Shutdown’s Impact on Vets Still Unknown

UPDATE: I recently spoke to a congressional staff member who confirmed that military retirees and veterans receiving monthly GI Bill or comp and pen payments are already protected from the affects of a government closure.

The following is a brief unofficial response to the question of what impact a federal shutdown might have on veteran’s access to services, compensation and pension payments, and GI Bill benefits. The answers provided here are not official. Not only has the VA not released ‘official’ guidance on what affect a federal shutdown would have on their services, nobody is willing to offer any comments on the subject.

If the government closes for business on April 8, veterans may find some VA services unavailable. The unofficial word is that administrative support and claims processing will likely be the hardest hit. So far there has not been any indication of what would happen to VA health care and social services. It is safe to assume that most VA health care services would continue. But the question of what that means to veterans seeking medical services remains unanswered.

My VA sources tell me that they expect that automated benefit payments like  Disability Compensation, Veterans Pensions, and GI Bill payments are likely to continue, but new and pending claims processing will probably be impacted by the reduction of administrative support.

Keep in mind that that the longest shutdown in the past 20 years was 21 days. The current deadline for passing a budget is April 8; we can hope that if a shutdown occurs, congress would be able to resolve their differences well before the May 1 pay date.

Unfortunately, the best advice continues to be to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Stay Tuned – We will continue to update if more information becomes available. But, in the mean time,please take a moment to let Congress and our government officials know how you feel about the budget impasse.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • El Kapitan

    “Friends, Romans, and Countrymen, lend me your ears”! As the Senate in Rome did in their past history, now our history is ‘neck-n-neck’ parallel to this trend — cut the soldiers pay and land gifts; what next, follow in their footsteps, hire “barbarians’ that eventually revolted against Rome?

    • Proudly served

      I served from 70 to 80 and my base pay was 98 a month. When I got out the base for my grade was about 1000. I was a volenteer. The draft went out in the 70’s so I know that everyone that is serving now took the job on their own. So quit your ******** you knew what you were getting into and you can quit when your enlistment is up.

      • proudly serving

        Proudly served, thank you for your input. I appreciate your service. With that said, there is not a single time that someone should be told to quit whining when they are at risk of not being paid for their work – regardless of the position they are in, or the job they do.

        Military, civilian, it does not matter, you get paid what you are owed for your work. It is that simple.

    • John Rvah1

      Look to your state leaders, If they are for and helping the state veterans where you live, well run them for the higher offices of the country. They have a track record and then keep them on track to the USA government office’s. Then all us Vet’s can count on someone who CARES

  • M.R. Benavidez(ret)

    I’m retired Army and back when I was on active duty I witnessed soldiers getting food stamps to supplement their pay and I still see it going on today on several military bases. Since when is WIC a supplemental income for service members, WIC offices are on military installations. This is purely inappropriate care of our Military servicemen and women. When are we going to stop and take a good look at ourselves and at out country and take a stand for our military men and women. We have too many leaders (i.e. senators, congressmen, assemblymen, clergy and not to mention activasts) that think only of themselves. It’s already difficult for our servicemembers and their families to make ends meet so why stop or delaying their pay in these trying times, we have them seperated and in combat worring about problems back home when they need to concentrate of getting home safe._We give them tools to fight in other countries well their pay is a part of those tools……

    • Casper

      I have to agree, with EVERYTHIG you said! I saw my Dad bring home MREs for us kids for dinner near the end of the month, often. We had thought it was a fun thing, until I was old eough to realise it was being done just to FEED his childen! He also qualified for food stamps, but refused to get them out of pride. We ate MREs, and rank kook-ad the last week of every month, so he could “serve” our counry. Who served us?!?

      • Doc

        Unfortunately, if we’re dumb enough to give up our lives for the military then we deserve what we don’t get.

        • Guest

          What a Horrible thing to say..maybe they gave up there lives for their country or because soldiering is all they know..Regardless,soldiers should be better taken care of.Perhaps they should pay soldiers what they pay the people they outsource military jobs to…

          • skhoov

            My husband just was looking at a Governemnet jobs site and they are offering $19-20 an hour for a lube tech (the person who changes the fluids in vehicles). That is insane! Especially when food stamps and WIC are commonplace for the people serving in our military!

          • Susanne

            Absolutely right. My husband has been in the military for 22 years, still active duty. He recently ran into a former co-worker that chose to retire at 20 years. He managed to get a civilian contractor job – funny thing – he’s doing exactly the same job he did in the Army only differences: it’s a nine to five instead of 18 hour workdays and his income has basically doubled(isn’t that a slap in the face..) – he suggested to my husband – old friend.. time to get out and get paid what you’re worth.

          • Susanne

            Anybody who wonders why military families live pay-check to pay-check and do not have lots of emergency cash – google the military pay chart and divide that money by the hours they work – the kid at the fast food joint around the corner outearns them by the hour. Nobody in their right mind does this job for the money. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m proud of my soldier every day b/c he loves what he does: training young people, giving them skills that allow them to protect and do so with pride.

          • Susanne

            .. with his time in and his corresponding pay, we’re not too worried, since we’ve arrived at an age where planing and saving is a priority and we’re able to do so. I’m worried about our young E1-E5 that do not make enough to even dream of investing and saving.Please stop telling military people to stop having children! While I am a firm believer in not having more than I can support,I think that’s a very arrogant thing to say. Nobody is telling civilians to stop reproducing and if they lose their job-are they supposed to give their 2.5 kids they had when life was good away? To those that say *you signed up for it – so quit whining an work without pay*-again,if your civilian employer told you hey.. can’t pay you this month but sure would like for you to show up and oh yeah work at least 16 hours a day* you’d be the first to tell them to take the job and shove it. People that work hard deserve to get compensated. That’s all there is to it.

    • Liam

      Enlisted military personnel need to manage the number of kids they have to match the amount of pay they make. Its called “birth control”.

      I am a vet and was enlisted. I would have love to have more kids than I had, but I could not afford it. Individual military personnel need to manage; just like most of us with common sense had to manage.

      If a nimrod has more kids than he can afford, he should not expect the government to compensate him. They did not compenstate me. When I enlisted base pay was $288.00 per month and I did not have kids until after I could afford to have them. Its called “thinking ahead” and “common sense”.

      • skhoov

        I was enlisted and only had one child! My husband (who was also enlisted) and I still qualified for WIC! It has nothing to do with being able to afford children, and everything to do with our serrvice members being paid poverty wages!

      • brandy

        My husband re-enlisted after a 14 year break in service because he missed being in the uniform….We have two kids…we had them when we re-enlisted…We still live check to check on his military pay…Before he re joined we made about $70,000 a we live on less than $30,000. The government does not compensate us for our kids…but the issue is not really Food Stamps or WIC…the Issue is that the dont want to pay us period…even though my husband gets up everyday at 0500 and works untill 1800 at night..

    • R benavidez

      Brother Benavidez, Your are right on the money.
      I saw the same thing in the navy during my 4 years of service for our great
      U.S. of A.
      R. Benavidez from El Paso,Texas
      Nam Vet

      • HawaiiGirl

        Yeah, and mainly from folks with “similiar” names as yours….Benavidez from El Paso, TX!!!

    • Charles Foster

      I say stop giving to other countries, use the trillions of that money to give pay raises to our military. Plus increase spending to our service men after their dedicated service time is up IE veterans benefits. And please remember the wic program is a Government program that our Veterans are eligible to. I am not opposed to this. Yes I know it is a dream and makes too much sense being the right thing to do as lobbyist and the politicians splurge this away. Ask your political leaders to be advised of this.

    • James Stephens

      Your asking a congress that back 20 or so years ago gave themselves an 18k raise & as a Plt sgt with 3 kids didn’t make 18k a year. Our service people should be so well taken care of that food etc. should never be a concern, but I am glad that they can get them when they are in need. I don’t know when you retired but I remember paying taxes while serving overseas but not able to get earned income because I wasn’t in the U.S. I remember digging worms to catch fish & washing cars etc to get food for my family because soldiers could not draw food stamps. Congress cares only about it’s agenda & it parties views. I love my country but as I’ve seen lately the people in the mideast rising up & throwing the leaders out how much longer will it be until it happens here.

    • Recce1

      I’m retired Air Force and while visiting my wife at her parents’ home near a Naval base between training and going to SE Asia I too heard of enlisted men and women on welfare. The Navy solved the issue by decreeing that any service man or woman who applied for welfare benefits would be court martialed for bringing discredit upon the Navy. Fortunately, the local base commander made efforts to get help for his sailors, including a change in Navy regulations.

    • Paula

      I agree, the treatment toward military service members including veterans is disgraceful & every person who has ever served in the military should be writing Eric K. Shinseki and complaining profusely.

      Signed: Paula Vet USMC…

    • Ll t

      I seen that Also But have you worked in that office if you have’nt tri it for 2 no 3 seconds then make a comment.

  • Dennis

    Whatever the military men and women must suffer during this so-called “crisis” (which is purely politcs driven feet dragging to make the “other side” appear to be the problem0 then so must all branches of the federal government, particularly the Commander-In-Chief’s executive branch. If our politicians had to suffer even a tiny wee bit of the sacrifices our brave warriors in uniform must endure then these “crises” would have ended long ago.

    Oh and by the way, let Congress enjoy full benefits of Obamacare like the general population, They should have no problem giving up their Cadillac Healthcare since they are so much in love with this socialist healthcare system. Or maybe they would prefer to subject themselves to the so-called “free health care” called Tricare like the uniformed services?

    Doubtful. Very doubtful. How can they call themselves leaders when they don’t lead…?

    • James

      that falls under the old saying ” Don’t do what I do, do what I say do.”__

  • Tired of the Bull

    I say shut it down. Maybe it’s time us retirees band together and show the country how to take this government back from all those crooked politicians. There is not a single person in Washington DC that deserves to come out of this with their job intact. Not one.

    • Glenn S

      Amen My Brother

    • Russ

      Tired, I’m with you. No one knows but the newies have the answer in hand. BS let them shut down and they can be with out for a month. Of course they gave their selfs a nice raise 2 yrs ago and the rest of us are left sucking canal water. The strength of this country is in the older folks, count the numbers. I wouldn’t have a problem with letting a military family stay until the jack azzes can pull their head from the warm stinky spot its at. BUT as stated NO KNOWS, so lets scare the crap out of everyone until we find out. Kinda like OBOMACARE!!!!!!

    • R.E.Gaunt

      I think we should lay the blame squarely on the Speaker of the House, John Bonehead and his Republican allies in Congress. I agree basically with what you said except that all politicians are not responsible for this bashing of the middle class, the Unions and members of the armed services. Our elected Democrats in Congress are trying to prevent this abuse of power but are unfortunately in the minority and we can blame that on the electorate, especially those citizens that don’t vote or do not take the time to know the issues and vote in their own interest. Any working man or woman, soldier, sailor , marine or airman or Union member, or government worker who votes for a Republican is voting against their own interest. Let’s remember this when the next election rolls around. There are more working men and women than there are millionaires in this country and it is time for us to unite to take back OUR country.
      I am a Vet, a Federal Civil Servant and a proud member of AFGE.

      • Jim F

        Die hard Dems and Repubs are going to defend their party no matter how bad they are doing. I agree with getting rid of all of them. Most of them are lawyers. When have you seen a lawyer that wasn’t for himself and his pocketbook? Since when does a lawyer have the expertise to run a business? To run a business, such as the government, you need a businessman, not a lawyer or Dr. Only problem now is this is just talk. Not enough people would stick together to make anything happen. All anybody wants to do is talk.

      • T.Crei

        To aly blame on one party is a disservice to yourself. Each and every elected official is to blame for the current climate. They are arguing over 60 billion out of a 1.65 trillion dollar budget. that’s less then 4.5 percent
        None of them deserve another term. period.
        Time for people to forget thsi notion of partisan politics, it doesnt work it never has. We need people in office that are willing to stand up and say Its wrong, and do the right thing for a change.
        Sure isnt any of the elected people currently in office.

    • Tired as well

      Amen!! I will stand with you all!



      • Citizen twain

        I haven’t forgotten you.

    • Loveavet

      Wouldn’t a shut down just affect us? I read through the OPM shutdown/furlough procedures and all those ‘ivory tower’ decision makers are going to be exempt from a furlough. Anyone appointed by the President is exempt. Any one that is deemed ‘essential’ is exempt too. So do you really think the shutdown is going to hurt ‘them’? Nope.

    • fradascus

      There should be no such thing as a career politician. No lifetime pensions, or free medical coverage, they should live as their constituents. There should be no such thing as a free ride…………our politicians live off the back our nation. Fire them all from the President on down, and start with a clean slate, that sets term limits, pensions, and healthcare, like the rest of us live under….

  • ben

    I agree we ex vets need to band together and take this country back for the people we served and ourselves. The governments propaganda of patriotism is an illusion to us of what we believed this great country stood for. Smoke and mirrors to advance personal economic gains of politicians, bankers and wall street that could care less about the military or the people military think they are fighting for. Why give our blood sweet and tears to an undeserving bunch, they do not care about us, its all BS propaganda now days. Another thing why is it that every politician out there seems to think that military need to be taken care of by common folk charities, were is the tax money for the troops that the common folk who are struggling and forced to give money in taxes going, why do the broke and down trodden have to step up to bail the already bailed outs military. We truly were not the people defenders we thought we were, we were politicians bankers and wall streets personal do boys. I say let the stinking government shut down and we vets can reproduce a society fit to be called “America” I am a Honduras era vet I thought I was there to fight communism instead I was there just to insure the oil relations between the now exiled president and oil companies. For that I apologies to my fellow country men because all its done is to continue the justification of war for fossil fuel when we should have been focusing on renewable energies. Its free and we don’t have to lie about taking over, killing or defending certain regimes. Jonathan Edward said it best in a song called sunshine a Vietnam protest song “they can’t even run there own lives i will be dammed if they run mine”

    Pissed off veteran

    • Guest

      So just what do all you intend to do about this other than posting (venting on here)? Walk the Walk don’t just Talk the Talk! Let your representatives and via letters, and e-mails and swap their mail boxes. LEt your voices be heard and then tell (by writing) to your newspaper to post and investigative news. Get involved. Listen, research and inform. My Motto is “Leave No American Behind”. If you’re sick and tired let people know why, and vote the bums out. The problem is what new representatives will you replace them with? the system is screwed up and needs changing, but not at our (military and ex military and poor yearning to breath).

      • ben

        Have you tried this, I have done all of this and am presently fighting a case and tax issue against the IRS but people like you evidently rather bitch and down play people instead of becoming part of the movement. I can’t do it all my self. The news doesn’t wan to put it out because most will not stand up for america like they once did. I am willing to organize the first rally in FT Collins Co but I need true support not to be hung out to dry.

  • guest

    I agree its time to stand up as one like we have in the past. The only trouble is that now it maybe to late every time I see a group of american stand up the FEDS sent hit team and FBI strom troopers
    use it or lose it

    • ben

      Thats the reality of it all, but if we could get the whole military like the egyptian people got theres to stand behind them it could easily be done but now in US its like old Russia and the KGB you can’t trust anyone inUS because the government wants it that way. People got to pull there heads out of there tails wake up and smell the field brew.

  • Retired SSG

    Obama-lama-ding-dong says that we volunteered to serve our country, so we shouldn’t get any benefits after we leave service. Does that mean when his term is up, he’ll forego Secret Service protection, free medical for the rest of his life, etc? Hell no he won’t. I say neither he nor members of congress should get paid until this debacle is fixed. They, too, volunteered, so let them stew in their own cesspools until they get the job done, though unlike military member, they will continue to get kickbacks from big corporations to see things their way. They’re all millionairs anyway, so they don’t need the money from taxpayers!

    • ben

      Agree 100%

    • Liam

      Obama is only a mouthpiece and thats all. He is taking the hit for what those who really run this country are doing. Our economy will colapse and we will become part of the one world economy and government. We are well on our way.

    • SS of SFC

      Staff Sgt. says it all !
      Surviving Spouse of a SFC.

    • Retired SCPO

      You are right about getting rid of the politicians currently in power. Sadly, that will not happen because of the brainwashed voter tendency to vote for the same party their daddy’s belonged to. All politicians should be limited to only two terms in office, period. Once their term is over they should not be allowed to run for any other political office. You are wrong in believing Obama is against helping our Vets. The Republicans have always been against mandated programs such as social security, unemployment compensation and government sponsered health care. Look into the facts before you make such statements.

    • TomP


    • concerned

      SSG I respect your opinion, but Obama has fought for more Veterans right than others. I am a product of his new bill to help Veterans get jobs in the Federal Gov. Please remember SSG that “WE” the people elect those officials. So apparently someone cared enough for them to be there. And this post is regarded to you with much respect as a different viewpoint.

    • Robert Jenkins

      You are a liar; pure and simple. What is earned will be kept; quite frankly it is not this President who wishes these take backs. I truly am sorry for your mental anguish, as it seems to have rendered you dilussional. I agree Veterans need to stop hunkering down and come out swinging, just stop the political garbage and support those who support us. Not just talk, as sound bites; but real action. Politics such as the garbage you spew, only play into these low lifes hands.

  • Rabid Gander

    Wake up people. The folk’s in Washington (Both side’s of the asile) could
    care less about the Vet’s. It’s not a Democrat thing or a Republican thing,
    it’s an Washington thing. They simply don’t give a damn. Get elected to
    office on promise’s you have no intention of keeping, get what you can while
    you’re there, and start running for Re-election within two week’s of being elected. This Country has gone to hell in a hand basket and we still keep
    electing these Moron’s for sake of the party. It’s time for The tree of liberty to
    be refreshed.

    • concerned

      BTW just so many should know, there aren’t many people in the upper law-making echelon who had been prior-service lately.

    • Paula

      Well brother vet… I must say i agree with much of what you say but after seeing what was going on at one of the VA’s in America a few years ago I will tell you our service men have sold their birthrights for a few hits of tail… politicians from all sides got together and offered you men 2 wives, 5 girl friend, 10 concubines and 1 boyfriend when your feeling a little freaky. You men jump at the opportunity to become man whores and now the prospect of being a man whore didnt turn out the way you wanted now you want a fair shake again…

      Well sometimes you need to listen to the voice of reason before you buy into a field of dreams…
      As a woman vet who served honorably and also worked just as hard as any man in the Corps i saw this mess coming and pleaded with veterans to stand firm. So I have no remorse & only want us to all get back to basics and remember the honor and commitment we once served for.

      Paula…Vet USMC

      • Rick Lipary

        If you dike bitches had brains, you’d be dangerous! If men and boys did’nt have sex drives, you “women” would have to risk the rejection and pay for the dates! Not only would you have to pay for the food and beverages you stuff down your greedy gullets, but you also would’nt have your precious babies! Last, but certainly not least, I don’t see you bitches trying to kick men out of your (or their) beds, while you’re lubricating yourselves senseless over their sexuality! Like YOU don’t want or need it! What a laugh!

  • Joan

    well, we’re getting rid of the unions, the only thing left helping the working man have better wages and conditions, so what is the wonder when they try to shut down the fighting men and women’s benefit? The fat cats in Washington are government. Let them make the first sacrifice and hand over all their pay and benefits for the good of the budget. Yeah, fat chance!

    • older than dirt

      I wrote a letter to John McCain concerning the need for everyone to cut back wondering just why all the bureaucrats in our government arent making a financial sacrifice for the good of our nation, however naturally never got a return letter…………surprise surprise.

    • L/Cpl 65

      Maybe the Union officials should join the big bad politicians. Oh yea, quit spending the …”working man(s)… money on pumping up the …Government… (democrats). Actually People (Vets included) need to take personal responsibility. If the Economy keeps going the direction it has for the last few years we will ALL need to take care of each other. I’m not looking forward to helping the so called Entitled. When the time comes I would very much like for you and yours to put your hand out to the Union Leaders and the Entitlement Politicians and BEG for your next meal.

  • DWKEN49

    R E Gaunt, Your an idoit. Your just like most americans today who wants to place the blame on this person or that group when you see one of the people to blame every time you look in the mirror. All of us have become so lax that we dont stand up for ourselves. If we Americans would stand together ( which we won,t) and det rid of all the trash in Washington D C and elect people that really cared about America instead of what they could get then America might get turned around.

    • Citizen twain

      How are you going to do that? They have tanks.

    • pat

      right on. But there are some people really working to reduce the debt, they are being called radical and extreme and every other name in the book by the big spenders. All you need to do is look at who says a 61 billion dollar cut is “draconion”. 61B from 16 TRILLION is”DRACONION”. This is way too small a cut. We need to return to 2005 levels of spending..
      But thats just my opinion. I look at economics with an eye to my grandchildrens one of whom is in college and great grandchildren who range from 1 to 11. I can afford to think of them 1st. Can you? Can you not?


  • GARY


    • Raysbear

      Amen to that!! If the Congress is so downright willing to cut costs, they should begin with their own pay and benefits. Quit blaming the Presient, seems every time he turns a corner he gets blocked in. I can not remember any President taking the hits this one has had to deal with. I don’t believe the “race” thing will ever end. It is to bad too because there are some very sharp folks out there that have taken the time to be well educated to improve their status, lives and families.

      • Raysbear

        Blame the corporations who send their CEO’s and money to places where they don’t have to pay the 35% Corp. Tax. That is where our jobs have gone. The private sector is doing the best they can to improve job creation but don’t have the high and mighty CPA’s and attorney’s that know the ins and outs of hiding money. The Corporations have made billions in profits but sure as heck aren’t sharing it wih the American people. So yes, let the Congress begin by cutting their pay and benenfits and see how they like it and survive.

  • madnomad

    44% of Congress are millionaires. I recieve compensation of 100%–seven surgeries all together and another on the way to replace my right shoulder joint. Just two months ago I got a small personal loan to purchase photography equipment. I am trying to turn myself into a photographer, something my right arm can handle. I live alone, if my monthly check stops coming, it will be one massive BOHICA!!!

    Then there are those NFL players making all those millions and it isn’t enough. It is embarassing to have served this country. We create and uphold this free democracy and look what people do with thier freedom.

    This is shameful.

  • Bambam

    Why are we sending Billions of American dollars overseas and can not take care of our own people? I was honorable Medical discharge in 1968 for physical disability from injuries received following orders while on duty.
    The Army told me they would take care of me for life. I thought it was a lie when it was said. It was a lie! We have liars, thief’s, crooks running our governemnt. Elected officials paid to represent us who represent only their own best interest. The USA is lost unless something is done. That means American Citizens must do something or it will not get done.
    Veterans need to band together and lead the way. Now is the time.

    • finnjenny

      I totally agree. I’ve been saying the same thing for awhile now – a bunch of lying thieves. Had a call for a survey on candidates and I gave them an earful- told them the same thing. Maybe they will realize how many people feel, especially us Vets.

    • NAM VET


  • Bambam

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” (Thomas Jefferson) ·

  • Bambam

    When people fear the government – that is tyranny;
    When government fears the people – that is liberty.
    — Thomas Jefferson

    • chara182

      He was a smart man, Amen to that Bambarn.

  • Bambam

    “We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt.” –Thomas Jefferson

    “When Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Duty.” – Thomas Jefferson

    “The chief purpose of government is to protect life. Abandon that and you have abandoned all. ” — Thomas Jefferson.

    ” I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery”. – Thomas Jefferson

  • Bambam

    “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms … disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”
    –Cesare Beccaria, On Crimes and Punishment, quoted by Thomas Jefferson in Commonplace Book

  • Bambam

    The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government. – Thomas Jefferson

    No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. – Thomas Jefferson

  • Bambam

    “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined…The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able might have a gun. – Patrick Henry:

  • Bambam

    ‘I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property – until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.’ – Thomas Jefferson 1802:

    The “FED” is private banks printing and controlling the issue of money!!!!

    • chara182

      there are six bank where I live, owned by one man, i know some who work there, they have had no lay off’s get there yearly raise, have never had a pay cut, get 1.000 bonus every christmas.have health benefits, dental and eye benefits, have there fancy party’s during the year, I know all about the private bank’s and what they do to people. I have seen it. and delt with it personally.then there is my son in law that just got there company’s door’s locked and shut down because of the economy, 16 years of work down the notice, no severance pay, no notice to get Insurance.Nothening. it is unbelieveable the amount of car’s and truck’s and homes this bank take’s in right now because of the economy.home’s sitting empty, and I mean a lot where i live.bussiness’s closeing everywhere. I don’t care what they say about the economy getting better, they are big Liar’s to the people, they just opened another food pantry here for the local people. make’s me sick.

  • Bambam

    “It would reduce the whole instrument to a single phrase, that of instituting a Congress with power to do whatever would be for the good of the United States; and as they would be the sole judges of the good or evil, it would be also a power to do whatever evil they please. Certainly no such universal power was meant to be given them. It [the Constitution] was intended to lace them up straightly within the enumerated powers and those without which, as means, these powers could not be carried into effect.”
    –Thomas Jefferson, Opinion on a National Bank, 1791
    THIS IS WHAT HAS HAPPENED! We are living it right NOW!

  • Bambam

    “The Constitution shall never be construed to authorize Congress to prevent the people of the United States, who are peaceable citizens, from keeping their own arms.” – Samuel Adams:

  • Bambam

    “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” –
    Abrham Lincoln

    • Combat Vet

      I love the quotation and agree with it’s premise.

  • Bambam

    Americans live in a cesspool of bureaucratic red tape and regulatory male bovine excrement.

    • Rick Lipary

      You’re a complete fool and ass! What man, by his nature EVER did ANYTHING evil without being prodded and goaded by a greedy bitch? You act like a self-hating homo!



    • Brigid

      Our rotten government has a vested interest in Lybia, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. Its called all their oil investment stocks. And they don’t mind that our soldiers are dieing for their get rich schemes. Then they steal our benefits. Its time we take away all of theirs. No more $250,000.00 a year retirements, no more medical insurance, and no more perks that add up to $500,000.00 a year or more for each Congressional Representative. This is why our country is broke.

    • Rick Lipary

      Worry about your lousy spelling and dirty Israel, not Arab countries. The Arab culture and morality are infinitely morally superior to those of Israel and worldwide jewry!

  • Bernard

    People, people, people. Many will not care about the statement I am about to make, but, “The Bible is fullfilling itself.” Place your faith in God, and trust Him ONLY! Not man, nor woman. God bless those who are in need of your promise. I refuse to let anyone human think he/she is in control of my life. And, in case you’re wondering… I’m speaking next lifetime, and not f rom a materialistic stand point, which is no good anyhow. Seek to be optomistic and think positive people. I could care less about the world ending today, because my focus is about living a good life for Christ. Have a good day.

  • Chara182

    Tri care for life, a promise for retired, when you go on your social security, tri care becomes your secondary insurance,you still have to pay for part B social security or you can not get Tri care for life.then when you become a widow you get cut back to 55% of the military retirement, most wives never got the chance to keep a job long enough to get any kind of retirement,from haveing to move around, lucky to even be hired if they knew you were military because they knew you would probably not be permanent. you move around , drag your family from place to place. live in pit area’s, kids change schools a lot. live below poverty level, and for what? my husband had 26 yrs retired at 60, lived a whole 8 yrs after, He gave a lot, I gave a lot.For what?, to still live below poverty level.some people seem to think wives don’t deserve anything, I took care of the home, the children, made sure he was ready to go at the last minute, kept his uniforms perfect, his shoes polished , repaired thing’s because there was no money to hire it done, drove old car’s, and prayed they would go another day because there was no one there to help if it broke down. and for what? to live below poverty level. this is what the military has to offer, unless you have a collage degree, become a officer or what ever. if you are that lucky.most are not.and then the government gives no cost of living raise, military or social security, for 2 yr’s and probably 3 yr’s. Shame on them living there high life style, i hope they fall and take there Family’s with them, see how they like it when they see there Children suffer. no food , no home, no medical, i have seen it all as we all have, mad yes i am.

  • Tired of the Bull

    I retired in 1992 after 20 years and two wars. I’m ready for a 3rd war. Only this one is going to be fought on US soil, not foreign. I pay more in federal taxes than my annual retirement. Again I say let’s let this government expire or let’s cause it to expire. I am game either way. I call on all my fellow veterans to start talking to the younger soldiers and local military and police. Start educating them on doing what’s right – not what you’re ordered to do. Because when the SHTF, they are going to have to decide whether they are willing to go to war against us. Are they willing to kill us for exercising not only our rights as Americans but is our sacrad obligation to remove the cancer from this government and replace it with one that is “For The People, By The People, Of The People”

    • Brigid

      Right on, I am tired of the Bull to. Enough is Enough!!!

    • ben

      Sign me up, I want peace, liberty and freedom. I don’t have it now so its worth fighting for. But if they start shooting at me my survival skills are going to kick in like they have always done to defend my self and the innocent. I honestly think that if we can start a transparent group of vets against the present system then it will be very hard for them to start knocking us off. Also ex military especially us fortunate combat vets have a tougher skin to stand up and not back down. If all or most vets especially the lifers got involved we could get the people to listen. Reasons why: People respect solider, marines, airmen and navel personnel and if we all start standing up against this with out spoken reason the majority will listen because they are suffering now. Plus we are stronger in my opinion on ethics and principle remember its what our government instilled in us while back dooring us at the same time. I would love to make contact with you and possibly hammer out a political strategy and create a “Veterans party” to add to the dems, rep, and tea parties. Lets roll!

  • Jim F

    Die hard Dems and Repubs are going to defend their party no matter how bad they are doing. I agree with getting rid of all of them. Most of them are lawyers. When have you seen a lawyer that wasn’t for himself and his pocketbook? Since when does a lawyer have the expertise to run a business? To run a business, such as the government, you need a businessman, not a lawyer or Dr. Only problem now is this is just talk. Not enough people would stick together to make anything happen. All anybody wants to do is talk.
    We have the 2nd amendment, the right to keep and bare arms. That amendment was meant for us to protect ourselves from the government going too far. Well they have gone too far for too long. Problem is, the government has the BATF taking guns away from people so they don’t have that RIGHT, not privilege, but right anymore. They can take a privilege away but not a right, but they are taking a constitutional right away. Taking our right to keep and bear arms stops us from keeping the government in line.
    They say we don’t need a militia because we have the national guard. The guard is run by the government. The militia is run by the people. Any large group with guns now is considered a terrorist. They are doing everything they can to stop the people from exercising their rights.
    Look what they have done to the 1st amendment. You can lie about being in the service and what medals you earned. You can go and protest at a funeral where dead soldiers are being buried. There ae too many things that are wrong with whats going on in this country now and we need to get rid of every stinking politician that is in office and put businessmen in and get rid of all these lawyers NOW!

    • Brigid

      No–No businessmen in office. They are a big part of our problem. Most people who vote Republican are businessmen and investors. Most in office are not lawyers, they are businessmen. We need civil-rights lawyers who will defend our U.S. Constitution and our right to bare arms. Its time to buy all the arms and ammo you can get. Next thing you know the Muslims in this country will have arms and we won’t. We will have another Bosnia, Kosovo right here in America. Bare Arms no matter what.

  • Tracy Adams

    We the people praise our Astronauts and they hold their head high when they complete a mission. Our chrildren wants to be like them. All they done was train, get in a space shuttle and fly to the moon do a fe tests and came home heros. I don’t want to take away their glory but we are having our servicemembers trai, go to war and some die for the rest of the usa. Why are they not hero’s. Are we so poor a country as to not just honor them but now we are not paying them or taking away their benefits. Wake up People, they are the HERO’s.

  • Ask not what your country can do for you,But what you can do for your country.JFK
    Look what that got us.I served and **** proud of it

  • suzy

    Well, not that we really have enough money to hardly live on,, now this… my Hubby did 2 tours in Nam has diabetes nuropathy ,, and some thing they can’t even figure out, sores all over his body when it gets hot.. even the head guy at the va doesn’t know what it is,,, so now they are talking about taking our medical and cutting disability pentions ok so we will all be homeless,,,, do you think they care… HA HA HA all i can say is God Help Us…….

  • ekim

    Why don’t you all get a job, and pay taxes, most of you vets never served combat and get regular check because you have anger problems and cannot get along with others , some of you have never held a real job, from high school to the military for 2 yrs then disablity comp the rest of your life and you complain, i am not speaking of well dererved combat veterans just the frauds and wanna be’s which are more than you all think.

    • Brian


      Seriously? I was medically retired after a helicopter accident, no combat for me just an allergy to gravity, but yes I do receive 100% SC Compensation, and yes I did continue to work for 17 years after my discharge (as of all things a Voc Rehab Counselor for the VA). After 13 surgeries, as many metal joints as real ones (mild hyperbole) and years of just “sucking it up” I retired at the age of 42. With that in mind I don’t feel guilty about receiving my comp check each month but you should feel like human garbage for making every vet out to be just like your dad (or whomever it was that let you down and made you bitter). Seek help.

    • Brigid

      ekim, grow up. Its the obvious you are a rotten tea bagger that has never served this country and if you have then you are a disgrace to all veterans.
      If you have never served then shut your mouth. The only lazy scum is you who won’t fight or serve and yet you litte snots get to enjoy all the freedoms that me and my commrades who have served this country have given our arms, limbs and lives for. There is more to being an ill veteran than just combat. Servicemen and women get diseases from having to serve in other foreign countries so you can live the good comfy life. SO GET A LIFE AND SHUT UP!!!

      • L/Cpl 65′

        Could not get past your obvious attempt to put ekim in a box. I don’t believe you are a happy person. If you called me a “rotten tea bagger” and a “lazy scum” without more information than you obviously have, I would think you were a flaming Liberal saturated in self loathing and Hate. After reading your personal attack I forgot what ekim wrote. I’m a Viet Nam Combat Vet USMC 65′ 66′. Please accept my apology if your injury involved Brain Damage.

  • Vetshelper

    It’s a good thing none of you are lving in WI where the new Gov is refusing to fund the Veterans Trust Fund with GPR. VTR pays benefits for low income Vets, like dental work the VA doesn’t cover, glasses & hearing aides, the benefits representatives at the VA hospital, emregency retraining grants, education grants, and used to cover home loans. So now the states are getting cut and the result is the state Veterans agencies are experiencling cuts to all needed programs. Vets are not the priority here, but the new Gov flying all over the state telling stories about how he supports business and his cuts will save WI when in fact his spending will cost us an additional 1% and none of our tax doallrs will go to help Veterans. If the Feds shut down it won’t make much difference here. He also is cutting medicaid and the State Veterans Homes are being privatized. There’s a sure way to protect the Veterans……..

  • Robert Jackson

    If you all just would know how much money is being spend in Europe by the U.S. Army. If the American people in the USA would only know how their tax dollars are being thrown away by unqualified leaders in the U.S Army in Europe. If you only knew……………..

  • gee

    The VA already has its operational budget for this year a shut down should not impact any services at your local VA Hospitals. The only question is will they be able to work within it, without unnecessary cost overruns contracting everything out and adjusting to change orders due to the long procurement process.

  • purplepshn

    I am a female Vet going through the process of filing a claim for PTSD and MST. I have given them over 700 pages of reports, letters from family, letters from doctors and letters from my therapist whom I see twice a week because of continuing nightmares and panic attacks. The past few months have been VERY hard because I have to keep telling people what happened. I have finally given them all the papers they need to make their decision. I have been told that my evidence is very strong, so it helps my fears a LITTLE. If these cuts iinvolve the claim processing, I will have to deal with more delays and more times of telling what happened. THIS IS NOT FAIR ! ! ! ! ! I am not saying this just because it will affect me, this is going to affect ALL VETS…..

    • ben

      I am in the same boat, spending lots of money to get what I feel i earned.

      • purplepshn

        What hurts the most is that I was sexually assaulted and harassed and all my command said was, do not pursue the assaults, it will hurt “his” career. What about my 14 year career and the mental problems I still have to deal with…..Are we ever going to get our due process?

        • ben

          in my experience last 20 years is no. The best you can do is find other female vets that have had similar experiences. I am a male but talking with vets that shared the same experience. They are your sisters and your brothers are out there. I am extremely sorry that happened to you its an awful experience that i could not comprehend or relate. I am on your side! I hope this helps in some small way

          • purplepshn

            thx ! : )

  • Mike

    Nothing is ever going to change for veterans as long as you conservtives keeping voting for Republicans . That is pure and simple. Its kind of like all those good union public employees in Ohio that were screaming their lungs out because their governor Scott Walker was striping them of their bargaining rights and many of them are the very ones that voted all them Republicans into office.You reap what you sow and for eight years you planted conservatives into office and now we are reaping the harvast of a bad economy .Wake up brothers

    • potts

      Walker is the Gov of Wisconsin… Not Ohio

    • L/Cpl 65′

      Wisconsin and the Entire United States including Ohio put the past two years in the back of the bus and Republicans and Conservatives in the drivers seat. Nobody wants us Veterans to fail. Democrats drove the economy out of the ditch and over the cliff. How’s the “Changey” thing doing for you. Face it Liberals and Democrats don,t have the guts it takes to win. They need driving lessons. I’m preparing to take care of my family, my neighbors, my city and my Country. I refuse to sit back and wait for Hope and Change on the rooftop of Government Housing.

    • Rick Lipary

      Well, Mike, do you think that we’re better off going with man-hating “women”, Caucasian-hating minorities, weirdo lesbians and homosexuals, and world-hating jews? How’s that working out for you? I guess I better let you go. You’re probably missing one of the several thousand man and boy-hating television commercials that invariably show women and girls triumphing over men and boys. FYI, those commercials don’t reflect the way things are in nature, but the jew advertising houses in New York City want men AND women to believe that things ARE that way, and then act accordingly! It’s part of their jew communist-secret society agenda! Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles, (if he were still alive) could see this one from a mile away! It’s called achieving victory through divide-and-conquer strategy and tactics! We need a second armed American Revolution, or Civil War! This time, when we win, we need to kill all secret-society members and inflict the death penalty on ANYONE proven to belong to a secret society! These gargoyle secret-society members see to it that they and theirs have wonderful lives, but don’t care if anyone else has even the basics of survival!

  • silver fox

    Folks, wake up study your scripture. What i shappening now is prophecy tru and simple. want to win? Give your life to CHRIST, and trust him, be honest, do only good and resist evil at every turm.

  • Dave

    Here we go again marching down the avenue, Pennsylvania that is. The people of other countries are doing what the people here should be doing. Standing up, taking our country back. Get rid of the these so called leaders that are taking us down us down, as they profit. Didn’t we learn anything fro Vietnam? We are the people, they work for us, but they don’t. Lets tell them who the hell we are. If they want freedom of speech, we shall give it to them.

  • Brian

    I pray you are a troll or that you are posting from a psych ward somewhere getting the help you need.

  • Guest

    I’m a 100% service-connected Disabled Veteran. Upon discharge, I tried to work in spite of my disabilities, found I couldn’t, and tried to apply for benefits. The local office told me that in spite of 4 1/2yrs active duty, I couldn’t BE a Veteran, because I was female. As a result, I wound up homeless for most of the ’80’s, while I fought and appealed for the benefits I earned and paid for with several bits of my anatomy and a couple marbles. With the help of the DAV, I got a low rating, and then appealed it up to where I am now @ 100%. When I got my first payment, I got off the street, and have managed to keep myself together ever since. If some idiot politician (versus STATESMAN/-WOMAN, of which we have waaay too damned few) takes away my ability to pay my mortgage and keep myself fed and clothed because they’re argueing semantics on some scrap of PORK, I intend to personally walk from Portland Oregon to Washington DC, collecting as many Veterans (Disabled and otherwise affected) sympathetic to the cause along the way, to ultimately state our case to the Powers that Be. I volunteered to die for my Country; NOT be kept homeless and killed by inches BY it. The idiocy needs to stop.

    • Disgruntled Grunt

      I wish people really would start a rally. Here in Michigan it’s no different. I was medically discharged this past January after 9 1/2 years and 2 tours in the sand box and went to the VA here to be seen and they told me I have to start a whole new claim in Michigan because I started my claim in NC and they told me the VA offices are not connected to each other in anyway and have no way of seeing the records. I laughed and spoke my mind. But back to your post I wish I new how to organize a rally or I would have already

  • Arbi

    If you want to see why our government is in such bad shape, go to and see how much money we are spending for dumb things not to mention the amounts we are spending overseas. Contact your Congressman and Senators and tell them to stop the waste USAID is giving away. Millions of dollars for nothing.

  • paul

    We learned a lot from the Vietnam war. Our leaders have not. All I hear are words, words words. When it comes to fighting for ourselves there is not much action. We need to advocate for ourselves. Let’s turn words into actions…. I’m a member of various veterans groups (VVA, VFW. DAV), they do a lot of good for us but we must do more that asking Christ for help. The leaders of this country won’t listen to him either. Come on, on your feet, take America back. Elect a Nam Vet for the next election. But that’s 2 years off. Let’s get started now…… Tet Vet (1968)

    • Brigid


      Mike Gravel, Democrat from Alaska is a Vietnam Vet hero. Lets write and get him to run for President again. Get vets to finance this man. And force America to quit building foreign nations with our tax dollars. There is plenty of money for veterans. Even if we have to seize the banks that are giving the money to build this foreign garbage then we must do it.

      • A. Hernandez

        I’m a decorated Vietnam War veteran. I served as a U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman with the Marines in ‘Nam. I retired after 36 years of federal service in 2006. My last 7 years were with the VA in the Administration area. I possess degrees in Health Care Management, so I know how the VA works, and how it doesn’t. I’m also a life member of the DAV, VVA, and the American Legion. I know what it is to be a veteran and I fully agree with you and “Paul.” I can certainly understand your sentiment. We need a true and strong vet in the area of top leadership. As vets, especially war vets, we have one huge advantage: we know how to stand together and fight. WE have the POWER. “Our leaders are only as powerful as we allow them to be.” I speak for the livelihood of all fellow-vets, especially those who are struggling and suffering.

  • Harry

    I just want to say one thing here tonight. You all are my brothers in arms. I’m a US Navy Vet 1966-1968. When called I went just as you. I want to say thanks for what you guys have done. It is pitiful to see not only what’s going on in congress, but in the news media also. with all the fighting bickering and tearing down of a US president is shameful. I served during President Nixon and did not like him but I respected him as our commander & chief. What has happened to the respect? With this division America is loosing the war within.
    “A nation divided can not stand” The real enemy is ourselves. we have the greatest military in the world and have proved that time & again. What we truly need is unity. Until that happens America will continue to fall apart at the very fabric it was built on. I would love to see the brothers of the armed forces come together to fight another war in this country, the war of division!

    • ben

      politicians and presidents have abused their power and caused suffering to the very nation and people that fought for them. How do I respect that. Do you feel sorry for the caged animal or the self centered animal beaters.

  • veteran 79

    we all served with our pride and dignity. they all know it. and they must Honor us in return. If all the veterans make a noise together they will hear us all the way around the world. so they know they have to do the right thing. care for those who have allowed freedom to still be the best thing to have. lets not fight among each other, lets fight the ones who are trying to stop or take what we have earned and have left.!!


    Fellow Vets: Especially you in California…please go to the below web page and read just how criminal some senators have become…these people belong in prison, but their felow crooks in congress won’t even criticize them for what must be the most blatant act of self-dealing in years.

    Diane Feinstein, who’s husband runs this company, actually claims neither he nor she knew about him getting this contract…even though they bought stock in the company just before the contract (which she promoted in FDIC commitee) then sold just after it was announced, and made $14million on the trade in a few days. Plus, his company, CB Richard Ellis, has a contract to handle foreclosed homes worth hundreds of millions, for doing almost nothing.

  • Brigid

    Thank you Rick Lipary,

    I am in absolute agreement with you. No country is as disrespectful to its veterans as what the U.S. is. And while I don’t like Muslims, they do not vicitimize their soldiers, veterans, disabled, and elderly. Quite the contrary these people come first. And any true Godly religion that is how it is. Christians have become nothing but the puppets of the ZOG government.
    Brainwashed idiots. And when the crap hits the fan they will be crying what happened??? They are the ones who caused all of it.

  • ben

    I am jewish and saw combat for my country America amazing to think this jew pig brother of yours may have fought right beside you.

    • purplepshn

      People hiding behind the computer can sure come up with a bunch of garbage…But while serving OUR Country, there is still the fact of freedom of speech ! And you are right Ben, you may not know the person you are serving with !

      • Rick Lipary

        I don’t hide behind a computer, you anencephalic freak.! At six feet tall, and 200 pounds, I don’t have to hide behind computers, even at 60! Unlike you, I’m not an uneducated zombie fed on the ZOG propaganda and spoon-fed dogma. Judging from your post, you’ll need a dictionary to define these terms! As far as Brian goes, he’ll need some intensive programming de-sensitization, because he obviously believes this jewish propaganda, with no regard for truth or what’s actually happening to veterans, or the millions of innocent civilians murdered by jew.-Ass forces per annum! Probably a backward christian fundamentalist, with a primitive and vestigial cerebral cortex!

    • Rick Lipary

      I doubt it! The only refuge I could have found, was taking refuge behind your huge and ugly jewish nose!

    • Rick Lipary

      I don’t think so! My compatriots were homo sapien! You only qualify on the first part!

  • Brigid

    We are divided against each other because of Faux news the media division propaganda machine. Want real news go to This is real news.
    And I’ll tell you right now, I will not take a cut in my paycheck for anyone. I put my butt on the line for this country. Those of you Americans with your rotten attitudes SHAME ON YOU!!!!



  • Brigid

    By the way folks, the DAV, VFW and American Legion, did stand up against Congress last month over cutting us disabled vets checks. They told Congress that they will not stand Idly by and allow such behavior. And neither will I. Also shutting down the government isn’t going to stop any checks from being paid or VA care. The system will run smooth as it always has. This is the truth. So don’t let Faux news feed you anymore lies. The government will continue to run people. Conservative Pukes and Tea Baggers like to play on the fears of the people. I’m not afraid at all. So stand strong.

    • DMN

      Won’t hurt VA Care? Does that statement include care at Veterans Administratrion Hospitals’? … You might say it wont hurt care … of course they will get care … and it will be even MORE SUB-STANDARD THAN IT ALREADY IS!

  • devildog7885

    You know there are two types of federal employees’ they used the lowest of the two. there is the gs grade and there is the wg grade. the wg grade are the ones doing comperable work to the military and there wages are alot higher than there gs counterparts. wg’s are usually found in the shipyards and ammo factories. so civilservants are the clerks and office jockey’s which in the civilian market is quite low in pay and with very meager benifets

  • Brigid

    The Greeks have a saying in their country—Its called SunoKinesin, and that means Silence Gives Consent and therefore, silence is a grave sin. We inherently have to stand up and fight back. This robbing our vets has gone far enough. There are 400 families ruling this country and that a good start for clean up. And make Congress tax the rich and do it now or else.

  • one old bodyman

    I really hate to say it but Americans won’t fight in the streets and besides, Where do we start? The colored people were supposedly Freed in 1865 but not until 1967 when I was in Nam did they Finally say “We’ve had enough!” and start some violence in the streets! Then and ONLY THEN did our government Finally listen to what the people were saying? It’s strange that they only listen to Violence before they will do what is right? Why is that? I’ve read some of the comments above and they are pretty much right that each new day our government is chipping away at our rights and destroying this country but I think no one really knows what to do about it. This isn’t a combat situation Yet and we just can’t take care of it ourselves but I really worry as to what it’s all coming down to?? I’m to old to run around and play soldier again. What’s the answer guys? I sure don’t know.

    • NavyVet

      Im 63 and a Vietnam Vet as you. My knees are shot my hemrohids hang my hair has fallen out but I’ll never hand my freedom over to thugs that are stealing us blind. this is why we have a second Amendment “Right to Bare arms”

      General Electric, paid no taxes in 2010. . In fact, GE claimed a tax benefit of $3.2 billion, thanks to Republican anti-tax lobbying efforts in Washington and use of offshore tax havens that protect and defend corporate profit margin.
      ExxonMobil, and paid no taxes in 2009. In fact, they got a $156 million return.
      Bank of America, and despite receiving a massive chunk of the taxpayer-funded bailout, despite recording a profit of $4.4 billion, they paid no taxes and received a $1.9 billion rebate.
      Chevron, made $10 billion in 2009. They paid no taxes, and got a $19 million refund.
      Citigroup, and you paid no taxes despite earning more than $4 billion, and despite getting a sizeable chunk of the taxpayer-funded bailout.
      This shutdown (If it happens) is a political move for the 2012 election. In other words they are using us as bait. What can we do? Get organized and turn this thing around. Start vocing our opinions NOW!



  • Bill

    I served on the USS Paricuitin and was in Vietnam on brown water from 1968 through 1970. I now have prostrate cancer and since the deck logs for 1969 are classified and God knows when they will be released, I need to have proof that I was in Vietnam at that time. When the U.S. Navy needed me I was there for them, and now that I need their help, I can’t get it. I need the proof that I was there.. Anyone out there that can help me, I would appreciate it., or if they served on the USS Paricuitin at the same time I was in Vietmam would be a help to me. I know there was a Jimmy Rudd and a Robert McGuire,but I can’t seem to locate them. Also if anyone that is getting a veteran disability from that war, please let me know. My e-mail address is Thanking anyone in advance.

    James (Bill) Anderson

    • pigboatcrewman1

      The VA benefits qualification office will supply you with a request for all your personnel records, most will be typed out but you will have to fill in some info, your posting should show there even if it was classified! while you are at it ask for all your medical records also, this should add some information which will support your claim. It works I can assure you , it worked for me!

  • Combat Vet

    Now that our benefits are threatened many of you are ready for a Revolution. It may be true that we need a revolution but let it be for the “Right Reasons” and not 30 pieces of silver. Is it this country and what it used to stand for that stirs your wrath or a temporary loss of benefits. Our country needs to get it’s financial house in order, everyone needs give a little. Get a grip. I am disabled, a 100% service connected ex-combat Jarhead.

    • Rick Lipary

      Sorry, but YOU need to get it together! 100% is around $2,600.00 a month. I get $985.00 a month, and i probably saw as much or more combat than you, if you’re even a war veteran! They tell you that you are’nt service-connected because your active-duty medical records don’t indicate that! Have you ever wondered who the jack-off’s are that make those decisions? They say it is’nt true, but they totally get brownie points, promotions, and bonuses for denying deserving veterans the service-connected pensions that we’ve earned, and RICHLY deserve! How can you document service-connected disability via active-duty medical records, when the Department Of Veterans Affairs, (and before that, the Veterans Administration) has lost, or, in most cases, stolen, altered, hidden, or destroyed your active-duty medical records? Then, of course, there’s the great St. Louis records fire hoax that supposedly destroyed hundreds of thousands of our active-duty medical records. How perfectly convenient for the Jew.-S. government! We were 18 and 19, and we were’nt even allowed to SEE our active-duty medical records, muchless access them, or have custody of them! Does this sound like the kind of country you want to live in, or the kind of government that you want to LIVE under!? What better reason for armed revolution is there? This country is knowingly screwing and destroying the very veterans that bought the freedom it ONCE knew, with our blood, sweat, and sacrifice!

  • Recce1

    When were we ever promised free healthcare for life for ourselves and our eligible dependents if we ever made it to retirement? At least that’s the line politicians take.

    Col. Day, a retired Medal of Honor recipient and former POW, who became a lawyer lost the battle before a US District Court of Appeals on a technical ruling and in 2002 the SCOTUS refused to hear the appeal.

    As a retiree I can’t in good conscience recommend serving in the military except for those who lack an adequate education or a job. The other exception applies to those who want to learn how to fly a go fast screaming machine.

    By the way, promises were broken with regard to VA education benefits, VA home loan costs, and Veteran preferences in federal hiring. I might also add Mr. Obama is planning on putting retiree and veteran healthcare and pensions into the welfare system so as to make it seem like vets are entitlement seekers who didn’t earn their benefits.

  • We Vet’s are having the same sold out, treason when they gave Vietnam to the commies. They give themselves trillions of dollars and expect us to live on dirt floors and poorer than when we grew up in the country with a house that cost $200.00 to purchase. You know what’s wrong with this scenario. Yet, they are too stupid to fix it. Too lazy to try. Everything all our vet’s say is correct. Let them go back to serving the people for 28K per year. The main idiot has spent how many trillions of dollars on what? Not us, that’s for sure. I can command a battlefield but can’t have the right to a decent life cause of a stylish moron. If we must break them then let’s do it swift and correct. Commit us to a war, and no pay, no respect, they have gone way too far. Let’s cleanse DC of all the sorry excuses they are too lame to act upon. We all took an oath, to defend our country, time to do it. We gave our lives to these diseases that will take our lives over time, they can’t run our USA, why should we fight losers in the Mid east and Libya. DC is full of terrorist. So is America, fix our problems first. To hell with the camel jockeys let them kill each other, save the money and lives, Help USA 1st. Top Priority! Non- citizen, unqualified, no leader, no Birth Certificate, what a Legacy ! Take the oath on a Koran? All other Presidents took it on the Bible. Things are bad and getting worse by the day. Plus to go behind the backs of the legislators, that’s impeachable as it gets.


    I’m afraid Obama is more concerned with giving some useless little twerp $120,000/year to shuffle papers in Washington D.C. to buy votes than with the vets who have preserved the country and made it possible for him to strut around playing golf and saying “I”, “I’, “I”, as if he was personally a Czar, not an elected servant of the people. Remember, this guy was never in the military, yet he acts as if he were a general rather than a 2-bit dirty-shirt lawyer, who’s only executive experience was giving away taxpay money as a ‘community organizer’. This guy couldn’t organize a Mongolian goat-roping, much less three wars….and why is his past such a big secret? Now we get to pay to arm the rebels in Libya, who may be mostly the same gang that’s been shooting at us in the other sh-t holes in the Middle East. I’m hoping he’s just dumb, because the alternatives are very scary.

  • Patriot /NRA 4Life

    The First step of any Government that intends totalitarian rule (one world order) is to take away the means of the people to Resist .You will not have to worry about your V.A. rights or eating for that matter if “Obammy Wanna Screw Ya” gets his way.He is pulling every trick (see loophole) to circumvent a Little thing called The Constitution by going after ammo manufacturers and getting The United Nations to Ratify a GLOBAL Gun Ban,there by making it illegal to be an American.He`s also suing Arizona for enforcing what the Government should be doing about our borders being Invaded by Drug Cartels,I Can`t Believe He is Still in Power,God what will it take???????????

  • CDW

    Cut all elected officials pay to the Average per capita income. Make them live in the state they represent, Close Washington DC except for a short annual session of congress. Limit congressional staffs to four with Salaries at the private sector level. Put all federal employees and Our elected officials in the social security system and take away their retirement and health benefits and other special treatments. Conduct all government business in public. Write laws in English instead of legalese. Legislation can only be about one subject and clearly written so everyone can understand and know what it means.
    Vote everyone out of office and lets start over and make sure the new government understands its a government of the people by the people and for the people. oops got on my soap box again.

  • Vietvet6768

    I agree with what most that is said here including the ‘taking back’ of this country and government. It’s well cleaned, plenty of ammo and continue practice on the range. What needs to be started is a place where we can all meet just in case.

  • Shannon, OEF Veteran

    Let us not forget who increased the loopholes and gave everything for the rich, gave all his cronies gov contracts for a war he started, signed, stamped and sealed bailouts for banks and automakers before he got out of office-no Obama and congress did not want to do it! Bush set our country up for total failure due to his corrupt and incompetent policies. When Bush came into office after Clinton, this country was doing pretty darn good, so don’t Blame the guy trying to fix the aftermath of 8 years of sh*t. He is up against a bunch of good for nothing spoiled Rep brats who refuse to work together and compromise to get something accomplished! You can’t fix all that Bush broke over 8 years in 2-3 years-impatient “want it all and right now” Americans! Yeah, I’m white, middle class American vet and I’m disgusted at all this, but everyone seems to have convenient amnesia about the past! How about we send a clear message to the Rep, compromise rather than let a shutdown of our govt happen-seriously ***?!! Life is about working together for a solution, you can’t always have EVERYTHING you want!

    • navyVet


  • Felycks Q

    Whenever anything gets messed up in this country, the libs answer is to blame Bush. He has been gone for over 2 years!!! Please get over your hate for Bush, it is blinding your eyes to what is going on today. The present administration is sucking the life out of our freedom, economy, and military. The current president is at best a “community organizer” who believes in street riots and thuggery.

  • E=mc2

    “Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.”-Einstein

  • chara182

    I never thought I would see the day when the U S A, would treat there people like they have.. my husband had 26 yrs military was in the Korean war and desert storm.retired at 60, died 8 yr’s later with a rare cancer, he taught chemical warfare, i know he got in to things he should not have.I pressured the military for his Illness, all I was told was You can not prove it.and as a widow with what they cut you back I now live below poverty level.most military wives do not have the opportunity to advance there education, or get a long term job, to get a retirement or even enough to get social security, because of moving around, most do not want to even hire you if they know you are a military wife.then we get penalized by cutting what retirement we do get, we are forgotten widow’s.ever sit down and figure how many day’s, months and yes it goes into years wives of 20 year or more military men’s wives spend alone taking care of the home, children and all the problem’s alone to deal with.then they want to stick us again, no cost of living raise for 3 years, social security to. to spend all the money to support over seas war’s, Obama Wars. and the people here are going hungary, homeless, no Job’s ,I am 69 yrs old and don’t even have a furnace in my old house, can not afford one.and no chance of ever getting one.this is how most widows live.if you have had a military life.thank’s to our government.I hope they all go down the tubes someday and see there family’s suffer as we do.

  • William

    I was severely injured in 1979 when a steam turbine exploded beneath me, burning my feet, legs, back, right arm, numerous deep lacerations, skull fracture and more. Luckily the person on the lower level did not book out the escape hatch, but went forward and closed the bulk head stop securing steam to the engine room. A cook and electrician provided first aid in the form of two tourniquets.

    I enlisted, I was not drafted. This is a great country and millions of Americans have made far more sacrifice than I. The last general budget surplus this country had was in 1957. Every single year since 1958 has had continual deficits.

    This link identifies the national debt. All one needs to see is that that national debt year over year has not declined, but increased every year since 1958.

    I know I want my children to have a better future than I. I served my country in order for that to continue. I vote we shut the government down. If that means I must once again make a sacrifice so be it.

    We either bankrupt the country we took an oath to protect or we stand up and demand our government cut all the BS and get down to business. The pain will be great. The general budget deficit is over $1.7 Trillion far higher than the politicians report. All you need do is a little math (subtraction) and you can confirm this as well with the above link.

    Shut them down, cut programs and budgets. If we do not, then we will go under not by force, but greed into bankruptcy.

    • Joe

      What about this

      General Electric, paid no taxes in 2010. made $14.2 billion in worldwide profits, $5.1 billion of which was made in America, the tax burden amounted to a big fat zero. In fact, GE claimed a tax benefit of $3.2 billion, thanks to Republican anti-tax lobbying efforts in Washington and use of offshore tax havens that protect and defend corporate profit margin.

      ExxonMobil, and paid no taxes in 2009. In fact, they got a $156 million return.

      Bank of America, and despite receiving a massive chunk of the taxpayer-funded bailout, despite recording a profit of $4.4 billion, they paid no taxes and received a $1.9 billion rebate.

      Chevron, made $10 billion in 2009. They paid no taxes, and got a $19 million refund.

      Citigroup, and you paid no taxes despite earning more than $4 billion, and despite getting a sizeable chunk of the taxpayer-funded bailout.

      THEY WANT TO CUT the only thing the little people have left, that have paid all thier lives after all this cheating????

      Who the hell is going after these thugs?

  • marty

    One must understand ,the government does not care about you. Our hero brothers and sisters volunteer to protect this country,so the politicans can become rich. They sit in congress and bullshit back and forth and acomplish nothing. Then one of the rich politations suggest If we have to make cuts,lets look at the military.And our belovered President agrees Amen.

  • henry keyser

    All the politician are concerned about is to protect heir spot at the public trougth.

    they aren’t concerned about us perpetuating their jobs is their toip priority. Why did I enlist to protect their their welfare. They apparently don’t care about any interest but their own.Disgusted in California

  • Chuck

    All these quotes are great…but where is this really getting us??


    I hear a lot of you talking the talk…but nobody is brave enough or strong enough to actually DO ANYTHING about this!

    I would gladly be the representative of all Military personnel and Veterans in Congress or the Senate…

    I would gladly stand up against the horrific things our Government is doing to (and not doing for) the people of this country that gives it it’s power…

    But I can’t do it alone! And neither can any of you! We all need to stand together and not just talk the talk….not just quote great leaders and great Americans…

    We NEED to do something!!!

    • Harry

      Then lets march on Washington

    • Harry

      Then start organizing a rally in your area to take to the streets like WI

  • Chuck

    To continue…

    I believe our Senators and Congressmen should be paid based on what the average American income is. A new member in office would earn 2x that number and if re-elected….would earn a max of 3x that number!

    And they would receive pay after leaving office but only in a decreasing manner like this…

    1st Year: 80% of their last annual income in office
    2nd Year: 65% of their last annual income in office
    3rd Year: 50% of their last annual income in office

    Why is this important?

    1) It would cut the cost of Government drastically

    2) Maybe people who are elected to “serve the people” would focus more on THAT instead of increasing their own income!

    3) It would motivate members of the Senate and Congress to increase the income of all Americans thus raising the “Average” and thus raising their own pay….but only if they’re successful in helping us!

  • Chuck


    My personal focus would be to raise the income of all Military personnel overall and additional incomes based on MOS and combat/non-combat status.

    Fair is Fair!!! I really don’t see why people who sit in cushy offices striking half-assed deals that often times have hidden agendas should make as much as they do while our Military personnel (who put their lives on the line) struggle to get by every day!

    Additionally…Veteran services need a complete overhaul. One thing that I have issue with is that the GI Bill and Army College Fund even have an expiration date at all. That needs to be fixed!!

    I would fight tooth and nail for this and many other things!

    I believe in what America “should be” again…and would fight to make it happen!

    • JES USMC

      Chuck…there’s only one answer…term limits. The last time the issue gained steam, these criminals in both parties got together and drafted 3 seperate term limit bills, so they could each say they voted for it, knowing none of the three would get a majority. In other words, they conspired. We need a constitutional amendment dictating term limits for all federal offices, period. And, an honest Attorney General would be nice, but that’s too much to hope for.

    • guest

      Veteran I am also. I will go where ever and do whatever I have to change this moronic state of mind that the government is stuck in. Count me in for I have nothing to lose. I am homeless, unable to get food stamps because social services has to play their games and nobody gives a hoot. Media is not interested in veteran neglect, abuse or misuse. There is no money to be made from that. Count me in for I will rather die fighting for a good cause than to have my own government promote my death by greed. (Corpsmen USN)


    In an earlier post, I mentioned that Obama is either very stupid or very scary. Here’s a hint:

    Well, boys and girls, today the fox is guarding the hen house. The wolves will be herding the sheep!

    Obama appointed two devout Muslims to homeland security posts.
    Obama and Janet Napolitano appointed Arif Alikhan, a devout Muslim, as Assistant Secretary for Policy Development. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano swore-in Kareem Shora, a devout Muslim, who was born in Damascus, Syria, as ADC National Executive Director as a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC).

    NOTE: Has anyone ever heard a new government official being identified as a devout Catholic, a devout Jew or a devout Protestant …? Just wondering.
    Devout Muslims being appointed to critical Homeland Security positions? Doesn’t this make you feel safer already? That should make our home land much safer, huh!?

    Was it not “Devout Muslim men” that flew planes into U.S. Buildings 8 1/2 years ago? Was it not a Devout Muslim who killed 13 at Fort Hood ?
    Please forward this important information to any who cares about the future of our Country.


    Well, boys and girls, today the fox is guarding the hen house. The wolves will be herding the sheep!

    Obama appointed two devout Muslims to homeland security posts.
    Obama and Janet Napolitano appointed Arif Alikhan, a devout Muslim, as Assistant Secretary for Policy Development. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano swore-in Kareem Shora, a devout Muslim, who was born in Damascus, Syria, as ADC National Executive Director as a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC).

    NOTE: Has anyone ever heard a new government official being identified as a devout Catholic, a devout Jew or a devout Protestant …? Just wondering.
    Devout Muslims being appointed to critical Homeland Security positions? Doesn’t this make you feel safer already? That should make our home land much safer, huh!?

    Was it not “Devout Muslim men” that flew planes into U.S. Buildings 8 1/2 years ago? Was it not a Devout Muslim who killed 13 at Fort Hood ?

    Obama and Napolitano will keep the borders open for anyone who will vote for democrats, even if they are carrying bombs.

  • Marine

    When shall it start today, tomorrow, when

  • Marine

    history always repeats itself

  • pigboatcrewman1

    when it comes to this government, it has forgotten who works for who! I think we need a couple of changes, 1. no one praticing before any state bar should be allowed to run for or be elected to any office higher than mayor of their home town! 2. All current office holders should be sumarrly fired for malfesence, all back room support people should be fired for colusion with the office holder.3. No one running for office should be able to withhold any proof of qualification for running for office, or holding office if elected! 4.the ethics commitee should be made up of selected citizens willing to serve when asked, all persons should have never been arrested in their life!
    I can think of a few more good ones but this is the minimum.

  • pigboatcrewman1

    It’s not tea baggerrs or repubs, or dems, or independants, all of that crap is just an invisible box to keep us appart , splitup devided, which simply keeps up infighting instead of taking care of the real problem. Our government is infected by a powerful virus, self endangrisment, and greed, croneyism, and disrespect for the constituants they are elected to govern.
    the words in our founding documents say of the people, for the people, and by the people! Not for of and by the elected! We gave of our lives, we didn’t do it for grandious pay, we did it for love of country! /why do we have to serve 20 yrs for our retirement and they serve 6 years and reap lifetime benefits!?! It’s time to sweep out the floor of all the dirt and corruption! We can only do it if we all express our discust as one entity

  • Bran56

    Bravo Zulu, brother…You hit the nai;l on the head!!!

  • jack


  • chara182

    bend over, grab your ankle’s, and kiss you butt farewell, our country is in the process of destruction.

  • busted warrior

    we have only ourselves to blame ….the chance for true change has come and gone.The elected clowns in DC got there only one way….we sent them there. The only true way to clean house is unspeakable as well as socially unacceptable…..So the next time we start whinning over the situation …look in the mirror and see the person who caused this mess…..

  • Ben Adams

    I have made several post under Ben, if you would like to make contact on my blogs or entries I am fully transparent

  • B.C.

    B. C. We got one on them guys. They ( government ) have no choice. If their purpose is as it seems, perpetual war, they know that they gotta pay up! If they expect our young men to stand up and risk everything , including their lives.If they do’nt us old guys will take to the streets.See what that does for recruitment.

  • Dusted Eagle

    Stop whining! All of this government shutdown stuff is BS. It is nothing more than political posturing, now that President Bush can’t be blamed anymore for BO’s incompetency; they are NOW blaming the Repubs in the HOR. Our pay & benefits are NOT going to be terminated. BO must sign every bill that becomes law. So, if you want to start blaming people, blame him! If the HOR sends a bill to the WH and they have enough votes to beat a veto, it will become law by BO’s signature. If he wants to veto it, and there are more votes for it, then he CANNOT veto it. All he can do is sign it into law. Haven’t you folks gone to school or know how the government works? I’ve been through this before. The government is not going to shut down. Stop letting the dem-wits screw with your minds. That is all that they are doing. When the time comes, we’ll all get our $$. Wake up or grow up, whatever group you belong to. And, stop whining about GE and other corporations about having tax “loopholes.” There are no tax “loop-holes,” there are just tax laws. What’s next? Are you gonna start screaming every time your neighbor get’s married or has a kid? When they do, they get a tax break; and, if you got kids, when they get over 18/23m you don’t get to write them off your taxes, anymore. So, what’s the difference? If the feds would get off of business’s butts, they would start hiring, again. But, the scare-tactics are, again, just more political pondering to get your vote. If you don’t believe that “rich” folks/businesses should get tax breaks, so they can give people jobs; then, how many poor/homeless people in this country are willing to give you a job? The answer is: None! I am an elderly person and I have owned several businesses throughout my life-time. If I hire someone at $10 per hour (just an example), I must also pay the feds $10 per hour in payroll taxes. I also have to pay for worker’s comp insurance to the state and to pay my employee’s unemployment insurance premiums to the feds. Add that up! If I hire you at $10 per hour, it will cost me almost $40 per hour to do so. AND, that does not include health care for you and/or your family, or, your retirement plan. The O-Team says if I hire new people, they will give me a credit (corporate welfare, even as a sole-propriator) they will pay me $1,000.00 for every new employee. Whoo-F$#@^G-Hoo! Any of you folks getting the idea or clue, yet, as to how the feds are screwing the private sector? (If I hire you at $10 per hour, it actually costs me well more than $76,800.00 per year to do so. Whoo-Hoo for Bo’s $1K first year tax “break/loophole/corporate welfare.” WAKE THE F-UP!) No, I didn’t think so. PFS: Go to your bank’s website and find their financial calculators. If you are 18, and you save just $100 per month, every month (starting in the 1960’s), even with all the screwing around with interest rates, you could have retired as a millionaire at about age 55. So, why aren’t you a millionaire? Still waiting for one of those lottery tickets to pay off, yet. You know, the ones you spend $500 a month for (at $1 apiece; or what you paid for all of your trips to the Casinos). I HAVE SPOKEN!

  • Dusted Eagle

    Oh, I forgot. Most of those expenses I wrote about, can be WRITTEN OFF of my income taxes! (So, I can hire more people!) Oh, duh?!

  • Dusted Eagle

    Another second thought. If I don’t have enough sales to cover the expenses of keeping you as an employee, then I am sorry, I will have to let you go. UNDERSTAND, NOW! Oh, duh?

  • JOHN


  • guest

    Its a given that the government is shutting down but everyone has to remember that it is illegal for the government not to pay the military.

    • Vernon Caldwell


  • Amber

    So with government shutdown is army going to still get bonuses?