Military Pay Held Hostage

UPDATE: Military Pay Released Unharmed – The shutdown was averted – at least temporarily – but military servicemembers should have never had to fear for their pay. Read more.

For weeks the DoD has been saying that military pay will likely be put on hold if the federal government shuts down. This seems odd to many of us since military pay has been exempt from government shutdowns over the past 30 years, including the big 21-day shutdown of 1995-1996. So why would they be willing to stop military pay this time?

Today the White House confirmed their intent to stop military pay if the budget impasse is not settled by April 8. So again, one has to ask, why are they so willing to dangle that threat, especially while our troops are in combat. It seems the best answer is the simplest answer – the administration is holding military pay hostage in an attempt to force congress to pass the FY 2011 budget.

What other reason would the Secretary of Defense have for hanging his own people out to dry? Why else would the Commander-in-Chief be willing to cause panic among the servicemembers and their families during time of war?

Call it political gamesmanship or hostage taking, either way the outcome of playing chicken with military pay is the same – panic – as servicemembers and their families fret over the prospect of not being able to pay their bills.

Turning the budget impasse into a hostage negotiation may work to break the stalemate, but the long term collateral damage will not be pretty. The mistrust and anger toward the DoD and White House for willingly putting military pay on the table will likely cost the leadership in political capitol.

Earlier this week, Rep. Gohmert (R-TX) introduced the Ensuring Pay for Our Military Act (H.R. 1297) which would protect military pay from the impact of the budget battle. The bill has bipartisan support and 160 co-sponsors. It appears that this bill may be the only way Congress can save military pay.

Enough is enough. It is time to contact your elected officials and tell them to either pass the 2011 budget or pass HR 1297.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Shannon

    Our military men and women should not have to suffer because the goverment decides to shut down. They need and deserve to be paid. Without their pay they will not be able to buy food, buy supplies that they need, they won’t be able to pay their bills. And what about the men and women who are married, and that is their only source of income, how are they supposed to sort their families. It is not like they can just go out and get another job. This should not happen, at all!!! They deserve their pay, they are serving and protecting our country and that includes the US Government. I am sure you (the government) is still getting PAID. Pay our troops!!!!!!

    • Elziabeth Powell

      Thank you for your on-going support of Military Men and Women and their families. I for one am married to an Army Soldier and I also work full-time, But what I make does not make up for what his pay does. If this shutdown happens, we will be screwed. My pay alone will not pay our bills and stay afloat. He is servingin Iraq at this time and I depend on that extra income to help supplement anything that comes our way.

    • Shannen

      Thanks so much for this!!!! as a navy wife with a son, and just one income. We are wondering if the military doesn’t get paid who will pay our bills? This is going to affect a lot of people. This is getting nerve wrecking and this isn’t fair to our military. They should get paid and it isn’t right to use the military in a political game like this. This just angers me. Sure hope that these companies would understand. Thanks to all that serve and hope that do get paid (military).

    • jess

      THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT…If they stop paying military ,how will survive we have only one income in this house and thats my husband pay ,its hard to find a job I applied to many jobs but still nothing. we have bills to pay,we have kids to feed…We dont know what to do if they dont pay military.this is depressing…. if they want to stop paying military the congress should stop their pay too,lets see if htey know how it feels…

      • Mike

        Hey! That sound like a song! “We have bills to pa-ay.”

      • matty

        Jess, unfortunately I don’t see that happening and that is a shame because they are there to help us, instead they are only thinking about themselves. With this budget cut did congress set steps for a relief plan…such as contacting our debtors so that we can be exempt from paying them..

    • CAthy

      If you don’t want to pay them let them come home and give up the war

    • Alice

      at least military would get back pay. A lot of other federal govt employees (not congress, of course!) will probably not even receive back pay, so they will have who knows how many days/weeks of NO income.

    • Matilde

      Shannon, I complelety agree, this is a direct insult to all of us who serve. So now that this has happened what type of steps are their in place to assit us witho our bills, food, and so forth. As you stated there are many of us who depend only on our 1 pay. Can you imagine the PVT who only earns $900 every two weeks? This action will cut his pay in half and heaven forbid that he has children…Somehting must be done about this. This is an outrage, I bet that congress got paid and that they do not have to suffer like we do..

  • ashley

    thank you for that!!! as a marine wife with a daughter and one source of income iwas able to go to school ful time, with out pay i wondering if our loan companies will understannd> our insurance , car company, our landlord? what about food for my daughter diapers and so forth…..if they wanted to create a wide spread panic they have certainly achieved that!

    • Michelle Donahue

      I’m in school full time myself and they are not only threatening my husbands pay but also my pell grants for tuition. I may not be able to finish school and what do I tell the loan companies when my payments, which will go to the US Dept of Education, become due?

      • brittany

        Ashley your landlord can not evict you. Military is protected by the Soldier and Sailors Civil Relief Act when it comes to leasing off base. As for everything else, we are screwed.

        • William

          Brittany, you are wrong. Why don’t you as well as others check your facts first. Just try it, one time, Google the SSCRA and stop flooding the world with whatever sounds good to you based on something your heard.

    • Natalie

      Yea but we can incur fees. there was two times i was late to pay the rent. the landlord let me slide. He said if he didnt, i would of had to pay $1200 plus a $300 fee because i was 24 hours late. I do not want to incur any fees with my credit card companies, car payment, car insurance, renters insurance, internet, home phone, or cell. this is ridiculous.

  • brooke

    All service members deserve their pay.What about those who are married and have children? How do you propose we make a living,pay our bills on time and keep our homes and all necessities? It makes no sense to not pay the ones who service our country they work and sacrifice EVERYTHING for this country and now you dont want to pay them?! That could be the only source of income and if you take it away they will loose alot in the process.If you keep their pay its just going to cause this country to be in debt in the long run because if you figure by just paying them their back pay thats way more money to pay then just continuing to pay them on time.It isnt their fault the government is shutting down and it definitely was not their choice!This is definitely a BIG mistake if this should occur!!!!!!!!!

    • Draftee

      The Republican party shut down the government back in the 1990s so, we should have learn our lesson then about voting in people who will not negotiate in good faith.

  • marine_mom69

    hey u over there playing with the service men and women protecting your asses !!!!! why dont u take a HUGE slice in your own pay all the way up to the top and stop spending the money on lavish vacation on the tax payers $$$$ take a long look in the mirror if should want any other person to sign on that dotted line!!!!!!!!!1

    • OOHRAH

      True that, i agree fully with that. They need to stop being scared little dumb******* and do something instead of taking proud service members money away from them and their families. More then 90% of them have wifes and children to support. So when they put the shutdown in affect the better be willing to take care of their families, instead of their fat money making/ stealers asses. OOHRAH

    • William

      our leaders that are responsible for this panic and any future fall out from it should be impeached/fired from their offices in government that they hold.

    • jane

      I am right there with you and as for all the way to the top, President too.
      Who do they think is over there protecting them so they can take the big vacations and sit on their behinds making decisions about our money

  • marine_mom69

    better yet why dont you send your own children to protect your own a***** with no pay

  • armywife1378

    This is comlete BS my husband is active duty and works hard foe the LITTle bit of money he makes instead of freezing pay for military why dont some of the BOZOs in cogress and the senate give their pay to military let them struggle from paycheck to paycheck for once!!!

    • pittwin

      According to Linda Sanchez -D CA, she does struggle pay check to pay check on 170,000 a year. She is not willing to give up her pay, she says.



  • missy

    All I can say as a proud Airmen Spouse, they- meaning(Congress) better be ready for a whole lot of explaining with printed DOD official letterheads in route to the family members and their lenders (banks) explaining why certain bills are not being paid over this period of action. Oh wait, will there be funds for this? or will we have to use our own ink and paper to do their dirty work-

    • U.S ranger Manuel

      so i wonder what happens to the people that or going into the military? if this shut down happen are they not going to get paid?

  • angie

    What I want to know is the government say that the military will still have to report to work, how are they supposed to if you take their money away, last time I checked my husband and I don’t own a magic carpet, and at over $4 a gallon, he would be able to make it to work for two days! I don’t think they’ve thought about that little tid bit!

    • Natalie

      Nope they havent. we live 30 mins away from fort lewis. gas is almost $4 a gallon here. we have no more money in the checking acct. after all credit cards are paid, utilities, gas, etc we have like 400 left. Minus groceries and some other things we have like 200 left. its not my fault he doesnt get paid well. We live paycheck to paycheck.

  • Amber

    If the gov’t. goes through with this shutdown and they still expect military personnel such as my husband to show up for work, GOOD LUCK! We have to have money to get gas to put in the vehicles to drive to and from work, duh! And we only have his paycheck as our only source of income for our family of four (us and our 2 boys ages 2 and 5) so how in the heck do you expect us to support our famillies properly on no income for one paycheck even or however long you plan to make us broke. It’s quite selfish of all of you in the Senate and Congress to expect and want to be paid for your job when in reality you’re not risking your life and your family isn’t put stress on marriages, finances, etc. like it happens in the military and you can’t even be selfless for this difficult time and give up some of your pay or even all to make sure the military men and women who bust their butts for your freedom and lives daily. I think this is complete BS and I personally feel that no one and I mean no one in the gov’t system that is making decisions on this issue knows what they are doing or what they are talking about. Will you be there on the other end to pay my bills for me so I don’t get evicted by my landlord or so my electric doesn’t get cut, I dont think so therefore get your heads out of your rearends NOW and do something productive that has a positive effective for the PEOPLE not you for once.

    • Lisa

      Good luck with that, They will qual. him MIA and then Leavenworth will be conceivable. I know you are frustrated, as we all are, but my soldier is in combat with the thought of no support for his family. That to me is risking his life unnecesarily.

      I do feel your pain!

    • jake

      As a military member myself i don’t like it any more than you do…but when your husband raised his right hand and said he’d support and defend the Constitution of the United States he also said he’d follow the orders of the President of the officers appointed over him according to the UCMJ.

      I think it’s incredibly selfish of congress to do this but you can bet that if any of my troops didn’t show up to work because they weren’t getting paid I’d have the military police knock on their doors.

      • Amber

        Oh I didn’t mean he wouldn’t be there lol, we are not stupid to allow him to do that. I would honestly have him walk to work if it came down to it. That or carpool or something of the sort. I won’t let him go MIA and neither would he let himself end up getting discharged for that. He doesn’t want to ruin his chances for officers package he’s putting in for and all.

    • Oldsarge

      I spent 23 years in the Army, and the Government has shut down before. Military pay was never stopped, and in fact, I believe it’s written somewhere that the military will still be paid, regardless of passing a budget. They are just as if not more important than the other agencies that will remain open. After all, Homeland Security won’t be shut down. Believe it if it happens, but I don’t think it will. In fact, they will pass a special package to continue military pay. Sometimes I’m embarassed to be an American.

  • My husband just left for deployment exactly a week ago today. Before he left we spent alot of our savings getting the stuff he would need for his trip, which left 3 months early and he still does not know when he will be home other than Jan/Feb. If they don’t want to pay him at least send him home!!! I would rather have him home with his family then in the middle of the sea working for nothing. I am a stay at home mom and I thank the military for that but when it comes to not getting paid and only having one paycheck it really is scary. We have nothing to fall back on and most of the men and woman that deploy are just coming into the military and aren’t making much as is but they still rely on it. I hope this gets resolved by midnight tomorrow because I really don’t want to wait and see how long this shutdown is going to last. I think Congress and the President should be included in the Shutdown and then maybe they would know how it felt to screwed by “our” government.

    • pissed off

      it does not work , those congress man and the president are rich pople, even they do not get paid, they still do not have to worry about their bills. I donot think any of them knows what is like to live pay check by pay check !!! stop doing what they want you to do, our man and woman should stop listen their orders ….

    • Oldsarge

      Don’t fret about it too much. If the military is better than the military I retired from almost 30 years ago, families will be taken care of. However, I do not think military pay will be stopped. It if does, there will be hell to pay and a lot of representatives sent home after the next election, Obama along with them. They are there to give us what WE want, not what THEY want. Sometimes they forget who they work for. Idiots.

  • Soldierforonemoreday

    You should have a 3-6 month emergency fund even if you are in the military – Thanks, Dave Ramsey. You’re there even when our own government isn’t.

    • lindsay Guilfoil

      hahaha well hey, there’s an idea…But guess how long it takes to accumulate a 3-6 month emergency fund on a soldier’s income? During this economy? Paying top dollar for food and gas? I wish that were ever feasible but unfortunately fr many Americans it’s impossible in this day and age.

    • guest

      Hello we are still in a recession. You are lucky if you have a job so 3-6 months emergency fund is for the rich and Obama. ask him how many family vacations he has been on!

      • Sean42

        Are you f- ing serious?!!! Do not mention “rich and Obama” in the same sentence. Repubs and their proposed cuts to programs that a lot of the poor need and those tax cuts for the millionaires. You, my friend got it twisted.

        • Electric Jack

          Dear Sean: If the WH nitwit was serious instead of useing the Military for his personal purposes why did he take 125 separate deductions on his millions….The truth hurts Limousine Liberals….does it not hurt you?

          • Draftee

            You had corporations and rich people paying little or no taxes at all yet they still complain about being in the poor house. You conservatives don’t like it when the truth hurt you.

    • Guest

      We live paycheck to paycheck…I can’t have anything of 3-6 months saved up!!!
      They have taken our Cola,Lowered our BAH..but my cost of living didn’t go down!

      • Brett

        are you married? does your spouse have a job?

        • Soldierforonemoreday

          @All above – Actually, I’m an E-5, with a wife (housewife) and two kids. We paid off over $40,000 in debt in 17 months, and I have $10,000 in the bank for those rainy days. Debt is dumb, cash is king! Act your wage, SAVE your money, and pay CASH. Live like no one else, so later you can live like no one else! It can be done. My family has been debt free for over a year now. It’s the best thing we ever did!

          • J M

            $40,000 (over) in 17 months, that is $2,300 a month, how did you do it? Do you have SRB, or COLA? It just amaze me you can you pay $2,300 a month and the E5 (max pay) is about $2900.

          • Soldierforonemoreday

            A 6 month deployment to Colombia helped…per diem was $102 a day…$3000 a month. Then a trip back to Afghanistan for another six.

          • Soldierforonemoreday

            Oh yes, and lots of beans and rice :D

    • ASoldier’sWife

      You should stop and think before you speak. Try saving on military salary!! People like you think we make a fortune but we make way less than people think and on top of that the economy sucks right now. We are suffering just like everyone else!!

      • Brett

        “We”? Your husband earns that salary. Do you have a job?

        • An officer’s wife

          It seems to me like you just want to pick a fight, but I have to bite. When you walk a mile (I bet you couldn’t make it a block) in the shoes of a soldier’s wife, then you can criticize. Unless you’ve been there, you will never understand the sacrifices of the families of soldiers. Maybe she had a career, but gave that up to raise her family and follow her husband around the country. She has earned that salary plus some. The young wives of soldiers are heroes. Do you realize that on average a young enlisted soldier makes about $18,000 – $22,000 a year. This is the guy fighting in Afghanistan while you criticize his wife.

        • Allison

          That is a wonderful thing to say well this she has been on active duty for 16 years.

        • DCDL04

          THANK YOU! People sit up and complain about not making enough on military salary…


      • Soldierforonemoreday

        See post above – I’m a E-5 and you’d be suprised how much money you had if you didn’t have any debt…

        • Kris

          We paid off our debt in a little over a year using Dave Ramsey..We are on E4 pay..It takes a lot of budgeting and not spending every little thing you have to do it but it can be done..Now we have a little over 5grand saved and I am not the least bit worried about this shutdown..We are the seeds of Abraham and every where we go we get blessed!!! You just have to have faith and believe!

          • Kris

            And might I just add..They tell you to base your bills off your base pay cuz that is one thing that is ifinite..Your BAH and COLA change from each duty station..And when the service member deploys you should take the extra 500 a month and put it in savings..We have 2 kids and there really isnt any excuse for not having a contingency plan..Hate on my posts all you want..But the truth hurts..This is why people have nest eggs..for emergencies

          • Soldierforonemoreday

            Awesome! Keep it up!

    • MilitaryWife

      I wish we had a savings plan but unfortunately we don’t. Everyones circumstance’s are different. My husband is active duty and we have 4 kids. It’s easier said then done. Great for you and your wife but were not all the same. We live paycheck to paycheck and we don’t use credit cards. Narrow minded people can’t see the bigger picture and understand that everyone has their own story. I could go in great detail why were in this position but it’s none of your business. The bottom line is that no one should have to work without getting paid on time.

    • Mary Stevens

      Should is the key word. When you have a family that lives paycheck to paycheck where do you think that 3-6 months emergency fund will come from. Which child do you not want them to feed or cloth. Which bill do you not want them to pay. I don’t know where everyone gets the idea that military personnel are paid as well as their civilian counterparts. Wake up and smell the roses America. Pay attention everyone, when its time to vote again get rid of those in congress that suggested or even had a part in mentioning “shutdown of military/retired pay.


  • Gina

    I’m a Marine wife and mother or two toddlers. My husband is scheduled to deploy in a few weeks and the last thing he needs to worry about right now is whether or not we can stay afloat without him here. And with the ecomomy at a super low its not like I can go get a job and start earning income enought to cover daycare, bills, and food….no ones hiring!
    Funny…this is the largest hostage situation I have ever seen…and its those elected to protect us who are now screwing us.

  • Daina

    It’s going to take America to put them in their places and to let them know we are not going to stand for this non sense Bs. My husband is currently serving in Afghanistan and sacrificing everything for our country. This is the way our government shows their appreciation by telling your troops they will not get paid? Bet that money means nothing when it comes down to protecting their families and ensuring their safety in the United States Of America! Hey Congress, How about you guys go fight the war? Why not? You are guaranteed a fine meal 3 times a day, free place to sleep, and you only have to work 7 days a week for 12-15 hours. Oh and the fireworks come as a free accommodation for Ur hard work! U have ur choice of which War u want to fight in as well. Hmmmm not so appealing? I cant see why not….. Get it together and stop making people suffer.

  • Leti

    Ok Kevin have u seen the price of daycare now a days its cheaper for us wives to stay home and babysit our own children than to work and only have enough money to pay the babysitter or daycare. And when you say that we only sit at home all day your wrong taking care of young children doesnt allow us mothers to sit on our couches all day!!!!!

    • USMCwife

      Oh Kevin, you douche. I am a military wife (USMC) who holds 2 Masters Degrees and am 9 hours away from my Doctorate. Not all military wives are baby-making machines who sit in the house and watch soap operas while spending all $10 of their Cpl’s paycheck. Some of us are concerned about military families because it IS hard for people, especially those of us stationed overseas, to think of being able to continue on business as usual without our spouse’s paycheck. I have the acute sense to see you are just a troll, but Jesus. Have some compassion asshole.

  • Amber

    I have had a job before but due to high cost of daycare with lack of proper care for my kids that attended that daycare which was the only one in the district of my sons school that he could get to and from school with I had to quit my job in order to save money instead of paying over a thousand dollars for daycare for two kids a month, which I think is rediculous and prevents people who want to work from working. I absolutely love to work but can not work due to daycare cost. I even tried working a night shift for my own mother who is flexible due to my husband not getting off til 5pm everyday and even her bosses said they couldn’t let her allow me to come in late for shift or schedule me a special shift just because of my husband’s work schedule so I had to quit there too. Some spouses can not work for specific reasons. Please do not bash on spouses who sit at home all, not all of us do so by choice.

  • KOS

    It P****S me off that these idiots decide to not only give our military the lowest pay raise in 40 some odd yrs while they collect their 4.5% raise and now they want to not pay us for our service, wow great way to show your appreciation for us giving our lives to protect your sorry A$$es so you can sit in an A/C office with your thumb up your a## and decide that we are not going to get paid, really?? how about from this point forward we flip that switch and instead of them getting the big pay raises they give it to us instead, we are the ones who are suffering getting hurt, killed etc not them what makes them more entitled to recieve higher raises than us? just because some them have a college degree BUMP that why dont they take their college degrees and grab a rifle and stand post and see who lasts longer them or us.

  • MilitaryWife

    Better believe Obama and Congress still get paid!!!
    Obama doesn’t even have to pay for the toilet paper to wipe his own arse, but military pay is in question. It’s sad that those fighting for this country have to worry about this. I think we should dock their pay and give it to the military!!!

    • Deployed Army Wife

      Next time Obama and Air Force One go somewhere, check to see how much we are spending on that. Did you know that 2 Air Force ones go at the same time? One that he rides on and one for back up. What a wast of $$$$

    • Michelle Donahue

      Not to mention they are paid BETTER than the military for sitting on their asses and acting like children while they play with our livelihoods! I say take away 3/4 their pay and throw them on the battlefield all the while threatening their paychecks. These politicians make me sick!

    • DCDL04

      NO PRESIDENT, not just OBAMA, has to pay for anything… refocus your hate!

    • Alyssa

      You are so right. It is not the big shots that will get hit, but the people they think of as slaves. Our troops are in danger of not just harm and death, but of emotional and financial problems. What in the world caused these big shots to think they shant help anyone but themselves?

  • Katherine

    I understand where you’re coming from, but even so, having two incomes in a crappy economy isn’t much better than just having the one. My husband is active duty, and I work nights so I won’t have to put my child in day care. And still, with gas, bills, necessities, etc., we still don’t make enough together to “survive” this. And the spouses who “sit at home all day” aren’t just painting their nails and lounging around. Most of the responses I’ve read have been by stay at home moms. This means that they take care of children all day, cook, clean, run errands, make sure the bills get pain, buy groceries, and take care of whatever else needs to be done. They don’t just sit on their butts. They do work, just not for pay. You would have to pay a nanny, a maid, a personal assistant, and a laundromat to do everything that these spouses do.So really, we save our spouses money.

  • Guest

    If I get a job are you going to pay for the child care for 2 kids and the gas to get me back and forth? NO…didn’t think so!
    A job couldn’t pay me enough to support my children in daycare and pay for the gas at $4.00 a gallon to get back and forth.
    I also don’t want someone else to raise my children, if I am able to stay at home then that is what I will do.

  • bug

    If you voted to put the republicans into the majority, then you voted in favor of the shutdown. They told you right from the start … well before the election… they were going to shut down the government

    • beck

      are you freaking kidding me bug, republicans have been the biggest military supporters in history. get you shit straight before talking out your ass.

      • dell

        incorrect- the republicans have been “defense” supporters. they support paying companies like haliburton- not paying enlisted men and women with bills to pay… so you should get your facts straight…

  • Guest

    They said Retired pay should not be affected and will still go out!

  • tdhowell


    • Mike

      Two Yeses!!

  • michelle

    YOur a ass…. just saying… we dont work becuase we cant afford day care….

  • Michelle Donahue

    First of all Kevin, many spouses are out of work bc the servicemember’s transfer to another state/country causes them to leave a good job and find themselves unemployed due to a shiteous job market. I happened to have a GREAT job prior to transfer season, another sacrifice we spouses have to make due to our husbands or wives service to this country. My husband was transferred to Hawaii and there are NO jobs for mainlanders, especially military spouses, as local businesses prefer to hire locals. Second, many military families consist of CHILDREN and you may or may not be aware of HOW MUCH it costs for one kid, let alone 3 or 4. Again, here in Hawaii, no daycare and 1 year waiting list for on base care at CDCs. SO no child care, no work.

  • guest

    Hey I’m a military spouse and I work full time , but there is still no way we will be able to afford everything even on just my salary…

  • Michelle Donahue


  • Greg

    You’re an idiot troll. The repubs just passed a another stopgap which is going to be shotdown by the Senate (controlled by Dims) and vetoed by a Dim Prez. The Dims (as in dimwitted) had the opportunity to pass a budget when they controlled all three house, senate, and exec. So the Dims are really the ones to blame for this whole mess. BTW how is the whole higher food and gas prices working out for someone that supposedly supports the party of the common man….Yeah, Right!

    • Mike

      No, it’s the stupid American people that keep putting the “repubs” back in office that is to blame. When will they ever learn? I believe people too often forget too easily.

    • tony

      Greg, Bug is not an idiot troll…Your are just misinformed. I am an economics major and a 28 year retired Military Veteran. The one person who caused this dilemma was former President Bush. There is a lot that the ordinary citizen does not know or can comprehend when we get into this type of situation. I firmly believe that if McCain had won the election of 2008, that would have been the demise of the Republican Party in 2012. Granted, spending can not keep going, and we need to bring our troops home, but the Republicans set the standard prior to Obama taking office by ordering high on the menu and leaving the Obama administration holding the bag! The stimulus money was to be used to do just that..Stimulate the economy. What did the Republicans do..Place your funds into 5% bonds or funded the larger banks to buy the smaller banks and form “Mission Capital” to sell the toxic assets off from those smaller institutions. Sad…The Republicans will get richer while the Military and retirees get poorer. There will be a division in the rich and Democrats will be the poorer for putting up with this non-sense. We need to tax the Rich, in other words the Republicans to get this budget crisis over…Else, two years from now we will be in the same situation..Not just MInnesota, but the entire Country! God bless us!! May god have mercy on your soul for your way of thinking..

  • Angela

    Maybe if your mom was home to raise you, you would have some respect and intelligences.

  • Tevera

    I just left a message for Congressman Norm Dicks in Bremerton, WA. Our area will be hard hit if this happens. I would estimate about 100,000 people in Kitsap County that are directly related to the government.

    • Kate

      We are in Kitsap county and my husband is currently deployed. I have been upset to find out our BAH was lowered as soon as Obama came into office and then this year it did not go up a single penny. We have been waiting to move into housing for over a year and have to pay over $150 out of pocket a month to live in a crappy apartment because of the BAh being lowered. The pay raise blew and now this? All of my neighbors are affected as they are either military or civilians who are being put on Furlough. I am definitely not voting for Obama in the future (not that he received my initial vote)

  • Jfattel

    wow, you seem to think it is so eaay to go out and get a job. If you were in out shoes ( stay at home moms) it is not like we don’t want to, we do have a job, our familys and we don’t get paid for that anyway. If you think we should have a job, then hire me…. thenyou can pay me….. by the way, who are you to tell us we need a job!!!!! Keep your opions about us say at moms to your self, until you have done out JOB for a day!!!!.

  • bug

    Sorry guys, I was wrong (and selfish) for making that insensitive remark. It didn’t belong here in this thread.
    I totally missed the mark, the real issue is the worry and frustration the military families are feeling. I hope and pray there is no shutdown and if there is … I hope they don’t suspend pay, there no call for that, they never did it before and there’s no reason to do it now.

  • shelby

    Just to put it lightly I can’t afford to pay daycare for two preschoolers and me being 8 months pregnant with my third in this economy I cannot get a job with enough stability or that would pay enough. Maybe your mom went to work after you were in school that is more plausible because for just two kids part time I am paying over a grand a month

  • Katelyn

    I do work full time, as well as go to school full time and do the majority of the cooking and cleaning. But if my husband, who is also active duty, were to not get paid we would not have enough money to pay our bills and it’s only me and him. I don’t have to worry about daycare, diapers, or being able to buy food for my children. So how DARE you say “what’s up with all the spouses complaining about not being able to support your family when you don’t work?” Did you think before you wrote that comment that a military family with young kids usually saves more if there is a stay at home parent because the price of daycare is so high?

  • Saundra Hopp

    Hold hostage military pay? The only ones brave enough to fight for our country. Hold senate pay..that would help. Send them there to fight for free. They would not do it. Not safe.. How do you turn on Ur own military and there families. CUT YOUR PAY, YOUR LIFE IS NOT ON THE LINE. Get what u are worth, the minimum wage you set. Leave our military alone. What a sad answer you come up with.

    • will

      the reason they are attacking military pay is because soldiers cannot walk off the job, they have to be there regardless, in most jobs its no pay no work, soldiers do not have the choice to walk off, my wife is with the 503rd mp bn (army) and even b4 the official shutdown, they have cut thier next checks due on the 15th, all u military out there, check ur leave and earnings statements,( les), hold strong and god bless

      • Electric Jack

        The President is the only person to blame you and I have to pay our bills but Barry Soeto thinks the Military does not need anything we are volunteers did you forget he stated in the past They volunteered why dowe need to give them medical treatment…..How quickly we all forget but this is 1 guy who does not forget

  • Alex

    For all of you insensitive scumbags,

    You fail to realize and understand that when we military wives/husbands said our “I do’s”, we took an oath as well. To stand by our men, to make the sacrifice of letting our loved ones hop on a plane and leave us to fight. So, yes, the “we” in we won’t get paid is necessary! I don’t know how you were raised but my husband and I share everything. Not everything is his, not everything is mine.. It is OURS! Not to mention, I’m not going to apply for a new job every 6months to a year because the Army decides it needs us somewhere else.

    My husband makes 1400 a month to protect his country, that’s a shame.
    The sad part to all of this, is that my husband will still continue to go into work even of the shutdown occurs. Why? My husband loves his country. & for some messed up reason, he’s willing to spend our last dime on gas just so we can all sleep safe at night.

    Shame, shame, shame on you!!!!

    • DCDL04

      Its not matter of being insensitive… its a matter of facing reality. My is an E6 with 10 years service. I knew the military didnt pay squat when I got with him… so rather than complain about how little he gets paid, I made sure that I would supplement OUR income.

  • Nikki

    I’m going to assume you are single or married with no children, and your post was just ignorance. I’ve worked myself since I was in my teens, and never had a problem with it. However, my husband is active duty and we are expecting our first child. While I’m still working, I will not be once the baby is born. After looking into our combined pay, bills, and the additional money we would have to spend on childcare, we realized that we would be losing money if I continued working after the baby.
    It is not laziness, and spouses who don’t work are not ‘sitting home all day’. Often they are taking care of children because they could not afford or could not find quality childcare. Also, plenty of people had to give up good jobs to move when their active duty spouse was transferred.
    Shame on you for attempting to downplay the sacrifices of a military spouse and portraying all those who have put their careers on hold to care for their children and support their wives or husbands military career as lazy. I really hope that you are single, because if not the lack of appreciation you must show your own spouse is pathetic.

  • Lisa

    OK Kevin,

    Here are the hard facts. Most of us spouses do work and unfortunately still must live check to check. My husband is deployed with the National Guard, I work full time, have 3 children, two of the 3 have disabilities, go to college full time, run my household, and still have extra curricular activities for the boys. I am hopeful that you see the percentage of enlisted spouses who dont have to work are a small portion to those who break our necks everyday, only to spend a few meager moments on the internet with our spouses a whole world away.

    I would request that all who read my post get on and post a letter to your congressman, Obama and whomever else it sends it to. Only through joint support may we actually be heard. One voice is a quiet whisper, while many are a roaring lion!

  • AFwife

    For anyone to sit and downplay the sacrifice a military spouse makes is pure ignorant. First of all, I am a military spouse and have given up 3 good careers because the AF makes us move. I have 3 college degrees and may work on another now that my children are older. Staying home DOES NOT mean we are sitting on our arss’s eating bonbons and watching soap operas. We are taking care of children, our homes and handling everyday life. Our spouse is busy defending YOU!!! Even when they are not deployed, which mine has 3 times, they are gone 12 hours a day. How do you suggest the family be taken care of when there is noone home to take care of our children when they get out of school at 3. Use some common sense here!! Our world is turned upside down on so many occasions, and here is another circumstance that could be avoided. Congress needs to get the stick out of their a$$ and resolve this issue so we do not suffer!!!

  • nowledgei5p0wer

    I got out after my first enlistment because I saw this coming back in 2008. Pensions, social security, medicare…etc, are all being funded by worthless pieces of paper. The great party the U.S. had in the 20th century is over and it is time to pay the bills. Maybe now you people will keep an eye on those you elect to public office. Public officials work for THOSE they represent, so quit rambling on like I’m doing right now and express your views. Shame on you who have never been politically involved! This Country is a REPUBLIC run by its citizens, so start running it. YES WE CAN…..MAKE TIME!!!!

  • marychelly dunn

    i am a military wife my husband been deployed for the third time, it is not easy for me i had a good job while he was here he helped me in the afternoon to take care my daughter since then he left and is hard to find someone that you could trust to take care my daughter and the two boys it was very expensive with daycare with three of them and my paycheck was going there. I am going to pray for this becuase we do not desrve this.

  • Kevin

    No wonder no woman wants you !!! Kevin, you are a ASS*** !

  • HaveYouServed?

    Kevin, I guess I am the only FEMALE ACTIVE DUTY person on here, and I am in agreement with you. Many civilian women look for active duty men, so that they can latch on to them for all their benefits. I wish that there were more training given to the young recruits regarding this. Do you notice how many of them are going to school? Who do you think is paying for this? Convenient. And after 10 years, it’s in the bag. If you don’t know what I mean, please do your research.
    This comment will probably be taken off & will receive quite a few replies from angry wives… but only because it is the truth for the majority of the civilian women out there. God Bless the ones who truly care for their men and are working hard.

    • wife

      So since we are sterotyping ur a young female soldier so ur one of those “queen for a year” types I’m assuming praying on other womens men and prostituting yourself while abroad. Only joining because in an enviroment filled with mostly men u tend to look attractive while in the real world u look like a dog but the ********** men seem to drool over you. The company ********? Hmmmmm more assumptions and opinion sharing?

  • Laura Munday

    I would like to know why this is changed from past years. The government budget policy was that ” Military Readiness” was high priority regarding funds for the Operating & Maintenance funds by appropriations. It was also classified as a “continuing appropriaton” or something like that each year when congress delayed renewal. Does this include civilian and military retired pay, and payments that are granted for long term contracts? Where is this going? Guess we don’t get to choose from tax money we pay every year for what purpose it goes to, and what the priorities are??…Maybe the Military should go on strike!! I always thought that USA law would protect anyone for being made to work without pay….Is that not the same as being a slave??

  • Monica Riveres

    We should all just come together and hold SENATE PAY lets get together for news conference or we can just all send for our family members to go awol and really BRING OUR SOLDIERS HOME

  • SFC

    We are a two time loser if the budget does not get passed. First I am am in a Community Based Warrior Transition unit and most of my Doctors are a base 120 miles away. With gas at over $4 a gallon, automatically Dr appointments ain’t going to happen. Thank god now that I got injured cause I could not imagine still being overseas and not getting payed. Can you say “F” that. Plus my wife works securing the border of California and Mexico, which she has also been told be prepared to not receive a check. So even if you haave to incomes coming in it sucks to know both are not getting payed. And the Commander and Chief is talking about running for re-election, yeah right. Anarchy!!!

  • j ragen

    I flew two tours in se asia in helicopters and now at 64 and 100% disabled as a result my only income is ss and da what happens now

  • Ray

    I guess this answers the question, Will Obama have the military vote in ’12?
    I don’t think so…..
    Plus, I was always under the impression that if the govt failed to pay the troops as per their contrct, that the obligation to serve was null and void.
    A breech of contract on the govt’s side

    • Navy Wife

      I am not voting for Obama he has hurt the military since he came into office with his BAH cuts, and installation cuts and now this., The military contract (on the back says we have to work with out pay and we can be extended at any time even if we are done with our contract). It is on every enlistment form on the back page in tiny tiny writing.
      But you get a thumbs up as I will rally everyone to get Obama out of office as he is the pone who keeps vetoing the bill to have our pay allowed until Sept 30th and he publicly stated he refuses to sign it as it is only a bandaide on the real issue

  • captainswife4kids


  • cbrnd5711

    Something that i havent seen anyone begin to think about is the number of service memebers who will defect if this happens…if we arent paid. So many already are looking for ways out…not everyone, but a percentage who signed the dotted line and it wasnt what they wanted…now more than ever you are giving them reason to run… I find it ridiculus. I truely hope that we are paid, because i for one can already see our countries readiness dropping and the ability to protect this nation will be at a substantial loss. I dont want this to happen, as i know most american citizens dont… but reality will strike in if our pay is withheld and unfortunately it will be too late once it happens.

    • navy wife

      In many ways it is too late even if the bill is signed today. Do you trust the government with military pay after all this? Do you like being used as a pawn? No my trust is gone even if my pay comes in at 100% on the 15th and every month after that. I really do not appreciate being told “we can not agree on our budget so we will pay you when we do what we should have done 6 months ago….”

    • rena

      cbrnd5711, defect and do what!!!!??? The economy sucks! For those that want to defect, that is fine because the military esp. the Army is drawing down on the number of soldiers in it’s ranks.

  • ECR

    THIS IS COMPLETE BS!!! The jackasses in Washington have totally screw the men and women in the military. There will be heel to pay if they do not pay their troops. I say fire all of congress and the senate and the biggest jackass of all the PRESIDENT!! He has done nothing for the country since he has taken office. How is that hope and change working out now???!!!?? F the planned parent hood program!! Pay the troops!!!! What kind of leader are you when you are living high on the hog while all of your troops are suffering!! Some Commander you are!!

  • Teri

    This country needs to defend our military and its families from any type of cut backs. We ask so much of them and than their treated like this? Enough is enough our military should not be included in the budget cuts. I don’t see any politicians having their pay held back. How do they sleep at night when they ask our military to risk so much and yet tell the military, oh by the way your not going to paid, here is an IOU.

  • I just out of the Navy, but my husband is still in. We have a one year old, how are we going to feed him when his pay gets cut? And that half pay check that he would be receving next week is a joke. It looks like I will have to pack my stuff, leave my husband, and take my child to my inlaws house.

  • DCDL04

    I don’t like this pay freeze just like everyone else… but here is something to think about….
    If you live on 1 salary, get a job! I have been a Marine wife for the past 7 years, and we have 2 salaries. We also have two children. Please remember that that term ACCOUNTABILITY! The military didn’t make us have children, we chose to have them….
    Nothing bugs me more than listening to military wives talk about what “they” (meaning them and spouse) go through… HE is earning that pay.

    • Shirley Washer

      “They also serve who stand and wait.”

    • Sissy

      I went into the military with a husband and two children, and got stationed in DC. My husband worked a full time job while I was on active duty. In order for us to have a decent neighborhood to live in where there were not 180 sex offenders living right next door or a drug deal or shooting happening outside your door you had to live in an area where the cost was a little more than what small amount they gave you for BAH. Times where still tough we didn’t have any bills other than a child care payment that was $1600 a month. Trying to live in a high cost area where you at least drive over 120 miles in a round trip to and from work in bumper to bumper traffic not to mention where I was stationed you had to pay for parking and that was $100 a week, there was no Metro that you could take there and ride for free. So don’t tell me just because you have a job and your husband has a job that everyone can be like you and not have this pay stop not hurt you. If your husband is a high up Officer then good for you an enlisted person especially ones who just joined doesn’t not make that of an officer who make 4 times more than an enlisted person in one month. I know I use to be finance for the military before I wised up and decided not to re-enlist when the time came because they were talking about shutting down the governments and hold a very respectable job making great money. Better than I will have ever made in the military.

    • rena

      THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You said it all.

    • DA76


  • This for sure is a Sad Situation. Whether the shutdown goes through or not even the thought of sacrificing the US Military is just not right! Let’s take from the fat cats in Congress who simply did not do their jobs and fix this mess a long time ago. I say, “We Go, You Go!””

  • DCDL04

    Elected officials make too much money anyway.
    Congress should get paid no more than $50,000 a year, then we would see who is there to truly work for the people, and who is simply there to get SOCIALIST wages… bc in all actuality, thats what they are!

  • danielle

    Congress men need to get their heads out their A***** and pay our military men and women. Just because you guys wanna take it away from them why dont you do it to your self and see how it feels. Do you realize they have families they have to support??? i guess not!!!! so why dont you stop threatening and stop taking away things from our military men and women that are out there on the front line and the ones who are vetrans. Just cuz you guys are in debt take it out of your own wages and quit picking on our military people. thank you and God Bless :D

  • Cpl Richards

    I’m pretty sure the government pay freeze does include lawmaker wages. That being said, they get paid about 170,000 a year. That makes it much easier to save money than the 20,000 a year the average 19-year old enlisted service member gets. They (the service member) have had less time with less money to save. They’re young, and probably just bought their first car, or maybe just got married. Many have old college loans. If they have a credit card, then it’s probably a high-interest one, due to their lack of credit history. Now they won’t be able to pay off that debt. Any budget they had just got thrown out the window.
    On top of all that, they also do one other thing that lawmakers don’t: they risk being killed defending their country.
    Depression is a big problem in the military. This won’t help at all.

  • marine infantry

    so we pay other country’s billions for nothing in return and then we cant even pay our own military that is fighting a war right now we should a least get something in return like be able to mine Afghanistan or get oil in iraq and who ever decides to stop paying our military is asking for political suicide

  • SaidNamedMarine

    I’m a military member in Afghanistan that leaves the wire daily. No offense towards anyone. But holding my pay is most definitely a breach in my contract. If I’m not going to get paid why should I leave the wire and put my life on the line. Glory and fighting for ones country is overrated. War is dirty, nasty, and unforgiving.

  • norman

    To the Democrats and the president that cannot lead. How do you think you made it this far in your life, it was because of the military making things safe for you and protecting your freedom. Now you want to cut off their pay, what a farse. For all of you , place your right hand on your left ear and your left hand on your right ear. Now pull hard, you will hear a sucking sound. That will be your head coming out of your AZZ. Man up and stop playing games.

  • Shirley Washer

    The amount of people determines the amount of opinions multiplied by 1000.
    Things are so wildly out of order and need to be set right in our country. It seems that the people in power are the most blind of all because they ARE in power because of the great wealth we actually allow them to have. Just at the local level the school boards and administrations are all out of control feeding more and more and more out of order raises year after year into their “top” people, while the teachers who are really dedicated to the kids are on the verge of starvation. Excuse me. Where is all the money? Now the government wants to hold hostage its own citizens who are at war in foreign countries. How can we go abroad to fix things if our own country is so out of order?
    Recent widowed, dependent of career Army Officer.

  • j.glenn

    Withhold Congress pay and see how quick they come to an agreement.

  • Ray

    Today the Department of Finance and Accounting Service released our pay stubs for Apr 15th.
    The reduction in pay is coming through as Debt Payment at 50% of the income.
    I had several guys in my squad here in Kuwait check their myPay and the damage is done.
    I pray and hope for those without any savings due to debt payments or the ones that have been going paycheck to paycheck but still have kids to feed.
    Being deployed and having the military as the only source of income for the household is actually a common scenario for several national guardsmen currently deployed. Unfortunately for those, they cant go into the local economy and get a job anywhere else. They are stuck in a combat zone.

    • Lets get real people

      Just to note, that is pay from the 1st to the 8th, they have until midnight tonight to strike a deal then all will be good. DFAS was being a little to proactive on this subject and should have waited for the official word.

  • fthood

    this is not the business…my husband just left for deployment dec last yr 2010…if the military is not getting paid, please bring my husband back home…this is not fare, this is really sad, cant believe this is happening in American…Lord help us….

  • futuretanker

    This is why the job of civil servant, i.e. the positions of Senators and Congressmen, need to be taken back to just that, civil servants. George Washington only served ONLY two terms for a reason, to set an example for others to follow.

    I also believe that since the government is to be “of the people, by the people, and for the people”, then it should be paid for by decisions made at the ballot box, BY THE PEOPLE!!! A referendum on pay raises for Senators, Congressmen, and even the president should be held at every election. It would sure be nice if I could vote to raise my pay every time I wanted a new car or boat, but I have to rely on my performance and the evaluations of my superiors. Well, it’s time we held the politicians to the same standard! You don’t run things the way we THE PEOPLE want them run, NO PAY RAISE!!

    The easiest way to fix this is to wake up and VOTE OUT EVERY politician that has been in office for more than two terms. Replace them with fresh minds and people of true integrity. AND have a referendum establishing term limits on the house and senate. The days of integrity and character being a “non-issue” in politics died with the exit of the Lincoln Bedroom furniture with the Clintons.

    I’m just saying…

  • Guest

    Go soldierforonemoreday! We will have paid off 120k over 18 months come July, we’ve paid off 105k so far (mostly student loans) following the Dave plan. Thanks to my income and my husbands previous deployment this shut down will not effect our family. When this talk started happening we bulked up the BEF with 3 months expenses from 1.5. It IS possible to save on a military salary, and for all of you complaining about one income..GET A JOB, we could live off of my salary or his alone once the rest of the debt load is gone in July.

    • James Conrad

      I guess it’s easy to criticize when it doesn’t effect your family huh…I guess thats what Congress is thinking too huh..nice post you insensitive idiot..

    • James chamberlin

      Good for you but what about single soldiers that don’t have other family.
      How about soldiers that have family with medical issues, it sounds like to me your nothing but an officers wife that’s been spoon fed all her life. So shut up and don’t trivialize others issues if you don’t know what they are!!

    • Martha

      That’s not the point! I am too a military spouse and I too have a job and it’s for the gov. So I should just bend over and take it. Wow it’s people like you that get us in this situations.

    • Nikky

      Our currenty duty station happens to be a location where I HAVE been searching for work for over a year and CAN NOT find a job that will make more than the cost of childcare. And YES I have a college education! So before you critisize those who are not working, there may be a reason WHY we aren’t working.

    • rachel

      I think its great that your family won’t be affected by the shutdown but it is important to remember that you are a minority, not a majority. Like you, I have a job and will have college degree on Monday but I also have bills to pay and small mouths to feed. It is hihgly insensitive to assume that those who are going to be affected by the shutdown are gold diggers or unemployed wives. If my job told me I was not gonna get paid, I wouldn’t go to work. My husband who is deployed doesn’t have that luxury and he also now gets to worry about his wife and kids from the other side of the world. More than this situation affects my family financially, there is a loyalty situation. My husband is expected to put his life on the line for what? A government who will take away his pay?

    • DBoynes

      There are many of us who do work! I have a job, but that doesn’t mean we should lose any pay for the sacrifices we make. Yes savings is possible on military pay, but it isn’t so we can use it to compensate for the politics of the government.

    • Todd

      I am an Officer and have over 6 deployments under my belt in less than 9 years. This issue about the budget is disgusting that these jokers can not do the most basic part of their job. By the way GUEST, have the guts to put your name on your post. I also have enough money set aside to get me and my family through this but my concern is for those soldiers and sailors that are new to the service and are barely making enough to not be considered under the poverty line. It is obvious that you have NO experience in leadership and neither does your husband if he knows you have posted garbage like this. Ask your husband what his plan is to take care of those that serve under him that will be in a bind and then repost with a more educated answer.

  • Nanny532

    I am a retired military wife and work for US Army and I have a son in Iraq. If they stop pay for the military we have soliers here and overseas worried about their families being taken care of and trying to keep the war on their mind. This is not a good situation and they better figure something out. The military is protecting the government as well. I love my country, but they need to get their things together.

  • Amber

    Wow Ms Active Duty… Really? I’m sensing some bitterness from you over something. While I agree that what you bring up does happen in some situations, I think it is wrong for you to say “most”. I have a college degree and I married my husband because I love him, not because of some stupid benefits. We met in college and have been together ever since. Most of our friends are the same way. While you bring up a valid point about a few couples, please don’t generalize. Just because I’m married to a military guy, doesn’t mean I’m a “gold digger”.
    I have a good job and I’ll admit that a pause in my husband’s pay would not be fun. We make good money, but our lifestyle has improved over the years to reflect what we make. I think that would be the same for most people. We’ll get through it, but it would be better if they get this budget worked out.

  • Chelle

    How dare any American use the pay of the military as a bargaining tool. If I am not mistaken, these are the people on the front line who continue to allow us the right to live in the manner we so choose including our current elected officials. How are they supposed to continue on a daily basis without any money? Who will be paying their bills and why should they be expected to work for free?

  • cantwaittogetout

    If they don’t pay me, does this mean breack of contract?

    • usarmy medic

      No it will now be a breach of contract untill we have not been paid for thirty days … I has been told that on May 1st if we have not been paid then that is a breach of contract…. Now my question to congress is I am a medic and since they only paid me half do I get to do half my job and look at somone who is sick and say “yep you are sick”

  • A military Mother

    i am not in the military, but my son is and have two other children pursuing a career in the military, I want all you military individuals and their wifes to know we are proud of what they sacrifice. But please also realize that this so called president has made many many promise, (like he was gonna bring our troops home and war would be over) ALL LIES AND MORE LIES! Ever since he has taken office more and more problems have risen, He makes problems and then stands up and states he didn’t have anything to do with it and he will fix it. This is to make the american people believe in him. Please
    just remember what I am saying when the election comes along and vote very
    carefully. I pray you all get the money you well deserve and more.

  • JohnS.

    The President has the authority, just as Reagan did and Clinton did, to make sure the Military gets paid, on time. This one chooses not to use that authority.

    The news outlets fail to mention that the CR in Congress states that the Military WILL be funded through Sept. of this year. That being said, if you men and women who are serving this great nation do not get paid, it will on purpose, not because the funds are not there. Sounds like you’re being held hostage, don’t it?

    Another intersting fact (according to the New York Times) is that those who are on welfare and food stamps will not be affected at all!. Now I know there are those who are in those programs that don’t wish to be, but how is it that if you are on welfare you get paid and if you’re in fox hole in somewhere getting shot at you don’t?
    God bless all of you that fight for me and this country, and all of those who have.

  • Dennis

    Perhaps we should withhold the paychecks of Congress and the President. If they can’t pass a budget for FY 2011 NINE months into the FY then they are not doing their jobs. Therefore they don’t deserve to be paid.

    • milspouseandmember

      I agree. They ask us to come together as a country and make sacrifices, also ask us military members to know the risk of death when we sign that dotted line. Now why is it that they can not sacrifice for us? Isn’t Obama supposed to be our “Leader?”

      I know in the military leaders make sacrifices for lower enlisted to make sure they are taken care of first.

  • milwife

    My husband is an e6. We have enough savings to make it about 3 months with no pay. It is VERY DIFFICULT to save with the little he gets paid. I worked up until we had our daughter and son, daycare is disgustingly overpriced so I will stay home until the two of them are in school and I can go back to work. The only debt we have is our car payment (which we bought used to save money). We clip coupons, buy used, trade in, shop sales…

    “We paid off over $40,000 in debt in 17 months, and I have $10,000 in the bank for those rainy days.”

    There is no way you saved $40,000 (plus another 10k) in 17 months as an e5 considering my husband is an e6 and makes just about $34,000/year.

  • Nana

    With two members of my family that depend on thier mlitary pay to support them and theire families then the Obama…expects them to stay on task for this great country. What if Obama and the Congressmen, Senators etc take this opportunity to take the money out of their pockets, not get paid for this mess that they have made. The mllitary commits not only their service but their familes as well to serve this country without a choice. It sickens me that the powers that be, have no regard for our military! However they’re are not affected in the least.

  • Nana

    My Grandson lost his leg, below the knee before the the age of 12 mos due to antrax vaccines forced on our soldiers……Where does this end? He is now 4 and has to use a prostetic leg to walk. Thank God he has overcome this adversity but this is a lifelong struggle for him. To Mr President, how would you feel if your son served for 10 years and still continues to serve this country, knowing that this is the cards that his commander and chief handed him? Of course Obama has no clue because he has not walked a mile in the shoes of the military. Re-election? Amearica would have to be CRAZy to put you back in office…..We as a mation do not respect you in the least…………………………so go on with your life and leave the true Americans to run our country………..

  • nena

    Vote for those that have served in our Military…American citizens!

  • shara melson

    civilans wouldnt work without pay it bu### that our military has to. Im glad my husband is getting a medical discharge, but our last paycheck has to suffer
    im already worried about how were going to live after that finding jobs the way the ecomny is now and all I cant even get caught up frist thanks to a stupid government leaders i think we should run our own country the american people

  • momofMarine

    Let’s tell the whole story. The bill in the House that would have kept military pay flowing- HR 1363-had an anti-abortion rider attached to it. So don’t be so quick to lay the blame on liberals or Democrats as people like John Boehner and Eric Cantor are leaving out large portions of the complete story for political reasons. Oh, and when Rep. Bill Owens (D-NY) offered a motion to recommit that would ensure all military personnel received pay for the rest of the year, without the anti-abortion rider attached, only one Republican, Rep. Walter Jones (NC), voted with every Democrat to consider this amendment. Here’s the link to that vote-

  • Mike

    Jack-ass? Bush left office back in 2009!

  • rick

    Seems like everytime something needs to be voted on, they wait until the
    last minute. They are to busy taking vacations and enjoying their guaranteed
    benefits@ taxpayer expense. Honest politicitians are far and few. They should take the pay cut, leave the military alone.

  • Judy

    Well my husband has been deployed for 12 months to Ft. Knox Kentucky and he sent me a copy of his April 15th LES and they have held back half of his pay. He thought that it was an error so he asked several of his co-workers and they were shorted as well. This is scary and very stressful…….

  • Amber

    For those that say we (military families) should have emergency funds/jobs and to just suck it up, I say, regardless of whether or not this “shut down” will hurt us temporally, extensively, or not at all, the fact that military pay will be disrupted AT ALL is absurd & reprehensible!!! Some in Congress say nothing should be untouchable when it comes to cuts or interruption. I for one, think military pay is & always should be. Yes, our service members raised their right hands & signed a contract, but those whom bring that up tend to leave out the fact that a contract goes two ways. BOTH sides have to uphold their part.

    It’s not like Congress was just presented this problem in the last month or so, they have had like NINE months to work on the budget! We will just have to remember, come election time, what is happening today! WE put these people into Congress & only WE can remove them. Get out & VOTE for the people whom will represent you the way you want to be represented!! That’s the only way to TRULY make change!

  • soldiermom11

    I am married to a retired Army Ranger. My son is a tank commander in Iraq right now. I love our troops and their families too and say a prayer everyday for all our troops. This all makes me sick. Obummer, Reid and Pelosi are holding military pay hostage for Planned Parenthood. Call your Democratic Senator at 202-224-3121 and demand that the Senate pass the House bill guaranteeing military pay!

  • Dcm

    I am an Airmen spouse…and am scared of the shutdown… It isn’t right that those SOLDIERS that RISK their life, and the sanity of their families to not get paid because of a bunch of stiff shirts can’t pass a budget. First off, the Military members SHOULD NOT have their pay cut!!! You don’t know the situation that each family faces…They could be one paycheck away from bankrupcy…only because their pay is low as it is. It is stressful enough with our spouses, or other family member away for a time… Time away from their children…and now they have to be stressed enough as to when they will “earn” their next paycheck, because you know the Country is in bad times now…and I live in Michigan where it is really bad…NO JOBS… I can’t just go out and get a “good” paying job to pay the bills and daycare. I am disgusted at this time….Thank you for letting me vent!

  • tlm1125

    Are we Americans just going to sit back and take this from our government. Are we just going to comment on pages like this, or are we going to actually do something about it! With out our Military we would be the target of every Country that already hates us because we have the freedom that our Military has fought and lost their lives for. We need to stand up for our men and woman that put their lives on the line EVERYDAY for our safety and freedom. Don’t just sit there shaking your heads, get out on your busiest street corner with a sign, or if your close to a government building protest there. This is a wrong that still can be fixed if we all band together and let the government know that we will unite for our men and woman they put in harms way!

  • christen

    I am a female service member deployed year round and it makes me sick to A. See people post on here that “they” will be okay but others should have learned to save?(who are you to post that in the first place?) and B. that people who are so nieve and think that we have it made in the shade being in the military!!! Well let me burst that bubble for yah.. I have been in two years. I just recently saw my family for the first time in 16 months for 15 days, do you know that ticket to fly home was 1,000 dollars round trip. If i’m lucky i get payed 1800 a month. I have a friend whoes grandfather just passed away and due to the payment freeze, cant afford to go home and buy a ticket to morn with his family(obv. we will make sure he goes home because thats what we do for eachother).but those of you who have the nerve to sit here and leave ridiculous posts like how well set off you are and how much debt you have paid off and members husbands and wives should have jobs, well you should put on someone elses shoes and take a walk. I went to college, have credit cards and pay a hefy amount of money a month. I work 7 days a week and at a stretch 13-15 hours a day. I also pay to call my family and i get about 30 mintues and costs me 20 dollars. I will still work to defend my country, but who is here to defend for us? Or for the families back in the states who need money for formula, diapers, food, gas… The goverment needs to get it together and quit toying with peoples emotions and lives. I feel for all the service members no matter what paygrade they are and the families who suffer.

  • bama

    that you US gov’t for puttin my family and others in a panic..granted i will still get my GI bill money on the first…my husbands paycheck from the army is our only source of income..we have a daughter how do we feed and take care of her? how do we feed our pets? their family too…what will the creditors say that need money from us? do we just say the gov’t cant pay us so we cant pay them and thn receive late payments bc we cant pay on time? im ashamed to live in a country that isnt paying their troops…way to go usa….

  • Guest

    I am not a member of the military but work with military and veteran services. I am appalled that the leaders of the United States of America would treat our soldiers and their families with such disrespect by withholding their pay, yet expecting our soldiers to keep America out of harms way. This is a sad day in America. We need to return to the foundation our forefathers founded this country on! When you take God, morals, ethics, integrity and character out of the picture, you have total chaos – Congress acting ignorant!

  • Amanda

    Wow there “wife”.. someone’s insecure. I am an AD female sailor, and though I don’t fully agree with “have you served?” She does have a point. That does happen, I’d say more in foreign ports than home, but nonetheless it happens. And please, yes there are skanks in the military, but where isn’t there? Wives left at home with Jodi keeping you warm…? That **** happens more than females getting some on the boat. Most of us are just as professional if not more. And on the budget deal. I’m disgusted that I may not get paid. Keeping it in mind with all the upcoming elections.

  • Shannon

    So now to add to the stress of our soldiers who are deployed and fighting for our country and risking their lives, they get to worry that their wives and children back home won’t have any means to pay bills and live. The reality of being an army family is we live paycheck to paycheck, just like most of the rest of the world. And now they are saying they will pay no death benefits to the soldier’s family if they are killed in the line of duty? Hey Obama, how about sacrificing your OWN paycheck, you socialist SOB. Maybe you might have to do more than cancel one vacation with your stuck up wife and spoiled children. Or maybe you can come use your paycheck to pay my rent and bills, since you want to take my man’s pay away. You know, the pay he earns by risking his life to defend this country. The pay that keeps a roof over our heads and our heat on. President Obama, you truly are an ignorant man to punish the very ones that defend you. Where is the impeachment already? Letting an entire government shut down over the issue of abortion is beyond belief. I am disgusted with the direction this country has turned in since we ignorantly put this ill equipped, socialist pretender in office, all to make history in our lifetime. I can proudly say that I DID NOT vote for him.

  • reagan Charkhtabian

    Obama needs to get the heck out of office., I am a military wife.. We need our paycheck.. My husband works his butt off to support us. He’s been away from us for 2 years in a row and works long hours already and to cut military pay on any military person would be very shameful. I am appauled they would consider it!

    • kathy

      I agree, our son is in the Army and recently married he has bills to pay as well. What are they thinking??? Oh, there not……

  • l walker

    my son is in the military today he did not get paid thanks washington for ur support not just a few in washington but all of u hope ur safe tonight knowing u did not pay our soldiers

  • Janet Burton

    The best action you can take is to register to vote and when the next election comes up, vote and vote the person out of office who was not doint the job she/he was elected to do. Congressional people are elected to keep this country afloat. They are not doing that. This budget crisis will occur again on 1 October 2011 because a new budget will not have been passed at that time and we will go through this again.

  • stephanie_micah

    With being a leader comes great power and with that comes great responsibility. Since Obama is the President and Commander and Chief, he should set an example and refuse to take pay. To be a great leader, you must first learn to serve. Obama has spent no time in the military, how is he going to have any take on what it takes to run a military?

  • You army soldier

    I am a SSG In the United States Army with a wife, with a 3 year old son and another one on the way. We only have one source of income, so making it threw to month is hard right now. With this budget cut, I am forced to still show up to work and do my military duties, But now it will be impossible with out the funds needed to keep up with military mataince. I just heard on CNN that the budget but will help protect our kids future. I a military man I want to do this that are in my son best intrest, but I can do that If i have to choose between food, education, housing. To end my story, I know that to goverment will take care of us even though out top leaders are still getting the paycheck do not have to worry about a paycut

    PS Soldier that come into the military as an E-1 with 3 kids can barley survived on the paycheck that they recieved. I do not know how they are going to survie on a 1/4th of what they make. This really make me sick that we have to talk about cutting military paycheck while I still have to look for road side bombs and worry about is my family going to have something to eat…..

  • memyselfandi

    Viva La Revolution!!!!

  • loyaltyforsale

    The Republicans have used the budget for political propaganda and so is the writer of this article. You are not the only one that would be hurt by a government shut down. The ones that don’t care if you are struggling, are the biollionares that don’t w2ant to pay their taxes But they are glad to send us into harms way, for higher stock prices, remember?

    The big business loyalists, Boener, Ryan, Limbaugh, and front groups like Tea Party want you to put your own financial interests ahead of service to your nation. They want you to be loyal to one political party.

    The budget has been held hostage for propaganda purposes, by the GOP. You know it and everyone else knows it. But you are worried if you can get cheap gasoline. Are you loyal to an oil company? How much does your loyalty cost?

    An honorable military professional is not loyal to any political party or idiology. Will you sell out your country for the GOP race to be president? After what they did. After how many of us they got killed, for higher stock prices, are you really still listening to GOP propaganda? Snap out of it.

    • Please…. if you are really in the Military get out, now.

      Can I suggest that when you get out just keep going until you reach Cuba or Venezuela. They have the same ideas on Government that I bet you do. They are doing so well at it that hundreds of thousands are willing to risk death trying to get to the good ole US of A.

      And as far as propaganda goes you are surely joking. Why do you think that the Democrats didn’t pass a budget for this year last year when it was due? They certainly could have done it. They had overwhelming majorities in both houses of congress not to mention the Whitehouse. And yet when they knew that they were going to loose their majority in the House of Representatives and maybe the Senate they still didn’t pass a budget. They didn’t get around to it either during their lame duck session. They could of done it but didn’t.

      It seems like this whole thing is a Democratic Setup. A page out of Bill Clinton’s playbook where the shutdown in 95 played out in favor of the Dems.

      And speaking of billionaires. Are you talking about people like George Sorros, Warren Buffet or GE CEO Jeffery Immelt? Immelt being the one that sits on Obama’s jobs committee. The CEO of GE that got tens of millions of our dollars in Government handouts by the Obama administration then made $5 billion in profits that they didn’t pay a dime in taxes on. Are those the Billionaires your talking about?

      So who exactly are the propagandists???

    • Draftee

      Well put loyaltyforsale. I might add that Eric Prince of Blackwater was a former Navy Seal, and he is now living in Bahrain I think after finding out that he was going to get prosecute for the crimes committed by his employees. If he didn’t have connections to George Bush, Jr., he would have never became rich in the first place. This person was definitely not honorable because he sold out his fellow military people and refuses to face the consequences for what his employees did in Iraq.

      • loyaltyforsale

        Good Morning Draftee

        Through out history war attracts war profiteers. The Alamo was manned by adventurers and hired guns. There are warriors that operate globally and walk a tight rope. Then they slip away, out of reach. I don’t know if Eric Prince is motivated by honor or greed. A soldiers honor has nothing to do with his or her’s ideology or mission. Your worst enemy on the battle field may be an honorable soldier. The WWII Japanese soldier that stayed at his post until the 1990’s. Honorable or idiot stick? The idea of people making money on war while the US pays for their training, doesn’t seem right to me. I think that Eric Prince believed in the policy of that failed Presidency. The cost of Eric Prince’s honor is that he now has to live as a fugitive in a middle eastern oil producing country. Does he have salute an oil company logo now or can he slip in and out of this county at will? Who knows? My point is that even if I don’t get a check, I will still serve.

  • Facts:

    The Republicans did pass in the House of Representatives a CR that fully funded the military but only funded the rest of the government for one week. That was to give them “more” time to negotiate for a budget that was supposed to be done last year when the Democrats had control of both the House and the Senate with Obama as President. Those are facts, period.

    The reason your LES showed up short is because the Democrats “Harry Reid” refused to bring the CR the Republicans passed in the House up for a vote in the Senate. And Obama stated that he would veto it because it did not fund some of the Dem’s sacred cows for that week.

    The Republicans in the House then offered to pass a bill that fully funded the military until the end of this fiscal year. Rep Bachman stated that the military should not be used a pawns and that we need to take the military off the table for such negotiations and fully fund our troops. Obama called it a “Distraction” and Dem Harry Reid refused to even bring it up for a vote.

    Lucky for our Military a deal was reached that did make some real cuts in spending and now you won’t need to worry about it until the next budget. I realize that most of our Military lives paycheck to paycheck. That is what I did for most of the 25 years I was in. But you also must realize the Democrats think of us as no different than “underprivileged” welfare recipients who must be taken care of rather than dedicated professionals who earn their wages and benefits.

    Those are the just plain facts, period.


    In two years in office Obama has doubled what it took Bush run up in 8 years.

    Obama’s budget for next year was calling for even a bigger increase in spending. The Dems despite controlling both houses of congress and the Presidency didn’t even bother finishing a budget that was due October 2010 for this year. The 2011 late budget is want they are fighting about now, not the 2012 one. Not to mention that last year the Obama administration and the Democratically controlled congress and Senate increased government spending by more than 25%.

    That is just a plain fact, period.

  • Kristi Freemyer

    At this point Danny, it doesn’t do any good to point fingers, as a whole Democrats AND Republicans aren’t working together to pass a budget. You can go back and forth with everyone all you want, but it doesn’t matter whose fault it is, it matters that Congress can’t get it’s act together to make sure that the military is paid. They are supposed to be Bi-partisan and they’ve gotten so caught up in how much they don’t like each other that they are losing sight of the real problems in the country.

    I don’t like any politicians in all honesty, both sides are flawed, neither is completely right, neither is completely wrong.

    The point is, it doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong, at the end of the day all that matters is whether we military families get to eat.

    • It does matter who is right and who is wrong. It is well past time that we give those doing us wrong a free pass.

      I agree with you for the most part. But we have kicked out a lot of the Republicans that helped the Dems put us in this fix.

      The Republicans have tried to make sure the Military are not used as pawns in a legitimate fight against the run-away spending that has been going on for far too long. I’m proud that they are finally showing some backbone.

      I hope that people will put enough pressure on Sen. Harry Reid so that he will bring up the vote in the Senate on the bill the Republicans in the House have already offered to fully fund the military without the riders for this fiscal year . They are trying do do what is right.

      As Obama stated earlier, I just hope Obama doesn’t continue to think that funding soldiers in combat is just a distraction and Sen Reid will bring up the vote in the Senate.

    • Kristi, there is a right and wrong. The Dems with help from some RINOs have spent our nation into near bankruptcy. It does matter what party.

      Please… look up S 724 link:….

      Also find out who is who up on Capitol Hill. If you want to know why we are in this mess look up the DSA. It is the one that starts with Democratic. Find out who they are and what they used to call themselves. Look up who in Congress is a member and their party affiliation. Also look up the “Progressive Caucus”. Check their membership list with the one from the DSA. Compare the DSA’s “Politics from Around the World” also check out Check and compare the agendas of all three, the DSA (remember who are the members), The Progressive Caucus (again remember the listed members), and then check out and their agenda. That will answer a lot of your questions as to why we are in this fix.

  • lionswhelp

    PART 1 In GOD we trust.
    All the fine ladies and gentlemen fighting the “wars” need to be brought back
    stateside to be with their loved ones so that we could start fixing our own homes and country before we attempt to “help” others. Let’s start by helping ourselves. Regarding the condition of our
    country it seems that the old saying is true.
    “While the cats are away the mice will play.”

    Sad to say it but who is watching our backs ?

    We need to get our own affairs in order but I strongly believe in putting GOD first, then after Him anything or anyone else.

    Stay alert, and keep the faith. Here are some
    verses from the Bible that I want to share.

    Some of you might have heard some of what I will discuss
    before, for others it might be your first time. Please bear with

    For those of you who would rather listen to cusswords
    rather than words of encouragement please proceed
    with caution so that you won’t be offended with
    what I am going to share.

    Pray also, here is something I found in the Bible
    where during Isaiah’s time there was evil upon the
    land…” None calleth for justice, nor any pleadeth for truth: they trust in vanity, and speak lies; they conceive mischief, and bring forth iniquity.” (Isaiah 59:4).

    Sound familiar ?

    The whole 59th Chapter of Isaiah is pretty interesting in how similar it sounds to what’s going on currently.

    I like this verse found in Isaiah 59:19, “So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.”

    Think praying is a joke ? What’s the alternative ?

    “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.
    It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in princes.” (Psalm 118:8,9).

    You can see that in how far this nation has gotten from GOD and the outcome of their worldly solutions based on greed and ulterior motives. That’s what happens when man trusts man, and forgets their Creator, things tend to have
    the same results.

    Though it may seem counterintuitive to do so in times of trouble that is when we should be grateful in the day the Lord has made. (Psalm 118:24)
    “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

    Here is some encouragement from the Word.
    “5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
    6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” (Proverbs 3:5,6).

    “7 The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him.” (Nahum 1:7).

  • lionswhelp

    PART II In GOD we trust

    People I am sharing this because of what GOD has done in my own life
    personally when I turned to him rather than other “solutions”.
    It’s amazing how He has shined his light into the darkest areas of my
    life. I’m still a work in progress.

    If you’ve tried everything else and it hasn’t worked why don’t you
    try Jesus ? You don’t need to go through anyone else, you can pray
    directly to Jesus yourself and ask Him for your needs.

    Here is an example :

    1 I EXHORT therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;
    2 For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.
    3 For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour;
    4 Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.
    5 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;
    (1 Timothy 2:1-5)

    Notice in verse 5 that we have “one” mediator between God and men. That means that we can take our prayers to Him ourselves, right now if you are so inclined. You don’t need to know how to pray. Just TALK. Talk to GOD through Jesus and say anything that is in your heart. Believe on Jesus Christ who died for our sins and rose after 3 days. Be sincere and have that personal relationship between Him. Like that between a Father and daughter or son.

    That’s what it is about. Not just trusting in Him when it’s all good, but in
    these times that we are going through especially. Others have gone through worse.

    Don’t just blindly believe what any person says including myself, research, research,

    It goes without saying that everyone, from positions of influence to the most
    seemingly insignificant individual need to do our part and right this vessel.

    My prayers go out to all of you and to all of our
    countrymen and women both near and far. I pray that
    our nation’s leaders make the right choices and
    not lean on their own understanding.


    Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved… (Acts 16:31)

    “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me.”
    — Jesus Christ, John 14:6

    If you like or don’t like my post click on the Like button
    If there is no Like button to click on then…fuggedaboutit.


  • Sarge

    I really think that the 2 parties need to go away. When one has a great idea for the people the other votes against it, and the same way with the other party. They get paid for 90 days of work, how about 365 days a year and they get 30 days vacation, like the military. We just need to get rid of them all and put prior military people in.

    • Deborah Andrews

      Amen. The more vets the better.

  • Retired Supporter

    It is simple…..If pay is haulted then every active duty person should walk out of thier office and apply for unemployment. Stay home and get a check. If they are not going to pay then its time to collect the unemployment money that all the tax payers pay into. If the active personnel put a boycott on doing their jobs any other time they would be arrested. If Congress is not going to pay them does that constitute a contract failure on the governments part. If the contract is now void does it make walking out a crime. In the real civilian world you could sue a company for not honoring an agreed upon contract. Why can’t we hold Congress and the Senate to the same rules that everyone else in this country is held to. Just a thought……..

  • Draftee

    Congress a long time exempt itself from the laws of this country. Lots of luck trying to collect uncemployment and then trying to get Congress to extend the unemployment benefits.