DoD Budget 2012: Pay and TRICARE

The Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, is making the rounds talking about his proposed FY2012 budget. Although currently light on details, the news seems good for military pay and benefits, but, not-so-good for military retirees who rely on TRICARE.

Military Pay and Benefits – Defense Secretary Gates plans to cut troops in order to cut costs. The troop level cuts are not to start until 2015, but this does reflect Gates’ earlier statements about looking at cutting troops before cutting pay and benefits.

TRICARE – On the other hand, Sec. Gates has stated that he is seeking changes to the military’s TRICARE medical program, noting that fees have not risen since the program replaced CHAMPUS in 1995. He said he is proposing modest increases to fees for working-age military retirees.

According to TRICARE the per beneficiary cost for their major programs break out as follows:

  • TRICARE Prime, the managed-care option that covers all active-duty members and many retirees, costs the government $4,202 per beneficiary per year.
  • TRICARE Standard, the program’s fee-for-service plan, costs $3,584 per beneficiary per year.
  • TRICARE for Life, for beneficiaries age 65 and older, costs the government $3,874 per patient per year.

Gates has continuously sought TRICARE fee increases for retirees as means of addressing military health care costs. It appears he is determined to get it done before he leaves office. This idea always draws heavy fire from military retirees, but it seems that something will be done one way or another.

It is hard to argue that something shouldn’t be done, but are targeted fee increases the DoD’s only option? Be part of the discussion here and directly with Congress and the DoD. Use our Legislative alert tool to reach your elected and appointed officials.

Read more about the proposed changes to TRICARE and other DoD budget cuts.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • retired462

    Well, thank you, Mr. Secretary! When YOU retire, what will YOUR health insurance cost you? Also; What about YOUR “COLA’S”? Just curious!

    • Navy2

      These congressmen and Senators don’t get it. Their sorry behinds don’t have a clue what it means to “keep your word” or make a sacrifice for anything. If they did they would not be looking at cutting any benefits for people who volunteer to do what most of them would not do or are allow their own children to do. My word to them all is; get of your behinds identify those areas where you guys are wasting and misusing billions of dollars and cut that.

      • Ret dude

        I agree those guys make so much money and waste it and we have to do 20 plus years for a measley pension, and they get one for life and free medical care so what do they care, they also think they are above everyone well excuse me I hate i was in desert storm/shie;d OIF/OEF and Bosnia, and these guys havent put their life on the line and rake in all the money cut their pay and benefits this needs to be done now and let them suffer as we do, I really want to call em names but that is stooping to thier level as they think the Mil vets are worth not much as to increase cost of healthcare and when I joined we were promised free care for life so much on that, I bet we will not get a cost of living adjustment either again. Ret dude

        • GUEST


    • Donnie

      I agree with you. Not only does Congress get free medical care, but they get a pension for life even after 1 term. They also do not pay social security. Get off your butts and fix things TOGETHER. I am tired of rep vs dems. How about being an American and do things for the American public.

      • stan

        Hey Donnie, thanks for the comments. I am an Air Force retiree and would like to get a group organized to fight these bennies that our senators and congressman are getting and they are managing to keep it quiet because the media will NOT elaborate on their benefits. Why can’t they be on the same playing field as everyone else?…..u never hear them talk about their own pay and retirement on tv……….i wonder why?….its time to put an end to this corrupt system………..please get back……Stan

        • matt1544

          you two are clueless. the benefits provided to members of Congress are readily available on the internet.

          They have the almost identical healthcare and the same retirement as all federal civil servants. It’s not free – all contributory. There is no retirement after 1 term. In fact, a member must serve 5 years before being eligible for *any* retirement benefits, and then they can’t draw until age 62.

          It amazes me that folks just repeat these total fabrications without even bothering to look it up.

          • Norm

            Wow 5 whole years, amazing!!!!!!

        • ret dude

          Amen to that make those guys pay and we will save millions

      • HJL

        Donnie, You are wrong on all issues. Congress have to pay a premium for their health care and doesn’t get a pension for life after one term, They have to meet the requirements of their retirement plan (CRCS/FERS). Also, if they are covered by FERS, they have to pay social secuirty like all Americans who work.

    • Army 27 years

      Considering when we join the military we were offered free medical care for life, I am still not sure how we are paying for Tricare since my contract should have not been altered. This system should have been grandfathered in, yet now that I live on the retirement and a job, it won’t be long until the retirement is completely stripped away, the retirement that I worked so hard for over 27 seven years. Think Mr. Secretary! think about the fighting we did for the rights we have lost.

      • wrangler122002

        Free Medical for retiree’s? Granted $460.00 a yr for the family is cheap, but it is not free. Then the VA determines what falls under disability not the physical exam you take prior to retirement. I have served for 31 yrs, just retired 20 yrs Active Federal Service. The last 7 yrs of Active Duty, well if they want to cut spending and troops, start with the reserve units. There are Officers who have stealed, lied played the buddy buddy system and those are the one who can stay in. The mobilize for CONUS tours and rake in the BAH most often 2 of them, one for their HOR and the other depending on their distance to the unit, they get free quarters. That is wastful spending. Back to what I was talking about., sorry. I have had to drive to Fort Knox for ACAP, Medical appointments, and the VA wanted me to complete the Disability claim there meaning another road trip. There is a Naval Hospital connected with the VA not but 50 miles from my resident. It was told to me that I HAVE to go to Fort Knox. Figure out how many soldiers have to do this and estimate money reembursed for milage.

    • gary

      yea I havn’t received acola for 2 years my pay seems to go down taxes up for my retiring after 22 years service I see all the politcos still getting colas and high pay. besides 10 years ago I received a letter from bremerton naval hospital go get a civilan doctor .

    • Norm

      Gates retiring is scary,keep in mind, Wesley Clark is still looking for government employment. He has done untold harm to the military dadt now spit in the face of retirees. Keep in mind they are chosen for their ability to be molded not on their ability to help us.

    • mrmjbenn

      WHAT A CROCK, when the Congress takes a pay cut or for that matter does not receive a COLA for a year or so maybe then we can accept some increases in the cost to us for our well earned benefits. until then they are full of it, saying they can’t afford the cost to the government for our benefits. Congress and most of the civilian government work force needs a serious pay cut.

    • debfor

      I am sure Mr. Secretary will continue to get his increases and will never have to worry about his insurance. He makes enough money to pay his meidcal bills. What about the Disabled Veterans. My husband served in Vietnam and is now disabled. We live on a very limited income due to him not being able to work any longer. I would like to see our Sectrary live on disability pay. We can increase their salaries year by year, why don’t we put the Administration on disability pay. I also feel that every member of congress should have to serve in the military as a prerequsite for being a POLITICIAN. If we did not have our MILITARY, we would not be the USA. Politicians and this administartion need to take a good look at what this country is all about and who protects us and gives us our freedom daily. TAKE CARE OF OUR VETERANS AND MILITARY!!!!!



    • mary

      i agree with you on this 100% where will mr secretary be!!

    • Doug

      You are 100% right. Secretary Gates is sitting in a cosey seat, and before you know it, we won’t have any retirement pay left with the increse in Tricare for all us Retiree’s that are in our 60’s and 70’s.

      • GUEST


    • Keith

      I served my country for 22 years and would do it again. However, increasing Tri-care for retirees should follow an increase in our retirement pay which by the way has not happened for at least 2 years. Now, the government wants to take more money out of our pockets! I wonder just how many of those yahoos have even thought of serving in the military.

    • Jim H

      I have excellent medical, dental care from TRIcare and Delta Dental and the VA. I’m sorry but if I have to pay an extra $20 a year for my benefits I’m not going to complain. My friend who works in the private sector pays over $5000 a year to keep his medical insurance and that doesn’t even include his dental. We military retirees have it made as far as medical and dental insurace. So what if we have to pay a few more dollars it is still better than what employees in the private sector have to pay!

      • Retired and In Shocked

        Private Sector’s get a benefit allowance or higher pay to pay for their medical. They are not actually paying the monthly premiums of $500-$1000 a month. I recently retired Army after 22 years of service and it was a big difference when I went from paying nothing to go to a doctor to paying. I am a disabled retired veteran with a full time job and I believe our government should stick to their word. Whatever the plan was to fund the retired veteran for pay and medical needs to be stuck with…stop taking back what you promised to give.

  • Senior Chief’s Wife

    He’s sitting his butt in a cushy chair, making 6 figures and not be shot at. HIS salary and bennies should be cut FIRST.

    • Linda

      Agree with you. Retired 1st Sgt. wife.

    • tom a

      I’m a retired e-6 and the way their going it hurts when they keep hitting us up to either loose something have to pay more for other things.If they want to do it right take a straight across the board starting with obama and all the big wigs in Washington.Think of all the money available there.

      • wrangler122002

        I strongly agree, I am an E-7 SFC Ret Army, I joined in 1977 thinking what was told to me, hell what a deal. Now at age 51 with disabilities, I will still have to find a job, now they are also messing around with the POST 911 G.I.Bill. The soldiers who have sacraficed their time, families who have also sacraficed. should be taken care of, not the poloticians.

    • Retired

      A senior chiefs wife wow your husband had a cozy job for most of the years he served stop complaining or get a job

  • Roy Weintraub

    RetNavyCPO: 1st we had the “peace dividend” w/ the collapse of the Soviet Union & now to reduce gov’t spending, we’ll cut troop levels again. Mr.Gates, since you’re such a genius, tell us where the missing $500 billion of stimulus money went?

  • R. Womble

    Contrary to what the lying Congress, Military and Adminisration tell the American people, many of us where told that if you voluteer for the military, your family and you will be assured of free medical care for the rest of your life along with other benefits. Of course this is for those us that served during the Viet Nam “War” period. Now, not only is the Adminisration and Congress looking again to cut those assured benefits arguing that the various U.S. Codes did not assure us of any of those promised benefits and therefore we aren’t owed them. I can only surmise that those of us who were recruited with these lies as incentives dangled in front of our faces by recruiters trying to meet recruitment goals can be found at fault for believing the nation’s representatives and not checking U.S. Codes in attempts to determine whether their promises were in accordance with law. This nation owes those of lied to for broken promises and continued erosion of benefits promised. I served my country for 20 plus years and owe no further sacrifice until I start seeing Congress and Administration scarificing their benefits as well.

    • Denny Edwards

      You are 100% correct my friend and I
      am in definate support of you.

    • T.E.

      What you say is SO TRUE! We were all fed that same line to encourage us to sign up and serve. We were told that if we served 20 years or more that we and our family would be taken care of medically for life. They have been trying to go back on that promise for years. Gates and the rest of them obviously feel that retirees are no longer useful to them and are simply a financial burden. They make NO sacrafices, live the life of luxury on our backs, and continue to try to take away everything from us that they can!!

    • FL retiree

      So true my my friend. When I signed up over 20 years ago I was also told about free medical care for life. While active duty, I was not able to change my mind about staying in after a couple of years, yet the government can change their rules and minds anytime they wish even though we signed contracts of all these promises to us.

    • William

      know what you mean, came in during vie nam, told I would have free health care for life if I stayed and retired. All lies.

    • DG Retired Army

      I also am a VietNam Vet, and have watched with disgust as our politicians have gradually erroded our benefits. It started with the Clinton Administration when we had to start paying for Tricare, and has only gotten worse. Maybe the new Congress will wake up and smell the coffee, if not let’s vote them out…

    • David

      I agree whole-heartedly, I joined under the free medical care for life, but retired after I had to start paying for it, and starting this last year (2010), I starting to get to pay for my service connected disability supplies?!? Wow – I’m having to pay, oh pay more, even more. The politicians need to start taking some of their top too.

      • mrmnikon

        Really people??? How many 18 and 19 year old decide to join for 20 years so they get free medical care for life? Come on…. you people whine entirely too much.

        • Loejay

          When I went in, they forced you to join.It was calle the DRAFT! Don’t comment on something you obviously know nothing about.

          • Retired

            And you stayed in and read into the line of bs

        • fullmoon

          obviously you have never been there. do you understand ” signing a blank check payable to the U.S. Government for a sum up to and including your life”.we did our time, and we did what we were told, and we were offered these things, we didnt ask for them, but when you believe your govt. and so you don’t get another source of benefits, and then when you need it it’s not there, well it’s to late for an old man like me to start over and set aside what I’ll need.

        • MAD

          A promise was made. Now congress must keep thier promise!

        • NMH

          This is something you obviously don’t understand!! Believe it or not there are a lot of 18, 19 year olds that are responsible and do plan ahead. How old are YOU?? Did YOU EVER serve??

        • cliff

          didn’t join for it, didn’t ask for it I was told I would get it. I believe when someone is told something it should be honored. and mrmnikon how long did you serve?

        • David Fra

          Up yours. you probably never served and if you did it was on ship taking turns in the barrell.

        • proud military wife

          My husband joined at that age with the plan for retirement and medical benefits. But he also joined because it is what he believes in. To serve his country with pride, never be with his family, on the front in every war and missed seeing his children every night to tuck them into bed. He made a commitment as well as the US Government. He never backed down from his and neither should they.

    • W F

      Yeah well I join in 1980 and I was Promiosed the Same Free Medical and Dental for myself and family if I completed 20 years. Oh Yeah I WAS 17 and I PLANNED ON DOING 20 from the first day. I am sick and tired of the BS that some people belive that my generation was not promised the medical and dental as part of the retirement package…..

    • Brady

      your right, I should have went to DC and worked for the gov, then I would have the best and raises every year. Do like I started doing. Don’t for anyone who hasbeen in office for4 years are more, if they want a career thgen let em work forit.

    • tbone

      I agree with almost everything you have said, however, there is one part that I have found to be untrue. I too was informed that I would receive free medical care for the rest of my life, however, prior to my retirement this issue surfaced and was researched. There is NO documentation anywhere gauranteeing us free lifelong medical care. Nothing. It is not on any enlsistment/officer contract or any other agreement you may have signed. There is no regulation or statement to that effect anywhere. Perieod. Times change…we should all have learned by now that NOTHING is free anymore.

      • boomski2

        For contract to be a contract, it does not have to be in writing. Look at the perponderance of veterans how all had the reported same experience when joining the military. It is clearly true that we systematically were informed the same promises upon induction/enlistment. Furthermore, we are not in a court of law. We are in the court of public opinion.

        I provided the below:

        Below is the link to the US House of Representatives. This link is House’s Write Your Representive page where you can find who your rep is by your address or zip code. From that page, your rep has a Write to Me link on his/her page. STRONGLY recommend you take 5 minutes to inform your government representatives of your concerns.

    • Mikew

      What is sad is that Congress denied promising this, even when they were presented with military recruting pamplets and other litature. Then they said they really didn’t mean it.
      Since they work for ‘US” maybe we shoud cut their pay and benefits.

    • RALPH


    • Zoomer

      Can you hear my hands clapping? Bravo Zulu!

    • SCPO

      Concur, IAW ABEC Fulbright CC in boot camp who explained to the class of boot grads that the family and my health care would be taken care of for life. I sure hate to believe this country lied to us. After 30 years you have squashed all benefits that those who served honorably especialy two time veterans that can’t use the VA for medical care. You’ve managed to tax our pensions by telling us its a health insurance, when in fact its a health care program that was guareenteed to us upon entering our enlistments. I have served my country for over 40 years, as a SCPO 30years , 5 years as an Anaylst working to start a web program for the Navy-Marine Corps, and 5 years to present as a webmaster for the Blinded Veterans. I have sacrificed and it appears I will continue to sacrifice.

    • Don Hann

      Well stated. As a fellow retired CPO I received those same promises. Add to the benefit erosion, when I turned 65 I was required to pay almost an additional $100 for medicare part b. As for our elected Government representatives you know there will never be a cut to their benefits. Just another BOHICA!

    • Mike

      What really happen? Just the Facts:

      First, it was not free medical/dental… it was medical/dental for life at no cost… the difference is that we paid for this promised benefit after honorably retiring with 20 years or more.

      Second… although everyone from the recruiters on up to the highest levels of the Pentagon approved this benefit, Congress never did… it was as if the Congress never heard about it until the benefits were due… even though it was nationally broadcast on national tv as well as publicized as referenced throughout this blog.

      Bottom Line: The Supreme Court agreed with Congress/Administration, not for those of us who served faithfully through retirement. If you or I made such a promise (even verbally), we would be held liable. If DoD does the same and Congress just happens to turn a blind eye, then such a promise can be broken under the Rule of Law… so much for Justice is Blind!

      Continued Reply Follows Below.

      • boomski2

        For contract to be a contract, it does not have to be in writing. Look at the perponderance of veterans how all had the reported same experience when joining the military. It is clearly true that we systematically were informed the same promises upon induction/enlistment. Furthermore, we are not in a court of law. We are in the court of public opinion.

        I provided the below:

        Below is the link to the US House of Representatives. This link is House’s Write Your Representive page where you can find who your rep is by your address or zip code. From that page, your rep has a Write to Me link on his/her page. STRONGLY recommend you take 5 minutes to inform your government representatives of your concerns.

    • Mike

      Contined Reply (Mike):

      Much like Social Security after retirement if paid into… funds misused for other purposes by Congress/Administration… promised broken… Rule of Law.

      GI Bill for those over 20 years of Service… bad economy… promise broken… Rule of Law.

      Congress pay raises, medical/dental for life, even though most have never served in the military… sacred cow/hands off… although increase/expand as often as possible.

      The list continues but you should get the picture…

      While I agree with the need for the Rule of Law and can’t imagine life without it, it becomes troublesome when such is misused by those who legislate… where the essence of such a Rule becomes severely diluted/polluted, with negligence and impossible hurdles to remedy for those who have honorably served our country at great risk to life/limb and sacrifice to family/loved ones.

      • get36

        Very well expressed. You have definitely hit the nail on the head. Congress continues to abuse the veterans and retirees of this country.

    • J Erskine

      I couldn’t have said it any better myself!! Of course, I’m sure those government officials made sure that their free healthcare for life was in the U.S. Codes, safe and sound…….disgusting.

    • Jim

      I agree 100%. Iwas told the same thing, that if I stayed in a retired from he Navy that my medical and dental would be free for life. This country is turnng into a Police State and screw the Vets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      USN Retired

    • A. G.

      R.Womble, you hit it on the head. Everyone in Congress have money and any changes they make against the military will not effect them. We need to stop putting those high class self centered people in office. The government as always made the middle class pay for operation of government. The rich just keep getting richer. I would like to see how long they could live on my retirement. USAF/MSgt Retired

    • QMC E Dazey USN RET

      I came on active duty in 1957 and free medical for life was preached at us along with be in the BJM. Many years later I was a Navy recruiter and later Command Career counselor. We were in instructed to preach this when recruiting and reenlisting. Sure wish I still had copies of those words. Ed retired Chief Quartermaster.

    • Emile Charlier

      I agree, wholeheartedly. I’m one who believed those recruiting promises for twenty + years. I, and my family, were to get FREE medical care for life. In reality, I end up paying out thousands of dollars each year because Tricare doesn’t approve some medications that my doctors prescribe for me. The United States Government has been reniging on treaties, as far back as when we stole this country from the Native Americans. Our legilators don’t seem to care about us. Why should they? They’ve voted themselves FREE MEDICAL CARE FOR LIFE. I am a Korean veteran and I lost my twin brother in Korea. I think I have paid my dues to the government.

    • First Sergeant (R)

      I agree with you. I am a retired Army Senior NCO having done 25 years, 7 months of active duty and in between those active duty stints another 2 years and 6 months for a grand total of 28 years and a month from April 1974 – May 2002. I too was told that I would be taken care of for the rest of my life by the recruiters and people at the AFEES Recruting station (now MEPS). Seems once you retire, you go to the back of the line for health care and the first to be targeted since there are those that hate retirees who are disabled that get a retirement check and A VA check as well. The system tries to find ways to take what we earned over years of sacrafice. No COLA increases, no VA disability or pension increases, but still they want to take away the few benefits that remain for retirees. Thought not a vietnam vet, I am a Vietnam Era Veteran,Korean Defense Vet, Gulf War, Kosovo Air and Ground Campaign, Veteran and it seems at times I served for nothing with all the hassles we retirees get. I served for my fellow comrades, not for the system that seems to abandon vets once we are no longer active in uniform. It is a shame.


      This is what I was told “AIR FORCE GUIDE FOR RETEMENT (CHAPTER 1 1 APRIL 1962) “Trement authorize> Eligible retired members will be furnished required medical and dental care”
      AIR FORCE PRE-RENLISTMENT COUNSILING GUIDE (Chaper 5 Medical care section 5-2f dated 1 April 1986) ‘You never lose your eligibility for tretment in the military hospitals and clinice” BOY WAS I TAKEN IN THEY DID THE SAME TO THE ARMY COST GUARD MAIRINES AND NOW GATES WANT TO CUT IT EVEN MORE WELL WE KNOW HIS IS OBAMA LAP DOG

    • boomski2

      Below is the link to the US House of Representatives. This link is House’s Write Your Representive page where you can find who your rep is by your address or zip code. From that page, your rep has a Write to Me link on his/her page. STRONGLY recommend you take 5 minutes to inform your government representatives of your concerns.


      Everybody on this blog arguing for the continued medical care and retirement benefits needs to send a letter or email to their congressman and senator with the information they have written here. We know what we did and why. Congress and the Administration needs to hear this. You can also go to your congressmans local office and deliver the message in person. Make sure these people know who you are.

    • Not dead yet!

      Yes, and these bastards better remember that we combat veterans from Vietnam still know how to use the weapons they taught us to use! I was drafted but went on to serve 28 years and feel completely betrayed! Now, if they cut their own pay and benefits and started including themselves in all they laws they passed I might consider this fair.

    • chuck

      I seem to remember my first pay check for the Air Force during the month of Dec 67 was somewhere around 80 dollars, and it did not go up very much for quite a few year. What we were seeing was the end of the long road, free health care and the other benefits such as shopping in the commissary and the space A travel. I had the offer to get out at 12 years for a better paying job but I stayed for the promise of health care for life.

  • Top

    In 1957 when I argeed to join the United States Army, the befits after 20 plus years would be free medical care and dental care for life. In 1980 the United States Congress in the stupid wisedom say hay, Those military retirees are costing us to much. Lets cut their befits and make our friends in the insurance industry a healthy profit by calling it Tricare Medical and Tricare Dental. this way those military retirees will have to pay to get health care. Now when I turned 65 years old I sent a letter from MacDill AFB telling me I will no longier be receiving care at the Clinic on base The following was in the letter I received.( GO FIND A CIVILIAN DOCTOR). Wrote a letter to Senator Bill Nelson never hear from him. AM I PISSED YOUR DAM RIGHT I AM. Now they want to screw the new retirees. Shame on Gates, after you leave office you will be still be able to use Walter Reed Army Hospital. But I Can’t

    • johnnie

      He shouldnt be able to use it at all…I wonder how much he pays for his health insurance and is his gonna go up…i highly doubt it….So why mess with ours……..
      Retired Army….Nettles

    • Zoomer

      You never hear from them unless they’re running for office. Then they just give you bull to vote for them and turn on you in your time of need. A promise is a F’n promise. Don’t change the rules in the middle of the stream. If they want to change the rules, fine, do it to those entering the services now….they must fulfill their obligation. I’m already paying for something that was supposed to be free and they want to raise the rates? This is not political rhetoric and our representatives in Congress who would vote for this; I say be very afraid of not being reelected……we retirees WILL rise to the occasion to defeat t you no matter what state you’re in.

      • boomski2

        Below is the link to the US House of Representatives. This link is House’s Write Your Representive page where you can find who your rep is by your address or zip code. From that page, your rep has a Write to Me link on his/her page. STRONGLY recommend you take 5 minutes to inform your government representatives of your concerns.

    • Boomer Retiree

      I am also a retiree who was told I would receive health care for life, but you know what? We ALL must do our part to help with the situation we are in now. I think paying DOUBLE what I pay now in Tricare fees would be more than fair.

      Oh, and maybe you should have made better use of VA education benefits, because your spelling and grammar are atrocious.

      • ENGINEER173D

        Gee Boomer, you must be a friggin english teacher, and well off at that. There are a lot of people that got smeared into oblivion, or had limbs (arms and legs, not trees, cause I wouldnt want to be atrociousand cause a misunderstanding) by booby traps or IEDs as they call them now. Anyway, since you got so much money, you can pay my share too and my deductables, along with my secondary ins., that we pay to cover what tri-to-care dont. Thanks in advance.

      • Comabt Sapper

        You must not be a retired Vet who served in harms way. Most Retired Vets are ones who have been banged up in the Combat Zone.
        I had as well as others have been told by Veterans Affairs “your better off using your tricare for treatment”. Yes, that is correctly written, go get treated for your war related pains treated by your tricare providers.
        Congress has screwed up so much in this nation, give them a inch they will take all,in every turn they have cut veterans entitlements. I will not allow any vet to lose ground on the battle feild against loss of entitlements.

      • Combat Sapper

        Boomer Retiree
        I do not think that you used your GI BILL, as you be seeing, and feeling the mess congress made of that benefit. Nor, do I think you understand the document, you once sworn to preserve and protect. Funding a navy and
        army is required, and caring for those who sevred. Plus I do not think that you led anyone while in uniform, as you would realize that the writer that you are correting for grammer , is probaly not use to tpying and will make mistakes in thier grammer, when ticked off making thier point.

        You say that vets must do thier part, I know that I did, as well as others in flesh, blood. The congression idiots (ABOUT 80% NON VETERANS) need to DO THIER PART, STOP THE WASTEFUL SPENDING ON PORK BARREL PET PROJECTS and killling jobs in our nation.
        If you are so willing to pay more for the tricare coverage, You can pay mine and other veterans who are paying out of pocket (tricare) for war wounds, that our beloved governmental agency (VA) is to take care of.
        I am standing firm for what was promised to “WE THE VETERANS” that was paid for in blood during our watch.

    • Bob

      I don’t know who told you so but when I joined in 1960 we were told as of now (1960) whould get medical care for life but were told that could change. I was never told I would get dentak care after I retired. Seems like all recruiter were not on the same page.

    • boomski2

      I sent this to our congressmen on my and your behalf.

      Here is a excerpt from the Military’com website blog. Nonresponse by Florida representatives to constituent’s correspondence seems to be common. I am still waiting for a response from the John or his staff on this issue. SecDef Gates’ proposed TriCare premium increase for retirees should not pass. Veterans and their families have already paid forward for this promised benefit with their sacrifice and service to this Country. It is dishonorable for Congress to renig on the promised benefits to veterans in order to pay for current military operations/budget.

    • boomski2

      “I agree wholeheartedly with you Top regarding your Florida representative not responding to correspondence. I also sent an email to Rep John Mica, FL (R) asking for his views on this issue regarding increasing retiree health care premiums. Sent it a month or so ago—have got nothing back NO RESPONSE form Rep MICA or his staffers. Yeah, my congressman is listening to his constituents concerns… NOT. I guess he is too busy trying to repeal the just passed healthcare law. The great United States of America, the US Congress and our SecDef are renigging on the benefits promises cited (in writing or verbally by recruiters) when we entered the military.

    • boomski2

      Ok all us ignorant and powerless veterans, bend over and take in the arse once again! And suck it up! Absolutely no appreciattion for how military retirees and their families have already paid it forward—That is why we are entitled to free medical care for life. An increase in veterans’ premiums should be rejected outright and on principle. ”

      If fighting our Nation’s wars and defense/foreign policy is too expensive, then maybe we should not be in SW Asia. Find the funds elsewhere. I recommend congress start with trimming foreign aid and getting the insurance and financial industry cleaned up. Yeah, that is much more difficult than the short sighted option of placing the burden on veterans.

    • boomski2


      FYI. Be aware that the aliase Boomer Retiree is not me Boomski2, aka Boomer.

      Boomer Retiree is part of the problem. Veterans that might make lots more moeny than the rest and feel guilty about their success. I do not understand how vets could agree to increasing our out of pocket expenses, taking a retired pay reduction, to pay for current Defense Budget cost. A person like Boomer Retiree does not value his or our service and sacrifice.

      He is also on of those ignorant people that likes to think we must always use spell checker on correspondence. F’ ’em.

    • Todd

      Right on but maybe we can capitalize on his wrong doing, because this seems to me like a breach of contract. We were told when we joined that if we retire we would have medical for life, then I find that they are charging us now they want more money from us, I think we should be able to sue them for breach of contract

  • Roger

    Wonder who they expect to operate all that unecessary equipment the politicians keep on buying to get campaign contributions? Start with the pork, then move on to all those bases with absolutely no strategic value, in addition, let the big economic nations carry the weight for their own defense. Then we can work on the over paid and underworked military servicemembers.

    • C. Smith

      Did you say over paid and underworked military..are you freaking stupid…you have to be completely out of your mind to make a statement like that



    B. G. ANGEL
    RET. CPO.

    • wrangler122002

      I agree, No one tells you what to expect when you start the process to retire until its too late. I have been to the VA Hospital, I have seen how Vets get angry when what they expect is not there. I am very disappointed, if I could start all over, I would never had joined the military full of lies.

      • mamemi3

        I agree and the VA makes you wait. I have been really ill lately and to get an appointment or someone on the phone is crazy. These poor soldiers coming home I feel for them. We should all go to Washington and bitch. Our Representatives and Congreesman will not do anything for us they have to go by our “governmants rules” and forget us.

    • Jeff Sleep

      Chief, are you implying that VA Disability Comp also be reduced? Gates is not the Sec. of VA. If he was he would probably want to eliminate that department completley. As you all know we disabled vets are of no value at all to the military other than a reminder that it’s not all glory and flashy clothes. It seems to me that the VA cuts have been ongoing in the form of claims backlogs and reduced access to your primary care team. Note that I never mentioned doctors as most are not M.Ds but P.A. or lower.
      Jeff Sleep, Spokane, WA
      Former Sgt. USMC & 100% SCD

      • BDC

        Right on—Been retired for 15 years and haven’t seen a real Doctor at the VA for 8 years now–only PA’s. Even after my heart attack–A PA is expected to care for me. I have to pay out of my pocket to see a heart doctor. The VA heart doctors are TOO busy even though this is a service connected disability. Not satisfied–They should break up the VA system and allow disabled VETs to see the closest civilian doctor (travel 60 miles to VA).

    • ENGINEER173D

      Dont know about anbody else, but as for me its wake up, pain, go to bed, pain. and a lot of pain inbetween. 40 SOME YEARS NOW…STILL GOIN.

  • Doug

    Congress keep wanting to make deep cuts. But you never hear about them cutting the wages or benifets.
    I put in 35 and so fare it doesen’t look to good for me

    • Danny

      Let members of Congress pay for a health care plan! Hell make it a requirement that they have to be on the job 20 years and then they can have a 50% retirement. The secretary, well he is just looking for something to tell his golf buddies, “hey look what I did, I increased Tricare rates for the folks who have sacraficed an awful lot over the last few decades. I know the Vietnam error and older folks have got to be pissed after being told they would have free health care for life.

  • Cesar Paz

    This is such ********!!!


    Wow. What a jack-wagon. Cut troops? Seriously? And what is up with the tri-care?! What happened to taking care of our soldiers?! It must be nice being him. But what are we going to do?! I’m sure his retirement will be nice.

    • Brady

      They should cut back on
      Walter Reed and all the other pork. A for this congress what they say now is not what the will be saying after a few months of the good life.

    • Actice CPO

      wow is right. i wonder how many of these politicians have served there time in the military. i dont mean just 2 yrs or 4 yrs. i mean 20+ years. None! thats right and they are saying that they want to raise our tricare fees. thats bs! when they are sitting there driving their nice bmw’s and mercedes eating steak dinners all night and spending that $500 billion stimuls money. what a joke.

      • mckenzie

        Here are a few (not all were always active duty, and one is less than 20 years, but have been included for other reasons – such as MOH. In my book that qualifies him to be on the list of those who have served their time.)

        Rep. Steve Stivers, 25 years of service (Not active but he did deploy to Iraq in 2005)

        Rep. Tim Walz, D-MN – Twenty-four years of service,

        Rep. Joe Sestak, D-PA – 31 years of service in the Navy, rising to the rank of Vice Admiral

        Rep. Jack Murtha (D-PA) – distinguished 37-year career in the U.S. Marine Corps

        Sen. John McCain, 23 years of service, POW

        Rep. Duke Cunningham, 21 years of service

        Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-HI), who served in World War II as a captain in the 442nd Infantry Regiment and is the only current member of Congress to have been awarded the Medal of Honor

    • boomski2

      Below is the link to the US House of Representatives. This link is House’s Write Your Representive page where you can find who your rep is by your address or zip code. From that page, your rep has a Write to Me link on his/her page. STRONGLY recommend you take 5 minutes to inform your government representatives of your concerns.

  • joe

    our govt is a piece of crap. we sacrifice and some give all and this idiot wants us to pay for it. our congress is the biggest joke nxt to the idiot in the whitehouse.
    sorry i ever voted for any of them.
    makes m sick.

    • ROBERT M


    • henkle110936

      Your are not alone.

      • wrangler122002

        I strongly agree

    • Zoomer

      I didn’t vote for ANY of ’em. The only person in office that I voted for is a (one) City Council member where I live. No state or federal office holder did I vote for.

  • NJG

    When the Obama Congress passed the Health Care Reform, the Congress did not include themselves in the reform. Their healthcare coverage will remain a very good plan even after they “retire” and return to civilian life. They can return to normal jobs and still receive their government pension even though they are of “working age”. If congressional members are able to receive their benefits after less than 20yrs., why should young military retirees be treated differently. They put in their time for the government in far less favorable conditions and are now going to be told “sorry but as a cost cutting measure, we are going to withhold your retirement until you turn 62 or 65 (maybe you will die in the meantime and we won’t have to pay you) and we are also going to charge you for your healthcare.” This is bulls**t!!!!!
    I am the daughter of a USAF retired Lt Col and the wife of a retired USMC and to have present non-military serving government piss on servicepersonnel is beyond belief. I hope GOD takes this country before we condemn ourselves by such unholy actions.

    • rickyc

      Obama congress?? Ha… lets see what your republican house will do now. Hmmm… Wasn’t it the republicans who got us into this mess in the first place?

    • Joel Welter

      “Unholy actions”?? Hoping that God takes the country? Isn’t that a bit extreme? We are talking about increasing fees that started when Reagan was president and haven’t changed since. $460/year for a family is beyond cheap. Gates was appointed in 2006, so it is incorrect to relate his actions to Obama’s goals. I hope you are thinking before posting or commenting in public….

    • matt1544

      Members of Congress are not eligible for a pension until they reach the age of 50, but only if they’ve completed 20 years of service. Members are eligible at any age after completing 25 years of service or after they reach the age of 62. Please also note that Members of Congress have to serve at least 5 years to even receive a pension.

    • boomski2

      Below is the link to the US House of Representatives. This link is House’s Write Your Representive page where you can find who your rep is by your address or zip code. From that page, your rep has a Write to Me link on his/her page. STRONGLY recommend you take 5 minutes to inform your government representatives of your concerns.

    • proud military wife

      NJG, I agree with you. I too was born, raised and married military. The Health Care Reform also did not include our children to be covered on our medical insurance to the age of 26 years old. I am trying to understand the issue of TriCare not increasing the rates since the change from Champus. We were in fact promised by our Government that we were intitled to theses benefits for life since our service members were putting their lives on the line 24/7, 365 days a year to 20 or more years. Service first and family second. When the private sector experiences having no life other than your “job”, then maybe they might understand.

  • Paladin06


    • ROBERT M


    • rickyc

      Seems like this administration is cleaning up the mess of the previous administration. Lest you forget!

      • Drew

        No, This is not a mess made by previous administrations.

        THIS ADMINISTRATION AND CONGRESS have been spending like there’s no tomorrow for the last two years, racking up record amounts of debt for such a short period.

        Yes, there was a deficit when they came in office, but take a look at how much it has grown, absolutely unchecked, over the last 2 years, because they controlled BOTH the White House and Congress..

        Now, they want Veterans and Retirees to pay more for health care, so that they can say they cut the Defense budget. And what are we really paying for ? Bailouts of Irresponsible Banks, Wall street and Auto Makers !

    • John P. Rogers jr

      I woke up a long time ago when I first joined in 1962 right off they started lying and haven’t stoped and that is the military men we serve with the recruiter lie so they can keep that cushy job their own brothers in arms so why wouldn’t congress lie as they aren’ are equa to usl any way.

    • t.r.

      Gates was appointed that position in 2006 he has been there since then 2006!! So he was put there by the previous administration so your point is way off guy!! Im sure you will keep fueling the “obama hate” fire regardless though. Sad!!!

      • Drew

        This SECDEF is a POLITICAL HACK. He does whatever the President tells him. His opinion and policies are whatever the President tells him they should be, and it doesn’t matter who the President is. He changes course like we change underwear.

        There’s flexible, and then there’s totally spineless…

      • JohnS

        It has nothing to do with ‘obama hate’. The man is a socialist and will not be satisfied until the ‘ol US of A is another 3rd world toilet. I don’t hate him,wouldn’t waste the energy. I just want him out of office so he cannot mess this counrty up any more than he has!

    • smokechaser110

      It is too easy to blame Obama adminitstration why not everyone else does. The fact is when it comes to the defence budget the leadership doesnot what the responsiblity of taking care of it’s retirees like they are suppose too. Thinkl about giving 32 years much of it in the nationall guard due to a hardship discharge fropm active duty and knoiw with a wife with a complex medical history I am to pay $1,000.00 a month for the healthcare i have earned. Lets stop the BS blame game watch whon you vote for and demand before Congress, the Senate, even the President can set the pay and benefits we the people must vote for it.

    • Barbara Buehler

      I believe Mr. Gates was originally a Bush appointee. Frankly, I think we should wait and see what the proposal includes. A modest co-pay or deductible increase for working retirees is not going to make or break anybody’s bank.

    • FedUp

      It’s not this administration, this has been going on for quite some time, so you can’t blame this one on O’Bama

    • Harold K

      US Army, disabled Vet: Don’t forget, it was republicans and Teabaggers that call care for disabled Vets, “Welfare”!!! For example, Sharon Angle (who lost), and also Mitch McConnell in the senate who said in a memo, “Disabled Veterans Welfare entitlements are for broken soldiers who drain us of our resources, can no longer be afforded by this country….” That memo was leaked by a staffer who felt that we are going to get a raw deal. He too is a Veteran (the staffer), who wanted to make sure that we knew who are real enemies are. Hey VETS, wake up! If you are not a mega corp or a bank or big pharma, the Teabaggers and Repubs do not give a rat’s a*s about us as we cost too much money. I wish the repubs and teabaggers could go thru what we disabled veterans go thru. Then maybe they wouldn’t be so all fired fast to stick it to us. Senator McCaine has no problem with screwing us over. Don’t blame President Obama’s administration, he tried to get more for the vets and disabled vets and the repubs and teabaggers shut it down.

      • Retired

        Lie #1 pull troops out / bring them home
        Lie #2 free health care
        Lie #3 fix economy or should I say bail out everyone but the ppl

        Obama isn’t bad he just should of kept his word. As far as bush is concerned we all made $ from him.

      • Jim H

        The Republicans in congress want to privatize our VA health care. I hear all of these horror stories about the VA but all I can say is I have never had to wait to see a doctor or anything else so many of you people have commented on. I have always received top notch care from my local VA. Perhaps you people should try the alternative to VA healthcare? Maybe you complainers need to feel the sting of health care costs in your pocketbooks!

    • Myrna

      I retired with 20 years active duty as SFC (E7). My take home from my retirement in 2010 was $14472.00. In Jan 2010 the Defense Finance and Accounting Service recalculated my tax liability and reduced my withholding tax rate from $44.80 per month to $6.00. Sounds good except IRS doesn’t agree and my liability didn’t go down. Do I lose my home in order to pay IRS? Now they want to increase my cost for my medical care or even eliminate Tricare entirely why am I not suprised.

  • p3jockey

    This dialog should reach all those currently serving on active duty and those considering the military as a career option. My advise to them is to remain aware of how the warriors of the past are being treated by their government and make educated, informed decisions about the all volunteer service. When the value added of promised future benefits is eroded, recruitment and retention shall take a nose dive! Current retirees must keep the pressure on D.C. to remain aware of this connection. Breaking the faith with those that have served shall have negative impacts on current readiness and National security. If you are a retiree I urge you to be vocal to your representatives…write letters, ring their phones, call the media and talk straight to those in uniform. Join a retiree association like MOAA, Fleet Reserve, etc… they are excellent lobby forces. Let’s focus and stay the course. Not only are our benefits at risk, but so is this great Nation.

    • Kenneth

      I retired with only 21 years active duty. But, I am tired of the broken promises made by the government. I concur with your comments, but why do military member have to continue to fight for benefits promised. I don’t care if it was law or not. Hundreds of thousands of veterans with the same impressions about promised benefits can’t be wrong. Somebody planted the seed of knowledge. We all did not make this stuff up. This really is a no brainer, keep your promises. Take care of those who have taken care of you.

    • brady

      right if htey kedep on the way their going, no one will be in uniform or they will contrat it out to blackwater or chinia

    • WW2M/Sgt. Retired

      M/Sgt Zippy. Those a– ho— up in Washington have never spent 5 min. in a fox hole, and never will. All they can think of, is linning their pockets with the blood money that should go to Us that suffered thru all of it. I am a WW2 disabled Veteran. They want Us to die before it gets to their pay. They don’t care a hoot about all of the Veterans. I was in WW2, Korea, and Vietnam. I am still kicking. Just Thank GOD. Not those SOBs in Washington.

    • Nardo S. Jose

      I agree with your comments and I am sending my congresswomen some messages concerning these erroding benefits that we are suppose to get. I hope the new members of congress take notes

  • rcm99

    Here we go again! Brought to you by the same senior leadership who talk out of both sides of their mouths. They have no qualms about sending tens of thousands of soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines into combat, many who never come back and thousands of others who come back with horrific wounds that have forever altered their lives. if our government is serious about having a professional, all volunteer military, they better accept the fact that it will cost money to sustain and support. If they can’t do that, then maybe we, as a country don’t deserve the extreme sacrifices made by these brave men and women. For those who have spent an entire careeer, knowing that at a moments notice they might have to lay their lives on the line, we owe them more than we could ever repay. We should not be using them as scapegoats for the current budget issues and post retirements benefits such as health care should be off limits. Once enlistees see what is in store for them if they choose a military career, they will start voting with their feet and it will mean a return to the draft just to keep up minimum manning. Are we ready for that?

    • henkle110936

      Military personnel are considered to be “expendable” assets. We are not men and women who have given their youth and their prospects for a comfortable retirement beyond the apex of their working years; we are the black, white, red, or yellow, the uneducated, the ignorant or naive about the workings of the government or naive about its political mindset and personal goals of fame, riches, and power. The pity is that we will still elect to serve our country again in the day that society revolts and we will once again have to save their fat asses.

    • Abby

      You are right on the money. As a Navy Counselor in the 70’s it was even hard to keep people then and things weren’t half as bad as they are now.

    • c. harry

      they are not talking out both sides of their mouths…they are talking out of their asses….where they spew all the shit…..and then they kiss their mothers with those mouths

    • Larry

      Their plan is quite deceptive if my hunch is right , they wont cut active duty raises even if small and to get them to come in service or to remain for a career will be paid large re-enlistment bonuses from the money they shaved off of the retirees when a young man or woman sees a 30-40 thousand dollar s dangling in front of there face considering the shape of our economy and Job possibilities today many will jump on it , and they really dont want them to stay long enough to receive a retirement anyway just give them 6 years and they replace you with someone else for 30-40 thousand in the long run they are saving a lot of money just like companies today when you get close to retirement they look for ways to make you quit or some reason to get rid of you they got all the good out of you just like they did us they got all our youthful years and now we are just history.

  • Brent Nixon

    Sadly times and circumstances change. Military life has its highs and lows. Some have better experiences than others, but after your first tour,if you sign on again, you have to accept whatever comes your way. We have moved from large numbers of troops to smaller more efficient technological force. On average your benefits are better than most if you stay. And some use their military experience and their GI bill to advance themselves in the civilian world to levels they might not have otherwise reached. Stay positive and count your blessings.

    • William

      After reading your post Brent I conclude you are one of those who chose to flee to Canada rather than serve your country.How do you like it when your boss promices something then later after you have fulfilled your obligation goes back on his word? Seems a little different when it happens to you HUH????? Good luck pal hope you get what you deserve.

      • HJL


        Last night, I got my enlistment contract out and read it and no where did I read free medical care after 20 years of service. I went into service in 1971, maybe enlistment contract for individuals prior to 1971 listed free medical care. Please advise.

    • Dave

      Seriously? After 34 years of service 9 years in the Reserve the rest active, I’ve earned what I was promised. Even though I’m paying for my Retired Tricare it’s affordable since I’m on a fixed retired income. The recession hurts employment opportunities are minimum. Now Gates proposes to take $2-4k out of my annual income for a benefits that was earned. That can’t happen with out a fight and is unjustified.

    • Joel Welter

      I thought your comment was very thoughtful and well said. I did my 20 years (I didn’t flee to Canada, William!) and saw changes occur that were both good and bad. A fee increase is needed. Controlling Social Security and Medicare costs are needed. Those two programs are in need of folks to scream and rant about. As a veteran you did something specific to earn the benefits you receive, but with SS and Medicare, you just have to get older.

      • Wojo

        You seem to forget the large sum of money that you and your employer paid into ss and medicare. I have paid in for 40+ years and my statement says I have contributed 80,000.00. Add in the matching funds and I don’t think I did nothing to deserve the payback. I am still working and I don’t draw ss yet. There probaly won’t be any when I am ready because of idiots like you.

    • Boomer Retiree

      I agree with you 100%, Brent. So many people here have a “Welfare Mentality”, and are acting like spoiled brats. I served my twenty, and am 40% disabled. I was a volunteer, each and every time. I am smart enough to realize that nothing lasts forever, and we all need to be flexible. There is going to be a backlash against Congress and their benefits, that’s a given. It IS coming! In the mean time, it seems we have nothing but teat-suckers who expect to be carried through life without a care. Sorry boys and girls, but if you are stuck working at WalMart because you were too stupid to take advantage of your GI Bill or other benefits when you had the chance, don’t blame anyone but yourself.

      Man-up and take some personal responsibility. Don’t like how things are going? Get active in your local American Legion or VFW. Stop whining and start WORKING.

      That is all.


      • wayne32308

        I see a lot of you are going roll over….I mean bend over. If that’s your attitude, you deserve what you receive.
        Why is a fee increase necessary….just because someone says so. You are easy. Then how about increasing my retirement pay so I can pay for those increases that will happen every year afterwards. Just a note for you to consider… I work for the feds…last year, my FEHB plan went up 25%….this year 30%. If you can handle increases like that….not to worry

        • HJL


          I have health insurance under FEHB also and mine did not even come close to increasing that much. My insurance increases the last two years appromately 8.4%. Maybe you need to consider changing plan during open season.

      • cnugentak

        I spend my career in the active nuclear force, now retired and 100% disabled. We were promised something for our life’s blood that we so freely and willingly gave. We should not be kicked to the curb because we are getting old and expensive to pay for. We deserve better for the sacrifices that we endured (wives/husbands lost, marriages lost, never home). I loved my career, but it wasn’t something that equated to the civilian market.

      • Sooner Retiree

        You should be drawing 100% disability for mental disfunctions. Some of us had jobs in the military and didn’t have the luxury of attending college while in service and suddenly all my college benefits were gone like many other promised benefits. If you are a “Boomer” retiree I am not sure if that is Baby boomer or Sooner Boomer. If Sooner I will meet you somewhere to discuss this further.

      • c smith

        You are a complete dumb a– !

    • gene

      “who the hell are you”!!! How many years did you serve on active duty??

    • Dbloo

      And who are you? I am hoping you served in the military, that would make it easier to accept your right to tell us to stay positive and count our blessings. We were promised those “blessings”. and we worked darn hard for them. Some people gave a literal “limb” for them. It’s not why we joined though, to just get benefits. But we earned them. why do people want to take that away from us? If you’ve never walked on this side, with all the American Disabled Vets, well, come join us, and see what we see, go through what we go through on a daily bases. then, you may have the right to tell us to stay positive and count our dwindling blessings

  • PJ Matt

    And now to 80 yr. old widows -“they also serve who wait”….24 yrs. and three unaccompanied tours

  • LST

    Never ceases to amaze me, our VietNam era medical benefits were slowly shaved, now this! What is even worst, all these Secretary appointees, and, congressional politicians get better medical than veterans, and, not to mention the active duty personnel. Walter Reed, Bethesda, John Hopkins, or anywhere else they are at the time. Must be nice! Come 2012 election time, ALL you retirees and active military, just remember who is really supporting military benefits!

    • Guest

      LST and Others — it’s time to demand more fairness from our Congress — they have given themselves gold-plated health plans at minimal cost, most costs being picked up by us — the taxpayers. And they can retire on full or almost pensions after only one or two terms in office–again at taxpayer (our) expense!
      A little off topic, but it’s time to demand Term Limits for Congress — no more than 10-12 years in office. This would allow reformers to get into office and roll back the outrageous benefits our elected “Dukes and Prices’ have voted for themselves. Join the different military and civilian organizations that are fighting for military members and for better government — that’s the only way to keep the Upper Crust from cutting your benefits, while enriching themselves.

      • matt1544

        Members of Congress are not eligible for a pension until they reach the age of 50, but only if they’ve completed 20 years of service. Members are eligible at any age after completing 25 years of service or after they reach the age of 62. Please also note that Members of Congress have to serve at least 5 years to even receive a pension.

        Also, the health plans available to Congress is the same that is available to the 1.35 million federal civil servants. It’s generous, but certainly not “gold plated”.

    • 1836eig

      Ok! All I’ve heard from the right since the november election is cut, cut, cut spending, so just who do you expect is left to support us?

    • boomski2

      Below is the link to the US House of Representatives. This link is House’s Write Your Representive page where you can find who your rep is by your address or zip code. From that page, your rep has a Write to Me link on his/her page. STRONGLY recommend you take 5 minutes to inform your government representatives of your concerns.

    • Mustang

      It doesnt make sense! Give billions to countries who dont like us, and as we get our benefits cut, spend billions this moment in another new war (interdiction) in Libya saving people who up until now would just as soon cut are throats as look at us.

  • LST

    Forgot to mention. How many of you have heard from physicians/clinics, that they are slowly not accepting anymore TRICARE insurance! Reason, it doesn’t provide sufficient reimbursement!! Well, here in New Mexico, this is starting to spread. If you already have a primary provider, your probably safe, otherwise, don’t assume doctors will automatically accept TRICARE.

    • I joined in 1970 ets’d 1973 rejoined 9 months latter, from santfe meps in albq both times HOR NMx. , until 1981 when converted to Warrant. Wife from Colo. early on it was Champus, Then really worsen when became Tricare. TRICARE IS MODELED after Medicare. When at Ft Lewis switched to Prime WIFE HAD sLEEP sTUDY at $5000.00 cost Tricare allowed $600.00 reimburshment I was charged $12.00. During my early years never got even always paid out of pocket, later couldn’t find providers that would take trcare now prime but do too shortage no primary. Anever ending story.

    • Whatever they want-

      Wel here in INDIANA I Must go to a VA clinic (which there is) … the TRICARE I pay for results in Nothing! The nearest r to us that will accept it is 48 miles away.. and they will only accept my wife (NOT ME)…. I am the actual servicemember- so as far as they are concerned- the GOV’t should take care of that.


    • Joel Welter

      I agree 100% with you! Reimbursement is horrible and many practioners have stopped accepting new patients. Unfortunately, trying to raise taxes to pay for better reimbursement is a dead issue. Bring it up at any Tea Party rally and see where it gets you! Non-vets will not support anything that takes money out of there pockets to pay for your medical care.

    • Army/USAF Vet

      I work for a psychiatrist. We bill $120 for a 30 minute appointment. Tricare allows about $70 for that 30 minute appointment (about the same as Medicare allows). Tricare requires the doc to fill out treatment reports and then authorized a number of appointments. Th physician then has to track the number of appointments because Tricare wont pay if the pt is seen and has used up their authorized appointments. Between the paperwork shuffle and bad information from Tricare causing some claims to be unpaid, we finally gave up and no longer accept new patients who have Tricare as their insurance. BTW, almost every other insurance I have delt with allows/pays the full $120 we bill for that 30 minute appointment. Hell, even Medicare does not require authorization and treatment plans and on some occassions even allowed more than Tricare for an appointment. Congress’s health insurance should be replaced with Tricare then we will see some improvements.

  • fgw04

    semper fi ???????

    • dontgothere

      except gates is saying semper f u

  • BBRigger

    The Defense Departments new budget strategy…Just Die….Another one bites the dust….

    • Bud I

      thats right just another gi off the payroll (especially us totally wounded disabled),They must think we are a bunch of slackers just waiting for the handout.

  • obsessed2

    The problem is the military is being compared to civilian occupations as if they were the same thing.

    “The current TRICARE enrollment fee was set in 1995 at $460 a year for the basic family plan and has not been raised since,” Gates told reporters. “During this time, insurance premiums paid by the private sector and other government workers have risen dramatically. For example, the fees for a comparable health insurance program for federal workers cost roughly $5,000 per year.”

    This is absolutely nuts. How many civilians have done multiple 12+ month tours in Iraq or Afghanistan?

    • 100 persent disabled

      We are 80 and 77 yr old. Have a small pention and only Tricare and Medicare to take care of out health needs.If they take Tricare away from us we will not be able to take care of ourselves. What can we do?

      • obsessed2

        They are not talking about taking Tricare away but raises the fees. The disturbing part is Secretary Gates is trying to draw a comparison between what the military pays ($460 a year) for insurance and what federal workers pay ($5,000 a year) to justify a possible large increase in Tricare fees. Problem is most federal workers do not have jobs that require what is required of our military. I encourage you to contact your Congressman and Senators. If enough voices are heard we make a difference. God blessed you both so everything will be alright.

    • tim hull

      I am a Navy reservist that has done 2 tours in Baghdad and after 20 years will be expected to pay $1020.50 monthly for the same coverage active duty retirees get for about $38 a month. $200,000 in tricare premiums before I see my first retirement check. I think active duty retirees can cough up a few bucks for the good of the country.

      Any military member knows their recruiter lied so, this “promises where broken” bit is kind of lame

  • Pistol762

    Promises from our Gov’t on all things dealing with Veterans of it’s wars are seldom reliable. The arguments are well known, especially to those of us who willingly served. If the DOD and Congress wants to save money which they do need to do… then do so outside of the Veterans benefits. For gosh sakes don’t be stupid enough to compare Veteran to some civilian employee.

    Fyerther more the disabled Vet already has the VA payment for his/her injuries deducted from their retirement check now… how is that fair?

    • sheldja

      Pistol, there’s no comparison to the civilian employees, military members get paid a pittance for the job they’re doing compared to the civilian sector. 20 years doing a job and the annual pay isn’t even comparable to an entry level equivalent. The U.S. government has a good deal goin in employing the US military member, and now they’re wanting to cut as much as they can from us? Most joung enlisted members with families qualify for food stamps and/or some kind of monetary assistance because they’re pay scale is below the poverty level.

    • Jim Mackin

      Evidently, you are not aware of the CRSC (Combat Related Special Compensation) and CRDP (Concurrent Receipt Disability Pay) legislation that was passed in 2003 and 2004…I would suggest that you do the research, and gain a better understanding of military retirement and VA disabiity.

      Master Guns

      • dontgothere

        the csrc and crdp ONLY applies to those who have a 51% or more disability. the va OFTEN makes sure you’re only at 49% or less.

        • Rocky

          I think you are misinformed. I draw 50% disability and it applies to me.


      Disabled Vet they don’t care about us along they get they benefits 100% military escort and so own, we did 20 plus year I guess for nothing SPECIALLY FOR THOSE WHO SERVE IN THE FRONT LINE, JA ,JA ,JA THE JOKE ARE ON US

    • Jr.

      Exactly !! I’m paying all co-pays at the VA. also the milelage there and back.
      It’s amazing the feds can do anything with retirees. They have no since of caring about us who spent their time in bad situations for the nation.We believed in our country.We believed the propaganda. Now we know the real story and the President’s saying all military should pay their own insurance. What a make-believe concept? These people are playing socialism with our lives. It’s what they want to do.These things are just happening ? It’s a concerted effort to dillute our volunteer forces. Somebody has to ask the questions.

  • R. Roosa (AFRET)

    How sad this has all become. Our system of government has gone in the toilet. Congress and the Senate think the only “people” who matter are the ellite wealthy that pad their election coffers. Neve mind the military person who raised his hand, stuck his neck out, got shot at, and not once but multiple times, stood in the heat of battle, bravely defending this great country. What the hell Mr. Gates. Are you going to cut your benefits when YOU leave? Somehow I doubt it. And about that $500 Billion, I would like to know what happened to it as well. I am sure there is a logical explaination, like toilet seats, hammers. As a retired Vet, I am applaud at the bad behavior you and the rest have exhibited while charged with operating my country. Leave TriCare along Mr. Gates.

  • ken mcmanaman

    IT IS NOT RIGHT, as a Reservist, to have served and spent many, many, many weekends, weeks, etc. away from home, not seeing my kids grow up, losing a spouse as a result, and now, after 32 years service, to say “hey, we’re gonna take away the benefits we promised you…..” If this Congress doesnt make this right, and take out all the wasted monies spent aned pissed away elsewhere, then it would not suprise me if a Revolution were to occur….Not Fair, Not Fair, Not Fair, NOT RFAIR — for once do what you say you are going to do US Government!!!!!!

  • sheldja

    What would you expect for this current administration, past Congress and Senate? They lied to the American public and probably sold their souls to the devil in an effort to pass the Health care reform bill, they lied to us about insurance premiums and now that companies are raising their rates to cover the new requirements that the health care law now requires, they point their fingers at the ugly insurance companies. THEY LIED AND NOW THEY WANT US TO BELIEVE IT WASN’T THEIR FAULT.

  • Richard Brewster

    Folks you gotta realize that retirees are no longer useful to the military. You have completed your task. Now you are susposed to move on and get food stamps, go to health dept. get free condoms etc. They need the money for hussien to give to his foreign countries.. Veterans are just that.. veterans. used up, done, burden to the agencies… COULD I BE WRONG??? RET MSG..

  • Thomas Davis

    Instead of taking more away frrom the Veterans why not look at some of the benefits the governments gets. Serve 1 term in the senate and get your full pay for the rest of your life, why not make it 2.5% like it is for the military when they retire? Or, how about making them pay for their life insurance while in, or after leaving, office? I am sure this would do a lot for the deficit, and short falls of the government. But instead it is let’s take something else away from the Veterans that were promised to them, like has been happening for many years.

    If you keep take away from the Veterans, and Retirees, soon their will be no Retirees, because no will stay around long enough to retire if there is no reason to. Just waiting to see what we lose next.

  • gip

    Why does congress and the senate not cut their own benefits. Do our former presidents and their offspring really need all those security details for life? We don’t get them but then a GI and his family have always been 3rd class citizens unless needed to fight a war (conflict) whatever you may want to call it. Since I am the widow of a 100% disabled veteran I guess I will be the first to get the benefits I receive now cut. My husband died for his country we gave 200% during the 20 yrs. he spent on active duty doing without, etc. I am sure everybody has gone through the same thing. Now lets get real, Gates you have no clue. Maybe you should be active duty instead of sitting in a comfy office making decisions about something that you have no idea of what it means. Leave TriCare as it is and cut your own benefits and those of your cohorts and stop screwing around with our benefits.

    • NavyEW8810

      Former presidents and their families do not receive secret service protection for life, it was changed in 1996 by President Clinton as a cost cutting measure. Since it was enacted while he was president he still receives the benefit, but the ones since and in the future only receive protection for 10 years after they leave office. You can look it up:

  • William

    Another Obama anti military person. We served our country and would have gave up our lives for our country and this is what we get. I gave up 21 years of my life (my family and I) and moved every 2 or 3 years to wherever they wanted me to defend this country even if it was to lose my life. No increases in retirement and now increases in TRICARE. My retirement isn’t real big but I served my country because I loved it. Many of my buddies (women and men) lost their lives and are burried out in the National Cemetery where my son is burried and where my wife and I will be burried.

  • B. Brown

    Who determines what a “working age” is? For someone who saved their money and planned ahead, maybe 55 is not working age. For Mr. Gates, 85 is still working age. If you want to change retirement pay and TRICARE, all you have to do is grandfather those of us who were made promises. Raise fees and defer retirement pay for anyone entering the military after 200X. But then you’ll see how many people stick around for 20 or 30 years…

  • George Army Retired

    For most of my working years I did not use my earned military medical benefits, I either did not go to the Doctor or used my employer provided medical benefits. Now that I’m using Tri Care Sec. Gates is proposing to enact over the top fees at a time I can least afford them. We were told by recruitors, the literature and military and congressional leaders at the time that this was one of our earned benefits to off set the low pay and arduous career lifestyle/expectations. if there are any fee increases they should be tied to increases in the Cost of living/military pay, not on some arbitrary date in the past. Don’t balance your failed budgetary management on the backs of the Military Retiree!

    • GUEST

      George, I believe they lied to us!!!!

  • Danno

    Do you think for one minute that Mr. Gates gives a damn about any of these messages? He ain’t reading them. He’s looking at Obama numbers. When Mr. Obama approached the VA about sucking the blood out of our military health plans to feed his healthcare debacle (a preconceived notion that he used as a playing card for his election) only to have the VA shut him down- resulting in his sarcastic comeback (paraphrased in short): ‘… I though you guys were supposed to be patriotic?’, you can go figure that since his administration can’t get it through our front door, their gonna do it in our rear. For those of us who forecasted this obamanation, and are seeing how these dimwits are bringing down this country, many will think it is time we should grab our guns and REVOLT!!! But that only hampers our cause further. There is no easy answer. This nation was built on the sweat and blood of hard fighting, hard working, common sense folk, and sadly, what has held us together is war. Without the weapons industry and our military, we’re just the fat kid on the playground who’ll get beat up all the time… Go ahead Mr. Gates- break our backs, break our Nation- you and your buddy Barrack…

    • Larry

      You should at least deal in reality when you write something. I am a recent retiree and I don’t understand how some of you are so short-sighted and clueless about issues. If you take your head out of your A$$ maybe just maybe you could stop asking for a hand-outs and understand that in order to keep our fighting troops well equipped and trained to continue to our nation safe, some things have to change. So you don’t get another COLA increase and you have to pay more that $460 for family medical insurance…the military took care of you and your family for 20+ years and now they are asking that you understand that they have to think about the future. I don’t like some of the things…but I do understand and support honest debate and ideas on how we can continue to build a superior military force. BTW, this administration that you and others are throwing stones at, have done more for military benifits over the past two years than any administration has done over the previous 12 years…just do your research. The Repub have tried and continue to try and take your benifits…DO YOUR RESEARCH.



  • Navy2

    Before you haul out your gun and REVOLT, keep in mind President Obama and Mr. Gates don’t vote on a single bill or amendment. So, instead of hating on the these guys too strongly, consider the idiot congressmen and Senators who do vote on bills, budgets and amendments and will tack on so much BS to and thing suggested by the white house it does not further anybody’s cause. You see, it is not the massager of the need for change that is at fault it is those who don’t want to do the hard work of making and voting on good and meanful changes.

  • Michael Armstrong

    Yes Mr. Gates how many times have had you taken a gun to work or were ey shot at while working or almost been blown up probably none. So what civilian all has to do all this. So please don’t ever compare a military job to a civilian job it just makes you look stupid. And if you need help with your budget please give it to a military wife I’m sure she can help you especially one that’s been in 20 years plus because they have to take care of a budget.


      aha! Thanks for mentioning the Military wife. As a military wife there are many things they have to adapt to, to carry on with life’s simple tasks. I am deeply saddened by the actions our government is placing on our military new and old. I stood by my husbands side standing tall and proud as he gave his all to the US Army for 20 years. He used to tell me that the Army had a saying; that if they wanted you to have a wife, they would have issued you one. I would lift by foot and read aloud “Army Issued”. Not everyone can tolerate the military life, but for many of us we learned how to get along. Today, I visit my husbands grave site and remember how handsome he looked in that uniform, how proud he was to serve his country, and know without a doubt he would do it all again, if given the opportunity. Sad thing is, his MOS exposed him to products that in later years took his life. I seriously doubt that any member of our government would be willing to do the same. God help us1

  • Marty Hilliard

    I have to agree with everyone here, however I can not complain about it. Afterall, we voted these people in, so if you voted for the lesser of two evils well you got it. We are always complaining about their benefits and how they cut ours. What are we doing about it, really nothing. Everyone does their duty and vote because they have a right too. Be what would happen if no one voted for these guys. They would either have to go back to the drawing board and find someone else or really show you how free everything is and how your vote doesn’t count because they would put who they want in there anyways. If you dont want them to cut our benefits then stop voting for someone who hasn’t had military experience. Of course, Gates was appointed but by who, someone who doesn’t have military background. This is just my opinion. I like that we are fighting a war and talking about cutting back troops. Will I be in a fox hole one day and look to my left and right and see how the troop cuts have affected me. They don’t want to cut pay but maybe they should. I did not come in for the pay but because it was my duty to my country. Just so happened that I stayed 31 years but that was never the plan. Heck it didn’t pay anything and as for the job skills I got as an infantryman gets, well that we know how marketable I was.

    • NavyEW8810

      Gates was appointed by Bush and confirmed by bipartisan support, taking office in December 2006 replacing Donald Rumsfeld. He was retained by President Obama to provide continuity during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

    • California MSG

      Listen Kid I did 31 yrs. also what should be doing is start looking for a way for our votes to count more so than they do now. I propose that we as veterans start rallying in the near future this would make our votes count. As many have said in these blogs that I have read that we are getting pissed on. My proposal is simple if you have served in the military period that when we vote for any election period. Our vote will count as 1 vote in any election those who have never served in military service their votes shall count as 1/2 a vote. In other words it would take 2 civilians even if they were civil servants to make 1 whole vote. This is only if they have never served a day in military service. There would be exceptions of course like if you were an Astronaut or something to that effect. Then maybe we would get these clowns attention. I think it would work can you imagine. That’s the way it would go you want action then serve your country and know what it means to be worthy of being called a military veteran who has served his country to earn what has been entitled. That’s the way to get their attention do you feel that’s farfetched I don’t think so.

  • Harleyman

    Was Gates not in the previous Administration?

  • R2B

    Once again you have a man in a positon of power who never served in the Military making military decisions! Like everyone else has pointed out — he will have a nice retirment and I am sure his medical benefits will be free! Thank you to all the men and women who served before me, with me and who are still serving today!!!!! We volunteered, no one twisted our arm! We chose to serve our Country at least our Country do something for us besides take away our last major benefit! US Army Retired

  • hbsaber

    Defense Secretary Gates

    I’ll bet you took your pay raise this year.. You keep pressing to make the retired military pay for what they were promised woud be free. And those that are using the VA hospitals the VA keeps cutting the services and outsourcing. When is someone going to take care of those that fought and gave up so much for the freedom of this country. From what I’ve seen the people making all the decisions and controlling the purse strings for the military aren’t and never have served time in the military protecting and fighting wherever we are and were told to fight. I did my time during the Vietnam era and fought that war that nobody wanted to be part of but I and many like me did what our country ordered just as the young service members are doing today. Are you going to screw them too. It is time you take your suit off and walk in their shoes. Quit taking away what we earned and of course we don’t get a cost of living raise because the cost of living didn’t go up in 2010 but everything cost more out of my fixed income.

  • USAF Retired SMSgt

    My family has sacrificed more than I could imagine. My wife was left several times to raise our children alone, while I was deployed. Crisis after crisis she stood fast and handled it all. She never enlisted, nor was she ever commissioned. She knew what she was getting into when we got married. There were promises of free dental and health care; both already broken. Now I see how this administration really feels about our country and those who served. As they squat, urinating on us, laughing, getting all their great free health care benefits and fantastic retirement, remember them at election time. It’s all we have left to make things right again.

  • jhuden

    As a retiree, I too am upset about the move to increase healthcare costs with Tricare. We need to come up with solutions on how to pay for it. How about this? We could get free medical as promised. Let’s get er done!__Congressional Reform Act of 2011 __1. Term Limits. __ 12 years only, one of the possible options below.. __ 2. No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they are out of office. __3. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security. All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. __4. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do. __5. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. __6. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people. __7. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people. __8. All contracts with past and present Congressmen are void effective 1/1/11. __The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and back to work.

    • CDM


    • Harry


  • Abby

    Remember, Retirees helped hire these jack-wagons we can as a very large group remove them. Keep in mind that the President has surrounded himself with book-smart people who lack street smarts and common sense. Do we see any enlisted people in the white house or on any committes that look at the military NO only Officers who relied on enlisted to get them where they are. Enlisted retirees keep in mind the Officers were only as good as the enlisted under their commands. The administration as awhole including congress do not have a lick of common sense. If you want a job done right send a rag hat in sailor terms.

  • run-don’t look back

    B__SH__!! I’ve done my time with false promises. When you are lied to, all respect is lost, yet that’s what was taught to us in the military – RESPECT, and now you throw SH– in our faces. I may be at a “working age”, but that doesn’t do any good, if you don’t have a job!! and no one is hiring people in my age group. Why not give us retirees some positive news – set the example. Is this what you want us to pass onto future generations – LIES!

  • sandraolin

    bve read some of these and can see why we are angry about some situatu, my husband put 20 yrs in the navy and then approx12 or so in dod before becoming injured. i put 10 or so in dod before becoming injured. we had a home invasion in 1997 and my husband was shot and killed and i to was injured. after 35 yrs of service my husband recieved nothing//// no ins no nothing. we did manage to get survivors benefits which we paid for, ive written to everyone with no response, only well get back to you, u know how that goes/// because he did not die from service related injuries he was due nothing.///even though he was completely disabled from his injuries from dod. yes i am angry but ive been trying now foe 13 yrs, no help yet, were are thet when you need them. i dont even know if he was due vet [ayments// got any ideas//

    • p3jockey

      Try contacting a Veterans Association; ie. DAV, AmVets, County Vet Services, VA Counselor…request a meeting and bring documentation…DD214, Med records, service records, etc…Lots of those folks are very good sources of info and many times can help you fight through the government haze. Good luck.

    • jFields

      I am a divocee of a service member of 25+ years.. I tried to get help from the military post. No luck. I had to go thru my ex-spouse, what luck was that. Flortunely for me I had friends in the military over the years, who got in touch with a retired colonial. He hlp me thru the on line system of getting my benefits. Try, the VA hospital”s benefit office to point you in the right direction or VAoffice nearest you. Sometime, the War Veterans organization.

  • Thomas Bittner


    Broken promises, broken promises, no retired pay increases, now they want to cut or charge us more for health care, maybe if they cut, or started to pay for some of the own bennies, they would not have to touch tricare.for the retires.
    What do they consider working age retires, 60, 62, 65????

  • freetime1

    Gates is an Obama appointee. I will follow what member vote to increase these fees and I will hold them and Obama responsible when I vote!

    • Runker

      Sorry, George W. Bush appointee, Obama just kept him on. Gates replaced Donald Rumsfeld, one of the people that probably had a lot to do with us going into lraq.

  • JOden

    The issue in my opinion is if they had gradually increased the fees each year, there would be no need to increase them drastically now. Also, since when has the government kept its promises? Remember all of the native Americans still on reservations, and still living in poverty? There were all kinds of promises made to them that were not kept.

  • Chuck

    It’s interesting that the Secretary wants to cut the number of troops. With some of the highest suicide rates in decades as a result of multiple tours to combat zones, the plan is to –what? — decrease them further and make combat zone tours permanent changes of station? During ‘Nam, service members were only required to make one tour into combat. Maybe some of the bean counters should spend three or four years in combat assignments, and then get the opportunity to revise their positions on troup strength. To simply sit back in their cushy offices, and spout “Well, you did volunteer you know” ought to be cause for firing. These young kids today are being treated like cannon fodder to a degree unimaginable by even VietNam vets.

  • Michael E. Banyacki

    Enough is Enough Secretary Gates! What is it that you don’t seem to understand that TriCare for Life is now and has become an earned benefit from the dedication of soldiers who have put themselves into harms way, have endured numerous family sacrificies and finally after requesting from the Congress for over 30 years a law was passed by Congress giving military members TriCare for Life which previously was promised to the military if they would faithfully serve the country. And while I’m on the subject, stop trying to compare an equality to federal civilian service who pay for their health care, as “no civilian has had to endure anything or ever will what military families and soldiers both male and female endure while being a part of the military organization.” This item is not a line item to be adjusted by your whim or that of any other Secretary of Defense.

  • gene poole

    Secretary Gates is using the poor economy and record enlistment and reenlistment rates to propose the cuts. If the economy was strong he would never propose these cuts. He is taking advantage of our troops and treating them like factory workers not front line combatants. Let us hope he will be replaced in 2012 for the sake of our sons and daughters in the military and Veterans.

  • grampi

    Gates can clamour all he wants about raising Tricare premiums, but it won’t happen. The veteran’s lobbyists are simply too large and strong to go against. This jackass’s efforts will be thwarted the same as all others who have tried. Messing with the military or the vets is the same as messing with the bull….you WILL get the horns!

  • USAF retired NCO

    I fall into the benifit gap… Just after Vietnam and before the GI bill was reinstated. I too was promised free mrdical care and a pension (Albeit I was going to pay social security tax and not be able to collect.). Of course I was quie cynical and like the paratrooper with the failed chute I didn’t belive the truck would pick me up either. I don’t remember who said it but the statemnt “nobodies life, liberty or property are safe while congress is in session” seems appropos here.

  • gmurf

    $3,874 per person for TFL. I noticed that he says the government pays that. NOT DOD. TFL is funded outside of the DOD by Congress. Whey Is he trying include it in DOD budget? So that he can increase revenue to DOD and expand his control. He quoutes pairity with FEHBP, WHY they haven’t for the most part served in the military. For a couple under his proposal would be paying 2 to 3 times as much as under FEHBP.

  • 28 vet

    mr. sect. sir. here we go again—cut-cut vets of all the WARS and conflicks;hot spots; so you can remain FREE; to dov the cutting of pay and bennfits we earned for you and yours can live free and breath good air. While you and people like you can sit on your throns and cut what little benifits left a the dying vets. i was told this would happen one day. However I didnot belive it would happen. how wrong????Its funny a couple days ago I called TRICARE to see if I could get some dental workdone,on a set of dentures I got in veitman (danang)the lower plate just broke.(amangch that only how them since 1968). anyway a gal at TRICARE,I could take out dental insurance;keep it for a year and TRICARE would cover 1/2 in a year if I kept it up and a dentis would take it.TRICARE,so i asked dentis if he toof TRICARE’.no : and took towel off and said come back a year. so mr sect go a ahead do your DIRT. I HOPE YOU SEE ALL THESE COMMENTS>

  • Tony

    Increases during this screwed up economy. Did we get any cost of living raise, NO. Get lost Gates and any other person that does not support us.


    he will get his huge retirement just as congress does for far less than 20 years and without the hint of being in harms way. I too joined when all my friends were being drafted and chose to stay the course and be there for my country. I too was told we would have free health and dental for life, use of px and commissary, etc. we didn’t get any cola and so let’s now take more away. let’s cut the number of generals, SES, and other high ranking folks reduce wasteful spending like the new command at a KY Fort that built a 800K square foot building and equipped it with nice furniture and latest technology.and the electric vehicles that don’t get used due to safety and other restrictions and lack of places to plug them in. when I retired, i was drawing roughly 500 per month for housing. my counterpart now is drawing 1500 or more. rent is higher, but it hasn’t gone up that much. and what about BRAC. we are spending billions to move units and HQs around to new locations, build new facilities, and spend all the money to PCS both military and civilian workers and guarantee their home sale. but poiliticians don’t want to do the right thing.

  • COOL69

    Alright come on now. There is no reason to say our country sucks and GOD should take it, that’s bull shit. I agree that there are problems but no need to criticize our country, yes the politicians, but not our country as a whole. If you do not like this country, get your ass out.

  • John Phillips

    How about some foreign aid for the veterans?

  • Moe

    we need to stand up and LOBBY for what we were promised VOTE these PEOPLE out that vote against us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • steve medori

    Just like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, Sec. Gates “Supports our troops”.

    First he surveys those troops on Gays in the military and, guess what, the troops actually fighting in our two wars voted convincingly against Gays in the military despite heavy top down pressure to get it done. Then he and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs said, in what I believe is the worst statement in history by senior military leaders to the front line troops: If you don’t like it, get out! (paraphrase not a quote)

    Now he wants to solve his DOD budget problem on the backs of veterans. Very cleverly he first makes some token cuts in other programs and then calls for fee increases for veterans. Mr. Gates you can fool some of the people all of the time etc. etc. ….. I do not think you will fool many veterans with this ruse.
    Handle your budget problem some other way or at least retiree to YOUR cost free medical retirement before you do any more damage.

  • C.W.Bankhead

    I entered the Army in 1958 retired 1983 I would try to get a job. But I am 69 years old. I am a little out of date. and so is congress. When I went to viet-nam
    the first time,then the second time I got to the point. It someone else turn.Just
    like now, I think its time congress think about its time to back some of our old bennys and quit helping so many other countrys. The soldiers in this country need help first.

    • james wood

      We can live up to our oath of office to protect and defend the constitution the against all enemies both foreign and domestic ,without a call to arms as our forefathers did, simply by banding together and voting these criminals out of office and taking away their benifits. After all they’ve already been paid off by one group or another.

  • Harry DuBose

    I would like to set up some type of dialogue with Sec. Gates. He recently spoke to DuKe University students but most veterans or retirees were not allowed due to the fact that “DUKES-both faculty and students” were give priority for seating. I’ll bet there weren’t 50 veterans in the whole crowd admitted. Let’s give priority to those that avoided the draft and literally kicked ROTC off the campus. You can fool part of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people the whole time.
    Please Mr. Secretary, tell us of your military service?? Also, we would like to know about your retirement package? What are your benefits and what sacrifices are you making to ensure we balance the budget? We are all waiting!!!

  • UASF, Retired

    The only thing missing from the top of the hill is “Let them eat cake”

  • ben bradford

    Once again our gov punishes those who protect and serve. All the while spending billions if not more on foreign aid. Keep this up and they will have to bring the draft back. Nobody with any common sense would enlist with the current direction the gov is.taking

  • S A Murray

    PART 1
    Here we go again. Now that the last administration involved us in not one but two wars, and removed most of the safeguards that ultimately resulted in the financial crises inherited by the Obama administration, and required a huge bail out for financial institutions and the car companies. Yet it seems that the cost of health care for the military both active and retired must be increased as a cost cutting measure. Yet our elected officials are covered and will never need to want for health care, dental care, or vision care and neither will the detainees at Guantanamo, or any prisoner held in a U. S. prison. These criminals and alleged criminals all get FREE HEALTH CARE.

  • S A Murray

    PART 2
    Here are the facts. Everyone praises the military for the difficult job they have and are doing. They fly the American Flag on their cars and SUVs, they display decals with redirect like “We support our troupes”, but when it comes time to actually support these men and women who served their country honorably it seems everyone wants to turn their backs on them. Let us not forget a lot of the retired men and women are out of work due to the excessive profiteering by large corporations and their cost cutting measures, and their outsourcing of jobs to China and India. The TRICARE insurance earned by these men and women is probably all they can afford, and even the modest amount paid for TRICARE can be a strain on what little income they have coming in.

  • Fields

    And Ijust think, you retired for the benefits

  • whatuthink

    I suggest all military retirees forgo “ALL” medical benies so the less fortunate immigrants can receive better care. Hell, everyone knows the military is nothing but a bunch of leeches. Long live Gates and Congress! They know best.

  • Sgt Kinder USMC Ret


    • G.KINDER


    • GUEST


  • Richard Barry

    Gates is a spineless weasel who is trying to build a legacy at the expense of military personnel and retirees. What a waste!!.

  • Tri13core

    This is just like government. They make a promise to keep their children out of harms way, get your service or work out of you and then say tough, we are not going to keep our word.
    If cuts are needed, let it start with the pensions for all the politicians. As far as retirees, my retiree pay was suppose to be connected to active duty pay, thus getting the same pay raises they got. But they stop doing that a long time ago so retiree pay is way behind inflation.
    These politicians (snakes in the grass) use every trick to not give us what was promise and cut every chance they can. Where does the money go? In their pockets and pockets of those whom have not servered and have always had their hand out saying give me. Those that have contributed nothing to this country but help insure the re-election of dirty politicians.

  • 1stSgt USMC (Rt)

    As with many of the posts above, I also was promised “free” health care for life. As they say in football “Cmon Man”, just plain stupid, realy STUPID!! Get a grip people, you serve 20 plus years, then make stupid recommendations. C’mon Man!

  • Gary S.

    Can YOU say “Socialism”? The government has already identified the military active/retired as a threat to Homeland security. This is a true statement on their part, don’t you doubt it. When I enlisted, part of my enlistment oath was “I promise to protect and defend the Constitution of the the United States against all enemies Foreign and Domestic”… Just in case you good folks haven’t figured it out yet, know now that, many individuals currently in office, are doing everything in their power to make this a Socialistic nation. Our President is the biggest offender, and the crap just rolls downhill from there. Signed: USN/retired

  • Tri13core

    This is like the education benefit they promised. During my time in service my position prohibited me from going to school. When I got out after being stoplossed, I went from having a job waiting to no job. My children were of college age, but were considered ineligible for assistance due to my past income and them working. I worked to help them get through school. Once they finished, it was my turn, but my benefits expired, so no school.
    Oh, the job I had to take after getting out paid me less than the going rate for I was retired military. I eventually was let go from that position as quoted by my boss due to my age and race. He encouraged me to sue for this for he wanted to keep me for I was the only one whom had my level of qualification. Also before letting me go it was addited that I was being under paid by over 20 percent and at one time even 50 percent. Note I went to sue, then the government got envolved and said what happened did not matter, I could not sue!

  • Tri13core

    Let us look at civil service pay and pensions. They get paid for moves, cost of selling homes etc… We military members do not. They do not have to move or put themselves in harms way and get pensions far greater than the average military person.
    Add to this that as an additional duty I was assigned the same tasks as the civil service employee, but was given 4 times as much as them. To put in simple, my additional tasking was what was assigned as primary job for 4 civil service employees.
    Cut these people.

  • Tri13core

    The government needs to stop awarding new benefits to those whom have do nothing when they claim they can not affoprd to pay the benefits for those that have worked for them.
    It is amazing how they can give billions in bailouts, forgive loans to people whom bought houses they could never afford, cash for clunkers, etc…. but when it comes to living up to their promises to military retirees they refuse to buck up. Let them try living on the average enlisted retirement pay.
    Maybe it is time for a draft of all the children and grandchildren of politicians and their political appointees and send them to the front line.

  • Tri13core

    Congress wants to give more to illegal immigrants that have cost thios country over a trillion dollars in the last 20 years, but cut the benefits etc… for those whom have servered their country.
    Sounds like more vote buying and welfare, just like the Obama Care bill is a new welfare program for people. Take from the worker and those that serve to give to the parasites of society.

  • Mr. K

    I have to agree with everyone. We have been reduced to nearly nothing in benefits. One commenter said that we are being compared to civilian counterparts. Even civilians make sacrifices. Some civilians (probably a lot) were prior military, retirees (many of them, as I am). Promises, Promises, Promises. I guess when we were told about lifetime benefits, they were all laughing at us out of the side of their mouth as another commenter said. I won’t say that every civilian earns their pay, but that is true in the civilian sector as well. Many of us work extra hours without any recognition of it. What happened to NCOA, Sergeant’s Association, and the others? Why aren’t they stomping their feet up in Washington, letting Secretary Gates know what we think. I truly feel sorry for those politicians who think they can fix things. It’s been left alone too long, the pork, taking care of themselves, their cronies, etc. It’s time that these issues get fixed before going after the military and civil service employees. The President is wrong when he says we have to do our part.

  • Michael Frechette

    Going back in time there are examples after examples of the Government making promises and then taking them away. Look at the Bonus Army, search google Hoover administration, General MacArthur, Vets fired on and killed looking for promises..examples go all the way back to 1781 most of the Continental Army was demobilized without pay. I joined the Navy 1973 and retired 1993. I have watch benefits erode. The machine is out of control by being to large. By the way what are we doing in Aghanistan? Didn’t we learn anything with the RUSSIAN/AFGHANISTAN WAR 1978-1989? My son is in the Army. Second tour of Iran and now heading for Aghanistan……..what the heck over. Is this best we can do for our Vets who are in harms way not only overseas but in our own country…..

  • Luis

    Sec. Gates has to show that he is doing something for his paycheck, therefore, the best thing to do is to remove those hard earned benefits from our military retirees who deserve the best medical care for their efforts. Hope Congress vetoes his tricare proposals. So, now we have to pay higher co-pays and premiums with a 1.5 cola increase.

  • Christine

    Retired_93. I put in 20 years-widowed (cancer) at age 24 a single female in the Air Force. Now, my son that has lost his father and I have gone back to work to help my son that was hurt on the job in Utah…with 4 herniated disks, 3 bulging disks in his neck and told they can’t do anything for him as he has a fluid sack in his spine and if disturbed he’d be paralyzed for life….so I work to pay their living expenses. I am not working to put the money into my pockets! Therefore, my point is I can’t afford any higher medical fees for myself and it’s totally unfair to go back on your word – to provide “reasonable” medical benefits and then to give us Zero cost of living raises for 2 years….don’t keep taking away what benefits we worked for – from us that gave our lives for YOU! Shame, shame shame on you!

  • EMC(sw) T. BEEKS

    Ret.Navy Chief: Whatever happened to when you retire your medical is taken care of for life no cost to the service member . Mr. Sec. correct me if I am wrong all of yours is free ,and you never served one day in the military. I retired with twenty plus years and I am struggling to pay tricare. No cost of living allowance ,co-pays and every dam thing else yes I am pissed can someone tell me what happened please. Because maybe while I was serving my country I just dam missed something. EMC (sw) T. BEEKS

  • lady6060

    I think this is bull shit, we have servied for 20 pluse yrs and still have to have a job after retireing just to pay the bill, and now to have to pay more med, you suck.

  • cc2

    We were all warned of hope and change. this administration is only doing what it said it would do.

  • Verda

    How did the gov­ern­ment arrived at this figure $4,202 per ben­e­fi­ciary per year?
    I see my doctor once a year for women’s health. It does not cost $4,202.00.
    I would like to see how they came up with that figure. I am 58 years old.

    • matt1544

      you’re healthy — not everyone else is

  • Linda Segura

    How DARE you Mr. Secretary give us crap for our sacrifices and go back on the countrys promise to us!! Do you think that moving our families every 3 to 4 years was for nothing? Compare what you get when you retire to what you have promised us, doesn’t even come close!! We will join hands and fight you every step of the way. Back down or you will feel the wrath of retirees and their families, why don’t you do something heroic like our men and women of the armed forces and make a sacrifice of your own budget and reallocate it to the retirees so ur country can keep it’s promises?

  • RW (USAF Retired)

    Secretary Gates is at it again to start charging military retirees and active duty more for tricare.
    Secretary Gates Military Service was only for 3 years from 1967 – 1969 as a Second Lieutenant. how did he only spend 3 years in USAF when enlisted had to spend 4 years at minimum. I entered USAF in Jun 1954 and retired Jun 1973 and when I entered they promised medical and dental care for life. The congress took away this benefit that was promised to us retirees. Military Retirees received a letter after they reached age of 65 (when we started receiving medical care, that military hospitals would not furnish medical and dental to them anymore (so much for medical and dental for life). I believe that Secretary Gates needs to resign immediately. I did not see where Secretary Gates gave back any of his 6 figure income. All military retirees did not get their retirement increased now for 2 years, we Retirees have sacrificed all time while in military and now they want us to sacrifice more.


  • Charlie60

    I served for 25 and a half years; cannot afford an increase in fees of any sort. If this happens, I guess I will have to go rob a bank, get put in prison to get free medical and dental care. **** politicians, one of these days their very exsistence is going to be in the hands of the people….and I think we should vote on their benefits and retirements. They should not receive any retirement or benefits unless they serve at least 12 yrs and their pay raises are based upon an evaluation by the people they represent!!!

    • eoliver1

      Charlie60 I’ll vote for that. Having served 20 years and 3 months I feel like we are getting riped off every time these politcians turn around.

  • Madrid, CWO Ret

    I go along with putting all of the politicians on the same plan that we have to live with. Including the appointed service secretaries and any other political strap hanger. That way maybe they would appreciate what we have to live with and that all we ask for is that which was promised use.

  • VET1964

    another way of cutting the vets retainer pay for serving and sacrificing for their country! What about all the broken promises that were made to those who served during Vietnam? Cut government spending, stop allowing the ILLEGAL immigrants to get any funding simply because they are here and start kicking these F&^%$#$ brainless politicians to the curb! BTW–fact, less than 3% of the ENTIRE United States population is a disabled or retired veteran so them saying TRICARE is costing too much money is pure BS—we spend more on single mother w hore s (sorry b itch es, you have the choice on saying NO and using protection when it comes to sex) on welfare and illegal immigrants than on TRICARE!!

  • Vet1981

    Being a politician is a privilege and is supposed to be done so FREELY for the people to serve the people not yourselves..this means no one in Congress should be paid….wait who am I kidding….lets just ignore EVERY part of the Constitution and allow more idiot politicians like Patricia Schroeder (USFSPA) to keep chopping away at our military retainer pay and giving our spouses who did not suffer a day during our dedicated service half of that simply for the fact they were married to us for 10 years of our service! I hope the all idiotic, moronic, hare-brained liberals wake up and realize that their socialistic communism is ruining this once great country!!! Signed a PO’d vet who has been unemployed for 3 plus years and is barely able to survive thanks to his greedy ex-spouse who has no need to collect the USFSPA other than for spite!

    • matt1544

      if we didn’t pay them, we’d only get the truly rich who could afford to not get paid for 2-6 years. Do you think that having only multi-billionaires in Congress would make things better?

  • Bob

    Mr. Gates,
    I’m being layed off for the third time in 5 years because of this wonderful economy we have now. Tricare is the only real bargain my family and I have left in life. I guess people like us should just move to Canada or something. I gave 150% while on active duty. Now you want to take more out of my pocket when there is not much more than a ball of lint. Thanks for the help.

  • Riverrat

    Time for Congress to get the same pay and benefits as the military. They love to refer to it as serving in Congress, well time for them to see what service really means. One congressman gets shot and they start talking about bodyguards and security protection for all of them. Not a word about the 8000+ men and women killed in Iraq and Afghanistan or the thousands horribly wounded. Time for them to assume the risk when they raise that hand. This nonsense that they are “special” has got to come to a screeching halt. It is past time for a reality check for these servants of the people.

  • hawktress

    well I know for a fact that they don’t spend 4000.00 on our family of 5 and don’t even come close to spending 4000.00 per person. We rarely go to the doctor and when we do we use our other insurance provided by work.. The only reason we keep tricare is it covers our 20.00 copay which is all they pay and for the pharmacy which we may get 8 prescriptions a year and that is estimating high. It also isn’t true that rates haven’t changed since champus because we have had it increased in the past 7 years. First of all when hubby joined the army 27 years ago he was told medical insurance would be free the rest of his life and then he retires and has to pay. Not to mention the surviving spouse benefits he is paying for that he isn’t allowed to stop because he didn’t stop it within 3 years of retiring so we are stuck with that payment for a benefit that we don’t need because his current job has a really good retirement plan that will end up paying more and probably won’t even qualify to receive anything from the SBP even though we paid into it all these years.
    If this increase is as high as they are proposing, I doubt we will even keep the tricare medical. First of all it’s hard to find doctors that even accept tricare

  • Retiredk9mp

    I joined in 1977 and was promised if I did 20 years I would get free health care for life. I did that and then was told no now you will have to pay for part of your health care, ok but why dose it keep coming up every year when they try to balince the budget they say that retireies are not paying their fair share. how much more of our fair share do we have to pay. Some of us gave up everything to serve and didn’t ask for anything in return. We just want what was promised us.

  • Denise

    I was in the Guard for 20+ years – but I was AGR so I earned my AD Retirement Benefits. Why is it they pay super low premiums now to cover them and their dependents even when they are not serving on AD. Once their AD is over TRICARE SHOULD STOP until reactivated – PERIOD!!!! If the service member is declaired a Vet – the VA takes care of them for 5 years from the date they are released – that is a great benefit – thet don’t need and should not be using our TRICARE PROGRAM at all at that point. Sorry but when you add thousands upon thousands to the roles costs go up. Now you want those who are serving or completed their FULL contract to pay more on the backend as well.
    This has got to stop. That is the primary reason TRICARE Costs have gone up!!! Retirees using more TRICARE than you expected is not the reason – you promised us TRICARE and TRICARE for life – you never told us if we were still able to work you were going to charge us more for healthcare once we retired – so what retiree out there planned for this expense over the past 20 years of life planning – hmm my guess is very few.

    • Denise

      FED GOVT – you added THOUSANDS of new users to the front end of a program which is costing you more. Don’t blame Retiree’s for using what you promised them!!! Now you realize you are giving way too much up front and can’t take care of your ACTIVE DUTY Families and RETIREES as the program was designed to do.
      Time to rethink this whole issue. Your retention may go down some – but you should consider cutting from the front not the end. Quit breaking contracts with us – you might get sued for breach of contract. LOL

    • GUEST


  • NavyLDO-Officer

    This country started by way of a Revolution to get rid of the government they did not respect…………….Maybe it is time to re visit the past.

    • matt1544

      That’s a pretty stupid thing to say, particularly for a Officer. Please read up on article 94 of the UCMJ.

  • pops

    This country is going to hell in a hand basket because the government have there heads so far up there ass they can not seee.

  • hector

    all i can say its a big slap in the face to all those who served….. Thanks Mr. Gates

  • Allen Young, MSgt

    Secretary Gates, You make me sick to my gut. I served during the last part of WWII, the Korean and Vietnam wars, spent my time living in tents in unfavorable circumstances while you and congressmen live like Kings. We were promised free medical since WWII and did not receive decent Medical until Pres Clinton got it thru while he was in office, You plan to cut all of us ex GI’s out after we sacrificed for the country we love but you nor the Congress folks are willing to sacrifice anything! Allen Young, M/Sgt Ret

  • Kevin-Renee DeVerell

    Just add this to the Post 911 GI bill. Cut off from Ret after 99. Don’t they know that some of us do have college age children? Hillary saw to it that we lost our free medical and dental for life. I can’t afford the dental from Tri Care and have a civilian provider and it covers very little for the cost. Gates better rethink his his plans or he will have many showing him no respect. He doesn’t understand the vet.

  • kenjae

    I would ask, where is the DAV and other Veteran support groups/lobbyists. Why aren’t they on Capitol Hill raising !@#$ with Gates and others who are continuously robbing veterans of the benefits they have earned? Or is it just that they collect money for their little self congratulatory magazines and see how much they can sell you? Withholding benefits with a cavalier attitude as demonstrated by Gates is typical of the government when they are finished with the cannon fodder. Beware potential enlistees.

  • GoJo

    If the government really wants to improve the budget, they need to look at all the benefits THEY are receiving. They, being Congress, Senate and the Administration, ( ex: DoD Gates). It’s disgusting to think that a congressman can serve one term and get full retirement benefits the rest of his/her life. A veteran has to be active for 20 years before he/she can receive benefits. A reservist has to wait until they’re 60, and only if they have enough years in.

    • matt1544

      GoJo – do some research. Congressional retirement called FERS, the same as for all federal civil servants. There is no “1 term” retirement.

      Members of Congress are not eligible for a pension until they reach the age of 50, but only if they’ve completed 20 years of service. Members are eligible at any age after completing 25 years of service or after they reach the age of 62. Please also note that Members of Congress have to serve at least 5 years to even receive a pension.

  • pam

    Leave our tricare fees alone.

  • jim pink

    i joined the army in 57 and when i retired i had 29 years in the army and congress keeps cutting tricare benefits. the way they are doing no service member will able to find a doctor as they will be rejucted health care. those men and women who served in the armed services are getting screwed while the senate keeps raising their pay and screwing the people who defend our country that just goes to show you what the military means to them. they are safe and not getting killed or getting one of their limbs torn off and they show their appreciaation by cutting military benefits. why don”t they go out and put their lives on the line and then see if they would cut their benefits like they want to cut our benefits that just goes to show you how much they appreciate us when we put our lives at stake to protect them and the rest of the usa.

  • bestcarrier

    This will not be popular but sometimes the truth hurts. 1) The article is somewhat misleading in that Gates may have “con­tin­u­ously sought TRICARE fee increases for retirees” but while the writer makes it seem like he has been in this job for many years, he has only been there for a couple of years. 2) He apparently is seeking increases NOT for us 65+ but “working age” retires, whatever that means. (If you retire at a young age, looks like you will need your own money under Obamacare.) 3) The handwriting is on the wall about health care costs and unfortunately the military will not escape. We do have a very strong lobby so I expect we can still fare better than those who never served. 4) Beg to differ but members of Congress do not get free or cheap health insurance while serving and do not get free health care when they hang it up. While serving they get a good price on standard Federal spec health insurance. (I believe, however, they get access to free clinics at the capitol and I am certain are treated well at Walter Read!)

  • Ruth

    I’m just wondering why they all up there on capitol hill vote themselves a pay increase, then tell us that cost of living hasn’t gone up, so we don’t get one. Now they want to increase our tricare fees? How is that fair again?? Is this ‘change’ making anyone happy??

    • Jim Johnson

      Yes Ruth, it.s making the republicans in congress very happy. Remember, Gates is a republican and any time a republican can stick it to the middle class it makes them all happy. What surprises me the most is how little attention is paid to the fact that all of congress keeps taking money out of the the Social Security and Medicare trust funds every year to pay for their pork, then has the gall to tell us those benefits are going bust because we baby boomers want what we have earned. If I’m not mistaken, those in congress are also entitled to Social Security on top of their ostentacious retirement pay, but you don;t hear any of them saying they are willing to give it up.

      • Peeved

        Thanks Jim for pointing out Gates is a Republican. Republicans have always been against any benefits for the military especially retires. Most vets have preexisting conditions and either can’t get other insurance or have to pay a mortgage payment to get it. If the healthcare bill is overturned you won’t be able to get insurance with preexisting conditions. Who put all the unwanted and unneeded **** in the bill? The republicans! Once vets are no longer working age we go on Medicare anyway. We the people should vote on whether they get a pay raise. Military & their families pay the price to keep this country safe and then get **** on by congress. What else is new!

      • matt1544

        Members of Congress pay into Social Security, so why wouldn’t they be eligible to draw it?

        And there retirement is no more “ostentacious” than that of all federal civil servants. FERS is the same for everyone.

    • NavyEW8810

      Ruth, after Obama took office, Congress voted via Public Law 111-8, the Omnibus Appropriation Act, that the automatic raise would not go into effect, and it was signed by Obama on March 11, 2009. This year, the House passed H.R. 5146 by a vote of 402 to 15 on April 27, and the Senate approved the measure by unanimous consent the following day. President Obama signed the bill into law on May 14. It states that there will be no “adjustment” to the pay of House or Senate members during fiscal 2011, despite the law that would otherwise provide for a cost of living adjustment in line with inflation. So Congress did not vote themselves a pay raise either year since President Obama took office.

  • David R. Munselle

    Doesn’t anyone remember the Clinton Administration? This cutting of the Military was initiated by that regime. Many of the current administration were brought from the Clinton bunch of criminals to “pay” for Clinton’s support in the election. Just remember “reduce the military, revise the constitution, gun control, and much of the socialist philosophy” was started during the 8 years of Clinton.

    • NavyEW8810

      You’ll note that the base realignments and manning cuts were cost cutting measures approved by the Republican congress. Some still complain we should still have the 600 ship Navy we had under Reagan, rather than the 300+ we have now. Can you comprehend how much it costs to keep ONE ship at sea? Add to that the upkeep, maintenance, yearly cost of those extra 200+ ships, AND the pay of all the sailors to keep them running, as well as their retirement and health costs. That was 14 years ago. Imagine how much that would have cost us in the meantime. Sometimes you have to make cuts, whether you like the idea or not.

  • Vernette Godfrey

    My husband joined the Army in 1939. We did have free care until Fort Ord Hospital was closed. He did his 20 plus years. He was stationed in Pearl Harbor in 1939 and spent 15 yrs there and from there, Korea, Guam, Japan and last served os in Germany. Every thing is being taken from us. Why??

  • Michael Trotter

    I am retired US Army/Navy. I enlisted in the Army in 67 and served two tours in Vietnam. I am not usually one to complain, however this is just ridiculous! I have a solution for Secretary Gates…..cut spending for free medical services for illegal aliens! There, that should just about cover it!

  • albert

    Enter text right here!MR Gates is a selfish piece of shit like the rest of the worth ass he work’s for in the Pentegon. take your sorry ass a pay cut or better than that go into the trenches with a private or sgt and see what the service is and how u get shit on to make a dollar. what about disable retiree’s who cant work.. i guess you dont give a damn MR albert Stovall a proud and disabled retiree

  • DevDog

    “Rumsfeld admitted to $2.3 trillion missing on September 10, 2001.” Congress and our leaders have continually allocated and lost track of trillions of money. Most likely to line or fund someones secret hidden agenda. Theres no way we should let them make cuts without accounting for every dollar they suposedly spend.

  • gary

    we need to finish removing the rest of dems and rep in 2012 and also get the whitehouse personal and we all know who is that and then replaces all of them with military vets and we should nerver ,never have a commander and chief that has never served in the military .

    • NavyEW8810

      As the number of people that served in the armed forces subject to the draft dwindles, you’re talking about a pretty small pool of people that fit your requirement, that’s why many in congress have never served. It’s called attrition.

    • GUEST

      I AGREE 100%

  • Macool

    Served 21 years, and proud but everyday alittle less proud of this Country. Here goes alittle more pride for such a thing to be considered.

  • Milton

    appear to discriminate against veterans of working age. Veterans that has exceeded working age will transition to medicare anyway. If the secretary insist on increasing tricare, he need to make provision for veterans to secure jobs. The increase will eventually lead to more public health problems r/t inaccessibility and increased finance cost.

  • Milton

    The DOD already have a third party recovery plan for personnel with insurance aside from tricare. It is a matter of enforcement of that policy. Mr Gate effort is redundant or maliciously intended. The third party program implemented at the unit and clinc level is intended to recover repeated expenditures by dod on veterans and retirees with outside insurance policy. Mr. Gates needs to touch base with units (Third Party Collection) on the ground and make sure that ar executing efficiently and effectively before asking for more money. If not, this issue is management not funding

  • abaker

    Having spent over 7 of my 20 yrs on active duty at the Pentagon I can tell you that the DoD budget is as much about funneling cash to congressional districts as it is about providing for the national defense. Every time we tried to kill a program that was over-budget and under-performing, some congressman would save it in the DoD appropriation because it impacted his or her district. BRAC is a joke. We spent tens of thousands of hours doing analysis on how to save money only to have good ideas killed because they impacted certain congressman’s districts and that would be a problem. The DoD is now like a business with a huge board of directors (Congress). So any real savings (program cuts, better organization, etc.) will never happen. Instead they will nickel and dime changes that in the end result in nothing. Ultimately the budget deficit will force a flat X% reduction to all budgets because nobody has the guts to make the hard decisions. And yes, our Tricare fees will go up because it is just a line item in the budget.

    • matt1544

      it’d be nice to have that line item veto back

    • NavyEW8810

      Agreed! We have that same problem with the Pentagon now wanting to cut the F-35 alternate engine, that Marine “floating tank”, and some other projects. Everytime the Pentagon tries to get rid of projects terminally behind schedule and overrunning costs, somebody in congress votes against it because it protects jobs in their district. Everybody wants to cut the deficit, but only when the cuts are made in somebody else’s piece of the pie.

      • rgafb

        Exactly……… very similar to “NIMBY” (Not In My Back Yard).

  • Omega

    I understand there have been no adjustments to the Tricare fees for some time. There also have been no COLA raises to our retirement for the past 2 years and next year is doubtful at best, yet Gates wants to raise fees and take more of our retirement away. We already are losing some of our retirement from the civilian sector when they raise fees and prices for one thing or another even in the current state of this economy. If Tricare fees are to be raised they should be limited to no more than COLA plus another 1% max. Over time they will increase at a slow steady pace without adversely affecting the military retiree.

  • ounowho

    Trying to cut benefits for veterans again, nothing new. The promises made all depend on whether they are “needing you or just feeding you” as it’s always been. I’ve seen a lot of promises broken just since the Viet Nam war. Now, I stand to lose the one thing that at this time in life I need the most, health care. When the elections come around again, you best believe I won’t forget forget, Gates my not be elected but his boss is!!! Hope everyone else remembers what is going on too.

  • George

    For retirees, no cost of living raise for the next two years but we are going to raise your TRICARE costs. Yea ain’t that sweet. Cut the active duty allowances and so on. Yeah stick to the miltary – active and retired. Gates is a POS.

  • Roller

    If this country stopped giving so much hard earned tax payer dollars to foreign countries, the country would be able to take care of it’s own and have cash let over!

  • J SPAL

    Thanks a lot Mr Secretary. Its amazing how things have change since I served in the Navy and retired and the majority of the Congress and the people that has never served in anything that are drawing large checks and getting free medical just for making promises. No Cola’s for two years,
    but congress and staff are getting theirs. Congratulations!!!!

    J.S. , RET, CPO

  • Dee

    I wonder who creates the charts indicating that the military has the largest cut of the pie. Seems to me that an everyday housewife could do a much better job of budgeting than our representives. We DO know where and how our money needs to be spent . Saving a dying business with our tax money was a waste, Sending OUR tax money to countries that could be used to take care of our own was wasted. And now bleeding the veteran for more money , isn’t it enough that they cannot keep the lifetime benefits promise.



  • 1upsetVet

    How can a Medical Supplement (ie Tricare for Life) cost more per year than full insurance (Tricare Standard) “# TRICARE Stan­dard, the program’s fee-for-service plan, costs $3,584 per ben­e­fi­ciary per year.
    # TRICARE for Life, for ben­e­fi­cia­ries age 65 and older, costs the gov­ern­ment $3,874 per patient per year.”?

  • quillerm

    As Vietnam combat veteran with no luck at all this is not going over to well. I was wounded in Dec 68 due to a well placed VC mine. I still have enough shrapnel in me that they won’t do CT scans because the stuff could tear something open. I also have cancer due to exposure to Agent Orange, what were the odds of that. I live to far from a VA Hospital for care so I use TRICARE. The last thing I need is higher premiums. Gates needs to remember we veterans took risks that civilians would never do that is why we get medical help.


    Mr Obama, you profess to care deeply about those serving on active duty and their families. Now is the time to prove it. I have been retired for 24 years and I feel that my spouse and I have been let down (again). It is time for all of you who have never served in the military to quit fucking with us. We did our duty and now we have to listen to a bunch of none sreving assholes try to take away what we have left. Leave us alone and quit pissing away money on usless shit just get yourselves reelected.

  • TSN

    Oh WTH…. Gas prices are up so Why not. We’re boned again!!! They’re all Jerks. Don’t see them fighting for FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY!!!! I hope Mr Gates reconsiders what he’s trying to make happen and leaves TRICARE alone… We’ll be Socialistic before to long…

  • Jerry Kimbro

    THEY ARE GOING TO STEAL OUR BENEFITS-ONE AT A TIME, so they can take care of themselves! Does anyone else feel sorry for those Marines that have to salute Osama, er , I mean Obama? 1SG Ret.

  • Hope your happy mr.gates. After 20 years of honorable and exemplaray service this is the thanks i get.just remember”what goes around comes around”
    1sg/ret scheffer

  • WBL

    As a retired Marine with over 20 years in, I feel the pain as everyone else. We can all complain in this type of forum, but that doesn’t solve the problem. If all of us write, call, e-mail our outrage to our congressmen and senators as a group and to the military organizations (VFW, etc.) maybe something will get done. Don’t just sit at your computer and gripe about it, DO SOMETHING! Flood congress with your concern and see what happens. Maybe the VFW or American Legion can organize a march on Washington. I’d be there! We have the power, so let’s use it!

  • J.M.

    what are these idiots doing so much for 20 years WTFO ?

  • NavyEW8810

    There was no pay raise for congress this year, or last year. In March 2009 after Obama took office, congress voted via Public Law 111-8, the Omnibus Appropriation Act to suspend their pay raise for 2010, and Obama signed it on March 11th. Via H.R. 5146, the House voted 402 to 15 on April 27 2010 to suspend the pay raise again for 2011. It was passed by unanimous Senate vote the next day and Obama signed it on May 11th. Additionally, military pay cannot be “cut”. Federal law pegs pay to the Employment Cost Index. It’s the reason the raise is so small this year, and why Bush voted down the 3.5% increase his last year in office, because the EIC only required the raise to be 3%. Now you know.

  • W. Vaughn

    I am a retired Army veteran,with over 20 years of service.When I enlisted into the U.S. Army,I was promised if I served 20 years or more of service,my family and I would have free medica for life.I kept my contract with the U.S. government,but they have’t kept their promise to me.I am very disgusted with our congress,or government.

  • Frank Pernau


    I do have trouble to survive with my little retirement pay, now will be less?
    I suppose I will need to die soon!

  • MilitaryBetrayed

    Former military spouses that were “married” to a service member for 20 years get to keep their benefits for life. Now, DoD can’t afford it so they cut the benefits of those that served. Cut the benefits of the former spouses first including repeal of the antiquated unconstitutional Former Spouse Protection Act.

    • rgafb

      Amen. For those of you who may not be familiar with it, just research USFSPA. An increased number of us are dealing with the theft of a large portion of our earned military retention (retirement) pay at the hands of congress from 1983. The horror stories are there— just do the research.


    As usual the men and women in uniform suffer in the hands who have never sprnt a day in uniform.

  • Linnes Chester

    As a recently retired Air Force medic, I fully support raisingTRICARE fees. We all must do our part to keep our medical services viable. Giving up a small portion of discretionary income will pay long term dividends. The increases being recommended amount to little more than a few cups of coffee or soda a week. Also consider how many of us have expensive cable services that we use to watch only a few channels. If we can invest in what brings us short-term joy, we should be willing to support what brings us long-term health.

    To those who believe this is unfolding because of President Obama, please review your history. It also was proposed by his predecessor, President Bush.

  • Dusted Eagle

    Illegal aliens receive $40,000 per year in Food Stamps and Section 8 FREE Housing. And, our govrernment can’t afford to pay its soldier’s health care costs of 1/10th of that. I say to everybody in the military this instant, DO NOT REUP and to anyone considering joining, DON’T DO IT! Now do a story about those vets who are dying of cancer, and why the VA will not compensate them for being poisoned while in Korea and Vietnam, by their own government! I have been waiting almost 3.5 years for my compensation, have lost my home and become destitute, yet, the VA has been right-on-the-spot to dump 10’s of thousands of dollars of medical bills on-top of me DEMANDING that I pay up, else! Or else what? Take the clothes off of my back?

  • Patrick Hart

    i agree with the Secty of Def. We had it very good while the budget continues to go way overboard. A modest increase for great coverage is in order. A sane proposal indeed.

  • Panther223

    I have been retired for 8 years now, after 20+ years of active service. I joined on a promise from the government that they would take care of me and my family. I am currently a student at the age of 46, under the Chap. 31 (V, R & E). I have held 4 civilian jobs in those eight years and endured plant closings, lay offs and position disintegration. Those who have never served no nothing about leadership, management or planning. Mr. Gates is wanting to support President Obamas medical plan by sacrificing this nations veterans promises. I kept TRICARE Prime because the job market medical plans are to expensive, and the job market was collapsing. If Washington continues to withdraw its promises, and sacrifice its nations warriors then the politicians need to “trice up” and fall in for watch detail, because the volunteers will not be there. Freedom is not free…


    I have a short comment I read on another board for Mr. Gates. If they keep cutting veterans benefits in years to come there will be no veterans unless they bring the draft back. Our volunteer military will cease to be. Can you blame these troops, promised something to get a signature on the line and then slowly take the benefits away when they reach the age of retirement. I
    have a question Mr. Gates, Could you live on what most retirees get today?
    Give it some thought Mr. Gates.

  • R.Waters

    I think everyone here is justifiably pissed, however I didn’t read anything in the article that states this will happen. It didn’t say that it was done. It just said Gates “is seeking,” “considering,” and words of that nature. Our country is in such a financial funk, however, EVERYTHING needs to be cut. We are beyond the point of picking and choosing what to cut in the nation’s budget. I agree that the wages and benefits of those in Congress and Senate should be the first on the chopping block.

  • Davey

    All these Secretary appointees, and, congressional politicians get better medical than veterans, and, not to mention the active duty personnel. Walter Reed, Bethesda, John Hopkins, or anywhere else they are at the time. Must be nice.
    Plus with all of this Congress wants to save money which they do need so they can them get a pay raise. This pay happen each year.

  • Bill Chapman

    This is a typical ploy or robbing Paul to pay Peter…All of us who served in the Armed Services deserve what was promised to us…Now the government expects us to lie down and die, after all that is what we are suppose to do right…I must be missing something here…There is another Boston Tea Party coming and the government better wake up…This one is going to be messy….

  • D.L. Pompili

    MacNamara,Rumsfeld, now Gates…… are they related ???

  • James Gates

    Lets make sure we honor the promises we made to all the people around the world, except for our own veterans.

    • James G

      I forgot to say I am in no way related to this other —

    • Amen to that, but who is going to organize the protest? Lets see how many that bitc* and moan will actually stand up, speak up, and do something about it!

      What this country needs is a leader of the people, someone like Martin Luther King Junior who will stand up and get things done!

  • Jeff

    I say all of us Vets make a stand do a March on the Pentagon or the White House. Proftest our dislike of the way they treat us that have served to protect this country. It’s time to get the real Americans that love this country and protest the current administration. Peacefully of course I wll go have another cup of TEA.

  • jim wittel

    I would like to see no one join the military for at least 6 months or longer because all I see is the so call brass lie from the head dog all the way down. I would have gotten a better deal if I did not go in. The VA is no better if not worst

    • GUEST

      This would get their attention!!!!

  • Michael

    Seems everytime cuts need to be made its always the little guy that gets in the A@@ US Vets we served this nation honorably now its time that our Govt to keep its promised to all Vets Retired and Active duty alike

  • Bill

    You can bet that any time the government gives the military or retired military anything, they find 100 ways to take it back or more.

    It’s fair because he is a dirty corrupt politician who is getting filthy rich.

    People wonder why the shooting happened in Arizona, I have seen it coming for a long time. Politicians long ago lost touch with the citizens of this country who elect them and pay their salaries, catering to big business and getting filthy rich.

    You can bet that any time the government gives the military or retired military anything, they find 100 ways to take it back or more. It’s fair because he is a dirty corrupt politician who is getting filthy rich.
    People wonder why the shooting happened in Arizona, I have seen it coming for a long time. Politicians long ago lost touch with the citizens of this country who elect them and pay their salaries, catering to big business and getting filthy rich.
    I hate it for the lady, I really do, but if politicians don’t open their eyes and start listening to the citizens of this country, and start doing what they were elected to do, it will only get worse!

  • jimmymishoe

    this gov is corrupt tell congress and senators we have had it 2012-2014 oust all need to take care of our military and veterans to much corruption all their days are numbered jimmy the sniper

  • Bill

    This whole country is so corrupt it’s unbelievable. If the tax payers only knew how much tax money is stolen, each year, money wasted, about the dirty corrupt government contracts being handed out left and right to their friends and relatives, it would make them faint! The sad part is the politicians have their hands right in the middle of it.
    If we really wanted to save tax money we would start with our corrupt government and clean it up first!
    The end result is going to be a revolution to over throw the government of this country just like you see in other countries. After these dirty money hungry politicians have treated the military the way they have, lied to us, cut benefits and retirement, who will protect them when the revolution starts?

  • sgtbilly

    Dear Mr. Gates;

    Frankly I am glad I am out of the military after serving for 35 years. I feel like a divorcee that was cheated; as a reservist serving in two wars and more deployments then I can count (my wife does that better) I was promised certain things when I reached 60, and could retire. Now at 62 when no one wants an old soldier, I am living on those investments I made when I was younger. And the medical I was promised is slipping away. You talk about increasing payments for TriCare? How does one pay for that? You on the other hand will have plenty… I didn’t expect a free ride but I did expect what I was promised?

  • guest

    Ever since I joined in 77, I had been told hey stay in for 20 years and you get free medical and dental for life. Slowly what benefits I looked forward to when I retired 5 years ago are almost non-existent. I ask those in congress and the house to take a major wage cut to help dig us out since the government and the greedy corporate fools got us into this mess. Why should we continue to have to suffer? Quality of life as we knew it is gone. Vets are homeless and jobless yet we seem to be giving what money we do not have to other countries. Where the hell is taking care of us first? We are suppose to sacrafice for what? Our rights are being taken away. Food shortages (lie), high gas prices, and we are spiraling out of control. But yet middle and lower class will continue to sacrafice while the rich elites get richer…And..the free speech you enjoy on the Internet is going away…

  • Bill

    So if Obama and the other idiots running this country are seriously trying to make health care afforadable for everyone, how stupid is it to raise the rates and copays for retired military?

    Politicians just passed the Kennedy Bill that exempts them from the National Health Care Bill.

    Being an elected official was never intended to be a get rich quick scheme and make those elected exempt from the same laws and rules we are to abide by.

    All politicians should be on the same health care plan as retired military, have the exact same retirement plan, and have to actually pay for it like we do!

    • Gary

      So far, you are the one I agree with the most. I spent 22 years of my life in the military and wash promised this and that. Now that I am retired, I keep losing this and that.

    • MNCS

      Amen Bill!! Preach on my brother! I agree with this 100%.

  • Bill

    Don’t worry, the governmemnt is oging to dig us out of this mess.

    As we speak Obama and the other greedy corrupt politicians are working on a plan to seize your 410K and other retirement funds to squander that money too!

  • Jim Putnam

    To those serving now, Thank you….but be aware that we older retirees were promised free health and dental for life if we’d put our lives on the line for 20 years. Guess what…….they are a bunch of liars! There should be no question about that promise…it was made and it should be kept!
    My advise—-don’t reup because THEY don’t mean to keep what they promise. In fact…don’t join….. because the only people that count in this country are the politicans and their lackys.

  • Carl

    So much for my free health care I was promised in 1971. After 30 years and VA approved disabilities I have, and our own leadership wants to raise our Tricare. That is pure BS. We will have to again fight this tooth and nail so that the fees do not raise…

  • Paul

    The cost of healthcare is not a luxury, but repair to the bodies of Patriotic citizens that believed we were helping a altruist effort. Reality was means for bankers and contractors to legally get a hold of tax payers funds. Recommend Mr. Gates first cuts the contracts he awards in afganishtan and iraq and project grants that end in the pockets of contractors and LNs that never perform the work. That end being performed by Soldiers to make mission.


    I just have to add my 2 cents: Cent #1: The respected gentleman who stated that we should “just count our blessings,” needs to buck-up and support what the majority of us are stating…that the government should honor their commitment to pay for our health care for life. No questions asked…make it happen. Cent #2: From my overall experience both in the military and out, I would never have thought that we would have to fight Communism, Liberals, and our own Secretary of Defense.

  • patm8848

    Well then it might be that they need to give us the cost living increases to match the inflation rates

  • Sick Veteran`

    what else are we going to lose? we served our country and have earned every thing we got coming to us, you Mr. Gates sit there thinking about how to screw the retired serviceman by taking away our COLA, now Tri-Care you are thinking about increasing. Remember, we senior enlisted peoople who spent 26 years in service (Korea-Vietnam) etc. no one asked us if we had a choice during the war years. We went, served honorably, now as aged retired military members, we can barely make it, because our economy, taxes, and all are just killing us. I have cancer, and I am 76 years old, only have a few years left, but don’t screw us anymore, leave Tri-Care alone.



  • lovingdaughter

    Mr. Secretary, What happens if the US gets attacked again and you have cut personnel in the Forces which GUARD this nation… including YOU? How about you propose to cut the salaries of Congress or your own instead of medical care for retirees, like my father and grandfather, or cutting troops? Dumb

  • BubbaC

    Gates and Obama have done in two years what no nation has ever been able to do to the U.S. military – with the stroke of their pens, they have devastated the moral and trust of this country’s service members. What’s next Mr. Gates, having the amputees pay for their own prosthetic appliances?

  • sadmil

    This is sad. Retirees were promised so much but don’t see half of their benefits. They are charged for everything that was promised to them as free. My chain of command wonders why I wanted to get out a few years ago. Mainly because of this. I probably won’t get the check or worst. They argued that I would get a retirment check for the rest of my life if I serve 20 yrs. I argue “what’s the point when I have to turn around and pay it back to the government”. I have served in 3 wars and dread retiring only to be faced with this type of situation. It’s wrong to rob vets that have served their country unselfishly. Shame on you Sec Gates!

  • sadmil

    This is so true. This is the primary reason that I wanted to get out. They are taking advantage of people that want to a serve their country. They fail to realize that we have a life outside of the military that requires money. Since it is our primary job then we should get paid. Enough with the cuts to COLA and housing allowances. No more fee increases to retiree healthcare. It is unfair and puts military lives in jeopardy. I’ve learned that I cannot rely on the government.

  • Ret SSG.

    Same old crap. Veterans are no better off then a common wino or a street bum. Look Mr. Gates I served this country and the State of Wisconsin as an active member of the U.S.Army and the Wisconsin Army National Guard for a combined total of well over 23 years. And what do I get for it? I have been made homeless in 1979 when I lost my high paying job on the Milwaukee Police Department because they had to hire minorities and women so that us Viet-nam era veterans could live on the street like dogs. I have been thrown into jail because my former bosses did not know what to do with me! We were promised so much and it is just crap. When I hear of a murder in Miwaukee or maybe mass murders in Tuscon, Az.. I say good . Thats what you ass-holes wanted and now that is what you get. I have no pity on any one anymore. Take our benefits from those of us who served so long ago and give them to the pedophilla priests or maybe the (sic) Catholic Church who are the biggest liars since Judas him-self. I would serve the Devil Lucifer himself because he probably would get me my benefits sooner then the the DOD. God Bless America? Give me a break, you whores!!

  • neotoxo

    Why am I not surprised…after spending 22 of the best years of my life serving in USAF I retired beat up and broken and now drawing disability and here comes another left leaning coital phallus head of a politician thinking that making me poorer is going to solve the GUBERMENTS inability to balance a checkbook…

    And you wonder why people snap and do terrible things…

  • Weaponswife

    With new steep troop cuts, I foresee another steep rise in the suicide rate. Maintainers are already stretched too thin, the jets are too old and the sortie rate keeps getting increased as the FMC rate decreases due to lack of manpower and old equipment. Cut some more troops, see more airmen lose it and commit suicide. We have seen it at 2 bases over the last 10 years. It is going to happen again, in 2015, if not sooner, if Gates has his way. Gates needs to understand that an undermanned American military is a weak, tired, under-prepared, disgruntled military. We are going to be pulled into another conflict. The question is when and where, and what is going to happen when we need a stronger military to react? More IRR’s? More National Guard? Stop-loss? Oh, SecDef’s have already been there, done that because we didn’t have a big enough military to handle Iraq and Afghanistan at the same time. The military has been “trimmed” since Clinton, through Bush and is now being hacked with a cleaver under Obama’s SecDef. 3 Presidents and their SecDef’s to be blamed when America doesn’t have the military might to respond to our next threat. Our military should be hiring, not firing.

  • tom

    Simple, vote against everyone in Congress who supports this action and talk it up so others vote them out of office.

  • Leigh

    Enter text right here!The current TRICARE enrollment fee was set in 1995 at $460 a year for the basic family plan and has not been raised since,” Gates told reporters. “During this time, insurance premiums paid by the private sector and other government workers have risen dramatically. For example, the fees for a comparable health insurance program for federal workers cost roughly $5,000 per year.”
    As the daughter of a retired WWI vet, the sister of a Korean Vet, wife of a Korean vet and a 20 yr retiree with 2 tours in Vietnam, what makes them more valuable than us? I will be the first to admit I didn’t suffer the hardships the men did (I was a CW3 Admin/Finance) but I think we have all learned that we were just a number and meant nothing to our government.

    • GUEST

      What does it matter what health insurance fees cost in the private sector.most of those people are making 6 digit salarys a year not living on a meager retirement pension!


    THE LOCAL MINNEAPOLIS NEWSPAPER RAN FRONT PAGE ARTICLES ON TWO DAYS – “Biggest Military Pay Cut Since 9-11”, the other article read – “Medicare for POOR expands today. Isn’t it wonderful how the congress shows their appreciation for our service. BS BS BS BS BS BS

  • BCM

    its weird how the govt will spend money to help everyone, over spend then start taking money from the military. Does this mean we can sue the govt for lying to us for enlisting? they also compare mil vs civ except for pay. civ working the same job are making 60k or more a year. they don’t talk about that. another case of the govt making promises and not living up to them. they already stole from social security and never paid it back so now they don’t want to pay anymore. i bet that they will find money for some wasteful program and use our benefits to pay for it.

  • tom a

    If they were to take it out on a percentage basis starting with Obama and congress on what you make think of how much money there would be

  • ralph

    24 years 100% combat dis vet thanks just thanks,now when one of us vets flys off HOOK and starts killing a bunch in the head shead,they will say he lost his mind, has he or is he feed up with the B,S,

  • KBay84

    No Fee increases since ’95? Is he on ‘ludes? Our co-pays have risen from $3 to $12 in less than 3 years. That might be chump change, unless you’re like me in a situ where you’re in physical therapy, and each visit of 3-4 a week costs $12. That starts adding up to real money after a couple months…

  • just cause i am of working age and retired from the military and on SSID i am going to get screwed by gates and the big brass in congress? why do they always want to screw the retired military persons.
    i remember 37 years ago at the meps and the speech they gave ie., the military and the VA will take care of you for the rest of your life either ETSed or retired. hmm, another lie!!! cant get the VA to do anything and then i must use my tri-care and they are going to raise the rates. come-on washington, take my old retired butt back. i’ll go overseas, cant hear, cant walk, cant see like if i was 18, and i sure wont be able to jump again, but you give me a weapon and my old retired age body will eat mre’s and be standing tall in the formation. what do you got to say about that Mr. gates?

  • Donald Ramsey

    Last year retirees did not get a pay raise, nor did Social
    Security recipients, yet the federal Government got a 2
    Percent pay raise. The elderly who so desperatly depend
    On what little they get for a life time of paying or sacrificing
    Are the ones that are first to be sacrificed. How can you
    Mr. Gates Sleep at night knowing that you could actually
    Be tendering to many honorable peoples deaths. Many
    Are already an the brink of being homeless and
    Starvation. Now your adding to their cost by increasing tri-
    Care cost. You are pushing them over the edge. You
    Should be ashamed of yourself, you are a true failure
    To your position.

  • tom a

    Do you feel like a native american ,signed papers and broken promises.

  • Hotshot

    USN Retire , what the hell is Mr. Gate thinking? or is he not thinking !
    Mr. gate get rid of all the pork and cut some of your benefits and take a good look at the big picture. put your self in our place.

  • Retired Veteran

    First gays, now TRICARE. Get Gates out before he complete destroys the military.

  • Retired Veteran

    First Gays, now TRICARE get Gates out before he completely destroys the military. This Administration has got to go!!!

  • hopalongokie

    I hope that all those thinking of making the military a career pay attention to this and act by exiting as quickly as possible. They might as well be on welfare…at least there they will have free medical care without the sacrifice.

  • homeless

    How about cutting back on benefits, travel, pay, postage, dining, gas, 2nd homes, medical, and cost of living, starting with the President and family, the Administration, Congress, All Gererals, Clinton, Gates, Mullen, Reed , Banner, Poloski and everyone in Washington making over 100,000 thousand a Year. Bet you would save a Trillion a year.

  • tamara

    All this cost raising is crazy, I am a widow, Trying to go back to school was denied money for school because they said it was over the 10 year limit whicih I was unaware of. I don’t live near a base so i have to pay for my meds and finding a doctor that will take my insurance is ****. I donot get money for my child on my pension because she is my grandchild and we had not adopted her we just had custody of her when my husband died. this sucks…..

  • Gary

    Not to come down on the shooting in Tucson, but all the medical that has been done on the congresswomen is great. Also all the money to have Air Force one fly in with all the other politicians, great support. I wonder where all that money came from to do this? If they were to take all the money for that one trip, with all the security that was done. It probably we be close to paying all the money they want the retires to pay for medical cost.

  • Gil Jennings

    I’m mad as hell at how we the retirees and veterans keep having to take in in the rear, being lied to, and having been lied to for decades. There is a solution however, hundereds of thousands of mistrteated retirees equal hundreds of thousands of votes. We’ve known that for a long time but we put the same thieves back in power, then we sit around and complain when they shove it in a little deeper. They know suckers when the see them. Since I can’t throw the bums out by myself, I’ll have to wait and read your gripes for the next few years until the’ve shoved in enough to get rid of me.

  • Mike La Bonne

    What’s the price of freedom active and retired military bought for you with their sacrifices, and too often, their lives?


    Bill, you ignorant mother ******, how can you have the audacity to raise the health care costs for those of us that can least afford it? I was told that if I served my country my family and I would be provided with health care for the rest of my life. I honored my contract, how can you ******** in Washington pretend you don’t remember? I’m ****** off you son of a ***** and I don’t want your **** budget woes. Honor your God **** vets. You are supposed to represent us, you back stabbing *******.

  • Herman

    Sec of Defense, could care less about the military retirees, but ya never see any benefit cuts to ex congressmen and women and sec of defense cutting his free medical costs to taxpayer, retired military..I think it should be a requirement for all congressional and secretaries, have at least 10 years of military service, with more thanhalf of that in a war zone.

  • Keith Hill

    these people in Washington do not care about all the Military now and retired they are just pawns in there little games. These people will get the same pay and benfits as they do now for the rest of their lives,that is why they are not affarid of cuts.Just get the poor SOBS.who done there work for them,the ones who were and still are proud to serve and protect our great UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.I to have served 22 years in the ARMY.WOO RAAA SFC RETIRED

  • ibsteve2u

    Anybody who blames dealing with the realities of America’s cash flow on this Administration way better turn their checkbook over to their spouse.

    ‘Twas the Republicans who deliberately mismanaged and so extended one war even as they falsified justifications for starting another war – all AFTER they had cut their taxes yet again.

    Wars ain’t cheap…when the Republicans did that, they knew that somebody would have to pay the piper.

    Look at it this way: This helps ease us veterans into the next inevitable Republican move: Attempting to either cut veterans or Social Security/Medicare recipients off cold – or both.

  • Kerri S.

    I am a medical biller and a Tricare beneficiary and I can tell you how the gov’t can save money. My daughter was prescribed a nebulizer for bronchitis. After it was delivered to my home I was told I had to pay around $20 for my percentage. So I did. Then I get a bill for an additional $15 after Tricare paid. Tricare allowed $219 for the nebulizer, which I later found out I could have purchased myself for around $35. So in this case I paid $35 and they got the additional money from Tricare. Maybe the gov’t should stop overpaying for s**t, and give us the care we need. I can’t even get an appointment to see my family MD when I’m sick. I have to wait about a month just to see someone. Unless I want to go to the ER or Urgent care, which again costs the gov’t more money. It’s not hard to figure out what they need to do.

  • wayne32308

    I believe Gates become nothing more than a lapdog for Obama. He is soon to leave, so he won’t be around to face the havoc when it occurs. And just because he says it needsto be changed doesn’t make it okay… don’t give in to that position…it only opens the door wider for him to walk through. So I guess being part of the military is just like being a civilian….8 hours per day, weekends off, home with the family most of the time, ….ops I forgot about being on call 24 hours per day….working around the clock if required with no additional compensation. Oh, I forgot, other civilians normally get overtime (but that don’t count for anything)….Duck….Oh, those were only bullets..not to worry.

  • wayne32308

    (Cont’d) The bottom line is for us oldtimes (30 years), we were apparently lied to….but that seems to be the way for our government anymore. They keep creating new benefits for no-loads who don’t contribute shit to anything. And their numbers are increasing and their demands are increasing. At least we know who will be getting the dollars for our lost/promised benefits. If you want to do something about any of this write Gates a letter, write your congressman and senator…..and keep writing. That’s about all we can do right now

  • Top

    I have spent 20 plus years in the Army, and have earned my rights to heathcare. When I enlisted I was told that healthcare for retirees would be free for life. Then comes Champus, then comes Tricare. What will they take next or charge us a arm and leg to afford? Mr. President, Mr. Gates, this is not right. What happened to taking care of the soldiers who provided freedom for this great country? Day 1, Basic Training, You give a soldier your word, you keep it or die trying. What happen to the word? Shame, shame, shame!!!

    US Army (Retired)

  • Larry

    I really screwed up when I retired ,working for a fortune 500 company I paid weekly for health and dental care for my family, They were the first payer and Champus the second well this made my part much less ,I could have opted out and saved 200.00 per month and used Champus and paid what my share was <I was much younger then and used my blue cross or humana very little 200per mo times 12=2,400 per year times 20 years working as a civilian=48,000.00 dollars over this period, now that I am fully retired and needing my military insurance Tri-Care after saving the government much money by not opting out of my civilian coverage they want to stick it to all of us , not to mention we received no cola raise for past two years and their is talk about two more years behind these last two and since the Government took out (IOU’s) from our social security and has mot paid it back into the program they say we may end up with no social security if something is not done to correct the loss and us baby boomers are the problem there is just too many of us lets just face fact’s here our government discriminates against military retirees how is this well if you have a service connected disability up to 45% your retirement is just off-set you get nothing more than a tax break for almost 50 % of your Body and since we only have 100% of our body so cut your body in half about the waist and throw it away you have half a body now and it’s only worth a tax break come on give me a break what has our retirement got to do with injuries sustained while in service ? Other veterans that say served 2 months or one year do not have anything off-set they receive the full % and retirees get an off-set we earned every last red cent of our retirement without going into story after story of that career or sacrifice after sacrifice and now they are going to make us continue to sacrifice and guess what it will never stop we seem to be the first one they jump on when they need to cut spending

  • During these tough budget times, we all have to do some part. I really do like my retired medical care payments, but they are WELL below what a civilian in the private sector has to pay. But i do agree with the trend here that it is a shame that keeping promises to military retirees doesn’t seem to be high on the priority list anymore.

    • Tomcat01

      The problem is that they keep comparing civilian life to a military person and it isn’t practical or possible. In fact the comparison is totally wrong!!! There few if ANY civilian jobs that require extended deployments or separations from loved ones. Even there they have the option of quitting where a military person is reuired by “stop gap measures,” or a contract to remain where they are at. Few civilian jobs are as dangerous as well.

      • A couple of things. Military retiree health care is a very good bargin. We pay annually what many have to pay by the month. Your points are valid, and comparing civilians with miltary is like apples to oranges. but at the same time our cost are low, so are our options. I recently retired and had to struggle to find a doctor that would take me and my family because the reimbursement rate to the doctor isn’t all that great.

  • Slammer2353

    Here we go again, now those that served honorably and sacrificed whatever was asked of us must again salute smartly and endeavor to persevere when does it end? After over 30 years of service I feel I should be able to depend on my government the way they depended on me. What a naive way of thinking. Everyone needs to take some time to bring their views to the surface. I am willing to march where ever I need to, to get our point across Lets Get It Done before it is too late

  • Tomcat01

    Like many have said here, Congress gets a free ride after serving just ONE term and they get it for life. They NEVER pay into the system and usually rich to begin with.

    Cutting troop strength??? That’s totally absurd!!! We’ve cut into the meat and not just trimmed the fat. Today’s combat forces are stretched to their limits. EVEN THE RESERVES have had multiple deployments. The short turn arounds and extensive combat time is going to be a retention problem and I believe a key reason to the increases of suicide in our armed forces.

    TRICARE increases?? Well maybe a few may be in order, but NOT to the extent I have heard Gates propose. Afterall, when I went in it was promised free medical for life if you spent 20 or more. That was a lie. The two groups the government lies to and takes from at the stroke of a pen are our seniors followed by veterans and retirees.

    Bottom line, these professional bureaucrats do not have a clue about the military or anything in government as I see it. They make things complicated or worse.

  • r.gardner

    why not cut the pay of members of congress pay and beneftes.

  • Norm

    Democrats hate the military, they see a large amount of money they want to waste on their misguided socialist programs. The only way to protect ourselves from them is to not elect them. Do you think for one second that Obama or Gates care in the least about promises made to Vetereans.

  • Asherbanapal

    Gates is a civilian, and a poor one at that. To have someone like him represent military men and women is a disgrace. There are many things that could be said about him, most caused by emotions, and can not be printed.
    I am a disabled vet of the Korean conflict and VietNam. Marine in Korea and Navy ashore in VN. When I enlisted I was promised free Medical and Dental it I served 20+ years honorably. I did that! 25 years! This country’s politicians have lied to me and all others like me. I hate those who think so little of my country that they lie, and feel good about doing so. They lie about the vet, and they are willing to take all they are able to steal, money that comes out of the Vet’s promises. Gates is a lier, and a thief. Just one of many that do not respect the constitution, and thereby disrespect our country. They should be treated a traitors!

    • chris

      Thank you Sir for saying that, it really needed to be said. Gates have no idea what we veterans go thorough. Us veterans need every break we can get especially in this day and time. If he wants to do something he should really raise the pay of Retirees and Active Duty.

  • Anthony Jackson

    A concern military retiree/US civilian:
    I agree will all my fellow brothers and sister’s who have served their country proudly. The promise of free health care for life after completing 20+ years of serves, is a promise broken to the all volunteer force. This is how the most powerful nation in the world treats it’s veterains (discard after use). Most retirees cannot afford health care and rely heavily on tricare (standards or for life). I would say to Mr. Gates, please revisit this decision on charging the nations honored soldiers who volunteered to put thier life on line for their country when no one else came forward. We can save alot of funds if we make alternative funds a priority for the military. I have a few idea for the military fuel needs.

  • Budd S

    To be fair as seen by the present in charge?? there should be a cut across the board for ALL Gov’t Employees and that means from the President Down at a Percentage Equally, if its 2% for a private then 2% for the Pres, I didn’t mind doing my time for what was promised and expect everyone to do the same, for years I did not think it was not fair for the Congress to draw retirement for only one term for live to do a job they elected to do. Its Just not right or Equitable in the light of the requirements of the job. But who expects it to be????

  • Primo Benavides

    Left, Right, Left, Right. The chicken hawk republicans are at it again. Cutting the little benefits that we earned doing 20-22 hours days 7 days a week 52 weeks a year. It is high time that We The Reited People demanded that Congresman and Senators, Civil Servants all take a 33 percent across the board reduction in pay, and health benefits. Why is it that only the military retirees are being targeted. Why not the high paid CIVIL SERVANTS and Congress. Respectfully, USN SPECOMM 1970-1993

  • JR Carter

    The government just keeps pushing america into the ground. When will this shit stop???? When people start doing something thats when. We cant take much more of this.

  • Commerical World

    Welcome to the club bubba. Todays military are paid wages at a very well level and one military branch is way under worked and never served in Iraq nor Afganistain. The civilian equivaltant in the commercial world of most specialities do not make nearly the same income. You forget the BAH and in some places that is $2 grand a month and every bit of it tax free! 30 days paid vacation. You are lucky to get one weeks salary of paid vacation working for a commerical enitity. Plus no ceiling on sick leave, seldom bridled liberty. Do not have to shell out 50% plus percent of your income when you are sick. Don’t get time off for “wellness” eveyday and plus don’t get a GI Bill to boot. I wish I got have of what you all get in the real world. Wake up, the money is gone and all the big corporate rich and corrupt congress leaders took our money and ran

  • chris

    Someone please help me to understand how Mr. Gates can talk about making cuts to the Military and raising Tricare for Retirees , but the Congress gave themselves a raise and they get HealthCare and a nice Retirement check for life. While us Retiree can barely making it. Some of us living pay check to pay check.

  • Chinookmtp

    Over 20 years. 4 tours to the craphole Afghanistan, Desert Storm and countless tdy’s to all over this world. Screw you Gates! This country is going to sh-t!!!

  • PJS

    I complain all the time about what is happening to this country and the benifits that we losing. I also know that we elected these individuals into office and we to can firer them at the end of there term.

    What we as retirees are a large force that can change what impact the decissions that are being made by Washington. I read where someone wrote here on these blogs that we need to join our org. so we have someone to speak for us and our rights.

    Well it seems that it works some what some of the time, but I feel that we as military retirees should band together as one, not having all these groups lobby for us. This would show the force that we do have together and maybe Washington would hear our voices .

    Yes we all need to band together for we are all retirees of the same government and lobby as one and let this country know that we may be retired, but we are still fighting for the freedom and rights that belong to the indivduals that served this country so very well.


  • Chinookmtp

    For those of you that never served, Freedom isn’t Free. You sit back and enjoy this great republic while a small percentage go and do all the dirty work. We deserve the Free (low rate) health care. We fricken earned it.

  • Cpt RB

    Another more equitable approach might be to cap outpatient Dr care to a fixed
    annual amount, adding a large co-pay to those who exceed it. Reward those who take an interest in holding down costs and staying healthy. This would ultimately
    bring down those gov per patient costs referenced in this article. Motivate retirees
    to live healthier diets, and do more to take personal care of themselves.******

  • Garret Goorhouse

    Wow! Thanks again Uncle Sam! Another Broken Promise, And congress wonders why the people of this country think most of the politicians can’t be trusted. THEY CAN’T they sure take care of them selves. Just a heads up congressmen and women. People who join the military are the only TRUE U.S. people along with police and fire fighters that truly serve and care about this country. And we get nothing after 20 years in comparison to what congress get. IT IS TIME FOR A HUGE CHANGE!!!!!!!!

  • TCT625(retired)

    This is just another knife in the backs of the veterans that have servered. They changed the rules for the ones that have total unemployablility from 10 years (with no grandfather status for those who already have it) to 20 years inorder for thier spouses to be able to claim it. Now they want to increase the cost of our Tricare which we worked for. Mr Gates, (I use this loosely) you should try and stand on your own feet and make your own decessions instead of trying to be a YES man. You are doing nothing but destroying the morale of the people that have served this country and still are serving this country. Let them and us keep what is rightfully ours and stay out of areas that you do not belong in like, the Country’s budget, you are merely a Defence Sec, nothing more, lets keep it this way. You are on your way out, help the Vets instead of hurting them, that is your job.

    • tony

      get out of irag and afganistan and save millons per day. and help the vets not destroy them. I have 29 years air force and my wife is disabled, we depend on tricare . So think about it twice before you do anything. don’t be like our elected sentors and rep.they don;t think at all.

  • Michael Gobert

    I am so sick and tired of hearing about budget cuts to where it always affects the common people. As of the subject of the military. What is it going to take to get our so-called government to take a pay cut in stead of always the common people.

  • Tracker

    “that fees have not risen since the pro­gram replaced CHAMPUS in 1995”

    Why should they increase. Didn’t use to cost us anything. Then they started this HMO crap. Leave TriCare alone. We are already getiing screwed as it is

  • swisschic

    My husband is about to be medically chaptered out of the army. As if this wasn’t stressful enough, now we have to worry about medical costs for disabled veterans? I know who deserves to be voted OUT of office!

  • John

    This is outrageous, Mr. Gates. The government should honor the promises it has made to those who have served.

  • CWO3 R Jackson Smith

    Tell Michelle Obama to stop spending $650 on a pair of shoes. I thought this administration was going to cut wasteful spending. Instead this administration, Mr Gates, wants US to pay for the out-of-control spending by reducing benefits, raising premiums, and the list goes on. Let’s start by decreasing Senators and House of Representatives pay to $75,000/year and put them and their families on the health care program passed by our “Representatives.” Mr. Gates, if you work your will and get this done, may God have mercy on your soul—that is if you have one!

  • HTC Ret.

    lets cut Gates, and leave TriCare alone


    SON OF A BIG DOG…… WE GET SCREWED AGAIN W/ NO KISS!!!!! Makes a vet wonder how they can get away with it. And they sleep good in their mansions every night not thinking about the common patriot who has a chump retirement and tri….What a FARCE

  • C.Missey

    I would like to see Mr Gates put on a uniform and pick up a weapon and go into combat with the rest of the military. I bet his attitude about retiree benefits would change. Has Mr Gates ever been on active duty?

  • Spcops Army Ret.

    Mr. Gates, while you are still in office and when you do leave office, you don’t have the balls to have yours and the rest of the high paid officals have their pensions and health care cut back to almost nothing do you?



  • Donald Wiegand

    Try living on 40,000 a year Mr. Gates. see how much more you can squeeze out of me, You wont get much as I dont have anything left!

  • Erin

    If everyone is so mad about the military spending to much money than cut the civilion contractors that make up to 4 times what a joe makes for doing the exact same job if not less.



  • Haji

    Haji Ret.
    Hey Mr gates,
    Arent You Forgeting The soldiers That pay the Price for all of Congress, so You guys can have time off with your family and friends,when they are six feet under.I am not bitter,Remember when you stand before GOD Tell Him what you really did for soldiers and family?

  • Retired Warrant 3

    Mr. Gates. This will be your legacy. I for one will always remember you as the schmuck that took the reason I stayed in for more than 20 years (reliable and affordable health coverage for my family) and chunked it in the trash. I hope you get hit by a truck the day you retire so you know how we retirees feel. Creep!

  • CPO retiring soon

    Universal Heath Care for all Americans… Problem solved! Not this watered down BS version that requires everyone to carry insurance… Get rid of the insurance companies altogether… Including TRICARE! They’re the problem, and the reason healthcare costs so much in the first place!

  • don

    The military is the last ones to get a pay raise; while members of congress and other politicians, get their raises first. The sit behind their desks and more dangerous than our troops putting their lives on the line every day. Let the politicians trade places with our troops.

    • matt1544

      OK, let’s do a fact-check before posting next time, OK?

      Military = pay raise in 2011
      Federal Civil servants = pay freeze 2011 and 2012
      Congress = pay freeze 2010 and 2011

      • gujest

        they are already over paid anyway. I recommend that they all get pay cuts and all med insurance dropped.

  • boomski2

    I agree wholeheartedly with you Top. I also sent an email to Rep John Mica, FL (R) asking for his views on this issue regarding increasing retiree health care premiums. Sent it a month or so ago—have got nothing back NO RESPONSE form Rep MICA or his staffers. Yeah, my congressman is listening to his constituents concerns. NOT. I guess he is too busy trying to releal the just passed healthcare law. The great United States of America, the US Congress and our SecDef are renigging on the benfits promises cited (in writing or verbally by recruiters) when we entered the military.

    Ok all us ignorant and powerless veterans, bend over and take in the arse once again! And suck it up! absolutely no appreciattion for how military retirees and their families have already paid it forward—That is why we are entitled to free medical care for life. An increase in veterans’ premiums should be rejected outright and in principle.

  • boomski2

    Below is the link to the US House of Representatives. This link is House’s Write Your Representive page where you can find who your rep is by your address or zip code. From that page, your rep has a Write to Me link on his/her page. STRONGLY recommend you take 5 minutes to inform your government representatives of your concerns.

  • Bobby

    When it comes to health care, the Obama administration is simply practicing a socialist aim similar to a “redistribution of American wealth”. Their goal is to provide a “leveling” of health benefits to all citizens and must find a way to pay for this leveling. Since many of the health care recipients are welfare type people, and have no entitlements, and have contributed nothing to their health care, payment for them must be made by robbing the benefits earned by retiring service members. The Obama Administration will pay for the benefits given to these others by decreasing the benefits of retired U.S. Service Personnel and charging more. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

  • Ralph Gross

    Once again empty promises from our government of fat cats. Cut the bennies given to these bottom feeders and make them all feed from the same trough as the rest of us patriots. We earned what is left of what was promised….WANT THAT TOO……Retired Senior Chief

  • Maybe they should look at the generals and colonels who have private chefs..personal assistants..private flights…there part othe military..lets start cutting back on there bull **** budget

  • dependent

    If they really want to cut spending money left them in congress cut there spending they dont need a special plane to go to place to place. They don’t need there on special cooks, let them cook for them self, they don’t need all the special dinner parties, special expensive gifts, let them do with what we have to deal with every day of our lives. No medical benefits, low retirement pay, losing our homes, can’t find jobs, and find out that your terminal sick and now they want to take your care away from you, and you can’t even afford to even live cause you are living pay check to pay check. When they live like kings with unlimited money to spend what they get paid would help so many of the people who have no jobs, homes, and we are starving to death and our kids are starving,they then turn to crime to support themselves to keep themselves feed and there children. Why don’t they keep there promises to us, we fought for our country and now they want to turn there back on us when we need them more than ever.

  • CWO DeHart

    “God and the soldier we adore, in time of danger not before. When danger’s past and all things righted, God is forgotten and the soldier slighted.” Let’s see how that plays out: God had taken a back seat in the current political climate, and the military (a large percentage of whom their family’s are on welfare and food stamps) are being told, “Hey, join the Army of One and get your ass shot off in the Middle East, then when you finally retire, we’ll most likely screw you out the promised benefits. How does that sound. Sad.

  • boomski2

    Below is the link to the US House of Representatives. This link is House’s Write Your Representive page where you can find who your rep is by your address or zip code. From that page, your rep has a Write to Me link on his/her page. STRONGLY recommend you take 5 minutes to inform your government representatives of your concerns.

  • Alfred D Elder

    Back in 1954 when I decided to make the Army my professional endeavor I was promised lto have full medical coverage for the rest of my life if I stayed in service for 20 or more years of service. Well I retired after 30 years and some days of honorable service fully believing I would be taken care of. HOW WRONG IAM. Ever since then the Civil serpants have been cuttilng away from those benefits while they are padding their retirement benefits to the MAX. SO how can you propose such a reduction for the defenders of this Nation. If you had even spent one day in a combat zone you would understand our anger toward you and yopur proposal. What goes around comes around

  • B. Rogers

    Just watched a clip on CNN showing Mr. Biden getting choked up while talking to some troops. Not sure about the exact words, but he said something to the affect that “we can never repay you enough for the service you are providing”. If our government’s idea of “repayment” is to not give us pay raises while increasing our medical and dental costs, I don’t want your repayment! At this rate, my retirement check will not even cover my medical costs in a few years. Now I understand how the American Indians felt in the 1800’s, can’t trust the Government to hold up their end of the deal! FC1(SW) retired.

  • MSmith

    MHS/SF i put 22 years in the service. It is a damn shame that these people that make the rules and the laws that affect military retirees don’t have any idea what a lot of these service people have endured. When these office holders get retired they have a life of luxury. They will receive their retirement and better health care then the men that have defended this country. We need to vote all of these people out of office and put some people in that are aware of what military service can do to a person after 20 years.

  • BOB

    If we had NATIONAL HEALTH CARE we would not be having this debate.
    No brainer.

  • Get Real

    Want to make cuts? Stop paying for the spouses education. There’s several thousand for every spouse as the government feels they earn it. My ex gets my retirement, even though she was remarried (so, whats up with that?). So for it all to be fair to the retires who earned these few benefits, cut off the spouses schooling. They want it? Let them get a loan like everyone else does.

  • Crimefighter

    Most of the people complaining voted for Obama. You get what you pay for. You ask for change you get change. I did not and will not vote for a Democrat…..

    • mamemi3

      Yes we did but what did the other presidents do for us. My favorites are Regan and Bush (the dad) they always took care of the military. I will note vote for a Republican they put the money in their pockets and that is what is wrong. Every politicain is putting the money in their pockets instead of ours and we are suffering.

  • Big Al

    When I entered Air Force in 1957 I was promised full Medical and other benfits. But we paid Tricare, and now Medicare taken out of our Social Security checks. I believe this is paying for my medical care. You talk of cutting Military pay, but yet you expect them to go to war an protect our country. How about you who have never been in the service and sitting in congress Take a pay cut instead of raiseing your pay, an give the serviceman & woman a pay raise instead of a pay cut !!

  • Not too Happy

    ALL I CAN SAY MAYBE WE NEED TO PASS TWO NEW LAWS. 1 Whatever congress passes will affect them like it affects us 2, We the people decide what their Pay-pay raises and of course their retirement should be

  • Dumprat

    I went in the U.S. Army when I was 17 years old. I was told of all of the benifits that I would have if I spend 20 years. One of them was for medical for the rest of my life for my wife after I got married. I got out of the Army and was told I had ten years to use my school benifits, well guess what I still had 5 years left and they took it from me.

  • Dumprat

    They did not grandfather it I was told there is nothing that I could do about in, but they gave their selves a pay raise for the great job they was doing. The whole thing about it is I agree with them, but first lets start with them. They should all have to serve in combat and live throu what they expect the military to do when ever the whem hits them to stick their nose into some other countrys bussines. They should have to serve 20 years to get their retirement like we do.

  • tkamgrand

    Folks is this new news to you? Look at how our Governemnt treated Native Americans and the promises that the Government made to them.

  • My name is Norma L. Baer (widowed)since 10/02/1999 11:37pm.

    Lost my Beloved Husband to the ( Big C).He served 23 1/2

    Years in the Army as well as I (His Wife) and our children

    did. And;not only did He love His Country but; He loved

    His Family too. And;when we were lucky enough to join Him

    on some of His Duty Tours,living out of suitcases with (3)

    small children while waiting for Quarters,and as Luck

    would have it.He be called out to TDY of Duty!! So;that

    left Me setting up the Household.Plus;the fact of finding

    and taking any job that may be available to help support

    our Family while my Husband supported our Country.Wasn’t

    Easy,believe me.Had to walk in our shoes to know the feeling

    of it. Some may or may not know what I mean,but;to those

    who have served in any Branch of the Military sure does know.

    So;You (and no names needed)…

    (Fat,Rich,People)can live High off the Hog.Not having

    to worry about your next meal,School Lunches,School Field

    Trips that at times we couldn’t afford.Having to buy our

    clothes from the Post Thift Shop,counting pennies,NO:You’s

    in your Fancy Suits/Ties,Dinners,and Your Wives all Deck Out

    in their Beautiful Gowns,Shoes,and probably Nannies looking

    after your children!!!! Well; you know what? Have (Your)

    Good Life here on Earth and don’t worry about us that have

    Made it possible for you to do so. When it all comes down

    to the (END)….. Each and Everyone of (YOU’S) sitting in

    that (Big White House)will Wish To “God” that you treating

    each and everyone person FAIR. To Do Unto Other’s As You

    Would Have Them Do Into You!!! To make a Promise is to Keep

    Your Word….So;go ahead and tally your Votes but;in the

    (END) the Vote in Your Heart that tells you (Right From

    Wrong) is the one You will need..When “God” makes His vote








  • John

    I understand the need to cut the budget; otherwise there is a chance our economy could be in danger of collapse. The DoD shouldn’t be exempt from cuts. However, what cuts are being made in congress and the executive branch of the government? Why are they still trying to extend unemployment benefits for those that are not willing to work? As a new 38 year old retiree; the current cost of medical benefits were factored in to my retirement. If an increase is needed it should be held to a minimal and increased incrementally over the period of several years to meet the needed amount. Additionally the increase should only apply to members that do not have an approved retirement date or new enlistees/appointees. A modest increase will most likely cause undo and unfair burden on current retirees.

  • Well.well the “Republicans” have landed Now THOSE WHO VOTED FOR THEM should not “Complain” after all you asked for what they are doing!!!!!!!!

  • patriotcc

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. STOP supporting other countries, stop paying the U.N. 250 million dollars per year to be a member of a group that does not have the best interest of the USA in mind, stop all social programs and jobs for all ILLEGAL immigrants, STOP the auromatic pay raises the politicians have placed into law for their benefit, stop funding ALL pork projects for at least 2 to 4 years, and last, but not least, since OUR military is fighting and dying for other countries, have them pay for all our logistics while we are there. If they don’t. tell them “BYE”! These are some of the ways to get our country back on it’s feet and reduce the debt. We had better start protecting OUR borders better, otherwise we will regret it in the near future.

  • twzdpear

    As a retired navy son of a son of a sailor allow me, please, to observe that the American Government has only treated it’s Veterans well following two conflict- that being the “Civil” War between the States and “World War 2”. After the Civil War many military personnel became politicians and persons of influence. The same was true for World War 2. But whenever the military has been administered by those other than Veterans the Congress and Senate have treated us shamelessly. From The “Whiskey Rebellion through the “Bonus Army” of the 1920’s to present day Iraq/Afghanistan American service people have been treated shamelessly by Congress and the Senate. So the old poem by Rudyard Kipling still holds true:
    “I went into a public-‘ouse to get a pint o’ beer,
    The publican ‘e up an’ sez, “We serve no red-coats here.”
    The girls be’ind the bar they laughed an’ giggled fit to die,
    I outs into the street again an’ to myself sez I:
    O it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Tommy, go away”;
    But it’s “Thank you, Mister Atkins”, when the band begins to play,…



  • Dennis Koch

    When are the VETS going to go to the Capital to show our dissatisfaction for the way the Goverment is cheating the active and retire Military of our Benefits.
    We were promised these benefits and now some few politicians what then taken from us.
    Why do they not take some of there own beneifits, instead of always picking on the Military.

  • therevjay

    Congress would recoil in horror if someone suggested cutting unearned welfare payments. But military retirees / vetrans? Ah, screw ’em.

  • DO506

    Too bad that all these comments cannot be bundled up and submitted to the appropriate Congressmen, Senators, and the President to remind them that:

    To paraphrase General George Washington, “The ability of a nation to call it’s young to service today will be judged on how they view how veterans of prior wars have been treated.”

  • tiger 56

    Why is everyone so upset, did not the President say it is time for
    a change, now the changes are taking place. Remember us
    military vets are and will always be used to help bring down the
    deficit that the government has incured, and as long as cuts in
    our benefits are happening then the better off the government will
    be and we make them look like they are doing a good job .
    As a Vietnam vet who served proudly to protect America for 22yrs
    of my life, people like Gates disgusts me and I wish he would put
    on a uniform and fight and protect the country as we did then maybe
    he would change his way of thinking. I have no respect for him as all
    he is doing is kissing ase to keep his cussy job.

  • james l lewis

    i am just plain pissed off

  • LEW

    It’s a sad day when a Secretary of Defense can convince our lawmakers and Commander-in-Chief (nearly all of whom were elected to office promising to protect the benefits of retired veterans and those still serving courageously to keep the nation free) to increase tricare costs for the military and its retirees.

    Now, after sacrificing so much, these brave men and women who accepted their government’s promises as truth may be told it is just too expensive for those promises to be kept. Such actions by the Secretary and lawmakers are especially inconceivable since hundreds of billions of dollars have been and continue to be approved to prop up foreign countries that seemingly are unconcerned about the precious freedoms fought for and enjoyed by Americans.

    It’s a sad day indeed.

  • Sad

    No Sacrice Too Great, Duty First!

    This was my MOTTO throughout my 20+ years of military. I gave more than I could possible could give to the defense our Gov’t or our allies. I had never compared my service to the Gov’t with any civilian world…they were 8-5, but mine never was 8-5…basically had no life for 20+ years. Even bad about paying TRICARE fees or whatever…thought dental was free for life, but that’s a big lie…Anyway, SecDef…I kwow you have a good life…never have to worry about $, but I do, even to a penny. When you retire, you’ll get a first class medical service…or lots of more than what I would ever imagine. Be considerate, think hard…I know you can still THINK, and come up with something different – and cut that, not the retirees’ stuffs that they traded for their life.



  • Donna

    He probably doesn’t have to worry about insurance or paying for it. It’s hard right now for us who have TriCare Prime to find a doctor that will accept it. More doctors are not wanting to keep taking TriCare Prime. We have enough to worry about. So why would he want to punish us with raising the cost!. They need to try and help us out instead of trying to hurt us.

  • mamemi3

    I don’t understand our government. Everything goes up and there is no raise. I retired with 24 years, disabled veteran, went to war and had to care for children. Cutting troops is the wrong answer. Now raising tricare. Everyone show go on strike because our government is not helping us only hurting us. When I was stationed in Germany and the terroist started then, I knew that the world is not going to be safe. In my opinion, the United States government better get hold of every situation it can or its going to be too late for the american people. I am looking to buy a home but now I am thinking twice. I do not want to be in debt within two years. What is going on remains me of a song by Guns n Roses Welcome to the jungle. As one person put it, the military is totally different that civilian life and we should not be compared to them. Our government SUCKS the big one. They are not helping the American people. STRIKE is best even if it is just for one day. Maybe the government will know we mean business.

  • mamemi3

    Good comment. Just like going to war. The politicains don’t have to go, they send us and they sit back just collecting that money while our soldiers are dying. Is it fair? No. So unless the American people start standing up for themself it is only going to get worse. WE pay these high prices for fuel, food utilities and rent because everyone else has to make a living well what about us. I have not received a disability raise in 2 years and my pension is going down because I have to pay dental costs for my children. I won’t have this life. I love the United States but the crap I went through is not worth it anymore.

  • bufchip

    I am sorry but there has never been anything in writing that states when you sign on the dotted line and raise your right hand that you will health benefits after you leave service other than for service connected disabilities.

    Don’t get down on Gates he is just the scape goat. We knew this was coming it’s in the Health Care Bill signed by Obama. Don’t thing VA Health Care won’t be affected.

    If you want to write then send your letters to Obama, Reid, and Polosi who created the monster Gates is just the lap dog.

  • REH

    We got spit on and worse when we got back from Viet Nam and those of us that finished our 20 and all of the promises, looks like we are getting spit on again, congratulations Washington and Gates.

  • Sailor

    Benefits? LOL, i’m a disabled vet, and the waiting line to see a dr for a eye prescription is 8 months, dental forget it; its like 1 year; benefits? not likely, they don’t tell you this when u join, u have to find out the hard way later, that you are really on your own when it comes to services and benefits, when u call the clinic, u get a voice mailbox that says dial 9-1-1, LOL


    Joined the USAF in 1951 and retired 20 years later. Served during some of the
    Korean conflict and a lot of years of the Vietnam experience. Been 40% disabled since about 1974/5/6/7; service connected. Was supposed to be taken care of “for life.” But cut off! Then put back on with Tricare fof Life.
    Is it my fault that I am lucky enough to be still living? My retirement was based
    on “what was promised!” How about the Sen./Rep. give up just 1% of their
    retirement package? Might be quite abit of money there!

  • TMax32580

    Once upon a time (after WWII) some relatively smart military and civilian leaders created the greatest military healthcare system on the planet.

    And both active-duty, retirees, and their dependants received EXCELLENT care, as needed, in military hospitals and clinics throughout the country, AT NO COST (except meals). Retirees & tieirs could get care in emergencies or by referral at civilian facilities through a very low out-of-pocket system called CHAMPUS. Worked pretty good too!

    Retirees & theirs were authorized care at military facilities per the US Code on a “space available basis”, and the hard working under-payed active-duty folks at most facilities tried real hard to find a way to make “space” always available for them.

    Then along came “president Hillary and her husband slick-Willy”. She had “a plan” for universal healthcare for all americans, which in short order most americans told her to put where no sunshine would dare go…So – the story goes that one dark night she rolled over in bed (speaking over her girlfriend to her husband) and said something like…you’re the Commander-In-Chief, and can prove through the military that my plan will work!

    And so, it came to pass that TRICARE was born, which quickly turned the greatest healthcare system on the planet into a giant HMO…(a great boon for some healthcare management & insurance companies.

    And then healthcare costs continued to rise…BIG F&%KING SUPRISE THEIR BUDDY!

    I know these truths to be…I was there.

    Politicans, political apointees, educated “know-it-all” beans counters, who never served anything (except themselves – another big heepin-helpin at the tax-payers table).

    And that’s the way it was…

  • Retired 1SG

    Mr. Gate the est are so right. I just a house for the first time. Now you going to increase the cost of our insurance. I am not going to get any more raises with the economic in a state of disaster. In two months I will be 57 and I am sure no one will hire me in a new job at this age. Your are you doing to us. Maybe I can run for your poiposition or some of the other political officials and get free medical care for the rest of my life. Why can you all get Tricare and pay for it. It’s not right for me to do 24 years and some of your politicians do 6 to 12 year and yo and your family get free medical care for the rest of your life and make a 6 figure salary when my current job and retirement check doesn’t add up to 6 figure a year.

  • Retired 1SG

    Mr. Gate the rest are so right. I just a house for the first time. Now you going to increase the cost of our insurance. I am not going to get any more raises with the economic in a state of disaster. In two months I will be 57 and I am sure no one will hire me in a new job at this age. Your are you doing to us. Maybe I can run for your poiposition or some of the other political officials and get free medical care for the rest of my life. Why can you all get Tricare and pay for it. It’s not right for me to do 24 years and some of your politicians do 6 to 12 year and yo and your family get free medical care for the rest of your life and make a 6 figure salary when my current job and retirement check doesn’t add up to 6 figure a year.

  • D. Hodges

    Dear Congress,
    LEAD BY EXAMPLE, take a pay/retirement cut also. Oh and don’t expect your retirement unless you’ve done 20+ years of servcie, not a day less. In fact how about slimlining your assistants to no more than 2 each? That in itself will cut alot of unnecessary spending.

  • flux219

    Our separation of classes now.

  • skiknight

    Thats right….screw the retired….the very people who stood up ready to die for their country….. typical politician……but give the money you save to the blood sucking leaches who live better than me on goverment assistance and popping out babies every nine months to collect more money…….but mister gates will sit back laughing as he goes to the bank every month with his retirement and cola increases…is all B.S.

  • Bamberg83

    It would appear we have another Bob Kerry, who everytime the government looked for ways to cut spending he was the first with his hand up offering up the VA as the sacraficial lamb. What did he care? He already had his disability compensation plus what he was receiving for the MOH and his retirement from congress. So hey just take it from my fellow vets, they don’t need it.
    Now they have over 300,000 new veterans, most of which are going to need medical or psycholgical treatment and the suffering of their dependents through all of this. I certainly don’t see any members of congress or the senate taking a cut in pay or benefits for the good of the economy. Even though the economy is in the conditions it is do to their ineffectiveness to actually step up to the plate and do what is right.

  • njc1001

    Retired E6, my retirement pay less than $18,000.00 per year which, could I say in the poverty level? Now the Secretary of Defense wants to raise what we pay for TRICARE, what he calls modest, lets cut the Post Masters General salary, ($700,000.00 a year) he makes more that the President, plus perks. No one should make more than the President of the United States that works for the governement. There are your cuts that need to be done.



  • ray sea

    how bout stoping matchin funds from us citizens(for govdt workers –thrift savins plans–also cut salaries for elected officials and their appointees…than we might be agreeaable on takin our share of cuts……

  • I am A Viet Nam Vet. I was promised the same as the others.
    Maybe we are approaching this wrong.

    When my grandson asked me about my service, I told him I enjoyed it, and we talked about the good times. When he asked me if he should join I said NO, HELL NO!

    The military recruiters will show you fancy charts and tell you can have anything you want. When you join you have given up your right to have a life without reasonable restrictions, to live where you want, to progress in your profession as you are capable, but most of all you will not get any of the supposed benefits you are promised.

    You will be the first to get your pay cut, the first to get your retirement cut, the first to get your medical cut, the first to be forgotten. Worst of all the first to be spat upon, the first to be asked to sign a blank check to give all up to and including your life.

    When you tell the government you want to collect on the promises the Federal Government will tell you they have no money; they spent it on saving the habitat for the snail darter.

    No Hell No son; do not sign your life away to a government that does not support you in your post military years. The largest group of homeless in America is the forgotten Veteran; Not congressmen.

    If you, congress can do nothing else: give us veterans our health, you took away, and our remaining dignity.

  • RICK


  • DW Hunt

    I agree with both jhuden ana abby. Huden stated that 2 terms should be the limit, with no exceptions and no retirement, they should be required to equally benefit from any bill being passed, be it good or bad. They should not be exempt from any law/bill that they helped pass. And NO pay increases without the approval of the electorate.

  • Louis Gholston

    This is not what I understood when I joined up in 1985, but like everything the government wants to fix their failures and expect that those of us that have served and have left our families many time on deployments, training or restricted tours of duty to again continue to give. I do not see any of them cutting there benefits, pay or staff, in fact its the exact opposite. They just don’t get it. SGM (Ret)

  • It is a shame that whenever cuts our to be made in our country it’s never from the top down. All the smart people in government who were elected to their positions continually get a increase. I along with many am upset with the cuts and increases being made to veterans as well as the 1.4% raise we as active duty received. I got it we are in a economic crisis and I feel bad for those who have had to endure it. But I wonder who felt bad when a Soldier missed a childs birth or birthday party, a anniversary or the first dance recital. We all choose to protect and defend our great country as volunteers something that not many would do so why would we punish those lives.

  • alcon

    Want cuts……………how ’bout starting with the fat cats in congress, pay them the same as the military pay scale, give them the same medical care as we get and cut out all their bennies!!

  • CMSGT Ret.

    Start writing your elected offcials, because the small hike Gates is talking about will only start small. Part of the new congressional budget commitee chairman plan is rise tricare fees on retirees from $460 a year to $2460 year over a period of time. Sen McConnel calls our tricare ,veterans welfare, with that kind of language it is not hard to figure where they are going.

  • Rick

    Why is it that we (the hired and retired) troops spend many years protecting OTHER countries and many dying or maimed doing it have to constantly worry about being compensated in our old age. I was told that there was never an obligation or guarenty for the government to take care of my wife and Ibecause I retired after 22 years. That what we get is all there is and that is adjustable to the needs of the government. TriCare is a joke and thats for sure. Example: I retired in Panama (the cost of living fits better with what my retirement is) and they (tricare) has a set price of what they will reimburse for our “out of pocket” expenses for treatment. I had a hearing problem and they charged me $135.00 for the tests and treatment and tricare allowed $52.00. Were is the justice, I ask you.

  • ivenveca

    Very sad to hear what’s going on with the retired military, I’m also retired after 22 years of service (medical combat related). …But the change should come from the Pentagon and not from the military men and women who served. I believed if I go and review all the military programs I would find a lot of waste and fraud in DOD programs. That should be in the billions of dollars that are being waste by our government, So Mr. Gates be real, check your programs in DOD, before you touch our benefits.

  • obsessed2

    Michelle Obama from a 2009 Army Times article:

    “You’ll see more down the line that will show, not just in word but in deed, that we have to invest in our military, their families, and our veterans in a real meaningful way,” she added. “Whether that’s job training, mental health support [or] whether that’s ensuring that people have access to the health care they need.”

    Ooh, Aah. We love you Michelle. Where is the oohing and aahing now?



  • Gary

    I will be happy to pay it- once Gates and Company repeal the bonus my ex gets the the Former Spouse Protection Act. I have gained three ranks since my divorce yet she is the beneficiary of it all. Starting to feel like Post-Vietnam around here.

  • Lozano

    Hey Gates, open up your wallet instead of your mouth. Unless you have something to say that is worth listening to… A shocking idea “SAVE MONEY BY BRINGING OUR TROOPS HOME ” and If the DOD and Congress want to save money why don’t all of you go and take their place. All military retirees are already paying for this bad economy, which is apparent your not. I retired in 1998 USMC, and single female barely making it with what I get now. and can’t afford the govt dental plan. I believe you want to see more Vets in the streets and in then what will you do next? Leave our benefits alone we earned it., You didn’t ………Gunnery Sergeant, USMC (ret)

  • jimmyt

    Again, those who served are being screwed by the draft dodgers and liars in office. You should learn that freedom has a cost and now you want to burden those that gave for freedom to continue. I only have one word for all the Military and retirees. Vote the bigots out of office. We serve and sacrifice so they can keep all of their perks, wasteful spending and shameful decisions. They need to cut their pay to actual hours worked, not campaigned. Pay retirement only after at least 20 years of service and make them pay for medical costs that they run up in Military and V.A. hospitals. Until that is done, do not look at us to cut your pork. VOTE THEM ALL OUT!

  • TMax32580

    I just gotta ask, why always DOD! They never, never look to cut spending for…Oh, I don’t know…section 8 housing, food stamps for (in some cases 3rd or 4th generation) unwed mothers, disability scammers (there are thousands of um out there, you may know some), drug addicts programs, on and on, cradle to grave for those who have seldom, if ever, contributed anything to this country or humanity.

    No, that would be political suicide. Lets call all these civilian situations diseases, or just not their fault, and give them….well….more, and more, and MORE! That’s how ya get the vote!

    But, for those souls who gave their youth, their best, most productive years, sometimes their connection to their hometowns, families, and friends, and all too often a limb(s) or life…well we’re expendable, we’re retired, we’re only a burden on the budget. Gee, sure wish those retirees would hurry up and die, so we can save some money.

    But don’t screw with the civilian “entitlement” programs (the very word makes me cringe). Entitled why? Because they dropped out, didn’t get an education, got high, or drunk, or pregnant?

    Oh, but they got a vote, just like those of us who volunteered to serve, and learn, and work, and risk and often suffer. And there are more of them than us. And one thing politicans know how to do is count!

    And god-forbid, don’t do anything to screw with pork projects, bloated wasteful contracts to companies within the “military industrial complex” ($600,000 – for (1) one of the new V-hulled APC’s – Are you kidding me?), or businesses too big to fail. And certanily nothin against the big unions.

    But, the military budget (smaller and smaller every year – % wise). No problem, cut those personnel costs. No raise for retirees (2 years), raise TRICARE costs. No problem, easy pickins.

    So, yeah we’ll give a nice, big, new, GI-Bill to this latest group of veterians (because they’re very visable to the public, what with the war and all). It’s the “politically correct” thing to do!

    But screw those old retirees’! What can they do?

  • cbvaughn

    O.K. You want to put a price tag on things…How much can I charge you for 9 years I spent away from my family? Can I get 2X pay 7 Christmas’, countless birthdays and other holidays? How much can I charge you for going in harms way? How much can I charge you for the friends I lost? How much can I charge you for making me lie to recruits about benefits? IT WAS THE DEAL when I enlisted. Much like the deal I made by paying social security. I’m coming up short. Just tell me who I can send my bill to Mr. Gates. I pay taxes too. I would rather my tax money go toward paying my bebefits than Mr. Gates salery and benefit package. I wonder if the Marines that gaurd our security and go into harms way know what mr gates is up to.
    Shame on me for being quiet. I’ll be talking to my Seneter. He knows who he works for.

  • robert West

    Mr Gates your idea sucks, I served 22= in the military whth the promise of having health care for life. I retired in 1975 as an E7 cpo WITH 450 dollars a month. What are you going to retire with? Won’t tell will you, I don’t blame you, not to mention your health care. The best in the country,you don’t care that we fought and meny died to protect you’r ass do you. Well I say what goes around comes around.

  • james Bolan

    JIMBO History is only being repeated..non-military types elected and appointed have no concept of what military life entails both to the individual and his’her family.They all appear to be more concerned with social engineering than with the welfare of existing and retired military personnel. Is the “hope and Change ” getting through to you?

  • Michael Gray

    It sure is disappointing to hear our SecDef proposing increases to the cost of health care for retirees, especially when we were led to believe that health care would be free. We should ask our veterans’ organizations (MOAA, ROA, Fleet Reserve, etc) to make a lot of noise about this, write to our own congressmen, and start telling our teenagers NOT to trust any statements about future benefits. Meanwhile, let’s not complain naively that we were “promised” any health care. Instead, let’s simply demand what’s fair: we deserve good health care at the expense of the nation we risked our health to defend.

  • jstarz

    If you want to raise the cost for our medical benefits (TriCare), then why not make all retirement pay non-taxable for all retirees in every state.

  • Currently Serving

    Here’s a thought…Run for offices in your distric and have all the Vet’s back you. Then when you get into Congress break it off in there A$$E$!!!

    People, we as veterans, need to get the gypsys, tramps, and thieves out of DC. It takes a Vet to help a Vet, we can sit here and bitch all day but those that are able to run for the offices and get Vet backing should do so and bury these pinheads. I have a fury, and I plan to run for a office when I retire. I don’t have funding, I am not a millionare, but I have morals,ethics, and values. Like many of you that have served honorably!!!

    I am tired of these so called politicians that are driving our country to poverty. I believe that if a Vet made good on his part then the Goverment should do the same. BTW did you know that only 1% of the entire population will serve in the military? Its true.

    Vets need to march on DC and let our voices be heard, loud and proud!!! When you do vote remember to vote for a Vet!!!!

  • Night Raider

    Free healthcare for life. Ha! Those of us 66 years old and older are on reduced, fixed incomes. Plus more is being taken out of our retirement checks for the IRS thsi year. I suggest they charge active duty personnel a small amount like FICA to fund retirement healthcare much like social security. Just don’t let congress rob the trust fund!


    Cannon Fodder; All the lies, disgrace, goes to back to the day’s of Coaltion of the Military Retireess class action law suit against the government. Spearheaded by Col. George “Bud” Day, MOH award recepient. , God Bless Him and many others, who advocated hard with heart and pocketbook for all military retirees all the way up to the Supreme Court then in finality the S.C. acknowleddged that military retirees were , indeed, promised free health care for life both in recruitment and retention literature for life

    However, DOD never pursued congress to fund “Broken Promises” and acknowledged the on-going tyranny “for the military retirees.

    Our nation is broke, in two wars, maybe maybe more to come. We, the military retirees, over age 70 years, my area of living age tenure, will not click heals and salute those who state within the DOD with impunity that their aere”NO Sacrid Cows”! We are Sacrid sir. We saved your butt, time and time again. Wew won the Cold War.

    We know that sacrifices must be made. We know that some military retirees have good jobs, good income from those jobs and other military retirees do not haveincome, are to old to work, have small military pensions.. That has to be reconciled fairly.

    Sacrifices must be made. Agreed. sacrifice but do not cut and hurt those retired , not working, disabled, those ready for Arlington.

    And do so without treating those of us who served many years like “Cannon Fodder” in word and deed

    God Bless.

  • t. pruitt ret. cpo

    does this really supprise any of us, not me. as we all know promises are made to be broken, haven’t we seen that enough already?? this adminastration is one of a kind, out to set records as we have already seen and are experiencing now, guess they woke up and have seen the devastation they have caused, who else to pick up the tab, elderly and retired militiary, hoping, but not caring if we do voice our feelings, we are almost history anyway………….i can’t imagine what the future holds for upcoming generations making the militiary a career, will soon be 30 years to retire, following the footsteps of social security…………..i’m supprised we haven’t seen demonstrations in dc yet….maybe we will soon………

  • Hagen

    I am a 78 year old retiree still working. I pay $1,017 for Delta Dental and $1,158 for Medicare part B. What kind of an increase is being proposed?

  • Dan Cunnington

    Before you change our benefits, be honest with the American people and let them know how much YOU pay and will pay when you complete your assignment. I think you pay nothing now and will pay pay nothing later. Change the benefits but make sure you include all Congressmen/Women, Senators and every one else this change will effect. Show the American people that you currently pay no medial but will change to come on line for us. This act will show the people that you are a fair government. Let’s see if any SES officials respond to this post.

  • Lisa

    Sec Gates, It is a very hard economy in the US. Our country has been in a deficit (Great debt for hundreds of years). I agree with several posts about not increasing the cost for medical and dental for retirees. You guys at the top need to take a pay cut and the cola that is not going to war. Enlisted pay is not that great . We not only gave up 20 or more years, went through plenty of early mornings and late nights, sacriiced leaving our family (if they stayed around long enough) to go to wars), lost several friends during the war. Some things are irreplaceable. As for VA mileage it is not free for all. Once you are over 40 and out of the military it is very difficult to obtain a job especially with body damage (scars or missing limbs). VA disability rating pay has not been increased for disabled. So why increase health care cost?

  • A. Jones

    Seems to me that most of the money is going to pay our wonderful politicians and their little endeavours. How about we cut your spending? Hmmm? My husband is currently serving, at age 21. At our age we already have few if any civilian benefits to look forward to in retirement, since Social Security has done such a wonderful job paying for those its supposed to, plus all the lazy bums that worked just enough to collect. Now you want to start taking away military benefits. No. Say it with me, UN-ETHIC-AL.

    To our dear government I say LEAVE THE MILITARY ALONE. They get they job done, and do it well. None of you fellows on capital hill are putting your life on the line on the battlefield or having to leave your families for a year at a time praying you come home, or live with the horrors of what you have seen while gone. Enough men and women have died deffending our country, the least we can do is give them free medical.

    A. Jones

  • cpo.usn.ret.

    I always thought that the Sec. of Def. is there to protect the military but I guess he is there like those politician that will do and say when they needed the votes.

  • Nick

    The military budget is over funded by 25%. Unfortunately, Gates is cutting benefits rather than contracts with overrun clauses and weapon programs that no one wants. As with other areas of the economy, the politicians are taking our tax dollars and handing it over to Wall Street who have captured our government.
    So stop voting these guys into office already!

  • Perry

    Here we go…. Forty years of service and three wars latter I get to the day I haved planned for since 1971 and the military and Congress tell me I have to give up benefits. OK, I undersatand, we all need to make some small sacrifices. My only complaint is that the people who make these far reaching choices are not part of the results. The military leadership and Congress have to be result oriented but they also have to be compassionate, understanding and most important effected by thier choices. My grandfather in his practical appraoch to life often said, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”.
    Our lawmakers don’t understand half of the laws they pass and don’t need to because they will not become personal issues for themselves or thier families.
    When we endured hard times in the field our spirits ran high because as you looked left and right your buddies stood shoulder to shoulder with you no matter how tough it got. Sec Gates and Gongress should now stand shoulder to shoulder with those of us who offered our lives to support out country.

  • 1SG Lewis

    As a militray recruiter for 16 years and a current retiree, what every happen to the contract of spend 20 years and get free medical and dental for you and your family. Military recruiters already get a bad rap, and now this. we had a contract with the government

  • Doug

    Well you can all Thank your President and Obama Care and his wonderful Administration for such a wonderful kick — military benefit….not only for the disabled veteran, retiree, reserve and the active duty. I was hurt in Iraq in 2008-2009 and should have had my 20 years in Aug. 2011, but NO I am sitting in Limbo. Post Tramatic War Syndrome, MRSA, Bad Back Bad Knee, Sleep Apnea, They sent my unit home and put me on a public airline with staph that contaminated a whole airplane that ran down my leg onto an airplane seat, in an airplane restroom. The whole plane was contaminated by the time I got off, wonder how Congress and the Senate would feel about that one!!!! Bunch of Idiots and yet they won’t give me my pension or my disability!!! Been sitting in Limbo for months now….Being tossed from one person to the next. Our wonderful Air Force Reserves…yea we serve a Great Country but they certainly don’t serve Us!!!!

  • Margarita Santana

    Mr. Gates in reading over your bio I see you served in the U.S. Air Force as an officer. I also read that you have had nice jobs where you have been taken care of as well as the needs of your family I’m guessing this will continue until forever. I just hope you are not one of those leaders that stepped on others toes to get ahead. I read some of the comments before my post and can’t help but think when will it stop when will the government stop doing as they will with the military. 1. You want to cut down on troops but when there is a disaster weather at home or overseas the first words out of the nations mouth be call in the troops, (do you think it is okay if the troops leave their families behind to fend for themselves when they to are dealing with the same disaster?) 2. Why is it that every time there are cuts in the budget the first thing said is cut military spending? When and E7 retires after 24 years they get about $2,400.00 a month before taxes how much will you get upon retirement, lets switch. 3. Why is it the that Afghan after 10 yrs still need more training? I received 10 days before going out there what is wrong with this picture. Where are our priority? What is really going on? I can tell you where we need to cut back. It is not with our military. Its ALL OF YOU sitting at the hill maintaining two households and your expenditures which need to be cut back. So Mr. Gates while you are thinking about raising rates for medical while you are sitting in that nice comfee chair think about our TROOPS and all they are putting on the line so you can continue to succeed and you enjoy that free medical care you continue to have and ask yourself are they really getting paid what they deserve REALLY. Mr. Gates in case you didn’t notice our retirement pay is not the lottery ticket to the million it is the ticket to homelessness in case you lost count. God Bless our troops that have given their life for us, served, still out there and those still yet to go. You know what Mr. Gates if I had to go back out with my brothers and sister for that little check I would because they are my brother and sisters at heart and my daughter would say to be as she has many times before “Mom you have to do what you have to do.” This is not just because of medical fees this is for every knife you all continue to stick in our backs as are troops continue to walk to the front lines to serve.

  • ken

    Gates is just another useless bureaucrat. O’bama is in the boat too. If i had to do it all over there is no way I would go fight for my country.

  • Richard1988

    H.R. 1540 – fy12 national defense authorization bill chairman’s mark

    “Section 701 – Annual Enrollment Fees for Certain Retirees and Dependants

    This section would express the sense of Congress that career members of the uniformed services and their families make extraordinary sacrifices to protect freedom for all Americans and that those sacrifices consitute pre-payment for health care during retirement. This section would also limit any annual increase in TRICARE Prime enrollment fees to the amount equal to the percentage by which retiree pay is increased beginning October 1, 2012.

    704 – Transition Enrollment of Uniformed Services Family Heath Plan Medicare-Eligible Retirees to TRICARE for Liffe.

    This section would prohibit a Medicare eligible military retiree from enrolling in the managed care program of a designated provider after September 30, 2012.”

  • wolfin33

    I do understand that medical fees increase and have since the conception of Tricare. But what of before tricare? Tricare and insurance for medical was not required of the Military and their retirees.. “The Free Medical for Serving”

    Then Clinton’s got their health care reform….now it costs the military retiree and the government pays for the active duty!!!! Taking back the “free for life after retirement of Medical benefits”…. This set the precedent!! cost for medical care..
    NOW — too many military associations are getting on board for increasing the fee for Tricare of military retirees….so now won’t the government have to pay more fore the active duty that have Tricare?
    But again…..any increase is unacceptable and to tie it to any index is wrong. Then to talk about increasing it by retired rate/rank is stupid. Each individual gets medical issues/problems – whether a retired E-5 or a retired O-5.
    Back to my soap box……stop this cost increase for all retirees – we already have to go on Medicare part B at 65 (which by the way is an increase in cost). All military organizations should not sell out as has “MOAA” to agreeing to any increase.

  • Guys and Gals (fellow veterans). This is the text of an e-mail I sent to the Prsident, my Senators and Representatives. Please feel free to take it, edit as you see fit and send it to the bums in DC that are supposed to represent you!!! Do it now, do it often. I re-edit, re-send it every couple of days! If we bury them in e-mail, maybe someone will hear us! HELP!!!

    As you are likely aware, on May 12, the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) approved its version of the $690 Billion FY2012 National Defense Authorization Act (H.R. 1540).

    They dropped a provision to freeze TRICARE fees for another year and replaced it with one that allows increases for FY 2012, but adds “protections” against “disproportional future increases”. I suspect that any “protections” are, as usual, not worth the cost of the ink it took to write them, and that “disproportional” will be easily rationalized and will not slow-down the continued rape, abuse, and erosion of military retiree pensions and benifits.

    Also, at issue is the Subcommittee’s recommendation that DOD’s Military Retiree Health Care program have a 1 year moratorium on any increase in beneficiary health care costs. Healthcare has been a prime motivator to accept the rigors of 20 plus years of military service, hardships of family separations, and the personal sacrifice of life or limbs. Please exclude any proposed changes considered for TRICARE.

    More important, the bill adds a statement that Congress recognizes that career military people pay the bulk of the premiums up-front and in-kind, through decades of service and sacrifice. In recognition of this, the bill language specifies that the percentage fee increase in future years my not exceed the percentage increase in military retired pay.

    Another bad bill and another sad day for america. With all the billions upon billions of tax-dollars stolen, thrown away, and wasted by my elected officials, the best congress can come up with is to once again target military retirees! If that’s the best you’ve got, you should all be thrown out of office!

    It is my hope that you as my elected official hear my voice and those voices of your fellow constituents AND agree that it is time to recognize that military retirees and disablied veterians have already paid for their health care many times over through their sacrifice, and that imposing TRICARE fees was a bad idea to start with. Increasing those fees, is, in short, criminal!

    The bulk of our out-of-touch elected officials have never served in the military, and surely the majority of them have never been deprived of much of anything. Many of these “American Royalty” as they are refered to by some, are WELL payed, pampered, and protected. Unlike many military retirees, most politicians have never had to miss out on home, family, friends, holidays, etc… in austure, harsh, or sometimes hostile circumstance, and often far from US shores. Those who “serve” (sic) on capitol hill risk neither life, nor limb, pain nor discomfort. And they certainly do not volunteer their youth and vitality to serve their nation for low pay, and a diminishing promise of future compensation based on repeated broken promises made by political oportunists!

    Yet that is where many military retirees find themselves today. Many, like myself, are now aging, possibly sick or disabled, and though still technically of “working age”, are unable to find decent work. Rather, we must rely on a small retirement, which is constantly subject to political whims and tides, and grows smaller (in real terms) each year.

    Then to add insult to injury those same political oportunists, those same individuals who have no problem casting aside the promises made by their predessors, will add insult to injury by setting the stage for annual increases in TRICARE “health insurance” premiums.

    Shame on all those who allow this lie, this fakery, this slap in the face to military veterians and retirees to go forward!

    Shame on those who would shrug their shoulders and say “Gee, I tried to stop it, I voted against it”, having done so after determining they could safely do so politically, and let it pass! Essentially do what is usually done in Washington, little or nothing good! Shame on you all!

    I strongly suggest that when H.R. 1540 is brought to the House floor for vote that you sponsor amendments, that would correct this continuing failure of our Government to recognize and honor the service rendered by those who have defended and \ or now defend our great country.

  • FED-up

    Why sirs every time things get tight in Washington with your budgets, is it always the Military retirees who shore everything up for you? We fight your battles to keep this country safe, we stand on the borders protecting against foreign threats, and yet this does not seem to be enough. When you have served 20+ years in the military, and then another 20+ years in some form of civilian life, indirectly serving this country, and this is what the retirees get to look forward to…why don’t you just take it all and let us die, broke and broken!

    The senators and congressmen, most who have never served a day in the military, get all the perks, free healthcare, and great retirement benefits, plus Social Security! What is wrong with this country? What did the military man and his family do to deserve to be treated this way? What was in the beginning we no longer can count on. It is called reneging on a contract. And it is not right. What is going to happen to the servicemen of today’s wars, when they cannot work or hold jobs, and you take away their only resource for medical care? It sure does not say much for the people we have elected to make the right decisions for us, the constituents. I feel you cannot begin to come up with a better solution, so for some reason you feel the retirees should bail you out. Well we are not in your military now, so leave us alone. Let us keep what we have given our lives to, and rightly earned the benefits we signed up for. How much more do you think we can give?

  • 38az

    Wow!!!! really Free Health care. LOL we all have to pay in some way shape or form. ITS NOT FREE bought to you by the almighty TAX PAYER you and me all of us. Really

  • PammyV

    All Life time members of NCOA must pull together….NOW

  • homer gonzales

    we are being raped by the current politicians. they sit on their butts day in and day out, they don’t put their lives on the line, they are not separated from their loved ones for 12 months at a time in a war zone. they and their families enjoy all the benefits that THEY voted for themselves. they will have free or mostly free medical care for the rest of their lives. gates is a fool and an idiot who knows nothing about the military except what the generals tell him. we can complain all day long and watch our benefits taken from us and especially those that are maimed for life, whether mentally or phsyically or both. we are a very powerful people. we can do one of two things. sit and complain or VOTE THEM OUT IN 2012!!!!! we have elections every two years and we have the power to VOTE THEM ALL OUT IN 2012 AND AFTER!!!!! let’s take our country back, stop this insanity that the politicians have created. THEY created this mess, so now they want to raise our taxes and cut our benefits to fix their mess, starting with odumbo on down. i have no respect for him or his henchmen. none whatsoever. and whoever is elected, congressmen or senators and the president, those who elected after these imbeciles, if they do the same, try to cut our benefits, VOTE THEM ALL OUT TOO. we have the power to do this, but in order to accomplish this we must unite and be one as we are when in the military. we have to be strong as we have been when we were serving our great country, now we must be strong again and VOTE THEM ALL OUT IN 2012. we need fresh minds and politicians that will listen to their constituents. the people told obama not to sign his obamacare medical bill, but he didn’t listen and did as he wanted. he wanted to give the military a 1.7% pay raise. that is an insult to our young men and women that are in harms way and anyone serving our country. UNITE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN ARMS AND VOTE THEM ALL OUT IN 2012!!!! and tell those that are voted in if they do the same, have selfserving attitudes, that they too will be voted out next election. SO EITHER VOTE THEM OUT IN 2012 OR QUIT YOUR COMPLAINING BECAUSE YOU DON’T WANT TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. we the people, have the power to get them out of office and tak our country back as was meant by our constitution.


    IF YOU DIDNT/DONT VOTE SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP……You are getting just what you deserve….NOTHING….
    I was stationed on the KENNEDY-CV67 , then Senator Bill Cohen,Maine,later SEC DEF. come aboard and spoke with us.Said the MILITARY VOTER has/could have the biggest impact on politicians IF THEY VOTED.Then he went on to say as a result of US NOT VOTING the politicians DO NOT CONCIDER US A THREAT TO THEM…WE/YOU can make the differance and have the most to gain/lose IF WE VOTE.

  • Wyatt Orendorf

    The US Army spent $7 million in 2010 to sponsor a car in NASCAR and has a signed contract with Stewart-Haas racing to put its logo on a car for 2011.

  • Wyatt Orendorf

    According to the Department of Defense’s budget materials on their website, the combined military recruitment and advertising budget is $1,407,100,000 ($1.4 billion). Here is a break down by branch of the military:
    ARMY $854,146,000
    NAVY $297,141,000
    MARINE CORPS $123,465,000
    AIR FORCE $132,349,000

    As with all things though it depends on how you define things. This is only looking at the specific line item for “Recruiting and Advertising” which falls under a larger category of “Recruiting and Other Training and Education”. If you add up this larger category (which also includes CIVILIAN EDUCATION AND TRAINING, EXAMINING, JUNIOR ROTC, NATIONAL DEFENSE UNIVERSITY, and OFF-DUTY AND VOLUNTARY EDUCATION), the total is $2.8 billion.

  • Wyatt Orendorf

    There are roughly 190 countries in the world and we give financial aid to about 150 of those countries. If the Sec Def had a set he would tell his master in chief they can start cutting military benefits just as soon as we cut all recruiting budgets and supporting third world countries that don’t even like us.

  • Mike Ward

    You need to pay attention to what everyone is saying – you need to stick to the promises you made us when we enlisted! We and our families strugled financially to make it on small military pay and did so and now what thanks do we get? These congressmen and Senators don’t get it. Their sorry behinds don’t have a clue what it means to “keep your word” or make a sacrifice for anything. If they did they would not be looking at cutting any benefits for people who volunteer to do what most of them would not do or are allow their own children to do! They don’t have to worry about paying ofr anything – they get ENORMOUS SALARIES & FREE BENEFITS FOR LIFE! What is this world coming to? Downfall – that is what is coming for us all…

  • Sassy Sally

    I understand all about benefits, and I would not want the alternative!! However, on another note: I would love to know why it is a Spouse cannot get half of his retirement when he passes? If I can get half of his Social Security, then why can’t I get half of his Navy retirement? If I were to get that, then I could afford the raises in Tricare.
    Benefits are going to keep going up, and at least we will have great coverage, and it is still cheeper than if you were out there trying to get your own insurance coverage.

  • Deborah McKinney

    This is a comment from a retired military wife…is this the FREE Medical that was promised my husband when he retired from the Navy??? We better think long and hard about WHO we put in office from now on…sure Health Care is expensive…but so are the benefits that all the Congress gets…do you see them giving anything up? Not on YOUR LIFE!!
    Thanks for nothing…and by the way…why don’t you just keep throwing money away…so you can steal some more from the retirees!!

  • realfred

    Part 1
    Why do we have this problem of increased cost and reduced benefits?

    I say it relates to the failure of Congress to take effective action to STOP illegal aliens from entering our country from Mexico. Those in power, our president and the liberal democrats who desire to increase those willing to vote for them by allowing poorly educated Mexican illegals to enter and stay here, They pay little or no taxes, get food stamps, free education in our public schools, free medical service by using the highest cost medial service available created by our stupid laws that force and allow them into using hospital emergency rooms. Being politically correct is pushing us into the poor house and it has to stop!

  • realfred

    Part 2
    Proof of the pudding? Check out California’s debit problem where a huge part relates to illegal immigrants. California has other problems creating monetary debit, like unfunded union pensions to name just one killer. But the worst is the illegal aliens living there who have openly demonstrated that they feel that California really belongs to their home country, Mexico and display their anger by flying the Mexican flag in their demonstrations while burning the American flag, the flag we military service members have defended over the years with their lives, as evidenced by our full to over flowing Veterans Cemeteries.

  • realfred

    Part 2 continued

    It makes me mad as hell. Kick their butts out. If they feel they must be here, there are legal avenues for entry. Don’t tell me we need their help picking crops in California. The environmentalists have shut down America’s bread basket in the valley north of LA. Why? Because of some fish, lizard, or something similar claiming it is being endangered! So what, the number of species that disappear each year is staggering and if all so endangered were included in that act, we too would soon become members of a missing species. With farming in the valley near death, so is the need for the pickers, so that excuse is now gone, so…. Adios!!

  • realfred

    Part 3
    The problem is rampant across America, but could and can be corrected. Every state needs to passes legislation such as Missouri did that resulted in the state now being free of illegal residents (Mexicans). There are none and Missouri tax payer money is used to benefit Missourian’s and the progressive federal government still refuses to take the needed action in order to gain the potential for non-citizen votes. But the “Show Me State” is showing the way guys and gals. There are certainly enough retired military, soon to retire folks and potential retirees to attack this problem by voting this problem out of the White House and Congress. Reducing promised health care to our military in order to feed and provide free health care for those that do not belong here has to stop. Get their asses back across that border and declare war on the next ones trying to invade our country. This is Our country not theirs!!
    Join me in the fight and vote ‘em out.

  • It is easy to say cut retiree benifits and increase their medical payments when you are easily making a 6 figure salary, sittine in a plush chair and make life and death decisions for military personnel fighting for America’s safety and freedom. This is unbelivable. Just as the President has tried and so far failed at destroying the economic freedom of the individual American, the Secretary of Defense is trying to place an heiver burden on those who have served their country and retired with what was America’s promise to them. Thank you Mr. Secretary.

  • james wood

    Yeah, I retire in October with 40 years of service. My tricare will increase from
    197.50 to over 1500 a month. So much for Retirement.
    After taxes, insurance (dental and Medical), VA; Where’s the check!

  • Bob

    Mr. Gates is up for anything that will make him appear to be doing his job well as long as it doesn’t touch HIS damned wallet! He is a coward in my way of thinking as I am sure he never in his life put himself in harms way. You sir are a fine example of the corrupt, cheating, lying, elitist, failing government officials we have these days. I won’t because it is illegal and I can’t, but for your actions I would like to take a major league swing at your head with a baseball bat. I pray that God wrecks your life and your families lives now and when you leave the office you hardly deserve to be in. I’d love to bring back to life one of my DEAD soldier comrades and let you take his place, or hers, six feet under ground, and NOT at Arlington. The desert is a good place for your dead body!

  • Robert

    take a walk in our shoes before you are so willing cut.
    And for the idiot talking about Gi Bennies for school, What was your Rate/Job area. Bean Counter in Rice ville. Some of us did not have the ability to go to school during our time of defense. And if we were lucky enough to get out with all our limbs. We found jobs that little did we know would not be around now due to the economy. Dig your hole in the ground a little deeper, crap is coming out of your mouth.

  • USAF Retired

    And who negotiated a contract with Delta Dental for retirees, that allows Delta Dental to keep adjusting their premiums upward, regardless of the economy. We haven’t gotten any pay increases so really they shouldn’t either!

  • s,f, pangerl

    i do believe we can comapare GATES to a hydromatic okie!!

    a shiftless son of a bitch

  • sandra dorsey

    ID like to know WHY ALL the already rich politicians havent taken pay and pension cuts, healthcare/dental care cuts themselves. Lead by example..uh huh, if we ALL went by the USA politicians, we, the average WORKING taxpayers would be homeless and/or in jail. I say.>FIRE all the politicians..who needs em.

  • Sharon

    DOD is telling service personnel that if they are eligible for any type of “disability payment”, they cannot get their SIP payment, or they will have to pay it back. Excuse me but their disability came from fighting and defending their country and they have earned the right to this money. Further, the DOD’s one-time payment is for “Oh, we’re sorry for screwing you over so we’ll give you a percentage of your “served” time, after we retain 25% for “taxes” of course. This payment is also due them. They have worked the time and have earned the payment. People, this is not the country your grandfathers and fathers fought for. It’s becoming the one they fought against. Saying for 2012 “You can’t fix stupid, but you can vote it out!”