact that VA employes are more than willing to assist you. What is frustrating is calling that 1 (800) number and the person on the other end not having any knowledge about anything you ask them or they look in the system and tell you what you can see for yourself or what you have already received a year ago. We have called every other day and literally received different answers for the same question. My husband has been waiting now over a year for retroactive pay that was sent to DFAS for calculation a year ago. The issue is that you cannot call anyone who is responsible for processing your payment at VA. You don’t even get an accurate “no later than date”. Where is the accountability? If DFAS is checking/verifying the amount due, all VA should be doing is cutting the check. I could even accept 90 days to receive payment. Does it take over a year to do that? We have even seen the system say one week that by 2013 the payment should be resolved and a week later it says 2014! Really VA it takes that long to direct deposit funds that you know are due to a veteran? Patience is one thing but come on this is ridiculous. Claims are backlogged and so are payments. Why can’t they hire temporary financial workers (retired military finance Soldiers) to work the backlog and be a little more proactive other than telling people the obvious…. of course I know you are backlogged…. I haven’t received anything…duh!!!

  • coco

    Well I been waiting for a compensation claim for over 13 months now..and my status is still waiting for service records…well I submitted every medical evidence that I had…so what I had to do is hand carry my medical record to the regional office…and now they are saying it will take 75 days to post in the system…I was so upset because I thought that when I took my own record in which I submitted the first time over 13 months ago it would speed up my claim….but I found out that if you submitted your service record you still must get a letter from your last unit to say that they do not have your record and then the VA will go ahead and process the claim…so I am wandering if any one out here had the same problem and is this I haven’t to wait another 100 years?

    • Dan

      I am at day 402 since the filing of my claim. I feel your frustration. Contact your Senator’s office; most have a staff dedicated to Veterans Assistance, and they will assist in locating the status of/speeding up your claim. If you can prove Hardship, it will speed up the processing of your claim, as well.

  • Fran

    Is it ever possible to speak with anyone with va system in person? My husband is a vet currently at 70% waiting on word for increase in his disability to 100% since the social security admin has deemed him unemployable. We have been waiting for over a year now with his claim still in the “gathering of evidence” stage…although all his medical records are with the va hospital! We are seriously debating on whether to spend a day at the Waco facility (Texas) and see if someone will actually tell us in person what the hell the delay is really. Keep you all updated on our progress.

    • dave

      VA doesn’t care what social security says, i’ve been 100% according to SS since 1996.the condition has to be completely service connected.i’m only 70% according to VA , that means they deem me employable even tho i can’t walk without a cane or walker. it is not the VA employees that have the system messed up, it’s the laws they have to abide by.even if you do get to talk to someone they can’t tell you anything.

  • gerold Bode

    I’m a Viet Nam vet, applied in 1968 Agent Orange related. In Oct of 1998 they said no. 30 tears I waited for an answer. This is just an example of how slow they can be. Be Patient…

  • James

    I have been jerked around for seven years, finally scheduled for a Hearing. There is light at the end of this long dark tunnel. I will win my claims, no doubt!

  • bill sudduth

    dose any one know how to download the pdf form for hearing loss so that i am able to take it to my own doctor to be evaluated for how much hearing loss I have? If so could some one point me in the right direction

  • dave

    filed my letter of disagreement, got the letter asking how i wish to appeal after 3 months, waited on my doctor to make appointments for me.mailed the letter telling va i want to appeal using the DRO process, and now i will be getting letters from my foot doctor and neurologist stating that i can’t walk without a walker just to make sure that they don’t overlook anything this time, then maybe they will grant 100% for unemployability.

  • Lee Hayes

    I am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran…who is represented by DAV…..the word “Represenatation” is a word only….no actual one on one communication
    or information…..slow and tedious…….my success has been on my own with determination and constant phone calls to DAV..VSO…VA….It has still been a slow tedious process……NEVER GIVE UP ! I am fortunate that after my persistence….I have received a 80% rating with 100% unemployability….I am presently involved in a request for FULL GRANTS ( 3 1/2 years) for Migraines,Issues related to Defoliants Exposure in Vietnam… is presently with BVA….
    In response to treatment at VA Adminmistrative Medicene….it has been a mixed bag……I was treated well during my PTSD exam Tucson… the Dr. was sensitive and empathetic( 2/2009)…… last exam 9/2009….the woman DR. was rude disrespectful and insensitive to my claim of Polyneurapathy…Migraines. mobility issues Tucson…………it is hard to understand the disparity in treatment at these exams….but is a reality that DOES EXIST for VETERANS…..


    • dave

      you should have reported her to the management, if you let yourself be abused then it’s your fault.most employees are very nice,i was 15 min late one time for a ultrasound appointment and the tech told me i would have to reschedule, her boss asked me what she said, i told her and she chewed that lady’s axx out, i was treated special after that.

  • Essie

    Try waiting from 2002 up until 2013 for MST/PTSD that is just some of my problems /I need a lot of help.

  • jerry baldridge

    i received a decision for 80% disability in May 2012. An AEW was sent to DFAS and returned to vA on 17 May 2012. I had other issues to be settled and they waited on this (so they say) to complete my claim and pay my retro pay. After the other issues were complete another AEW sent to DFAS and the back to VA in OCT. I have monitored the EBenefits site and saw nothing about an open claim until just a couple days ago 20 Mar 2013. I received a phone call from VA stating that she would be this in to be expidited for payment. This showed a CDRP/CRSC claim under review. Is this their way of identifying the type of claim or what. I hasve received my CDRP payment from DFAS already and am just curious on my retro pay from May 2011 till May 2012. I guess the real question is what type of claim is it and when does the clock start ticking (since they work claims in the order received ) and they sat on it for almost a year and never updated my status on Ebenefits after numerous calls and inquiries If there is anyone out there that can help me understand this puzzle palace thanks in advance

  • Jose A Herrera

    I am Jose A Herrera, served in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War. Was Honorably discharged as a Sgt. the 22nd of October 1953 when it was granted a compensation and a pension for a very Post Traumatic Stress Disorde which has inflicted serious problems throughout my adult life. Please let me know what the status of this claim : Appeal Id: 18018676C Send reply through e-mail to
    “” Thank you !

  • Hope

    I filed for a claim when I got out in 1991. San diego lost my file so I just gave after waiting 4 years. Moved to texas and decided to file again in 2008. I receive letters stating they are processing the claim. The last letter I received in October 2012 and now nothing. Today a received a letter saying they are transferring my appointments to a clinic they are opening in Katy Texas because its near my house. The clinic opens on 04-22-2013. The last time I went to VA hospital they told me I have to pay for my services because I am making too much money and since my case is pending they can not determine if I can get free service. I have not been to the VA hosp since. I use my private Insurance and if I can not afford the copay I just do not get treatment. My claim has been pending since 2008. I guess they figure if I can wait this long what is another 3 years.

    • Don

      Dont give up. You have to call with your file number and make sure they have your claim. Then go to your nearest DAV or if your state has them, a vets service office. They can see where youre claim is. Then write your senator. Not your congressman, your senator. Important you include your claim number when you do. The senator cannot fix your claim, but, if you senator starts asking questions, your file starts getting attention. Mine took 14 months, got rated 40% all service connected.

      • Gina

        Get an attorney and leave it to them. That’s their business to know the VA laws. Then you will get something going.

  • rich

    I have 100%iu p/t no c/p .I am 64 years old I just got it jan. 2012 am I some what safe because of my age safe rich u.s. m. c.

  • rich

    rich did anyone ever hear that when youbecome 65 you are house bound 100% iu. p/t. no c/p.they writing about it

  • rich

    rich if a v.a. dr,says you are getting a bit better you are 100% iu. p/t no c/p. will the v. a. rexcames you or lower you

  • Jenn T

    try 1260 days….

    • Gina

      Get an attorney, it doesn’t cost you a dime if he doesn’t win.

  • phillip flatt

    How do I get a copy of Les for Jan and Dec of 1967

  • Dave

    well, i won round 2 now i’m at more round i hope.took a year this to apply for 100% unemployabilty.i wish all my fellow veterans the very best and thank all of you for your service.

    • Gina

      What are your medical problems and how long have you waited for each round. Thanks

      • dave

        I have ischemic heart disease, type 2 diabetes, neuropathy in my feet
        and I am deaf in one ear. first claim took 10 months, got 70%. filed a letter of disagreement because they didn’t consider the neuropathy, that took about 4 months. got another 20% for that.

  • Mary Burgess

    My husband is 100% Service Connected Disability with PTSD. If he passed before me will I be eligible to receive a Widows Pension?

    • Gina

      Only Unemployability gets 100%, that’s what I was told.

  • Corey P. Noeldner

    I’ve called once or twice a week from January tip now, I have requested to speak to the person handling my claim to get status report from that person. Each person I have spoken or operator I have received a different response. Get this none of them have had the respect to tell the truth of their failure to meet Congress’ mandate. So why are they trying to cover that up? Why do they keep denying me access to the person working my claim? for the last 15 active duty years when I was working on Soldier issues my door was always open to them if the wanted an update good, bad, or ugly. they tell us thank you for our service but fail on their inability to complete their mission the Soldiers who have served.

  • George J. Roessner

    I am a disabled veteran at 70% with PTSD. I have filed for an increase to !00% sighting unemployability as the reason. The request was denied stating that I did not submit supporting documentation. I received request for information, I didn’t know how to start filing out the paperwork; I need some help with forms. When I originally filed, The VA Doctor said He wanted to give me a 100% based on my claim, but he said he couldn’t` because I was working at that time. The woman who was running my case came with me to the VA hospital and did a lot of my paperwork, she stated in her report on me to the VA, that I was the worst case she had ever seen in her ten years of service, many of those years, were in Vietnam itself. If anybody can help please contact me.
    Thank You,
    George J Roessner

    • Gina

      Get an attorney, it’s that simple.

  • mike

    Contentions: back strain added secondary (New), back strain (New), hernia (New), Kidney, stones (New) what does this mean?..You have one or more service-connected disabilities: Yes Include the information in this row Your combined service-connected evaluation is: 10% Include the information in this row and the one below it Your current monthly award amount is: $130.94 The effective date of the last change to your current award was: December 01, 2013i don’t get this i did not have a claim in till aug 2013 i’m still at GATHERING OF EVIDENCE after i was on pending decision approval 2 times now then back to GATHERING OF EVIDENCE i put in for Contentions: back strain added secondary (New), back strain (New), hernia (New), Kidney, stones (New)is this just for 1 or all how can they only give 10% for all anyone help please