Military Pay Debate – Cut Pay or Troops?

Military pay and benefits have been a hot topic this fall; from the zero increase in military retiree and veteran cost of living adjustments to the proposed reductions in future military base pay raises, there are plenty of issues for Servicemembers and military retirees to focus on.

As earlier reported in this blog, the Senate left on recess without passing the National Defense Authorization Act for 2011. The NDAA 2011 (H.R. 5136) includes a House proposal for a 1.9 percent across-the-board increase in military base pay, in addition to extensions that would continue paying certain types of special pay and allowances. According to many reports, the Senate is leaning toward reducing the House’s proposed pay increase by .5 percent to 1.4 percent, which would match the White House’s proposal.

Earlier this summer we reported that two separate DoD advisory panels had recommended reducing the DoD’s personnel budget by limiting the size of pay raises and cutting retiree benefits. The panel’s reports are being debated this fall as Congress and Defense Department officials look for ways to reduce the deficit in a lagging economy. Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Personnel subcommittee, Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.), has suggested that cutting the number of troops would be a better way to reduce the cost of military personnel.

Webb has indicated he supports ending the 12-year trend of large across-the-board increases in military base pay and suggests a “more efficient” system of targeted bonuses for lower ranking Servicemembers – including those serving in combat and/or hard-to-fill occupational specialties.

The annual across-the-board raises of the past 12 years were mandated by law to ensure that military pay reached and maintained parity with the civilian sector, as determined by the annual Employment Cost Index. Until 2006 the law required that base pay increase at a rate equal to the ECI plus .5 percent. Having reached parity in 2006, the law has been changed to maintain the balance by tying military pay to the ECI – Congress does have the option to pay above the ECI.

Some DoD officials and members of Congress have suggested that military pay and benefits now exceed the private sector. Congress is fully aware that these suggestions are not well received by Servicemembers or retirees and that cutting or reducing pay raises and military benefits could cost them in the polls — especially while our troops are still engaged in war. That is likely why Sen. Webb advocates cutting troops and instituting targeted bonuses rather than cutting pay and benefits.

Read more about Sen. Webb’s position on the Pentagon budget.

Let your elected officials know how you feel about the current issues surrounding Military Pay and Health Care benefits.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Dwight Lawler





    • Aethon007

      …then they take OUR money and give it to the banks who screwed our economy into the ground for their own profits. Go figure!!!

    • J.Cruz Jr. ArmyVet.

      Yes, that is exactly right. These S.D.F.’s (Stupid Dumb F***s) have got everything all FUBAR. All they care about is their own money and not “THE SERVICEMEMBER’s BENEFITS/LIFE”. They would rather keep giving themselves payraises and not the service members who risk their lives out in the frontlines of the battle, which is more than just hazzerdous work. So yeah, I agree, let’s get these S.D.F.’s out of office and get the “REAL PEOPLE” who care about the ones who give it all and for the one’s who’s “givin'” it all for this country…

    • does it matter

      i have to agree with Dwight Lawler CONGRESS NEEDS TO CUT THEIR PAY AND BENIFITS OR GO FIGHT FOR FREEDOM LIKE ALL SERVICE MEMBERS PAST AND PRESENT HAVE ! funny how they will cut back on protecting those who put their lives on the line while congress, politicians etc sit behind the desk collecting fat checks in the comfort of their luxury homes!!! let’s make cut backs on their paycheck & the luxuries they live day in and day out, and i guarantee you America wouldn’t be in so much debt!!! Let start with them 1st & give our troops what they deserve for putting their lives on the line for us!

      • albe

        yes congress wake up you need to lead the way and cut your pay / benefits now with no phase in just cut your pay by 25%.

    • Gus

      I agree with you!!!

    • Pat

      I agree they only work 6 months out of the year with 6 digit pay and retirement. If you cut veterans pay you may as well have welfare money ready.

    • ALBE

      I agree congress should be the first ones to cut pay.

    • Devine308

      The current salary (2010) for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $174,000 per year.

      WHAT SERVICE MEMBER makes nearly that much? I don’t know anyone who goes out there and fights, protects, aide, or anything else that makes that. I know MY FAMILY Doesn’t. A civil servant shouldn’t be making more than the average american but they still do. A man/woman protecting our country should be making more than the private sector only cause the private sector doesn’t risk their lives or see their brothers and sisters get torn to pieces by an IUD. I mean seriously we need to reevaluate guess what their pay isn’t up for a vote by the people like our Military pay is up for a vote in the House.

    • Larry Hoffman

      I agree that is a bunch of bull that they always want to cut the military of pay and it is bad enough we used to get benefits for dental and hospital for free when you retire now we have to pay tricare but now they want to cut out retire pay and make us wait until we are 60. This gentleman is correct if anything need to cut the congress and all their pay raises they get every year for sitting on their butts and doing nothing but trying to get themselfs more money lets re vote and get rid of these idiots okay?

    • clarence

      You sorry ass non military people but your life on the line, freedom is not free, we are dying every day, bring back the draft and send your sorry ass sons and daughters

    • James

      I agree 100% with Dwight. I signed a contract with the Army 16 1/2 years ago with the agreement that I could retire after 20 years of service and start drawing 50% of my pay. Don’t Congressional member get the benefit of only having to serve one term and getting 100% of their pay for the rest of their life. Being a combat soldier is a lot harder and far more dangerous. And we have to do 20 years of that service to draw 50% of the pay which is a lot lower than the amount a Congressional member makes. Politicians are so corrupt. They are slowly but surely killing America and draining the working people bank accounts.

      • retiree

        1. No they don’t. They are under FERS, same as our federal civil service brethern.

        2. For all those wanting to have “congress cut it’s pay” – look at the numbers. There are a total of 538 congressmen, senators, and delegates. At $174,000/year, totally cutting that amounts to $93,612,000. Add in benefits, you MAY get to $150 million total cost. That doesn’t even pay for one day of combat.

        Personnel costs are one of the biggest parts of the DoD budget, which is the 3rd/4th (depending on how you count) parts of the Federal Budget. No way can we balance the budget without cutting DoD’s budget. And no way can DoD’s budget be cut without somehow cutting the personnel costs.

    • Dwight…you are right that Congress (and American President just as guilty for keeping useless war machine active( should be held totally accountable for actions. Perhaps best way to stop American intervention so we can start getting out from under this mess of faking we are some “world leader” that can afford to play perpetual Global cop is have congress/President sign contract prior to office stating their own daughters/sons must “report to active duty combat” at age 18 for their criminal actions of sending the U.S. into wars and in keeping the American populace ignorant believing that war “serves our nation” or somehow “protects our freedoms”. And there, lies a fundamental principle we the American people need to realize. What “entitlements” those innocent women and men in uniform get is the least of our or their own concern. It’s their LIVES being used as mere pawns for profit…profit mind you into pockets of the very few, killing the rest of our economy. The U.S. ranks #82 in Global Peace ranking, behind many nations we once thought of as oppressively violent. Why? BECAUSE of our wars, deep pocket spending on military and “defense” when war does not “defend” anything but the profits for sales of weapons. We should not be “paying the troops more”, we should keep them safe from unnecessary harm to begin with under the heart and soul wrenching slogan “fighting for country”. We have all been conditioned to believe war is a “Patiotic” insitution, but really its very primitive and causing the U.S. to be closer and closer to Third World status. Even if 9/11 happened as the theory goes rather than the ongoing investigation and insight into the internal planning, plotting, conspiracy….we should NEVER have attacked any country. It should have served as time to say sorry…we are sorry for making money off all those missiles shipped to hostile nations in the name of making a living, we are sorry for taking on a Global crusade trying to spread “democracy” of which we don’t even have within our own nation, or “freedom” of which we also don’t really have. There are at lest 10 nations out there with a higher Freedom rating than the U.S. (Scandinavian countries for instance enjoy free college tuition while we pay threw nose due to our military spending) Please keep in mind this insight is not a blame towards the troops….those innocent women and men with good and honorable intentions thinking they are “fighting for their country”. It comes full circle to what you said….our corrupt Politicians. That is why America ranks #82 worldwide in peace, horrible in freedoms, slipping and sliding in education system, environmental justice to fight disease causing pollution. BECAUSE of our spending more than half the world combined on military. No, we should not pay those soldiers or any military personnel more money. We should keep them safe to begin with, and pay our teachers as much as Singapore does (starting at M.D. salary) Our children are our most valuable assets for our nation….and none of them were brought on this earth to fight a war (boy or girl, rich or poor makes NO difference). We should support them better than all that…We put way to much of our financial resources into war/weapons to begin with, and it is hurting our nation. Amen

    • Louis W Karp

      There’s an election coming up VOTE them ALL out of office especially the Democrats in the Senate,

  • Lilboifred

    Wow cut the troops pay! Well, congress come do a 1 year tour in afghanistan & then go back to America and See if that’s a good idea.

    • babybear

      yea thats completly rite all these troops out there risk there lives then u guys wont pay them…well u guys should go n see whts its like then come back n try n pay bills with no money

    • pj1993

      Yeah and while they are there, they can watch movies, work out to P90X, and chat on Facebook like the 80% of the troops!

      • A Soldier’s wife

        Wow. Have you ever served? I can’t even believe the kind of disrespect men and women who fight for our freedom recieve on a daily basis. My husband was deployed to Iraq when I was pregnant with our little girl. We had two boys that he missed seeing everyday, and he missed the birth of our only daughter. There were days, weeks where we did not hear from him due to patrols where he had no access to a phone, computer, or even a shower. Just because he may have been able to get on the internet to send me an email and let me know he was alive, or call me once in awhile does not mean he was living the good life. Not to mention the sleepless nights when he returned home due to PTSD. I have so much more to say, but I will leave it at that. Shame on you.


    Amazing. Two years ago two studies were done that indicated the exact opposite. Cutting troops (fulltime employees) or cutting pay? Neither is good for the economy, but what the he**, it makes congress feel better.

    • Courtney

      What the government doesn’t seem to understand it that soldier are people too they have families to take care of and they also work more than the average American does when I was in the military I worked from 0530 to 1900 if not later, that is over 13.5 hours in the day 5-7days a week with no overtime. When an average American works 8 hours a day 5 days a week with a total of 40 hours and if they work more they get over time….

      • Courtney

        Now this last month alone my husband has gotten to work at 0300 and has not gotten off tell at least 2200and he is not even deployed yet and that is a total of at least 19 hours in a day. Now my husband is NTC getting ready for deployment and is still state side cant contact me and he works in the field up to 24 hours a day for 7days a week for the next 5 weeks. Then let’s remember solders who are in Iraq or Afghanistan right not that work that long and are being shoot at being boomed and can’t see or hear from their families and some families don’t even know if their spouse is still alive or will be tomorrow. Our troops whether they are at home state side reading for deployment or deployed do everything for their people and they want to take health care and pay? What has this Country come to this is not what or ancestor and soldiers today fought and died for. I am ashamed to be an American.

  • Guest

    Somebody should tell the HOR and the American people, after they read this story THAT AMERICA IS AT WAR!!!!! My VA doctors told me more then 2 years ago, that I am 100% disabled, brain damaged, (the VA has delayed & denied my compensation request, lied to me about its status, and has changed consultaion comments by medical staff in my VA health records, refused treatment to me because I refused to disrobe in a waiting room in front of children and people of the opposite gender in it) with cancer (directly associated from my exposure to AO while serving 2 tours in VN). I get $123 month from the VA as compensation for my disabilities, and with my other income, my college degree and a regular commission, and SECRET security clearance, my AGI income puts me BELOW THE US POVERTY LEVEL! I have lost my house, my ability to work, the love and affection of my family (afterall, if I was really disabled, the VA would have paid me, by now) and spend 18 hours a day on my back, in an apt complex (that does not have a lving room ro kitchen) that has seen one murder per average per year, and continued attempted home invasions (by illegals) and sex crimes/rape of elderly tenants, muggings at the closest ATM machine, theft of mail, etc., all in an elderly apt complex that also rents to 18 year old gang-bangers on Section 8) because I can not get out of bed without the room spinning around, forced to wash my clothes in my bath-tub, and do my grocery shopping via Dominoes delivery. I am exactly the reason why NOBODY should serve THIS COUNTRY in UNIFORM, for any reason at all. SCREW PATRIOTISM! I am not complaing or whining. I am stating a fact, that NOBODY ELECTED TO THE HOR OR THE WH GIVES A RAT$ A$$ ABOUT OUR MILITARY, OUR VETERANS, OR OUT DISABLED VETERANS. They got what they wanted out of us, and now they have kicked us out of a moving Jeep and thrown us to the gutter. I AM SO PROUD TO ME AN AMERICAN, are’nt you?

    • Rhonda

      God Bless U!! Thank you for your service. Love & Peace to you…

    • charles igou

      You hit the nail on the head.When I retired in 71 and after serving two tours in VN and one in Korea and seeing how the Vet was treated. Like being spit on and verbal BS. I told all four of my children do not join any branch of the service or get involved with law enforcement. Your life will be miserable before and after giving all you have to protect and serve the American CItizen from what you have seen happen in some other Country. It all happens due to Lie’s and corruption promoted by crooked Politicians

    • james

      1 goes to the va hospital for many thing never was i told to disrobe in a waiting rooom fill with children are any other people where i goes you donot be check in a waiting room. you cannot be at the deck when another person is checking in

    • Anna

      OMG, you are so right. Thank you for all your service and i am sorry that you have to go through so much bull shit

  • Win_mag300

    Maybe the congress and the senate should cut some of their own benefits instead of taking it from the soldiers & veterans! Don’t forget to Vote!

  • Sfcham

    If you want to fix the problem “VOTE Republican” The Democrats don’t give a bean about the Military!!!!!!! Every time they are in power they cut the military, cut pay and benefits, and cut resources such as programs for the military.

    • Rerlick

      That’s called biting the hand that feeds you (if you’re a veteran). This last wave of benefits and improvements to the VA came to us via the Dems (Jim Webb), after facing continual veto threats and dismissals by the Bush Administration. Yet you seem to have been convinced of the exact opposite. Marketing is a powerful tool, I suppose. Not good for us vets though.

    • Aethon007

      The GOP voted down all the additional benefits veterans enjoy today, including improved VA. Despicable contradiction to then vote for the party which has done so little for vets. Shameful.

    • disgusted voter

      I vote my conscience not for the party who will return higher favors to my specific people group. You want a real fix to the problems at hand? get rid of all the politicians who cater to special interest groups, that covers both parties! Our elected officials are supposed to be working for their constituents, not the unions or big business. America’s political system has long been corrupt and there is no change on the horizon. IMO statement such as yours are just as bad as the union and big business….”Vote for whoever is going to do the best for us….who cares what’s best for the long run or the entire country, this party benefits us more!”

    • ro neal

      you are an idiot –the gop is the ones that sticking it to us

    • artjazz54

      @Sfcham, it’s idiots like you who have allow are benefits to be attacked and considered for reductions. I was discharged in 1975, and it has always been the GOP who has proposed and/or supported cuts to vet’s benefits, including taking away the measally travel reinbursment for mediacl travel back in the 70’s, however, the Dems restored it. You are so misinformed, and ignorant.

  • JMansfield,MCRet

    Many good comments. I’ve been out herre for a time and seen the way the Dems treat military with a snub. When I joined the Corps in 1960 we were to get medical care for ourselves and our dependants for life – LIKE OBAMA ONCE REFERED TO WHEN HE WAAS RUNNING. He only had 180+ days in the senate so he wasn’t aware that his party had killed that years ago by redefining and rewording (the DEM’S have their own dictionary and a big habit of excusing themselves by saying what we really ment was — ) We had medical care, then Champus, then 80% Champus, then purchased TriCare with perrcentages, next came TriCare for Life…. That last one is a slick one – YOU GET YOUR TRICARE “FREE” only what it actually is is a MASSIVE INCREASE in what in what you pay. My wife and I pay “per month” what six months of TriCare Prime use to cost for six months.

    • Rerlick

      Interesting take – and yet Dems are largely responsible for pushing through all the additional post 9-11 benefits (Jim Webb). Yet look how quickly those he has helped bite that feeding hand.

      • Gigi *ProudArmyWife*

        in response to both JMansfield and Rerlick, I think part of the problem whether apparent or not, is the lack of open-mindedness… on both sides. I don’t think this issues should be one based on your political beliefs, but rather on simple FACTS, granted your political stance molds your beliefs, but opinions only get you so far without evidence…. we need to ALL take a step back and look at the consequences both pros and cons of ALL OF THE OPTIONS of this issue and not JUMP INTO THINGS BLIND like we as a people have been for the past 11 or so years… good intentions do not excuse misguided actions. and dropping into another country is bad enough, if i remember correctly the whole reason we went to iraq was because “they possessed WMDs”… none of which were ACTUALLY RECOVERED… so we couldnt find any here so lets go to the next country and see how much more we can **** up our economy by funding wars we have no business being in in the first place…. I believe that had we focused more of the resources we had at the time into better homeland security, 9-11 could have been avoided, unfortunately we didnt and it wasnt, but come on, enough is enough. first iraq, then afghanistan, now were facing problems with lybia, next its gunna be russia, china, japan, and then entire western world…. the madness needs to stop! WE THE PEOPLE need to be the ones to stop it because i feel like a lot of the time we forget OUR ROLE in our government…WE PUT OUR POLITICIANS WHERE THEY ARE AT… either by voting for them, or by not taking the time to vote at all… and then we pawn off the blame. our politicians need to remember that we put them where they are, not only when election time comes around, but ALL THE TIME, and we need to remember that we have the power and the inevitable right to remove them if they are not doing their job as they promised… it should not be an issue about POLITICAL PARTY, but rather an issue of the COMMON GOOD and CIVILIZATION SURVIVAL…

  • Hxgonzalez

    I think to help save Tricare, instead of having every retiree pay 460 bucks a yr for a family, it should go by rank. I’m an O-4 and as much as don’t mind the fee, I don’t think its fair that a retired E-5 or E-7 should have to pay the same as an Officer, it should be less. Basically the higher the rank the more they should pay per year. Its only fair.

    • retired enlisted

      I dont think military retiree’s should have to pay anything for their health insurance. When I enlisted back in 1980 that was one of the perks that was PROMISED to us for serving >20 years. You want “fair”? How fair is it that someone who served for more than 20 years of military service has to pay for a healthcare insurance that provides less coverage than someone who has done nothing and qualifies for Medicaid? Sure TRICARE is less expensive than civilian sector insurance plans but it is also more restrictive than civilian plans. It’s a damn shame that medicare and medicaid recipients get better coverage than retired military.

      Do us a favor Maj, or LCDR, dont speak for the real working class of the military. If you O’s want to pay a higher fee, then by all means feel free. Retired enlisted folk dont make the big bucks you O’s seem to have flowing out of your wallets.

  • Afpoliceman

    I have an Idea, stop giving money to every country with their hand out then you can afford to give your servicemen decent raises.

    • Guest

      Exactly, and stop the war – we can’t afford it!! We send millions of dollars worth of equipment there and then bury it in the sand when we leave (or give it away!).

    • El potro

      I agree

  • Robnwess

    typical of the Dems, cut troops or cut their pay and in the next breath cry about not enought troops to get the job done on terror and blame the GOP.
    The Dem’s are the problem with this country and their lawyer bums.

    • Rerlick

      Cheney was a Dem? “Cheney’s most immediate issue as Secretary of Defense was the Department of Defense budget. Cheney deemed it appropriate to cut the budget and downsize the military, following President Ronald Reagan’s peacetime defense buildup at the height of the Cold War.” The American Political Science Review 85 (2): 457–474.

      • Buck

        It’s so sad that most people are ignorant to the way Govt works. Cheney was all about business and making money, not only for himself but for his cohorts in crime. He nor anyone in the administration gave a rats ass about the military. Remember they have to make it sound as though they care so they remain in power. HISTORY IS A MOFO !!!

    • andi capp

      where in hell do you think the dems get their ideas—- from the gop—-if all you nutcases think about is to blame the dems —–you had better read the congressional record and be informed

  • JW Jackson

    The DOD should cut the number of high ranking Generals and apply the savings to on the ground soldiers fighting two wars. It is rediculous to have Generals that are double what we had durring Vietnam, or Korea. Secretary Gates was right in his posted article last month about cutting at the top. The same thing happens with the military buarcracy as happend with the crooks we keep allowing to run the government. JJ

  • Wow really, I think the congress needs to look at the fact that the take there lives for granted. If it weren’t fo our service men and our military troops 3 quarters of the united states wouldn’t even be here right now. In stead of cutting our military or there pay why don’t congress give up some of there benifits, or stop being so qiuck to hand money to other countries. It is not our obligation to take care of other countries who have problems. We as a country have numoous problems of out own! An as a wife of a military man erving in afghainsta right now I fight fo him eevryday until this none sense an selfish so called congress members pull there heads out their asses an look right in front of there face! Maybe they should stedp down an justlet us as the people run this country.


      our law makes need 2 service in the military 1st


      You hear about traitors i n our United States,Well i feel that the congress no matter what party is the traitor to the fighting men and women in uniform.It is true that they sit on their asses and dream on how to screw the American people so they don’t lose a cent of the money they robbed from the needy.
      This country has gone to the dogs from the politicians.

  • Aimee

    We need to ensure we are electing Members of Congress who has lived the military life. We have too few Members serving, sitting on the Armed Services Committee with no military experience. No matter what the make-up of Congress is, I think there is a DOD personnel budget cut coming and unfortunately, those decision makers will not truly understand what they are doing to our military’s morale if they start cutting the benefits…esspeically when we keep deploying them at a high tempo.

  • Gonegreenexpeditions

    I think we should let all the polititions put the uniform on and cut their pay down to the far from getting rich paychecks we get.

    OMG, they would finally earn their money. Who am I kidding most of these guys never served in any branch so they have no

    clue what we sacrifice or our families. Most of these polititions are cowards and would never come out from behind their desks,

    but its ok for us to fight and die for our country. Living paycheck to paycheck is not fair to our military people, they give so much,

    we should at least give them a good wage. I got it, lets get rid of these no good, selfish polititions, save some money and still give

    our troops a raise they deserve! GOD BLESS THIS COUNTRY AND OR TROOPS!!!!!!!!

    • RobertG

      Yes that good to know wow finally something going to happend :-)

    • Tom J

      Very nicely put!!

  • Eric Burns

    Well, I’ve got to say… I’ve been on active duty for over eleven years, and I can tell you without a doubt that we need to cut the number of troops in the military. Incidentally, this is not a recent phenomenon. Our military would be far more efficient (financially and otherwise) with fewer troops of higher caliber. That being said, the cold, hard fact is that we, as a nation, are in a bit of a financial crisis. The burden must be shared by many, to include service members. The question then becomes- “Where do we trim the fat?” (Do we limit pay raises across the board? Do we target certain ranks? Do we cut specific bonuses? All of the above??) On an aggregate scale, that money must come from somewhere. Personally, I think we can keep our special pay, incentives, bonuses, annual pay raises, etc. and simply reduce the number of troops. It’s that simple. Stop enlisting so many marginal performers. They do nothing more than provide dead weight, slowing down the machine. Service members who do not progress in rank at a reasonable rate should be forced out of the military. Let’s get our military down to a good “fighting weight.”

    • Rerlick

      This plan won’t work with 2 active wars. Cut troops, cut overseas commitments too!

      • Dhkellyjr

        That’s what this is really about. It’s not just a way to cut cost’s but also a back door way to end our commitments.

        • Rerlick

          Think of it this way: US defense spending equals all other nation’s defense spending combined! Something’s got to give.

          • Guest

            Yep, its a back door to not pay us for retirement. There are more and more rules put on us every year it seems. Cutting troops isn’t the answer – its a bandaid solution to the real problem – government spending. We cannot afford this war! So, they have the bright idea of cutting our pay and allowences while the economy is going bad, the price of cotton is going up 95% – what next? Healthcare costs are doubling too.

          • aethon007

            Isn’t it interesting that all this talk of government spending seems to never bring focus to the ridiculous size of the DoD. Did you know the budget proposal for DoD spending for 2011 (in the midst of our economic disaster) exceeds $1 trillion, with 15 new programs, all exceeding $1.5 billion???

          • Kenneth White

            yes you are right about the waste of DOD it,s not Military coast but The contracts they have bought into and alot of waste full senior federal employees also,and dont forget the truth of the matter is alot of our generals don,t care either they want those inhouse senior jobs a don,t care about the erosion of the military because they have ended up in this modern society as a CEO DOD employee, hate to say it Sir, but DOD has become just another inhouse business. Take Care

    • andi capp

      i wonder what your caliber is

    • Kristie

      I agree! There has been an inflated amount of new enlistees over the past few years looking for a guaranteed paycheck but not realizing the commitment it takes to be a good service member. Stop looking past bad behavior and start letting the sub-par go; those that aren’t in it for our nation. I can’t tell you how many times the recruiters bent the truth when my husband enlisted, in order to meet their quota. We need to curb enlistment quotas and focus on retention of highly trained service members (it’s unbelievable how much money goes into advanced training) and enlistment of only highly efficient and committed service men and women.

    • Or they can cut the amount of money they spend on things such as an electrical socket my husband is an electrician and it amazes me to hear how much the navu spends on something that you can get for .50 cents at a hardware store where instead they are willing to pay $50 – $100 for one? Does that honestly make sense????? Not to me. It’s mindless spending they don’t care.

  • Davidhp

    Give me a break, military pay considering what is asked of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines, will never be in parity with private sector employers. Military members (and retirees) are owed a debt of honor from the people of the United States through their government for the service provided in war and peace.

    • globe1trotter

      but it always seems, as a retiree, we have done our time so who gives a hoot what we say. I hope they realize what caliber people that will be bailing from the ranks if they start cutting retiree benefits,..,,,again! Who would be stupid enough to stay!

  • Kastlem

    No cuts! 1. When they can take the “we accept food stamps” sign off commissary doors, they might consider it, not till then. 2. It should not be forgotten that military members are subject to 24/7/365 duty. No going to find that in the private sector! 3., compare the percentage of new homeless from ex-military, with those leaving private sector jobs. Its a tough job, mentally and physically, hard on family life also. No cuts!

  • Wanda Murline

    Why doesn’t the government cut their staff and their salaries and their beneifts and retirement? That is where the first cuts need to be made is by the paper pushers in Washington who care nothing for our military. Hoping today will be a new awakening for these rats in congress.

    • Kenneth White

      Yes MRS Murline-This is very true as we all can see of our can,t do Congress,this is not new to me Ma,am i have lived in Virginia for 10 years and have 29 svs years,Yes It,s time our Senior Leaders Take an across board pay cut for the next 5-10 years and stop there traveling all the time with there family members as 60 minutes reported.Our senior leaders have never done much in uniform and also these big Corp. can start paying special taxes to the war effort ,since there so patriotic and you keep there freedome here with your blood while there making billions$$ a year,yes i have meet people who will serve congress and work 7days a week not just for military but for all the people in us and will do it for 1/2 of what our cant do congress would or can,t seem to do,don,t forget that congress as all of our government agencies are become a rotating hamster wheel,with yes sir and no sir people.please read the newspaper called federal times,which as you know employees 50% federal employees on base this is where they really need to trim the fat not the military they need to contract these feds out including the gate guards and come back with security forces SFS and MP,s and Navy Police like the had once before someone sold this idea to the Generals at DOD and Ma,am there,s a a lot of Generals that need to go also, the real expense is the federal employees i hate to say this but it is true and get ride of all this Study agencies as they always want to hire to study the military, as For Proper PT performance and Enviromental Agency Studies and Etc on our military Bases if they are so concerned about the EPA on each base why could they Have not made sure the BP oil wells were properly anchored and drilled by standards,because the oil industry has so much control on capitol hill that they overlook these things,makes you think. congrese and dod have so many agencies studying the military that it wold blow your mind on the wasted $$$ they hire them for it would pay for 3/4 of the war. And another idea the DOD can change the airlines 1-5% for having the airport siting on MILITARY BASES AND MILITARY PROPERTY AS HERE AT EGLIN AFB FLA. This $$ would go into the poole for the war efforts . I could go on but i believe you have an idea where the real wasted $$$$$ are coming from. Thank You for listing Good luck ,

  • Guest1

    Excuse me but women are the reason some men are still alive today. They are equally contributing members to today’s military. Almost all educated, actively servicing men agree that gender should not matter if we pull our own weight.

    • Dhkellyjr

      Yes but the point is they don’t pull their own weight.

      • need to rethink your statement. As a FEMALE veteran (11 years active duty, 6 Army & 5 Marine Corps), I can show you where I pulled not only MY weight, but that of 5 or 6 LAZY, WORTHLESS MALE soldiers. They’re out there. I won’t lie, there are women on active duty that shouldn’t be, but there are men out there that are just as bad or worse. Also, there are MANY women on active duty that do as I did: pull their weight PLUS that of others.

    • Guest181

      No they are not. hahahaha 99.9% of the deaths are male soldiers. How is that equal?

      • It’s not our fault they still don’t “allow” women in combat. I would have been more than happy to fight.

  • Joejr31

    Cutting Military pay is the most sensible thing the U.S. Government can do today. There are a lot of misused resources and benefits that are being sold out right to none responsible Americans-sort like the welfare system. And it is the same people every time with understudies growing in numbers. I was in the active forces for just over 22 years and National Guard for almost 6 years and i can a test to what I am saying.

    During the period from 1981-2001 i seen the new army in action-the new solider was running towards eating up all the free bees that the government had to give such as: COLA, TDY, Separate Rations; and other free rides that are were available-not caring about being a soldier nor their fellow soldier.

    I witness the morale and core values that made a person a strong believer of defending this country diminish for all the free benefits that were available-a walking talking money hungry person.

    I seen a races style of personality behind looking in to cash in his or her opportunity to stab one in the back-forgetting that everyone wore the same uniform and fighting for the same nation and cause.

    I seen a lot of marriage for convenience-the convenience of having more money to spend and treat their spouse just like a stranger-while having mutable girl or boy friend’s on the side.

    I say this now because after all this i realize that we need a different type of solider than what is currently serving our nation today.

    We need a committed, loyal-say what I mean and do what i mean type of personality representing our nation; and not a fly by night person.

    I seen legal representation non-existent when the soldier most needed most. Officer’s not loyalty representing or supporting the NCO core values-on the other hand smiling and paying the part of an officer caring while at the same time devaluing his trust behind his or her back.

    I saw a corrupted build up in the NCOer/OER evaluation reports both at the NCO and Officer Levels.

    Their needs to be a change to the NCOER and OER evaluation reports; and that change needs to read: NCO – The following are NCO expectations and criteria.

    OER – The following are OFFICER CRITERIA.

    NCOER and OER maters should read differently, explained differently, have different duties and responsibilities-never should be carried out in the neither same table nor manner as one another. There should always be a distinguish between what officers/NCOs (duties) they should be caring out and doing-never the same nor over lapping anyone of them.

    • Davidfra

      Perhaps if you were better educated and could write better English, I might put more credibility into what you say. As it is, I just wonder, What world do you live in? The military you describe is about as far from the real world as you can get.

      • Guest

        I agree – people are very strict in my world of the military and there would be no room for that kind of nonsense. It would come out right away and they would be dealt with accordingly.

        • vietnam baby killer

          this is giving me ptsd or whatever you cry babys call it. i think ill get a lawer and sue the gov. for lifetime check. isnt that what is common for all you hero’s now days. vietnam 65-66

          • Army Wife

            baby killer?? really your a creap and should not be calling any one anything!!!

      • Pj1993

        I saw that world too. And his English is fine. You are just mad because he’s right.

    • kristie

      As a Navy wife I’ve seen much of what you’ve reported, but cutting pay isn’t the answer; it will only decrease the retention of our committed, qualified, and dedicated service members. Those that are in it only for the guaranteed paycheck and act inappropriately should be relieved of their duties for misconduct. Don’t punish the good because of a few mistakes by the bad.

  • Guest1


  • Chiefmarci

    While most the people in Washington’s House and Senate have never served in the Milatary they don’t know how a service men or women feels and live. I bet they will not let the people decide if they will get a raise or not. I guess my service of 31 years plus and the rest of us is not important. Thanks for letting me give my opinion. Retired Chief

  • Felix Burgos

    Congress never seems to tire of reducing our benefits but they won’t even think of letting voters vote on their pay raises. If the last 2 years of congressional inaction on issues such as fixing the economy and creating jobs, Congress should be given a pay cut. The whole situation is bogus.

    • codom

      Burgos! this is Odom you are exactly right! Cut their pay and send all those politicians to Ramadi like we were sent from Korea in 2004. let them live in partially destroyed buildings for a year like we did, run for cover from incoming mortars and rockets, tell them they cant call home when someone gets killed, go on logpac runs and be the 50 gunner in the lead truck, hope and pray that insurgents havent daisychained together 20 or 30 155mm rounds along the side of the road, watch their comrads burn to death in a howitzer on the gun line and there’s nothing you can do to save them, and see how they feel about cuts then.

  • Guest

    And we fight to give them the freedom to cut our pay……

  • What??

  • Quest

    Few words but right on.

  • why serve your country when all that happens later is that your forgotten you lose benefits . my husband served 20 yrs i was right there by his side all the way. i saw what he went through and i felt what the seperations were like first hand. he fought for our freedoms just like every other veteran has but now they want to cut the retirees benefits congress and those other humanbeings in the white house should have to live through what the military lives through. then maybe they would think twice before cutting pays or benefits. what is this a communist country or the U.S.A.? yes i’m angry and tired of seeing the military active and retired be put to the side and not given a crap about.

  • Bpainter0829

    It all boils down too lets cut our military pay or troops. How about

    the Senators and Congess cut thier annual pay raises, they should only get a raise for doing a good job (which all can tell they haven’t) and what have they done except put the US in trillions of dollars of debt to where we all have to pay except them. Put thier butts out there in uniform and then let them know that they will not receive a cost of living raise this year or next year.

    I feel the majority of them should be fired and not awarded. Come on people lets get this countery under control!!!

    • guest

      I totally agree with Bpainter0829. Give the Congress and Senate salaries according how well our countries economy is doing. Right now they owe the people of the U.S.A. for the last two years salaries.All they do is sit an bullshit with one another on how to f—k with the people of this country. Then they can tell us how well they had done their job during their run to get put back in office. I agree with the other comments about having vets put in office so as to know what needs to be done with the military pay raises. These guys sure can do alot better than what we have now!!!

      • guest

        Its all must up

  • KSwig

    are you stupid?? What kind of sexist comment is that?

  • Johnnyevans

    with all the cutting at the retiree level. and rise in cost of benefits, might as well go ahead and bury us.

  • Brianjherr

    I am an Air Force Veteran. I have deployed and served my country honorably. I fully believe our troops need our support, but I have seen more often than not, troops being idle, goofing off and essentially wasting our tax dollars. The pay system does not reward those who work hard and favors seniority over an individual’s abilities and talent.
    I don’t necessarily support a pay cut, but let us all be real. Anybody on active duty gets a lot of benefits in exchange for the actual work required of them.

    • Caleb

      So, what are you supporting exactly? I don’t know if you or any other veteran are actually wasting our tax dollars but, that’s still not a reason to make other mindful soldiers pay. I’m not a soldier but I’m pretty sure it’s not easy to be in an hostile ennemy territory. So, you need to be real, Brianjherr.

    • Sheila

      Well, all I know is that my husband and his fellow co-workers work their asses off everyday to serve their country. He’s gone eight to nine months out of the year, on missions and making a presence, so people in this country can sleep easy. Thanks for your support.

      Maybe they should eliminate jobs in the Air Force, because our Navy people are busting their ass for people like you. And, when you work hard and learn your job, you get PROMOTED! That’s their incentive. How dare you generalize and put EVERYONE in the military into the same group? Perhaps you shouldn’t live in the good ole U.S. of A anymore.

      • Adrienne

        You’re generalizing as well…Lazy freeloaders are in every branch. Not all Navy are “busting their ass.” Each branch is represented in our family. To the AF member you were responding to, he needs to come work alongside my husband…see how much free time he has. Sad they all get the same pay and benefits regardless of the amount of work they do.

    • Usafwife

      I don’t know where or when *you* served, but we are a USAF family, and I can tell you, EVERYONE here works hard. I think you have a very SKEWED point of view as far as seniority and pay raises go. If one works hard, one is promoted and therefore one receives a pay raise. Not a hard concept to grasp.
      Please do NOT confuse *your* lack of promotion, personal issues and need for attention with the issue at hand. The issue is keeping the politicians status quo, while cutting YOUR benefits too; which completely seems to be lost on you.

  • Djdpostman

    It is scary to think that those making well over $100,000 salary, not to include the many benefits they get on a daily basis want to cut military pay. I imagine the majority of military personnel make around $50,000 per year, remember the majority of all military is made up of young folks below the age of 25. I would like to see some of those in congress or the house live the life of many of our young men and women in uniform today. Many are deployed at least every other year, and the deployments least anywhere between seven to fifeteen months. They are serving in places were many people want to kill them just because they are Americans, even though they are there because our Government sent them. We all need to wake up, we need to come togeather as a Nation, not Republican or Democrate but as Americans, if we don’t we may be speaking another language soon.

  • Guest

    The military could definitely trim the fat within the ranks right now. The twenty year E-5 and E-4’s should be gone, not getting paid to drink beer with their buddies one weekend a month.

    • momoftwo

      Another generalization, my husband has served as active duty in Desert Storm, two OIF and one OEF got out and worked a civilian job but stayed national guard to keep his time in service then was deployed so much and away from his civilian job he decided to go back full time active duty. When 911 happened he felt the need to serve his country “the call” which myself and two children fully supported.

      My husband has now been deployed for almost the last eight years and not meeting our youngest until she was 1 years old. My husband chooses not to go back to college let alone being deployed so much when would he have time.

      I think that we should get rid of the soldiers who are not deployable due to a medical condition that is not service connected. Get rid of the soldier who has some how managed not to be deployed in the last 10 years. This is the military you were trained to defend our country regardless of rank if you are not fit to fight and it is not service connected get out!!

  • Johnnyevans

    wish I haD THE BENEFITS OF CONGRESSMEN AND THE HIGH LEVEL GOV. EMPLOYEES. stop sending so much money to other countries, and then have them turn against us. WEBB, you are not to bright.

  • Ledonne66

    Before the genius invention of the All Volunteer Force, everyone understood what was entailed in military service. This is what happens when there is no longer a mandatory requirement for military service. Few understand what is involved in military service, 24/7, always on-call, no privacy, hardship tours of duty, separation from family, and in recent history – numerous rotations in and out of war zones. How families stay together is unbeliveable. There is no choice with the two options presented. Cannot lower pay – we will never get sufficient volunteers. Cannot lower the force – where? We already have fully augmented the Active Component with the Reserve and National Guard – because there are insufficient numbers in the Active Component. Tell that the the taxpayers. Think – does the current Active Component have the capability to fight in two theaters simultaneously? Don’t count the Reserve – they are the reserve force. Keep them in the reserve and stop brining them in to support the Active Component – this isn’t WWIII! And don’t count the National Guard, they are needed in their own States for natural disasters, border work, and Homeland Security matters. Everytime in the past 35 years that we have “restructured” and come up with the “perfect re-sizing” it has not worked. Come up with a better plan – something more appropriate than cutting the number in the Active Component or cutting pay/benefits. Anything else puts our citizens at risk. And makes us more vulnerable – or don’t you think people in other countries notice what we are doing? This has to stop and stop now.


    people wake up! this makes me angry,very angry.when you talk about cutting pay to our troops .you let people do harm to others and put them up in luxury.the prisoners are the ones who needs to pay for this not our troops.what has this country come to when you can do a crime and not pay and our troops fight to keep all of us free.

  • Syuzakewich

    So what if the military pay and benefits now exceed the private secotor! How many members of Congress have been separated from their families for a year, lost an arm or an eye while serving, or dodged bullets to stay alive?

    This is a slap in the face to all military who are now serving and have served.What a bunch of jerks! Let them cut their salary or better yet, let members of Congress serve twelve month tours in the Afghanistan.If this were to happen, no one would serve in Congress.

    Shame, shame, shame on you!

    How can you look soldiers, their wives, and children in the eye! Congress can not consider troop reduction or cuts in benefits.


  • Earl E Bailey

    I can not believe that Congress would even consider cutting military pay, retiree benefits or the size of the force when we are engaged in two immediate war fronts as well as the other areas of the world where we have thousands of peace keeping service men and women deployed and if they were not there deterring the threat we would be confronted with more wars than the current two engagements. As so many have already commented the military did not create the financial situation we are all having to content with. You do, have a say in this matter though the poles do not close today until 7:00 PM. I have done my civic duty by voting and doing my part in cleaning house. US Army 1SG Retired Hiram E. Bailey

  • Sieterojo762

    @ Brianjherr – Maybe you Air Force guys are, more often than not, playing grab ass, but as a Senior NCO in an Army combat MOS with 4 combat tours and I assure you, we are earning everything we have coming to us on this side of the fence…thanks for speaking for all of us fighting service members and good job sweeping that hangar…wtf

    • why the hatin?

      another grunt who thinks their ground pounding MOS is more important than someone in another branch. While I dont agree with all of bjh’s comments, I do agree that current military members do get payed well.

      To say that you or your troops are never idle I would think is kind of exaggerated. I’m retired AF Sr NCO, my brother-in-law is retired USA Sr NCO, two other b-i-l’s who served in the USA, father-in-law was a Marine, my daughter was 9 years USN, nephew currently a USA lifer. We all played our part and we all know there is down time where troops are idle. No one is going to be busy every minute of every duty hour, regardless the branch of service.

      Dont be hatin’ the other branches because you think they dont provide a valuable effort in the war and they aren’t pounding the ground like you Sarge. I was an aircraft maintainer and I worked plenty of long hours, especially second and third shift, so that we (the entire military arm) could be an effective team and be mission focused. Remember that the next time when you or your troops in emminent danger and you call in for air support and an aircraft comes in to help your unit.

      Just an fyi, if the hangar floors aren’t kept free of foreign objects it can effectively keep the aircraft from flying, no aircraft in the air means no air cover for your unit. no air cover for your unit could mean a lot more loss of American lives.

      Retired MSgt.

      • Caleb

        Come on, guys. You’re making yourself sound ridiculous. How would people respect you if you don’t respect each other. Yeah! it true you’re all working hard. the actual emergency is not about which branch work harder, but how the Government see the importance of your job… stop being ridiculous!!!

  • GIJoe

    We don’t need to deploy our troops overseas to get killed, hell, our own government is killing them softly here at home…

  • Don9973

    I think the Congressmen in Washington should backup on their thoughts of cutting Military retirement and benefits – they could end up with a Military revolt – afterall, military men put their lives on the line for us all, including the money hungary congressmen who draw hundreds of thousands in salary plus one very profitable retirement system and a medical plan for life that any person would die for to have their coverage – Congressmen think twice before you try to cut military pay and benefits until you cut your own salary by at least 30%, cancelling your retirement plan and putting yourself under social security, and cancelling your medical planms and put yourself under Medicare, then maybe you could consider military pay raises in a lessor amount, or revising the methods of granting them – cutting their monthly pay would be disasterous for any and all re-elction resdults for any and all Congressmen – think before you jump –

  • John L

    The “stimulus” that did not improve anything, Obamacare, one billion in “lost” (unaccounted for) funds from the “stimulus, the one billion dollars sent to Social Security recipients WHO ARE LONG SINCE DEAD, etc., etc.,etc! Turtle tunnels and the mating habits of cross eyed bass, and all the many, many other rediculous expendatures the dems have passed in the past 2 years are all fine! (?)

    WE are at war and the DOD even considering fewer troops OR lower pay is so far out of touch with reality that one must wonder what the average IQ of the administration and the DOD is! The absurdity of this is well beyond belief!!!!

  • Caleb

    OMG! it’s obvious that they don’t see how important and dangerous is your job, guys. I think the best way to change their mind is to take off their suites and put on them bullet proof vests then send these bureaucrats to Iraq or Afganistan with short guns, bombs, helicots etc… for just one month while the actual active wariors would get to decide of their pay and benefits. I think the 1st thing they would then do as soon as they come back to office is an encrease instead of a decrease in the military pay and benefit. That sucks! Actually, many young citizens might be asking if it’s realy worth the risk to serve the country when the respect, consideration, and appreciation for these soldiers decrease instead of increase.

  • Navyspook

    We are gutting the Armed Forces to pay for food stamps, free cheese and healthcare. The last thing we should cut is defense. Every dollar spent on defense returns at least 30% to the government thru either payroll or corporate taxes. Every dollar given in welfare returns nothing back…

    Does this sound like we are heading the same direction as the British Navy. One aircraft carrier junked/sold, one aircraft carrier with no jets, no new jets until 2019, Two new carriers on the way without jets, and one of them will probably be sold. Simply put, if Argentina attacks the Falklands again, without British air superiority, they’ll win.

    India now has a larger Navy than the nation who defeated the Spanish Armada and won Trafalgar.

    • Aethon007

      Yes, Navyspook. That poor nation is merely a shell of what it used to be. Perhaps Blair’s immigration plan (increase of 300% over just a few years) largely to blame for its near bankruptcy. But she is no longer the great empire of yore.

  • Guest

    I am so glad that they get to make these decisions over gourmet meals, or while riding in a limo, going to a multi-million dollar party… courtesy of taxpayers. Maybe we should cut senatorial budgets, or make this country a true democracy and have the American people vote on EVERY issue. Or maybe our vote should actually count, instead of having it relayed to the Electoral college to decide whats best for us.

  • Guest

    Or how about this… The senators can go fight wars, and our troops can sit back in overpriced offices, saying whats “best” for them.

  • Mose

    Interesting how this didn’t happen with a Republican in office.

    • Rerlick

      Meant to post this to this message – sorry:
      It didn’t happen DESPITE a Republican office. Check the voting records and Bush Admin veto threats to every Jim Webb (Dem) legislation to improve YOUR benefits – to what you have today. What does he get for it? The blame for pentagon recommended cuts. Unbelievable.

  • Henneryshawn1979

    Our soldiers whether they are in the Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, Marines, or Army live a hard life. Things need to be made easier for our soldiers and their families. This means less moving, less over seas deployment, more opportunities that can benefit them and their families in a positive way, cutting down on the amount of time officer basic training lasts like for example, the Coast Guard officers basic training is 17 weeks. The Navy use to be 16 weeks and brought it down to 12 weeks. TDY is not so bad as long as the soldier is not called on to TDY a lot and has to be gone for my then a week or two. Being in the military creates a hard life, yes the pay and benefits are great but what about the stress, the negativity, and the hardship. They need to be happy. They need to be able to see their families more, longer, and be able to retire with a good retirement. The life of the soldier is hard and their life needs to be lived in an easier way. They fight for our country and for their family. Things are harder in the world today than they were 20 years ago. Keep our soldiers close to home. Instead of bonuses add more awards and faster promotions. The higher up you are the more you get payed. Our troops are the ones who protect this country.

    • Rerlick

      It didn’t happen DESPITE a Republican office. Check the voting records and Bush Admin veto threats to every Jim Webb (Dem) legislation to improve YOUR benefits – to what you have today. What does he get for it? The blame for pentagon recommended cuts. Unbelievable.

  • Texub

    at least the absentee ballots for the military were late….wonder why!

  • Emile Zola

    Republicans love to go to war, but run to hide in the ANG, deferments, Canada, England and love to renege in the promises made when wars are going on and when peace comes, they love to cut troops, entitlements and promises, but have no qualms given billions to corporate America that put us in this economical twighlight zone. Why these so called experts raise the taxes on millionaires, billionaires and pay the veterans what we were promised.

  • Starbuck

    How about putting a halt on President Obama’s expensive trips.. His upcoming trip to India will cost the taxpayers $200 million a day. His trip a few months ago to middle east cost $100 million a day. Michelle took 5 or 6 day vacation in Spain with 70 friends and paid $2500 a day for their rooms. (with our taxpayer money) we are being foreclosed on homes and fighting for unemployment insurance and he is partying. What has he accomplished?? (besides spending more money than all the other presidents together).

  • Koniecznys

    As a retiree from the Navy I feel if congress wants to cut pay and benefits to the men and women serving on active duty the congress should not give themselves a pay raise. As public servants elected to serve the people they have the benefits that the tax payers wish they could all have. They havve them because the tax payers have to pay for them.

  • concern

    There is still time to get rid of those politicians who are not aware with the kind of life military families have while serving the country.

  • Jigo111

    I agree! The women just sit in the FOB all day.

  • Roughidlecustoms

    how about cutting all the funding for private contractors that are overseas?? billions are spent on them. the funding comes from the government. oh wait our government owns those private contract companies or have involvement in them.

  • If you had any sense at all, you would realize that the Major (above)was trying to say EXACTLY that- that enlisted don’t make as much money, and therefore should bear a lesser financial burden for their healthcare. Maybe if you had gone to college-(as officer’s are required to do), you would have comprehended that. Also, Officers make more money in their careers b/c they spend YEARS takin rigorous college courses to graduate with a bachelors as well as the much needed Masters degree to obtain the higher ranks-(spending upwards of $100K out of their own pockets to obtain their degrees), as well as shouldering much more burden of responsibility than their enlisted cohorts. I hope my word choices weren’t too complex for you to understand…Mr “retired enlisted”

    • tim

      are you referring to all enlisted there cliff, that is a typical ring banger officer comment, why don’t you go back to the officer’s club, and leave the real work to the Gunnery Sergeants!

    • EGF

      You’re an a$$hole

  • Rangerjdparker

    Maybe what really needs to be done is eliminate congress’s automatic pay raise, (have the people vote on it), reduce the spending budget for trips (with/without families) reduce their health care and retirement plans to concide with their length in service. andreduce their freebie packages. JDP……………………RLTW.

  • Dennis_brady2000

    I think that the miitary is a lot more important then the senate or the congress, so they should halt there pay raises and give the troops and our vets, a little. as a service connected 100% it would be nice to get alittle more help monthly…

  • Homechief

    Nothing is too good for the boys in blue, give it to ’em, NOTHING!!! Show me how military pay compares to the Merchant Marines, or to private security personnel, or even civilians who work in the electronics fields, and if they are on a par with the military, fine. The other thing is most military personnel, whether they did it consciously or not, essentially signed a contract with the people of America that they would sacrifice anything, up to and including their life, to keep this country free. So this tells you how much the incompetent politicians really care about military personnel. Have you noticed how Congress gets a pay raise, unless they vote NOT to get it? When do we get to see that happen? OK, I’ll get off my soapbox.

    STSC(SS), Homechief, USN, (Retired)

  • Wonderfulcolorful

    Why don’t they eliminate civilain employees whom we pay more and raise the amount of active duty force? Makes sense to me!

  • Homechief

    I forgot, (brain fatulation), thoughout history every country that has turned their swords into plowshares, wound up plowing fields for their conqueror. Read Will & Ariel Durants “History Of Civilization”, all eleven volumes, and you’ll see what we’re really up against with the “progressives”, (they changed from Communist, Marxist, Leninist, Socialist), back in the late 50’s/early 60’s, and continue to call themselves progressives. The progressive caucus, meaning “socialists” is approximately 90 strong in the U.S. Congress, most say they are Democrats, with one or two Republicans thrown in for good measure. OK, now I WILL get off my soapbox.

    STSC(SS), Homechief, USN, (Retired)

  • singingwhitewave

    I am incredibly disappointed with this comment, I (a woman) served for just over 5 years as an Air Force Intelligence Analyst, I deployed twice providing vital intelligence to thousands of aircrew in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I had a fellow female Airman who served on the ground in Afghanistan for 9 months–not at a FOB, but directly supporting the army. I also have another female airman friend who spent 10 months doing convoy duty in Iraq as the only female on her team. Women are working hard as well and just because, by law, women are not allowed to serve in direct combat positions does not mean they do not provide an added value. P.S. The first Air Force Security Forces member to die in either war was a woman–less women die than men because 93 percent of the deployed people are men.

    • bobdole

      Those guys were talking about the military, not the Air Force!

      • military member

        Ok group I am female. I am deployed now for the 9th time. I have helpe build bases from scratch that equals 12-18hr shifts no days off for at least a month. No contact with the family and friends for about a month. Hot meals are MRE’s and we pulled our own weight. Half the team was female and we didnt’ bi*ch. I have been home 3 times in my whole career. Most of the time I have been deployed. I missed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years by the way. Just like this year. Again. I just moved to another base again. Didn’t even finish unpacking had one week to get my sh*t together and here I am now…again. I am not complaining one bit. I am doing my part and pulling my weight. Now for those of you whining you in the military???? You pulling your weight?

        • military member

          We are are armed force of many races, countries, sex and age. We all have something to add perspective, experiance and more. What do you do? As for being useless we would not be leaders and get promoted if we didn’t have talent. Your boss isn’t going to get fired for chosing a weak memeber to carry on the mission. Man or woman. So sad for you that your view is limited and sheltered. I hope you get out and see the world a little bit more. Sounds like you are not a well rounded being.

  • Tide

    I am not surprised at all. Something has to give. It looks like a repeat of the 90’s.

  • Jose

    I think the Military should do just as the Civilian Sector do when they feel like they’ve been treated unjustly. We should protest and just shut down on protecting this country, just so that the Government can see just how important the military really is. If they want to compare the Civilian Sector to the Military and viceversa, then let’s all benefit from our FREEDOM to protest since we are the ones defending and creating FREEDOM!! U.S. Army (Retired)

  • Trlynn

    Sure why not cut the military’s budget for the troops wages, why don’t congress vote themselves another big pay increase they don’t deserve. Of course I am against any cuts to our military, I don’t know what the good senator’s military background is, but I would guess it’s limited at best. Why don’t they cut their own pay, it’s a shame when America’s finest has to get food stamps or WIC to have enough food on the table for their family.

  • Joseph R. Soria

    We the people of this country should decide if politicians need and rate a pay raise, not themselves. Why don’t they set the example and take a 25% decrease in pay? Since they like cutting everyone else serving in uniform, we should me a law were we the working people decide if they deserve a pay hike. Who do they think they are? The men and women in uniform should never lose benefits or pay but should get more for what they have done. Those retired should not lose benefits they earned. Sen. Jim Web should cut his own benefits and advice his politicians co-workers in office to cut their own pay and benefits as well. To take away from those serving our nation is a big SIN. GOD BLESS ALL THOSE WHO ARE SERVING OUR COUNTRY AND THOSE WHO HAVE SERVED AND THE HELL WITH THE POLITICIANS.

  • Jbothjx

    I understand that Congress is getting a raise this year, 4000 for the House and 5000 for the Senate. They should reduce their salaries by 40% and allow the 1.9% for the military. They then could move the saving from the Congress books to the Pentagons so as to reduce their budget.

    • You know, even if they decided not to take these pay raises, it would only come out to $2.24M. Ok, divide that amongst all of us active duty troops. Thanks for the pay $2/year pay raise.

      Now, I’m not saying that I agree with a pay or troop cut, but I’m just saying that looking at the big picture, I’m not going to get anything worth arguing about if you go by the “don’t take your pay raise and give it to the troops” argument.

  • Sassy5966

    Please leave retirees pay and benefits alone. We like members of congress have earned these benefits through faithfully service. Furthermore, these benefits was promised to us and that’s one of the reason I stayed in.



  • Papadawa

    How about: 1. Finding some of the billions of dollars that has been sent over to Iraq and Afghanistan, that has mysteriously disappeared…2. Cutting back on some of the money being paid to SE /Blackwater mercenaries, at a rate three to four times the pay of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines…3. How about putting a stop to the fraud and waste that his costing us so much in overpayments to Halliburton and associated contractors…4. How about cutting out the payments to the Taliban to not attack our convoys, which they use to recruit more fighters and weapons and finally: 5. How about getting our troops out of fiasco of a war zone, in both Iraq and Afghanistan and get on with fixing the infrastructure of this country and getting this country out of hock?

  • Grey_wolf12002

    i think it is absolutely pathetic that the senator thinks the military should take a cut and the retired people should take this also we defend our country proudly and just to get stomped on by political idiots and there should be no reason that the troops need to go get help for food to place on the table for families but many of us do i agree with many let the senators take a 25% cut in pay and then balance the budget they make about 5-8 times more than alot of us per year GOD BLESS OUR MILITARY AND ALL THAT HAVE SERVED

  • I’ve never understood why enlisted folks have such a disdain, and instant judgement about officers. If it was the other way around, it could be viewed as discrimination. FYI, I am friends with many of both. However, a guy who is a total dick is just that, officer, enlisted, whatever they are. A degree or lack there of can’t change that, can it, Tim. Also, If you feel inferior, change it. Go to school with all your spare time, since most enlisted bust through the doors and step over each other to go home at 4:30 on the dot, while the O’s are at the office til 7 every night.

    • Joe

      Wow you went from making a good point about the enlisted folks making less so therefore they should shoulder less of the financial burden to showing everyone how pompous and arrogant you really are. I served 21 years in the Air Force and did everything from briefing four star Generals to playing softball with one stripers and I would have never spoken to any of these individuals the way you have in your post. The enlisted folks I worked with were the heart and soul of our team and never looked for the door at 4:30. Instead they worked until the mission was completed side by side with their officer counterparts. By the way I have a Master’s degree in Computer Science and make well into the six figure salary range so I understand your “complex” words I just feel embarrassed for all retired, active, and future military personnel that see them in this post.

    • AmericanAMN

      4:30 on the dot? You must not know any maintainers…

    • I don’t care how many people you know that are service members, you will never truly understand anything about any branch of the military. I will explain how work is conducted and how it is determined when you can go home. First off, the officers do a higher level of work, i.e. they supervise and throw bigger words in to the reports/products to convey the information a little more intelligently. Your lower ranking guys are the ones that to all the foundation work. And trust me, if I rushed out of the door at “4:30 on the dot”, I would not have my rank any more. I am free to get off of work once all the tasks for the day have been met; and let me tell you, I have spent several days working way later into the night than 7. I recall getting about three to five hours of sleep on a regular basis prior to deploying, just so our battalion would be ready a month prior to the time we were supposed to have that specific task completed. Not to mention I the nights that my lieutenant told me that I could take off because we were done with the things we needed to be for that day, but I stayed later anyway just to get a head start on the things I knew were coming up later in the week. That’s call leadership and initiative, something that is instilled in you all throughout boot camp; and intensifies once you start to progress through the ranks. So don’t speak on what you have no idea about. You let me know when you go to Afghanistan and you see your peers rushing out the door at “4:30 on the dot” which is actually 1630 if you care to really educate your self. I guarantee you will be working a lot longer than you ever have as a civilian. Oh, and by the way, I worked construction prior to joining so I do know a little about the civilian side of things too.

    • EGF

      You’re an a$$hole.


    This is just another way for the current elected officals to begin the dismantling of the armed forces and sell of the USA to the highest bidder. Hope that the one’s who voted for change enjoy their freedom that our military protects day in and day out. They stand there an protest over a KIA soilder becuase he/she dead to protect that right for them. Now Congress wants to slap the first line of defense for the US, major companies are getting fatter pockets while the military members dig lint out of their pockets to make ends meet. Yeah cut the military pay raise, but when congress votes to increase theirs no one is told. It is nice to know you only have to serve 4 years in congress and you can have a retirement check complete with COLA and annual increases. Hope they can sleep at night knowing that somewhere out there a young military family are trying to figure out how to buy food for their child or children. Time to vote them out and protect our troops, they do it everyday for us what a thank you or getting a pat on the back. PROTECT THE TROOPS

  • Thabignasty86

    Are you kidding me. These men and women either have or are putting thier lives on the line to defend this country, and already don’t get paid enough as is for doing so and you’re talking about reducing that. PLEASE. Why not reduce your pay after all you do owe them something. Heck everyone who hasn’t served owe them something. If you want to reduce the deficit STOP spending money we don’t have. I mean no one in America can get out of dept by spending more money so how does the government think we can do it. Come on a little common sense would be nice guys and girls. I think it would be a great idea for you guys need to scatch this idea and go back to the drawing board. Cause if you stop to think about it the military is what has made it possible you to be able to make stupid suggestion like this one. Hope you guy wake up and make the right decision. Have a nice day.

  • Deton0622

    It’s really interesting that Congress has the time to focus on cutting military pay and benefits but have not made or mentioned their sacrifice to forgo their “undeserved” yearly pay increases and excessive cola/medical benefits. When will they make their sacrifice to us !!!!

  • Ronald

    I am a Retiree and I definitely would not want a pay cut that I earned . Cliff, I don’t know what branch you were or are in but in the Navy we do or did six moonth deployments during peace time or war time, and in between time we were preparing for shipboard qualifications or ship opertional qualifications. So, we didn’t really get a lot of free time especially being in the Engineering Dept., we didn’t mind it then because we weren’t just doing it for the paycheck it was the pride and knowing that although we weren’t getting paod for it then we would be taken care of later. I know you have a majority of young people going in now for the Education benefit, but still they are putting their life on the line for this country, remember Freedom is not Free. So let’s start by cutting the pay and benefits of the members of Congress, Judicial Branch and let all the tax breaks for the wealthy go. Those corporations that got tax breaks to create jobs here in the states but moved over seas and closed down factories here should pay that money back with interest.

  • PVT McCann

    ok my entire family has been in the military at one point, i myself JUST joined as of friday. Congress should look at cutting their own damn benefits and pay. We work hard for our country and we deserve what we earn. What will congress tell the retirees if they cut their benefits?! “o btw we cant afford to help you for all those years of service you did for our country” NO! its not right! and if they do pass pay cuts and benefit cuts then DAMN right they will lose votes at the poll!

  • Hank Kramer

    I think we should cut Senate & Congress pay, after all The Military does all the work and takes all the risks. How many times do you hear of a Senator or Congressman not coming home to their family?


  • Rew358

    While I was in transition fron the Navy in retirement to civilian sector, I was @ $27,000 / yr. I signed a contract with my current company for over $42,000 for the tenure I have been in the field of work doing the same thing as in the Navy. This was 2000, I retired as E-5 over 21yrs. Equal pay? Who are they tring to kid. They have to give special allowance for housing, FSA for being away from family onver 30 days, comrats for eats in the chow hall on land, COLA for the high cost of the area you live in for Duty? Tell me that BASE PAY is equal!!! Now for second year in a row, no COLA for SS and us retireies.@#$@#%$@#%

  • Djb1933

    I am a military widow. Thanks to god most of you are still alive. I lost a good husband and father to a very young age. for this country. How about I get DIC and lose his 23 years of active service ,retired pay that I must say he pay with his life and also monthly before he died. Now I get @70 a mo. for his years of service. He would be outraged to all that is going on. This man after the Korean War went house to house looking for work instead of taking 26weeks of Unemployment. Thanks your lucky stars you can do something. DID YOU VOTE

  • Brazeaut

    Really? Maybe my husband will just decide not to deploy this year. Hmm or how about maybe he only do part of his job. The private sector does not deal with 12-15 hour days. Getting called in on weekends. 12-15 months away from family members, moving every 3 years. Seriously?! I say when the private sector maintains parity with the military sector then this would could actually be an issue. So until such time that the private sector lays their lives on the line every single day for 20 + years, enduring multiple deployments, getting wounded, missing family, missing holidays, births, etc then you can cut pay raises and make service member pay be inline with the private sector. Until that time, on today, election day it’s time to make sure you think long and hard about who you want representing you!!!!

    • I have nothing to add except “Amen, sister.”

    • Martin

      I agree, if they find civilians to do the job of the military they will have to pay them a lot more. Oh yeah I just remembered those civilians doing the military’s job are called contractors and make more than double sometimes triple to do the same job as a service member. Great job congress, scare away the cheaper employee telling America you are saving them money and in turn hiring another employee at three times the wage. No offense to the contractors, many are good people. I am happy they can get what they can while they can, at least they do earn it.

  • Eagleangelfan_1

    Cant reduce troop sizes, we’ll eventually run out of recruitees. Cut their pay and stop those guaranteed wages, lets treat them same as civilians for a change as much as I hate to say it.

    What happens with all the millions that are made by selling poultry and live stock, wheres all the money from DRUG busts, it’s big bucks and just paying others wages!!

  • Eagleangelfan_1

    Ha, I’ve just been informed by a gang that claim to be CIA’s volunteers that the money is still there and the governement is FRAMING us all to make it appear as if this state is poor in order for so called CIA’s vounteers to murder all without money just to allow the rich to survive, this came from a sick mind and a Marine at that. I’ll give no name but would like to because he’s an idiot and if this is all we have for intelligence then this state is in a heap of trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sen Jim Webb knows who I’m talking about or he should since I’ve complained about being raped and tortured for last 3 years and blocked just for this gang to protect them selves from our judicial system.

  • Bookgirl2011

    Every debtor nation is cutting back on military spending. It will be a fact of life going forward. Neither political party can bail you out. Individually you must make plans to weather what is coming. We are in extremely deep financial doo doo as a country. Watch what is happening in Greece, Ireland and the UK. They are cutting back on spending in every area, including military spending. Voting isn’t enough. You have to make a backup plan. Don’t count on the government or the military to take care of you. Our country is printing 100 billion dollars of debt every month, and our GDP is only 40 billion. All bets are off. Make plans to take care of yourself and your family as if there will be no pay raises, and no pensions at all. Plan as if the pensions will disappear like a puff of smoke. Cover your own a**.

  • Boggie03

    You have no clue what service members and there famlies go through! Work more than 60 hrs some weeks, get called in when civilian’s call off, separated from their families for 12+ months or more to defend you freedom! Appreciate what you have, count your blessings and thank your service men and women.. If you want to treat military personal as the same as civilians, guarantee only 40 hours a week, sick days and stability in on area instead of moving around every two to three yrs

  • Derekprz

    Maybe these Senators need to stop giving themselves raises every year and take a pay cut. The reason were in this hole is because of their careless spending.

    • Does it boggle anyone else’s mind that they get to vote on their own raises? Boy, I bet the rest of America would sure love to have that ability.

  • Scott Finley

    I can agree with cutting troop size. We have so many in now that do not adhere to the standards which are made clear to everyone upon entering the service. And while we’re having this debate, the government wants to make light of the situation by making it easier for anyone to get in. Our military is a laughing stock as it sits. It used to be an honorable thing to serve your country when it took hard work and dedication both to get in and to stay in. All you have to do to cut the size of the military is enforce the rules and stay to tradition. The ones that need to will get rid of themselves. I don’t know who had the nerve to even think they can repay the money They just took from us and gave to banks, insurance companies, and automotive manufacturers, by cutting military pay and retirement benefits. What happened to the appreciation for the ones who sacrifice so much for all you to sit at home and get fat. You ungreatful, disrespectful pigs.

  • Tmdilligaff

    what are these idiot’s thinking when they say they are considering reducing retiree benefits?!?!??!? I hope they are talking about future retirees…I and so many others served our time and were under contract…so was the government. Breach it and they will have a major Class Action Lawsuit waiting for them!

  • mike irish

    cut military members pay???? good grief !


    The military is already doing more then most anyone else in the country would. Guarding, operating, and repairing multimilllion dollar aircraft, guarding, operating, and repairing multibillion dollar ships and many other vehicles of all types, protecting your home and mine and you wanna cut their pay????

    you have a government that has no concern about our homes, lives or families, and they are getting raises? I sure am glad today was voting day… . VOTE THEM OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kathryn Smith

    Please please come on, these people put their life on the line every day they serve and don’t tell me they make more money than the private sector. As a former Federal Employee I have had my pension frozen for the past two years but my bills have not been frozen or th price of gas and food. Give us a break, cut your own pay a little and see how you do ? What a bunch of bimbos we have put in charge of this county, they really care about us, the no longer middle class people, we are now the scapegoats of your trying to balance a budget you made a mess of.

    • Agree totally, Kathryn. Let’s be frank here. I do a cushy, comfortable office job and I’ve been at it a few years. Now, I’m good at my job and work hard, but I don’t do anything nearly as strenuous, stressful, high-profile or important as what my fourth-time combat zone deployed husband does, and I’ve been doing what I do only 1/3 as long as he’s been in the service – and he makes 20% less than what I do. There is no way that servicemen and servicewomen, law enforcement officials, or even blue collar guys should be making less than I do. They have earned and deserve a lot more than we give them.

  • T Hines1

    My son is in the WTU and I watched them go after soldier after soldier forceing them out of the Army on administrative discharges to save paying them there due as promised to them when they went to war. I saw one soldier get accused of malingering after 27 months in combat, because he had ptsd and tbi from being blown up a few times. its all about the money I guess.




  • Jules Rabalais

    How about that, the Democrats in Congress and the Senate give themselves a pay raise, but want to cut the pay of Military Personnel.

    How much more thiird worlder or communist can you get.

  • Anonymous

    The sad thing? With all the budget shortfalls and red tape, there are actually service members who are homeless. Yes that’s right. Uniformed active duty service members sleeping in their cars at night and using the base gym showers to clean up in the morning before heading to work.

    • Horrifying, isn’t it? Thank you for pointing out such a serious matter that is constantly overlooked.

  • J.DAN Cheche

    those sorry SOB need to pay into the retirement system and not receive any retirement benefits untill they have served 30 years in that position and no medical benefits either. those lawyer types have set themselves up really good at our there a way we can get the current deals they have set up for themselves on a national ballot?we the people need to set those crooks back and leave the military actdu and ret.folks and our pay alone we don’t get enough for what we are and have been doing for our country.

    J. DAN Cheche Usn Retired.

    • Thank you for your service. I 100% agree.

  • Frederick M.arkell

    If retires have no cola, social security and military then by god the government,i.e. congress better not give thereself a pay raise or any government employee. jPresident Obama should be the first to take a cut in pay. Where’s the leadership?

    • Darkwolf46

      Hear Hear. The military struggle every year and fight for a measly 1.5% pay raise while everyone in Congress and The Senate get thousands a year in pay raises. Instead of cutting the pay and benefits of our military personnel and retirees who have given up their lives and retirees who gave 20 or more years of their lives to defending this country, why dont the politicians take a pay cut themselves. Military pay has been reported to be below poverty level while all of our politicians are Millionaires and have other business’s that they get money from as well. I KNOW !!!! if we bring the draft back and get all these politicians sons and daughters in the military, fighting over in Iraq I bet they would not be in such a hurry to cut pay and benefits. Hell we would be saving Billions a day if we were not fighting in a war we cannot win.
      Iraq was never a threat to us, No WMDs ever found, but we have to keep sticking our noses in other countries buisness’s and it usually comes back and bites us in the butt. End the war, bring our brave troops home and all those daily Billions of Dollars spent in this war could be put to better use to help our country

  • Mr_hymee

    Funny I am currently working 12 hours a day 6 days a week and trying to raise a 3 yo by myself, and I am getting paid too much as an E-5 with 8 years in. Maybe if I got double time like the military contractors do you could say that. Military pay is the same no matter how many hours you work. Politicians have a serious cranial rectal inversion when it comes to military pay!

    • Army22

      This is so true, and I think no one realizes this. I don’t know anyone in the active-duty military who isn’t working there ass off. My friend is an E-5 with children and when you look at his pay compared to how many hours he works, he makes about $13 an hour. It doesn’t sound like you are faring much better. Yet I hear a lot more talk from the government about cutting military pay than I hear from the military about getting paid more.

  • Tom

    We work twice the hours/10X over the sacrafice. The military is underpaid! No matter how you look at it! This not a 9-5 job like the “civilian sector”

  • Charlotteisringhause

    There is plenty of money for the government to have. Senators and House of Representivites, including the President and Vice Present and the entire cabinet. Cut your own pay checks. Then there will be enought money to go around. Charlotte

    • Drm_1979

      Good point!

  • Drm_1979

    Tom didn’t you know approxiately what you would be making before you enlisted?

    • A lot of people say, “You knew what you signed up for when you signed on the dotted line.” (It’s used on soldiers, and it’s used on the families that loved them. It’s this holier-than-thou way of gloating “you knew what you were getting into.”) It’s the most over-used, useless, trite cliche, and it’s only ever stated by people who have no inkling of how this system really works. You are promised a lot of things when you enlist in the military. And knowing how much you make when you enlist does not mean it is an adequate salary – it just means that individual is making that much more of a sacrifice in service of this country. But there is no possible way that you can truly understand the implications of enlisting until you’ve done it, you’re in, and it all happens.

    • ArmyWife22

      Drm_1979, do YOU know approximately what anyone in the service does for your country?

    • HT NDT

      I knew what I would be making before I enlisted. I didn’t know that WELFARE would be getting a higher annual raise than me, I didn’t know that they might LOWER my pay while I was still under CONTRACT. They can’t do that to anyone else in the country. NO OTHER JOB DOES THAT. In the past 4.5 years I have seen my husband 9 months. Not consecutively, cumulatively and that is because I joined the military. I am in the military so that idiots like you can blather on in blogs about how I knew what I was signing up for, and guess what I will KEEP doing it. I will do it because other people my age won’t do it, I will do it because people my brother’s age won’t do it, and that, BUDDY is why we get paid what we do. Because I GIVE UP ALL OF MY RIGHTS FOR YOU.

  • Byrddawg

    Hey Congress..The next time we have a 911 and the thought of some knuckle head saying they have WMD,,get your sorry asses off of those plush chairs and from behind those wooden desk and grab a rifle,man a post and wear some night vision eyewear and leave your paychecks with us. Then tell me the pay that our service members get or the retiree benefits that the retired servicemembers get is to much for the sacrifices they made.

    It sad half those people up there did serve and still can’t speak of for what they know…Sen Webb when is the last time you stood a 00-04 in a war zone …one that you so gladly created.

  • soccerbabiesmama

    Look, I’ve seen the military become a secondary form of welfare for some lazy troops who consistently try to get out of deployment, fail fitness tests and do bare minimum work. These are the same troops who couldn’t get a job on the outside and came in because they have a family and needed housing and insurance. This isn’t enough to get them kicked out, but they aren’t deployed because no commander, troop leader or crew wants them. Basically, you are rewarded to screw up and punished with multiple deployments if you are on top of your game. Cut the troops and start with those who snake out of deployments!

    • It’s true. This happens. More than we’d like to admit. For some people, this is a free ride. However, I think we can all agree that this is a very small minority – the exception, not the rule. But I completely agree that if you continually fail to meet acceptable standards for a soldier and intentionally make yourself non-deployable, you should not qualify to receive the same benefits and perks of those who take their jobs as soldiers seriously and perform to their utmost ability in service to this country. Does anyone have any other great ideas on how to eradicate this problem? I agree that it would save a bit of money (though not enough to really fix the problem at hand).

      • Martin

        It’s called the Quality Management Program (QMP) it has started again and reviews the records of personnel not performing up to par and sends them packing. Problem is, it is only for people with 20 years or more. It should be implemented for all ranks with a time in service corresponding to their time in grade.

    • Army22

      “This isn’t enough to get them kicked out, but they aren’t deployed because no commander, troop leader or crew wants them.” In my experience with the military, I have never seen anyone not get deployed because no one wanted them… no one gets to make these decisions. There are no “free-agents” in the military… You are part of a unit, you get deployed with the unit. If you fight the deployment, fine, different story. But NO ONE is just unwanted and therefore not deployed. They aren’t picking teams.. Do you know anything about the military?

      • soccerbabiesmama

        I know that several times, my husband, who has been in for 14 years, has deployed out of turn. These troops who get out of deployments are very crafty in their methods. They WILL repeatedly fail fitness tests and then just happen to pass after their unit goes. Or they fake an injury (a muscle injury is super easy to fake). They also get themselves arrested for lame duck charges that get dropped but the court date is during the deployment. Lastly, I’ve seen them change from office job to office job (and they are supposed to be crew chiefs) so they don’t have to go. I so wish that I didn’t know what I was talking about, but my husband is missing his 5th Christmas in ten years with his children. After 14 deployments, I think I know what they hell I’m talking about. Hy husband deploys because it IS his job. He serves honorably. He serves his country well. He is proud of his service – so am I:)

        • soccerbabiesmama

          And yes, some deployment crews and pcs crews are hand picked. They will pick a good troop to deploy over a lazy troop any day. Who would you want to deploy with?

          • ArmyWife22

            14 deployments? I hope that’s a typo, because I really don’t believe that but I am pretty sure you meant years so fine. All the examples you just gave I agree with. All the following that you wrote have nothing to do with no one wanting them or not getting picked for deployment:

            “These troops who get out of deployments are very crafty in their methods. They WILL repeatedly fail fitness tests and then just happen to pass after their unit goes. Or they fake an injury (a muscle injury is super easy to fake). They also get themselves arrested for lame duck charges that get dropped but the court date is during the deployment. Lastly, I’ve seen them change from office job to office job (and they are supposed to be crew chiefs) so they don’t have to go. I so wish that I didn’t know what I was talking about, but my husband is missing his 5th Christmas in ten years with his children.”

            I totally agree with you after you revise your word choice to say that some soldiers understand how to craftily get out of a deployment, but I also think that they are rare and misunderstood. There are several soldiers in my husbands old unit who were constantly barraged with complaints and insults for “ducking out of deployments” when they were actually moving around jobs because the units that were juggling them were keeping them stateside to perform certain duties. I don’t think most soldiers are running around trying to escape from deployment or have the ability to do so if they tried. Further, I’m sorry your husband is missing his 5th christmas, but join the club. He isn’t missing it because of anyone else, he is missing it for the exact reason you stated: it’s his job. You say he is going out of turn? I wish we could see just how many military actually get to deploy “in turn.” Not too many in my experience. “In turn” doesn’t mean anything right now. It’s a war time. They’ll deploy when they are needed. My husband has been pulled from unit to unit to deploy “out of turn” not because it was someone else’s laziness but because my husband has a desirable job. Maybe you should give your husband more credit (or blame, if you are blaming?) My husband would never blame anyone else for all the christmases, anniversaries, birthdays, etc etc missed and he wouldn’t stand for his wife blaming others either.

          • soccerbabiesmama

            We aren’t blaming anyone at all – we are simply saying that if you don’t want to deploy, GET OUT!!! Your snide remarks are absolutely unnecessary. Give my husband more credit? How dare you insinuate that I don’t give him credit. This is his 14th deployment, yes F O U R T E E N! We don’t blame anyone for it, it’s a volunteer service. He volunteered for it and we get it. Telling me to join the club is ridiculous – we’re in. After 15 years, trust me, not much you can tell me about the subject.

            Yes, commanders don’t want troops who snake out of work. I’ve had this discussion with them many times after my husband is pulled off of his regular deployment rotation and inserted into another rotation because of someone who pulls some crap to stay home. When I questioned them at the Deployed Spouses dinner, they explain that they turn a blind eye to those who circumvent rotations because 1) the Commanders only have 2 years to make an impression 2) impressions are made by crews who willingly go and serve well and it behooves their career to deploy the more stellar troops 3) the lazy ones are better at home where nothing is expected of them because they can be dangerous when they pull that crap in the theater.
            4) forcing those out of the military for non deployment would command too much time since they only have 2 years.
            5) Lastly, after 2 years, they become another commanders problem.

            While he has been pulled into other rotations, emergency crews etc. for the mission, there have been several times that it is because someone has been arrested, broke their hand skateboarding the night before the deployment (who does that?), or because 30 days before the rotation leaves – the troop takes an office job so he can get out of it. We know several airmen who brag about changing from job to job to stay stateside – and their wives are the driving force. I am not that wife.

    • HT NDT

      People do not get out of deployments by failing fitness tests. I am so sick of civilians talking about things they don’t understand.

      • soccerbabiesmama

        Yes they do. And don’t tell me that you’re sick of civilians talking about things that they don’t understand, my husband is in the Middle East on his 14th deployment! I get it all too well. Many of the deployments he has been sent on are because others get out any way that they can – including repeatedly failing fitness tests or claiming injury so they can’t take the test. They also change from training job, to office job etc. so that they can stay home. You check for yourself!

  • Gmchorse

    Congress shouldn’t be so concerned about what the brave troops are doing (like keeping all of them safe and secure) and maybe take a pay cut themselves along with their perks so that THEY are now more closely alo=igned with the rest of the EMPLOYMENT sector. Professional politicians are going to bankrupt us all yet!!

  • stretch

    all you military people that think you don’t make enough let me fill you in. Try stepping out of the world your living in right now and try to find a job that will give you a salary plus not make you pay for your health insurance, give you cheap dental plan, and give you a full month of leave every year. The soldiers of the U.S. think its so hard being a soldier, but bring them and their sorry excuses to the real world. I believe that the government should regulate better on their standards on how people should maintain the military. So in my opinion they should start at the top and work their way down on soldiers not maintaining standards officer or not. words from a disabled vet of OIF HOOAH

    • Threestar7

      Well “disabled vet of OIF” go on Welfare because had you done that in the beginning you’d now just be a druggie, irresponsible, lout.
      Please don’t take your rage out on your fellow troopers. Your remarks are disgusting and degrading to the members, past and present, of the US Armed Forces.
      I thought Jane Fonda was too old and shriveled up to still be talking her garbage . . . If she didn’t influence you, you need mental “head spacing” adjustment!
      See Arminius above.

      • I have been 100% sc for over 30 years and considering that Republicans have always enjoyed sending the boys and then not pay for the damage it causes is nothing new. They started taking retired veterans’ pay after the Civil War The disabled veteran might be the only group in this country to pay their own disability. I am Medically Retired and all my retired pay goes to the VA and they pay me disability compensation. Until I finally won my case for 100% I was paying about 75=80% of my comp with my own retired pay. Now I pay about 35% and just won my CRSCB. Of the around 1100 a month I get for retirement pay, they gave 64 dollars to me and still send the rest to the VA. I actually thought that I was getting my retired pay back. HA HA!!My daughter’s friend joined the Marines 12 years ago and I told him that he got more as a boot than I got as a E-4 over 2, sea, sub, and hazardous in 1979.God Bless the USA. Maybe we should go back to the way it was 50 years ago when the Commissary was military personnel and CBs built stuff. Here’s an example of how Republican smaller government costs us a fortune. In the mid 80’s at March AFB they had 2 GS 7 level people to do custodial work 6 days a week. (They were closed on Mondays then.) At the time they were paid a total of 1600 a month. They replaced them with a private contractor for 15,000 a month and there was a worker there 3 days a week! FORGET $500 HAMMERS THIS REPUBLICAN SMALLER GOVERNMENT WHERE EVERYTHING IS BEING DONE BY THE PRIVATE SECTOR HAS BANKRUPTED THE COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bobby

      Stretch you have me confused what Armed Force Branch did you serve in? Now I do agree some standards have changed in the army but will always be around the corner which has nothing to with cutting military troops or our pay. The solution is to cut all politicians pay in half and get rid of welfare recipient.

    • EGF

      You’re a big fat Dickhead!

  • Mr_USARET_iswatching

    Sen Webb needs to pay attention to the voice of the people in the 2012 election, as military retirees as well as active duty service menber do make up the citizens who VOTE! Sen Webb can you hear Mr_hymee if you can’t you may hear all of us at the polls when it comes your turn. Be wise young Senator! If you want to save some money let the military do their jobs, and cut the needless overpriced contractors…..cranial rectal inversion.. that is good and quite on target. Oh Sen Webb congratulations on your $5280 pay increase this year. We retirees, SS recipients, and those getting COLA got an increase of ” ZERO .” I have my eye on all you senators and congresspersons. I will spare all a diatribe on the issues of Obamanation Care, Slurplus, and CAP all economic trade… be wise or perhaps you will be gone. Be wise and check your value structures as you make the decisions that affect other’s lives. Mr_USARet_iswatchingyou

  • concerned

    We do not have one member on the senate that isn’t currenlty a millionaire. The house of Representatives is not far behind. Money is where the power lies. The good old American boys that need to be placed in the house seats can’t run for the seats because they do not have the money to get on the ballot. So with this in mind, first take a look at your local offices and start at the ground roots. If your republican go to your local republican office and get involved. Find the right person to run for these seats and start supporting the individual. Start introducing this individual to everyone you know and remember that it will take this individual years to make a dent. Then start house seat by house seat and get honest good hardworking individuals in those spots. It will take many like this to actually win the 2/3 vote necessary. Watch the House of Representatives in session on the TV, it will blow your mind. Half of them are not even present. We have one hispanic lady who is a mother of like five kids. She was constantly mocked. In all honesty, I watch her and she is firm/stern/reasonable/sits on many commitees and in my opinion is doing a pretty good job. Now if we had many like her watching over every district I think things could be different. If they would all ban together and not let pork pass in each of the bills we would all be a lot better off. I would love to see someone run for President and give no money to any other country until America is debt free and had enough money to function for a five year period of time. This would include getting social security right and leaving it alone. I can barely take care of my own family of five and to think that this generation has no pension to look forward to and on top of it are going to have to take care of their parents on top of it, is just a bit more than we can chew. Now the schools are expecting us to spend three to four hours at the table every night teaching our own children. Let’s face it if you have three kids, in three different grades, at minimum of one hour each-each night — It’s to much. The American Family has gone to hell and honestly I believe it is just savatage to keep everyone away from being able to actively get involved with our government. There are to many untrustworthy/anti-family characters in our government and they need to be booted out. As Americans we need to ban together and take our country back. Yes Americans need to kick our own governments butts. Remember, we have been put into upper/middle/and lower class categories. Believe it or not every American over the age of 18 has the ability to register to vote and actually vote. The poor actually hold the power, they are the majority.

  • Koscinch

    My dad has been in the army twenty years and is currently deployed in Kuwait. I have had to go through more than most 17 year olds, moving every 4 years, saying goodbye, and a parental devorce. The dedication and commitment my dad has applied is exponentially greater than any Fed representative or congressman. This has only inspired me to go to law school and become a lawyer for the backbone of this great nation-the army. I will make less than most private sector lawyers but who cares, if I have the honor to serve and exercise my intelligence, so be it. Honestly, service members need to have a pay increase, especially enlisted servicemen, and warrant officers. They provide the valuable resources for officers. If the inflation rate is increasing, so should the pay of the military servicemembers.

  • Old Guy

    Spent over 30 yrs in the USAF and monthly pay was $78.00 per month in 1961….nuff said

  • Rgtgradpa

    Messing with the retirement personnel’s income will cost Webb his job. They all think it is easy to spend half of your military career away from your family and friends. Going back a lot of years, when the military income was not even close to the civilian counterpart, in the 50’s, 60’s and some of the 70’s, we military hung in there because our Country needed us. We survived those lean years, and Brother let me tell you they were Lean. Now that I am retired like many of my fellow/female friends, and we are beginning to receive benefits and retirement pay that almost allows us to exist, the DOD is talking about cutting back on our benefits, they have a heck of a nerve to even consider those changes. Cut the military Forces any more then what we have and we will always need the Reservist to back us up, so what is the difference I would like to ask? Sure cut the military pay so that the funds can be used for some other Special Interest Group, rather then for those Men and Women who served there Country when asked to do so… That is really providing us with a slap in the face, and thats the Thanks we get. Leave our Benefits alone we earned them, and they were promised to us…

    • First, thank you so much for your service, sir. You absolutely did earn your retirement benefits, and I sincerely hope that you continue to receive every bit of aid that you spent so long to work toward. You have every right to every penny you earned, and I would be nothing short of horrified if that was taken away from you. You’re 100% right – it’s a slap in the face.

  • Threestar7

    My answer to cutting pay and benefits for the ‘DEFENSE OF THE NATION’ which is the ONLY MANDATED GOVERNMENT RESPONSIBILITY IN THE US CONSTITUTION is the pay is too little and the US Armed Forces are too small.
    Think about this: Ask yourself, why do all the Welfare recipients, principally on welfare due to IRRESPONSIBILITY, e.g.,drug abuse, children out of wedlock, lazy, irresponsible deadbeats of our Society, get a basic pay of thousands of dollars, Section 8 Housing, i.e., thousands of dollars to live in a house, I who worked over 60 years to afford and the “Welfare family” lives in one down the street the same size as mine and for them it’s usually free AND THEY DO NOT WORK, they drive cars that are much larger and newer than mine (and don’t tell me to be on welfare one cannot own anything because they probably have someone else sign for them to buy the car) and shop for groceries using a GOVERNMENT ISSUED FREE CREDIT CARD, etc. Then look at the Health and Human Services Budget and all the other social programs, MedicCal, etc., free dental, free pre and post natal care, and on and on and on.
    Nowhere in the US Constitution is any of the aforementioned Welfare MANDATED . . . noooooooo where!
    Our SecDef, et al best get the charts out and do a “comparison and contrast” on the Social Programs Budgets (yes, they are hidden all over the place with all kinds of nice/socialist sounding Titles) and then do the “cutting” where it, by the LAW OF THE LAND, must be reduced!
    People, people, people, get your priorities straight. The argument of reduce pay or reduce numbers is like saying the State Budgets cannot be cut because the fire departments, police departments and teachers will suffer. It’s a Secular-Socialist-Progressive disinformation rant.
    The current members of the US Military are not nearly compensated as are the military in say, Australia.
    Suck it up and get the priorities straight. All the Welfare recipients who are military age should be in the US Armed Forces and EARN their living! Remember, the Welfare Recipients DO NOT PAY TAXES . . . THEY ONLY USURP THEM! Prioritizing Welfare over National Defense, as is currently done, probably fraudulently, is in violation of the LAW OF THE LAND, THE US CONSTITUTION. Have you read your Constitution lately? I seriously doubt it. Yet you take an oath to support and defend it. Cheeezy man; Cheezy!

  • John

    Has anyone crunched the numbers by having all military pay and allowances count as pay, taxing the total and then using the total to determine retired pay? After all, in civilian life you pay taxes on what earn, why not in the military? Would there be an end savings to the government? I don’t know, as I am not a number cruncher, but it seems fair to me.

    • They do pay taxes – just not on income earned while deployed. Frankly, I think that is a whole lot more than fair. You take a year or more at a time out of their lives for them to risk their lives – every. single. day. – in foreign countries. They make next to nothing as it is, especially for the gravity of the situations they’re in. The least we can do is alleviate some of the extensive financial burden for that short time while they take on so many other burdens – daily life-threatening situations, geographic separation from family and friends, and unimaginable constant levels of stress that we civilians can barely begin to wrap our heads around. Good idea in theory from a number-crunching perspective, John, but not a very humane approach to the situation, in my most humble opinion. We can’t chip away one by one at every incentive these guys have to enlist and fight for our country.

    • Cpl Nuner USMC

      We get paid from taxes so in reality we also pay for are own paychecks. Do you think the military gets paid a whole lot? The reason why it may seem like we do is because we dont get paid hourly. If you broke our paychecks down hourly it comes out to about $2.50hr.

    • M_jesmer

      We do pay taxes on our pay…even overseas, unless we are in a combat zone…so, go get your CPA and come one out to Kabul (wear a helmet) and volunteer to do our tax returns this January…or gtfo a Military forum~!

  • robert lessman

    I have been around the military for about 65 years either on active duty

    or working as a civilian with the airforce. I think to-days army is in one

    mess and is slowly losing it’s discipline. you can’t buy it with money.

    Army traditions are what makes discipline. You destroy it by filling

    male jobs with females,this is dangerous any time. The civilians are

    taking over military bases with vendors and you have them runing

    all over the place. The only war that was declared by a president was

    World War Two. All other wars to me were Political Mistakes made by

    ambitious presidents. No real bases for them at all. The most sensible

    thing that could clean up the military and their costs would be that

    congress pass legislation that would Draft Young men into the service

    for two years. The positive solution.

  • Dmarksberry

    How about freezing all congressional pay raises and discressional spending for the next five years. That should to do it. I’msure these heros in blue suits and silk ties wouldn’t mind a little sacrafice for their freedom, especially Democrat Webb.

  • free4now

    Lets cut there retirement benefits. They continue to get 100% of there pay when they retire.

    We could also ground Air Force One for a few months and save Millions

  • SFC Cope (Ret)

    The President is the Commander n chief. He should take a pay cut along with Congress before any Troop does. Thats Leadership. Cut the budget of welfare recips. Cut all the freebie stuff and departments of the Gov that exist only to give someone’s buddy a job. Get some Military Retirees to do a review of all programs and expose the waste fraud and abuse. and make recommendations to the Congress.

  • Great idea lets cut the pay raises for the ones fighting and dieing for there country. I wish I thought of that..

  • Aulsw2

    Insteade of cutting the pay and benifits for military personel. Why not cut the pay raises and benifits to Congress. Start at the top and than work down. The personel on the bottom are the ones protecting this nation. Not the suits!

  • Hey Congress, I’ve got an idea. How about we cut YOUR paychecks and benefits instead? When’s the last time YOU got shot at while getting paid next to nothing to do it? From where I’m standing, it sure looks like these elected officials are making six figures annually to take “recess” for months at a time instead of doing their jobs year-round like the rest of us. Politicians who say they are just “regular Joes” clearly have no idea what being a “regular Joe” is like. The rest of America works year-round, and I know our soldiers certainly do, and most of us make a hell of a lot less to do so. The LEAST Congress can do is finish what they start and take care of the people that continue to ensure that we have the freedoms they toy around with, and enable them to have jobs in the first place!

    • disgusted with congr

      I would go further and suggest the congress not only cut their pay, but cut the size of congress in half and work a full 12 months a year- one week vacation the first year – 2 weeks the next and so forth with a maximum of 4 weeks regardless of time served. Most in congress are just there for the perks and could care less about what they do to the restof us.

  • To free4now.You must have lost your mind. You sound like a total idiot. It is obvious that you have not researched your information. Sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut and be thought of as a fool, than to open it and remove all doubts.

  • Dbell123

    To free4now.

    You, sir, are a moron. Do a little research next time you feel like contributing.

    • Poutinkat

      i think if you read the comments around free4now he is talkin about congress pay not soldiers…he makes the comment about air force one which is what the pres uses for trips and such correct ?

  • Jason Grider

    Reducing troop counts makes sense but let attrition reduce it for you. It will happen over time if you let it. Please don’t reduce troop counts now just to pump it back up in 5 years when a new administration is elected.

    Also, cutting pay is not an option. As others have stated already we are being shot at and serving to protect your freedoms. Start cutting Congressional spending to include advertising for their upcoming campaigns and utilize that money to pay the troops. Finally, relook congressional travel expenditures and cut those back first. You might even try having Congress work a full year and pay them “bonuses” for actually passing legislature that helps this country. Maybe then the Republicans and democrats would agree to fix this country instead of argusing about whose fault it is that its broken.

  • Bukimp

    All this talk about cutting benefits and whatnot really bores me. I’m more concerned with cutting our current size of military members. Don’t get me wrong, we should NEVER cut benefits, but if I’m ordered to take a pay cut, I will. My fear is what happens if we cut our numbers. We’re spread too thin as it is and we need some relief! I really don’t want my next tour to OIF/OEF to be my last because I got stranded on some MF mountain because my backup was 3 hours away since we don’t have the troops to occupy the entire county.

    For those that served: Thank You. Hope were making you proud.

  • Richard

    For not years, but decades now our elected officials have been elected on the platform of reducing taxes and the military budget is always the largest and gets targeted first for cuts. My point of view matters not that I am a military retiree. Why would any country sacrifice security and defense for a budget cut? If we continue at this pace this great country will be cut off at the knees and open to attack by any country that is willing to PAY for the resources and the ability to do just that. Wake up America! STOP selling us down the river for MONEY! The cost in lives of our men and women in defense doesn’t have a price tag. Maybe in the future is may, but I didn’t serve for the pay, I did it so maybe my children would have a better place to live than I did. Not that my life was so terrible. Stop electing people who want to cut military spending at one moment and vote to raise our taxes the next! If you haven’t experienced the comaraderie of military life and having to do more with less year after year, the willingness to do for those standing with you in a common cause, do the best you can and continue to strive to do better for less pay than our peers not in uniform, you will NEVER understand the satisfaction! Personally, I feel that every elected official at the national level should be required to have a military background just the same as a President is required to be a natural born US citizen and at least 35 years of age and not serve more than TWO terms. Congressman/Senator you try living in a foreign land or in this great country on what you pay our military. When the pay raise is 1.9% a year you’ll hollar, too! BUT you will still DO YOUR JOB!

  • I’m sorry john, but we earned everything we get. Active and retired. I really can’t see where people get off by saying that the retired people deserve less after the retire, after all, its those people that make the commitment to stay in for 20+ years to get that retirement. They had to be gone from their families all those years and take the risk that was ask of them to do. We worked damn hard for what we are getting and we are now paying for all those years of doing that. If you had to wake up every night in a cold sweat from the night mares that some of us have and deal with all the after affects of being in a war you may change you mind on that idea. Sorry, i just think you are going down a path you have no idea what you are talking about!!!!

    • Adoria27

      Steve I like what you’re saying please continue to speak the truth I have 2 years left to retire. I was minutes away from calling branch for a SLC (ANOC) class date, after reading your comments of those who feel we have reached or compatible with private sector pay to include retiree’s need to take a second look at our pay. I’m all for a draft it would be interesting to see how long this war would last.

  • And this is for free4now’s idea. Sorry buddy, but its very apparent that you are not retired from the military and know nothing about military pay. First off when you retire, you don’t get 100% of your pay, you only get 50% of your base pay only and you still have to pay for things like your insurance(health, life and dental). I stayed in for 20 years and retired as a E-6. I make a whopping $1300 a month. To get that big amount of money I make 10, 6 month deployments which of those 10, 5 of them where in combat zones. The rest was setting off the coast of some shore line looking for drug runners coming into the U.S. That also don’t include the time you are out to sea for training and anything else that may come up that our fine nation ask us to do. I missed seeing 3 kids grow up and lost several family members while i was gone including my father, all my grand parents and a few aunt and uncle’s, of which I had no opportunity to be with when they died. Although, I did get to go to a lot of other funeral’s while I was gone as they where my family at the time. So I really don’t want to here that the retired guy get’s payed to much because he had to suffer pains that you will never understand, and has done thing that people go to bed every night and sleep while that retired guy is setting up still thinking about those family members that are still out there letting you sleep in peace!! Just think about that the next time you tell someone that the retired guy don’t deserve that great big pay check he gets once a month!!! I feel real sorry for those of you that feel the same as him and I thank all my brothers and sisters that are still out there serving. I love each one of you and I hope by the time you reach the time to retire, you don’t have to worry about things like this!!! Remember Psalms 23 and read it each night before you go to bed. We are not alone!!!!!

    • Poutinkat

      if you read his comment he is talking about the pay for congress not the soldiers pay

  • Spartan_toc

    If our country starts breaking promises it make to veterans that have served for 20 to 30 years (retire eligibility span), you will never again be able to recruit a quality volunteer force and the draft will reimerge as the only way to raise an Armed Force. History tells us that produces a second rate defense unlike what we currently have. Say what you will about our service members (they are a cross cut of our society afterall) but the United States has the best Armed Forces in the world and most nations would argue in the history of warfare. Veterans have suffered many benefit reductions that were “part of the deal” when they enlisted in their youth already – they are an easy target but when veterans start showing up at recruiting offices explaining how all those benefits of serving are fully dependent on our politician’s mood and whims and their fellow citizens’ intestinal fortitude to take care of their warriors, be prepared to reap what you sow.

  • Steven Bauch

    Of course Mr Senator, now after 9+ years of war and thousands dead and ten thousands wounded, military troop and pay cuts are back on the table. SHAME on him and everybody that even thinks like Sen Webb. We make sacrifices, civilians cannot even think about.

    MSgt USAF

  • Mel

    Target welfare and congressional salaries and retirements!

  • Me

    Why dont we cut the Senators pay?

  • TaylorCLT2

    I am a Veitnam Vetrian and was wounded twice in the war. The secound time I spent two years in Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC a year of that was staying in bed not able to wal. A long way from my home in Freeport, IL. After a few years of rehab I whent to work because I believe in doing the best I can with even in pain to feed my family. So I started driving semi trucks for over twenty years. After that time my doctor told me it not good to keep driving. I had already had seven operations on my back! I was told that I should not have any more but if I keep driving I will be in a wheel chair soon. Unable to work I have to depende on total disabilit pay. That is not easy. I am trying to hang on to everything that I worked hard for, but as cost of living is going up but not my pay I feel like I am losing a fighting battel. I would not be in this shape if I had not whent and tryed to serve my country. So please don’t stop our cost of living pay. All of the disabled Vets need all the help they can get.

    Thank, You


  • usmcvet

    Please stop with the civilian/military pay comparison jargon already ! That is, unless you ask what all those civilian contractors, tech reps , security ( ?? ) personnel ( read….mercenaries ) etc etc are getting paid for being in the same combat environment that our mililtary members are in. You will find that the difference is astronomical for the comparable risks involved.

    In a stateside environment, there is no comparison either. Since we are constantly being asked to do more with less, many many extra hours are worked with no mention of “overtime pay”. Ours is a 24 hour duty to be ready to go at a moment’s notice so the balance of our population can rest in peace at night.

    While we live in the most wonderful country in the world, we will all continue to watch it slip away if our government does not abandon its desire to conduct all this ” social engineering” in an effort to buy votes. It ( the government ) needs to return to being mindful of the limitations imposed on it by the constitution and do only what that allows.

    PS……If you did NOT vote today…………….shut the hell up !!!!!!

  • george

    if the fools keep this up they won,t have a military force. let them go put there life on line for the country and they will want more. but the will get a pay raise. cwo ret

  • Guest

    After doing some quick research on the internet I came up with these facts which speak for themselves.

    E-6 20 YEARS $3485 $41820
    0-3 20 YEARS $5956 $71580
    W-4 20 YEARS $6104 $73248
    GS-10 step 1 1 YEAR $3620 $43441
    GS-11 STEP 1 1 YEAR $4190 $50287
    GS-14 2.5 YEARS $7058-$9175 $84697-$110104
    The average annual salary for veterinarians in the Federal Government was $93,398 in March 2009
    GS-0482-11/11 1 YR AND DEGREE $4784-$6219 $57408-$74628
    EL-0201-12/13 1 YEAR $7029-$11949 $84352-$143398

  • TopKick1991

    My youngest son is an E-4. He barely makes enough to make ends meet. He has to buy his own uniforms as the uniform allowance is nil. These new uniforms don’t last long in a combat environment. Hell, I have bought uniforms for him. He has been blown up and shot at. Our soldiers should receive the very best. They are fighting for US! Pull our troops out of Afghanistan, and save literally boat loads of money! They would better serve us posted on our borders, at our air ports and at our ports. Want to stop terrorists from coming in to the USA? Make a mile wide free fire zone on our southern and northern borders! Al Qaeda is throughout the middle east, Africa, South America, Mexico, and other parts of the world. We do not have the man power to go world wide. However, we can beef up our home defense. We can also pay our soldiers the salary they deserve for placing their lives on the line for keeping US safe and free!

  • FrederickParkell

    Who ever said vote or shut up. I voted and voted and what did I or otheres get? Where we are today was done by the goverment, for the goverment, of the government. Democrats and republicans put us here and the problems are mounting. If they can’t get things straight maybe we should have different parties like the independent party.You will have the same people vote time and time again for the same one, complain and thats where it ends.

  • Cpl A

    i`m a corporal in the marine corps. We are paid very well. In the military normally your food and lodging are taken care of. If you don`t want to spend anything extra then you could practically save 80 percent of your paycheck. (saying you don`t have a car bill or something of the sort). We get enough money to attend college while we are in and a generous amount to cover college once we get out. The problem most younger military men is that a 200 dollar bar tab is not unheard of and the latest and greatest in electronics and cars must be theres to own. The pay in combat environments allows most military members to come out of a 9 month deployment with 25,000 in their pockets. We are young men and women and the approx 40,000$ a year we make when everything is counted is pretty decent money.

    Cpl. A

    • Blazer_fan_

      Wow if you’re making almost $40,000 a year and coming out of a combat zone with $25,000 they must be paying you Marines far better than us soldiers. I’m an E-5 with dependents and don’t even make $40,000 with BAS, BAH, ect. Not to mention I still have to pay a large chunk of my wife’s dental bills every year. maybe if you’re one of those people that is content never going or doing anything you can say that.

    • Vinci

      okay so when they cut your pay or your benefits are you still going to say we get good pay. Sounds to me like you are a single soldier….as for those with families, that pay is not sufficient. Most military members are of lower rank anyways so the pay is not that of a marine core corporal’s. 40,000 a year my ass….i am a corporal in the army and i make about 30000 a year after everything. All im saying is that no…we are not the worst paid organization by far but the rewards are not up to par with the sacrifice and the fact that our government is seriously considering cutting military pay increases and benefits is ridiculous. We should be the last to receive pay or benefit cuts.

  • Laurie Shafer

    Last year President Obama cut their re-enlistment bonus by -85%, instead of making our military personnel pay for their own medical. It’s embarrassing…

  • Bfmk

    Why don’t the senators and congressman when they travel not have it paid for by the government. Maybe thay need to not travel as much. maybe they should get a pay cut instead of the military.

  • Hsoccerjock20

    ecuse me you idiot. we do pay for our medical it comes out as a deductibnle from our military pay. this is freaking rediculus we as privates do not get paid enough as is unlesss you are married. we bust our ass for nothing.

    • I know wat you mean. Then you come home for people who don’t even appreciate you serving for their freedom.

    • lucas’ dad

      How does being married mean you get paid more? There are added expenses to being married. I mean do you think your spouse is going to come live with you at the barracks and eat with you at the chow hall everyday? And atleast where I’m at spouses can’t jobs because nobody in this town speaks english.

  • Rmms1

    Here we go again trying to compare the military to the civilians. When was the last time civilians wake up every morning when they go to work and have to worry about being shot or killed with their job. When was the last time a civilian showed up at work and was told your not leaving until the job is done and dont get paid overtime or extra time. I wish the goverment would quit trying to compare military to civilians. How about reducing their pay or quick wasting our money with all those trips they go on. Better yet Thanksgiving and Xmas are comming up how about going over there a replace one of our soldiers so they can be home with their familys for the holiday. Yeah right…….

    Sorry a pist off retired Navy Chief

    • Correct me if im wrong.Last time i checked. The average civilian makes more than any enlisted men. A doctor in the military makes less then a doctor in the real world.If you weren’t dedicated to your country why would you even join the military??? So why keep cutting our pay and discouraging our soldiers is the real question. Who is going to join then?

  • Mac

    Why not cut Obama’s200 Million per day trips?

    • State a source stating obama spends that much in a day. Has to end with a .org because if not its hear say.

  • Fpr3doc

    Is this Senator OUT OF HIS MIND? If anything our military forces need to be INCREASED. Any further reductions in Force Strength will leave this country open to attack. We are the mightiest Military in the world, but our military men and women are stretched to the maximum. We served with HONOR and with the promise, at least my generation, of free health care when we retired, Congress needs to expand Military and retiree pay and benefits, not cut it. Government at all levels must cut spending, not on the backs of the military, but on their own backs, Cut duplicated and unnecessary positions, Eliminate ALL pork barrel spending, cut the waste fraud and abuse of the social welfare system, cut our dependence on import fuel “as the source of this if from nations who hate us anyway”, and CUT FOREIGN AID until our economy is up and running and we are returned to the greatest Nation in the world. All government workers, elected officials are government workers, Pay and benefits ” retirement and health benefits” must be brought under control and based on the Private Sector benefits. All veterans MUST BE TAKEN CARE OF , never another veteran population should be treated with such disdain as the Viet Nam Vet. Congress – DO YOUR JOB – get on with the business of legislating for the benefit of all, not the select few or your own agenda, we put you in office to REPRESENT US, just do it. All military, Active, Reserve, Retirees and Veterans band together, get your voices heard, let your Senators and Congressman know how you feel especially on issues the affect this population. Stay involved, and God Bless this United States of America.


  • jack

    while we are cut cut congress’s pay and benefite first , since they make and pass laws

  • jack

    let them set the example, by reducing their pay, and benefits, and perks first.

  • Jim Hammond

    I would suggest that a good way to trim the budget would be to cut the salaries and benefits paid to Congress, the Senate and their staffers. I have not heard of a Congressman or Senator being injured in the line of duty, and they run very little risk. To retire after one term in office is a far more costly benefit than even a senior N.C.O. retiring after 30 years, and I feel the N.C.O. has probably done more for his country at far less expense.

    • Gunnyjack1206

      Jim you are exactly right. And most of the politicians discourage their children from joining the military. I saw the writing on the wall when all the liberals, hiding in the closet, came out of the wood work and voted the Socialist President and Liberal Democrats that we have in office now. If any “wants to remember”, the same thing happened when the former”Cigar smoking” President Bill Clinton was in office. If I’m not mistaking he cut the U.S. Army alone by five divisions. I’m getting close to retirement and if they keep on, I won’t be able to afford to retire.

  • BOB


    • Pgnitti

      Bob, they all travel free, it’s one of their perks. Hell in the military we traveled free, though I doubt any political would like to go to the places we’ve been, let along hang around as long as we did.

  • Alejandro

    It’s amazing that you all seating in your nice little offices. Think about cutting military benefits. We are defending our country and dying everyday so that you can enjoy the freedom you do have. The first thing you can think about is cut the Military Benefits. You really have issues. How about a pay cut for you guys and stop taking all these million dollar trips. Cut some of your benefits across the board. Take a digit or two off your pay checks. We don’t hear about that at all. I wonder why.

  • Aaapierson

    Don’t cut pay or reduce troops for the military. Cut the pay of the politicians who keep giving themselves raises instead of pulling our enlisted men and women out of poverty! Our troops deserve those pay raises, not the politicians who have done little or nothing for our country.

  • Bow Lowe

    I am a 20 year Retired US Army Master Sergeant and it amazes me how congress can quickly say “cut military spending and give meager pay increases”. What is wrong with this country? Our service members deserve better! Whenever a service member is fighting for this country and their family is in the rear suffering to the point that they have to seek public financial assistance (food stamps) to survive, we have a problem! Set the example, cut your own pay so that the soldiers can get what they deserve! Rose

  • Hummmmdinger

    Why is it that there are so many people abusing the welfare system and they get away with it but when an individual tries to do the right thing and support his country, now his/her income is in question? How about we leave the military alone for a little bit and focus on where the younger generations seem to be encourages to drop out of school, get knocked up and then have it made! Daily I am not impressed with the military but it is not the soldiers making the decisions! I hate to break it to you but Soldiers are people too! Politicians on the other hand, I don’t know what breed they are! When it is all said and done it is the higher ups lining their pockets that need to be taking bullets not the men and woman who don’t have to be asked.

  • Anonymous

    Tax the damn churches! There free ride is over! and cut the politicians pay too. They don’t need all that damn money.

  • Hooyah29

    And not one word about these do nothing politicians cutting their own pay. Granted that it would be a paltry sum, but the essence of it would show their sincerity. If, if fact, they cut Military pay and allowances, etc., We need to saddle up and let them know they need to cut government civilian by the same percentage. Any combat trooper is worth two civilian workers! Even if they might be a solipsitic Legislator.

    • more than two man.. more than two.

  • Markcison

    As a SSG in the Army I have been told to ALWAYS do what’s best for my soldiers. Congress should know that we are doing everything to take care of them and since they are our leaders maby they should do everything to protect us. I mean is congress cutting my pay and retirement so they dont have to cut theres. I work hard, deployed twice, move all the time, and my life in the Army makes it hard to keep a family. I don’t do it because I make some great amount of money I do it becaue I love my country. This job takes so much from us as is why would you want to cut my pay to. To top it off they want to take my retirement. Ya I can retire in 20 years great but I only paid the 50% and I got pay for health and all that and do you know what a soldiers body goes through during thoughs 20 years most of us even the ones that don’t deploy come out with physical problems just because of the pure ware and tear the Army puts on our bodies. That don’t count god knows what kinda agent orange type stuff we have ran into during our deployment. I mean in Iraq an oil like stuff would just seep up on the ground like dew on the rocks every morning thats probably going to show up as cancer when I am 60. All I am saying we sacrife so much to serve our country now maby it is congresses turn to make a sacrifis to keep us safe insteaded making us loose more so the can protect there bank account. God bless the US.

  • Ravengotu

    Well I say CUT TROOPS PAY. My neighbor who served 4 years in USAF served 2 tours in Iraq as base security for 6 months now is claiming PTSD with 50 percent base pay for life( I had to serve 21 years to get ) And is not done is claiming sleep apnea and DDD and is looking for full medical.

    Cut the bleeding now, amputate the dead limbs. and regroup for another day. Only the combat guys should get the raise the support and intel pukes not. But can you say Toilet the america is about to get flushed…….Young people want it all millions of dollars to be the Generals, Admirals and cant wipe there butts then cry to mommy and daddy how tough the military is. Sorry but it is an overpriced day care center

    Carry on

    • Shelly

      With all due respect sir. The dollar was worth more in your day and age.Something that was worth a dollar is worth 20 now.

    • Lynnerob85

      My husband served 21 years and retired. My son-in-law is active duty and my son leaves for basic in ten days. How many tours of live action did you see?? OR did you go to Korea,Japan,Germany and England? Those young people are the future of our military sir and without the support of the intel where exactly would the frontline people get their information? You sound like a jeolous argry man without compation.

    • Bassmaster1975

      Sleep Apnea? Perhaps you should try losing weight.

    • EGF

      You’re a total a$$hole

  • Righardegnor

    I it is time to get all new Congress. Did they just vote for a pay raise for themself? How about cutting their benefits, oh that right, they make the laws. That is why they should be voted out and start with a new group.

  • Vinci

    The military should be the last on the chopping block for pay and benefits. The effects of such acts will result in discontent of our forces. Psychological factors will play a major role. Who wants to risk their life for a government who does not appreciate your service or sacrifice. The military is already understaffed in many positions. Its ridiculous how many military members there are compared to how much we are lacking in certain positions. If you cut the number of troops then our forces will become weaker of course. We are too far stretched on peacekeeping missions and foreign bases and are in the middle of a freaking war. How can you seriously consider cutting pay and benefits. When world war III breaks out and we have no freaking armed forces, I bet all those ppl who voted against pay INCREASES will be really kicking themselves in the A**. Our military is our nations most important asset…treat them as such.

  • Alanb37

    You’ve got some valid points about drinking and not being smart with money; however when you look at what the people passing these laws are compensated and what we are compensated it’s just not right. The politicians act like the young servicemen and woman you describe. There is so much waste and abuse by our elected officials they need to look in every direction not in this direction. We sign up and are willing to Die for our Country. Our families should not have to be placed in the position of needing assistance. Wanting to take away from us is NOT THE ANSWER!

  • Cscottscad

    Reduce the pay, bring back the draft.

    • George

      Well I guess you haven’t had a chance to go to war huh? Ignorant!

    • EGF

      What an a$$hole.

  • Cthomas

    It amazes me that congress can quickly determine to cut military and retiree pay and benefits, but does not even consider cutting their own pay and benefits. To the contrary, they continue to give themselves a pay raise every year!

  • Dick25

    Ervey body deserves a pay raise but get rid on the % give every service member lets say $100.00 THAT would save Millions of Dollars and everybody in the military should be happy and the same for CONGRESS

  • WorkingWife

    I have a great plan for cutting the budget! Reduce welfare to 2 years maximum lifetime benefit. Get those who are on aid some kind of technical training so they are employable. Make them get off their butts. After technical training is complete, help them find employment. Give them 6 more months of aid, then it’s done! No more! Do you realize how much money this country would save on doing that alone! Of course you would make concessions for those who are handicapped, but even with that, we could be back in black within the next couple of years!

    • Pgnitti

      Interesting, as I have been out of work for a little over a year now and have no prospects yet. I do agree that the term is a bit long but overall people on unemployement would like to be employed. It’s not laziness or feeding off the gov. It’s life, training would be nice, but lets face it, most can’t afford it and the gov doesn’t want to foot that bill.

  • Markcison

    I am amazed a 21 year vet would say somthing so stupied. I’m not combat I am transportation. I worked 15 to 20 hours a day every day for 15 months to get thoughs combat troops food, water, bulliets, mail from home, repair parts, vehicles to replace the ones that had been destroyed, and god know what’s else they need. You don’t have the right to deminish mine or any other support troops contribution to the battle. And just so you know big man an IED, rocket, mine, or mortar will take your head off just like a bullet from an AK. Without support troops to give the combat troops what they need to fight they would be dead and there have been many support troops killed and hurt getting the warfighter what they need. So why dont you give some respect.

    • That is the side that many forget or for some reason, can’t accept. and being in the wrecker, just in case those transporters break down, blow up, flip over, we still manage to get those pallets of water, boxes of ammo to the war fighter. ORDNANCE BABY!!! All day showing love to those logisticians, even though y’all get on my nerves sometimes.

  • frustrated

    enlisted gets paid more then the private sector? what pay chart are they looking at? my spouse is an E6 but my brother-in-law is a PVT who gets paid $594 every two weeks. what kind of garbage is that and he is being deployed less then a year out basic.

  • IronMP

    when these yahoos come over to the box, they cut turkey, shake hands and then go back home…as we stay for another 12 months. not only should they look at their own pay, but also their retirement bennetits, only after 8 years, they get a life time of bennefits, pay, medical, the whole 9 yards. they make a career out of being in that position, term limits!!!

  • SGM (Ret) Griff


    I feel what needs to be cut is: Pork Barrel spending; non-essential political trips, automatic political pay raises, a percentage of foreign aid, welfare for those who are able to work but won’t, and put all politicians under the same retirement system and medical care that other citizens are under. DO NOT CUT MILITARY NUMBERS OR PAY!!!!!

  • Stevend055

    ok for each 1 military person we cut 2 get the ax in the government employment say staff for csenate or congress or what about over at state ever been to the office of passports in DC what a joke that is or why dont we just dump every one that works at justic seems Madof prety much showed us what a bunch of dimwits we have working there

  • Robertsullivan47


    I’m retire and tired of congress and senate makeing all this money and have the nerve to suggest to cut what money we get and benefits we get. Conngress needs to pull their head out of their ass and get real. And cut all of their money and benefit.

  • Cut our pay and you won’t have to worry about cutting troops. We will be forced out so we can support our families.

  • Berrypen2000

    I agree, it is too bad the Republicans did not also win the majority of the Senate,changes need to be made, and people held accountable. This was the chance to get the Democrats out, and the Republicans in. There needs to be changes, instead of keep taking from the people to make up for their lack of budgeting, they keep spending, and the stick the people with the bill(s).

  • SKCM(Retired)

    What about the Congress and Senate making cuts to their pay and retirement? I think they need to lead by example. Those who are serving and those retired should not have to sacrifice pay raises and cost of living allowances. Shame on you Senators and Congressmen and women!

  • Trevis H Wood

    I ma on active duty amd as far as cut backs go it started last year. With the reinstatement of the QMP (Quality Management Program). They are already cutting our numbers and are going to cut more this year. The people in office are there because we elected them to sit and speak on our behalf, we should be more concerned with who we elect in the next ten years, with out the people there is no Army with out the Army we would have no nation. Keep the Soldier in the fight and allow the old men to make the choices, that is what got us in this situation in the first place.

  • ShakingMyFist

    Well I guess all that money spent on recent deployments wasn’t worth it huh? Stop sending Israel money, get back all the Money Cheney stole, decrease the amount of foreign aid, stop going on questionable deployments, stop wasting money on field training that just fills a quota and has nothing to with actual combat. Stop making stupid changes to the Uniform. Stop favoring one unit over the other. I could go on all day. It’s bad enough Combat Vets can hardly find work, now you want to cut back in the miilitary? Yeah that’s not going to work chief. Sell some more of that equipment that hasn’t been used and is locked up in storage. Stop wasting money on the lowest bidding during a contract and go with the best quality. AND STOP SENDING OUR TROOPS TO BE WORLD POLICE. LET SOME OF THESE OTHER COUNTRIES DO THEIR SHARE, SINCE THEY CRITICIZE THE U.S. SO MUCH!!

  • Ylrs2

    I’ve been active duty 5years and reserves 15years. I make double the money on active duty than I do working the same job for the State Dept. I think the pay is good I see alot of military driving real nice cars, if they are having finalcal problems they need to look at thier budget. I think they should cut the bonuses, not the people. Stop letting non US citizens join the military when they can’t even speak our language at work, take our jobs from our our US citizens! I know the base I am working active duty on now is way short of people due to deployments. As for PFazio I know plenty of women that work twice as hard as the men do.

  • Ronisha93

    tax the churches and maybe the pastors would by less expensive jets

  • MOE

    Between the illegal immigrants wanting to vote and Non-US citizens joining the military then u have to turn and learn their language. I really had enough.

  • CUT CONGRESS pay NOT THE MILITARY. This is so Bull how they think they can do this to the Military. Give a real pay raise, the ones that CONGRESS gets all the time too. Everytime I seen a pay raise, it was only about 100 a month more. But when CONGRESS gets there pay raise, they get THOUSANDS of dollars more a year????Why is that?HMM who knows. Stop giving Congress and everyone up in those high jobs raises. Do you get up in the morning and have to worry about being attacked, what you are going to eat, if you have plenty of water to take a shower, no you dont. But when you are deployed you worry about all of that and if not more. How can you justify a pay raise for yourselves, THINK ABOUT THE SOLDIERS over there AWAY from their LOVED ONES not knowing if they will make it home. GIVE THEM THE RAISE NOT CONGRESS….

  • CUT CONGRESS pay NOT THE MILITARY. This is so Bull how they think they can do this to the Military. Give a real pay raise, the ones that CONGRESS gets all the time too. Everytime I seen a pay raise, it was only about 100 a month more. But when CONGRESS gets there pay raise, they get THOUSANDS of dollars more a year????Why is that?HMM who knows. Stop giving Congress and everyone up in those high jobs raises. Do you get up in the morning and have to worry about being attacked, what you are going to eat, if you have plenty of water to take a shower, no you dont. But when you are deployed you worry about all of that and if not more. How can you justify a pay raise for yourselves, THINK ABOUT THE SOLDIERS over there AWAY from their LOVED ONES not knowing if they will make it home. GIVE THEM THE RAISE NOT CONGRESS….

  • Otto

    No to pay cut and no to reducing troop size. The use common sense, lower the pay schedule to new recruits and leave the others alone. Why reduce morale?

  • Medic462001

    Are the Senator’s and congress planning on cutting there pay and benifits?

  • Rcmassey

    I am in agreement with everyone’s opinion that money should be cut else where; and our elected official’s should be the first to set the standard. The military force is a fine running machine; from the PVT to the General, regardless of MOS, each have an important role to play in the day to day operations. I retired after 26 yrs, and believe me I saw a lot of waste…mostly from the civilian side. Troops can work 24/7, civilians that work over 40 hrs a week, get over time or comp time. I can remember one civilian that sat at his computer every day playing computer games, all the while I was doing the job of three people due to military personnel shotages. I am very certain if an honest investigation was done, one would find other areas to cut money from other than our Soldiers pay and benefits.

  • NavyWife12

    Why not cut welfare or reduce that? Or some other public programs that some many people take advantage of? Instead of cutting defense spending, when so many military families already are having troubles making ends meet?

  • Scubbysteve

    …..and pray tell, what sort of pay rasie reductions, or cuts in strength has the Congress, in all their majestic hypocracy, voted into law upon themselves. HYPOCRITES !!

  • Mts03

    I have an idea, how about we quit letting the president travel all over the world at the expense of John Q. Taxpayer and put the money to use where it needs to be. Our president should get off this “I’m a celebrity” kick and do what he was voted in to do. Stop wasting taxpayer money!

  • As the son of a retired military man, and as a veteran, pay has never been either equitable, nor excessive. Compare civilian police officers, 75k plus benefits in every major US city. Compare an ICU Nurse, Engineer, Physican,Flight Controler,etc. Then compare hours on the job, on call, and factor the take home pay.Are we over paid? Oh, perhaps you might look at where we live, and underwhat conditions. Try buying a house, getting a degree, adopting a child, while moving every 2-5 years on active duty. Oh, did I mention no constitutional rights? Ask about the UCMJ? the Military has been used as the federal governments ‘big stick’ for past century. many face death, we all face deprivation, many have faced physical harm due to our MOS’s. Ask me, a 91G/91B currently in a wheel chair. If the US Congress wants a ‘Big Stick’ then the pay needs to be one that recognizes the risk, disease, dismemberment, death, hideous burns, blindness, sterlitiy, and all by 21….! When the USMilitary reaches some kind of commensurate pay as compared to civilian men and women who actually risk their lives when they go to work, I will be happy to donate party of my disability pay, as will my wife, a 21 year veteran. We were willing to give all, many did, some came home missing pieces, some have bodies that no longer work, and after the fact, then, and only then, the Federal Government thinks we might be overpaid. Or , like the previous writer, who see’s the military driving nice cars. Bah! Humbug!

  • Aoejand

    Hell no, hell no…

  • Qwerty

    I am a Platoon Sgt preparing to take my men to the most dangerous place on the planet for a US Soldier. I’m not sure about the economics of it but let me assure the American people. These brave hero’s earn every penny. May god bless us, protect us and comfort our families while we are gone. I’m glad that part doesn’t have to be appropriated in congress..

  • MSG19Z

    What does idiots in Washington don’t see is that every time we get a rise on COLA, the economy has double, so no big pay rise here.

    They run to the military quick during War periods with all kinds of promises that soon after the hostilities duel they forget the promises and the military / veterans / retirees. ALL of them are the sorries group of people anywhere in the World.

  • Jlagrange

    Why don’t they cut their own pay, see how they like it.

  • SSGT

    I have served in the military for over 8 years now, and many of my fellow soldiers, sailors, and airman are fighting daily to protect our Country and Constitution. While the democrats, and republicans argue over a health care bill, stimulus plan, and constantly blame the opposing side, our soldiers are getting shot at and brought home in caskets.

    Every government official that has spoken at one of our ceremonies always mentions that we are a small percentage of the US public and that we are the greater of the US public.

    Yet those same government officials have the nerve to compare our small amount of pay to the “average”. I guess a senator, or football player, or CEO should make much greater of a salary then Joe serving his third tour away form home in Afghanistan while ducking in a blow up house holding a Bible, Flag, and his Family photo.

    Go to hell Congress!

  • Earlon Beale

    I don’t suppose Congress has considered cutting their own pay or the pay of any government employees in Washington, have they? What a huge savings that would be!

    Billions were spent by the pols trying for one of those perk jobs in Washington. That would have supported DoD for at least a week!

  • Webscyte

    We need a president & congressional members with MILITARY EXPERIENCE. There’s no collective conceptualized support for the military, and their sacrifices to the Nation and the World. There’s no short cut to UNDERSTANDING other than experience. You can’t become a president and “PLAY” soldier with a good outcome. Duh!!!

    • Gen. Schwarzkopf comes to mind.

  • Cegibbs3

    I retired six years ago from the US Army. I spent the majority of my 21 years as an Infantry Soldier and I deployed to both Desert Storm and OIF. I feel that I earned my pay and my benefits while serving and now as a retiree. However, times are extremely difficult in the private sector, probably as bad as when Carter was President and I believe it is fundamentally wrong for federal employees to be rolling in the $$$ when the people who have to pay their salaries are starving. Our Government is not only forcefully taxing our citizens to pay for this, it’s also printing money and putting all of us and our grandchildren further in debt. With that said, I think we should trim the military where possible using a scalpel, but take a chain saw to the GS money for nothing, make work, lazy moochers that are truly destroying our economy! Come on, you’ve all seen them, maybe 20% could hold down a real job. What a waste of money! One last thing, have any of you noticed how FAT some of our Soldiers are looking? Don’t blame it on deployments, I always lost weight when I deployed. We could remove the fat backs from the Military again like we did after Desert Storm. It was a major improvement!

  • Raffy927

    Who needs congressmen and senators, dont care about the military,

    we served our country and now ………..according to them we dont deserved a pension plan or a pay raise for our troops……………lots of these confressmen and senators are millionaries they dont care about us

    Ask them how many served in the military…………….

    • Cegibbs3

      You hit the nail on the head!

  • Modified

    why not let those political hacks go stand up and take a bullet? Seems they just don”t have the ability to realize we all have just one life, and those of us that put it on the line…, should not have benefits PROMISED to us for serving reuced of removed. Perhaps dodging a few bullets in a war zone would enlighten them

  • BREZ40

    Cutting Pay or Troops, This is an outrage is the Senate trying to save money by hurting the troops and retirees that protected us just to give them selves another large pay raise. I say put on a uniform go fight a war and see how you feel about cutting pay then. Think of all the families who have lost loved ones on foriegn soil and are still receiving benifits what a slap in the face. And the retirees that served trying to take there pay and benifits away its like thanks for nothing even though you defended our country and did over 20 years we dont think we should pay you anymore. But I bet when you retire from Congress you will sure as hell expect retirement pay and benifits. Thanks for once again showing our dedicated service and risking our lives ment nothing to you.

  • J. Dugg

    Can you really put a “price tag” on us risking our lives so that others may live in peace??

  • Thornegp2626

    “Some DoD offi­cials and mem­bers of Con­gress have sug­gested that mil­i­tary pay and ben­e­fits now exceed the pri­vate sec­tor”

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    I wonder if the genius members of congress noticed that the RISKS the military take also exceed the private sector?!?!?!!?

    Cut the pay and you WILL cut the number of troops.

    I WELCOME an argument with a congressman on their retirement plan and mine (retired Navy) :-)

  • Tct6252008

    My wife and I are both retired. While we were in doesn’t our goverment feel it has raped the military enough with all the cut backs, the (HUGE) pay raises, like the 1.5% or the 1.2% that one really helped our lower inlisted reach thier goals of staying off food stamps while in the service. The morons in office right now that have the balls to even think about cutting pay, benifits or even troops, need to do a self check. They seem to have forgotten where they came from.If they never served then they need to remember how it was possible for them to into office. If they did serve, then they need to remember what it was like while they were in, and the struggles they went thru. Find other areas to cut back on, like maybe the goverment officals might want to concider skipping thier yearly pay raise (which they never seem to miss).

  • mike a vet

    you cut the trups and who will you have to send overseas and us vet are haveing it hard as it is

  • mac

    Mac in reply to Shelly

    Mumbai: The US would be spending a whopping $200 million (Rs. 900 crore approx) per day on President Barack Obama’s visit to the city.

    US to spend $200 mn a day on Obama’s Mumbai visit This in the Drudge Report

    “The huge amount of around $200 million would be spent on security, stay and other aspects of the Presidential visit,” a top official of the Maharashtra Government privy to the arrangements for the high-profile visit said.

    About 3,000 people including Secret Service agents, US government officials and journalists would accompany the President. Several officials from the White House and US security agencies are already here for the past one week with helicopters, a ship and high-end security instruments.

    “Except for personnel providing immediate security to the President, the US officials may not be allowed to carry weapons. The state police is competent to take care of the security measures and they would be piloting the Presidential convoy,” the official said on condition of anonymity.

    Navy and Air Force has been asked by the state government to intensify patrolling along the Mumbai coastline and its airspace during Obama’s stay. The city’s airspace will be closed half-an-hour before the President’s arrival for all aircraft barring those carrying the US delegation.

    The personnel from SRPF, Force One, besides the NSG contingent stationed here would be roped in for the President’s security, the official said.

    The area from Hotel Taj, where Obama and his wife Michelle would stay, to Shikra helipad in Colaba would be cordoned off completely during the movement of the President.Read more at:

  • Countryboy

    This is crazy. All branches are doing more with less and that should have been the New Air Force Moto when it came out. What we should be cutting is the number of GS & contract jobs we are placing in the ranks of the military home work areas. Not only are they getting paid more than a military member would be but they cut into the deployment pool so the same people have to go back to back while the civilian slots get to set back and tell us how it was when they were in. Start cutting those positions before you cut anymore military members or talk about cutting pay to the guys who put their life on the line ..

  • melissa

    What I think is that congress or whoever is voting on balancing the budget, shouldnt be trying to cut down on the military that enables them to get up in the morning and walk down the street without getting blown up over a morning cup of coffee. It is my opinion as a taxpayer that all these people who receive welfare as their career, or the people who are truly defrauding the government by drawing disability, should be more closely looked at. It is a bunch of crap that we keep enabling these people to sit on their butts. I honestly believe these people should be drug tested as is everyone else who is paying these people’s way thru life. This is not to say I dont appreciate that in this country there are resources for people who truly need it. What I am saying is there are far more people taking advantage of the benefits. So? Cut military? NO! Cut out enabling dead beats? YES PLEASE!!

  • J.M. McCarthy

    Perhaps it is time to rein in our Imperial law makers. First and foremost allow them to cut their pay…reduce their remuneration and benefits…delay any gains…using the same percentages and time frames they propose to use for the reduction of military pay and benefits.

    It is reported that somewhat less then 2% of our Federal law makers have served in the military. This is a terrible situation for a nation that was brought into being via the strength and sacrifices of the citizen soldier. Lawmakers who have not had enemy bullets go past their heads or near miss artillery shells impacting nearby or road side bombs tearing into their friends find it hard to deal with the needs of those who have…and those who stand ready to give up the easy ways and joys of civilian life to take on the realities that have to be faced to live up to the oacth they take to protect the United States (no matter what)!

    I would suggest that each member of Congress obtain and read “Still Standing” a recent book that says more about this issue than could possible be communicated in any other fashion.

    J.M. McCarthy

  • Jim Moseley

    Are you kidding me? After serving your country for over 20 years and then these politicians plan on cutting benifits more than they already have? I think they shoud leave us a lone until they, politicians, cut their benifits and salary. When they leave their position, they have life time complete health care and retirement pay. I might be wrong, but I think they receive these benifits no matter how long they on office. You cut yours first and then we will talk about cutting ours.

  • Randygeorge123

    I am retired Army,When i was active my pay never came close to what i would have made as a civilian doing the same thing.Congress cut your own pay!!!! Cut military pay and you will not have to cut the number of military,no one will join.I could go on and on about wear money is wasted but i won’t.Congress,you might need to start thinking about (the DRAFT again)or have you already??

  • That’s why it pays to go to school til you’re thirty so you can be on top and say,”Ya, you serve our country but, we need to trim the fat so we’re going to start at the bottom.” And to think we do what we do so the people we elect to represent us do an about face and give us a golden shower. But be careful everyone to not make this an issue that ends up being on CNN, FOX, or any other major networks because the more attention it gets, some how some way, you will be distracted by something along the lines like this “ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION AND THE TERROR WITHIN”. Then I’m stuck laughing my butt off watching The Colbert Report and Jon Stewart and then it hits me,”What happened with all the talk about military pay? Damn it, they made me forget about it when made immigration the topic.” But hey, imagine if they just did it for giggles and didn’t give each other a pay raise for one year. That would be something!

  • Ginela99

    Why this needs to happen?. In reality, militry personnel does not make too much money. Once they retired from the military the money is not the same. The paycheck is not the same. So, for those that retired after many years, how much longer they are going to leave?

    How many years the person leaves?. If life is extended then, how much the person enjoys?. Usually the individual is not a permanet party in the VA hospital or a permanent party in using its benefits. So how much money we are referring to? Give the retirees a brake. For once, let those that are making too much and not using the $$$ in the right way then cut from them. People in the Arm Forces takes a lot from all avenues. For example, staying away from families, unfair situations at times, stress, like or dislike from others, what ever the circumstances, it is not easy to fit at all the times. Once a person decides to retire he/she should enjoy what is left.

    I was not even born in this country. We must take care of those in needs. This is the right thing to do. What we will ean? PEACE OF MIND!!.

  • ijahl5

    I first would like to say THANK YOU to all of the American Veterans, and

    all of our courrent Service Men & Women. I was not in the Military. My Father was, who was shot, many Uncles serviced & now my son is making a life of this. AMERICA MANY THESE MEN & WOMEN HAVE IN THE PAST, TODAY, & IN THE FUTURE PUT THEIR LIFE AT RISK IN A WAY THAT I FEEL MOST PEOPLE DO NOT TRUELY UNDERSTAND. Just like everyone else they have family’s as well, small children & wife’s/husband’s. One old saying goes “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”. Well if you think about it they feed us through PROTECTION. I feel we should in return offer them the same.

  • Deeringjx4

    Congress shouldn’t be cutting pay or troops!!! They need to step into the lives of these troops.. Know one knows how it is till they have either served or still serving. Its crazyness, our nations military is at war were everyday our men and woman are shedding there American BLOOD!! To give freedom to other mankind.. There put there lives on the line everyday for Congress to sit back and have the freedoms that they have.. Congress do whats right for the men and woman that protect you and your families…..

  • Biggunz2001

    They need to quit wasteful spending, ie. new uniform changes, air shows etc. When I was in maoney was so tight, equipment had to break all the way, before we dould get it replaced,

  • Dennis

    I guess that the Senator have for got about Soldiers and their familys tiring to make it on the pay they are getting now.I hope that they thing about the E-1 THROUGH E-6 that is having hard time now.Its a big diffence from a O-4 THOUGH O-7 pay.I for got that in this country this you take from the poor and give to the rich.

  • Earl9651

    would you want to fight beside them with apay cut no you would fight

    aboue your pay yet freedom is not free they need a pay rise.

  • Berrypen2000

    What is next, I retired from the Navy 4 years ago. I had got out of the Navy in 1992 on the SSB/VSI they had going on, either take it or take a chance on being able to re-enlist. They are now taking 40% of my Navy retirement for the next 2 years. No pay raises for Social Security, or Military Retirees for 2 years in a row. I do not see how they feel there is no cost of living increase, prices on everything is at all time highs, and still no raise(s). We will see if congress votes themselves another pay raise this year, after they return from their month long vacation. Why cut the forces, did they not learn what happened when they did this in the early 1990’s? Why not lead by example, and take pay cuts themselves. As far as pay equivilents between Military, and Civilian not even close. Civilians do not have to stand duty every 4 days, deploy for periods up to one year, being away from family, and friends, miss the birth of their children, experience a high divorce rate, deploy to hazardous duty/combat areas. Someone needs to think about the sacrifices that Military people make. Maybe if these people served they would know waht it is like, and would take a different stance on things. Hopefully Senator John McClain will run again in 2012. We need someone with prior Miliatry experience to lead this Country, and defend those who have.

  • Stan

    The budget can be reduced substantionaly reduced by cutting the pay and benifits of the Excutive, Judicial and Legislative branches of government. Without our troops, the Country would be in great trouble. It only shows that all we have in Washington are a complete bunch of idiots who should be shipped out of the Country.

  • Grubersw

    I agree with J. M. McCarthy on this one (see below quote):

    “Perhaps it is time to rein in our Imperial law makers. First and foremost allow them to cut their pay…reduce their remuneration and…”

    J.M. McCarthy

    However, I am sure that any military member out there being paid by DFAS would rather receive .5% less, as opposed to having the total Force drawn down, in order to cut costs. In the beginning, being an Elected Official used to be a non-paying job (an additional duty if you will). I understand that this may not be practical to operate this way in the present day, but if you put all those elected officials on the same Social Security and “Health Care” as the ordinary citizen, we can drastically cut spending in-House (excuse the pun), for starters. Thoughts, We The People?

  • Al lot of the people posting here are both right, and wrong. For those lamenting their “low” pay; stop whining. The military as a whole is payed quite well for what we do (or in some cases don’t do). Most people budget their money poorly and then complain about “poor pay” to hide bad decisions. For those wailing and gnashing your teeth over Congressional pay get over that as well. The average pay for both houses is $174, 000 dollars. This may seem like a lot but in reality it isn’t. The numbers, and more importantly the perceptions, start to get skewed when people start looking at members overall net worth. Members like John Kerry (whom I detest) seem like bazillionaires because they are; however, one must consider that all but $174,000 comes from outside sources. I do agree that money must be cut from the defense budget, and it must be done quickly. The fact that we spend almost 700 billion dollars on defense is ludicrous. But before we start talking about troop drawdown’s and pay cutting schemes, we must first look at a major sources of bloat, our overseas footprint. This country maintains over 750 bases of various sizes outside of our borders. That is unreasonable. If we were to close 700 of those bases, and maintain only those that have intrinsic military value (force projection and strategic location) the value savings realized would more than pay for current military levels and pay but would reap a very generous savings as well.

  • Chief

    The few of us reading this article in the past few days could change the the path Webb is going. As I remenber Webb is the former SECNAV and currently represents VA. Our largest Naval base is in VA and if I’m not mistaken Cherry Point makes it home there too. Many of my Shipsmates retired in VA so would it not be best to get the word out and vote him out of office. Most of us agree military cuts are not the fix to the economy. Our vote is. A clear message was sent the Commander in Chief last night — why don’t we send one to Jim Webb (D-VA). My power is my vote and I see a link above that might help. I’m an old retired Chief, but let me ask my fellow shipmates on active duty; when was the last time you stood a quarters and told your troops to go see the voiting officer (every command is required to have one) and register to vote, not just once ‘cuz it was in the POD but every day until because it matters.

    T.O. Kelley

  • It’s bad enough that damn near all of our jobs are being manned by civilian contractors. Why not get rid of them and actually have soldiers do the jobs we are trained to do. When deployed we had contractors doing jobs we could do and getting payed thousands of dollars a month with the first $80,000 being tax free. Being a soldier is not only a selfless choice but also a sacrafice and yet we are the the ones who are being sacraficed…. in what world is that ok??

    • Dfreiberger

      Hi Natalie, just to touch on your point about civilian contractors. Keep in mind, many of your civilian contractors are former military who went back to work after military retirement. They were hired on for their past expertise and experience. Keep in mind, there is no security as a contractor (here today, gone tomorrow). Spend some time working around civil service and then make judgement on waste. I speak from experience. I was civil service for two years and could not stand the politics and throught cutting and bureacratic BS just to get things accomplished. My disclaimer is that I am not addressing ALL civil servants, just the lazy ones.

  • Tom M (Maryland)

    Let’s start with requiring Congress to enact a bill which rescinds the career payout for members…that’s right, the life-long payout for as little as 2-years served (for a House Representative). Then, let’s require the President receive the same treatment – no free rides on Americans’ backs for “part-time” help. It isn’t done in business, why would we allow it here?

    The pay is a contract, between the military volunteer and the government. Breach of contract can lead to civil suit – a class-action suit for military members who’ve spent careers serving and wounded veterans who now have large hurdles to employment. A grateful nation should see to these *promises*, made by the government, on behalf of the people of the United, States.

    However, privileges (perks), which are *allowed* to military members and veterans, are not so protected.

    But, the reason for these “benefits” (privileges) stems from the disparity between the pay provided to civilian employees in the private sector and military members. Some incentive was necessary to attract individuals to join or remain. Take away the benefits (which help level the playing field), and you may not have to make troop cuts – they may choose to leave, on their own initiative. That will force a compulsory service move – there may not be sufficient members left, once the exodus occurs.

    Then, who protects America??….Well…I’m waiting….

  • Chocn22fine69

    Congress makes a lot more money than the servicemembers and retirees. How about they cut their retirement and they take a pay cut. I guess they forgot that they retire with their same pay and probably same benefits. The military members put their life on the line daily for the safety and freedom in this country. No one in america would be able to sleep peacefully at night if it wasn’t for the brave men and women keeping them safe. How about they take the pay cut instead?

  • R.V.

    I truly think that if you cut back on retirees benefits that were earn not given is a slap on the face to all Americans Veterans that pledge their devotion and life to maintain the freedom that we the American Public now and has always taken for granted. Why don’t we look at the real problem, an over spending government that allows special interest groups to influence their decision making for their own interest.


  • Winchester165

    Appreciation is welcomed.

  • Jerry Hagler

    The Service members have always been the whipping child. When something comes up, take it from the military..I am retired after 22 years and I feel I have earned everything I get…so don’t take away what I can’t get back…Jerry

  • Chief

    War Machine your on target of the real topic — money and how is it spent.

    • Thanks. I wish I had more time to explain it some who a) ignore that aspect of the problem (b) don’t realize there is a problem there or (c) don’t care.

  • countryboy

    This is crazy. All branches are doing more with less and that should have been the New Air Force Moto when it came out. What we should be cutting is the number of GS & contract jobs we are placing in the ranks of the military home work areas. Not only are they getting paid more than a military member would be but they cut into the deployment pool so the same people have to go back to back while the civilian slots get to set back and tell us how it was when they were in. Start cutting those positions before you cut anymore military members or talk about cutting pay to the guys who put their life on the line ..

  • Scotteason_716

    It does not matter that our benefits as retirees “exceed those in the private sector.” The private sector did not serve, as a general rule to allow this debate. Those bean counters in the beltway that desire to cut the throats of the servicesmen and women that have and that are protected and protecting this country are not realizing anything other than political desires. They wish to increase governmental coffers while decreasing earned benifits. As for the troop reductuction proposal, Mr. Webb would put our national security at risk in order to apease non-elected bean counters or so it seems.

  • fairlane_68

    Cutting pay isn’t the way to reduce costs. At least not the pay for lower enlisted. Cutting pay for officers however, I believe, would be the way to go. You don’t take away from the guys that do the most and paid the least, you take away from the guys who are paid the most and do the least. Reduce the number of officers graduating from military academies. The Army and Navy has WAY too many junior officers. Most of them are only in for the free college and have no plans to make a career in the military. The DoD also needs to cut its dependancy on civilian workers, namely the federal employees who sit at desks at every military installation, and do absolutely nothing. There are many federal employees who are already collecting military retirement pensions, and some are getting consultant pay from defense contractors. Many federal workers are making six figures or more, and basically don’t even have to lift a finger, let alone show up for work. Those jobs in particular need to be shut down, and their place, a GI needs to sit at that desk and do what he was trained to do. You have Army mechanics who don’t know how to do their jobs because they spend too much time being babysat by their chain of command. There’s the issue of contractors that have taken over mess facilities. Civilians are charged with maintaining base facilities. I can remember ther was an MOS designation for a carpenter. Now civilians do the woodwork at most installations.

    Reduce officer pay and graduation rates, end the [free] college assistance for officers, and dramatically reduce dependancy on civilians. And build the troop levels back up to Cold War levels.

    • Cegibbs3

      Fairlane, you hammered it home! I agree with everything you said! It’s so obvious that a blind man can see it! Stay the course, maybe one day the issues you’re addressing will be taken seriously and we can fix these problems the smart/right way!

    • M_bstone79

      I completely disagree with fairlane’s characterization of officers. I just got back from a deployment to Iraq and I can guarantee that I worked just as hard or harder than the NCOs that worked for me. I was usually in the office an hour before them and stayed several hours later. While many NCOs were out goofing off I was in the office working my @$$ off. So before you start making characterizations of officers as being lazy and not doing anything, you should get your facts straight.

      • Oleserg

        The Office! :)

  • ChiefB

    Webb could start by recommending 50% cuts in Congressional staff, 25% cross the board cuts in Congressional pay and benefits and no Congressional retirement or health care benefits upon departure unless 20 yrs served.

    He could also quit fighting the closure of Joint Command in his district.

    Additionally he could recommend that all USAF aircraft dedicated to Congressional/DV transport be reassigned for use by the military or mothballed and Congressional travel be configured as Business/1st class commercial travel.

    Also the President using AF1 as his travel platform for campaign swings should be prohibited. We should not be paying huge sums of taxpayer monies to provide him with partisan junkets.

    Another huge savings that Webb hasn’t addressed is elimination of the unconfirmed appointments of 30-40 “Czars” who are working the jobs of the “Confirmed” Cabinet members at huge salaries and perks.

    Cut the Congressional motor pool by 25%. Eliminate chauffeur driven leased vehicles for all except Majority Leaders and Cabinet members.

    Cut Congressional housing allowances by 25%. Eliminate subsidies and tax deductions for yard boys, maids, cooks and butlers for all but Majority leaders and Cabinet members.

    Cut General Officer staff by 25%, cut Pentagon staff by 25%, eliminate Retired Gen Officer mentoring positions.

    Cut world-wide embassy staff by 20%.

    Cut IRS agents and staff by 20%.

    Cut Dept of Education staff by 50%

    Webb was a Marine Officer, Sec of the Navy and many other Gov’t jobs before becoming a Senator…. he should know better than to suggest downsizing the military and cutting pay during a time of war and global terrorism.

    I suggest he cut his own bloated Congressional and other wasteful Gov’t entities to the quick before he disables the 24/365 military.


  • Frustrated Airman

    If you want to reduce the force and cut our pay why don’t we start at the very top. I am talking about the Senate and the House. They should be on the same per diem rates for travel just like the military. Their retirement pay should be slashed as well since the majority of them don’t serve 20 years to even earn the entitlements that they have. The rich always finds a way to reduce from the poor and middle class while sustaining their standard of living. Sure I won’t complain if I don’t get the cost increase as long as we cut the pay for those that are working in Capitol Hill!!


    After 41 years of continuous service I retired last year and I am proud of my service to this country and the Army. Too read such messages about zero increase for retiree and veterans COLA is in my opinion shameful and Senator Webb needs to “think” before speaking such nonsense. Military personnel serving on active duty, in the reserves & National Guard, and those of us who are now hoping to enjoy retirement need not hear political crap. Let’s see what transpires with a change of power in the Congress and a new Speaker of the House soon to be in place.


  • Bill Mullinix

    Bill M. These senators want their freedom and we give it to them, and what does the military man/women get for it. I will retire at the end of November and I have worked my @$$ off for 28 years to get to this point in life and these bean heads want to take it away. I really think that it sucks to have such selfish people running our country. I think that if I was a senator I would more than happy give up some of my money to have my freedom. They need to think with their heads instead of their @$$es.

  • Cshawver2

    It’s amazing. The Government has billions of dollars to give to third world enemy nations but nothing to defend the borders of America. Just a sign of no leadership. I am a Veretan of Viet Nam and wonder why I bothered to waste my time.

  • S-tuck

    I agree that we have to trim the fat! There are Soldiers currently serving that should be removed from service and others that never should have been allowed to join in the first place. Congress, struggling for numbers, allowed “felons” to join and serve along side of America’s sons and daughters. Are we really surprised that they committed crimes in other countries, as they did it in ours? Also, the military reduced the GT (IQ) requirement for Soldiers, allowing mentally challenged people to join. They also took high school drop outs, and started allowing people with tatoos on their necks and hands to join; making sure we only got the brightest people concerned about their future as well as the future of their nation! Good Job Congress, with quality management like this, I’m surprised our economy is struggling! The Army, at least, offered bonuses up to $30k for a Private, not a General, as well as up to $70k for college loan payoffs!!! $100,000 for an entry level employee? Are you kidding me? You spent every cent for entry level positions, with no thought of “long term” investments and now you want to cut pay from those who served honorably for 20+ years! You suck!

    • Cegibbs3

      S-tuck, I agree with everything you said except your comment about allowing people without a high school diploma into the military. I started working out of necessity at the age of 12. Because of family/personal reasons I started living on my own at the age of 16. I worked two jobs and attended my last two years of high school without any assistance from anybody. I was 1/4 credit shy of what I needed to graduate at the end of the 12th grade. At that point I was pretty much finished with the whole high school thing. I eventually joined the Army in 1980 and easily attained my GED. Since then I have earned a MBA and retired from the military. I agree with your perspective on the felons etc. but, maybe you should reconsider or put a little more thought into your “graduate high school” comment. Some people, especially nowadays don’t have the advantages that others have while they’re growing up. It doesn’t mean they’re any less intelligent or capable.

  • Reggie Farrow

    I’m A 100% Disabled Service Connected Veteran, and I’m 57 years old. My Wife of 39 years must work two jobs for us to LIVE. We live from paycheck to paycheck, and Receive phone calls Daily from creditors we owe money. Dureing our 39 yrs. of Marriage we’ve never owned A Home due to our Credit being 40 points to low to apply for A VA Home Loan. After returnning Home in 1991, from my stay Sudi Arabia Doctors discovered two of us had Brain Tumors. I’ve had more than 20 Surgeries throughout my Body due to Nerve Damage, and Bone Disease. I Pray everyday that the Pain, and Sufferging that I endure will come to A end. My Wife and I are unable to Purchase the items such as the correct Meds, and Equipment that I need to Fight the ongoing Battle to Survive.

  • Mikeandvioly

    There was a time when corporations used the “paltry benefits” that the military recieved to push their 401k’s and retirements. How is it that now we retired military are suddenly in a “have it too good,” position?

    We earned what’s ours. It would be better if we just cut politicians like Webb out of the picture; vote him out.

  • SFC Santiago, K. USA

    SFC Santiago, K. USA (Retired)

    I enter the service in the post Vietnam era, 1978. Back them our pay was kind of miserable for the amount of work done daily. I was stationed in Fort Bragg with 82nd ABN and being away from the family for days or weeks was a very common occurrence. Then Reagan came to be our President and our military savior. Since his presidency justice has been done concerning the military pay and benefits to include the retirees. Ever since we were also very active and involved “kicking buts” around the world in Granada, Panama, Somalia, Kuwait, later in Irak, and now in Afghanistan.Not counting other hot spots like in South America (troops helping in the fight against drug traffickers), and North Korea that apparently is looking for a fight. All I’m trying to saying is that we had been fighting for a long time and don’t you dare to forget CONGRESS, the sacrifice, the blood expelled of many well trained, and 100% committed Americans service members to keep this great nations of ours FREE and the help given to those nations in need of our attention and service too. Is easy for you politicians to be just that, politicians, but to be patriots apparently there is a difficulty. That we are spending a lot of money in our Defense budget, yes I agree, But to cut it from our servicemen/women and retirees pay and benefits is definitely not the answer. Look carefully there is so much to be cut elsewhere.

    • Cegibbs3

      SFC Santiago, you weren’t assigned to A 2/504 were you?

  • Anistu

    Maybe we should raise the retirement age from 38 Or better yet if you retire at age 38 you only get partial retirement and every year you stay in you get more of your retirement and maybe at the age of 45 you would get full retirement. That would be one way to help.

    Another idea is to sell these ships to metal scrappers instead of sinking them. Maybe turn them in a hotel like they did with the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

  • Retired Army Vet

    Lets see, cut pay or troops of the military; or cut the funding to rebuild countries; or cut politicians pay. Last time I checked we are still in the middle of a “war”, who is coming up with these cost saving decisions…is it big business? Who is Senator Webb taking the bullet for, or is he in bed with someone? DoD and members of Congress suggest military pay and benefits now exceeds the private sector, are they looking at minimum wage? Maybe targeting the raises, bonuses, and retirement benefits of politicians and other government officials would help? Surely, Senator Webb is going to cut the sacrifices as well or is someone else going to take on the sacrifices? I only have questions and no answers.

  • Sabrina

    $174,000. That’s how much rank and file members of the House and Senate make a year.
    $193,400 That’s how much Senate and House Leaders make a year.
    $223,500 That’s how much the Speaker of the House makes a year.
    44% The percentage of Congress members that are millionaires.
    I find it disgusting that they make that much money and i agree with other posters that pay cuts should start with Congress.
    Give them each a $40,000 pay cut and that would be an annual savings of $21,600,000. Even worse? i don’t know any enlisted military families that even make $40,000/year. Including my family.

  • Gercampo_223

    I just retired from Military, and some of this Politician are not Military Friendly either maybe because they are Pro Communist or they dont value how America was born, they forgot that in the middle of the night military secured their security.

    You will never ever compared Military to Civilian were not bone head at all, if it happen then give Overtime to Military in every excess of 8 hours and when war broke some of this military will take leave and they will not come in cause they will just call and sick, Come on Politician I thought you guys got Masters Degree or Doctorate is this the way we treat our heroes cause you fat ass politician could not think at all but for your interest and not for the people who sweats blood in time of peace and war

  • Anonymous

    why are we again going after the military. did we not learn our lesson when the draft dodging president in the 90’s(Bill Clinton) as if i needed to say who. started to cut and dismantle the military. we put our country and our families at a tremendous risk, i my self have and still do serve this wonderful country. congress should should stop trying to give bail outs to companies and instead continue to help and support all of those who serve and gave their lives for what we stand for today. give them the pay raise. don’t cut any part of the military and look at other ways to try and save money.

  • Jkress

    The reduction in retirement pay began last year and by attrition the elimination of the cost of living allowance coupled with the increased inflation figures that are not adequately reflected in government reports have significently reduced pensions and will continue to do so through stealth.

  • mike







  • Wilfredo Osorio

    Most Officers I met in my 20 years career pretended to do something all the time! So acting does not equate quality work! Fakers!

  • Wilfredo Osorio

    US to spend $511 million to expand Kabul embassy

    Buzz up!15 votes Share


    EmailPrint.. AP – The U.S. ambassador in Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry explains the master plan of the US embassy during …

    .Afghanistan Video:7News: Govt pays Afghan civilians Australia 7 News .

    Play Video Afghanistan Video:Paris increases security after bin Laden threat AP .

    Play Video Afghanistan Video:Bin Laden threatens French AFP .

    By RAHIM FAIEZ, Associated Press Rahim Faiez, Associated Press – 1 hr 53 mins ago

    KABUL, Afghanistan – The U.S. government will spend $511 million to expand its embassy in Kabul, the U.S. ambassador said Wednesday, describing the work as a demonstration of America’s long-term commitment to Afghanistan.

    “We make this commitment by commemorating the recent award of a $511 million contract to expand the U.S. Embassy here in Kabul,” Ambassador Karl Eikenberry said during a ceremony at the construction site that marked the formal announcement of the contract.

    “We’re going to get a day when that embassy’s up and there’s not going to be these barriers out there, there’s no barbed wire, there’s not going to be all kinds of obstacles out there,” Eikenberry said.

    Currently the road to the embassy, located in downtown Kabul, is blocked by large concrete barriers and the building is surrounded by armed security guards.

    “This next generation of Afghans growing up, we hope that they come to this embassy, they’re welcome here and this is going to be the new normal for Kabul,” he added.

    Eikenberry’s remarks come amid Afghan concerns that the proposal to begin drawing down U.S. forces by July 2011 could leave Afghanistan alone to fight the Taliban insurgency.

    Many Afghans felt abandoned by the U.S. after 1989, when the Soviet Union withdrew its army from Afghanistan and U.S. support to mujahedeen fighters dried up. The country sank into years of brutal civil war.

    But Eikenberry used his speech to emphasize U.S. commitment to a peaceful Afghanistan, pointing out that the embassy has tripled its civilian staff in the past year. The new facilities will provide offices and living space for many of them.

    The project started earlier this year and currently employs about 500 Afghans. Once construction gets under way, more than 1,500 Afghan workers will be employed, Eikenberry said.

    Over the last two years, the U.S. has signed contracts to expand American diplomatic facilities in Kabul and consulates in Mazar-e Sharif and Herat provinces that total $790 million, he said. The figure includes the embassy expansion, which should be completed by June 2014.

  • Swldog

    I agree with the pay cuts should start at Congress. Look at what they get for benefits and retirement.

  • Bagadaddy

    Let all troops lay down their arms and walk away…We will start acting like congress and senate and other house members….we will negotiate and blackmail and back scratch and kick back our way to make our deals…if they fail to meet our demands, we feed them to the wolves, as they have done us…

  • I’mExpendable

    Hey don’t get on here and start blaming Obama. He wasn’t the one who spent all the Defense money like Bush did. Now all of a sudden you want him to cease travelling, but it was cool for Bush to do whatever, while he had us in Iraq for little of a reason. I mean Cmon, I felt like a Police officer in Iraq. That wasn’t a war with a clear objective. Why was the War on Terror in Afghanistan abandoned for that? That was a big waste of Money. We could have spent less buying Saddam off. The government has had no problem doing that before. They wanted US military to die, because they couldn’t afford us then.

    • marigold14

      It’s not Obama. Its the horse he rode in on… He said he would cut the national spending, and bring troops home. Shortly after he came into office, he sent for troops over…. Oh, so maybe it is Obama, and the horse he rode in on.

      Either or. Very few joined the military for the “amazing” pay. Taking from the House and Senate first, is the Robin Hood way of looking at things.

      • Anonymous

        those are lies for what ever reason he just got all the troops out of Iraq. The last group left in the beginning of October

        • But some how I’m still being sent to iraq next year…???

        • FALSE, there are still 50,000 troops in Iraq; all they did is change the name.

  • Why not start cutting some of the benifites that the politicians that do not serve 20+ yrs in congress first and start cutting out some of the outrageous benifites for all the Unions, and quit making promises for releif funds for all these other countries that we have to barrow from others to keep these promises. So we put the american people further in debt to keep promises the we dont have the funds for. Sounds fairly stuped to me.

  • Bkind2people

    Glad to see some of the comments regarding Webb and I’m Navy. Rember he supports the bill, who started it? They pick on us because we don’t vote or do we… The House is new as of today send them a message — these people work for you and me and there pay is our vote. The CIC is pulling us out next year we are no longer needed. I felt a the end of Nam and the draw-down, Regans build-up and then the RIF and up again for storm Storm — it’s a roller coaster ride we’re the military. Did you vote?

  • John Smith

    Liberals are never military friendly because in their minds we are all baby-killers. Trying to explain otherwise to a liberal is like punching yourself in the face. Why waste your time?

    • kmp

      Do you really believe that? So I guess it wasn’t liberal who faught for better Veterans care? Oh was it liberals who intiated the military draw down in the 80’s nope was it liberals who cut more troops to fund now dead weapons programs, nope. How many conservatives actually served in the military? Not as many as you think, they use us and throw us away when we no longer serve thier needs.

      • pezking

        agreed. more democrats are veterans. conservatives tend to be spoon-fed religious nuts who have no problem sending others to war but never serving in it themselves.

        i’m an atheist liberal libertarian and had no problem serving

        • Are you kidding?

          John Smith’s comment is spot on – liberal politicians don’t like the military; they use us for social experiments and peace keeping at low personnel and equipment levels…until they need us.

          As for more liberals than conservatives serving in the military; seriously?? What is more important than party affiliation or political beliefs is what the individual motivation is for joining; did you join to honorably serve the country or selfishly for the easy paycheck and fat benefits??

  • Dread

    Maybe we should just work for free (slave labor) what a concept that would be. Everyone here just needs to be aware that it is a privilege to wear the uniform from the lowest bidder and only use equipment or services from approved sources. Just look at the outstanding services that have been provided to us from KBR to IBIZ, what great programs. (What a JOKE!!!) If the average American truly knew what was going on they would revolt against this insanity. So much waste is incurred by private contractors and so called approved vendors that it would resolve the majority of the shortfall all on its own. Most soldiers currently know what is going on but only think “man if I could score one of those sweet gigs I would be the F***out of here in a heartbeat.” It is an honor to serve but the way of the world is not about HONOR but the OLE MIGHTY BUCK!!! Hopefully they will not take pay away from the few that have stepped up to serve our great nation.

  • Awdnunz

    Let’s look at the military budget as a whole, before cutting pensions or pay for Soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. If the SECDEF tells the president to vetoe a defense contract bill for a weapons systems that was never requested by the military, but done for the pork barrel projec of some congressman (or woman) or a senator, then we need to look at that. Let’s cut back on the implementation of a new fighter jet, and reinvest that money into training and paying the people that use and repair them. Stop using the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan as an excuse to put more pork barrel spending into already bloated government budget.

  • Tousdp

    Maybe the Congress should take a pay cut instead of giving themselves raises and benefits that most of us are not entitled to!!!

  • Vesuvius8


    I think we should do the same with congress , Take a little from the FAT CATS.

  • armymomandgrandma

    I can’t understand why in the hell they would want to cut troops or their pay…I feel they need to take a cut in pay in congress. If it wasnt for our wonderful troops who would defend our great country??? Sure in the hell wouldnt be the congress or president that is for sure. They would all run with their tails between their legs….just saying lol

  • Kenneth Warshaw

    I am a vertain of 22 years, US Army, if you cut my vertains pay, I might as well just hang it up for good, you get my drift.

    I agree with Bagadaddy. Lets just lay down our wearopns and get all of our troops home. The hell with Iraq and Afgastan, let them kill themselves and not our troops. Someone should have done away with Bush when he started all this crap. I need my Cost of Living allowance each year to live on and by the way I am disabled from VietNam in “67-68”.


    • Jeffrey_w_morris

      As long as I had the committment, I never considered laying my responsibilities down that I swore an oath of enlistment to do. If you are basing your decision to stay or go based off you veterans benefits – you already have 20 years in – do you service and the soldiers who need inspired leadership a favor…RETIRE!

  • Rtresso

    If we get the hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan we won’t need to cut the troop size just release some to inactive but ready status. Don’t leave our equipment in Afgh when we leave there. We are not and we should not be the world police. Should never have been in Iraq and lose all of those great men & women. Get out of Afgh. it is known as the burial ground of empires, let’s not be one.

  • Erb639

    I’m just curious on what the cost of activating the Reserve and National Guard is? Figure this, as a National Guard and Reserve soldier earning lets say approximately 5,000 + a year drilling one weekend a month and 2 weeks in the summer compared to, activating and making them full time and now earning at the low end 30,000 a year. That’s a rather large increase going out and nothing coming in. The Reserve and National Guard have done their job and now it’s time for missions to go back to the regular active duty soldiers. You would think at this particular time we would cut back the activation of the Reserve and National Guard and save a load of money to where we didn’t have to take away from raises and retirees cost of living. If you want to save money STOP spending money.
    Just a thought,
    Currently in the military

    • Yknot8

      The reason for activating them isbecause we don’t have enough active miltary tofight a damn war anymore.Vietnam started the refusal process of not going to some other countries war between themselves. So why should the y volunteer now to fight in this stupid extravganza in th emiddle east.

  • J21747

    Sen. Webb will be the next one to go as the house cleaning will return in Two years.

  • Chase41508

    The military should bring in more than the private sector!!! We sacrifice our lives and our family to protect this great country!

  • For years Soldiers, (myself included) and retired Vets have given their all for their country. Congress thinks we make too much money? Try feeding 4 kids on a PVT or PFC’s pay….I went without food to feed my kids at times, while on active duty! Too many people have given their lives to this country for Congressmen, (who make 10 times or more that what I do) to say retirees and Soldiers don’t need raises or retirees can pay more for their medical! You spend every other Christmas, birthdays, etc in a country where you have no family, and the kids are without you, possibly forever, then tell us to suck it up, Congressmen! You take a pay cut! Take care of the men and women who have allowed you to have the liberties that you do!

  • robert72000

    if the military votes were sent out on time, maybe the Senate would have lost as well. this is too coincidental.

  • Chuck019274

    Why don’t we cut Senator Webb pay and benefits since he does little if anything to fight the war on Terror in fact lets reduce all of congress and the White house staff, cabinet and there pay and benefits and give that to the men and women who are defending this country. Time we wake up and give these lawyers a one way retreat back home, the election was not enough we need term limits, congressional pay cuts, and welfare and economic reform, cut troops, cut pay get serious next they will ask these guys to fight for free, Then we will be like the Romans

  • CarsonArmyWife

    Why don’t they give up a bit of healthcare to insure our freedom? Maybe they should spend 12 months away from their families and try and understand what the families go through as well.

  • Lawrence Cook

    Even though the consumer index is used far as increase pay goes, I would like to mention, do to increase in fuel prices–cause a increase in buying items in stores. I can’t understand why things keep going up but yet we are not needing a pay increase like COLA. It would seem to me, some other system would say, that people who are retired need that 1% to 3% increase. That really isn’t enough but something is better than nothing at all.

    • Kkools

      Anyone that voted for the JACKWAGON we owe you a thanks. Because of you we will soon be outpowered, bank rupt and the joke of the world.

    • Kkools

      It’s called OBOMONOMICE! Get used to it. If it has the ability to strengthen this Country is is going BYBY!

  • E G Gamm

    Where are the smart people in Washington? In case you don’t know, we are in a war. We can not cut pay or troups. What we can do is stop giving billions of dollars to countries that use it against us. Even though Afganastan is vital to the U.S., the money ends up in the enemys hands. When you give our troups millions of dollars to hand out to civilians, that is a waste right there. You can freez military pay. It doesn’t have to be givin a raise every year.

    Because you cut the military back after the gulf war, we have to use reserve troups to fill in the gap. Now you want to cut back again? Who’s going to fill the gap, all of you in Washington? We have a war against terroist. Lets fight that war and get it over with. We can do this if our elected officials really want to cut the military budget. Stop being politicaly correct all the time. Let the military do the job they are trained for. Get it done and get out. This way we cut the cost and start puting that money to good use in our country.

    Why do you want to cut what we need and not cut what we dont need, or could put off until we get financialy able to handle non esential programs? There is an awful lot of waste in Washington. Cut the waste and we could be out of debt and have a ballanced budget in the next couple of years. When a bill is wrighten, lets not attache other bills to it, just to get them passed. Each bill should go through the proper chanels to be voted on.

    During this election, people have raised their voices to be heard. Now that all electees are in, the right job has to be done. We will raise our voices again and again until we are heard.

    Here is a sugestion. Start selling WAR BONDS, pay 6 to 8% with a maturity of 6 or 10 years. This will help the country to get out of debt and the people to save. No tax should be paid on these bonds when cashed in.

    • Jeffrey_w_morris

      E.G. selling War Bonds is NOT the solution. Why should the federal government issue any Bond for 6~8% when it can sell debt for less than 3%? Paying 6~8% would increase the federal debt – not decrease it. And there are already bonds that are Tax Free – look into municipal bonds and certain treasuries. Even savings bonds are tax free if used for education al expenses.

    • Yknot8

      The easiest way to cut the budget is to get the hell out of wars that don’t concern us. Or let the military do thier jobs and end the damn wars instead of the FEDs trying tobe good guys all the time. Either put up, get a gun yourselves or shut the hell up on how we fight our wars.

  • Greg

    Every one of us in the military knows there are a lot of places to cut the dead weight. I can walk into many shops and see plenty of people sitting around! I’d rather we be more efficient and keep the raises coming then cut/freeze pay so that we can carry the dead weight.

  • Kkools

    We only see a fair shank after they need us and we deliver a victory. Prey for a war with North Korea or Iran. We will see a raise after we iliminate there trheat.

  • Willys1958b

    Does that mean cutting Congressional annual automatic pay raises also?

  • ADRIEN_BR101

    This is the most idiotic thing i have ever heard. I am an african american male, serving in the united states Navy. I think congress should really think about this. Its bad enough that the thought of having to shower with openly gay men will bring down morale,but pay cuts this is horrible. I work with civilians that make more than me and they rarely do their job, but they are guaranteed to go home to their family every night. Im not sure if the Obama administration is behind this, which it may be seeing that he never served in the armed forces, and he is a president of the United States of America. I have a wife and two boys and its ashamed after serving three years that my wife has to stand in line with drug addicts and free loaders to recieve wic. I REALLY PRAY THAT YOU GUYS MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE ON VOTING. CUTTING TROOPS DURING THE TIME OF WAR WILL ONLY CREATE THE BIGGEST DRAFT SINCE VIETNAM IF ANOTHER ATTACK HAPPENS. NOW IM STARTING TO THINK THAT THE TEA PARTY ISNT SO BAD. BECAUSE WE HAVE BEEN TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY

  • I think some politicians need to read our history and revisit how this country got where it is today. Politicians you take a pay cut, us soldiers you want to get rid of or take pay away, let us see you in the Desert away from your families and foo foo crap, listen to your children scream and cry on the other end of the phone because they don’t understand why your not there. How about watch your battle buddy die in your arms and have to tell there family, they died doing what they loved. Why don’t you respect what Soldiers do for you. How much more do you want to take away from us, you already have started to cut troops, bonuses, and benefits. Don’t worry us Soldiers have not forgot why we are here, we are reminded everyday and so are our families. When another casket is brought home with our Colors draped over the top!!!!

  • mortalcoil

    A total lack of fiscal responsibility/sound principles have bled over to weaken our defense capability. Not one person would run their household finances in terms of balancing a budget they way our government is working. We have a deflated dollar and about to spend another trillion over the next year – smoke and mirrors to point to fiscal sanity when in then we will be MUCH worse off with the corrolary affect or reducing troops, weapons. It is what it is so buckle up the chin strap, more with less, and at some point we will get some leaders in place.

  • madlikehellretiree

    Sen Webb, Honorable, How could you say that military pay surpasses the private sector? I am a military retiree, and I know how the military works. If you want to compare the military pay to the private sector pay, here is the math you should do, not just by looking at the yearly pay number. you take the yearly pay divided by 8760 hours, flat rate no overtime like private sector (because we work 24/7 and we are not out of duty after 8 or more hours working day). We can go on duty saturday, or sunday, or holiday or middle of the night. We don’t have over time pay. Military is on duty 8,760 hours a year, with a minimum wage $7.50/hour. The military should make $65,700/year. If below that the military is under pay compare to private sector. Now, SENATOR, CAN YOU SAY THE MILITRAY PAY HIGHER THAN PRIVATE SECTOR? The number doesn’t lie.



  • We had a chance to visit a few ago with Senator Mark Dayton’s legislative assistant about implementing the draft. The comment was made that they wanted to stay away from it because the all volunter force was working and also it would single out minorities. Our position was that a true draft does not look at race, creed, color, religion, ethnic background or other identified groups. We were looking at ways to use our service members for example, cleaning river bottoms, working in inner cities, and infrastructures issues to include our federal mission national defense.

    My point I am trying make is can a true cost analysis or a GAO study be conducted to utilize us in our federal state and local missions. If we are utilized correctly this could help reduce the national debt and help cash strapped federal state and local commuities.

    • How about using them to guard and protect our southern border from the illegals, drug runners, criminals and islamic terrorists. ya think??

  • SGT Will

    This truly shows that the government cares nothing about it’s soldiers and their families especially in this downed economy, with taxes and evereything else going higher. We already don’t get paid enough for all the things we are made to do in the name of freedom that so many people seem to spit upon daily.

  • At1_usn

    This is the purest form of politician bs as usual, when you need someone to fight the wars and agendas the troops are “heroes”, after things wind down they are burdens. What about the $8 billion or so they can’t find from Iraq that the contractors and locals and and probably some well placed congressmen and military advisors walked away with. Cut retirement and benefits and be prepared to reactivate the draft next time you have a problem. Start with the Wall Street bastards and heads of Corporate America. How about making it so you aren’t eligible to run for Senate, or at least be on any Defense committee without prior active duty service.

  • Gil

    I just wrote about 3 full paragraphs and somehow my page closed,so I apologize, but Michael below has a good point as well,about Haliburton & KBR employees making all of that money.

    But as I was saying in my earlier writing, when it comes down to it, we need to be heard.There’s alot being spent,wasted,etc. and it’s sure not on our pay.Things will not be good if that happens.

  • Financial solutions for our budget:
    – Pay senators and congress minimum wage for actual productive work
    – All capitol hill travel paid for by traveller, not government
    – Outsource jobs = high tariffs; make it cheaper to keep jobs in America!
    – Limit capitol hill staff to not more than 5 people per congressman/ senator with the pay coming from the state of origin, not the federal budget
    – Require full disclosure of capitol hill expenditures under the FOIA

    – Regulate fuels and utility prices so that we can actually afford to live on the retirement/ disability pay we get for defending our Nation

    I served 10 years on active duty, 9.5 years in the reserves and am now 100% disabled. I will not get a raise until at least January 2012. Costs of goods, services, utilities are not fixed but my pay is. I can not see how, after serving my country for as long as I did, I should have my pay frozen or reduced. If we serve for the security of the people, we should be able to afford to live among our people after our service. Capitol hill gives their members many things we never could even dream about for “representing” us for a few years. They never see the hardships we see in the military unless it is thru rose coloured glasses. Maybe they should all be required to serve 2 years as enlisted service members before being allowed to “represent” our interests!

    End of Rant

    • Jake

      I like the way you think, let me add a couple,

      -cut welfare & social programs to those that really need it

      -cut retirement of elected officials to SS retirement guidelines.

      -all elected officials pay tops out at 65,000 a year

      -max two year term limits (above will encourage that)

      -max amount of campaign funding $1 million.

      -minimum 3 paties on ballot.

      Just some suggestions from someone sick & tired of the crap going on.And please don’t tell me it can’t be done cause that’s crap too!!!!

  • Jeffrey_w_morris

    motracoil…that is a real broad comment..”Not one person would run their household finances in terms of balancing a budget they way our government is working.” But you should consider how many people qualified for ‘sub-prime” loans with hugh credit obligations the prevented them from qualifying for standard mortgages….so we have the sub-prime mortgage problem – similiar to the Billions of dollars Secretary of Defense Gates acknowledges that his department does not know where it went. Defense is one of the major obligated and descretionary spending budget items.

    You mention leaders – we had none when we engaged in Iraq the second time…just a desire to search out and find WMD. Now we are obgligaged through 2019 even though we’ve drawn down major combat forces. Afghanistan is another sucking budget item where President Obama spelled out the cost succinctly…$30 billion per year. That’s why we need defined decision points to measure results against objectives. In my opinion, it will take a leader to decide to leave. Note…there is no Win or Loss…just Stay or Leave. That’s a concept we need to get used to.

    So on both fronts – from President Bush through Obama – I’d disagree it was a lack of fiscal responsibility/sound principles. America wanted to get the terrorist, and we wanted to make Iraq pay for stockpiling WMD. Then American wanted some sort of stimulus to help them make it through the tough recession through “Making Work Pay” and more tax cuts than the Bush administration pushed through in 2003.

    But it is time to pay the piper. In previous times – aka Lyndon B. Johnson – we imposed a War Tax to pay down the debt created by the Vietnam war. But Americans shudder at raised taxes…so how do you raise money to pay down debt that we the people through our respresentative form of government sought during the last 10 years?

    When you figure that out – you’ll stop comparing the fiscal responsibility of the United States to the household finances and budgets. Because, they relly are quite similiar – by a trillion or so…but one has a defined lifespan and doesn’t have the ability to print money while the United States has an indefinte life span with capability to print money and issue long-term debt far beyond a single tax-payer’s working life.

  • Bill H

    Cut pay raises? Who’ll reenlist and fight the wars then?


    How F##kin’ Stupid are the people in Washington D.C.!!!! “Two DoD Advisory Panels Recommended Reducing Personnel?” and I guess Old Sen.Jimmy Webb must have forgot what it’s like to only have 20 Marines in your Platoon to take the objective with. Without a Fighting Force that can win a War, You won’t need to worry about what to “CUT” , Because the United States won’t be here. Gunny Koon USMC Ret.

  • Bisclavret

    Fat cats keep getting fatter,
    While the soldiers lick the platter.
    Fat cats keep getting fatter,
    With no clue what really matters.
    Fat cats keep getting fatter,
    While our warriors lick the platter.
    Fat cats keep getting fatter,
    Like they’re all that really matters.

    Fat cats keep getting fatter.
    Fat cats keep getting fatter.

  • Dawgfan19

    The military pay and benefits should be cut when the Congress and Senate cut theirs. Further to become a Congressman or Woman, serve at least 3 years of Active Duty

  • Steve

    Isn’t that just dandy! Congress cutting the military pay, and benefits, whie they CONTINUE to raise their own pay annually far and above the COLA!!!!! How patriotic they are,. all done with the idea of balancing the budget, which they also continue to screw up with their WASTEFUL spendoig habits!!! I am puking all over their grey flannel suits right now…

    Steve, Retired

  • Jim Kinney

    How can any intelligent person suggest dealing with service pay and allowances as a purely political issue? And, to suggest troop cuts without a commitment to reduce deployment schedule we demand is foolish. I’m not insisteng that our current military manpower requirements reflect the real security needs of our country…but I am suggesting that to simply cut manpower to save money is totally political and irresponsible.

    Can we withdraw all our troops from Europe and reduce military manpower proportionately without significant impact on National security? Perhaps…but before we simply redice our military manower to meet some arbitrary political goal for savings, we should determine what our basic security needs are as a baseline, the add back the flexibility needed to fight one, two or three wars around the world. The flexibility could be in a commitment to grow the needed manpower any time we commit troops to battle for longer than a three month period…and automatically trigger the manpower increases anytime we commit troops beyond the baseline.

    This would mean a more senior base force, because the growth would of necessity be younger troops in need of experienced leadership.

    Jim Kinney

    Capt USN (ret)

  • SFC_D

    This is not the Army I signed up for. That’s why I’m getting out! I can’t stand where this country is headed. We are rapidly losing Great Nation status. I’m deeply saddened that the fall of this once great nation occured during my lifetime.

    • Cegibbs3

      It ain’t over till it’s over! We can be Great again. We just need to stop the entitlement mentality. When I was growing up we referred to people who wanted something for nothing as moochers. They still are, except now they run the executive branch of our government. We’ll never be rid of the moochers completely, but we can put them back in the handout lines where they belong! 2012 is coming fast, vote for the ones that the press call heartless, they actually work for a living and expect others to do the same!


    Gunny Koon,

    I liked that

    I was looking into pasting this link to different news stations like FOX,CNN,MSNBC, not that they would mention or even care, because I understand there are alot of issues besides our pay, but I figured maybe, just maybe someone would look into it, so if anyone could do the same, then you never know.


  • How about the Starship Troopers mentality – ‘(Military) Service guarantees citizenship’, and only citizens can vote or hold office; what a concept.

    If we stopped the ginormous give away (entitlement) programs for special interests groups like illegal aliens, 2nd/3rd generation welfare recipients, and international aid to countries/goverments that hate the US, we would have lots of money for the military, veterans, and their dependants.

  • Nuclearian

    Every time the feds want to save money, they screw the military. They need to save money, then stop spending my tax dollars on helping women kill their babies.

    • sdnative1964

      You’re right. The one time cost of an abortion for an unwanted child will greatly outweigh having to keep said child on WIC, welfare, subsidized health care, free school breakfast, lunch and dinner, etc for the next 18 years. Does your head hurt from the vacuum created by the lack of brain mass?

  • Donju10

    cut civilians in DOD

  • Armymomofthree

    Why don’t they stand up for everyone’s freedom and be a target everyday like the servicemembers do daily? Why don’t they give back some of the money that they “cush” themselves with and show more appreciation for the sacrifices made by our military and their families. Don’t they already get underpaid considering what they endure??
    Army Mom 3

  • Nuclearian

    They forget that WE safeguard their jobs. And they claim to value our vote? Everybody should vote anybody up there, that has denied a COLA to military members, OUT of office. UNITED, we can make a difference.

    I was so fed up with the present CiC sitting in the White House, whose wife HATES this country, that i got the heck out. How can you serve for those pathetic types up in Washington DC?

    Might be the reason i voted AGAINST everybody up there that were presently in office, and seeking re-election. Particism be damned.

  • Sgtbooth

    it’s hard now to get People to enlist into the armed services, if these pay cuts or freezes get past it will be that much harder to bring in new troops. to cut retiree benifits would be unfair to those who have Honorably served our country. in stead of making our military suffer for the lack of management in our Goverment make our senior advisores our senators and congressmen and women take a pay cut or freeze there pay raises. Make them depend on medicare and medicade then our health care issues would get fixed. instead of letting them get free health care make them pay for it like Oboma is making the rest of us pay. cut there retirement benifits in stead of our military !

  • Roflro

    Instead of thinking of taking away Military Retiree’s benifits, Congress should be looking at removing pork spending. That would help a great deal. Instead of giving pay raises, lower the cost of products. That would be like getting a pay raise.

    • Rlowney

      Unfortunately, the people that want to reduce the salaries and benefits of those who are protecting their rights and the way they live have absolutely no clue as to what a service member goes through….especially Afghanistan and Iraq where they are being shot at 24/7. Let’s see! How can we reduce their pay and benefits? Simple! Vote them out of office. Thjey do not deserve representing us. SGM (Ret) Lowney

  • Retired Combat Veter

    It is funny that Congress always wants to limit those who protect and serve our country. How many service members do you know that have been charged with coruption by taking money from lobbiest or who have failed to pay their taxes. If Congress really wants to save money, how about reducing their pay and cutting their benefits for once.

  • Sarg

    Cut or pay, mess with our retirment or cutt down the amount of troops that could share the burden of a deployment. This is how you take care of the country and the troops. I have been mobbed over 6 years now. I cant afford my bills as it is. I might lose my electric and car insurance this month. On the wounded warrior transitions we cant make any extra money. Maybe you Politians could pass a law on election spending, 1 million, that would leave 999,000 million dollars that Obama will use next election. I think that would give us raises and keep us from going without, you want to do what is right Politians, prove it

  • Roland Gutierrez

    Obama two year No retirement pay zero increase

  • Cw3boone

    I read somewhere once that we have more general officers now than during WWII and there were a lot more service personnel during those war years. As always in America we have become top heavy in chief positions and have reduced the indian population to offset that gain. Revamp the manning requirements and eliminate as many general officer level positions as possible. Preferably by at least half. There can’t be that many requirements for generals and admirals out there, they don’t do the fighting, or servicing, or repairs. I bet you could change 75% of the general positions to colonel or lieutenant colonel and still get the job done. Same for some of the staff sergeant major positions, most of them have no real reason to exist. A master sergeant or a gunny could do the job just as well. Just somethign to ponder.

  • tom

    I have a great idea, it will keep current troop strength and pay. It cost Los Angeles County residence a staggering 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS a fical year to maintain health care for illegal immigrants. It cost California tax payers a wopping 50 billion, nation wide…a butt busting 100 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR for the health care of all illegals…and yes, congress needs to be held more accountable for their actions.What they are proposing is near criminal. They are putting everything and everyone ahead of the Armed Services and personnel. Its going to be near impossible to get people to enter into the military, we need a strong military period, thats why we are still here in a place called the United States of America.

  • Brandie

    I just wrote the following message and sent it to each of my representatives…I suggest you all do the same.
    I am an RN, single mother, and and being commissioned to serve in the Air Force reserves as a flight nurse. I was very upset to hear that the government is considering a pay cut not only for citizens like myself, willing to serve our veterans, but for the very citizens that are putting their lives on the live to maintain our security and freedom. The most unsettling part of the entire ordeal is that the government gave the banks huge bailouts, which they squandered on bonuses, and they are turning to the military to find ways to cut spending? Is this the United States of America that our forefathers founded? What a slap in the face to the military community and to the survivors, like myself, whose parent was killed serving and protecting our country. What a disgrace that they be the first on the chopping block. It is my prayer that you will stand up for the rights of our service members and the survivors left behind. Please address this issue accordingly and fight for the rights of those who give you the freedom to do so.

  • Dsvec

    I would like to see one of these arm chair quarterbacks from the hill sit down in front of one of our wounded warriors and tell him or her that their pay and benefits are going to be cut. I truly believe they don’t have the guts to do it in person. They sure can hide behind their multi thousand dollar desks and make decisions that affect the lives of the people that put that desk there in the first place. Share the wealth, suck up some of the pain yourself…cut your own pay…go find your own health care…GOOD LUCK! Once you and your peers have reality slap you in the face, then come up with a plan. My best suggestion until then, until you know the real deal out here in the streets with the veterans and the active force that and will always protect your “Fourth Point of Contact” from harm and will keep you free is be quite and listen before you speak.

  • Mila7640

    Sen Webb I only have one question for you, How many times have you had to go without something to provide for your family? My husband is a E-5 and we have to go without alot to provide the needs of our family. I dont understand why you think our service members dont need more money THEY SHOULD MAKE MORE THEN YOU !!!!!


    • Ark_bluegoose71923

      I agree with you entirely!! My husband just got promoted to E6 last week and we are struggling as well to make ends meet. Politicians just do not understand what soldiers and their families go to just to ensure their freedom and help them to feel safe and secure. They [politicians] have cut military pay enough-they need to cut their pay and try to live off of what we make and see how far it goes.

  • Sabrina472

    How about NEITHER?! How about saving money where it could intelligently and efficiently be saved? Just ask around…any soldier who is an NCO or lower could probably give a few very applicable suggestions that would save thousands just at their location alone. Higher doesn’t always see these things because they don’t work within those areas everyday but… My hubby and I were just discussing one area the other night that could save the unit here easily $36,000 over just a one weekend event. We have plenty more ideas where that came from, and I am sure others do too.

  • Anonymous

    In my opinion, politicians should make the same as our military, no more. I feel that there is something inherently wrong with people that run for public office. If people really want to serve the public, they should volunteer. Now they win one term and they are set for life, riding on the backs of America for the rest of their lives. Then they have to gall to want to cut the pay of people that put their lives on the line for this country

    • mmathews

      They are not set for life that is an urban legend. Here are some facts:As it is for all other federal employees, congressional retirement is funded through taxes and the participants’ contributions. Members of Congress under FERS contribute 1.3 percent of their salary into the FERS retirement plan and pay 6.2 percent of their salary in Social Security taxes.

      Members of Congress are not eligible for a pension until they reach the age of 50, but only if they’ve completed 20 years of service. Members are eligible at any age after completing 25 years of service or after they reach the age of 62. Please also note that Members of Congress have to serve at least 5 years to even receive a pension.

      The amount of a congressperson’s pension depends on the years of service and the average of the highest 3 years of his or her salary. By law, the starting amount of a Member’s retirement annuity may not exceed 80% of his or her final salary.

      According to the Congressional Research Service, 413 retired Members of Congress were receiving federal pensions based fully or in part on their congressional service as of Oct. 1, 2006. Of this number, 290 had retired under CSRS and were receiving an average annual pension of $60,972. A total of 123 Members had retired with service under both CSRS and FERS or with service under FERS only. Their average annual pension was $35,952 in 2006.

  • JOHN

    Having served the US Military for over 30 years I find it funny that congress wants to cut the very life line that has served this great country. But yet allows themselves massive pay increases and retaines 100% of their pay for life, while Soilders retain a fraction of what they deserve. If you want to cut the budget, begin with congress…

  • Sill

    Cutting troops is a better solution, although this might be difficult with two wars. But in general, less pay will entice smarter soldiers to get out and work for the private sector. If we reduce troop levels by not offering re-enlistment to every moron it could actually improve the armed services and save money. Also if the military stops wasting money on garbage to make their balance 0 at the end of the fiscal year(to avoid budget cuts), and we stop wasting in general, we might be able to bring down the cost.

    • Ark_bluegoose71923

      There isn’t any jobs in the private sector for the military. Jobs are very hard to find in today’s economy. Cutting troops is not the answer. Cutting the pay of the White House staff should be an option seeing that they are living off the taxpayers hard earned dollars. I am the spouse of an active duty soldier, and even being in the military the economic situation has hit us as well as everyone in the US. We have two wars going on, and if we cut the troops there will not be any troops on the home front to defend us from outside invasion.

  • Johnfeastman

    why don,t you stop the ones in upper office, on gaving themself automatic pay raises, and their people that write their speeches. ther is where the money goes. and stop picking on the militry,and their family. stop picking on us retired people. john.

  • Catronater

    I Love this country. Ive bleed for this counry like many others on here. I’ve spent countless days fighting a war on terror just like many who are speaking up on here. If anyone should take a pay cut it should be politicians because of poor performance. Last time I checked we went where were told and killed many terrorist with success in their poitical war. Hell even if everyone took a cut across the board it still wouldnt be fair because polliticians. I think im speaking for most people on here that have served, retired, or currently serving. Politicians are making a huge mistake and are about to screw up.

  • wofo

    Obama is about to embark on a 10 day trip to India. He is taking 3000 people and 150 journalists, renting complete hotels at a cost $200 million a DAY. Total cost 2 Billion.
    Why don’t we just cancel his trip and use that money for the military pay raises?


    It’s funny though, but I’ll bet this issue will not make it to the headlines wiht any of the major .stations.Why, because they could care less about what we have done and continue doing.

    And, it’s not all about money either, it’s just the idea of cutting our pay, or even cutting the military.

    Just think, John a few messages below spent 30 years serving our country.But you think that means anything to most of those politicians.No!

    I mean, sure Sen. Kerry,Sen Webb (yes, he served as well, and did alot for the G.I. Bill),and many more, but they know we don’t get paid that much.Not to mention advancement/promotion is not that great for some AFSEs,MOSs, or ratings.

    Again, there’s alot of good points in our blog, but we need to point it out to them.

    Brandie, the airforce nurse did what we should all do.Thanks,LT soon-to-be.

  • Skiloo2000

    When the government can’t get enough volunteers, they’ll start the draft again. Remember the the New York draft riots during the Civil War?

    • sdnative1964

      Due to a crappy economy and even crappier job prospects, recruiting is NOT a problem right now. Even USMC has met quota for the entire year. Might be time to raise the bar on whom the military will accept to make a smarter and therefor leaner force. That being said they will still know their worth and if it doesn’t make economic sense they will bail after one term and get their GI Bill bucks and run.

      • FMF DOC

        Actually the has improved.Alot.

        • sdnative1964

          I assume you meant the GI Bill has improved a lot and I agree. I do believe however that the GI Bill benefits should be pro-rated linked to time in service. It doesn’t make sense that a service member doing four years should have the same GI Bill benefits of someone doing 20+. Does it? Of course you would have to factor in such things as service related disabilities and the like, but I’m sure there is a way of leveling the playing field.

  • Catronater

    Send every last one of them to Afgansistan right now in direct combat as a marine pvt rifleman. If the politicians died in the name of freedom we would win. If they survive then maybee they would walk away with new found respect for their country and servicemen. usmc sgt 0311. Lets go obama one saddle up with your henchmen politicians.

  • James

    The military works every day pretty much and even on off days, they’re on call. Someone else gets to send them into a 3rd world war zone, some times multiple 3rd world war zones or the same one multiple times. How about reducing every politician’s annual salary by just 2 or 3%. Discharge soldiers that don’t want to be in the military anymore (no benefits). Discharge repeat criminal offender soldiers (no benefits). Discharge known malingerers (no benefits). Discharge deployment dodgers (no benefits). Discharge everyone above staff sergeant or major that has not been deployed (limited benefits). Discharge non-combat related permanent profiles. Stop giving freebies to foreign governments. How about instead of the government giving money to PBS and NPR, that goes to soldiers who deserve it. There are tons of ways to prevent the military from taking a pay cut or loosing necessary combat ready, personnel.

  • James

    Hilary Clinton recently promised Cambodia that the U.S. would join the fight to end sexual slavery in the world. Remember how much the U.S. pledged to Haiti? So… they keep promising military aid and tax payer money to foreign nations but U.S. soldiers, who are also the best tax payers the U.S. has, will have to worry about making ends meet or losing their jobs all together so that Obama and his horde can maintain their global image? They are causing inflation and the military is going to suffer for it. But… at least we fixed Haiti (no we didn’t) and we are going to rid the world of sexual slavery (no we wont).

  • Bob

    Sen. Webb. As a retired senior NCO, after serving 22 years in the USAF, with two years combat time in Viet Nam , I ask what have you done to serve our country ? You sit in Washington DC sucking off the public trough , and you are nothing but a sorry coward! You have opposed funding for the active military and the disabled veterans through the VA whom protected your sorry ass because you were too afraid to face an enemy of this country. I just pray the good military members in the state of Virginia will vote your sorry ass out of office in your next election.

    • Bob,

      Senator Webb is a decorated combat veteran with service in Vietnam. Calling a man like this a sorry coward does not reflect well on you. Oh, and that combat time, was on the ground with his Marines in COMBAT.


  • Denverco

    Denver, CO…Disabled Vet.

    Hey guys and gals lets face it…eight (8) years of would-be King George (Bush) and Chancellor (Tricky Dick) Chaney…backed by the buck-stops-here (in my pocket) Republican controlled Congress, and supported by the conservative-ideological (Republican based) Supreme Court rulings allowing ruthless, apathetic and greedy co-operate executives to rape the public coffers, ultimately dug our country into the financial abyss we face today.

    President Obama didn’t create the problem (he inherited it)…it began ten years ago with a greedy, apathetic and corrupt Bush administration and greedy and corrupt co-corporate executives, who raped the public coffers creating the economic crisis we face today…they should pay for the economic recovery. Wow!!! What a novel idea!!! Add up the bucks!!! Billions of dollars put back into the public coffers and public markets!!! I would bet a banana-to-a-coconut that money would give a big stimulus boost to the economic recovery.

    Cutting or reducing military pay and benefits isn’t going to help our failing economy recover. It would, however, put military service members, retiree’s and disabled vets in more financial jeopardy and crisis…haven’t we paid more than enough already???

    • Thesarge2000

      i say impeach oboma he is the cause of this by him being a dope impeach oboma n fire all the dummy crats a retired soldier

  • Aramrat52

    What the hell is happening in this country? While we were serving we were the best people in the world. Now that we’re retired, old and aching, the govenment wants to cut our benefits, retirement and medical care. Why don’t you just stab us in our backs and stomp on our faces while you’re at it. Adel

  • Common Sense Politic

    Face facts. PRO = GOOD. CON = BAD.

    That’s why it’s called CONgress instead PROgress. Greedy soulsuckers of the public trust will always be in DC(read Dirty City). Our elected officials are corrupt thieves that will always put their own cowardly asses before anyone else.

    I have a child that is enrolled in EFMP and due to the nature of her disability I cannot move her and my wife to where I’m stationed because the benefits that she receives in my home state far out way the benefits of the state of Georgia. This forces me to maintain two households. If they cut our pay I’m going to have to get out because I already took a pay cut when I enlisted. I made more money as a civillian, I won’t be able to afford to be a soldier anymore.

    I love our country and the ideals on which it was founded. Life, Liberty, and the “Pursuit” of happiness. Happiness is not guaranteed under the constitution, only the pursuit of it. I realize it would cost alot of money to drug test welfare recipients, however we would save alot more by cutting off the free ride to those that fail it. We, as United States citizens, need to insist that politicians who are not in favor of border enforcement pay the medical bills of all illegals out of their own pockets.

    STOP giving our country away to the rest of the world and WE WILL be able to do what we need to do, and quite possibly have a few dollars left over.

  • sdnative1964

    You’re right. The one time cost of an abortion for an unwanted child will greatly outweigh having to keep said child on WIC, welfare, subsidized health care, free school breakfast, lunch and dinner, etc for the next 18 years. Does your head hurt from the vacuum created by the lack of brain mass?

  • Tom

    How about the Senate and Congress take a 50% pay cut. Also take away all of the perks that they have voted themselves. I think that I am being overly generous by only a 50% cut. Lord know they have not earned what they are now robbing the AMERICAN taxpays out of. How many of those people wanting too cut the pay of the military have ever completed one day in the military.

  • Old SARGE

    People who set on high as leaders serving their countries best intrust And national securities nee remember ths: Your leadership is so valuable to Your Military ! Us sevice members whom serve to kepp our nations securities are vital to keep you in office to do your job. Hear is our model withen the ranks of our militay structures: We are trained as soldiers to protect and get the Job done if we are given the proper tools and soldiers to get the Job done. The Moto is team work and without teamwork we cannot get the Job done. As well we need all realms of wepons as well to meet each occation or that too will break the ranks. So I say: We need all of you to take this as a serious action in your own lives ;To work as soldiers as in team work and if not what is Americans and even more so they very back bone that can and will get the Job done. Our country sees how broken the things are no real team work and true leadership. It is high tide and America is falling away. Its time now you all serve as we serve knowing our lives to are on the line and so you all need to do the same as soldires do for your country and be proud to serve her with Pride and dignity and courage and team work. Take down our back bone and thus you leave us vonerable ! All of america. To include your jobs too when their wont be any jobs left when tneir is no more work and no more taxes to keep you all in office. This is a very serious matter in our times !
    May God Bless we the people and all be a real team efert to get America back on the teamwork and securities we need.
    United We Stand Or divided We fall.
    Sincerely yours, from an old soldier

  • Armywife84

    I think that congress should think about cutting their pay and their medical instead of taking out on the soldiers that if not for them we wouldn’t be a country at all. We wouldn’t have any freedoms and we would still be controlled by Britain. How every congress votes themselves a raises every year and their medical is better than anybody in this country but they want to cut militarys pay and/or cut troops. If it wasn’t for the millions of people that have served or are serving are country would be as free as it is. Millions of soldiers died to make this country free and they died for stupid wars that should have never been started. So maybe the men and women that serve in congress should go back into history and read about the military and instead of thinking of themselves.

  • MessedUpVet

    Is this the same Jim Webb that is coercing the Navy to keep a facility open in his district even though the Navy no longer deems the facility needed?? What is it going to take for these politicians to learn?? How many landslide elections will it take?? BTW, Jim Webb is a Naval Academy grad who served in Viet Nam as a 1st LT. He was awarded the Navy Cross…under VERY dubious circumstances. But, he was awarded the Navy Cross all the same. Google him…

  • peon50

    Well congress needs to cut their pay in half and leave the retired vet and active duty alone.

  • Frankre1

    It must be time to reduce our world widw military commitments … REDUCE THE NUMBER OF TROOPS … DO NOT CUT PAY!

  • Alphaomegares13

    Why don’t we send sen. webb to a afghanistan to see what a soldier goes thru. Just how stupid is he? Why don’t we cut all of the senaters pay.

  • Epeter3

    Ccncel Obama”s trip to India and give tthe money to the Military and we won’t worry about the pay or the manpower

  • Spc. Keck Ft. Campbe

    When I joined the army it wasnt for money but for Love of

    country. Just because I didnt join for money doesnt mean I want to make less of it.

    I joined later in life at the age of 42. I quit a job making nearly 80k a year. I was running a $4 million per year company. If I didnt perform or anybody working under me didnt then we would be let go. I had to continously look for ways to trim costs and become more competitive. After being in the military for three and a half years I have noticed so many ways to cut costs that it would make your head spin. I will speak of two ways to cut spending. One would be to speadily get rid of the dead beats, trouble makers, drug users, wife beaters and so on. Right now it seems like it takes at least six months to get rid of someone getting chaptered out of the army. All the while they stay on the payroll and do absolutely no work whatsoever to earn that pay. Speed the process up!!!

    The second way( no I am NOT chauvinist ) has to deal with females in the army. Every NCO from the bottom to the top is afraid of getting an eo complaint that females (not all females but a large number) are getting away with murder. Worst part of the female problem is the number of single females that are with children or are currently pregnant. From the time that they find out that they are pregnant until the baby is born the vast majority of the females contribute absolutely nothing towards their jobs. Even after the child is born they use that child as a way to get out of work or extra duties. We have one female right now that brings her infant to pt every morning so that her chain of command will just send her home. Since our troops deployed to Afghanistan in Aughust there have been nine single females sent back to the states because she got pregnant while deployed.

    If you want to trim the fat off of a steak you dont do it by cutting the steak in half you do it by trimming only the fat.

    I could ramble on here for hours and not even scratch the surface but I wont. But I will say that cutting raises on the troops would be cutting potitical suicide. If you want to do something that will impress, not only the armed services, but all civilians in general plus extend your political career as a good guy would be to bring the pay and benifits of the Washington Fat Cats down to the level that the rest of the people of the United States has to make do with.

    • Cegibbs3

      When I joined the Army there was one female in my battalion area. She was looking for a husband, not a career! When I retired they were all over the place and most of them were in it for the career and/or the college money etc. Not unlike their male counterparts. Unfortunately, there was and still is an extremely large amount of them that figured out how to play the free baby game and get over at work as well! Yes, it’s true, there are thousands of female freeloaders in the service just taking advantage of the system. It truly does need to be addressed.

  • crazzyflyboy

    That’s right…stick it to the Vets! Oh…Senators and Congress, vote yourself a hefty fat raise.

  • Webfoot5072

    This is unbelievably outrageous. As a 19 year veteran of the Army, I am just about to hit my 20 year retirement eligibility. Do they really believe that it would be somehow ethicly or legally correct to cut retiree benefits when this was a condition of their service contract. I could understand making this the case for new recruits, but under no circumstance should they be able to grandfather this crap…The only answer is to reduce the size of the force, if that is what is comes to. I might also consider a freeze in cost of living increases, but don’t you dare cut pay or benefits!!!

  • Alphaomegares13

    Next election Sen. Webb is on his way out. Good bye dude.

  • Tammy

    Really!! The soldiers and families risk alot and the govt dont think they deserve the small raises????? Only in america.

  • kellie smith

    I think we should cut some where else and leave all military along because if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t have the freedom to what we do and and they are the ones that are brave enough to fight for our freedom for all of us. People need to respect them and support them NOT take away.


  • No, military should not have any pay increases, all money needs to go to us greedy bastards on wall street. Thank you FDIC! I am laughing my ass off at the stupid troops giving there life for our country, that means less we have to pay. Right! Isn’t America wonderful.

    • gumbie

      Hey Edwin, what a great comment! Since you seem to have extra some money in your pocket, and in the bank, and under your mattress and probably in some numbered off shore account, I’ve got an idea: to get some of those “stupid troops” off the governemt payroll, I’m going to start sending them to you! And when a veteran goes homeless because one of your ‘mergers’ causes his company to lay off people, I’m going to send them to you! THink about it, you will have solved unemployment and homelessness! Then YOU will be the HERO……. what was you address again…??

  • shaft

    The powers that be need to cut the lieing, cheating, and stealing, Live us Vets and our pay alone!

  • shaft

    The Powers That Be need to cut all the Lieing, Cheating, and Stealing they do, and Leave us Vets ALONE!

  • Bigpapparrish

    These military people were willing to give up their lives for us. Cut your own pay and give them what they deserve. They cannot vote themselves a pay raise like you elected officials can..

  • Chara

    as a widow of a man that served 26 yr’s Air force,I live below poverty level.He only lived 8 yr’s after retireing, they cut you to 55%.I spent many day’s alone, worried, taking care of the home and yard, and kid’s, learned to do repair’s because i could not afford to hire some one to do it.I made sure his uniform’s were ready, suitcase alway’s packed, just in case.we had many plan’s when he retired, but he got cancer and was sick a long time, so that never got to happen.He died in my care in our home with his stomach split wide open after a 9 lb tumor was removed, he would not heal, they should be giving instead of wanting to take away, I will get my first food box for thanksgiving,because of being below poverty, and some heat make’s me sick inside. you young men hold your ground and fight for your future.

  • DHTeetz

    The Dems have only two more years to mess with our pay/retirement, etc. With any luck, they will dither around for at least that long.

  • Jenn

    Targeted bonuses for lower enlisted?? Why don’t you give bonuses to those that reup indef and make the military a career? Why is it the lower enlisted, first termers get everything, and those that actually stick it out don’t get crap???

  • wow thats all i got to say as for cutting people out of the military well that maybe something to do if u don’t met the standard why should you be in why should i have to maintain everything and the guy next to me just say i don’t care and they keep them, cutting from the armed forces pay or are raises no way what are there problems like really why do we need so many people in congress why not cut spending there why not just axe a few or why no instead of a senator earning $174,000 a year wtf and they hardly do anything while my brother,sisters and friends and me risk are lives and we hardly see a fraction of that money i guess what this government want are people who are smooth and great talkers then someone to defend them i can;t even believe this would be something to debate about cutting are men and womens pay and raises who serve or who did there time and are retired i think they need to look at themselves and say lets cut are pay

  • Chara

    I just read about Obama’s vacation to India taking 3000 people, at the cost of 2 million a day.reserved the Taj Mahol, I believe 554 room’s and several other Fancy hotel’s.Taking there lincoln car, and several other secret service car’s, I believe it is taking 40 plane’s to get them all there ,plus transport plane’s at the cost of the tax payer.look it up on the computer and read about it, make’s you sick, people get ready for the soup line. plus today he is giving another 600 million again stimulas money away.this old world is in a bad way, god help us all

    • Kenjutsu89

      You’re exaggerating!!!

  • John80112

    Where do they get off talking about reducing military pay when a Senator on average makes $175000 per year when we have soldiers putting their lives on the line to protect those nice salaries and freedoms at a salary of $36000 hardly seems fair. They talk of lowering or omitting the pay raises for military but don’t mention anything about the GS pay raise or wages which is the scale they use for their pay and raises. If your gonna do it do it across the government board. Don’t pick on those that protect your very existence.

  • Mrzipz

    As a retire this would hurt me and my wife if something happend to me.

  • Capt John K USMC Ret

    Well, we’re repeating history again, we built up for Iraq and Afganistan, now the law makers have an end date, even if they say no, there is. Now we’re going to reduce the number of troops because we don’t need that many (forgetting about the borders, illlegal aliens, drugs, weapons crossing, gangs that are a real threat to our peace), BUT, while reducing the troops, cutting their wages, cutting COLA and benefits of the veterans, the law makers will vote themselves ANOTHER raise and additional benefits, beacuse “they” need, rate or think they deserve it. And they do it because they can.

    Capt John K USMC Ret

  • Bradtherad

    What is this garbage? I’m a retired 20-year Senior NCO from the US Air Force and that military retirement pay has kept my wife and I out of severe financial trouble several times since I retired in 1993. Congress, cut your pay and benefits! OK, I am willing to give up some of my retired pay under the following conditions:

    1. Congress takes a 15-25% cut in their pay and perks.

    2. My medical and dental care as well as my wife’s is paid for for the rest of our lives at a facility of our choosing. (That was a promise made to me when I went in in 1973. We saw how the government kept that one).

    3. My Social Security will be paid at the 66 rate when I retire at 62, or if I wait until 66, paid at the age 70 rate.

    4. My retirement pay is tax-free (state as well as federal income tax).

    I’m not being unreasonable. To cut benefits for those who proudly served is a national disgrace. But, then again, when has our government ever kept any promise it made to the veterans? I say-any representative in Congress who votes to cut retirement benefits should be voted out at the next election. We veterans need to unite and fight!!!!

    If Congress wants to keep backtracking, then we send them packing. By the way, thanks to all of you veterans who gave selflessly in the military. Write the military organizations and tell them-fight for us. Write your representative and remind them-we pay their salaries with our taxes and we can fire them if they’re not doing us right. Leave the military alone! The government is sending bailout after bailout. They need to quit helping Smith Barney and start helping Barney Smith.

  • Cfshawjr

    Give the our elected officials a first hand look at what our troops have to go through each day over i the gulf. Send them over there for a year and pull the same duty our service men & women do, then ask them if they could still ask for pay cuts for the military! Walk a mile in my shoes….senator!

  • How about Sen Webb giving up his pay raises and benefits package as long as the economy is in the condition its in. I am sure after spending 20 years in the service that my retirement should be cut (NOT). Lets cut troops so the troops can deploy that much more. How about cutting some unemployment benefits to people that refuse to go look for a job since they just keep getting an handout from the government. Oh yea lets cut some dam welfare too why we are at it not just pay and benefits to the military.

  • Stephen Jeffrey


  • Joe Schneider

    How about all the congressmen and women be required to work for the government for 20 years before getting a retirement, and let it be the same % as the military. These guys get paid more than any service member, don’t work a third as much as a service member and never put their life on the line for their country except of course the few that did serve but you get my point.

  • Kenjae7277

    Well, we got “change” all right. We “changed” from Iraq to Afghanihoozits and next we’ll change to “Yemen”. Senator Webb wants to spread the troops sooooo thinnnn that the next “change” will be a draft. And, the only reason he’s not cutting pay and benefits because he’s afraid of the polls? Nasty coward, bet he voted himself a nice fat raise. We got rid of that mooching Perrillowhatshisname and Webb, you’re next on the cutting block in Virginia because of all the retired military here. Get ready to pack your bags.

  • Bladestone77

    Evidently dem-party plans for bail-outs, wasted stimulous trillion and the healthcare de-form leaves little for national defense. One thing is true, without jobs there is no money to pay for a lot of things.

  • Namvet70

    How about all the members in all Government positions and I mean every single one give up their pay and benefits for a year and dawn a uniform, helmet and grab a weapon and go to the front lines and just see what our men and women are up against. Then come home and talk about reducing pay and benefits or reducing troop strength. I guess nobody ever heard of Dec 7th 1941 or remembers 911

  • Skex

    My husband spent 28 yrs of his llife defending this country now you want to cut his veterans benefits? He has suffered enough he now lays in a bed in a nursing home unable to speak, talk or walk hasn,t he given enough. I would have him at home but I can’t take care of him alone but I have stood by his side for 48 years and will continue to for the rest of his life. How can you even consider cutting his benefits. All I can say is shame on you.

  • Karl Smulligan

    It is a real shame that the pay of those whom have defended the rights and privaleges of all the members of congress , have to be the ones that they look to, give it all.

  • Cesarvado

    If congress was to cut their pay and benefit, I am willing to bet you we would save a lot more money than cutting the military benefit. The retirement pay of the military is peanuts compare to what these senators are receiving in retirement pay and benefit. Now you know why I did not vote Democrat.

  • With a loss in my retirement pay due to an increase in TRICARE DELTA DENTAL insurance cost and a ‘no cost of living increase’ as an offset, I’m now receiving less retirement income than last year. That’s a great way for the government to save money at the expense of a retired veteran who isn’t alone with this result. Way to go you wisdom wonders!

  • Kenjutsu89

    Congress has taken a pay cut. Plus, when they tried to cut down on the amount of bases overseas the military pulled out the W.O.T and helping allies card. so now they’ve come down to this.

  • Lou

    I feel they need to look at cutting the billions spent each year taking care of the illegal immigrents in this country. We could save one hell of a lot more that way then cutting the military compensation program. It seems they always like to cut military when a savings is needed.

  • Dan

    I’ve heard some oblivious a-holes suggest that military pay is already too high because, when you take into account non-taxable allowances like BAH and BAS, we make more than our civilian counterparts. That’s probably true in some cases, but lets think about the some less obvious aspects of the debate. For one, military members are trading a lot more for the money they receive. Military members work consistently long hours in jobs that often involve very demanding physical tasks, and we don’t earn overtime doing it. Nor do we get every weekend off. Civilians, given the same number of hours and in a similar position, would generally make more money. We also risk injury or death, and deal with tough family issues. How much money is that worth? See what happens after you tell an accountant that he has to be away from his family for 6-18 months at a time, over and over again, face getting shot at or blown up, and receive less money than normal. I’m sure they’d love to give up their everyday lives for some allowances, on top of an extremely low base pay. Finally, there’s also the issue that many military spouses face when trying to find work. How do you find work when you are forced to move every few years, and are left taking care of all domestic problems single-handedly? This generally means that military families earn less overall. What it boils down to is that it would be wrong to cut pay for the military.
    I also think that cutting pay will simply result in fewer people wanting to join the military. How’s that going to help?

  • Howard

    Sounds to me like all of Congress need to cough up the .5 percent out of their last pay raise they voted themself. Then they could afford to give all of us our .5 percent we all earned and are earning! Less pay raises in congress would sure help keep the Millitary.

  • Picabu16

    What? I think their is no money that pay all the sacrifices a military family go trow.

  • Donr1052

    When are you people going to get it??? THERE IS NO NEED to cut troops or their salaries or the pay of retirees or COLA!! GET RID OF THE MILITARY WASTE!!!!!!!!!!! Every active duty and military retired soldier sees the tremendous waste of money everyday that DOD allocates to military organizations! Just to mention one….is the end of physical year money that is left over. Military organizations tries to spend ALL their left-over money NLT 30 Sept of each year otherwise their allocations will decrease! So…you can’t blame them for spending the money, because we punish them if they don’t…we actually should be rewarding them if they turn back their left-over physical end-of-year funds for being thrifty with the money. I spent 20 years in supply & logistics during my military career and retired as a supply Warrant Officer. Just put me in charge of getting rid of waste in the military and when I am finished, everybody would get a raise and still have money left over!

    • anonxyz

      It’s “fiscal” year, not “physical” year……..

  • The Poz

    Vietnam Vets, you all know who is power now it’s all

    those college draft dodging hippies who spit on us and treated us like scum and called us names. They just loath us that they want to get back at the military. I think they make far to much money and benefits and they need to cut some of their bene.s

  • El47

    I ask, why doesn’t the government cut spending money on themselves in such areas such as expensive hotel stays, meals, trips, retirement benefits, medical benefits, etc., why are they always looking into reducing $ from the military? Aren’t we the ones with our necks out in the line? We are not the ones sitting on our assess “disputing” “their” pay, benefits, raises and all the perks they treat themselves with!!! I say, “We should sit and discuss their pay, benefits, raises and all the perks!!” After all are we not the ones with the VOTE!

  • Midgetkat2102

    Yeah lets cut the number of troops so we over stretch those that are serving when the next wave of crazed militants decides to attack us. How about Washington take a pay cut? They are always so willing to cut everyone elses paycheck. For alot of military families there solider is the only income the family has.

  • Rs4024

    Yes, Government down size, close the Department of Education, Department of Energy, IRS (national sales tax).

  • Agntshagwell1338

    Our government needs a brain. Maybe if we go to the wizard it can give it one. Our troops put their life on the line for all of us, cut their pay! Please evryone who has served should get a medal and never have to worry about housing or food EVER! Yet sadly those returning to the life of the freedom for which they fought for face just that! When will the ignorance stop???

  • Viper 4

    Are you kidding me. Lets not cut soldier levels or stop paying them. I can think of many ways to reduce costs associated with the military. Lets start with annual budgets each general gets. Costly change of command cerimonies and rediculous signage and billboards located on every post. Or better yey, lets start by reducing costs associated with the legislative branches within our government. Why does a senator make $175’000K per year. You have got to be kidding me. They want to empty our pockets but god forbid they look at a salary reduction

  • Queburban96

    With the all of these cut backs in the military benefits, I would like to point out one of the biggest hidden cut back of them all. first military has dangled this huge Post 911 GI Bill. But there is reality that is hitting the older troops with 18 yrs or more. yes you can finally get through the red tape to get your GI bill going, but that’s where the bucks stops. there are stipulation on who can recieve them. If you can’t stay in for those extra two years to qualify for it. there lies the problem. With the commanders being forced to cut pay or reduce troops, well you know who’s going to go first. the older guys who wants to hang around to get that GI bill.

    • I did not qualify for Chapter 33 based on the date I left service after 20+ years of service. However, my medical retirement (based on the medical board after returning from OEF and years in airborne assignments including an assignment as a 1SG of an airborne company) qualified me for 100% of the new bill. I guess it depends upon what the “older troops” did in their later years when so many were in OIF and OIF.

  • 05retired

    I’m a military retiree who’s grateful to get his check every month and would like to see it grow. I don’t want service members paid less; comments about risk, working conditions and nomadic lifestyle are right on!

    But I’m very disappointed and alarmed at the bigotry, selfishness and outright ignorance in many of the posted comments. I’m an independent voter, but I need to remind some of the more viscious writers that we are in our several messes mostly because George W. Bush got us into what apparently was a prolonged, financially draining, casualty causing and apparently needless war in Iraq. (I support our warfighters no matter how disillusioned I’ve become with the wars they’re fighting.) At the same time Bush’s adminstration reduced oversight of financial trading, which is how the Wall Street fat cats got into situations that wrecked the economy.

    Taking care of immigrants is a tiny piece of the U.S. budget — primarily it’s educating and providing health care to children. “Welfare” is how you and I keep people from littering the sidewalks with their starved corpses — or breaking into our homes to rob us so they can feed themselves. The kind so hated by so many (payments to people who allegedly refuse to work) is maybe 3 percent of the national budget. Would you call unemployment compensation — paid to people who lost jobs in the Wall Street-induced financial near-collapse — welfare?

    Sadly, I see nothing in the Republican agenda that would make things better. Throwing government employees out of work may create some emotional satisfaction, but it would reduce the services we now receive and delay provision of those that remain. (You think you have to wait long for a license now? Try waiting with maybe one-third fewer people to process them!) They, too, would need unemployment compensation and their sharply educed incomes would curtail their spending at the very time we need to get us consumers to spend. (The unemployed spend as little as possible; I know firsthand, now that I’m a pensioner. I’d bet that most career military people don’t know much about being laid off and unable to find another job. It’s deadening to the spirit as well as to the wallet.)

    Repeal the timid health-care reforms? (Remember, the new law isn’t telling you you have to change doctors.) That would keep poor people out of preventive health care,so they’d go to expensive emergency rooms with well-developed illness much more costly to cure than if they were caught early. Private insurers would once again be able to deny coverage to those with “pre-existing conditions” and drop coverage for people who get seriously ill. Young adults — many of them greatly underemployed — wouldn’t be able to remain on ther parents’ health plans until age 26. And we retirees wouldn’t get the free preventive services of the new law, especially physical exams that cost $400-500 that we’ll be entitled to receive in two months.

    The socioexonomic gap in this country is becoming enormous, the rich getting still richer while the rest of us become worse off. The top 1 percent of income-earners get one-quarter of all the income in the United States. They certainly could afford to pay a little more in taxes, even if that would force them to drive the old Jaguar a second six months.

    • I bet you would liberally use the term “neo-con” in another forum.

      • Kador_05

        the point is you cannot place the blame on bush. obama has done that with everything of his that has failed. but yet he takes credit where it isn’t due (11 days for the nobel peace prize). and we forget that there are rules and regulations in place to prevent the very thing that has happened. so what have we got now? new regulations w/ no new enforcement or oversight, and a bailout whenever someone decides they need the slightest bit of help ( or when the feds think they need help). and just keep in mind before you start to blame bush for everything that has happend the dems (who blame him for everything bad since 06) have been in charge since 06. last time i checked, congress makes the laws and the pres signes them. congress makes and approves the budget.

    • Oleserg

      05retired, get educated:
      So Here’s The Real Deal:
      So who is to blame? There’s plenty of blame to go around, and it doesn’t fasten only on one party or even mainly on what Washington did or didn’t do. As The Economist magazine noted recently, the problem is one of “layered irresponsibility … with hard-working homeowners and billionaire villains each playing a role.” Here’s a partial list of those alleged to be at fault:
      • The Federal Reserve, which slashed interest rates after the dot-com bubble burst, making credit cheap.
      • Home buyers, who took advantage of easy credit to bid up the prices of homes excessively.
      • Congress, which continues to support a mortgage tax deduction that gives consumers a tax incentive to buy more expensive houses.
      • Real estate agents, most of whom work for the sellers rather than the buyers and who earned higher commissions from selling more expensive homes.
      • The Clinton administration, which pushed for less stringent credit and downpayment requirements for working- and middle-class families.
      • Mortgage brokers, who offered less-credit-worthy home buyers subprime, adjustable rate loans with low initial payments, but exploding interest rates.
      • Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, who in 2004, near the peak of the housing bubble, encouraged Americans to take out adjustable rate mortgages.
      • Wall Street firms, who paid too little attention to the quality of the risky loans that they bundled into Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS), and issued bonds using those securities as collateral.
      • The Bush administration, which failed to provide needed government oversight of the increasingly dicey mortgage-backed securities market.
      • An obscure accounting rule called mark-to-market, which can have the paradoxical result of making assets be worth less on paper than they are in reality during times of panic.
      • Collective delusion, or a belief on the part of all parties that home prices would keep rising forever, no matter how high or how fast they had already gone up.
      The U.S. economy is enormously complicated. Screwing it up takes a great deal of cooperation. Claiming that a single piece of legislation was responsible for (or could have averted) the crisis is just political grandstanding.

  • r2d2

    Lets take care of our own America. Cut the money going out to countries just so they can remain our allies or bribes to countries that have nothing to offer. And by the way how about you Reps in congress and President taking a pay cut and going on Tricare like we do.

  • Navywife07

    President BO takes his wife on a “date” to NYC using an AIR FORCE jet, and yet we have to take a pay cut?! Are you kidding? I love it when those in control of the military have absolutely no experience in it.

  • 10retired

    05retired: you are clueless.

  • Name

    I don’t neccesarily agree with cutting troops because we are already doing “more with less”. The focus needs to shift toawrds productivity and stop using these archaic systems to do futuristic jobs… that will save you money before cutting troops any day!

  • Garyhh14

    always been the same congress says go fight for our county and then cuts pay and benifits we have great gains in last several years but after election no more. hope someone in washington thinks of moral of troops,

  • Ejncjalways

    Why don’t Congress vote to reduce their pay and benefits!

  • Benny

    Hate to say it. For those who wanted changes, this it what you get for changes!

  • Danglines

    Hurting people is the republican way. What did rummy say “you go to war with the weapons you have not what you want”. It’s nice of him to think that maiming and killing others is unimportant. Get rid of the f-35 and other immensely expensive weapons systems and stop catering to the
    Lockheed’s of the US. Now some brain dead republican wants to privatize the VA. Real intelligent unpatriotic and totally gutless. Let’s send them to Afghanistan and put them on the front line. The won’t last a day and be crying for their mommies.

    • Oleserg

      ??? Do some research using legitimate sources youngster and you’ll find out who really supports the military!

    • Kador_05

      you must be missinformed in some way. the reps have always been on our side, pay raises for all servicemembers, dems want to take it away now. since my medical retirement, i have been loosing money and pay every year. now the expensive f-35 and the part about politicians not lasting a day in our combat zones is true, but we don’t need to scrap any new tech, just convince those in charge to let us actually use them, instead of worring about loosing that aricraft. and nextime you want to go on like that, back up those claims with facts. and do not start a quote with what did they say.

    • UM…WHA??????

  • The fiscal 2010 base budget proposal includes $177.5 billion to directly compensate and
    support America’s military professionals and their families. This represents one-third of the
    department’s base budget and reflects the strong commitment to caring for our troops with an
    increase of more than $13 billion from the fiscal 2009 request.
    Military Healthcare. Within this request, the department fully funds military healthcare,
    which will cost more than $47 billion in fiscal 2010. The Department expects to continue to
    work with the Congress to look for ways to slow the growth of medical costs while continuing to
    provide high-quality care.
    Pay. The fiscal 2010 budget includes a 2.9 percent military pay raise effective January 1,
    2010. This pay raise, coupled with an average increase of 6.0 percent in Basic Allowance for
    Housing (BAH) rates and a 5.0 percent increase to Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS),
    maintains these programs at current standards and keeps military pay very competitive with other
    employment sectors. The budget also includes a 2.0 percent pay raise for civilian employees.
    Ground Force Increase. The proposed budget will fully protect and properly fund the
    ongoing growth in military ground force end strength, and it will do so in the base budget.
    Growth in the Army and Marines will be sustained, and reductions will be halted in the Air Force
    and Navy. Accomplishing this will require an increase of approximately $2.3 billion in military
    personnel costs above the fiscal 2009 enacted level.
    Family Support and Housing. The budget request provides $11 billion to fund military
    housing and support programs for single and married service members and their families. In
    addition to constructing new barracks and family housing and maintaining current units, this
    includes funding for child care centers and youth programs; morale, welfare, and recreation
    activities; warfighter and family services; commissaries; DoD schools; and military spouse
    employment programs.
    Caring for Our Wounded, Ill, and Injured. The department has no greater priority than
    providing the highest quality support to wounded, ill, and injured soldiers, sailors, airmen,
    Marines, and their families. The fiscal 2010 budget recognizes this responsibility and provides
    $3.3 billion to support injured service members in their recovery, rehabilitation, and
    reintegration. This funding provides additional case managers and mental health providers, an
    expedited Disability Evaluation System, construction of 12 additional Army Warrior in
    Transition complexes, and continued implementation of Walter Reed National Military Medical
    Center and Fort Belvoir hospital BRAC projects within the National Capital Region. The budget
    also includes $0.4 billion for medical research and development for traumatic brain injury,
    psychological health, and other casualty care issues.

    That’s equals 10% of the total paid to our service personnel and families.

    According to the 2011 defense budget of 130 billion allocated for Iraq and Afghanistan 40 billion id for maintenance which means paying civilians again for doing things that our troops can do at way less.

    When I was on the submarine we had these outside contractors com on board for a week to tell us that we were right as too why something didnt work. I got 540 a month they got over 5000 A WEEK!!

  • armywife06

    I believe downsizing the Military is the wrong answer. The biggest issue is our military personnel are tired and over worked with the war going on. Downsizing will only make things worse and I also believe that if it would cause more issues in the US of A. It would also put more strain on the economy.

  • C Harper

    How about cutting civilian DOD jobs? These guys can’t be forced to work 7 days a week 12 hours a day like those of us in uniform can. They aren’t held to the same strict standards as we are. (For example they can’t be fired for adultery.) And in the middle of a war you want to cut… “warriors?????! Why am I not surprised the chief advocate is a democrat? Brazeaut makes some key observations too.

  • LittleJim

    A pay cut? Really? Do they know what is expected of us here? I am in Afghanistan right now putting my neck on the line. For what? So some ass can sit behind a desk and debate how much I should make. Don’t they know I get paid squat for what I do? A civilian contractor doing the same thing is making six figures. I make way less than that. Oh, they think that a little compensation of 500 a month for being in a hazardous duty area is worth getting rocketed and mortared and God forbid hit one day. America, I ask you not to let them mess with active duty military, their families, and retirees. If this or other considerations like it are allowed to pass through Senate for consideration, shame on you all. Ditch the contractors that are soaking up funds and mismanaging everything they do. What percent of the budget goes to those crooks? Do not disgrace our service to our country.

    • Reginaferrara99


      I am completely in agreement with you. I work @ FT Jackson and I can tell you that half of this post is contractors. They work from 0800-1600 everyday and get paid almost twice what we get paid. Plus they are getting paid overtime for anything over 40 hrs. And I can tell you for certain I am not working from 0800-1600. The troops here (being a training post) are working from 0700-2000 and weekends and holidays.

      Tell me why it is the most important jobs in the world are always the least paid… ie. military, police officers, and teachers. And we are ALWAYS the most criticized. Jobs that no one wants but everyone needs. Hmmmm, makes you think doesnt it.

  • John Smith

    All i have to say is if they cut us the active military pay they wont have to descide wether or not to down size troops, THERE wont be any left. Instead of cutting the soldiers pay how about they cut the pay of contractors who have been over here behind a desk for 5-6 years soaking up all the money. if i only make enough extra that i can only spend 50 bucks over here in iraq a check so my family can have enough to get new cloths and stuff we need but i see contractors out here counting bills by the hundreds thats messed up active duty soldiers families are suffering while we are the ones putting our lives on the line and so civilian who doesnt gets payed more. ” I SAY WE DESERVE A BIGGER RAISE AND NOT REDUCE TROOPS OR PAY AND BENIFETS REDUCE”

  • Scot112

    cut congress’s pay

  • Anonymous

    Someone wake me up and tell me this is a bad joke. Webb can kiss my butt…the little worm. Maybe he should be out in the far forwards with a 100 lb ruck sack and ROE’s that suck and see how he fairs.

    Further,I cannot believe Obama has the unmitigated gall to spend $200 million a day on a trip to India while his goons want to cut military pay and benefits.

    Really, this is more than an affront to military people. It is outright insulting and degrading to every member, past and present.

  • Rd19632002

    This is my proposed bill: Cut all congress pay in half. Stop all retirement pay for all past congress personnel. Only give them a two year pay after serving in congress for there term. Only give them retirement if they serve 20 years or more. Make congress pay federal taxes. Stop all retirement pay for all past president’s after 4 years. Let the american people vote on this.

    As for military pay being the same as the private sector. BULL&*$T!!! They only work 40 hours a week and anything over that is time and a half. In the military we work more than 40 hours a week and no overtime after 40. We all put in from 14 to 18 hours a day. Then we also work weekend and holiday’s.

    I could go on and on about the differences between the military and civilian sector on pay. The biggest thing is they get to stay home where it is safe and not deploy into a hostile area. WE PUT OUR LIFE ON THE LINE WHEN WE (SOLDIER’S) DEPLOY INTO A HOSTILE AREA!!! So if you would ask me. WE DESERVE A PAY RAISE FOR EVERYTHING WE (SOLDIER’S) DO. Let the american public vote on if we should get a PAY RAISE and A PAY CUT FOR CONGRESS?

  • Thw

    Cut pay or troops, very stupid, we just got enough now to do what is required. Spent the last years building up from previous cuts, only a dumb a$$ demorat would suggest this.

  • Ancient Mariner

    Don’t waste your time and energy complaining here. Write your congressional delegations and let them know exactly what your think.

  • Jgemoets

    Since a big part of the economic mess is related to the two useless wars and the bloated pentagon budget of course something has to go. People who respond here often seem to assume that all of you are constantly putting your lives on the line daily which at best is a gross distortion of the reality of the situation. The horrible Reagan deficit was taken care of by Clintons us of the “peace dividind” for getting rid of the phony “cold war”. The pentagon is still blowing money on Reegans starwars nonsense. (it still doesnt work either). The Osprey is still unsafe at any speed.

    Iraq was never a threat to the US and neither are the primitive AK toting tribesmen in Afghanistan. So why pay big bucks for personell and weapons to repell non threats? It is just marching slowly to a military/police state which is so favored right wing neo colonialists. Israel is another big drain which fits right into this mess.

    • Kador_05

      spoken like a true terrorist supporter. i bet you even believe that bush single handedly flew each plane into the towers, pentagon, and field right? you also believe that chemical weapons are not wmd’s, and chemical ali was an innocent man, and saddam was not out to commit genocide against the kurds right? you are the kind of person that gives the military a bad name. i could go on and on with you, but it would just be a wast of time trying to explain to you what is going on, since you seriously don’t care about America or what those of us that have proudly served have done for this country.


  • Well since we are needed to downsize troops due to budgeting, why don’t we look at the congress aspect. They are paid anual pay raises in increases of approximately 10-15% as the servicemembers are increased of approximately .5-3.9% annually. Or we can go a complete flipside route by applying a 1% tax on all professional sports athletes who make millions a year and place those funds into our national deficit and will bring the defict to a substantual increase.

  • Sj Brklycica

    same sh-t different day, the people that manage this country are the problem, they sit around in thier life of luxury, while we the people work to stay afloat. if you don’t believe me then take a ride up the road to the other side, yah yah yah yah, they have goooood jobs and make goooood money and worry, really about nooooooothing, except where can they get away too this weekend or better yet a quick weeky. we the people need to take back our country and live a little ourselves.

  • L Dagen

    I would like to know if the good sen. would like too also take a pay cut also.

  • chuck

    We finally get the military to near the size that it needs to be, need some changes in the arrangement of forces but that will come in time. Now this Senator wants to have the military take a pay cut or reduce the size. Dumb is the only word that comes to mind. Maybe the congress needs to reduce its pay by about a half and reduce there staff by the same. We do need to look the equipment stream and what is being bought.

  • All those senators and jerk offs sitting on the DOD advisory council who thought of this wonderful idea have no idea or have forgotten what is like to wear a uniform everyday and make the sacrifices that have been made for over 234 years. Why because you now make the big bucks and get to go home to momma or daddy every night, you don’t have a clue about duty, sleeping in the field, eating MRE’s, sitting on boat for 6 months or deploying overseas at a year at a time. You all know that you most of the time get to work only 4 days a week, ride the benefits of the taxpayers dollars, don’t fall under the social security plan and vote for your own pay raises apart from the military. your retirement pensions for 20 years service is probably 20 times mine per year if not more!! you all should be required before even be able to run for office to serve in the military for 10 years out of school, so perhaps it would be retained somewhere in that gray matter you call a brain before coming up with retarded recommendations like you do. how about you jerk offs in the federal government take a pay cut.

  • Chief

    This is not the first time DoD, the congress or Senate has proposed pay cuts or reductions in force (RIF) look at our history.

    Our current conflict is ending and elected officials know the men and women of the armed services will cry foul, but do nothing.

    I choose to serve for 24 years (active) knowing I’d miss family events, long hours, humping hills with a beach bag supporting

    Marine units with very little pay. I’m proud to wear 7 deployment ribbons and know I Iead fellow shipmates. I would like to

    say I had the only job that put my life on the line everyday, but that’s not true. I feel bad for a few of my friends who are working

    12 – 16 hour day at two jobs trying to make ends meet, knowing I make almost as much with my modest pension. I payed the

    price for medical for life and yes I would like a cola increase. Our nation is in an economy melt-down again. I’ll suck it up again

    as I have in the past. How many of us are active members of our lobby groups that support us? AmLegion, NCOA, FRA, DAV,

    SNA, NL. VFW to name a few.

    In my short life I have met the Woulda’s, Coulda’s and Shoulda’s — I belong to the I Did’s. What I know from living history it will

    swing the other way as it has in the past. Use the link above and let your elected official know how you feel, however;

    I don’t think calling our Commander in Chief kindergarden names will help. As I’ve told many of my younger shipmates if you

    don’t like the job go home the civilians have one for you. Well maybe not today…

    T.O. Kelley

  • Instead of cutting troops pay, why don’t we try cutting the pay of the contractors that reside in war torn countries making assinine amounts of money. IE: the cashier at Aafes – $110,000, the cooks in the DFAC – $85,000 – $125,000, MPRI representative – $218, 000, Department of State – $220,000, DynCorp – $158,000 and the list goes on….. Why not use the troops with MOS’s that apply to the positions. That is what we were trained for. Yet contractors come in and pay more in taxes per month than most troops receive in actual pay. And complain to us about it!! I see no one from congress standing in line to take a pay cut. Yet they pay us $250 a month to dodge IED’s in mediocre vehicles and to get shot at and to be away from our families for a year at a time and say that it is too much. Wow!! Thank you congress!!

    I am sending in my congressional for the fraud, waste and abuse that is occuring over here. I wonder if they will look at that.

    • Jjphilswife

      Since the contractors are getting that pay, let them do all of our jobs as a whole since they are getting the positions anyway. Then they would have a bigger problem of paying those contractors what they do now, for the jobs that we could be doing at our current pay. Let us have our jobs back!!! 42A Ft Benning….

    • Kador_05

      i have often said the same thing. but i keep forgetting that if it makes sence don’t do it. maybe we need someone that can kick the contractors out and let us do our job. i don’t recall seeing or hearing contractors in a war zone 100 years ago. and while the politicians are looking at places to cut the fat, why not take a pay cut themselves? God knows that most are not worth their weight, besides we all know that the dems are against us now.

  • Gdweir

    Senator Webb would increase the use of reserve and guard personnel, alread over-employed in continous recycling to combat areas, weakening their abilty to retain personnel strength and viability. We need a strong and vigorous military force, not a token show of strength!

  • Dhowell36009

    Let some of the officials making this decision get in uniform and serve for a while and endure some of the hardships that our armed forces members do for the pay they get. Maybe the members of congress should consider a pay cut or a reduction of members to help in the deficit. Oh, and lets cut some of their benefits to.

  • Perhaps it would help if more of us knew just what our elected officials get paid and what their retirement is for their years of service.

    Please see:

    Don’t believe the myth, get the facts!

    • FMF DOC


      if you’re trying to tell us that they don’t get as much as we think they do,well Mark they get paid pretty good for someone who practilly gets alot paid for compared to us,not to mention the danger that some us are in at times.Not even you typical officer with 20 years gets that.I mean not every officer gets promoted to Colonel,Captain and heck not even to Lt. Col or CDR, and if they do, their pay is still not close.

      I mean if what Peaches mentioned below is true, then what else does that tell us.Again it’s not all money, but what about “us”.

      An HMC(Chief) below makes a good point, we need to let them know.

  • LibertysSon

    Look, we sacrifice…bottom line. I’ve got 6 trips to the ME under my belt. I’ve towed the line and then some. If I have to tighten my belt and that of my family, then I will do so in order to serve and see our country back to safe harbor. Those that wouldn’t do the same, the door is always open for resignation. No one, I am certain, will force that oath down your throat and made it regergitate out the hole in your face. What would our Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers think of us? We are certainly not acting like the next great generation. From the voices in this forum, we sound like mercenaries without any allegiance. See past your own noses and realize that it isn’t all about you.

  • E_pettiford

    What would reducing troop size do for this country, the current troop levels cannot keep up with the current deployments in responds to world wide demands and obligations. With a reduction in pay and benefits you will not have to worry about reducing troops because they will be glad to leave, who wants to server their country and have to work two jobs to take care of their family needs and deploy on top of that.
    Why is it that we never hear about our elected officials talking about cutting their pay and benefits? The first thing looked at is soldiers until they are needed, What’s going to happen to the hundreds of thousand of troops that have come back injured from current combat missions? Let’s see if we can reduce pay for Senators and congressmen and what they can cannot claim, cut your expenses and leave the military alone.

  • Kristy Moore

    My concer is this…Why is the first thing to be cut is pay or troops in DoD. What about the GS jobs that I see created everyday for pay way above the grade? What about forcing the DoD to exercise a more green policy in Environmental Auditing an Accounting. In Environmental Accounting alone we could save millions by forcing the government work place to stop printing every email or document, creating recycling programs that go beyond paper, stop giving away furniture that we paid 3 times the consumer price for and only used 1 year or so only to buy a new piece. Another idea would be for congress to stop giving themselves above the grade pay raises.

    I have served over 13 years and would be will ing to take the low pay raise or no pay raise at all this year to help my country. But, I do not want to be the one who sacrifices even more that we already do each day to read that politiciand got their raises and we spent millions on furniture and paper only to see it replaced again next year.

  • Congress is above the law and answers to no one especially the people.

  • Chief

    LibertysSon thank you. I would like to make more money like everybody else but, I served to support and protect the

    freedoms I and my family enjoy today, not the pay. Our nation is in dispare regarding the economy. I know most of

    you that have been posting here will disagree, but I need my civilian nieghboors and most of our contractors started

    in the armed services did thier time and moved on to higher paying jobs (the workers, not the owners).

    I’m for America first and if I can help it get better, then my home will get better too. The house and senate are not over

    payed for the executive positions they hold, what bothers me is they don’t care about the group (military) that allows

    them the priveledge to govern as a free nation. I’m looking for learership and I just think Jim Webb has it.

    T.O. Kelley

  • Vigilant224

    This is pathetic I see nothing ever changes with our governments leaders! The economy is in disarray, because this manifested in average of five to ten years and it originated from the civilian sector, which many parties and civilians were abusing and defrauding the system; that’s how economics works!! Everyone is always pointing fingers at certain entities and again these people are just pure ignorant. We have over 300 million people in this country which about 2% serve in the military, how sorry is that?? People talk about being Patriotic, but actions speak louder than words. The worst thing you can do is abuse the men and women of the military which they sacrifice so much and most importantly the civilians will never, ever know. I’ve already been in the Army for 13 years years, been deployed to Iraq, been to Iran and Korea and heading back out to Iraq once more. I can tell you that it’s no walk in the park and it severely takes a great toll on the family, but yet still moving forward and meeting the obligations at hand. Cutting pay and benefits will never be correct when it comes to us, cutting pay and benefits in the civilian sector should be implemented, especially to those business that have been caught abusing the economy. In 2007 IRS reported that business owed over $100,000,000 in back taxes, what’s wrong with that picture??? The list goes on, come on people lets get educated for once!!!

  • Chordnlexi

    i agree with ms. moore !!!

  • Lone Warrior

    I am a Navy Reservist and Vet currently on mobilization right now. It’s amazing to see how folks who never served aboard a ship or have marched through the desert can make decissions on hope to take care of their military. I can tell you from the 4 years of active duty that I served on board the USS Missouri and 8.5 years of reserve duty I’m doing (not to mention I volunteered to be mobilizied after 9-11 happened) that my fellows service members are still being unappriecated. Because California currently is about 3 or 4th in the nation for unemployment, I have volunteered to be mobilizied again. Now, to read this article about cutting troops or cutting pay is simply outragous and stuck on stupidity. Our problem really lays with folks being elected, putting out promises they can’t keep and not sacrificing something theirselves. Take it from me, I almost lost my home and everything. So cutting troops and pay is a very bad idea. If you look now, the RC has been called up more now because of the AC draw down. For me being a member of the Navy, it is a very sad state of affairs to see Our Ships not being Preserved and repairs not being done by by the AC all because someone had the Great Idea of turning all that work over to Civilian Government contractors who don’t care nothing but to get paid. I should know because I worked in the industry ownly to get Laid Off because someone could do the job for less pay (this was while I was still serving in the Reserves) to save the company Money. Let’s “All” show the folks in Washington, that they work for “Us” and to take care of “America’s Greatset Heros” who serve without question. In closing, I would like to remind everyone that come “Election” time to go out and “Vote”. “God Bless America” and “Fair Winds and Following Seas”.

    Lone Warrior

    AC – 1985 -1989

    Uss Missouri BB 63

    RC – 2002 – Present


  • RetUSNChief

    I saw the opinion of Secy. Robert M. Gates earlier this year. He supports an increase in

    cost share for medical benefits to retirees. His argument is, “they spend 20 years on active duty and have benefits for themselves and their spouse for life.”

    1. If they like their military then they are committed to pay the price for it.

    2. I retired after 20 years and 6 months, in part because of liberal policies creeping in and effecting my desire to continue service with unwavering dedication. However, those 20+ years were dedicated to my country and its perseverance.

    3. I didn’t just get out and sit on my military retirement. Who could afford to live on that? Instead, I completed my degree, went to work in the civilian sector and paid taxes to provide for his paycheck and my retirement.

    4. There are those who are willing to bask in the freedom provided by our sons and daughters but are unwilling to assume the responsibility for that gift to them.

    5. Mr. Gates has little OJT when it comes to military life, having been given his commission in the military and serving for the minimum time required to fulfill that checked box on his resume.

    6. Mr. Webb please remember how horrible Viet Nam was for every Marine who served there. Decide if your son’s service in Iraq was worthy of the compensation received. I know my son was grossly under-compensated for his 4 tours in Iraq.

    • JAC

      Sen Webb’s son has also done 3 tours in Iraq as an enlisted personel and is now attending UMCP to obtain his OCS

  • Grammahorsey2002

    how about we replace some of these deadhead civilians with the active military in those special fields and think about the money that would be SAVED!!!

  • Bankrupt Nation

    Cut the pay and cut the number of troops, but before you do either, cut the number of missions. Let Korea, Japan, and the EU defend themselves. Finish the missions in IQ and AF as quickly as possible and get out of SWA. Let’s not repeat the 1990’s mistake of cutting budget and adding missions. If we return the mission of our Department of Defense to DEFENSE and stop using the military for misguided meddling we will be a safer nation. Each of our expenditures around the world since WW2 has had more unintended consequence than benefit and we can no longer afford the spending.

    • Stuck

      I agree and while you’re at it, cut the entitlement spending. Don’t complain about illegial immegration when you pay US cititzens not to work.

  • Crucian8

    Wow, are the Senators serious. Is that the way you say thanks to those, who on a daily bases, scarifice their lives to protect your freedom. The same freedom that allows YOU TO GIVE YOURSELVES PAY RAISES EACH YEAR AND WHEN YOU RETIRE, STILL GET AN INCREASE IN YOUR PAY WITH AN AWESOME HEALTH BENEFIT!!! Please, someone tell me if you have ever seen or heard of a Senator pulling an eighteen plus hours shift, being shot (RPG/road side bombs) at on a continous bases on convoys, working at least six to seven days straight with a possibility of getting a comp day, being sent to a dangerous location for at 6 to 12 months away from their familys or better yet, LOSE A LIMP OR END UP WITH SHARPNELS IN THEIR HEADS FOR THE LOVE OF THEIR COUNTRIES?

    How about if the Senators don’t put themselves up for a pay raise? After all, they are never in danger unless when they come up for re-election.

  • Chief

    Correction: The house and senate are not over payed for the executive positions they hold, what bothers me is they don’t care about the group (military) that allows them the priveledge to govern as a free nation. I’m looking for learership and I just think Jim Webb “DOSEN’T have it.

    T.O. Kelley

  • M-p-64

    Wow. Cut pay and or cut troops. So now I guess you want a repeat of the 1990’s when President Clinton was allowing BRAC (base realignment and closures) to go on in full swing and you had troops showing up on the steps of the U.S. Congress with an easil showing how much they recieve in food stamps. Or god forbid we run out of cruise missles again. WOW

  • Lfan46

    I’m a retire military person and I thank Sen Webb need to look at the present time.

    We don’t have enough military personal to keep up with the war now. We are using Guard and Reservist. Look how many times thay are deployed. If he want to cut military personal, and benfits for the retires then he will be cutting the benfits for the injured personal comming back from the war. Those personal gave up a lot for our country, and now thay are taking away their benfits. I thank gov’t needs to stand back and regroup and thank again. what would happen if something big happen and we need more personnal where would get them, if you cut the military forces?


  • Jgemoets

    Well, Kador it strikes me that that I have never even been to kurdistan or the anywhere in Iraq nor did you belong there. Empty canisters of old US artillery shells with poison gas is NOT a WMD. It has never been proven if Saddam gased the Kurds or if iran did it. No, bush did not fly the plains….it is doubtful he could have kept them in the air that long without crashing where he didnt want to. No Afghan, no Iraqi was flying the planes. They were Saudis. So maybe you can explain to me what the heck the US soldiers were/are doing in Iraq. I really have no idea why over 350 soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan and many more wounded and disabled. Nation building out of anarchy was not part of the deal.

    In spite of all the griping at congress is well taken but constitionally we are not at war and have not been since 1945. What did we get from viet nam, beside 54 thousand killed thousands wounded and disabled, millions of vietnamase killed and nary a lesson was learned.

    From the commentary it sounds like central to the pay issue is these contractors earning way more than you ever were. Those were pentagon decisions. The pentagon has been out of control since the place was made. “The camanders in the Field should make the decisions” Their business is war. You think THEY are going to say they need LESS staff and money AND contractors. The DOD needs to become responsible about their brainlessness the last decade.

  • Kyoketsu

    I think that the Military is underpaid regardless of what anyone else says. The decision is to cut money or jobs. I would rather take a pay cut than put out someone from their job. Especially in this economy. I am sure the government can find other ways to cut back, how about starting with their own spending.

    • Beautifulangel35816

      I completely agree with you especially about the military personnel being underpaid as it is. They are out there risking their lives for our safety and freedom. I also think they should cut back on their own spending. Maybe then our economy wouldn’t have so much debt.

  • Jim T

    If you want cut pay, do it right !!! no more extra money perks that high ranking officers an some fed civilians get to take care of their uniforms to give B.S. political parties for local, state politicians and ect.

    3.flight pay status, if you dont fly all the time you should not get it !!

    4.extra money for gardeners, housekeepers & ect (on base or not)

    this money is given tax free every month to base comanders, wing comanders and others for this BS , their pay scale is so off the charts

    its mind blowing, anywhere from 8,000 a month and far beyond. While living on base for free. I spent 20 yrs enlisted and now retired USAF. These perks have been a major gripe among us lower enlisted. of all the services and rightly so. imagine the amount of money X number of

    senior officers and civilians X each service.


  • Dtcsd88

    Are these people joking. Billions bailing out crooks and on a never ending war that we are fighting and they want to cut our pay and retiree benefits?????????????????????

  • Cannot believe that our government does not think more about the freedom that the military gives us, if it were not for our military we would already be a communist nation, seems to be heading in this direction with the new medical issues and the cutting of funding and personnel, what are we gonna do when they tell us how much and when we can buy what we need to survive?

  • Lwblincoe

    I don’t see them cutting their pay to help the budget. Before they cut retirees and current military maybe they need to show good faith by not giving themselves a raise every year. LWB

  • Dano8204

    I love that they say our pay and benifits exceed the private sector as if we are just flipping burgers or selling cars. How many private sector individuals willing put there lifes on the line for the progression of freedom and democracy, hell how many over paid under worked career politicians actually care more about our country than there next pay raise. The first thing you hear as a solider is you are a soilder 24/7 and im sure i can speak for the entire military when i say they will make good on that whole philosopy. I have been in the Army for 7 years and I havent seen a single one of my daughters birthdays, I’ve missed so many holidays with my family I forget what day they actually fall on and my family doesn’t even ask if ill make it to them anymore. I know that I am not the only one, my story is probably the most common one in our armed forces today. So how about the gov’t stops trying to take our money and starts looking at there own pay and benefits! Maybe they could even stop bailling out greedy, unethical and immoral banks and businesses. I’m just saying they need to stop taking the easy road and start doing the right thing or all hell is gonna cut loose.

  • enraged


  • Dhowell36009

    You know the Constitution states that the Government will not impose anything on the people that it will not impose on itself, so if they want to cut Military pay and personel, then they need to be at the front of the line.

  • peggy1949

    The United States Government owes us two things: Maintenace of a Militia (that includes pay/benefits) and protecting our borders (best done by maintaining a Militia). Otherwise, get the hell out of our way.

  • ARMY

    WTF how bout get off your as*#s and do this JOB!!!

  • D879

    I am Retired Air Force since 1990. I went in during Viet Nam and decided to make a career out of it. Most of my reasoning was the same as most other career servicemen. The thing that iritates me most is every year Washington trys to take something from us. I look at civilians my age that did not serve or just spent 4 yrs in and see their home morgages just about paid, their retirement plans with companies they have worked for since high school, and most of all never having left home. I came back to my birthplace and at first felt like a stranger. Had to adjust back to civilian life and most importantly find a decent job because as we al know retirement pay will not support you by itself, unless you like hamburg and potatoes. My point is the polititicians want to take back what we were promised and to even suggest that the troops of today,who are giving their lives, are making too much money compared to the average worker is insane. Sorry for ranting, but when I see politicians talking about pay for active and retired personel I say “Why done you join up and serve if the money is so great”.

    • Jbis2k

      Pass this along. If Washington should ever cut our pay or medical benefits, we, veterans, must all go to the polls and vote them out of office. Each politicians voting record is public. If they think that defending this nation can be done on the cheap at the expense of veterans whose characters are above their own and willing to step up and protect it, then they are sorely mistaken. Find out who voted against the military and vote them out of office is the solution.

  • NightRider

    We served our country with heart and soul. Most of us gave our youth to this country. I joined when I was 17 the first time, then came back in when I was 25 and stayed for 22 years. We did not make the deal about our pay or retierment the Government did. If those elected officals had not passed the health care they would not be wanting to cut or benifits. Repeal that stuff, close the borders, fix Midicare and SS, without screawing folks and our country and its finances would be looking pretty good. Hell ya all should send me to Washington I can figure it out and those jerks that make way more than me even if I work two jobs can’t.

  • Chara

    I think any one running for a political office, I don’t care what it is should have to have been in the military, they need to live on social security for one year, find there own home pay for everything out of there check,get nothening on veteran;s disability and use veterans hosp for medical.and if they have children see if there heart break’s when you have to tell them we are loseing our home or we don’t have anything for dinner, or you can’t do thing’s in school because we have no money, you have to use the free lunch program.these people have no Ideal what real life is about.they need rule’s to go by before they tell everyone else how they have to live,they make me sick,


    Jim T, you have some real good points there.

    Dano8204,That was kind of funny how you put that “you family doesn’t evn ask you if you’re gonna be home for the holidays”, but even more sad,because just as you mentioned, there’s alot of people in the same situation.I know I’ve missed some holidays,birthdays.A person feels bad.

    And I know that someone will probably respond with a “well get out”,but see,that’s just it.Right now there’s someone who works for Edward Jones,Citibank,Microsoft or even the Fed Gov’t, and because they said the heck with enlisting,because it doesn’t pay much,or they think crap of the military,they’re somewhere/somehow either ripping/wasting our money,and we’re raising our hand for different reasons(I say different reasons because let’s be honest,when the economy is down,some people enlist,but is that bad?)and we’re sacrificing alot,I’m gonna be fair and not say everything,because some have sacrifice more than others,but that’s everywhere.

    Again,there’s alot of good comments here,but when it comes down to it,things will not be pretty if they go this route.They’ll see.I’ve been in for 19 years, and I’ve seen it done before.

  • Mwjahns

    Cut toop pay? How about cutting the pay these idiots in Washington get. They all want to appear fiscally responsible until it comes to their own pay and benifits.

    • Amazing how a fiscal Conservative means that the rich should get everything and the rest pay for it. I know this is slightly off but I can’t wait for the rich to start dumping all their money into the “AMERICAN” economy now that that their taxes probably won’t go up 3.4%. The last 2 years that has been the excuse. Of course as long as the grossly over compensated fighting service members cut their pay and benefits those poor destitute multi million and billionaires can keep their money or invest it in COMMUNIST CHINESE business. Oh yeah they shouldn’t have to pay any tax on that either.


    I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand as an active-duty servicemember who has served in the U.S. military my entire adullt life, im insulted that they would even consider either cutting troops OR even worse cutting our pay. Anyone who has served knows that there isn’t enough money in the world to compensate us for the difficulties we experience to serve our country. I am in this for the pay, but i also love my country and am incredibly proud to be serving.

    If it was well and truly necessary to take a pay cut in order to help the DoD perform better overall, i would not complain. But as has been previously stated, there are contractors earning obscene amounts of money doing jobs that could be performed by servicemembers. I will also say that not all contractors are overpaid; i work with a great many of them on a daily basis who are truly experts at thier jobs that bring invaluable experience and skills to our force, but there ARE some who are completely worthless. The ranks of government contractors could stand to be looked at closely, and the ones who are NOT providing an invaluable service should be sent packing.

  • Protector of Freedom

    Try educating the service members about the Uniformed Services Formal Spousal Protection Act. If you are married and planning on retiring one day DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN TSP…. Your Ex Spouse will get your retirement AND 1/2 of your TSP at time of divorce… Do the research yourself….


    It’s pretty funny to hear Sen Webb call for more efficiency by cutting troops and pay, even at the risk of going back to a policy of wearing down the troops. But, when Secretary Gates proposed closing the Joint Forces Command in Norfolk because it is redundant and has outlived it’s usefullness, the entire Virginia legislative branch, including Webb, hit the roof, wailing for an investigation. How dare Gates close JFCOM without their permission! That means losing jobs, so these lawmakers in one of the most military of States don’t want to see 3,000 contractors out of a job. But lets face it, those contractors are likely senior retired officers who will probably just move to another contract job or decide to live on their retirement…no real loss there. At the estimated $1 billion savings, we can man and fund another brigade…and we should…that means real jobs for people losing hope and still out of work.


    Go GOP & Tea Party may every one that voted for you live long enough to see what they sowed. Isn’t funny when it is the other guy Government needs to focus on balancing the budget….but when batter up is you…

    Oh hell no

  • Tony

    Are they crazy? who cares about the polls. We need troops in #’s to defend this country. It needs to be top priority and leave the pay alone. Go after gov spending on Welfare recipients who do not need the benefits or make them earn their benefits. There are plenty of things they can do to earn their benefits. Put it back in the state’s hands and and alow the States to control the welfare benefits since they are issued to so many who never even were any part of the Federal Gov. The states are already being federally funded,; lets force them to use the $$ wisely and then even the SSI recipients can collect what they deserve.

  • DR

    I can see making some cut backs. Here are some places i would consider #1 get rid of the Multinational Force &Observers Mission in EGYPT. (MFO) # 2 The Horn of Africa mission. (HOA) It costs a lot to keep those troops over there. I hear the higher ups say the missions are vital, i say if those countries cant get along then thats their problem they are not at war with each other anyway Hell Egypt and Israel are getting along just fine by themselves. we can take some of those troops and put them on our borders, and still save money.

  • Gvalent

    Before they, (The Senators and Congresman) think about all these cuts for the military and retirees. How about reducing their pay.

  • Bmiles07

    I served the Army for 25 years and have concluded that majotity of our Senators and Congress persons are self servants rather than public servants. They view the active military as expendable people and retirees as washed up old soldiers of futher value. These greedy politicans will not cut their pay or their numbers. Politicans created this national economic situation. They have us dying in their created war; now, they are starving our stomachs and lowering our standard of living. The only way to stop these anti-military politicans is for our young men and women to stop volunteering to be government mercenaries; make them re-institute the draft.


    if all of us vetrans united and publicly demonstrated we could change america , the politicians need to go they are ruining an america that we have bleed for and they are getting rich doing it contractors make at a minimum of $80,000 a year doing the jobs of service members oh and the politicians own most of those companies yet they wont cut those jobs . SERIOUSLY WE NEED TO UNITE AND MAKE OUR VIOCE HEARD BEFORE AMERICA BECOMES A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY AND THERE ARE NO JOBS LEFT FOR AMERICANS .

  • Needhamron

    Most people in the United States,doesnt care for the military.

    These people will change thier minds if a war were to suddenly come to our shores. Then they will say “well where’s our military at”?.

    Oh right we VOTED to cut the military. So what do we do now.

    I think that the bleeding heart law makers ought to get off the stick

    and give the service members the raise.

    I for one would be greatfull for the raise, because we all know that the military enlisted personel makes way less than the general population

    anyway. Hell even the MEXICANS working in the states make more

    than we do!!!!!!!!!

  • Chara

    I would march on washington if i have to borrow the money to get there, has the military ever went on strike?what are they going to do, put you all in jail. they made a promise to our Boy’s and woman, that should be the law of the land, if they want to keep a strong military. let’s take away there retirement, there medical, cut there Pay, as if it would hurt any of them, oh hell, let’s just take there home and car’s to and do it right. mad in Indiana.

  • Amsptcds

    Cut the increases for officers. The enlisted people are paid too poorly to be cut out of cost of living adjustments.

    Just like a corporationist the first thing you think of is hacking off heads.

    Yours first oh stupid one.

  • Berrypen2000

    What next, no pay raise for two years in a row, they say the cost of living index has not went up, then why is everything at an all time high. Are they taking into consideration home prices going down, where a lot of investment is at. If nothing else there should be raises to cover that. If some banks were not so quick to foreclose the Real Estate market would not have been flooded by foreclosures which drives other home prices in the area(s) down. Bailing out businesses that used the money for their own gains, pay raises, bonuses, elaborate trips, etc. Corporate greed. Why not offer tax breaks to companies to bring their businesses back to the United States Of America, and the jobs that goes with them. Wonder if Congress will ever decide to lead by example, and take a pay cut. Enough is enough. Look at what happened to some cities when the Military downsized, Orlando, Philadelphia, Long Beach, etc. This also effects the economy there. The Government needs to listen to the College Professors, and the people to get this right.

  • Lrr

    I find it interesting that they could argue that pay raises have brought servicemembers pay in line with the private sector. How can they even measure that…Where exactly in the private sector are individuals sent overseas for 15 month stretches, away from their families and into combat where they risk their lives literally every moment of the day. Police officers get to go home at night. Firefighters work a few days on a few days off. Deployed servicemembers work 27/4, 365 days a year and don’t get to go home. On top of that, they have to be ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

  • So why are we fighting a war fighting a war then. How many families have to suffer because congress can’t get their heads out of their butt.

  • Cooksalotobbq

    How about the senators not vote themselves a pay raise? Another Democrat wanting more money for pork barrel spending and bailouts. How many deployments has Mr. Webb done? How many holidays has he spent away from his family?

  • Radargg

    I wonder why congress and senate have no problem passing their pay raises or benefits. What have they given up to help the country in its time of need ?

  • Flyingsquirrel12

    what the problem is we have to many people sitting on there butt in a office making one hundred thousand or more thats the problem, theres no need in cutting the troops. all they do is protect the country and do things that some people dont wanna do or cant do. i think it would be smart to look and see whats really going on here.

  • Bobian Stacy

    I think this country needs to overhaul the welfare system. It makes me sick when I see all these people sitting on there butts collecting money, foodstamps, and free healthcare. Why do they do it because our government pays them to. If you work even making below poverty level they take benefits away from you. Why doesn’t our govenment give the benefits to those people that are trying to help themselves that are out there doing all they can to support themselves. Here my husband has been in the military serving enlisted for 16 yrs and I work in the school system and we still struggle to make ends meet every month. It really is a sad sad shame that this was even thought of as an option to offset senseless government spending.

  • Msgkp

    I’ve read other comments about the same as mine. Congress and the Senate NEED to cut their pay and benefits to show they really care about this Country’s economic crisis and the people who protect it. They NEED to give up some of their extra fluff. It’s so easy for them to cut other peoples pay and benefits but God forbid they give up anything for the good of our Nation! Why are they there??!! What ever happened to “For the people”??!! I am yet to see “For the Congress/Senate”! However that is exactly how they feel by their actions! What has happened to our Great Nation that so many men and women have given their lives for? I know deep in my soul this response will fall on deaf ears!!!!

    • well you put yo ******* life on da line see how u fell clown

      • Hunterbob1001

        your an idiot

      • Hunterbob1001

        msg stands for Master Sergent, kp is his initials, he served in the military

  • Damiondervish

    The easiest way to get rid of the budget deficit is to stop paying congressman their fully salary for the rest of their life and paying 100% of their medical. Put them on social security and medicare and let them see how the other half lives. What’s this about our pay being greater than the civilian equivalent? Thus far I have yet to find a civilian job that asks you to die for your country while shipped to far flung corners of the globe… I think it better to shrink the size of the government by streamlining departments and eliminating redundancy in services. That alone I would imagine could potentialy erase a large portion of our debt over the next 5 to 10 years. There is always the idea of stopping being the rest of the worlds sugar daddy, and investing that money back home where it will make a difference. After all, if you continue to let people sit on their collective butts and do nothing to prove their worth, you are just going to create more just like them.

    • Elreyb

      they should all get same retirement deal as the military.

  • tiger60

    This is the way the United States recuperates money, they use

    the soldiers and retirees of the military to cut their pay and their

    benefits and save money that way. What ever happens to the

    people in Congress, all they get is big pay raises no matter how

    the economic situation is, and they do not even have to risk their

    lives to defent the country like us soldiers are and did.

    This proves that the government is corrupt legally for the soldiers

    and retirees alike, it is a dammm shame.

  • Daniel R King

    I am a military member who has deployed 7 times to Iraq/Afghanistan, both on ground and in the air. I agree. Cut pay, especially for officers (which I am). I didn’t join the military because of the pay, I joined because I wanted to serve. I have a GREAT job flying fighters and I make as much as my civilian counterparts these days as they have lost all their benefits. The system is broke, we need to help fix it. For those who think they are entitled because they deployed, think again…especially to our forefathers who fought for their country without nearly the benefits we have today. It’s time to gain perspective folks…

    • Nice. You get what you pay for. Yes we all want to serve, and we are proud to do so. However as a servicemember myself, I can remember a time when soldiers, who were proud to serve, were on foodstamps. That is unacceptable. As the war in Iraq is all but over, and the war in Afganistan begins to do the same, it seems that we are beginning to go back to the mind set of reducing the the benifits of our armed forces.
      How about this, lets take a long hard look at the government, the welfare system, the social security system, the department of education (a useless entity) and on and on and on…..

  • Armybrat05_99

    Based on 2008 figures the average Federal Government worker earned $119,000 including benefits while the average private sector pay and benefits was $59,000.

    I call it White Collar Welfare and it needs to stop. Here is my suggestion; we were told in the 1980s that the Information Age would bring us 4 day work weeks (because we would be SO efficient). Its time our Federal Government went to a 4 day, 72 hour per payroll work week. That could save the government ~$20Billion a year in pay and it would probably become More efficient too. There are Way too many government workers, we need to cut them in half. I agree Congress should have to live with whatever they impose on us, Social Security, no government funded retirement etc.

  • UsafchiefE9

    The article stated:

    “Some DoD offi­cials and mem­bers of Con­gress have sug­gested that mil­i­tary pay and ben­e­fits now exceed the pri­vate sec­tor.”

    What is the private sector pay for Combat infantry, Snipers, Etc. in a hostile area? What are we paying the civilian contractors, including per deium? Betcha don’t even come close.

  • Mstr_white

    Cut the pay of all the asshats in the goverment

  • Darlenefarren

    It is so sad that this matter is being considered by people who make so much more and have benefits beyond the people they serve. Let us get some of their perks and have them live like many of the people in their respective area. Maybe they should pay fdor everything they eat and drink too. Graft is spelled politician

  • Imfishfulthinking

    I would like congressional pay and military pay to use the same criteria. If congress gives themselves a raise then the military gets one also. If some representatives or senators earn better pay than. others based on positive accomplishments then the same criteria should be used for the military. I am tired of congress being protected by a congressional bubble wrap while they determine the fate of others.

  • Clemarie

    congress, representatives, and senate. This so shameful that our leaders would even consider taking more from our soldiers. Why do they give themselves pay raises, have benefits for a life time. Our men and women are putting their lives in danger every single day. We still don’t get pay what we deserve for serving and protecting our country. leaders still haven’t learn from past wars. Those soldiers were forgotten and now these soldiers serving now will be forgotten, while our leaders sit behind a desk and get fat pay checks.

  • Mjackson1178

    Your gonna take from the people fighting and dying for you you are all jerks

  • Ppr

    Amazing the House and Senate give themselves raises every year, but haggle over 1.4 or 1.9. How about they freeze their pay and give the men and women the raises they deserve.

  • Navy Sub Vet

    Hey, and while there at it… let’s give the illegals in this country more benefits and continue to reward, those law breakers, the better deals. Since politicians do not have to make sacrifices, it is ok.

    Additionally, they feel that it is ok for our taxes to fund abortions, keep murders alive, and cheet those that provide for our protection and the protection of our allies. I must be on backwards world.

  • Waynther2

    These “congress” people sit on their butts and make up the wildest B.S. that I and my country that I protect from forieners. But, it looks like I have to protect my brothers and sisters from our own GOV. I am over the B.S. . If I could vote them all out I would. The Goverment people are career crooks and thives.

  • Gerardlogan

    Congress was the only entity that voted on their own pay raises; today they are guaranteed their annual raises. But are quick to cute to cute the pay of the men and women serving our country, and let’s not forget our retirees who have served a lifetime protecting our country and our countries interest abroad. Men and women who at a moments notice are sent away from their love ones for months if not years at a time. If that’s not enough for better pay they are sent to places where they are hated. Why are we questioning the very people who protect our rights and are sent elsewhere to protect the rights of others ? our government whom we have elected need to abandon the what about me attitude and focus what about them. stop and talk to the Mother, Father, Wife and Child who have lost a love one in the military. And ask them if their loved one was being paid too much and before I forget What Benefits ? The service member who served has to pay out of his or her pocket each time they see a doctor. Lets see a congressman has to serve how many terms before they get a full retirement at what %. ??? and the service member today has to serve how many years to retire at what 35 %.

  • Marines (Retired)

    The only thing Webb worries about is weather his decision will cost the democrats at the Polls. Dont worry about that SLICK, last time I checked the entire Military ranks were all Republican.

    You want some recommendation on proper pay raises and bonuses, how about asking the Commanders of each branch of the military, they have a whole lot more experience than Webb does. Webb just wants to take from the military in an effort give more to welfare, have-nots, weak and lazy, anyone with their hand out, prisoners rights, illegals, obama programs designed to weaken America, and pretty much anyone else who is not willing to help themselves.

  • Jc

    why don,t we just let congress fight the crappy wars they send us to fight that way they would not have to pay any one they could save even more money put four or five of the stenger *&*%$#@ ards in one body bag then fly them home on a piper cub now thats saving from a red blood american i know my blood is red i watched it run out of me dammit

  • soccerbabiesmama

    Infantry Army Wife – as the wife of a husband on his 14th deployment, we are not even remotely speaking of the same sort of troops. Troops who deploy are not the problem. Furthermore, as the daughter of a combat disabled vet and the wife of an Active Duty member, I’m hardly some loud mouthed slug.

    Have you never met a troop who craftily gets out of a deployment underhandedly and some other scared 18 year old has to go in his or her place? One of those troops just blocked me on FB after he posted that he is changing to some office job to keep from getting deployed, and he’s a crew chief who doesn’t get shot at! His only deployment was 4 months to UAE and he’s been in for 7 years. Another got himself arrested a few weeks before deployment on a chump charge because his wife didn’t want him to deploy. Newsflash – none of us WANT our husbands to deploy, but it’s their job. As a strong and independent military wife, I’m proud when my husband is chosen to deploy.

    I’m clearly not speaking of vets or soldiers who get injured, have PTSD, Purple Hearts, Silver Stars and are OFFERED non-deployment status. There’s a HUGE difference. They’ve served. They deserve everything our nation can give them. I’m talking of those who choose not to serve. Their aren’t a lot of them, but, their shouldn’t be any.

    The “slugs” are those who join for the benefits and snake out of going. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of meeting, knowing and living near several of those. They need to go!

  • Jay202yada

    why don’t you stop throwing money at Goldmann-Sachs? We sweat blood and tears for this country.

    • Kimbra

      Sounds like someone has been watching Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura. But I couldn’t agree more. My husband and all other soldiers out there put their lives on the line and they don’t get paid crap. Now they want to do this! It’s ridiculous.

  • soccerbabiesmama

    Forget my nice response below. You’re an obvious idiot if you can’t read and interpret the kind of lazy ass do nothing troop that sit on their ass, leaching the system while husbands LIKE MINE deploy and serve honorably. Since I’ve obviously struck a chord of yours, perhaps you’re one of them. Have a nice day, and stick you’re hooah where the sun doesn’t shine!

  • Freeamericausa

    There ya go, all you WEBB supporters who swore, up and down how he is such a great asset for the Military.
    If he really cared about the Military…his son is also serving in. He would have placed such a responsibility ahead of LEAVING TOWN early to feather his own nest, and helping the Democrats who now…despise almost everyone wearing a Uniform…even the person in the White House.
    But no. Like Webb. A large number of present members of the Military only saw…what Might be in it for them. So you voted for Webb, and the Pretender-in-Chief ALL of you now are stuck with.

    • Drifty

      Why is it that so many of you have to make something political out of a few basic financial choices. Perhaps you should have been one of Washinton’s men in the revolution who weren’t really paid anything. Kind of like us US Navy retired farmers who don’t get paid for our labor nor our $300,000 investment.

  • Rmeek607

    I’d like to target Congressional payraises. All Service members go to combat with the same threat against their lives and you want to target certain portions of the military. Death in combat is an equal opportunity employer…it doesn’t discriminate. We all bleed the same and take the same risks…are separated from our families…many have lost their families because of several combat tours….many have been wounded. Let’s have more Health Care Reform and redistribute wealth to those who don’t to try to earn their way and provide more benefits and tax breaks free medical care to illegals and take the money those who are their protecting their rights. Please take money from us!

  • Jimmyfrazier

    freeze and cut all congress and and other sandcrabs inthe business of making money from rich govt contracts. for what they pay contractors we could pay the military with out cutting them.with the amount saved, there are the pay raises and increse the size o the mil and give the military back their state side jobs, now that is a big deal(the contractors would not lide i cause goes their gravey train) doesent make any difference what party they are in, the military always gets hached over first. congress just give themselves higher raisers and retirement tat is ludercrest. no raises for ret mil or social security. you figure??? jim frazier po1 usn retired

  • CTAC(SW/NAO) Retired

    Why is it that we as a country allow all of our elected officials to get away with political organized crime, lets face it that is what it is. They are all crooks and we allow them to keep doing it. They need to be stopped and held accountable for thier actions. The military is held to a higher standard and so should they. I honestly believe that they should be judged by an outside agency for illegal activities, instead of policing themselves (what a laugh that is), and recieve a harsher penalty for those crimes than the average citizen. After all they are there to serve us and it is time they were reminded of that.

  • Drifty

    When I retired from the Navy, I was getting less than $500 a month and had opted out of survivor’s benefits. Today, I receive about $1700. Had they enacted this reduction in COLA would I have been able to make it today? On the outside, I was surprised to learn that many corporations don’t hand out COLA in their retirement plans. It’s kind of up to the whim of the corporation. “Do I give myself a nice big million dollar plus bonus or do I help the laborer”. You know what the answer is. Can it be stopped or controlled? Not likely! He’s got the whole board in his hands, he’s got the whole board in his hands……..

  • Chara

    Well Obama has left on his 2million a day vacation to india, you can read about it, but they don’t talk about it to much on the new’s, took 3000 people with him, rented the Taj Mahal 554 rooms plus other fancy hotel’s there.I think it took 40 plane’s to get them all there.look it up on the computer.20 million $ for ten day’s. at the cost of the tax payer.And they want to cut military pay, the military got him there. and all his friend’s, family, secret service, plus he took his limo, took a cargo plane to transport all the secret service car’s, is this a joke or what.will he have burger’s for dinner? bet not.a lot of people here in the state’s probably won’t even have that.Shame on him for spending our tax money on something like that, I can not Imagine who would want to take over this mess in two more year’s.I bet he move’s out of the country when he is done.He hate’s this country and everything it stand’s for

    • Chara grow up! I don’t know about everyone else but my country is represented by whoever is in office and i am not for letting our country being shabby in appearance to the rest of the world. Even though his father was from Kenya I don’t see us sending billions of national treasure and thousands of our fellow warriors to die to protect his village. Both Bushes cost us our country’s financial future just so their oil interests are protected. Oh yeah Ronnie ran to Japan right out office to collect millions for selling us to them. I still see the older Bush, a man I respect as being first bleeding for us and having the foresight to call not paying your bills and expecting the rich to throw a few pennies out as VooDoo economics, puking and passed out on the lap of Japan’s prime minister as noy being a great representation of us.

  • Paulpapke

    Why don’t our congress and senate just come to their senses and spend our money wisely instead of cutting benefits for COLA. All they have to do is take away all the entitlements except basic pay, increase the basic pay (which is taxable), by 33 percent. This would result in the soldiers still receiving the same amount of money per month, but it would all be taxable, which would help the tax base, there would be no more fraud because you can’t cheat on base pay. No more maraiges of convenience (for the money), no more paying a soldier for meals. They would just get a flat basic pay to do whatever they want with it. No other companies pay someone for being married or pay them more because they have to pay child support, they made these decisions, let them live with them. Social security would be enhanced by this also, so if anyone out there can get this message to congress, everyone would benefit and we as a nation would not become weaker by having to reduce our forces.

    • jones09

      Your an idoit!!! You have no idea what it is like to be in the military or to be a family member of a serviceman.

    • You must be a liberal! Only liberals would say such a thing. I’m not in the military yet but I leave for Basic next summer. I’d like to see you, or the people you voted for to sign up for the Army or Marines before making a decision anywhere NEAR what you are saying. I tell you the farther up you go in authority the less you actually think about the actual workers. Absolute disrespect for our troops, our morals, and our sanity!

  • Sfcstabler

    I served in the army for over 25 years and think cutting the troops or pay is just plain dumb. I lost a lot chances to bring home big money but stayed and prayed for the best

    • Unless you have served you have no idea what sacrifices truly are.As I’ve said before I was a military brat. My father was in the very first Navy nuclear piping welding class in the 50’s I spent several years in Hawaii while my dad serviced the USS Nautilus. Oh gee he was an E-8 and retired after 22 years for 292 a month in 1963. So when he welded on the oil rigs in San Pedro for $200.00 an hour as a civilian (law only let him work under water 4 hour a week) or do the same job as a Senior Chief for 634 a month (he worked for several hours a day in WWII, KOREA, AND NAM). He turned down a lot of money to serve us, you are right Sfcstabler he stayed and we Prayed.

  • Earnestejr


  • I thinks that Paulpapke idea is ridiculous. 33 percent would not cover the expenses. As far as the housing and extra money for being married is due to the fact that the military families are moving around so much that the spouses of Soldiers would have such a hard time getting a decent job. You can’t deny the fact that if you move around every 3 years you would have a hard time getting a decent job or have any kind of promotion and pay increase. Obviously you have not served in the military or you would not come up with such a foolish statement. You may say that you have but it is clear that you have not. I think that it is funny for people that have not lived the life style to criticize what they are not familiar with. Keep your comments to yourself if you don’t know what you are talking about!

  • concerned

    if servicemembers were being paid above civilian, why are so many servicemembers and their families still struggling? not only do we move on average every 3 years but every time you turn around we are having to buy things for our uniforms, new uniforms, new boots…etc. granted we get clothing allowance but its hardly enough for all the uniforms/boots we go through. why dont you cut the pay of these senators and congress people who are proposing this pay/benefit cut. They arent out there risking their lives for our freedom!

  • The Republican Revolution: Real This Time?

    We are watching the third Republican revolution unfold — the third time the Republican Party has come to power promising to fundamentally alter the relationship of the U.S. government to society. If the past is any guide, the Republicans are going to have a tough time fulfilling their pledge. If they do not deliver yet again, the American people, at some point, will surely conclude that they are hypocrites.
    The first Republican revolution was the Reagan one, which promised to roll back Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. In its place, Reagan proposed a low-tax, small-government America. The first part happened, with a historic reform of the tax codes, bringing marginal tax rates way down and eliminating hundreds of loopholes. But the spending cuts never took place. The result: from 1981 to 1985, the federal budget deficit more than doubled as a percentage of GDP, and it declined slightly in Reagan’s second term only because he agreed to tax increases. Still, the basic pattern was set. If the old Democratic paradigm was tax and spend, the new Republican one was borrow and spend.

    In the core sense of reducing the size of government, the Reagan revolution was a failure. This is not my judgment but that of Reagan’s budget director, David Stockman. In his book The Triumph of Politics: Why the Reagan Revolution Failed, Stockman places the lion’s share of the blame on congressional Republicans, who never went along with efforts to cut government spending. That meant — given the tax cuts — that deficits exploded.
    Round 2 was the Gingrich revolution. It was more successful, though that had a lot to do with the fact that it took place during Bill Clinton’s presidency. The historical record is clear: since the mid-1960s, it was Clinton’s terms that saw the lowest average deficits of any President — the only period of restraint in the growth of the federal government — and the biggest surpluses. Some spending restraint took place after the Republican congressional victories of 1994, but some — like steep reductions in the number of government employees — started earlier.

    Most important, the surpluses were created in large part because Clinton raised taxes in his first year, something every congressional Republican voted against. But put that to one side. If Republicans were really serious about cutting spending, they had a golden opportunity after 2002, when they controlled all the levers of government in Washington. The result was the most reckless expansion of government spending and debt in two generations.
    Bush made three big decisions: to cut taxes, give prescription drugs to the elderly and fight two wars. Crucially, he decided not to pay for them. (“Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter,” Dick Cheney famously told Secretary of the Treasury Paul O’Neill.) As a consequence, the U.S. went from having a large structural surplus in 2000 to a structural deficit that was close to 2.8% of GDP by the end of the Bush presidency. (A structural deficit is one that exists even in good times, as opposed to a cyclical one that is caused by a recession and the resulting drop in tax revenues.) After the 2008 recession came along and tax revenues plummeted, that deficit more than doubled. But the hole was created well before the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

    Third time around, the Republicans say they mean business. But when asked how they will close the deficit, most explain they will cut taxes — which will only reduce government revenues further and increase the debt. Others, like Dick Armey, chairman of the Tea Party affiliate FreedomWorks, say they would eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts, whose budget is $167.5 million, approximately 0.01% of the federal deficit.
    On the Oct. 31 edition of 60 Minutes, Stockman weighed in on this madness. “We’ve demonized taxes,” he said. “We’ve created almost the idea that they’re a metaphysical evil … It’s rank demagoguery. We should call it for what it is. If these [Republicans] were all put into a room on penalty of death to come up with how much they could cut, they couldn’t come up with $50 billion, when the problem is $1.3 trillion. So to stand before the public and rub raw this antitax sentiment, the Republican Party, as much as it pains me to say this, should be ashamed of themselves.”
    (Comment on this story.)
    I would suggest three litmus tests to gauge whether the Republicans are serious about deficits: 1) Are they prepared to stop with the tax cuts? Because the deficit will keep widening with more of them. 2) Are they prepared to cut middle-class entitlements? Because the only places to find real reductions in federal-government spending are in the large, popular programs like Medicare and Social Security. 3) Are they ready to take on the Pentagon? Because at $717 billion, defense spending — more than half of all discretionary spending — has to be trimmed.
    These are not political statements. They are mathematical ones, and it is on understanding math, not politics, that the third Republican revolution now rests


    hey bled4usa,

    What does that have todo with what we’ve been discussig/complainning/etc about here?C’mon now.

    • Over the last few days there’s been a lot of talk how the Republicans are gonna save the country’s fiscal house and for some reason the only time we’ve had a deficit was when Obama and this Congress ruined the rip roaring non deficit budget that we had in the last 30 years. Just a reality reminder. Personally I’ve been waiting since 2001 for the VA Hospital in Loma Linda to be fully funded. I’ve been disabled since 1979 and have seen a great many changes in our care and pay.

  • Jeffery35

    I agree with Concern. If they are so worried about the budget and money why do they give themselves pay raises. Let congress to be the first to lead by example. To them i would say don’t give yourselves raises because we all know that you don’t deserve it

  • oscar

    cut down on admissions, not pay and on soldiers already serving, theres plenty of soldiers who also want out let those be free on their choice

  • Mark

    Cut road side signs designating what type of road a person is on, rather than military benefits, or benefits that Veterans hospitals, and or Veterans nursing homes should get.

  • Jaysonstewart78

    as long as my family is safe, warm and fed i dont care how much they pay me, i didnt join the army for the money, just want to protect what we have.

  • Mrmeran

    Our soldiers are dying at war, while so many people are just seating at home living of the state founds. I have seen men stronger than any officer standing in line to get food stamps and help from the goverment. why don’t we send those people to work instead of cutting the military. they are the ones that really deserve to get all of the benefits and help from the state. I am not in the military. I just like to every one get what they deserve.

  • Michael Worth

    Let me see if I have this right. Reduce troops or cut pay raisess for the active duty members. Another democrat that should have been removed from office. So, they get to vote themselves pay raises each year unless they vote against it . So, because they are so trustworthy and work very hard doing the will of the people, they should automatically get apay raise in Congress, usually above the cost of living increases and inflation. Of course their justification is always inflation or cost of living, but their justification for denying military pay raise is because there has been no inflation and the cost of living has not been any increase if the cost of living or inflation. When are we ever going to learn to trust God and stop putting our faith in men. We have a president who, while he is not a complete loss because he can always be used as a bad example, and Congress.of whom the majority are empty suits. In South Carolina, we have Amenesty Linsay Graham and Jim Clyburn that we would gladly trade for two future draft picks. Neither has every run a busines, made a payroll, yet they have almost voted for every give-a-way program that Obama presented. We have seen the power of the people in this last election, and while we may have voted some crooks in, the majority of the newly elected have yet to be tainted by the Washington cess pool, so hopefully we will get some things changed for the good of the people before the newbies get corrupted. So, let’s vow to look towards God, pray and see if we can get out of this mess. Mike, USN, RET, South Carolina.

  • Mr Bollenback

    Servicemen and women with dependants should not get paid more housing allowance than those without. Eliminating this would save money. Married servicemembers don’t bring any more experience to the table or do anything extra, why should they get paid more?

    • Edward Flanigan

      I call B.S on this one. As a married sm with kids I can’t live in the troop barracks with my family. I have to pay utilities and housing so why can a single soldier get free housing and utilities and I and i pay them out of pocket?

      • joshua

        You right Mr Flanigan Don’t think Mr Bollenback been in the military been sitting on his fat butt reading a book and watching football game.

    • Bobby

      Come on, really? You insulted yourself by writing this….. You should probably flag yourself.

    • First, I did NOT mean to hit the like button. That was obviously an accident, because what you said is completely ignorant. I am not only a veteran but married to a soldier, raising 2 children. It costs more to house my family than it does to house you. If you and I got paid the same BAH and you can afford it, why should I be punished by having to pay out of pocket for a place to live? Are my husband and I (and the millions of other military FAMILIES out there) to be punished because we have kids and you don’t?

    • Skatn26s


  • James

    Cut the size of the military. We all know there are completely worthless service members. Start with all the criminals and crazies that were allowed in from the 2005-2008 timeframe when the standards were relaxed in order to make recruitment numbers.

    You can make big cuts in numbers without impacting current operation in Iraq/Afghanistan. I know people love getting assigned to Italy, Germany, etc but let the Europeans foot the bill for their own defense. The Cold War is long over!

  • Boats12

    I am a retired Master Chief Petty Officer. I don’t think cutting the troops is a smart move, plus not giving them a decent pay raise(not 1.9%) but more like a 10% pay raise for what they have done since 1991 and even before that, this would be a great move to show the Military how much America appreciates them, they need a pay raise. Without our Active and Reserve Armed Forces, we wouldn’t be a free country.

    How much of our tax payer dollars were spent flying our President around to politic for his fellow democrats that were up for re-election? How much of our taxpayer dollars are wasted yearly on Senators and Represenatives and their staffs to do whatever they want to do. It is time just like last Tuesday, that America votes poeple into office for the right reasons and not just because they have held the job for 20 years( not their fault but it is our fault the voters).

    Why does the Military have to suffer, they have been there each time they were ordered to go and fight, no questions just a good old Aye Aye Sir. Young men and women aged 18-55(or maybe a little older) giving their lives in order for America to remain free. Doctors/Lawyers, CEO’s of large corporations make millions, Does any Enlisted person make anywhere near what their so called civilian counterparts make.

    I also believe that, all military personnel , in each paygrade should make the same as their fellow armed forces members make, whether married or single( this is an E-3 should make the same as any other E-3 , an E-9 should make the same as any other E-9( the only separation from equal pay would be depending on longevity).

    In the end, maybe America should start a partiton to vote on changing the constitution and put a term limit on elected officials( like the President and Governors of states currently have), then all this stuff in the federal government would go away, no more lobbyist( to get what they want through the house and congress). Americas Government is a Government ran for the people by the people, not a government ran for each individual little lobbyist group, because they have money and most Americans don’t have money.

    Elected officials should ask their people whom they represent what is needed., Washington D.C., has become a place of extremely educated people,completely out of touch with what it is like to be a human being. Numbers do not always tell the reality of life( surveys, opinion polls etc), life in its’ current state is that millions of Americans are out of work, thousands of small business are almost out of business( yes I own a small business) but the ones that are almost out of business , it isn’t the financial type business, but the smaller ones, service providers, small retail shoppes, etc.

    We in the small business community(100 employees or less) well we can’t survivie much longer, so America be prepared for millions more to be unemployed. I have ranted long enough, Will anything happen, most likely not, but at least I got this off my shoulders and feel great about it. My last plea is that All you elected officials in Washington D.C , please do the right thing , and take care of the Active Duty Military and do not take the benefits , that so many of us have earned away from us Military Retired Personnel.

    • Hard to believe that a SEAL should not get more that the Black water security guy who sits in the “Green Zone” at 30,000 a month.

      We allow Reps and Senators to get their “RETIREMENT PAY” after only a short period,1 term, with the idea that politics aren’t a career but an Honor. The abuse starts there and God forbid that a military person such as me gets disabled were there retired pay is used to pay their compensation.
      God Bless the TEA party tenants and don’t let the fringe right dominate the cause. They will hold all Congress responsible for the ridiculousness of the actions they take.

      • CCT “First Ther

        Amen to that brother!

  • Lets make cuts where it will really make a difference. Cut the federal government by 25%. Im sure if you go into any of those offices in Washington, you will see many individuals sitting there doing nothing and they do it all day every day.

  • Edward Flanigan

    Cut Troops? Cut Pay? Sounds like 1993 again

    • joshua

      That right you know it, when troops return first step, Overweight,

      then the QMP Board . It’s ok to be fat in time of War but whenyou return it’s a different story.Look at the pass history how American soldier been treated. Many of my freild we put out because commander how never been to War just out college tell you you got to go we don’t want you in our Army anymore

  • Angry_mathew

    I am a Sergeant First Class currently serving on active duty. I know it’s easy to sit back and say “poor me” for many individuals. I would enjoy a bigger pay raise as much as the next person.. however I understand the need to get this government spending under control. I’m sure there are dozens of other ways that this could be accomplished. I do understand however that we as a military have been given some pretty good pay raises in the past decade. I was in during the Reagan era when he gave us huge pay raises. Fact is, the economy and how to deal with it is a huge dirt sandwich and we all need to take a bite. Yes, the government has the responsibility to do right by the people, but the people all to often forget that we as Americans have a responsibility to each other, whether you like it or not. That’s just the way it is. So, close your eyes, take a bite of the dirt sandwhich, and do what you need to do. If we all take a bite, it will be a much smaller bite for each of us. For all those not willing to take a bite, keep your opinions and concerns to yourselves.

    • joshua

      Ok Sergeant First Call when you going to make Segreant Major or didyou get pass over wait until you retire and look at your paycheck but you might be rich by then. Go to the hospital and say I’m retired, Then when they hand you the bill say I’m retired and if you get disability that would be great hope it for been so stubid Sergeant First Class A?????

      • Uhhhh what? That made absolutely no sense. Mb you should go back to school and take some grammar and spelling classes before you call someone else stupid.

    • JackTar

      Roger that, but the military represnts 1% of the population. If we need to cut, we need to cut everything, Military, Politioco AND Welfare no loads.

  • DocGay

    Type your comment hereDocGay-.Jim Webb is a but wipe,and should have his pay cut or even better FIRED.Our troops deserve every dollar they get for what they do. What does Jim Webb (D-Va.) do nothing but sit on his dead AZZ and messes with the troops money. The troops are under payed now and what is even worse he wants too cut the troops by downsizing. Yea! That will be nice.T he people in Washington Are a bunch of egg heads and should be made into a big omelet ad served to the dogs.The one thing that is wrong with the Military today is Washington,DC. History tells the story all so well,we all no you can’t fight a war with your hands tied behind your back. So I say lets cut the Government down they don’t care about me or you just their party’s. I served from 1966 to 1972 US Army SF and I made $278.00 a month as a Sgt.E-5, not much money but the cost of living was cheep then. I say cut the money going to all these 3rd world countries,cut the pork fat even reduce the salaries of the Dumbocrates and Republicans before the troops.

  • Sarae_ga

    The thing that should be cut is Congress retirement…they only have to serve 1 term then not get elected again (in my opinion that means your fired) and the get their pension for the rest of their life

  • Bobby

    Really??? We are in the middle of a WAR!! If you cut troops, then more rotations will come more often for those still serving. The lasting affect of that is more suicides, more divorces, more PTSD, more family and personal issues, more kids who get to see their dad or mom for a few months out of their life…… Is this the display of gratitude we get by cutting our troops and/or raises. We make less than a middle class family, and even if we made more, our jobs are life threatening!! We work far more hours than the civilian population as well. Why are we giving the little couch potato kids a huge bonus they are just going to blow on things to get them into debt when the money runs out. Have they earned that much money. What about a yearly bonus for those who serve and have served for years? This is an insane idea and criminal charges should be brought to the one who proposed this. This is a pure act of ungreatfulness and disrespect!!!

  • James Leroy

    Please are these personnel serious cut Militay Pay the Military pay is at the bottom right now that’s ashame for the job Men and Women do protecting our Country with pride. The Military is overworked and under paid and over half of these brave Soldiers are Married trying to raise a Family on Military pay. Reason I can speak on this subject is because I have been serving for almost 18 years. It’s a slap to the face when civilians do the same job we do and get paid twice the money the Military does. I have much respect for the civilian sector but the Military always gets the short of the stick in all phases. I and countless others serve with courage and pride in the Armed Forces. Please pay these Women and Men their just due. Hope this e-mail is read and not discarded like trash!

  • Anonymous

    Reduce the Military and pay !!!!!! What boob thought that up??? Our Military is half the size it was in 1980 already. Here is a situation where smaller is not better. We are presently using Guard and Reserve units in our Military needs around the world. The congress and President are tasked with keeping our country strong. Cutting the Military is not the answer.We still have small minds in Washington. Cutting the waste in DC is theI answer. It should not take 30 plus people to advise the Pres. I would start there.

  • Clcherry1945

    Cut Military pay. And congers give them self a rase . They need to cut pay ojn the morons in DC.

    • Terry

      I agree with many of the comments posted in this blog pertaining to the ludicrous suggesting of cutting pay for the military while fighting a war or cutting the number of troops which is already so low that they must have repeated deployments and NG and Reserve troops must fill in. And although Congress (both houses) is deserving of the lumps it is receiving I think one thing should be pointed out about their pay raises, they saw the writing on the wall and did not take one in 2010. This is from

      House and Senate members have not voted to give themselves raises. The $4,700 and $5,300 figures are made up out of whole cloth. The true figure is $0. As we reported last year, Congress voted to freeze its own pay for 2010. Any pay raise for 2011 will take place automatically under existing law, unless Congress votes to freeze its pay again before then.
      Update, May 17, 2010: There will be no House or Senate raise for 2011 either. Congress passed, and the President signed, H.R. 5146, which eliminates the automatic adjustment in pay for Members of Congress that would have taken place in 2011.

      I don’t mind slamming congress when they deserve it (which is much of the time) but I thought I’d set the record straight on their lack of “recent” pay raises.

  • Qmeadow

    I have a thought on how to decrease the deficit. Chief of Staff —— STAY HOME MORE!!! Here’s another thought. Congress —— skip your over inflated pay raises and bonuses for a few years. Don’t like those ideas? How about this one. Go do what our troops do for at least two weeks. Then come home and discuss what they are paid.

    • I guess we are all really wasting our internet as these BOZOS are still on their WELL DESERVED recess. Just like the school kids they emulate they spend more time flying here and not working there that if they spent 1/10th the time working they spend raising money they just might get a clue that most of us can’t give anymore those fighting have given all they can and big (bucks) business can kiss all our asses!

  • Extremecheesehead

    Don’t know who is cranking out the numbers and saying that the military pay is up there with their civilian counterparts. As a school teacher with the Department of Defense Dependent Schools in Germany, I see on a daily basis, military children having to get free or reduced lunches because their parent(s) salary is so low. It’s a crying shame that our military are paid so poorly and asked to do so much for our country and yet they don’t get paid enough.

  • Vet52

    Eliminate, the following, Staff Assistance Visits, Conferences, Site Surveys and all of the uneeded useless b.s. travel. No pay raises for any member of Congress. Bring some of our troops home to guard our own borders. You will save a lot of money real quick.

  • Ollenza

    Get our troops out of Irak and Afghanistan. No matter how long we stay in those two wars they will never change their way of thinling and they are not interested in our democratic form of government. Reduce the number of troops, use the unmaned drones and blast whoever attacks us back to the stone age. Our troops are a treasure and we are wasting our youth for nothing.

  • Ollenza

    Empty the Pentagon of useless staff positions. We don’t need so many generals and admirals. Do away with USAID to countries that do not agree with our democracy. Eliminate the Peace Corps, it is full of leftists like the State Department. Why do budget reductions look at DOD first? Cut federal employees by half the first year and keep cutting back every two years by the same number. We will balance the budget immediately.

  • Richard Holcomb USN

    This is just like the state of Washington they say they are broke but the Governor and Lt. Governor are both over seas, and the president is over seas at about $200,000 a day.and the congress voated them selves a raise and it is not a small one. If the congress had to live on a military retirement and Social Security they would fix both of them. You don’t see the president or congress backing up to get there huge pay checks. If they all took a pay cut they could afford to pay the Military and retirees a decent raise and still be money ahead.Cutting the military or military is a slap in the face to all who are serving and have served. If congress had to live on Social Security and Medicare they would fix it immediately. But no they have their own retirement (pay for the rest of their life) and their own medical plan. They are not under the Health care plan that they shoved at the American people. I hope that this healthcare progran gets repeled.

    Thanks for letting me vent


  • Tommy2tone47

    I think instead of aiming at the Military for cuts I would aim at the salaries at those who are looking to cut funding and reduce the Military force,

    When was the last time they went without a pay raise and all those extra bounuses they receive, and lets look at their health care,You ask those who are already retired suck it up you don`t deserve any help or by the way we are going to raise the price of your premium so we can off set there expected raises.

    I think we should look hard at the fat in Public office I am sure they could afford to lose a couple pounds themselves

  • Mosleyds

    once military members are paid overtime for anything over a 40 hr week

    Pay will be comparable to civilian pay. Untill that happens, there is no way military and civilian pay is comparable. Lets talk about a 12 month deployment where you are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 12 months. How much overtime is owed?

    MSgt Mosley

  • Joseph A. Cammalleri

    Get ready for austerity whether we like it or not,

  • Bill Whitfield

    Do not try to compare the military pay to civilian rates. Our soldiers are way beyond the the degree of sacrifice of any civilian. Our military must be taken care of in every way. They are sacrificing their lives for our freedom. Our retired military have already given many years to our country. Leave their pay and benefits alone:unless of course it is a pay raise or benefit increase we are talking about. Very few elected officials in our government have any military experience. Their judgements are not based on expereince. Cut the budget elseware. There are so many programs that are of no value and drain our economy on a daily basis.

  • RFSchaller

    Funny how cuts in congressional pay and support staff are never in the mix.

  • Cut Pay or Troops? That is a false dichotomy. The DoD panel set up the argument pitting pay verses troop levels. The issue should be how do you make cuts without harming the security of the nation? Consider equipment cost. Who, exactly are we building $2 Billion dollar submarines to counter? Who is the next generation of fighters designed to counter? More aircraft carriers, why? We already have more aircraft carriers that the rest of the world combined. Missile defense, from whom, Iran or North Korea? Into the arena of personnel, do we really need officers to “fly” drones? That assumes that the cuts must come from the DoD. We need some folks to think outside the beltway box.

  • Klifemem

    The military is always the focus to cut spending. It would be a breech of trust for congress to cut retiree benefits and would drastically affect retainment of active duty personnel. Why not deny raises for the politicians and even cut their pay as they always say they want to help the people. Why not term limits and no retirement checks for public service unless they have 20 years, and then only partial pay as the military has.

  • LeRoy Burgess

    I do not think they need to cut the military pay I think they need to get those congress men out there to defend their country. Live away from there families for more than a year at a out in what ever the weather will throw at them,alot of them has not eer been over cold or went with out water for days on end at a over 199 degrees so you all want to cut pay just giove back half of the congress and the representives pay. Why don’t they agree for that. because we all know they are not worth it

  • Garetiree

    How about cutting Congress/Senate retirement pay?????

  • How about cutting Congress/Senate retirement pay?????

    Or their base pay???? WTH?? Our spouses are off fighting and they have to worry about this. Come on. Honestly can get very little pay as it is, and so many things we don’t eye glasses, yet you give people on medicaid glasses. Every civilian hospital we walk into we are already treated like CRAP because you don’t even pay them CRAP as it is..and you want us to pay more out of our pocket. We can barely afford food on our table. Look at WIC/Reduced and free lunches for examples and see how many military families qualify for it. Then look at everyone in Congress/Senate and many of them quailfy for it…Cut their pay, raise their taxes, raise their fees for Tricare or whatever federal funding health care they have….this is just BS> So glad my husband has put in almost 17 years of service and his thank you he gets for all the years he has put in and all the time spent in Iraq fighting for what, a PAY FREEZE and a rise in our HEALTH CARE …..BS…Obama your an A$$!!!

  • Louis Alcoser

    We already dont have enough troops in the services now to do the job right.

  • “I am a retired Master Chief Petty Officer. I don’t think cutting the troops is a smart move, plus not giving them a decent pay raise(not 1.9%) but more like a 10% pay raise for what they have done since 1991 and even before that, this would be a great move to show the Military how much America appreciates them, they need a pay raise. Without our Active and Reserve Armed Forces, we wouldn’t be a free country.
    How much of our tax payer dollars were spent flying our President around to politic for his fellow democrats that were up for re-election? How much of our taxpayer dollars are wasted yearly on Senators and Represenatives and their staffs to do whatever they want to do. It is time just like last Tuesday, that America votes poeple into office for the right reasons and not just because they have held the job for 20 years( not their fault but it is our fault the voters).
    Why does the Military have to suffer, they have been there each time they were ordered to go and fight, no questions just a good old Aye Aye Sir. Young men and women aged 18-55(or maybe a little older) giving their lives in order for America to remain free. Doctors/Lawyers, CEO’s of large corporations make millions, Does any Enlisted person make anywhere near what their so called civilian counterparts make.
    I also believe that, all military personnel , in each paygrade should make the same as their fellow armed forces members make, whether married or single( this is an E-3 should make the same as any other E-3 , an E-9 should make the same as any other E-9( the only separation from equal pay would be depending on longevity).
    In the end, maybe America should start a partiton to vote on changing the constitution and put a term limit on elected officials( like the President and Governors of states currently have), then all this stuff in the federal government would go away, no more lobbyist( to get what they want through the house and congress). Americas Government is a Government ran for the people by the people, not a government ran for each individual little lobbyist group, because they have money and most Americans don’t have money.
    Elected officials should ask their people whom they represent what is needed., Washington D.C., has become a place of extremely educated people,completely out of touch with what it is like to be a human being. Numbers do not always tell the reality of life( surveys, opinion polls etc), life in its’ current state is that millions of Americans are out of work, thousands of small business are almost out of business( yes I own a small business) but the ones that are almost out of business , it isn’t the financial type business, but the smaller ones, service providers, small retail shoppes, etc.
    We in the small business community(100 employees or less) well we can’t survivie much longer, so America be prepared for millions more to be unemployed. I have ranted long enough, Will anything happen, most likely not, but at least I got this off my shoulders and feel great about it. My last plea is that All you elected officials in Washington D.C , please do the right thing , and take care of the Active Duty Military and do not take the benefits , that so many of us have earned away from us Military Retired Personnel”


  • W0lfthatisal0ne

    I think the pay and benefits that should be cut are those of our elected officials, and leave our Service Members and Vets alone!!!

  • Erushlow

    I agree. Robin Williams is credited with an email circulating about cutting our nations debt by starting with the politicians and their expense accounts.

  • sodbuster

    I think if they want to cut the numbers in the military to save money why don’t we cut the congress by 50% instead of 100 senators just have 50 and in the house instead ( ithink) 335 just have 167. Just think how much money we would save with wages and their benefits. also office space and all of their helpers. Also all the outfits that pay the menbers of congress those big payoffs so they will vote in their favor.

  • Americanbkkg



  • 101vet john

    Come on, people. Congress will not cut its own pay.
    But if they drastically cut the military budget obama will have more money to give to his cronies and big business to buy political support with.
    Oh, that’s right. He will just give away money we don’t have and then we will have to pay for it soon, like when rampant inflation hits next year, or when there are no more COLAs for ss, military retirement, or VA benefits, social security is deferred to age 68, military retirement is deferred now as NG retirement used to be, ss is denied due to “means testing”and guess what: VA benefits are taxed and ss benefits are taxed in whole. Also tax rates will go through the sky.
    So, no need to cut troops. Pay them with the same worthless money you give away, Usurper.
    No Hope and Bad Change. It’s finally here.

  • Here are a couple of thoughts to save our Country’s fiscal health. Instead of asking us to give why not we rob from the rich? Let’s give those who never serve a nice tax raise. How about if we make the fund called “SAVE AMERICA NOW EVERYONE”, (SANE). We will start with a 50% Federal Deficit Pay down fund. In order to be fair we will deduct 3.33% for every year that is served by the payer. Also If you have bled for the Country you are exempt. The payments are based on any earnings. This will start with a baseline of 1 million dollars per individual as listed on the 1040 form, with the line for Gross pay and number of dependents being the basis for payment. Those whose earnings are at the National Average hourly wage will be the subject to the minimum of 1 dollar per individual, those whose earnings are at the Country’s poverty level or lower shall not pay any extra. Corporate welfare is repealed, Persons in “FIRST RESPONDER” jobs, as defined by the accepted standards, ie: Law Enforcement, Firefighters and EMTs, etc., will be exempt. The first monies will be used to pay the Social Security Trust back the over 4 BILLION DOLLARS that it has been raped of. After that is paid back then we will pay the NATIONAL DEBT which is over 6 BILLION. When the Public Debt is paid off this Emergency will be over and the SANE Americans will have returned Sanity to our Wonderful Country. THEN WE CLOSE THE ADDITIONAL REVENUE.

  • Here is a little history of how we are supposed to pay for things. Hey all you people who are afraid to pay 39.6% tax how about these!
    Did you know? The first US income tax was signed into law by President Lincoln in 1861 to help pay Civil War expenses. It was later repealed and ruled unconstitutional. In 1913, with World War I on the horizon, Congress passed an amendment to the Constitution, allowing a new income tax to be enacted — and it has been with us ever since, in some form or another. The rates often change, and historically they have peaked in times of war, reaching a lofty all-time high of 94% at the end of World War II. Gee just think how we might be if those cowards in the last decade had tried to pay for 2 wars.

  • Jimmymishoe92

    you people for get who is protecting your ass ride arond in new cars nice homes just sitting around eating living the life i assure you this isnt fun and games wake up jimmy the sniper

  • havefaith

    Obama is about to make the same mistake Clinton made. If the President continues down this path of cutting military along with little or no raise for active and retired military I feel his chances for reelection are over. The President came into office with what he felt an open bank book. Between him and his wifes spending we will never see the light of day. Its obvious that Mr & Mrs Obama have never lived by a budget and never plan on doing such. Many Americans are doing all they can to make it from payday to payday (If they have one).

    Ways to cut spending:

    elected officials pay for a portion of their retirement fund (like the rest of us)

    No more hand outs – when your services are done so is every thing else, unless you have at least 20 years in, your health care is cut off. You to can use Medicare when you retire and enjoy what you have done to it. Its on your dime now. While serving as an elected offical you will need to pay part of your health care bill (like the rest of us).

    Cut their expenses by 1/4 while in office.

    Elected officials pay increases are voted on by the people they serve. Right here we can save alot of money, most people I know would not give out many raises because they are not doing the job they were elected to do. Just look at the turn over we just had a couple of weeks ago.

    Instead of looking for the easy and fast way to cut spending and save monies lets put some creative thought into it. When you really have to come up with some cash , theres always a way. Its just take some creative thinking and hard work and long hours to come up with the RIGHT PLAN. Start doing your jobs correctly and not the easy way.

  • Ok, all those fighting around the world can go back to work. To bad your 2 month recess where you didn’t do anything but travel around and enjoy life is over. GET BACK TO WORK!!! Congress is working and everyone else should work just as much. God Bless

  • Jomax45

    I love how “our” representatives in politics lead by example. I am sure that a long and productive debate was held behind closed doors about canceling “their” pay raise and decreasing the cost to the American taxpayer. Although for some reason it still went through last year despite a freeze on increasing social security and retirees pay. after all that is how “true” leaders shows the way.

  • Catalinagrayfox

    I think there is still hope. I served in the US Navy and it didn’t take me long to learn who buttered our bread. We used to say the Republicans giveth and the Democrats taketh away. Now that we will have a Republican dominated House and an nearly equal Senate, we who have served and are serving will most likely be treated right. BMC Richard L. Williams, USN, Retired

    • True the Republicans gave us 12 TRILLION DOLLARS OF DEBT, Took 6 six dollars from every disabled veteran’s travel pay for “deficit reduction”. Hey if you make millions you need a tax break but I can’t afford to go to the doctor. Of course Republican’s decided that Crippled Vets should give the government their retirement pay if they want to compensated for their disabling injuries.
      Yep Republicans give 99% of American a stick up their ASS and the Democrats just twist it, but the top 1% get a gravy train ride in the blood of our Service Personnel. Ever notice how few Patton’s and Roosevelt’s serving these days.

  • E8soldier

    Trillions of dollars wasted on automaker bailouts, stimulus funds that didn’t do a darn thing, and a health care law that nobody wanted. Thank GOD the Republicans have won a majority in the house and almost the senate. Maybe they can stop the bleeding!

  • Sergeant Slaughter

    Just plain retarded. Why would you even consider cutting pay to Armed Services that provide you protection and freedom. We are the ones humping 365 days while deployed to OIF/OEF. I just don’t get politics. Try cutting your pay or retirement benefits and see how it feels. If anything I believe we are being under paid for the cost of freedom. Just doesn’t make any since. Whenever something drastic happens, the first response is, send our Armed forces. I can’t even continue this reply because this topic is making me upset. Then you wonder why you have folks like the Timothy McVeah, or the DC Sniper.

  • P_illes

    This is a sure-fired way to lose all our troops. Why would they risk there lives for all of the fat-cats in DC for nothing

  • RBINO2


  • Topharper

    I think you should freeze Congress and Senator’s pay also.

    Nobody is going to want to stay in or join the Military if you keep this up, and then where will we be? Let the President, Congress and the Senators go over and fight the wars they started?

  • Vic4455

    Sure, they arent talking about cutting Research and Development 2% cant have that…..the biggest costs too….well the troops are again…not important!

  • Ransr01

    I have two thoughts on this. First of all cutting Tricare in any way breaks faith with those of us who retired having served before the Volunteer Army. As a PFC I was paid $85 a month. As a Corporal $117/mo. As a Sgt $145/month and as a Captain drawing combat pay in Viet Nam I was paid a whopping $480/mo. We were a long way from drawing the kind of money folks in the Volunteer forces draw now. Second, the place to really cut is the VA. The VA provides medical care to everyone who ever wore a uniform. People go there with heart trouble, diabetes etc. claiming Service Connected. Yet their father, grandfather, grandmother etc. all had it. People who spent two years in uniform at Ft. Devens go there for hearing aids claiming service connected when they are 75 and everyone’s hearing goes…..Put an end to that crap. Now it’s Agent Orange. Hell I was sprayed with Agent Orange, Agent Blue and I drank toxic water at Camp Lejeune for 4 years yet I’m 76 and I have o problems. More to the point one of my employees, who was collecting disability from the Army for a knee injury, won the singles championship at a mid-atlantic military base while working for me….. Again, the VA is the problem. My father died in a VA hospital with heart trouble. Every male member of my family for at least five generations had heart trouble and so have I however, bypass surgery now saves us…again the VA takes everybody in. Close down the VA, slow down promotions (it took four years or more to make SGT (E-4 then) in the l950s. How they get it almost out of boot camp and as such it’s meaningless. Stop giving multi zillion $ bonus to re-enlist. Stop paying for college to someone who served in a time of peace or who never left the US. Better still, bring back the draft and pay as they paid us “Health, comfort and morale” during the first enlistment. It would make men out of some of these kiddies that stay home with mommie until they are 24/26 years old…..

  • Brooke

    What are they thinking, maybe thinking is the wrong term they are not thinking. If they cut benefits they are cutting benefits to the wives and children also, who have lost loved ones. I f anyone in the house or senate believe that this is a good idea and that families are living high on the hog they need to get real and I cleaned that up. They need real people on these panels that have walked the walk and talked the talk, not some idot that has no idea.

  • robertl1938

    all theses politicians wanting to cut military pay or reduce the number of troupes must be crazy.the best thing they can do is every one in congress or any one working for the government take a 50,000 dollar a year cut in there pay.for all of you are paid too get rich off the tax payers and none of you are worth what you are leave the military alone.if you want to reach me i am a retired navy man of 20 years.Robert l craft 7923 Cezanne Dr n Jacksonville florid.if it was up to me all of you would be on military pay,then lets see our you would like it.

  • Bigjimusmc69

    Put these stupid people in congress who I can’t really figure out why we put them there make their pay based on a Military E-1 pay and work their way up, then they would change their minds better yet make it a law that these idiots have to be prior Military.

  • Omar Ortiz

    If it wasn’t for us the soldiers there would be no congress or for matters worse there would be no freedom.We risk our lives as many soldiers have lost their lives so that this proceeds.But we have civilians in the world that get paid alot more to just enjoy their freedom.My name is Spc.Ortiz and I proudly serve the United States Army.Why cant congress serve us better?

  • You know guys it is such a shame that 30 years of name calling has gotten us to this point. I grew up in an America that fought against communism at any place or time. Now we can’t get our American icons ie: Levis, Stanley, Whirlpool made here and tragically many are made in communist countries. Of course the term Liberal has been subjected to endless tirades that it is worse than communism. I remember when Conservatives wouldn’t let an enemy of the State get away with anything. Now they revere criminals that truly sell out the fabric of Democracy. Remember Hawks and Doves HUH, no most under 50 couldn’t define each. We have turned the word tax to mean that if you are rich you have no obligation to support this country which gives so much. We sit here and have to voice the fact that we who have bled still bleed and go into harm’s way everyday deserve to at least get paid a living wage. Ransr01 speaks the truth about Tricare. I was told my family would be covered for free as I was growing up. Of course to pay for tax cuts for wealthy I now pay 230 a year for my wife. Unfortunately 480 a month now won’t buy much, it barely did in the 60’s although 30,000 a year was upper income. I grew up knowing if I could make 10 dollars an hour I’d be very well off.
    Time has changed many thing I don’t need to carry an M-14 in my camper as i did at 7 because of the Watts riots in the 60s, Independents like me have very little voice in politics, our politicians Kow Towing to big contributors can ALL KISS OUR ASSES. TEABAG PARTY IN 2012

  • outraged

    Here this people are talking about either cutting troops, or pay for the troops. But I have yet to see or hear where they are willing to cut their pay,or even have a pay freeze. I would like to hear them explain why they need so much pay for what they do.

  • you get what you pay for, you cut down troops/pay then youre basically cutting down security that protects our nation. without the military, you’re vulnerable to the enemy. the military people figght and die protecting our nation with pay that isnt half of those that sit behind a table playing “bubbles or solatire” andcoming home everynight to their family while military people have to deal with being away from their family for a long period of time.

    you pay top dollar for something you know that will benefit you and those love one around u, protecting our nation for future generation is WORTH every penny. with low military pay/cutting troops/higher premium – DONT EXPECT TOO MUCH LATER IN THE FUTURE WHEN YOU NOTICE THAT NO ONE WANT TO JOIN AND YOU WILL HAVE TO GO TO THE LAST RESULT – DRAFTING PEOPLE

  • Jimbooo

    Save a BUNDLE! Revoke retirement pay and benefits for all congressional personnel that did not complete 20 Years service to the government. Adjust their benefits so that they don’t exceed that of the military!!

  • Hotrod_raze

    How is it that the people that work the absolute least as possible have the right to revoke pay and benefits from those whom risk their lives and subject their family to year long and longer deployments have to be the first to have what the actually lay down there lives for taken away? Meanwhile the fat cat lifestyle of the public elect does not have there salary or retirement even touched? It takes 100,000 troops and over 4,000 lives to protect our country and only to public officials to come up with a plan how on how to take everything we struggle to provide away? Where are they willing to cut their pay eliminate bonuses, health care for there families, or even for them to have a pay freeze?

  • Bob

    Let us cut out political jobs, staff and reduce government instead. Also punish the thieves of banking deregulation that got rich off the American public. The USA has already broken it’s contract with millions of currrent and former service men and women. When the US government cannot be trusted to fulfill a contract then it does not deserve to govern period.

  • Curtis Palicia

    Ok lets cut retiree’s and 100% disabled veterans pay, cola & raise tricare fees, for those who served the country. But let’s continue to give lazy low lifes, who drop out of school, don’t work or want to work, dope heads and pregnant teens or others who continue to have more kids to get someting for free, all the benefits for food stamps, medical care and cash assistance. But forget about those, who strive to make this country a better safer place, for the benefit of these same individuals. For the record, not everyone on welfare, is fraudulently on it, some do need these benefits, others abuse it.

  • Smileyzhere

    I sense a revolution coming about if they vote the wrong way on this shitty idea… and I can almost guarantee they won’t have an army to stand up and fight for them… because it will be the military removing the gov’t

  • Ronaldbanks7466

    This is crazy wanting to (cut military pay and benefits), while our troops are in combat now. Please rethink this position before making these drastic moves with military pay. “My concerns are”: 1. You will have a number of troops going awall. 2. More troops taken there own lives behind stress and not being able to stay focus on combat situations. 3. More family military seperations not being able to make ends meet. 4. Low number of troops signing up for Officers Canidate School. 5. Very low number making a career out of the military. 6. Very low number seeking military job promotions. 7. Divorce rates will rise among couples in the military.

    When you look at all these causes, and actions and, the amount of troops that this action can affect, you really have to think twice!!! “The moral will drop to it’s lowest of lows while in combat and in civilian life”. “They are thinking and saying to themselves America is not great anymore and they don’t give a damn about us”. “This is the wrong time to start talking about cutting salaries (and stopping pay increases)”. “Bad timing”. Yeah! What about all the disable veterans we have who have fought to make this country as GREAT as it is.

  • Stout P

    Who is gonna fight your stinking ass wars webb? You give lip service to supporting the troops and Vets but you are a liar. First place to cut is all the benefits a useless congress gets for nothing. simpson is a stupid old man that has always been on the government tit he has never held a real job. Why would anyone want to listen to him. Wake up America!! The boys on that thin green line are all that protect you from a very,very bad world. One Old VET!!

  • Kemanu

    Cutting troops is not the answer, neither is cutting pay. Freezing military pay would be a better option to me. But needs to be re-looked every year.

    I am a retiree and my retired pay is not tied to the ECI or any where with military pay. Mine is tied to COLA and just like the social security people I will receive 0% for the second year in a row. To me that is a freeze and increasing my tricare payments would hurt.

    Remember Katrina in the 90’s the military tried to defend the amount of troops needed to fight two wars on both coasts. The Clinton administration told the military you don’t need to fight two wars you will down size and the Reserves/Guard will pick up after you. Then Hurricane Katrina hits Louisiana complains that their Guard troops are in the middle east so here we are. Cut the troops and you will hurt future defense. Another war WWII there was a draw down after it then the Korean War starts five years later. TF Smith ( remnants of the 24th a Light Division at about 30% strength tries to fight off Mech forces from the North. Needless to say the Pusan perimeter followed.

    Forget your history and you will be forced to re-live it!

  • Chadxps

    Well then let me get out!!! the military has taught me enough so that when the revolution starts I will be able to help America fight against tyranny and corruption,

  • Jha Eh67

    Why is it that people serving in the military always the one who have to suffer with the money deficit the US is now facing?? These people are serving or served our country.. Did anybody think that they don’t really want this so-called war?? Isn’t it that that’s why our country is in deficit because of that??

  • Toocoop

    If there are cuts that need to be made then the elected officials should lead by example. Their compensation package is a lot more lucrative then anyone in the military. Their retirement plan is a lot earlier than anyone in the military. Their medical plan is a lot better than military coverage. So to all the congressman/congresswoman and senators; start cuts and freezes with yourself or I will do it for you during election time

  • David

    Why is Washington wanting to FREEZE our soldiers pay and benefits? Also, wanting to freeze any raises for retires, disabled and the social secutity benefits. Also, wanting to cut troops out of the military. this is nuts. If it wasn’t for us (the soldiers) they wouldn’t be free. Why dosen’t the President stop traveling so much. He just took a trip of 14 days around the world, even went to his homeland. They waste to much time in Washington with things that we have no business in. We help all these people around the World and can’t take care of our own. No one helps us. The majority of the people in the government have not served in the arm forces at all.

  • JCSoldier

    As an active duty Soldier with more than 55 months of comabt deployment in the past 8 years, i cant say that I am suprised. October 2001 was a great time to be a Soldier. Pay and benefits were increasing daily, Everyone supported us. It has diminished exponentially ever since. The”new” has worn off the wars and the value of the Soldiers for most of America, and this includes our leaders in Washington. I use the term Leader very loosely as I am a leader that was taught to lead by example. Clearly those that wish to cut pay and benefits are not willingly to lead by example in that charge…are they?

  • Jenny

    You know there are programs now spending 6 million US tax dollars to restore historic and cultural sites in 55 nations around the world. Now they want to do this to the military and veterans? Why are Senators and Congressmen paid so much when it seems that many don’t show up on a regular basis, take recesses, take trips overseas on our tax dollars, and the list goes on and on… Want to fix our financial problems? Maybe they should look at cuts a little closer to home – like their own pocketbooks instead of cheating the servicemembers out of what they are already paying for with their own blood!

  • John Doe

    Get a life losers…. If the pay is an issue, then after your service, find a new job. That is a job that you are doing….Nothing more, nothing less. If money is an issue to an incoming soldier, dont join. It is that simple….. SIck of all these people saying we are at war, yadda yadda yadda. Its all a joke…. We are at war, because we provoke people to attack us, so our government can spend money on killing people in a foreign country.

    • John Doe

      We are doing a shitty job at that….

    • SPC.DUNN US Army

      Ive served two years so far never complained when I was told to do some shit that could kill me cuz you know why if I die my family gets $400,000 to bury me an the rest is to take care of them, but it sucks that im alive an on the pay I have now I can’t even stay “out of the hole” an yet still they want to keep taking when will it stop?Would you serve this great country the world super power with your life an not ask for more than what you would make at McDonalds ? Didnt think so! I make $648 in two weeks.Kinda hard to pay for simple things dumb people like yourself take for granted.Im paying for my freedom are you? People like you make me sick! Do you think the people closest to getting blown up an shot is a joke? Right now there is someone wanting to kill you an everything an everyone you love an will stop at nothing to do so! Who will kill that person to keep you safe? You? Do you have that kind of courage? Didn’t think so! Other wise you wouldn’t be here to write stupid comments about shit you know nothing about you would be fighting those guys an complaining about why you don’t get payed what you deserve. A**H***

    • You are the loser,John Doe! You can’t even appreciate the simple freedom you’re taking for granted,because you’re not the one being blasted to pieces in the desert! How about trying to get your a** off the couch and do something productive???? Ever tried that?? Or you’re just content living in your mama’s basement?? These men and women are working hard each and everyday to keep your b@##*safe, unless you’d rather be the one sent to the desert and fight, since you think they’re not doing a good job. Don’t add to the current misery we are experiencing,we are already getting that from Washington…just shut your trap and stay in the hole you’re hiding in,LOSER MORON!!!

  • sarena

    we have troop already on food stamps as it is.. Now they want to cut the pay.. I also think it is stupid to have to pay for health insurence for my 26 year old kid if they are lazy and dont want to work. I agree with everyone else, let them cut their pay and go fight over seas for once. My husband had been in for 17 years and has done 6 tours over there. We deserve more then the lawyers and politicians. The soldiers are the ones risking our lives for their freedom and this is the way they want to pay them back.

  • TOM


  • Bob

    You needd to call the Disabled American veterans to give them the power and right to fight on your behalf. You will never get any or very little compensation fighting on your own

  • Angry Marine Wife

    This is bull shit my husband is serving in afghanistan right now and you want to cut his benefits what the F$%K!? I am 8 months pregnant my husband is going to miss the birth of our first child because he is fighting in this war! and now we have to worry about his benefits being taken away? thats like asking him to work for free…Really? why doesnt the president himself go over there and fight on the frontline like my husband and lets see if he still wants to take way his benefits then…or better yet why doesnt he cut his own pay??

  • chevy

    Save troop, pay raises, benfits and disabilty pay raises. Cut salary ,cola and pay raises for the for all elected persons and cut thier salary 20%, thier benfits 30% and thier tax exemtion 50%.

  • Angry One

    Iam a retired MSGT USAF of Korea and Vietnam era. I agree with all who say reduce the top level of Generals who have less men and women to command now. Reduce some commands not now in as much of need. But we reduce the mlitary again and again at the high risk of losing control of meeting the war needs. We should cut all foreign aid as thjose days should be past. Veterans as I am not able to find work but struggle on the computer to create out of hot air workable sites as my ShoppingMallof and others to survive. We must also place our military choppers and fighters near the border to the south with the National Guard being on the line and regulars ready to back them up, and loyal patriots behing them with lock and load. God Bless America.

  • Angry One

    Second thoughts about those in Congress with military experience. Hw about Joe Miller in Alaska who beat his liberal opponenr MC fair and square and then had to face the bitc again in a write off campaign. I will never believe that a write in campaign can ever bring in enough votes fairly, and is full of voter fraud. Joe is a WEST POINT graduate and military veteran and we need more like him with the guts to stand up for freedom. He still has not cpnceded to her, and demanding a total recount of votes. God Bless America and enjoy your freedom to shop on line at while the internet is still free.

  • Angry One

    And talking about pay increases. Check out the new information that on the average the Civil Service Employee is making about $100K per year .I once served in their temporary ranks and never saw that money. It is all about this President and administration desire to create a huge increase in government jobs as they both forget the military pay and the sacrifices of them and their families who serve and have served the isolated tours forsaking friends and relatives for years for career military and then finding out they no longer have families to care about them.

  • codom

    Why is it that the people who never serve this country want to make decisions about the benefits we receive. I served PROUDLY for 21 years. And like all my military bretheren before me feel that we deserve more than what we get now. I agree with Tammie 100%. My wife was right by my side through all the deployments. I know the pain of seperation from family and watching your kids grow without you being around. I think what should happen is this … Congress needs to enact a bill that requires ALL political officials to have military experience in order to run for office. Then they will think twice about cutting benefits for active and retired military personnel

  • roger

    BS. There is no tie to ECI and military pay. ECI is not a wage index anyway, its an employer cost index, that includes things like worker’s comp and health insurance. GIs earn 2-3 times more than civilians An E-1 with a wife starts at $38,000 a year. Google “High Military Pay” for the facts.

    • grif99999

      How much does an E-1 make without a wife? I think most E-1’s are not married.

    • tty

      Child boo, and E-1 doesn’t make 38,000 a year, maybe on paper but their take home pay is $800 a month plus food stamps. Get your facts straight, that’s the problem, on paper it seems like were balling, but an E5 gross $6000 a month but bring home $1300 a paycheck.

      • SB

        I’m not saying that congress should cut our benefits although I don’t necessarily disagree with freezing the pay raises. Our entire economy is suffering and the military I belong to is not stranger to sacrifice. While I agree congress and others should also make that sacrifice, it doesn’t mean that we should get off scott free.

        The reality is that an E-1 makes more money than a typical minimum wage worker who working full time would gross $13,920 a year. So, an E-1 is better off than many in our society.

        The military is not a bad life. You get your pay, all allowances are tax free which really makes it look like you make a lot less and you don’t have to pay for benefits. What more do you want.

        If you don’t like it, get out! I appreciate everyone’s service overseas as I’ve been deployed as well. But why do we feel entitled? This is the life we chose to live–it wasn’t for the money! We do what less than 1% of the entire U.S. population will do. I am not angry at others who are not willing to protect this country, but proud that I am willing.

        BLUF: Everyone is going to have to give up something in this economy. I would rather them freeze the pay raises then cut the troops.

    • KJ

      PHAHAHAHA an E1 does NOT make no where near 38000 a month with children. Im a finance NCO and I can vouch for that. It would take years of increases before they make that much even while DEPLOYED.

  • Chillwater

    I am a retired Salior ive serve my country for twenty four years active duty six years fleet reserve and now im fully retired USN, I feel like the DEM just don’t give a dam about nobody but their self, all they belive in is getting richer while they put the shaft to all the mens and womens who serve this beauiful country some lost their lives and some got injury for life and those that made it to twenty plus years have paid their debt to this country and to see what. Congress is trying to do make active duty and retired members to suffer more heartache and pains is criminal.We earn our benefits and our pension no one gave us nothing, our cola was not paid to us last year and now they are talking about this year and three more years of no cola and our healthcare making us pay more. That why we need to get rid of all these liberal out of office and put conserative people who belive in our country and want every American to have everyright to live and serve this country. Every benefit it has to offer a wonderful and productive life remember the Congress and Senate work for the people we voted them in and we can vote them out.

  • Guzzi

    Congress vote themselves pay raises, separate medical and retirement benefits after a minimum time in office. Military personnel serve in harms way and government employees have to serve for 20 plus years to earn any benefits. Congress consistently give themselves pay raises, but legitimate social security recipients do not receive any increase. What is wrong with this picture? “We the People” should have the vote to allow politicians any pay and benefits. Government is suppose to work for “We the People”. Our government refers to America’s society as a democracy to the rest of world. We are a constitutional republic and our representatives demonstrate blatant mismanagement without consequences.

  • JRN

    I’m not sure if a lot of people have read the actual proposal, but from what I am understanding from reading it, they are not trying to cut pay, but freeze it at the current base pay for 3 years (excluding combat pay.) As a current active duty Marine wife, I understand that, quite frankly, it sucks. This is not the only proposed cut for the DoD, or other federal agencies though. Yes, if they are planning to freeze military associated pay for three years, they should do the same to the same to all federal pay, including their own. And if freezing pay for a few years helps out, go for it, but leave the healthcare system alone, for active duty and retired military personnel, and make it mandatory that after the 3 years the freeze is over and pay increases resume as before. It is impractical to freeze pay increases but also increase healthcare costs for military, who make far below minimum wage when actually calculated as an hourly employee. If I am missing something please let me know.

  • buck

    I served 20 Yrs and long before retirement the light came on !!! The military member is an instrument/weapon used by politicians to secure financial gain for themselves and corporate America. I’ve seen first hand the lack of oversight on spending in Afghanistan/ Iraq. Title 22 money is tax payer money !!!

  • dave

    umm several of these people need to check their facts. It’s the republicans who have made the biggest cuts to military pay and benefits over the last 20 years. Republicans are good for the military if you happen to be the CEO of Boeing or Raytheon. It’s the tea baggers who want to balance the budget and tons of people in the military voted for these pieces of shit. Be careful what you wish for. The budget will be reduced too bad that it will come out of the poor people’s hide. The real republicans ( those with over 30 million in the bank) will get their tax cuts while the rest of society pays for them. Also everything we write is censored by the government so only write comments if you dont mind ending up on the government’s lists. The US is a corrupt piece of shit and the toilet is about to be flushed.

  • john

    Did you miss the point that this was a debt cutting panel established by the President? It is a bi partisan panel, so both democrats and republicans are making these suggestions. I’m not a member of the tea party, but before you start bashing a group, you should understand the facts first.

  • James

    Hey, everyone! These arent’ the PRESIDENT’s cuts. These are the NEW TEA PARTY PEOPLE’s cuts! They believe in defense; yet, the don’t believe in the price it costs to keep our country FREE and SAFE! Senator Webb (D-VA) just had a knee-jerk reaction to what’s going on around him, and what seems to be in vogue. Congress and the Senate need to leave the military alone during this TIME OF WAR!!! IDIOTS!!! I knew this kind of thing would happen as soon as the REPUBLICANS took control. They are the first to say STRONG MILITARY/and the FIRST TO CUT!!!! Does anyone remember how GOOD our care was under CHAMPUS? Then, they killed it with TRICARE!!! Now, this!!! – AIR FORCE RETIRED

  • CPT Female Commander

    You lack knowledge of the armed forces organization. Served as Commander, Platoon Leader, Regiment Budget Analyst, OCS TAC & Sr. Instructor. NCOIC Oncology Clinic when enlisted. My leadership saved lives!

  • dave

    The problem, most of the members of congress have never served in the military so the don’t have the appreciation what our dedicated service members go through to defend and serve our great nation. The new requirement should be that in order to hold an elected office, even the top spot of Commander In Chief, one must have served a minimum of 4 years in the military. This would give all elected officials a better understanding of the sacrificies our dedicated members make to serve our great nation!

  • Roy Kyle

    Just bring our troops home, if you aren’t gonna give them what they deserve then they shouldn’t be over there. Why would anyone fight for a country that don’t care about them? Yes, I said it!! Our government don’t care about the American soldiers!!! My oldest son was in the Marines and done 2 tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, he put in 5 years and did not re-enlist because he couldn’t pay his bills from the pay he was getting!!!!! This is wrong and should have never even been an option!!! Mr. President, you and whomever you can get to go fight this war or any other war for free are more than welcome to do so!!!!

  • Hal H.

    Class Action Suit Time? To entice many of us to stay in the military and make it a career, they promised us FREE health care and a livable retirement income from the time we retired until we died. Now congress is doing their best to renig on those promises!

  • henderson

    Congress should lead by example, cut your pay and bennies, freeze your pay raises, and we’ll gladly follow.

  • Robert


    Let our so called leaders and policy makers continue to beat up the military and they might just find out that the military does in fact have a voice and say so…..remember the saying that “What if we were given a WAR and no one showed up”…..any we do not have a large enough military or our men and women would not have to go to a combat zone as often as they do….three four tours is bull and why do we have to use our reserve members for active duty tours if we have an adaquate military in size.I spent 22 years and proud of it…but I have never been proud of our congress or senate.

  • globe1trotter

    you’re just a dumb_ss! and i can’t believe i’m wasting words on you

  • globe1trotter

    Well, we would still have a budget if it all wasn’t going overseas to rebuild other nations. What happened to the proceeds from the oil we were supposed to get in order to help rebuild Afghanistan and Iraq. NO, the American taxpayer is paying that construction bill. Congress needs to stop throwing our money at every country they can and making dirty deals that, well, just always ends up dirty for us. AND cut their own pay while they are at it.

  • anthony james

    You think you need to cut something! That great. Set the example: Cut your salaries and health benefits first. you fucking people kill me with your bull shit.

  • Bud

    Seems to me, such as with the federal Govt. there are just too many leaders and not enough followers. Why dont they just cut their jobs reduce the manpower in such, their benefits, provide some more work for them, allow those who do stay in office, to earn their pay, and benefits like we do or did,__It would be nice to see the fed govt, to staret using some common sense, or__does that make too much sense? They may try to cur that out of the budget if__such hasnt been done already. The only purpose for the heads in the fed. govt, is to keep their ears apart.

  • shadowknight101

    You know I joined the us army to serve my country and to attempt to have a sturdy financial foundation. You people don’t understand what it’s to be 18 and get orders to deploy to the worst province in afghanistan. So to all you clowns in DC i will like to take this moment to say go ahead try to take our benifits. I guarentee that if you do there will be a portest or riot on you front door. Oh and before i forget go ahead downsize us too. Show the countries that hate us what we are all about. Give them the invitation to come knocking on the front door to our home. You might as well stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.

  • Dave

    Nothing is guaranteed. That’s why I’m getting out of the military (government). Get rid of all the S%$tbags especially the Army brought in the last 8 years.

  • SLJ

    This is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband has been in the military for 11 1/2 years. I’m reading these comments and while everyone has a right to their personal opinions, some of them are a mess. Cut pay, for active duty and retirees, are you serious. Like someone mentioned earlier, why are military service members and their families qualifying for food stamps, and professional atheletes and celebrities making millions. Their volunteered but not to live paycheck to paycheck. When the recruiter sell you on the military they talk about this glamorous life you will have, but leave out the facts; living paycheck to paycheck, qualifying for welfare, working 24/7 365 a year, getting a second job on active duty, if your in the navy you go on deployments if there’s a war or not, sacraficing birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, graduations, illness and death. Cola, AIP, it’s not free and when you live somewhere like Hawaii, while beautiful, the cost of living is so high, you don’t notice the COLA. Spouse get treated like were our spouses ssi#, we have no name or say, do we not hold down the home front so they can serve our country. There are some that live above their means, but not all, and that’s in any sector. Someone said get rid of the women, that’s feminist, and some of the best leaders are women. Alot of spouses can’t work because their husbands and wives are doing back to back deployments, divorce rates are always high, especially during war time, all in all the big wigs in DC are bringing home salaries of $2M a year or more, their wives are raising a family with no worries, their children and grandchildren are in private schools, living in big houses and driving nice cars with their maids, butlers, and nannies. Cutting troops, let the ones that are not serious go, like in the civilian world. What about in the Navy when you take test to advance and you past, but your rate is so over manned you can’t advance, and senior enlisted can’t and will not retire to free up advancements because they can’t afford to retire, and now you want to cut their money, they will never be able to retire, and you call it Higher Tenure: please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to pray for my active duty, reservist, and retired service members, and thank you to all who have served, currently serving, and will serve in the future.

  • slj

    Oh, I forgot, cut pay and troops, meanwhile, our Army, Marines are getting killed everday on the ground, Coast guard getting suprise attacks from pirate ships, and Air force shot down from the sky. Did we forget that China has a million man army, Russia, and North Korea, are you serious. When no one reenlist but a few military Joe’s then you will see how stupid this is. Yes, we need to save money, but not at the military’s expense. Find another way, were broke enough, forced to live in housing to get by, people think were rich cause some single members have rims on their cars, please.

  • slj

    I forgot to Mention Navy ships getting suprise attacks from pirates!

  • john

    I have a proposal. Why don’t the Congress (House & Senate) take a 25% pay cut and reduce some of their Health benefits. This would save quite a bit of money that could be applied to paying our debts. This has never been talked about in congress. Why not? They make thousands of dollars and have many perks. I would like a congressman comment on this.

  • ro neal

    another idiotic idea

  • Combat Vet

    This is not that hard, cut out bonues to service member joining. $50,000 enlistment bonus to a soldier who can not march yet. The GI bill dont touch as these service members ETS which they will with $50,000 they will now go to college and make our country better. Get rid of soldiers who are not making the standard quickly dont wait to deploy them to keep the units numbers up, then chapter them when they get back. Don’t take anything away from my retirement check or va benefits. I work for 22 yrs 1 month and 7 days serving this country with no say so at all. “Drive on Sergeant Drive on”

  • Retired E-6

    It took me one year after enlisting in the Air Force to realize that I had found my profession. Throughout my 20 year career I was told, by the sitting polititions, that if I served 20 years active duty, when I retired I would receive FREE medical care for myself and immediate family–FOR LIFE. On several occasions during my career I was assigned to act as the Unit Retention NCO. I now feel guilty that counseled younger Airmen to stay in Air Force for a career using this PROMISE as an incentive. I know that some of these Airmen have probably cussed me out more than once for telling them, what they think is a lie!

  • armed forces member

    If they need to change things I get it but not the promises already made. If you are going to change a standard you changed the standard for thos who are not career. Those who have made the agreement to sign years ago with the agreement to retirement and medical should be honored. It is hard to explain the sacrifice you give being it. There are blessings and you have to see them but we also plan our lives witht he sacrifice we have made. I have earned my retirement pay! I have missed just about all the important stuff with my family over the last 14 years. 6 to go should I even bother staying in for a non retirment lie! happy holidays to me….I am deployed and this is what I have to look forward to……

  • marine

    When the war winds down,so does the interest in our Military and Retirees.What hypocrites congress is! how can they even vote them selfs a raise at all when we have gone with out ours for two years!(retirees)Just in case they haven’t noticed,we have Inflation,not a Recession.If they tied this to Gas and Food we would get a very large cost of living raise.But they don’t cause they know Gas controls everything else.If they didn’t piss our money away to the greedy banks,Gm,Wallstreet,etc.And throw the bums in jail who got us in this mess in the first place we would not even have this blog at all.

  • Mike

    I am totally amazed at how it is Okay for Politicians to look at cutting military and veteran Pay and benefits for those who put their lives on the line each day, but ensure that they(house and congress) are not affected…..It is time to re-look at the qualifications required to run for public office…..The number one qualification should be to have served honorably for at least 4 years in one of the 5 branches of the US military. Maybe by living the miltary life for a few years, they can see how overworked and underpaid our military actually is…I am so proud of our military veterans!!!! We still have the strongest military in the world and it is time to ensure they are properly compensated….
    If they(politicians) want to save money, cut all their salaries and benefits by 20 percent. Leave our military and veterans alone!!!

  • SSSS

    You are an Idiot….

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  • john

    Elect more veterans to Congress,. Those self serving individuals that are there now have been on the gravy train since they were elected. Take away some of their beneifts and see how they like it..



  • Craig

    I think congress & the president need to take a pay cut of at least 150,000 dollars each. They make over 200,000 dollars and fund raise for all those TV ads during election. Maybe elections dollars should pay for their Secret Service and all the benefits of being a official elected member of congress. Maybe they need to get NO PAY. The American people and service members give enough for FREE.

  • aircav1993

    Every year I was on active duty from 1993 thru 2008 I received a pay raise. Though not very much over the years it accumulated. The congress and senate cutting pay now would just take back all the hard work that went into getting those pay increases to begin with. Military occupations still are nowhere close to their civilian counterparts pay. A soldier performing duties in the aviation field at E-5 would make about $5k before taxes down range. A civilian contractor doing the same job minus all the other responsibilities required of an NCO can make up to $150k a year. Stateside around $60k a year as a contractor. Bottom line is soldiers still dont get payed what their worth and probably never will. It would be nice if members of congress and the senate whom most are already millionairs would cut their pay and quit giving themselves tax breaks and all the other wealthy americans tax breaks who dont really need them. to cut troops in a military that is already stretched thin ad the possibility of Korea startig a war is ot the aswer either. There are many other areas of government that can be cut without cutting benefits that have been fought for over the past years.

  • Thank you For the Pay cut……….This is bogus

  • guest

    Congress has know idea what they would be doing to the military or veterans if they cut pay and benifets. I gaurantee u that if congress does do that they will have all of the military personal, veterans, dependents and people who support the military right out side the white house protesting against their decison.

  • Future Insurgent

    After 10 years of war, three 1-year deployments and missing my kids grow up, cut the benfits which were promised and maybe the war will come home.

  • Colonel Chris

    OK lets talk about cutting the budget. First, cut back on the welfare rolls. No more than one illegitimate child per household. Second, seal the borders and start sending illegal aliens home (except Gort and Klatu). Third, cut the pork barrel politics. Four, cut congressional retirement plans. Five, cut foreign aid. Six, reduce or eliminate subsidies. Seventh, consolidate or eliminate Federal Departments and agencies. Eight, recover ALL unpaid Federal college loans. Nine, recover all unpaid federal income taxes. Ten, do the first nine every year for the next 50 years.

  • guest

    Beware all of you, on how they will cut the military troops… They will write you up on bogus or minimal infractions. And even if you can prove the infractions are not founded, they will give you a general discharge. This will be after you get deployed, risk your life and come back. If you get suspended, The General or head person will still say goodbye. Another one gone, your discharge is a means to an end. So you serve, get bull pay. Come back get kicked out, loose all Veterans benefits, any money they promised you when you signed up. Your reputation will be garbage. NO one will want to employee you. All of this because of the need to reduce the troops.
    These infractions for the discharges not long ago would have just been a slap on the hand. So, beware look around, open your ears and your eyes, and pay attention…because the next one could be you. When you signed up that was an honor on your side and no one deserves this kind of dishonor they are throwing on some of you, just to reduce troops. This is very sad that this could become your thanks for joining.

  • chris

    I have been in the military for almost 6 years. Deployed twice, getting ready for a third, and I’ve noticed that soldiers are getting discharged for some rather rediculous infractions. Soldiers that are still in continue to get shafted by the army and still expected to do their job to perfection. Morale, regardless of military branch, is low across the board and suicides are on the rise again. Now the money collectors we elect are doing it to us too? It’s time for a new government, or to leave this deteriorating country all together. FUCK THE UNITED STATES!!!

    • Don

      Hey I’m with you chris on all those statements. The Unites States has been on a downward spiral for at least the past 4 years. It might be bad Juju to talk about my our boss but when it was his fault for all of this malarky that has been happening and yet the Tards up in the gov’t elected seats are still trying to reduce military pay its just ridiculous. Over the past year I have seen some good soldiers get kicked out and loose all they had because prices went up on things and they couldn’t afford to even feed their family and pay for gas to get to work. i have actually seen someone ride his bicycle to work from his offpost residence which is about 10 miles away just because he had to sell his car to pay bills. Keep in mind this family was dual military with two kids. Things are starting to get crazy for the military and at the rate we are going there will not be a military any more it will become a militia.

  • Sharon

    What is our good Ole US of A coming to? Really cutting the military’s pay you think that is going to solve all of the money problems this country has. What about cutting the President’s pay or the congress or Senate’s freakin pay, but no you want to cut the men of women of our country who make this country what it is today, who give us our freedom. They are not going to go to work, who is going to work for free? The Congress? The Senators? Will they work for free hell no they won’t, cutting peoples pay who fight for us, who die for us, who work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and you are going to cut their pay Really? How about stop giving money to other countries when our country needs the money. Now the troops are in Afghanistan and going to Japan because they had a crisis and our troops are bailing them out and the US dollars are going to them but not our men and women who serve our country? Think on that one!!!

  • Christina

    Money should be the least of their worries…. If money is such a problem then make cost of living lower like it used to be, everything gets marked down cheaper, or like u said cut out some pay of nonsense things like the gov themselves or een pro sports players (nothing against them just saying…) Who get made like 3 million a year or the freakin money making machines…..idk. They def are picking tbe wrong idea when it comes to possibly cutting down our troops pay…..i mean seriously how much more stupider could u get… Cutting down the one people who is our only protection of this country…….



  • Female Soldier

    Women do not sit on the FOB all day, I am a Soldier and have been in the military for 5 years, I deployed to Afghanistan and I was out of the FOB on missions, driving, gunning and protecting , so for those of you who believe that women do not contribute to the fight, think twice before you offer your two cents to a topic you have no idea about.

  • asd

    shut up

  • A1c Josh

    How did this conversation go from us getting paid to ******** about women being in the military I don’t give a **** about women in the military if they are willing to do it then so be it more power to you I just don’t think that is the main point about this post y’all should not be worrying about that right now y’all should worry about our pay and what is really happening with the gonerment

  • OPSM

    You know I have to admit. I did not vote for the so called president that is in office now, but I did vote. I have watched the military do a complete 360 degree spin since I have been in. To think I was upset to hear that the wel-fare was getting a bigger pay raise than those of use serving our country, really upset me. To think that a person can get free money for not wanting to work in America. I, and my wife, have to pee in a cup once a month to see if we are doing drugs to get our pay check. Why not make it the same way for those that are on wel-fare? We wouldn’t have the issue that we have these days.
    As for the cutting of the military pay. Lets cut the amount of money that the Congress wants to spend for their own vacations, pay, benefits, etc., etc. Yes we could cut their heads instead of them cut ours. However, you have to many people out there that like the way the country is being ran and don’t want to step on to many toes. I say the hell with that. Make the congress and the so called president spend a day in the shoes of our military and see how they would like to hear about their pay and benefits being cut. It is unjust and down right un-American.

    • OPSM

      The president is so determened that he is an American, then why would he allow things of this nature happen to those of that serve? I feel Trump is on the right path on proving that he is not an American and I hope that he gets the information that he is looking for.
      Allow those of us that serve to serve with the piece of mind that we do so deserve about our pay, and those that have served and retired. I wish those that are in the white house could see the hell that we go through when we hear of things of this nature taking place. Every one of them are all of a sudden talking about sending their pay check to us if they can’t come up with an agreement. Let us take money out of your families mouth and see how you will feel.

  • Gigi *proudarmywife*

    so this may be a dumb question, but i thought the benefits and pay are specifically outlined in the contract service members sign at MEPS, correct me if i am wrong….. but is there anywhere in there where it says that a law can be passed altering those terms outlined in said contract? if not, and benefits and pay are altered in any way, then is that not a breach of contract, and in that case, the member would have no reason to uphold their end of the contract…. assuming this is the case…. can we all look at the big picture… can we all speculate what would happen if EVERY MILITARY MEMBERS CONTRACT IS NULLIFIED….. WE WOULD HAVE NO MILITARY!!!!!! since we are damn near always the first country trying to solve everyone else’s problems… ummmmm, well, seems to me like we would be commiting national suicide…..PSA to HOR/WH: probably not a good idea to cut military pay and benefits if you WANT to have a military at all…. adversely, i thing more needs to be done for vets as far as housing and basically survival goes…. we need to keep their sacrifices alive and repay that service, not just with pay and benefits while they are in contract, but even more so, after they have honorably completed their commitment.

  • ABF3

    I think if congress want for active military they are f*cking dumb i was in te navy for almost 7 years and i still have friends still in the military. One of them sais that their pay was half . If they want to cut the national deficits why dont they get the money from france because the owe us. The owe us so much it would pay off the deficit and we would still have acouple trillion left.

  • wrangler122002

    I have been in for quite a few years and have seen 3 reduction in force. I have seen good soldier’s seperated for minor issues just to save someones reputation by reducing the deficit. I do not see any politicians being “cut” to save money, I do not see any politicians being homeless, wondering where their next meal will come from, how they are to survive after serving this nation. Any Government Official should look at what is happening here. We are the ones defending the nation, we are the ones leaving our families t go to a foreign country to be shot at, IED’s blowing up those “high tech” vehcles they give us to perform our jobs. Acctually, the laws and regulations we are to follow, those Government Officails should be under those same regulations. I would love to see evaluations on their job performance, any law violations, having tasks completed late, looking at forclosure of their home. I can imagine they would put up a fight. Their retirement needs to be reduced. Their Medical needs to be reduced, they ned to feel the pain of trying to make ends meet with drastic reductions in pay, medical benefits. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

  • Have you ever been sitting there watching TV and all of a sudden the channel changes. So you click back to what you were watching and it does it again. This happens a few times before you ask yourself what the ****? F**K PAY CUTS. Then your sitting there with your spouse of X years having a nice dinner working out some problems you 2 are having, and your gone the next off to solve someone else’s problems. F**K PAY CUTS. Military should be paid like Dr. Phil, out there solving relationship issues. F**K CORRUPT GOVT. Or out there putting other countries back together, while ours is falling apart. F**K POLITICIANS. Building a new school in some country thats going to attack us in 5 yrs. F**K BEAUROCRACY. Oh yeah, your kid was graduating from a crumbling high school, can’t afford enough books and OSAMA IS DEAD!!!! TERRORISM IS NOT!!!!

  • John Herr

    How will “O bama care ” affect military medical benifits ?

  • MJD

    I guess what I see, if the military pay and benefits are cut, Congress woun’t have to worry about cutting troops.
    Congress has to remember..our troops are being sent off to WAR, long deployments away from family and to date, alot of military personnel have not returned home from war.

  • Venom43

    After protecting and serving this country for 24 years in the Navy, I’ve mentored many young men and women about expectations, behavior and change and it seems that life will always throw you a curve ball when you’re least expecting one. Like my fellow service member’s, I’ve lost some young and many of the elder side of my family while doing what I know was right “protecting their freedoms and liberties” and now all I have to look forward to is watching some idiots mull over the value our sacrifice. One thing I’ve learned is “never blamed the system but place the blame on the person running it”. This complaint to me is not about the money but about the respect and values of the sacrifice we’ve all endured while other are asleep in their beds, gathering with their family, attending graduation, birthdays and wedding anniversary surely dates we’ve all missed at some point in our lives sacrifice to protect this county. How disrespectful it is to devalue that. The funny thing about change is that, it is the only thing that is constant… good luck to all. May GOD bless you or whatever you believe in.

  • Johnny

    It might serve our country well to cut the military pay. Then the little rich kids would get drafted to defend daddy war bucks.
    Johnny Coleman
    SSG, USA

  • Concerned Citizen

    MOST TIMES we get what we VOTE FOR. Strategy used by the POLISHED TRICIANS (Politicians) is to divide the people into Republicans, Democrats,Independents and now Tea Party Activists. Each group promising to do the best JOB( So far nothing but lies). There is an old saying United we stand Divided we fall. Wtih so many groups influencing your thoughts confusion sets in, so you tell yourself the best thing to do is GET DRUNK, STRESS OUT or just don’t give a hoot? Which group are you with? Next let’s BAILOUT our buddies and sell screws to the taxpayer. Our true friends/supporters are WALLSTREET, BANKS, GOV’T INSTITUTIONS, MADEOFF, FANNIE MAE, FREDDIE MAC, BEAR STERNS AND THE REST OF our cash donation Buddies. Where is the American public in all this? EATING CHINESE FOOD and watching cheaply made televisions, let’s not forget playing video games. Oh by the way, I heard that they are about to start outsourcing the Military? Well my good friends we voted them in let’s hope we can vote them OUT. THE LAST STRAW IS WHEN THEY MESS WITH THE SECURITY OF AMERICA AND ITS PEOPLE. I AM JUST A CONCERNED CITIZEN WHO DESIRE TO REMAIN BIBLICALLY AND NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • dianna

    i think it is sad that our government could even think of cut the pay for our military and vets and the older americans… i think that the president and congress should not get a pay check if the vets and our older people who can’t make it w/out the ss check… after all they paid the taxes that was to go for the ss check. and look what our service men and women do…. no the president should not get paid and congress from our tax dollars . after all they have done nothing but waste annd help other countries not our own people…. it begins at home not abroad. it is our government who got us into the mess that we are in and we are exspect to pull the out w/sweat and tears of many hours of hard work while they sit and waste… their pay should be cut and should be w/ held until the ss checks are sent out and then by the waste the government made their pay should remain cut…. then they would learn not to waste our tax dollars and exspect us to give more for their waste.

    • anne

      I totally agree, if they had to live on what our military men and women do they wouldn’t last a day. I think they need to see what it is like to live daily as a servicemember. It would be hilarious to see them running around trying to figure how they were going to make it on one of our enlisted soldiers pay they would be freaking out. Our servicemembers don’t get paid enough as it is now.

  • Anne

    Congress are the ones who deserve a cut in pay. They sit on their buts making decisions that have only continue to hurt our economy. They want to cut military pay, they are the ones who deserve their pay cut. Our military servicemembers are going out there and putting their life on the line to defend us, Congress isn’t. I would like to see just one politician try to live on a paycheck that a specialist makes. They would be so shocked how little they get. If they had to trade places with the servicemember they couldn’t handle it. One of their checks would be plenty to get by family by for a long period of time but one of my husbands check in place of theirs they would be in serious trouble figuring out how are they going to live the life they have been living.

  • gary beanblossom

    Why should military retirees and the american people be the sacifical lamb. what about the sentors and congress live high off the hog why everbody else suffers. What benefits are going to be cut on thier end???? What about pay decrease in their checks. The job that these baboon have done in past decades is why having the problems we are having. My thoughts are base off the job they have done so far is why even pay then at all. It is these morrons that through the decades that have created these problems. Not the american people. But, o’course we have to pay for their lack of leadership and screw ups.

  • gary beanblossom

    It amazed me that the congress want to cut our pay and benefits, what sacifices are they going to make???? Why is it that people like congressman Weinner (pervert) can reveal himself to a 17 year old girl and still draw a retirement check??? The congress want to make cuts??? Let them look in their own back yard first. If i had done what congresman Weinner did i would not have seen 20 years in the military. I be in jail at Levenworth. I though exposing your self to a minor was a crime. I quess not humm???

  • MATT21

    congress needs to increase taxes on the high rollers and cut taxes for the middle class and under. the military should not have to suffer. we put our lives on the line to keep this country safe. why should we have to get our pay cut and suffer. military pay is the lower than people working a burger king. increase taxes on the high rollers and that will be a small step to stabilize the economy. the government needs to stop adding 3rd world countries that need money. our economy is unstable but were spending millions of dollars helping out other countries, rather than spending the money on the us debt problem. make more jobs in the US by stop out sourcing jobs. HELP THE US BEFORE WE HELP OTHERS.

  • Charles ricks

    Cut those lazy bums in Washington DC’s pay tp zero and all their perks and give it to the military

  • One fundamental fact needs to be stressed here, of which many people seem to miss. War does not “serve our country” nor “protect” our country in any fashion. The injustice done to our women and men in uniform goes deeper than we think,.and in fact, the U.S. has lost more of its basic freedoms, liberty and justice over the past decade than it has in it’s entire history DUE to our war spending. We need to learn more about American imperialism, educate ourselves more on what “serving nation” really means. There is nothing Patriotic in sustaining any belief those soldiers are “serving nation”. It’s almost heartless when one realizes the truth here.. Cut their pay? That is not even a big concern, we are cutting their LIFE for no real purpose. The best way to support them is not put them in harms way to begin with. We should not “pay them more”! What are we, Mafia? The troops are to most part innocent pawns for profit in the pockets of few perpetrators, keeping the war machine Read “The American Way of War” by Eugene Jarecki. Something to ponder: The U.S. now ranks #82 on the Global Peace Index conducted by the Institute of Economics and Peace, which has received numerous endorsements from major International figures. Top 3 most peaceful include Iceland, New Zealand, and Japan. Why? they don’t spend more than half world combined on military and “defense”, trying to play Global cop to the world at our own expense, don’t fight stupid useless wars under pretense of Pentagon heart wrenching slogan “fighting for freedom and security” or worse “dying for your nation”. We rank so low in inner peace due to lack of transparency of government and amount of corruption woven into fabric of every being, from our education system down to the human rights of each individual. War does not bring peace. Islamic people are not trying to take over world. Even if 9/11 involved a “hijacking” by “terrorist” as theorized yet currently under investigation for conspiracy within such as many American wars to fuel war profit…..We as a nation had no right to “attack back”, nor should be “attack back” should a country decide to bomb us tomorrow. They would be “defending their nation” as some people call it. War is a primitive institution. What are we trying to do, speed up an Armageddon? Time for the USA to get out from being so primitive. We are not in the 16th century with Ivan the Terrible and time of killing people for horses. Really, we as a nation should be more sophisticated than that. Hopefully, we finally will see we are not the “world leader” and start taking care of our own.

    • Devildog

      Judging by your comment, you’re a little pencil neck liberal. What do you know about war or the military? Probably only what you read on your anti-government websites and hear in your hippie drum circles. I proudly serve my country and will give my life for it. What have you done for the country you live in?

    • bernice

      They should cut the welfare and food stamps for all the losers that use their benefits to buy drugs. I teach at a high risk school and those parents drive better cars that the teachers and they are all on welfare. They also come to school to pick up their children high on whatever they are smoking.

  • K J Mills

    I read an email that stated that the military overseas makes little over $13,000 before taxes. He was saying that he brings home only $864 a month. Is this true?

    • Military life

      here is a website of what they people overseas are basically getting paid. Some people are to be placed offbase because of the occupancy of the base is at the limits, which they would have to pay rent or buy a house. then their would be their food and transportation and a little bit of entertainment.

  • Ezzy

    From what I’m reading it just doesn’t make any sense WHY Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.), is trying to Basically screw the military, I did my 20 and I’m Proud to have served. Ive made the sacrifices as many of you have, leaving your family for 6/8-12 months at a time, missed many of my son’s Birthday growing up leaving family behind; worrying each time if I would come home SAFELY.
    Yes this does not affect those who have retired like me, but IF this was to happen to me, with them saying to those who are serving now — “(Hey by the way we know you have already done 10 Yrs maybe 15 Yrs but your not going to start get ting your RETIREMENT until you 57 to 60 years of age I think I would’ve ended up in the brig)” I was a computer specialist in the Navy and one of the reasons that I stayed in too do my 20 Yrs service, was that when I retired I would start drawing my pension; which I, as well as many other deserved for the little pay and sacrifice for the 20 Yrs of service.
    So to all my military bothers who are looking to their retirement past, present, future don’t let them take this away from any one who is serving now or in the future.
    One more thing if they do this to you, then any elected official, senator , congressman should also be in the same boat and not get their retirement unless they follow the same guide line they are trying to impose on you.

  • RHulette

    Do not cut military positions or manpower. If you want the proficiency to go up and costs to go down, the only way this can be done is get rid of ALL Civilian Employees. Theses civilians have a giant tendency to do absolutely nothing and waste everything they touch. These positions were NOT intended for civilians, these positions are military and were temporarily filled with civilians in WW 2, but because of the week administrations back then (AS IT IS TODAY) when the war was over they gave into allowing the civilians to stay in those military positions and now this is what you have.

  • Sue S

    My family and I are outraged about the very thought of cutting the military pay, or any spending for our defense. Cut the national debt by cutting waste and the interest paid on the money our government borrows. Congress an d the senate should receive no more and maybe even less than those that would give their lives in defense of our land. Keep our military strong…you never know when we might have another Pearl Harbor…we should be ready.


    lets be honest the most outragious payroll in this country is gov .the people are not worth the anypayroll.they have a lot of balls .put all gov and fed employees on same pay as our fighting do and a lot would bail out like rats on a sinking ship WHO ARE THEY KIDDING.THE WPOST DEADBEATS IN THE WORLD

  • carol perrelli

    I really think this country needs to get their priorities straight!
    Our Military makes sacrifices every day for this country, with their lives. The pentagon , wants to cut them out , of a job , pay , and benefits!! No !! this is wrong, I think budget cuts need to be made with the white house first, starting with the president!. Prisons , and prisoners get better treatment then our servicemen. Senate and congress, you better start doing whats right for we the people , cause I assure you , you will reap what you sow! People listen up things need to change (in the words of Obama). And this change needs to begin with the house first, so far they have done nothing but taken, and taken some more . We the people need to stand up , and support our service men not just with words …But with action! We the people at some point in time , have a loved one who served or is presently serving this country, and have sacrificed with their lives!!! and now they want to take more . What more can a man/woman give other than their lives!!! This is pure evil and greed!! from the so called leaders of our country!!! We need to take back this country we the People!!! and fight for our SERVICEMEN and women!!