Health Care Repeal Won’t Affect TRICARE

3 Reasons the attempt to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act won’t change TRICARE.

A recent article by Leo Shane of Stars and Stripes explains how and why any actions to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will not make any immediate changes to TRICARE or the new TRICARE Young Adult option. In fact there are three main reasons why the actions taken by the House to repeal the act won’t change anything right away.

Reason 1. When PPAC was passed, Congress quickly followed up by passing the TRICARE Affirmation Act, a law which ensured that TRICARE wouldn’t change due to PPAC.  Simply put, TRICARE was shielded from the rules for PPAC in the first place, so any repeal won’t have an effect anyway.

Reason 2. The expansion of TRICARE coverage to include adult children over 21 (known as the TYA option) was not included  in the original  Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. In fact TYA is part of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011, which means that any effort to repeal PPAC will not have an immediate effect. Congress would have to pass a separate bill to eliminate the TYA program.

Reason 3. Although the House passed the repeal, it is not likely to get any traction in the Senate and there is no chance that this president will sign any such repeal.

But, this may serve as a gut check, of sorts. How would most TRICARE beneficiaries react to a repeal of the TYA option? Just asking…

Note from the Author: Many readers have voiced concern about the use of the term “ObamaCare.” From my perspective the term was widely used in the public domain. I assure you no political commentary was intended.  I’ll be mindful of the use of such shorthand terms in future postings.  Your feedback is appreciated. –Terry

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Retired Army

    The president and members of congress (politicians) don’t care about the common man as they are set for life both financially and medically.
    Unless they are subject to the same reforms as everyone else beneficiaries fo tricare will be wanting blood as they are the backbone of this country that have bled and given their lives to insure our future as free people.
    When did the PEOPLE get a say in all of this?
    Many of the politicians making these decisions have never served in our Armed forces and should not be permitted to dictate reforms that affect the future of our health care system. Our retirees and soldiers deserve better!

    • Seabee,TET vet

      You are right . WE need to have more capable servicepeople & veterans run & get elected to congress to haveveterans taken care of.

    • I, for one, have no problem with repealing the TYA option. I have a son who would qualify but the cost they are citing means I can get him other insurance a lot cheaper anyway.

    • Mrs. Edson

      There are many Civilian DOD people that serve our country, who are also on the front lines. They have had their pay frozen for two years, their pay for combat is taxed and the military isn not taxed yet they are there and many are sent there with orders just like the military. In fact their were mobil BX personal who went into Kuwait with army units. So please don’t say ‘The people should not have a say there are those who serve their country just as you do but are Civilians.

      There are other branches of DOD personal besides The BX managers, there are CIA, State Department for an example of those you call ‘The people who also serve in areas that are considered not safe and also in combat areas. I know for a fact that AAFES personal pay tax on any money they earn in a combat zone. The military doesn’t and their pay is less then the military in many instances. My husband spent 18 years in the National Guard and was a BX manger. He made more as an E6 then he did as a manager during those 18 years. He also served out on the line in tents and worked 18 hours out in the heat on the front line during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He knew those BX mangers that went out with the army to Kuwait, to set up mobil units for the men who came after the initial group to go through that zone.

      • Tommy

        While you are correct in your statement about the civilians serving in a war zone, you fail to mention that those civilians that are federal employees are also making twice and sometimes thrice of the amount that our soldiers are making. I know, I just came from Afghanistan. So monetarily, they are doing well. If you are a civilian contractor, your first $93 is not taxed and all of the civilian contractors that I worked with were making well over $120K.

        So the money argument does not wash with me.


        • Mrs. Edson

          The Civilian contractors you are talking about are not DOD, DOD’s wages are a public record. They are taxed on their hazardous pay which is like your combat pay. Their pay is capped and most of them that go over to those combat zone stores are about a grade 9 or 10 and not a super grades ,
          I know that the military pay is more than an DOD grade because I was a Real Estate agent who dealt with military people they were my clients. Your housing is not taxed, clothing not taxed and only your base pay is taxed added to that money which is not taxed your take home pay is more than you realize.

          • Ray A.

            Are you actually carrying a weapon and defending anything while you are there? I mean are you commited to defending the Constitution, following orders that could lead to someone else’s death or even your own? So why are you comparing apples to oranges? You can quit your job and go home to where it is safe, military people do not have these opportunities to quit and go home!

          • Mrs. Edson

            Actually my husband was a marine and served in Viet Nam two tours. He volunteered to go to Desert Storm as a civilian his dad was a retired Air Force officer.

            Mrs. Edson

        • Dennis

          Hello There
          I would just like to say that as a soldier it is your duty to go into war zones, but it is not the duty of any civilian to enter a war zone and that is why they earn to money that they do. I you were not satisfied with your pay you should not have joined the service.

    • nate rand

      Since when has it mattered if the prsident served in the armforces. Rush Lembaugh did not, channey did not, George jr not really, and this president has done more in two years for the military veterns and active duty then George and Channey did for eight years. Bush Channey would not pass the GI bill, and not all veterns have health insurance. Who is the common man, all the Millionairs and Insurance Companies that want to keep profiting on the ill. And they give lots of money to over turn what was don for the common man

      • okiedodge

        Because he is the COMMANDER IN CHIEF of the Armed Forces. Rush is not.

        Really? Obama has done more in two years for the Vet than whom?

        Please elaborate, I have to hear this…….

        • Lee

          You need to do your own research and not listen to the millionairs whose bottom line is to keep their profits high by opposing someone trying to help the less forturnate. We are hard working and no matter what you hear not eeryone is going to make enough money to buy their way up the ladder spending billions to influence the uninformed.

        • William

          I too would like to hear that explination.

        • Dennis

          The Obama administration has simplified the claims process for all veterans who have a service connected disabilities. If you have one you may want to go down to your local veterans administration and have yourself evaluated.

          • Veteran

            It has always been that way, he didn’t simplify anything. The evaluation takes so long. The VA, is just like any insurance company, they are going to fight tooth and nail, NOT to pay for your disability, and if it isn’t service connected, they have the right to deny you, unless you are rated at 100% disabled. If it isn’t a service related disability, that is what your personal health care is for.

        • bufict

          For starters i used to travel to the VA Hospital and got a measly 7 dollars travel pay…Now i travel the same distance and get 39 dollars, that was done by this president, don’t come on here like Rush Limbaugh talking about elaborating…No! You stop listening to Rush, and go read, read, and then read some more.

          • B. Rogers

            This seems strange. I retired in 2002 when Bush Jr. was in office. The amount of travel pay I received at that time was only a few dollars different than it is now. The rates were raised by a few cents when the gasohol prices jumped to over $4 dollars per gallon.

      • Kathina

        It’s always mattered. Perhaps not to people who have never had the honor to serve our country – but for those who have, it matters a lot. First of all, the President is the “Leader of All Things War”. That has been his job since day one in this country. How can a person know anything about leading a war if they’ve never been in a war? How can that person relate to the trials, tribulations and hardships of his “employees” if he has never been in that position? Originally, our presidents were on the front lines of our wars, literally!!!!

        Ever seen the new reality show called “Undercover Boss”? This is an excellent example of how people who have never been in the shoes of others can never truly understand how difficult it is until they have. I’d love to see our President’s go undercover and do the job that our service members have to do – under the rules they lay down for us, under the situations and circumstances their decisions lead us to.

        • Dennis

          Are you saying that people that do not join the military have no honor?
          Did you know that it is by design that the military has a civilian commander in chief? How do you get experience at anything you have to do it right? What has this President done that is so wrong as the leader of the armed forces and I mean just the armed forces.?

      • Exmil

        I agree 100%

      • Mikey

        Nate: It is disgusting that a CIC does not how to render common courtesy that troops that are under his command learn in Basic Training. He is my age. I grew up in Boy Scouts. I grew upo from WWII
        parents and grandparents. I ask, where is his “patriotism”? No prez should be in office unless he has had to stand at the position of attention on someone else’s commands. Peace

      • Ray A.

        Dude! Go back to school!

    • Mike

      As a retired Air Force member, I totally agree!

    • Retired Navy

      You forget, it was the president and other members of congress that proposed the law to begin with because they recognize the system is not working. If he didn’t care, he didn’t have to do that. I’m not all that fond of politicians, but they are not in one group!

    • Joe

      The people got a chance to be heard first, when the repeal vote was filed in the house. Then, the next vote was to affirm all coverages in place accompanied by enhancements to the system. We may now be hopeful of having escaped a Cuban style medical system, but do not relax yet.

    • Retired Navy

      Bravo……we need to get rid of the career politicians….term limits would make the politicians vote their conscience and not vote for their party …..partisan politics is running our country into the ground! Also, bring back the draft, everyone should serve their country, even if it’s only for 18-24 months.

    • Caprice L Mims

      I certainly agree that the one’s who have served their country should have a say so in this. We are those who have shed our “blood” and gave selflessly for the defense of our nation. You hit the nail on the head by stating. “Many of the politicians making these decisions have never served in our Armed Forces and should not be permitted to dictate reforms that affect the future of our health care system”. I second that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Maggie

      Unfortunately, whether we think they are qualified or not to dictate reforms, WE elected them to be our voice when such decisions are to be made. Not only do we need to pay attention as often as possible to what is going on in Congress, we need to make sure that our senators and representatives (I quit capitalizing those nouns a long time ago) know what we want and that their job depends on our being pleased with their performance. INFORMATION (educate ourselves) and ACTION (contact and voting).

      • Dennis

        Here Here.

      • liz

        Too bad they forgot to listen to their constituents, because they were to busy listening to lobbyists and companies throwing money at them.

    • myrt bennett

      i am writing as my husband at present, and my husband that die, did serve in the air force. My later husband die, while serving in Viet Nun, he got agent orange. My husband at present served his 20 years, retied, and has a medical history of sorts, and if they do away with any of the tricare for life, than it has been a lie. Tricare for life is suppose to be for life, why did these men serve and die, knowing they had a promise from the government, as it would take care of them? Once they are told something it should not be changed, i too, think they deserve better.

    • Retired USAF

      Retired Army you state: “When did the people get a say in this?” “Their” say came when they elected these representatives to office!! Did u vote? Also: Congress does not get free health care, they can subscribe and pay to private insurance or pay for FEHB insurance. Also they pay into Social Security – not a freebee! So much bogus info going around how does any one understand unless they research!!

    • Marty

      It’s called “Representative Democracy”, “Republic.” The PEOPLE get their say by who they elect to represent them. If you voted Republican/Tea Party you voted to repeal health care.

    • USMC

      The predident don’t care? Are you in denial? weakup look at waht the gop is doing lie, distort, defame everything Obama is doing for America. The GOP still couldn’t be more out of touch with Americans who are struggling in this difficult economy.

    • USNavy Ret.

      From retired Navy, I concur 100% they need to get their act together. Quit giving themselves raise and care about hose who have served. Also while I’m at it. Congress constantly asks all the big CEO’s of all the major company’s to downsize their paychecks but they sure don’t.. Let’s begin to hold them accountable for all they do!!!!

    • Retired Navy

      dude, I am retired Navy. the President is on our side, don’t listen to the Palins and the Republicans.

    • Instead of screwing with our military’s equipment, the people need to step up and look at Congress themselves. Why does the White House need a top chef to cook normal meals? Can’t Michelle do it? Why do they need maids and extra expensive hired help? I can understand with the amount of rooms in the White House (which needs to be demolished and rebuilt smaller anyway) that having one maid per room, but does Michelle really need a maid to clean her personal living quarters? I think not. And yes, security is important, but why have 80,000 really expensive cars? You want to protect the people that rule our government? Put em in 10 dollar jeans, a ratty t-shirt, baseball caps, and sunglasses. Get em a POS car and go. They’ll never be bothered. Get rid of the expensive vacations and trips around the world. If there isn’t a business reason to be there, then the taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for the vacation. Pay for it yourself. Knock out the stupid extravagent spending for yourselves, congress and white house, and start spending for the people. I, quite frankly, am tired of using my tax dollars for my President’s extravagant State Dinners and Vacations when it could be going to better education in scools and prgrams that benefit our American Citizens(not the illegal immigrants…sorry you want in my country and to get the perks I do, come here legally.). Perhaps if our government would remember our Constitution, “We the People” rule this country, they wouldn’t take such advantage of us. Now they just take it as a joke. We, the People, need to stand up and say enough is enough. I’m quite tired of the political games. The debates where half of what they were going to do really gets done. It’s like we’re back in High School and some kid took our lunch money. Grow up politicans and stop thinking of yourselves.

      • bufict

        Sure you Bigot take away all the amenities since a Brother is in office, your write up sucks.

      • Retired USAF

        Have you never thought of your comments previously and how they applied to presidents prior to Obama? I think not! You are decades behind.

    • GARY


      • bufict

        Stop repeating RUSH…And no it should not be a prerequisite to serve in the military to be president. And take your yelling some where else…

    • Richard Froehlich

      We are retired Air Force, and are angry with the way we are treated by our government that promised us certain priveledges if we stayed in for our 20 years and retired from the U.S. Military. We have done our part and served diligently before we retired. Many of the promises that we were given by our government have been taken away. It aggrevates us that we have to allow the Air Force to bill our Private Medical Insurance for the medical coverage we earned while serving our country. It is easy to see that our rates will rise for the private insurance, as all the retired military puts demands on the private Health Insurance. It is a matter of supply and demand that as our private Insurance has to pay out more and more for our care instead of Tricare.

    • Leopard

      What evidence do you have that the President doesn’t care about the “common man?” Why don’t you break down the congress by party and then do your assessment of their voting records for the past two years. Analyze your findings of votes directly affect the common man. Then come back with your finding of their actions and share your comments again. However, I’m with you on the military blood shed.

      • SoaringEagle

        President gave the VA 30billion in funding. More than any President in decades.

    • Jean Stanley

      My husband spent 30 years in the Army and three terms in Vietnam and we are fighting for his rights and care. It is a fighting battle with the VA to get compensation for his illness that we feel were related to his time in Vietnam (sprayed with agent orange). Prostrate and lung cancer. We need to look after those that kept us safe here in the states, but we can help other countries, but forget about our own.
      Jean Stanley

    • Harold

      Was our president even in the boy scots? I agree 100%

      • bufict

        You’re Stupid, stick with Rush…

    • Val Staples

      Amen to that. Unless they are subject to what we are they could care less.

    • MrsLfromTexas

      Sir, the ONLY one who cares about the military active and retired medical benefits IS the President and the Democratic party!! What have you been listening to? The repubican party want to dismantle Tricare and increase the premiums and they’ve tried now for 2 years! Please remember this:
      the people of the republican party clap and wave their flag for the military members, but turn around and try to take away their benefits. I cannot believe the hypocrisy of the republican party. Please know that the President is determined to help the military, both active and retired. If it weren’t for President Obama the military wouldn’t have the needed benefits for Brain trama injury. The republicans voted NO for it. We got it thanks to the Democratic party. I watch this all very closely and haven’t seen a President so devoted to helping the military. Be very glad we didn’t have McCain for a president – otherwise the retired personnel would be in the proverbial TANK. Thanks for listening.

      • rob hayhurst

        right, when they restore cola ill believe they care, bush gave us tax cuts and raises and cola, zip in the last two years, but my sbp and va insurance went up and tricare bills me for my cpap supplies, but they should raise tricare for the boob jobs and abortions given out free and probably sex changes next, wait till gays get there mess covered

    • GM USN (RET)

      Well put Retired Army. How fast they forget everything, we put on the line!

    • BJP

      I cannot agree with you more…we are the ‘silent’ majority and therefore have no say-so in anything when it comes to health care. It seems that the only way the government can ‘steal’ money is to target the areas they can readily perceive quick cash for their total lack of the hardships it will cost to many of us. The health care system and the politicians who have their hands in the ‘cookie jar’ all have the same malady…political poop! Talking to a politician is like talking to a puppet. Government pulls the strings and the congress dances whichever way they choose. I think it’s time that all the military come home. We are just feeding $ into a money pit. I was born an American and now I’m ashamed at how well those who dictate the laws are warm, plenty to eat, nice place to sleep … have forgotten who gave them all of that!

    • sanders3510

      I totally agree, making the change to a military wife from a civilan has been not a huge change health and benefit wise. Ok, we get benefits because our spouses work everyday, but so did I and I was not risking my life at any moment when threat is reported to our country. I truely believe that something has to give and soldier should not feel that this is given instead of owed. Your benefits are the least they can do and should be a hell of a lot better. Soldiers should feel like docs and Politicians for that matter or at least get paid like one. GOD BLESS YOU All; and if I can help with how I feel, then I definitely will.

    • SoaringEagle

      The President gave the VA 30billion in funding just last year. More than any other President in decades. As far as Rush, Hannity, Palin, Newt and all of the other cowards who never served but seem to know it all. If people would quit polarizing them they would go away.

      • rob hayhurst

        oh yeah, but they couldnt give a cola, man im glad gas is so cheap where you are


      I agree that this new congress is a bunch of fatheads not worried about the common man as you put it,but the PRESIDENT is the one trying to jump start the job growth in AMERICA after a troubleing two years of the right wing not wanting to help fly this bird.So dont mix this President with the failureof the fright factor (republicans) I dont miss the colored threat level that the (republicans) used to keep us frightened,do you !

    • VLM

      I’m with you –like in the 80’s when congress voted themselves a 50% raise and gave the military a 1 % raise. So they could continue to buy more stuff they don’t really need while others are wondering where their next meal will come from they r wondering which expensive restuarant they will eat at –it’s pitiful the GREAT SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC GAP this country has created in the past 40 years I guess it slipped up on us slowly and just all of a sudden we see it. As I see it it is only going to get worse a backbone can only take so much pressure and then discs start breaking down evetually you can’t walk without the backbone–hmmm I beleive we r on the way to not walking. GREED has gone rampant in our country–it used to be everyone wanted a piece of the pie Now everyone wants to have the biggest piece of pie. Yup it’s BROKE!!




    , as far as im concerned all this damn politicians may as well jump in the lake. for all of the a big qsj(que se joda) which means f..k it.

  • cpobobchitown


    • Norm

      Looks good to me, not sure about kissing it

    • DoubleAce

      And what’s your excuse? They throw you out? Why don’t you find somewhere to post were someone actually cares what you think or have to say.

    • Cryppie_SCPO

      Note to CPOBOBCHITOWN: I have no idea what your point is or who you are calling SCUM. Yes there are a lot of both Active Duty and Retired reading these articles, again what’s your point? My willingness to kiss ANYTHING of Sarah Palin’s has more to do with my sexual orientation than with my political affiliation.

    • Shirley

      Most men I know would love to be kissing Sarah Palin’s ass even in Alaska! I bet you would too!

  • SFC Ret Sam Moorhead

    Repeal by congress may be rendered moot by the supremes. Repeal in 2012 by the governed will have enough traction

    • sgtm7

      What do the Supremes (or Diana Ross for that matter) have to do with this?

      • USCG Ret

        sgtm7 Get with it Sam was simply refering to the Supreme Court which has 12 Justices hence “the supremes”

        • matt1544

          Sgtm7 may have been sayiing that tongue in cheek

        • Walt

          When did they add the other 3?, been 9 for ever , thats why there are all those 5-4 decisions.

  • MSG Ret Jim P.

    Enter text right here!It appears to me that as stated by retired army above that thos in the senate and congress have the best of both worlds. They have money and power to play with us a pawns. If they reslly want to reduce the budget maybe they should look at their own healt care and retirement programs. It costs this country billions of dollars each year to fund their pension and medical care program. The crime of it all it is at no cost tothem. Maybe we need to all send a message and send them all home and re-write the pension and health care plane for our elected officials.

    • Donnie R

      Right on, MSGT. Isn’t there some PAC out there can prepare a canned letter for all military to sign that does not violate the anti-lobbying provisions for active duty people. Something that you just open and click, put in your name and send. Retired O-6.

    • robert chandler

      Ssgt Ret Robert C .I belive Jim has hit the nail on the head we pay thier
      salary and give them free medical but yet every year they want to take ours away from us.

    • Chuck M Retired AF

      Very well said, I agree with everyword.

    • Bud J

      MSG Ret Jim P. I wholeheartedly agree with you, Plus you don’t even touch on how the representatives can literally get away with almost anything and still collect on their bennies when they leave gov’t service. That is just not right. Bud.

    • Madmax24

      MSGT, Where are you getting your info from? It is completely baseless. Congress has what is known as the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program (FEHB). There are a number of different plans available under FEHB (Mail Carriers, Blue Cross, Foreign Service benefit Program, etc). That is the same plan offered to all Federal Employees and I assure you that it isn’t free for Fed Employees or Congress. I carried my plan over into retirement from Civil Service and I pay $330 per month, for my wife and I. I also have TriCare for Life, as result of 26.5 years Active Duty in the military. I am also eligible for VA care, since I have a 80% service connected disability. Congress can elect to take FEHB or decline it. If they take it, they pay the same as all other Feds.

      Congress’ pensions are just like Civil Service pensions. Those who were elected before 1986 are under the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS), which they pay into, like any retirement plan. Those elected after 1986 are under the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS), which is a 2-part program. The first part allows an employee to contribute into a retirement plan and the Government will match up to 5% of the employee’s contribution. The amount you receive upon retirement is based on what you have contributed, years of service and age. Part 2 is the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), which is comparable to a 401-K. Employees can contribute up to 15% of their salaries into a “Mutual Fund” like investment. The contributions are tax deferred until withdrawn. Congress, like all Federal Employees have the option to participate or not participate in the plan.

      So, what you are saying about Congress’ pension and medical care costing them nothing is hogwash. Perhaps you should confine your comments to subjects you know more about.

      • matt1544

        Thanks Max for providing some real info, rather than the garbage that most folks hear on the radio and blindly repeat without checking.

        I’ll just add that FERS requires five years to be vested (and receive any benefits). So, a the retirement package that a 2 term representative receives…$0, unless they have contributed to TSP.

        • MyOpinion2cents

          Many members who have recently left Congress will draw more than $1 million over their lifetimes. Some are expected to haul in more than $2 million, projects the National Taxpayers Union.

          Read more: Congress’ cushy pension system

      • wayne


    • Joseph Brunner

      Not before they have the chance to rewrite and eliminate your pension abd health plan. Which do you think will happen first?????

    • gloria

      Members of congress are treated as federal employees – they contribute the same amounts to social security and the pension fund as any other federal employee – their health care is the same as federal employees – check the facts!

      • MyOpinion2cents

        Many members who have recently left Congress will draw more than $1 million over their lifetimes. Some are expected to haul in more than $2 million, projects the National Taxpayers Union.

        Read more: Congress’ cushy pension system

    • VMC

      The Congressional pension and healthcare benefit was re-written in 1984. The members have exactly the same options for retirement and healthcare coverage as all federal civilian employees. This constant assault from the un-informed is really a distraction based in myth. Look it up!

    • cathec

      boy do I agree with this statement.

    • Craven

      I agree with you why after a term they get full medical and full retirement when we have to do 20+ or as I f”d up as a cripple and get tosted a few bones. Might as well get on welfare and live better then people who realy work.

      • matt1544

        They don’t. You are a moron.

    • dwb

      Great Idea. But you know them free loaders will never stand for that..

    • Jerry

      You are so right!! I have sent emails to my Congressmen, and Senators, about this with no replies! I feel that if Senators and Congresman & woman do not serve at least 12 years in office they get no pensions. They Men and Women in the Military have to serve 20 to get their pensions! and you have to pay for your medical and dental. They serve four years and get all of this free, and pension bigger than a retiree at any pay grade!

      • matt1544

        They don’t reply because those who aren’t smart enough to look up some basic facts before spouting off aren’t worth their time to reply. You’ll just hear some new “fact” on Fox News tomorrow, and start repeating that as the gospel.

    • s.landers msgt,ret

      agree 100%

  • MSG Ret Jim P

    Sorry about the mis-spellings. Those in the senate and congress have the best of both worlds, they use us as pawns and if they really want to reduce the budget they should look at their own health care and pension plans.!

    • Al Sargent

      If they want to reduce the budget, stop giving our tax money to the countres that hate us Americans………Al Sargent, AOCM, USN RET.

    • LTC Strouse (RET)

      Once screwed, always screwed. We remain the abused spouse for Congress; we bend over and open the jar of vasolene, and we tell them to do it again, only harder and longer. One day we will do what our brothers did after WWII, on the mall in DC. When we do that, Congress will get the message. Until then, keep the vasolene close.

    • david

      The Senate & Congress it easy for them to trash us retirees and want to play with Social Security about raising the age limits,freezing our COLA ,Hey If I earn what they make Iwouldnt need social security and COLA…the point is there only thinking of themselve..make sense

  • MSG Ret Jack

    Forget about changing anyones healthcare program; we can reduce the budget simply be doing away with the majority of space exploration ventures (Star Games where our tax dollars sponsor other countries, icluding Russia, to revamp their programs in order to come along for the ride), reduce – if not get rid of the entire Cold War fleet of Nuclear Subs, and other over-bloated Trillion dollar Naval and NASA money pits that only add up to nostalgia , AKA “Big Boys and Their Toys”. I’ll argue that there is nothing that come out of space exploration that couldn’t have resulted from exploring more and better ways to care for mankind -right here on earth. We simply don’t try hard enough, or – as some said earlier – we just don’t care enough.

    • Gene USN RET

      The proggressives that attempt to nullify our constitution, our liberties, and the military which protect these will surely love you. Also include in this group is the Anarchist.

    • ET1SS Retired Andy

      DUDE!!!!! get rid of the Nuclear SUBS…..are you out of your mind???? IF we start cutting back or “GET RID OF” the SUBS, we as US Citizens, would over run by China or Russia or even Japan. Who do you think keeps marshall law over and under the waters???? OH! you are a GROUND POUNDER — you wouldn’t understand. Granted you keep the infantry from getting on those ships and subs, but the ones that slipped through, were kept in check by our finest NAVAL men and women of the fleet. However I do agree that those bloodsucking NON-MILITARY politicians do need to re-think how the AMERICAN people are taking care of them and not those who have scrafice so nuch to keep their stupid hindends safe!

    • Ret Dan

      I am Army but understand that the US has always been, and always must be, a naval power. If we want to keep ourselves safe we need an unmatched Navy and Air Force that can keep bad guys away from our shores. The Army on the other hand is an offensive weapon – we need it to be strong when we have to attack and sieze enemy held territory. That is just the truth of it. A top rate Navy and Air Force are expensive but that is the price of freedom and liberty.

    • Maj Retired Jim

      You my friend are an idiot…with the treats of the growing Chinese you have and are in complete disconnect with reality. You adivocate the doing away with the most effective deterent to global war we still have.
      How did you make your rank with the lack of understanding of our forces and their roles in our defense. The best weapon we have is the weapon system we never have to use. If we don’t have these systems, what keeps others that want to harm us from doing so. You need to reevaluate your thought pattern and get with the real cause of some of our problems…CONGRESS. . Until we grow the backbone to standup to the likes of Obama and his like minded followers of distruction to American values we will continue down the path of distruction of America.

      • SFC Ret Ger

        Good point Maj. Regarding MSG, anyone can claim any rank in a place such as this. If he has always been that out of touch with reality I doubt seriously he could have progressed to that rank.

    • USAF Ret

      Scrap the military? I think not. I’d suggest scrapping these programs first:

      Endowment for the arts
      Fannie Mae/Mac
      Czars and Congressional assistants

      Just to name a few

      • Hacksaw

        Medicare, Medicade, Dept.s of Education, Agriculture,Transportation, Labor, BATF, Amtrac, just a few more.

        • G-man

          Scrap Medicare and Medicaid? Why, because YOU have access to the VA and TRICARE? How different are you then from the Congressmen who might be willing to scrap TRICARE since they don’t need it…?

        • sanders3510

          Then you must be as rich as the politicians, if all these programs are such a waste.

    • Subwife

      Most of the subs from the cold war are probably gone. My husband served on subs for 20 years. Every boat he was on has be decommissioned. The only one that hasn’t is a trident sub which was a newer one to begin with.

      • USA RET

        You are very misinformed!

    • Dennis

      I agree with you on most of what you say but I want you to look at that sub issue again that asset helps keep others in check. You also say that we are not trying hard enough well if you take away their toys where will the necessity to invent something come from for we all know that necessity is the mother of invention.

    • gloria

      You may wish to take a look at where you will find all of the benefits we have derived and are still deriving from the space program!

    • John Wilch

      MSG, you must have been one of those REMF who never got up off his fat arse and served in a Line unit. Because if you had you would know that a lot of our medical and other types of advancements came about through the different branches of the Military.

      For example, Super glue: this was used in Vietnam to help close up wounds that otherwise would have resulted in the death of the soldier. Furthermore, how about your cell phone it came about through the necessity of having to reduce the size of the commo units being used on the battlefield.

      So, MSG, no disrespect to your rank or your your service pull your head out of your arse and put your brain in gear before your open your mouth.

      TSgt (SSG) Ret.
      Vietnam: ’68-’69 Door Gunner 1st Cav (AM), Recon Scout (Id Army Guard)

    • still serving

      Seriously, why do we have satellite TV/cell phones/gps etc…products that can be stored and a variety of other technologies that have been handed down from NASA to the public? If ignorance is bliss you must be one happy dude. China has almost perfected their Aircraft carrier killer missile, seems to be one hell of a deterrent when we can set off of their coast and nuke em back to the stone age if they get dumb with a sub. Go along for the ride with us, our shuttle mission has only one trip left and then we rely on the Russians and have no replacement vehicle being built. Care of mankind doesn’t matter much with all of the space borne technology used to track ozone levels, storms and ocean currents-seems they aren’t looking out for mankind at all. Wake up MSG Ret Jack, see what benefits these things you say we don’t need actually provide for this country.

    • Charlie,USMC Ret,DAV

      A lot came out of NASA. Digital calculators, computers and ditital watches are just some of the things. True some of their saleries are bloated and punching holes in the sky don’t seem to amount to much, but they are useful.

      Subs help as a show of force for our country. Expensive toy’s yes, but they showed that we could harness nuclear power for peaceful purposes.

    • Frank USN RET

      Get a grip of yourself, but maybe you already did? Must be a Marine living in Gainesville, Ga.

    • Central Florida

      In all due respect the money that our Government spends on NASA is about half a cent for every dollar they collect in taxes. I agree with you in cutting down on waste, but we need to be careful not to short change our young men and women bravely serving our Country. We need to make sure that they have the equipment and supplies to be successful and they should be paid fairly. President Obama is great about canceling anything that this country is great at! He’s already killed the Constellation Program which was the space shuttle’s replacement program. We need to maintain our status as world leader in space, but Obama could care less.

    • sanders3510

      How many times have you got a petition together and had no comment about it wheather including fellow military folk or reg. citizen? I do think more Citizens need to care much more about how this country is run, but the citizens fighting everyday for this country need to get a clue that the benefits they are receiving is not enough for their lives. Also every citizen should know how military families and individuals are treated because people looking from the outside think, just how the policitians think; you should be glad your geting benefits; these are needed neccessities that all individuals need and don’t have, which I think is terrible for everyone when health is the most important for life, but the most expensive.

    • Patriot1

      Boy, do you need an education. NASA and other space programs have given the US advanced technology in the Commercial and Medical Fields. The list is endless, I am not going to sit here and give you a lesson but I think your smart enough to look it up yourself. Next time you post a Statement my advice is for you to do some research. You will come across as Intelligent.

  • Evelyn Mead

    “amen” to those previous comment, why always us common people are always suffering we should all suffer from top to bottom if we want our country to go back to the right direction it’s doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor but if we have common ground., but GREEDYNESS is what happenening people need to change especially POLITICIANS if we want to have a better life especially for the sake of our childrens.

  • Richard

    Why think that the changes happening in the health care would be to help civilians , soldiers and retired military personnel. The government talks a good game like they care for military and retired people but, the fact that they have better coverage than us that serve our country tells you to not believe the hype, it’s not about us and will never be. The day that they follow what the average person or military personnel receives after serving that will be the day that I may consider believing politician. Just think what it’s called Tri Care, try it but, hope that doctors in your area will except it, better chance with Medicade or welfare coverage. hope that all my illnesses don’t get me so sick that I have to be in the hospital and my family goes broke, rather die, radiate on everyone. Only in America

    • SeaDaddy46

      Richard, I don’t know where you’re getting your Tricare service, but we have gotten great care. Of course, I’m a retired Navy Hospital Chief. But, most of my providers don’t know that. I treat them as equals, and get respect and great care in return. Tricare comes from Army, Navy (includes USMC), and Air Force; three services united care program. I too, despised politics for decades; then I realized that politics is what allowed the formation of this great Experiment in Self-governance, known as the USA. As citizens, it is our duty to stay engaged in the political process. If I recall correctly, Benjamin Franklin said that “when we put on the soldier, we did not put off the citizen”. Often, keeping track of the process makes me feel like I’m slogging through the barnyard. But, that is what it takes to keep myself informed of the current events. It also allows me to remind my elected representatives (whether or not I voted for the ones currently in office) of their elected status, and my needs, wants, and opinions on current events and issues before them.

      • Double Ace

        SeaDaddy, I agree with you philisophically but I have to say very few politicians give a hoot what you or I think. They listen to the masses (maybe) and those folks all want a free ride. I write and call my representatives constantly and I get the same old canned letter/email repy. Nothing changes. They are either Republican or Democrat and they support the objectives of their parties whether right, wrong or indifferent. They don’t care about you and I.

    • Kathy

      Richard, my husband is a retired E-6 after 21 years. Since we started using Tricare and now Tricare for Life we have not had and problems except for 1 Dr., getting them to accept Tricare. We have had very good care and have not had any problems contacting Tricare itself with questions. As far as Medicaid goes,I worked for the Division of Family Services through the State of Missouri for 22 years and in our area there were very few Dr. that accepted Medicaid and most of the Dr.’s that did accept it were well known to those of us that worked there as quacks.
      We get better can through Tricare than we ever got while in the Military. I have had Dr. tell me they didn’t want to accept Medicaid not only for the low payment, but the fact that people didn’t show up for appts., were demanding etc.

      • Amanda

        Well Kathy I have to disagree with you! I have had doctors tell me flat out that medicaid pays better than Tri Care. When my husband first joined the military we had Medicaid & Tri Care & they went with the Medicaid first. I also had another doctor tell me he didn’t like having to deal with all the hoops you have to jump through for Tri Care & that they were a pain to get the whole payment from. The only reason he worked with Tri Care was because he wanted to show support for our soldiers & their family’s. I will also add that the amount of Doctors that take tri care depends on where you live.

    • Mary K. Young

      Acceptance by doctors in our area is the part of TriCare that scares me. My husband’s former primary care doctor in Enterprise, AL, stopped accep ting new patients with TriCare, Medicare, and Medicaid. This week my husband called an orthopedic doctor in Montgomery, Al, and was told that he will not accept patients with TriCare.

  • D.D. Two Wars

    MSG Ret Jim P

    You hit the nail on the head. I’ve been saying this very thing to everyone I for a
    long time, but no one in congress pays head, let alone cares, nor remembers
    we are the ones who fought and served in the wars to give them the opportunity to serve in a free country. It’s so sad that that they are SELF SERVING first.

    • Harriet

      Harriet Ostrander AKA Harriet Martinez wife of retired now deceased Marine Michael D. Martinez – We need to get rid of this BIG Government – listen to Glen Beck – hopefully God is hearing and exposing the corruption in our America that is being taken away from us by the corrupt Politicians who are in it just for the money. Send Obama back to the congo.

    • Patti

      You said it perfectly. Politicians are self serving!

    • BARB


  • rock

    Retired Air Force LtCol
    It is a real injustice to all Americans that we have let a national congress get so powerful that they consider themselves above the law and better than the American citizen. We nee to not only repeal the Obama Care but also change all the retirement and medical benefits of the Congressmen we elect to serve US! They should be subject to exactly what they pass for us. Why can’t Americans see that?


      I don’t think we need to get rid of “ObamaCare.” I think we need to make it better and get rid of those who oppose making it better for the average American, especially retired military.

      • SFCRETIRED92


      • SFC Renee’

        I think your right and i wish that others would believe the same. It seems like everyone is going Against our Commander and Chief. We need to come together…… it seems that no one realizes that we get health care from the VA and will never be turned away. Just wanted to say your right about the health care.

    • Jackie

      You “rock” Rock!!!! We have been saying this for years; (Congressmen and their benefits) as well as many friends.


      what is an injustice to you does not compare to the injustice of a political party obstructing the Federal Government from making progress on ANY issue or legislation, to include to refusing to even discuss things like , oh say Health Care reform? Then convince the sheeple, they are doing what is best.. For 2 years the ONLY thing the Republicans have done is obstruct. Now that is in injustice, They were elected to represent the people of their respsective constituency, not a political party. Why can’t YOU see that?

      • CWORet 82

        Where were you when the Dems controlled everything and would not allow the Reps to discuss it. Over 2000 pages of a health care bill that none of them read. AS Nancy P. said, they “have to pass it to find out what’s in it”. You sound like a person that with ten people behind you, goes up to a lone man in a wheelchair and gets mad because he won’t fight all of you. Anyone with common sense knows the Dems controlled everything for the last two years and the Reps couldn’t stop them. “Why can’t YOU see that?”, and stop blaming others for their miserable actions?

        • Greywlf

          We at the present time have a record dept. I served for 4 years in the Navy. I reached the rank of Chief Petty Officer. Shortly after my dis-charge I injured my back this injury only got worse after wking for another 20 yrs I could no longer work but use up my resources after 4 yrs I was forced to go on SS disability I receive less than someone with an addiction issue. I believe that people who have tried should not be punished if they are not able to do anymore. The Dems as you put it relies that it is less expensive to prevent a major illness than to cure it. Here in WI we have a law that makes it illegal to drive a car w/out insurance but its not illegal to not have health insurance. If they can do it in England and its possessions to have a national health care program why in the U.S is it such a problem?
          Because the wealthy have theirs and they want more. They can only see that this will happen when they prevent the Upper- middle class and lower class from getting anything.
          If they want to cut the budget lets give the military there requested funding and NOT pre-spend it on things that keep the districts voters happy.
          I agree that there are some programs that need change like paying farmers not to grow crops lets have them pre-sell the crops to the government and grow things for bio-fuels.
          lets spur the economy by making it where a company that owns green tech either has to develop it and sell products or they loose the right to control it any anyone can develop it.
          Lets spend money on preventing crime by spending it on employment in needed fields like development of a stronger infrastructure. why do we waste money on locking people up instead of preventing it from happening? Lets remove caps from damages in lawsuits so companies will employ more people to prevent defects from happening.
          Lets impose a retraining tariff on ANYTHING that has ever been made in this country to actually help people learn how to do a new job. Lets tax income that companies make in other countries if they are a US Company and if the company move out of the US there products ALL their products are banned for 5-10 yrs. lets hold them to the same environmental standard that we have here so people can go back to work because it will no longer be creeper to make it elsewhere and sell it here. This will make it easier for the US to have a national health care place because one of the things we should now have in this country in the right to be healthy and not suffer because of ones economic standing.
          I’m sorry but anyone who can spend $100.00 or more on a lunch and think nothing of it isn’t the common person. anyone who spends 1000.00 for a suit isn’t in touch with real life. The could never understand how someone who’s enlisted survives on what the get paid or is able to save in this world and still have a family.
          when people in the Military need to go on public assistance it’s so wrong. If we would stop farming everything out but say heres the job we need the military to do whats it going to cost in real dollars not after the pre-spend. We were and can once again be the best country in the World but it requires that those with the most money and power not say whats in it for me but what will help all starting from the bottom and going up the people of this country.

      • Joe

        Maybe you are the one not looking. After the vote to repeal (including three democrats), ten democrats joined the majority to vote for a variety of health system improvements that were needed two years ago, when democrats began their giant, multiple, power grabs.

        As a retiree, I regard care I receive as minimal and shabby. Fifty two years ago, as a private, I received respectable levels of care at any dispensary I reported to. Now, I shuffled around by a largely incompetent bureaucracy. If you enjoy Tricare, you’d have loved Obamacare.

        • William

          Joe: you have a right to your opinion some of us also have a right to disagree with you.Enough said don’t want to get into a personal argument with you. Have a great life however you can!!!!

      • joycealupugus

        Yeah, they certainly obstructed when they weren’t invited to the closed-door, (secret) sessions held by King B.O. & his Dem. disciples. For four years the Democrats have been in power….yes, even during the last two years of the Bush administration….and they have been spending us into bankruptcy. The Republicans could do nothing because of who was in controll at the time. It’s too darn bad they weren’t able to obstruct more of the foolishness…and do as the ‘government by the people’ wanted…we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in today. The country starves while the Pres. and Democrat congress still continues to spend money on themselves like drunken sailors on shore leave!!….Pelosi with her private jet, the vacations overseas (with hundreds of people going) by the Obamas….how about Queen Michelle’s infated staff of ladies in waiting!!!! Need I say more…there is more, you know. You, sir, are the one who cannot (or refuses to) see!! ….talk about “sheeple” …and you served in the military? NOTHING this admin. has done has worked except to sink us deeper in the manure pit! Open your eyes.

        • greywlf

          Dems spending up into what???
          look back when Bush JR took office where did he spend the surplus he inherited?
          Who got such a surplus and what did it take the Dems and they didn’t cut taxes on the rich . It was possible to get the un-employment rate below 4% something that any economist will or would have told you it could not be done.
          The the Republicans get in and De-regulate everything they could get there hands on and unless you don’t understand the President of the U.S. is elected every 4 years so Obama hasn’t been as you wrongly called him “king” and republicans are always having closed-door sessions.
          during the Last 2 yrs of Bush jr it was not possible for there to be a 2/3 vote to overrule any veto he signed.
          The problem is that Republicans all think they are like most very Senior Officers and they are never in the wrong EVER!!! it’s always some enlisted mans fault.
          Reality check.

    • Razcs

      I agree with rock!! However I feel all the so called elected officials should be limited to only 2 terms in office, with NO retirement benefits for only a short stint in government service. I am retired with over 20 years in the USN and worked hard for my retirement!!

      • RDZ

        Absolutely – if these folks only got 12 years total in DC, then there would be less “establishment” for the new folks coming in – however, their staffs need to go too – too many of them lead their politicians around by the noses. If they had to be go under the sam laws they set for everyone else, they would be much different – say, they have the VA to cover their needs… think that program wouldn’t change?
        Those who are so excited about Obamacare – simple fact is that the unions helped push it through and are now standing in line for exemptions to it – shouldn’t that send some sort of message? What about Congress specifically excluding themselves? Another message? As for the GOP obstructing — they had NO voice in anything over the past two years and even two years further back as Pelosi set the House agenda for the last two years of Bush…
        One last point – anyone who supports Obama needs to understand that he, in a 2006 comment, he said – if the debt ceiling is raised, it only weakens our country. He had the opportunity to turn all of the earmarks and bills down during his first 2 years until a budget was put in place – why didn’t he do that?

        • greywlf

          As I understand it the REP managed to remove lin item veto so when you veto a bill you only hear about all the good it would have done not the reason that it was vetoed!

    • Donnie R

      Se my comments to the MSGT above. Also our economic boom since WWII created a huge middle class with relative wealth viz viz their humble beginnings. That middle class is right now in intensive care, and could die. Then we follow what has happened to so many countries this century. Lebanon, Venezuela, Cuba, etc. If you don’t believe me, sit down right now and do your inocme taxes. Retired, no cola, taxes increasing, deductions more restricted. That is whole ‘nother story. Instead of a fair tax, we are giving IRS another 14000 agents to help watch us. That in itselrf is justification to repeal OBAMACARE. I hope I live for the day when we elect a President with the proper goals for this country and keeps his(her) promise. Do it before the middle class no longer has enough $$$ to make the difference necessary

      • im_greywlf

        Well 98% of the pop is carrying the top 2% because the REP. wont agree to anything unless like spoiled children they get there way.
        I think what someone said makes the most since Elected Officials MUST get there medical services from the VA and its funding should be based on the territory it serves not just where its at.

    • SwellKel

      I couldn’t agree more. I want the same insurance they have for my family. My husband served 20 years…is he supposed to get crapped on for the next half of his life?

    • Dennis

      I agree with you but please do not blame everything on President Obama. The had had everything that they have right now before President Obama took Office. If you want to blame someone for something then blame the people that came before this President.

      • joycealupugus

        Yes…and before the previous administration…and before that administration…and on and on. That’s what happens when you get power-hungry, corrupt individuals dictating laws that govern the masses but exempt themselves. That what you get when you allow the children in the cookie jar without restraint!!!

    • Visham

      Colonel, you wouldn’t say that if you were still on active duty…

      • im_greywlf

        He couldn’t because as you know an officer in the Military is not permitted to voice any political options.

    • retired AF

      I think the American people as a whole know what has to be done to strighten out our goverment. The problem is we don’t have a leader with enough power to get things started, It is up to congress to repeal these stupid laws,but do you think they are going to vote themselves out of a good thing, and cut there own throat???? I think not.

    • MSG Ret

      why do not more Americans see this! Why? only 50% of us continue to work. most choose to skate along………

      • im_greywlf

        Not True some of Use would almost kill to find employment to be able to be self-reliant but due to issues we have no control over it is not truely possable.
        Not to mention that the upper2% have skated along on not what they have earned but to often what they got from there parents who got it from there parents …

    • SGM Ret 37

      I concur w/Rock. We served, some were called and stayed in after Viet Nam, finish our commitments, look forward to the promised/contract benefits only to find that with each new administration there is less and less for a Veteran and their families to look forward, yet we continue to serve. We write/sign the blank checks and some pay the balance with their lives or limbs and let us not forget the sacrifices the dependents carry and pay as well. Let those who have never serve stand One Watch in our boots or served a tour try living after serving.. They’ll find that it is unjust, unfair and UnAmerican to subject us to all the broken promises and poor VA action support to expedite claims and simple questions w/o the bureaucratic RED TAPE that Congress mandates and or imposes.

    • cathec

      retired Army LtCol
      I agree that we need to change all the retirement and medical benefits of the congressmen but not convinced that we need to repeal the obama care.

    • Howie- Retired

      I think Americans can see that congress/president should be on same plan for health care and other benifits as the rest of us- but, they are in control and will not change .
      Obama now wants bipartisanship. What a joke- he could have had it the last two years, but he , Nancy, and Harry would have no part of it. The three of them should go. All three are out only for themselves and could care less for the rest of us- particularly the military.

  • Betty Rollins

    All politicians including presidents and past presidents should be put on the same health system as the rest of us and under the same retirement standards. The free ride should be over. Freedom is not free. Our service men, women and their families pay a big price. They certainly deserve more than they get. Some live just a few dollars above the poverty level.

    • dee

      I hear all the time about Medicare being free for those over 65. My wife and are in our seventies and we pay almost 6000 dollars a year for our Medicare and the Supplement you have to pay the part that Medicare doesn’t pay. I wish there was a way to force the Congress and the President and Supreme Court judges to be on the same Medicare as we are. Also a Congressman should have to have 10 yrs. to be fully vested in his or her retirement like the rest of us in civilian life have to. I spent eleven years in the military and had four children to feed and house so I ended up having to get out to be able to afford my family. That was before the wages you folks are paid now. I also feel every young person should have to spend a mandatory two years in the Military upon completion of HS.They should be schooled in whatever field they qualify for. They should be given a place to live, their meals, their clothing, and free medical care and two hundred dollars a month and no chance of promotion until their two years is completed. At the completion of their two years they should be given the chance to enlist in the branch of their choice and at that time promoted to the rank of E-4.

      • kat 3

        As the wife of Retired 21 year strait legged Infantry man, I know what you are saying. We do pay 3 times as much for care for the two of us as when he was first retired from the Army.
        But if this health plan were implemented as mandatory when we were military, we would be ‘Fined’ for not being able to cover our children. Each member of the military should not have to worry (medically) about their family that is left behind, as they go off to do their duty.

  • AF Sgt

    As an active duty service member I chose by my own free will to serve this country despite the good and bad of politics. I believe in my CINC and believe that he will continue to support veterans. Hopefully after I retire in 5 years I will have the same optimism that I do now.

    • Norm

      SouNds like you are sleep walking, retired RETIREES ARE SECOND CLASS CITIZENS, and obama has two years left. USA SGM (ret)

      • Bob

        Norm said it right, 2nd class is correct, retired who?? Free medical for life
        were the words I spouted as an AF recruiter (11 years) and what puts the icing on the cake is those words were in print on the AF sales aid for recruits to see

        • William

          Bob : The Navy spun the same LIE as I found out after retirement and fulfilling my part of that supposed contract should have bought stock in Beach Front Property located in Arizona instead.We are all gullable when we are young and trusting.

    • DoubleAce

      When I was a young active duty Sgt I too was naive and believed what they told me. I think it was Churchill who said “if you are young and not a democrat you have no heart. If you are old, and not a conservative, you have no brain”.

    • Retired LTC

      Keep your optimism, kid. The people who have responded to this thread so far have fallen into the “poor me” trap of the right wing. We Americans still have it better than anywhere else in the world, and we retirees have it better than most other Americans.

      • cathec

        retired Army LtCol
        Glad you pointed this out. I can see myself falling in the same mindset. We all have to work at it and be hopeful.

    • Ice Queen

      Dear AF Sgt. How good to see your post. I’m retired AF E-8. (24 active duty years). I also volunteered freely to serve my country and believed in all the CINCs I worked for and have continued to stand by any CINC who was duely elected! I use TRICARE prime and am very grateful for it. It has served me well and I am always amazed at the very low co-pay I pay – if I pay anything at all. While I pay $460 for me and my husband per YEAR….I have civilian friends who pay $1,000 per MONTH for health care! I was NEVER told I’d have free medical for life but at the rate I pay’s damn near free! I’ll never complain about it! I’m proud of you my fellow Airman! God bless you! Gail

    • Edwin

      Get ready for a big surprise. When you retire and turn age 65 instead of paying $115 for a wife and yourself, you will be paying a bit over $100 per MONTH. Just when your income becomes a low point, your health care hits a high point. Isn’t that great!

    • Cindy

      As a retired MSgt, I can tell you, you won’t be “optimistic”
      It’s a good thing I retired when I did, Because I would not call the idiot living in the White House a CINC. I was struggling when Clinton was in office but this dufas takes the cake!!

      • 1 Ret. Soldier

        Amen to that Cindy!

    • 1 Ret. Soldier

      This CINC I didn’t vote for and he doesn’t support the military. I was in Kuwait when he came through, he got his brief went to Iraq, then back to Kuwait and home. He wouldn’t talk to the troops, now we are suppose to believe him?
      He has spent his whole life on easy street!

      A retired Army Troop served in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s.
      I started out AF then went to the Army!

    • Stryker101

      I hope you have a good retirement and that you realize that when you retiire you want get a pay raise and good luck getting VA. I served 40 yrs and still not getting VA still fighting for it and been retired 5 yrs not 1 pay raise and no VA. So don’t have to much confdence in something you dont have

    • rob

      well enjoy your 1% raises now cus your not getting bumpcus if hes in

  • Historyshowsus

    What I would like to know is if Obamacare is so good and the TYA option is such a beneficial part of Obamacare then WHY ISNT IT AVAILABLE TO THE TROOPS?
    Simple, it’s too expensive. If we can’t afford it for the military then how do we afford it for every man woman and child in the country?
    This bill admits that it is unaffordable by it’s very absence of a key benefit (TYA) in the military health plan.
    If this bill is so good and we will be able to keep our current health plans, if we like them, (as Obama promised us) why are dozens of major corporations (AT&T, Verizon, Caterpillar, John Deere, Prudential) doing studies on how much they will save by paying the fine to the federal government instead of offering health care? These companies will lose millions (in some cases 100s of millions) because of Obamacare. Seems like I won’t be able to keep my health plan if my company decides to drop it because its cheaper to pay the fine.
    If this bill is so good then why did dozens of companies (including McDonalds) already cancel health coverage to part time employees rather than being forced to offer full medical to high school students working part time? There were so many companies canceling these programs that this administration granted dozens of waivers. Why do you need waivers if this plan is so good?
    This bill is a disaster and everything the right said would happen because of it is coming true.

    • ches

      isnt all those companies major corps you mentioned . then think about it man its about protecting their bottom line not you.


      if you are going to list references as your basis for argument you might want to use some no-biased references. All the refernces you post are from conservative/republican sources.. Do you think everyone is as gullible as you?

      • retired AF sargeant

        Obviously you don’t read the liberal huffington post or the new york times. There was even coment in the time magazine and the rolling stone Re: exemptions.

    • 06 Bob

      Obamacare gives the employer of 50 or more the choice of providing an “approved” healthcare plan (approved by the Sec of Health) or paying 8% of payroll and the employee can have Obamacare!

      I’m a retired Navy 06 and have a business where I employ 30 people. My health care cost is currently 11% of payroll. If this act is allowed to stay, guess what healthcare my employees will have? That’s exactly what this administration wants, nationalized health care, and that’s how they’re going to get it! The next target will be Tricare which will eventually be folded into Obamacare. Read the “Bill” folks, congress didn’t and it is very costly and ominous as to how government will have further control over your well being. Particularly as you age!

      • AF Chief

        You’ll probably do like most employers – drop the health care benefit – pay the fine per employee, and add to your bottom line. Most employers across the US over the past decade have reduced health care benefits passing more of the benefit cost to the employee. In many cases, the increased cost is more than the employee can bear – so they drop coverage….Starting to get the picture yet Col? The reduced pool of individuals in the health care pool requires higher premiums to pay for claims.

      • Ret. CDR USPHS

        Perhaps you prefer insurance companies controlling our lives. America is the only industrialized country with for-profit health insurance companies. As a nurse of 30 years, and being in both the private and public sector, I know that our health care is rationed by insurance companies. We all end up paying for the uninsured anyway. In my opinion, the Health Care Reform Act didn’t go far enough. Change can be painful, but we need to do it.

      • Dennis

        I do not like the term Obama care but this is a great comment. Ask yourself did President Obama pass this bill on his own?

    • Retread

      Retired Air Force (Enlisted and Officer)
      I thought that Congress was a reflection of the will of the People they represent. If the Congress doesn’t accurately reflect the will of the people then vote them out. There has been much said about “ObamaCare” being the wrong thing for the country…but no one explains why…. Is it that we’re just listening to the rhetoric or do we really know? It’s too expensive, perhaps; but if we have to take care of the poor anyway via Medicaid or unpaid emergency room visits, what’s the difference, we’re still paying. If we as citizens have to pay for anything, I’d prefer to pay for a healthy, country and workforce as opposed to some of the other things I’m paying for such as a tax break for the top 1% of the country. We would encourage many more businesses to hire by not forcing them to pay for health insurance and using the taxes from that top 1% to fund healthcare for everyone. Let’s face it…We served this country to ensure that we continue to have a voice…so why aren’t we using it.

      • trishmartin45

        Dear Retread…if you want to know WHY Obamacare is bad for the country – do the research. Go to the Congressional Records. A copy of the bill will be there and you can read what the Congress DID NOT read – how this plan affects the country as a whole, all to provide “healthcare to those who don’t have health insurance, but already get healthcare at taxpayer cost. With Obamacare, these increased costs will assessed to those who work and pay taxes to pay for those who don’t – for whatever reason, i.e., illegal alien status, on long term welfare, homeless, uneducated (for any variety of reasons) and therefore unemployable, etc. Those who aren’t in favor of Obamacare are NOT spouting rhetoric..they’ve done their homework. I’m all in favor of ENCOURAGING our populace to CONTRIBUTE to those less fortunate, but I am totally against being FORCED to PAY as an additional tax burden to those who seem to feel that we owe them something for nothing. Military and retired military ARE owed for services rendered and are being given the shaft with a barbed wire cluster!

    • SFC-Ret Rich Gomez,

      Just by reading your User ID, I believe you are still in the bush smoking funny stuff and your lack of proper identification tells me you are not and never have been military. Additionally, your ID “HISTORY-SHOWS-US” tells me that you are nothing short of being an instigator, why do you false prophets always have to pop up with your negativity. Why can’t you be positive, provide useful and practical ideas for correcting the problems out there in our country. I don’t listen to folks like you because you scare me as it is obvious you don’t hear the echos of your mind.

    • bufict

      Give your fingers a break, you write a whole lot and says nothing.

    • joycealupugus

      From what I understand, the Muslims have all been granted waivers.

    • Byron

      You obviously don’t know what you are talking about and just making assumptions, in addition to being a disabled military retiree I am also a retiree of AT&T and the medical insurance they offer their employees is above what obama care offers.

    • Roger Pickering

      “WHY ISNT IT AVAILABLE TO THE TROOPS? ” Because they have their own medical care? Unless things have changed since I left the service, troops get free medical care for themselves and their families. I had 2 children when I was active duty and did not pay a dime for their care. My son had two operations, I had dental work done, and never paid a dime. Troops don’t have to worry about getting their health care cut because a family member gets sick and their are no pre-existing condition clauses.
      The CBO states that the new health care law will actually save money. My daughter worked for Taco Bell, which eventually (after she became an assistant manager offered her health coverage – $200/month bought $2000/per year! Do the math. People need good, affordable health care and the emergency room is not the place to get it!
      Please do look at other than neoconservative papers and sites.

  • CAPT sds

    Representatives and Senators should not be Federal Employees. They are there to represent their States and State districts, and therefore their pay, benefits and costs should be borne by the States they represent. This would put an end to the healthcare and retirement gravy trains they are currently on.

    • Mary JH

      Best answer I’ve seen. Would solve the inequities they foist on us if they were subject – as they should be – to the same terms.

    • Bill

      I never thought of it that way. But are right,boy would that change things

    • Retired

      I like this, believe everyone should let their rep’s and senators know how we feel about it. If they get enough heat maybe just maybe they might start doing something instead of wasting our tax money.

    • Dennis

      This is something that needs to be put to the vote. I never thought of this in this way at all. Do not let this drop. I am going to research how they get paid first and if this is true I will send this suggestion to every that says they want to reduce the federal budget.

    • Ret 1SGT Spouse

      My husband has been saying this for 30 years at least.

    • ExUSAFSSgt

      Here’s an addition. Pay comes from the state and at every election the people vote on if they should get a pay raise. If they are smart enough, they would use this as a performance report to tell them if the people who vote for them approve of what they are doing.

    • Jeff

      That is about as dumb an idea as I have ever heard. First, it would never pass the constitutional amendment process.

      Second, they are elected to represent their constituencies in the federal government. Under your plan they would be little more than a redundancy of the state government. Now, if you want to get rid of state governments, I might be for this idea but not likely.

      Third, they are elected to make laws for the nation as a whole. I certainly don’t someone paid by another state, making laws for me.

      Fourth, we tried something similar to this under the articles of the confederation, it was a disaster.

      Finally, I don’t want my state unfunding some of my requirements so it can pay a congressmen or senator.

      • LT USN (Ret)

        This is what I mean! O.K. Jeff you have all the answers, you tell us what will work! Because what is now in place is not working at all!

    • im_greywlf

      downfall is that poor states might have a problem paying for such not to mention that it would create more politics that’s just not needed.

    • LT USN (Ret)

      The sad part of all this is we really can’t do anything about it. We vote for people to get in there and make changes and to lead us out of this mess and when they finally get there they also become part of the problem. We need more than one person to take this on and that will never happen in the style of government we presently have available to us today. We are headed the same way as the Romans.


    • frank

      Excellent reply, States should fund their representatives, then Congress would be accountable for their decisions constantly, not just during re-election. Propose this idea at your next city counsel meeting or pitch it to the Tea Party, they seem to be open to new ideas.

  • Jessica

    My husband is retired Army,served in Korea and Vietnam as many of you have,and God Bless all of our Military.The man in the white house as well as a lot of our other so called leaders don’t know what it is to serve and protect our GREAT Country,and yet the first thing they always want to do is “Take away from the Military”,the very people who protect America,I for one can’t understand this!!! There terms should be limited to “4” years and yes,their Health Care the same as ours,and when it comes to getting a
    “Raise in pay” how about giving it to the Military for a change instead of yourself,their the ones who save your butts!!!! I get so mad some times I could screem!!!!!!!!! A Proud Wife of an Army Man

    • John

      Why not just screen to get off your chest! You have no respect for the Commander in Chief.. You do not know what it is to serve stop pigbacking on your retired husband status!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Norm

        John, i am a three war veterean over 25 years on foreign soil, I also have no respect for stupidity or that commander – in- chief imperson ator US ARMY SGM (ret)

        • Brian

          It would be nice to have someone who actually knows what it is to serve, but it’s not a requirement. And most who did serve were officers so what makes you think they would have a high opinion of the enlisted force, or could truly empathize with us? If you think President Obama is stupid, please tell me what you thought of Bush.

  • Kathleen

    I’m truly sickened by most of the comments here. Sad day when our men and women in uniform have no respect for their commander in chief, whether they agree with his politics or not.

    • Semper Fi Guy

      Kathleen you are as brain dead as all of congress!!!!!!!!! I sugest you move to another country cause you sure are not a true American.

      • Col K

        Mr Semper Fi, your choice of words makes you look like your discription to Kathleen. Since you are a true American Why dont you write your own “Mr Semper fi care” and suggest to the government via the press. No.. I am sure you wont so you rather come here and talk like a very uncivilliazed thug. Just a reminder the United States was founded on simple exchange of ideas hence our first Amendment. You probably have no place heer in this discussion if you can not control your lips. if you are a true Devil Dog you’ll your words would reflect it. “Mr wanna be Semper Fi”

      • Kathy

        I second that move…..she’s obviously not ever left America and seen poverty of other countries….she needs to “give it a true”…..guarantee she’ll be RUNNING back for cover in America.

    • 06bob

      Kathleen, you misunderstand the relationship of the troops to the CINC.

      We always respect the rank but the person wearing it must earn that respect!

      That hods true for all CINC’s in the past and will for the future. From what I’ve seen thus far the current CINC will likely not gain that respect as an individual.

      I suggest you read Bob Woodward’s book about the 1st 2 years of this administration. You’ll get a flavor of where the military stands with the Obama Administration.

      • AF Chief

        Read Wiidwards book. Actually a pretty sobering account of repeated request for options that the military stonewalled and did not provide. Unlke Woodward’s account of “Bush at War” Obama did not fire generals to get an answer he wanted. Obama continued to work with the Generals. Much like field, company and senior enlisted work with clueless 06 who may or may not ask for options.

        • CPT Jon

          K, Respect is earned not given. Were you ever in the military? And the CINC has appolgized to the world for the actions taken by goventment officials of this country. That is not somehting I want to see ever again.

          • ob08

            CPT Jon – you have been watching too much FAUX. Get outside that narrow minded box you are hiding in and you will feel better. CINC has earned his position – he was voted in by a varst majority o f Americans in 2008. Bush and his cronies damaged this country world wide – get yourself educated and stop spewing your garbage here.

          • kevin

            Dude first it is fox news and it is problely the most honest news on the net work……….all I want is what I was promised when I came into the military…..wasnt free medical for life one of the deals, well I pay for it…….and now they want to raise get your facts straight……….they dont care about us

          • ArmyWife

            Too bad you don’t realized that hoods like Soros and Acorn bought his way into the White House. He’s just a puppet doing their bidding. You apparently have your eye’s closed. Wake up and smell the corruption in our government before it’s too late. These fine military men are correct you MUST earn respect… getting the title is the easy part. Smooth talk doesn’t sway the smart people in America. Get real. Your rose colored glasses need a good washing.

          • rob

            damaged this country worldwide, yeah right. so you care what some other sleazy nation thinks of us, they have always been jealous of our blessings, and im so glad obama has got the oil prices down and has stabilized egypt with his grand we arent christian speechand korea is at peace and no nukes in iran, oh wait

    • Norm

      I spent thirty years in the Army, retired because, i refused to call Clinton commander in chief, got any idea how i feel about that socialist Obama?

      • G-man

        The military is the closest thing we have in this country to real Socialism. You were able to survive in that environment for 30 years. Get over it…

        This President is much more of a Corporatist than a Socialist. He is way closer to the center than the pundits will ever say. Follow the money trail on the Health Insurance Reform and see what industry just received 32 million new customers.

        Stop listening to fat men on the radio and form your own opinions.

      • christian

        Norm, that “MAN” IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Whether U like it or not….Could it be the U christians are NOW the MINORITY…Don’t worry about your grandchildren or great grandchildren they will be just fine…It will still be enough of U people to keep this hatered going….

      • USMC Viet Vet ret.

        Please go to the dictionary and look up socialist and socialism. Also keep in mind that there are many “social” programs in our country, such as Tri-care, VA benifits, FBI, FDA FAA, local police, fire departments, public schools,etc, and, oh-yeah, The Military. These are all things “for the people” for the “commons”, in other words, for the good of all. All manner of programs have to be “set up” and ran by government and paid for by taxes. we should all pay our fair share, and I think that those who are able can pay a little more. All these people screaming CUT TAXES, CUT TAXES,are not friends of the military, nor any veteran or retiree, or any of us that receive VA or Tri-Care benifits!!

    • Norm

      Dont publish it, if you cant tolerate the word SOCIALIST, sensorship at its best Norm

      • Norm

        Respect must be earned get a clue.

    • Dennis Habern

      This is a repeat performance:

      PART 2 PART 2 PART 2

      As a measure of good will, Tony Blair loaned this bust to the United

      States to be be renewed upon request, but instead, Obama returned it

      to England, which I find quite rude. The negative list is quite

      extensive, but nobody like yourself, or members of Congress have the

      guts to confront this imposter, because he is BLACK, if you follow. This

      pretender to the White House is leading the United States down the road

      to Socialism, which history has indicated that Socialism, in all its forms,

      has never functioned well, to its expectations, and neither has Karl

      Marx’s “COMMUNISM,” which is a form of Socialism, if you indeed do


    • Jim

      The man won’t put his hand over his heart when the Star Spangled Banner is played. Seems like he’s the one with the lack of respect…

    • Carleen

      They are speaking the truth. Everyone is allowed an opinion just like the President. As far as I can tell, the President has no respect for service men and women.

      • Larry

        Yet, over the past two years…this administration has given us a better GI bill, increased beneifits for families, provided more benefits to the VA, has highlighted the need to reach out to homeless Veterans and has instituted a real attempt to bring these veterans back into the system. If you actually took the time to really read and inverstigate on your own…not listen to some “bumper sticker” slogan by some right politician, you will see this administration has done more for the military than Bush did during his entire two terms.

        • tdhowell

          Fact Check – While I not attacking or supporting the President; I want to clarify, that the Post-9/11 GI Bill originated during the Bush Admin and was a product of the 110-111th Congress.

        • Karen

          Amen… the military has been one of Obama’s top priority.. He has been trying to bring the troops home from Iraq. A war we should never have undertaken and trying to stabilize Afghanistan. He has not been using the military as photo ops as Bush did. He has really been trying to help the military. He has had to work with the Republicans who have tried everything in their power to make this administration fail. Hopefully our government will work together before we become a 3rd world country. We are the only modern country without a healthcare system for all it’s people.

          • hopcolyte

            We may be the only ‘modern country’ without a healthcare system for all, but look where the vast majority of medical and pharmacological advances are happening. Where do the monarchs, dictators, and other heads of state go when their life is in peril because of a health problem. Break up the healthcare professional unions, streamline- but don’t disable- the approval processes, and stop the bureaucratic overregulation that ensures these advances take 3x as long to come to market, and cost 50x more.

          • lonewolf

            WAKE UP The Obama or dems have been in control since 2006 where have you been and if they would release the truth we DID FIND MWDS the first time we went over there in 91 and i have news for you they are still there (Iran) chew on that

          • rob

            we are the only modern country where have you been but only those with low populations and have no military expense have a sucessful national healthcare, they wouldnt dare cover what we are proposing to do

        • kevin

          Larry I can tell you have never served with that remark….Bush gave us the highest raises in history, this admininstration could give a dam about the military………..why dont you talk to some active duty folks and im sure you will hear what my sediment is

          • ABN Retiree

            Amen Kevin.


      • ob08

        Poor Carleen – another uneducated FAUX supporter. The President has been an avid supporter of the military since day one in office. The First Lady has devoted her time to military families. My question to you Carleen is – where have you been? Of I forgot, you only watch the most uninformed TV in America – FAUX news.

        • kevn

          ITs FOX NEWs what country are you all from

        • Ruth

          I have to tell you that spelling FOX FAUX isn’t changing anyone’s mind and it closes many. You aren’t being clever or showing us how well educated you are or convincing anyone. It’s like the idiots who go around pronouncing Target Tarjay and thinking they are being amusing or superior in some way. It just doesn’t work. Stop it.

        • rob

          yeah he so concerend that hes gonna relieve base housing shortages by putting all the gays up jersey shore style

      • WBS

        It is high time for our elected officials to stop lining their pockets, receiving the best health care available, and looking to raise our health care costs over the next few years by 3 times what we’re paying now. How about a proposal that they use their raises (which by the way we, as retirees, have not gotten ANY over the past few years) to donate to Tri Care or as I call it Try Getting Care, so that the men and women of the armed forces can live on the measly retirement we are afforded, much less raising our health care costs when we get NO raises in Cost of Living or anything else. I know this post will do absolutely no good because none of our elected officials care about the men and women who laid their lives on the line so that those same officials can grow fat on what they are slowly taking away from us. Even better….why don’t they sacrifice their fat pay raises so that we can maintain our meager existence without having to worry about constant raises in health care with absolutely no cost of living raises to compensate for the rise in health care costs.

    • Don

      That’s because Obama has not earned the respect of the board posters here.

      Respect is EARNED Kathleen, not automatically granted.

      • WBS

        Kathleen, Being a POTUS zombie isn’t anything to be respected either!

    • llboydtx

      Respect is earned, not just freely given to a tittle.

    • Col K

      Kathleen et all, Lets not hid behind the deep rooted ill feelings formed by party lines. The truth is none of you could in your wildest dreams handle the stress that comes with been the POTUS. so please take a seat deflate your over inflated ego’s of been 100 years in the military there for making you think you became smarter. As an Officer and also a prior enlisted member of the U.S Armed Forces I want to remind you of what really sickens Kathleen. You all swore to to defend the consitution of the United States and “OBEY ALL LAWFULL ORDERS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” key word here is obey all. You did not join the service to for the President to earn your respect. You are at his disposal and if you dont like this I think its time for you to leave my beloved Service.
      Save your earning respect garbage for the field. This the decisions made byt he POTUS is larger then you or I. its your job to defend what passes as LAW regardless of who suggested it.

      • Sailor

        Colonel, you and your ilk are the problem with today’s military. You were for some reason promoted to a position well beyond your intelligence, and because of that, you feel superior. For a person who can barely read and write to criticize the rest of us is despicable.
        Your whole attitude projects your subservience, which is probably why you were promoted; as a lackey you curried the favor of some superior.

      • Norm

        No disrespect to you Col. but your english stinks. Could i see a copy of your DD214, thanks US ARMY SGM. (ret)

      • retired6

        Correction Sir, Swore to defend the constitution of America against all enemys foreign and domestic and to obey the orders of those appointed over me so help me God. Not the Orders of America

        • Spouse of Veteran

          AMEN to that. Not to follow orders given by someone whose citizenship is in question, let alone someone who has no knowledge of what it means to serve his county. ( which ever one that is.)

      • USCG Ret

        Typical Officer, uninformed, can’t spell and poor grammer

        • Naval Officer (Ret)

          you have a problem with authority! You are not even a part of DOD, you wanabe sailor! (Lake patrolman) LOL

      • Top_Q

        Are you serious – Obey all lawful orders is MUCH different than it’s your job to defend what is passed into law – AND – I don’t think who passes it is relevant at all!

      • kevin

        LOL LOL what are you another constitution whiz……the President is not larger than us he represents us and is suppose to do the will of the people…and so far he has failed to do so

      • ArmyWife

        You are mistaken Sir, the key word is “lawful”. In another year you will see that the government will once again change… for if you would only read your lawful papers that this country was founded on you would know that: “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” Perhaps many should take a refresher course in U.S. history and learn that the power belongs to the people – a God given right.

      • Naval Officer (Ret)

        This is a sick man who got off of his meds, please be kind to him!

      • lonewolf

        TRUE BUT REMEMBER YOUR Oath to defend this country against foreign
        and domestic enemies and the UCMJ to obey all LAWFUL ORDERS

    • COL P

      Respect is earned and not from positional power.

    • tanker032001

      It’s interesting that you are sickened by the people who fight for this country, who never get a chance to voice their opinions in public because of their dedication to duty, and responsibility as soldier, sailors, airmen, and marines. This little forum may just help those who serve to get frustrations out without causing trouble for themselves. Not to mention none of these fine folks have said one word of disobeying orders from the Commander in Chief, they just don’t like how he is ruining the country the work, bleed, and die to protect!!!!!!!!!!

    • Christian

      Kathleen, I’m a spouse of a Ret. Marine. I also can’t believe the comments that I have readed..About our commander in chief. What is this country coming to? Now that the House is represented by the majority, what will this country be saying next…? Who got us in this mess in the first place?

      • DOD

        I thought the mind of a Marine was small but the mind of his wife has to be the worst!

    • spous of Veteran

      Kathleen, don’t you realize that you have to earn respect? this man has done nothing that I respect. Refuses to put his hand over his heart for any flag, song or soldier. Apologizes because we are Christians?? C’mon, wake up. He is slowly doing what he intended to do from the beginning, and that is make us Christians a groveling minority in our own country.
      I won’t be around to see it, but I worry about my grandchildren and great grandchildren

    • DOINOK

      Good thing I’m retired (04-Army). I now can choose to respect (or not) anyone I want. Not that wearing the uniform once again, would change my feelings.

    • CW

      Respect is a two way street where people are concerned. I absolutely respect the office of President, while I have no respect for the individual currently holding that office. As a retired Air Force member, if he put out a call to defend this country I would respond instantly. On the other hand, if he was on fire, I wouldn’t pee on him to put it out.

      • ob08

        Spouse of Veteran – Did you serve? It sounds like you cannot stand a black man in the white house let alone being the CINC. Tough luck lady – it is what it is. Your biggotry is ruining this country.

        • USCG Ret

          There is always some liberal idiot that has to bring racisim into the conversation

        • lonewolf

          WAKE UP it has NOTHING to do with him being Black I would have voted for C. Powell if he ran this man is not a CIC he has done nothing to show he would defend this conutry the only thing he has show is how weak a cic he is come on saying the things he has said to other counrtys about us and how sorry we are give me a break

      • ExUSAFSSgt

        Well said. You can respect the position, as all military do, but you do not have to respect the person in that position.
        And ob08 what does the color of a persons skin have to do with anything??


      You being sickened to the comments makes me believe you have no military back ground. I served 20 years in the United States Marine Corps. My family knows the military way of life and now the Sec of Defense wants to cut health care to Retirees. We dont have many benefits and we served. Did he? Not many politicians have any military experience and they get better benefits than those of us that fought and died so they could be free. Did not cost them anything. The price of Freedom is what us veterans and young men and women that serve now paid for. The commander in chief has no idea what it is like to leave your family for months and years. Retirees paid for the little benefits we get. So dont be saddened you should stand up for us and help protect our TRI CARE>

      • WBS

        AMEN, Amen, And AMEN!!!!!!

    • I’m truly sickened that you or anyone else would expect blind adoration for this President or any other by those who have served this nation. After 23 years of biting my tongue, as to what I thought of our commander in chief, I now speak as a free man and use my God given right to do so. I didn’t like our past President either, but I am deeply concerened with the one we have today. I can say that I do not agree wth Fox news and their assessment of hm. I do not think he is a ocialist. I think he is a communist that is using socialism to bring down our nation. But hey that is what I think as a free man and not as a puppet as Kathleen would have me be.

    • SGM RDR (Ret.)

      Yes Kathleen, we are in sad days. Help or give some of your time at the VA and you too will learn the true cost of freedom. I remember the 60’s; I remember when I came back from RVN in 1966. Yes I remember; this is why I vote the way I do and stand next to our flag.

    • Sr. Chief Ty Ret.

      Respect is earned!

    • Jim Coleman

      I agree Kathleen. You are right on point. I love the president. The majority of the military is brainwashed by the right and the Republicans for tossing us money at the expense of our peril. – Jimmy, Navy Seabee

    • Top_Q

      Respect as to be earned…

    • Edwin

      Time to pull you head out of the sand. The Gov. in HI has gone on the record as saying that there is NO long form birth certificate in the state. Do you know what this means? You have to provide a birth certificiate to get a kid into little league. Why can’t the president provide one for the highest office in the land? He is a fraud and deserves no respect. And you are correct is a sad day when our men and women in uniform and citizens cannot respect the president. We all deserve better.

    • Linda

      Respect has to be earned! And so far the man living at the White House has done nothing to earn mine.

    • Retired Coastie

      It has noting do do with our leaders political views. If our Commander in Chief knew just an iota of what our military member have sacrificed, the promises that have been made, the promises that have been broken and the ones to be broken in the future, then they would understand why a lot of their proposals are wrong. And yes, I have a great respect for our Commander in Chief. Yes, I am retired military, and no, I do not agree with what their plans are for watering down all our hard earned benefits.

    • joycealupugus

      This very same person you speak of….hates our military, our constitution, our way of life… and he bows to foreign leaders!!! He won’t even place his hand over his heart during the playing of our national anthem. RESPECT!!!!!!!…WHERE IS HIS RESPECT …FOR HIS COUNTRY, FOR HIS FLAG, FOR THE MILITARY…FOR THE CONSTITUATION! There should be a law that the Commander in Chief should have had to serve in the military of this great nation.

    • Ret M/sgt

      I’m sorry Kathleen. I think it falls under freedom of speech–although a general can not call his commander a dumb &&*%!!

    • Homer MSG Ret

      a person earns the respect of others by their actions,not through elections.

    • david

      Its not the commander in chief fault ,he is the President Iam an American Veteran/Retiree ,Its not the VA, its people working, there living high on the hog,You go there you ask for a form for the problem ,they say we dont have forms what do you want and you state again,they say have a seat they make you sit 45 min and give you a form to fill out why cant they say let me help you sir/veteran here the paper/form you need sir…No Mercy We Feel rejected..when i was giong to retire they told me you cant have the Metorius medal (22yrs Service) because you need a PT Test I said Sir I need a medical clearance because im over 40 yrs old ,I Said Sir If Im ordered I will take the PT Test the CPT said you dont deserve the Medal So I REFUSED my military Retirement Parade, 2 tours in vietnam..they mail me the Metorious Service medal…I Felt Rejection You can not understand A Vietnam Veteran only one can relate to the other!!!Its a constant battle with ourseves,Its a struggle then a few in the Goverment have no mercy on us …we are like zombies we have no emotions zapped by war and torn apart by others the rage continues..Iam a Stranger in my own house …looking forward for help thru the VA.

    • Sid

      You fool; you absolute fool. And, you fools, you compleat idiots. Why sit around and make stupid remarks; it gets you nowhere. It isn’t possible to do ANYTHING about ANY of this. You’ll NEVER get a majority in both houses to agree to anything which changes their bird nest on the ground.
      And, when will we learn, that’s why they call us the BACKBONE of the nation; they give us just enough to make us feel like we have broad backs to support them in their shenanigans and it still relates back to the old adage, :There is nothing new under the sun”

      Ole Sid – Retired AF MSGT

      • ArmyWife

        Only fools keep quiet. Brave persons speak up for their right of free speech. Never say never; we can change injustice, it’s been done many times. Keep the faith.

      • LT USN (Ret)

        I agree with you MSGT but ( FOOL AND IDIOT) you went a bit too far.

    • chuck

      Our president is leading OUR country in the WRONG direction. This is the only president that I have no respect for because he is deceiving our country and turning it into a socialist country where government controls everything…….. He is doing this right before our eyes……

      • JR 2

        I agree with you 100%

    • thomas thompson

      I for one respect the position of commander in chief ,it’s been a long time since we had one who sticks up for the veterans.It’s like the government feels that if they can eliminate the health care we will all die younger and they will be able to stop paying our retirement. To put your life on the line for your country seemed like a noble idea at one time but lately it doesn’t seem like your sacrifices were worth very much,HOW SOON THEY FORGET.

    • armres

      How much HONEST respect has he shown for our men in uniform?? Respect has to be EARNED; it doesn’t come with the office. Yes, the
      Office of the President of the United States is respected, but the person
      sitting in that office, has to earn the respect of all Americans. I don’t be-
      lieve this “Commander in Chief” has earned it!

    • John W. (TSgt Ret.)

      Kathleen, we and I mean my Brothers and Sisters in uniform do have respect for our CINC it’s the person who happens to be in office now that some of us don’t have respect for.

      Kathleen, we are just exercising our right to criticize his and other elected officials policies. It called Freedom of Speech. A RIGHT that those of us that are wearing or have worn the uniform of our country have fought and bled for.

    • Larry

      Kathleen, were your parents SHEEP?????

    • OSC Retired

      Kathleen, you need to pull your head out of your butt and wake up, we do not have to respect our CINC to Respect our COUNTRY, Get that through your head.. Maybe you need to take a class called POLITICAL SCIENCE to understand that fact. Try taking a realistic look at what this CINC is doing and the rest of Congress for that matter. better yet, go spend 20 YEARS of your life defending this country. Put your life on the line every day and then, just maybe, you can spout out comments like the one you made. the People that are making these comments have EARNED the right to voice them. what have you done? sat on you backside and just complained? If you don’t like what people are posting here, STOP READING IT

    • JR


    • Guest

      Respect has to be earned, Kathleen. The current commander in chief is more concerned to bowing to our enemies than he is in preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution, as are many in elective office.

      The current choices are Socialism v. Freedom. And as long as those are the choices, there will be no respect.

    • LT USN (Ret)

      We served and sacrificed our own families and lives for this country and its people, we respect everything it stands for, that is why we post because we are frustrated with the way it is being destroyed by governement officials including the president. We just want this great Nation to fight for freedom and respect that was bestowed uopn it by our fore fathers.

    • CDC

      Not sure the “Commander in Chief has much respect for those who serve or at least his ACTIONS over the past two years seem to indicate a substantail lacking. For that matter he doesn’t seem to listen to the American people at all. His entire Health Care Bill had to be voted on behind closed doors and with all kinds of secret deals and hand shakes to get it passed. This November many politicans paid the price of losing their jobs as a result of their poor listening skills. Obama seems just as deaf, if not more to the voice of the American people. 2012 can not get here soon enough.

    • Frank

      Kathleen, it was a sad day when the commander in chief and our politicians failed recognize who they represent; us the people. Power has left them desensitized to the concerns of the individuals they were hired to represent. Instead of listening to our needs, they tell us what we need or what’s best for us. Many soldiers were guarenteed life-time health care and benefits for services rendered, but our beloved leaders have slowly eradicated these benefits while telling us it’s for the benefit of the nation. If these leaders had service-members and their families best interest at heart, they would limit their benefit packages and resort to the health care they deembest for us. Wake-up, and pray our leaders do not run us into bankupcy in your lifetime.

    • Natalie

      What are you talking about?. Men and women in the military always support the commander in chief no matter what. These are just opinions that one’s express. Trust me, if service member dont support our leaders we get in trouble even face uniform code of military justice (UCMJ) which we live by and the Army Values. If you never been in the military don’t just write men and women don’t support commander in chief.

  • heidi

    We respect the position Kathleen, certainly not the current Chicago-corrupted encumbent.

    • Connie

      Kathleen said commander in chief not the position. It is health care and not Obamacare.. There is no such thing as Obamacare!!

      • Kathy

        Obviously, Kathleen has never had ANYONE in her family serve in the military……….what an truly ignorant stmt she made and you Connie are so right to point out there is NO such thing as Obamacare!!

        • Retired LTC

          I served 20 years in the Army and my son is in the Air Force now. And I agree with Kathleen. It’s people like you — those who think anyone who disagrees with you is “ignorant” or could not have served — who have forgotten what this country is about.


      corrupted? You mean like Perry the Republican Governpr who accepts “illegal” campaign funding from the likes of Delay? You know Delay (just found guilty and sentenced to 3 years) is Republican don’t you?

    • Norm

      I have regained confidence, someone out there is awake ,thanks

    • Fern

      Shame on you, Heidi!

    • bufict

      But you loved L”W’…Maybe it’s just the pigmentation of his skin…

    • but i bet you supported the corrupt idiot from texas .

    • 1836eig

      Shortly after Obama was elected I asked one of my fellow workers, who happens to be a stuanch Republican, just why he seemed to dislike Mr. Obama. After stammering for a bit, he admitted that his hatred was because Obama was black and that no black man deserved to be president. Does that ring any bells for anyone here? I hope that my friend was one of a few instead of one of many.

  • ches

    The Rich man and Major Corps. have stolen Democracy from the average man. in this country. and they will stop at nothing, including lying, cheating and stealing to keep it that way.

  • heidi

    I fear our Republic may not be viable too much longer and it doesn’t deserve to be. When we elect a man with no real experience in running anything, let alone any mangement or supervisory skills, but who is photogenic, can read monitors and talk well, then we all deserve what he and his cronies deliver. Just read the contribution from copbobchitown to see a perfect example of the mindset and intellectual level of those ignorant, simple-minded people responsible for the current abomination. .


      speaking of simple minded. How are you?

      • Norm

        SFCRETIRED92 could you send me a copy of your DD214 so i can verify military service. Norm USA SGM (ret)

    • J.J.

      Well Said!!!

    • Norm

      You go girl, and thats just a starter, i make simular comments and they get rejected by the politically correct police. thank you

    • Anne

      I’m an independent voter. I did not see another choice. McCain/Palin? That’s a joke. McCain’s only claim to fame is that he was a POW, and I respect him for what he endured. But he traded on that fame; otherwise, he was in the bottom third in his USNA class, was a mediocre pilot and mediocre officer, so-so in Congress. Tell me what his “real experience” in politics was? And Sarah palin? Don’t get me started.

    • christian

      At least he can read….Our previous Commander and Chief couldn’t do that. Riding on the coat tail of the Rich and Powerfull!!! What is wrong with U people? Ms Heidi get a life…..Because it’s people like you, with the mindset and so call intellectual level that I cannot stand…U must be RICH!!!

    • Retired Navy

      figures, your a woman. you wanted Palin

    • Fern

      Interesting Heidi, that half of the country thinks the other half is ignorant, because they don’t agree with their own thinking, while the other half thinks the same thing about the other half.

    • Capt Gio

      Well put and I regretfully have to agree. The average American has lost the interest and knowledge necessary to participate in the political process that is supposed to define our Republic. All you need to do is turn on a television set during prime time to one of the major networks to see what Americans are interested in. Sorry to say that you are right in assuming how simple minded we have become and can be so easily duped by handsome, glib, self-serving and untruthful politicians.

    • Charliedognavy

      Sounds like you voted for Bush? did he grow goverment? does the Department of Homeland Security come to mind. It took 8 years for him to put us in the worse recession since Eiesnhower and you think the current President can dig us out in two years. Get your head out of the sand.

    • 1SG Mac

      Let’s remember Heidi…this country was in a shambles when this president took office. Bush sent this country to hell in a hand basket by taking us to war in IRAQ!!


    I find it pretty ridiculous that a paper serving our military for the most part, would refer to the Patient Pro­tec­tion and Afford­able Care Act as ObamaCare. As a matter of fact I find it to be insulting to the Commander in Chief. The reference to ObamaCare is anything but a positive reference given the animosity of those opposed to providing better health and insurance options to those in need and the publicity generated by this issue. Apparently even has some opposition or else the name ObamaCare would not be used. It is disrespectful and uncalled for.

    • Joe Gromelski

      Please be aware that the Stars and Stripes blog post had as its headline, “Health care repeal wouldn’t hurt Tricare offerings,” and nowhere in the post was the term “ObamaCare” used. That was altered by

    • DoubleAce

      It wasn’t meant to be flattering to the CINC. It was meant to state some facts. If you can’t stand the facts, then bury your head back in the sand. It is Obamacare, regardless of what label you put on it it is meant to control 1/3 of the economy. This isn’t about healthcare, it is about control

      • Go American

        It’s not the government wasting tax payer dollars and running this country ragged. It’s big business. And what do they care about… the bottom line! How many companies needed bailouts? Who laid everyone off, but who mandates that businesses pay an unemployment insurance? A trickle-down economy is a nice utopia idea, but the bottom-line ultimately comes before any loyalty. The government offers health care to its employees, not all business does, and some better than others. The old healthcare system benefits insurance companies and gives little to the sick and care-givers. Who ran the costs of gas prices up and who sends business to small world countries without exporting any goods to these same countries?

        Compounding matters… Republicans are less a party and more an ongoing civil war. There is a dwindling band of moderate Republicans who understand that they have to work with the Democrats in the interests of America. There is the old intolerant, gun-toting, immigrant-bashing right which sees any form of co-operation as treachery—sound familiar? And muddying the whole picture is the tea-party movement, a tax revolt whose activists—some clever, some dotty, all angry—seem to loathe Bush-era free-spending Republicans as much as they hate Democrats.

        If we’re going to fix this economy, than big business needs to stay out of government. Not the other way around! And Obama is your Commander in Chief; he deserves respect. I don’t think you mind your “HillaryCare”… better know as Tricare!

    • llboydtx

      Since he promoted it, why should he be ashamed to have his name attached to it?

    • Retired SMSgt AF

      Wake up! You are obviously a very ignorant person. First off, OBAMA care is not free and will cost this country. Don’t you get it! If the left can find ways to spend money for entitlements, they will eventually deplete the military because this country will not be able to afford a military. Then where will we be? Research other countries that believe in entitlements and find out how large their armed forces are/aren’t or who in the end has their back. It’s us!!! So let’s spend trillions for “FREE” health care that no one wants to work for and deplete our military! Most citizens in this country wouldn’t be in NEED if they would put down the remote and get a job. This country is based on the freedom to become whatever we want to be. It is not based on sitting on your butt and wait for OBAMA to take care of you. As far as respecting obama, give me a good reason to and I will.

      • Go America

        It’s not the government wasting tax payer dollars and running this country ragged. It’s big business. And what do they care about… the bottom line! How many companies needed bailouts? “Get a job?” Who laid everyone off, but who mandates that businesses pay an unemployment insurance? A trickle-down economy is a nice utopian idea, but the bottom-line ultimately comes before any loyalty. The government offers health care to its employees, not all business does. The old healthcare system benefits insurance companies and gives little to the sick and care-givers. Who ran the costs of gas prices up and who sends business to small world countries without exporting any goods to these same countries?

        Compounding matters… Republicans are less a party and more an ongoing civil war. There is a dwindling band of moderate Republicans who understand that they have to work with the Democrats in the interests of America. There is the old intolerant, gun-toting, immigrant-bashing right which sees any form of co-operation as treachery. And muddying the whole picture is the tea-party movement, a tax revolt whose activists—some clever, some dotty, all angry—seem to loathe Bush-era free-spending Republicans as much as they hate Democrats.

        If we’re going to fix this economy, than big business needs to stay out of government. Not the other way around! And Obama is your Commander in Chief; he deserves respect—a retired SMSgt should know better. I don’t think you mind your “HillaryCare”… better known as Tricare!

    • Anne

      I couldn’t agree more! At least someone had the guts to do something about the state of our health care system, which had been left to rot and bloat and corrupt for many years. It may not be perfect, but there are many good aspects of it and you will find both Dems and Republicans agree on much.

    • Cheri

      I totally agree with you, SFCRETIRED92, “Obamacare,” is a disrespectful reference to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. I am amazed at some of the snarky, unintelligent comments that I am reading here. It is obvious that some are totally unaware of what is actually in this bill, yet they criticize it as if they understand it. The USA currently ranks #37 in the world in healthcare delivery and it’s about time that changes. Although this new law is not perfect by any means, it is a beginning on what we can do as a nation to take care of our own.

      • shupp6

        Taking care of our own would not have us cutting Jobs and cut domestic spending when we fork over billions of dollars to other countries just to be friends with us. Obama say preexisting conditions will be in a high risk pool, key word High risk = High PREMIUMS. Forcing citizens of this country to keep insurance companies in business by making it mandatory to purchase Health Care. True Health Care reform would limit what Hospitals and Doctors could charge their patients not how much they can gouge them because they have insurance. I took my care to the dealership to have a dent fixed and paid out of pocket for the repair it cost 200.00 had I used insurance the quote was 950.00 Hospitals and Doctors are all the same gouge where you can and get away with it.

      • John W (TSgt Ret.)

        Cheri, if our health care is so bad, why do so many despots (Oh, I mean Leaders of other countries) and the Rich of those countries come here for the medical treatment?

        Also, Cheri, some of our elected leaders don’t even know whats in the bill. Have you seen its size. To me it looks about the size of a New Yorks phone book (OVER 2000 WORDS).

    • RDZ

      Even the democrats call it obamacare – in Mass it was called Romneycare… those who understand a natural born citizen is one born to two American citizens and only those who ARE NBCs qualify to be president – those folks are called ‘birthers’ – why? They only want the Constitution to be followed – there’s more name calling coming from the left and then, when they don’t agree with this president; they are called racists… pretty sad state we are in… but this IS obamacare or pelosicare or reidcare – the right was totally shut out on this… is what it is…

      • Augie

        RDZ, it doesn’t matter who calls it “Obamacare’, SFCR2’s point was that it’s official name is the “Patient Pro­tec­tion and Afford­able Care Act”. it’s one thing for you or I to refer to it as that, it’s another for T. Howell to do so in an article that is supposed to inform us on any potential TRICARE mpact, capeesh?

    • uniformed

      Why is the phrase “Obama Care” so offensive when used by MIL.COM???? Geeze…. man the Obama administration has spent $100s of millions of tax payer dollars to ensure the phrase Obama Care is # 1 on all the search engines! Pull you head out of your _ _ _ before its too late!

      Uniformed not uninformed!


      It’s easy to determine the race of the Obama protectors. When are you people going to base your vote on something besides race. You call us racists – I beg to differ sergeant. You are the racist. 95% of you voted for Obama because he is half-black.

      • caucasian supporter

        YOU need a reality check! Definition of prejudice is an unfounded assumption place upon a person or group of people without knowledge, thought or reason.

        Besides, it’s not Obama or the government wasting money and running this country ragged. It’s big business—caring only about the bottom line! How many companies needed bailouts? Who laid everyone off, but who mandates that businesses pay an unemployment insurance? A trickle-down economy is a nice utopian idea, but the bottom-line ultimately comes before any loyalty. The government offers health care to its employees, not all business does. The old healthcare system benefits insurance companies and gives little to the sick and care-givers. Who ran the costs of gas prices up and who sends business to small world countries without exporting any goods to these same countries? So now government has to bail out the economy to keep us afloat.

        Compounding matters… Republicans are less a party and more an ongoing civil war. There is a dwindling band of moderate Republicans who understand that they have to work with the Democrats in the interests of America. There is the old intolerant, gun-toting, immigrant-bashing right which sees any form of co-operation as treachery—sound familiar? And muddying the whole picture is the tea-party movement, a tax revolt whose activists—some clever, some dotty, all angry—seem to loathe Bush-era free-spending Republicans as much as they hate Democrats.

        If we’re going to fix this economy, than big business needs to stay out of government. Not the other way around! And Obama is your Commander in Chief; he deserves respect. I don’t think you mind your “HillaryCare”… better known as Tricare! Oh, but then she’s white, so it’s okay, huh?

    • Jim Coleman

      I have already sent an e-mail to the editor to have “ObamaCare” changed to the correct title. I am glad we are on the same side SFC.

    • bufict

      Exactly, this country is obsessed with skin color that’s why…Most post here don’t have a cue about how their country is ran, yet they spew their hatred for the president because he’s black.

    • RetiredArmyLTC97

      I totally agree that using the term “Obamacare” is very disrespectful. It was coined by those who even if they won’t admit it, are incensed that a half-black man became the President of the United States; and 2) that the legislation finally puts some reasonable controls on the health insurance industgry. The term is designed to inflame the far right, the Tea Party members, etc. It is part of the heated rhetoric that provided the setting for the Tucson shootings which, once again, proved that mentally challenged people have no business owning guns. We need to show respect to the office of the Commander in Chief, not try to defame it with inflammatory name tags.

    • GySgt USMC

      I agree with you. There is so much hate out here. you should not reference Patient Pro­tec­tion and Afford­able Care Act as ObamaCare. Looks like to me, who put this article together has put their on SPIN on this!!! GySgt/USMC retired

    • Jeff

      You are absolutely correct. Imagine if we called the war in Iraq, the Bush War. What would the outcry be then?

      I have a hard time, as one who receives government health care, as a retiree, saying those who need health care, shouldn’t have it.

      Any reference to Obamacare shows a complete lack of respect for the President and the process that elected him. If one has so little disrespect for the process, I have to wonder how much respect they have for the nation and its founding documents.

    • RETCOL

      HOOAAH!!!! Well said! Many have had to put up with longer serving and much more corrupt administrations than our current one and have had to keep their mouths shut for fear of being calling unpatriotic. Now just the opposite is the truth!
      Thanks SFC!

  • Danielle

    I think the writer of the article should reconsider their choice of words for this article. I find term “ObamaCare” to be biased, ridiculous and completely unnecessary for what should be a simple update informing readers of the current status of a health care bill repeal in Congress. Don’t forget President Obama is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

    Oh, and if you just pulled it from the Stars and Stripes article, let me congratulate you on your originality.

    • Joe Gromelski

      Please be aware that the Stars and Stripes blog post had as its headline, “Health care repeal wouldn’t hurt Tricare offerings,” and nowhere in the post was the term “ObamaCare” used. That was altered by

    • tdhowell

      Its called a nickname. Also used by CNBC, Daily KOS, the Huffington Post and Fox news. Not sure how that is biased.

    • Retired AF sargeant

      Remember, we still have the right to free speech. It was just the authors way of using a coined fraze to bring the point across. (Obama Care) The whole point is that we will get stuck with this huge debt while a selected few would be exempt. We must also remember, that this bill was shoved through. “you must pass it to see what is in it”
      Would you sign a contract for a house with out reading the terms or understanding what you are paying for. If you do than you are foolish.



    • gary doss

      One of the better comments. thanks

    • bthomas

      I must say all of you are behind times and been watching to much Glen Beck. We are one of the only countries who is afraid to provided medical coverage for our human race. Maybe everyone would be happy if we had Hilter as our commanding and Chief. God have mercy on all you all souls.

  • Roc Cole

    Where has civil discourse gone? The older health system being replaced is simply out of control and eventually, sooner than later, will totally bankrupt our country. We have no other choice but to terminate a system that benefits healthcare insurance companies and leaves very little money for the people who actually care for the sick , ie doctors, nurses etc. Anyone who thinks that our country has the best healthcare system hasn’t had to pay for their care in the “open” market. Overall the military has had the best system any American citizen could expect, especially compared to our average American working family. Anyone who is against the changes obviously has the right, but please respect others who disagree with you!

    • SeaDaddy46

      Roc Cole, I applaud your call for civil discourse. Just because we disagree does NOT mean that we have to be disagreeable! I agree that the current health care system needs major changes. However, I don’t think adding 2 Trillion dollars to our national debt is the major change that’s needed. We need a change that lessens the cost of care, and will make health care affordable for as many people as possible. The 2100+ page disaster passed as “Patient Protection…” is definitely NOT the change we need!

      • usmcMTL

        SeaDaddy, what do you think about the fact the GOP wants to get rid of VA benefits? to provide VA benefits is NOT constitutional. To provide a “common defense” IS constitutional. What do you think about the fact that the GOP needs to do something about HCR or else the $1.6 Trillion dollar hole in our economy will continue getting worse? What do you think about Bush running up an $11.6 Trillion defecit?

    • Del

      How about a march on Washington? We could hound them on such matters as their health care and retirement as compared to ours. We are all for one and one for all, or are we? How do we get this organized? I’m to old and don’t have the knowledge. Will someone step forward?

    • RDZ

      What needs to be understood rather than overlooked is that Obama as he ran for president made the promise any health care reform would be authored by anyone who wanted a seat at the table and it would be televised on C-SPAN. He had control of this – not only was it not as promised but The Apollo Aliance wrote it without any input from the right. That’s a simple and well-known fact. Anyone who had and took the time to see any of this knows the right had several very good points to add – their first two were TORT reform and the opportunity to buy across state lines. These two would have dropped the cost of our then current health care. His promise was also that ‘his’ plan would reduce all insurance premiums by as much as $3,500 a year – that’s been erased and is likely it will cost at leat tha much MORE…

    • frank

      Roc, I take it you have not worked in public health care system? Why do you think people are not longer flocking to become doctors or nurses, the government has regulated the professions and system to death. The health care system is broken because of govenmental influence! Medicare and Medicaid have destroyed the budget and to fix the problem the government fails to discuss methods to effectively and effiencently change the system, they implement a system they, themselves are unsure of, all the while claiming to ensure “all American’s” will recieve quality heath care. Where are the qualified professions coming from?

  • MSG Luberto RET

    well here we are again, we the soliders who put our life on the line to protect this country and yes everyone who sits in a chair in the senate and in congress are being told we might lose what we were promised, I am tired of hearing that we might get increase’s in our health care or going to lose this or that, we need to hold our ELLECTED officials accountable, if they don’t take care of us like we were promised lets vote them out of office, this country has alot of veterans and we have a voice, mabye we should have a March in Washingtion to show them how we feel

    • Norm

      They dont care how we feel and they prove it every day Norm USA SGM (ret)

    • JANET

      AMEN!!! I’m the spouse of a retired Navy man and believe me he (we) have earned all our benefits, which are practically nill these days. This Socialist in office would love for ALL of us to be under his thumb. I’m all for this March on Washington. Bring it on Brother!!!!

      • Janet

        How do I do this?

  • Retired AF

    The writer of this article is certainly showing partisian politics using the term ObamaCare. The politicians who are so adamant about putting on their dog and pony show voting for a repeal of an act to help ALL Americans should be ashamed of themselves. Many of the retired people (like myself) have a rather comfortable health care package, with TRICARE and Medicare; therefore, I can not understand why they a raising hell because the President is trying to help others who are less fortunate. It is time that some of the people writing on this forum take a real gut check and stop being so myopic because of their politics. Health care should have nothing to do with politics. Get a grip on yourselves, please. President Obama Cares!

    • SeaDaddy46

      As you say “Health care should have nothing to with politics.” Get a grip yourself. Your Caring CinC just spent 2 years making politics have a say in health care. Politics has been involved in health care for as long as we’ve had Medicare. Please use your graymatter for something other than fertilizer for your hair. Don’t accept anything from any public figure as gospel, unless you have already confirmed it for yourself, independently. Our democratic republic is founded on the idea that citizens will educate themselves on all sides of an issue before taking a stand on that issue. Unless we question everything from our public officials, including our CinC, we will continue to slide into the abyss of government by the vocal minority.

      • tomcat

        Obama care is too costly to America, will cause more debt. Needs to be repealed and a better one inserted

      • Amazed

        Pitiful! Case closed.

    • tdhowell

      I say again – Its called a nickname. One that is also used by CNBC, Daily KOS, the Huffington Post and Fox news. Not sure how that is biased.

    • DoubleAce

      Retired AF, you are part of the problem. As long as you get yours it is okay. Truth is, not all of us retired military want free medical care or tricare. I retired in 1988 and have not stepped in to a military hospital or clinic. I got a job, purchased insurance, and use civilian facilities. That does not make Obamacare the answer. I like paying my own way and I don’t want some numbskull who thinks he knows what is best for me and my family making decisions about my healthcare. I want my doctor and I making those decisions. I sacraficed for my country, and freedom in America. I did not sepnd 20 plus years serving my country to have my liberties taken away and given to those who are unwilling to work, or pay their own way. I believe in helping those who need help but there are too many leeches that are taking advantage of these programs.

      • NuclearNavyVet

        THANK YOU! I feel the exact same way… I served my country to keep it free, not to vote myself freebies from the public treasury! It’s unfortunate that in the beginning of the last century we decided it was the government’s job to take care of every bum that didn’t want to contribute to society (as long as they vote ;-)…

        WAKE UP AMERICA! We don’t have to support “business as usual”… we need to demand a return to the constitutional principles that this country was founded on and made it great! It’s going to be difficult for sure… we’ve all enjoyed some sort of government benefit at some point that might be difficult to give up, maybe even make us uncomfortable. But if we don’t have the will to say enough’s enough!… who will? Our children?… That’s the legacy our father’s left for us.

        Our father’s squandered their parents wealth and their children’s… the only thing we have to save is our children’s future, and that’s exactly what we must do.

        • MyOpinion2cents

          Good to see common sense in the world of 52% who pay no income tax and vote themselves benefits at someone else’s expense.

    • SOSVN

      II am also retired AF, I just moved from TX to OK and I can not find a Dr who will take new Medicare patients. So who is going to take care of the new ones under ObamaCare.

      • MyOpinion2cents

        They are busy taking care of the 15 million illegals in this country who are provided a Cadilac health option if they require medical care. Social Securaity is going broke, while paying illegals benefits who never paid into the sytem through their anchor babies on disability. (any little thing that qualifies them so the money can be resent to a country run by crooks and thieves. )

    • KHaynes

      His health care is going to bankrupt our country! That is why it affects politics.

    • Ret M/Sgt

      It is not the idea of getting (giving) health care to ALL people it is the idea that the DAMOCRATS shoved it down our throats whether we liked it not –no discussion. You also seem to forget that you EARNED your health care.
      If you want to pay for MILLIONS of ILLEGALS – donate your retired pay!!

    • MyOpinion2cents

      He cares about getting re-elected, and by the way, when is he going to release his long form birth certificate and school records. Even Pres Bush relesed his poor grades from college.

  • Blue Devil

    It is amazing how well intentioned honorable persons can be so easily misled. When you say that Congress should have the same healthcare as citizens, that is exactly the point of healthcare reform. And to suggest that Obama is screwing the military is patently ignorant. This president has done more for our troops than any other president in my lifetime, including a number of new programs just announced today that he has been assembling over the last year. In fact, during Obama’s short time in the Senate he accumulated a better voting record on veteran’s issues than McCain has in decades. That is one reason why most Veteran’s orginizations support the president.

    • DoubleAce

      What world are you living in? I don’t know what you are smoking but where can I get some. This president has done nothing for the troops or anyone else except himself and his agenda. He is using you and you will be called on to repay him at some point.

    • lifer

      Don’t fool yourself into thinking that this President cares about the military! He CARES about the military vote! That is it–he will do whatever it takes to ensure he gets the military vote in 2012 and then if he gets reelected, God forbid, the military better watch out. All the new programs are focused on the military family. Never in my entire life, yes, I’ve been a dependent that long, has there been more programs for the families and in reality it is a waste of money. The ones we have are sufficient but mismanaged. These new programs are a facade for this administration. The Dems have been mad for years that they don’t have the military vote. Well this administration is determined to change that and how better than to go after the spouse and the family. Nothing improves the working environment for the GI–they are still doing more with less and everyday they are told to keep it up. Yea, those 12+hr. days are starting to wear thin on the GI but instead of the giving the GI the equipment, tools, manpower to get the mission accomplished-let’s give more childcare! So it’s not about the military it’s the vote!

      • rich ret 1Sg

        You got it right……..what is with these idiots still smoking the Mobama lie? He like the clintons hate the military…….and only abide it because the law mandates a standing military. The demolibs have been tossing absentee ballots from troops for years and denying their vote, knowing full well military types generally dont vote demolib. Keep up the fight.

      • lyt

        I have to sadly agree with you ,I cant wait for Obama to be out ,he has not got a clue to what the Military is all about and knows nothing about being a leader ,he is all talk and good at it i might add ,but if you really listen you will find he doesnt say a thing,retired after 26 yrs

    • Norm

      Blue devil, Are you and i living in the same world? Bettercheck your stats on veterans support, HAPPY SECOND BIRTHDAY Norm

    • WMUSMC

      To suggest that Obama is NOT screwing the military is ignorant. Having served my country, oh, by the way, voluntarily, and a husband that has given the military 22 years, it is a travesty that we should have to worry about healthcare now and in the future. I would like to live on our “Commander In Chief’s” retirement. Although it is not a requirement at this time, I think one prerequisite of becoming President, along with being 35, and, Oh, yes, born in this country, you should also have to SERVE this country. And you are sadly misled if you think that OUR troops support this man. Go to the places they are right now, speak with them one on one as people and they will tell you the truth. They are not happy. If I had to “show” my birth certificate to defend this country, why shouldn’t he, to run it; or in my opinion, ruin it. Please, feel free to respond, I just ask that if you have suggestions on how to give me a “BAIL-OUT”, I am totally open to any ideas that may work.

      • Fern

        We have seen Pres. Obama’s birth certificate on TV over and over and over and over again…and we have seen the newspaper announcement of his birth over and over and over again…anyone who still doubts that he was born in the USA is completely and totally STUPID…or you have been living under a rock…what more do you want.

        • Trex

          That “birth certificate” was a fabrication, had the wrong names and dates and POB on it and did not match any legal certificate. Now the Hawailn governor says that Hawaii has NO birth certificate for 0muma.
          So why did I have to show a birth certificate to join the military when our marxist leader doesnt even have a birth certificate of any kind and spent millions to get his bogus birth place, school records, college records and his life history sealed from public view?
          That speaks volumes of his life and character and if you or anyone else believes in or trusts a man who has no history, you are pitiful.

          • RETCOL

            Too much time listening to Rush & Beck. Step away from the radio slowly and your head won’t hurt too badly….

            A shame your loyalty can be so easily stripped away.

        • rich

          Obama’s own aunt said he was born in Kenya..saying she witnessed the birth..duh……guess auntie is a liar? Obama’s Hawaiian BC is printed from a computer printer which did not exist in 1961 and did not have an appropriate seal……his original bc is non existent from Hawaii. Besides being a fraud, Obama spent a bit too much time in the muslim sphere of influence, his real father was muslim, anti capitalist, his step father was an Indonesian muslim…..that mom Dunham left after step father wanted Indonesia to become more western, more capitalist.
          BHO’s white grandparents were admitted communists…….and let’s save Frank Davis, Ayers, and Wright for another time as radical haters who helped form the BHO philosophy. The list is endless of this false prophet to be an interloper

    • g doss

      Probably the most sane and reasonable comments so far!!

    • Sally

      Yeah!! It is nice to hear from someone who has some sense! My husband is retired from the Army & we have great health care through Tricare. We just wish that everyone in this country had the same (which is what President Obama is working on)

      • Fern

        totally agree with you Sally.

      • retired squid

        Why should someone get something that they did not earn… i.e. healthcare… Its a fact that giving everyone healthcare is nothing but redistribution of wealth… I earn it and he’ll give it to someone that is just to damn lazy to work (or serve) and earn it.

    • Trex

      Obama had a record of voting ‘not present’ or abstaining or ‘no vote’.

    • rich

      You must be joking……..this “president” is one of the most anti military hacks in history, worse than that clown Carter and worse than the Clintons who openly tried to remove “uniforms” from the white house. When BHO ranted about Bush and Iraq…..he then moved troops into Afghanistan and there they stay……doing what?………BRINGING DEMOCRACY TO NEANDERTHALS? Come on its all b.s. politics. I lived through it during Vietnam…….cold war and now the same old crap is being played. Every week 2,3, 4,5 troops die in Afghan, which has no resources, no worth and no purpose to “slow kill” our troops with idiotic “rules of engagement” and some bogus military version of “meals on wheels ” to local mullahs to try to appease them into not joining the taliban. Reports continue on taliban attacks, incursions……meanging the US has made no headway in purging this nation of its problems. “The battle line or front” has not moved forward in years……it is stagnant. Why is Obama still in Afghanistan and not fighting to win?

    • Charlie,USMC Ret,DAV

      We obviously don’t read the same PAPERS, MAGAZINES or watch the same News Programs. obama had the worst voting record of anybody up there. It was worse than hillary or kennedy! Go back to the run for the White House. I think it was Time Magazine that did an article on obama. It explained the reasons that he voted the way he did. His advisor told him to be careful of what he said or voted on if he had future political aspirations.

      He voted against a BLACK Man, in Chicago, that used a weapon to defend himself 4 (FOUR) times. The Gentlemans case was eventually heard by the supreme court and he WON, no thanks to obama or holder. We didn’t have any good choices in the last election and I hope we have better choices this time.

      obama care needs to go away!!! If it is so good why have over 100 companies, that supported it, ask for and received waivers and congress exempted themselves and their staff from it???

      We need a 28th Amendment to the Constitution that says that Congress shall pass no law that does not effect the voters and elected officials alike!

  • TexanPatriot

    The new agenda is to get the Retired force to pony up. Our TRICARE will go up 6 to 10 fold. Imagine a $500 a month bill to use the military hospital you were promised would be free for life? It’s coming to you through a Secretary of Defense near you!

    • wendy

      I know.That’s so sad. I feel for every veteran who has with a true heart fought for our country, and then their gov’t. is so greedy and ungrateful that they can’t even pony up minimum health benefits for the retired warriors.

    • RDZ

      And at the same time, politicians continue to add to their benefits…

      • VLM

        RIGHT ON MY BROTHER–WHO said life was fair. You know no-one pays attention to crime unless it HITS THEIR OWN NEIBORHOOD. Then all of a sudden it’s important otherwise they are just reading about stuff that happens to “OTHER PEOPLE”. We are all guilty of that !!!

    • Jeanette

      I agree with you, I guess I don’t live in one of the states that has a hospital to use. Came back to PA and guess hat, most places were closed.

    • Uniformed

      Yor right, I as a retired CWO 2, the proposals by our Secretay of Defense to upping the cost of Tricare would in effect make my medical cost more than I get in my retirement pay! ….And what really bugs me is that it(Medical Care) was promised to be free for the rest of my life!

      Uniformed not Uninformed

    • Visham

      I have seen so much wasteful spending in Afghanistan it made me sick. After reading some of the replies on this thread I KNOW NOBODY KNOWS WHATS GOING ON OVER THERE !!!…. That place is a huge bleeding wound in need of a quick clot bandage>

    • david

      What about the Dental for the rest of my life that was promised when I enlisted 23 Aug 1968, our Medical was supposed to be free,now you have to pay for tricare Prime or you wont get seen they will tell you go to the emercency room,get this when you hit 65 you have to ask your neighbor to help you fill medicare ,look at your military retiree card on the back it expires when your 65 …Thanks to ronnie regan …nobody cares about us were doomed!!

    • 1 Ret soldier frm NV

      Yeeap with that Dufas, Reid and the other 51 democrats commonly called jackasses the symbol of their party!

    • VLM

      Well one alternative is the rich get richer and the poor get poorer–until the rich ahve no more poorer to suck from and then what –hmmm we r about to see in this country–we went from a self sufficient nation to A VERY DEPENDENT NATION–and we r forced to suck up to everyone that we do not beleive in their moral standards–Oh yeah the rich have no Moral standards–which is the FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE — we ARE going down it’s just a matter of how soon — TAKE TAKE TAKE POWER POWER POWER–the sad part is there is nothing that can be done to save us now. It’s not a national thing anymore–ITS GLOBAL we are all in it. It’s sad that those who fought for morality will probably go down first –Well we all know life is not fair and the good guy does not always finish last–SOMETIMES AND MOST OF THE TIME THE ASSHOLE DOES. Take care my brothers and sisters those before us fought and died and those after us will fight and die–but none of us will know why eventually.

  • Retired AF

    Ombama is nothing but a lacky for the rich. His plan does not help everbody and it will be the same thing the military always have, PAPERWORK and hurry up and wait. We no longer run this country. The politicians and the rich do, even foreign rich. Wake up people and bombard senators and congresspeople with faxes and phone calls and tell them how you feel. Then next election vote them out so they can’t retire!!!!!!!!!

    • MrsLfromTexas

      Mr. Retired AF – What in the world are you talking about??
      It is the Republican party, the tea party that cradle and are on the leash of the ultra rich! I can’t believe your comment. What are you listening to – Fox news? Really if you want to learn what the President has done for the military and retired – what he has done to STOP the republicans from taking Tricare away from the miltary – listen to MSNBC station or go the and read what is real. Remember that the Chamber was part of the plot to get donatioins from other countries for God’s sake to help the republican party win this past Nov. The republican party/tea party will destroy what the retired military have if you let them. Already they’ve won the House back and who knows what we’ll be able to do now to help our military and retired. Sir, you are on the WRONG PAGE. President Obama kept Tricare in tack, and helped create the benefits for the Brain Trama injury. The republicans voted NO, that it cost too much. So when it comes to the people of the country, NOT the rich but the working class, we are fortunate to have President Obama.

  • Dennis Habern


    I am appalled by your comments.

    PART 2 PART 2 PART 2

    As a measure of good will, Tony Blair loaned this bust to the United States

    to be newed upon request, but instead, Obama returned it to England,

    which I find quite rude. The negative list is quite extensive but nobody like

    yourself, nor members of Congress have the guts to confront this imposter,

    because he is BLACK, if you follow. This pretender to the White House is

    leading the United States down the path to Socialism, which history has

    indicated that Socialism in all its forms, has never functioned to its

    expectations, and neither has Karl Marx’s “COMMUNISM,” which is a form

    of Socialism, if you indeed do follow.

  • Norm

    OK lets get real commander-in-chief is just a position acquired by the election process, i am not sure which is the most corrupt. There is no requirement to show qualifications for that no more than there is for getting elected. Its a matter of a choice of evils. You dont get to vote for who you want you get their choice of two. We definately need to work on the education system. I live in a third world country just thankful for my passport thats the only u. s. identity remaining.

  • Gunny

    To put it simply: “It is mind over matter, they don’t mind mind and we don’t matter”

  • Ron C

    The problem with congress and all the politics is not our fault. WE cannot do a thing unless by the grace of GOD a law is passed that does NOT Allow a bill to be passed with others attached to it. Each bill should either Pass/Fail on its own merits.
    All we heare is that us Americans are allowing things to happen to us. UNTIL congress/hoouse member is allowed to stay in office for ever and not have a minimum time limit to serve before h/she is can recieve a pention, etc.

    • SFC-Ret Rich Gomez

      Why did you bring God into this? It’s not his fault that you have such a narrow mind, so just leave God out of your tired and mundane arguments. Oh yeah, look in the mirror and you will see the source of all your problems.

  • CPT Jon

    Looks to me like the paid liberals have found this site. Take care what you accept as genuine here.

    • wendy

      amen to that! haha! u said it CPT!

  • CPT Jon

    Ron C, Sorry it is our fault for not removing representatives that no longer represent. When I call my senators office and then get a letter telling me what he thinks I realize the game shoudl be over for him. That is not why he is there.

  • hele

    @blue devil: Yes, it is amazing that maybe you are misled. “a number of new programs just announced today that he has been assembling over the last year” – really? What programs are you talking about and, right, HE has assembled them over a year? Talking to troops ever so few in between, as he and Mrs. Obama do, is a political move and not because he cares. I remember Mr. Obama was visiting Germany and it was scheduled to fly him per helicopter from Berlin to Karlsruhe to talk to the wounded troops – short flight, weather good. Everything was ready, but no, he cancelled and went to the fitness center instead. Everything from the White House is “action” now, because, they finally realize, the people are not as dumb as thought and also do not take it. I have always said, any president, the Commander-in-Chief, should be required to have some military experience. If one applies for any job – education counts- but the experience is really what is more important to get the job.

  • hele

    @blue devil: Yes, it is amazing that maybe you are misled. “a number of new programs just announced today that he has been assembling over the last year” – really? What programs are you talking about and, right, HE has assembled them over a year? Talking to troops ever so few in between, as he and Mrs. Obama do, is a political move and not because he cares. I remember Mr. Obama was visiting Germany and it was scheduled to fly him per helicopter from Berlin to Karlsruhe to talk to the wounded troops – short flight, weather good. Everything was ready, but no, he cancelled and went to the fitness center instead. Everything from the White House is “action” now, because, they finally realize, the people are not as dumb as thought and also do not take it. I have always said, any president, the Commander-in-Chief, should be required to have some military experience. If one applies for any job – education counts- but the experience is really what is more important to get the job.

  • Retired Navy

    There are also some “unpaid” liberal here. I count myself as one of them. It is nice that some here want to re-write the requirements for CIC. When you get it just right send it to a friendly congressperson. Maybe he or she can write an amendment to the Constitution. You know that paper we all took an oath to defend against all enemies, foreign or domestic. Then you get 3/4 of the states to ratify it and you’re in. Meanwhile, show some respect for civilian who is the CIC, because civilian control of the military is a provision of the current document.

    • DoubleAce

      If you are serious aboout your oath, you need to put special emphasis on “all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC”. . I don’t think anyone here is abdicating a military control ,but we are saying he should have some exposure to the military, thereby allowing the CINC to understand the sacrafices members of the military make.

      • top dog

        I guess that mean you too DoubleAce, as it means us all.

  • Tom M.

    Our congressional reps think they are “American Royalty” and are not subject to the same standards as their “subjects”, As long as this is allowed to continue I do not see any change in the way this country will continue to decline. I do not know how “we the people” can correct this unsat situation as we cannot come together as one and use the ballot as our main weapon. The “Royals” make the rules. As much as I hate to say it If things don’t change in this country I see an armed revolution coming. Thats what had to happen to make this great republic and it may have to happen again. What a sad thing to have to say. God bless the republic snd keep our troops safe.

  • Maj Norm retired AF

    Like a broken record, it’s getting a bit old and worn out hearing the same labels that some continuously put on Government Health Care Programs – like calling the Patient Protection and Afford able Care Act… OBAMACare. For those with selective memory, TRICARE in its early days was called Hillary Care by the Republican opponents in an effort to degrade that program’s lofty goals and apply personal attacks against the person(s) leading efforts to ensure quality healthcare, at lower cost and with better access for Americans citizens. TRICARE and Veterans Health Progams didn’t happen overnight. It has taken a lot of resources to tweak it over the years to make it better for military but not before our government and military leaders took on the challenge to make it work. I always come back to JFK’s inspirational Inaugural address: “Ask not what your Country can do for you, ask what can you do for your country”. Certainly all the lofty goals laid out 50 years ago have not been accomplished but as our Nation’s President challenged his generation back then, President Obama today is leading us to “truely make God’s work our own”. Calling Obama a Socialist, like they did with FDR and JFK before him, is just plain ignorant. History shows the same labels used today were applied to programs like Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid and Civil Rights in general. Waving the American flag, wearing flag lapel pins, and proclaiming rhetorical slogans may be ways to display patriotism, but serving honorably in the military and/or as a good public servant, paying fair share of taxes and being an informed voter for the candidate(s) of your choice are the best ways to do it.

    • Mrs Edson

      Thanks you!

  • Rutman

    I want to see Vets and their Families taken care of. They (we) all deserve it. But, the Obama health care plan has so much pork and handouts that it needs to be repealed and brought under major spending control. My Family members who are not Vets won’t be able to afford it. Plus you, me, and the working people of this country are paying for all of the handouts. All of these
    programs that provide free “everything” has to be cut back. There is no incentive to work anymore!

  • Lauren Mitchell

    I am retired Army EOD and have great respect for all sister services. I am trying to figure out how we can impact our elected officials’ health and retirement plans? I mean, writing to THEM would be akin to wrtiting to a militant Muslim planning suicide bombings, asking him to cease and desist!

  • R. Connors, FACHE


    1. I absolutely resent your use of the term ObamaCare. This is a Republican and extreme right term with a negative slant, which is not reality.
    2. Please refer to the correct term, “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”
    3. To all of my fellow Service Members who served on active duty, or are now retired, I say to you, “Why should not every American have the same access to available, acceptable, continuous, high quality, and cost-effective healthcare that you and I enjoyed, or still enjoy as retirees?” it is a travesty that this country cannot take care of its citizens in this regard. We spend more than any other country in the world on healthcare, and get much poorer outcomes than many other countries.
    4. And to Congress, I say, if you want to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act, repeal your own fine healthcare benefits under the Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan, first.

    Robert E. Connors, FACHE, PMP
    CDR, MSC, USN, Retired

    • Ole Senior

      1. I absolutely resent your use of the term ObamaCare. This is a Republican and extreme right term with a negative slant, which is not reality. Really? Who in the world uses a title like that in normal conversation “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” . Obama Care, he pushed it, own it. How about “The Bush Tax Cuts” Oh no, don’t use that term! I resent anyone calling it that. That’s a Democratic and extreme left term with a negative slant. It should be called the “Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001”. Sounds pretty ridiculous doesn’t it there Commander. Grow up and put your big boy pants on. Both are basically acronyms, kinda like FACHE huh Commander.
      2. Please refer to the correct term, “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” . It’s not a “term”, it’s a program, law, economically backbreaking as it is.

      • Ole Senior

        4. And to Congress, I say, if you want to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act, (Obama Care) repeal your own fine healthcare benefits under the Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan, first. The only thing we do agree on

    • Ole Senior

      3. To all of my fellow Service Members who served on active duty, or are now retired, I say to you, “Why should not every American have the same access to available, acceptable, continuous, high quality, and cost-effective healthcare that you and I enjoyed, or still enjoy as retirees?” it is a travesty that this country cannot take care of its citizens in this regard. We spend more than any other country in the world on healthcare, and get much poorer outcomes than many other countries. What countries are you referring to Commander? Canada? Cuba? Great Britain? Better care, less expensive? Hey I tell you what, I believe it’s a travesty that I don’t make the same retirement you do. I should be able to provide for my family in the same manner you do. Who do you think you are making more retirement than I do? I know I was provided the same basic opportunities that you were but I just don’t feel it’s fair or equatable. Just send the check mister!

    • DoubleAce

      You comment ” I say to you, “Why should not every American have the same access to available, acceptable, continuous, high quality, and cost-effective healthcare that you and I enjoyed, or still enjoy as retirees?” it is a travesty that this country cannot take care of its citizens in this regard. I say in return, I don;t know about you but I made great sacrafices to have what littlecare I get. What have they done? The free loading has to stop. Unfortunately these programs have made people dependent on government. They have no desire or need for a job because the government is willing to take from those who do work and give to those who don’t. Don’t get me wrong I think people who can’t take care of themselves need our help, but I am tired of supporting people who are too lazy to get a job, and earn their own way.
      “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are
      willing to work and give to those who are not.” Thomas Jefferson

    • Norm

      Conners, I spent nearly thirty years in uniform twenty five on foreign soil.
      I spilled my blood to get free healthcare and other benifits. Now the government takes ten persent of my social security check, so much for honoring that promice, because they need money to provide for people to dumb or lazy to go to work. With your attitude, thank god i never served around you Norm US ARMY SGM (ret)

    • Joe Sorrentino

      I haven’t heard of anyone being turned away from any medical facility for lack of funds, so it appears that everone gets medical care in our country to me.

      joe s

    • jake ret usaf

      Great words.

    • Revere

      R. Connors: Would you be more comfortable with “PELOSICARE” or “PPACA”? It’s OBAMACARE! get used to it (short, sweet, to the point). You only portend that term to feign resentment. I’m ashamed that I retired from the same branch of service (as well as the medical field) as you did. Your information is faulty on your point that we have poorer outcomes than other countries. I have been involved with the healthcare of other nationalized systems and, you are flat out wrong! If you are going to comment, get your facts straight and… thicken your skin a little bit – you’re too sensitive (and partisan). Group Hug?

    • Richard 1

      With all due resprcts Commander:
      The “key Word” here is: “Earned Benifits”….
      RR USN,ret.

    • Still serving

      I agree wholely without question, everyone asking for the same benefits as I receive should get them, now all they have to do is 20 years or so of service and they can have them, just like we did. If however, they have not served their tour of duty and put their butts on the couch instead of on the line, then they can go do what ever. I see no need for me to pay for what they were unwilling to earn.

  • MSG USA (Retired)

    Retired Army EOD here: When our elected officials (both Republican AND Democrats) stop fornicating with the insurance lobbyists, maybe the hype over health care will take on some semblance of what is really needed and at stake. I don’t see the Republicans as championing any cause for the average American..just stirring up alot of anxiety with rhetoric, knowing their insurance company exec buddies are in the sidelines, smiling with glee. How we can go about removing or at least reducing all the perks our elected officials enjoy like free health care, ridiculous lifetime pensions etc, and doing away with those #$#%^ tax breaks for the rich and famous?

    • DoubleAce

      Wow! It scares the heck out of me to think that you are an expert with explosives.

  • Jmac851

    The people of the US are very naive if they think that the government has never passed any healthcare laws. The biggest rip off for our healthcare was the formation of the EPA. There rules cost us about 30 percent of our income. Is the air cleaner?

    • DoubleAce

      I missed the point Healthcare laws, EPA? Whats the connection?

      • Norm

        Another costly government boondogle get it now?

    • Norm

      No, good point, but the likes of Al Gore are a lot richer

      • Hmmm

        The EPA was a Nixon thing, and I’m glad some agency is there to enforce environmental requirements.

    • SFC-Ret Rich Gomez

      I retired from the Army in 1983, kicked around for a year and finally in 1984 I went to work for the USEPA Region 8 in Denver, CO. My position for 22 years was “SAFE DRINKING WATER INFORMATION DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR” and having been fortunate enough to have this position I worked very hard as did the vast majority of my peers in other programs to ensure you the public had the very best Drinking Water and Cleaner Air to breath, it wasn’t easy but nothing good is ever easy to attain. Have you spoken to your State Representatives about ensuring that the EPA will always have the necessary authority to continue their programs to protect public health. If you haven’t than SHUT UP!

      • WMUSMC

        I think you just took that one wayyyyyy too personal!

  • MSG Ret

    Obama “cares” alright….cares about turning our country, and its people to socialism. All of his policies, that some believe are meant to “help the less fortunate” do nothing but grow the government’s overreaching power, and lessen individual freedom. The more the government coddles us Americans, the more dependent we become on their hand outs, and more we are subject to their rules. It’s like taking money from your parents…you feel obligated to live by whatever rules that come along with that money, hence you’re not free to do as you wish with your life until you re-pay them.

    • Go American

      It’s not the government or Obama wasting tax payer dollars and running this country ragged. It’s big business. And what do they care about… the bottom line! How many companies needed bailouts? Who laid everyone off, but who mandates that businesses pay an unemployment insurance? A trickle-down economy is a nice utopia idea, but the bottom-line ultimately comes before any loyalty. The government offers health care to its employees, not all business does, and some better than others. The old healthcare system benefits insurance companies and gives little to the sick and care-givers. Who ran the costs of gas prices up and who sends business to small world countries without exporting any goods to these same countries?

      Compounding matters… the Republicans are less a party and more an ongoing civil war. There is a dwindling band of moderate Republicans who understand that they have to work with the Democrats in the interests of America. There is the old intolerant, gun-toting, immigrant-bashing right which sees any form of co-operation as treachery. And muddying the whole picture is the tea-party movement, a tax revolt whose activists—some clever, some dotty, all angry—seem to loathe Bush-era free-spending Republicans as much as they hate Democrats.

      If we’re going to fix this economy, than big business needs to stay out of government. Not the other way around! OUR government isn’t overreaching its power; it’s trying to fix problems started by selfish entrepreneurs.

  • MSG Ret

    The government handouts serve the same purpose…suck every essence of freedom and individual responsibility from as many Americans as possible. These handouts, at face value, sound like the government trying to take care of the less fortunate, but this is a ruse. The true intent is the desire to create needy people that increase the democratic goal of creating a socialistic style country that is so dependent on governmental programs that we can no longer think for ourselves and make decisions for our own lives. I did not serve our country to eventually become a drone to my government; I served our great country because our government at one time understood the importance individual freedoms and the need for individual responsibility.

  • MSG Ret

    Thomas Jefferson understood what the heart of America is made of… individual independence and personal responsibility.
    – “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” ~Thomas Jefferson
    – “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” ~Thomas Jefferson
    – “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” ~Thomas Jefferson
    ObamaCare is just a single example of what is the beginning of the death of American spirit – and the creation of governmental dependent Socialists.

  • Ret BTC

    Alright folks here is the skinny. Obamacare is a disgrace to all Americans because the associated costs are once again borne by us. It is nothing more than another form of welfare for the people who come here and do nothing. Moreover ObamaCare makes it mandatory to get heathcare or pay a fine if you do not. What really needs to happen is the 2-ton US tax code needs to go away and all Americans should just pay a flat 15% tax across the board. Rich or poor it doesn’t matter. I have the highest respect for the Office of the Commander in Chief. The individual filling the billet right now I do not.

  • dagdublin

    Tri-care needs to be on the table. There should not be any sacred cow programs. None. That precedent puts us right back in the rut where we have been for decades regarding certain programs being “off limits.” That ship has sailed. I depend upon Tri-care, and so do my children. I want Obamacare repealed, I don’t want the government dictating my healthcare choices. However, IMHO, as debt is about to crush our current and future prosperity, I do not think there should be (any) sacred cows when it comes to budget cuts. We are all going to sacrifice–unions, non-unions, civilians, reservists, active duty, retirees, (and I so hope) elected officials. Everyone needs to ante up in this game.

  • Dennis Habern


    PART 1:

    I am appalled by your comments.

    You must be new. Do you follow American politics at all? Do you really

    know if the Pretender (Obama) is an American citizen?

    Why doesn’t the Messiah reveal his personal records to indicate his

    original Birth Certificate?

    Why does Obama lean towards the Muslim Nations? It is because he

    is one of them himself: a Muslim. He is the reincarnation of “THE

    MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE,” if you follow. Obama and his lovely wife have

    embarrassed the United States enough, with their comments and their

    apologies to other countries, and the precedence that he has set by bowing

    to foreign dignitaries, returning the bust of Winston Churchill and relacing it

    with a bust of his hero, Abraham Lincoln, but for personal reasons that have

    nothing to do with the office that he currently occupies.

    • lActive

      Dennis, Absolutely pitiful.

    • 1Militarywife

      You are sick and misinformed.

    • christian

      U really know your history….I also agree with Kathleen, get a life!!! And that comment you wrote was ooh so long and boring…lol

  • DavidM

    That is good news, however I have a question for you? Are you a republican? The reason I ask the question is that they are the only ones that use the term “Obamacare”, are you showing your true colors…code words..etc????

    • DoubleAce

      Wrong! I am in Independent and I use the term Obamacare. Neal Boortz is Independent and I hear him refer to it as Obamacare? What difference does it make anyway. Should I refer to you as a liberal since you always attack when you cannot defend your position with words?

  • Robert

    Suspending all tax exemptions for one year would go a long way toward clearing our national debt.

  • Mike

    As I have commented before, this site publishes information that IS NOT correct!!! Tricare HAS always not been a player in the health care reform act but information published by this site has played chicken little. Before you print anything know your sources!

  • PJS

    Everyone that is sending in their comments have not mentioned one thing about an issue with military dependent that fall under this new health care plan.

    My son is 24 and is a full time student. I went down to the deers/Id office yesterday to put him on this new so called health care plan. Yes I could get him enrolled in deers, but he could not get a military ID called for the fact that military polices only allow a military dependent to maintian a ID card up to the age of 23 if the dependent is a full time student.

    To make this a short story. You can enroll them into deers, but they can not get any health care benifits due to the fact that they need a military ID card and they can not get the Military ID card if they are over the age of 23.

    Congress has yet to change the age limits to reflect the new health care plan. And for what I am being told now we will have to wait for this policy to come up this next Oct so the additional medical cost can be budget in for next year.

    So someone out there please explain how this new health care plan that covers child up to 26 helps any one that is in the military or retired for the military.

    • John Overcash

      TRICARE issuess a medical benefits card that a beneficiary can use in place of the uniformed services dependent id.
      Once u enroll your child in deers u should contact your nearest TRICARE service center to determine how to access benefits etc.

    • SwellKel

      I think it just hasn’t happened yet…they are still ironing out what it’s going to cost to keep our child on TRICARE until 26. A lot of us are waiting to see what it is going to cost;-)

  • Dennis Habern


    PART 3 PART 3 PART 3

    Therefore, please enroll into one of our 5 military services to really grasp

    the feel of the United States in which Obama and his motley crew of an

    admnistration, never have. In other words, if the Draft were still in vogue,

    every eligible American male, would experience the honor and luxury to

    serve their country. Do you not remember remember the words of wisdom

    spoken by John F. Kennedy, while addressing the multitudes in Berlin?

    These are the words of wisdom that every American should practice,

    especially Obama and his congressional cohorts. Congress works for

    the people; the people do not work for Congress. The words that you

    have publized, arer the words of an individual that has had negative

    contact with members of our Armed Forces or our American politics, but

    perhaps you are indeed insulated from the real world, which indicates

    your ignorance as an American citizen.

  • Dennis Habern


    PART 4 PART 4 PART 4

    I am certain that you are one of the million of uneducated Americans that

    rushed out to the polls in 2008, and elected this pretender; well, Obama

    has shown his true colors (notice the intended pun) and in 2012, he will

    be relieved of duty, if not sooner. Please keep your fingers and toes

    crossed for a better American, if you indeed follow my drift.

    • Col K

      Oh Dennis… Please tell you me you look before your leap. Have you Dennis read the so called Obama care. I think not.. let me remind you The POTUS was voted for by a process that you could not imagine or you’ll have ran for office. that process my friend is Politics. He ran he was elected by the people and sworn in by the Law. regardless of how you feel about his citizenship or muslim affiliation he is your President. Go shoot your self if you want if you can change it please do … GOOD LUCK

  • bob


    You must live under a rock.

  • John J Russo

    SFC.John J Russo (Retired)

    I ould like to know why the congtessmen and women don’t pay a portion of their health care coverage. My wife and myself have Tricar for Life and have to take out Part B and pay a $100.00 per month. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. The sad part they have the best of both worlds.
    On to the health care. Would you buy a hohse without going through the house without having the house inspected by a building inspector to insure the hous is up to standards and is safe. The health care bill has 2000 pages and the Sent was given 2 day to read the bill and then it was reduced to 1 day. I would have apposed the passage of the bill until the build was read and understood.

  • Dennis Habern


    Where are my comments on PART 2, to Kathleen’s inappropriate


    • WMUSMC

      Administration did not like what you had to say, so consider yourself censored. :-) Yes, in the country where we fight for freedom of speech, imagine the administration actually monitoring these comments. Maybe we should start with them on cutting the budget and they could get real jobs with real insurance. ???!!!??? Just a thought.

  • Rebecca Hendricks

    I was initially pleased to learn through of the TYA; then appalled to learn of the projected cost. If Tricare WERE to be allowed to change in response to PPACA, I’d hope that the projected cost would be lower–because how are we being allowed to “keep” our kids on our existing insurance plans with TYA? We’re not–we’re being allowed to purchase supplemental insurance for them, which will cost much more. I guess the reason a bill was passed to keep Tricare from being affected was exactly for this, to avoid the additional cost of giving Tricare recipients something everybody else will now have a right to. THAT SAID… Our healthcare under Tricare is exceptionally affordable when compared to what most people pay, and we definitely need TYA in some form (given the current economy, our kids aren’t exactly moving out on their own and into high-paying jobs with benefits like we might hope), and frankly I’m thankful for anything. I am Canadian and miss the healthcare I had there; and the healthcare we had on base when my husband was active duty was a very similar experience; and frankly I don’t understand why so many people want to continue to deny the rest of the country excellent care at affordable prices, which is what PPACA is designed to do and will do over time.

    • Ed

      If you miss Canadian healthcare, why don’t you go back to there? As for TYA…. You stop becoming a child after 18……..not 26. And I have 2 adult daughters and 1 adult son!

      • WMUSMC

        AMEN! I heard that one loud and clear.

  • Boats

    Nice that congress screwed us over. I have a son with long-term chronic medical expenses who just turned 21. Thankfully I was able to put him under my civilian insurance. We would have gone bankrupt trying to pay his bills. His meds alone would have made me broke if I had to pay full price. Bottom line, he would have gotten his meds and gotten worse. Not life threating worse, but life changing worse.

  • albo

    please get off Obama’s Butt he’s the first Black man do do the right thing He wears his pulled alway up not to his crack hes doing a good job

    • WMUSMC

      I don’t even have a clue what you just said, much less what you meant. I could care less about this whole FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT thing. Or should we be calling him the first muslim president, or the first colored president, or the first half breed president, or to be politically correct, The FIrst African American President, which is really an oxymoron. He is not doing a good job, actually he’s not working at all, and still living in government housing. Let’s combine his free education, and Michelle’s free education, and maybe even her wardrobe, and all the vacations and special little things for the children, and donate that entire amount to the sick, helpless, hungry, unimmunized children, in say, your neighborhood. Or, better yet, let’s try feeding our own and clothing those who are without. I am fortunate to have an education, BUT I PAID EVERY PENNY AND I AM A VETERAN. So, learn to speak or spell, whichever comes first.

      • WMUSMC


        There are some intentional grammer and spelling mistakes in this statement, can you find Waldo???

  • Paul

    I have 27 yrs in the military and I have been married for 18 yrs. I’ve seen the military grow from the old Army to the new 1 and yet, the military is still getting screw by the government in 1 way or another. Once I am retired in 23 months, I will still be screw. Your all right, if we cut the politicians pay / health care to equal up to the military and their family cost of living/pay and health care, and give our country 2 yrs., I bet we will be getting back on track. I also believe that every politician and the President should have served in this countries armed forces, 1 way or another, just to get the prevelleage of saying “I Am A American” by “Blood, Sweat & Pain”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leon Espe

    When I enlisted in 1948 I was promised healthcare for the rest of my life if I stayed 20 years in the service. I retired in 1971 but learned when I reached 65 I could no longer use Military Base Healthcare Facilities but had to go to the VA if I was on Medicare/Social Security. In the 1970s and 80s Military Retirees raised so much ruckus that TriCare came along. Remember folks, just because you have been promised something doesn’t mean you don’t have to fight to keep it once you have it. Same goes for TriCare, we need to keep on reminding our Government of THEIR past promises by them to keep us in the service. By the way, my healthcare is a promise in the form of writing contaned in DA Pamphlet 600-5 dated 1969 which says I am authorized healthcare in ANY Military facility depending on bedspace. Changes in the law that brought TriCare allow that I may only be treated in an emergency on a Military Base but receive prolonged treatment now at any hospital that accepts Medicare and TriCare. If we want to keep what was promised to us we need to keep vigilant and constantly remind our lawmakers of their obligations to us as promised.

  • Roque Alvarino

    Obamacare will bankrupt the USA…….WAIT 10 YEARS & check the results….Tricare is safe with Obama or W/out….ra

  • usmcMTL

    Repealing the HCR will cost $360 Billion dollars. It won’t happen. As a soldier, I find it disrespectful to belittle the PPA by derogatorily calling it “ObamaCare”. As far as the military goes, here is a link of what he’s done.
    Pay close attention to #2, , 3, 4, 11, 13, 19, 46. Why don’t you all know about these things?

    • Norm

      saw that myself written by Keith Oberman and Rachael Maddow
      get a clue it doesnt matter what it says, check the source and agenda

      I wont bother you with a list of the damage he has done . USA SGM (ret)

      • usmcMTL

        First, I saw it on a news program where John Boehner announced it. I never saw it on TV and I don’t watch MSNBC! But from your own admission, it appears that you do. Second, would you be willing to provide a list of damages other recent presidents have done as well? Third, the fact remains that Boehner was right: it will cost billions and billions of dollars of our children’s money to repeal HCR, but I noticed you didn’t address point in your comment to me, but you did take th time to attack an ACTIVE soldier. Please do your homework in the future and stop being so partisan it clouds your judgement. Your reply to me, is so one-sided, it’s sad, especially if you are retired. Get a clue on that!

  • Ubermensch

    This has been a complete farce from the beginning. This all started because 37 million people didn’t have insurance (forgive me but I don’t recall seeing them dying in the streets without it). For the Trillion Dollars we could have bought insurance for 37 million people for their entire lives with lots left over. Now we have to mess with everyone’s insurance. This is just a bunch of liberals wanting to tell us what is good for us becuase we are too stupid to know what is best for ourselves. There is nothing wrong with our Health Care System it is the finest in the world (most of the posters here should know this after seeing what the rest of the world is like). The problem is it costs too much! Repeal all of ObamaCare now and burn it with a stake in its heart. The whole thing is blatantly un-Constitutional, Government has no legal standing in forcing citizens to purchase a product.

  • Jackie Cunninghanm

    I think society is too busy believing that the military makes a lot of money or even too much money, For what ever reason they think retirees are getting a lot of free money from the GOV’T but this isn’t the case. We are struggling like most everyone else our kids have to take student loans to go to college and parents are dealing with pain and injuries related to their military careers which VA refuses to acknowledge. Some of us are unemployable. But worst of all is this TRICARE joke that society seem to think is so GREAT. Yes it is if you don’t get sick a lot or don’t require special care. Any time you go outside the Military Treatment facility you have to pay a copaymnent. If you are only getting a retirement check and still paying a mortgage where is the copayment money. Then there is our college dependent (KIDS) still in school at age 23 and no medical benefits, no job with medical benefits they’re out back but guess what our tax money is paying for all the medicaid and welfare kids health care and even college education. Who is looking out for our kids. It’s bad enough we have had to abanden them most of their lives to go out to sea and work in the U S Military life style and for what. To still be forgotten about and have our kids still get left behind. TRICARE only works for healthy people. I know I go to physical Thearpy when ever I can pay my copayment and only then. I am still fighting with VA and have also applied for SSA. But the most upsetting of all is watching my neighbor kids go to college on my tax money drive nice cars while my kids have to work and struggle to attend college and take student loans. WHEN IS OUR BIG DAY COMING… WE HAVE TO PRAY THAT THE FAST AND EASY DRUG MONEY DON’T TEMPT OUR KIDS AS A MEANS TO PAY THEIR COLLEGE LOANS BACK… NO MEDICAL BENEFITS NO FREE COLLEGE FOR THE KIDS OF RETIREES with disabilities. WE FIGHT the WAR of the WORLD only to return to FIGHT another war of survival..

    • Norm

      Right on, this current bunch of bonehead spend their time trying to pass the dream act, to give college benefits to illegal aliens. They know they wont get our votes.

      obozocare is the answer, what was the question?

  • usmcMTL

    I find it interesting that no one is talking about the fact that the republicans want to get rid of our VA benefits. I find it interesting that none of you seem to be aware of all of the things that Obama has done militarily. Here again is the link. Pay attention to numbers. 2,3, 4, 11, 13, 19, 46.
    I love it how republicans did NOT tell their voters that it would cost $360 Billion to repeal HCR and tell you all, how and where they are going to get the money to do it. I am so sick and tired of the republicans taking the miliitary vote for granted. Bush started both of these wars — that is undeniable.

    • Ubermensch

      How can not doing something that costs a Trillion Dollars (when it becomes effective in 2012) cost $360 Billion if you don’t implement it? Seems to me it would save us a Trillion Dollars. Obviously you find illogical information and believe it. The only thing Pres Obama has done, militarily, is continue the same plans that Pres Bush put in place (no original thought there, Gitmo still open, troops still in Iraq etc). How about this one… Candidate Obama went to Europe and made his wonderful speech at the Victory Column in Berlin. He had an opportunity later to visit some of our fellow injured Soldiers at Landstuhl. He played basketball instead. To me, that shows what type of a person he is, not what legislation he allows to be passed into law. The only reason why he appears to be such a great politician is because he is such a lousy human being.

      • usmcMTL

        First, the part that allows students up to age 26 can stay on their parents health care and while seniors have been required to pay part of the cost of Medicare svcs like cancer screenings and annual physicals, the law makes such preventive services free for most beneficiaries. The law made these services free for those enrolling in new private plans starting last September. Another provision starts closing the “donut hole,” for seniors on the Medicare Part D drug plan. Now, beneficiaries with drug costs that surpass $2,840 within a year must pay full price for all drugs until their annual drug costs reach $4,550. The new rule offers a 50 percent discount on brand-name medicines for those who fall in that gap. “If you do repeal the law, you’ll have to start charging people for preventive benefits. You’ll have to increase what seniors pay for prescription drugs. Some of the law went into effect on Sept 23, 2010,Here’s the link:
        I was in Iraq and now I’m not. So was my wife. We’ve been redeployed.

      • usmcMTL

        Here’s another link as to the cost of repealing HCR:

    • RET. ARMY

      “Republicans”? All or some? Some are as liberal as the day is long. So let’s be specific and name names. Then we can directly address them on the issues. Generalities have a maximum range of zero meters.

  • Bluved4ever

    Obamacare!!!!!!! Military.Com!!!!! WOW!!!!!

  • Bluved4ever

    Because it’s bias

  • SFC G

    Why everybody want more and more. Seems like nobody is never comfort with what they get and they have to complaint. People if you have any b@#**ng wait until election and get that sob out of their seat with ur vote. Or write to your congressman and let them know how you feel. Because by blowing heat here we are not doing anything. Take it to the heart of the problem instead of complaining in a blog or article thats what the paper and politician wants to make them more powerful. Have anybody notice that when they get on the news is free ad for them. Please lets all get alone and by the way I a retired army disable veteran.

  • Lana Linscott

    If tricare has not changed then how come some the medicines are no longer at the base and cost have risen or the services are no longer available. I have seen the bills coming in that were not there before Obama. Next tricare will tell my 88 WWII veteran Grandfather and Grandmother they are to old for coverage and should hurry and die.

  • Norm

    Right on Gary we just need more like us for 2012. A NOTHER OBOZO TERM AND WE ARE ALL DOOMED. Norm

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks for the information, but why does this article call it ObamaCare? I don’t believe that is the name of the legislation and it the article sound slanted and disrespectful.

  • Army Wife

    It does not matter if I like our CINC!! What I am about to say is protected by my 1st amendment! As I am a dem I have no problem calling the BS card for either of the parties. I vote Rep this last go around so I am not bias or anything else people might want to say! This is what I have to say about the healthcare bill and its very simple. I do not agree with it for the simple fact that if most “poor” people could afford healthcare coverage they would have it! I have Tricare Prime my mother has VA benifits. She needs second coverage since VA doesnt cover everything when you dont have 100 percent. Either way anyone that voted for change based on the fact that Obama said he would make it happen really didnt think! He needs support from the Hill and he CAN NOT change anything on his own! Lets remember no matter what party we are its the people on the hill we should be angry at or proud of since the president can only do so much without them!!!

  • Rod

    we cry about everything you do not kmow if it works until you try it Bush screwed us for years no one complained oh this guy is black

    • don

      lets get past the “black thing” at this point we have to go by perfomanceno matter what race gender.. let just make sure we dont stray from our roots.. there is still no better place to live! and i am a proud vet ! who believes america !st! as far as bush goes he did a great job w/ what he was handed 9/11 was no walk in the park! and when the american people lost interest in reaching our goals president Bush stayed the coarse!and did not waiver!… and if he was “black”i would have said the same thing!

    • Norm

      You left out dishonest, a liar and dumb


    Our country and it’s people never cease to amaze me…evidently our
    educated masses are still not able to read “the hand-writing” on the
    wall…”Every KINGDOM divided against itself is brought to desolation:
    and every CITY or HOUSE divided against itself shall not stand”…Matt.
    12:25…We came into being by war and have been in a war of some sort
    continuously since our beginning, SUPPOSEDLY for peace, but we grow
    further from truth and peace because we do not give credit/worship to the
    real author of peace, Jesus Christ. Folks, it ain’t gonna get no better at
    the hands of mankind. We have proven that to ourselves. I just hope
    you are ready to meet Christ, because He said He was coming again
    and that is what everything is leading up to…NO JESUS-NO GOD…KNOW
    JESUS-KNOW GOD…it’s just that simple…have a good eternity!

  • tanker032001

    The last time veterans marched on Washington General Patton was called out to “take care” of the protest.

    I understand the disdain for the administration and think something should be done, but anything short of the proper measured response (ballot box) would be completely against America’s founding principles.

    This president has single handedly proposed and somehow passed through congress the largest amount of entitlement spending in a long time. He has already out spent George W. Bush, and he a had a two front war and domestic spending problems larger than we had seen in a long time as well…now that’s some drunken sailor spending if ever I have seen it…no offense squids…

    The only fix to the health care system is to do away with complete coverage and go back to catastrophic coverage. Force doctors to compete for your business like the old days our parents talk about.

    We also need to hold the legislature, the judiciary, and the executive to the same health care coverage as the rest of the country. Term limits of 12 years total for the Senate, and 8 years total for the Congress need to be imposed. No more pay raises voted in on a whim, the legislature is the only demographic that gets a wage increase commensurate with economic inflation, etc.

    Lefties and Obamazombies want actual plans of action…there’s one, now tell me that it won’t fix our issues and in a ____ hurry! I dare you!

  • Lynn

    I don’t understand why many of us feel Congress and the Senate will vote for something such as increasing insurance costs or taxing income above $250,000,
    when it would hurt themselves.

    Maybe I am cynical, but it appears to me they vote themselves raises (no COLA raise for us last year or this year) and want to protect their increases in income.

    I am a daughter of a retired Marine, who served in World War II and the Korean War, wife of a retired Army National Guard soldier, 10 years in the Navy (Viet Nam), then 10 years in the Army National Guard and the mother of a 24 year Army National Guard soldier, who is still serving after two tours in Iraq. I say this because, I believe, the place to start cutting benefits is in the fraud of the government and pork barrel projects, not taking money and benefits away from those, who have served our country proudly, no matter what their age is.

  • homer gonzalez

    for those of you that follow blindly, best of luck. yes, he is the commander in chief, but that doesn’t man he is perfect by any stretch of the imagination. always remember, especially at election time, this is the same cinc that went on vacation on memorial day instead of honoring our troops and that he only wants a 1.4 pay raise for those that protect our country. talk about insulting, that is the ulimate insult to our troops. obama does not deserve to be president, and for those of you that say he should be respected, you have to earn it before it is given.

    • Bluved4ever

      Is that what President Bush did? He earned it? Oh………ok

      • G-man


      • Revere

        As a matter of fact…..He DID!

  • robert West

    I served 22+ yrs. in the military and If I wewe able I do It again to keep our wifw’s and chrildren from harm In the US. I believe we need a strong military more today than ever in my life of 75 yrs+. It breaks my heart to here of the deaths and those who lives that changed by loss of arms legs and much more. Whats too much for those who could do something to make the lives of the men and women protecting us at home. I think most of those In the white house are just looking out for what:s best for them. and that secate defence someone please tell him to come in out of the rain. defence

    • Bluved4ever

      That’s honest……I can feel that comment. It’s from the heart.

  • SSG, USA Retired

    I wonder if there is a revolution brewing in America.



    • Bluved4ever

      It seems to me that you’ve become a citizen whithout a brain. If you believe that without fighting, you’ll get these nuts without biting.

      • Bluved4ever

        I’m just kidding with you. Thanks for your service.

    • Hmmmm

      Members of Congress receive retirement and health benefits under the same plans available to other federal employees. They become vested after five years of full participation.

      Not free but they only need to serve 5 years in Congress to get access to it forever (as opposed to regular Feds, who have to put in 20+).

      Oh, yeah – one more thing. Birthers = Idiots

      Let us know when you get that keyboard fixed. ;-)

  • Mustang Al

    Now you know why soldiers (military) are called “dogfaces”, because the modern politician treats us like dogs, we get the scrapes and left over’s from society we protect.

  • Harold Wilson

    I know alot of people have jumped on the band wagon about this healthcare plan but; who is going to pay for the extra cost of children being on the plan until they’re 26? Our Tricare costs are already eating out military budget up. Yes, it all sound great but nothing is for free and in the end it will have to be paid for. Have we totally lost our mind? It’s welfare state we go, not far off now!

  • MMC(SS) retired

    I have a way for social security and health care issues an be corrected in record time.
    1. Take away the pension systems in place for all members of congress and the senate and replace it with social security. Result: large decline in spending, Social Security gets fixed in record time.

    2. Put all members of congress and the senate on the same health care system as the rest of the citizens of the United States (OBAMACARE?)
    Result: large decline is spending. Most likely a better proposal for health care.

    • MMCS/SS Bill

      Good Ideas, shipmate!!

    • retired

      Does anyone on this board know if Congress is covered by FERS like other Federal employees? I think so but am not sure. Also I think they have the same med care as other feds?

      • matt1544

        Yes, they are covered by FERS (save 5-yr min to be vested), and FEHB health care program. Same as everyone else in federal civil service.

        The only difference between then and all the other GS’s in DC is that they can receive free care at MTFs in the DC area (only), and may also pay a few hundred to receive care from the The Office of Attending Physician in the capitol.

    • matt1544

      As I note below, they aren’t covered by “Cadillac” plans as it is now. They have the same plans as all other civil servants.

      Sure, they are nice, but they aren’t gold-lined like some might think.

  • CWO4Larry

    As I read the comments on this article, I am struck by how easy it is for a group to become highly inflamed to a point that it becomes almost a mob mentality. Someone points at a problem, a few intelligent statements are made concerning the merits/or lack, and then someone wants to put a name to the problem so we can incite and have someone to blame for this problem. The issue of health care is not an Obama problem. He did not create the need for health care and does not have the power to control the costs. And my band of brothers and sisters that is where our focus should be. We should be screaming at the Doctors and their outrageous charges, the phamacutical companies. Their profit margin on drugs is incredibly high and unfair. Hospitals? Where do they get off charging the citizens of this country the prices they do? These are a few reasons why national health care does not work. Its just to %$#@* expensive. And those expensives charged us by our fellow citizens are too much and unjustified. There are other areas we could point the real finger of blame at such as the lawers who win multi million dollar tort suits. And who gets the money? The lawyers.

    • G-man

      Exactly. Google “united healthcare ceo bonus” and you can really see what contributes to the expenses.

      And they got those bonuses while denying claims…

  • USN Retired.

    As a disabled retiree I fall in with 200,000 others in the same catagory who must pay dollar for dollar for any VA pention out of our retirement check,,, if that’s not bad enough aftr turning 65 I am required by Tri-care-for-life (ha ha)to buy into Medicare part A&B (like any ordinary Joe who didn’t get helthcare promised to him). This additional screwing amounts to another $1200 a year out of my miniscule funds. seems like we should have the Boys in washington try to live and get along on less than 20K a year just to qualify for a license to run for a public office.

  • jim

    The lesson for today should be look up the word “Reactionary” and get a grip. “ObamaCare” is a right wing tag… how about using the correct name.

    • Bluved4ever

      Anybody else have solutions, or just complaints?

    • tdhowell

      Check out the left leaning media (Huffington Post, Washington Post, MSNBC) – also call it ObamaCare. No insult intended. Did you even read the article?

  • myrt bennett

    I agree, all of government, congress, sentor, etc, should all live on a more sensable budget, but no, they get paid over and over, and don’t listen to there states they reprosent. Let the wifes of these people find out, how it is to live on military budget, have there children wonder why they can’t do as other children(civilans) do, and most of all, i agree, let those that HAVE NEVER SERVE IN THE MILITARY, LET THEM VOTE, OR TRY TO CHANGE THE MILITARY AND THOSE THAT HAVE SERVE, HOW ABOUT REMEMBERING HOW IT WAS?? tHIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE AMERICAN, LAND OF THE FREE, FREE FOR WHO, THE BIG WIGS ONLY,

  • Karen

    You are so… right on… You go Sgt Crab.

  • RDZ

    On the comments about respecting Obama as the CINC — pretty much everyone who has ever served respects the office but has nothing to do with the individual who occupies that position — we’ve all served under a variety of supervisors and upper-level officers who didn’t deserve the respect but we were expected and did respect the positions they held. Isn’t this ‘respect’ thing a bit out of control?
    Most who join and serve have done so for a variety of reasons – those who joined after 911, knew they were going to be called upon in a much more serious cause than others who may have joined at more tranquil times: but, that doesn’t lessen their commitment to this country and our Constitution. Our troops who have joined and served deserve the benefits they were promised when they exchange the control of their lives and futures for those promises. Anything less than what was promised is unacceptable…

  • Ret AF

    We wouldn’t be having this conversation if President Obama was white. Republicans can’t sleep at night knowing a black man is Commander and Chief. He is doing a good job under tremendous adverse conditions. Why not offer some help and see if everyone can straighten out this mess Obama inherated. We’ve already seen what 8 years of Bush did, Why not give this President a chance.

    • Ubermensch

      Wow really? I thought he WAS half-white. Does that mean we should only have half of this conversation? It is obvious you are only using half your brain. We wouldn’t be having this conversation if our half-white President wasn’t trying to force us to buy health insurance if we don’t want it. The rest of the story is, we have seen what two years of what this half-white President has done and we don’t want anymore of it! He pushed the car stuck in the ditch right into the ravine and it is plummeting to the bottom where it is going to crash. You race baiters can’t seperate melanin content from mental competency.

      • Bluved4ever

        I agree with the half white President part, but that’s it.

  • Ret Marine

    Marine Ret. Its a shame we vote in these politions that say alot and do nothing. Its time they go home with minimum benefits and pay and see what it is like. They seem to think the government credit cards are their own and anything goes! Let them trade places with us and then see what matters in life!

  • patriotcc

    Military persons, especially retirees , have no one fighting for them any more like there used to be. The 1.4% pay increase for the military is an insult and a slap in the face, especially since our politicians are spending hundreds of billions of dollars supporting other countries while some of our very own citizens are treated and having to live like people in a 3rd world country. Those elected to the office they are currently in apparently have forgotten the oath they took to protect and defend the United States of America, against all enemies, foreign and domestic, etc. Enough said, point made.


    Get it straight: Obamacare is NOT a health CARE system. It is a health care INSURANCE system. Other countries have national health care delivery systems that work; we are the ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD that has shoved our US Public Health Service into the corner and substituted a plan to staple dollar bills over our wounds. Obamacare is nothing more than a means of increasing the cost of our “good health” by inserting a layer of unregulated insurance stooges with their hands in the till between the physician and the patient. Bye the bye, did you notice that the United States of America is now 49th on the worldwide longevity list? No? Well, you should. THAT’s food for thought now that we have a real chance to live longer because we have a great taxpayer-funded insurance scheme in place.

    • Bluved4ever


  • christian

    You hit the nail on the head Sgt Crab…But for some reason this country has forgotten that part!!!! lol Him and his main cronies got paid!!! And now that they can’t buy steak it’s HIS problem…Chicken is ooh sooo good

  • jsub

    TriCare not affected by ObamaCare – why would it be. Why is it even an issue??

  • MSG, Retired

    If ObamaCare were something good and to be proud of, why would anyone be so upset about it being called “ObamaCare? Wouldn’t you want your name attatched to something being claimed to be good for everyone? If it was the “end all, save all” some claim it is, why run as fast as possible away from it? How is it an insult?

  • navyvet50

    I expect this site to be non-partisan, but calling the health care plan ObamaCare is not. This president and his wife support the troops, not just war like the right does. McCain voted against any increase of benefits for our military time and time again. President Obama has even gone around Congress to expand benefits for military members and their families by directing every department of the federal government to come up with ways to help the troops and their families.

    • tdhowell

      Since when? The term ObamaCare is used by virtually all sources on both sides of the isle – MSNBC, Huffington Post, Washington Post, and the Daily KOS all use the term “liberally.” Give me a break.

      • Bluved4ever

        That’s not true. I know that for fact.

        • tdhowell

          Heard of Google? Google the terms MSNBC and ObamaCare.

  • John Eidsmoe

    I favor repeal of ObamaCare because the federal government has no constitutional authority being involved in medical care whatsoever other than as part of a salary package for military personnel (Congress does have the authority to raise armies and maintain a navy).

    I agree that the Senate probably won’t join the House’s repeal, and even if they did, they don’t have the votes to override a presidential veto. But they probably could refuse to fund ObamaCare, and that refusal may force Obama to come to the conference table and work out a compromise bill.

  • Juan Gonzalez

    Tucson Retiree
    What is the effect on those of us military retirees under Medicare and Tricare For Life?

  • Stephen Sapp

    Please stop sending your repugnant opinions to us. Clearly you have a bias against your commander in cheif and we aren’t interested in your “interpretations” or your re-spin of the facts,

    Stephen D. and Sherry A. Sapp (both USAF)



    • slugs

      +1 steve but crack whores and welfare queens come first.

  • jsub

    I’ll put it this way – there’s positively nothing wrong with healthcare in America. The real issue lies in the red-tape bureaucracy and the litigiousness of American’s in general – add to that, the cost for one person to get through college just to become a Dr. What is needed is Tort Reform – and until Washington gets it’s paws out of all the lawyers pockets and visa-versa, it’ll never happen. Do research and see how many hidden costs and tax increases there are in that 2400+ page bill…most of which don’t take affect until 2012-14. How convenient,

    • Jos3

      Jsub, I respectively disagree. The U.S. pays much more for its overall health care system, compared to what other western countries pay. This is irrespective of the great benefits you or I may have via Tricare or another insurance plan. Millions of Americans have no health insurance. These mostly middle-class people, who are just a catastrophe away from a bankruptcy from medical bills. And our overall health status (life expectancy, etc.) is more on par with Cuba than it is Japan, Britain, and other countries with modern medicine. Just do some very basic research by googling “US health care compared to other countries” and you will find the results of many different studies and reports.

      My family and I are blessed and privileged to participate in Tricare. But it relies on a health care system that is expensive, inefficient, and inequitable. Eventually, even high performing plans will suffer because of the flaws in the system. This is what needs to be fixed.

  • LTC Ret Army

    Let me get this straight. The article calls it Obamacare, and still refers to the new law as an act. Respect for the commander in chief is fundamental to our republic. This term Obamacare for the new health care law (not act) is clearly a political one. The commander in chief is civilian and occasionally will do something we might not like. But TRICARE beneficiaries (I also am one) please see how you complain that Congress has better benefits than we (and they do), yet we do not think of the 20 million who are now covered by the new law. I have been assoicated with the military long enugh to remember when the CHAMPUS program started. The current TRICARE program is superior to that legislation. We should do our best to keep it that way, but denying others a chance at medical protection is not a consistent way to do that.

    • MSG, Retired

      If it’s a good thing what’s wrong with calling it ObamaCare? If it were good I’d want my name on it, not run from it as fast as I can.


      Thats because most here are not in the Military, and have never been, their language is all wrong. These are a bunch of hired guns for the opposition “party of no”, where I’am from we call them “DECEPTACONS”, earthlings call them “NEOCONS”, by any name they are a dagerous bunch. The Military know how important health care is to them and their families. I believe every citizens has the right to good healthcare, because thats what it is, a right……to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

  • christian

    Gary u didn’t say that when “BUSH”..Scr…ed you right in your face!! You were God and Country..what’s wrong with U people!!!

  • Don Burgett

    Did everyone miss the coverage of the House of Representatives vote on the repeal of Health Care? Democrats attempted to amend the HR 2 which would have ALL congressmen and women SURRENDER their Federal Employees Health Benefit (FEHB). The idea was to tell the American people that congress was SO sure about the repeal, that they would deny themselves their own Govt health plan,

    Guess what??? The amendment was soundly defeated by every Republicen voting against it.

    Still haven’t seen their version of a health Crae plan.

    Don Burgett Major USAF (ret

  • MSG Edwards

    Mr. Howell,

    I’m truely sorry that you will not get the answer to your original question from the article without sifting through a mountain of hate and ignorance. Most of those who post on here seemed to not have even bothered to read the article or care to address the question you had about a possible repeal of the TYA. I for one would not like to see the repeal of TYA or the PPACA either one and frankly do not fear the either will happen. I am not one who has taken advantage of the TYA even though I have 25 year old daughter, but I still have 2 teenagers 12 and 17 who will without a doubt need the additional healthcare coverage once they become of age.

    My suggestion for future articles is to leave the word Obama out of the title and you might get some truely objective opinions. After reading most of the posts on here it worries me about the uneducated political discourse in this great Nation and the abundant amount of ignorance. I only hope that you do not think this is a true representation of the intelectual level in the military community.

    • tdhowell

      Thank you for the thoughtful response. I too have older children and I asked the question as much for myself as for the readers. I am okay with TYA (and similar aspects of the HCRA) because it asks users to pay their own way, especially with our country’s fiscal issues.

      I think you are right about using that name. Lesson learned.

    • Marine Wife

      I too, as a mother of 4 want to be able to depend on TYA. I like the comfort of knowing while my husband is retired, from his military career, and my children are attending college ( until 24 yrs of age),trying to make something of themselves ” so they won’t have to always depend us”, that health care is being provided. With school and a job, with lesser means of salary, they won’t afford health care. Someone made a comment on here saying “join the military if you can’t afford health care by the age of 21″. I have something to say to you, ” do you think my husband is in Afgahnistan right now, just so he could provide health care for us? Do you think he join for health benefits? He joined to do something and stand up for something, like many others out there fighting for me and you! He is one of the few however. Heck the core ain’t even what it was. Its sad, what I am about to say, but I think, the whole reason Tricare even got looked at, considered for change, is this. Its abused! I know, when I go to the emergancy room, it’s for an actual emergancy! But I see women with their kids, running all over the place, claiming they are sick. Go to your dang pediatrition! Stop going to urgent care, when you can wait until the next morning. Go only after you spoke with the nurse hotline. That’s what its there for. So people can get advice of what to do until the doctors office is open. Some people think tricare is a joy ride and ruining it for the rest of us that take it seriously and not for grannit. Thanks for giving me this chance to say how I feel. It felt good. God Bless

  • LeRoy

    I an a 20 year service-connected veteran and was more than happy to give service to my country. However, if I was now able to serve I would refuse to do so under our present Commander in Chief for I consider him illegally holding the Office Of President. He is presently making all kinds of promises like he did when he ran for President which he never kept and now he is doing the same thing. He can not be trusted and I pray every day that the people of this country will recognize this and request that he be removed from office before he completely sells my country out or vote him out of office at the next election along with members of Congress that go along with his traitorous actions.

    • Hmmmm

      LeRoy wrote: “I consider him illegally holding the Office Of President.”
      Hawaii is a state. I’m sure in those 20 years you encountered a few service members from Hawaii. Did you have a problem serving with them, or is it the mixed-race thing you have trouble with?

      Birthers = Idiots

  • Mike DeLapp

    I was not and still not in favor ot the TYA. When Tricare is under enough stress financially, to add another burdern will only dilute the program in some way. 21 year old full time student is enogh coverage. If a young person has not found a job or livilhood by the time they are in the 21-26 age group, maybe they should consider joining the military to get health care coverage and not suck off thier prents committment to serve.

    As to programs for elected officials. I think they should be treated as self-employed at whatever level of government they serve. Elected officials should be given the chance for a 401K or Keogh plan or they other plans that self-employed have available. They can buy insureance like the self-employed do.

  • anomymous

    i think it is a disgrace that politicans continue getting raises and trying to take benefits for all who served their their country they should revise politicans retirement. i think they should cut their pay and take their benefits see how it feels

    • Bluved4ever

      With that statement, you should remain anonymous. JUST SAY NO!!!!!!!

  • Emil G. Retired Army

    I respect the office of the president ( commander and chief). As commander he should be listening to his chiefs of staph. We need to go into Irag & Afganastan, do the job that has to be done, and get out. We don’t need another Vietnam, but we have one. Put the insergents out of business swifly. Once we do this, we will have the money to take care of our troups.

    • Fern

      Emil, isn’t that the reason why we are still there…he listened to the military brass, crying about why we had to stay there…and he listened. He should not have listened…he shoulda said, the people want us out of there and we’re getting out…but he listened.

  • Bouldin – ret Army

    Obama Care itself may not have an immediate effect on Tricare but if they succeed in further reducing the percentage paid to Doctors and Healthcare specialists/facilities the healthcare community will stop accepting Tricare patients. We would then be forced into Obama care and the politician’s hands are “clean” since they voted to “protect ” it.

  • Dss

    DUUUU Wake up people….How much are the politicians paying for there health care,how much are there co pays,not only in the federal govt. but how about your state…..THINK ABOUT IT…..THINK WHAT YOUR PAYING AND WHAT ARE THEY PAYING

    • Bluved4ever

      Get another job and quit crying.

  • SFC H, retired

    I hear what all of my fellow servicemen and servicewomen are saying. But let us not forget we must support our CINC. As far as the glorified treatment our other politicians get, well I too feel the same as most of you do. Maybe 2 percent have served in the military, and that’s probably stretching it. Since we are a democratic society, why can’t we change the way congress is treated. We put them in office there must be some way to change their health plans and retirement. And finally let’s give our president the chance to prove himself. Thus far I have no complaints. He has done more for the country in two years than many of his predecessors and if given the chance to work rather than have to explain everything he does I feel we will all speak of the goodness he has done for usALL.

    • Bluved4ever

      Now that’s a SFC that took care of the soldiers.

  • Bluved4ever

    I’ve been reading most of these comments and I’ve read a lot of cririsism, but no solutions. I’m not up on my politics. I’m just trying to learn.

  • jrpower

    While I agree that the members of Congress are not the responsive folks we would like them to be, I don’t believe they are mean-spirited or ignorant of the contributions military personnel have made over the years. Many of the comments I’ve read come from a perspective of the Congress as somehow having some unique treasure trove of benefits that exceed those of other Americans. That is simply untrue. Members of Congress have the same retirement system as any other federal employee, presently called FERS. They pay into that system as well as into Social Security, get vested only after five years of service, and receive retirement based on their high-three years of compensation and number of years service. Their health care plans are the same as for other federal workers in general and they pay a prescribed share. Their pay and benefits are good, but not exceptional. Most employees of good companies with strong benefits packages do about as well, as do most municipal and state employees. Rail as much as you like about their voting patterns, but don’t operate under the misconception that they get some golden carriage of benefits. They do not.

    • Bluved4ever

      That’s good stuff…….thanks.

  • Bluved4ever

    Remember he also used that bullhorn pretty good. I didn’t care for Bush to much, but I respect him as a former President.

  • trishmartin45

    Okay, let’s get right to the point. This abomination is rightfully called “Obamacare because there is no “Patient Pro­tec­tion” or “Afford­able Care” about it. READ THE ENTIRE “Act” and then get back to me.

    Obamacare might not affect TriCare…yet. BUT when retired military personnel turn 65 they are REQUIRED BY LAW to sign up for Medicare with TriCare as their supplemental. Obamacare WILL most assuredly affect Medicare! So when this article states that Obamacare will not impact TriCare recipients, they are telling only half of the truth!!!

    • Bluved4ever

      Oh…..and you know it all? OK

      • trishmartin45

        No, I DON’T know it all, but everything I said is verifiable if you care to check. If you don’t care to check the veracity of my statements, then you will remain uneducated about the situation and obviously willing only to post smart ass comments that attempt to impugn my character. Obamacare has already caused CUTS in the Medicare budget. Cuts mean that less money is available for the recipients of Medicare. What part of this are you having difficulty understanding?

    • Marine Wife

      In a way you are right. But having tricare as a secondary means it is still protecting the recipients. What medicare doesn’t pay, tricare will. Is that correct?so really there is no other half.

      • trishmartin45

        That “other half of the story” is that those who have TriCare MUST sign up for Medicare for their PRIMARY care when they turn 65. They are then MEDICARE patients FIRST and then TriCare patients. Because of Medicare cuts, more and more doctors are getting out of treating Medicare/TriCare patients. When the number of doctors a Medicare recipient can see are limited, getting care is obviously more costly to the recipient. It increases the Medicare recipient’s costs if they have to TRAVEL (as we will) to another town or to a military base to find a doctor who is accepting Medicare patients. It doesn’t much matter if Tricare pays as secondary if the local doctors won’t take the patient under Medicare, does it? And who can blame the doctors? If a client was only going to pay them one third of what their other clients paid, they would not be disposed to treat that client – as is their right.

    • Dean

      Yes Medicare does become the primary but Tricare pays the difference in what Tricare would of paid if they were the primary. Really Medicare helps Tricare members, it allows you to select a doctor from a bigger pool of providers. I’m sure that our rates will raise but it does every year any ways.

  • g doss

    It is odd that those who claim to serve their country, with pride, would insult the President while actually getting benefits of any
    kind. May be the most disingenuous argument so far.

    • MSG, Retired

      Don’t you mean “being paid what we earned with our blood and the sweat of our brow”? This is not a gift or charity, WE EARNED IT!!!!! No different than our monthly paycheck. We don’t have to “sit down and shut up” and not voice our opinion to have what is ALREADY ours. Just another one sided contract with the Federal Government broken at will. What do you think this is, wellfare? Oh wait, they would never mess with that!

  • Rodrick Doss

    Its the job of we the people to ensure that whoever is elected to any public office is a veteran. It used to be a requirement almost. We the people have allowed lawyers, doctors, and thief’s to run our country and then cry because the people who are doing the fighting are being neglected. You get what you ask for when you vote for party or race and not the person. It pays to listen to what these people say prior to electing them because once they have the power you can’t do anything but accept what they do.

    • military wife

      Great post; well said

  • OBD

    I have read with interest all the comments. Now for action – if you have the courage of your convictions, VOTE for the changes you think are best – after all it is the American way!

  • Fern

    I realize that the military people have a right to get free medical insurance, but I don’t understand why we could not have the same insurance for all American. If Obama had been able to go far enough in his healthcare changes, he should have stopped the insurance companies from charging more and more for care…of course the Rep. would not agree with that, but that’s what we needed…if the companies charge too much, then the government needs to take it over. How long do you think it would take the insurance companies to straighten up?…or go bankrupt? Those large companies, pockets millions and millions every year, and pay their managers, millions and millions, while they gouge us the little people. I’m very happy with my military healthcare, but I would love to see everybody else have the same, and certainly more than the people in congress, who most of them don’t deserve it, at least if you consider what they do for us. The only people who are being hurt by this is the middle class, so let’s help them. But first we have to send a message to the insurance companies that they will have to cooperate…or else.

  • Lou Welke

    I really believe that our nation must get back to God and place our trust in him that he will have our leaders put forth programs that will benefit those who have fought for our country and placed their faith in God to deliver us from the dangers of the future as he has of the dangers of the past.

  • eyeinthesky

    As a veteran and citizen of the country, it appauls me that the wealthy politicians who represent the people of the United States want to make reforms on health care for the veterans and active duty personnel. Our military are the ones that keep all the people of this country safe……why don’t those individuals who make the rules and hadn’t served look in a mirror and evaluate themselves and consider the consequences that are being inflicked upon military personnel…Finally, why doesn’t the system make an amendment and make the politicans pay for their healthcare. Are you any better than other americans. Enough is enough.

  • Brian

    I chose to serve for my 20+ years. I’m glad that I have the health coverage that I do. I could afford to get it from my present job, but it’s a great thing to not have to. I don’t pretend to know the details of the healthcare bill, but it appears that something has to be done for those who don’t have coverage. Republicans don’t seem willing to do that, only complain about what was done. Ted Kennedy tried to do this from the 1970s until his last days.



    • Fern

      Did Bush find the money to go to Iraq? no, we just went to Iraq and he didn’t care where the money care from to pay for it. But all of a sudden, we have to worry where the money will come from because it’s not military spending. Is that it, Simms? We need healthcare for the middle class, let’s just do it and find the money later…and there are a lot of places we could get the money.

  • kimwill78

    Just called the VA in JAX today because of a problem I am having with my hearing aid. I got the rudest non-personality employee I have ever had. Why do I “have” to tolerate that?

  • Fern

    Who do you call the dead beats? Has to be the middle class who works and struggles to raise a family with their sweat…because those people are the only people who don’t have healthcare. The poor, the rich, the military and congress all have healthcare.

    • MSG, Retired

      No, the middle class mostly have a job with benifits, or earn enough to purchase health care. The working poor are doing what they can and mostly pulling their own weight. I’m talking about the people that refuse to work, get a job, or even try. I’m talking about able bodied parasites gaming the system and comitting crimes. I’m talking about illegal aliens and anyone else receiving public assistance that they don’t deserve. I’m talking about shiftless deadbeats. People in their situation because of the bad choices they make, with no interest in fixing their OWN problems.

      • Fern

        You are very wrong, MSG…the working poor and the middle class are the people who can’t afford health insurance. The able bodied parasites and the druggies and the people in prison, have Medicaid. When I retired a few years ago, my boss was paying more for the health insurance for our workers and their families, that we were paying them in salary. That’s why some small companies don’t give paid health insurance to their workers…and those workers are the middle class, who can’t afford insurance.

        • MSG, Retired

          No, I am NOT wrong, but maybe neither are you! Everyone I know is middle class, or top end of the lower class, and we ALL have health care. But one size doesn’t fit all. I don’t know your location, and that can have a lot to do with it. We don’t have one economy, we have 50+ sub-economies, so what I see may not be exactly what you see day to day. I think we can agree that if we weren’t having to drag the perpetual poor(by choice), criminals and druggies the entire health system would look VERY different. It’s just like your credit card company has to over charge you to help against the losses from the scammers and shiftless, without them we all could pay less.

  • jiji

    You put all politicians whether a Democrat or Republican into a sack
    shake it really good, pour them out and guess what they are in it for
    themselves and not the citizens of this great country. They promise the
    world during election time but once they are in office it is for themselves.

  • Mike

    I believe if the gov’t really wants to cut spending cut the politics pay and healthcare. Oh wait that won’t happen because the gov’t politics have not had to live in the conditions most of us have to. I mean i make not to bad pay but sometimes i wonder if the next bill am i able to pay it or not. Throw them all in our living conditions and pay and see if they survive.
    I do not serve in the military yet but i strongly believe that our troops should be #1 without the military we wouldn’t have the US of A. I have always been a supporter of our troops and that will never change. Thank You All Who Are Serving……….. Just wish the gov’t would care more.

    • Revere

      Thank you Mike….you are a true Patriot.

  • EODforme!

    If you have an injury and walk
    Into hospital in this country you will be treated, health insurance or not. Why do you think so many illegals are having babies here on tax payers dollars. This bill is only gunna make that process more expensive for US citizens (tax payer) and add trillions to our already crippling defacite. But for those that contibute to this economy, obamacare will make getting the care you need more expensive, confusing, and time consuming. I’ll take my job, guns and money, you can keep the change!

  • c willis

    SSG Ret. CWillis, has anyone looked at a hospital bill? My dad was hospitalized for 4 days, bill 23 thousand dollars, bandades $6, meds $18 ea. for aspiran, doctors that looked in the door but did nothing $350., etc: the list was endless. Put a checks and balance on what the hospitals/doctors charge, Medicare picked up most of the bill, rein in the bills and common working people could afford to get sick.

  • 1SG Ret

    There are quite a few different points of view here which are great and nothing will probably get resolved but there does seem to be a common agreement here which is most don’t agree with no cap on benefits for our politicians. If people were as passionate about how fair our elected officials are rewarded for their service then we would see changes in our laws that would really count. These politicians would get a taste of reality and experience firsthand of what most of us live every day.




  • Calvin

    Ret Msgt USAF..Lets not forget this …our active service brothers and sisters are getting their pay raised on a regular basis..BUT!!!! WE WHO HAVE SERVED AND HAVE GIVEN..sit back and wait…we’ve been told that there is no raise for use, as prices and care cost still rise….How bought those congress and senate folks give back a litle so that we can get the fruits of our labor……..eneryone is being asked to cut back….I’ve yet to see ot hear of any congressperson or senate person willing to take cut…….

  • Marine Wife

    Military Pay |
    Discounts |
    GI Bill Calculator |
    Military Transition
    TRICARE Announces New Program
    Week of January 24, 2011
    DoD announced the new premium-based TRICARE Young Adult program (TYA), which extends medical coverage to eligible military family members to age 26. TYA is expected to be in-place later this spring, but premium costs are not yet finalized. Adults who are no longer eligible for TRICARE, but need health insurance coverage, may wish to explore the Continued Health Care Benefit Program (CHCBP). CHCBP offers temporary transitional health coverage for 18 to 36 months. Coverage must be purchased within 60 days of loss of TRICARE eligibility. For more information on TYA and CHCBP, visit the TRICARE website.
    For more details on this new program, visit the Military Advantage Blog.

  • dave

    When’s all said and done it’ll be the retirees that pay the price.

  • Harve

    Soldiers & sailors & airmen worked for less, often in harm’s way and now, we must either pay for Medicare Part B, or lose our Tricare? Where is the equity today?

    • christian

      Harve, Thanks for that bit of info…Wife of Ret. Marine didn’t know that!!!

  • I do think we could cut cost by doing away with the VA Hospital system altogether. Simply issue each Veteran an Insurance card that pays 100% of health care issues related to service connected and all healthcare issues for those receiving 80% or more disability. Think of how much money would be saved if you could simply go to the doctor of your choice using your VA insurance rather than pay for

  • upkeep and exaggerated pay to keep the VA Hospital system a float. The veteran would receive better health care at a lower cost to the American tax payer. Additionally The Congress, Senate, Supreme Court, and the President should have the exact same health care as Active Service Members. Retired Federal branches receive the same as Retired Veterans. They are no more special than any of us. Additionally the vast majority of us would not give and give to a neighbor who refuses to work, so I ask why do we allow our government to give and give our money to those who refuse to work. It is time to guve the best help you can give a person. No help at all. That is the only way most people learn that they must stand on their own two feet and work for what they have or do not have. The Welfare system is 5 times more dangerous to our national security than not having a military at all. When the President and Congress come to cut costs in the military they should also cut Welfare 5 times greater.

  • Captain Mike

    The problem is government is focusing on the United States being part of the United Nations driven New World Order versus a SOVEREIGN and SELF-SUFFICIENT nation. Whether you look at the GOP or the Democrat agenda, they both follow the Trilateral Commission and United Nations agendas. Our nation’s motivation for innovation has been suppressed and our industrial base and financial power has been given to the Chinese. The problem with Healthcare Reform is that it is REGULATORY and declares it LAW for a citizen to purchase health insurance. Government-run healthcare has been loaded with flaws—-as evidenced by the poor standards at Walter Reed and frequent problems at the V.A. system. We treat CONGRESSMEN as ROYALTY (VIP treatment at Bethesda) and as priority over VETERANS (who have to settle for V.A. conditions). We need to get our REPUBLIC back. We need to show COngress that the New World Order and Global GOvernment is WRONG for America.

  • William Clark

    I have heard and seen it all for the most part . have been retired from the US Navy /destroyer forces for some 35 years . I have now come to those sicknesses which come with service in those spaces of our engineering departments of long ago when the Navy had no medical treatments for such things . That great benifit of ” Free Medical Care for Life ” has been a God sent for me, that is one of the main reasons i served for 20 years .
    I am also glad that this new Health Care Bill will not have any effect on me and my Wife for the rest of our lives here . however long that the Lord keeps us .
    again. the general public should not complain about the Military Families HC, that is part of their pay and benifit for serving . we must remember that the wife and children also serve as well in a different way . all americans have a chance to serve their country, and should in my opinion. so don’t complain about those who do and what they get for it …. At least, show that much respect to them who serve .

  • bufict

    It’s not Obamacare it’s American Care…Stop the hate…

  • FTC(SS) Ret.

    Gentleman, there is no reason to chuck rocks at one another. The submarine fleet ifs vital to national security. Been there done that!! Yet I do agree that there are many programs that could be scrubbed, including many available within the civilian sector,(i.e., welfare, regulating medical care, and perscriptions). We, the people have the power as a unified nation to make change within capitol hill. So stop belly aching and do something about it, like write to your congressman or senator. All of you are brothers at arms. it is unfortunate, but even retired we are bailing out the civilian sector. Use your individual power to make change, flood ’em with letter after letter to force change. God bless and find solutions by making change…Aloha

  • SPC SK

    From the stand point of a younger generation of Army, we shall see who gets elected in 2012.

  • Trex

    What do you do if you served 25 yrs in the military, are almost 70 yrs old, partially disabled and get turned down at every job request everywhere?
    Will that persons TFL payments be tripled? How about the medicare costs? How can they pay the exorbant medical payments on enlisted retirement, a small ss check and no other means of making a living to support the wife.
    Other costs have doubled/ tripled, ie food, gas, rent, utilities, interest, ect, ect.
    I think it will do our nation great damage to jeapordize our military by keeping our patriotic young people away in droves. No matter what ya do , ya got to make a living for your family. GOvernment has blinders on and it will hurt us .

  • joycealupugus

    So, what you want is to have a beaurocrat in D.C. making decisions about whether you receive treatment of not…how much treatment you receive if they grant you treatment, and whether it is cost effective to continue treatment. Whether you know it or not…the people who have no health care insurance ARE covered and do receive treatment…to the extent where I have witnessed these people taking expensive ambulance rides to the ER for cramps, nose bleeds, and head colds. If you want doctor’s offices and ERs filled with these people while the ones who are in life-threatening situations sit in the waiting rooms….then the huge legistations referred to as OBAMACARE is for you…that massive stack of paperwork that was passed by an idiotic congress without the benefit of being read or understood. Let me ask you this….since, under Obamacare, you would be paying for the health-care insurance of others….I pay $xxxx.xx for car insurance….will you please send a check to me for your share of my premiums!!!!

  • Rt’d US Army

    Space operations have returned about $8.00 for every dollar spent, all that is spent on earth , most of it in the usa. It inspires youth to train in the sciences and engineering. At roughly 18 billion total nasa funding its less than a months war costs in Iraq and afghanistan. The American people spend 154 billion on alcohol per year. Human space flight operations are a very small part of the total NASA budget. Our communications and medicine have tv , cellphones, weather satellites are obvious. Nations need frontiers to explore or they stagnate. Exploration and living on the moon and eventually Mars will expand our horizons and knowledge. Eventually asteroid mining will expand our frontier even further. for more information search the New York Times Jan 11, 2008

  • stillworking

    What i would like to know, is when I have an appointment at Bethesda why some unnamed individual (with status) is able to use these facilities. They show up in convoys with police escorts and of course you must make way or use alternate doors. I never have figured out who in congress or which of the high muckety mucks in government have worked for the privelege of being treated at this facility. I am sure there are a few individuals who have done their time in the trenches and warrant being seen but I would hope that the ordinary politician would not be eligible.

  • Ret army

    This retirees wife got cancer. Medicare plus tricare for life paid the monster bills ($50,000 the first month) I can’t complain. I also admire our CIC and believe he is working for the people in a thankless very dangerous job and violently opposed by big big corporation heads who are used to running the country by buying congress votes. Fox “news” billionaire Murdock is having a fit and is convincing the gullible that President Obama is evile, Nazzi, foreigner etc. Pure bs. Obama is a great improvement over the corporate lackies that preceded him.



  • Mrs_G

    Just a couple quotes to ponder…

    “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”– Karl Marx

    “Communism has never come to power in a country that was not disrupted by war or corruption, or both.”–John Fitzgerald Kennedy

  • Right Winger

    ObamaCare = Epic Fail

  • Hard Core Not Whiner

    Many military health care beneficiaries, particularly military retirees, their
    dependents, and those representing their interests, state that they were promised “free health care for life at military facilities” as part of their “contractual agreement” when they entered the armed forces. Efforts to locate authoritative documentation of such promises have not been successful. Congressional report language and recent court decisions have rejected retiree claims seeking ‘free care at military facilities’ as a
    right or entitlement.

    No one promised you a lifetime job, or cradle to grave socialism. My Dad, part of the Greatest Generation, served in the runup to WWII, WWII, Occupation in Berlin, and Korea. No pension. Just service.

    I served 20. Get off your behind, get a job, quit crying foul that you don’t have socialism for your personal benefit, and live like other Americans that you claim to have saved.

    • STEVE

      Where were you at enlistment. Did you not have your listening ears on. Yes it was promised to anyone who enlisted and stayed and achieved 20 years eligibility for retirement, they were to receive free medical, dental and pharmaceutical upon retirement for the rest of their lives.

  • David PSG Ret.

    The people in congress did not take anything away from the people of this country. We as a people gave it to them freely. The disease that is eating away at this country is apathy. Too many peole complain about our government, but, do very little at all to change it. If the majority of the “voters” want ObamaCare, or any other law, benenfit, etc., they will get it. If you notice I said voters not people. Make yourself heard. If a politician values his job he will please the majority of the “voters” to keep it. If the majority of the voters don’t want it then it will not happen. If this country falls apart it is our fault and no one else’s. The “voters” “hired” congress and the “voters” can can “fire” them.

  • john

    The way I see it is the life of a solder is expendable. We live to die and ask no questions. The world will look at us dying in some cheesy film in years to come and change our name to suite the actor of the day. The only way to defeat the government is by ignoring it!. Thomas Jefferson come back and kick there ass that’s my opinion. hoo-ra

    • Katy

      Ummm r u retarded???? Ignore it??? What are u on??? If u ignore govt, that is when they take over and rob the citizens and pass ridiculous bills….much like today’s govt actions!!! Wake up and stand for what is right! A lazy person abusing drugs with 5 kids is far better off in this country than a hard working family who pays outrageous taxes to support the funds of welfare, WIC, and free school lunches and books and now oh ya…obamacare!!! Turn glen beck off, go to a govt class in college before u speak out like this again!!!

  • CDR USN Retired

    Make sure when you vote you know or research which politician is impacting or repealing your earned Health Care and Retirement Benefits. They (the Politicians) sure know how to increase and protect their Health and Retirement Benefits without any debate.

  • MMCS/SS Bill

    I am a retired submariner. We need only a small submarine force currently and probably a smaller one in the future. The big drain on our economy consists of Social Security (that I currently receive) and Medicaid/Medicare (I get Medicare).
    These programs need to be revised to reflect our current life expectancies and l medical needs based on the notion that no free ride is acceptable. Everyone pays his/her fair share. Those who cannot fend for themselves should be helped. Guess how many will whine that they cannot fend for themselves.

  • 20yearsandproud

    Tricare is great for me. I think everyone should be able to go to the doctor. Think about it the next time you are sick and call for that appointment. Put yourself in another person’s “ill” shoes who does not have heath insurance.

  • B Thomas

    Everyone of you seem to sit home all day and watch Bill O’Riley bull crap as well as Glen Beck. Go back to school and and learn to love and support America in a more positive way. How many of you have reached out to help our fallen soldiers this year. Stop being brain wash.

  • RMCM USN Ret.

    If there were no pensions and health care benefits for retired elected officials they would consider more seriously the effects of their acts on the public.

  • h capps

    The use of words like, “ObamaCare Repeal Won’t Affect TRICARE” demonstrate a lack of objectivity and make your publication sound like the National Inquirer.

    • Guest

      Can you say BLOG? Blogs are about opinion.

  • Harold Engh

    I have a pet peeve About all the ha la be who about the Social Security issue. 76 years ago President Roosevelt signed the social security bill that still stands, in that bill the exception of the congress in paying into the social security system now stands.
    When ever anything comes about social security the congress not being involved could care less. I would like our President to amend that bill of 1935 and include ever-one to pay into S.S., wonder how much money that would save our goverment, and help Social Security( this money needs to be put in locked box) to keep congress from using the money for there Owen wants/or wishes. lets hear about this subject and how we can get the message to Obama-scare?

  • MSG Retired

    They should pass a law that all senators, vice president and the president should have to serve in the military at least one term without getting kicked out before they can run for office.

    • STEVE

      i totally agree

  • jeanne menich

    I suspect that like so many things Obama Care has its good points and its bad points. unfortunately, the financial aspects of Obamacare cannot be sustained. it is also too far reaching in scope and getting rid of the current insurance structure is not the way to go. There are ways people with existing conditions should be able to pay into the medicaid system that already exists instead of creating a whole new program for that. What concerns me is the bend towards Socialism that concerns me. Way too many of our military personnel have fought against such regimes and have died to allow such a system in our country to take hold. That is the real issue here. Do we want Socialism or the Republic we now have. Obamacare threatens that. I am grateful for the Tricare System. it is not perfect, but it defintely fills a purpose. Obamacare does have to be repealed to in order to create a new bill unless Obama is reall willing to allow the bill to be reviewed and changed. According to his speach last night, i dont get the feeling he is really willing to do that. He says what people want to hear, but constantly fights any real attempt to make things better.

  • Farmer John

    Someone nailed it on the head with “the paid liberal” comment, we had people bussed in from other communities to our “local town hall” meeting. Unless registered as a guest speaker that is not allowed here, we prefer the one person, one vote system where only residents may vote. It became rather obvious when the meeting had more people than our town had residents. After our Mayor had a committee look into it, a craigslist ad was found for our area stating. “You can work for change. Join motivated staff around the country working to make change happen. You can make great friends and money along the way. Earn $400-$600 a week.” Nice huh? Nothing like people with no connection to your local community usurping the democratic process. We are compelled to respect the position of Commander in Chief and do, but just like unlawful orders that we have a duty to refuse, we also have a duty to refuse to allow corrupt practices from tainting the democratic process of local government. If they had registered as guest speakers we would have gladly listened to their opinions, but when they attempted to hijack our meeting as local natives…whole different ball game. A forum for your local community is just that…for your local community and not outside hired agitators. Transparent change and practices…my backside! In a rural farm town we hadn’t seen that many African American’s since the Globe Trotters stopped by in 1968 for a hospital wing dedication. We aren’t racist we just don’t have that many in our community….somebody didn’t do a population study before the bussed in sham event occurred.

  • Robert

    The Service Chiefs perceive that costs that the government has agreed to pay for our Federal/military healthcare benefits are too high during this great national depression and there is some accuracy to the recent saying by some that” military healthcare costs are eating us alive”. They have military responsibility under the WARTIME environment even to “sacrifice their young”,and that we or at least some of our benefits are expendable.Costitutionally, prayers are in order and with all due respect for the civil rights of nonbelievers care,concern and action is in order for both non believers and the religious believers amongst us.The problem is there are legal regs and Pentagon guidelines on the political pursuits and comments of active duty personnel and even other restraints on resevists.Because of the military side of the healthcare issue this could conceivably be career ending (and with some justification)but there are remedies with federally chartered veterans` Associations,coalitions and retired military organizations.There is a valid reason for discontent and anxiety amongst the troops and their families on this issue based on trial ballons and political comments by some of the powers that be and those who have other motives and agendas.

  • there are a lot of stupid people here…god save us from ourselves and our trashmouths of stupidity and bigotry

    • Silver Hawk


  • Robert

    Some of us embrace the notion that military healthcare is not only a fiscal and monetary concern(rising costs that are paid out by Uncle Sam),but also a NATIONAL SECURITY and MILITARY READINESS issue.How important is our perception of duty in this case?Are we to martyr our careers and future family income?Can this outcome(for the good of the country and the well being and domestic tranquility and the strength of our Armed Forces) be left to politics and the sole judgement of our military and civil leaders?This is a serious decision of duty and conscience.Remember the USMC saying”which hill do you want to die on/”.Nevertheless,our WOUNDED WARRIORS and the families of our fallen comrades,have “Hallowed this ground”as Abraham Lincoln remarked ahimself a former Commander-in-Chief.

  • Robert

    Spell correction,should read above” President Abraham Lincoln one of our most reknown Commander -in-Chiefs and revered President of the United States”.In a similar time of great national debate,no of a great and bloody, sacred sacrifice of North and South.What would that past military do?What would they say?They after the Truce and Armistice that consecrated this ground needed Healthcare.

  • Robert

    ClarificationThe above comments are from a disabled combat veteran and ordained former Military Chaplain Corps member speaking as a retired private citizen,As a VA hospital volunteer my comments are my own and not in any official capacity(In my private opinion unfotunately)not the opinion officialy of the Armed Forces or the VA or any branch of government.

  • Old Senior

    I thought at this point to clarify a common flaw in the argument over elected official’s retirement and health care.

    I am a retired Senior Chief and then I retired as a GS-13 from Federal Servic.

    Our elected officials are under CSRS or FERS (google them if you really want to know) just like every other federal civil servant.

    The percentages are less than military per year served, and far less than Union retirement with perks.

    Congressmen, for instance, get 1-1/2% per year for the first 20, 2% for the remainder over 20. Never to exceed 80% MAX. The base pay is calculated on the average of the highest 3 years.

    The health insurance is “contributory” at a competitive rate, (unions are better) but not free by far. Google FEHB. I also pay $700 a year for Delta Dental and another $600 for dental. Neither pay full amount.

    Bottom line…Tricare is cheaper and better than FEHB. FEHB has increased far more than Tricare in the last 10 years!

  • thomas thompson

    There needs to be more control on the amount of money health care providers can charge. Right now they charge four times the amount that they get paid from our insurance just to insure that they get the maximum they can which is still outrageous to begin with. Prescription cost are way out of line especially for the drugs that they know people need to survive. Lastly some of the blame needs to lie with the patients,we need to stop running to the doctors with every ache and pain. All of the above relates to higher medical costs.

  • albert

    All of you agreeable or not about the healthcare legislationsneed to understand it will take a system to change or influence a system. Lobbist are selling-out our way of life. AFSA & REA are our means to have our voice heard. Hopefully, these organization, comprised of retired military, will be able to express and acheive what neither of us indiviuals can. Support our retired military organizations and watch what they accomplish.

  • tiredofthewhining

    I really wish you would do your homework and a true study of what has been passed by the President. I’m awed when I see the comments made by senior retirees. Most of the information you are getting is either hearsay or rhetoric. In other words it’s not true. Look at our economy, if black friday was an indicator of the dire straits were in, then why were sales at record highs. Lastly, most of this spend spend talk came after bills were passed during the last 8 years leading up to the current President (who was still campaigning when Congress started the so called bail-outs and spending. At least stop getting your info from TV and use the intellect God gave you.

  • Go America

    It’s not the government wasting tax payer dollars and running this country ragged. It’s big business. And what do they care about… the bottom line! How many companies needed bailouts? Who laid everyone off, but who mandates that businesses pay an unemployment insurance? A trickle-down economy is a nice utopia idea, but the bottom-line ultimately comes before any loyalty. The government offers health care to its employees, not all business does, and some better than others. The old healthcare system benefits insurance companies and gives little to the sick and care-givers. Who ran the costs of gas prices up and who sends business to small world countries without exporting any goods to these same countries?

    Compounding matters… the Republicans are less a party and more an ongoing civil war. There is a dwindling band of moderate Republicans who understand that they have to work with the Democrats in the interests of America. There is the old intolerant, gun-toting, immigrant-bashing right which sees any form of co-operation as treachery. And muddying the whole picture is the tea-party movement, a tax revolt whose activists—some clever, some dotty, all angry—seem to loathe Bush-era free-spending Republicans as much as they hate Democrats.

    If we’re going to fix this economy, than big business needs to stay out of government. Not the other way around! And Obama is your Commander in Chief; he deserves respect.

  • Rich Ret (1SG)

    Isnt it amazing when you joined the military and were presented the benefits you would accrue for your service or in retirement become a “trading” chip when future politicians arrive and mis manage the nation. They try so hard to take back retirement money, avoid colas, strip out medicals from military members because the original politician who made the deal is long gone or dead. The new hack is not beholding to old warriors for past service. I recommend young troops become more politically astute and comprehend how votes have consequences rather than just a popularity contest.. When your “tour” is over and you leave your service, you cannot buy back or recreate your youth and energy you gave to the country. Forget verbal promises and speeches, only what is law and contract matters. The next generation will not care if you are compromised because of a jungle or desert tour that drained your health, time or focus.

  • New Facebook rules,time constraints,like all of us, on respectful replies,sorry for lengthy comments but it needed to be said.

  • Colonelses

    Our president is a terrific improvement over what preceded him. However the health law isn’t liberal enough with out the public option to help control insurance company charges. These companies bought enough congress folk , including Leiberman , to prevent it’s inclusion.
    Thank God for Medicare and tricare for life or this army retiree would be broke on the street after $40,000 per month to treat the wife’s cancer! I’m all for president Obama’s initiatives. Like most Americans I voted for him and am glad I did despite the Fox ” news” BS.

  • tdhowell

    Note from the Author: Many readers have voiced concern about the use of the term “ObamaCare.” From my perspective the term was widely used in the public domain. I assure you no political commentary was intended. I’ll be mindful of the use of such shorthand terms in future postings. Your feedback is appreciated. –Terry

  • Superhawk

    It would be helpful if TRICARE would support up to age 26 without an additional fee. I believe retires need as much help as possible. Also, one of the writers talked about how hard the President is working to move things forward especially for the military. I would agree, especially when you dig past the “24/7 news bites.” When Social Security was enacted – people complained bitterly. When Medicare was enacted – a large number of people cried loudly against it. I think health care should add Tort Reform to the current legislation as a priority. That would lower insurance fees for doctors which will allow doctors to lower cost for medical procedures. In theory this would help. Let’s tweek and not start from scratch on a bill that would take until 2015 to get reenacted. The Republicans can make the same mistake the Democrats made and get voted out as well. Let’s focus on job creation, affordable helpcare, effective education, military dominance and new energy sources.

  • Vic Holmes, Maj (R)

    I know it happened for some, but I wasn’t really promised anything when I signed up. I pretty much sailed through 22 years (because time seemed to slip through my fingers, not because any of the days of those years was easy) knowing I’d have to eventually return to the civlian market and have to pony up for some care. Helping my parents pay for their care has also helped me plan ahead a bit.

    Although I disagree with the moniker “ObamaCare” because it was a policy initially generated from the Republican side of the house some 7 years or more ago, I like the idea that a president has been brave enough to put himself out there for the majority of Americans. Providing health care for the masses has been a burr in the sides of politicians for ages and finally there is a plan in place, at least for now, that is trying to help that.

  • Vic Holmes, Maj (R)

    Is it a perfect plan? No. And it’s probably not possible to have a perfect plan because someone is going to be an exception. I’ve been a heath care professional these last 12 years and if it’s one thing you learn, it’s that there’s always an exception.

    But so far, I’ve seen a lot of posts negatively criticizing the plan and none suggesting a logical thing to replace the plan. If you could change it, how would you do i? I think the president even said that last night when he said he was open to ideas on how to fix the problem. I asked 13 people I work with (in healthcare and outside the hospital) who generally disagreed with Obamacare what they didn’t like about it and only 2 had actually read the bill. The other 11 disagreed because they heard it was bad on the news (9 of the 11 stated specifically FOX news told them it was bad) but didn’t research it to find out why it was bad.

  • Vic Holmes, Maj (R)

    The two that had read the bill offered specific things they disagreed with, for example one was a small business owner who disagreed with being forced to buy coverage for his 3 employees. When we read that section of the bill together (he was showing me where he was being incensed) though, companies under 50 employees were excluded from the requirement.

    My point is that whether you were or were not promised health care, the majority of America was not promised health care and because there is nothing to prevent them from being excluded, the insurance companies have been excluding them or charging them so much for health care they can’t afford that and food. ObamaCare wasn’t about making life more difficult, it was about trying to fix a problem that had, thence far, had nothing done about it.

  • Vic Holmes, Maj (R)

    My point is that whether you were or were not promised health care, the majority of America was not promised health care and because there is nothing to prevent them from being excluded, the insurance companies have been excluding them or charging them so much for health care they can’t afford that and food. ObamaCare wasn’t about making life more difficult, it was about trying to fix a problem that had, thence far, had nothing done about it.

    Everyone has ideas on what isn’t good or what doesn’t work. What about the next step and suggest a logical and reasonable replacement for the things you don’t like? We hae the finest military in the world and in it the finest minds. We have to be smart, right? The USA is still standing and free because of us. Fom the past minds and future minds, let’s push aside our complaints about a non-working system or an idea we disagree with and pull ideas on how we CAN make health care work for everyone. After all, we are PART of that everyone in the end.

  • wayne


    Why do you feel that I should pay for your adult child’s health care? Do you pay for my childrens’ care? Do you really think we’re talking about somebody else’s money? It’s OUR money that funds all of these programs, congressional and military healthcare alike. Your personal need is no greater priority than that of anybody else and your demands are unrealistic. What you seem to want is a system where the state provides all – I think they call that Communism and we spent a good many years and a lot of money fighting that ideology. Did we waste all that time and money?

  • Linda

    Having worked in many areas of nursing and the medical industry over the past 40 years, I have seen the dire need for health care reform for decades. The last comprehensive reform was in the 1980’s. It has made me sad to see how much health care is governed by the insurance companies, who are not losing any $$$ these days and can increase premiums radically with no accountability.
    Some of the provisions in this new health care bill are greatly needed. Some need to be refined, as most new programs do. To repeal and do nothing is a sin against America and the people of America.
    We are grateful to have Tricare and even with a monthly bill, it will be cheaper than the $14,000/year we were going to have to pay to our former insurance. Tricare for free is a miracle. Tricare for a moderate fee is a bargain.

  • MSgtBill

    To get our United States back on track and get out of debt we should increase import taxes to the point that all the companies that went over seas would have to come back and employ Americans, also round up all illegals and send back to where ever they came from and heavily fine who ever employs them. Also revoke green card holders over here working because companies say America has no one smart enough to do their jobs, which is nonsense.

  • ProudAmerican

    As a widow of a career officer trying to put two girls through college on one income (with no retirement benefits), I of course strongly object to raising our costs for Tricare, but would be willing to pay more if it were reasonable. I also appreciate the raised age limit for dependent children, as having no healthcare for my children is frightening and unacceptable. What I am most concerned with is the government has proven they are incapable of managing anything and still keeping a balanced budget. I want the health care bill repealed, the insurance industry challenged to duke it out until free enterprise brings the rates down to an affordable, acceptable level, and the government to keep its nose out of one more area of my business. It doesn’t feel like the “free” America I’ve always believed in when my government keeps taking more and more of my money to pay for its inability to manage its own budget. Nobody offered to “bail” me out when I was down, so why am I to do that for the government?

  • Mike

    My question is with prime enrollees are they going to raise the yearly premium that I pay now? Since I read that they were going to charge extra for the kids under 26 year of age. I feel that Congress had pass the bill they should fund this portion of this for us retirees, since alot of us are just getting by and I sure didn’t ask for it

  • AF wife

    I will never vote for anyone that has not served in the armed services. I do not feel that anyone should be commander in chief over our men who served or went to war. They do not know what they or their wives went though. And farther more do not care or they would not feel we are the first to be cut.
    So if you voted to put him in stop complaining just don’t do it again.
    He is the worst since Jimmy Carter. I hate to admit it but voted for Carter.

  • greywlf

    They Say the Army and Navy never Agree
    It doesn’t make sense not to keep PPAC thew thing is and your so right is that it reduces the profits in argument that insurance firms make. Thing is the tax rate once dept is paid can actually go down. Because Office visits cost less and prevent “non” emergency room visits. Not to mention that preventive care reduces level of illness as well as lost to GNP from lose production days due to illness.
    Thing is WE see that its a smoke scree for those who have the most to deny those Americans who need it a cost effective way to stay healthy and productive.

  • phantomniceguy

    Well Said Pappy!!! I truly do not understand why this is an argument at all. It is not Republican or Democrat. It is definitely not Obama related. It is about doing the Decent thing…the right thing. The reason I go to places like Afghanistan is to protect the people back home. What good is it to protect them from the enemy here if our elected officials are becoming the enemy back home. It breaks my heart when I see someone have to chose between eating and paying the rent or taking there kids to the doctor when they are sick. Do we not understand that if we had national healthcare we would not need tri-care. Think of those savings. Everyone would be able to go to the doctor for not only sick care but preventative care to keep from getting sick. That alone will save trillions in the long run.

  • phantomniceguy

    I see many comments about the government deciding what care I get. I see no where in the law nor any actual provider saying that is the case. What I see is that doctors will still be making the decisions. If it is modeled eventually after the european system than doctors would receive bigger payments for preventative measures. Like if they get 80% of their patients to quit smoking they get a bonus payment. If they get 90% of the female patients to get a breast exam in that year they get a bonus payment. That is capitalism at its best. The system began to self destruct with the ill fated creation of the HMO system. As a non party affiliated individual I just do not understand why doing the right thing for ALL americans can be bad.

  • C.P. Hodgkinson

    I am a retired reservist, share most of your concerns, I am continuing to study and learn more about the Health Care Reform Law. Tothose opposed to it, I fail to see how their position will improve the common good, the Health care industry income in 2009 were over 450 billion, the expended nearly 120 million fighting the bill before it passed, The cost of the bill fundamentally is only an educated guess, as law progresses, it will roll in some programs, and the net affect will be that private health insurers will probably find their business diminishing, probably to a serious extent, which would be on par with the quality service their plan gives. The bottom line is the Health is for everybody, and nothing else can say this. I ask, if you are opposed to this law
    why did we get this far, becAUse of the failure of “private” health companies to address the issues in the market place. The industry stated that they insure 202 million subscribers, I must ask what about the other 106 million americans, what happens to them? Or as the Godfather” said in the movie, nothing personal, just business. CPH

  • Bill

    CW2 Retired:
    Oya–Hear we go again; Remember when a Lawyer opens his mouth, the lie;s fly out. Most of our ELECTED POLITICIANS hold Law Degrees. So as mentioned above, what else is new. Knowing all of this, does anybody believe that are elected officials are going to take anything from themselves? I know that money could be saved by simpley not allowing any proposed bill submiited for consideration for becoming up for vote to become Law, Not allowed if it has over 50 pages of normal type and space. I know these are very smart people, so the 1st test for them, explain your proposal in 50 pages or less. This serves a couple of things, if they can right, and quess what, can’t hide PORK. Boy could we save money. Take care of Military and Veterans…

  • SFC Renee’

    Wow you have drank the Kool-Aid!!! Glen Beck is a cult leader, I guess you’re a follower and not a leader. I think that we need to come together and not come up with all this crap about our Commander and Chief. We may not always believe in the same things but i am proud to say I served for our country with my head held high even when I got injured in Iraq. If you are a true CHRISTIAN then act like it. DON’T JUDGE!

  • (RET) USA Veteran

    Wow, have we really lost our way as to how this country was founded ? The principles in which our founding fathers intended the Constitution to be used, not abused. We have let other countries dictate how we spend our money. we have let religous and reporters influenece how we fight in combat. We will give a foreigner 5 years tax break starting a business, but yet an american will pay the rest of his life. We will give immagrants a homw before a homeless american-wow. Our Govn’t cares more about other countries well being than ours. Washington needs to put up a big mirror so the house can see themselves and remind them whom there are and not what they have become. I am a retired veteran who has fought for this country. Ask me what not to take away from me, and my wife who supported me thru my 20 plus years. Why why why, do you need to take away from US ??????????

  • old codger

    If the republicans do this to the people of America and their children, what do you think they will try to do to us next. The question was about the TYA. Thank goodness the democrats got it into the Defense Appropriation Act which isn’t up for repeal… yet! Send your representative an e-mail that you expect promises made over the years to soldiers concerning health and retirement benefits to be kept! (for christ sakes they aren’t up for bargaining now!)

  • MSG F.Hernandez-Army

    I joined the Army in 1963 and was told that I and my family would have medical and dental care for as long as I lived after retirement! Sounded real good! Not long after I got married there was no dental care for my family unless we were overseas. When I retired,after 22 years, there was NO dental care for me, much less my wife. All of the dental fillings that were in place during my enlistment have since fallen out, and I have trouble eating meat and other hard vegetables and fruit. I can’t get any help from the VA. Yet , if I had served as a member of congress or the senate, then all of that would be taken care of for them and their families for the rest of their lives, just for serving one term (if not mistaken). So where is the justice? I still love my country and would do it again, but be more active with my elected officials!

  • HM1 “Doc” Paschal USN/Ret DAV

    I know this is lengthy, but please hear me out. First of all, I’m a retired Navy Independant Duty Corpsman and a disabled Vet. Adequate, affordable health care is very important to me. Everyone in this country should have it. We are one of the richest nations in the world, yet have one of the highest infant mortality rates within the industrialized nations. Clue #1 that there’s a severe problem with our health care system.
    A third to a half of our population has no or limited health care insurance and must foot the entire over inflated bill when they need medical treatment. They must choose between going to a doctor when they really need to or paying their rent/eating.
    Healthcare costs are ridiculously high to begin with for several reasons. 1. Sky high malpractice insurance largely from frivolous cases with obnoxious award amounts. 2. Drs & treatment facilities over charge to begin with so that Insurance companies actually pay them a reasonable wage. Some of this state of the art medical equipment that we want them to use costs millions of dollars, but if they aren’t paid a fair price for services and goods, how can our hospitals, clinics & drs be expected to function at the superior level we expect? We pay our athletes millions and millions of dollars for a few hours of entertainment, but don’t want to pay our healthcare providers or teachers a truly adequate wage for a lifetime of learning and health. That is truly a sad disparity and screwed up sense of priorities we have in this country. 3. Drug Companies & Insurance companies are in cahoots. Natural remedies (that have been shown to work time & time again -safely) cannot be “patened” so the money making machines of the drug companies push the FDA to try to restrict uses of herbal & holistic remedies. Insurance companies won’t recognize them as viable options for patients who are maybe more into natural remedies or can’t tolerate synthetic drugs, multiple operations and such only to be told “there’s nothing else we can do for you.” That might be the case, but highly doubtful. Unfortunately a patient who has chronic problems and even decent insurance may be tapped out by the time those words are uttered, so going the “holistic or naturapathic” route just might be beyond their reach financially If the big business of insurance really was about getting people well, keeping them well, and preventing disease/injury to begin with, they would open up to inovative ideas in itegrated medicine.
    All that being said, I am so very grateful for Tricare, Medicare and the VA system. If it weren’t for that, I’d surely be homeless because of medical bills or dead. My youngest daughter (19) has certainly needed her benefits. And when I remarried, Tricare has been a wonderful supplement to my husband’s Blue Cross for Retired Federal workers. he turned 65 in Aug so Medicare kicked in too. We are the extremely fortunate ones. We have family members that are not. Our granddaughter needs a follow-p MRI of her brain because of a cyst that is close to her pituatary gland. Our daughter & son-in-law are still paying off the one that was done in 2009. Since she’s so young there were the added expenses of sedation & recovery room. They had insurance at the time, but when my son-in-law’s company suddenly decided to close the office he had been running for two years (& even pulled it out of an operating deficit that he took it over with), their insurance went away, unless they wanted to pay $1600 to keep it. I have other family members that have no insurance as well.
    I don’t like everything that is in the Healthcare Act. People shouldn’t have to be threatened or fined for not purchasing insurance from a private company. (I don’t think that’s exactly Constitutional anyway) many of you complain you don’t want socialized medicine. What the heck do you think Medicare, Medicaid & more or less Tricare is? All citizens should have at least a basic health & dental policy. It saves money in the long run. I’m not saying it should be free. I pay for my Medicare & my daughter’s Tricare Prime. My husband pays for his Blue Cross & Medicare. We pay our medication co-pays. We don’t have dental at the moment (well they don’t I do through the VA). If Tricare & Medicare were to expand their horizons a bit into covering some integrated medicineas some insurance companies already do, there would likely be major savings because a number of surgeries could be avoided through such integrated & interventional medicine.
    I know civilian practices don’t want to be told what they can charge a patient, but if they see Medicare or Tricare patients, they’re already being given a cap on fees – it’s just worded differently. Set it for ALL patients. It’s not right that my doctor gets less because he sees me vs seeing my friend up the street because he has COBRA or Etna insurance.
    It’s not really going to take as much effort as everyone thinks to fix this mess, everyone just needs to take off their “petty” coats and put on their big boy and girl panties so they can get to real work. Compare the worldwide systems see what works about them & what doesn’t – but you have to talk to the patients of all socioeconomic groups, the nurses the doctors, the specialty technicians and the billing folks to get the entire picture before rushing in with some 2000 page document that no one has the time or gumption to read before it’s brought to a vote. I like what someone suggested proposed bills/laws can’t be over 50 pages. I say 30 tops! Then the Representative or Senator should have to sign something affirming they have read and understand what they are voting on. After all, they do work for us, it is their job to understand what the devil they’re putting their name to

  • HM1 “Doc” Paschal USN/Ret DAV

    Sorry for the typos. It’s hard to proof read on your phone. The one about Medicare & Tricare expanding should have read integrated medicine areas. Oh, my granddaughter needs a follow-up not follow-u. I think you can figure out the dropped punctuation & screwy capitalization.
    Thanks for your time. May you be well and safe.


    If the president objects to the name ‘” Obama Care ” , why did he attach his name by signing it into law?

  • M.C. Vaughn

    I most recently were disenrolled from TRICARE PRIME because i would,nt except medicare part B, i am under 60 and not eligible for it, my question is Why Why Why.

  • Mary

    Patient Pro­tec­tion and Afford­able Care Act is good for everyone except Gov’t employees who previously served their country. Where is the fairness?

  • MyOpinion2cents

    Massachusettes experimented with health care coverage and is now bankrupt as government plans do not work as predicted. For those that get their jockeys in a bundle with the term ObamaCare, I bet you don’t object to the term Bush Tax cuts, referring to the President who signed the bill. To criticize political leaders who are leaning to the far left, it is somehow hate speach. Nikita Krushchev – to paraphrase this 1950’s – 60’s world leader, said that bites of Socialism leads to Communism. I remember when applying for a security clearance, being a member of the Communist Party was a no go. Now it is embraced by Executive advisors and they are proud of it.

  • MyOpinion2cents

    They cross the border to Minnesota to get the best health facilities in the world, with no waiting lines.

  • MyOpinion2cents

    If you want to support your adult son, do so, why ask me to? My son is 23 and purchases his own policy from private insurance with a $5000 deductable. He spends more than $300 a month on his phone, internet and TV service, and has been self employed since 14 years old.. There are options when one does not depend on their neighbors to support others. He has never asked anyone for anything, not even as a child for Christmas.

  • bear

    i think it is time for our Elected officials in Washington D.C. to have reality check. We put them in office, we can elect them out.

  • Patrick

    “So let me make this per­fectly clear” as Nixon used to say. Cut the draft dodgers in Congress Pay to GI Status, deploy them to Afganistan, and let them eat MRE’s . Age waiver is authorized. That includes draft dodgers Alan Simpson, Pete Domenci, all from the Commie approved deficit commission. And Nixon couldn’t stand these guys. Need to put a Price freeze too

  • CAE

    Alot of us are feed up with the Senators, Congressmen and President. Our voice will be in our votes to get rid of them and hopefully we will have some of our military people run for their offices.There will be change then.

  • Cecil Bassham

    I served just over 10 years as an enlisted man and 10 years as an officer, retiring as a USAF Captain. After that I spent the rest of my career – 35 years as a DoD contractor for the defense of our nation-altogether 55 years.. Now near the end of my life at 75 years of age, I see our country falling apart by our untrusted politicians, both in the Congress and the White House. I served my country well, and now am being let down the current America, a far cry from the America that I once knew and defended all my life. I hope that responsible people come to their senses and vote to remove most, if not all, incumbents and replace them with honorable statesmen with integrity (NOT POLITICIANS), who can and will keep their promises, clean up the mess, and make us a proud nation once again..

    • Shirley

      I agree with you with all my being. America has gone to hell because of her government.

  • AD spouse

    Very sad, most of our soldiers need state aid to be able to feed their families. An increase in health care for young soldiers would really hurt.

    • AD spouse,

      As it stands now, the Military pays up to $1,100.00 per month extra for those soldiers on Food Stamps. So if you add in the $348.44 he/she already gets, that adds up to $1,448.44. So you are saying most of your soldiers need State Aid. My God, how many kids do they have?????

      • Idmtmedic
        Q. Does the IRS pay billions in tax refunds to workers who are in the U.S. illegally?
        A. Yes- The treasury Dept inspector general determined that 4.2 billion was paid in 2010. Up from less than 1 Billion in 2005. Leading democrats are resisting a bill that would stop future payments.
        So tell us Charles, how many children do they have?

      • PS1(AW)

        The Military does not pay any Active Duty Personnel up to 1,100.00 per month extra for anyone on Food Stamps. The only money Service Members get to eat is that 348.44 you mentioned, and service members who stay in barracks and have access to a galley dont get that. Only personnel who live out in town.

        • PS1(AW),

          Sorry, but your dead wrong. Although that amount I gave you has gone up. Check below where I have given you sources of said information.


          Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance

          The Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance (FSSA) program provides qualified sailors a supplemental allowance of up to $1,100 per month, depending on income and family size, designed to raise a member’s household income to 130% of the federal poverty line. The following is a summary of the FSSA:

          Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance (FSSA) program

  • Roger

    How can we vote them out? everyone thinks that their Rep is pure as the driven snow and everyone else’s Rep is a crook. We should demand term limits on all people that work for us.

  • It is amazing how one administration has been able to totally disrupt and degrade the nation’s health care infrastructure, to accommodate a minority without insurance. The simpler and wiser move would have been to provide insurance as a government subsidy to those that could not afford it, rather than upset the entire established infrastructure.

  • Mark

    Nixon – How can you put Nixon on stage as a viable resource?? Why don’t you just reference Enron. Nixon – really?? The same man who pardoned Jimmy Hoffa..