Bill to Make Military Pay Shutdown Proof

For weeks now servicemembers and their families have been concerned about the effect a full-blown government shutdown would have on their monthly pay.  It appears that Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) may be able to offer some relief  in the form of new legislation. Known as the ‘Ensuring Pay for Our Military Act’ Gohmert’s bill would effectively guarantee military pay will continue, in the in the event of a government shutdown on April 8.

The following is an excerpt from the original press release:

This legislation ensures that members of the United States Military get their paycheck on time in the event that Congress cannot pass a budget.

 This bill will appropriate necessary funds to ensure that members of the military, including reserve components, continue to receive pay and allowances for their service when a funding gap occurs. That could be caused by the failure to enact interim or full-year appropriations for the Department of Defense, which results in many members serving without a paycheck until the shutdown is over. It is not enough for the military to know they will receive back pay after the shutdown is over. They need to know that their paycheck will arrive on time.

This is welcome news, but this bill must be passed and signed quick enough to ensure servicemembers don’t miss their pay on April 15. One way to help is to contact your elected officials and tell them to support Gohmert’s ‘Ensuring Pay for Our Military Act.’

Update: I was able to speak to a member of Rep. Gohmert’s staff who explained that military retirees and veterans receiving monthly GI Bill or comp and pen payments were not included in this bill because they are already protected from the affects of a government closure.

Click here to send an e-mail to your elected representative demanding they support this bill.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Carla

    so when will they vote on it? I am sure they will support and pass it.

    • tdhowell

      I’ll keep you posted.

      • Mark

        Did it pass? It is getting close….. I do not like when they wait till the last minute. Also if Congress gets paid so should the military. A shut down is a shut down. PERIOD! I hate one way people. Its sucks for you but its ok for me…..

        • SGT Shuffiled

          FYI It jsut happened..We saw our LES .As of 8 April 2011 all of my unit servign here in Kuwait, and some of my friends in other units here are gettign 1/2( seems like more than 1/2) paid on 15 April 2011. I’m tellign you froma 1st person point of view . No rumor our Leave Earning Statements are only showing 1 week worth of pay IS being deposited in our personal accounts for 15th April 2011….It’s sad and makes me feel soo unappreciated from my own government…..

          • USMC Wife

            i feel that this is wrong. especially cutting pay for the people overseas and being separated from their families. i know that they need the guys over there but it is not fair to them or their families to be separated and the troops hav NO way to pay bills back home bc the government decided to take away their pay. My husband is overseas and we have bills that need to get paid just like everyone elses and them cutting their pay is going to put a huge strain on everything we will not be able to pay the bills that need to get paid if they do this. it is rediculous.

  • Carla

    have you heard anything? I know they were going to capitol hill with it at 1230 today..

  • tdhowell

    The bill will be presented on Monday on the House floor. They expect it to pass quickly. I’ll post a video on teh press conference later today.

  • SoaringEagle

    It won’t pass if Bachmann and the rest of those coward Tea Partiers have any thing to do with it. After all, she wanted to cut 4.5b from the VA while we are fighting on 3 fronts.

    • Jon Weiss

      Actually not true, we were on ‘two’ fronts when the controvery started and she backed off that remark as soon as it came to light. She is indeed unfriendly to the troops, but lets stick to the facts.

      • akcath

        It seems like the troops are unfriendly to her and a sizable portion of the American public who happen to feel they are Taxed Enough Already.

    • jeff

      Watch your lies buddy

    • jeff

      yeah yeah yeah, your tin god obama wanted to shut the whole VA down on day 3 of his adminastration, Fact, Proven and part of History

    • packers87

      Last year in a speech, prez (not capitalized on purpose) O’Bama made the comment “they are just volunteers anyway” regarding our troops. That speaks volumes to how important (NOT) they are to him. With 2 sons serving in Afghanistan, this effectively stopped me from listening to anything else this man drools out of his mouth. I still want to see his birth certificate.

  • warner

    I guess they have forgotten us old folks on ss

  • Jon Weiss

    I see retirees were conveniently left out, but what the heck? The politicians have gotten all the use they can out of us so wer become expendable. Thanks Congress, for NOTHING!

  • Jon Weiss

    I got phone calls today from the NRSC, the RNC, and the DNC, all asking for campaign donations. Man, by stomach still hurts from all the laughter.

    • jERRY


  • Rose Adwell

    Essential Services will never be shut down. Our military are essential services.

    • Beth

      We won’t be shut down. I will still be expected to show up for work . . . just without pay. Think about that . . .some serviceperson could be dying for their country, when their country is refusing to pay them!

    • tgrif

      Actually it happened in the 80s, many congress people got fired from it. How bout congress take a pay cut, how bout they live on our salary, they get paid ridiculously to begin with.

      • packer87

        1995 to be exact, under Clinton and the Dems once again. However, I guess Gingrich played a part in it all, too. However, the military were protected at that time by a bill similar to the one offered here and did not lose their pay. The prez and congress will still get paid if the gov shuts down Friday, but Boehner said on the news tonight the repubs will not take pay. We’ll see.
        Meanwhile, I have a son in the 1-327th, 101 Airborne fighting in the Pech River Valley who lost 6 guys this last week, and a son who is home with the 1-187 who was just shot. They, along with the rest of their brave brothers and sisters, will go without pay until O’Bama figures it out. Oops…he is busy meeting with Al Sharpton and starting to campaign for 2012 already (for real)

  • Tammie Stansberry

    My husband is Navy EOD and is an instructor right now at the EOD school in Florida. Military will indeed NOT get paid if the government is shut down. We are now trying to plan what we can do in order survive if this happens.

    • akcath

      You will have to do what 20 million other citizens are doing now.

      • Carla

        Which is what? Get on welfare?

      • maria

        And are those 20 million still working, fighting and risking their lives…. while NOT getting paid????

      • bloodontherizerz

        The 20 million unemployed citizens that we risk our lives to protect? I think not, ackath. There are jobs for those 20 million, most won’t qualify to be in the military but I hear McDonald’s is hiring.

      • 18B

        When the economy is strong I don’t hear people screaming to give military members more $$. We in the military have ALWAYS worked a he’ll of a lot more than 40 hrs a week. So when things are tough right now in the private sector (very unfortunate), don’t scream to make things equal across the board.
        You can’t have it one way when economy is good, then make things equal when its bad. But if you like go down to your local recruiter, volunteer, be separated from your family for months/years at a time, deploy to hostile countries (have no days off during these deployments), miss holidays/birthdays/anniversarys/etc, loose friends/loved ones/limbs…
        BE MY GUEST!

        • Justin

          AMEN!!! I am so glad you wrote that! I get sick and tired of people trying to place military in with the rest of the economy when the economy is bad and then do nothing to raise pay etc for military when the economy is good! Thank you for posting this!!!

    • Mike

      This doesn’t have anything to do with the pay mess. Just wanted to have you tell your husband I respect and admire what he is doing as I am a retired EOD myself.

  • Kristian

    This hasn’t been voted on so there is no garentee if the military will be effected! In ’97 when the governement shut down they passed a bill similiar to this to keep paying hte military and the military still recieved pay! SO u cant say that the military will NOT get pay when in fact at this very moment its still ALL in the air as to whom is gunna get paid and if the governent is gunna even shut down! Hell for all we know it they could very well pass another extention which would be the 7th since October!!

    • KateKashman

      The current situation is not the same as during the last few shutdowns. We do not have an approved and signed Defense Appropriations Act.

      Congress could pass another extension, or they could also pass the Defense Appropriations Act, or they could pass a federal budget. Or they could pass this legislation. However, if none of those things happen, it is very likely that military pay could be delayed until one of those things does occur. If it were not a real possibility, there would be no need for these representatives to introduce legislation guaranteeing that the military be paid.

  • Hemdoggy

    Does this affect DoD civilians also, specifically Military Sealift Command?

  • jaime

    looks like some in the GOP are saying the bill is unneccessary.

  • Shawn

    Does this affect all DoD Civilians as well????

  • Carla

    when are they going to vote on it? Is it true its not on the schedule at all? I thought they said it would pass quickly?

  • Robin

    have they voted on it yet?

    • carla

      no. its not even on the schedule this week and that article someoen else posted said some high ranking GOP officals are saying its unneccessary.

  • julie

    its a breach in their contracts for one. when they signed the contract and came into the military, it said that they would be paid on time when pay is due for the services. if they dont pay us, how many soldiers do you think would actually work.? regardless if they promise back pay or not, that will take FOREVER to get. We will have no phones, no cable no gas no anything.. half the military families if not more live pay check to pay check as is.

    • Cat

      Amen. I agree. There are just way to many military families out there that depend on that paycheck and who knows how many creditors would be that understanding. I mean heck we have rent to pay and mortgages to pay amoung other things. How are people even supposed to prepare for something like this.

      • julie

        well according to some people, we should get AER loans or other loans to help out if we dont have any money in savings. I know that I dont have money in savings because we have bills, an 18 month old and another on the way and things come up that prevents us from being able to save all the time.. its very hard to live with how expensive things are these days and its bad enough they dont get paid enough to begin with. secondly, will the government cover the loan we need to pay back because i know we sure as hell cant afford to do that. id be taking out loans for months… look how long it takes dfas to fix a mistake on your pay and give you the money back. imagine millions of soldiers needing back pay- we would be fighting with them for MONTHS!

    • jeff

      this is a political game being played out by Obama, he has done nothing but harm, The Checks Shall Flow, nothing to fear, I know mine will be in hand .

    • guest

      if that is a breech of contract wouldnt it be a breech of contract if someone signed a contract when dont ask dont tell was still in affect?

  • Carm

    I think this is absolutely rediculous! They will send our troops to war in a heart beat and not think twice about all the sacrifices they and the family make and then they don’t want to pay them! Come on people these are the ones that let you congressmen contninue to drive your luxury cars and send your kids to top notch school. Oh yeah let’s not forget how they are trying to take the educational benefits from all the kids whose parents have earned it for them! I am not understanding why they have to do that when they are spending millions and millions of dollars on entertainment! Our government leaders have got to wake up!

    • geo

      Maybe if we had “prez” that would not use the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES money to pay back his CONTRIBUTION BILLS, we would not be in this situation? What about that???

  • foxisland2

    Can anyone here say, ‘grandstanding’! This bill is just another stunt – try to scare a bunch of military people already under stress from 2+ wars and then pass a bill that changes nothing. The military has ALWAYS been paid in the past when there have been so-called shut-downs Unless the GOP goes, completely, insane they will be paid now – of course, with this bunch who knows!.

    • akcath

      Maybe the GOP realizes that you have to have the money first.

      • Carla

        I don’t care if the money isn’t there. We need to pay our military. Afterall they still get their salary.

      • foxisland2

        If ‘the GOP realizes that you have to have the money first’ they sure haven’t ‘realized’ that in the past. They demanded the continuation of nearly $70 BILLION a year in tax cuts for the top 2%; they demanded the continuation of corporate welfare for oil companies to the tune of $40 BILLION a year; they don’t seem to be worrying about how to pay TRILLIONS for 2 wars. They are good at ‘waving the flag’ but when it comes to honoring obligations to those who fight their ill-concieved wars they just ‘don’t have the money’!

    • Lmeiss

      Before my husband and I were married his pay was held up due to the budget not passing. It has happened and it can happen again.

      • foxisland2

        Lmeiss, If you don’t mind my asking – what year was this? My husband had 28 years active duty and except for an occassional, temporary mixup when we were transferred to a new duty station or he came back from an overseas tour we never experienced any interruption in pay. I went back to 1977 to check gov records. The longest time there was a shutdown of government was 3 weeks in the 1995-1996 budget period when Gingrich and the GOP shut it down. Everyone was paid although some civilian employees did have some delays.

    • milispouse

      You are correct…pawns for panic.

      • foxisland2

        Yes, it really bugs me when military people are being used to advance the political agenda of other interests. Some demand an increase in military spending under the guise of ‘supporting the troops’ – the troops aren’t getting big pay or benefit increases from this outrageous spending. On the other hand, any cuts to the Pentagon (with a budget greater than the rest of the world combined) is portrayed as ‘anti-military’ and against the troops. No way! Troops, yes – war profiteers, no.

    • Chuck

      While in the Azores, 1978-1982, during a “non pay period” the commissary told all customers they would accept but would not process personal checks for food until U S Military personnel resumed receiving their pay.

      • foxisland2

        Chuck was this a delay of your pay due to some change in status? I can’t find any case where any active duty service members were not paid during any shutdown.

    • SGT Shuffield

      FYI It just happened..We saw our LES today .As of 8 April 2011 all of my unit serving here in Kuwait, and some of my friends in other units here are getting 1/2( seems like more than 1/2) paid on 15 April 2011. I’m telling you from a 1st person point of view . No rumor our Leave Earning Statements are only showing 1 week worth of pay IS being deposited in our personal accounts for 15th April 2011….It’s sad and makes me feel soo unappreciated from my own government…..

      • foxisland2

        SGT, I recall times when we were alerted that there might be a shutdown and pay could be effected and to notify and make arrangements with our creditors just in case. It never came to pass. There is always a ‘first’, but I would advise you to take a deep breath because all could change back very quickly. The Dems will probably cave to the GOP once again to keep the military from suffering a pay interuption – they are terrified of the GOP acusing them of ‘being against the troops’. I don’t blame you for feeling unappreciated. I am so disgusted that our service members are being held hostage in this whole budget mess, and I am afraid that their retirement and Tri-care benefits will be next on Rep. Ryan’s budget chopping block so that the top 1% can have even more tax cuts. SS, Medicare, and Medicaid are already on his chopping block.

  • forever_frost

    Leave it to the Republicans to look after the troops if the Dems dig their feet in

    • Beth

      I always got paid when the Dems controled the House/Senate/ Presidency

  • Carla

    What’s this going to do to the men paying child support? Will they get behind? If so how can they be punished when the government was at fault?

    • b-wood

      my husbands battle buddy has to pay child support and if he misses a payment then they garnish his wages because they messed up once before and this happened to him once and he didn’t get paid for an entire month!! because they messed up his paperwork, so yes you will be at fault it seems which is completely unfair

  • lewis

    what about VA disablity?

    • schoka

      All retirees and annuitants are not effected by a shut down and will still receive their monthly pay.

    • sharenda

      it will not be affected



    • carla

      did you not read the update..retired military are protected as are veterans.
      Government Sadly they won’t be but they won’t be required to show up to work in most will just be like a unpaid vacation. The only reason why this bill was sent through was because the miltiary would be required to work and have no other opportunity to find temp work to cover the gaps. Not to mention you do not do that to people who have your behind fighting your wars, protecting just don’t do that to those people.

      • wounded warrior

        What about VA disability? My claim is to be completed any day now with a year of back pay. Will this be put on hold? That’s bullcrap if it is because I left peices if myself in Iraq and they owe me now.

    • GEO


  • jaime

    why are commanders starting to tell their soliders they won’t receive pay for 45 days???

    • julie

      because they are a bunch of f*cking idiots! if commanders and higher ranking people open their mouths and say things before its a DEFINATE, more than half their soldiers will not report to work GAURANTEED! and there isnt a damn thing anyone could do about it.

      • well, they would all be considered AWOL, but they sure wouldn’t be working! Not the lower enlisted kids who joined fr the secure pay and benfis, at leat.

        • shayna

          Actually, they would not be considered AWOL. They would be in breach of contract for not paying soldiers therefore they do NOT need to show up for work/duty. And if there were soldiers wanting out of the Army they could use this as their way out.

          • Andrea

            My husband’s command already told them all about what’s going on and how they are REQUIRED to show up even if they aren’t getting paid. If they don’t show then they WILL be listed AWOL and it will be delt with just like normal. We will be getting our pay once they have the budget set so it won’t be a breech because technically unless they go past the 1st without paying us then they’re in breech because they only have to pay us once a month. The twice a month is just a nice way to get the money.

          • Robert

            Of course they will say that they are required to show. You think that they would say “Yea it’s OK if you don’t show”?

  • Angie

    Any word if this has passed?

    • Carla

      No. From what I heard some in the committees are saying it’s unnecessary because they are confident there won’t be a shutdown. However the number of cosponsors is up from 53 to 71. 5 of them are dems.

  • hector

    all i can say remember all this ****** politicians come election time. this is all political B******t…

  • Joey smith

    I got in trouble for spreading the word to ppl about us not getting paid. The next day my supervisor came out and took me off my post and they took my gun and badge away. The commander said I was trying to undermine the moral of the military. My first sergeant called me a domestic terrorist and said “you are a ******* whinner, a ***** and stupid for talking about this to other ppl.”. Then my firs sergeant called me a “domestic terrorist.”.

    • Dave

      UN****ING REAL!

      Some people shouldn’t be in charge. Sounds like your commander and first sgt are two of them!

      • Joey smith

        Yeah I couldn’t believe how far they took it. I had to be investigated and was told thy I wasnt allowed to talk about it because I’m not a reporter nor I public affairs. What is really sad is this is nothing new in my squadron.

  • Marc

    There is a Civil War Law that will pay many uniform service members. There may be an existing law that pays Congressmen, but not their staffs, but no one else. Some government workers will have to go to work, most can’t work, even if they want to, and NO ONE gets paid until Congress passes a law to pay them, even if they had to work. Just read about what happened 20 years ago.

    • b-wood

      it only covers soldiers that are deployed, doesn’t help those who aren’t deployed. I read about it yesterday

  • Robert Simmons

    Got to agree with the vet that said the retirees are the used up ones. The military got all they could out of us and dont really care what happens now. Take a look at the pay raises we havent had for last 2 years and it looks like a 3d year of no raise. Oh wait I was wrong they did remember us. My SSI was docked an extra $23.00, my retirement was docked another $35.00. all they did leave my VA Comp alone. (Just a matter of time). And my friends there was a time when soldiers did not get paid. It was under the Carter admin in 1979 or 1980. Dont remember for sure if my wife was still alive Id bet she could tell ya. I just remember not getting paid. The FY budget wasnt passed so the pay was held up for everone. SFC R. Simmons Retired

    • Dave

      Was in the service over that period and I do seem to recall not being paid due to the shutdown. But what you might not know, and maybe it was specific to my service (USCG), but “not being paid” was pretty common in those days. We OFTEN didn’t get paid, or the amount was either lower than expected, which sucked, or worse, were OVERPAID a little bit for months, and then they’d collect it all back at one time, wiping out one or two paychecks with no notice. The longest I went was as an E-3, and I had a wife and baby. I went to school to get my rating (what guys in some of the services call an MOS). For two months they lost my records. Got kind of tired of telling bank, utility companies, WIFE, etc, sorry, they still haven’t paid me.

    • Ted

      I have my LES’s from 79, 80, 81 and each pay periord has me getting paid the right amount. This is actually the first time I have seen them not pay the military.

  • carla

    can the author of the blog update with anything new? The politicians keep saying not to worry military will be paid even if its late..well i don’t know where they come from but there are many MANY low ranking people who cannot wait a few days for pay that should of been there yesterday. This whole thing has been going on for 6 months..i don’t see why they think it won’t take that long to fix when its been going on for 6 months.
    Just agree to a budget and call it a day. I think this looking out for your party bs is ridiculous..what about the american party??

  • carla

    is this bill that obama said no to the ensuring military pay bill? A bill that woudl of funded the government for one more week and the military for the rest of year was shot down by Obama today..
    please for the love of god tell me that he seriously didnt’ just say f*** you to the military.



    • GEO


  • phylicia

    so are military vets the ones getting their pay cut too or no??

  • rose

    i KNOW there are people in the house and senate that have either served themselves or have kids/family in the military who know how much the soldiers need their money on time. i KNOW i’m not the only one who realizes that means, food, rent, child support, house payments, car payments, insurance money, among other IMPORTANT things will be just pushed aside until they can settle their stupid ass debate?! i really truly hope for their sake that military personell does get paid this coming payday or what does that say about our government? what a slap in the face to the people keeping you safe at night… i hope they think about that…

    • armywife

      Military will definetely have a different view on our government! I know that I am ready for my husband to say screw u and get out! If this is how they treat out service members who are defending our country and giving their lives for our country what else are they going to do in the future? This is not the first time service members won’t get paid so why hasn’t there been something put in place to ensure that it wouldn’t happen again! There are very fear families that can go without a paycheck or even half a paycheck! So are the utility companies, cable companies, auto lenders, mortagage companies going to be understanding and say Oh okay…pay when you can or are they going to say tough and pay now or it will reflect on your credit report and we don’t care! AER loans are not the solution either, if service members do that then they have to pay it back because we all know the government isn’t going to pay those for us even they are the reason we will have to have them!

  • Melody

    i agree with Jaime . My husband who is on a Sub just called and asked if we could survive without a paycheck and I told him no we will need assistance. I mean seriously what the F #$k. This needs to be dealt with on a mature level . I guess the Gov’t just cares about their paychecks because the Senate will still get paid there is a bill saying that they still get their checks , what about the people who put their lives on the line!

  • SAJ

    I think this whole mess about military personnel not getting paid is outrageous!
    After all the sacrifices we have made by being away from our families for deployments and training! I just think it’s a shame.

  • Brandi

    This is ridiculous. So many men and women are deployed thinking their families will be taken care of and now this. Think about all the man and women who are deployed risking their lives, my husband included. How are WE supposed to live?



    • Joose

      Congress is all about greed, nothing more and nothing less!

      • terri

        I concur with you. Personally I understand that they are elected officials, however I don’t feel that they should receive pay higher than that of a GS employee. Lets take the difference in pay and put that towards the budget. If we really look at it they have for the most the same primay bills that any active duty military personnel have. So lets pay them on that pay scale.

  • GradyPhilpott

    The big question for me is if the executive and legislative branches will be paid.

    Of course, most of them are millionaires, anyway and the president gets free room and board.

    I’m a disabled vet, so according to what I’ve heard, we’re covered regardless of what happens.

    I’d like to see the same for active and retired military, too.

    The good news is that the shut down is likely to be short and if there is a missed payday, there will back pay for all those who were left out during the shut down.

    Good luck to all and I would suggest contacting your legislators telling them to get on the stick or get ready to move home next election.

  • Kelmy Rivera

    Ok! If soldiers at Combat zone like Iraq or Afg. don’t get paid then…let them stop defending freedom! yeah right! We need to be realistic. CONUS DOD staff ? ok., but not to our follow soldiers at front lines…. They already have many things to think about… An ENEMY… If this happends to our front line soldiers our contry is loosing patriotism.

  • milispouse

    Heard this all before, they love to dangle this information to the troops (who rightly so react) and to pressure and bully different political parties. Just more BS from both parties.

  • Carm

    It is crazy how they will take from those who are serving and those who have served but have not mentioned anything about cutting congress pay or getting rid of there benefits. Better yet get rid of all them since they dont know what they are doing anyway!

    • Joose

      Exactly, but what can we Americans do? Really, what can we do? I want to know. Greed Greed Greed!!!

  • doc jerry

    My thought is that if the combined governmental bodies cannot work out an agreement for the operational budget of the country, that includes the military, and end up shutting down…….well, guess what……bring our military personnel home lock stock and barrell. it is our service men and women that are putting their lives on the line, not the government office workers that will whine because there is no toilet paper available, who will suffer the most. We went through this during Viet Nam, no budget passed, we had to tell our air force patients the government did not pass the budget so here is nose tissues to toilet use.

  • patriot1776

    well the nfl players association walked out of negotiations when they couldnt get an agreement, maybe the military should walk out on the government…or better yet, start a new rebellion like our forefathers. when a nation is unhappy with its rulers it has the RIGHT and RESPONSIBILITY to overthrow that government. who is happy with all these double standards our ‘career poliicians’? our forefathers never intended our country to be run by career policiticians who are more worried about getting reelected then for staqnding up for what they believe in, the views we elected them for.

  • 2429019

    congess still gets paid because they made themselves exempt and their aids so it wont bouher tem if active a nd disable and reserve dont get paid because they get paid no matter if a shutdown or not thanks for protecting your pay and giving yourself a 10% raise when there has been no cola increases in the last two years but you increased yours that you vote on for yourself 10% every year regaurdless what every other american get or not get so in the past two years congress your pay has increased 20% and you all get paid no matter if government shuts down or not so from a combat veteran let me say congress dont take away from your military and veterans give your pay to them so you can sit on your seats and do nothing.

    • Laura

      Congressional members don’t get paid during a government shut down. In fact, the Senate passed a bill March 1st to prohibit Members of Congress and the President from receiving pay during Government shutdowns. Non essential employees are furloughed and wont be paid for the days they’re furloughed unless Congress votes to pay them after a shutdown is over. Essential employees who continue working won’t be paid until a budget is passed.

      • tina


  • Travis Shane Eubanks

    hey lets not blame parties lets get to the truth we pay these people to tell our opinion over 85 million a year each person makes over 160000 a year just to say what the people want do they really need this much to meet every once in a while to say the people does or dont want a bill passed if we get to decide on what they say then why cant we cut their pay in half we will be saving almost 43 million a year we would save a billion dollars in 25 years so what is the real problem we are facing is that we got some greedy selfish people telling us what we want

  • Kelmy Rivera


    April 6, 2011 at 7:47 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Exactly, but what can we Amer­i­cans do? Really, what can we do? I want to know. Greed Greed Greed!!!”

    I know is good to help other nations… but we need to assist our nation needs first in order to help others… And we expect congress staff is included to be shut down. The law begings were it was created… A good leader leads by the example.

  • foxisland2

    That is correct. Uniformed members of the military were deemed ‘necessary’ and were exempt from pay interruptions in past government shutdowns. I understand that any interruption in pay is a major thing for most all military families. My husband elected to stay on a once-a-month pay cycle when he got out of basic because it worked for making his car payment, etc. so we always had to budget for the month rather than every 2 weeks like most do. That required more discipline and planning, but I think it was a good move in the long run.

  • Lisa

    What are we supposed to do?? Go to our apartment office and tell them since we didnt get paid that they aren’t either?? They aren’t going to want to hear that!! They are going to want their money! They are going to cause alot of families to get evicted, and then what are we supposed to do? My husband is the only worker in our home, how do they exspect us to feed our children??!!! This is just dumb!! There should be a seperate bill for military personell, so we dont have to worry about this at all!!

  • N. Jackson

    Our brave military men and women are being made pawns in the Congressional tug-of-war with the FY 2011 budget. The impact of not having an approved budget more than half way into the fiscal year is insidious and has already had a dramatic effect on our military industrial complex. I specifically request that you embrace and support HR 1297, the Ensuring Pay For Our Military Act, and further ask that you expedite its passage into law so our troops and their families do not suffer loss of pay and benefits in the process. For either party to “shut down our government” while trying to pin the blame on the opposition is absolutely unconscionable, particularly when the United States is expected to be the world’s protectorate and is at war on three fronts.

    I also ask that you place the well-being of our great nation ahead of your personal party affiliation and pass a budget with at least $60 billion in cuts this fiscal year so that we may begin the process of returning this country to financial solvency and not pass on tens of trillions of dollars in debt to our children and grandchildren. Thank you.

  • Mrs. Davis

    Does anyone know if this passes and we don’t get paid, does that void our contracts with phone companies and BAH and stuff? We live on that paycheck and we won’t be able to pay ANY bills if we don’t get it. So are we going to get charged all kinds of late fees and have our interest increased if we can’t pay our bills because we aren’t getting paid? If anyone has any information on that, please comment!

    • Joey smith

      I wish it would void the contract I signed to join the military.



  • NAF Employee

    It depends on what type of funding your facility is under. ex: APT, NAF, ect. Even different catagories fall under different codes. I am a NAF employee but I am under CAT C so yes, I am effected.

  • Childish Politicians

    Politicians are so childish. The democrats made some minor concessions to make themselves look good and to lay the blame on the republicans when they reject them. The republicans are afraid of the Tea Party, so they won’t compromise, and the Tea Party is living in an alternate universe.

  • Elenor

    I just created a petition entitled Help the military still get PAID!, because I care deeply about this very important issue.
    To read more about what I’m trying to do and to sign my petition, click here:
    Spread the word!

  • Hortense

    How many realize that it was the decision by Nancy Peleosi (D-CA) and Harry Reid (D-NV) to NOT bring a DoD Appropriations bill to the floors before the November elections?

  • Vivian

    This is messed up!!! I am currently serving in Kuwait. I’m trying to use the links to contact my congressman to support this bill , but it’s blocked by our signal company. In other words I can’t access the link to contact my rep on a goverment computer… That’s insane.So I wonder why all the service members this affects in theater, why we can’t contact our reps to help ourselves?????



  • sgt wife

    This is ridiculous. I’m a army wife. And they are cutting out mitarys pay. its our soldier who keep us safe and they want to take our pay. This is insane. Obama needs out he sucks. Didn’t have this problem before. None cares about our troops and their families

    • Army wife

      This is not Obama’s fault…this All started with Bush, don’t blame it all on Obama…

  • Doc Wallace

    If Obama is not going to pay the troops – is he still going to call NORCOMM when things go bad? I can see McCrystal now at the head of a colume of tanks at 1600 Pennsyvania Ave saying “You Called, Sir?”

  • tina