DoD Asks for TRICARE Premium Increases

UPDATE: The proposed House Budget for 2012 includes a provision which would block DoD’s attempt to raise TRICARE premiums. Read more.

DoD plans to ask Congress to enact a law to permanently peg the rate of increase for TRICARE Prime premiums to the National Healthcare Expenditure (NHE) Index. This increase targets military retirees under age 65.

A DoD official told the press that the decision to use the NHE Index was made because it was transparent, easy to understand, and “fair.” But, the NHE Index was 3.1 percent in 2009; and over the past 25 years, the average annual increase has been 6.4 percent.

This 6.4 percent average increase is huge when compared to the cost-of-living-adjustment for military retiree pay.

Many veterans’organizations have been pushing to peg the TRICARE Prime premium increase to the annual COLA, which is tied to the Consumer Price Index. Jimmie L. Foster, national commander of The American Legion said that the “DoD plan is unacceptable. Many of our military retirees live on fixed incomes and their COLA just doesn’t keep up with the National Health Expenditure Index.”

Over the last 25 years, the COLA increase has averaged 2.8 percent; 3.6 percent less than the rise in national health expenditures. This will mean more out-of-pocket expenses for military retirees and their families.

Is this a “fair” increase for retirees who have not seen a COLA increase since 2008? Let your elected officials know how you fell about this issue.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • POed SFC

    So while our COLA is a joke (0% this year) THESE premiums will quickly eat up more and more of our retired pay-what utter B*LLSH*T..who came up with this POS idea??? Oh yes, little Snuffy Private,definately stay in until retirement, this country honors its promise to its veterans and retirees.

  • Troy

    I just finished serving 24 years on active duty honorably, I have fought several wars, lost my family because of my blind devotion to my unit and country. Loyalty is a single path traveled only by you teammates a one way street! Now these fancy talking, lying SOB’s from that Marxist in the Oval Office to that yes man at the Pentagon, has dug a financial fox hole they cannot see out of. So who do they target? The guys that gave them the freedom, to spend us to the brink of financial oblivion! I got an idea, lets take away Presidential and Congressional pensions, do away with General Officer 100% retirement plans and oh maby stop giving tax refunds to people who don’t work and pay taxes just a thought -De Oppresso Liber

    • Robert

      I agree its time to take back our country. Our founding fathers did not intend on a pension for our leaders better than the people they serve.I served this country with pride when it was not a popular thing called a baby killer , but was promised medical at any military base till I died at no cost. Now I’am told my recuiter lied to me! This was told to me at a P.E.B. hearing by three officers O-6 grade. So I guess we they lied to me. WE have Illeagals drawing SSI and SSD that are not even citizens of this country. We have people drawing SSI who used drugs getting a hand out, and people who lived on welfare all there lives getting SSI. What is going on?

      • Mark R

        Our founding fathers didn’t have a pension…

        • sstvns7

          Thanks for the insight Mark… One could also say that the founders were literally defending their own families, property, livelihood & giving birth to a nation free of the empire. Slightly different incentive (land and autonomy vice pension) than Washington’s belief that we should bring democracy to the world – wouldn’t you say? I am surprised that you even found this debate – since you seem to believe it to be an open discussion about pension instead of health-care costs, and promises broken. But if it were – and since this is a volunteer military… Can’t you at least suppose that an individual enters a contract with the government to do a job – one with contractual obligations? Funny how people who perhaps don’t EARN a pension have negative things to say about those who do… Why do you suppose that is? Why do you suppose many of those same people believe our American tax dollars should fund a health care program for all, without so much as a pre-qualification of being drug free to obtain it? Because people like you – do not think things through when envisioning some Utopia.. They are good at that part… Envisioning something for some one else to pay for…

    • Dianne

      OMG…so well put, I could not have written it better myself!! I was beginning to think I was alone in how i felt. You’re 100%!

      Thank you for your service soldier…blessings and respect to you and yours!

    • Madeleine

      Welcome to the real world. When my husband divorced me after 20 yrs in the military, the government took away all my benefits which included medical, commissary and PX. It took many military wives to fight back to get back our benefits. I am so sorry you have been put in that finantial position.
      After stripping me of all my benefits, I got a beautiful letter from Washington, when my ex-husband retired. It was congratulating me for being such a good support system for my husband during the 20 years that me and my children sacrificed time away from our families.

    • Rebecca Goodin

      Right On Troy, good truth.

    • Cheryl


    • SigonellaPC3

      “DoD plans to ask Congress”…

      Where does the “Marxist” fit into this?

      Not everything is Obama’s fault. Do some research instead of being a tool for the corporations…

      • TexanPatriot

        “Marxist”: Means supporting implementation of the 10 pillars of Communism as laid out by Karl Marx. Marxist as in supporting that agenda, which includes forced redistribution of wealth from the producers to the needy (unproductive) for the good of society. Marxist as in lack of respect for Private Property. Marxist as in the raising of a “labor army”. Marxist as in support of a heavy progressive tax. Marxist as in centralization of credit in hands of the state, like Student Loan programs and Fannie and Freddie. Marxist as in centralization of communications and transportation in the hands of the state. Marxist as in Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State…..GM, anyone? Marxist as in education for all children in GOVERNMENT schools.

        So….he’s not a Marxist all of a sudden? It’s VERY relevant!

        • mymind

          Wake up–the only people getting hammered are the UNRICH–Bush loved him his ultra rich buddies….

      • GWW428

        The one good thing is we already have been taught how to fight for our rights. Keep pushing us and see what happens. I will not live as a socialist!!!!!

      • myming

        As a matter of fact, it was Bush that inherited a surplus…..and Obabma that inherited a deficit…people forget that

        • f1shk1ller

          A surplus given to him by Clinton under a Republican Congress and Senate and spent by him and a Democrat Congress and Senate he was under for 6 years. When his taxes cut for the working class go away in 2013 you will wish they were back get ready to pay 3-5K more a year in taxes.

      • MuscleMax

        It comes from people that don’t know what they are talking about.

      • 29 year vet

        Who does the Department of Defense work for? Who has to approve their requests since they are part of the executive branch? Oh, wait, that would be the President.

      • liquisword71

        Thank you for clearing this notion up!!!!!
        People need to understand how our government really operates.

    • Alice Rowl

      I agree we don’t need to pay for our insurance or anything else My late husband served over 30 yrs in the service of his country and end up with dying because of agent orange. we as his dependence need not have to pay for taxes. We already are living on limited income

      • armybrat

        Oh Alice I am sympathetic to your case, but come on darlin you are drawing social security and survivor benefits (retirement income) on his behalf. As his dependent you are still eligible to receive many benefits most don’t receive. It could be worse, your husband could have been an alcoholic after Nam,discharged under honorable conditions at 18 years (Purple Heart recipient) to avoid a dishonorable due to his disease before he was retirement eligible. He left my mom and siblings with nothing but debt due to his disease because his bottle and cigarettes were more important than his family.

    • momarlon

      Troy, this is just another broken promise to vets. PLEASE use the link above to “let your elected officials know how you feel about this issue”. Maybe if THEY had to foot the bill for their medical care, instead of getting them free for life, they’d rethink this. And they wonder why the retention and new recruit level is so low.

    • JohnDave

      Yep. RHO is the biggest lying, socialistic, traitorous piece of excrement that has ever been in the presidential chair. OSB to ya RHO.

    • AMEN! Couldnt have said it better..Keep on trucking kiddo.

    • Wilma

      I served in the military and then married a career serviceman. We were all promised free healthcare and then along came TRICARE. The DoD contracted out their responsibilities to them to manage military healthcare and this is what you get. Too bad that all of us do not live near Washington DC and all the available military care facilities like the Pentagon brass do; then we might not be so upset.

      It is time to send a clear message to Congress, if you vote for this, you lose my vote; period end of discussion.

    • GWW428

      man when I joined they told me for 20 years service I would get FREE health care for life. They lied to me when I joined and they lie to me now. I loved the Army. I lived the Army, My family lived the Army. Now these people who get elected and never served a minute especially the Socialist that these people who wanted change want to take more of our benefits away. Congress and the Senate will be taken care of for free. The Idiot and his family will be taken care of for life for free but fighting men and women we don’t deserve what we got for them. What a fool I am!!

    • papajoe

      Well stated!!!

    • Recce1

      Troy, let’s require our politicians, including appointees, to be put into the military health system, including going to military or veterans hospitals instead of top civilian hospitals. We should also change their retirement system to resemble the military system. Make them only eligible for retirement after 4 terms and then at age 65. I say 4 terms as I favor Term Limits.

      By the way, I don’t favor pegging Try-To-Get-Care fee increases to the COLA. I favor the DoD keeping it’s promise to provide FREE medical and dental care to all retires and their qualified dependents. I also favor as Robert implies a ban on welfare, health, education, housing, or food benefits to illegals thru a constitutional amendment. The only benefit should be a free plane ticket back to their home country, after an prison time required. Also, we should bill the home countries for illegal criminals prison time.

    • Well the important thing to communicate here is to tell those who depend on our vote to keep them in office that we will be voting for those who do right by the military After 22+ years I get $1600 per month to live on… and I take care of my father (a WWII vet at 85 yrs old) and until he passes I can’t take care of him and work so we survive on his retirement and mine…
      Something is wrong with who we have in washington.

    • Johnny

      how true!! I did 23 years to end up getting screwed with no VASOLINE!!!!!!! but they that sit back here in D.C. smoking cigars and eating $200.00 dollars dinners or lunches don’t and havent gave up their families to go overseas for 6 months to 2 years and have to come back to lose their dam famly!! I know the answer is here just cut their pay some and put that toward the retired military health care! They are getting taking care of and ain’t got shot at or put their life in danger once but get all the money !!!!!!! is that fair to the people that served????????

    • Squidly

      Troy, are you running for office? You have have my vote.

    • Brian

      Exactly! Twenty five years, two wars, etc. Now I get my reward. Promises are written on the wind. But our beloved politicians don’t put a dime into health care or social security., serve one day and have a retirement to die for.

    • Edutech

      I myself have served over 20 plus and am retired but really can’t retire as the increases that are coming down the pike will take what little I do make and put it into someones pocket who doesnt deserve it. I figured that the elected officials need to feel our pain and quit giving them free medical and retirement after just a few years. take away there 12 mil for staff for each senator and congressman per year. Take away the free lunch they have been getting and make em pay it back. Quit paying foreign countries to thumb their noses at us and most of all quit inflating the myth on oil and gas. The larger companies get 10 bil per qtr earnings and we get the shaft. If you want to cut then cut out the stupid garbage that goes on in the budget to build bridges that go know where and to study cow farts and crap like that. That leads up to a few billion really quick. USE a smart knife not a politicians knife with no thought of the consequences of their actions. Make them pay too and see if they feel the pain.

    • Bob

      So they lie about our benifits…..Were are a good photo op…..What going to happen next are the going to shoot us in thre streets llike they did to other Vets because they stood up for there rights….These jack asses Military leadership to the D.C. Politicians have no CORE VALUES they are all liars and crooks…..I say let them go fight the next war and earn there money.

    • Gerald Leavell

      Concur wholeheartedly. Take away the pension and health benefits currently enjoyed by the Congress members and see how fast they adjust the budget to get a health care program everyone can live with. The problem lies with the Haves making all the decisions for those less fortunate.

    • SgtBob

      After 30 years in two branches of the military, I see nothing has changed – except those who were deriding us for serving in Vietnam (e.g., Jane Fonda and her ilk among others) are now leading our country. So – what the F… did we expect from these traitors? We should have known better than to trust any of them from Berkley to Boston with our lives. Does that make us stupid or just patriots?

    • Harvey

      You are spot on Troy. Lets not forget the “other perks” those meatheads get, such as their health care. Typical stuff, use us and throw us to the wolves while the pretty boys and girls in their ivory palace think of more ways to stick it to the Vet. Why doesn’t this type of legislation require a vote by the people not the slugs that are suppose to represent us all, not just those in the Washington scene?

    • harvey

      Lets not forget the remarks that came from the mouth of that “tool” in the white house when he felt service men and women should pay their own insurance as they “volunteered” for military service. Thats what he learned as a community organizer, which gave him so much experience to run for public office ,let alone for president. To increase the amount they are is a joke, before long we will be paying the government for our privilege of having served.

      • MSGT Sowders

        I don’t remember that as having happened. Please provide the proof that this happend. I’m insterested, in the truth. If it happened and it’s not just hot air, I’d be impressed. Impress me.

        • MSGT Sowders

          BTW I do remember this coming from the mouth of the greatest tool to ever be elected, Bush.

          • PatriotGunny

            Ok MSGT, while Harvey was not quite accurate, steps were taken by the Obama team (in 2009) to change things regarding military health insurance (see link below )
            ” to make veterans pay for treatment of service-related injuries with private insurance” …and while I don’t agree with all of Bush’s decisions, I do feel that Obama is headed in the wrong direction. I totally agree with Troy, back at the top of this post…
            and in response to your “BTW” regarding Bush, please provide the proof that this happend. I’m insterested, in the truth. If it happened and it’s not just hot air, I’d be impressed. Impress me.

          • PatriotGunny

            BTW – Thank you for your service. God bless you and your family! (Seriously!!)

            An old retired Marine

    • Barry

      Troy I lost a portion of my GI Bill back in the 70’s after just “reenlisting” Congress came up with the “use it or lose it” ten year limitation that had never existed before. Through Service, raising a family and other reason I only got three years completed. After service got a job working for the Post Office then Reagan determined I and hundreds of thousands of others were “double dipping” and a new law was passed that the Social Security that I earned previously and in a second job would be cut by 60 percent. Counter to past history the Majority of our elected officials today are not “Veterans” and only care about you when they want you to fight and sacrifice yourself and your family. Its after you leave the Service you find out how little they really cared about you in the first place. Oh, Reagan till the day he died (Nancy continues) to draw full Social Security, a Federal Pension, a State Of California Pension, a Screen Actors Guild Pension, etc….

    • tomvet

      you hit the nail on the head thanks for you service sorry you had to lose so much just to serve your country Semper Fi

    • reb

      Circumstances change as they do in battle. One has to adapt, so ADAPT.

    • Dan

      Given that this has been a DOD proposal for over 5 years , you viciousness is out of control! And the DOD excessive spending has been going on for 10 years. If you would study history bush had a surplus when he came into office and destroyed it by giving tax cuts to the rich with no jobs created.


      BINGO! My fellow patriot! We are an easy target, and they would never carry that target on “their backs”!

    • Loretta


      I am sorry you lost your family due to your loyality to our country. I am a wife that stood behind my Husband who served 21 yrs. He was in Korea, but because of his career field he stayed home most of the time. But he spent many days on call and not being able to get anywhere, But at least he was here at home. Now he is gone, has been since 1995 and I receive nothing at all, from his retirement or the VA. Yet he died of Leukemia due to the radiation from working in Radar operations his whole career. I was always there for him and made sure he was fed good and was on time and had his uniform in top condition and inspection order. Plus I raised our 3 children. This was his own doing, he loved his country enough to die for it and that he did. REMEMBER OUR CONGRESS IS WORKING FOR US AND THEY WERE MEANT TO RECEIVE PAY AS GOOD AS THE SERVICE MEMBERS, NO MORE AND NO LESS. i AM SURE IF THAT IS IN THE CONSTIUTION OR NOT BUT I HAVE HEARD IT ON TV.

    • mamadoll

      Troy and all you other GIs. I am a widow of a fellow GI. And I am sure you all know what “GI” stands for. And that is the way we are all being treated. “GOVERNMENT ISSUE” But the are the people of the congress also Government Issue???? We should be treated as they would like to be treated. SO LET US ALL CUT THEIR PAY DOWN TO WHAT THE GiS GET.

    • J. Wilch

      My Brother, I also served this wonderful country (38 yrs) with the Army, Army Guard, Army Reserve, Air Guard. I was lucky as to my family, they put up with me being gone: Anniversary (40 yrs now), Holidays, Birthdays. Now, our so called leaders want to shaft us again. I haven’t seen a raise on my Service-connected Disability or Military Retirement for two years (now three) while they received the Annual raise. We need to toss the bums out before they cause more trouble. GOD BLESS THE USA and ALL OUR MILITARY HEROES!

    • Kevin

      I also did 22 years, when I joined I also was told I would have free medical and dental for life. That slowely eroded to putting my family on a plan I had to pay for and once retired everything went down hill. I dont think people would mind paying what we are currently paying but all this talk about increases while our government officials are on the gravy train is a bunch of crap. Lets put them on even ground before they start trying to screw the people that put their life on the line every day. Let them do 20 or more years before they are eligable for retirement. Also if the plans they want to put the military on is so good and fair then make it for all government employees including congress and the senate. De Oppresso Liber

      • fightnwo2010

        right there with you =). Kevin De Oppresso Liber

  • znut

    I agree oure and utter BS from a government whose mouth wrote checks its butt can no lnoger cash… the spent all of the social secuirty funds, have probably been dipping into medicare and now want to screw us… Is there really a surprise here? I think not, but I sure wish this would not happen

  • XParaman

    Robert, I could not agree more with your assessment of the situation of this country. A congressman can serve one term and recieve a pension that is much better then ours. I do not believe our founding fathers intended that to happen. If you notice, the people who make the budgets never seem to cut their benifits, which make our look pitiful. I too was told that I would recieve free medical for life, it was what was told to most who enlisted back when. It was the truth then, but our lying politicians and the upper ecolon at the pentigon are twisting it so they can cut our medical and pensions to pay for their over indulgence in spending and huge pork they spend to promote themselves. Its time to take back this country from these career politicians, and get some honest people in there.

    • retiree

      Your argument would be better if you had real facts.

      1. Congressmen (Senators and Representatives) are under FERS, the same retirement system as federal employees.

      2. Congressmen are under FEHBP, same health benefit plan as federal employees.

      So no, they can’t retire with benefits after one term, nor do they get medical care for life. They actually pay premiums for medical care.

      Oh, and Congress broke the promise for free medical care in 1996 when they instituted fees.

    • ruby

      Robert, I do not know who you will vote for – last time everyone voted the Republicans into Congress and now look what is happening! I think what we need to do is not vote the one way street – lets vote to get a balance in the congress and senate – that way they cannot push all their pork bills thru!

    • Clifford Keys

      Robert – you are right on target! I invested 30 years, 18 months, 28 days anbd 22 hours on active duty including Korea, Vietnam, and two Pentagon tours, and now along with my fellow veterans I am being screwed by our Washington “leadership” whio get great perks while promised benefits to veterans are being reduced. Now TRICARE will increase, but we have not seen a COLA adjustment to our retirement pay since 2008, but Washington can give billions of dollars to Pakastan even though they knew Benladen was enjoying life there. How can I in good faith encouraqge my grandchildren to volunteer for a military career now.

      Clifforde E. Keys, PH.D.
      Colonel, United States Army (Retired)

      • Tired Vet

        Clifforde, I agree with you, and Troy. I have wrote to my Congressman, and Senators (Demint, and Graham) with NO response from this about the way the Veterans are being treated. But they can give themselves a big raise while vets are getting a big slap in the face. I say until they can give Retirees a big raise, they get nothing.

    • Allen

      I agree with XParaman. I spent 22 years and did everything our government asked of me. In returned they was to give me my complete benifits after retirement. Congress love to come on TV and make themself look as if they are goning to protect the people from over spenting, but all they are doing is protecting the rich, themself, and the hell with the once that are making the country function. I love this country but until we start taking care of our own and not every Ton, Dick, and Harry we’ll continue to have unemployment and low income families.

    • john beard

      i agree also ,i was told the same back when i enlisted in every year they take a little more back,i truly believe its just a matter of time before you will not be able to draw full military retirement and social security at the same will be offset similar to va compensation

  • Renee A

    “this targets retirees underage”
    Oh, you mean all the ones who are coming back with their arms and legs blown off? “Yes, Thank you so much for giving your body parts. Now lets see how we can screw you more” because we know you WANT to be retired before the age of retirement.
    I know my husband wanted to retired from his military career this way.

    This is laughable.

    • retiree

      No, those folks are provided for under the VA system, and continue to get care. This is for those who served and retire without disabilities from service.

      • YeahRight!

        And the VA system is a joke!

      • Allison

        No, genius, many young, combat-disabled retirees (including myself) rely on Tricare For Life for our medical care because the VA facilities are too far away or of terrible quality. And before you start in about how high VA 100% compensation is, the only people who seem to be able to get through the traumatic and lengthy process of getting a 100% rating are the ones who are perfectly healthy. I know of several people who have a 100% who are working full-time jobs, while those of us who are having trouble getting through the day are lucky to get 40-50%. I even have a 100% rating from the Army (for a whopping $1600/month in benefits, about $300 of which goes to co-pays for Tricare). Thankfully, my husband has a good job so we can get by, but many other vets are not as blessed. Get a clue.

        • Wounded Dave

          Right on target Alison! I’m in the tiny minority of military combat wounded warriors in that I’m getting medically retired due to wounds but have over 20 years active duty. Before anyone says how lucky I am, I’ve been hospitalized five times and can no longer perform my military job due to my wounds. The Wounded Warrior office said to apply for SSDI/SSI; they denied it saying I make too much money. SBP is already ridiculously high, $350/mo, now DoD wants to bump up TRICARE? No! I am a hospital administrator and have 21 years experience in this field, so I too know the ins and outs of what DoD’s Surgeons General are trying to do. Don’t blame retirees and family members for a grossly inefficient and redundant system: why does each service need a major hospital (Andrews, Walter Reed, and NNMC Bethesda in Capital region, same deal with Army & AF in San Antonio) in the same cachement areas? How long did it take to finally start conducting joint basic medical courses together? Don’t tell me it’s service culture; that’s BS – I was Navy/USMC medicine, then commissioned Air Force, with 2 of 4 combat tours chopped to the Army – a femur is a femur, and human A&P is the same regardless of uniform. Bottom line, don’t let our DoD healthcare number crunchers tell you it’s the price of quality medicine until they can prove to us and our legislators they’re operating at maximum efficiency. For our Wounded Warriors (especially our junior enlisted heroes) unable to work, and living on a single fixed income, raising rates will be catastrophic. Contact your representatives and let them know how their vote on this measure will affect YOUR vote on their next election. Then we Wounded Warriors need to quietly but firmly make our presence felt through Wounded Warrior Project and other orgs. We have two choices here, take meaningful relevant action through our very strong collective voice to our elected officials, or we can remain here on message boards talking about this injustice and inequitable treatment at the hands of those who’ve never walked through ***** gates in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Laos, and the other garbage heaps of humanity.

          • Allison

            Dave, don’t give up on the SSDI. There’s two types, SS disability, which is based on severity of your condition, not income. As long as you are unable to work at all due to your disability, you will eventually qualify after 12 months of total disability. Try again after you are completely out. SSI is for very low income disabled people who need extra help, and you aren’t likely to qualify with any military retirement benefits coming your way. Also, don’t forget CRSC/CRDP if you are length-of-service and combat-related medically retirement eligible. Good luck!

          • Mike

            This is going to be short. The elected officials only care about what will get them elected again and how bad will you be able to hurt them in getting this done. If all of the active, retired and just plain got out for what ever reason were to get togather on this and every other action that affects us we could make a difference. Going through the different organizations that are representing us is great but not as powerful as what we can do at the polls. We all need to stand togather in our local communities and hit the polls every election and get rid of those career politiions that only want more time in the elected seat. LETS ALL GET TOGATHER ON THIS AT THE POLLS.

        • Frost

          Right on point Allison. I use Tricare Prime for my health care as I live 4 hours from the nearest VA and using them as my medical care is impossible. Especially with a bullet lodged in my frontal lobe. This is targeting those of us who were medically retired for the highest increases. Thank you Obama and your goons for punishing soldiers for your inability to stop spending.


          We have some heartless,low lifes in the DOD who are calling for these increases. They could care less about the retirees living on fixed incomes. The pensions are a joke to begin with and YES the
          quality of care at the VA clinics need a lot of improvement. What kind of message are we sending the young people who are considering joining the military? Not good enough to convince them to enlist. Another thing, If a person is able to work they shouldn’t be entitled to any VA compension at all, also if they are
          caught working and drawing VA compensation they should be arrested and lose their VA compensation.

        • Retro

          My husband was one of those who was medically retired due to PTSD and a permanently injured back due to combat. He was rated at 40% by the Navy and VA at 50%. However, he only gets $265 from the Navy and $899 from the VA. Neither of those equates to 50%. He should have a higher rating but that’s not possible. He can’t work any old job because of his back injuries and because of his disorder. Yet his pension barely covers our rent and truck payment. And Tricare takes about $40 of his the Navy portion of pay, he uses Tricare because we are over 45 minutes away from the nearest VA center and his last experience was sub-par at best. They never followed up and just kept prescribing higher and higher doses of meds without any follow-ups. I’d rather he stuck with Tricare. And the “free” medical through the VA is ONLY if you sustained the injury or what have you through the military. Anything that was before or after your service or not directly connected to your service is considered not covered under that “free” umbrella, everything else has a co-pay. At least that’s what my husband was told. I feel that he and thousands of other disabled veterans are getting the short end of the stick. We lost our house, are in debt up to our eyeballs because we had to use credit cards to survive when neither of us could find work to cover mortgage and basic necessities, and now the government is about to give the veterans another shit kick in the rear. How trite.

    • J. Miller

      They have been taking things from retirees for many years. Remember when it wasn’t supposed to cost the retiree or his family anything for healthcare…they were suppose to give FREE HEALTHCARE for life,,,that is… until they decided to change it. You don’t see Congress changing anything regarding their benefits or raises! I think it’s about time to take the so-and -so’s to court and sue them for lost benefits that were guaranteed under contract and for their dipping into Social Security when it was supposed to be untouchable!!! Sue everyone in Congress (them personally and their estates) who had anything to do with stealing from the retirees …whether they are military or civilian!!

  • Robin A. Ammon

    I am just going to keep this short, THIS IS BS

  • Mike

    you’all know who to vote for next year

    • fulletk

      You mean vote for the Republicans who want to reduce the federal debt by reducing entitlements like Social Security, Medicare, veterans pensions and veterans medical care. For years, medical costs have been increasing at a much higher rate than other costs of living. The Republicans want to repeal the health care reforms that are set to kick in and control health care costs. They also want to replace Medicare with a voucher system to require you to buy your own health insurance. And if the Republicans succeed in cutting Medicare, you can bet your bippy they will also include Tricare.

      So, you know who to vote for, right?

      • Easy

        Yes, anybody but Obama and no, it is not because of his race, it is because he is spending us into oblivion and selling us down the tubes daily. Democrat….get a life!

      • Sgt. Malone

        Yo Fulletk,

        **** no idiot The Republicans want to put some common sense BACK into this screwed up entitlement crap. Hopefully billions will be rerouted from medical care for illegals, free education for illegals. Millions from NPR, millions from Planned Parenthood, billions from Brazil (for them to drill for oil, but not us ) and billions from freekin’ foreign aid to every sink hole country you can throw a dart at. Like another poster stated: Get a clue!!!!!

      • Marty

        I agree “fulletk”. Our country was on a free fall into a major depression after 8 years with Bush/Cheney and full Republican control of congress. Obama inherited a mess that no president experienced in our history and not only had to turn this ship around despite overwhelming challenges but the Republicans have been fighting him all the way. Go ahead, vote for Donald Trump or one of the clueless teabaggers. As for us, we’re moving to Costa Rica if the keys are handed dback to the GOP. Haven’t you learned anything?????

        • 29 year vet

          But Obama got everything he wanted from his vast Democratic majority the first two years – wow – it really improved things didn’t it?

        • nailthem1

          i hate to tell ya this but the dems were in charge when bush was in

    • momarlon

      More like who NOT to vote for.

    • Kim

      Well It was no Obama that went on the spending spree that got us into this mess

    • disappointed

      Who? The people in Congress don’t care if they are re-elected or not because they still get a better pension than you or me. Tell me ONE person in Congress that truely care about you or me. Only a handful have really been in the trenches and know what sacrifices that a military family endures in their career. I used to look up to our leaders, but with everthing that has been happening the last couple of years with the so called Stimulus packages, to outright throwing money at people, my faith in our leaders is slowly being drained.

    • sgtm7

      The problem is that it is the DOD that is making this suggestion to congress. This isn’t coming from the administration or from either house in congress, but from the DOD. Probably some active duty or retired general involved with the proposal. Talk about being stabbed in the back!!!!

    • Jerry

      Who – tell me who???????

    • fightnwo2010

      Yeah, some prisoner from Ft Knox would run the country better than this Goon has. and oh yeah maybe he wouldn’t have our constitution stripped as it is being done now.

  • Dr. to a servicemember with no arms and legs. ”Now sir/mamm I need you to just get up off your a** and sign this paperwork.” ”what do you mean you can’t?”I guess we can’t help you then.” Sorry to those who have to suffer that type of injury. I can’t even fathom it. Those and their families that have to take care of them, the strength of the true patriots and supporters behind you.

    • fulletk

      I’m not sure what your point is here. This article is about Tricare, not disabled veterans’ benefits. Tricare s an entitlement, just like Medicare. Health care costs have been increasing at a very high rate for several years now. If the U.S. is going to reduce the budget deficit by cutting entitlements, veterans benefits such as Tricare will have to be part of the mix.

      • texasrose

        Sorry fulletk, Tricare is NOT welfare…..When our service members signed up they were promised certain benefits for serving their country and retiring. Knowing that those benefits would be in place, service members and their families served and sacrificed. We survived at $25.00 a month above poverty level (yes, I looked into food stamps 30 years ago as I struggled to feed my family) but held my head high and raised my family without griping knowing that I would be taken care of on the other side. Now this too will be taken if our government keeps taking away our “promised” benefits. I am sick when I see what our “Government” pays themselves and what their retirement packages are…. I am also sick and tired of paying for schooling, medical, and welfare “entitlements” to the illegals!!! We also need to STOP printing voting, DMV pamplets etc. in spanish. This also costs our country greatly!!! This is the U.S. of A. and we need to say enough….one language…. English!!!! Our States are systematically going bankrupt largely in part to this!!! If we can solve these problems plus get our leaders to cut the pork…. this country may just recover

      • archie SFC Army Ret.

        Illegals ,people who won’t work for min wage and all other people who have done nothing to deserve benefits should suffer first. The most improtant cut to save money should be aid to the countries who hate us and are bent on destroying our way of life. Things like this help. Those benefits of which you address were promised years ago and it is amazing how quickly they are forgotten by our elected officals who for the most part never served.

      • Guest

        Tricare is NOT an entitlement. It is part of a retirement package.

      • Guest

        No, Tricare is not an entitlement and neither is the health plan offered to federal employees. There is a difference.

      • 29 year vet

        Wrong – Medicare is an underfunded program for anyone who lives in this country. TRICARE is supposed to be an earned benefit for people who sacrificed for 20+ years of low pay and family separation and combat zone tours to protect the rights and freedoms of all the rest.

  • cabgx2

    It should be held to the increase in COLA.

    • vrf31

      what COLA

    • Marty

      You mean the COLA that hasn’t incresed in years? Yeah, I’m all for that. Also, since we get no COLA increase, why the heck did my federal tax go up on my retire pay? This is just wrong.

  • Yo

    Quit ******* you should all feel lucky to get a pension at all! 99% of folks in the US don’t get one by simply putting in 20yrs on the job. Next time you want to feel sorry for a “recent” retiree, just remember they volunteers to put thier life in danger. I served for 4 years active and still in the Guard, and I’m grateful for any discount I recieve, especially healthcare.

    • Mark

      Only 3% of the nation severs our country. Obama Care is increasing the cost of health care not helping it in anyway. Why should we suffer for their mistakes.

    • Retired MSgt

      Feel “lucky” to get a pension? What a moronic comment from a 4 year wonder.

      We were PROMISED a pension and FREE MEDICAL CARE FOR LIFE if we signed our names, and raised our right hands, and swore to protect and defend our country for 20 years.

      We did our part. Some did MORE than their part and gave their life for this country. All we expect in return is what we were PROMISED when we agreed to put our lives on the line for 20 years.

      “Feel lucky” my a**…

      • LR in FL

        You are ABSOLUTELY !!!! correct on all points

    • vince

      what do you mean we should feel lucky to get a pension? Are you insane? my answer would be yes. This is what was told to service woman and men fight for your country protect everyone and you will be rewarded right…. Free medical for life is that so hard to understand.Where did it say serve one dam term in congress sitting on your ass fighting back and forth with democrats /republicans give yourselves 100% raises and receive a pension when you leave now young person with 4 years of active service do you think that is fair?Lucky my ass this is why after 20 years i am disabled and still fighting for a larger percent. Now thats BS…

    • Easy

      Simply ‘putting in 20 years’? Okay bright boy (or girl), what other ‘job’ can you think of other than police officer, who stand to get their butts blown off while simply ‘putting in 20 years’. Moron!

    • James Holland

      I SERVED IN THE GUARD when I was 15-16 years Old 1953–1955 and went in the Regular Army on my 17th Birthday for the next 21 years- I WAS RA the rest of the way – served in Atomic Energy PG JTF-7 1956 got Schemas’ (9) from Radiation burns, served two tours in Vietnam was wounded hospitalized and volunteered along with 6 others to return to RVN to finish our first tours of the 7 of us 4 didn’t make it. During 4the VIIETNAM WAR the guard was where people avoided GOING TO WAR! That was changed during the Gulf War and later during Enduring Freedom and IRAQ WARS. – They used the Guard – because they wanted to avoid the DRAFT. Lifetime medical care was part of our BENEFITS PACKAGE “Dough-Dough Head”!!! You are probably in what we use to refer to as mental Group IV. You don’t know S*&t… JOB – Your 4 years didn’t amount to a hill of rat feces compared to what a real Soldier had to perform – and we had to perform had leave the army. More than likely that’s why you only did four years – performance. i would like to review your ERs.

    • ruby

      The 99% of Americans you are talking about do not put their lives on the line either buddy! Think about it – many military men do not even see retirement – their families get their bodies back in body bags!

    • TexanPatriot

      Yo (aka little troll),
      You treated your stint as a job, didn’t you?
      I missed 24 years of child birth, school events, relatives funerals, family reunions, vacations, Christmases, rest filled nights, personal security, home ownership, kids knowing lifelong friends, me personally having life long friends. I almost was killed in a plane crash, by an Iranian-made mortar, and by disease.

      My PENSION I have earned as deferred compensation for that I can never regain and as thanks to assist me as I started a new life at a 70% SALARY CUT over where I would have been if I’d been an executive level. My MEDICAL for life WAS PROMISED. The future security was what I opted for in service — and because of people like YOU who bellyache about me having what you were not willing to EARN on your own it’s under threat.

      Go back to your little cushy Guard gig and shut the hell up! (No offense to the “real” dedicated Guard members,, and I mean that, I respect most of you as your hearts are in the right place but some of you had this “chip” like this guy and I love taking them down a few notches. Yo is one of those Guard people I just can’t stand when I had to be around them.)

      — SMSgt

      • springchickenot

        You guys EARNED the free medical care already. Why should you have to pay for it now? It’s already been earned. Does anyone have to pay for their house all over again once it’s paid off?

        • ivdad

          Only with this administration.

    • Netlazer

      We all had a choice and that was yours. This was a promised benefit that kept people serving. You chose your path so don’t criticize those that stayed in because of your poor choice.

    • OGE


    • Wounded Dave

      “Yo” is obviously a troll. Nice effort in deflecting the topic; duly noted. Back to the topic at hand. As a Wounded Warrior on the verge of medical retirement, my fear/concern over raising TRICARE premiums and deductibles is it’s impact on eroding my fixed income, especially should I not be able to find gainful employment to sustain my family. Again, DoD is attempting to pass the costs of its inefficiencies and stove-piping on to beneficiaries. Examples? When was the last time you were actually seen in an MTF on time? For insiders, how many providers actually see their goal of 25 patients/day? Raise premiums? I’ll agree to that when DoD actually shows it’s at max capacity and efficiency.

    • Who is this idiot? Unless you have faced what a lot of the old guard has faced, which has been hard core dedication and devotion to duty you have non clue worm penis. I am deaf, blind in one eye, knees are gone, migraine headaches, should I go on idiot? You want to know about being away from all that you cherish, which to you sounds like a local bar and pizza. Three divorces, never knew my kids, the horn blew and I was on the truck for another shut your pie hole, pathetic clerk. I am all for paying something for what is being provided, but not at the rate that Congress is trying to force on us. As an aside, I would like to mention that we need to stay connected with the issues by joining the VFW, DAV, AmLegion and so on. They are pushing very hard for equality and fairness for us; “the screwed, blued and tattooed force who gave so much to get so little”. Anything to add shyt hole, before I close my comment in response to your idiotic comment.

    • Retired E8 and proud

      Yo. I have over 22 years active and now retired, over half of the 22 either remote or deployed. And you dare to try and tell me how lucky I am. Show me your 99% that did anything even close to what I and others did and survived. And some didn’t! 4 years active and now sittin on your azz in the Guard. I was one of those guaranteed free health care for life. Walk a mile in our shoes. Voted for Barry didn’t ya? What a POS!

    • LR in FL

      Yo……You havent a clue, furthermore you shouldnt have wasted 4 years of your life if you feel this way…and by the way, talk to a local fireman or police officer in your area and ask them why they get a pension after 20 are totally clueless…

    • turned 65 todaY

      this is a hot button issuye along with many more… its not that we can pay more for health coverage, BUT it would put too much of a burden on our wounded and disabled than woujld be fair . OBAMA care will not work
      – there is a HUGE doctor shortage just over the horizon that will make access to any doctor much harder (hence we will have “coverage” but
      NO DOCTOR to treat us. WAKE UP CONGRESS change this program ; use your brains and create an affordable, effective,accessable health plan. And amend your retirement salary to be in line with the rest of you electorate!!!!!

    • barb

      But if you put in 20 in the reserve you will receive a pension. Just like my husband. The medical alone is worth that. I go and get our medicine and pay 90 dollars a month with tricare, without it it would be 1000.00 dollars. He had to wait until he was 60 years old but we could not live without now. I do not think any of the milary sould have the need to worry about your health care because you earn every bid of it weither full time or reserve . Our wonderful congress are too chicken or to good to give the time to the miliarty.

    • Good… You go right ahead and pay more without a fight if you’d like. The rest of us take offense at being promised something in return for our service and then having the rug pulled out from under us… AFTER we’ve given our service! The agreement was consumate with 20 years’ service, which from the sound of things, you haven’t completed. That was the deal. Now they’re backing away from it at our expense but not theirs. If that sounds fair to you, your doc obviously needs to adjust your meds!

    • Tanya

      Hate to tell you this. Before you come up with a reply you might want to make sure your information is accurate. The “99% of folks in the US don’t get one by simply putting in 20 yrs on the job” is very inaccurate. Those who do give a job a 20 year, in civilian terms its called “tenure” do get benefits. Probably making your percentage more like 45-50%, of course depending upon their job. I served six years and my husband served 23 years in OUR country’s armed forces. Yes, we do volunteer to sign the dotted line and agree to pick up arms to protect our country from foreign and domestic enemies, however, its because of these so-called volunteers why we are able to enjoy our freedom. So you think it is okay that football players and celebrities get paid more than our military men and women? Remember a fallen solider next time you watch a football game or goto a movie. Since you served, you’d think you would be upset over all of the BS that is happening to our men and women. The military is being raked over the hot coals and no one is doing anything about it…

    • walter

      What’s happen got whippy couldn’t stick it out to bad you weren’t a man you could have made it too 20 years

    • frankiev

      So Yo, in for 4 and now in the Guard. Qusetion is why? Is it for Commissary privilages for ur family or the retirement after all?

    • USAF

      Troll !!!!!

    • rebble with a cause

      Yo,…….just remember they volunteers to put thier life in danger.

      WOW! aren’t you the hero……what if they didn’t volunteer? Not so sure you would be writing your absurd comments now!

      Thank God for MEN who have the courage to volunteer and serve their country while you are comfortable in a 8-5 job. Thank you for your 4 years and continued part time military career…you may be mobilized soon, so God bless you! JJ

    • Julie

      We aren’t just complaining about an increase in our premiums by more than double (which for some is enough to go bankrupt), the biggest issue I have is that they are struggling to cut spending on debt they incurred against our say all the while there isn’t a single politician who will reduce their own pension, increase their own medical premiums and continue to take their bonuses and benefits. That, my friend, it was angers me the most and I think is what angers the rest of the folks posting on this subject.

    • Julie

      You have to look at the big picture in very simple terms – if the politicians continue to incur debt from other countries putting the US at the mercy of that country and then cut military pay and benefits because we owe so much money, we won’t have an economy nor will we have a military to defend ourselves with. If nothing else, “Yo” – you should be worried about that . . . VERY WORRIED!!!

    • Ticked Off

      I guess that’s why you have nothing really to say. You did four years. For those of use who did 20 plus years and had promises made for that service, they should be kept. Why didn’t you serve 20 years? Was it family pressure, you couldn’t stand to protect your country, or are you just a no good loser. Whatever the case, when you finish 20 years in the real military, active duty that is, then respond again.

      • RETIRED

        Listen MORON, just because you served 20 yrs active doesn’t make you any more of a man then people who served 20+ in the Guard or
        Reserves. The National Guard and Reserves are pulling their time in
        a war zone now, and some are on their 2nd and 3rd deployment. You
        talk like you have been under a rock the 20 years you spent active.

    • Wayne

      You sound just like Obama, saying we should be lucky to get anything from the govt. Obama once said that we shouldn’t get anything because we volunteered for the service. Guess he has volunteered his way out of the Oval Office too.

    • Mike

      Maybe had you spent the time on the away from your family in all those far away places then you would appreciate what was promised. Maybe you are a liberal…..

    • stan

      piece of shit

    • David

      I’m with you. I did 4 yrs active and 24 more in the Guard. I now ame receiving my retirement, age 60, and had to pay for tricare prime. The cost is nothing for what we get. Those who cry poor mouth should trying to work in the outside world. We as guard/reserve members had to provide health care from our pay unlike the active military. Those that get medically retired get health care from the VA and that is free. If they are more than 50 precent they get the VA pension and their military pension also. I dont like to have any increase because the politicians are stupid and cannot manage their spending but it would be for tricare prime, this program is great, not tricare.

    • 19 years active

      I guess since you did 4 years you think you can have opinion on this. What was the reson you could not stick it out??? maybe the fact that you had to sacrifice to much. THIS IS WHY THEY SHOULD LEAVE IT ALONE. you are a poor excuss of an American. Move to france or sumthing. When i joind the service in 1992 i signed a contract stating what was at the end of my enlistment. The medical was part of it. If they do this there will be a class action for breech of contract.

    • HonorInLie’s?

      LOL…Simply? Where do you come off by saying Simply…There is NOTHING simple about the military. When you VOLUNTEER, as you put it, it means WITHOUT compensation…That is NOT what ANY PERSON does when they join the service…It is a CHOICE, signed with a contract that SHOULD NOT be allowed to be broken…AS a civilian, you sign a contract, can qiut at anytime, and if the Company you work for doesn’t uphold their side of the contract, you can SUE them…NOT so so for the men and women of the military, OBVIOUSLY. It’s not right that contracts and promises can be broken. I guess you think STANDARDS in the US mean NOTHING. I know the men and women who chose to serve our country think/ thought differently. I believe if they CHANGE anything it should be attached to the new joins and current retiree’s shouldn’t be affected “Grand Fathered” in. Promises our Government makes to it’s people, ALL people, military or not should be HONORED…not DISHONORED by their mistakes.

    • Retro

      I’m of the opinion that most folks who serve in the guard for their 4 years of service are one of two things: can’t make a commitment (or too afraid to) to the real Army and serve more than a weekend at a time or a tour here and there OR they tried to get in to the full time military and felt they could serve in some other way. My best friend is part of the latter and thinks it’s bullshit the way retirees and disabled vets (my husband is both a disabled vet and retiree, after EIGHT years, he wanted to go career and retire as an E9) are being treated. I believe you are part of the first group. Get yourself in real danger and get retired out and you’ll understand the bitching that’s going on.

    • sgtm7

      Granted that my health care is pretty cheap compared to what most civilians can get. It is half the cost of what I pay for my health care from my current employer. However, the fact remains that when we joined we were promised FREE healthcare for life. So anything more than FREE is not a “discount” or any kind of “bargain”.

    • Old Sarge

      Hey Yo, I don’t feel lucky that I retired from active duty and received a pension. I earned it. Yes I volunteered, and volunteered again and again until my career was completed. You’re correct that 99% of folks don’t get a pension because they worked somewhwre for 20 years. But you know what they could have volunteered again and again and again, and they would have earned a pension. The argument at hand is not about aretirement pension, it’s about adoubling and maybe tripling the cost of military retiree health care until they force most to leave the program. SO WAKE UP!!

    • Guest

      Feel lucky? That 99% had the same choice I made. Serve or not. I did not write the rules. You may ask yourself why are those rules there? It is because without them there would be many less serving. Would you serve if you had to pay for all of your health care? I think not. You sound like the government does not owe you anything. I guess you would not mine a cut in pay either? Or how about raising the retirement age for the Guard to let’s say 70. ? If you do not stand up for what was promised it will go away and then what? I could keep going but I will not change your mind.

    • sstvns7

      Wondering how many times this guy has kicked himself for not staying active – opting instead to go Guard (not that I am downing on the Guard) but whether the guard or the coast guard – you may honorably serve a career – but if I am not mistaken – not get pension-like compensation until your 60s like social security. Of course this guy thinks we are whining.. Hes on the outside looking in – and trying to justify a decision he made – that he now regrets.

    • Bill

      Your an idiot!

    • evelyn

      suck it up don’t be bitter because you couldn’t go the distance you quit for a better job or more money you more than anyone should know what every service member has paid to do the 20 year. you should be happy with your choice and greatful to all the living and dead that volunteered and stayed to give you that choice. give them the respect they deserve and you gained from their service.

    • wawas

      Yo-I guess it’s ok to take care of the younger generation who are on the system because they are “STUPID DRUG ADDICTS” and then the government is going to neglect our retirees– I watch my husbands health decline everday due to agent orange exposure from service in Vietnam,he served 7 yr in the army 13 in navy and national guard in the middle of those !! You are nothing but a WHIMPY WUSS. You could only serve 4 years cause “YOU COULD NOT HANDLE THE TRUTH” and that is meant for you-not other veterans ! I tell you what why don’t you enlist in the Army and report back in about 16 years from now ??

    • Glenn

      I guess your one of the guys that couldn’t put up with active duty for 20 plus years. I agree, your a four year wonder that couldn’t hack it. Now get a life.

    • Senior Chief USN

      sorry YO, military life is not a job, it is a dedication to the fact that someone has to defend this way of life with live. Yes it takes 20 years of service to earn a pension, but only one second to end it all. I don’t mind contributing more in Tricare to keep the system intact, but there are better ways to increase our contribution to this and trying it to the Cola increase is the best way. Over the last two years, we would not see one penny of increase. Thinks about it my friend.

    • joe

      “Lucky to get a pension”–are you nuts? The greatest percentage of the folks you refer to as “simply putting in 20yrs on the job” are the very folks who as you say, volunteered to stand up and protect this country, knowing full well they may be putting their lives on the line to do so. Many of them have paid a hell of a price for the freedom you and a lot of others enjoy. You need to wake up my friend– this country owes every one of them a hell of a lot more than some “discount” you seem to be happy with.

    • Robert

      You say QUIT *****in????? You have got alot of nerve!!!!!!!!!!! So you did a whopping four years. Good job, but what happened after that, defending your country full time just wasn’t for you anymore couldn’t hack being told what to do. Well guess what, that’s the price all retirees paid for freedom and we get very little in return. It amazes me people like you complain about us because we want want we were promised, but I’ll bet you can’t wait to get your retirement at age 60, or sooner depending on your war status. See if you don’t complain when you don’t get what you are supposed to get.


      “Simply” putting in 20 years? What job do you know of in the civilian sector of employment that requires you to make the sacrifices military members do? I guess your “4 years” of active duty must have been non-deployed? Yes, we are volunteers, but doesn’t everybody “volunteer” to take that job? When you complete your 20 years of “Guard” time & finally get your pension, let me know how you feel when it starts to decrease in financial value!

    • 30+retired

      DO WHAT????…..ARE YOU KIDDING? Not sure where you served but 99% of the folks you talk about don’t leave their families for months on end, don’t up end their families and move them all over the country every couple of years, don’t live in harsh environments over and over again year after year, and sure as SH** don’t go to work day in and day out dealing with IEDs , getting shot at on a regular basis and getting blown up. Yes I served…and Yes I volunteered….and I was told I would have health care for life for “voluntarily” submitting to the sacrifices others refuse to make. So you be grateful for any “discount” you get. They held me to my contract to serve….now I expect them to hold to their contract. Simple as that.

    • Michael Clemons

      You only served four years you have no bone in this fight. You’ll be standing in line at 60 to get your check. I have a propasal raise the retirement age to recieve a check for weekend warriors to age 80 then the government would save a ton of money. Yoor 4 years AD and the rest as a Guard member does not qualify you for anything so shut your yap you punk and if you couldn’t go the distance then yes you are a punk!

    • Ron

      Yet another idiot that thinks serving 20 years in the military is equal to 20 years in the private sector. Were you an office boy in the Air Force for 4 years?

    • Carolyn

      I guess you never had to sacrafice a spouse to a war. My husband gave his life for our freedom. Men and women deserve there retirement. A factory workers doesn’t have weapons shooting at them and land mines to step on. I pray God will have pity on your stupidity.

    • movinghelper

      99% of the people? Where did you get that from your pie hole. FYI the amount of time a normal servicemember works is weel beyone the normal of the civilian counterpert. Remember, no overtime pay either. So put your pipe down and get in touch with some reality. I guess you could not handle the active duty that much.

    • Tom

      Yo, just to make one thing clear pertaining to pensions between Military and civilians. There is no comparison. Those who serve this country for over 20 years by far deserve more than what this country provides now. The sacrifices made over a 20 year period are some that can not be given back. I really don’t know why I even replied to your posting since you only did 4 years of service and probably just couldn’t handle it in the first place. As to volunteering to put our lives in danger is simple, we are proud to serve and defend this nation and had we not volunteered for this everyone’s life would be in danger. So spit out the bitter taste you have in your mouth and be greatful there is still volunteers to defend this country and keep folks like you safe and enjoy the freedom that many of us that served over 20 years provided you. Your welcome

    • Joe

      4 years? Call me when you have 20+ on ACTIVE duty while supporting a family!. Those of us who decided to bite the bullet and make it a career did it not only for the loyality we feel for our country, we also did it foer the benefits.

  • Gates

    May I ask a question? Why does a elected official gets more retirement and better medical than a retired vet? I can remember that our elected President indicated all people who would received the Free medical would get the same medical as our elected officials? Now are we as people and vet’s going back to the old health care (public health care? if anyone knows of that system it was like a dog pound!)
    Gates suck being in office and if anyone thinks of a W-1 should pay the same increase as a 0-10 is crazy and should run for a public office because they have no clue!!!!!!!!!

    • retiree

      > Why does a elected offi­cial gets more retire­ment and bet­ter med­ical than a retired vet?

      They don’t (see my post above). End of discussion.

    • EdRu

      Just remember who Gates worked for prior to this administration. I think most of those currently in office have not served in the military. You too must remember that its the Department heads of the Services that are complaining about the budget and the expenditures they have to put toward healthcare for the military. Maybe they need to est a separate healthcare provider for the military and not use funds from the militaries budgets.

  • Jesse

    They can get away with this because they know we won’t do anything about it. They know that very few military retirees join organizations to oppose them. They know that very few Americans actually retire from the military.
    They know that the press will help them keep this secret from the public as we fight three wars.
    Vote! Get involved! Fight once more and we can stop this crap!!

  • J Sawyer

    I think some of you have lost sight of what the main issue really is, we were promised free health care for life for our sacrafices and now individuals who are well off (Generals and Congress) are using us to cut the growing deficit. I am not saying we can’t or should not help, but come on as sighted in earlier post s, congress serves one or two terms and they get a retirement and FREE health care for life and the O6’s and Generals retire at a substantial better reitrement that the average grunt and they are the ones shafting US. This is the really issue.

    • Jake

      I agree with j Sawyer…100 per cent..

  • Jay

    Wow…I’m retiring this Sept 1…what a way to start out! I too have fought, deployed at a minutes notice. They are systematically destroying our country and all that we have built. Just like we don’t forget our falling comrades during war…we need not forget these politicians who do nothing but provide lip service when it’s time for them to get elected or re-elected. We need to start sending letters and organizing to let them know they will be a one term candidate! We can not hope for things to change if we do nothing!

    • Chief Ray

      Unless you qualify for disability I suggest you invest in a good health care plan and walk away from anything the military has to offer. When I retired in 1990 I was told at my retirement briefing the Army promised you healthcare but no one said it wouldn’t be space available. Five years later we got TRICARE. I was working in the civilian retail market so I opted for my employer’s health plan. I never regreted it. When I did finlly get TRICARE I was very disappointed with the service they provided. Now I have TRICARE for life. I still don’t use it and I hope I never have to. I use the VA when I need mediclal care. It’s not great but it beats the hell out of the experince I had with TRICARE.

      • Jeff

        There is a lot of truth in what everyone is saying. But if you think that any goverment is going to be able to take care of everyone then we are all fools. I severed over 23 years and come from a small town where most people did not have health care or even a retirement. I feel blessed that I have both. It be not be the best in the world, but go and compare what people pay on the and you would see you have a good deal. I feel that we all can pay a little more. We have the least expensive health care around, go talk to the average American and see what kind of good deal they have

  • Miss Kitty Knox

    What you are saying about the Republicans is true… however, they refuse to look at health care cost containment… their solution punish everybody… except.. those who well can afford incrreases… DOD does not need new planes, subs, ect… we do not hear about cutting contracting services… Everything should be means tested… Make sure you know what you are talking before espousing some rubbish put forth by… idiot Republicans..

    • Easy

      Miss Kitty, you need some more cool aid! Republicans at least are against the welfare state you and your bleeding heart liberal friends support. How about we cut welfare, especially to illegals and those who have never had a job or paid taxes. Oh, I forgot, you don’t want to talk about those things-just that those old mean Repubilicans are giving the rich more than they are the poor. I believe most of those rich folks worked their butts off to get what they’ve got.

      The difference between a Republican and a democrat is that when a Republican falls down, they get up, dust themselves off and go on. A Democrat will lay there until somebody comes along to pick them up, them gripe because they didn’t help them up sooner.


  • Sylvia

    Tricare is an entitled benefit, however, it is a benefit we should never have to pay for. I know when my husband started his military career in 1962, one of the enticements was that after retirement the service member and his/her family would receive medical care FREE OF COST. That has changed. The free benefit was not restricted to MTF but covered the member and family wherever they happen to be. With Tricare you’d better make sure you get some type of pre-authorization. If you are on an extended vacation or trip in different “section” administered by Tricare/ Triwest you must at least temporally change to the other area unless you want to get caught with medical expenses that aren’t covered because you happen to be out of their service area.

  • Guest

    There is a huge difference between the programs. Tricare is not an entitlement.

  • sstvns7

    To Jay – and others… You are right they are systematically destroying the country – but it is not we who built it – we merely give up life and limb to preserve it… so that the 1% in the government can feast on it’s flesh. I retired in 95 – that’s 15 years ago… when they brought Tri-Care into existence… I similarly felt I was lied to across an entire career – promised health care for life. I don’t know how they can say these things with a straight face while giving themselves pay raises and writing laws that protect themselves from experiencing the same poor treatment we receive. I suppose that is how the Rich Stay Rich… by always making someone else pay their dues for them.

    When will we learn?

    • fulletk

      The costs of the simultaneous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan ate up a significant part of your promised “free” health care. (Free to you, not the American people.) The Bush tax cuts ate up another significant part of your “free” health care. Steeply increasing U.S. health care costs ate up another significant part. And the current recession, with things like unemployment rates close to 9 percent ate up most of the rest. One way of looking at it is to consider the tax cuts you’ve received over the past 10 years as payments for the your increased Tricare payments. If Congress approves additional tax cuts, the people that receive them will be getting your “free” health care. And if you look at things logically, nobody covered by Tricare has given up life or limb. If they had done so, they would be receiving care under the VA system. And between the end of the Viet Nam War and the beginning of Desert Storm, very few peiple in the military risked either one.

      • DRE

        I’d like for you to show me how a member who’s given their life is taken care of by the VA!

      • Guest

        So how many times have you jumped from a plane? How many times have you been on a live fire move out range? How many of those we keep free are on welfare and do drugs because we will not drug check those that live off of us? You can blame tax cuts if you want. I for one have paid the IRS every year since I retired and claim single on my tax’s though I am not. So don’t give me that bull. The fact is to much money is given to those that do not give. I just hope you are not one of those.

      • sstvns7

        Not FREE healthcare Pinhead – Earned health care…

        Funny how with all these expenditures you cite, that we still have enough money lying around to give Pakistan a billion dollars a year in aid… while they harbor guys that make we military folks NECESSARY – guys like Bin Laden.

        You sound like some accountant – don’t try to explain shit to me – especially if you think no risks were taken during the COLD WAR. you my friend – are an idiot.

    • DRE

      I only disagree with you on your time frame, I retired in 94 and Tricare has been around since late 70’s or early 80’s. All the rest I agree with.

      • sstvns7

        Tri-care has been around – but they began charging for it in 95

    • CWOS

      Retired in 1992. Felt I was told the same lie about free health care for life. Also, any full bird or general who advocates these increases is an insult to all the men and women who served in there commands. How many of them are sitting in nice corporate jobs gotten from political friends from their active duty days. Why aren’t they demanding the government take care of wounded troops like it should instead of taking 6 figure salaries to try to get us to donate to charities to do it? The government is forgetting about the sacrifices made by all military service members until they need them just like they have always done. I love my country and am proud to have served but it disturbs me to see the direction we are headed. I know he’s kidding but Bill Cosby makes some valid points about what we need to do to take care of ourselves before we try to take care of everybody else. I need to and plan to get more involved in talking to my elected officials about veterans.

  • BOB

    I’m with Jay. Find out what Congressman or senator has sponsered this BS(no pay raises in 2 years) and send them letters/emails. Let them know,Republican/Democrat/Independent that we as Retired Vets are bnot going to take this lying down while those jerks line thier vpockets with pay raises evry year except last year. Someone needs to take money from them!

    • Jack B.

      There is honor and a sense of duty with our members of our Armed Forces, unfortunately we don’t have that honor with our elected in Washington. Many people outside of the military support and are proud of our military and we need to ban together to insure defeat to those dirt-bag elected who oppose us. Just another battle that must be fought for our Country.

  • Rick Ouellette

    Just another ill conceived boondoggle by our elected idiots. Lets abolish all government pensions, except for the military, and put them all in 401K plans and Social Security. When they reach age 65, they can be on Medicare like everyone else. This will not happen but it is the only fair way to address the issue. To target a specific group for premium increases while ignoring all other government employees is indicative of the mentality in Washington, D.C. . The congress then wonders why its approval rating is in the teens.

    • fulletk

      Say, that’s a great idea! Oh, wait. Congress already did that 15-20 years ago. The federal government passes on the steeply increasing medical insurance costs to federal employees, and always have. I wouldn’t be surprised if DOD passed fewer of the increased Tricare costs to veterans than the medical insurance costs pased on to federal employees.

  • sstvns7

    To Yo… I would agree with you if not for the fact that a contract is a contract. People who enlist take themselves out of the Public Sector – take an Oath to be there when called – sleep in ditches – and go hungry.. Not to overlook getting shot at – or taking the lives of others and Living With It… What you read among these pages is not *****ing – Its a claim of rights – entitlements – benefits promised. But I understand your point of view – You’re just in the Guard… Weekend warrior… wanna be. Go full time once and see if you feel the same way.

    • old chief

      So much for the “total force” concept! I personnally consider that comment a slap in the face, especially when Desert Storm was 70% guard/reserve manned.

      An apology is warranted.

    • john

      Yeah, I also consider that a slap in the face, sstvns, I guess you think you are the only guy to go any place. I was in Vietnam, PLUS served 14 yrs in the National Guard. BUTTWIPE don’t throw off on the Guard and Reserve, as they are as highly trained if not more than you jerkoffs. And also compared to your pay, the Vietnam Vets got less than a 100.00 a month when they went in the service.

    • killerspade 69

      Try spending 30 years active and Guard as an aviator! Retire with the Guard staus and get 25% of what Active retirees get even though you have to maintain the same flight hour and training minimums as Active. Oh by the way, maintain a full time job at the same time! You sound like a one year active, with a full DAV benefit “retiree.

      • sstvns7

        Sorry fellas… Not a one year DAV retiree… I am a Multi-serivce Vet – serving 1st a stint in the AF, and the remainder of 20 years as a Sub sailor.. Lets not turn this into something its not… I was returning fire at a specific guardsman – whose comments reflect that he didn’t retire – but obviously considers those who did – to be *****ing over this situation. I am surprised you didn’t direct fire at him as well.

    • Thunder4

      Just the Guard? Mabe you’re right. Maybe we should just stick to the “weekend warrior” stuff and let YOUR asses STAY IN COUNTRY and earn your pay until it’s all over. Instead of doing a one year deployment and crying about it. I’ve buried Brothers who did not come back, but, since they where just “wannabees” who DIED NEXT TO ACTIVE DUTY SOLDIERS, THEIR SACRIFICE IS NOT AS IMPORTANT. WHAT AN ASS!

    • bigmamabear

      Let’s take this from another perspective. As a wife of a Guardsman, I find offense in comments that reservists do not suffer the same ordeal as active duty men/women. At times, my husband has been activated or in school up to a year or more at a time. Sacrifices at home are the same. We, as a family, suffer. Children and wives suffer just as much. Just as we experience the same joys when they occur.
      My husband, as a guardsman, has seen and experienced more horror and hard work than some active duty men/women. Some men and women in the active duty military never even leave base. A base with restaurants, pools, etc. Not to say that their sacrifice is not the same as they are also away from their loved ones but I think you get the picture.
      Reservists/Guardsmen deserve the same benefits as active duty military. They suffer the same medical illnesses as well as their families; along with psychological issues due to seperation. Please check yourself.

    • sam

      Right on brother. I remember the troops that came home from Viet Nam also were rhe fall guys for our government officials in Washington. Can you remember how the government let everyone in the private sector jump all over the military troops for the war in Viet Nam and taking the heat off themselves. Yes, we volunteered for the dirty work THAT IS REQUIRED TO KEEP OUR NATION FREE because somebody with passion and backbone had to step up to the plate and do the necessary things so the idiots in Washington could be free to enrich themselves on the backs of military troops. Freedom is still free for politicians and the non volunteer public. However, let these groups set up and take notice that their “”Free..dom (inion)” is not entirely for those that paid for it in full through the death and injury both on the homefront and on foreign lands. These reports need to be read by our nations leaders for concience sake that they may realize they are crippling our nation’s welfare. Unfortunately, they don’t give a hoot because it is not skin off their hide or money out of their pocket.

  • rltipton1

    First of all starting back with the Viet Nam area Vets our benefits have continously erroded. I know there are some groups out their lobbying for our benefit. But the most powerful thing you can do is call and speak with your congressman and senator. I only wish we had honest politicians. If we want to cut spending then we need to eliminate the political retirement systems our elected officials enjoy at our expense.

  • Imasaltydog

    Almost everything that is negative about the proposed Tricare increase has been said in previous comments, which boils down to the following:
    1. Recruiters lied, but we who served 20 or more years believed.
    2. Politicians can do one term and retire with pensions and health care–NOT the Medicare system from which they have exempted themselves as, evidently, not good enough.
    3.. Tricare has been bought and paid for–if not with years, with blood, or both.
    4. Excepting Illegals or a host of other recipients who have been added to the rolls, Social Security for age has been BOUGHT over at least 40 quarters of working life; Medicare is PAID FOR monthly by deduction of premiums from that Soc.Sec. entitlement; as stated above, Tricare is PAID FOR by years of service putting lives on the line regardless of MOS/NEC/Brch of Svc. All foregoing including pensions have been EARNED in one fashion or another. They are not Welfare!
    5, The list goes on and is repetitive of others’ coments.

    So where is anything positive? I can’t find it! The deficit is to be balanced on the backs of the people while Congress/Prez continue to lavish billions on other countries, no few of which are our avowed enemies. Congress has not learned that we cannot “buy” friendship. I’ll pay my share when the top hogs at the trough start acting as our Representatives in Gov’t, not our Lords.

    • edutech

      I agree with ya iamasaltydog. hit the nail right on the head. Couldnt do better.

    • sstvns7

      I agree with you Salty… In the legal world when you consider the number of times recruiters spoke of health care for life… in court it would be considered a verbal contract repeated over and over and over again. To bad we can’t sue the government – we’d make enough to pay for health care like Congress enjoys.

  • Jim Terruso

    How about cutting off anything to illegal aliens and give more to the Vets and
    retirees , Make sence ??

    • MSGT Sowders

      How much is being spent on those “illegals”. Got a concrete figure or is this just some reguritated drival you picked up from somewhere. Put some meat on those bones are stop spouting it.

      Give everyone facts to convice them.

      • guest

        Don’t have an actual figure but can offer you this observation, but if you’re in the San Antonio area visit the ER in either BAMC or WHMC (both trauma centers) late night or early AM and see who is getting treatment in your military hospitals.

      • IVDAD

        Illegals cost Texas $4.7 billion
        Estimate based on analysis of Census data

        Texas’ illegal immigrant population is costing the state’s taxpayers more than $4.7 billion per year for education, medical care and incarceration, according to an analysis of the latest Census data by the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

        According to the group, even if the estimated tax contributions of illegal immigrant workers are subtracted, net outlays still amount to more than $3.7 billion per year, costing the average, native-born Texas household about $725.

        The analysis looks at the costs to the state for education, health care and incarceration resulting from illegal immigration.

        Texans spend more than $4 billion annually on education for illegal immigrant children and for their U.S.-born siblings. About 11.9 percent of the K-12 public school students in Texas are children of illegal aliens, according to the study.

        Taxpayer-funded medical outlays for health care provided to the state’s illegal alien population amount to about $520 million a year, according to FAIR.

        The uncompensated cost of incarcerating illegal aliens in Texas’ state and county prisons amounts to about $150 million a year (not including local jail detention costs or related law enforcement and judicial expenditures or the monetary costs of the crimes that led to their incarceration). State and local taxes paid by the unauthorized immigrant population go toward offsetting these costs, but they do not come near to matching the expenses. The total of such payments are a little less than $1 billion per year.

        This just Texas, think if the numbers were simular in New Mexico, Arizona, and I’m sure it would be higher in Calif.

    • LesleyAnne

      Yes, that makes sense to me.

  • JayBee

    What a crock of crap AKA pile of stinkin’ B.S. How about restoring our COLA and not taking money away from us as in TRICARE? Why does Uncle continue to screw the poor individual GI while piling up their rising benefits? What happened to all of the God-given privileges the GIs were promised by allowing us to fght our country’s ‘useless’ wars. We’re just DYING to retire so we can REAP these wonderful benfits that are contunuously eroding! Thanks, Barack for the pride you (ha! ha!) have in your troops> Signed, AN Exctremely PO’d Retiree.

  • lttsoccer12

    It’s ridiculous that the people that have gone to war and fought for this country are getting SCREWED by politicians that sit up on Capital Hill and make more than double than any service member. When you think about the amount of money raised during a re-election year for them or in general it is absurd! Some of the money that Obama is going to fundraise for his re-election campaign in 2012 could help with the debt period! And if every politican donated a portion of the money raised we wouldn’t have to be making these cuts!

    When our Founding Fathers created Congress it was seen as a “Civic Duty!” Now it’s who can raise the most money, create deals between other members, and spend more time on vacation than in the office. What has happened to our country’s morals? As a country we really need to seriously start cleaning up our act and look at what we really stand for?

    • getting-gypped

      Did Bush give any of his money back? The answer is; oh yes; “NO”!

      We need to get people in the Congress and Senate who are not just looking to get their pockets fat. They can spend one term and “we” take care of them for life> What is fair about that?

      • lttsoccer12

        I think we need to go back to a Libertarian view of Congress! It shouldn’t be looked as a competition, it should be a CIVIC Duty! And the best people to help turn America around before we are no longer a “World Power,” is the common “blue-collar” man/woman.

    • 51WINGNUT

      Benjamin Franklin proposed a Pro Bono arrangement…his idea didn’t make it very far, did it?

  • scanlon r. e.

    i, am sick an tired of the u.s. govt taking advatage of the little guy,stop trying to rebuid all outher coun. bring the boys home r.e.s. us navy

  • Jerry Schaumleffel

    How about sending “ALL” of these comments to the President, the Senate and Congress. Who can we write to about raising their share of all increases by salary?

    • Winston

      What makes you think they’d care? YOU don’t finance their reelection, do you? The corporations that feed on taxpayer gravy do.

    • lttsoccer12

      You can try writing to all of those officials, but they aren’t going to listen! I think they forget what the servicemen do for our country….how many Congressmen have fought in a war or been in the military? More and more of our elected officials are from the upper class. They wouldn’t in a million years cut their salary!

      And the fact that some of them offered to give up their salary when the Government was going to shut down was just a political stunt. If the Government shuts down they shouldn’t still be getting paid! There needs to be an Amendment created for any future potential shutdowns that states that.

    • maggie barton

      I live in Florida and send a lot of comments about problems like this. Mr. Bilirakis answers my letters and does everything he can to help the Veterans. Just get busy and write to them. Maggie Barton

    • 51WINGNUT

      Your elected officials is where you start…complaining horizontally accomplishes nothing. You must go vertical with your complaints to expect any chance of change.

  • Mike Banyacki

    I have noticed how many military members are complaining about the increases DOD is proposing to present to the Congress and make those increase tied to the NHE Index become PERMANENT. Well, there is only one way to stop this intrussion on us who have served and that is by each of the complaining members and members of MOAA, NAUS, etc, to start a writing campaign and let their Congressional leader know “We don’t like what’s being presented by DOD and we won’t stand for it”. Releasing your frustration on sites like this is good, but more has to be done by membership itself as I have suggested.

    • Wounded Dave


    • Bob

      Go to Snopes and you will find that new members of Congress do not receive full benefits.

    • Rick

      I am with Mike. Venting here, though it may make you feel better temporarily, with have no effect. We have to respond to our respective elected officials in overwhelming numbers. The thing they’re most concerned about is being reelected. An overwhelming negative response will get their attention. Find out who your elected representatives are and write them to complain. Get everyone else you know to do the same. I don’t think it takes as many complaints as you may think to get their attention and have an impact. Sometimes we tend to lose sight of who is working for whom. They are, in fact, supposed to be representing us.

  • Winston

    “Problem is increases in health care costs aren’t fully reflected in inflation calculations”

    Nor are most things that are life essentials, like food, energy, shelter, etc.! That’s how the CPI and the COLA based upon it can be zero or near zero when you know from your monthly expenditures that there is definitely major inflation (currency devaluation) taking place.

    The whole CPI calculation shame is nicely described in the book Greenspan’s Bubbles and in many places on the internet. The Boskin Commission, the group that changed the CPI calculation methodology, had this purpose: “The debate about the CPI was really a political debate about how, and by how much, to cut real entitlements.”- Greg Mankiw, chairman of George W. Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers from 2001-2003

  • c e poorer

    spread the word,before the young sign up w/promises that t d/heads in govt dont keep.they do not give u cola raises,nor do they take care of u medically,please, let them hire mercinaries,as the middle east does,where lies are commonplace w/ their citizens.

  • Janedoefrommo

    Does anyone know when this is being voted on? Maybe we should organize a non violent rally in front of the White House to oppose this action…surely the press would have to cover it….maybe we should get Trump to host it!!!

    • KRP


  • The Roc

    I t is the same ole same ole…Congress continues to grind their axe on the backs of us veterans. They got their great medical plan and screw the rest of us…Just more bovine droppings thet we need to deal with

  • John Trent

    I for one think that all Govt. people Sen / House should not get paid no more
    than a private in the US Army for a priate will do more for our country than a Sen or House Rep in his life time . who puts thier life on the line every day for our country. Our Govt. people or our privstes who go to war no mater where we have to go. So while all the people in congress / all Govt. People are sleeping at home with thier families and being safe and our military personnel are in another country fighting for all of them keeping them all safe
    I have a hard time thinking to put these words together while my mind and body is toren apart from serveing for our country we served our country , now it is time for the US GOVT to take care of us al vets and disable vets , got to go I am tired.

  • Wayne

    Greetings One and All, As I read through the postings, I have noticed that the general rule of thumb here is, that there are many many Veterans and Retirees who are Rightfully P*&&ed Off with the proposals currently being bantered about, on the floor on the hill in Washington. The reatiy of this whole matter is, Tricare premiums will be increased, regardless of what any Veteran, Retiree, or Veterans group has to say about it, including this Retired U.S. Marine.

  • Wayne

    What can be done to stave off yet another assault on what our government had said she would do for her military Veterans, and military Retirees, well now, let me see here. It is high time that every American Patriot, Military Veteran, and Military Retiree have his or her voice heard loud and clear, with regard to what I have just conveyed herein. If we as a population keep re-electing, or electing the same types of people to govern our country, we shall all continue to get exactly what we have presently, and have had for some time.

  • Wayne

    When election time rolls around here in America, in 2012, prior to this event being right here on our door step, we all have the opportunity to have our voices heard Loud and Clear, with regard to who “We The People, For The People, and By The People, actually desire to have in the Presidency, and in the House and Senate. Don’t vote for the same old Hum Drum BS, which is spewed from the many who would do so, simply to gain any Americans vote on election day. Do your research, and start said research right bloody well now, so you know who is best suited for being our nation’s President, and in the House and Senate. This is every Americans responsibility, to excercise their Constitional Right, to be a valued part of our country’s election process.

  • Ken

    We have no choice but to pay, nobody in our corner to fight for us. Tell a Congressman he is going to lose benefits, or ” have to start paying for them” and see what happens. They spend one term in Congress then everything is free, including a pension for life that they do not contribute to. Where does “THAT MONEY COME FROM”, THE TAXPAYER, YOU AND I. We as taxpayers pay for everything, even for those who get everything free. Wake up Americans, something is wrong with our values, and the problem starts at the very top. Remember these ‘TERRORISTS when it is time to vote. I am an American and a retired service member, I get the shaft from both quarters, as a tax payer and as a former serviceman.

  • Rarvin

    This is just like most at the top. Take from those that serve to give to theose that serve no one to get their vote to keep their power and get wealthier. When I joined my retirement pay was suppose to be directly linked to active duty pay raises. The differences cost me hundreds a month in retirement pay. My st oploss result in unemployment for months and a total out of pocket cost of into the 6 figures. They do these things so that they can give benefits to those whom have not earned them. Obama Care, let people not pay their mortgages, student loans, illegal immigrants get free healthcare, kids go to our schools, welfare for the lazzy, etc… costing hundreds of billions a year. They do this to military retirees for they have been taught to gollow and sacrifice for the country! Well it i s time for others to put up, to sacrifice!

  • Ret. LCDR

    If I recall correctly when I first re-enlisted in 1959 I was promised free medical including dental and vision care for life. Where do I go to get that free dental and vision care? As far as some O-6 through O-10 getting more than the resto fo us I was under the impression that we all recieved 2 1/2% per year of service from 50% up to 75% of our retired base pay – has something changed? I now pay, like all of the rest of you, for Tri-Care or in my case the USFHP annual fees plus prescription co-pays. It is time to either contaqct our Congressional members and let them know what we want – maybe just not to be lied to. Likewise perhaps we should advise all young servicemen and women to not count on anything they are promised to really come to fruition and that they should not stay in and make a career out of the military.

    • AEEdwards

      The retirement pay for O-9 and above was increased by 2.5% a year for every year they serve beyond 30 years of service. They no longer have their retirement maxed out at 75% of base pay. This was signed into law by President Bush and the passing of the 2008 Defense Authorization Bill.

  • James Holland

    We PAID for our MEDICAL care for LIFE with our dangerous service to our country an BATTLE and COMBAT SERVICE as well as many long tours away from our families, in which many families were destroyed; fathers were killed never to come back because they were MIAs, those of us remaining 50% or better left with a lifetime of PTSD AND WOUNDS OF THE BODY AND HEART. That was the plan and it was pushed upon us through out our Careers in the 1950s’, 1960s’ and 1970s’ and 1980s’. We were told and it is ion the Congressional Records also, that part of our pay was our medical benefits’ upon retirement. That came to a screeching HALT when Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton took over health care under the Clinton Administration. When she failed to get her Civilian Heath care plan through, she went ahead and destroyed the Military Health Care System in 1996. The Surgeon general of the US ARMY GOT FIRED over it after he wrote his piece and article against it, about how we were getting screwed and the promises’ made were being BROKEN. And they were broken, and one MEDICAL BATTALION after another were disbanded. I AM SICK AND feel abandoned.

  • Bob Archer

    All I can say is that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Congress has absolute power as they answer to no one. Need I say more?

  • PBR511

    Hey guy’s!—–you all talk like this crap is something new? It’s been going on in every country since the begining of time. Give them a Medal, but do not give them any money; give them 30 days leave, but take there bebifits away when they retire; let them use the commisary, but don’t give them dental coverage. And we have all known about the pay washington gives themselfs for decades! What do we do about it, “nothing”, Yak on a Blog…They can lie and get away with it because we allow it….Yes, I’am right there with you.

  • Pedro Garrido

    This potential increase to the TRICARE premium is like taking a promise and renigging because you failed to realize the impact. Well, the impact is not only on retirees, who have voluntarily served and placed country first over family in many instances, but it will also be felt on potential accessions/recruits to an all volunteer force. When we went to an all volunteer force, the only true benefit, which attracted many was the fact of affordable health care. Now u want to take that away and have it cut into pockets which are already strained due to no COLA increases. Request you seriously reconsider this and keep the promise made years ago, if not free; at least keep it affordable to where retirees are not paying above their COLA. Something reasonable has to be done if you want to keep a quality force for years to come.

  • bbstacker

    I believe it is pretty bad when we do 20 years of service and receive 50% of our pay then they make us pay for our continued medical and now they want to raise the rates………that just makes me very mad…..why did i give 20 years of my life to continually get screw by the government i protected……..them dang politicians server one term and get full pension and medical…..

  • Lynn

    Unreal. I could have sworn that Pres Obama said there wouldn’t be increases in veteran’s med care when he was pushing the healthcare bill. I guess since this isn’t tied directly to that particular bill it doesn’t count. As was already pointed out, there has been no COLA for three years and yet the DoD would tie increases to the NHE. Possible COLA for 2012 I believe is at something like 1.9%(?). So what happens if it goes to zero again yet TRICARE keeps going up based on the NHE? E-mail already sent to my rep and it took a few re-writes to make it somewhat respectful.

  • utter disappointment

    Shut up complaining and do something about it…How about the next time they give a war, no one shows up. How bout that?

  • Because our elected officials can’t handle our tax dollars, and when they have to realign budgets, they first take away from those who can afford it the least. It’s a time honored tradition to keep big business happy at the cost of the rest. Let me tell you what else should be honored; the government’s word to their service people who have served and survived their twenty plus years. Honor the promises you made to us when we took our oath of service. I’m no democrat, nor am I a republican; I know only right or wrong. And the people who represent us are far from being right therefore they must be wrong.

  • George

    You won’t convince Obummer to help the Veterans as he was quoted as saying that the Military should be paying for their medical and not complain, since we volunteered to serve. So much for our Commander in Chief who cares about us or for that matter this country. He’s the worst.

  • SweetCarol

    We definitely need to do something. Congresspeople get a big pension after 4 or 5 years and full insurance. We pay our social security part permium already of almost $100 a month and that is before we get Tricare. For veterans who are disabled it must be much worse and there are fewer bases now to go where there is help. My husband has a hard time with the VA and the old guys who want to talk about and relive their war experiences. It brings too much back for him. He has gotten into a local DAV group that is doing good work though and are not living in the past but helping other vets. But at least the VA is there in case it is needed for the vets. Everyone might want to sign up with VA though as their money is based somewhat on the numbers they have registered.

  • Stephen Frazier

    Enough of this whining! Veterans supported Barack Obama AND Bill Clinton over their opponents, so we got what we asked for.

    If we DIDN’t ask for it then we voted the way we did without knowing what we were dong.

    • love22step

      Surely, very few military members and retired members were tricked into voting for Obama and Clinton. I have to believe we’re smarter than that. I admit, I did know some slackards in the military who probably hoped to get by with less effort if they voted for candidates making promises to take care of them. Interestingly, some of those slackards who “retired” as E-5s and E-6s will probably get the biggest breaks when TRICARE rates increase. That’s how it was proposed the last time DoD wanted to raise rates. Please don’t be offended if any of you actually had to work hard to retire as an E-5, but there are a number of “retirees” who skated.

  • Victor

    Let the “clowns” in Congress cut their OWN benefits FIRST! They’re the ones who start these wars to begin with and you don’t see any of their loved ones getting killed overseas! Let’s send MORE aid to PAKISTAN! BASTARDS!

  • Rutman

    Retired w/25 years.

    You can all let your representatives know by using the link at the end of the article. Right where it says “Let your elected offi­cials know how you feel about this issue”. Thats the only way they are going to hear our voices. Let them have it!!!

  • Woody

    What do you expect from a country that gives billions to foreign countries and cares less about its veterans and citizens of the United States. This country should be getting paid by those we have troops in fighting for them. I’m a Vietnam Vet that served 23 years and now getting kicked in the ASS. Thank you congressmen and women and think of their own butts first. I don;t see any of them taking a pay cut. Florida, passed a bill letting political contributors give as much as they want to each congressperson . No holds barred, and not to the party they belong to. Thank that Crooked Govenor of Fla for that.

  • Frost

    I served 8 years and was medically retired and I’ll be damned if I should feel “lucky” that I get a pension and health care after taking a bullet in the head for my country.

  • Pat

    Lets face it, we’re too few to influence the criminals in DC. The only way to move them is thru a threat that only the active duty people can provide. We need them to threaten to not re-enlist (which would be more than idle threat since guaranteed medical care is a major incentive to stay in). It’s hard for greedy old men to start wars if the young men won’t go.

  • Aristeo Villanueva

    I am a drafted 63 year old veteran in Vietnam Era. I am a flatfeet person and only once complain about my feet bothering me. I sprain my ankle several times in training and on my fifth jump I very much sprained it again. I preferred to get the best training I wanted to survive the War and neglected my health because of my training. Well in Nam again I sprained my back and ran into about 30 ponjee sticks, got shrapnel on my nose on a firefight and complained on both incidents to no avail. I got an article 15 because of my frustration. I did not get my promotion and my Bronze Star and Army recommandation medal were taken away from me. They can keep their medals because I am now serving the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. You know something very true. We are serving the Harlot which the Evil Jews are using to bring the antichrist into power. For your only hope of your salvation visit: Website.

  • gene

    ok i have been reading all the complaints about the rise in cost for tri care. i served 29 years. just now started to get tri care. which is cheaper than medical from companies i have worked for on the out side. The who point is that we will end up paying more for out medical. Like alot of you have said, if you want to be heard send your complaints to your government representive. what good is it really doing venting on this site. Its like anything else. if you don’t send your complaints to the people who can make a difference, why are we bitching. We have to stand together . i don’t know of one individual that has won anything by himself, it’s a team thing that wins and is heard. semper fi

  • Sherm

    This is awful, its hard for me to belive that this goverment can consider such a thing. Stomping on the vets who gave evereything for this country. Viet Nam era vet

  • Sherm

    Its awful what this goverment is trying to do to the vets. Its hard for me to believe. Viet Nam era vet

  • Festus

    What can I say that has not already been said. The person in the Oval Office is an idiot. Most of congress is right up there with him. Of course that is my opinion and we all know that – like a certain part of the body – everyone has one. Except maybe the guy in the oval office since he seems to be so full of it all the time. As for the people who say we have no right to complain because we “at least” are getting a pension where as they worked for 20 years and don’t, all I can say is this: I was an administrative weenie for most of my military carreer and never had to face combat like alot of my friends did. However at any moment my commanding officer could have come into my office and handed me an M-16 and said “go defend that building or aircraft or foxhole etc….” There was no word such as “why” in my vocabulary. I did not have the right to say “now wait a mineut” My job was to carry out my orders what ever they were. I would not have been fired as you might be for telling your boss no… I more than lilkely would have gone to prison or worse a firing squad depending on just what the emergency was. You would have just gone home and cried and applied for unemployment…. So the next time some of you think we veterans are complaining, try standing in our shoes. You’ll find that you don’t have the guts.

  • Howard

    I have no problem paying more after you can show me a cut in every hand out program the Gov has goin. And I want to see Congress take a cut. I Served for 22 Years as an Infantryman through 2 wars. I know Vet care costs alot but, so does care for those who sit on thier buts and sponge off the Gov. No one is proposing going after those types. They want to go after us, Those who have gave thier Country a blank check up to the cost of our lives. Go after usless stuff like the endowment for the arts, Subsidiesn and the lazy

  • John Webb

    I also spent 20+ years, served in VietNam, Desert Storm, etc…when I enlisted I was promised free medical care if I stayed 20. Since I don’t live in the back yard of a military installation I, like many others, pay for my health care…so much for that promise. Now DoD wants to raise my premium. I am disabled, not service connected, so I am unable to work. OK…fixed income, no COLA…and now premium increases….Love the way this country takes care of it’s veterans. BOHICA!!!!!

  • miranda

    Taxpayers should not pay for unwed daughters of retirees to have babies, that is not service related, if a spouse works and has the option to take health insurance an employer. Copays should be more in line with the private sector drug benefits should be tiered for the dependents, not the service person. I have a friend whose husband is retireed and she’ll drive 10 miles out of her way to get a free prescription instead of paying a copay of $4.00 at the nearest pharmacy. Shas healthcare through her job. The premimums should come more in line with the cost and and the retirees should be taken care of 100% by military doctors, the problem wherein this lies is there is very poor healthcare in the military and the vets have to rely on the private sector for their care, which drives up the cost of premimums and overall healthcare. Active duty spouses should be educated. Vets who served for 20 years should come first over active duty, bottom line.
    There’s a lot of abuse to the military healthcare system The answer is not to increase costs, evaluate where the costs are coming from restructure costs and funnel the money into more needed care of the retirees.

  • Dave

    Our fearless leader has told us that our health care costs are going to go down under the plan that they just crammed down the American people’s throats. Doesn’t that mean that the NHE Index should be going down too? What a great deal for TriCare….better health care for everyone else and a lower cost for military members…sorry….I wouldn’t bet much money on this happening.

  • su winn


  • Wake Up!!!

    I don’t know why everyone is getting excited about….did “No One” see this coming? All the lazy people at home without jobs and too lazy to get one….and our pathetic sympathizing government just hands out the checks. I see more people wearing lot’s of GOLD and collecting welfare and food stamps. Look at our youth….a bunch of Loser regects compaired to other countries youth that respect their elders. Yes, the Gov’t. did this but not on their own, us fat pigs riding the high hog for so many years let it happen. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but the economy sure fell fast because of the people selfless indulgences in arrogance. So who really gives a hoot, we can take our little retirement checks and go move overseas where the dollar is stronger in another country.

    • Wake Up!!!

      I know someone will comment that I spelled “rejects” incorrectly…so here you go.

  • Virgilio Young

    I agree with almost all the coments by the previous readers, it is indeed very sad the colas has been suspended for years and now the increase of 6.4 % for tricare! We, the servide members and mostly veterans have to suffer.

  • Mart

    this whole thing has the stink of the tea party on it. cut everything unless its for the rich

    • rich

      I think not the Tea Party……………………….Look at our Leader,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,all he does is fly around tlking about how Great he is

  • Howie Sice

    HONOR, LOYALTY, DIGNITY. We are the military family that have served with our lives. We asked nothing other than to serve and return home safely, Thank You America I will serve again when asked. Thank you my brothers and sisters for serving with me. I do not like having salt rubbed in to a wound,and I will fight
    by letting the congressman and senators know how will vote.

  • Lori

    I am a young widow of an army retiree. My husband retired after serving 21 years with the army and a 70% VA disability rating. He left a wife and 2 school age children who rely on Tricare for affordable health insurance. Even thought I was not the person in the military, I still led the military life; moving all over the world every several years, living through the Gulf War, deployments, TDY’s, training exercises, etc. always by myself and always being a single parent because the “military ALWAYS comes first”. And because of all the aforementioned, I don’t make a lot of money and still try to support my children. I do NOT receive SBP, stupid, I know. It is an outrage what DOD is trying to do. Not every retiree under age 65 can afford exorbitant insurance premiums. Don’t all of our sacrifices, both military and dependent, account for something? I have already contacted my congressional leaders about this subject.

    • F Figueroa

      Yeah, after I retired from the reserves my premium went from 200 dollars to 1000 a month if I want it to keep it WTF!!!!

  • Bob Flabbi

    Gentlemen, lets not forget most of those GEEKS working at DOD are either old fool retired officers, getting a nice double dip, and working at jobs given to them by their old as kissin buddies. OR active duty O5 and above who will draw a cool $100,000.00 + and never feel the pinch. OR a dips–t civilian who never served but is jealous of all those who did and is trying to make points for his future retiement and Gov. paid pension. As stated before somewhere in history we love our VETS during the war but hate them afterward. GBA

  • MSG Terry Rood RET

    lets get real here no cola then no increase we go out and spend in my case 33 years in the army and find out my retirement gets taken and chopped up with taxes and increases for this and that and that is BS give the veterans what they deserve and then leave then the hell alone. Don’t make me feel like why the heck did i join up in the first place just so i could get the shaft .

  • drj

    So let me get this straight, currently we aren’t receiving an increase in our retirement pay, but Congress can add 6.4% to our Tricare premiums every year. Question to everyone, How many years of this type of activity is it going to take before we have no retirement pay?


    We just lost 3% of our retirement pay because of the tax break taken away and now they want to dip further into our pockets to fund the spending frenzy going on. Now gas going up to almost $4 a gallon causing everything else to rise in price, the retirement check I received doesn’t go nowhere as far as it used to. I won’t forget in Nov 2012!

  • ronald bigelow

    we are limited to our cost of living as it is we have not gotten any increase to help offset the cost of medications which have become very important to our well beings .we pay enough as it is

  • John Lee

    I try to inform my Senator about my concerns and comments about legislation and trends. The last that I heard from him was a rejection notice that I am harassing him and he will not accept any more E-MAIL from me. He is listed and runs on the republican ticket and I informed him that I didn’t like the two new members to the Supreme Court which he voted for. I guess that I was a little strong in that I called him a RINO for those votes.

  • Dale

    With the dismal economy in mind. Working age military retirees (those under 65) who can work but by no fault of their own are unemployed or are having a difficult time finding employment in this economy be grandfathered from the Tricare increase.

  • robert rakes

    DOD and the high office , do you really think we are stupid retirees,, I will tell you what we will do. let all active duty personel know how they will be treated one day. leave us alone we did our part and love for country, and now trying to get buy with the little benifits we earned. You better start thinking about the draft because soon know one will trust you. You sure get your pay raises avery year,
    because of cread. I can’t understand DoD, why you are doing this. kiss up kiss up

  • Babbs

    I wrote to my Congressman and Senator! One response I received back was so obviously a “canned” letter it was ridiculous! They insult our intelligence and talk down to those of us who have served. The second letter I received was a “little” more decent but went on and on about how there hasn’t been an increase in TRICARE since it’s inception, blah, blah, blah and we need to make budget cuts, blah, blah, blah. Like others that have served, my husband missed his first born’s first b’day, Christmas, Easter, etc. He was sitting in Honduras of all places for god knows what! He also served in Viet Nam and hung his a** out of the chopper while helping board Americans at the Embassy; I served ten years and went through hardships; I mentioned this and other things in my letters, but NOT ONE person from Congress THANKED my husband or I for our service! NOT ONE FREAKN’ person! I would serve again in a heartbeat (if I was “younger”)…’s frustrating to all of us who gave so freely of ourselves – especially those during the most recent wars in the Middle East – I want to say THANK YOU!!! and God bless!

  • Gloria

    Obama is not the reason Tricare cost are rising. DoD ask for the Tricare Premiums to increase because this is in their budget and we need to take care of our active duty soldiers. This will only affect retirees under 65. Tricare for life is free but you have a monthly MEDICARE cost. But watch out the Republicans want to give you a voucher to buy your own insurance from private insurance companies who raise the preimums 10-20% a year. Doubt if a cost of living will happen for the vouchers. Not everything is the President fault, remember your civics classes. Congress, Federal employees, retires all have to pay premiums for their health insurance. One thing that will keep premiums from going up is to abolish the Bush tax cuts for all. Increase the amount above $106,000.00 to be taxed for SS. Educate your self on what the person you vote for really plans to do when in office. Tea Partiers want to abolish SS, MEDICARE, Education Dept and etc. Also Give tax breaks to the rich.

  • Marie J.

    Yes Mr. Obama kiss the “White House” good bye.

  • batman2701

    The only way to put a stop toall this, vote them all out of office and start over with a new batch, if they cant dothe job do the same.sooner o latter we will find somebody that cares for this country,

  • Doc

    Why don’t the powers that be, the ones that get free Medical and Dental start paying for theirs. And when they loose an election they are done, cut off. You are out of here get a job and see how things are on the other side. Our elected officals are all a JOKE at all levels. We the people need to stand up for our rights and the Constitution. Look at all of these other Countries, let alone how we push our way of life on them. With all of the ex-military in this country, you would think that we could stand together and make those elected to office do their job or go home.
    In the military if you get caught lying about something you get court martialed, polotictions call it polotics. The Vet of this Great Country need to stand up and together and enforce the constitution and make sure it applies to all. Not just us tax payers and military retirees.

  • Walter B. Allen

    As always when the war is over every one forgets about the armed forces
    What they give up ti serve their country,
    Whats next ,Will the willing to serve be asked to work for 1/2 of their pay, during peace time.

  • Reay

    I think we should all, as veterans, realize that the whole country does not feel as congress votes, and would not agree with this, if they knew about it. We should make this a national issue- and put congress on notice that vetrans can fight them the old fashioned way- by getting them unelected. BTW- I don’t have a crystal ball- but I don’t think the White House is for increasing the amounts we pay.
    I served in Viet Nam- but did not lose any limbs. To my brothers and sisters in the service- Thank you.
    I also think that as service folk we tend to go along with shared pain- something that congress does not get. Let’s elect some vetrans.

  • Sam Pilato

    I agree with you all. What puzzles me is that our Government passes out Billions to other countries. 4 Billion to Egypt! I say lets take just 1 Billion from each of these countries that hates us anyways and disperse the funds to “Our Health Insurance”: If for example 1 Billion from Egypt alone would give each American $1333.33. Throw in the $119 from SS it would cover most of the premium for Blue Cross Health Insurance. It’s a shame how the Government promised us Insurance, that is a contract and medical.

  • mjdunk

    Years ago, some one sued the DOD and won for making him pay for medical when the military said if you surved 20+ you and your family would be taken care of for life free. I don’t mind paying a little, but if this passes, we need to satar a class action case for it all. we gave them a inch they want that mile.

  • Rusty

    Navy Vet 1971-1976 Ironic timing after the immaculate job the NAVY SEALS did on Bin Laden. Dangerous precedent for government to alienate the military. This will simply drive more good people out of service. Unbelievable!

  • Bear

    Many valid points peppered with tons of misinformation about what is actually going on in the legislature. Turn off the rightwing echochamber and read the Congressional Record. The notion that POTUS is out to get Vets and Members is contraindicated by the facts. In his short term in the Senate he accumulated a better voting record on Veterans’ issues than McCain has in decades of votes. The notion that he is a socialist or Marxist shows gaping ignorance of reality. What is happening here is the GOP House is on a slash and burn campaign to expand the transfer of wealth from the American People to the ruling class. This attack on Veterans falls right in line with the attacks on the rest of the middle class and poor. Especially when viewed in the historical context of the last 60 years.

  • James1776

    They promised us ‘free healthcare’ for life, then lied about the promise and now want to jack up our costs faster than inflation…Government simply cannot tell anyone the truth.

  • Squidly

    Maybe we should tie the Cost of Living Allowance to the NHE. That way when the NHE goes up we should see a COLA increase to match. Why can’t they tie the COLA to other indices?

  • Nick Carter

    Regardless of all the E-mails be Ex-Military, There is not enough Vets in Congress to get any kind of Help from them. I Rest my Case.

    • robert

      Can the Washington Mall handle all the vets moving online as well as Rolling Thunder if this proposal moves forward?

  • Jim42

    Does anyone have an idea of what percentage of DOD expenitures goes to Tricare? What percentage goes to new weapon system development and what is the “fielding” percentage?

    Too many “boondoogles” such as the second engine manufacturer (GE) for the F35 which DOD claims they don’t want.

  • Walter Broadwell

    I agree Mike. I talked to mine the other day Saturday face to face and he has assured me he will vote against this. People we have to understand it’s up to us to put a stop to it no one else is working for us.


    how come congress never talks about their benifits and length of time needed for retirement or their medical benifits in retirement or cost?

    • retiree

      They did. 1984. They are under FERS (the Federal Civil Service retirement system) and FEHBP (the Federal Civil Service medical system). For all of you recommending we get their retirement/medical – look those up and then decide if you want to be under the same system (hint – you don’t).

      • Chief

        Here is a little more information for you: A congressman’s pension depends on the number of years s/he served, plus an average of their 3 highest paid years. Their pay, in turn, is affected by leadership positions (i.e., speaker, minority/majority leaders). Additionally, they have to be over 50 years old with 20 years of service, or after 25 years of service, or after age 62 with at least 5 years of service.

        Members of Congress are not eligible for a pension until they reach the age of 50, but only if they’ve completed 20 years of service. Members are eligible at any age after completing 25 years of service or after they reach the age of 62. Please also note that Member’s of Congress have to serve at least 5 years to even receive a pension.

        The amount of a Congressperson’s pension depends on the years of service and the average of the highest 3 years of his or her salary. By law, the starting amount of a Member’s retirement annuity may not exceed 80% of his or her final salary.

        According to the Congressional Research Service, 413 retired Members of Congress were receiving federal pensions based fully or in part on their congressional service as of Oct. 1, 2006. Of this number, 290 had retired under CSRS and were receiving an average annual pension of $60,972. A total of 123 Members had retired with service under both CSRS and FERS or with service under FERS only. Their average annual pension was $35,952 in 2006.

  • David R

    It was bad enough I was promised free healthcare and dental for the rest of my life. That turned out to be a farce. Then they offset disability pay against my retirement pay, and the hits just keep on coming. After a 24-year military career, long deployments and the loss of my family, bills and talk like this burns me up. The fact the DoD brought it up is even more disturbing.

    The military always acts like a good steward of taxpayer dollars. If the DoD budget doesn’t cover concurrent, multi-year wars then find the money elsewhere and leave my promised benefits alone. I paid the price dearly.

    One other issue: To the guard member who is telling the active guys to shut-up and be happy for what we have… we all make decisions in our life based on the “known.” Had I known my leaders and government would eventually backtrack on my promised benefits, I would have most assuredly taken another path for my life. Then I could be like all of my other friends and family members who are living quite comfortably with 24 years worth of pay raises and big houses on the hill. All I can hope for these days is someone takes a chance on a 46 year-old employee. We should all stick together though…you took your route and I took mine.

  • Dchingo

    For those of you who voted fro Democrats thanks one HEL_ of a lot. Democrats always try to reduce the military funding. This timne it looks like they will screw us retirees again. Good going guys. How about pulling your heads out and seeing what that sorry Democrat plans to do to you and your fellow service members.

  • 10actraveler

    Elections are coming up in 2012…….maybe it is time for a “Military Tea Party” to find out just who stands for what….or if they stand for anything other than themselves.

    VOTE ‘EM OUT NOW!!!!!!

  • Sally Bentley

    I am a widow on tricare for life. How will this effect me? This and the right to use a commissary and PX which are too far way from my home, are the only benefits that I get after 20 years and 17 moves, in addition to bringing up my children alone and becoming an expert at polishing boots! By the way, there was no increase in social security for the last two years, and I can’t affort to buy healthy food anymore.l

  • Harry

    One of the reasons I first reenlisted in the Navy in 1960 was the promise of free health care for life………What a joke that was………..

  • DonW

    It is a fact and many military retirees concur that health care costs are spiraling out of control and having a deleterious effect on our national defense. We concur that long term, many benefits must be addressed and also that faith must not be broken with those who served, fought and sacrificed on behalf of our national defense.
    My recommendation for a short term solution, to be enacted and continued only until the long term solution produces sufficient relief, is to leave current TriCare family benefits as they are and in the meantime impose a very small surcharge on the income taxes of those who did not serve, fight, nor sacrifice life and limb in the interest of their country’s national defense.
    Ask your senator and representative if you count on their support of this recommendation to show that you truly appreciate the service of our military retirees?

  • Hemi

    I have been retied since 1981, and they promised us, all Military would be taken care of for life but that has been a crock also. Seems to me that it has been continuing to go down hill ,and gets worries each day. As stated so many times before, We the so call Mus—-m President, and all of his money hungry Congess , Senators and these ass kissing Generals, get it all. (Pay raises, medical and any other benefit that comes out). This great nation is going to hell in a hand basket with all these so call great leaders we are suppose to have running this country. WAKE UP AMERICA, AND SEE THE LIGHT. We want our country back. As said before we are the only people that is going to stand up for our promised rights. As Oboma lied to us again and said( we need change) and they are sure making them for themselves. The US Military still getting screwed, and these so called politians haven’t seen or been close to being in war with exception of a very few good men that have served honorable and were POWs and earned their medals, and most were not desk jockeys writing up their medals, We need a new goverment that are not liers, and they will standup for justice and treat the miliary as promised.

  • GunnerJohn

    I find it hard that DOD is the culprit behind tying Tricare increase costs to the National Health­care Expen­di­ture (NHE) Index. Have these individuals forgotten they, too, someday will be retired from the military and will have to suffer at their own hands? Who would shoot themself in their own proverbial foot? Maybe what this information is really trying to tell us is that DOD decision makers are in fact not military personnel, but highly paid civilians that will never benefit from retirement benefits of this type? Why don’t our congressional leaders simply tie in Tricare costs along with their own health care costs? Is it because they don’t have any?

  • Captain G

    OK VETS! Quit griping — that does no good — and write your congressman and senators. What they are proposing seems to affect only those on TriCare Prime, but the plague could spread to those over 65. Remind your representatives that you served our country with honor, that you deserve what you were promised, and that if they don’t vote the right way YOU AND ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS WILL in the next election!

  • Doc

    No 401k, no stock options, no profit sharing all Volunteer Military.
    After the Cold War ended the Promise of No Cost Health Care for Life for Military Retirees was lost, Now This?

    Reenlist for the Benefits!

  • Doc

    Flood your Senators and Congressmen with letters! It is your Duty or they will gladly take your most Valuable Benefits!

  • AF Enlisted 1960

    Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution: “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.”

  • Flint

    Here’s a thought: Stop spending billions around the world on infrastructure and keep that money at home to take care of the promises made to veterans.

    • MSGT Sowders

      You’ve hit the nail on the head. Why do we need a military that is 10 times the size of the rest of the world combined? Stop buying needless weapons systems and start living up to the promises they made to us.

      Whose the big ememy that requires such a big expenditure every year.

  • Mauldwin

    I have sent a letter to my representative and congressman. It is a crying shame that after having served 26 years, being shot, stabbed, and blow up, I will not receive the medical care that I, and you, have earned by our selfless service. It is very upsetting to see the way things are going in this country and how it is being given away to illegals and (insert choice word here) that socialist in the white house, OBAMA. He along with his minions are ruining this country. Like the Obama health care plan, that he and his family, nor our representatives in DC are going to use because they wrote themselves out of it, the Tricare premium increases are another design to destroy the foundations that we, the retirees, have fought to preserve. Sad, but I don’t see the United States being “united” in another hundred years….. De Oppresso Liber (7SFG(A)). MSG (RET) “Crusty”

  • Msgt USMC ret

    Lucky….Lets see…shot down in a helo…bunker takes an RPG, stepped on a dud mortar going into a tunnel…had the butt plate shot off my machine gun while it was on my shoulder …humping rice paddies. Yep lucky as hell…Now Im so lucky the Gov wants in increase my Health Care…..

  • Ken Wade

    I owe these bastard`s almost 1,000 in co pay`s that I can`t pay.Ive got all the symptoms of Agent Orange being a Vietnam Vet and do you think they are trying to take care of this shit.Hell no they try to tell me it all happened after your tour.I live in Nevada where the great Harry Reid the King`s assitant tell`s everyone “I`m the champion of our veterans” bullshit.I`m going to sue the pants off all of them.Waite till Harry get`s served by a Vet.I`m going to notify the new`s media they will love this.Ken Wade 9th MP co in country 67.

  • wayne

    Just wrote my senators and congressman about the TRICARE increase but I will most likely get their boilerplate response. Maybe we need to get NHE index included as part of our retiree COLA. Anyone have any ideas how to do this?

  • SGM(RET) Gary Nelson

    Next they will want our Retirement Checks, They can’t pay us and the world too.

  • BillR

    I havent had a pay raise, my SS or military retired pay in 2 years. According to some moron its because the cost of living has not gone up. I am a Viet Vet and still getting crapped on after serving 21 yrs. The present administration is the most useless bunchs of fools since the Carter administration

    • MSGT Sowders

      Most people get the administration mixed up with Congress when they complain about retirement pay. Blame Boener and the Teaparty for the negative attitudes toward retired military. They determine how much you get.

      Focus on the right enemy and you might his the target there chief.

  • Rita Petty

    Instead of cleaning house all over the world lets start with Washington DC. Right at the top.

    • MSGT Sowders

      Again with the Prez bashing. You really don’t know that Congress sets your retired cola, the Prez just makes a suggestion, your favorite republican teaparty jackoff is the one screwing you around. Get it straight or you’ll probably vote republican this time around and shoot yourself in your other foot.

      • Chief

        What Rita Petty stated was mild compared to some. If you Sowders thinks that the Prez and I use that term loosely has nothing to do with the overall budget then you are the one sorely mistaken. CW3 Retired here.

      • Chief

        Oh, Sowder, that is right it isn’t President Obama’s fault because Obama doesn’t take responsibility for anything. If there is a problem with anything in this country Obama always blames it on Bush. Would you like to blame this on Bush? Let’s see it was Harry S. Truman that stated, “The buck stops here.” Oh ya Harry S. Truman was a president. Was Truman as a president the only one that understood that he was responsible for somethings in this country. CW3 Retired

  • Brian

    Why don’t we get more vets in office to stop this from happening? Veterans obviously need more reps in office rather than lobbyists!

  • smith merlin

    From what I can tell, Secretary fo Defense Dr. Robert M. Gates introduced this increase. It also seems that it’s hard to tell if he is a Republican or a Democrat since he has served under the last two presidents. I think it’s fairly certain that he is not a liberal since he did serve under the Right Wing Bush administration. I also think it’s fair to say that with the Republicans control both houses, the president having much luck getting “his” budget through.

    As the Republicans like to imply, all the Democrats want to do is spend money, how can we assume that the Democrats are trying to take money out of the retirees pockets.

    It’s always important to know the facts before going on a mission. When we know the facts, we know where to focus our assets.

    • MSGT Sowders

      Finally a voice or reason in this forest of rants. Take all of the political emotions out of it and it reverts to a simple truths. Congress decides how much money and colas that the retired military gets, as well as the benefits.
      For those that voted republican, listen closely to what the tea party igits are saying. They want the money that is owed to you. They are the ones who want to cut back and balance the budget on your back.
      You will have a choice soon to vote them in or out soon.
      Choose wisely.

    • phx27

      Mr. Merlin – You need to educate yourself. The democrats still control the senate. Harry Reeds sheep continue to follow the party line and block any real cuts in government waste.

    • phx27

      Mr. Merlin – Your ignorance is fully exposed by youthinking that the Republicans control both houses. Does Harry Reed and the Senate ring a bell? Obviously you went on the anti-Republican mission without having all the facts – in fact, you haven’t presented any facts to support your argument. Are you a real military man?

  • Robert Crisp

    One additional thought. I have served under several very fine general officers. I have also served under some who do not deserve the title; sons and grandsons of generals, protected by the strongest “good ol’ boy” systems. If we reduced the ever increasing number of generals, we reduce the number of men and women who have to serve under them. Seems to me, reducing the number of generals would have a major impact upon the number of troops to qualify the position of general. Reducing the number of troops would impact upon the number of wars we are involved in. When Senator McCann says on national television, “We are NATO”, when we turn over some of these wars to other members of NATO, seems to me, we reduce the number of our generals needed, the number of our troops being sacrificed needed and finally, the amount of national money sucked out of our national budget. Oh, who is considering the continued costs in pain, suffering and long term medical problems as well as costs by them and by the government extended over many years? Oh, Congress is; let’s increase their share of medical expenses to care for these military members we created wars for to justify their existance. DAH!

  • MSGT Sowders

    You can ‘t pin in all on Obama. He doesn’t control what the DOD sends to congress for funding. Congress controls the funding for the executive branch Obama just signs off on it.
    You can blame the man that Obama put in charge for making the request to congress, but congress is the real villian here if they ok it. Boener and Ryan and the teaparty are your real enemies here. Republicans all. Democrats in the senate have actual Medal of Honor members who will not let this thru.

    • Chief

      Hello Sowders, I guess you agree with Obanana that nothing is his fault and that it should all be blamed on Bush. If you want to make a political issue out of this we can debate. If you just want to say the President has no responsibility then we should just eliminate his position entirely. CW3 Retired

    • Smithty

      Your a dumb a@#

  • Dean

    The beancounters in Washington have a plan, let’s see what we can do to make Tricare Prime unaffordable to retired veterans. Guess what, they are going to succees.

  • valocall

    So when most of us joined, it was at a time when free health care for life was promised when we joined. I don’t mind paying a little bit for my coverage, but this is total BS considering all we did (do) for this country and oh by the way, the rest of the world. We as a group (veterans) need to send our congressmen and congresswomen our thoughts. Putting our thoughts in a blog or website does nothing for us. Flood the e-mail boxes of our representatives (and that term is used very loosely). That is how the message will get across to them, and if that doesn’t work, vote the Aholes out of office. We have a large group of voters that can make a difference!

    • stan ormita

      What good would it be to vote them out of office? From what I’ve been reading they are set for life with medical care after only one term in office. Sounds like by voting them out of office would be a blessing in disguise. But then again by having them stay in office gives them a free hand to do more harm to vets. “Catch 22”. Go figure…..

  • Shirley G. Potvin

    I agree with everything said, the vets, the retirees, & the hard working comon folks & our precious Seniors are the ones that are getting screwed every way there is while they all sit up there on their asses and collect big money for doing NOTHING at all while making everyone elses life very hard, I know my Husband served 35 years & then they made him retire, anyone over 30 years or more are out whether they like it or not, I am very PROUD of my Husband & all our men & women who serve our country & as for the EDIOTS In DC , They all need to be booted & all us regular folks go in there & run things, I sure bet we would to a MUCH better job & I bet our country wouldnt be in this MESS cause we actually care about our own, we need to stop these EDIOTS Now before we all end up in cardboard boxes while they are sitting in their Mansons & sipping their expensive wine & brandy & entertaining each other & kissing each others ass.

  • giindy

    Hey Troy, I sent the same info you are talking about many times. I have to assume it just gets put into the round file. We would see a big differents in our Government reps if they were paid the same as the Military Soldier.(Active/Retired) We just have to keep trying until someone gets the balls to do something.

  • lookathistory

    I have not read all the comments here and I think this is so easy to fix all that is need is some common sense but no degree needed and maybe that is the problem!

    First and I probably missed something. But raising Tricare to the NHE is fair. Okay just say like they said NHE average is 6.1 and our retired pay is 3. We lose 3 percent of pay a year….so in 33 years our retired pay is down 99percent. INT WTF?

    Possible solution. Cut back health care for those coming in now…..those dependents now…….

    MF is crazy if this is what you think you will do. People will take things into their own hands.

  • E. McManaway

    OBL is dead thanks to our military. The men and women risk their lives everyday.
    Famalies are separated for long periods of time. Twenty years in the military is different then the private sector. You move so many times and even other seas away from family and friends. Why so America can be a safer place to live and raise a family.
    Now the promise if you serve 20 years you have free medical care for the rest of your life is not going to be free anymore. President Obama has never served in the military and all his thanks for all the brave men and women in unifrom is another lie. The only way to get his attention is at the polls in 2012. All members of the militay and their famalies need to make sure he isn’t president for another term.

  • Mike

    It time for the someone stand up fot the military retire people. We gave 20 or more year of support and protection to this country and it time people realize this. The men and women in DC need to live under the same laws they vote on and pass for the people. Leave the vets alone, get the money from retirement,or just make the pay into a retirment funfd and medical and see how they like it. Just a old ret SFC of 21 years.

  • Richard

    I hope all that voted for Obama are feeling the CHANGE

  • seabee50

    I agree with ya. After retiring from the navy seabee;s in 2006 as well as coming home from Iraq, a 1 1/2 years later I was told I had a rare heart diease and would need a new heart. After having a heart transplant, off disability and back to work the social security said I could recieve medicare part A and it’s free.Part B I turned down because it would cost me 115.a month and I had insurance from the school district I work at and tri care west. A week later the sent a memo out saying if you had Part A Medicare then you need Part B which they shut my benitifits off without telling me. My meds for my heart transplant was about 40.00 per 3 months supply and now since I didn’t have the insurance my meds bill went to 800.00. Now its back to reason but I still have a large bill to take care of. One way or another the government will get us somehow while the poticans are getting rich. YES I served for 20 years and was over in Iraq.

  • Dickenson

    I wrote both senators and rep on this one. The 2 MT Democrat senators are fighting not to increase TriCare costs. They are supporting us vets. They both sent me letters confirming this. I have direct emails for them both.
    The 1 MT Representative is Republican. Guess what? No commitment of support! All he wants is to vote the party line, leaving us vets hanging. A month later and not a letter. His idea of communicating is to Twitter, support Tea Party issues and keep bashing the other party. He only accepts email that is linked to his Request for donations.

  • Not trying to put words in anyones mouths but all the people that did 20+ years( 25 here) and are talking about “RETIREMENT” and “PENSION” just want to know that they will be taken care of if they get sick ( like promised). For all those that did a few years…treated it like a job…hated it?…used it to “get ahead” in the civilian world ya might want to look at the complainers here…they would GLADLY give up thier freedom and head back out to war if Uncle Sam called on them.

  • Roho Viet Nam Vet 71

    Here’s a thought bring back the Military Hospitals on the Bases around this country and let us retired folks use this ave. Spent 31.5 years to get the free (no cost Heath care for me and my wife in our old age). Now my free health care is going to cost me out the %@#$ &*$. I am really tired of watching what i worked for vanish.

  • Cliff Brausch

    When I entered the military 41 years ago , we were told that if we stayed 20 years we would receive a pension, which included free health care for life. After 30 years of service 1970-2000, That has sure changed, Now I have been in the reserves, for 20 of thoes years, I’ll be 60 yrs this june and have been counting on tri care to help out in my elder years, So now you want to stick it to Us Vetern’s again. This will not set well with thoes who are on active duty also. Better think this on through , could be very costly to the politicians.

  • buck pepitone

    Better hope your Commander in Chief gets his Socialist, Muslen
    butt voted out in 2012. Should he get reelected there will no longer
    be a military to defend the USA much less have any type tricare.
    We are quickly being defeated from within. I hope I didn’t waste
    my15 months boots on the ground in Korea and another 18
    months in Nam. 29 years active duty.

  • buck pepitone

    please delat the previous comments by Buck Pepitone.



  • john feely


  • Reyahnka

    If they tie it to COLA there would be no additional cost, because there has not been a COLA for the last two years “Which is BS”. That’s why they want to tie it the NHE. We were told we would have free healthcare for life when I was in and when I retired in 1992 I had to start paying for my healthcare, what a bunch of BS. All of them need to be voted out of office in the next election. The People need to take back their Government at the Polls in the next election.

  • B. Farmer

    Now would be a great time for the general public to know what our goverment wants to do to its veterans, especially after the sacking of Bin laden by the military.

  • Jon Weiss

    Isn’t it great the way our government works? They promise healthcare for life, then at retirement they pull the rug out and leave you to twist in the wind.

    As a 22 year retiree with a service connected disability that I now get to pay to treat, my injuries. The opening salvo on the latest round of screwing retirees and active duty can be seen in the budget debate where soldiers in the field have their pay contingent on Congress doing their job in a very derelict manner. Not only that but the layout of the priorities of payment have demonstrated that in the eyes of the elitist politicians, retired military rank on the priority list somewhere between welfare recipients and drug addicts needing rehab.


    I too am a 20 plus year US Army retiree, served overseas most of the time. I was in the Korean Conflict, Laos/VN area, wounded, awarded the Purple Heart and Silver Star and am on a disabilty. With Medicare and TriCare For Life, I make it okay. My beef is about the politicians who only care about themselves. As has been said, they serve a short period of time and are cared for for life, with income and medical care. The average retiree can only hope to survive until they get old, and then they die. If the decision makers in DC really cared about the military men and women who have served this great country, they would consider helping the Veterans, Retirees and especially the current day wounded warriors who have to fight the VA and it’s massive amount of paperwork just to receive a few benefits. Those in DC should wake up and consider what is happening around the world when the citizens become angry about what is happening to them.

    • Jon Weiss

      Like you I am not “hurting” to make a living, But my beef is with the politicians who make promises, or inherit said promises from their predecessors and then arbitrarily renege on them, in this case taking money from TRICARE to pay for Obamacare or where ever they are putting it. If politicians don’t want to fund TRICARE for current members, they should at least stand by the promises made to those who served. Actually, I am in favor of handing every new enlistee a comprehensive list of benefits, and if they change over time, they stand by what was promised at the time of enlistment. For example, when I enlisted CHAMPUS was the health care insurance and it payed everything. Then came TRICARE. Now come more changes. I submit that I should be allowed to retain CHAMPUS coverage, and then anyone who enlisted after that period should be able to retain what they signed on for. But instead we have a system where I get promised a system like CHAMPUS, then get switched to TRICARE, then get force fed the increases with not recourse for redress of the changes. My advice to new enlistees, based on experience, is that they should not expect any promises made, to be kept because they most likely will not be kept.

  • Comment

    I did over six years active in the Marine Corps and now serve in the guard. I believe military members should have health care for life. Let’s get real folks….they are in a career field which puts their lives at risk day in and day out. For those that compare military service to civilan jobs do not have a clue. These young kids that we are sending to fight this god forsaken mess are loosing limbs, eye sight, etc. This country should task care of their military members. I don’t see the house or the senate taking cuts….and they are the clowns that has a big hand in putting the country in the mess it is today. Leave health care for military members alone and cut some of the wealfare programs.

  • whipkey

    The best thing we all, active duty and retirees, can do is vote out all
    current serving politicians and try to select the ones that will listen to the
    American people. IT does’nt matter if they are Republican or Democrat.

  • Don

    Last year, inflation was over 9.2%. Just because the “representatives of the people” who want to increase these fees decided not to include the two most volital areas of our economy, food and energy, does not mean the cost of living did not go up. So far in 2011, inflation is over 17% and increasing rapidly. The reason? Monitizing the debt by printing massive amounts of currancy. Add these additional costs to the cost of a disabled veteran traveling long distances to receive medical care you the end result will be the same as it has the last 4 times; a depression.

  • hal


  • Kenny Johnson

    I agree with everything that was said, but one thing we gave our lives in the service to make this country what it is and no one seems to give a flocka. You know I always said that we was promise health care for the rest of our natural lives if we served unto retirement and now they want us to pay for it, go figure. You know sometimes I do not know how we can call it retirement, if I did not go back to work after so call retirement I would not be able to pay for the deductable they ask for or the gas that is now up above 4.00. We vote these rich flocka in office and never think about their motives we just here what they say at that moment. Some of the government is way too old and others are way too young, but is there an in between, it probably is not. I guess it is good to be elected, but I always felt it should be a few in offices that no how the middle class and poor people really live. Take away the money they have to feed they families, relieve them of their medical benefits and put them in a area that is less desirable, I wonder how they would feel about these cut they are trying to put on the American people than. You know they probably would not care. We are always listen to how the rich need tax cuts and how the gas companies are making these big profits, if we want cut budget stop give so much overseas and learn how to take care of home and tax good of the companies that left the country and sending product back. Higher taxes for the gas companies not tax breaks. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN OUR HOME, DOES ANYONE CARE????????? This was actually written early today but could not send from where I was, but please here the words.

  • Billy Cooper


  • Pat1211

    A question for all of you. All the articles I have seen state the rate increases are for Tricare Prime. I am retired and am enrolled in Tricare Standard. Does anyone know if I would be exempt from a rate increase?

  • donaldo

    don`t bother to write your congressman, chances are they won`t get to read your letterss anyway, there helper who answers there phoneare the same people who screens this mail, this person is instructed to file 13 all junk mail,( SHRED IT), thats what call our mail), what are other countrys doing when they get pi–ed off, they take to the streets, we are to soft on our gov`t.

  • k.e. riffey

    Well people, you should have known when you decided to make a career of the
    military, what would be coming down the pike. We’re a captive audience and
    have no clout to get anything done about the way the US govt is f…ing us. If you are drawing military retirement and social security as I do, then you must
    realize the above is totally true. Anytime the dumb b……. in DC (including the
    CIC) need some money, it’s always “let’s f… the military retirees and those on
    SS. I’m also retired from Martin Marietta. Even that pay is in jeopardy. Since
    that contractor was controlled by DOE, even that money could be taken away.
    Until DC is ridded of the present scum in office and we get someone in there
    who has been/is retired military that really cares, we’ll never get a fair shake.
    The US government really sucks.

  • Al

    No hands no arms just bend over look down.This is free any thing more will cost you extra. Thanks for serving your country! You were told free for life ya!!!

  • JOEL


  • bryon

    Every time there is a cut to be made its the vet, cutting who can get service at the v.a. to raising our premiums this is because there is no illegals there going to effect ,were an easy target.

  • guest

    To All,

    Keep voting for for the small goverment…tea party and republicans idiots and everything will be perfect!

  • RetiredArmy

    It would seem many of those making comments didn’t actually read, or apparently did not understand the article. It is not the elected officials, President or Congress, trying to raise TRICARE fees but the brass and bureaucrats at DoD. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! From the article: “According to Stars and Stripes, the House of Representatives 2012 Defense Budget proposal includes provisions that would protect military retirees from the Department of Defense’s plan to increase TRICARE premiums and fees for another year. DoD has pushed TRICARE fee increases for years….”

    We need to push Congress to make the reprieve permanent.

  • William

    Just give the vets what congress gets. HA! HA!

  • Erik Nelson

    Those of you who blame the politicians are missing the boat–politicians are just the front men for major corporations. The big corporations and their fat-cat CEO’s are the ones who are really trying to screw us. They won’t be satisfied until they have all of our money and we have nothing. Look at GE for example: $5 billion in profits last year and they paid NO income tax (in fact, they got a REFUND).

  • J.r. Griffin

    retirement benefits should be changed to provide more for those that actually saw combate and less for those that never left a desk.

    Same for VA benefits.. Why should a guy that spent 4 years in an admin job at Ft Dix get the same benefits as one that has foughht and laid his life on theline.

    J.R. Griffin

    • D Hill

      Those that never saw combate (as you spell it, correct way is combat) should have stopped your PAY, BEANS, BULLETS, and BANDAGES while you were single-handedly at war. Simpleton. People were at “desks” because that’s what the boss told them to do, just like you were doing what you were told. Stay out of import decisions with your immature attitude.

    • Chief

      Hey J.r. grow up. I am a veteren of three combat tours and retired with over twenty one years of service. It doesn’t matter where and when and how long you served. The only thing that matters is that you did it honorably.

      CW3 USA RET

  • Rich H

    First off I am pro-government. That being said, I get very frustrated by the fact that we fulfilled our contract with Honorable Military Service. After hat we constantly get our retirement reduced. How many bases have been closed, reducing our exchange and commissary availability. Our increases are minuscule. Of course, that is not the case with the people that we elect for a SHORT time in Washington.

  • Bruce C

    Here is the way I see this. First I am Retired Corpsman of Marines and yes i saw Combat but that is a moot point. we all had job in the military and we did them combat or not. The guy or gal behind the desk earned their way just as much as anyone in combat. The issue here is TRICARE Fee’s/Costs. Reality is that people can not expect Annual TRICARE Fee’s to stay the same forever that is not life if it was we would still be paying 50 cents a gallon for gas. I have nbo problem adding to the cost of TRICARE fees but make it set on the CPI. The problem there is yes as of late the CPI is low but that may not always be. If we run into a bout of high inflation which is possible this is going to hurt some wallets but we can not continue to just expect the DOD/Government to eat the entire health care cost. Yes we did our timeand we deserve to receive the benefits we were promised but we can not expect those benefits to be completly free or not have to share in part of them that is not real life. We can sit here and argue about the free ride politicians and their families get or that a company did not pay tax’s but that is a waste of breath that is not going to change. People complain and complain but you turn around and vote the same idiots back into office time and time again and many do not vote at all. Lets just focus on what we need to do us our voice’s and groups like the Legion, VFW etc and go from there.

    Semper Fi


      Here’s how I see it! First of all, you are not a Retired Corpsman of the Marines, you must mean you’re a Retired Navy Corpsman who served with the Marines? OOOOhhhh Rrrrraaahhh! Your point is valid in regard to inflation & the cost of living. However, you seem to miss that point because it should apply to pay as well. “No” Cost-of-Living-Adjustment on retirement pay in the past 2 years, yet it is okay according to Congress, to increase the cost of paying for our “Free Medical”. How many more sacrifices to your retirement pay and your cost of living would you like to make before enough is, enough! When I joined in 1976, I was told I’d get free medical & dental if I retired, but not only do I pay for my “free” medical, I also pay for my “free” Delta Dental . Guess that’s why we call it the “Land of the Free”. Get on board Shipmate!

  • pfshaver

    Talk to your Congressman/woman?? Talk to your Congressman/woman?? When was the last time you actually called and TALKED to your Congressman/woman? Even e-mail only elicits a polite response from some auto responder or perhaps a staffer thanking you for your concerns. At some later time you may receive an ambiguous patronizing response letting you know that your Congressman/woman will be making a decision about your concern(s) based on the best possible information available to them. Boy, now that instills the utmost confidence in me that my/our objections to eroding rights and entitlements will be fairly and objectively weighed. If, and I mean IF, our concerns directly align with their objectives will we see positive action…. probably about the same time as Hell freezes over. I do want to clarify one earlier statement about:
    “Now these fancy talking, lying SOB’s from that Marxist in the Oval Office to that yes man at the Pentagon, has dug a financial fox hole they cannot see out of”
    is grossly inaccurate. It is clearly the Tea Party activists being led down the primrose path by Paul Ryan and his budget proposal to lower the debt that have targeted our rights and benefits. They have recently passed legislation that allows them to “borrow” TSP funds as well. These funds are privately owned by gov’t employees, and are the third leg of the FERS retirement plan. At retirement, most will find a TSP box full of IOUs instead of their retirement funds. Go figure. Our only real power against the elected representation in congress is via the ballot. Well, it used to be. Now even that has been compromised by the DIBOLD voting machines which can be hacked and changed as they were in ’98 and ’04, in Mexico, and every other election where they are being used. So basically we have absolutely no recourse whatsoever. Don’t ya just luv it? Go ahead, call your Congressman/woman today.

  • Gator Sailor

    I served 21 years for the right to have medical. But yet now i have to pay for it. Now they want to raise the amount i pay, and yet i am also paying for my family to have it also. I am also paying a premium for my spouse to continue with it in the case of me dying forst so she can continue receiving my retirement check. Wow. I thought i served 21 years for a country that i stood up for, and yet when it comes down to it, it refuses me and mine and just wants to enjoy any benefits it can take from me. Oh, wait a minute, thats the govornment I am talking about. Not MY country. Why don’t they take the pay cuts along side of us who actually worked for the govornment for at least 20 years to get the tretirement. I should have gone into politics instead where I would only have to serve a few years and not put my life on the line or be away from my family for months at a time. Then i could have just got rich off of everybody else, not paid taxes and had free health care for life and beentax exempt to boot. Only one problem with living the life of a politician for me tho. I would have made a lousy one due to the fact, that I wouldnt lie to the people. They would know all and see all, No matter how bad it was. Cuz I dont lie to those that work for me or fall under my cognizance. This is all bullshit. We served, now let us have what you promised in the beginning in order to get us to serve.


    WOW! They really are gonna raise the TRI-Care rates even after we retirees haven’t gotten a COLA raise in the past 2 years. How convenient, & how easy we are to take advantage of! Not enough that my retirement pay is about $100 less than it was 2 years ago, (no COLA increase but my taxes went up each year)? Now they’re gonna get into my pocket yet again! Thank you for your continued “contribution” to your Country! Has the government we so honorably served totally lost sight with reality? I guess the 20+ years we’ve all sacrificed just isn’t quite enough! I am truly fed up with the mentality in DC.

  • JTex67


  • soaringeagle

    Do you think any body is really listening?

  • Yvonne Hoover

    If I recall right, President Eisenhower (5 star general) made a promise to all service members that their benefits would always be there and they would remain in place until the service member became deceased. Hearing my father and other vets talking about how the DOD is nickeling and dimeing vets to pieces. The military vets have been used, abused, and left beside the curb when it comes to their benefits. Increasing Tri-Care fees won’t solve the problem. DOD needs to come up with a plan to be fair to the vets and their families not cut their throats. Shame on you!

  • JSwick

    All I want to know is when is the People we Elected to

    Government going to be put under the same Health plan and Retirement plan the Military and the rest of people in U.S. has to live under


    We need to organize a Million U.S. military retiree march on Washington to let them know enough is enough. Stop taking what was promised to us retireree’s, and start taking from the fat politicians making these crazy decision affecting our way of living. Most politicians never served in the military anyway.

  • kvhc

    What COLA? And if we dod get a tiny COLA, it is but a portion of the rising cost of living. No, TRICARE costs shouldn’t go up at all. The elected officials and bigwigs should have to retire on what the average joe has to retire on, with the same healthcare, etc.

    Read more:

  • Biggie

    quit bitching and get a life, all of you are double dipping.

  • AE1(AW) USN Retired

    A congressman can serve one term and recieve a pension that is much better then ours. Lets trim the budget and get rid of some congressman, then we will see how how much money is truely wasted.

  • Bill AF

    Those retirees that are willing to accept a TRICARE increase need shock therapy. Hello out there. Despite inflation (yes their is inflation, despite gov claims to the opposite) retirees have seen no increase in pay in three years.
    Retirees have served and earned these benefits. Long missions, absence from family causing divorce-hard to put a price on these. Everyone is fighting for dollars in Washington and right now the military is held in high esteem. Their is no need to screw ourselves by accepting a TRICARE premium increase.

  • Jim

    No mention of who proposed the increase. Dont jump to conclusions as to who the enemy is. What a shame the article doesnt tell us who did this, and interesting people automatically blame Obama with no basis to do so.

  • Don V.

    It’s a sad commentary when those who make the most, want to take from those who get the least .Two years and probably more of no raises for military retirement’ veterans benefits, and social security.where the heck has all those monies gone.For bail outs of financial scroundrals,shady companies and overpaid CEO’s, certainly not to deserving military retirees. Same old song and dance by congress, promises made and never kept are like roads made out of sand! To use the proposed NHE index for graduated fees to any retiree COLA increase, would make us serfs to the system in our own land! Our years of commitment ts and sacrifices in military service,have already paid premiums in full measure!

  • Gary Sadger


  • catago

    As a retiree at age 55, I get Tricare Prime for a single. I feel totally amazed that I get all the care and Meds I do for only $230 a year. I have a new partner that would feel lucky to only pay that much per month much less per year for his premiums.. Therefore, I have no problem with the small increase the DOD speaks of for those of us working age retirees. I would only hope that retirees who are disabled from the “job”would not get the increase.

  • Jean DeLong

    They will not increase their income but the will increase their bills. Everything is going up except our income. How can we absorb this increase????

  • fightnwo2010

    Why would this guy care about miitary, I mean after all he’s got the gold brand premium going for him and his family , with dozens of perks i’m sure, and the idiot probably never served, probably is affriad of his own shadow. and last but not least this guy is a total moronic jerk idiot!!!! I hope his front tooth falls out and he can’t get it replaced! What a bastard!

  • gs100

    Well, it is just like always, stick it to the military, active and retired alike. 90% of those idiots in congress as never been in the military so they don’t know what they are talking about. I think it should be a requirement that anyone elected to congress or the presidency should have been in the military for at least one enlistment. What say you???

  • Bob

    May be Robert Gates and all the politicians should give up there raises and retirements to off set the medical cost of retiree’s.

  • Randy

    Why doesn’ Congress give up some of their benfits, especially heal benefits? That would surely help cut the budget. What happened to all the promises made to us when we first enlisted? What a bunch of HOGWASH!!

  • beegee

    I am amazed! The US military personnel work harder, more efficiently and certainly smarter than our government officials appear to do. It irks me to think about the retirement and health benefits Congress gave themselves. Were we ever once ask? Or given the right to vote on the issue? No very secretly they gave this benefit to themselves. While we sink millions of tax dollars into paying for their self serving mistakes/pensions/healthcare/overspending/political fundraising/ etc and into foreign countries ….americans have no jobs! We have homeless on our streets, abused spouses and children, a serious long term care issue for our aging seniors, more applying for foodstamps, and we seriously need to focus on education, etc. While we sit back and snooze our country is getting left behind. Wonder who they will blame when there are no funds to cover “their” pricey healthcare/retirement plans? Well secretly they are now destroying the “middle class”. Our dollar is declining. Baby Boomers are retiring straining the SS/medicade they have dipped into. And rather than to take a hit themselves they want to take benefits away from the personnel who protect whats left of the mighty USA. And certainly this group of protectors has performed a bit better than our government officials. Down right Shamful!!

  • Army Retiree

    I think they need to find ways to save money elsewhere. Retirees are on a fixed income and COLA is a joke compared to true inflation.

  • Retired SGM US Army

    While completing my second ten years of military service in the mid-sixties, I was asked to accept the additional duty of being my unit’s Reenlistment Councelor until a more professional, school trained individual was assigned. When the subject came up regarding a military career (20 to 30 years service) and a promised lifelong free medical plan for service rendered for both the member and his family, I couldn’t find the the Army regulation that authorized such a program. A further investigation with members of other branches of the military revealed the same problem. Eventually I found a DOD Poster that you could attach to a wall or place up-right on your desk so that prospective members could see that it was directive in naturre and if you did complete 20 or more years service, you and your family members would be entitled to free medical treatment during their lifetime (after reaching a certain age, children would no longer be covered). When politicians feel they know everyting about the military, they have no other choice but to lie rather than reasearching government records. A PROMISE MADE IS A PROMISE KEPT!