Cost of TRICARE for Children Over 21

The passage of the Health Care Reform Act, which requires insurers to provide coverage for dependent children up to age 26, has left many TRICARE beneficiaries asking what that would mean to their older dependent children since the current age limit for TRICARE is 21, or age 23 if the child is a full-time student.

The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) is reporting that Defense Department officials estimate the expansion will cost each member $2,400 per year to cover each child over age 21 (or 23). This is provision would be unique to TRICARE and would not be imposed on non-military parents using commercial health care insurance. DoD officials say they have to charge a separate premium because they can’t spread the cost among other beneficiaries as civilian insurers do.

MOAA and The Military Coalition are working to convince Congress to not  impose this military-unique premium.

You can help MOAA and The Military Coalition with this effort by contacting your elected officials. Click here to let them know how you feel about this proposed special premium.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Ceefiveceefive

    Unintended consequences are a fact. Things that are done in the name of good are not immune to consequences. Everything in life has a cost, whether or not it is easily seen by most at first.

    • Don Tros

      It’s not unintended consequences. It’s called wealth distribution. Someone has to pay for those additional 30 million who will be covered!

  • mslman

    Obviously Ceefiveceefive has never received a military paycheck…….asking them to deduct another $200 a month and pay for something that their civilian counterparts do not have to is incedibly disingenuous.

    • Robert Callison

      I have received a military paycheck and am now receiving a retired military check and receiving a civilian paycheck I guess I am qualified to answer bmslman’s comment. Benefits do not come without a cost, and we do not know how the “civilians” are being charged as each insurer will make up the cost in their own way which we are not aware of. However, you are missing the main point, if you don’t want to pay for a benefit, don’t ask for it. You don’t have to assume that you have to insure your child for the maximum amount of time. Let your ADULT offspring get their own insurance quotes, see how much that costs them and then compare to see which is more cost effective. Whichever is cheaper, then go for it. Stop watching FOX, open your eyes for a change. Instead of focusing on the “cost” of the healthcare law, instead look at the benefit which is an alternative that will most likely help your family in a responsible way. I would not mind paying the extra cost (which by the way, your ADULT offspring can help with) in order to make sure my kids get a good start on life without the need to worry about possible medical troubles.

    • JTB


  • Byte

    I don’t see anything wrong with deducting another $200 out of a retiree’s monthly pay check. With the new increase in withholding taxes, dental premiums, current Tri-Care premiums, mandatory CFC payments, etc., etc., in just a few more years, the average retiree will have to pay the government for being retired military, because the amount received via direct deposit, will be: zero! Just what the Demokrats want! Free 20 years of service, with no financial benefits for doing so!

    • Robert Callison

      Someone took their bitter pill today. Instead of all the doom and gloom (and mostly unfounded) negative prophesizing, why don’t you try to turn that negative energy into something productive and come up with a solution? This is not a forum on politics, if you wish to spout only your negative views, then join the FOX channel; I hear they are hiring.

      • You want a solution? I think we’ve already shown you the solution a week ago yesterday. We threw a bunch of the bastards out of Congress. And with a little help from our new friends in Congress we’ll get rid of the piece of crap health care bill the last Congress shoved down our throats and up our behinds. How’s that for a solution?

      • Gary

        FOX is the BEST news channel on the air. At least they have a differing view and not just one sided LIBERAL CRAP. Talk about a bitter pill. Your comments would have been OK until you slammed FOX. Grow UP and take a closer look at FOX to get the TRUTH.

    • globe1trotter

      that’s so funny that it’s sad…..because it’s TRUE!

    • HiTechDiver

      When are we as the owners of this government going to start talking about the sacrifices Congress should make…like 50% pay cut and 5% more per year until the budget is balanced…like paying for their own health care and other perks…Like getting rid of their full retirement package, and paying social security like the rest of us. Perhaps we should have national propositions (like states do) that the people vote on, with respect to congressional pay and perks. Perhaps then people with honor would serve in elected positions. I could write a novel, but you get the point, so in closing let me just say God Bless America!…we need it.

  • SilvieEU

    Having the opportunity to insure a child is great if there is no other insurance available to them and are in college. Private insurance will cost more. At least we have a option.Everything in life has a cost, however the health of my children is priceless.

    • Bill R.

      Having the option would be great. We don’t even have that yet.

    • tvb

      exactly however our children deserve the same benefits as other children. Our children have spent porbably mojority of their 23 years indirectly serving our country. So for those who have children who will be age 23 before January what do they do. Military COBRA costs approx to start 900.00.

    • CMSgt Retired: Tom

      How long are they going to be “children?” At what point do they assume responsibility for their lives, or do you pay their ticket forever. At 26 years of age it seems like they ought to be paying their share by now…Probably one of the biggest problems with this country, the Obama administration, and the democrats; The society of entitlements at someone else’s expense. I for one, am tired of paying other adults bills…

      • W.MITCHELL

        i agree with you 100% I am also retired just started to get my money this nov18 i turned 60 i served 42years 1month 28 days in the military , and i believe, that we should not have to pay , every time the govt decides to spend money without thinking how to repay it. SSG RETIRED MITCHELL

      • valerie

        My point exactly. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you want something, work for it. Don’t expect someone else to cover you.

    • LeAnn W.

      I agree with you, my child is priceless too! I have a child that is epileptic and hasn’t been able to take a full load of college classes cause of her medical condition. She will be losing her tricare medical insurance this summer unless they do something about it. How are we gonna be able to afford insurance for a child that has epilepsy in the private sector!

    • George

      Being in college is not a disability, its a privilege that you pay for. Why should I have to pay for your child’s health care? Not everyone can afford to go to college. People in college can still work if their parents can’t afford to pay everything, and that includes healthcare. Your children are priceless to you, not to me.

  • Gentlemen

  • Gentlement

  • NautiBuoy

    If TRICARE is forced to absorb the additional cost of covering adult children, all our premiums will have to increase. Once TRICARE becomes viewed as a family health plan, we lose the argument that it is a unique program for those who served and sacrificed. Those who have been pushing to raise our premium levels will then have the justification that the program is covering more dependents than service members, so the costs should be “shared”, just like commercial insurance. If a family wants to cover their adult child, they should bear that cost themselves, or let the “child” join the military and earn their own medical benefits!

    • RetireeWildBill

      I agree. It will pork out the premiums cost and give TRIC/Benefits and Pay opponents ammunition to both cut these and raise TRICARE prem’s as well. As a retiree, I pay more witholding tax and will get a ZERO COLA for 2011. That’s a screw job.

    • Joe

      I agree. I’m recently retired and my wife and I enjoy the benifit. I earned it, not my adult children. Under Obamacare, adult children can have insurance until age 26…even if they are married!

      • Tim

        Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
        Isnt Tricare…….Bushcare……OBamacare? You are retired military which means you were under a federal health care system. So what is different now? For those who do not want or need care for their adult children, then elect not to carry them. Makes to much sense. Not all adult children need that type of help from their parents.

        • GEORGE

          You’re right, if they don’t want to include their child then don’t. However, I don’t want the premiums for those that chose to insure their child spread over all retirees. I don’t want to pay for your children.

    • peggy

      My husband died serving this country, my son is epilectic and has learning disabilities. He is 22 and can not find a job. He is trying to get social sec disability be has been turned down because he can communicate. I can’t afford $2,000.00 a year for insurance prem., and another $3000.00 in deductible. Not gem of wisdom do you have for families like mind. I need the insurance for my son.

    • Sam

      For those that serve and have families, Tricare is a family health plan. There are just as many or more service members that have families as those of us that are single and do not have families. As single soldier I dont mind covering some one who needs medical care. Aren’t military families already bearing the cost? Tricare is like any other commercial insurance. Unlike active duty soldier, family member can choose a different insurance carrier. My father was active duty, and I am now. I have a 24 year old brother who is getting his masters degree and neither one of us want him to join not even for the benefits. However, my father’s civilian job’s insurance carrier is allowing my father to carry him to the age of 26 at no extra cost.

      • George

        Yes Sam there is a cost. Except that all the other people paying premiums are paying it. If you chose to cover your brother ,who is studying for a masters degree, then pay for it, don’t as me to kick in for it. The other premium payers of your fathers insurance carrier are paying for your brother. THERE IS AN EXTRA COST!!! (or are they just “SPREADING THE WEALTH”)

    • mick

      That is all fine and well unless your child is an adult handicapped person. My son was misdiagnosed at an early age by a military doctor. I have dealt with the burden of raising him in his current condition. He is paralyzed from the waist down. And age 37 he suffers daily from the pain he endures. There is no support in Tri-Care for these dependents and there are many..

    • Rebecca Pitts

      I have a son that will be 22 this October and he has no nsurance a all. He has meds tht cost over 350.00 monthly and needs to be seen by a Dr every month for follow ups. Unfortunately my son can not join the military as he wanted to because of his condition. If he could by god he would. It’a all he ever wanted to do since he realized what his father did for a living. I have no problem paying extra premiums for adding my son to the Tri Care Prime plan but I do think 2400.00 extra a year is alittle steap. Just remember our kids also bared the pain of their parent deployed for exstensive amounts of time. It wasn’t just the other spouse. I don’t care how old the dependant is they should be able to carry on with the military health insurance just like the spouse can after retirement. We were all in the military life together the only difference is the spouse made the choice to be with their significant other during his/her carreer, the kids were born into it with no option to say no. Just because retirement happens it doesn’t mean we cut the dependants off because they turned 21.

  • Robert_malo

    I’m currently living in the Philippines. When I return to the USA next year…will I be able to get Tricare Prime…as soon as I return to the US?

    • globe1trotter

      be careful where you decide to live…….no Tricare Prime in my area. No
      Tricare Dentist either. I’m under 50% disability and CAN’T hold a job now because I have afflictions that can’t be zero’d but yet no VA within 2 hrs. I can’t afford dental coverage, so guess my teeth will just rot out. Better pick your living area carefully!

      • 20 plus

        Sounds to me like you need some SSSSooocialism to help you out!!!

    • Janelle

      i live in the philippines too….alot of places take tricare…especially in the city like in fort bonifacio- st lukes hospital does…you just have to ask around

  • Norman Haugan

    If we could get Tricare to be a whole lot less administrative then maybe the additional cost could be handled. As it stands now Tricare spends most of our money with administrative services which provide very little medical benefit. When I call for an appointment I talk to no less than three people each time. And then I get at least three letters telling about the appointment, afterwards I receive several more letters wanting my evaluation. All of this is very expensive.

    • Robert Callison

      Every system has redundancies, many times to try to catch instances where people may fall through the proverbial cracks in the system. I can understand your frustration, however have you ever gone to the TRICARE offices to ask why things are being done the way that it appears? No system is perfect, and improvements cannot be made unless the implementers of system are aware of the problems. Does a CEO know (or have to know) EVERYTHING that goes on in their company? However they can be made aware if their customer points out a problem.

  • Jmac851

    According to many of my civilian freinds, they have already received increases in their healthcare insuance premiums due to the change. If you want more, you have to pay more. That is the American way.


    Age 26, how ridiculous. Another vote buying gimmick by the socialists posing as democtRATS. Anything to stay in power.

    • liferays

      Age 26 is rediculous for anyone to stay on their parents insurance unless they are disabled. This new Obamacare is rediculous!

    • LeAnn w

      You obviously don’t have a child that has a medical condition that takes them a little longer to finish school! Don’t know about you ,but my child is priceless to me!

    • R. Pitts

      OMG do you hear yourself? You really believe that load of crap that is spilling out of your mouth? This is 2011 right? Come on our kids need insurance also and with the economy not all jobs carry benefits with them.

  • gretchen fitzpatrick

    Wow. 26? By that time many dependants will have dependants. Will it cover grandkids too? I would hope by 21 that my 4 children will have been educated, graduated, employed and have their own coverage like grownups… wait.. they will be grownup. I applaud the coverage and I use the snot out of it now while they are youg but 26? No way. I say make it an optional sign up like the life insurance we have. If my children are gone early then I should not have to automatically pay.

    • Love22Step

      If children are still dependent upon you after they finish high school/college and no longer qualify for the regular TRICARE, turn them over to the state and put them up for adoption.

    • Bill R.

      This misses the point of the issue entirely. The point is not whether 26 years old is too old to be covered by parent’s health insurance. 26 is now the law. The point is whether it is right to exclude the children of military members just because their parent(s) served. Case in point, my son is 22. He works a job that does not offer benefits and goes to school part time. He lives with two other guys in roughly the same situation. Because of the Healthcare Reform act his roommates have coverage on their parent’s plans but he can’t get it.
      This is not an argument about self-sufficiency it is an argument about whether the children of military members and retirees should get the exact same protections afforded by law to everyone else.

  • DON


    • globe1trotter

      Hey DON, I did those kinda flights too. I nor my children have dental. I can’t work so all I depend on is my retirement. Which is under $25,000. My kids don’t qualify for PEACHCARE here in GA because I have Tricare Medical. Can’t afford Tricare Dental premiums either, or I would not be able to feed or house my kids. REALLY GREAT when I do take them to dentist and see all the ILLEGALs getting FREE treatment for their ANCHOR kids. MAYBE Congress should start cutting ILLEGAL benefits 1st before trying to find new ways to zero out our retirement checks.

    • rafael

      Don I agree with you; our Gov. is a mess ; Congress and the DEMOCRAP
      have a serious attitude problem; Obama`s trip to Asia was an OUT OF CONTROL DISGRACE for America; Obama`s wife vacation to Spain with Airforce 2 and 75 guests another MESS; all the BAILOUTS ,FREE MONEY FOR ALL comes from TAXPAYERS $ ; WE SUFFER; Congress + Obama +all the rest in the Gov. they have TOO MUCH; now ask yourself : why all this spending ??? simple: the collapse and destruction of America; the arrival of One World Government; THE RICH IN CHARGE and WE THE PEOPLE SLAVES; the order will be: DO WHAT I TELL YOU, DON~T DO WHAT I DO; it will be the END of our Freedom, the end of the CONSTITUTION. Socialism will be the law. WAKE UP AMERICA; WAKE UP AMERICANS.

    • alan

      so now when the repubs continue their relentless quest for grid-lock, i guess you’ll blame it on them…..we’ve been screwed for some time now unless of course you’re already the recipient of “privilege”…don’t mean to rag on you but all this “partisan” traffic’s starting to sound like fox news….they claim we’re all green in the military; not red or blue….(i knew it was all bs)……..

  • tim

    Once again you and I will pay for the vote buying democrat policy but not enjoy the benefits. Nothing new here.

  • 6hobarts

    I think Tricare coverage for dependent children is fine the way it is. The purpose as we all know was get them through 4yrs of college and send them on their merry little way. Most colleges offer an affordable insurance coverage for students anyway. cheaper than Tricare would be able to offer. And 26? We have 6 children, I don’t see me supporting my kids in that capacity. We did a better job than that raising them to be independent members of society, and go to college…..and hold a job while in college.

  • Cw3ct

    No Social Security raise again, No Military Retirement raise again, and yet the price of everything continues to go up! What happened to the 1890 drink. Here is a drink to your 18th birthday, you are 18 and you have 90 days to get in full time school with a part time job, or a full time job and your own place. You are old enough to be an adult, act like one! No parent should have to pay for child care till the children are 26. Just plain Stupid. And especially not Military parents.That is not part of their contract with America. But they have never lived up to their enlistment promises yet. Lets hope a new congress can make a difference.

    • CMSgt Retired: Tom

      I guess we’re in the wrong business; Our congressment and their staffers all received nice pay raises last year. This is unlike those of us that have served – out to pasture now and on a fixed income. That is the desire of Obama and the democrats…A society of entitlements…Welfare, WIC, Handouts, and all at our expense…Getting more and more tired of it every day that passes….And then when it’s time to fix the deficit, which is unfixable now, the first ones they go after are the retirees; What a sad society now evolved in this once “great nation.” Where does it all end…

      Really disappointed in the state of affairs…

  • 26? This can hit retirees pretty hard… I mean any legislator can raise the drinking age, but only a Democrat can decide that a kid is a kid until they’re 26.

  • Rpowell23

    Who ARE these “children”? The short article didn’t mention if they have severe, catastrophic health problems, or school bums living at home for free. If the latter, someone other than their idiot parents should explain to them that they are NOT children after 18 years of age. Typical “journalism” of late, leaving out critical details.

    • trc

      OK try to get a job in this market after graduation. with benefits. Obviuosly some forget what it is like to work in the real world. Employers now charge a 100.00 surcharge a month on top of insurance to have your family on your non military insurance.

    • globe1trotter

      We are already giving ILLEGALS FREE everything, why not give American adult children MORE. Maybe Obama is trying to give the appearance he is evening up the playing field for REAL Americans. Can’t remember the phrase on TV the other day, but it was a real oxymoron. “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS WILL HAVE THE OPTION…….” They should have no option, hence the word “ILLEGAL”. If the Pres. and Congress would get this situation under control they wouldn’t have to drain the REAL Americans dry every chance they get.

      • Allison Ambrose

        Think of it this way… These are the people walking around on the street with you, the people in classrooms with your children, the people you stand next to at the grocery store. You’re giving them health.

        Just so you know, undocumented immigrants do not qualify for cash assistance, food stamps, or full-scope medical coverage. Not even undocumented children. They are allowed to go to the Emergency Room. We pay to make sure they don’t die, or leave hospitals stiffed with a bill that may never get paid.

    • mtc

      I have a 24 year old daughter who suffers from a personality disorder. Her employment history is spotty because of her medical condition and obtaining private insurance is prohibitive. This would be a godsend to us and to families like ours. I would glady pay $200 month for medical care for her.

  • Iapage

    This is a choice. It can cover your offspring until they are 26, but if you choose not to carry them, then don’t. Also, it only covers your offspring, not theirs (aka your grandchildren) nor their spouses. Lastly, they no longer have to be students, employed or live with you.

    • VP

      Lapage, people like you who looking for attention, go to prono, this discussion is for military benefits, and for their children. In case you didn,t know, if you came in the military in 1969, it was free health care for LIfe and Dependents. Amendments came about in the 1970. Champus was fablious, no problems, Our Government mis managed money and from my understanding, Champus went broke, money allocated else where, as usual and the Retirees suffered, the Active Duty and family members getting screwed. Tricare made their pledge , how great they would be, with the great benefits, and now they broke, Tricare got the contract starting with us paying premiums, then raised the rate as usual, and we neve got what was promise ,but more co shares. Retirees cant afford to pay and why should they pay for what was promise. Especially ,since they are taxed on their RETIREE Check. Again CONGRESS gets a 100% Percent and family members. They can be seen any whear in the world, but we cant, with out a large co pay. That would be considered out of net work. We should cover dependents to 26, Congress can give and should give one third of they salary to cover the cost for life.

      Now we have being paying Tricare, when Tricare took over, deductables ,and now you dont have choices to get health care, whear we would like to be seen, it controlled by congress and we paying more deductables, if it out of net work , in my case ,I dont mind driving to the nearest Military facility to be seen, now they tell me , that I cant be seen there. I have accumulated co pay out my but. Now In my daughters case, cronic Asmatic, no health insurance, If they increase premiums for her , well her co share is out of reach, especially with Doctor visits and Emergency room visits.Remember,It Is $15.00 for every Doctors visit or Physical Therapy visit, just to name a few. Congress and their Family members gets 100 %.

  • Emile Zola

    When I joined the Air Force in 65, it was because the Army was going to draft me and at that time, health care forever was one of the promised benefits, only to find out after the Viet Nam war was history that the government always goes back in its promises and if you don’t believe me ask the native Americans. Then the erosion of benefits began with the 230.00 per person or 460.00 per family. If the government has no qualms about paying billions of fraud money to Halliburton and corporate America, the government should use that money to cover up medical costs for veterans. This new attack against veterans means that there is more to come from where this erosion came from. It looks like we are going to be the new native Americans.

  • Mat Powell

    I have CHAMPVA as the insurance for my family. Just like TRICARE, the government excused themselves from the same laws and conditions that they make every other person obey. I was told, that all government agencies are exempt from conforming to the same regulations that they passed. I believe that Congress and the Senate, made sure that their children would be covered.

  • frustrated mom

    I am so frustrated that the fearmongering that took place prior to the passage of Healthcare Reform resulted in some veterans groups and others determined to object to anything our current president wants successfully forcing a piece of legislation exempting Tricare from the reform law. Now we are being asked to advocate for a benefit that would have been ours effective October 1 if we would have just let the reform pass. I really wish people would stop voting against their own self interest.

    • Joe

      His legislation stinks. I’m a physician, and the bill was sold and forced on us with lies. We already see the cost curve forced up, and the full bill does not hit until 2014. Wait until you see it then! What a disaster.

    • liferays

      Open your eyes. I agree with Joe!

  • Hoovran

    When I joined the Navy 37 years ago they said that u will have medical for life no charge if u retire now hey bare saying if i want to have coverage for my children over 21 it will cost $ 2400.00 more who is getting rich over this it sure is not ME. I know that most young adults dont see the doctor all thet much in a year how can they justify $2400 all three of my kids have only seen thier doctor 1-2 times this year if that yea that is worth an additional $2400 a year for each sure i have $7200 extra dollars a year i can spend doesen’t everyone.

  • Guest

    Where was MOAA and AMRA and The Military Coalition when the right winged lobby was fighting to exempt Tricare from Health Reform? Now we will be lucky to get this benefit, and will have to pay rates that are similar to COBRA rates. I personally called the director of AMRA and told her that this was going to happen and asked her to mobilize her forces to protect this provision in healthcare reform. Nothing was done. And now we are going to pay for it.

    • Love22Step

      Doesn’t it make you feel better to know Congress protected their health care program from health care reform?

    • Mrmnikon

      $200/month is nowhere near COBRA rates! Get a grip people. If your 22-26 year old wants to be covered – have them join the military like we did!

      • Jmsh2

        Don’t forget, the proposal extends benefits to 21-26 year olds EVEN IF THEY ARE MARRIED!

  • Mosleyds

    My understanding is that tricare is not an insurance progran, but rather a benifit. So, the new healthcare law would not apply to tricare.

    Like any government program, Noyhing is garonteed.

    MSgt Mosley

    • Do you really unders

      I think you need to look at it differently… Tricare is a benefit while in uniform, an unpaid for by you benefit… but the moment you are officially retired, it becomes a reduced-cost PAID insurance plan. I am going to assume you’re still serving… I think you will view this differently once retired. I GUARANTEE once you’re retired… you don’t pay that premium every month/quarter/yearly…. you ain’t gonna get that “BENEFIT” of Tricare service for your family no more. You can carry yourself down to the VA… but your family won’t be able to see the Doctor there…. they’ll be swinging by the free clinic and getting some of the taxpayer care that is the root of all this discussion.

      • JH.

        Tricare is STILL a benefit at @ $230.00 for single and $450. for family for one year. Until Tricare came along I was paying $150.00 every two weeks ( 26 times a year) for Blue Cross/Blue shield. What they didn’t pay was my responsibility to come up with IF I/we wanted to see THAT doctor again to cure the problem.

        I like Master Guns have three children one with a Masters, and two with Batchelors degrees that worked part time to help out with the costs that their mom and I couldn’t afford. Times were tight but we made it and they graduated and have been Sucessfully on their own ever since.



  • Dmitchc121

    Only Congress, and the annointed one some call our our C-I-C could come up with another sick piece of legislation. For the most part, why would any adult over the age of 21 need healthcare until they’re age 26? What happened to the days when someone over 21 graduated from college, got a job, and paid for their own damn healthcare at age 26? This is absolute insanity that families, and the taxpayer public, now have to subsidize healthcare costs for adults up to age 26. Break their dinner plate, kick them out of the house, and make the kids pay their own way in life. I had to do it when I was that age, and I can honestly say it was the best thing that I ever did as it taught me to rely on my own resources, instincts, and finances to keep me independent. Did I lose money from my paycheck to pay for my healthcare? Yes, but it was an expense I gladly had deducted from my paycheck, and it gave me the reassurance that I had coverage for all my family, up to age 21.

  • Master Guns

    A 26 tear old “dependent child” still living at home ?? Get a grip, please !! $200 per month for the additional health coverage is a God-send if you check out what that would cost through a civillian insurance plan…If your “child” finds themselves still being nurtured at home, then there should be no reason that your “child” shouldn’t be able to help you defray the additional cost for their Tri Care health coverage…BTW, all three of my children were on their own, and were responsible wage earners with their own health care plans by the time they were 21 years old…

    • Danpski64

      My child is far from spoiled but is in college. She is a responsible person who is getting an education so she can be a productive person in society. That is great that your children were on their own by the time they were 21, one question were they in college or did they join the military or get married to someone else with coverage/ My daughter wanted to joint the military but couldn’t due to a medical issue so she is earning a degree so she can get a career. Don’t knock others because your children are out of your house. I will pay the extra to make sure my children are covered I don’t expect a hand out but you should think before saying that all children should be out on their own by a certain age.

      • Mom

        I agree with Danpski64. My daughter is also a very responsible person in college and due to our economy today she has to go onto grad school in order to get a decent job. She is persuing a career in the medical field. She hopes to eventually join the military and become a surgeon. Because we are middle class people she gets very little to no help for her schooling; so she has to pay with loans. So if we can relieve some of the burden by helping her with her health coverage then so be it. She is our daughter and will always be. I don’t know about you, but I was brought up with my parents always being there for me and my family until their death. That is what I plan on doing for my daughter. Maybe Master Guns needs to get a grip….

    • stacileann

      Master Guns, I also applaud you that your children were on their own when they were 21. I was on my own by the time I was 17 and believe me, it was not by choice. However, it all worked out and I married the love of my life, who proudly gave 26 years to the USA. We did it together and we had three children during the process. My husband has a two year degree and I have very little college. We always wanted more for our children and worked very hard for what we have. Now two of our children are in college full time, ages 23 and 21 and we have a 17 year old in high
      school. All three of our children maintain jobs and maintain good grades in school. We are considered middle class and as result, also do not qualify for grants and have applied and received what scholarships we can. By the grace of god and tight budgeting, we have managed so far to have our kids in school without school loans. I have to tell you that the kicker was when our 23 year old child was kicked off of Tricare because she turned 23. The cost of maintaining her health insurance coverage with my husbands second career was more than college tuition for a year and she has no prior medical conditions. We weren’t and aren’t looking to pull the wool over anyone, but seriously she is still a full time student, she does live in our house and so she should be entitled to be covered by her father’s military insurance. I will also add that you bet she is being nurtured at home, all of our children are. We are wanting to provide them more in life than what we had, to better themselves and to prepare for their futures and how dare anyone knock that of any parent!

  • Jvasquez53

    As a retired navy spouse I honestly think 26 yrs. of age is great. Just think, at 21 yrs. of age , not every child you have is going to go to college. How many 21 yr olds have FT jobs with benefits? Very few. Age 23 and going to college is absolutely great. If our congressmen children can go to age 26 then why can’t our retired military kids do the same. Our kids have been though the same as the spouse when husbands are gone on crusies, moving, deployments etc. Our husbands stay 20 plus years in the military before retiring. We have a daughter that had a liver transplant 21 yrs. ago when she was a toddler. She doing great right now, but she is a FT student she’s 22 yrs. old and lives at home.But she is not on any medical benefits like SSI, medicare etc. With new healthcare she will not have a problem getting medical ins. due to pre-existing conditions. Also she can stay on our Tricare a few more years til she gets a degree & can have a FT job with benefits. To us this is all she’s known is military hospitals. My husband was on 5 crusies, 1 war, lots of deployments and I was alone raising my 4 kids. I am not complaining, but I think every case is different & our children should be insured til 26 yrs.

  • Dad

    How much do the non-TRICARE providers cover the cost of complying with the ACT? Do they charge everyone with children 21-26 $2400 more? Since the cost is not in the defense budget for this program, maybe a small increase in premiums across the board would cover the expected expense for the limited number of individuals that would fit into the proposed, restricted, additional coverage (age and dependent status).

    • Master Guns

      Why would you expect those of us who have grown, responsible children, or no children to help pay for the spoiled offspring of those who will require the additional coverage ?? IMO, by the time the child reaches the age of 21, they should have learned how to be responsible for themselves if they had been raised by responsible parents…If for some reason, the child still need to reside at home, and be dependent on their parents, then they should be responsible enogh to help defeay some ofr all of the additional costs for their health care…Everything points to personal responsibility, and I don’t feel that I need to help pay for someone’s lack thereof.

      • Danpski64

        Hoorahhh! your the man kick those kids out when they’re 18, after all isn’t that what good parents do! Why would you want your kid to go to college on your dime after all you didn’t so why should the spoiled brat.

        • Master Guns

          All three of my children went on to technical schools, learned a trade, and found a job…They all stayed on after high school, but once they were gainfully employed, they moved out on their own (their choice) well before they were 21…Today, my daughter owns her own business, and both of my sons have been employed with the same company for over 20 years, now in managerial postitions, with “college grads” working under them today…As parents, we provided them with the guidance that they would need in adult life, and they have proven to be very successful and RESPONSIBLE citizens on their own…So what was your point again ?? :-)))

          • CW3 Ret. Realist

            So nice for you Master Guns to not have a child with a serious health problem who CANNOT work or go to school until it is resolved.

            What everyone is saying is if the PRIVATE civilian insurers are required to provide coverage until age 26 without a $2400 per year surcharge, then those who put their life on the line should not be charged extra either.

            Look beyond your own little narrow world. If you pay premiums for any insurance plan and you are healthy, part of your premiums already pay for someone else.

  • Novuslivy

    It sounds like the MOAA and The Military Coalition expect the taxpayer to underwrite the premiums for the adult children. How is that fair to those of us who do not benefit from any of these healthcare laws? Sounds like just another bennie for a special interest group.

  • tony

    I feel that the parents of the children (a person over 21 is still a child?)should pay the additional premiums. MOAA cannot except the taxpayers to continue to pay for the extra coverage… if that’s the case why not pay for the coverage for the rest of the child’s life? Why stop?

    Why not 45?

    Where does it end?

    Stop the insanity.

    Tony Carlisle

  • Steve

    Everyone is grasping for the straw that will add free care to their benefit package. Fair or unfair, whatever is or was designed to help the military family, within reason, fairness, and time frames, should be limited to that sphere of elgibility?

    Those of you that are envious, suck it up, for those who think you are paying the freight, who paid for yours? Whatever happens don’t get carried away with all of the benefits that are limited for funds as it is….

    We all know the adult children have recycled themselves back to the parent’s nest home, how long depends on this RECESSION we’re in today, and have been for the past 4 yerars….. That is no reaon to change things to add them on to the benefit package available to their parents, and elgible siblings? Add a prmium schedule for any addition, to cover added costs????


  • Are you kidding me?

    Seems to me that more people on this message board forum would be happy to hear that a miliary coaliation is finally trying to make sure that the Tricare “Beneficiaries” get the same benefit from the Health care reform as “Joe Civilian” is going to get and that “Joe Federal employee” is already getting. Yeah, it’s a ‘benefit’ when you’re in uniform. But the day you retire and start having to pay a premium for your insurance then it’s a paid plan and not a benefit (and yeah, in comparison to cost on the streets – minimal), but you’re still paying and to me it ain’t so much a benefit as just a reduced cost plan. I guarantee that as a retiree… YOU don’t pay your premium… You ain’t got insurance. Period. ALL of us as taxpayers are going to share the burden that the cost of the Health care reform will place on the system… why shouldn’t we be able to expect the same benefit of service. FAIR is FAIR: don’t raise the age to 26 for Tricare dependents = don’t expect to raise the premium cost for retirees to cover “joe civilians” 26 year old kid. My tax dollar shouldn’t be any different that anyone else’s and what’s fair for civilians should be fair for those who devoted the years to honorable service to country.

  • John

    Ok here is another item I am retire with a wife no children I have to pay for family the same as others with 1,2,3 and more children this is still a social program. So if this would go into effect would I again have to foot the burdon.

  • Kingpin025

    Really? If your kids are still on your health insurance at age 21, they should join the military themselves. That’s all just crazy talk.

  • I don’t see that it’s a requirement to have your man/woman child on ones
    Tricare plan…. unless you just can’t let go and want to waste money. Stop
    the whining and have all those adults join up if they want free health insur.

  • Pat_luppens

    Universal, singgal payer health care would solve all of these peripheral problems. When will we grow up?

    • tjt

      I’ve lived in two countries with universal single payer health care. It is poor quality, over crowded, under-staffed and on average 40 years behind the average modern American Medical Centers in the care that is provided. You have no idea what you are asking for…just take a pair of pliers and pull the next rotten tooth you get because the next appointment available under this care will make you suffer another three months.

  • Wingrider6

    It’s an extra benefit that should be paid for by the recipient, civilian or military!

  • Tshere4u

    If the Federal Government is going to make private insurance companies provide insurance for the children – up to the age of 26, then they should be prepared to do the same. Why do they make a mandate that they themselves can’t provide. Do as we say, not as we do?

  • dolphin1

    When political candidates praise soldier efforts on the battle field, is it simply because he or she are seeking to be re-elected, or is it just the political thing to do when there is an audience? Around the globe our military put their lives on the line to defend and protect the livelihood of their fellow Americans, which in many ways affords our country liberty to provide such benefits. Without protest, the military family only ask to be treated equally…is this too much to ask? At minimum, it should be offered to the families of those that loss their lives in combat or while fighting Washington’s wars.

  • Greed from Wall street. Greed from insurance company. . Greed from Hospital (health Care systems). Greed from lawyers who sue Health care systems. Greed from companies out sourcing jobs overseas. Greed of the government taxing us to death. ect. ect ect.

    If you want a life, with a good income, have a home, affordable health insurance, send you children to college, good retirement, the answer is simple.

    Stop the greed.

  • Pjcc202

    If Congress has the same coverage that the military has, are thier children also going to cost an additional $2400.00 a year up to age 26? I think not. The Health Care Bill needs to be repealed……..and so does Obama. I’ve had my gut full of what this idiot has done to……not for, this once great country. At the rate things are going, all we have left to do is attend the memorial service for the United States of America. So sad.

  • Anonymous

    Once again the Members of Congress tell the Americans serving in harm’s way that they are good enough to give their life and limb in support of Liberty while dependents of Members of Congress can remain on their parents’ health insurance plans until they reach age 26.

  • yvonne tomlinson

    What about 26 years of age if you’re a full time student?? I’m currently in professional school.. and I’m broke. My stepdad, dad, and brother have all served/still serving. Each one is a veteran. They’re help with my schooling is limited; however, they’ve given they’re lives to serve our country. I believe Uncle Sam can do them a favor, and make sure I maintain a healthy life. I mean really.. how often does a “disease-free and healthy” young adult visit the doctor in a year?

    Maybe you people with such strong opinions, who have not served, should do so before making taking such a strong stance.

  • Tshere4u

    My son is going through college and has a part-time job that doesn’t offer medical insurance. I can’t afford to help him with school tuition any more then I am already – which means he can’t go to school full-time. It is taking longer for him to graduate, longer to find a full-time job that offers benefits. I did my 20 years, with the promise of health care – now I pay. I haven’t received a COLA raise in two years. We don’t want to leave our children a national deficit but yet if they break their arm or need an appendectomy, they will be forced to file bankruptcy – where’s the logic?

  • Phx27

    The coverage for dependent children over 21 (or 23) should be entirely optional on the part of the sponsor. If the sponsor chooses to keep the child under his/her coverage, it is only right that the additional premium be paid. Most people of my generation were earning their own way in life by age 23 and not sponging off their parents. I detect in some of the previous emails an entitlement/welfare attitude. Hope they grow up and quit expecting the tax payers of this country to subsidize able-bodied adults. If you’re 26 and a full-time student, so what – grow up.

    • —-

      So what and grow up? Maybe I’m trying.. and in trying, I just want to ensure if I have some major medical issue, I can be supported in some manner. It doesn’t even have to be 100%–just something.

      And I agree, it should be optional.. I just believe the OPTION should be there.

      • yeah88

        I’m in class from 8-5 everyday. After that, I have to come home and study. There is no time for a “job”. School is my job. It’s either have the option to pay for premiums, or get on medicare.

        PAY or use some other from of social programs instituted by the government.

    • Guest

      Ok…. Mr. Tax Payer… Just so we set the records straight. I have been a taxpayer for all the 31 plus years that I served my country and am still getting soaked every year since. Get off your bandwagon and get a clue. The rest of America is covered under current healthcare insurance. However, the DOD is discriminating against those in the military and those of us that stuck it out long enough to retire. We’re good enough to put our lives on the line for small minded people like yourself (even if your a veteran), but our children are not good enough to have the same LEGAL rights as the rest of the citizens of our fair country. It was not my son’s fault that he developed diabetes… or maybe you’re also a world renowned Doctor who will tell me that he brought on his own disease. Trust me when I tell you he would rather be in uniform serving his country… However, because of diabetes he lost that too. By the way, I was a service member before I had children. So, though they did not come in my duffle or sea bag, they deserve the same respect. You need to grow up and get a clue. If you don’t have a dog in the fight, stay out of the ring…

    • dolphin1

      You are obviously fortunate not to be in the same position as many others; therefore, I applaud you. But I must ask, how can you be so arrogant to belittle others that wore the uniform, simply because they feel that their children have been deprived of benefits that are afforded to other Americans. During our years of serving, we were constantly brain washed about how great we were, but when it came to our benefits we always got crapped on by Elitist and Aristocrats like you. As they served their country, do you realize that some of the inputs are coming from parents of children who endured and served right along with them? In not one input did I interpret anyone asking for a hand out or an indication of being a welfare recipient. The message I got was of military parents voicing their desire to provide medical coverage to their children as afforded to other Americans. Grow up..

  • kc

    What about the children with a pre-existing condition? I would be nice to be able to have insurance on that child until the condition is corrected or is able to find insurance for himself. And many of you may kick your student to the curb at 18 but as a parent it is your job to make sure your child is able to fend for himself (not a minimum wage no insurance job) and most colleges require 5 years to get a degree—they want the money to. there are many questions and not all of have all the answers


    Have we considered the dependents who are disabled? who has cancer? who has MS or other life threatening conditions? 26 is a great idea and those of us who’s kids are too old to be covered, are not mean spirited enough to deny families who need health care for their kids for a longer period of time..

  • A Retired U. S. Navy

    What a screwed up mess we have with Obama Care. It is unfortunate that it was passed, but we all can now only hope that the new Congress will have the guts to serve America over their own self centered focus that has been the mantra of our Congress of far too long now.

    This is America the land of the free and the home of the brave; but the current Congress has molested this concept to read:

    This is America, I am a Representative or a Senator to serve my own self interest!!!!

    By the Way, “Vote for Me” is their mantra/concept every election season, but how soon they forget why we pay their salary when they reach Washington, D.C.

  • Army Guy

    People who piss and moan about Obama Care give me a case. What was anyone before this doing for anyone other then collecting a 6-7 figure income for managing a healthcare or medical insurance company?

    If you want to complain, how come we are paying for the continuing exducation of spouses and children? Got a good answer for that one.

    • No-bama

      It is clear, by reading your input, that you were not big on education, must be another oBama supporter

  • Bigdees

    This is what you get for severing and putting up with being alone while your spouse is out serving our great country. A country that has continued to break every promise that it set forth to all our vets and dependants. If you are blaming our President, then you have been brain washed also. this is not what the President sat down and came up with. This raising of the pre­mium and separate cost was on the table well before Obama took office. There is no way that our great country that we have fought so hard for. Cannot give us health care. Now just because a President has come and said that everyone will be covered. Tri-Care premiums and separate cost have to be imposed. It is a shame, but not unexpected. The vet’s have always had to suffer and take a back set to the war machine. Even though, it out veterans that paved the way for out young man and women that continue to serve today.

  • Magick10987

    Both of my parents have passed on. I don’t have the luxury of sitting on my laurels and wait for anyone to give me anything. If I can’t afford it, I don’t get it. I’m poor and go without a lot of things. I save when I can with the hope of not getting sick. At the same time I don’t buy crap just to have it and I’m not trying to impress anyone. I’ll do what I can with what I have. I don’t expect things from people nor do I think that they should expect anything from me.

  • Master guns

    The question of dependent medical care over the age of 21 would never have come about if it had not been for Obludercare, and it’s going to be overturned and re-vamped very shortly…Tell your over-age dependents to go get a life of their own, and begin supporting themselves…Semnper Fidelis and Happy Birthday, Marines !!

  • S.

    Veterans, Dependents and Survivors need to stick together and remind Congress of the promises made to our military, both past and present. Call your Congressional Representatives and Senators and tell them — they do listen and the more calls they receive the more they react (they keep tallies on how many calls they receive per issue). Our military men and women stand strong between us and the enemy and military families stand behind them every minute of the day, everyday. We must be heard together as a group. Call your representatives and senators. Ask to speak to the Military Legislative Assistant and share your thoughts and concerns. Congress works when the people speak to them — they are representing us. Call them and make a difference. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you, it won’t happen. It takes you to make a difference. Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121.

  • Master Guns

    Excuse me there “Gunner Realist”, but I put my life on the line many more times than most in this forum with 3 combat tours in RVN (c. 65-70), and another combat support tour in Nam Phong, Thailand (c. 72-73)…4 tours in the SE Asian War Games all toll…If your child has “special needs”, then Social Security is where you should be looking…If you really think that the private insurers won’t hit you with a surcharge, then think again…Now go get a life.

    • dolphin1

      After reading your previous I want go there, I would simply respond by saying sir this is forty years later. We now have TVs, airplanes, and we can even communicate over something called the internet. As well, benefits change with time. How would you like to have the same benefits or retirement pay of a Marine 40 years prior to you.

    • CW3 Realist

      Excused me but what does how many times you “put your life on the line” got to do with this discussion. Every person who ever served “put their life on the line” every day just by virtue of volunteering to serve and not knowing if/when they’d be required to go to combat. Your voice has no more weight than any other.

      All your comments remind me of something my mom used to say: “it is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”

  • Sharpgenieca

    My gosh, by age 26 my husband had served 9 years (he enlisted at 17) , we were married and had 3 kids. I think that if at age 26 your kid has “not found their way”, they probably won’t. You may be the reason. Tell the kid they are an adult and quit being their to wipe their butts all the time.

    • PostX

      Your ignorance, madam, is simply astounding. To assume that a person over the age of 23 seeking to extend their Tricare coverage “has not found their way” exhibits a very simple mind and a dismally narrow view of the world.
      Your rush to judgement fails to recognize the countless number of servicemen and women choose to enroll in advanced education programs after high school and serve their nation later in life, rather than enlisting at 17.
      For instance, the doctors and lawyers that serve this great nation in uniform did not become physicians and attorneys over night. After four or sometimes five years of pursuing an undergraduate degree, MD and JD candidates then go to school for extensive and rigorous training in their fields of study that leave very little time for work outside of their books, labs, and lectures.
      With that being said, an extension of Tricare benefits to those earning post-graduate and professional degrees in hopes of serving the military after graduation relieves a very heavy financial burden and promotes better focus and morale for those who will be serving your medical and legal needs in the very near future.

      • Mom

        Here here PostX…. I agree 100%. This is what my daughter is in the process of doing in the medical field !!!!!


    It appears some “well intentioned” individuals (who almost always are ill informed) exist to attack President Obama regardless of the issue, topic or question that posts. I agree 100% with the comments the “Bigdees” and “Army Guy” posted. I am disgusted with the imbecility and ill-disguised bigotry that you pompous buffoons manifest with your insults and misguided criticism. Study the Constitution and study (with objectivity) our history during the past century. Look at the words of our Declaration of Independence and the promises which our great nation represents for humanity in general. How can you be so shallow of intellect and maturity?
    I had outrageously costly medical insurance for myself and my spouse through my current civilian employer before I informed myself about TRICARE (something I should have done before I retired. If I had to pay an additional $100-$200 monthly for TRICARE, I would still consider the cost a bargain.
    Insofar as medical care for dependent offspring who are over 21 is concerned, “Master Guns” et al, could you extend a bit of compassion?
    Oh! I forgot. You have yours and everybody else (regardless of their physical, economic or emotional impediments and so forth) had better grab theirs to. (RIGHT!}.

    • Master Guns

      How many years did it take you to finish the fourth grade ?? Your rambling post is pathetic…BTW, what does the Consitituion and the Declaration of Independence have to do with paying for health care for adult dependents ?? I see that you have managed to throw politics into the discussion, and you reinforce my opinion of why the DNC is in so much trouble today…The next time that you feel the urge to contribute to this forum, please try to leave out your personal political views and your silly-assed name calling…Let’s try to stay on the subject at hand.

  • Dawn

    We all know that goverment doesnt pay the military what they should, but we do get medical, dental, housing when we are in. But when you do yr 20 yrs , rough 20 you know that what they promise will help you in the future. My children are grown only one went to college and is still looking for a job in this economy, the other two have low income jobs to keep them for being on the streets , the medical would have been a peace of mind for me too make sure they have it when needed until they get established in their lives, which we all know takes a while. But I can not afford to pay 200 a month per child, we are just surviving in this economy too. as much as we want to say adults they arent yet. our first wedding anniversary in the military was spent at mcdonalds, times haven’t changed for the young adults.

    • Dawn

      Oh I didn’t mean give it to us free just more affordable.

  • Carol

    The most important thing is for young adults to have access to healthcare. The employment prospects of young adults have been hit hard. Many struggle to find full time work with benefits and some have pre-existing conditions. Health care reform offered them (or their parents) a chance to pay for insurance for a few more years to bridge the gap between completing their education and securing benefits eligible employment.

    Young adults are generally a healthy population, TriCare can and should include them within the large group plan for a reasonable premium. Why should young adults whose parents serve in the armed services be disadvantaged relative to young adults whose parents are employed in the private sector or civic service?

  • 1040A

    Nothing is Free, My Fellow Americans, we have so much and still want more. At what age is a Foster Child that is in the System discharged from the the benefits package; as early as 18 in some States without even a tether. Some States have increased this Age to 21 because they realized these Children were to young and ill equiped to handle Dental, Vision and Medical Cost on their own They did not have a Parent, yet alone one Military Parent(Sometimes better than TWO standard models). Special Needs Children not withstanding, (Use The System presently in place for Children disabilities) all Free medical care should stop at age 21. There are appox. 21 million persons btwn the age of 21-30 @ $50.00 per Mo. = $1,050,000,000.00(Lotta Money)Say it (One billion fifty Million per mo.) this would relieve Employers of the Med. Ins. Burden(For You Republicans) and it would provide Excellent Med. Care at a reasonable cost (For You Democrats) Qualifacations Pass Semi-Annual Military PT Test (Of your Choice(USAF) Or Be employed for a Min. of 29 hours a wk.(that keeps it part-time). And think this can be done from someones garage and can we get rid of DST while we are at it.

  • Wrigs1

    We really, truly have nothing but dumb ass’s, in this admin, and not only that, some Rep as well. Perhaps one day when they decide to( work) and read what is in there Obamacare, they may say OMG what have we done. Then again no one really cares, and that is truly sickening.

  • Master Guns

    How many years did it take you to finish the fourth grade ?? Your rambling post is pathetic…BTW, what does the Consitituion and the Declaration of Independence have to do with paying for health care for adult dependents ?? I see that you have managed to throw politics into the discussion, and you reinforce my opinion of why the DNC is in so much trouble today…The next time that you feel the urge to contribute to this forum, please try to leave out your personal political views and your silly-assed name calling…Let’s try to stay on the subject at hand.

    • ol USN

      RIGHT ON!

  • Don

    This country is $14 Trillion in debt. To request further benefits now is saying “Make the country go bankrupt sooner so there will be no benefits.” How can one rationalize to borrow money from the Chinese to expand health benefits in the US when China doesn’t have a health system for their own. It would be nice to cover our kids until age 26 and I do have a special needs 25 year old, but I cannot demand from others struggling to make ends meet to subsidize my family. We have spent many trillions of dollars on the war on poverty with little to show. Now we have a population where almost half get more in assistance than pay into the system. We need to become more self reliant and responsible society and not expect a nanny government to make economic slaves out of the working person to provide for everyone within our borders and every country wanting a hand out; very soon we won’t be able to do either.

    • Master Guns

      Spot on, my friend !!

  • LTCsr

    $2400 is not bad for insurance and the key thing is that you are garanteed coverage so you are not excluded. The sad fact is that even with a college degree the unemployement rate for new graduates is around 23%. If you are not in perfect health you are screwed until you can get a job that offers group coverage. While I would love it to be free I agree with most of the posters that we can’t keep going to a till that is empty all the way to China.

  • Tumble Weed

    As an earlier comment “what about dental”? For all of us? Another subject on Tricare. Now that my husband has reached 65 Tricare sends you a letter that you “MUST” take medicare. Medicare is not free, that’s another nearly $100. a month taken out. Some have suggested he change to Tricare Standard, but where does that leave me, I need Tricare Prime. The cost of Medicare,should be written off for Retired Military & spouses. We want to keep Tricare, we don’t need Medicare.


      I totally agree. I was never told that I would lose Tricare and be forced into Medicare UNTIL I retired. And Medicare is going bankrupt!

  • milcon

    “DoD offi­cials say they have to charge a sep­a­rate pre­mium because they can’t spread the cost among other ben­e­fi­cia­ries as civil­ian insur­ers do.” There are plenty of private insurers that are not the size of Tricare, so this response is bull. Neither tricare or other private insurers can afford to take on this piece (or pre-existing cases) without increasing consumer costs. This is further proof that Obamacare was a ruse. Save money my ass. It’s the Dems goal of making private insurers go under and to force a single payer gov plan. Overturn Obamacare now!

  • Gregory Matthews

    I have a son who turned 23 in October and is a student in college.

    With the approach of his 23rd birthday, we were approached by the private insurance company that offered us a policy they told us was similar to TRICARE. I would cost us close to $330 per month.

    The college my son attends offered him a policy with a $250,000 cap on payments for one year for about $1,700 for 12 months.

    Folks, the $2,400 estimatedd cost for TRICARE Coverage seems reasonable. Medical coverage is expensive. For those of you who now are employed as a Federal civilian, take a good look at the medical pooicies that are offered you–coverage, limits, your cost and the cost to the agency that employes you.

  • Rmms1

    I would like to see the medical coverage and cost for our senators and congressman. Why do they have separate insurance but yet they want to regulate everyone else’s insurance. I guess as long as they dont change what they have they dont care about ours. The goverment should have one insurance not different ones. The last time I checked senators and congressman didnt have to dodge bullets and eat off a hub cap.

    Retired US Navy Chief

  • Smaj Bell

    My son is 24 and has used all COBRA benifits that he is elegible for, oh let me add that my son is Disabled, he has had a Liver Transplant and suffers from Heart Failure. He is uninsureable, the new bill offered hope. Listening to these healthy people say that this is Socialism and needs to be overturned makes me sick. Look at the other angle, why should my son be left to die because he cannot qualify for insurance.

    Retired SGM

  • AF in MS

    So many are complaining about the cost of the insurance. There is a second option, go find your own. I’ll guarantee you’ll be back to take a second look at the cost of Tricare. Many keep saying, let’s do away with Obamacare… I say go for it. Then this whole topic would be nonexistent, because you would have no option of insuring your 26 year old.

    The military benefit system is one of the greatest around. A pension at 40 yrs old, free prescriptions, medical at base facilities and affordable Tricare, commisaries, etc. Serving 20 years in the military is one of the best decisions I ever made and I am grateful for everything that is offered to me in retirement. I can go the rest of my life worry free thanks to the military.

    Unfortunately, some people will never be happy no matter what is offered to them. They think everything should be handed to them on a silver platter. Don’t believe me, take a look at some of the posts. Benefits were promised to the military member, not their adult children or anyone else that has some connection to a military member.

    As far as no raise to retirement. Many show their total ignorance on the subject. Everyone is quick to blame Obama for it. The matter is out of his hands. It’s based on law that ties the raise to the CPI.

    So many in here are quick to bash socialism. Apparently they didn’t read their own posts. They’re all asking for more and more socialism. Oh Yeah! that only applies when it gives something to someone other than you.

  • Ritzdocvet

    As a retired HMCS and Health Benifits Advisor, I don’t understand how the health care bill applies to Tricare. I have always been required to advise benificiaries that Tricare is not an insurance policy, but a benefit of military service. My opinion is that there is no requirement to cover children to age 26 unless the bill specifically addressed that issue and treated Tricare as an insurance program.

    • Bill R.

      I pay a premium for my Tricare. I pay co-pays. I pay more if I go to an out of network provider. How is Tricare NOT an insurance policy?

  • Al Hall, CWO3, USN (

    It seems that Congress gives with one hand while taking with the other. How can we survive this merry-go-round. Leave Tri-Care alone if you can’t make it better for the retiree. How soon you forget what we veterans have done for this country……

  • ChaplainZ

    The problem, despite those responders who need to blame President Obama for everything up to and including their male pattern baldness, has nothing to do with “Obamacare”– it has to do with the insane setup we have that puts veterans’ health care in the same budget as defense. As long as the Pentagon gets to cut the pie, veterans are always going to get smaller slices than those currently on active duty, let alone weapons procurement. We who have served (past tense) are not, and should not, be the Defense Department’s first priority– which doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be some other Department’s priority. Rather than competing for Defense dollars, the VA should be separated from the DOD when it comes to budget matters– that’s the only chance veterans, and especially retirees, have of getting what we earned through our years service to our nation.

    And as for those who keep talking about health care as “socialist”, I will believe them more if they also decide to give up police and fire protection, streets and highways, sewage treatment, air traffic control, and all the other “socialist” government programs they cheerfully take for granted. None are more or less “socialist” than health care– but health care has big bucks lobbyists trying to sell us on the difference.

    • 20plus

      Here, Here.

  • Beterans not covered by 111-148. Veterans covered separately thru TRICARE bill passed in April. . Glitch left out dependents. Then rolled into DOD bill not yet passed. Senators Collins and Akaka introduced S 3846 and two Republican representatives introduced HR 6227 to cover about 70,000 dependents now uncovered until DOD bill passed. No action before adjournment. Not sure what it will cost dependents; civilian dependents have no increase in costs, I believe.

  • Biggunz2001

    So now TRICARE wants us to pay an extra $200 per month for each child over. It is bad enough when a lot of medical facilities are dropping TRICARE due to poor payments and service. We might as well get them a different insurance company, at least they will have more medical facilities to choose from.

  • Retired Navy Man

    When I joined I was promised free heathcare for life, but the amount I have to pay is worth the care I receive for me and my wife. I do not have children so I am hoping that the cost for me does not go up to pay for others that want to keep their children on tricare. I agree that social security will pay for children with disabilities so there should be no reason to keep them on tricare.
    As far as “Obamacare” it would work great if we would eliminate all the health care to illeagal immigrants. For all the money we pay of the illeagal immigrants in healthcare, welfare, and other benefits we would eliminate the national deficit in less than 10 years and have free healthcare for the American citizens that truely need and deserve it.

  • Lcleansvc

    Does anyone remember, “If Uncle Sam wanted you to have a wife/spouse he would have issued you one?” Does anyone remember the old Champus system? I think we should all be thankful for TRI CARE and it would be a good model for a national health care system. Put the rest of the insurers out of business. They are a rip-off. There wouldn’t be a problem with poor pay to providers because they would all be paid the same no matter what.

    Our 33year old son has his own small business with about six employees. His insurance premiums for him and his family are well over $600 a month; they have a huge deductible and still pay co-pays. They get no better care than we do on TRI CARE. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have to put this kind of money out each month with a young family let alone today living on my husband’s enlisted military pension and Social Security.

    Our 36year old daughter has a teaching degree and works in a state funded program as a tutor. No benefits. Three years ago she quit a regular teaching job in Nevada to move back home to Ohio. There are no regular teaching jobs here for her, the schools here are in such bad shape they can’t afford to pay her. She just happens to be a vet so she uses the VA hospital about 40 miles away for her medical needs.

    Our 21year old son has no insurance he’s relegated to part time minimum wage jobs that have no benefits. Let’s face it college isn’t for everyone, he tried it for a year, it didn’t work. So we’re living on the edge with him. We are pushing for him to go to a two-year school to get a skill and job placement. Otherwise he needs to find a factory job or something with benefits.

    So as you can see in all three cases there needs to be some kind of government regulated insurance system.

    My husband and I still wonder why he has to pay for TRI CARE, and later Medicare when he turns 65. Uncle Sam did promise him health care and dental for life. I guess they didn’t make it clear that if he wants to go someplace other than the VA he would have to pay also. We don’t live near a military installation.

    And of course we’re upset for no raise in his pension and also Social Security. All the things we need and use are still going up in price, food, clothing, utilities, automobiles, auto gas and repair. The only thing that is lower in price than it was this time in 2008 is auto gas by about $1 per gal. If house prices, loan interest and auto gas are the major contributors to the CPI, military pensions and Social Security need to be figured in some other way. The majority of us that live on this kind of income are probably not going out here and buying new cars or a new house or running up all kinds of credit card debt. I doubt that we’re driving all over the place sucking up all kinds of gas. Savings interest is down, our houses are losing value. I think we’re probably cutting back on everything to save as much as we can in order to secure our future and be available to assist our children if they need it.

  • Slim

    Why should civilians get to keep their kids who are in college or who have not been able to find work with benefits on their insurance and we as military (active or retired) should have to pay $2400 for each child in the same boat. I already had to buy private insurance for one during his last year of school at a cost of $3600 which only covered catastrophic claims. The two still in school are required to have health insurance because they are in medical fields and go into hospitals for clinical training. $4800 on top of the cost of school is brutal.
    I don’t see other federal employees having to pay this and let’s not talk about Congress’ sweet health care plan. Everyone wants to thank military members and veterans for their service and sacrifice; however, they think we should keep on sacrificing.

    • Ljrlsm33

      My daughter is in nursing school and she submitted an appeal because she has TriCare Prime. The school waved the medical coverage fee. I would think all schools would do this?

  • Drdet8

    I will agree with, if your dependents are in their last semester of college at the age of 23 then there should be a waiver to cover the remanding few months. But after that, they should be on their own. NO Pro-Students getting our EARNED care. AND Yes, get rid of the Illegals!!!!!!

    • Bill R.

      So what you are saying is every person in the US should have the ability to be on the parent’s healthcare plan until 26, except the children of military. Because that is how it is now.

  • Duckster

    Mr Terry Howell

    Shipmate – Long time Thanks for the info on TriCare cost over 21.

    Take a look at what “Rmms1” is saying below, that Navy chief is right on. My God! When will the Senators and Congress wake up: The cost of a dependant getting care for 3 years $7500.00 even more when you go through an HMO like Kaiser, although this is a good deal for some, on the backs of the service member is wrong. In my case: my daughter is 23, just graduated, can’t get a job because of the economy, and working with the same company she used to help her pay for her college degree, waiting tables. (So glad her mom and I raised her with good work ethics) but there was no medical coverage, so she was forced financially not to have insurance. Her mom and I decided to look for coverage for her and ended up with one that pays $100/month. This decision was on us because we wanted her covered, and a fight to let her know we wanted to do it. It’s only basic and has a $30.00 per office co-pay. This is only until she can get a job with her degree, hopefully this economy turns around and jobs start staying here.

    TRICARE was earned by us, not given to us. Sacrifices were made for something not only I believed in (America) but my wife’s believes in also . Without hesitation stood by me when I was sent in harm’s way, in peril, that’s what WE did day to day for 26 years to earn freedom. Congress may have a better plan then us, and they might feel it is their right, but they do not have and never will, be the same caliber of Americans like those who served their country in uniform or supported with all the sacrifices that our spouse’s went through, or our children.

    The Military Child Medal

    Throughout the years of your life you have made sacrifices and you served your country as much as I have done.

    In your loving way, you quietly shouldered the heavy burden that you were asked to carry. Most of the time you could not understand why I was not there but you quietly hid the tears, courageously put on a smile, and

    defiantly promised that you would support me. You were then, as now, one of the most important parts of my life and it was your love that enabled you to assure me that what I was doing was important.

    I missed so many holidays and countless special occasions, while you were left at home to worry while I was on difficult missions. You had to say goodbye to friends when we moved throughout the years, you and our children had to change schools. Your resilience and self confidence throughout those frequent moves gave me strength.

    I am proud of you, for it was your love and support that sustained me in those difficult times. There’s no way, in my mind, that I could have been a success in the military without having your support, your understanding, and most importantly your unquestionable love.

    Thank you for being there for me.

    A Military Spouse Medal says..

    The Spouse does not wear a uniform yet they serve their country. They do not acquire nor wear ribbons showing where they have been yet they go.

    They did not ask for the duty they perform yet they unwaveringly serve to their best ability. They serve – yet are not honored with trinkets or pieces of cloth, showing their service.

    The burning candle signifies the lonely nights you have spent and that you have kept the home fires burning.

    A symbol with no beginning and no end, the ring around the candle flame symbolizes the undying flame of love for your spouse.

    The image of a rose is for the unwavering devotion you have shown for your spouse and their service to their country.

    This Medal is gratefully given to those that do not ask, those that stay on the home front so that their spouse can serve for they also proudly serve their country

  • Mandbjohnston

    so much for the healthcare bill keeping down the cost of health insurance and health care.

    • 20plus

      In case you didn’t notice, the healthcare bill was just passed. We are now in the “hurry up and wait” mode. Remember those days? A healthcare bill has to start somewhere–it took this country 70 years to pass it, so it’s not going to get “implemented” over night.. If the Repubs wipe it out, guess what, we’ll be set back another 70 years, and we “lifers” will still get fewer benefits.

  • Angelo Davila, Jr.

    Whooooaaaaaa Duckster! I gave 20 yrs of my youth to defend our way of life, and it burns my ASS that our elected officals, paid by the people, chose to give themselves the best Health while we get minimal coverage. BASTARDS

  • Jon Weiss, Radcliff KY

    Reading the comments here, I see that many are wrapped up in the small picture. What is missed is the general attitude of the current administration. On one hand the Obama Administration has nearly destroyed the nation economically by handing out give away packages to various special interests such as labor unions, private corporations, and other nations. On the other, if you have done a little research you would see that the military is under attack from it’s own government. In the recent panel discussion headed by Erskine Bowles, the current retirement system has been labeled as “unsustainable” and generated calls for cuts and changes, such as creating a retirement after 10 years with no benefits paid until age 60. In essence Mr. Bowles wants to kick the can down the road and hope that most of the 10 year retirees die off prior to reaching eligibility. yet, little has been said about the sustainability of paying a politician a 6 figure retirement after only four years with pension taking effect immediately. Medical costs are indeed high, but no one in politics wants to address the real reason. If malpractice were reigned in and R&D of drugs made to have less liability, costs would go down, but no one in politics wants to address tort reform, since tort is the bread and butter of many in politics.

    As a 20+ year retiree, who is also disabled due to LOD injuries, I am offended at the arrogance of those who never served telling me that what I was promised 30 years ago is now as an enticement to serve, is now “too generous”. If the imbeciles in politics did not want to deliver what was promised, then they should not have promised it in the first place. But now that they wish to renege on their promises, they deserve all the disdain and ire as well as every insult they receive.

    • Duckster

      Very well said, you should start the grass root movement. those who never servered just don’t understand the sacrifices people like us made…

    • 20plus

      1. The panel is headed by a republican by the name of Pete Domenici.

      2. Sorry, but Mr. Bush destroyed this country’s economy, by:

      a) starting the Iraq war and pushing DoD funds to all his (their) buddies — to the tune of $20 BILLION/MONTH during Bush years (it adds up quickly! deficit was already well in place by Jan 2009);
      b) Creating a ridiculous “new” and very large, very wasteful, and very well-padded($$) “Department of Homeland Security,” (I thought we active duty and the National Guard had that role);
      c) Allowing their cronies on Wall Street to go unregulated for eight long years (thus draining not only the Federal budget, but every State, County and municipal budget as well — not to mention entire countries);
      d) Giving away WELFARE FUNDING to their cronies in Detroit, namely GM and Chrysler for “new product development” early on in his administration (lotta good those billions did this country!!!);
      e) and so on;

      3. Medical costs have little to do with malpractice (with the exception of, possibly, the 125,000+ deaths annually that result from pharmaceutical prescriptions). It is all about the “ALMIGHTY DOLLAR” (have you checked the profit margins of the insurance companies lately??)

      4. Less liability of drug R&D? You’re kidding, right?? Maybe you should pay a little attention to the incestuous relationship between FDA and the drug companies, particularly under the Bush Admin.

      p.s. You just voted for those imbeciles in politics–at least one is now serving in Kentucky–think you’ll be getting better benefits under Rand Paul?? Sorry, Mr. Weiss, guess again. that’s called SSSSOCIALISM!!


  • RetiredMarineWife

    My husband is a retired Marine and my son lost his coverage through Tricare when he turned 21. He had already graduated with an Associates Degree, so he wasn’t eligible for coverage until he turned 23. He works full time, but only makes $8.00 hour. He has to rent a room because he can’t afford to live on his own. After rent, groceries, car insurance and a small portion of his tuition, he has very little money left. His Dad and I pay over $400 a month on his tuition and help him out financially when needed. How could he possibly afford insurance on his own? It’s easy to say that adult children should be paying for their own coverage, but when major employers pay such a small hourly wage, it’s literally impossible. The $2,400 suggested cost is ridiculous. His total expenses to see his doctor were way less than that since he turned 18. It would probably be cheaper if we were to pay for coverage ourselves through his employer.

  • bbpreacher

    Forgive me..But are we talking about disabled dependent children and adults or those college types that take spring breaks in Mexico and the Bahamas? I am a democrate, and to think a healthly individual at 26 is considered a child really ticks me as well. I was considered a man not a child when I was drafted at 18. Give me a break…

  • richard

    The Obama Administration has no impact no idea. Their is no!!! leadership up their. What the hell do you expect from a man that has had zero leadership! and has not leade anything in his life and has been surrounded by radicals and is not happy with this great country in God’s green earth. This is what you get when you have white guilt and a elect a man because of his color just to say you are not racist. How do you like the change now!!!! Just in case, I say what Martin Luther King said, judge the man not by the color of his skin but the content of his character. With Obama there was no!!!!! character!!!! God help this wonderful country.

    • Guest

      Welle sed by yet another underedukated amerikan!

  • vet

    I’m retired military and this is why I will not live in the U.S. I will continue to live in Europe the rest of my life! Medical is BETTER! EVEN IF YOU ARE UNEMPLOYED!

  • Billy

    I believe if everyone came together and insist that politations were force to use the social Security System as a way of retirement and not just walk off with their present pay as a retirment plan they would be force to better understand what others in this country have to struggle with on a month to month basis. Also they should be a restriction on how many years they can serve. The President can only do one term and be relected for one more, I believe that all politations should be on the same system.

  • IMNNigma

    Seriously…take a moment & really think about this: many of us still alive voluntarily chose to potentially GIVE OUR LIVES so that those still living – & future “thoses” (sp?) – could continue to enjoy this event I call LIFE. Somehow the idea that now we may be required to GIVE OUR ECONOMIC LIVES seems odd. Ya think???

  • Ingrid

    Got to love America where ” We The People” get to pay for all the wonderful ideas our beloved Government can possibley come up with.

  • berrypen2000

    Are they serious? I have read a dozen articles on cutting Military Benefits, have not hear any talk about cutting Congressional pay. They are exempt from the proposed plan to freeze Federal pay/benefits for 2 years. We have already made all the cuts we can, now we are selling our home to pay DFAS back for a bogus program they had 18 years ago being the SSB/VSI. They are taking 40% of my Military Retired pay for 2 1/2 years. They should have been honest with the Military Veterans who took the buyout and ended up being recalled to active Duty, and retiring. Why make people that re retired have to decide whether to insure their families, or house/feed their families, especially those that are disabled.

  • berrypen2000

    The time for change has came and went. with the elections we could have got all the Democrats out. Obviously there are people that are content with what is happening. From the map of the U.S. for election results, every sate on the East coast, and the west coast voted Democrat, every other state voted Republican. I expected that with the Commonwealth States, but the Western States, California, Washington, Oregon, and Nevada come on, are you really happy with the way things are running? Especially California. We used to live there,. and really enjoyed it, now we would not go anywhere near it, it is turning into a prison!!!! The next time for change is in 2012, really think things over from now until then.

  • Eddie

    I’m pissed, here WE RETIRIES, gave our devotion to our country,and was told we would have Heath care,THEY LIED Dental care,THEY LIED and now we pay for their ASS, (congres) for their health care and those assholes only work 6 months out of the year. I gave 21.5 years and was told I had health care if I, stayed in 20 yrs.THEY LIED.
    If they need to increase our fee’s then they should have to do the same. They make min.120 K a year. and they get to have free bennies. It is not right. I wish Vets had more BALLS and let these,asshole know their true feelings and tell them to take a cut themselves. If they stopped the auto 6% pay raise they give themselves. we could save a lot of $$$$$.

  • SandCrabby

    Its amazing that we military people must put in 20 years of service (well most have at least that) and then we QUALIFY to receive a pension but if I do 1 (yes ONE) term in Congress or President, I collect a check for the rest of my life. Seems to me if we are looking to cut the bleeding we should be starting with the Legislative and Executive branches of our Government BEFORE the military. I stuck it out for the “free” medical and dental more than anything else besides to protect and serve my country and I never complained about what injuries I could or did sustain while doing it knowing that uncle was covering my back. Well we can see what has happened since then. I understand we got it pretty cheap, but do we really when you look at what we had to endure for all those years?

  • Tom

    When I enlisted in the Army in 1975, I was told that 20 years would give me lifetime health coverage. THE BIG LIE! 24 years of service and the politician’s are still trying to take our promised benefits away. After they take out the cost of SBP, Health & Life Insurance there is not enough to live on, even with a full time job. It amazes me that in this country, our government officials want to give free education, welfare benefits and Social Security to Illegal Aliens who ARE NOT citizen, yet want to take back what we have left of our retirement to support the Illegals. Damn Shame!!!! Oh yea! 26 is an Adult, not a child, what the hell!

  • Wendy

    Sounds a lot like military kids are being penalized for their parents service. Whether or not you agree that “children” should be covered up to 26, you should at least agree that military children should not receive less than the rest of America’s children! Government should be leading the way, not exempting themselves from legislations that apply to everyone else!

    I head a health benefits program for a very large organization, and the projected increase across the industry to cover this low health cost age group is only a 1% increase. Where is TriCare getting THEIR inflated figures?

  • top cat

    Who ARE these “children”? The short article didn’t mention if they have severe, catastrophic health problems, or school bums living at home for free. If the latter, someone other than their idiot parents should explain to them that they are NOT children after 18 years of age. Typical “journalism” of late, leaving out critical details. pay your own way

    • craig

      What an idiot you are. You as though you have an education level of a 3 legged jackass. “School bums” grow up you loser.

  • David

    Everyone knows if it is not broke don’t fix it. I would hope that someday someone would let me know why a band-aid costs $300.00 at the ER. And only $3.00 for a whole box of them at any store. My point is instead of trying to pay these high prices maybe we should focused on price control. The hospital prices are out of control. Also the local health departments could do allot more every town has one.
    Maybe my view isn’t that good but I am willing to learn to see things different. I am just an old vet that proudly served.

  • Karen

    Our 23 year old full time student son has a pre-existing medical condition and there is no way we can afford what the insurance companies wanted us to pay. Because of his condition, he had to postpone college. Moving so much as a military child did not help his medical care or condition either; moving from place to place and constantly changing doctors. Therefore he still has unanswered questions about his health. In a perfect world where no one is sick and jobs are in abundance and health insurance is affordable, raising medical coverage to 26 would appear to be not needed, but that is not the way it is for most people. In today’s world, this coverage will help so many of us! It certainly will for my family!!

  • minoritycom

    Both my spouse and I were active duty military (now retired) and see this as a great opportunity. Being the bad parent that I am according to previously made comments, one of my girls ending up being a lawyer, another a doctor, another an officer’s wife, and one, who I also sent to college – Landmark in VT (for people with learning disabilities), a 26 year old with no insurance. Therefore I’m glad that someone is willing to give assistance to young adults who can’t get or afford insurance as a result of bad parenting. To the “perfect parent” judges, I’m glad to know that your children will never have issues that will cause you to have to provide health care for them. Please consider being a little sympathetic to those of us who are not as good.

    • craig

      You make alot of sense for the most part. Can you tell us how much money the “officers wife” makes ? or does she save the world in her spare time ? Maybe being an “officers wife” is like being a first lady and we just dont know it ? In the modern military wifes that try and use their husbands rank to there own desire is highly frowned upon…….maybe things were different in your day ?

  • Phil

    Has there been a new status on this? I haven’t seen any ‘new’ news since October 2010. Has Congress voted to include TRICARE under the new age extension provisions to 26? Thanks.

  • exarmy

    Cost of an Appendectomy $22718.70…. Cost of a tonsillectomy $6381…. Paying $2400 a year to cover my college age children up to the age of 26 and are now gainfully employed with benefits….PRICELESS!!!!

  • minoritycom

    Craig – what does being an officer’s wife (daughter 3) have to do with my 26 year (daughter 4) not having insurance. Anyway, daughter 3 is a music therapist in addition to being an officer’s wife. How are you coming to the conclusion that she is using her husband’s rank to her own desire? I thought this discussion was about young adult children being able to use tricare. It wasn’t enough to insinuate that young adults don’t have insurance because of the way they were raised, now you’re stating that my military career was “different”? I suppose focusing/commenting on the issue is too much to expect.

  • Army

    Its to bad most military & retireshave no clue whats going on.maybe we have spend way to much time flying the flag an telling everyone we where happy to do our duty.well now we all are paying for what had been promised to us.You are being laugh at by who we decided would lead this country.we all did heir dirty work.There is nothing we can do bend over.Best wishes to the future.I always think what would the soldiers laying on the battle fields think.Your leaders could care less.good old basic truth…

  • James Wilson

    How about our children born with Handicapps who are becoming adults even if they can not even be potty trained?

    So many years in the system being turned away hearing not Agent Orange Related but my son looks just like those in Vietnam who were born malformed.

  • Mike

    It would help a lot if eye exams were covered under Tri Care for Life !!!

  • Jacky

    My daughter is a grad student and will have to pay 2,400.00 for health insurance which is CRAP! If she would have got knocked up and dropped out of high school she would have free medical and dental (DAH) what is wronge with this picture. So if your child is smart with a good head on there shoulders and life goals the goverment F’s them. Please feel free to coment

    • Valerie

      You are absolutely correct! There is no incentive for anyone to better themselves these days if they can just sit back, relax and have $ given to them by the gov’t….but, hey, doesn’t that make the gov’t look good to those people? I think the gov’t wants people to be totally reliant on them so they can control you.

      I know people who live with their parents and go to school just because they get it for free and dont even know what to major in. Meanwhile, my daughter is living on her own, working her butt off as a hostess in a restaurant and going to school full-time with student loans; no aid whatsoever because apparently my husband and I have too much income and savings for her to quality for any aid. I think it is ridiculous that you have to include a parents net worth even if your child is not your dependent anymore and out of the house and on their own. There is no law that states a parent is required to pay for their child’s education. So in essence, she is penalized so to speak for being responsible and independent while others milk off mom/dad and get rewarded for it.

      Years and years ago, there was no welfare. There were no lazy people. Everyone worked their butt off on farms, factories, etc. and earned what they wanted, whether it be an education or whatnot; things weren’t handed to them, and that is the way it should be. There was no social security. You set money aside and saved on your own for retirement. You had a real sense of pride in what you’ve achieved.

      And no, my husband and I are not total hard-asses…our daughter has our full support and we do help her in any way we can.

    • Jenniffer

      I’m going through this right now. So My daughter hasn’t found that job yet to which she can use her degree so shes currently working at McDonalds at $8.00hr. Can barely afford to live in a decent place and yet they expect them to make up that deficit. Ridiculous I tell you, It costs them no more to keep her on. She doesn’t even use her medical for anything. (Thank The lord) However instead of expecting them to pay that kind of deficiet why don’t they impose an increase across the board. That has to be a lighter gut punch then the 180 they ask a month. from these kids who are just trying to start out.

  • Barbie

    God Bless you!